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File: 7552b8b47c090d5⋯.jpg (248.39 KB, 1222x1590, 611:795, pornographers must die 1.jpg)

File: 70d1eb28d101ecc⋯.png (34.95 KB, 577x373, 577:373, pornographers must die 4.png)

File: 010b4f260655807⋯.jpg (212.16 KB, 1222x1590, 611:795, pornographers must die 3a.jpg)

File: c46a1517602a24a⋯.jpg (211.03 KB, 1222x1590, 611:795, pornographers must die 2.jpg)

5a9389  No.12386833


Support capital punishment for pornographers!


Pornkikes kvetch on twitter at propaganda presumably the work of Iron March stating that we the people should call for death penalty for pornographers a punishment too light for their crimes tbh, then subsequently get called filthy jews by twitterfags.

All in all, good times had by nazis everywhere, a message we should all endorse.

Post any pornographic jew redpills ITT.


Kikes use porn as a biological weapon against Palesetinians


d952c2  No.12386877

File: 8437734eeaa4c62⋯.png (24.73 KB, 593x144, 593:144, ClipboardImage.png)

Nofap strikes back

These guys didn't cuck to the jews, quite impressive

d952c2  No.12386883

File: d9094a41b8d5dc5⋯.png (13.32 KB, 528x91, 528:91, ClipboardImage.png)


27391c  No.12386925


Is there any truth to this oft touted claim that masturbation is a necessary release for mental stability, or is it more hogwash? I've seen such a claim stated here by posters repeatedly.

27391c  No.12386938


Is there any truth to this oft touted claim that masturbation is a necessary release for mental stability, or is it more hogwash? I've seen such a claim stated here by posters repeatedly..

4b687e  No.12386971


FFS, how many threads will you nofap fanatics make?

Can you just go die in some corner, you're becoming obnoxious in your fanatical quest…

1a3e23  No.12386972


It's true that masturbation makes you complacent/ more docile. If you don't have to try to get pussy then you never will; you'll never improve yourself if you get the release whenever you want.

Men survived just fine without porn/ masturbation before- prostate cancer wasn't even a thing- we can do it today.

5a9389  No.12386987


The jew cries out in pain as you expose his cancerous propaganda operation

ab941e  No.12386992


Primates in nature who masturbate are the ones who never get a female.

000000  No.12386995


Take down their websites and infrastructure.

with www.torproject.org you can be anon.

Use torshammer for DDOS. In minecraft.

How to (for information purposes)





Good post!

7cdb8d  No.12386996


>divorce rates have gone down

is this true? or is it something like marriage rates have plummeted therefore so have divorce rates

06a94b  No.12386997

File: 5a03e8df99c2b02⋯.png (56.84 KB, 879x422, 879:422, heroin.PNG)


Gonna be a long shift today, shill.


No. Excessive masturbation and porn act as a mild form of heroin: https://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2013/10/10846/

What the kikes say is usually a half-truth, to disguise their lies. It makes you a complacent addict that doesn't get mad over things you should get mad about.

75e43c  No.12387003

tho I am not perfect, I support the NoFap wizards. best of luck to you lads

8e03d1  No.12387022

I haven't fapped in 4 years. The results may not excite you..

I don't even touch my dick when i piss. I stopped wearing underwear around the house, and when I go out I wear loose silk underwear.

I wake up every morning in a wet bed with morning wood that lasts for 3 hours. Sometimes when I check my blood pressure…if its too low (110/60) i get an erection until my blood pressure gets back up.

But I do have a shit-ton of energy. so there's that

d952c2  No.12387029

File: 018dc83cd9a824c⋯.png (72.78 KB, 199x255, 199:255, ClipboardImage.png)



No it's an absolutely ludicrous claim with zero evidence to support it. It's just filthy kikes trying to convince you to fap away all of your life energy instead of finding a wife, getting /fit/ and gassing them for their crimes against humanity.

000000  No.12387030


>Without the natural release of masturbation, society risks becoming violent.

Jews admit here, that porn is population control. Like in the movie "Equilibrium" with Christian Bale, where everybody had to take a drug to dampen emotions.

Porn numbs people. Like TV this is the wish of the jews. At the same time, they can normalize race mixing and degernarcy by pushing the


Death to porn producers!

000000  No.12387034


Ok shlomo

000000  No.12387037


Ok shlomo

000000  No.12387051

By the way. Shlomos even fucked with us in Equilibrium


>The flag of Libria. The four Ts on the flag represent the Tetragrammaton Council.

Tetragrammaton is just another name for JHWH. Jahwe, the jewish demiurge that the jews call god, and who wants to annihilate all non-jews. Especially Amalek (all people of germanic ancestry).

Porn is jewish PsyOp

cd8cd9  No.12387072


>"dot dot dot"

You do not belong here

4b687e  No.12387100



>jews invented porn

No, they infest porn, but it existed since man existed.


>Follow my silly, arbitrary conventions OR ELSE

Shaking in my boots here, chief.

ce0b12  No.12387120



These pornographers are predators that prey on young women in poor financial situations and destroy their lives and spirits permanently.

In the case of white women, they seem to deliberately abuse and humiliate them out of hatred as well.

5a9389  No.12387122

File: fbc0e7310f6f6d2⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1500x4280, 75:214, assorted-saturn-symbolism.jpg)


>we didn't invent porn goy

Who you fooling, shlohmo?


image related

d952c2  No.12387152


>we didn't invent porn goy

Who you fooling, shlohmo?


saturn worship and saturn related accessories.


Check out the anti-porn megathread


e64e5f  No.12387178

So, how and when do we kill the porn kikes?

361e34  No.12387181

>>12386833 (checked)


A new state can not simply fall from the sky, instead it has to grow from within its people. Because when you need loyalty, belief, fanaticism, confidence and commitment - you must turn to where you still find these values, and these values can always be found in the people themselves, in the masses of the people.

Nothing matters more than awakening our own people.


Did you fuck women during those four years?

8e03d1  No.12387328


No. My goal is seminal retention. I have the urge to but I resist. Each time you orgasm its like the godly essence of man leaves your body…making me this lethargic zombie. That's why I started nofap. Granted I discharge nearly every morning. But it's not nearly like a full on orgasm you receive from masturbation/sex.

ce0b12  No.12387350


>orgasming every day


Seems legit. Are you one of those bakas who rationalize that wet dreams don't count and therefore try to induce them by edging before going to bed?

0b76d1  No.12387363


Jews love black cock

0b76d1  No.12387370


Napping is evil duh. After all my penis feels more flaccid.

ce0b12  No.12387387


Just hide the threads and continue masturbating to cuck porn.

8e03d1  No.12387398


Wet dreams are not a full orgasm you receive from masturbation/sex.

>induce them by edging before going to bed

hell no. Like I said, I don't even touch my dick to piss

f8fbbe  No.12387427


>improve yourself to get pussy

>not to defeat your enemies

>not to set an example for your sons to follow

I wish /pol/ cared about more than just muh white pussy

4dafcf  No.12387428


Based tbh. I get banned on Nofap forums for mildly mentioning Jews dominate the porn industry. But credit where credit is due, they do a lot of good at naming the bad deeds of the Jew even if they aren't conscious of it. They set up nofappers for a redpill on the JQ later whether they know it or not.

6bac95  No.12387434

File: 6176011987c66e8⋯.jpg (80.01 KB, 716x714, 358:357, 4e5157a9277fe6b1ad9f01c1b5….jpg)

I fully support /pol/ taking out these tube sites. Please go after Mindgeek (pornhub), they're the biggest kikes and deserve it the most.

c26770  No.12387457

File: cbc14fb463da3db⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 1080x1045, 216:209, FB_IMG_1541557675540.jpg)


How Do We even Stop porn in the Internet age anyway?

Young White Men Never being poisoned with it growing up like my Generation did is the Goak obvsly but I've been thinking, even With porn producers Arrested, their studios destroyed & all that

There's still hundreds of thousands of people out there with BLACKED & shit on their hard drives that they can upload anywhere at any time

How Do We Destroy porn & interracial symbolism when it can still be viewed and uploaded anywhere nos?

f8fbbe  No.12387480


>There's still hundreds of thousands of people out there with BLACKED & shit on their hard drives

>if we erase everyone's hard drives, nobody will make home sex videos and share them with each other, ever again

327fdb  No.12387539

File: be2554d2bffaaef⋯.webm (860 KB, 640x360, 16:9, SMK.webm)



You do not destroy "porn". You treat the disease and not the symptom by changing the men. They'll delete the porn from their hard drives on their own.

519605  No.12387548


First thing is to redpill everyone on porn and its damaging effects. Then ideally a total ban and block to porn sites and content. You're never going to stop it entirely, but something is better than nothing.

c26770  No.12387569

File: dc1dbaa88fc8cb8⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 308x307, 308:307, FB_IMG_1541369242789.jpg)


The problem is as long as the video exists the idea exists

Not everyone is going to delete their porn, there will always be degenerates who share it with other degenerates and attempt to succesfully influence poorly brought up girls with it

519605  No.12387624


Some losers jerking it and sharing their content isn't going to influence young girls. What influences them are shit homes, poor upbringing, monetary gain and feminist poisoning. If porn is destroyed as a business, then women will not care about porn.

f8fbbe  No.12387740


you really think men will stop wanting to see their wife/gf's boobs/pussy while at the office?

9a0e3f  No.12387865


>How Do We even Stop porn in the Internet age anyway?

It wouldn't be that hard to modify an AI's agenda to stop pursuing and harassing Europeans which is all they do now and start harassing and pursuing porn.

9a0e3f  No.12387879


>ogm so cute, you think men are looking at their SO's when they watch porn

Seriously anon, that is so cute that you think a man would want something he already has 24/7 instead of something he doesn't have.

54ae62  No.12387959


I think that it's easy for men to fall into the trap of porn addiction, especially with the state of current society. As a young man in today's society, things are extremely bleak. Unemployment and inceldom are rampant due to the diversity quotas and roasters only wanting anything to do with the top 20% men. When most males are unable to even get a woman to acknowledge his existence, it comes as no surprise that all they want to do is jack off to porn. And the porn producers are well aware of that, which is why they use the platform to push agendas.

Porn addiction is merely the symptom of something far more fundamentally wrong. Getting rid of porn will likely not fix anything other than making men more sexually frustrated.

ce0b12  No.12388029


I think its more about having a family than muh dik, idiot. If it was muh dik I don't think we'd be quitting porn.


Its not about banning porn, its about educating young men about how its destroying their lives, and the lives of the porn victims (white women who would be a loving mother in a better world).

6bac95  No.12388036


I stopped watching TV so I guess you could do the same thing. A lot of it is will power but like, physically not having a TV or cable bill made that possible. I guess not use the internet? lol…. maybe parental control block yourself? idk man

ea8111  No.12388420


Only after due process of course. We're not advocating for lynch mobs, yet.

9103af  No.12388539


How about an alternative to the needs of carnal desire? The soft-sell needs to provide an alternative because, frankly, people like "jacking it"

Pornography needs a strong moral message, a removal of filth, a fundamental shift away from exploitation of the viewer. Pornography needs to be utterly ruined.

9103af  No.12388553


Education has the distasteful nature of finger wagging and meddling coupled with work. The very foundation of change needs to expoit the current pornography framework and provide intrinsic positive messaging in order to collapse it on itself.

000000  No.12388758

Or just remove the stigma over porn. No one gives a shit really. Maybe people should just stop getting divorces over it and call it a day. Also if you have problems with kids being 'desensitised' get off 8chan. Seriously doubt that 56% stat for porn divorce. Maybe 56% have someone who watches porn in the divorce, but thats likely not the reason for divorce. Fewer people than you think care about it. Watching porn a bit doesn't hurt anyone. Of course being obsessed with it and watching it constantly does, but that is true for mostly anything, like spamming nofap threads on /pol/. Do I think nofap shitposters should die though, no. Also nice propaganda images, what type of porn has that much blood in the background. Sauce please.

000000  No.12388778


Fucktard dont clog up TOR with your shitty LOIC copycat scriptkiddy DDOS. You think a DOS over TOR could ever take out pornhub, highly doubt it. Maybe if the pornhub server is hosted in a minecraft server though. Also wouldnt trust some random sourceforge link to not be a botnet and leak your IP address if it claims to DDOS over TOR.

000000  No.12388787


Try it yourself. I think masturbation helps sanity a bit. Not neccessary per say, but feel it keeps you more focused and less distracted sometimes.

0c44aa  No.12388860


Yes and no, outside of urban areas, Marriage has sorta-kinda gone up, however less people overall are getting married, and women tend to have more sexual partners now than they did 50 years ago.

This is just a typical example of a kike using half-baked statistics that don't explain the whole situation.

db4b57  No.12388915


Only if you have not remembered how to manipulate and direct your sexual energy. Remember how to.

000000  No.12388939


How is masturbating not an ok way to do that? What about masturbation is negative other than you thinking its 'icky'.

db4b57  No.12388981


Masturbation is incorrect to learn to control your sexual energy, excepting generation of energy (edge up to just right before orgasm and resist the orgasm=free energy) and perhaps to see when it ebbs, rises, and flows as an exercise, because when you orgasm from it you lose the energy.

000000  No.12389042


Sure is interesting nofappers are ok with edging. Is anal or self bondage ok? What about both. What about people who get off on chastity? What about humping stuff and not actually inserting anything or jerking off?

Alo, what is sexual energy? Hormones? Nerve stimulation? Cummies? Personally I dont loose energy AFAIK when I orgasm.

b3f0af  No.12389043

File: f6633c8a5fc2257⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2866x1702, 1433:851, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

Start with purging the board of borderline pornography.

This is basic stuff. Don't let even soft-core porn distract from the discussion, shills do that enough.

000000  No.12389062


How does that distract you. Id assume that if your on 8chan you are desensitised to that, thats not really even porn. I dont see how that is arousing at all. Souldnt we get rid of hardcore gore shitposts first?

db47c9  No.12389070


Reproduction is always the chief concern of any people. It is why we exist as a species. To reproduce. You stupid retarded faggot. Once you have secured the ability to reproduce, then comes the soul searching, civilization building and exploration. Everything is secondary to the capability of reproduction. Without it, you cease to exist as a people, and another people will take your place.

0c44aa  No.12389166

File: c4184f30a92c5df⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1215, 8:9, 1512262400462.png)


The problem is, reproduction isn't a concern for those enveloped in modernity. Shockingly enough, Men these days don't want kids. For as backwards and savage sandniggers are, they're at least breeding.

