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File: 8a2a0944e4a0548⋯.png (14.43 KB, 143x200, 143:200, ClipboardImage.png)

4cec21  No.12481217

Original thread full:


> Ruxxia, after blocking Ukraine shipments & harassing Ukraine vessels has placed Ukraine officers in jail

> Ukraine has declared MARTIAL LAW

> US is in an agreement to help defend the Ukraine, since they gave up their nukes (that was the bargain of the time)

> Russia seems comfortable with WW III starting NOW.

> Millennial faggots are the only ones between us and certain annihilation

419909  No.12481224


Uhh huh, we aren't doing shit.

4cec21  No.12481232


< hitler is president

nigger, plz

f709df  No.12481249

Aren't there still riots going on in France? I am pretty sure ww3 is gonna be Frances fault which makes the French 3 for 3 in being key parts of world wars.

4cec21  No.12481259


Twitter & FB bans are preventing us from getting habbening news. Who the hell knows what the truth is - about anything?!

419909  No.12481260


Go fuck yourself yid, we aren't getting involved in your bullshit anymore.

4cec21  No.12481261

Hell, there could be 10 countries nuked by now and the news wouldn't cover it, and FB-Twitter-Google wouldn't permit knowledge of it.

4cec21  No.12481264


< it's my fault the US is a signatory

374cbe  No.12481306

File: 93af98254025bbf⋯.jpeg (86.05 KB, 445x450, 89:90, 1B366DDB-26A4-4DAF-A0C4-2….jpeg)

complete nonesense thread is nonsense. Nuclear warfare has killed conventional warfare between states. A Russian American war wouldn’t involve large scale armies fight each other it would involve everything exploding then the war would be over. No one is going to do shit over Ukraine and you faggots should go back to posting on shithole sites like reddit.


Modern wars are waged between states in what is now called 4th Generational warfare.

Ukraine is a Battle Ground of 4th Generation warfare between the US, Russia and EU. The EU and US might vaguely appear to be on each other’s side but are in fact adversaries but not enemies not quite yet. All 3 of these empires have vastly different geopolitical goals for the country.

The US:

The US hopes to keep Ukraine out of both the EU and Russia and turn the country into an American military satellite like so many others.

The reason the US funds ultra nationalists in the Ukraine is so the EU cannot successfully assimilate them. this nationalism has also solidified what is now a permanent cultural divide between the Russians and Ukrainians. Ukraine nationalism helps Burgers.

The EU:

When the Ukraine had its revolution Merkel wanted them in the EU but not NATO. This is to curb American power and get ready for the plan of a unified EU military independent of the US. It has been In the works since the early 2000’s was a dream of the French since Charles de Gaulle and is a looming reality. When the US sanctioned Russia Germany continued its oil trade with Russia and told the US to get fucked. Obama had Merkels phones tapped because the US doesn’t trust the French and Germans.


Nothing complex it is what it seems. The Russians wish to degrade demoralize destroy and partition Ukraine.

All of you should be praying Ukraine goes rouge and gets out of control like other rouge states Iran, North Korea etc. it’s the only option of freedom

a48502  No.12481314


I say we get 100 anons to enlist, get a ride over to the kraine, then flip off the navy bitches and thank them for the ride as we join the russian army and kill all niggers, jews and faggots!

4eb630  No.12481319

NYPA, Ukraine.

088f25  No.12481320

File: db6c374da176821⋯.png (493.35 KB, 758x758, 1:1, 12088073_10156115638190517….png)

Nothing is going to happen and OP is a faggot. Just another day in clown world.

4625d0  No.12481321

We're still very far from that point. This is still a diplomatic situation. Call me when either Ukraine tries to take the ships back by force, or if Russia executes the crews. Otherwise there will be a bunch of bitching, the crew will be repatriated, Russia may or may not keep the warships, and life will go on.

4cec21  No.12481325


Ruxxia could start by genociding their kikes. That would be a damn good start, it would.

088f25  No.12481326


Please tell me when you said "rouge" you were being ironic and know that it's actually rogue. I only ask because you did it twice.

4cec21  No.12481327

4cec21  No.12481329


It's doubtless a yid.

a48502  No.12481331


All wars are oil wars

You can't just nuke everything.

The purpose of war is to exert dominance over a geographical location and/or the people on the dirt.

In this case, Ukraine is prime real estate for that big ass oil pipeline from russia down to UK.

If you had talked drones, that makes more sense but just assuming "hurr durr nukes everywhere muthafukkas!" is pure retard noises that sound akin to a person talking.

4cec21  No.12481332

See, I was wondering why there were so many slide threads. I believe this to be the reason.

4625d0  No.12481338


Do you actually know what Q posting is, or did you just see it in another thread and are being a useless parrot? Your inability to greentext tells me the latter is most possible.

0e8423  No.12481339

I wish jews weren't a thing

4cec21  No.12481342


Another factor is that there's zero evidence that heads of state are actually the true heads, in charge of nukes. More likely, there's a shadow system of control.

4269ec  No.12481343


Nice and based post anon

4cec21  No.12481345


Well crap, turns out I'm not a genie.

b02d42  No.12481348

Putin is not stupid enough to march all the way to Kiev just to get stuck in endless terrorism on the part of the ukrainians.

What he's doing is he's choking them economically.

4cec21  No.12481351


You're predicting the future, you have to admit that.

374cbe  No.12481352


You do realize the pipeline is done and runs through the Baltic not the Black Sea right?

4cec21  No.12481354


SOMEONE in Ruxxia, in the military, has seen fit to get damn close to WW III, through HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE naval actions.

374cbe  No.12481356


Putin is getting choked economically and if he doesn’t resolve this war soon his countries recession is going to snowball

a48502  No.12481357


Be quite hilarious if white people kept getting drafted until there were no white people left in the US.

One day the darkies welfare checks stop arriving and they finally realized the plan. Like a nationwide Home Alone remake, they'd be wondering where their providers went off to.

Niggers are afraid of water, so taking a ship over to Europe would be out of the question. Imagine them trying to learn how to fly a plane? That would offer pure lulz!

4cec21  No.12481360


Well, that's been the practice of the CIA throughout its history - killing whites. Everything else is variable. Maybe they kill niggers, maybe they kill spics, maybe they kill chinks, but always, always, they make damn sure they kill massive amounts of white people. It's the only sure thing about the CIA: killing white people.

a48502  No.12481366


I was talking about the one the Syrian war was being fought over. Same one?

b02d42  No.12481368


I doubt it.


>A global conflagration will start because two small boats bumped in a puny sea somewhere.

374cbe  No.12481369

File: 436f675f063d1b8⋯.jpeg (92.34 KB, 640x474, 320:237, B286AC38-5537-413D-A8EE-3….jpeg)


It is by far the best DPS class I don’t know what else you would want them to play. Mage maybe?

37ae46  No.12481370

File: 69850b29566ce96⋯.png (670.21 KB, 1000x746, 500:373, FGE7-FEF3-5GRT-5HTRF-5Y3EW….png)


As bad as I feel for the average Ukrainian citizen, whatever fucktarded (((politician))) decided giving up their nukes was a good idea needs to be gutted and left to bleed out in the street.

374cbe  No.12481372


No probably not then but the gas Russia delivers to Germany and the UK has its own pipeline that runs through the Baltic Sea. Are you referring to Iran’s gas pipeline?

3f932d  No.12481377

File: 722bcacc0a3e017⋯.png (315.92 KB, 1242x1878, 207:313, 1474238300729.png)


>US is in an agreement to help defend the Ukraine

Just like we did in 2014?

37ae46  No.12481380


We don't even defend our own borders, why the fuck would we defend Ukraine's?

a48502  No.12481384

File: caec1ce837144eb⋯.jpg (145.42 KB, 895x674, 895:674, russia-pipeline.jpg)


this is how it flows out of russia right now. all going through ukraine. I think russia is getting taxed hard (Gazprom) from western controlled ukraine government. See the light blue that takes a sharp left, I don't know the name of the pipeline but that's the mf'er the war is being fought over. That's the ticket to the western $$$ for russia.

a48502  No.12481387


We're good at fighting other peoples wars, anon. Just not our own.

374cbe  No.12481390


Most of you have incredibly odd ideas about Russia. First of all many of you are under two assumptions it has a first world standard of living and it’s economy is doing fine. Neither are true. Russia has been in a recession that has been getting worse since about 2015 thanks to sanctions and the US/ Saudi Arabia fucking with oil prices. Russia’s economy is entirely based on oil right now.

37ae46  No.12481394


>We're good at fighting other peoples wars

You spelled "Israel's" wrong.

a48502  No.12481403

File: d559dd13f984d8d⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1678x805, 1678:805, american-women.PNG)

File: ccdba4c4b2e9a4e⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1664x814, 832:407, russianwomen.PNG)


I think I'll take my fucking chances, anon!

4cec21  No.12481404


Yes, actually. Wars often start over nothing, essentially. "The shot heard around the world" was likely a misfire.

000000  No.12481412

Ukraine was once one of the largest nuclear powers on the planet and they gave it all up. Is it the rest of the world's responsibility to pay for their naive mistakes and stupidity?

37ae46  No.12481413


Better a starving freeman than a fat slave.

4cec21  No.12481414

File: a7ab98d03e304a7⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1632x798, 272:133, ClipboardImage.png)


I raise you

e1c039  No.12481416

If there's one thing I like about this kind of news, it's the fact so many people are just completely set against these stupid wars now. I don't see anybody even saying it's a good idea to intervene anymore.

4cec21  No.12481417


That was the agreement. "we'll stupid together - the CIA, on 'our' behalf"

4cec21  No.12481419


meant to type:

"we'll stupid together" - the CIA, on 'our' behalf

a48502  No.12481429


Thats it! We're going to war!

c4d214  No.12481437



37ae46  No.12481454


One step ahead of you, amerykański.


>Ukraine's refugees find solace in Poland, Europe's most homogenous society

>Hundred of thousands have fled to their neighbouring country since the current conflict began, with some taking jobs vacated by emigrants to the west

c4d214  No.12481461


Now I see why so many Polish women suddenly became nationalists. Bring these women to the UK and the hags will be on the street so fast they'll put the EDL and BNP to shame.

06daed  No.12481471


An excuse to attack Russia for defending Syria?. US can be happy about it.

