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File: be762672f19d0e6⋯.jpg (127.82 KB, 993x559, 993:559, verg.jpg)

3690ff  No.12322586

15 invaders gang raped 18 year old in Germany

The 18 year old allegedly sold her an XTC pill in a club and then allegedly bought her a drink that most likely contained a knock out drug.

He led her out of the building at midnight and he and 15 others gangraped her for 4 hours in the nearby forest.


868b0f  No.12322598



74cf67  No.12322607

>buying drugs and taking drinks from sandniggers

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

b1e046  No.12322608

I don't care because nobody will do anything

ef5196  No.12322612


b-but muh hummus

bd9915  No.12322628

She went out to do drugs and whore around and this was the result

458c73  No.12322651


Hang yourself . This is the result of all the men becoming weak faggots like you.

3690ff  No.12322655


It's jewish news so take anything they say with a grain of salt.

Muslims are lying pieces of shit that change their story every other minute and she likely remembers nothing at all or very little.

He might just have slipped a roofie in her drink while he passed her for all I know.

3690ff  No.12322663


More and more news like this will sooner or later result in lower class Germans banding together and fighting back in their city.

Large parts of Germany are lost to invaders already though.

0a2389  No.12322670

Again? Take it back to leddit, nigger.

237c7a  No.12322733

File: 68b344a0c7eeb10⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 508x289, 508:289, DalaiLama.jpg)



How much sympathy can I have for a broad that hangs around mudslime apes and does drugs with them?

She was treated like the brainless slab of meat she apparently is.

This does NOT mean the mudslimes shouldn't be beaten to death, of course…ALL mudslimes that invade white countries should fucking die.

9acbfc  No.12322742

Women still haven't grasped the concept that they're prey.

d29170  No.12322756


Go white knight somewhere else. That whore got exactly what she deserved.

458c73  No.12322835


You’re a jew

d29170  No.12322844


>y..y..our a j…j..jew

Surely she'll let you use her torn vagina for sex now, anon. You did it!

458c73  No.12322883


Fight me irl so I can get your jew gf all wet at the sight of your broken and bloody jew nose . I’ll rape some non jew into her kike.

d29170  No.12322893


>white knighting this hard


4e82dc  No.12322910

Sluts are a consequence of the jew.

Shitskin invaders are a consequence of the jew.

Anyone who attacks women as a first reaction to such a story, whether she really was a slut or not, is either a kike, a moron, an incel, or has mommy issues.

And by the way, these shitskins should be hunted down one by one by the local nazis and beaten to spaghetti sauce. Make it happen.

2fddd8  No.12322925


This girl was raped by jews, for those kvetch the most about "WE WUZ REFUGEES TOO AND YOU KNOW YOUR PAST WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU BECOME XENOPHOBIC OY VEY"

180205  No.12322929


>He might just have slipped a roofie in her drink while he passed her for all I know.

This is a more likely scenario.


>Anyone who attacks women as a first reaction to such a story, whether she really was a slut or not, is either a kike, a moron, an incel, or has mommy issues.

Women are retarded and loathsome but they are retarded and childlike, programmed to be this way by the system, being angry at women for being too trusting when bombarded by zog propaganda is like being mad at a physically abused puppy for pissing itself when you take off your belt.

4c8158  No.12322975

It would be more entertaining to hear about the queers doing this to the invaders instead, but for some reason they only target their own racial cousins.

Why can’t the homo rapists target the invaders instead? It would certainly be a check on their behavior

95bd84  No.12322982

File: 44c946a250f73fb⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 368x288, 23:18, 1310256077001.jpg)

4c8158  No.12322983


Shut up nigger

d29170  No.12322991

File: 51bd5645a33fbdb⋯.jpg (76.54 KB, 320x320, 1:1, whiteknight-320x320.jpg)

000000  No.12323080

>sold her an XTC pill in a club


Any white woman that is outside alone after midnight, deserves to be killed.

4c8158  No.12323097


There were no knights of other races.

e9c641  No.12323098


She was asking for it.

ef5196  No.12323285


This, she knew what she was getting into but suddenly didn't like it once she found herself in the middle of it.

c39cda  No.12323631


Said the kike. That is not the way our culture used to be kike. We come from a high trust culture that has been established for hundreds/thousands of years. It is going to take people time to adjust.

a140c8  No.12323794

File: 3c2024e74db7ef8⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Polish_President_visiting_….mp4)

File: 9fd79d14845898a⋯.png (152.61 KB, 628x528, 157:132, poland.png)

e665ea  No.12323901


>Blame the woman

You missed the first post, and the world will not miss you. It would be so fun to stomp you into a paste.

e665ea  No.12323910


We should allow Sand niggers to dole out justice to our degenerate women? What a fucking faggot. No anglo-saxon male would cheer an Islamist mob doing that. You're either a complete cucked faggot (deserving of death) or a kike subversive (deserving of death). I wish it were legal to kill you.

a79b5d  No.12323950


not until WE organise online and IRL. All the facebook mummies, football hooligans, and angry students will do nothing until we take the lead

000000  No.12323963


> It is going to take people time to adjust.

To what? Women already adjusted to degeneracy.


>We should allow Sand niggers to dole out justice to our degenerate women?

No. It's actually called justice killing a whore that goes out without a boyfriend.

687e89  No.12323973


this is like blaming a dog for getting run over

2d1e45  No.12323980

File: 51a6d982cd4c6f4⋯.jpg (143.82 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, m'lady.jpg)


What if I blame the shitskins and the woman? You milquetoast faggot. Why the fuck would a german girl go clubbing post Cologne New Years? She was looking to misceganate, and the only thing she's mad about is that she didn't get to remember the bestiality she wen out to find of her own traitorous volition. This time, it was not some schoolgirl who got snatched on her way home from school. This was a whore NPC. Fuck her and fuck you.

c39cda  No.12323989


Are you that artificial womb faggot again?

