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File: 28c670c3fee52c8⋯.png (7.72 KB, 135x135, 1:1, final.png)

369950  No.12455541

Introducing a right-wing, free-speech friendly wiki, cataloging everything

takes cue from 8chan, pastebin, and wikipedia

one that is NOT DELETIONIST, unlike Vox Days Infogalactica

Only rule is no illegal content


3c2510  No.12455558

Define illegal content. Free speech is illegal in many countries now days.

369950  No.12455563


content that violates US or international law

a35027  No.12455570

Were the pages at Metapedia archived?

369950  No.12455576


maybe a few on webarchive

5ba35a  No.12455623

File: e7240d820fe0e7a⋯.png (213.92 KB, 1202x1055, 1202:1055, SmartSelectImage_2018-11-2….png)

>Only rule is no illegal content


>Examples of content not allowed include but is not limited to


>Harassment and bullying

come the fuck on

6c0c0c  No.12455625

Not clicking your honeypot fed

369950  No.12455628


if you wanna get around defamation laws you gotta make the whole site parody, but its not ED

046a21  No.12455654

yea good luck policing the leftist vandalism

20725a  No.12455657

We already have archives of /pol/ enjoy your turnip farm.

54d6e6  No.12455666


fd49f5  No.12455671

File: 0e8e83d00cc4866⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 511x564, 511:564, faggot.jpg)

The whole idea of Wikipedia isn't inherently bad, the problem with Wikipedia has always been people take it too much to fact, when what its main purpose always was, was to give people a stepping off point to start real research into a topic by finding credible sources

d88aba  No.12455704


oh look a product that no one wants

7df836  No.12455708


Leave your mother out of this anon she's a nice lady!

7f6442  No.12455711


Why use the normal web? The advantages of going dark are all positive, and you don't have to worry about "illegal content" (just keep the pedos away).

204e0a  No.12455719


204e0a  No.12455723

File: 35e9594f21dd421⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, downloadfile.jpg)


>not today satan

369950  No.12455738


the point of wikipedia is to have a bunch of admins going around deleting peoples shit about anything meaningful

fd49f5  No.12455747


That's what it's become because people keep taking it too much to fact like retards

f8fe7a  No.12455748



Wayyyy back in the last century when I was in HS and there was no tubes to do "research"my definition is research increases the collective wisdom of mankind not merely catching up on what is already known you had to go to the library and you started with the encyclopedia.

I have heard of current teachers assigning papers and in no uncertain terms saying wikipedia is not to be used as a source material. My thought was wow an actual smart teacher.

884aa0  No.12455752

The problem with making it editable by anyone is that anyone will edit it. Which means you'll have paid armies of hasbara agents fucking around with stuff so that it becomes unreliable. (Assuming it becomes popular, of course.) But, I applaud the idea.

7f6442  No.12455757


>I have heard of current teachers assigning papers and in no uncertain terms saying wikipedia is not to be used as a source material. My thought was wow an actual smart teacher.

This was true of professors in the early 2000's when I was in college too, but all people did then was follow the wikipedia source links.

7f6442  No.12455761


It would be interesting if threads of discussion and a change management system existed that could vet changes somehow. Example would be like a git that reads like a stack exchange for change management. The article discussion sections of wikipedia are horrible.

583915  No.12455766


First things first, a pay processing business, domain registry business, web services business, then you can setup things like this.

2307e7  No.12455772

/pol/ is a NatSoc board. Peddle your (((right-wing))) garbage on Gab.

369950  No.12455773


domain name is registered by ISNIC, a friend who runs a much more extreme site with a .is name talked to the ISNIC CEO and they dont get rid of anything except like terrorist websites, so its pretty solid

the hosting service is solid as well

7f6442  No.12455774


>First things first, a pay processing business, domain registry business, web services business, then you can setup things like this.


>offshore, also ways to disguise

>offshore, also ways to disguise

a35027  No.12455831


Probably the Achilles heel of Wikipedia is their rules on primary sources. Everything there has to be filtered through (usually multiple) sources before it gets to the site, making it highly unreliable. If it was just a site for recording the abstracts of books and journal articles and the reviews and meta-analyses of said books and articles, then it would be more useful, because you could see all the scholarship at once and weigh the opinion of the so called experts.

Naturally, such a site would not be normie approved, because they have to be spoonfed knowledge from the Ministry of Truth.

