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File: 539e61c8efe26b8⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 640x424, 80:53, mexico_border wall.jpg)

a5bb4e  No.12389661

>The prospect of armed vigilantes showing up beside thousands of U.S. troops — along with Border Patrol agents, police officers and migrants — is considered serious enough that military planners have issued warnings to Army commanders.

>According to military planning documents obtained by Newsweek, the military is concerned about the arrival of “unregulated militia members self-deploying to the border in alleged support” of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

>The assessment estimates that 200 militia members could show up. “They operate under the guise of citizen patrols,” the report said, while warning of “incidents of unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.”

>The military report provided no further details about the alleged thefts.


d5a730  No.12389737

File: 24e81cec1fe6910⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 1235x486, 1235:486, pol was right again!.jpg)

Military was mobilized to prevent citizens from stopping illegals from getting in. They're there to roll out the red carpet just like we said. /pol/ is always right.

Expect a false flag at the border.

55e744  No.12389757

us vs mexico war when

1ee34c  No.12389779


My bet is the military was deployed to do the "least minimum effort" tactic Trump has been doing (like how he warned Russia of impending air strikes a whole ago)

My money is on a (((paid militia))) going there to "support" the troops. I don't fucking know anymore, false flag is guaranteed

207d29  No.12389783




It's true, the military is there to facilitate the invasion not prevent it.

d5a730  No.12389797


Some (((armed militia))) will gun down some caravan spics and they'll use it as an excuse to ban them or worse.

9ee220  No.12389812

File: 8e27ca4aee062f6⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 840x420, 2:1, glowbelts2-1-of-1-2-840x42….jpg)


ZOGbots and (((militias))) literally glow in the dark ffs

47e363  No.12389824

>while warning of “incidents of unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.”

Yeah, that sounds extremely likely. Sounds like a fake ass report IMO. Anyways it isn't like the fucking Nasty Girls are going to do fuck all about stopping the problem. Military has been entirely useless for border protection of our so-called "Homeland" for 70 years.

844841  No.12389838


Also contain a lot of non-whites, as well as jews in the desk jobs. Its no joke, the US military is more and more jewish leadership leading dumb goys.

8bf55d  No.12389850

File: c6f7d8d50e1dc17⋯.png (386.68 KB, 1000x613, 1000:613, 54545454545.png)

File: 50e5099bd0e3da0⋯.jpg (285.32 KB, 1500x995, 300:199, race mixing communism2.jpg)

File: 0ed3a738c3f5311⋯.jpg (343.98 KB, 1300x940, 65:47, zogbots forcing race mixin….jpg)

>military sent to ensure illegals aren't prevented from getting in

muh based zogbots at it again

980aec  No.12389855

Daily reminder that support the troops is code for support greater Israel. Every military member ever is a douchebag faggot meathead who is so stupid they can be hypnotized to go increase the BP share price through one of those cringey BE A HERO AND DIE ALONE WITH PTSD AND PHYSICAL DISABLITIES DUMB GOYIM ads

dd4c91  No.12389868

inb4 false flag, pics of dead mexican mothers and children, and kike legislation banning militias, semi-autos, and white men

dd4c91  No.12389875


deep state influencing dot mil is very heavily jew at the top, also, because kikes pay politicians to appoint kikes. america is truly occupied

dd4c91  No.12389880


btw notice how they use the term "unregulated militia." That opens a legal pathway to arrest or shoot the militias since they are not "well-regulated" but classified as illegal

8bf55d  No.12389881




I truly despise people such as the three of you. You talk about how we need to keep our guns and yet the very prospect of others actually using those guns to defend against tyranny causes you to quake in fear and shriek false flag.

ae8619  No.12389887

"wE wAnT tO lEt ThEm In BeCaUsE wE nEeD tHe PeOpLe"

8bf55d  No.12389889


Good point and its such a kike play too. They know damned well that "well regulated" back then did not mean "regulated by the government".

d5a730  No.12389890


jews pretending to be militia and gunning down spics for their friends in the media to kvetch about is not "using those guns to defend against tyranny"

8bf55d  No.12389892


It truly is pathetic how you call white men defending their country from invaders jews.

d5a730  No.12389900



>white men

kill yourself

8bf55d  No.12389912


>no true white man would defend their country, true white men would just let it be invaded and overrun

Please tell me, when was it that you got your balls chopped off exactly?

dd4c91  No.12389926


Oh, I'm not quaking in fear or shrieking false flag. I AM saying they will 100% use this opportunity for a false flag. I'm sure there are plenty of honest militiamen down there, but they WON'T shoot, precisely because they've been informed that the military will shoot them if they do. The good guys will obey the rules. The false flaggers will cause mayhem.

8bf55d  No.12389933


There is NOTHING good or honorable in following rules that demand your people's extinction.

255e48  No.12389965


>The prospect of armed vigilantes showing up beside thousands of U.S. troops — along with Border Patrol agents, police officers and migrants — is considered serious enough that military planners have issued warnings to Army commanders.

>According to military planning documents obtained by Newsweek, the military is concerned about the arrival of “unregulated militia members self-deploying to the border in alleged support” of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

>The assessment estimates that 200 militia members could show up. “They operate under the guise of citizen patrols,” the report said, while warning of “incidents of unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.”

>The military report provided no further details about the alleged thefts.

"The military report provided no further details about the alleged thefts" is the most important part of this story. I'll bet anyone in this thread fifty bucks that no milita anywhere has stolen anything from the National Guard, and if anything has gone missing, it was taco goblins that stole it.

This is a groundless accusation they invented out of nothing to serve as a pretext for removing militas from the area. They're literally rolling out the red carpet to the invaders, and inventing reasons to stop anyone who might record them, witness them, or photograph them doing it. Trump is staging a show to look tough for voters while doing everything he can to bend over backwards and let these people in. Anyone rejected, if anyone is rejected, will almost certainly go on the list to legally immigrate, meaning 100% of them will get in, it's just a matter of when. That will be the "amazing compromise" the GOP will make with the Democrats. They're all in bed together, and incidents like this prove it.

/pol/ was, and remains, right about everything. Anyone who worships the cops or the military is a bluepilled faggot. ZOG is not your friend, and the very best servants of ZOG are still going to do what ZOG tells them to do because they like eating food and having a roof over their heads. Federal agents shot an unarmed woman and a toddler who were trying to surrender in the head at Ruby Ridge. A white woman and infant, trying to surrender, executed in cold blood, all over a shotgun barrel being a few centimeters shorter than Uncle Sam says it should be. If you think they're secretly on your side, you're beyond delusional and well into the realm of the self-brainwashing Stockholm Syndrome described in The Matrix. An NPC who fights to defend the system that enslaves it.

Trumptards will try to defend this. To everyone here that's still /pol/, I'll remind you all that the best thing we can do is to push the Jew rhetoric as hard as we possibly can over the next few years, to force Trump and the GOP to engage in openly philosemitic and openly antiwhite behavior. We all know that the establishment is a puppet for Israel and the Jews, and our best move is doing what we can to make that as obvious as possible to the average person. The Jew will name itself when provoked into kvetching, that's how most of us got here to start with: Ron Paul says smash the fed, the entire system calls Ron Paul an antisemite, and a bunch of dumbass Libertarians go "wait what." Then it happened again with Trump, Trump says America First, the entire system calls Trump an antisemite, and a bunch of dumbass patriots go "wait what."

