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File: f510801c040cf63⋯.jpg (192.1 KB, 750x536, 375:268, AZ.jpg)

7e6362  No.12395447

The dems have flipped 2 senate seats in 36 hours and 2 more are looking like they go the same way, and the republicans are going along with it, dems may yet have control of both houses lmao

984938  No.12395459

Oh well, hopefully this causes an overthrow of the system.

aacd6b  No.12395500


Good. McSally is a neocon piece of shit

f0e811  No.12395504


fuck it

they can't do anything anyway because of the house

who gives a fuck at this point about congress

Q-Tards / Trump-Tards - same thing

85741f  No.12395519


They won't. Maybe "someone" else will…

7e6362  No.12395537


Let him cope. It's all he has at this point. Too bad the American right spent the last two years doing fuck all and not holding Trump's feet to the fire to clean house like he was supposed to. If only they accomplished something substantial instead "LOL MUH LIBRUL TEARS"

Their country is now beyond the point of no return and they have no one to blame, but themselves.

8a4974  No.12395545




Fucking this. Anyone thinking we can fight back anymore are delusional as fuck.

They fucking won. No joke. There is literally no reason not to take the blackpill now.

85741f  No.12395549


Blackpill. It'll all be action in the 2020s shill-kun, and then you will probably be gassed.


You too fag. This thread is clearly just worrisome news turned into blackpilling.

f85f77  No.12395557


But we have based Kanye on our side.

8a4974  No.12395562


Democrats have control of both houses and there is nothing you can do about it.

The kikes won. We lost. Get over it and accept defeat.



7e6362  No.12395564

File: 92ee3d728ee910d⋯.png (490.8 KB, 917x986, 917:986, civnat cucks.PNG)


The civnat cucks over at the_donald are blackpilling hard right now lol


442ab9  No.12395577


But there was at least a chance she would have voted nationalist to save face. With Sinema it's full retard mode. Oh well, maybe people will realize what's going on sooner. Just give all the races to the dems, impeach Trump and let Maxine Waters or whoever have the Presidency. At this point we're on the path to that world anyway. Might as well let it happen sooner than later.

7e6362  No.12395588

File: f5300d4b4ab7b8f⋯.png (19.41 KB, 463x353, 463:353, when you wake up, but you'….PNG)

442ab9  No.12395594


Our country has been going downhill for a long time. Don't blame the new generations for this shit. The old people put us here by getting complacent. The young ones will have to suffer through this.

442ab9  No.12395601


Based Kanye..

>92% of blacks voted dem

aacd6b  No.12395602


>But there was at least a chance she would have voted nationalist to save face.

No there isn't

aefa08  No.12395603



Only a matter of time before they, too, surrender.



Read >>12395578

Suicide is the only escape. It's over.

442ab9  No.12395613


Literally none of that will help us. It would just end to more demoralizing and demonising of whites.

442ab9  No.12395624


Well we'll never know now will we?

ba9db6  No.12395630


>It would just end to more demoralizing and demonising of whites



f85f77  No.12395637


Drat, not even the negroes will save us.

They even killed baste GAB too, all the certificates seem to be revoked. It's over. Jews won. GG white guys.

442ab9  No.12395643


Gab was run by one of them anyway.

aacd6b  No.12395650


We know 100% that Republicans will never even attempt to forward nationalist legislation (because Republicans oppose nationalism), so there is no possible way she could have voted nationalist.

7e6362  No.12395651

File: ed21291b8739ba1⋯.png (37.49 KB, 522x577, 522:577, 320.PNG)

File: df4a1d96f41fae5⋯.png (41.5 KB, 488x702, 244:351, 319.PNG)

File: ed21291b8739ba1⋯.png (37.49 KB, 522x577, 522:577, 320.PNG)

f85f77  No.12395664


It it was the last h'white hope. Just because Torba rhymes with Torah doesn't mean anything. Yes, ok… he has a hook nose, but he's pretty based. I mean, look at the logo, he chose a frog. He's one of us. He's /ourguy/ guys. That site is our home.

442ab9  No.12395666


The puppet masters aren't going to let you touch them idiot. The fact that you think you can actually accomplish anything when the entire world is their playground is frankly disturbing to me. This is like having a conversation with the dumbasses on YouTube.

f85f77  No.12395668


Hello Satan.

8ac65a  No.12395673

tuscoan here.

there are so many jews here down south. so many illegal spics. crime here is shockingly high, yet another democrat symptom. there is even a fucking jewish cemetery in tombstone and a masonic lodge.

tucson is a liberal shit hole. crime is bad. active illegal beaners getting caught crossing into pima county EVERY DAY. a TPD police chief GAY and PRO BLM. a fucking jewish controlled city with their spic pets. they just shut down fubding for ICE at the pima county jail… that means illegals get to walk.

jews + beaners + pozzed universities + active voter fraud = this

rip. az has become california 2.0

f85f77  No.12395681


>That font rendering

Fix your shit.

e02bd0  No.12395692


Stop waiting for the balloon to go up man. Stop waiting for things to just happen.

8ac65a  No.12395699


excuse my fat fingers… i look like a retard.

f85f77  No.12395713


Consider stealing two seats and pushing an illegal caravan through the balloon.

526aac  No.12395717


looks like /pol/lite, I never thought to see a day when T_Donald would against the Reagan Amnesty

ba9db6  No.12395731


They're blackpilling sooooo fucking hard. They'll probably start a suicide oact now.







e02bd0  No.12395736


>Blaming libertarians and not spics and other muds.

Oh Reddit.

442ab9  No.12395751


It's a bit late though. People had to wait until we were right at the tipping point to wake up. The statistics were out in plain sight for years and years. Payment is due now though unfortunately.

7e6362  No.12395755

File: 65b5fcaf317dbbc⋯.png (51.2 KB, 560x857, 560:857, 3.PNG)

d4d46e  No.12395762

File: 18dc46d63f9246c⋯.png (67.22 KB, 157x247, 157:247, Our patience is reaching i….png)




Can't help but notice the undertones of sadistic glee dripping out of your supposed pessimism. How's the weather in tel aviv, boys?

442ab9  No.12395763


I'm sorry you're from a single mother home dude.

1aa2d1  No.12395764

Yeah no shit the entire thing is rigged so power is split between team a and team b and they can control opposition. Omg the government just gave us back what they took from us yay oh no they took it again we need the government to stop the government so we can get this back ! Please help government the government is attacking us!

Shut the fuck up and stop spamming my board with your fake ass bullshit you dumb breitbart faggot jew

ea5bb1  No.12395770

So how many of us are considering suicide now after this news? There's literally nothing left for us. Literally fucking nothing left.

a2225e  No.12395776

File: 80b611f87d2c8a2⋯.jpg (192.17 KB, 800x800, 1:1, grahambw-copy-800x800.jpg)


I would doom my soul to hell to survive.

d16eb1  No.12395785



Nice try hoperedditor.

7e6362  No.12395801

File: 25ac3156554760b⋯.png (10.32 KB, 631x153, 631:153, kek what happened to trust….PNG)


Yup it's pretty satisfying after trying to explain to morons for the past 2+ years what's exactly awaits them if they stay on this course, but have them calling you racists, trolls, shills, nazi's, etc. Now eat shit.

aacd6b  No.12395812


It's crazy that guys like Rockwell could see this all coming in the 50s, and most normalfags cannot even see it today.

f3c9b0  No.12395817


It doesn't even register with these people that the military they want on the border is overwhelming poz and shitskin and isn't going to do shit.

735788  No.12395825


>accept defeat.


So long as one White man lives, the war will never be over.

b47fb2  No.12395843


You're really, really desperate to push this idea, ain'tcha? Finally figuring out that telling us to kill ourselves isn't working and decided to try the reverse approach, or is this phase 1 of pretending a bunch of despairing right wingers will be commiting mass shootings followed by suicides?

442ab9  No.12395845


If change is going to take place we have to be smart about it like the Jews have done. Skirt the laws, use the loopholes to our advantage, get years and years of government funding to our cause, infiltrate the media, schools, entertainment, sex industry, government courts laws and bills, etc etc and build up our resolve over half a century. Then we might have a chance. The cards are stacked against us. One man cannot do a single thing. Not one thing alone. This plan has been in action for many years and Europeans are starting to wake from their slumber just now. Everything is stacked against them though. Even half of the European race is against them.

442ab9  No.12395854


Many people saw it back then. They're literally all dead.

7e6362  No.12395856

File: f712a672934d003⋯.png (28.12 KB, 940x348, 235:87, b.PNG)

1f1228  No.12395874


We will lose. Europeans will lose. There is nothing left that can be done. Say goodbye to all non-marxist thought forever.


>and most normalfags cannot even see it today.

They never will see it. They are beyond hope.



It's funny that they still believe anything can be done. They're in for the rudest fucking awakening.

22c070  No.12395882


No the last time was the Bundy's about five years ago and they won.

5a5a1f  No.12395886

Ever notice that every single time close races have late vote tally's it always goes Dem? There needs to be a better way to assure the vote. Something public so we can constantly make sure no funny business is happening since, frankly, there is no better group than us to do so.

000000  No.12395887


Who gives a shit? Time for the race-war faggot. Time to start killing jews.

832a4b  No.12395898


See >>12395528

There's literally nothing we can do about it. Democrats won the midterms and they will win forever.

000000  No.12395900





92aeb0  No.12395902


we've all killed ourselves, now enjoy the rest of the day in tel aviv

000000  No.12395904


You could make the voting systems based on blockchain, but at this point demographic replacement is almost complete so it doesn't matter anyway.

22c070  No.12395909


To be fair they're blaming libertarians for letting spics in, which is a slight improvement. I'm honestly surprised that even T_D is realizing that legal immigration needs to be halted, I thought they were more cucked than that. I mean they should definitely be blaming jews instead of libertarians but as far as reddit goes I'm used to seeing a lot worse.

f0e811  No.12395911






let them

so they can go away forever

cc0999  No.12395913


>dems may yet have control of both houses lmao



573775  No.12395918


Then kys, right now and livestream it. If you actually believed that and weren't a Jewish demoralization shill you would.

7e6362  No.12395922

File: 18ee8f8436ae3eb⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 500x371, 500:371, 4d4.jpg)

ad0ce8  No.12395924



aacd6b  No.12395925


Jews were able to take advantage of whites because our race is generally naive, trusting, and believes in a degree of fair play. It cannot work on Jews because they are the most paranoid and suspicious people on earth.

4bd473  No.12395926
















d4d46e  No.12395928

File: 987e4fa74bcc9d9⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Noise Warning.webm)


>you’re a jew because you literally called on people to grab guns and kill the traitors trying to get away with this

Whose gaping asshole did you pull this strawman from? Who do you think you are arguing with? This isn't the_donald, you cheap sodomite. I explicitly advocate for extrajudicial violence as the solution to our problems, and my optimism stems from our innate mastery of it as a species. Stop foaming at the mouth like some cocksucking retard withdrawing off of ritalin.

>You are the reason no one will ever do anything. You. Personally.

Ashes and echoes amirite?


You can't just make up faggoty portmanteaus and try to pass them off as imageboard argot, my fellow anonymous

573775  No.12395930


I see your nose.

efa3d5  No.12395931




No action will be taken anyway. It's fucking over for us.


We literally cannot be more denoralized right now. There is no point in salvaging any hope in this shit.

7e6362  No.12395939

File: 27b4fa0d9ea503c⋯.png (40.81 KB, 970x499, 970:499, they were supposed to be B….PNG)

22c070  No.12395955



Yeah, it was easy to see. It took intense propaganda on all fronts from education to psychology, to entertainment to convince people to not pay attention or raise the alarm for fear of being labeled a heretic witch racist. They made equality into a religion and it was such a successful move that the Chrisitans ignored their own biblical text with laughable rationalizations such as anti-miscegenation verses being about religion instead of race. The whitepill in all of this is that if this propaganda is now being seen through by normalfags we only have two more to get through before there's a viable path for victory. The normalfags must be made to be jew aware and the narrative that pacifism is good must be slain. After that, well let's just say that whites being outnumbered is simply the norm when it comes to war.

9dd093  No.12395965


>The whitepill in all of this is that if this propaganda is now being seen through by normalfags we only have two more to get through before there's a viable path for victory. The normalfags must be made to be jew aware and the narrative that pacifism is good must be slain

Imagine believing this will ever happen.

