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File: 2a0a5c3887f2bc7⋯.jpg (287.79 KB, 1599x1256, 1599:1256, 1_oz_gold_plated_post_nazi….jpg)

fa6499  No.12359528

>Gold buying by central banks hits its highest level in almost three >years

>Central banks around the world have upped their spending on gold >to the highest level in almost three years, according to the World >Gold Council (WGC).

>More than 148 metric tons of gold were bought by the national >banks in the three months to the end of September, a rise of 22 >percent on the same period last year.

Using the current spot price of $1,223 per troy ounce, the gold purchases by the banks added up to a $5.82 billion spending splurge on the precious metal.

Russia's central bank led the buying, purchasing more than 92 tons of gold. This marked the country's biggest quarterly net purchase on records that stretch back to 1993.

>While all eyes are on the oil price and the ruble to dollar rate, the >Central Bank of Russia has quietly been buying huge volumes of >gold over the past year. In January, 2016, the latest data available, >the Russian Central Bank again bought 22 tons of gold, around >$800 million at current exchange rates, that, amidst US and EU >financial sanctions and low oil prices. It was the eleventh month in >a row they bought large gold volumes. For 2015 Russia added a >record 208 tons of gold to her reserves compared with 172 tons for >2014. Russia now has 1,437 tonnes of gold in reserve, the sixth >largest of any nation according to the World Gold Council in >London. Only USA, Germany, Italy, France and China central >banks hold a larger tonnage of gold reserves.

>Only slightly smaller volumes of gold are being bought in past >months by China. And a significant monthly addition to its gold >reserve is being made as well by Kazakhstan. For the past forty >months, Kazakhstan, has been increasing its central bank gold >reserves. Kazakhstan along with Russia is a member of the >Eurasian Economic union along with Belarus, Armenia and >Kyrgyzstan. Belarus ghas also been increasing its bullion reserves.

a39aef  No.12359535

/pol/ talked about this last year. The only way to really destroy the fed is to destroy fiat currency world wide. Russia is doing that willingly, and china has to because nobody trusts their highly manipulated trash money. Say goodbye to the petro dollar and the worthless treasury bux, and hello to real money backed by physical assets again.

1a497b  No.12359536

File: d688bab919c8a51⋯.mp4 (13.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Protect What You've Worked….mp4)

9f6dc7  No.12359542


Ah, cool, there's yet another conflict starting up in a year or two then. Same thing happened before Ukrainian war started.

a0b23f  No.12359554

File: 8f3892b97f7414b⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1345x1818, 1345:1818, f7bbe65a74830b988298c43b8c….png)

This guy sold all of Canadas gold to China, Europe and South America mostly china, which is what pushed their economy into #1 for a few months in 2017, they paid almost 3% below market price for it which is unheard of, any private bank would only go as low as 2%. So he went out of his way to give gold to these countries.


I can't even fathom the level of betrayal the average leaf must feel. Their entire countrys economy and currency now rests on the dollar, if the dollar crashes Canada will burn 10x worse than even America itself, which at least has gold reserves and can switch currencies.

Slavs stockpiling of gold is basically criminal purchases and just digging it out of the ground. Gold is a stable metal, it lasts for centuries, most gold bricks have pedigrees that their prior owners can be traced back for hundreds of years, but Russian gold is pretty new with no pedigree. This means it's either dug out of the ground or purchased on the black market.

It's all about the fall of the US dollar, the printing age from about 1960 is going to last until 1940 and then start dropping until the end of the century (2200) which is going to be a titanic shift in the world economy.

We're basically going back to the geopolitics of the 1920s, the Zeppelin age, that's what these countries are being ready for. No more monopolar alliance "blocks", no more great nations, just tiny nations struggling against each other.


fa8633  No.12359586

File: e4ee05bfdccc049⋯.jpg (35.24 KB, 624x414, 104:69, 1.jpg)


Source? It'll even out the

<reddit spacing

In your

<slide thread

b5a07a  No.12359641


>Gold Demand Trends Q3 2018

>World Gold Council


There are a myriad of other 1 to 2 day old sources. OP took their source from NPCNBC.

See also: Secrets of Money series.

fea53d  No.12359652


Prepare for alarming resurgence of gold bars hollowed out.


2022a3  No.12359655


Maybe they're making a lot of gold statues or something.

b5a07a  No.12359664

File: 373d0acf819526f⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fake gold 2.jpg)

File: 6d37261c404405e⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 0ecfff86b5ea7719f4c7621146….jpg)


That was 6 years ago too, so yeah there could be a significant amount of these tungsten gold candy bars in circulation.

26e621  No.12359668

File: 805a467148fb404⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 1676x1130, 838:565, 1428504969078.jpg)


>This guy sold all of Canadas gold to China

This guy sold all of the UKs gold to China.

At a record low price.

298f4d  No.12359691

File: 689f099b8f3b6fb⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 504x792, 7:11, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R162….jpg)

Goldbugs back to boomerhedge.

>"The Volksgemeinschaft does not subsist on the fictitious value of money but on actual production, which gives money its value. This production is the primary cover for a currency, not a bank or a vault full of gold!"

>"We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency [backed by] gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced. . . .we laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank.”

>"For, should even houses and huts, railroads and bridges shattered by shells sink into dust and ash, the mortgages will still exist; the railroad bonds and public certificates of indebtedness are not thereby erased. Should villages and cities, entire provinces fall victim to the insane destruction of war, what is the result? New certificates of indebtedness are what it means. With eyes flashing greed the Gold International enthroned above the clouds watches the mad rush of humanity. And not long distant is the time when all humanity finally shall serve only as interest-slaves to Mammonism."

9f0484  No.12359695

They prepare for war.

4afd1a  No.12359706


Just getting ready for when the Globalists choose the Nuclear option to get rid of Trump next year and trash the entire economy

31e4b9  No.12359712

Why buy silver?

49c011  No.12359713


If people believe it's gold, then it's gold.

6ce8e0  No.12359714

File: 76d2426e1c66012⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 1162x831, 1162:831, 76d2426e1c6601202a42f7ba09….jpg)

File: db1304f23c454b2⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 289x250, 289:250, mm1488.jpg)


I can't wait.

ccf28e  No.12359721

000000  No.12359723


Thanks for reminding others of this fact. The gold standard would benefit no one except those who have it (and most of today's gold is owned by central banks)

000000  No.12359727


Oh and the price has been manipulated for many decades now by the Rothschild family. So, yeah.

e84557  No.12359732

Careful what you wish for, as we are all in this together.

When the currency dies, what might else happen with it.

Do you think the world will work the same.

b5a07a  No.12359747



Yes, ideally you would barter work for goods, or exchange work for a home. However, this movement of current day NatSoc is spread across the entire globe. Meaning that somehow the movement has to gain control of one or more geographical locations to congregate to. If these locations dont have adequate resources to get off the ground, money is necessary or some tradeable good will need to come from the land to sustain the effort.

Lumber for homes are limited, ores in the area will be limited, fuel and water resources will be limited. Attacks will be constant because of what the movement stands for, and taking into account the location will have to of been conquered in some fashion. An ethnostate will not be given to the movement.

In the absence of goods to manufacture for trade, something like Gold or Silver will be necessary to sustain the cause. Dollarization is out of the question. Perhaps an alliance with other nations to back our currency on their monetary systems like the BRICS idea. Though in the beginning the movement will have to try to play within the rules of this wretched world until it can sustain its self and its people without adhering to the rules.

26e621  No.12359756


wat about the bitcoin standard?

80b203  No.12359765

wheres a good place to get free ewaste for recycling?

ca3e26  No.12359768


I wonder how hard it is to get your hands on an original bar of Reichsbank Gold. I'd love one of those.


You're just an armchair philosopher too obsessed with the pie-in-the-sky endgame to consider the here and now.

What should a natsoc living in TODAY'S WORLD do in order to secure his wealth, if not gold? Gold remains the best long-term store of wealth/value, especially if when the petrodollar collapses and the world returns to gold-backed currency.

