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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12463841

We are going to trigger the kikes into declaring that the phrase "Happy Hanukkah" is an antisemitic dog whistle.

It's simple: When we see jews jewing on social media, especially when they are speaking for "fellow White people", we wish them "Happy Hanukkah". If you read an anti-White article written by a jew, leave a comment saying "Happy Hanukkah". When writing the name of a jew, put (Happy Hanukkah) after their name to denote that their are jewish. If you meet a jew in person, look them dead in the eyes and say "Happy Hanukkah", no matter what time of the year it is (if they call you out and say that it's not Hanukkah season and you're saying it to be antisemitic, just play dumb and say you thought it was celebrated at that time of year).

We will not stop doing this until the ADL lists the phrase "Happy Hanukkah" alongside Pepe the frog on their website as an antisemitic aggression.

We will take their season's greetings from them, and make them look like paranoid schizophrenics at the same time. We will make them kvetch about how wishing a jew "Happy Hanukkah" is an antisemitic conspiracy theory when the phrase is used in the wrong context. We will make it be classified as hate speech.


710a37  No.12463853

oy vey this is a bad idea fello /POL users!

a0cfa3  No.12463869

I like this but I doubt anyone would do it

7deb75  No.12463875

Let's shorten it a bit and just make it HH.

388e8f  No.12463880


You’d have to spam the same accounts. If you did it sporadically and not in unison it would look like genuine praise.

Daily reminder hannnukah is a me too tier holiday and was only invented so kikes could not be reminded of how alien they are on Christmas

000000  No.12463883


Don't let your memes be dreams, anon. The way to get others on board is via the lulz. We need to bait some paranoid jews into sperging out on twitter about the fact people keep wishing them happy hanukkah for no reason, then mine the salt and spread it around to get others in on it.


oy vey this will only backfire fellow AltRight web forum users! what if it makes more people celebrate hanukkah? I think this is an antifa plot to make us look bad to the press!

d22403  No.12463885


Dis goy is right, it'll neva work. Just give it up goy! Shalom from Tel Aviv, my gentle gentiles. Be a good goy, now.

9cb4c5  No.12463887

I always liked the “google” “Skypes” dog whistles from a few years ago.

000000  No.12463889


>You’d have to spam the same accounts. If you did it sporadically and not in unison it would look like genuine praise.

This, but also, if it's done long after or before hanukkah, some jew will think he's a genius for figuring out that he's being called out as a jew by people saying happy hanukkah, and will proudly tweet his profound insight into the latest scheme of the goyim.

7473a8  No.12463937

File: 0b9fbf5e3636698⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 624x448, 39:28, 70fbe40c978076ec7fc52f1134….jpg)

I like it. Saying things like "it's hanukkah in july" and "another hanukkah gift from" would be a nice trigger

000000  No.12463975


This is good, how about "another hanukkah perspective from Simon Shekelblatt on the necessity for mass immigration".

63ef9c  No.12464064

File: b0c1badcb5b79fb⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 9ee14b20776ce39ac64138863b….jpg)


maybe add HH on the end to reaffirm the troubling nazi connection.

"Happy Hannukah HH"

dff887  No.12464106

File: 344bf6b389a5c6a⋯.png (14.08 KB, 538x434, 269:217, ClipboardImage.png)


In Unicode the number 0x5d0 = 1488 in decimal corresponding to the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet in the character set, could we use this as essentially by writing this character you're writing "1488". It'd probably terrify jews how many times they type 1488 in a single day.


93f48e  No.12464154



Is this going to be the meme that breaks reality?

fa4ede  No.12464180

File: 7c1ee759fccd44d⋯.jpg (142.06 KB, 991x1000, 991:1000, 71JBjIlsgKL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

fa4ede  No.12464192


I think you're onto something. If they start hearing "heil Hitler" everytime someone says (or writes) happy hannukah…export more spergouts like the one at the airport the other day.

fa4ede  No.12464196


yeah, well that already didn't work so time to move on.

f8e6c6  No.12464250


>being this salty over it

It clearly did.

fa4ede  No.12464252


> Is this going to be the meme that breaks reality?

I really see potential here. It's exactly the kind of story that could grow legs.

> Disturbing new trend on the darkweb: white supremists and neonazis are recruiting victims to their extremist ideology with a sinister new dog whistle. Ever since their previous cryptic dog-whistle–88–was exposed by Nazi Hunters, anti-semites have been using an even more obscure encoding of the Nazi greeting.

> This trend is so dangerous, and poses such a risk of another Holocaust arising that major human rights organizations such as the ADL and the New York Times have gone so far as denying the very reality of this terrifying development, but it is only too late as knowledge of the true meaning of the words "happy hannukah" to the oven-stuffers has now come to light.

> Concerned citizens are urged to report any suspected hate crimes or assaults involving this hate-phrase to law enforcement or their local bias-incident response team.

bc5573  No.12464256

File: 0f3d878e55fc3ce⋯.png (179.92 KB, 1668x1108, 417:277, cmvgoyim.png)

fa4ede  No.12464270


the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

30da1c  No.12464318

File: ff6d54a55f568dc⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 'Jett Rink' 5.png)


I told you to fuck off, Jett.

000000  No.12464336


>oy vey shut it down!

>quick, accuse OP of being some random youtuber

Happy Hanukkah, (((anon))).