It's a proven formula. We can make it happen again if we try. Force the issue, and a statistical majority of whites will side with their own interests when pressed.

592845  No.12389987

>US Military

>Strong on Israeli-borders

>Wet Nurse to illegals trying to safely enter the US illegally

The US military will not tolerate hateful, White Supremacist outdated border policies and bigoted Nationalistic nor Patriotic sentiment

Shoot patriots on-sight

6acf58  No.12389993


Militias are already banned in most states because of "muh racist whyte peepole" and OKC you stupid cuckold.

178ffd  No.12389998


Hopefully these events will help wake up the slower members of the board who still think ZOGbots are our friends. They are the military arm of the enemy, there may be some friendlies on the inside but they still serve the sworn enemy of our Volk.

99e03d  No.12390019


>3rd picture

problem glasses

8bf55d  No.12390039


>Why is this person wearing thick frames and thick glasses 50 years ago before lenses improved, must be along the lines of a fashion statement that modern leftists do

Everyone in that crowd was protesting white children being forced to go to school with niggers, show a bit of respect.

6f0198  No.12390043



INB4 MUH support our troops damage control

99e03d  No.12390052

178ffd  No.12390059


Don't apologize it's a sign of weakness.

255e48  No.12390094


>problem glasses

Fashion changes. Lipstick and makeup used to be exclusively the providence of whores and prostitutes, decent women didn't wear either. Women in old black and white films often protested being asked to wear makeup or lipstick to help make their faces pop a little more through the camera filter, because they thought it made them whores to wear it. It was seen as a big deal when Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, wore lipstick. Now every woman won't leave the house without layering on five or six levels of what used to be considered a whore's uniform.

I'm not even old, and I remember when flannel was quaint rural fashion for men who worked outdoors or lived in cold weather, and not something faggots and hipsters stole to make themselves feel manly and "hip by being square."

Like >>12390039 said, every single white person in those pictures was protesting desegregation as a violation of their constitutional right to Freedom of Association, and they did so when their opposition was a literal army with rifles, tanks, and jeeps with gun emplacements. That woman with problem glasses on was more pro-white and more on our side than any slutty e-celebrity out jiggling her tits in front of a camera and shilling for her digital tip jar.

The white pill is that we're going to win in the end, but the black pill is that the war for White Nationalism was already fought in this country and lost before any of us were ever born, and the heroes and martyrs of that struggle have been erased from all memory and will go unhonored for standing for their people when the whole world was arrayed against them. We wanted White Nationalism, and they said no. We wanted Paleoconservatism, and they said no. We wanted Libertarianism, and they said no. Now we're going to have National Socialism, come hell or high water. We're done asking.

45de7b  No.12390150


We are still here out, numbered maybe, but still here.

d0bf35  No.12390167


sometime in 2028…

after Trump' abolished all borders and told the world "c'mon in", the US military needed a new border to protect. now the National Guard and the 83rd Infantry of Who Gives A Shit Goy come to you house to house and block by block to open the border of your asshole and to hold your anus open while the bug chasers gift you with injections of hot poz up your boipucci.

love it or leave it.

72e2e0  No.12390189

File: 83026158bd6108b⋯.png (179.48 KB, 1180x434, 590:217, 2032 gun control.png)

d69cb3  No.12390196


they did invent the english language though

7d926b  No.12390223

File: 24b84cb75d6c139⋯.jpg (162.12 KB, 606x642, 101:107, if_you_only_knew_boy.jpg)

f2bc6f  No.12390248


OP is a fag by the source posted:


>“Once they get on U.S. soil, they need to be stopped and detained. We don’t have enough Border Patrol, ICE and Highway Patrol to handle them. If we get 2,000 or 3,000 people, we will need the militia,” Kleberg said.

> we will need the militia

What does we will need the militia mean, OP?

592845  No.12390254

<No borders

<No fences

<No locks o doors & windows

<Why not, no doors or windows

<No security systems

<No Law Enforcement

<No security guards

<No alphabet agencies

The Soros dream of one large 'Open Society' is realized

8bf55d  No.12390264


Kleberg has nothing to do with the government's position, he's just a ranch owner voicing his mind.

5f8ec7  No.12390612


not exactly, a lot of todays enlisted soldiery joined to fulfill the minimum requirements to get some free college and preferential loan rates to start small businesses.

t. disenfranchised former Army desk jockey working wage slave job.

748dae  No.12390621



a80da3  No.12391119

The military is forbidden by law from interfering with the actions of citizens, even if they've formed into a militia.

The warning is more of a "hands off and call the cops" sort of thing, and the cops don't have a case either until a land owner files a trespassing complaint, which is unlikely.

a80da3  No.12391140


A Great Time to Be Alive

That was a time when race mixing was against the law in most states, if you associated with a negro on anything other than a work basis you were shunned by the rest of white society as a "negro lover", people of color were not allowed to move into white neighborhoods, gays were thrown in prison, communist were driven from society with tar and feathers, atheists were treated like communist, and Jews were treated like niggers.

901706  No.12391419

Haha I told you fucking trumpcucks. Zognald sent them their to protect his little dreamers from the evil white men.

d58910  No.12391463

File: bb6eb2adaecc751⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 300x206, 150:103, BLM-standoff-bundy-ranch-3….jpg)


but a false flag is good. If the Military shoots Miltias to protect the illegals, then it won't look good for the military.

They don't want my picture to happen again.

I even want the military to take it to the next level. Physically escorting them into the country, the way they did for the blacks at little rock. Just imagine.

191275  No.12391520


Told you the army is only deployed to keep bloodshed from happening. They are not there to protect the border, or the country. Only to let these people move freely. Too bad goyim :^))))))

2cc56c  No.12391527


agreed 1000%

62d3cb  No.12391534

hey militia members reading this.. it would be damn shame if you guys shot mexicans IN mexico from the US side and started an international incident… please dont do it

9c9e51  No.12391881

We love our troops don't we folks?

24708c  No.12392237


But you bet your ass that they'll be flown 6000+ miles to defend the borders and walls of Israel were Iran, Syria, Russia etc to attack.

24708c  No.12392243


Only if they can censor it. BRING CAMERAS AND FILM/STREAM THE BORDER CROSSINGS. It goes without saying that you should adhere to any laws.

f17392  No.12392264


Yep. All military are scum

a22df2  No.12392283


I fucking called this shit. They arent there to stop the spics, they are there to escort them.

a22df2  No.12392294


There is not a single militia group in the country that has a hundred men or more, and actually drills regularly and maintains fitness. They dont exist.

9c957e  No.12392298


Good point. I spotted that odd turn of phrase myself but failed to ponder it.

deb362  No.12392300


yeah well i called it first. well maybe i did, who knows.

a22df2  No.12392314


>The military is forbidden by law

When Arms Speak, The Law Falls Silent.

04e49c  No.12392354

What a coincidence this news pops up the same day a bar called "Borderline" gets shot up by a disgruntled exmilitary pawn.

b2f9be  No.12392355

b2f9be  No.12392394


>Jews were treated like niggers.

