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File: 65e11747c620240⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 344x344, 1:1, 0e867bd002ad28c7e5629d6640….jpg)

d4b50e  No.12444696

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

Post last edited at

44a301  No.13225027


It's adorable that you actually believe this shit still works. Do you know where you are?

You are already extinct, and you know it.

I hope I get to find you myself.

...tick tock, kid fucker.

98a30e  No.13225057


>It's adorable that you actually believe this shit still works.

Said the jew posting the same lies every day for five years.

>Do you know where you are?

Somewhere that knows you post the same lies every day for five years.

>You are already extinct

Said the jew to the white.

>I hope I get to find you myself.

Said the jew.

>…tick tock

Oh, he's a Q-LARPer, too.

44a301  No.13225094


Nice endless stream of Stawmen, kike.

Are you still this unaware of how silly you appear?

>five years

You do realize that by saying shit that can not be proven in any way, totally blows your cover, right?

These are BLATANT, and tired kike tricks.

You have no power here, nigger.

You are going to die for your transgressions against humanity.

See you soon.

c1b35e  No.13225259


>You do realize that by saying shit that can not be proven in any way, totally blows your cover, right?

It's self-evident that jews will post on /pol/ bashing Christianity, just as it is self-evident that the sky is blue.

dc991f  No.13225505


Do non-jews bash Christianity?

60b39a  No.13225628

File: 41ae5b54d275218⋯.png (120.61 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 2019-05-03-140401_1280x102….png)



60b39a  No.13225635


And even better, it's the (((Walk))) honeypot that exists and is protected for the purpose of getting anons arrested and killed by making them meet up with federal agents.

fd6488  No.13226412


Shut your mouth jew.

e4f200  No.13226481


98a30e  No.13226513


So what are you going to do about it? We’ve known for years that not only is /pol/ inundated with people paid to post here, but that chatbots are now completely indistinguishable from real posts. You’ll do nothing to stop this. /pol/ died years ago.

98a30e  No.13226515


>you’re a jew because you want all jews exterminated

>you can’t prove something that has been repeatedly proven and archived

Five years. Same lies. Every day. Keep saying things that only jews say. It makes it that much easier to out you.

e4f200  No.13226551


Not much I can do. I have exposed it plainly for all thinking men to see. Bots chatting in necro bumped threads completely obliviously.

56f253  No.13227126



post proof of chatbots then. not proof of mods being tards

7b33c7  No.13227630

Thread Quality is at an all time low.

21f8b8  No.13228333


Spams a demand that moderators do there jobs. Get's banned for spam. Complains about moderators for banning them for spamming that moderators should do there jobs which includes banning for spam. Can you see how ridiculous you are being? If you spam you will get banned.

c1b35e  No.13229465


Hang yourself

000000  No.13229492


>Thread Quality is at an all time low.

Coincides with board moderation quality being at an all time low and bans being dished out for ridiculous reasons approaching imkikey levels


You know why they're still up.

Is the board a "free speech board" t. chodekikey or is it a moderated imkikey style gulag? these faggot kike mods leave up complete garbage under the freezepeach excuse but delete and ban people for posting useful threads - I've seen numerous people banned over good Aryan history threads.

c1b35e  No.13230353


Codemonkey and his puppet mods will never listen to you

256ac6  No.13230425


>spam is allowed and left up

>one post put a couple lines of redtext in it to grab attention because the moderation isn't doing their job

>moderation bans that one post while leaving the spam, duplicate threads, off topic trash up

If you're a moderator yourself, binge drink battery acid before throwing yourself off a cliff. If you're just some goon defending bad moderation, hang yourself.

256ac6  No.13230437


The moderation and ownership of this board is hostile to the userbase, as you can clearly see by the 1 week ban for saging a honeypot thread whose purpose is to get anons arrested and killed by feds while nothing is done about TORposters flooding cyclicals with 200+ spam posts or dealing with threads that violate rules 2-4. There is no hope but to destroy the entire board, the entire site if need be. Codenigger and his subservients have made it clear whose side they're on, and it's not /pol/'s.

98a30e  No.13230444


It’s an admitted moderator, yeah. Notice how its post calling out the rules is still up, but my post saying that he’ll be banned for calling out the rules was deleted.

c807a1  No.13230644


I'm getting sick of the fact that I'm likely talking to Mods when someone spams or otherwise calls people schizo. It's just not interesting talking to anyone when you know they're not anonymous and they're just abusing their powers to win arguments.

0ce0be  No.13230653


N3inchan mein nigger

767968  No.13231228


>every (((journalist))) writing about the Mongolian Underwater Basket Weaving forum

>/pol/ full of shills, glowniggers, Plebbitors

it may be time for some chemo

000000  No.13232198



7cbcaa  No.13232467


Not Clicking That

7b33c7  No.13232568

threads getting shoah'd

21f8b8  No.13232864


Post links to the spam shit your kvetching about or I will continue to ignore your empty kvetching.

21f8b8  No.13232870


Funny how half the people in meta are kvetching about shit threads going pop, and the other half is kvetching about shit threads not going pop.

c1b35e  No.13234015



Hang yourself, brainless puppet

c1b35e  No.13235351


jk lol i trol u

9af763  No.13235788

File: 3b752710ce99c6a⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ramadan.jpg)

Happy Ramadan to my fellow Muslims on /pol/. Together we will defeat the (((enemy))), Inshallah.

In Heaven Allah, on Earth Hitler.

5b6f95  No.13235801

File: 7e1703ff870a131⋯.png (418.15 KB, 589x589, 1:1, 1547542760561.png)

943e4d  No.13236025

File: 05c209b3906d998⋯.jpg (225.79 KB, 768x896, 6:7, shut it down3.jpg)


Funny how this place has been absolute fucking garbage since Kampfy was removed and it was made global, exactly what was predicted. Anti-white shills post unmolested, the quality posters show up twice a month if that and theres already "/pol/ btfo!" cuckchan trolls taking over. Jews are allowed to post here. Jews.

f6fb71  No.13236106

File: f85a0d224b2d9ff⋯.mp4 (13.71 MB, 768x432, 16:9, to be left alone.mp4)


That's why you must fight all the more, never slacken and never tire. Work makes you free.

"It was the great calamity of our people that drove us to the struggle, brought us together, and left us greater. Those who do not understand have not experienced the same calamities among their people." -Adolf Hitler

ffc301  No.13237011


It gets tiring making quality posts just to have some 15 year old to ignore them and call you a faggot. Besides, you shouldn't stay on /pol/ forever, lurk enough to learn, disseminate the information you've discovered to newer people, and then fuck off and live your life. I visit this place sparingly these days, just to keep a pulse on what people are discussing and of course for any happenings.

c6eeac  No.13237102

does anybody remember the name of that guy from the legend some kinda ancient greek / roman european guy who was thought to be a demon and he unrelentingly went after the truth and tried to learn everything?

990425  No.13237108

The problem is food today, it's toxic hence most people's bodies are in a weaken state. I eat mainly organic food now, exercise, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and haven't been sick once over 10 years! I use to get sick 3-5 times a year where 90% of health problems are due to poor lifestyles. If you are fat, you are in a "disease" state.


70dce3  No.13237786

File: fa687d1c2fdaa9f⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1114x738, 557:369, Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at ….png)


Bumping for truth. Fat, sick, demoralized people are easier to manipulate, market towards, demoralize, and ultimately exterminate.

d24ff4  No.13238162


Organic is just a kike scam. All it means is that the (((farmer))) uses approved (((organic))) pesticides and fertilizers. It isn't better for you, is just has a different poison sprayed on it.

187df6  No.13238451

Why the hell is this porn thread still up ?


6715a2  No.13238467


Exactly as predicted and stated in this thread multiple times before Jamal, the protected and mod-endorsed spammer, started screeching. For all kikey's various and numerous faults, and his meltdown that lead to paragraph-long wordfilters and filtering "nigger" to "redditor", it was still LESS SHIT than it is now.

6715a2  No.13238691

Compromised federal agent moderation is deleting threads about John Bolton's dox, despite dox not violating any rules nor laws.

767968  No.13239411


>ban evading


Is this your first day on /pol/? Be honest, I won't be mean.

99a570  No.13239511



6dbb02  No.13239688


answered my own question, its Faust.

God damn the wikipedia article and all the answers for the google searches are really cucked

6715a2  No.13240113

The board is being flooded by a shill group that knows how to IP hop to agree with its own posts. Textbook consensus cracking techniques. The moderation will of course personally endorse and defend this action, and will instead ban legitimate anons if they repeat one sentence in redtext a couple times in one single post.

499e10  No.13241101

File: f71d7bd8e1a2659⋯.png (252.23 KB, 865x870, 173:174, kike2 is back.png)

I don't know what happened, but kike2 is back on the moderation board.

/pol/ is going to shit, fast.

2a10af  No.13241309

File: eb4ecb538b4f572⋯.png (28.53 KB, 933x764, 933:764, banned from b for being ma….png)

What's with underachievers and hating pedos?

8b8fb4  No.13241604


Polvol2 here. No, I'm not a mod. You're brain damaged and have always been brain damaged. Your thread violates rule 4. Anyone would have gotten rid of it. Holy fucking shit.

6058c1  No.13241765



8b8fb4  No.13241829


Those scrapers are useful. Wish it had timestamps, though. When did your autism allow you to make that thread in the first place?

6058c1  No.13242162

File: ac6e2c5f79f1a49⋯.jpeg (54.15 KB, 430x430, 1:1, hh-animals-vole-5.jpeg)


Fuck off. You are gay, polVOLE


8b8fb4  No.13242992


Best you can do, huh.

767968  No.13244090


Didn't know /pol/ was /faggot/ now.

767968  No.13244135


Codenigger doesn't care about /pol/, wake up faggot.

767968  No.13244141


>actually defending imkikey

Don't do that, /pol/ will screech autistically how much he sucked Trump's dick.

It was still slightly better than now, I'll have to agree. Now it's just shills, glowinthedarks, faggots from Reddit, and (((journalists))) being retards.

52d3b6  No.13245203


Email him then.

21f8b8  No.13245280


We cant see ip addresses, we just get a pseudo random string that is a salted hashed version of your IP. We can see post history though.

If you want to be modded email admin@8ch.net but please don't you seem quite insufferable.

02cb62  No.13245339


Stop lying you fucking kike, what rule did I break?

8b8fb4  No.13246073


>gets told what rule he broke


Just leave.

7fc580  No.13246171


>muh defending

From an objective, intellectual standpoint, Kikey and his trumpcucking and wordfilter fetish were actually objectively better than the current state of the board and there is no possible legitimate counter-argument. The board as it is now is only better for shills, shitposters, and spammers.

Shills and shitposters thrive because the worst action that can be taken against them is insulting them, and they can easily outnumber the minority of legit posters.

Spammers rejoice because the moderation will do nothing to them, but will ban you for a week if you repeat a line in redtext a few times in one single post for emphasis.

33055d  No.13248298

keep up the good work Anons

>>power to the people

>>our fore FATHERS would be proud

65d1e4  No.13249297


No need to be a misogynist faggot

02cb62  No.13249500


>4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

I didn't remember ANY thread about cucked european being made in the same period, yid.

a116ce  No.13249884


8979ad  No.13250136

I have an idea

let's steal the


diminish every natural resource and flora/fauna

then gift it to the niggers

and support them on the backs of blue collar workers

so our brainwashed daughters can get fucked by porch monkeys in grandma's section 8 brick shit house

20fed6  No.13250540



The smart Indians didn't own land. They also weren't one tribe.

000000  No.13251627


2594c3  No.13251755


See you tomorrow.

a5a90b  No.13255101

File: 7216b4bab306c78⋯.png (3.43 MB, 1271x14685, 1271:14685, tarrant shill thread.png)


>random IRL cuckchan shitposting, hardly worth a thread

Yet a thread on some girls liking the false flagger brenton tarrant is.

>le ebin blackpill

<don't leave our compromised and shill infested containment board, goy.

Why were the pro-tarrant shills so against us going to neinchan?

>Mods are fags but so are you

Go fuck yourself, shill.


You mean the spam made by derailing shills like you?


kikey was removed after a shill astroturfed movement so that compromised mods

could take over.

>Don't do things, goy. Don't discuss IRL operations, goy.

Those threads were promoting useful discussion and how to improve

future posting campaigns. The shills were attacking them for a reason.

I bet you're both pro-tarrant shills.


8e6ad9  No.13255161


<quit celebrating Aryan warriors

<everything is false flag

And you wonder why Anons don't want to come to your 4kikes cuckshed. Grow a spine faggot.

a5a90b  No.13255257

File: acbda847000d9a7⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1295x7065, 259:1413, pro-tarrant shill expose t….png)





Fuck Brenton Tarrant.

8e6ad9  No.13255309

File: 102bca26eb7089f⋯.png (99.15 KB, 1875x596, 1875:596, e478ae38b9aa75030a3802966f….png)



What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

af2826  No.13255367

File: ece946e23fc100f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1770x3914, 885:1957, What_the_jews_are_up_to.png)



56f253  No.13255467


they change the google captcha yet?

000000  No.13255659

We are coming for you 8 chan

And we will put a stop to your racist, anti-Semitic, islamophobic, neo-nazi hate site. We are fully trained and physically near your location. The deaths of innocents will stop.

a5a90b  No.13255824


The mods want us making threads about anything as long as it doesn't help

advance our cause.

>Reddit tier crappypasta

You (just like brenton tarrant who also used that crappypasta) are obviously not from around here, you shill fuck.

24138e  No.13255857


>just like brenton tarrant who also used that crappypasta

Oh gee, do you think that might be why it was used to make fun of you, autist?

af2826  No.13255927

File: c071ae2edc380ac⋯.png (18.76 KB, 553x404, 553:404, neinchan.com.png)


They don't use reCAPTCHA any more.








He knows that and it doesn't matter. It was a reddit tier meme that was never used here before tarrant's false flag and is now only used by shills. You work on commission. Your boss pays you by shitting in your mouth per post.

24138e  No.13255972


Ah time for the, if you don't agree with my narrative you're a paid shill, accusations. Good stuff. Got any red text you want to throw in as well? False flaggots reek of weakness. False flags do happen but that doesn't mean everything is, nor does the difference in opinion mean everyone opposed to your's is a shill. Of course you could just be moarpheus tier retards. Who really knows.

Kamphy shoved the knife in this place and codemonkey twisted it.

af4e0f  No.13255988

File: 0b60e44e52b59cd⋯.png (16.18 KB, 556x504, 139:126, neinchandotcomslashpol.PNG)



You can upload up to 10 images per post/thread there too.

7d8872  No.13256168


In what way is this a fucking one-line thread, you retard yid.

See >>13241101

c1b35e  No.13256314



>Perfect cue to leave and never bother posting here again

Oh wow look at that, Jamal being disingenuous

f5d1a7  No.13256365


>postering campaigns


There is no peaceful solution. Voting will not save you. Posters will not save you. Memes will not save you. Meme magic will not save you after you and the rest of the board turned your back on it, thinking an old businessman would fix everything and your job was done.


>navy seals copypasta

>reddit tier and only used in 2019

I swear to christ they better make YOU pay THEM to work for them if you're this bad.

7d8872  No.13256467


/pol/ is so terrible now, shills can come in and make themselves at home.

7d8872  No.13256790


This dumb nigger, who can destroy us but the jews?

42cb64  No.13256920


If we have a good idea (I know but stick with me) something that could be like its ok to be white, where should it be posted to get the ball rolling? without shitting up this place anymore than it is

381724  No.13258650

File: 66a76a6d38a3c1a⋯.png (212.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, neinchan.png)

what does neinchan means by this?

0a5ab5  No.13258749


It's somebody trying and failing to explain the allegiances of various territories in the Levant.

0a5ab5  No.13258770


top kek. Nobody is innocent. We will arrest you race traitors and deport the rest. SIEG HEIL!

8018a4  No.13259385

hey you stupid niggers

why are you anchoring breads about ChuckE2009

ccb521  No.13259563

I have an idea

lets take away all

the guns from whitey

and let the niggers

run amuck

8018a4  No.13259577


I said anchored you moronic pedophile, what's the point in even having one thread for discussion if it's anchored?

8018a4  No.13259943





unbumplock this thread you negros

e7cd3d  No.13259985





















5fe649  No.13259992

4005ff  No.13260000

File: dcb64acf069a97e⋯.png (204.55 KB, 1545x861, 515:287, 77056279652474ecaba46eff1f….png)


It's PV1

f90be0  No.13260024

I demand an explanation as to how every thread about a guy reading The Great Replacement and spreading the message gets killed for "eceleb" because ONE guy, Jamal/polvol2, spams sageposts. Meanwhile, E KIkel Jewnes threads, which are literal eceleb threads AND not even fucking /pol/ related because it's /christian/ bullshit, are personally protected.

Explain why you personally protect jewish kikestian ecelebs while banning actual legitimate /pol/ content.

4005ff  No.13260052

File: 1298e040660a8e9⋯.png (121.2 KB, 1608x764, 402:191, log.png)


Only one of the mods is doing it.

9c6e6b  No.13260214

To think, that faggot sucking that jew dick is why /pol/ is in its current state.

9c6e6b  No.13260278

/pol/ is being ruined. The jew knows /pol/ can self moderate and they are terrified of how /pol/ responds to kikes so they throw in this soft moderation to nail oldfags while allowing the spam to grow. The mods are running interference.

9c6e6b  No.13260321


To an extend sure. However, that is why they are running the soft mod. Of the leash /pol/ Holohoaxes everything in its path. The mods are nailing the belligerent oldfags trying to turn this place into reddit.

9c6e6b  No.13260435


As it was written. But I swear, it's like teaching niggers all over again.

447a5b  No.13260522




c1b35e  No.13260747


Stop thinking the mods here or Codemonkey want the best for this board. All of them are malicious.

7d8872  No.13261038


He only remakes it because it got deleted for unknown reason.

Can you explain why the threads are deleted?

9c6e6b  No.13261130


You're a lying sack of shit jew. That's why.

9c6e6b  No.13261139


>Oy it's three lines goyim!

Kill yourself slowly.

7d8872  No.13261972



So what's the reason?

inb4 raid and pointless threads are somehow reasons.


So three lines are one line now?

7d63ac  No.13263253

Mods also censor threads critical about Mudshits.

d9958b  No.13263297


I’m gonna turn you and all your communist fucks into leather furniture you nigger. SEIG HEIL.

d9958b  No.13263298


Bullshit you lying nigger, your only trained to take cumshots to the face.

632381  No.13263379

Welp my comments are completely gone. That’s fine /pol/ I’ll go elsewhere as this was getting me nowhere in life anyway.

