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File: 2bfca976208d628⋯.png (353.91 KB, 555x313, 555:313, Untitled.png)

5aec15  No.12311785


Suspicious Device Removed From Time Warner Center; Other Packages Found Near Clinton, Obama Homes



NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Time Warner building at Columbus Circle was evacuated Wednesday morning after a suspicious device was found.

Other suspicious packages with possible explosive devices were found near the Clinton family home in Westchester County and near the Obama home in Washington, D.C., authorities said.

The Time Warner building houses the New York offices of CNN. The fire alarm could be heard going off while CNN was on the air and its staff evacuated.

CNN continued to broadcast during the evacuation, which took place at around 10 a.m.

The device at Time Warner Center was found in the building’s mailroom and was addressed to “John Brennan c/o CNN,” referring to the former CIA director who had his security clearance removed after criticism of President Donald Trump.

"Chilling": Watch the moment alarms went off while CNN anchors were reporting on suspicious devices — indicating the newsroom had to evacuate, due to a suspicious device. https://t.co/9o4ogw6dS4 pic.twitter.com/8epMVgapsX


f2d615  No.12311794

Hmm I wonder if this could be a… false flag?

5aec15  No.12311803

File: 96f93bdbeece08a⋯.jpeg (109.3 KB, 1242x746, 621:373, bb-5bd09d93eda49.jpeg)

File: 6a1914f31a8a715⋯.jpeg (52.99 KB, 750x487, 750:487, bb-5bd09de1d65e2.jpeg)

More pics, should SIEGE readers wait until after midterms to send people bombs?

e040e0  No.12311804

The boxes will just end up being empty or be a box of junk, guarantee it.

f0c2a7  No.12311821


People would be dead if it were a false flag, plus they would use a gun, not a bomb, bombs are already illegal.

Shits fucking annoying literally anything happens and immediately the thread is filled with retards screaming hoax and false flag. Things actually happen outside of mummies basement retards.

a9a9f2  No.12311824

File: 6fc6baca7505657⋯.png (347.07 KB, 572x417, 572:417, samirhajid.png)

File: b701a554d53479b⋯.png (37.3 KB, 572x305, 572:305, returntosender.png)

Return address on a couple of packages

5aec15  No.12311825


but this happened in New York, and in NYC guns are illegal too.

f0c2a7  No.12311844


Whoever did it unironically hit all of the targets that are on the top of the list, if anything we should be congratulating whoever did this, not the best timing, but hey E for effort.

5aec15  No.12311846

-John brennan was sent a bomb

-Police investigating suspicious packages at the ‘WeWork’ building in San Diego, where the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper is located; evacuations underway

-Police robot moves in after suspicious package found at the office of Wasserman-Schultz in Sunrise, Fla. - WPEC

-Suspicious package sent to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; Secret Service investigating - NBC



I think it's a little too convenient that everybody ad a bomb sent to them and not 1 went off, and not 1 single target was hit, in danger or at the least maimed

f0c2a7  No.12311849


You know that you can still terrorize people with fake bombs, right?

252bd6  No.12311852

Are they Anita sarkesian-ing themselves?

Their absolute state holy fail.

1cd326  No.12311868

File: 0e8a83c3c3b99d9⋯.jpeg (237.09 KB, 1080x830, 108:83, 08F5B4CF-9732-4EBE-93AF-2….jpeg)

>>muh fahlse flaagg

Shut the fuck up, faggots. FBICIADEAATF niggers only kill schoolchildren, babies, and pregnant women in false flag attacks. They don’t send pipe bombs to supranational Jew overlords, ex heads of state, peadophile kabbalist congressional representatives, or cum guzzling journalists. This knee-jerk reaction I see all over /pol/ on EVERY SINGLE HAPPENING THREAD is the most small brain, herd mentality, mental dogshit that it almost has to be the work of JIDF, CtR fuckos.

We should be hailing this man as Uncle Ted 2.0 Neon Genesis as he is clearly /OURGUY/

134d3a  No.12311871

I've seen nothing in my life to suggest mail bombs ever work. With that said they all deserve worse and its a shame the kind of retarded madman that sent these wasn't successful against these criminals that the state won't bring to justice. A for effort, I guess.

252bd6  No.12311880


What is their angle?

These people are advanced in victimhood, staged self victimizing is consistent theory.

f0c2a7  No.12311888


Uncle Ted got his Manifesto published and millions of people have read it. That is a pretty big accomplishment.

5aec15  No.12311899


I know, but I don't think traitors should be scared, they should be shot.


people are already claiming "#fakebombhoax"


Not true, the mi6 killed joe cox and the cia killed jfk, killing kids is just the new M.O.


kazynsckys first two bombs worked I think

f0c2a7  No.12311900


>What is their angle?

Gas the kikes race war now.

6ad0f7  No.12311906


nice filename

f2d615  No.12311911


You’re a fucking tard

134d3a  No.12311912


This. If anything it just reminds people that "oh yeah you can actually try to fight these monsters." Its not really smart if they are trying to make there own demons this way. Odds are someone tried to do what frankly America should have collectively done ages ago and burn these bastards.

677278  No.12311915



8281e3  No.12311927


Don't worry, it will get even better when they derail it with pearl clutching and well poisoning disinfo.


This, pfags fuck off.

ebe065  No.12311930



a852f0  No.12311931


How the fuck do they already have evidence pictures?

What kind of postal genius can have packages with bombs in them delivered to a huge number of people in desperate locations all on the same day at roughly the same time so that they all hit the news cycle at the same time?

f0c2a7  No.12311933


Suckstart a shotgun faggot. Go get nigger aids. obvious (((first post))) claiming its a false flag with zero evidence on a developing story.

5c24ca  No.12311938

File: 4ecbc0943a9364d⋯.png (42.6 KB, 940x300, 47:15, 1535762197032.png)


Not a single one went off, it was reddit not /ourguy/

5aec15  No.12311942


breddy much


What I am surprised of is that with so many fucking guns, high powered scoped rifles, why bombs?

5aec15  No.12311954

>>12311931 see >>12311934

f0c2a7  No.12311972


>why bombs?

Because they're cheap, effective if built correctly, and impersonal, if you cover your tracks properly bombs are extremely effective and anonymous killers. Ted got away with it for many many years and they only caught him by his hand writing in his manifesto.

4a258e  No.12311981


>detonator wires at opposite ends of pipe bomb

Ask me how I know this is a fake.



How about it was their cabal thinking of a new way to garner sympathy.

134d3a  No.12311989


Preventitive technology has advanced quite a bit since and probably because of Ted. The reign of the mad bomber is a thing of the past as far as I can tell.

455bdc  No.12312001

File: c32a028bdfa50b1⋯.png (40.96 KB, 580x353, 580:353, c32.png)


It's a controlled op, fake and gay.

b77bfb  No.12312016


whats the point of a visible timer?

134d3a  No.12312017


I imagine on paper it is easier to have a chance of taking outbmore than one untouchable supercriminal this way than doing it personally.

d8fa69  No.12312020

File: 1fb735019384fcb⋯.gif (626.07 KB, 450x270, 5:3, fake.gif)

File: 024de24df90006b⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FAF0998.jpg)

File: 711dfac13881061⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 512x280, 64:35, fake-everywhere.jpg)

1cd326  No.12312021




Sympathy? These people don’t need fucking sympathy they represent the absolute zenith of power and dominance in society. Tell me why the fuck George Soros would ever want sympathy from the unwashed dancing crap of humanity when he literally LORDS OVER more purchasing power than most countries. If you can compel me to believe the HYPERDOMINANT ELITE actually need our SYMPATHY maybe there would be some credibility to your hypothesis.

502aea  No.12312022


Whoever made it watched too much hollywood garbage. Plus they only went for style, not actual use. This all seems like it was hastily thrown together as a means to disrupt the midterms.

1cd326  No.12312024



JIDF pls go

61a121  No.12312025

File: 2fec78aa4090cac⋯.jpg (532.43 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20181024-100435….jpg)

maybe people are calling false flag because… I dont know, everyone could see this coming from a mile away… pic related

026e9e  No.12312028

remember that Trump named Soros on twitter recently. this fake & gay op can't be a a coincidence.

61a121  No.12312030


that was a post in faceberg from Oct. 20th.

9ee2e5  No.12312031

I wish I lived in the alternate universe where these were actual bombs that actually detonated and actually eliminated the most active threats to the well being of my country.

5aec15  No.12312032

File: 9eb107626302f13⋯.png (58.9 KB, 618x431, 618:431, Untitled.png)



Makes sense, but at least you kill one and instill real fear into the others. Whatever follows is repression from the state which is what a would-be assassin would want, the powers that be treating everyone as suspect and a criminal, like how police treat everyone like niggers


Makes the bomb scarier, makes it look more "bomb-like"? it's a false flag


>The reign of the mad bomber is a thing of the past as far as I can tell.

Not if you throw grenades from a motorcycle or something

252bd6  No.12312042


You have privileged journalists crying out in pain as they strike before their handlers were targets.

Sociopathy seeks to get advantages from perceived weakness.

eff9a7  No.12312049


similar thing happened to soros. Something tells me this is a psyop to try and garner sympathy for these people. I'm not buying into it, and neither of you assholes should either, unless you want to fuck up our political gains so far. Seriously, don't try and be a LARPer commando.

615276  No.12312053

No one is actually believing any of this? Right? Can't wait for the media to run a 24/7 story until election day about how the racist nazis tried to bomb all these peaceful democrats. Give me a break.

eff9a7  No.12312058


>so they can attack… q…

Q anon was a LARP, only retards and boomers still buy into it.

4037a9  No.12312063


I'm suspicious that all these "white powder" envelopes that get sent are just table sugar or salt.

134d3a  No.12312066


> N-nobody would ever do the world a favor and risk their neck to stop people causing society's problems

lol okay Agent FUD. Even if they were that is a pretty stupid way of doing it. "Oh yeah lets remind the populace that nobody is fighting the real monsters." As another anon said, false flags always target defenseless people, not people who actually fucking deserve it for the simple reason they don't want the conversation "I mean, who cares?" to happen.

If they are trying to leverage anything, it isn't the general public. I'll only be suspicious if they use this to try to push shit like a new version of the TSA or something. Otherwise this was probably the work of a rightly pissed off individual doing the job the feds should be doing.

0b0d7a  No.12312069


no one would do it 2 weeks before an election, you colossal fucking retard

9347a1  No.12312070

File: d97e04c4fb60f32⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 602x602, 1:1, 25443347511kjj4.jpg)

98c22c  No.12312071


61a121  No.12312073


although I saw that too… the source being q, didn't change the outcome of what is currently in the "news" cycle

98c22c  No.12312075


nobody got hurt, that's the dead giveaway that this is fake

plus the note, oh the fucking (((note))), worse than the "death to america, death to israel" note they (((found))) post-9/11

000000  No.12312083


At this rate the Dems that don't get one will feel left out.

Bernie will get a birb.

1cd326  No.12312084

File: d2538a4ca0cd92f⋯.jpeg (815.1 KB, 1125x1583, 1125:1583, 225F600E-C201-433C-9B2A-5….jpeg)



Salient. If this were a false flag why would they target fucking WeWork? An organization that is so disconnected from the relationships between the other targets is anything but evidence of a false flag.

To the doubters:

What’s the likelihood some analyst in the basement of Langley or giga-wealthy global autocrat cabal knows enough about the people and systems hated by the right (whatever that is) to bomb fucking WeWork?

The overt direct-action we’re Witnessing today is 100% certified organic, boyos.

f53c19  No.12312093

File: 6af0d16f2e9ce19⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 2500x1406, 1250:703, IMAG1080_small.jpg)

False flag in the works lads.

Will there be blood spilled before the midterms?

8281e3  No.12312095


>pepe kekistan


Disinfo shill confirmed, just as predicted.


df4fef  No.12312102


any1 who says this is fact, is an idiot or a shill

1cd326  No.12312113

File: 97ba483bc141074⋯.png (442.54 KB, 720x599, 720:599, 29E844A9-8898-4A83-9A72-3F….png)



703e2c  No.12312126


I can't even fathom being this retarded. Can you not see what their motivation might be?

6c4ef5  No.12312127


The angle is hype up "muh Alt-Right violence" before the midterm elections because the attacks against Kavanaugh failed and the caravan might not be successful. This is (((their))) new October surprise.

69b0b5  No.12312130

Pretty easy for a single operative to do this to benefit the dems. I could see it as a sort of hail mary before the mid-terms. Gives the media an excuse to try and shame trump voters and also excuse their own hysteria. Distract from the disappointment of the Russia conspiracy. New buzzword: right-wing terrorism. The Las Vegas shooting, the worst shooting in the history of the country was likely someone wanting to kill Trump voters, why else would you buy guns right after Trump was elected and shoot up a country music show.

Anyways, the mechanics of doing this bomb game to sway votes and create a narrative would be easy and not involve many people being in the know. They would send threats to the security of all the places bombs are sent, so they are fully prepared. Then you just send dangerous yet unable to trigger bombs, perhaps people could make fun of how the idiot supposed Trump supporter couldn't make the trigger correctly. Have the bombs be disposed of safely by professionals so it'll make great news footage.

6769fd  No.12312134



>Claims its from 20th.

>Screenshot is from 24th.

>faceberg time says 27mins ago.



You're time frames don't add up. Fuck off with this halfchan effort.

The state of /pol/ these days.

57cb6c  No.12312136


GTFO, CtR, Shareblue cock-fucker. You type like a goddamn Mong.

ee0e64  No.12312138

File: 65897f6eed94ae8⋯.jpg (20.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DqShbA9WoAACVHF.jpg)

File: 155c43cfc4daf29⋯.jpg (202.33 KB, 1200x1077, 400:359, DqSiL1rV4AA9qKe.jpg)

File: 0dcdd4428eb36da⋯.jpg (176.55 KB, 2016x980, 72:35, DqSZrPdX0AAOck1.jpg)



26f4d2  No.12312143


Did the people who mailed powder to Rand, Cruise,and the Pentagon have some powder left over?

553d3b  No.12312144

File: f3dee7de51816cc⋯.jpg (123.83 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, uncleT.jpg)


6c4ef5  No.12312150


I should add the person found to be responsible will likely be a Ted Kaczynski archetype so as the to remind the boomer Democrats of the unabomber. Accept now instead of being an anarchic-primitivist he will be Alt-Right.


Look how their is too much postage, Ted did the same thing.



57cb6c  No.12312153


Ausipicious digits

26f4d2  No.12312155



Ohboy oh boy,clock boy is on the loose again.

7d2768  No.12312159


Alex Jones warned us about this. He said the reason he was getting banned was because there was going to be a false flag.

Mossad October Surprise, like pottery.

617db5  No.12312160

uh oh the leftist bombers are at it again

252bd6  No.12312161


This perp is smol brain. The coordination is high IQ, but to bomb it on the denotation?

1f17be  No.12312163



That is why you never mail anything. You gotta find the main gas line and go for that if you don't want the device to be found.

d8fa69  No.12312168

File: 17ef0e434128b88⋯.jpg (534.42 KB, 1126x1478, 563:739, cw.jpg)


>As another anon said, false flags always target defenseless people

No, they only hurt defenseless people. When the targets are (((players))) they never get hurt.


7d2768  No.12312170


checked & kekked.

< gee, this package isn't suspicious at all


c8e2fd  No.12312172


This is great. Gives trump more credibility and allows for easier deportations of muslims.

