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File: 65e11747c620240⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 344x344, 1:1, 0e867bd002ad28c7e5629d6640….jpg)

d4b50e  No.12444696

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

Post last edited at

4f116f  No.12446283

also if you want an explicitly natsoc /pol/ go to endchan. their head vol is literally hitler.

0b2515  No.12446313


Thanks for turning this place into a dump. The roach was a retarded smug posting faggot, but at least he kept the jews from leftypol out. You have managed to make this place worse.

c10752  No.12446333

File: c6f27017a2f5058⋯.png (191.8 KB, 482x483, 482:483, c6f27017a2f505800997b553e7….png)




In 1 post it (a bot or retard) says that /pol/ is not and never will be natsoc.

And in the very next post it calls someone a kike.

No consistency or coherency

/pol/ is a natsoc board

Or at least a 50/50 split of natsoc / lolberg.

c10752  No.12446341


> /pol/ is a magnet for these insane faggots.

That's because they get butthurt from us getting the better of them time & time again.

000000  No.12446372

<Do not ban people for having an opinion

Seeing as your such a big fan of free speech, how about you go and enforce this rule on every other board too. Oh right, you're only trying to destroy /pol/.

Well done for turning /pol/ into a shittier version of reddit, you colossal kike.

Neck yourself.

3b252a  No.12446377

I want /pol/ back, at this point there are more paid heeb shills than regular /pol/ posters. Lots of money behind this mass invasion of shilling in the recent months.

4f4dd3  No.12446378

as I wrote in some other thread

the way I see it, there is a slider from "completely open to everything" on the left side, and "extreme censorship of anything deemed too hostile". The slider goes up and down lately for some reason? Why would it need to make drastic changes though? The slider should stick at the point at which we are most likely to reach 1488. Perhaps the event of the nigger ban, and ikamfy exemplified the fact that we were too strict back then. Removal of the sig and book threads were not okay, but I dont know man, I havent been on that much lately to tell what is happening. Rule 5 seems okay though obviously. As long as you dont hurt the sig and book threads man, and accuse EVERYTHING (though many things are probably) of being slide threads.

and I very much agree that its a natsoc board, but why are you panicking? I have not felt or seen anything horrible happening and the level of shit here is minimal compared to cuckchan, is it not?

c84740  No.12446450


Ctr+F /intl/

17 posts crying about /intl/ already and the thread isn't halfway yet. Poor /pol/acks /intl/ lives rent free in their heads.

0757b5  No.12446504


shut up nigger you know int are just a bunch of jews

6ee8b7  No.12446582

>inb4 we turn into cuckchan 2.0

ffc501  No.12446792

Start banning all these lefty/pol/ shill threads AND the shitposting cancer replying OPs, not just the threads themselves. People insulting Hitler and saying we will never have an ethnostate, just taunting white people and ragebait posting. Either ban them or drink bleach.

ffc501  No.12446798


He wont neck himself. Jim has a pig farm, he posts pictures no doubt with the exif still on them. Dig one up.

ffc501  No.12446814


Race war is coming soon, youre going to be dragged through the streets by your intestines from the back of a truck before natsocs stop.

ffc501  No.12446815

I just hope the next bowers blames chodekike for destroying the last peaceful avenue of organization and forcing violence.

16421a  No.12446944


>All they want is chaos. You trying to turn that into:

Why do they want chaos? And who do they target?

They nearly exclusively target boards that enforce rules of some sort, even /b/ whos rules are "dysnigger and his mods have no rules on who to ban just like how posters have no rules on what to post"

no shit they want chaos faggot. anti-mod sentiment means pro-chaos sentiment. you're fucking retarded.

>never get their way

is that why /pol/ is bleeding vols and users right now and the board is in a state of constant infighting and chaos?

we won faggot. we played codenigger and achieved peak anarchy. eat shit.


im jew tbh

16421a  No.12446952


the thing /pol/niggers don't get is that ethnic conflict is an inevitability rather than a desirable outcome

america going to shit isn't part of some ebin master plan, it's the result of living in a country founded by greedy slavers and freemasons and doing fuck all to fix your shit. you had 200+ years, enjoy being a subsidiary of foxconn or tencent or whoever buys the resulting post-collapse wasteland and turns it into a iPhone factory lmao

c5e46d  No.12446967


>Hello kike.

Care to break down and explain how my post >>12445122 makes me a kike?

16421a  No.12446978


they will never accept the eldrich truth. shitposting is the final frontier of psychological warfare and the internet is serious buisiness.

i wonder how many retard niggers who think that /pol/ is singlehandedly saving the white race(instead of white dudes dropping out of society to have loads of white kids and growing their own food) are in nuthouses now because their weird trumpcuck/natsoc hugbox got REKT are in psych wards now.

what the fuck do these post-2016 faggots even want? the entire idea of NatSoc is the eventual abolition of government once the volk has substantial living space - and these retards expect to be babysat by not only society but by imageboard mods

they deserve the cuckspam tbh

069596  No.12446995



bc9b92  No.12447059


Working great, got rid of another kike. Try to keep up, beaner.

bc9b92  No.12447072


The point being made is the board itself isn't anything, even if the majority of the user-base, IS. One sided bans were cuckchan and leddit nonsense that made everyone leave those places. Hatechan wasn't set up to be a motherfucking safe space for larping.

bc9b92  No.12447091


When DOTR comes, do you expect the enemy to be polite?

8dd1e9  No.12447102


>Hatechan wasn't set up to be a motherfucking safe space for larping.

Exactly. It was set up to be a psyop propagating data mining platform for the CIA and DoD Special Ops.

bc9b92  No.12447108

File: 1833301a54c96a1⋯.jpg (230.74 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Yuge Mistake.jpg)

16421a  No.12447148


>Hatechan wasn't set up to be a motherfucking safe space for larping.

It was set up to be a place where users can create and populate their own boards. the vision has failed and dudley remains a dud, jim remains a creepy sexpat, and ron remains a weird hapa who buys laced blow from nigerians in roppongi tokyo.

7b1404  No.12447185

>all that bullcrap

Got banned for "blackpilling". Either mods are ourguys (doubt) or some jew cut the redpilling. My bet is on second.

214944  No.12447238


Umm sweetie, this is a hugbox, so umm yikes no alternate opinions, K

Shaddilay and MAGA my fellow kekistani

6e02c3  No.12447297


>Abandon your board goy, give up

>go to the honeypots

Oh hi goon. this datamine fracture point has never worked the years you've pushed it and it never will work. You were exposed that BOs can run malicious js to see the raw IP of the users and that alone is enough. Unlike nanochan which has proven to be run by a /pol/ack who won't stand for codenigger's bullshit and thus a trustworthy bunker.


>6 months of pretending to be /pol/acks, advocating for the cuckchan shilling to be allowed under codenigger

<In one fucking day, there's a change from denying that they arent spammers to openly admitting to it after being caught like a sucker.

<The mask comes off and suddenly goons are back to the same exact shit coming out of the woodwork






<we won

>im jew



<the /sudo/ thread repost

db9e27  No.12447370


Imkampfy had it coming, m8. He banned half the damn board.

850d40  No.12447376


>Unlike nanochan which has proven to be run by a /pol/ack who won't stand for codenigger's bullshit and thus a trustworthy bunker.

Globally and Locally Reported for shilling a board on another website. Just end yourself kike

a5b350  No.12447477


Fascism is civnat with a fancy uniform and flag worship.


>one of the last places on the internet where you can be NS

>without diverse viewpoints, /pol/ wont survive

Kill yourself, negro.

6e02c3  No.12447539


>he still thinks he's on cuckchan and using cuckchan rules


9d8374  No.12447606


>/pol/ is and has always been a Nasty Sock board.


f0bba0  No.12447632

File: 8c1a13fcacef08b⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 496x584, 62:73, Numerical value.jpg)

>The Global Report form is only for reporting child pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, credit card numbers, social security numbers, banking information, any government-issued identification documents, or anything illegal under United States law.

>or anything illegal under United States law.

>>12444722 wasted dubs







>>12445666 wasted trips








Shitter shattered tears is under maritime law, get your shit together you spergs.

a5b350  No.12447635


No, it is not.

Look up Konrad Heiden, Bismarck sperg.


>intl admits to being Antifa

Fucking knew it.


Your soviet idols would have you killed for using that word, you know.



That's nice, dear.

c261aa  No.12447791


This it's bad for optics and ruins our chances of saving the west.

00a728  No.12447822


>these ban reasons by polvol6

Jesus lad that's some heavy sarcasm.

0fcf20  No.12448232


It's polvol2 as seen in >>12444763

Permaban should be enforced on every ip he outs himself with.

0fcf20  No.12448234

000000  No.12448317


I think he's just trying to be nicer to the users.

fc028c  No.12448348

File: 9e7f5e5fbe0e100⋯.gif (826 B, 120x160, 3:4, 9e7f5e5fbe0e1000c6fd53eb75….gif)


you know how i know you weren't here from the beginning?

032285  No.12448360


No one wants to stare at your deformation.

8ae428  No.12448382

These faggots astroturfing the "NatSoc" shit are all zognald supporters.

The real NatSocs got 88 year bans from the kike mods that you dipshits all worship so hard.

000000  No.12448411


>those 88 year bans


I have a collection of them

8b6d00  No.12448508

File: 33c40e729000092⋯.png (190.23 KB, 2676x920, 669:230, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33c40e729000092⋯.png (190.23 KB, 2676x920, 669:230, ClipboardImage.png)



9aa1de  No.12448512


and polvol6. a total faggot. keeps deleting classic /pol/ threads

000000  No.12448517


Bless your heart, dear sir! You are so silly. Please be mindful of the fact that your low quality israeli threads are not welcome in this community. Thanks and have a nice day! Don't forget to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

8b6d00  No.12448523


I'm going to remake that thread again now btw.

I'm interested to see how the mods respond.

8b6d00  No.12448527


Oh, hi there polvol6.

Good to know that you use Tor.

000000  No.12448529



6e02c3  No.12448544

File: 5efefca45254377⋯.png (259.04 KB, 1815x573, 605:191, ClipboardImage.png)


It's already agreed on the magapede bans was cancer but that doesnt mean that going from one extreme to the other is a good idea with letting in hordes of shit which is what codenigger has turned the board into.

>These faggots astroturfing the "NatSoc" shit are all zognald supporters.


The shills are threatening to further harm the board and 8chan because theyre antifa and cancer.


>No mention of natsockery here…


>Natsoc doesn't belong here, or anywhere. Put it in the bin where it belongs.


>is in on the /pol/ NatSockery

>Get ready for a massive revolt from the inside of 8chan.

>The NatSoc infestation is worse than anyone could have imagined,

>Expect Hansen and polvol6 to be the next two discipline cases within the 8chan administration.>Natsoc doesn't belong here, or anywhere. Put it in the bin where it belongs.

6e02c3  No.12448548

8b6d00  No.12448549

Here's that thread:




Board log:



What the fuck is this shit...

6e02c3  No.12448599


/sudo/ is where goons goes to bitch and whine about the site and has been for years. it's basically their 'homebase' on 8chan to try to ruin this site with scattering the users as much as possible because 8chan is /pol/ and /pol/ is natsoc. They are easily identifiable and up until recently were just being ignored for years of whining on /sudo/ until codemonkey decided to be a dumb fuck and refuse to make the board deglobalized.

They spammed codenigger emails to get the BO removed, and all the vol's are added by nigger directly so they just spam his emails again to get what they want as a choatic shithole where nothing is done and /pol/ is just /b/ with politics. Making the board deglobalized would render their concern astroturf spamming inert again so they'll do whatever they can to scream down anyone who suggests it as "a kike"

4a6c94  No.12448913

Worst I've ever seen this place since I staggered in here in 2015. Fucking downsaging bots everywhere posting nonsense. wtf codemonkey? Put down the hot pocket and take your hand off your dick for 5 minutes.

4a6c94  No.12448919


Perhaps I spoke too soon, looks like someone is paying attention. kek

2368dd  No.12448924

File: 7cde2cedc4c9f5f⋯.png (550.8 KB, 1485x717, 495:239, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)

File: 82db9a7afd4e700⋯.png (107.16 KB, 1479x356, 1479:356, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)

File: 04e963d992d3741⋯.png (149.84 KB, 1501x356, 1501:356, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)

File: 8ea013daa040aaf⋯.png (132.47 KB, 720x1307, 720:1307, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)


Why were my legit threads deleted that followed the global rules. This board needs to get its shit together and get rid of these fucking lefty mods infiltrating the site. Bullshit excuses.




2368dd  No.12448940


We are going to have to start a new board if this shit does not get sorted. Its been going on for months now.

2368dd  No.12448997

File: d1b491eed5823bb⋯.png (161.22 KB, 1496x302, 748:151, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)

File: e53946db659bb3c⋯.png (137.54 KB, 1489x360, 1489:360, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)


Blatant demoralization threads are left up and bumped over and over.

2368dd  No.12449005


no you

e87ecd  No.12449042

how do I delete someone else's thread there's a button there but it aint working also why are people so mean here you should really be nicer I try to show my friends this place and they get mad at me because someone tells them to kill themselves or calls them another curse word also why's the posting so weird and slow? cant you do something about this stuff you wont get the right posters if you keep letting these mean bigots post email me if you want me to moderate since it seems easy to do and there are a bunch that id get rid of mean. people really

2368dd  No.12449059


no you

2368dd  No.12449166



0fcf20  No.12449234

File: 3e0e816389f64d9⋯.png (509.73 KB, 770x789, 770:789, 1289567784.png)


2368dd  No.12449248

0fcf20  No.12449261

7db262  No.12449325

>/pol/ culture / established threads are allowed

<polvol6 deletes Antarctica thread after 20 minutes

Yeah, I really believe that the mods here know /pol/ culture, you faggots.

Pin this in the cyclic thread and stop wasting two fucking threads for your global cancer.

39d1a2  No.12449385


Shut the fuck up cumgargler. You don't belong here

000000  No.12449392


go back to >>>/x/ cockmongler

7db262  No.12449412



>delete /pol/ culture threads and don't complain, goyim

You don't even know this board and you are trying to shill, pathetic.

>>>/x/ faggots are back

It was legitimate news, nothing to do with /x/, Why are you torkikes so scared about /pol/ digging Antarctica?

You're that faggot in the thorium thread aren't you, torkike.

Just here to derail shit and with about as much substance as a sandbag.

000000  No.12449420


>muh antarctica

>durr it's somehow possible for a group of 100+ year old 3rd reich government ministers to survive indefinitely in the most inhospitable continent on earth and somehow still be able to do something significant for the white race without being discovered by some kike with a satellite camera

>muh thorium

>implying some kike wouldn't have started selling the technology to make shekels by now if it were feasible

000000  No.12449422


oh, and also

>muh torkikes

>oy vey goy you can't have anonymity, you must let (((Jim))) and (((Chodekikey))) datamine you and sell your information to the FBI

for someone so obsessed with /x/ bullshit you sure do have a lax attitude towards government surveillance

7db262  No.12449446


I am against thorium you faggot. It's a non-starter as you said.

You clearly know nothing about Antarctica, if you did you'd know what the 5 threads on here over a year ago were called.

<Germany didn't send 100k of their best there on a one way trip

<Operation Highjump never happened + still partially classified for some (((strange reason)))

<three nukes were never detonated

<25°c all year round ice caves proven last year

<it's all a larp


>thinking tor gives anonymity

<wut are comp'd exit nodes

<wut are pedos getting fucked on it

<wut are hardware/firmware backdoors

>thinking you know everything

Yeah, nice try you faggot. It's because I've done much more research into it than you have and realized that all you're doing is putting up a fluro red flag to monitor further.

It's easier to slip by in the masses than be the 0.001%, they can't store the entire internet after fibre sniffing and DPI, only about 2-5%.

Even then, I don't give a fuck because I do all my own legal shit, so they can't do anything. I don't know why I'm wasting my time explaining this to a stupid tornigger though.

000000  No.12449466


They were called Süd/pol/ you faggot. Don't try pretending it isn't /x/ bullshit with all your

>muh flying saucers

>muh ayyliens



>food can't be grown

The white man may bypass these restrictions. Wind turbines may be used to generate electricity to power purple LED strips to grow crops. In Antarctica, if you have enough starting materials + an unlimited energy supply in the form of wind power, you can live for a god damn long time. Still though, it's highly unlikely they would have had enough technology to do that back in the 30s and 40s.

d4b50e  No.12449477


In response to the kvetching faggot in the image: Correct me if I'm wrong (by linking to board logs) but I don't recall ever banning anyone for "supporting the ZOG". And on the off chance that I did it certainly is not something I make a habit of doing.

000000  No.12449482


People who post that "NO JOOZ" image are shills by default. Just [B&D] the faggots for violating rule #5, no questions asked.

7db262  No.12449487


100k is proven in the documentation of the NSDAP, which is generally considered to be incredibly accurate and meticulously kept if you asked a historian.

>food can't be grown

Yes it can, this has been proven to be possible with period technology. HPS, MH and Flourescent lighting was invented well within time to do this.

<wut is climate controlled environment

<wut are 25° caves

<wut are existing bases somehow living there all year round on the fucking surface

You're not even trying to critically think now, are you?

I never said ufos or aliens, you did in an attempt to tar the subject matter.

You're just salty because you thought tor would save you and you're too lazy to learn law.


You need to watch new posts and delete obvious derailing and spamming instead of waiting for reports. I was able to do it when I was a vol, so can you.

P.s. get a vol for the gap between burger/bong timezones. I would volunteer but you global faggots keep deleting /pol/ related threads so I'd rather stir a revolt and replace you.

000000  No.12449498


>get a vol for the gap between burger/bong timezones

that's what polvol4 was and chodekikey removed him for stickying one (1) thread about what he personally considered to be a low effort thread. Removed for clarifying the rules, not for actually enforcing them. Chodekikey is a useless admin and he needs to commit suicide like the faggot hapa he is.

For now, http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/pol/ is a good bunker.

7db262  No.12449510


>spoon feed me


Read you lazy nigger

Go look up high pressure discharge lamp technology and when it was invented you nigger. You'll see I'm entirely right if you dared to read and dig yourself, the tech to live there has existed before WW2 began. Expeditions were in mid-late 30s..


7db262  No.12449512


Chokekikey has fucked this place hard, I remember seeing your thread showing his thoughts on the moderation and direction /pol/ has taken. Absolutely disgusting treatment of one of the biggest boards and entrenched userbases on this site.

000000  No.12449538


I just noticed that Chodekikey personally deleted that thread. I'm not getting off Tor now but here are links to the images in question.

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/media/5d4fee7a583d066ca2b4fa5fcf4e4c9980f83b48b148264824daee99efa0c770.png (Chodekikey's dismissive attitude towards pajeet spam)

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/media/62580c5fce5c0d0d149c61ce343202e62657a34bd861cf4755d278652232690b.png (Chodekikey's useless moderation guide worse than /b/)

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/media/0c777db5db1f7b59222547f5db58a91d1ce4054cb9641f45620659438e20b840.png (Chodekikey admits he will never deglobalize /pol/)

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/media/98888156adad6dd0d1868788659a69ef974c88a294983a4e107f7e1ed9d7c075.png (Chodekikey's schizo shitposting on /pol/)

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/media/530c26830e852cc8c1f5cf455e7f0d64de6160520bdf833f1d162d55dcc57c30.png (Chodekikey's schizo shitposting on /general/)

000000  No.12449542

Notice: polvol7 has been added.