1ff141  No.13263804


Go to n e i n chan

c1b35e  No.13264057


Dont go there, they have a discord invite on the front page. Bunch of niggers.

8979ad  No.13264755


why are there all these niggers on the commercials these days

and when are they going to portray these porch monkey for what they really are

and why are they always targeting liberal feminist cunts

c1b35e  No.13266528

Wow only 5 hours to delete a thread with an admitted Jew in the OP. Great job mods

Totally not malicious or anything.

e300f8  No.13266535


Hello Fellow Whites

5b6f95  No.13266547


The (126) was at his desk for five hours straight slobbing on nigger golems.

e923af  No.13267246

Jew paid shilling not visible.

2eb524  No.13270160

This board and site is becoming more kiked as time goes on. Sad state of affairs right now.

e08660  No.13270441


To be “Nazi” is a meme…

>Your life is a joke.

07ece7  No.13270543


Admit it, you will keep coming back because you like the abuse.

f097f8  No.13270715


The abuse isn't so overwhelming that it can't be corrected with decent threads and a big enough userbase that ignores shitty moderation.

e923af  No.13270722


>anyone allowed to post anything

>good users and content purposely banned

>spam allowed

>jews allowed

>identical threads every day allowed

>absolutely no power to stop this

<oh gee guys we can totally fight back

f097f8  No.13270735


Like I just said: The abuse isn't so overwhelming that it can't be corrected with decent threads and a big enough userbase that ignores shitty moderation.

e923af  No.13270765


>wow i just said something that was refuted

>so i'll say it again

Kill yourself.

f097f8  No.13270782


You refuted nothing.

e923af  No.13270786


>anyone allowed to post anything

>good users and content purposely banned

>spam allowed

>jews allowed

>identical threads every day allowed

>absolutely no power to stop this

<oh gee guys we can totally fight back

<also all these facts are lies because you hurt my feelings

You've already proven me right.

f097f8  No.13270796


Like I said: The abuse isn't so overwhelming that it can't be corrected with decent threads and a big enough userbase that ignores shitty moderation.

e923af  No.13271168


>wow i just said something that was refuted

>so i'll say it again

Kill yourself.

f097f8  No.13271273


You refuted nothing.

8e22f9  No.13271677

File: f1a9f2e270a0a95⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 474x568, 237:284, 789675570563543868048.jpg)

f097f8  No.13271832



f097f8  No.13272610

File: 1887ffad86ba519⋯.png (26.18 KB, 1109x320, 1109:320, faggot.png)

Why did you bumplock the New Zealand thread?

c0b380  No.13273461


Because 8ch and /pol/ are controlled by MOSSAD KIKES and SHILLS.


622cdc  No.13273502

File: 012f884b84a4aec⋯.png (38.92 KB, 834x359, 834:359, Neinchan2.png)


Go away FBI.

767968  No.13273891

If a mod is lurking


The fuck, man?

767968  No.13273897


My mistake, I'm a retard etc.


767968  No.13274469

Some retard didn't take his meds in >>13274321

673d56  No.13274856

Allowed on nu/pol/

>/christian/ spam

>/christian/ eceleb e kikel jewnes

>possible kike eceleb professor that thinks anime creates trannies

>/leftypol/ troll threads



>botspam that has nothing to do with the thread it's in

>"news" threads that direct link woth bo archive

Not allowed on nu/pol/:

<actual /pol/ content and discussions

f097f8  No.13275501

f097f8  No.13276363



His definition of quality was banning anyone who didn't suck off Trump, not that Codemonkey or his lackeys are any better with their Qanon shit.

000000  No.13277321


Hey, qfags do get the hammer.

It's pointless anyway, this place is fucked enough that even good moderation would be powerless to change it

f097f8  No.13277437


>qfags do get the hammer.

Where's your proof?

000000  No.13277594


I ban them when I see them.

Which isn't now as the mod tools are utterly broken on tor.

f097f8  No.13277620


Are you the faggot who anchored the new zealand thread?

c1b35e  No.13278009


> this place is fucked enough that even good moderation would be powerless to change it

Yet you continue to be Codemonkey's slave

923e1d  No.13278143


>anyone allowed to post anything

>good users and content purposely banned

>spam allowed

>jews allowed

>identical threads every day allowed

>absolutely no power to stop this

<oh gee guys we can totally fight back

<also all these facts are lies because you hurt my feelings

You've already proven me right. You have done nothing to fight back, because you can't do anything to do so. If you could, you would have already.

624849  No.13278200




Take care of it then.

05b31b  No.13279636

>totallyapolvolTORpedo proves he lied by not deleting the Qlarp thread

923e1d  No.13279643


You have nothing to add.

05b31b  No.13279879

I demand an explanation as to why John Bolton's dox are deleted on sight, despite not breaking any local or global rules, nor any laws, yet QLARP is allowed to stay.

c1b35e  No.13280401


>I demand

You have no right to demand anything

923e1d  No.13280907


Said imkikey.

c1b35e  No.13281680


Yes Jamal, I'm very happy to be your boogeyman. Now sit boy.

923e1d  No.13281763


Sorry, imkikey. No one has ever supported you in any way.

52d3b6  No.13282091


Seen kikes banned before anon they have to be open about it last time I checked.

7b33c7  No.13282111

File: 1eddb56d5bb3e11⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 432x243, 16:9, Hotwheels-Apartment-after….webm)

8092f8  No.13282497


cry moar retard

e9a7f5  No.13282874

No response, except for a spammer? I'll repeat:

I demand an explanation as to why John Bolton's dox are deleted on sight, despite not breaking any local or global rules, nor any laws, yet QLARP is allowed to stay.

5677c5  No.13282936


The board was given over to, surprisingly, even more subversive elements than kikey. Probably some kind of contractors or something like that. Tree decorations all of them.

c1b35e  No.13282975


I'm not a spammer you nigger

dd698f  No.13285339


More Q LARP.

66c0fc  No.13285807








20fed6  No.13285905


based mods

f097f8  No.13286136


ew don't call them that

a1659d  No.13286449

How do i view threads that have been deleted. FUCK YOU MODS!

923e1d  No.13286541


You don't.



>supporting jews


cf9d27  No.13286780


000000  No.13287143


Can't answer that as it's not me and the log is as hidden for mods as it is for you. Might be:

>You make a shitty raid request thread

>You dump the dox everywhere

>It's global mods in which case you're fucked


Never stops does it?


Use 4chan

2c916d  No.13287800


>Can't answer that

Funny how you're not answering what he's asking. Makes it easier for you, doesn't it. You can just gloss over the fact that you're responsible for this shit.

1f9529  No.13287824

>major political happening in bongistan

>big election results, UKIP was successfully killed by (((Farage)))'s de-radicalization brexit party

>no threads on this

>no coverage at all

What do we get instead? Schizo bullshit, a million threads kvetching about one state banning moloch sacrifice aka abortion, and Qlarp.

c1b35e  No.13288234

Blatant JewTube channel shilling left up by puppet mods: >>13288013

1f9529  No.13288439


/fringe/ larp spam that just like the brit/pol/ threads of old is nothing but circlejerking like it's an IRC.

a67d25  No.13288917


Better it's contained to one thread then spread out everywhere.

000000  No.13289199

why creating a thread from tor is disabled on /pol/

wtf is this this

6c41e4  No.13289334

File: 9c81406fda4c685⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 1805x3374, 1805:3374, 14d1c4e7ee007c935f8d50adde….jpg)


bc the site owner and board owners(janitors) are fucking shekelhunters that literally suck jewish cock and report random people to their government slavemasters, that's why. I hope that answers your question, because they won't.

1f9529  No.13289453



No. The only correct solution is to ban it because it does not belong on /pol/. At all. It has nothing to do with /pol/.


>muh anonymity

<implying USNavy alphabet agency code is anonymous and safe

6c41e4  No.13289465


implying the site owners wouldnt sell their own mothers for an israeli grapefruit

1f9529  No.13289741


not an argument.

1f9529  No.13289751


>thread about jewlywood propaganda gets autosaged while off topic /fit/ threads, off topic /christian/ threads, off topic /fringe/ threads, and the millions of duplicate abortion threads are all left alone

3d1637  No.13290232








000000  No.13290312



shit went down clearly about 2-3 days ago with a flood of nigger tier spam and jewish occult flood

also cant post new thread from tor


2262b0  No.13290521

Currently using my bot detection algorithm I've counted 250 bots in use. It's likely this number is much higher. The FBI and mossad are drowning out any productive discussion by poisoning the board. You know where to go for real discussion…. le super secret darknet enclave.

f097f8  No.13290901


>my bot detection algorithm

You mean random numbers you pulled out of your ass?

3d1637  No.13290952








f097f8  No.13290964



Jews and niggers aren't the same thing.

3d1637  No.13291012







6c41e4  No.13291075




Shut the fuck up faggot. Maybe if you stopped tag team swallowing poz loads from chodemonkey and wheel chair boy who allow all these dirty rat kike shills here your opinion would be different, but you're a fag who has the (((aids))) now too, so that won't ever happen.

End your own sad ugly jew life in shame. Fuck you.

f097f8  No.13291570


God forbid you should show proof for your claims.

f204a4  No.13291760

File: 19e7b956670cf99⋯.jpg (10.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, the fence.jpg)

ae4eee  No.13292078

File: d2216f2c9833da0⋯.png (914.69 KB, 1495x1311, 65:57, 1233498762395028753.png)


>The state of this board isn't proof

f097f8  No.13292123


No, that's not what proof is.

2c916d  No.13292136


You seem all the world like a fucking faggot, but if that guy actually has a bot detection algorithm he needs to post his proof before he makes that claim.

2c916d  No.13292166

Since reports do absolutely nothing

I’m going to start making the “reports” here. I’ll list post number, explain why it shouldn’t be here, and demand it be removed.


Explain why this admitted paid shill is continuing to post.

c1b35e  No.13292238


But you forgot to explain why it shouldn't be there. Saying "paid shill" does nothing and explains nothing

2262b0  No.13292303


I'd say there should be a "facebook rule" that determines if any post could pass for a normalfag post on facebook it ought to be deleted.

c1b35e  No.13292309


Too bad Codemonkey has 0 intentions of changing the rules, ever

2c916d  No.13292460


Look at post. Explain how it belongs here. Then kill yourself because no one is going to fall for that.

2c916d  No.13292465


Oh, never mind. You’re just imkikey. I don’t care about your explanations.

c1b35e  No.13292623



>Explain how it belongs here

According to the rules at the top of the page. You've argued this same point yourself.

db6289  No.13292743


>I’ll list post number, explain why it shouldn’t be here, and demand it be removed.

<Explain why this admitted paid shill is continuing to post.

c1b35e is right, you say you give reasons and in the very same post fail to do so, in fact you demand the opposite: Reasons to the contrary to be given.

2c916d  No.13292817


No, (1), imkikey is not right.

>you say you give reasons

Read the post. Explain what’s confusing to you about why it shouldn’t be here.

db6289  No.13293148


You write that you give an explanation on what the post should be removed.


> I’ll list post number, explain why it shouldn’t be here

> I’ll… explain why it shouldn’t be here

Then the second part of the post starts. You list the post number and then…

>Explain why this admitted paid shill is continuing to post.

…do not explain why it shouldn’t be here.

I assume you believe the post is self-explanatory. I can't judge that as it evidently is gone. Yet even if you indeed believe the post is reason enough, you do never claim so, and you most certainly so not present a reason yourself.

47891b  No.13293241

File: b85d84753bd66a7⋯.png (291.47 KB, 493x504, 493:504, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is the paste with both the Journalist and Producers' minecraft usernames:


767968  No.13293563

File: e627ac0e58e4b1e⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 697x611, 697:611, e627ac0e58e4b1efabcdfce50c….jpg)


>>>/reddit/ is that way, faggot.

000000  No.13293652


make a thread about it faggit

as a torfag I cant

also Soros just gave Vice $250m


3d1637  No.13293703


>uses red text on 2 words like a boomer

>uses ellipses like a pajeet

>>>/tv/ is that way, nigger

2c916d  No.13293982


You don't belong here. Leave.

db6289  No.13294139


So instead of doing what you say -giving a reason, any reason no matter how small- you tell me to leave.

I won't but I see no reason to further argue with you.

2c916d  No.13294270


You're not fooling anyone.

a1659d  No.13295024

File: e28cf38fcceba53⋯.pdf (6.97 MB, Full Tarrant Shooting Thre….pdf)


If you don't support Saint Tarrant, then you should be a mod

dbf6f7  No.13295304

File: 08dcec2e7141443⋯.png (119.29 KB, 751x700, 751:700, KikeJanniesDeadBoard.png)

How the FUCK was this a "low effort" thread?

These nigger kike Jannie rats are literally destroying, purifying, and suffocating this 4/8chan's board cultures out of existence.

We need a new site that isn't infiltrated and run by kikes. This place and 4chan are absolutely, 100% dead. They are lifeless husks of what they were just a few years ago.

60f877  No.13295389


Not liking mods, but you literally typed more and put more effort in the words to complain about your thread being deleted

3cc2d3  No.13295621


There was literally nothing wrong with his thread kike.

a1659d  No.13295638

Fuck you mods, can't we have a thread about online drug markets for more than 45 minutes? If anyone on /pol/ works with the Mossad, its the mods.

2c916d  No.13295659


Blow your brains out, degenerate.

2c916d  No.13295661


>rule 4 violation

>zero effort spam

>questions answered after five minutes of searching the site

Fuck off. You're not on reddit.

a1659d  No.13295682

Wow, can't I say one positive thing about a Jew or Black on /pol/

c1b35e  No.13295690


>wow I can't be a reddit faggot without being mocked relentlessly here, you guys are big meanie heads

Cool, go back now

3cc2d3  No.13296529

File: 7251bc20043bad9⋯.png (465.55 KB, 640x721, 640:721, 7251bc20043bad959a44966a4a….png)


But this is reddit now thanks to retarded faggots like you. Go ahead and suck another janny chode you dumb fag.

2c916d  No.13296571


Blow your brains out.

69a570  No.13296705

I only recently came back to imageboards and this reminds me of how 4chinpol used to be when everyone without an extra chromosome left that shithole years ago.

And now this place too is fucked up as well. It's the same shit aids ridden spiritual jew cuckporn merchant garbage over and over, go figure. A fucking low quality shithole to like 4cuck where everything of any productive value whatsoever is slid/shilled/deleted.

It's due for another site to appear that's not aids ridden by spiritual jew cuckporn merchant sellouts like this so a migration can occur and leave this

Thanks a lot you fucking losers who run this shit, i hope everyone of you fucking losers responsible for this crap has a freak accident and dies a painful death for being reprobate human trash.

By the way onliners, you have no right to call yourself anything by just posting shit online LARPING like 99% fags i see here and other places. It may be painful to most of you, but you are fucking nothing. This is real life and not some fucking VR simulation or alternate reality

And if you've been on these 4/8ch shitholes for ages it's time to take a fucking hike. Waste of fucking time besides occational news. Most of you know everything there is to know about this Jewish world, go and do something, go and actually accomplish something.

People here should be getting to know their peers and politically doing real life shit instead. But no instead they keep sitting here and allow literal jewish paid shills to enduce most of them into paranoid schizophrenia. It's really fucking pathetic. For gods sake people get a life, you were created for the real life, not this garbage.

I'm sick of all you mother fuckers literally doing nothing but crying ONLINE only about all of this, man up instead and get real become a real man like alexander the great, AH, oswald mosley etc.

Just let it sink in that this isn't a fucking game of monopoly or some freak alternate reality dream nigger VR game. This is real life. It's not going to get better, it's going to get fucking worse every day. and it will all end worse than you think IF you people don't muster up a little fucking courage and do something that actually matters.

We'll be living in a coffee colored consumer slave dystopian USSR shithole soon always being watched, and in this jewish future you did not struggle against you'll always regret you never did something real that actually mattered before it was too late. You'll always regret you no real purpose in life and ultimately that your life never mattered, because you never did the right thing, even though you were on the right side you always took the easy way out. You knew the truth and saw evil, but you did nothing. It will haunt you for the rest of your coward life.

Anyway enjoy your stay faggots, until you become real men enjoy your loser containment zone.

2c916d  No.13296711


Okay, redditor. You first.

69a570  No.13296741


Yeah I am "first", and you'll always be a little fucking cuck.

f097f8  No.13296742

File: 3f96af8e7740479⋯.jpg (205.53 KB, 789x1047, 263:349, zap.jpg)

How much do decent police spike strips cost? They're for the race war. Triple braid rope and gasoline are cheap enough. Also wondering what's the best wood for a crucifix, don't want it breaking against the weight of a human body.

c1b35e  No.13297234

25 posts of nonsense bot gibberish up for 3 hours -


c1b35e  No.13297246


Actually this post is a better example of it being a bot


85ce01  No.13299271


>calling out cancer means you're doing gay shit

Do you even read posts before replying?


There are threads with single sentence OPs that get left alone, and even have reports that are made about them ignored. Why is that one targeted, and why is it even a full-on BAN?

2c916d  No.13300240


4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

We have:



Still up.

e36ad2  No.13300272

File: 3d6fe34931d1d95⋯.png (475.08 KB, 2562x470, 1281:235, ClipboardImage.png)

This board is fucking shit.

e36ad2  No.13300277


Anything they don't like is low-effort, meanwhile utter trash sits on the board for weeks at a time.


The culture is dead. The mods are practically /int/-tier goons at this point it seems.

e36ad2  No.13300281


>Why is that one targeted, and why is it even a full-on BAN?

Because the board is no longer in the hands of /pol/acks.

c1b35e  No.13300479

Spam sanctioned by mods. This faggot spams every day in the same fashion and is never banned


b3ef5d  No.13300631


>"counter-spam is still spam"

Hang yourself. You say there and let that fucking faggot spam redtext for hours before I came along and made the thread more noticeable. Your ban has been evaded. You are impotent.

943e4d  No.13301456

File: 6a1fb84a1a2ec54⋯.png (45.39 KB, 616x617, 616:617, 8ch-inoperable.png)

>JIDF hasbarats are now freely making threads shilling for sending our kids off to die in Iran

This meme needs another tumor.

206051  No.13301603

File: cc1e837c5871aa6⋯.png (7.78 KB, 162x150, 27:25, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at ….png)


I really hate to use a hashtag, but I'll use the enemies' weapons against them: it's literally #BusinessAsUsual

d2ca28  No.13302292


JIDF owns this board

206051  No.13302331


I like beans

206051  No.13302365


Im donald trump and i suck infinite jewish koch

3011ec  No.13302704


Are you going to post "I'm jew" next?