583915  No.12455848


Yet site after site is getting shutdown, people denied services in droves, somehow I think there's more to it than "just crypto and offshore it, problem solved."

b13c08  No.12455908


>one kike on stick

nah ill pass

6e703b  No.12455969




e70e6e  No.12456009


Yeah i'm gonna stick with Wikipedia. If chans are anything to go buy, these rivals will just be filled with wewuzniggers and a bunch of ancient alien shit.

ce867c  No.12456038

File: 6e54952d154691f⋯.png (29.65 KB, 835x365, 167:73, saving will record your IP….png)

>What did he mean by this?

<Saving will record your IP address in this page's edit history

dfb11f  No.12456064

File: bc6334ca1091439⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 400x380, 20:19, 1950sHotPants.jpg)


>So… all jewish lies will remain up. Got it. Fuck off.

No, what he means is, if you add to the article on the U.S.S. Liberty, and provide information proving it was intentional, your changes will remain on the article.

And that would be VERY easy to do, just provide testimony of the survivors.

ad3dd9  No.12456067


well even satan knows about vox day ..

infogalatic boys not this jewsish knockoff

6ad9e9  No.12456120

No article for Hitler. It's shit.

6ad9e9  No.12456125


Rightpedia is down too. There is definitely some kikery afoot.

000000  No.12456141



Why is this not a ban? The whole VPN provider should be banned.

c52038  No.12456143

An alternative is always good. Thanks for making one. Also, quite catchy name and logo

583915  No.12456146


Time will tell if you'll actually get to keep the domain, meanwhile pay processing and web services still to address.

610ff2  No.12456159


>one that is NOT DELETIONIST, unlike Vox Days Infogalactica

How is Infogalactic deletionist?

6904c4  No.12456258

File: 952ba0edefaf35f⋯.jpg (51.4 KB, 378x600, 63:100, bbarber-tfg.jpg)


OP, you need to first go here https://dumps.wikimedia.org/

Download the SQL database for wikipedia and use those pages to bootstrap your site. You can then let others modify pages accordingly. Don't start from scratch when a fork will do.

369950  No.12456270


duplicate content reduces SEO ranking

Also, it was considered, but we want Tome to be an original experience found on google search rankings


they have more or less the same policy that wikipedia does as far as deleting pages because they arent notable enough, and notability shouldnt be decided by the site admin

6f941f  No.12456280


Why is "Metapedia" shut down?

369950  No.12456295



database error, aka lazy site owners

7f6442  No.12456378


Currently I don't believe we have much of a choice. Centralized services that facilitate payments for supporting wrong-think apparently can't exist in todays environment. Crypto is the only method for sending/receiving payments and transferring money anonymously. Crypto is not the end solution but it is useful given the current atmosphere.

Hosting services are another issue because this is again where centralization presents the primary weakness. Currently the only solutions are to find hosting in countries with less kiked laws, or to go deepweb to minimize exposure to outgroups. Distributed site hosting exists but obfuscating the nature of what is being hosted from the hosting company hasn't come very far. What needs to be developed are techniques to prevent a host from knowing the identity of the site / content attached to an account.

1a3cba  No.12456402

Those entries on Wikipedia that are a) frequently manipulated or are b) outright fabrications and social/cultural engineering are a great place to start; or just a great area to focus upon for content

800092  No.12456472


If no one cites it, or regards it as a valid source but us, then it might as well be Daily Stormer effectively.

369950  No.12456574


ah, an adolf hitler page already

4a8f54  No.12456613


Why would those two things be conducive to a "wiki" anon? They wouldn't, a wiki is an information archive.

>noun: wiki; plural noun: wikis

>a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

cd36c4  No.12456650

File: c10fc545a8cf17a⋯.png (866.22 KB, 773x2722, 773:2722, canada man banned from mai….png)


Thanks OP, this is what we need. If you can, start working on a blockchain version to avoid the ultimate censorship.

cd36c4  No.12456653


>not using a VPN

cd36c4  No.12456660


Wikipedia has been totally taken over by leftwingers, they even have MEGA accounts that do like 300k changes a year. All left wing edits of course.

4b5a40  No.12456673


>>on the clear web

>>won't have its domain kiked

I bet you use (((Cloudflare))) to prevent DDOS, you should look into who owns and operates (((Cloudflare))).

cd36c4  No.12456676



That is why we really need blockchian sites, or at a bare minimum .onion backups.

cd36c4  No.12456683


>international law

you need to drop that one, "hate speech" is against international law.