Jeez blame women again why don't you…this gets so old…"its not the jews men, its your women. You European males just need to genocide your women and you will live happily ever after." blah blah blah…

603f2b  No.12324014


fa015f  No.12324046

File: 39e5247950df9ba⋯.png (393.41 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, the-scoop-2.png)


It's both though, just because kikes propagandize them into being drunken, childless, miscegenating sluts doesn't mean women they are blameless. They do have free will, don't they?

c39cda  No.12324052


Well she is now.

c39cda  No.12324056


I don't actually think they do (you either) but I am still studying that. I think Zeno was correct, we just don't want to give up the lies that bind us.

c39cda  No.12324072


Now that I think about it, this is slightly funny as well…pretty soon when no women will go to clubs all these sexual emergencies will start happening to European males instead and then what are you all going to kvetch about? Will the European men who are out walking at night or coming home late from work and gang raped by 15 invaders be 'sluts' as well? Men who were 'just looking for miscegenation'? Yeah, I kind of can't wait to see /pol/ explain that away…

This should be interesting.

41c6c5  No.12324083


Every fucking thread there's a nigger shill like you "muh whiteknight" yeah sure, everyone here only defends white women because they want sex, that tells me you are a nigger, can only think of muh dick.

This isn't about wanting to fuck her, this is about europeans being killed by niggers because the jewish brainwashers told stupid teens that they are the same, if you can't see the potential use of news like this you're either a retard or a nigger, not that there's much difference, so fuck off.

429f04  No.12324096



>play stupid games, win stupid prizes

This is literally what I came here to post.

21ee87  No.12324140

Miscegenation leads to long lasting ecological problems. It's a crime against nature.

10d6e9  No.12324164


No one cares what you blame, you need to be smashed into paste.

56dd0d  No.12324195


Or the shitskins could just not exist in Europe, Jews as well

990978  No.12324395

I'm sure the jews will be happy to rehabilitate those 15 men during their incarceration for a mere $300 million euros or so.

966791  No.12324430


>OP states woman went to a club, a place of degeneracy and filth in the now non-white EU

>drinks with mudslimes

>parties with mudslimes

>gets raped

sure, kill the migrants and lynch them. punish the woman and her parents for having zero self control as well. play stupid games, win stupid prizes just like anon said. She willingly exposed herself to the situation. Its entirely her fault for getting herself into that mess in the first place.

d8b9c1  No.12324465


>Its entirely her fault

No you colossal faggot, it is the fault of Jews and spineless men like you who allowed these invaders into the country the first place. Instead of recognizing this, you want to suck off your "trad" mudshit friends for what you consider a job well done. How about you willingly expose yourself to fighting to keep your country safe, otherwise you're as useless to me as the invader and deserve to hang alongside them.

b3fbd2  No.12324473

Learn how to survive in this Jewish hell because we're falling down to the last white man.

d8b9c1  No.12324476


You're supposed to white knight for women being attacked by invaders, not sit there like a bitch with pompons on cheering a rape. I want to kick your teeth down your throat. The only thing you are good for is to serve as example for what we do to cowards.

000000  No.12324492

Please everyone look up what German women vote for. Will they ever learn? I would trade them for American women in a heartbeat because at least US white women mostly voted for Trump.

1ea39b  No.12324512


kill yourself

8de404  No.12324513


> She willingly exposed herself to the situation. Its entirely her fault for getting herself into that mess in the first place.

The majority (to her) tells her that migrants are safe and fun to be around and that dimissing them based on their foreign status is evil and led to the "genocide of the jews".

Remember, whiteys weakness isn't pathological altruism, but belief in the words of others.

It's also, of course, our greatest strength, because it allows us to cooperate with people on scales the lesser races cannot do.

It MUST remain our default position, what needs to be done is kill those who poison the well.

Kill those who say "these are harmless teenagers".

Et cetera, yeah, sure, peopel can learn and tehre are many jew wise and lie wise people, but the default is still belief.

Which is great and must remain the default.

The hate and destruction for our enemies simply must become the majority again.

8de404  No.12324526


>Remember, whiteys weakness isn't pathological altruism, but belief in the words of others.

Pathological altruism is a symptom though.

Anyway, this also means that our enemies don't have power, only control. That should lift your spirits somewhat.

You aren't a powerful masterrace if you cross your fingers behind your back when the real master race strikes a deal with you.

That just makes the real master race gullible toward jews who have no concept of honoring contracts or vows with others.

it also perfectly explains why the real master race is weak against jews.

It all pivots on lies and our propensity to give people the benefit of a doubt, and while jews aren't people, since their appearances are lies too (they look superficially 'white' to a lot of people) people still get fooled by them.

This literally and truly is the crux of the matter, nothing else, nothing less, it is the root.

Belief in the words of others, in contracts, law, vows, etc.

I'm not master race if I strike a deal with you and cheat you because you weren't able to know better because I disguised myself, you are master race because you offered cooperation with someone based on a mutally (or so you thought) agreed set of rules and mannerisms.

Teamwork is the strongest ability lifeforms can have and ours is the strongest of them all while being enhanced by our overall abilities in the other aspects of life.

bd9915  No.12324568

Im amazed at the amount of white knights in here. If some literal NPC normie roastie whore wants to go out to a club in germanistan and buy ecstacy tablets and party, drink, and consort wih other heathens, gang rape is a pretty logical outcome.

She should have been at home with her family.