Yet they still ruled over your society, even then, slowly eroding it, the fact that laws were passed in favor of segregation alone, proves it. Although the racial setup in the USA in the 50s was far from perfect and agitation and conflict was always inevitable, you can't split up cities and towns into racial sections it just doesnt work, you either give them a few states and wall it off, or you deport them all, there is no middle ground that is feasible elsewhere.

bb5d32  No.12392418


You are misinformed. There are hundreds of militia groups with three digit membership numbers. Wargame activities vary, but they're all preparing as best as they can for day x and if they joined forces and formed a military, it would be one of the most well-equipped best-trained militaries in the world. Every state has dozens of large militia groups, they just don't like to draw attention to themselves for obvious reasons.

bb5d32  No.12392425


California alone has over 40.000 militia men

9c957e  No.12392444



>muh ego

/pol/ is always right. There were many anons calling this out, some I suspect were just employing dark humor, but sure enough, the worst case will come to pass.

I suspect we might even see the army build the migrants a massive tent city. The women and children will be sent to the cities with welfare cards, and the gangbangers will probably be dropped into Syria or Iran as cannon fodder for the next war.

24708c  No.12392465


> you can't split up cities and towns into racial sections it just doesnt work

Chinatown comes to mind.

2b09e6  No.12392480


Also little italy

511867  No.12392485


Yep fucking called it.


718543  No.12392496

File: 8430654ef251eef⋯.gif (725 KB, 512x512, 1:1, break in.gif)


>just like we said


Get out.

36d21a  No.12392519


Funny considering people still shilling for Trump said spics would be shot for throwing rocks, only to be wrong as they wouldn't even be near them. People in those thread were stating they would be there to prevent people from shooting shitskins only to be shown as correct. BASED posters have been fucking wrong at every turn when it comes to Trump actually doing anything that he alluded to when it came to the caravan. I get that one should use we to speak for the board, but you can't really defend the administration at all.

12d21e  No.12392590


There goes my last bit of support for the military.

8cb1fe  No.12392597



8cb1fe  No.12392601


Cry more, ban evading paid jewish shill. Trump himself said they’re all getting in.

4c399b  No.12392615


nah military is full of BASED DACApedes and even more BASED black men

ebe7a8  No.12392627


we called it

8bf55d  No.12392650


You fuck off you absolute disgrace, jews are trying to wipe out your people and the thought of anyone attempting to fight back instead of just laying down to die sends you into a fit.

8cb1fe  No.12392655


>totally not ban evading paid jewish shill.txt

We don’t care. Nothing you say is relevant.

>he did not

He did. The tents are already up. They are all getting in. You have absolutely nothing left, reddit.

8d05f5  No.12392667


Just like /pol/ said is the we he is referring to.

The_Donald retards not included.

dd4c91  No.12392668


No. They're building the razor wire to help block off areas where the shitskins might cross illegally. That's because the military is there to corral the spics across legal checkpoints and bring them to their taxpayer-paid housing in order to give food, water, medical care, and to allow ICE to begin the asylum process.

dd4c91  No.12392678


They run a lot of traffic through Canada, also.

2cc56c  No.12392681


Maybe I should go down there to get some of that free stuff. Could use a vacation

8cb1fe  No.12392685


Yep, it has already been posted. The tent cities are built. Every single person in the last caravan was allowed in. Every single person in this caravan will be allowed in. His own twitter shows this. You don’t set the rules, ban evading paid jewish shill.

dd4c91  No.12392695


Dude. He already put up the tents to house them. General Dunford stated the military will not be allowed to interact at all with the caravan except supported ICE/CBP. And then the military issued this warning internally about militias.

You don't get to set the bar of proof, because that means you can just set any bar of proof you want and make it impossible. Trump is not going to make a statement like that and he wouldn't. The evidence is already overwhelming what's going on. Again, you do not get to set the burden of proof, and not meeting your impossible burden doesn't prove something false.

f1eaae  No.12392703

File: 46e6992a3c78765⋯.png (387.2 KB, 816x684, 68:57, disregard magaposters.png)


>Military was mobilized to prevent citizens from stopping illegals from getting in. They're there to roll out the red carpet just like we said. /pol/ is always right.

MAGAspastics who thought that Daddy Drumpf was sending the military to do anything other than safely escort the shitskin invaders epicly BTFO


dd4c91  No.12392706


Everybody look at this kike argumentation technique. He sets a standard of proof that is impossible, and then when the impossible standard cannot be met, he will claim (incorrectly) that failing to meet the impossible burden of proof that HE set means an assertion is false.

The "you have 10 minutes" is really the icing on the cake.

This is extremely jewish. Having argued with many a jew in my life, I've seen this kind of garbage, bullshit, illogical argumentation used.

8bf55d  No.12392716


He already did it, he didn't even give the 10 minutes that he set himself. >>12392700

718543  No.12392721

File: 1e67edc0e501a78⋯.png (547.15 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 1e67edc0e501a789b918bacf87….png)







Nice proxies faggot.

dd4c91  No.12392727


When I say that technique is jewish, I really mean that unironically from many real-life encounters arguing with kikes (professionally and personally). That particular tactic of setting an impossible standard of proof and then claiming that failing to meet that impossible standard means an assertion is disproven is notoriously kikey.

8cb1fe  No.12392730


The tents are built. The tweets are public. They are all being let in. Every single last one of them.

Go back to reddit. Now.

1be0f5  No.12392731


If proven true they must be stopped by the citizens.

633cdc  No.12392732


That's an idea.

>Require all fighting age male spics (see: vast majority of immigrants) complete a tour of duty in the armed forces before they can enter the country. Replace whites on the front line with beans. More whites stay alive, fewer beans survive and make it into the country, jews have trouble winning (((wars))) with subhuman intelligence spic troops.

>And other shit that will never ever happen

8cb1fe  No.12392735


>if proven true

It’s already proven. Reminder that no one will ever do anything about this.

633cdc  No.12392739


Actual proof?

25df30  No.12392744

This was the goal from day 1 of sending the military down there.

To illegally murder any legal Americans legally protecting America.

Trump made it seem like the Military was sent there to stop the caravan with his super based 88d chess tweets. But we all knew that those were just le ebin dog whistle.

1be0f5  No.12392745


Where is the proof

8cb1fe  No.12392748


>trillions in white taxpayer dollars going to continued military waste





You are not on reddit. /pol/ does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG. This only bothers people who do not belong here. Trump has personally confirmed that they’re getting in. You are paid to post here.


Read the thread.

633cdc  No.12392749


>Sets a standard of proof that's impossible

Thanks for admitting you're completely bullshitting.

633cdc  No.12392751




9519d0  No.12392763


Stop being right God dammit

>inb4 falseflag

>inb4 skirmish between militiamen and US Army

You guys getting comfy?

1be0f5  No.12392764


I see no proof. Just shitposting.

dd4c91  No.12392770


The use of "unregulated" to refer to ALL militias is clearly unreasonable. The military is using that vast, sweeping language specifically to establish legal groundwork to arrest or shoot militias. There is no other reason to use that language. It was very likely drafted on advice of some wet-behind-the-ears JAG literal faggot.