000000  No.12481479

trump_fuck americans r toooo poor to fight an actual world war! well, one cannot fund a war mortgaging their citizen's debt, can they??? hahah!

9118dc  No.12481484

Here is the current article being made on this incident:


The previous thread mentioned Kerch twice but nobody's mentioned it here yet.

Let's monitor to try and keep it neutral. Inevitably it will not, but it will cause more work for (((Longterm Wikipedians))) to shift view to favor their side.

Edit conservatively, don't speculate, source everything.

142466  No.12481493




37ae46  No.12481497

File: 81c5dd3c55d1445⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1902x978, 317:163, bingpoles.png)


I rather disagree with your assertion that they feel threatened. Maybe they're just not socialist whores?

074c88  No.12481503

File: 75fb6521abd6c42⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 188x262, 94:131, decree.jpg)


Russia is acting out because Trump's geopolitical strategy in central/eastern Europe is a master move, and because Russia failed the long game in Ukraine. Russia won on Crimea in the short term, but the US salvaged the situation and now Crimea is why Russia is completely fucked in their influence campaign. More Ukrainians hate Russia now than in many years.

So why is Russia doing this? First, this is what Russia does to flex. But since Trump took office and Mattis started fucking Russian mercenaries in the ass, Russia can no longer slap their dick on America's face. But see, it's Russian culture to have to slap your dick somewhere, and they're especially desperate right now, so they're doing it on Ukraine. Honestly it's pathetic, not frightening, and they aren't getting the same effect on the world stage from it which is why they went further this time. The Chinese are way better at flexing without acting like retarded apes and Putin should have learned from them, but Russians don't change their fundamental cultural behavior.

The US won't flinch under the current leadership, nor will it be drawn into something it doesn't want. It's in a very good strategic position when it comes to Russia. China is the bigger threat here (not militarily but power-wise). If you see Chinese involvement, then it's an issue.

37ae46  No.12481507

File: dc5e78b0d68d8e1⋯.png (651.35 KB, 680x628, 170:157, Ihtg8mf.png)


>muh 4d chess! TRUMP HAZ A PLAN!!!111!!

Go back to reddit, nigger.

074c88  No.12481511


I would highly suggest not trying to simplify my post into your native retard language.

37ae46  No.12481517

File: b842b0ded682bfa⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 640x430, 64:43, Offended18.jpg)


How about you just stop shilling your zionist tangerine? You have a whole subreddit where you can do that. You aren't welcome here.

59fbf8  No.12481519

File: 8b84126f74fc76c⋯.jpg (53.14 KB, 700x700, 1:1, meteorpurge.jpg)


If the kikes tell the military jump, the military will ask "how high?".

9118dc  No.12481538


>NEOCons overthrew the legitimately elected government of Ukraine and started dickwaving and threatening Russia.


18-23 February 2014 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Ukrainian_revolution

20 February - 19 March 2014 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annexation_of_Crimea_by_the_Russian_Federation

I had read about the annexation of Crimea before, but not extensively enough to be aware of this basically happening during the tail end of a revolution and disintegration of government.

Clearly this is not an element which the MSM focuses on, or I would have known of it. They will only say that Russia annexed their land, but not that there was no government ruling it and that Russia was trying to defend the people who were overthrown.

4cec21  No.12481543


< throwing shade on chess

The absolute butthurt kike of that

074c88  No.12481547


Go back to vodka. American dominance is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Fuck Russia and fuck China.

ab8ce8  No.12481548


Might have been the same people who along with Yeltsin signed that declaration to dissolve the Soviet Union even after that referendum to keep a reformed, smaller USSR together got like 70%+ support from the participating states.

4cec21  No.12481549


Well, that settles it. Some anonymous yid says we're safe. You yid kikes said that about your presence in Constantinople too.

4cec21  No.12481551


Suppose Russia DOES invade some portion of the Ukraine. What now?

ab8ce8  No.12481552

File: f3b26af29204724⋯.jpg (109.34 KB, 452x798, 226:399, (((America))).jpg)

File: 46203891f3334ee⋯.jpg (113.84 KB, 634x454, 317:227, 56percentInvadesEasternEur….jpg)

File: 5f846a184d11943⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 497x280, 71:40, Afghanistan_Heroin_Bridge_….jpg)

File: dae9dace4aae017⋯.jpg (866.49 KB, 4288x2830, 2144:1415, US_Navy_091015-N-3038W-118….jpg)

File: 184ddc4edf86a9e⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 570x320, 57:32, SinkDeeperGoyim.jpg)

a48502  No.12481555

File: 399b6f905666325⋯.jpg (47.19 KB, 615x409, 615:409, fat-welfare-slob.jpg)


>American dominance is the best thing that ever happened to the world

35bade  No.12481563

File: df2529c48f0c53f⋯.jpg (51.37 KB, 624x624, 1:1, df2529c48f0c53fe502905f8d3….jpg)



>Ukraine Drawing US into (((WORLD WAR III)))

fack off

4cec21  No.12481565

File: 97a147936c5d2c4⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1050x668, 525:334, ClipboardImage.png)


(((brobama))), though


see pic (cite: nyt)

4cec21  No.12481567


Fuck off, CIA glow nigger.

4cec21  No.12481568


That's not an argument.

c4d214  No.12481569


Implying women, even pretty women want any competition. In any case my point really applies to the UK, where the ratio of good to bad is much lower.

4cec21  No.12481570


Checked. I can smell the dog piss on that couch from here.

35bade  No.12481573


a rabbi bit off your foreskin

000000  No.12481575


Nothing. The sabre rattlers, chicken hawks, and hotheads may talk big but a war with one another is worse than a thousand economic crisises and world disasters.

35bade  No.12481578

File: c0ca501dac66e1a⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1350x1344, 225:224, 456476876.png)


9f8125  No.12481580


This is beyond pathetic sounding. So Russia wins all major population centers back in Syria reversing plans for regime change there and openly allowing Iran to setup long-term bases.

Then in Ukraine they seize territory from 2 of the most populous provinces amounting to nearly 10million people.

Which leads to your assessment of,

<Well they got bad PR so ha! fucking losers!

9118dc  No.12481582


I enrolled to die expanding Israel's borders, not to defend my own

074c88  No.12481585


See. I knew you weren't American. All this anti-American propaganda is fucking obvious.

a48502  No.12481586

File: 5ea2dcb5beb64f0⋯.png (291.73 KB, 945x2048, 945:2048, my-and23.png)


Please get me out of here, anon!

t. american

ab8ce8  No.12481592


Fuck off, shitskin.

4cec21  No.12481596


I'm genuinely interested in why people are so cocksure the kikes won't draw us into another war.


Suppose that's what happens. O'buttfuck sent troops to Poland. Now, I'm thinking Poland will be all [x] Doubt, on US/Eurozone promises to protect IT, and just might rethink its Western strategy, should that occur.

4cec21  No.12481599


Yeah jej. Also, it's enlist, not enroll, and check out that retarded sign "border mexico" kekked

c4d214  No.12481601

>>12481555 (checked)

That looks like a British woman though.

074c88  No.12481603

File: ff379f53d524cc1⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 235x193, 235:193, 144843148.jpg)


The world is full of degenerate countries who would fuck absolutely everything up and oppress mankind for eternity with today's technology. America must retain dominance.

Also I really don't give a shit what some whiny Eurotard who blames America for all their problems thinks. If anything, America should stop putting up with all the crap from criminals, terrorists, and immoral dictators all over the world.

And I'll say it again: fuck Russia and fuck China. Their governments are trash and anyone sucking their dicks is irrelevant.


ab8ce8  No.12481610


Poland and Ukraine are zionist occupied satellite sites designed to break up continuity for Russian energy delivery into Western Europe. That's why Trump threw such a hissy fit over Nordstream II, which doubles the amount of gas that can be delivered through an offshore pipeline that skirts the Baltic territorial waters and avoids Ukrainian overland pipelines. To the point where he stopped short of threatening real state violence against Germany [the favorite target of kike puppets everywhere].

It's also why the US is viscerally opposed to Erdogan and tried to coup him and is desperately trying to secure a real and tangible Kurdistan, along with stirring up shit again in Georgia and Balochistan. They want to disrupt choke points in the Belt/Road initiative.

35bade  No.12481611


>I'm genuinely interested in why people are so cocksure the kikes won't draw us into another war.

logic vs superstition

ab8ce8  No.12481614


>The world is full of degenerate countries who would fuck absolutely everything up and oppress mankind for eternity with today's technology.

That degenerate country oppressing mankind is America. It's not 1909 anymore, dipshit. America is a revolting kike hive full of niggers running a mafia state.

7e2b69  No.12481616

File: afb4dbb8c9dc9dc⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1050x668, 525:334, insanity.png)

836589  No.12481617


Now THAT's what I call a zogbot!

b4c2e8  No.12481621

File: 8986f260664902f⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 602x330, 301:165, main-qimg-6ed63a9739513c91….jpg)


>All wars are oil wars

Not all wars, goyim

ea72dc  No.12481622


Nostradamus would agree. Maybe he’s bullshit but still….

According to Nostradamus, the big war or World War 3 will start in France and it will start with two great world powers and will last for not less than 27 years. According to Express, some commentators have predicted that due to ongoing tension between North Korea and the United States of America, the hermit state will collaborate with China and Russia to take on the United States mainland.

074c88  No.12481627


>So Russia wins all major population centers back in Syria

The key word in your post which you're not paying attention to is "back". What did Russia used to have? An easily controlled Syrian ally with a military base and a puppet leader who had substantial dominance over his entire country. What does Russia have now? A weakened puppet dictator, a war, an uncertain standing, many piles of rubble, and multiple other countries they can't defeat who want a piece of any kind of Syria peace negotiation.

From a geopolitical standpoint, the US has been majorly successful and Russia has been completely fucked in the ass. The best they can do now is salvage pieces of what they had at great political and economic cost.

Ukraine is the same case except for Crimea, but as I said the Crimea situation is now working in favor of US strategy and has become a liability to Russia. They're lashing out because they're completely fucked on Ukraine and their ass is still raw from the buttfucking they got in Syria.

For all the flexing Russia does, it showed it can't stand toe to toe with the US or match US strategy.

868aa2  No.12481635


(((Whoever))) started this latest hoo-rah is being paid, and paid very well by the enemies of mankind to distract from the nuking of the Deep State that is happening before our eyes.

