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File: 60d375d474e7889⋯.png (202.43 KB, 375x523, 375:523, me ITT.png)

c8b38b  No.12389650

Ethnostates are very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Let's think about this for a moment, literally the whole world is inclined to think anyone can be a legal immigrant anywhere and be considered part of the native people (i.e. anyone can be a/an American, Canadian, Brit, Frenchman, German, Russian, Pole, Spaniard, Australian, New Zealander, Jap, etc.) and yet non-Whites still insist that their culture and heritage should be untouched by Whitey because they are proud of it while Whitey is not allowed to love his/her own because of muh rayciss colonialism/slavery. The only nation I think of that practices some form of an ethnostate is North Korea, and not even they can get a pass from the UN's AIDSfaggot-tier "golden rules" like muh human rights. Aryan ethnostates are something the left fears more than an apartheid, because apparently not wanting non-Whites in your said nation because it threatens native interests while having no interest to interfere with non-White nations via isolationism is far worse than still letting in non-Whites live in your nation albeit they can't vote for their own interests. You see the left romanticizing Injuns not wanting European "invaders" settling on their "nation", but if a European nation does it (the Third Reich), it suddenly starts WWII. This is how much (((they))) want to twist world history, in reality non-Whites don't even have a lot to hate on Whitey based on their technological advancements. Now (((they))) are implying that several European nations (Poland and Hungary) who still hold true to their cultural traditions and identities should accept shitskin hordes en masse only because (((they))) so.

My conclusion here is that any Aryan ethnostate coming up right now will spark the largest Jewish proxy war the world will ever see. Only this time the left and the commieniggers will wholeheartedly support the bringing down of the ethnostate as they pride themselves as the new (((Red Army))), which is hypocritical in a way because the left has always been against wars like the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and the Vietnam War. It just shows how low and pathetic they will stoop to just to see Whitey dead. It's all so tiresome.

34e79f  No.12389658

>increasingly interconnected world

>right wingers want to isolate everyone from one another

Just like you hiding out in your basements IRL.

2b7682  No.12389668


What good has globalism ever done? And don't you dare say MUH FOOD.

c8b38b  No.12389684


>isolationism is bad because muh poor and oppressed POC need help from Whitey

>globalism and internationalism is good because it "unites people of all colors from all around the world" but Whitey should become extinct because reasons

Wow you should shoa'd me there, Rabbi Hershkowitz.

7f9963  No.12389705


best thing to do is just create international "multi culti" zones and give them a certain amount of autonomy, like Hong Kong.

The niggers don't venture out the city anyway, we just need to remove their votes from the pool of whites. Imagine almost every state going solid red because Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, NYC, LA ect ect were their own mini city states, partially outside the union.

16b201  No.12389731

From my experience, the mass media in colored countries often portray (((modern liberal western civilisation))) very positively, and depicts native tradition as highly barbaric, to the point of near white supremacy. Why? Because in colored countries Jews hide behind the white minority, so the tables are flipped. An example of this is (((Mustafal Kemal's))) reformations of Turkish society.

Pretty much everybody is oppressed by the Jews in my opinion.

d1861f  No.12389733

I'll take the bait.

To be quite frank, the idea of an ethnostate has been a tenuous notion at best with it's origins sprouting in the early 20th century, largely correlating with the second advent of the KKK terrorizing immigrants from unwanted European countries during the 1920s in America. Before that point, racialism was more limited to general violence, negative speech, segregation, and even earlier; slavery. Ethno particular nations have not really existed in a vacuum since the Middle Ages, before western colonial expansion. Exploration and diplomacy with native groups would have been one thing, hell even conquest with the added bonus of assimilation, but colonialism has always been a dumpster fire in the course of the history of European Imperialism. The truth of the matter is that the conscious effort to maintain an ethno particular state is a modern idea that under current circumstances would lead to little more than the development of zoo state. I will also add here that Israel was the first such effort to make a tribal (the only thing that ethnically distinguishes Jews is their horribly inbred genetics that has resulted in them being more similar to each other than with anyone else, even other Semitic groups) state in the modern world, so anything further down the line is just copying that model of government.

16b201  No.12389740


Didn't the Holy Roman Empire have a similar philosophy with Free Cities?