So, where do you suggest people hedge their savings right now in this economy?

80b203  No.12359772


I dont feel that there is anything anti Aryan to own a gold mine, work the ore, refine it and build an empire from the results of your hard work.

Gold has been an ancient money forever and the god damn kikes stole what was mined and minted fucking usury and shit

9206f2  No.12359774


You silly pumpkin

Y would we ever centralise?

It would just give the kikes something to attack

Lets kill all the jews first, then countries will naturally return to their nation state forms

8554a2  No.12359781




>What year is it.jpg

ffcfca  No.12359785

File: 979460578b5b6ff⋯.jpg (95.62 KB, 1072x862, 536:431, Flag-Olympics3.jpg)

File: c9f60c7cece4d94⋯.pdf (2.67 MB, The_Brigade.pdf)


>I can't even fathom the level of betrayal the average leaf must feel.

No more than usual. Our railways, our airlines, our real estate, EVERYTHING is owned by China. If you aren't working in the oil industry or a back breaking trade out in the -40C winters of Alberta, then there are no jobs and no future. The cities are wall to wall streets hitters, and the crumbling sidewalks are filled with irredeemable wigger heroin addicts and actual shit. There is an overall oppressive atmosphere of hopelessness and death everywhere. Canada has fallen long ago, and the few whites remaining are consumed with a daily struggle to survive. When I can, I'll be fleeing.


Exactly. There's a smart professor named Armstrong who thinks he has found a model for the cycle of civilizations based on birthrates. And the cycle for "western" civilization ends around 2025. Consider what will be happening then:


>Trump has left office, leaving many angry young men who realize he was just a rich New York billionaire with neocon policies. The realization that voting will never save them begins to sink in.

>The democrat "revenge presidency" strikes with the resulting shitskin flood and thoughtcrime laws one can expect.

>The boomers begin to die off and suddenly the white population becomes very small, which historically has always precipitated widespread genocide.

>Economy is a fuck

Through this all, like a spectre haunting the world, the Tricolour flag looms quietly. The decentralized and compartmentalized freedom fighter cells - based on the two insurgencies in history that were most resistant to infiltration - will fight on with the goal of eating up huge amounts of military expenditure. Eventually, the crumbling USA can be persuaded to chop off a tiny piece of its landmass to keep Israel and its oil empire afloat. Remember, in a colonial war it's not the generals that surrender, but the accountants. The USA would fight tooth and nail to stay alive, but it might be persuaded to let go of a backwater region of the continent that was soaking up much needed military resources at an unsustainable rate, like a gangrene patient being persuaded to amputate below the knee when their leg gets to hurting too much.

And from our new balkanized country, we can raise several generations of whites in safety and shelter the Aryans of Earth from the flood of mud, and someday our great grandchildren will take it all back.

I'll see you in the pacific northwest faggots.

298f4d  No.12359791

File: aa7e30593acf2cb⋯.jpg (160.08 KB, 961x719, 961:719, hitler communism.jpg)


>You're just an armchair philosopher too obsessed with the pie-in-the-sky endgame to consider the here and now.

What part of "the jews have controlled gold for least a century" do you not get?

>What should a natsoc living in TODAY'S WORLD do in order to secure his wealth, if not gold?

Revolution. At this point, any other path leads to communism and no amount of closet lolberging will stop you from giving up your gold to be fed like everyone else has in the past.

deed14  No.12359838


the shemitah approaches buy bitcoin.

abffcf  No.12359842

Gold is the stuff of leprechauns. You are a disgrace.

21046d  No.12359848


>I can't even fathom the level of betrayal the average leaf must feel


is what average cancuck feels while the government imports shitskins and chinks colonize the country.


Gold standard puts a limit on how much money can be printed before (((people))) doing the printing getting murdered in the streets.

In tsarist Russia for falsifying banknotes you were stripped of citizenship and sent to siberia to die.


>what about buttcoin standard

I dunno retard, turning off your electricity to make bitcions vanish is much easier than irradiating gold reserves with a dirty bomb.

But I'm sure someday your heroin and child pornography money will be respected

deed14  No.12359864


they will never shut down acapulco gold buy now.

ca3e26  No.12359871

File: 7d7a2cdc8d36813⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 599x337, 599:337, 137f6b0dee720a768d80227c18….jpg)


>don't do anything, goy

>you should just let your wealth sit in one of our banks, don't buy something with real value


136064  No.12359882


Read Hitler and Feder, once autarky is achieved, the gold standard is only readily useful to capitalist countries.

063d9e  No.12359893


>wat about the bitcoin standard?

There was an idea floated around by Russia and China of a joint crypto that would have a minimum gold equivalent conversion, the problem is actually doing it is basically declaring war to the US, so they're not gonna do it until they're certain the US won't come to democratize them.

The reason China and Russia and Co are buying gold is because they are de facto shorted out the dollars of their exchanges.

Bulk money transfer can be in local money (rub/yuan) or gold.

De facto it's a "gold standard" but only between Russia & co and China.

ca3e26  No.12359904


>once autarky is achieved

So, again, the question remains: where should people store their wealth until this occurs?

None of you have given an answer to this critical question.

b5a07a  No.12359919


Because they only speak in ideals and arent grounded in reality. Metals is a hell of a lot better than fiat currency. If you want to go a step further you could invest in gold mining operations and take the divdends from those operations to buy more gold as well. 10% of your wealth in gold is a good start.

ca3e26  No.12359942


That's a good idea. How would you suggest researching good companies to invest in?

c9d6b2  No.12359949

File: 565d839aca57fce⋯.png (313.83 KB, 568x568, 1:1, 3a71a945a55b17c9c645519140….png)



At least we got weed legalized eh buddy?

416296  No.12359960

File: 16b64c83c0f275b⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 620x373, 620:373, 6386161089386241.jpg)

File: 12259fa24698ac9⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 640x438, 320:219, 6386161089382652.jpg)

Badass Vlad Putin – killer of ZOG troops

now outmaneuvering ZOG bankers

>he's an historic tactician

308445  No.12359964


you need to look into if businesses exist near you that already do it, what standards they have to follow, and if they're allowed to sell to non corporate downstream. on a small scale, Craigslist is good for old ewaste and moderate sized local chains of businesses always have a room full of old shit they don't want. look into how to extract the metal from the chips and do a trail run before you go looking though.

416296  No.12360026

File: 2285a7519f65d28⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 720x438, 120:73, 6748463936557.jpg)

File: c7f7a3433600a8a⋯.jpg (46.67 KB, 730x487, 730:487, 6793862565937.jpg)


"The world’s central banks have acquired a record amount of gold in the third quarter of 2018 since 2015. The biggest buyer was Russia’s Central Bank, according to the World Gold Council (WGC) report.

"The leaders in purchases were Russia (99.2 tonnes of gold) and Turkey (18.5 tonnes).

Currently, Russia accounts for 17% of the world’s reserves. The value of Russian gold is estimated at more than $78 billion.

Kazakhstan, India and Poland also increased their gold reserves. Hungary increased its gold reserves tenfold in the last quarter…

Gold is often considered as a hedge against any fall in value of the US dollar.


With Gold in Hand

Will Russia and China clobber Washington DC at the outset of World War III? Or will they cut to the chase and nuke Jerusalem on the opening salvo, thus ending the war without further ado?

e4658a  No.12360066


Land, tools, guns, ammo, medicine, non-perishable food, agricultural supplies, machine tools, useful books, spare parts, drums of stabilized gasoline, quality buildings to house them, and so forth.

Also, if you are White then have a bunch of White children and raise them to be Nationalists. Best and most important investment of all.

After that, precious metals in moderation.

Also seek like minded allies and live near them if at all possible.

Cultivate self sufficiency.


Gold is not the foundation of the real economy. Productivity/ industry/ agriculture/ labor is. Also, most of all, the Volk. It is from the actions/ efforts/ developments/ intellect of the Volk that all prosperity springs. Of course, every White Volk is under invasion and attack right now, so that sucks.