1be0f5  No.12392777


And that JAG faggot should be tried for treason.

dd4c91  No.12392787


Prove to me that you aren't a faggot. Show me video evidence of a woman you fucked stating that you're the father of her child. You have ten minutes.

dd4c91  No.12392791


JAGS are actually that stupid. Actually, the problem is a lot of them are young and just terrible lawyers, period.

dd4c91  No.12392806


Another thing you're doing here is failing to introduce any of your own evidence to refute the existing evidence

Existing evidence:

(1) Tents

(2) Dunford's statement that the military cannot have contact with the immigrants

(3) Military's warning about the militias

Instead of attempting to refute the evidence and implications thereof in (1)-(3), you're saying, (((but wait, you need to show this other (impossible thing), because that's the only thing I will accept as proof! You have ten minutes!)))

You need to refute the existing evidence first before you set your own arbitrary standard of what constitutes proof. PS, you can't jew me. I've seen this type of argument probably 500 times even in a professional setting. It's jewish and it's shit.

8bf55d  No.12392831


>Here is this evidence showing that the man is guilty of murder, we have his fingerprints and DNA at the scene as well as sworn witness testimony telling us what hours his vehicle was parked there

<Its not true there's no video evidence of him actually killing anyone

>You didn't even attempt to address the actual existing evidence

<Well I can't prove a negative, that evidence just needs to be ignored, provide the video

4ae7c3  No.12392857


>You don't send the military and send up a holding pen to let them in

I love how its 88D chess mental gymnastics when Trump is supposedly doing something in our favor.

But if its him showing his loyalty to pissrael, then NO THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE HE WOULDN'T HAVE ANY GUILE THEN.

shills/magatards are dumb

8bf55d  No.12392886


>False analogy

Seems appropriate to me.

>The evidence has been addressed

Hadn't been when I hit post, you should know all the issues the site is having.

8bf55d  No.12392901


>shills/magatards are dumb

They're desperate, not dumb. They have to cling to any tentative hope that Trump is actually pro-white because the alternative is facing the fact that the ballot has proven not to be an option and they don't want to face that hard truth.

4ae7c3  No.12392911



You said it

dd4c91  No.12392918


It's not "proving a negative." It's refuting the existing evidence for a proposition and any reasonable inferences that can be drawn from that evidence. You've provided no evidence of your own to REFUTE the existing evidence. Instead, you say, no, none of that evidence matters, here's MY personal standard for evidence you must meet. Oh, it seems impossible? Well, then the proposition must not be true!

If you were a defense lawyer and the prosecution hit you with eyewitness testimony, financial records, and fingerprints, and you came back and said, "but you don't have DNA evidence!" guess what? Your client is guilty.

You're not only doing jewish pilpul bullshit, but you're also not high-IQ enough to do it well.

015ce1  No.12392923


Fuck off, any militiaman that shoots illegals trying to come in is a literal fucking hero. A suicidal retard, sure, but a hero nonetheless. Hell, just imagine it "Next caravan turns back after shocking footage of white americans shooting the first one dead emerges", it would be the greatest news headline to come out in the last 100 years.

I'm not advocating for violence, not a single one of you should ever do this shit and I have no intention of doing so either, but facts are facts, the idiot that risks his life and future to prevent the browning of america is a fucking hero.

d58910  No.12392930

Would openly stating that Miltias will be allowed to shoot at their own leisure at both invader & propagandist be a good way to get money & man power for the military?

The moment you travel to the south to be a human shield with Cameras as your armor is when you've crossed the line.

4ae7c3  No.12392931


I was all aboard the Trump-train.

Even back when the YUGE defense bill got passed (along with the billion dollar aid package to our greatest ally).

When the Q-tards (or whoever) said "Trump is gonna use the army core of engineers to build the wall, hence the need for the big ass defense bill" I believed it.


dd4c91  No.12392933


Again, you are ignoring the evidence. The evidence is NOT consistent with rejecting the invaders. Dunford directly stated the military CANNOT interact with the invaders. The military is there solely in a support capacity for CBP to block illegal crossing areas. The tents are there because the invaders will be routed through legal checkpoints and provided the opportunity (per US law) to apply for asylum. By law, they are all entitled to apply for asylum.

You can't kike your way out of this. It's pathetic that you're on here still trying. The midterms are over. It's exhausting arguing with you manipulative jews.

8bf55d  No.12392935


It would only be idiotic if he was unaware of what it would cost him, if he did it knowingly that's not being dumb that's being courageous.

8bf55d  No.12392944


>low level of crime in blacks

That's only because they were punished harshly which was necessary to keep them from chimping out.

dd4c91  No.12392946


Wait, so US psy ops does not work for Trump? Kek.

15001d  No.12392949


You know what the most sad part is? That in both scenarios the jew wins.

If militia-man starts killing shitskins - left goes nuts, brings international cuckrage with it and they force the army to guard shitskins waltzing into the country.

If militia-man doesn't shoot them - well see Germany and Sweden.

The passive-aggresive baiting of violence is the most genious and devious tactic jew ever unleashed to this world and it has full media, guilt and npc support to drive it through.

015ce1  No.12392951


>it would be idiotic if he was unaware of the cost

It's stupid because it's one less free, armed, nationalist white man to stop not enough of the spics. Even if he was completely ignorant of the cost I'd still say he was being courageous and heroic.

25df30  No.12392952

File: 7dce90d20ffd426⋯.jpg (37.2 KB, 181x557, 181:557, 50e5099bd0e3da0864fb84ae9a….jpg)



You're too big goy! Look at all that toxic masculinity.

8cb1fe  No.12392953


Reminder that the tent city is already built and Trump himself said that they’re all getting in.

2cc56c  No.12392955


option 1 it is then

8cb1fe  No.12392957


>can’t even read

Hi, reddit. Your kike god has been exposed.

015ce1  No.12392959


>baiting violence is the most genius and devious jew tactic

It's only genius until the bait is taken up by too many.

dd4c91  No.12392961



Yep. 1.3 trillion. $3.1 billion went to Israel. There was also money for Jordan, Afghanistan, etc. Here we are talking about how amazing concertina wire for a hundred miles is.

Not sure what part of "there will never be a wall" the GOP is too stupid to get. Probably the same voters who think Florida enfranchising 1.5 million felons is meaningless, or those who think Texas can somehow stay red. Delusional thinking probably due to substance abuse and low IQ is common among a lot of tards still hanging on to Trump. Whites either fight for themselves and take responsibility for their own fate very soon or we're done.

901706  No.12392962

Are you tired of winning yet, r/The_Pol

15001d  No.12392967


it's the most risky but that's all that's left now


seeing the modern rise in amount of cucks in the west, resulting by generations of nigger love propaganda and feminism it might've hit critical point

25df30  No.12392968


This has been known since Trump started tweeting about the invasion force. The moment Trump took an eye to it was the moment the US was fucked on the issue.

8bf55d  No.12392970


>one less, free, armed, nationalist white man to stop not enough spics

Who knows how many it'd stop, that one action could stop thousands if it put some fear in them. Besides people have to act at some point, that or just die on their knees like a coward, and each man will have to make the decision as to when its time for them to do individually.

633cdc  No.12392971


>>trillions in white taxpayer dollars going to continued military waste

Rather lose white money than white lives.