43d6a1  No.12456706


>not bare backing the internet

369950  No.12456860



Cloudflare took down dailystormer because dailystomer claimed cloudflare endorsed their site and views

ISNIC booted dailystormer because they wouldnt provide valid WHOIS details

ISNIC is legit for Tome, as its CEO is based

172c3e  No.12456929


>or international law

why? isn't US law the only requirement? international law can't be enforced

also isn't this basically encyclopedia dramatica?

369950  No.12456939


ED admins delete pages it doesnt like (delitionism), is outdated, and wont cover as much territory as Tome

but yea ED is cool

d7f5a0  No.12456947


Have you ever actually looked through the references listed on the average wikipedia page ?

Most of it isn't cited at all, or is referenced so poorly it may as well not be.

It's ok for any non-controversial topic but for anything with even a bit of political content, historical content or controversial cultural content it's worse than useless.

51963c  No.12456963


What steps have you taken to break the oppositions playbook of:

1. Larp as hardcore to drive out the middle or curious

2. Fill content with stuff that bothers the people looking for such

3. Organize protests against advertisers, ISPs etc

369950  No.12456991


2. direct media uploads are turned off, all uploads must be requested in an edit through a URL link

3. the hosting service is legit, and even if it was taken down, backups are routinely made and a backup server would be up in 5 minutes

The hard part if retaining a domain name, switching domain names kill a website. But my friend e.g. who operates an even more controversial site has spoken with the domain registrar CEO of ISNIC (.is), and they are VERY-pro-free-speech within the law, despite Icelands hate-speech-laws. Those hate-speech-laws are only enforcale in in iceland and not for outside users of .is

Dailystormer got kicked off .is because they refused to provide valid WHOIS details, we gave ISNIC valid WHOIS details

d88aba  No.12457128


What pages did ED delete?

8c6c1a  No.12457182

File: 2b4be7306f00247⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x500, 1:1, DAD47643-5B18-4D23-A077-5C….gif)

Thanks OP finally is not a fag for once

Ill begin filling articles and writings in the holohoax,jews, 9/11, and ww2 sections sometime this week. Keep it open this is going to be like metapedia but better

eefe6a  No.12457199


The .IS tld is for entities with a connection to iceland. If you're not from iceland they can turn you off just for being a foreigner using a country tld.

And CEOs change jobs and get replaced. Even the based ones.

9cc2a9  No.12457216

f53765  No.12457270


>I have heard of current teachers assigning papers and in no uncertain terms saying wikipedia is not to be used as a source material.

Thjat's old news faggot. This was arequirement when iI was in german Gymnasium. No wikipdia.

And I am 28 now, so it was 14 years ago

b9b5e9  No.12457279

>International Law.

So you enforce other countries' hate speech laws like Wikipedia does to get that sweet George Soros donation money. That's all I need to know that you're in this for the shekels, Mr. Nose.

80792d  No.12457305


Is this gonna be some gay shit like conservapedia?

80792d  No.12457308


Lel just what I thought. It's basically gonna be NatSoc Goonipedia

6e0a70  No.12457345

We need a Wikipedo competitor but not a fucking clone that promises libertarian ideals. Wikipedo sucks because it's mob rule, and it would be very difficult for any group of pro-white editors to counter the legions of paid anti-white shills. The only acceptable solution would be to make a sort-of online Encyclopedia Britannica where you need to know something and go there for definitive answers. It can't be edited by the kikes, only the site owner gets final say of what's put up hopefully the site owner isn't a cuck. It doesn't need to copy all of Kikepedo's pages, just cover the big ones like the white race, white genocide and evidence, nigger and a pic crime statistics, changing demographics and the effects of that, truth of the holocaust, etc. Competing with Kikepedo really isn't possible since they manipulate Google search info too.

610ff2  No.12457360

File: 658a2fb6b57e229⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jewish Takeover of Wikipe….webm)


>Wikipedo sucks because it's mob rule

No, it's a caste system, and jews have inserted themselves into the upper echelon and strictly control what's allowed to be posted.

9de1a6  No.12457643



I hate these on the spot invented words. It reeks of liberal "faggotism".

I'm not against the idea though, its good.

Let's hope it'll not get shoah'd in 3 seconds.

