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File: c0068587b1305af⋯.png (804.16 KB, 935x718, 935:718, ClipboardImage.png)

3c339a  No.12264482


>WASHINGTON — The Pentagon grounded its fleet of F-35 strike fighter jets on Thursday, weeks after one crashed in South Carolina in another setback for the advanced aircraft that has long been mired in mechanical problems. The decision to halt F-35 flights stems from what the military suspects is a faulty fuel tube installed in some of the aircraft, according to a Pentagon statement. Some of the jets are already aboard a Navy ship and have carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan.

>Israel, Britain and other allies who have bought the F-35 from American manufacturers must also ground and inspect the fuel tubes in the jets, the statement said. There are roughly 220 F-35s in the American inventory, purchased from defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

>In the investigation of the F-35 crash near Beaufort, S. C., military officials gathered “initial data” that pointed to problems with the fuel tubes — and ultimately could have contributed to the Sept. 28 accident. One military official familiar with the investigation said the fuel tube has been a recurring concern with the F-35 fleet. The official said investigators were also focused on a potential fault with a spinning blade in the aircraft that is supposed to stop debris from flying into the engine. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation, said the Marine pilot involved in the crash had been flying back to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort after the aircraft had begun to malfunction. The pilot ejected safely, roughly five miles from the airfield.

>Though the F-35 had previously experienced other problems, such as complications with pilots’ helmets and with engine fires, last month’s incident marked the first time the jet had crashed in its 17-year history. “The primary goal following any mishap is the prevention of future incidents,” Joe Dellavedova, the public affairs director for the office that oversees the F-35 program, said in the Pentagon statement. “We will take every measure to ensure safe operations while we deliver, sustain and modernize the F-35 for the warfighter and our defense partners.” Mr. Dellavedova said that inspections of the fuel tubes are expected to be completed within the next two days. Jets with tubes that are cleared will continue flying.

>In 2016, weeks after the Pentagon said that the F-35 was ready for some combat operations, top officials raised concerns, writing in a memo that the jet might be “not effective and not suitable across the required mission areas and against currently fielded threats” as currently configured.

>The F-35 has often been called one of the most expensive weapons programs in history; each jet costs between $80 million and just over $100 million. It costs roughly $50,000 each hour to fly the aircraft, which is capable of avoiding enemy radar and uses a highly advanced software system. By contrast, some of the American military’s older jets cost around $10,000 per hour to fly.



62bbc3  No.12264557

File: ccfe7e1402220bf⋯.png (6.87 KB, 220x255, 44:51, 668f0cf81c3b974e6f3a77338c….png)

Nothing to see here

2aa2a3  No.12264617

File: e59388d6e1fa183⋯.jpg (39.5 KB, 275x400, 11:16, Chu Mad Mein.jpg)

How long before the bugs start bitching about their ripped off plans being faulty? They got played hard. Just wait until they see the f-45 drop. kek



3df406  No.12264670

You know for $100,000,000 you would hope to fuck they came with a warranty.

8bbf46  No.12264690

File: ce4381133abd048⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 502x600, 251:300, lockheed_ceo.jpg)

> each jet costs between $80 million and just over $100 million.

> It costs roughly $50,000 each hour to fly the aircraft

the military industrial complex jews know the goyim will spare no expense

fa8481  No.12264789


>It costs roughly $50,000 each hour to fly the aircraft

That is nothing new, all of the warplanes are exceptionally expensive to fly and maintain, they are basically Gundams at this point. The b-1b bombers cost the same if not more to operate and they are 20-30 years old now.

778916  No.12264802



They totally (( (crashed)) ) goy

Jews and chinks can all get fucked

9b24f3  No.12264831

I swear this fucking meme plane was made up by some rich kike's 10 year old son

2af18a  No.12264876

File: 2cbcc2d3b5cc86a⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 299x168, 299:168, Banking on Victory.jpg)


Hehehe that's right goyim 1 trillion dollars on a (((bomber))) that doesnt have enough room to actually bomb stuff hehehehe.

d480fe  No.12264892


>It costs roughly $50,000 each hour to fly the aircraft

I never understood how anyone in their right mind would find this even remotely acceptable. Where do these prices even come from? Fuel? Either they are using some super secret juice made out of squeezed diamonds or every civilian airliner would go bankrupt. Personal? Every serviceman gets paid monthly, not matter if they sit or fly. For 50k can pay 5 servicemen, who work for 20 dollars an hour, for 500 hours each. Spares? What kind of machine even needs spares after 1 hour of use?