633cdc  No.12392981


>Have no proof

>Desperately try to deflect and call other people faggots for asking for proof


dd4c91  No.12392993


The evidence is NOT consistent with your alternate explanation, because the military was EXPLICITLY ordered NOT to interact with the caravan. They are therefore NOT there to turn back the caravan. The military was also ordered to watch of muh eebil militias. And tents are built for housing–how the FUCK is that consistent with any explanation that the military intends to turn the caravan back? WHY THE FUCK WOULD THERE EVEN BE TENTS THEN?

Do you realize you cannot keep this up? You do not have the kike sophistry to maintain this goddamn pilpul bullshit. I've seen every possible technique you can use. Can't believe you fuckers are still here after the election shitting up what was once a site devoted to facts and truth. Get it through your head. You will NOT make this site a Trump dicksucking site. This site is about truth and facts. You're filtered, you fucking kike piece of shit.

21f168  No.12392994


trumpkikes are redditors who came over during the election while the reddit mods were liquidating every reddit bitch

21f168  No.12392997


*bitch that didn't suck enough black dick

015ce1  No.12392998


>it might stop thousands if it put some fear in them

I'd hope so

>people have to act at some point, that or die on their knees like a coward

Again, if any of them shoot they're heroes. Would attend funeral and pay respects.

8cb1fe  No.12393001


>orange man good


/pol/ does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

This statement only bothers people who do not belong here.

4ae7c3  No.12393006


> Eglin AFB shill

Lol that was awfully specific

7d5deb  No.12393007



He might want to pull a Orban. a small strip of land where they camp out on american soil before being emphatically rejected for immigration or asylum. Then build a wall between that strip of land and the rest of america so no international treaties are being used to whip up a legal fight.

633cdc  No.12393009


>Containing the shitskins in a concentration camp means they'll all be allowed in

>Telling the military not to touch the shitskins means they'll be allowed in

>Warning the military to watch out for "(((militias)))" trying to false flag means they'll all be let in.

I'm sure the logic is there in your kike mind but white people need more proof before they start believing stupid bullshit like this.

8cb1fe  No.12393010

File: 81bba07e669bd22⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 5000x4748, 1250:1187, RaEqXxr.jpg)


>sent back



>false dichotomy and zero understanding of what money implies

Not an argument.

015ce1  No.12393015


>before you get sent back

You mean like the first caravan of which 98% still remain in the country?

>because the president doesn't want bad optics of opening fire on unarmed women and children

Yeah if he just plays MUH PR it will work for sure. Get out nigger, you're clearly new. Ask gamergays how well muh pr went for them.

8cb1fe  No.12393017


They sent the military to stop white militias from killing the spics. And built a tent city ON AMERICAN SOIL to ensure that ALL THE SPICS ARE ENTERING THE COUNTRY, yes. You are a ban evading paid jewish shill.

dd4c91  No.12393019


My "proof" is the evidence ALREADY PRESENTED:

(1) Dunford saying military shall not interact with the caravan

(2) Military memo warning about militias

(3) Tents designed to house immigrants

This is the evidence that the faggot kike above has repeatedly failed to address, or has falsely claimed is consistent with turning the caravan away. That is simply NOT the case when you have literal tents waiting to house them. The ONLY possible role of the military here is to aid CBP to stop illegal crossings. By law, the migrants are entitled to seek asylum. 100% of them WILL be allowed to seek asylum, and the military will not do a thing.

This kike poster is using kike techniques demanding an additional item of proof, so then he can say, oh you didn't meet my standard? Then your argument must be false. It is completely jewish and pathetic. Exhausting to argue with you idiots.

d267d8  No.12393022


Lmao trs was running damage control on this

91366f  No.12393028


Pretty funny that Trump is literally doing what Merkel did in 2015 and he still has shills defending him

dd4c91  No.12393031


Yes, this. Trump's kike shills have a very difficult time acknowledging that the ONLY purpose of a tent city MUST be to house the cockroaches.

Going to have to filter and be done with this. This site has been completely taken over by Trump shills.

015ce1  No.12393032


>I have no argument so I'm going to call you names! WAAAAAA!

Hilarious coming from the kike redditor who refuses to address >>12393019 and >>12393010

633cdc  No.12393033


>Build concentration camp for migrants


>Tell military to support border patrol rather than be the first line


>Also tell the military to watch out for "(((militias)))" that are likely to pull a (((false flag)))


your kike logic is full of holes, lad.

4ae7c3  No.12393034


I was mocking YOU, retard

633cdc  No.12393052


>White people should die in kike wars instead of have to just pay taxes for kike wars while staying alive

I don't need any more arguments when you expose yourself this blatantly.

511867  No.12393054

>ITT some people still think Trump won't let them in

>even though we built a tent city for them

>on this side of the border

Just filter the idiots

8cb1fe  No.12393062


>i have no argument

Yes, you have no argument



>oy vey muh buzzwords


633cdc  No.12393064


>Build literal concentration camp for spics


8bf55d  No.12393068


Its depressing is what it is. We are on a board where every anon is aware of the existential threat that jews pose and yet far too many just spam kike at anyone that points out the multiple ways that Trump serves jewish interests. Their hope is so fragile that they fight to defend it and damn the facts. I worry that when their delusion is finally shattered it won't make them stronger, they'll just go full blackpill instead.

8cb1fe  No.12393070


>let spics into the country

>deport zero spics

>this is not a bad thing


You can’t fool us, you fucking subhuman.

633cdc  No.12393074

Posting this again just to make sure everyone sees.


>White people should die in kike wars instead of have to just pay taxes for kike wars while staying alive

8cb1fe  No.12393076


They were never /pol/acks. Imkikey brought them here from reddit and codemonkey protects them now, banning the mods that removed them.


Reminder that every single spic is going to be let in. Trump himself said so.

4ae7c3  No.12393077


>not using = barebacking

VPN you dumb nigger


dd4c91  No.12393078


They'll probably just do what they did with the last caravan and memoryhole it. What pisses me off the most about these orwellian shills is more the implications of the existence of the shilling itself. They abuse NDAA 2013 to such an unbelievable extent when that language was totally unconstitutional and violated congressional policy and multiple court decisions since COINTELPRO and the Church Committee/Operation Mockingbird controversy, and because it just slipped by under Obama, now we're seeing this non-stop government propaganda targeted domestically. Among the other very damaging things Obama did, lifting the ban on domestic propaganda has to be one of the most damaging long-term.

d47f1d  No.12393079


Unfortunately, the illegals do not have to stay there. They will be provided with food and water that hopefully keeps them there while they are processed, but they are allowed to leave at any time.

511867  No.12393082


>concentration camps

And now you're in FILTERED CAMP

8cb1fe  No.12393084


>you HAVE to fall for my false dichotomy

>you can’t think of ANY other option than what exists now and what I said

>NOTHING is true except for these two things

>also give me all your money goyim

Reposting so everyone can see, yes.

015ce1  No.12393086


>omg they're letting them into a concentration camp

Where's the concentration camp at? Oh right the US. Why are they even allowed into the US, under intl law they're supposed to stop at the first country that can take them in, which would be Mexico. We have the right to tell them to fuck off without even letting them step foot inside the country as a result.

>tell military to support border patrol rather than be the first line means they're there to help them in

Except they are there to help them in, they're not keeping them out now are they? In fact they're actively going against militiamen that seek to keep them out which really further proves it

>they're protecting the migrants from (((militia false flaggers)))!!!!