Sure, there is something to be said of quality vs quantity, but 1 vs 1000 are bad odds. That is the primary goal, create a bubble, create a community, get married, and have kids and RAISE THOSE KIDS, as aryan seed wasted on a single mother may as well have been spent into some tissue paper with all the good it would do us.

db4b57  No.12389242


Ugh, i lost my answer because of a bug. I'll speak it again, but resumed:

>anal ok

>sexual ""bondage"" also ok IF you find it arousing

>humping ok

>sexual/basal/vital energy = natural energy with high intrinsic value

>small bit of it constantly allocated to vital life functions

>otherwise it cycles in the body giving it great health and vitality

>in sex it organically moves in the rythmns and rotations of DNA and helps to achieve enlightement, in that case as a pulse that reaches all of yourself

>(note: sex with somebody that you truly love is delightful, a storm of pure Intentions of theemost high degree of sensation and spirrtual enlightment, realization and shaping of your personal and shared universe)

>(sex with somebody that you dislike / you have few care for is like mutual masturbation and nothing else)

>you can use your sexual energy to alter your personal universe in all sorts of ways

db4b57  No.12389282


"s/spirrtual/spiritual" aka spirrtual changed to spiritual.

e73ceb  No.12391100


The kikes really don't want us to realize Usury is the core trick.

<Hang yourself for doing what men have done since before kike porn

<But Hang the kike porn directors, their your greatest enemy

<Keep using usurious money goyim, don't hang the bankers, don't think about doing that.

The kikes will sacrifice lower level kikes to preserve their precious, the one ring which in the darkness binds them, their usurious money.

a672b2  No.12391133

Bump. Pornography is one of (dare i say the most) insidious subversion techniques. Theres a reason (((they))) give you fucking terabytes of it for free, the ads lead nowhere, and yet there is still billions in the industry. It is because it's being funded. Funded to push more artificial stimulation on you and not only degenerate your mind but also seperate the ideas of sex and reproduction in your mind further. Just as they are doing with the normalization of homosexuality and its related counterparts like "transgenderism". Have you read Brave New World yet? My guess is the endgame is similar to the Hatchery and Conditioning center.

249c9e  No.12391161


Agree that pornography should be illlegal like it was in the 1950s.

Death? That's overselling it on purpose, Op.

All I want is some decent porn. My gawd, the depraved stuff out there isn't even close to sex.


>All these satanists have arms!

Get the fuck out of here.

07b453  No.12391179


>All I want is some decent porn.

You should be executed alongside the pornographers.


>>All these satanists have arms!

>Get the fuck out of here.

Nice try, kike.

07b453  No.12391187


>Or just remove the stigma over porn

>Fewer people than you think care about it.

Shut the fuck up, pornographer kike.

>Do I think nofap shitposters should die though, no.

We think you should die though, a nice painful hang, drawing and quartering isn't painful enough for scum like you. You should be flayed alive first.

468d4f  No.12391194

File: 95729ae1d067389⋯.jpeg (26.56 KB, 500x497, 500:497, images (76).jpeg)

File: 3f20eeaf216df0c⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 486x289, 486:289, IMG_20181108_193455.jpg)

File: b999aa9dfcbe6dc⋯.jpeg (55.72 KB, 580x515, 116:103, images (78).jpeg)



Kike+Pornographer → frontmost priority in queue on DOTR, for trending disgusting race-mixing, bbc videos and white women shikshas for the world.

db4a41  No.12391207


Note on the top symbol, it means "As above, so below". It's one of the fundamentals of the kaballah(jew magic), the idea is that to affect the lowest circle in the tree life(physical reality), you have to manipulate and twist the higher circles. Qliphoth is the idea of twisting the circles into negative forms.

The higher circles also don't mean higher 'planes', the circles in the life tree represent concepts.

For example, Chesed is the concept of loving truth and reality, Gebura is defending the world from things against you values, so on.

The synagogues of jews still teach this shit as a "discipline", even today.

a56136  No.12391212


You wish, roastie

e18fb0  No.12391228



>Note on the top symbol, it means "As above, so below". It's one of the fundamentals of the kaballah(jew magic),

No, it's source and origin is literally within the Hermetic Corpus. A collection of short mystery texts from the 1th century bc to the 3th century ad, which mix Egyptian paganism, with Hellenism and Judaism.

db4a41  No.12391254


Hermeticism used the kaballah as well.

e18fb0  No.12391266


>Hermeticism used the kaballah as well.

Impossible, the work predates it by atleast 700 years,

54bbf6  No.12391284

>Campaign to outlaw porn and their pushers

Trump and his jewish administration won't really go along with that one, probably lock you up until such time as the gas chambers he and Feinstein are building for antisemites and gun lovers, is available

deddeb  No.12391332


Well you can't really save the white race if you're not getting any vagina now can you

c34872  No.12391342


>No Fap


Pick one.

db4a41  No.12391357


You're right, it looks like I had things backwards for the phrase's origin. The phrase came from a supposed emerald tablet authored by Hermes, which later was included in the Hermetic Corpus.

Then, during the 15th century, Hermeticists of the time adopted use of the kaballah. Presumably through relations with the Catholic Church.

931215  No.12391374


anon, anal is degenerate af but it's not fapping. I'd argue it's worse, but no fap =/= no sex

cf4730  No.12391401


Not him, but fuck you. I used those dots for decades, and nothing can stop me…not even you. Also hang all porn producers.

02e001  No.12391448


xHamster and a bunch of other big sites are literally owned by the same jews.

07b453  No.12391546


>Kike+Pornographer → frontmost priority in queue on DOTR

Pornographers will be butchered like dogs before the international bankers, legally, and with due process and trials.

d3c68e  No.12391556


Nice choice of stiletto

d3c68e  No.12391559



468d4f  No.12391620

File: 82796a2d8100207⋯.gif (482.02 KB, 500x300, 5:3, rHo4N6G.gif)


Pornographer rats do not deserve to be compared to dogs, and butchering makes it too shabby, nonetheless, one could go creative in the art of execution.

a672b2  No.12391691

You guys have got it all wrong, trying to outlaw porn will only make you look like a old prude who doesn't want anyone having any fun. Social stigmas work wonders. I fell into the porn trap when i was young and I have clear memories of being told through media and society from an extremely young age that it is "normal". Even if somehow we did campaign enough to get this into law (which nobody will) it is futile to believe any use of law could assist any of our causes. The law is designed to benefit only those who control and create it. So we must enact a method of creating more social stigma around sexual degeneracy and porn without putting off the vibe that we are outdated religious types or prudes that just dont want anyone having fun. Words like cuck do a great job at this.

a672b2  No.12391711


Further more, if it was put into law tge main people charged for this crime would be the very victims of porn subversion that we purport to help. The last thing we need is more people in prison which will fuel the machine, turn these people into worse criminals and turn them into fags. You are essentially degenerating people just as much or more by convicting them for porn. Instead they should be considered social outcasts and freaks.

6012e6  No.12391847

File: 857cfdde51f140c⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 475x536, 475:536, 857cfdde51f140cf92994fd1a2….jpg)


>the violence might escalate

I think we should start with politicians but I could be persuaded to take a detour.

a672b2  No.12391882


Making a law against pornography is just as pointless and counterproductive as a law on drugs. Just bevause these things in certain facets are a scoruge on humanity doesnt justify creating more issues with law (to not even somve the original issue none the less) So what do we do then? We need to educate people on the matter. Before you strap on your tin foil hat though, remember that you probably just started getting invited to parties again because you've ginally let up on all the pizzagate talk. People hate to be told things, especially very harsh truths that contradict their previous notions. This means we must construct ways to let people learn about this on their own. People only learn for themselves you can't tell them anything. When we do speak of this it will only be to ridicule those who use porn, in a manner where it shows we have a superior knowledge on the subject. Do not let up. Ask them why they prefer to see another man fuck a girl more than they do themselves. Ask them how long they watched vanilla heterosexual porn before they started developing weird fetishes. Make them see that their dirty little secret is disgusting. However leave the facts and education for their own research which if you ridicule enough they will do.

a672b2  No.12391887


Apologies for typos, formatting and grammer errors i am at work and typing quickly.

07b453  No.12392063


>Making a law against pornography is just as pointless and counterproductive as a law on drugs.

Big difference: the kike system imports drugs and intentionally distributes them while claiming to "oppose" drugs so they can create a police state while poisoning the population. A healthy state would ban the pronographic jew and enforce it without creating extra pornographic jews.

832be0  No.12392073


The chutzpa of those goyim, do you think they'll shut him down by assassination, suicide or the classic backdoor upload of child pornography?

832be0  No.12392131


>counterproductive as a law on drugs

>The only country to have problem with drugs is USA

>Ignore the fact that CIA sponsors drug cartels

a672b2  No.12392144


Good point, however it would be an insane amount of effort to pass such a law into the system and if it was passed it would not solve the root of the issue. It would also creat a chink in the armor of free speech since that is what they used to justify porn being legal thus making the law would be saying that the first amendment can be violated if the content is graphic. This is the only reason the state would make porn illegal. It would be far more fruitful to take the route of pushing it out of the social overtons window. From there we could talk litigation. Until then there is no chance

a672b2  No.12392149


I can argue drug laws another time lets stay on topic. It was an example. We will bar that point.

249c9e  No.12392165

File: 2bd3b745fffd1b0⋯.png (230.76 KB, 969x280, 969:280, Screenshot_2018-11-08 pol….png)


>Kill porn watchers!

Chutzpah, rabbi. You actually posted that on a porn website where they advertise masturbaters using Asian women.

I mean, talk about ironic.

07b453  No.12392614


> it would be an insane amount of effort to pass such a law into the system

The entire system has to be tanked, that doesn't mean that spreading anti-porn propaganda is futile or useless, or that dehumanizing these filthmerchant animals is bad in any way. These people have to be capitally punished, and there's no negative to letting them know that millions of people think they have to be executed publicly, legally and with due process.

> It would also creat a chink in the armor of free speech since that is what they used to justify porn being legal

Not once have I heard "muh freezepeache" argument to justify pornography industry.

It's not "free speech" to sell people herion, so why is it "free speech" to sell people porn, when it can be verifiably as damaging to peoples' lives?

Argument nuked in one sentence.

dbcc24  No.12392622



You're supposed to have a wife and create children with her, that's supposed to be the release. Of course you'll go crazy if you don't fulfill your biological duty. Masturbating isn't a quick fix, you'll still be crazy just in different ways.

7a766c  No.12392642

File: 7a5f63fbae61a41⋯.png (188.92 KB, 600x329, 600:329, 1539594436188.png)

File: 27efb50c8edf605⋯.jpg (290.56 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, to hell with degenerates..jpg)

a672b2  No.12392659


Okay so one. I never said it was futile to spread anti porn propaganda, i said it is futile to try and pass a law against it. I think propaganda is the best route. For seconds, that is absolutely why porn is allowed versus prostitution. It is considered "art" which falls under the first amendment. Otherwise it would be illegal by default due to prostitution laws.

000000  No.12392661


c26770  No.12392669

File: acd619e02b40ea6⋯.png (234.3 KB, 545x530, 109:106, 1541678860075.png)

How do Anons actually stay succesful on Noporn?

Furthest I ever gpt was only 15 Days & that was 3 Years ago.

Tried Blockers before but my horny level got so high I searched for ways to remove them.

a672b2  No.12392683


I am not saying I agree with the argument but the jews who run it used the first amendment to bypass prostitution law with pornography. It has nothing to do with drugs, forget I ever mentioned drug law. It was a comparison i made and a bad one at that. So no i don't see any argument nuking in sight my friend. Keep LARPing like you could ever get a law against it passed and that if you did it would do anything. You vould be focusing your effort on spreading anti porn messages and furtgering social stigma, which would need to be done in the first place if you ever do plan on making it law somehow.

a672b2  No.12392701


Im trying my hardest. Getting a gf helps. I usually go a month or so at a time and cave for a week or two. Better than 3 times a day i guess

c26770  No.12392738


I got 10 Days Away from it in August.

I really want to wait until I Move Out in the Spring to get a GF tbh.

d89220  No.12392942


No. Do not get over complicated. Bullet+ Head. Fast, simple and efficient. So you can get more in the allotted time you have available.

Do not lose sight that the more time you use with elaborate executions the fewer executions you perform.

d89220  No.12392954


Indeed. Did no faps this year for a week periodically, but eventually got to three or so times a day after a week or more of fap, mainly due to lack of activity.

Now just started late but will compensate with double days in the next month. That as a minimum goal. Aiming to do all the days left in the year.

d89220  No.12392975


I used to do text games and erotica as a substitute for porn. Or simply dry. If you have to fap, at least starve them of money and use your imagination or outsource it to someone else.

But then you will note that a good number of authors are jewish or claim to be asexual. The latter one making me have even more raised eyebrows than the former, so i am simply going no erotica, no porn, no nothing and simply no fap.

dbcc24  No.12392995


>i said it is futile to try and pass a law against it

This is wrong, at the state level Alabama just passed a law against abortion, and that has way more political support than pornography does. We already have plenty of laws against free speech, guns, etc. in violation of the constitution. Shifting the overton window works as to what's "constitutional" and what's not.

a672b2  No.12393067


Abortion (and all of those things) also has a massive following against it. Pornography does not. So even if the end game is legal measures (which I am all for. I just think that our efforts should be focused on the social aspect first) then you would still gave to create a social stigma and discussion about it before you could ever dream of putting it into law. We are wasting our time thinkung about how we would like things to be ratger than how they are and how we could practically get there. The first steps are well designed propaganda, ridiculing degenerates, asking them ipen ended questions that cause them to think about their own porn use and bringing the topics to people with influence. We all want the sane thing here I am just saying how I think it should be done. At the very least im creating debate, which only strengthens all of our arguments and helps us change more minds IRL or via the internet.

a672b2  No.12393134



Holy typos my bad im at work and using a phone. I do my best.

589be6  No.12393265

File: 89bd0ad32b95b4e⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 1484x962, 742:481, marriage and divorce in th….jpg)


>Is there any truth to this oft touted claim that masturbation is a necessary release for mental stability, or is it more hogwash?

It's a load of bullshit. There are still devout young men in certain Christian circles that barely do it at all, if at all, and I've never met one that struck me as particularly "violent" or "unstable." And no they aren't the least bit asexual either.

>inb4 leftypol accuses everyone who doesn't masturbate of being a literal faggot


The divorce rates have plummeted in the past 20 years COMPARED TO WHAT? I'm so sick of hearing this stupid claim. How can they make it with a straight face, knowing that no-fault divorce is a thing?

>look goy, giving women the power to divorce a man for no reason and then legally obligate him for an indefinite period of time has actually decreased divorces!

How stupid would someone have to be to buy that argument!?


Divorce rates HAVE gone down… Since the 80s. Which is meaningless, because divorce rates are still astronomically high. No-fault divorce caused divorce rates to absolutely skyrocket. You're right about marriage rates dropping off.

d28282  No.12394044


>is it something like marriage rates have plummeted therefore so have divorce rates.

Divorce rates are the total percentage of marriages that have failed, ie. marriages that end after less than 10(?) years. People who have never married aren't counted here.

Besides, divorces are down to ~50% from the 70-80% rates of a few decades ago when second wave feminism hit.

c26770  No.12394105


I find fapping to your imagination a more realistic and Achievable Goal than complete nofap.

I simply have Too High a Sex Drive to do nofap.