8de404  No.12324577

File: 8f878c4b9801744⋯.webm (8.42 MB, 600x480, 5:4, liberty_the_ass.webm)

File: d574982763cbeab⋯.jpg (324.81 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, israeli_special_forces.jpg)



opinion discarded.

Teh shit Germany has gone through, is going through has killed lesser nations, sadly (Rhodesia for example) while it also fields the strongest resistance against jewry and degeneracy.

Remember, Germany lost the war, the biggest most important war in recent history, yet it is better off than the so called victors.

f914bc  No.12324605


I am amazed that faggots like you cede territory and accept muslims as a 'logical outcome'. Will you stay home and pay the Islamic Jizya too?

ab81bf  No.12324613

File: b95066eaff890ab⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1250x911, 1250:911, Tips Ghidorah.png)

a773a7  No.12324686

Can you even call it rape at this point? Any German girl who gores near sandniggers knows what is going to happen. They are probably expecting it.

c9cdc9  No.12324706


Depends on who you mean by victors. The allied powers weren't victors. They were losers too. Only Israel won that war.

a631f4  No.12339304




Based and epicpilled.




It was going to happen to her one way or another if she's going to bars, hanging around non-white men. She got what was coming to her. Maybe it sucks, but that's the game.

4a6e1a  No.12339384

<naive (coalburning)

<degenerate (drugs)

>nothing of value lost

Anchor all demoralization news, it's the same story every time.

7ceb6d  No.12339424


>jews propagandize how discriminating against migrants is evil and racist

>instills white guilt in woman

>blames woman not jews

000000  No.12340393

>perpetuating the feminist "date rape drugs" myth.

>ensure right-wingers help to push the lie by including non-White perps in the storyline (facts come secondary to 'muh niggerz are stealing our girlz')

The elements common to every claim of "must have been drugged" are, of course, present in this narrative too.

>sex with non-whites/group sex


The status-strike incurred by the girl's social circle/family finding out that she becomes a coal burning slut after a few drinks, makes an alternative explanation the only possible route.

Read Kanin 1994 on False Rapes and specifically, the reasons the women themselves give for claiming false rape.

Read the many studies and stats on "date rape drug" hospital admissions in the UK and Australia.

Not a single case of "date rape" drug found. Only plenty of Cocaine, X and alcohol.

>Date-rape drink spiking 'an urban legend'

>Widespread spiking of drinks with date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB is an "urban legend" fuelled by young women unwilling to accept they have simply consumed too much alcohol, academics believe.


>Drink spiking a myth: WA study


The idea that young women need to be drugged before they will have sex with a non-White, is simply a device used to appeal to the "angel/whore" complex which White men have towards White women. They don't want to believe that "their" women willingly have sex with groups of non-White invaders, it's simply too painful to the ego.

But why is it so hard to believe? Everyone on the right acknowledges the power of jewish media indoctrination, everyone on the right complains about the effectiveness of "miscegenation propaganda", yet now, when the effects play out, those same people scramble for an excuse

>she was raped

>she was drugged

>she was too drunk to consent.

Sorry, but it's much simpler than that. The girl has already decided to have sex with the brown men, she has a drink to reduce the anxiety associated with breaking the taboo / "sticking it to daddy/white men" and the rest is history.

7b25da  No.12340820

File: 02315ae89fbac31⋯.jpg (27.43 KB, 474x271, 474:271, pepe gassing a yid.jpg)

960272  No.12340881

File: 2a21b71c09ac4de⋯.png (200.29 KB, 943x687, 943:687, liberty the ass.png)

c66280  No.12340991


>Women have no agency

Took you long enough to show up.

3d9c47  No.12341279

>XTC pill in a club

Street trash.

>then allegedly bought her a drink

She was intentionally interacting with him to the point where she was accepting drinks from him. Burn the coal, pay the tole.

3d9c47  No.12341282


I don't see you doing anything to stop whores like her from going to clubs to do drugs and chat up shit-skins. And that is exactly what she was doing. I hope she dies from internal bleeding, but Middle Easterners have baby dicks, so it's unlikely.

f700af  No.12341331


Ich kann nicht sitzen und zusehen, wie meine Leute abgeschlachtet werden.

Schrauben Sie Ihre Optik. Ich gehe rein.

8b1dfe  No.12341334


No pity for thots.

No mercy for invaders, for you shall receive none.

8b1dfe  No.12341341


Reminder that this guy was mentored by a straight up National Socialist German mountain man.

1f96cc  No.12341362

Kill the rapists and then sterilize the coal burner and deport her to the nearest Muslim shithole country.

a58fa2  No.12341397



Fuck off, Christkike, if anyone should be taking care of the roasties, it should be us, not Arab Invaders.

7d346d  No.12341411

File: a5c6482c6d60e11⋯.jpg (44.5 KB, 320x462, 160:231, a8d2b7e3df8094b4dbc2efab69….jpg)


>posts Dalai Lama

>defends lack of empathy and compassion

Nigger u dumb

000000  No.12341738


>perpetuating the feminist "date rape drugs" myth.

>Date-rape drink spiking 'an urban legend'

>Widespread spiking of drinks

See the qualifier "widespread"? Nobody is claiming that spiking of drinks is widespread and a significant number of your drinks will be tampered.

