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File: 9b9d46a4df1ffd5⋯.png (376.98 KB, 1543x719, 1543:719, 1532915779632.png)

File: 728b62a39136bc2⋯.png (54.94 KB, 2029x1559, 2029:1559, Violence.png)

e133b6  No.12482347

There are more calls for action and violence today than there have been in quite some time. One thing is certain, we have a serious violence deficit. This is not a call to action, this is all based upon observation. There are a few Ideologies as to how, when, where and against whom violence must be done. The focus of this is to describe the state of violence rather than the application of it.

Many of the problems we presently face are a result of the hyper-pacification being pushed on the west since the "cultural revolution" of the 60s. It really didn't kick off until the financial crisis when occupy wall street was co-opted by feminists and then the LGBTBBQWTF, but ever since that point, when a real movement of disaffected people was made impotent by the screaming of hysterical women, communists and the mentally ill (arguable all of these fit under the last category), there's been no real violence. It is because men no longer are able to take the lead and "man up" in social groups due to "diverse" groups requiring hypersensitivity, and the laws in place to enforce such sensitivity.

Another cause of our inability to use violence is its complete monopolization by the state. If one looks at the same “progressive” trends which have been enabling the advance of feminism, homosexuality and transsexuality, they will see another aspect which has been largely codified into law. Violence against women, violence against children, violence against minorities, which all can be paraphrased as “violence by men.” These laws have taken all power from men. I am not saying men should be beating their family daily, but I am saying there is a difference between discipline and abuse. The legal system vehemently disagrees with this point. A man may no longer spank his child. A woman may now use the state against her husband using the provisions of these violence against X laws. Now all a woman must do is say a man is violent and he is kicked out of his house, only able to return with police supervision. She may then proceed to take a portion of his salary for herself, a portion of his salary for his children (whom he may no longer see due to his being “violent”) and all of this in addition to half of his accrued assets. This entire process is to use violence against men to teach them that they are not allowed to have power, authority or autonomy. It is to turn man into a more compliant and docile animal so he can be a good pet for the state.

In the United states there is a bit of a different impact. Due to gun ownership, there is a violence threshold of sorts. Violence is totally unacceptable until it is time to kill (see attached graph for clarification). The prepper and “office worker operator” (the guy in middle management with an AR, Crye precision tactical pants with matching plate carrier who is just waiting for the civil war to break out) are a symptom of this. People know somethings wrong, people know they are forbidden from doing anything about it. But damn are they ready if someone starts to do something about it. It is, sadly, consumerism. Rather than being engaged in society and mobilizing politically, people have decided to rebel by purchasing rebellion supplies. There is nothing happening because we’re too busy buying stuff so we know we are ready for the happening. People are pursuing violence by being passive, hoping for a war that will never come, because people are too busy making sure they are ready for that war.

e133b6  No.12482350

This trend towards passive violence can be seen anywhere men congregate. They watch a sport so they can be armchair violence commentators. They play a videogame so they can play pretend violence. They watch a show so they can imagine themselves being the hero. They want to participate in violence, but it is forbidden, so they must find a way to feel violent while sitting down. The last realm of the most benign form of violence (violence only in that you can still have an impact on others), free speech, is being removed as we speak. Increased censorship of opinions against those who we saw earlier in the “violence against X” laws has reached every social media platform. “We can’t have people hurting other people’s feelings.” Such sentiment is being used to deny facts with mounds of data supporting them. Such sentiment is attacking people’s livelihoods, with people being fired for politically incorrect views. This is an example of violence used by entities other than the state. It is financial violence, but it certainly has a devastating impact.

What can be done? First, people must begin to organize. The office worker operator probably doesn’t tell anyone he holds politically incorrect opinions because he might lose his job. So he sits alone and thinks about what he can buy next to be more prepared for nothing to happen. People must start networking. People must start organizing. There will never be a protest, a march, a rally or anything if everyone keeps sitting alone, afraid of offending people. When you see something that’s wrong, say something. Be loud, be obnoxious, and if someone is loud and obnoxious about something, be loud and obnoxious back. If you agree with them, agree with them obnoxiously. If you disagree with them, disagree with them loudly. The first step to becoming organized is to become conspicuous and proudly express your beliefs. Do not take this as encouragement to walk into a bar and scream about hating niggers, but if a news story about a transsexual kid comes on comments like “It’s disgusting to see them abuse a child like that” are recommended. There is a difference between loudly supporting your beliefs and being a fool. Don’t be a fool, but it is okay to piss people off.