369950  No.12457712


its a widely used work on wikipedia referring to those who prefer to delete pages rather than leave pages up

369950  No.12457716


>The .IS tld is for entities with a connection to iceland.

Not true

000000  No.12457754


You forgot to import Metapedia

000000  No.12457756


Damn, the site[1] is still down I see… not sure how long it'd take them to get it back up again.

[1]: https://en.metapedia.org/

f09676  No.12457764



Some companies even hire people to edit articles to be in (((Their))) favour.

92f576  No.12457921


that's standard on all wikis

0e8faf  No.12457974



Made my first article!


b30d99  No.12457981


A+ effort.

One question, is the data centralized or distributed?

369950  No.12467145


distributed across multiple locations on monthly intervals

621798  No.12468260


> The whole idea of Wikipedia isn't inherently bad, the problem with Wikipedia has always been people take it too much to fact, when what its main purpose always was, was to give people a stepping off point to start real research into a topic by finding credible sources

That's one problem. The other problem is that Wikipedia staff are paid off by the Rothshilds, Democrats, and multiple governments to maintain their party lines.


a9d1eb  No.12470601



369950  No.12474438

leftypol has already written more than us on Tome lol

df84a0  No.12474593


/pol/ doesn't ever do anything, if they did, they'd have already won by now

369950  No.12475759


we got Trump -shrug-

369950  No.12475803



its ruined

19cd15  No.12475806


>political affiliation


e0db02  No.12475844

Just write a crawler to slowly copy wikipedia.

Then edit out inaccuracies and jewish trick with other anons. You're protected under fair use. Just like they are protected for their articles by fair use.

9c6730  No.12475850

File: d10687af347dac4⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 500x262, 250:131, IMG_0313.JPG)

Beat you to it, stormfags. T.leftypol gang.

e0db02  No.12475928



>t. stormfag

Are you confused? Stormfront is and has been proven to be a leftist controlled front.

9c6730  No.12475945


Let me guess, JOOOOOOOOOZ?.

abc5c2  No.12475988

File: f0b169f47e440f7⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 236x186, 118:93, 1510648238774.jpg)

File: 603506996b902b8⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, 1x1.png)


Anything not facist.

Let's face it, the days of free speech are at an end because left wingers are not even left winged any more. They're a totalitarian marxist garbage ideology.

6d3744  No.12477392


Don't we have Metapedia?

6d3744  No.12477395

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bad idea.


>bunkers meme/Cat Alunya

Nice one, /leftypol/

452761  No.12477405

File: 6d85d7a0a7bf8ce⋯.jpeg (508.22 KB, 1242x1483, 1242:1483, 3673D898-FA66-4FE5-B823-3….jpeg)

File: b180c1b9a0599b4⋯.jpeg (621.68 KB, 1241x1581, 73:93, 610B524A-4B4A-4F74-ABF2-9….jpeg)


73c326  No.12477620


>the "devil" gives the fruit of knowledge

>(((god))) tries to shut it down


5ce7cc  No.12477626

File: 76d2426e1c66012⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 1162x831, 1162:831, 76d2426e1c6601202a42f7ba09….jpg)


I like it. Jew the jews.

7c2120  No.12477641


>slowly copy wikipedia

You can just download a copy of the database for free

They even have the deleted 9/11 wiki available that proves that jews did it.

e0db02  No.12478965


Then why the OP doesn't do this is beyond me.

369950  No.12480590



because repeat articles decreases SEO

infogalactica never shows in google results for a reason

plus this i intended to be an original experience

656a2c  No.12480616

File: 8c2238068a1e1fa⋯.jpg (798.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8c2238068a1e1fae4b50243e33….jpg)


I have the full archive of Metapedia downloaded by HTTrack. Last update was 2-3 weeks ago.

If the website doesn't come back up or if the devs see this and want a clunky backup, leave a message here or come to the OrdoEvangelistarum matrix chatroom.

369950  No.12484587


what was the licensing of it?

369950  No.12484618


OP here in the goyer room, is that where you are?

369950  No.12487687

ok so heres the deal:

Metapedia was licensed under the GDPL, which is fucking horrible license that is hard to work with.