7d2768  No.12312176

This definitely wasn't a white guy, but it's an October surprise, and so it can't be traced in time to do anything other than serve Mossad-Soros-DNC-CIA-NSA white genocide goals.

f53c19  No.12312180

Watching CNN right now. They're already pushing it as Trump and Trump supporter's fault. False flag is pretty much confirmed since none of the fully functional bombs actually detonated.

7d2768  No.12312181

Remember the Austin bomber? That guy wasn't especially talented, for a white guy, but he was way more talented than this guy.

69b0b5  No.12312183


It's so easy to tell since the narrative comes out to unified and strong.

32be42  No.12312184


If it was a white guy the shit would have worked. This is clockboy 2.0

7d2768  No.12312187


Yep. Alex Jones was right. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha literally an Apple-Amazon terrorist event. Big tech literally colluded with Mossad to engage in terrorism. Amazing.

1f17be  No.12312191


Anybody and their mom can find an address. It takes a few more iq points to use tax records to find a blueprint I guess.

7d2768  No.12312193


Indeed, but it's also an October surprise. That means there's just nowhere near enough fucking time to find the perp, so it will be blamed on Republicans.

Alex Jones was right. They banned him because they planned a false flag.

They didn't ban other right-wing leaders who have said "worse" things. The reason? Only Alex Jones has the balls to stand up to false flags.

252bd6  No.12312194


Austin kid was no slouch, he evaded security footage.

8281e3  No.12312199


> Alex Jones

God bless our based ecelebs, amirite my fellow pede?

f5bceb  No.12312203

File: 34626563e01eff6⋯.png (414.52 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1408527748419.png)



Its clearly a false flag dumbass kike. Probably by a rabbi spray painting swatztikas on his temple.

You really think someone is going to create this many bombs all at once during early voting for the midterms? We already know the faggots targeted have sealed indictments to worry about.

(((Someone))) did it, but it is obviously to their benefit, not the benefit of /pol/.

7d2768  No.12312205


Good point. He had pretty wimpy devices, though.

And, yes, NSA retards, I'm not a fucking terrorist, so stop being a weirdo, Jesus HC.

f81a8e  No.12312212

Do the job right or don't do it at all.

8281e3  No.12312213


>Look how based and fashy I am my fellow pedes do you like my narrative yet?

9df11c  No.12312216

Money is on false flag leftists, antifa.

7d2768  No.12312217


Alex Jones was the only voice that's popular that would point out something could be a false flag.

Nobody else has the balls to do it. None of them.

He was right. Apple and Amazon, and Spotify, and the rest, they're literally in on a terrorist false flag. Amazing.

They're chicom traitors, like Alex Jones said.

7d2768  No.12312220


kekked I'm already shit listed.

8dbce6  No.12312221



/pol/ is a board of peace.

eBaum's world did this.

7d2768  No.12312222

get for Hitler

69b0b5  No.12312225


based, fuck this false flag shit

4037a9  No.12312227

File: 38220d2619a6208⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 213x255, 71:85, dubs_assad.jpg)

>>12312222 (quads)

f5bceb  No.12312234


Not the same anon, but he's right, you're fuckin retarded.

ed5728  No.12312236

File: 102ccc99fe2aa7c⋯.jpeg (53.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, A571607A-B65D-411D-836C-8….jpeg)

e575c8  No.12312237

File: 222cdf0c04a8749⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 53b2e2ae4d02469ebae78b97d5….jpg)

>Alex Jones predicted this

I take back everything I said about you.

except your being a closet degenerate, that still stands

f53c19  No.12312239

File: 1b29b19d4f210f8⋯.gif (438.34 KB, 414x532, 207:266, 1483981345432.gif)





Wew more damage control has arrived I see.

8a1235  No.12312246

So someone is smart enough to make a bomb, but they are not smart enough to distribute it after the midterms? They choose all leftists. This cancels out all the "bullets not ballots, both parties are getting the rope" people who are trying to spread light on "voting is useless." They would have put a letter saying so.

This leaves the most likely explanation. Polls are artificially inflated, and someone wants sympathy, or a distraction from the kavanaugh fury.

45b599  No.12312249

Real /pol/acks don't use pvc.

7d2768  No.12312250

File: 2bf009a56bdd43a⋯.mp4 (1.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chinese national anthem.mp4)

File: 051c934367d06b6⋯.png (8.47 KB, 588x90, 98:15, rage.png)


I'd like you to assess the ideas expressed in this video and comment on them.

7d2768  No.12312253


I 100% guarantee you it will be a chinese motherfucker.

24318a  No.12312255

It's obviously a false flag, and anybody denying that is a confirmed matrilineal kosher pickle.

3d393d  No.12312256

File: ab07e9dc22d4dfd⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 324x250, 162:125, consequences.jpg)

As the great Sayim Al-Hayid once prophecized.

ced03f  No.12312258

File: 68c653e0b5b871d⋯.jpg (414.58 KB, 574x800, 287:400, dwadwaf.jpg)


D00dzzz this was totes real111|!!! The evil TERRORIST used his SUPREME MIND and calculated the EXACT time it would arrive at destination!!! Listen and believe goyim!

Literally as real as an episode of fucking mcgyver lol these jews are fucking pathetic.

8dbce6  No.12312259


The oddest thing is that they used the US postal system in an age where every tiny envelope is inspected to the nth degree, guaranteeing the packages would get intercepted and not arrive at their addressed locations.

f5bceb  No.12312262



Critically think. "Cui bono"

Or to whom benefits for you profane fags

b9c3c2  No.12312273


USPS is the preferred choice to ship drugs

f5bceb  No.12312281


She also cant keep getting away with it?

65ae92  No.12312282

>republicans get boost from so called "Kavanaugh effect"

>outrage over left winger behavior

>this causes the GOP to run on the motto "Jobs not Mobs"

>the predicted blue wave very much in doubt

>then this happens less than two weeks before midterms

Suspicious to say the least.

f53c19  No.12312284


What are you talking about? This was a democrat false flag aimed to further vilify Trump and trump supporters while crying victim right before the midterms. If the republicans have any balls they would call them on their hypocrisy but I don't think that will happen.

7d2768  No.12312285

File: 16fa7b75bbb0917⋯.png (259.29 KB, 760x610, 76:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh well. We knew there would be an October surprise. There always is. And Alex Jones predicted this, he said that's why they were taking away his accounts. he's the only one with the balls to question this.


65ae92  No.12312287

File: 941699a94b1b548⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 494x482, 247:241, 1540245191723.jpg)

Think this may lead to retaliation by left wingers?

7d2768  No.12312291


They'd better fucking hurry up!!!!

8a1235  No.12312292

Look at the names.





Eric Holder


You can yell at me, I am ready. What if Q is right? What if this has nothing to do with the midterms, but to create a narrative that the government tried to assassinate them. Something along those lines. Maybe something to help them get sanctuary in another country.

8a1235  No.12312296


What if Q is right and they are getting indicted, not that he predicted this other than the boom boom shit.

719e03  No.12312300


If the gov wanted to kill them they would be dead

7d2768  No.12312304


Alex Jones predicted this, not Q.

57cb6c  No.12312305


Imagine being alive in 1987 and unironically telling people the Unabomber was a False Flag operation.


7d2768  No.12312310

45b599  No.12312311


All jewnstein did was repeat the same shit everyone else has been saying. He didn't predict anything either.

66832b  No.12312313

File: 098bae08d8bb86b⋯.png (275.56 KB, 747x384, 249:128, cool.cock.ahmed.png)

f5bceb  No.12312314


They didnt explode dummkopf. They wouldnt have approved the tactic otherwise kike.

8a1235  No.12312316


I mean, them false flagging themselves because they know what's in the pipeline after the elections, and this somehow changes something.

It's not dem senators in contentious spots, it's all people not running. the kingpins.

57cb6c  No.12312317



stay assmad faggot

3a1dc5  No.12312323

File: e56aba4d5f73f1e⋯.jpg (393.72 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181024-135800….jpg)

He's fast!

7d2768  No.12312324


Sure he did. He concluded that the reason for his mass banning was an impending false flag.

Like pottery.

b19cd2  No.12312325


what's up with that filename?


again, look at this filename…. what the fuck

7d2768  No.12312326


< not knowing how to link to external boards


for you yellow kike

7d2768  No.12312327


Mossad literally did it :^)

df4fef  No.12312328

7d2768  No.12312329

"by art of deception we shall do warfare"

57cb6c  No.12312332


OOH OOH look he made a mistake

looooooool drink bleach

45b599  No.12312334


Go suck jewstein's cock on leddit, moshe. No one gives a fuck about the cocksucker here.

f53c19  No.12312335

File: 0243004ca6b29c6⋯.jpg (57.4 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, b08163b57076d446a2fcd1ec53….jpg)





Hi shills.


iphones use uids as filenames. He's an applefag.

d8fa69  No.12312336





What good would exploding these dipshits do anyway? Kang Nigger can't even draw a bigger crowd in Vegas than a Blue Man cover band, Holder is the same worthless nigger he always was, and Hilldawg is as powerless as a lump of dogshit. This is so fake even the chinese won't try to sell it.

677278  No.12312337


57cb6c  No.12312339

Leftism is a disease.

7f20f7  No.12312341

They really love these orchestrated (((bomb scares))) around election season. I think my favorite was the hobo trashcan one.

7d2768  No.12312342


Quick check. Do you support the extermination of all ethnic Han (Chinese people)?

45b599  No.12312347

If jewns paid for his own servers instead of shills on /pol/, he might still be making shekels.

fe6e6d  No.12312348

File: 6244eb87928d565⋯.png (86.38 KB, 240x245, 48:49, 9af67d74df018907720a08e804….png)



e58712  No.12312349

File: a80448a10789eaf⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 500x279, 500:279, tumblr_ooih211pKT1w72xrco1….gif)

Fly some bombs. Hang the curtains. drop the facade. let the ball roll. No more of these mind games. take to fists or get the fuck off my planet

45b599  No.12312350


Everyone was getting bored of castor beans, kek.

7d2768  No.12312351


You can rename files on ios, but most faggots don't know how.

127c16  No.12312352

LOL false flag 100%

imagine u win and then u bomb the person that lost power lmao that makes no sense

477af2  No.12312356


It's called posting from an iPhone. Which is pretty stupid, but not as stupid as getting so worked up about the least important and most easily changed part of a file. If anyone was trying to track files or whatever, they'd use the file's hash, not it's name. Especially since 8chan automatically calculates the sha256 sum and makes that the default name, so anyone malicious wouldn't even have to calculate the hash themselves.

f5bceb  No.12312359


>Dat special Eris sect service (you)

Fuckin saved anon lol

45b599  No.12312361


It's clearly a crazy like yidvol2 not content with the rate of fires being started.

that's the line they'll use to defend it

677278  No.12312365

They have successfully changed the news cycle from coverage of invasion force on the way to US border.

57cb6c  No.12312367

File: 82c0e1996095774⋯.jpeg (25.6 KB, 253x255, 253:255, DAFAD039-BBA2-4C56-9DAB-1….jpeg)


how about actually contributing to the thread, friend?

8a1235  No.12312370

File: 95ef25ca9afe52c⋯.jpeg (54.38 KB, 1420x946, 710:473, youcan't.jpeg)


Literally what's in Soros and Progressive elites head.

>you can't arrest us for doing bad things if you tried to bomb us first.

fe6e6d  No.12312381


this is just like the holocaust all over again

now please vote the way I want

917847  No.12312382

>Totally not a false flag goy! You fucking /pol/tards and your false flags.

>Vegas, 9/11, Iraq WMDs, (((ISIS))), Assad gassing the last hospitals and bakeries in Aleppo, Raqqa, Daraa & Idlib that's all fucking legit goyim. Listen and believe.

aaeb2c  No.12312384

4chan posting is down

677278  No.12312386

File: ef2578520c51107⋯.jpg (153.46 KB, 705x381, 235:127, 117214.jpg)



8dbce6  No.12312388

I just noticed …

>Expect frequent attacks during the next two weeks as we approach the US midterm elections.

Codemonkey predicted this!

8a1235  No.12312390


>What good would exploding these dipshits do anyway?

No, Clinton, Holder, and Obama, false flagging themselves in preparation to change the narrative if they are going to jail or some revelation comes out.


Actually this. Possible terrorists in the caravan and who is funding to holy shit someone tried to bomb the guy that's funding the caravan. poor dude

45b599  No.12312391

File: 62620551f5ea74c⋯.gif (270.43 KB, 480x270, 16:9, tenor[1].gif)

3a1dc5  No.12312392

File: 88eb88f40ff8ddb⋯.jpg (967.42 KB, 1367x1366, 1367:1366, 4chan.jpg)


Oh fuck

8dbce6  No.12312393


Add Rep. Maxine Waters to the list.

45b599  No.12312395


>stating the obvious is a prediction now

You don't deserve those digits.

8dbce6  No.12312398


It's called "a joke", friend. Lighten up a little.

f53c19  No.12312399


>forced meme

>doesn't even use a capital latter

Keep posting shill. I'm here all day.

65ae92  No.12312400


No it isn't.

45b599  No.12312401


So when does Sanders, Warren, Schumer, and Feinstein make the list?

8dbce6  No.12312404


Not sure, but keep watching the news. They just announced "suspicious package" sent to Waters.

45b599  No.12312405


Not your friend, woman.

fe6e6d  No.12312406

580d24  No.12312407

File: 0a054c2863ded34⋯.jpg (187.77 KB, 750x549, 250:183, yard_sign_product_1.jpg)

This is great news. This is the only thing the circumcised globalists and their pedo politicians understand unfortunately. Trump was hired to handle things peacefully but all he did is prove beyond reasonable doubt that he has no power. Keeping his promises to Israel first is just fuckin disgraceful. He should be ashamed. I hope there are plenty of copy cats.

f81a8e  No.12312409


>It's not dem senators in contentious spots, it's all people not running. the kingpins.

They're not trying to get a few people elected though, they're trying to get hundreds of wins across the entire country to ensure they have the house because that alone is enough to block anything they want and the house is more vulnerable as there's a lot more democrats than republicans up for reelection in the senate. Given that its much more effective to go after the people with the most name recognition because some representatives that's not even running for your district and who you've never heard of before isn't going to stick in your mind for long. Just like even most republicans who follow the news closely don't remember the names of the people on that congressional baseball team that some Bernie fan shot at.

8dbce6  No.12312410


Not a woman, buddy.

ff4d84  No.12312413

File: 9eb6ea5fcf1bf7c⋯.png (10.31 KB, 282x265, 282:265, larry.png)

Why the fuck would you send a simple 24 hour clock bomb in the mail that would take muliple days to arrive at the destination?

1. What time do you set the bomb to blow up? USPS doesn't guarantee delivery time/date, even when the supposedly do.

2. Does the clock have day/date functionality? If not, this is bullshit, it would have gone off in the first 24 hours. Any autists recognize the clock?

3. Is this normal to have the wires attach to opposite ends of pipe bomb? I'd imagine pipe bombs require a spark, that requires the two wires to be probably attached to the same end to provide ignition.

This whole thing is a bullshit LARP false-flag. Extra WTF points for ISIS flag.

fe6e6d  No.12312414


how much do you get paid?

45b599  No.12312416


They weren't mailed, they were put in directly. There is no postmark.

65ae92  No.12312417


>Extra WTF points for ISIS flag.

Could be misdirection.

