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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

57b771  No.12394405

>As German forces advanced into the Soviet Union in 1941, many people welcomed the troops as liberators from Bolshevik tyranny.

>The welcome was especially warm in the Baltic countries, western Belarus and western Ukraine. As this four-minute video (no narration) shows, grateful people express appreciation for the troops who brought freedom from harsh Soviet rule, and restored ancient rights. German soldiers, as well as troops of German-allied nations, often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

Commies and leftys BTFO

675afe  No.12394427

Kill all Bolshevik scum

d61c92  No.12394453

And then the good will was squandered by anti-slav officials in the Reich with command over these territories.

6902f7  No.12394454


For a second there I thought this was going to be another trannypol astroturf talking about how based and redpilled "(((Daddy Stalin)))" was.

Of course the Whites in the Baltic areas were praising the Whites from the west for freeing them from the NVKD kikes who were literally torturing them.


>Kill all Bolshevik scum


Kill all Bolshevik scum

f740eb  No.12394532


Someone webm this video.

d01889  No.12394614


I have question for other people.

> and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

How many Communist Jews would allow Christian churches to remain intact in the Soviet union, or in countries occupied by the soviets?

7903ac  No.12394648

Don't forget about the million Russians who joined the Wehrmacht to fight the Soviets.


During WW2, all of the churches in the Soviet Union were shut down. After the war, Stalin let some Orthodox Churches open to spy on people.

Not sure about the occupied countries though.

1c0dd6  No.12394659

File: 5c29aa1819aeb98⋯.png (220.76 KB, 2300x940, 115:47, 5c29aa1819aeb982508f6fa6a2….png)


Nice thread op.

1c0dd6  No.12394667


>Russians who joined the Wehrmacht to fight the Soviets.

/pol/ needs a thread about it as a reminder.

3d4240  No.12394679


Has there been a pic what would happen if the germs had won the war? Definitely sounds a whole lot better than the hellhole were in.

d3c092  No.12394690

>re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

/pol/ btfo

a69cfc  No.12394715


I wish Hitler had devoted more energy to fostering rebellion and revolution in the USSR. He probably would have won the war.

d61c92  No.12394751

File: 7edd55da56e8530⋯.png (31.97 KB, 467x254, 467:254, Hitler's War - slav treatm….png)


Instead this is what happened.

c3b50b  No.12394796


What a fucking retard

ce049e  No.12394826


Stalin's police state made it almost impossible for any real effective infiltration. This is something the Russians like to brag about.

1c0dd6  No.12394856


I like hitler, but his war decisions was simply stupid.

3d4240  No.12394868

File: c28ed8d6be0a1bc⋯.jpg (103.19 KB, 637x627, 637:627, 1540970128387.jpg)


I doubt this. Also the way this is written is suspicious.

Give me to the link to this and who wrote it.

d61c92  No.12394876


Not all of them, he made some bad decisions for sure (not entirely without reasoned explanation, read Mein Kampf and his second book for insight), but there were far more betrayals that cost him just as much.


It's "Hitler's War", read the filename, newfag.

1c0dd6  No.12394938



Not that surprising due to how trusting hitler tends to be he is a good leader in terms or bringing back germany from a degenerate cesspool and awaken the mass to the jq. Then again they were a lot of problems in the war such as oil other generals being stupid at times Especially a war that was simply inevitable it's hard what to do when put in hitler's boots. Of course some tend to overrate hitler on this board, was he a legendary figure? Of course without a doubt, but he isn't as flawless people make him out to be. It's a tragedy that they lost if they had won, our countries would already be exploring the solar system instead of babysitting a bunch of shitkins and being influenced by jews.

a69cfc  No.12395068


Hitler's "Shit on Slavs" policy was one of the three mistakes that cost him the war in my opinion.

The other two were declaring war on America which was pretty needless and ill advised. And of course getting dragged into war with Britain in the first place because the first rule of war is to have a plan to defeat the enemy quickly. The plan to "shock" Britain into surrendering was foolish. That tactic never works. It's based on hope and luck. Never risk everything on hope and luck.


I wouldn't be so certain. Besides, subversion would not be necessary. Hitler merely needed to openly declare that he was not after land but liberating the Russian People from the jewish Bolsheviks.

I think Hitler's problem was a common problem that afflixes great leaders and destroys them in war; No exit strategy. No final goal.

He didn't have a single goal in the West, He didn't have a single goal in the East, and he had no clue how to defeat America. Even his alliance with Japan was based on nothing concrete.

000000  No.12395112



>declaring war on America

Its been a while since I actually looked into history, Zimmerman telegrpah, etc. But when it's quite obvious that America was going to put its hands into the war regardless, wouldn't one aim for a preemptive strike?

d61c92  No.12395118

Pic related is probably the biggest blunder of the war. Following that was the genuine sabotage of German soldiers by certain officials' (can't remember names) who refused to supply winter gear, but told Hitler that they had. Then there's Goring's worthless management of the Luftwaffe.

There are a lot of worshiper's here who refuse to believe that Natsoc Germany wasn't a perfectly united entity that tried it's best, despite the enormous amount of division one can see in today's various white advocates.


I think you and I may have had this conversation before. I don't recall how it went, though. Unofficially, Germany and America were already at war. Is yours an optics argument?

d61c92  No.12395131


>preemptive strike?

It's not a preemptive strike when America was already attacking German ships. Instead it's an abandonment of the ability to play the victim in propaganda.

d61c92  No.12395144

File: d26ca5f785368be⋯.png (92.35 KB, 778x491, 778:491, Hitler's War - Moscow.png)


>pic related


1c0dd6  No.12395253


I think that natsoc germany was perfect or unstoppable are just people who just woke up that hitler was right and germans were in the right, I was like that when I first got redpilled.

d61c92  No.12395356


Yeah, there are those. Many of them don't let go, though. They cherry pick the information they like, call anything else "compromised".

1c0dd6  No.12395389


Can't say I blame them.

But people have to realize it or else when the time comes we should not repeat the same the mistakes.

c30758  No.12395446


this is great except for the pure austrian mostly black ive found (((Studies))) that say he had partial black and jewish but nowhere i think will you find any source that claims he was MOSTLY of african ancestry unless you are doing some out of africa bullshit (((rhetoric))) here

c30758  No.12395506


they are damaged by their brainwashing so bad they become brainwashed not wanting to go back

c30758  No.12395512



its endearing to a point like children who believe their dad can beat up anyone

a69cfc  No.12395538


> Zimmerman telegrpah

Dude, that was World War 1

>when it's quite obvious that America was going to put its hands into the war regardless, wouldn't one aim for a preemptive strike?

You don't launch a preemptive strike against a country that you physically can't strike.

That kind of defeats the purpose.

And the proof is in the pudding. Hitler declared war on America after Japan did. Did he launch a preemptive strike? Nope. He foolishly allowed Japan to drag him into a war he had no chance of winning.


Perhaps. My argument is simple; Don't declare war on countries that you cannot possibly defeat or even reach.

Also, an undeclared war is infinitely better than having 10,000 bombers bombing your cities every day.

Losing a submarine every other week is infinitely preferable to 500,000 soldiers landing in North Africa, destroying your only remaining ally, firebombing your cities, then landing another 500,000 men in France and crushing your army there too. Hitler knew that the jews wanted to bring America into the war. It was extremely foolish to walk right into a jewish trap. Typical Germans, thinking that the best strategy is to walk headlong into a trap and fight their way out of it.

d61c92  No.12395554


Yeah, that's all true.

2e2371  No.12395695

File: 614398422631a92⋯.jpg (38.33 KB, 320x492, 80:123, p01vf47d.jpg)

It's like the ending of the Lord of the Rings; the scouring of the shire (which the jew moviemakers conveniently left out).

The evil half orcs of Saruman needed to be violently purged from the Shire.

This is how I imagine them to appear.