Gold is just a rare yellow metal. It has few real uses.

A healthy and strong economy can exist completely absent of any gold. Without food, steel, clothes, etc, on the other hand, not so much.

Bottom line, some degree of precious metals investment may be wise, but without self sufficiency individually, or as part of a group of like minded people, you will always be totally dependent on the system.

7dbf7e  No.12360173


> Gold is a stable metal, it lasts for centuries

Gold is an element and will last for eternity not merely a speck of time like a century.

Other than that fam good post.

b5a07a  No.12360233


>Gold is just a rare yellow metal.

That statement couldnt be anymore false.

>Without food, steel, clothes, etc, on the other hand, not so much.

>Bottom line, some degree of precious metals investment may be wise, but without self sufficiency individually, or as part of a group of like minded people, you will always be totally dependent on the system.

>I brought that up here >>12359747

, as wel as the likelihood of attacks.

2d38b9  No.12360285


>the fiat currency to rule them all

Gold is just as valueless as the paper your dollar is printed on. The significant vast majority of gold is already owned by the same groups and hidden away in warehouses to force the gold that's circulating in public to retain it's "value".

945149  No.12360306


So is teveryone expecting the US dollar to cave-in?

b5a07a  No.12360321


Pretty much inevitable. There is too much of it out there in other countries. Countries which also hold debt with the U.S. If multiple or all of these countries decided to pay off their debts and send all of those dollars back to America - on top of the already over printing of currency currently happening - we would enter a severe hyper inflation period that would potentially destroy the dollar.

332643  No.12360331


I prefer Apmex.

They have some damn fine coins.

945149  No.12360332


We would still have faggots telling people to vote by then too

7ee586  No.12360343

you can not eat gold

just farming production alone not to mention oil puts the us way ahead and could become totaly isolationist if need be even though all shitskins want to come here above all other places and there is good reasoning behind it beside jew mass migration scam.

We are just better so don't see any collapse that will hurt us more than it hurts them regardless of worthless metal giving a value by a jew.

b5a07a  No.12360360


Buy land, have white sons and start farming then. You should still keep some gold around though.

9eba24  No.12360382


>Ad playing naive countryside boomers like a fiddle

>Rosland Capital sure sounds kosher

>Marin Aleksov is founder and CEO of Rosland Capital, a seller of gold and precious metals. Aleksov founded the Santa Monica, California based company in 2008.

>Marin Aleksov was born in Sweden

Brought to you by the same jews that brought you the total annihilation of Sweden.

Can't be bothered to dig further, but with jews you lose.

Buying gold is a total goy thing.

Ever see yids hoarding gold?

They buy up stuff of real worth as a collective or on their own with jew backed credit.

Real estate, companies producing actual revenue etc. not shiny metal bars of low intrinsic value.

e38ba7  No.12360421


>Gold is an element and will last for eternity not merely a speck of time like a century.

He's talking about the value. Gold is only as valuable as people perceive it. If scientists figure out how to shit out gold like the can with diamonds then it will be worthless.

e38ba7  No.12360428

File: a437ea33bf4ff0b⋯.png (410.57 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 7e172da7ae651c9a03def948ed….png)


>Ever see yids hoarding gold?

Everything in your post is fucking retarded but I think this summarizes it the most.

fed436  No.12360444


Oil is back up, thats why Russia is buying gold. They went to a small financial crisis and dumped their assets a few years back.

945149  No.12360491


He didn't sell it to the chinese, the jews in china bought it from the jews in the UK. It's what the rothschilds wanted. The jews see their future in china after europe and america collapse, we cannot allow a single to to fucking escape, I swear to god.

fed436  No.12360498

File: 957ea2bd3f43a31⋯.jpg (95.7 KB, 1543x716, 1543:716, natsoc-adding-this-to-my-c….JPG)

7ee586  No.12360523



jews cannot survive without whites as no other race will tolerate their bullshit especially insect chinks who will have to qualms arresting and publicly executing jews.

a0b23f  No.12360533


More talking about the worth of it than physical properties. Gold isn't something that drops to rock value overnight and people just dump it in a landfill, it stays in circulation and a LOT of organizations do nothing but track gold.

7ee586  No.12360534


No qualms*

chinks don't give a fuck and will kill them after taking all their shit communism full circle biting the jew in the ass. LOL you think chinks give a fuck about muh chosen or the holocaust?they are in for a surprise.

945149  No.12360535

File: 6f4209d9734fb18⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1056x2880, 11:30, 1494811108973.png)


Guess what? you are wrong

Read and learn faggot, look at pic related and google kaifeng jews

31e301  No.12360536


>Goodbye to the petro dollar

Never going to happen. Gold is a meme. Petrol powers trucks, ships tanks and bomber jets.

The only currency worth a damn is violence.

cfac49  No.12360542


China also has the world's largest amount of bitcoin miners

7ee586  No.12360546




and no have no need as know how chinks operate they will suck you and your info dry make there own shit based on other peopls shit and call it chinese.Basically the jews golem chinks are more jew than jews and care not about religiosity

945149  No.12360554


oh i see, it's not the jews, it's the chinks!


7ee586  No.12360565


stop insinuating what an anon means and understand context jews need to be exterminated you faggot

however their shit spread to chinks creating their own shit at hyper levels.

fb079d  No.12360608


hey boomer, when people stop using your crappy dollar as currency your cardboard house economy is gonna collapse

fb079d  No.12360613



this tbh. even fucking ISIS wanted to go full gold standard and made a documentary about it.

fb079d  No.12360622



yeah, used as a raw currency.

noone has the balls to drop the gold market value because everyone is gonna grab what he put out and its game over for him

this isnt fucking diamonds where israel has thousands of tonnes just locked away to keep the value up.

fb079d  No.12360625


states wont use it because its untracable.

and because it threathens their currency.

thats the whole point of the crypto collapse, the world economies shut it down

fb079d  No.12360635


i dont think you know what "fiat currency" means retard

fb079d  No.12360638


>If scientists figure out how to shit out gold like the can with diamonds then it will be worthless

yeah, its gonna happen any moment now right?

b5a07a  No.12360655


They've only been trying since forever, alchemy anyone? But yeah they must be real close now, literally days away and then tonnes of gold will be worthless!

cfac49  No.12360705


So did that gaydaffy Libyan

21046d  No.12360763


>Chinks would annihilate all jews if it meant surpassing west


We already can, at an extreme loss to produce a few atoms using absurd amounts of energy

But if we manage to use The Sun as a reactor for it, we can mass produce gold

baa942  No.12360781


This is why money makes literally no sense.

7dbf7e  No.12360847

>>12360533 (checked)


Thank you both for the insight to what the anon was referring to. I did not catch the meaning until you guys helped me.

e25fa7  No.12361044


Since we're on the topic, Gold is the heaviest monoisotopic element (it only has one stable isotope). This implies things like: pieces of gold are near guaranteed to be all the one isotope and so stable that, id left alone, they would be expected to keep their structure longer than the age of the universe. So add that on to the amazing properties of this conductive stardust. It actually can last forever.

fb079d  No.12361086


>if we built this reactor around the sun to power a maasive kinetic particle accelarator and atom collider along with the particle processing gold atom generator we could manufacture gold on a massive scale

>might aswell throw your gold in trash goy

yeah, and if my grandma had wheels she would have been a bike

fucking retard

a0b23f  No.12361118


The only things that would rival gold in value are the Avalon elements.

Some speculate the only reason us shitty carbon based lifeforms exist is so we can make Avalon elements and spread them across the universe, so that when our star explodes, superior creatures can evolve based on the ridiculous abilities of these elements and the materials they can make.

31e301  No.12361629



Boomers are the only ones who hoard gold retard

>when people stop using your crappy dollar as currency

When oil stops being a method of waging war, that will happen. Not before. Not in our lifetime.

You're just some retard who thinks that if you have a shiny metal someone will listen to you. Newsflash, they're going to kill you and take it with a war machine powered by oil.