Beyond organization and networking, there is mostly political consolidation. We must first take back free speech. After free speech can once again be practiced, we can begin openly organizing. The last real right-wing movement was the Tea Party. The goals today have changed from the libertarian ideals of those opposing the bank bailout and mandated health insurance. Were a more unified “alt-right” political party to appear, we would see a very different world. Right now the right is completely fractured. Divide and conquer has left most of us as single issue voters (that issue is gun rights, in case you didn’t know). Everyone is controlled opposition, nobody names the jew enough (except Patrick Little, but someone will say he is controlled opposition too), you’re FBI if you want to do something and the BATFE would like to know what you plan on using to do that something. Sound familiar? It does. It also sounds like a bunch of women talking about reality TV. That is what this whole thing has become. A right wing reality TV show where everyone argues about which of the talking heads is getting FashyPoints™ for saying something that’s either RaceRealism©, JQ®, or about women being vapid whores. Meanwhile nobody is doing anything but watching. You are watching hoping someone will do something. Again, the right and its buzzwords and media personalities are bread and circus. How many threads are derailed because “Gavin’s a fag” “Ricky Spencer is CIA” “Tradthots should die” etc.

e133b6  No.12482351

The only thing I want you to take away from this is that there is an argument against everything. This is what is killing the right. Just like “critical theory” criticized western civilization to its present decrepit state, we are allowing anything resembling a right-wing traditionalist revival to be criticized to death before it even starts. It doesn’t matter if everyone is 1488GTKRWN in a group. It doesn’t matter if someone can baselessly call something a psyop, controlled op, COINTELPRO, no true Scotsman or whatever the insult or discouragement of the day is. The reality we face is criticism is stopping action. Criticism is stopping unification. Criticism is killing any chance of organization for the right wing. We have become a “culture of critique” except we are using the weapon of criticism upon ourselves! We are actively ensuring that nothing ever happens because no plan is ever perfect and most successful plans are primarily making it up as you go. Do you think Julius Caesar knew exactly what he was going to do when he crossed the Rubicon? Do you think he knew the grain allocations required for each region? Do you think he knew how he would restructure the senate after he took Rome? I have a feeling he pretty much only had a plan for taking Rome and a few broad political ideas that were ironed out later. Right now, we are sitting north of the Rubicon. We are a legion without a Caesar. Until we organize, we won’t find a Caesar because when you are only able to congregate on the internet, you can’t congregate without shills (the people who gain the most by employing the constant criticism). As long as we are on the internet only, everyone who tries to take initiative will always be found to be deficient in some way. We need political candidates. We need leaders. We need organization. We need cooperation. We will never get any of these as long as we keep sitting at a computer talking shit.

e133b6  No.12482356

I'm going to work so I won't be replying much until ~5pm EST, inb4 (1). There might be some phoneposting under a different ID.

3c8502  No.12482362



:^) I'm reading it right now, I'll reply seriously later

b04c92  No.12482438

>“office worker operator” (the guy in middle management with an AR, Crye precision tactical pants with matching plate carrier who is just waiting for the civil war to break out)

Wew lad, that hurts because it's too damn true.

bf356a  No.12482600


Adding on to this, we need to stop this constant retreat where we are driven from website to website in order to have a spot to discuss ideas. Shills are an online problem. We should be doing more in public and solidifying a real political party. Ideally this would coincide with a radical left party being formed so we don't end up splitting the vote, but even losing seats to leftists would be okay if it means a real political movement is started.

Finding a way to do this must happen in person for one reason, money. No online payment processors will allow funding to go to right wing causes. Nobody can stop you from handing someone a twenty dollar bill though. Without the initial, in person organization, we simply won't get the funding. This also means we have to be somewhat accommodating to people with money (boomers) without compromising on essential points (e.g. israel is not our ally). This is the point the criticism begins. Right when a group decides to try to become successful and marketable, it suddenly can no longer satisfy the ideal set forth by the intellectuals who motivated the movement. The reason for this is those intellectuals have spent years learning about the issues and realize the truth is racist and antisemitic. The majority of the population, on the other hand, have had "racism bad" and "holocaust" shouted at them incessantly for most of their lives and, as a result, aren't interested in getting behind the reanimated corpse of Hitler. So now everyone starts screaming "optics," and the community is once again devided before anything is accomplished. We need to look at Bismark and remember what realpolitik is. The arguments we are getting are of this "everything or nothing" variety and it keeps resulting in nothing. Again, criticism is paralyzing the right wing.

t. Phoneposting OP

d14e67  No.12482638


aa527b  No.12482641


and what is wrong with beaverposter exactly?

5415af  No.12482654

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)


Cant vote to stop white genocide, cant do nothing.

d0caa1  No.12482667




I don't know exactly what I was planning on reading in this thread, but this is all really great stuff and I think your perspective on activism is spot-on.