30da1c  No.12464393

File: c49444dc16b846d⋯.png (993.01 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 'Jett Rink' 1.png)

File: 9799a6200763711⋯.png (880.07 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 'Jett Rink' IOTBW 3.png)

File: 7834d609f7e4b1c⋯.png (1.1 MB, 2051x1200, 2051:1200, 'Jett Rink' WWE 2.png)

File: 0a365224bb4b2ae⋯.png (1.25 MB, 2051x1200, 2051:1200, 'Jett Rink' WWE 4.png)

File: 8cb1a8373d19da8⋯.png (638.27 KB, 1920x1196, 480:299, 'Jett Rink'.png)


>>quick, accuse OP of being some random youtuber

>the CIA spook and WWE scriptwriter responsible for the IOTBW psyop in addition to many others

>random youtuber


000000  No.12464428


This is a truly desperate attempt to shut it down.

We have hit pay dirt.

000000  No.12464453


Kek. This would drive them fucking nuts. א

000000  No.12464482


So 1488 is literally the alpha of the hebrew alphabet. This is hilarious.

e136ba  No.12464508


Now this could be funny.

43f71b  No.12464520

File: 987ced27efc2fa2⋯.png (151.55 KB, 450x349, 450:349, 76b0f5cd225b6a663ea7c8d1cf….png)


wew lawd that's a spicy meatball

a8d49b  No.12464527


>It totally worked you're just salty

Yeah look at all the people using it, it worked so well.

000000  No.12464541



>Happy Hanukkah

>Heil Hitler


6f5bd0  No.12464543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


(((happy hanukkah)))

61b79f  No.12464557


>Eustace Bagge

God-tier taste, friend.

d7a6bb  No.12464770

File: 7b00ef255ecd989⋯.png (266.88 KB, 1199x672, 1199:672, DEXATI20181124225815.png)

File: 9ca4b1e3d1c69bc⋯.png (414.24 KB, 1199x904, 1199:904, DEXATI20181124225930.png)

File: c3f6dd387019c2d⋯.png (499.36 KB, 1199x768, 1199:768, DEXATI20181124230754.png)

229cf2  No.12464991

File: 7ea6d2f2caccded⋯.jpg (102.62 KB, 806x503, 806:503, 73245654309834506549872347….jpg)

Is Hannukah the holiday when jews use a kind of feathered voodoo doll called the Kapparot chicken or rooster? A rabbi magically puts some jew's sins into the chicken, and the rabbi swings it and kills it.

It's like Haitian voodoo or Santaria black magic.

4fb4dc  No.12464996

>TORpedo OP


6a0ff4  No.12465002


Excellent idea tbh, today OP was not a faggot.


>Yeah look at all the people using it, it worked so well.

It was functional but it's not fun to say that shit. People will just take the ban for saying nigger because that's funnier.

a2bc8b  No.12465032

470e73  No.12465085



oy vey

b1f474  No.12465110

File: 8b2932e9b1b5374⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wew.jpg)


That's perfect.

45be0b  No.12465208

Bumping for serious potential. The success of this would be the greatest Christmas present

e9d82a  No.12465452


that's pretty good

000000  No.12465520


Well written, anon, and that implementation of HH was perfect; you embedded a crypto-meme.

fa4ede  No.12466185



Yeah. Any reactions yet? Is it gone already?


4b9d0a  No.12466332


א א א א

dd4ef0  No.12466351

File: 0d279364b7cf4f0⋯.jpg (242.1 KB, 1796x1000, 449:250, hh1.jpg)

File: 04257a8912b9ce5⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 3730x2714, 1865:1357, hh4.jpg)

File: b4d4a78dfce86ba⋯.jpg (147 KB, 630x500, 63:50, hh8.jpg)

File: 94dbd859277b1bf⋯.jpeg (69.46 KB, 650x488, 325:244, hh7.jpeg)

File: 6eefb9c3c9bab18⋯.jpeg (96.23 KB, 474x695, 474:695, hh3.jpeg)

dd4ef0  No.12466355

File: 2223cff4eec0921⋯.jpeg (177.43 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, hh6.jpeg)

File: c93caece83517ca⋯.jpeg (23.99 KB, 474x248, 237:124, hh2.jpeg)

File: 047b80cb04ccb87⋯.jpg (194.9 KB, 1024x663, 1024:663, hh5.jpg)

07719a  No.12466364


I might be retarded. When I try typing Alt-1488 I get the following character: ╨

000000  No.12466374



fucking kek, this right here.

93f48e  No.12468616

File: 53e2faf60e4761f⋯.jpg (826.01 KB, 792x624, 33:26, 1413158091613.jpg)




000000  No.12469029

אappy אannukah

2095d4  No.12469120

File: bceb29906c0609a⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 608x402, 304:201, bce.jpg)


>It'd probably terrify jews how many times they type 1488 in a single day.


>So 1488 is literally the alpha of the hebrew alphabet. This is hilarious.


>Let's shorten it a bit and just make it HH.

348a12  No.12472383


do this

7f0c88  No.12472485



No wonder why Hitler is always in their minds.

00d6ed  No.12472657

Some anon was pitching something similar the other day with Happy Holidays, essentially reclaiming the war on Christmas. I'll be employing both strategies liberally.


2b5372  No.12472663

this is pe-pe-perfick

Happy Hannukah

2b5372  No.12472705

It is <i>really</i> sweet that you boys are spreading loveliness for all, while enjoying your own deep secret joke.

Happiness all round, right?

b9af68  No.12472803



Happy Hannukah

Happy Holidays

b9af68  No.12472812

Ho Ho fellow workshop elves

8edd8b  No.12472833

File: 6dfcbe27ba98acc⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 480x276, 40:23, bogdanoffs_onstage.gif)

dff887  No.12472868


We've got the 88 in HH but I wish we could put 14 together from A=1 and D=4 but I don't know the words to use to make it inconspicuous.