I know for a fact a prominent place in a famous German city were the patrons of a bar were served spiked with KO drops drinks, to rob the unconscious patrons. Happened years ago, without shitskin interference. The robbed victims were made fun off, they shouldn't have drunk so much, even if they had just half of a (spiked) beer. It went for years until a employee spilled the beans.

f7bebb  No.12342612


My thoughts exactly. Whiteknights will try to say she didn't know any better but most women don't do stuff this retarded

0f77c7  No.12350090

File: 36b26b8046e0e43⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 1024x451, 1024:451, 4djomfch07o11.jpg)

File: b22f01790b4b8a2⋯.jpg (288.63 KB, 1024x898, 512:449, 150563.jpg)

File: 14a15f596d3b22b⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1537034532102.jpg)

File: 30c955f282010b7⋯.jpeg (46.7 KB, 320x316, 80:79, giuyd9.jpeg)

Defending modern day western women is the equivalent of defending a jew.

These clowns have gone through their entire lives in western civilisation defending brown people, voting, voting to import brown people, getting banged by brown people, thinking they're equal to men, being feminists, being whores, doing drugs, having polygamous sex, going clubbing, drinking. They also viciously defend brown people and multiculturalism. And here you are, turning around and raising a shield in front of them. You might as well raise your shield in front of the jews while you're at it. And you know it's true because of how ass-blasted triggered you all are; you brains instantly turn to chimp brains "MUHFUGGA I'LL PUT YOUR TEETH DOWN YOUR THROAT"

Your brains are mush. You can't think straight. You're defending the people bringing you your own downfall and you deserve to suffer for it.

Why would you defend weeds if you're trying to cultivate a garden? Why are you still defending those weeds when they've now made up over 80% of your garden? You're apathetic to the weeds in your garden. Let them drown in their own vomit; you should be defending the flowers, not the weeds. Not the whores going out each night getting drunk, doing drugs and fucking strangers. You're no better than they are enabling it and saying "it's apart of our culture our wamen ARE FREE!!"

If you idealise a clean, pure, perfect garden.. WHY in the ever blazing fuck do you want to keep the weeds amongst the flowers? You must realise, you must ACCEPT, that a large portion are cattle, NPCs, cracks, zombies to be left behind. Otherwise you're just bringing them to your new garden and putting the weeds back in the soil yourself. We are self-improvers, striving for betterment, struggling for betterment. Growing a garden. Why, after all that hard work, bring in the weeds that lived in sloth, gluttony, an easy life of apathy while you struggled and soiled under the black sun. Parasitical filth to leech on others and contribute with nothing is not worth saving. The dregs, the weaklings, the ones that just make up excuses for everything, to justify to continue to be leeches, parasites losers, filth. And if you are intellectually honest you have to admit that if you do save the leeches, the parasites, you're not saving your race, you're dragging it down. Save the best, the healthy, the sane, the creative, the intelligent, the beautiful, the fair and noble, in a way that ensures the fall of everything else

fucking retards gas yourselves

4a4c1f  No.12350877


>National Socialist German mountain man

so you mean Austrian

e948cf  No.12351321

The real issue here is that these invaders were in the country and able to do this, not the moral character of the victim. Shills are just trying to distract you.

d7b1c8  No.12351323


>Comrads, in order to fullfill our ideology we should encourage our woman to do things that get them raped.

i would kill you if i saw you

4852a1  No.12351333


So, Im the enemy now?

Are you literally this stupid? Do you want to solve any problem at all?

2d7d41  No.12351335


wtf i hate women now.



55b14b  No.12351364


Both are the real issue. We have more than one problem, and if you solve one without the other, you still have the same pile of shit instead of a country.

4852a1  No.12351401


As long as woman massively vote left, they are the root of the problem. They are keeping the Jews at their current state.

How are we going to red pill the minds of the average woman?

Simple, don't provide them with anything and thus stop rewarding them for their lack on our ideology. White woman need to understand what white man are worth.

You will only love him when you let him go, and you let him go…

2903d0  No.12351586


save us the rope and kill yourself tor pedo

2903d0  No.12351595


>How are we going to red pill the minds of the average woman?

By killing the invaders and dominating our women again.

Women are biologically driven to mate with the winners of conflict they lust after strength.

We must become men again and crush our enemies, then women will be like putty in our hands, as it always was before jews infected us.

abd69f  No.12351600

she voted for this, I didn't.

89448a  No.12351605



A retarded girl like that was bound to be raped eventually.

b8570a  No.12351631

It does not matter if she was being bad you insensitive assholes.

She will become an angel and a god one day and these shits are going to burn for what theyve done.

8620bf  No.12351635


Hello fellow goyim.

As a fellow goy I sure do no care about this

This victim of indoctrination and circumstances created by (((us))) brought it all on herself. This goy woman deserved it!

Women and Germany are lost why even care?

89448a  No.12351640


Do women have agency or not? Because they've been telling us that they are, in fact, stronk indypendent womyn who need no man for decades.

b8570a  No.12351643


did you know weeds burrow roots deep to bring up minerals to the sub soil for other plants?

cc7074  No.12352520


burn the coal pay the toll

4852a1  No.12352776


for the media not to ignore it*

19aa9f  No.12353732


>The invaders are doing BAD STUFF, time for action.

We've already long been invaded retard and under occupation of ZOG.

>The sloot needs to be defended because she's white!

Die a terrible death faggot.

Traitorous whores need the rope, regardless of who hangs it.

You white knighting faggots defends useful idiots like this too when the they fuck up and get crucified?


aac440  No.12359363


>Blaming women who, are literally incapable of making sound decisions due to having vagina.

Stream your suicide!

ff4a99  No.12359377

File: 10e006ec6a84bd0⋯.gif (4.82 KB, 88x31, 88:31, explode2.gif)

where you see gang rape I see bad parenting…

f00e50  No.12359724

File: eec89dfe36fe1ba⋯.jpg (120.94 KB, 806x960, 403:480, whiteknight.jpg)

So many npc in this thread.

f00e50  No.12359730


>I don't actually think they do (you either) but I am still studying that.