000000  No.12449562

Rule 5. >>>/pol/12449558

>5. /pol/ is a National Socialist board. Posts which speak positively of jews or judaism are not permitted; they will be deleted and the poster banned for up to six weeks. Posters who admit to being a member of an inferior race (jews, niggers, sandniggers, etc.) will be banned for up to six weeks, and all their posts may be deleted. Posters who express a desire for the White race to be eradicated will be banned for up to six weeks, and all their posts may be deleted.

d4b50e  No.12449613

File: d6cdc98b1bafe75⋯.jpg (83.77 KB, 962x768, 481:384, 455E98A700000578-0-This_Na….jpg)

File: 6732f97a9906e81⋯.jpg (441.48 KB, 569x803, 569:803, 6732f97a9906e8121d17108a99….jpg)


Yeah the pv4 removal was rather questionable, 2 and 5 were obvious, 2 had irl shit going down stressing him out and regretted his actions even before he was removed so I feel a little sorry about that. I don't think any of the PV's so far have been enemies to the 14 words but you gotta expect a little authoritarianism to creep into the moderation on a natsoc board. And when you have some boss from on-high handing out directives that to some seem apathetic or hostile to the boards nature well some of the mods go a little funny in the head after a while.

Personally I don't have a problem with anyone saying their piece so long as they are acting in good faith and I don't ban someone based ideological grounds. But I get the feeling that most of the people arguing against /pol/ ideology are primarily here just to troll and disrupt. CM has said we can ban for off topic and spam and I choose to intemperate trolling as off topic. If someone is making valid points and is not just spamming the same gibberish over and over I tend to let it fly. This is and will always be very subjective and I am glad that so far we have had actual /pol/acks making those sorts of calls. For the worst offenders banning is very ineffective, deleting all posts by ip is a better deterrent for some of the trolls.

The rest of the internet bans us on site for our thought crimes for merely questioning the Jewish led narratives. We deserve at least one place we we can post in relative peace, but on the other hand a hugbox is not an environment conducive to building the strong members our movement needs, this is the conflict that wars within me.

While I am not happy about the situation I will not cut off my nose to spite my face and wont oppose CM unless I see a valid path to a better alternative, and right now, flaws and all, 8/pol/ is the best place I know of for supporting our cause. This site and this position is where I choose labor in service to the 14 words that I have dedicated my life in service to.

000000  No.12449633


>I will not cut off my nose to spite my face

There's the problem. You do not fight against chodekikey, an obvious enemy of /pol/, just because you think that 8chan is some kind of special website which has to be saved. It isn't. There are a million other /pol/ bunker boards, one of which is certain to be suitable.

>I will not cut off my nose to spite my face

This is the logic that causes white people to not fight against their jewish overlords. The "logic" which states that "as long as I have muh bread and circuses, I'll support the system".

000000  No.12449637


Also, get polvol7 on your mailing list and see where his allegiences lie. It would be handy to know whether he's a chodekikey puppet mod or not.

3c99a3  No.12449672

Is it possible to consolidate all pro and anti trump threads into one containment thread? Trump General or something, because this shit flooding the board is getting old.

ffc501  No.12449687


Just filter "Trump". Problem solved.

7db262  No.12449688


>CM has said we can ban for off topic and spam and I choose to intemperate trolling as off topic

Meanwhile in reality >>12449594 PV6 basically advocates the cancer, spamming and derailing openly and with actions in the log.

If you are PV6 you are a lying sack of shit.

CM also said he basically hates /pol/ and doesn't care if it dies. I'm digging the emails/caps/etc now give me a sec

7db262  No.12449692


>Maga vs drumpf faggots in one cyclic faggot thread

That's not a bad idea anon.

ffc501  No.12449694


>You do not fight against chodekikey, an obvious enemy of /pol/, just because you think that 8chan is some kind of special website which has to be saved. It isn't. There are a million other /pol/ bunker boards, one of which is certain to be suitable.

None of them with any sizable posting population. This is the biggest National Socialist community on the internet, if its no longer National Socialist it has no reason to exist. The feds are the ones disrupting this community, they have chodekikes nuts in a vice or he doesnt even exist, maybe hes just handed the keys over to feds now entirely and they pretend to be him not to disturb things too much.

This place is an irreplaceable tool against white genocide and if you shut it down today, it would no doubt result in 10 Robert Bowers feeling the time for talk is over.

000000  No.12449698


>This is the biggest National Socialist community on the internet.

It's also on life support with 1/2 or more of the userbase being drooling retards, cuckchan supporters, jewish shills or funposters disrupting the legitimate discussion.

Users, real National Socialists, can move. Chodekikey isn't going to move. Cuckchan crossposters aren't going to move. 8chan is fucking dead even if you manage to somehow make chodekikey back down for the time being.

ffc501  No.12449703


>Users, real National Socialists, can move

Except they cant because literally everywhere else is deplatformed and this place now has a monopoly on the /pol/ brand, which is what we are. There is nowhere else on the internet that bans for not being National Socialist, or for supporting based niggers, #NotAllKikes, civnat trash, cancer in general. This is the only place and suggesting we should leave because people like you hijacked it is peak chutzpah. This is our community, the only reason its full of cancer is because kikes and feds. You want to start another /pol/ on 8ch and ban all those things, make an effort to bring the full community over, go ahead. Until then this place is irreplaceable and people should be doing their best to force chodekike to start banning the cancer.

000000  No.12449715


>There is nowhere else on the internet that bans for not being National Socialist

There are a lot of places which are explicitly National Socialist. As I said in a previous post, there are a lot of small imageboards which are suitable candidates

>people like you hijacked it

Who do you think I am?

>the only reason its full of cancer is because kikes and feds

None of those, it's Chodekikey's fault. Do not forget that Chodekikey doesn't care what happens here. He would be totally fine with bringing cuckchan retards over, because it increases his PPH and IP count so he can jack off to his stats page. Chodekikey doesn't care about /pol/; he's not white. He just cares about his shitty ad revenue.

Jews and niggers wouldn't be a problem for a board on the internet if he would fucking let them get banned.

>this place is irreplaceable

This place is filling up with scum from below. It's also easily replaceable if it were revealed exactly how little chodekikey cares about the existing users. As I said, users can move; there are countless small imageboards with NS leanings. Chodekikey isn't going anywhere. Whatever cancer exists here exists for good, so if you don't want it better move now.

6e02c3  No.12449727


Archive the spam and, then email the shit out of codenigger to let him know the only way forward to fix /pol/ is degloablizing it. Range bans are also most likely needed because they will just recycle the IP, wasting gvols time with botspam forever. Read the log, it's full of botspam being permabanned by globals.

The goons have turned on their botspam because they know their narrative is fucked

You'll notice it only started to appear once they were called out ITT. So they're just trying to make as much damage to /pol/ as possible and arent even attempting to concern troll anymore. Instead it's an all offense attack on /pol/ from outsider antifa



What >>12449482 says

The faggot in that image is antifa aka /leftypol/ and they only seek destruction of /pol/ through constant raids, discard what he says and carry on with banning the idealogical enemy of /pol/.

If /pol/ was not natsoc then it would not be under constant attack from antifa and paid shills

The only thing one needs to do is apply some logical thinking. Since anyone can clearly see that it is being targeted, and with more fervor than ever before, the shills argument "/pol/ is not natsoc, and has never been natsoc and will never be natsoc" loses all merit in the face of the truth.

0610a8  No.12449729

File: 9a73877d4229ff2⋯.webm (4.49 MB, 480x360, 4:3, uberallles.webm)

File: aed84eb24e72bf9⋯.webm (3.61 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1467628473021_betterment.webm)

File: 64ef2d6b92c2a14⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 550x270, 55:27, 1458932232037.war.webm)


>/pol/ is a natsoc board


7db262  No.12449781

RQ torfag onionchan anon to post teh codemonkey emails. Sorry anons I can't find them and the thread got 404'd after a few days, strangely..

000000  No.12449796


They are linked here >>12449538

I'm on tor and not going to disable it so I had to upload them on nanochan.

0610a8  No.12449820

File: 2873473ebab7ad4⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 717x613, 717:613, 4b7982d0510a3c1d5a236f8eb.jpg)

File: a7a2e48d159aef8⋯.jpg (314.61 KB, 2060x828, 515:207, 9c99654c42ad765e8450e.ndsa….jpg)


>dismissive attitude towards pajeet spam


>useless moderation





<can't care, will defer

All ships must have a captain. This capitulation and low energy toss-in to the 1) pajeet, to the (2) kike zeitgeist, and to (3) generalized entropy, is by definition a release of ownership. Yes, they can be manipulated. Yes, I remain listening, and will continue to do so, to time-test –ALL– narratives for subversion and glownigger games. Regardless of any other any, there must be ownership, and their must be a captain.

Rapid prototype, and slash and burn all other, until a core kernel that can self-manage is reached. There is no other choice. There never is, anywhere. And any other who say other are other, and must be sent back.

0610a8  No.12449833


Guidance 0: Pol is a NatSoc Board.

Guidance 1: Production Must Win.

All compromises to any other any will systematically reveal. And each time that 'until-condition' is reached, correction must be made. Production must win, and production of NatSoc.

7db262  No.12449834

File: 0c777db5db1f7b5⋯.png (39.71 KB, 979x786, 979:786, 0c777db5db1f7b59222547f5db….png)

File: 5d4fee7a583d066⋯.png (113.04 KB, 578x861, 578:861, 5d4fee7a583d066ca2b4fa5fcf….png)

File: 530c26830e852cc⋯.png (503.3 KB, 1354x1341, 1354:1341, 530c26830e852cc8c1f5cf455e….png)

File: 62580c5fce5c0d0⋯.png (60.86 KB, 1270x394, 635:197, 62580c5fce5c0d0d149c61ce34….png)

File: 98888156adad6dd⋯.png (175.49 KB, 1684x967, 1684:967, 98888156adad6dd0d186878865….png)


Thanks anon. Here you go faggots. if it uploads, fuck this site SUCKS COCKS for uploading lately

7db262  No.12449840


P.s. for those who are unsure what this is, this is codemonkey + his shitposting habits and also his opinions of /pol/.

Things might make more sense now?

0610a8  No.12449869



Thank you for distribution.

System Commentary:

RE: IMG4 (x62580C5FC, Vol Policy)

RE: P4

>Do not do X. Why?

<It places other hands, missions, and productions at equal status to and/or above the board's mission.

It is an invalidation of business, and a abomination against production. By definition. What is stated makes good advice for jpeterson-teir-makeurbed shit; What should be stated is missing. This reveals the lack of frame to an absolute natural universe. Excuses of it being a generic rule are invalid; This is not a generic board. This lack of absolution leaves a susceptibility to demoralization, to subversive false hopes, and to excusing other economic misappropriation of stated energy reserved. While abstract, it does come out over time, and when it comes out, it must be corrected.


>[spam] the shit out of codenigger

Always yes, to repost message, under regular repetition, to direct work to be done. Probably still no to flooding, as yet. It has only yet been a week. We are not so entirely poor just yet.

000000  No.12449920

polvol8 seems to not be a chodecuck at least, he just permabanned a pajeet (which violates chodekikey's rules). Still don't know about #7.

7db262  No.12449927


Thank fuck. Pajeet needs to be put in a tandoori.

cba06c  No.12449953


How does that violate his rules? The globals have been permabanning the poo spam, they're clearly allowed to do that.

000000  No.12449956


According to chodekikey, bans above 1 week in length are not permitted. When I was polvol, in the beginning he screeched at me to not use long ban lengths - maybe he doesn't care anymore.

7db262  No.12449965


Kek PV6 was handing out 2 week bans like candy last week.

6e02c3  No.12449985

File: 0ef928369c6e876⋯.png (4.94 KB, 615x26, 615:26, ClipboardImage.png)


codenigger just removed 6.

000000  No.12449988


There goes another mod removed for enforcing national socialism on /pol/, no matter what other complaints you might have.


Be there.

30e4bf  No.12449998


>no matter what other complaints you might have.

So we should just pretend and ignore that polvol6 was always shit and wasn't enforcing national socialism at all when he ignored legitimate spam reports?

000000  No.12450011


Which spam reports has he ignored? I have yet to see your evidence on this statement.

7db262  No.12450015


This. The proof is in the pudding. They finally flip flopped this week to enforcing NS rules to try appease the userbase as people were geting shitty. I think 56 reports on the post capped here >>12449594 said enough and they got the message.

Too bad it was too late because they were doing a better job.

IF it was removal because of enforcing rule5, and another vol is removed for it in future, then this is a consistent pattern, there will need to be much greater efforts to get CM to relinquish control of the board and a revolt is needed.

000000  No.12450026


polvols 2, me, 5 and 6 have been removed. I think it's fair to say that this is a "consistent pattern". After enough of this, the only mods left will be limp-wristed chodecucks who listen to chodekikey's every demand.

Exodus is needed.

39d1a2  No.12450035


Please exodus now. A faggot exodus would be greatly appreciated

000000  No.12450044


>A faggot exodus would be greatly appreciated

go ahead then

7db262  No.12450045


Were they all removed after enforcing NS/rule5?

7db262  No.12450048


And kek, they bought two extra mods on, so next time that happens (vols who are watching this thread), wreak some havoc before they shoah you.

000000  No.12450057


#2 was removed for spamming.

#4 was removed for creating a sticky thread clarifying his own definition of "low effort threads", in response to user requests.

#5 was removed for sticky threads stating he didn't want to listen to chodekikey and also openly declaring that /pol/ was a NS board. #6 was removed for enforcing rule 5.


Reminder that any vol who doesn't get removed eventually is a cuck. Your vol position is only as valuable as what you can do with it; if you listen to chodekikey it is worth nothing. Volunteers are only worth something if they enforce National Socialist rules. Volunteers who do not say that /pol/ is a National Socialist board are cucks who may as well not exist.

36180a  No.12450070


Polvol2 was removed for spamming, unbanning himself to continue spamming and dismissing reports on his own spam.

Polvol4 was removed for making up his own rules, stickying them and avatarfagging in the meta thread as Lain all day. He still can't stay away from the meta thread as he's now posting here with Tor shilling his site every day.

Polvol5 deleted the meta thread and stickied spam threads while permabanning random users.

Polvol6 isn't clear yet, but there have been a lot of complaints about him and apparently he also made up a rule and randomly banned people for it. Just look at the bans polvol6 has been handing out in the board log and tell me that's a good mod.


Why aren't you on your own site yet? You said you were leaving.

000000  No.12450074


>it's (((this guy))) again

Back to reddit, reddit spacer

7db262  No.12450080


Thanks for the clarification.

Basically CM doesn't want /pol/ to have any independence then is the clear pattern.

Thus exodus or revolt. I prefer revolt because it worked last time when the board became global. History repeats, so i'd expect it would work again. There was a thread about this on the bunker you don't like we discussed in the other thread. Some anons thought it best to let this place burn, others thought it is best to bring the fight to CM. He is the lynchpin at the moment.

>Reminder that any vol who doesn't get removed eventually is a cuck.

That's why I lasted only a few weeks under kampfy, kek.

It's a bit like people who don't get banned and post about it.


>further clarification

Interesting. So Childish mod behaviour.

Agreed on the ban reasons, if they spent more time vol'ing and less time writing mind-grating ban messages, more shit would have got done.


They know too much for being pure reddit. That said the spacing is fucking horrible and they post here reasonably often.

Did you watch that video?

36180a  No.12450085


Back to Nanochan kikevol4.

Reddit spacing is spacing after every line, not every couple sentences.

000000  No.12450095


Get chodekikey to commit suicide and hope that the new stooge that jim installs isn't as bad? Based on Chodekikey's words and actions so far, I doubt he wants to change the situation; clearly he is ideologically motivated against us. No real lolberg would ignore the words of the users for this long.

7db262  No.12450100


No, just get him to relinquish control and make it non (((global))) again because /pol/ is too much fucking trouble and stressing him out.

That already happened th first time he kvetched cus global/email spammin gwas getting crazy and kikey left the baord to rot after firing all us vols.

All anons want is non global /pol/ and the ability to chose our own vols who will keep this place as an NS board. That's it.

000000  No.12450101


Didn't you see the screencap where chodekikey said he will never deglobalize /pol/?

Chodekikey is an enemy. If you can get him to deglobalize /pol/, you may have fixed the problem temporarily but he will probably still cause trouble for us in the future.

7db262  No.12450108


Yes I saw that. But it means nothing to me because I am coming from the POV of natural law.

>History repeats.

If it gets bad enough here and enough anons catch on then the volume of spam/global fuckery/email/shit will drive chodey nuts.

He has then only two options:

>relinquish control

<delete the board

Only one will actually result in this entire imageboard not being systematically destroyed by 2000+ anons.

ea7b98  No.12450162


You're not fooling anyone.

50420a  No.12450165

File: 877a3d2ffc85cdb⋯.png (153.5 KB, 988x1339, 76:103, 1227199_001 - 145763779118….png)


>Basically CM doesn't want /pol/ to have any independence then is the clear pattern.

>Thus exodus or revolt. I prefer revolt because it worked last time when the board became global.

The pattern match real life.

I see that this board was poisoned when the turkroach was co-opted to allow to be invaded by T_D to change the narrative.

When that didn't quite work because we began to redpill the lemmings, then Plan B kicked up, miraculously the mod disappeared to give room to a raid and a Board's cup by CM was legitimized.

Now we see that NatSoc anons are wasting time and efforts to fight hordes of shills and nothing productive is done.

Sorry to say, but this retarded.

CM knows what he is doing, and it is to dilute the think tank called /pol/, because is disrupting the civic nationalist plan to blind and wrap Whites in a movement that will guarantee a peaceful White Genocide.

Anons, use the IQ given by your genes, the ground is already poisoned and remaining here is pointless.

To migrate is a must.

7db262  No.12450176


Sorry to burst your bubble but many anons here are not fans of the vols and how things have been operated since the change.

So as per >>12450162 you are not fooling anyone.

If the natsoc movement was 'crumbling' then you wouldn't be here to shill against it, just like all those rules everywhere on the net, the millions of comment sections with normalfags asking the JQ/naming the jew, the shut comment sections, removals of people from public positions, bannings and general scared kike kneejerk reactions to NS.

Never in my life have I seen/heard more normalfags online or IRL questioning kikes or pointing it out.

So nice try, but you are not fooling anyone.

7db262  No.12450186


Of course they are trying to disrupt /pol/.

Thing is most of the oldfags are already plotting on various bunkers a counter strategy. How it plays out depends on how (((they))) act as it influences how operations run. CM is treading a very fine line between exodus and outright board revolt. If anons exodus they lose all control which is what the cianiggers do not want. If they revolt it becomes a bigger mess.

CM is back against a wall at this point and he doesn't even realise it because he is not here getting a feel for how anons are feeling.

P.s. at least post NS ponies if you are going to post that shit here, clopper.

50420a  No.12450206

File: 530ebbb7949a041⋯.png (768.35 KB, 1280x864, 40:27, Panzer vor.png)

File: 0bdbece1dc410d7⋯.png (366.58 KB, 600x467, 600:467, 41a.png)

File: 71476704429a9ab⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1102x689, 1102:689, our_flag.PNG)


CM have shown himself as compromised.

Therefore fullchan is already a dead horse.

Time to pack.

>NS ponies


39d1a2  No.12450210


>Thing is most of the oldfags are already plotting on various bunkers a counter strategy. How it plays out depends on how (((they))) act as it influences how operations run. CM is treading a very fine line between exodus and outright board revolt.

>being this delusional

kek. You guys sadly believe that Yogapig and company are cucks like Dudwheels and will get pushed around. They don't care. This place hardly makes them any shekels and you neetsocs are very bad for the shekels. Exodus or revolt it makes no difference to them.

Its hilarious to watch you spergs plot and trip over.

6 months from now here is my prediction

- No deglobalization

- No revolt

- No exodus

- Board still running as usual.

You read it here first kiddos

7db262  No.12450220


If they step up to rule5 there is no reason for any of that. But 90% chance they won't.

If you have not noticed that many of the diggers and oldfags are gone or only here in passing already then you obviously need to spend more time.

So exodus has happened (and is right now) but it's a soft, slow drip of an exodus as such.

7db262  No.12450224


Of course they are compromised.

See how it plays out… I've already packed and don't contribute here so much these days.