A_ D__ Happy Hannukah

Then we could go around to jews with the saying and they'd be none the wiser until all the articles are written about it.

e3d5ca  No.12472898

File: 8438aad4adac321⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, hanukkah-hitler.jpg)

File: 7037c7714082560⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 255x251, 255:251, Full_Gas.jpg)


it works!

00d6ed  No.12472912


ave deus

d6e07e  No.12474885


Ever considered NOT being a piece of shit? Most people manage it most of the time, but you seem to be having a hard time for some reason.

807095  No.12475173


Works well enough IRL. I'm in (((Chicago))) and give a Happy Hannukah to every yid I see during the holidays. They are VERY surprised. They know very well they've been spotted, but even the eternal jew can't spin happy hanukkah as a hate crime.


Looks kind of reminiscent of a very shitty Swastika. There are several layers of memetics at play here.

ddc802  No.12475204


Happy fucking Hanukkah, OP.

ddc802  No.12475221


(Happy Hanukkah)

ddc802  No.12475230


Happy Hanukkah. It starts on the 14th, right? Happy Hanukkah.

2f736c  No.12475234

This sounds like a fun way to break/hack/bend reality, yeah!

Meme every day!

08504a  No.12475534

319431  No.12475537


It varies from year to year, since it goes by the Hebrew calendar. This time it starts on December 2nd.

a84530  No.12475542

File: 3543a8dba9dfab6⋯.png (73.83 KB, 675x667, 675:667, IMG_0340.PNG)



3ec350  No.12475557

I really hope everyone in this thread dies a painful death

00d6ed  No.12475565


Happy Holidays.

807095  No.12475614


Happy Hanukkah, you mean. HH to all of our Jewish friends here in this thread today. Have a HH, moshe!

28aac1  No.12475681


Habby Huniggar xDD fugg

a4d490  No.12475817

File: 30162b2004c1bf2⋯.jpg (279.47 KB, 650x521, 650:521, 1543260223217.jpg)


d55fdf  No.12476049

I honestly and unironically

think Hitler would be proud if he could know we were doing this.

4d5583  No.12476160

File: a198cb571d748db⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1072x748, 268:187, kaparott.PNG)


"Happy Hanukkah"

62682a  No.12476174

File: 791185a55efa81c⋯.png (407.59 KB, 777x821, 777:821, hanukkah_celebereated_at_v….png)

Count me in

021385  No.12476267

File: 5144c558a2ad28f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 425x425, 1:1, 5144c558a2ad28f8b25fad5135….gif)


א Bumping א

HH, everybody

02e6da  No.12476281

File: 449486902231f5a⋯.jpg (9.03 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 12.jpg)

Happy Holocaust !

a3a860  No.12476329

File: c9220ce5e09cf81⋯.jpg (29 KB, 526x382, 263:191, goyim.JPG)

af983b  No.12476477

I like this idea, seems kek worthy


17bd3c  No.12476493

bloody hell its brilliant


f52511  No.12476675

File: c219982ca0a60dc⋯.png (5.17 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Pokemon - Fire Red Version….png)

Ok, this is epic

18efc2  No.12476720


>it even kind of looks like an H

א This is fucking great

42d79d  No.12476775

oy gevalt its catchin on


f38dc9  No.12476787

File: ae66d710a040623⋯.png (90.65 KB, 576x635, 576:635, ClipboardImage.png)


>my fucking initials are going to be the meme that breaks reality

fa4ede  No.12476815


> https://voat.co/v/whatever/2875788


13023f  No.12476831

File: 6b46e48bf73f5e6⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 472x264, 59:33, 6b46e48bf73f5e6d0a4a9ee538….gif)

I love it!!!

fe85e6  No.12476882


It’s working lmao

42d79d  No.12476972


It was top article on the frontpage. >>12476882

>still pretty grim

They don't understand it, yet they already know its bad news. Kek

000000  No.12477057


fucking kek!


>still pretty grim


They feel an ominous foreboding. IT'S WORKING. We are ruining hanukkah for them forever.

fa4ede  No.12478344


It's a good start, but I won't be satisfied until saying "Happy Hannukah' will get you fired from Google.

000000  No.12478437

Could work. At worst, it will make jews paranoid as fuck when someone will wrongfully wish them HH.

3dce09  No.12478471

>some torfag actually successfully convinced /pol/ to start a mass "happy hanaka" campaign towards jews who hate them

yea, this doesn't completely reek in every single way

ffa634  No.12478560


381362  No.12479066

File: 46a8fa0ee3b1bc5⋯.png (87.35 KB, 200x315, 40:63, I am ERECT.png)


Top kek. This is how newfags and shills actually look when they post. 9/10, minus one point for no irrelevant shill pic.


Seconded. I am going to start doing this IRL.


That should be used on Jewgle soivices, goy.



Well, looks like you lost the Jol.




It kind of looks like a Swastika tbh.

0efea1  No.12479499


5b4167  No.12479510

File: 171cd1c71d2c93f⋯.jpg (216.51 KB, 800x1068, 200:267, 4c5103c2adc4e.jpg)


>he doesn't even pretend to be jewish around strangers while acting odd

3dce09  No.12479524


I don't know man, maybe it's too next level for me, but wishing a bunch of jews a happy hanaka under the guise it's supposed to scare them just sounds like you're unironically getting trolled by Shareblue.

ea626a  No.12479548

File: e27fc6a59c078fa⋯.png (175.82 KB, 400x289, 400:289, shekeldays.png)

fd1c2f  No.12479549





Aleph is also used to denote infinity in set theory thanks to (((Cantor))).