Like the LOL (Sorry, I have to pause to laugh) CIA director under GHWBush who has had a """""stroke.""""" Just like McCain had a """""tumor""""" but his exact day of death was predicted by someone on /pol/, perhaps Q?

4cec21  No.12481643


I won't show my exact numbers, but I'm over 99% white. You should remember to check back. Every so often they change things. I had Scandinavian added, which is nice in exchange for some shit tier europoor dna.

35bade  No.12481650

File: 416ac41fa5f35f3⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1850x1568, 925:784, 4564758.png)


anyone who knows anything knows you're a jew

4cec21  No.12481651


cr@p. Better order my E-Touche in a hurry, then :-(

074c88  No.12481653

File: 8dac76de365905e⋯.jpg (37.89 KB, 501x500, 501:500, nuke.jpg)


>Suppose Russia DOES invade some portion of the Ukraine. What now?

Honestly without the bullshit? The US celebrates behind closed doors in that situation. That would fast track new US alliances with half of Eastern Europe, militarize Poland, and alienate Russia. It would also lead to decreased approval for Putin's foreign policy in Russia, and make the current atmosphere of Russia-hatred in Ukraine permanent.

Now let's review what Russia would gain, assuming they were even successful in their blitz: some shitty land and a quagmire.

Now here's the hard truth and why Russia doesn't want to do that: if there's even one American instructor on the ground where they're invading, there's a strong possibility their invasion would just disappear in a major US strike. It happened in Syria. Russia knows it can happen again. Why would they risk it?

4cec21  No.12481655

File: 4d6dda2c5999916⋯.png (4.15 MB, 1490x1654, 745:827, telaviv.png)

1158d8  No.12481661


Highest IQ post I've witnessed here in a month. Nobody gives a fuck about Ukrainians.

4cec21  No.12481665


< eastern bloc will leap into occidental nwo arms

Not if the US doesn't save the Ukraine.

< Ruxxian motives

Simplest motive possible: broken windows = redistribution of money to the poor in the form of jobs

4cec21  No.12481666


To the contrary:


ab8ce8  No.12481667


Doesn't seem grounded in reality. The emerging global politics are inherently racial. Europe and the US are moving further apart and it will be permanent. Most of Eastern Europe is already closer to Russia than the US – Hungary, Belarus, Slovakia, Serbia, honestly Greece at this point. The US is their little zionist projects in Ukraine [which already lost half of its shit], the Baltics [which are bordered on both sides by Russian military], and Poland, whose zionist government has no real future in that country.

999b8e  No.12481672

File: 5174da2428f8186⋯.jpeg (35.08 KB, 680x420, 34:21, 5174da2428f81865464d37d91….jpeg)


porky must be really getting all itchy on not getting any support from The US President (aside from the cianiggers), he had to start a war just to get attention. I'm sure this will really end well for porky the chocolate king :^)

35bade  No.12481676

File: 84bbc255ac0ec79⋯.jpg (72.17 KB, 531x471, 177:157, 12681542664.jpg)


>We're 5 or so years away before the promise of even an important regional war, anywhere.

true. most countries are too busy fixing their own shit, have you noticed


(((WW3))) will not happen sorry, but there will be anudda shoah

4cec21  No.12481681

074c88  No.12481686


You misread Eastern Europe moving away from the EU as moving away from the US. This isn't the same thing, and the new US strategy benefits from certain countries breaking away from submission to the EU. You'll see Poland and Hungary militarize and develop in a new US alliance soon.

074c88  No.12481692


>the Ukraine

It's Ukraine. Only Russians call it "the Ukraine".

> redistribution of money to the poor in the form of jobs

Russian's government doesn't give one single fuck about poor people. They have plenty of those inside Russia itself and their retirement plan is drinking themselves to death.

ab8ce8  No.12481694


The US doesn't have a strategy apart from getting subversive, zionist governments in place to play fake nationalist and interrupt Russian energy pipelines and the Belt/Road project. There isn't going to be a new alliance. Hungary will stay out of it, and Poland's kosher nationalist government will be swept away like the garbage it is. The US is done. Nobody in Europe is cliquing up with a nigger country for the next 50-100 years.

8b6c60  No.12481701



Interesting posts. You got any book or site recommendations? I'd like to improve my understanding of current geopolitics and you guys seem to possess some amount of awareness that most lack.

999b8e  No.12481703


poroshenko anon, the guy in charge of ukropistan who thinks he's hot shit

999b8e  No.12481709


last i checked it was bush and obummer doing that subversive shit you're talking about, now it's just soros and the cianiggers/mi6faggots doing the subversion

ea72dc  No.12481711


Fuck yes I have

753c62  No.12481714


Only wwiii can end immigration and save us??

11f47f  No.12481717

After so many larps I don't know what to believe.

ea72dc  No.12481728


Russia has never recovered from WW2.

dcf6a0  No.12481729


> emerging global politics are inherently racial

No. You evidently read too much of the Turner Diaries.

35bade  No.12481730

File: f76eaf1ddbcbfa1⋯.jpg (151.12 KB, 1395x1080, 31:24, f76eaf1ddbcbfa115558744dbe….jpg)


>I don't know what to believe.

stop believing people and activate your almonds.

ab8ce8  No.12481732


Poland's zionist servitude has accelerated under Trump, to the point where its government is exposed. It has no future in that country now. The guys coming up there aren't going to tolerate half measures and they aren't hitching themselves to a nigger country.

ab8ce8  No.12481736


Tell yourself whatever you need to, Jamal. America 2.0 is DOA.

836589  No.12481744


>being THIS delusional about Trumpbot

999b8e  No.12481759



>being this persistent on posting anti-American bullshit

>projecting his shitskin values

literally filtered

ab8ce8  No.12481763

File: d7967206fda6713⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 500x349, 500:349, BrigGenHaimovitch_LtGenCla….jpg)

File: 33ec875f178d3fe⋯.jpg (448.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DotardScrumpfBinyiminSatan….jpg)

999b8e  No.12481764


it's simple really, anyone posting anti-American/Trump while blowing their (((pro-nazi))) fanaticism hollywood stereotype out of proportion is an npc, conversely pro-Russians/Syrians with vehemently anti-American views (while keeping quiet about the kikes) are the same people as well

4cec21  No.12481772


Only Ukrainians don't like the Ukraine being called the Ukraine.

4cec21  No.12481774


It's designed to trigger you, kike.

4cec21  No.12481775


tbqf I'd like to win the lotto before the end of the world, if it's all the same with Kek.

4cec21  No.12481777



eb3279  No.12481778


Very much this. Having pure fanaticism to save the white race is the best.

Just being an unfocused fanatic means you're unhinged lunatic.

ca350f  No.12481792

File: 80472a92db5d11d⋯.gif (3.81 MB, 459x258, 153:86, who_are_you_people_and_whe….gif)


>Beautiful Women Vignal

4cec21  No.12481811


I saw that too lol

289893  No.12481859

File: b1f78e41510d380⋯.png (226.15 KB, 1767x381, 589:127, the new geopolitics.png)


Don't mind me screencapping this.

Wouldn't surprise me if the nationalists popping up in various European nations were a joint Russo-American op to D&C the EU (as it should fucking be) while all the pussy movements and Democrats of America are backed with EU money and migrants.

Add to that China profiting off of all three at once while still being a staunch American enemy, They NEED all three superpowers occupied with their struggles so that they can quietly conquer Africa.

320450  No.12481868

At this point in time, let it. This shit is getting too far out of control. At least with a war we will have actual problems instead of everyone's self made problems of "Racism" and "Phobias".

000000  No.12481909


This. However, remember, SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN, the plan was indeed to have a military conflict in Ukraine with Russia. Obama funded a revolution and civil war there remember?

Trump doesn't give a fuck though, we're not going to war with Russia over some failing Obama-era glow nigger plan.

4cec21  No.12481939


Another day, another kike assault on whites. Count on it.

000000  No.12481961


>Ukraine nationalism helps Burgers

It also helps /pol/

4cec21  No.12481968


> Ukrainian President Warns Of "Full-Scale War With Russia" In Televised Interview

4cec21  No.12481995

File: ee2f2af16992523⋯.png (515.8 KB, 890x501, 890:501, ClipboardImage.png)

58a787  No.12482007


Said the mutt after 1918 and 1945.

256837  No.12482013


I heard this is about elections because Petro Poroshenko (current president) has low approval rates and there were elections coming up in a few months time. But with martial law in effect that is in doubt. There were some unironically good threads about this on 2+2ch.

000000  No.12482019


>martial law in effect

This is meant to suppress demonstrations by Right Sector.

4cec21  No.12482020


That site is unironically the worst thing ever. Admittedly, this is nearly as bad. fb, Twitter, I've deleted. Again, we are seeing a reduction of freedoms in a radical way, and at a rapid pace, and there is no entity engaged in creating freedom software, not one at all.

000000  No.12482028


>there is no entity engaged in creating freedom software

which (((entity))) would you trust to do that?

i hope hackers combine the "everyone hosts the content" approach of zeronet with the security of i2p

4cec21  No.12482036


>i hope hackers combine the "everyone hosts the content" approach of zeronet with the security of i2p

same fam. If you run zeronet you'll find your ip shit listed, so don't.

000000  No.12482039


not sure when you last used it, but the latest release allows you to tunnel through tor

4cec21  No.12482057


Good info. When that's default, and a named version, like "Z-tor-net" or something, where I can just say the name and it's defaulted well, then I can recommend it, and it will be valid.

Small things, sometimes it's very small things, these things that make the difference!

4cec21  No.12482067

Bump, because this is actual important stuff and not e-drama shit.

000000  No.12482104


i still prefer i2p because of garlic routing, resistant to traffic analysis and timing attacks and the protocol is very bittorrent friendly and other reasons

01acd1  No.12482116

File: 3636666608f4c89⋯.jpg (158.09 KB, 1278x883, 1278:883, Thott.jpg)


Is this pic supposed to mean that this young woman will bring sorrow and corruption ?

56b07d  No.12482167

File: 1236bce817b74ea⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1380x5060, 3:11, GCHQ to DailyBeast - Disin….jpg)


Nothing has changed. Not a god damn thing has changed. All of our years worth of work for what. So a bunch of jews and english londoners can hijack our entire American revolution and push us aside.