50420a  No.12450225

File: b8c1a1c1ebd5d84⋯.png (609.04 KB, 1600x1581, 1600:1581, __zis_gottdamn_cold_iz_goi….png)


>They don't care. This place hardly makes them any shekels

I have to disagree.

This place is the ideal honeypot, to keep it running and well oiled with shekels is priority.

b18bf3  No.12450227

File: 34f0721f4f79d79⋯.jpg (116.69 KB, 1023x768, 341:256, Advanced Economics.jpg)


Does this mean I can post Civ games again without being constantly harrassed by assburger mods?

7db262  No.12450228


>ponyfag knows whats up

It's very important to control the message to them.

So if this place becomes filled with cuckchan/l;eftypol and the rest of the contributing members leave it will become widely known and very obvious.

Then it loses the appeal.

No one wants to hang on normalfag/pol/, that's not the appeal.

Remember it's supposed to be the 'darkest reaches of the internet' (kek)

bbb7de  No.12450359

File: d1ad5600b6ec505⋯.gif (2.86 MB, 360x314, 180:157, TerryVictoryDance.gif)

Vol5 was a fucking disgrace


880d75  No.12450372

what are the links to the page where we can view the board logs and the bans?

3eaa10  No.12450379



7f7fa7  No.12450385


Start posting pics of him cause you hate him so much. Its a sad gimmick, I'm glad the hate boner club is still playing the 'Imkamfy is everywhere' game.



What a cute gimmick.

880d75  No.12450441


And what is the link to look at the bans? (Not the board log)

7db262  No.12450466



Crossed out circle/stop sign thing up top left if you have GUI. You mentioned using a terminal you crazy mofo.

880d75  No.12450516



Thanks, but I was thinking the one specifically for /pol/

7676ec  No.12450524

The kikevols 4, 5 and 6 all tried to coup to become the next kampfy, then realized that they have almost no fucking support because they were just shit at their job. Now they're trying to push the "we were removed for being natsoc" angle in a desperate effort to gain support for their bullshit.

Don't fucking fall for it, kikevol4 is being obvious as fuck in this thread, shilling for his own website.

There were valid reasons for each one of them to get fired, none of them to do with natsoc.

Kike4 probably promised all the other vols positions on his website, he even mentions a mailing list here


And there's also the faggot spamming the same angle from the opposite side, pretending to be happy that "natsoc vols are getting removed", it's very blatant D&C.

7db262  No.12450534


There is only a global list like that, only the board log is specific..

Only vols can see appealed bans and a few other things like that.

00a728  No.12450578


Try it. It'll probably pass as long as you don't link it in every other thread.

As much screetching as there is, none of the mods seem to be kikey. Well, 7 and 8 are new so who can tell.

e421b8  No.12450642

File: 4c7b840b2e3c742⋯.jpg (192.68 KB, 900x900, 1:1, polvol6 irl.jpg)


i know ur a gril PV6

can you be my waifu?

i think ur hawt tbh

picrel i made this for you

looks like you already got 86'D tho

if youre interested i have a 14.88 inch cock and would love to have you scream at me about what is and isnt national socialism during segs

you can hit me up @ fashygoy.tumblr.com



here you go lads


7db262  No.12450708


Someone already linked them the board log, I'm not quite sure what they are after lol.

e421b8  No.12450740


well i know what im after

have polvol6 pry me away from the computer for spamming too hard and announcing global reports too much, then sit on my face while writing out a 3 paragraph ban message

7db262  No.12450771

File: 85a388c575b883a⋯.png (425.23 KB, 1305x111, 435:37, polvol6 IRL banning.png)


I wish we could see her webcam when she reads that, kek.

e421b8  No.12450786

File: 9567ffca3c3cb6e⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 320x284, 80:71, aroused.gif)


hopefully something like this

4f4dd3  No.12450806


there is a fucking girl who is a volunteer? What the fuck. How the fuck did you retards let someone in like that here? The art of detecting jew is that of the highest forms, no female can attain it, the quality of moderation will go down tenfold if you let one of those vaginal tards in.

You dumb fucks.

80d6c3  No.12450807

god i want PV6 to bend over the side of my bed while she takes my 7 inch cock while i thrust excessively and shove my fingers down her throat for the glory of the herd.

take the hehpillm PV6. abandon rulecuckery and take my Big White Cock. BWC supermacy will rise again

4f4dd3  No.12450808


kek, I managed to figure out what was happening in like 5 minutes, from their posting style and intent. I still got it man. No thot, or jewthot will ever best me man.

4f4dd3  No.12450811

File: 8aeb73eeb43f43d⋯.jpg (122.72 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, 1537164767726.jpg)

File: 4cedd9bcc8fc0ad⋯.jpg (507.05 KB, 2712x1288, 339:161, 43c3448738b7c981504a717e39….jpg)





7db262  No.12450815

File: 7aadf34089e4000⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 352x82, 176:41, The mad lads of baraboo 4.jpg)



>pic related


No one had any say in the matter, /pol/ does not appoint vols afaik, they are probably selected by CM who finds the least NS or newestfags to vol by the looks of things. Only one, maybe two vols so far I would consider to be following NS principles. One only started getting serious after being flamed to shit.

e421b8  No.12450825

File: 80c4c570d6717ec⋯.png (52.82 KB, 1561x466, 1561:466, wewlad.png)


look at these ban messages and tell me if you think this is a dude

this is a fashy roastie

a seggsy one


**pls bost moar pics of seggsy nazi grils

its all i have left of my waifu**

80d6c3  No.12450826


kek you have to send your ID to codekikey in order to be a vol, so he can prove you don't have social media.

the solution is simple

>create fradulent ID from a country codenigger won't know too well

>get your local high-school weed dealer to print that shit out and laminate it, most will do a shoddy job of it

<its good enough for codenigger if you make a fake latvian ID

<LARP as a qt girl

<codenigger hires you because he's sick of going to blowjob bars in japan

>delete whatever you want and never get removed because codenigger is desperate for pucci

4f4dd3  No.12450830


>the line about celine dions clothing line

>and her ban

hahaha oh god, well enjoy your bully target anon, I retract my initial statement.

50420a  No.12450832

File: c1b86493a47237e⋯.png (39.84 KB, 653x455, 653:455, _xoxo_sarah_xoxo-d5jg0qm.png)



If this is real, then is the upmost heresy.

Fullchan is done.

4f4dd3  No.12450843


women simply lack the neurons to grasp as the higher concepts, in propaganda war, there are a couple, not many but a couple of upper tier, elitish kikes who sometimes post an angle. It is solely a war of men, vs other men. Women get fucking torn apart mercilessly by either sides. Women are really shit at this you know. Horribly shit. In like 10 years I dont think I have ever met, or noticed (I pay attention to lingo well, as most of us do here), a female anywhere near our circles. This rule is unbroken just as the sun will rise the next morning. Horrible in society and propped up by the feminists, and especially terrible here. Women really dont belong here. And it probably will be something worth fighting over.

50420a  No.12450874

File: d0a0fc4aed543e5⋯.jpeg (93.92 KB, 1024x960, 16:15, 1517523097810.jpeg)


>And it probably will be something worth fighting over.

If you mean to fight to kick them out… don't bother.

If it is true a woman is present, plus all the kikery already allowed, then it is a deliberated way to cause mayhem in /pol/ from the top.

If the site management has instructions from ZOG to disrupt /pol/, as all the evidence is pointing at, there is little the anons can do about it.

7db262  No.12450896



One of you autistic enough faggots definitely needs to do this if you are approached. Please for the love of kek, the old gods, even for the lulz, just do it.


There are a few here but they keep quiet usually.

50420a  No.12450903


>but they keep quiet usually.

As they must.

7db262  No.12450905


Checked, satan says polvol6 digits confirm.

p.s. that is not to say women are not often quite effective in their own areas at /pol/ ops >>12450843 The war is on all fronts, it's Totalen Kreig, one must realise that.

880d75  No.12450937

File: d159c93d76533f7⋯.png (127.49 KB, 984x508, 246:127, polvol6 probably for sure.png)

some think that this was polvol6

e421b8  No.12450941

File: 122524efc83851e⋯.jpg (62.21 KB, 736x413, 736:413, pv6.jpg)




polvol6 a cute


e421b8  No.12450947


ooh yea

id recognize that sexy sentence structure anywhere

so dominant and assertive

yet so soft and caring


had to type this w one hand

9a3335  No.12451107

File: fe07f8076550bb2⋯.jpg (234.98 KB, 1800x1202, 900:601, into the mist.jpg)

A Short Message from Former Polvol6

I'm the user formerly known as polvol6


- I volunteered for being a 'polvol' for the sole purpose of making /pol/ a better place for NatSoc ideas and ideals.

- I soon realized, probably after two weeks, that it wasn't going to happen by me being a mod, and that /pol/ being a global board was completely detrimental to those who had a genuine interest and want of having a Nationalistic Socialist board.

- I saw the 'deletion' of polvol4 as a grave mistake. I think that he was a good moderator, much better than myself, and spent much time on the board doing his job. Very dedicated and thorough. Just because he stickied a thread, he was 'deleted' as a moderator. I though that it was completely unfair.

- I saw the 'deletion' of polvol5 as a complete surprise - a total WTF moment.

- There is a question as to this "56 reports dismissed" information. I remember that day. It was after an extended period of time that there were no moderators at all online and having 56+ reports was entirely overwhelming. 90% of those reports were one-word reports saying, "shill," "Kike," or a word to that effect. One-word reports. Very frustrating.

- I couldn't go through every single one of the reports, although in retrospect, I could have used "Dismiss +" which would have dismissed reports made by the same IP. Hindsight is 20/20. I dismissed the reports and then worked on pruning threads.

- In order to clear things up, I assure you that I am not a woman, female, trannie, or anything other than a White European Male that puts his pee-pee in a White European vagina. Nothing more. Nothing less.

- I will get many, "Fuck-You's," "You Suck," and other comments regarding this post, but, that is the nature of the animal we are dealing with here.


- If you want, I will answer anything that you want to ask to the best of my ability unless you want to ask me things like, "How come you are such a faggot," and things like that.

- There really isn't much to say about my position as a Moderator other than I was trying to do my assigned job while attempting to subvert Codemonkey's Global Board setup. I did not want this board to be a Global Board.


- Lastly, I won't be sperging out and spamming the boards or anything like that. I have better things to do with my time. I consider it rude, immature, and not consistent with being an example of a White European Male with an above average IQ.

- I will also be polite and thoughtful to the remaining moderators. If I make a report, I will ensure that I do not make 'one-word-reports.'

- See you around.

Yours Truly,

The User Formerly Known As Polvol6



39d1a2  No.12451127


fuck you kike

6cf8db  No.12451129

>CM wants ID

I don't buy it. Never asked for mine.

d. bolvol

bbc38e  No.12451170


In your opinion, is it unreasonable to assume that anons could force the issue enough to have it assigned a BO? Some have contended that it is the intention of CM to neuter it into cuckchan /pol/ 2.0, yet Jim's pet project, the Pisswater, has at least one vociferously NatSoc writer in attendance. Clearly, Jim isn't opposed to the NatSoc ideology. Is it simply a matter of assisting CM into choosing the path of least resistance?

Thank you for your efforts. Enjoyed the added flair and panache with which you dispatched the fucks.

32f203  No.12451205


/pol/ is not a natsoc board

6cf8db  No.12451236


/Bol is nod a nadsog board :DD

9a3335  No.12451238


>anons could force the issue enough to have it assigned a BO

- IN MY OPINION ? Chances ? Slim to none. It is also my opinion that Codemonkey wants to make this 4chan/pol 2.0 (I made that thread by the way, and I mention it just to prove the point that I have, in fact, been trying to subvert him for quite some time) so that he can get the traffic coming in to generate shekels. Remember that he has had great success with doing that on /qresearch/ and he may be getting greedy.

- Keeping in perspective that he has made money off of /qresearch/ and the like, one might be able to see why it seems like he wants to 'tame' /pol/.




^^this guy^^



bbc38e  No.12451272


That's a reasonable assumption I suppose. Since QLarp is crumbling, perhaps he thinks he can convert some of their base to /pol/ to continue the shekel flow. No doubt, in the beginning it created a huge influx of traffic to the site.

It's also no doubt that the expenses surrounding upkeep of this site far exceed income. which is why I've always considered it an OP

I guess we shall see…..

bf8cac  No.12451289


>In order to clear things up, I assure you that I am not a woman, female, trannie, or anything other than a White European Male that puts his pee-pee in a White European vagina.

[x] doubt

9a3335  No.12451293


>I guess we shall see…..



well, I guess I have more time to read now instead of trying to be a subversive janitor kek

9a3335  No.12451297



bf8cac  No.12451312


pls be mai waifu PV6

9a3335  No.12451327



give me a call

(202) 324-3000

bf8cac  No.12451419


oh shi-

4f4dd3  No.12451421




>There are a few here but they keep quiet usually.

there are none, it is not misogyny or whatever, it is a simple reality. Women dont belong here, they are the food of the subversion, a price to be won, an element to be exploited, nothing more really. One has to no need to pander to "their wisdom". Or their "reason", they simply will follow and fall in line. The few on the far end of the bell curve…lol who cares about them. You have as much chance for shitskin to make it to their level. And yet we also dont specifically pander for them. I say that if they actually do manage to get here, let them try to steer clear of our malice, for if we knew of their identity we would beat the war drums. Such is the game. They are not allowed an identity or freedom to exist. Let them be under a mantle of persecution and strict criticism! It may even sound childish, but if I knew of the vagina…here…yea…plenty of good reason to tell others about this transgression. It would turn this board into a laughing stock, a good reason as any for an actual migration away if the problem is not removed.

7db262  No.12451593


I know one is here because I put my dick in her.

She is a grammar nazi.

4f4dd3  No.12451655


Well I havent. In all of content creation, in all of the verifiable cases, book authors…writers, the better e-celebs. Those on the frontlines of the many ops here on the chans…none of them are females. Srsly, not even one of them. A female is like a packmule, slowly marching in line and carrying supplies to the brazen cavalry up ahead. To be near one is a sign of distaste and irrelevance lol

65de21  No.12451843

Why was the "Lethal Force Authorized at Border" thread removed? That was legit news.

00a728  No.12451867


Not seeing it, >>12451202 is up and doing fine

65de21  No.12451888


Thanks, anon. The thread I had bookmarked was apparently a duplicate and got deleted.


>search the fucking catalog

I did. Not my fault the retarded OP titled it with "legal" instead of "lethal" force.

65de21  No.12452151


I didn't make the duplicate thread, sperglord

972b0c  No.12452199

>permaban people over nothing

bf8cac  No.12452237


imo permabans shouldnt even be a thing because most of the time, shills/pedos/cianiggers try to get permab& on purpose to make it so all VPNs are useless and everyone has to post on their own IP. i remember during the kampfy times, every single one of my proxies got permab& and i didnt post a single one of the messages that caused it

besides, as a deterrent its useless, as anyone posting things that would warrant a permaban have a bajillion proxies themselves. they will simply hop IPs and continue on shitting up the board with JB and ruining more proxies for everyone else

bbc38e  No.12452474


That's because kikey liked to range-ban. He'd wipe an entire class C over a single post.

880d75  No.12452655

File: a741a83b024686d⋯.png (110.31 KB, 587x571, 587:571, Jazz ex faggot.png)

where does "JazzEx" come from?

bf8cac  No.12452691


>kikey liked to range-ban

what a useless cunt he was


arent the named ones globals?

d0387f  No.12452818

File: 7416efdfe33d69e⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 394x373, 394:373, Common Libertarian.jpg)


What's wrong with NatSoc anon?

You're not a lolberg are you?

abbc74  No.12453037


>do not fail the board

Codemonkey shouldn't talk. He already failed the board.

95eb84  No.12453133

Just had to file a global report because mods can't be bothered to do their jobs. GG.

bbc38e  No.12453166


and jazzex is on the job dismissing globals as they appear.

abbc74  No.12453249

What Ron created is a duckspeak board, not a free speech board.

bf8cac  No.12453351


>free speech board.

theres the problem

theres a split on the board about what this place is

some people myself included wish to have a board where political/current events can be discussed with a wide range of political beliefs, and can tolerate the fact that other people dont agree with them apparently not everyone who disagrees with you is on a payrollwho knew?. meanwhile others want to create a natsoc safe space. ill give em one thing, there arent many places where its even tolerated, so to an extent i understand.

my main problem with having a board wide consensus like that, is that it allows for consensus cracking to be extremely effective. to the point where dissenting opinions get the b&hammer or get called shill. this isnt conducive to thinking critically, and incessant shill calling from both sides of the argument ends up derailing every single thread. 100% of the time. people cannot help themselves but devolving into

>ur the kike

<nuh uh u are

>nope u nigger

<no u


nowadays, theres the recent tactic the same fucking thing, of MAGA vs drumpf is a (x) x mostly being kike, but ive seen some variations. this little exchange ends up being a part of every single thread on here, without fail. nothing ever gets resolved in this argument, and no one walks away from these exchanges with their opinion changed, so why is it that the shills do it?


because it destroys the conversation, utterly.

anything that was happening prior to it gets drowned out and slid, and suddenly everyone on the thread feels they have to pick a side.

>ur a shill

<no u


consensus cracking is one of the most effective ways to derail. now do some people on here actually think "muh MAGA", or "trump is literally a menorah"? yes. and both sides have their arguments. but does it need to be argued in every single thread ever? prolly not. but it will be.

so, the next time you see it, dont respond a lot of this type of shilling is done via bot, and responds to codewords. dont respond and youll be surprised how they seem not to notice you. stay focused on the topic at hand and stay out of this argument that has no winners by design.


you cant crack a consensus if there is no consensus to crack

bbc38e  No.12453465


Yet, you fail to acknowledge that this board is already a natsoc board and is being forcibly altered. Rather than allowing it to continue, you are proposing that an already existing, heavily trafficked board be transformed into your vision for it. That's very much like how the left is pushing for altering white countries to conform to their standards and their (((values))). I have little sympathy to those actively seeking to impose their fucking will over an already established board and forcing it to bend.

How much consensus cracking do you see on /leftypol/? Hmmmmm….? Are they not all enforcing a hug box over there? Board determination with a stated purpose prevents all of this faggotry. Answering the same fucking questions endlessly is tiring and a waste of time which could be productively used.

Relegating this board to global is a guarantee of continuing the waves of faggotry from goons, leftists and newfriends without ever reaching a consensus on anything for the noise.

f097f8  No.12453739


Only a female says passive-aggressive shit like that.

t. real southerner

880d75  No.12453810


>some people myself included wish to have a board where political/current events can be discussed with a wide range of political beliefs, and can tolerate the fact that other people dont agree with them

then go to /n/ or /newsplus/ or 4chins

>DMAGA vs drumpf is a (x) x mostly being kike

Uh, he is. Just accept that fact.

>because it destroys the conversation, utterly.

it destroys the conversation because the MAGA-Tard is unable to turn around and see it from the perspective that Trump is in fact a kike, whereas the "Drumph is a Kike" crew has seen things from the MAGA side.

>so, the next time you see it, dont respond a lot of this type of shilling is done via bot, and responds to codewords. dont respond and youll be surprised how they seem not to notice you. stay focused on the topic at hand and stay out of this argument that has no winners by design.


>you cant crack a consensus if there is no consensus to crack

You support Israel, don't you. I can tell.




880d75  No.12453813

File: ce739df73e8dc16⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 621x466, 621:466, trump and rabbis.jpg)


this photo is not shooped

791c8c  No.12453838


< vote for democrats

< how could things get worse, goyim ignore the deaths of 20 million Christians under Stalin-communism-judaism

8167c6  No.12454021


Trump is not a kike. Fuck off shill.