Kek is telling us something

5b4167  No.12479553

File: a6a78a2f2eb8ab5⋯.png (279.38 KB, 385x426, 385:426, 2018-11-27_17-57-05.png)


>he doesn't even know that shareblue are on a flowchart written by frauds and are incapable of trendsetting

0efea1  No.12479561


The goal is to make Happy Hanukkah synonymous with Heil Hitler.

Would you like to know more?

6592e2  No.12479575

File: 1dd8bdea1e3461e⋯.png (905.3 KB, 925x525, 37:21, HH.png)

fd1c2f  No.12479588


That's Yom Kippur.

fd1c2f  No.12479607


Happy Hanukkah, Ezra

d06a1f  No.12479611


Take your meds, Jett.

3dce09  No.12479614


Yea, I know that's the point. Do you think you can meme the jews into thinking judaism is associated with nazis to the point where they de-convert though? Because I don't think they're that stupid, and hanaka is a really deeply embedded jewish tradition (at least I would imagine). I would LIKE to think that we are not being enslaved by people several IQ points above clinical retardation. So as far as I can tell this will probably end up just looking stupid. But I hope I'm wrong.

d06a1f  No.12479626

op stole this idea off of me. I don't endorse. I've be grown tired of this "meme" faggotry.

fd1c2f  No.12479630




<Report them

>Hi @jack please ban people who wish Happy Hanukkah

0efea1  No.12479640


>Do you think you can meme the jews into thinking judaism is associated with nazis to the point where they de-convert though?

You're thinking about it all wrong.

I was typing an entire explanation about how you should think about it. But then I realized you're either a shill, and it would be incredibly foolish of me to explain our plans in fullest to you, or you're too ignorant to understand this operation, which means you're not supposed to be here anyway.

Happy Hanukkah (HH) anyways.

00d6ed  No.12479644


genuine question how old are you

6d978a  No.12479648


Well they already think the number 88 and the OK hand sign are associated with nazis, so it's not that much of a stretch.

d06a1f  No.12479661

/pol/ is literally just creating internet drama so starving kike BuzzFeed journalists have something to write about. The echoes are fine and don't need "explaining".

a38d49  No.12479678


>SHUT IT DOWN, the post

Happy Hanukkah!

3dce09  No.12479690


>I was typing an entire explanation about how you should think about it. But then I realized you're either a shill, and it would be incredibly foolish of me to explain our plans in fullest to you, or you're too ignorant to understand this operation, which means you're not supposed to be here anyway.

If you have to brainwash people into believing for your op will work, it's a shitty op. How many people had to be told the complicated logistics behind IOTBW or THOTaudit? These things work because they don't require complicated logistics, they're holes that open up in the system which are exploitable. Happy Hanukkah is not an exploitable phrase. Even Happy Holidays is more timely and exploitable for this op. Hanukkah is literally part of the religious canon for jews, how are you going to convince them it's anti-jew? do you actually think you're capable of convincing christians that the cross is anti-christian? I think that would be utterly impossible, and it's the same concept.


provide my with proof of your own age and I'll answer


88 has been part of white nationlism for a looong time. The okay sign is frequently mimed by Trump, who they basically cannot stop obsessing over. It's also worth noting that these things are not part of religious traditions spanning over two thousand years.

672856  No.12479695


Just magapedes trying to create useless drama while not doing anything meaningful, they should be protesting trump or something like that

d06a1f  No.12479697

The establishment secretly wants you to take the reins. They've been fantasizing about this day for decades.

But you'd rather play footsie with your old enemy. The polls are in, the people are ready. But you are sadly autistic.

d06a1f  No.12479702


>please, I need an adult

Sounds about right.

0efea1  No.12479770


>How many people had to be told the complicated logistics behind IOTBW or THOTaudit?

You actually have a fair point here, and I think I misunderstood you earlier. To me the ultimate goal isn't to actually get the ADL to list the phrase as antisemitic or whatever i do love the idea of giving jews cause to think twice when anyone says it (online).

The goal, as said earlier, is to see the phrases becoming synonymous online, by people unironically saying HH as per >>12463875 which was me

to jews during the holidays. Personally would be my favorite outcome.

d06a1f  No.12479800


>mildly annoying Jews for giggles

Yep, pathetic, as I guessed.

3dce09  No.12479812


Right, I didn't figure that in. If you are telling them it ambiguously, as HH, then yea, it can without a doubt be used to fuck with them. I was a bit distracted by this post:


where people were saying the full thing, and it just looked weird.

00d6ed  No.12479844


your posts are all gay and no one cares

0efea1  No.12479855


Yeah I get it. In that case it still did seem to work somewhat. Was breddy funny.

b17192  No.12479856



d06a1f  No.12479923


Don't worry soyjews will notice you, that's clearly all you care about.

672856  No.12479948


They just want their local rabbi to notice them. MAGApedes only know how to annoy people for shits and giggles, while not get anything real done

2e92b5  No.12480195

File: 368a13b852b567a⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 620x430, 62:43, When_the_Foreskin_Hits.jpg)


Happy Hanukkah.

17031a  No.12480302

It's not a terrible idea, but kikes don't actually care that much about Hanukkah. It's a relatively minor holiday for them, the only reason it's promoted so widely is because it's close to Christmas and allows them to take attention away from Christianity.