3d4240  No.12395748


Well to be honest the u.s were funding the enemy side.

1c0dd6  No.12395779


Just continue spreading redpills and make coherent arguments they will grow up eventually and should just adopt the natsoc ideology (without larping and copying the germans) but an ideology where one should care about it's own nation and people.

1c0dd6  No.12395870


Also not to repeat the mistakes also. You can like hitler and the germany then and take that as inspiration for your own country you can larp on /pol/ and post pics and how cool hitler was or what ever. Liking and admiring what he has done for his own people is something admirable, but it's another thing to blindly worship the man to the point hitler him self would cringe and defending him like a fanboy, which is also the same problem for the anons who blindly worship trump without realizing he isn't the end game and should not be treated as such if not worse when it comes to trump.

Also is this particular reason is why (((gommunism))) fails all the fucking time without looking as to why it failed? Nah they will say not real gommunism.

Don't be that type of person evaluatee ww 2 see any mistakes they had done and not repeat them.

aea744  No.12395876



4be675  No.12395981

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Our return was foretold. Reincarnation is real. We have returned from Valhalla.

9ad497  No.12396324


I wish there was more history on the Russian Liberation Army (ROA)

f8e7c1  No.12396337


See >>12376717

f8e7c1  No.12396340

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f8e7c1  No.12396365

File: 822b60bc1d7735b⋯.webm (15.74 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Russians who fought for N….webm)



a69cfc  No.12398237

File: a21c6efdb7d1481⋯.jpg (19.5 KB, 400x562, 200:281, Man with a Vision.jpg)

File: 0b41b8c320fdad4⋯.jpg (72.05 KB, 564x846, 2:3, Adolf Hitler relaxing and ….jpg)


>The US was funding the UK.

Yes. As Hitler almost certainly had expected.

But you don't go declaring war on everyone who funds your enemies. That's just crazy.

If there are two options

1. America funds the UK and USSR


2. America funds the UK and USSR AND begins bombing your cities and throwing millions of men at your armies

Then the answer is obvious. Choose number 1. Every time.

I am a National Socialist though and through. I would die for my race. I began my journey looking into the Holohoax and realizing that the jews lied. They lied about almost everything. And I came to the conclusion that Hitler did nothing wrong and in public, I maintain this position. However, eventually you get to a point of historical and politico-military knowledge where you realize that Hitler made some serious errors. Obviously, elsewise he would not have lost so completely. And unfortunately, midway through the war, Hitler became drastically overconfident in Germany's abilities to take on the entire fucking world. He was given and believed false information about the capabilities of the Japanese. He should have known better than to trust in their ability to defeat America. However, he saw how easily they fucked up China and assumed that this display of power against a non-White opponent was comparable to how they'd fair against a White opponent. It really wasn't. And he should have known better because the Russians thrashed them easily at the battle of Khalkhin Gol. But that was years ago and the Japanese diplomats assured Hitler that they were mighty and powerful. He took them at their word. Typical trusting Germans. They are too sweat and good for this world.

This is common among leaders who score fantastic victories. Hubris afflicted Alexander the Great and Napoleon as well.

Near the end he became very depressed and desperate. He knew what horrors the kikes were planning on inflicting upon Germany and ke knew that he just couldn't resist them. But he couldn't bring himself to negotiate a peace. He probably should have saved his strength for the long fight and worked on assuring that National Socialism would live on after he died. But he became so immersed in the war that he forgot about the bigger picture. And who can blame him? Again, many great leaders forget about the greater picture in their struggle of the moment. Hitler's idol, Bismark was a political genius yet failed to secure his legacy in Germany and Europe. Thus, all his work was undone by a foolish Keizer and his overambitious plans. And my own hero, Dr. William Pierce failed to account for the Organiz… I mean, the National Alliance after his own death. Hehe.

000000  No.12400957


read more

d61c92  No.12400977


Recommend something.

cdd666  No.12401253

The commies were executing their own civilians to make the Germans look bad

>The great patriotic war was based on a lie

Tragic times we live in

453a8f  No.12401267

File: b6d4fe19f123879⋯.jpg (767.69 KB, 1000x2662, 500:1331, nords btfo eye hair color.jpg)

File: 04ba0c1286861e8⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1045x3515, 11:37, Med talking to Nord - Empi….jpg)

File: 7ad9f967b477ae0⋯.png (5.33 MB, 1644x3912, 137:326, nords btfo romans master r….png)

File: 6a5a60aadb25c65⋯.png (622.22 KB, 1268x1645, 1268:1645, Marriage lolis pedo.png)

This reminds me, I'm not banned from /pol/. Let me fix that.

Enjoy your bump.

176cb7  No.12401279

File: ca24654c1045c27⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 400x579, 400:579, 2cena3_min.jpg)


Stalin’s command No. 0428 from Nov. 17th 1941: "All settlements, in which German troops are found, up to a depth of 40 – 60km from the main lines of battle, are to be destroyed and set on fire, also 20-30km from the roads. For the destruction of the settled areas in the required radius, the air force will be made available, also artillery and rocket-launchers will be used extensively, as well as intelligence units, skiers and Partisan divisions, who are equipped with bottles with flammable liquid. These hunting expeditions in their activities of destruction are to be dressed to the greatest extent in German soldier’s uniforms and uniforms of the Waffen-SS looted from the German army."

"This will ignite hatred toward all fascist occupiers and make the conscription of partisans from the outlaying areas of fascist territories easier. It is important to have survivors who will tell about “German atrocities”. For this purpose every regiment is to form hunter-units of about 20- 30 men strong with the task to detonate and incinerate the villages. We have to select brave fighters for this action of destruction of settled areas. These men will be especially recommended to receive bravery awards when working in German uniforms behind enemy lines and destroying those settlement outposts. Among the population we have to spread the rumor that the Germans are burning the villages in order to punish the Partisans."

>Meanwhile: Germany’s Program, called “Ostacker Programm” (Eastern fields program) was designed to restore the devastated lands.

dabfd6  No.12401316

Too bad Hitler was so autistic in the sense that he wanted to exterminate slavs. That was a pretty stupid thing which probably could’ve helped him on the Eastern Front. I just don’t understand why he wanted to exterminate white Slavs.

1dddd4  No.12401335


Bad timing dude.

176cb7  No.12401361


No, well over 500,000 russians joined the Axis Russian Liberation Army to fight against Judeobolshevism. Not to mention the people who fled from the JewSSR to Germany mid WW2. A lot of russians saw Germany as their saviors because of the horrors they experienced under Jew bolshevik tyranny.

There were many Russian brigades including SS Sturmbrigade RONA.

Your post war myth of German/slavic racial bs is just as fake as the holocaust.

1dddd4  No.12401394


Don't forget the multitudes of Russian "hiwis" employed by the German Wehrmacht and SS. These guys did everything from irregular combat duties, to engineering duties, pathfinding etc. The numbers I have read stated that there was over 3,000,000 of them over the course of the war in the east. Many of them joining RONA and the ROA.

f2b08d  No.12401447


Well, yeah. Because hitler was an esoteric valve for the german population after their discovery of the jews. Im not sure how /pol/ never understands this, i mean, in the 1400s the spanish inquisition was burning jews, because they claimed to be christian, and embedded themselves into operational levels of the monarch. In russia, the bolsheviks had trotsky and the other jews murder the entire menshevik party and the whites, then the jew that were in those parties joined the bolsheviks as they consolidated, then trotsky pretended to be guiding the russian people, while committing genocide and rape of the russian population. Stalin, who coincidentally worked at an oil refinery owned by Rothschilds in Georgia prior to joining army, went on a big ass purge on russians and jews. In Germany, the population was so sick of jews holy war, they embodied and escalating sense of resistance. Then hitler came out of nowhere. The first jew civilians to arrive in palestine were boated in by german ships. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ROMolO2ww

Further, bibi of course claims that nazis didnt even come up with holocaust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToNrTlFJKmQ

Of course bibi is a liar. The reality is that hitler was an esoteric valve, he captured the emotion of germans built them up, then did a secret "holocaust", which made no sense: to ship jews around for their camps, to kill them and film its discovery with eisenhower. They could have used jews for slave labor, kill them after the war is won, and sent munition to the eastern front, instead they just loaded cars with people. The germans would have been perfectly fine with just kicking all jews out, but no. Holocaust means a sacrifice offered through fire, the book of numbers puts significance on 6 million, for prophetic meaning, to return to the land of israel minus 6 mil. Fucking ww1 was a set up, ww2 was a set up, ww3 will be a set up. Hitler was in on it. Just like turmp. Just like trotsky, lenin, and stalin.

f2b08d  No.12401480


I mean, hitler's last order was the nero order. The german people really deserved a better fate, they were one of the best people in history, the jews picked the germans because it made mechanical sense, they could pull it off under all the right circumstances. /pols/ obsession with hitler and nat soc is misguided and or an op. controlled economies belong to jews, free economies belong to people. An economy controlled through apex assotment simply exchanges hands at the top, and then now your under jewishh rule. decentralization is built into natural economics, like unregulated trade. Monopolies dont even come to exist except through state distortions. Imagine if trump got all of the Q people fired up, and they went to war with "globalists" and got killed by like france and britian, then before trump went disappearing, he gave the order for all of his nation to destroy all of their possessions and an hero? Well, that's what hitler was, the german people were great, but they were meek, and thats how the jews did it.

c360f5  No.12401502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anybody have a scan of the book by the same name as this video: "the crucifiction of Russia". It's a translation of the solzhenitsyn book of the same name but got banned on Amazon. Released in 2015 I think.

0fa96e  No.12401923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree with a couple stipulations. Slavic policy was retarded but joining together with Russians was also a bad option given partisan infiltration. You don't give an invaded population firearms and organization right off the bat.

Secondly, the Lebensraum ideal is overplayed to an extent. It focused more on the Baltics down to Ukraine rather than all of Russia. Repression policies were made by the horribly incompetent governor-generals. There should've been oversight and it was horribly stupid to just leave the regional overlords alone.

>declaring war on America which was pretty needless and ill advised

I disagree. The USA was going to enter the war and supplied the UK/USSR axis (the US literally built the Soviet telecom system, trucks, and supplies). Without the US, the Soviets probably would've collapsed at Moscow. Doesn't matter how many T34s you have if the troops don't have boots, transportation, and have no idea where they are.

The US was effectively at war with Germany already. Honoring the Japanese alliance and declaring on the US was intended to open a new Soviet front but the japs were horrifically incompetent on land and only out for themselves.

Uncle Addy wasn't perfect but he was great. He was right where it counted. The best way to honor his memory is to learn from his mistakes.

1d699b  No.12402434


> in the 1400s the spanish inquisition was burning jews, because they claimed to be christian, and embedded themselves into operational levels of the monarch

The inquisition was started by those very same jews who where baptized and idiot christians forgave and forgot then accepted them into the church.

23a464  No.12402454


That's all lies, bad bait anon.

a69cfc  No.12404932


Give people leaders and a reason to fight and the assurance that you are their ally against the jews/Bolsheviks and they would have made wonderful warriors.

Yes, the Lebensraum idea is exaggerated. But it is undeniable that the German high command did mistreat the Slavs and Hitler made no move towards assuring them that he was not there to conquer. Think about it, if an enemy invaded your country and didn't even bother claiming that he wasn't there to just annex the land, why would you not suspect that that was his goal? And why wouldn't you resist at all costs?

> The USA was going to enter the war and supplied the UK/USSR axis

Oh for Christ sake. I already explained this.

See. >>12398237

0e7b5d  No.12404946

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<Adolf Hitler - The American Collusion with Communism 1942


d6740d  No.12405065


Coming from my grandfather who lived under Communist rule, most churches were not destroyed because that would have risen a strong anti-Bolshevik sentiment very fast, considering the religiosity of Slavs. Instead, they turned them to bunkers and warehouses. People would go in there to "pick staff" many times and would secretly pray.

d985f3  No.12405093


This tbh. This is why anglos won. You must fight with your head first. Dumb courage will get you killed.

078a69  No.12405124



>Hitler was a kike

>The holohoax was real


078a69  No.12405135

File: 136109c79bf09f6⋯.jpg (83.85 KB, 519x628, 519:628, Arno Breker Apollo detail.jpg)

File: 68c91ed63898a88⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 458x650, 229:325, Arno Breker Deutscher Jung….jpg)

File: ba6edf7532013f8⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 539x717, 539:717, stupid amerimutt enjoying ….jpg)

File: 7c879da8b7045ab⋯.png (285.97 KB, 620x478, 310:239, Amerimutts celebrating own….png)



I like you my man.

2e2371  No.12405142


all he had to do was raise up the cross and hand the Russian people weapons and show them how to use them. He could have then turned all his forces around and focused himself on destroying his true, mortal enemy, the bankers of the City of London.

2e2371  No.12405156

File: e8bdb7c96244aba⋯.jpg (250.4 KB, 597x797, 597:797, 30002999-r.jpg)


The biggest mistake of all set the stage for the catastrophe of the 20th Century; Kaiser Wilhelm II, a grossly incompetent man, gets rid of his brilliant Chancellor, Bismark and in the process does away with the carefully maintained friendship with Tsarist Russia that could have saved Europe and Western Civilization.


6d64eb  No.12405164


Read Degrelle's The Eastern Front, most civilians loved the German troops.

6c13da  No.12405251


This is why I visit /pol/. This is why I still browse the internet. I had one of the worst days of my life today and felt like laying down and giving up. Every time one of us finds the strength to carry on in the face of the great evils of modernity, a hebrew cries.





We wuz Adolf

a69cfc  No.12405299



Pretty much unfortunately. Wilhelm II was a weak man and after allowing his country to be foolishly drawn into a pointless war, he ended up being cucked by his own military high command and then blamed for their failure. His idiotic decisions set the stage for the jews to destroy Europe. That damn fool.

Still, I believe that the award for most incompetant king should be awarded to his cousin; Nicolas II

I mean, good God, this guy somehow managed to make every wrong decision. He banned vodka for emotional reasons, he got drawn into a stupid war that killed millions of Russia's best and brightest, and then anaged to fumble his way out of power and meekly surrendered his country to communists.

He kind of reminds me of his ancestor, Peter III. Like Nicolas, he somehow managed to fumble his way out of power and meekly surrendered to the people (in this case his wife, lol) who were trying to overthrow him.

And because of his indecisiveness he meekly allowed the disgusting jews to destroy his country and murder more of the best and brightest.

God, I'd say that they deserved it but for the countless millions of good men and women and children, some of the best of our race who were brutally murdered for no fucking reason.

Such is the price paid by all when our elites lose touch with reality.

Fortunately, I think that the jews may have lost touch with reality like he did. Soon, we may be able to pay them back for all the evil things they have done. Imagine rounding up the Soros family or the Sulzberger family or the Rothschilds family, taking them down to a basement, and then saying

>"Hey, doesn't this kind of remind you of something?"

Then waiting a few seconds for it to sink in and then slaughtering the entire lot of these treacherous rats. They deserve a hell of a lot worse than that.

9af73f  No.12405323


>But he couldn't bring himself to negotiate a peace

He sued for peace countless times, and was rebuked each.

2e2371  No.12405521


he banned vodka because the jews controlled the liquor distillation business and were selling it to the newly liberated peasants and sending them in to catastrophic poverty and vice.