0d24ab  No.12389750


Tunnelvision. Eyes should not be focussed on Europe or the US, solutions lie elsewhere entirely. If history is repeating itself whites will end up fleeing their corrupted lands to make a paradise elsewhere.

The best thing that can happen for white people is shitskins openly hunting whites. (((accelerationism))) basically, but a grant awakening must come out of necessity. It will come in a great wave of popular feeling.

d1861f  No.12389778

What you guys should really want is to have a genetically homogenous continental Europe again, generally speaking, without the massive floods (deliberately being sponsored by (((them)))) of migrants who have zero incentive or capability of assimilating into the culture of their host nations that often don't even have the resources to support them anyway.

d1861f  No.12389780


the HRE was genius tbh.

2b7682  No.12389790


>If history is repeating itself whites will end up fleeing their corrupted lands to make a paradise elsewhere

Which will lead to Jews infiltrating and making what few whites are left want to take in Niggers again. Which they will, because average whitey is still inclined to trust Schlomo.

White Flight won't work until the Jews have been fully exposed and kicked out again.

79b682  No.12389817


>kicked out again

The first 109 times didn't work. Let's try it again.

d1861f  No.12389848


Try to look at race relations and the ZOG control machine more broadly, the end game isn't just to breed whites into extinction so that the masses can be more easily controlled with a lack of differentiation in pigment. That would be the long term goal. The kikes want to niggerize their golems in whatever way they can, and the quickest way to do that is by ghettoization. Think about it this way, back in the late 19th and early 20th century it was common for blacks to be stereotyped as stupid, inept, and effeminate. Then when the CIA introduced drugs into their communities, those stereotypes were quickly replaced with the violent rapist junkie nigger archetype. Originally blacks were treated like dogs, from the 60s onwards they began to become more increasingly feared as domestic threat. However, in the present, that is simply what whites are having to deal with. The ZOG is now introducing hard drugs to the white man's trailer parks creating a zombie apocalypse. The jew will make the white man his nigger first, even if that means the white nigger gets a zoo containment state of his own, just like the black ghettoes of today. If you race mix the jew wins, if you remain separate, the jew has that base covered.

455693  No.12389856

File: ab08f0619247882⋯.jpg (91.32 KB, 640x507, 640:507, ab08f0619247882890159e26fe….jpg)


>Imagine almost every state going solid red

what is it with you people and your fanaticism over bipartisanship? What can you not understand that neither helps your goals or wishes to help you in any way shape or form. its just idiotic to think that. both parties belong to ZOG, they are always swapping between them so you can have your "muh freedom". but tell me this honestly, has a single US president served themselves instead of israel and their pack of gangsters? both parties support immigration, one more radical than the other but in the end its not you who will count the new arrivals. they are going to flood in either way, legally or illegally, and if you think aliens deserve a piece of your homeland, well, felate a shotgun. meanwhile, israel gets billions of dollars a year, from your money through congress bribing, but you are too concerned about the spics and niggers ruining the US. once you eradicate the jew, you can focus on making what you will.

695dad  No.12389865

Mk ultra isn't real and thats why kushner uses red texts in his posts that are meant to plant demoralization seeds

>Hey look

>The untrained mind will think this is somebody else is speaking now

>Since it's colorful it gives more credibility to my post

>Because two people are saying it and that's better than one person so everything I say must be true!

5d2979  No.12389872

File: f97563ac80a10ae⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 6556aaab6642769af0ceb6dad1….jpg)

Not without 100% kike approval and support

695dad  No.12389885

Israel is a jewish SUPREMECIST country but white supremacists are evil and you can never have a white country!

Can you kikes go one hour without lying? I mean seriously , have you ever considered just fucking off, especially now that every single part of your scam is being dismantled? Like you are literally just one by one giving everyone permanent immunity to your bullshit. Unless you killed every single person who broke out , the laws of reality state that over time every lie will be exposed.