427f62  No.12484566


32fd80  No.12484626

File: e869bf2e593e86c⋯.png (77.08 KB, 637x472, 637:472, Screenshot (3).png)

Here's an example of this strategy working really well.


The key is to find posts/articles where Jews are masquerading as White in order to denigrate "themselves." Once White libs are aware that so many of these "hot takes" are written by Jews, they will gain new awareness.

427f62  No.12484683


That replies are amazing. Holy shit.

427f62  No.12484688


*The replies.

746258  No.12484706

File: 0387cd4dc7b4bc3⋯.jpg (163.82 KB, 621x652, 621:652, goebbels_naming_the_jew.jpg)


>It's also worth noting that these things are not part of religious traditions spanning over two thousand years

I don't really care if it spanned to the beginning of time, we're claiming it as our turf and that's that. If you still don't get it, the neurotic kikes are going to be on edge wondering if every person saying the phrase 'Happy Hanukkah' is actually meaning Heil Hitler, but beyond that it's a perfect way on naming the Jew when they are off doing their usual kikery and pretending to be white. Never forget how being publicly outed as Jewish is their single greatest worry.

0b5e3c  No.12485286




why not both?


7ffabd  No.12485296


Alt codes are for Ascii. This is Unicode.

70ff65  No.12485348


now that i think about, i'm actually surprised how words like: oy vey, oy gevalt, shabbat shalom, anuda shoah and the goyim know haven't been clasified as antisemithe yet

we may actually use them more than kikes

000000  No.12485628


>tfw your idea causes Tim Wise to be ruthlessly harassed on twitter and exposed as a jew

Those comments are incredible. There's even a bunch of OC happy hanukkah memes. T-minus 1488 kvetch-outs before the ADL issues a grim statement warning international jewry about the hidden dangers of being wished happy hanukkah by the goyim.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

906947  No.12486357

File: 086f341673e75a9⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 2555x1309, 365:187, 1482533336129.jpg)

03a760  No.12486368


source on the true meaning of hanukkah?

906947  No.12486375

Just tell antifa and libtars that Hanukkah is a celebration of anti race mixing. Which happens to be true. The holiday is explained with soft inoffensive language like anti assimilation. Sounds so much better than, "be racist don't race mix with goyim!"

906947  No.12486381


The gist of it is Jews and gentiles get along. Mix, fuck have kids together. Conservative jews lose their fucking minds and kill them all.

Why didn't the jews ever tell us the real story Hanukkah? 🤔

906947  No.12486406


>Hanukkah is a celebration of Jewish military victory and the maintenance of Jewish racial purity!

>David Duke

1614f7  No.12486407


Underrated post.

43d4e4  No.12486410


It's hilarious that people are dumb enough to fall for such a contradictory psyop.

48ef37  No.12487137


damn, baste as fuck!

2934de  No.12487572


Oy vey! It's about da miracle of oil and holiday candelabras! N-not anti race mixing!

3c0806  No.12487594

File: c7e418c61cb7147⋯.jpg (120.6 KB, 1016x1233, 1016:1233, triforce.jpg)


Bump. Fucking bump you glorious bastard, you.

454ad2  No.12488287

Will this thread be dead before Hanukkah? 🕎😢

6327bc  No.12488312



This will also expose the camokike (((white people)))

9ae654  No.12490051

Let me give you a better idea than happy hannukah. Call them "Those whom we cannot criticize", as it brings voltaire's quote to life and makes people think. But then again, you have to hand some people all the pieces, it at least lets you subtly trash them. People reading your drivel will ponder who you mean and may even come to detest that they cannot criticize the jew. Lol, that is the only real systemic racism, besides the replacement of whites and the demonizing of their culture and holidays.

22197b  No.12490104


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're well meaning but with high autism. I don't mean that as an insult, it doesn't work for you in this case, but you're glorious when weaponized.

282f7a  No.12490332

Got enough attention, whore?


282f7a  No.12490335


>t. nigguh

28ea39  No.12490337


I love this idea.

70bd83  No.12492119

File: 248782ae2125c83⋯.jpg (361.06 KB, 1242x1082, 621:541, 1543598804731.jpg)


ea626a  No.12492146




70bd83  No.12492158

File: db1ba444ec90b6c⋯.png (318.09 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1543576226954.png)

2091ba  No.12492183

>forcing memes

And so 4chan fell.

440ecc  No.12492190








>It's actually working

I fucking love you autists.

000000  No.12492683


Happy Hanukkah!

000000  No.12492706


If they are censoring people for saying Happy Hanukkah then we have already succeeded retard.

e8850a  No.12492826


> We've succeeded.

What's next? I vote for Heather Heyer

cf3f63  No.12492832


No, I'll name the jew and use echoes. It's the only good thing TRS ever gave the world.

I will never, even in jest, praise the slaughter of gentiles.

If you want to say something jewish, for your dumb, diluting reasons, say hava nagila.

aba63f  No.12499293

File: dae7e11e3b7a8ea⋯.png (138.04 KB, 729x709, 729:709, 1543782751814.png)

well well well

25c854  No.12499309



8834e3  No.12499336

a1972f  No.12499369

"Oy vey, we need to remove christianity"

> we create our own party called hanukkah

>add some pagan tree

>add some fat dude giving presents

>focuss on the presents

>marijuana is working, say that christianism is evil

>say that christianity is offensive put an x first

>x mass

> now trick some anti jews to push the Hanukkah

>nobody remember Christ birthday anymore

OP deserves a special tree in the day of the rope.

f4c574  No.12499454

a1972f  No.12499671


Sage isnt an argument kid.

f4c574  No.12499691


Whatever, Christcuck. We don't care about worshipping rabbis, dissident or otherwise.

a1972f  No.12500412


Next time try arguments /intl/, fedoras are just useful idiots, remember what happened in soviet Russia?

cf3f63  No.12500455

File: b6429d881e38b8e⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, thejewproblem.webm)


>being this circumcised

Who knew that getting genitally mutilated by Christian doctors who are supposed to not harm, especially the weak and defenseless, after their Christian mother and father, who should be protecting their own flesh and blood in its weakest and most vulnerable moments, but who are submitting themselves to a false father and lord from the hebrews, offers such insight.

