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File: 8a48b41bd6deeef⋯.png (42.05 KB, 918x339, 306:113, HAHAHAHAHAHA.png)

5fa699  No.12388000

Acosta banned from WH


d3a4cb  No.12388007

File: ffc19e50dee8034⋯.png (149.52 KB, 290x371, 290:371, smugsnowflake.png)


Kike-free first post. Holy kek!

634be8  No.12388008

Why are you posting this here and not on twitter?

a48cd0  No.12388012








Go back to reddit.

f8a4b2  No.12388021

How about Sheldon? Can he still get in?

d3a4cb  No.12388022



Salty niggers are salty.

9873eb  No.12388028


kys. Incumbent never keeps the house.

Military on the southern border.

You'll get yours soon.

a18b76  No.12388034



Look at all this larp.

9db869  No.12388040


>those digits


kys shills

4635bb  No.12388051


took fucking long enough, I've been advocating for his removal simply because he's an interrupting faggot that always asks off-topic irrelevant garbage.

000000  No.12388101


Jim Acoster posted a vid of it


2bca0f  No.12388111


Sure than Q-tard.

0104b0  No.12388113

Oy Vey, censorship. How horrible.

0104b0  No.12388130

File: 060940417b8fa4b⋯.png (120.68 KB, 587x392, 587:392, jews shut down patrick the….png)

Trump should have shot him.

b1413d  No.12388155

File: 718f96e38347eb9⋯.png (72.66 KB, 642x458, 321:229, ClipboardImage.png)



3cbba1  No.12388161

File: 9851c60fcbf23f1⋯.png (152.47 KB, 725x796, 725:796, acosta_3.png)

File: 656c42fae4e89df⋯.png (74.86 KB, 684x372, 57:31, accosta_2.png)

File: d7d45921b1b6398⋯.png (188.26 KB, 671x846, 671:846, acosta_bitch.png)

File: b26bc08472b3560⋯.mp4 (6.15 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, acosta_bitch.mp4)

banned for assaulting the intern

984d87  No.12388164

File: 50cb668eb5bb6df⋯.jpg (447.25 KB, 1440x2168, 180:271, gondola_obey.jpg)


>implying the press are even needed anymore in the age of the internet.

It will be fun to watch them slide into irrelevance.

000000  No.12388165



No they won't, they need to earn their shekels.

3cbba1  No.12388171

dcf8b9  No.12388173


>oy vey acosta dindu nuffin, that shiksa harassed him

0cc023  No.12388174


The wall is never going up. Nice that there is a fun circus sideshow distraction with Acosta, though.

000000  No.12388175


I can think of a gorillion reporters and bloggers who'd kill for those spots.


000000  No.12388180


>this is a lie

Haha Acosta is such a faggot. It was caught on camera. The pic has circulated all over twatter already.

dc5962  No.12388181

This is a Mossad D&C post:


But yes, Trump hasn't done a damn thing in truth, for the populists. For the people. Neither did Obama, either.

(((imagine my shock)))

c7bf11  No.12388183

I'd just love to see Jim Acosta and Jorge Ramos tossed out of the back of a big airborne transport by a couple tough jump masters, but without parachutes, at oh… 3000 ft alt.

dc5962  No.12388188


< sorry this video is not rightside up

> reporter

< can't into media


3cbba1  No.12388191

File: b14c6ecbd941d22⋯.webm (14.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, White House aide grabs mi….webm)

for people who haven't seen acosta being a bitch today

4635bb  No.12388193


lol no they won't.

c7bf11  No.12388195


Actually he tore up the TPP for starters..

0cc023  No.12388203


What does it actually matter if it's Mossad D&C or not? It's the truth. Trump blew his shot. Now two years of nothing, then blue president forever.

2909cb  No.12388204

File: 1168f3106a2c0d3⋯.webm (1.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, lying press chimpout afte….webm)


It wouldn't be the first time the lugenpresse decided to chimp out.

dc5962  No.12388207


Very beneficial for the super wealthy. Ordinary people, no.

Obama: 0 in aid to the common man

Trump: 0 in aid to the common man

We must be realistic. Trump is a highly capable person, but his heart was not with the people. Obama was a stooge.

2bca0f  No.12388208


>this post is mossad

>but i agree with it

What the fuck is going on with this place?

dc5962  No.12388210


Pence has a good chance of winning in 2020. But yes, blue forever on out. I'm quite aware. But your style is precisely according to the ADL's playbook, though you may have absorbed it by observation and not membership.

d3a4cb  No.12388214

File: c72c65c2c39a0cb⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 600x847, 600:847, inkwashblue.jpg)



>muh Q

You lost the senate niggers. The house means jackshit and is negligible when the Senate is the heavy hitter in all of this. Keep crying shillniggers.


Cute. They think this is going to do anything.


Your tears are delicious nigger.

4635bb  No.12388217


I wish they would kill for the WH press spots.

dc5962  No.12388221


What's happened is the MAGA crew has come to their senses. However, I quite disagree with the shilling against white people, which Mossad does.

Why can't leftypol and pol get together?

Mostly, it's that the kikes devised insults that create a barrier to unity. Practically speaking, there is substantial unity. Disagreements are minor, and don't involve actual policy.

a9659f  No.12388222

That's nice and all, but since when have we accepted shitty one-sentence OPs? Is this literally cuckchan now?

bb5b18  No.12388223


I would understand people doing this during the 2020 campaign but now these types of posts serve 0 purpose.

4635bb  No.12388227


That's simply not true, domestic industry has actually returned in these short two years.

dc5962  No.12388228


Q is proof that there's Red rage rising. Q keeps them hoping. But eventually they'll realize they got duped. The raw anger will be unmanageable. I will be nuking some popcorn for the show, if anyone needs me.

f1cf31  No.12388230

File: 2bdf7b17717ec92⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 625x351, 625:351, 2bdf7b17717ec92e243ef04e6d….jpg)


> Reduced my tax burden by almost $1k

> Did nothing to help common man

c7bf11  No.12388231


Au contraire, very bad for the mega wealthy globalists who spent billions on their new law called the TPP and very good for the working classes who would have seen the last of the manufacturing jobs leave America for the third world and slave labor competition.

YOu are a piece of lying shit.

bb5b18  No.12388232


Acosta btfo

3cbba1  No.12388233

File: e8d2b5c6567d8b1⋯.png (103.15 KB, 680x607, 680:607, acosta_faggot.png)

acosta pleading for peace

get's put in his place by based nigress

2909cb  No.12388234

File: 609eb671a4732e6⋯.png (87.06 KB, 2390x2400, 239:240, idea clipart.png)


Encourage them to do this, encourage this as much as possible, because they won't do it and it'll be hilarious when they demonstrate their complete lack of values or scruples to their NPC drones who will then still try to justify it regardless with: "Trump's evil is too important for the press to ignore! They still have to be there even though they all said they'd boycott! It's not because they're liars!"

000000  No.12388235


The pajeets are paid weekly and they're still on the payroll until Friday.

dc5962  No.12388237


So, because Obama was such a shithead the natural eb/flow of the economy was held back. Boom/bust is the natural flow of this whole thing, how economies work. Obama held back the booming of the economy by threatening to enact numerous radical laws he never actually intended to enact. Enough to spook the markets. Trump has zero intention of doing such things, and the economy took off.

c7bf11  No.12388239


the chans are more important now than CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS combined. So they're hot zones and the war for control here is only beginning. Get ready for a life and death battle here.

a94382  No.12388240


All monkeys should be banned period

dc5962  No.12388243


< image

> Discredit the messenger to block the message

t. Mossad

3ab0ff  No.12388249

File: 24adcafaed36195⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 705x1024, 705:1024, I_F_26__(218).jpg)


>This is a lie

Whew, its a good thing the media only covers the truth then, right Jim?

0cc023  No.12388251


No. Pence has 0% shot, as does every other GOP candidate. Florida is now blue because they legalized 1.6 million felons. Texas has a 95%+ chance of being blue in 2020 and 100% from there on out. There is a 0% chance–read that again: NO chance–that any GOP president is ever elected again. There will be no will in Trump's term because he lost the House, and there will never be a wall, because the eternal blue president will veto it. That's the truth whether you like "math" and "statistics," or not, and no matter how you name call.

1809ec  No.12388255














Acostas a fag that should have been banned like a year ago. That being said it seems more and more like Trumpcucks are the whiny SJW libfags from only 2 years ago

a94382  No.12388256


I am ready

They wish they could compete. It's funny I was locked in thunderdome death battle the whole time and didn't even know it


2bca0f  No.12388258


What is this post?

dc5962  No.12388260




So, there are many billionaires. Got it? And many opposed to each other. Got it? This whole thing, it's about handouts to the billionaires. One billionaire wins, another loses. That's the game, and we're not the ones who get so much as scraps.