Face it, we're insignificant as fuck and will never change anything. It's over now.

bb4372  No.12395967

File: bf9fa27dfd09792⋯.webm (30 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_maga_meme_baste_lau….webm)

f1278d  No.12395971


dude, just off yourself then, stop IP hopping and spamming this board

d4d46e  No.12395975

File: 93d7655e48fe8a4⋯.png (221.23 KB, 980x814, 490:407, 1453909512301.png)


>reporting is le downvoat

Nice talking to you, faggot.

2404cd  No.12395979


>magapedes getting redpilled away from civic nationalism

This is actually a wonderful outcome.

cc0999  No.12395983


Shouldn’t you be circle jerking over Blacked porn /tv/?

000000  No.12395986


Everyone laugh at the vote cuck.


22c070  No.12395993


Why are you bothering to respond to him? He doesn't have any substantive arguments its just

>things bad

>me sad

>everyone should kill themselves

>me not kill myself tho

>there is no hope and nothing matters

>I'll spend hours every day telling everyone nothing matters though instead of just getting my rocks off

I mean I really don't understand him unless he's being paid, if you're convinced that nothing matters then there's three paths that make at least some sense to take. You could embrace hedonism and indulge yourself. You could kill yourself. You could try your best anyways and go out putting up a fight. But he doesn't do any of that he just spends all day telling others its hopeless, its all quite bizarre.

d4d46e  No.12395998

File: 8936c51b383d204⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 520x387, 520:387, 8936c51b383d20488c84f2aa95….jpg)


This nigger gets it.

f1278d  No.12396002


e9808d (9)


8a4974 (2)


aefa08 (1)


ba9db6 (2)


1f1228 (1)


832a4b (1)


Torfaggot (4)


ad0ce8 (1)


4bd473 (1)


9dd093 (1)

Same posting style, same red text blackpill nonesense just kill yourself, goy, posts. All the same guy fairly certain.

9250ee  No.12396010


They are are trying to demoralize, but Republicans have no interest in turning back the shitskin invasion. Voters handed them a mandate and they folded. Trump sat on his hands. He will blame Sessions for not taking action, then whatever faggot he puts in next.


The only gains that can be made is with whites. A border wall is mostly symbolic, but it can be used as a litmus test on how willing a country is to defend its own citizens. Once the caravan arrives, people will understand how the US will handle mass invasions. If the invaders walk in unopposed, then other countries will begin recruiting for further invasions. The US is comparatively a very rich nation, and having their citizens invade makes it easy to gain control of cities, influence elections, and funnel money back. By doing nothing, Republicans told the world that the US is open to invasion.

9dd093  No.12396014


>The whitepill in all of this is that if this propaganda is now being seen through by normalfags we only have two more to get through before there's a viable path for victory

Cite your sources faggot. No normalfag will ever want a civil war.

d4d46e  No.12396016

File: d22b3f761cb97d9⋯.webm (14.99 MB, 1100x1000, 11:10, ponyfag.webm)


It is the same guy. I know because I hacked the security camera in his bedroom and caught this footage.

dc6bd3  No.12396021


im convinced he's a leftynigger. Those posts just read like some gay, mundane shit they would come up with

303358  No.12396023


Cuckchan raid? There's no way T_D uncucked themselves so fast.

bb4372  No.12396028

File: f25f74f4254d1c1⋯.webm (22.3 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_maga_meme_red_text.webm)

22c070  No.12396031


Good chance that they will when child prostitution becomes common if not before, for you to say this I don't believe you understand how bad things will get. Have you not studied Weimar conditions?

000000  No.12396032


WEW you are a faggot.

Much easier to just write people off as russian bots huh?

afdc9c  No.12396033



Doesn't matter. They still have blind faith in ZOGnald and still want him to do the job for them. They will forever be a lost cause.


>There's no way T_D uncucked themselves so fast.

See above retard

afdc9c  No.12396038


>Have you not studied Weimar conditions?

There were more whites in Weimar Germany than there are here.

42be42  No.12396046

Just crucify me already

7e6362  No.12396048

File: c51f9b5f99e0560⋯.png (204.16 KB, 960x615, 64:41, ig8ai8qfe7x11.png)

File: c23156f5010659b⋯.png (7.39 KB, 634x91, 634:91, 3.PNG)

22c070  No.12396050


Which is why the response will not be the ballot this time.

f1278d  No.12396055



Welp, seems only the torfags and e9808d are legit. Isn't it interesting that no other IDs responded?


42be42 (1)

957ed1  No.12396056

inb4 Florida is lost

cc0999  No.12396057

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.







When you are too gay for /leftypol/ and /reddit/


000000  No.12396058


This is the key factor everyone on this board misses. Germany wasn't infested with mexicans, niggers, and chinks. It just had a Jewish problem. The US is in a much worse position than Wiemar and we don't have a common culture we can use to pull ourselves out of this mess. War and Balkanization are the only solutions at this point.


This is some hard truth.

22c070  No.12396064


>War and Balkanization are the only solutions at this point.

That's what I said that he objected to though so you really shouldn't be agreeing with him.

d614bf  No.12396066

>County with a literal Rothschild as the mayor

>State with the most recent influx of jews next to New Zealand

Well, can't say i wasn't expecting it

000000  No.12396067


More like you are just a fat sack of shit sitting in a pile of dorritos somewhere and you are fishing for (You)s.

bb4372  No.12396070

File: 662366a69a7a41d⋯.webm (22.3 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_maga_meme_just_wait….webm)

f1278d  No.12396071


Nice butthurt on display, torpedo. Call me a yid next.

303358  No.12396074


What exactly are you pointing at, speak like a normal white person.

c2fcfb  No.12396075

The only relevant question at this point is when and how the military splits. If that never happens, there will never be war. If that does happen, then the way the military splits will largely determine what happens, at least initially (before the rest of the world gets involved).

42be42  No.12396077

d4d46e  No.12396078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Isn't it interesting that no other IDs responded?

That's what happends when you have a conversation with yourself over multiple proxies. Anyway, I found your themesong. If you're gonna degrade this into a shitposting thread, we might as well make it a festive one.

f1278d  No.12396081


Nice, didn't proxy switch immediately. But then again, you lack the signature red text doomfaggotry, might be legit.

7e6362  No.12396083

File: ec1e13e5bd0f671⋯.png (681.3 KB, 1009x534, 1009:534, I hope she dies and I hope….PNG)


>There's no way T_D uncucked themselves so fast.

They're not. They'll go back to their old ways soon enough.

f3c9b0  No.12396085


The military is your enemy to the very last man. Extorting you is their job. Remember, the primary target of US occupation is White America. You are occupied and forced to labor. Psychological warfare and media stimulation are deployed permanently to fracture, divide, and cow the population into atomized units incapable of a general strike and coordinated economic withdrawal from the monetary system. The military will murder you. Murder them first.

c2fcfb  No.12396092


What will determine whether war happens or not is whether and how the military splits. Unless and until the military splits, there won't be actual civil war. There might be some large-scale unrest, but that's it.

dc6bd3  No.12396093


Niggers and spics in the military will overwhelmingly join the zog as well as about 40-50% of the whites. I think it'll be >60% that end up fighting with the yids. Best bet is to not place your hope in them.

22c070  No.12396096


You really need to get this idea of a government force saving you from the government out of your head, its pathetic.

7e6362  No.12396100

File: f710ced8ab91181⋯.png (37.66 KB, 787x509, 787:509, oh no the liberals won't l….PNG)

000000  No.12396101


So glad you are here to be the arbiter of who is real and who isn't. I don't think I could have figured out how to read this thread without you.

8eaf79  No.12396103


>The only relevant question at this point is when and how the military splits

They're 100% cucked anon. There will never be a war.


Fucking this.

They're cucked as fuck and will never agree to civil war. They are eternally loyal to ZOGnald.


There will never be a civil war, and even if there was we'll still lose anyway.

f1278d  No.12396106


Np, torfaggot, glad to be of help.

4fa121  No.12396107



Unacceptable for white men.

bb4372  No.12396110

File: d51f6f7b665ea48⋯.webm (37.65 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_maga_baste_ruth_tex….webm)

000000  No.12396113


Wouldn't have to use TOR if the mods weren't Trump worshiping kikes who ban for wrongthink.

8eaf79  No.12396115


This place is literally the only place that realizes what's really going on. Everywhere else is 200% cucked. More influental platforms like r/the_donald and 4/pol/ are already compromised, and 8chan will inevitably be shut down for hate speech. Tbere's nowhere for us to hide.

c2fcfb  No.12396120


Nobody's going to save anyone in my view. My point is the meaningful fighting would be carried out by military and military units that defected. This is just how civil wars go. Until the military splits, the most that will happen is large-scale civil unrest, but nothing more. That's just how civil wars work.

7e6362  No.12396121

File: 115e508b1eb4f6c⋯.jpg (58.76 KB, 640x608, 20:19, EV5Qix609sbaWF5iAoG0y0P25B….jpg)

d4d46e  No.12396123

File: edd7db9efa23b37⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 550x378, 275:189, 1461849947363.jpg)


Will you be whinging like this eternally while were all in the foxholes? Because I'll put a bullet in you myself to stop your nutless woe-is-me squawking if that's the case.

2fde87  No.12396124


At this point it's just getting hilarious. Trump, send in the guns, just start shooting.

22c070  No.12396126


There's been successful uprisings in the past that didn't have military support. The military will be weakened anyways because of all the trannies, women, and shitskins. The fighting worries me less than what ends up filling the power vacuum being subverted.

8fa7a0  No.12396127

File: 777ffdfdf74a7be⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 500x644, 125:161, smokinbarrellsofjizz.jpg)


>there are so many jews here down south. so many illegal spics. crime here is shockingly high, yet another democrat symptom. there is even a fucking jewish cemetery in tombstone and a masonic lodge.

/pol/ is a board of peace, something that sticks in the craw on occasion but the most sensible course of action. It might be worth listing all known seditious/corrupt targets, omitting no pertinent info, so law abiding anons can avoid these dangerous people. jews deserve to live unmolested, the corrupt to remain free to walk the streets without fear.

If any NZ anons have compiled a list of known perps guilty of sedition/corruption in the North Island I'd appreciate a look so I can avoid them too.

I'm 99% confused but I'm 100% ready to kill time.

42be42  No.12396129



930c67  No.12396130

File: 0a6086b5c309511⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 942x449, 942:449, 017336502837767291.jpg)

How much of this vote re-count involves taking the word of voting machine "elections solutions" providers?

All too often their software is proprietary and their tally - the number they report - is therefore not subject to our audit.

Is there any use of paper ballots in these two states?

pic is George Soros and some voting machines. His yes-man, Mark Malloch Brown, runs one such corporation that counts US votes..

"Malloch Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic, in 2014"


Would Soros criminally meddle in politics?

22c070  No.12396136


>/pol/ is a board of peace

In the same way that Islam is a religion of peace.

7e6362  No.12396140


>Trump, send in the guns

Trump is a globalist open borders kike and a democrat.

000000  No.12396144


So many new faggots don't get this simple meme. The end result is a jewish president who is coming after white males.

7e6362  No.12396146

File: c6e42c229750227⋯.png (101 KB, 1002x650, 501:325, Capture.PNG)

2fde87  No.12396147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know, I know. Just sit back and watch the world burn.

Vid unrelated, but I saw a picture of Debbie Wasserman a few minutes ago, and this helped.

8eaf79  No.12396151


>The fighting worries me less than what ends up filling the power vacuum being subverted.

Everything will be fucking subverted, because (((they))) always win.


<there will never be a civil war

<even if there was, we would lose

<even if we won, whoever fills the power vacuum will be subverted

This is a lose-lose situation no matter now you look at it.

42be42  No.12396155

cb24e4  No.12396156


Why are you wasting time posting when you could be killing yourself, faggot?

Preferably after killing a dozen kikes.

d4d46e  No.12396159

File: 729b38a34ce5aa6⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 512x384, 4:3, ttj.jpg)


Jesus fucking christ.