Now that your penis is highly and completely visible to the demon god of the bible, you have finally attained enlightenment, and not at all post natal PTSD and great psychological trauma.

It truly is amazing.

a1972f  No.12500853


I never saw so many lies, my foreskin is there, remember, america isnt the world, is a continent, what you call america is a little part of that continent and what you call christianism is just a few zionists living in a small country without that much people. Saying that american zionist protestantism is christianity its like saying that 8chan is the internet.

f9b860  No.12500958

✡️🎁🥞💣🕍💣🎁🕎HAPPY HANNUKAH!🕎🎁💣🕍💣🥞🎁✡️

cf3f63  No.12500963


>I never saw so many lies


You'll get lied to 24/7.

a1972f  No.12501033


Again, no arguments, thanks for shilling.

d7a6bb  No.12501051

File: 38668b3e6acf8c0⋯.png (311.22 KB, 1199x799, 1199:799, DEXATI20181202231711.png)

its the right thing to do

000000  No.12501065


booty blasted christcuck detected.

6631e5  No.12501089

File: 649e396bd0022c1⋯.png (57.11 KB, 605x584, 605:584, HH.png)


015d29  No.12501092

Any of you faggots have a list of twitter accounts we can wish Happy Hanukkah to?

6631e5  No.12501096


just do a search for shit like stein, berg, shlomo, etc.

0933d8  No.12501116

File: 66378ae00cbf4ae⋯.png (356.34 KB, 736x966, 16:21, 66378ae00cbf4ae62032b7910b….png)


That "SunTzu" with the thot avatar posting her thanks for all of Tim Wise's hard work helping grow the human nationalist movement.

And with the HH on the end. You cheek-breeki fucker.

f9b860  No.12501137

File: c1408dd368338ae⋯.jpg (7.84 KB, 220x173, 220:173, 220px-Helly_Hansen_logo[1].jpg)

c4c542  No.12501143

File: 0847e9464fee517⋯.jpg (16.24 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1463069402563.jpg)

This is pretty genius.

I think it will be hard to co-opt it into a whole year round thing but the strategy behind it is very strong.

cb55e8  No.12501163

File: 09207fba3eb69d4⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 435x658, 435:658, beeer.jpg)


I like this idea

2934de  No.12501178


>Is Hanukkah a Racist Holiday?

>If it was a holiday for non-Jewish Whites seeking to jump out of the melting pot and have their own culture and not be assimilated it would be called that.

>Judah Maccabee, a peasant, resisted blending in, and they were hated and reviled as what we would now call “racists,” “bigots,” “extremists,” “separatists,” supremacists,” etc., and, to coin a term, “judeocentric.”

This is the reason jews should be called out as jewish supremacist racists.

015d29  No.12501191

Happy Chanukah is trending on twitter

what have we done?

420d5d  No.12501228


You tend to remember the ones that hurt you the most.

420d5d  No.12501241

Am I the only one who thought that the echoes with a little alteration could look a bit like a menorah?


594cbf  No.12501410



273406  No.12501466

File: 1619a6cbc1b9695⋯.gif (945.22 KB, 319x259, 319:259, nicelydone.gif)



aaf852  No.12501528


top kek


2431ca  No.12502268

Kek. This is golden. Someone needs to spam this shit on halfchan

d8c356  No.12502285

File: d8fd98d9ae5d2a8⋯.gif (584.6 KB, 450x380, 45:38, d8fd98d9ae5d2a8d51a73b01a1….gif)

0efea1  No.12502333


There have been some threads up over there already, see 4plebs. But I still agree with you, if we meme this hard now, it will work. It's already catching on.

So who's doing the honors?

d053e4  No.12502345

>when it gets to a point that even Jews won't wish each other Happy Hanukkah because it's now considered anti-Semitic

724abc  No.12502452

File: fe68c65ba5cc4d3⋯.png (160.09 KB, 259x440, 259:440, 499fb60a-c034-4cd5-b2d8-e2….png)

File: b7194461952d026⋯.png (224.71 KB, 324x440, 81:110, a3e82504-ada3-42d1-9f87-04….png)

File: c30f1300cf864ea⋯.png (233.61 KB, 368x440, 46:55, 3b063585-a803-4c91-a911-40….png)

File: efec31ea530cb3d⋯.png (120.85 KB, 372x440, 93:110, f19f34ea-6dcf-4e9c-a348-ab….png)

File: d5304489acc0322⋯.png (198.15 KB, 306x440, 153:220, a30c95f6-24a2-4ada-bd7e-e0….png)

526429  No.12502496

File: 74b4d32de1d857c⋯.png (74.59 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


I love this because TRS and goons try to push NazBol without giving an explanation other than shitty jaypegs and finding convoluted rhetoric to go with them but all you need for this is just saying something your opponent said only adding a funny moustache man doing it.

Actually, can we go full Idiocracy and start using Charlie Chaplin in general for any comment involving Nazis?

