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File: c9838353968a1cd⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 383x472, 383:472, CONNECT THE DOTS.jpg)

aa5da8  No.12265857

There is some hard-left thinking in academia which resemble redpilled truths coated in a thick layer of leftist vernacular, here's an example:

>African tribes didn't need to develop agriculture since there are plenty of fruits and game for them, and since agriculture is the basis of so-called "civilization" they had no need to develop it. This is why it its problematic to judge tribal racial groups by the western standards of intelligence because it reinforces the hegemony of Euro-centric cultural power over marginalized cultures, as the western concept of IQ is an arbitrary standard which does not necessarily apply to non-European communities. Furthermore, when the European colonists tried to bring their "superior" civilization to these places it always ended in catastrophe because the native culture better fits the native people in their environment.

<In other words, niggers don't have civilization because they're didn't evolve to be as intelligent as whites

That was paraphrased as such a claim would take an entire paper to properly hide it, but this is the actual prevailing opinion of postcolonial studies. I believe that this happens because despite the indoctrination, at least some of the leftists in high academia are genuinely intelligent and are capable of seeing the reality of the world, but resolve the discrepancy between reality and their fantasy by abstracting it to such an extent that anything can sound politically correct if the speaker is believed to be sufficiently liberal. They use postmodern thinking to remove all objective standards so that nothing can be seen as superior or inferior, and they use this to reconcile the fact that we are not all equal by saying that we are just different.

/pol/ has certainly disguised redpills as leftist propaganda before in memes and infographics, but what if we did it in a longer form like this to target academics? I'm thinking what if someone fakes being a minority and submits a paper to an academic journal that contains some sugar-coated redpills that go against leftist thinking, like using "Black Panther is racist because it imposes western ideals of culture onto Africans by implying that Wakanda's western-style civilization is superior to the other tribal communities in Africa" to argue that Africans should be living in tribes. You would want to write it as a condemnation of leftism for being too dominated by whites and not radical enough, this kind of tactic is responsible for how quickly new ideas are disseminated across the left, for example noone could oppose the trannies because everyone else was cis. The only ones allowed to control the conversation are the ones without privilege, and the smaller your non-privileged group the more power they have. So a longer form psy-op would be to make up a social justice movement where almost every existing leftist would be counted in the privileged group so that a small number of operatives could corrupt it and gain a huge amount of power to destroy leftism from the inside. Any ideas on what this might be? Could we co-opt some existing thing like autism/schizophrenia acceptance?

5c967c  No.12265873


I have had the feeling Michael Moore has done this more then once and had to reel himself back in a few times

84c9cd  No.12265891

Not your blog, faggot.

aa5da8  No.12265906


Read the last paragraph, this is a psy-ops planning thread.

b071c6  No.12265943

idk, anon. there have been instances of infighting in the modern left already. i suppose you could create another group, but that is like pissing in an ocean of piss. hiding "red pills" in high academia certainly has an allure to it, how far does it go until a small minority of leftists slanders your work in a light that makes just as much sense as your "red pill?" it'll turn into a never-ending shit slinging competition (where one side eventually gives up) just like all infighting in leftism causes.

6a0d5c  No.12266024

File: 53fff720ed2e271⋯.jpg (155.56 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, p02kys7h.jpg)

File: 257572b3bfea9e7⋯.jpg (83.79 KB, 1080x785, 216:157, in-the-clutches-of-saint-d….jpg)

File: f3f857273c75b9b⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 485x323, 485:323, 18301fe5a3e114cff578cce00a….jpg)

How about statistically proving that Aztec human sacrifice, ritualistic wars with captive tribes, and sacerdotal cannibalism, while appearing to be offensive to western morals, was in fact more humane and less murderous and even less culturally traumatic to the indigenous populations than European style total warfare based on ideology, religious fanaticism and economic competitiveness.

Thus we should embrace open borders from Central America and encourage Mexican cults to Saint Death etc as a renaissance of Aztec human sacrifice culture.

000000  No.12266046


This is stupid. No one is going to recognize the "redpilled truths" buried in that waffle but those who are explicitly looking for them. The whole point of the waffle is to rationalize and explain away uncomfortable truth, which is the impression that readers of this junk come away with. You are recommending that we waste our time creating more nonsense papers that deliberately obscure truth so that few will ever discover it. What do you think academia has been doing when they publish these papers, if not exactly that?