320a03  No.12396164

File: 1c0fe37e8fd5da9⋯.jpg (164.06 KB, 683x991, 683:991, SOLUTIONS 2.jpg)


>Their country is now beyond the point of no return and they have no one to blame, but themselves.

no. we never had a say. politics is a tv show that naive retards believe in, and continue to believe in after decades of LOSS. there is only 1 solution

000000  No.12396167


How long did you have to sift through that shit-hole to find that gem? HAHAHA

8eaf79  No.12396169



Iktfb. Nothing we can do about it anymore.


There really is no reason not to take the blackpill now.

fce3d9  No.12396170

Friendly reminder to disregard anyone who is unironically pushing the niggerpill. (Blackpill)

911233  No.12396174

So what are the advantages of deluding yourself aka being a hopecuck versus accepting the reality of the situation aka being blackpilled?

7e6362  No.12396182


Thanks anon. I enjoyed the video.


It's on the front page.

000000  No.12396184


>Don't even think about fighting back goy.

>Just wait through 2 more years of spic invasion and vote again!

>You will win in 2020 goys!

Not saying you are a jew, you might just a fucking retard.

1725ab  No.12396189


What a disgusting language. Romance languages are shit.

8fa7a0  No.12396200


>Vid unrelated, but I saw a picture of Debbie Wasserman a few minutes ago, and this helped.

she is a fucking hideous maggot, how long do I need to watch that youtube video for it to help because the 35 seconds I watched wasn't enough to soothe the memory of having seen a photo of her a few days ago.

had to stop at 35 seconds because I'm in the middle of a war against the jizz imps and (before some nigger says she's only 12) the way she was moving was causing a dull rumble in my bollocks.

41f5b2  No.12396202

Haven't heard either FLA or UT flips being pushed on the AM/FM band hourly reports and I've had that shit on all day. They're not confident imo. And blackpilling spammer, kys. Mods, do your fucking jobs you useless niggers.

fce3d9  No.12396203

File: b60185a784261a8⋯.jpg (5.21 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 73d1f3143d96dd877db356b403….jpg)


What happens to the tapeworm when not only the current host dies, but all possible hosts die? I guess the (((tapeworm))) gets to brag about how it killed all the superior lifeforms, as it dries out inside the rotting shit of the final host. Sounds like a nice future for you there, mr hooknose.

911233  No.12396204


You'll be speaking Spenglish in 5 years while your kids are being raped by jamal and paco whereas I'll be enjoying my time sipping Chardonnay with Nick Land in Hong Kong. China will take over the world by 2050 and the United States will be a chimp exhibit. Damn does it feel good being an accelerationist.

41f5b2  No.12396207


crx- meant AZ not UT

fce3d9  No.12396214


How will China have any money without whites to buy their slave factory shit? Do you think your same old parasitic strats will work on the chinese? Good luck calling a chinaman racist antisemitic..

Not alot of comfy living in China ever throughout all history unless you are the emperor.

8f35b7  No.12396218


the only people who care about the history of the world, past, present, or future, are the living. the dead no longer care, nor will they help. they are silent for eternity.

when one begins to digest this, at the deepest of levels, and then looks around, one will then KNOW where we are going.

221324  No.12396219


They already flipped retard. It's over.



I find it funny that none of the hoperedditors are debating these posts. That's how you know they lost.

1725ab  No.12396221



Always with the rape. You people just can't help yourselves.

41f5b2  No.12396226


Have they been officially called? No you stupid faggot.

7e6362  No.12396228

File: 8f95e2f6664cf7b⋯.jpg (115.99 KB, 960x983, 960:983, 28x11.jpg)

>legal consequences

kek i fucking hate the spineless right so much

bb4372  No.12396233

File: 43e5a9deec0188b⋯.webm (45.86 KB, 255x255, 1:1, baste_maga_inborn_anti-se….webm)

fce3d9  No.12396237


I think i might be the only white national socialist on all of 8ch



>taking a niggerpill is somehow not cucking.

I'm now confident that 8ch is essentially Jews from various intelligence agencies making bad memes and buzzwords to hurl at other Jews who they suspect to be white nationalists.

ed4ab8  No.12396239

File: 8aaf2cc008fa01a⋯.jpg (112.24 KB, 640x814, 320:407, what the fuck is going on.jpg)


what in the actual fuck, I have never heard of this

d4d46e  No.12396240

File: 16a033ee0c80e46⋯.jpg (67.68 KB, 802x734, 401:367, 5a46a5872822f3a09823d0e634….jpg)


Spoiler alert: The right wingers willing to take extrajudicial measures do not have social media accounts

d13371  No.12396241



Nothing will ever improve. Anyone who might have been able to help will remain eternally silent. It's over for us. The jews won forever.


>Have they been officially called?

Read the OP faggot. Kikes can't stop winning and ZOGnald cucks can't stop being NPCs.


At least you know there is no hope.

000000  No.12396244


Right wing faggots are much bigger cucks than the left. At least the left can break some windows and fill a street with bodies every now and then.

fce3d9  No.12396245


Only thing missing now is you posting your interracial porn collection, rabbi. I don't support the orange man, and I honestly don't see how anyone can be blackpilled over Congress, which unanimously never does anything.

41f5b2  No.12396246


>asses and elbows

911233  No.12396255


AZ just went blue, Florida is blue, Texas is going blue in 2020. How is this not the end kikeboi?

8b6ceb  No.12396256


This will do literally nothing. Kikes still win.


Fucking this. We will just keep getting stepped on by leftykikes forever and we can't do shit about it..

2fde87  No.12396257


>soothe the memory of having seen a photo of her a few days ago

Don't post about this anon, I have seen it and purged it from my mind after long meditation. It would be too much for anons here right now. I have no idea how something so perfect could take such a turn, but if you looked hard enough, you can make an analogy to NSDAP Germany and the modern filth of that "nation" today.

d4d46e  No.12396259

File: c69113203410e31⋯.gif (98.91 KB, 425x301, 425:301, c69113203410e314d6d40db420….gif)



fce3d9  No.12396262

File: 9ed98b41e14596b⋯.jpg (130.57 KB, 504x671, 504:671, 9ed98b41e14596b372ddff2565….jpg)


Let me know how hardcore cuckoldry works out for you. I'm sure you will be very successful with your niggerpill attitude. Attitude is everything, and you definitely have the attitude of the archetypal loser.

2fde87  No.12396271


> she's only 12)

She's 17-18 in that video.

6de87b  No.12396273

File: 146ff0d6e1fdac6⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 455x256, 455:256, face wall.jpg)

Holy fuck, I've never seen so many shills in one thread before this one.

fce3d9  No.12396274


What did the Republicans ever do for the white race? What did the Republicans that lost ever do? Why should I despair because one Jewish controlled faction gained a couple seats over the other? I'm not a Republican.

d4d46e  No.12396276

File: 698946e25b797a6⋯.mp4 (502.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Good job!.mp4)



If you're gonna have a conversation with yourself over several different IDs, it might help to switch up your posting style just a bit for each one.

7e6362  No.12396280

File: 73d130e1add85cf⋯.png (106.27 KB, 901x461, 901:461, China.png)


This is how you do it. Watch and learn, anon:


六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre

反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward

文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system

民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行

法輪功 Falun Dafa 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗

胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨

獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 肅清 活摘器官

黑社會 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩

台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama

新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 東突厥斯坦

2fde87  No.12396282


n/m, it is 18-19. It is from 2003, and I thought 2002.

911233  No.12396283


Oh, good then. Thought you were T_D.

000000  No.12396285


>tfw you made that china pasta

>tfw you would have spent more time on it if you knew it was going to catch on

41f5b2  No.12396291

AZ - Not over yet black pill niggers.

>345,000 votes remain uncounted in Maricopa County while a small number of ballots remain uncounted as well in smaller counties. Officials estimate about 195,000 of those are early ballots, provisional, and out-of-precinct ballots that voters cast or dropped off on Election Day.

>Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes expects ballot counting to continue for several days. Officials will continue to update the results daily at 5 p.m.

archive wouldn't work: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/kyrsten-sinema-takes-slight-lead-in-senate-race-over-martha-mcsally

FLA - Obvious corruption even by FLA tard standards. Won't work.


7e6362  No.12396293


>Maricopa County

That's a major blue county.

d4d46e  No.12396294

File: 722656fd9e8edc1⋯.jpg (612.46 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, u want pray game.jpg)


Arigato Senpai

41f5b2  No.12396298

Can't hear you 7e6362. You have AIDS and asscancer.

4fa121  No.12396301


Maricopa already reported at 100%. Greenle is heavy conservative and reported only 87% as of Thursday evening. Democracy is irrelevant here anyway. (((Voting))) is cucked unless Trumpstein initiates mass Federal voter ID laws, mass FORCED deportations, and closes immigration to all non-whites. Won't happen.

911233  No.12396304


He's right though.

t. AZanon

7aa93c  No.12396305


>No one is going to do anything when they steal 4 senate seats.

We know for a fact YOU personally are not going to do anything.

930c67  No.12396307

File: 4ef6992038c394b⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 876x493, 876:493, 9376654-5.jpg)


Do you mean to say (((they))) always win like when they came up with that killer False Flag of 9/11 in order to kick start the Zionist plan for a greater Israel through the destruction of Israel's enemies? And ironically now (((they))) end up with Persian troops waiting for them just across the border in Syria, Shiite soldiers protected by S-300's?

Can we say Bashar Assad? Sure we can. And can't forget that Slavic Christian, Bad Vlad Putin.

Or do think (((they))) win like IDF "won" in southern Lebanon in 2006 when Hezbollah ATGM's turned the Israeli Merkava tanks into red hot rolling ovens for jews - and sent what was left of the IDF invasion force into running retreat?

What a winner… Hezbollah guerillas still wait for (((them))) today just across the Lebanese border, with Kornet AT better than ever.

cc0999  No.12396308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Holy fuck, I've never seen so many shills in one thread before this one.


/tv/ been spamming every board recently at some point this week.

Literally the whole thread spammed with /tv/ language and memes

warning this link might give you cancer


7e6362  No.12396314


My pleasure.


Is it true Texas has voter ID law,? Because things are fucked if they have voter ID and Cruz only barely won.

fdcc12  No.12396317


If you're smarter than the kikes, you would know to go to Bolivia. Literally one White Ethno-Neighborhood after another when you have the correct connections.

6de87b  No.12396327


God damn I hate you, Dacaztec.

d4d46e  No.12396329

File: 29332526e473681⋯.jpg (112.19 KB, 500x631, 500:631, leftypol.jpg)



Oh so that's why everyone in this thread was talking like some kind of faggot. Makes sense. Where's the maisie williams avatar fag? He skipping out on all this ebin raid action?

Daily reminder the old /tv/ BO got run off in shame because video of him getting his stumpy dick sucked by the /leftypol/ BO got leaked here. Daily reminder that you cannot unfuck a trap.

c2fcfb  No.12396332


>The only gains that can be made is with whites.

>political solutions

fdcc12  No.12396345


if it makes you feel better, my daca isn't getting renewed now after getting a visit from secret service; it happened literally the same week I excited the chat of a Trump live-feed with 9/11 redpills

7aa93c  No.12396350

File: bb9ac7f3f035010⋯.jpg (121.06 KB, 576x432, 4:3, Queen Victoria A Jew.jpg)

File: 58ab77624a369aa⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 58ab77624a369aa7ae2c5eea6c….jpg)


Why outlaw the opposition party when you can do this one cool trick.

237775  No.12396352


In other words, we already fucking lost. Whites had a good run, but it's fucking over now.

500552  No.12396356


r_thedonald starting to learn, amazing

911233  No.12396359


/tv/ has like 20 posters faggot come up with another boogeyman

237775  No.12396360


They aren't. See >>12396100

They're as cucked as ever.

We are the last safe haven. We will die a slow, quiet death while (((they))) win more and more.

911233  No.12396363


pretty much


d4d46e  No.12396364

File: 36b0eb5ff9b2033⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 800x1129, 800:1129, 36b0eb5ff9b203339bea9253cc….jpg)


>Whites had a good run,

You'll have a good run handcuffed to the back bumper of a /pol/lack's truck, I bet.

f3c9b0  No.12396367


Trump is far more likely to engage in spiteful and reactionary violence against White America for not supporting his foreign kike wars. What was supposed to happen is his voters were to switch on a dime along with him on interventionism once the election was over; this didn't happen. Trumpniggers are mortal enemies and hostile occupiers.