6b405b  No.12502751

File: 26afb6be1957515⋯.png (29.07 KB, 843x222, 281:74, Screenshot (43203).png)

File: b41c298de8610f1⋯.png (33.02 KB, 851x308, 851:308, Screenshot (43204).png)

File: e6e11e74d3a5ad7⋯.png (33.31 KB, 843x254, 843:254, Screenshot (43205).png)

File: 8a5356a923d604a⋯.png (33.21 KB, 852x309, 284:103, Screenshot (43209).png)

File: 58397b100082024⋯.png (26.55 KB, 845x236, 845:236, Screenshot (43210).png)


this puts them on blast, and let's users know who is who

000000  No.12503062


>Happy Hanukkah is fairly obvious antisemitism

We've done it lads.

>>12502333 checking these trips of truth

This needs to be memed hard on cuckchan, immediately. To get them on board show them the twitter salt that we already have.

2934de  No.12503122




caca22  No.12503159

File: 6f5b94210afc42d⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 413x620, 413:620, chaplin-great-dictator.jpg)

bc387b  No.12503236

File: 00467905042304f⋯.png (627.73 KB, 2310x2147, 2310:2147, 00467905042304f407f4251b15….png)





a1972f  No.12503251


Buttblasted is the guy that shitpost because all his arguments were refuted, my arguments are there >>12499369 refute them.


Better wish a merry Christmass to all pharisee and a lot of blessings from The Lord, that is like

a biology class for feminists.


See this: >>12499369 you useful idiot.

000000  No.12503276


>please wish the jews merry Christmas instead to help them retain their crypsis


e65b9c  No.12503468


Happy Hannukah and HH

if asked say its short for Happy Holidays

42bbf4  No.12503892


The best part is this works on so many levels. It also puts a spotlight on them immediately.

7aa4e2  No.12503937


Helly Hanson

Some fine ass nautical gear, I should have worn this instead of Henri LLoyd gear during my yaht racing days.

t. former sailing addict anon

e0fa0d  No.12503940

42bbf4  No.12504216



Those replies are golden

000000  No.12504575

Post more kike salt

fa4ede  No.12504713

e09398  No.12505487

File: 3906e5748e358c3⋯.png (350.56 KB, 393x636, 131:212, Bigly.png)


Kikes are kvetching hard about or little joke. It's already working.

35442d  No.12507756


db063a  No.12508169

File: 050ee0f0ad3caf5⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 375x325, 15:13, ok sign.jpg)


Great idea, actually.

Today OP was NOT a faggot.

90a1e3  No.12508273

Happy Hanukkah 🕎 HH

. The festival of lights

Under cooked turkey and potatoe pancakes for all

27abf7  No.12508282

>Anon posts HH on social media

>random guy accuses him of posting 'Heil Hitler'

>Anon says, "No, that stands for 'Happy Hanukkah' you Antisemite©®™"

It is truly Golden to see dog-whistles hitting Marxist social media platforms

db063a  No.12508298

File: 94b12bce6c647f2⋯.jpg (280.74 KB, 974x928, 487:464, fellow white people.jpg)


Love this idea, also search for those kikes LARPing as white telling actual white people to hate themselves and do the same.


d11499  No.12508354


Nope, not so great hamfist.

d11499  No.12508374


This would make excellent sharpie graffiti IRL.

We see it = comfy dogwhistle

NPC sees it = why do I keep seeing jew stuff everywhere?

jew sees it = hard to kvetch without sounding tinfoil, NPC allies don't quite understand

Bonus points if you can convince niggers it's jews being racist against them.

d11499  No.12508404


All Day Happy Hannukah

is probably what you're looking for but tbh it's not great. Lots of much better ideas in this thread.

03b5a1  No.12508410

This is dumb

d11499  No.12508412

d11499  No.12508425


What you're doing right now is called "impotently lashing out"

You're going to be doing much more of that in the coming months.

27abf7  No.12508438

File: 7229219107d1d28⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2516x2780, 629:695, zaza111vc88m14.jpg)


those times when you have to wonder if a major corporation is dog-whistling tho

eeca57  No.12508501

File: 9a33de38405d47d⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 719x249, 719:249, Screenshot_20180924-124009….jpg)

File: 000140e2573698f⋯.jpeg (30.34 KB, 565x463, 565:463, 218671d76126851a063091103….jpeg)

This thread and idea and supporting anons are all idiots or Jews

>Hey my fellow whites let's increase our infamy by by targeting a class whom most normies think is endangered and protected. Yes that will really show them. Let make our group look like assholes to the public so they get more sympathy for Jews and maybe push public opinion more towards regulation of speech

d11499  No.12508562


Go start your own brilliant idea then and get off this glorious thread.

bc2464  No.12509029


fe3194  No.12511873

Bump. Still a great idea.

04c375  No.12514166



You should feel proud OP.

35442d  No.12516154


241edf  No.12516239


Bump for epic strategy

I see people using this all across social media

5c18b2  No.12516480

File: d9dde3b3bd3b274⋯.jpg (5.77 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ShaKa chanaka.jpg)

My university celebrates chakakhan so much they have candle ornament right in the middle of campus. I hope nobody complains.

Phone: 412.268.2150

Email: csdi@andrew.cmu.edu

8b5b1a  No.12516572

File: 8d895186f697586⋯.jpg (68.4 KB, 600x887, 600:887, Meme_1505916631.jpg)

Read my lips.

be30fc  No.12516575


What part of “steal it and dump it in the fucking woods” is unclear to you?