Law says they do this is only thing that matter.

Don't like disparity between reality and law? Vote to change the law: women have no free will and therefore should be the property of the men.

ccb9dc  No.12359788

File: 57de2f82ae3bb31⋯.png (5.74 MB, 1384x3180, 346:795, 41b228afb327b9a802147c9b51….png)


Excelente' point fellow pole star. You have given us all a lot to think about. Anyway, have you heard that jews consume the blood and flesh of human children? That's just bananas innit. My personal contention is that those rabies that ate the most baby dicks seemed healthier and lived longer and the practice evolved from that. Its a low tech source of pluripotent stem cells. A method to induce microchimerism. Of course if there was an HLA miss match you would expect the poor circles to experience a slew of autoimmune disorders later in life. But what do I know? It could just be a perverse inversion of the eucharist, just another way to spit in gods eye.

What do you think anon?

c27e92  No.12393952


>letting sandniggers into your country destroying both yours and theirs is empathy and compassion

fuck off

e5ed3b  No.12394104

>/pol/cels hating white women ITT

I bet she came her ass off

736c88  No.12394144



too bad she didn't die.

8a0125  No.12394571


>I’ll rape some non jew into her

>promoting racemixing


92fa01  No.12394701


>Goy, just let your women do drugs, don't be mean

You're the kike

92fa01  No.12394720


>Blame the woman

Yes, because the woman are supposed to be on our side. Kikes are expected to act against us, we are enemies. But a white woman who acts like this is a traitor. Hang traitors first.

92fa01  No.12394731


little and bowers already took the lead. Youre larping.

92fa01  No.12394741


>this is like blaming a dog for getting run over

this bitch LITERALLY ASKED for drugs. Dogs dont ask to get run over, you complete moron

92fa01  No.12394804

File: 70269c10c136502⋯.jpg (31.59 KB, 356x400, 89:100, 70269c10c1365020e03134ef05….jpg)


>you're as useless to me

77dca1  No.12394807


Nice argument oven fuel.


Maybe next time she'll let you clean the animal semen out of her.

139ac3  No.12394834


tfw framing X for a gang rape with GHB/GBL

rapefags getting desperate

76bff7  No.12394848


newsflash women are brainless slabs of meat but their wellbeing is integral to the survival and wellbeing of men. stop believing that women have agency you fucking retard

5e14f7  No.12394932


>newsflash women are brainless slabs of meat

>stop believing that women have agency

If that's all true, why should I bother trying to save the white race? To save the faggot anons in this thread?

d42a92  No.12394964

File: 669d52b70e90fe7⋯.png (102.64 KB, 418x992, 209:496, incel.png)

The incel speaks.

42331e  No.12395075


where's your argument? am I a shill because I don't IP hop?

d42a92  No.12395095


The argument is that you're an incel. You hate white women, because of your pathetic state. I would also like to turn you into a paste if the guy above doesn't do it first.

First, your head needs to be separated from your body.

51fe73  No.12395224


>The argument is that you're an incel.

>[thinks ad hominem arguments are valid]

Which statements have I made that you disagree with?

51fe73  No.12395234


Nevermind, I'm slow, I just realized you're trolling

43734b  No.12395358

File: 06f79d02d036e01⋯.png (20.96 KB, 481x289, 481:289, swedenrape2.png)


it would be interesting to see how rape survivors vote. you would think being raped would be a huge wake-up call and a genuine redpilling moment for somebody, but every rape or assault victim I've seen in the mainstream seems to stay a lefty or after a rape the become an extreme lefty. does that seem strange to anybody else? like I know Yuri Bezmenov mentioned that the brain washing was almost impossible to break, but you'd think at least one light bulb would turn on in someone's head. how can someone be raped by a brown man, then vote to be surrounded by more of the same?

5195b5  No.12395534


women don't have agency, wishing women were men without dicks isn't going to make it true. They are good at what their for, if you want to fuck your best friend and equal become a faggot

f11ce4  No.12395570


>sold her an XTC pill in a club and then allegedly bought her a drink that most likely contained a knock out drug.

That isn't rape, dipshit. If a roastie accepts drugs from a man, that counts as consent.

f11ce4  No.12395582


Almost as if 99% of females who are "raped" deserve it for being dumb as dog shit.

000000  No.12396063


>Remember, Germany lost the war, the biggest most important war in recent history,

And it is still Occupied Germany! The talk I see about "Germanistan" is Jewish-level twisted sadism, most likely promulgated by Jews. Germany led what has been thus far the only war to save Aryan mankind, and got kicked down for it because too many fluffy White sheep ran to fight for the Jew. A country the size of Texas, with a population of about 80 millions (post-Anschluss) and a few smaller friends, went up against the world's largest empire, the world's largest army, and the world's largest industrial power – and almost won! They almost saved the world; their whole population shed rivers of their best blood for that; and they are still under hostile military occupation with a foreign-controlled puppet government. People should show some respect.


<Any white woman that is outside alone after midnight, deserves to be killed.


<It's actually called justice killing a whore that goes out without a boyfriend.

<(other nigger-like chimping)

You wannabe-muslim faggots are too stupid to realize that the safety of unaccompanied teenage girls at night was used by commentators as a measure of the good of Hitler's Germany. For what happens to be the handiest of the examples I've seen over the years, in one of those dusty old books you retards are incapable of reading:

>It was said that a Polish girl of sixteen could walk the streets of any German border city after midnight in complete safety, but a German woman of eighty-five was not safe on the streets of a Polish city at 2:00 in the afternoon. [Dr. David Hoggan, The Forced War, Ch. 16]

<after midnight

>after midnight

Having addressed the faggots, I will speak to the men:


>It would be so fun to stomp you into a paste.


