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File: 28433b39ce022d1⋯.jpg (140.79 KB, 1584x2016, 11:14, stop-fags-0.jpg)

File: a47860bc9023749⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1584x2016, 11:14, stop-the-fags-2.jpg)

File: e120c6a81fc8977⋯.jpg (252.25 KB, 1609x2048, 1609:2048, stop-the-fags-3.jpg)

09ac0c  No.12309120

Post your best anti-homo propaganda and other related shit

739865  No.12309149

File: 4d7b940b2c75282⋯.png (82.72 KB, 553x251, 553:251, Plato.png)

Plato put it very plainly.

b73bbf  No.12309152

Homosexuality is a natural form of population control. Anyone who argues otherwise doesn't understand group survival mechanisms.

Furthermore in group mechanisms, gay people would adopt orphans, or help their sisters/brothers raise their children.

b73bbf  No.12309169


I work in a gay bar and it's really the best. The music is good, people are polite, no one is entitled. Everyone just wants to relax and have a good time and live their lives.

Gays are cool, and only NPCs who can't break from their anti-gay programming think otherwise.

9a5066  No.12309186

File: 361ee4bf0d679e8⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 413x368, 413:368, 1540249330210.jpg)


kys faggot

09ac0c  No.12309194


OP here, I remember a while ago seeing a "you belong in a bog" poster or something like that and it'd be really fucking cool if someone had that to post.

7ef126  No.12309221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a fag redpill

effb7a  No.12309224

File: c1f90bb245ea24a⋯.pdf (955.99 KB, The Fag Agenda.pdf)

File: 404e0e53fb01a61⋯.jpg (227.42 KB, 432x648, 2:3, The Fag Agenda.jpg)

09ac0c  No.12309227


how could i have forgotten the based af russian doc: Sodom


effb7a  No.12309229



That's some highly concentrated nonsense and you're a hedonistic bastard.

b73bbf  No.12309237



>hedonistic bastard

Gayness is based on nurture . homosexuality was much more common in Greek and roman civilizations because humans are born relatively bisexual, women the majority, men the minority, but bisexuality is what the genes start off with culture and nurture make the finishing touches, be it heterosexuality or bisexuality or homosexuality if the society accepts gays, more gays will be raised

d0c6d7  No.12309267

File: 5cdb3c300824f24⋯.jpg (39.22 KB, 375x547, 375:547, man couple.jpg)


Such bullshit, gays can only be a corrosive force, both the males and females. There is a reason why all the bog bodies meet with the most violent painful deaths. In the cold climates of the North you can't be wondering during the Winter if there be a faggot in the main hall where everyone is huddled for warmth, whose going to rape your kid.

6a4993  No.12309271


Seriously fag, kill yourself. What makes you think you're welcome here?

17fe8c  No.12309276

File: 600315eba1e610b⋯.jpg (802.54 KB, 3548x2811, 3548:2811, 1539841200066.jpg)

Nothing terrifies the queer more than a healthy dose of family values.

b61476  No.12309277

File: 3aeb3e47792dfc3⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 1248x492, 104:41, homosexual population corr….jpg)


>fags should have access to children

b61476  No.12309285

File: d472d87014bd491⋯.jpg (360.7 KB, 3655x982, 3655:982, anon_on_Homosexuals.JPG)


>hedonism is the way, goy!


>there were degenerate societies in the past! nevermind that they all imploded

fcdcf6  No.12309289

455261  No.12309290

File: 1a0c945564e9dfc⋯.jpg (190.64 KB, 906x1024, 453:512, 1a0c945564e9dfc55fbc27c067….jpg)

File: a81f07b86dba7ef⋯.jpg (148.83 KB, 1019x1200, 1019:1200, DIbNj9IVAAAK0LD.jpg)

File: d2fefb67b4c26d4⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 828x852, 69:71, fag aids.jpg)

b92d4b  No.12309293


You are correct.

However, faggots have been used as the vanguard of degeneracy. They still get the rope.

b61476  No.12309314

File: 3e68b45094e310c⋯.png (151.3 KB, 1226x860, 613:430, gay parents impact.png)


>you are correct

No he isn't, he's a degenerate apologist. A subversive. And so are you.

f5fc71  No.12309332

File: da3a61533854972⋯.png (250.27 KB, 1008x864, 7:6, bugchasing gay.png)

File: c2b1128a176664f⋯.jpg (660.96 KB, 1790x1162, 895:581, truth about gay rights.jpg)


All Sodomites are potential pedophiles and are known to harbor and spread STDs through the act of Bugchasing where they willingly seek out partners that have the "bug" because its thrilling to them considering their unhealthy lifestyle is more dangerous than a 5 lifetimes of smoking everyday

b61476  No.12309341

File: e4b76ea27ea37d0⋯.jpg (6.69 KB, 81x255, 27:85, chasing poz.jpg)

File: c280dd255164b09⋯.png (231.52 KB, 621x706, 621:706, f57ca815ac3cfab23eac8094a5….png)

File: 4a57ce635c3b35d⋯.png (439.88 KB, 869x1565, 869:1565, Paul_morris_the_arch_degen….png)

File: c56b17aec152da5⋯.png (250.16 KB, 605x929, 605:929, Wild_Boys_of_Weimar_Berlin.png)



b61476  No.12309347


Shit, I don't know what happened to my first image. I bet the jews are to blame.

f5fc71  No.12309378


>homosexuality was much more common in Greek and Roman civilizations


Homosexuality in Ancient Greece - The Myth is Collapsing


09ac0c  No.12309386


dead link

f5fc71  No.12309397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fug ah whatever have some links to more redpills on faggots



Also the West needs to do to faggots what Chechnyans do to them or else children will never be free from their evil

88af7e  No.12309459


There are more pedophiles among us straight people than homos.Why do you lie it makes us all look bad.


Would you rope wife beaters and misogynists too since they spread their degeneracy and hurt the kids mentally inturn the society.





Here's a redpill about the gay: it's not real. heterosexuality isn't either. it's a judeo-christian idea that homosexuality is a bad thing, every culture whether it's the greeks, the pagans, the indians or the maori in new zealand practiced varying forms of homosexuality

The leftists are 100% correct when they say "sexuality is a spectrum", even though it's fun to mock. sexuality as a concept was just a subcategory of human behavior, it was useful to single it out and study it, but where we went wrong is instead of concluding "sexuality seems to be infinitely complex and subjective, so maybe it's just not a useful tool anymore and isn't real", we doubled down and clung onto the idea and said "there's infinite sexualities and we will never understand them all"

most people are aware that a pipeline exists that can bring people who exclusively practiced heterosexual relationships to being open to the idea of homosexual ones, what's less talked about is that the opposite happens too but are more likely to just be labelled as bisexual.

If you dont check out dudes at the gym and mire the (superior) male physique, you're actually a nerd, if you don't love your bros then you're a nerd, if your whole view of attraction is centred on women and what they find desirable then you're a nerd. homoeroticism is unironically patrician.



Spartan soldiers had gay sex all the time and they managed to fight off the Persians despite being outnumbered.

Greek society was never truly "destroyed" at any point. The Greeks were conquered by the Roman Empire, but they continued to speak Greek and Greek culture continued in the Region. After that, Ancient Greek culture gradually evolved into modern Greek culture. There was never any point at which Greek civilization was completely destroyed.

Also, the Roman Empire fell due to a lack of natural resources. Homosex had nothing to do with it. Also, Roman culture continued to exist in Italy after the fall of the Empire. It gradually evolved into modern Italian culture.

932f05  No.12309462


Oh boy do I have the goods for you. I was completely blue pulled until I read some cold, hard statistics on homosexuals. Some of my favorites:

>Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, which, assuming homosexuals make up 1% of the population, means that 1 in 20 homosexuals is a child molester, while 1 in 490 heterosexuals is a child molester (19).

> 33% of homosexuals admit to minor/adult sex (7).

>Of homosexuals questioned in one study, 43% admitted to 500 or more partners in a lifetime, 28% admitted to 1000 or more in a lifetime, and of these people, 79% said that half of those partners were total strangers, and 70% of those sexual contacts were one night stands (or, as one homosexual admits in the film “The Castro,” one minute stands). (3) Also, it is a favorite past-time of many homosexuals to go to “cruisy areas” and have anonymous sex. See www.cruisingforsex.com (NOTE: this site may contain pornographic images–please don’t go to it if you are under age or don’t want to see this type of material. This site is referenced only for illustrative purposes.)



88af7e  No.12309465



Regarding the Greeks specifically it's clear that there was a homoerotic element in their society judging just from the literature alone. Even if you discount all of the frescos and bronze engravings and painted vases.

And remember, that is only the literature THAT WAS NOT DESTROYED BY THE CHURCH! Many many works from the ancient Greek world were destroyed by the newly Christian Roman Empire in the 400s. The Jewish Shepard tales cost western civilization an untold price as all works considered too page or sinful were not copied and Plato and Aristotle were mutilated and warped into being Christian.

It's very likely that the Greeks were much more gay then we think they were. Try to look at it objectively, past your Jewish cultural subversion.

As for the Roman's it's very clear that only passive members of sex were looked down on independent of the biological sex of participants. For example the most scandalous was if someone of higher status performed oral on someone of lower status. And of course woman had lower status then men.

Also there were eunuchs in Rome and professional traps. Nero killed his wife to marry a trap if I remember correctly, he also killed his own mother.

932f05  No.12309469


>There are more pedophiles among us straight people than homos.Why do you lie it makes us all look bad.

Completely false, see >>12309462

Reported for shilling and being a faggot. I honestly don't have anything against faggots themselves, but the facts don't lie.

09ac0c  No.12309479


Absolutely! This is what I've been saying this whole time.

f5fc71  No.12309480

File: bfab5651727f73a⋯.jpg (126.58 KB, 600x760, 15:19, jews pushed homosexual mar….jpg)

File: 1655f73b04e7ab5⋯.png (88.88 KB, 895x931, 895:931, homosexual pedo rate.png)

File: 58108bfb04e12f0⋯.png (605.44 KB, 993x1963, 993:1963, hating homosexuality is ri….png)

File: 0d5d1e4deb33518⋯.png (117.24 KB, 975x978, 325:326, why homosexuals should nev….png)

File: 46fd300f3139e0b⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 568x330, 284:165, homosexuality is caused by….jpg)

more pics also requesting someone to link that video of fags being interviewed admitting they were abused as children

09ac0c  No.12309486


Thanks dude. I think I heard of some of these statistics before too.

f5fc71  No.12309502

File: cfd1f4b6a8fcb07⋯.png (40.17 KB, 953x391, 953:391, homosexuals have no rights….png)

File: 65a4c41b79328a7⋯.png (44.07 KB, 1244x270, 622:135, homosexuality is not a cho….png)

File: 4830012b7b08db4⋯.png (193.44 KB, 1238x1219, 1238:1219, the cause of homosexuality.png)

File: 98c0d0f687fb0a9⋯.png (185.52 KB, 1256x647, 1256:647, Turpentine cured a homosex….png)

File: 94ba1623b024cc7⋯.png (572.64 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, homosexuality is a disease.png)

more pics

f5fc71  No.12309522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

posting some good shit that /our/guy Sam Hyde did for a comedic stunt that made leftist walk away and literally can't even with him

88af7e  No.12309536

File: 89afb09a92dc7df⋯.jpg (158.37 KB, 970x582, 5:3, greeks love.jpg)



Also let me put it here Ancient Greeks had 4 forms of love.