This also reminds of a story I read online, where some mechanic talked about having been demoted for buying the same parts for a plane from a civilian source. He paid a fraction of the price, for the exact same piece, that the air force normally paid, because military industrial contracts are a total scam. You could cut the military budged easily in half while actually improving efficiency, by removing the middle Jew.

422597  No.12264900


>This also reminds of a story I read online, where some mechanic talked about having been demoted for buying the same parts for a plane from a civilian source. He paid a fraction of the price, for the exact same piece, that the air force normally paid, because military industrial contracts are a total scam. You could cut the military budged easily in half while actually improving efficiency, by removing the middle Jew.

All those shekels into Jewish hands, lost, like tears in rain.

7f78bf  No.12264905

File: 8cf66243fdf8994⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, J-20_at_Airshow_China_2016.jpg)

File: 58adc31fc6df8ed⋯.jpg (332.43 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Sukhoi_T-50_Beltyukov.jpg)


Maybe America should start buying Chengdu J-20's from China I mean everything else is "Made in China" why not military tech? Or perhaps Russia instead? I mean Hilary Clinton under Obama sold the Russians a bunch of America's fissionable material perhaps we could get a deal with their fully functional and technologically advanced Sukhoi Su-57?

America doesn't make anything anymore, not even White People.

d97c27  No.12264938












2aa2a3  No.12264942

File: 5e37db7ad90ec8f⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 1000x318, 500:159, 6OuzaM8[1].jpg)

File: 0fbf1900858933a⋯.jpg (15.09 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)


Because we like our stuff working, gook.

2aa2a3  No.12264944



I'm pretty sure they know exactly where those shekels are.

198115  No.12264945

Shouldn’t have even built a jet should just drop piles of hundred dollar bills on enemies until they are crushed to death by the weight…

Would have been WAY cheaper

2aa2a3  No.12264947

File: 66e5ebe42ff8694⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 639x443, 639:443, pallets-money-iran[1].jpg)

File: c012a0e5d8f0d24⋯.jpg (27.96 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 45032875-bagdad-money-tran….jpg)

File: c0f7019b463c03e⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 320x214, 160:107, IraqiEconStimPackages[1].jpg)


We tried that. It isn't.

2af18a  No.12264948

File: 68a92651521f98f⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 793x690, 793:690, 12 billion dollar paper we….JPG)


So that's what they were testing in Iraq.

6c8f2d  No.12264949


Use pennies instead, from high altitude.

2aa2a3  No.12264950


Unless they're all wrapped they won't do shit.

b70fd5  No.12264952


>that plane

>that id


8bbf46  No.12264980


i somehow doubt this f-35 would be able to take the same amount of punishment when it can barely stay in the sky as it is

2aa2a3  No.12264995


As stated earlier, the 35 was never meant to fly and be used properly. It was espionage-bait. Chinks fell for it. We have other airframes that the money went to.

2af18a  No.12264999


>Trillion dollar espionage bait

That everybody else is also using? Please.

2aa2a3  No.12265002


Yes, using so fucking well, right? kek, pleb.

8e8797  No.12265007


>investigators were also focused on a potential fault with a spinning blade in the aircraft that is supposed to stop debris from flying into the engine

>spinning blade

>in a jet engine

>which is basically a bunch of spinning blades

What in the fuck? OH, right…


2aa2a3  No.12265026


After that penny throwing gook made the news they got more funding. kek

cf2b2c  No.12265037


The chinks plagiarized the design but modified it to exclude the VTOL capabilities, which made it a sturdier and less-maintenance-intensive aircraft.

43857f  No.12265040


Chinks are basically borg, so it did not happen.

000000  No.12265051

lockheed has the worst most annoying shills in the entire military industrial complex.

43857f  No.12265055


Fuck off jew. They actually developed a fighter. What did you do?

2aa2a3  No.12265061

File: 8c36953689d51e2⋯.jpg (58.84 KB, 640x424, 80:53, Triggered.JPG)

bdfed2  No.12265067


>I was only pretending to be retarded.

2aa2a3  No.12265070


And the 35 started that way. They used the Marines to take the heat installing VTOL tech which they knew wouldn't work as specified so they could keep the other projects funded and keep the disinfo flowing.

