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File: cc89cb6c57a3790⋯.jpg (118.39 KB, 872x623, 872:623, 1.JPG)

File: 3bd488f1a2ebd40⋯.jpg (144.39 KB, 1201x734, 1201:734, 2.JPG)

File: b287a9a06bdd700⋯.jpg (126.64 KB, 744x1134, 124:189, 3.JPG)

211e91  No.12428116

Jordan Peterson is attending this year's Trilateral Commission, a globalist organization created by Zbigniew Brzezinsky and David Rockefeller. Featured members include George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and Diane Feinstein.


8e0820  No.12428128

Kike-free first post

754bdc  No.12428142

File: e296fdfc9eeae1d⋯.jpg (375.11 KB, 900x600, 3:2, c2f57b1950b2e292cbeabe739f….jpg)

how about that.

13f52b  No.12428146

He's going to advise them that despite his efforts to stem the tide of White men choosing to bond as a collective by embracing individualism; the "White Supremacist©®™" and "White Nationalist©®™" numbers are growing.

738ddd  No.12428155

File: 278f6eac88a5911⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1383x6447, 461:2149, jordanPeterson1.png)

File: d970da85c00d09f⋯.png (697.81 KB, 2127x1525, 2127:1525, jordanPeterson3.png)

File: 598b0ab0b8ab1fe⋯.png (89.79 KB, 960x553, 960:553, jordanPeterson14ndp.png)


Juden Peterstein probably getting marching orders for future. Maybe new book manuscript to publish. Or getting his funding/approval for prime minister.

56f409  No.12428191

All this does is prove that /pol was right again.

000000  No.12428203


>roosh is based

We discuss this each time he comes up, and every time we repeat the fact that his turkroach ass still has to go back.

he is doing good work naming the jew on twitter right now thobut still has to go back

f590b4  No.12428215

Derailing attempt detected - initiating info dump on subject…

Peterson proudly listing his work with Jim Balsillie and the UN:



The document produced by 'The United Nations Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability' (Peterson's name is listed in the document with Jim Balsillie, Paul Jenkins, Simon Zadek, and David Runnalls):



In this video at the 1m6s mark Peterson speaks about his involvement with the panel, saying he rewrote the document that was released:


John Podesta served on the 'United Nations High-Level Panel of eminent persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda':



The report they released is here, which references and builds upon the report Peterson helped produce (won't archive for some reason):



Jim Balsillie founded CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation):



Jim Balsillie also co-founded INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking) with George Soros:



CIGI is partnered with and receives millions in funding from INET:



CIGI is also funded by and partnered with the Clinton Foundation:





CIGI G20 involvement:



CIGI potential ties to the CIA:



>On Sept. 13th, Bruce Riedel, one of the former heads of the CIA, gave a talk entitled “Obama, Romney and Iran” at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo.

>So what was he doing in Canada? He told the crowd of 500 that he was strong-armed by his buddies, Janet Lang and James Blight, professors at the newly-opened Balsillie School for International Affairs, kitty-corner to CIGI’s headquarters.

Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein is an official expert at INET:



6d9809  No.12428224

File: b0229d800f3d5da⋯.png (114.58 KB, 587x647, 587:647, jordung grug.png)

f590b4  No.12428230

Peterson worked for the United Nations for three years and has ties to some serious globalist think tanks, specifically George Soros' INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking), and CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation). He was a UN adviser to Jim Balsillie (ex-CEO of RIM/Blackberry), who was working on a UN panel called 'The United Nations Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability'. This UN panel produced a document that is essentially a Marxist NWO blueprint, and this document was later built upon and referenced by a UN panel that John Podesta sat on called 'The United Nations High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons On the Post-2015 Development Agenda'. Both of these panels laid the groundwork for the 'United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'.

Jim Balsillie is the founder of CIGI and co-founded INET with George Soros. CIGI is in fact partnered with and receives funding from INET, as well as from the Clinton Foundation. CIGI is a major Marxist globalist NWO think tank, involved with the G20, and it even appears to have some sort of ties to the CIA. Balsillie had two additional UN advisers (Paul Jenkins, Simon Zadek) and a UN "sherpa" (David Runnalls) in addition to Peterson while working at the UN, and all three of them were from CIGI.

Now listen to this, the founder of the 'Intellectual Dark Web' is none other than Eric Weinstein, and he's listed as an official "expert" at INET. So not only is Peterson tied to INET through Balsillie, this 'Intellectual Dark Web' garbage he's a part of is the spawn of a Soros INET think tank expert.

Here is where things start to get really weird. Last year when Peterson testified at the Bill C-16 senate hearing, he had a brief debate with a senator named Ratna Omidvar, a woman who was arguing in favor of Bill C-16. It just so turns out that Ratna Omidvar is involved with CIGI and another globalist enterprise of Jim Balsillie's called 'Balsillie School of International Affairs'. Omidvar is a hardcore Marxist who runs something called the 'Maytree Foundation'.

A Jewish psychologist by the name of Norman Doidge, a personal colleague of Peterson's who he's sometimes given talks with, wrote the foreword to Peterson's new book '12 Rules for Life'. He too is involved with CIGI, and just as recently as February of this year did an interview in The Globe and Mail with Jim Balsillie (about smart phone addiction). In that very foreword, Doidge wrote that a Jewish TV producer named Wodek Szemberg who was "always on the lookout for potential public intellectuals" met Peterson in 2004. Szemberg worked at TV Ontario for a man named Steve Paikin producing a show called 'The Agenda' which has more than once been involved with CIGI, including once in 2009 when CIGI hosted the show.

Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? Peterson is deeply involved with powerful globalist oligarchs, Marxsits, and Jews, while pretending to be against the very plans that those same people and their think tanks and foundations are working towards. Peterson has sort of tried to minimize his work done for the UN by stating that he rewrote the document they produced to "remove the ideological clap trap", but the document is nevertheless a Marxist globalist NWO artifact. In reality, Peterson proudly lists working for the UN with Jim Balsillie under his credentials, and his colleagues and network to this day are directly tied to Jim Balsillie's and George Soros' globalist think tanks.

I'm still working to flesh out more of the details, but Peterson's academic pedigree without a doubt goes straight back to MKUltra and the CIA. Peterson did his post-doc under a man named Maurice Dongier. Dongier obtained his degree in psychiatry in 1954 at McGill University, training at the Allan Memorial Institute. The Allan Memorial Institute was founded and directed by Donald Ewen Cameron, who was contracted by the CIA to conduct MKUltra mind control experiments there between the years 1957 and 1964. After completing his post-doc, Peterson then went on to teach at Harvard for five years, taking up Timothy Leary's old position.

Peterson also has ties to hardcore Zionist organizations. Last year, Peterson was a keynote speaker with Ezra Levant at an event put on by 'Canadians for Balfour 100' where he gave a speech about how wonderful Jews are and how everyone is envious of Israel. This organization has direct ties to B'Nai Brith and a host of other Canadian and international Zionist organizations.

000000  No.12428244

You may recall that JP originally got his real big breakout on the Joe Rogan podcast. Rogan is married to a Jewess and has a Jewish producer on his show, and has worked in the entertainment industry for 25+ years.

924027  No.12428245


He looked like such a fag when he was a kid. Unsurprising as he's still a huuuuge fag today.

d78b29  No.12428264


J-j-just clean your room and slay the dragon!

f590b4  No.12428267

Important note I should have posted earlier: I take no credit for the content. It was saved from another thread.

>Jordan Peterson's primary stated goal is to prevent a right wing backlash to radical leftism. He goes about achieving this by telling young White men to improve their lives, while simultaneously telling them that any White people who want to unite as a race to stop radical leftism are morally reprehensible and dangerous people.

>He is selling Holocaustianity to a new generation, with the twist being that he packages it with the atrocities of the Soviet Union and Marxism. The real horrors of the Soviet gulags are combined with the fairy tales about the Holohoax, and used as the trauma based mind control portion of the Holocaustianity brainwashing program. The trauma is induced with the stories and images of the Holohoax and Soviet gulags, then the subjects are imprinted with the concept: White people must never again see themselves as a race or collectivize based on their shared blood and heritage, otherwise it will cause Holocaust 2.0 and/or gulags.

>Peterson then reveals that he has the answers to changing the world: Adopt his ideology of radical individualism, where each individual has no heritage, ethnicity, or race, then clean your room and takes your SSRI pills.

>This is an extremely carefully engineered mind control program that is being marketed squarely to young White males, with the openly stated intent of stopping them from organizing a revolution to stop the Marxist globalist machine. It is perfectly in line with the globalist NWO document Peterson helped write with George Soros' partner Jim Balsillie: Sacrifice your people on the altar of radical individualism and work hard to contribute as much as you can to the new globalist multicultural Utopia.

000000  No.12428322



Great information. And yet, you would never know any of this if you only read what leftists say about him. The left would have you believe he is the next Hitler. Peterson's rise in the past few years is a textbook controlled opposition and D&C campaign.

d78b29  No.12428356

File: 6e2ddee2da64196⋯.png (32.34 KB, 672x449, 672:449, 0db10d9483bf4440c41232f0de….png)

File: 43052809a491c1a⋯.jpg (183.43 KB, 1683x653, 1683:653, 7b64c7684cc7255ee1102cf5f5….jpg)

File: 0b286f8a7f33d37⋯.jpg (171.98 KB, 1892x596, 473:149, 50ff4d55bf88cd3e1a2b37d9ea….jpg)


>roosh is based

Where did he say that?


How to Jordan Peterson your way into being a cult leader or a prime minister

1/ State the obvious publicly

2/ Don't back down

3/ Pass yourself as a deep thinker despite not really creating anything important yourself

4/ Give internet guru tier advices to people from fatherless homes

5/ Watch the money roll in while they worship you as if you were a god

6/ Blur the lines so the one who see a problem with their govt don't wise up (He's secretly redpilled on the zionist lobbies, just clean your room!!)

7/ Go to many shows/podcasts to build a mainstream audience

->You are there

8/ Add your candidacy to the Canadian prime minister election

9/ Watch your worldwide army of fatherless children do your political campaign for you

10/ Get elected by pretending to be a revolutionary

11/ Go back to boiling the frog slowly

f675cd  No.12428365

File: 3b2defaab1c4078⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 138.61 KB, 962x721, 962:721, 2321.png)


>A well read man that has siphoned wisdom from books bestows this knowledge upon us…his silver tongue is used to misguide the power of the truth. If you read these books yourself an epiphany like lightening will reign down from the sky striking you…

You are the leader of change

b7e73c  No.12428373


>I won't be happy until I am on a 12 drug anti-depressant cocktail regimen

Fixed it for him

201889  No.12428465

File: 67b0920dc90046c⋯.png (768.2 KB, 1280x1519, 1280:1519, 1541348335571.png)




I think more or less the entirety of those who keep apprised of what's going on regularly know what a complete kike puppet this guy is, but just in case.

201889  No.12428468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forgot to embed.

6a1de5  No.12428597

Jordan Peterson is going to end up being a useful idiot for our side.

The losers and soys who worship this faggot are being told about white unity and the (((dangers))) of it. Sowing the seeds.

The fact of the matter is you will not be able to appease these sheep for long. A man can be less than a man for so long before misery comes down on him.

White reunification can occur faster when the time comes with the seeds already planted by such faggots.

Yes whites will be slaughtered.

Yes this psych-ops will increase the casualties greatly.

But such conditions are needed for Hitler 2.0 and others to rise.

000000  No.12428637


people already believe he is hitler 2.0

3a681c  No.12428685

File: f19142ab2fd3445⋯.jpg (735.34 KB, 1076x1975, 1076:1975, Jordan Peterson Attends Tr….jpg)



dfebee  No.12428710

Rule 1488: if you know somebodies name and you have never met them they are a few. There are no exceptions to this rule.

211e91  No.12428821

497c3e  No.12428926

Has anybody here tried to make a wiki on this guy?

126712  No.12428969

File: 7febf277a5fa3bb⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 365x625, 73:125, Petersons daughter married….jpg)


Why aren't you twitting him this?

c5454b  No.12429217


>He's going to advise them that despite his efforts to stem the tide of White men choosing to bond as a collective by embracing individualism; the "White Supremacist©®™" and "White Nationalist©®™" numbers are growing.

Only cuckservatives attend his live performances. They need anything to latch on to rather than face the reality of whats ahead. Not that they mattered anyways.

c5454b  No.12429223


Monti is a complete scumbag.

c5454b  No.12429232


>But such conditions are needed for Hitler 2.0 and others to rise.

Only condition that matters is economic disaster which is just around the corner. Once people realize that "No jobs aren't coming back" and the future is a shit show things will change rather quickly.

700086  No.12429315

File: f3cbaecc6715243⋯.gif (254.28 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f3c.gif)


>I know, I'll try mass replying, that's a good trick

d9814b  No.12429655


that's a man, baby

f1d41d  No.12429738


it all started with him doing that speech on the campus grounds and him being heckled

which was probably always an Infowars-style LARP op. It's actually pretty perfect to consider he's also a psychology professor so putting on a LARP show for the establishment feeds perfectly into the ego of everyone involved and proves a nice little sellout ritual to get them all on the path

14604b  No.12429952


The only people who believe he's Hitler 2.0 are deluded leftists who need to get their dopamine rushes by humiliating whites.

f0bf79  No.12430298


sieg heil

738ddd  No.12430573

File: c8e1ad985b4abd3⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 656x370, 328:185, canadaScheerMilk.jpg)

File: 20298a4d754620b⋯.jpg (102.33 KB, 952x983, 952:983, canadaDairyCartelCPCconven….jpg)


He has to win the party leadership. People wont pay to join the party and vote, even for an eceleb. You need money to win that vote. See Andrew Scheer's "win" over Maxime Bernier where Bernier even lost his own riding votes magically in the leadership vote thanks to the dairy cartel and montreal mafia.

ce2058  No.12430998

File: 6e11a8c344f8b81⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 1080x846, 60:47, peterson.jpg)

File: 7b93578350efec8⋯.jpeg (225.23 KB, 1200x1117, 1200:1117, I watch your dad's videos.jpeg)

652e9c  No.12431339


the most important thing is getting whites to unite. any other goals; national socialism, killing banks, removing degeneracy, etc, should be considered secondary at most. having the general unification of whites as an immediate goal will lay the foundation for all other proactive venues, therefore white unity is the best thing to be currently working towards (in an immediate sense, of course)

211e91  No.12439183

File: 53b0984c7d66e4a⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 1266x675, 422:225, I don't know.JPG)

Here's a good article on how messed up his daughter is. Proof his advice won't save you. The article doesn't mention this, but I think she got knocked up before she was married. Jordan seemed to allude to this in a Q&A video, saying she was pregnant first, then getting married. I could be wrong. Anyone recall this?


a01abe  No.12439296


I'm suprised his daughter looks decent, because peterstein looks like a armenian cancer patient.

7a4b2d  No.12439334


1. Click Share

2. Type the timestamp and hit Enter

3. Share


b160b9  No.12439348


good post, I honestly can't believe I followed Peterson at one point.

7a4b2d  No.12439360


I randomly pressed 3 on the video, see the results

924027  No.12439380


Somehow the lighting makes this looked more fucked up. Or is that just me?

7a4b2d  No.12439389

2ab877  No.12439444

>roosh too

Double the faggotry. Well done, nigger. Don't bother going back, just hang yourself.