>you need to be smashed into paste.


>I want to kick your teeth down your throat.


>I would also like to turn you into a paste if the guy above doesn't do it first.

I think you are responding to what Dr. Pierce called "defectives", based on his experience with some of Rockwell's recruits (especially Patler, the dysgenic scum who shot Rockwell).

These "defectives" are cancer to any political movement; and they are especially drawn to anything which makes them feel like bad-boy renegades.

The "Night of the Long Knives" was a good example of how to handle them appropriately. I've oft observed that many of the degenerates waving around Swastikas nowadays would have been mopped up by an SS detachment, just like that.

Stomping to paste and kicking in teeth may suffice, if you're saving ammo to screw with optics.

…oh yes, about that "club": May I remind you that when Dr. Goebbels conquered Red Berlin, he set up shop with his SA men in a building which had been a degenerate "club". Well, that had been a fag club; but you get the point. (From there, he later moved to the Ministry on Wilhelmstrasse.)

This is how you make safe cities, as described above. Yes, a Fräulein could walk around at night – but there were none of these types of "clubs", no drug dealers, and certainly no non-White ratpacks.

31dfdb  No.12396267

It's part and parcel in living with jews.

Their thinking is that if they destroy homogeneous societies, they as strangers will be welcome too.

By comparison to the niggers they flood the country with, the kikes look pretty good but that's their goal.

730daf  No.12396452

File: e4e147105f814d4⋯.jpeg (37.47 KB, 763x431, 763:431, 824918-39761.jpeg)


>(((They)))'re totally not making the XTC part up

>its just a white woman, who cares goy

Stop and consider why they added the 'XTC' story when compared to G A N G R A P E by a bunch of sandniggers it means nothing.

Low IQ niggers like yourself should praise whatever you worship that a bullet and a ditch is much cheaper than what you actually deserve.

000000  No.12396694


Damn straight, and good point about the XTC allegation. HH.

I hear lots of this here, and it is the sound of THE ENEMY:

<white slime had it coming

<white bitch loved it, was asking for it (just like all those German bitches who got gang-raped after the Jew's War in 1945, ja?)

<whitey got wrecked, nothing of value lost


>Their thinking is that if they destroy homogeneous societies, they as strangers will be welcome too.

It's that, but also more than that. The Jews hate White people; and most of all, the Jews hate Germans. In private, I have heard Jews speak about Germans with such vicious hatred as makes a KKK speech about niggers seem kind and gentle by comparison. Wishing that every German had been killed in WWII ("not one should have been left alive"), gloating over the mass gang-rapes in the East, wishing for every German to die by slow torture… it sent chills up my spine.

They don't say things like this in public – at least, not usually – at least, not nowadays. Sometimes, they slip. Sometimes, the Jewish hatred of Germans has been on full public display. File relevant [was title page of Germany Must Perish by (((Theodore N. Kaufman))); "Sorry. Tor users can't upload files on this board."].

The religious Jews sometimes rationalize their Germanophobia by associating Germany with Amalek; some rabbis have said that Germany is the offspring of Amalek. Now, look at your Jewbook: The Bible contains around 40 different commandments to commit total genocide against the Amalekites, "man and woman, infant and suckling" (and even to kill all domestic animals owned by the Amalekites!). The atheistic and "non-observant" Jews just hate Germans because, well, um, the Holocaust! The same Jew I knew who would casually talk about how much he wished every German would die with slow torture, also claimed that he lost 6000 family members in the Holocaust. Yes. His own personal Holocaust of 6 Thousand. I guess that makes as much sense as every other Holocaust story I've ever heard.

Also, an important correction: The Jews don't want to be "welcome". They want to dominate!

Jews were always welcomed by Aryans who had no prior experience with Jews. Aryans are naturally generous to strangers, and even somewhat xenophilic. Throughout history, anti-Jewish feeling only developed after Aryans had suffered Jewish swindles, Jewish usury, Jewish violence… For thousands of years, the Jews have always backstabbed those who embraced them in friendship! It has always been the same story in ancient Babylon and Persia, in Greece and Rome of classical antiquity, and throughout Europe for the past two thousand years.

The Jews' modus operandi for preventing self-defense by their hosts is to play the victim, accuse others of their own crimes, whine about "anti-Semitism", and undermine their host's society both culturally and racially until the host is too weak to shake them off. That's a far cry from merely wanting to be "welcome".

>By comparison to the niggers they flood the country with, the kikes look pretty good but that's their goal.

A Jew is much worse than a nigger. I say this, whereas you do not know just how much I hate niggers. Jews have the instinctive destructiveness of niggers combined with a much shrewder intelligence, which makes them commensurately more dangerous, plus a special level of spite which even niggers do not have. Of course, "kikes look pretty good" – but that's because they excel at fooling you.

"Tous les autres peuples ont commis des crimes, les Juifs sont les seuls qui s’en soient vantés. Ils sont tous nés avec la rage du fanatisme dans le cœur, comme les Bretons et les Germains naissent avec des cheveux blonds. Je ne serais point étonné que cette nation ne fût un jour funeste au genre humain." – Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Cicéron, 1771 (approx. in my stupid-level French: "All peoples have committed crimes, only the Jews brag about them. They are born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, like the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be surprised if that nation will be one day deadly to mankind." By the way, think carefully about that comment on blondness in 1771 versus what you see today.)

033ca7  No.12396915



The sandniggers should have been dead before they managed to cross the border. That is what happened in the past.

Yet instead, a bunch of pathetic faggots are expecting brainless, feeble females to suddenly become the defenders of civilisation.