0cc023  No.12388261


No, the posts that are worthless now are the Trump cuck bot posts. It's amazing there still at it.

dc5962  No.12388262

But I'm comfy with not getting scraps. I hope that sooner, rather than later, violence breaks out between factions of the government. Stockpiling popcorn.

dc5962  No.12388264


> Discredit the messenger, to disable the message

t. Mossad

bb5b18  No.12388265

File: 2bd4f8af17c21d6⋯.jpg (101.55 KB, 930x494, 465:247, dis niggah right here..jpg)


If you can't tell this was a strategic banning to shit the conversation off of the midterm lost and a firing of Sessions… there is no hope for you anon.

0cc023  No.12388267


There cannot be a wall. It's just math. Trump is blocked for two years, and it's a blue president from there on out due to Florida felon voting and Texas shifting blue. It's one thing to argue politics, but this is just math.

d3a4cb  No.12388269

File: fb7d2e6d3007fb6⋯.jpg (138.48 KB, 1295x1122, 1295:1122, normal_person.jpg)

File: 5c5a24a37f6f215⋯.png (217.3 KB, 412x528, 103:132, the absolute state of thin….png)


First pic related is this post,

c7bf11  No.12388274

File: ddb602658fd9a3e⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 619x395, 619:395, gred.JPG)


WRONG. Cruz barely won because Lyin' Ted was an asshole to the Trumptards and a treacherous shit heel since. Repubs can still win handily in 2020 in Texas.

2bca0f  No.12388275



>everyone is mossad

Kikes always project.

0cc023  No.12388278


It's mathematics. There will be no wall. Florida will be permanently blue due to felon voting. Texas will be permanently blue due to demographics. There will not be another GOP president. There is really no sense in arguing this. The wall is a mathematical impossibility because Trump failed to act during the two-year window he had. I realize I'm arguing with Trump bots, but I hope real people still lurk and read this.

f1cf31  No.12388280


He's been trying to provoke this response for over a year. Finally attacking an intern when being an insufferable cunt wasn't enough. Hopefully the intern presses charges.

d63a96  No.12388282

File: 6b72d8e513fc6c3⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 648x923, 648:923, 898.jpg)

Tucker Carlson's house was just descended upon by Antifa trying to run him out of town.

d3a4cb  No.12388283


>implying the wall wasn't already started:



000000  No.12388288


Nice crystal ball, faggot.

c7bf11  No.12388289


The economy is booming, manufacturing is coming back thanks to Trump's tariffs, and jobs and wages are going up.

You are a liar and you are a backstabber trying to sow seeds of despair.

Get fucked in the ass by an HIV+ nigger thx bye

0cc023  No.12388290


Texas is finished, but that still doesn't even matter, because Florida is a tight race always, and 1.6 million felons just got the right to vote. Demographics endlessly adding spics means it's over. As noted, I realize I'm arguing with Trump bots, but I know some lurkers read this and understand the profound implications of the election yesterday. There can be no wall as a matter of math and fact. Whites are finished.

2bca0f  No.12388293

2bca0f  No.12388298


>muh egonome


61df50  No.12388300


>the house

dont forget the fact that in order for the dems to pass anything in the house they'll have to kiss a lot of Republican asses and boots first, then the senate, and then the Presidential veto

(((They))) are pretty much fucked

6b7bdd  No.12388303


Without a Brownshirt equivalent, communists will keep taking ground.

Jews constantly accuse others of what they do themselves.

c7bf11  No.12388309


GEE, 4.6% of the possible voters are criminal niggers who historically don't give a shit about voting. It's the end of the world.

0cc023  No.12388312


There's no crystal ball required. It's mathematical reality. There can be no wall. Whites are done.

d3a4cb  No.12388314

File: b8a696e812573c4⋯.png (180.71 KB, 278x426, 139:213, its almost sad.png)

File: a1cb027267e9b9f⋯.png (878.48 KB, 1025x759, 1025:759, Salt_Thread.png)


>anyone who disagrees with me isn't a real person

>failed attempt at turning the NPC meme against /pol/


2d5483  No.12388318

File: 8984a9e9a41db3d⋯.gif (645.25 KB, 700x625, 28:25, fb9bead1e1416af14c1aa6535c….gif)


They really overestimate themselves

000000  No.12388319



fb8770  No.12388324


He shoulda booted him on live tv after he put his hands on the intern. SS dragging his ass out would've been pure theater.

53f63d  No.12388327


I wonder what would happen if Tucker just started taking potshots at them.

b191bb  No.12388328

>8pm hit

The language is intentional.

0cc023  No.12388334


Florida comes down to a thousand votes, dude. It's done. Because the demographic situation was already worsening anyway with spics. It's not mathematically possible for the GOP to win FL.

And again, this is completely disregarding TX, which is right on the cusp of being gone. There simply cannot be a wall. Trump won't get it done in the next two years due to the House, and then it's a dem pres from then on. I realize the bots will respond to this and call me mossad, a kike, a shill, whatever, but it doesn't matter. You can't hide from math and reality. I hope actual people reading this are fully aware of what's happened here and what's going to happen.

c7bf11  No.12388337


Jewish women have all poisoned the egg cells in their ovaries and are now only capable of producing autistic wretches who will never be able to read, ever. Even now, med schools and dental schools, once 97% jewish are now 85% muslim arabs throughout N. America.

It's the jews that are permafucked.

9cd89a  No.12388343

File: 48292d4ad464edc⋯.png (280.97 KB, 1011x883, 1011:883, Screenshot-2018-11-7 Smash….png)


ANTIFA outside Tucker Carlson's house screaming he has to leave town. They're filming it right now………………………………….

9cd89a  No.12388346



fb8770  No.12388348


Tucker is strapped. They better be ready to get shot. I wonder when or if he'll call out the jew.

2bca0f  No.12388353


This is breaking.

2b2c25  No.12388354


No, he isn't. He lives in DC. No one is legally strapped and even ammunition is individually regulated.

000000  No.12388355


>It's the jews that are permafucked.

I certainly hope so.

adcbf5  No.12388357


>"No USA at all"

Well shit, just give us all the ammo we need to shut this down.

3cbba1  No.12388360


>Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.

that sounds like a threat to tuckers life and a possible self defense situation

ebb2eb  No.12388362


>inb4 Tucker drops some antifags with his 1911 and Trump pardons him.

c7bf11  No.12388366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All the jew girls took E and now their ovaries are poison..

f8a4b2  No.12388367


Tucker is a shill for 9-11 so maybe don't give a shit about his life. He didn't pretend to give a shit about yours until it was expedient.

fb8770  No.12388372




You're a fucking retarded faggot.

2909cb  No.12388373



Here's a quick graphic. If they "boycott" then this outcome is guaranteed. They won't give up the shekels.

2909cb  No.12388377

File: 4017cbe41670584⋯.png (545.64 KB, 1246x538, 623:269, boycott prediction.png)

c7bf11  No.12388379


They're all pieces on a chessboard.

Tucker, all of them know everything and then some about 911 but if they started yapping about it in public you and I both know they'd be immediately swept off the chessboard for ever.

e21c6a  No.12388383



Reddit needs to fucking leave.

054b62  No.12388387


Tucker "my ar15 is an antifa fucker" carlson

aa16ec  No.12388389


I love Electronic Gems and salty libtards crying over muh blumpf.

2b2c25  No.12388391


Except he really doesn't have one. Look at DC gun laws.

3cbba1  No.12388392


>not worthy of being a part of the (((free press)))

free press that don't act exactly in line with all the other free press aren't worthy of being free

d3a4cb  No.12388393

File: 06ab39e72de7276⋯.png (636.58 KB, 925x1050, 37:42, __ellen_baker_new_horizon_….png)


>muh math

Show your work then, faggot.

f1cf31  No.12388399


If they did it would be like the "day with out a mexican" or "day without a nigger" stuff. Literally no one missed them.

3cbba1  No.12388402


i'm suprised he doesn't have 24/7 armed guards.

are you telling me maddow goes home with zero armed guards and you can just walk up to her house and ring the doorbell?

efcc58  No.12388404


>Look at DC gun laws.

are you sure?

Heller was a victory.

e21c6a  No.12388412


Holy shit trump niggers are retarded. Both Scott and DeSantis won by less than 100,000 votes. Florida also just voted to return voting rights to 1.5 million felons. 1,500,000 > 100,000. You need it spelled out any further?

aa16ec  No.12388413


Press Core Death Match. I think it's a great idea because only the strongest would be worthy of covering the White House. Just the name, WHITE HOUSE, you have to respect that. Either you fight to the death to be giving a WH press pass or you stand on the sidelines and cry like a little bitch.

ebb2eb  No.12388415


>Except he really doesn't have one. Look at DC gun laws.