40d0ec  No.12266052


You're more cancerous than any "blog" poster I ever see around here shlomo

84c9cd  No.12266071

File: 482c0625ce2e932⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 493x639, 493:639, mark of the faggot.jpg)

>intelligent leftist

Uh huh.

aa5da8  No.12266082


I see what you mean, perhaps I'm biased because I used to be a liberal and it was this kind of liberal media which made me question everything I believed. I can't say I know a lot of others that had my experience, but I also keep a liberal facade around most people I know. In fact I did get the impression that a few of my professors and classmates were in the same situation as me.

Maybe writing full-on papers is a waste of time but incorporating these techniques in propaganda directed at college students might be useful, such as flyers advocating for shit like this >>12266024 to fan the flames of leftist infighting.


Intelligent people can be indoctrinated, they may not act intelligent afterwards but they still have the potential to break free. The reason the Jews went after universities first is because they knew that their biggest threat would be intellectual whites, and if the universities are reclaimed (or burned to the ground) the whites which actually gain power in the world will no longer believe the lies they are told. It's nice to have all the common men united (as is happening now), but the scientists, businessmen, and large scale cultural influencers are even more important because of their reach.

000000  No.12266114

I think uncle Ted said it best, deep down inside every leftist knows these shitskins are inferior and identify them as such.

000000  No.12266133

>When intelligent leftists accidentally redpill themselves

Either they do that or

>Well-known New York psychologist and animal activist, 52, hangs herself

>New York psychologist Stacey Radin, 52, hung herself on Wednesday night

>Radin also ran a program to help empower middle school-aged girls

>The group, Unleashed NY, saves high-risk shelter dogs and gets them homed


>Founder of famous feminist group Femen commits sudoku


ba9cf7  No.12266139

Another college kid thread. Always posting your fucking teachers notes here.

000000  No.12266146

>but what if we did it in a longer form like this to target academics? I'm thinking what if someone fakes being a minority and submits a paper to an academic journal that contains some sugar-coated redpills that go against leftist thinking

This would be an easy task. Academic journals accept nonsense all the time if it's got the right buzzwords. But it's pointless to even try because people won't see any redpills that aren't explicitly pointed out to them. Subtlety doesn't work. But I like the OP's willingness to brainstorm ways to hit academia, something that should have been done a long time ago.

6bca21  No.12266153

File: feedd44428f1fbe⋯.png (468.08 KB, 480x549, 160:183, 1531198124120.png)

>Black Panther is racist because it imposes western ideals of culture onto Africans by implying that Wakanda's western-style civilization is superior to the other tribal communities in Africa

f28b5b  No.12266155


You succeed at doing it by playing the part of some Orthodox Marxist who accidentally discovers the truth about the scientific nature of inequality or the buzzcut-wearing, pig-faced feminist who discovers the secret lies of feminism. It's not hard to gain access to publishing at a magazine or somewhere else to do this. In fact, we've done it before.

f28b5b  No.12266165


I'll add, it works because the left loves appearing intellectual by way of soft-critiquing its own ideas. Just keep it realistic and make it deep sounding. That way, you can get a conversation going.

fc66a0  No.12266188


>that pic


c4b05f  No.12266190


At the risk of going all civnat "leftists are the real Nazis", their view of blacks is even worse, because I and probably many others think shitskin are inferior and that's fine. I don't hate monkeys or squirrels for being they way they are. I just don't want to live next to them or have them in my country with equal voting rights. Leftists think they are inferior and that it's not ok, they need to be saved and given crutched and pedestals to make up for their deficiency and be forced to live along side White people.

1a60f3  No.12266195


Nazis didn't hate blacks.

They view them as ape but they didn't wish for their destruction (which is why they regard the KKK badly).

In fact, an american at the time would probably hate blacks more than the germans.

The whole hurrr kill all black nowadays is a D&C made to create more enemies.

ba6df8  No.12266199


(Heil'd) I think it's a reaction of someone from the 2016 election learning Hillary lost.

a2d2a4  No.12266200

while i support any efforts to combat Bolsheviks on every kind of battlefield, i don't think hiding red pills deep inside elaborate Critical Theory bullshit will return enough bang for the buck. our efforts are better spent elsewhere. but i do appreciate your idea even if it provokes further brainstorming.