Fucking idiots.

033ca7  No.12396921


>sandNIGGER detected

This is the mentality of shitskins.

2ab8ab  No.12396927


This is why i cant fucking stand arab shits their parents just raise little satanic arrogant fucks. Fucking elohim i just want to rip that little gremlins fucking head off and rape his bitch mother. Good god I want to kill a lot of arabs.

033ca7  No.12396930


Women are like children compared to men. With reduced capability comes reduced responsibility.

If you don't know that, you watched too much tv as a child.

2ab8ab  No.12396940


I fucking hate how all arab men try to psyche me out but when I start going fucking goat psycho they shut their pussy mommas boy mouths fuck I want to bash their skulls in and kill their families.

033ca7  No.12396948


You seem to think that women and the general public are well informed.

When in fact they have "shitskins are superbeings, worship them!!" zapped into their brains 1,000 times a day.

Trillions is spent on doing just that.

There are a few thousand people here, and not even all of them are aware of this stuff. Do you expect the general populace to be.

What is evident for you is not necessarily evident for them.

Red pill every female you know on this, even in small, disjointed doses.

It does make a difference.

For example, I tell female friends/relatives about "Las Holandesas" in Panamá, which curtails their ideas of solo travelling somewhat.

033ca7  No.12396959


Are you a negro, because you sound like one.

arabs are disgusting and pathetic.

033ca7  No.12396970


Just point out the obvious sandnigger in every thread you see it happen in.

2ab8ab  No.12396981


I just really hate arabs how whites hate niggers, bad history.

033ca7  No.12396988


>lol still letting your sister out alone without her wearing her full body and face covering

Fucking kill yourself shitskin.

Europe isn't going to stop being Europe in order to appease shitskin subhumanism.

Why didn't the fathers stop their daughters going out, why didn't the brothers warn their sisters, or beat the shitskins to an inch from death for even speaking to their sister.

That was how it was until a few decades ago.

What have you done lately.

033ca7  No.12396999


Everyone hates arabs.

Arabs are generally disgusting, raping, murdering, lying, thieving.

They also ran the largest slave trades in the world and history, kidnapping and enslaving both Europeans and negros.

None of that is ever mentioned.

I don't know why arabs are like they are. Does living in a desert mean you become utterly warped.

2ab8ab  No.12397002


these places used to nice, but when these subhumans come in with their doublehanded bullshit, its time to genocide them.

28e370  No.12397008

File: a73075290f76cc8⋯.jpg (93.73 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 09f3c7c7e524d88950ee527075….jpg)

>Does drugs

>Gets raped


She's a piece of shit anyway, and maybe not even white.

000000  No.12397017


>This is the mentality of shitskins.

Maybe – or maybe the mentality of a Jew who secretly faps to the 1945 mass-rape of German women. As I said above, I've seen Jews gloat about that in private, saying what they really think.

Who armed a horde of Mongolians and sent them into Germany with express orders from (((Ehrenberg))) to rape anything blonde? JEWS. Who is importing sandnigger rapists and Congoid nigger rapists into Germany now? JEWS.

The Jew has decreed that German women must be raped and raped until there is nothing left of them.

830925  No.12397027


You can always tell a real man is behind a post when it includes Japanese cartoons of little girls. We'll cull you too.

000000  No.12397053


<posts pic evidently intended to be sexy in a thread about a gang-rape

<praises the gang-rape as "GOOD"

<fap fap fap

What did I just say about Jews? >>12397017

c8e926  No.12397098


>18 year old girl knowing anything

Do not blame white women for their intrinsic lack of judgement, an education system of which teaches you to be tolerant, the media of which teaches you to be tolerant. A normal girl (and boys for that matter, but to a lesser extent) cannot overcome these and other mental bombardments, to give up on women like her is to give up on white women as a whole, which means giving up on your race as a whole.

Always look to the cause of the symptoms, never the victims on the receiving end.


Simply kill yourself then and I mean that, you yourself are somebody and you are doing nothing and so you do not care. You're apart of the problem of which has made you careless, do any little thing in your capacity, it's no matter how little of large the thing you have the capacity to do, as long as you do it. Even small actions cause ripples, don't think because you cannot change the course of Europes demise with a sweep of your arm, alone, that there will be no saving Europe, don't overestimate yourself and do what is in your ability to do.

We're all in this together.

2ab8ab  No.12397122


That seems legitimate. Also their culture.

a29214  No.12397187


Dude, that shit is hilarious. Fucking Polish President is a champ.

000000  No.12397222


Actually, for better or for worse, it's quite traditional amongst all races to seize women in conquered territory. Whites do it, too; that's why Mexico is full of mestizos, for one of many examples.

Germany is in fact conquered territory; and the so-called "refugees" know that they are in fact successful invaders.

White men have a long history of defeating Arabs in warfare; and Germany is historically, genetically the nation of soldiers. Thus, the real problem here is that the Jewish occupation government in Germany is opening the gates from within, just as the Jews opened the gates of Babylon to the armies of Cyrus the Great. And the Jewish régime is propped up by American muscle.

A bunch of stinking Arabs, Turks, and niggers could never have conquered Germany; the notion is actually hilarious. When Germany was free, to conquer her required the combined military strength of the U.S., U.K. (when still an empire), and U.S.S.R. And… Germany has never since been independent.

Do you realize that America still maintains a large standing army on German soil, armed to the teeth with tanks, artillery, and probably nuclear weapons? Do you realize that a legal state of war technically still exists, which permits the Americans to start shooting any time they want? Do you realize that the (((U.N.))) charter contains a provision, still in force, which explicitly allows any of the "winners" of WWII to instantly resume hostilities anytime with any of the "losers" of WWII? Do you realize that the so-called "German" government is legally an occupation government which the Americans still directly control in some important ways, hereto relevant? Just what the hell are the Germans supposed to do?