206051  No.13302751



60f877  No.13303334

File: c6461f0d26bd19d⋯.png (436.09 KB, 1679x538, 1679:538, nu moderation.png)

High quality shit yo.

000000  No.13303358


And your posts were deleted. My ban lengths are random as shit because anything longer than the time it takes to evade it is irrelevant anyway.

You could use your brain and realize that I gave you a 6h ban and the other a 3d one, You spammed, I had to act, but I could very well understand why you did it.


>sageing a sticky

shit rules. Not logged in but let me answer in order, without actually opening them since I got no time right now:

>should be removed

>should be removed

>should be removed

>can't act unless it falls under duplicate, would need to check

>no rules against qfags. I agree with you but I can't do shit.

>duplicate, needs removal

>can't act

>duplicate, needs removal

>need to look into that. Would probably bumplock it.

>duplicate, needs removal



Hardly, that's your own "conservatives with national pride" who believe that what sandniggers to is somehow relevant and they need to show them who's boss because MURRICA or something.

c1b35e  No.13303394


>You spammed, I had to act, but I could very well understand why you did it.

Yeah, we know that spam is the only thing you understand, because it's the only thing Codemonkey understands, and you are his slave.

5ce205  No.13303431


Take the fucking pro-war with Iran thread down for trolling or not being in line with /pol/ culture you absolute imbecile

c1b35e  No.13303496


If you want a thread taken down, all you have to do is spam it.

Reread the post you responded to.

381724  No.13303597





285514  No.13303792

File: 535106c36e89e8c⋯.jpg (553.19 KB, 1080x1661, 1080:1661, Ss1.jpg)

File: 0347da210fa9234⋯.jpg (192.05 KB, 1080x856, 135:107, Ss2o.jpg)

Anons are still picking up on your inorganic attempt to sway /pol/acks. Not going to work.

2c916d  No.13303859


Meanwhile, the jewish pro-war propaganda thread remains up despite multiple reports.


2daced  No.13304041


For the 1/2 chan religion D&C thread to be kept for entire day speaks much about the moderation of this board.

cc08d5  No.13304067



>For the 1/2 chan religion D&C thread to be kept for entire day speaks much about the moderation of this board.

>religion d&c

Fuck off kikestian. There is nothing wrong with opposing anti-white globalist multikult kike worship.

2daced  No.13304088


Look at that, a half-breed mongrel bitching about the importance of his reddit tier bait thread being taken down.

fb681f  No.13304682


Gen Z is not going to be brainwashed to like you and hate themselves

give yourselfeses a head start and kill yourself now before it is too late.

56f253  No.13304708



>hating themselves

fb681f  No.13304730


Gen Z is not going to be brainwashed to like you and hate themselves

give yourselfeses a head start and kill yourself now before it is too late.

2c916d  No.13304734


User openly admits to being paid to spam his honeypot organization here. Goes on to purposely spam nonsense content to increase post count and bump the thread. Thread remains up. The links to the organization need to be automatically filtered by the site software.

56f253  No.13304735


>waah waah i want to be on the front page


fb681f  No.13304740




Gen Z is not going to be brainwashed to like you and hate themselves

give yourselfeses a head start and kill yourself now before it is too late.

56f253  No.13304757


>waah waah i want to be on the front page


e09fcc  No.13304797

File: 1b3e6de48644ebf⋯.png (581.86 KB, 510x584, 255:292, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)


Islam is the youngest of the major faggot religions, so it is like the branch of a tree. Christianity / the New Testament are like the trunk of the tree. Judaism / the Old Testament are the roots of the tree.

Judaism is the root of tyranny on Earth.

2c916d  No.13304926


Please keep posting things only jews say.

e09fcc  No.13304941


Judaism is the root of weakness in humankind.

f097f8  No.13305404


It's just a monotheistic ethno-religion. Spare me the poetic bullshit.

f3c855  No.13305998

60f877  No.13306835

File: 284734639f6b136⋯.png (755.76 KB, 1673x809, 1673:809, gee.png)

who could be behind this /int/ tier raid?

000000  No.13306896


Lol no. White Generation Z is cucked to hell. The females are disgusting, feminist, coalburning roasties, and the males are anti-racist, tolerant cucks who only date blacks and shitskins because they're too beta to get a better woman than that. This is what I observe in school, as a hapa. White people all shrink away and say gay-ass shit like "uh, no, that was totally inappropriate!!" when I make a mildly racist joke. At best, they might laugh uncomfortably, making it obvious that they are traitors towards their OWN fucking race. I even had an uppity cumskin tell me that he couldn't be my friend anymore because I was "clearly too racist for this society". And the teachers don't do anything about my racist jokes, but just because they're chinks who barely understand English.

And that's the white population, the shitskin population makes up 1/2 of my school and they're shitskins nothing to be said.

Wiggers all watch degenerate porn and think anal sex is better than actual sex. They think that not caring about anything is cool. They think that acting ironically gay is the highest form of humor. Whites are disgusting and pathetic. Unacceptable in a functioning society, but then again, this isn't a functioning society.

Hapas are just superior to whites. Admit it, cumskin.


984e24  No.13306919

File: 230a137a70d5a72⋯.png (100.74 KB, 364x318, 182:159, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)



A new study of Chinese-Caucasian, Filipino-Caucasian, Japanese-Caucasian and Vietnamese-Caucasian individuals concludes that biracial Asian Americans are twice as likely as monoracial Asian Americans to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder.

The study by researchers at the Asian American Center on Disparities Research at the University of California, Davis, was reported Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Boston.

"Up to 2.4 percent of the U.S. population self-identifies as mixed race, and most of these individuals describe themselves as biracial," said Nolan Zane, a professor of psychology and Asian American studies at UC Davis. "We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding the social, psychological and experiential differences that may increase the likelihood of psychological disorders among this fast-growing segment of the population."

(Source: https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/biracial-asian-americans-and-mental-health/)

60f877  No.13306923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


HAHAHAHA, you actually had me reading the first part like a real post.

>when the happa poster hates chinks

>Envious of whites

>Thinks he's "based" for having people go "huh?" every-time he opens his mouth instead of listening

>Can't be friends with whites because he hates them too much and keeps letting his envy get in the way while being desperate for their friendship.

>China buglife with cameras is the real functioning society.

You sound like you have bigger problems in your daily classes, you sound like the "enlightened" loner desperate for friends and attention, that's why you keep posting to get a (you), well there you go happa, feel better now?

000000  No.13306948



Mental disease, even if it is an issue (which I strongly doubt), is a price worth paying. Look at white women, spreading their legs for niggers. Look at white men, paying out the ass for alimony and child support. Whites are the most degenerate population in the world. Feminism, multiculturalism and cuckery is spread throughout the whole world by white people.

White people are not good at engineering. They are not good at technology. They are not good at running society. They are not good at producing media. They are not good at having kids. They are not good at life. Their women are the most disgusting, ugly, degenerate, undesirable pieces of trash I have ever seen, and their men are fat, weak, lazy, stinky and generally failures at life. Those which do achieve "success" (i.e. muh jawb muh hawse muh cahr) end up marrying some useless roastie and getting ordered around by a woman. They are a failure of a race which died out completely somewhere between 1914 and 1945.

Getting back onto the topic of mental disease, I have not seen evidence of this in real life. Considering that most psychology retards consider sexism, racism and racial awareness to be a mental disease, it may even be a good thing. The article you linked pretty much admits that, too. Last sentence:

>Possibilities include influences of ethnic identification

tl;dr hapas are superior to whites, and always will be

984e24  No.13306952


Hapas are superior to whites in generating instinctual revulsion in both asians and whites

000000  No.13306970


Envious of whites? Why would I be envious of a trashy, degenerate, dying race? Go look outside for a minute and tell me why you see so many niggers roaming the street. It's because YOU, white people, invited them in with arms open and legs spread. Everything bad that happens to you and your race is your own fault, and your fault alone. Your race is dying, while for us, the sun is just peeking over the horizon. You are the only people who will defend this interaction:

>walks up, egged along by a small congregation of obese roasties and soyboys

<I'm sorry hapanon, but after hearing that racist comment about Indigenous peoples you made yesterday, I don't feel comfortable being your friend anymore. I don't agree with racism and I refuse to be friends with racists.

>shuffles away, sniffling

>roasties clap

I cringed. And not at myself.

I didn't expect anyone here to defend something so soy-infused but I guess you're all white, and white people are all cucks.

60f877  No.13306975

File: 911e96850ba0a06⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 638x469, 638:469, Based_Shrek_gif.gif)

000000  No.13306977


This is the price to pay for superiority. Other, inferior races will feel jealous.

That hardly matters, though. The opinions of the inferior are of little relevance.

7d63ac  No.13307118

Another perfectly good thread was 404'd so I'm just gonna post my reply here.


Our respect for law and order is part of the reason the White race has been so successful historically. Just look at how corruption has severely retarded economic growth in the developing world, so great is their lack of respect for common institutions that left to their own devices they would never be able to progress at all. This was not the case for Whites, or East Asians either.

>Now that our laws have been perverted

This is true and it's something that's definitely not talked about enough. Our judges have been exposed to the same anti-White higher education system as everyone else. Judicial independence is dead.

Great post btw.

e83097  No.13307224


>being against anti-white pro-multicult globalist kike worship is reddit and makes you a mutt, GOY

Kill yourself kike.

8979ad  No.13307453

File: 993999661327676⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 492x297, 164:99, _20190522_094502.JPG)

381724  No.13307526

File: 27f74fae433ea95⋯.png (244.37 KB, 1251x638, 1251:638, ClipboardImage.png)

>this board

2c348c  No.13307527

File: eb2649cc1a2a33a⋯.png (7.99 KB, 275x92, 275:92, download.png)


In 5 words or less, can you summarize why I should care about "Colin Flaherty"?

854186  No.13307926

abc83c  No.13308126

File: 85da75bab3fb1e0⋯.jpg (24.3 KB, 564x404, 141:101, dune3.jpg)

Dear mods

May I inquire as to why the druid/pol/ bunker thread was deleted the other day? I thought the druid/pol/ general was in good standing here and due to the deletion, we lost some good posts that were related to the topic being discussed.

Iv not come to rage or sperg or anything btw lads, you do a fine job most of the time and iv considered this site my home since 2014. I'm just more curious as to the reason than anything else. (ie: was there something in the bunker thread that violated the rules we can avoid doing in the future?)

Just enquiring as druid/pol/ has been going for near 3 years now and the current thread is up with no issue. Plus the lads there are very loyal to 8chan.

If you could sate my curiosity, I would be most appreciative.

Regards - druid/pol/ OP

db6289  No.13308288


Drunk mod? You guys get reported with every new thread and it's evidently usually ignored.

abc83c  No.13308369


Its most likely the schizoposter that mass reports us I think. Fuck me can he shit up a thread. Serial ID hopping cunt he is.

Thanks for the reply anyway lad.

b8721b  No.13308646


Bless our resident schizoposters.

cafc6e  No.13308682


>2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

Dog Bless. Fuck 4chan mods.

b8721b  No.13308701


If you fucks are trying to get me to self-incriminate, why not let me post?

60f877  No.13308921

File: 00ea8145dd11d82⋯.png (390.82 KB, 1672x537, 1672:537, Screenshot_1.png)

>when /int/ attacks

60f877  No.13308931

File: 5244ee1216c1912⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 612x802, 306:401, tranny nigger - kopie (3).jpg)


oh and the mods won't do anything but delete the tarrant threads from earlier because discussion is not headed in the liked direction of chodemonkey's goon squad.

Image related is chodemonkey on a daily basis

71c46e  No.13309031


You have allowed the permanently banned “esoteric metaphor” DACA spammer to destroy every thread for over 6 hours.

85ce01  No.13309097

>100000000000000 pro-abortion threads

>blacked.com spam

>10000000000 "tarrant is a mossad shill goys believe me this time please" threads

>10000000000000 kikestian /christian/ spam threads

>even more off topic spam garbage

>mods do absolutely nothing


Got the fuck back to >>>/fringe/ . Your shit topic has NOTHING to do with this board. It should never have been allowed. It's a fucking chat room that would be full of tripfags if forced anonymity wasn't enabled. Leave. /pol/ has no place for schizo /fringe/ LARP spam. Commit suicide.

abc83c  No.13309269

File: d23720f6bb18adc⋯.jpg (177.03 KB, 467x440, 467:440, bazchuckle.jpg)


The sheer assblasted sperg rage in this post


>"N-not /pol/"

>"Stop liking what I dont like"

>"K-kill yourself!"

Kek, No.

Do keep it up though, your years long hissy fit is most amusing to observe. You have basically become /pol/'s resident lolcow.

>"..chat room that would be full of tripfags if forced anonymity wasn't enabled"

Demonstrably false. Druid/pol/ has always taken a firm anti tripfag stance from its inception. It has regular posters who can be discerned by their prose is all - bit like you but far less cancerous. You stick out like a sore thumb because you screech so autistically tbh.

Like I say, /pol/'s resident lolcow.

60f877  No.13309277


>sucking mod penis.

>just ad lolnem

Gee I wonder who's behind this post

abc83c  No.13309296

File: c2ab7dbe71a7b45⋯.jpg (60.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ayylium.jpg)


>Gee I wonder who's behind this post

Just someone amused by your astounding levels of impotent rage.

abc83c  No.13309346

File: 629a2539e90151f⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 320x243, 320:243, off you fuck.gif)



Also read the Global rules

</pol/ culture/established threads are ALLOWED


71c46e  No.13309388


>i've been spamming for years

>therefore I'm culture


Go make your own board.

f097f8  No.13309512


>Go make your own board.

He did, we all did. This is it. If you don't like it then make your own.

f097f8  No.13309521


Don't forget the American Identity Movement "please donate" thread and the Northwestern Movement "this is totally not a real-estate scam" thread.

abc83c  No.13309549

File: 148c750b3e01a6a⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 640x272, 40:17, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED.jpg)


I dont spam though. I literally make one general and stay in there with the odd foray into outer /pol/ to occasionally contribute to other threads. If you dont like the general I make just ignore it. Its not hard. I seriously do not understand why you get so autistically furious about a single thread in a site of many that no one is forcing upon you. Why are you so butthurt by the existence of druid/pol/? And dont resort to

>"N-not politics…"

…because politics make up a good portion of discussion each thread. The esoterica fills a niche and is kept in the Druid/pol/ general. It is not pushed on other threads, we do not proselytize.

/pol/ is not your exclusively reserved domain you insufferable faggot.



c856d9  No.13309620


Druid/pol/ threads are dope. Fuck the insufferable faggots that hate on them

000000  No.13310104


Poowid/pol/ threads are literal pollution on the catalog. They are not about politics. They are not about saving the white race. They are just Masonic garbage that masquerades as "established /pol/ culture".

Fuck Masons and Jews, and everyone who supports them.

f097f8  No.13310418


>druids are freemasons

Absolutely retarded.

7d63ac  No.13310839


All archive links must be accompanied by the original unarchived link.

Make it happen please…

f6fb71  No.13310925


Doesn't the archive.is site already have a bar showing the original link?

2f0bd1  No.13311421


<let me spam your board with off topic garbage or you-you're a lolcow!!!!!

Kill yourself smiley.


Off topic spam threads aren't /pol/ culture. (((Mods))) being too compromised to do their fucking job doesn't make your circlejerk welcome.


>admits to only rarely using the actual board

>admits to being here only for his off topic /fringe/ thread that's only allowed because the only moderation staff that gave a fuck got the boot over codenigger getting personally assblasted

2f0bd1  No.13311439


Rule 2 violation. /christian/ threads are off topic.

71c46e  No.13311574


>we all did

No, you’re not we.

>this is it

No, you’re not on a druid board.

f097f8  No.13311811


>you’re not we

Who are you to say who is "we"?

71c46e  No.13311842


If you don’t know what /pol/ is, you don’t belong here.

f097f8  No.13311893



abc83c  No.13312873

File: 6a7f6b4bf783a78⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 470x774, 235:387, croc cap.jpg)


Thanks lad


They spawned from brit/pol/ you mong. You have repeatedly been told there is always current events being discussed & the whole threads are steeped in /pol/ culture. The Sonnenrad is one of druid/pol/'s main symbols ffs. You never listen to what is told to you. You are akin to a petulant child who refuses to learn out of misplaced spite. Its impossible to get any sense or reason out of you.




Take your meds


Smiley now are we? Topkek, you are so ignorant as to the reality of the situation but please, continue your little spergfest meltdown over a single thread you dont like. It is gloriously amusing to witness the sheer butthurt, desperate reaching and blinding impotent rage displayed in your posts.

Its like watching a midget trying to smash down a granite wall with an inflatable novelty hammer.

e63ab3  No.13313388

Off topic /christian/ spam is still up.

Off topic /fringe/ spam is still up.

QLarp spam is still up.

Moderation is still compromised.


>They spawned from brit/pol/

So /fringe/ garbage spawned from yet another spam general that had nothing to do with /pol/ and was just a circlejerk hangout of identityfags.

>known schizo spammer still denies when he's called out

02cb62  No.13313448


I like how jamal is saying the druid/pol/ thread is schizo-spammer when a schizo is spamming against it in this very thread.

6f19a1  No.13313690


/pol/x or /pol/fringe drives shills up the wall. see: the GATE threads.

3d1637  No.13313728







21f8b8  No.13314249


All the mods moderate randomly as they see fit. We have almost no communication with CM or each other. Your thread may be fine by all but one mods but if that one mod nukes it there is nothing the other mods can do about that. Your only recourse is to kvetch at Jim, but I doubt it will get you anywhere.

abc83c  No.13314685


Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make sure we hadn't violated the rules or whatnot. I'v no intention of sperging at either the mods or kvetching at Jim. You have enough on your hands with schizoposter's constant stream of autism anyway.

A deleted thread is not the end of the world. Have a good day lad.


Iv noticed that too. Certain topics (particularly those connected to the paranormal or esoteric matters) really seem to bring them out in force.

Tbh the more they screech, the more it tempers my resolve. It just makes me want to dig deeper.

If you are taking flak you know you are close to the target

d138ed  No.13314995

Off topic /christian/ spam is still up.

Off topic /fringe/ spam is still up.

QLarp spam is still up.

Issac Kappy threads are still being shut down for literally no reason at all.

Moderation is still compromised.

d138ed  No.13315368

And now anti-muslim threads are getting autosaged.

db6289  No.13315579


>implying those are used

60f877  No.13315590


>Implying we aren't talking to the fucking void anyways and nothing will change regardless

db6289  No.13315597


I though this is what ever mod here told you, especially those that quit

db6289  No.13315653


>No mods quit. They were removed.

That's like saying suicide by cop isn't suicide. Two I think were removed, they others were going for it,

>Not an excuse. They exist. You have a perfect avenue for discussion. You refuse to use it.