2aa2a3  No.12265076

File: 0b84bc24a3ac0e8⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 446x336, 223:168, (You) admiring your post.jpg)


>I'm not pretending

414522  No.12265084

>(((anon))) doing damage control for the (((MIC))) on a

414522  No.12265086

Combodian fly fishing forum

2aa2a3  No.12265101

Anyone remember when they accidentally let it slip those f-35s are spying on their owners? kek


2aa2a3  No.12265109

File: a8f1e3ec2b6f636⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 940x470, 2:1, ctm0711hacking251798640x36….jpg)

The red threat to the north is real.

2aa2a3  No.12265126


Some interesting reading.

000000  No.12265149


lockheeb kike pls go

2aa2a3  No.12265159

Mattis is also making a huge push to get 4 out of 5 fighters combat ready in the next year. We have too many niggers working in the hangars it's slowing us down. Big stuff coming down the pipe.

8bbf46  No.12265190



those norwegian's are up to something and we better find out what it is

8c11c6  No.12265259

Planned obsolescence.

2aa2a3  No.12265302


No one ever suspects those cunning Norwegians.

96e0eb  No.12265317

Does that mean people are going to finally stop shilling for it

96e0eb  No.12265328


Uh yeah anon have never heard of trillion D chess?

7cd71d  No.12265329

Didn't they stop building F-22s to help pay for the F-35, aka massive cash cow for contractors

4f916a  No.12265357


You don't understand because you don't know anything about the subject. Go find an Air Force tech and ask them. Or hell, any commercial pilot.

The tl;dr is that fuel and labor is expensive.

7cd71d  No.12265414


He's right about the ridiculously inflated prices for everything due to MIC. There was some $100 coffee cup used in air force planes at one point. Many stories out there like that–not just fuel and personnel etc. Our country is run by kike financiers making money off defense contractors and interest paid on kike loans to the government used for defense spending. They pay off whatever politicians they need to to keep the massive cash flow going. Oh, and the fact the Pentagon audit mysteriously disappeared and any published numbers have massive gaps so nobody ever knows what's happening. No accountibility and kikes just print money to pay themselves more and more means it may as well be $1,000,000/hour operating cost for any plane–why the hell not. It's all a giant scam.

f93940  No.12265438

File: 13a16f689007440⋯.jpg (306.84 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, OneillCylinder.jpg)

File: 0bacd4ffba9b6d5⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 650x516, 325:258, 51887ae8806a24a476656bf05c….jpg)

File: 4e14e75d73373d3⋯.jpg (174.3 KB, 717x1113, 239:371, o_neill_cylinder_by_nele_d….jpg)

File: 91ba0b3a82864c9⋯.jpg (186.05 KB, 1591x500, 1591:500, oneill_cylander_by_unfor54….jpg)

File: fde6a388ddfb1cc⋯.jpg (6.14 MB, 5732x4515, 5732:4515, 161028-oneill-cylinder.jpg)

F-35 project costs 2.1 trillion dollars.

For that amount of money we could have launched enough orbital habitats of the o'neill cylinder type, see pics to support 3 billion people. Or 800 million white people and a fuckload of deer, tigers, sheep, cows, wolves, dogs, cats anything we want.


We could have virus bombed the earth to cleanse it. Or just let the mud races die off without western food aid or technology.

9fc207  No.12265441


Underrated post.


Boomers plz go…

9fc207  No.12265468


>The b-1b bombers cost the same if not more to operate

The B-1B is a fucking strategic bomber though. Operating cost increases exponentially with weight and B-1B is the second largest combat aircraft in US inventory and over 6 times heavier than the F-35.

>and they are 20-30 years old now

That's an argument AGAINST the F-35. Older aircraft cost more to maintain and fly as they age.

9fc207  No.12265478

File: 18b5f64bb5cfca6⋯.jpg (14.13 KB, 381x235, 381:235, realization.jpg)



>mfw this is twice my country's military budget

2aa2a3  No.12265486


Fucking kill yourself niggerjew2.