The Republican Party is now run by British queers in Toronto, Canada and New York's East Hamptons. Every cultural icon is now a British queer or a jew. Ben Shapiro went from being attacked in 2016 to now being the GOD of conservatism with 500k views at youtube each video. The "Intellectual Dark Web" has now replaced us. Trump installed every Anglojew British parasite from the British 'Bush' dynasty. Anglojews are running around attacking us like the guard dogs they're bred to be since the time of Cromwell. Rothschild sits in London as the new 'Revolutionary" leader of the West. Stolen revolution in one hand and his continued global campaign in the other. A small road bump is the result of our efforts.

All that remains are small pockets of resistance scattered across mediums we do not own. The deep state has stolen everything from us. All of their sycophant agents have adapted our culture and language over the course of two years. They role-play on twitter with themselves collecting thousands of re-tweets and likes using our language after the mass purge of 2016. Rothschild and his 10,000 minions from East Hampton and Toronto are the real revolution, didn't you know?

We've lost everything in two years time. The treacherous english are snakes never to be trusted. If you are left with one lesson out of all this, let it be that.

We need more information outlets in order to reach the public. More websites, videos, platforms, lines of communication. Our adversaries are human degenerates and freaks. A majority of whom are in their 70s now. A small clique at the top. Their sole position originates from acquired wealth, nothing more. They are children involved in out-dated deception magic.

Replicate their networks.

Replicate their foundations.

Even a small blog with a few thousand monthly hits, build it! The work we do now will be remembered for the next 200 years.

40c6f2  No.12482177


>The Russians wish to degrade demoralize destroy and partition Ukraine.

What the Russians want is a buffer state to ensure they have enough time to respond to any preemptive strike made by NATO related countries. Nuclear or otherwise.

There are elections coming up. That may determine the path that Ukraine takes politically. More than 1 eye needs to be kept on the situation. Another pro-EU president will lead to greater internal conflict.


Also many of the older residents in Crimea still had their old Russian papers.


>American dominance is the best thing that ever happened to the world.

American dominance ended in the 1990's after the fall of communism in the eastern bloc nations. Smaller nations no longer needed the defense that the US offered (but only gave if it matched the US's geopolitical needs. It always has.

3265d0  No.12482190


>muh WW3 fanfic

Grow up.

>muh Ukraine

American puppet state for years now.

56b07d  No.12482195


<British puppet state for years now.

Fixed that for you, faggot.

3265d0  No.12482196


Because anti-russian and pro-american posters are not NPCs?

Pull up your pants, your double standards are showing.

000000  No.12482199


>muh buffer state

no. it's all about control jewish control.

russia is a jewish empire and putin himself is a jew

3265d0  No.12482200



Laughable at best, kid.

3265d0  No.12482203


That's why he moved the embassy to Jerusalem right?

Oh wait…

56b07d  No.12482207


Keep sipping on that coffee at starbucks where the coffee beans are pissed on by columbian workers. You're so above life, yet you lurk our circles 24/7 for real up-to-date on goings. You queer fags are the joke of history.

000000  No.12482209


>muh whataboutism

trump is not a jew, even if his family has since become jewish. trump is not subtle like a jew, he's ham fisted, so you'd expect him to make a clumsy move like that.

why would putin the jew do something like that? jerusalem is simply a symbolic icon of jewish power. what's most important is having real power and control. a symbol of power means nothing if there's no power behind it.

lrn2realpolitik kiddo

427e10  No.12482214



There're almost no niggers in Ukraine, I've seen 2 in my whole life.


There are as many jews per 1000 population as there are in Russia. Oh, and 13.5 times less than in USA. They're everywhere.


Just 10 days ago nationalists attacked trans parade.

40c6f2  No.12482219


It is no use having a curtain missile defense system if there is not enough time to deploy said system. The US and Russia are taking two different paths for defense strategy. The US is taking the High energy Weapons route while the Russians are going the Hypersonic weapon delivery approach.

56b07d  No.12482223

File: f993cb772b60fd4⋯.jpg (475.45 KB, 1214x1116, 607:558, queer on command.jpg)

Queer fags like to believe they have a special position in Rothschilds global network. Never realizing queer fags are gunned down inside florida clubs and sacrificed for the laughter of Rothschild. Queer fags are the biggest larping dupes of any group in society, ever.

40c6f2  No.12482224


>If I call someone a Jew then people will hate that person.

Where is your argument, Chaim?

000000  No.12482228


circular logic, try again, shill

56b07d  No.12482232

File: 7098f942463d82f⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 350x432, 175:216, 1543260377903.jpg)

What do you retards believe you are accomplishing by the back 'n forth dialog between queer jews and yourself is doing? Why are you wasting energy + time? What the fuck are you even doing. Instead of pointless back 'n forth with queers and jews, you could be building yourself a news website; getting the word out. You could be campaigning, or volunteering with a campaign. Why do you retards always take their bait? Are you mentally defective? Do you have any concept of production?

Do you produce?

3e18cc  No.12482243




40c6f2  No.12482259


> try again


>If I call someone a shill, then people will believe I am.

You still have failed to establish why a buffer state is unreasonable and fact free, I have given an explanation as to why a buffer state involving Ukraine would exist. All you have said is "Putin is a jew". I think your arguments cant cash the checks your hands write (metaphorically speaking). Hence your inane name calling.


It exists in the heart if the leftists in the US

40c6f2  No.12482261


>if the

of the

000000  No.12482266


destabilizing its neighbors through frozen conflicts to turn them into puppet states at best (like pre-maidan ukraine) or having veto power by proxy at worst, has been a russian strategy for decades.

it has nothing to do with muh nato or muh ebil west. it's just jews doing what jews do.

8c0447  No.12482267



This is so much bullshit.

Look, for the past 4 years now the ukrainian (putschist) government has adamantly told the entire world that ten of thousands, if not hundreds, of Russian soldiers were fighting against it's army in Eastern Ukraine, destroying their tanks and killing their soldiers by entire brigades. And nearly everyone is pretending to buy it.

Yet they never bothered declaring martial law.

Now 2 boats bump in each other "OMFG RUSSIA IS INVADING US".

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the Ukrainians in all cities not Kiev are starting to FREEZE TO DEATH as was predicted years ago.

Pavlograd, Cherkasy, Khmelnytskyi… Krivoy Rog as much as 300 000 people (1/2 the city) don't have heating because the public heating system is completely broke and not just because of blatant embezzlement (which makes it worse but isn't the core problem), it is now structurally unsustainable since Russia make Ukraine pay the gas at market price (drove up by Germany and western Europe especially with the retarded no nuclear/no coal thing). Ukrainian economy CANNOT pay the heating bill to sustain it's population, it's THAT BAD.

Kiev is only not freezing because the government purely and simply closed down the company (Kyivenergo) with nearly $2 billions of unpaid gas and open a new one (Kievteploenergo) in a african-tier economics move, that just kick down the debt downstream and hope it's enough for this winter.

And of course there are elections right around the corner.

TL;DR: this shit has nothing to do with Russia it has to do with Ukraine collapsing and it's nothing but a desperate move by people that are trying to not end up stringed up a lamppost.

56b07d  No.12482268


Ah yes, the old "I'm a patriot" act. How is the weather in Tel Aviv, today? Get some new material, you bot.

56b07d  No.12482273


>nothing but a desperate move by people that are trying to not end up stringed up a lamppost.

Good lord we are so fucked. Thats it? Thats the enemy, huh? Some vague no-name boogieman. Yep, we're all dead. Thank people like you.

56b07d  No.12482279

Why can white people never name the enemy? What the fuck spell are they under? It never goes away. An endless circle of vague nothingness.

Who is the enemy?

What is the enemies name?

White people are fucking cowards. That is really whats going on. They can't even name the enemy. Wow

000000  No.12482281

Daily reminder that all of Russia's neighbors hate Jews and all of Russia's neighbors hate Russia.


86698d  No.12482285


>who is enemy

<wut is juden

56b07d  No.12482296

File: c3a247030fc34c3⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 680x395, 136:79, brainlet.jpg)

File: 30981ca15ea15bd⋯.png (107.98 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1538981181946.png)

Hey, white man… who is the enemy?

>White man: Well, uhhh… it's a force of global spirits with bad intention. Almost like a ghost, but not a ghost. You catch muh drift?

Fucking retards can't even name the enemy. You already defeated yourself.


<wut is juden

So thats it? The jews don't have allies? I mean, come the hell on already. You've been screaming jews for how long now? It's like you guys are mentally ill. I don't get it. It's a spell or something. Some type of spell. You're stuck…. never growing. It's weird as fuck man.

THE BRITISH + JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



40c6f2  No.12482314


>destabilizing its neighbors through frozen conflicts to turn them into puppet states at best (like pre-maidan ukraine) or having veto power by proxy at worst

Bullshit. A puppet state is easiest to control if there is the semblance of order. There is no order in open conflict. The deposed president was pro-russian. It was a Bilderberg led initiative that led to the destabilization of Ukraine (one of the topics of discussion in 2013). One cannot effectively control a nation without having control of its assets. An example of this is the US or Germany.

>it has nothing to do with muh nato or muh ebil west

Your proof being?

> it's just jews doing what jews do.

It is also a tactic of the CIA on behalf and benefit of the US (or so it claims). Not a Jewish or Russian exclusive activity.




56b07d  No.12482317

File: 2c7026214b863b3⋯.jpg (672.1 KB, 1500x1725, 20:23, Anti-Trump British Interfe….jpg)

File: 8137e59cf716ffe⋯.jpg (320.5 KB, 1422x1016, 711:508, British_Communist.jpg)

File: bde952a4b801b2f⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 400x301, 400:301, Antifa - Bomber Harris - B….jpg)


56b07d  No.12482377

File: c6dc5e830969534⋯.jpg (595.16 KB, 1500x1725, 20:23, Anti-Trump British Interfe….jpg)


We need to do everything in our power to assist the total collapse of the UK. Western Civilization depends on it.


f3bd68  No.12482389


Its just Ukrainians being fucking retards like usual, besides that they couldn't have even used those nukes, Ivan ripped everything needed to make it go boom and for good reason.

999b8e  No.12482397


<Because anti-russian and pro-american posters are not NPCs?

>implying they're not the same people employing their inbred cousins from yuropistan to become (((anti-american and pro-american))) cheerleaders

>Pull up your pants, your double standards are showing.