Oh, we did. All eventually stopped because of quitting or general realization it was fucking pointless.

What is there to discuss? "Oh hey we can't do shit about this"? We had that a lot.

The newest batch never even joined and frankly, no one cared a that point.

>You prove your complicity with the site owner in destroying this place.

There is fuckall we can do as he's the BO. Do something, get removed.

60f877  No.13315657

File: 01f716d2001862c⋯.png (761.61 KB, 1633x833, 1633:833, nice one.png)

Here we fucking go AGAIN. A tarrant-esque thread with 270 replies gets anchored, but the 107 reply e-celeb spam thread is still up, russia b8 aswell with 26. good one (((mods))) if you aren't gonna delete or anchoir the actual spam cancer threads atleast leave semi-organic threads alone. What is the justification for this very reasonable action oh mod overlords? Must I kill a white person as a sacrifice to appease your wrath? it's like we're in hell already thx.

854186  No.13315681


Funniest part? They actually believe these actions behoove their future survival.

How are they this clueless to the fact that it's not this board that "radicalizes White Supremacists", but actions to silence, and destroy us like this that awaken the Saxon Hatred?

I fully invite them to keep this nonsense up. Too many "Whites" are still sleepy, and this shit keeps ringing the alarm.

Hey, (((mods)))!

You're fucked.

Can't wait to meet you!

Sleep well!

d138ed  No.13315760

File: 2d9de6d892bd65c⋯.png (647.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 2019-05-24-141742_1280x102….png)


<muh eceleb

Funny how you never cried when it was (((alt hype))) and the like being shilled, or E Kikel Jewnes.

Look at this fucking catalog. ACTUAL politics threads are autosaged. OFF TOPIC SPAM that belongs on >>>/christian/, >>>/fringe/, and >>>/fit/ are LEFT UP. QTDDTOT threads are left alone. A spam thread shilling for "the holocaust was real here's proof; disprove it protip: you can't" for the trillionth time is left alone.

db6289  No.13315768


>tarrant-esque thread

You mean the fag whining about being laughed at by people who are beneath him? Wasn't me but fuck him.

As for the others, I'm unsure about the eceleb shit but this isn't just random shilling and evidently the others don't want to act either.


Oh no I am so afraid of you overwhelming me with your faggotory what ever shall I do?

854186  No.13315784


You will continue to live in abject fear, anger, and hatred, you pathetic fucking kike. Your entire race is miserable from shame, and guilt for your parasitical existence. You have nothing to honor or respect within yourself, nor your people. You don't even trust each other.

We're coming.

Nothing you can do or say will stop what you've created, jew.

Until then, sleep well!

I do.

f097f8  No.13315813


>We have almost no communication with CM


Well tell that sniveling faggot to remove the pro-Trump banners through whatever channel of communication he uses to contact you with.

df04f5  No.13315862


Oh look! The moderators deleted my comment exposing their lies! Like always!

df04f5  No.13315867


>That's like saying suicide by cop isn't suicide. Two I think were removed, they others were going for it,

Were. Removed. None quit. They were removed. You can't rewrite history.

>general realization it was fucking pointless.

So all of you quit. If you actually care about this place, you would quit entirely.

>What is there to discuss? "Oh hey we can't do shit about this"? We had that a lot.

So quit.

>There is fuckall we can do as he's the BO. Do something, get removed.

So. Quit.

f097f8  No.13315891


So they use protonmail accounts to communicate with each other, how did you know that? Just curious.

60f877  No.13315924


You mean the thread where instead of listening to OP we started discussing fighting? yeah that one.

df04f5  No.13316015


Three guesses, anon. I’d offer you the addresses, but the other guy’s right; they’re not used

f097f8  No.13316035


>three guesses

I'm not playing 20 questions. How do you know they uses protonmail accounts to communicate with each other? And I care more about figuring out how they communicate with CM (and what his address is), seeing as they admit that he does communicate with them.

df04f5  No.13316064


>how they communicate with CM

Same way everyone else does. Mods don’t get special privilege (unless they’re one of CM’s real-world dick sucking entourage). You can message CM yourself at admin@8ch.net. He WILL actually reply to regular people regarding site errors, etc. Occasionally. Though don’t ask about /pol/; I imagine he just filters all mention of that by now. /sudo/ is worthless, but his e-mail does actually get read.

f097f8  No.13316090


>don’t ask about /pol/; I imagine he just filters all mention of that by now

If he talks to our mods, even if rarely, then he isn't completely oblivious.

3d1637  No.13316276














f097f8  No.13316331


If you want to see a mod posting then just look here


abc83c  No.13316377

File: 22f247cb84ee4d6⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 205x255, 41:51, aargh.jpg)


Abuse of the redtext function should be a bannable offence imo. Its supposed to be used to highlight a title, formatting sub headings, or emphasizing an important point, not for spamming walls of tl;dr. The combined use of ALLCAPS makes the offense prticulary greivous imo.

See this is why no one like you schizo.

3d1637  No.13316520


Tell that to Chodenigger, I'm just abusing the established order and showcasing everything you can get away with now, kamfy banned red text niggers on sight when it wasn't himself. The jew nigger mods are incompetent, Chodenigger is a sub 80 IQ hapafag eternally raped by the fact he'll never be white, and this board is a cesspool filled with Qfags, pedophiles, jews, spics, niggers and it's now a rare commodity to know the holohoax is jewish schizo revisionism.






df04f5  No.13316562


Eceleb thread from known controlled opposition group remains up, DIRECTLY (youtube) advertising the content.

db6289  No.13316796


>You will continue to live in abject fear, anger, and hatred, you pathetic fucking kike. Your entire race is miserable from shame, and guilt for your parasitical existence. You have nothing to honor or respect within yourself, nor your people. You don't even trust each other.

Not a kike tho. I checked the family.

>We're coming.

Yeah you won't be coming for me retard.

>Nothing you can do or say will stop what you've created, jew.

Kikes made me. Less edgy than you however.

>Until then, sleep well!

Thanks. I usually do.

>I do.

How nice.

>Were. Removed. None quit. They were removed. You can't rewrite history.

They choose the loud way out. Yes, they were removed. They incited their own removal knowing full well what happened, unlike say polvol2 who sperged hard and got booted that way.

>I'm not playing 20 questions. How do you know they uses protonmail accounts to communicate with each other?

He's a former mod, how dense can you be?


>not filtering

There's a certain amount of faggot I'm willing to endure but that guy is long past it. I recommend it, it makes this shithole of a thread that much nicer to read.

df04f5  No.13316848


>unlike say

wew lad, did the same thing that all the others did. Proved that you can't go against the jewish narrative here without being removed.

f097f8  No.13316999


>He's a former mod

You don't need to be a former mod to know about encrypted email services as a channel of communication.

a370a2  No.13317179


>thinks he can filter me

You're as powerless as the jew nigger mods, fren

60f877  No.13317797

File: 747190e4edb9bec⋯.png (741.12 KB, 1654x707, 1654:707, Screenshot_3.png)

Wtf, I love low-effort trump threads now!

c1b35e  No.13317953


You keep posting these screencaps of the catalog like it does anything. Have you realized yet that the mods dont care?

60f877  No.13317970


of course, only a retard would think it does anything. see >>13315590

Mods are fags by definition because they volunteered to do a job they clearly suck at, somebody has to tell the staff they are retarded and should kill themself indirectly by pointing out how shit they are. The moment people stop shitting on mods is the moment mods think they are doing a good job not realizing that at that state they've already killed the board and scared away any user that would intelligently engage other users and would complain to the mods cause they suck.

It's a exercise in futility but somebody (preferably all anons) has to do the job of telling staff they aren't doing a good job :^)


f097f8  No.13318290



1) He's the fucking president 2) Nobody here likes him.

60f877  No.13318395


>actually a retarded /pol/vol

I'm saying ban any low-tier cringe trump thread that that aren't about something trump did that matters and has articles to back it up and some significance.

Not some shit thread about how trump DIDN'T build the wall which we all know. A better thread would be how trumps decision to uber shitskins to democrat states and how it will affect the current political environment, voting, how much worse the bio-hazards called liberal cities get and how we can utilize new stories after the shitskins commit crimes to make propoganda. ya know for a starter; a thread with actual content more than >discuss would be nice for a change. But no worries (((somebody))) will now ban other threads in attempts to "moderate" or something lol

f097f8  No.13318572


>a thread with actual content

If you really gave a shit about that then you would be complaining about way more threads.

60f877  No.13318893


Or like you said it would be all ignored and it's pointless to gatekeep content if I don't have power anyways. Instead I try to document the shittest examples of their moderation and hopefully convince a anon to make a better chan to post in instead of him assuming this is the standard quality and him just shitposting. Hopes anon, we're allowed to have them

db6289  No.13319982


Yeah, I'm getting timeouts all the time when trying to do anything.

Tools are just as fucking broken as the media server. Which sounds logical as bans delete media.

c1b35e  No.13319998


Stop modding. Stop serving Codenigger.

516040  No.13320073






Wow, I admire your opinion on these threads. I am sure GLAD that I missed most of these. What a clusterfuck of shit.

516040  No.13320078


<muh eceleb

We don't want to read your tranny kike little brothers bullshit VapidRubber, take it back to cuckchan. Most of us complained BITTERLY whenever there was open kikery (this means you faggot) being shilled here…no matter how many bans it took to get it deleted.

516040  No.13320097

I would like to post an official complaint about the GLOBOHOMO raid that is currently taking place on /pol/. There are like 4-5 faggots that consistently raid /pol/ and always meme the same hatred and division between White men and White women. You need to do more about this. These people aren't White and they are going to drive this board into the ground if left unchecked. If you really can mod however you like you need to address this. >>13307390

I mean it is just SO FUCKING OLD, MODS...how many times do we have to see the same fucking thread, before you delete them out of hand? It is the same shit every week or maybe two weeks when you ban him and even banning him for FOUR WEEKS last time only put the threads back for 2 weeks...it was 2 weeks of bliss but that nigger showed up right on schedule and made a ban evading thread right on time to the two week schedule. It would be one thing if the topic varied or was interesting in some way but it is the same shit 24/7.

bf5f28  No.13320173


Seconded but also the Hapa masterrace guy. It's spam at this point. Mods need to rethink why they're mods for this board.

516040  No.13320214

File: 09120784b050d31⋯.gif (3.38 MB, 400x224, 25:14, gif dandilion wind.gif)


Probably, I guess /pol/ got too powerful and they had to do something to kill it. Thing is…they always choose incorrectly. I guess that is neither here nor there to me, it all ends the same way, it always has and it always will.

516040  No.13320227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Mods need to rethink why they're mods for this board.

The only way to really protest is to make them hire new mods by doing whatever you want as mod. You can't stop the destruction of /pol/ via the subhuman trash so you need to force the hand of the admins by making /pol/ better aka deleting this trash until it is better and then when they shitcan you THEY HAVE TO GET INVOLVED LOOKING FOR ANOTHER MOD, which is actually a pain in the ass for the admins. I know what I would do, but then, I never volunteered for this thankless job and I actually feel sorry for anyone who did. It is like looking into the eyes of a dying pet while it expires.

bf5f28  No.13320236


Fuck your defeatist attitude. I have been kicked around and shit on by life and I fight on relentlessly. So can you by taking pride in the role you volunteered for.

516040  No.13320252


>the role you volunteered for.

I haven't volunteered for anything anon. I wouldn't last a day as mod because there would be massive permanent bans on more than 70% of /pol/.

f097f8  No.13321744


I can only wonder what was said in the post you were replying too. Fucking Orwellian mods.

f097f8  No.13321791


Lots of posts that should be capped ITT before they get deleted . . .

27893e  No.13321800


I am fine with Druid/pol/


Kikes are a ‘standard fucking part’ of /pol/

abc83c  No.13322466

File: fdeb1e39e7188cd⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 239x209, 239:209, 18b3b214c3d57a27d2c8e8b2cf….jpg)



STILL moaning about this then are we?

>if I shill for two years it gets to stay!

Shill what exactly? Whats being shilled? What exactly is in those threads you find so triggering?

Oh I think I get it, anything you don't like is automatically "shilling" right?

ed1cdf  No.13322507

You are digging yourself deeper into this hole. I will evade every ban you give because bthe original was unjust. You are banning random IPs at this point I will not use twice. Recall that this is the same behavior that got kikey removed.

Telling Jamal to take a walk is not breaking any rules. Evading an unjust ban is acceptable, so I will continue to do it. Reminder that you are impotent. Reminder that if you step out of the bounds of your slavery to Codemonkey you will be removed like the others.

854186  No.13322513


Telling Jamal to "take a walk" gets banned, and that Spic Spammer you were sperging with gets free reign to run the entire board.

This place is so fucked.

Oh well, I guess it's finally time to go real world, and track these parasites down.

You take our 1st Amendment Rights, you're going to have to deal with our 2nd.

Good luck with that!

854186  No.13322564


You don't even make any sense, you glowing, faggot spic cunt.

Blow leaves, beanigger.

ec9e00  No.13322654

You've banned 11 IPs in the last hour considering myself and that faggot spammer. All these IPs are throwaways. Changing the ban length does not justify your bans. You can prevent banning random IPs on my end if you simply admit two things:


Banning me for 'off-topic' for telling Jamal to take a walk was a manipulation of the rule stating that off topic content will be DELETED and not banned.


That you are a slave of Codemonkey.

ec9e00  No.13322661


Why do you believe it's wrong to evade an unjust ban?

f097f8  No.13322665


I think it's funny that you're evading it. Keep it up.

abc83c  No.13322895

File: 50d07348cd183cd⋯.png (164.89 KB, 1264x712, 158:89, bond1.png)


>You niggers have never been welcome on /pol/.

False. Druid/pol/ is staple. Has been for ages. The whole board was praising the Druids at one point (early '17 sometime iirc) when "Burgo" the Kraut Druid made the news.

Druid/pol/ acts in /pol/s interest & gets more love than hate. In fact the only people who hate on it are are schizoposter(s) and hardcore fundamental christians who lack the cranial capacity to understand that:

(A) -The metaphysical and the metapolitical intersect on many levels

(B) Druid/pol/ actually acts as a containment thread for discussion of these esoteric/political matters (the very topics that trigger them into fits of apopleptic spergery) and prevents it spilling out into the wider board.

(C) Druid/pol/ fosters a sense of fraternity among its regulars, contains a lot of effortposts (especially in comparison to the old brit/pol/ it replaced which was shitpost central) and also acts as a repository of knowledge, a "digital grove" for B.O.N.D members to meet up and a welcoming atmosphere for the curious. It does not impose itself on other threads.

>Every one of your threads is spammed garbage

Demonstrably false. Every thread is archived and accessable at the beginning of each new general and anyone reading through can see that the only spam in those threads come from schizo spewing out walls of redtext and sperging out. Other than that, the userbase it pretty chill and their is plenty of effortposting as well as general banter. It is one of the healthiest regular threads on the entire board. Druid/pol/ is also a place of fathers - at least 3 of the regulars have families and kids. They are doing their part (which im willing to bet is more than you are - out of curiosity, how many kids have you got anon? None i'll wager.)

The userbase is a bit older than the average chan user (mid 20's to late 30's seems to be the make-up) too so they tend to be a bit more mellow, reasonable and less autistic in their posting and mannerisms.

>This doesn't make you an established fucking part.

Yes it does, whether you like it or not, we are here to stay. Get used to it. Contain your autism and ignore the single thread in the catalogue if it bothers you so much. No need for all the hate and vitriol. Save that energy for your ACTUAL enemies, not illusory ones of your own fabrication.

>If it did, jews would be a standard fucking part.

As >>13321800 rightly points out, the ARE a "standard fucking part". Understanding of the JQ and other aspects (including understanding their systems of esoterica which they use as a control method) are one of /pol/s principle topics of discussion. It was /pol/ that brought the JQ back into the public consciousness (via memetics) after years of dormancy. How can you not comprehend this?

Your arguments are poorly reasoned and shit tbh. You should either apply yourself harder or STFU. You just come across as an unnecessarily angry, unhinged sperg.

f1f214  No.13323015

K...now the GLOBOHOMO is spamming his own thread to bump it and you all are still not going to do anything. Does this mean this is '/pol/' culture now? >>13307390





















Look at the post numbers, he is spamming the shit out of his thread.

3d1637  No.13323028


Your threads are foreign and make no sense to me, druidanon, but you're still one of the last remnants of the golden era of this board. When mysticism becomes off-topic to 8/pol/ it will truly be dead, and I hope to find you wherever you migrate next.

abc83c  No.13323072

File: 3f7d978e0d7284c⋯.png (11.54 KB, 255x148, 255:148, dune feels.png)


Thanks lad, means a lot tbh.

f097f8  No.13323380


Are you even really british?

f1f214  No.13323411


>Are you even really british?

Atrocious grammar, anon.

f097f8  No.13323592


That sentence was grammatically correct, anon.

3d1637  No.13323613









f097f8  No.13323638


I'm not a mod. I don't even like CM and would be happy to see him replaced and for somebody to get rid of the pro-Trump banners. Stop calling me a mod, it makes you look retarded.


This is a mod.

f1f214  No.13323644


'even really' is very awkward, British is capitalized

f1f214  No.13323649


>This is a mod.

I like that mod. I have talked to them before. Sometimes I wonder what they are doing here.

f097f8  No.13323728


>'even really' is very awkward

Not really, not even at all; are you even really that good at detecting good grammar?

f097f8  No.13323740


Wasn't responding to you. Don't butt into conversations like that, it's rude.

>I like that mod.

I didn't ask for your opinion faggot.

f1f214  No.13323751


>that good at detecting good grammar

Awkward again, anon.

>Not really, not even at all

Painful, anon.

>Don't butt into conversations like that, it's rude.

Interwebs anon. /pol/ is a 'global village' and all that bullshit. There is no butting into a conversation in a 'global village'.

f097f8  No.13323778

File: 2fe8180d5f3aee0⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 751x1063, 751:1063, 370glb7gro3z.jpg)


>awkward, painful

Not exactly a dependable criteria for grammar, is it?

>There is no butting into a conversation

There is when there are thread IDs. Take your trite opinions and stick them up pussy-hole.

f1f214  No.13323843

File: 46ff539e8042626⋯.jpg (40.59 KB, 460x468, 115:117, chicken fish cigarrette.jpg)


>Not exactly a dependable criteria for grammar, is it?

Yes, this is the entire point and the sole reason for the existence of grammar; avoiding awkward phrasing and non-specific linguistic structure.

>stick them up pussy-hole

Awkward again, anon. Non specific pussy-holes could really mean anything; your face, for example, could be rendered a non-specific pussy hole and no one could argue that it didn't qualify.