Noporn however…

d28282  No.12394278


You make it shameful. When someone tells you about their porn habit looking for approval, don't give it to them. Call them a degenerate but encourage them to stop and become respectable again. Social proof is powerful so use it.

ef7a03  No.12394503

File: ff5a54271bf86d9⋯.png (648.21 KB, 1600x1237, 1600:1237, AbrahamicBrainwashing.png)

File: 6e7b52394bdfd03⋯.jpg (79.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, FedoraKek.jpg)

This thread is the epitome of christfaggotry!

715611  No.12394575

File: 7802425cd60600b⋯.png (627.96 KB, 600x778, 300:389, you shall know the enemy b….png)

7cdb8d  No.12394580


nofap isn't just trying to NEVER fap. you could try to only fap once a week

6cd08c  No.12394605


How Do We even Stop cp in the Internet age anyway?

Young White Men Never being poisoned with it growing up like my Generation did is the Goak obvsly but I've been thinking, even With cp producers Arrested, their studios destroyed & all that

There's still hundreds of thousands of people out there with cp & shit on their hard drives that they can upload anywhere at any time

How Do We Destroy cp & beastiality symbolism when it can still be viewed and uploaded anywhere nos?

c26770  No.12394748


I only Fap once a week anyway

But it's to admittedly degenerate porn

bfa52e  No.12395096


>lolberg detected

c02f64  No.12395155


Yeah I must be a kike because I am not sitting around saying "Wouldn't it be so cool if we just killed pornographers guise amirite", and I'm actually proposing practical methods to begin this process which in my opinion is the only way to eventually get to the point where that would even be possible. Unless of course you decided to just go out there and start yourself. If any of you ever decided to actually do anything. If any single fucking one of us decided they would actually go and start fighting. You know as well as I do that everyone on here is LARPing like they will be a part of a right wing death squad. You know you won't get a god damn letter in the mail asking you to join one right? One would have to take action themselves. What a fuckin jew I must be for discussing real ways to start conbatting a subversion technique rather than edging to the idea that I'm a bad ass who is totally gonna go kill degenerates, as my waifu pillow and 2500 video games sit off to my side. Grow up, what did you just get blackpilled and now everyone is (((them)))?

000000  No.12395201


You can't stop it. What should be done is making it something morally frowned up at the highest level so that no one would dare to do it lest they be socially outcast and (if things were done right) mysteriously disappear or be removed by the fellows of the community. You can't make production (as in filming) or distribution (as in sharing files) illegal in any truly enforcable manner (at least without the worst precedents possible) unless you're god (omnipresent). However, you can make the actions themselves illegal if they're something that the majority would willingly make illegal (e.g. child abuse) and the rest, although not criminal, requires those illegal actions to be carried out. In this manner, one would have a way to harshly penalize producers (not due to production, but due to the actions done for production). In the case of things the majority wouldn't be willing to make illegal (just general pornography) you'd have to make it a moral taboo.

644335  No.12395252

File: 123f864618ba014⋯.gif (381.62 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Merchant gif.gif)


>Frog posting

ba7c69  No.12395371


You need to go noporn anon. It's 100x better to go noporn than nofap, honestly - even if you jerk it a few times a week.

000000  No.12395387


it's exactly the same.

b336e6  No.12395392

ba7c69  No.12395398


no it ain't torfag. nofap is useful up until about a week, or if you're addicted to the dopamine hit. porn is fucking jewish and can create fetishes in you, as you crave the novelty of new porn. this can go to the point in which you can have porn induced interests in faggotry, furry shit, etc.

000000  No.12395423


> nofap is useful up until about a week

Bs, rewire only kicks in after 3 months. can't do that if you're still fapping.

ba7c69  No.12395433


Oh yeah, I forgot the rewire setup. Thing is, the rewiring is usually only necessary if you use porn, and it won't be necessary again if you fully reset and then go back to infrequent masturbation (without porn).

30aa83  No.12395469

File: b9fee666cc9ce89⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Cultivating Male Sexual En….pdf)

File: d46fed2f937ba55⋯.pdf (185.71 KB, Science Of Breath.pdf)

File: b2c1dd5544ff9be⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 500x652, 125:163, b2c1dd5544ff9be3f50a146a7e….jpg)

>They're going after nofap now

Holy shit, the nerve of these kikes. Fuck you. You will never steal my hyperborean kundalini energy with your orgy porgy fuckbox ever again. I am a goddamn conduit of the Divine.

000000  No.12395526


its necessary if you fap regularly regardless of porn consumption. you can fap to anything. photos, magazines, whatever. some people can fap to a photo of a leg in thigh highs. some people can fap to cartoons. abstaining from porn isn't good enough for 99.99% of people

ba7c69  No.12395540


Those things should be considered as porn. The only good way to masturbate, is either to fantasy within your imagination, or your wife in front of you. And in the 2nd case, why not just fuck her and make more white babies?

663cc9  No.12395962

File: 7f96fde3e65e98d⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1330x626, 665:313, MindGeek.png)

Pretty unsuspecting building for the amount of evil that flows from it.

30aa83  No.12395987

File: 354576b8906c968⋯.jpg (559.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1464381221727.jpg)


Yeah but what do the basement levels look like.

076333  No.12396005

Proposing the death penalty for pornographers is posturing bullshit. You don't have the political power to achieve it, and by the time you do the pornographers will be running from your country like frightened rats anyway. The debate about porn is always framed as though the only options are to ban it or permit it–other tactics, which are both easier to implement and more effective, are never brought up in the mainstream.

Removing copyright protection from porn would hit kike pornographers hard, cost the state nothing (it would actually save money, by keeping cases out of the courts), and not trigger a backlash from porn addicts. Controlled opposition faggots will never bring this up, precisely because it is feasible to implement and would work.

756a75  No.12396036

Bare minimum there should be zero difference between how regular and child pornographers are treated. It isn't posturing, as others have claimed, people used to be executed in America for stealing a horse. We damn sure can execute the pornographers, those who openly commit treason ect.

756a75  No.12396065


We could sentence them to something like 1-5 years, then change the law once they are in custody to be the death penalty. It isn't as if (((they))) don't pull bullshit like that. It's time for us to embrace the (((rules for radicals))) strats. We don't need to give them any rights, they don't allow us any rights when they go after white nationalists. If that dumb young white couple can be sentenced to 27 years in prison for allegedly yelling at some black people as they drove by, then pornographers can be fed to lions at the zoo.

663cc9  No.12396073

File: 6caec699d5bf594⋯.png (960.76 KB, 955x641, 955:641, Mindgeek Burbank.png)

File: ecb058758b7464e⋯.png (1.2 MB, 953x643, 953:643, MindGeek HQ Luxembourg.png)


756a75  No.12396082


Wonder if it would be possible to dox porn kikes, and get Islamists to go after them.

076333  No.12396099



Look at how the gun control lobby works. They don't come out and say they want to take all the guns. They say they want "common sense restrictions".

30aa83  No.12396102

File: e6e3ac6d598f58b⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 283x352, 283:352, e6e3ac6d598f58bfedf9d35cb4….jpg)


Sandniggers are porn loving crossdressing sodomites in private. You don't actually fall for their muslim piety memes do you? They're fucking animals m8.

3828ed  No.12396287

File: 41f49f8e8ea8e66⋯.jpg (212.35 KB, 644x979, 644:979, 1e6bdf3900d58464f8fdb5eede….jpg)

File: c88a05a102b9565⋯.png (149.36 KB, 600x623, 600:623, 5caf9d800fcd576180dae35711….png)

File: 030c910df03c784⋯.jpg (137.35 KB, 1024x596, 256:149, 6b3b63c335909f346596edafae….jpg)

File: 02a5776509f57ac⋯.jpg (72.16 KB, 386x567, 386:567, 40c624bdcb9c795c777f8c1744….jpg)

30aa83  No.12396390

File: f23f5498c38bfcd⋯.png (224.25 KB, 447x489, 149:163, f23f5498c38bfcd4eaa905d93b….png)

Stop masturbating.

000000  No.12396418



f9c941  No.12396875

Bump as I've been destroying these sites and the shitbags behind them for over a decade. Oh and as a reminder, this fucking place has a board for scumbags who abuse animals. We need to get that shit removed.

e491a2  No.12396949

File: 39f2b5da9be6d0c⋯.gif (148.3 KB, 220x204, 55:51, 48CC0F3D-C7B9-4CBF-8E24-45….gif)


Based and redpilled

130e5e  No.12396953


I have a feeling that comparing the physiology that results from your good and healthy lifestyle with that of someone who observes self-denial and self-overcoming would not be very supportive of your arguments.

468d4f  No.12396954



The point of this thread is to bring out the players in porn industry, their enablers and their protectors, irrespective of it were a kike, nigger or traitor. The point is to eventually strangle this industry, with info and strategy, keep it from preying on girls/women and nobody gives fuck about how long you have not fapped, one is already a half-failure if you cannot get a girlfriend. So stop whining about your fap/no-fap credentials and keep your disgusting pozzed hand to yourself if you want to slide this thread.

cd73fa  No.12397241


the point is fluid retention you sub-saharan

278b33  No.12397290


Xhamsters own by literal kikes. What do you think?

3d7bd0  No.12400486

File: a725d82f13a0a7d⋯.jpg (10.65 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 6fdbb2b291493c7d709645eb26….jpg)


>There will always be dirt

>Even if we take a shower we won't get all the dirt off

>Therefore, we should never shower

nigger tier logic here

52cd22  No.12400492

If you were clean, you wouldn't have the incessant desire to jerk off like some kind of addicted savage.

30aa83  No.12400836

File: 89128f145d8137a⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 1000x1154, 500:577, c633563e26ddf43d5704408806….jpg)


>The point of this thread

Both points are vitally interconnected and you're a mypoic retard to not see that. It was also mostly just a shitpost to bump the thread becasue it's an important one it was to low on the catalog at the time for my taste. But hey, thanks for the salty effortpost.

2df82d  No.12400966

File: 102e1a387201edf⋯.png (764.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, WRIGLEY-SCHOFIELD.PNG)


This isn't about creating a no fap movement on 8ch as much as it is rallying the populace who sees it as morale against you know who that makes it.

12369d  No.12401398


he's fucking bullshitting you. how do you fall for that shit?

just don't jack off because it feels better than jacking off.

047798  No.12412026

File: 38d1d4aafbdac4d⋯.jpg (22.87 KB, 225x255, 15:17, 1464996058983.jpg)


No. Retention of semen is a basic and universal practice of most serious mystic traditions, such as Buddhist and Taoist monks. Serious practitioners of these traditions literally embody mental stability. If your mind's stability is dependent on sexuality, you are an addict. Best of luck on your journey to self mastery, my friend.

78ef98  No.12412069


Pornojewry info post


c467dc  No.12412103

Interesting idea. But don't start until I download everything.


More likely he will rub one out.

e8b1ea  No.12412237

Face it /pol/:


050ff6  No.12416045


>be a retarded boomer

>let your children have unlimited internet access

>proclaim that pornographers need the death penalty

wew lad

4956ba  No.12429206

End the gay

e6f248  No.12429346

File: ef361eea1b757bb⋯.png (68.01 KB, 720x388, 180:97, 20181112_220233.png)



PornHub's ad aggregators carry CP ads and pop ups. PornHub and their aggregator needs to be taken down.

7903d2  No.12429417

File: 6293f4343feb5f7⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 1200x861, 400:287, 3bd307b9f9b25a21655f093355….jpg)

File: 7b05a29f0cf7049⋯.png (406.19 KB, 713x662, 713:662, 44177acdfac491aba14c2d7a27….png)

File: 139aa64ef385ce7⋯.png (216.38 KB, 492x357, 164:119, desire causedall gods to f….png)

File: 463ce8b205ef4db⋯.png (127.42 KB, 1032x608, 129:76, 420c032ee79d098997b95bedf0….png)

7903d2  No.12429482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Almost time to kick down doors boys. And it feels good.


30aa83  No.12429493

File: 622959ec2a166ec⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 300x329, 300:329, collateral-damage.jpg)


Now we're starting to get spicy.

36e2f1  No.12429528



If true, I wonder if PornHub can be taken down for having CP ads?

How does anyone go about this?

edc8ed  No.12429573

Pornography won’t be enough. Because it never is. Sooner or later, all niggers want to touch the real thing. All dogs want to smell and taste the true information. All artists want to make their fantasies reality. And everyone with a cock wants to use it to fall in love.

5712b1  No.12429600

File: 498a03d3b76519f⋯.jpg (21.68 KB, 233x252, 233:252, STOP.jpg)

You should have listened.

edc8ed  No.12429608

You guys should start to see radfems as more an ally. It’s the third wavers that are your enemy. They hate you, the radfems don’t. The radfems want to end pornography due to what it’s doing to men AND women and put a stop to it corrupting the bond between us. Third wavers think pornography, prostitution, and promiscuity is empowering for women. They believe trannies are real women and hate men because it’s trendy. Third wavers are the kikes literal and figurative bitches. They’re on par with the kikes but even more powerful because they use the fact they’re women to manipulate and they do it well. I don’t know ONE woman that doesn’t think the #metoo movement is complete insulting bullshit.

22f918  No.12429623

File: 83a48d0611ad9c3⋯.png (55.57 KB, 265x151, 265:151, PikaKip.PNG)

Looks like blue bird jews have NoFap under their censorship, just had my account locked for cheering on a random person breaking the conditioning. Just a heads up to other anons, (((Billy Watson))) will hang by my hands or I'll die trying. To you CIA glow niggers, I'm making an esoteric reference to my future endeavors at making Billy Watson a symbol of fortitude and fatherhood, one that will hang over our heads as a role model.

60fa30  No.12430555

File: cebaf999959337e⋯.png (90.74 KB, 720x504, 10:7, 20181113_095816.png)

File: 6e378cba893fc0f⋯.png (53.82 KB, 720x316, 180:79, 20181116_002825.png)


PornHub needs to be taken down.

4449c9  No.12430562

File: 52bdd0ffe3fb7be⋯.png (46.22 KB, 558x333, 62:37, pornhub.png)

2ef4e1  No.12430595


Aren't (pre third-wave) feminists still in favor of women in the workforce and in politics, both of which are major impediments to sane family formation, thus pushing people towards pornography?

72fa4d  No.12430653


Why is homosexuality harmful to society in a broader sense?

I know everything there is to know regarding to the health problems it's correlated with due to the promiscuous nature of such relationships, but I would like to know about the structural impacts it can have


For example concerning another subject, the destruction of the marital institution is making us regress to a tribal setting where a minority of males reproduce with a majority of women, therefore disenfranchising the majority of males which is a big loss in productivity.

2ef4e1  No.12430725


Homosexuality and pedophilia are bad in the same way that PTSD is bad; they're consequences of traumatic events that break your mind, skewing your perception of reality, causing irrational and sometimes outright destructive behavior. If you dig deep enough, every gay seems to have some history of rape, abuse or abandonment. It's like their "orientation" is literally a sexually transmitted disease with some additional vectors.

edc8ed  No.12430760


Yes of course they are. Third wavers threw a fit when the US government finally put a stop to backpage magazine - bbbut prostitution and human trafficking are like totally progressive!!!