7e6362  No.12396369


This. Antifa runs amok and you will never hear him call for their destruction.

ed04c8  No.12396372


Texas does not require id to vote. Just go down to the library, fill out the form, and your dog is now registered to vote.

4a5600  No.12396381

Reminder that the Mormon Mafia is as deep in our intelligence apparatus as the heebs themselves and that Republican Senate majority narrowing if left unchallenged will result in Mitt Romney being the swing vote that could make or break anything in the Senate. Really makes you think.

7e6362  No.12396392

File: 01148483c397dc6⋯.png (271.53 KB, 633x626, 633:626, it's a crime goy!.png)


>Mitt Romney

In other words, democrats will have the majority.

41f5b2  No.12396393


>The military will murder you. Murder them first.

>Trumpniggers are mortal enemies and hostile occupiers.

Low effort fedposting.

f3c9b0  No.12396395


Find out the hard way. It's your funeral.

239220  No.12396398


>Stop waiting for things

41f5b2  No.12396402


>j-just go out and blow shit up and kill people. It's the only way goy.

7e6362  No.12396404

File: b08d96f1d4c9226⋯.jpg (102.67 KB, 750x916, 375:458, Trust.jpg)

41f5b2  No.12396406

Still can't hear you 7e6362.

f3c9b0  No.12396410



f3c9b0  No.12396413


It will never click for trumpniggers.

4ef52c  No.12396414


99% of all redtext done are blackpill shills

4a5600  No.12396429


The Q LARP bullshit was designed to make our people have infinite faith in a system, throw the entire election out of docility, and give Dems enough time to get their wishlist done. Now that the wishlist is gone and they have gridlock at best, the issue is how to deal with the inevitably disillusioned Qtards. The goal of the psyop, I'm sure, is to demoralize them until we can't win (which is why the Assholes and Elbows copycat is trying so hard). What we have to do is use it as a chance to redpill on the corruption of the federal government and the need for real change. Not kosher conservatism, not civic nationalism, and it must dispel the religious faith these people have in Trump without sending them fleeing off into the wilderness.

bb4372  No.12396441

File: 74b201612ea966b⋯.webm (53.37 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_magapede_vote.webm)



>don't vote goy

7e6362  No.12396444

File: 2e0a749bd8ccb85⋯.png (72.29 KB, 588x528, 49:44, the california problem.png)


(((They))) needed to make sure the dumb goyim wouldn't actually hold Trump accountable when he could have actually done something.

41f5b2  No.12396448


> (which is why the Assholes and Elbows copycat is trying so hard)

That tard and the other Trumpnigger spammers are incredibly hamfisted about all this. Calls to blow shit up and murder feds because Whites should just give up. It's a fucking ridiculous clown show even for /pol/ and that's saying a lot.

c2fcfb  No.12396453


Nice trips, but that tweet is fucking stupid. Texas is gone by 2020 due to demographics. It's over. FL's done, TX is done. It's over. Whites need to take responsibility for their own destiny.

cf7d55  No.12396457


Ill be dead in 100 years … why the fuck do I care what happens after

22c070  No.12396458


>I promise the arrests are coming soon go-guys

The people who followed that shit for months for any reason other than tracking what that disinfo op was telling the fools should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

7e6362  No.12396460

File: d8fcf4ffdb627df⋯.jpg (792.25 KB, 1242x1648, 621:824, it's ok when the left does….jpg)


To be fair the left does this in the open all the times.

7e6362  No.12396462

d4d46e  No.12396465

File: 85d22d6a4071408⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 750x350, 15:7, year 0.jpg)



The most frustrating thing about all that faggotry is that anyone who has ever seen how an ARG plays out could see that Q was following the exact same type of formula. I have participated in a few myself in the past. once fora nine inch nails album and once for an mmo about glow in the dark illuminati niggers that ended up going f2p. Both instances were more sophisticated and interesting and had more tangible rewards than this boomer shit.

000000  No.12396481



The founding fathers didn't sit around and constantly preach pacifism and (((voting))).

22c070  No.12396489

File: 1243c20951ef388⋯.png (309.26 KB, 707x808, 7:8, fox nigger.PNG)



The kikes and their pets also have the absolute chutzpah to use Q as an example and reason that people shouldn't trust any anon.

cc0999  No.12396494


>/tv/ has like 20 posters faggot come up with another boogeyman

>You need large numbers to shill or do damage

>/tv/ has more active users than /leftypol/


/tv/ pretty much /leftypol/ backup board. They also attempt to hijack /co/ for some reason.

247448  No.12396501

File: 28f6939d9f91942⋯.png (446.76 KB, 617x621, 617:621, the forest.png)

Why the fuck is /pol/ getting so demoralized over an election. This was happening with or without your "based" candidates, and you should not have invested so much of your hopes into one person you do not know

251352  No.12396503

File: 3106d62f0549f5b⋯.jpeg (239.28 KB, 2290x1332, 1145:666, 90.jpeg)

File: 704771eea6a2213⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 992x414, 496:207, krysten-sinema-arizona-ele….jpg)

Sometimes you know you're going to hate a person before you even hear them speak.

7e6362  No.12396518


>a woman anywhere near politics

>problem glasses

It's shit.

767e9d  No.12396522

Well, have they finished with all counties yet?

4a5600  No.12396528


True, but we have to understand that even among Whites, about half of people's IQs are sub-100. Most people are kinda dumb at best.

What matters in a universal suffrage democracy (beyond your ability to outright defraud it) is your ability to mobilize the masses, not to necessarily bring them to see complete reason. Q LARP succeeded as much as it did because it gave people something they desperately wanted. They thought all the powers in the world were aligned to their side and that the world would be saved and Justice would be served just so long as they stood by and watched. Everything they wanted in politics with no work. If we want to motivate action (and not just of the democratic kind), it's better to take from Mussolini's playbook.

Whatever you think about Mussolini's military strategies, the man was an expert orator and rhetorician. He was able to inspire his countrymen through realistic prognoses of actions that need to be taken and a serious determination to do so. Unlike Trump, who was a mediocre orator who had the advantage of having some of the most hated organizations in America turn against him when he was proposing sensible responses to issues his opposition party would have had a decade earlier. Trump promised the world and delivered little, so he's as much as fault as the Q LARP for the current demoralization. That's not to say we need a masterful orator like Mussolini, the same kind of wisdom can be communicated online so long as it is concise, serious, and the listener actually wants to hear it. And that is what we should learn from because the Q fags must be feeling despondent and they will feel worse as reality sets in. We can turn that into determination and inspire decisive action or we could lose them forever.

000000  No.12396539


For all of the "Trump is a kike" faggots that insist he's never achieved anything, THIS is what he has achieved. The country's normalfags are finally having a real conversation about immigration.

22c070  No.12396555


>better to take from Mussolini's playbook

I should probably read some material about him, I never really bothered to learn much on Italy's situation pre-WW2 or Mussolini himself, was always focused on Germany and to a lesser extent Japan.

8b49f6  No.12396556


>it's good when liberals win lol

I'm not even a republicuck and you're a fucking retard

22c070  No.12396561


Immigration is discussed every election cycle, even George W. talked a big game on immigration with of course no follow through.

000000  No.12396563


Never like this, and you know it.

632e57  No.12396565


OR a great speaker like the mein fuhrer.

19903b  No.12396566


Don't forget AZ, it's also gone. First Dem Senator in god knows how long.

22c070  No.12396567


He talked about a wall quite often on the campaign trail, the tone was different but the message was the same.

d4d46e  No.12396572

File: 664bc4ab67c77a6⋯.jpg (153.99 KB, 755x768, 755:768, 664bc4ab67c77a63ab5a91a690….jpg)


>Why the fuck are kikes pretending to be /pol/lacks getting demoralized over an election

Why the fuck would we be demoralized over the exact results that were expected from the beginning?

000000  No.12396575


>tone was different but the message was the same.

Tone is everything, anon. You have to move people.

892a7c  No.12396576

File: 06ae790f5e8226e⋯.png (209.41 KB, 510x346, 255:173, 06a.png)


>just continuing to blather saying nothing about what's said

632e57  No.12396578



Even if mussolini had some differences between hitler, both are good in their own right, both have ideologies that was fitting for their time both leaders had advantages and weaknesses.

Hitler is more popular among /pol/acks and sometimes tend to be more overrated on this board, I think mussolini deserves some spotlight as well.

22c070  No.12396583


It doesn't matter if you move people if you have no follow through.

19903b  No.12396585


based and boomerpilled


/tv/ is rightist you dumbfuck once again you prove how out of the loop you are, maybe you're a Qlarper T_D faggot yourself…

000000  No.12396589


I hate to break it to you, but it's up to the people now.

000000  No.12396591


Too bad a wall doesn't get built just by talking about it. Then maybe America wouldn't be fucked.

247448  No.12396594


>/tv/ is a leftypol backup board

Imagine believing this. If anything it's a new /b/ just without the shit mods

4a5600  No.12396595


The point is probably to gaslight anyone that's coming here for answers. In the immediate aftermath it looks like we have none because for every legit post there's five from the shills saying that we should either kill ourselves or launch an armed insurrection immediately. We look clueless and faggy for as long as the shills control the discourse, which stops us from catching any of the red wave retards or any other curious parties.

22c070  No.12396596


I'm well aware, I'm not the one trying to defend Trump.

d4d46e  No.12396602

File: 7f4689a12c098ce⋯.jpg (79.74 KB, 512x777, 512:777, 7f4689a12c098ce1d640524275….jpg)


>/tv/ is rightist

/tv/ is a degenerate cesspool devoid of any loyalty or conviction whatsoever. It's basically /b/, since that fat chicken mcnugget looking motherfucker Dysnomia turned the actual /b/ into, well, whatever the fuck you want to call that mess. Don't you have a thread about underage actresses and their DOST Test Passing™ feet pictures or something?

000000  No.12396606


How low is your Test? You should probably go get some blood-work done and maybe start supplementing your body's stunted production.

Killing jews, niggers, and spics is the only option now that Trump has failed to build the wall.

000000  No.12396611


Though you will try to deny that Trump had anything positive to do with it. Trump made this conversation happen.

19903b  No.12396612


cunnyposting is the last stand of the whiteman

4a5600  No.12396618


>Waiting on Trump to build the wall

Who's low test now? You know you can make adobe bricks with some mud and a little bit of sunlight, right. Get to work, bud.

22c070  No.12396621


No, them seeing Texas's numbers be as bad as they were made this conversation happen. Trump repeatedly talks about how legal immigration needs to be welcomed and how we need a "big beautiful door" for the wall. Trying to give him credit for normalfags waking up on the need to stop legal immigration is ridiculous.

000000  No.12396647


I wasn't elected to build a wall, given control of all three branches of the U.S. Government, and given control of the U.S. military only to sit on my tiny hands and pander for nigger and jewish votes.

5ea98b  No.12396648

>whoops, we found some more (((votes))) that weren't counted for, let's also count these :^)

These rats will use every dirty tricks to steal the votes and the election.

000000  No.12396652


>Trying to give him credit for normalfags waking up on the need to stop legal immigration is ridiculous.

Hello goalposts, you've shifted. We were talking opening up a conversation on immigration. This is where our conversation ends, because you are a disingenuous faggot.

4a5600  No.12396654


You want action taken but are too lazy to pitch in yourself. You're the embodiment of low test and high est. Cut the soy and start pitching in.

c2fcfb  No.12396659

000000  No.12396664


This is why voting is pointless. The desired outcome of the (((elite))) is ALWAYS achieved(yes even Trump). Welcome to baby's first red-pill.

a124ec  No.12396671


22c070  No.12396675


No we were talking about a conversation on legal immigration. Look at that screencap again.

>But if they're legal it's okay, right?!?? /s

>247 upboats

You're the one shifting goalposts here and then running behind a filter like a pathetic coward.

5ea98b  No.12396684


>(yes even Trump)

Spit it out already.

000000  No.12396695


Trump was a "release valve" to make white people complacent again. White identity really grew during the Obama regime and whites would have begun to revolt if Trump had not been elected. Think about how much energy the elite killed when they rigged the 2016 election for Trump. Meanwhile, they get 4 more years of money printing and phony stock markets to get even richer while white people continue to be demographically replaced.

e9027d  No.12396708


>Why the fuck is /pol/ getting so demoralized over an election.