Hit up my secure e-mail at thelist@keemail.me – I'd like to hear you elucidate on this further.

d0caa1  No.12482675


Also, this thread is very much related and also has a lot of good info:


bf356a  No.12482816


I need to get a cheap laptop and get back on linux. I know I can't be secure using my present OS/platforms but I need them for work. I wish I could find a laptop from before they put in all the hardware backdoors. For the time being I've pretty much gone full idgaf dox me. I really don't think I'm important enough to merit such scrutiny, and I don't advocate anything illegal. I will write a post here in a while that explains how violence will come about from this, but it should be pretty obvious. Antifa are violent, if there is a right wing organization you know they will go after it. The key is organizing to create a brick and mortar location. Once antifa have a target, we then get to play the "evil violent communists are attacking patriotic Americans on their property" angle and get more support (and more money, we need money badly for all this shit, I mean lawyers, I mean office space, I mean a real political party with all the bells and whistles). We have to get this whole country/world so divided that they see the middle is where the people with power want you. It's a media spectacle that must be created. It's already set up. We have violent idiots who want us dead. Now all that must be done is to give them a target on private property. Our mistake is all of these public marches on public land with police who may or may not defend us. They are dumb enough to do this, look at Tucker Carlson, they were ready to do stupid shit there. Imagine if you gave them a real, political target.

4a9f3c  No.12482928

Quality thread. Have a bump.

359831  No.12482970

I'm not counting any reversal of violence trend - now I'm not saying it's impossible, but in my opinion people are non-violent because there is no reason to be, the infrastructure is currently still too stable. You cannot get many people to go rogue when it's still possible for them to make money, have leisure time, and feed themselves well.

I'm actually pretty surprised, because I distinctly remember during around 2013-2014, people were talking a LOT about the Andrew Breitbart quote describing politics as downstream of culture. Yet people seem to have forgotten that, and never focused on culture in the first place. I mean, how do you convince people that it's okay to cut off a young boy's dick and call him a girl? Obviously, nobody was convinced of this because of an argument - it's something they grew up around and became normal, and now questioning it is directly tied questioning their entire childhood resulting in a high level of entrenchment.

The political right is literally going to go nowhere. It can't go anywhere. It needs a culture to support it. Right now, right wingers are disgusted by the politics of the Current Year but they are still slaves to its culture. I don't really know what can be done to convince people to stop listening to Taylor Swift, and stop making fashwave (literally, pioneered by a tranny - how right wing), but they need to stop doing it ASAP. I agree that people should network, but in the first place right wingers should stop being so hostile and dismissive of people who want to create a cultural alternative. Right now, most people on this board still think anything that isn't inline with Current Year aesthetics and style is cringe. That's a SERIOUS problem, everyone on the right literally hates the left but worships their culture.

137a01  No.12482971

File: f662a80d87709b8⋯.jpeg (334.51 KB, 640x629, 640:629, 7942DDE2-8E35-4079-8B1A-5….jpeg)

Good stuff, bump.

e133b6  No.12483160


I understand where you are coming from, but I am being very general and talking about the cultural element of violence. As you state "politics are downstream of culture" and our present culture is one of passive rather than active violence. Violence as a spectacle rather than an undertaking. Another point I must stress is that I am not advocating for people to "go rogue." I know my post is a bit scattered, this all started as a reply to another thread that then grew into something totally different. I don't want to see Siege happen, I don't want to have RWDS be a thing unless we go full Weimar and antifa becomes LWDS.

I mentioned Bismarck earlier and I wish to return to him as he can teach us a great deal. When Bismarck wanted a war, what did he do? He conducted "military exercises" on the border of the country he wished war with, prompting them to attack him, so that he could gain allies. The Franco-Prussian war was one Bismarck wanted, he got France to attack Prussian forces which gave him Southern Germany as an ally (were they not his ally Austria Hungary indicated they would join the French). Let's keep running with this example, it is a great one that is rarely brought up (were it not for Bismarck there would have been no way Germany could fight the world twice in thirty years). Bismarck and the Prussian military wanted Alsace-Lorraine because it is A) culturally German and B) Full of natural resources needed for the German economy. France’s people wanted a war and Germany wanted a war. By manipulating the press in such a manner to demand French action, he got his war and was not the aggressor. Prussia prevailed and for the next twenty years Bismarck diplomatically undermined them. Now, go back and replace France with Communists/Antifa and replace Bismarck and German/Prussia with right wing. Both the right and left are ready to go for each other’s throats. We need to be Bismarck. We need to be the ones defending ourselves for both legal and political reasons. I hope this example makes it clear that I in no way support going out with the intention to become violent. Be ready to defend yourself but never escalate the situation.

This is another reason I am so adamant about doing more in public. Nobody has a cell phone recording you shitpost. If you are out in the streets and you get attacked, there will probably be a cell phone recording or streaming it. If you are defending yourself, you get a solid legal defense and the movement gets a new propaganda piece, casting leftists in a negative light. Be like Bismarck.

e133b6  No.12483235


As for your idea that right wingers are still in Current Year media culture, I really can't say. I personally use no social media and I don't really watch TV. I listen to some "alt-country" (turnpike troubadours are breddy gud) some classic rock and some esoteric bullshit but It's mostly just there when I am driving. I don't really know how to gauge what media and culture people are consuming. I know that our way of life and culture is degenerate. I don't know how to tell if people are opting out of it though.