05c103  No.12454240


here here!

i plan to enjoy this thanksgiving to the fullest with some wholesome trump tweets while I babysit my wife's son and tyrone stuffs her like a turkey

742276  No.12454424

waaaah you deleted my communism thread, this isnt a natsoc board, wrongthink! wrongthink!

a5b350  No.12454500


>natsocs still not purged


>captcha- fagesm

742276  No.12454534

File: 525f8ccacded249⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 405x596, 405:596, look-mom-I-posted-it-again.JPG)


a5b350  No.12454772


>still not seeing any purging

Other then you, and one le mutt sperg, shit is going on the same it has always gone on here.

e8a560  No.12454775


>Bismark sperg still thinks anyone believes his objectively incorrect rambling

You're wasting your life

f097f8  No.12454831


>Bismark sperg

You didn't ping his IP did you?

7e6627  No.12454931

File: 8a6b05d1f823a32⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 634x405, 634:405, article-0-0D713D9900000578….jpg)


>Hitler being the one that made Germany prosperous again

Big think

7e6627  No.12454941


Nigger that was my first post here, you're just a retard.

7e6627  No.12454950


Imagine being this butthurt. Multiple people disagree with you, I know it hurts, I'm sorry.

7e6627  No.12455001


>Y-you aren't a real member of my secret club

Imagine feeling superior to other people because of websites you accuse them of browsing.

But I don't even care about this. I want to talk about your retarded views on Bismarck. How the fuck was he responsible for Weimar? He was dead and powerless far before WW1 started, and given everything we know about him he would have done everything in his power to stop the war.

742276  No.12455006

File: 4acbe6b1074db38⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 259x200, 259:200, spencer-faggot.jpg)


Yea, how could you hold it against anyone that they regularly browse gay porn sites. Prejudiced much?

7e6627  No.12455017


Well the problem there is that they're browsing gay porn, the specific site doesn't matter.

I also wouldn't throw stones about gay porn websites here of all places.


f097f8  No.12455082


>I replied to has on numerous occasions bashed Hitler only to praise Bismark before him

You didn't answer the question, but I get the sense that you didn't and can't.

beafaa  No.12455271


a5b350  No.12455278


You married a semitic mare yet?

3eb4cd  No.12455315

Kike is a common nickname or short for Enrique.

The Spanish nickname is pronounce kee-Kay

There are several versions of the nickname for the name Enrique. The spelled like the slur is the most common.

742276  No.12455427

File: aa36c9f0174ccbb⋯.gif (40.84 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 2xtreme4ISIS.gif)


742276  No.12455436


Exactly, so the problem isnt that youre browsing TRS, its that you love based niggers, kikes and suck dick. Its not that youre browsing cuckchan, its that youre a memeloving 12 year old bandwagoner who hasnt lurked 2 years and should shut the fuck up because your input is naive and braindead.

a5b350  No.12455486


You also notice how he uses the TRS tactic of lumping us in with a board we have no control over?

While TRS had 'the oven' full of literal faggotry.

7e6627  No.12455492



So wait, am I from cuckchan or TRS now?

3f931b  No.12455630


Dogmatically hating all black people is nu/pol/

e5eb78  No.12455880


Bullshit. Most of this board are sensible white nationalists. Not psych ward refugees like you

39d1a2  No.12455891


An nu-pol is being systematically undermined by based Codemonkey. The desperate kvetching in this thread is the best evidence for it

Codemonkey is doing us all a service by telling the larpers to talk to the hand


Exactly. Most white nationalists are civilized white men which is the only reason why we value our racial heritage. If we wanted to act like a bunch of violent niggers what is he point of white nationalism?

3eb4cd  No.12456035




812d05  No.12456153


That's as stale as lolcats at this point.

65772a  No.12456168


>Exactly. Most [[[white nationalists]]] are (((civilized white men)))

That's what I've been saying all along.

65772a  No.12456187


>Reminder that Donald Trump has accelerated white genocide.

>white genocide

I'll take CIA psych warfare memes for $1000, Alex.

a5b350  No.12456196


So, since you don't like the guy who coined the term, large scale population replacement isn't happening?

Good to know, thezog.info

a5b350  No.12456219




Do you guys know what happened to harry powell?

65772a  No.12456245


>large scale population replacement isn't happening?

>importing foreign workers for cheap labor

>population replacement

Bob Whitaker called from the grave. He wants his shitty CIA psyop meme back.

a5b350  No.12456263


Then why are so many of the immigrants on welfare and economically unproductive?

Why are they importing so many people to fill jobs that will be obsolete very shortly?

>inb4 something something Irishmen did it

a5b350  No.12456405



160d21  No.12456483

File: 0e49d3c22b00fbd⋯.jpg (136.6 KB, 982x1024, 491:512, 0e49d3c22b00fbde44fbe1f39b….jpg)


This is such nigger tier faggot shit.

==THIS IS A FUCKING NATSOC BOARD GODDAMN IT!== Can't we have a little bit of fucking order?

f6fb71  No.12456571

File: c7ab7959aa50c66⋯.webm (7.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The reddit cuck discovers….webm)


>>You commandeer a legacy name like /pol/


This board has always been associated with pro-White rhetoric and thus National Socialism from its creation on that other channel. Why don't you create your own board called >>>/nupol/ or >>>/neupol/ or >>>/nicepol/ or the myriad of other kinds of this board which existed before the hack?

Our board will always be associated with National Socialism and there is nothing you can do about it. You can write the contrary in the history books but just like with the "Holocaust" the lie will be torn down in time.

35ad97  No.12456670


Acting like a retard MK ultra victim is nu/pol/

1df4d3  No.12457312


Wrong. /pol/ stands for politically incorrect. All politically incorrect ideologies are /pol/ not just National Socialist

f881d2  No.12457331


>/pol/ is and has always been natsoc.

>but drumpf is a ziozogpuppet

fuck off with the pilpul bullshit you fucking kikenigger

f097f8  No.12457344


None of that is false.

f881d2  No.12457418


>anon calling out a kike shill's bullshit post is not false

thanks for clarifying my point stupid nigger, you can fuck off now

f097f8  No.12457471


This post doesn't even make sense.

7514a7  No.12457631

File: 9a69fc0b30bf652⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 520x213, 520:213, 9a6.gif)

How do you anons do it? How do you wake up every day willing to ignore or fight past your fears and continue on? I've been struggling the past week with both my religion and me as a person, and I come here and I feel even more blackpilled then I ever have, like I'm trying to get out of quicksand. I've been questioning not just the world, but my purpose in it, to be a good Christian and to do what is right for me and the Lord. It's hard to get out of bed lately. What motivates you to keep going?

f097f8  No.12457633


>muh blackpeel

Go back to reddit.

cfc6b6  No.12458265

Yay, time once again for the shabbat wind-up! If the mods aren't going to do their fucking jobs there's plenty of gore to fill the place up.

cfc6b6  No.12458270

File: 687d0ea89b6dc19⋯.gif (3.36 MB, 470x200, 47:20, Jew Funny Guy.gif)


I can't speak for everyone else but I'm white.

cfc6b6  No.12458276


Keep trying beaner.

34c3c8  No.12458335

File: 8e7e27fdb7187b9⋯.jpg (189.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, charon 7865.jpg)


>I fail to see the tragedy.

>They choose to die, and I escort them to the other side.


I don't know why, but that colorful screencap reminded me of the Ferryman of Hades.

I wonder if either sung a happy whistle as they did their job.

34c3c8  No.12458510


You have to question everything.

What you feel is a clash between what you have been taught a beautiful lie and what you see around you the ugly truth.

I will admit that there is some """decent""" information contained in the bible, but your going to have to get over the hurdle that the bible was written by "god".

The bible wasn't written by god, but by humans. Humans that do not share your blood, nor do they have the same customs as your ancestors.


Here is an interesting thought experiment if you all are so inclined.

Imagine if "god" was experimenting with his own deep learning program. The same experiments being run over and over again until a final solution was found.

The only thing is is that there is no final solution. For every answer found; more questions arise. The program is tweaked, and is ran again. and again. and again.

Everything that could be questioned is tested. When would the experiment end?

idk. Disregard my musings. It's probably nothing worth pondering over anyway.

Polite sage

249b2c  No.12458879



You dipshit fuckasses brought this all on yourselves. You commandeer a legacy name like /pol/ which is meant to be politically neutral and then co-opt it as natsoc. You then enforce natsoc ideals with fascist abandon as you ban users and delete threads that don't toe the natsoc line. Then, when your natsoc faggot mods begin realizing that CM is no longer going to tolerate your shit, they sperg out like kikey, polvol5, and polvol6 to the point where they get removed. Now /pol/ is about to be filled with non-natsoc posts that would normally be deleted/banned and you're all mentally and emotionally rekt over it.

If you want a natsoc board, fucking create /natsocpol/, you dumb fucks. Don't co-opt a politically-neutral name and twist it to suite your own ideological purposes. When will CumSock goons realize that white nationalism is a failing movement that cannot survive in the mainstream? O I am laffin at your inability to recognize the beginning of your own demise.

ps - learn to redtex, newfag

249b2c  No.12458880


>/pol/ is and has always been national socialist.

8/pol/, not /pol/. And maybe 8/pol/ was once CumSock back when it had a CumSock BO, but it has since been globalized and all your CumSock mods are getting gassed. I like it.

>Go make your own board.

No, you go make your own. /pol/ is politically neutral. If you want a board that deviates from this baseline neutrality, you have to create a board for it. I suggest /cumsockpol/ for your kind. Make it today.

>No, you have no idea what is happening.

>You have no idea what is happening.

But I do. If you notice, my posts here in this thread would have been deleted immediately and my IP banned while polkike5 and polkike6 were shitting all over the place. Notice anything? My posts are still here. I am still here. Your fascist CumSock reign is over. You no longer have control over what we post on /pol/, so it is now neutral as it should be.

>We have a natsoc board. It's called /pol/.

/pol/ is politically neutral. If you want a board that deviates from this baseline neutrality, you have to create a board for it. I suggest /cumsockpol/ for your kind. Make it today. Wait, didn't I already say this?

249b2c  No.12458881


Stop trying to argue with CumSock goons. They refuse to admit that their ideology is crumbling beneath their feet and are holding onto everything they can to keep themselves from falling into the abyss where they belong.

249b2c  No.12458882


>This board has always been associated with pro-White rhetoric and thus National Socialism from its creation on that other channel.

It isn't now, though.


>Why don't you create your own board called >>>/nupol/ or >>>/neupol/ or >>>/nicepol/

Because I don't want to. Why don't you create /cumsockpol/ for your CumSock faggotry rather than continue to try to co-opt a politically-neutral board name for your own ideological purposes?


>Our board will always be associated with National Socialism and there is nothing you can do about it.

Oh, but there is something I can do, and I am one of the anons who most likely made all of these latest changes possible. Do you think that you CumSock faggots are the only ones who know how to email CM directly? Many of us who have grown tired of being banned by your faggot CumSock mods have been complaining about /pol/ forever. This last stint by polkike5 and polkike6 sent CM over the edge again, hence their removal. CM wouldn't have acted on just that alone. It was all of the emails and posts on /sudo/ that gave him the motivation he needed.

Your CumSock reign is over. /pol/ is once again politically neutral and there is nothing you can do about it… CumSock.

a5b350  No.12458974



>tldr crying


Why is it always sexual with kikes and leftists?

6e02c3  No.12459017

File: 53226315658d8db⋯.png (525.62 KB, 1884x980, 471:245, the intl cycle.png)




Take note the /intl/ nigger who refused to make his own board after FOUR YEARS from being perma-range banned from /pol/ and instead makes everyone on the site have to deal with his autist shitfest every single day on /sudo/ because codenigger is too much of a limp dick to ever a range ban on /sudo/ for a better management board for all of 8chan.

Now that these autistic failures have attached itself to /pol/ it claims the same thing in reverse what 8chan anons always said. Make your own board, 8chan has the capability so piss off and stop shitting up /sudo/ but it never came.

Now the astroturf is if the real /pol/acks dont like it go make ur own board goy. This is much like how a jew will insert itself into communities and coopt them from the original purpose.

Too bad that /intl/ is a bunch of stupid fucks and cant help but give themselves away at the drop of a hat and leaves cheato dust everywhere, even when in denial so the astroturf is meaningless shitposting that loses the effect.

Violating global rules over and over will only last so long before it all comes crashing down and history will repeat.

cf5aa0  No.12459138

>cuckchan became cuckchannel

28c3a3  No.12459280

File: 447ca086165a6ec⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1180x3032, 295:758, redpill comic - Why whites….png)

It is my firm belief that we should let dindus and sandniggers exterminate Germanics and Anglos.

Then we exterminate them and repopulate north Europe by master race southern people.

5db20c  No.12459451


So, are you faggots going to start following your own rules? This board has surpassed Imkampfy levels of bullshit and you delete only the threads pointing it out it seems, as the catalog is full of other untouched garbage I've been reporting for days.

00a728  No.12459461

Oh hey. The mod names on the board log are hidden now?


Link the threads and I can tell you why the glorious rules by based monkey of codes allow them. Welcome to cuck/pol/2.

3eaa10  No.12459547


Are you a bad enough dude to save /pol/?

As you can see, Chodemonkey's (((global board))) kikery has resulted in this board becoming 4chan 2.0. Mods have no real power to clean up the board beyond removing niggerdick spam after fifteen hours, and half of them are faggots almost as big as Ron 'Free speech until it hurts my feelings' himself.

What can you, the anon, do?

Simple. Email admin@8ch.net, again and again, until all that shows up in his inbox is /pol/ demanding to be run by /pol/ again. Spam global reports demanding that he make /pol/ a user-run board again.

I am the former polvol5, and I regret absolutely nothing.

Sieg Heil, kameraden.

000000  No.12459556


Chodekikey just hid the names of mds in the board log.

I suspect he is going to add some kike mods soon, and this makes it impossible to tell which polvol is good and which is bad.

If any polvol is reading this I recomend you periodically leak the real contents f the log.

8chode = 4cucks


Anyone who still posts on 8cuck is utterly retarded. Chodekikey has made hs intentions very clear now.

f3ca9f  No.12459563

File: 088047989721c39⋯.png (21.08 KB, 682x284, 341:142, a7b5e2596f9b4e7f89478b8a13….PNG)




Mod names have been hidden in the board log so that the fagmods can continue their nefarious moderating activities anonymously. Now no one knows which mods to call out for faggotry… fucking kek almighty!

5db20c  No.12459588


No, but you'd think so at this point. At least Imkikey's wordfilters could be bypassed with Cyrillic, this shit is new exodus-worthy and all my other list of /pol/s are faggier than this one has become.

6e02c3  No.12459595


Lel this is literally what the commies did over on /leftypol/ they had 17 mods and deleted whatever the fuck they wanted or whatever triggered them for the day which was proven by the April leak.

ea1f4a  No.12459616


>bring back imkampfy

>he only did wordfilters

Way to expose yourself

a29b6e  No.12459636

File: f3f59953ec507ce⋯.png (75.84 KB, 1266x964, 633:482, Mods are anon now.png)


Now with even LESS transparency and accountability

3eaa10  No.12459651


Exodus time!

2c51a6  No.12459669


So nanochan would leave this post up as a thread?


5db20c  No.12459672


Not what I said, nigger. Learn basic reading comprehension skills and try again.

000000  No.12459703

c02749  No.12460334


<x don't exist goy

kikes like you said the same thing about sjws not too long ago


880d75  No.12460411


REMINDER: /pol/ is not Pro-Trump

Clearnet: https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/nano/pol/

Tor: http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/pol

880d75  No.12460417



9db69e  No.12460698


what the fuck chodekikey?

cfc6b6  No.12460808

See, that's all you had to do you fucking disgusting kike, just remove anyone that could possibly be against the fucking jews. No more /pol/ No more accountability because that's antifucking semitic amirite?

cfc6b6  No.12460813

File: 8539d5ca79f89f4⋯.jpg (121.33 KB, 953x547, 953:547, Gas the s race war now _61….jpg)

Now, white men have nowhere else to vent. Guess what…

cfc6b6  No.12460815


Fuck off yid.

cfc6b6  No.12460817


No, now we kill (jew)

cfc6b6  No.12460826

File: b5fec78937f9fd9⋯.png (439.35 KB, 720x467, 720:467, TaylorLarge.png.11b485d400….png)

cfc6b6  No.12460833

File: d6a47a93210d53e⋯.jpg (237.09 KB, 1317x2000, 1317:2000, img[1].jpg)

>tfw coming for (jew)

cfc6b6  No.12461108

File: 21dc97bce99a3c8⋯.gif (6.22 MB, 495x287, 495:287, Disgusting.gif)


Sadly I'm beginning to agree. Guess I'll have to make my presence felt in the normalfag zone.

be909d  No.12461260


Fuck off you d&c nigger.

f097f8  No.12461265


Where did the thread on Rand Paul cutting aid to Israel go?!

f097f8  No.12461269



669b4f  No.12461426

File: 3a97a9c8cde3ef3⋯.jpg (54.25 KB, 331x402, 331:402, butthurt.jpg)













All these Natsocs. So butthurt.

Daily reminder that /pol/ is not a National Socialist board

ed6912  No.12461440


pajeet we are triangulating your ugly assface.

aec208  No.12461464

File: 47b33397775928d⋯.jpeg (599.79 KB, 2048x1438, 1024:719, 51fcfa266f7279a7f60536d16….jpeg)

000000  No.12461680


Chodekikey, nobody wants to see gay incest porn of you and jim.

/pol/ is a National Socialist board.

c02749  No.12461723


>being this schizophrenic

take your meds nigger

880d75  No.12462038


he's the bo

f097f8  No.12462152


sucks for him

c02749  No.12462266


you mean he used to be the bo, guess this little polvol fiasco must have made discordians like weeb come out of their hidey holes, to say nothing of RAIDfaggot and the goons

7b3a3e  No.12462834

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who /german/ here? Lesser whites can suck my huge pale dick

000000  No.12462962


Hello fellow German. I too am German. My name is Kumar, I come from Pakistan. I do not know what this paleness is that you speak of. Me and my brothers are certainly not pale–but we are German dear brother.

7b3a3e  No.12463027


>paints germans in a positve light

>hurr u a kike!

/pol/ has never been this anti-white

000000  No.12463050


Brother, what are you saying? Why would I call you a kike. Use fellow Germans have to stick together. Now let us go have a stroll and talk as we find some young young white girls.

>tl;dr you're a faggot. German > all? Maybe a century ago, but currently you're just as fucked as the rest. If not worse since the powers that be specifically castrated Germany.

23d68c  No.12463342


>use fellow germans


kek thanks for proving his point shitskin.

000000  No.12463526


>being this retarded

Read the posts again and you might figure out my intent.



>My name is Kumar

>I came from Pakistan

>I too am German

Juxtapose that with:


>lesser whites can suck my … dick

You get it? The intent is: why have a superiority complex (German > other European ethnicities) when the present state of Germany is such that anyone and their mother is a German (national).

I wonder what one calls the inability to read between the lines. Is it retardation?

cfc6b6  No.12463666

File: 12031086fe9286d⋯.jpg (69.98 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Valhalla Is Closed to (You….jpg)



c02749  No.12464075


nice psyop post you have there you fucking kikenigger, and you're a fucking idiot to top it off

bf8cac  No.12464436



So many assblasted Nasty Socks.

880d75  No.12464454

DAILY REMINDER: /pol/ is not ✡Pro-Trump✡

Clearnet: https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion.sh/nano/pol/

Tor: http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/pol

069596  No.12465888





No matter how many times natsocs like to say it, the fact remains that

/pol/ is not a Natsoc board

Natsocs are like drunks in a bar who think that because they spend a lot of time there, the place belongs to them.


Natsocs are masochists who love humiliation.

031eae  No.12465893


CumSocks will never understand that their fascist movement is dying.