<clean your room bucko ver.2.0

dumbass kikeshill


>torPEDO: hurr durr muh putler is a jewpuppet just like drumpf is a zogzogpuppet :^)

My God you kikes really are fucking stupid

999b8e  No.12482411

File: babea45de95a232⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 600x738, 100:123, nenderoid hermoine granger….jpg)


Using video game/tabletop game terms, it's called 'words of power', where people will always fall for bullshit they know jack shit about or not fully aware of. Just think of pilpul and semantics as a race specific skill/technique/ability/arcane spell and shit, easier to get the grasp of it if you put like that.

And then there's that jap proverb about 'for every 1 man not believing obvious bullshit, 10000 will believe it'

a85630  No.12482423


Trumpniggers creating fake infographics to explain why trump is a kike worshiping loser. he lost the midterms, and he'll fucking lose the next election

1bf661  No.12482440

File: ab9622078bef60d⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 680x684, 170:171, 75321891246740.jpg)


The way that we're all """connected""" but simultaneously cut off from eachother like that really fucks with my head.

999b8e  No.12482443

File: f78cadb4a2546f5⋯.jpg (407.41 KB, 1500x1045, 300:209, stalin-npc-beepboopbeep.jpg)

File: f59448535bc1d88⋯.png (475.67 KB, 680x1011, 680:1011, NPC_control_room.png)

File: 2e1d957bc066f1d⋯.png (82.83 KB, 500x328, 125:82, peterson shill argument.png)

File: 5474e248292a3b3⋯.gif (4.1 MB, 676x568, 169:142, sleepy_npc.gif)

File: 6741e30c9459dba⋯.png (192.29 KB, 826x506, 413:253, slovenly_bucko.png)


<hurr hurr hurr ooga booga orange man bad beep beep

>id hopping

86698d  No.12482451


Why are you here? What is your purpose? You need to lurk two years before asking such questions, because if you did lurk two years you wouldn't need to answer it. I'll spell it out easier and in a simple manner for your cuckchan brain to understand:

/pol/ hates kikes, their shabbos goyim and enablers, their golems alike.

/pol/ turns the golems against the kikes if you were here more often you'd see that being done.


Go away hasbarafag, stop IP hopping to desperately derail shit over magafaggotry and drumpfaggotry which is all you can ever talk about with same shitty cut and paste + astroturfing bots.

999b8e  No.12482476

File: 82ece56fbfea7b4⋯.png (15.96 KB, 396x276, 33:23, 82ece56fbfea7b48d46401534e….png)


stop projecting you fucking kike, you're wasting precious air just by existing on this planet

4f1270  No.12482528

File: e72efbe238f3123⋯.jpeg (111.02 KB, 875x783, 875:783, Red army dead.jpeg)


How many time already did they try to provoke Russia into a hot war in the last two years?

Remember when the Rusky had 4 of it's ambassador assassinated in the span of a month?

Remember when the plane carrying the Red Army Quire crash and killed everybody on board?

Remember when the Kike use a communication plane as bait for the S300 system when they launch an attack on Russian position? 20 more dead Russian.

And probably many more that we never heard about.

In my opinion this situation will not drag for another years.


Yeah 17 plane…… why not 15 or 12 or 18. Why 17……….Q

Was this a call to action to the White house to hurry the fuck up before the Deep state get us into a nuclear conflict?

504cab  No.12482532

File: 87df9275f347514⋯.jpg (743.55 KB, 1296x834, 216:139, us-ancestry-grid.jpg)

File: 8016f5e0b8649ec⋯.png (170.86 KB, 994x1042, 497:521, uncle peace.png)



says the swarthy "European"

t. actual Germanic man

0ef9fe  No.12482536

File: 03e1e730a6f2e99⋯.png (97.71 KB, 568x1024, 71:128, large.png)


By that Logic, we should have world peace already. Who ever has the bigger balls gets to do anything they want? Isn't Russia equally under the threat of Nukes by taking the Ukraine?

655ed9  No.12482556

File: 101591bda18194f⋯.jpeg (144.32 KB, 1125x815, 225:163, Ukraine_Russia_Nuke.jpeg)

File: bc3b4dc3b518884⋯.webm (1021.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happeningu time.webm)

File: 301e745376ea487⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 672x846, 112:141, mgs2 scriptwriting.jpg)


Daily reminder.

bc4499  No.12482565

File: c7d4f45d98586f5⋯.png (692.46 KB, 678x577, 678:577, Untitledsca.png)


The based Brits are on to you.

0bf7c3  No.12482573


>iran and North Korea are "rogue"

lol you're funny

9677b9  No.12482592


My father told me that in the Soviet Union they told people that nukes were used during Falkland island dispute

374cbe  No.12482594


Many of you russiaboos are beyond hope. You refuse to believe anything that isn’t Russia is a peaceful all white ultra nationalist country that can do no wrong and would never hurt a single soul

374cbe  No.12482619


And they won’t realistically. Nothing has been done to recover from even the Soviet collapse. If you look at a map of the world over the past 100 years with productivity population size and percentages and landmass you would see Russia for what it is. A dying empire.

da472f  No.12482666

File: ab3fe46117b189b⋯.jpg (529.9 KB, 1764x1591, 1764:1591, 1024aab6604af4584702a80d7c….jpg)


based Ukraine. the collapse can't come soon enough

86698d  No.12482794

File: 2acc8692b928140⋯.jpg (69.74 KB, 264x409, 264:409, want pol but get maga vs d….jpg)

File: c8a6c8c04911426⋯.png (7.99 KB, 299x98, 299:98, btwmud.png)


>2nd image

Thanks anon, adding that to my collection.

Have some OC


I think you replied to the wrong ID? I never said shit to you until now and am on the same page….

000000  No.12482847

This all happened because Barry Soetoro's State Department backed actual Nazis to overthrow the government. Russia moved in with massive popular support and annexed part of the country, and (((NATO))) is still butthurt over the whole situation.


02900c  No.12482959


So we actually have legit protection of OUR border now everyone joined to fight jew wars in the middle eazt.

000000  No.12482996


>easiest to control if there is the semblance of order

and when that order breaks down, i.e. golem yanukovych flees to his jewish kremlin masters with the help of the fsb, then they take strong countermeasures, i.e. annexation of crimea and fake "uprising" in donbass

0cab11  No.12483013


Good post, it's mostly about the government installed by the coup trying to keep its power by all means.


This is what a paid shill looks like.

<The world is full of degenerate countries who would fuck absolutely everything up and oppress mankind for eternity with today's technology.

Hahaha, get a load of this faggot.

4cec21  No.12483099


i2p runs OK on ordinary DSL?

233270  No.12483104

Reminder that nothing is happening and only neocons are saying that there will be war.

4cec21  No.12483107


The Hondurans have no money to pay off the cartels (& US police/ border agents). The Mexicans are pissed at the freeloaders.

233270  No.12483110


Sorry, moishe, your ZOG emperor has no place here.

8b3c1d  No.12483115

File: 42e4cd3c733a6ba⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

I told you but you didn't listen.

You should have listened.

4f1270  No.12483120

File: 1dc2dd520b03535⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, The steak have never.jpg)


And now the Rusky are deploying S400 system on the Crimean peninsula. They know full well that some NATO commander will try something stupid.

4cec21  No.12483136


A sign the S300 is compromised?

d8ee12  No.12483141


Which country would you consider to be a good one?

6a2a12  No.12483183

File: d91fd2f6614d818⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, JEWS.jpg)



86698d  No.12483198


Depends what they are giving to Syria.

I bet Russian versions will have more bandwidth to be resistant to jamming.

Trick with them is to not use those capabilities until you really have to and will do most damage.

000000  No.12483213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

March on Moscow when?

2932ae  No.12483231


Lol does any Anon truly believe that? I think everyone knows Russia is a half-starving state of despair driven alcoholism. 80% of their economy is gas/oil to Western Europe.

4f1270  No.12483238


Or they just don't want to take any chances. The Crimean peninsula is a Very strategic location.

374cbe  No.12483240

3c7eda  No.12483245


Yea, I don't think we're gonna get involved over fucking Ukraine. Who cares about it? Can most Americans find it on a map? Also

>the Ukraine

Gets me every time

86698d  No.12483252


>the ukrayyne


Fucking burgers man.

7e0c9a  No.12483261


They had a better excuse to steamroll into Kiev when the ukrainian army was in shambles.

96120e  No.12483286


>All wars are oil wars

Maybe before the 2010's. Now that America unironically believes their own bullshit about "muh human rights" and "muh poor oppressed gays", there are NO safe nations in the world. Before you just had to have the good fortune not to live in an oil-producing dictatorship. Now, if a foreign fag on Twitter complains about how their government is "poopy and mean to LGBTQFAOOIDSLASD :(", America just puts them on the to-do list.

a48502  No.12483333


ZeroHedge puts out a lot of good economic information. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-26/why-banksters-hate-peace

I also remember reading an article on ZeroHedge about the Exchange Stabilization Fund (search 'zerohedge exchange stabilization fund').

Book: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man / John Perkins

Also: The first chapter of Behold a Pale Horse is required reading for any economist or anyone wanting to understand the true nature of economies (and the world for that matter). The chapter is called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. In fact, read this first then move to CoaEHitman. That will flow you into an entire new perspective of everything. It will even provide you the ability to foresee upcoming shifts in markets.

a48502  No.12483339


Don't get too caught up in what you can see. It's what you're seeing for a very specific reason.

233270  No.12483349


>ZeroHedge puts out a lot of good economic information.

They've never been right about any crash or market condition.

000000  No.12483358


because they shill one position while taking the opposite side of the trade themselves

cnbc does this too

a48502  No.12483360


>They've never been right about any crash or market condition.

Oh sure they have! They just don't let you know about it.

Think: Libor Scandal

All markets are fixed. Why would someone create something they didn't have control over? Answer: they wouldn't

b0d700  No.12483363



an irrelevant banana republic literally nobody cares about, useful only as a american pretext to push on russia. Next.

213b7f  No.12483366

File: 76d6dc7667a0aff⋯.png (10.85 KB, 607x168, 607:168, Untitled 1.png)

61d7d5  No.12483380


Why are Americans always so fucking retarded?