Shitlibs will just get lost in the quicksand of Critical Theory Marxism, and since they are herd NPCs, they can't reason for themselves based soley on reaching logical deductions from citations. Shitlibs always look to some leader to tell them what to think, and they look at the herd of their mobs to see which signals are virtuous and which are verboten as Hitler-Nazi-Fascist-Trump.

if a Shitlib has a difference of opinion from the mob, they hide it because Bolshevism is premised on accusing each other of being Capitalists and then gulaging and/or executing each other until Stalin is the last soiboi standing.

but about this idea. it is dangerously subversive, so it just might work if packaged in the right memes.

i want to poach the smarter Shitlibs who may know their ideology is all bullshit and their leaders all hypocrite shekel grubbers and who may harbor race realist opinions, which terrify them and which they suppress. but how can we approach them?

Michael Moore's Doom video from the other day gave me an idea. he said the Liberals lost because the alt right is smarter than them. after i stopped laughing for 5 minutes, i had an epiphany.

Shitlibs are already inflating us as sperglord 64D boogeymen. they fear us.

they pen a thousand articles to try to understand us, but they get us wrong because they never try to see the world through our lens.

what if we could recruit directly from the Ivory Towers by having some stupid book or mockumentary "How to Understand the Alt Right" which step by step taught Shitlibs to suspend disbelief and pretend to be alt right and see what it's like from our side of the Overton Window.

this meme hits a few pressure points of the limbic system. fear always steers the herd. fear of the unknown, of missing out of being left behind. pride is the best sin, because the best of xer fall for it and don't realize it. in this social media saturated hellscape, every namefag wants to be an influencer, everyone wants to "report" and plz notice me senpai, because everyone wants to be popular among their peers.

a fake "pretend to be a Nazi" book or course dings all the limbic bells.

i am imaginging Trigglypuff or Giraffe Neck in front of a mirror chanting "I HATE NIGGERS" because the book told them to experience racism by feeling what it is like. i imagine Trigglypuff secretly liking her reflection calling niggers as niggers, but at first hating herself for liking it. i imagine Trigglypuff slowly switching teams, losing 250 pounds, losing her blue hair dye, breaking up with her bull dyke and going steady with a virile Chad who fucks her better than her dildo ever did and finding fulfillment in becoming a mother and tradwife and registered Republican.

is this idea of a book or video course to insane?

fc66a0  No.12266206

File: afc66d48b5824c8⋯.png (82.38 KB, 1204x966, 86:69, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 85ddb3c9dc95dc9⋯.png (36.11 KB, 1327x482, 1327:482, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49a68f00df4d62f⋯.png (60.56 KB, 1256x647, 1256:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 746ac3676c59683⋯.png (62.78 KB, 1311x795, 437:265, ClipboardImage.png)


>In fact, an american at the time would probably hate blacks more than the germans.

Not a question dude.

Do we need to have a thread about the '36 Olympics again?

According to Jesse Owens, Hitler shook his hand during their meeting and the Germans treated him like just another non-European foreign visitor, despite the Americanized presentation of the Nazis as being all asshurt about Jesse Owens winning after the fact, which makes no sense, as they kicked ass overall.

And when he returned, the US President refused to welcome him to the White House. Hitler sent him a signed photo as further congratulations.

fc66a0  No.12266212

File: dbad1f534501974⋯.png (50.37 KB, 1289x327, 1289:327, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e8cc7b29a532382⋯.png (68.78 KB, 2265x368, 2265:368, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be3c1bb1c5b6f7a⋯.png (117.42 KB, 1703x656, 1703:656, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03c09db28fc4af9⋯.png (161.71 KB, 2284x672, 571:168, ClipboardImage.png)

fc66a0  No.12266214

File: 6bcf6c12c2210d7⋯.png (23.2 KB, 2243x123, 2243:123, ClipboardImage.png)


… Though, to be honest, whether any of its true or not, I tend to agree with this versino of Hitler.

Will we have gorillas and bonobos competing alongside their more-upright African brethren?

67ae15  No.12266221

What you're suggesting is effectively a long-con form of gray propaganda. I like it. It'd be pretty fucking hilarious to be sure. The fact that we managed to convince a sizeable chunk of the left that Trump had a "pee pee tape" with Putin is still astounding, but disguising redpills underneath it all would be a step even further beyond.