7a4b2d  No.12439462

File: 098afe6e0e17351⋯.webm (11.22 MB, 300x300, 1:1, The System's Neatest Tric….webm)

0faa6d  No.12439485

File: c283f237fa49bc3⋯.webm (2.56 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Peterstein.webm)

File: 9875ac2bda6872d⋯.jpg (496.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordanetics.jpg)

Wash your dick and don't think about collectivizing, goyim bucko

c51385  No.12439502

File: 7d0a42ebd162041⋯.jpg (117.42 KB, 489x512, 489:512, jbp.jpg)

Reminder that he's not /ourguy/

d5b72d  No.12439615

File: 2ad2449d18e3f1f⋯.jpg (15.41 KB, 369x373, 369:373, william shatner BBqMJN4 (3….jpg)


>3rd pic

wtf last time i watched peterstein i noticed several wigs asking him if he wanted to run for PM of cucknadada and he didnt say no

d5b72d  No.12439621


it's the fucking trilateral commission you faggot

you do not title your thread "globalist shindig", you type "trilateral commission" because it's one of the 3 most infamous globalist groups

d5b72d  No.12439629

File: 56c26304e34fde0⋯.jpg (143.45 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, jordan peterson DGR1HSfUQA….jpg)


so that explains this picture

d5b72d  No.12439635

thread archive https://archive.fo/dIkpX

d5b72d  No.12439666

File: cc6aa9564be7b62⋯.png (360.55 KB, 462x700, 33:50, 1389184689086.png)

File: 8f40e17083e74df⋯.png (617.58 KB, 671x668, 671:668, jordan peterson 1535605810….png)


7.5) be invited to the trilateral commission meeting

8) get elected chief of state

that's a classic

it's usually the bilderbergers but they're lower on the totem pole than the TC

the B only discuss policy, they dont set it up

i'm not saying he's gonna become PM, but he's a confirmed major globalist Jew World Order player by this point

old conspi fuck here, the TC is nothing to trifle with

76eeac  No.12439710

File: 1e4535c118beedc⋯.jpg (133.46 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, Db0UznQV0AEnKh4.jpg)


Clean your riding.

76eeac  No.12439723


That Cornwall pedophile real was very real and involved bishops and cops. The Duncan BC RCMP even fucked around with Perry Dunlop (whistleblower who was threatened).

t. has been following this for years, long before pedogate, also has connections to Ottawa abuse including Cuckdeau's dad

76eeac  No.12439726


Yeah, that's his Eyes Wide Shut getup.

76eeac  No.12439736


He won't come in as leader, he's too much of a sperglord. He'd be the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minster of Bedroom Sanitation for a while and would be brought up to the top gradually.

005da0  No.12439771



+ this

+ >>12428230


(((Jordan B. Peterson)))

d5b72d  No.12439792



he meant "a jew" i guess


the muslims are in place to quell the whites' rebellion to their own starvation by exterminating them

000000  No.12439800

He couldn't be bigger controlled OP if he tried.

f9ae25  No.12439817

File: 12dc65b0b3c4a4a⋯.jpg (128.05 KB, 1195x960, 239:192, 1522959658208.jpg)

"Yes, white men, collectivism is very bad. Remember, when the enemy collectivizes, remember to remain individuals."

-Jordan Peterstein

68b4bf  No.12439983


>Set himself up as the opposition

>Garner attention and public

>Slowly change the message so that the now formed group accept globalists

Maybe the retards will get it this time.

At least the Peterstein card has been used, now to wait for the next globalist card to be played.

19d1eb  No.12440071


<oy vey those Truths, Facts, and Logic need to be stopped!

<it's annuda shoah!

Yup. Anyone should have been able to tell by taking one look at that fucking freak.




No one said that, nigger.


Those aren't people.


This is a good fucking idea. What some anons should do is obviously attach as much anti-white baggage to this kike's image as possible. This will push people away from him and towards the true redpill. It will also make it clear to followers when they go to leave what to go toward i.e. to find the opposite of the enemy.

Just using the term "anti-white" has worked wonders because it reminded Whites that their enemies are in fact their enemies. That is a huge victory.

77577e  No.12440081

Oh these globalist fags will come to Ljubljana to preach about nigger and shitskin love and acceptance in the region, since Slav countries are rejecting (((multiculturalism))). Media is EU jew controlled sadly, but people aren't based on comments regarding (((globalism))) and (((immigration))).

000000  No.12440136

Maybe I should care more about what he really represents, but I've mentally dismissed him because of his voice and can't be bothered.

His voice is high, wobbly, unstable, and pitches too far up and down in range.

I associate a voice with something about a person's psyche, and via personal heuristics, his voice screams "Mental!"

Anyone else getting that?

9a92ec  No.12440144

File: d77919b79214ca4⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 638x479, 638:479, cow-protection-quotes-by-f….jpg)

File: a127b45f4f5c1f1⋯.png (316.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Srila-Prabhupada-Quotes-Fo….png)


The red flag for me was the 100% beef diet.

000000  No.12440202


Oh no, dubs confirm. I used to be paleo - meat, fish, berries, greens and no dairy.

96003e  No.12440254

File: f0edffdf10f1357⋯.jpg (26.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, f0edffdf10f13576ebbe4bc35b….jpg)


This is the kind of fucked up life that leads one to consider that they are suffering a punishment not for what they have done, but for what they are yet to do, as only a truly monstrous crime could be equivalent to this kind of hell he's already in.

98b6ed  No.12440374


wtf is this? is his home?

9a92ec  No.12440448


Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.32.2, Purport: The gṛhamedhīs, who want to continue a prosperous materialistic way of life, generally worship the demigods or the forefathers by offering piṇḍa, or respectful oblations. Such persons are bereft of Kṛṣṇa (God) consciousness and are not interested in devotional service to the Lord. This kind of so-called pious and religious man is the result of impersonalism. The impersonalists maintain that the Supreme Absolute Truth has no form and that one can imagine any form he likes for his benefit and worship in that way. Therefore the gṛhamedhīs or materialistic men say that they can worship any form of a demigod as worship of the Supreme Lord. Especially amongst the Hindus, those who are meat-eaters prefer to worship goddess Kālī because it is prescribed that one can sacrifice a goat before that goddess.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.2.26, Purport: Everyone is searching after the truth. That is the philosophical way of life. The demigods give information that the Supreme Absolute Truth is Kṛṣṇa. One who becomes fully Kṛṣṇa conscious can attain the Absolute Truth. Kṛṣṇa is the Absolute Truth. Relative truth is not truth in all the three phases of eternal time. Time is divided into past, present and future. Kṛṣṇa is Truth always, past, present and future. In the material world, everything is being controlled by supreme time, in the course of past, present and future. But before the creation, Kṛṣṇa was existing, and when there is creation, everything is resting in Kṛṣṇa, and when this creation is finished, Kṛṣṇa (God) will remain.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 8.20.4, Translation and Purport: There is nothing more sinful than untruthfulness. Because of this, mother earth once said, "I can bear any heavy thing except a person who is a liar."

On the surface of the earth there are many great mountains and oceans that are very heavy, and mother earth has no difficulty carrying them. But she feels very much overburdened when she carries even one person who is a liar. It is said that in Kali-yuga lying is a common affair: māyaiva vyāvahārike (Bhagavatam 12.2.3). Even in the most common dealings, people are accustomed to speaking so many lies. No one is free from the sinful reactions of speaking lies. Under the circumstances, one can just imagine how this has overburdened the earth, and indeed the entire universe.

This a mega whit all writings i could find by Srila Prabhupada in it. https://mega.nz/#F!xNZhAZha!pu7OrPzQqPXUYdyINwJEbg

33c979  No.12440528


You are a blessing to this board, and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your contribution to discussions.

211e91  No.12441088

File: 0098eb9e9606d8f⋯.jpeg (986.76 KB, 1415x1677, 1415:1677, 90CFDCEF-F7BD-45A9-9E92-D….jpeg)


eb23f4  No.12441090


Boy wouldn't I love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. Boy wouldn't that be some enlightening shit to drop on the people who still believe Jordan isn't controlled op.

7dbdfe  No.12441100


He's not even hiding the fact he's a globalist shill at this point.

23eaac  No.12441175


Could you make a thread on this?


993860  No.12441304

Woah… that's big. Watch him go even more retarded in 2019. Maybe even politics. If he sucks good cock then he'll get invites to the CFR in NY and Bilderberg.

039d8e  No.12441317

File: 5e7db0179e05c64⋯.jpg (475.23 KB, 2048x802, 1024:401, The New (((IDW))) Trading ….jpg)


All that you need to know about Jordan Peterson is that he is part of the (((Intellectual Dark Web))) which Jews are currently trying to promote.

https://www.ny times.com/2018/05/08/opinion/intellectual-dark-web.html


>Let’s check out the line-up.

Brought to you by: (((Barry Weiss))) – Romanian Jew

>We've got:

(((Sam Harris))) – Secular Jew

(((Eric Weinstein))) – Israel-educated California-borne Jew, brother of (((Bret Weinstein)))

Jordan Peterson – Individualist Canadian Shabbos

(((Dave Rubin))) – Gay Jew

(((Ben Shapiro))) – Stereotypical Badger Jew

(((Douglas Murray))) – British Jew

Maajid Nawaz – British Pakistani ‘Secular Religion of Cuck™ist’, married to a degenerate “race is a social construct” modern-artist White woman from Tennessee

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Literal Africa-nigger married to Brit Niall Ferguson, who wrote a glowing history of the Rothschilds (possibly a British Jew)

(((Christina Hoff Sommers))) – Liberal Jewish Feminist

Joe Rogan – Stoned Meathead Shabbos

Charlie Kirk – Homosexuality-Promoting Zionist Shabbos

(((Claire Lehmann))) – Australian Anti-Tribalism Jew

Debrah Soh – Homosexuality-Promoting Asian Feminist, writes for Playboy

(((Michael Shermer))) – Christian-Convert ‘Skeptic’ ‘I Am Not Jewish’ Jew

(((Steven Pinker))) – Romanian/Polish Male-Feminist Atheist Jew

This is the Jewish counter-response to the rise of Nationalism.

And Peterson is a part of it.

That's all you need to know about Jordan "Why Hitler Was More Evil Than You Think" Peterson.

000000  No.12441431

Reminder that Munk Debates (where Peterson somewhat recently did a debate) was created by (the now deceased) Peter Munk, owner of the largest gold mining company on Earth. Peter Munk was friends with Jim Balsillie (the guy Peterson worked for at the UN) and George Soros (who co-founded a globalist think tank with Balsillie).

It's globalist kikes all the way down.

(((Juden Peterstein)))

dff4a6  No.12441670

File: df2c472db917639⋯.jpg (120.32 KB, 1238x394, 619:197, andrew-anglin-british-jew-….jpg)

File: 70369d5a3fd3e3a⋯.jpg (217.86 KB, 1891x895, 1891:895, Andrew-Anglin-Jew.jpg)



Oh god… that anglojew honeypot run by an ex-liberal cia pedophile wigger finally goes after Jordan Peterson 6 months after the Irish already ripped him apart from every possible angle inside these circles. Damn you people are cancer that never goes away. Get the fuck outta here and stop ridding our dick as if you're at the forefront of the resistance. You frauds don't push anything forward… all you do is rehash our work if it becomes apparent your attempts to obfuscate our actions fail to work and your public icons become so obvious to the general public that you're forced to go against them to save face.

Congratulations on exposing a fellow anglojew, like Jordan Peterson. Even anglojew Alex Jones realized he needed to side against Jordan 3 months before Anglin did. Imagine that folks… the great shill Alex Jones is a lesser shill than Andrew Anglin these days.

Get your news from the Irish resistance if you want to be at the tip of the spear. Or, you can continue messing around in a network of British honeypots larping like the philo-semites they all are. Populism is Irish, Scottish and French w/ minimal support from Germany and Russia.

8c40d0  No.12441736

File: b7ccf75656df13d⋯.jpg (263.55 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, H.P. Lovecraft - A Psychot….jpg)

File: 97a6527dfaf7c96⋯.jpg (350.4 KB, 1400x910, 20:13, meet the renegades of the ….jpg)


The NEW Frankfurt School. Archive everything so our grandchildren may know the truth!

8c40d0  No.12441802

File: ee8a30c4f6545ad⋯.jpg (273.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, joerogan.jpg)

File: 5a6e957ba9230b3⋯.jpg (281.14 KB, 1404x860, 351:215, 1541236160832.jpg)


Notice how they place Joe Rogan in the middle. The message is, "Hey, White males… we want to connect with you."


9e800c  No.12441813

File: 61626ef787e3053⋯.png (55.47 KB, 908x649, 908:649, Screenshot_2018-11-15 Vox ….png)

Some extra stuff on the Tri meeting and Peterstein.

8c40d0  No.12441814

File: 4295a4122bffb46⋯.jpg (22.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Brendan Schaub.jpg)

Is Brendan Schaub a jew? He is connected to Joe Rogan's Hollywood circle. His role as a news commentator propagandist appears to be increasing with newer roles.

994167  No.12442260

File: c5f1639ba89bf5a⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 500x459, 500:459, imagineit.jpg)


Wait, Juden Peterstein is a Zogbot, just like anons on here are preaching for months?


I fucking miss Grug-posting

6d8f57  No.12442560

File: 73cd77cf9b93c21⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 768x768, 1:1, FB_IMG_1540980909380.jpg)



International Jewry is so lost in the deep darkness of falsehood, that they believe their lying and slandering is a necessary good for themselves and their plans for world domination.

For these deceivers the higher life of truth is totally hidden. Lying and evil speaking belong to the lowest forms of spiritual ignorance which are far removed for the path of enlightenment.

From their original falsehood of believing that they alone are the chosen people of God, destined to tyrannically rule all others, have come many other protective falsehoods from their deceitful minds.

Their lying born from selfishness and hatred has snared the whole world and dragged it to their level of spiritual darkness.

If we are to begin to lift this darkness from the world and enter into the life of truth we must abandon the holocaust falsehood and slander of Adolf Hitler from the mind of humanity. For it is nothing but the propagation of evil.

31cee7  No.12442710


The Incestuous Dork Web are not the new Frankfurt School. None of them are high caliber thinkers or particularly dangerous. Their ideas aren't even relevant today, let alone 80 years from now. They are simply controlled and approved opposition to draw "right wingers" away from nationalism and white identity.

Lovecraft was not a Jew, if he was then they would be trying to kill his legacy. Jones is controlled OP but a different kind and he is hostile towards the IDWfags. Same with Milo, who has has the bonus of kicked off the mainstream for being too much of a degenerate. You should replace Jones with Steven Pinker and Milo with Sargon. Also, Sam Harris may be a faggot but he is not gay.

3e85b9  No.12442764


amazon com/dp/B07JY9XV38/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=B07JY9XV38&qid=1540655613&s=Kindle+Store&sr=1-1&ref=sr_1_1&linkCode=sl1&tag=voxpop06-20&linkId=4cd07378a85853e47fbd38fdef13a0bc

This book came out today. I don't want to give the injun or Jewmazon shekels, does some anon have it?

3e85b9  No.12442768


link without tracking tokens: amazon com/dp/B07JY9XV38

cf9ddf  No.12442852

File: 8ef9a4162aaab02⋯.jpg (130.93 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Xochipilli-Mexican-Faggot.jpg)

File: b98eab18ba6d214⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 600x901, 600:901, Glen Beck Tier Faggotry.jpg)

File: 0a6c14de5b21a6f⋯.jpg (64.27 KB, 306x500, 153:250, Complete Faggot.jpg)


>The Incestuous Dork Web are not the new Frankfurt School. None of them are high caliber thinkers or particularly dangerous

Typical brainlet british faggot that inhabits our circles. You don't provide anything here other than your worthless spergy opinion. Which is always based on 100% emotion, not facts or historic insight. Get the fuck outta here.

Yes, they are the NEW Frankfurt School. You massive retarded imbecile. Exactly who they were thinking of when organizing this group. Whether or not they match the supposed "intelligence" you claim the Frankfurt School possess is entirely irrelevantly. The differences in global IQ have dramatically dropped between then and now. There is zero need for the original individuals of the Frankfurt School in today's environment to accomplish the same exact result of subverting the Dark Enlightenment, Populism and Neo-Reactionary Forces across the West.

Fucking imbecile talking out your ass for the sake of seeing yourself in the mirror. Die faggot….

4c4839  No.12442861


> link without tracking tokens

How do you know that that token isn't tagged in an AWS database with all the associated tracking tokens?