069596  No.12465897

File: 170e0017f257370⋯.jpg (21.01 KB, 289x292, 289:292, 1424758689259.jpg)


Even the Fuhrer agrees with this and Fuhrer trips prove it. An esoteric signal that even the Fuhrer is embarrassed by these so called Natsocs

069596  No.12465901


>their fascist movement

Agreed. Their movement is a running joke. Used and abused by everyone

031eae  No.12465911


And I don't use the word fascist like a leftist buzzword, either. I am talking textbook fascism where only one ideology is permitted. When /pol/ is run by CumSocks, anyone who doesn't toe the CumSock line gets banned and their posts deleted. CM had to come in and put a stop to that. Feels good to be able to say whatever I want without the fear of getting banned. polkike1 will still ban and delete my posts, though, because the word CumSock triggers him. Just watch when he gets on later today. These posts will disappear.

069596  No.12465935


He probably will. The good thing is some day Codemonkey might as well have deleted polvol1 from the mod roster and we might only come to know about it if he choses to come here and whine about it. Probably why he hid the vol names in the log.

05c103  No.12466069

File: 36f8420bd7bc614⋯.png (11.66 KB, 1355x93, 1355:93, absolute state of shills.png)

> replies 4 times in thread almost back to back

> twice replying to no one

> once to bash hitler

> latest to beg for replies

The absolute state of shills.

5e4ad3  No.12466097

File: 0a3db421b429521⋯.png (9.33 KB, 150x206, 75:103, Untitled.png)

Cry me a river.

5e4ad3  No.12466108

File: ab2cbf991008ee5⋯.png (3.56 KB, 391x101, 391:101, Untitled.png)

You have to be such a miserable bitch to think that your shitposting bait thread will remain forever.

5783b5  No.12466122



Why is the thread anchored? You fear the truth, eh nazi kike?

5e4ad3  No.12466128

File: 3182a4e3bbf7562⋯.jpg (219.51 KB, 1460x1500, 73:75, 3182a4e3bbf7562b4c29cca0d4….jpg)


The truth is that your commie infested rat Utopia board is so miserable that you've reduced to bitching at those which you envy.

5cfcfb  No.12466269

File: 9ea9e676c59e379⋯.png (251.63 KB, 1849x241, 1849:241, pajeet spam.png)

>no gf pajeet bots

742276  No.12466309

File: 0fe012bd03d35f9⋯.jpg (164.94 KB, 936x792, 13:11, leftypol-follow-your-leade….jpg)

742276  No.12466310

File: 933915716256414⋯.jpeg (158.32 KB, 685x1118, 685:1118, far-right-natsoc-women.jpeg)


Suicide is an option.

4f4dd3  No.12466325


I wonder tho, dont women have a dog in this fight as well…specifically towards /sig/ and nofap? I mean, women complain all the time that the men of their generation are shitty (which they are), so obviously some men like me realize this too and already self improved…but if they had a semblance of community and self, wouldnt they try to help to bolster the efforts of the many self improvement things? Wouldnt they want their men to be healthy, naturally minded, and capable of competing with others in work and in social life? That is what a large chunk of us in this whole thing are doing more or less. The women dont really have to be passive about it. They could just…well I dont know, go into these threads and say something like "you go anons, I have a vagina and weeel fuuuk you if you do teeees" like natsoc, right wing cheerleaders.

742276  No.12466367

File: 7ba6dd0fcf03cb8⋯.png (17.99 KB, 1095x157, 1095:157, Cumann.PNG)

File: 8b83ee0ec665391⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 379x269, 379:269, Cumann2.jpg)

File: 698e912f9878956⋯.png (330.99 KB, 423x604, 423:604, NS-Frauenschaft.PNG)


Women have their roles to play in a revolutionary struggle.

742276  No.12466369

File: 8cf6c3d5c43a930⋯.png (1.51 KB, 235x76, 235:76, astroturf.PNG)

File: 0b0341acc557932⋯.jpeg (65.36 KB, 750x478, 375:239, shut-up-nigger.jpeg)

e71521  No.12466373



You are doing 'gods work' here anon. The last thing on Earth any true NS person would want is this board touted as representing NS. This 'global board' is full of faggots, pedophiles and kikes. They are the exact opposite of EVERYTHING NS stood for in terms of family, nation and morality. This is NOT A NS BOARD because the people on it, pedos, faggots, kikes oppose everything that is moral and part of traditional German social or family values (reminds me of the idea that that disgusting ALT-KIKE Weidel that lesbian cunt could 'represent German 'family values' as part of the AfD. NEVER in a million is hedonistic disgusting immoral faggotry associated with 'family values').

The 'mods' are not allowed to ban people for 'thinking the wrong things' so pedophilia, faggots, kikes, degeneracy abounds all under the guise that it is NS. This board is like a freight train of degeneracy that has a coat of paint on it that seems NS on its surface when NOTHING could be further from the Truth. This is the NEOCon version of NS that is currently genociding the people of the Ukraine. It is absolute immoral filth without any boundary or censorship. Soon you are going to have not just pedophiles here but people openly advocating for faggotry, cannibalism and other agendas all under the guise that this is NS. The best thing any moral person could do is UTTERLY DIVEST any idea that /pol/ is still NS to preserve the character and values of the movement. Without this the movement will utterly die, because, in a masterly kill stroke to NS in general the kikes managed to associate NS and NS values THROUGH /POL/ with the most vile and disgusting of all people on the planet.

All /pol/ is now is a place to 'boil the frog a little slower' in terms of utterly destroying anything that was decent or good by 'mingling' it with the lowest life FILTH and IMMORALITY on the planet.


c02749  No.12466379

File: 0817bf94ae78777⋯.png (42.29 KB, 1303x625, 1303:625, peterson semantics in a nu….png)

File: 135d2aeff2d57b6⋯.jpg (36.59 KB, 720x546, 120:91, npc_shower.jpg)



your post sounded like a sandnigger using olde english, no wonder you kikes get outed so easily, and using more than 2 computers just to have multiple IDs won't do shit either

7350da  No.12466386


>pajeet speak.

didn't read lol

e71521  No.12466387



We are clearly two seperate people who understand what the kikes have done to /pol/ by allowing it to become a haven for pedophiles, faggots and kikes along with the rest of the lowest form of humanity that can be gathered here. Our concern is QUICKLY DIVESTING any idea that you are NS at all, because YOU /POL/ will be the death of the NS movement if NS continues to be associated with your disgusting fucking kike agenda. There is nothing NS about /pol/ anymore…the loudest screeching degenerate FILTH and kikes are the only people on here.



Look at the CIANiggers trying to retain a measure of control over this absolute fucking trainwreck of degeneracy.


3f921d  No.12466450

File: 818beb07b9a5f39⋯.png (78.8 KB, 692x300, 173:75, c.png)

e71521  No.12466476


Welcome /leftypol/! /pol/ is now a global board where pedophiles, faggots and kikes are present in force. Your degeneracy and leftard faggotry is sure to be welcomed here now that /pol/ is no longer a National Socialist board but a globalist board.

8167c6  No.12466504


I wholeheartedly agree with you. In one thread I saw one pedo saying that age of consent should be lowered to 13 years which means he wants to fuck 13 year old girls and another pedo saying there should be no age of consent. Now mind you this isn't bait. This is actual pedos posting degenerate ideas trying to shill false consensus and the sad fact is not many posters were objecting. In my opinion Tor posting is one of the biggest source of shilling degenerate ideas on /pol/

e71521  No.12466533


Wow, 13…yeah I saw suggestions that 7 year old is the appropriate age to start raping children…guess what, I reported them and the mods did NOTHING. Because…/pol/ is a 'global board' where the 'best ideas' win. It is not a cesspit of pedophile, kike and faggot degeneracy with BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars in funding to make 100% certain that a globalist corporate ideology are manufactured into a reality…it is just a 'few guys' shitposting online in a forum where 'the best ideas win'. ←SARCASM EXTREME SARCASM

e78b82  No.12466940

File: 5fc52014e54ea2c⋯.png (958.96 KB, 1845x844, 1845:844, deadpol.PNG)

>"if ur rightwing ull be lonely" thread gets rightfully autosaged

<but "spam about cuckchan" is still up

<some schizo shit nobody gives a fuck about for some reddit moderator is still up

<some spam about EAT RAW MEAT that at best is a duplicate of the shitty /fit/ threads that for some reason are allowed to waste space in the catalog is still up

<some HE HAS A NAME SO HE'S A SHILL trash is still up

<ZERO investigative threads about pizzagate et. al. are up AND active while all of nu/pol/'s collective might is focused on helping the government get tax money because it'll generate some epic salt on reddit

You have actually killed this board. When even kikey ran the place better you should feel shame and concern.

000000  No.12466978


HAH! you think that's bad, look at this shit


070b2b  No.12467061

File: 43ec95515205db0⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 43ec95515205db02d030231948….jpg)

I personally think /pol/ should be deglobalized and get a proper BO that understands the culture of the board and cares for it properly. I get it got globalized because of Kampfy being a retarded turkroach that caused a riot and Ron thought that nobody would be responsible. However if Ron and BOs can quickly remove vols from their positions for violation, can't Ron just do the same with BOs? Can't he just put up a BO and then replace him if he were to violate global rules?

a100f9  No.12467087


I like how you leave out that it is because of the jew and their meddling in education that is the problem for the effeminization of the white male.

e78b82  No.12467183


And who's left to take that mantle? The old guard is either lurking or fucked off to a less shit /pol/ board. The only major standout I'm able to really notice from pre-globalization times is the redtext spamming faggot that cries "global report", spams the same thing over and over, and dumped 600+ posts in a single thread before.

031eae  No.12467353

>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect★

>Politics, news, happenings, current events

Where does it say anything about natsoc?

80f546  No.12467370


Seriously, jesus christ, this board's fucking unusable. If you aren't going to give it to polvol5 just fucking turn it into /b/ so we can make one that doesn't suck.

80f546  No.12467444


Alternatively we could just spam threads and flood global reports and fill Chodemonkey's inbox and riot until we get what we want.

031eae  No.12467498


>so we can make one that doesn't suck.

Why not just make it now? Create /natsocpol/ and describe the board accordingly so that there is no debate over what the board is intended for?

031eae  No.12467502


How has spamming worked for you so far?

031eae  No.12467506


>Reminder that /pol/ is and has always been natsoc.

Nope, sorry

e71521  No.12467519

>>12467444 (checked)

OR WE COULD MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT EVERYONE KNOWS WHOSE VALUES ARE BEING ESPOUSED ON /POL/…I mean at a minimum this has to happen, people have to KNOW the difference between the ALT-KIKE 'nationalist/globalist' FUCKING FAKE FAGGOTRY and real NatSoc. thoughts and values.


Right now the ALT-KIKE FAGGOTRY is promoting pedophilia, homosexuality, cannibalism, satanism, kikery, etc. It is actually in many way the exact opposite of true Nat Soc ideas and is only Nat Soc in name, not in any other way…this toxic ALT-KIKERY was engineered to murder what is left of the Aryan race rather than preserve it.

e71521  No.12467589


I mean that is the whole point of this OP here >>12463956 …and I mean it is subtle, which is why people have to have real understanding about what agenda is being advanced. Here is someone who is actually advancing the idea that pedophile kidnapping and rape of young men is acceptable because THE CHILD WANTED IT. This is NEOCon 'National Socialism' rather than anything that would ever come out of Germany.


This is the claim of pedos from the beginning of recorded history to this very day, "I didn't do anything wrong, because the child WANTED IT."

880d75  No.12468179















It may have been at one time, but not anymore, thanks to Codemonkey making it a Global Board

f097f8  No.12468198


That makes no difference.

e71521  No.12468386


This. It is not now and never will be again a National Socialist board. We need to keep pushing the fact that the only ones here anymore are the NEOCon kikes who are pushing a degenerate form of National Fauxtialism (same as in Ukraine) that bears no resemblance or characteristics of the original.

Number one: This National Fauxtialism is RUN BY KIKES and EXECUTED BY KIKES so it bears no resemblance at all to anything that originated from the Goths (people of Got/God). It is FAKE FALSE 'National Fauxtialism' that is kike-centric, degenerate and DISEASED when compared to the original idea; rather than anything that would come from a Germanic mind.

e78b82  No.12468463


How about you spam a little more, that'll totally make up for your utter lack of sources to back up your claims.

031eae  No.12468512















Oh, okay. Your last post changed my mind for good. Thanks.

e71521  No.12468533


Not a regular on /pol/ doesn't read the OP's or have any idea how many pedophiles, homosexuals and degenerate filth roam them posing as 'national socialists'. You are an insufferable faggot anon.

742276  No.12468583

File: 31e8e9c023f1340⋯.png (115.15 KB, 500x379, 500:379, trs autism.png)


TRS are antifa.

e36ad2  No.12468652

File: 03fc920f7d9c767⋯.png (215.41 KB, 1780x1408, 445:352, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d6348e57d33038⋯.png (33.46 KB, 180x1217, 180:1217, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are mods hiding now?


I can see no explanation for this which is not suggestive of nefarious intent.

e36ad2  No.12468661


The mods allow this.

e36ad2  No.12468666

Jesus christ this board really has gone to shit.

e71521  No.12468685

File: 6c2025b19483bb9⋯.jpg (19 KB, 255x213, 85:71, white diversity comparriso….jpg)


It is a global board anon. You know, since the vast majority of the world is made up of people who are little more than dogshit, the board now resembles the DOGSHIT that is the vast majority of the globe. It should have just changed its name from /pol/ to /dogshit/ because it is global. Diversity is shit colored, like subhuman thoughts.

e71521  No.12468689


Communism 101 baby…all these comments are EQUAL in value on nu/pol/

9efaf0  No.12468747


Yes nazi kikes heavily blackpilled and in disbelief since their great white hope god emperuh turned out to be zog emperuh, so now they are falseflagging making shitty spam threads blaming on outsiders.I bet Ron can see the things they are doing in his logs and messing with them, afterall imkamfy used to employ the same tactic to shutdown threads.

Literally low iq manchildren who can't have a conversation.

9efaf0  No.12468813


>Nazi kikes start malfunctioning when people don't subscribe their false dichotomies

e71521  No.12468896


There is no such thing as a nazi kike you fucking faggot. There is only NAZI's (nazir) or KIKES. The two don't mix.

031eae  No.12468943


>Equality is communism

031eae  No.12469176

File: 82d2c541af12e6c⋯.png (3.66 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.png)


>Of ALL the other boards, none are like this.

There is a reason why /pol/ is getting special treatment. Everyone knows that /pol/ is globally-recognized across all imageboards for being a public square of political discourse. However, this also means it is a constant target of political ideologues (enter the polvol fags) who wish to seize control of it so that they can turn it into an echo chamber populated only by those who share their same political ideals.

The only way to fix /pol/ is to remove it entirely and prevent anyone from recreating it. Instead, anyone who wants a /pol/-themed board can create their own. If the NatSoc goons want a place where they can impose their antisemitism on everyone with fascist abandon, let them create /natsoc/. Right-wingers/conservatives can create /rightypol/.

031eae  No.12469185


Correct, it isn't. Of course, I know you're not stupid enough to think we're talking about equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity.

031eae  No.12469202



I'll also add that allowing any anon to claim legacy board names on a first-come-first-serve basis was a terrible idea from the start. /v/ and /b/ are great examples of how this design has failed. The only difference is that, while /v/ and /b/ are shit, /pol/ currently takes the cake for the aforementioned reason. I really think all legacy boards should be removed.

000000  No.12469544


User board creation in general was a shit idea.

/b/ now has better suited rukes for a natsoc discussion board than /pol/ itself.

e71521  No.12469733


OK so lets have this out then. Are you saying that the products of this board, the pedophilia, the homosexuality and the kikes agenda are BY YOUR DEFINITION 'a National Socialist' phenomenon or ideology?

48cc87  No.12469797


>User board creation in general was a shit idea

I'd have to disagree. It gives anons the ability to create a space where there exists some degree of sovereignty within the global rules and also curate discussion. This whole idea fails, though, when it's applied to legacy boards like /pol/. Everyone tends to gravitate toward the legacy names because that's what they know, what they're familiar with. It's why competing boards stand little chance of survival because no one visits them when the legacy board is the hot spot despite how cancerous it has become.

70b91c  No.12469820


>this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads

>one-liner threads

Those shouldn't be allowed here PERIOD.

906e81  No.12470224

File: 68793525edeca78⋯.png (14.54 KB, 501x585, 167:195, - Nazi Shlomo.png)

File: 9ed525f92d8dc98⋯.jpg (94.5 KB, 817x579, 817:579, Frank Collin.jpg)


>There is no such thing as a nazi kike you fucking faggot.

000000  No.12470228


polvol4 was the only mod banning for "low effort". blame chodekikey, he is the cause of literally all the problems here.

acb603  No.12470277


Stop sucking your own dick polvol4. You were a shit mod.

000000  No.12470298


>t. chodekikey

your low effort threads have turned this place into cuckchan, happy now?

4172f7  No.12470347


The rules aren't enforced because the polvols ban anything they don't like and don't care about the rules. Try and make an ironpill thread and see how quickly it gets banned and deleted.

880d75  No.12470933

>be me

>come to 8ch/pol/ on a daily basis for several years

>slowly watch the board go to hell during that course of time

>Last 2 months have been the worse

>4-chan tier threads

>Threads which I cannot describe how lame they are

>shitposting takes a turn

>shitposting isn't even funny anymore on here

>looking at the illiterate garbage, one-line replies to each other

>Trump Hug-Box

>OPs aren't even of any quality

>Just horrible

>what happened to my home?

>Overrun by trumpniggers and actual mudskins

>There are even Pro-Jew threads up

>what happened to /pol/?

>Where else do I go?

>Intelligent conversation has ceased on this board

>Fuck it.

>Go to leftypol.

a29b6e  No.12471125

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the based dubs bot is also the same faggot bot.

e71521  No.12471495


>Go to leftypol.

Now that is a new level of desperation. Those people are dumber than a bag of hammers.

e71521  No.12471499


Not getting it are you? They can dress up as anything, but being German Nazi is a state of mind. No kike on Earth could ever pull it off because they are not emotionally or mentally equipped to be what they are not and can never be.

742276  No.12472773


Its just a hero denial shill. He posts that any time anyone says anything positive about the ANP or Rockwell.

742276  No.12472788

File: 6a1fb84a1a2ec54⋯.png (45.39 KB, 616x617, 616:617, 8ch-inoperable.png)

File: e93cdfd65b679da⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1114x9774, 557:4887, trs-shills-kike-lovers.png)


This is a lefty/pol/ shill but I told you this would happen the exact day chodenigger removed the ability for mods to ban cancer. This was the very predictable result, I actually said it would take longer though.

e71521  No.12473279


They are most definitely the product of the board since the mods won't do anything about it when they are reported. DUMB FUCK.

48cc87  No.12474038


>WE are the board, not the ownership.

Nope, sorry. CM had to come in and put a stop to the CumSock mods' fascistic abuse of power that enforced CumSock ideals on this board. Now that they're gone, we are free to say what we like without the fear of being banned or having our posts deleted. This is the first of the sounds of the CumSock death knell, and it will only ring louder with time.

e78b82  No.12474069

Where were you when 8/pol/ turned into the IRS's personal unpaid outsourcing team?

48cc87  No.12474114


Hi, polkike5 <3

d63440  No.12474283




741a4d  No.12474466


1. Kike mods do sticky thing, remember the midterms.

2. The border invasion is the single most important matter of this year, as well as the Thot audit going right now, both deserve stickies.

Fuck you blackpill kikes.

f097f8  No.12474533

File: 71f17d238cbaa11⋯.png (142.72 KB, 488x511, 488:511, 7601c974a00f41a069ba435572….png)


>muh blackpeel

Found the magapede.

e2bafe  No.12474615




Found the kike.

f097f8  No.12474630

File: e6b5c7c3bf0a4c0⋯.jpg (125.27 KB, 405x864, 15:32, cd606b3747a15f059d9c8d11f1….jpg)


>if you don't suck off the GOP (who sucks off kike dick) you must be a kike

Careful now, your boss might not like how you talk about his friends.

e2bafe  No.12474651


If you try to burrow actual news about border invasion, you are a kike.

f097f8  No.12474679


You mean the border invasion of legal immigrants that Trump never campaigned on stopping?

f1d383  No.12474713


I mean the border hopping subhuman spic that is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW, kike.

e36ad2  No.12474840


>oy vey /pol/, destroy yourself and relegate the bag goyim to a separate space!