8a3f89  No.12265493


While I'm 100% on board with space habitats, to me our destiny as a race is to conquer the stars, I do not think an O'Neill cylinder would be that cheap at all by huge margins. The biggest issue is we have no orbital infrastructure for construction so everything would need to be launched from Earth, and one of those cylinders is nothing as simple as something like the ISS which has taken us ages to build. While with SpaceX the cost has gone down a lot, you'd need hundreds of thousands of launches if not millions to create a habitat for 800 million people. Don't get me wrong that will be in our future for sure, it is just nowhere near as simple as just throwing a measly 2.1 trillion dollars at it. Surely we could start with smaller habitats for that amount of money, the ideal thing would be to get industry in space so we can process asteroids and the moon for materials to then assemble something as big as an O'Neill cylinder, which would be the biggest creation mankind has ever built ever.

8a3f89  No.12265500


Sage for doublepost.

I do think that if the Reich had won we would already be well on our way to having colonies all over our solar system and infrastructure for industry and construction outside our gravity well. Barring all of the other reasons to be sad about the Reich's defeat that reason alone kills my soul, we could've been achieving our destiny already, but the kikes took that away from us. They will pay for that.

9fc207  No.12265506

File: bc734312aaa1ece⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 600x376, 75:47, 555 laugh at you.jpg)


>I am sure my greatest ally dumped all the F-35 shekels into muh super seekrit gundam that is so stealth none knows about because he deeply cares about muh national security

>m-m-muh SR-72

cb6f12  No.12265519


They can't build anymore F-22's. They destroyed any and all tooling for them. They'd have to start from scratch provided they didn't use the fucking blueprints as toilet paper.

2aa2a3  No.12265530

File: 1bcb48cda5cfb43⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 436x623, 436:623, ARAHU ROK BAR.jpg)


Need copy of plan roundeye? Fell off truck, you buy cheap.

6dd545  No.12265578

File: cc5688f73a45f9b⋯.png (390.36 KB, 588x444, 49:37, jewsinlaos.png)


We'll go straight to F-55.

9ea992  No.12265662


Some of that is true, sort of. There's graft for sure, but there's also certification and some of this shit is just legitimately expensive.

Same thing happens in civilian aviation. You have to by the FAA certified lugnut at 1000% markup. You might question this, but there's a reason asian airlines crash all the time and US ones don't and that's part of the reason. They do not cut corners, even if it costs an arm and a leg. For reference, a twin-engine airliner runs about $8-10k per hour operating cost. That includes crew, fuel and maintenance. The engines end up being the big part of the maintenance budget generally

For example, an F-16 has something around 20 hours of maintenance vs 1 hour of flight time, but the F-16 is considered relatively cheap for a fighter-bomber. F-35 has something around 40 hours maintenance vs 1 flight hour. Not surprisingly, an F-16 or F-18 has a flight hour cost of about $25,000

So sure, $50,000 per hour sounds like a lot, but it's only twice that of a much older aircraft which doesn't have all modern features or capabilities. Ultimately, most people don't understand the true cost of something outside their daily lives, which isn't surprising. I'm sure many people would be surprised that a lot of companies purchase servers or enterprise network routers that cost in excess of $10k easily. A new tractor unit even without a trailer could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most people just don't know this stuff.

08a737  No.12265705


>Where do these prices even come from? Fuel?

Engine maintenance every X hours.

Airframe inspection every X hours.

Control surface inspection every X hours.

Avionics system debug and inspection every X hours.

General subsystem inspection every X hours. This includes hydraulics, electrical, life support, etc.

Tarmac inspection every X hours.



And then the airframe needs to be cut and rebuilt every time a composite aircraft needs in depth inspection or repair. That involves using high cost materials and specialized resin cure rooms, along with highly skilled personnel.

Both the pilot and fuel are the cheapest parts of a modern aircraft.

Aluminum skinned aircraft are cheaper and easier to produce, as well as easier to maintain.

08a737  No.12265728

File: 30146d8f91e2c31⋯.jpg (988.5 KB, 4256x2832, 266:177, bigelow.jpg)


>and one of those cylinders is nothing as simple as something like the ISS which has taken us ages to build.

Ask yourself why NASA decided to spend all that time and money building that expensive shit, when NASA sold the patent for cheaper, better habitats.

We've had the tech to travel to Jupiter for decades.

We've had the tech to seed the stars since the 60's.

9ea992  No.12265802



One more thing I forgot is that stealth aircraft are covered in an expensive coating that absorbs radar that needs to be constantly reapplied. The earlier Nighthawk and Spirit stealth bombers had over 100:1 maintenance to flight hour ratios.

7cd71d  No.12265818


Sounds like you work for MIC, friendo.