You don't, although an anonymous search on AWS resulted in the same token, so probably not tracking in this case. AFAICT that's the only way to be sure.

But back end key/value pair databases are CHEAP. It won't surprise me that soon all tokens will link to a database that completely tracks the originator. You'll know this happens when the same underlying item has many tokens pointing to it.

ae1fd1  No.12442868

File: 75408ee3f27c1c2⋯.jpg (223.2 KB, 773x1008, 773:1008, 7aa68482a600339242074644a6….jpg)


I would have to argue a lot of that Lovecraft "red pill". The story he has it quite sad. He basically saw the other side and all of the Jewish tricks that is the embodiment of his work. Daily reminder, the ancient ones and Cthulhu are literal representations of kikes and Lovecraft gave kikes a chance hence marrying one and that drove him to his death.

If you do decided to read/reread his work, imagine all the insane, psychotic and chaotic beings are kikes. It will change how you see kikes on a cosmic level.

a6de8f  No.12443320


>I'm a smart person. Really smart, actually, and very expensively educated! But half the time, I just can’t understand a bloody word Jordan Peterson says. And I’ve been thinking recently about why that could be. Ordinarily, I can listen to someone prattling on and quickly get to the heart of what they are trying to express. That’s one of the skills you pick up as a journalist: You learn to quickly identify the core of a problem, the essence of what’s being said. You learn to filter out the noise—and to identify bullshitters. But with Jordan Peterson, once I’ve filtered out the noise, I don’t find a lot left to work with. And there’s another problem. He lies.

a6de8f  No.12443322


>This is the Jewish counter-response to the rise of Nationalism.

>And Peterson is a part of it.


54fbc6  No.12443348



Oh look, there are Esthers and Israels in his family tree.

e46093  No.12443355


I sometimes think Lovecraft could see the future, how insane the world is now. He could not express it directly, so he created his Cthulhu mythos as an analogy.

586ccf  No.12443358

File: d170bb4b7438869⋯.png (138.85 KB, 468x311, 468:311, 24e17bb8ebae1393533228d3e1….png)

MFW he commits a mass shooting.

706781  No.12443363



Al this means is JP wants to influence policy. You literally can't do this without speaking to think tanks. It's not like he's fundraising for them. He's just a civ-nat conservacuck speaker who is often used these days to garner interest in events which most people would otherwise ignore.

> deeply involved

He's selling a book and giving speeches. He's not even a policy wonk (anymore).

33c979  No.12443365


Cthulhu is no Jew, and neither are the Outer Gods. They represent cosmic magnitude that makes puny humans realize how insignificant they actually are in the grand scheme of things - the exact opposite of Jewish theological foundations that say such hubris as the idea that the world or indeed the whole universe was created for humanity and that a God (((YHWH))) cares about what humans do.

586ccf  No.12443373


Im quite surprised someone would get that impression. Jordan Petersons appeal to normalfags is based on making simplistic points about very complex issues. Its very hard to miss his points because they are so elementary.

000000  No.12443646


>he doesn't even work at the UN anymore, goy

>so what if he's writing books and giving speeches that are being marketed by the same George Soros think tank that he had ties to while working there?

>it's pure coincidence

>lay off our shabbos, goyim

287083  No.12444690


>hi guys, you are all individuals, who make your own choices! Buy my books and paraphernalia!

>every person who does ((( ))) is directly responsible for the deaths of these Jews

This is what happens when you don’t believe what you’re saying, and you’re just following a script. For a guy with a supposedly high verbal IQ, his logic is shit. My verbal IQ is in the toilet compared to my spatial, but even I saw through this.

b3edef  No.12444718

the only justice we will find is with a blade in hand

10a61e  No.12444881

File: 4024bcf15293ccb⋯.jpg (385.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Jordan Peterson Brags On H….jpg)

>Jordan Peterson

>Toronto, CA,

>British-Trotskyist Propagandist

Jordan Peterson Brags On His Soviet Art Collection

Video: https://youtu.be/yZiovx9FRGU


42a764  No.12447940

File: 22b239e079ca43b⋯.jpg (108.08 KB, 1040x1600, 13:20, 12-Rules-for-Life-An-Antid….jpg)

000000  No.12452326


>From the first time I heard Jordan Peterson speak, my nostrils picked up a whiff of sulfur in the air

<Milo Yiannopoulos

The irony of a homosexual who considers himself to be a Catholic saying anything about "whifs of sulfur".

The "whif of sulfur" line is stolen directly from Vox Day, and that entire article is shilling Vox Day's book about Peterson. Vox is personal friends with Milo the sodomite.

It's fun to see everyone turning on Peterson, but Vox Day's incessant money grubbing and hypocrisy is beyond the pale. Vox is always chasing shekels and trying to monetize every single aspect of the dissident right, he even released a comic book series about Q for fuck sakes.

b4da56  No.12452405


Does anybody have a source on Peterstein supporting Zionism? Arguing with a purple pilled German, I could really use a source to back up the claim that he's a hypocrite.

000000  No.12452414

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Got you covered:


b82e1b  No.12452441

File: d9f1c51cece51fb⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 600x315, 40:21, judenpeterstein.jpg)


You got that right, bucko.

b4da56  No.12452492


That's a nice video, and I appreciate you linking it, but it is functionally worthless for my purposes. The German guy isn't going to sit through a giant scrolling /pol/ logo and all that other shit at the start, most people who aren't antisemites already wouldn't.

Whoever put that video together is a faggot. No one who isn't already redpilled is going to sit through through the opening, and the music is obnoxious, loud, and discordant. The citation of where this speech was given is more useful than the video itself.

If anyone else has links to articles or maybe other cuts that aren't so autistic, it'd be appreciated. I'm still looking for things on my own to support this.

88d700  No.12452503


>Vox is always chasing shekels and trying to monetize every single aspect of the dissident right, he even released a comic book series about Q for fuck sakes.


000000  No.12452542


>spoon feed me

>no not this video that went viral and redpilled tens of thousands of people before being hard shoahd from half a dozen youtube accounts

>whoever redpilled those tens of thousands of people is a faggot!

>who would even use music that young people like, what are they trying to do, convince young White males to stop following Juden Petersetin? OBNOXIOUS!

Have you considered going back to reddit?

>If anyone else has links to articles or maybe other cuts that aren't so autistic, it'd be appreciated.

<doesn't read the thread that's full of links proving Peterson's philosemitism

<demands to be spoonfed so he can win le ebin debate versus an ess jay double ew

Imagine my socks.

c93980  No.12452585


gotta agree the music is shit and annoying…..might be ok if you were a nigger

000000  No.12452610

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Synthwave is White man's music. Go back to >>>/qresearch/ gramps.

b4da56  No.12452675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>muh spoon feed me

I found the original video recording, downloaded it, cut out the part I wanted, and shared it with the German guy. Argument's already over and done with. I won. Here's the raw Youtube video I used to create my cut, in case anyone wants it.

Your propaganda is shit and calling me a plebbitor won't change that, torfag. Maybe next time show some agency yourself instead of linking trash to people and getting upset when it's called out for what it is. The music overlay was poorly done and drowned out half the talking, the fifteen second /pol/ logo plug at the start was as obnoxious as it is when niggers do it during their WORL STARRRR videos, and it's an objective fact that nobody is going to sit past even the first part of it without already being redpilled on the Jews, which de-facto defeats the main purpose of the video, which is turning as many people against Peterstein as possible, both our people and others who exist more on the fence.

People like you who shit up the pool with bad propaganda and redpill infographics with misleading information or uncited sources are as dangerous and damaging to the cause as any Jew. Go watch With Open Gates again and learn how to psyop, you fucking newfag, assuming you even know what that is.

145e2c  No.12452717


Tell him something like this:

>Peterson claims to be against collectivist ideologies like nationalism/wn, but then attends a pro-Zionist conference. Why do Israelis have the right to be nationalistic, but not whites

000000  No.12452756



Nice assblasted wall of text, faggot.

>Your propaganda

Not even mine, but I was here when it was first posted. I'm the one who wrote this:



And created the infographic here: >>12428155

Which you didn't even take the time to read because you're a lazy entitled redditor who wants to be spoonfed so your ego can win a meaningless online debate.

>People like you who shit up the pool with bad propaganda

<redpilling tens of thousands of people and triggering an ADL shutdown is "bad propaganda"

Go ahead and link us to your contributions. :^) Oh wait, you don't have any.

b4da56  No.12452792


That was my argument. He's a purple-pilled German, so he was defending Peterson on the grounds that he's a neo-liberal/Globalist, "and that's a good thing."

The Zionism is what makes the globalists hypocrites, and that's always the attack vector I use when talking to people who lean into the left end of the spectrum. Peterson is no different from all the rest of them in that regard. "Collectivism for me but not for thee" is a two part statement, and I don't care which part of that statement offends you as long as I can talk you into being offended by one of them.

Every person who comes to dislike the Jews, for whatever reason, will eventually find their way to National Socialism.



Filtered. Torfags really don't contribute anything but autism and Jewishness to any thread, and I'm starting to understand why most people just filter on sight now. I already linked the raw footage I found and used to make my cut, and it doesn't matter that you're not the one who made your video, what matters is that you had the poor taste to link it at all when it's such garbage. In fact, it makes you look even worse, because you're trying to bitch at me for having no agency, while simultaneously admitting you had less agency than I did.

Consider canceling your subscription to a Jew-owned and Federal government operated "privacy" browser and using the money you saved to buy better taste, rabbi.

0fa536  No.12452801


Its garbage.

000000  No.12452824


<ignores the meticulously cited data and infographic


I can't even imagine how shittershattered I would have to be to type out that post.

S E E T H I N G :^)

000000  No.12452831


>music bad

<1 post by this ID


>music bad

<1 post by this ID

Imagine borrowing your sister's cell phone so you could samefag in an argument about a fucking jewtube video.

29dded  No.12453054

File: 27f147fb2bd1861⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1101x4772, 1101:4772, Cornwall about.png)

File: 28b02b2efd41712⋯.png (2.91 MB, 1101x10925, 1101:10925, Cornwall timeline.png)


one of anon's >>12428356 links


has a quick run-down here (pic 1)


a longer retrospective here


a 100-pg timeline pdf


and a somewhat shorter timeline (pic 2)


t. uninformed but now curious anon

29dded  No.12453291




Maybe not breadworthy on account of the time passed, but this would fit well in a "Memory-Holed" bread.

Here's a section mentioning a "pedophile strip" in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Broward County…of course).

>“I am 100 per cent certain in my own mind that the former owners and operators of the motel on the pedophile strip in Fort Lauderdale, where the complainants stated they were taken on occasion by some of the perpetrators in the 1970s, have not been interrogated, nor have the motel records been requested by the police doing the investigation.”


sage and apologies for double post and derail

0fa536  No.12453348


>>music bad

You couldn't do any better than throw some weak slurs?

0fa536  No.12453407


Try something better >>12186054 & >>12074356

9eaede  No.12453512

File: 71b5fb4fe292d18⋯.png (3.79 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, ClipboardImage.png)


Increase your serotonin , bucko

000000  No.12453569

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try not being an autistic faggot.

The White man invented electronic music, and every piece of technology required to produce electronic music.

9eaede  No.12453637

File: e552548ce6f4d13⋯.png (472.44 KB, 501x498, 167:166, jordan_peterson_modern_art….png)


No post-modernism bucko.

a01abe  No.12455296




What valuable posts!

4f203b  No.12472182

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jordan Peterson Is An Anti-White Globalist

Ties to George Soros, Trilateral Commission, and United Nations


64d77e  No.12477379


He's doing the same jaw stretching Terry Davis (RIP) used to do. No wonder he's hooked on so many pills.

820161  No.12478489

File: a432e884621bd8d⋯.png (567.69 KB, 970x712, 485:356, ClipboardImage_8.png)


Found the shithead shill

7451af  No.12478507


the book's pretty interesting. Proposes that Peterson is attempting to create a new age religion.

cbe4c9  No.12478514



000000  No.12478589

>one shill uses negative promotion to advertise his fellow shill.

>/pol/ still doesn't realize this is just a form of mutual promotion.

>surprised jew globalist shill is attending jew globalist event

>already forgotten that jew transvestite shill "Lauren Southern" was invited to speak at the UN a few months ago.

>unironically thinking these people are (((enemies))) or (((independent))) from one another.

They're all under the same umbrella organization.

Every single case of "Look what <celeb X> said, he's with the jews/a traitor/not based/based/etc etc" is mutual promotion between allied shills.

The whole "PUA" community was started as D&C effort against White men and Women.

Bonus: The drug-pushing shill known as "Psyched Substance" did hisher shill apprenticeship as a "PUA".


9e4b59  No.12478637

File: 690d5766ac8e687⋯.webm (15.02 MB, 356x200, 89:50, The Madness Of Jordan Pet….webm)



He "ironically" fills his house with art that glorifies the Soviet Union to the point where he has stated that he doesn't have any more room to put it. Of course, it is purely ironic, you know kinda like ironically watching your wife get fucked every night by Tyrone.

cbe4c9  No.12478777


This is great, thanks anon.

0ea5e4  No.12479652

File: 1babbe37fa408d0⋯.png (267.72 KB, 432x454, 216:227, JCDenton2.png)


The Trilateral Commission?

99978d  No.12482227

File: 774f18caed151f7⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 480x361, 480:361, 1441654504561.jpg)


Yeah… the fucking Trilateral Commission.

189dbf  No.12482720


the sunset strip in hollywood was a "pedophile strip" from the late 60's to early 90's especially in the 70's and 80's

a0a017  No.12504248

File: 349defd2fe2b453⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, LqMDsWM.jpg)


4f203b  No.12506376

File: 0165c044776b520⋯.png (425.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thumbnail.png)


Jordan Peterson Is An Antichrist False Prophet

He believes a force inside of his body called Lucifer is transforming him into a "Christ".



Embed here: >>12499340

1bae8a  No.12508143


State your case? I don't see it.

da0a38  No.12516215

Peterson crying to sad music made out of boredeom


fd13db  No.12516269

File: 4a61272b201009e⋯.jpg (118.12 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, q4fq.jpg)


Jordan Peterson's flexing his tremendous intellect.

000000  No.12517173

What a cohencidence after he came back from this thing he comes back praising Lucifer and thinking of himself as the (anti)-Christ.

It's almost as if all the conspiracy theories turned out to be true or something.

cf3b20  No.12517450


Got any EMJ works in pdf form for a fellow anon?

fcaacb  No.12528549

File: 6f891703d7467e8⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 540x281, 540:281, spiritbomb.jpg)

Forget your opinion of Jordan Peterson for a moment because he might be able to pull this off and no one else is doing it.

> Twitter users: Help me. I want to make a full list of those (right and left) who have been deplatformed by institutions (name those too).


Help him out. You still hate him? Fine. Help him out and work on your own list too.

219ed8  No.12528684

File: 60343f8a7716f29⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.88 KB, 1900x1060, 95:53, back.jpg)


If you still worship personalities, you are a fool.

Think for yourself or you are no better than a nigger.

Sadly my brother is deep into worshiping Peterson.

Then again my family is pretty Jewish/Christian as my dad loves the Jews and YHVH, so anything that reinforces the existing meta-narrative is sought after.

661d5a  No.12528728


Jesus christ anon plz for the love of god throw me a bone. Where can I find moar like this?

219ed8  No.12528754

File: 13bdb26163d534e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.9 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, PIVX-ME1.jpg)


Poor horny anon

661d5a  No.12528768


You're the anon dropping high quality stuff in a few breads, right? It's just that it's good stuff, anon. Don't judge me just because you have good taste.

219ed8  No.12528780

File: af04b1a9298a228⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.92 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, Titania.jpeg)


Thanks anon, I think so too.


I post here sometimes so you might find something more

45c959  No.12528785

How do you think fascism can possibly become viable unless we infiltrate, take over and dismantle globalist organizations?

That's literally what the kikes did to us, why can't we do it to them?