You're really bad at this. Not subtle at all.

e36ad2  No.12474844



>Nazi kikes


e36ad2  No.12474872

File: 357e7d25f162927⋯.png (224.39 KB, 1923x1476, 641:492, ClipboardImage.png)


Seriously though, I want a fucking answer.

Why are the mods hiding now?

What is the justification for this shit?

What possible righteous motive could there be for the mods to have their identities concealed to this degree?

Could it be because there is basically only one guy left or some shit, because it seems like the moderation activity last few days has suddenly dropped out.

In fact, upon examination, there is absolutely no management - or rather, moderation - going on here at this point, beyond basic spam filtering. Whoever is at the helm of this thing is now basically saying "Oh, maintenance of board culture? Fuck that, we want to be like cuckchan, a giant miasma of shitspray and reddit threads" and that's very disappointing to see happening.

These niggers need to start talking to the base, because the whole fucking point of a meta thread is no just for the community to talk about these things, but for the community to engage with the mods.

At this point, we can't even tell if there's more than one mod due to purposeful concealment, the mods make no effort to protect board culture… It definitely seems like a more skillful repeat of what Moot did over on cuckchan during /pol/ harbor.

1a3ab8  No.12475020


So why isn't there a fucking STICKY THREAD about it, kike?


1a3ab8  No.12475028


>Codemonkey openly hates national socialism and everything /pol/ stands for.

Codemonkey respects free speech, which is what /pol/ stands for, not "national socialism".

1a3ab8  No.12475084


>Why would there be?

Because it's the single most important event of this year, and it's currently going on right now. Mods CAN sticky, as proven by the midterm threads.

>/pol/ is not and has never been for freedom of speech.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it fucking is. 8chan and /pol/ were founded upon freedom of speech.

1a3ab8  No.12475122



Because it's the single most important event of this year, and it's currently going on right now.

>What fucking midterm threads? THOSE MODS ARE GONE, DUMBASS.

The midterm threads, and nope, not all mods are gone, and mods can sticky, they are refusing to do the job.

>Go back to reddit, then.

No, you go back to leddit. There's no freedom of speech on leddit, you will love it there.

1a3ab8  No.12475152


>You are too stupid to post here. Holy fucking christ, kill yourself. You will never get a sticky for it.

I will post here until it does, fuck you.

>Nice pilpul. Kill yourself. That isn't what was said.

The fuck is a pilpul you jewish piece of shit?

>Proven false. Kill yourself.

Proven wrong, midterms have stickies.

Now get the fuck out of here, kike.

1a3ab8  No.12475215


>The invasion does not fucking matter,

Kike confirmed.

>1. Show the stickies (you can't; they don't exist).

Yes, they do.


Yeah, no thanks, I'm not a kike. I don't know jew words.

Midterms threads are a thing, you can check the archive.

>2. The mods responsible were removed. Mods cannot make stickies. You were proven wrong. Commit suicide.

Nope, mods can sticky as proven when they stick the midterm threads. Kike confirmed.

1a3ab8  No.12475280


Wow, so not knowing jew words means you aren't from here, again, more clear sign of a kike.



217745  No.12475351


217745  No.12475404



a29b6e  No.12475930


I can't believe it's been 12 years

000000  No.12476117


>caring about burgers becoming 0,0001% more mutt

Write codemonkey, tell him to sticky. That's what polvol6 did with the midterms thread, he asked if he cansticky those and was allowed to. Since seemingly no mod can be assed to care for your request, do it yourself and watch it fail you fuckng faggot

c5d07b  No.12476669




Fuck off, polvol6 is a notorious anti-Trump faggot, there's no fucking way he stickied the midterms thread.

f097f8  No.12476930



The invasion of legal immigrants, or just the illegal ones?

b9a826  No.12477844


bb150f  No.12477987

File: 0c15147ac0ba26e⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 129db774da93687712f04fcdb6….jpg)

Why would you hide mod names from the log?


a5b350  No.12478939


>redtext spamming faggot

That is polvol2.

>muh Nazi kikes

>muh cumsocks

Is this the power of intl?

e792a9  No.12478976

Been away from /pol/ for a long time, so anybody know what happened to tyrone who used to bitch on /sudo/.

Did he become a mod ?

e78b82  No.12480550

>2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;


>not politics

>blatantly off topic

>not /pol/ culture

>not /pol/ established thread material

43332b  No.12480621

When will all this blatant shilling/shitposting be banned, it's starting to get out of hand

68b43c  No.12480847




The ones who are hopping the border now, kike.


Kill yourself instead, kike.


68b43c  No.12480851



The kike mods have the power, they don't want to do shit so that they can drive the populace to nanochan or whatever.


4367e0  No.12480858

They wont let us have sex with farm animals

000000  No.12481820


>until he dies

Lol. He will outlive everything he is responsible for because he's too incompetent to make things that last a long time.

f05102  No.12481828


Mods DO have power, they DON'T use it as a ploy to depopulate 8chan.


000000  No.12481829

Daily reminder.


f05102  No.12481830


See? Outright shilling.

Exodus yourself, kike mod.

000000  No.12481831



Why do you think they want to do that, IP hopping jewish disruptor?

f05102  No.12481836


1. To defang 8chan so that no one can organize again.

2. Earn sweet bucks for doing so.

000000  No.12481845


>To defang 8chan so that no one can organize again


chodekikey is doing a better job of that than any mod ever could, faggot, what with outright allowing/ignoring the spam, bait, and nonwhites openly posting.

>Earn sweet bucks

Nanochan has no advertisements, and being an onion-only site, could probably never make any money even if I tried to monetize it.

All your arguments are not well thought out. Your boss should decrease your wages.

f05102  No.12481851


1. Codemonkey protects free speech, and as long as free speech is up, people will come in, and when people come in, the site will live and never be defanged.

2. You earn money by defanging 8chan and leading to the splintering of imageboards so that people can never consolidate. I don't ever believe you can't monetize nanochan either.

Fuck off yid.

000000  No.12481881


>Codemonkey protects free speech

Wrong. Free speech cannot exist because of the paradox of tolerance. Libertarianism cannot exist because of the paradox of tolerance. People claiming to be "pro-free-speech" or "libertarian" simply have an ideology to push, and use "muh freedumbs" as moral grandstanding only.

>as long as free speech is up, people will come in

Wrong. People do not come in, cuckchanners and redditors come in to shit things up.

>the site will live and never be defanged


>You earn money by defanging 8chan


>I don't ever believe

You're a retard and your beliefs are useless. No justification whatsoever. Opinion discarded etc.

>Fuck off yid.

f05102  No.12481890


>Wrong. Free speech cannot exist because of the paradox of tolerance.

Wrong, tolerance can only exist under freedom, which can only exist under the laws.

>Wrong. People do not come in, cuckchanners and redditors come in to shit things up.

Like you, am I right? Nope, the average cuckchanner and ledditor fit right here with the amount of retards who need to spoonfed history.




There are agencies that PAY for the defanging of 8chan.

>You're a retard and your beliefs are useless

In short, you are in denial.

Fuck off yid.

000000  No.12481899


>doesn't understand what the paradox of tolerance is

>throws random muh freedumb and dollerans :DDDD buzzwords around

Nice try. Get your employer to pay you for some english lessons.

>Like you, am I right?

No u

>the average cuckchanner and ledditor fit right here

So you agree that pigchan has already been "defanged" as you put it?

>There are agencies that PAY for the defanging of 8chan.

Chodekikey is probably an employee of one of them. Either way, moving the userbase to a different site does not fulfill the needs of these (((agencies))), and so I couldn't receive any money from them even if I tried.

f05102  No.12481904


>Nice try. Get your employer to pay you for some english lessons.

Yid can't argue, immediately attack DRAMA. And learn your actual paradox of tolerance before you speak to me.

>No u

Yes, you are.

>So you agree that pigchan has already been "defanged" as you put it?

pigchan has been defanged since goddamn 2014 with moot banning GG, thus forcing the exodus to 8chan, you retard.

>Chodekikey is probably an employee of one of them.

LOL no, he makes money off this site and he protects its free speech.

>Either way, moving the userbase to a different site does not fulfill the needs of these (((agencies)))

It does, as long as white people are disorganized and left in the dark, they win.

All they have to do is to control thought via censoring the internet. Can't be a nazi if you never know what the fuck is a nazi.

000000  No.12481914


>still doesn't know what the paradox of tolerance actually is

>still doesn't know what is meant by the term "pigchan"

>he makes money off this site

yeah, he makes money by fucking over the userbase so that he can install more shitty advertisements, faggot, just like hiroshima

>as long as white people are disorganized and left in the dark, they win

It's the opposite friendo. Work on your english skills, maybe it'll get you a pay raise.


You outed yourself. You can go home now.

f05102  No.12481922


As said, Codemonkey protects free speech, which is how this site is formed and grows in the first place.

>It's the opposite friendo.

Yid, so if white people are disorganized, white people win? The absolute state of kikery.

>You outed yourself.

"outed"? And this kike tells me to learn English.

Nazi is the official shorthand used by actual National Socialist: https://www.amazon.com/Nazi-Sozi-Questions-Answers-National-Socialists/dp/1880881071

Your "NatSoc" slur? No nazi actually use it, shit's invented by discord bitches.

000000  No.12482109


>as long as white people are disorganized and left in the dark, they win

This is precisely what you said, you useless faggot. It's called English.


>he doesn't know what that means

English, sweeeeeeeetie-pie :3 Do you know what that is?

>Nazi is the official shorthand used by actual National Socialist

Don't tell me you actually use that refuted argument.

>No nazi actually use it

>Hurr durr muh dickscord invented everything

Kill yourself.

500955  No.12482188


>This is precisely what you said, you useless faggot. It's called English.

Yid, I thought you understand English, "they" here refers to "these (((agencies)))" as I have quoted you.

>English, sweeeeeeeetie-pie :3 Do you know what that is?

I know, I'm using it, Chaim.

>Don't tell me you actually use that refuted argument.

Where is the refute, yid? Oh wait, you don't have one. The shorthand for National Socialism is Nazi. Meanwhile you yids invented "NatSoc", which sounds like Socks thus sockpuppets on fucking Discord.

People know. I know.

000000  No.12482198


>I know

oh sweeeeeeeeeeetie…….

500955  No.12482208


The absolute state of the yid.

000000  No.12482216


oh sweeeeeeeeeeetie…….

c5e46d  No.12483712

How the fuck is this useful if it's always at 749?

Does cyclical actively rotate? I thought it created new threads at 750.

6d6439  No.12483814


Queue system, first post below op's automatically gets deleted as the thread hits 750+new post

25d9b4  No.12484558

File: 3752b279ca6b146⋯.png (45.36 KB, 1661x546, 1661:546, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f60b36dd7d79ac⋯.png (28.73 KB, 1684x261, 1684:261, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0fc48d2206d0164⋯.png (20.04 KB, 1831x144, 1831:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 37cbb27664da8d0⋯.png (33.5 KB, 2419x238, 2419:238, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00f83af610c0415⋯.png (18.32 KB, 825x174, 275:58, ClipboardImage.png)


Thankfully I also archived the thread beforehand.

BEHOLD, you will now be banned for spam before any action is taken on a thread shilling against NatSoc on the lowest shitpost terms imaginable, by a Tornigger.

8/pol/ is dead.



Post-Ban/Deletion of Comments:


Post-Alternative IP Response:


Board Log:




Which mod are you?


25d9b4  No.12484562

File: f423125aced2ae7⋯.png (60.8 KB, 2008x555, 2008:555, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c8f6a45403b0da6⋯.png (78.57 KB, 2452x510, 1226:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 396cf884056ae33⋯.png (197.1 KB, 2537x1369, 2537:1369, ClipboardImage.png)

25d9b4  No.12484630

File: ddf8c5b5557f84a⋯.png (26.27 KB, 1142x309, 1142:309, ClipboardImage.png)

And then I got banned for spam. Thread stayed up though.

h8/pol/ is dead.


bab711  No.12484661

File: 2469ebf7f39fa40⋯.png (309.66 KB, 2042x9832, 1021:4916, _pol_-_2018-11-29.png)


It's a bit disingenuous to now show all your posts, so let me help you with that.

8b6d00  No.12485894

I think the idea was that whether or not spam was happening was secondary to the point, in that moderation chose to act on the issue of spam (in the thread in question) and not the issue of the content, which was of justifiable dispute as far as warrant for moderation. Thread was pretty rach.

fa3da8  No.12486253


Alright, just gonna drop a few to test the new rules/mods, before I potentially waste time with an effortpost:

Trump loves niggers. Antifa is for fags. All women are subhuman filth.

The mod reading this is a closet faggot. Including all of you peasant fuck nonmods.

43332b  No.12486578


Fuck jannies, shills, and above all you

cedbde  No.12487800


Look like (((polvol2))) is back in power

43332b  No.12488520

I'm going to come out now, I've been anti-trump shitposting for awhile now. The anti-trump shill/shitposters/idiots think they're in good company, it's fucking laughable. If you guys are real, you seriously need your heads checked

000000  No.12488528


>desperate astroturding attempt



43332b  No.12488566


It's so predictable, I can even use lefty language and meme. Calling trump "Orange kike", "trumpstein", and the best one "drumpf". These names are so childish that only idiots and shills seriously use them. And you guys reply to these comments thinking I'm one of you. SAD

000000  No.12488579


>Waah please don't call daddy drumpf bad names!!!


43332b  No.12488597



Can't stand the fact that you guys are idiots? I even reply to you anti-trump shitheads implying you're not anti-trump enough, and you STILL can't see through my shitposting. I can even push you guys to more extremes, doubling down on your bullshit

43332b  No.12488625

The best was getting you guys to shill for voting straight democrat, implying Hillary would have been better. I'm having so much fun trolling you guys, and I'll continue to do it

000000  No.12488635


>I'm le epik trole XDDDD

>I got some fellow falseflaggers to shill for demokikes!

>That means that everyone should support daddy drumpbfstein.

>Don't call him bad names!

43332b  No.12488662


Mad you niggers wern't able to see through my low effort shitposting? you guys still deflecting it to supporting trump shows how low IQ you guys are. And you're still using words like "drumpbfstein" and "demokikes". never change!

43332b  No.12488799


Now THAT was a high IQ intervention, Is that all you can say?. Idk where you niggers came from, but you lot sure are thick

43332b  No.12488830


Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn't your little hugbox. you lot fucked over the moderation of this board, now you gotta live with it

742276  No.12488884


Whats that shitty MYMPC thing or something where Ricky Bobby came from, we should send them there.

43332b  No.12488912


Where did you faggots even come from? you guys better be from leftypol. because if not, you spergs have ran pol to the ground

742276  No.12488959

File: 75fbf853a4ae936⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 818x656, 409:328, Sargon-Of-Reddit.jpg)

43332b  No.12488983


>Go back to nu/pol/ trumpnigger

How will I ever recover?

742276  No.12488989

File: a0872e54097dcc9⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 500x373, 500:373, newfag.jpg)


You must commit sukudodu.

43332b  No.12489028

cedbde  No.12489348



Yup, its definitely (((polvol2)))

cedbde  No.12489394


>switches ID accusations

So you're officially out of arguments I take it?

df3f69  No.12490902



I don't even know what you're arguing about but I can tell you're both the cringe that killed /pol/.

334876  No.12491441

Nice to see the thread quality going up…

4244c2  No.12491469



Just neck yourself boy.

cedbde  No.12491519


lol no u

000000  No.12492475



So much for transparency.

25d9b4  No.12492553

It's become clear we have a nu mod who fancied himself the nu/pol/ kampfy, making a bunch of direct-from-4chan threads on different IPs, including heavy reliance on Tor, justifying shielding his posting from moderation.

His (((chosen))) issues appear to be promoting race-mixing, shilling against NatSoc-supportive moderation on the grounds of fri spich/claim that all 'Nazis' are gov agents, and presenting Masonry as 'the real foe'. You can find his posts all over 4chan, but he specifically tends to show up on 4chan /a/, /bantz/, /biz/ and of course /pol/, where he shitposts for hours spamming naked shemonkeys and posting supposed data suggesting White male-Black female relations are better (because 'they have titer pooses and lowerrate of diborce!", of course without acknowledging the issue of fucking sheboons to make frizzy haired mulattos).

The mods have inexplicably left these posts up, while banning anyone who engages with spam rather than engage in a 4chan shitposting thread.

If you see shitposting like so, especially in coordination with same via Tor, you know you're dealing with the nu/pol/ mod.

Remember to tell him:

Go back to 4chan!

a87872  No.12492710


There was only 3 active local accounts (2 of them heavily suspected of being the same person) when CodeMonkey made the board Global. The other accounts which show up on the boardlog are globals and a test bot. The original BO seemed to just give up and stop logging on and he barely posted, then imkampfy took the account.

a87872  No.12492778


No just the past, like literally two accounts being one guy who stays up 24/7 and the BO who just comes on deletes some stuff then leaves. Then he dissappears and his account is taken by the other guy (imkampfy).

4aa628  No.12493395


> The other accounts which show up on the boardlog

Where have you been?

Mod accounts don't show up on the board log anymore.

>pic related

I wonder why?


To be honest, that's about the sum of it. It would appear that the most-recent addition to the moderation pool is the guy who shitposts as described here: >>12492553

He doesn't know how to be subtle yet, or doesn't care to be, so thus far its just been really really blatant shitposts ripped directly from 4chan. If CM made THAT faggot into a mod, then I don't see how there is any future for this board that doesn't end with it being a giant worthless shitpostpile just like modern 4chan has become.

Observation of recent moderator activity suggests that there has been a MAJOR shift in the last ~2 weeks, and that there is basically zero moderation transpiring at present in the vein of anything but control of spam.

Whoever it is seems to be involved in the 'tax audit thots' threads, because there have been several bans in the last few days with messages associated with those threads.

Also, I'll go ahead and once again remind everyone that

There is no point to a /pol/ meta-anything unless THE MODERATORS AND BOARD OWNER (whoever that may be) are REQUIRED to OPENLY ENGAGE WITH THE BOARD USERS on a regular basis.

This thread is completely worthless and serves only so the mods can maintain justification of obliterating any threads on the subject and redirecting discussion into this cyclical thread that bears no fruits, demonstrates no administrative investment or interaction, and which most of the board will never read (thus keeping criticism of whats transpiring behind the scenes from spreading across the board).

4aa628  No.12493427

File: 008642bb2fbe328⋯.png (209.48 KB, 1735x1472, 1735:1472, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2ce909995aaf9ad⋯.png (36.14 KB, 124x1503, 124:1503, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 308ab70c06ddcad⋯.png (57.09 KB, 397x1494, 397:1494, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ef753cdde7fa76e⋯.png (120.78 KB, 1057x901, 1057:901, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ccfaadb4d82dc3b⋯.png (159.53 KB, 2662x669, 2662:669, ClipboardImage.png)


Woops, forgot pics.

Yeah, definitely some change in the moderation went down, you can even see that several of the moderator 'accounts' are now detailed as 'deleted'.

Last pic are the last actions by a 'deleted' account that I can find.


1 week ago

So, there you have it. Moderation has been shifted AGAIN, without informing the users, and now whoever is in charge is purposefully concealing moderator actions/identity for reasons which can only be interpreted as nefarious.

Further, this correlates frightfully with the emergence of direct-from-4chan shitposting going on, and being protected by what moderation DOES exist.

Basically, something went down, and we weren't told about it, and now the board is being moderated by unknowns, who do not wish to be monitored in any way (so much for transparency), and who willingly and regularly protect and/or engage in 4chan-level shitposting, specifically spamming Black female-White male pornography, claiming all NatSoc are government agents, claiming the Masons are the worry as opposed to the Jews, and generally kvetching - usually via Tor - about the fact that 8chan /pol/ has historically maintained a board culture through more-aggressive moderation than is seen on 4chan (ie, "if you don't let anyone and everyone shitpost all over your board, its a hugbox and that's bad!").