When it comes to right wing culture, fashwave is that, at least a small part of it. The matrix was made by a tranny and its ideas are part of /pol/ culture. Remember, this place is a meritocracy and playing identity politics is stupid, especially when it causes you to reject content with merit. I also don't see people demanding it. Right wing culture is really /pol/ culture, we have low budget shows like Murdoch Murdoch, we have our talking heads, we have a pretty substantial little niche. Of course, this isn't everyone who votes conservative, to get all of them would be impossible and would require the dilution of our mostly "underground" culture, which shouldn't be acceptable. The main problem behind having right wing culture is that we are deplatformed everywhere but here. Until we start getting money and building platforms that can host our culture, we are stuck with the chans and cheekyvideos and a few other niche sites. Furthermore, as long as the content can’t be monetized, we really won’t see much more right wing culture come about as people need to eat. This is also going to limit the production value of right wing culture.

As long as the left continues to control the media sphere (music, television, internet) we can’t develop right wing culture to the point you want it. So once again we are back to needing organization in real life to get money and network.

80f5fd  No.12483309


>“Ricky Spencer is CIA”

He might not be CIA, I haven't looked into it, but he is definitely a Ashkenazi jew on his mother's side, meaning that he is a jew by jewish law. Also, I personally had a problem with his family receiving farm subsidies in the tune of millions of dollars each year from the government. I don't believe in government subsidies (theft) from a group of individuals to another individual (or the unjust redistribution of wealth/communism; it is some sort of sick joke that America is 'capitalist' when communism clearly flourishes at every level in the USA). People should stand or fall on their own abilities not because they 'qualify' for government redistributions of wealth (communist theft).

I think you are correct on your take on re-instituting violence within European culture. The problem is that there is a large gap between 'what we are told' (LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES; Europeans, rugged, violent vikings, hair pulling, brutes) and the reality which is that Europeans might just be the most peaceful, laid back easy going people on the planet. Remember it is (((YOUR HISTORY))) that GUILTED THE FUCK OUT OF YOU and told you that you are something you are not. But it is plainly evident by looking, I mean even a cursory examination of the European people that this 'historic culture of violence' is not true at all; I mean not even REMOTELY TRUE. They are high trust, peaceful, cooperative, inventive, artistic and scientific. This (((GUILTING))) process has reduced what was capable of defending itself to NOTHING and the complete inability to defend itself in what is CLEARLY a life and death situation and the ruin of the entire people(s) of Europe.

What to do? IDK I field some real practical and FUCKING OBVIOUS solutions to things and these same people I am trying to save call me 'FBI' and CIA…because god forbid someone defend them against a foreign agenda to mass produce a nation of sexless drone workers, via the torture and genital mutilation which forever inhibits reproduction of their sons, in their own nations. Surely there is nothing worthy of killing someone for more than the deliberate cutting off and genocide of entire lines of DNA (unless you are eugenically modifying people for a specific purpose).

Part of the problems as I currently see it is the endless 'lists of normative' characteristics that we are all supposed to accept or the 'regulation' of everything from our personal expressions and emotions, to the long list of rules of engagement for sexuality (there are some crazy fucking 'rules' for dating, sexuality and marriage out there that are downright bizarre), to the methods of raising children, general education, social pressure and peer pressure; all of these 'normative ideologies' are determined and laid out by foreigners WITHIN our nations (via their agencies and media)…so it is a cultural overwriting of anything that MIGHT have been natural or understood within our own societies.

Anytime something becomes 'rule' or 'law' we should be asking ourselves; WHOSE 'RULE' and WHOSE 'LAW'?

You are correct that 'Law' is nothing more that a bunch of mashed up tree with ink on it…it is the most ephemeral of all ideas…something codified, without individual input, for YOU, BY SOMEONE ELSE. It supersedes the rights and pursuits of the individual to self expression or the pursuit of JUSTICE. Who decided this and why isn't it up to the INDIVIDUAL to ascertain his own ideological, moral and physical pursuits? I would not have someone else 'take charge' of the individual's decisions, but would rather see the individual express their own innate understanding of what is correct for themselves.

Anyway…some things to think about. This is how humanity has been 'made in the image' of the kikes, rather than in their own image or the image of their own gods. Honestly those kikes need a beating to end all beatings for superseding the natural diversity of peoples and nations and subverting them to their own agenda.

If fascism, the weapon of the jews against all nations, is what you want, then stop complaining that your genetic lines and children are being cut off forever from reproduction. The genital mutilation and taking of slaves without any hope for a future is part and parcel of jewish thought and this has been the agenda for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Kikes are original in their thinking. IDK just waiting for people to really DECIDE what is important for them, I suppose.

828f80  No.12483348


There's very little "right wing" about much that goes on here.

8c5cfa  No.12483369


The main reason why calls for violence is making a major comeback is because white men are realizing they have lost almost every legal method of reclaiming their country and that leaves violence as the final option. Considering that within the next few years, shitskin populations will push out white men votes, and legal methods to remove them are no longer an option, the solution is now to remove shitskins by force.