The foregoing is an objective analysis of the facts of life, and NOT a moral excuse for invaders who should be exterminated on sight. I myself suggest borrowing some ideas from Vlad Tepes for what to do with any "refugee" who ever laid a finger on a German girl; back in the day, that made quite an impression on the Turks! But to get to that point, Germany needs to be a free country.

033ca7  No.12397435



033ca7  No.12397469


Excellent post, and trips.

Vlad Tepes is what is now necessary, on a grand scale.

Were the countries of Europe independent, and not subverted, it would have happened spontaneously, with borders surrounded by would-be invaders.

I can't believe what the world has come to within my lifetime.

It was a relatively pleasant place when I was a child, and as a teenager it was already beginning to decay.

7a634e  No.12397498

File: 56609e730f9edb0⋯.png (104.95 KB, 1000x585, 200:117, Opinion_polling_for_the_ne….png)

Merkel bad! Lets vote for someone worse because some snail somewhere is going extinct!

91bfd7  No.12397538

>trusts random shit skins in a club enough to take whatever drugs and drinks they give her

>probably wouldn't trust an evil white man to hold the door for her

She got what she wanted right? What's the problem

Rapists are better than racists!

033ca7  No.12398635



000000  No.12399617


"Brie Larsson" is a man.

Part of the job of MtF elite transgenders of hollywood is to make you hate biological women.

401b40  No.12399712


if the government extincts off its native people which it was supposed to represent & protect then what comes after doesn't matter. Let it be the worse semetic hellhole for I have no sympathy for niggers and arabs.

e140cd  No.12399743


that's nice an all but in many cases rape can be subjective

e140cd  No.12399755


That whole part of culture is doomed… all cultures have alcohol but it's never a problem because its adults WITH other adults within a system of order. Having young brats play adult is a recipe for disaster, specially when some of these adults are wymyn (eternal children that stop ANY maturing after 15)

e140cd  No.12399757


We can start a gofundme to get that woman a better life, just like we tried it with the retarded whore.

e140cd  No.12399761


>muh humans

women are children, not adults

e140cd  No.12399767


So liberating!!

Here is a thought, why doesn't /pol/ creates a no-go zone within the "bad parts of town" (aka a no-go zone)?

e140cd  No.12399775


so much this, it is the duty for a white man to defend a white women… even if it means risking his life. A woman can many multiple children with Chad, but a normal white man can at best do 1 or 2.

e140cd  No.12399777


Roofies are nice

e140cd  No.12399781


Banding together to do what? Make these muslims kneel down to feminism?

e140cd  No.12399785


Reddit is very complicated though

e140cd  No.12399791


what is your opinion on recreational drugs?

e140cd  No.12399795


No, she's used of men being afraid of her

e140cd  No.12399797


Won't argue against that

e140cd  No.12399800


>first post was a whiteknight


e140cd  No.12399805

e140cd  No.12399806


I would pay to see that

e9d765  No.12399810


Exactly. And because she had drugs and alcohol in her system we will have to assume it was consensual.

Frankly these women bring it upon themselves. They elect alt left fascists who only empower blacks and Indians, cuck us to do drugs with them, and when they realize what happened the morning after, bitch at us for not being there to protect them. And when they get pregnant from too many gang rapes, they bitch at us again to pay welfare and child support.

e140cd  No.12399812


that is normal

e140cd  No.12399816

e140cd  No.12399820


that too

e140cd  No.12399822


always fun to see your posts

e140cd  No.12399825

e140cd  No.12399829


It's better to die a whiteknight than to disrespect a woman with sex.

e140cd  No.12399831

1d243f  No.12399857

She was buying drugs, this was no pure and innocent little girl, she deserved what she got

e140cd  No.12399863


>there are no bootlickers of other races


e140cd  No.12399865


>implying she liked it

women liked the attention but women should chose who they pick for sex.

0fc230  No.12399866


Yet the men of germany do nothing. Until they help themselves, anything that could be done would only pander to weakness. In germany, you could literally pool money and take a train to eastern europe, come back with weapons, form a militia and regulate.

e140cd  No.12399867

e140cd  No.12399871


This, every time a woman gets raped, we should kill random men of the same race of the woman. I believe one day there will be no rapes

e140cd  No.12399872


top kek

e140cd  No.12399875


Maybe we need to create our own No-go zones (aka "bad part of town")

e140cd  No.12399877

e140cd  No.12399879


Actually, she's mad she didn't get to pick

e140cd  No.12399883


fuck off

401b40  No.12399886

File: 7363b244ca586ea⋯.jpg (226.35 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sefton-delmer-father-of-bl….jpg)


pic related, as much as it pains me I think its time to write them off as gone, de-nazification completely broke them.

e140cd  No.12399887

e140cd  No.12399888

e140cd  No.12399891


Women should learn their place

e140cd  No.12399895


Actually I can't argue againt that

e140cd  No.12399897



e140cd  No.12399898


pretty good actually

e140cd  No.12399901


men are men and women are women

e140cd  No.12399902

((( >>12324083 )))

fuck off kike

e140cd  No.12399903

e140cd  No.12399906

afe8ca  No.12400034


Nah. Women shouldn't even be out and about in the first place. They should be back in the kitchen where they belong. Women are sluts by nature so obviously we both know that in any scenario that men wouldn't be sluts but women are.

205f01  No.12400234


>I think its time to write them off as gone

The future is not for the likes of you.

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