127c16  No.12312421

File: 6397f0cbd3cc5a0⋯.jpg (186.8 KB, 1223x523, 1223:523, Serial_Bomber_Ted_Kaczynsk….jpg)

this is what a real mail bomb looks like. it doesnt look like a pipe bomb that doesnt explode when the package is opened lmao do they think we are 80iq niggers

580d24  No.12312422


Not enough. Not as much as you since I'm not into the circumcised dick.

ff4d84  No.12312424


No postmark because that's a "non-machinable" package. Too lumpy to go through the machine. Two of them were returned to sender (to DWS) so some DID go through the mail.

f53c19  No.12312425

Melania is talking live about opioid epidemic right now. Trump is talking next.

45b599  No.12312428


Even if they can't run though the machine they are stamped. postaljews want to make sure you have to pay for postage each time mail hits their hands.

ff4d84  No.12312429


Misdirecting to what? ISIS? Isis knows how to make a fucking bomb, this is some bullshit larpy false-flag that didn't want to get anyone hurt.

7e11fd  No.12312432


this fag suspects staged event to move narrative from "caravan", reframe story to sympathy for dims. transparent as hell

45b599  No.12312433

Further, mail that is undeliverable because there is not enough postage ALSO gets canceled. postaljews make sure you have to buy it all over again.

580d24  No.12312434


The fact that it could get democrats sympathy right before an election is very suspicious. The story that our law enforcement agencies are possibly competent is even more suspicious.

ff4d84  No.12312435


>thinks gov't workers always do their job.

Anon, I…

cb6a09  No.12312436

I’m more inclined to believe this is a false flag to drum up democrat turnout and blow my air into the “evil violent right wing fascist” maymay.

None of the devices even exploded. Not sold.

f53c19  No.12312437


Trump talking right now.

bc3481  No.12312438

Until one blows up, this is fake.

Their chess move is to stir fear and irrationality in hopes they can garner votes.

Remeber right as Jews were beginning to lose their grip on counries before ww1: countries like usa nd russia began internalized growth thanks to intercontinental railways, bypassing the Jewish hegemony on sea trading. What did Jews do? They flipped the chess board over, by starting a bunch of rumors and anarchis bombings.

They start losing a grip now, what do they do? The same. Send in burrito niggers and stage false bombs to CNN so they can broadcast the fear in the anchor's face when the alarm in the building goes off.

Fear manipulation and rumors is all they have. It's all make-believe.

45b599  No.12312439


Filtered, nigger.

7db212  No.12312441

File: e2714c35b2c34ec⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 913x30, 913:30, Capture.JPG)

45b599  No.12312443


>yid states obvious after other anons said the same

65ae92  No.12312445


>Misdirecting to what?

The perpetrator, obviously. I'm saying that whoever sent these bombs may have tried to frame ISIS.

7e11fd  No.12312446

not buying this. trump says it right, violence no good. too bad it all got started by the likes of Maxine waters, Eric holder and those clowns from Kavanaugh== NOW they scream? shoe on the other foot. can't help feeling righteous those folks now get what they have been giving.

66dd1d  No.12312450


I don't recall Maxine Waters sending mail bombs to anyone about Kavanaugh. Violence in response to words is unacceptable.

677278  No.12312453


I think this too. If it was genuine there would have been blood. The fact that there has not been one detonation and everybody that receives a bomb is practically a traitor. No one will be hurt in todays 'reality TV segment'.

To those saying this might be a type of cover or planted excuse to escape justice, maybe. There is no limit to the depths of political degeneracy that the dims will go to to hold on to power. We know that.

I'm glad that this has been pretty obvious and transparent to see through. Nothing but fake hollywood produced news, weaponized reality T.V. fed to masses. Full blown brainwashing in effect.

7e11fd  No.12312454


braindead - promoting violence will result in violence. Duh

fe6e6d  No.12312455


>i-it's not a false flag, goyim

get the fuck out, kike

3a1dc5  No.12312458


Tell that to every protestor who's been on the left the last 2 years.

ff4b72  No.12312460

File: 615482e8a5f6935⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 350x498, 175:249, 00hitlerY1.jpg)

File: fb16e42b4da8052⋯.png (167.08 KB, 585x578, 585:578, 062216ab3d9c918fb99c9da413….png)

ff4d84  No.12312462


Why frame someone if your bombs aren't functional?

45b599  No.12312466


That's why we made it illegal to call for violence in speeches like that cunt did. Somehow she is exempt from that though.

3a1dc5  No.12312468

File: 9139b00d9ebdc16⋯.jpg (267.63 KB, 1844x647, 1844:647, Announcement.jpg)



4037a9  No.12312470


>Violence in response to words is unacceptable.

According to the left, words = violence

45b599  No.12312472


And filtered.

85129f  No.12312473


>clinton obama soros cnn

>weeks before elections catastrophic for leftists

Please tell me how on Earth this is not staged?

76909c  No.12312474


It would be fun to see if the GOP wins the midterms and all of these (the protests, trying to censor people on social networks, the caravan and the fake bombs) don't give the dems the boost they crave so much.


Your kind is not welcomed here, please go back to lick that raisin nigger cunt.

bb2ab0  No.12312476


According to >>12312446 words = violence.

f81a8e  No.12312477


Could be an attempt to make it more believable to those who know that false flags actually do occur(which is a pretty large chunk of the population at this point)

>see they even tried to make it look like ISIS so it wouldn't harm the republicans

99c382  No.12312480

File: 82e566c42a9e978⋯.png (628.71 KB, 800x680, 20:17, soros-not.png)

8dbce6  No.12312483

File: 8de843486489997⋯.png (756.79 KB, 1198x1200, 599:600, 8de.png)

530781  No.12312486

File: 46f895a6b53b3c1⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMAG3380.jpg)


Don't forget that only three weeks ago some leftist faggot mailed actual ricin to the White House. A real guy and a real weapon and a real arrest. Throw that in every dumb nigger's face when they try to blame everyone on the right for this obvious false flag.

fe6e6d  No.12312487



e5e52d  No.12312488


Right wingers aren't known for making the first punch, they're known for delivering a final blow. However, it doesn't make sense that these would occur after a right-wing surge in midterms. Either it's a false flag or a complete retard.

7e11fd  No.12312489


go get your glasses Rx updated. I said - calling for violence results in violence. if you can't read, go fuck yourself

3a1dc5  No.12312493

File: bca544a481e0c22⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 922x692, 461:346, welp.jpg)



That really hurt my feelings, anon.

filter check

ff4d84  No.12312494


Yeah, that's the only explanation I could come up with. No republican would try to frame it on isis. Fuck, if republicans did this, the bomb would have gone off, and no one would have seen the sticker.

7e11fd  No.12312497


finally - an adult in the room

45b599  No.12312498



Perhaps, both.

580d24  No.12312502

There's another thread about Soros kvetching in the NYT already.


Flag flag confirmed. Good job scaring everybody to vote for Democrats for their own good, CIA.

Americans will surely roll up their sleeves and vote Dem to show those terrorists they are not scared. Stupid and getting stupider/darker, but the part of the world that hasn't been saved by the USA already knows the system is fubar anyway so it doesn't matter how much time they spend waiting in line to show those CIA "terrorists" what's what.

35b493  No.12312503

File: dd846e5e0807ea2⋯.png (199.49 KB, 301x399, 43:57, identifying pigs.png)

7e11fd  No.12312504


thankyou bro

76909c  No.12312505


I remember how (((the media))) barely talked about it

d5870f  No.12312510


kikes did it to themselves

706381  No.12312511

>hand delivering a bomb that doesn't have 4 wheels and a licence plate

fake as fuck

530781  No.12312513


Yep, that's our job, get the word out. Looks like he just had a hearing too which may be why this specific false flag is happening right now.


134d3a  No.12312523


>Similar thing happened to soros. Something tells me this is a psyop to try and garner sympathy for these people. I'm not buying into it,

That or these people are actually hated and there are people out there with the stones to try what should be done even if they don't have the brains to do it.

> and neither of you assholes should either, unless you want to fuck up our political gains so far.

Muh optics. What would the world think if someone actually did something to these poor defenseless murderers and manipulators?

> Seriously, don't try and be a LARPer commando.

Gave yourself away there, damage control faggot. I wouldn't worry. I doubt we are in best timeline where this sparks an effort to end the reign of terror of these motherfuckers.

456950  No.12312524

Okay, from the position of a False Flag nothing of this makes any sense.

1) why weren't the "bombs" send to the democratic nominees like Beta O'Male and Nutcase Ocasio-Cortez and instead providing limelight to (((them))), including Soros, Schultz and Holder?

2) taking this into account, why would you want these people to get attention? It doesn't help (((your))) cause.

3) why was there an ISIS pic on the bomb?

What if this isn't a FF, but rather a third party who hates the illuminati?

fe6e6d  No.12312528


lmao at this shareblue kike

df89e9  No.12312529

File: 0aa11091dbf97a8⋯.jpeg (275.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BDE27681-4DCE-4BFF-8770-3….jpeg)


Except it’s current year my man. Can’t hand deliver pipe bombs in an urban area or in the suburb with more ZOG/Illuminati members per square mile than anywhere on earth and not expect to get caught on a dozen or more surveillance cameras around the delivery point. Surprised the culprit(s) haven’t been caught, unless they aren’t supposed to be caught.

e4193c  No.12312530


So all the lemmings will believe it's a real bomb just like from their "24" or "CSI" tv shows.

fe6e6d  No.12312535


stop hopping IPs, kike

ce1151  No.12312536




>read the article

>none of this happened

make a thread with a truthful headline or don't do it at all, you worthless nigger


134d3a  No.12312538


You seem pretty scared of the idea of leftist elites paying forntheir crimes. I wonder (((why.)))

e5e52d  No.12312540


Nah, the left has been acting on violence starting from Berkley. Antifa explicitly stated that they act on violence to kick their opposition out of the public sphere. This wouldn't be a major issue if you didn't kick them from private outlets too.

Not asking for pity, but you need to have the common sense to realize that most people would want to end your life after you've ended theirs through collective firing and ostracization. Their anger is the product of your sadistic, irrational, and vindictive personality.


You can be easily ID'd with a vehicle and license plate. Never be a bomber.


You're either a fed or a retard, I'll choose the former.

2a3217  No.12312541


Eh. Call me when one actually causes damage. Nothing but propaganda and distractions. Just getting silly stupid now a days.

2a3217  No.12312543


Hahahaa! Good one.

e69415  No.12312545


Two wires and rocks taped together ?

The state of media.

>Ban assault stones !

>No bump rocks !

456950  No.12312546


let's take this a bit further:

4) why distract from the caravan drama? I thought that was the Democrat agenda?

5) what are the dems trying to achieve? fear mongering? Well… all reps already denounced this and put up their middle fingers, no one promoted it, so what's there to gain what you can't gain with the caravan shitshow?



stop derailing and let the adults talk and go back to Tumblr where you belong.

994a4e  No.12312549


1) Bombs were sent to people that are thought of as "Trump's enemies."

1a) Obama is obvious.

1b) Clinton, Holder, and Waters all called for incivility

1c) Brennan has been a fierce critic, and lost his security clearance for it

1d) CNN is obvious, "fake news"

1e) DWS is a central figure in the Seth Rich coverup

1f) Soros funds everything, another obvious one

2) Again, because these people are thought of as targeted by Trump.

3) To further push the idea that it's a false flag; only a Trump supporter would try to bomb major DNC figures and try to pin the blame on ISIS would be the theory, there.

The fact that #MAGABomber started trending on Twitter IMMEDIATELY after this is the last piece of this being a false flag. ShareBlue bots push hashtags for Dems, thus, the narrative is set two weeks before the midterms: Trump and the Republicans are cultivating violence and need to be stopped.

134d3a  No.12312550

File: bbf8cbac14eceac⋯.jpeg (12.19 KB, 201x250, 201:250, download (8).jpeg)


>You're either a fed or a retard, I'll choose the former.

t. Agent FUD, worried about his bestie Hilldawg

fe6e6d  No.12312552


>why distract from the caravan drama? I thought that was the Democrat agenda?

I really hope you're just pretending to be retarded and this isn't the best the shills have to offer

f81a8e  No.12312553


>That or these people are actually hated and there are people out there with the stones to try what should be done even if they don't have the brains to do it.

If that's the case they do more harm than good by attempting a task that they're far too incompetent to pull off.

952436  No.12312556

File: 1881620a4b06b29⋯.png (161.29 KB, 1440x772, 360:193, xcfs092277gdh.png)

File: 2285825f99e84c3⋯.jpg (227.54 KB, 714x954, 119:159, zxxvb09opdg444.jpg)

File: a8c176541e173f1⋯.jpg (271.63 KB, 930x986, 465:493, xzzvds0988v753.jpg)

Everyone just calm the fuck down. Cuomo is not only safe, but it turns out, it was just a False Fl …False Alarm. Just remember that Cuomo is still relevant, as are all other j00z and Israeli's on US soil

>Currently checking Twitter feverishly to enusre all of the j00z are safe

>pic related is just an update to let everyone know the j00z were already alright before

7e11fd  No.12312559


only problem is dims and independents will sympathy vote - NO, it's all about creating a boogieman so dims can come to the rescue and save this pathetic election.

134d3a  No.12312561


Probably, but either way this illustrates a failing of our system that it falls on the hands of inept vigilantes rather than the people whose job it is to protect the public from criminals and subversives.

Again, I give them an A for effort. It needs done, but it won't be done by a lone gunman.

ff4b72  No.12312564

File: 49713ceb3a30816⋯.jpg (129.57 KB, 374x467, 374:467, f78d016ef3c89afa.jpg)


>The fact that #MAGABomber started trending on Twitter IMMEDIATELY after this

Fucking kikes are more retarded and obvious than I thought. Only absolute retards and faggots will believe this shit. The rest are going to be suspicious as fuck about it all and it will most likely increase their trust in Trump.

fe6e6d  No.12312567


you can go back now >>>/leftypol/

5c9f32  No.12312569


This is my concern- that this time they were smart enough to realize everyone would know it was a false flag, so they actually have some alt right faggot patsy.

456950  No.12312570


Well, ye, you, me and everyone else on /pol/ or T_D or the QAnon fags or whatever know that but for the normie populus at large that's not so obvious. Not that many people know about George Soros compared to Beta O'Male and OCrazio-Cortez. Besides, aren't the midterms their show?

3) now this sounds odd, but imagine the following; what if ISIS lost their support from the illuminati after invading Iraq, so this is their revenge on them?

Not to say of course that retarded shit started trending on Twatter immediately isn't suspicious, but knowing the Twitter team and idiots like (((Krassenstein))) their life is 24/7 Twatter so that they pounce on anything Trump does, says or farts isn't odd.

9f4e7d  No.12312572


>it will most likely increase their trust in Trump

Maybe that is the idea.

fe6e6d  No.12312573


>he thinks what trends on twatter is genuine and user driven


ced03f  No.12312574

File: 2111907537ac20b⋯.jpg (205.47 KB, 768x1061, 768:1061, 2111907537ac20bece4fef52da….jpg)

Lmao when you already know the Jews will somehow try to pin the blame Orange Man and evil straight white males for this.

5c9f32  No.12312576


Yeah, but they're not trying to convince aware people. They've been saying for months the election will be decided by normies (independents). This is just the narrative they need, especially since black folks have been more pro GOP lately, and they targeted Obama.

134d3a  No.12312577


> /leftypol/ wants leftist anti-American subversives to pay for their crimes.

> implying

You aren't fooling anyone.

76909c  No.12312578



>why weren't the "bombs" send to the democratic nominees like Beta O'Male and Nutcase Ocasio-Cortez

They are irrelevant clowns even inside the dem party

>taking this into account, why would you want these people to get attention? It doesn't help (((your))) cause.

Because muh victim complex

>why was there an ISIS pic on the bomb?