I hate third wavers. Oh and they also think white women wearing the hijab is all progressive and shit

592f26  No.12430799


>How Do We Destroy porn & interracial symbolism

Neutralize (((porn directors))) and (((communists))).

001633  No.12430819

File: 8147677cd32ed44⋯.jpg (185.26 KB, 620x921, 620:921, iokhdy.jpg)

File: 4c3287fa0762841⋯.png (211.96 KB, 672x2552, 84:319, goebbels morality and mora….png)

>ban porn

Whatever you fags do, don't go full retard and ban all nudes.

592f26  No.12430958


The only way to check, that so called "rule 34"

is applied to everyone and everything, is to make video/cartoon/game about "fucking a jews".

And then post it on popular porn sites and booru imageboards.

I'm sure of 99 %, that this will be reported and deleted by (((offended victims))), as quickly as possible.

468031  No.12431005


>Free speech must die

Krypto commie detected.

09c305  No.12431098


Yes, 2d is still pornography. Hentai is a gateway porn.

743059  No.12431123


No. You're actually retarded at this point. 3D porn is bad because you cuck yourself by watching other men fuck women, to Moishe's profit. Drawings have no such elements unless you actively seek 2D cuck shit, in which case you done yourself in.

09c305  No.12431165

Is it true that Normies don't fap? In my opinion tapping is a major cause of antisocial and anti-authoritarian behavior. Pretty sure, nobody would even visit chans if they weren't a chronic masturbator. Regardless, porn should be treated like drugs and both users and and dealers and anyone in between must die. Russia, India already banned and US shouldn't fall behind.

09c305  No.12431175

But, you are still watching sexually stimulating visuals which makes you fap and distorts your view of the world. It's like marijuana smokers will always defend it no matter how bad it is for their mind and body. 3d or not it is still degenerate.

743059  No.12431189


Degenerate means bad for society. Cuck shit like 3D porn hits that mark, but drawings? Cartoons? Lines on paper that conform to whatever a person wants? No, sorry bub. There's infinitely bigger fish to fry.

2ef4e1  No.12431225


Bigger fish to fry, yes, but you should still do your best to break your "beating it to cartoons" addiction. It's unhealthy, if not physically then certainly at least mentally.

edc8ed  No.12431241

I understand the issue with porn as it’s vile kike invention but can’t you guys just masturbate without? That what I do sometimes: I come up with a scenario in my head and masturbate to that. I thought masturbation was normal? You don’t need porn for it though

743059  No.12431248


Hysterical Feminist propaganda. NoFap is good for those who can do it - but most can't. It just gives those people the blue balls and turns them into pathetic beta simps who worship vagina and act as pussywhipped doormats just for the one-off chance to get laid. That shit is how cuckery starts, and cuckery is way worse for a person's physical and mental health than fapping could ever be.

743059  No.12431260


Fapping is fine because it let's you see women for what they are as opposed to inflating their value like the blue balls you can get from NoFap will do to you.

09c305  No.12431269

No many people herr realise this but, pornography actually started out as lewd hand drawn images in olden times. That would be similar to hentai. Hentai is 3d porn with lower bit depth and bad framerate. Please, do not defend hentai and porn watchers. Uers should be punished, albeit a little less than the producers for possession.

On the DOTR the porn producers, directors and "actors" would be nailed to a cross through their genitals and porn users would have their eyes gouged out or get molten lead poured on them. A nigger of the same category will get both treatments plus hanging.

005d66  No.12431284




If true


09c305  No.12431289


Well, if one doesn't stop fapping to such silly things as hentai, manga whatever he's not gonna fry those big fishes. You've been brainwashed by nip propaganda. Like it or not, I'm telling it like it is. Japs and Jews don't want what's best for you. They just want money.

743059  No.12431293


Pretty sure 3D porno started as degenerate peepshows with crossdressers and mutilation galore like what happened in Weimar Germany.

2ef4e1  No.12431300


Even if you're not going the NoFap route (which I I've not mentioned in this thread iirc), I imagine that using any pornography will naturally increase your drive to masturbate, throwing your will and hormones off-balance.

743059  No.12431304


That's a big if right there. Cucks who marry Tradwives with black kids aren't going to fry shit, and that's exactly where you go if you try NoFap without proper mental fortitude.

>fappers who like Hentai won't fry big fish

Rick Wilson go away. You don't belong on imageboards.

743059  No.12431309


Then using one's imagination (Which drawings are an extension of) certainly couldn't hurt.

2ef4e1  No.12431324


The added visual stimulus surely causes mental and chemical effects. I have to assume that the delta between imagination and 2d is much bigger than the delta between 2d and 3d.

09c305  No.12431329


You're right but let me explain it in a different way. When you say "see women for what they really are", you actually mean "what the Jewish media wants you to think women actually are and tell how they should act". It's the degenerate Jews who fapped(it's ok to fap in Judaism) saw western women as sexual objectsl and turned them the way they are today.

>Jews Jew western women

>Western men get fed up and chose fap instead of having a normal relationship

>Jews exploit more women, sell more porn and hentai, promoting fap

>Repeat this shit for a few decades

And you get where we are now.

743059  No.12431335


The difference between 2D and 3D is that one is real, and the other is not. That's a pretty big difference.

And you're assuming urges to fap don't arise (heh) on their own, stimulus or not.

743059  No.12431345


Except reducing the inflated value of women by relieving blue balls does not entail consuming jewish media unless you actively seek it out.

15e7af  No.12431346

File: 9f06d02e1333e68⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 462x582, 77:97, 9f06d02e1333e68e81902c32bf….jpg)



>[porn] users … must die.

45162f  No.12431350


Pushin pornography is "free speech"? That's jewish

09c305  No.12431361


That's right. But then there was lewd paintings, degenerate statues, playing cards , murals of degenerate sexual acts. I hope we can agree there are two mediums at play here. 1. The performance and 2. The medium through which they propagate and affect generations. One can be at one of those peepshows and fap to himself, and also draw his degenerate fantasies on papers for generations to see. If you want to stop porn you have to stop both.

2ef4e1  No.12431364


>The difference between 2D and 3D is that one is real, and the other is not. That's a pretty big difference.

Wouldn't the mere presence of sexually stimulating visuals during masturbation do more to fuck you up than any extent of added realism to those visuals? Either way, I'm very confused by how adamant you are in defending your preferred smut.

743059  No.12431367


Whatever. Fapping to one's own imagination is the ideal medium, but having a fap to drawings is vastly superior to both unprepared NoFap and 3D pornography, because both can easily yield cuckery.

743059  No.12431373


I don't have a preferred smut, and I don't fap. I choose the path of semen retention coupled with devotion to the spiritual - but I've seen too many people that try what I do and wind up as cucks to let NoFap propaganda go unchallenged.

09c305  No.12431387


Both the inflated ego of modern women and men's sometimes misplaced resentment towards it are caused by the Jew. Men and women fight eachother while the Jew sell them porn. I believe cuck shit is porn meant for women, not men. No man in his right mind would watch that shit.

edc8ed  No.12431391

2ef4e1  No.12431393



Hardcore or cold turkey NoFap does seem to destroy a lot of people. Rather, I'd push for a "phasing out" approach, for holding on the shame that accompanies the act and for working towards a better, higher agency self. I understood your posts as a suggestion that cranking it to amine grills is virtuous. I suppose it was a misunderstanding.

09c305  No.12431409


Wet dreams are ideal but I guess you can't get creative with them. Anyway, 2d is more dangerous firstly, because the abuser will always be in denial about it and secondly, 2d can be a gateway to more degenerate fetishes most of which 3d can compete with. Think about rule34.

4dafcf  No.12431425


Nofap makes guys with low T feel like shit. Nofap usually won't fix low T on its own, so they just get more depressed as nothing gets much better even after months. Fapping a lot is a bandaid that low T depressed guys use to feel some endorphin release, when normal life isn't able to. The focus should be on increasing testosterone and androgen receptor sensitivity. Nofap is not enough.

09c305  No.12431430


FWIW getting into somewhat edgy shit like /x/ or starting a new hobby that rewards you easily helps too. If something good replaces the positive feedback loop that fapping once provided then it becomes a more preferable choice in many situations that test your will.

a25d39  No.12431441


Those posters are fucking nice! 10/10

a25d39  No.12431446


stay mad shlomo

039268  No.12431472

File: b271dbbf8e85a09⋯.png (135.43 KB, 428x500, 107:125, happy-merchant-rat.png)


Yes, Goyim ! Let us fuck your shiksas and humiliate them openly, it's just an art and free speech, i promise you that !


039268  No.12431483


>you're becoming obnoxious in your fanatical quest

Says the eternal foreskin sucker, who can't build own country, but want to own the whole world.

f3b8e8  No.12431508

File: 163d4229fb114cd⋯.jpg (317.33 KB, 900x1616, 225:404, jewish porn al goldstein.jpg)

File: 6293f4343feb5f7⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 1200x861, 400:287, porn is a jewish enterpris….jpg)

File: 9a5499b13ea7254⋯.jpg (891.81 KB, 1411x1620, 1411:1620, star of remphan in pornhub….jpg)


f3b8e8  No.12431521


to clarify, 3d gets banned first since it is objectively obscene and not art

2d gets banned later or not at all, since at the very least it takes skill to produce

c5fce8  No.12434343

File: 878a58b869bc756⋯.mp4 (9.97 MB, 720x404, 180:101, jews_love_black_cock.mp4)


instead of killing pornographers, why not give them a test of their own medicine?

e99edb  No.12434443


They already directed their own holocaust porn films anon, what makes you think they make exceptions to their degeneracy?

df3cc2  No.12434463


I don't understand this at all, but I'll take it. Jews; what will their fucked up minds think of next?

403548  No.12435089


Pushing for creation of mechanisms and institutions that are able to stop pornography for good also would kill free speech.

It is the same story with commies again an again. Communism. Great idea? Isn't it? But road to communism requires creation of omnipotent state able to ban everything (otherwise people can opt out from communism voluntary trading goods with each other and communism would crash) and then "suddenly" this omnipotent state turns into tyranny that doesn't represents people. Who would've been thought? Huh? Again and again and again. Commies say that "was not real communism". "Next time would be different." Just give up all freedoms to state.

If you can't handle the freedom you don't deserve freedom. But your are commie you don't need freedom.

fe82c6  No.12435120


They do fall for their own tricks. Their rate of mental illness is higher than the Dutch. That is why they need to mix with a non Jew every three generations or so.

7903d2  No.12436056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>recognizing the harm of porn and masturbation = abrahamism

GTFO pornkike

da915d  No.12436991


>…society risks becoming violent.

Yea, the goyim might finally realize how badly they're being fucked over and KILL YOU.

dbcc24  No.12437008


>pro porn jews are also the religious D&C shills

what a shocker

da915d  No.12437046



That's a dark sense of humor.

>Geek your mind on speed porn goy

>It's good for you

Daily reminder that any addict will tell you that the object of their addiction is both healthy and morally proper.

e01c52  No.12437057

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I got the superior version for you fam.

ec50e0  No.12437078

File: d35dbc57893bf86⋯.jpg (155.63 KB, 800x965, 160:193, c08506d68b38672df59ab7c3ba….jpg)

This is how I try get friends off porn and into a healthier mindset.

I find shaming to be a good tactic. Not in the theological manner but in the it's something to be embarassed about manner. Point out how pathetic a man is by having to watch another man fuck a woman in his place, how void of any real excitement it is compared to the real thing. Make it so when they watch porn they begin to understand it for what it is, an excercise not merely in futility but in self degredation. Your cheapening yourself by watching another man fuck a woman you will never attain. They'll never be that chad but help them aim to be more than that, forge them into something better, forge them into an overman.

When they innevitably whine about "well I can't get a irl gf" point out that their shortcomings are self made and they could attain a good woman by aiming to self improve. I usually send them to a /sig/ thread and a /lit/ thread at this point in the process, both are excellent repositories for not merely improving but understanding the need to improve.

This is something many of us have struggled with before and overcame, we must lead others to becoming more as others have led us. Once this first domino falls the rest fall with it.

ade054  No.12438136

File: c3b2ae4a878503d⋯.jpg (196.63 KB, 1878x383, 1878:383, KBPorn.jpg)


It's a lot more social engineering then they are letting on. They must be felling the reigns loosening.

0c2336  No.12438146

Just read this thread and realize the full breadth and depth of what you're dealing with.


30aa83  No.12438160

File: 3bad443fae2e18b⋯.jpg (66.71 KB, 620x639, 620:639, 1445043036132.jpg)


>let's take the shit monster and dip him in shit, that will show him

These are the same "people" who invented stalaag porn, anon.

b41ade  No.12441726


Fuck man, I’m pretty Sure Jocko’s dad is Jewish as he eludes to his fathers cheapness for wanting to get gas on base and making a joke about it.

Nonetheless he’s doing good things, and has definitely gotten people to stop being fucking degenerate.

b41ade  No.12441733


Big step is to just masterbate without porn. Huge difference in the dopamine levels and shit, plus you’re not supporting the absolute degenerate fuckery. It’s also a better step off point to go full no-fap.

a088ec  No.12441891


>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>it's the boomers

388139  No.12454874

Kill all pornkikes

f62850  No.12454890

To be fair pornography is the logical result of a society that does not take and punish women.

00d15e  No.12461840


7c36ed  No.12461918


>its not the enemy's creation

Mindless "logic", wrong

d27e1a  No.12462629

File: d5a4e6f37d5fc27⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 640x286, 320:143, Tanel Veenre.jpg)


>Some losers jerking it and sharing their content isn't going to influence young girls. What influences them are shit homes, poor upbringing, monetary gain and feminist poisoning. If porn is destroyed as a business, then women will not care about porn.


>You guys have got it all wrong, trying to outlaw porn will only make you look like a old prude who doesn't want anyone having any fun.


>Removing copyright protection from porn would hit kike pornographers hard


>Pushing for creation of mechanisms and institutions that are able to stop pornography for good also would kill free speech.

And here, and especially in the latter 2 posts, we are hitting the nails on the head. We can posture until the end of time on executing anyone who crosses an arbitrary moral boundary of ours (or attempting to build restrictions to internet traffic - lol), but we would be ignoring the practicality of the situation.

Porn is foremost, an industry and a business. People are still accessing the vast majority of 'amateur' videos through large tube sites, coordinated through global server farms owned by the likes of MindGeek who also run the more 'professional' production companies. They have considerable technological expenses (remember the adage of 'the bigger they are…'?) and do not shy away from the ethics of supporting themselves through means like intrusive or malware-laden advertisements, and quite likely, the harvesting and selling of user data. Considering the level of Pornhub's traffic alone, this is probably a strategy that keeps them more than a little solvent.