99978d  No.12531927


Because to get access you have to suck cock and get fucked in the ass.

c372fa  No.12534485

File: a683a40d6be5c7f⋯.mp4 (9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dues Ex Dropping Red Pills.mp4)

5fb9d7  No.12534748


Zbigniew Brzezinski is based af. You should read his books.

ec8e76  No.12534967


degenerates like you only have a few years left.

fee72e  No.12534972


After hours he’s gonna eat a baby dick to show them he’s still down for the cause.

000000  No.12535297


An international Communist Jew warning the gentile masses of Communism and Cultural Marxism

People really aren't paying attention to shills anymore …

000000  No.12535435


>Daryush "Roosh V" Valizadeh is doing good work

He's calling out the Jew goys! He's /ourguy/ now, it doesn't matter that he advocates rape of white women*, or that he has been invited on InfoWars, or that he isn't even fucking white himself.

* It's just a joke of course!


Thanks mate.

6a6043  No.12535997

He is collecting shekels on patreon despite being rich.

000000  No.12536210


Typical — though that's done mostly to come across as being genuine.

d75e6d  No.12543837


This and only this, I don't give any praise, almost any woman on the internet would pose for such a picture, and it would be culturally respectable. Regardless of what she is actually doing, she doing something completely innocent. She is wearing more then what some people wear at the beach. Also, I don't know about Petersons politics, but isn't he mostly a inspirational speaker?

77577e  No.12544083


gtfo goy

4543ef  No.12544439

File: 85c4acce716a88a⋯.jpg (948.67 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, peter and the juice.jpg)

Jordan Peterson's speeches have a major influence on right wing politics. Without addressing if he is or is not a shill, I will point out his major flaws.

1)He believes that all problems can be solved by individual initiative.

He might not actually believe ALL problems are , but his way of addressing the issue leaves no room for collectives and also discourages young people from creating collectives.Which lead to:

2)Collectivist Groups vs Groups of individuals

Dumb people are naturally inclined from tribal instinct to create collective groups. Smart people will only create groups only under extreme circumstances because they value freedom and personal space. Collectivist groups may punish individuality but they are essential.

Where collectivist groups are needed:

The army, police , athletic teams etc…

Where individuals are needed:

Advanced scientific work

So yes, individuality is good, but not good enough when you need raw power and synergy to achieve a goal. If you are asking for smart people to hate collectivism and embrace individualism , what you are really asking them is to continue work their ass off to advance science so the collectivist groups will come and steal their fruits of labor. The perfects slaves.

478a60  No.12544524


Diane Feinstein is a Chinese spy, interesting that she's there.



000000  No.12544947


Who is moopzoo? Where can I find more like this?

c62122  No.12544957

I always thought Roosh was a faggot but looks like he's been getting progressively redpilled

ce2058  No.12545003

File: f862979b9d11b9c⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 600x801, 200:267, college-drunken-sex-poster.jpg)



Should women be also pardoned from Driving Under Influence charges as well?

Either you pretend women are adults, and can handle adult matters, knowing consequences of their actions.

Or you treat them like children, and ban them from consuming alcohol without parents' approval after age of legal majority.

Currently USA believes in pic related.


>almost any woman is a vapid whore with no dignity or modicum of modesty.

your words.

173ba1  No.12545010


emj signals against white nationalism constantly.

he is on the same exact boomer thought process as jordan peterson on race

d14363  No.12547582


Watch this, you faggots:


f9134f  No.12547963

File: 26ed7cbfb5078a2⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 284x177, 284:177, demonrat.jpg)


>Mario Monti

c05bd6  No.12553464

File: 94615fd018090aa⋯.webm (12.06 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jordan Postmoderson spook….webm)

I hope there are no spooky ghosts there

000000  No.12553737


this is annoying af

7549f0  No.12553970

File: b9327e3fe11cdf3⋯.png (906.77 KB, 2123x2132, 2123:2132, Peterstein2.png)

2332a5  No.12554008

File: 0b447090d1112f1⋯.jpeg (6.65 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (6).jpeg)


Following the discovery of Jordan Peterson's support for the promotion of economic migrants

into Western nations, Molyneux hosted a

foreign security expert who explains how

communist and Islamic nations will use demographic migration to ruin the West.

The subtext is that we must neutralize incoming migrants, with welfare and housing, in order to prevent them from disrupting our societies.

That is, we will achieve peace through appeasement, and liberty through extortion.


ea91e6  No.12554670


Numbers are growing in spite of his efforts along with similar individuals to force White males to reject the option of tribalism. Many saw through his facade and the condescension of "clean your room" and stay there.

ea91e6  No.12554705


Check out the podcast of Rogan and I believe it was Eric Weinstein guest on his show. Rogan was so petrified it seemed unreasonably so at the time. Now can see where his anxiety to not offend Weinstein in any way came from.

ea91e6  No.12554817


When Whites can agree together, it will be the start of something monumental.

aed615  No.12554939


definitely b, all that hanging around with callen cant be good for him, especially already having CTE.

1aecbb  No.12560269


Broken clock is right twice a day. If /pol/ calls literally everyone in the public eye a jew or a shabbos/mason, they are bound to be “right”. But it doesn’t imply expertise in any way.

2e0df9  No.12560404

File: 590b3d7e98303f2⋯.png (8.64 KB, 208x200, 26:25, 6ef77b35[1].png)


>The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973, to foster closer cooperation among North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

SJW culture has really backfired on the elites. Their power is waning fast. Jordan peterson will help them out strategically. I wouldn't presume their ultimate goals have changed, however.

b8baae  No.12560422

jordan peterson is a fucking idiot kike shill


4f203b  No.12560428

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jordan Peterson Dismantled: TEASER TRAILER #2

>Preview of the upcoming video: Jordan Peterson Dismantled

>Jordan Peterson's primary goal is to neutralize the right wing.




If you watch his videos where he rambles on stage about nationalism and globalism, he speaks about nationalism as a predictable response to the excesses of the globalist agenda, but he is not sympathizing with nationalists: He is working through it as a problem that needs to be solved, because he genuinely believes that if Europeans "become tribal again" it will "destroy civilization". His visit with the Trilateral Commission was likely exactly what you say, a report that his endeavors are futile and advice to the globalists on how to reform their methodology so as to not stoke the flames of revolution.

Peterson has only really succeeded in setting up a roadblock that slightly delays intelligent Whites from reaching logical conclusions about our situation, though that same roadblock has become an object of worship for the less intelligent and the cowardly. Still, his combination of self-help, materialist pseudo-religion, and political activism should not be underestimated with regards to how persistently his broken, malicious ideas and cult followers will remain a part of our landscape for years to come. It's also quite likely that his cult is going to be taken to the next level by launching an online "university", something that Peterson has repeatedly stated he plans to do.



>Now Peterson is working on, and accepting donations for, an online university. This was a plan he teased out over the past year; now he’s begun development on its first “module,” according to recent interviews. The institution would revolve mostly around the humanities and the great books of Western civilization.

Think about it: A man who believes that Western civilization can exist just fine without European people is being propped up by people like George Soros to provide an "alternative" to the university system.

641d01  No.12560464

File: 85c4acce716a88a⋯.jpg (948.67 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, jorden peterson.jpg)

File: d7109afd211a4ca⋯.jpg (32.32 KB, 724x397, 724:397, obama mask.jpg)


You're so innocence.

8aa6f7  No.12562600

File: b2b3cd902601f30⋯.jpg (33.03 KB, 600x547, 600:547, seems legit.jpg)


> posing with make up on and hair done as well.. yeah not suspect at all… totally doesn't look like a hooker pic with a baby present.

aab94b  No.12562686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ea91e6  No.12566004

I too would be depressed if I had a daughter like Jordan Peterson's.

ea91e6  No.12566042

Jordan Peterson just seems like he could not beat snow off a rope or fight his way out of a paperbag. His tears at the loss of individualism among today's males was all just part of his bigger more insidious plan to prevent group power at all costs.

c4d718  No.12566225


They'll last a lot longer than you will.

d1cbc7  No.12567220

Can we get a wiki article or something so this won't be memory holed? What about editing his actual wiki?

000000  No.12567234

Looks like when you come back from globalist shindigs you start praising Satan like Peterstein. Seems fun.

b37aa4  No.12592419

Hey does anyone have a copy pasta dig on Ben Shapiro?

3e044c  No.12592434


>What about editing his actual wiki?

Then do it. A Wikipedia article of him will likely be edited back.

f93a20  No.12593807

His Bible lectures are good.

357168  No.12594673

File: cf903a9d023b007⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordan Peterson geneology….webm)


Why do all these Anti Jordan Peterson all look the same?

For the last year and a half

They are very predictable and reek of astroturf


this embarrassing 3 degrees of separation (((infographic)) that is spammed in every one of these threads is their crown jewel.

Guy made a big tidal wave in Canadian politics years ago for refusing enforced language

made even bigger waves btfo some cunt in the UK on TV

Wrote a best selling book

Gave a pretty good lecture series on the bible.

Things fizzled out from there when Jews started attaching themselves to him and possibly influencing him.

Point being his target audience (I'd say %90 white kids) picked themselves up, understood the importance of marriage and tradition and went off from there. Now it is our job to water the seeds that have been sown.

This huge suspicious weekly threads wit the same predictable syntax for a year and a half should be a red flag for anyone.

He is not /ourguy/

but especially in Canada, is is fueling the fire for our /outfight/

Bonus interesting WEBM

f032c9  No.12596707


They'll all have very clean penises at that meet up

cbe4c9  No.12596728


No they are not. He as always is spouting non-sense. He even admitted he never finished reading the bible.

cbe4c9  No.12596733


Hello juden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ty7WOrIgSQ

906c44  No.12596739

File: d3392a3f9521d63⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 720x656, 45:41, 47341540_1207782969360853_….jpg)


6 longnose in 2 grave holobunga? me not think so.

0ef243  No.12596823

File: dcd3bb5b15140d2⋯.jpg (784.1 KB, 1366x1176, 683:588, delicious treats.jpg)

17b1aa  No.12599274

File: a2fe5e3339eb434⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1147x586, 1147:586, JBP TORAH.PNG)





Grabbed this gem from Youtube moments ago. Couldn't find the JBP depgramming thread so here you are!

You folks notice anything (((ordinary)))?

a01abe  No.12599282


I still can't believe there are people who don't think he is jewish.

His phenotype screams "Ashkenazim".

17b1aa  No.12599798

File: f497ad77ce107e8⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1147x586, 1147:586, JBP TORAH3.PNG)

File: 479a2ca05b02291⋯.png (10.69 KB, 255x232, 255:232, 1d32fc8738097e358ae959e130….png)



Not so sure about that myself tbh but he did marry a kikess and produce a kikess or two himself.

448bcd  No.12599958


Hopefully his involvement is announced or even uploaded to his YouTube channel.

17b1aa  No.12611025

File: 5f23130c7ed22ca⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 529x850, 529:850, f577048ab72e7f736bf8ee47c6….jpg)

File: 9e02babcd5c4b83⋯.gif (348 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 9e02babcd5c4b83979089e9544….gif)

File: 42e3d62e12fe8fd⋯.jpg (178.88 KB, 1280x967, 1280:967, 42e3d62e12fe8fd32c3eeff7dc….jpg)

File: dd700d393bff162⋯.jpg (153.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 03052f7b6ee15d28ffe70653c8….jpg)

b1c8b3  No.12611131


>Get your news from the Irish resistance if you want to be at the tip of the spear.

What are their website(s)?

b1c8b3  No.12611135


With an ear looking like that? No doubt.

92b2ef  No.12611244


Anyone got a mirror for this? This one is no longer available.

357168  No.12611395




>cant even into embedding

This thread speaks for itself.


> but he did marry a kikess and produce a kikess or two himself.

sauce? JK I know you don't have anything.

Just the typical flow of these threads. Usually ends with this empty accusation.

1d6fc5  No.12611745

File: f504d494b54145d⋯.png (665.9 KB, 2362x2362, 1:1, 12.png)


He isn't a shill; he is there to try and persuade them.

1f6342  No.12612023


thanks brother

f19825  No.12612061


Dammit I accidentally posted this in the Neanderthal thread so it won't let me post it inline.

Spectator's camera at a Jordan Peterson talk of a guy who gets up and asks him about the slaughter of Christians in Russia and the Ukraine and the Bolsheviks being mostly jews. He gives Jordan a translation of 200 Years Together. He asks Jordan if the jews might not do the same trick again against Christians in Russia and Europe.

Jordan thinks long and hard and then replies "I just can't answer, i can't".

c34853  No.12612182


This is an extremely important video that captures a clear moment of juden peterstein dodging any questions about jews. His actions are so clear, to react with discomfort so the NPC crowd emulates his discomfort. They're so ready to please him that like a laugh track would laugh along if he did something intentionally awkward and signaled that it is time to laugh.

> Moment where jewish atrocities are mentioned

> Make moment awkward

> NPC crowd decides to act on awkwarded atmosphere and reacts with discomfort

Those people should be ashamed. They should be asking themselves, "Why is this an uncomfortable question? We're hear to discuss tough issues aren't we?" No one there asked themselves that. They probably think they're a mature person because they listen to juden peterstein and affiliated (((alt-right))) personalities but somehow discussing jewish atrocities is too much.

357168  No.12612195



>pitcher cant even embedded

>Obvious IP hopper catcher is obvious

The astrotuf just keeps glowing.

c34853  No.12612201


How about you try and refute the mountain of evidence being presented in this thread? I know it's impossible for you, but you could try and at least amuse everyone and embarrass yourself more than you already have.



Your last two posts is you doing more of the same. Your dismissive tone radiates desperate shutitdown tactics.

17b1aa  No.12612295

File: f497ad77ce107e8⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1147x586, 1147:586, JBP TORAH3.PNG)

File: be8a045388e1757⋯.png (996.58 KB, 2264x604, 566:151, be8a045388e175729a470a5b31….png)

File: 765e32826f07e17⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 559x456, 559:456, 765e32826f07e17319d0891ba4….jpg)


Dude he says it a million times

And I am not double posting. The second one has the solution. Torah in Bottom RHS

f2660c  No.12613052


Checked. Cool thought.

f2660c  No.12613093


What the fuck? The Europe description is on point. Is this genuine? If so, how'd they know all this back then?

8444d3  No.12613259

File: a00e60e518ed211⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jordan b peterson crying a….mp4)


>tfw the goyim are waking up

ad2921  No.12616625


>neoliberal fuck who represents the other side of the jew coin to Kissinger

aca86e  No.12616650


take Peterson's advice and stop listening to frauds peddling easy, Establishment-friendly answers.

fd61ba  No.12616684


You are one fresh potato

8103a7  No.12616697


He's crying because he sold out the individual. He knows that he's a gatekeeper deep down, he knows he's doing the bidding of the jew.

86c112  No.12617480

i dont know what you people are trying to prove?

his allegiance to your imaginary ideals?

look at his work and where hes doing it, its obvious he needs to do few things so that he can room to do what were interested in, nothings free

86c112  No.12617482

*can have room

937f6d  No.12622480

File: 3486882f900b6c9⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _93533897_mediaitem9335823….jpg)

File: 2c7f9f96f4589f5⋯.jpg (23.02 KB, 644x361, 644:361, canada-defence-minister-wb….jpg)


>He won't come in as leader, he's too much of a sperglord. He'd be the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minster of Bedroom Sanitation for a while and would be brought up to the top gradually.

he's too whyte.

They've got the Sikh min of defense and the peanut head shitskin Min of Immigration on deck next.

fa53f7  No.12623872


I refuse to comb threw some hack Satanist twitter feed to find proof of your claim. so tell me, how is he naming the jew? all I've ever seen him say on the matter is that they control everything because their just so darn clever. fuck that sodomite. he goes in the oven not just with the rest but before the others. he is to damaging to our cause.

fa53f7  No.12623875


He might be jew by blood but he is a Satanist by practice. either way, "bitch gotta go"

fa53f7  No.12623884


that's a funny idea but in reality he's crying cause he's fucking nuts. Do you really think this dirty sodomite would give a single shit about doing the jews work. fuck no, he probably jerks off to the idea.