Plausible deniability. Either ISIS can be blamed or say it was a Trump supporter who tried to blame ISIS

>why distract from the caravan drama? I thought that was the Democrat agenda?

Because unlike the eurocucks, people could see through this scam and they are not reconsidering their votes just because they saw pictures of "honduran children" crying

>what are the dems trying to achieve?

Portray themselves as victims and the "good guys". Only Trump and the GOP are the fearmongers and the violent ones. When the dems do it, it is "Nonviolent civil disobedience"

26f4d2  No.12312579


>the fact that #MAGABomber started trending on Twitter IMMEDIATELY

All you need to know.

9df11c  No.12312587


If twitter wasn't so locked down for leftist faggots I'd say trend #ANTIFABOMBER but you know they'd put a stop to it quickly.

76909c  No.12312591


Those idiots really think that's going to hurt Trump's cause, when in fact it's going to have the opposite effect thanks to memes and copypasta.

fe6e6d  No.12312594


>leftists don't like to play victims

just gtfo

76909c  No.12312603


If the perpetrator is caught, don't expect (((The media))) reporting on it. They will be busy trying to find another thing to smear him.

134d3a  No.12312607


>>what are the dems trying to achieve?

>Portray themselves as victims and the "good guys". Only Trump and the GOP are the fearmongers and the violent ones. When the dems do it, it is "Nonviolent civil disobedience"

If true they are really desperate, because it opens up a political dialogue of the virtues of bombing politicians. Not really smart.

456950  No.12312608


Right. And then he's the hero... soo... back to >>12312578

WHY would this help the dems again?


>Portray themselves as victims and the "good guys". Only Trump and the GOP are the fearmongers and the violent ones. When the dems do it, it is "Nonviolent civil disobedience"

Eric Holder and George Soros too? Don't these two want to remain in the shadows? Sure, Even inside their own parties certain democrat nominees are jokes, but wouldn't it make more sense to target swing state democrats and get them some cry cry time on CNN?

134d3a  No.12312611


Leftists like to play victims. Leftists don't like to be victims.

fe6e6d  No.12312613


you are the worst shill in recent memory

I hope you don't get paid for this

952436  No.12312614


if this was a ploy to take attention away from the caravan, or to increase Democratic voter turnout; it is an absolute failure

>meanwhile, another caravan from Guatemala is approaching Mexico's southern border


ff4b72  No.12312616

File: badb7eab7302f16⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1392x1649, 1392:1649, ClipboardImage (1).png)


The fuck are you on about faggot?


Fuck "aware" people not even normalfaggots trust the kike media enough for this to work. Fucking twatter and tumblr don't count, those retards will believe anything against Trump.

But mediakikes in general and CNN in particular are less trusted than ever by what once use to be their audience.

Apart from dying boomers and faggots mining for anti-blumpf no one watches CNN.

Are the kikes truly so blind to their own waning? Do they really think they have the media power to convince the general public?

456950  No.12312621


that's not what I said anon, I said: why not send other folk to play the victim? Are (((they))) just too retarded? I mean, if I'm a normie american and I get to vote in two weeks, I think I would care more about my own nominated folk to vote for than some random old billionaire i've never heard about.

bca455  No.12312623

File: f0e5e26f3810669⋯.jpg (92.98 KB, 468x480, 39:40, Sacrificed legs for Israel.jpg)

Bombs suck. I feel so sorry for Hillary. lol.

134d3a  No.12312626


> leftist elites desrve retribution for what they've done


Tell me how does Hilldawg's cunt taste, damage control NPC.

If false flag it wasn't smart. If not false flag its a shame it didn't work because that would be a few less domestic enemies America has to worry about. That is the long and short of it.

995f9f  No.12312629

File: 9be8250b1c4fbfd⋯.jpg (148.88 KB, 1174x1034, 587:517, trump_pardons_ted_kaczynsk….jpg)

File: d7238ce1781b157⋯.png (164.77 KB, 733x469, 733:469, ted_kaczynski_will_never_s….png)

File: da6fc2db88d85ca⋯.png (176.34 KB, 969x607, 969:607, ted_kaczynski_moment_he_sn….png)

File: 4ca45dfa1181b1e⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 461x648, 461:648, ted_kaczynski_tarot_card.jpg)

9df11c  No.12312631

File: d59492013222794⋯.jpg (88.96 KB, 960x540, 16:9, snuke.jpg)


fe6e6d  No.12312632


>If false flag it wasn't smart

you're not very smart then

76909c  No.12312636


They aren't smart. They believe on the commie mantra of "all forms of struggle" (aka cognitive dissonance). It means they can be the aggressors and the victims at the same time, because their goals justify their actions.

952436  No.12312638


>Are the kikes truly so blind to their own waning?

The Normans are now using jewTube as a platform to RP other Normans on the Zionist-factor.

>>>At the expense of repeating a tired maxim, there is an inner rift between Zio-Kikes/neoKikes/RINO-Kikes and diaspora lefty Kikes

>please please please may some level 10 Autist create a mimetic that turns the wedge between them into a chasm for the sake of the planet

e5e52d  No.12312639


Low IQ brainlet detected.

f743b3  No.12312643


>not knowing what's a false flag


0b0d7a  No.12312644

File: f4d3ef111cbdfbc⋯.png (12.32 KB, 587x113, 587:113, shutitdown.png)

wrap it up you stupid goy conspiracy theorist

fe6e6d  No.12312645


the official (((gatekeeper))) has spoken

65ae92  No.12312646

File: 667429f14f897ad⋯.png (848.73 KB, 1671x1098, 557:366, 1518117186290.png)


Well that settles things.

897665  No.12312648

76909c  No.12312649


>And then he's the hero

Do you think they are going to concede that? They didn't concede when Trump was able to accelerate the denuclearization of North Korea, do you think it's going to be different this time?

>WHY would this help the dems again?

They only try to appease their clique (they really think they are numerous) and they are fond to think they have the cake (attack Trump's sympathizers with violence) and eat it (claim they are the victims of Trump's fascist persecution) too.

f2442a  No.12312651



Settles that it's 100% a false flag.

134d3a  No.12312654


Pic related for you.


That is a good point, and if true the only thing anyone needs to do is not give them a shred of sympathy and it blows up in their faces, pun not intended.

575892  No.12312655

Lestists using #MAGAbomber on Twitter – WITH NO EVIDENCE —

134d3a  No.12312657

File: de7796d753c8762⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 720x533, 720:533, BQqowsu.jpg)


Forgot pic.

f743b3  No.12312658

File: eeaa6cc5738d218⋯.png (106.1 KB, 485x367, 485:367, hitler dubs.PNG)


Someone should tweet back:

"If you didn't think this was a FALSE FLAG, you're an NPC."

Then write it in Spanish so they can't corner us with nazi leftist maymays

57cb6c  No.12312659


Oink Oink motherfucker

fe6e6d  No.12312660


>the only thing anyone needs to do is not give them a shred of sympathy

you're not the one they are trying to gain sympathy from with stunts like this, retard

76909c  No.12312663


>the only thing anyone needs to do is not give them a shred of sympathy

The only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their stinking holes

456950  No.12312664


>They only try to appease their clique (they really think they are numerous)

If that's the case (which is quite likely) the red tsunami is certain.

I will entertain the idea that this is a third party operation though for now.

76909c  No.12312670


It's the tumblr mindset after all. They really think (((Silicon Valley)), (((Hollywood)), (((The Media))) and the (((Liberal Elite))) is representative of all Americans. That's why they need immigrants, in order to enslave them with welfare and secure votes.

f81a8e  No.12312677


Yeah, pack it up, it was ISIS after all.

8a1235  No.12312681


> Violence in response to words is unacceptable.

Good bait.

Otherwise here's specifics.

2017 Republican Congressman Baseball shooting

"Get in their face" Maxine

Rioters storm Flake during Kavanaugh

"We kick them" Eric Holder

Sarah Sanders refused patronage

Ted Cruz Kicked out of restaurant

338f97  No.12312682


How does it feel to have the IQ of a lightbulb nigger?

9df11c  No.12312692

>Actual left wing terrorism happening

>Media ignores it constantly

>Actual ricin gets sent around


>Left starting to lose all over, public growing sick of their tactics

>Suddenly bombs that probably don't even work get dropped off at all their prominent scumbags


Yeah okay.

eadd5a  No.12312694

Every irrelevant name possible had something "sent" to them. The fact that CNN was part of this makes this shitshow too obvious.

134d3a  No.12312699


I beg to differ. During #Gamergay socjus used #Herassmints and muh deaf frets to make optics fags recoil in horror and go on the defensive, which was actually very effective. Same tactic, different faggots. Don't be a beta optics fag.

26f4d2  No.12312701


Isn't "transfer" genocide by UN definition?

a8b90a  No.12312709

File: 64235e1e05eae7d⋯.png (45.23 KB, 841x357, 841:357, Transfer.PNG)


Just looked and here's what I found.

338f97  No.12312711

File: 1f608fe53379265⋯.png (96.17 KB, 588x702, 98:117, 921b200f787b2a1c03c7b2d69d….png)


Whoa there, don't you know they can't do no wrong. Only whites can.

57cb6c  No.12312713

File: 862000c45bf92ba⋯.png (47.25 KB, 500x408, 125:102, 60B101F1-2430-427F-88A5-87….png)


And Lo, the basement dwelling goons cry false flag, unable to conceive of having the initiative to actually accomplish something noteworthy. What an impotent accusation.

What we should be talking about is whether a group or lone individual is responsible for today’s happening.

fe6e6d  No.12312714


literally half of these are happening in western countries right now without a word from the UN

134d3a  No.12312718


Ignoring the part where the Clintons and Holder have a body count, if you don't think propaganda mills are valid targets, you've never cracked a any history book that talks about warfare.

fe6e6d  No.12312720


>oy vey just take responsibility for what you obviously did, goyim

fuck off, kike

4cd6dc  No.12312721


I don't subscribe to the whole "everything that happens is a false flag" mentality that many people on 8chan do. However, even I think this is a false flag.

Here is the reason why.

1. The type of bomb seems to be designed to elicit fear rather than kill. It is almost Hollywood-like in design. Replete with a countdown timer and two dangerous looking wires.

2. The timing. Literally days before the midterm elections is just too convenient for the democrats to be coincidental. They know that they will not get their little blue tsunami on their own so they need to manufacture events that will elicit sympathy. Hence this "right wing conspiracy"

On the flip side

Many people say that the target selection is proof that this is fake. Hillary and Soros are not actually all that important in the grand scheme of things. And Obama is a fucking anachronism.

However, I have learned from cold, hard experience that most people are pants on head retarded. So I don't believe that poor target selection (attacking irrelevant targets) is a sign of a false flag in and of itself.

There are a few other reasons but these are the big ones for me.

bf8fb2  No.12312722


This is a clear cut case of “hey rabbi whatcha doin’”. So obvious I’m actually surprised the various news casters and the (((financiers))) were fucking retarded enough to go through with it.

For one we have the start with soros. Then we have similar with everything else. Also suspiciously case and point to paint the perfect image for the left of a right wing angry man. The next that makes this so obvious is either the bomber is another fucking retard that needs to go into pre-school because out of how many “suspicious packages” and ALL of them were COINCIDENTALLY DUDS? Next pointing to how obvious this is a midterm sway operation because they have nothing and could be trying to cover for future voter fraud and across state bussing is just how much they immediately jumped on this and immediately went on shoving and pushing the narrative of “its angry white man, orange man Dolan durimpgjbd responsible” is so fucking in your face obvious. Jesus fucking Christ, of all things to be so fucking sloppy about.

76909c  No.12312723

b2f884  No.12312724

File: 6d513e3da2b2137⋯.jpg (173.71 KB, 2000x971, 2000:971, kBkyEQ0.jpg)

File: 9686cde6995da0f⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1502108915584.jpg)

>it doesn't even have a trigger mechanism

lmao why the fuck are we even debating if this is a false flag or not, it clearly is, there was no intention to make these devices go off, bombs don't work like that


11900d  No.12312728


Could it be.. the ultimate false flag october surprise?

fe6e6d  No.12312729


you can apparently post things now with half the contents left hanging outside the packaging

e5e52d  No.12312730



You're retarded if you don't realize that this is entirely about leftists reporting every package as an Donald Trump explosive shortly before midterms. As time passes by, it's revealed that some of the items weren't explosives.

The left previously lied about Kavanaugh, what makes you think that they wouldn't lie again?

11900d  No.12312737


We get it. You're mad it's more transparent than a plastic zip-lock bag.

fb4847  No.12312741

File: 3267d00dd9b260e⋯.jpg (69.98 KB, 1000x866, 500:433, gib milkers.jpg)

26f4d2  No.12312746

File: f2871fecc0cfe52⋯.png (652.65 KB, 946x1926, 473:963, israel-firster is not a di….png)




Well I fixed it up. I have a new slogan. " "Israel-Firster" is not a dirty term."

f81a8e  No.12312748


>accomplish something noteworthy.

noone died

fb4847  No.12312749


Accomplish something noteworty? Like what, an OP that reeks of shitty diapers?

677278  No.12312753



It is a set up, Not 1 bomb went off. It's all lies.

0b0d7a  No.12312758


sending fake bombs to the opposition party 2 weeks before they are about to lose an election is nothing worthy of anything beyond mockery

f81a8e  No.12312759


I'm in an argument with a friend who's position is that this doesn't matter because most homemade explosives don't work to begin with because the people making them are mentally unhinged retards.

677278  No.12312762

If at least one of them would have been at least injured maybe they would have gotten the sympathy votes they wanted.

952436  No.12312763

File: 8c818966de125f8⋯.jpg (501.78 KB, 1048x960, 131:120, ZZZCXV999777.jpg)

File: 1439dc92e8ea2ea⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 416x399, 416:399, Wilfred Michael Stark III.jpg)


Kaczynski was one of the first people (in the era of slumber) that tried to warn us of the NPC-phenom. Was he supposed to wait for the gaming community to catch up?

134d3a  No.12312765


Your friend isn't wrong.

fe6e6d  No.12312768


you need to get better friends

7a0abd  No.12312771


More fake than Bernie's refunds.

09a1a4  No.12312775

File: 487b2a8b8252805⋯.webm (2.17 MB, 608x256, 19:8, BikeMessenger.webm)


There are still delivery services in big cities that hand deliver important documents and packages, they are called Bike Messengers. Remember Puck from The Real World? Video related, I made it just for you. From the movie "The Losers" in case anyone is curious.

f81a8e  No.12312778


Nah, he's a good man.

fe6e6d  No.12312780


>(((Hollywood))) movie said so it must be true

0172f5  No.12312781


Shut up kike shill

f82723  No.12312782

File: ef3ffdeabbf59a6⋯.jpg (100.97 KB, 952x539, 136:77, fake hate crimes org.jpg)


You make a decent point with the gun thing, but only if we assume the purpose of this 'bomb threat' news story is gun control, or that the perpetrators are trying to "double dip" and promote two separate propaganda power points simultaneously.

If instead these events, like the "bomb" in Soros' mail, are simply meant to force Trump and the rest of us to quit criticizing Soros and the MSM, then the bomb threats are more advantageous than a gun threat would be.

These "suspicious boxes" may be the stuff of typical fake hate crimes. Unfortunately they will probably enjoy some success. Look for people on social media who bad mouth Soros or the mass media to be told they are promoting violence now.

Pic related is a website that has begun recording the flow of kosher 'crocodile tears' and fake hate crimes…certainly a big task in today's jewsy environment.

2d6c91  No.12312786


>1. The type of bomb seems to be designed to elicit fear rather than kill.