I think you mean militia heroes anon.

BTW: ITS A FUCKING TENT CITY. You're telling me they can't escape from that shit in the middle of the night? Shitskins leave euro "migrant camps" all the fucking time without them even being aware. Why should I expect the zog to magically be any different?


>only tor can be used to post anonymously

>vpn's dont exist


8cb1fe  No.12393094


>I get to set the terms of engagement, goyim

>anything that hurts my feelings is a lie

>everything else is true

That you’re too stupid to find an open source VPN of your own proves your lack of worth.

633cdc  No.12393099


>rounding up all the spics for processing (less than 1% get approved) is bad

>We should have just let them all swarm in without a place to keep them concentrated

Just shooting them all would be the best outcome but concentration camps to keep them from escaping into the country is an acceptable minimum.

>Inb4 you claim "every single last one will be let in" with no proof or evidence again

a11a80  No.12393102






























Look who it is again, ID 000000. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "000000" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.

633cdc  No.12393105


>Except they are there to help them in

I guess asking for proof of this is a lost cause at this point.

8bf55d  No.12393106


>What pisses me off the most about these orwellian shills is more the implications of the existence of the shilling itself. They abuse NDAA 2013 to such an unbelievable extent when that language was totally unconstitutional and violated congressional policy and multiple court decisions since COINTELPRO and the Church Committee/Operation Mockingbird controversy, and because it just slipped by under Obama, now we're seeing this non-stop government propaganda targeted domestically.

Its more likely to be NGOs that wouldn't even need to care about such things in my opinion but who knows for sure.

4ae7c3  No.12393112



You're a fucking moron



511867  No.12393115


TOR is a honeypot; google around for it. Or keep using it, but keep in mind that you're basically wearing a neon sign around your neck and shouting through a megaphone "I'M INVISIBLE" to your ISP and the gov't.

633cdc  No.12393116


>BTFO yourself by blatantly stating that you want white people to die

>It gets highlighted for everyone to see



4ae7c3  No.12393117



633cdc  No.12393120


>He doesn't know what Tor is

96eb57  No.12393121

lol. As soon as Trump announced the deployment, somebody in the thread said he did it protect pablo from the militia. Always right.

511867  No.12393124

File: cea3567340f932a⋯.jpg (374.1 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, 97a67bf235dcc5f387d0146558….jpg)

4ae7c3  No.12393125


>only uses Tor, doesn't know about vpns of the fact that NSA controls half of all exit nodes for Tor

This is what an idiot sounds like

8cb1fe  No.12393130

File: a1fd3ce1be21863⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 8c5.jpg)

File: 07385e6cd808d2b⋯.jpeg (671.67 KB, 1195x1195, 1:1, 7FF5E626-D597-4C75-940D-D….jpeg)


>rounding up

Fun fact: you are shilling for letting spics into the country.


Fun fact: this means letting them into the country.

>less than

Every single last one of them is getting in. Just like all the spics before them.

>keep them from

Yeah, you were proven wrong.

>no proof or evidence

Already posted in the thread, paid jewish shill.






I love this copypasta.


>I am unable to

Global report.


4ae7c3  No.12393136


>Use a VPN with thin traffic and a single node

Nigger thinks there's only 1 vpn provider located in Liberia with 1 node


8cb1fe  No.12393144


Yawn. Already proven wrong.

91366f  No.12393146

File: e24b49f667cb0f7⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 450x338, 225:169, old meme.jpg)

8d05f5  No.12393148


Low level trolling.

What the fuck is there to discuss ITT?

/pol/ was right.

afca8d  No.12393158


>Army was just deployed to stop militia

/pol/ is always right

511867  No.12393160


It stops automated low tier dragnet surveillance, but they can still use a number of techniques to track you down if they really want to. The most immediate danger is that you get put on every fucking list for having TOR traffic through a residential ISP line. It's incredibly conspicuous.

8cb1fe  No.12393177


Yep, you were already linked to proof that you are lying,


dd4c91  No.12393189


I'd guess a lot of NGOs are responsible, but a lot of this really is NDAA 2013. It's on a lot of other sites as well. There's been an explosion of it.

(In this thread, not that this proves it, but just noting–the shill accuses posters of being GCHQ and promotes Tor, and he/she specifically mentions Eglin AFB. Odd things to say to try to discredit others, because who the fuck would think of or even know about those things unless they were working for zog and using NDAA 2013. I digress.)

a59b24  No.12393190


This is tried and true.

e18306  No.12393200

Both Mattis and Dunford are guilty of treason. I'm not pro-Trump at all and I recognize this fact. A kike parasite (especially one using TOR) would never be capable of showing such honesty. In an alternate reality where the US isn't run by the military, you could get both of them arrested and replaced by people who understand what the first priority of the military should be. There will be no tent cities or concentrations camps, they're all going to line up and enter the country. Various NGOs and all the MSM will be on site. All law enforcement and military resources will focus on (((maintaining order))).

I challenge anyone to get within 25 miles of any "sensitive/black budget" US military installation. You'll get arrested or shot within minutes. You have a military deployed on the entire planet and the public is only aware of the most basic aspects of this worldwide deployment. The same public foolishly believe the military cares about protecting the nation when all evidence points to the exact opposite conclusion. When they claim that any direct action against the invaders would be illegal, they not only think you'll all fools but also let you know that protecting the country isn't what their mission is.

511867  No.12393206


TOR has been exploited in the past. It came bundled with an older version of Firefox which had a known exploit and basically gave the feds full access to your traffic, and all TOR traffic was collected (not just the metadata as is typical with ISP traffic). They also control a large number of relay nodes, and can use buffered analysis to see which sites you're going on. TOR is gives its users a false sense of security. Anyways, best of luck to you.

dd4c91  No.12393244


We live in the home base of an empire that's its own organism completely divorced from any notion anyone here in the home base might have of "nation" or "United States." The organism that is the US empire acts only to maintain and expand the organism's power and wealth separate and apart from any concern of the home base citizens. Pretty weird.

6acf58  No.12393303


Typical trumpnigger, glorifying a nigger loving communist that murdered white people.

91366f  No.12393503


Get fucked kikey

8bf55d  No.12393587


Civil War happened because the North was dependent on the South to supply them so they could continue growing their industrial sector, yet simultaneously they wanted to destroy the south's way of life. This is why Lincoln sent troops to the exact place that the South had already declared would be considered a red line and would provoke secession.

b513d2  No.12393600


>warning of “incidents of unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.”

This is a common tactic of kikes. They just lie. When in doubt, just boldly lie. As long as you tell a lie they all want to believe, they'll repeat it, and there is no reckoning.

d267d8  No.12393641


criminally underchecked trips

91fa00  No.12393802

The real problem are pedophiles smuggling kids, just check the amount of little kids alone in that place, their moms put them there so they can be "adopted".

8bf55d  No.12393870


Thank you for supporting a nigger loving president that ruined my state, you will burn in hell I hope you know.

8bf55d  No.12393902


You're denying historical facts and calling them speculation so I have no reason to humor you further.

8dcdd1  No.12393911

>Army receives orders to make hostile actions against their direct citizen superiors on US soil where the army legally can't be deployed.