>Agape (God)

<unconditional, like love of parent sacrificing to save their child.

>Phalia (friends)

<loving our best mates and often older male mentor

>Storge (empathy)

<Love for family

>Eros (erotic)

<romance and intimacy with the wife.

Gay love was Phalia.

It was just bumming your mates or mentor for bonding.

Like the sacred band of Thebes, male warriors who bummed each other to bond.

The same is of course seen in nature, from birds, mammals, insectoids, reptiles etc.

The cultures of the time especially the religions involved somekind of deification of nature, like the sun for example, meaning that they were a very 'earthy / natural' people.

Ergo, the thinking was perhaps if nature allows male bumming for bonding, then why not.

Also male G-spot is allegedly up the anus.

This is only limited to male gay sex

Lesbianism is a modern invention of disenchanted brainwashed women.

Although woman throughout history have 'sexualised' each other to attract a male.

You can still see this today, take a rich 10/10 handsome chad, put him in front of a gaggle and watch how they all swoon and act in a sexualised unison.

The evolutionary aspect is probably to entice him as a group to fuck and impregnate at least one of them.

f5fc71  No.12309543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

nvm I found the vid about faggots caught on tape admitting to pedophilia

932f05  No.12309549


No problem. I genuinely think that if people knew all these statistics about homosexuals that they would not be able to marry each other and would not be accepted into society.

We are taught gay people are "just like us, they just happen to like the same sex" when that is far from the truth. They engage in suicidal behavior, are mostly incapable of monogamous relationships, are exponentially more promiscuous, and are overwhelmingly more likely to prey on children.

Even if one moraly finds nothing wrong with it, practically it's not a behavior society should be encouraging.

09ac0c  No.12309554


Amazing, thanks nigga.

09ac0c  No.12309557


Even the whole "they just like the same sex" bs is fucking disgusting and awful for a just society.

6750ec  No.12309561


>Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, which, assuming homosexuals make up 1% of the population, means that 1 in 20 homosexuals is a child molester, while 1 in 490 heterosexuals is a child molester (19).

Let's reword that.

If you have 1000 normal people. 2 molest children. It's more than zero but a "reasonable" amount for that number of people.

If you have 1000 faggots, 50 of them molest kids. This means they're 25x more likely to molest kids. Or again put another way, one straight pedophile to 25 fag pedophiles

b61476  No.12309573


>abandon standards, goy!

>just accept faggotry

>the jews don't promote gays among their therefore you should

Fuck off kike. You cite no sources, and suggest I make huge logical leaps after totally irrelevant points. What the fuck do I care if some other defunct culture possibly allowed assgoblins to push in shit? That has nothing to do with how I'm gonna treat these despicable scum.

b61476  No.12309589

File: 22f0171f2d8b4bb⋯.png (93.79 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, greek and roman homosex.png)

File: c137184c7df17be⋯.png (443.4 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, homosex is a fetish that d….png)

f5fc71  No.12309590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

here's a video Alan Keyes had a debate with Kang Nigger on fag marriage where Kang Niggers asshole got prolapsed so large it made Michael jealous

f2eef8  No.12309608

File: 8d85cd1fc690f1c⋯.png (428.85 KB, 1012x734, 506:367, 'We indoctrinate kids'.png)

File: 3dd55d938b90f88⋯.png (509.82 KB, 680x769, 680:769, Gay flag Gary.png)

17fe8c  No.12309618

File: e98c0431d4337c8⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 496x421, 496:421, 6b4fde3a1617ffd43f06beaa2f….jpg)


>There are more pedophiles among us straight people than homos.Why do you lie it makes us all look bad.

NOT true, there is about a 50/50 distribution of gay and straight pedophiles.

That being said, since gays only constitute at best 5% of the population, then by percentage, gays by far have a higher rate of pedophilia among their 'Community'

f5fc71  No.12309628

File: 51be31c9364d9fe⋯.jpg (430.45 KB, 1158x2020, 579:1010, homosexuality meth 1.jpg)

File: c55e6fa2723deea⋯.jpg (561.85 KB, 1374x3035, 1374:3035, homosexual meth 2.jpg)

File: 4436a0818c421a1⋯.jpg (309.23 KB, 1080x1666, 540:833, homosexuals in 20th centur….jpg)

File: fc601d2c944647e⋯.png (320.81 KB, 1112x2893, 1112:2893, homosexuality stats.png)

File: 7bbc9d50ff9b933⋯.jpg (187.76 KB, 1319x457, 1319:457, homosexuality truth.jpg)

Also I can't seem to find the gorey pics that some brave anon went on tumblr and found on fag accounts selling testicles in bottles and other degenerate shit that would make a man puke his colon out

9da369  No.12309647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b61476  No.12309661


>I don't hate gays, just fags

Typical half-measure Christcuck. Be Christian and all is forgiven.

f5fc71  No.12309669

File: a9fec1acd70bcc2⋯.png (251.65 KB, 617x571, 617:571, why a regular fam is bette….png)

File: 40b87b008b3580b⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 720x540, 4:3, kids at fag parades.jpg)

File: cde45ca1ebd251c⋯.jpg (423.71 KB, 1189x1224, 1189:1224, who_behind_faggotry.jpg)

File: 76e7b24152f20d9⋯.png (129.32 KB, 500x633, 500:633, fags wanting to indoctrina….png)

File: 11dd52f08c606db⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 2368x4648, 296:581, studies on fags.jpg)

more pics here

f2eef8  No.12309672

File: e80fe9d44749b6a⋯.jpeg (124.25 KB, 1080x1048, 135:131, 'Pedos r ppl'.jpeg)

'Love is love' will be a huge aid in helping the pedophilia movement.

It's no mistake that it's repeated ad nauseum in gay culture.

Language is one of the most powerful tools at anyone's disposal.

Those masterminding the culture know how to weaponise it.

All of their identifying terms were quickly weaponised as slurs over a few short years when said by straight people in a non-worshipful way.

'LGBT' completely replaced 'gay' in public speech (especially talking about the group, or about strangers) because it can't be mocked as easily as 'gay'.

People at large accept the premise of 'love is love'.

The pedophile agenda is building huge potential with the kindergarten schooling and preteen transsexualism. It's not something that 'will happen' - it already is.

9da369  No.12309684


You must be a fucking retard.

Gay means happy. They are faggots.

f2eef8  No.12309695

File: 06340d6f6d2f9c4⋯.jpg (105.31 KB, 645x960, 43:64, 'The Boy With The Henna Ta….jpg)


Gay means happy

A further case in the long catalogue of language manipulation I just mentioned. This rebranding was the foundation for public reframing of homosexuality. Positive associations.

b61476  No.12309701

File: 740452bc806e6d6⋯.png (123.5 KB, 525x725, 21:29, c71d6cea94a07d8639d1b82d5e….png)

File: 0f805e9de8b4148⋯.mp4 (7.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Uganda gets one thing righ….mp4)


It also means fag, and pastor Anderson promotes racemixing so long as the people are Christian. He's a traitor like all Christians who are loyal to their skydaddy over their race.

f2eef8  No.12309708


Re: pic above. Eye-opening documentary aired on Aussie TV called 'The Boy with the Henna Tattoo'.

Their most paraded public example of 'gay parenting success' turned out to be running a global pedophile ring, and the Aussie media had little choice but to showcase this after their PR blunder.

9da369  No.12309745


This is a thread about


Pastor Anderson is one of the most uncucked Christian leaders I've ever heard. Just because he doesn't hate niggers doesn't mean that he isn't a soldier of God against the faggot agenda that seeks to destroy children and the future of the world as we know it. Stop derailing, faggot.

b61476  No.12309760

File: a1e20691fdd4ee8⋯.png (287.21 KB, 592x971, 592:971, 357cefecba9dec5e64e7c3cb2c….png)


>doesn't mean that he isn't a soldier of God

My problem with him, which you would understand if you were literate, is that he's a soldier of God, and not of White men. He's also jewish. What a surprise he pushes a cuck religion that has never successfully stood again Jewery upon the masses.

If you don't want to derail the thread then don't reply to me with your christcuck idiocy. Your religion is a gateway to jews promoting all types of degeneracy in our societies, including homosexuality.

d0e46d  No.12310016



f0ac91  No.12310068

I don't study mathematics because its cucked. Where are the equations that support white nationalism? Only cucks do math.

849c5f  No.12310072


>i am a faggot, and being one is super cool

4f70fb  No.12310074

File: aee8f1ca9f4cc2a⋯.webm (4.74 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Without Remorse - Body Co….webm)

File: e7d043e9a591f00⋯.webm (4.09 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Without Remorse Nemesis.webm)

I found a cure for AIDS

Have it

4f70fb  No.12310075

Also, another cure for AIDS is surprisingly


f0ac91  No.12310077


>NPCs can't break from their anti-gay programming

It's hilarious when leftards try to hijack terms like "NPC" or "SJW". No faggot, every fountain of mainstream media is explicitly pro gay and denies biological sex.

4f70fb  No.12310079

Honestly, all fags should be murdered.

849c5f  No.12310091


Casual gay sex between friends… degenerate. Ancient greeks were fags. Also the male g-spot is allegedly up the anus for the same reason men have nipples. Anotomically it is in the same place as the female g-spot, as all fetus begin their life as female.

3236f7  No.12310106

File: 1145da27abcc096⋯.webm (7.68 MB, 400x300, 4:3, I'll stand up to the fags.webm)

b61476  No.12310111


>Ancient greeks were fags

Don't buy into his lies. Read the first pic here: >>12309589

3236f7  No.12310126


>it's not real. heterosexuality isn't either.

you know who else argued that? Michel Foucault,

the gay frenchman who died of aids and argued that the age of consent should be abolished

74c9a8  No.12310129

File: f41b66ec488f79a⋯.png (487.19 KB, 670x910, 67:91, Kshatriya.png)


get this fag apologizing christ cuck who loves to marry White women to niggers out of here. DEATH TO CHRISTIANS AND EXTERMINATE THE FAGS

9743cf  No.12310134


<all fetus begin their life as female

You are XX or XY from the moment the sperm and egg fuse. You are either male or female from the moment you are a single cell. The "male g-spot" as you call it, is what is known as a prostate. The prostate can be stimulated through anal and that is what gives gays the pleasure. It isn't meant to happen however, as it often causes bleeding and tears, and that is why they have a much higher rate of STI's

c99a9b  No.12310170


So "everybody starts off female" is actually an "everybody comes from Africa" lie?

