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File: 1e74108c8724776⋯.jpg (296.84 KB, 1054x774, 527:387, waco fire.jpg)

File: eef4cc859953fe7⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 300x256, 75:64, ruby ridge.jpg)

590093  No.12371256

"The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians were led by David Koresh and were headquartered at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas, 13 miles (21 kilometers) east-northeast of Waco. Suspecting the group of stockpiling illegal weapons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) obtained a search warrant for the compound and arrest warrants for Koresh and a select few of the group's members.

The incident began when the ATF attempted to raid the ranch. An intense gun battle erupted, resulting in the deaths of four government agents and six Branch Davidians. Upon the ATF's failure to raid the compound, a siege lasting 51 days was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out of the ranch. During the attack, a fire caused by Federal agents engulfed Mount Carmel Center. In total, 86 people, 82 of which were innocent died, including David Koresh. "

Daily reminder that you're living in a nightmarish police state.

992c6d  No.12371276

You got nothing to fear from the Johnnies if you're white, gimme a fuckin' break. Imagine what would've happened if David Koresh was a black man with his niglets, ready to leave them off without any child support. "Nightmarish police state." Bullshit.

He got off easy, just like Charles Manson or Jim Jones.

046ef6  No.12371291


If the Branch Davidians were all nignogs the government wouldn't have murdered them. It's not Kosher to murder non-whites you know that right? Of course you do Rabbi.

be78a5  No.12371295


>you're living in a nightmarish police state

McVeigh made damn sure we aren't.

0366d2  No.12371298

Don't be part of a retarded cult, don't get shot. It's not hard.

992c6d  No.12371319

File: 1e1cab5c2d0c514⋯.png (616.09 KB, 955x1065, 191:213, Untitled.png)


You got me dude, I submit.

db0b67  No.12371372


Afroamerican culture makes it almost impossible for afroamericans to live in a siege.

They could have delayed more but the result would be same.

dfd54c  No.12371429

I thought about wearing a Branch Davidians shirt, seeing if anyone would notice

eefb85  No.12371446

I was in middle school when the Waco seige took place. I remember all the adults on tv making jokes about "Waco, more like Whacko, amirite?" but I didn't really understand or care what was happening. Now that I'm an adult, it pisses me off that so many Americans at the time supported what the government was doing.

1a4ef3  No.12371452



Delta Force and Branch Davidians: CAG/Delta Force exempt from Posse Comitatus.















1717f6  No.12371464


Death to boomer scum 1994 dont give no fucks life is a cunt hair knuckle pooch

ba2baf  No.12371508


Koresh was a lunatic pedo and his batshit insane flock was a bunch of crazed (and well armed) communists. They deserved the fire (that they started themselves btw). If they had access to cyanide they would have jonestowned themselves because extremist cults are fucking crazy.

I hope they all suffered.

8540fa  No.12371515


Fucking this

Koresh is a jew pedo.

976fdf  No.12371520

Nothing else to do moshe?

1a4ef3  No.12371524

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

2f759a  No.12371543


>Koresh was a lunatic pedo

>believing ZOG propaganda

81a45f  No.12372161


You are a fucking moron and you should not just kill yourself but your entire family so that your retard genes do not pollute the rest of the world.

974bee  No.12372175



spotted the kikes

067144  No.12372185


The usual actors were involved with the WACO incident, given what we know about them now, I'd say WACO was more of a ritual holocaust than a run in with alphabet and a pseudo-Christian cult.

Chuck Schumer for example, was one of the guys in charge of covering it up, and if you look back at it now, you can almost see the glee in that rat kikes eyes at the successful propaganda campaign they pulled off.

Clintons and their Jew handlers had their hands all over the WACO incident, they wanted people to die, they wanted children to die and then they wanted to gloat about it.

02b3d9  No.12372188

File: 35c0d7e12e26423⋯.png (335.05 KB, 927x2380, 927:2380, Waco.png)

390cd6  No.12372308

204207  No.12372374

File: 9ca80a2a44ecece⋯.jpg (103.71 KB, 900x601, 900:601, move.jpg)


The black Waco.

1985 Move compound Philadelphia.

11 killed, including 5 kids, 65 houses destroyed when cops dropped a bomb from a helicopter.

ad17af  No.12372375


Yup. Fire deaths for moloch. S'part of why we wont be giving the kikes fire deaths like they keep trying to meme. Just quick, efficient firing squads, hangings, etc.

5a4f3a  No.12372455


Because Koresh had traveled to Israel where he displayed what they call "Jerusalem syndrome" a "mental disease". He knew who they were, he knew where they were, and he knew what they were doing. He was very much on their radar and a small thorn in Israels side (there are literally 100s of people with Jerusalem syndrome preaching to jews about their sins and inevitable fiery eternity) but a perfect tool. They investigated their beliefs, pumped them up, bugged and probably sent subliminals using tech. Fucked them right up and sent a message to every American thinking about holing up and trying to shut the gov out.

992c6d  No.12372465


Now tell us how you really feel.

04a428  No.12372473

Let me guess… don't vote?

067144  No.12372497

File: 70ad10cf6014bbd⋯.jpg (43.75 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 132737198273.jpg)


Good summary.

4b1cd1  No.12372562

File: ff032f1b47a875f⋯.jpg (122.81 KB, 720x720, 1:1, janet reno gun grab.jpg)


White Pill

Janet Reno, the frankendyke that ran this op, is currently burning in hell. she knowingly ordered firebombs shot into a building with White children in it. she also wanted to disarm Americans.


4b1cd1  No.12372576


oh yeah they were cheering it on. fucking NPC boomer scum. bush hogs.

4b1cd1  No.12372583



kike lies. one of these days you parasites will burn too.

4b1cd1  No.12372594



recent interview with Waco survivor:


a10b21  No.12372675


https://abcnews.go.com/US/fbi-arrests-mexico-compound-residents-set-free-earlier/story?id=57544551 (archive wouldnt' load for me)

Here's an example of what 'would've happened' if koresh was a nigger you motherfucking kike. This country is being invaded and the government is more worried about rural white christians than literal foreign niggers murdering children and training for school shootings. I hope in the race war i'm the one that gets to neck you.

590093  No.12372795


Eye opening and blackpilled.

c67a3f  No.12372803


I find it so odd that in a hugely white-majority, massively-gun owning, militia-having nation of the free, there can be a siege of such an extent for such a long time without any seeming intervention. The internet already existed, didn't it?

590093  No.12372822


The real blackpill is in knowing many people are aware of the dire circumstances of our nation but will not lift a finger to fix it.

Not here, not on halfchan, not in a militia group, not anywhere. The propaganda is too thick. Controlling the source of propaganda itself is the ONLY way. ONLY if you can propagandize the masses can you control them, and in doing so fight against the opposition.

We are completely powerless, and demoralized.

383624  No.12372832

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Don't watch this if you don't want to get angrier and angrier at the government.

a10b21  No.12372843


Don't forget, the same zog fbi sniper that shot the Weavers at Ruby Ridge was at waco blasting other civilians. Oh, sorry goy, the rifle he used had been rebarreled right after the incidents so no ballistics could be confirmed about how many americans he killed.


(archive wont load for me)

They let some fucking gook murder americans exercising their rights. Fuck this gay earth.

590093  No.12372857


Not only that, but Waco is literally the deadliest shooting in the history of the US. Las Vegas doesn't have shit on it.

Funny how it doesn't count tho because there's some unverifiable source on wikipedia saying David Koresh is maybe probably a pedophile possibly.

3f757c  No.12372935

File: 81f9e38a76898bb⋯.jpg (527.77 KB, 1386x1040, 693:520, aa4e5329910eea7e2ad2fbc81b….jpg)


Why do anything when all that matters are likes, shares and retweets?

000000  No.12373216

they dropped incendiaries on those kids, admittely those youngsters had shot a couple of agents, but still, murdering children was not a good pr move on the governments part.

a1801f  No.12373451


> Just quick, efficient firing squads, hangings, etc

>not sending them back to hell

d5797a  No.12373528


Awesome documentary.


d5797a  No.12373533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d5797a  No.12373538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Clintons and their cabal are pure evil

d5797a  No.12373543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Clintons and their cabal are pure evil part 2

d5797a  No.12373600

File: 95b09d7078abe3d⋯.gif (693.2 KB, 232x166, 116:83, tenor.gif)

db1c6f  No.12373678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Hyperloop was an esoteric metaphor for the subway.

d9d3f5  No.12373751


This is accurate. I've met someone who was there and they mentioned Delta being there. Never heard anyone else tell this part before.

590093  No.12373996


> I've met someone who was there and they mentioned Delta being there.

Did you execute him for treason shortly after?

000000  No.12374592


McVeigh was a sheep dipped CIA operative.

00c21b  No.12374792


>locked in a building and burned alive by the dozens by FBI

>literally a private holocoaster oven for Koresh

>Koresh did nothing wrong and was literally the reformer of the Branch Davidians, freeing them from the influence of the previous leader who was a violent liar, thief, and pedophile

>this makes Koresh closer to Jesus than any man alive


They fucking burned the parishioners alive, over a completely false charge of arms trafficking. The feds shot first, the Branch Davidians took cover, and the feds holocausted them. It was, by definition, a religious genocide.

What stronger fucking prejudice could you possibly suggest, you statist Jew?

00c21b  No.12374829

File: 300cb3910de2856⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 633x920, 633:920, 59ccf57229de685a25e49dc0fb….jpg)


>if you blow up a federal building you are the feds

>Waco and Ruby Ridge were justified

>give up your guns goy

Shills out in full force in this thread.

a92095  No.12375768

File: 6802acb2e4eaf64⋯.png (57.58 KB, 511x980, 73:140, we_own_this_town.png)

i am convinced these Happenings like Waco also serve another purpose. the Deep State wants to rando pick some defenseless group to slaughter in the most elaborate and public manner possible. because the Deep State uses this as propaganda to discourage the rest of you who might be getting ideas about rebellion and to coerce you into submission and servitude.

after you see the faggots at ATF and FBI surround Waco and then crush it with tanks and then burn everyone alive trapped inside while using Delta Force and snipers to shoot little kids who try to escape–what will you do when that is you too someday?

you Goy won't do jack shit to stop us. because you're a faggot and a pussy. you're our slave. now that we have shown you what we can do to you if we want to, and now that you have seen just how heartless and barbaric we are and know that you know we have zero hesitation to flatten you, your house, your compound, your city block, shit man, even your entire city can be turned into bouncing rubble if we want it to be, and you little cucks can't do shit about it. you won't even get a single Judge in this country to listen to your complain for 1 minute, and none of our media assets will tell the story from your side because we already blackmailed them into obediance. and if you even try to fight back and get revenge against us, then we will just escalate even further against you by invoking counter-terrorism secret law, so then we can openly use the full might of the US military and intelligence to subdue you, to capture you and to kidnap you and to disappear you to one of our many secret prisons where you will never face a trial and where you will be our MKULTRA lab rat for us to play with for the rest of your days.

we own this town.

f65859  No.12375797


Big Iron.

8f5057  No.12375812


I lol'd.

You jews are all fucking schizo eh? Never fails.

Also, Waco didn't happen.

d5118f  No.12376207


>The internet already existed, didn't it?


Not for most people

c8a233  No.12376341

File: fd96152b3069cbe⋯.jpg (13.2 KB, 452x277, 452:277, Schumer in 1994.JPG)

Yep, the post investigation was gatekept specifically by schumer.


c8a233  No.12376386


You shouldnt use terms like "deep state" because its an establishment red herring. There isnt a deep state, there's literally been a parallel government/private subversion apparatus constructed since the WW2 to circumvent the balance of powers designed into the constitution. Deep State are just unnamed peons in executive independent agencies who get caught doing what theyre told.

366e76  No.12376416


>You shouldnt use terms like "deep state" because its an establishment red herring.

But its a phrase the average person will understand.

d190e1  No.12376516

What do I need to do to kill the boomer eating corn nuts at 140db in our shared office?

ea1fa6  No.12376548


Remember that they will laugh as they compare the tank that chews up your family's limbs to a rental car.

Remember that whatever gruesome way they kill you will be labeled suicide.

Remember that independent studies will, across the board, prove that everything said was complete bullshit and mass murder of women and children was carried out.

Remember that even though that happens, no justice will be found.

Remember the NPCs will rally against you, your children and loved ones as long as a talking head calls you a "whacko".

Remember that when they pin your children down in a tank created oven with rapid gun fire at the only door NPCs will still, years later, say "Why didn't they just walk out? They must have wanted to die."

Most of all, remember all of this for approximately 4 hours and then forget until you watch a video about it again in a year or two.

00c21b  No.12376568

File: fc5d51ee0f3e367⋯.png (807.7 KB, 1890x949, 1890:949, aa44f04f7ac705d4f1fc5bd811….png)



You go back to cuckchan.

76b6e9  No.12376633


Also the British SAS were there also

b70515  No.12376729

Waco was a cover up in relation to child trafficking/sex rings, but not in the way you immediately think. The Waco Compound & the "cult" that was in it was part of a "underground railroad" type network that was saving children from Elite child sex rings in the US and getting them to safety.

With that being said, that explains the significant response(to the point of sending in tanks & burning the place down & shooting everyone one inside to death) against the "cult"/Compound & the following coverup.

Many, many more children died in that compound then what was officially reported.(Shot,burned,crushed) It was a clean up operation.

Waco was televised so much in order to send a message to similar child saving networks.

a8b334  No.12376760

File: 179058cca2d2cb5⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 179058cca2d2cb528021132374….jpg)

c32fc8  No.12376847


(1) Makes me think you don't have much to say. But I'll hear you out if you can provide any evidence at all. It does seem a bit suspect how many children were present, as well as the extreme prejudice used, as well as Hillary Clinton's personal involvement.

d70a6d  No.12377157


I haven't seen a Army surplus store since the early 90's '''They were everywhere in Muh Youth Did WACO have something to do with that I'm sure they are around Maybe can't compete with (((big box stores))) aka BassPro High dollar cunts ,i think our military surplus is left over seas now more cost effective???? Any one know ..

Seriously though Waco was fuckie

good summary indeed

have a taco emoji 🌮 for your efforts

a92095  No.12377480

File: 6b0378a5b451a80⋯.jpg (97.91 KB, 687x759, 229:253, fbi_clinton_investigation_….jpg)


you're right. i shouldn't use the term DEEP STATE, because speaking the truth hurts the fees-fees of you (((traitors))) who hate it when us Goy (((name))) the kikes (YOU).

instead, i should have been more specific in my descriptive term. "Deep State" is an abstraction–the concept that the career class of millions of DC Swamp Thing Bureaucrats and Lobbyists and (((Interests))) have hijacked the power of the Govt from the Govt and from We The People, by pilling on red tape and process and more regulations than can be physically enumerated, so they these Petty Mandarins, these Fief Lords can wield the power over this country, and so that the actual elected officials are made into powerless marionettes who shuck and jive at the drop of the hat to do or say whatever Zion wants them to say.

i apologize for saying "Deep State." that was very racist, sexist, misogynist, bigoted and Islamophobic of me.

what i actually meant to say instead of "Deep State" was 7th Floor Group Shadow Government, who are the specific small group of 30 or so principles in the State Dept who are the masterminds and ringleaders of the conspiracy to create and manage the millions of "useless eaters" parasites who are employed in our Deep State.

happy now, kike?

d5797a  No.12377576

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d5797a  No.12377602

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d5797a  No.12377661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

73cdcc  No.12377705



73cdcc  No.12377713


holy shit

73cdcc  No.12377715

73cdcc  No.12377729


what? doesn't even make sense

73cdcc  No.12377739

>>12372188 (heil'd)


73cdcc  No.12377750


this is so fucked up, thanks for the redpill

73cdcc  No.12377755

73cdcc  No.12377762


meh, checked

73cdcc  No.12377766

73cdcc  No.12377772

aac285  No.12377921


Shit Op, shit. This is your speech to rally shit or what? You point out relevant shit with minimal shit given. You're either a shit shill or a shit larp, kys.