Voting matters. Why do you think all these rich billionaires are sinking their money into it? Black pilled cucks are retarded. Voting won't solve everything but voting isn't the only strategy to use.

000000  No.12396715


Rush's tweet is about border wall, you slimy faggot, and in OUR conversation I only mentioned immigration generally, neither legal nor illegal. You moved the goalpoasts, and then tried to slither out of it on a technicality. Really quite pathetic.

41f5b2  No.12396716


A very concise and well done summary anon.

a0fff8  No.12396718


thanks shillnet

ef6a14  No.12396754


Hello, FBI drone

9a8b6f  No.12396769


She was so cute! Don't look Alizee now as she destroyed herself with tattoos.

This video (and song) is always fun to watch. It makes me happy thinking about WoW when it once was an awesome game. Thanks for the link and the bittersweet memories.

9a8b6f  No.12396789

File: 37325a7480a3bad⋯.gif (712.56 KB, 275x275, 1:1, no idea how to deal with t….gif)


I will then ask a selfish question. I now take care of my elderly parents in California but I am thinking we may have to move sooner then later. So where can we go?

2404cd  No.12396799


nonsense, the Trump election redpilled plenty of whites. The question is the next stepping stone after Trumpstein.

2404cd  No.12396806


This blatant election fraud should be a massive wake-up call to the many dormant whites in America that still think that the Jewish system can be dealt with peacefully. Whether Trump is a Jew puppet or not doesn't matter if whites can win the civil war. What matters now are two things: getting more white conservatives to stop being Zionist, and for more of them to be willing to fight the inevitable civil war.

30ff77  No.12396819


I want to hate fuck her so bad though, it's Laci Green all over again for me.

2b900c  No.12396822



000000  No.12396828


>Laci Green

Ugh. Too fat.

3fed3a  No.12396836

>stolen elections

>MIGApedes sound exactly like 2016 democrats


8d2527  No.12396841


>abandon your fatherland dude lol

Fuck off, kike and/or defeatist. America is white soil. I'll die before I'll leave.

2b900c  No.12396850


If he really wants to leave, he's going to leave. Do you want him here if he's going to be a defeatist?

But I do agree that blackpilling isn't the answer.

4a5600  No.12396853


Except those elections were all called within 12 hours.

9a8b6f  No.12396858

File: af7fd2d13864494⋯.jpg (157.73 KB, 688x552, 86:69, 1983 cheerleaders.jpg)



I am looking at it this way. When I grew up my school was 100% white. Now I don't see any white kids there. My city used to be very white with a few Japanese. Now it is mostly Indian and Chinese. We had a real estate agent (Chinese) tell my mom who was out tending the garden in the front yard that she had to leave as this was no longer her city. That really upset my mom and dad.

I am not a defeatist nor do I want to leave my homeland but I also don't want to be the last white in my city. When I go to the grocery store I don't see any whites except some elderly people in their late 70's and older.

So I ask once again where can I go to at least be around people of my own kind?

67aa18  No.12396859


Your logic... fix yourself.


You just want others to take suppositories like you do, so you feel slightly less gay.


In that case, so will the planet.

Jesus, this thread is full of fucking reddit screens.


Obviously somewhere with good health care. Also that has good water and clean air. Do your research.

9a8b6f  No.12396863


I will do my research.


I withdraw my question. If there is a nice place I don't want (((them))) to know about it and send Somali's there.

2b900c  No.12396872


I know that CT had "wet ballots" holding up the count until the morning after. I went to bed with Stefanowski ahead by 17k and woke up to Lamont ahead by 10k. Also, surprise surprise, it was the major cities that were the hold up.

6a22fe  No.12396893


Holy fuck, I need more. Those two incidents surely cant be the full extent of Mao's fuckery.

6a22fe  No.12396898


If youre not attention whoring/larping, do you have more Mao stories?

000000  No.12396905


I meant the pasta he put in his post full of terms the Chinese government censors.

1b6472  No.12396929


>blaming jews instead of libertarians

In their defense:

(((Ayn Rand)))

(((Ludwig von Mises)))

(((Murray Rothbard)))

(((Walter Block)))

(((Stefan Molyneux)))

9250ee  No.12396932


Do what any sensible person would do. Consult a racial demographic map.

461c5d  No.12396939


Argentina and Mexico

1773ec  No.12396960

File: 019d0f3b064beeb⋯.mp4 (9.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Weimar art.mp4)


> The US is in a much worse position than Wiemar

We ain't even close

f39067  No.12397007


Bannon at least understood replacing the GOPe would take mutually assured destruction where if the GOP went hostile on the conservative candidate in a primary, the price might be the democrat winning the general a la Roy Moore. Instead Trump and co have totally caved in and consistently endorsed weaker GOPe cucks in order to curry favor with mcconnell. Look at the Arizona primary, look how aggressively they split the vote with Joe Arpaio (came back from prison supporting DACA) ensuring Kelli Ward had no chance to beat the amnesty shill McSally.

see also: Trump telling Tarkanian to step down and let Heller have the NV senate nomination (which he lost badly), Trump endorsing Luther Strange, Trump endorsing the agribusiness amnesty shill Hyde over Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi senate race, Trump abandoning Corey Stewart in Virginia, Trump endorsing cuck John Cox in California (over Travis Allen who might have gotten better gop turnout even if he would also lose) Trump drawing no attention to the Oregon ballot referendum to remove sanctuary state status (his apparent #1 political position but he cant so much as send a tweet).

9250ee  No.12397039


Look into his efforts to get chinese to swim who ended up drowning in rivers, or how farming production numbers were fudged with pictures showing children standing on top of wheat fields used as proof.

d6f60f  No.12397057

>Almost 10% lead for Gov.

>Yeah the Senate race was this close.

Looks like confirmation came in, cunt stole AZ.

76b192  No.12397316

>vote on tuesday

>have results a few hours later

>SUDDENLY takes them 3 more days to come up with all these "uncounted votes"

Yeah, cause that wasn't a democrat team working overtime filling out ballots and generating records for them that didnt previously exist, filling them in for people who didnt actually vote but using their records for it… nope, that NEVER happens! no sir, not a chance. Its all 100% totally legit, those are REAL votes that its taken half a fucking week to somehow get around to finding and counting, meanwhile it took them less than a few hours to count millions of votes on the night of the election… but its taking them SO LONG to count another few tens of thousands because.. i mean… they're tired guys, after tuesday night they needed a good long break from all of it, thats all it was!

Nah but seriously, you know exactly what is going on, they're busy generating fake ballots and using names on the registry that didnt show up to vote and making up records for them as if they did

Everyone thinks its average people that show up and commit voter fraud, but thats never been a major issue. Yes some people do, and yes it should be stopped via voter IDs, but I'd doubt if it ever amounted to more than a few thousand or so nation wide. Its ALWAYS been the "officials" who are doing it on a large scale and anyone with a brain knows it.

What was that quote? "I dont care who votes, I care who counts the votes?" Yeah… theres your answer. Expect to see enough "close" senate races mysteriously reversed over the next month until the democrats have 51 seats. Right now they're just figuring out where they can pull it off at, FL and AZ seem to be their first targets, but I expect two more to show up as well, just give it some time

e874ec  No.12397334


>votes quote

I believe it was Stalin that said that.

>until the democrats have 51 seats

Right on time with ginsberg's health problems.

e4a843  No.12397343


>blaming the dog for shitting on the carpet

You don't blame animals for doing things, they're animals. People have agency, brown people are cattle.

e4a843  No.12397352


>the queen elects the prime minister

Jesus Christ, yank.

51bdc9  No.12397361


You believe many wrong things.

429f8f  No.12397373

File: ac2a03f6a33a158⋯.gif (968.05 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 8BFD879B-1B87-4B2E-816F-0C….gif)


You trannies are really something.

137da9  No.12397378


> We had a real estate agent (Chinese) tell my mom who was out tending the garden in the front yard that she had to leave as this was no longer her city.

That's the moment you pull out your sheers and slam it through the chinks throat.

d68e6d  No.12397382

I think this is it, /pol/. I think this is the beginning of the second civil war.

4cb3c8  No.12397383

File: e0ba4ed11286164⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1087x1094, 1087:1094, ClipboardImage.png)


Implement Real ID required to Vote.


429f8f  No.12397405

File: a919e803673570b⋯.jpeg (216.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 6366C813-B707-4C2D-8BD8-A….jpeg)


Post yfw all these shenanigans get BTFO by SCOTUS.

76b192  No.12397407


Wont happen. SCOTUS's "right wingers" are all neo-cons, kikes, and kike puppets. You think they're going to buck the kabuki theater taking place? Fat chance.

429f8f  No.12397416

File: addbd2a2720c28d⋯.jpeg (112.98 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, AC7EEA33-6D32-48EF-8C14-3….jpeg)


You forgot your face nigger.

84cc2f  No.12397478



>Republicans are white men, 60% of whom voted for the party. White women were split between the two parties while all other racial groups (regardless of gender) were majority Democrat.

Its not Democrat

Its white women

892a7c  No.12397503


The most pajeet shill attempt

Poo in loo

f3a294  No.12397532

File: b6f88cdffa53aba⋯.gif (902.53 KB, 200x150, 4:3, CDA1DD1B-3026-4EBB-A04B-06….gif)


This elitist dyke is on video disrespecting the state of AZ and the people calling them crazy meth heads and people here still voted for her. What in the fuck is wrong with people man. I have lost all hope in this shit state of AZ especially Tucson area being overrun by illegals and basically turning into little mexico over last 10 years. What a shitshow

71dbcf  No.12397551


Senate is important for SCOTUS and other confrimations. It is the difference between getting an RBG replacement and two years of an 8 judge court.

b59712  No.12397553

I don't think people are getting how serious this is.

b59712  No.12397557


This is a shill comment. It is despairing over clear fraud. Sinema lost, faggot. Stop blackpilling to discourage outrage.

429f8f  No.12397558


It isn’t at all sine scotus will stop it

b59712  No.12397561


Never put faith in SCOTUS.

71dbcf  No.12397572


SCOTUS will do their best to avoid the issue entirely. Activist judges are never punished for their shitty rulings no matter how many times they get overturned. And you've got the 9th circuit court being the worst with a few others being almost as bad and they continue to ignore the law to no consequence. The Judical system has been the primary method for Marxist change for decades, and they're so successful that they're reliably getting the legislature and presidency now too.

The election-theivery will continue.

6f0919  No.12397612

Mississippi will be next.

I'm surprised the Dems aren't asking for recounts in every senate race, actually.

8f35b7  No.12397616


They aren't. People generally aren't aware of the spark until it's far larger and called something else. This was outright "fuck you whitey, what you gon' do?" levels of theft and everyone but the most deluded and senile think otherwise. Right now is the point of no return. After they steal these four seats in AZ. FLA, and GA there is no going back to this world.

429f8f  No.12397636


Already did. What you gonna do about it nigger?

76b192  No.12397646


All this time, still falling for the theatrics and plays put on for you. When did all these newfags show up to /pol/ who dont realize whats going on?

f0c3fb  No.12397657


>cant vote

>any call to action is met with glowniggr accusations

lmao, and people wonder why whites are overwhelmingly hooked on opiates. fuck it, im about to take the bluepill and get off the ride.

066f16  No.12397702


>Might as well let it happen sooner than later.

Welcome to accelerationism brudder. No more sitting on our hands.


>That site is our home.


cb72af  No.12397706


We have all this jewish filth and much, much more in addition to a bunch of subhuman shitskins running amok. We also have literally millions more kikes, the US is far, far worse.

0f8760  No.12397726


(((Broward))) county again! What a coincidence.

f0c3fb  No.12397799


honestly, after this steal from the dems, its where im at as well. im considering registering democrat and voting for the most socialist open borders piece of shit i can. if talking to people doesnt work, its time for a dose of reality

052712  No.12397815


"suspect sought"

Like it's a crime?

ffe0fc  No.12397831

File: 3fd6b172ba18374⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.88 KB, 1113x876, 371:292, 3fd6b172ba1837491ce0c79279….jpg)

File: 69db60247ff9db5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.51 KB, 617x2047, 617:2047, 4fa137dd2a675dc17a213437b2….jpg)

Holy shit this thread

429f8f  No.12397838


Get comfy for they are going to be btfo by scotus.