5d2979  No.12389958

File: 092ecf39c5898d9⋯.jpg (550.84 KB, 2968x1006, 1484:503, XZXZM09GF3D67888.jpg)


Yeah, we'll just kick 'em out … again; or not

80fe07  No.12390155


Democrat won't allow to happen

First, They need scapegoat to hold Anti-White coalition

Without white people, there is no Anti-White coalition and end up like fake-white Larping state like Brazil

Jewish professor and arab cabdriver have no common ground

So to the Mumbai Doctor and Black rapper or Mexican housekeeper

These people will fight each other once Evil whitey disappear

You want segregation but That's what Democratic party Most don't want to do

THEY desperately need opposition to hide their own corruption

Second , There is no such thing like "Right-Wing" Or "Racist" in USA

black male - white female interracial couple were Republican candidate of michigan Senate race

That's not a RACIST or Right-Wing

If white republican were Real Racist Like Early 20century Anglo-American then they won't allow to this happen

That nigger won't have chance to nominate as senate candidates

Theodore roosevelt said the great masterful races have been fighting races and white men aren't fighting race

Jews , Black are fighting race who have fighting spirit

White men are conformist and weak limp and they are certainly not ready for fight

I tell you something, you are already fell into same old same old divide and conquer Tactics

Democratic Party want "White minority" So America will rule by small oligarchy

They really do not want Full-brown majority conflict to actually harm the "Economy"

d2456c  No.12390156


very interesting

a6b7bf  No.12390969

Bumpin' for serious discussion.

c8b38b  No.12390985

>>12389733 (checked)

This. Also:

>I will also add here that Israel was the first such effort to make a tribal (the only thing that ethnically distinguishes Jews is their horribly inbred genetics that has resulted in them being more similar to each other than with anyone else, even other Semitic groups) state in the modern world, so anything further down the line is just copying that model of government.

As far as I know, (((they))) were not the ones who invented this type of government. They just LARP as Whites to the point that leftist and commie morons see them as ebil White colonialists who are "not real Jews because they are Zionists" and keep comparing the Israel-Palestine conflict to the Hall of Co$t™ assuming it actually happened. Just imagine if (((they))) never invented that fake sob story, do you think anyone will (((them))) now?

c8b38b  No.12390988


*will like (((them))) now?

c584c5  No.12393699


>tldr why cant we just let the Jews win guys?

d1861f  No.12393809


Who knows what they would have come up with if they hadn't made up a media stunt like the holocaust. Otherwise, I'm just saying that even at the peak of Western colonial enterprise, the idea of an ethno isolationist state was not really an idea. Despite what I said about it's earliest origins being with the KKK intimidating unwanted immigrants during the early 20th century, I don't even think ethno isolationism became a codified ideology until after GLR was assassinated.

d1861f  No.12393823


When I say codified, I mean codified by anyone other than Jews and their nuclear rogue state.

6b9bef  No.12393868

The real redpill is the bluepill. New Left are Identitarians and Kosher Pugs are civnats. Dems made the gravest of errors in becoming explicitly anti-white.

c0a664  No.12393884


Sure it wasn't defined until then just like the gold element wasn't discovered until more modern times, but almost every nation was a defacto ethnostate. So what?

c0a664  No.12393891


Oh forgot to add: people still used gold every day without having defined what element it is or what makes it different than lead.

d1861f  No.12393989


The real difference is that the idea of community has two separate definitions when the world before and after the World Wars is considered. Yes, for all of Europe's history since the fall of the Roman Empire until just recently has been a dominantly homogenous place ethnically. However, the European nations during the middle ages into modernity were not isolationist, they just didn't have masses of immigrants moving in, because massive immigration is a manufactured issue entirely. Creating isolationist countries with strict border controls will be something completely different, and the question of wether or not massive industry and technological advancement (which relies on a globalized economy) can continue will become pressing. Also, population control will also become an issue in these states at some point or another as well. These are just two things to consider when discussing how an ethno isolationist state would work. For instance, over population isn't quite an issue in Israel just yet (but lets face it, even one termite is overpopulation in your house right? lol), but the state is an octopus sucking the resources out of the entire global economy. It is not a self sufficient state by any stretch, which is not ideal if preventing degeneracy in the country is also a concern.