31e4b9  No.12361677

File: 12dfb44bc399c58⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c22p_foto_01.jpg)


I wouldn't even bother with gold and focus on silver. It's demoralizing because you get so little for what you pay with gold.

If I had the money I would buy tool chest like my picture that was designed to picked up with a fork lift, and fill it up to the brim with silver coins.

7bb29a  No.12361727


Read history and you'll see kikes in ottoman empire, Muslim caliphate and even in Genghis Khan and his sons empires.

a5560a  No.12361749


Unlike the fiat money. At least you cant pull gold out of thin air.

31e4b9  No.12361753


The Venezuelan government is confiscating gold at the airports.

6c2e8e  No.12361786

File: b1fed5c191a7d7a⋯.png (51.94 KB, 915x529, 915:529, ClipboardImage.png)


>"alarming rate"

>check gold price

a5560a  No.12361792


How many tonnes that brought?.

e25fa7  No.12361807


What? Enlighten me on the Avalon elements.

d3ce6d  No.12361815


haven't you got the memo? its always been the chinks and no one else!

in fact there are enlightened individuals like >>12357310 who would love it if everything were blamed on chinks, poos and everyone else except the most obvious culprits

31e4b9  No.12361842


enough to pay off the goons.

f4e26f  No.12361915


>start farming then


>south africa


f4e26f  No.12361924


>t. time traveling space pirate

im calling the intergalactic federation, you need to stop stealing from federation vessels you scum!

19c575  No.12364229


>When oil stops being a method of waging war, that will happen. Not before. Not in our lifetime

its happening now homo. russia, china, iran and others are dumping the dollar and treasury bonds and making new markets for oil and other resources.

when saddam and gaddafi told you (((fags))) they wont use dollars anymore you offed them, but you cant off russia or china. you cant even beat iran, that won iraq and syria thanks to your incompetence.

>Newsflash, they're going to kill you and take it with a war machine powered by oil

yeah ill buy gold and some fat mutt is gonna try to drive a tank over my house.

it doesent work like that in europe.

thats why pentagon and the whitehouse are screeching like bitches when europe shifts closer to russia and china.

(((your))) faggy petrodollar is going down faster than your popularity charts

19c575  No.12364230


>(X) doubt

19c575  No.12364241


>focuses on the last 5 years


there was a clear rise in the dollar price untill the US and israel orchestrated the arab spring and plundered arab treasuries just like they did in iraq.

so much gold was stolen from liby and elsewhere that it dropped the market value.

now that the US doesnt have any more countries to destroy and steal gold from without starting WW3 the price is just gonna go up.

19c575  No.12364245


>there was a clear rise in the dollar price



21046d  No.12364282


>calls me a retard

>while unable to pick up on sarcasm

I think you're the retarded one here.

000000  No.12364302


>Only USA, Germany, Italy, France and China central banks hold a larger tonnage of gold reserves.


why don't those meatballs nationalize the gold and tell the (((EU))) to get fucked?

19c575  No.12364464


because its held in fort knox and the US can just impose sanctions and "temporarily suspend the rights of redemption to maintain economic stability in the central european economic system"

tl;dr: aint your gold goy

19c575  No.12364472



its like this joke i heard about my countrys wealth:

>Xcountry has 26,3 tonnes of gold reserves

<where are they?


a0b23f  No.12364660

File: aa629b33bcdf466⋯.png (25.48 KB, 838x382, 419:191, Island-of-Stability.png)


They are stable, super heavy elements, unlike most others we've made which only last seconds. They're called avalon elements because it's an "island" of stability and it's hard to reach.

182ba5  No.12364697

REMINDER: Astroid mining will fuck over all of the silverbugs and goldfags in the next 10 years. All of your precious metals will be worthless lol.

2b93f3  No.12364867

File: 886063d89c7984a⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1056x2880, 11:30, republican- party-redpill.png)



>reposts retarded redditor bluepill

19c575  No.12367514

File: b14df501da3f8f0⋯.jpg (26.06 KB, 484x403, 484:403, are you sure.jpg)


>alchemy didnt work

>atomic particle alteration didnt work

>hurr durr asteroid mining goys

yeah no take your paper money and shove it up your ass

d9cefe  No.12367578

Gold is rather cheap right now. It hit $2000 an ounce several years ago and has now fallen back to $1250. In ten years or so it will probably be at $3000. Silver is in a similar situation.

64c446  No.12367608

File: ef50d450c0107d4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 3613x1692, 3613:1692, Anselm Feuerbach - Das Gas….jpg)

You fuckers that think gold is magic need to ready about tally sticks. Money is what you give value you to. England, and many other countries traded with physical sticks. The object you trade with is merely a conduit to something valuable. To have just gold, USD, tally sticks, Bitcoin or whatever is batshit retarded. Buying property, buying guns, buying livestock. These are you cannot create property out of thin air. You cannot create (healthy) livestock out of thin air, nature regulates how much inflation there can be. And if you don't see the writing on the wall for guns you're retarded. There are so many more things to buy. But at the end of the day NEETS who post on /pol/ lack the resources and social connections to obtain these things. So I guess just stick to memecoin, gold, USD.


64c446  No.12367616

File: a13a978d93f89a3⋯.jpg (223.96 KB, 800x765, 160:153, 23451.jpg)


>hmmm, how could we deter faggots from stealing my shit and killing me

19c575  No.12368143


your goods for goods exchange and barter might wokr in your local village, but the moment you step outside youre gonna find yourself using one form of currency or the other.

the reason gold is better than other currencies is because theres a physical finite ammount of it, it has usefull properties and is rare enough to compensate dragging 35 tonnes of fucking wheat across the desert to buy a goddamn house.

we can play your communism when we establish a stable homogenous society.

436688  No.12368187


>implying buying a shitton of cigs and lighters is beyond our means

Besides, just because the most common currency won’t be used doesn’t mean that a currency won’t be used at all. The barter system is only going to reign on a small scale, say, a besieged city.

943528  No.12368241


How much was that safe? Im thinking of keeping the small one i have in my room upstairs amd put something like this in the basement.

796072  No.12368419

File: 786d0a7507ea365⋯.jpg (450.33 KB, 1030x773, 1030:773, 2331.jpg)



The point isn't to barter. It's to become self sufficient with food (hence property cattle, crops). Security (guns). If you produce a surplus.. sell the surplus to urbanites/soyboys who are wageslaves for shekels. Maximize your independence from society. This is what Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

Starting your own homestead is something any respectable man should strive for. Instead of diversifying your USD in the stockmarket. Do it in goat/cow/sheep/pig/corn/soybean/cabbage/land etc…

This isn't for a barter system, this is for you to use and to sell to others for their goy-coins if you so please or you could barter. But the latter is less likely to occur. Can't sell your surplus? Utilize it. Looks like you have extra bacon/corn for this year. Historically speaking, this is what the western world and every society is built on.

69a458  No.12368430

>the cabal knew this was coming



baad18  No.12368505

File: 6f4a3941803d2b9⋯.jpg (36.27 KB, 777x704, 777:704, bigthink.jpg)


I heard of it some times in last couple of years or so, specially about China bring back the gold standard. I even heard about Brazil's next economy minister with the possibility of doing the same here (though there is very little evidence to this).

But for people who understand more of this, could you tell us what in a more broad aspect what does this means, and what would be the consequences short and long term of this turn of events? Specially considering these are pseudo post commie countries.

796072  No.12368520

File: 45c74bb21c5fcd0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.6 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, turbo-jew.jpg)


Who exactly do you think owns the gold selling companies?

bc9966  No.12368562


>Brazil's next economy minister

If it's coming from Bolsonaro's team, it's coming from mossad and global zionist capital. That means its bad for you.

baad18  No.12368563


I somewhat agree with this, having a vault full gold just sitting there idly seems like a waste.

On the other hand that's the only way to give currency a inherited value that's not solely virtual.

I somewhat agree with equating a currency's value to amount of work, one example of this is the economy game Eco, where currency would be backed by gold, which wasn't exactly scarce, but would somewhat equate the amount of work one needed to do to get it.