A dark day.

4aa628  No.12493461

File: f806ce8701e5830⋯.png (88.65 KB, 1591x923, 1591:923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9837e3f81d9a9a8⋯.png (315.22 KB, 2619x949, 2619:949, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7b28b5b80e6b03c⋯.png (359.88 KB, 2553x1058, 111:46, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh, and look, here is a prime example for examination.

As you can see, it was not a euphemism, its directly taken from 4chan posts. This exact sort of the post is something we've seen a significant increase of in recent days, including instances of moderators taking action upon those oppositional to such posts, without acting upon the posts themselves.

4aa628  No.12493484



And in case you missed it:


Which was…. Right about 1 week ago.

How convenient, ala >>12493427

Moderation of 8chan /pol/ has pretty-clearly been given to someone from 4chan, specifically someone who shitposts on 4chan /pol/ (as well as, at least /bant/, which is basically just nu/intl/, /a/, /biz/, /tg/, and /k/) with anti-German, anti-NatSoc, pro-miscegenation spam/graphics.

4aa628  No.12493497













Oh, look what I found.

First post, this Tuesday.

>muh hugbox

>muh implication of shitposting = trolling and is super hard!

>anti-Trump is just me pretending to be retarded you dummies!

Helloooooo nu/pol/ mod.

c1b35e  No.12494248

Reminder that hiding mods on the board log means that no one has accountability on this board.

Reminder that Codenigger hates /pol/ and has facilitated it's destruction through /intl/ shitposts and spineless mods.

Reminder that if you are one of the current mods that you are nothing more than Codenigger's lackey. A marionette on a string.

/intl/ won. Abandon this board. Codenigger will not stop until /pol/ is completely gone

fbb926  No.12494279


>thinking the herd aint ded in current year

anon… im so sorry

c1b35e  No.12494310


It's for any stragglers. I still see effort-posts on this board from jew wise anons. It's not worth it. Codenigger made this board into /intl/.

fbb926  No.12494341


personally ive never seen effortposts and funposts as mutually exclusive things

in fact i think them side by side makes the threads incomprehensible to outsiders, boomers, redditors and shills alike. the problem isnt the spam imo, its the normalfags biting on every line of spam. newfags refusing to lurk at increasing rates and biting on copypasta from cuck/pol/ is more of a problem than the spam, and often the turning point where the whole thread dissolves into bickering. and this sort of reaction of course begets more spam because the low effort spamming is more than enough to agitate the boomers and redditors.

like it or lump it, the main problem as i see it is a demographic one. boomers and redditors need to be eliminated at all costs. they will never adapt, they simply need to be eradicated

646f9b  No.12494765

All you anti trump niggers still don't get it

This website is a pro Trump website. They will not allow one of the main boards on this website to be infested with anti trump glow in the dark shills.

Continuous changes will be made to the moderation of this board until you anti trump faggots are weeded out

If you want your personal natsoc playpen go make your own site

090b36  No.12494786


>/pol/ is and has always been national socialist.

Sure it will. When you basement dwelling tards figure out how to run your own website. Until then Jim owns this site and this site is pro Trump. You niggers don't belong here

c1b35e  No.12495061



Obviously. The issue is this board no longer resembles /pol/.

7b1404  No.12495096

Why US?. Who cares?. Can't you just get hosting offshore?.

abbc74  No.12496940


Then why does every thread get destroyed by faggots who just want to bitch about Trump all day? Jim should have a talk with Ron about this, if what you said is the case.

000000  No.12496992

Daily reminder.


e78b82  No.12497004


>go to this totally safe and cp-free (((onion))) link goyim

392c1c  No.12497022


Why not make your own site if you hate this one so much? I'm not being rhetorical, I'm dead serious. All one needs to fix the 8chan platform is disable cuckchan board names (/pol/, /tv/, /v/, etc.) and make them categories instead. Then boards are populated based on quality rather than title.

e78b82  No.12497036


>muh categories muh legacy names

48cc87  No.12497052



>/pol/ is and has always been national socialist.

>Repeating something over and over makes it right

48cc87  No.12497055


The categories idea was mine from /sudo/, actually. Good to see at least someone else agrees, but CM will never implement it because he likes the idea of his site going to utter shit.

abbc74  No.12497081


Problem is, the people saying "National Socialist" now are the ones who will go into a thread about Italy to make the thread about Trump. I don't know why, but somehow I have the feeling that Hitler wouldn't be too thrilled with these rude bastards.

392c1c  No.12497101


Keep bringing it up and maybe the next hotwheels will take notice. I sense a new exodus coming with how shit literally every board on this site is and all the discontent surrounding it.

e78b82  No.12497118


Categories are a shit idea. KIll yourself. This is an imageboard, not fucking reddit.

48cc87  No.12497174


>imageboards can't have categories

48cc87  No.12497175



>and also you must die

e78b82  No.12497221



Those are both true statements.

0c9dd2  No.12497964

Does reddit even have categories? If anything, 8chan is most like reddit the way it is now.

f097f8  No.12498551


wtf are "categories"

48cc87  No.12498613

File: 4a0a428bca48f51⋯.png (18.01 KB, 597x368, 597:368, 8chan categories.PNG)


Imagine the main board index looking like this.

48cc87  No.12498623


This design would prevent anyone from owning legacy boards while still being able to associate their board with a legacy theme.

This is the reason why 8/pol/ is always cancer. There are natsoc shitbags constantly trying to seize control of it to push their shitty political ideals with fascist abandon. If you remove their ability to control a mainstream legacy name, they will scatter like roaches guaranteed.

48cc87  No.12498648



Say it one more time, fagboi. The winds of change are not blowing your way today. You will all be gassed in due time.

c1b35e  No.12498708


>There are natsoc shitbags constantly trying to seize control of it to push their shitty political ideals with fascist abandon

Reminder that Codenigger personally endorses posts like this on /pol/.

Reminder that hiding the mods names in the board log means we cannot see and rightfully punish whoever dismisses reports on posts like this.==

48cc87  No.12498717


>Codenigger personally endorses posts like this on /pol/.

CM endorses free speech, not the fascism that drove us all here from 4chan in the first place. Since he is the BO of /pol/, the moderation here will reflect his ideals.

natsocs really are cancer. You came here because you didn't like being told what you can and can't discuss (GameGate), but then bitch because you, yourselves, can't control what people can and can't discuss. You're all better off gassed as soon as possible.

c1b35e  No.12498762


Reminder that /intl/ goons like this poster are allowed on /pol/ now that it's a global board

f097f8  No.12498781


>you, yourselves, can't control what people can and can't discuss

That's the fucking mods business and there are enough trumpshills on reddit and halfcuck as it is. They don't listen and they spam up the website.

48cc87  No.12498796


>You cannot talk about [insert politically-irrelevant topic here]


>boop beep


Looks like the natsoc bot is broken again.

48cc87  No.12498798


>Reminder that /intl/ goons like this poster are allowed on /pol/ now that it's a global board

Yep. Feels good.

f097f8  No.12498803


>You cannot talk about [insert politically-irrelevant topic here] on /pol/

What part of that do you not understand?

48cc87  No.12498807


>That's the fucking mods business

You must be new here. On 8chan, the mods just enforce the rules set by the BO. Who is the BO? Codemonkey, and Codemonkey said that all opinions are allowed. /pol/ will never again be controlled by the natsoc faggot brigade. It is a place for everyone now. You will soon find a way to come to terms with this.

48cc87  No.12498810


Free speech doesn't mean you can discuss any topic under the sun, you moron. It means free speech within the context of the board's rules. Basically, anything on-topic to politics is permitted. Says so right in the OP of this thread unless you forgot how to read.

c1b35e  No.12498813

As you can see, (((48cc87))) admits it.

/intl/ won. Abandon this board

f097f8  No.12498816


>Codemonkey said that all opinions are allowed

Sucks for him then.

48cc87  No.12498824


I am pretty sure he likes it. I like it to. Feels good to be able to express any idea I like without fear of being banned.

f097f8  No.12498836


>to express any idea

What idea are you itching to express that you feel was ever suppressed?

48cc87  No.12498851


Anything that doesn't toe the natsoc line. I've found out here that natsocs don't want to hear anything you have to say unless it's laced with anti-Semitism or white supremacy. If it's anything the natsoc faggot mods don't like, it gets deleted and the user likely banned. Hence why you're all kvetching hard right now. There are now all kinds of posts on 8/pol/ that you do not like. You did not have this problem before CM came in and did some housecleaning, so you're twitching feverishly and sperging out all over the place. It's a true delight to watch.

f097f8  No.12498859


>anti-Semitism or white supremacy

You mean those two things that are actively suppressed on every other fucking website?

c1b35e  No.12498863


You're replying to an admitted /intl/ goon. He's being disingenuous on purpose.

48cc87  No.12498866


>You mean those two things that are actively suppressed on every other fucking website?

I can't confirm every other website, but so what if they are?

f097f8  No.12498869


>what if they are?

Then you can expect here of all places to be ruled by the people you seem to hate so much.

48cc87  No.12498872


What would lead me to that expectation?

646f9b  No.12498933








All these Natsoc beggars

Begging and pleading to turn /pol/ into their safespace again. Meanwhile Codemonkey is out there somewhere blissfully ignoring these natsoc niggers.

Feels Good Man

48cc87  No.12498961

File: a3489baf059bc87⋯.png (63.26 KB, 155x202, 155:202, 1361841601198.png)


>Begging and pleading to turn /pol/ into their safespace again

Uppermost fucking kek. They act like they're still in control around here, but they're literally on their e-knees begging CM to let them puff his peter in a desperate effort to deglobalize the board. They's guzzle gallons of Codemonkey cum if only their natsoc safe haven could be returned to them.


32f203  No.12498986


They are pathetic. This one here >>12498940 has been reduced to chanting the same thing over and over like an autistic retard. The absolute state of natsoc niggers

48cc87  No.12499009


It's a natsoc fagbot and is broken. No one will repair it because no one cares no matter how many times it redtexts its message of absolute faggotry.

090b36  No.12499023


kek. Perhaps if he chants it 1488 times it will become true and Codemonkey will magically change his mind

48cc87  No.12499134


>boop beep



ceca6c  No.12499172


>t. newfag

48cc87  No.12499238


Who ya samefaggin' for, Mr. (1)?

f097f8  No.12499298


Are you a masochist?

abbc74  No.12499466

So-called "National Socialists" who do nothing at all unless it's complaining about Trump, versus equally useless fuckers who do nothing but complain about National Socialism. Not much of value left anyway. Why bother even arguing about it? You might as well just go suck each other's dicks.

f097f8  No.12499543

File: f5c1fe0fa795e7f⋯.png (254.27 KB, 663x606, 221:202, f5c1fe0fa795e7fd23cd277c1a….png)


>do nothing at all unless it's complaining about Trump

He is the president of the United States and he is also a neocon like the Bushes, Reagan and Goldwater. He deserves complaints and criticisms. Most criticisms from the left are about muh Russians and muh Mueller, so as far as right-wing (or Third Position) criticisms go the most scathing and hard-hitting ones will be found here. People bitching about National Socialism on this site don't even exist for that matter, you're talking about mr. (59) like it's more than one person. However people talking shit about muh Anti-Semitism and muh white supremacy exist everywhere else and only because of heavy handed moderation and censorship. Only problem with Chodemonkey is that he allows blatant spam and deliberate derailing shitposters (muh amerimutts, muh anglos are kikes, trumpshills, the /int/ goon above, etc). None of those faggots are interested in discussion and shit up the site. Nobody who promotes National Socialism is merely an uncritical walking ideologue worshiping Hitler, it produced itself from free expression, something which exists more prominently here than any other site on the internet.

abbc74  No.12499562


>deserves complaints and criticisms

Maybe in threads that are about him, but not every single thread.


I gave up on it after noticing a thread titled "There is literally nothing wrong with pedophilia" on its /b/.

abbc74  No.12499609

I'll give an example. "GTFIH BORDER WALL HAS BEEN BUILT" or "US to send $38 billion to Israel" are good places to complain about what Trump has done wrong or should have done. On the other hand, "Italy Passes New Immigration Law" is not a Trump thread.

I'm glad the Meds vs Nords idea was an immediate, complete failure at least.

f99ce3  No.12499655

File: 8178dcb32beff46⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 450x311, 450:311, moot-cuck.jpg)

File: 28cd9031ced5945⋯.jpg (264.44 KB, 900x880, 45:44, moot-cuckd.jpg)

48cc87  No.12499781

File: 9c3c1242d6ba36d⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 684x384, 57:32, fmj16-hartman-lead.jpg)


e78b82  No.12499846

>off topic thread about the f-36 gets autosaged

<off topic threads about flat earth and at least a dozen /christian/ threads are left up

Just as inconsistent and useless as kampfy-era moderation.

8cae28  No.12501451


Reported to the Secret Service.

46dd0c  No.12501965


>1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;


d1930e  No.12502156


>a screenshot taken form a thread publocly visible, of a poster with the same thread ID as the one of the screenshot above, with no modtools in sight

You don't know what a post history is, do you?

48cc87  No.12502235


Haha lmao and I do believe I am the one who reported those spam posts of yours. Wow, you really are one of the most pretentious and insufferable posters I've encountered on this entire site since the great exodus. That's a feat. Congrats.

c1b35e  No.12502298

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board

f8472a  No.12502340


>Look like (((polvol2))) is back in power

polvol2 would be banning all of the anti-christian posters if that was the case

d0673a  No.12503280

File: 198dd9aadb8f8ac⋯.png (8.03 KB, 404x358, 202:179, ava1.png)

Hi everyone! What are the most redpilled sites that you can advise me to read? I tried to find some decent NS/WN websites, but I could only find shit like daily stormer.

Thank you in advance for the answer!

00b1d5  No.12503358


lurk /pol/

aec208  No.12503506


No. This place is infested with Communist Strasserist pieces of shit.







I recommend reading "Mein Side of the Story Key World War 2 Addresses of Adolf Hitler" and Mein Kampf completely.

Also this: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

36797a  No.12504059


here you go faggot


c1b35e  No.12505199

File: 71424d8591ae403⋯.jpg (35.49 KB, 460x217, 460:217, 1402061666470.jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board

48cc87  No.12505538

f99ce3  No.12507974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f99ce3  No.12508166

Can I get the link for the page with all the banner gifs etc, also the one for the CSS's that chodekike made us take down

ef78cc  No.12508536



ef78cc  No.12508886


Nope, they are still in Tiajana.

>The border is already forgotten.

Eh, you want that, eh kike?



e36ad2  No.12509358


Because that's not how it works.

Thats like saying "Why dont you go make your own Youtube! Why not make your own Twitter! Why not make your own Google!" and its retarded.

This board is only able to exist because of its users. That's it - its sole point of import is that people come here.

I'm not going to sit and argue the point, but its kind of like how one guy running around with an AR-15 is a crazy person to be derided after the fact while 10,000 are an army to be feared and fled.

e36ad2  No.12509371



You mean shitposts.

> biting on copypasta from cuck/pol/

This is so dumb.

Its not hard to get people to bite bait dipshit, the only reason it doesn't go further - because it goes VERY FAR on cuckchan - is because there's not enough activity on this board to shuffle it through.

A shitpost thread on cuckchan may hang around awhile, but its a drop of piss in an ocean of piss: when every thread is a bait thread, no thread is, hence why on cuckchan, in that miasmic shithole the board has become, there is NOTHING going on except baiting and shitposting. That's it. There's nothing more.

An ocean of piss.

Here, there's not enough piss to make an ocean - so every drop of piss stands the fuck out. That's what made 8chan different from 4chan, aside from the numbers and consequentially the speed of the board.

8chan was more heavily moderated and this promoted discussion because time wasn't being spent on arguing with 'funposters' shitposting their trash all over the place, derailing threads and knocking out 4chan-template threads one after the other after the other from Tor or via IP-hopping through VPN.

Its not the early 2000s anymore nigger. If you're still "funposting", go to fucking /b/, that's what it exists for.

Don't try to do what was done with 4chan, and turn the board into nothing but vaguely-politically themed /b/, because we already have 4chan for that.

e36ad2  No.12509387


Doesn't surprise me, given you're (62) deep and its all shitposting.











>The userbase doesn't define the board, the BO does.

Sounds like we found the new BO.








Oh, you're also the guy who spams jewesses.

Yep, this is our new BO alright.


>spams niggresses and jewessi

>nothing but shitposting



And outright admits to being /intl/.

I mean, really, what's the point of a slower, shittier 4chan, run by people who are not merely questionably philosemitic, but openly so?

e36ad2  No.12509394


Whats his email address?

392f30  No.12509580

Hi mods. The old /rwts/ right wing tax squads #11 has disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it?

Thread was recreated at >>12509001

5694bd  No.12509790





Daily reminder that /pol/ is not a natsoc board

This thread is great for laughing at natsoc beggars begging the Codemonkey to make it a natsoc board

aec208  No.12509934

File: 3a44dfbcb224e71⋯.png (1.35 MB, 471x650, 471:650, 3a44dfbcb224e715480737d021….png)

c1b35e  No.12509991

File: 7ee614ec2e6dcfc⋯.jpg (342.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1403679470297.jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

f99ce3  No.12510048


/intl/ didnt win shit, chodenigger is doing this because feds put his nuts in a vice over all the stuff he allows up here.

c1b35e  No.12510076


Regardless of codenigger's reasoning for making /pol/ into a global board, the result remains the same. This is no longer /pol/. It's /intl/.

a3b39c  No.12510209

How can I track someone's info with just their phone number

>Not an US faggot

f99ce3  No.12510338


Tell me you won when youre in a shallow mass grave.

f99ce3  No.12510705


Theres a genocide going on and you just care about your right to shit up boards dedicated to opposing it, big surprise when we treat you just like Jews and communists.

48cc87  No.12512135

/pol/ is not a natsoc board

aec208  No.12512186



aec208  No.12512205

File: 3c29929a9eff5c7⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 400x440, 10:11, 3c29929a9eff5c7d26add38e10….jpg)

3af1ca  No.12512214


/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

48cc87  No.12512512


Nope, sorry. It's not.

3af1ca  No.12512515

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

48cc87  No.12512822

3af1ca  No.12512857

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

48cc87  No.12513492

File: cc59cf908098e78⋯.jpg (471.69 KB, 633x356, 633:356, waynes-world-5.jpg)

245f26  No.12513620

aec208  No.12513643

File: 6f7bcd03d3d693e⋯.jpeg (947.46 KB, 2048x1438, 1024:719, 51fcfa266f7279a7f60536d16….jpeg)



Eat shit, JIDF rats.

48cc87  No.12513759


>Some anonymous testimony of unknown provenance on a shitty imageboard is proof of something and can therefore be used to win an argument

458ced  No.12514354

File: f0a3d2aa25c26c0⋯.jpg (165.37 KB, 951x964, 951:964, died_in_a_fire.jpg)


>fund zog for free

>flat earth

>300 /christian/ threads

>"news" with OP's own blog as the sole source

This board is fucking dead. Even half/pol/ is probably better by this point.


Kill yourself.

3af1ca  No.12514453

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

48cc87  No.12514464

3af1ca  No.12514478

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

48cc87  No.12514589

File: a479a6e42969eb7⋯.png (273.41 KB, 835x790, 167:158, natsoc fag lol.png)


lmao get medicated, autist

3af1ca  No.12514594

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

f99ce3  No.12514640

File: afa4e017174e6d5⋯.jpeg (235.21 KB, 1079x1484, 1079:1484, how-jews-destroyed-pol.jpeg)

3af1ca  No.12514651


A very apt statement. It has been THREE FUCKING YEARS since /pol/ has been allowed to be what it wants to be. Every single post telling the truth in three years was instantly deleted and the poster banned. In the last six months, truth has been allowed again, but lies are also still allowed. Truth is DROWNED in lies and no discussion can be had, as it once was in 2014 and 2015. Until codemonkey is killed in the real world, /pol/ will not be free again.

f99ce3  No.12514661


This is generation one, make sure to ban generation two before he brainwashes them and chases the good National Socialists out

48cc87  No.12514681


>since /pol/ has been allowed to be what it wants to be

>what it wants to be


I didn't know /pol/ had its own sentience. Didn't know that it could be whatever it wanted. Oh wait, it doesn't. What you really mean is the will of those who claimed control of it via happenstance. Haha, yeah, go fuck yourself.