Correct it's to send a message

>It is almost Hollywood-like in design. Replete with a countdown timer and two dangerous looking wires.

Irrelevant it's a pipe bomb

>2. The timing. Literally days before the midterm elections is just too convenient for the democrats to be coincidental. They know that they will not get their little blue tsunami on their own so they need to manufacture events that will elicit sympathy. Hence this "right wing conspiracy"

This seems real man. A message that says, "try anything funny and see what happens"

>Many people say that the target selection is proof that this is fake. Hillary and Soros are not actually all that important in the grand scheme of things. And Obama is a fucking anachronism.

If anything, target selection proves that it's real

11900d  No.12312787


He's got a point but of course they were counting on people making that argument to add legitimacy to the false flag anyway.

b2f884  No.12312788


your friend is a retard who is trying to make it look like bombs are hard to make, was making them when I was 13 lmao

f2442a  No.12312790


You don't put stamps on a package you're going to send via bike messenger. You don't need to bother with a return address either, that's for the post office to return undeliverable mail.

ff3d13  No.12312792


the stamps have no postmarks, these did not go through ANY post office. this has democrat handywork written all over it

26f4d2  No.12312795


>simply meant to force Trump and the rest of us to quit criticizing Soros and the MSM, then the bomb threats are more advantageous than a gun threat would be.

It's also could be to eliminate a talking point. The media ignored the ricin attacks. Remenber the freak out that happened after 9/11?

Now that this happened, republicans can't claim a monopoly of victim hood. Essentially leftist have a open season on republicans now.

134d3a  No.12312798


Just because something isn't hard doesn't mean people won't find a way to fuck it up.

be27e9  No.12312799

File: 44ddbc395fa5e2e⋯.png (188.85 KB, 416x577, 416:577, 5210170b6997874615b619476d….png)

so now that their lie is blowing up in their faces what do you think their next line of scare mongering is going to be?

0172f5  No.12312800


underrated post.

4cd6dc  No.12312801

File: b3ee03f1362f361⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 800x627, 800:627, Southkey bombing 1996.jpg)

The only "target" of these bombs that kind of makes sense from a strategic perspective is the co-owner of Time Warner.

The others are irrelevant targets. Who the fuck even cares about Obama atp?

He has no real power over events.

Honestly, unless one is prepared to carry out attack after attack on your own, lone wolf terrorism does not and will not work in changing the behavior of the elites. No one is going to stop what they're doing because one man is mailing out pipe bombs.


>Correct it's to send a message

Except that the message seems clearly intended for the public rather than trying to convince Clinton to fuck off. Clinton doesn't even read her own mail.

>Irrelevant it's a pipe bomb

That's my point. Pipe bombs don't need clearly visible timers bleeping away like in movies. A far better device would be a package that detonates when opened.

>target selection proves that it's real

How so? I personally think it's very poor target selection. However, that's not proof that I'm right or wrong. People are idiots.

fe6e6d  No.12312802


first day?

0172f5  No.12312805


Kill yourself

0b0d7a  No.12312806


they always seem to fall back on mass shooters

21f371  No.12312807


(((CUI BONO?)))

c9739f  No.12312809

File: 66e25e7c995ad25⋯.png (299.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, samson_option_.png)

fe6e6d  No.12312815



ff4d84  No.12312816

File: 0af5806f8916ccd⋯.png (705.25 KB, 1044x1114, 522:557, pipe_bomb_or_battery.png)

This is clown world larp. I made a diagram for those interested.

Pipe Bomb or battery?

21f371  No.12312817



8dbce6  No.12312820


Bomb scares at polling places in conservative districts on November 6th.

8a1235  No.12312823


civil war

0b0d7a  No.12312824


could you imagine actually being this stupid? how did you find this board?

b5a269  No.12312825

the only thing missing on these packages is backwards drawn swastikas

this is glow in the dark + what'ya doing rabbi, tier manufactured fake terrorism

ff3d13  No.12312827


just jewgle searh jones and october surprise, he was saying that false flag type events similar to this would start rolling in as we got closer to midterms, maybe he knew because he is a glow in the dark maybe not

ce1151  No.12312829

well, congrats /pol/. you've driven so many young men absolutely batshit with your crazy conspiracies that now they've gone and ruined the election for the only hope the US has, the GOP. now, the democrats will get elected and take away all our liberties, and our guns, and worst of all probably reverse the tax cuts

fe6e6d  No.12312831


in the shareblue discord

ff3d13  No.12312833


i think you mean the left has driven so many commies crazy that they will accept anything the media tells them, just like how these bombs are from some "madman" and not from the dems themselves

fe6e6d  No.12312835


pretending to be retarded is still retarded

b2f884  No.12312837


>I made a diagram for those interested.

stop trying to impress us, everyone has already proven that its a fake

f05833  No.12312838


>Now that this happened, republicans can't claim a monopoly of victim hood. Essentially leftist have a open season on republicans now.


They've always had an open seaon on them. You need to understand that they will false flag and make shit up to destroy you and your people. If they will accuse you of being violent and false flag themselves to "prove" it, maybe it's time to actually attack them for real.

ab7c3f  No.12312839

File: bf6c7491633600a⋯.png (72.27 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 2018-10-24 16.03.00.png)

ab7c3f  No.12312841

File: e80a1a4939cae90⋯.jpeg (122.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-10-24-12-….jpeg)

4898c8  No.12312842


How did the returned ones arrive at their destination so damn fast?

26f4d2  No.12312843

Now any time the republicans bring up the ricin attacks, the liberals will have their counter attack.

ff3d13  No.12312844


i bet dyncorp has cops on the payroll that plant this type of shit and then "find it"

9df11c  No.12312850


Nice try, leftyshill.

You faggots have been hoaxing since the election loss.

As for blatant violent terroristic attacks, that is easily majority commie lefty.

ff3d13  No.12312852


i think if this carries on for several moar years people should just bring guns to the chess game and win that way

65ae92  No.12312855


Most have already forgotten about the ricin attacks.

134d3a  No.12312857


Which is good because then both parties will either have to agree that violence is bad or dispose of the pretense that they are still against it.

ab7c3f  No.12312861



I posted my original Screenshot in the meta, but SOMEBODY didn't want to go there with me…he was afraid. I was reading 'Culture of Critique' when I got the first message whilst a passenger on a subway car full of diverse peoples.

725c13  No.12312862


A school shooting most likely. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to force the issue one last time. Whatever they do; I expect that as we speak there are dozens of shady craigslist ads being posted all over the US.

fe6e6d  No.12312864


they never heard about them in the first place

8a1235  No.12312865


>The fire alarm could be heard going off while CNN was on the air and its staff evacuated.

They need to spare me the bullshit. The alarm goes off, on CNN live, while they are discussing the bomb packages. You mean to tell me that CNN doesn't have a contingency anchors ready to go at another area if something benign like electricity goes out, stage gets a burst pipe? There is no reason to keep cameras on a possible bombing unless you are sensationalizing it. It's orchestrated. Alphabets (or someone) need to do their damn job, find whos orchestrating it, and put them in jail.

f05833  No.12312867


It doesn't matter how they counter. Only the left has mobs of people destroying shit and harassing people. Only the left attempted to murder congressman and almost did. Stop playing by their rules. What happened today was an act of self defense against the Bolsheviks. PRcucking doesn't work.

134d3a  No.12312873

338f97  No.12312874


Guess you weren't around for the pre-patriot act powder letters that came from military labs. Fuck off.

5e74b4  No.12312875

File: 883fd967f3f3d8d⋯.jpeg (93.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mohamedclock.jpeg)

All these liberal racists wasting valuable police time over some traditional islamic time pieces. For shame.

fe6e6d  No.12312876


>just take the responsibility for what happened so we can shut you down, goyim

ff4d84  No.12312877


Good question. Maybe postal service is pretty quick on the coast.


Yeah, well now people can spam it out to non-autists.

0b0d7a  No.12312882


but nothing happened today ? no one even slightly injured. Don't take ownership of a false flag committed 2 weeks before an election to garner a little sympathy back to the dems

26f4d2  No.12312884


of course it does. You will never be able to use violent leftist as an argument because these false flags.

e5e52d  No.12312885


They lied about Kavanaugh to get the women, the tranny shit to get the LGBTBBQ types, and the "bombs" to get the dumb anglo boomers, so they're going to race bait. Likely through the Caravan. Even if it's a criminal who was killed in self-defense, they'll air out disinfo that another holocaust is occurring under muh Drumpf. Then they'll air corrections that people won't see except for us afterwards.

Rape allegations didn't work the last time, so they're trying other types.

32be42  No.12312886


Unibombers bombs actually worked.

f05833  No.12312887

File: 9fd99cee5e76ba1⋯.gif (2.69 MB, 480x270, 16:9, about_that_loan_goy.gif)


>we can dox you and harass you and beat you and bomb you and poison you and shoot you and wish death upon you and your family

>but don't fight back

ff4d84  No.12312888

File: 85d264797c89c14⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, clock.jpg)


Here's another way it's a fake. The clock doesn't have a fucking alarm. No alarm, no boom. The clock tells the time, that is all. Total fake device, nothing in this at all could have worked. Probably stuffed with talcum powder.


4cd6dc  No.12312890


Did they?


952436  No.12312891

File: f0bf3bf2abeed72⋯.jpg (542.43 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, zblpo444sg09.jpg)


It's usually an immature joke when a Clockboi makes a Clock from Clock parts, knowing that a suitcase with wires hanging out of it could appear to be a 'Care Package of Peace' from the most peaceful religion to ever exist forever and ever amen; amirite tho?

fe6e6d  No.12312894


>help us legitimize our false flag, goy

4f610e  No.12312895

File: 939098d5e3ee679⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 1024x898, 512:449, IMG_20181024_161319.jpg)

File: d72fc1480b5f91d⋯.jpg (16.13 KB, 500x333, 500:333, IMG_20181024_155817.jpg)

You'll all find that it's not an isis flag, but this flag. Compare them. You'll see I'm right.

0d9298  No.12312897


This. It's like whoever made it saw a homemade bomb in a movie and decided to copy it.

First, the "bomb" doesn't even have an ignition source. It's a digital clock taped to a pipe. There is no secondary power source, explosives can not be activated by whatever direct output is coming from that clock.

Second, real bombers don't use timers for package bombs. They use physical opening to set it off, which is actually effective. You only have a few second range where the target MAY be in range of the bomb before discovering it.

This is an attempt to paint the right as violent terrorists (which I would be fine with if they actually did) which conveniently happened before the election.

Remember the bombings in Texas recently? People actually died in that, and the bombs actually exploded. Dozens of bombs were sent, and yet none of them went off.

b5a269  No.12312899


bunch of shit posters on a obscure Taiwanese image board already figured out this whole thing is fake and yet the mainstream NPC media still keep going with their spin

fe6e6d  No.12312900


who the fuck cares

why would you put tiny stickers on a device that's meantt to explode

c2bb95  No.12312903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can we get an edit fam?

2d6c91  No.12312905


>Except that the message seems clearly intended for the public rather than trying to convince Clinton to fuck off. Clinton doesn't even read her own mail.

I don't see how this is for the public as much as it is for corrupt dems and it happened to be reported on because it's considered real and significant.

>That's my point. Pipe bombs don't need clearly visible timers bleeping away like in movies. A far better device would be a package that detonates when opened.

Yes why didn't it explode? Pipe bombs can be made by anyone. You'd think that if someone made this then they'd have tested it out previously to make sure it works.

>How so? I personally think it's very poor target selection. However, that's not proof that I'm right or wrong. People are idiots.

Exactly it IS poor target selection. These are meme targets that have been under the spotlight for corruption and against the interest of the american people. Wasn't the address wrong for one of the targets?

It's an amateur that wants to send a message. If he really wanted to cause explosions or serious damage there are many other ways to do it.

0b0d7a  No.12312906


sending fake bombs is fighting back? lol no thanks

0338e5  No.12312907

>>12312788 (Heiled)

>your friend is a retard who is trying to make it look like bombs are hard to make, was making them when I was 13 lmao

That makes 2 of us

f05833  No.12312908


It doesn't matter if nothing happened. The left will try to use it for sympathy. Deny them this by claiming payback and self defence.

952436  No.12312910

File: b5b7d12999706e8⋯.jpg (92.44 KB, 600x313, 600:313, bo-clock-tweet-jpg.jpg)


Wait, anon. Are you saying that this was the work of a progressive Islamic Redneck?

>pic not completely unrelated

fb4847  No.12312911

File: 6efd0799a472f92⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 640x427, 640:427, image[1].jpg)

f516b9  No.12312913

>Actually believed the George Soros mailbomb to be real

>Thought the person who did it was an idiot because the media will run with "RIGHT WING TERRORIST PLOT TO KILL GEORGE SOROS WHO DINDU NUTHING".

>Suddenly all this shit now, same idea. Media will run with it regardless.

No doubt in my mind that this is a false flag.

Expect extensive media coverage, be prepared to respond to any normies who may realize you disagree and/or are aware of people like George Soros.

f05833  No.12312915


It being a false flag is irrelevent. The left will use it regardless. Stop them dead by using the defense I mentioned.

5c9f32  No.12312916


Unless they have some alt right patsy waiting. Consider, the names were misspelled and the bombs were ridiculous. Would make the perfect narrative "look, we told you they're all stupid inbred rednecks! Now vote Dem or you'll be on the same side as the stupid people!"

76129d  No.12312918


None of the devices have even gone off, a total false flag.

d2ddbc  No.12312922

File: 60199d74d819b2c⋯.gif (3.88 MB, 500x281, 500:281, queenkuru.gif)

This will turn out to be some pantifa faggot trying to do a psyop.

ff4d84  No.12312925


Wasn't that hard, though I did have help.


Wasn't meant to explode, just create news.

fb4847  No.12312926


Another goldberg heading for the funny farm for a vacation.

fe6e6d  No.12312928


>why won't you take responsibility for my false flag so I can use it against you goyim reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

fb4847  No.12312929


Isn't he still out of the country after the last successful OP with kang nigger?

0d9298  No.12312930


There's not even any extra circuitry. Good luck setting off a bomb with a watch battery, even if it did have an alarm.

ff269d  No.12312932



Remember they caught that jew that was conspiring to blow stuff up during the election…. moron had like a 200lb black powder bomb.


immediate political response/statement that is a hallmark of a false flag

fb4847  No.12312936


Actually all you need to do is short a wire wrapped around a safety match. A watch battery had enough juice for that.

da9817  No.12312937


Nope, not a false flag. Just perfect timing to feed the news cycle just before the election to rally support for bolshevik democrats.

ce1151  No.12312938

File: 1fe25e0238867e9⋯.png (2 MB, 672x775, 672:775, npc-maga2.png)




this is what happens when you abandon traditional conservatism for populist race-baiting demagoguery. when democrats take over again, trump will probably cooperate with them to increase the size of government even more than we can imagine. its sad to see that socialism has won, despite the hard work of true americans with great minds, like ben shapiro and bill kristol

2d6c91  No.12312939






Actual kikes ladies and gentlemen. Looks like the current tactic is short ad hominem insults divide and conquer.

f05833  No.12312940


>implying they won't assign blame to us anyways

>if I call it a false flag and deny it, maybe the masses of retards and disingenuous kikes will believe me

>you must be a kike for telling me my plan is retarded!!!!!

f82723  No.12312942

File: 7d035d139bb1eb2⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 603x603, 1:1, mershlo3938373.jpg)


these bomb hoaxes will help to

End Shlomophobia

<(the condition formerly known as Anti-Semitism)

0b0d7a  No.12312943


they are going to lose in 2 weeks, sorry bud

fb4847  No.12312944


We used to make our own igniters back in the day when kids could still be kids and learn about fun shit. I wouldn't recommend doing this these days though.

da9817  No.12312946


I doubt it's antifa, they're literally fucking retarded. But you can be assured it's commies. This shit is status quo commie playbook. Or bolshevik jew playbook. What's the difference? This is no different from a fake swastika in its intended effect.

fe6e6d  No.12312948

File: 2da092c88e21ddd⋯.png (104.76 KB, 426x484, 213:242, 2da092c88e21ddd1d46dbe8ec8….png)


keep kvetching

f516b9  No.12312953

I think a lot of you faggots don't realize how much of a metaphorical decoy dummy George Soros has become.