7f60ba  No.12310190

File: 86758e71dcd6592⋯.mp4 (7.08 MB, 480x272, 30:17, David's Story.mp4)

9743cf  No.12310226


correct. Two Haploid cells fuse together to form a new individual with a new unique genome composed of chromosomes from each of the parents. In humans we get 23 chromosomes from each parent, to form a new individual genome of 46 chromosomes. An egg cell with a X chromosome, isn't a new individual yet, likewise for a sperm carrying an X or a Y chromosome isn't either. The moment you become a developing human down to the single cell, you have either XX or XY.

7f60ba  No.12310241


Is there a single thing we haven't been lied to about??

b61476  No.12310248

6ee959  No.12310338



This is true via genetics, but the genes that activate the deviation from XX physically start 5 - 6 weeks to 2 months into pregnancy.

9743cf  No.12310356


Sure, the development of a male and female fetus is very similar in early stages, but at any time you could take a tissue sample and see that it is XX or XY. At no time is a male, a female. To me that seems like subtle leftist propaganda, Men and women are the same type stuff. Sure there are times during the development of a baby that they are very similar, but that doesn't make a male fetus a female. I would say that the most accurate way to define gender, is the genetic level, from the moment a human exists biologically, it has a copy of either XX or XY in every cell. (outside of sex cells)

b12f8d  No.12310932


Just poz my neghole up fam

f0ac91  No.12311219


Ancient civilizations also fucked their immediate family members, too. Guess that makes it alright? There's a reason Christianity displaced those monkeys.

09ac0c  No.12311267

So far there's mostly just been shit about G, L, and Bs. Somebody post more anti-tranny stuff.

e23b79  No.12311277


8dc128  No.12311285

File: ffacbd47ddbc8ec⋯.jpg (109.65 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 6124798_orig.jpg)


Faggot with aids


>pic related. Is this you?

8dc128  No.12311360

554fa0  No.12311365

File: f24cc7ddcab135f⋯.png (131.46 KB, 420x236, 105:59, drag-queen-career-day-6pkg….png)

Middle School Apologizes For Inviting Cross-Dresser To Career Day

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A school district has apologized to parents, after hosting a drag queen as part of a career day. A spokesperson for Adams 12 Five Star schools said Rocky Top Middle School staff should have notified parents a drag queen would be speaking to their children, before allowing the speech to happen.

Students at Rocky Top range from 6th to 8th grade. The drag queen, identified as a woman who goes by “Jessica L’Whor,” is a relative of one student. The district confirmed she was invited to attend career day.

“I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” L’Whor said. “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.”

L’Whor said she hoped parents would see her visit as educational, rather than inappropriate.

“I would tell the parents, ‘I’m not telling your kid to go off and become a drag queen. I’m telling them to have the conversations. Because, it will come up in life.”

Rocky Top’s Principal apologized to parents, and said all future career day guests would be identified for parents to review beforehand.


204f33  No.12311416



Might just call herself Whore

09ac0c  No.12311447

49e203  No.12311473


Is that thing full of a hideous blend of meat and plastic, like a Chucky doll? I kind of want to dissect it just to see what I'd find.

2a4018  No.12311492

Reminder that the faggots have infiltrated the Catholic Church and the Vatican. In recent youth camp in the Vatican, many actual homosexual bishops were appointed as the organizers. They have made so that the camp is about accepting faggots.

2b3c2a  No.12311496

>another "lets hate X"

Shlomo stop getting attention.

554fa0  No.12311628


I almost posted this newer, more recent article, but I noticed that in it, they blatantly lied about his name, which was stated in other articles.

>The drag queen, introduced to students as Ms. Jessica


<Oy, betta leave out this key detail about "whore" being in his name. The goyim might put 2 and 2 together.

554fa0  No.12311649

File: 76febfc0ac61643⋯.jpg (102.76 KB, 514x585, 514:585, white man mask.jpg)


>Don't discuss LGBT, that's OUR job!

6ee959  No.12312034


Yes, intrinsically, the fetus is what its genetics are despite its looks. What do you mean outside sex cells?

7f60ba  No.12312185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>So far there's mostly just been shit about G, L, and Bs. Somebody post more anti-tranny stuff.

This one has it all. #TakeBackTheRainbow

effb7a  No.12312868

File: f124df24c76ebdd⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 1595x2395, 319:479, Homosexuality in Ancient G….jpg)





effb7a  No.12312871


^ Misunderstandings, deceptions, false Myth and propaganda about Homosexuality in Ancient Greece debunked

3476bf  No.12315751

File: 312a88355a668f0⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 435.48 KB, 656x444, 164:111, Fags never stop going furt….mp4)

File: cbc9318accef742⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.99 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, One of us, one of us!.jpg)

File: 20cd033a66e7381⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 396.26 KB, 594x735, 198:245, whackoff wheel.png)

File: a365b6734a58502⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 599.76 KB, 550x731, 550:731, whackoff wheel2.png)

File: c56b17aec152da5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 250.16 KB, 605x929, 605:929, Wild Boys of Weimar Berlin.png)


Here anon,Also links to that thread with an ex gay anon posting the most disgusting fag shit, one that actually made a few soldiers vomit.



a91f3c  No.12315755


>Homosexuality is a natural form of population control.

Serial killers are a natural form of population control. This is a stupid argument.

>Furthermore in group mechanisms, gay people would adopt orphans

To rape them.

You should be drowned, faggot. There is no place for you except in stagnant water.

b61476  No.12315763


Thanks for the book.

3f4437  No.12316979


>anti-gay programming

Get a load of the schnoz on this one!

ad3338  No.12317022


can you still taste the first dick you suckd?

b017a0  No.12317138

File: c75da5af67cac12⋯.png (815.85 KB, 797x558, 797:558, drag queen 3.png)

>all the good goys in this thread

dd2430  No.12317745


Kys cuck

If you actually read the Bible especially in the new testament it is definitely anti gay

It is even against race mixing as god made all races separately for a reason.

I bet you are either retarded or a fucking kike

3fcbb4  No.12317817


>It is even against race mixing as god made all races separately for a reason.

Exactly. God made races and nations and the Bible even says he set their boundaries. If God meant for races to mix then he wouldn't have bothered making different races in the first place. There would only have been one race.

12c86a  No.12320633


Execution of sodomites is a natural form of population control. Anyone who argues otherwise doesn't understand group survival mechanisms. Furthermore in group mechanisms, gay "people" would molest orphans, or help their sisters/brothers traumatize their children.

b16b65  No.12320763


if that was true then why did God side with moses when his sister criticized him for being a race-mixer?

09ac0c  No.12323858


Cause the Cushitic woman wasn't a fucking nigger lmao

f5fc71  No.12324346

File: af698a183572594⋯.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, 284:227, I keep screaming but god d….png)


Jesus fucking Christ I seen some sick disgusting shit like really disgusting shit the likes of which no normie could possibly ever imagine. I seen men with vags fucked by trannies on /b/, journalists necks turned into a blood fountain by Islamic Filipinos, a Mexican woman face ate off by a pitbull and then further tortured by cartels, evidence of websites that promote pedophilia and cannibalism involved in the pizzagate threads, and looked into the deep occult judeo-masonic rituals of the elite. But this? WHY THE FUCK AREN'T PEOPLE LYNCHING QUEERS NOW WHEN WE NEED IT MOST

678bbe  No.12324378

File: 340ed09484afa69⋯.png (103.04 KB, 1351x1801, 1351:1801, tpride_thank_you-02.png)

400916  No.12328895



i can't read any of the images. what portion of that long, long thread are you talking about?

1297bb  No.12328975


No, no it won’t.

It’s never been a topic of discussion in any of my years of life.

The last bitch that told me I could pass for a woman because I am a pretty man got a dirty look and ignored. She could pass for a woman with estrogen injections and a boob job herself.

29fd7a  No.12351113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Which hashtag would be better, #TakeBackTheRainbow or #ReclaimTheRainbow ?

6569d4  No.12378948

File: 3bac8b8cf68f13d⋯.mp4 (15.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Trannies-doctor-Owen-Benja….mp4)

We all knew this already of course, but here's some proof that can be shown to others that doctors are being forced to support transsexuality, including child abuse, rather than science, or risk losing their jobs. Although I agree with Owen that the doctors should just stand up to this anyway. It's worth losing a job for and if enough of them do it and make enough noise about it then something might actually be done about it.

400916  No.12395513

File: c280dd255164b09⋯.png (231.52 KB, 621x706, 621:706, c280dd255164b09d259c49f882….png)

File: ee43def893c9473⋯.jpg (114.12 KB, 828x852, 69:71, d2fefb67b4c26d495ebe071628….jpg)

File: bf2f0769a5ae834⋯.jpg (573.45 KB, 1790x1162, 895:581, c2b1128a176664fcff828b28a0….jpg)

5af495  No.12395972


Relative of mine works for a healthcare IT company; they're making him implement some transgender bullshit now. SOGI initiative.

3d2333  No.12395984




3d2333  No.12396008


Evolution doesn't work that way, brainlet. Group selection is nearly impossible to work mathematically, and inevitably falls apart due to entropy within the group.


5c4d70  No.12396051

File: 072abff0f33830a⋯.jpg (172.49 KB, 2048x1235, 2048:1235, gays 3.jpg)

5c4d70  No.12396069

File: eb66b7c3aebd408⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 539x960, 539:960, gays 2.jpg)

5c4d70  No.12396104


>So there was never more than 12k gays in the entirity of the US?