You seem slow

>As of October 6, 2017, the District of Columbia has a "Shall-Issue" licensing policy. The District of Columbia had bans in place for both open and concealed carry, which were ultimately struck down as unconstitutional on July 24, 2014. The lawsuit that led to this decision was originally filed on August 6, 2009, to compel the district to issue permits to carry weapons. Judge Frederick Scullin, the United States District Judge who considered the case, initially didn't issue a stay of his ruling, effectively legalizing permitless open and concealed carry in the District. However, on July 29, 2014 Scullin issued an order retroactively staying his initial order until October 22, 2014.

>Order, Palmer v. District of Columbia, No. 1:09-cv-01482-FJS (D.D.C. July 29, 2014), ECF No. 53.

d3fa98  No.12388426

File: c1fdedf693470ca⋯.mp4 (2.61 MB, 854x480, 427:240, self_defense_situation_-_s….mp4)



a94382  No.12388427



efcc58  No.12388429



looked it up, it's super fucked


dc5962  No.12388432


More precisely, the Republicans won't even throw 1 bone to ordinary white people. They're gearing up to serve the Mexicans.

f8a4b2  No.12388433


Fuck Tucker. He made his bed.

ebb2eb  No.12388434

File: ed266e26dde83b7⋯.png (100.35 KB, 780x744, 65:62, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

Its hard to get but Tucker is rich and connected enough to get it.

d63a96  No.12388435

File: 8feac1ce195c0c8⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 1440x957, 480:319, bcvbvc.jpg)


They're starting to mobilize. Just the first in a series of protests and riots.

This could get hilariously out of control.

Roll for RAHOWA

bb5b18  No.12388436


Heller was a resounding victory for us dummy. You can own firearms in DC

5fa699  No.12388439


what are they protesting?

efcc58  No.12388441


read it spanky.

a94382  No.12388443






b3ca41  No.12388444


>what are they protesting?

orange man bad

9a0a56  No.12388445


Cut Antifa's funding and most of them will stop what they're doing overnight.

d63a96  No.12388448


Dirty diapers, expensive tampons… the usual

aa16ec  No.12388460


Durr hurr drumpf is bad, zog is zogging everything. Zog my zog you zoggified zogger. Zog. Plumpmpf at the wall zogging the zog. zog. What an insufferable little faggot you are.

dc5962  No.12388463


I know of no method of talking with Republican women. They worship Fox News, and they also worship the kike. A hopeless situation, surely.

000000  No.12388464


>This could get hilariously out of control.


Edit the shot to say "…direct-action nationwide protests…" and spread it

a94382  No.12388470



Of course orange man bad angry beep

e21c6a  No.12388477


Take note how the trump nigger ignored the numbers.

dc5962  No.12388478


Well, Trump did fail, and it is over. I mean, he had the energy necessary to accomplish it, but he failed to do so. He served the rich, and the kikes, and didn't serve the people.

Now he's floating amnesty. The Republicans are planning on staying relevant, by courting the spic vote. But the votes ain't there.

Trump gets impeached, the Senate will follow through, and Pence will pardon him. Pence will run in 2020, and he just might win, if we push hard. Pence is as kiked as they come, though.

e5b082  No.12388479


kys trumptard

he had 2 years to do something, what did he do? bomb assad and call him an animal, advocate gun control? all we got are tax cuts and 2 justices. THAT'S FUCKING IT! the next two years will be useless with no house and then Trump will lose in 2020

dc5962  No.12388482


"trump nigger"

t. ADL

t. Mossad

634be8  No.12388483


Not a jew; just thought this was low effort. I straight up don't care about acosta and know almost nothing about him aside from him being a reporter for cnn. I watched most of this press conference live but started it after the part with him and fox's stream didn't have any interesting shots of the audience. Someone was being told to "sit down" when I started watching.

d3fa98  No.12388484

File: 7c616e3e1e5f8df⋯.webm (109.04 KB, 480x244, 120:61, WHY_CONTAIN_IT__S'COOL-Vv….webm)


Why contain it?

aa16ec  No.12388485


Talking to Republican women is way easier when you're rich, good looking and have the combination of being an asshole and being funny.

dc5962  No.12388489


< kys

t. Mossad

< trumptard

t. ADL

Just. You put that in front, and expect anyone to read what you're saying?

Sure, you're right. Trump never planned on actually keeping his word, though he had the skill to do it. But you insult people, because you want to damage whites and the right. Your role isn't to create a cohesive white diaspora.

e21c6a  No.12388492


>everyone is mossad

>adl calls people nigger

>except trump who calls himself the best thing to ever happen to israel

This is your mind on whatever the fuck low IQ shit this is.

ebb2eb  No.12388495



I hope we get a real HAPPENING soon

efcc58  No.12388496

File: 7100f3abc0d2f85⋯.jpg (46.67 KB, 396x640, 99:160, pol-charm.jpg)


>being an asshole and being funny

aa16ec  No.12388500


Who's the real nigger here though? I mean who is the buffed pink skinned blue eyed devil and who is the scrawny or extremely fat and ugly non-Nordic genetically pathetic piece of shit nigger? Who? Take a selfie and let me see.

000000  No.12388501

These fucks aren't media, they're literally a bunch of faggot fairies writing faggot fairy tales

9dbeed  No.12388506


Probably something somewhat reasonable, although the real reason is simply >>12388444 because they're so stupid they don't know why they're protesting half the fucking time.

Or they're literally paid.

e21c6a  No.12388508


Did you check the numbers yet faggot? Didn't think so.

dc5962  No.12388511


I was talking about my mother. But, regarding game and pickup, sure. Look, women live in fear all the time.


yes, of course the ADL uses "nigger" and everything else. They have a sociopathic strategy, which is to disable arguments that might lead to that which they believe harms Zionist outcomes. They'll say ANYTHING to achieve their goals. That includes the various memes showing Trump with stars of david and such. The tell is that they never include praise of Hitler in those memes. They may remedy this mistake, now that I have made them aware of their folly.

< you are low IQ

Well, that certainly is ADL-Mossad material. Discredit the messenger, thus disabling the message.

SOP of ADL-Mossad.

e5b082  No.12388515


>you insult people, because you want to damage whites and the right. Your role isn't to create a cohesive white diaspora.

I insulted him because he's a fucking retard for still thinking Trump is le crypto NatSoc that has mein kampf on his nightstand and he clicks heels and has a nigger tape and called out 911 on morning joe and dogwhistles us and has a secret 150 IQ 4d chess master plan to save the white race. I can see believing that for the first 3 months of his presidency, but now IT HAS GONE ON TOO LONG and anybody that still believes this shit is braindead cattle that deserves to be dehumanized

and don't UR A JOO UR A JOO UR A JOO me, either

9dbeed  No.12388516

File: 2d5d2e11721bb84⋯.png (160.88 KB, 212x330, 106:165, Drunk.png)


>being an asshole

>not being a dick

f623f2  No.12388519


So fucking tired of this. Every single goddamned one of them should be shot on site. They're not NPCs, they're rats and once they see one of their comrades get their head blown off his shoulders they'll scurry off like rats

e21c6a  No.12388523


I love Hitler, and you're still a low IQ trump nigger supporting the best thing to ever happen to Israel.

dc5962  No.12388524


>I insulted him because he's a fucking retard

So your goal is what? How does that achieve any objective that would progress the white man at all?

d3fa98  No.12388525

File: f7ae2f2795e3bf5⋯.jpg (166.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tucker Carlson family.jpg)


The Jews want to Romanov Tucker and his family.

aa16ec  No.12388534


Having a dick and being a dick, sometimes the same thing. Amazing how not embracing that makes you look like a pathetic undesirable to hot women. Muh lady neckbeard approach never Trumps confidence, humor, big bulge, big chest, money. Unfair right? All these things, well except one, you can change. Stop being a faggot.

87374a  No.12388535

File: 268157e298fe863⋯.png (97.35 KB, 326x320, 163:160, Hell yeah fam _e1fbb02e57f….png)


After two years of dealing with Acosta's shit, and now Acosta manhandling the woman trying to take the mic away, Trump has put the hammer down!

Lügenpresse, anyone?

dc5962  No.12388537


So, those are all lies.

1. You're ADL-Mossad

2. You don't love Hitler - you're just forming a persona for the purpose of manipulation

3. You issue insults, under standard ADL-Mossad strategy (disable the messenger, the message dies)

4. You make a claim about me. It's false. you can't back it up. You're an ADL-Mossad liar. The lie connects back with (3).

Important information: ADL-Mossad are quite willing to lie, oh yes, they will lie.

dc5962  No.12388546


I wish to make you aware that Trump's going to be impeached and that the Republicans in the Senate will cuck. Pence will pardon him. Then Pence will run in 2020. He'll be the last right-wing President.

9dbeed  No.12388547



>by secret service

Is that correct?


worst majikoi

8d145f  No.12388548


>Free press

You cannot be "free" when you are owned, bought and sold by megacorps.