5b41d7  No.12266225


hi leftypol

5c5fc8  No.12266229


Small correction here, Hitler had been shaking the hands of only German athletes, not the hands of anyone else, white or otherwise. He was not picking on a racial basis but was specifically shaking only his countrymen's hands, not, for example, a white Swedish athlete's hand, and this is what the Committee objected to.

3f5505  No.12266282


A lot of boomers can't handle the JQ. They either commit suicide or ruin their lives.

a1fc74  No.12266285


>A lot of boomers can't handle the JQ.

Trump is the average boomer's age, but Trump has the health of a 45 year old. Dementia can be very rabid onset; I know of some 75 year old who need diapers, consequently, some Silents are into their 90's because they grew up just before the Demographic Jew and had better food in their earlier years.

e37289  No.12266293


>last paragraph

>main point of thread

Why isn't that in the first line, you fucking retard? Perhaps you should wait to post until after you've at least gotten a sixth grade education


>Class, put your thesis is the first paragraph



6a0d5c  No.12266318

File: e30289b83a13d2d⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 634x476, 317:238, 4970510-6266997-image-a-13….jpg)



>A law enforcement source said she had left MULTIPLE notes behind.

Even in death, the solipsistic self preoccupied American shiksa cannot shut the fuck up.

844089  No.12266386


It's from a press conference earlier this year when some Democrat was addressing, I believe, gun control.

9fc364  No.12266436


This, its basically "blacks are tars or the left is wrong".


2 Edgy 4 media, but we can show "santa muerte" cults as a bunch of dead cultists, protip, they are.


At least you didnt use intl memes this time.

The problem with you people is that most of you are just a bunch of lazy old fags that hate themselves, the only ones that do something here are the slav mob and the few spics here are bullied, with less than this 4chan did the freebleeding meme.

750227  No.12266483



She looks to be in her thirties.

a4f96e  No.12266489


They pretend sociology is more complex than it really is to signal intelligence and feel more legitimate like the hard sciences which they are completely tsundere towards. All of it is extremely simple and relies on memorization and basic, basic statistics.

75abd8  No.12266514


look at her hands

old gross hands

35a5f9  No.12266552



She's a jewess. I would guess that from her face. Several prominent Radin rabbis.

922ec1  No.12266574


>the [locale] native [behaviors] better fit the [locale] environment.

>[sic] Life is fated, and thus excused from the consequences of fate.

This is a sentence. But it is also not actually a sentence. I do not believe the OPs title. This is not intelligence. Both the title, and the words cited in green, are the consequence of "perpetual-rote", in this case: of speech imitators who never paid the price to go beyond mimicry to attain knowing of actual language. And knowing of everything else, for that matter. Sophistry is not redpilling: All conclusions they reach are not even conclusions; They are facetious proclamations of two-year-olds; They are virtue-signaling on outdated mimic patterns; And they will not be granted "excusable" status just because they happen to be locale-native to some multi-cult ivory tower.

I will hold all to an absolute and natural law standard, and I will not grant circuitous declarations the status of "reasoned argument," nor excuse them from standards just because tears. We are so far past that…

Tell them to grow up.

And nuke Asia and Africa.

ae982a  No.12266626



>Black Panther is racist because it imposes western ideals of culture onto Africans by implying that Wakanda's western-style civilization is superior to the other tribal communities in Africa

Leftists who actually believe that third world way of life is actually superior are typically even more insane than the rest of their lot. Usually, leftists don't believe the African way of life is their natural way - they just believe that all humans are equal blank slates capable of doing anything and that Western civilization is not tied to the Western world at all. They never call white achievements white achievements, just "human" achievements.

ddd4c3  No.12266647


>Maybe writing full-on papers is a waste of time but incorporating these techniques in propaganda directed at college students might be useful, such as flyers advocating for shit like this >>12266024 to fan the flames of leftist infighting.

This is a better idea.

As in:

>The attack on the USS Liberty should be seen as part of the repayment for historic oppression of jews by whites

This contains the info that jews are not white and that they are having their revenge on people that helped them (the U.S.).

If you have a picture of the boat you could just phrase it "The attack on Liberty"

f545da  No.12266655


My evolutionary logic is that Africans didn't have winter, they always have a banana on a tree. With Northern Europeans having winter, those who weren't intelligent enough to prepare for the harshest winters died off. The most I intelligent of us whites survived the winter and the process naturally selected us to be more intelligent.