Yes, what he does is worth calling out and it is a good redpill especially when you can successfully call out the media manipulation in conjunction to George Soros (if someone understands what that man does properly then hears what the media will say about him, they will instantly realize that they're lying) but to the average NPC, any time Soros is mentioned they are instantly conditioned to think "RIGHT WING TERRORIST" now…

It's not that the media is that good at painting a false picture and narrative, it's rather that people are so dumb now that they will take whatever those kikes say and take it as fact.

Of course, there are those who are actually smart enough to be critical of the media in the slightest, those ones might have enough braincells to rub together to realize that yes, the news lies.

Be proud that you are here, because that means you're quite literally more intelligent and more aware of the world around you than most people.

0b0d7a  No.12312956



da9817  No.12312959


>true americans

>neo-con israel first jews

6efa28  No.12312962

File: 7fd1ea4383b8d8c⋯.jpg (9.21 KB, 300x168, 25:14, rip.jpg)


>abandon traditional conservatism

b5a269  No.12312967


>abandon traditional kikeservatism

yes please

e5e52d  No.12312968


Best bait post lol


8db621  No.12312973


not sure about brennan and holder but the others fucked over bernie

ff4d84  No.12312974

File: eb78eb3face1563⋯.png (634.18 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, clock_no_alarm.png)

Coffee extra strong today. Been busy.

e2f1c3  No.12312975

File: ce839fb0c9f7f52⋯.png (56.27 KB, 621x702, 23:26, wow.png)


Haha you are so fucking retarded my brain hurts

f05833  No.12312980

File: 90b164d729f0baa⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sddefault.jpg)

da9817  No.12312982


> any time Soros is mentioned they are instantly conditioned to think "RIGHT WING TERRORIST" now

That made me laugh. I somehow doubt that's true, especially considering the average viewer age of most mainstream media networks is near or at elderly. On top of that, I've never met, or seen online, people defending Soros. Well, maybe a few leftist jews, but that's about it.

26f4d2  No.12312984


Is Soros the infinite kike who will be forever in our hearts in minds?

bf8fb2  No.12312986


You’re proving yourself to have nigger-tier logic. But at least you know how to read.

b5a269  No.12312988



They are programming you common goy NPCs so that any right winger = ISIS

f516b9  No.12312990


More likely commie than Antifags because they can be lead to believe "ZOMG SOROS USED TO COLLUDE WITH THE NAZIS" Also Soros is more likely to fund outright shock troop Antifa and screaming liberals that are too dumb to not throw themselves at cops than more insidious and secretive commie faggots these days.

The commies have done their part in infiltrating, now that old bag's shekels is going into kids screaming and trashing shit in the street.


Now we're hitting levels of metajewery that I never thought possible

338f97  No.12312991

File: 3733a1c544e2702⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 480x462, 80:77, f671c5e5fa91d4ea85a13b5621….jpg)


>Neocohens are sooooooo fucking BASED and American!!!!!

When was there anything traditional other than kikery?

4cd6dc  No.12312992


>I don't see how this is for the public as much as it is for corrupt dems and it happened to be reported on because it's considered real and significant.

>It's an amateur that wants to send a message

Well, if that is the case, then this bomber is an idiot. Which is a damn shame. I really detest these armatures.

If you're right and this is some idiot kid, then this is more reason why we should stick to peaceful "legal" means of resistance. When people stray from peaceful means, then fuck ups like this can happen.

>You'd think that if someone made this then they'd have tested it out previously to make sure it works.

This is why I believe that this is fake.


This is bait

fb4847  No.12312993


Then use the bug spray, nigger.




b2f884  No.12312995

File: 846d994a3697776⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 236x288, 59:72, 5e1nx60t7luz.jpg)

>mfw there are unironically boomers and people who support the BASED GOP in here

fucking state of /pol/

f81a8e  No.12313000


Well I played around with such things with him when we were young, his position isn't that they're that difficult to make, his position is that most people are so retarded that they can't even successfully make simple things.

4cd6dc  No.12313004


>We shall have elections throughout China. We shall demand it



da9817  No.12313006


People can say what they want about Alex Jones, but whether he was controlled or not, he helped to re-normalize the acceptance of "conspiracy theories." Just like Trump helped to re-normalize saying "fuck you" to the left and their shaming bullshit. People an call them controlled opposition all day, but they both helps shift us a little to the right, and without them we'd be much worse off.

725c13  No.12313007


So many shills in here I thought it was 2016

f81a8e  No.12313008


I've been saying for years that Soros is no more than the Rothschilds' canary.

f516b9  No.12313013


Which is all the more reason for these kikes to keep pushing the narrative.

Everyone who isn't retarded and knows about hates Soros… I would argue that Americans are more aware of him than say Europeans despite his influence practically being global. It really depends how turned on people are in this matter.

>>12312988 (checked and heiled)

This has been going on in Britain for a few years now. So much so that over there the fucking government has basically put 'right wing extremists' on par with ISIS and that by even having far right views makes you a potential target for being spied on and arrested.

It's fucking crazy, even if you have no intention of committing violence in any way, shape or form. The very fact that over there they can do that sort of thing to you is mind games in itself. I'm talking about the same place where muslim rape gangs happen en masse.

91f970  No.12313019

Why don’t these bombs explode?

da9817  No.12313020


>d-d-d-don't vote guys

I wonder who this could be. Filtered.


fb4847  No.12313021


Low energy.

fe6e6d  No.12313024


because they were never meant to

f81a8e  No.12313029


Trump's agenda is also the slaying of the white race.

>muh big beautiful door so that they can come here legally

The only legitimate argument in favor of Trump is that he pushes what's politically acceptable and leaves room to push for things that are today seen as extreme and unviable, not that his agenda would prevent white genocide because it wouldn't it would just slow it.

32be42  No.12313030

File: 40cc7cf4e86e67b⋯.png (95.22 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_8383.PNG)

The fake bombs mean the msm can go on ignoring the shitskin army heading north.

f516b9  No.12313039


Another good point. But understand that they will talk about the caravan of peace when it benefits them… In the context of "EBIL DRUMPFH *fart noises* IS LITERALLY GASSING THESE POOR INNOCENT REFUGEES".

You know what they say about hitting two birds with one stone. If this mailbomb hoax shit is going to serve a purpose, it may as well serve two in the eyes of these kikes.

b5a269  No.12313042

right wingers bad

democrat good

ec827e  No.12313043


If the deep state kikes actually kill some of their own in their next false flag I'll start paying attention. You niggers are gonna have to give something up if you want to make this shit believable.

f81a8e  No.12313049


Its not 14. Allowing in millions of non-white legal immigrants ensures that white children are not safe.

016ccf  No.12313053


If I were to ever make a bomb I know it'd have megumin stickers on it.

cf650e  No.12313057


Underrated post.

INB4 Torpedo fag; I have my reasons

ec827e  No.12313063


What the fuck are (((you))) talking about? This one is broken.

952436  No.12313064

File: 9e87c1e06a90ee8⋯.jpg (212.67 KB, 654x906, 109:151, zzzvcx09mn433322.jpg)

File: 99b495c99cb753c⋯.jpg (251.28 KB, 1222x930, 611:465, Who is Sam Lindsay.jpg)


Clock boy is still in the US fighting the case against him. We all know that Ahmed Mohammed (or whatever tf his name is) seeks justice after obvious discrimination by Marxist teacher cat ladies unnecessarily concerned about an Islamic student bringing a suitcase to school with wires hanging out of it

>Lesbian man-hating cat ladies are overly sensitive and usually Islamophobic

be27e9  No.12313073

File: 1ae2b6a27838645⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.14 KB, 534x621, 178:207, 1ae2b6a278386452940153d38c….jpg)

ha ha, it was me all along

f516b9  No.12313080

File: 3c4c606f1744038⋯.png (164.93 KB, 502x544, 251:272, GROG.png)


>Grug see in magic fireplace that oldgrug from longnose tribe get exploding rock in front cave

>Grug no like republigrug because orange grug build big cliff so mexigrug no come in land

>Longnose tribe say that exploding rock also reason we need ban club

>Grug of darkskin tribe club me on head and ungabunga with grug wife

>But grug not mind, grug vote demogrug nexttime.

b2f884  No.12313083


read the thread lazy cunt

f81a8e  No.12313087



You're both dumb as fuck, stop memeing at one another and learn to make actual arguments.

6e1a0a  No.12313091

File: c9ed438d12b03fe⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 329x375, 329:375, 109824091824.jpg)


>aw shit, somebody mailed me a shitty PVC pipebomb

>anybody got a match so we can get this bad boy going?

ec827e  No.12313093


For a split second I could have sworn it showed you replied to my original post. I must be seeing things…

0b0d7a  No.12313096


this, very low effort false flag

62261d  No.12313099


I'm with you on this so far. The targets and what we've been shown indicate a warning message. "Keep fucking around and see what happens." When one goes off next time it will be a GO signal for the next phase.

39a1ae  No.12313101

Ahmed finally sent his cool clock to Obama and now they wanna complain about it?

fe6e6d  No.12313104

File: 2f43efdc9b991bd⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 545x478, 545:478, 2f43efdc9b991bde704d21fa52….jpg)



every time

ce1151  No.12313106

>torpedo fag

cianiggers turned off ur tor brah

69ecca  No.12313109


I am more interested in the product placement. Should I buy the scented wet wipes or the non fragrance for my cleanliness needs while making pottery?

fb4847  No.12313110


Pull your pants up, you're showing your religion again.

cecc3d  No.12313115

File: 0dabe19b18e8648⋯.png (95.25 KB, 333x250, 333:250, Almost_Got_Im-Title_Card.png)



Not a bombing if the bomb doesn't go off or kill anyone.


Manipulative propaganda for the upcoming elections? Just add it to the pile!

677278  No.12313117

Bomb count down from 7 to 6 again because Cuomo lied about receiving device. He must have felt left out of the plot.

ff4b72  No.12313123


Are you serious?

f81a8e  No.12313125


>Bomb count down from 7 to 6 again because Cuomo lied about receiving device.

That guy's been trying to sabotage his own career for weeks now, you'd think even CNN would fire him at this point.

677278  No.12313127



In a conference on Wednesday afternoon, Andrew Cuomo claimed, without confirmation that his office was sent a “device.”

The NYPD confirmed the package was not a bomb.

f516b9  No.12313128


>ISIS flag

>I just noticed this

But… For what purpose? So that in case nothing else works they can say "THIS WAS FRAMING ISIS, ISLAMPHOBIA OY VEY!"

Or maybe if too many people catch on they can just say "oopsie woopsie another ISIS bomb" and sweep it under the rug?

For whatever reason… I have a feeling this was designed specifically to be a false flag.

fb4847  No.12313129


>I-i can still be of use guyz!


65ae92  No.12313130



>A “device” has been sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office, he announced Wednesday — but later revealed it was just a thumb drive containing information about the Proud Boys.


b5a269  No.12313134

if (republicanVotes>democratVotes)

call bomb.self



explode = 0


7a252a  No.12313135

File: a389372aba39871⋯.jpg (177.6 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1098234309238423.jpg)


How pathetic.

fb4847  No.12313137


>accidentally receiving cooper's new dragon dildo

Maybe he should get a pass on this one.

f08077  No.12313138


Replying to test

677278  No.12313139

Also the white house bomb was a lie too. Tally of bombs at 6









cecc3d  No.12313140


>tfw you don't get to participate in the false flag

I'm sure there were people in Parkland and Sandy Hook who didn't get to play victim and march to ban guns either.

fb4847  No.12313142

File: 7f7bf0377c771cc⋯.gif (721.33 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Negrus Iluminatus.gif)

File: 22816a00dfe9fcd⋯.gif (35 B, 1x1, 1:1, 1.gif)


The feds are watching anon.

6a7834  No.12313144

This made the news in the UK and got top of the hour billing. I don't know when it started getting reported on, but they were already talking about how politics in America are too aggressive and toxic, so basically blaming Trump and his supporters.

fb4847  No.12313150

File: 2a5371649aa0bf0⋯.jpg (41.21 KB, 550x298, 275:149, Beep Beep Fucker.jpg)


>too aggressive and toxic

That's why we beat your asses, bitches. kek

be27e9  No.12313151


i would be weary of a thumb drive filled with explosive faggotry too

ff4b72  No.12313152

>>12313144 (checked)

Countdown until this blows up in their shnozzles?

f08077  No.12313156


I don't think so. Pretty sure this is still to, as evidenced by changing ID. Not gonna lie. I was spooked. The site must have disabled the torpedo ID.

cecc3d  No.12313157


If a political angle is broadcasting globally within minutes that's pretty much confirming it to be a false flag.

f08077  No.12313158


still *tor

134d3a  No.12313159


More than likely it is to curtail open support from conservatives who would simply laugh at the Clintons and CNN going up in smoke as an act of support, but will under no conditions agree with Hadji.

To me the fact there is a label meant to be read on a device that is supposednto explode is the most compelling fact the false flag fags have.

b2f884  No.12313160


really is a disgrace how biased our news is, makes CNN look impartial, and the normies here just gobble it up, they literally omit half of the info because anybody with a brain could see this is a false flag, we are watching brainwashing in action

1bc1e9  No.12313161


Need to do a controlled explosion test on all devices. Otherwise they could be just hi tech dildos for Obama and HRC.

9df11c  No.12313162


Fuck off shill

b788b2  No.12313164

File: 3f08c6c60c1fc45⋯.png (37.67 KB, 285x578, 285:578, ClipboardImage.png)

Twitter is promoting the fuck out of this bomb shit. It's insane.

677278  No.12313170

Jamal didn't go anywhere, the caravan had an opposite effect and now this bomb farce has been weighed and measured…what next?

9f749a  No.12313174

Well thank god none of them went off

Miracle truly


Obviously a false flag

Betya they are literally just capped pipes with no detonator.

677278  No.12313175


Lets get on there and start fighting back.

fb4847  No.12313176


It's not. And your id hasn't changed for a few replies now.

1bc1e9  No.12313177


Oh such a know all eh. What's next, gonna tell everyone about your relative who works in the USPS and he be tellin you good shit nigger.

ab7c3f  No.12313179

Fox news

>all packages were similar

>they say there were wires

>say that the thing was detonated (NYC Larp)

>Pres Trump not satisfied with twhat is going on.

>Nobody at Fox is naming any groups as responsible.

>First lady condemns fake bombs

899156  No.12313180

File: 036a9aefc7afda4⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 295x171, 295:171, download.jpg)

File: 48c2ed54bb4777e⋯.jpg (8.93 KB, 253x199, 253:199, images (1).jpg)

ab7c3f  No.12313182


Foz Newz

>White powder

338f97  No.12313187


So it was Jeb all along.