In 2014, digital music sales started to overtake physical mediums. When streaming services had matured (and likely as a result of growing bandwidth availability too), they quickly seized the reins, just a couple years later. Clearly, the market has made it's decision. Convenience, cheap pricing and efficiency of use over the burden of personal storage. We see film, television, and pornography use taking the same direction. Because of the current HTTP/TCP/IP-centric structure of the web, this situation has ended up lending itself to increasing consolidation over the services that provide this media - where as the web expands, only the megaliths that can raise the capital to support the world's data will have a place in this market. Only, it needn't be like this.

/pol/, sans some serious organisational strides, would be wasting it's time attempting to enact significant legislative change - it isn't where our strengths lie. Rather, we are far more suited to the ground-up undermining of entire business models, and that is where we should continue to act - to retain the liberty of being able to partake in vice, but without the pathology that drives us to indulge in it.

To cut it short, depriving these services of their central point of revenue, their traffic, would go the longest way to undercutting them. And despite seeming directly counterproductive to the aims of this thread, the main requirement for that would be to out-compete these companies. Collectively, we possess both the bandwidth and the storage necessary to transmit our daily media consumption requirements between one another. However, the larger bulk of the web is not yet set up to ideally accommodate this distribution. So:

1. Promote content centric networking (CCN) and derivative technologies like Named Data Networking (NDN), mesh networks and their physical routing counterparts.

2. Establish an efficient means of data transmission through content-centric protocols parallel to the above - DHT-based protocols like IPFS, BitTorrent and Dat for example. This means intuitive interface design, high functionality, and unrestricted access of content.

3. Create indexes of content. We could have the most secure, privacy-respecting and content-rich platform on Earth, but if nobody knows what to look for or how to look for it, nobody will use it (this is the main problem we currently face). So ironically, building a larger hub of porn than Pornhub will strip away the power of porn as an industry. Federating them (ie, having a network of decentralised indexes that link between each other) dissolves the level of effort required per person in building them, strips the hegemony of content distribution and moderation away from a central power, corporate or otherwise, and reduces the likelihood of the entire index dying.

d27e1a  No.12462630


The above can actually be done in any order. Though it may be the most pernicious target, this approach will extend far beyond just the porn industry, and into the broader realm of digital media, and into copyright in general. One inherent advantage to not being a corporate body is that copyright infringement becomes a much easier tactic to leverage (MindGeek sites might allow the piracy of their own employees like Siri, but how many Lana Rain videos are currently uploaded on Pornhub?). With a greater potential for content that is being sought out, the production teams and copyright owners will lose money when people decide to find it elsewhere. When the traffic is lost and they can no longer build up a sustainable base of user data (and products) to sell, but their expenses for a global presence remain the same, they lose their reason to keep operating. When they no longer operate, no central body can force a trend of content or delayed-reinforcement schedules to artificially craft taste or keep people addicted. And no more mafia to lose the minds of our young women (and men) to.

There is an older thread to continue such discussion here >>12020142

418f53  No.12462820

File: 9f65d5a556f3669⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 500x405, 100:81, dopamine.jpg)



>the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine confers motivational salience; in other words, dopamine signals the perceived motivational prominence (i.e., the desirability or aversiveness) of an outcome, which in turn propels the organism's behavior toward or away from achieving that outcome

832be0  No.12462827

File: b357471484361b6⋯.webm (4.91 MB, 700x394, 350:197, tap.webm)


If people stop masturbating the fluoride in the water might not be sufficient at pacifying them!

22dcb2  No.12462842


you're probably right, but if this trains rolls on we can start asking who gave the pornographers all the loans to do business with.

e754a4  No.12462846


ya!!!!youre right!!!! who cares about the health of our men and women? lets just jerk off and make these kikes rich! Happy jacking!

418f53  No.12462864

File: fea17f086d8bcd0⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 1302x733, 1302:733, dopamine prolactin cycle.jpg)


In case anyone is unaware

-Prolactin makes you feel weak

-Dopamine creates ambition and motivation

-Oxytocin makes you feel happy

Masturbation spikes prolactin levels and kills the other two. It takes 2-3 weeks to neurologically recover from a single orgasm.

e754a4  No.12462894


that was a good read. thanks

d347b1  No.12462908

So is masturbation itself terrible or is it just that it is associated with porn? Would masturbation without porn be acceptable?

d347b1  No.12462919


>physical purity

>from a drug addict that would make rural America blush

832be0  No.12462931


There was a supreme court decision that pushing porn and degeneracy is in fact, free speech.

i think it was hustler magazine.


masturbation and porn addiction go hand in hand, cut off porn first, then you reduce the times you masturbate.

If you're a turbo degenerate, limit yourself to once a day, then once every 2, 3, days, once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month etc.

d27e1a  No.12463037


Are you thinking of the Roth and Miller cases?


>By the time Miller was considered in 1973, Justice Brennan had abandoned the Roth test and argued that "no formulation of this Court, the Congress, or the States can adequately distinguish obscene material unprotected by the First Amendment from protected expression."[3]

Somewhat related, the highlighted posts in here (>>12159165 and onwards):


291120  No.12463864

Bumping this thread. I was about to lose my 4-5 weeks streak of nofap today but I'm glad I found this thread again to remind me to stay steadfast.

d61341  No.12466073


Speaking of control mechanisms and pornography, I’ve noticed that as I have successfully weaned myself off of any kind of smut content over the course of this year (and now complete and entire separation starting last month), I recently began to not respond to it. For instance, i recently checked xhamster’s twitter page to see how deep they’re going to dig their PR hole over this #yesfap psyop bullshit, and realized that the pornographic content they lather on their twitter page no longer induces any kind of response outside of the initial shock value of seeing it to begin with. The content itself barely, if not no longer at all, generates any physical response when previously there was always an involuntary one, such as around the time I first began taking steps to remove pornography from my life. Has anyone else experienced any similar effect - a complete shift in response from screen based material, to exclusively real life interaction and experience?

1669be  No.12466632

File: 19ef14db789289f⋯.jpg (247.14 KB, 736x2175, 736:2175, Porn addiction, dependency….jpg)


Share it!

1fe280  No.12475300

bump to kill porn jews.

1fe280  No.12475326


>Pornography is directly related to ==NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS, ATTITUDES, and AGGRESSION== towards the opposite sex.

I feel like this explains MGTOWS and alot of the hysterical anti-woman sentiment. They are addicted to porn, and they think that porn represents reality. They start thinking that every girl acts like the crack whores they watch on porn. They start to actually believe that every girl wants to have her anus prolapsed in a gang bang or something.

743059  No.12475339


Don't have to look at porn to see that women are a serious financial liability and that they have the backing of Uncle Sam when they get a divorce and demand your kids, your house, your family heirlooms, and your hands bound in servitude to pay them monthly alimony and child support.

1fe280  No.12475394


>The divorce courts are jewish

Thanks captain obvious. The solution is to not get a (((legal government marrige))). I'm not saying that MGTOWs don't have good points when it comes to divorce and shit like that. I'm just saying that the people who believe every woman is a thot have likely been brainwashed to feel that way by porn.

e8646a  No.12476353


you will take my weed over my dead body, faggot. humans have been smoking for thousands of years and I'm not stopping now.

be7ebc  No.12476472


Nice shifting of the blame to one party of the targets of the agenda, mgtow genius.

271c33  No.12476503


common law marriage

no matter what you do, if you're a man, you are fucked

full monk mode has been the best thing I have ever done

11d69d  No.12476909



<Ignore control of media and entertainment, goy

1fe280  No.12477650


Sure, there are always ways to get fucked over in this jew system. The best thing you can do is find a true traditional woman. Because the problem with going full monk mode is that you won't get to make white babies. Nothing enrages non-humans more than white babies. Now if artificial wombs become common, or you pay a surrogate then you are still fine going solo. Just make sure to reproduce is all.

62ca1a  No.12477888


This is bad propaganda, anon. Executing pornographers is outside the current Overton Window.

Start with advocating the death penalty for child pornographers first. Once that is established then you can move on to all pornographers.

a4af37  No.12478148

File: d710e565f419e86⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 1662x4350, 277:725, feminism is jewish.jpg)


>allying with feminists

How about no?

1fe280  No.12478255


Pornographers, porn actors, and anyone who worked on porn production in any way shape or form should be boiled in oil.

f66115  No.12479118

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I'm pretty sure this is a psyop. Semen retention was practiced by wise men for thousands of years, with nothing but positive results. Then all of a sudden we were told it was bad for us. This just happens to coincide with the sexual revolution and the long march through the institutions, including science departments.

80cdd4  No.12479172


This doesn't mean you have never fap, nor ever emit. It means that you should do so on an increasingly rare basis and engage in more important pursuits than sexual gratification (in any form). Then, as you do so, and as you consciously ensure to retain seminal fluid even during sex or orgasm at any time, then you will also minimize even the harm that comes from that, rare as that will be for you. As the body adjusts, it finds better things to do with your resources than produce offspring to replace you, and makes you "less replaceable" over time.

19 going on 20 years of practice, and since I have now the ability to peer into parallel universes, I can see that my less wise counterparts are by far inferior to me, and my more diligent counterparts are like Gods by comparison.

The sooner you wise up, the better.

80cdd4  No.12479181


What fucking drugs are you people ON? Always with the "drugs bad". Just fucking don't do bad drugs, don't do good drugs in bad amounts or with a bad frequency, and stop being st8edge fags about it.

Foolish people will do foolish things. They are not fit people to use alchemical substances, they are the retards that cannot be trusted with very much of anything, but they have the right to fuck themselves up if they want, dipshit.

Put them to work, let them have their vices, get on with YOUR OWN life.

80cdd4  No.12479207


This is good information. Also, during orgasm, or leading up to it, what do you put your mind on. Does it have any visualizing/thinking/external environment perceiving power or are you a fucking drooling doofus for however many seconds? Learn to overcompensate your "mind shock" and become something ABOVE that experience. Then over time it will lose its fascination for you. Then ask yourself what images there were before, and why they were there, and what wisdom have you, what purpose have you, to have been imagining them. People who imagine fucking animals, for example, are one thing. People who imagine fucking random beautiful women of their own race, a considerable step up. Men who imagine doing that in a world where that will be to their socio-cultural advantage and spiritual advantage, with a long range plan, a step up from that,and those who make such changes in their world as harmonize with that are a step up above that and those that succeed in such are a step above that.

Most men probably lose coherent consciousness and become semi-comatose for a while. What is such but weakness?

9c177e  No.12479250


I have no problem with nudity, but kikes do nothing but push the most vile shit they can 24/7.

9c177e  No.12479260


I don't get how anyone could be so weak-minded as to believe something by mere suggestion, but I guess I'm not a normalfag.

2f9f63  No.12480699


I don't know what the hell you are talking about, I'm fully capable of thinking and focusing my thoughts during and after an orgasm. It does leave me feeling fatigued afterwards though unless I space it out considerably.

a9e536  No.12480965


Stop making excuses for being scum, scum.

7d0900  No.12481083


it sucks that i was put on prescription pills at such an early age. I had no idea that I could become scummy if i got too wrapped up in the jewish lib agenda.

5de46b  No.12481116

File: 063e452f02ab5c3⋯.png (619.27 KB, 771x671, 771:671, don't do it (fisheye place….png)

The modern pornography pipeline for under-millenial males is a corrosive machine that uses the internet and girly social media to slowly brainwash you and turn you gay. Not safe to start as softer, gentle-natured boy on the internet, you will be surrounded by harpies, sick broken girls who want to break you and own you. They give you attention for being "cute," they hijack your biology and undermine your defenses because you were never taught to anticipate or combat bizarre fujoshi desires. They will massage your dopamine receptors and squeeze your heart, they push you into jap and jap-inspired media where the phase offset of culture background/autism aligns to produce overpowered emotional resonance, manipulating your feelings, slipping things past your guards. They slowly, encouragingly, bend your development into bad directions.

They like fag stuff because they like watching boys be hurt, they like taking slender, muscled boys and treating them like degraded women. They like the contrast. The edge-riding. They like taking something beautiful in a way they'll never be and breaking it down.

Broken, vicious girls want a paper tiger to dominate so they can look strong.

Males feel alone and desperate, sense the cosmic despair they've inherited but can't express, and a fanfic-reading girl comes and promises to be loving and soft, and you can be loving and soft too, and we're all weird and special, isn't that nice? Just do what I say.

Anything that pops into your head is natural.

Lost males desperate to submit to pack leader that will never come. Blogger artist girl comes instead.

No fathers. Mothers don't know or don't care. No role models in school or in movies. Even books get worse every year. Unstoppable. No fathers.

no one talks about this

5de46b  No.12481228


Subtle lines, seductive shading, colors make your heart race. Blogger artist girl knows how to plant just what she wants in your mind and heart. Childhood memories gone away, family breaking apart, she feeds you warm nostalgia and loving hope fused to treacherous degeneracy, it slips into your desperate, crying heart without protest. Witch girl abuses emotion and intuition to plant poison seeds in your soul.

She builds you up just when you need it, tells you how nice you are, how sweet you are, how pretty you are. Somehow your doubts just grow, tying you to her in contradiction. Right and wrong obscured by want, need.

Promise you family, promise you love, promise you warm colors in rain and holding hands and soft, intimate things that drive you wild with a pounding fear and disbelief that it could be really real this time. Eyes wide, chest heaving, suspend disbelief again, just in case. Don't dare to think, please.

But it's not real.

It never is.

Each time feels so close, though.

It's fine. That's fine. It's always fine. Laugh and cry and smile, because crying boys are cute too, really beautiful in a way if you think about it. Just hold that pose.

That's it.

Very good boy.

You're so adorable.

And when you're shriveled in a heap, sobbing, confused, wide eyes streaming tears, body rocking with the realization of how horrifically far away from anyone who cares you really are…

You'll be perfect.

20315f  No.12481270


Nofap just makes me want to do degenerate things, it doesnt make me Anon the Last Semenbender

8f5ed1  No.12481284


This can't happen too soon.

5de46b  No.12481316

File: 373545d1d4c9584⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.22 KB, 240x240, 1:1, death inveterate.jpg)


After this sets in, even exposure to what looks like "normal" pornography is hyperdamaging. Male seeks out cute, young, slender girls, all looks natural. Seems right. But wrong. Insidiously wrong. Male is self inserting before he even consciously knows it. Every time he corrodes his mental relationship with both masculinity and femininity. There is no path back, no way to unwind the sinuous tentacles tightening around your throat. Everything leads deeper and deeper into the maze.

Male likes egirls in anime makeup, gamewhores, the scene pulls him in uncontrollably. Plenty online willing to teach more and more broken things. Plenty of demand for hot boy to break. No disgusting old men in sight, all impossibly manic and pixie and dream girl here.

Maybe, somehow, male gets wakeup call. Horrified. Writhes on floor, everything is gone, crushing shame and hatred. Spirit screams. Empties.

What do?