The country wedged between NATO and Russia isn't important?

a48502  No.12483385


You have to think it's a shill post

otherwise, it makes you feel like a loser for not having a cult following, considering how fucking stupid a good lot of people actually are.

233270  No.12483393


>durr durr u all dum lol my D&C is working


000000  No.12483394


translation for anons who don't read steppe nigger?

61d7d5  No.12483401


Such geographic illiteracy really is the hallmark of Americans.

71a787  No.12483402


>t.riggered ukrain man

Do you know how many countries are wedged between NATO and Russia? All are irrelevant and even among them ukrain is irrelevant, lol. Wasn't it bankrupt or some shit, it basically won't exist in the next 4 years, I'm sure people are thrilled to waste money and sweat on some tiny dilapidated eastern european shithole. Kys

71a787  No.12483406


go back to eating turnips, I hope russkies waste you all

1c422f  No.12483407


Putin shits on (((ukranian president)))

61d7d5  No.12483413

File: bf11fccc369dd4c⋯.jpg (415.85 KB, 1415x1013, 1415:1013, map.jpg)


>how many countries are wedged between NATO and Russia

Ukraine and Belarus.

As I said, geographic illiteracy.

233270  No.12483418


No. It's not. It's the ascribed hallmark of paid jewish D&C shills. Kill yourself.

a48502  No.12483419


yeah totally irrelevant >>12481384

If you consider 3 major gazprom pipelines to western europe as being irrelevant.

61d7d5  No.12483421


>muh d&c

Can't divide what was never united, Ami.

233270  No.12483423

File: 071da635b45bfc5⋯.png (79.39 KB, 360x395, 72:79, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at ….png)


Yeah, you're mentally retarded. There are plenty more than that. No one is causing war over this. At all.


>I have now openly admitted to being a paid jewish shill

Global report, thanks for saving us time.

00d67a  No.12483455

>Ukraine Drawing US into WORLD WAR III

More like the US pushing (((Ukraine))) into it.

Its an attempt to prevent the next election where that fake muh nazi will get booted out. Yet another failed american proxy.

374cbe  No.12483456


Zerohedge is doom porn for western fools that want to think the sky is falling

000000  No.12483462


b1ed4b  No.12483486


What's your ethnicity?

a48502  No.12483510


I'll let him borrow mine >>12481586

because I fully endorse the message put forth in those images.

b1ed4b  No.12483517


So you're a jew and you need to get the fuck off the board.

a48502  No.12483554


Your shit genetics will be with you always. Nothing you ever do will remove the vileness of your bloodline.

Enjoy your Tay-Sachs Disease, diabetes and hideous features.

God has cursed your people into needing to breed with Aryans to survive. We're better looking than you and you will eventually be bred out no matter how much propaganda and control you manipulate over the world.

Eventually, I win.

0cab11  No.12483618



<"They may consider it [our presence in the Black Sea] to be escalatory, we certainly don't," said Lieutenant Commander James Smith. "But it depends on how you spin the narrative. The one thing the Russians are very good at is spinning a narrative.

Yeah, it's easy to be good at "spinning a narrative" when all you have to do is tell the truth.

374cbe  No.12483625


>the Russians intercepted a nuclear missile

Ahhh yes……….. no doubt the noble and truthful Russians know to never lie.

b1ed4b  No.12483635


Your anti-white bullshit is pants on heads retarded.

a48502  No.12483646


Let's not forget why you're actually shilling this thread up. You obtuse cunts need to update your rule book.

ZeroHedge puts out a lot of good economic information. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-26/why-banksters-hate-peace

I also remember reading an article on ZeroHedge about the Exchange Stabilization Fund (search 'zerohedge exchange stabilization fund').

Book: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man / John Perkins

Also: The first chapter of Behold a Pale Horse is required reading for any economist or anyone wanting to understand the true nature of economies (and the world for that matter). The chapter is called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. In fact, read this first then move to CoaEHitman. That will flow you into an entire new perspective of everything. It will even provide you the ability to foresee upcoming shifts in markets.

4f1270  No.12483752


Maybe…. maybe not. It's all I can say. But the Official narrative is incredible. You must be aware right now that on a objective basis the Ukraine gov is crooked to the core. They are desperate and they will do whatever it take to save themselves. For the rest of the story… time will tel.

479228  No.12483884


Baste, now link the story about ukrops attempting to smuggle in AK-630.

But at least they do jobs poles wouldn't do™

Certainly don't have territorial claims emboldened by CIA with their Bandera LARP.

if baste ukrainian natsoc was real and not a psyop, Symon Petlura would be the leader they'd idolize

>gave Ukraine independence

>defeated Bolsheviks alongside Poland

>Assassinated by kikes in broad daylight (kike got away)

>his death caused pogroms around Ukraine


more or less in chronological order

>destruction of the gold standard

>creating federal reserve

>destruction of nationalism, fascism and natsoc

>lend lease to Soviets

>Giving away South America, Africa, Half of Europe, Most of Asia to communists

>racemixing at gunpoint

>export of decay, fast food and degeneracy


hey huwite retard, congratulations on being best goyim.

Not only you're 100% white, but you've given the kikes samples of your DNA.

Did you know that Apartheid era South Africa was developing biological weapons that can target specific ethnicities?

Fortunately racists were smashed and all research was seized by your friends in Israel and Jewnited Toilets of America.

Now, what could a country with an ethnic cleansing bioweapon could use a DNA database they charge dumb goyim like you for…

dc362e  No.12483948

File: 105a7015dd6571e⋯.jpg (376.39 KB, 1914x883, 1914:883, murrican_woominz.jpg)


The Langleyfags have some explaining to do.

52071d  No.12484779


Syria's getting the S300, and the kikes whined about it. My guess, they're just salty they can't hack the new one into others' aircraft and blame it on whoever launches.

52071d  No.12484825


>but you've given the kikes samples of your DNA.

If you're white, you have nothing to hide!

7dd12a  No.12484875


The only thing you can trust at this point is your own convictions and you know what those are. For all you know every anon, and all the normalfag bullshit everywhere else on the internet could just be a fucking bot.

000000  No.12485361


(((DNA))) is Jewish (((Science)))

52071d  No.12485409



The real reason to get your DNA tested is to prove you're not a kike :^) Kikes bullshit white people, lulz. But they won't give out the kike free lunch passes to the goyim, so it's solid there. :^)

With 23andme they are a bit more honest than most - they'll update your profile, when new info comes in. Gee, now you're not something you once were told you were.

But that main view is at the 50% confidence level. There's a lot that isn't known about dna. Most Europeans haven't been tested. They have little reason to do so, of course. That's partly because they have a national identity, not a racial one.

52071d  No.12485735

Pro tip. That:


is a kike.

52071d  No.12485739


Specifically, ADL//Mossad.

52071d  No.12485892



kike it is.

df0407  No.12485900


<Based Russia or Russia Bases?

52071d  No.12485972




ca8a5c  No.12485982


Go sober up.

ca8a5c  No.12485995


Yeah, I can tell. Go sober up. It's fucking embarrassing watching you make an ass of yourself. What are you, a spic? Getting drunk on a weekday? Did you mow an extra-big yard today, so it's party time now? Are you fucking kidding me? And yet you're some sort of authority on European blood purity? Get the fuck out of here. What a goddamn waste.

As if we don't have enough problems with shills, now we have drunk retards like you to deal with. Go to TRS, they'll give you a podcast if you say "nigger" enough. You'd probably fit in better there anyway, you fucking boozehound.

ca8a5c  No.12486015


America is a race of mongrels. You know what mongrels do? They get drunk and talk a bunch of shit. Mutts and mongrels have no self control. Mutts and mongrels pursue the lowest common denominator of brain-chemical pleasure using the cheapest variants of substances they can find. Mongrels and mutts get wasted on worknights because "LOL YOLO". So I guess you're a fucking mongrel. If not, you might as well move to America. It seems like your kind of place.

df7b3d  No.12486021


There is a massive psy-op going on currently.

Rothschild's bloodbath incoming

52071d  No.12486031


On many levels. It's a haunting thing to behold. There are zero outlets in the US permitted to exist as anti-zionist without being (((shut down))).

ab6738  No.12486035


You probably are an American. You're probably just one of the self-hating kind who suffers from self-loathing because you're mixed race and therefore has a crisis of identity. That's the only thing I can think of. Normal (full-blooded European) people don't behave like you behave. You're a powder keg of emotional turmoil. You're essentially a woman. You post like Elliot Rodger spoke: angrily and aimlessly. I don't have any advice for you, but I hope the shame you feel in the morning is crushing.

And yes, my ID is different. Us Europeans actually have to beware of our online activities. So it's best that I change my proxy every so often.

df7b3d  No.12486043


psy-op on the ground. watch out for biggest happening in next fews days. France and Germany are main target of B'nai Brith

52071d  No.12486045


>You're a powder keg of emotional turmoil.


>You post like Elliot Rodger spoke

Jesus fuck, kike, damn your nation. You spittle shitt just fuck off already. You're so transparent in your attempts at stirring up a fight.

52071d  No.12486053


Lad, you're being baited by a pro. He's paid to never listen, never to understand, always try to cause bad feelings.

That's the irony. If you see someone who is hellbent on creating bad emotions, they're either a troll (less likely these days(!!!)) or a paid shill, most commonly ADL.

52071d  No.12486057


You're attempting to derail the thread. For that I have severely censured you, and I curse your nation and (((your))) people.

52071d  No.12486059

I do not permit derailing. You can damn well fuck off.

a85630  No.12486063


Qanon larping again trumpcuck, go back to nu/pol/. I think they'll be celebrating Hanukkah like the good little goys they are

ab6738  No.12486075


You quoted the wrong person. Have we found another steady drinker ready to cast the first stone? How embarrassing. How many of you skirts are so ready to sling lead for Uncle Adolf, yet can't even pull the bottle from your lips?


Oh, you're REALLY mad. Like EXTRA mad. Probably because of your 12% or more of non-European blood flowing in your veins. That tends to make a body more emotional and less composed.

52071d  No.12486089


Yes, gone are the days one can go online in a relaxed state. I recommend taking up reading. Maybe get an eink reader (lots of new options are emerging), sideload free books, easily obtained here (wikipedia, because the links change):


You convert epubs (& easily get them onto your eink device) using this:


The advantage of eink is that they're lousy for stuff like chans and other toxic crap (like twitter, fb - I know some people cannot give them up. if not, then minimize use).