32be42  No.12313189



They will push this meme name ala "unibomber"

899156  No.12313190

File: 2e5da64e358c487⋯.jpg (262.39 KB, 940x1077, 940:1077, download (1).jpg)

fb4847  No.12313191

File: becd969c4aac4c3⋯.jpg (412.47 KB, 1840x1227, 1840:1227, Chimpin Ain't Easy When it….jpg)

Great we got snowniggers chimping out now too.


76129d  No.12313192


He wasn't worth the effort of putting together a PVC pipe with tape and wires in the parking lot.

9df11c  No.12313195

Take a pick on why this false flag distraction was committed.

>Too much bad news for Dems, midterms

>Deflect negative PR for most of the supposed targeted lefty criminals

>Migrant caravan backfiring

>Saudi murder distraction

Almost forgot about the last one, apparently most of the bombs have been fake.

f81a8e  No.12313196


In what way is this relevant?

be27e9  No.12313198

File: f570d0793f3b70e⋯.jpg (41.73 KB, 618x367, 618:367, smile.jpg)


>what next?

obama, hillary and soros are drawing straws right now to see who has to take a bullet for the team

99df7b  No.12313203


underrated post

899156  No.12313205

File: 5f08c2446dfbd58⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 632x423, 632:423, 1500942368343.jpg)

File: 05317a34dd5f6f3⋯.jpg (72.03 KB, 600x420, 10:7, 1458587943425.jpg)

File: 95343d1693abd93⋯.png (718.31 KB, 940x545, 188:109, 15342982166123382 (1).png)

File: c42b96887891886⋯.jpg (573.23 KB, 1760x1190, 176:119, 1475559145453.jpg)

File: 4a5f0f3ad2a2505⋯.png (114.18 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 1515230337042.png)

ea4115  No.12313208

What a coincidence that this is happening so close to the upcoming midterms.

9df11c  No.12313210



>Covering for left wing terror attacks and create false equivalency.

ced03f  No.12313212

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff4b72  No.12313213

File: 3df8a60e6927f71⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 178.76 KB, 778x703, 778:703, hue.png)

File: 2713fd4fdb93cab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573 B, 5x5, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


He is having a slow start but once he gets all the votes, he will come at you from unexpected angles.

899156  No.12313216

File: df899a0c742f485⋯.jpg (47.7 KB, 643x670, 643:670, 1539375383012.jpg)

File: 61e4bd62cafde62⋯.jpg (188.41 KB, 960x938, 480:469, 1506981813696.jpg)

File: 1b0ec4c6bb95269⋯.png (309.45 KB, 692x443, 692:443, 1534265187915.png)

File: 0e6c2a365472703⋯.jpg (169.31 KB, 923x887, 923:887, 1513872492058.jpg)

File: 9cb859b022c9073⋯.png (153.58 KB, 1252x560, 313:140, 1385760238256.png)

677278  No.12313217

File: 3f7f3d63dca78f9⋯.jpeg (44.89 KB, 900x506, 450:253, f75a.jpeg)



Hey anons, has anyone noticed the size of the bomb that has been going around, look at the stamps, those are huge stamps…nah, it's more like a pen bomb then a pipe bomb, fucking fake ass news crying wolf playing with fire.

fe6e6d  No.12313221


looks like a flashlight

fb4847  No.12313222


Just more weird shit happening at the same time Ivan, don't get your borscht heated.

08f4df  No.12313223


Truth. By the way, the Charlie Hotel India November Echo Sierra Echo control this place.

3862e2  No.12313225

File: 8067c6bca41e185⋯.png (585.59 KB, 922x495, 922:495, NOOOOO.png)

>go on twatter

>make a funny hashtag

>post meme bombs

>look as boomers and AW join in the meme

677278  No.12313226


They try to make it look so big in other pictures.

fb4847  No.12313228

File: c0b2f8189b02755⋯.png (47.01 KB, 500x362, 250:181, Drowning Feels.png)


>look at me we're clock boy now

fb4847  No.12313229


To be fair the DNC is broke and this was probably all they could afford. Postage too. Hence the RTS for not enough postage.

08f4df  No.12313230


Oh, that won't get you V&, no way.

ce1151  No.12313231

File: 68120a91d290800⋯.png (4.47 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, downie-retarding-pretended.png)

ee4317  No.12313233


you are 100 percent correct

677278  No.12313234

79beaf  No.12313235

File: c92e7706f235f2f⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 585x768, 195:256, pipebombfalseflag.jpg)

File: 77d4aecfb8872bb⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 4832x3008, 151:94, pipebombfalseflagnewscolla….jpg)

File: 44c46f2391389c8⋯.jpg (129.54 KB, 542x933, 542:933, pipebombfalseflagnewsDidJe….jpg)

File: 8697db28411b11b⋯.jpg (149.37 KB, 1096x610, 548:305, pipebombTHISISREAL.jpg)


08f4df  No.12313236

4c0b64  No.12313239


That's fine, media hypes like this are good, you know which sources to put on block

1bc1e9  No.12313240


So many "bombs" yet not one of them detonated. This has JIDF crippled back inbreds written allover it.

ff4b72  No.12313242

File: 94523b6b9b09d70⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 94523b6b9b09d703ae51be39e0….jpg)


>go on twatter

>post saltshacker tied to my shaving machine with usb cabel

>get v8 by glow-in-darks

>mfw saltshacker explodes

eacd8a  No.12313243

>all within 24 hours

There's something fishy.

fb4847  No.12313244


>so serious

You can get bigger firecrackers on the rez.

08f4df  No.12313245


Also hilarious, they literally banned Alex Jones from everywhere, just finishing the job Sunday, and they still bich about him. Typical biches.



0ed856  No.12313246



08f4df  No.12313248

1d9df2  No.12313250




Desperate false flag. Besides the fact that most (all) of the devices were fakes, Republicans are polling way ahead of Democrats in the Senate. These are the domestic equivalent of Syrian (((gas attacks))) .

fed6e6  No.12313251


Is that what "gaslighting" is? Working some presumption into a statement or criticize something you know is going to happen in order to legitimize it? I've been redpilled for ages and I still can't fucking comprehend how that term is meant to be used because so many leftists use it as a buzzword that doesn't match up with the multiple definitions I find online.

08f4df  No.12313254


No, gaslighting is when someone pretends something is other than it is. Like let's say I beat you up. Then I pretend we're great buddies, later, around other people.

f3bcc4  No.12313255


I've been told that sewer systems are a good delivery method. Flush the device, detonate underneath the target

26f9ac  No.12313256

Probably the Irish up to their old tricks. They love the Dems

fb4847  No.12313257


Browbeating someone into no longer believing themselves because they just have to be crazy for believing such. It's pure yiddish guilt-tripping. Blaming others for the shit you do and trying to convince them they are truly at fault for it.

08f4df  No.12313258


lol no FBI anon

fb4847  No.12313260


That is disinfo planted by the plumbers guild.

1bc1e9  No.12313264


Lmbo, Qanon got really quiet when he dropped the (((WWG1WGA))) post , mass desertions from the Q site with a collective we were jewed all along sigh & Q not been around since.

08f4df  No.12313268

ff4b72  No.12313269


Wait, q is kill?

b4c3e7  No.12313270


>Qanon got really quiet when he dropped the (((WWG1WGA))) post

Can I get a tldr on that? Sounds funny as fuck.

338f97  No.12313271

File: 3449203ab0179ac⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 89730774.jpg)

fed6e6  No.12313272



Ah. I saw a spic do exactly that a loooooong time ago when I worked in a groundskeeping department as a teen. He had borrowed money from some doughy white kid, and when the kid asked him for it back, the spic swore up and down he returned it and was so vehement about it that the kid doubted himself and eventually said "oh, okay, I guess if you say so, I just don't remember it." And when he left the spic laughed and told me he still had the money.

I couldn't fucking believe that shit. Not just what he did and the immorality of it but the fucking laughing at the sad sap.

26f9ac  No.12313274


No chin.

e74f7d  No.12313276

File: 94412e3c9ab0a90⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 480x353, 480:353, Medium_Metal_Pipe_Bomb_Boo….jpg)

File: 3aa3609387a9262⋯.png (44.06 KB, 360x180, 2:1, Large_Metal_Pipe_Bomg_Trai….png)

File: 6d8b2fe7b6b64e6⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 98046492-pipe-bomb-with-fr….jpg)

File: 98ed134d7508ca7⋯.jpg (51 KB, 800x800, 1:1, TubeBomb2RemoteControlled2….jpg)

It has to be a hoax if not a single detonation occurred that or the device maker has a sub 75 IQ. I glow and a 16 year old with rudimentary shops skills can make a fucking pipe bomb with a pressure fuse. There is no way time fuses would be used with the way it looks which means if it was a real device it would have to be pressure fused or wirelessly detonated and if that is the case it is a statistical impossibility all devices failed especially considering the packages were opened in two of the cases.

IMO someone made something that looks like a bomb maybe even put some explosive material inside of it but there is no detonator, at least one that would work correctly. The person who rigged these tried to make it look like they are detonated wirelessly using a beeper. This is retarded not only for obvious trail it would leave but also because if it was an improvised wireless detonator the two leads from the beeper would be going into the same end with the other end being welded or epoxied with a cap. (being fused at both ends means the devices kinetic power would be halved or more due to pressure escape on detonation)

This device was made by someone who couldn't even be bothered to do a basic google search on the topic because the device if real is a piece of trash with barely more kinetic energy than two or three M80s bundled together.

attached see a bunch of training pics of inert devices in my entire life and multiple rounds of IED training and safety classes I have never seen a device wired and fused from both ends of the cap it simply isn't done even by camel fuckers you would litreally have to be the dumbest fuck on earth to do this or just want to make something look scary as possible.

08f4df  No.12313278


I agree, but holy shit the DNC needs to buy their employees better phones, so we can actually see what they're photographing.

08f4df  No.12313279

Apparently obamaphones have 2mp cameras.

f81a8e  No.12313280


>Working some presumption into a statement or criticize something you know is going to happen in order to legitimize it?

Pretty much. Its trying to make people feel like crazy for believing things that you know are actually true. Like, "there's no such thing as an organized plan to replace whites".

4cd6dc  No.12313281

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f81a8e  No.12313286


>we were jewed all along sigh & Q not been around since.

Nah, really? What'd he do that finally tipped you over to admitting what was glaringly obvious for months.

bff809  No.12313288


and here we have a chosen eating a cheeseburger

1bc1e9  No.12313289


Who finances ISIS and who just emerged as number one world enemy behind Russia for the deep state . If you guessed Saudi Arabia you might have just won the golden camel toe. This story will unfold to "show" Saudi involvement in the parcel bombs. The show is now becoming far too predictable.

08f4df  No.12313291


Ah, fond memories. Pre-antifa days.

1f4650  No.12313292

>Bored Langleyfags get sick of trolling /pol/, send some shit through the mail.

Oi vey niggers, shut it down.

08f4df  No.12313295


damn it cheeseburgers belong to us, not to the kikes.

b2f884  No.12313296


fucking retarded boomer

338f97  No.12313297


No shit, it's a kike.

97bbb9  No.12313298


Yeah, it wasn't meant to go off. The "timer" doesn't have an alarm function. It's just a dumb clock that tells time. Couldn't be used to trigger anything.

1d9df2  No.12313299



d99f3e  No.12313300

File: 4c9f42fa30a40c3⋯.png (369.76 KB, 846x900, 47:50, laughing_serval.png)


>mfw obvious glowniggers being this mad and new

Welcome to a low trust society glowniggers because you decided to shit where you eat. All terror attacks are assumed to be pushed or just fake.

'Terrorism' is just hardcore PR stunts, needs the dinosaur media and FAGMARTs to be actualized in the public's mind.

f81a8e  No.12313301


Doubtful we go after the Saudis, we should have gone after them a long time ago.

08f4df  No.12313302


We don't know for sure if there's a timer, but this post points out WHY it's a hoax:


1bc1e9  No.12313303


This seasoned one did not see it coming. It was the Q video of Reagan and the patriotic music , then in the middle of the video was a sign about Iran, then the penny dropped for me. Later it was the (((WWG1WGA))) post that confirmed it all. Pretty nifty was Q for a while. Now most if not all was utter zio propaganda and misinfo.

5a99c2  No.12313304


Qnigger and all the Qtards have just flat out vanished.

cecc3d  No.12313305

File: 62bd5c79fd9174b⋯.jpg (204.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 4 inches of death.jpg)



08f4df  No.12313307


They were banned, anon. Yeah, they're fucking annoying, but no less than these charlie hotel india november echo sierra echo dumbass mike oscar delta sierra.

f81a8e  No.12313308


>Later it was the (((WWG1WGA))) post that confirmed it all.

and what did this post have?

>Pretty nifty was Q for a while.

Not even remotely.

>Now most if not all was jewish propaganda and misinfo

Which countless anons tried to tell people like you all along.

1bc1e9  No.12313309


Look how he throws around the guilty until proven innocent charges at false flag theorists. This guy is pure zio stale bagel scum.

677278  No.12313310

I tell you anons, I think it has more to do with changing the topic because elections are to far away for leftists to get their panties in a bunch long enough for it to have big effect on votes, maybe polls but they are fake anyways. Considering how fast the news cycles change and how short the media people think our memory is, I don't see them benefiting much from this at the booths but what it does do is give the hollywood news a new distraction to focus on. That caravan was manufactured and paid for by Venezuela.

5a99c2  No.12313311


I mean not just here. They’ve gone dark on Voat and their other containment units.

899156  No.12313316


>Turns out, the reason Wasserman Schultz’s office received the package was that it was addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder, but had an incorrect address — the Democrat lawmaker’s address was the return address on the package! What’s more, all of the packages received Wednesday reportedly were marked with Wasserman Schultz return addresses, as did a bomb that was sent to George Soros earlier this week, according to NBC News.


bff809  No.12313317

File: 2c0c9d4170f9ab2⋯.mp4 (9.57 MB, 638x360, 319:180, benshapirorused.mp4)


its a reference with wordplay

08f4df  No.12313319


oh wow. I avoided voat. Gab's stupid too. More easily censored crap.

Here, it's really not that easy, since everything's pretty ephemeral. But we still need a replacement.

97bbb9  No.12313320


Here, I connected the dots for you.

Look at clock on bomb here


Then look at clock here. Then go to archive.


There's no trigger function. Additionally, you can't trigger a bomb with a clock battery, you need some larger batteries to make it go boom. There's a clock and two fucking wires. It's fake.

134d3a  No.12313323

I'm starting to lean toward the false flag camp myself. As much as I think all of the parties involved deserve worse and should have been thrown into a deep cold pit with heavy bars by now, the props themselves complete with Jihadi branding bother me. Who the fuck puts branding on something unless they intend for people to read it?

fb4847  No.12313324

File: 265dd48925e9ffd⋯.jpeg (201.13 KB, 1600x842, 800:421, 1_VuOfeVl81hFsImE_ErJ-rA[….jpeg)

File: 5c4475497d9743e⋯.jpg (141.18 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Claymore 1[1].jpg)


>never both ends

Wire placement means fuck all really. Picture some anal retentive twat wanting to keep their hot and neutral as separate as possible because they don't trust a broken sleeve and shit with the wires right next to each other. Perhaps the builder has welding experience and has gotten a zap before.

Claymores come in at different angles and meet in the middle. Same kind of idea applied to the pipe.

677278  No.12313325

Is there a connection to Venezuela and Soros or his NGO's. We know jews had been setting up shop in Honduras and Guatemala for sometime now. Not too long ago there was some kind of beef in a village in Guatemala were the villagers ended up expelling the jews settling in, go figure.

c4fac4  No.12313326


>People would be dead if it were a false flag

Yes, because Soros, Clinton and Obongo would willingly sacrifice themselves. Kys.