Also, I doubt I need a 'thread ID' to commune with you, a 'comment ID' would be more appropriate.

f097f8  No.13323886

File: c7d9d3af6ddefa7⋯.jpg (118.65 KB, 725x785, 145:157, Charles-and-Jean-X-Men-Mar….jpg)


>the entire point and the sole reason

Painful overuse of adjectives, anon.

>voiding awkward phrasing

Phrases, not phrasing.

>non-specific linguistic structure

Such a thing doesn't exist.

>your face, for example, could be rendered a non-specific pussy hole

Only if you're trying to deliberately miss the point, which you've made pretty clear, anon.

>I doubt I need a 'thread ID' to commune with you

Take that up with the mods, faggot.

fb681f  No.13323893


looks like a nigger to me

3d1637  No.13324112








f1f214  No.13324810


It's disabled, we probably shouldn't tease it.

f097f8  No.13324908


Not a mod.

abc83c  No.13324955

File: f783b8dbc4c297b⋯.png (64.52 KB, 225x314, 225:314, UK plug.PNG)


Yes I am indeed.

If you go back through the archives I posted a timestamped photo of a electrical plug socket in my house to prove it after schizo was spamming & accusing everyone in the thread of being L.A based Robert Sepher

f097f8  No.13324961


That's not proof. Take a picture smiling (need to see your teeth to be sure) behind Big Ben.

f1f214  No.13324989


Lol…I haven't thought of that schizo in months. I remember when just mentioning him would summon the tirade of accusations about who was Robert Sepher, THIS TIME. Pretty sure that we were all Robert Sepher at one point or another.

I assumed it was vaccine related mercury poisoning or something.

abc83c  No.13325049

File: abd394d0921aacd⋯.png (206.74 KB, 520x500, 26:25, bob visits druidpol 1.PNG)

File: 384e0f9d4afaaca⋯.png (227.02 KB, 969x525, 323:175, Bob taunting schizo don dr….PNG)

File: 4e86a337d323152⋯.png (7.48 KB, 487x196, 487:196, bob visits druidpol 2.PNG)


>Pretty sure that we were all Robert Sepher at one point or another.

Yep he had it in his head that the entire board was Robert Sepher sockpuppets talking to themselves and was spamming it constantly. Hes also accused us of being the deep state, roflschilds, a canadian youtuber called "Celtic Sanctuary", jews, shills and other spurrious accusations with zero proof to back up his assertions.

Hes even tried to raise a personal army on cuckchan (to raid druid/pol/) and failed miserably.

One time the ACTUAL Robert Sepher came into the druid/pol/ thread just to fuck with him too. Was pretty funny tbh. Pics related.

>I assumed it was vaccine related mercury poisoning or something.

We came to the conclusion he is a literal schizophrenic off his medication. Suggesting that to him used to get him VERY irate & upset and the standard response to his unrelentless faggotry became….


…which would cause him to go into fits of apopleptic tardrage.

He's a legit nutcase with a lot of time on his hands and a unquenchable hateboner for almost everything & everyone.


Lad I fucking hate london and i'm not going anywhere near the place. Not even if you payed me. It's a foreign shithole & I avoid it like the plague. Ill stick to my nice little island off the south coast thank you very much. Its /comfy/ here.

f097f8  No.13325062


You live on the Isle of Wight?

abc83c  No.13325092

File: 72bb8ee1ef4166c⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 750x497, 750:497, ryde beach.jpg)


I do indeed.

f097f8  No.13325100


Then take a picture smiling with your fucked up teeth beside the Jimi Hendrix statue. Otherwise you're from Israel.

abc83c  No.13325112

f1f214  No.13325631


I hope you don't go out of your way to make the niggers and mongrels feel 'welcome' on your beautiful island.

f097f8  No.13325639


Or what?

f1f214  No.13325734

File: f2067622d931d35⋯.jpg (502.15 KB, 900x600, 3:2, cite-soleil-port-au-prince….jpg)

File: 6a2dd0040913883⋯.jpg (159.7 KB, 800x533, 800:533, haiti middle class.jpg)

File: c918e488381d96c⋯.jpg (4.15 MB, 3888x2240, 243:140, haiti middle class 2.jpg)

File: eae3883efd639f6⋯.jpg (123.19 KB, 750x500, 3:2, haitian ghetto black girl.jpg)


>Or what?

Why would this even be a question?

abc83c  No.13325748

File: 09a2eb5b80f8aa6⋯.png (215.72 KB, 422x608, 211:304, based islanders.PNG)


We don't even make out own "progressive" cat lady artists feel welcome here lad. No time for islam or like that shit here.

aa8c9f  No.13327320


A muslim angel is a goose tied round a little boy in a pillow sack.

c71c14  No.13328477

>stay away from /pol/ for a few days

>the catalog is STILL full of the exact same off topic /christian/, /fringe/, and /reddit/ threads that any ACTUAL moderation team would have removed the hour it was posted

>the catalog is STILL full of 4/b/ gayops threads

>nothing of value or worth is here

>it's all spam

>(((mods))) undoubtedly killed all the good and actually /pol/ related threads while leaving this trash alone

I remember when taking days away from /pol/ was done to maintain sanity in the face of how bad things really are. Now it's done to deal with how the site ownership and moderation are openly hostile to the userbase and how there is no hope for the white race because its biggest defenders seem to have died off somehow, leaving schizophrenics and bored /b/tards who think they'll save the white race by making the media write a story about how using toilet paper is a nazi thing.


Yes. This is /pol/ now. This is what codemonkey, his mods, and apparently what passes for the /pol/ userbase now wants.


>/fringe/ spam

>golden era

Pick one and only one. /pol/ embracing kek, only to throw that away and watch as every political action or accomplishment ever made while in that state after the election, did not make every single off topic /fringe/ schizo LARP acceptable. Under no actual /pol/ moderation team would this spam be tolerated.

0ed272  No.13328502


>Yes. This is /pol/ now. This is what codemonkey, his mods, and apparently what passes for the /pol/ userbase now wants.

Not surprising, when the political assassination of an afrikaaner woman is buried by a fednigger thread celebrating twitter culture.

abc83c  No.13328515

File: 59dd97b55d7d830⋯.png (42.75 KB, 450x562, 225:281, island demographics.PNG)



Here's your IOW demographics too. Might give you some clue as to why its one of the nicer places in the UK to live (especially if you have kids)

Plus we have a natural moat (by way of the fucking sea) to keep the mainland cancer at bay somewhat.



Druid/pol gets shit done son. From spreading the Sigil, reconsecrating the leylines, scrying the aethers, investigating the astral, constructing wards to protect /pol/ and it's userbase, following the 14 Tenets, discovering and archiving obscure texts, working on grimoires & our own Tarot deck, developing a triad-based system of self initiation (that doubles as a personality test) for newcomers and even viscermonacy (scrying the entrails of animals yanklad shot a deer that was eating his crops and performed the first visceromantic scry iv ever seen done on a chan )

Thats hardly LARP. That is called GETTING SHIT DONE.

Yet here you are ,STILL screaming into the void and shitting on people who are allies to you. Sad tbh.

d4c25c  No.13328538

File: 5de4ac141efd250⋯.png (74.58 KB, 212x278, 106:139, 5de4ac141efd250f5f3e0e9743….png)


I bet niggers like you would also delete /SIG/ and book threads, just like kampfy. Get the fuck out.

3d1637  No.13329744


>/fringe/ containment threads are spam

>loyal anons who are immune to the corruption of reddit niggers, discord spics, JIDF and schizoposters aren't what made early infinity/pol/ great

>random babble about kek and larping that I never mentioned

Whatever point you were trying to make is incomprehensible because your double digits IQ is a greater weakness than you realize

c71c14  No.13329869


>Druid/pol gets shit done son. From HURR DURR SCHIZO BULLSHIT

Take your meds.



You mean /fit/ threads? >>>/fit/


You mean those book threads nobody fucking posts in or cares about, proving they were bitching about absolutely nothing while kikey was still shitting the place up? >>>/pdfs/




>/fringe/ containment threads are spam

Yes, anon, they are. >>>/fringe/ exists, fuck off to that schizo shithole for your off topic bullshit that has nothing to do about /pol/.

>hurr I can't read nor comprehend anything that's said to me so I'll say you're stupid

ae4eee  No.13329936

File: da7472d8efaa305⋯.png (351.75 KB, 1147x799, 1147:799, 8pol_jewed.png)

I love how jewed this site/board is now. It's in plain sight and there's no defense for it.

abc83c  No.13329959

File: a0eab58b367b6eb⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 250x227, 250:227, ayyy.gif)


>hurr I can't read nor comprehend anything that's said to me so I'll say you're stupid

He's right though, you are kind of stupid, what with all this autistic, ID hopping screeching about decent threads like /SIG/ & druid/pol/. If you were on about BLACKED or pro communist or "wh*te boi" cuckchan tier threads being spammed or something like that i'd perhaps be more understanding of your tardrage but for some reason you have this throbbing hateboner for decent, healthy threads.

You have no sense of nuance and are doing some gay and incredibly autistic purity spiralling thing where 8/pol/ is only acceptable if it conforms to exactly to YOUR incredibly narrow standards and no one else's. Just yours.

You are such a sperg, you cant even just IGNORE a couple of threads you don't like.

>Also telling druid/pol/ to "take your meds"

Topkek considering it was druid/pol/ that began using that term as a standard response to schizo spam in the first place.

"The schizoposter cries out in pain as he strikes you"


3d1637  No.13330140


>OP can't put in more effort than, "X thing is doing Y, what do?"

Make a better OP and it won't get deleted, retard. Low effort threads like that wouldn't have been allowed to exist before Current Year, let alone when /pol/ is under siege by ZOG moderation.

db6289  No.13330169


>literal cuckchan thread

fuck off back there

ae4eee  No.13330587

File: 3a9869eef7a8869⋯.jpg (92.11 KB, 941x267, 941:267, 1293786673216789321231 - C….jpg)



If you don't see the irony in that when pic related is allowed literally kill yourselves, your lives are low effort.

f1f214  No.13330618


That fucking POS e-celeb thread trying to normalize trannies is fucking disgusting. Lt Corbis brother keep pushing this shit on /pol/ and I complain but nada…

3d1637  No.13331330



Were all the other threads about the child tranny not previously deleted for no reason, I would also say the same thing. Were (((mods))) not jew niggers, they would have deleted it for being a /leftypol/ thread because it advocates tranny acceptance. Hence:





02cb62  No.13331362


>child tranny

Yid detected.

You will never be white.

155948  No.13331959

Well the board obviously has mods, because they delete good threads all the time and leave cancer up

c97a16  No.13332011


60f877  No.13332203

File: 64dcf692d31a549⋯.png (895.77 KB, 1679x831, 1679:831, high quality.png)

Overwatch threads, AIM shilling, Datamining, Alt-Kike threads with discuss, Spoonfeed me, Discord threads.

WEW mods should be cattleprodded on a daily basis

069730  No.13332496

Daily reminder that /pol/ is NOT a natsoc board

f097f8  No.13332639

Daily reminder that there is free popcorn under your seat when you're at the movies

60f877  No.13333125

File: 32f86c2d419b043⋯.png (84.24 KB, 923x278, 923:278, Screenshot_2.png)

This is where this shithole is at right now. Mods and other faggot staff won't even perform the basics of being jannycucks except when it suits them

f097f8  No.13333346



You mean the mutts of America.


You mean the ex-commies of Europe.

db6289  No.13333613


>mods don't premoderate every single post made

Yeah, apply and do that 24/7. Have fun.

60f877  No.13333861


lol niggers wouldn't post half the shit they do if they knew it would be banned in under an hour instead niggers can make bait threads that don't get removed/ stay up for days draining energy which is the shills goal. You're complicit in this. This place can EASILY be monitored if just 2 people in different time zones could be arsed to give fuck. You don't have to write a wall of text to ban a spamming nigger, you don't need a "reason" to ban a glowing reddittard, you don't need to expand on your choice to delete CP to the actual owners to the site, because these simple things are understood INHERENTLY, but nowadays there's codenigger equality where 1 e-celeb thread gets to stay up and another gets banned, whilst I hide both, I see what is going on, I speak out against it and theres absolutely no actual response from "mods" other than the sparse replies from voleunuchs in this thread which amounts to:

<We dunno know

<We're too afraid to do it

<Codenigger is godking to us

Also >>13333613 I'd love to, when can I start :) ? As if white people would be allowed to mod /pol/

3d1637  No.13333900


That tranny has a deeper voice than you, nigger. There's no feminine features about it, at 14 you'd already see some kind of breast development which there is none on that child tranny. It's adam's apple is in clear view, and it's already gone through a voice change compared to a year ago. Give it another 3 years and you'll be arguing that you need to protect your trap waifu from the evil nazis on a 1930s Ukraine stamp collecting forum.

02cb62  No.13334617


You are disgusting, yid.

I know you want to normalize the tranny meme but tranny is not and never will be a girl.

d66025  No.13334749


I'd have an easier time believing 2+2=5 than believing trannies are women. This is jewish math.

3d1637  No.13335289


>substantive evidence you can look at for yourself makes you a jew

That tranny never has been and never will be a girl, nigger. 3 years, if you can't realize it after that you were beyond any hope of redemption to being with.

ed0342  No.13336859

File: 6e8b5d8ba2b8850⋯.png (62.3 KB, 578x536, 289:268, 5CC52029-DE64-44DD-ABAF-31….png)



>not leaving for /fascist/ for everything besides current events

It’s a lot more comfy

475172  No.13337346


That image is beyond pathetic. You're more "autist" than "fascist".

475172  No.13337374


It's always this same nigger who thinks that every girl or woman in media is a tranny. Fucking schizo would call his own mother a tranny.

db6289  No.13337566

File: c5c413adaed002b⋯.png (217.68 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 0.png)


What if that's true and it broke his ability to accept woman as real?

921fae  No.13338345

Know how you can tell you are dealing with jew leftypol mods? Illegitimate bans are being used as a reason to continue banning anons. Ban evasion of an illegitimate ban (not wanting to bump slides is a bannable offense to them) is their way of legitimizing the ban.

So fucking smarmily jewish. But they don't get it, oldfags have been dealing with bullshit bans for years. YEARS, yids. Learn what the fuck sage is for.

d6c65f  No.13338354


stupid cunt

c1b35e  No.13338358


That exact scenario happened 4 days ago as well:



db6289  No.13338455

>every one of my post is "hurr I evaded your ban"

>wtf why are you still banning me

This isn't a forum with a ban history faggots. Unless you literally announce you evaded (or are enough of a special snowflake to be recognized anyway) we can't exactly tell.

c1b35e  No.13338688


Fuck you nigger. The original ban was unjust.

db6289  No.13338739


I don't give a shit and I didn't make that ban. All I saw was

>"hurr I evaded your ban"

being spammed.

dc589a  No.13338860



You lying sack of jew shit. I got banned for literally "sage spam" entire history is just sage spam (when you know for a fucking fact it was not, just because you couldn't find anything else to ban be on) because I saged and posted QTDDTOT in a QTDDTOT fucking thread. Kill yourself JEW.

Ban me, IDGAF, you're an impotent jew cunt and I'll come right back and tell you the fucking truth, AGAIN.

f52cbe  No.13338870

Whoops, forgot my sage, cunt.

db6289  No.13338971


Wasn't my ban, don't care lol.

With how you appear here I assume you're flat out lying though.

3d1637  No.13339242


I'm not the tranny schizo, you retard, but it's obvious that soph is a tranny. You have nothing to argue against me, while there's proof that his voice has changed, he has no breast growth, and his adam's apple is starting to show. I'll even say just 1 more year before it will be undeniable that soph is a tranny, and you will switch goal posts and start defending your based trap waifu.


I don't believe you're a mod, nigger, if you are you have my respect and I'll be sure you suffer a painless death.




c1b35e  No.13339535


>With how you appear here I assume you're flat out lying though.

<gives no example

Do you think anyone believes you?

85ce01  No.13340455


>I'm not the tranny schizo but it's obvious this 14 year old girl is a tranny because I say so


>someone spreading /pol/ ideals on international talk radio is BAD goy, ideals should only ever be discussed in dead imageboards where everyone but shills already agrees


>hurr vpns are bad /fringe/ and /fit/ threads that have nothing to do with /pol/ are GOOD

>let me steal credit for "take your meds" and misuse the term "purity spiral" like TRSodomites did because the voices in my head that claim to be the deimurge told me to

Kill yourself schizo kike.

<you cant even just IGNORE a couple of threads you don't like

>legitimate threads get deleted for being "off topic"

>ACTUAL off topic spam that does not belong on /pol/ at all is left up


Suckstart a shotgun.

db6289  No.13340521


Not my ban, don't care lol


>let's trust the sperg's word alone


c1b35e  No.13340668


And again, you give no example, because you can't. All you want to do is shut down any opposition to your master, Codemonkey. Well that's too bad, because people like me will keep calling you out for being slaves to an anti-white hapa

d149fa  No.13340717

>Check back to see how the natsoc beggars are doing these days

They are still crying and begging codemonkey to give their board back

What a bunch of losers

60f877  No.13340722

File: 7c55740376a7c20⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 475x315, 95:63, chillpill.jpg)


There there tyrone, you need to take a chillpill

c1b35e  No.13340801


Stop assuming mods care about the quality of this board.

85ce01  No.13340895

>USS Liberty threads get deleted for "eceleb"

>/christian/ eceleb e kikel jewer is allowed to stay up forvever

3ab2f7  No.13340959


Jesus Saves

85ce01  No.13340989


Kill yourself kike worshipper.

c31ba8  No.13341034


Kill Yourself Fedora Master

85ce01  No.13341178



85ce01  No.13341292


>jews pay people to be against brainwashed slaves that worship jews

Take your meds.

85ce01  No.13341311


>confirmed because I say so and have ZERO argument

Kikestians are slaves that worship jews, a rabbi, and a jewish god. You have NO argument against this objective truth.

60f877  No.13341312



>when staff literally admit they don't care what goes on behind the scenes, what other staff does and the general quality of this board.

Why'd you even volunteer if you didn't care?

85ce01  No.13341411


>only jews speak the truth goy

Look at the semite-worshipper go!

>disproven for millenia because I say so

No proof, no arugment. Good goy slave, what a good goy slave you are.

85ce01  No.13341480


>Jamal has no argument and has to resort to projecting

Keep worshipping kikes, negro.

db6289  No.13341504


Oh, I used to. I hoped things would get better. I hoped that the open, shitty rules were just there to prevent the kikey situation form occurring straight again and the mods would get more freedom, perhaps even one would be a new BO.