720305  No.12266669

This kike at Huffington Post accidentally dropped a 1488mg redpill right on their home turf: https://archive.fo/vhWB4

19bc36  No.12266677


>the shill can't even use complete sentences

The kikes seem displeased by OP's idea for some reason.


Don't forget that they turn right around and blame White people for all problems right after refusing to give Whites credit for our achievements. They're also not really "leftists" so much as extreme cultural marxists.

ab5aec  No.12266686


>deep down inside every leftist knows these shitskins are inferior and identify them as such

their sole purpose in life is to feel morally superior to those who openly admits those facts, in a hypocritical mechanism that is exactly like church-ladies who felt absolved of being complete cunts by going and being seen once a week at the mass.

e911fb  No.12266701


Can confirm. Grew up in ultra liberal, ultra Jewish academic enclave. When my sister got in a fight with a black girl at school, she was scolded because she didn't understand that the girl "was black and needed special attention."

This was in the 80s, before the whole socjus thing happened.

Seriously, cons may not want to be around black people, but liberals HATE them for being what they consider to be subhuman.

307394  No.12266710

File: 4777921427ea8f6⋯.jpeg (37.39 KB, 380x234, 190:117, WE WUZ.jpeg)

The reason why the West thinks that Africa is undeveloped is because of Jews.

f545da  No.12266713


>Don't forget that they turn right around and blame White people for all problems right after refusing to give Whites credit for our achievements.

Every injun I've ever asked if horses have always been part of their culture has answered yes. Not a single one knew Columbus brought the first horse to North America. Their jaw dropped when they found out.

5d46dc  No.12266746


It does not matter what they think, or how much their views essentially are similar to ours, when all their hate is rooted in and directed as us.

Break the anti-white hate in them, and they are worth more blue pilled, than race realistic and anti-white.



eae0e5  No.12266763

So if Africans are more suited to Africa, and if European civilisation oppresses them and makes it hard for them to get by; then why don't we help make the lives of Africans better by sending them back to Africa so that they no longer have to endure our oppressive European way of life?

06a808  No.12266768


Try doing that and you'll wake up with six bullets in the back of your skull after a "suicide attempt" orchestrated by you know who. Blacks are merely puppets.

873f04  No.12266774

Russel Brand seems to have been redpilled in one interview with Jordan Peterson.

The thing about Brand is that even though hes pretentious and obnoxious he is interested in the trut.

eae0e5  No.12266780


Right. But if we helped connect the dots for a lot of semi-awake students, we could end up with a lot of dead future traitors; or better yet actual allies in the future; or better yet, pigs might sprout wings and leftists might actually deport the nogs. Its an idea worth pushing anyway.

2cb575  No.12266781


Speaking of Wakanda, I always found it hilarious that the only successful African country is a fictional one.

aa5da8  No.12266791


This sounds quite viable, I'd describe it as: You have to understand racism to fight it. Acting as one might be too far for many of them, but getting them to read literature designed to educate them about the views of the racists could be quite effective. I can't think of any large-scale ways to accomplish this outside of personally telling people that I have had a lot of success converting racists by understanding the literature that made them racist. You can even warn them that it takes a strong will to resist the temptation to become racist when you read this stuff and that dumb people are easily tricked into becoming racist, they'll read it anyways because everyone thinks they're intelligent.

06a808  No.12266793



2505e8  No.12266809


I like the Wakanda myth, because it gives niggers a place to project their retarded fantasies instead of Egypt.

3159d2  No.12266843


Lot of crazy annoying feminist bitches in NYC with that exact annoying face (both goy and kike). Too bad for the dog adoption program, but noice that another feminist bit the dust.

a143eb  No.12266872

File: fdcd52ff01b9438⋯.jpg (167.67 KB, 917x871, 917:871, sad pepe.jpg)


>Could we co-opt some existing thing like autism/schizophrenia acceptance?

It was the last sentence in which I realized it was too late; the hook line and sinker are well on their way to my stomach. Top-tier shitpost, friendo.

40ce5f  No.12266874


Take Speer with a mine of salt. He wrote his book as a way of clearing his name with the new overlords. By all accounts, Hitler was the real architect of the Third Reich, and had the Jews not forced him into politics, he would have been a great opera house designer. Regarding Owens, I doubt Hitler had a thought to spare given all the more important things he was concerned with.