4855cf  No.12397871


>if trump doesnt save the white race like i thought he would

>im going to start voting for the accelerated genocide of white people


e3e38f  No.12397880

>democrat controlled counties just wait until all republican dominated counties turn in their counted ballots so they can make up the difference and more to steal elections

>this has happened for decades

When are we going to see the consequences for this?

f0c3fb  No.12397887


>expecting whites to sit back and take it, once they realize we were right

Awaken the normies, its our only shot

4855cf  No.12397898



well, up until really this last election, it was a violation of a consent decree for a republican to complain about a democrat committing election fraud/intimidation/etc

it expired within the last year. im not sure why nothing has been done, but its too soon to tell.

b517c1  No.12397913


>hee-hee yeah its white wymmyn :^)

84f2b2  No.12397921

File: a947835d9e51607⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 397x600, 397:600, Pigtails.jpg)


Just like having 1930's Chicago all over the country, now.

"We just keep counting the votes until we get the number we like."

ed3148  No.12397942


>vote for more kikes that will be even more kiked than trump instead of accelerationism goy

I'll take accelerationism's higher odds of success.

4855cf  No.12397964


>destroying the whites at a faster rate has higher odds of success

fuck off, kike.

nobody here thought trump would save the white race, this isnt reddit or cuckchan. what we got is 1000x better than any of us expected.

pretending you've "lost hope" and suddenly want to vote for liberals so more niggers can get away with raping more whites is a load of shit and you know it you filthy fucking kike.

8e18fd  No.12397967


I think most /pol/acks understand that and the tactic in the past has been to let these little faggots tucker themselves out while we use it to hone our counter-shilling skills a bit.

c58c60  No.12397968

you know anons, i remember on election night the ecstatic feeling seeing lefties wailing as trump seemed unstoppable. The fucking optimism is something I never really felt before and haven't since, you could almost see the anon behind a post with a god damned grin ear to ear. I hope it all works out, I really do. I would like to not have my race, nation and ancestral homeland destroyed. Some silver lining at least is that if we all fucking die they aren't going to last much longer without the white man. kikes are the virus that can't help but ensure their own doom by destroying it's host. asians will never be anything more then knockoff copies and the nigger willbe once again roaming the jungles aimless suntil one day the sun starts to change and the planet is boiled away into paste.

f0c3fb  No.12397977


imagine being this much of an illogical negro

000000  No.12398006

>All the Fox Jews headliners telling us to "take the high road"

There's no amount of damage control that's going to fix this, Murdoch


4855cf  No.12398012


>vote for liberals or youre an illogical negro

cmon, you kikes arent even trying anymore

000000  No.12398039


>Chicago 1930s

All those immigrant kikes and wops sure assimilated nicely. Glad they adopted our values. Chicago is a model city…

c2fcfb  No.12398049


Cuckservative spinelessness got us to this point as a race. Traitors hang first.

f0c3fb  No.12398051


yeah, cause voting for the GOP worked so well. look at how much we got accomplished when they had the senate house and presidency. just enough to put the white man back down to sleep. use your head you fucking dummy

000000  No.12398065



A nation can endure it's enemies, it cannot endure traitors

ed3148  No.12398067


>what we got is 1000x better than any of us expected

>getting white genocide and losing every future election as a result of FL and TX being lost forever is 1000x better than any of us expected







>pretending you've "lost hope"

The only one pretending is you, stop pretending to be retarded. It's the most fucking normal reaction when you see demographic reality retard. Go ahead nigger, explain why I should be hopeful that FL and TX will remain red by 2020. Oh what, I'm right and theyre blue forever now? Yeah guess im a kike shill for having a normal human reaction.

>suddenly want to vote for liberals

Where did I say that? I'm just not going to pretend we can vote our way out of this. Only war or secession can save us now.

>so more niggers can get away with raping more whites

Rape is gonna be the least of our problems in about 3 decades time. Rape? We're going to be hunted down South Africa style. I've given up hope for America, my only question is should I learn polish or hungarian (italy still isn't cleaned up enough to consider)


>vote lib or you're a nigger

>come on you're not even trying anymore

Never said to vote lib. You don't need to vote at all for accelerationism to occur because we're past the point of winning elections. 2016 was the white man's last true election.

3f3026  No.12398074


Fuck republicucks

4855cf  No.12398079


>cause voting for the GOP worked so well

lol, "voting for the gop didnt save the white race! time to vote for the dnc!"

literal nigger tier logic.


>if i vote like a nigger, does that make me a nigger?

no, it makes you a kike.

497540  No.12398085

all this blackpilling is an organized effort to stop /pol/ from pushing voting irregularities that are in Democrats favor

They want you to think elections didn't go well because of demographics, so you sit in despair about changing demographics. Meanwhile, they steal elections and you're too upset about the demographics to do anything about it.


3f3026  No.12398087


not gonna vote

10d7fa  No.12398091

Petition to wordfilters Americans to Good Goys.

3b2e02  No.12398096

File: 6365bae86e508be⋯.png (222.18 KB, 264x929, 264:929, redpill-doses.png)

f76a2d  No.12398098

File: 25ff87eb32539e6⋯.jpg (61.41 KB, 300x450, 2:3, Kyrsten-Sinema-Feet-147875….jpg)

File: b0639a7b7b48a4c⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 220x283, 220:283, 220px-Kyrstensinema.jpg)

File: aa153e7988af3a6⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 350x300, 7:6, janet_napolitano_krysten_s….jpg)


I would fuck the dykeness out of her. The sex would be long, rough and sweaty. She wouldn't walk straight for a week, and her womb would carry my seed like a good little bitch.

You can just tell she's a sex freak.

f0c3fb  No.12398106


>2 party system

>implying there is anything else we can vote for

if you think the kikes are going to just get up and leave because a 3rd party miraculously gets elected, you are the nigger here. go back to t_d faggot

35bd51  No.12398119


I'm so tired of this stupid fuck posting about how much he wants to fuck animals all the time. We get it, guy.

ed3148  No.12398123


>if i vote like a nigger does that make me a nigger

i said i'm NOT VOTING AT ALL

>no it makes you a kike

says the faggot that can only strawman and misrepresent, take a look in the mirror retard.

ed3148  No.12398125


and because I forgot to mention it, nice job failing to explain why demographics somehow don't matter at all. We need a reverse kampfy, magapedos need to fuck off back to reddit

10d7fa  No.12398128


You idiot, it's fucking obvious that the doom and gloom attitude comes from /leftypol/. It's comic book dialogue, no normal man thinks that way.

But it has been shown time and again that nothing comes out of Project Veritas and other evidence, because the institutions are corrupted. America is like China now: the populace cannot get a hold of those in power. They are above you.

b94ec0  No.12398131

File: 0f1bd92b492467f⋯.jpg (216.05 KB, 630x723, 210:241, 6cc95c12757c980fdeee7dddee….jpg)


Daily reminder that KYS is a kike meme

ed3148  No.12398145


Daily reminder if you choose to fall for this kike trick to go out in a blaze of glory in DC.

ed3148  No.12398154


>all the blackpilling is an effort to stop /pol/ from pushing voting irregularities in dem's favor

Nothing wrong with doing this. I welcome anything that pushes us towards civil war/secession at this point.

>they want you to think elections didn't go well because of demographics

no, i want you to realize FUTURE elections will never go well because of demographics (and cheating ofc)

652adc  No.12398157

Weird how they never seem to pull 90 gorillion conservative votes out of their ass. Super (((weird))).

4f7a12  No.12398164


the elections were nothing

It does not matter who get's elected

It's 100% ZOG

f0c3fb  No.12398165


this, exactly.

50a300  No.12398171


Reddit is that way -> you mouthbreathing idiot

aacd6b  No.12398175


Neocons are liberals, moron. Who is a worse enemy, John McCain or Nancy Pelosi? If you answered Pelosi, then you're a low IQ retard who deserves to be gassed.

ed3148  No.12398179


>blackpill is reddit

You're insane, they're overdosing on hope. Check out the q meltdown thread if you wanna see these faggots in action. The blackpilling that's going on is genuine, the gloom and doom is for the most part genuine, the redditors and q larpers are in absolute DENIAL of reality.

aacd6b  No.12398182


Yes, Trump is a fag

2b900c  No.12398184


Alive John McCain or Dead John McCain?

Alive is obviously more dangerous, Dead… hmmmm… Yeah, still more dangerous than Pelosi.

aacd6b  No.12398188


They don't even need to go to that much effort because they know that Republicans will never challenge them on it. We have avsolute proof of fraud happening for decades, and Republicans just twiddle their thumbs. Which is why neocons are worse enemies than democrats, because they sabotage any potential resistance from within.

4f7a12  No.12398191

File: 3d44901fa8e2017⋯.png (232.93 KB, 701x662, 701:662, most jewish GOP.png)


>They won

Trump is Zionist puppet and nothing was lost

b94ec0  No.12398256


It's another step in the grieving process over the reality we face. Many have just passed through the Bargaining Process into Depression.

9987af  No.12398291

File: d47e0922f914527⋯.webm (431.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, yareyaredaze.webm)

>the obvious raid of many blackpillfags saying "DON'T STARHT DUH CIBIL WARE ANOHN, YEW WILL LOOSE! IDS ALL OBER!"

Makes me wonder where all of these raiders are from? Nice try kikes but your tricks aren't working.

cc3197  No.12398315


It's not just r/the Donald venturing from the alt-lite at this point, Proud Boys are as well. I joined being fully 1488 with the intent of seeing how fucking gay they are but I was pleasantly surprised with how many of them are fully red pilled as well and openly laugh about keeping pet niggers and faggots around for optics. It's actually pretty fun at this point.

b46a43  No.12398325


Kikes always win, anon. See >>12398179. Everyone should be blackpilled over this. There is nothing we can do about this shit except take it like anal. Bring lube or die.


Stop thinking anything will change. They are still forever bluepilled and eternally loyal to ZOGnald. (((They))) will always get what they want anyway.

9987af  No.12398336



Moshe you are not hiding in your bunker in Tel-Aviv or Manhattan when the bombs hit. The Second Civil War is coming and many are aiming for your beady eyed and toucan sam looking faces. Your rigging will be your downfall.

6e1d3d  No.12398338


Good. They're going to cheat their way to victory and if whites won't do anything about it then they deserve what's coming.

6e1d3d  No.12398343


IT'S NOT /pol/s JOB.


87c082  No.12398362


>Now that the wishlist is gone and they have gridlock at best

There is no gridlock. Dems will win both houses.

>The goal of the psyop, I'm sure, is to demoralize them until we can't win

It's literally true though. We cannot win. It's over.

>What we have to do is use it as a chance to redpill on the corruption of the federal government and the need for real change


fcd4f6  No.12398380

Now that they've locked down social media as well as the ballot box, this will probably be the outcome of every future election. Peaceful resistance is no longer an option.

Ich werde euch in Walhalla treffen, meine Brueder.

4a5600  No.12398397


Ah yes, I completely forgot about the secret box all white women's votes get thrown in not to be counted until two days after the fact when 100% of precincts have already reported in.

ad2ac2  No.12398417


based Huey Long capitol building

a38995  No.12398419


>Expect to see enough "close" senate races mysteriously reversed over the next month until the democrats have 51 seats


Non-Marxist thought is dead and we all know it.


Expect (((them))) to keep winning until we are completely eliminated.

1a2b5b  No.12398436


>Suicide is the only escape

Then stop posting and kill yourself immediately. Right now. Do it. The rest of us will prepare for war as we've always done.

a18146  No.12398440

File: 0737def5165d389⋯.jpg (385.63 KB, 840x1314, 140:219, midterm_2018.jpg)


so why do 79% of US jews vote democrat if they control both parties? shouldn't it be 50/50 or is your whole narrative about them being equally bad and voting being pointless just retarded?

a18146  No.12398443

aa60e9  No.12398447


ignore this red text shill.

6e1d3d  No.12398450


>being this retarded

Vote for your main, control the opposition. God damned newfags.