50a1dc  No.12377924

Ruby Ridge, in particular, was the result of poor communication and basically opposite conflict resolution strategies employed by the ATF, USMS and the FBI. There was probably a minor coverup in the official reports to hide the fact that one of the agents in particular really fucked up under pressure so he could keep his job.

Waco was less black and white but Occam's razor would point to bureaucratic fuckups between the ATF and the FBI. Reorganization has occurred since to make repeats less likely.

That being said, I would heavily suggest looking into actual evidence and firsthand accounts as opposed to just believing hearsay from survivalist types or the feds. If you're uncritical of literally anything about these cases you're probably retarded.

aac285  No.12377995


ATF false flagged it all to justify not getting their entire budget wiped. Read a pdf got from here, dont remember where.

a92095  No.12378067

File: 85c84f7efefca64⋯.png (716.54 KB, 811x504, 811:504, cybercom_hide_deep_state_t….png)

File: d3ee22728ecf04b⋯.png (1.07 MB, 695x2440, 139:488, deep_state.png)

File: ed2b991a9ccbc21⋯.gif (521 KB, 507x213, 169:71, dark_city_sleep_now.gif)


psst, listen up goy, the DEEP STATE doesn't exist. now go back to sleep. here's Bob with the weather.

aac285  No.12378143


Think it was a /k improve home defense pdf anecdote, apologies for drunken double post. Sage.

97bbf1  No.12378204

File: b4d9bd50cfd0863⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 600x583, 600:583, [reees eternally].jpg)


jesus fucking christ.

That "set the bulding on fire and shoot whoever runs out from it" tactic reminded me, I wonder if we'll ever know what was the -real- deal with Chris Dorner.

be78a5  No.12378431

File: eb054db0e28ba2f⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1489x3173, 1489:3173, ruby ridge.jpg)


Good shit, anon. I'm going to keep it in the same folder as this one.

be78a5  No.12378456


You, and others like you, enabled them to use the word "pedophile" as a political weapon. This is the bed you made.

50a1dc  No.12378736


This is dumb emotional bullshit.

If someone representing the goddamn government is on your friend's property, shooting before asking questions is a stupid course of action. If Degan wasn't fucking killed, there wouldn't have been any reason to escalate. Harris basically pulled a Trayvon deluxe but gets sympathy from anti-government types because of confirmation bias.

be78a5  No.12378806


>If someone representing the goddamn government is on your friend's property, shooting before asking questions is a stupid course of action.

You mean, if someone is on your friend's property, shooting your fucking dog, who is supposed to be your first line of defense alerting you to trespassers?

Gee, why would they shoot that dog if they did not have ill-intent?

acea79  No.12378809

Anyone got the screencap explaining waco?

50a1dc  No.12378932


First of all, it wasn't his dog, it was the Weaver's. Secondly, I don't know, but maybe immediately jumping to lethal force as a response to someone who's representing the fucking state shooting a dog for reasons you don't understand on private property that belongs to neither of you isn't exactly a brilliant play, especially since he's probably not alone, because he's wearing a fucking USMS uniform.

be78a5  No.12378977


>someone who's representing the fucking state

Did they say they were? Did they attempt to approach in the open, justly, with nothing to fear, as any servant of the people should do? No, they did not. They approached like an invading scout force and they shot the fucking dog who was giving away their position. They acted like an invasion, were treated as such, and used that as casus belli to besiege the Weavers.

Just as keikaku.

50a1dc  No.12379207


They expected resistance if announced because of reports they had received from the ATF, which is why they planned to go in as covertly as possible, surprise them and arrest without having to use force. The dog compromised this and was killed. Degan probably hadn't even seen Harris before he was shot, Harris made no attempt to de-escalate, because he either chimped out over a friend's dog or was legitimately too retarded to even comprehend the situation and ended up making the situation much worse. I find it a bit disingenuous that anti-statists give Harris and the Weaver's a huge benefit of the doubt while assuming everyone on every agency involved was conspiring against them. This is the kind of conspiracy theory shit that leads to self-fulfilling prophecies.

be78a5  No.12379248


>Harris made no attempt to de-escalate

He was not obligated to make any attempt to de-escalate. These were men on private land with weapons, unnanounced, who had at that moment demonstrated that they were willing to kill.

>while assuming everyone on every agency involved was conspiring against them

They were.

50a1dc  No.12379443


It wasn't even his property, it's not like he was defending it. He acted like a retard, and won a retarded prize. What would you think if you were expecting to arrest people who you were told had been storing arms and were hostile to law enforcement, and then found out they already killed one of your co-workers? Compare that to the same initial situation, but instead of being killed, he was held at gunpoint, brought to the targets for a short time to explain the legal situation and then released. Kind of gives a different impression.

>They were

Good goy, stay in the woods because the everyone in the big bad state is out to get you. No one will every worry about your sanity or the safety of anyone around you.

03f0ab  No.12379452


>the siege of a compound

Semantics it was a wooden church>>12371256

>as well as the U.S. military,

that's illegal as fuck

Suspecting the group stockpiling illegal weapons

I wonder why the local sheriff knew it was bullshit that's why they weren't there. My opinion is the federal government wanted us to know they will drive a tank into your kitchen and burn your wife and kids to death, for no reason. Bill of rights my ass.

03f0ab  No.12379497


>they shot the fucking dog who was giving away their position

that's what the ATF did at Waco with much the same result.

be78a5  No.12379553


Why are you attempting to make me feel sympathy for statist enforcers who were on somebody else's property unlawfully and unannounced? If they had any intention of holding anyone at gunpoint for explanation, they would not have shot the fucking dog. They would have heard the barking and said "US Marshals, we're here to serve a warrant" as they should have fucking done. Harris did the only justifiable thing he should have done in that scenario, unless you're trying to tell me that I should assume anybody wearing fatigues is an emissary of the government. In which case, let me go put my old fatigues on and search your house with no explanation as to why. I'll be wearing fatigues, that means I'm with the government and I'm here to help.

50a1dc  No.12379632


I'd ask to see your identification and a warrant before permitting entry because, unlike Harris, I'm not retarded. If you refused I would call local law enforcement as soon as feasibly possible because I'm not a paranoid schizophrenic either. Based on his actions, Degan wasn't aware that his presence was none prior to being shot. Which is kind of a big fucking deal for everyone involved when you're in a high tension situation.

be78a5  No.12379656


So, if I came up to your door and shot your dog, with no explanation, you would then ask to see my identification before retaliating, just because the guy who shot your dog was wearing fatigues?

f8ae0e  No.12379710


<Daily reminder that you're living in a nightmarish police state.

1 – Hillary gave the order and was behind the Tanks; Reno was a deer in the headlights (turbo-dyke sexual leverage)

2 – According to Cody Snodgrass the buildings were platered by 'suppressing fire' plunging down into the buildings over night; McVeigh was present observing with milspec night vision with Davidians that arrived outside during the siege (later incarcerated in the same facilty as Snodgrass) in the capacity of infiltrator/gun runner to them.

3 – Hits were done on Davidians traveling during and after

4 – Snodgrass alleges this on the model of Indigo Skyfall (& Jade Helm )

5 – Waco & OKC intimately related through McVeigh; latter to cover up the consolodated medical files for Gulf War Syndrome afflicted veterans (caused, allegedly, by rushed experimental vaccine adjuvants for a strain of weaponized anthrax gifted to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War to prevent invasion which was not approved by Congress.)

6 – Aliens.

50a1dc  No.12379743


Yes, because I'm not eager to end up in an avoidable firefight against the federal government which I have virtually no chance of surviving unscathed. Better to cut losses than sperg out irrationally.

590093  No.12379875


No I didn't. What kind of retard post is this?

e0a862  No.12379877

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



590093  No.12379949

File: 9a9938c3a4c68c7⋯.png (23.83 KB, 466x490, 233:245, 1518506136539.png)


You're royally retarded.

>hurr durr defending yourself against someone shooting to kill ur pet is dumb hurr durr i woulda worked it diplomatically because i obviously had 25 years after the fact to reason what I shouldve done hurr durr hnnn glllggg aaeee

e0a862  No.12379981

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e0a862  No.12380017

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

50a1dc  No.12380020


So we're down to typing retard sounds out instead of making an actual argument? Sorry, but even if the state were out to get me I'm not dumb enough to add fuel to the fire. Acting like a mongoloid might not be illegal, but it certainly isn't helpful in most situations.

12774d  No.12380031


>Boomers cheering while the feds burn children alive

Such good goyim they've always been

590093  No.12380082


You're arguing 25 years after the fact that you know exactly what you'd do in that heated emotional situation. If someone walked onto your property and shot your fucking dog I'm pretty sure you'd shoot back. There's nobody who wouldn't shoot back, save for a little soyboy cuck or a FBI agent basically trying to say, "DONT RESIST" on pol.

So which are you niggerfaggot?

50a1dc  No.12380110


Someone who isn't a cuck desperately trying to compensate for their low testosterone.

03f0ab  No.12380390


I had a NBC mos in the army and for the record those specific tank fired CS rounds produce a flame that is between 18 and 24 inches and can burn for up to two minutes I find it hard to believe they didn't know what would happen to a dry wood building. Which makes me wonder what they did that required them to leave no living witnesses.

8ac8c2  No.12380416


It would be the deadliest shooting if the gunfire was one-sided instead of being an exchange.

03f0ab  No.12380607


>(caused, allegedly, by rushed experimental vaccine adjuvants for a strain of weaponized anthrax gifted to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War to prevent invasion which was not approved by Congress.)

I'm pretty sure the Gulf War Syndrome, was an operation and what I suspected is the real reason for the first Gulf War: we were blowing up chemical weapon ammo dumps, weapons sold to Saddam (in violation of all kinds treaties) there was cyrillic and arabic…and US Army numbering and nomenclature. George Bush selling chemical weapons was just one more facet to "The Enterprise" Oliver North testified to running, under oath, admitting to, gun and drug running. They had to hide the evidence, so we had to devise a ruse to go clean up the mess before someone figured it out. I would never testify to any of it. Ever.

590093  No.12381549


I'm sorry I didn't know shootings were shootings and not massacres.

f825b8  No.12381561


t. Fbi kike shill

90935f  No.12383266

One was killed when the tank literally ran him over lol.

9f71b0  No.12383359




GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: Biblical Hebrew

OTHER SCRIPTS: כּוֹרֶשׁ (Ancient Hebrew)


bb6c34  No.12384502


so let me get this straight

> crazy cult

> involved in illegal activities and who knows what else

> refuses the search warranty opening gun fire and getting federal agents killed

> guerrilha like defenses that only broken with full on siege

> nightmarish police state

you gotta be kidding me, what would be nightmarish is having these cult people roaming free

also, this story is like something right out of a movie, I see where muricans get their inspiration to stuff like Twin Peaks

cc9c46  No.12384514

File: 35c0d7e12e26423⋯.png (335.05 KB, 927x2380, 927:2380, WACO.png)

File: dac403001b50a77⋯.gif (491.55 KB, 300x225, 4:3, return_to_cinder.gif)


Oh come now anon.

You're being jewish

ec81eb  No.12384518


>religious nutcase changed his name to one out of the Bible

Wow, that changes everything!

7fb446  No.12384543


You're not even trying.

bb6c34  No.12384677

File: 267f35f3eab0367⋯.jpeg (23.51 KB, 286x432, 143:216, Screenshot_20181107_12274….jpeg)


>I'm the one being jewish…

But granted, that looks like an interesting documentary, not that it matters because I'm not murican, however a good "cult brainwashing scheme" never gets old

cc9c46  No.12384723


Essentially they were one of the many harmless whacky cults in the USA.

Because yanks have a weird predisposition towards religious weirdness.

9f71b0  No.12384779

Why is the entire board defending a cult leader?

ad4587  No.12385443

File: b4853a6e05c3970⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 700x394, 350:197, j6578.jpg)



This is why ZOG lured Americans to live in the cardboard boxes instead of proper masonry houses. So police can easily break in or/and burn alive non complaint people.

000000  No.12394141



“Koresh” was not Vernon Howell’s birth name.

I transcribed some extensive pertinent portions of “The First Massacre” by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Liberty Bell, September 1993, Vol. 21 Nr. 1, pp. 1–19. The article as a whole is excellent, and addresses the “Koresh” name plus other issues. Unfortunately, the result is too long to post; and I am getting 413 errors when I try to attach the PDF. You may obtain a copy of the latter here (and probably other places on the Net):


Since Dr. Oliver was a classical philologist, I give credence to his explanation that Vernon Howell’s assumed name was likely derived from Yahweh’s declaration that the Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great is a christ in Isaiah 45:1: “χριστός μου Κῦρος” in the Septuagint, “christus meus Cyrus” in the Vulgate, with Κῦρος/Cyrus being written as KRŠ [כרש] in Hebrew, whence “Koresh”. Incidentally, Dr. Oliver here takes the opportunity to elaborate some ancient history which, if you think about it, really blows apart the lies of Zionism. (The Jews were always wandering international parasites who lived in “diaspora!”)

N.b. that Dr. Oliver was an atheist who spent the later portion of his career attacking Christianity as the spiritual poison which had doomed Aryan mankind. He was therefore not biased by any sympathy with the Branch Davidians’ superstitions. Of course, he was outraged by a gruesome mass-murder of innocent Aryans at the command of B’nai B’rith.


>Why is the entire board defending a cult leader?

So, B’nai B’rith condemned Howell/Koresh; and the (((media))) labeled him a “cult leader”. Do you propose that this makes it acceptable for the ZOG to gas and then intentionally burn scores of Aryans alive? Anyway, as the militant atheist Dr. Oliver observed, “The religion of the Davidians [] was certainly no more silly than the doctrines of other Christian sects and was less pernicious than many”. Do (((you))) propose that all Christians should be gassed and burnt alive?

Or do you eagerly lap up all the slime spewed on the victims by the jewspapers, portraying this harmless little religious sect as a violent gang of depraved criminals? (Do you also believe the history you were taught in (((school)))?)


>Which makes me wonder what they did that required them to leave no living witnesses.