000000  No.12625680


the EU is a 100 year old project. People have been discussing it in 30's, 40's…

a01abe  No.12625779



Coudenhove Kalergi was advocating it in the 1920s.

7f860a  No.12625893


I grew up around Jews and the fake crying he does is distinctly Jewish.

082e67  No.12626114

You holocaust denying retards could really use his help.

14c416  No.12626742

File: b7f607082a58973⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 854x480, 427:240, offensiveJordan.webm)


All you free moral agents didn't even know Jordan is actually already a member of the pen15 club.

a01abe  No.12632522

File: 1ff78c814550f28⋯.jpg (138.35 KB, 960x560, 12:7, peterstein.jpg)


14c416  No.12637875

stop evr1. dont you realize that pson's daughter is fuckable?

14c416  No.12637876


this guy gets it.

14c416  No.12637879


and him (nvrmind trainspotting gummo shit)

14c416  No.12637885


becuz pson knos he is fuckble as a weman

f4ac9c  No.12637963



The main claim that you seem to have is that he's a communist jew and/or a controlled opponent, which is no surprise to me of course because that's what pol says about everybody but the evidence you've got for saying so is circumstantial and indirect. In other words it's insufficient.

You say he's attended the trilateral commission but that doesn't mean very much. I can see why they would invite him: perhaps they thought of his opinion as being valuable, if only to learn how to better control or manipulate it along with those of his followers. I can see why he would agree to attend: so long as you claim to have an interest in human affairs, you'd probably go too.

You know that mspaint piece of shit picture where it shows some anon saying "you're all retarded for thinking it's a jewish conspiracy" and then it shows pol holding a document and clearly pointing to the jewish signature at the bottom?

That's what I want to see from you. I want to see something jewish that he has signed off on. That would be good evidence. Instead, all I've heard him say in relation to the EU is that "it's a bad heirarchy because it's too disjointed from the source group that it's supposed to be representing". In the eyes of European supranationals that's the wrong opinion, in fact to them it's downright defamatory. It would make sense to have the controlled opposition say that, and then immediately make it look like it's an opinion held exclusively by dumb nazis who the public should distrust and ostracize, but it's hard to make Peterson look like a dumb nazi because he controls himself well in debates and won't take the bait when led down that avenue.

The rest of the evidence that you've got is that he cried once for no reason and that his daughter's a whore.

Well, he's an old man, and old men can get emotional for no reason because testosterone begins to decline. His daughter's a whore because those are the prevailing standards of our time. If you were young, now, you'd be on instagram. Probably taking pictures of your pee pee for no reason other than for vanity's sake. Those are the norms and he hasn't immunised his daughter enough against them apparently.

I refute the idea that classic liberalism leads everyone down that path also. Under free-market capitalism you can sell your body for money, that's true, but you can also make money doing other stuff, whereas in closed-market capitalism you cannot and body-selling is one of the few means you can use to circumvent other industries that have protectionist monopolies. I'm not saying it's a great idea to do it, I'm saying that you cannot blame classic liberty as understood by the founding fathers for this unhealthy and unnatural environment.

f4ac9c  No.12638021


TL;DR the most convincing evidence that you've posted so far can be seen here:


It mentions that the trilateral commission has reach as far as Slovenia, that it was founded by the Rockefellers, it mentions that confidentiality is a requirement for it's attendees, and it mentions names that are like a shitlist for the biggest greedy bastards on the planet. That's good evidence. Someone should ask him why and how he managed to attend it if the conditions for doing so are that shitty.

34aae0  No.12638029


Now I know who he reminded me of.

RIP Terry

0de67e  No.12638201

File: 278f6eac88a5911⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 1383x6447, 461:2149, peterson.jpg)


>defending peterstein

>Filter by id

0de67e  No.12638523


You know who Peterson reminds me of?

Terry David.

d52053  No.12638532

File: 0a2ff65b59f2289⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 829x1073, 829:1073, Jordan Peterstein.jpg)

b160b9  No.12638610


peterstein sucks jew cock constantly you dumb assblasted redditor. you write so much and yet you say so little.

f4ac9c  No.12639346


>civic nationalism is inadequate because I say so

>tribalism isn't violent, it wasn't their fault a bunch of countries got invaded and gulags got built

You can not like him because you disagree with him all you want. What about proving what you set out to claim?


This is him in drag is it? Is this real? Why would he do this?


>you dumb assblasted redditor


>peterstein sucks jew cock

not very well and not to the correct script, if he does so at all

>you write so much and yet you say so little

I made a lot of points in one post, sure. In consecutive order for you to refute easily. Your post was low-effort nothings. Which is one of the earlier symptoms of being incredibly buttpained

c80037  No.12639486


I always had suspicions of him but this thread confirmed he’s a Jewish commie plant in a neat little bow. What sort of person would tell whites to stay alone and fragmented? A fearful kike, that’s what.

f0a1a5  No.12640021


>This is him in drag is it? Is this real? Why would he do this?


000000  No.12643409


>although an anonymous search on AWS resulted in the same token

can you spoon-feed me on how to do this anon?

de7fe3  No.12648736


Ted Kaczynski wrote the book. Moopzoo is just reading it.

This was written by the unabomber, friendly TORpedo. Better TOR up

c80037  No.12653943


That’s civic cucks in a nutshell. They attack low-hanging fruit will still championing immigration, diversity, multiculti and faggotry. But at least they can Ebic Troll those SJWs with facts and logic as society collapses.

08584e  No.12654780

7004e9  No.12656080

remember to wash your penises goyim

bd7c0c  No.12656096

Would some one kindly provide a TL:DR of this thread please?

a01abe  No.12656128



>I'm saying that you cannot blame classic liberty as understood by the founding fathers for this unhealthy and unnatural environment

Yes, you can.

Their system was so easy to subvert that you can blame them for the way their nation turned out.

The jews and other subversive elements took over this place fair and square, according to the constitution.

9cea5a  No.12656534


Spend five minutes going through it, genius.

f4ac9c  No.12656724


>still championing immigration

I can give you some civic policies if you want:

>just build the damn wall already

>no EU

>trade embargo Israel

>deport those here illegally

>reject arguments of "asylum"

>skilled labor ~ train our own

but none of that includes "deport people who're already here" which is a problem for Americans, because they don't reproduce as fast as catholic Mexicans.

>diversity, multiculti

lol no

>and faggotry

It is hard to fight this one. If you say "why don't you just fugg tomboy-looking men?" then you get called a nazi


They gave you 250 years of protected liberties, but you're mad at them because a bunch of men with no electricity did not anticipate instagram


Jordan Peterson is a canadian psychologist eceleb who got good at debating and became famous for tranny bashing. He attended some trilateral jew parade, dressed up in drag for no reason and his daughter's a whore.

/pol/ therefore thinks that he's a commie jewish controlled op. I just want to know how he was invited and why he attended the trilateral commission. Someone interviewing him ought to ask him that and then we'll have an answer of sorts.

My view is: I'm glad /pol/ told me about it, but I don't agree with /pol/'s conclusions on it yet.

f4ac9c  No.12656730


"deport people who're already here" meaning "those who already have obtained citizenship/passports" ~not illegals. Should have been clearer.

9cea5a  No.12656768


*deport racial foreigners


410061  No.12656797


You are gay

410061  No.12656808

Anons please stop following e-celebs. All of them. There are no good e-celebs.

Jordan Peterson could have been an easy call for you, as he gives off the same vibe as a graveyard. The man is not your friend and it is written all over his face. There's no need to bother with these people, please stop following them as they do an incredible amount of damage, whether they're intentionally malignant or just another ego whore.

We really must have a final solution for the e-celeb menace. What entertainer you like the most is not an important matter and never will be either, no matter what memes they parrot.

0da4eb  No.12656963

A long-time lurker sharing his 0.02. Take it as an anecdote.

I have watched Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning lectures in full, his psychology lectures in full, and read both his maps of meaning and 12 rules for life books, plus watched almost everything he has been a part of.

I'm not refuting his work with the U.N, his associations, or his speech at the Trilateral Commission meeting, or denying those places are full of globalist, zionist child-fucking vampires.

But you autistic faggots need to understand that 99% of the world hasn't a clue about what you discuss on the chans, so you can't apply this 'woke' perception of globalist meetings and zionist control schemes to every kike and goyim that gets an invite to participate in one of these events.

In the eyes of JPB and most others, it's a big invite to a world stage to swing your dick, hawk your books and maybe collect on some oligarch loose change. And if any of you faggots were important enough to be invited, you would do it in a heart-beat just to see whats up. You would be stupid not to.

Also the picture of him in 'drag' is 5 minutes of a makeup artist goofing off. Garbage evidence.

The picture of his collection of soviet artwork is also not very good evidence. The dude dedicated his life studying Marxism. People get a weird fetish over things they get involved with, even if it's spent fighting against it.

However, as you guys are so hyper-sensitive to seeing kike shillery around every corner (not that you don't have your reasons), and seeing as how I'm not married to any person that isn't sucking my dick every night, I will concede this:

I do agree that he shills and kisses the jew ring way too much, but I think that's more of his business sense than being a zionist.

I agree that he expresses an incredibly naive view of Nazi Germany, which is suspicious because he obviously understands the influence of propaganda surrounding the Soviet Union, and has practiced unraveling that subject, but then only goes skin-deep in regards to his research of the Third Reich.

What I would add is more suspicious is that he demonstrates a solid understanding of Solzhenitsyn's work (and loves him so much as to write a forward for one of his books), yet pretends to know nothing about his writing of Two Hundred Years Together, which is ties directly into the back-story of Nazi Germany and WW2.

I also understand that, while he does preach a messianic message of salvation through meaningful sacrifice and responsibility (which I agree with), he then likes to temper that with "be careful not to turn into a Nazi" as if wypipo are pre-disposed to turning into goose-stepping fanatics.

Also that photo of him in the esoteric mask is creepy af. IDK what he was thinking with that, what a dumb thing to do.

Read more below. Fuck this place for making me split this.

0da4eb  No.12656964


I don't think Peterson is actively part of some larger zionist conspiracy. Not ruling it out, but there needs to be way more evidence than what is being provided.

Rather, I think he is a very intelligent and well-read individual, who expanded on great concepts from past intellectuals, who also happened to hit a nerve in western society and drop some great knowledge to a bunch of lost boys and intellectually starving men.

But despite that, he's still a naive liberal in many ways, who also suffers from weakness and depression, and sees the pressures of collective exceptionalism (through nationalistic pride or otherwise) as intimidating. So it's just easier to write all that off as "the path to right-wing extremism" so you can continue to be a soyboy hippy at heart, and never worry about having to throw a punch or take a bullet.

And kissing the jew ring is not evidence of being a zionist (even Trump has to do it occasionally). The dude is a smart businessman, he knows the sword of jewocles hangs over him, and knows it can butter your bread or cut you down. Peterson is an intellectual, not a fighter. He doesn't have the balls. But that's garbage evidence of being a zionist.

However he does have an agenda. And he seems to be making a lot of moves behind the scenes. The dude is trying to build an online university website, and a patreon alternative, and hawk his wares (not upset, I'm a capitalist at heart), and it does seem to be happening at an increasing pace. It could be his competence in leveraging his vast resource network, and he does have a background in selling his psych tests and marketing his lectures (dude has been taping his lectures since the 90s). Or it might be part of a grander plot. It's hard to tell.

I appreciate the guy, his accomplishments, and his contributions. I take them for what they are worth. At the same time, I discard the worthless things he says. And I don't like the cult-like following around him, if for no other reason that it's antithetical to his own message (stop being a fucking npc drone, don't follow blindly, think for yourself, etc.)

But if you knew what I really thought, some people are just destined to be drones. That's why social caste systems inevitably develop. And why our fathers founded a Constitutional Republic and not some commie mob-ocracy.

But if you guys are so concerned about Peterson capturing whitelash and dispersing it into useless individual pacifism, you aren't going to make a dent in his following by going straight for the zionist shill trope. Peterson is popular because he articulates his ideas, and isn't afraid to debate them on their merit. You people need to do the same. Labeling him a zionist does absolutely nothing. You need to make the argument to his followers that, while we agree that marxism is a big problem, it's also equally fucking stupid to oppose it though anti-collectivist rhetoric.

For example: Peterson regularly goads about the Pareto distribution, which describes the natural law that the majority of any organized group tends to be filled with clueless idiots. Therefore, you can't expect a meritocratic system to work without some way to whip your band of idiots into shape. And you can't expect your idiots to competently judge what constitutes merit, or they wouldn't be clueless in the first place.

Marxists (and every other system of ideas) solves this pareto problem through collectivist means because it works. To ignore this fact of organization is naive and irrespective of reality, and even an an army of marxist goons will snatch victory from an army which fails to rally or mobilize its troops. This is just one easy point you can make, and its a much more effective one than drawing up flowcharts with conspiracy bullshit that none his followers will believe anyway.

Anyways I appreciate all the autists doing deep-digging here. You guys do good work and I mean that. I'll pay closer attention to JBP's action from now on (and his half-naked carnivwhore daughter). But you're still a bunch of autistic faggots. Stop attacking the man's character and go after his arguments. And don't forget to deus vult in between your jew bashings.

81c0c6  No.12657706


achtung juden

807e29  No.12657710

Where are those anons that were tooting his horn last week?

4d46f9  No.12657799

File: f08ebfea282cf6d⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 713x480, 713:480, JordanPetersonIsAFraud.jpg)


(((Jordan Peterson))))

4d46f9  No.12657805

File: efdbe65f1c3a943⋯.jpg (173.73 KB, 754x588, 377:294, _JewSays 8ch.jpg)


>I don't think Peterson is actively part of some larger zionist conspiracy. Not ruling it out, but there needs to be way more evidence than what is being provided.

4d46f9  No.12657824


Do you really think the (((jew))) publisher who gave him a contract, and all the mainstream (((jew))) media that courts Peterson don't know that he is a (((servant)))??

Peterson is a good Goy, keeping whitey from waking up.

He is controlled opposition.. much like Stefan MolyJEW and a zillion other (((Alt-Right))) cucks who refuse to NAME the (((parasitic disease)))

c24cc2  No.12657836


>I have watched Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning lectures in full, his psychology lectures in full, and read both his maps of meaning and 12 rules for life books, plus watched almost everything he has been a part of.

What's wrong with you? Not that its relevant.

>I don't think Peterson is actively part of some larger zionist conspiracy.

Well for sure not actively, he's too unhinged. Besides he isn't a jew so he is only semi-consciously a useful idiot and a money cow (with no disrespect toward cows).

There are many like him; Peterson just happens to be a "super celebrity" at the moment. He and his family are very unstable, and a few of them have pharmaceutical addictions, coupled with generally dark experiences, so their future looks ominous.

>And kissing the jew ring is not evidence of being a zionist (even Trump has to do it occasionally)

So you're a naive Zogbot to boot? Seems fitting. See: my first quote.

>you aren't going to make a dent in his following by going straight for the zionist shill trope.

I see most going against his individualistic (and generally incoherent) nonsense, apart from this forum.

4d46f9  No.12658031


Do you really think the (((jew))) publisher who gave him a contract, and all the mainstream (((jew))) media that courts Peterson don't know that he is a (((servant)))??

Peterson is a good Goy, keeping whitey from waking up.

He is controlled opposition.. much like Stefan MolyJEW and a zillion other (((Alt-Right))) cucks who refuse to NAME the (((parasitic disease)))

4d46f9  No.12658048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If this is not proof that Peterson is a zionist apologist, i don't know what is.

He is always raving about Solzhenitsyn, and yet he claims to never had read his book "200 years together".. LOL

Such a scholar..

And yer when he is confronted with the (((truth)) the best he can do is say "I can't do it"

Peterson is a coward, a CUCK, the worse example of white cuckery.. always subservient to Jew money and the ZOG.. i hope, one day this worthless piece of shit gathers enough courage and kills himself.