1e7d7d  No.12396117

File: 1a19aa3fbd10b30⋯.jpg (87.88 KB, 820x503, 820:503, 1dfa4fc727142ab9c11da141f6….jpg)

b9bf19  No.12396199


Richard Spencer, please leave, there are boys in bathhouses that ain't getting the redpill if you're here shitposting like a (bigger) faggot.

ed75f3  No.12396268


Oh no look out I'm about to drop all of these toasters into that tub

eaed77  No.12396300

File: 99b808142f2d6a3⋯.jpg (136.84 KB, 960x540, 16:9, #PAEDEQUALITY.jpg)


Let's throw a spanner in their works and accelerate this thing full throttle before they have a chance to brainwash any more people slowly. Anyone with half a brain will not only be repulsed and reject it but go on full attack against the left. Pose as SJWs and post this and similar ones you can make yourself all over Twitter and Facebook. Maybe try to get some leftards to genuinely support it and post it themselves. Remember, hashtag #PAEDEQUALITY

8d4569  No.12396764

File: 07255ab2cb2fe67⋯.jpg (11.65 KB, 211x255, 211:255, 8eb0f965368c27b21897c96397….jpg)


8d4569  No.12396812

File: 0296db350da9726⋯.png (295.83 KB, 1014x945, 338:315, fag_indoc.png)


Update with working archive link and bonus quotation

59c435  No.12396823


We should make this our new project. Falseflag as lgbt pretending to defend pedophilia to trigger the hate of the normies against then.

29ca97  No.12396832


>Man thinks there was only 2k gay people in America in 2017

you're so fucking stupid

de84a7  No.12396911

File: 8a65fec9314effd⋯.jpeg (170.49 KB, 726x572, 33:26, 8a65fec9314effd18648ee0a2….jpeg)


Christ was the first to call out the ((("jews"))), it's what got him killed. He also disproved of faggots.

0e2511  No.12396933



They were expelled over 20 times before Jesus came around.


de84a7  No.12396962


As far as I am aware, no one had called them out as literally being the scourge of mankind itself before Christ.

2c331b  No.12397170


Plato liked to fuck little boys. He's a poor source of anti-homoness.

785d9b  No.12397172


You might like this


fc1024  No.12399301


>I work in a gay bar

LOL, faggot

797ba7  No.12399311

If y'all got any without "fags" or "faggots" on it they can be spread to normie websites.

869c19  No.12399507

File: 7b631991c6e8eec⋯.jpg (64.9 KB, 465x768, 155:256, 7b631991c6e8eec76a6d07b5e9….jpg)

File: 38fe85fbdbb90d4⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 750x737, 750:737, 38fe85fbdbb90d407363935beb….jpg)

File: 663c55c77e5a806⋯.png (766.5 KB, 641x700, 641:700, chechen method.PNG)


>Greek and roman civilizations because humans are born relatively bisexual

The peak of Anglo-Saxon culture, my friends. Pederasts should get the rope, as it is written in Leviticus 20:13:

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

000000  No.12401205

Faggots: "We must aim at the abolition of the family"

You want to read this carefully. A summary of the fag agenda, straight from the source, expressed quite clearly (modulo ordinary (((dissimulation)))):


(The archived page is from fordham.edu. It went 404; I wonder why.)

Some key quotes:

<The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family. consisting of the man in charge, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as the ideal models.

<We must aim at the abolition of the family, so that the sexist, male supremacist system can no longer be nurtured there.

The backdrop for trannies (bold added):

<Yet although this struggle will be hard, and our victories not easily won, we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family and the cultural distinctions between men and women. True, these have been with us throughout history, yet humanity is at last in a position where we can progress beyond this.

Note, androgyny has always been a long-term goal of the fag agenda. Sexual dimorphism is their enemy!

<The long-term goal of Gay Liberation, which inevitably brings us into conflict with the institutionalised sexism of this society, is to rid society of the gender-role system which is at the root of our oppression. This can only be achieved by eliminating the social pressures on men and women to conform to narrowly defined gender roles. It is particularly important that children and young people be encouraged to develop their own talents and interests and to express their own individuality rather than act out stereotyped parts alien to their nature.

Another key quote, italics theirs:

<Gay shows the way. In some ways we are already more advanced than straight people.

From the right side, Heinrich Himmler had some important insights about faggotry in his 1938 speech on that topic. As the leader of German police agencies, he had practical experience formulating high-level policy for fighting degeneracy of all kinds. There are many copies of a transcript of this speech on the web; I have reasons for not wanting to link any particular one. This speech was given before a closed audience of ranking SS officers; so Himmler was more candid than he would have been to the public.

Now, for the scholars here who really want to understand the underlying (((agenda))) in the big picture – to see the forest, not only the trees:

- Study (((Cultural Marxism))), especially "androgyny theory", and the function of family in the development of the "authoritarian personality".

- Study the history of Communism, especially in Hungary both in 1919 and later, around the 1956 anti-Communist revolution. It is true that the family is an obstacle to Communism. For Communism to prevail, the family must be destroyed. The fag agenda and (((feminism))) present a complementary two-pronged attack on the family.

- Go back to the beginning of Marx and Engels. Also, feminism. Sorry, this is not the place to write a book.

- Analyze how (((they))) developed attacks on the important National Socialist truth expressed by the Führer: "Die Familie ist die kleinste, aber wertvollste Einheit im Aufbau des ganzen Staatsgefüges." ("The family is the smallest but most important unit in building the whole state structure.") The implications extend far beyond National Socialism. In Hungary, as referenced above, families essentially formed natural anti-Communist resistance cells which could not be easily infiltrated by glowniggers. Anywhere in the world, if you do not have a family to back you up, then you are alone, lost, an individual atom adrift in a sea of anthropoid mutts. And of course, the family is the only time-tested structure for eugenic preservation of the race over the course of generations. On a very deep level, attacks on the family are attacks on bloodlines – and as a practical matter, on your ability to resist your own enslavement.


000000  No.12401213



(Polite sage for double-post.)

Re "paedophiles":

First of all, the term "paedophile" is a linguistic corruption almost as bad as the misappropriation of "gay". The word means "child-lover". All normal people love children! So-called "paedophiles" are childfuckers, plain and simple. I have seen attempts to suggest more accurate terminology, but none has caught on in common usage.

(And don't get me started on the pedestrian misspelling "pedophile". Literally, "foot-lover".)

Now, some facts you will not properly comprehend unless you get the "big picture" briefly described above:

The "paedophile" agenda was originally accepted within the big tent of the "gay rights movement". The "paedophile" groups were expelled in the 1970s, for strictly practical reasons of what you would call "optics". If I recall correctly, Camille Paglia has referred to this as a "throwaway". It was known that "gay rights" would never obtain mainstream acceptance, if associated with "paedophilia"; so they tossed the childfuckers under the bus.

I have no doubt that this decision must have originated at a (((high level))). The faggots and dykes in the "gay rights" ("LBGTQ", whatever) movement are unaware that they are merely patsies. Disposable "throwaways", just like the "paedophiles".

As always, as on any issue, the promotion of "paedophilia" rises from conflicts between the vectors of competing forces. As of today, I count among others: Actual childfuckers, who don't have much power but are obsessively, delusionally dedicated to their cause. Police and intelligence agencies, which need CP and its extreme illegality to poison the darknets and entice/entrap n00bs. Professional (((blackmailers))) with similar motivations and methods. Ordinary queers who might be thrilled by an extreme new kink, but aren't specifically motivated by a desire to fuck children. Ordinary queers who SJW "virtue-signal" that they are against "paedophilia" based on feminist "consent" doctrines, whether or not they secretly have such desires. Ordinary queers who, of course, use fag adoption as a cover to get their soft, warm sex toys. Etc… And over it all, a (((few))) who control the ultimate direction to which these vectors sum, through the influence of a push here and a nudge there.

They, the highest-level (((architects))) of this agenda, couldn't care less about the issue in itself; they themselves are above both law and society. They could secretly fuck whatever they wanted, if they wanted to – their own personal peccadilloes are not a driving motivation here. Some of them are personally perverts; some of them actually hate perverts. (Think of the savvier drug kingpins, who don't touch the poison they peddle to stupid addicts.) That's not important. They are strategic and pragmatic. What catches (((their))) attention is an opportunity to destroy the Aryan family and rip up the fabric of Aryan societies, so that they can bastardize the people and reduce them to slavery. If "paedophilia" serves their purposes today, then they will advance it today – if not, then not. Tomorrow may be different.

It requires much study and careful thought to understand the big picture. But there's your "red pill", if you can reach it.


Related issue: I am disgusted by Christians who pretend that their religion invented morality against faggotry. Whereas on the whole, Christianity has done more to promote faggotry than to prevent it; and homosexuality is built into the structure of Christianity, beneath the veneer of Aryan culture it acquired. (By analogy, think of "Christmas trees".)

The original Judeo-Christian myth of Heaven is a place where 144,000 male homosexual Jews will spend all eternity, without being disgusted by the presence of nasty women. Mohammed was not actually a total faggot, which is why he improved this "paradise" by inventing houris: Perfectly devoted waifus who regenerate their virginity after every copulation – perfect MGTOW sexbots! Either way, Earthly women have no place in the afterlife.

Aryans have been killing faggots since long before they ever heard of Jesus, that "fisher of men". They don't need Jewish books to tell them what their instincts tell them better.


539d94  No.12401244


9ebd85  No.12401287

File: 9bd197e878b6888⋯.png (148.05 KB, 442x383, 442:383, bog man.png)

File: 9a1c688edbf41f3⋯.jpg (971.13 KB, 896x6361, 896:6361, the bog.jpg)

696569  No.12401344

File: 244b3477616e614⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.44 KB, 1200x935, 240:187, pack-shotacon-2-1.jpg)

File: 1d5c985a020e14f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.5 KB, 900x700, 9:7, __rose_anderson_solty_rei_….jpg)

File: 5ab25bc48443021⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Ima kara Atashi Episode 1 ….gif)

File: 95675a8ef70a170⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.13 KB, 1000x1315, 200:263, 2753727 - Nami One_Piece U….jpg)

File: 95645efe60c23b5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 674.87 KB, 758x1019, 758:1019, 95645efe60c23b5479b74c6f49….png)

Homosexuality is a fetish. You can't just be "born gay", that's not how sexual drive works for the opposite sex. No one in the world stops being attracted to the body shape of the opposite sex. There's no such thing as "bisexual", either. I guess this could explain why traps have been sort of a thing now in the normiewebs. When I was bluepilled I tried watching (((gay porn))), not once did I ever understand the appeal of it. I did have a different reaction when I first saw traps, though. They look more feminine than masculine, it gave me really confusing feelings back then (if you know Astoflo you'd understand). So basically what was happening back then was that my brain was telling me that traps are "just 'girls' with dicks and small tits" and it made me feel more comfortable about it, but now I feel I just want to an hero myself for viewing (((porn))). Hentai and big tiddie animus are perfectly fine, though. Don't you dare say otherwise, Masonic Christcunts. I'll spoiler it because it will trigger them. Be warned Masonic Christcunts.

pic sort of unrelated

000000  No.12401414


>the bog.jpg

That gave me lulz, until I realized it drove home the point that organized faggotry is almost as adept at infiltration as organized Jewry. Himmler explained part of how this works, in the 1938 speech I referenced above. As for the United States, I've seen some sources discuss how thoroughly Washington, D.C. power circles became infiltrated by nests of faggots by no later than the 1950s, probably earlier; but I have barely scratched the surface of this issue (sources welcome!).