This shouldn't be a surprise to no one. The (((left))) has successfully imported shitskins and bred them. The final phase of shitskins outvoting white men is almost complete. There are no other viable options available. They either start dying now, or whites willl face a slow death. We only truly have a few years left, but we have to act now.

80f5fd  No.12483374


>The matrix was made by a tranny and its ideas are part of /pol/ culture.

That movie was a bit of really divine Chaos Magic including having both brothers make the decision to become transexual. I mean it was a MASTERSTROKE almost a ingenious as 9/11 (which was also Chaos Magic designed to destroy heterosexuality). Both had immense reverberations within many levels of reality.

e133b6  No.12483378


>He might not be CIA, I haven't looked into it, but he is definitely a Ashkenazi jew…

My primary point is even though he has some baggage, he's still advocating right wing stuff. We can find something about everyone that will disqualify them. What I personally want to see is us move away from these criticisms and flame wars over who is what and therefore "unclean" in the eyes of /pol/. We should vet the people we listen to, to an extent. Going back to what I said here >>12483235 about content creators, we shouldn’t disregard an idea because of who said it. Anonymous platforms are about meritocracy and we need to transition that strength into our interpretation of events and individuals. Care about what is said, not who is saying it.

>re-instituting violence in western culture

This is exactly what I was getting at. You also make the connection that European Civilization has, for the most part, been the most cooperative and peaceful. Denying violence a place in the world is not the way to create a peaceful society though. People must know when and where such things are appropriate or necessary, and right now it is only the state which may deem it appropriate. It has taken a fundamental aspect of the human experience and deprived us of it. When justice was not done, there used to be a lynch mob. Today we just shake our heads and complain about corruption. That is the best example I have.

>'regulation' of everything from our personal expressions and emotions

Spot on. This and your point about the law go hand in hand and touch on what I meant when I was talking about the “violence against X” laws. Rather than being able to live and, using your example of dating, try to do what you think will “get you the girl” you instead have to be afraid of being accused of sexual misconduct. “Why are you touching my leg” “Uh sorry I though we were getting along well…” “That’s sexual harassment and I’m going to report it to…” Were that conversation to take place between work colleagues, the man would probably be fired. It is as if they have taken the idea of “thought police” and forced men to be in a state of constantly questioning “is this okay,” “Can I say that or will it offend someone” etc.

235d03  No.12483379






The reason why there are calls for violence is because we aren't making the calls. It's feds and shills trying to get low IQ types to commit crime since minorities benefit from their persecution complex.

e133b6  No.12483408


Check out different sites, news outlets and media. Just because the Overton window here has Hitler as a centrist doesn't mean most ideas and discussion aren't right wing. It is one of the things I find interesting about political discussion on anonymous imageboards, the arguments that hold up are very right wing.


We have to get organized IRL. We need an organization, we need money, we need lawyers. I found my new mantra for this, Be like Bismarck. I go into it here >>12483160


I don't know if I would give it mystical qualities, but it definitely started people thinking about the fact that "shit ain't right."

I am going to take this opportunity to plug the book from book thread 3 Forging the Hero, who does more is worth more. I'm still reading it, but it partially inspired this thread. Link >>12151497

e133b6  No.12483414


I have heard middle aged women talk about civil war recently. This isn't just an imageboard phenomenon.

80f5fd  No.12483443


See, this must be discussed and ironed out. If people actually desire to be genocided or to be a remnant permanent slave class for all time, because they won't lift a finger to defend themselves, then that is your/their decision. But at least you can state that you desire forever slavery to semitic overlords openly. BTW There are worse things than dying anon, if you think their misconduct is bad now, wait until they can murder you with a slip of the tongue…or order you to cannibalize your living but paralyzed child for their 'dinner entertainment'…because they think it is funny. You won't be able to 'disobey' a direct order BTW, just in case you are thinking that 'I won't do that'…LMAO, yes you will, you will do whatever they tell you and more.

Your problem is that you don't KNOW THEM or have any really clear perception of their inability to tell 'right' from 'wrong' on any real level. They are a level of criminal that your mind has no really ability to process or come to grips with, in many ways they really are 'beyond' your understanding morally.

828f80  No.12483454


Right wing is what exists pre-French revolution. Everything "right" since then has been conservatism or aggressive conservatism. In America, Right or WN just means going back to the 1950s.

Racial problems are largely a separate category and it's laughable to call the "reaction" right wing or traditional.

0d3d37  No.12483467


> It is because men no longer are able to take the lead and "man up" in social groups due to "diverse" groups requiring hypersensitivity, and the laws in place to enforce such sensitivity.

It's because all violence has been delegated to the state. it's not that we are not capable of it. we also know that the legal system is just as corrupt as a living jew. no one wants to go to jail for lashing out, especially now that everyone will disavow you like faggot niggers if you do strike back. there is no support for violence.