>No USA at all

Hey, I can agree, we need a lawless area so I can use them all as live targets and medical experimentation. And all this is doing is making me want to see tucker to start running for president next.

000000  No.12388557


You can see why they hate him.

87374a  No.12388561


Note that he bombed assad's already evacuated airfield, and then stopped giving a shit. Trump does some tiny thing to satisfy the news cycle, and then they move on to less important shit. Trump may be a jew-lover, but he is a master manipulator of the press. In fact, one might wonder if he learned all he knew from them.

Regards, Larper who only meant portions of this reply with sincerity.

e21c6a  No.12388562


>everyone is a jew and here's my psychoanalysis to explain why

Sure thing Sigmund.

9dbeed  No.12388564


But I'd rather fuck pussies and assholes than be covered in shit on the will of the asshole or covered in spoopy female juices on the will of the pussy.

dc5962  No.12388567


< everyone infights


9dbeed  No.12388574


>Acosta manhandling the woman trying to take the mic away

>implying he's a man to manhandle

0b5557  No.12388576


WWE action for press credentials anyone?


Shall issue means that unless he's a convicted felon and he can shoot straight and pay attention for a formality class for a few hours he get's a license


Oh so you mean having the ability to act and be white and tend to your litter how quaint.

18b8e7  No.12388586


What's with the nigger beats playing in the background? This is the WHITE HOUSE.

dc5962  No.12388587



Look at the crazy shit he throws down to try and create a disabling association!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goal is to quash the message by discrediting the messenger. It's the only skill ADL-Mossad apparently has. But it's highly-developed!

dc5962  No.12388594

File: 9c690c337727887⋯.png (331.51 KB, 807x457, 807:457, The Lobby - Electronic Int….png)

File: d7d92d281ceae6b⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 615x615, 1:1, whore.jpg)



pic quite related.

e21c6a  No.12388604


Want to interpret my dreams for me next over a cigar?

9dbeed  No.12388605

File: 14a5da2cad2129f⋯.jpg (104.85 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1512049661133.jpg)


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

aa16ec  No.12388614


South Park. Nice.

b191bb  No.12388615

One must think of the possible scenario where a totally organic and winning movement would feel the need to shit up a thread about such low level news. This isn't the behavior of confidence.

9dbeed  No.12388617

File: 5d9768e76e2f83f⋯.jpg (71.41 KB, 460x509, 460:509, 5d9768e76e2f83fec9b10b228f….jpg)


>I'm going to do the exact thing the person I quoted did and then ask for positive (you)s

aa16ec  No.12388625


I just think of wearing a girls panties on my face as a air filter when I see this, something tranny lover obummer would never appreciate.

9dbeed  No.12388626


>South Park

Nigger you don't even know the quote's origin.

Team America - which pretty much describes today's world awfully well.

dc5962  No.12388627

These are ADL-Mossad operatives:



They are here to disrupt. To discredit individuals, and their assertions.

Why? They're true. Here's the truth:


dc5962  No.12388631

ADL-Mossad has gotten good at attacking people. There's been a lot of advancement just this year.

423a82  No.12388634


Look, Trump is completely owned by the kikes. Got it. That doesn't mean I'm going to ignore perfectly good salt. It's why you can laugh at a video with two niggers fighting.

aa16ec  No.12388640


I AM NOT A NIGGER, NIGGER. Team America, fuck yeah, South Park, it's all the same thing at this point in my life.

e21c6a  No.12388641


Whatever you say Dr. Freud. You're the psychoanalyst here. You'll show those dirty ADL and Mossad kikes.

50f17c  No.12388647


Trump's not going to be impeached, he's got an agreement to not press charges over Hillary's emails/pissgate etc. in exchange for no impeachment. Instead, the Mueller investigation will quietly fade away. Dems were praying that Trump would lose his cool, fire Mueller or something, but it didn't happen so that's all over. Each side has ammunition against the other and nobody's going to drop the bomb.

a94382  No.12388649


You need to leave immediately

aa16ec  No.12388658


That's fine, I'm ready to hit the hay anyways. I literally am sleeping in a barn right now, but wifi reception is good down up here in the hay loft.

dc5962  No.12388685


There's no judicial review of impeachment. There's no Q promise not to take on Hillary. Hillary won't be taken on, because the country belongs entirely to the kikes, and they have no need for whites, as the spics are taking over voting. Related post:


Firing Mueller doesn't matter. They don't have to have proof of anything. They can just impeach if they want to. There is no actual standard. They'll conjure up something, the media will build the hype just like muh Russia, and it will be quite easy at that point. People will, having their brains awash with whatever the latest paranoia is, kneel to it. Republicans, you know this, will cuck. They always do. They're all just another Jeff Flake sack of shit. Well, not to a man, but enough of them, and that's all that's needed.

There is no "each side" at this point. There's only the ADL-Mossad side. And they'll win it. Because the House was lost.

dc5962  No.12388692

Hey, everyone, ADL-Mossad admitted the "ashes and echoes" thing was them:


a94382  No.12388708


It's in two different threads too

d63a96  No.12388711


This is what the whole of America used to look like. F

1fc8ac  No.12388714

File: 6d04bb7ce90fc65⋯.jpg (18.1 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 1434832461487.jpg)


>What's with the nigger beats playing in the background


It's the election, nogs get rawdy after election

dc5962  No.12388715


Ah, abuse. No, you're definitely ADL-Mossad. No question. The psyop moves are 100% ADL-Mossad.

No, they wouldn't have been able to do it without the House. This is how our politics work, which you may not understand, being an Israeli. But the House is the one that impeaches.


Wow. They work hard, here.

0b5557  No.12388717

File: bd832fe00fc0972⋯.jpeg (59.52 KB, 630x573, 210:191, time to stop posting.jpeg)


Son, you seem to have a touch of the 'tism.

000000  No.12388737


Asses and elbows isn't ADL, anon. He's just a retard.

54f78b  No.12388747

File: 830665b82baa872⋯.png (645.89 KB, 1027x676, 79:52, just sit down please.png)

dc5962  No.12388752

File: 9c690c337727887⋯.png (331.51 KB, 807x457, 807:457, The Lobby - Electronic Int….png)

File: f519b4e54a893f4⋯.jpg (983.18 KB, 3000x2003, 3000:2003, identify.jpg)


Could be. It's often hard to tell them apart.

This is another cluster of ADL-Mossad activity:



In accord with image related.

b191bb  No.12388764

>this obvious IP hopping consensus cracking shit

9dbeed  No.12388765

File: fc7c527a135fe7b⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 307x352, 307:352, 1528259568054.jpg)


>I literally am sleeping in a barn right now,

So with your parents I presume by the sounds of it?

000000  No.12388767


Right like a broken clock, perhaps.

dc5962  No.12388770


< everybody agrees with me, and if they disagree they're just pretending, and actually agree with me


dc5962  No.12388773


< get a job, zoomer

Fuck off, China whore boomer.

9dbeed  No.12388784

File: 0f747f0590bbae4⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1516868036793.jpg)


>These are ADL-Mossad operatives:

>hurr you can't criticise me! I'm always right!

Talk about mouth breathers.

9dbeed  No.12388792


>LITERALLY lives in a barn

>How dare you call me a pathetic piece of shit

What the fuck is happening to this thread?

b191bb  No.12388804


It's forgetting which ID it's supposed to be using apparently.

9dbeed  No.12388806


That skitzo is not nearly as bad as your faggotry.

9dbeed  No.12388815

File: af16fdfa9767a99⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 374x374, 1:1, 1500059530717.jpg)



Why did he even post though?

I'm so confus.

f9f1c5  No.12388826


Tucker said on his show tonight he's taking the next two days off. Let's hope he's working with the police to press charges.

b191bb  No.12388833


Someone's pissed. Just deduce, or maybe it's induce? I forget which, who would be the most upset over what happened yesterday and would also want to make sure people think they're totally not mad at all.

2b2c25  No.12388854


Shall issue means you ask and they deny you.

I'm /k/, don't try to argue with me about something you googled. We've already been following all this. It went from an actual ban to a defacto ban. The fact is that there is no practical way for an individual to legally own and operate a firearm in DC.

dc5962  No.12388856

This is the haunt of ADL-Mossad:


Now they can play that name-calling game, having completely divorced all context. What was the discussion? what gave rise to their insults? nobody can see that ADL-Mossad initiated the insults. Instead, we see someone mocking someone, and the other one bitching about it.


< attacking white people.

yep, Ashes & Echoes dude was ADL-Mossad.

2b2c25  No.12388894






Check the results of that. Too much to link here. Basically someone had an empty shotgun casing and got jammed up in court because they considered it "ammunition" which must be registered in DC. Yup, a spent casing that cannot even be reloaded and used again got a guy in legal trouble because he had it in his vehicle and crossed into DC and got searched by a cop.

b191bb  No.12388900

Well this thread got really quiet really quick. Lots of days old ones in the catalog suddenly getting bumped though.