Oh yes, faggots want to infiltrate right-wing and NS organizations! It advances their agenda; and also, masculine organizations are attractive to them for obvious reasons. Even the SA leadership got infiltrated at its highest levels. Hitler solved this problem the right way, by killing the faggots on the "Night of the Long Knives".

As soon as one faggot worms his way into an organization of any kind, his highest priority is to bring in others. This is one of many reasons why we need zero tolerance for faggotry.


It is necessary to be vigilant, without being unduly suspicious of normal human behavior. Indeed, one of the destructive effects of faggotry is that it corrupts our perceptions of normal behavior. The fags do this deliberately.

For example, once upon a time, two single young men living in the same house would be presumed to be innocently sharing costs, while saving up their resources so they could start families. Nowadays, well… The faggots have dragged our social perceptions into the gutter!

Academic faggots in the diploma-mills still called "universities" deliberately exploit this change of perception, for the purpose of corrupting the culture. They "deconstruct" Aryan literature and history, finding hidden faggotry as a "subtext" of the most innocent scenarios. Per the above example, does an old story feature two young men sharing a house? Well, (flip of limp wrist) they are obviously buttfucking each other! Homoeroticism is everywhere, from ancient Greek heroism to Shakespearean poetry!

By such means is culture poisoned and destroyed.

869c19  No.12402176

File: 85872f367b7a503⋯.jpg (55.66 KB, 531x471, 177:157, absolutely haram.jpg)


>Hentai and big tiddie animus are perfectly fine

Anime is for faggots, and anyone living in an actual patriarchial country would beat you up for being a faggot lover. Jerking to anything is absolutely haram, and hentai is more degenerate than real porn. Stop rationalizing your degeneracy and move on.

2a4ff7  No.12404770



And there you go, the typical kikes advocating for false flagging so they can push their agenda without concern because the normalfag npcs will think every reality about faggots is "just trolling from those lying nazis". Kill yourself.


>mudslime shill

Suckstart a shotgun.

ba7684  No.12404866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And don't get me started on the pedestrian misspelling "pedophile". Literally, "foot-lover".

You're right! It made me think of this Owen Benjamin joke.

c01995  No.12404888

File: 88a1f96566427fb⋯.png (259.29 KB, 1199x900, 1199:900, DEXATI20180721004614.png)

File: aa7c194cd8e7f61⋯.png (549.75 KB, 1199x908, 1199:908, DEXATI20180804122755.png)

File: 7f61efdeb03c320⋯.png (816.38 KB, 1185x716, 1185:716, DEXATI20180805003807~2.png)

Thanks op

ba7684  No.12404894


>You can't just be "born gay"

A few can, if they're born with mental abnormalities. But I believe even they could be potentially cured, although it would probably require brain surgery or at least medication.

c01995  No.12404896

File: 63c1de750504e5d⋯.png (331.53 KB, 1200x1587, 400:529, sketch-1534559156333.png)

ba7684  No.12404909


I'm not a nazi and just because other people here are and may use that pic I made doesn't mean the majority of people who see that or similar things others have made as coming from "those lying nazis". If they did then they would have said that about the fake Russian dossier as some of it came from 4chan /pol/. Not that they ever expected it to end up in such an important dossier.

ba7684  No.12404937

File: b79c7449d7ece3f⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 750x738, 125:123, rainbow-protection-umbrell….jpg)


I like this one.

fcdcf6  No.12404940


if there ever was a psyop on the american public, it was obama and his tranny wife.

c01995  No.12405094


"Bath-house Barry" is my favorite monicker for that limp-wristed commie.

c01995  No.12405358

File: 4d3da980090cc5e⋯.gif (210.65 KB, 246x320, 123:160, 20181110_201118.gif)

File: 5dac49106841c38⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1199x860, 1199:860, Meme_1606200617.jpg)

File: b286d92c1f83a71⋯.jpeg (24.96 KB, 473x380, 473:380, th (59).jpeg)

File: 37e093172583de7⋯.jpeg (14.41 KB, 456x256, 57:32, th (53).jpeg)


Proud of this "obama golf ball through garden hose" gif

d53531  No.12405390


>Regarding the Greeks specifically it's clear that there was a homoerotic element in their society judging just from the literature alone.

That's like watching (((Hollywood movies))) and concluding America's mostly niggers and trannies.

3476bf  No.12406857

File: 79eb89301f91bb5⋯.jpg (247.82 KB, 1200x1147, 1200:1147, Dogpatch press HJ SF.jpg)

File: abc084b239bb4cd⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1065x720, 71:48, Infantilization.png)

File: 1b5beaec501e9a4⋯.mp4 (8.95 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Interrogation.mp4)

File: ee29e6e4a711d26⋯.png (135.92 KB, 1201x913, 1201:913, Have pity on the digger oh….png)

File: 8244b766a8d441d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1201x7334, 1201:7334, Completely infectious dege….png)

Fags are into some fucked up shit, but the really nasty stuff comes out of san fran, stuff like blowing meth clouds into the faces of toddlers to hook them on it, and to make them easier to molest and rape.

Some of these are from the Dark Research threads, and were a major reason Tribe.net got shut down.

ca4b6b  No.12408895

File: e40f2b51d744b1a⋯.png (70.26 KB, 450x225, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


End all of these faggots.

cf732f  No.12429208

Kill gays

09ac0c  No.12432157


Do you have this in a higher quality?

005f73  No.12432165


>There are more pedophiles among us straight people than homos.Why do you lie it makes us all look bad.

only faggot that looks bad in this thread is you:

>The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study.


ba6427  No.12451674

Anyone got the cap explaining homosexuality/trannys rising up because being a woman is easier?

400916  No.12470274

File: f29a07b0e2b6cc3⋯.png (451.82 KB, 993x1963, 993:1963, homosexuality and feminiza….png)

2bedd0  No.12471206


Now I do believe that gays are linked to homosexuality, but seriously, that graph is fucking wrong. There is no way there are only 2k gays in the entire US in 2017.


>licking the place where shit comes out causes disease and infection

Mind blown

And I hope those "boys" in the 4th image were shot.


>us straight people



They're stepping into the bear trap with that one. Trying to include pedophilia would horrify the centrist White America.

3ae282  No.12471210

File: f973ccb310af6fb⋯.jpg (88.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, HIV-AIDS.jpg)


Best anti-homo campaign ever launched

03bf68  No.12471253

Faggots are despicable, and worse than even the horrible kikes. Kikes are bad chiefly because they create faggots.

3ae282  No.12471254


> worse than even the horrible kikes

I really wish you cuckchanners would sit on the sidelines for a while before posting here

a6e6d4  No.12471277

File: 1079ad5abe860d0⋯.png (97.41 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 46a.png)


>Doesn't know what 'population growth' means

>Calls other people stupid

d9fa73  No.12471297

What do you guys think of lesbians?

c6e6ff  No.12471362


Great to fuck since most of them never had a dick before but yeah they're degenerate i wouldn't let a lesbian around my kids

f3b834  No.12471720

File: 5336cbe18750b6d⋯.mp4 (15.87 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 170 The War On Beauty (Why….mp4)

A medical student a major university in the USA managed to get them to change the curriculum about transsexual children using science, facts and logic and a jewish lawyer against their cultural marxist lysenkoism! We need more like this guy in all the universities around the world. He probably is literally saving children's lives.

f3b834  No.12471741


Keep watching to the end by the way, as he goes off on a tangent in the middle but comes back to finishing the guy's message at the end.

f59f60  No.12472560


t. faggot

ce8845  No.12493028

bump for end of faggotory

e5fd1f  No.12493131

File: 1bc04e277d864ec⋯.jpg (104.27 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1bc04e277d864ec589d6f1f098….jpg)

3476bf  No.12493538


God damn it I forgot to spoiler!

3476bf  No.12493549

File: 1fc5eca38d0858a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1263x896, 1263:896, Self Done Penectomy.png)

File: 5544afc294bb8a3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.12 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, Seriously NSFL.jpg)

File: e3921f1bb7f0e78⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1019.01 KB, 1263x896, 1263:896, Silent auction of testicle….png)

File: 82f4666126a21ae⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1201x11057, 1201:11057, Crystal meth injected into….png)

File: 2c3e687856154b4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 768.97 KB, 787x5498, 787:5498, Like father like son.png)

Someone Saved my screencaps! Yay!

Here you go anon, I've got an entire folder called "Horrors of Tumblr" and its full of this shit.

I also have webms of shit like a man using fags like Jim Henson puppets (Fist-do-rah, lubed with cum) and this one guy sucking his internal intestines in and out of his asshole.

3476bf  No.12493570

File: c9175474f4cc6e5⋯.jpg (26.87 KB, 600x899, 600:899, BeFGBG9CQAAOX6b.jpg)

File: 99ba950b550400f⋯.mp4 (1 MB, 320x180, 16:9, This might just be a breac….mp4)

File: 3fd35cdd5eeabab⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 599x400, 599:400, BrGExhJIMAEUe8Y.jpg)

File: 0aefa294e13f68a⋯.jpg (101.42 KB, 988x1200, 247:300, CGNmUH3UQAIWdZH.jpg)

File: 21b416acf1ecb1c⋯.jpg (49.68 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, CH5J7QBVAAAXYzU.jpg)


>Is that a fucking lethal injection table in the second pic?

It actually is. @damoosepup is the alt-account of @MWHAP, who seems to larp as part of ZOG, and has a lot of very questionable equipment, and does stuff like stick gimps into padded cells with huge vibrators in their ass.

I'm kinda concerned.

3476bf  No.12493578

3476bf  No.12493595


Lesbians are extremely fucking unstable people, they fly off the handle, endlessly psychologically torture each other then at the height of the insanity screw like rabbits. Then they are sated, for a while. But it all starts again. It gets ugly as hell when others are dragged into it. They are the most domestically abusing people on earth next to niggers.

If there were like 500 lesbians trapped in a bunker it'd be a fucking madhouse.

66a2f6  No.12511077


The natural form of population control was removing the beta males from the nest. Homosexuality is a mental disorder.

2c4363  No.12511143


>courage and self-control

Aw shucks, I'm no hero, I just never wanted to be a faggot because it's digusting. I'd like to thank Jesus, my parents…

2c4363  No.12511153


>the fag agends

1. buy Crisco and poppers

2. have the maid clean the place

3. call Ricardo for some GHB

4. groom then eventually dose the neighbour's kid and ream his backside

5. now there are two faggots!