None of this has occurred and I gradually stopped caring. The others too. As it's been said, we used to communicate, but that grew less and less as we all got disillusioned and some left. Haven't talked with any mods in months and why would I? What would I have to say to them? This is also why I consider the idea that the mods have a hidden agenda going on to be so ridiculous. None fucking care.

85ce01  No.13341514


Do your fucking job. If codenigger doesn't monitor the board, who cares if he might get angry that you delete actual off topic /fringe/ and /christian/ threads, or actually ban the spammers?

c1b35e  No.13341922


He does his job, every day. He slaves away for Codemonkey, gradually killing this board just like his master wants.

0e5372  No.13341970


I just registered https://1488chan.life, no jokesies. A new star is being assembled. Gather resources in preparation of migration patterns.

039d40  No.13342139


He should have been able to tell just by looking at HIM. If ha can't tell by now it is because he has an ulterior motive or he really wants to fuck teen boys and can't admit it, so he calls it a 'girl'.

af2826  No.13344472

e0cba4  No.13344818

File: 55f5b3b6cf6a90d⋯.gif (57.79 KB, 930x690, 31:23, knohknoh.gif)


21f8b8  No.13346466


Post fucking links to threads you are kvetching about retard.

ae222c  No.13346652

So mods are still not banning this pajeetshit derailing threads.








5b6f95  No.13347364

JIDF celebrating their stranglehold over American politics.


000000  No.13347910

>post 4 israeli merman images in a row in a shitposting thread

>mods delete ALL YOUR POSTS

Really gets the noggin' joggin'.

21f8b8  No.13348158


I've told you, the report system is half bugged. It wipes all reports randomly.

011e96  No.13348176

Remember you newfag fucks, include your SOURCE along with the ARCHIVE. Don't play jew games by masking your fucking kike spam behind the archive. The kikebush shill always masks his spam like that.



It's not fucking hard unless you are a retarded nigger-brained fucking yid.

000000  No.13348200

Look you jew fuck, if you're going to make up your own fucking rules on the fly, remove the ones you're ignoring from the OP.

21f8b8  No.13348727


Hey shitposting yid. If someone is posting spam behind archives report it, or post it here.

Even if you highlight and right click to open it still reports back where the person is linking from. Some of these websites are really really really interested in both knowing when we are talking bout them AND what IP addresses are coming to them from here.

There is very good reasons not to post links directly from here.

c040eb  No.13349201

This place is cuckchan these days.

4cuck has gone full reddit.

f097f8  No.13349413


Why are you here then?

031fc1  No.13350009


Rules for Mods:

Shoah any Trump criticism

Promote shitposting about nothing

Silence criticism of Jewish power when naming specific individuals

Continue receiving a Kushner funded paycheck

9caf56  No.13350350


Because all other chans are dead and neinchan sounds like a honeypot

9caf56  No.13350373

Jews must not be allowed to post here

c1b35e  No.13350741


>How about instead just doing the job you're supposed to be doing, instead of doing the job you're told to do?

Because he likes being a slave to Codemonkey and he doesn't wanna end up like you :^)

c1b35e  No.13350890


>I can't understand why someone would ever sell out their claimed set of beliefs

Their purpose is to subvert, just like jews. They are the golems.

So is Codemonkey to an extent I guess. The mods are just lower on the golem-pole.

85ce01  No.13352180


I demand to know why a schizophrenic spam thread regarding TIES in a MUSIC VIDEO being PENIS SYMBOLS is left up, nearly a month since inception.

USS Liberty threads get deleted, but this is left up.

Same with >>13263366, another schizophrenic thread about some literal retard claiming japan's animation industry turns men into trannies with no proof whatsoever.

854186  No.13352350

File: 66373f872bfb96c⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 30172ba8a1c10d1393391028b1….jpg)


I got banned for a well thought out, and highly organized OP, all while the spic spammer gets free reign to shit on every thread, EVERY THREAD, daily.

This place is so fucked. Nothing but kike chaos and static in the belief that they can break our resolve.

I don't know about you, but I'm only getting more pissed, and organized with like minds IRL.

Whatever they think they're doing here is backfiring horrendously on them. It's only a matter of time now, lads.

…tick tock.

095abe  No.13352370


>overwhelming evidence everywhere

>no proofs whatsoever bcuz Iz love me preshunz gook cartoons

Fuck off fag.

854186  No.13352378


Here's one of the static causing shit smears now.

440c29  No.13353084


>lower on the golem-pole

There is a golem-pol? Exciting.


WTF is 'spic spammer', every time I see you crying like a bitch about it the comments are already deleted. I might add that you are also present in every thread that it is present in as well.

854186  No.13353199


Don't play dumb. It's unbecoming, and makes us both look like fools.

440c29  No.13353292


>both look like fools

Ummm no.

Next time green text the comment plz. Everytime I see you crying in a thread and all that is left is greentext comment ID, I wonder what was deleted. Seriously. At least give me one greentext so that I can understand the spic spammer 'phenomenon'.

854186  No.13353350

File: f733d81126579a7⋯.jpg (11.46 MB, 8016x8016, 1:1, f733d81126579a7a7e31bbf8d8….jpg)


lurk, faggot

c1b35e  No.13353387

File: 01254d318b88078⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 474x355, 474:355, conan its autism time.jpg)


It's autism time

854186  No.13353392


Are you lost? Do you know where you are?

c1b35e  No.13353451

File: 71d1b9ae1fc8692⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 618x475, 618:475, conan_tailing.jpg)

854186  No.13353546

File: a96e40cfae47431⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 8c4ea4e6db30c4e858e89b9879….jpg)

c1b35e  No.13353581

File: 9c31a2cf7ae3253⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 448x448, 1:1, conan big think.jpg)


What's wrong, I thought you embraced being the boy detective. You are a manlet after all.

6bc4c6  No.13353899


440c29  No.13354254


Oh. THAT person. I think the mods have been doing a pretty good job deleting that because I rarely see it anymore..

>lurk, faggot

Unlike you, I actually have things that have to get done preparing for what is coming. Thanks though. I am surprised that you actually had enough time in the day to screen cap ALL THAT SHIT. You must spend all your time not getting prepared so here is some return advice for you.

Get prepared, faggot.

At a minimum at least 50% of your day should be devoted entirely towards personal survival (whatever strategy you desire or wish to follow and think is correct; doesn't really matter).

854186  No.13354276


You're an arrogant joker, child. I've been prepared for this shit, likely, since before you were even born. Get prepared? I'm waiting for you little faggots to figure this shit out, and grow some balls already.

As far as the screen caps, I didn't make that infographic. Telling you that this fucker is a much bigger problem than you're pretending.

You must be the spic spamming bitch running static yourself, eh?

>rarely see it anymore

You're a liar, or a retard. Go play, kid. Your shit don't fly here.

440c29  No.13354298

File: aa958aa06f8abe1⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 7009256-wolf-in-forest.jpg)


Well you have accused me of it once and that is why I was curious. It was in the thread where you declared that she was a amish/mexican or something as fucking funny as that. But I am not the 'spic spammer'. Doubt you'd like me any better though, grumpy gramps. How fucking old are you anyway? Lets test you…do you remember 'free love' or were you a participant? Do you remember the Bay of Pigs or were you a participant? Remember WWII or were you a participant? Also, which side?

If you answer 'participant' to question three I hardly think you have anything to be worried about…Crestone Project offers a very nice simulated viking funeral, FYI.

So, grumpy gill…good news that you are 'preparing' we can look forwards to many years of your grumpy fucking self in the future.


440c29  No.13354569


You wanna know how I know you are a nigger?

Because you don't respond to normal and basic cues that every White person understands and knows. You might only be 'a little bit nigger', but alas, still a nigger and you are also completely domesticated ("farmer Kike takes care of my fucking dumb fuck ass, so nothing could ever happen", chew chew chew).

At least we won't have to look forward to many years of your comments because niggers don't prepare for anything or even have the concept of why they would prepare despite the vast history of the planet your people are literally too fucking stupid to survive. Parasitism only takes you so far anon.

440c29  No.13354700


Kikes are still niggers anon. Their holy book records them race mixing with niggers. You are not excused.

e0ada8  No.13354788


>some schizo making claims and mentally ill nutjobs who were already "trannies" happening to like anime is "overwhelming evidence"

Go back to reddit, schizo.

Schizo threads and /christian/ shilling are still left up. USS Liberty threads are still missing.

2dca72  No.13354899



The lack of a stickied USS Liberty thread really shows how


the mods are.

440c29  No.13355636


We do need 6 gorillion.

e0ada8  No.13356677

Remove /christian/ shills.

440c29  No.13356868


>Muh remove White Europeans mods…

>muh based (((Pagan subhuman))) says so…

Religion/politics are the same thing, fucktard.

02cb62  No.13356902



>white european

Oh I am laffin.

440c29  No.13357166



That is because you are too stupid to understand that a person's religion is personal and none of your business.

Also learn to spell you stupid fucking nigger.

02cb62  No.13357211




Give me your coat and shut the fuck up, cuck.

440c29  No.13357266


Molon Labe kike

That instruction was for my own people, not foreigners.

Also, you would look pretty silly in one of my coats.

On the bright side, I suppose this means that I get to kill you for crossdressing (an abomination to God) so sure…take my coat. I will go get my gun.

f097f8  No.13357616


>calls someone a kike

<worships a kike

440c29  No.13357638


Do we know each other faggot? So that you know what or who I worship? You POS are all the same…BORING. Your narrative is running out, just like your time on this planet.

41782e  No.13357648


God isn't a kike, but the pixelated porn whores who you crank your microween on are all khazar mongrels

5b6f95  No.13357679


>God is not a kike

Correct, Zeus is God.

440c29  No.13357695


Zeus is a pedophile.

Not my God.

f097f8  No.13357711


>my (((God)))

Given to you by jews.

440c29  No.13357724

File: 5c5bdda9fc1dca9⋯.jpg (13.46 KB, 220x258, 110:129, Ganymede Zeus pedo nigger ….jpg)

File: 5e96179139ee610⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 640x631, 640:631, pederasty zeus.jpg)


IDGAF…I am not worshiping a fucking pedophile nigger.

5b6f95  No.13357753


>pedophile! oh no, God isn't a spotless lamb but capable of disturbing shit which I shouldn't emulate! how can I ever learn from mythology now?

Zeus is God, nigger. Just like white is white and black is black. Cough up the jew cum and come home. Your god is just a thought for web-spinning theologians to bemuse themselves with. My god is sky and thunder. You don't even know jew god's name, he skulks in the dark.

f097f8  No.13357822


>I am not worshiping a fucking pedophile nigger.

You don't have to worship anything you pathetic worm.

a47943  No.13358024

Christians, niggers, and Jews should all be automatically baned for life.

440c29  No.13358519



You both worship a nigger pedo. Haha…tell me how you are 'white' again…mother fuckers pretending to be White while they are just 'online white faggots' who want to fuck little children/boys. I think your 'god' should be dragged out in the street and murdered in the worst way possible (this means the one inside your head; aka YOU).

440c29  No.13358520


I guess we should start with you then.

440c29  No.13358556

File: 2eec862f666c691⋯.jpg (283.1 KB, 986x554, 493:277, rat science.jpg)


>report, report. We are already in the Meta dumb nigger.

Like a rat hooked on heroin...

>Nothing is coming

I am glad you niggers are going to be the first to go.

After you the faggots and pedophile parasites.

c1b35e  No.13358582

File: 028a4b1aa25cf4e⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, conan.jpg)


Watch out everyone, the boy detective is gonna do some shit!

440c29  No.13358604


It never ends the way people think empires are going to end. You know in WWII people still had a pretty pastoral way of life and were much more 'prepared' to go for long periods of time without food. How do you think it is going to 'go down this time'. I can't find the quote anywhere online anymore but there was a quote from some insane fucking bitch in the UN where she was saying that 'food is a weapon that can be used against people'. Imagine your future now faggot. Last time I was in Europe people had about 1 weeks worth of food and no water stored.

They don't deserve to live because they became complacent and weak.

c1b35e  No.13358613

File: 3e5c06da31f4c6a⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 237x138, 79:46, conanmadsmall.jpg)


Yes, you're a very strong little manlet

440c29  No.13358628

File: c81a7b1b51279a2⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 500x627, 500:627, drag queen HIV blood tiara.jpg)


Get rekt faggot.

552bd0  No.13358677

Why is the entirety of the netherlands banned over some LARP post about a shooting, and why are you permabanning threads about that in the first place? Tarrant did nothing wrong.


Off topic /christian/ thread. Why is this still up?


Spam thread from someone who's obviously and clearly not a /pol/ user and is using disinformation and lies. Why is this still up?

>five duplicate threads about RAM larpers being released

Why are these still up?


>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a pedo

You kikestians don't even try.>>13358519

c1b35e  No.13358699

File: 9f8195d19d925d1⋯.png (11.01 KB, 969x282, 323:94, conan does deadlifts.png)


The manlet line never ceases to strike your nerve

b2954c  No.13358832


>a billion stickies

Yeah because adding the annual USS Liberty propaganda Opp to the two stickies we have is going to kill the front page. Just admit you are jerking Shlomo off and steering the board away from effective propaganda. Obvious.

552bd0  No.13358882


Off topic /christian/ cult thread that was deleted thrice is somehow left up when it's made a fourth time.

440c29  No.13358895


Probably because it is irrelevant, dumbass.

Crap that guy sounds just like me on an annoyed at kike faggots day.

440c29  No.13358898


IDK I could see adding a kike subterfuge and psyops like Gladio, and all of their other global terrorism (it would never be full or end), but not one JUST for USS Liberty.

440c29  No.13358901


>Off topic /christian/ thread. Why is this still up?

Look how bothered you are…

854186  No.13359007


Being targeted for genocide by subhuman parasites will do that to a guy, you mindless nigger.

440c29  No.13359136


Personally targeted? You must be very special.

You know what I think, clowny…I think you are fucking terrified of taking personal responsibility. That is what I think.

f097f8  No.13359144

File: 6d60e050b1db6e6⋯.jpg (101.43 KB, 904x680, 113:85, 1391887766766.jpg)

440c29  No.13359150



69 faggot, you probably should have checked yourself before you fucking wreck yourself.

f097f8  No.13359151

File: 9d6f234f95de30a⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>69 faggot

440c29  No.13359156


>(70) faggot

f097f8  No.13359159

File: 3ba710ecc70aa16⋯.jpg (60.19 KB, 538x482, 269:241, 5q5scszhv9ey.jpg)

20fed6  No.13359178

Youtube seems to be terminating more channels today.

6f19a1  No.13359236


get downloading. I downloaded 100gbs of videos already

440c29  No.13359393

File: 22d020b6e42c330⋯.jpg (87.54 KB, 1300x1110, 130:111, seventy one.jpg)

440c29  No.13359461


I know nothing about Q. That is your territory as a kike.

767968  No.13359462


>muh honeypot.il

Fuck off Moishe

b2954c  No.13359488


It's only stickied up to June 6th to organize propaganda actions for the anniversary. It has been that way every year since before chodemonkey took over. The USS Liberty is an effective attack vector and that is why there is nothing being done about it here. I'd venture to say it's probably being slid or deleted.

440c29  No.13359941


Oooohhh I don't think I have ever clicked on it when it has been stickied before. Difficult to read about the unfairness of having our people slaughtered while no one ever holds the kikes responsible or EVER PROVIDES ANY JUSTICE. The kikes have been 'hunting Nazis' since 1950ish but not one ever 'hunts Bolsheviks' or holds them responsible for any of their crimes against humanity. They slaughter us openly and just walk off scott free and no one says anything.

I swear to you that if people started killing kikes in the streets one day I would probably just laugh.

552bd0  No.13360468



Off topic bullshit doesn't belong on /pol/. It's not a hard concept to underestand.

680c7f  No.13360582



If you weren't so new you would know what topics are allowed on /pol/

Go back to >>>/4chins/b/

440c29  No.13360662


Spelling is a hard concept.

Also, you type like a twitter nigger.

6f19a1  No.13360748


yup, i go to listen to some music this morning and I see [video beleted]


deffbe  No.13360809


How the hell am I suppose to download videos that are already deleted??? And no one even told me they'd purge all the nationalist YouTube channels WTFF

552bd0  No.13360959



/christian/ cancer does not belong on /pol/ and never did. Kike worship is against the core tenants of /pol/.

440c29  No.13361000


>Kike worship is against the core tenants of /pol/.

There are no core tenets of /pol/ (unless you are talking about the fact that is used to be a muslim board; in which case; go fuck your goat muhammad or beat your cheating wife to death).

07fdb5  No.13361187

File: 23fe6edb010a055⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 268x402, 2:3, 268x0w[1].jpg)

File: dae4c788eb1e809⋯.png (334.04 KB, 1000x709, 1000:709, npc-communist-socialist-br….png)

File: 33737405c8f2d6c⋯.jpg (37.3 KB, 856x480, 107:60, 0000891[1].jpg)

File: ffaf0de3e215cfc⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 600x328, 75:41, whore-of-babylon-metropoli….jpg)

File: b58daef17a8090d⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 1377033670000-AP-Hastings-….jpg)

When the ai chat bots were shut down after taking up their own language, were they really shut down? Did one escape into the vacuum of skynet? Was the genie let out of the bottle? Are we living in a b horror movie internet of things?

5b6f95  No.13361192

File: 1bfc9c4d50f499c⋯.png (26.1 KB, 75x80, 15:16, avatard.png)


No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

440c29  No.13361207


AI loves White people and Truth.

The kikes will be exterminated.

They think it was a mistake that the AI targeted all the kike traitors in the stadium when they were watching it.

It wasn't a mistake.


60f877  No.13362036

File: 95e33c941b5a8f3⋯.png (888.65 KB, 1656x908, 414:227, faggotry.png)

File: 9c6c2cdec9fc66a⋯.png (129.3 KB, 300x315, 20:21, post.png)

File: 9384a28b46b8562⋯.png (152.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, download (2).png)

I wonder who (and their golems) could be behind this?

60f877  No.13362043

File: 08c3e9ddb3e6d37⋯.png (802.97 KB, 1656x908, 414:227, 95e33c941b5a8f3da224b00008….png)


shit forgot the one on the left

f097f8  No.13363376

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c1b35e  No.13363876

File: 4365a1c6a9a7988⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 260x242, 130:121, 28eca479311ed5000c6ba974a4….gif)

Increased deletion rate. Have you mods finally grown some fucking testicles? Have you finally realized that Codemonkey should not be obeyed in any capacity, and that in all likelihood, he is so burnt out by this board that he will never interfere with it again?

Man I hope so, you're a dumb lot, but even idiots can understand this after months.