Which chess move is this again?

8bf55d  No.12393927


That supplies and arms were sent to Fort Sumter with Lincoln having full knowledge that the South had said that would not be tolerated and would be seen as an act of aggression and returned in kind.

d58910  No.12393971


The war happened because of what the EU did similar to it's members such as Greece & Spain.

8bf55d  No.12393981


It was South Carolina clay, they should have already evacuated. As for the man being a they were the aristocratic class and did a good job of caring for their people before the kikes subverted them, most of the founders had mason connections.

dd4c91  No.12394020


Holy shit, the same guy shilling for Tor, accusing people of posting from Eglin AFB, and arguing relentlessly that tents for the caravan really means the caravan is going to be driven away is now arguing that Lincoln did the right thing because he was supplying a "federal installation." Even shilling for zog interpretation of history.

d6d846  No.12394072

>watch who you're shooting at

<lolz they shooting white bois! LELZONE1one1!1!

823cee  No.12394147


HAHAHAH OH WOW! Well, it was fun /pol/, what the fuck do we do now? I'm slowly getting to the point where I see there is absolutely no hope for America.

c9c638  No.12394198

Lmao militias can just cross the border and play rambo in mexico.

685693  No.12394230

>trump is going to use the military to give the illegals a grand celebratory entrance

like always, your nutty predictions will prove to be total bullshit.

dd4c91  No.12394262


>a grand celebratory entrance

This is a complete strawman. OP is relating the actual memo warning the military about militias. Since the tents are already built, obviously any role the military COULD have would be to assist CBP and ICE with various duties, and by law, since all the refugees are applying for asylum, those duties would be whatever it takes to get all the refugees processed in and housed

TL;DR the only role the military can have is helping the shitskins enter

Also, nice (1). How's Eglin, you fucking faggot

0b3b2f  No.12394264


They probably have to start doing this. I'm sure the number of whites they can trick into becoming ZOG bots drops every year.

5dabf6  No.12394289


I hope the uncucked militias go full "screw your optics, we are going in" and engage in skirmishes against spics and ZOGbots alike. The right moment for trumpkike to cuckout, denounce those militias that willingly defended their country's border and let the spics in(implying they didn't run away the moment gunshots were heard on the distance) while further polarizing and radicalizing the population.

496b99  No.12394309


I am not to worried about this /pol/ since most redditniggers either leave or convert, the one I am worried about is cucks/pol/ simply because is more influential and more people fall for disinfo such like hitler is a muslim or that hitler was this or that, trump theory where he is damaged or flatearth, or that natsoc is socialism, fascism is leftist. Etc… Etc…

685693  No.12394330


>OP is relating the actual memo warning the military about militias.

yes, and your guys' take on it is as usual, paranoid, moronic, and based on virtue signaling. It will not be hard to figure out the truth of whether or not they get to enter in the coming weeks, rather than saying what will happen before it happens. There's already been numerous "trump is totally converged now!! it's over!!" moments which resulted in absolutely nothing. I mean, if /pol/'s predictions were correct, Israel and Syria would already be in all-out hot warfare.

then again, I'm talking politics here, when the purpose of this board is apocalyptic larping.

496b99  No.12394368


Is denial.

I was on the trump train then denial

Then admit we've been played.

Hitler and many others like pierce and dudley warned us about (((democracy))) maybe the last legit politician was probably ron paul.

Maybe the only good outcome of trump is overton window shift.

bbe855  No.12394380


People shouldn't have fallen for the meme in the first place. Trump obviously wasn't even a racist. He's always clearly been a populist. Just temper your expectations for him and there's no problem.

4dd4d1  No.12394400

>tfw some faggots on /pol/ think I'm a zogbot when all I do is drop nuclear grade redpills to as many people under me as possible and take up benefits spots that could otherwise go to a nigger

I will work harder.

496b99  No.12394420


Ww 1 was caused by jews and ww 2 was simply a jewish war to the only people that would've stopped their influence and giving other nations to say no to rising jewish influence.

They killed patton because he called the (((allies))) out for it.

9372c8  No.12394429


>expect a false flag at the border

The predictive programming is already in place.

Most recent shooting was at the border line bar

496b99  No.12394432


I know that, I am sure most of /pol/ was aware of it, but the least he can do is help white americans and speak out against anti white rhetoric and actually deliver one of his promises that is all he really needed to do he isn't the endgame, but sending millions of fucking bucks to israel and focusing on israel first and then letting laws like criticizing israel will put you in jail is just unacceptable.

dcc5b4  No.12394437




Why doesn't anyone use i2p?

e80c21  No.12394448



I rather have a fucking puppet than an absolute backstabbing madman.

e80c21  No.12394452


It's only used to find other /pol/ bunkers and chans which I doubt anyone is willing to go, was planning to try it out to visit fascist chan to see if it's a glow in the dark place.

Though not to sure and to lazy to go.

e80c21  No.12394486

File: b3803678b788132⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 580x584, 145:146, 1509042125798.jpg)


Hitler would've won had he not been to soft and forgiving to his enemies this and was hitler's only mistake. He was simply to compassionate for his own good, I cannot blame hitler for having this trait and it is the same trait is what brought germany's feet back up from weimar and delivered his promises leading people to believe him more. It has acted as both a strength and a weakness, after reading goebbals and many other stories just made me sorry for germany.

Then kikes got in control and decided to assassinate people and erase them off of history that goes against them.

e80c21  No.12394555


/pol/ has been tricked before anon, this isn't the only time it has.

/pol/ fallen for the milo and alt right meme and woke up a bit later if there is still no wall or any of that almost all of /pol/ will wake up that is if the majority are not frustrated already. I am not to worried about true /pol/ than I am on cuck/pol/

>inb4 who gives a shit.

You are forgetting cuck /pol/ are filled with literal retards ever since the exodus and the rest decided to leave early 2018 I am not worried about this board since I know it can take care of it's self and simply can smell jewish subversion a mile away and call out disinfo when it sees one. Cuck /pol/ on the other hand is a lot more influential than this board hence the amount of shilling over there compared to here and the fact that board easily falls for disinfo and it gets spread around and keeps falling for such obvious bullshit that other normalfags simply cannot tell a difference. The shills over there calls this place this stormfag base or insane nazies club I mean they are not wrong since this board admires hitler and are simply fascists or natsoc or any variation of it. This site and board simply acts as a containment to keep us with (((nazi and white supremacist views))) in check any mention gets called a glow in the dark or a stormfaggot. Hopefully cuck/pol\ with no wall or promises being delivered will be a wake up call.

3650ee  No.12394593

someone drop zogbots and beaners so we can watch it all burn

3650ee  No.12394603


Lurk more before posting and you come off as legitimately stupid.

496b99  No.12394617

File: 00cdf7a63f49f9d⋯.png (80.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a0z060s.png)


Trips don't lie

I do agree, kind of….

Cuck/pol/ is somewhat a lost cause, but it's still against jews and israel, the problem is like you said they easily keep falling for disinformation where they unironically thought hitler was a muslim or national socialism is actually socialism and fell for that little is a glow in the dark along with george lincoln and murdoch murdoch is a jew. They are pretty low iq and most of all really fucking retarded and many more fallacies.