Koresh presumed to be a “True Jew” and a christ (i.e. a king of the Jews), which Yahweh’s Precious Darlings just can’t stand. There may have been other reasons; but in the 25 years since the below was written, I have not seen any substantive evidence of that. Well, for whatever reason, B’nai B’rith hated the Branch Davidians, and decreed that they must die in a real holocaust [i.e. burnt offering].

271921  No.12397507


Hey, y'all did some weird shit too. Cathars were 100% European.

000000  No.12397547


>Cathars were 100% European.

…and the real reason why the Cathars got roasted was that they wanted to take some of the Jewishness out of Christianity. Thus displeasing the Jews. And the Marcionites before them dropped the Old Testament. Bad goy. Koresh went in the opposite direction, apparently claiming to be the christ (king) of the real, true Jews. Bad goy!

Do I detect a pattern here?

271921  No.12397567


>Don't breed


>Taking the Jewishness out of Christianity


cb10d5  No.12418724

It was a pedo cult

6329d2  No.12418732


You mean like that black muslim family that had a dead 3 year old on their property with plans to attack americans? I think they were let off

8bec5f  No.12419379


Every federal government employee deserves to be treated how they treated the Davidians. Just because the ones in there now aren't the same as the ones from back then doesn't mean they are any better.

In a better world, they'd get what they deserve.

055f2d  No.12419387


The old days, when Jonestein would try to come off as sincere and hide his kike-fellation.

055f2d  No.12419389


Because those "good jews" at the Cult Awareness Network said so, or was it some new autistic LARP on cuckchan?

f66954  No.12420853

File: 7b08b9b7d4111e7⋯.jpg (197.49 KB, 509x708, 509:708, robert j matthews.JPG)


There seems to be a pattern of "accidental" fires when suspect(s) are cornered by our brave men in blue.


aacb16  No.12420855

(((50a1dc))) shoo shoo

0c8195  No.12421019


Jim Jones led a racemixing commie cult you leftypol retard.

6a74ed  No.12421030


Charles Manson did nothing.

100% guaranteed you've never read into it.

6a74ed  No.12421040


Any successful group that discard the government is crushed into oblivion.

They can not allow a possible alternative to exist.

6a74ed  No.12421051


That's because the US was founded by fanatical puritans that were kicked out of Europe for being religious freaks.

They then interbred until the religious freakness was magnified, and kill each other off whenever some of them out-nutjob the chief nutjobs.

000000  No.12421061


This. When I saw the faces back then on TV, there were so many shitskins. Not to mention his insane dream communist dream of a world commune like marx.

0c8195  No.12421078


>the Deep State uses this as propaganda to discourage the rest of you who might be getting ideas about rebellion and to coerce you into submission and servitude.


d5797a  No.12421085


Yeah back in those days he was sucking up to some real hard core jew haters like USAF Colonel Texe Marrs and America's most decorated policeman Jack McLamb. Those were the original short wave guys calling out to the nation that we were enslaved to the jew bankers and that Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound and Father Coughlin and Lindbergh were great American heros in the struggle against the international jew.

992c6d  No.12421095


Race is a social construct, how can you racemix if there's no race?

d5797a  No.12421106

The Serpent Seed Doctrine and the Kenites

Another central teaching of Arnold Murray is the serpent seed doctrine. According to Murray, Eve had sex with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. In 2 Cor. 11:3, Murray uses the word "beguiled" to mean "wholly seduced." Hence, Murray claims the Serpent sexually seduced Eve who then became pregnant with Cain; the devil's literal offspring. Murray asserts that the offspring of Cain are called the "Kenites." He also states that the Kenites are not a race, "but a hybrid." (Genesis 1:1-6:22, tape #146) He thus seems to implicitly consider them to be less than human. Mr. Murray claims that many of the Kenites are Jewish! Based upon the "creed" of the Shepherd's Chapel, Murray states, "We believe in an existing Satan… who has a people who will not hear God (John 8:44-47)." (Our Statement of Faith, p. 2) In John 8:44-47, the context clearly states that these people who are the "children of the devil" are Jews (8:31-58).

Hence, Murray believes that Jesus is referring to these particular Jews as the literal offspring of Satan. Regarding the Jews he writes, "Now, who stands in Jerusalem today?.. the sons of Cain, or those who will not accept Jesus Christ.. the Kenites, that founded a new nation starting in 1948." (The Shepherd's Bible Commentary by Arnold Murray, 1979) he calls them "scum," and obviously makes the racial Jewish businessmen remark when he states, "If you want to get a Kenite upset, bother his money table." (Parable of the Fig Tree, Tape #445) Murray connects these Jews with Cain by Christ's comment in John 8:44 that their father was a "murderer from the beginning." To affirm these Jews as the offspring of Cain (i.e., the Kenites), Murray refers to Cain's murder of Abel in Genesis 4.

Mr. Arnold Murray also frequently refers to the Christian identity movement which teaches that the British and, therefore, the Americans and Canadians, are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites the 10 lost tribes. Jews in Israel are really descended from Cain who was the result of sexual intercourse between Eve and Satan. Murray also teaches that all people had a pre-existence in spirit-bodies before they were born here on earth.

6a74ed  No.12421203


>It quoted Mathews's "declaration of war" against a "Jewish controlled mongrelized society, which is depriving White Aryans of their existence and homeland."

Accurate sentence, really can't be rationally denied by anyone.

The only problem is that Europe now falls under the same definition.

0a4808  No.12421215


>don't network goy

>it will be another waco goy

Daily reminder that Housing Socialism is the next step to victory.

83e34d  No.12421531


Every time when these massacres happen I'm more surprised by the reactions than the act itself, then I start realizing why radicalization happens.

c32d74  No.12421535



>posting a thread and then bumping it from mobile

it's so fucking obvious buddy

e87119  No.12422833

Good riddance, it was a (((Christian))) pedo compound.

14b5e4  No.12422877


Koresh was anti-Jew and he literally removed the pedophiles from the congregation. It was also a church in a rural area, not a "compound". Nice try, bootlicker.

564af0  No.12422891

File: a4a5d2ae11f06e0⋯.jpg (440.93 KB, 1162x652, 581:326, 012d6579331d1faae8cf62006e….jpg)


that's right, and every goy like him should remember to stop defending himself and his property.

>accused by 'wimmin' of molestation

>no evidence found

>called crazy

>reasonable interviews

daily reminder normalfags will never be your friend so long as it isn't trendy

8aa219  No.12422906


Give me the cap

bc32b4  No.12423221


>i am convinced these Happenings like Waco also serve another purpose. the Deep State wants to rando pick some defenseless group to slaughter in the most elaborate and public manner possible. because the Deep State uses this as propaganda to discourage the rest of you who might be getting ideas about rebellion and to coerce you into submission and servitude.

Stalin did the same.

6571aa  No.12423260


lol nigger

read SIEGE

21edc1  No.12423262


Dorner had evidence that the LAPD and California State Highway Patrol were corrupt and operating as a cartel. This is why the police were opening fire on every blue truck they saw, their orders were to kill Dorner on sight.

000000  No.12423375

Daily reminder that it was (((B'nai B'rith))) who ordered the literal [CS] gassing and literal holocaust [= "burnt offering"] of this small, harmless, (mostly) White community.





>what is the (((Big Lie))) technique

>which smear is a favorite of (((filth merchants)))



>I hope they all suffered.

<hope they all suffered.

<hope they suffered

wew, the hatred doesn't get more stereotypically Jewish than that!

To your delight, about 90 men, women, and children were tortured with unimaginably painful full-body exposure to poisonous CS gas. Quoting the article I referenced >>12394141 above: "The gas, according to its manufacturer, kills in six hours, but only after subjecting the victims to all the tortures of Hell. It freezes shut the paralysed eyelids of the victims, corrodes their skin as with fire, slowly smothers them as their respiratory organs gradually fail, and finally provokes violent vomiting even after there is nothing left to vomit." The Davidians suffered immensely, extended full-body total agony! Men, women, and children.

Enough suffering? (((You))) are obsessed with gassings, right? And the burning! It was a literal holocaust (i.e. "burnt offering [to Yahweh]").

Happy now?

You disgusting Yid, I can see you fapping to what I just wrote.

Folks, so there you see the Jew drop his chameleon mask and reveal his Jewish face: ((("I hope they all suffered.")))

d0c836  No.12424982

File: a164213f17b1526⋯.jpg (166.15 KB, 1020x870, 34:29, qwemarv1.jpg)


>now that we have shown you what we can do to you if we want to, and now that you have seen just how heartless and barbaric we are

The only enemy who could defeat us, IS us, this is why you attempted pic related. this is why you had to turn our compassion and humanity, our art and aspiration to transcend (all things you lack) against us.

4792a8  No.12425032

File: 9722a9df8b232e5⋯.jpg (109.59 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 4859af1e561f5c7a0bfca2bcff….jpg)



You need to fuck off and kill yourself if you have to count how many times these motherfuckers say, "shit," "piss," "tit," or whatever the fuck offends your sand-filled scabby cunt.

Go away

Go back to Facebook with your little itty-bitty hurt morals you stupid twat

65669c  No.12425094

File: fae045ab5291738⋯.png (5.5 KB, 721x35, 103:5, Pathological Altruism.png)


May we learn from this noble man's mistakes.

000000  No.12425225


>May we learn from this noble man's mistakes.

Indeed. In that sense, there is such a thing as being "too Aryan".

The Davidians also released some thugs they had captured, instead of keeping them as hostages. Howell/Koresh expected to be arrested and have his "day in court" (on charges which were sealed and kept secret, even from the Davidians' lawyer). I bet he regretted all this when the gassing and burning started.

You just know that I'm about to say something about Dunkirk and Hamburg, etc.

d5797a  No.12425469


Having said that he was a bit of a dick head to dither on and on and on about interpreting some verses from the bible when he was entrusted with the safety of innocents. I'm not saying what the government did was OK…the Clintons and Reno are fucking pure evil but Koresh could have at least had all the women and children leave under a publicly negotiated truce..That shit did go on for a very long time if I remember correctly.

000000  No.12426794


>dither on and on and on about interpreting some verses from the bible

To be clear up-front, I have no sympathy with the Davidians' beliefs. I vehemently oppose Christianity; I also vehemently oppose the mass-murder of (mostly) Aryans, who happened to be Christians with some absurd superstitions just as have all Christians. As such, I say the following…

>Koresh could have at least had all the women and children leave under a publicly negotiated truce

No, I think it's quite clear that the plan from the beginning was to annihilate the Davidians and leave no witnesses. (Women and children are witnesses, too.) The perfunctory pretense of negotiations was only made for the purpose of fooling people like you.

If the Feds had wanted to arrest Koresh, they could have nabbed him anytime he ran errands in town, as he regularly did. Or they could have served a warrant per normal police process. Instead, they filed secret charges under seal, then sent a small army to launch an all-out assault on a wooden communal home — and then, after a dog and pony show for the public, they burnt the place and absurdly accused the dead Davidians of having burnt themselves.

Their intent was never to arrest. That would mean a trial. A trial means talking.

>>12380390 spoke wisely here. Yes, I "wonder", too. Nobody knows, although there is much speculation on the topic. All we really know for certain is that it was B'nai B'rith who first pointed a finger at the Davidians, thus sending their ZOG lackeys to pounce. Jewish hatred may have been enough. Or there may have been something more. I would welcome some actual evidence, as opposed to speculation.

>That shit did go on for a very long time if I remember correctly.

Yes, after the Treasury Department's army (why does the Treasury Department have its own army!?) made fools of themselves getting their butts kicked, they called for FBI help and then dallied a bit so that the jewspapers could brainwash the American public to hate this wicked "cult". I remember that part, too. Then, they annihilated the Davidians with the extreme overkill of attacking ants with a blowtorch. Not only did they leave no witnesses: They very nearly left no bodies. If I recall correctly, it took about two weeks for specialists to identify which bit of charred remains had been Howell/Koresh.

992c6d  No.12426814



James Mason is a pedophile.

000000  No.12426856


>My opinion is the federal government wanted us to know they will drive a tank into your kitchen and burn your wife and kids to death, for no reason.

Message received, loud and clear: "You live at our mercy, goy."

000000  No.12429007

Surprised I'm the first to say this: On November 5, 2018, Gary J. Willis was murdered because the overwhelming majority of the American people complacently ignored the Waco massacre for a quarter-century. People get the government they deserve — and what Americans get is a tyranny which kills them as casually as you would swat a fly.

65669c  No.12429021

File: bce9ac604e2db05⋯.png (123.33 KB, 768x432, 16:9, morning routine.png)


You seem upset.

000000  No.12429045


>bloody obvious spambot seems upset

If retard kiddie bots had emotions, I'd guess it was something I said. >>12429007

65669c  No.12429058

File: 8bb399c9fb7a5b6⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 422x600, 211:300, dbddbd8999db306f935e656b07….jpg)


>If retard kiddie bots had emotions,

The skiddies that program them do

000000  No.12429061


Bot operator shitting in the thread does not want goyim cattle to draw a mental connection between the Waco massacre and the recent murder of Gary J. Willis.


>Surprised I'm the first to say this: On November 5, 2018, Gary J. Willis was murdered because the overwhelming majority of the American people complacently ignored the Waco massacre for a quarter-century. People get the government they deserve — and what Americans get is a tyranny which kills them as casually as you would swat a fly.

000000  No.12429140


>The skiddies that program them do

Indeed. I realized that after I posted, and posted again before I saw your post. That is why I repeated what I said so that it would be the latest post on thread for more than 45 seconds (!); and that is why I waited till this slid to Page 2 to repeat, without saging, that (((somebody))) does not want to see the names "Waco" and "Gary J. Willis" mentioned in the same sentence!

Spend 25 years ignoring a despotism which gasses and incinerates men, women, and children at will, and what do you get? A régime which can send armed thugs to your home with a Soviet-sounding "Red Flag" order, to shoot you to death on the spot if you don't surrender your guns.

(Idiots who believe that the distinction between Federal and state governments makes any difference, may I remind you that that ship sailed in 1865.)

65669c  No.12429169

File: d131ce56b04a0ff⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 600x347, 600:347, d131ce56b04a0ff61c21aeb459….jpg)


His name was Gary J. Willis and he died because we ignored the tragic injustice of Waco.

b3b9bb  No.12429203

>Was having a good night

>Was finishing up dishes before heading to bed

>Waco thread

Guess I'm going to bed angry just like last time we had these

65669c  No.12429211

File: ddf5920af0110d9⋯.jpg (123.84 KB, 810x590, 81:59, ddf5920af0110d96747dc57c8f….jpg)


>Guess I'm going to bed angry

If I hate this place for one thing, it's how often this happens.

000000  No.12429320

Bot spam clearly demonstrates that (((somebody))) does not want people connecting Waco and Gary J. Willis in the same discussion!

The bot is now showing up in every thread where I mention both Waco and Gary J. Willis in the same post.


>>12429211 (checked)

>Guess I'm going to bed angry

If a great mass of Americans had felt the same way 25 years ago and done something about it, then you would not need to now worry about a "Red Flag" orders (how fittingly named!) — plus a thousand other features of a tyranny which threatens your life, your liberty, your property, and above all, the posterity of your whole race.