They also copied most of their stuff from wikipedia back when wikipedia only used GDPL

ill copy the good articles that werent from wikipedia and using the terms of the GDPL onto Tome, even though itll take a lot of time and work to abide by the GDPL

so even if metapedia comes back up, it may go down again some day so itll be somewhere else as well

42e311  No.12505992


I support you anon

922f6c  No.12506812

File: 36e07bdbd2a15f2⋯.png (44.17 KB, 400x225, 16:9, anime.png)



>front page

922f6c  No.12506816


its like the neet equivalent of nigger music

a49bd0  No.12506838

File: 95c120c81a4ee1f⋯.png (400.86 KB, 1256x760, 157:95, firefox_2018-12-04_14-26-1….png)

what the fuck am I even looking at here

cbf799  No.12507061


why only register the domain for 1 year?

cbf799  No.12507067


so basically you want us to copy-paste everything for you?

df84a0  No.12510243


68e6a4  No.12511327

Some /leftypol/ dumbfuck just vandalized the main page again, where the hell are the editors?

000000  No.12511343

What about metapedia?

45ad2f  No.12511353

How's the honeypot going?

68e6a4  No.12511370


Its not a honeypot

68e6a4  No.12511373


It's a shit wiki and compromised as fuck

e71379  No.12511374


Why is there some furry shit on the front page? Also:


This reads like something from rational wiki mixed with ED. The rest seems sort of nice.

68e6a4  No.12511376


Can you fix it? Im unable to edit for a bit.

243299  No.12511415

There already is one. It's called metapedia

33816c  No.12511447


Infogalactic never shows up in (((google))) search results because the jews do not like competition they do not control


You sound butthurt over infogalactic OP? Did vox delete the page about your favorite furry porn?

30e039  No.12511741

There are other wikis out there, but this one is ours

000000  No.12512073


>(((credible sources)))

df84a0  No.12514327

I hate Adolf Hitler because although he was partially right about the Gypsies and the Kikes (he was heretically wrong to consider them White), he allied himself with filthy Arabs, shook the hands of uppity Niggers, and gave his endorsement to the savages of the Spics.

He said that Islam was superior to Christianity as he cuddled up to Catholics, while at the same time endorsing the Atheistic Nihilism of Nietzsche, and Having that gall to rewrite the Bible because he thought it wasn't Nationalistic enough, He set animals free from zoos and integrated them into the army and youth league, shook the hand of an ape and gave it a shoe sponsorship after putting it in the same hotel as Whites, He got close with the street-shitters simply because they were making things difficult for the British, who were his fellow whites.

There is no limit to the things Hitler had done and the beliefs he had held that /pol/ would strongly hate him for if he were NOT Adolf Hitler.

Now I understand that Hitler also did quite a lot that /pol/ likes him for:

Nationalizing the banks, restoring German pride and traditionalism, killing and opposing the Communists, Hated the Jews (for being communists and orchestrating the events following WW1, including the "agreements" forced upon Germany, and the opportunism of the aftermath), made Homosexuality and Transgenderism illegal, endorsed Eugenics, and made things difficult for Slavs, Gypsies, and Kikes, not killing them or anything, because the Mass-Executions of the Holocaust never happened, instead the plan was to send the Jews away to establish their own state, so he was basically a Jewish Nationalist, and this was a people he HATED.

Personally, I'd rather put my support in someone who is all good, instead of mostly good mixed with a little bad, if such a man does not exist, I shall become that man, and mold others into being such men myself.

So, as heretical as it is: Adolf Hitler was overrated, and the best thing he's good for nowadays is pissing off the cucks of the right, center, left, etc.

3e0b6d  No.12514377

File: 648f3962ba2ffef⋯.png (366.43 KB, 481x481, 1:1, BBCjewishhoax.png)

10d4f8  No.12514406

File: 4540e78a95913e5⋯.jpg (95 KB, 620x430, 62:43, Oy Vey Nothing to See Goyi….jpg)


Of course it isn't :^)

10d4f8  No.12514410

File: 46e7f5a9cd06765⋯.jpg (19.59 KB, 209x241, 209:241, I'm one of you Goy.jpg)

df84a0  No.12514430


Got any reason to doubt me?

We know Metapedia and Infogalactic suck and are compromised.

Besides, there is really no comparison here, those wikis were for the Aut-Right, this is for 8/pol/.

10d4f8  No.12514439


Every reason, jew.

10d4f8  No.12514446

File: 42886886b298aed⋯.png (16.96 KB, 507x585, 13:15, Heil Matzo.png)


>I hate Adolf Hitler

df84a0  No.12514487


That's quite vague, care to be more specific?