2c4363  No.12511160

File: 6565fbf477423e4⋯.jpg (38.19 KB, 474x474, 1:1, stands for gay not geometr….jpg)


A lot of fags are created because the local geometry club enables it.

2c4363  No.12511168


Stories about him when he got Jordan Peterson-big about how used to be late or just blow off lectures because he was always fucking the fans on tour, usually on the younger side.

2c4363  No.12511180


>Lesbians are extremely fucking unstable people

This is why they are lesbians. Only other narcissists can tolerate them. Ever notice how the "hot" ones always seem to look like each other?

1348df  No.12511209


>Hommocide is a natural form of population control. Anyone who argues otherwise doesn't understand group survival mechanisms.

>Furthermore in group mechanisms, paedophiles would adopt orphans, or help their sisters/brothers raise their children.

It is natural for famillies that already have children to adopt. Children shuold be adopted into families, not into the hands of predators.

668278  No.12511255


Good bread OP. The fight against faggotry is honestly the most important fight worth combating. Fighting niggers and spics is a waste of time. When you denounce the faggot who are denouncing kikery at it's core

e20f59  No.12511322

File: 4d299b1a5342dbb⋯.jpeg (494.14 KB, 804x1072, 3:4, bby-rainbow-vandal.jpeg)

File: 3655caa034b1786⋯.png (262.37 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Misplaced_Pride.png)

File: d4800fde7e30e27⋯.jpg (676.97 KB, 2184x1706, 1092:853, AIDS-gayforums.jpg)

File: 14a1bce75ff57a5⋯.png (79.18 KB, 960x1100, 48:55, Gay_PPL.png)

File: 3647cfbb61e0860⋯.png (134.66 KB, 750x447, 250:149, vegan-cat.png)


gee, I wonder who could be behind this post….


>anime is bad

go back to reddit and don't ever come back.

3f3983  No.12511349

File: 1d3c6388a72073d⋯.png (96.12 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1d3c6388a72073dcecac96989b….png)

File: dcb12e2be39f9b7⋯.png (46.87 KB, 963x908, 963:908, 1478382740255.png)

File: f55d2d25077a4b5⋯.jpg (124.43 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1484457515576.jpg)

File: da3a61533854972⋯.png (250.27 KB, 1008x864, 7:6, 1484457616676.png)

File: e0134c7c871392d⋯.jpg (208.89 KB, 906x1024, 453:512, 1493476281188.jpg)

3f3983  No.12511357

File: a0491b22ee9aa69⋯.png (159.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, a0491b22ee9aa692b86dc30768….png)

File: c36c27eedbae745⋯.jpg (86.83 KB, 906x489, 302:163, c36c27eedbae745e519c47a7ba….jpg)

File: ca42186dd22ac3b⋯.png (143.29 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ca42186dd22ac3bb5e0579ea2a….png)

File: d83531b28436d6a⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2191x3925, 2191:3925, d83531b28436d6a94de9dd1504….png)

File: e21adb42c03695d⋯.png (168.12 KB, 640x400, 8:5, e21adb42c03695d58cb18c906c….png)

Be a good human being and kill your local faggot.

3f3983  No.12511371

File: f38badbd38b90f9⋯.png (78.03 KB, 640x400, 8:5, f38badbd38b90f91ddd4c53420….png)

File: 9d1057f8ac1e48f⋯.jpg (928.8 KB, 3100x1855, 620:371, fags be faggin.jpg)

File: 3ff6f7a5ba264ee⋯.png (120.87 KB, 825x1530, 55:102, 3ff6f7a5ba264ee9158a31c531….png)

File: 6c5f0214f84b6c0⋯.png (411.79 KB, 1628x4222, 814:2111, 6c5f0214f84b6c0efbcc7adc5c….png)

File: f8d85d625cbaa96⋯.png (140.34 KB, 1279x880, 1279:880, 68f915c2856bb5aad8178e997e….png)

3f3983  No.12511386

File: 6851ea917d071c6⋯.jpg (166.75 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 6851ea917d071c6c9f21496609….jpg)

File: c137184c7df17be⋯.png (443.4 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, 1486435038032.png)

d02183  No.12512460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is now a children's cartoon about tranny babies/toddlers!


>Baby Drag Queens learn all things drag voiced by some of your favorite Drag Race Queens including Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Detox, Latrice Royale, and Valentina!

d23b24  No.12512799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d23b24  No.12512802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d02183  No.12513328


Three obvious things about Desmond:

1. He's jewish.

2. He's being sexually abused. (Panda eyes.)

3. He's mentally ill, obviously.

727b2e  No.12514717

This is a really amazing talk on how insidious the gay agenda is by an Orthodox priest at the 2016 World Congress of Families. If anyone has 22 minutes, I highly recommend.


727b2e  No.12514725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sorry, reposting with it embedded

0996fc  No.12515287


Fuck off.

Disease is population control.

White populations were decreasing before fagmania due to stabilizing civilization.

Had we not imported spiritual and racial shit we would have transcended this plane by now.

0996fc  No.12515296


read the fucking chart


this is fucking hilarious


no.. that's the largest increase in the pop (using whatever method that research is using)

1b3375  No.12515316

I've been brainstorming the idea that the obsession with oral sex is a form of soft-homosexuality the porno industry is pushing, after meeting a couple people who've said they'd rather get their dick sucked than have sex.

1b3375  No.12515324


I feel like this correlation is a bit far-fetched though, even though the pattern looks solid. Hard to imagine all we need to stop big gay is Chris Hansen…but I'm happy to be wrong about that.

727b2e  No.12517636

File: 54f8ff8e7f278ad⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 480x882, 80:147, laughing frieza.jpg)


>among us straight people

120c3b  No.12517663

File: bb7cb05d603f831⋯.jpg (552.12 KB, 1488x1776, 31:37, Picture 002.jpg)

Before the kikes completely took over the medical, psychiatric, fields. The press, and pretty much everything else.

3476bf  No.12521216

File: 9a199e1d5d4e203⋯.png (491.06 KB, 604x1525, 604:1525, Fags are not fucking norma….png)

File: 7838c76dd3e6edb⋯.png (489.38 KB, 590x1680, 59:168, faggot forgets to scrub.png)

These are confessions from faggots about embarrassing moments.

23f43f  No.12521240


Is that DSM-1, or another book?

86deb7  No.12547962


Jesus fucking Christ, 9/10? bifags are gonna get us killed

5bd6d1  No.12547976

File: d21d21def24673c⋯.jpg (101.31 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 9b9626823133e034771a05de5b….jpg)

So /pol/, how do I stop being bisexual?

4e3581  No.12555014

File: 0660a393f8c93c5⋯.mp4 (15.04 MB, 576x360, 8:5, Owen-Benjamin-sodomites-17….mp4)

084ea4  No.12555029


Stop sucking dick. Stop buggering assholes. Stop watching porn.

084ea4  No.12555033




>2. He's being sexually abused. (Panda eyes.)

There is a suction created when buggering an immature male that pulls the eyes inward and causes raccoon eyes.

000000  No.12555318


And that ties right back into Pizzagate, there are quite a few panda references in the Pizzagate 'dig'.

A tid-bit: James Alefantis is co-publisher of "Panda Head" magazine.

8c7de6  No.12564853



>Lesbians are extremely fucking unstable people, they fly off the handle, endlessly psychologically torture each other then at the height of the insanity screw like rabbits. Then they are sated, for a while. But it all starts again. It gets ugly as hell when others are dragged into it. They are the most domestically abusing people on earth next to niggers.

So that explains why Andrew Dobson lusts for them.

d1873f  No.12573605


Lesbians are okay, unironically. Women being together doesn't make them less feminine, not in and of itself.

281428  No.12573694

No thanks. Staying 7

281428  No.12573736


When you were MKUltra to assassinate the curremt POTUS by CIAniggers, and they keep trying to make momey off you by hamding over the trigger word, until the POTUS finds out and shuts them down.


Nope, thats Jews, again.

9ac009  No.12574905


> there are more pedos in 90% of the population than the other 10%

Well color me surprised.

< what are proportions

b95138  No.12577909


>Nope, thats Jews, again.

Can anyone explain why jews are massively over represented in the the alphabetti spaghetti brigade? Is their own propaganda backfiring a lot?

01b797  No.12595229

Dykes are such great parents.



9fa58f  No.12595534

if you visit ironwatch ur redirected to rationalwiki



9fa58f  No.12595551


Literally not an argument. Other people people blow their heads off, should everybody do that? Maybe you should.

bc88bc  No.12595552


That's just women in general.

418be1  No.12598019


Fagcels gets the chipper.


Put them with their own and they will annhilate each other?

627259  No.12615541

File: 169795346b4de9a⋯.png (45.78 KB, 1436x612, 359:153, the hardest turd.png)

This must have happened in San Fransciso. What could he possibly have thought would happen?

d26214  No.12615620

File: 42e98070d6561c1⋯.jpg (31.02 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>muh masons

There may well have been malevolent actors in Masonry BEFORE the lid god blown off of it. But what force for evil with an IQ over 90 is going to hang around something that radioactive? Modern masonry is little more than a drinking club for old deists.

d26214  No.12615621


got blown*

6066be  No.12618045

File: 48def599e8cac85⋯.png (3.02 MB, 3100x1855, 620:371, ClipboardImage.png)

0e1d59  No.12618603

Got any info on deprogramming people who have been indoctrinated into homofaggotry? My Niece has been convinced she is a lesbian (clearly isn't) but is surrounded by people who reinforce this delusion and they operate like a cult shunning anyone who tries to break it. Have any anons had any luck with this because her girlfriend is basically her handler totally controlling and administering her life.

000000  No.12621333


d9d812  No.12621881


Is she bi-polar by any chance? If so get her the right treatment for that and it should help. Also what's her relationship with her parents like? Are her parents divorced? Does she not see her dad much? If so then either try to convince her dad to have a better relationship with her or have another relative be a good male role model for her. Maybe you can yourself? (Or is she smoking hot so you feel awkward as you've got a huge crush on her? If you have then maybe telling her that might help too? Lol!)

f30f65  No.12621958


How old is she? If she's a teen she'll most likely grow out of it if she can get a way from the Faggot community for awhile. If she's mid 20's or older it will take corrective rape by a ChadNatSoc to reset her.

c84a9f  No.12622151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You call that shitposting?

a6f2cf  No.12622383

File: 5322bab01b6ab89⋯.png (373.69 KB, 648x702, 12:13, f15f2c1f31f775189ef592ca49….png)

81e117  No.12622740

>men make up 50% of the population, but commit 98.9% of violent rapes

>therefore we should kill all men

am i doing it rite guise?

c8a1a7  No.12622893

File: 830edba8f79e1a9⋯.jpg (85.26 KB, 960x951, 320:317, c397abdbf0d891c49e3af697d9….jpg)

184e99  No.12622899


This is how mentally defective queers actually are. This is what they think an actual argument is.