Begins training. Determined not to be twink. Filled with fierce determination not to succumb to the wiles of the machine like so many have before, driven delusional, disgusting creatures.

But mental patterns are set. Desires won't abate. Evil, vicious girls everywhere, he sees them now, no one believes or cares. Dude chill lmao. Just watch some cartoons and jerk off, bro. Nothing but redditors and egirls.

Every day is hell. God isn't here. No one is here. No one remains. The illusion of adopted family was rescinded with the rejection of degeneracy, and now there is nothing but the freezing, eternal, howling of the Beast as the scales fall from your eyes.

Even in redpill places, few share story. Few understand. Guess few survived. You try to describe the evils, try to spread words of warning without getting your heart rate up, without getting that little tingle, without wanting a scratch behind the ears.

Soft boys stay AWAY from internet girls.

5dbf24  No.12481382

File: 57d1de78ed80b08⋯.jpg (74 KB, 540x478, 270:239, 20181127_215615.jpg)


>ban photos, magazines, cartoons

ok kid

Its physically impossible to remove everything that can be masturbated to, because more of it can be created at any time. Japs have been making porn for centuries, never even heard of a jew before making it. Cave paintings from tens of thousands of years ago were pornographic. The only way to remove everything that could be pornographic is to delete the universe.

b3d286  No.12481392


>There is no path back, no way to unwind the sinuous tentacles tightening around your throat. Everything leads deeper and deeper into the maze.

that's an exaggeration, cutting off porn and other degenerate shit cold-turkey is a good way to "reset" yourself. mentally, it will take a while, but your body will re-adapt itself to not jacking off 5 times a day, our body is pretty robust

b3d286  No.12481400


it will all fade away if you stay off permanently. forget "nofap", and just go "no-porn".


you people have a persecution complex, pure and simple. rail on and on about women, and only a modicum of any of you are even married and divorced

b3d286  No.12481401


oh, and by "no porn" i'm also saying quit all masturbation. I'm quite serious, drop all degenerate shit out of your life and you'll have a balanced view of things

596ba8  No.12481433

File: 312b745b43ebdb3⋯.gif (533.98 KB, 250x107, 250:107, giphy.gif)


>peer into parallel universes

And what did you see anon? Why is this the wrong timeline?

ef68d7  No.12481434


>forget "nofap"

>quit all masturbation

pick one

a9e536  No.12481680


If you can fix that, its okay. But the other anon promotes drug use.

b96ce3  No.12482249


>getting vagina saves the white race

my dad got pussy

my grandpa got pussy

my great grandpa

great great grandpa

and so on

all of them got pussy

yet the white race isnt saved

1a1c97  No.12482647


Watching other guys fuck an object of desire is a form of cuckolding. Nobody that isn't a soyboy consumerist retard wants to be a cuck in any way. Just stress that to those that remain unconvinced, and if they still refuse, then feel free to label them as a cuck, because it's true.

1cf433  No.12483370


>hey goy, why don't you start in-fighting about religion instead of talk about the corruptive forces of pornography

285ff2  No.12483494

Hey remember about 10-15 years ago when you were vouching for more porn?

You've become your own grandparents.

6fc220  No.12483622

F is 6th letter of English alphabet

O is 15th letter of English alphabet (1 + 5 = 6)

X is 24th letter of English alphabet (2 + 4 = 6)

XXX - common porn symbol is read by a Jew or Freemason as "15 15 15", or really "666".

You can find this theme virtually everywhere in Western business. Exs:

3 O's in G-o-o-g-le, ABC, Thyssen Kroppe, "l-o-g-o-" etc.

FOX News = "F O X" = "6 15 24" = "6 6 6"

Lockheed Martin has logo with 3 subtle X's

Trucks! :D

Ford F150 = "F 15 O" = "6 15 24" = "6 6 6"

RAM 1500 = "15 O O" = "15 15 15" = "6 6 6"

Beats Headphones Symbol is 2 O's and a 6

When you realize the world is run by satanists. When you convert to Islam because Jesus isn't a god, but rather a prophet of God, who was ascended to heaven by All'ah when the Jews tried to prove he was not a prophet by crucifying him - as what hangs in a tree through the night is cursed in the Torah (imagine being a Jew who watched him ascend). When in Islam the antichrist has 1 eye just like the ubiquitous freemasonic ("illuminati") symbol. When the antichrist is a Jew.

My Prophet Muhammud (May All'ah give him peace and distance far from the words of those deep in ignorance, who need his guidance most) said 1400 years ago that the end of times will not come until there are more Europeans on Earth than all other races. Oh won't you come to the cause. Don't you see the Jew want's you to hate us. That's why he brings in millions upon millions of "muslims" into your Germany, to your Europa.

>In Islam it is haram (or at best makru) to migrate except for the sake of religion.

Mfw none of you mention that in your diatribe.

7cdb8d  No.12483674

File: e8c5e32ddbbcfbf⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1300x6258, 650:3129, islam 1a.png)

File: 02e10c2fd6e8615⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1318x6988, 659:3494, islam 2a.png)

File: 3d7fa870ed3862b⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 1336x6290, 668:3145, islam 2.jpg)

File: 90a2fa6bea77a1b⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 1696x6224, 106:389, islam 1.jpg)


>skitzo math

fuck off islam shitter

7cdb8d  No.12483681



>jews HATE muslims :^)

>that's why they help bring millions of them

>so that you'll hate them :^)

>that's why they always work together

6fc220  No.12483688


In the Sunnah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I disown every Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen (disbelievers).”


There is nothing new in those spams.

Why don't you use an actual refutation of Muslim migration: It is haram according to their own books.


>that's why they always work together

Where did you glean that?

6fc220  No.12483689


>that's why they always work together

It's more of the Jews own the modern world and send their zergling armies into attack the only people on Earth who have contested their power.

7cdb8d  No.12483693


no, it's more like Islam is the sword of jewery

6fc220  No.12483695


That's what I just wrote.

7cdb8d  No.12483702


as if any rule muslims say they follow matters, when newer rules counter old ones, and you can break anything you want as long as it for holy jihad

why don't you post an actual refutation instead of dismissing those images outright :^)

732b69  No.12483714


>oy vey!

4bf230  No.12483759



Like clockwork

6fc220  No.12483862

File: 9612c285ccf13ae⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x1328, 125:83, I_mean_come_on_Sacsayhuama….jpg)


Virtually all migrants to Europe don't consider themselves jihadists. They just want free money. Further no woman can be a jihadists.

I don't have time to sift through the copy pasta that you threw up there. A few points after 10 sec of looking: I reject the narrator from Iraq from which all the hadith about the Prophet marrying Aisha when she was a child. I think he failed to remember or made it up because it doesn't fit with age of her sister. As for the verse for not banging on the door of the Prophet in the last thread image, the Bedouin Muslims would stand all night by his door and yell out to him "O Rasool Come out and talk with us". They had no manners.

Basically your entire gist is that Muhammad made up the Quran for fun/power. I think you make a strong argument based on a corpus of evidence developed by people who work in the framework of western secularism. My gut feeling that Islam is true (all it is) was founded in uprooting the belief in a secular version of history using science stats and logic. But at the end of the day it's still a jump of faith.

For me, the biggest chunks of info were a translation of the Sumerian kings lists which ends with "and then the flood came", combined with the recent work from the Younger Dryas impact team (which in summary found that 12,800 years ago a meteor struck the ice caps and flooded the earth - crater was found last week), as well as Plato's recount of Solon's account from 2000 years ago saying that the oracle at Delphi told him that Atlantis sank about 9000 years (~11000 BC). Then you tell me that this is also in the Quran, and the Bible. Suddenly I'm becoming a little more religious.

The icing on the cake has always been that there are 15 or so verses in the Quran that say "[Look at those who came before you, we annihilated them because of their sins. There were stronger than you in number and mark on the land. Not even a whisper is left]", and this fit nicely with my understanding of ancient human history.

Main point that a pendulum of 1 meter traces 1 Egyptian Royal Cubit arc-length in a 1 second period, (so the three units are tied together) and the speed of light is encoded in the Pyramid:

"29.9792458 N, 31.1342 E"

299792458 m/s is speed of light in those same (two) units, and there are at least 5-6 significant digits in the specification of the position by modern GPS.

So it seems to me that the Egyptians knew the meter, second, and speed of light. This makes me really hesitant to ever re-enter the modern secular made up framework of "humanity walked out of the forest 100,000 years ago".

97a632  No.12484314

File: 06a8ce44baf47a9⋯.png (144.57 KB, 468x210, 78:35, 1467428432816.png)


>Retention of semen is a basic and universal practice of most serious mystic traditions, such as Buddhist and Taoist monks. Serious practitioners of these traditions literally embody mental stability. If your mind's stability is dependent on sexuality, you are an addict. Best of luck on your journey to self mastery, my friend.

Well and truly spoken.

68ab50  No.12484400

File: aa5bd1961642fa1⋯.png (322 KB, 501x443, 501:443, perfect.png)


Good post. Shaming instills values in your fellow men as does in yourself. It is a constant reminder on the standards you're measuring yourself with.

49b012  No.12484557

File: 8db1dc79b83b148⋯.jpg (159.05 KB, 826x772, 413:386, aprabhupada9zx50.jpg)

File: 179285b59690b5b⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1174x823, 1174:823, Capture2.PNG)

File: 1080e533608c2fb⋯.jpg (16.28 KB, 320x240, 4:3, sp2.jpg)

File: c05114f849389e2⋯.jpg (106.8 KB, 400x298, 200:149, why_hitler_adopted_the_swa….jpg)

File: 0c49d32e85c903c⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 438x247, 438:247, srila-prabhupada-quotes-01.jpg)





Srila Prabhupada, Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.10-13, Purport: Another important item is dvandva-titikṣā. As long as one is situated in the material world, there must be pleasure and pain arising from the material body. As Kṛṣṇa advises in Bhagavad-gītā, tāṁs titikṣasva bhārata. One has to learn how to tolerate the temporary pains and pleasures of this material world. One must also be detached from his family and practice celibacy. Sex with one's wife according to the scriptural injunctions is also accepted as brahmacarya (celibacy), but illicit sex is opposed to religious principles, and it hampers advancement in spiritual consciousness. Another important word is vijñāna-virājita. Everything should be done very scientifically and consciously. One should be a realized soul. In this way, one can give up the entanglement of material bondage.

Srila Prabhupada, Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.22, Purport: This verse indicates how degraded one becomes simply by indulging in illicit sex with a prostitute. Illicit sex is not possible with a chaste or aristocratic woman, but only with unchaste śūdras. The more society allows prostitution and illicit sex, the more impetus it gives to cheaters, thieves, plunderers, drunkards and gamblers. Therefore we first advise all the disciples in our Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement to avoid illicit sex, which is the beginning of all abominable life and which is followed by meat-eating, gambling and intoxication, one after another. Of course, restraint is very difficult, but it is quite possible if one fully surrenders to Kṛṣṇa, since all these abominable habits gradually become distasteful for a Kṛṣṇa conscious person. If illicit sex is allowed to increase in a society, however, the entire society will be condemned, for it will be full of rogues, thieves, cheaters and so forth.

Srila Prabhupada, Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya-lila 7.128, Purport: Instead of living engrossed in material activities, people throughout the world should take advantage of this movement and chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra at home with their families. One should also refrain from sinful activities—illicit sex, meat-eating, gambling and intoxication. Out of these four items, illicit sex is very sinful. Every person must get married. Every woman especially must get married. If the women outnumber the men, some men can accept more than one wife. In that way there will be no prostitution in society. If men can marry more than one wife, illicit sex life will be stopped.

Srila Prabhupada, Krsna Book p80: A system of human civilization that does not promote varṇa and āśrama is nothing but a polished animal society. Indulgence in sex life by a man or woman living single is never acceptable in human society. A man should strictly follow the principles of brahmacārī life or, with the permission of the spiritual master, should get married. Single life with illicit sex is animal life, for the animals have no such institution as marriage.

Srila Prabhupada, Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 2.12 – Mexico, February 12, 1975: So instead of becoming sinful, to become pious, you simply follow these four regulative principles. The first principle is illicit sex. That is forbidden. Sex is not forbidden, but illicit sex is forbidden. That is not very difficult. Everyone wants. That is the necessity of the body, that sex. As we want to eat, as we want to sleep, similarly, there is sex desire. But if you want to become first-class man, then don't have illicit sex. Except marriage, do not have sex. The human society… Therefore, human society, there is marriage. There is no marriage in the dog society. So therefore, sex life within marriage and regulative principle, that is not prohibited. That means anyone who follows these rules and regulation, he becomes purified and pious. Without becoming purified and pious, you cannot understand God.


16c45d  No.12484574

File: 6901ccbe5e69dba⋯.jpg (517.92 KB, 3004x1660, 751:415, Greg_lansky_jew.jpg)

Speaking of poisonous jew porn, whatever happened to this kike?

49b012  No.12484749

File: 63fc532743ee78a⋯.png (8.09 KB, 212x161, 212:161, 489324572347895437.PNG)


God bless you for sharing this information.

ec3d96  No.12484750


Your faggot prophet fucked kids. Get off this board and kill yourself you sand pig.

262286  No.12484969

Libido dominandi by E. michael Jones if you newFags really want to know


Never give up the NoFap challange! There is always hope!

f14a45  No.12485019


Can you imagine all the data they collect

f2d7fc  No.12485126


Doesn't this mean that masturbating up to the point of, but not achieving, orgasm actually increases dopamine levels?

f14a45  No.12485140


If porn excites you, then porn increases dopamine levels. The problem with this method is more natural methods, like going for a walk, seem to have less of an effect.

5b11fe  No.12485765

File: 8d55d2687808e68⋯.jpeg (1.52 MB, 2504x3540, 626:885, 2BD2A2A4-27C7-4028-91B4-E….jpeg)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow has been scolded by his boss for discreetly booking a porn star to speak on campus earlier this month.


Is he Jewish?

a158cb  No.12485872


damn, nicely done.

0d8f32  No.12485903


Probably still forcing the name of his interracial porn site as a meme on chans.

49b012  No.12486017

File: 8dd8535905a1d42⋯.png (446.73 KB, 1011x417, 337:139, Swami Vivekananda.PNG)

File: 709c509a257fb75⋯.png (478.83 KB, 994x432, 497:216, Swami Vivekananda 2.PNG)

File: 1fb3e332a2f0a5d⋯.png (475.38 KB, 1007x427, 1007:427, Swami Vivekananda 3.PNG)


Thank you for sharing this video.

6ee0d7  No.12486137



These statements are hollow to some extent; celibacy is this foreign (to us) thought of inactivity and against life (procreation).

The agenda-based push for sexual overdrive of society is the crux of the matter which he doesn't address (or know).

49b012  No.12486303

File: f5760730788be8c⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 800x523, 800:523, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)


In Vaishnava philosophy sex is used strictly to produce god conscious children which is a great service to God, mankind, the nation and the family. Bodily pleasure is just a byproduct.