He will be doing young white people around the world a service

4f203b  No.12659030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jordan Peterson wants you to check your White privilege:



Jordan Peterson's primary goal is to neutralize White identity and nationalism:


Jordan Peterson claims White identity is Cultural Marxism:


Jordan Peterson is a controlled opposition globalist who wants to exterminate the White race:


Jordan Peterson is a Luciferian:


4f203b  No.12659137


>In the eyes of JPB and most others

Ah yes of course, it's (((pure coincidence))) and Peterstein associates with and works for ultra-globalists helping them write Marxist plans for global redistribution of wealth and the flooding Western nations with migrants.

>I also understand that, while he does preach a messianic message of salvation through meaningful sacrifice and responsibility

Actually, he preaches a Luciferian doctrine that denies the divinity and resurrection of Christ. He's trying to replace Christianity with materialism and self worship. His message of self-improvement is nothing more than a delivery vector for his anti-White ideology of "radical individualism".

>And kissing the jew ring is not evidence of being a zionist

He gave a speech at a Balfour centennial celebration in 2017. He declared that Israel is a "shining beacon on the hill" and that the only reason anyone hates Israel is because they are so envious of their incredible success. Peterson also believes that antisemitism is caused by "pathological" envy of jewish success.

Peterson is pro-jewish tribalism and pro-Israel. He is a Zionist.

>Or it might be part of a grander plot. It's hard to tell.

Let's review:

<Peterson works at United Nations from 2009 - 2012 for George Soros close associate writing papers that detail wealth transfer from the West to the third world, and plans to ship migrants into the West

<Peterson is made famous by the MSM and goes on a global tour

<Peterson's primary message is that Whites have to be stopped from working together to prevent their extermination

<Peterson becomes a millionaire selling a book in which he claims he had a prophetic dream that showed him how to prevent WW3 that would be caused by White people not being individuals and instead seeing themselves as White

<Peterson is using this money to set up an alternative university system where instead of being indoctrinated with Cultural Marxism, they can instead be indoctrinated with Peterson's anti-White "radical individualism"

<all the while, Peterson is cavorting around the globe with an entourage of Zionist jews who are also working to prevent Whites from protecting themselves from genocide

What do you think?

>Peterson is popular because he articulates his ideas, and isn't afraid to debate them on their merit.

Nonsense. He refuses to debate anyone who isn't one of his jewish (((Intellectual Dark Web))) associates, or sub 90 IQ liberals.

Very bizarre shilling attempt.

4d46f9  No.12659167


>shining beacon on the hill"

A shining beacon of genocidal cowards, killing unarmed Palestinian babies and women, is more like it..

But of course, to (((Jew))) puppets like Jordan Peterson, Palestine doesn't exist..

4f203b  No.12659198


In the same speech, Peterson claimed that the Palestinians were oppressing the jews in Israel, and that people who protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestine do so only to virtue signal.

4d46f9  No.12659246


>oppressing the jews in Israel

(((muh oppression))) that is hilarious..

Palestinians oppressing the whiny jews .. must be like when Lebanon was "oppressing" IsraHell and got invaded, right before Hezbollah really oppressed the cowardly jews right out of Lebanon, without even having an Air Force.. LOL

the guy is such a zionist ass-kisser, white traitor.. i am going to celebrate the day he commits suicide

000000  No.12659263


Good videos, haven't looked into the person producing them so I don't know whether he's shilling on other fronts…

3205dc  No.12659312

2ef0b2  No.12659371


I take it back, Peterson absolutely is a knowing zionist whether he proclaims it or not.

Regards, >>12657836

a01abe  No.12659739


>rock throwers are oppressing a state that is pretty much a apartheid state, which is perpetually funded by American goyim

I mean, I really don't care about palis, but that is some next level pilpul bs

219a2b  No.12661474

File: e8586a683f95410⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1226x1688, 613:844, Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 1….png)



His facial expression after being asked if he is a christian and answering reluctantly with "yes" is very telling.

4d46f9  No.12661681


>His facial expression after being asked if he is a christian and answering reluctantly with "yes" is very telling.

Who cares if this zionist cuck is a christian or not??

The poiint is that he is a very dangerous race traitor, who wants White people to abandon their identity, culture and ancestry

He wants us to basically forget who we are and what our ancestors have done, which is something ridiculous that goes against science and evolution as intelligence is INHERITED, not created by the environment.

Europe was created by its people, by the identity of White Euopeans, their languages, their culture, but this zionist sucks wants us to turn away from that, because he knows what will happen when ARMED people wake up..


4f203b  No.12661803


A huge part of Peterstein's agenda is the destruction of Christianity. He is trying to replace Christianity with materialism and Luciferianism, all while pretending to be a Christian. This spiritual agenda of his is one in the same as his agenda to destroy White identity and nationalism; it's an undermining of European culture and spiritual tradition. He is hacking the spiritual root of our ancestors.


Exactly. He looks like he thinks he got away with murder.

4d46f9  No.12662008


>A huge part of Peterstein's agenda is the destruction of Christianity

That part of his agenda has been co-opted from (((zionism)))

Jordan Peterson has adopted 100% of the zionist agenda, which is why he was offered a (((book publishing))) deal, he gets invited to (((globalist))) meetings etc, etc

but let's remember, the only reason some (((zionists)) are anti-christian, is because they want to destroy while famiy unity and community..

On the other hand.. some white christians in the USA are the biggest (((zionists))) and supporters of IsraHell, besides American Jews themselves…

so you get whites being pulled from the (((muh Christianity))) side of the right and from the (((atheist))) side of the left.

Overall, (((Christianity))) is a jew created cult, designed to turn Whites into accepting and loving muh inferior races, and to turn the other cheek, like good Goy when they are getting fucked by other high IQ races who are not encumbered by the stupidity of Christianity, like the Juden themselves or the Chinese.

4f203b  No.12662064


Your conception of Christianity is very flawed. Modern interpretations of "turn the other cheek" and acceptance of degeneracy such as race mixing are just that, modern and corrupt interpretations. Christianity is what protected Europe from being conquered by Muslims, and the force that reconquered European land taken by Muslims.

If you think the only reason why jews are anti-Christian is to attack the family, you need to study Western history, including the history of Christian Zionism, which is a very historically new development (a jewish psyop and corruption of real Christianity).

Peterson is not attacking Christianity to destroy the family, he is attacking it to destroy Christianity. He filling the spiritual vacuum by pretending to be a Christian while introducing young Whites to occult Luciferianism. He is trying to sever Whites from the vine of Christ.

5afb1e  No.12662283


>Christianity is what protected Europe from being conquered by Muslims, and the force that reconquered European land taken by Muslims.

This delusion again. Reminder that christians replace the actions of men to be the actions of Yahweh.

4d46f9  No.12662300


>Christianity is what protected Europe from being conquered by Muslims

That was centuries ago, different christiianity.


-Today the pedo marxist pope wants to open all of Europe's borders to low IQ african Apes.

-Christianity and Catholicism are religions open to everyone, otherwise they wouldn't have spread through out the world, including all low IQ , third world hellholes.

-The US is full of zionist christians.

We don't live in the time of the crusades.. we live HERE and NOW, and for all intents and purposes, TODAYs christianity is a destructive force for most white societies. If you think you are going to change modern chritianity, you are dreaming.

>, he is attacking it to destroy Christianity.

You could be right on both accounts.. zionism really wants to destroy whatever is left of christianity and replace it with atheism / liberalism / marxism .. and they have succeeded in doing that in most of Europe, and parts of America, like commiefornia.

The most successful society / country in the world today, are the Chinese.. and they shun the christian disease.. and for a good reason.. the Chinese have no empathy, this is why they are on the way to controlling the world. They are a racist / close society who are against race-mixing and most things christianity proposes

4d46f9  No.12662313


>This delusion again. Reminder that christians replace the actions of men to be the actions of Yahweh.

Let's just say, it was the ideology that drove white people to cleanse the continent of sand niggers.. but that aint gonna happen again.. People alive today wishing for the crusades to happen again, are delusional.

4f203b  No.12662491



You are confusing the behavior of fallible humans and their institutions with the spiritual truth of Christianity (e.g. God as Logos). I completely agree with you that the vast majority of Christian institutions and organizations are damaging our society at this point in time. That is not however due to flaws in the Christian faith itself, it is due to subversion of our institutions by the same forces that are destroying the rest of our society.

>zionism really wants to destroy whatever is left of christianity and replace it with atheism / liberalism / marxism

Yes, this is because true Christianity is based on truth, therefore it upholds nationalism, the family, obedience, and patriarchal hierarchy as virtues, and traditionally maintained a social structure to enforce those virtues. Christianity teaches that God is truth, so those virtues are seen as natural emanations of God's glory.

>The most successful society / country in the world today, are the Chinese..

It's strange that you hold up what you profess to be an example of a psychopathic society as the pinnacle of human achievement. The only reason the Chinese are having any success at this time is because jews in the United States put them in the current position they are in, and despite your admiration of China's overt displays of strength in certain domains, their country is a shithole and they are much weaker than they seem.

The reason the Chinese government shuns Christianity is because it is a direct threat to their power structure. Not because it "promotes race mixing" as you claim (Christianity does no such thing, any "Christian" who claims it does is selling liberalism, not Christianity), but because Christianity places the sovereignty of God above that of human governments. The Roman Empire murdered Christians for generations for this very reason, and in the end they could not defeat Christianity. The Chinese government will likewise in the end fail to stop the spread of true Christianity, and I wouldn't be surprised if it plays a role in the destruction of their oppressive jew-controlled regime.


>it was the ideology that drove white people to cleanse the continent of sand niggers.. but that aint gonna happen again

It already is beginning to happen again. The world is being divided into two camps, and there is a massive war coming. You and I are in the same camp, the camp that is based on truth, and therefore ultimately aligns with God.


Christian faith was the driving factor behind the crusades. Some peasants were so convinced that it was God's will, that they marched to the Holy Land without any armor or weapons at all.

4d46f9  No.12662651


>as the pinnacle of human achievement.

I never wrote they were so.. and i never wrote i admired them.

Detach yourself from muh feelings

It is a fact that the Chinese are currently the most successful society / nation on earth, that is a fact.

They are on their way of taking over the world in many ways.

I never said they were a good society.. as i wrote above, they have no empathy and they are ruthless, which puts them at an advantage to other societies, except the Jews.

>to stop the spread of true Christianity,

I don't care about the spread of "true christianity" among low IQ apes.. i care about the survival of my race…

You obviously consider yourself a christian first and a white second.. maybe you should get your priorities straight, because at least in america and most of europe, your jew religious cult is not going to save your kind

4f203b  No.12662875


>I never wrote they were so [pinnacle of human achievement]

Ah, my mistake. I confused your declaration of:

>Chinese are currently the most successful society / nation on earth

an observation of relative status among nations at the present time, as an observation of relative status across all of time.

What, in your view, is the pinnacle of human civilization achieved by humanity thus far in history?

>I don't care about the spread of "true christianity" among low IQ apes..

>i care about the survival of my race…

>You obviously consider yourself a christian first and a white second..

Why do you believe this? I simply made a prediction, based on historical evidence, that the Chinese government's attempts to stop the spread of Christianity will likely fail.

>maybe you should get your priorities straight, because at least in america and most of europe, your jew religious cult is not going to save your kind

If Christianity is not a road block to White genocide, then why are the zionists, Marxists, communists etc. working so hard to destroy it as an explicit part of their anti-White agenda?

If you want to stop White genocide, then why are you cheering on their (seeming) success in accomplishing one of their objectives on the road to achieving it?

a7d438  No.12662882


Yeah I wouldn't say its a "successful society" in any respect. Just because Europe has been drained to China for now doesn't make China successful.

Its extremely corrupt and literally, physically a poisonous country.

a758eb  No.12662889

>November, 2018

Excuse me? Wasn't there a same thread over a month ago?

4d46f9  No.12663148


>What, in your view, is the pinnacle of human civilization achieved by humanity thus far in history?

Post WW-II US, (until the jews changed the inmigration laws), and Nazi Germany.

>Why do you believe this?

Projections shows that most of Europe will be Muslim in a few generations.. just look at Britain and France.. they are half-way there. France has already a declining IQ due to the imported african Apes.. .

Catholicism is dying is most places around the world.. churches are empty everywhere, even in very Catholic places like South America.

Christian cults have soft of filled the void, but they don't have the muscle of the organized Catholic Church.

Decades of media (((propaganda))) and socialist indoctrination in schools and colleges around the US and Europe have taken their generational toll

All the Chinese have to do is top stop christianity in their own population, the jews will take care of the rest of the world.. and they are succeeding.

>If Christianity is not a road block to White genocide

Was Christianity a block to White Genocide in the US??

Absolutely not.. quite the contrary.. it has been a vehicle for it..

Has Christianity been a block to White Genocide in most of Europe??

Absolutely not.. just look at Britain, Germany.. Nowadays religion is very ineffective in matters of politics… it is almost irrelevant.

Christians and Catholics have never opposed Jews.. because (((Christianity))) is a JEW Cult.

The only thing stopping Hungary, Poland and Now Italy from being invaded by apes, is not religion.. it is racial identity.. language, culture.. not religion.

4d46f9  No.12663158


>ts extremely corrupt and literally, physically a poisonous country.

And England is not corrupt and full of pedophile lords and other scum?

And Italy is not corrupt?? and Greece is not corrupt?

Please don't make me laugh..

Europe is as much of a joke as China is..

Same with the US..

4d46f9  No.12663173


>If you want to stop White genocide, then why are you cheering on their (seeming) success in accomplishing one of their objectives on the road to achieving it?

Nobody is cheering.. .i am just being realistic.. unlike you, who thinks that (((muh christianity))) is going to rescue the white race..

The only way for whites to save themselves is to start acting more like the Chinese.. stop embracing niggers, sand apes, and other low IQ subhumans. close your borders and protect your societies.. you need politicians to do that, not religious puppets whining about compassion and rapefugees

75f38e  No.12663181

It still baffles me why people on the right so willingly accept anyone with some fame/clout/attention that throws them a bone. Is it because they finally struck gold with Trump? It should be obvious that once the presence of the altright was felt that people would come forward to infiltrate/manipulate/leech off of it. It happened with ecelebs out to make a buck (like Sam Hyde, and now pewdiepie is starting to do it). Closet case and Israeli cock sucker Lindsey Graham has started to openly support Trump on some things and people have inanely started calling him /ourguy/ even though it's obviously because he wants another run at President. It should be obvious to anyone that Jordan Peterson is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

4f203b  No.12663240


>Post WW-II US, (until the jews changed the inmigration laws), and Nazi Germany.

So you think the country that destroyed Nazi Germany was also the pinnacle of civilization? It was controlled by jews, otherwise it wouldn't have gone to war. Hitler's Germany was definitely a high point, and primarily composed of Christians, I might add.

>Christian cults have soft of filled the void, but they don't have the muscle of the organized Catholic Church.

I've already told you that I agree with you that most Christian institutions are corrupt and harmful. I asked you why you personally accused me of putting religion before race, not your thoughts on the Catholic church.

>Was Christianity a block to White Genocide in the US??

>Absolutely not.. quite the contrary.. it has been a vehicle for it..

It was until it was subverted by Cultural Marxism and Zionism, just like the rest of White society. It has been destroyed from within. If Christian institutions are furthering the agenda of evil, then they are no longer serving truth, and therefore have strayed from God.

>Has Christianity been a block to White Genocide in most of Europe??

Sure it was, it literally defended Europe from foreign invasion for centuries. We would not even be speaking right now if it wan't for Christianity, the religion of our ancestors. Christianity in Western Europe has been subverted by Cultural Marxism, but in Eastern Europe not so much. The degree to which Christianity has been subverted in European countries parallels the general subversion of those countries by Cultural Marxism. Christian European identity is in fact a key component of European ethnic identity, just look at the nationalist marches in Poland.