5c18b2  No.12516618



I would love to put it in the glory of nature but urban campus and cameras

7a3e1e  No.12516676

File: a5596b83ccec3ca⋯.png (125.16 KB, 900x240, 15:4, Screenshot_2018-12-06 Free….png)

0a7b1d  No.12517193

How do the jews get away with celebrating a holiday that's about racial purity and anti-racemixing? Shouldn't antifa and bamn be marching in the streets and terrorizing jews for their racist holiday? 🤔

58ce0c  No.12518470


If pantifa and bamn are only a against certain people and not others and their leadership is mostly celebrating chakanakah im sure its just coin cidence

35442d  No.12520123

File: c82b70118917d2e⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2568x2376, 107:99, 88.png)

I made a thing.

35442d  No.12520249

File: 607eac565bfa26c⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1364x1314, 682:657, 1544207853764.png)


Found this one on cuckchan.

a22eb2  No.12520274

Bump for originality

889869  No.12520624

File: 76e22b79ee83d8f⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 189x187, 189:187, 1392759874687.jpg)


For easy mode just go through Tim Wise's twitter.

35442d  No.12530727


e6b9d3  No.12532008

File: d38ddc1f01a4c95⋯.jpg (6.16 KB, 153x217, 153:217, 1a.jpg)

File: ea383177d9dc2c2⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 171x171, 1:1, 2a.jpg)

File: db6ec550e7284be⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 270x202, 135:101, 3a.jpg)

File: dd782862e558c97⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 299x128, 299:128, 4a.jpg)

File: b0ddd887ceffcf2⋯.jpg (10 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 5a.jpg)


Add (((HAPPY LOLOCAUST))) to it for extremyiest SALT.

35ceec  No.12533245

File: dd5fa78e62444c1⋯.png (55.34 KB, 233x260, 233:260, another smug for you.png)

File: 5b9fb55dbcaba6b⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, reminder of why shills hat….JPG)

File: 71e837d8542a672⋯.png (954.35 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo_cy_plus_3b.png)

File: 91b3b3e8a45bbac⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 540x960, 9:16, its working.jpg)


Based on >>12476882, it looks like it's working. They're even blaming 4chan for it. Though I'm seeing it on fagbook too. Fourth pic is what showed up in comments on one friend's post. If you're in this thread anon, you're doing god's work! She's flipping out and now demanding people unfriend you for being anti-semitic.


>muh magapedes


be30fc  No.12533257


Global report.

35ceec  No.12533285


>[muffled oy vey in the distance]

be30fc  No.12533292


Global report for being a jew, yeah.

35ceec  No.12533422


>[I just can't stop oy veying]

2098af  No.12534124


This was way too blunt.

You don't bust out full HH when you're already talking to people hostile to your views. You bring them over slowly and bit by bit, feeding them small digestible pieces, not trying to ram a whole fucking steak down their throats in one bite.

Solid effort, and you definitely deserve credit for that, but be a bit more practical and crafty.

654246  No.12534150


hahaha I love this perverse humor.

176f0a  No.12535209


f79a13  No.12535967

File: 7d674d340becc79⋯.jpg (158.99 KB, 631x368, 631:368, hh1.jpg)

279488  No.12536021

>Make 'Happy Hanukkah' the new ((( )))

Echoes still work, and naming the jew and its crimes works even better.

Dilution is not welcome here.

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions

Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.

Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.

Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.

Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.

Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.

Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.

Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.

Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.

Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.

Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite

Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite

Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:

Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0

Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:

jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.

Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

6d978a  No.12536186


> She's flipping out

post screenshots you selfish fuck!

6d978a  No.12536200


Are you retarded or did you think you're in a different tnread? Read the OP The point of this is not to bring anyone over to anything, it's to expand the ADL's list of hate thoughts.

6d978a  No.12536206


> Chutzpah is a mental illness

so is your autism

2669d9  No.12536249

File: 3ebe81c326d26eb⋯.png (464.86 KB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 0EEA4961-CDF7-4FDE-94B8-92….png)


Am I doing it right?

c15ffb  No.12536373


Sort of, Podesta is never going to reply to you, but a smaller jew will.

d7e077  No.12536485

File: 7769ee08cb70a6f⋯.png (23.91 KB, 269x185, 269:185, ClipboardImage.png)

12f869  No.12538852

File: 63a36d68b1f4446⋯.png (574.87 KB, 715x936, 55:72, Screenshot_20181211-005623….png)

Happy Hanukkah! Remember don't race mix or the Maccabees will get you!

ae9919  No.12538900

File: 616ef87a8e6f124⋯.jpeg (27.68 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6fead39ea4fbf349fd553303d….jpeg)


>hanukkah in Vatican

[burns heretic internally]

e5f9dc  No.12538906


>That pic

They really are vermin resembling mutts.

It's obvious why they try projection so much with the mutt meme.

804e21  No.12540931

Bumping this hilarious shit, I love anti-kike ops, one of the best parts of this board ops-wise. Holohoax day is a great one too but I was too busy.

Don't have social sockpuppets but can memesmith for you faggots.

35442d  No.12563017


000000  No.12563873



Ohshitniggers if we get "caught" it really doesn't matter as long as we have fun on our side.


Heiliges Hannukah, meine /k/ameraden, la/n/dser, /g/auleiter und /a/utisten!

4924a1  No.12565294


HH = 88

4924a1  No.12565312


c4a81c  No.12565501


Bumping 1488/10 thread

768322  No.12590353

File: effeb8e60e56b87⋯.jpg (8.85 KB, 195x259, 195:259, whitepower.jpg)

35442d  No.12610026


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