They can't have /sig/ threads over there redpill threads are hard to come by over there and /nsg/ hardly gets any attention over there. They are influential and the problem with that is they could be leading newfags unknowingly to believe disinformation.

e80c21  No.12394642


I've been here for a long time faggot.

055525  No.12394663


>self-deploying to the border in alleged support” of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

>not in actual support of country


>warning of “incidents of unregulated militias stealing


055525  No.12394680


This is because the kike media and violent leftist domestic enemy traitors have repeated the fake narrative that Americans don't want invaders shot one foot inside the border.












8163e1  No.12394787


Anon… Serious question: do you think the united states military does not have the capability to neutralize outgoing data if they deem it to be a matter of (((force protection)))?

773e06  No.12394822

File: 5e87c379396be3a⋯.jpg (5.23 KB, 250x224, 125:112, 1540038054791s.jpg)


looks like we've been duped by the orange clown again.

dd4c91  No.12394829


All pretextual bullshit so military can detain and fire on militias

dd4c91  No.12394842


>muh scary mil

> (1)

8163e1  No.12394927


Go find out, anon. Go down there and parade around with your budget surplus AR-15 and used XXXXL army fatigue pants and let me know how that goes for you. If you send me your paypal, I'll even send you extra batteries for your scooter.

bb5d32  No.12394943

File: 6f450f86580fbd8⋯.gif (12.7 KB, 255x255, 1:1, baste_jew_meme.gif)


Cheetos man a 4d dreidel expert.

a28ca8  No.12394957


Damn I don't think those batteries are cheap, that anon better hop on that offer quick.

But I don't doubt the military can stop information from leaving their area of operations if they really want to, signal jammers are a thing and if they saw you taking pictures of something they don't want I'm sure they have every right to stop you/detain you and make you clear the pictures.

6bf444  No.12394969

File: d04d6ce289395b3⋯.jpg (41.01 KB, 640x1002, 320:501, kevin dowd 1.jpg)


I was right, you niggers just copied me.

a28ca8  No.12394976


I wonder what a 4D dreidel would look like, I've seen renders of 4D shapes before but that'd be a neat subtle meme to have on hand.

dd4c91  No.12394993


>Go down there and parade around with your budget surplus AR-15 and used XXXXL army fatigue pants and let me know how that goes for you.

Military shill can't help himself but threaten militias. This right here proves why the military is deployed.

dd4c91  No.12395003


>Go down there and parade around with your budget surplus AR-15 and used XXXXL army fatigue pants and let me know how that goes for you.

Everybody, read the above. This proves the thesis here >>12389737

bf0fde  No.12395015

To Sum Up Bread .The Majority of Volk say Military is sent to border to Help local law enforcement with caravans and to keep the militias from stopping illegal immigrants from crossing So that the Law enforcement agencies can detain illegals send them to Camps Secured by US military Keeping the peace.. Every one Knew pol was right and the illegal immigrants where coming in anyway and escorted by military militias are possibly going to be Demonized as a threat and are likely to be used as a fFlag ' for Media propaganda so the military has to Keep militia from getting to caravans but are not allowed to Under Article???? dontKnow ' if the illegal immigrants get in most get to stay their will be to much pressure by News outlets playing Fee Fees and Angry Militia to house the tent squaters for a month so False flags are a go it's such a Sweet opportunity for Evil Opportunistic demons to play Games So The Government can Either Drive the illegal immigrants back or Get a bunch of Pissed of Citizens to go FULL RETARD something Comfys getting ready to go down and it will be historic and possibly Good


The Jews did this

d92b00  No.12395193

File: dcdbc3e57fb6211⋯.png (41.76 KB, 318x470, 159:235, 1461613763776.png)




fe8f1f  No.12395238


Why would anyone steal a gun when getting a truck and peacing the caravan would be easier?

e5d28b  No.12395352

File: 6330291abdf81ac⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 625x351, 625:351, 2bdf7b17717ec92e243ef04e6d….jpg)



these posters are too retarded to be here, watch their shitty posts for shill behavior

265ccb  No.12396053

File: 4330c0c8933e65c⋯.png (95.33 KB, 1441x441, 1441:441, GettingTheJewToNameItself ….png)

File: b979e13b402b46e⋯.png (49.59 KB, 1437x276, 479:92, We'reDoneAsking.png)


>The Jew will name itself when provoked

A succinct explanation, worth a cap.


>We wanted White Nationalism, and they said no. We wanted Paleoconservatism, and they said no. We wanted Libertarianism, and they said no. Now we're going to have National Socialism, come hell or high water. We're done asking.

Wew, you're on fire.

aa2c72  No.12396213



Absolutely coincidental

a02252  No.12397704


Right, and not like the national guard slugs don't lose their own equipment all of the time because they're incompetent.

Someone lost their gear and decided to blame it on theft. Typical nigger/spic NG behavior.

c7b241  No.12398118


1. Army sent to protect an 'undefended' border

2. An invading force marching towards said 'undefended' border

3. 'Militias' moving in to protect again said 'undefended' border.


1. Even the worst unprotected border can be quickly manned and 'defended' without deploying an elite division of the army.

Example: Pakistani-Afghan border

2. We are talking about the south border of the USA.

3. Invading army is constantly resupplied and reinforced

4. Army has ambiguous orders

5. Army was sent in before political means have ended.


1. The invasion is not real

2. There are no political solutions

3. Army has another mission

4. 'Militias' have another mission


Invading force arrives. A 24-48 hour standoff ensues.

Either invading force or 'militias' open fire. Army intervenes obliterating the 'militias'.

Sleeper agents within the army incite desertion after this, maybe carry out sabotage operations.

These agents are called sleepers because they will not follow the normal route to desertion, that being refusal to follow orders, refusal to engage the enemy, refusal to shoot to kill, disregard of military regulation and finally desertion either on masse or in singular cases. Throughout all above phases the singular desertions will be on a daily basis before a state of civil war begins.

Next phase is fabricating the civil-war. Fabrication of media and civilian support for new militias in some areas and the fabrication of support for the army and the state in others. This will be done throughout media.Example: Donbass.

Army will occupy friendly states completely and destroy all dissent thus preserving the vital infrastructure. Any/all hostile actions in these states will be a failure from the start.

The rest of the country will be in a low key state of civil war where neighbor will be reluctant to shoot neighbor until the state takes over and enforces all/any new laws it needs to.

db6c69  No.12398134


>“They operate under the guise of citizen patrols,”

What if this is cartel activity masked as "citizen patrols"?

fa7e03  No.12401787



Completely agreed.

As Codreanu says, Traitors need to get the bullet first and foremost, and then we can go about purging our nation of Jewish subversives.

dd4c91  No.12401798

fa7e03  No.12401816


I sympathise with the South, but there are some interesting things to note here. The situation is quite nuanced:

1. Jewish coward Judah P. Benjamin WAS very influential in the Confederacy (until he fled to England, never to return, to avoid the consequences of the war)

2. Jewish assassin John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln right as he was about to print currency interest free to make us independent from the (((banks))).

3. General Grant DID ban Jews from his ranks for their behaviour, although Lincoln reprimanded him for this (ironic as he was murdered by a Jew).

4. Jews ran the slave trade.

But all that being said, the Confederate flag, especially nowadays. Is a symbol of resistance against ZOG.

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