It is plainly obvious that Cultural Marxism aims to completely corrupt and destroy everything in our societies, including Christianity. The way Cultural Marxism destroys things is that in infects them and rots them from within. So while some Christian churches have been infected, and thus destroyed (they are no longer truly Christian), this does not mean that Christianity is not on the Cultural Marxist chopping block and seen as roadblock to achieving their objectives.

>Nowadays religion is very ineffective in matters of politics… it is almost irrelevant.

Because it is being destroyed by Cultural Marxism and degeneracy. What you are seeing is the result of Christianity being destroyed and removed from society. Just because much of the church has fallen, does not mean that Christianity was not something our enemies saw as a threat and then worked to destroy.

>Christians and Catholics have never opposed Jews..

This is historically inaccurate.

>The only thing stopping Hungary, Poland and Now Italy from being invaded by apes, is not religion.. it is racial identity.. language, culture.. not religion.

It's ethnic solidarity. Religion is part of ethnic identity, which is why Cultural Marxism aims to destroy religion. They attack our racial identity, religious identity, and even our language, all at once. You can't separate religion from ethnic identity.


>The only way for whites to save themselves is to start acting more like the Chinese

No, the way for Whites to save ourselves is to start acting like Whites again. Our ancestors conquered the entire planet.

a7d438  No.12663264


Irrelevant, this is about China.

4d46f9  No.12663382


>So you think the country that destroyed Nazi Germany was also the pinnacle of civilization? It was controlled by jews, otherwise it wouldn't have gone to war. Hitler's Germany was definitely a high point, and primarily composed of Christians, I might add.

Yep, winners take the prize.. nobody remembers losers, and Germany lost the war. Wasn't post WWi Germany completely controlled by Jews?? Not only Germany lost the war, they also FAILED to exterminate the Jew vermin, something they could have easily done.. but they FAILED thanks to (((much christian empathy)) .. oh those poor jews.. don't kill them, just send them to work camps.. LOL

Even Stalin has no qualms about exterminating millions of his own people.. and he could do that, because he wasn't infected with (((muh christianity)))

I have no doubts.. The Chinese or the Japanese would have exterminated all Jews in Hitler's position.

You obviously haven't learned anything from history.

>it was until it was subverted by Cultural Marxism and Zionism

and who's fault it was that is was "subverted"???

could it be, because it is a weak Jew (((cult))) designed to turn white people into coward cucks??

>Sure it was, it literally defended Europe from foreign invasion for centuries

yep.. unfortunately, we don't live in the dark ages anymore.. ACCEPT THE FACTS, ,, we are talking about the here and now. Chritianity is NOW a vehicle for (((multiculturalism))) and (((neoliberalism))))

>destroys things is that in infects them and rots them from within

so maybe you should accept the fact that unlike Judaism and Islam, ((Christianity))) is a weak pathetic religion that can be easily infected and taken over.

>You can't separate religion from ethnic identity.

Sure you can.. . not everyone in Italiy, Hungary is a catholic..


>o, the way for Whites to save ourselves is to start acting like Whites again

You can't live in the past.. wake the fuck up.. we are not in the dark ages anymore.. learn from your failures.. Christianity is a weak religion, the main reason why we still have the JEW disease is because Hitler was too weak and didn't exterminate the vermin. Christianity is a FAILURE

4d46f9  No.12663403


>Hitler's Germany was definitely a high point, and primarily composed of Christians, I might add.

Not only they lost the war.. the entire country was turned into a nation of coward cucks who voted a marxist cunt, who let millions of sand niggers invade Germany.

At least US Whites are not as idiotic as Germans and the voted Trump in..

4d46f9  No.12663504


>No, the way for Whites to save ourselves is to start acting like Whites again

Christianity is so pathetic, than even in the 1500s, when Catholic Hispanics conquered Central and South America, they felt sorry for (((muh indians))) and didn't exterminate them.. they weren't even good slaves (too weak)..

As a matter of fact, some catholic priests argued that indians did have a soul and were human.. oh (((the humanity)))

so now Central and South America are all 3rd world shitholes full of low IQ half breeds.

So yeah, let's start acting like "whites again" LOL

4f203b  No.12663618




Nice triple posting. Just take a deep breath, anon. Curious, are you an atheist?

>could it be, because it is a weak Jew (((cult))) designed to turn white people into coward cucks??

Designed to take 2000 years to turn Whites into "coward cucks", and raising us up to the greatest heights of human achievement before doing so?

>unlike Judaism and Islam, ((Christianity))) is a weak pathetic religion that can be easily infected and taken over.

Islam was literally created by Talmudic jews and is controlled by jews to this day. And who would take over Judaism? Other jews?


Race is not ethnicity. Ethnic identity is a combination of genetics, culture (including religion), and language. There is a reason why the definition of genocide includes the destruction of culture.

4d46f9  No.12663837


>Designed to take 2000 years to turn Whites into "coward cucks",

Happened looong before that.. since the beginning of the cult when "christians" in Rome were being fed to the lions, for not renouncing their cuck religion.

Only in the period of the Inquisition did the Catholic church grew some balls..

since you are kin to traveling back in time.. do you recommend we return to the wonders of the Inquisition?? LOL

See my example of Spain conquering Central and South America.


>Islam was literally created by Talmudic jews and is controlled by jews to this day. And who would take over Judaism? Other jews?

It doesn't matter.. all three religions were created by low IQ sand nigger jews hallucinating in the desert, with Christianity being the weakest, literally the religion of loser matyrs who turn the other cheek.. almost the complete opposite of the other two.

Most of both testaments are complete fiction, invented a few hundred years later.

It is any wonder most high IQ Europeans have abandoned such idiotic "religion".

Islam is perfect for low IQ sandniggers subhumans and Judaism is perfect for schizophrenic, inbred Jews. Christianity was never a white European religion..

Even White paganism or the worship of nature is superior to (((muh Christianity)))

>Race is not ethnicity.

Race is the strongest component of ethnicity,. only a Marxist or a libtard would argue that point.

Tribalism has been with us for hundreds of thousands of years..

we are attracted and would rather be with people who look like us.

This is why (((Jordan Peterson))) is trying to hard to stop tribalism

Am i an atheist?? no. i've observed enough religions closely (catholicism, judaism, even santeria and agnoticism ) to know about them.

Whatever i practice is irrelevant.. i am intelligent enough to know that my spiritual practice is not going to save whites, nor i am trying to impose it upon other people.

4f203b  No.12664359


>when "christians" in Rome were being fed to the lions, for not renouncing their cuck religion.

There is nothing more masculine than being willing to die for your convictions. That "cuck religion" could not be defeated by the Roman Empire, no matter how many Christians they fed to lions. If White nationalists had half the conviction those Christians did, then we would not be in the situation we are in now.

>Even White paganism or the worship of nature is superior to (((muh Christianity)))

Worship of creation is illogical. It should be venerated, but not worshiped. Man was created to dominate and rule over nature, to be stewards of it.

>Am i an atheist?? no.

So you believe in God?

a01abe  No.12664373


>muh logos

Go read your based E Michael Jones books again, maybe you can convert the based jews with holy water or something.

4f203b  No.12664390


I actually disagree with EMJ on quite a few things (I am not a Catholic, and his views on race are ridiculous), but that doesn't change the fact that God is Logos.

4d46f9  No.12665666


>more masculine than being willing to die for your convictions.

You proved my point.. (((muh Christinaity))) is the religion of dead martyr losers, who don't get to spread their genes to the next generation. Is it any wonder low IQ ape niggers love (((muh Jesus)))???

Christianity is so weak, it has failed to unite Europe..which after the fail of the (((USSR))) broke up into a thousand pieces.. all driven by tribalism, which is basically racial ethnicity, the real force that drives unity in places with a long history of civilizations and empires. This is why the breakup of the US is inevitable.. as politics are a stronger force NOW, than (((muh cuck religion)))

>Worship of creation is illogical.

Worship or nature is not the worship of creation.

Nature has been worshiped by mankind since our beginning. The Earth provides us with everything we need, food, shelter.. EVERYTHING comes from he earth. Even today, the Amazon Indians worship the elementals (the 4 forces of nature), and respect nature,. Each year thousands of white Eiropeans venture into the Amazon to experience Ayahuasca, because they know (((muh christianity))) is a scam. Some religious traditions go back much longer than (((muh Jesus))).

Buddhism, which cannot even be considered a religion, is infinitely superior to any of the 3 Jew Cults.

>So you believe in God?

No, i don't believe in your 2000 year old, low IQ sand- nigger-created version of god. the god as described in you fantasy (((bible))) does not exist.

4d46f9  No.12666117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let's go back to the topic.. the (((zionist))) puppet Jordan Peterson…

Here is a good expose of this (((fraud)))


d708ec  No.12669539


>based zog emperor

>hitler was a loser

The absolute state of religion D&C'ers

4d46f9  No.12670017


>>hitler was a loser

Correction: a (((CHRISTIAN))) loser

and sure, Trump maybe a ZOG puppet.. but he is a zillion times better than marxist feminist cunt (((Merkel)))

ce2058  No.12670080

File: ed82a9cc6a21048⋯.mp4 (6.97 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Hwhite_nationalism_of_hwhi….mp4)


> voted a marxist cunt,

Indeed, they renounced nationalism on their own, and democratically voted for their own doom.

vid unrelated.

4d46f9  No.12670135


>they renounced nationalism on their own,

i wouldn't say "on their own", they were forced to.

But what i find interesting is that some conquered nations like Japan, Hungary, Poland and races like the Incas in Peru / Bolivia have always maintained a sense of pride in their race, culture or national identity, while most Germans just renounced who they are..

A worse case are Swedes, who were conquered by (((muh Marxism and socialism))).

You would expect a lot more from these carriers of Germanic genes…

b33caa  No.12670174


>while most Germans just renounced who they are

Because they are still under JewSA occupation and everything they see, every politician they face, has to first go through ZOG's approval. Same thing for the Anglos, but they freely voted their way into jewry and didn't need any convincing in the form of a devastating world war. Those other nations persisted because either they weren't white hence not the foremost target of jewry, or they were under commie occupation, which was too busy starving the people to subvert their racial identity (naturally people band together in strife, and only abandon their race and succumb to degeneracy in comfort). Unlike Bolshevik-occupied countries, JewSA-occupied countries faced all sorts of (((liberation))) along with just the right technology to enforce it (e.g. sexual liberation and the pill), and the people were drugged by convenience into degeneracy.

4d46f9  No.12670481


>Because they are still under JewSA occupation and everything they see, every politician they face, has to first go through ZOG's approval.

You could say the same about the JewSA… and yet their plan to elect their (((candidate))) failed miserably despite billions dollars, absolute (((media))) bias, (((Jewlywood propaganda)) etc etc

75% of the (((tribe))) voted for Her..

Sure, Trump has his (((connections))) to IsraHell.. but he is definitely not following the (((script)) of muh Diversity, eternal wars and (((neoliberal globalism))) like all the previous puppet presidents did.

How do you explain this? are rural Americans not as brainwashed as germans?

4d46f9  No.12678448

Let's go back into the topic: the Globalist, anti-white Jew Puppet Jordan Peterson.

Here is a great video, where Vox Day deconstructs the first "rule" of JP's book, and proves what a charlatan and farce he is.


e2c041  No.12678478



Catholic countries are way more traditionalist than Protestant shitholes. It's anglos who spread progressivism, aka nuJudaism.

4d46f9  No.12678525

File: 0e655104430160c⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 968x726, 4:3, pope-francis-1.jpg)


>Catholic countries are way more traditionalist than Protestant shitholes

Bullshit..The Catholic Church is a haven for neoliberal communists, pedophiles and nigger lovers.

The Catholic church is one of the biggest enemies of WHITE Europeans in the planet.


bc9e76  No.12680024

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>there are even videos on arguing like this false daddy

Lad you are in for a good one.

bc9e76  No.12680404

File: 3f296f77edd3b15⋯.png (337.3 KB, 722x646, 19:17, ClipboardImage.png)



>mfw my shirt reads "Ljubljana"

bc9e76  No.12680411


>Unironically calling patient zero "the disease"

>Hatred of germans

30d93e  No.12680466


Genuine questions

>"Pro-Cromwellian" England

Examples of sinister thoughts about it? I know generally of the history of that time relating to jews

>Pro-Victorian British Empire

What's sinister about this exactly? Is it about life in England of that time or empire strictly?

>Role-Played as a "viking" in fictional-writing

What of it? How?

>Anti-Celt Genocidal Fantasy

Such as?

>Hollywood propagandist


>Jewish Entertainment

Such as? How does it relate to Lovecraft?


How? Examples

>Jewish wife

What of it? That doesn't necessarily say something bad about him

>Jewish best friend

What of it? That doesn't necessarily say something bad about him

>Jewish politics


>Hollywood insider

What of it? Examples of bad actions

>Divide & conquer of Europe


>Hatred of German-Americans

Examples of this?

>Hatred of Irish-Americans

Examples of this?


How? Examples

>Talmudic influence

In what way? Examples


In what way? Examples

>Vampire themes

What of it?

>Horror & violence

What's sinister about this by itself? There's folk tale horror stories

4d46f9  No.12684749

File: e2071688b6cdff9⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2262x2400, 377:400, Free Speech Hero Jordan Pe….jpg)

Funny how nobody has mentioned that (((Jordan Peterson))) has adopted the modus operandi from his jew masters, and he is now suing people who speak ill of him into oblivion.

Typical move of a jew-like coward, a whiny, depressed, drugged and weak piece of shit, passing himself as an "intellectiual", who cannot stand his critics unmasking his bullshit cuck cult of anti-white zionism, that prays on weak loser white kids that are like him.

If this coward fag had been born before anti-depressants were invented, he would have killed himself a long time ago.

a01abe  No.12685586


Well, Ireland just legalized abortion, and has a foreigner as PM.

Poland and Italy are slightly better off, but their "based right wing populist" governments are close to American cuckservatives, and will probably buckle under globalist/American



The guy you are talking to is a prolific shill on here and endchan.

Him and that thezog.info homo have a running rivalry, with him hating the anglos, and zog.info hating the irish, with neither of them having good reasons for doing so.

ea91e6  No.12687840

God love him but Peterson has one very average in all ways daughter. Some would even say unattractive and ugly looking. Weird family. She gets a hip replacement in her teens.

ea91e6  No.12687901


Rogan had Eric Weinstein on his podcast one day, the topic was on Israel. Comment after comment on YT all noted how unreasonably shaky and afraid Rogan was throughout the podcast.

ea91e6  No.12688185


What a lovely thing to behold when former readers/viewers of JP finally arrive at the realization the true value of his presence as a some much needed comic relief. Where once he captivated with softness/gentleness , many withheld internal doubts to his sanity and manliness. Now, just see him for what he is , an utterly pathetic excuse for a man , a joke and no way around it.

417295  No.12688810

File: a3f27bca70d23cb⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 1466529644469.jpg)


He doesn't look well or healthy.

fda234  No.12688837


>The guy you are talking to is a prolific shill on here and endchan.

Yes his image macro seems really far-fetched and asinine.

4d46f9  No.12689537


>Weird family. She gets a hip replacement in her teens.

She should have never been born.. if it wasn't for SSRIs, coward cry-baby zionist cuck Jordan Peterson would have killed himself decades ago. The guy is genetically defective, much like his inbred (((masters)))

Let's hope him and his fugly daughter kill themselves soon, for the sake of all humanity

4d46f9  No.12689586

Oh Look it.. our zionist puppet idol is all over the news..

Jordan Peterson and (((Dave Rubin))) Abandon Patreon in Protest of Censorship


Bestselling author Dr. Jordan Peterson and Rubin Report host Dave Rubin have left Patreon in protest of the funding platform’s censorship, losing up to $100,000 dollars of monthly income between the two of them in the process.

Peterson and Rubin left Patreon on Tuesday, after announcing their departure date at the start of this month.

In May, Peterson was reportedly earning $80,000 per month on Patreon, and in April, Rubin was earning over $30,000 per month.