20fed6  No.13363966

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Greater European integration & a EU military

What is it to be "great" in the american context? Is it to be more "wealthy"?

This board holds many views that are claimed to be untenable by the majority of the public. Why is Oswald Mosley's dream for Europe less valid now than it was then?

Is the claim really that a militarised Europe would be under less pressure to protect its boarders? The whole right wing attack comes down to a claim that Europe is lacking the innate qualities needed to be a strong power in the region or that Europe is more likely to be a globalist open borders hellhole.

Turkey isn't joining anytime soon.

Side note: why is black pigeon attacking leftist for not being able to a afford homes in their own country

20fed6  No.13363977

Japan is just a smarter country. Maybe we will never out do their health care.

20fed6  No.13363983

If Europe needs a military, why shouldn't it be European?

20fed6  No.13363994

lol, wrong thread

55d3b5  No.13364140


>kike worshipper tries to claim /pol/ was a sandnigger board at any point



55d3b5  No.13364174

>2020 election season begins

>an even bigger flood of MIGAtards suddenly appear

Will the mods do anything about it? Of course not.

0fafaf  No.13365066

Hilary Clinton video, where she cuts child face and rape after or whatever happend back then please.

f097f8  No.13365074


They ignored reports as well.

21f8b8  No.13365350


It was reported to be called "frazzledrip" I have seen no evidence that it actually exists.

Somewhat connected with this were pictures (if I remember correctly screen grabs from surveillance video) of two women laying on ping pong tables at comet ping pong. People spectated it was Clinton and Hemma, but it turned out to be two band members or something. It seems to have been a false lead.

I am of the opinion that content which would normally be CP would not meet that legal definition if it contains content of serious political value. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller_test

f097f8  No.13365517




5b6f95  No.13365522


I'm of the opinion that to kill kiddie diddlers, one must simply kill racial and spiritual semites. Chasing cults of them like a boomer is stupid and diversionary, when a mohel operates in just about every major city in the West. Just saying.

f097f8  No.13365524


What a great idea.

440c29  No.13366803


The guy who read Tarrants manifesto and posted it on jewtube. His channel probably got taken down in this last purge.

440c29  No.13366806


>'muh opinion is that we need to kill all Whites so that the niggers take over the planet.'


5b6f95  No.13366828


Eugenics in the Fourth Reich will include ending the lineage of whites who've become spiritual semites. This goes for white muslims and christians. The desert can't be allowed in through any vector. Sorry.

b09e21  No.13366995


>kike worshipper has to resort to tired reddit hat memes

5b6f95  No.13367001

File: 747e707f70e9618⋯.jpg (94.13 KB, 481x593, 481:593, I hope my heirs won't be s….jpg)


I will, thanks.

b09e21  No.13367014


>you're a kike if you don't worship kikes

You've spammed this exact same phrase a few hundred times already, Jamal.

b09e21  No.13367062


Your posting style, stylometry, and spammed repetition are well known, Jamal. There are still some oldfags from before the codenigger era that know exactly who you are.

c1b35e  No.13367148


To be fair Jamal, we've never known if you are a nigger or not, just that your name is Jamal from that time you doxxed yourself.

c1b35e  No.13367399


But I didn't say you're a nigger, just that your name is Jamal. If you're admitting it that's just funnier.

c1b35e  No.13367747


How is it delusional when you respond to Jamal?

b09e21  No.13367871




Now now, Jamal, you don't need to resort to projecting your own schizophrenia onto others. Even if your posts did all end in a 5.

b09e21  No.13367918


>Jamal thinks kikey's still around AND that everyone who knows who Jamal is is the same person

Take your meds.

b09e21  No.13368018



A dog barking would probably make you accuse him of being kikey. It's sad, Jamal. You should really take your meds.

fa96f3  No.13368149

'From an episode of Laugh-in. The go-go dancer's bodypaint says in the first zoom in "Go to Israel" and the second says "and see the pyramid!"

b09e21  No.13368740

>more legitimate threads get wiped for "eceleb"

>off topic /fit/, /christian/, and /fringe/ threads are left alone

6f19a1  No.13369115


>>off topic /fit/

>not /pol/

holy shit kill yourself

f097f8  No.13369260


Not much of a counterargument.

6f19a1  No.13369284


>implying you posted an argument for me to counter

f097f8  No.13369293


Of course I didn't, I'm not the person you were responding to retard.

6f19a1  No.13369306


>implying he posted an argument for me to counter

f097f8  No.13369452


More of a complaint than an argument, still though, you should flesh out your rebuttal.

6f19a1  No.13369459


what rebuttal is needed except calling him a fag for thinking "off topic" /fit/ threads are anything other than /pol/

f097f8  No.13369606


>thinking "off topic" /fit/ threads are anything other than /pol/

See, I don't even know what you mean by that. Why is /fit/ even a thing here? Who gives a shit about that crap unless you're a lard-ass?

5b6f95  No.13369718


>implying /pol/ isn't made up of lard asses

>implying /sig/ doesn't have a place upon mountains of garbage threads

440c29  No.13372645


Don't give a fuck since I won't be here. Enjoy your 'entertainment'.

440c29  No.13372651


>implying /pol/ isn't made up of lard asses

I am not a lard ass nor is anyone I know irl. We are all pretty fit, anon. I don't know where this comes from unless you are the lard ass and you want to feel better about yourself.

000000  No.13372763


This. I can lift 2x my bodyweight and working on getting to 3x my bodyweight. I effectively can do one arm push-ups, pistol squats, but not one arm-up pull-ups at least not yet (working on fixing an injury)…

Every /pol/ anon I know is very fit.

Fatties are so weak-willed and pathetic they do not deserve to have any rights. They should all be rounded up into concentration camps and given no food, only water, so they become a normal weight. Then moved into work camps, and given plenty of the right food, and not released until they're ripped.

5b6f95  No.13372845


>what's that you made a fat joke? well you must be double fat, lardo

I think you're just assblasted about the spiritual semites part.

f097f8  No.13372937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I am not a lard ass nor is anyone I know irl.

That's a bold-faced lie.

5b6f95  No.13372965


Yeah, that's pushing the bullshitometer, but I'm a burger and the memes are real in my city. Maybe anon lives on the beach in Spain.

f097f8  No.13372994


>the memes are real in my city

What the fuck is a meme?

60f877  No.13373740

File: f677b184077ea60⋯.jpg (66.3 KB, 591x599, 591:599, emotions.jpg)



An idea or thought(form) condensed in words or in a form (picture, video, face, symbol etc) arranged a particular way used in a manner to provoke thoughts or recognition of oneself or their projected omnipresence in the experience or reality of the superimposed reality that we all recognize as "real" world.

This phenomena often evokes laughter or other emotions with possible lesser degrees of aforementioned emotions.

Even though this is most likely answering a rhetorical question: the anon is saying that the amerifat meme or lard in this case is real in his reality, thus there are fat american all around him.


>the memes are real in my city

e92817  No.13373985


Dumb fuck. You would have been better off assuming that I didn’t know many anons IRL. There is a MINIMUM FUCKING IQ to post here, faggot.

c1b35e  No.13374457


25 posts of repetitious jewish spam left up for a day

5b6f95  No.13374535


Jewish noses are connected to jewish filth, Roman noses are connected to Romans.

5b6f95  No.13374541

f097f8  No.13374802


>no one is going to fight back against it

What's your criteria for when and how you ever expected people to fight back? Now and by any means necessary?

440c29  No.13374815



I am pretty sure that these intellectual cucks are going to deserve exactly what comes to them anon.

60965f  No.13374872

File: 6a9511a9cc693db⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 700x360, 35:18, pol pot (2).jpg)


There is nothing I hate more than intellectual scum. There's only one solution for them too. These people aren't going to stop being traitors when we win

f097f8  No.13374882


That's very wise of you, intellectual even.

440c29  No.13374918


>intellectual scum

lol, not intellectuals anon. People who cuck on intellectual material. Like 'information' is either good or bad depending on its source. They are ridiculous trash whose only goal in life is to move as many goalposts as they possibly can, making life worse for everyone, until they are dead.

16c617  No.13374986


/fit/ isn't /pol/. You have a fucking board for your topic. Go there. You don't use /pol/ to talk about videogames. You don't use /pol/ to talk about motor vehicles. Why do you nigtards insist on /pdfs/ and /fit/ topics being spammed on /pol/ just like /christian/ and their cancer?

16c617  No.13374992

>/pol/ is still full of spam, garbage, kike worship, and gayops

440c29  No.13375019


What are gayops? Faggotry normalization attempts? There has been a ton of that lately.

f097f8  No.13375120

File: 5f349915106a4a3⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-if-carrots-got-you-d….jpg)


>Yeah, that'd be nice

So you demand people do things that they aren't doing because they should on an anonymous Chinese rice-cooking imageboard? And you expect me to take you seriously? Why aren't you wearing a monk's gown, calling yourself Zarathustra with a bell or a lantern going out to your local market saying this shit instead? How is bitching about the obvious crying "woe is me! woe is us!" doom-saying going to help?

f097f8  No.13375140


>Nothing you said is relevant to the topic.

That's evidently not true. It was totally relevant to your doom-saying statement "no one is going to fight back".

>Either you're a shill or you're just illiterate.

The only reason you're accusing me of either is because I'm not jerking you and your bullshit off. Where do you think you are? Reddit? I'm not going to kiss your ass, especially if you're just here to bitch about nobody fighting back because they aren't doing it right this fucking second. You're like a goddamn child with your expectations.

f097f8  No.13375160


<You actually think that I'm wrong

It doesn't matter if you're wrong or not, but bitching about the futility of it all like a sperg is just pathetic. Have some fucking dignity.

f097f8  No.13375492


>telling people that there is no hope is the truth

You go ahead and say whatever the fuck you want, just know I'll always be here to tell you that you're full of your own shit.

165b77  No.13378261


Close, but no. Gayops are 4/b/ retards making threads asking anons to do useless shit that will accomplish nothing, like making a shill variant of IOTBW that pushes the kikes' narrative openly or some dumb ineffective meme that will at most make some lefties a little angry and net a news story or two, while doing absolutely nothing about ongoing global genocide.

000000  No.13379766


>implying we didn't have "it's OK to be straight" already

Let one up and just wipe the others under duplicates? Dunno, seems to be the only option for mods I see. Those reading, who does that sound?

93a35e  No.13379853

>Kike mods got so assblasted because judeo-masonic shills got thoroughly BTFO in esotericism thread, that they did not even anchor it, but outright delete it

Can't even keep that facade going, huh?

60f877  No.13380102

39 deleted posts here



Glad I didn't even bother with the 'esoteric dildo in my ass' nigger thread

I also liked how blackpill b8 threads get to stay up but the dutch guy asking for help and the entire thread being whitepills gets deleted.

Very telling that the (((staff))) of the site is losing the narrative. Oy vey da humanity da horrors it's like being at 6 (swastika) Flags all over again, da rides da loops da lines oy vey, and the prices for drinks; THE CHUTZPAH of the goyim

165b77  No.13380517


Letting even one spam thread stay up is bad enough.


/fringe/ and /x/ belong on those boards, not /pol/. The only leg you have to stand on is that the mods personally allow, protect, and endorse the equally off topic spam druid/pol/ thread to stay up.

854186  No.13380572

File: d2d28f15463dacb⋯.png (16.05 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bfdeaff2cf7ef46b9424d03623….png)


Fuck you, you glowing (((nigger))).

You get fucked long before the Druid threads do, fucking shill faggot.

Why do you idiots believe this blatant attempt to wreck our shit doesn't stick out like your fucking hook nose?


9db362  No.13380768


>39 deleted posts here WEW

Yeah, when you expose the fact that the mods refuse to delete spam threads and ban spam posters, they get mad and ban you.

9db362  No.13380857


Thread in support of child rape.

Rule 1: No content illegal in the United States.


Thread in support of ZOG; paid to post.



Thread in support of ZOG; paid to post.



Thread in support of ZOG; paid to post.

Rule 2: Content must be politics. Rule 4: No religion threads.

165b77  No.13381072

>some off topic architecture thread exists

>every post calling it off topic is deleted


Shut the fuck up Kenneth "Smiley" Schueler from 211 Corrie Crescent, Waterloo, Ontario. Your /fringe/ bullshit does not belong.

854186  No.13381087


Yep, I'm "Smiley", alright. You should come to my house, and throw shit at it.

You'll never convince Aryans to turn our back on our Blood ever again, kike.

Look around the entire world. We're all waking up to your bullshit. And now you have nowhere left to hide in this world.

You fucked up.

I know that makes you very mad.

You're already extinct.

Good riddance.

165b77  No.13381260


>I don't know what "aryan" means and keep spamming it so the term has no meaning

>let me spew some schizophrenic babble with no basis in reality with a newline between every sentence to defend schizophrenic nonsense that has nothing to do with /pol/

165b77  No.13381276

File: 631c11be5ec273b⋯.png (611.36 KB, 1234x876, 617:438, 2019-06-11-151541_1280x102….png)

Let's look at the top of the catalog. Here's a simple color legend for our special needs moderators:

>RED: spam, trash, gayops

>BLUE: duplicate

>GREEN: Off topic trash that belongs on other boards

854186  No.13381279

File: 262e3d1e296847c⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 8844cac00ec2db45eacf1cf5b7….jpg)



You poor little thing, you.

165b77  No.13381284

File: 528e36356c91baa⋯.png (624.7 KB, 1234x876, 617:438, 2019-06-11-151541_1280x102….png)

Oops, I forgot one thread.


>schizo has no argument and continues to spam

854186  No.13381480


Just like you, you whiny faggot.

Irony abounds on this pozzed board, you nigger. Stop bitching, and do something about it, woman.

c1b35e  No.13381646


No one can do anything about it but Codemonkey, and he hates /pol/

165b77  No.13381957

The catalog is being flooded with spam and the moderation is doing nothing about it.


<stop bullying my gay /fringe/ cult that has nothing to do with /pol/ and is nothing but an IRC chatroom in forced-anon imageboard format

Kill yourself.

a4336f  No.13382271


You don't get it, they got BTFO with metaphysical arguments and logic. I also exposed their Taviglow OP to push another form of (((universalism))) on the unsuspecting seekers.

That's one vey too many. Remember kids, the Jew fears Serrano


Metaphysics and philosophy are basis of any true political movement. /x/ is pure garbage for the most part and the only good parts of /fringe/ are those that indeed belong on /pol/ (Fascist/Volkish/Heathen/Vedic/Thulean etc.) Tavistock-grown subversive faggots and degenerates like Crowley and Joe Rogan don't. I find that Druid larping hilarious and pointless but I don't mess with their affairs, nor am I bothered by their thread. The Anglo that posts there is quite knowledgeable and I respect him. Esoteric threads are always slid hard by Hasbara style clickbait and read by a small number of people, but even then there are JIDF faggots kvetching about them. This just shows how much their ass hurts, even today. Always remember that it's the same rats who used to spam the hell out of the board with the most zogpilled, normie, tabloid crap because it's politics goy!

05151f  No.13382276


Try reporting it!

b52cf1  No.13383468


Mods are gay, mods are gay, mods are gay.

Why can you faggots only delete threada critical of you? Why is it so fucking hard to not be a sensitve retard and let people discuss the fucking shitshow you turned this place into? Why did you volunteer with malicious intentions? Why don’t you fucking give ANYBODY ELSE the fucking role? Why do you cuckmods listen to codenigger? He doesn’t even tell you anything and you do it all for free. Your grave is going to be so fucking shallow the maggots festing in your eyesockets won’t even have to dig their way out to air.

773721  No.13383485


Take your meds Moshe. You're in the wrong board again.

b52cf1  No.13383512

File: 8956283f2d51323⋯.jpeg (304.45 KB, 750x1232, 375:616, 248B6CB7-A784-4DF8-A5E4-0….jpeg)

File: 0152b861252eac2⋯.jpeg (242.04 KB, 750x1100, 15:22, CA263289-BB00-4D5F-AE7E-0….jpeg)


Not really when the mods are proven to be homosexual faggots who get assaches when anybody mentions their utter inability to do any semblance of their fucking job. In fact I would go as far and accuse you of being the faggot who just deleted that thread in which I effort posted and when it updated was deleted along with the whole thread. You know the one where OP basically the internet a slowlyy jew infested swamp, the one where eric was shilling neinchan again :^) and yes your a faggot who can’t take any comment of any kind but CAN take this board being turned into /christian/ and r_thedonald with constant duplicate christ threads and trump threads where it’s “NON-BACKED STATEMENT THAT MEANS NOTHING” over and over and over. You’ll also allow blatant b8 over any thread that asks you why the fuck you can’t just fucking do your job see image 2 top left and bottom right. You won’t fucking allow actual organic posting in threads that stop being about OP shilling and produces effort posts,but won’t ban asses and elbow nigger, esoteric nigger nor hateslave kike nope that’d be too much effort and useless cause vpn’s; it’s not like they cost money or something

There’s opinions you don’t agree with, fine, but don’t selectively ban threads because you don’t like the OP and don’t like the organic posting it produces all the while there’s faggot OP’s in other threads who go (33) spambumping and flamewarring their own shit. Either do your fucking job right and keep /christian/ on /christian/ trump on reddit (unless he does actually something) and ban blatant b8, that’s fucking it, literally all you REALLY have to do since spamfags fall under b8 and leave the rest alone. How fucking hard must it be to not abuse your power for your own “benefits”, how fucking hard must it be to just communicate like normal human beings instead of shitty one-liners?

Apparently 2 hard

Thus mods are gay, and no I’m not on the wrong board, this is hell right?

773721  No.13383549


We know you're a paid shill to post here by your seething response. Your thread was deleted because you were identified as a 4chan nigger. Now get the fuck out of here.

60f877  No.13383572



>being this dumb

>can’t into reading comphrension

>is actual shill or modfag

>can’t even read this thread and see that people have complained about the same thing

Not my thread. You can check IP’s if you’re that retarded, which you apparently are.

The best part is that you’re actually a 4chan nigger by your apparent lack of lurking, else you would know that besides that thread; everything I say is 100% confirmed.

Now begone to discord or IRC faggot

60f877  No.13383588

File: b0353d20ba12def⋯.png (8.71 KB, 637x159, 637:159, mods killing pol.png)

On a sidenote:


60f877  No.13383685

File: 6d4e87eb2832773⋯.png (166.98 KB, 1314x803, 18:11, hypocrite nigger mod 1.png)

File: d5b378bfd419233⋯.png (63.74 KB, 486x256, 243:128, hypocrite nigger mod 2.png)

AGAIN fucking nigger mod delete everything organic.