2e2371  No.12405536


they have been betrayed by the very dope they sold to us to corrupt us with great success; their daughters took that dope and now their ovaries have been poisoned with all the eggs in them so that their infants are being born with subtle birth defects, invisible to the eye at birth but then the child will never be able to learn how to read. The one thing that was their huge advantage, their intellects have been utterly ravaged by the Ecstasy that their orthodox rabbis smuggle from Israel to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to the USA in concentrated liquid form in their sealed diplomatic bags.

a69cfc  No.12405626

File: bf6ab97b7fa6751⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 530x700, 53:70, Hitler greets some very lu….jpg)


Firstly I was talking about the late war when Hitler should have been saving his strength for ewigerkrieg but instead began launching doomed, costly counterattacks against the enemy.

The "Allies" were planning on a short war to conquer Germany. If Hitler had focused on creating fortress Germany to resist the invaders for decades, then the Allies would have been forced to open negotiations and maybe Hitler could have negotiated a better deal for Germany. When you have lost a war, then you simply must negotiate. In fact, if you cannot win a war quickly, then it is better to negotiate as well. This bothers some people because it is true. Long wars are utterly destructive, especially for non-naval powers like Germany.

Now, on the several peace offers towards Britain early on in the war. Yes obviously Hitler offered some pretty generous offers to the UK. The important terms were the recognition of German occupation of Poland and Czechia, and the annexation of Luxembourg, Alsace Lorraine, and that one province of Belgium that they stole back in 1919. And you know, that seems like a generous offer if you ignore the fact that it also includes recognition of the Fascist pro-German government in France. So essentially, agreeing to peace on these terms would be surrendering all of France and probably Belgium, Norway, and the Netherlands to Germany. These are not actually good terms. Since Hitler had no means of attacking Britain, he should have offered better terms.

Remember, the non-jewish elites of the UK may not have loved the kikes who were elbowing them aside, but they could not stand for Germany effectively upturning the balance of power that Anglo-elites are obsessed with. Therefore, Hitler should have offered better terms. Especially considering that he did betray the trust of the British elites by reneging on his promise not to occupy Czechia.

It's a bit late, but here is an offer that only a madman would refuse and Churchill would have been forced by his own elites (remember, no government can function without support from the mid ranking elites)

1. Complete withdraw from the Low countries and France on the condition of a plebiscite to determine the future of that one Belgium province and Alsace Lorraine.

2. Completely free democratic elections or France to assure the British that France would not necessarily become a German ally (Hitler should of course be funding National Socialist parties in France and the UK)

3. Withdraw from Scandinavia on the same terms

4. Annexation of Dnazig and the German regions of Poland to the Reich.

5. Complete withdraw from Czechia and the rest of Poland. Both Britain and the Reich then must agree to guarantee Polish independence.

This would be absolutely generous and the British elites would leap at the opportunity to agree to such a mutually offer. Hitler would be seen as an angel of good. As magnanimous in victory as he as was invincible in battle.

And this is not a crazy idea either. Hitler would have known because his own idol, Otto Von Bismark achieved a the supreme acme of diplomatic victory against Austria Hungary with a similarly magnanimous offer in 1866. After utterly crushing Austria in the field of battle, he negotiated a peace that didn't annex any Austrian land to Prussia. This magnanimous peace offer was graciously accepted by the Austrian elite and they consequentially did not bear Prussia too much ill will afterwards (eventually becoming a staunch ally). All they asked for in exchange was for Austria to renounce any claims they had in Germany.

And remember, Bismark made this deal despite being able to crush the Austrians militarily. Hitler didn't even have this option in 1940 with the UK.

The thing about international politics is that no one is just going to allow you to go around conquering everything. I hate to say this because Hitler was a genius and was one of the greatest men who ever lived, but if you go around behaving like a mad dog (according to the folks around you) you will be treated like one. He got too greedy and made too many enemies. Again, remember Otto Von Bismark. He was always reaching out to others and making friends even as he was dashing the brains out of France and Austria. It's so tempting when you're at the top of the world to exact a heavy toll upon the defeated. But it's better to secure a lasting peace with less than risk losing everything in a long war that you literally cannot win… yet.

What would have happened is the USSR would have begun attacking its neighbors again and Hitler could jump in to defend them. Then strike the killing blow upon the serpent and save Europe from the communist scum. The UK might have tried to interfere but with France still recovering from her crushing defeat, they would not dare. Then Hitler could impose any peace he wanted upon the USSR.

a69cfc  No.12405648



Yeah but you know it was more complex than that. The Tsar could have moved against the disgusting jews in far better ways than that. Instead, it merely left the soldiers angry and resentful. Ripe for the jews to radicalize against the Tsar.

But this was the least of his mistakes. Honestly his handling of the war was what did him in. What a waste.

The Great War was such a catastrophic disaster that I just don't have words to describe it. I tried to describe it but I just couldn't. 1000 years of steady progress was pissed away in a few short years of pointless, fratricidal bloodshed. Suicide.

9af73f  No.12406988


>If Hitler had focused on creating fortress Germany to resist the invaders for decades,

Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

ee08c1  No.12407193

File: 2f36cf7b436f86d⋯.jpg (647.09 KB, 1164x1625, 1164:1625, 2f36cf7b436f86d209737612b1….jpg)

File: 02f08e8272ec3f0⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 792x530, 396:265, 02f08e8272ec3f0b671c73f19e….jpg)

File: 59ab479c5803e79⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 500x669, 500:669, 59ab479c5803e798aaf54778c7….jpg)

File: 90f84a26e7dc96a⋯.png (451.63 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, 1522269885019.png)

File: 067c490307771ae⋯.png (275.04 KB, 752x587, 752:587, 872aa68a04f733f1f64099e8e8….png)


Could have been prevented had Project Wasserfall been completed; it was successfully tested, but the production facility and many of the scientists working on it were killed by American bombing before they got it into mass production.

Wasserfall used radar guided missiles carrying enough explosives that each missile could destroy SEVERAL bombers flying in formation, and were very accurate. Even flying at night wouldn't have saved the bomber formations, and Wasserfall would have made it nearly impossible for the Allies to do bombing runs into Germany.

The Horten Ho 229 bomber was stealthy enough that British radar wouldn't have picked it up in time to scramble fighters. A formation of bombers could have flown in, bombed all the air bases, and flown out without facing much resistance, only the ground-based anti-aircraft guns, who would only be able to respond in time to shoot more or less randomly at the bombers as they returned home.

Transferring more weapons and technology to other Axis states would have improved a lot of the fighting ability of weaker allies like Romania and Italy. Helping them set up manufacturing facilities to build more panzers, fighters, small arms, etc. would have greatly improved Germany's war machine, and standardization would have vastly improved the Axis' ability to integrate units from different countries together.

A 'Fortress Germany' consisting of Germany, Austria, its allies like Hungary and Italy, occupied Poland, France, and Czechoslavakia, could have worked, if Germany had immediately switched its economy to a total war standing, long enough for the Axis juggernaut to take on the Allies, but it would have been a losing proposition in the long run. Knocking out Russia in 1941 and securing the Ukranian oil fields was vital to Germany's survival, and they nearly pulled it off. Had Hitler waited to invade Russia, then the Soviets would have launched an offensive against them, instead of the Germans catching the commies with their pants around their ankles before the Soviet war machine was ready.

e1fc53  No.12407204


c u t e




ee08c1  No.12407229

File: 0df1ae35099407a⋯.jpeg (85.56 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 0df1ae35099407ac583c7907c….jpeg)

File: 24b3a39d2b7ba78⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 24b3a39d2b7ba78b6f6300a94a….png)

File: 7b3919a0fcee360⋯.jpg (52.01 KB, 370x650, 37:65, 26e6a57763394c8eb2e29aecef….jpg)

File: e8c1fa77e1a0e16⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 14046141_743184091965_6802….jpg)

File: bae2268e072d3dc⋯.jpg (63.98 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1521539574834.jpg)


You DO realize Hitler offered exactly that, multiple times, and the British rejected it every time in favor of going to war, right?


a69cfc  No.12407288


All the more reason not to declare war on America. Even if America would eventually enter the war, a few years or even a few months of extra air control and military dominance could have been the difference between victory and defeat.

a69cfc  No.12407356

File: 263aa26089e9fe4⋯.jpg (66.87 KB, 500x690, 50:69, Hitler and a kid.jpg)


The article you cited demonstrates no such thing.