79cec7  No.12398462


>someone tells the truth


Get over yourself. We are weak and (((they))) are strong. In a month (((they))) will be unstoppable.

247448  No.12398478

File: e1b238faf6aa63f⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1947x3981, 649:1327, top 10 trump donors.jpg)


what kind of retarded strawman is this

4a2519  No.12398484

This is so fucked, where is the outrage?

e1b7bd  No.12398493

>Civil War

>A bunch of countries decide to collect on America's debt at once and attack

>America is fucked

>Russia seizes the chance to invade Europe and take it over

On the bright side, at least socialism would be dead for a while.

735788  No.12398533


Who the fuck is going to be invading America?

China and Russia have no geopolitical interests in invading America, nor do they have strong navies. An invasion across a vast ocean is nearly impossible if Americans resist strongly and the country is awash with guns and nukes.

Besides, I'd rather be ruled by Russians than by jews.

Oh and by the way, China and Russia would become embroiled in internal conflict if the global economy collapsed. Oh and China is surrounded by hostile nations.

e3e38f  No.12398548


Hey, newfag, nobody donates more to both republicans and democrats than jews. that they vote democrat because all the fucking orthodox heebs live in concentrated areas of prime real estate is another matter entirely, retard.

999a08  No.12398556


You should check oligarchs and their noses more often.

9e1b48  No.12398560

But muh based Latinos. Let's give amnesty to lose most of the White vote to win 5% more Latino vote for the sake of Virtue signaling!

9e1b48  No.12398568


The Problem with McCain was not McCain, but allowing Party affiliation on the ballot.

000000  No.12398580


>and the republicans are going along with it

Probably Rick Scott's role all along…offer token resistance, but ultimately concede with "dignity".

>dems may yet have control of both houses

With Romney in the mix, they will have defacto control

c2fcfb  No.12398591


Ah, is this barn animal guy

916ee4  No.12398611


Controlled opposition dummy

9e1b48  No.12398612

File: 89f0c93ea975ada⋯.jpg (84.41 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 1019paulryan04.jpg)

Black pill and letting them impeach trump is the perfect combo.

8e9906  No.12398617


Dude, relax. We have a long road filled with dead kikes and spics ahead of us. You think this is bad. Wait 10 years. Honduras is coming to the US.

a1939a  No.12398622


That's because they burned those

000000  No.12398627


It's my sincerest hope that they've overplayed their hand for the last time. Even the goodest goys on the normie web are ready to kick shit off.

9304e2  No.12398630

File: 6d70ab6b641c08f⋯.jpg (2.37 KB, 271x250, 271:250, 2cacc241217329a7c26856a43f….jpg)

>demorats take power and just trump

>magapedes chimp out and just them in return.

>Cycle continues

8da0ff  No.12398638


Sure they are. Right after the niggerball game

9e1b48  No.12398640

File: 064a40daf5810dd⋯.jpg (84.28 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 1019paulryan04.jpg)



>offer token resistance, but ultimately concede with "dignity".

Your right.

Look at how hard he's holding back a smile.

000000  No.12398641


>gotta get that 2% baste nog vote

pandering to shitskins is an absolute disgrace.

000000  No.12398644


you'd be surprised. Most of them won't watch Nigger Felon League anymore

8cd8e1  No.12398645


>Even the goodest goys on the normie web are ready to kick shit off.

No they aren't. They're beyond hope and everyone on this board can see that. Nobody is going to side with us, that's a fate we have to accept.




Keep being in denial, this shit will never happen. We lose by default.

8cd8e1  No.12398650


[citation fucking needed]

239227  No.12398651

File: 9869756d7d48bfc⋯.jpg (201.13 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, aryan.jpg)

You can't (((vote))) your way out of a GENOCIDE. Even the smallest of actions, like redpilling ONE other White person is 100x more effective than ((((voting))).

03b0aa  No.12398659

File: 76cd19c9fbc507d⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 374x467, 374:467, 49713ceb3a308164a15c585aed….jpg)


>stop thinking anything can change

how do you say that to a reply towards his simplistically explanatory post? do you really think you're not obvious and also retarded?

000000  No.12398666


I'm just relaying what I'm reading on tech and auto forums. They're straight up hostile to anyone who's like

>awww come on guys, just enjoy the game

1e3d46  No.12398667



>thinks anyone takes their bullshit seriously

3801af  No.12398680


Fuck off TORnigger. Go back to your Qlarp circlejerk.

000000  No.12398681



you're my canary.

9304e2  No.12398697


We haven't won anything to begin with.

1825d5  No.12398703

735788  No.12398711


1. I am well aware of the jewish oligarchs of Russia.

2. In this particular scenario I was addresing, I was addressing only Russians ruling over us. Not jews. If I was talking about jewish oligarchs, I would have said so. But I said Russians and I meant it.

3. Even if we are talking about the jewish oligarchs of Russia, that is still preferable to direct rule from jews in America because…;

If Russia invaded America (which is still a ridiculous idea) the kikes who control us here would almost instantly "switch sides" (as Americans would see it) and join with the jewish oligarchs in Russia. This would mark them as clear enemies of the American people and would instantly redpill millions of patriotic Americans. If for some reason a resistance army against the "Russian" kikes hadn't already been fighting desperately against the invasion, this outrageous treachery would convince thousands of Americans to begin resisting by any means necessary. This would include the express targeting of treacherous jews in our communities.

In addition, the kikes of the east have a superiority complex to the jews of the west and a strong difference of opinion on strategy. This outstanding disagreement would hamper their abilities to rule directly in the west. Basically this means that the jews with the real power would be ruling from far away and thus ineffectual. Too, a "union" between America and Russia would allow patriotic Americans to travel to Russia and cause mayhem there as well.

So put simply, it would STILL be better to be ruled by a distant enemy than by an enemy within.

1e3d46  No.12398720


>being this retarded

03b0aa  No.12398722


dont just say that correct it

16871d  No.12398786


The federal id allows you to board a plane. Starting soon a normal Louisiana drivers license can’t be used to board planes even for domestic flights. This all stems from Louisiana allowing id to be issued without birth certificates. A birth certificate is required for the federal issued one. Due to flooding and destruction of state buildings holding vital records catholic baptismal records are 1 of many acceptable forms of documentation.

5b2e37  No.12398806

File: 044a6c68fce81aa⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 326x302, 163:151, wats dis.jpg)

At this point i'm just waiting for the president to be shot or for the leftist horde to start killing people. Then i'll pack up my trailer and start an insurgency and maybe take that man in the suits advice and bomb a federal building.

We already know civil war is invetiable at this point. The first step to unrest is an upset, the second is for people to lose faith in the electorate, and the third step is for people to lose faith in the system. At this point the reason shit is slow cooking is because the US has devoted so much money into the lemming cause that people are still living on the residual leavings of that comfort. But when things start to escalate, and the reserves dry up, they'll get angry. Most of them will just sit by and watch, but a few will take up arms with the rest of us. You guys keep talking about accelerationism, and let me tell you, nothing dehumanizes people and makes them face to bloodshed quite like watching their democratic process get raped. The biggest redpill is realizing democracy will only ever work in a homogeneous society, which at that point you might as well do away with it because everyone will be in agreement anyways.

4e6ff7  No.12398818


"Give i[ guys ITS ALL OVER!"

Yeah sure thing Jew

4e6ff7  No.12398821


>leftist horde to start killing people

Got that backwards, liberals cannot even pull the slide back on a automatic pistol let alone not cry from the loud noise or recoil

1c9f32  No.12398824


>he believes this meme

Don't confuse the retards for the real enemy.

5b2e37  No.12398825


nah but their antifa mobs and their nigger pets will beat someone to death or piss off the wrong guy and get shot.

000000  No.12398841

Alex Jones (I know) said yesterday get your guns out, civil war has started. He says Trump tried to play it nice, see if they would back down, but has no choice but to go scorched earth. I agree. If he does not, he will be exposed and there will be no energy for Republicans. Whites will have to take matters into their own hands. Whoever has the white majority will win the war. The majority will be whitepilled soon.

35bd51  No.12398849


Seems that way.

0cbfce  No.12398957

File: fc34f7c14041f02⋯.jpg (50.32 KB, 600x800, 3:4, shills_measurement_device2.jpg)
















Whew. When I see this level of kike shilling, I know that things are nicely on track.


And desperately trying to demoralize us with "it's over, let's kill ourselves" is all that they've got. Ironically, it fill my heart with optimism and hope for the future to see them so bankrupt for ideas.


Come on, there is no way this is a white man posting this shit.




If it makes no difference, then why are you so keen to dissuade us?

2fdece  No.12398986

It's all over Bros, zionald dumpf conned us all

f2ef3e  No.12399001

Little Donnie was too busy jerking that nork psycho and playing in syrian mud to pursue dems election fraud practices more agressively. Now it came back to bite his ass. And with both the house and the senate under dems control, and with those newly found financial crime evidences (((Rosenberg))) gave to the deep state spooks, he'll be impeached in no time.

f2ef3e  No.12399025


He also said the freaking frogs are turning gay, and that is true. I was sodomized by a bullfrog yesterday, and I liked it.

670f0a  No.12399384


I thought the military trannys all got in, got their surgery, then got out on a psychiatric disability pension.

b39d9a  No.12399400

File: 0c063c45190d7cb⋯.png (16.8 KB, 600x156, 50:13, natsoc improve your brothe….png)


checking these digits. redittors and other normal whites are very convincable. at this point the shills are only trying to demoralize in any way they possibly can

e4d526  No.12399505


>42 points

Out of how many on that board?

e874ec  No.12399540


The best thing that could happen is that the democrats steal the election in the most blatantly fashion,gloat about it while taking a shit on white people, pass all kinds of draconian bullshit laws, and Trump/the gop does nothing (completely caves to democrats) creating a complete disenfranchisement of all white people from politics.

03f495  No.12399644


Most of them are actually dykes who want to cheat at athletics legally.

e53c29  No.12399675


>Drat, not even the negroes will save us.


49bed4  No.12399711


you're a fucking idiot the Marxist "majority" is making up votes right on the spot.

69aa58  No.12399945


Even seeing this, hell, even seeing the future 10 years from now, will not drive home the point to most. Subconsciously our people know what lies ahead, but denial sets in because the hordes of monsters invading are neither the undead nor aliens from far off galaxies. Well, denial and massive efforts in programming from a young age for generations now. The effects of which are so strong and our people so weak of will that when a man loses his daughter to one his retort and reasoning for allowing it is summed up with his love for the invaders' food. Because we have been mentally broken so extensively, our will to survive replaced with a desire to avoid the mess that comes with such a concept. The strength of which is so strong that the aforementioned example isn't even a first, or the worst. Stop and think of the job done on our populace to lead to examples such as that and it comes to no surprise that even groups that do see the error in our current path believe, and will continue to believe, that drawing a line on paper will solve this. Our race is mentally destroyed and robbed of any will. The man that allows his family to be murdered while calling the creature that did it more important than his child, the man that holds the belief that paper and pen will solve it all, the man that believes that if he shoots up a place it will spark the rest that have no spark left, none of these people have made it to the other side unscathed. Hell, no one here has either. But there is hope. Hope in the form of time, the repetition of history, the unrelenting forces of nature. We can all see what a future of this nature will bring because we have examples in the places the invaders come from. Hell. Pure hell of beasts decapitating themselves, diseases, burning tires around the necks of others, feces a foot deep in the streets. It is then, and only then, when the night is darkest and the weakest have died off creating this literal hell that something can begin. That survival is the only option. It won't be a war of laser guns and mechs stomping out the rest because those will never be built. Instead it will be men surviving in a vast land of poverty, the violence of beasts and the filth they bring. That is the future that must be mentally prepared for, because it is coming. It isn't escalation, it is the natural progression of mistakes made long ago and the short term planning and greed of (((those))) that helped make them.


The effort wasn't for you.

cbe2ec  No.12400019

>Republicans give a damn

Both parties do whatever their lobbyists do.

3cbf79  No.12400036

We haven't seen a coup this big since the neocons took over the US.

9921bc  No.12400038


Fuck Trump… Only… /leftypol/ can save us… now.

Anyone got the 2 terabyte Stirner archive link? I'm DONE with fascism. How about you my brothers?