The IRL version of Hitler is very different from /pol/'s version of him, he'd probably oppose much of what /pol/ supports, and I know for a fact that /pol/ opposes much of what he supported.

Hitler is over-rated, he was not a /pol/ack, deal with it.

10d4f8  No.12514497

File: 685e0ae1222b8b6⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, img_2944[1].jpg)


df84a0  No.12514600


Hey, did I get anything wrong about Hitler?

Was I wrong about /pol/?

Is there really any way to argue that these two match up?

I'm still a national socialist, It's the best political system humanity has seen up till this point, and I want to give Hitler the respect he deserves for giving it to the world, but I'm still going to be realistic about his flaws, you could see this as an act of showing respect as well.

Maybe "hate" was too strong a word, I choose it poorly as a way to describe how I feel about him, more like, I hate how /pol/ pretends he was perfect, ignoring all that ways he and the board would be in disagreement with one another, he's overrated, that's all.

8168f3  No.12514605


>oy vey goyim hitler hates you and everything you are lol wow you are terrible now you are demoralized I win now

Global report.

8168f3  No.12514611


>lol I believe what hitler believes but hitler doesn't believe anything you believe and I also hate hitler and I hate you and hitler hates you and everything you are is wrong

>lol wow you believe things that I say you do because I say you do

>now you're wrong

>because I say so

Commit suicide.

ea0fc8  No.12514967


Is this related to that old archiving program years ago called Tomeraider?

81790e  No.12515053

File: 8008372b6650b8a⋯.png (329.8 KB, 500x385, 100:77, 439.png)

File: b7e2465f8b8c08e⋯.jpg (254.38 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 910015.jpg)


>"I hate Adolf Hitler"

>makes up many lies in his second paragraph, likely taken from jewish forgeries and their furious footnotes on his actual works

>"instead the plan was to send the Jews away to establish their own state, so he was" basically a Jewish Nationalist, and this was a people he HATED.

Found the jew. This is too easy. Hitler opposed the Haavara Agreement: The Third Reich & the Palestine question, pg. 140, 142. Now kill yourself. You know you're a worthless parasite. Stop feeding on people of value.

8b105f  No.12515077


>oy vey

df84a0  No.12515384


Way to miss the point that he refused to kill the jews, either he was going to send them away, or he was going to bring them back into germany once the war ended, was he going to kill them afyer the war? Or do you think the holocayst happened now?

Also, the "killing them after the war" is certainly the best of available options, but its a hell of a lot worse than the ideal "kill them in germany instead of sending them to camps".

Hitler was not infallible, we are better now than he was, and what i meant by my prevoius hate statement is that i hate this cult worship you have for what the man represented, and the refusal to accept who he really was.

df84a0  No.12516344

Basically, Hitler was like Trump is today, and even back then, there were better options, i was disapointed when i discovered he wasnt the jew killer i first wss told he was, i admired hitler the exterminator.

df84a0  No.12520610

I've crashed this thread, with no survivors

All I had to do was question the central dogma of the Nazis

df84a0  No.12539518


I've made some changes to it, tell me what you think

423419  No.12539555


Make a wikipedia fork and edit the articles that have factual problems

df84a0  No.12539595

adea9f  No.12562182


ba0044  No.12562194


except you're going to get shutdown/blocked once you get big enough or else co-opted by sjws. good idea, but prepare.

adea9f  No.12562401


We shall, mirrors and alts are in place, if they clear us off of the web, we go deep web. Like the stormfags.

000000  No.12562500

>(((Googlesyndication.com))) tracker

Yep, kill yourself. Fuck off with your honeypot.

df84a0  No.12563167


well, shit, you're right.

fuck, I didn't set any of this (website) up, but I made some edits I don't want to lose, I like the name "tome", and I feel we definitely need to create our own wiki (as opposed to the infogalactica and metapedia, both of which are NOT ours, and DO NOT represent our views).

Maybe we should move it somewhere else?, That feels like a bad idea too.

What do you think should be done?

d9c1d1  No.12593571



>one that is NOT DELETIONIST, unlike Vox Days Infogalactica

>muh harassment

Sounds "deletionist" to me.

d9c1d1  No.12593585


>the CSIS payroll's edgelord being the controlled opposition to other CSIS assets (((Warren and Lisa Kinsella)))

I just hope that all of you know the difference between being an effective subverter of censorship who has good OPSEC vs. someone with a narcissistic personality disorder playing a role in a masonic game.