000000  No.12693843

Please someone spam this thread until it dies. I am so tired of seeing "Jordash Faggotson's Globalist Shindig" as a "Quality Thread". What the everliving fuck codemonkey? THIS is a "Quality Thread"?

000000  No.12694595

he is a useful idiot of the masolucitanic NWO

2878e2  No.12695382



fuck off tornigger

000000  No.12697547


Yeah cause someone shilling on his behalf would totally call him "Jordache Faggotson". Look the fucking thread is 2 months old, I don't even think most people even remember who this homo is by now.

2878e2  No.12699540


>tornigger has zero reading comprehension


000000  No.12704311


FYI word has it that after he attends the globalist shindig, he intends to attend a globalist cakewalk.

48ff65  No.12706079

File: 8bae7b7e0e2822e⋯.jpg (98.08 KB, 962x642, 481:321, doxx.jpg)


>created for humanity

e87306  No.12706144

Dr Peterson, the following is an unedited transcript of the email exchange I have had with Acton since being accepted as a Peterson Fellow. I'm confused. Your message of responsibility speaks to me deeply and it does not seem very "responsible" to ask someone to uproot their life, move across the country, lose a year of wages, go into $65,000+ in debt, all for a program that refuses to answer basic questions about your level of involvement. The Acton MBA seems like a wonderful standard program but Fellows applied for this because of YOUR NAME, not because of Acton. If you just signed off on this as a branding deal I'm profoundly disappointed. I'm flummoxed that you haven't mentioned it once in a public interview that I can find in the past months, not even your recent Q&A.

I spent well over 20 hours working on my submissions for this Fellowship. I'm so sad this time seems to have been wasted.

Perhaps you really are selecting for those "most comfortable with ambiguity" and they will get a chance to work with your team on the revolutionary online university project, I hope that's true, and I wish I could have been a part of it. I can not and will not risk my family's future for something that appears so outwardly unprofessional and sketchy. I hope you understand that I have personally contacted more than a dozen Fellowship Recipients who were fully accepted and rejected the offer for the same reasons I have. We are very unhappy and disillusioned. We are some of your most devoted fans. We deserve answers and an apology. I await your response.

My first email below was in response to my acceptance, I'm happy to provide you screenshots, I wish not to post them publicly to avoid sharing personally identifying information:


ME: Thank you so much, I'm deeply humbled and honored to be selected as an initial Peterson Fellow. I swear I will make you proud. Option B - I very much want to attend and do not have the financial resources. After extensive discussion with my fiancee, we've agreed that this incredible opportunity is something I must take advantage of. We have a combined $75,000 in debt from student loans and credit cards, though we both make a good living and have a plan to pay that debt off in the next several years. Obviously doubling that debt and removing my income and moving would make it incredibly burdensome to start our family on the same timeline (we were hoping to start trying for our first child in the next year). I have filled out the scholarship application form linked above, and I hope that financial assistance will be available so I can take advantage of this incredible opportunity while remaining responsible in my stewardship of my developing family. Thank you again for your consideration. I look forward to beginning the program next month and meeting you and the rest of my cohort in Texas in the Fall.

e87306  No.12706146

PRESIDENT CHRIS COGGIN: Thanks, Topher. Let me know a time you would like to visit this weekend and I will make it happen. Thanks, Chris

ME: Hi Mr Coggin, does 10am My time tomorrow (Saturday) work for you? My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx Thank you.

*no response and no call\*

ME: Good Morning Mr Coggin, Did you receive my prior email? You stated: "Let me know a time you would like to visit this weekend and I will make it happen.", I've been waiting for a call for over an hour now. I'm going to be honest, I'm becoming quite concerned with the legitimacy of this program. After talking with several other accepted candidates who've also seen the lack of communication and information regarding the program I'm hesitant to move forward. You should know that you have a considerable PR problem at this point. There are many accepted candidates discussing their experiences online and none have been positive. There is not nearly enough information provided about how the "Jordan Peterson Fellowship" differs from the standard Acton MBA, the tuition cost is not discussed upfront and the information on financial assistance/scholarships is minimal, particularly given your rapid 72hr decision window.

In a prior email it was stated: "The remainder of your questions? If you make it through Step 3, you’ll have a chance to ask any question you want, before you meet your cohort and take the first step in a transformational journey." I still have many questions, I know some candidates received calls and voicemails before being asked to make the 72hr decision on committing to the program, I had to request this myself and was not offered a phone call until I asked. I've now been waiting for the call for an hour this morning and I'm disappointed it didn't come at the time I offered. There is no phone number listed in emails I've received from any Acton representatives so far, so there is no way for me to initiate a phone call on my end. I found the Acton Admissions number on your website and was directed to voicemail. This is understandable as it's a weekend, however, given the 72hr decision window and no other means for contacting you this was disappointing. The marketing for this program was inspiring and I was incredibly excited by the opportunity.

The dozen+ candidates I've seen discussing it online and talked to personally were similarly excited. I've become disenchanted in seeing how little attention is being paid to candidates who are being asked to uproot their entire lives on very little notice and invest $65,000 in a program with very little information available. The standard Acton MBA seems like a wonderful program. I've perused your videos, interviews with Mr Sandefer, interviews with alumni, and every page of the Acton MBA website in researching the program. It seems very worthwhile. However, I did not apply for this Fellowship because of Acton, but because of Dr Peterson's endorsement. As the process unfolded it seems that his involvement is minimal aside from lending his name to marketing.

These are all assumptions I'm making. It is entirely possible the program is of high quality and has a close relationship with Dr Peterson and will be a remarkable and rewarding experience for all involved. The problem is I have no evidence that this is the case. It has been incredibly difficult to get straight answers on any of these questions, and in talking to other accepted candidates, they have agreed that even in phone conversations with your staff there are no direct answers as to the level of Dr Peterson's involvement in instruction or curriculum development, what the "opportunity to work with his team" entails, who this "team" is comprised of, or really any details beyond what Acton has offered for more than a decade in their standard MBA program.

e87306  No.12706147

File: 5d429a4147d5549⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 562x600, 281:300, abs civilion.jpg)

I didn't intend to write something so lengthy. Please understand that this is an important and impactful decision for your candidates and your potential customers unanimously feel you are not providing them with enough information about the service you seek to provide. I have a fiancee, we both have substantial student loan debt already, we are willing to take a risk for a worthwhile opportunity. Many other accepted candidates have longstanding jobs, homes, families, and children and have to factor this into their decision. I remain hopeful, but I'm deeply unsure this program is worth the risk given the lack of communication.

I welcome a phone call today at xxx-xxx-xxxx with detailed answers to these and other questions. I'd love to have my mind changed and be convinced the Peterson Fellowship at the Acton MBA program is the right choice at this stage in my life.

I apologize if the tone (written text always makes it difficult to convey tone) comes across as confrontational, I need to make it clear that I do not have enough information to make a responsible decision on this opportunity and many of your accepted candidates feel the same. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing the process, thank you again for your time and consideration.

e87306  No.12706149

File: 8a05dac20c5d877⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 320x240, 4:3, goddamnit.jpg)

PRESIDENT CHRIS COGGIN (note the typo in this one sentence reply): Thanks, Christopher. I did receive your email. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I called and let a message. Please give me a call at your convenience. Thanks, Chris

ME: Hi again Chris, Thanks for calling earlier, I was out to lunch with my Fiancee. I hope you enjoyed the time in the park with your family, if you're available this evening I'd be able to chat, feel free to call in the next 1-2 hours if you receive this. Tomorrow (Sunday) is very difficult for me as I have several performances (I'm a professional music educator). I'll have a short window between noon and 1:30pm My Time if you'd like to try to call then. Feel free to text me as well to coordinate a time (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

I left you a voicemail explaining some of my questions more directly, I know the prior email was rather verbose, I'd like to give you a chance to come to the conversation prepared with detailed answers, or at least to connect me with the person at Acton who can best answer them:

Having submitted your Financial Disclosure Form, what if any Financial support am I eligible for?

How does the Peterson Fellowship differ from the standard Acton MBA specifically?

Will there be a contemporaneous cohort of traditional Acton MBA students alongside Fellowship recipients?

How will their workload/classes/experience differ from Fellowship recipients?

What is Jordan Peterson’s involvement (if any) in designing the Curriculum?

What is his involvement (if any) in delivering Instruction?

How many members of his team are involved in the degree, and in what capacity (curriculum/instruction)?

Are Fellowship recipients working on his online university project?

Why hasn’t he made a public statement about the Fellowship since it’s initial announcement? He’s had several public interviews since then including an hour-long+ Q & A on Youtube where he hasn’t addressed it? Even a 30 second 'congratulations' video from him would feel appropriate given the substantial financial, time, and relocation investment he is asking of Fellowship recipients Why is it so hard to get consistent communication in this process?

e87306  No.12706153

File: e7c5520127a13ee⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 500x447, 500:447, the well aged old games.jpg)

Acton is demanding immediate responses and short timelines from applicants but not responding in kind. A 72 hour decision window is a big ask, the other accepted candidates I've spoken with have echoed nearly all my questions while on phone calls with your staff and none have received clear and satisfactory answers.

Do you or Acton have any comments or response to the negative experiences of Fellowship recipients so far? Was the scope of the program unexpected or unplanned for? Why does this seem so, for lack of a better term, 'sketchy', to so many people who were initially so excited by the opportunity?

Again to reiterate, the standard Acton MBA seems like a wonderful and impactful program. Acton Academy is particularly interesting to me and I could see myself opening a branch myself with my wife, we've frequently discussed starting a charter school under a similar model. To be clear, however, I am not interested in pursuing the standard Acton MBA program and would not have applied without Dr Peterson's involvement and endorsement. If his involvement amounts to licensing his name and nothing more, then I am no longer interested in the Fellowship.

I remain interested and hopeful, and I genuinely would love to be convinced that this is the right choice for me and the other recipients I've spoken with. If you can answer my questions fully and convince me of the value I guarantee you I will become one of your strongest advocates and evangelists, and I will be happy to lead efforts to contact other recipients and assuage their concerns.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. Have a lovely evening.

CEO (Jeff Sandefer):Hi Topher, I’m replying for Chris, so he can focus on helping the last few applicants with extra financial aid and spend some time with his family. We appreciate the time you’ve spent in the audition process and hope you’ve gotten some value from it. And I applaud your skepticism; it’s a valuable trait. However, it doesn’t sound as if this is the right opportunity for you. The work we’ll be doing together requires a tolerance for ambiguity and will be messy. We’ve got a terrific team and a extraordinary group coming to Austin, but it’s a pioneering bunch. We don’t know many of the answers because emergent growth is unpredictable and we’ll be co-creating the future as we go. As to your questions, there’s a purpose behind every step in the audition process, because with each choice, each of us learns more. For example, we needed to ask for quick turnarounds because we were surprised when over 2300 people answered the call for only 50 spots. With such a limited number of fellowships, we had to rapidly process finalists to assemble the best cohort possible and give each person as timely a response as possible as we filled the last few precious spots. And the last thing we needed was more outreach from Dr. Peterson when we already had far too many qualified people on the waitlist. If you remain interested I’d hope you’d follow what the initial band of Peterson Fellows accomplishes, and if it seems attractive, re-audition for a later cohort where there’s more information available and less risk. Until then, we wish you all the best, Jeff

4d46f9  No.12708251


>Peterson Fellow

Why on earth would anyone want to be a "Peterson Fellow" ???

Is that some kind of college where whitey learns how to grovel and kiss jew ass in order to become a neoliberal globalist cuck in order to be "successful" ?? LOL

4d46f9  No.12708266


>Peterson Fellow

Why on earth would anyone want to be a "Peterson Fellow" ???

Is that some kind of college where whitey learns how to grovel and kiss jew ass to become a neoliberal globalist cuck in order to be "successful" ?? LOL


>makes your dick stop working

(((Jordan Peterson))) doesn't have that problem, he handed over his testicles to his jew overlords a long time ago in order to become (((successful))) LOL

That is why you see the guy crying over silly things like a 4 year old girl.. there is no testosterone left in his body.

520b39  No.12709461








4f203b  No.12711550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patreon ($960,000 a year on as of late 2018)

Book Sales (1.56 million a year)

Tours (2018 he made anywhere from 3.7 million to 5.3 million a year)

Business (2.4 million a year)

Source: Jordan Peterson Himself

4d46f9  No.12715685

File: c73cf83cdbc5fca⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 713x348, 713:348, JordanPeterson-jew-puppet2.jpg)


>Business (2.4 million a year)

Jew Puppet Peterson is collecting his shekels from his zionist (((masters))) for brainwashing Whitey

384a88  No.12715743


>someone took the time to make this

top kek mate, this is some good shit posting

2878e2  No.12715849


>Patreon ($960,000 a year on as of late 2018)

>Book Sales (1.56 million a year)

>Tours (2018 he made anywhere from 3.7 million to 5.3 million a year)

>Business (2.4 million a year)

What the fuck. Shit anyone can run this shindig. I think it's time we all try this. At least the Patreon and book sales can be done by any smart kid if you don't explicitly mention kikes or whatever

384a88  No.12715953


Peterson was chosen to fill this role. Theres a reason he was instantly on every MSM outlet as soon as Trump won.

4d46f9  No.12716374


>Peterson was chosen to fill this role. Theres a reason he was instantly on every MSM outlet as soon as Trump won.

Yep, anyone who thinks they can write a couple of books and start collecting millions of dollars is delusional.. you need the jew (((media))) machine to be (((successful))… you need to get invited to (((TV Shows))), contracted to do (((speeches))), tours, etc… all controlled by (((you know who)))

4d46f9  No.12727920

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Vox Day has released a new Video debunking "rule # 3" of anti-white, zionist Jew cuck puppet coward (((Jordan Peterson)))

6f9c24  No.12729868



>tells goys to be good goys and continue to "live normal life"

>just ignore how jews fuck up everything, goy

Checks out.

d7276f  No.12729888


This is exactly what Yuri dubbed people like Peterson, 'useful idiots' that would be killed off just like everyone else. The question is, doesn't Peterson know this?

7905ec  No.12730521


>poo scripture

7905ec  No.12730561


This is the truth but remember the Vatican is a political institution it consists of different interests that vary from the jesuits that have been wiping the indigenous from the planet to the traditionalists that backed the fascists in WW2. All in all the Catholic Church lost most of its real influence and power after the jews won WW2 and since have been losing incredible influence in European communities thanks to atheist/communist Jews and their subversive agents within the church. We have seen the Catholic Church within a few generations cuck on divorce, sex before marriage, chastity in women, to homosexuality and transgenderism. The last nail on the coffin for the church will be when they abandon the pro life stance which is coming. Let it rot

72007f  No.12730572

File: 726a09c9574b7a0⋯.gif (476.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4ef5a54764b23c08534329fa14….gif)

You guys want me to get you a video of exactly what he said at the meeting? I have access to the server that stores the edited videos.

He didn't really say anything shocking. The Trilateral commission is falling apart in power anyways.

3129e8  No.12730580


> I have access to the server that stores the edited videos.

what other vids are on that server

72007f  No.12730582

File: 3b63658184bf4e0⋯.png (111.91 KB, 300x240, 5:4, 3b63658184bf4e05044cdbdf02….png)


Not much more than what is posted publicly. Maybe raw stuff. Not going to post anything that will get me fired or draw attention that I post here. Bosses wouldn't like that.

3129e8  No.12730587



> Not going to post anything that will get me fired or draw attention that I post here. Bosses wouldn't like that.

i want to understand, and part of me does

72007f  No.12730595

File: 40f674387d7397a⋯.jpg (41.76 KB, 770x887, 770:887, a bomb.jpg)


Give me 10 minutes and I will post the JP speech. Need to re-encode it, the video is like 3 gb even in post.

72007f  No.12730622

File: 1e67edc0e501a78⋯.png (547.15 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 1e67edc0e501a789b918bacf87….png)



Anon delivers.

72007f  No.12730687


Guys want anything else?

d24588  No.12732860


Yeah, was that it? 8 minutes? Got any more?

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