7cd71d  No.12265829


>muh huge costs are justified

I'd be shilling to keep (((billions of fed defense budget dollars))) flowing, too, if I worked for Lockheed. Just don't blame anyone but your own bloated fat nigger asses when the US collapses because of $21 trillion unpayable debt.

9ea992  No.12265837


Would you believe me if I said I didn't and instead told you I worked for an asian espionage front?


>$21 trillion unpayable debt.

Just why do you think we work so hard on being the biggest bully on the block? You don't have to pay if no one can make you pay.

fb3f2f  No.12265845

File: b38200c3d2bad2f⋯.jpeg (371.19 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 0948596.jpeg)

File: 0e087010fcacea7⋯.jpg (125.23 KB, 1000x653, 1000:653, e9ujee.jpg)


I would bet hard money a F/A 18 would beat the slant eyes most "ANT-vanced" fighter

08a737  No.12265867


>explaining the cost is the same as justifying the cost

A super car needs intensive maintenance every X hours.

Tires need replacing every X hours.

Oil needs to be changed every X hours.

Engine needs a complete rebuild every X hours of use.

Did I say it was a good idea to buy a super car?

Did I tell you to buy a super car?


That goes with cutting, then rebuilding the airframe. I'm sure reskinning also has the added cost of recertifying the absorbent skin.

Composite, uni-body airframes were a mistake not only from a maintenance perspective, but also a lifespan perspective.

Every time you cut one open, you weaken the entire body.

If airframe suffers super structure damage, it's not a simple matter of cutting and re-welding metal, especially if the airframe was built using woven strand techniques.

f1a765  No.12265918

File: a3c906cd0b2c7f7⋯.jpg (5.46 KB, 275x183, 275:183, witness.jpg)



9fc207  No.12266097


>it's only twice that of a much older aircraft

Older airframes are supposed to cost more not less.

c82a15  No.12266186

File: 02fb79dcb8e1aa7⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, dvd-17-01.jpg)


>propaganda piece everyone is 90% sure is just an ordinary mig in a fancy air frame with engines made of rice paper

>suka lawn dart that has had so many high profile crashes and accidents that the entire project was shelved a couple months ago

No matter how fucked and kiked the US MIC is, its still better than anything else in the east block. X-32 would have been the actual right jet for the job, but jews gotta jew

2aa2a3  No.12266205

File: fdd8b20e00f986f⋯.jpg (751.37 KB, 3000x2377, 3000:2377, 353809main_EC96-43641-8_fu….jpg)


Or we could have gone with something already sized for bug pilots.

000000  No.12266211


Von Braun had plans to colonise Mars in the 40s. After he did the moon mission for the USA he wants to do exactly that but gets jewed literally, look what happened to him. The prospect that the goyim should go out into space to escape jews jewing was an unacceptable future for them so they literally shut it down and fucked over Von Braun because muh natsee, read was happened to him. Alternate history portrays nazi victory as hyper technologically advanced for a reason and we lost it all because of fucking kikes.

7eefc1  No.12266250


>look through telescope to a neighboring wing of colony

>someone is mooning you from the other side

06cfbf  No.12266268

What would be better for a country on a budget.

>Flying F-35, and giving pilots Y amount of flight hours

>Flying the Gripen and giving pilots 7*Y amount of flight hours

To the anon claiming it is espionage bait, we all know the jews sold the plans to China.

2aa2a3  No.12266276


Yes anon, but it is espionage to seed the bugs with disinfo. Like that 50TB of datas the bugs stole. They steal, buy, connive their way into the info but it's dirty info.

That's the point.

2aa2a3  No.12266277

To add, we did the same shit in the 80's with Russia and their stolen gas pipeline tech from Canada.

2aa2a3  No.12266290


Kill yourself, yid.

4c2e17  No.12266294

kinda funny this affirmative action created by jews for jews has negatively effected their big brother the USA as jews and their shitskin hoards can't into engineering and physics not to mention the purposeful bloat in production cost to into muh shekels for the mic to the point (((they))) are producing utter shit when white men had control nothing could compare to us even with goy clintons selling our tech to wang.

every single time

06cfbf  No.12266314


I understand the concept of feeding false information but I doubt it is the case here.

All allies get shafter in the process, or are the just going to give them the F-55 in a few years?

The most likely explanation is that they designed a shit plane, as they have done before. They used underhanded tactics to get allies to buy said shitty plane, as they have done before.

The chinks got their hands on some data, as they have done before, and used some of it to design their own plane.