Radio Interview – March 12, 1968, San Francisco:

Prabhupāda: Oh, the robe? Yes, I am a sannyāsī. The sannyāsī is the highest status of human social division. According to Vedic culture there are four divisions of human society. Brahmacārī, student life; then householder, gṛhastha; and then vānaprastha, retired life; and then sannyāsa life, means preaching transcendental knowledge to the society from door to door. So this dress… In Vedic culture, there are different dresses for different persons. So this saffron colored dress means that he is admitted without any introduction anywhere because he's understood to be a man of transcendental knowledge. And the householders receive them and take knowledge from them. That is the system of Vedic culture.

Darsana – June 28, 1971, San Francisco:

Prabhupāda: That I tell you, not immediately. But our main business is preaching. Either do it as a gṛhastha or as sannyāsī, it does not matter. This is only formality. The real work is preaching. Just like Rāmānanda Rāya was a gṛhastha and Lord Caitanya was a sannyāsī, but He was taking lesson from Rāmānanda Rāya. This is Caitanya-līlā. He is a sannyāsī and He is God Himself, He is taking lesson from a grhastha who is His disciple. So the real thing is preaching must go on sincerely. This gṛhastha, vānaprastha, these are material regulative principles. Real life is Kṛṣṇa's (God's) service. That we have to do, that's all. So whatever position is suitable for you, you accept. You remain as a gṛhastha, remain as sannyāsī, remain as brahmacārī as it becomes suitable for you, but preach. That is the main business. If you lacking in preaching and become a sannyāsī, what is the use of sannyāsa? Better… A gṛhastha is better.

Interview – July 20, 1972, Paris:

Devotee: …how a man such as yourself, in such a high position and such hierarchy was able to leave all this in order to bring this message to others?

Prabhupāda: No. It's not to be… Life is divided into four parts: brahmacārī, student, gṛhastha, householder, vānaprastha, retired life and sannyāsa. Everyone should follow this principle. First of all, as brahmacārī student he should learn sufficiently what is the value of life. Then, when he's a householder, he should live properly with husband, wife and children-properly. Then, after retired life, giving the responsibility of household life to grown-up children, he should take lessons from saintly persons. (indistinct) Then at the end he should take sannyāsa. Whatever knowledge he has gathered he must distribute by traveling from one place to another. This is Vedic civilization. Everyone should come out. Not that they should remain at home and drink and sleep for the whole life. This is Vedic civilization.

49b012  No.12486312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d61341  No.12486330


Any thoughts on E Michael Jones?

He certainly seems to have nailed sexual liberation in its place!

68ab50  No.12487512


E. Michael Jones is a bad goy, so he's good in my book. He has very interesting insights Christology and the American-European history of degeneration. Definitely a good man worth listening to and reading his books. He's only a little too much in favor of Catholicism, and turns a blind eye here and there and is a little bit too optimistic with the Church.

023cbb  No.12487588

File: 148f56ca5adde16⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 818x472, 409:236, gun.webm)

This anti-porn thing is gaining traction, I love it.

Fuck pornographers.


I don't think anyone here would suggest that.

No one complained about the natsoc gymnastics manuals posted a while back.

Big thanks for the full speech!

295207  No.12487609

File: d1c3b2b78f4bf9b⋯.jpg (8.27 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 0c7ca89bcf791fb93782172b4e….jpg)

d61341  No.12490010


Iceland is currently trying to ban porn entirely, and BANG just like that all of these groups that probably haven’t even heard of the place said they was trying to censor freedom of speech. What kind of speech is being made in rape glorification and incest pornography?

I always thought these Icelanders were weird, and I’m going continue to think that - but I might have misjudged them.

2470c4  No.12490811


> natsoc gymnastics manuals posted a while back.

Need to know more.

9d58ea  No.12490867



Also search:

Geist und Schonheit

7f4d72  No.12490870

File: 0c20663b859deee⋯.png (165.59 KB, 645x729, 215:243, ClipboardImage.png)


>condemns porn

>posts equally psychologically toxic material

4cc91c  No.12511072


kys kike

fc351d  No.12536895

Reminder that if it wasnt for muh freedumb of expresshun drawn child porn would be illegal

fc351d  No.12536902


fucking hell if it wasnt for my raynauds id love to go to iceland instead staying in this cesspool

dbcc24  No.12536914

File: 03ea6c30809eb6c⋯.jpg (122.85 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1440540576204-1.jpg)


Anti Hitler, pro degeneracy post also includes dehumanizing language about rural (white) America that is constantly pushed by media jews. Imagine my shock.

46a7ed  No.12536961

HackBook EasyPeasy



c7fc18  No.12537695

File: cc4f48206623497⋯.png (510.39 KB, 1012x838, 506:419, FFE4EDC4-3918-447E-8F64-1F….png)

File: bca06491bbc3d64⋯.png (1.44 MB, 650x2849, 650:2849, 367CA68A-7AE2-404A-80F4-73….png)

>>12386833 checked

Congratulations lads, the world knows we’re the only decent people left.

0d8f32  No.12537807


Pornokikes accusing others of being "anti-woman", that's real rich.

0b50a1  No.12537858

File: 989637563b96766⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 388x443, 388:443, 989637563b967666c4af9f5f6d….jpg)


I just want any kikes lurking this thread to know that I'm a solid month into nofap for the very first time thanks to these little taunts by Xhamster. Spite can be such a fantastic motivator when applied correctly.

d0aed5  No.12564841

Due to the uptick in pornspam this is getting a bump

7f85b3  No.12566304


>hackbook Easyway

Seconded. An excellent tool of deprogramming and weaning yourself off of the porn jew.

3ca0ca  No.12566311


Nice antichristfaggotry there shill

3ca0ca  No.12566317


>muh dik is baste and bredpilled


f9c941  No.12567345

BUMP for an idea whose time has come.

665941  No.12567418


2465b5  No.12581811

File: a2effa61d3517e4⋯.webm (484.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a fella.webm)

File: fc54b5458368a2d⋯.webm (632.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hold the fort.webm)


Nice - I was half-tempted to link this thread to them.

Let's just hope they keep expanding the far-right boogeyman to the point where they sound as equally nuts as their purple-haired pawns. I'm sure you yanks could convince them that your constitution is 'anti-semitic', somehow. I'd love to see that play out.

33f4fd  No.12581825

only good kind of porn is the home made stuff, it's cute seeing couples fil their first time. any (((professional))) content is kike made and kike mandated

ebb6cc  No.12581987


No kind of porn is good anon. If you get off to watching two other people besides yourself have sex, you are sucking yourself.

ba0adf  No.12582367

a lotus flower grows best where the filth is thick


e2ed75  No.12582465


Does this include orgasms from real sex?

60f099  No.12582559


Just a heads up hate for the porn kikes as a motivator to abstain will eventually wear off. You must renew the hatred regularly while also strengthening your daily habits that release endorphins in positive ways. Fuggin porn kikes have their tentacles everywhere and will try hard to lure you back into a porn watching habit. Don’t let them.

fb6af3  No.12582892

File: 4e3302ee990911d⋯.png (118.38 KB, 906x797, 906:797, CDC_unmarried_mothers.png)


A lot of single mothers now, even among Whites. Some states are higher, some lower. The average throughout the whole country is ~40%

1f1c6d  No.12582906

>Normal masturbation

The body knows no difference, result is result

>Porn Masturbation

Trains the mind to expect certain standards/behaviours.

lrn2differentiate you fucking trippers.

6b76cb  No.12592619


i mean we camuflage is needed

6dbc2c  No.12611705


f699af  No.12612509


I think they probably realize it's the jews but have made so much traction now it would be counter productive to fall into the anti-Semitic trap.

9ffb4d  No.12617530


Sexual release is necessary, masturbation is merely a method of achieving it. If you don't, your body will eventually start forcing you(wet dreams are this) from time to time.

Sex is better than masturbation, obviously, but it's not always available. Porn is entertainment and, being completely frank, I don't feel for the majority of pornstars.

This isn't the '80s and they're not being forced to do that by the mob at gunpoint, these women go into it of their own free will thinking it will be easy money and then they complain when it's an actual job with actual contractual obligations.

It's a simple question when it comes to estimating their innocence in events, how do they even know people in porn?

It's not because they avoid associating with those kinds of people, so even when they're pressured and "coerced"(a matter in and of itself worth investigation) it's because they actively chose to associate with these people and continue doing so instead of trying to remove themselves from those social circles or seeking help from outside.

These women aren't innocent, they aren't "poor and vulnerable" and they, by and large, don't deserve your pity. They're on better footing than prostitutes, and most people have nothing but contempt for prostitutes.

If you don't like porn, don't watch it. It's that simple, but don't go around giving me this nannying bullshit about how "we need to protec dem wahmins" and "dem normies from da bad influensh of purn". People chose this, it's their willing and conscious choice.

0aa0be  No.12617605

nofap is a jewish invention you make you more susceptible to 3d pig relationships, marriage, and therefor frivorce.

the urge to procreate is nothing more than a chemical response which can be easily managed in the modern era. (((they))) do not want you to manage this, so you are forced to consider a (((relationshit))) with a monster that is legally allowed to destroy your life.

9ffb4d  No.12617620


This comment has so much wrong with it that it must be sarcasm.

069b09  No.12617671


>Hi-cap assault rifles

Those are standard capacity magazines

e66858  No.12617708


Freedom is not impunity.

9ffb4d  No.12617720


It is, actually. That's the point of freedom, not having to answer for what causes no harm…indeed even for some things that do cause harm(mainly to yourself).

If you don't like I have a padded room you could hang yourself in.

2b4e50  No.12617901

File: 5857fac64485043⋯.jpg (519.96 KB, 616x1240, 77:155, hyperborea.jpg)

I'm glad this thread is still going.

9ffb4d  No.12617945

File: 00f06d8991ea41e⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 466x600, 233:300, 466px-Colorado_ANG,_Jordan….jpg)


All of those men died fighting a war that was lost before it even began thinking they were going to win it.

How does that make you feel, anon?

ef09f0  No.12617967

File: 4701b48133bb668⋯.webm (6.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, r_e_i_c_h.webm)

File: d05cd830841e1c5⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 457x462, 457:462, 1471800206588.gif)



>All of those men died fighting a war that was lost

It's not olnly not lost, but still ongoing, and in our favor.

Hitler did nothing wrong might as well be a catchprase of 60% of the population now.

9ffb4d  No.12618053


>60% of the population is NatSoc

Where? It's not the United States, that's for sure.

ef09f0  No.12618056


The entire world.

9ffb4d  No.12618089


Only if you count countries like Iraq, Uzbekistan and Ghana. You know, untermench. Otherwise it's a pretty insignificant number, anon.

You still didn't tell me how it felt.

f4e1b3  No.12619618

I used to masturbate every day its feels great quitting actually makes a huge difference took me 4 months though.

fb257a  No.12619657



never change.

7cdb8d  No.12619662



please change.

ae08c1  No.12619672


>Sexual release is necessary, masturbation is merely a method of achieving it.

^ pro porn posts


>All of those men died fighting a war that was lost before it even began thinking they were going to win it.

>How does that make you feel, anon?

^ anti-nazi posts


c41700  No.12620006


Didn't figure the Puritans still had sway.

421962  No.12628094

File: bc982bd35e1167e⋯.png (21.08 KB, 258x273, 86:91, ph.png)

Pornhub celebrated the death of the last white rhino. Their coded message was pretty clear.

9b583c  No.12628223



I don't get it. Do the numbers 7777 have some special significance?

e18fb0  No.12628262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>heir rate of mental illness is higher than the Dutch.


0b50a1  No.12628305

File: 0ee3c5c6f81f997⋯.png (216.4 KB, 622x366, 311:183, 1468640499980.png)


I'm actually a bit shocked how virulent the reaction against nofap by you kikes has been. You guys really, really really get triggered at the idea of people practicing sexual restraint, don't you? Or perhaps it's the fact that some of us are wise to the fact that pornogrophy is a form of sex magick designed to enslave and corrupt? Perhaps you are the fanatics, worshiping your golden phallus upon Ishtar's alter?

A new generation of puritans is being raised. These are not your father's puritans. We will not be sitting in the pews wringing our hands in despair over rock music and dungeons and dragons. We will be purging you from the earth with fire and steel.

1b93de  No.12628308


You do realize getting the pussy is a prerequisite to having sons you want to set an example for, right?

5511f7  No.12628333


Sorry man, but this numerology stuff sounds like complete nonsense. Does being 15 or 51 make you associated with satanism? Not the best example, but my point is it's very easy to pick out ridiculous examples.

e2a9ef  No.12628423


this is bullshit

e2a9ef  No.12628444


eat shit kike

4b9b4f  No.12628475

>masturbation is impossible without porn

e2a9ef  No.12628477


>japs have done it for centuries

even more reason to hate it

>it can be created at any time

yea if ur a kike

>muh cave paintings

your post is your profile

be5158  No.12628481

Its true

Porn addict here, struggled a lot with porn induced ED in the past, you don't know the pain of hitting the bottom of the barrel until you have a beautiful loving woman next to you but you dick doesn't want to work.

And I can associate it with severe motivation loss, from the point when my turned to shit in the early days of the internet, the only few times I was without it (for any given reason) were the times I felt awake the most.

You can definitely feel the hook of porn, just the anticipation of watching it and browsing through thumbnails gives me huge dopamine highs. When I go without it, I get bad withdraws, overcome with feeling anxiety and depression (hence why they call it getting too aggressive), but that just because you're way offset from normalcy that is supposed to be in neuron receivers, your brain gets fried from years of consuming that shit and thus no longer capable of fulfilling regular motivation for your life's tasks.


I don't think its true, at least the vast majority will still fap occasionally to porn, but because of the normie lifestyle, being busy with work, going out, having a gf, its just that they have much less time and energy to waste on it.

Also, related to what I mentioned above, for people who have natural tendencies to addiction and lack of motivation, its makes it much worse, such as ADD, depression, other anxiety disorders and lack of control.

And more often than not, severe consumption of porn probably correlates a lot with the more degenerates among our society, eg the gay community.


No nudes are bad as well, or would you be supporting literal thot idolization?

The only reason there are so willingly attention whores posting her privates daily is because of the amount of hungry beta orbiters giving her that validation. This contributes both to degeneracy and to pussy hyper inflation.

Women can still be cute and attractive in real public life, but I sure as hell would not want to associate with a semi whore that goes on posting her pussy online for thousands to see.

08bf87  No.12628504

File: e973dc1f52d88f5⋯.png (146.46 KB, 754x588, 377:294, 8ch-text-box-jew.png)


(((Nothing is wrong with porn goyim)))

4516df  No.12628537


as an ex-tor degenerate, i often recognise real cp in ads. its super common. they'll never face a charge. theres a ton of cp content that was filmed by big names like bangbros. how does banging a 14yo, filming it, and selling it get a pass just for taking it down? how is the porn guy not guilty of statutory rape?

cp is regularly available on xvideos, xhamster, pornhub, and all the huge sites. especially in the amateur sections

be5158  No.12629295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh also remembered this truth bomb he made not too long ago.