Going to bed angrier now? Good. Sorry, but good. We need that anger. Don't go to sleep — I mean that metaphorically; of course you need to keep your strength.

65669c  No.12429334

File: 40e73d169624879⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x184, 255:184, tired.jpg)


>I mean that metaphorically; of course you need to keep your strength.

Ha ha, yeah… metaphorically…

bd4865  No.12429362


>they were pedos!

Yet CPS said all children that were released to their custody were well cared for and very smart.


df9766  No.12429400


b3b9bb  No.12429410

>Ruby Ridge threads are being censored.


000000  No.12429428



>/pol/ mods censoring ruby ridge threads

>Ruby Ridge threads are being censored.

No wonder I couldn't find one. Don't assume I didn't want to also add that to my discussion of how people who ignored the murders of Sammy Weaver and Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and equally ignored the massacre at Waco, have supported the tyranny which murdered Gary J. Willis.



>[It's the kind of tired that sleep won't fix]

Good night, anon. Sleep the night, but stay erwache. (Sorry for the slow reply — I'm juggling threads manually, because I'm not a goddamn bot. And with apologies for the clumsy German-English mix with a word which should be widely recognizable by rote.)

d5797a  No.12429531


So after the siege began he did allow some children to leave and they weren't massacred as they left.

Thus if he had wanted to he could have probably taken the entire crew of people and walked out of there.

Now was the government wrong to massacre them? Yes of course, they were communist criminal monsters, but Koresh himself was a freak a fucker and a doofus.

In the first few days, the FBI believed they had made a breakthrough when they negotiated with Koresh an agreement that the Branch Davidians would peacefully leave the compound in return for a message, recorded by Koresh, being broadcast on national radio.[23] The broadcast was made, but Koresh then told negotiators that God had told him to remain in the building and "wait".[23] Despite this, soon afterwards negotiators managed to facilitate the release of 19 children, ranging in age from five months to 12 years old, without their parents.[12] However, 98 people remained in the building.

000000  No.12429646


>In the first few days, the FBI believed they had made a breakthrough when they negotiated with Koresh an agreement that the Branch Davidians would peacefully leave the compound in return for a message, recorded by Koresh, being broadcast on national radio.[23] The broadcast was made, but Koresh then told negotiators that God had told him to remain in the building and "wait".[23] Despite this, soon afterwards negotiators managed to facilitate the release of 19 children, ranging in age from five months to 12 years old, without their parents.[12] However, 98 people remained in the building.

You did not cite a source; but it looked obvious, and was easy enough to find. Here is a permanent link to this version:


Now, the citations referenced in this passage:

<12. [Psychotherapy Networker, March/April 2007, "Stairway to Heaven; Treating children in the crosshairs of trauma." Excerpt from the book The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz.

<23. Neil Rawles (February 2, 2007). Inside Waco (Television documentary). Channel 4/HBO.

You will forgive me if I wax a wee bit skeptical at sources which are 666% kiked, as filtered through the lens of what is today one of the most influential Jewish mass-propaganda operations in the Western world. This is not a glib brush-off: Based on hard experience, I have found it wise to hold a rebuttable presumption that such sources contain substantive inaccuracies. Indeed, I have never yet found any instance where they don't, at least as to politically sensitive topics.

I am not personally an expert on the history of the Waco massacre, and don't claim to be. Now, you've made a positive assertion that Koresh was "a freak a fucker and a doofus". If, in support thereof, you wish to better educate me with something more reliable than HBO TV (!), a psychotherapy periodical (!), or goddamn Wikipedia (!!), please feel free. I'll be watching this thread.

>Now was the government wrong to massacre them? Yes of course, they were communist criminal monsters, but Koresh himself was a freak a fucker and a doofus.

If that last is a reference to Koresh's religious beliefs, well — the article I cited upthread was written by a militant atheist, whose judgment in these matters I trust. That should give you a measure of how much I (don't) sympathize with the gross superstitions of any sect of Christianity. But free men who mind their own business in their own little communities have a right to entertain silly notions without a Treasury Department army (why does the Treasury Department have its own army!?) gassing and incinerating them over it. As far as I'm concerned, this was about equivalent to a massacre of the Amish.

Whereas if you were insinuating some moral equivocation about the massacre, you'll have an awful uphill battle persuading any sane person that Koresh and his folks deserved this in any way. Thus far, you've given me HBO TV (!) and a psychotherapy periodical (!), via goddamn Wikipedia (!!). Actually, I think you thus made my point.

(The fact that Wikipedia considers an HBO "documentary" to be a "reliable source" should tell you all you need to know about the Kike Encyclopedia. I hope you don't learn your info about the Holohoax from them.)

992c6d  No.12430660

File: d25628521d7d459⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 150x226, 75:113, 5b453453b4.jpg)


> What if?

>By William Raspberry



a4775d  No.12431380


What a great memory hole example. Have never heard this mentioned.

000000  No.12431412


>quick, we need to turn this discussion of the mass-murder of peaceful Americans into a discussion about Communist/anarchist nigger revolutionaries

Anybody who spends time in online Marxist circles ("know your enemy") knows that MOVE is well-remembered, not "memory-holed".

9e1718  No.12431505

File: 75ff116e3d1d65c⋯.png (27.19 KB, 200x181, 200:181, 75ff116e3d1d65c38076326d9a….png)

68f840  No.12431570


Jew detected. How do I know? Jews never go after their own.

6ae5f0  No.12431652


Do you live under a rock? Trigger-happy cops kill orcs on a relatively regular basis. Sometimes justified sometimes not, but it certainly happens.

000000  No.12431653


>Jews never go after their own.

And Jews jealously guard their Chosen status.

Vernon Howell took the names of two Jewish christs (kings): "David", and Cyrus/Κῦρος/כרש ["Koresh"] (see Isaiah 45:1 for the declaration that this Persian Emperor is the christ of the Jews). He took the hexagram ("Star of David") for his symbol, and hung out a flag based thereupon. I don't know the details of his theology; but this symbolism makes it clear at the very least that he marked his people, the Branch Davidians, as Yahweh's real Chosen Pets, and he himself as the King of the real, true Jews.

B'nai B'rith called in the hit. Draw your own conclusions.

000000  No.12432249


"Why do nonwhite people always have to make everything about them? Selfish narcissists, always stealing the spotlight and inserting themselves into other people's narratives!"







<and nigger-loving readers of the (((washington post)))

>and of course, (((you know who)))















Some underrated posts (excluding mine) in a long thread, people just finding this may not have seen.


Heiled, read it again.



<re Ruby Ridge

<Secondly, I don't know, but maybe immediately jumping to lethal force as a response to someone who's representing the fucking state shooting a dog for reasons you don't understand


<The dog compromised this and was killed.

Only non-White savages or sick degenerates could talk like that about a man's dog, as if shooting the dog "for reasons you don't understand" is nothing. I'd like to feed the dismembered pieces of you to my dog, but I don't want him to get AIDS or whatever else you're carrying, you dog-hating subhuman sack of shit.




bd4865  No.12433034

File: 449e0f8803beab9⋯.gif (196.76 KB, 357x333, 119:111, 1471461276764.gif)


He didn't "release" people because he was never holding them hostage. Some came out in the early part of the siege and all of them were instantly taken into custody and the children were sent to the CPS in Texas. The CPS stated that all the children that ended up in their care were well behaved, educated, and showed no signs of abuse. The adults all ended up getting charged for murder of ATF officers and some still sit in prison to this day despite a jury finding them innocent on that charge. The jury did find them guilty of having "illegal firearms" and the judge just tied the two charges together and gave all of them the maximum sentence. He basically overruled the jury's findings and sentenced them for murder anyway.

The part about "God told me not to come out" is partly his religion and partly because the Government kept escalating the situation. They cut power to the compound and employed psychological warfare tactics against them. They had sniper posted all around the compound (one of which being the man that killed an innocent woman at Ruby Ridge). They had armed goons posted all around that were taunting through various means (mooning, giving the finger, along with other schoolyard antics). They were constantly driving tanks around the compound removing trees/material in preparation for the final assault. People could have left the compound at any time but were afraid they'd be shot where they stood for attempting it.

On the day of the final assault Delta team was on the grounds. Officially, they were there to "advise the FBI" but what really happened is they were taking part in the assault itself. Delta can only be called out by order of the president as they're basically the president's private army. When the final assault started nerve gas was pumped directly into the building at the known locations of the children inside with full awareness that there were not gas masks for the kids. When the building caught fire the FBI's own FLIR video shows Government officials discharging fully automatic rifles into the escape points of the building. The "bunker" where the women and children were taken to weather the assault had a high explosive charge placed on the roof which caused a massive hole allowing the fire to penetrate inside of it. The Government's own video shows that rebar was blown downwards and a massive hole in the concrete of the roof. The FBI's own team members has said that after the attack they discovered multiple bodies of women and children with bullet holes in them.

These bodies, along with all material from the compound were destroyed before any independent investigation could occur. The bunker was supposed to be buried on the property but when people went looking for it years later everything had been removed from the property. The bodies were supposed to be kept on ice until autopsies could be performed but the FBI cut power to those trailers and allowed them to rot destroying all evidence. The flash bangs that were used in the assault turned up later in evidence mislabeled as "silencers" and "gun parts".

Koresh said he could come out after he'd written down some text and was in the process of finishing it when the assault occurred. He was writing something related to the 7 seals and had placed the first one out a window for the world to see a day or two before the attack. The people inside the compound were surviving on rain water and drinking less than 8 ounces a day. They'd run out of food and hadn't fired a shot since the first day when the ATF shot at them unprovoked. Why would they remain inside a place like that, where the Government had told them if they approached a window it would be considered a threat and they'd get shot unless they feared for their lives? The Government was basically proving everything they believed to be correct: That this was the end of days and Babylon had come to their door steps to kill them all. All the Government had to do was talk to them in good faith and de-escalate the situation.

bd4865  No.12433035



All of this was caused by the ATF, who was facing massive budget cuts, looking for a quick and easy way to seem relevant to the public. They thought they were going to go in there and serve a warrant, find some illegal guns, and get some good play in the media. Instead they found resistance and botched the entire thing. After that the Clintons, FBI, Janet Reno, and various other people in the Government like Chuck Schumer got involved and attempted to clean up the mess. In a bid to save face they murdered tons of innocents on live television and spun it as

>dur hur crazy clut leader, brainwashed people, pedos!!! Don't you feel safe now that big brother got rid of these domestic terrorists!?

It it any wonder that a man that witnessed all this go down that had military training himself and saw through the bullshit bombed a Government building two short years later? Waco and Ruby Ridge represent the start of the war against free men in this country. Waco is the first time tanks and the military was used against citizens of this country. Ruby Ridge, instigated by Government agents who took advantage of a poor man that just needed some cash to feed his family, who shot his dog, child, and wife lit a fuse. The man's only crime was rejection of modern society and attempting to raise a family outside of that society. The Government attempted to justify all those actions simply because he sawed off a shotgun for them. All because he visited his neighbors in an attempt to get some socialization for his children, all because those neighbors were white separatists.

This all boils down to the Government's fear that if people stop watching television, using the "smart" devices, and actually come together as a community that they'll get fed up living in this evil society and doing something about it. They use these same tactics on any potential uprising. That's why they kill black leaders, that's why they kill people like GLR, that's why they constantly shill here and attempt to shut down any platform outside of their control that names the kikes and allows freedom of speech. Free thinking people can simply not be allowed to have free thought if their plans are going to come to fruition. If you aren't a total normalfag you become they enemy.

The pen is mightier than the sword. But the sword is required to defend the pen. If you aren't well armed and prepared to die for what you believe in they'll win. They'll roll tanks in on you just like they've done countless times. They'll set the building you're in on fire and claim you lit that fire yourself. They'll run 24/7 shilling campaigns on every media outlet to paint you as crazy. They'll kill you, your family, your children, your dogs and claim it had to be done because you brainwashed everyone around you. They'll put things you said on the internet and the books you read on full display and claim you peddled hate and lies. They'll bring out armies of normalfag niggers, muslims, and women to cry about how they don't feel safe because people like you still exist in the current year.

Educate everyone you know about the true story of Waco and Ruby Ridge. It's a massive redpill and that's why even 25 years later the Government shills against the true so much. They're playing the long game hoping that the truth will get buried under their lies. Don't let the innocent children of Waco and Ruby Ridge be forgotten. It's our duty to keep their memory alive and make sure this never happens again.

39ba82  No.12437486


yes the Davidians were monitoring the activities of the nearby airport used for CIA drug and human trafficking black ops.

d5797a  No.12438188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The USA is this big experiment and >>12385443

65669c  No.12438228

File: 7b6543db7e7cc17⋯.gif (12.74 KB, 257x257, 1:1, 7b6543db7e7cc17f8220908902….gif)

File: 397bc21ee662e68⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 558x720, 31:40, 397bc21ee662e68151fab7c6d3….jpg)



10/10 Posts like these are why I still come to this board.

65669c  No.12438239

File: 5d37628689f5ea7⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 500x489, 500:489, that's bullshit but I beli….jpg)

0d06df  No.12438314

Koresh was a kiddie diddling pedo loving kike

ada6a0  No.12438441

992c6d  No.12438523


Like most white people.

a4cf2c  No.12438764

File: 1b7cfebf605e82b⋯.jpg (90.81 KB, 580x419, 580:419, abu_ghraib_iraq_torture.jpg)

a4cf2c  No.12438765


I feel like you are dirty nog, Tyrone.

992c6d  No.12438831


Never forget the Herero and Nama genocide.

100,000 Hereros, 10,000 Nama and an uncounted number of San, RIP my brothas. Woe me, the negro holocaust, oh the white inhumanity, when will the massacre end?

17faeb  No.12440305

File: f842167b866f56b⋯.gif (82.64 KB, 350x272, 175:136, salute2.gif)


Based dubs of truth and heil'd

000000  No.12442478



Thank you for answering my questions. Your extended post needs to be made its own thread, stickied, and forcibly tattooed to the brains of every White American who does not care about Waco. Which is almost all of them.

In a first for me insofar as things found posted on the Internet are concerned, I will be quoting these words, credit Anonymous:

>The pen is mightier than the sword. But the sword is required to defend the pen. If you aren't well armed and prepared to die for what you believe in they'll win. They'll roll tanks in on you just like they've done countless times. They'll set the building you're in on fire and claim you lit that fire yourself. They'll run 24/7 shilling campaigns on every media outlet to paint you as crazy. They'll kill you, your family, your children, your dogs and claim it had to be done because you brainwashed everyone around you. They'll put things you said on the internet and the books you read on full display and claim you peddled hate and lies. They'll bring out armies of normalfag niggers, muslims, and women to cry about how they don't feel safe because people like you still exist in the current year.

I have only one quibble with what you said:

The Disconnect

>Educate everyone you know about the true story of Waco and Ruby Ridge. It's a massive redpill…. Don't let the innocent children of Waco and Ruby Ridge be forgotten. It's our duty to keep their memory alive and make sure this never happens again.