However I fail to see how such a system would be applied in reality and international economy.

baad18  No.12368572


So what, are you implying that China and Russia is majorly governed by kikes?

325885  No.12368686

where does one get a reichsbarr?

fc191e  No.12368783


It's the biggest robbery in the history of mankind in progress. The introduction of the cash-less world currency will make money itself disappear. The current elite will be the last ones who will reach this status, because this new currency will enslave everyone under a fake economy that can be manipulated to their hearts content. Classes won't exist anymore, the top will become unreachable (unless you're handpicked), the free market ceases to exist and with it the freedom of the individual. Crime will be redefined since you cannot make money from it anymore, capitalism itself and the whole economy will be run by some lackluster AI that guarantees a low IQ maintenance class only there to work for the elite. All this will be enforced with total surveillance, a social credit system that forces humans to always compete with each other, which will destroy any form of groups, since nobody will trust anyone. There will be no effort put into food, healthcare, education, entertainment, politics etc. only the bare minimum to keep the drones working.

325885  No.12368824

File: 64d08dfd19d3232⋯.jpg (19.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, anprim.jpg)


take the an-prim pill anon

19c575  No.12369136


tl;dr: communism

yeah sounds great but its human nature for societies to centralise and grow. those two dont go together

>Historically speaking, this is what the western world and every society is built on.

up untill the appearance of civilisation

you cant juts delete civilisation.exe now that people know its an option.

keep in mind that most people are dumb fucking animals and are gonna live in a shithole if it means they dont have to work to survive

19c575  No.12369140


either get very lucky by finding it burried somewhere or buy an overpriced fake reproduction

19c575  No.12369151


gold selling companies are dealing with pocket change.

the gold bullion deals that matter are all done by high profile banks and state treasuries.

512b24  No.12369157


Fucking cock

Oh well, at least I bought 200 oz of silver while it was cheap a few months ago. In my opinion, Silver is a better currency to invest in than Gold, since silver is more actively consumed by industries, and it's worth less, which makes it easier to trade for commodities and stuff in a SHTF scenario. Also, the silver mines are apparently close to exhaustion, come 2037 or so.

325885  No.12369191


where can I get a reproduction? I literally need one

cfda6d  No.12369202


Makes you wonder who is selling it all and why.

10e05e  No.12370696


Communism? Where does my post refer to redistributing wealth..?

>keep in mind that most people are dumb fucking animals and are gonna live in a shithole if it means they dont have to work to survive

Yes, are you one of those dumb fucking animals? When SHTF are you going to sit their with your paper USD, gold, memecoin?

e5e020  No.12370728

Gold is used to build faraday cages to protect electronic equipment from solar flares and emps.

America leads the world in energy based denial weapons.

russia and China are stockpiling gold to harden their military against American energy weapons.

000000  No.12370756

Ron Paul was right. Buy gold now, goyim!

a480bf  No.12370847


It was a 10 year graph but at least there's now an explanation for why it dropped.

2002f8  No.12370868

File: 8793ad5be2a5eb3⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 625x420, 125:84, get.to.the.chopper.jpg)

old copy pasta is old

f6d628  No.12370998


America's saving grace is drone tech and nukes, and even then the ruskies have the upper hand in the missile department.

>incompetent bureaucracy weighed down by diversity

>unit effectiveness weighed down by diversity

>the disaster that is the F-35

>dumping billions into a carrier that uses magnets instead of much cheaper elevators

America will be fucked when it goes up against an opponent that isn't a third world shithole

479785  No.12371005

File: 0e68a4b8434f51d⋯.png (373.62 KB, 606x566, 303:283, ClipboardImage.png)




10e05e  No.12371016


>America will be fucked when it goes up against an opponent that isn't a third world shithole

Mouthbreather. The whole world is fucked if any country with nukes go against another country with nukes.

5349f5  No.12371058


>whole world

why would any country waste nukes on places like african shithole countries or antarctica

f6d628  No.12371411


Nukes aren't the end all be all

b64bbd  No.12373104


>Communism? Where does my post refer to redistributing wealth..?

communism isnt just about destributing wealth dumbass.

the word communism comes from french commune, a society/community based on cooperation rather than market competition.

>Yes, are you one of those dumb fucking animals? When SHTF are you going to sit their with your paper USD, gold, memecoin?

when we can sit down. untill then you should stand against this (((system))) thats trying to rob you.

keep in mind that gold value can rise and fall to a certain extent and always will do so. fiat currency will just lose value over time.

b64bbd  No.12373122


who said it has to be nukes?

the US already suffered a major defeat in both iraq and syria, and libya is turning out bad aswell.

getting bogged down and rekt in another big invasion like say iran would brek the back not only in US domestic politics but also the world.

fb736a  No.12389884

File: fc20975ba06e58a⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 401x301, 401:301, QUOTE_JPMORGAN_GOLDD.jpg)

File: ab93b56645e9af4⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 650x650, 1:1, REACTION_Goldfish.jpg)

File: 4464e8deb95e8b5⋯.png (474.72 KB, 495x880, 9:16, WEIMERICA_GoldenGateBrony.png)

File: 08c1ac6d246b578⋯.jpg (64.78 KB, 400x400, 1:1, PEP_GOLDEN.jpg)

File: fda24e344fa8e5a⋯.png (673.89 KB, 960x960, 1:1, GOLDENPEP.png)




Makes sense on the North American Union/Amero model.


>[labor] production is the primary cover for a currency, not a bank or a vault full of gold!"

Which is why the citizens themselves are the physical assets collateralizing fractional reserve debt-monetized currency. It's human zero-point energy, in effect, something from nothing (paper) – think profit margins on carbonated sugar water, but even greater magnitude. The principle has been paid many, many times over in all these central bank occupied countries; have a jubilee and a lamp post party like Iceland, EZ win-win.


>something like Gold or Silver will be necessary to sustain the cause.

Physical reserves & precious metals' prices just serve as a means to quantify human output, their intrinsic value apart from mediums of exchange is limited to high technology by and large. It's all barter-in-principle & games until there's a bank run. The danger being incurred is from the lack of separation between saving and lending banking.


>you can not eat gold

Monoatomic may have health benefits. But yeah, otherwise chickens' eggs are what's going to get you through hyper-Xtionary period as a mundane.


>Astroid mining will fuck over all of the silverbugs and goldfags in the next 10 years.

There is freaky technology; the V2 rocket Space X horseshit is deflection and nothing more; things like 'asteroid prospecting inside the next century' or 'japan space elevator within 50 years' are not out of the question (Tesla/field propulsion/zero point et. al. blah blah.)


>200 oz of silver while it was cheap a few months ago

Silver's cheaper, but there's less above ground than gold – and it would be practical in SHTF barter scenario (probably…) – the industrial consumption is only going to increase with tech. production indeed


>russia and China are stockpiling gold to harden their military against American energy weapons.

Hot take


<only our greatest allies can fix the F-35


816740  No.12389904

To make food you plant seeds, you don't sign people up for insurance and use federal reserve notes to steal somebody else's food.

To build things you study and then use your hands and collaborate with friends and family . There isn't any point to money. Its a pointless piece of paper that kikes print at will. Metals can be used for stuff but using them as a way to manipulate people is jewish as fuck. The world economy is a pyramid scheme, nothing else. Money is going extinct and there is nothing you can about it. Ive already weened myself off your jewish poison and just live my life now.

96e607  No.12389906


The government makes you pay tax with money even if it's worthless at gunpoint.

816740  No.12389913

Omg these people have more money than me they control me what do I do?

1 step fucking process. Dont use money. Then you don't submit all your power to some scheming kike like a cuck bitch. Its really that fucking simple. I am going 100% in that direction and would rather die than serve you parasites, so either fuck off or prepare for war.

c7a8a7  No.12389915

File: f26df0f35139ced⋯.jpg (101.11 KB, 914x866, 457:433, schlomostream.jpg)


Buy gold now for when SHTF. In the interum, slowly try to move away from (((Federal Reserve))) and promote the usage of non-((()))'d cryptos.