613ff3  No.12623323

File: 0fe70bb3da594fb⋯.png (433.07 KB, 754x444, 377:222, Nerofaggot.png)

>In 186 B.C., therefore, we have the first clear instance in recorded history of a clandestine conspiracy engaged in a revolt against civilization by using sex to entice adolescents into a life of depravity and crime — evidently for the sheer pleasure of dragging human beings down to the moral nihilism in which the conspirators find a strange satisfaction. And homosexuality was a major part of a phenomenon that was to be repeated over and over again in the subsequent history of Western civilization.

>In 186 B.C., intelligent Romans had to face a truth that few Americans are willing to face today: perverts are formidable, not because they practice a disgusting vice among themselves, but because they are driven by a demonic urge to corrupt and defile all mankind, to propagate not only perversion but every form of crime. From 186 B.C. to 1966 A.D. the evidence constantly indicates that for many degenerates the physical pleasure that they derive from their perversion is quite secondary to the pleasure they derive from ensnaring and degrading children and adolescents who would otherwise become decent men and women.

>As everyone knows, a common English term for sodomists is bugger, which is derived from the French bougre, which in turn comes from a slurred pronunciation of Bulgar. The reference is to a sect of heretics, more properly called Bogomils, who held Manichaean doctrines, a few of which, such as denial of the divine birth of Christ and insistence on social and racial equality, are now held by leaders of the National Council of Churches.


This is just fantastic stuff and I'm only half-finished with this (short) piece.

613ff3  No.12623337



>Among the Greeks, the extraordinarily gifted people who were the real creators of our civilization, homosexuality appears to have been an alien corruption. It was unknown in the Homeric epics, although in later times perverts, who are incapable of understanding masculine friendship and always seek any pretext to justify themselves, tried to read homosexual implications into the comradeship of Achilles and Patroclus. The aetiological myths all suggest a foreign origin: one states that the vice was invented by Laius in Thebes (where there was a preGreek Semitic element), and another claims that it originated in Crete (where the Mycenean Greeks ruled a native population of undetermined ethnic origin) — and we know that centuries later, as Aristotle (Pol., II, 10, 9 = 1271a) remarked with astonishment, on that island homosexuality was permitted by law, perhaps as a means of avoiding overpopulation.

>At Athens, homosexuality appears to have been rare before the demoralizing Peloponnesian War, and certainly did not receive any kind of general sanction until long thereafter. It was forbidden by one of Solon’s laws, which was still enforced as late as 346 B.C., when one of the most prominent Athenian politicians, Timarchus, was prosecuted under that law and was probably convicted, although one account says that he committed suicide before the jury brought in its verdict. Plato has himself been suspected, not without reason, of homosexuality, but it is noteworthy that when he elaborated a model constitution for a citystate, he absolutely forbade (Leg., VIII, 8 = 841d) sexual relations between males.

>At Sparta, where, we are told, paederasty flourished early, it was forbidden, under the same penalty as incest, by a law attributed to Lycurgus that was still in force in the time of Xenophon (De rep. Lac., 2, 13). It would be tedious to make the rounds of the other Greek states, or to try to determine at what time and under what influences the old legislation and the attitudes that seem to have been natively Greek were made obsolete by toleration and corruption. We may all suspect that first the tolerance and finally the vogue of homosexuality had much to do with the decline of the Greek world, but we cannot prove that, for we cannot show what Greek history, turbulent with internecine, and, in the end, suicidal wars, would have been without that factor. [9]

>The Romans, to whom we owe more than to the Greeks, felt Western man’s natural abhorrence of homosexuality. Although degenerates were doubtless born from time to time, the contempt universally felt for perverts probably sufficed to restrain their tendencies, and when it did not, the stern ethos of the nation made short work of them. As late as 125 B.C., when the old paternal authority had been greatly restricted, a Roman of the old school, Q. Fabius Maximus Servilianus, who had held the highest offices in the Roman Republic, peremptorily put his own son to death for homosexuality. Such was the unflinching moral code that made the Romans great. It was only after Rome had become a dominant power in the world by decisively defeating the Carthaginians (202 B.C.), the Macedonians (197), and the Seleucid Empire (188), and had suffered a great influx of aliens, including Orientals, that we see the beginning of moral decay.

>In 186 B.C., just two years after the Roman legions had shattered the power of the richest and most populous empire of the Hellenistic Age, the Roman Senate, by a still extant decree, tried to suppress the Bacchanalian rites of a cult that, originating in Asia Minor, had reached Rome by way of Etruria, and used the traditional “freedom of worship” as a cover for nocturnal orgies of promiscuity and perversion. Investigation disclosed that the alien “religion” was really a secret conspiracy that worked systematically to seduce and corrupt adolescent boys and girls, and practiced, in addition to sexual profligacy, such associated arts as the forging of wills and murder by poison. And, significantly, a majority of the physiologically male members of the Bacchanalian conspiracy were homosexuals, although the cult made available to them a copious supply of young and libidinous women ready and eager for anything. (For a full account, see Livy, XXXIX, 819). All that sounds quite modern, doesn’t it?


>t. professor of Classical philology

responding only so lurkers can refute this paederasty

f3a662  No.12623388

File: 6261fd269ca1098⋯.jpg (156.66 KB, 500x592, 125:148, cred.jpg)


What does Plato have against usury? It's good that businesses have access to capital in the form of loans.

88358c  No.12623418


Love the idea but fags is too strong of a word. How about “stop the agenda” or something lighter for the normies.

2fa5fb  No.12623481

The statistic for gay males being involved with child sexual abuse is very high, first as victims when they were young and then as perverted perpetrators when they are adults.

There is that basic pathology involved in gayness.

fb68ae  No.12623486

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>The Born Gay Hoax by Ryan Sorba


You guys should look into Ryan Sorbas work on the gay gene hoax. He has a two part lecture going all the way from late 18 hundreds to present day, and describing the political changes in strategy of the gay community and where they originated.

0e1d59  No.12623572


>Is she bi-polar by any chance?

not that I'm aware of, but she does seem to buy all the tumblr "i'm weird" bs.

>Also what's her relationship with her parents like? Are her parents divorced? Does she not see her dad much?

They're actually hugely supportive of it because they are immense leftists.

>have another relative be a good male role model for her. Maybe you can yourself?

I think that would have worked early on in the process but now she's hideously fat and depressing.

>Or is she smoking hot so you feel awkward as you've got a huge crush on her? If you have then maybe telling her that might help too? Lol!

She was good looking before this so it was a bit awkward to have a younger related girl being flirty. As she is now though, she's really a cow.


>How old is she? If she's a teen she'll most likely grow out of it if she can get a way from the Faggot community for awhile. If she's mid 20's or older it will take corrective rape by a ChadNatSoc to reset her.

She's 20 I doubt she'll grow out of it now. That's maybe something you folks might worry about reasonably: the ability of these groups to keep people involved or refer them to another faggot group should they move. Makes it very hard to break influence.

000000  No.12623925


"Fun Faggot Fact #4" looked interesting, so I checked the sources.

* The first one is a broken link

* The second one says the opposite of what is claimed


Imagine having your "best anti-homo propaganda" be this weak

4950cf  No.12623963

File: f2760a00a1cb38d⋯.webm (5.83 MB, 854x480, 427:240, haram.webm)

File: 6dc0a340d80d6eb⋯.jpg (97.34 KB, 483x767, 483:767, islam for gays.jpg)

File: f125f754e1834be⋯.jpg (321.2 KB, 540x632, 135:158, fags, children know.jpg)

File: 8146755bbdce1c4⋯.png (51.96 KB, 622x343, 622:343, trump fags.png)

here's a few I have in my memebrary

df44ef  No.12624043

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d9d812  No.12625915

File: 82d9c7d2e6f8ae7⋯.png (586.49 KB, 960x540, 16:9, #PAEDEQUALITY.png)


Push some fake propaganda to repulse the general public. Then again all the transsexualing of children recently somehow hasn't already done it, with most people just apathetically saying "Oh dear…" or even much worse cheering it on.

d9d812  No.12625941

File: f13d3da4876b108⋯.mp4 (7.12 MB, 480x272, 30:17, Davids-Story.mp4)

4046fe  No.12625991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>As everyone knows, a common English term for sodomists is bugger, which is derived from the French bougre, which in turn comes from a slurred pronunciation of Bulgar. The reference is to a sect of heretics, more properly called Bogomils

0426d6  No.12627473


sure sure moishe

0b7919  No.12634039

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b01371  No.12653574

Gay = Pedo

b7da07  No.12669278

File: f7f335d9757f53a⋯.png (371.17 KB, 700x906, 350:453, ClipboardImage.png)

b7da07  No.12673030

File: 0992c09342d3028⋯.png (797.15 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

ba9eef  No.12673106

File: a61aaf9fe9a7691⋯.jpg (384.96 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, img_421657.jpg)


Almost there, anon. You're half-way to the redpill! It's actually sexual pathology. Because the human sex drive is malleable (to allow for evolutionary changes of form) it can be programmed to become aroused at ALMOST anything. Just look at the sheer multitudinous variety of sexual fetishes. Is foot fetish population control? Or is it a mis-programmed sex drive?

6750ec  No.12673113


It's actually been proven that the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal is beside something related to feet, and sometimes the brain doesn't develop quite right and associates feet with genitalia. If anything, it does account for the larger number of foot fetishists compared to others.

6750ec  No.12673115


Also that's flawed image because it doesn't account for self-identifying gays. What about non-gay trans asexuals that have STDs? It's about as flaky as the (((census))) is, because it allows self-reporting

ba9eef  No.12673118


Anon, the human sex-drive can become misaligned. That's my point. Guro and furries are not "nature's population control", and neither are faggots. They are people suffering from sexual pathology.

ba9eef  No.12673127


> What about non-gay trans asexuals that have STDs?

Yes, all 3 of them are very important

ba9eef  No.12673128


because really how many of those are there

f312bb  No.12673137


lol this faggot is trying so hard. get aids and die

f0964b  No.12673151

File: 877f09150c33937⋯.jpg (306.65 KB, 913x913, 1:1, Spot_the_Merchant.jpg)


>There are more pedophiles among us straight people than homos.Why do you lie it makes us all look bad.

Stop you there, faggot kiddie-diddler. Er, I mean "fellow heterosexual pussy smasher."

08e747  No.12673213


I grew up with a gay dad and it fucked me up.