NNTP. Distributed blockchains. It's not so much one autist's freeze peach site that is needed, it's widespread adoption of censor-proof and (((censor-proof))) technologies. Remember every third "freedom" activist is a kike who is not your friend. Discernment, trust, verification.

df84a0  No.12598694

Note that this idea (a wiki created and run by 8/pol/) is relatively new to be placed into action.

As such, everything is subject to change:

The location is subject to change

The rules and policies are subject to change

The content is subject to change

and anything else about it is subject to change as well

we should move it to a more secure location and discuss accessibility and moderation, so that it remains the exclusive domain of 8/pol/.

we should change the policies and rules to be more friendly to 8/pol/'s community and it's culture.

we should work on strategies for securing adequate funding and archiving backup in case of attack or attempted subversion.

The idea itself is great, the entire world as 8/pol/ sees it, with all the redpills, the facts and sources, all in one place, and ready for distribution - this makes arguing our cases much easier, especially since it represents 8/pol/'s community as a whole, instead of any one individual anon.

It also builds a complete story of how our world came to be like this, a record of history as 8/pol/ sees it, with each part being supported by evidence, and all without the interference of the politics of (((acedemia))).

ssentially, it gives us a single cohesive narrative, which is a weapon in ourt favor since that is more powerful for awakening the sleepers than scattered facts with huge gaps in between, remember, most sleepers want everything given to them whole, they won't, and in many cases can't, make the efforts to piece things together for themselves, by given them a complete, gap-free (and factually correct) narrative, they will be more willing to listen, since there would be less confusing gaps that activate their need for closure.

It's a powerful idea in many ways, these are just a few, just because tome got off to a bad start, doesn't mean we should scrap the core idea behind it entirely, in fact, we should find a better way of doing it, because the rewards far exceed the risks.

BTW, our (((enemy))) already knows everything we believe, they could probably be able to write the entire wiki for us already, all this project will do is place us on even footing with the opposition - here we have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

000000  No.12598773


>or international law

jewgold, pls. you already have your clutches on the US.

595729  No.12604455


Everyone i disagree with is a jew

Im a jew too

Everyone on /pol/ is a jew pretending to be a nazi

40e0c6  No.12604474


>We needed a Wikipedia competitor

Everyone who speaks the truth "IRL" is a wikipedia competitor.

d2b815  No.12604489

Bump for response to Metapedia

b8835b  No.12604663


No the problem that it covers politically relevant topics which means its going to be raided by hundreds of paid shills in Tel Aviv and Mumbai blocking and correcting the record and deleting information they dont want you to see or editing content to make you perceive it only from a preferred perspective or add shitty propaganda and then gets overused by shills as a replacement for actual sources.

d2b815  No.12605005


1bde80  No.12605029


lurked for 2 years to find this post, /pol/ is always right.

c0b294  No.12605552

>no illegal content

So no truth ?

No holocaust denial ?

134367  No.12605587

Vox Day's is better because it's deletionist. Useless information is useless. Libertardians are idiots. Free speech is how Leftists destroy your culture and faith.

76a287  No.12605641

>>or international law


1f1cbc  No.12605781

the chances of this working are close to absolute zero. It won't be edgy enough for most 1488ers and it won't be left-wing enough to be granted access to payment processing.

nice LARP bucko, but without a new form of transmitting information this is a stalemate.

93f1a2  No.12607175

File: e7126927d14464d⋯.jpg (237.38 KB, 600x1536, 25:64, British Prime Minister The….jpg)

File: 919f1d4cc84600c⋯.jpg (499.56 KB, 1252x1080, 313:270, Enoch Powell - Marxist Ped….jpg)

>free-speech friendly wiki

I bet it isn't. Btw, the term right-wing means absolutely nothing in the British sense. British Conservatism is literally Judaism. Something tells me nothing remotely covering this fact will be allowed on your website.

prove me wrong

ad7a1b  No.12607247

File: 745514d5f5c8c7f⋯.jpg (126.32 KB, 681x960, 227:320, c61a7eb21085406f548c66de48….jpg)


Didn't know that about Enoch. Oh well. My list of heroes keeps zeroing in on just the Third Reich.

982a5d  No.12607326

I'm pretty sure you're describing ED

fb2961  No.12607744

awesome stuff

a821ea  No.12607775


When will the penny finally drop?

000000  No.12630251

You get out of Virginia City, you hear.

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