816740  No.12389917


Glow in the darks patrol the internet demoralizing anybody who suggests anything other than consenting to slavery. It's not going to work so just kill yourself failure.

816740  No.12389925


Nah actually I'll just live my life instead of playing a rigged game of monopoly where I'm a slave for parasites for eternity . Have fun in your dying universe though !

2e5be5  No.12390516


Do you have the pdf that states the difference between gold standard backed currency and the reich one

72fc55  No.12390706


Where do you live, anon? I'll install the chest securely for you. Great prices!

f9d2d4  No.12390746

File: 1b43f4e4360efb9⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 740x461, 740:461, stocks,bonds,t-bills.JPG)

>muh yellow rock

8a94f0  No.12390792


That will all be heat for the crows as long as the government is in the hands of your enemy. You might get yourself a little farm out there, supposing you aren't branded as an eco terrorist for doing so, but the rest of society will still go the way of the dodoo. You'll just be a lonely hermit waiting to die.

58861d  No.12393311


The only practical way to destroy the dollar which is what is really at stake here is to introduce subsitutes to SWIFT and similar jew-controlled intrabank transfer systems. This would allow for direct trade between interested parties without any intermediate dollar stage and with no insight from NATO-allied intelligence agencies.

8ea4c7  No.12393483


I would rather have a chest of silver coins than a few bars of gold.

c45dae  No.12393493


Hungary bought 28 tonnes in october too.

05cb39  No.12394879

Everyone should own some gold and silver. The world reserve currency is going to change hands at some point and many many people are interested in gaining control of the same power the U.S. has wielded for the last century.

A simple look at the amount of debt in the economy should be telling. Everyone "owns" financial, speculative, and physical assets that are vastly over priced. They are overpriced due to the suppression of interest rates which have been near zero for the last decade.

As interest rates drop, your ability to borrow decreases which makes it easier to buy up goods and services. This includes things like education, stocks and bonds, houses. So as interest rates rise, asset prices will decrease.

Also, many loans being taken out to buy overpriced assets such as houses. So we also have a situation where bank's collateral backing these loans is suspect.

Demographically, boomers are retiring. But you can't buy groceries with stock, so you will see them liquidating their assets because they need CASH. But who is going to be there to buy it up? The actual value doesn't exist for all the paper millionaires to actualize their gains. There will be a rush to do the door to collect on your life's savings.

Now considering the level of asset value to real goods in the economy, this is a situation where you DO NOT want to be owning digital currencies. You want the real deal. In a world full of debt, a literal ponzi scheme hell bent on extracting the real wealth of the economy, you better be damn sure you own something real.

I am going to put my tin foil hat on and make the claim that I bet all of the gold in Fort Knox has been hollowed out, and replaced with tungsten bars. We are not allowed to audit the fed, and I don't even think the president can go and see the gold. And the kikes have been in control of it for a long long time. You better believe that they have planned on how to extract it and ship it back to Israel. The future world reserve currency is going to be in the hands of the Jews. We literally squandered our wealth to create a pacified populace for just long enough to loot the place dry. And if you own the gold you can set up an economic system to last for ever, and the Jews will make sure that happens.

9639b3  No.12395157


and when they don't believe it and get it checked…

dae8bc  No.12395409

Gold is what started this mess in the first place.

fb079d  No.12404657


>a stable currency

>that even rose steadily lately


we want a reliable economy not a fucking merry go around.

fb079d  No.12404659


no, its currency manipulation with gold.

it was fine untill retards started chipping minted coins

e0ba40  No.12404792

The dollar is going to be forcefully removed as the world's trade currency. The petro dollar won't be a thing.

both of which don't matter even slightly if the US suddenly turns isolationist and nationalist

049def  No.12404829


This is what you get when you spoonfeed a sub-80 IQ the truth about the Jews.

fbc912  No.12404848


And kikes rushed to stop him out of fear.

8add51  No.12404931

Take this for what it's worth, but I do believe that the economy is going to crash soon. And anyone in the "know" is likely going to make a final cash grab before things get heavy. Because we are so blessed with extra income, so many activities, hobbies, etc only exist because the basics are cheap enough and we earn enough income.

But one of these extra hobbies is Magic the Gathering. And last week they announced that next month they will release a product called "ultimate Masters". This is a premium product that sells valuable reprints for tournament level play. They have made products like these in the past and they have sold for retail MSRP $9.99. Well this a lot of money for 15 card board cards. Well what are seeing with Ultimate Masters is a literal cash grab in that this set is being sold for $13.99 per pack, stating that they will not plan to release another Masters style set in the coming future.

This completely goes against the players wishes to have cheaper product.

The CEO is (((brian Goldner)))

Just something to think about. Because if the economy does poorly, you can damn well believe that a game like Magic will suffer.

689e45  No.12404986


>exposing the jews behing the ccp is a reddit bluepill

get gassed you fucking kike

e22b3a  No.12419295


do you by chance have that screencap of the big 20 year projection of what russia/china are doing? it was posted in one of those threads.

71a8d2  No.12419414


>so much gold was stolen from liby and elsewhere that it dropped the market value.

That isn't how they're manipulating the price. Listen to Andrew Maguire talk about the difference between "paper markets" and "physical markets" in precious metals (not just gold). Essentially kikes print gold out of thin air using futures contracts, and sell it by the thousands of ounces on the futures markets, and it all "clears" without anyone actually taking physical delivery. Print 5,000 ounce futures contract (a promise for gold ounces in the future) and then sell it off. When you sell it, you don't accept gold but instead "settle" on the current price of gold. They do this to shave off margin and profit from literally doing nothing. Because of the volume of "paper gold" vs real world physical gold actually circulating through these futures exchanges the price can be regulated easily or kept down indefinitely without real world physical gold ever actually influencing the overall metals markets. Game has been going on for a while, but is primarily being used by China to buy up the wests gold on the cheap while we play with monopoly money.


71a8d2  No.12419420


>The petro dollar won't be a thing.

Been dead a long time already




b9fb0e  No.12435504

I for one welcome the return of a gold standard

feb7d7  No.12437131


A $100 bucks rose in value from 1981 to 2005. Wait, that's not true, that image is wrong. In some stupid nominal value and not adjusted to inflation maybe, but even then I'm not sure.

And the stocks line, which look amazing, is the average of a few companies doing great, thousands doing so-so, and many more collapsing and losing their entire value, gold don't work like that. There's few publicly traded companies that have been around for 200 years mind you, so in that time-frame you would have had to work them, selling and buying, or your portfolio would have literally become obsolete.

0d84ed  No.12453005

Remind me why any of that matters as if china hasn't been sitting in the worlds biggest reserve of gold for 2000 years and done nothing?

55a7d5  No.12475350


doesn't mean shit if both these countries can't into industry

fea53d  No.12475438

File: 311bac23904a59d⋯.jpeg (7.75 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (3).jpeg)


>chest of silver coins

Enjoy your life of polishing.

7191df  No.12482147


Someone understands.

It becomes easier then to guess who is favoured by the financial elite to become (one of) the next hegemon(s).

5bb2af  No.12489065

Probably for the upcoming US-IRAN war.

4e9ff2  No.12489819


enjoy your mercury poisoning idiot

000000  No.12489847


One has a massive natural resource industry, the other has the former AND more industry than the rest of the world combined. It's ogre. The kikes are already preparing to move to their new host.

ea7f3a  No.12490712


Jews have been in India for millennia you absolute thundernigger

b63b23  No.12492040

Thats right, they are getting ready for a global currency reset and a cashless society (IF you all allow them to get away with that).

600407  No.12492219


>the free market ceases to exist

>implying it somehow existed safe for a few very specific cases

40488a  No.12493233



You mean, Rothschildollar?

China compensating for the lack of trust placed into them isn't going to hurt USA, unless you consider boomers in motorchairs not finding what they want at wal-mart to be 'hurt.' China is going maximum authoritarian again which will re-cripple their domestic markets, LARPer paradise grab your chainmail.