0cc023  No.12388904


It doesn't matter what the facts are, because somehow the GOP bots are back out force. Not sure why.

It's all over for the wall, for deportations, for everything. FL and probably TX go blue in 2020 due to felons voting and spic, respectively. We'll never have another GOP president. Whites are fucked.

9dbeed  No.12388906


>who would be the most upset over what happened yesterday

Both sides over the election. It's a frustrating stalemate.


>having completely divorced all context. What was the discussion?

Me calling you out for playing the X is Y card >>12388587

Then replying with the wrong ID here >>12388773

dc5962  No.12388940




(((consensus-forming))), (((roasting)))

They're quite practiced at it. But they are shit at actually remaining on topic, and bringing their arguments. Here's the truth they're hiding:


50f17c  No.12388999


Exactly, it's a stalemate. That's why the last 3 Presidents have ruled via Executive Order. Nobody really loses, nobody really wins, and nothing gets done, just the way the jews like it.

d3a4cb  No.12389013

File: 152260463a8394f⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1182x1078, 591:539, macroscopic_laughter.jpg)


And what is your common denominator? What population are you accounting for? You're throwing out basic numbers with no explanation as to how they equal up to Florida remaining blue, and the wall never being built. Where do these votes account for voting via the senate and house? I want to see your work, faggot. Let's see it!

11a295  No.12389021

Womp womp

cf2568  No.12389025

File: 881e124075be0c3⋯.jpg (748.78 KB, 3510x2232, 195:124, secret-service-top.jpg)

>*Blocks your path*

>*Revokes your credentials*

What do?

dc5962  No.12389032


Checked. This time it's different. Here's the end-game:


And the response:


e13f70  No.12389041


Imagine being so annoying that asses and elbows filters you.

4e5c80  No.12389063



efcc58  No.12389067


>What do?

laugh at those highwater pants.

"full break" is the objective.

56f120  No.12389085

File: 8e1e1f2fadec78f⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 320x240, 4:3, thot destroyer.gif)


Jim "Thot Destroyer" Acosta literally bent over and repeatedly raped a roastie to death on live tv. wtf is he /ourchad/ now?

866c7f  No.12389094


Jim Accoster

cdebdf  No.12389105



dc5962  No.12389106


Basically rape tbqf

000000  No.12389112


Totally raeped.

59533b  No.12389118


DAMN. Litteeralyy raping a roastie of live tv, that is one based bastard. His bunny ranch credentials are reinstated, he can now smash his impotence against all of those basketball titted hoes while holding a grape drink.

0b5557  No.12389142


That CIS scum should be looking at prison time

dc5962  No.12389158


I like how she looks at him like "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME?!!!"

Thots. Always garbage. Curse them.

84b9f1  No.12389197

File: f3a0b7ec9a6e1fa⋯.jpg (62.47 KB, 999x1000, 999:1000, ironic internet meta twitt….jpg)


lmao this nigga named houdini cuz that hairline vanished

780c5e  No.12389203


>Media stops going to the whitehouse

>Media stops being cancer just a little bit

>Thinking its going to somehow fuck with us

Thanks for the gift you dumb faggots.

000000  No.12389224


>I like how she looks at him like "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME?!!!"

Raep jokes aside, it would catch her off guard. Imagine if you were doing her job and he blocked you. You'd want to deck the faggot.

5ccd49  No.12389226


Well why should be allowed in. He just stated he was going for a hit. He was going to kill

76380c  No.12389235

File: f5a2ef4d201ab47⋯.jpg (165.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1453348750903.jpg)


86490b  No.12389256

File: 1b35ef5ff2fcfcb⋯.jpg (34.11 KB, 780x520, 3:2, 0029890.jpg)

File: 5501fa8fae86d40⋯.png (723.89 KB, 587x557, 587:557, 0219835.png)

File: 29411dfc3ec8b96⋯.jpg (395.12 KB, 878x610, 439:305, 0207844.jpg)

File: 6b05055d8fc341e⋯.jpg (245.71 KB, 570x894, 95:149, schumers.jpg)


This seems like a good laugh thread

Look at this shit over here. Chuck Schumer is married to Austin Powers. AAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

86490b  No.12389269

File: 90dff3d43a97b5f⋯.jpg (377.54 KB, 876x610, 438:305, 0207843.jpg)

File: e94b5c90cf72a69⋯.png (494.64 KB, 482x488, 241:244, 0219837.png)

File: b1cc2fb4dfa792b⋯.jpg (155.07 KB, 1600x1202, 800:601, 0029891.jpg)

File: 1ca1d77dd420759⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 0291873.jpg)



59533b  No.12389284

File: cae34e543a5d639⋯.mp4 (8.21 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Austin Powers punching a w….mp4)

86490b  No.12389292

File: ec20d8685cacf81⋯.jpg (326.22 KB, 470x949, 470:949, 0291876.jpg)

File: 527248d2e5b280d⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 170x227, 170:227, 1541651383433.jpg)


The fucks banned me for this over at the other place the fucks. So im spreading the joy HAHAHA!!!!

2d5483  No.12389299

File: 3df2b0d83a8a3fe⋯.png (304.45 KB, 700x950, 14:19, 3df2b0d83a8a3feb921c223587….png)




They really are a cursed people

86490b  No.12389303

File: d7f6522fababcee⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 614x920, 307:460, burns_.jpg)

File: e9677995b669fdc⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, burnschild.jpg)

File: fe6980d13cbc67b⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 620x320, 31:16, LoL_.jpg)


Yup. I hear ya.

86490b  No.12389328

File: 4a8381a8043ae19⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1653x935, 1653:935, Haha.png)


For reals?? Is Brennan going to jail?

fb8770  No.12389335


I can just hear you saying this aloud in a high-pitched manlet voice. Fucking faggot. I spit on your grave.

2b2c25  No.12389347


again just because it is legally in a better place now doesn't mean it is practical.

NYC has a ccw permit

so does HI

and CA

Doesn't mean a lot of people are doing it even if it is technically legal

Tucker probably doesn't have a ar15

prob doesnt' have 30 round mags

prob doesn't have a ccw

maybe has a locked handgun in his house


ebb2eb  No.12389354


>I'm /k/,


Try doing some research.


Tucker is rich and connected. He could get a permit in DC if he wanted. They have no grounds to deny him and it wouldn't be worth the aggravation getting called out on national tv over it. At least 124 people in DC have permits.

8d145f  No.12389384


They won't impeach, they cant get the demographics that fast in 2 years, they need rabid radicals to still vote and be hungry for victory. No, they need to keep trump as an enemy so they can sell their snake oil solutions.

c4b5fe  No.12389387

File: 8023cb56140c535⋯.png (3.97 KB, 411x85, 411:85, ClipboardImage.png)















2b2c25  No.12389393


I hope he does, I really do. I hope he doesn't have to use it but if he does. That would be fucking awesome.

2d5483  No.12389400

File: 7fc593975514b62⋯.mp4 (209.14 KB, 568x320, 71:40, erJk_o27AV2sFiCj.mp4)

File: 1dc6e2bf378b924⋯.mp4 (549.62 KB, 568x320, 71:40, n-aqOpS55Xso-udF.mp4)

File: c2c5c5f9b2dcc51⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 568x320, 71:40, H1lunaO3HxgD5q13.mp4)


I saved the three I posted in a different thread

c4b5fe  No.12389405

ebb2eb  No.12389409


>Tucker probably doesn't have a ar15

I said 1911. Not AR15.

>prob doesn't have a ccw

We have no way of knowing that.

>maybe has a locked handgun in his house

They are right outside is house.


>That would be fucking awesome.


27ec62  No.12389424

File: 2a48ff7bc43e2c1⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 640x298, 320:149, beta-cuck.jpg)

6cd402  No.12389444

this board is 100% pure trumpsoy…sad…

dcf8b9  No.12389448


Remember when they made the circus with Michele Fields crap. Make them live up to their own standards.

2d5483  No.12389451

File: ce9ebc92f6a5cf6⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 764x429, 764:429, ce9ebc92f6a5cf6e9ff9a2d0bf….jpg)


I wonder why antifa would try to hide this; I thought they were proud of harassing 'racists'

00fdc2  No.12389482


dubs confirm its happening

Cesare Trump will ban them all.

00fdc2  No.12389510


>super wealthy spend billions getting TPP

>super wealthy want TPP gone

you fucking suck

00fdc2  No.12389515





Remember, Acosta was the guy that started yelling at Kim Jung Un when he was signing the nuclear treaty. Could have cased an international shit show.

634be8  No.12389516

File: a8e9aba3741f961⋯.png (142.36 KB, 1239x818, 1239:818, 2018-11-08-001705_1239x818….png)

File: 27a01fdc9fd456d⋯.png (1.33 MB, 2343x3740, 213:340, acosta_twats.png)

I just spent some time reading cnn's article about the mic grab exchange and then pic related. What the fuck is wrong with those responding on these twitter threads?