38ccb7  No.12483469

File: 119a55c6a64dea1⋯.png (34.88 KB, 1491x201, 497:67, pol's autism.png)

Good post, OP, I'll give my .02


>Just like “critical theory” criticized western civilization to its present decrepit state, we are allowing anything resembling a right-wing traditionalist revival to be criticized to death before it even starts. It doesn’t matter if everyone is 1488GTKRWN in a group. It doesn’t matter if someone can baselessly call something a psyop, controlled op, COINTELPRO, no true Scotsman or whatever the insult or discouragement of the day is. The reality we face is criticism is stopping action. Criticism is stopping unification. Criticism is killing any chance of organization for the right wing.

I can get behind that sentiment, but not in the way that many on our side say is just "purity spiraling". Most of the time when they say that it's people enforcing a standard for their shitty behavior, much like pic related entails. The only problem is there should be wiggle room for the range of behaviors in for people born in this modern society (which can be rather hard to get rid of such as playing vidya or listening to certain types of music) without giving way to non white influences. Standards should be enforced such as not tolerating race-mixing or allowing nonwhites and jews, since that really defeats the ultimate purpose of white nationalism. But if say a person is white, pro-white, gay, and doesn't make their life centered around being a flamboyant sodomite. If this person is like Ryan Faulk, then they are okay in my book.

>but where is the line drawn for people who say they pro-white or anti-leftist?

I'd say that's a case by case basis based on a person's actions. Take Jordan Peterson for example. People like him because he attacks low-hanging fruit such as feminists and gets people to clean their rooms, but he actively countersignals against right wing people for being "collectivist" or for being against jews, and he got his big start from jews.

TLDR; don't punch right if they're white and pro-white. Give people their lanes to ultimately reach our goal

c7ee6d  No.12483475

File: d26bc15faea2c51⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 400x263, 400:263, etryuij.jpg)

Very interesting read, this thread.

I'd say the obvious blame for the inactivity of people is definitely the ease at which we are able to entertain ourselves. Just as porn can replace sex for many, films, video games, and the internet (the best video game ever) excel at replacing other urges people might have, like adventure, emotional connection, and, as you said, violence.

I fall into these traps every day, and bonds I've formed with my friends/family are almost exclusively through shared addiction to these easy outlets. It's a fucking nightmare. Occasionally I get fed up and remove myself from access to these things, and it's amazing how many productive activities I start partaking in just out of necessity. You touched on necessity, as well. Necessity is necessary. The Matrix is an apt comparison here. Once they wake someone up in the movie, it is out of necessity that the person continues on with their redpilled life - they can't untake the red pill - but we don't have necessity when we wake up. The option is always there to just give into nihilism. Most of us are running on willpower, and it can't last; we see people burn out all the time. Something has to be done that gives people no other choice but to fight. That's why post apocalyptic films are so popular as escapist entertainment.

Right now we are free from necessity, but enslaved by frivolity. We long for challenges to be forced upon us so our lives have purpose, because we've found that no amount of sweet food or orgasms fulfills us. But the cost/reward situation with all these easy solutions to our basic needs still keeps us from taking big risks.

There's not going to be a battle for the future until there's no enticing alternative.

80f5fd  No.12483488


IDK why but I have a psychological aversion to Dickey; it is his lack of humility and his own perception that he was 'born to rule' which means he is as 'organic' as a bag of cheerios because it is presupposed by him, in his own mind that this was 'his destiny', ergo he has been groomed for the position from birth.

I don't have the same reservation with Patrick though…everything I know about both I am far, far more open to Partick than Dickey. But that is mostly because he is pursuing things that I am interested in as well. Even though I know a little bit about him, I am more favorable to him than many others in the 'movement' which I consider for the most part to be little more than an attempt to butcher the USA to bits by a bunch of (((dogs))). He has the same 'cookie cutter' genetics as the rest, like a bunch of fucking GMO clones if you ask me, but he seems to be enduring a bit of 'discipline' right now for 'going off ranch' and I am mostly enjoying the antics and theatrics surrounding him and watching his response to the situation.

He at least has the potential for genuine (manufactured) leadership…kek…but sometimes you simply have to choose someone who is close to your own agenda if they are a 'chosenite' or well connected enough to wield power. It becomes a question of 'sympathies' (so subtle variations in goals) other than actual alignments of philosophy.

0d3d37  No.12483501


can you get to the fucking point instead of blog-posting a bunch of conclusions we all made years ago?

the answer is that we are post politics, we are post debate, but everyone has been made so fucking submissive we have to wait to be told to start killing the enemies instead of just doing it

the solution there is to practice always supporting men like roof and bowers. ALWAYS. no disavowing, no "hey guys dont do that." NO MORE. do you care about niggers organizing against our race? do you care about kikes actively pushing south america into our land?

quit being faggots. if someone goes commando, SUPPORT IT. when people see the support is there then they wont need to live repressive lives of desperation anymore. they can finally strike back.


4290f0  No.12483502


Probably because national socialism isn't right wing.


>just means going back to the 1950s

Which nobody here wants.

The fifties were a decadent consumerist hellhole, which were made possible through completely destroying western Europe economically.