Russia is buying up gold because because their big ally is China. If they have half a brain then they won't buy any Chinese "gold" which is actually tungsten. Normally land is priceless compared to gold, but Russia can only capture frozen slav swamps from their neighbors so they take the gold route despite being successful conquerors.

<the gold purchases by the banks added up to a $5.82 billion spending splurge on the precious metal.

You mean, seven seconds worth of real estate manipulation?

0e4e8d  No.12494815


I'd rather have a 7 cases of 5.56x45 than an ounce of gold or 5 pounds of silver.

e38ba7  No.12494865

File: 53ed7a621f58e1a⋯.png (307.68 KB, 600x545, 120:109, 53ed7a621f58e1a3e26b5c7c0d….png)


>unless you consider boomers in motorchairs not finding what they want at wal-mart to be 'hurt.'

It's not just boomers. All the generations after them are materialistic as fuck. The difference is Boomers had actual wealth to spend on shit back in the day, but that wealth was slowly being drained away via inflation. Cheap shit from China helped cover it up, because they could still spend their monopoly money on an equal quantity of shit that was lower quality.

If China goes the mask covering up just how impoverished Americans really are will be gone, but they'll be too fucking retarded to realize it's always been that way. They'll believe whatever lies the media tells them.

fe9ed1  No.12494993


> If scientists figure out how to shit out gold like the can with diamonds

No it won't you dingus, gold is an element. A diamond is a mass of carbon that formed under specific environmental conditions, carbon is the element diamonds are made of, same a coal or trees or largely you.

Elements are the "building blocks" of matter, the only way to "produce" gold artificially is by the nuclear reaction that yield the only stable isotope of gold (which is NOT an easy one), gold would need to be 1M time more precious for it to be cost effective to be produced that way.

Also note that even if we can make diamonds that are way more perfect artificially than natural ones fairly simply and cheaply, it doesn't stop natural one to keep being sold at very high prices.

Even if you could make artificial gold in quantities why would it be different?

e38ba7  No.12495047

File: b7693e9a3f71abd⋯.png (51.77 KB, 1178x705, 1178:705, diamond_price.png)


These 2 lines seem to be the only relevant ones in your entire post.

>Also note that even if we can make diamonds that are way more perfect artificially than natural ones fairly simply and cheaply, it doesn't stop natural one to keep being sold at very high prices.

Pic related

>Even if you could make artificial gold in quantities why would it be different?

Supply & Demand

000000  No.12495124


There's something to be said for owning the means of production.

Real /k/nights will buy second-hand CNC mills and lathes, and pirate Siemens NX 10 onto a non-networked controller computer, that shit calls home!

000000  No.12495495

Gold is shit. It's always been shit. It always will be shit.

Buy bitcoin. It's on sale. It will never be this low ever again. You will be rich in five years.

000000  No.12495511


>its untracable


>the world economies shut it down

no, it's called a bear market, retard. the opposite of a bull market when it went from $1000 to $20,000 in one year. do you think shit just goes up infinitely forever without a bear market to shake out all weak ass bitches?

db6c79  No.12495594


>muh phancy terms i picked off youtube

do you know how bubbles work retard?because china and others banning its use was what pupped it.

db6c79  No.12495599


>gold is shit

must be why everyone is buying it. but hey youre an anonymous shitposter on 8chan, you must be right

000000  No.12495657


>china ban

lol, bitcoin actually dipped to $3000 for two weeks when that happened before it SKYROCKETED to $20K the following six months. you know why? because NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT CHINA


no one is buying it. check the historical charts of gold for this year…it's been going down the toilet ALL YEAR

lol faggots

d7d180  No.12495801

File: c081878070dadd5⋯.jpg (228.32 KB, 1140x737, 1140:737, mining.jpg)


>muh gold

Because his father put on all kinds of insane mining regulations 40 years ago, there are shitloads in the ground, and the newer robots don't kill miners or pollute as much

db6c79  No.12498213


>no one is buying it.

you obviously dont know shit about the topic here.

are you just selling some faggy crypto or something?

you must be because youre using TOR to spam your homo pyramid scheme everywhere.


f0411b  No.12506960


>gold is shit

>btw, buy this failing currency meme that has no value whatsoever without electricity being on

e00c8f  No.12507242


Yes. The powershit is very real, the problem though is are the financial elites willing to go to China for real, and not just their investments.

China isn't destroyed enough yet to be comfy enough for the kikes elites.

The mandate of heaven and the historical loop pattern of the unification and destruction of China makes it a risky place to be i assume.

e00c8f  No.12507258


Hahaha no.

dcc7e6  No.12538668


protip: gold becomes worthless if it gets irradiated

dcc7e6  No.12538673


its happening, we're going back to silver and gold currency

10ac65  No.12538684

I want some NDSAP gold.


So a tiny family that no one likes has the gold that everyone wants. The solution prese ts itself in the problem to any of the initiated.

10ac65  No.12538693


Back into the bog with you, gold can't become irradiated. Learn some science.

000000  No.12538712


I think the point is that the dollar is only valued because other nations have to use dollars to buy oil. If the Saudis start trading oil for gold the US will be out of the loop and all of that reserve currency will flood back home, causing MASSIVE inflation overnight. THis is the problem with a currency based on military might; our military is now full of beaners an africans. The US people dont want endless wars in the middle east and no high IQ white men will sign up to go die for Israel. It's only a matter of time before the US status as world power crumbles. All because of jews and politicians.

e06303  No.12538788


It’s important to safe guard your savings. As for a monetary system, a State-run bank could issue Fiat debt free. The currency must be issued as the economy demands it. Too much or too little would hurt us, but it can be done.

fab1e6  No.12551498


They likely fear the one thing that would crash the entire fiat debt system in one blow. The USA defaulting on it's debt. If the USA refused to pay it's debt, then the entire world debt system would collapse in an instant, and those holding it, would go bankrupt.

34c0b8  No.12551512


>one month ago

>still up, not banned

The board is completely dead.


Not really. The debt would just be gone and everything would keep happening just as before. You don't seem to understand how the system works, anon. There are literally no rules, no laws, and no enforcement.

fab1e6  No.12551513


Yeah, but if you try to buy real gold, it mysteriously costs 5x as much!

fab1e6  No.12551519


>you don't understand!

Really? What the fuck do you think happens to the companies that own the debt, and the ones who leveraged new debt on the debt they purchased? They go under, they lose everything, and they take down others with them.

7e467a  No.12557933

The lion, horse, and the snake-tongued eagle shall fall every coming full moon, the new age begins with the slithering of the black snake in the darkest reaches of the digital realms.

The hope in our hands.


7e467a  No.12557937

File: 93abef51d2a0d9d⋯.png (2.44 KB, 321x321, 1:1, .png)

d8ca50  No.12561049


Canada under harper saw our dollar at about .85 steady and at its best about 1.10 the usd. Let me repeat that, canadas dollar for a few months was more powerful than americas dollar not that any citizens really benefitted from it too much but now our dollar is sitting at .75 and has dipped to .69 a few times. Our dollar is literally backed right now on oil, and we are not agressive enought to make that last. We are gonna wnd up as venesuela if this is not changed. On a positive note I rarely hear any normal person say anything but harshness at turd, hes most likely out without cheating.


The dudeweed is so bad that pepple are opting for illegal since the gov is ripping people of measuring it wrong on purpose

f40485  No.12561487


>protip: gold becomes worthless if it gets irradiated

everything gets worthles if it gets irradiated you monumental retard.

are you gonna wait for WW3 and the try to buy bitcoin on your fried computer?

2aed64  No.12563516

So is a recession coming? Should I buy gold coins by the oz?

7d35a4  No.12563589


Any segragated part of the US capable of fighting off the US military is capable of taking back the entire thing, and has zero reason to not do so.

da5d4b  No.12564223


Buy silver. It's at a low and has more uses than gold, and will therefore be more valuable for the investment when the economy deletes itself.