The penultimate and ultimate clauses are not connected in reality. The memory must be kept alive, and it is every man's duty to keep it alive; but that is a matter of principle, and of conserving historical knowledge on the slight chance that the White man avoids extinction, and thus has future generations to care about such things.

But educating the public is useless (as Hitler observed in Mein Kampf I, Chapter 12). The American people do not care. The United States government massacred Americans in broad daylight; and aside from a few pockets of mostly impotent outrage, the reaction was to uncomfortably change the channel and forget within fifteen minutes. And I refer here to those few Americans who were not so actively evil as to lap up the lies and cheer the mass-murderers.

The reason why Americans do not care is not ignorance, or lack of "redpills". For twenty-five years, the truth about Waco has been readily available to anybody even vaguely aware that the mainstream media is not always entirely truthful — that is, everybody who is not a total fool. The Waco truth has been spread by persons of a wide range of mutually exclusive political opinions, from libertarians to National Socialists. Indeed, I myself first bumped into the basic facts about Waco when I was a youth shamefully bedazzled by the artful dissimulation of (((Ayn Rand))).

No, the reason why Americans don't care is that Waco is not real to them — and they don't wait it to be! They live in a world of movie violence and blood-soaked videogames. They are not like the men of centuries past, who were acquainted with the facts of life from the slaughter of farm animals to the waging of war. It is not so much that they are "desensitized", but rather, that they are mentally habituated to transmuting reality to fantasy — not vice versa, as is commonly supposed. This provides an easy escape for moral cowards — and that is what they are, moral cowards.

When shown a Holohoax mockumentary, they will believe it because that is convenient. It costs them nothing, avoids uncomfortable costs, and also helps them rationalize the plain fact that their own granddaddies invaded Europe and consummated the Suicide of the White Race. Therefore, the images and "facts" they see are real to them.

But when told the truth about Waco, it is to them as if watching a dark Hollywood thriller. Yes, they feel the same upset they feel at a horror movie. They disconnect. It is unreal. It is not a fact of the world in which they live, and thus can never affect their daily lives.

(To be continued due to post length limit…)

000000  No.12442480


>…Waco… horror movie… disconnect… not a fact of the world in which they live, and thus can never affect their daily lives.

A proof is in the violent hatred they pour out for a man to whom Waco was real. Timothy McVeigh did not disconnect, did not evade. To him, the massacre was real, unacceptable, and demanding of a real response. Equal and opposite reaction. His real-world reaction stripped naked their hypocrisy.

Yes, McVeigh had some flaws both strategically and philosophically. This does not elide the fact that he had some qualities unknown to Boobus Americanus: Moral courage — and the humane decency to care more about the victims at Waco than he did about his own life, a decency unknown to moral imbeciles who let mass-murders go unpunished.

Now, observe how much McVeigh is vilely traduced and disavowed by people who claim to remember Waco, claim to be outraged, and even claim to hate the murderous tyranny which committed the Waco massacre. He is to them a reminder that this is real, this actually happened — and somebody actually did something about it, which you never will. His logical, real-world response of meeting violence with violence and not mere words is a piercing reminder of their own cowardice, their submissiveness to the masters they claim to defy, their utter impotence. He is their enemy — worse than the "ZOG", the "Feds", the "Gubmint", or whatever other epithets they toss at their owners, to whom they surrendered themselves without fighting.

By obediently joining their masters' scripted condemnations of McVeigh as a criminal, a murderer, and a "domestic terrorist", they shield themselves against the accusation presented by his very existence — and they irrevocably choose sides. The price for this comfort is their souls, their children's birthright, and the very existence of their posterity. For this, for the convenience of a cowardly evasion, they have sold their own children's freedom, and condemned their future generations to slavery or extinction. For Waco and Ruby Ridge were just the start… >>12429362

Of course, this is only one instance of their consistent pattern of behavior, always and everywhere. They make that devil's deal every day of their lives, just as did their fathers and grandfathers. But it is symbolic. And it is revealing.

The Americans have sealed their own doom — the word "doom" being a Germanic word for judgment.

For that judgment, a government which mass-murders its citizens in broad daylight and does not face immediate insurrection is the greater proof emphasized by the aforestated symbolic exception. What? That sounds dangerous, and even illegal! Somebody might get hurt. Quick, change the channel. For no such thing to have occurred a quarter-century later is a magnitude of proof which words cannot adequately describe. The Americans regard their own lives as worthless, for they regard their fellow Americans' lives as worthless; and they do not know the meaning of freedom. Their condign punishment shall be to receive what they accepted, and thus, what they implicitly wished upon themselves.

Yes, people get the government they deserve.

To those few who wish to escape that terrible fate, the only possible chance is not merely "remembering", but accepting that this is a memory of real events. Accepting that reality without evasion imposes a choice: Either act in reality, for neither justice nor freedom are wrought by mere words — or frankly give up in reality, and honestly forswear your own soul and your own posterity. The latter alternative being a fate worse than death for any man worthy of the word, the only answer is radicalization.

We may never know the true number of Americans who met reality head-on a quarter-century ago. McVeigh was an honorable man, who claimed full responsibility so as to protect his comrades, if any; by taking the fall for them, he also inadvertently received historical credit as possibly the only able-bodied man in the entire United States who was fully awake at that time, not disconnected, and not a base poltroon.

The future depends on there being more with the moral courage to not disconnect.

>I thank whatever gods may be

>For my unconquerable soul.

>— Timothy McVeigh, June 11, 2001 (Final Written Statement of Timothy McVeigh — last words of a free man.)

000000  No.12442524


>No, the reason why Americans don't care is that Waco is not real to them — and they don't want it to be!

…and other gross infelicities of wording. I should not attempt to write when shaking with rage.

000000  No.12442544


>McVeigh was an honorable man, who claimed full responsibility so as to protect his comrades, if any;

As did Leo Schlageter. No wonder the Americans so hated Schlageter that they destroyed the major monument to his memory. Meanwhile, they lionize Stauffenberg. Honor is treacherously damned, as treachery is honored.

I call McVeigh the American Schlageter.

Sliders, gas yourselves.

f2f598  No.12442566

File: acbed3d58c23b7b⋯.png (206.34 KB, 1793x779, 1793:779, Waco Siege Explained.png)



I hope I capped good

000000  No.12442580


>that pic

Looks like typical jewspaper lie-propaganda from after the initial firefight? The scan is blurry.

6a74ed  No.12442590


"The Waco compound siege was the siege of a compound in Waco. Waco is in texas and there was a siege there in texas where Waco is, of the compound there, which was sieged. This is called the waco siege or Waco compound siege, which is where, in Waco, a compound was sieged during a siege on the waco compound in Waco, in a compound there."

76cf79  No.12442937


> The internet already existed, didn't it?


>Not for most people

Not for anyone in the general population.

I was living in Tx at the time the news and all media were cheering on the feds. Everyone was against the waco niggers.


000000  No.12442950


>general population

Appropriate term for the citizen-inmates of the American prison. But it would be so much more stylish to call it the "genpop".

000000  No.12443148


<all media were cheering on the feds. Everyone was against the waco niggers.


Grossly untrue. Well-informed Americans have always had "alternative news sources" — some at the level of samizdat, some quite professionally published labors of love by men who lived under a stream of Jewish death threats. (George Dietz used to publish some of the spicier threat letters in Liberty Bell, with his contemptuous responses. He was a courageous man who had grown up in the Hitler Youth; and apparently, he was quite well-armed up there in Reedy, West Virgina.) I think it has been almost a hundred years since anybody except ill-informed nincompoops relied on the mainstream media for their news. Admittedly, nincompoops are numerous and prolific.

Above, >>12394141 I cited and linked to a pertinent article in Liberty Bell. Therefrom, I will quote the portion where the author, Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, cites his own sources of information. Obviously, most of these publications no longer exist; and the listed P.O. boxes have probably been passed on to random niggers. But I quote without eliding such information, in case that may help others track down back-issues.

Liberty Bell, September 1993, pp. 2-3:

>This [opportunity for Fedniggers to have fun killing more Americans after Ruby Ridge] was provided by the cowboys of B'nai B'rith,[2] who put their fingers on the ninety or so members of an obscure religious sect in Texas, and by implication said, "Go, get'em."


>The information on which I base this article comes principally from the May issue of The Balance[3] and the April and May issues of Criminal Politics,[4] with some details from the March-April issue of the Jubilee,[5] and the few credible parts of reports in the daily press. The June issues of these magazines, which may contain additional information, have not yet reached me.

>2. The Yids boasted that they instigated the assault on the Davidians. See the accounts in the Spotlight, 17 May 1993, p. A-2, and especially Criminal Politics, May 1993, p. 13.

>3. The publication of the Cause Federation of Houston, Texas, a small group of lawyers who are trying to defend the supposed rights of Americans in the courts, on the chance of finding judges who still feel free to consider statute law; P.O. Box 1235, Black Mountains, North Carolina (28711); $20.00 per annum.

>4. P.O. Box 37812, Cincinnati, Ohio (45222); $197.50 per annum.

>5. A stridently Christian bimonthly publication, of which the Supreme Editor-in-Chief is the famous Yahweh; P.O. Box 310, Midpines, California (95345); $15.00 per annum (cash or money order; no cheques or bank drafts). If the publishers were able to bring out an issue after the massacre, it did not reach me. This journal's reporter succeeded in obtaining some interesting pictures before his camera was confiscated and he was imprisoned for "criminal trespass."

(Per that last note, I myself would be quite interested in knowing what happened to that reporter and to Jubilee.)

Right here in this tiny sample, we can count five different publications which were telling the truth as events happened and in the months immediately thereafter. They came from many different ideologies: The cited ultra-Christian Jubilee, the vehemently anti-Christian Aryan racialist Liberty Bell, a group of Constitution-loving lawyers, a quite pricey political intelligence and analysis periodical, and that Willis Carto Spotlight thing (which at some point had launched slime-attacks against Liberty Bell).

No mature man with a functioning brain had any excuse to be "cheering the Feds". I may accept limited excuses for naive youths under the age of thirty, and for lightheaded females.

f2f598  No.12443264



wow, just wow.

000000  No.12443312



There's an old saying that every generation thinks it invented sex.

After more than a century of lies, I think likewise, every generation thinks that it invented "alternative media". Especially generations who cannot imagine life without the Internet.

(Same applies as to the JQ, which is really ridiculous.)

In addition to a variety of printed periodicals and publishers of uncensored books, in the 1990s, there were also still some AM radio stations with free speech. I know that some of them were screaming the truth about Waco. There were other "alternative" sources; but I think that "alternative" print and AM radio reached the most people at the time of the Waco massacre.

No, you don't need jewtube and blogs and (((tweets))) and imageboards full of "fashy" talk about "redpills" to get the truth out. The truth has always been out there.

Everything we are talking about was all known and expected and discussed in the "alternative media" in 1993!

Liberty Bell (ibid.), pp. 14, 18-19, with bold added to some names of people who were trying to "redpill" others as far back as the 1920s-30s (!):

>The Davidians imprudently [ >>12425094 ] released the terrorists they had captured and allowed the thugs to collect their own dead and wounded, in expectation that Howell/Koresh and his followers would be accorded a trial, even one before an obviously hostile judge. After some waiting, to permit the jewspapers to dish out some of their canned slime, the massacre began as planned….

>[…long, gruesome description of how the Davidians were tortured to death with poison gas and fire…]

>Eventually, the incident in Waco will be remembered as only the first in a long series of implementations of the New World Order.

>It is likely that the next item on the program is a series of well-planned crimes that can be used by the boob-tubes to convince half-wits that crimes are caused by weapons of self-defence. Eventually, of course, either before or after some more exemplary massacres, the country will be divided into small, sealed-off areas, and the terrorists will conduct a search of each Aryan's home to confiscate weapons larger than penknives. They will doubtless be in a festive mood and, protected by their M-1 tanks, will throw hand-grenades through the windows of some houses so that they may trample on the bleeding victim while conducting their peace-keeping search.

>Well, the Americans decreed their own doom. This is not the place to trace their idiocy to its origins; it will suffice to note that as late as the 1930s, when the Americans had partly recovered from their outbreak of homocidal righteousness in 1917 and still had a country of their own, they could have saved themselves and their posterity.

>They had been warned, cogently and emphatically, by intelligent compatriots, notably Correa Moylan Walsh, Madison Grant, and Lothrop Stoddard, and for a time it seemed that our people might have a future. But, as they had done for more than a century, the Americans, their little minds stuffed with Christian superstitions and “humanitarian” fantasies, obstinately refused to look at the real world and wantonly violated the inexorable laws of nature. So they have made themselves, like the aepyronis, the moa, and the dodo, biologically obsolete and have doomed themselves to extinction. The only hope that I can offer them is the observation that Machiavelli made near the close of his life, that desperation sometimes finds solutions that rational forethought was unable to discover.[28]

>(28. “La disperazione truova de’ rimedii che la electione non ha saputo trovare.”)

974848  No.12443334



Finally a legit oldfag posting, I didn't think any were left

000000  No.12446786


>Most of all, remember all of this for approximately 4 hours and then forget until you watch a video about it again in a year or two.

not 4 hours, a whole 2 weeks! thread started 11/6.

maybe there will be another waco thread next year, or in 25 years

bfd… really changing the world

483e88  No.12447037

File: 575b7d304424983⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 720x683, 720:683, rip jreno.jpg)

000000  No.12447158


>that pic

thanks, I need to remove my eyeballs and place them in a glass of bleach for a little while

lulz, though. that… thing… should have been careful what it wished for.

not that i see drumpf making sure that everybody involved in the waco massacre gets arrested and tried on a stack of capital charges, treason and multiple murder, from clinton on down. but at least that… thing… seems to have cursed itself to death.

000000  No.12451557


>>Jubilee journalist imprisoned [not named here]


>Everything we are talking about was all known and expected and discussed in the "alternative media" in 1993!

I think it's important to keep awareness of contemporaneous sources of information. I decided to start by taking a crack at Jubilee, given its ideological remoteness from Liberty Bell. A quick web search found what appears to be the text of a contemporaneous Jubilee article about the Waco massacre — posted on a Christian Identity website, undated, and freely interpolated with the web proprietor's opinions. I do not know if that is the same article as that to which Dr. Oliver referred, although it appears to be.

I will not link to unreliable, interpolated, improperly attributed text; the search must continue when time permits. Yet as I skimmed through the Biblically educated Christian verbiage, this caught my eye:

>Louis Beam, a reporter for The Jubilee Newspaper… was jailed.

Is that the imprisoned reporter to whom Dr. Oliver referred? I don't know. If so, as seems most likely, then it is remarkable, but not surprising! Unless there were two men named "Louis Beam" behaving disrespectfully toward Yahweh's Master Race in the relevant time period, he must be one of the men who beat what the Feds had been intended to be a great show trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1988.

For those who don't know: The Federal witlings charged a grab bag of fourteen mostly unrelated defendants with conspiring together to overthrow the government of the United States. Their intended show-trial fell flat because, rather than availing themselves of one of their many kangaroo courts, they inadvertently pitched their trumped-up charges in a courtroom which featured an old-school honest judge, Morris Arnold, whose great-grandfather had been a Confederate officer — and who was overheard to remark in the courthouse cafeteria that he wanted "this garbage over with" because he had "important cases to try".