Like him or not, there are so many redpills in just one video.


I never saw actual cp being put in branded companies or ads, but indeed, amateur content there are a lot of them, most because they are ambiguous, and/or labeled in a different language.

5ae1ee  No.12629483


>divorce rates have plummeted

…because marriage rates have plummeted, heathen.


400885  No.12643339

File: e50f73709401454⋯.jpg (156.2 KB, 618x893, 618:893, 1539816220540.jpg)


This presumes that they have no ulterior motive, such as subverting the population and harvesting data not for sale, but for subversive MKULTRA purposes. Additionally, you'd have to be quite foolish to believe that juden would just give up and actually follow any laws or respect their purpose, and wouldn't just make theirselves a new loophole, much like how they convinced everyone that porn = free speech in the first place. Whenever jews conquer a middle eastern city/state, their first action is to seize all news stations and broadcast porn 24/7, even if it's not immediately profitable, simply because of the sedative effect it has on the will of the native population.

Even if you could provide a harder, better, faster, stronger alternative, hardly anyone would switch, at least not enough to make it non profitable: 93% of internet users have never even heard of adblock, and faggots actually pay to watch animu instead of streaming it from Russian botnets. Remember, porn was always exceptionally profitable, the internet just made it moreso. Worst case scenario, everyone just goes to darknet sites and cheese pizza normalization accelerates. I see no way out of this save for a cultural revolution, the restoration of decency, making degeneracy socially repugnant, and the end of jewery.

c1fb89  No.12644690


His info and doxes are saved for future operations.

77c832  No.12645943

A thread died for your shit

258438  No.12646065

the nigger in me is the nigger in you

if I see a boob I must suck on it

the nigger in me is the nigger in you

mup do wop bix nood mufugguh

novocaine for the soul

gotta give me pornos to fill the hole

i like boobies

872f31  No.12646315

File: f132acc5a1f8918⋯.jpeg (263.4 KB, 640x629, 640:629, 4C74CC07-0EF6-4517-9AE7-0….jpeg)


It’s sad, but if the end is all the same, then I don’t see a major issue.

872f31  No.12646320

5e45aa  No.12646537


>Doesn't like porn

>Posts it

Delete it from your drive faggot

45ff35  No.12651836

File: 37e819525f9ceb1⋯.jpg (205.15 KB, 990x660, 3:2, paris 2019.jpg)


>This presumes that they have no ulterior motive

Actually, it disregards it. There will be little room for these companies to continue operating in the digital publishing sphere when their only options to compete with infringing parties are to either set themselves up for millions of litigation cases on the behalf of copyright owners, or dismantle those very laws that allowed them to maintain their market stature in the first place. When they lose profitability, the need to adjust their expenses arises, and this will ultimately result in the impedance of their ability to expand either their content or their geographical presence - two things that file-sharers can make extensive use of without the worry of red tape. Remember, like most centralised / top-down services within Africa, internet providers have little to trickle down onto the civilian population. A lateral arrangement of networks might bring their potential bandwidth speeds up a whole order of magnitude, and user indexing solutions would be the greatest way to complement it. I'd imagine one would choose a lesser known brand over no content at all.

Furthermore, it is no longer just the content itself that media propagators are using to keep the dopamine hooks going. Predictive analytics, contextual bandits, delayed reinforcement, all avenues of operant conditioning that become easier to apply as the web continues to consolidate and more data points of individuals can be accrued.


Once the interconnection points (the edges of ISPs, alphabet agencies and providers like Netflix / YouTube - or, where mass-surveillance partly takes place) and central distribution (ie location-based) of data become more of a chore to be using than the user-indexed alternative, this cycle breaks. And then a significant market correction will probably take place, and expose quite how overvalued the 'paid subscriptions for 1s and 0s' model is.

The existing alternatives to commercial services are still popular, but not quite enough render the rest ineffective. This is down to a few reasons - largely, the fragmentation between services and the lack of the communities in organising to a degree that can effectively compete with the legal choices. This is why something as simple as intuitive visual design would go a long way. Nonetheless, private torrent trackers (which can still see their sign-up invitations valued at hundreds of dollars each) still have many times the quantity of content of the 'legitimate' services, as do the public sites with many millions of downloads and the direct download sites with fantastic speeds. These have generally not been able to compete unhindered so well because of the necessity of complying with DMCA notices and the consequences of ignoring them (extending to infrastructure costs, staffing limitations, legal issues etc.), but fortunately for us, these are merely the problems of a dying 'location-based' web paradigm.

The stages we are entering bring a far greater possibility.

fefe7f  No.12654101

File: 41fc8ed89d26a81⋯.webm (8.91 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Page Jennings (Veronica V….webm)



P.S., I found the runners of Xvideos (and their network), though I can't verify any photos of them.


Stephane Michael Pacaud and

Malorie Deborah Pacaud. Perhaps some Czech / French anons could help with this one.

5946af  No.12655491


"Decentralization starts from porn" may sound foolish, but if you can convince the CattleNiggers to use it then you can escalate that to be used for redpills and books as well, and from there we slowly push the masses into our court. BitChute, DTube and PeerTube are never enough.

e96358  No.12656276

File: d79428e45bb296b⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 424x362, 212:181, 1504139520157.jpg)


>Malorie Deborah

Might have those names mixed up here.


>"Decentralization starts from porn" may sound foolish

It sounds wise to me.


Porn often precipitates technological change. And the same can likely be said of 'edgy' material in general. The political / news commentators that are apparently too edgy for YouTube are now shifting to BitChute, and they have enjoyed a massive surge in popularity as a result. Drug talk and CP is increasingly decried by platform ToSes, but since people see communities freely trade them over onion sites, it ignites the interest for everybody who isn't a journalist or a leaker, but still has a vested interest in security. When people find they aren't being mined for their habits, and in particular their dirty ones, many will be compelled to use the alternative, granted it doesn't take too much time or difficulty to pick up (you have to deal with TINY attention spans - one reason why the less mainstream sources don't carry the same level of significance). And it is why we use torrents.

I push the concept primarily on this board and others like /pdfs/ because our library needs are a far higher priority for us, and indeed for everyone. When faraway parties cannot limit the expression and free sharing of information by others, the redpills, as history has shown, are inevitable.

Those sites are not enough, but they are certainly a good primer. If / when they learn to cast the last few vestiges of the dying web from their platforms, we might truly start to see them rise. It might be uncomfortable for them, but they really need to move censorship from 'unlikely' to 'impossible' when their technology is in play, for their own survivability. When anybody is given some divine prerogative to purge information from public consciousness, it won't matter how impartial that person / group may appear to be. The button is still there. And so we need to remove it.

c1a9c1  No.12656306

NoFap is literally just a retarded ploy to get right-wing men to make bad decisions that can be exploited to destroy them.

ae988a  No.12660691

File: 3187f303e049914⋯.jpg (74.08 KB, 782x1080, 391:540, 1467323811157-2.jpg)

6f06ba  No.12660836

According to the (((authoritarian personality project))), the earlier people have sex, the more left wing they will become.

Now it could be a case of retarded jewish science, but the sure as hell are taking it seriously.

The only thing that triggers kikes harder than nofap is abstinence in the youth.

8db4cb  No.12660863


First rule of Fight Club..

93d3ee  No.12660977

File: 1d4108cdef6c758⋯.jpeg (60 KB, 680x700, 34:35, 315acc31760d546cbd28607a1….jpeg)


Spite and hatred can be useful, but remember: the true opposite of love is indifference.

07cb7d  No.12661035


There are drug cartels in Albania and Kosovo. Notabene, the whole Kosovo state was built by UCK, which was basically a drug cartel front, the land was native Serbian land ripped away by NATO forces.

704b14  No.12661687


oy vey, amirite?

cfe605  No.12664782

File: 89ef4b8dca74be5⋯.jpeg (137.98 KB, 852x524, 213:131, NoFap-Chemistry.jpeg)

File: 120640cae89ff7c⋯.png (346.77 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, NoFap-Testosterone.png)

11d8af  No.12664792

File: 4fd5ab2fd178d65⋯.png (259.21 KB, 918x445, 918:445, Trump nofap.png)

Now anons know the source of Trump's youthlike energy at 70. Lifelong nofap.

11d8af  No.12664801

File: 174679f54734245⋯.jpg (149.3 KB, 787x661, 787:661, 1540528487126.jpg)


>Natural release of masturbation

What an absolute jewish thing to say.

>society risks becoming violent.

That's when you're addicted to fapping/sex and aren't getting any. Its like you're like a drug addict without a fix.

On the other hand, you'll know true meaning of peace and being alive once you get rid of the sex/masturbation addiction. Plus enjoy all the conserved and sublimated energy.

11d8af  No.12664816

File: 3c0420979c67603⋯.png (422.28 KB, 620x803, 620:803, porn effects.png)


>Death? That's overselling it on purpose, Op.

Yup. The original images didn't call for death. I have one of them here, not the others. OP images were likely produced by kikes to feign outrage at nofap community.

05ce19  No.12664817


You will be killed for existing.

3ee0ca  No.12678305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To add to the interesting comments she makes re:Florida

b8cc0b  No.12678608


Got banned as well for doing the triple parentheses. They know its the jew, they just dont want to be associated with it

ce739c  No.12678645


^ The stupidest post for that particular day.

What bad decisions? Idiot.

86c047  No.12680125


The reason people don't pirate is because right now piracy is not convenient. Take videogames for example, I can't give you any numbers but personally, as a pirate, before Steam came along I just pirated by default since I couldn't be bothered to buy games physically. But Steam's automatic updates made it easier to buy games so I went with that until it turned into the bloated mess that it is today so I'm back to piracy.

The biggest disadvantage of these streaming platforms is simple: copyright. Netflix can't stream Amazon's shows. Amazon can't stream HBO's shows. Yet you can pirate whatever show you want, the only downside is that piracy is still too inconvenient for retards. They need a bittorrent client and a VPN, so until that changes they won't bother with it, and that's what's changing right now. If we embrace things like IPFS and make them the fastest, securest, most robust, and easiest to use platform to host all kinds of media then it will completely overtake every media industry.

5aed5d  No.12680714

File: 4db116dc93e12e6⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 505x256, 505:256, 1493605825776.jpg)


Very cognizant post.

Pornhub can't upload Manyvids' content to their site, and Manyvids can't upload Mindgeek's productions on their site, but what's to stop us from amassing videos from both sites and charging 0 shekels for other people to have P2P access to them?

>easiest to use platform

It's not just the most important barrier, it's perhaps the only barrier.


Even their only real selling point, their exclusive content, is dooming them.

86c047  No.12680864


Through a strange family connection I happen to have lifetime subscriptions to all of these ridiculous streaming services yet I exclusively pirate TV shows and movies because it's not worth the hassle of looking on 5 sites for something that might not even be there when I can just look on one. I tell this to people whenever I get the opportunity because they initially react with shock but end up being a lot more open to piracy when I'm through. It bypasses the PIRACY IS STEALING response that most of them are programmed to have since they figure having access to those streaming sites gives me the right to watch anything on them.

Perhaps anons here could utilize this kind of persuasion and lie about being subscribed to all of them "to support the creators :^)", if someone hears that and tries it out for themselves they'll eventually give up on subscribing once they are acclimated to piracy and begin to reject their programming. So you don't actively encourage unsubscribing but instead put people in a situation where they will choose to do it themselves, which is actually the best way to convince people of something.

Also I saved your image as "Hope's Peak Admissions.jpg", thank you.

ca78ac  No.12680883


>implying that they don't deserve to be executed


0c9283  No.12681150


thanks i was looking for the OG, xhamster were the first one who post the others on twitter.

they tried to portrait themselves as victims of an evil white male movement. typical kike

11d8af  No.12681205

File: f680ca808e4b1ff⋯.png (493.64 KB, 764x615, 764:615, Mike Tyson.png)

File: 28fcf02d91792f8⋯.png (1.39 MB, 917x688, 917:688, Nietzsche_nofap.png)

File: 1576e6895937ff0⋯.png (180.29 KB, 1080x713, 1080:713, retention1.png)

File: b7762a4ce8b9d8f⋯.png (748.23 KB, 1361x811, 1361:811, Tissot_Galen_nofap.png)

File: 4fd5ab2fd178d65⋯.png (259.21 KB, 918x445, 918:445, Trump nofap.png)


Porn jews all deserve death. But we need normie digestible memes here. Xhamster managed to make themselves look as victims by modifying the images.

2f5513  No.12694024

File: e8379be2846bfe9⋯.jpg (282.29 KB, 1270x4320, 127:432, spotify_payout_salary2.jpg)

File: f5db33c53e0bf8f⋯.png (201.82 KB, 2552x1380, 638:345, IIB_Musicians_2nd-Mar-2018….png)


>I exclusively pirate TV shows and movies because it's not worth the hassle of looking on 5 sites for something that might not even be there when I can just look on one

Convenience is what gets us all in the end. The reason everyone isn't all using private torrent sites (in addition to most of the best ones being totally closed off) is because people don't want to put up with the need to keep an account in 'good standing'. They're not using Soulseek because they don't have the time (or attention span) to sort through it's total lack of organisation. They aren't using ThePirateBay because they don't want viruses. And probably don't want to go through the 'hassle' of setting up a torrent client anyway. They aren't using Mega because where will they find the right links from?

An ideal service would correctly balance the issues of trust, quality, quantity and ease of use. After decades of a growth of digital publishing, we are still yet to see anyone manage that task perfectly. And so ""legitimate"" platforms and the filesharing platforms are locked in a perpetual battle. And they are all beginning to show their age.

As for 'muh piracy is stealing', I'd suggest enlightening people as to how much their streaming services actually compensate the ones they claim to want to help.

aa6bbf  No.12706436


Detailed entry (needs updates?)

2d5760  No.12708178


This site is eerily similar to an idea of mine

Make it a hierarchical DB that can easily update and reflect parent and subsidiary companies as well as their staff, rather than a simple list of 'affiliates', and we're in business

2d5760  No.12708184

File: 8428c6b5d7b8520⋯.png (36.6 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 300.png)


Oh, scratch that, I just scrolled down and noticed this.

Good stuff

353a8f  No.12732199

>don't look at naked women goyim

3ca0ca  No.12732247

If I get horny during nofap, what do I do?

f9b942  No.12733029


dox some pornographers

66b204  No.12733144


Thanks for the bump cunt.

9fd0e8  No.12733256



Use this >>12728609 as a starting point to find local ones and go from there. use a fake but believable email and pictures to infiltrate and get their dox. (((They))) are in every US city.

remember to disperse said dox for archiving and indexing by anons

90c9d9  No.12733852


and also when you pirate you literally take away money from Jews and soyboys

3ca0ca  No.12734488

Well, how do I deal with horny thoughts?

59daee  No.12734755


Think about how Jews use it against you, simple

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