Firstly, Hitler was making unspecified territorial demands against both France and Britain. That's not a great way to get them to desire peace.

Secondly, it is unlikely that either side would agree to disarm after what just happened.

Thirdly, this is less a serious peace proposal than a speech designed for German consumption.

Lastly, this was made in 1939 when the war looked evenly matched. After the conquest of France, Hitler began increasing his demands.



You're retarded.

And I already explained that several times you historically illiterate newfaggot.

471690  No.12407376


Your supposed to redpill him boss its the only way

201780  No.12436670

File: 00f029cdb9e1742⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Les Preludes Finale.webm)


>Live childhood in war or born into communism

>Being taught that God doesn't exist

>government is your new God

>nation gets liberated from dog-like conditions like angels have fallen from the sky

>they don't ask for anything but help in this cause

>everyone flocks to church crying out with joy probably since decades

It must have been the most uplisfting thing they've experienced in their lives.

Imagine this today:

>people getting liberated from kikes 21st century by natsoc revolution (for example)

>get backstabbed because muh antisemite enemies

>welcome back usury and diversity

Yes. We do know how bad thing really are.

201780  No.12436920



Exactly, beautifully said.

Hitler quote:

"I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a Man. I could nowhere discover Him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work; only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the One. And I know also what is missing in me. But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost."

Hitler told that he is merely a "führer" not as someone who controls but a teacher of people who leads the way for the future. He admits that he may make mistake but gives it onto the future to make this world real. So why does he speak/write like that?

Because he knew even at the beginning that "the first attempt" will fail and he still went with it and fell with the army (taking aside the debate of his survival. his known presence ended regardless). WW2 was the biggest sacrfice for the sake of humanity to date. The fact that Hitler could've fought dirty like EVERY enemy did against them and still honored the rules of war. This is the most bitter redpill I've ever swallowed if this is the case.

This is true honor.

c953c5  No.12452287

Hey you goyim got any quotes from that kike-lover Churchill?

Arguing with my HS math teacher who I just found out is a jew.

c953c5  No.12452290


I've been told this is a fake letter. Any source to rub into kike faces that it's real?

7171ab  No.12452305

You guys should take this to leftypol. The mod is a tyrant though and will not allow any negative discussion of zhis precious communism. Especially any negative remarks about the shiftless bum and rapist Karl Marx who had seven kids and actually starved some of them to death because he refused to get a regular job.

7171ab  No.12453105


7171ab  No.12453862

Mysteriously lacks bumps 🤔

ec3cf2  No.12462125


There's a book called Himmlers War, I have my eye one, which depicts an alternative history scenario where Hitler is assassinated by Himmler in 1944 ( who then takes command of The Reich).

He then proceeds to do things like abandon Norway, Italy and the Courland peninsula so as to straighten and strengthen the main defence lines. IIRC, there was a hundreds of thousands of German troops in Norway as well, so this would have been a great injection of strength for mainland Germany.

If something like this happened, could Germany have had a better time of it all, or was it too late by 1944.

a69cfc  No.12462373


>If something like this happened, could Germany have had a better time of it all, or was it too late by 1944.

This is a good question.

FiIrst of all, I hate Himmler. That filthy treasonous cunt actually went to the Jewish World Congress in 1945 and negotiated behind Hitler's back with them. Still was thrown under the bus by the kikes though. Thus always to traitors.

But anyway, back to the scenario. First I want to point out that withdrawing troops from Norway would not be necesarry and would probably be a bad idea. The reason Hitler invaded Norway was to stop the British from doing it first (they were literally just about to when Hitler beat them to it). And the reason why this was an issue was to keep Swedish iron going to Germany.

Now, was it too late in 1944 for Germany?

That depends on when in 1944. Remember, D-Day happened in June so if things had played out differently and Hitler or Himmler had destroyed the landing, then that would have been absolutely fantastic. Some people say that this would have forced them to sue for peace. This is of course ludicrous I'm afraid. However, it would have been very good if Himmler would negotiate a ceasefire after D-Day's failure. This would cause straign upon the relationship between the Allies and the USSR. And might pave way for a negotiated settlement (Germany had no hope of winning the war by 1944 but did stand a chance of surviving)

Anyway, if D-day has already happened, then…oh geez, things get difficult. And Germany's prospects get much darker. The "Watch of the Rhine" operation really crippled Germany's ability to resist invasion. It wasted hundred of vital tanks, trucks, nearly a thousand planes and almost 100 thousand men all lost for no purpose. Not to mention thousands of metric tons of fuel that were wasted on nothing. Ugh. What a waste.

If Himmler could not do this and focus on bitter defensive tactics like fortifying every goddamn city and making the allied advance a nightmare, then he might be able to negotiate a ceasefire and accomplish what I mentioned before. As well as sowing more division between the Allies and the USSR, it would buy him time to juggle troops and send them to the east. At this time in OT, Hitler began making serious tactical mistakes like ordering armies on the East to travel across Germany to the west and vice versa. Sometimes these trains were bombed and men and vehicles were lost for no goddamn reason. Not to mention the fuel loss due to this constant moving around. Sometimes these armies arrived at their location only to receive orders to return from where they just came from!

So let's assume that for whatever reason, Himmler does not do this. And let's assume that Himmler took my advice and devoted far more effort into Unternehmen Werwolf. This too would start to wear upon the Allied leadership and might convince them to enter into negotiations with Germany.

Now for the worse problem; the USSR.

By August, the Soviets were in Prussia. Romania had collapsed, Bulgaria had collapsed. Millions of Germans were being rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Greece had to be abandoned. Serbia and Croatia were riddled with Serbian partisans. It was a fucking mess.

IF Himmler could negotiate a ceasefire or settlement with the Allies and IF he could convince them to stop bombing Germany for a few minutes, he could focus on fighting back the soviets. And what a fucking task that would be. The USSR had superior tanks, superior numbers, superior airpower at this point, limitless fuel and resources, and momentum. Germany was a third world country at this point standing against a massive empire.

I am German by blood btw and being German, my gut always tells me that the best plan is to go on the offensive. This is pretty much the plan for all Germans in all wars my people have ever fought. It's kind of funny actually.

So believe me it pains me to say that this would probably also have been a bad idea. The USSR just had too many reserves and Germany had too few. Those grand encirclements of 1941 would be impossible without her Panzer divisions and air superiority. So I believe that her best chance would be holding the line at the Vistula and Oder rivers, contesting every inch of ground and building up a resistance force in any occupied territories while scraping together any resources one could from wherever possible.

It would be pretty damn difficult but eventually peace could be achieved at a terrible price. Germany would be subjected to crippling peace treaties but might be able to maintain her freedom.

957354  No.12463013


I recall reading of a (claim?) meeting like that, but is there anything concrete to prove it? And supposedly it was with one representative, nothing grandiose like the whole WJC.

One quote from a page filled with the holohoax narrative:

>This was the historical adventure that Masur has described in a booklet titled: Ein Jude Talar Med Himmler. “A Jew Speaks with Himmler,” (Stockholm, 1945) a rare document still not available in English.

Only one document, and not yet in English? Post-war? I just have to take it with a grain of salt.

dabfd6  No.12463067


a69cfc  No.12463085

File: 065a6a3b1e7f049⋯.jpg (91.85 KB, 564x507, 188:169, Bulgarian folk dance in Ha….jpg)


Maybe. Maybe it was fake. I can't prove beyond a doubt that it happened. So I don't know.

Maybe he would have been better at negotiating than Hitler was. We shall never know.

3c59c8  No.12463403


You're a kike.

f7185d  No.12465185

Are there Bolsheviks in the US I thought it was cultural Marxism?