52071d  No.12486092

We do have a bit of laughter:

Israel will not last for long - they're imploding. The national prosecutor has recommended Bibi be indicted.

ab6738  No.12486093


I told you I was changing my ID here: >>12486035

>And yes, my ID is different. Us Europeans actually have to beware of our online activities. So it's best that I change my proxy every so often.

I can't imagine being such a drunk, pampered, fat, burger to miss clearly typed words. I can't imagine. You, I guess, don't have to imagine. It's your state of being.

52071d  No.12486098


I, for one, am a "Burger," my IQ is easily 2-3x yours, and my (((23andme))) reports I am over 99% white, with all contaminants at the "50% level" which means (((pseudoscience))). I have no fear. I don't care about your little insult game. Why the hell are you in here? The topic is Ukraine, martial law there, ships seized, not a fucking small potatoes thing.

ab6738  No.12486112


I saw you as a self-loathing burgerfat, I dug through your deflective bullshit towards the truth, and now you've identified as a self-loathing burgerfat. You have no fear? LOL you have no sobriety. Go to bed, you fucking embarrassment.

ab6738  No.12486118


Changed proxies, huh? At least be honest like I was.

52071d  No.12486125


Right, so you don't compliment me.

Gee, that's the end of it. Someone on the Internet is calling me names

(Interestingly, he works for an intel agency, and doesn't want this thread to be seen).

216b5b  No.12486131

What exactly do the Jews want out of war with Ukraine?

ab6738  No.12486135


>If I swing at the empty air hard enough, I'll hit something! Hopefully it's white :(


>doesn't want this thread to be seen

Why haven't I saged, mutt?


You misspelled "schizo", you poor ethanol-addicted burgerfat peasant.

52071d  No.12486136


Well, thing is, he's pointing out a pre-existing cleavage, and a bit of a sore spot. I mean, I can't prove I'm pure white, can I? I mean, I am, but I can't prove it. Meanwhile, a low percentage of contamination wouldn't be especially problematic either (consider a doberman that has 5% weenie dog - you gonna treat it like a weenie dog? jejjed)

These are pretty reasonable points, and the way to defuse it is just to be aware of this, and to find it uninteresting, because our self-worth doesn't come out of an understanding of a stranger on the Internet, especially not a member of an intel agency attempting to derail a thread on the Ukraine and the fact we are at the greatest risk of WW3 than we have ever been, under Trump.

52071d  No.12486144


>ethanol-addicted burgerfat peasant

ha ha ha

you mamzer. Americans don't care about that.

52071d  No.12486147

I can speak proudly that I began this thread. It's perhaps the most important thread of my lifetime, and I got to start it. Well, sort of. Someone else made the first habbening thread.


52071d  No.12486150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's the end of the world… and I feel comfy.

ab6738  No.12486153


"White" is an American social construct used to differentiate the yeomanry from the negro slaves. Furthermore, you fucking idiot, once again you quote me in lieu of your moronic lackey. Maybe you need to sober up too, assuming you're not just a proxy for drunkburgeranon to vent his angry 56% rantings.

52071d  No.12486157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alternate video


> landed on the moon

> invented airplanes

> invented jesus

Yep, America is amazing.

437dff  No.12486162

File: 4ea70bdb83d7391⋯.jpeg (227.97 KB, 1242x756, 23:14, 5341D420-FCD2-4BE9-A27A-D….jpeg)

Here’s to Russia completely annexing Ukraine soon. If cooler heads don’t prevail, then I’m hoping Ukrainians are mass slaughtered to the point where the Holodomor will look like Parkland in comparison.

ab6738  No.12486165


You girls get a good night's sleep. I'll even wait 6 hours for your hangovers to dissipate. And then I'll be back to wreck your shit again.

52071d  No.12486167


He could be literally anything. Or she. Worthless to me. Useless.

52071d  No.12486171


Or, you could discuss the topic. Now there's a thought. But you're a sockpuppet. Wash, rinse, repeat.

52071d  No.12486173

I nailed him:


s/He doesn't understand meme culture. Not from here.

a85630  No.12486174

File: 9cbdf7145865d0f⋯.jpg (68.62 KB, 800x445, 160:89, putin sucking jewish cock.jpg)


GOOD. Russia is a kike infested shithole, anyone still defending rabbi putin must be a shill

52071d  No.12486175

Oh. Both are disrupting the thread. Lulz.


Yep, pro work. ADL//Mossad.

Basically, 2 talk to themselves, argue, derailing the thread. sometimes a 3rd is added to intensify attention on the 2. Commonly, it's just 1 guy sockpuppeting.

When the pros come out to disrupt, you know you've got a fine thread. Kek's own best.

5768c0  No.12486186


Stop using this proxy. Roll to 162.5.02. Also, check your emails.

a85630  No.12486201


How much does kushner pay you? I really want to know. Your jewish tricks will not work on us, we never supported that orange kike, and never will

52071d  No.12486203

Weird shills.

52071d  No.12486206


Not topical. Sod.

52071d  No.12486214

This is the fallacy known as (((poisoning the well))):


It's the default behavior of ADL//Mossad.

a85630  No.12486215




Your (((mods))) will not stop us NatSocs taking back this board, you MAGApedes are not welcome here any longer

52071d  No.12486218

Also of interest, ADL//Mossad started using deep learning AI this year to aid them in shilling. But there are certain traits of their system which can be exploited.

52071d  No.12486220


A topic which doesn't interest me. Got something interesting to talk about?

52071d  No.12486235


< I


52071d  No.12486237

The process shills use fascinates me! They talk about themselves, as if it's not the weirdest shit you ever saw!!!

a85630  No.12486239


Go back to watching infowars and fapping to tranny porn, mutt. Reported for being a trumpnigger

52071d  No.12486245

Everyone is welcome to comment on this topic. Yes, you can visit Infowars and MSNBC and Fox News and The Guardian, and the BBC, and whatever you want (who would say otherwise?!) But of course, doubt everything.

Now, regarding the sockpuppets "arguing" - fake. Totally fake. But a parasite which is unavoidable, now, online.

437dff  No.12486323

Every Ukrainian needs to be genocided.

c4be11  No.12486546

Haha dead thread. Dead like JEWkrainians soon.

a85630  No.12486571


Stupid shill, trumpstein will stand by and watch putin shove that russian talmud up your filthy sub-human asses

c4be11  No.12486617


Stupid burger, how about realize that Russians are good people and JEWkrainians are mostly kikes, especially in government? Ahaha

9f8125  No.12486713


So you mean.. the US forcing russia to use hardware and troops in Syria is genius, because it only took the US using hardware and troops in Syria to get that outcome. Genius masterclass move! Russia used 60k troops in rotation, with only like 4k at a time. How many besides some contractors do you imagine they've lost? 100?

Well clearly indebting Syria. Building practiced military ties with Iraq, Iran and bringing India under more influence. Even Turkey has been wavering on abandoning Nato, EU, US backing.

All well Russia sells 3-5billion or 30%+ more arms exports each year since the Syrian war advertised.

If people in the west actually think this is improving maneuvering in some way, the west is fucked.

9f8125  No.12486722


>Geopolitical standpoint

Kurdistan helps the US geopolitically? It needs outright US troops because kurds get overrun even by Iraq. So the US gets to station troops that they can't truly supply. Well surrounded by 5 countries that all share the goal of destroying it.

9f8125  No.12486725



Oops, it's a Nigger. Ignore these replies.



000000  No.12486792


You reek of hapa tbh


>France and Germany are main target

why? they are already the most pozzed


>because the links change

another reason we need to move everything of value over to zeronet and/or i2p



half kike, half chink

even the head of your armed forces is a chink

24db0d  No.12486929


>Millennial faggots are the only ones between us and certain annihilation

In what way?

a9f41b  No.12487044


>Exchange Stabilization Fund

Oooh, someone's paying attention. That fund is a big source of monies for a big player, but the Treasury Secretary works for another team now. That change must be a much bigger reason for the well-funded opposition to Trump than any of his theatrics. Theatre for the little people! Oh, Trump, save us! Ha, ha, if they knew.

000000  No.12487070

Mrs Merkel said the crisis was "entirely the doing of the Russian president".


c4be11  No.12487726


“Russians are half chink”, says the kike Torpedo. Why is it that all the Tor users on /pol/ are literal pedophiles or schizos?

233270  No.12487842

Reminder that there will be no war over this, and if there is, not a single person will do anything except go die for Israel like they are commanded.

000000  No.12487896

Trump dumps Putin


b9fc89  No.12487916


>unironic boomer jingoism

(((They))) are not sending their best.

b9fc89  No.12487920


As long as it keeps triggering (((you))), it's okay.

b9fc89  No.12487928


>russia is a jewish empire and putin himself is a jew

Remind me again who's fighting against Israeli expansionism in Syria?…

18c9ce  No.12487929

>Zognald von Drumpfenstein - Draft Dodger the 3rd

>Making complex geopolitical decisions


b9fc89  No.12487937

File: 0cf036f80cd9f02⋯.jpeg (9.27 KB, 182x277, 182:277, soymilk.jpeg)


Been a while since I saw a more redditish post.

000000  No.12487941


remind me again who didn't retaliate when israel shot down russian planes over syria?

b9fc89  No.12487950


>putting darwin along with a bunch of kikes

>not the joos

So are you the kike that pretends to be a young-earth-creationist goy in all those threads?

b9fc89  No.12487955


Remind me again who will start WW3 if someone dares to shoot down a kike plane?

b9fc89  No.12487961


>muh collusion

Never go full shariablue, nigger.

4fd252  No.12487981

File: c8362f3f20c95a5⋯.jpg (28.55 KB, 695x369, 695:369, iacnadsf.JPG)



Yeah, there's a lot more kikes in Russia from everything I've seen. So I'm pulling for Ukraine simply because less kiked.

630b57  No.12488117

Literally what the fuck is Ukraine's problem?

000000  No.12488178


Russia hasn't gotten the memo of its own impending collapse and balkanization, so it's still playing "The Big Game" as if they had a future.