14bba7  No.12483505


yes u can

vote bernie

e133b6  No.12483532


So to you, right wing means Monarchy and Aristocracy? Serfdom? I am not trying to be dense, in modern terms right wing usually connotes patriotic fascism.


I think your example is a bit over the top, but I agree with your sentiment. The people at the top believe they can do as they please and the rules are only meant for us "little people." One part of Athenian history which is rarely brought up is every once in a while the working class would get together and start executing the rich, until the military decided which group they would help and stopped the violence. Everyone knows they are being fucked sideways, but nobody knows how to do what the Athenians did anymore. The concept of the lynch mob has been forgotten.


I hadn't read that cap, thank you and I do agree with it. My primary point is the way it is constantly used to derail threads. I know this is largely due to shills, but productive discussion is what I want to be promoted. I see criticism as being a shackle, holding back our progress. It is neccessary, it is nice to know "you really shouldn't trust X he worked for media matters 6 months ago" but constantly spamming an ad hominem makes legitimate criticisms of individuals less important. I guess the simple way to put it is that critical posts are often the most low-effort.

I also agree with you that we are going to need moderate people like Peterson as he is an entry point for people to start becoming politically aware. Some people need training wheels.


I know this is going to sound hypocritical, but everything I know about these people is from listening to people bitch on this website. I don't watch youtube, the only media I get is from the chans. I have never seen a Spencer/Gavin/Tradthot/whatever video and I would be perfectly content not seeing one. I read more than anything and I find most talking points of these figureheads to be banal and uninspiring when I read their transcripts. I am simply furious that people are wasting time talking about ecelebs when they should be organizing. The only people who should watch ecelebs are the politically illiterate who need to be spoon fed ideas.


I am really afraid you might be right. It would be a full accelerationist path though. We would basically be doing shit until they decided to take our guns and then shit would hit the fan. I really hope this isn't the only option.

e133b6  No.12483545


I am with you. I don't touch any media but I drink myself to sleep with whiskey. I really like your analogy with respect to necessity. It's like waking up an hour too early on a cold day, you could get up and get an additional task done before work, or you can lay there and be comfy and everything will still be pretty okay. Jumping out of bed to do something difficult sounds great, but most people will stay in bed because it is easy and the consequence isn't obvious.

38ccb7  No.12483563

File: e4ef7d77e004bab⋯.png (604.04 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, not the last of yesterday.png)


>Right now, most people on this board still think anything that isn't inline with Current Year aesthetics and style is cringe. That's a SERIOUS problem, everyone on the right literally hates the left but worships their culture.

I can see and agree with your sentiment, anon. However, I'm of the opinion that something new must be created by a transformed modern sentiment in line with the ideals of the past, but not exactly like it was before (As in it won't and can't be exactly the same. Sentiments are just too different then and now). Structures have to be created, not destroyed. It doesn't really matter how correct those from the past were or how they got it right, from a practical standpoint trends are impossible to reverse once they've started. People on /pol/ tend to not agree. Everything has to be like before, and they might think it defeatist if anything less is acquired. As an example of what I mean, it's going to be very, very, difficult to create a 100% white America in its current form. Creating tax cuts for white families or families in a certain tax bracket can help with that instead of relying just on deportations, or creating a "new" system of segregation by having homeowners select who can live in their neighborhood, or making an amendment to the Civil Rights Act that extends to political beliefs instead of trying to repeal the Civil Rights Act as a whole not to say that it shouldn't be repealed, just that it'd be hard to in this current climate. This is much how pic related, Rockwell, and Mosley describe with their quotations on offensive cultural attack instead of relying on "conservative" tactics that have failed. Personally I think fashwave, Neon-Nazism, nofap, the ThotAudit, and the usage of memes are good examples of that too, as the proof is in the pudding. Our ideology has to be transformed and evolved into the modern mind frame in order to continue to survive.

38ccb7  No.12483580


>I also agree with you that we are going to need moderate people like Peterson as he is an entry point for people to start becoming politically aware. Some people need training wheels.

I think you might have gotten the wrong idea, my post was meant to be a slam against people like Peterson and how if the "purity spiral" is to apply to anyone, it should apply to people like him. He punches right and actively gatekeeps to prevent political awakening

8eb54b  No.12483582



>organizing to create a brick and mortar location

for no other reason than doing what the alphabets have so diligently taught us. Bait!

You litter a target city with a meeting place, give it a patriotic sounding name, and schedule it for a time already passed. Do this consistently. Ensure the fliers are weathered/worn. Then we all get to see who the Marxists are on both sides of the badge

- as far as grouping up, right now is not the time to make anything official beyond dog-whistling and the gravitas of already established community organozations

e133b6  No.12483638


I interpreted your analysis of his links with judaism differently. He is an academic who publishes books. Higher education and publishing companies are extremely jewish. I interpreted your statement as being "par for the course for his field." I don't feel everyone should have to destroy their lives for the cause like GLR, hero that he was.