6b9bef  No.12394039


I don’t see what creating ethnically homogenous communities will achieve if everyone is living under the current financial system. What is the goal, political sovereignty or mere animal husbandry? We tend to think that the goal is white genocide because the left tries to move everyone to the US and Europe, but the right is offering nationalism under a Redshield bank.

e363cd  No.12394077


Toppling banks is easy once ethnic solidarity is achieved. See Hitler's Reich. That's why banks are top funders of multiculturalism. They know once we gain ethnic awareness they're done.

e363cd  No.12394116


This is how national socialism emerges. Uncucked Republicans stand for nationalism and the heart of white Democrats was socialism. When republicans realize they only get national pride with ethnic pride and democrats realize they only get functional socialism with ethnic socialism then the magic begins and national socialism is born out of their union.

I think high level kikes have anticipated this and are actively promoting it. They're far too sloppy. Look at zionists planned persecution of Jews to create israel. It had something to do with their weird death religion. Middle level ones are true belivers though.


d1861f  No.12394163


One of my points remains that the ZOG can and will even benefit from ethnostates as factory farms just as much as it would by mixing everyone together with the intent purpose of culture destruction.

84f796  No.12394328


I see. Thanks for the idea, anon.

021334  No.12394353


There'll be plenty room for smaller-scale (implicit) ethnostates in America. Hell, there already is. But yeah, the big political entity ethnostate larp won't be happening any time soon.

b5222c  No.12394410

File: d1abcee3d1caed6⋯.jpg (27.1 KB, 259x400, 259:400, thistimetheworld.jpg)

I've increasingly come to the conclusion that a single isolated ethnostate is the worst possible strategy we could push for. I don't even think nuclear weapons would be a sufficient deterrent, ZOG hates us enough to risk a few nukes. That and the fact that it probably isn't a realistic goal politically, for now. It can be a long-term goal but for the time being it's just not going to happen. NK makes it work partly because of their nuclear deterrent and partly because nobody really cares about them that much, they're largely irrelevant despite all the noise made over them. The same won't be said of any possible 'white ethnostate', ZOG will descend on us full force immediately. I've been an ethno-state nationalist type for years and I'm starting to realize the total incompatability of this goal with how the world actually works in its current state.

Either we take control of the world's institutions or we lose.

I'm unironically growing to become a 'white globalist', to set ourselves up as a caste of global rulers. Total white imperium or nothing.

This time the world.

7fdc3f  No.12394449


>Either we take control of the world's institutions or we lose.

Has anyone written an unpozzed book / article about Hezbollah and Lebanon? Seems to be the only success story lately that one can look to. Did the spooks just overlook the area for too long, or did they actually seize power from them?

7fdc3f  No.12394459

Also the "ethnostate" was always Alt Right garbage that would ultimately be pivoted towards Israel. Before Dicky Spencer was being shilled there was no talk of an "ethnostate", simply mass deportation and sterilization for the entire West.

694495  No.12394551

File: c3d8974f27623cb⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 784x465, 784:465, 788320454322408232.jpg)

File: 5ed45c6938f0c4d⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 854x465, 854:465, 333587251003723000.jpg)

If anything brings about the ethno state it will be an ethnic bioweapon.

Research is going on all over the world at an historic pace. For example pnac neocons and North Koreans.

Biotech is a game changer. Now a single biolab can strike as powerfully as any nation state.

9818d6  No.12394589


>any Aryan ethnostate coming up right now will spark the largest Jewish proxy war the world will ever see.

If my country attempts to put down a White rebellion anywhere on this planet, I will do whatever it takes to thwart the evil thing that is my government.

5e665d  No.12394594


Epic CIA fiction

9818d6  No.12394609


>Before Dicky Spencer was being shilled there was no talk of an "ethnostate", simply mass deportation and sterilization for the entire West.

Both of which are fantasies right now.

I'd rather a small ethnostate located in the mountains of Slovakia or the Pacific North West than nothing at all. A base for White men to operate out of would herald the beginning of the end for the jewish new world order.

878e69  No.12394623

File: 393017f234a1d72⋯.png (394.64 KB, 736x951, 736:951, pepe hitler loves you.png)


God Bless the Air Borne Respiratory Pathogen that only infects non-whites!

9207ad  No.12394625


>anyone can be a legal immigrant anywhere and be considered part of the native people

Unless you start claiming you're a Native American, people will want to see (genetic) proof.