1d699b  No.12465357


I felt bad so Im giving this one a (you)

000000  No.12497359


cef231  No.12497705

>tsarists happily joined people attacking communists and murdered russians with them

>based russians, 27 mln dead as a result

000000  No.12498015

I was reading about the making of "Schlinder's List," and the how it was filmed in an actual European town. An old lady saw the filming taking place, saw the actors in National Socialist uniforms marching down the street, and she remarked, "Look everyone! The Nationals Socialists are back. They always make me feel so safe."

The Jewish filmmaker was dismayed.

When the National Socialists rise again, we must protect Europeans. I highly discourage you from killing fellow Europeans, even fags, queers, feminists, and whatever else. Just alter the culture so that the next generation has nothing but praise, or abstract disdain. Any murders of Europeans will result in hatred of National Socialism, and we will fail to acquire allies.

6d64eb  No.12498027

Read Degrelles book The Eastern Front, everyday people loved the SS.

2f774a  No.12498096


Germany shouldn't have declared on the US without a Japanese offensive into the Soviet Union.

US involvement in the war freed up untold Soviet divisions in the far east - because they knew Japan would be tied down

Hitler was fucking PISSED over lend lease, and he wanted to lash out at the anglo kikes twisting the USA.

Germany got fuck and all out of the Alliance with Japan, ffs German military advisors, ambassadors and others in China were horrified with what Japan was doing tot he Chinese - Germany had very good relations with Nationalist China btw - which had production licenses for German Weaponry such as Mausers and MG-34's.

Japan killing Nationalist China took a potential ally with unlimited manpower out of the war, and the Japanese navy was big and bold enough that it was kicking the Royal Navy's ass wherever it found it - Hitler should have done everything in his power to extend the range of the Japanese fleet, even get a Japanese Expeditionary fleet to Europe.

The Japs kept Hitler in the dark over Pearl Harbor. He was delighted over it, declaring war, not seeing the folly of it until later

8f1d96  No.12498099


With caption:

https://media.8ch.net/file_store/97dec65da3c84afc8a11b2e746c5a67cdc478b49a0f111f67175cab8a7da6854.webm&t=German forces advanced into the Soviet Union in 1941.webm&loop=1

a69cfc  No.12498844

File: bd4a2d7235112e8⋯.jpg (450.99 KB, 1247x843, 1247:843, Chinese soldiers German Un….jpg)


>Germany got fuck and all out of the Alliance with Japan, ffs German military advisors, ambassadors and others in China were horrified with what Japan was doing tot he Chinese - Germany had very good relations with Nationalist China btw - which had production licenses for German Weaponry such as Mausers and MG-34's.


Hitler should have left the Japs to waste American resources on their own because the treacherous Japanese refused to help Germany in her hour of need.

And I like Japan, don't get me wrong.

But when the future fo your own people is at stake, you cannot afford to lash out in anger. When you strike, it must be in cold blood with ruthless efficiency and with a PLAN to see your blow through to its conclusion.

Declaring war on an enemy that you cannot reach is the height of passionate folly.

2a9eba  No.12498858

Leftypol declares this thread an antisemitic canard.

aaadea  No.12502290


Russian Orthodox priests paradropped into the Soviet Union to do photorecon or sabotage…

“When I was stationed at Sarabus and keeping myself fit by a little putting the weight and discus throwing after operations a black-painted aircraft often used to land on the airfield, and very mysteriously passengers alighted. One day one of the crew told me under the seal of secrecy what was going on. This aircraft carried Russian priests from the freedom-loving states of the Caucasus who volunteered for important missions for the German command. With flowing beards and dressed in clerical garb each of them carried a little packet on his chest, either a camera or explosives according to the nature of his mission. These priests regarded a German victory as the only chance of regaining their independence and with it their religious liberty. They were fanatical enemies of world Bolshevism and consequently our allies. I can still see them: often men with snow white hair and noble features as if chiselled out of wood.

From the deep interior of Russia they brought back all kinds of photographs, were months en route and generally returned with their mission accomplished.”

Excerpt From: Rudel, Hans Ulrich. “Stuka Pilot.”

6b92e1  No.12502501

File: c97a4171af75c6d⋯.pdf (4.3 MB, Stuka Pilot (Original Unce….pdf)



ae763e  No.12503231

File: 6e3696939d39c01⋯.png (19.47 KB, 526x170, 263:85, WW2 - soviet troops on far….png)


> US involvement in the war freed up untold Soviet divisions in the far east - because they knew Japan would be tied down

Except it didn't.

bc7ff5  No.12504474

File: e48128fa96cf629⋯.jpg (71.96 KB, 280x280, 1:1, 1543790560070.jpg)


>often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

How will P*gan Larpers EVER recover ?

a69cfc  No.12504519

File: 0d2caaa5550ba2c⋯.jpg (390.9 KB, 1500x1066, 750:533, Diversity Christ.jpg)


Probably by pointing out how the church has consistently betrayed our people and sided with the jews every time.

Or perhaps they'd simply point out that Crustianity is a universalist religion that accepts niggers and spics where as European religions are exclusive and do not accept niggers.

Or perhaps they'd simply point out that you yourself are LARPing because your religion is as real as the holocaust.

In fact, Galileans have LESS evidence in the validity of their religion than the jews have that the holocaust happened. At least the jews have some pictures of dead jews (who died in the war)

Christcucks have nothing but the word of the jews.

8b67f6  No.12504536

File: 5a8d6f2d4474e97⋯.png (922.57 KB, 1137x815, 1137:815, heathenry_not_racist.png)

File: a2ff21889285e6a⋯.png (301.77 KB, 598x588, 299:294, pagans_refugees.png)

File: 0c1fc1046d4bc2f⋯.png (551.7 KB, 720x960, 3:4, vikings.png)

File: 9b8b16b98f3bcf9⋯.jpg (514.97 KB, 1748x1597, 1748:1597, pol_pagans_nonwhite.jpg)

File: 30855a0a72402fd⋯.jpg (315.98 KB, 1125x1378, 1125:1378, vikins vs niggers.jpg)


>European religions are exclusive and do not accept niggers.

a69cfc  No.12504553


>Fifth pic

>literally calling Europeans niggers

And this is how we know you are not White.


Employing the old

>look at this random pic of a degenerate pagan

>This proves that ALL pagans are degenerate

Despite the fact that I can show you 10 pics of degenerate Christians for every one degenerate pagan.

Despite the fact that Christianity ADMITS that it is a universalist religion for ALL "people" whereas ancestor worship is exclusive by nature.

bc7ff5  No.12504554

File: 4c6bc85300a7219⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 1539783688415.jpg)


>our people

bc7ff5  No.12504574

File: b8ad1f07f1fbaf8⋯.jpg (505.38 KB, 720x1738, 360:869, 4d96b1cc24b2fb40bc780ef866….jpg)

File: 594e0aea9242486⋯.png (553.02 KB, 1251x585, 139:65, 1543166583009.png)


Funny, you LARPers always seem to love pic random pics of degenerate Christians to discredit the whole.

71c35a  No.12504581


Japan trusted the kikles in the ussr though. They signed a non aggression pact in 41 and kept it until the man of steel betrayed them in 45 immediately after hit lore was defeated.

078a69  No.12504622

File: b85e2b0745ac0f5⋯.png (570.3 KB, 1015x559, 1015:559, feels_swastika.png)


Simple question. Would Europeans have discovered thermodynamics and built greatness regardless of whether Christianity or Paganism was dominant or not?

c9fc6c  No.12504651


Europe would have collapsed like Rome collapsed without Christ because it would have no spiritual defense against the synagogue of satan. Without men like Luther or Wycliffe, the ZOG wouldn't have had any enemies. Vikings would have reveled in whores and booze until the muslims invited by the jews rolled in like roaches and snuffed them like candles, like they almost did to Spain. Europe would be a mongrelized kikehole bowing to mecca. Of course, now that Europe has gone back to its weak, stupid pagan faggotry, that's exactly what's happening now.