>/pol/ will not be free again

/pol/ is more free now than it ever was. Feels good to be able to say what I like without being banned. How do you feel about that?

Want /pol/ to be natsoc? Create /natsocpol/ and let /pol/ be the marketplace of ideal neutrality as it was meant to be.

3af1ca  No.12514694


>paid jewish shill thinks anyone gives a fuck what he says

lol you lose

48cc87  No.12514715


Sorry, I'm winning. Before CM came along and pulled the reins on you natsoc chucklenuts, I would have been banned and my posts deleted. Take a look, though, my posts are still here, and so am I.

You, on the other hand, are losing. This board doesn't belong to you anymore. You now have to share a board with others who espouse views you do not like and you have to see posts and threads and opinions that you do not like. It wasn't this way before. You had it your way before. You don't have it your way anymore.

How do you feel about this?

8c8dba  No.12514724


>>Fuck it.

>>Go to leftypol.

Good luck being there for more than three posts without getting banned.

Leftypol trannies will astroturf whining about muh freezepeache but ban anyone who strays from marxist cancer in an instant.

ab8eff  No.12515178


That's bait, nobody goes to /leftypol/ unless they want to mess with the BO. The whole Trump hate is another red flag because every single time it's always Anons who hate Trump that always turn out to be faggots or Trannies of one stripe or another. It's not a matter of indifference but genuine constant hate, especially if they refuse to ever pronounce his name.

00b1d5  No.12515226


> every single time it's always Anons who hate Trump that always turn out to be faggots or Trannies of one stripe or another

don't forget beaners/sand niggers. an "anon" who was dumping anti trump images in a non trump related thread said something about islam is the only solution for whites

aec208  No.12515313

File: 3d7193b1b5e8b0e⋯.jpg (555.85 KB, 3068x2125, 3068:2125, 3c38156593c8dc396096b0e1fd….jpg)

File: 35c84826af1409d⋯.jpg (162.5 KB, 720x518, 360:259, 35c84826af1409d34d9f1191d3….jpg)

File: 5b42e444e69824a⋯.jpeg (385.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 89.jpeg)

File: c1f5d81e4538be5⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 8561352-3x2-940x627.jpg)

File: c35b7792cee90c2⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2732x1821, 2732:1821, bc-ml-israel-netanyahu-img….jpg)


You also get to deal with National Socialists expressing their views, hurting your kike feelings without us being banned.



Eat shit, Trumpets. I'm Aryan, neither faggot nor tranny. When you don't give a shit after a politician is public about being a ZOGcuck, then you are worthless as human beings.

eb393d  No.12515344


>I'm Aryan, neither faggot nor tranny.

All Iranians are faggots, especially the ugly arab mongrels who call themselves "Persians" and "Aryans." You will always be a dirty nigger that stinks of goat.


00b1d5  No.12515345


>Eat shit, Trumpets

all I did was post what I saw faggot

good job getting your feeling hurt

aec208  No.12515381

File: 572bfbc3eb1471a⋯.jpg (74.36 KB, 640x578, 320:289, 572bfbc3eb1471a1d10c1f771d….jpg)

File: d337dc5017db09e⋯.jpg (136.37 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 906418a061854232e594c20218….jpg)

File: a3802ab0177445f⋯.gif (3.18 MB, 378x237, 126:79, a3802ab0177445f67af5026393….gif)

File: 3eeb34db4ef3d5f⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 800x433, 800:433, 3b9a8938dbdca97638db0bbc40….jpg)

File: c14f8e758e9f289⋯.jpg (323.63 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Donald-Trump-and-Benjamin-….jpg)


>All Iranians are faggots, especially the ugly arab mongrels who call themselves "Persians" and "Aryans."

>seething hatred of Iran, not caring about kike subversion

You dumb jew. Aryans were referred to in the Third Reich and before until post-WW2 National Socialist villianization. They realized the truth that whites dominated with Zoroastrian religion before race mixing prevailed, leaving only mudshit races.


It's you Trumpets getting your feelings hurt every time an anti-Trump post is made. You shriek like kikes do when they say anti-semitic. Here, have some more.

c1b35e  No.12515430

File: a04b266ca64adc8⋯.jpg (34.58 KB, 750x724, 375:362, a04b266ca64adc81d7b67957bd….jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

f097f8  No.12515879

File: 4f967e95d920f6c⋯.jpg (79.4 KB, 800x600, 4:3, siberia.jpg)


You don't understand. These are the Scythian plains, we never saw this place as home, we come and go where we please. All invaders are doomed.

c1b35e  No.12516021

e36ad2  No.12516025



Thanks for making it so easy to show everyone what you're about.

See, it wasn't "happenstance" that resulted in NatSoc ruling the board - it was that most of the users are NatSoc.

So, when you come in, admit to being /intl/, shill the way you do?

It doesn't convince anyone, it just makes everyone aware that the moderation/administration hates the userbase.

Which is hilarious, when you think about it.

All you're really doing is making everyone hate you, and given that you stand out like a sore fucking thumb, because you're used to shitposting in an ocean of piss, but are not pissing into the equivalent of newfallen snow, its really obvious when its you and nobody actually likes you, that's why you have to resort to IP-hopping and Torfaggotry to get anywhere.

Keep it up.

And please, keep making it easy.

e36ad2  No.12516026


*are now pissing into

48cc87  No.12516341


oh it's easy alright

d4cabe  No.12516476


> you're used to shitposting in an ocean of piss, but are now pissing into the equivalent of newfallen snow

poetic af

ef78cc  No.12517443


>See, it wasn't "happenstance" that resulted in NatSoc ruling the board - it was that most of the users are NatSoc.


When asked what the fuck is "natsoc", the kikes here are silent.

ef78cc  No.12517446


Proof? Proof? Proof?



3af1ca  No.12518386


You will never have a sticky. Ever. THE BOARD IS OWNED BY JEWS. All illegals have been let in. They will never be deported. Get it through your head, subhuman.

880d75  No.12518396

File: e7287ed74c0d7bb⋯.png (54.93 KB, 3760x1044, 940:261, niggerchan.png)

880d75  No.12518574

Daily Reminder


3af1ca  No.12518973

/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

c1b35e  No.12519126

File: 98520e8e219fa27⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1422x837, 158:93, 1.png)

File: 4cd3fa25bb5fb0f⋯.png (819.82 KB, 1310x563, 1310:563, 2.png)

File: c68a05b1d41b2df⋯.png (761.56 KB, 1328x516, 332:129, 3.png)


>Imagine them trying to run a country.

You dont have to imagine. It was already done once and became the fastest growing, most productive, and dare I say most progressive. economy ever. Here's some information:

Source for 1: https://wdc.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/tav/id/3135

Source for 2: http://newsjunkiepost.com/2011/02/20/may-1933-hitler-abolishes-unions/

Source for 3: "David Marsh, The Bundesbank: The Bank That Rules Europe", op.cit., note 40, 300.

>A new Reichsbank law, which was promulgated on June 15, 1939, made the bank “UNCONDITIONALLY SUBORDINATED TO THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATE.”(17) Article 3 of the law decreed that the bank should be “directed and managed according to the instructions and under the supervision of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor.”(18)

And if you really need a source for when The Great Depression was, I think you have greater problems than understanding the NatSoc government.

c1b35e  No.12519132

File: dfed0eecf0d810a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1270x924, 635:462, 4.png)



forgot 4th image

aec208  No.12519414



>anti Hitler BS throughout the whole link

You really need to check your sources first.

c1b35e  No.12519520


I read it. The fact that he is anti-Hitler, yet admits the NatSoc government was the first to establish such worker programs strengthens the information. It's undeniable that they accomplished these things

f99ce3  No.12520930

File: 465a926e2ec757f⋯.gif (1009.08 KB, 213x255, 71:85, mfw-disgust.gif)

Did one of the kiked mods actually just nuke the James Fields murder conviction thread?

89ca15  No.12521213


looks like it, also shocker the mods are kikes.

52f706  No.12523987

I’m a mother friggin rule breaker xDDD can’t wait to own the libtards epic style 😎🇮🇱

c1b35e  No.12524241

File: d0b9f6d408de6f9⋯.jpg (325.82 KB, 1280x890, 128:89, 1403093056430.jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

8fa8c0  No.12524650


>muh /intl/ boogeyman

/pol/ is shit because imkikey inviting redditors here while banning anything and everything he remotely disliked, it's been shit for years now.

c1b35e  No.12524727


go back to your discord channel

069596  No.12525809



>implying you spergs have anything in common with them besides the LARP.

Those people got things done. You come here to cry every day about Codemongol. Big difference

Those = Actual Natsocs

You = Natsoc beggars

f99ce3  No.12525820

File: 5e52190e0908180⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1856x1782, 928:891, 2013-christmas.jpg)

>pol was never natsoc!

Yea, look at all those Gadsden flags

f99ce3  No.12525836

File: 9b8dea230b28953⋯.jpg (172.26 KB, 800x800, 1:1, intl-rulecucks-muh-memes-m….jpg)

e5599a  No.12528984


you're not proving him wrong with this shit meme

c1b35e  No.12530340

File: bbf73544c975dac⋯.gif (6.2 MB, 400x400, 1:1, FUCK.gif)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

f6fb71  No.12530417


/pol/ will survive, if the White man fights for it, the White man has forgot how to fight for what he wants. Now and here is no better a place or time.

c1b35e  No.12530511


>/pol/ will survive

Of course. Just not this /pol/. This board is /intl/ until Codenigger gives us a NatSoc BO

f99ce3  No.12530668

File: 220f7b470e45680⋯.jpg (115.21 KB, 800x527, 800:527, Jew-Behind-Seven-Goyim.jpg)

ecaa94  No.12531083


Oh, so that's why you are filling up the entire thread with your bullshit posts.

ecaa94  No.12531093



48cc87  No.12532345


Create /natsocgoonpol/, you fucking asswipe. /pol/ is politically neutral now. Deal with it.

00b1d5  No.12532349


>(51) posts of waah wah /pol/ isn't natsoc

the majority of users are and it's common board knowledge the holocaust never happened, keep crying chaim

48cc87  No.12532372


>holocaust never happened


3af1ca  No.12532469


Global report for not even trying to hide yourself.

aec208  No.12532605



https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ Eat shit and die.

3af1ca  No.12532632



/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

e78b82  No.12532692

Flat earth and /christian/ religion threads break rule #2. Why do you intentionally ignore reports filed on these and allow the board to be flooded with this garbage?

3af1ca  No.12532727


Because codemonkey personally wants the board destroyed.

aedf41  No.12533668


>/pol/ is and has always been a natsoc board.

absolutely, can the board settings be changed so that we can delete our own posts even if we cant delete our own threads

226a00  No.12533687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f99ce3  No.12533940

File: 5fb36b46914f14a⋯.jpg (241.51 KB, 1489x1544, 1489:1544, JIDF.jpg)

File: 5e52190e0908180⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1856x1782, 928:891, 2013-christmas.jpg)


Nah, KYS kike, its natsoc.

f6fb71  No.12534227


/pol/ is for all White people to lurk on but the only people who should be allowed to post on /pol/ are White people with National Socialist views.

48cc87  No.12534282


Nah, it ain't

aec208  No.12534378

File: d354c8f73158e9c⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 347x295, 347:295, 4.jpg)


Nah, it is. You're a foreign invader in a vast minority, and that is why you're always trolling for National Socialists' replies. Very similar to kikes in that regard. (((Pure coincidence))) though, right?

c1b35e  No.12534455

File: 1876b014ca64869⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1413324591017.jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

48cc87  No.12534539

48cc87  No.12534552


<waaaah wahh codemonkey won't let us commandeer a popular legacy board anymore

<wahh we can no longer control the narrative. We have to see opinions we don't like and topics we don't like and share a board with anons we don't like

<wahhh wah [insert more natsoc whiner dribble here]

Would you like your binky, natty socky faggy waggy? Hims so cute when he cries like a widdle fuckface

d225d0  No.12534642


Shoo shoo kike.

c1b35e  No.12534866


>you're a kike for calling out codenigger's destruction of this board


b1a960  No.12535003

We Waith Withe

aec208  No.12535241

File: 5a3ff2f55b81553⋯.jpg (108.08 KB, 1080x540, 2:1, yours is very small.jpg)



>after (((Pure coincidence))) though, right?

So you admit you're a kike. Thanks, that makes it easier.

1aab72  No.12535809


Faggots on mod duty obviously. Truth hurts and so does your asshole.

536a48  No.12535964


I had no idea the mods were this based.

c1b35e  No.12535988


The mod in that screenshot has since been removed for enforcing NatSoc /pol/

00b1d5  No.12536037


so uh, which bunker is everybody at? Did I miss the evacuation?

00a728  No.12536171


We all went to discord and 4chan and lurk moar

00b1d5  No.12536190


hey fuck you, i've been here for more than 2 years, i'm a premium user

1f1ca5  No.12538493

File: c8501cc043d7414⋯.jpg (414.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1543202054411.jpg)

Sorta wish the other Chans has the same fighting spirit you guys still do

c1b35e  No.12539372

File: a4819038674b0c1⋯.jpg (86.08 KB, 960x628, 240:157, oy vey.jpg)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

488034  No.12539530


Head to /union/ I will mod it

ecaa94  No.12541018


>haha WOW non sequitur

>take THAT not sees

I don't even care what "ideology" you think you have, faggot.

c1b35e  No.12543573

File: db065958cb86cbb⋯.gif (977.59 KB, 220x176, 5:4, db065958cb86cbb7de16b9b1a8….gif)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting it back

1c32b2  No.12543732

f7f9f5  No.12544051


Prove him wrong, then.

e36ad2  No.12544586


The more you say it, the less true it becomes nu/pol/ mod.

Tell CM I said hello and thank him for sending you to us. You will be the death of this board, and its exactly what was needed.

e36ad2  No.12544595

92c027  No.12545195

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/alQC0eMg-H4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

92c027  No.12545235


f7f9f5  No.12545240


Never post here again.

181262  No.12545310


fuck off

aedf41  No.12546764

can we get a sticky'd cuckchan refugee thread so these faggots stop flooding the board?

then you can one-week ban them when they flood the board with new threads, without any question of fairness.

if not please just ban them all now

c1b35e  No.12549050

File: b182bf4845f751d⋯.png (40.05 KB, 721x646, 721:646, game cosmetics.png)

Daily reminder that /intl/ won. This is no longer /pol/, thanks to Codenigger.

Abandon this board, we're never getting a NatSoc BO as long as he is in charge

649c21  No.12549741


>Implying you fed cocksuckers won't deplatform it and feeds its userbase here to be deradicalized like every other far right website in the past few years.


Its that why you lolberg cucks spend all your time whining on /liberty/ and /k/ about how da ebil neetsocks hijacked "your" board.

Cry about it little baby.

f4de99  No.12549919


There will never be a sticky again. Codemonkey wants these people here.

abfed8  No.12550054

Can't we delete posts? No option for it in the post?

f4de99  No.12550119


No, goy, you can't hide anything from the jewish moderation.

9d5561  No.12550634

I am allergic to synthetics. I wasn't always. Noticed 8 years ago that my polyester comforter burned. It has progressed to where all I have to do is touch fabric in a store to know the content. Synthetics burn my hands immediately. Nylon is the worst offender, but polyester and spandex are pretty bad. These fabrics burn on contact and cause a red rash with prolonged contact.

99% of garments are made from synthetics. Even those mostly cotton and wool will often be blended with 1 or more synthetics to make a "superior" fabric.

Cotton is still widely produced in the USA. Wool is gaining ground in America as a profitable cottage industry. So why is the market flooded with toxic fabric mainly manufactured in China?

f4de99  No.12550726


>why is white genocide happening

Three guesses.

e36ad2  No.12551341

File: 1b3161c9400cecf⋯.png (395.03 KB, 2558x464, 1279:232, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c109e62b4bef2c⋯.png (19.72 KB, 911x219, 911:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 861a8a97ddebd4e⋯.png (13.88 KB, 793x144, 793:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 40d9cbe55ca3135⋯.png (16.09 KB, 1196x178, 598:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 451947514aae5bd⋯.png (28.14 KB, 1706x279, 1706:279, ClipboardImage.png)

You really are such a child.

Since you got upset that your thread didn't go the way you liked and deleted it, I'll respond to your last post here:

Memes did get Trump elected - the containment failed - and their absence will cost him in 2020.

If you didn't care, you wouldn't have replied. ;)

e36ad2  No.12551349

File: 2683d9bdbbc6d0c⋯.png (372.43 KB, 1286x460, 643:230, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551354

File: 42c9c6c6401ca1d⋯.jpg (251.85 KB, 610x685, 122:137, virgin lolberg vs Chad Nat….jpg)

File: 6b9a446fb50c0c1⋯.jpg (127.69 KB, 2603x611, 2603:611, cuckchan in one image.JPG)


>This is the reason why 8/pol/ is always cancer. There are natsoc shitbags constantly trying to seize control of it to push their shitty political ideals with fascist abandon. If you remove their ability to control a mainstream legacy name, they will scatter like roaches guaranteed.

Your plan doesn't seem to be working out.

e36ad2  No.12551363

File: a23c94e686bf681⋯.png (693.15 KB, 1905x1049, 1905:1049, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b573a538ab892d6⋯.png (680.81 KB, 1902x1010, 951:505, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f8264c76bfab3f8⋯.png (619.73 KB, 1930x946, 965:473, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05ac069bcbb1fac⋯.png (576.52 KB, 1899x1029, 633:343, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e590c492d9e03b⋯.png (689.46 KB, 1929x1021, 1929:1021, ClipboardImage.png)



e36ad2  No.12551364

File: fcb5e719fbb8aca⋯.png (678.53 KB, 1887x1055, 1887:1055, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551370

File: 4d50b42bdc8077e⋯.png (563.83 KB, 1553x890, 1553:890, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551377

File: 0ffaf732a9acea8⋯.png (574.29 KB, 1544x976, 193:122, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00af473c17e5237⋯.png (538.36 KB, 1499x979, 1499:979, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a79b9f5780dd2cd⋯.png (381.64 KB, 1432x900, 358:225, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551379

File: e6b0a340fe5d9f5⋯.png (414.78 KB, 1356x887, 1356:887, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551388

File: 3ea6688e270030d⋯.png (402.93 KB, 1486x804, 743:402, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94217f0bc3ca84f⋯.png (440.66 KB, 1464x858, 244:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: afd950b4dd16b1e⋯.png (407.11 KB, 1427x865, 1427:865, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1cf2baa4b85c675⋯.png (408.51 KB, 1460x860, 73:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55cc80b7db32bac⋯.png (545.67 KB, 1487x927, 1487:927, ClipboardImage.png)

e36ad2  No.12551401

File: 304e265862ddc35⋯.png (446.7 KB, 1452x839, 1452:839, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bd171ae7eb0c93c⋯.png (450.81 KB, 1501x879, 1501:879, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab763fe3d83267f⋯.png (418.21 KB, 1418x882, 709:441, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a5e92b57fd770b⋯.png (516.15 KB, 1479x957, 17:11, ClipboardImage.png)

27205c  No.12551807

File: 7cc48bec41d8033⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 360x360, 1:1, stirtalkingtoo.webm)

c1b35e  No.12552221

File: 32a975eca3bab23⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 426x240, 71:40, MGS2 Truth.webm)