215b39  No.12564233

Gold is good. Let's pull more of it from the earth.

36b096  No.12567116

File: 0a3366f542ccb95⋯.png (87.85 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1545107350240.png)

512b24  No.12567138



I bought 200oz over the summer and it's starting to rise slightly over the last six months. Gonna wait at least 8 years to sell though

000000  No.12567177

Give Ron Paul cash and he'll mail you a gold leafed copy of Bastiat.

c9e595  No.12567178


I'm a leaf and this is the most frustrating part. Our country is filled to the gills with those fake gold bars.

7efcdc  No.12574025

File: a0fb987cfd9e72a⋯.jpg (106.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1527109280744.jpg)



Canad has been selling off gold for the past 50 years.

And it is good that Fidel Jr sold when he did, because gold WENT DOWN LOWER after he did.

eda677  No.12577263


So, what Russia is doing?

8d7cc3  No.12585639

>>12359528 (OP)

As always… when the central banks buy gold… you should buy guns and ammo.

You won't gain any leverage with gold when the SHTF.

8d7cc3  No.12585667

>>12359655 Checked

>or something.

Jim Norton would be proud.

b8f1b1  No.12587836

maybe there really is some kind of super jew alien that eats it

55e3ee  No.12588104


joseph was an israelite dissembler..it is arabs or eqiptians fault for taking advice from a self fulfilling prophecy.>>12587836

israeli secured italy (vatican plus plus) vaican's debts to jew mobsters - will they have to 'pay' for allowin jews into italian masonry

space masons exist…i hope they didnt trust Joseph either.

55e3ee  No.12588122

File: 222a513e00c473f⋯.png (234.53 KB, 536x301, 536:301, hillary isnt a zionist too….png)

hillary is paranoid about russian espionage yet walks into a room with ben netanyahu and smiles with the fucker.

(((what cfr lesbians control hill-dawgs' mind)))

55e3ee  No.12588137


based chinks suvived the jews holodox (dox the holo simulation)

55e3ee  No.12588144

judaism isnt a factor for me. i burned the old testament and told god he fucked up when he trusted those whiners.

55e3ee  No.12588151


sure we can create energetic aryans—but only dead jews.

000000  No.12588156


And gives her daughter to a Russian. And gives Russians our uranium.

55e3ee  No.12588157

how did donald trump suvive doxing and brainwashing by the 'impressive' jew ben netanyahu?? 4d chess.

40488a  No.12589977


>The only currency worth a damn is violence.

Seconding this.

3fe9e2  No.12593324

I care only about

When the chemtrails stop

Will we get Tesla tech (free energy)

When will alien disclosure happen

3fe9e2  No.12593346

Lol should i buy gold or bitcoin… or bottle tops ?

Wake up assholes equity = slavery.

Money needs to go government needs to go religion needs to go.

We need to unite and turn our backs on this current way of living.

Its selfish and unkind. Wake up Rise up fight for true freedom

831a50  No.12597014


while reading your post I was imagining this tune


d9cefe  No.12597040


>This guy sold all of Canadas gold to China

By the time Trudeau took office, what little gold we had would have fit inside a bank storage deposit box. As much as he is a faggy fuck up, he didn't really do anything there.

Also, gold really isn't what it used to be. The world is simply too small for gold to be used as money anymore. Only 10% of gold is used for industrial applications; most of it goes into jewelry, which has very elastic demand. It would be smarter to stockpile platinum or palladium because these have way more industrial use than gold.

d9cefe  No.12597042

File: 0db2619eb1d89ef⋯.png (119.17 KB, 1384x970, 692:485, canada-gold.png)


forgot muh pic

60c401  No.12597068


>Ever see yids hoarding gold?

Don't let 'em give you any shit about wearing your helmet on the bus, Corky. Safety first!

976194  No.12597717

File: e539cb9df75ac56⋯.png (99 KB, 561x478, 561:478, ClipboardImage.png)


Panic hitting normalfags

CNBC 's Jim Cramer: Buy Gold

>For CNBC's Jim Cramer, the worst part about the Federal Reserve's latest interest rate hike is that the central bank's chief, Jerome Powell, seemed to ignore what Cramer regards as "serious" weakness in the U.S. economy.

>"I have a better read on the economy than the Fed and I know they're not going to listen to me," the "Mad Money" host said Thursday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to a 14-month low. "I feel powerless, just like 2007, when I ranted that the Fed needed to start easing aggressively in order to stave off a financial catastrophe."

>In the Fed's Wednesday announcement, Fed Chair Jerome Powell lowered his forecast for U.S. gross domestic product, a key measure of economic welfare, but said the Fed would likely still hike rates twice in 2019. Cramer questioned Powell's reasoning. He reiterated that the economy has cooled since October, as demonstrated by weakness in consumer and corporate spending, and if it continues to weaken, more interest rate raises will only cause "a nasty slowdown."

>He also called attention to two sliding stocks that he said were "perfect harbingers of a softer economy": Carnival Corp. and Accenture. On Thursday, Carnival, a cruise line operator, forecast weaker-than-expected first-quarter profit, the first sign of "real softness" in the travel and leisure space, Cramer said. Consulting and outsourcing services provider Accenture followed with its own forecast, which he called "pitiful."

>"If you're buying stocks here, … you're making a bet that Jerome Powell will learn what I know already: that the economy's downshifted enough … that he doesn't need to move, [that] he knows that the next rate hike will be real bad for Main Street," Cramer said.

>While Powell stays the course, though, the "Mad Money" host recommended buying into the "bull market" in gold. He liked RandGold, a mining play with a 3 percent yield and steady production growth, or an exchange-traded fund mirroring the price of gold called the GLD.



438775  No.12600275

File: 7cd3384006de598⋯.png (178.78 KB, 720x695, 144:139, armstrong.png)



db0454  No.12600367


Mil intelligence. He had help…. lot's of help. Do you seriously think he can fuck over the military industrial complex + the Jew + the Globalist without getting JFK without any help?

678846  No.12604364

>muh gold

and the goldcucks will keep repeating this meme into infinity while their precious gold stash never brings any revenue. Fucking crypto kiddies had better revenues on their investments than you in 10 years.

The fact is that gold will likely never go up.

27dd3a  No.12604396


>And it is good that Fidel Jr sold when he did, because gold WENT DOWN LOWER after he did.

Retard gold went down BECAUSE he sold it.

There was more of it in circulation, which means more supply for the same level of demand, which means the price dips.

You're a fucking idiot feel free to post whores though.

19f3b8  No.12604819


That post you replied to is a load of bullshit.Basically the entire first paragraph is just bullshit and never happend. The next is just some unsubstantial vapid bullshit fillter.

Probably just a larping Trumpnigger trying to talk shit about China.

4c8628  No.12610958


a47853  No.12621104


100% This. I bought back in at $10,000 for about 1.5BTC it's now worth about $5,300. I knew full well it was probably entering a bear market. I ain't scared, don't give a fuck. I know the game. I have been playing it since 2013 and have made quite a bit of money doing it.


Do you know how bubbles work retard?

>because china and others banning its use >was what pupped it.

Holy shit dude, please stfu about things of which you clearly don't understand, okay? Thanks!

474e5e  No.12625002


>plase shutup and dont disagree with me

fuck off retard

945149  No.12625418


>Ever see yids hoarding gold?

uuuh, don't they own all of it?

43666f  No.12642725

f32ae4  No.12660873


>says the fiatcuck as the dollar spins to rock bottom

d9cefe  No.12661166

File: 56b7840f831f9cc⋯.png (8.46 KB, 219x231, 73:77, download.png)


>you can only store your wealth in dollars or gold, there are no other alternatives

7a05c3  No.12661174


This is verbatim the opening lines of a Jewish goldseller radio ad I’ve heard.

fea9f2  No.12678921


Gold will always have value

085c93  No.12678939


You didn't need to necrobump to expose a paid jewish shill.

bf14dd  No.12679331

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