I mean, I knew their npc programming was strong, but that is one serious reality distortion field they've got setup around this incident.

Any reasonable person should be able to see that it was the staffers job to move the mic from person to person after one, two questions at most. He refused to give it up, so she went for it. It should have been given to her immediately, without question. Instead she has to make multiple attempt with both arms and then finally reach over his arm. He clearly and unambiguously pushes her upper arm down with the side of his hand.

3cbba1  No.12389534


these people all need to be flogged mercilessly until the brainwashing goes away

7bbf8d  No.12389542


Ive always suspected not even half of those are actual people. Fake trends, fake hashtags, fake people.

8d145f  No.12389554


he should have been flayed the same way turd was for elbowing that tit accidentally.

634be8  No.12389559

File: d54ecd305415998⋯.png (720.81 KB, 1192x1154, 596:577, 2018-11-08-004817_1192x115….png)

File: 276b2da5ac39ccb⋯.png (715.58 KB, 1189x1091, 1189:1091, 2018-11-08-004803_1189x109….png)

File: d389506175836ad⋯.png (739.07 KB, 1188x1346, 594:673, 2018-11-08-004743_1188x134….png)


This person is trying to equate brushing arms while attempting to grab a microphone from someone, including having your arm forcibly pushed down by their hand, as an assault.

e73947  No.12389565


This sanctimonious faggot is absolutely enraging.

634be8  No.12389583

File: c15b654129dfb31⋯.png (166.07 KB, 1169x754, 1169:754, 2018-11-08-005443_1169x754….png)

Every time I go on twitter it just proves to me why I don't go on twitter. How do they not know they are brainwashed this badly? Why do they always project? Their programming completely overrides the normal perception of sense data.

000000  No.12389612


>sanctimonious faggot

I'm stealing that.

634be8  No.12389635

File: e1ea1bae0933f5e⋯.png (69.27 KB, 1035x502, 1035:502, 2018-11-08-010756_1035x502….png)

1984 references. They don't even know what they are saying.

3cbba1  No.12389648


>as this dumb cunt rejects the evidence of her eyes and ears in favor of the smut shoved in her brain in front of the television at the end of the night, as she walks around during the day with her face buried in her cellphone, absorbing the smut facejew has carefully selected for her to consume

634be8  No.12389663

File: 2794dcc09c51e07⋯.png (49.88 KB, 1023x290, 1023:290, 2018-11-08-011225_1023x290….png)


I should have included this reply with the last post.

95192e  No.12389671


checked & keked

3cbba1  No.12389672

all it takes to remove the leftists sense of victory over winning the house is putting one reporter into the timeout corner

i'm pretty sure trump planned this to play the news as he usually does. trump may not have built the wall, be he knows how to play the news

cbf694  No.12389674


Dynamite, flare guns, and flamethrowers are all fun removal tools for such feculent pests like these.

78cca6  No.12389680

Haha oh wow. Trump got called out and he was so triggered he banned Acosta. Just take questions from your cheerleaders at Fox- why even bother with a press conference?

d45d00  No.12389681


>kys. Incumbent never keeps the house.

George Bush Jr did it.

0cc023  No.12389694


Yeah, actually, why not? Or have no press at all, you fucking faggot?

Also, why are mods allowing this shit

000000  No.12389702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>like rats

1a7621  No.12389710


Notice how people laugh at Trump's jokes and everyone else basically looks annoyed and frustrated whenever Jimbo starts throwing a tantrum

0d46f8  No.12389713


Is that man ever not smiling?

78cca6  No.12389715


If people wanted to see Trump with Fox and Friends they would turn on Fox and Friends, not a press conference.

c11e8e  No.12389717


>No Borders, No Wall, No USA at all.

Reminder that these are the same fags posting all those threads about splitting the US into different countries.

d45d00  No.12389729

File: c414d08f51a6885⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 4E0D506D00000578-0-image-a….jpg)


None of that shit is" the wall", it's never "the wall", it's replacing and repairing already existing infrastructure constructed during the bush years.

Pic related are the actual fucking prototypes.

3cbba1  No.12389732

File: f0995d23f41e377⋯.jpg (252.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f7ae2f2795e3bf5d4b3003bfeb….jpg)

0d46f8  No.12389736

File: 7700122574097f8⋯.mp4 (1.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, rape.mp4)


Looks like an attempted rape to me, this is 2018.

3cbba1  No.12389746


this looks like some serious misogyny to me.

70faab  No.12389755


checked. I don't mean to derail, but semi happening. >>12389661

18c64e  No.12389758


Wait that's it? I mean he shouldn't have tuched her but it's not like he was being aggressive, he just wanted to keep shit talking and keep the mic from her

0d46f8  No.12389766


He's being fired for his bratty behaviour in front of the President. Sarah Sanders added the "assault on a woman" part to just really piss him off and sow some chaos amongst the pussyhat crowd.

0d46f8  No.12389767



2d5483  No.12389774

File: 24501aaef26e219⋯.mp4 (5.75 MB, 856x480, 107:60, manletrage.mp4)


manlets are the worst

e2df9d  No.12389788

File: 143a75d817e0f46⋯.png (403.55 KB, 476x358, 238:179, yhg49txn.png)


b642ca  No.12389792

Haha I know this is all theater but that's ok WWE is real if you think hard enough haha can't wait for next episode haha we will get the next topic to talk about hehe

Its pretty fucking hilarious how there are us military / inteligence faggots who are paralyzed. That shit gives me #hope that there will be #change and the #wheels of #life will keep #turning haha get it wheels cause you are paralyzed like a dumb zogbot bitch haha IEDs are fucking badass

18c64e  No.12389796


Oh okay then, that's about the best way for both parties to have acted then. Bring on the salt

0cc023  No.12389799


The only way whites are going to survive is a white ethnostate. That should be painfully obvious by now. Your shilling is pretty funny though–trying to connect the idea of a white ethnostate with faggoty Soros shills.

70d50a  No.12389802

File: 331c211cf1bc6a4⋯.jpg (85.22 KB, 730x948, 365:474, 19480058ri49773766.jpg)

Acosta is s creature of the nest.

>pic related

0d46f8  No.12389805

File: 8b65e844f03ad58⋯.mp4 (290.03 KB, 854x480, 427:240, crank.mp4)

Watching it again, it looks like he was going for a shoulder crank. He literally tried to rip her shoulder out of socket. This is how he acts towards a woman!? If he behaves this way in public, what does he do to women behind closed doors. This is not ok.

634be8  No.12389807


Every single thought has its base in sense data and an intention always comes with it. Her hand touched his hand (and the microphone) during his sanctimonious finger wagging with the other hand was interrupted by her arm reaching through to the microphone. This was after several averted attempts with her other arm to grab the mic. He clearly didn't want her to have it, and upon contact with both his hands he automatically reacted in defense. The intention that played out here was "keep mic, push arm away". Since he was in the middle of wagging his finger up and down, he pushed his hand down into her arm to pull her other arm off of the mic. You can see where he transitions from gesturing to pushing, which is evidence of the intention that motivated his next action.

0cc023  No.12389811


There will be no wall. Trump will not build it and blame the democrats in the house, and then because Florida is lost to felon voting and Texas lost to demographics, there will never be another republican president. Therefore, even if the GOP ever won the House and Senate, the perma-dem president will veto. It's all over. The browning is inevitable now.

0cc023  No.12389818


There's no excuse at all when he's in the goddamn fucking white house press room, which is a huge privilege, and he's talking out of turn, literally grabbing a microphone. No excuse for that shit

cb22e7  No.12389827


Gib milkees!!!!

59533b  No.12389830


How tall is Aucucksta? 5'4? Cause that broad e chopped dont look bigger than a Lincoln and a quarter.

c38948  No.12389853

File: 171a55f0d78a6c7⋯.jpg (184.5 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 171a55f0d78a6c7d5d3d712c55….jpg)


His daughters are probably better marksmen than any of those antifa junkies outside their house. I'd laugh my ass off if the little one plugged one of those faggots center mass.

3cbba1  No.12389857

File: 48fc556c3a997a7⋯.png (1.54 MB, 2102x988, 1051:494, deport.png)


guy on the left looks like he wants to beat his ass right there

00fdc2  No.12389861


literal assault on a white women, he's going to jail

d360ee  No.12389863

File: 3ac4f460fdc92f2⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 251x200, 251:200, spoonfeed me daddy.gif)




Think about it for just a moment, and the answer is very clear. What groups primarily make up the composition of felons in almost any state? What racial groups are always hard-line Democrat voters?



Do the fucking math and stop trying to get people to spoonfeed you. This election restored voting rights to a massive number of likely Democrat voters.

>“Their intent was quite clear: to eliminate as many black voters as possible,” Darryl Paulson, an emeritus professor of government at the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg, told The Washington Post.