Judge Arnold kept the trial honest, making the usual jewridical tricks impossible. The jury's verdict was acquittal of all defendants on all charges. Afterwards, a pretty blonde female juror married one of the other defendants, David McGuire. The whole farce was a humiliation for the ZOG.

Mr. Beam ran his own defense, and started his opening statement with this courageous oratory: "You will be told that I and Pastor Butler and Pastor Miles are enemies of this government. This is the truth. The federal government is my enemy and by the time this trial is over you will understand that the government is your enemy, too."

Interesting to see him turn up at Waco…

For a brief summary of Mr. Beam's adventure at the Forth Smith Sedition Trial (and the torture inflicted on his loyal wife), see J.B. Campbell, "Louis and Sheila", Liberty Bell, May 1994, pp. 16-31, from which I have drawn details in the above description.

d4294c  No.12452596


>Tfw your Gen-X Mom and Dad redpilled you on Waco and police states at the age of 7.

bbc034  No.12452621


Meme responsibly in hell Janet.

65669c  No.12452803

File: f290d88ff07da26⋯.png (241.92 KB, 618x620, 309:310, aK4us69-618x620.png)


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

a10b21  No.12452813



excellent post

974848  No.12452845



All that's missing is the part that WACO was a rescure shelter for kids who were being sexually trafficked by the CIA from a nearby trafficking point, and, besides all the other reasons you stated, this was really the main reason to destroy them and destroy all evidence surrounding the circumstances of the compound as quickly as possible.

d4294c  No.12452902


>Not redpilling the youth young so they radicalize quickly.

I got boots and jarheads from my old JROTC that openly post kike-hate on jewbook.

There ain't no stoppin this train unless you kill us all.

Come and take it bb ;)

000000  No.12453158


Enough holding back. Please tell us how you really feel.

000000  No.12453416

Daily reminder that Waco was the first massacre of Americans by "their" government in broad daylight, and not the last.

The warm-up exercise at Ruby Ridge was most unsatisfying. There, in a military strike on one little family who tried to get "off the grid", the murderers only managed to kill a housewife holding her baby, a 14-year-old youth, and a family dog. What self-respecting defender of (((democracy))) in the "Land of the Free" could consider that more than an appetizer?

What Waco proved for all to see is that if you try to form an intentional community even semi-detached from the System, then the System will mobilize tanks, attack helicopters, and goddamn Delta Force to kill everybody you care about with slow suffering and destroy everything you've ever built. Then, the (((media))) will inform the public that you were mentally ill paedophilic violent criminal cult members who committed mass-suicide. If anybody tries to avenge you, he will be vilified as a "domestic terrorist", and disavowed by ostensible "patriots" and "nationalists" because he broke the "laws" of a System whose only law is mass brainwashing backed by brute force. A quarter-century later, if you are lucky, a few unhappy individuals will keep your memory alive by heroically striving to save a /pol/ thread about you from being slid out of the catalog.

If you are such an unhappy individual, then you may be summarily swatted like an insect by a few low-level grunts — as was the recently deceased Gary J. Willis, or numerous similar examples over the past few decades who were shot to death in their own homes, then soon forgotten. But the real fireworks will start if you commit the ultimate crime of founding a sustainable community which lives like this:

>As a group these people were non violent and well regarded in their community. Many had jobs outside the complex and lived as most of us. One of the ways the church raised money was to buy and sell guns and related military equipment with the use of a Legal Federal Firearms License. They had several legal 50 cal. bolt action rifles which can not be converted to automatic or machine guns. They had good relations with the local law-enforcement, especially, the deputy sheriff. These people were self sufficient, growing and storing most of their food; they were home birthers; they had home schooling; and in general they prepared for survival in the coming hard times.

>[Contemporaneous report in the Jubilee. Still searching for a reliable copy. >>12451557 ]

((("God"))) forbid! Taking this concept to the ultimate degree, don't forget that Hitler's greatest crime was detaching an entire nation from the system of international finance, and making Germany a near-autarky. The greatest crime in this world is independence. Indeed, the (((hostis humani generis))) has decreed that total sovereign independence is a "crime against humanity".

If you get your family "off the grid", you risk becoming the next Ruby Ridge. If you build a functional small community with real long-term prospects, then you may expect the Waco treatment. And if you somehow manage to obtain a country of your own, then a war of the entire world will be made against you.

d5797a  No.12453486


I already posted it above...

514201  No.12453557


> if you try to form an intentional community even semi-detached from the System, then the System will mobilize

Naturally, as would any system with self-preservation mechanisms. What going off the grid means is to create a city-state that is ungoverned and unaccountable to the system that has, by various rights, laid claim to that land now being taken by those not of its system. Any governmental system that would allow its own territories to be taken up by those who want separation from that system would soon cease to exist as various powers would grow to the point of doing serious damage to that system.

Now, most of the time the troubles for these little off-gridders starts on the local level. Local governments, particularly those that have low populations (i.e. low tax bases), will care a lot if suddenly a new city incorporates in it that might upset the local political ecosystem. Look at Rajneeshpuram and how they ran into problems mainly due to local groups and townships first because the cultists overwhelmed local political processes without taking complete hold.

Following that model, there are two strategies if you want to go and make your own township. Either:

>Take over an existing township and convert it to your own ideal

>Incorporate in a relatively large-population county where your existence doesn't disrupt local politics

The former requires city and county governance takeovers in order to shape laws and ordinances in your group's favor. The latter requires your group to be basically so disinteresting on the surface that it hides in plain sight and doesn't threaten the system. If you pay your taxes and don't upset politics, they won't even know you exist.

This is more to the point of a different thread, but basically if the goal of your off-gridding is to just disappear and not be bothered by the state, then just pay your taxes if any and live in your own little cabin or commune where governance doesn't notice you. If your goal is to create a society that is suitable for your posterity, that will require political action and is incompatible with off-gridding unless it is in truly ungovernable territory.

000000  No.12453673


This anon gets it — mostly, I think.

In questioning or elaborating on a few points, I will avoid red herrings of comparing various groups said to be cults, save to observe that the Davidians did not proselytize, and were generally well-liked by their neighbors.

>This is more to the point of a different thread,

I think it is important for people to understand why the Davidian community was offensive to the System on a very deep level.

>If you pay your taxes and don't upset politics, they won't even know you exist.

Like the Davidians?

>tax bases

>pay your taxes

>just pay your taxes

Yes, I know that White niggers who insufficiently serve (((massa))) are guilty of "tax evasion", a crime worse than rape and murder. I presume that the Davidians were not guilty of this "crime" — for if they were, they certainly would have been accused of it.

Paying taxes requires possession of the Federal Reserve trading stamps which American slaves use instead of money. The Davidians apparently obtained these trading stamps with a gun business, for which they had a legal FFL. I did say they were "semi-detached from the System".

To be clear, I don't think that "tax protestors" do any favors for their posterity by painting a big target on their backs over this one issue. I view the issue with strict pragmatism: In wartime, a man must do things which are unpleasant, sometimes even outright criminal. It is indeed criminal to support the System with tax payments; I only excuse those few who do so for a strategic advantage, so that they can maintain the freedom of action to escape the System in other ways, or even harm it outright. I suppose that is your point here; if so, we don't disagree.

>doesn't threaten the system

Like the Amish, and similar old sects? I do expect that if the Amish were new, they would get the Waco treatment, despite their obscene pacifism.

>If your goal is to create a society that is suitable for your posterity

Otherwise, what the hell is the point? If not for the motive of posterity, there is really no reason not to move to the city, scratch up some jewbucks, and screw as many whores as you can. Masturbating in the backwoods achieves nothing more; and it is considerably less fun, by most people's standards.

Everybody dies. The sum total value of a man's life is only in what he leaves behind him.

000000  No.12453786


>Masturbating in the backwoods achieves nothing more; and it is considerably less fun, by most people's standards.

I should add that, of course, it is precisely those actions which would >>12453557

>create a society that is suitable for your posterity

…which will get you Wacoed.

If you hole up in the backwoods alone, stay under the radar, just sit there with a pile of guns and preserved food, then unless it has the whimsical urge to make an example of a random someone who happens to be you, the System will probably leave you alone. Because all you do is meaningless, and will die with you. That is exactly what marks you as not a threat! It is not about "paying taxes" or not "upsetting the local political ecosystem". Doing nothing for your posterity is what makes you "safe" for the System.

000000  No.12453796



>talking about "posterity"

<in a country which does not understand that a president with a jewish posterity will annihilate white people


000000  No.12454561

Those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.

(Motto of George P. Dietz卐, publisher of Liberty Bell.)

For the convenience of those who don't know much about Waco, and don't want to read 200+ posts:

Blood-appetizer — what happened at Ruby Ridge:


The Essential Facts about Waco:



Some important short observations:






Nobody treats Waco as real!



FAQ: The name "David Koresh" (taken by the man born Vernon Howell — "Koresh" = "Cyrus"; see Isaiah 45.1, "christus meus Cyrus", "Cyrus my christ [king]"):


On the death by slow torture suffered by the Davidians—men, women, and children:


A short list of a few of the "alternative news" sources which were contemporaneously telling the truth about Waco:


"Stay in the System, goy (or else (((we))) will send niggers to roll tanks over the ashes of your women and children)."


55e3e1  No.12454573


>Don't be part of a retarded cult, don't get shot. It's not hard.

<said anon, to his fellow shut-ins, on an esoteric counter-culture imageboard

b500ae  No.12454614


right, he should've just taken the inevitable bullet, i'm sure it crossed his mind as it would yours to just give up and die right there

65669c  No.12454625

File: 940d11efbd3b7ef⋯.jpg (49.43 KB, 500x532, 125:133, 1437349358587.jpg)


>I'd say WACO was more of a ritual holocaust than a run in with alphabet and a pseudo-Christian cult.

Fuck me. Knowing what we know now, this is all too plausible. I can almost see that stupid cunt Hillary cavorting around a bonfire in a black robe as the compound burned. Something's gotta give, man.

000000  No.12454643



<Prostrate yourself and lick the feet of the (((B'nai B'rith))), and you won't get gassed and burnt alive together with your women and children. It's not hard.

Slavery is always easy. Even as late as the 1930s, some surviving American niggers of the pre-1865 generation openly admitted that they had it good as livestock on White-owned plantations. Well, "good" by nigger standards.

If you are content to be warm, mostly safe, well-fed on processed junk food, and mentally anesthetized by immersion in Jewish entertainments, then by all means: Surrender, give up, be content with your animal satisfactions. "It's not hard."

Admittedly, Jewish masters have a sadism which White slaveowners never did; so your life as White livestock on a Jewish plantation will not be blissful as the lives of the niggers of yore. Still, "hard" is relative. Accepting the Jewish yoke is surely easier than fighting it.

But it is men who make history — for it is men, free men, who defend their posterity.





514201  No.12455238


>Like the Davidians?

I admit I don't know much about the Davidians before the siege events. I doubt however that no one knew they existed and the politics surrounding them completely friendly given that they began arming themselves. However, looking at other cases where a cult or small-group drew federal attentions to it, the troubles almost always began on a local political level. Rajneeshpuram ran aground immediately with an environmentalist group and later irritated (and overwhelmed) the township of Antelope, which gathered attention to it. Rajneeshpuram also armed itself after an opportune Muslim attacked some building near them and uses the excuse of outside hostility to do it, which meant that the cultists already felt the opposition before that point. I'm sure the Davidians observed something similar as well before Waco, otherwise they would have been absolutely defenseless when the situation escalated.

>"tax evasion", a crime worse than rape and murder.

To the system, it basically is. Remember that a government is not a person. It is not human despite its operations being done by humans, in the same way that an ant colony is not an ant despite being made of ants. Humans want to stop rape and murder because it hurts and kills humans, while a government wants to stop rape and murder because they are hyper-disruptive to the tax base and productivity in a tangential way. Tax evasion however is, like you said, a direct assault on their ability to collect resources. More than murder or rape that does harm to a tax base here or there in the current moment, tax evasion deprives immediate resources to the government and can easily spread if they get away with it. An unresponsive tax base is a mortal threat to the system itself in the same way a plastic bag over your head is a more immediate threat than obesity is, which is why it spends so much time and vicious rapidity in punishing people for doing it.

>I suppose that is your point here; if so, we don't disagree.

I think we don't disagree really on this point. I just take the approach that sees the animal that is the system, which humans have to deal with whether it is good or bad or somewhere in-between. I find taxation to be not evil in itself any more than eating is, but it can be done unjustly or justly depending on other factors. Anyway, if no government accused them of tax evasion as you say, then it likely wasn't the particular issue at hand. That doesn't preclude other political considerations being at play that, like rape and murder, were seen as less-immediate but still important threats to the system. For instance, some local power or powers wanting them removed for some reason and leveraging the system to react against them by providing some form of justifying context.

>if the Amish were new, they would get the Waco treatment, despite their obscene pacifism.

Study Hutterites for a great example of modernized Amish. They're shrewd bastards in business and politics who leverage their religious oddities to guilt local people and their governments into tolerating their existences. Amish and Hutterites interact in generally friendly, productive ways with the outside world, and likely is why they are tolerated (despite Hutterites sometimes being shysters and thieves). A compound of cultists who cut themselves off from the outside world completely or interacts outside of their group with overt aggression or negativity frightens local people, which provides context to rooting them out. I don't know if the Davidians started doing that or not, but if they were moving that way it would have bred suspicion and context for political opposition to use against them. Hutterite colonies multiply quite well where I live and don't offer a threat to the government, but they have the advantage of being clever with their off-gridding methodology. Hutterites do not get Waco'ed despite being massive landowners and successful businessmen. Might be useful to learn from them for your establishment of posterity minus the being manipulative assholes part.

>Doing nothing for your posterity is what makes you "safe" for the System.

Governments either consider humans productive towards itself, neutral, or damaging through how they interact with its sensory organs. It can sense its food supply (taxes) and whatever its attendants feed it (political people). Governments are blind and rely on inputs from its attendants to determine what to do. In some cases a single person who hates you can pull strings to roll the government down on top of you. That's why I say that if you don't pay taxes or if you upset some kind of political balance, that will result in some kind of action from the government. Politics are unavoidable if you have the capacity to do anything of note, which is just a reality to deal with. And you deal with it either by hiding in plain sight and be unassuming, or interacting with local powers somehow.

d6b20b  No.12455952

>religious cultists that thought the Day of Judgement was near


>surely they will understand it's only a government raid!

bbc034  No.12455974


Good. Hooray for the cops.