Although I'd rate your theory IWantToBelieve/10

f4eeac  No.12266346


no amount is too high to defend israel!

t. ZOG

9ea992  No.12266360


That is not true. The cost of maintence on most combat aircraft and I would assume any aircraft (civil aviation is not my thing) is reduced over time

For example, the F117 was like 110 hours per flight hour until the 90s when it dropped to about 50ish with new techniques and cheaper parts.


I'll defer to you here, but what I had heard was the the RAM paint has to be put on again every most flights. It's secretive so I only know what I've hard about that.


>Don't develop weapons or you're a shabbos goyim

You can think whatever you want, but when you hold the biggest stick, things can change quickly. We happen to be in the only country that could actually destroy israel single handedly. Let's not squander that.

e71e7d  No.12266428

File: 6bd241885f78997⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 475x360, 95:72, 6bd241885f78997f765ed5df5e….jpg)



kek they even copy the names albeit badly

08a737  No.12266448

File: 5566ecc96d6ade6⋯.png (137.27 KB, 898x548, 449:274, Screenshot_2018-10-12_02-2….png)


>what I had heard was the the RAM paint has to be put on again every most flights. It's secretive so I only know what I've hard about that.


No wonder that piece of shit is so expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if a Lockheed subsidiary was the only producer of the magic paint.

I wonder if they tested the magic paint on existing designs.

738c3d  No.12266492

File: 81987f8672e5c9d⋯.png (102.69 KB, 692x740, 173:185, quantumradar2.png)

Quantum Radar is going to make stealth obsolete anyway. The Chinese are pretending to have a prototype. They almost certainty don't, but it's still not far off. Even without QR, improvements in conventional VHF/UHF signal processing are already defeating stealth.

Manned aircraft is going to go the way of the dodo. Even if the F-35 costs are justified for an aircraft of its spec, it's still a boondoggle for this reason. Our current aircraft designs are sufficient for missions against the peasant tribes and will be for a long time.

The future of warfare between large nation states belongs to missile spam, and trans/hypersonic missiles. Anyone who can produce large quantities of stand-off munitions cheaply is going to be the victor. The U.S. seems to be the only superpower that doesn't acknowledge this.

8a3f89  No.12266493


Believe me I know, thats why I said if the Reich had won we'd be all throughout our solar system already. Comparing an inflatable hab to the massive construct that an O'Neill cylinder is like comparing a tent to a continent. Of course in the future it'll be possible but well beyond our means for now for the reasons I had talked about earlier. We need infrastructure in space first, baby steps, then we can start building bigger.

4c2e17  No.12266503


NEED to get rid of jews/shitskin non whites from our planet dragging whites from our natural forward momentum, until this is done we are trying to tread water wearing lead/concrete shoes

aca882  No.12266526


kill yourself chesscuck

4d8681  No.12266542


Don't worry. India will develop in next decade and we shall help whites to remove jew. Then we shall take over the world together and become one race.

(Poo in the loo)

f93940  No.12266568



>i do not think

Yeah well I actually calculated it. About 100-500 billion goes into building a different method of launching payload, be it a loftstrom loop or NPP. It's not that difficult.

91f342  No.12266586

File: 821a3cfc997812e⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1086, 180:181, ClipboardImage.png)

d56f06  No.12266594


Saw a pair of warthogs fly over my neighborhood last week. Don't let the nickname name fool you, they're beautiful gunships.

a775b3  No.12266638

File: 24cb3c807e06487⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 340x227, 340:227, 1536885180858.gif)


Developed implies that it's functional. I wouldn't use that word yet.

4f1284  No.12281541

File: 5eaae7cde95c83f⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 490x653, 490:653, wjdi3e_9347372.jpg)


>America doesn't make anything anymore

I respectfully disagree, anon.

America makes porn… in fact, America makes most of the pornography in the world.

And America makes hundreds of military bases all over the globe. Nobody else does that.

And America makes seemingly endless bloody war. For instance, America makes years and years of wars in the Middle East against the enemies of Israel.

And last but not least, America makes fools of its people by spending the life-blood of its troops and its national wealth to do the bidding of a nasty little foreign power that attacked it in a murderous false flag event.

America is quite a maker now.

90161a  No.12289039


Pure autism, i do not want to go in space anyway.

c69432  No.12289563

At the very least the faggot that made that picture could have used proper proportions…

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