>The ban was remarkably effective at doing so, even 150 years later. As of 2016, more than 1 in 5 black Floridians couldn’t vote because of the rule, according to an analysis by the Sentencing Project.

Get your heads out of your ass and fucking think, you retarded NPC faggots.

3cbba1  No.12389871


nice copypasta jew

0d46f8  No.12389874

File: 3208ee905426b7b⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 640x480, 4:3, tucker.mp4)


She's a QT, I'm surprised the SS didn't wrest him to the floor for his impertinence.


There's been a lot lately, but this fairly recent video is what really got the NPCs so upset with Tucker.

48e8dd  No.12389978


>Acosta. barred.

checked, and kek. Shitty results in election, but the salt is really tasty

0d46f8  No.12390008


Actually that guy is a total faggot, who tried to defend Acosta before Trump btfo of him too. See the full video in >>12388191

83e8f4  No.12390022


How is the wrong though? You want to call him a jew, but how is he wrong? WHERE is he wrong? What about his assessment or the assessment of others is wrong?

You really think a bunch of felons are going to vote republican? You think they aren't going to be HEAVILY targeted by democrats to vote for them? I mean, they just added over 1 million more voters that would be far more likely to have a left wing view than a right wing one, considering the left is constantly about reducing sentences, eliminating punishments for crimes, handling niggers with kid gloves and giving them lesser sentences because "muh oppression." Do you really think a bunch of felons aren't going to eat that up?

You can try to hand wave it away, or say they'll never compete their sentences, but the 1.5 mill figure comes from felons who have already competed sentences. It might be a bit smaller because even murderers and rapists wont be given their rights back even if they did in fact compete their sentence, but you're still talking about well over a million people.

Not to mention democrats are going to target them HEAVILY in the coming years. Promising them everything under the sun in florida, better post-prison "help" will be one of them, probably including the restoration (if it isnt already there) of the ability to obtain at least state welfare. Hell at the national level they'll probably push for that as well to get their votes. But they'll certainly push the concept of creating "new" welfare programs specifically for ex-cons that will, naturally, last for basically the rest of their lives. Get them out of prison, get them on the dole, have them voting democrat for life.

Thats exactly how itll go. And what will the right counter with? "here, we'll help expand job opportunties and education chances for ex-cons to get back in the work force?" HAHAHAHA what ex-prison nigger is going to take a JOB over FREE MONEY!?

This whole system is fucked, this nation is fucked, FL is going to be hard blue for good. And if cali continues its migration into texas, even texas will be blue in another 2-3 elections. At which point theres no coming back, they'll have like 95% of the electoral votes they need to win every single time right there between the west coast, new england, fl, tx, and they'll flip penn and the great lake states back blue easily, it was a one off they went red to begin with, mainly due to the huge distaste they had for shillary, and even with that it only barely turned red.

After that happens, its over, we're talking massive taxes and fines and burdens placed on anyone who could oppose them, huge hurdles setup to stop anyone from offering a better solution, anyone who speaks out against them will be guilty of massively expanded hate speech laws, and so on.

The only highlight is that it will rapidly collapse at that point, because they'll eventually mismanage everything to the point of collapse, and you cant legislate or threaten your way to prosperity. At which point, civil war errupts. But who even knows how thatll go.

Give it 20 years, tops, and this nation will be engulfed in the flames of war

0b5a17  No.12390117


trips checked.

>my 8pm hit

>truth assassin denied




a4ebae  No.12390159


You have just seen a glimpse of how narcissistic Jim actually is. In Helsinki during the live stream, before Trump and Putin came to give their remarks, Jim was the only one, standing up as being the center of attention and was literally lecturing everyone around him about Trump and Putin. He was babbling and babbling like some maniac.

f3fb8d  No.12390160


How do they think this is a punishment to the administration? They all conduct themselves like niggers and now they're opening themselves up to losing news stories to sources they want everyone to consider not to be credible. It'll be pleasant for Trump to not have to deal with these vermin.

0b5a17  No.12390201

Trump should give Acosta's place to the Jonestein for increase in salt production.

000000  No.12390250


post when he'll get shot

56df26  No.12390286


Bills go from house to senate to president. If the senate (republican controlled) doesn't like a bill it goes back to the house(demotard controlled). Controlling the senate is where real power is wielded. All the demotards can do right now is be hard headed and not modify the bills to satisfy the Republican controlled senate.

Wtf you talking about no wall? They are building a new wall in San Diego.

000000  No.12390294


but same shit happened under Obama and he passed things using executive orders

can't trump use that to build the wall and jail leftists?

48e8dd  No.12390336


>What do?

bitch on twitter, it seems

434d9c  No.12390373


Posts like this only reminds /pol/ that the world is afraid of us.

If they weren't, why would they bother coming here constantly to try and break us apart?

000000  No.12390403


>muh shills

434d9c  No.12390429


>muh tor

a8b767  No.12390452


>Each side has ammunition against the other and nobody's going to drop the bomb.


You don't understand kikes. Suicide or not, they are going to keep fucking going at Trump. They DON'T CARE that it's suicide, just so long as they think they can succeed in their aim of bringing Trump down.


4dceb1  No.12390462










>muh Florida

>muh Texas


Why are you even posting here then faggot?

b2a139  No.12390513


Florida and Texas are what gave whites an elector chance.

b2a139  No.12390514


I like to play pretend too, but there's a time and a place for it. Wake up.

4dceb1  No.12390521


If he thinks there's no chance then why is he still here? Why are you as well?

5c8f5c  No.12390543

File: 638a2cd6a80b3d4⋯.jpg (29 KB, 303x375, 101:125, nto8PHH.jpg)


it'll be funny to see how fast cnn throws jim out the line and gets a new wh reporter in there … prediction it will of course either be a black female or rat jew female or male makes no difference they are basically identical

d26a10  No.12390558


>everyone call me a larp so I call them larp!

You don't even know why everyone has been calling you that, do you? Where do they find these illiterate fucks?

82cc3e  No.12390560


>Mossad wants nazis not to vote for BASED ZIONISTS

>Says the mentally retarded redditor

fb70db  No.12390570


>They're starting to mobilize.

While the right wing sleeps. This is why America is doomed.

ec7fa7  No.12390581


Who the fuck is this faggot and why should I care?

b185a4  No.12390599


>dude Trump's so based ignore the fact that he's allowing millions of spics in

4dceb1  No.12390616

File: 3b9e5b7decf1eef⋯.jpg (78.03 KB, 432x520, 54:65, 1432548519357-1.jpg)


>They're starting to mobilize.

df7be6  No.12390664


Checkin them fuckin dubs of truth

85930b  No.12391085

>The video and pictures of Acosta hitting the WH intern is doctored and fake! more lies from Trump! - (((MSM)))

They really can't stop taking the fucking bait.

d26a10  No.12391102


No one's even talking about that, fag. Filtered, and fuck off back to leftypol/discord.

4635bb  No.12391107


Acosta will be fine, he'll sell and anti-trump book and get some anchor spot on CNN. Nobody will boycott press breifings in protest and CNN will send in someone else within the next few days.

The real problem is just how faggot the reporters have become at these press breifings with 100% off-topic gotcha questions and a total lack of decorum and mutual self-respect. You can ask tough questions without being an interrupting faggot.

bb6b65  No.12391137


If Acosta ever loses his job Acosta will likely shoot up the closest CNN building. Acosta is mental.

88f551  No.12391142

>I cannot enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit

I wonder who he thinks he was going to assassinate?

c4b5fe  No.12391152


Literally saying he was going in to hit another woman at 8 pm

acd6c8  No.12391156


Isn't it legal to shoot people who trespass your property in the US?

2b2c25  No.12391188


depends where you live but usually no if they are like just in your yard/lawn but if they are inside your house - almost always okay unless you're in a lib shit state.

95bf1f  No.12391203


Fuck off kike.

2519da  No.12391225


So nice to have s good economy in a place where you don't feel like you belong and are becoming a minority. Kikes use muh economy as a reason why you need to flood a place with shitskins.

2387ff  No.12391249


have you ever been to DC? it's a fucking shithole.

2519da  No.12391252


You mean may issue.

efea22  No.12391257

afd7f1  No.12391259

He put his hands on a womyn.

Trumps a big supporter of womyn so acosta had to go.

d61fb8  No.12391327



There's literally nothing we can do to win anymore.

Leftists won. We have no choice but to mope and mourn as we hand our country to our enemies.

Suicide is unironically the only option now.

fddc93  No.12391333


ok schlomo

2519da  No.12391334


Looked it up. Seems it is shall which usually means if you meet the criteria, they get you one. Guess they just selectively choose and are a defacto may issue it seems like. Not surprising

ae3ffc  No.12391347


>anyone who tells the truth is a kike

Tell me how we can ever win now. America and the world will never not be Marxist ever again. There is literal written proof for this.