614efc  No.12456759

Big Pharma depression drugs a TRAP for gun owners mandatory confiscation coming for all who take mind-altering drugs. Eric Swalwell threatened to nuke gun owners who refuse unlawful confiscation. New York wants to illegally confiscate guns based on users internet posts. Meanwhile audio comes out of gun fire still happening 90 minutes after Paddock is declared dead and video of shell casings and magazines found on the road of the Vegas strip and not in the Mandalay. Social media CEOs and employees fucking with all our free speech and privacy the government fucking with our privacy. Police murdering, raping, beating, robbing, framing, and killing us. And i know every body is sick and tired of this shit. I am too. Liberty and unity against tyranny, against, government tyranny, against corporate tyranny. Liberty and unity for all.











https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSNtx4TLIIg Las Vegas shooting magazines and shell casings found on the side of the road. Las Vegas Shooting: NEW EVIDENCE: Somebody Dropped Something - Case Re-Opened?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze8KT6HcvKQ Las Vegas shooting You dropped this too.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkb5NjLaveo&t=44s Watch the whole thing evidence of automatic weapons heard after Paddock is dead for 90 minutes. Las Vegas is the second Waco the second mass slaughter of innocents committed by rouge cops and feds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lky9raWWHlQ Las Vegas shooting rouge cops and feds did the shooting heat proof heat challenge the rifles should've lit Paddocks room on fire. The second Waco and cops and feds mass slaughter of civilians.

dde952  No.12456859

Shame about the pizza that got burnt in the basement.

The Satanist fucks don't really like it when you steal their snacks

50c46c  No.12457175


T. Hasn't looked into it


Thought criminals always get roasted for m*l*ch. Whether it's firebombing Dresden and Tokyo, cathars hiding in a mountain castle, waco women and children in a basement or a goat herder with a predator drone.

000000  No.12482217


>I doubt however that no one knew they existed and the politics surrounding them completely friendly given that they began arming themselves.

>which meant that the cultists already felt the opposition before that point. I'm sure the Davidians observed something similar as well before Waco, otherwise they would have been absolutely defenseless when the situation escalated.

<the only reason to buy guns is if you've already incited people's hatred toward you

We have a severe difference in premises here. Where I stand, men arm themselves because that's something which free men do so that they can independently defend their own lives, property, liberty, and posterity from both street criminals and State criminals.

Compare concepts:

<you don't need a gun, unless you already mistreated people and got them angry

<you don't need privacy, unless you have "something to hide"

<you don't need freedom of speech, unless you want to say something wrong

<you don't need the freedom to read, unless you want to look at neo-nazi hate speech and other pornography [note: in Germany and some other European countries, porn censorship laws were used to censor, seize, and destroy "nazi" literature before specific laws were passed for that purpose — all while racially degenerate actual pornography was ignored]

<you don't want to keep the products of your own labors, unless you are a hate-filled fascist who wants to deprive noble niggers, magnanimous mestizos, and other deserving "underprivileged" of their human rights to multiply at your expense

<you don't need a right to live, unless you are a racist neo-nazi bigot who discriminates against your whole species becoming extinct

Contra your assumptions, all reports not from the Jewish liepapers agree that the Davidians were on good terms locally, in particular with the local sheriff's department. Several posts upthread have discussed this; I suggest that you re-examine the facts. (To avoid any suspicion of my own biases, I emphasize, I myself am actively anti-Christian; and I loathe the meddlesome ways of Christian evangelicals.)

Again, to avoid red herrings, I will avoid going off on a tangent about Rajneeshpuram.


000000  No.12482221




>Remember that a government is not a person. It is not human despite its operations being done by humans, in the same way that an ant colony is not an ant despite being made of ants.

>I just take the approach that sees the animal that is the system, which humans have to deal with whether it is good or bad or somewhere in-between.

>Governments either consider humans productive towards itself, neutral, or damaging through how they interact with its sensory organs.

You treat government as if it were a natural phenomenon! But although degenerate governments run amok do indeed tend to display the collective emergent behaviors you describe, government is nevertheless made by men; and as with all things man-made, the question must be asked as to its purpose.

In the past, I myself made the same mistake. Rather than observing only the concrete form of governments currently existing, take a deeper look at government in the abstract.

For reasons too complex to elucidate in a /pol/ post, I recognize only one proper purpose for a government:

>The State is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose is to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred. Those States which do not serve this purpose have no justification for their existence. They are monstrosities. The fact that they do exist is no more of a justification than the successful raids carried out by a band of pirates can be considered a justification of piracy. [Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf II, Chapter 2.]

For ants, an ant colony actually meets that definition of the purpose of a "government". The order of the colony "is to preserve and promote a community" of kindred ants — and it is indeed the means of their reproductive survival as a species! All ants work together, so that their queen can lay the next generation of eggs — not so that she can "collect resources", as you put it.

But again, human governments are made by men; and you err in treating them as if they were facts of Nature. If men have created a government which exists for its "ability to collect resources" as you say, i.e. to enslave the populace, then it is not only failing that purpose, but actively contradicting it.

And whenever a State has no proper purpose, it is not only the right but also the duty of every man to resist and overthrow it. I would even prefer bloody, miserable anarchy as a lesser evil compared to an omnipotent tyranny which systematically enslaves and exterminates the White race (this last ongoing via demographic genocide and miscegenation). I am not here drawing a dichotomy: I am describing what we actually have today, both in the United States and in Europe.


>shrewd bastards in business and politics

So, they are eager participants in the game of chasing the Federal Reserve debt-scrip which Americans use instead of money.

Otherwise stated, they are not a threat to the System.

It is myopic at best to support a System which will eat your children if and when it finds that convenient. So much for posterity. Let's see how well the Hutterites fare when they are swamped by a non-White majority, who will be immune to all attempts to "leverage their religious oddities to guilt local people". Neither Chinese nor mestizos are susceptible to such "guilt".

(And neither are niggers — but that doesn't really matter; I expect that the universally hated niggers will be physically exterminated when either the Chinese or the mestizos gain power, probably within the next 100 years in North America. Observe how within the past 10-15 years, mestizo gangs have already been ethnically cleansing territory they desire in the Los Angeles area. They have no qualms about shooting pickaninnies in the street, for maximal terror effect. The jewsmedia try to paper over this, to sustain the White "liberal" lie that only Whites are "racist" and all the colored folks just love each other. Meanwhile, the Chinese have been quietly colonizing Africa; come time, the ruthless Asians will exterminate every nigger in Africa with exactly as much emotion as you would feel when spraying cockroaches.)

I will here paraphrase and adapt Captain Ramsay's observation that the Jew paralyzes resistance with avarice encouraged by his capitalist right hand, before his left hand strikes with the revolutionary dagger of proletarian agitation.

000000  No.12484362


>end-times religious sect gets holocausted with hellfire (WHO SAW THAT COMING!?)

t. "Just because you're 'paranoid', they will be out to get you!"

People who recognize the realities of the current world, even by mystical accident, are ipso facto Enemies of the State.

9e8179  No.12500555


What do you mean?

15176c  No.12512009



That still doesn't explain why many young girls said he touched them

74ab24  No.12512043

File: 412a249c2d3d43f⋯.jpg (80.01 KB, 780x1083, 260:361, maeror.jpg)


>Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge

This is 'Maeror' by Daniele Vek. It was inspired by the US Marshall surveillance photograph of her, and a post on the blog, Goodbye, America.



769080  No.12516576



Who wants to vomit? Top tier zog nation propaganda.

1c1bf6  No.12516899

File: 3885a1cce713f5f⋯.jpg (141.71 KB, 624x768, 13:16, GW4XQ-yjyq1kz3JhEDr7-DO8C8….jpg)

Fantastic thread. Thanks OP

a764ff  No.12517180

File: be9fa6ef311af49⋯.jpg (308.25 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, okc.jpg)





>academic journals 20,000/yr

I would hardly count this as a wide availability of alternative information.

You have worked yourself into a froth, full of self-righteous indignity.

People hated what happened at RR and Waco

The reason they did nothing was the quick succession of the events, and the VERY problematic nature of Waco

RR proceeded forward through the justice system. The GenPop is reasonably correct to await the pronouncements of 'Justice' because RR would be a defeat for the government, the best way: by their own devices in Court.

David Koresh was a wacko. Pure and simple. The Brand Davidians were a cult. Pure and simple.

Not many people liked what happened at Waco, and there was strong talk, but the problematic nature of the Waco Cult meant that you could never go far to defend them before someone pointed out they were a wacko cult. Just like I am doing to you now.

This is the problem with attaching your cause to wackos. You give the Government a much freer hand to crack down.

Waco is such a shitty cause to attach to, it watered down the RR incident because people were really getting angry about it as the facts trickled out.

And trickle out they did. Even IF you listened to fringe radio or received fringe publications (which you paid for because you believed in conspiracies, had strange and flawed ideology, or had an axe to grind, or were just displaying your personal craziness that way, we've all got it), you didn't get much information about it.

Then WHAM, a group of wackos endures a 2-month siege.

People were angry about it but if it happened today it would be called a FF event by the Jonesians, that's how much it torpedoed support for Populist Militia.

I've been of the opinion that more than OKC, Waco destroyed the growing Militia Movement. Now people who got together with semi-automatic, military-style weapons, could be equated to the Waco Cult.

Prior to that, you could look at RR and say "Gee, I should have more weapons and connecitons than what Randy Weaver had, he got hung out there on his own."

After Waco, it was "Oh yeah, those wackos down in Texas had a whole cash of weapons. Just what am I doing here, offering to help the police search for missing children out inawoods? And that guy over there, he ain't quite right. Maybe I won't show up for next week's muster."

Waco is cancer. Koresh is a poison. The Davidians were toxic.

On top of it, Timothy McVeigh then killed children, which scuttled any and all moral superiority left in the Militia movement. That movement then swiftly petered out, and not until about 15 years ago when BLM madness and accelerating anti-white hate propaganda became blatantly obvious on our EASILY ACCESIBLE AND WIDELY AVAILABLE FORM OF ALMOST-FREE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, did the militia movement arise again.

And then, only with almost complete reasonableness. As we saw at the Bundy Standoff, when most groups would support defending Bundy assets, but not actually go on the Offensive against a government asset. Because the militia and citizens movement GREW THE FUCK UP AFTER WACO.

You are a very good shill, or delusional, or just a smart kid. But I wish you'd shut the fuck up with your DivertProp about it, young boy, or Chang, or Yuri, or FBI, or whatever the fuck you think you are.

t. I was alive, aware, informed, and connected at the time.

000000  No.12521674

Well, a wise anon said it:


>They'll run 24/7 shilling campaigns on every media outlet to paint you as crazy. They'll kill you, your family, your children, your dogs and claim it had to be done because you brainwashed everyone around you.

Now, let's see what slime oozed up here:


<self-righteous apologetics for mass-murder

<the jewsmedia labeled you a "whacko" and a "cult"; so I think it's a-ok for the fedgov to roll up tanks and helicopter gunships, pump your house full of poison gas, and then light you all on fire!

For those with attention spans typical of the Twitter Generation, I will put this up front: According to a764ff, if in his judgment you are "a whacko" or "a cult", then it is acceptable for the United States Federal government to gas and burn you alive together with your women and children. "Pure and simple." According to him, mass-murder of "whackos" is justifiable. "Pure and simple."'

Now, I'm not sure whether you're one of the "responsible conservatives" (i.e. moral cowards) who bear the primary onus for the mess we're in now, or my obscure /pol/ post said something so dangerous that it merited a professionally written glownigger propaganda reply. Either way, you are the enemy. But to avoid getting my ego inadvertently stroked by the latter possibility, I will assume the former.


As I pointed out above, >>12442950 that's a prison-slang term, suitable for an American who is institutionally acclimated to the enormous prison called the "United States". (Or who wants others to be so acclimated.)

<the militia and citizens movement GREW THE FUCK UP AFTER WACO.

No, they ran like scared little boys to hide under their beds or to kiss the feet of their enemies — just as America's "responsible conservatives" did after the assassination of Jack Kennedy, at a time when the country still may have been reclaimed without bloodshed, and at every other fatal hour of decision in the past century.

Your kind are more worried about safety and comfort than about freedom and posterity — and worse than you fear violence, you most of all fear being called "wackos", "fascists", "domestic terrorists", or other nasty names by the jewsmedia's semi-literate mouthpieces.

<After Waco, it was "Oh yeah, those wackos down in Texas

After Waco, it was, "Oh yeah, maybe the (((ADL))) might say that I'm a bad goy, and then I might get hurt, or (gasp! faint!) I may not be considered 'respectable'."

<[Ruby Ridge] would be a defeat for the government, the best way: by their own devices in Court.

"The System works, goy!" Good to know that your Holy Court brought Vicki and Sammy Weaver back to life. Also that it sent Lon Horiuchi and the whole murder-gang to the gallows. Oh, what's that? Horiuchi went on to play more live-fire target practice on Americans at Waco, while your precious court immunized him against state charges for homicide? You don't say.


000000  No.12521677






<wacko cult

<[ad nauseam]

Before Waco, one of the only shreds of the United States Constitution which had not yet been totally abrogated was its protection of religious freedom. What Waco showed was that if your religion is deemed sufficiently heretical by the high priests of B’nai B’rith, the System needn't even take the trouble of an Inquisition: It needs only to declare you a "wacko cult" before consigning you to a holy bonfire.

Lest my sympathies be somehow misconstrued, I should point out that the publication from which I took my primary departure, Liberty Bell, was a militantly anti-Christian magazine which regularly ran articles by such men as Ben Klassen, Nicholas Carter, and Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, to whose article on Waco I referred. In my considered opinion, all of Christianity is a "cult" — "pure and simple". Objectively, the Davidians' brand of Jesus-juice was no more "wacko" than the supercilious superstitions of other Christians. Moreover, because they did not actively proselytize, the Davidians were far less annoying than Evangelical Christians from mainline ((("social gospel"))) churches. By your standards, Janet Reno should have sent some Delta Force to burn every church in the country, with all parishioners inside. Lenin would be proud.

Fortunately, unlike you, I have moral standards which prohibit me from gloating over the mass-incineration of innocent Aryan men, women, and children, however disagreeable I may find their silly superstitions.

<but the problematic nature of the Waco Cult meant that you could never go far to defend them before someone pointed out they were a wacko cult. Just like I am doing to you now.

The deeper lesson of Waco is that if the jewsmedia decide that you're a "cult", real wackos like this anon will go so far as to defend massacring you until someone points out that this was a mass-murder of Americans by "their" government. "Just like I am doing to you now."




<>academic journals 20,000/yr

<I would hardly count this as a wide availability of alternative information.

Ah, the world of gimme free in current year. No wonder "alternative media" has so much trouble surviving without porn ads.

Your "20,000/yr" is a strawman: I did not list any academic journals, at that price or otherwise. Excepting the outlier of Criminal Politics, all of the publications I listed or referred to >>12443148 were affordable to the average American in 1993 dollars. My primary reference above, Liberty Bell, stated a base subscription price of $40.00 per year in the September, 1993 issue which I quoted. George Dietz卐 could barely keep his press running at that rate, because however surprising you may find this, it costs money to run a publication — at least, at any reasonable standard of quality. A mimeograph machine in somebody's basement does not make for a quality publication (and even that would require some money to run).