We should start calling ourselves Native Europeans.

7fdc3f  No.12394681


>both are fantasies

>goes on to perpetuate an even more fantasical idea

>>12394410 is right, that would be even worse.

5f10f5  No.12394698

i dislike the idea of one big white ethnostate because that'd be like the european union

1561c0  No.12400238


3b06aa  No.12400287

Fuck the ethnostate. The only salvation lies in what sounds like kike speak (trust me, the concept itself isn't): the transhumanist state. I know that's hard to swallow, but hear me out.

As long as the White race exists, there will be blood pollution induced by inferiors and kikes. As long as the White Race doesn't use its superior intellectual capacity and its technological advantage over the rest of the species, nothing will change.

What I propose as an alternative to both the ethnostate and the spiritual suicide of the race is the transformation of the White Race into a seperate species that CAN'T interbreed with normal homo sapiens sapiens.

It is from my perspective one of the few options left to repair the damage already done which is so considerable that I am forced to take this choice into account. Seriously, the only chance the White Man has is to increase the intellectual gap between him and the rest by giving up the flaws that connects him with the inferiors. Simple as that.

That is the reason why eugenics was done - not to refine the 'human' characteristics, but to crystallize the superhuman ones and use them as the material for a new White Species that will suceed the White Race and inherit its place as the absolute best humanity has to offer.

You may call me insane, but you are wrong. The ethnostate is insane because it is not sustainable. History shows pretty clear that as soon as the Kulturträger, the White blood, is thinned out in a nation that nation will collapse - period. What is the bullet proof, water tight plan to prevent that from happening in the future?

80fe07  No.12400427


>right wingers want to isolate everyone from one another

>protip, people are already isolate from each other

That's how multi-ethnic society look a like, shlomo

No one trust each other

regardless of who holds power other ethnic tribe will feel that they are being ruled by a hostile force with alien values

go china , South korea , Japan

People trust and cooperate each other

A real strength come from Unity not a "Diversity"

Leon Trotsky used word a "расистов"

Latin transliteration is "racistov", i.e., "racists".

Slavs who valued greatly their native culture and way of life are "Racist"

One Communist world , One Consumerism world

IT's Jewish old wet dream of "I gonna conquer the world"

Black are tribal , Jew are Tribal , Asian are Tribal because its nature and beneficial for them

A nation cannot be based upon ideals, economic growth, humanitarianism, or any other contrived value.

A nation can only be based upon a common people, with a common heritage, common values, and a common culture.

American people have no common therefore no one trust each other

You are against Biological Reality itself

80fe07  No.12400504


>The ethnostate is insane because it is not sustainable

>Alexander empire, Holy roman empire , British empire, Soviet empire collapse but homogeneous China stay as China

Go a Head, Believe multi-ethnic empire has some sort of stability than homogeneous China or Japan

obviously not true when white people in United State made them a Rootless bastard race

497bc6  No.12400671

File: f09c2d04c9e2f36⋯.jpg (83.71 KB, 600x602, 300:301, 1535206207697.jpg)


>Ethnostates are very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Hence why humanity is doomed anon. :^)

That is.. if you don't pull your finger out and realise that they're not just an aesthetic want, but rather a crucial form of a society for the sake of it's existence.

47785d  No.12400705




Come on now, Anon. Chinks are a mongrelized bastard race that has only stayed together as a cohesive state because whoever happens to currently be in power imposes the Han culture upon all the ethnicities by force.

3b06aa  No.12400738


China wasted a quite high number of imperial dynasties of which each contains a considerable number of incompetent and cucked Emperors. Plus, they were ruled at least twice by non-han asians during that time. Also, China itself is as ethnically heterogenous as Europe. Technically they don't count for that reason alone.

Same counts indirectly for Japan, they had dozens of smaller and larger wars over who's going to be the next Hoka… Shogun. Japan in the way we understand it, as the badass banzai-charging bunch of based bloaks, is a quite recent thing and it required a lot of internal and external pressure to get there - which lead to renewed period of massive violence.