6eec1f  No.12489096


Let me paraphrase it:

>russia raep me

>let's remove russian fuehrer

>let's throw autistic shitfit about removing russia

>let's vote for retarded leader but he's ukr

>elect corrupt slimy subhuman, worse than everything kremlin gave you

>4 years later

>waaahh our president is a corrupt slimy subhuman

>*autistic screeching*

>we wuz black sea

>wtf we wuz not black sea

>let's vote for woman that is even more corrupt xDDDDDDDD but she pretends to be nationalism xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Ukraine is a depressing joke.

000000  No.12489110


>let's vote for woman

who? that milf tymoshenko?

40f879  No.12489134

Petro Poroshenko has shown Sky News aerial photographs he says reveal more and more tanks on the country's border with Russia.



Any confirmation? Why is this being done right before G20?

6eec1f  No.12489138


According to the Ukrainians I've talked to, Tymoshenko is decisively leading the polls. Poroshenko and his fellow oligarchs can barely reach 15%.

a412d3  No.12489148

Can you imagine the soyboy gen being conscripted?

32adcc  No.12489156


Because whites killing whites is completely different from whites killing shitskin invaders.

000000  No.12489200


she's hot as fuck at least she used to be and corrupt as fuck too.

i guess ukrainians just want more of the same

437dff  No.12495424

File: 59f8f685b8b69a4⋯.jpeg (60.84 KB, 960x478, 480:239, 821C3735-99FA-4717-870A-2….jpeg)

Fun fact: Ukrainians aren’t even a separate ethnicity. The country did not exist prior to the USSR and has since been used like a pawn for western powers against Russia. Azov and Pravyi Sektor are Jew controlled “Nazi” groups who’ll never take power. Russia and Saudi Arabia are growing relations and the ones with China, Iran and Syria have never been better. The 21st century will go down as the era where the west collapsed and fell apart due to its corruption and demographic change while the east lead the way, Russia via taking over Europe and China via New Silk Road.

437dff  No.12495450

File: 147fbd3464fe6c8⋯.jpeg (318.78 KB, 1704x2048, 213:256, 1AA812DA-D2D1-41F2-B97C-4….jpeg)

The ideal stance for /pol/ to take is to support Russia through and through. The west along with the EU is going to collapse and countries like China and Iran will join the EAEU. The civil wars that will be brewing in the Anglosphere and Western Europe will only contribute to the destabilization and inevitable collapse of the west as we know it. Old global hegemon: US/UK/France/Germany/Israel. New global hegemon: Russia/China/Iran.

02900c  No.12495457


They are nationalists cause they don't want their police to look the other way while 1200 white schoolgirls are molested and raped by "asains"

02900c  No.12495464


Ideal stance is to support China and russia… fuck this glownigger

02900c  No.12495470


If we had a legit draft the dems would call it unconstational

437dff  No.12495517

File: da75e63b1a2af4b⋯.jpeg (65.64 KB, 960x373, 960:373, F315BEB4-B594-4FE1-AA8B-3….jpeg)


If you’ve been following the currency wars, you would know that Russia and China will start exchanging in currencies other than the petrodollar. As the west continues to fall apart, so to will the dollar. Contrary to what spergs on this thread say, Russia is very much a rapidly developing superpower and several notches above any western nation. In a way, to make a better comparison of old and new global hegemons:

USA > Russia

UK > China

France/Germany > Iran/Saudi Arabia under Russian influence

Canada > Syria

I know you think I’m some CIA nigger for stating the harsh truth, but it is what it is.

000000  No.12495535


JPN just traded 30b with China, but calling for people to support them is def some glow shit. Hence the huge Kasshogi narrative push. It's all about killing the dollars ability to sanction. Calling to back Russia is def glowfag

31bd95  No.12495558

File: f3b78e9e2c46b9e⋯.png (254.87 KB, 401x416, 401:416, cianigs.png)


>Ukraine Drawing US into WORLD WAR III

Not going to happen. I'm in the know. It's not exactly a ruse, but not even remotely out of control. Besides no one gives a fuck about cukraine. Syria was a bigger problem because of pissrael. Keep up the failing maunvers you dumb spooks, no one gives a fuck about your little ww3 hopes.

I mean ukraine? Really? Lol goddamn no one even pays for fuckin nato anymore to even care about going the stupid khazarian outpost let alone start a war over it. Putin can annex it and no one is even going to blink an eye. What are you going to do, get france and germany to fund nato? Lol

437dff  No.12495560

File: aaeee0da36daae9⋯.jpeg (205.18 KB, 1242x1151, 1242:1151, 4EC0721F-1583-4968-B2BF-6….jpeg)


Khashoggi got what was coming to him. Supporting Russia isn’t “glowfag” shit, it’s something that most of the world is already doing. Even dissidents in the west are turning to Russia for comfort.

95fc54  No.12496317


So basically a Ukrainian Sarah Palin?

captcha: YepHrl

21121e  No.12496454


>Some shitty land

Most fertile agricultural lands in Europe if I'm not mistaken and there is a cultural boost to be gained since Kiev is a key city in Russian lore.


The USSR used to have flaky alliances with Middle Eastern countries purely based on mutual opportunism. Now Russia earned the loyalty of Syria and the respect of Iran. These relations aren't easy to get, Russia has firmly embedded itself in the Middle East. While on the other hand USA has a shaky relationship with EU at best and its only real allies are UK which has an insecure future and Israel which is an isolated fortification in the Middle East.

36332f  No.12496555

File: 9a756073d8317e9⋯.jpg (191.13 KB, 581x845, 581:845, yulia tymoshenko.jpg)

655ed9  No.12496622

File: 3d44ef96fac7621⋯.webm (4.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dubssong.webm)

File: 17ecb34d82d7d26⋯.gif (738.35 KB, 400x174, 200:87, working digits.gif)

>>12496555 (mommy)

Fucking checked.

c2d3e9  No.12497320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>turning to Russia for comfort

Putin's outlawed criticism of jews and holocaust revisionism. What the fuck are you talking about?

c2d3e9  No.12497434

The video above is Brandon Martinez destroying Nazbols and their spokesman, Eric Striker. Martinez made a vid debunking Striker's pro-Putin worship a few days ago. Striker replied to Martinez's vid and Martinez goes on a 52 minute rant/dissection of Striker's resppnse. Good stuff. For the record, Striker is an interesting commentator and I enjoy his critiques of Jewish power, but he's such a disingenuous fraud on his geo-political Putin cucking.

a98d16  No.12497489

File: a62cad43b7d7bad⋯.jpg (493.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, elsa.jpg)

File: 24cf7e464a43cd1⋯.jpg (14.39 KB, 474x333, 158:111, tymo.jpg)






She's Elsa: the politician.

Her braids are so fucking cute.

ceec57  No.12497573

Good. Let the world burn, there is nothing worth saving.

a59df1  No.12497584

000000  No.12511999


>The EU and US might vaguely appear to be on each other’s side but are in fact adversaries but not enemies not quite yet.

Stopped reading there.

000000  No.12512006


>An act that would discredit Putin's government and lead to sanctions, the election of a liberal or overthrow.

JIDF shilling is on point as usual on this board.

000000  No.12512007

000000  No.12512021


>Continuing the policy of the previous administration is a master move.

Master move to benefit Zionist fags like you.

000000  No.12512051


If you support NATO, you're a liberal, imperialist warmonger.

cd869c  No.12512102

File: 3cdfc81349d5832⋯.jpg (229.91 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 31.jpg)




This is your brain on Fox news.

000000  No.12512114


They have a habit of omitting the Odessa massacre where anti-coup activists were beaten, choked and burnt to death when mentioning Ukraine in their glossy documentaries.


-> https://www.rt.com/news/386785-odessa-massacre-three-years-on/

-> https://www.fort-russ.com/2017/05/odessa-massacre-3-years-on-nobody/

-> https://crimesofempire.com/category/odessa-massacre-2/

b45845  No.12513525


>all liberal movements including funding communism which was german= American funded

>all stupid fucking gay social trends started in america

>nigger tolerance and love =american

>gay tolerance and love = american

>early waves of feminism = england/america

>jew worship and it's greatest defender

>military bases all over the world, diverse soldiers rape and pilfer host countries with no punishment.

yeah russia and china sure are awful

b45845  No.12513536

File: 23de8d03a691074⋯.png (23.37 KB, 741x649, 741:649, 1437392201671.png)







e0cfa2  No.12514431


That might be true but first there is a lot of things you need to understand:

1) That border doesn't exist. It's something that came up in 1991 and is literally a line on a map, there is no physical barrier of any kind between Russia and Ukraine.

Worse because the USSR massive farms cooperatives you have countless lands that are enclaves because the farm building where on one side of the frontier when the land attributed for the farms for various farming reasons and cultures aren't on the same side. Hell you have actual towns where one side of the sidewalk is in Russia the other is in Ukraine.

So the whole thing is in an actual legal limbo as to where the frontier actually is (which make it very easy for both sides to "pretend they're lost"). Add the fact that anyone born in the USSR (so pre-1991) can claim either nationality and the simple idea of controlling the coming at the border going is completely laughable.

2) Because it's an undefined borderland, Russian military presence is and HAS ALWAYS BEEN heavy.

Rostov-on-Don, Russia most strategic city in the south is an hour drive from the Ukrainian border.

It is very much a military city (and one of the most populous in Russia) as it is the headquarters of the entire Russian Southern Military District, and there are countless military bases scattered around as it's home to an army group-size formation (so at least around 250 tanks and a couple thousands IFV/APCs). Again this isn't new Rostov is a strategic point, it was a thing in the Soviet era hell it was a thing in the Imperial era.

And because of the 1) thing you have some of the military terrains for maneuver are actually LITERALLY on the border and after the split the Russian and Ukrainian just kept each one side of a joint maneuver field.

So Russian tanks can actually drive aaaaaalllll the way to the 0.01km of the border and just be doing regular training shit (they actually have stopped using that field, it obviously but in theory they could).

233270  No.12514457


Global report.

c4193a  No.12519600



>Ukraine's defense ministry warned Russia on Friday that it will soon send navy ships through the Kerch Strait where Russia fired on and seized three Ukrainian vessels two weeks ago.

2dd7b3  No.12520021


seems to me like an old (((witch))) has a white female under her (((spell))) and is being used to lure you into the (((witches))) trap where she will fatten you up and eat you

hansel and gretel was a story about the jews (the witch) the german people (hansel and gretel) and the fatheland (their father)

I could post this theory in more detail if you would like

233270  No.12520034


Global report.

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