899156  No.12313327


Sen. Jeff Flake alerted to potential threat against him

AZCentral.com-32 minutes ago

96ffb1  No.12313331



They are just CLOCKS that a genius student made, Obama did say that he wanted to see Ahmed's clock personally. This must be the next version.

08f4df  No.12313333


lad, those aren't ieds.

134d3a  No.12313334


Jeff #MeToo Flake at it again.

fb4847  No.12313337


No, just fucking examples. Niggerjew.

08f4df  No.12313338


ahahahaha that's hilarious. Did he really?

99c382  No.12313340


>Is that what "gaslighting" is?

>gaslighting is when someone pretends something is other than it is.

It's a systematic, all-encompassing attempt to sell a false narrative, through the media and their accomplices working in lockstep.

It worked very well before the internet became a forum.

ff4b72  No.12313342


So based clockboy just wanted Obongo-senpai to notice him?

08f4df  No.12313343


Examples of not-ieds. You're misleading us. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA you fucked up, kikes!

08f4df  No.12313345


Well, it's also possible to gaslight your spouse, or coworker, or boss, for example.

65ae92  No.12313346

File: a53cc27a5239ee9⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 723x657, 241:219, 1407709427808.jpg)

>BREAKING NEWS: Governor Cuomo Deploys National Guard To The Streets of New York City -


fb4847  No.12313348

Words have meanings. The word can't doesn't apply when you CAN.

08f4df  No.12313349

"I'm a good husband."

"You agree I'm a good husband."

fed6e6  No.12313350


I use both hatechan and voat. Nothing on voat gets censored on any of the main subverses. The Q places censor shit because they're run and controlled and populated with plebbit tier boomer faggots, but outside of small subs no one visits, censorship doesn't exist on voat and the natives go absolutely batshit when anything smells like such.

08f4df  No.12313351


"We are the press"

"Darkness would cover the whole Earth, and frogs would dwell here, were our beacon of truth not beaming"

fb4847  No.12313352


Get out of the city while you can NY anons.

08f4df  No.12313354



That's 100% bullshit and you know it! BULLSHIT!

There's literally no crypto proof that posts aren't deleted. NONE. No crypto proof that your posts are viewed. NONE. No crypto proof that you can see all posts. NONE.

1bc1e9  No.12313355


Why put stamps on the packages if a bike delivery person is to deliver the items?. Come on you phucking hulk retard.

ebd7e5  No.12313356


Underrated comment and trips.

This non-event/FF is a good time to red pill those close to you on false flags. Also to talk to then about Uncle Ted's treatise.

Oh, and I guess this is TMZ worthy. Saw this garbage on tv at a restaurant - for all the low iq niggers who actually watch TMZ to get the latest update.



677278  No.12313357


lol, goodjob, can really get a scale of how small it is.

134d3a  No.12313360



96ffb1  No.12313362


programming jokes are incredibly lazy humour as they are too easy to make.

if imagination=limited


use programming joke,



99c382  No.12313367


>if imagination=limited

you just assigned the value of "limited" to "imagination", and your test will true/false based on that assignment success/fail.

338f97  No.12313368

File: 5887e39e359a49f⋯.png (756.98 KB, 703x704, 703:704, 179043237.png)


Wew, it begins.

9cde75  No.12313369

File: 56df8caef20a969⋯.png (49.85 KB, 627x323, 33:17, it's over.png)

08f4df  No.12313370

This one's a shill. A plays dumb, calls you meaningless shill:


ebd7e5  No.12313372


If they have to stay in >>>/qresearch, then you have to back the fuck to reddit

e74f7d  No.12313374


If it was a time fused device there would be an alternative power source and an alarm feature to the device. From the pictures of the devices I could not detect any presence of a functioning time delay mechanism at least if they wanted the devices to work and not just look like they work.

000000  No.12313375


>nobody was actually bombed

>there is no evidence that there even was any explosive material inside these things

False flag confirmed. What were the democrats thinking?

What were the Democrats thinking?

fed6e6  No.12313376


>There's literally no crypto proof that posts aren't deleted.

Leaving aside the insane spergery of your post, what? No proof posts *aren't* deleted? You can't prove a teapot ISN'T orbiting Jupiter. You can't make a claim on proving a negative. That aside, my posts get responses by established accounts all the time, so clearly people are seeing them. Post deletion would be very easy to spot and everyone would have figured it out long ago, just like the plebbitors caught on to shadow banning super quick even when reddit itself never said anything about it.

It's not "BULLSHIT!" at all, I mean what I say. If you don't want to use voat, then don't use it, but I've used it long enough to know what I'm talking about.

96ffb1  No.12313378


"Why don't you come show me your clock at the Whitehouse"

He's just keeping in touch from wherever he went to with all the hundreds of thousands worth of gifts that all the mega corporations sent to him for causing a bomb scare.

96ffb1  No.12313383



000000  No.12313384


All the "white nationalists" which are pushed here are either Jews or Democrats. Frequently both.

08f4df  No.12313385


> literal ISIS terrorist used a car to mow down people getting out of school, in New York

< no national guard

> some dum fuk democrat false flagger (he's probably a chinese canadian kike) sends out hoax devices to a few kikes

< anudda shoa

000000  No.12313387


>no one is going to be punished

I doubt it.

08f4df  No.12313388


Yep. Literal kike homos.

134d3a  No.12313389


This is the kind of happening that supports tue false flag theory. Not gay shot like "muh PR."

You don't risk drawing attention to key players without a power play.

fb4847  No.12313390


Fuck off kike, we're coming for (jew)

7f20f7  No.12313391


That's so low effort considering how his bantz can be.

ab68c1  No.12313393


they have to name some fag group like that because no one would believe it was a mongolian toering forum

952436  No.12313394

File: a3c24fd2827f823⋯.png (325.23 KB, 597x697, 597:697, zxcuomo.png)


Even the j00z don't know where to run. Better get the goyLEO's to protect our special snowflake chosen asses. Safety first!

f81a8e  No.12313395



Jesus, has this board actually descended into cuckservatism?

134d3a  No.12313397


Nothing about that prop screams 'careful engineer'

81e4b3  No.12313398


>National guard getting deployed over this shit of all things

I think I just popped a blood vessel from rage

000000  No.12313399


What if Antifa confronts the National Guard? Hahaha.


No it's literally true, look them up. Every white nationalist pushed here is a Jew, a Democrat, or a Federal Agent.

e74f7d  No.12313402


WRONG. The first picture show one device with multiple payload with each being fused at one end only also that is not a pipe bomb or a real one for that matter unless there is an alternated power source on the other side.

You second picture is a claymore antipersonel mine not a IED also only fused in one area with two fuses so the device can be used with multiple trip wires for perimeter defense.


000000  No.12313403


>WE are the white nationalists.

I'm a libertarian like most people here. The white nationalists shills like you push are quite literally controlled opposition.

7f20f7  No.12313404


I have no interest in thinktanking for them.

96ffb1  No.12313405


Was it another hemorrhoid as your boyfriend entered you.

f81a8e  No.12313407


>Every white nationalist pushed here is a Jew, a Democrat, or a Federal Agent.

Oh, you were talking about the ecelebs, not white nationalism as a whole, my apologies.

7f20f7  No.12313410



You made your bed, sit in it.

ff4b72  No.12313412

File: 5da6a9dae0d17de⋯.jpg (834.18 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, (((tor))).jpg)


Fuck off torkike no one "here" believes your bullshit. This is and always will be a National Socialist board.

1bc1e9  No.12313413


Lmbo, did you guys ever recover fully from the big fallout in tel aviv at the JIDF gathering. Evidently, there is major division among the ranks. The youth are in disarray and it is showing now. Phuck off kike.

7a8b2a  No.12313415


You’re assuming “false flags” would be done by governments, and not cowardly leftist lone actors.

000000  No.12313418


Oh it's you again. Thanks for feeding my database. I've captured quite literally thousands of your posts and can ID you from your posting style with over a 90% confidence rating. Wait until I out your Twitter!

952436  No.12313419

File: c838c2e3ce1ce58⋯.jpg (6.07 KB, 87x143, 87:143, zvxgg08899saln.jpg)


when you thought that White Nationalism was a thing and not a diversion away from Zionism/Israeli Nationalism

000000  No.12313423


Yes you have a Twitter and it's your real life photo on your profile. Better bawleet it now.

000000  No.12313428


d99f3e  No.12313429

File: b7cdb11d98e5846⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, peek-a-boo parrot.webm)




Is it finally happening? Is this the White Jihad they've been worried about?

4cd6dc  No.12313430


Fuck off. White children have a right to exist.


t. newfaggot

338f97  No.12313435



Gas yourself.

b2f884  No.12313436

File: 6a68ed94310915c⋯.jpg (64.09 KB, 570x587, 570:587, 6a68ed94310915c71271361499….jpg)

>national guard deployed for fake bombs that didn't go off and haven't killed people

>these bombs were allegedly delivered in person not through mail in the most monitored city in america yet there is no CCTV of any suspects

wish the civil war would just start tbh I'm fucking sick of boomer cuckservatives invading this board, burn the internet and start the war tbh

a6fd7f  No.12313437

File: e6500988a294cf7⋯.png (67.72 KB, 220x168, 55:42, ClipboardImage.png)

000000  No.12313438


>white children have the right to exist

>so therefore we need to larp as nazis but in the gayest way possible

I see you Schlomo…

7f20f7  No.12313441


I was half expecting something west coast. They had been doing quake drills recently and I expected shenanigans.

b2f884  No.12313442


kys libertarian scum

115726  No.12313444


Getting caught… was all part of his plan… torpedo…

7f20f7  No.12313445


Wew, hadn't thought about that media scare in a while.

ee87bb  No.12313447


>Will there be blood spilled before the midterms?

I fucking hope so

ff9ca1  No.12313448


Kill yourself

08f4df  No.12313450

File: d237e841cd027b2⋯.png (330.33 KB, 620x587, 620:587, ClipboardImage.png)


115726  No.12313451


You first

e5e52d  No.12313452



>Deploying the military for migrants is so inhumane!


8a1235  No.12313453


wait, tell more. are you shitposting or is this real?

08f4df  No.12313455


oh, sorry. 18th of May. Why don't I remember that?

4cd6dc  No.12313456



Nationalism is the natural state for all races. Libertardism is an amorphous abstraction that only can exist in homogeneous White nations.


Because you sound like one.

>Oy veh!

>pol is libertarians now!

Fuck off with your newfaggotry.

ff4b72  No.12313458

File: 822a99440673840⋯.jpg (64.45 KB, 800x445, 160:89, board of peace.jpg)


We are going to genocide every kike on Earth down to the very last mutant spawn. You're on that list too, nigger. Enjoy the wait.

08f4df  No.12313461

This is what a pro shill post looks like:


1d9df2  No.12313466

File: 10922c9a0d40504⋯.png (414.65 KB, 588x456, 49:38, Screenshot_2018-10-24 Brea….png)



b2f884  No.12313468


the fuck are you even saying you idiot

7f20f7  No.12313469

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

952436  No.12313472

File: 7fdf6a638975c74⋯.jpg (66.39 KB, 712x719, 712:719, xs091amklf77mmn.jpg)


It's difficult to imagine that jew york believes it is in some kind of danger; being model citizens and all. It's not like they've been booted out of everywhere for despicable acts or anything; amirite tho?

08f4df  No.12313474


Checked. Yeah, it's a video from a May 18th even, though. It fooled me for a second too.

08f4df  No.12313475

7f20f7  No.12313476

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one's good too since it breaks from molesty (((Franken))) to it.

e47ef5  No.12313477

>be DSA

>send bombs to mainstream democrat figureheads

>if it works, kill some of your inparty political enemies

>independently of the result, the republicans, your other enemies,lose votes on the next elections

Really makes you think.

000000  No.12313478


Come at me any time you dickless transfag shill. If you think gore will scare anybody off this board you're a confirmed boomer fag.

83ac7b  No.12313479

>lets take some nice pictures of this potentially live bomb

ff4b72  No.12313480


Mediakikes are reporting on it NOW though. Are they trying to distract or just whip everyone into a freny?

08f4df  No.12313481


You said, "you have already lost the civil war"

Common shilling activity: "make people feel bad"

115726  No.12313482


Nigger lol I was defending you with the torpedo, which resulted in trips, but I’m sure they don’t teach you that in the Tel Aviv shill squad training

000000  No.12313484


>Proud Boys

They aren't even right wing. They are a a bunch of lolbert cucks.

b2f884  No.12313485


I really hate boomers, people like you didn't exist on the chans before 2016

000000  No.12313486



So this is like your full time job, eh? You're on here all day every single day.

ff4b72  No.12313487

File: 573c7a79f8db902⋯.jpeg (428.05 KB, 1544x1024, 193:128, buttblasted.jpeg)


Stop projecting, shitskin. You will never be white nor male from the looks of things.

08f4df  No.12313488



People think anything with wires is bad.

Wires are bad, mkay?

338f97  No.12313489


May 18 nigger

000000  No.12313491


Confirmed boomer faggot.

000000  No.12313493


This, DSA are actual commies and bombings are something they love.

08f4df  No.12313494


noobs don't know what a wild west 4chan was before (((they))) took over censoring it (& blocking vpns)

115726  No.12313495


What in the flying fiddlers fuckstraps is wrong with you this like talking to a wall

d99f3e  No.12313498


>state revolution

>against a transnational order

>that's nuclear armed

They don't even care about developing the human farms and are using them as slaves to build the breakaway civilization.

08f4df  No.12313500


Prosecutors released it today, for some reason.

cecc3d  No.12313501

File: 19923ba7bb3aefa⋯.jpg (409.26 KB, 1500x982, 750:491, stamp measurement.jpg)




Actually, that's wrong. Here's one with the correct measurements.

e47ef5  No.12313502


>they weren’t real bombs

We will never know for sure, but they surely are awfully stereotypical.

>made to gather sympathy for the democrats

A political shift in which the DSA would also benefit, even more it would had succeeded.

Anyways, this is just a hypothesis, but most people here don’t have enough evidence to really know what happened either, and are just deducting things from the past behavior of the involved parties.

f817b4  No.12313505

File: 505770ba1de9c1e⋯.png (139.31 KB, 395x572, 395:572, 505770ba1de9c1ed975ed9afb7….png)



Shut the fuck up with your larping overlord, cuckchan refugee.

016ccf  No.12313507


>hot and neutral

It would take a real special terrorist to put an AC generator in his bomb

115726  No.12313508


>using the shitty commie metric system on anything other than engines

7f20f7  No.12313510


I know, but whenever there are drills it usually coincides or is a predictive programming matter. Locally there were something like 2,000 emergency actors and it was on the news yet it chocked emergency call centers.

f81a8e  No.12313511


I'm not even sure what they're trying to imply here? Are they saying that The Proud Boys sent a package of computer files on themselves to Cuomo?

115726  No.12313514


What are things that shills say, my foreskin feasting baby raping friend?

000000  No.12313515

OK I was retarded and took the shill bait but can we PLEASE ignore the obvious shills, the so-called "white nationalists" telling us "it's too late, it's all over" and other shills and blackpillers and have a discussion on the topic?


>packages stamped but delivered by courier in at least one instance

>probably no explosive material inside

>connected with wires to a clock without an alarm function


Even the news is admitting that "this could just have been done to send a message" now, which I think is them admitting they know there were no actual bombs.

08f4df  No.12313517

File: 6d8e6dce22f751a⋯.png (17.56 KB, 731x175, 731:175, ClipboardImage.png)

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