Befuddling as the concept must be to some people nowadays, the practice of charging money for a print publication was by no means exclusive to "alternative media". For example, although I do not recollect its price, I know that the Time magazine issue I vividly recall from circa April of 1993 charged shekels to inform its readers that members of a wacko cult led by a sadistic paedophile who claimed to be Jesus had torched themselves whilst their kindly Federal saviors wept in desperation.


But in your book, if it doesn't (((magically))) show up for "almost-free" on the boob-tube or today's Internet equivalent, it may as well not exist. Well, I suppose it doesn't — not for apathetic couch potatoes who don't matter, anyway.

f2f598  No.12521702


>that's how much it torpedoed support for Populist Militia.

The 90's militia movement saw a tank in support not due to waco and ruby ridge but all the laws states and clinton passed after the event of waco and OKC. shut the fuck up.

000000  No.12521735


>talking good sense

Ssh, you are ruining this Responsible Conservative's carefully constructed rationalization for the compromises, inaction, and politically correct recitations which he futilely hopes will earn him the (((ADL))) kosher seal.

a83d53  No.12521739

File: 382c62995ad2ac7⋯.png (109.94 KB, 2000x1220, 100:61, Flag_of_Branch_Davidians.s….png)


000000  No.12521785



Koresh (Vernon Howell >>12394141 ) apparently had some theology which, like Christian Identity, claimed his followers to be Yahweh's real Chosen People. Jews disliked that usurpation of their alleged status as God's Master Race. A literal holocaust (= burnt offering) followed.

000000  No.12533057

Waco was an opportunity for Clinton to act out his cherished fantasy of being the American Lenin, destroying churches and mass-murdering the pious with total impunity!

Daily reminder that the massacre at Waco was the murder of the freedom of religion in the United States.

The Mote and the Beam

>>12521677 (checking myself)

>In my considered opinion, all of Christianity is a "cult" — "pure and simple". Objectively, the Davidians' brand of Jesus-juice was no more "wacko" than the supercilious superstitions of other Christians.

Anybody who professes to be a Christian should perpend the message at Matthew 7:3 ff., Luke 6:41 ff., before calling anyone a "cult". For in America, it is the magic word which annuls religious freedom.

If you are merely an indifferent attendee at a weekly Sunday morning snoozefest, then you don't need religious freedom: You are only a cheap hypocrite who believes in nothing.

If you follow a Zionist-Communist "mainline" church which preaches "social justice"☭, neverforgetfulness over the (((Six Million Holy Lampshades))), and unlimited support for the Jewish squatters in Palestine, then you don't need religious freedom: You follow the Jewnited States' established state religion.

But Yahweh forbid you actually believe in anything which contradicts the least jot of your (((masters'))) edicts! No, really: Yahweh forbids it. If you sufficiently peeve him, then he will show his disapproval with Biblical plagues of bullets, poison gas, and tanks rolling over the ashes of your sacred home.

Every American who sincerely believes in any non-Jewish, non-ZOG-sanctioned religion must immediately recognize the implications of Waco for his own freedom of worship. That could have been your church! All it takes is for the jewspapers to slap you with the "cult" label, and millions of Americans will cheer >>12371446 as you get burned at the stake — whether metaphorically, or with actual fire. Then, after your life is destroyed and/or your whole family is reduced to ashes, some self-righteous sick sack of shit will rationalize your murder just like this:


<the problematic nature of the Waco Cult meant that you could never go far to defend them before someone pointed out they were a wacko cult. Just like I am doing to you now.

If you are an earnest believer in any religion, read those words with a shiver; for however much you may disagree with the Davidians' theology, unless you lie to yourself, you cannot but have the thought, "There but for the grace of God go I."

6f3901  No.12533173

File: 063ed7eab9d3ebb⋯.jpg (251.79 KB, 853x1024, 853:1024, RNFetchBlobTmp_xonsg0gbnje….jpg)


Except you're wrong

140d49  No.12533392

There are still Branch Davidians alive in the area, but they strongly disavow Koresh. What I've heard is there are some still sympathetic to him, but the others shun them for fear of the government coming in and shooting them all again. We all know (or should) about the interviews with survivors that say Koresh was a kid diddler or stole everyone's wives. Do we have people saying the opposite, or anyone admitting they were forced to lie under threat of force? You can't openly support Waco unless you have evidence to disprove the polygamy and pedophilia claims.


The internet killed and government policy killed surplus stores. Prices are better online, and the Clinton government didn't want military gear of any sort getting into civvie hands so they started destroying it. Even web gear, boots, and other mundane items.


Do you really think if you try and stop armed Federal agents to ask for their ID, when they already think they've had their positions compromised in what they were briefed was a hostile environment, without them just shooting you anyways?


Same ID for 12 days. Fuck are you doing?

1967fa  No.12533675


Can anyone elaborate on this? I buy that it was the reason, but I would like to know more about this angle.

fc69d3  No.12533698





f10334  No.12545721


>WACO was more of a ritual holocaust

Wew, the final siege and fire were on Yom HaShoa. Holohoax rememberance day.


>B’nai B’rith hated the Branch Davidians, and decreed that they must die in a real holocaust [i.e. burnt offering].

See above.

e91eaa  No.12545770


Actual Branch Davidian here. Uncle was killed at Waco. None of us disavow Koresh. We do however tell the FBI when they send their undercover agents to our chapters that Koresh was wrong and that Weimerica is strong and prosperous. The reality is that we've stored more rifles and ammunition than the feds can handle and our underground chapters keep the spirit of revolution alive. Come see us at our armory when SHTF.

a83d53  No.12545839

File: 7c20d0a17cbcd6f⋯.png (465.84 KB, 570x700, 57:70, 1427692276378.png)


Please be real. Please.

0c1572  No.12545968


> involved in illegal activities

Do you have proofs?

21edc1  No.12546028

This thread reeks of ATF shills.

0c1572  No.12546148


It's disgusting seeing supposedly "redpilled" posters on /pol/ lick this much boot.

6cd2cf  No.12563954


/pol/ is 90% ATFags & FBInnuts baiting people to commit crimes

3f11ad  No.12563984

Wasn't Koresh an ex pedophile ring leader and he was about to roll over and then the ABC agencies showed up?

8b4aac  No.12564011

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f64a46  No.12564021


It's already been pointed out multiple times that Koresh was against the previous leader who was a pedo, you stupid robot.

614efc  No.12564028

And Las Vegas was Waco 2.0.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/et_z78J2TK4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UV3V53reWnE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/G2Wj4R7i1Nk" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hoQpVXBUDbE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4kZm8x_-tXw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Lky9raWWHlQ" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zeBzZS4M36Y" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

bb0f0b  No.12564041

File: b0f8b0081576714⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 300x281, 300:281, TamaRe.jpg)


Apparently you never heard of Dwight York.


bb0f0b  No.12564056


Jim Jones was a very dark skinned, black haired native American. There is a reason why the !edia only shows black and white photos of him. They want everyone to believe he was white.

bb0f0b  No.12564067


Excellent meme.

a83d53  No.12582179



06bea5  No.12587740

April 19th is the first day of the season of blood sacrifice to the beast in the Luciferian calendar which lasts until May 1. On the first day the sacrifice to Moloch must be done with fire. The victims need to experience extreme anguish and trauma before the sacrifice. Children are particularly desirable sacrifices to Moloch. Mt Carmel backed on to an airport used by Buffalo Airlines. Koresh was both rescuing trafficked children from the midwest network and keeping an eye on the cargo passing through the airport. Hilldog gave the final order. Many more people, especially children, died that day than is reported. Dig anons. The truth needs to be told.

564af0  No.12588044


I recommend watching the documentrary Waco: Rules of Engagement for a very good redpill on just how slimily (((congress))) acted during the siege. They did the trick where they painted an irrelevant broad as a victim of abuse. Oh and after the FBI got sent in they started using psychological warfare like playing animal noises and screaming over loudspeakers at night (yes, like they used in Vietnam ffs) and were caught raising ATF banners. Fed goons are a tribe

c6ca65  No.12601305


>playing animal noises over loudspeakers

What animals? wouldn't they have known it was fuzzniggers?

6606a6  No.12601528

File: 4f54ea281babe47⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 500x439, 500:439, ufo.jpg)

The 90's had a lot of redpilling happenings. I became redpilled when I was a kid in the 90's into conspiracy shit. It's why I wasn't shocked by 9/11 being an "inside job" because I remember OKC was an "inside job". I still think the deep state is going to do a dirty nuke inside job and blame it on Iran and/or Russia to try to get us to fight more wars for (((them))). And remember we almost had another Waco/Ruby Ridge situation with the Bundy ranchers. I think more and more though these things will be virtual. For those that mock the Branch Davidians, you can expect channers to be treated like the Branch Davidians one day too…soon. You think the NSA doesn't know who every single person is that posts here, regardless of whether or not you use a proxy?

7cea18  No.12617316


its a pozzed documentary

a446ee  No.12617431


>mileswmathis. com/waco.pdf

Waco was a hoax, like every other shit promoted by the media. It's time to wake up.

11ddc7  No.12617479

File: b7622a6fb9a0b44⋯.jpg (329.79 KB, 960x960, 1:1, you dont own nothin.jpg)


How can there be white genocide when whites don't even exist? Really peaks the beak doesn't it

11ddc7  No.12617509


Too wide next time go for a column so it's more scannable

f16412  No.12635287


t. kike

e2a1fd  No.12635470


>t. kike

Why is a "kike" outing all the kikes who were involved in this?

000157  No.12635480



Fuck your disingenuous mile long Jew diatribe. JUST BECAUSE IT EXISTED DOESNT MEAN THAT ANYONE WAS USING IT. And furthermore their only hope was shortwave/phone calls to local radio so the ATF subsequently jammed their radio and cut off their phone to trap them in there so they couldn’t get their side of the story out. FUCK OFF (((?))) SHILL LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE.





1c58cd  No.12635511


Jews are based, you're just mad you're not one of them

88dc7b  No.12635644


>It's not Kosher to murder non-whites you know that right?

they had no problems shooting Fred Hampton while he was asleep in bed in Chicago 1969

88dc7b  No.12635648


>Koresh was a lunatic pedo

I heard Mossad picked him up in Israel thinking he was jesus and sold him to the cia

153db0  No.12635710


I'm convinced that this board is overrun by shills. We had a waco thread a little over half a year ago filled with redpills. Now we half of that, and the other half are shills constantly trying to deny the obvious about (((government))) sieges.

The mods can't help but let shills roam free and it's taking its toll on the board. The more this place sounds like halfchan, the less this place is useful for sharing information. Next thing you know we'll have holohoax threads where (((people))) are mocking posters sharing holohoax exposure content.

3113d8  No.12636156


I remember it well, not quite understanding what the fuck was going on but always knowing deep down that there was some fuckery going on.

f2f598  No.12636180


even bill clinton said janet reno was his biggest mistake in his entire term

d6b322  No.12636368


Jews are envy, distilled. It is the very essence of them. It is the essence of you, too, Mr. jew.

You are nothing. You will always be NOTHING. And – whether you admit it to yourself, or not – it is precisely why you incessantly yearn to sabotage and destroy anything and everything which is beautiful. And, without fail, this is done through the use of subterfuge.

And, the very proof in the pudding is that you MUST always employ the use of subterfuge to get anywhere. And this is why the ALL jews secretly HATE THEMSELVES. Which, of course, you project on to anyone with a conscience, whom may take issue with your perennially malevolent behavior, I will add.

Your "Kol Nidre" incantation says everything about you – It literally SHOUTS, "Look, everyone… We are LIARS."

Now, run along… Go put that first stone in that third temple of yours… And see what happens. Of course, you already know what will happen, don't you?

37f1e6  No.12653582

Waco was justified

1fcf75  No.12654632


This war started a long time before these events. As you ought well to know. It's just that now the "free world" is simply a pow camp and chattel holding pen. That's all. The Germans were among the few to finally "get it" and try to fight their way out, but it was already "too late" for the rest of the world. This is what the Reich wanted to end.

c04aaa  No.12654685



2ff36a  No.12655129

Don't let them slide this shit anons..

70027b  No.12655674


Absolutely, seeing that piece of shit Janet Reno being glamorized on SNL made me mad like nothing else.

8e365e  No.12655694

File: c8ce4feb4edc4c2⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 445x827, 445:827, fQfVI93.jpg)


Oh please, if Koresh had been a pedo, you'd have seen him on a Congressional election ticket.

d25df3  No.12655749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Daily reminder (((Schumer))) was an accessory to murder after the fact.

c41ef6  No.12655781


This has already happened. Some kike was blathering about the 'final' redpill being the Holocaust did happen.

9894c2  No.12656120

File: da847771c72b53a⋯.jpeg (182.63 KB, 1489x1544, 1489:1544, B8B150F2-C6AA-4387-8E31-6….jpeg)

d392fe  No.12678855

Besides waco, Ruby Ridge and Bundy what other attempts have been made by the government to kill mass amounts of citizens?

a37159  No.12678902

94bb79  No.12701369


9/11 was done by alqueda

293584  No.12701373

4df704  No.12701379


Essentially shit had gotten out of hand. No survivors could be permitted to drag things out or present a counter narrative.

Corpses don't sue.

140cd9  No.12701398

What can they do to prevent this from happening to them?

067144  No.12701480



Not quite sure I believe you, but they did place charges on the bunker to deliberately kill all of the children and women inside of it.

d6b322  No.12701907


>That picture of Ruby Ridge

If, by that one chance in a million, should that subhuman piece of excrement Lon Horiuchi see this post… Just a reminder for him: IF YOU EVER SHOW UP IN MY NECK OF THE WOODS, YOU ARE A DEAD MAN. And I will gladly do the deed myself.

d6b322  No.12701914


9/11 was done by JEWS… as you already know, you filthy jew shill.

2046b5  No.12701930


Some things can't be proven, just stopped.

2046b5  No.12702868


>>"9/11 was done by Al Quaeda"

Stop spreading conspiracy theories.

d14218  No.12702879

Why not just arrest Koresh when he was in town buying groceries?

Because it didn't make for good TV.

f92fff  No.12722362


They did actually, but there wasn't anything to stick to him without clear evidence.

df4282  No.12722404



Not one tear is ever shed for dead alphabets. Dirty Cops get flushed.

ebc949  No.12726493

We all have the right to defend our selves

Second amendment

ebc949  No.12726613


Its freedom of religion

88eb53  No.12726638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The second McNutty documentary goes into the Delta force prsence and Horiuchi. The entire film is in the embed.

88eb53  No.12726643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


aw fuck I typoed that shit. It's McNulty. McNutty sounds like some kind of insult. The film is top notch, as is the original Waco: Rules Of Engagement, also available in youtube and embedded here.

4351dd  No.12726730

Haha, we're going to get your guns eventually. And once we get them we're going to hike up your tax rates to 80%, we're robbing you blind already, once we get the guns we're going to blatantly extort you slobs. We'll get them eventually, that's why we're having white america bred out and targting your race with heroin, Once we make whites a minority nobody else will care about the 2nd amendment because they just want the white people to work while they dont. According to our calculations around 2040 we'll have the 2nd amendment. Then we'll raise fed intrest rate's to 8 - 15%. Hahaha get fucked whitey

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