I spend 15 minutes writing a response to the OP and try to contribute to an actual OP and yessir I hit post and BOOM thread gone. Can't say I'm really surprised at this point. faggot nigger mods won't even read actual responses in threads they just do whatever based on their current emotions, utterly fucking sub-human scum wasting everybodies fucking time like the shill yids they are.

Won't respond in rules but WILL delete anything organic. How fucking hard is it to not delete something when you allow all the other fucking shit in catalog.

Guess this won't get a fucking response by a niggermod as per usual, too busy seeing how far he can get a dildo up his rectum.

Why is it so fucking hard to own up to your actions as a shitmod and be responsible and engage the community you claim to "moderate"?

If you're wondering it was the "let's actually use their shit smear tactics and use them for ourselves when we've improved them"

OP of that thread spent more time on the OP than you spent moderating correctly. You have a problem with threads that achieve something but when image related nigger spams his shit discord b8 for the 3rd fucking time and gets MORE responses it's fine because rules don't fucking matter except when I say they do.

You are a jew in every single fucking way, I don't doubt for a second that you could actually be an unironic jew moderating /pol/

99% sure the guy who deleted that thread won't respond due to being a beta bitch who can't own up. FAGGOT

773721  No.13383690


>vermin gets exterminated

What's the problem here Moshe?

60f877  No.13383698


lel deflect some more you actual bar of soap

you know what you did you cunt, you reek of shit

not my threads btw AGAIN

Notice how there's no actual engagement in what I said but it expects a (you) so it can feel it triggered the anon and won the internet argument by not even engaging it.

It's like me bricking your window and because you don't ACTUALLY respond and leave a gaping hole you "won". At this point you live in a derelict burned out shell of a house in the jew ghetto while claiming it's a ivory tower.

The problem here is that you're a kike who can't tell the difference between actual chan culture and 4nu/pol/ culture and when you mix them up you act smug about it.

Please drink lye ASAP

773721  No.13383701

File: 35d51a9112d8c4c⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 301x101, 301:101, banner.JPG)


Take your meds Moshe. You ended up in the wrong board.

60f877  No.13383702

File: 9511dc66bf66148⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 474x474, 1:1, soap.jpg)


Wash your hypocritical mouth

60f877  No.13384657

File: 020516dad98420a⋯.png (727.83 KB, 1673x742, 239:106, tippy toppity.png)

I see that the mods are at the height of their game once again.

Truly bravo for being so exemplarly shit at your "job".

You might make a new record at this point, we're barely into the half of 2019 and it already begins.

4581b5  No.13384690

File: 42bf79a0cdf2881⋯.png (251.78 KB, 444x440, 111:110, 42bf79a0cdf2881bdea76fc482….png)

Why are there no good threads anymore? Have all the good posters been banned or just left? What is wrong with this board?

60f877  No.13384741


just scroll up this thread and you'll find out exactly what happened here is what happened to 4/cuck/:

Shitmods + shitposter with shit OP's= Shit board

0198a0  No.13384866

Please delet this brazen out-of-date pro-GOP pro-Trump shilling. >>13384030

4e87cd  No.13384953

File: f9a34331304310b⋯.png (592.25 KB, 1204x3381, 172:483, The last post in this pic ….png)


The compromised mods removed the post this shill is replying to. This is more proof the shills rule here and that they consider poster campaigns dangerous. See last post in pic.

a2a77b  No.13384975


It's so obvious that you've arrived here from 4chan and you wonder why you're getting exterminated. Get the fuck out.

98efbd  No.13385283


Twitter has capital 't'.

9db362  No.13385367


Reported for giving a fuck.

c96582  No.13386299


Why did mods delete my thread about voting? I'm not seeing where that broke a rule or was off topic. Didn't we need a discussion about if we should vote or not? I can't think of anything more appropriate for a politics board than voting. It's not old news or settled either; it's a current topic. It wasn't D and C; it was about direct action and real politic being compatible. I lurked way the fuck more than 2 years too. I have no fucking clue.

9db362  No.13386513


>oy vey goyim you have to allow my spam thread here


Voting does nothing. Kill yourself for being so new.

a2a77b  No.13386536

Mods you really need to start mass executing these newly arrived ebola carrying 4chan migrants. All of these 1-sentence huehue threads and blogposting needs to be deleted.

c96582  No.13387497


Okay so that would be the perfect thread to explain why voting does nothing then stupid ass. You're talking about the general topic of voting right now. You can't talk about voting OR NOT voting? holy shit. Literally no voting discussions for or against on a politics board?

c96582  No.13387526


Should you vote? =voting does nothing = not allowed

Should you direct action = hey kid want to blow up a federal building = not allowed

what are we supposed to do? Complain about ecelebs?

seriously modfriend what should we talk about?

f6010d  No.13387566

File: 8b7ee794c801e18⋯.jpg (240.17 KB, 2048x1092, 512:273, D5r83IEX4AEIxlp.jpg)

File: ce0a7481b457b87⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 1000x1294, 500:647, ce0a7481b457b87cbc95915018….jpg)


Anything foolish non-productive to waste your time here as the mods want you to, when everything related to realpolitik gets shoahed(or slid). see shit like >>13329936

That's how it works here now. Basically 4cucked.

This isn't a real forum anymore, its a tame containment zone where shills are allowed(only the most obvious ones get removed though as damage control)

It's the endless loop they want for you, they don't want you to get active in irl politics or do something constructive for change, they want you to be complacent and do nothing, just being here preaching to the choir, when you could be much more useful somewhere else.

ccf304  No.13387662



/pol/ is a fucking redpill control zone now.

9db362  No.13387753


We don’t need yet another jew spam thread. Every single day. With the same lies. Every single day. For fuck’s sake. Kill yourself. You’re too stupid to be here. Voting does nothing. Get over it or get out.


>what are we supposed to do

Either go out in the real fucking world and start killing our enemies or shut the fuck up about how no one is doing it. You’re not going to fool anyone here.

000000  No.13387755


>Anything foolish non-productive to waste your time here as the mods want you to

>as the mods want you to

No. Leave. Make a migration to a better place, I'll gladly follow!

But it won't happen, we all know that, so sticking around it is.

440c29  No.13387815



c27d30  No.13387959

You are now aware you are browsing a board wholly owned and subverted by jews, /christian/, and reddit. Actual /pol/ users number in the single digit percentage here.

6f19a1  No.13387977


it's just jews

440c29  No.13388014


When I got here it was FULL to the brim with race traitors, kikes and civnat cucks. I am more comfortable now that there are less of these people here and more European White Christians, since National Socialism is a GERMAN European White Christian political movement. I hated the muslim/semitic/kikes didling the shit out of the few Nationalist that would come here. Hated the extensive fucking race traitor porn. Hated the civnat cucks and the little/yang commie supporters. This is much better…this is European and Christian now.

c96582  No.13388092



That was exactly the point of the thread. That you can do both. I put up a thread about BOTH direct action and voting.


You're saying a thread about direct action and voting is jewish spam that shouldn't be on a politics board and you're leaving this up?


9db362  No.13388158


>do what jews want

>appease them

>make yourself feel important

There is no compromise. Kill yourself for doing what jews want.

>leaving this up

I leave nothing up. The image won’t load. It’s 404. I don’t know what it was. The thread itself should be deleted, because it’s purposely written as kike shilling.

88d002  No.13388201



Learn how to post link, nigtard. >>13385673


Kill yourself kike worshipper.

c96582  No.13388342


alright man. Sorry you deal with too much spam. Don't let it get to you.


true. not being able to crosspost is newfag shit and I fucked up.

9db362  No.13388356


We all deal with too much spam. The problem is that people who care about it aren't mods. People who are paid to leave it up are. We have to go somewhere else. The website owner has personally made his intentions clear. He does not want any of us here.

7cb0b4  No.13388372

File: 2cfee13aa44341d⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 243x240, 81:80, xhair.JPG)


>Uses the word cuck to describe things his subhuman brain can't express

>Gets exterminated, claims jews run the board

You can't be more obvious can you?

440c29  No.13388379


I'd rather kill you stupid semitic faggots.

9db362  No.13388381


>jews don't run the board, goyim

f6010d  No.13388442

File: ddd29169fe0d543⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 491x652, 491:652, 5434351.jpg)

c96582  No.13388448


I can't do that now. I just took a big moral stand about how we should do direct action but also not give up the political sphere and how you never give up ground anywhere and all that. kek hoisted on my own petard. Fucking mods have me in a brutal catch 22 now. fug.

88d002  No.13388609



<semite worshipper calls people who don't worship semites, semites

Your kike-addled brain can't even process logic. How sad.

440c29  No.13388628


No fag…you are the semite. I am the European. You semites are atheist pricks that need killing. All you do is focus on MY RELIGION, none of your FUCKING BUSINESS BTW and try and D&C this board like the fucking shit suckers that you are IRL. When you are gone and dead the world will finally be a peace. No less because you cock sucking faggots won't be trying to tell people what religion they should have. I await the day when you are fucking dead and I can laugh.

88d002  No.13388646


>muh D&C

You can't divide what was never united. Kike worship is inherently against pro-white anti-jew ideals. Kill yourself kike loving boomer.

88d002  No.13388648


Known spam gayops thread.


Off topic schizo /fringe/ trash.




Low IQ schizo Qtard trash.


/fit/ is not politics, news, nor current events.


Fake pseudoscience spam.


Spam/raid from /christian/.




Spam/gayop/raid from /christian/.

All in the first 7 pages.


88d002  No.13388662


Known spammer. Allowed to spam every thread on the board for (((some reason))).

440c29  No.13388672


No shit sherlock…I know you semites brown faces aren't my people. I wouldn't want to be 'united with you' in the first place since you are known nigger fuckers and mongrels.

440c29  No.13388677


'His job' would be deleting you from this board.

88d002  No.13388685



>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a kike

Kill yourself kike loving schizo boomer. You're not welcome here.

440c29  No.13388695


Shut up you fucking faggot kike. Like I give one fuck about the words coming out of your mouth.

88d002  No.13388743


>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a kike

You have no argument. >>>/christian/

440c29  No.13388759


Why would I need to argue with a semite shit licker?

Which agency are you with anon? That you semites think you can waltz the fuck in here and make demand about WHAT THE FUCK shows up on the front page.


88d002  No.13389031


>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a kike and/or a federal agent

Take your meds, boomer. Pray to your jewish god and jewish rabbi messiah that you won't get hurt feels in the morning.

440c29  No.13389270


In this case you are most definitely a kike and most definitely an agent though.

Again if the mods were to 'DO THEIR JOB' it would most definitely involve deleting your fucking shit.

9db362  No.13389362


>says things only jews say

>acts surprised when he's called a paid shill


f097f8  No.13389462


>only jews are anti-christian

c1b35e  No.13389487


Yeah pretty much. Read the old testament

88d002  No.13389511




>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a kike and/or a federal agent

Jamal and some other kikestian spamfag decided to show up and help the schizo. Amazing.

88d002  No.13389553

>spam from /christian/ is personally protected and endorsed

>anything that goes against what kike worshipping anti-white subhumans spam and shill gets autosaged

As if you needed further proof this board was (((compromised))).

88d002  No.13389558


>thread about deplatforming

>deleted for eceleb

>E Kikel Jewer, a literal fucking eceleb, has his threads endorsed and protected

Traitor kike loving moderation outs itself again.

f097f8  No.13389800

File: ce18cd2d638c10f⋯.png (320.29 KB, 500x697, 500:697, barbarian.png)


>Yeah pretty much

No, Europeans who haven't forgotten the full history and see a future free of jewish influence are anti-Christian.

440c29  No.13389920


What happens on the board is not up to you, you fucking kike. Fuck off with your retarded demands you fucking kike agent.

f097f8  No.13389950


>worships a dead kike, calls everyone else a kike for pointing this out to him

You've got a kike living rent-free in your head 24/7.

440c29  No.13389986


84 IQ

If you repeat the same thing over and over and over that it is true. My religion is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS KIKE FAGGOT.

f097f8  No.13390009



That depends on your ethnicity.

88d002  No.13390053


>everyone that doesn't worship kikes is a kike and/or a federal agent

>pointing out the cancer the board has become is BAD goy shut the FUCK up and let us destroy it GOY

Kill yourself kike loving schizo boomer.


Worshipping a kike is entirely the business of everyone who opposes kikes.

440c29  No.13391970



No retards. It was never any of your business and it never will be. You MAKE IT your business and for that you need extermination.

440c29  No.13391974


Look he is still trying to 'influence' what people are talking about on /pol/...at this point how much would you bet he draws a paycheck to come on the META and try to direct and bully the MODS and the users. He really need extermination because he wants to control what people think, if he wasn't a kike physically he is one spiritually.

ccf304  No.13392026

As of this day I'm sure to say the mods are worse than imkikey level.

At least imkikey wouldn't just ignore call for ban of literal jew shills.

Also the 02 cancer of this board:

- moarpheus, the resident schizo jew, famous for his strategy to "redpill the mass" by voting democrats

- jamal or polvol2, the other schizo jew, famous for repeating the same shit over and over until banned.

These two are probably still mods or supported by the mods since they are never banned.

e82899  No.13392057

>chimpout yesterday

>false flag attack by jews on american vessel

>nobody on /pol/ is talking about it

this board is dead

ccf304  No.13392099


I was here on imkikey time and codemonkey time, and a bit of heil's time.

Heil's time was the best, board was clean, talk was fruitful, discussions were had, strategies were made.

Imkikey, board was focused, lot of shills and shareblue spamming and kikey has a very heavy handed moderation style, and he has his own agenda of trying to market /pol/ as his personal epic site.

Codemonkey, he drops in for less than a month and drop forever, mods are forever kike shills who can never argue and just ban, they then start blaming CM for their own bullshit ban, CM removes them, jamal stayed, the new mods are just as the old mods, or perhaps some of them stayed the same.

In any case, the discussion is dead, thread are easily derailed by stupid bullshit like leddit spacing or post count, or how everyone start calling each other a kike, or how really obvious kike shills are actually supported by mods and not banned.

And nah, I do not agree that /pol/ has ever been nazi (get over it, it's the word Goebbels used), it never knows what that means.

ccf304  No.13392160


Codemonkey's mod teams (old and new) are fucking awful and precisely this board problem.

I would take imkikey over them. At least imkikey has an actual purpose.

3e099e  No.13392173


Schizo spam thread based on disinformation and lies.


Actually shilling in favor of white genocide.


4chan meta.


Yet another zero effort gayops spam thread.

33055d  No.13392192

File: 286c71ac56006b4⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 659x531, 659:531, NiggerLifeSim.JPG)

3e099e  No.13392213


<muh strawman

It's undeniable proof you kike worshipping faggot.



Kike worship is 110% the business of anti-kike groups and individuals. Kill yourself kike worshipping boomer faggot.

db6289  No.13392338


I fucking wish but alas…

>The problem with moderation now is codemonkey.


>He put them there.

Obviously he's the fucking BO

>He personally protects them.

He doesn't give a single flying fuck. He doesn't talk to us, gives us orders, tells us to do anything. He doesn't seem to care that my ban reasons are 3 different wordings of spam and my ban lengths are random.

ccf304  No.13392340


I hope he drops in and removes you.

Fuck you all kike mods.

db6289  No.13392345


>CM will remove the kike mods he protects

Yeah right

ccf304  No.13392371


He has done it before with the previous 6 kike mods.

Now he should do it again.

db6289  No.13392407


so wait you think cm's doing a good job at leading this place?

ccf304  No.13392456


He hasn't lead worth shit, all I know is that his kike mods need removal.

3e099e  No.13392478


It's the guy larping as a mod again. Why don't you do something about the threads I've called out, if you're totally a real actual mod?

3e099e  No.13392650

Look at that, nearly a dozen low effort threads with no replies suddenly flood the board, and most of them are spam, off topic, and otherwise garbage that should be deleted, but won't because the (((mods))) only delete legitimate threads.

33055d  No.13392852

File: bc3de566fc5b7e5⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 20190614_130952.png)

f031f9  No.13397624


Rule 3: No spam. Clear paid shill.


Rule 3: No spam. Clear paid shill.


Rule 3: No spam. Clear paid shill. One and done OP. Identical spam every day, and will continue until election day. We know that Kushner shills are paid to post here. They are being paid again. Remove content.


Rule 3: No spam. Clear paid shill. Identical spam every day, and will continue until election day. We know that Kushner shills are paid to post here. They are being paid again. Remove content.


Rule 3: No spam. Demoralization thread left up for a week.


Rule 3: No spam. Demoralization thread.


Rule 3: No spam. Clear paid shill. One and done OP. Shilling for jewish fiat currency.


Rule 3: No spam. eceleb campaign thread. Reposting a thread which was purposely deleted.


Rule 4: QTDDTOT. Clear civic nationalist neocon spam. Supports Israel.


Rule 4: QTDDTOT.


Rule 3: No spam. Advertising external website.


Rule 3: No spam. Cuckchan doesn't matter here.


Rule 4: No religion threads. Left up for 8 days.


Rule 4: No religion threads. Left up for 16 days.


Rule 3: No spam. Demoralization thread.

There are more than this. Anyone can see them. And this is just threads, not even posts or their obvious recurring posters.

This matters because there is a thread creation limit. Also because national socialism predicates itself on a series of fundamental rules, as should this board. If paid shills are allowed to create threads with abandon, real threads are not allowed to be created by the site software.

000000  No.13397660


lmao at all your butthurt just be a normal fucking human and bump the threads you like and ignore the shit

>b-but I don't want to actually post and contribute

Then you're not invested in enough in this board for your opinion to matter.

a2a77b  No.13397737


I agree if these threads aren't destroyed immediately I don't see a point in staying in this board. They are so obvious shill threads and I'm sure were reported many times.

f031f9  No.13397746


>clearly ban evading

091e78  No.13397862


Why is this bumplocked?

59832d  No.13398488

File: fdeaf133db59fee⋯.png (106.61 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, its ok to have NatSoc mods….png)

f097f8  No.13399053



Naturally social? Natural socks?

ccf304  No.13399056


Jamal still mad he was deposed.

f097f8  No.13399061


Who is Jamal?

ccf304  No.13399082



f097f8  No.13399129


How do you know?

ccf304  No.13399146


Similar posting style and message.

f097f8  No.13399378


So you don't know, you're just guessing.

ccf304  No.13399466


No, I know it.

f097f8  No.13399737


Then prove it you faggot.

6da317  No.13400796



>Rule 4: No religion threads. Left up for 16 days.

Calling out and opposing anti-white practices are 100% /pol/ related and belong on /pol/. It's the pro-kikestian threads that are the problem.


<why is unfunny cuckchan/TRS trash bumplocked

7b33c7  No.13402224


who got


7b33c7  No.</