1b209e  No.12400077

File: 837eeecd225da5c⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 295x342, 295:342, 837eeecd225da5cb83fb5ae8c5….jpg)


oh yeah? what are you gonna do? take your airsoft gun and sperg out on the streets? come on now. Most of you people are pussies LARPing as natsoc tough guys, if you people had balls there would be no niggers and spics roaming on the streets, but i guess i'll have to wait until the day of the rope in 2020 when india becomes a superpower!

30ff77  No.12400088


what a waste

fbba73  No.12400134


>We will not accept this.

Sadly, yes we will. At no point of any semblance of backlash by citizens will there not be dozens of planted glow in the darks ready to murder said citizens at a moments notice.

3cbf79  No.12400271


What is the downside of NOT living thru what is coming? Glowies will be subject to the same fate. It's about to get very dangerous. What is the down side of standing up and fighting back? Nobody gets out alive

be6419  No.12400279


America should still be 40-50% white when balkanization occurs.

The US and CA will keep importing nignogs until the governments collapse, but it shouldn't be long.

91324d  No.12400284


>Democrats have control of both houses


be6419  No.12400299


The blackpill is eternal 1984 state with no fighting.

The redpill is that a country full of shitskins can't remain stable and peaceful. Not even the jews can control that, especially with a country so in debt, with so many guns, with so many different groups tearing at the seas to seperate from each other. The redpill is steel your face and prepare for bloodshed.

91324d  No.12400316


>the guardian

GTFO with that shit!

2646be  No.12400326


Stirner is a spook

c2fcfb  No.12400329

File: 22d02cf938e67d3⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1233x1404, 137:156, browardorder.png)

I guess nobody is posting in the Florida thread, but this seems pretty important:


There was a court order for Broward to turn over ballots by 7PM tonight. They straight-up refused to comply. Some fucked up shit right here, lads

fbba73  No.12400338


It's being slid to all hell.

Which thread(s) did you think was being slid? It's the election fraud threads.

482e0d  No.12400376




It's also the reason why 8ch is crashing and so unresponsive consistently for the last few hours.

17f53a  No.12400387

>all fake post election votes tryinbg to steal a duly held aelection for another zog agent, its all the same theing this zog or the other zog difference dems are more satanic and evil and do this as a matter of habit voter fraud, illegal votes, multiple busing stooges, and faked imaginary absentee manufactured enmasse votes gotta keep the fake "hegelian" dialecic afloat in a 70-30% republican to dem country with half never voting

17f53a  No.12400395

correct…jews like the "heritage foundation" with their open border pro Israhell judeo zionist marxism btw HF supports culling the goyim

149705  No.12400396

Broward county votes should simply be tossed. This is obvious fraud.

c2fcfb  No.12400405


It looks like Palm Beach is also committing fraud

c2fcfb  No.12400409


*edit this is Palm Beach refusing its court order

3cbf79  No.12400443



We know who runs both Palm Beach and Broward County(Golden rule). These low-IQ uppity, self-important WE's are the personification of the flying-monkey's in 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'; there to do the bidding of their "White" appearing overlords

8924c0  No.12400444

File: 25b7025ef59bb4f⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 454x600, 227:300, 1490857913250.jpg)

How to steal an election:

>Shoot up cowboyfags in Thousand Oaks

>Start 2 fires in Califagornia

>Goyim pay attention to (((crises)))

>Steal election when goyim not looking

Hey rabbi…

400284  No.12400453

Always the sore losers.

EVERY VOTE SHOULD BE COUNTED. Right? Or should we just hand it all over to the Nat Socs?

0144ed  No.12400464


>>12400426 (different thread, same reply)

Moshe please leave.

22c070  No.12400483


Stirner's decent, its fun triggering /leftypol/ with his quotes on jews.

0d3366  No.12400536


Hmm. That might explain the "warning" to border patrols about "civillian militias" aiming to protect the border.

Because they're coming over the border to vote.

da227b  No.12400538


Are you gonna kill yourself on livestream for us anon?

0d3366  No.12400557

File: 31fc7f942b2b490⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 459x287, 459:287, 1541604476726.jpg)

File: 603506996b902b8⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, 1x1.png)


Yes. Fuck you.

aa5ce3  No.12400564


Only votes from White men should be counted.

0144ed  No.12400580


>every vote should be counted


Per state.

Not multiple times in multiple districts / counties.

Not illegal votes of nonUS citizens / nonstate citizens.

400284  No.12400582


Take heart. Someday, you won't be incel. You'll just be cel.

00e308  No.12400586


you're incel

1bf4a7  No.12400592


>didnt get enough replies so made a thread with his shitty picture

thats pretty desperate and embarrassing

0d3366  No.12400599


>bumping a low quality meme thread

You're just as bad.

0d3366  No.12400604



>bumping a terrible thread with bait buzzwords

How is this thread still up?

a72dec  No.12400610


neither will you, sport. you can make sure to be on /pol/ and keep telling people not to vote to feel like your life has meaning though.

400284  No.12400611

File: 644b03ea70c2d8c⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)


All your base….

22c070  No.12400612

File: 0ca392c55135bbd⋯.jpg (251.57 KB, 667x1024, 667:1024, 242323423424.jpg)


>only virgin losers would be against women voting

Most women didn't even want the vote, women's suffrage was just something the kikes shoved upon them.

400284  No.12400622


Right, because all those women you've spoken with…..

hah kek

1bf4a7  No.12400623


then go away

a72dec  No.12400625


so why havent you killed yourself yet?

0d3366  No.12400626

File: 205a118fb214c8f⋯.png (17.45 KB, 239x200, 239:200, 1522241634385.png)

File: 603506996b902b8⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, 1x1.png)


Actually I mixed this thread up with another.


31e43b  No.12400635


and the republicans are going along with it

This is the future Republican supporters and Trumptards chose. The Republicans have always been traitors. ALWAYS. In 1965, 78% of them voted for the Immigration Act. Yet, you retards still support them and then say:

>B-but it was the lesser of two evils!!! MAGA!!!!

You keep falling for the same (((tricks))) over and over again like braindead retards. Now the left is seizing total control over everything. The only solution is to burn it all down and start over. Vote for extremist leftists and let them turn the country into Venezuela. Once everyone is hungry and desperate they'll be ready to embrace National Socialism.

0144ed  No.12400641



Less than 30% of women wanted the voting.

84cc2f  No.12400660



>Republicans are white men, 60% of whom voted for the party. White women were split between the two parties while all other racial groups (regardless of gender) were majority Democrat.

<Assemblywomen is a comedy written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in 391 BCE.[3] The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and instate pseudo-communist reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive.

<Henry james bostonians 1886

<wealthy new england town's women have nihilism and bluntly hate on White men, and hate a "civilization

there is amount of evidence that white women are anti-white left learning in politics

But you have to ignore it because muh "Pussy feel good"

1d5f1c  No.12400677


<wealthy new england town's women have nihilism and bluntly hate on White men, and hate a "civilization


499d8c  No.12400789


Nice agent provacateuring. Don't worry--you'll find out eventually.

d4d46e  No.12400827

File: d82ea81f8319a93⋯.jpg (108.85 KB, 440x582, 220:291, 1456114516142-1.jpg)


I don't recall giving your faggot blackpilled ass permission to use my Megaten memes.

c2fcfb  No.12400869


>thread about massive voter fraud is a terrible thread

You aren't even trying.

1725ab  No.12400923

Texas arrests 9 for voter fraud.

AG Paxton’s Elec­tion Fraud Unit Arrests Nine Alleged Par­tic­i­pants of an Orga­nized Ille­gal Vot­ing Scheme in Edinburg



c2fcfb  No.12400927

This thread is being slid, and this story is being buried elsewhere.

People: this type voter fraud is unfuckingacceptable. It cannot be allowed to stand.

73ee9f  No.12400936


True! The only type of voter fraud that is acceptable is the shit Russians pulled in 2016 to get Agent Orange elected!

1725ab  No.12400941


Yeah it took me a while to find it.

It should be pinned.

660241  No.12400943


>Texas is gone by 2020 due to demographics.

It's voter fraud. If white people accept these bullshit elections then we have no future.

d4d46e  No.12400947

File: 9dbde5cda456e90⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 552x692, 138:173, 9dbde5cda456e907556e8cec17….jpg)

0144ed  No.12400960

antislide bump

0d3366  No.12400969


No I thought it was a different thread and was confus.

0144ed  No.12400974


>Guadalupe Sanchez Garza

>Araceli Gutierrez

>Brenda Rodriguez

>Rosendo Rodriguez

>Cynthia Tamez

>Ruby Tamez

>Belinda Rodriguez

>Felisha Yolanda Rodriguez

>Jerry Gonzalez, Jr.

Can't make this shit up.

71dbcf  No.12400978


We might get lucky with the public knowledge of the fraud and the FL governor and President both appearing that they're going to fight it. I don't have any hope for the other voter frauds in progress. This is an actual crisis in the confidence of the USA's elections, I don't know what will happen if the system fails when 30% of the public is watching.

0144ed  No.12401052


0144ed  No.12401075


That's great anon. This and the other thread on provable election Fraud are the threads being slid from the first page.

0144ed  No.12401094


>demoralizing to see reality


1a2b5b  No.12401148


>Thanks for admitting

Thanks for reminding me to filter this phrase.

2b900c  No.12401185


Your digits are very persuasive. Checked.


Well, you could, and I would presume you'd be able to give them more appropriate (read: hilarious) names.

c2fcfb  No.12401723


Something will light the spark among the boomer GOP NPCs. Especially since Q let them down.

0144ed  No.12405047


9dcd22  No.12405066

File: 617c4a19f1a8c6f⋯.png (115.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Hee Ho-ld The Fuck Up.png)


You're gonna die first

9dcd22  No.12405082


This isn't true though, they are suing guy in charge of tabulating the votes for delaying the results. Any fishy shit will come tot he surface during the investigation.

e874ec  No.12405117


sir this always happens they always sue….. and nothing more will come of it no one will go to jail and the democrats will pick up yet even more seats.

c2fcfb  No.12413974


Yep, this. All this will be memoryholed very soon. Dems won AZ senate. That's all that will be remembered.

LOL Donald Trump does nothing. A fucking tweet. What a fucking traitor scam artist.

e4d526  No.12414391


What was all that shit Trump was talking about re-doing the AZ election? The guy is a mess. One term, and then they're going to destroy him and his family after he's done.

c17b6d  No.12414396


>Women's political suffrage

This legally turned them all into assets under the terms of central banking fiat already extant.

000000  No.12414884


Get at least a few good representative models however you can (straw purchase [illegal] and gun shows may be best for no documentation). What I mean is, get a few good quality models which are simple parts-wise, where you can disassemble them and model each part in PTC Creo or Siemens NX 10 (use an offline system, or system with fascist whitelisting firewall, to pirate and install on as NX phones home). Save ten to twenty thousand dollars and buy a 4- or 5-axis CNC mill AND 4- or 5-axis CNC lathe capable of making the parts (including barrel). You will need other tools too, such as the ability to temper. Do not expect your reproductions to handle the same pressures the professionally built ones can take, so when you reload ammunition you should back off on the powder charge to avoid catastrophic failure. Professionally manufactured weapons are tempered and strengthened, and you may be limited in the stock material you can use.

Put this hardware away, upload the parts files online in a safe and paranoid way (like on Overchan over the Tor or I2P networks). Encrypt your local copies and hide them. Just because guns can be taken doesn't mean metal milling and lathing machines can (so long as they don't find your part files). All you need is the tooling, the designs, the materials, and some time, and you can have your arsenal!

000000  No.12414907


One last rule:


Not to your bros, not to your wife, not to your kids, not to your priest. Keep your lips zipped. Practice safe SECS. It's the only way.

da9d32  No.12414968


I'm going to, AGAIN, offer my services to /pol/lacks. I studied under the world expert in voter fraud forensics. if you can get me the data, I can prove scientifically whether they were stuffing ballot boxes – this OP is bigger than anything /pol/ has ever done

000000  No.12414992


Post mp4 of this plz.

90a788  No.12439766


0e6a87  No.12440880

The Broward County election whatever woman resigned today. Not that any of it will matter, she won't be punished for violating the law, nor will anyone else and the (((corrected))) vote totals will be certified.

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