Daily readings from "On Jews and their Lies" could start a fire, but of course, butthole slurping edgelurdz would never allow muh hurr durr fairy tales interrupt their enlightened futuristic cuckoldry.

bc7ff5  No.12504655


They probably would discover things over time, but Christianity was a much better stabilizer and catalyst for science than anything else (even if it wasn't the point of Christianity per say of course).

Moreover, might I add, the Roman Empire were actually making Usury before the Jews ever did.

336275  No.12504665


I'm sorry. I didnt realize that Christians were so unpozzed, totally not dragging themselves through the mud to save every mongrel race, and not protecting the 'chosen people'

silly me, what a mistake. Where can I get my copy of the King James bible?

a69cfc  No.12504678

File: 724ce1fe78a4aa9⋯.png (5.17 MB, 700x3775, 28:151, Christianity has contribut….png)


>Europeans would have collapsed without jew worship

Prove it, faggot

In fact, Rome built her empire AS PAGANS and collapsed after REJECTING their native faith.

>Christians reject the jews

Except that they don't.

>Without jews, Europeans would submit and surrender

False. Without jew-worship, Europeans would never have associated with your kikes at all. It is only because you fuckers are obsessed with Judea that Europeans worship jews.

Christianity is not a European religion. A European religion is focused ON EUROPE. Not the middle east and the exploits of the jews

bc7ff5  No.12504690

File: e9ef74f0fd389c2⋯.png (690.97 KB, 1000x674, 500:337, ChristIsWatchingYou.png)


>I'm sorry. I didnt realize that Christians were so unpozzed, totally not dragging themselves through the mud to save every mongrel race, and not protecting the 'chosen people'


>silly me, what a mistake. Where can I get my copy of the King James bible?

a69cfc  No.12504705

File: e83a6de23f9104d⋯.jpg (302.51 KB, 784x1019, 784:1019, Diversity.jpg)


>Christianity stabilizes

This is a ridiculous claim. The Pagan Roman Empire was the most stabilizing force Europe has ever experienced. The idea that Europeans are savage barbarians incapable of interacting as nation-states without the jew is itself a jewish lie.

We did so long before Galileanism existed. It is our higher intelligence and high-trust society building that allows for this. Not a foreign religion imposed upon us by lying jews.

Africa has been Christianized by these same spiritual jews and Africa is not more civilized because of Christcuckery.

Religion does not change the 'Racial Character of the people.

bc7ff5  No.12504719


>Africa has been Christianized

Only part of it, some other parts have been Islamized, other parts are still animists.

Moreover, I think it's save to assume that Christianized parts of Africa are more civilized as animists or Muslims parts, butt of course, they are not up to the level of white Europeans.

336275  No.12504941

File: 32119056ba9ee54⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 32119056ba9ee548ab08467481….jpg)


Curious. the Jew shrieks with pain when his puppet is rejected.

c47e80  No.12509908


Eventually the US would just nuke Hamburg and demand unconditional surrender. The war was already lost at Moscow.

5d619f  No.12510101

File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 7f0a9eb8f5c26a459a717094e1….png)


>can't tell the difference between WW1 and WW2

a69cfc  No.12510231


The Islamicized parts are more civilized than the Christian parts because RACE is what matters. Not how to pray to the fucking kikes.

89646c  No.12510283

File: 01c939044f4e724⋯.jpeg (386.76 KB, 900x546, 150:91, 77B1281C-7A71-4F31-AE89-8….jpeg)


This should be the fucking end to the discussion, but it won’t. People will still get divided over whether to follow Jesus or Woten/Zues, and nothing will ever get done. The facts are, neither Christianity nor paganism are what made Europe great, because an objective look at history proves that whether it was Rome circa 33 AD or 1533 AD, it was the white man and his genetics that made it great. We were great DESPITE the Semitic religon and DESPITE the superstation and animism. Why? Because when we are truly passionate, we make great things. Whether it’s the Parthenon or Notre Dame, the ancient Zoroastrian temples in Persia or the Heiga Sophia, the common thread tying them together is that WE made it. No, I don’t think this Christian-Pagan rift will ever fully heal in our lifetimes, but just remember: We are Nature’s Finest, and no cross dressing gods or hooked nose hippies will ever take what we are, the race that ruled the world, away from us, no matter how hard the kikes or our own stupid mistakes may try.

a69cfc  No.12510639

File: 179e5eb487f7b9b⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 608x681, 608:681, Ukrainian Girl Garlands 1.jpg)

File: bc5ed65ecd124ef⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 760x428, 190:107, Pagan Celebration Poland.jpg)

File: 1ea398e0e031d37⋯.jpg (563.31 KB, 1613x1080, 1613:1080, Bled2.jpg)



It's like I have always said. If Christianity had never existed, Europeans would still have gone on to build beautiful archetecture, write moving poetry, create passionate literature, dance lively dances, invent cutting edge technology, ponder deep philosophy, and explore the world.

Things would likely be different with a different flavor. I believe that things would happen more quickly without priests thieving from our pockets and jews being invited into our lands because the Bible says they're Gods Chosen People.

However, our race would do great things because we are a Great People. It is in our genes, not our religious texts.

c14d32  No.12511325


>because the Bible says they're Gods Chosen People.

Complete and utter bullshit.

0c49d6  No.12511330


nazi worship is fucking cancer

0c49d6  No.12511334


>the Bible says they're Gods Chosen People

the bible say they worship their father, satan

000000  No.12511337

This was only natural given the atrocities of the Bolsheviks.

3560c4  No.12511695


>Rome collapsed without Christ


Theodosius I (Latin: Flavius Theodosius Augustus;[1] Greek: Θεοδόσιος Αʹ; 11 January 347 – 17 January 395), also known as Theodosius the Great, was Roman Emperor from AD 379 to AD 395, as the last emperor to rule over both the eastern and the western halves of the Roman Empire.

Between 389–392 he promulgated the "Theodosian decrees"[37] (instituting a major change in his religious policies),[38]:116 which removed non-Nicene Christians from church office and abolished the last remaining expressions of Roman religion by making its holidays into workdays, …, closed Roman temples, confiscated temple endowments and disbanded the Vestal Virgins.[39]

Theodosius refused to restore the Altar of Victory in the Senate House, as asked by non-Christian senators.

In 392 he became sole emperor (the last one to claim sole and effective rule over an empire including the western provinces). From this moment till the end of his reign in 395, while non-Christians continued to request toleration,[40][41] he ordered, authorized, or at least failed to punish, the closure or destruction of many temples, holy sites, images and objects of piety throughout the empire.[42][43][44][45][46][47]

He is likely to have disbanded the ancient Olympic Games, whose last record of celebration was in 393, though archeological evidence indicates that some games were still held after this date.[50]


Honorius (Latin: Flavius Honorius Augustus; 9 September 384 – 15 August 423) was Western Roman Emperor from 393 to 423. He was the younger son of emperor Theodosius I and his first wife Aelia Flaccilla, and brother of Arcadius, who was the Eastern Emperor from 395 until his death in 408. During his reign, Rome was sacked for the first time in almost 800 years.[1]

1853f7  No.12511709



nice buzzword. No one is literally worshipping

>if you like something I dont you worship it

>if you like something more than I find acceptable you obsess over it

d01439  No.12511849


are you intentionally being retarded or what? rome was sacked for a number of reasons and the biggest one was because the senate were a bunch of traitors

a69cfc  No.12511960

File: 8ba46d35cb048bd⋯.png (268.14 KB, 685x313, 685:313, Europeans in hell2.png)



"For (((you))) are a holy people to the (((Lord your God))), and the Lord has chosen (((you))) to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who are on the face of the earth."