So much for the perceived stability of ethnostates. They don't work as a concept and in the long run it's not sustainable if the factors that threaten its existence are not removed. That is the reason why I elaborated a bit on the transformation of the White Race into a White Species. That is a sustainable solution because it THEN allows for multiple White ethnostates based on different White ethnicities and subraces in that White Species.

Or to sum it up: the rest of humanity will not stop to fuck with the White Race until Whites remove their ability to fuck with us or deny them access to our gene pool entirely.

1cf1cb  No.12400758

File: 944a23eefacb683⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 944a23eefacb6831fe91d1296e….jpg)


>Ethnostates are very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Just because you're a weak willed chronic masturbator with no willpower to act doesn't mean the rest of us are.

694495  No.12400781

File: 9e1457a5cf6db41⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 520x347, 520:347, 81114973365793067_ue.jpg)

File: efadddf2eab0bb7⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 520x301, 520:301, 81114973365795067_te.jpg)


No less a thinker than Bill Gates has lately backed a program that loads the bacterial results of gene engineering into mosquitoes and then releases gorillions of mosquitoes in the tropics. The purpose to combat the Zika Virus epidemic.

So disease-related biotech is being used for "white magic" this time, but that's this time - it can easily be converted for "black magic" purposes.

3b06aa  No.12400835


Will be utilized by kikes to destroy their nemesis: us. Gates never should have gone public with that tech.

1cf1cb  No.12400851

File: 94331d15060befd⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 780x700, 39:35, 36616a0c1b235e6d6b22ba80ed….jpg)


>Not a blackpill

>But read this blackpill shit

You kike faggots have been pulling this shit in every single thread I've been in since the midterms ended. I guess the stereotypes are true, you really have no idea when you're overplaying your hand until it's too late, do you?

77d9a0  No.12401380


They're called nation-states or just nations.

81bf22  No.12401401

>literally the whole world is inclined to think anyone can be a legal immigrant anywhere and be considered part of the native people

No you fucking retard, that is literally only western degenocracies who think that.

ab6e6b  No.12402028

That pepe should be blue, deep thinking isnt in green's philosophical domain

ef3f02  No.12405010


>implying OP wasn't just telling us his views on a topic that is very controversial in the Current Year™


ef3f02  No.12405023


>No you fucking retard, that is literally only western degenocracies who think that.

Not so fast, anon. You're forgetting that everyone in the Third World and even in First World non-White countries think they can legally immigrate anywhere, and most likely they won't even assimilate, and who am I to blame mother nature itself. As for spics, they generally don't give a damn about laws.

dfdfee  No.12405204



Is Gates a cryptokike? I can never get a read on whose side he is on.

71865c  No.12407124



000000  No.12435541


26b5d8  No.12435552


>Aryan ethnostate coming up right now will spark the largest Jewish proxy war the world will ever see

Who is going to fight it? The US is on the brink of collapse, are the Chinese going to do it?

7e1140  No.12435663

It doesn't matter if it's gonna be soon or not. May the next generations endorse and expand the cause of our blood.

196815  No.12435677


>not a Blackpill

<giVe uP gOy !!!!

783630  No.12435978


>this level of reddit spacing

You have to go back faggot

000000  No.12459466

72816f  No.12459513


>redditspacing so hard nobody can even read your shit post

Filtered, gas yourself faggot.

Never post here again

a700d8  No.12459717


Please don't come to this board if you can't speak English.

362d8c  No.12459796

File: d28c9e7e83630e7⋯.jpg (976.87 KB, 1591x3502, 1591:3502, national vs multi.jpg)

e31d35  No.12485724


No, you’re just a paid shill necrobumping threads.

01fa1d  No.12485734

We already have enthnostates. Google the whitest states in America and all of them are at least 85% white. I live in one. Life is great sending your kids to mostly white schools and not dealing with many brown people at work.

If people want an ethnostate so damned bad, then why are these states losing population?

66b730  No.12485747

"weeks of history happen over decades and decades of history happen over weeks" Vladimir lenin

76fc52  No.12486277


>start thread with "its not a blackpill :^)"

>something that existed in every single country in the world 50 years ago


537639  No.12487188

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Ethnostates are very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Non-ethnic states were the exception up to a decade ago, you retard.

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