I would explain away black rapes as a different sexual strategy (which it is). Reference the matrilineal belt and discuss the mating behaviors of the Africans from an Afrocentric point of view. They've really shot themselves in the foot with all these contradictory ideas though. We're diverse, but we're all the same, we're equal, but whites are morally inferior etc

aa5da8  No.12266883


You think social justice will end with gender dysphoria? The rest of the mental disorders are in their crosshairs anon, mark my words. Retard acceptance is already a thing, if you say "the R-word" you're a bigot and there's starting to be a taboo against words like psycho and schizo.

ee7577  No.12266885

File: db962b89f4c0caf⋯.jpg (456.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, SquirrelCtsyMattMcGee.jpg)


>I don't want squirrels in my country

You monster.

7bd0d8  No.12266888


The only difference is that Moore is not an intelligent or educated leftist, he did not even know what photosynthesis is. I admit that as the son of a White man that got fucked over by outsourcing he used to be more honest with his ideology but inevitably that reached to points that he had to press the reset button.

a143eb  No.12266891


I was diagnosed as "high functioning ASD" aka Assburgers. As a fellow anon, not only should be keenly aware of, but also severely afraid of weaponized autism.

You normalfags are easy to spot; so if you intend on fucking with us by subverting organizations meant to help us… I'm just trying to warn you that you appear to have no fucking clue how severe the negative repercussions on you normalfags would actually be.

7bd0d8  No.12266895


Carolina Grey Squirrels are hazardous invasive species and objectively vermin.

5d1c95  No.12266900


Squirrels don't rape and murder. I don't care that niggers are so subhuman they can't properly process what they do like a human. They're a threat, and the jew uses them. The jew should be eliminated by priority but soon after so should the nigger.

There will come a time where Africa should be saved so that the nigger doesn't waste the living resources there such as the plants and animals. Don't tell me that deportation is the final solution to the nigger. It wasn't such even for the jew.

edee17  No.12266909


we really dont think about it, no one gives a shit

93a0bf  No.12266910


<No teacher ever:

>You can't use alternative essay structures! Writing is a purely mechanical task!

a143eb  No.12266916


>Squirrels don't rape and murder.

I watched a squirrel rape train fall out of an oak tree this summer… one was raping another, and a third joined in to rape the rapist; then all three fell off the branch.

So yeah. I've seen squirrel rape with my own two eyes.

f545da  No.12266963

The funniest shit about Wakanda is not that it is an ethnostate that doesn't allow immigrants. It's that it has the greatest socioeconomic disparity in history. There are literally people on hover bikes riding by mud huts built next to skyscrapers.

aeaa61  No.12266998

File: 5e3df86bdc33a9f⋯.png (557.89 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 5e3df86bdc33a9f5319c5b663b….png)


>subsistence living is better than excess

>surprised at the thought that the subsequent division and specialization of labour is the prerequisite for a civilzed society that values individual contributions

Colonialism was a gift from whites to niggers. One they spat us in the face over once reaping the benefits of and one quickly squandered the moment whites left.

edee17  No.12267014


whites keep on wanting to be generous, fucking retarded

3159d2  No.12267029


*seizes ur land*

6a0d5c  No.12267129


Oh yeah, my yiddish is lacking..I meant "yenta" not shiksa.

*blush with shame*

67d325  No.12267829


that bitch was a prop for the traitor dems officially pandering to the cameras and opposing the kavanugh nomination - they had pre-printed signs w the names of all possible nominees on them.

ae982a  No.12268362


The way it works in-universe is also a perfect analogy to how leftists and dindus think the world works. Wakanda's greatness is not built on the hard work and ingenuity of its inhabitants, but rather a magical metal from space rocks that enhances all lifeforms around it and can be used to create anything.

497ded  No.12268410


>The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph of a paper.


A thesis statement is pretty much a preemptive tl;dr and makes it easier to decide if your post is worth reading. I kind of guessed where you were going with it but for slow and ESL anons it could be helpful to be more explicit with intent at the start.

tl;dr: you're both retards

d6d880  No.12268466


You know the saddest part?

This kind of thinking, seeing things from both sides of an argument and considering both? It used to be the norm for philosophical thinking.

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