967474  No.12673360

File: c252757b9184445⋯.jpg (69.57 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, skynews-poland-mayor-pawel….jpg)

Good news, everyone. Polish mayor, Paweł Adamowicz, who's a patronage of gay parades in his city, was stabbed to the heart in a charity concert, on live.

2570ad  No.12676516

How would you guys go about implementing policies against homosexuality? Do you actually punish them in prison? Personally, I just think that if a man is caught engaging in sexual activity with another man, then they should be sent to a mental hospital/rehab to be potentially cured or just get them to stop being with men. It could also be a deterrent

000000  No.12676700


>How would you guys go about implementing policies against homosexuality?

By not focusing on sodomy in private homes. Implement instead the following policies:

>no homosexual propaganda in schools

>no homosexuals to be given security clearances

>no homosexuals allowed in the military

>no homosexual marriage

>no homosexual adoption

>forcing a child into homosexuality (like Desmond Napoles' horrible parents do) should be prosecuted as child abuse

>no homosexual pride parades and similar gatherings

>repeal laws against conversion therapy

>monitor "gay bars" and similar venues for public sex acts and enforce public indecency/disorderly conduct and health & hygiene laws and regulations

2500+ years of Abrahamic religions couldn't stamp out faggotry. I think that's an unrealistic goal. We can, however, keep fags out of positions of power, keep them from recruiting children, and ensure that their shameful conduct remains locked behind closed (closet) doors.

bba9b6  No.12676800


This a thousand

bba9b6  No.12676815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

56944f  No.12692213


Fags = pedos confirmed

000000  No.12692266

Ernst Rohm, the openly Gay leader of the SA who put Hitler into power would have taken you Nazi larpers to his Island for some S&M and anal death for serving the Jews so well.

000000  No.12692269

All of this is a Jewish agenda and not supported by a majority of Gays. Same with radical feminism.

c71543  No.12692383


Get a load of this faggot

0d32cd  No.12704780

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You want gay? here is some gay.

0d32cd  No.12704782

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Moar gayness on the way (comment at your own risk)

5261e3  No.12704836

God bless you guys for revealing the truth.

I am absolutely sick of being unpersoned by literal demons for speaking facts.

ce27ab  No.12705563

File: fd1453098412a7e⋯.jpg (5.49 KB, 251x240, 251:240, 1310671390981.jpg)

>thread gets linked on voat

Honestly wonder how triggered they are that they can't down vote disagreeing opinions here and that calling everyone a kike doesn't get them up votes either. Fuck you, retarded cunts at Voat. You're an echo chamber even more retarded than Reddit.

165f5b  No.12705595

File: 7476d041bfe4214⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1287210732822.jpg)



He talks like a fag and his shit is all retarded.

8019e1  No.12705606

File: eb27301b44301dc⋯.png (233.88 KB, 350x432, 175:216, georgiades2.PNG)

File: b02e77a0116a19b⋯.png (352.46 KB, 363x750, 121:250, georgiades3.PNG)

File: 8967671c7f8736e⋯.png (206.35 KB, 338x386, 169:193, georgiades1.PNG)

File: e4b0d1ad7269050⋯.jpg (125.31 KB, 1198x706, 599:353, e4b0d1ad726905067fa0db9822….jpg)




>It was just bumming your mates or mentor for bonding.

False. I don't know why you idiots keep perpetuating these lies. There was nothing sexual between erastes and eromenos, and no, eros didn't apply to sexuality. Moreover, Ancient Greece was one of the most anti-homosexual civilizations. An adult (except teacher) entering the school with kids inside was sentenced to death. Any homosexual intercourse resulted with loss of civil rights in Athens, they couldn't hold any offices there. 10 of 800 vases depicted outright intercourse, but even this wasn't penetrative. Anal intercourse is a modern degeneracy.

fcdcf6  No.12705608


voat is actually pretty based anon

ce27ab  No.12705644

File: 37e8bc531ade511⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 900x646, 450:323, shaggy-frown.jpg)


Does it have red-pilled information that you won't find on other social media platforms? Yes, but it's still a hive-minded shithole with absolutely no chance for any real discourse because you'll just be down voted, called a kike, and your comment is hidden or pushed down unless you're 100% on board with hating Jews and niggers. Even if you DO hate Jews and niggers you'll STILL be down voted for pointing out flaws in anything posted because you'll be seen as challenging the viewpoint.

It's LITERALLY opposite reddit.

cddf4f  No.12705671


Hi Ron.


I see you are not from around here, when shills were getting banned this place had discussions except in Trumpsteins case. Now this place is complete shit.

7ea9ae  No.12729205

we need an anti jannie thread up in here

9453ec  No.12729248


Don't make fake propaganda if you can't convincingly imitate the people you're trying to false flag. Using the phrase "trans boy" in your second panel is a dead giveaway, because the people you're trying to imitate would use "trans girl" there. Go to where these people actually hang out, read the way they write, learn their slang, then you can try to imitate them in ways that make them look bad.

a2c429  No.12729349

File: 26ecf7a20541e47⋯.webm (740.25 KB, 400x288, 25:18, Why are you gay_ Intervie….webm)

753e6b  No.12732063


Most of the general public wouldn't notice. Plus I worded it that way to fit in with the other parts.

b18c05  No.12732094


this is the anti janny thread

cbc9fc  No.12732122


If that's true then why do plagues exist retard

c00685  No.12732180


>There are more pedophiles among us straight people than

how do you do fellow non-fags?

ba039c  No.12732189

Faggots won't let us fuck with farm animals because it hurts the faggot pride to see their own gender defiling themselves when the faggot thinks they deserve better.

Faggots should die because faggots are not free.

a5bdb8  No.12732382


Not really an argument, please elaborate.

ba039c  No.12732591

Why do faggots think they're better than everyone when they've only ever done themselves? That's like saying in special because I know I like fruit juice. Knowing oneself is easy. Faggotry is like mastrubation supremacy.

fcdcf6  No.12735104


Now this is grasping at straws

c1cdff  No.12735167


>homosexuality begets cowardice

If you could prove with hard reliable data that this is the case I would consider that a homerun argument along with the unnatural because it is sterile.

c962c9  No.12748270

File: be384c47b4e9e96⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


25f95c  No.12748278

I wish they would all self.immolate, but they seem too delusional to actually go through with it.

25f95c  No.12748290


No, it can't. I am still attracted to the same exact type of female I was attracted to before I went through a year of getting doxxed and targeted by homosexuals.

652d8b  No.12748328


while running down the street he gets brutally beaten by 2 chads for mistaking him for a homosexual

38bf2f  No.12748337

Not if he wears a belt and pulls his fucking pants up.

f2fe18  No.12748570


I keep getting told I am. How in fuck is this faggot shit determined? I am fucking straight as hell.

f2fe18  No.12748579

I want a damn answer

390a8d  No.12753081


ab905b  No.12753094

File: 0aab3c2eb96ff17⋯.webm (5.22 MB, 853x480, 853:480, The_Gay_Agenda.webm)

File: 654f6d79ef7ef29⋯.jpeg (143.97 KB, 1112x920, 139:115, twofaggots.jpeg)

7b8dcb  No.12753174


Faggot sodomites eat feces and should die or they'll rape your children and force you to call them by titles of nobility like niggers from the hood.


Sorry faggot you pushed too hard too fast now everyone realizes you don't want tolerance you want your enemy to not resist while you rape their children and destroy the countries their grandparents built.

You're dead already homosexuals.

ddead6  No.12755976

File: 0a8001003ee6c76⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 280x358, 140:179, 1535778890786.gif)

c962c9  No.12758972

File: 434aab79eb7ebd1⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1195x2246, 1195:2246, the children know shut it ….png)

055036  No.12758982

File: 138a3ad64417c64⋯.png (261.13 KB, 640x386, 320:193, pYtqKHX.png)

What's the point of putting "fag" on your propaganda if it will just be banned from social media?

c962c9  No.12758988


print it out retard

055036  No.12758994

e9725a  No.12759001


anal cancer? how?

4489c8  No.12759092

File: ab49bc81432c94d⋯.png (113.53 KB, 263x352, 263:352, nice.png)

25e6b5  No.12774224


Looks like Celine Dion has had some work done.

c962c9  No.12789095

someone post the infographic that explains how gender is a lie made up in the 1950s by a pedophile mad scientist

f98859  No.12807577


gender is a spectrum

f84070  No.12812223


And he got fucking shot for it.

c957b0  No.12825109


>gender is a spectrum

Gender is an Amstrad.

ade48e  No.12825168


Funny how other races absolutely hate homosexuals yet the white and asian races seem to tolerate them, and even have embraced them historically. Also interesting how homosexuals on average have a higher IQ score than heterosexuals. This isn't to promote any sort of agenda by the way, just pointing something out. Take from this what you will.

28dc9f  No.12825214


>Funny how other races absolutely hate homosexuals yet the white and asian races seem to tolerate them, and even have embraced them historically. Also interesting how homosexuals on average have a higher IQ score than heterosexuals.

Citation needed.

ade48e  No.12825265



Unfortunately the full pdf is locked due to shills requesting that one should pay money for it



Interestingly, before the Judeo-Christian religion became widespread, Homosexual practices were considered the norm in Ancient Rome. Rather than Homosexuality being seen as a degenerate thing, it was more or less submission being seen as degenerate.

21afa9  No.12825287

File: eb75fd1f792555d⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 455x536, 455:536, fagschristmas.jpg)


This thread is awesome. While I don't think faggotry should be outright illegal, I think if you are some kind of pervert you should keep that shit to yourself.

28dc9f  No.12825303


And yet sodomites are objectively dysgenic: Disease, infertility of the act itself and its fundamental inconsistency with the logos of our species.



Were sodomites a symptom of decay or a cause of it?

17ca1f  No.12825347


>should not be illegal

t.cuckservative on zognald koolaid.

15b577  No.12826197


>Also interesting how homosexuals on average have a higher IQ score than heterosexuals.

I think you'll find those are the narcissists who out themselves and take part in those sorts of studies whereas dumb fags keep to themselves more.

470c74  No.12826203


Reported. Kill yourself immediately, queer.

419e19  No.12826709

>>Also interesting how homosexuals on average have a higher IQ score than heterosexuals.

Were they smart, they'd know better than to be faggots.

Or maybe it is because (((certain people))) are dramatically over-represented in the mentally-ill faggot community.

afd4a5  No.12855413

gays ase baste

3cba63  No.12855556


>Or maybe it is because (((certain people))) are dramatically over-represented in the mentally-ill faggot community.

It's like their plans are backfiring a bit.

c6eac8  No.12859182

File: 73ddb64305e94b7⋯.png (751.31 KB, 898x605, 898:605, faggot kiiller.PNG)

Fags are lower than niggers.

>Fresh OC btw tell me what you think

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