Deuteronomy 14:2

Christians have not even read their own shitty Torah/Bible

Europeans need a European religion about Europeans doing European things in Europe. Not a jewish book about jews doing jewish things in Judea.

We need a religion that CELEBRATES Europeans and our glorious ancestors deeds. Not a fucking book that says that 99.999% of Europeans who ever lived are burning in a fictional torture chamber to appease a spiteful jewish war-god.

(((Yahovah))) is a slimy, greedy, petty minded cunt like all jews.

36c3d9  No.12541376


As someone who can read your image, I don't see that part in there. Could be on another page, but this particular passage merely describes German command positions and decrees the necessity of flushing them out of inhabited areas into the cold and wilderness so that they can no longer hide from aerial and artillery attacks.

b32321  No.12541402


Asatru, Druidic, Roman, Greek, Gnostic philosophy, Zoroastrian.

There are tons to choose from. Find one that speaks to you, and spoke to your ancestors.

That or come up with a unified European Religion that combines all pantheons and speaks to all Europeans, but frankly Im not fond of the idea of just dumping them all into a pot and calling it a stew.

6e44a8  No.12543268

Not sure those who met the Einsatzgruppen were too excited to see them. They had an open door policy when it came to the oven.

0e7b5d  No.12543346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Except they didn't. >>12498506



021b41  No.12543364

File: 05cb2f4695b1007⋯.jpg (49.39 KB, 288x515, 288:515, moloch-cult01.jpg)


>Deuteronomy 14:2

Why did you stop there, schlomo? Oh, this is why:

<Deuteronomy 11:26-28

Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse: the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you today; and the curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside from the way which I command you today, to go after other gods which you have not known.



1b6201  No.12543378


Enjoy your filter, kike.

1b6201  No.12543383


Daily reminder to read Odinia.org and unapologetically go Pagan.

fdf7eb  No.12543406

File: 08b752df63b5824⋯.png (471.21 KB, 966x677, 966:677, ClipboardImage.png)


That second image is hilariously stupid, given the what happened to the Romans.

Also, third image, that quote from Hitler is actually a claimed quote by Albert Speer from a 1970 memoir. You should clarify that, ya know, if you don't want to be a faggot.

Here's another quote from immediately before the cited passage, maybe you should include it as well eh?

fdf7eb  No.12543410

File: 464c74cacc8f39b⋯.jpg (355.25 KB, 1545x866, 1545:866, Christianitys Jewish God i….JPG)



Why stop there, schlomo?

Oh, this is why:

<Pic related.

You worship a demon through the image of a semite.

9e3284  No.12543415

File: c0aedc21c9b0fd3⋯.jpg (407.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1280x720_A Peaceful Night ….jpg)


I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but I just want to point out that you automatically assume that more tech equals greatness.

But if you ask me, we would have Haunebus heading towards Aldebaran by now without that Syrian sandnigger cult.

fdf7eb  No.12543420


Why not provide a full translation while you're at it?

000000  No.12543445


You are completely powerless, deformed kike.

You lost.

190cf8  No.12543450


and when you keep in mind that jesus talked for half the fucking bible about how his land was being overrun by foreigners that shit kinda gets seen in a different light

when you realize god kicked the kikes to the curb before jesus was even sent to earth that shit kinda gets seen in a different light

fdf7eb  No.12543451


>Europe would have collapsed like Rome collapsed without Christ because it would have no spiritual defense against the synagogue of satan.

<That's why it wound up being completely consumed by Judaism under Christendom.

Seems like Christendom was the mechanism via which the semitic influence crept in and found purchase, not the mechanism via which it was repelled.

>Vikings would have reveled in whores and booze until the muslims invited by the jews rolled in like roaches and snuffed them like candles, like they almost did to Spain

There's really no reason to think that other than that it makes you feel warm and tingly. and The Great Heathen Army and the exploits of Vercingetorix far before suggests your narrative is flawed.

>Daily readings from "On Jews and their Lies"

Would be nothing but promotion of a Christian cope in the form of propaganda demonstrating blatant cognitive dissonance.

Martin Luther was great in that he called out the Jew, but he was an utter failure in that his approach was to claim that Christ was not a Jewish semite, the "lies" in question, which are in fact reality.

The true "lie" is that Christendom was ever anything but a foreign semitic faith that aimed at purging the native European culture just like the Muslims would have sought to do (because semites have always hated and feared the European reverence for nature in the form of anthropic manifestations of virtuous traits in man/nature), claiming the products of European evolutionary history as the sole consequence of a shitty cult devoted to a Jewish rabbi who claimed himself the product of divine cuckoldry (or at least, his disciples did, after the scattered like cockroaches upon his execution), and creating a foundation for Jewish infiltration and subversion, leading to the modern era.


>They probably would discover things over time

At least admit that, but realistically, there is no 'probably' here - they would have. They didn't have stoneworking, but they were creating quarter-of-a-mile long wooden structures utilizing entire large trees as support structures, so I'm preeeeetty sure they'd have managed to get by.

You're very underhanded to be unable to acknowledge that European greatness in the fields of science and technology were largely the derivation of evolutionary traits, not the product of some sort of civic or cultural condition.

>but Christianity was a much better stabilizer and catalyst for science than anything else (even if it wasn't the point of Christianity per say of course).

Actually, Islam often served as a strong catalyst for science, but that's besides the point, because the notion of Christianity as a stabilizer is fucking laughable in the utmost.

>Moreover, might I add, the Roman Empire were actually making Usury before the Jews ever did.

The Meds were widely exposed to non-White foreigners/cultures as a consequence of their geographic position, whcih also represented a much better location for agricultural pursuits. As a result, they wound up getting into all kinds of weird shit, much of which they adapted - made possible by their evolutionarily-derived traits - as to improve them, and some of which they incorporated to their detriment.

fdf7eb  No.12543458


>and when you keep in mind that jesus talked for half the fucking bible about how his land was being overrun by foreigners that shit kinda gets seen in a different light

Not really, unless you side with semites complaining about the presence of Romans when such complaints are levied - but what kind of kike-serving faggot would do that?

>when you realize god kicked the kikes to the curb before jesus was even sent to earth that shit kinda gets seen in a different light

Not really, no - 'god' still just seems like a gross old-world demon, and jesus still seems like a subversive proto-marxist semite trying to gain power for himself through mysticism and manipulation.

a69cfc  No.12543477



>You're a jew if you don't worship a jew

That doesn't work, you spiritual kike. Only your fellow Chrustians actually think that way and many of them cringe.

dfcfcc  No.12543562


i think we could use a thread just as a refresher on what the hell exactly happened during the war in general.

0e7b5d  No.12543574

File: 5523425fa1c9c49⋯.pdf (7.06 MB, The Bizarre Story of Krist….pdf)

File: da428c06bd7dc94⋯.jpg (301.28 KB, 718x1122, 359:561, The Bizarre Story of Krist….jpg)



I wonder, if he even said that "whipping" comment, if that refers to victories in WW1 which should be achieved again.

Irving is wrong for example about (at least was in 2013) the case of the Kristallnacht. He genuinely said at a meetup that it was planned and executed by the Reich government, which is false.

0e7b5d  No.12543580

I didn't realize it got posted already, some delay maybe.


There's a WWII thread >>11651293

b73001  No.12549364


Because I'm phone posting. That said, I found a full text online at ru.wikisource.org/wiki/Приказ_Ставки_ВГК_от_17.11.1941_№_428

That full text confirms my theory that the image is the first page, and the "burn it all" order is on the following pages

41e561  No.12549802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Germans Save Civilians In Ukraine 1941

From the interview and life story of Ingrid Rimland

1994: https://archive.org/details/ErnstZundelInterviewsIngridRimlandForThe1stTimeIn1994

1998: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CJVLzthhQo


ca7df6  No.12562461


I can read Russian and you omitted the first part that specifically puts this in the context of battle conditions, not randomly destroying everything in sight.

This thread is a travesty of historical inaccuracy.

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