1ceeb0  No.12391350


>Leftists won

Correct, the GOP won. Go back to reddit.

1fee53  No.12391352


I could go outside and kill ten or more kikes before the cops stop me.

How would that not be a win?

f551b3  No.12391380


>How would that not be a win?

Read up on the recent synagogue shooting. Kikes always win, even when wounded.

1fee53  No.12391421


There are less of them. 10 dead kikes and one dead you don't even know what race I am is a net win. And a personal win. It's just a win all around.

1fee53  No.12391819


So, no argument?

ae3a5c  No.12391942


>a video says 10,000 words

"Security checked my ID"

Oh no, it doesn't.

1f0b77  No.12391960

It's insane he was allowed to behave the way he has for so long. Obama prosecuted all dissenters and leakers during his reign. Someone tried to speak over him and he told him basically, 'not in MY HOUSE' and they escorted him out while the MSM all chanted Obama. Acosta has been doing insane shit non-stop for months. He should have been arrested for his behaviour, barred from all press work for life and CNN sanctioned for allowing and promoting him. Freedom of press is a fucking kike bullshit amendment taken to the extreme and twisted beyond recognition. You arent allowed to do whatever you want as press just like free speech doesnt mean you can scream about murdering people and shouting down the president in the fucking white house. Full media reform is needed. All empires broken up for monopolies and an independent overseer that punishes fake news, misleading the public, narrative pushing, and all their misdeeds. People should go to jail for their lies if they want to be protected so much by the 1st amendment. You abused a fundamental right given to you to promote sedition and undermine the elected government and promote violence. That wasnt a 'freedom' you had the right to.

502031  No.12392270

>>12388000 (checked)


This video is important context, and it should have been in the OP (or in the first few posts).

Acosta's reaction towards the intern seems reflexive from this angle. It's a fine excuse to kick him out for being excessively rude, but I wouldn't play that particular part of it up too much.

1ae1ce  No.12392373


I would have bet cash that she was a man, so I had to look her up.

Checked out some video of her in the 90s. Shes a woman.

She either just had some bad surgery or her menopause meds got mixed in with testosterone.

31d4a2  No.12392600


lol, they're so lispy and low energy…

6532db  No.12393262

File: 7cc6b501055228a⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 478x478, 1:1, 1523443070811.jpg)

File: cf8ce014399bc92⋯.png (52 KB, 1197x587, 1197:587, cf8ce014399bc92fe4b4f91a88….png)

File: 639d53da0de635b⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 225x360, 5:8, Nationalism.jpg)

This board is a fucking joke now. Thread is boomer tier "huck huck huck" garbage. I get it, its a story making the rounds. Buts its not fucking 8/pol/ material let alone worthy of 365 post full of boomers going "huck huck huck".

This place is irreparably dead.

ca03d6  No.12393342


>the chans are more important now than CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS combined.

Time to redpill all the newfags on the jew, then. That's the foundation to all of this.

b07e4f  No.12393355


Oh no whatever will Trump do???

ca03d6  No.12393366



This. They even call it being "e-tarded."

b07e4f  No.12393379


>Kikes block him at every turn


b07e4f  No.12393387



Then leave?

b07e4f  No.12393406


>10 dead kikes

>Kikes outlaw guns

>Kikes kill all whites

1ceeb0  No.12393436


>Trump allows jews to tell him what to do

<totally not Trump's fault

>Trump refuses to enforce the law

<totally not Trump's fault

>Trump refuses to punish anyone for violating the law

<totally not Trump's fault


Leave forever.

ca03d6  No.12393517


Clearly mic rape

891a45  No.12393547


>I can’t enter for my 8pm hit

>”oy vey, they won’t let me in to slander and assault WH staff”

891a45  No.12393557


>Reddit reddit reddit

Oh, it’s you again. Get a better playbook from your boss. Fucking retarded inbred yid.

aaa698  No.12394989

File: c47cc9a704bd0c1⋯.png (29.62 KB, 486x358, 243:179, 12345.png)

I hate this fucking piece of shit jew.

670d41  No.12395027


This kike pulled the same stunt at the elections.

aaa698  No.12395122


I don't know how his followers can't see through his charade. I guess they are content with how he so effectively


5a2410  No.12395248

File: fd8f521527080af⋯.png (765.84 KB, 1161x867, 387:289, TIME TO PURGE.png)

>>12388399 (fuggin chegged)

>best day of school ever

>t. teachers everywhere

glorious redpills ensued that day


>"..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,"

>Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.



467b0b  No.12395267



a448e9  No.12395268


No my lord, you are the Saracans.

10ff36  No.12395295


>10 dead kikes

>Kikes outlaw guns

Dead kikes can't do shit fam :)

d85bc3  No.12395328

File: e9135bb4f9e406e⋯.png (422.19 KB, 600x467, 600:467, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at ….png)


>the way she turns to Daddy Trump for help

now that's just anime-tier emotional poignancy

fef17e  No.12395440


remeber when this guy quit breitbart over a trump staffer doing essentially what jim acosta did to a reporter?

d508aa  No.12395560

File: e7249086df986a3⋯.png (437.97 KB, 1252x646, 626:323, 7b1217772bf00ee62709d0c0a7….png)


>but I wouldn't play that particular part of it up too much.

Why the fuck not? Remember when that lying presstitue claimed trump or his body guards shoved her to the ground and the leftist media was running with it for days before security cameras showed the woman lying? Trump should have off the cuff said "he just assaulted a woman, get him out of here!". It would have been epic.

67694a  No.12395935

based and redpilled

8d145f  No.12396196


I wish there was a way to get the antifa to put his head on a pike, it would benefit both sides so much.

d0fc6e  No.12396209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c9714a  No.12396313


That image is the real sexist for implying women who look like hot sluts are automatically dumb bimbos.

000000  No.12397299


When he heckled Kim Jong Un and Trump at the nuclear summit, and then later there was video of him posted on social media bragging to a colleague that he was there to fuck with and disrupt a very important summit, the first ever of its kind, with so much on the line, this qualifies as a violation of the Logan Act in my opinion. He should be in a Federal prison for the next 20 years. Heck his media friends should have torn him to bits, as his insane behavior reflects poorly on their profession and shows they are an actual danger. Trump has control over the press thanks to loosened propaganda laws, he could force them to stop behaving so insanely at least. It makes me angry too, especially seeing the effect it has on normalfags. It's classic demoralization.

a6c0e0  No.12397346

File: aea0c06c14c9383⋯.png (32.17 KB, 1752x1000, 219:125, ClipboardImage.png)


Charisma is completely useless if people do not watch or listen…

"…Charisma measures a character’s force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness. This ability represents actual strength of personality, not merely how one is perceived by others in a social setting…"


13dc29  No.12397417

File: 60f7a9eb006bfe7⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 270x270, 1:1, product3.jpg)


the middle one but add hundreds of tiny spikes onto it and make it 6ft higher

4a8e0b  No.12401768




t.jim acosta

000000  No.12404377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jim Acosta's career reviewed

a31c63  No.12404564


this, but the fact that it's not happening means the govt wants this.

d89938  No.12404787


Oh no, what will the cheeto man do without the lying media?

d89938  No.12404810


>the bantz at the end


89c62d  No.12404822


filtered for being a disinfo shill

the us govt is forcing mass immigration, and there will be no future for our people until the zog dies.

d3a4cb  No.12404839


No shit nigger. Third from the left with triple-layered razor wire would be my choice. The first link is what supports what you just said. The second is just rubbing it in that things are still being done to deter spics.

3323a5  No.12405037


Trump just saved Acosta’s life. What a guy.

ea2c21  No.12418631


Go back to Langley

ea2c21  No.12418635


>If you don't do what I say I'm gonna punch myself in the face.


ea2c21  No.12418638


His boss won't reinstate his blacked.com access until he makes 80 shitposts.

c7bf11  No.12418723


I'd like for Acosta and Ramos to both be flown back to Mexico with parachutes strapped on and be thrown off a transport plane at 6000 ft by an 81'st Airborne jumpmaster in the dead of night.

c7bf11  No.12418733




Name: Aya Valasca• Education: First-class honours in Economics and Political Science from University of London• I speak: Georgian (native), Spanish, Catalan, Russian, English. Currently learning Chinese• Occupation: I work and just started streaming• How long have you been streaming?I started streaming in October 2018 and got partnered in a month! • Stream: I am currently working on building a gaming computer to stream various games (I currently have a MacBook). I like playing PUBG, Counterstrike, League and GTA.I also have so many games and genres to catch up now that I am done with school!

32b348  No.12418899

File: 168ffbd92d6941c⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 720x778, 360:389, 1539683282594.jpg)

94460c  No.12446486

/pol/ is not a natsoc board

93f9d3  No.12446916

and now he was given it back in full. This faggot can't even run his own white house. SAD!

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