These are all just ideas. I guess you could call things like NPI a brick and mortar location. Another idea I have been entertaining is starting charities like a soup kitchen and calling it "Soup Nazis" and other stuff like that. We need to think about how we can get good publicity while getting bad publicity for leftists. "Antifa trashed a soup kitchen today" is a great headline.

e7210c  No.12483641

On the subject of violence, I want you guys to get industrious with your rioting skills. Sure, sheet metal shields and batons might be okay, but if you really want to take it up a notch, try converting a spud cannon to fire something that goes boom (non-lethal mind you). Also, in the event of riots, you'll notice that most officers will have shields, which serve as a problem when it comes to fighting them. Since the shields can't be easily penetrated, either A come up with a weapon that allows you to attack them from different angles, or B find a way to disarm the officer of his shield. Bolas and nets could also be great ways of tripping them up

At this point in life, I'm ready for shit to go down whenever you guys are.

c7ee6d  No.12483642

File: 3c6af09a636dc98⋯.png (235.2 KB, 1520x2800, 19:35, intellectualism.png)



>consequence isn't obvious

And this will always be the reason great civilizations fall. How do you keep the spirit of necessity alive? How do you instill into your offspring the need to work hard? As time passes, and the distance between people and the tragedies that forced them to enact change becomes greater, the clarity of motivation decreases.

Somebody screencapped me making this argument once before (second from bottom post)

0c29c4  No.12483645


Jews and ZOG want you to be violent

Angry, incompetent, selfish, moralless, fearful, hedonistic and violent population is the easiest population to control

Jews want to be cold-hearted and you do not care when ZOG attacks people

This does not mean you should get emotional, rather that you see it as wrong and feel sorry for these people, but while fighting on

Immorality in population allows Jews to effectively D&C all movements you can find

It will help them to bribe people in these movements, helps them to bait these movements into legal troubles

People hate the Jews for being immoral and acting immoral too will just give them an excuse to make people hate your movement, which is weaker than ZOG in all the other ways

If you really want to fight the Jew, fight it with productivity, while being moral

Same goes for violence - bloodthirsty people are useful for the Jews

Vengefulness over small actions will not help you any further, will more likely help them to shut your movement down

Real vengeance is victory over them, it is the only thing that really matters

Antisocial criminals are more useful at destroying ZOG than political terrorists, who will more likely aid it

e7210c  No.12483651


>Tells us to go and kill our enemies

>Meanwhile, this poster will never actually do anything IRL to support the movement

I like your train of thought, but it kind of gets redundant hearing

>lol, you first

>lol, no yoooooou first

828f80  No.12483668


>So to you, right wing means Monarchy and Aristocracy?

Yes. That's a real hierarchy. Crown, Church, Nobility.


Being a serf to a lord has more meaning than working in a factory, i can tell you that much. Serfs couldn't be replaced either, it was community based.

Not that we'd return back to everyone farming. Most of the problems in the middle-ages come from amateur tier healthcare which we've overcome.

My broader point would be, that for people to fight/sacrifice for something, there has to be genuine vision we're trying to achieve. An all white society in it's current form would be maybe 5% better than what we have now, but that would still be a joke. It isn't worth the effort which is why this empty right wingism goes nowhere.

38ccb7  No.12483677


I think I'm the one who misunderstood. I thought of the term "purity spiral" as them being just being disavowed, with efforts going towards destroying or converting that person's base (which there's been a couple threads here for our Peterson example). Perhaps we need a definition of "muh purity spiral"

e133b6  No.12483696


In the book I linked earlier the guy touches on this idea that people presently couldn't work hard or take on the challenges of a crisis. The example he gives are the posh british aristocrat young adults who were shipped off during world war one to fight the ottomans. He used the famous example of Lawrence of Arabia, someone who had lived a life of luxury only to become a great military man. I think we could adapt, if it were necessary. You are correct in that we have no motivating factor presently. The economy is good, bellies are full and we're safe and comfortable.

I really have to get back to work, I will read through your image later!


To me the concept of purity spiral is when an individual does not meet a criteria, and therefore must be disavowed. So let's say Patrick Little is who we are discussing, a purity spiral argument would be "Yeah, Patrick knows about the jews, but he refuses to acknowledge race realism therefore we should not support him." That type of stuff. From what I understand, Peterson tried to make some academic arguments against the most popular leftist talking points and SJWism. He was pointing out left wing hypocrisy about being "enlightened progressives." He was then beloved by /pol/ but then he was pretty much a centrist so now /pol/ hates him because he won't nuke his life and go full Hitler. He's a college professor and writes books, he has to suck jew cock as part of his job. What do you expect him to do?

4290f0  No.12483713


/pol/ hates Peterson because he is a complete hypocrite. He constantly sucks off Zionists and Zionism, but calls European racial/ethnic nationalism dirty and evil.

>purity spiraling

Sure are a lot of people using that term here today….

0c29c4  No.12483735


You see the world as

>left-wing vs right-wing while you being on furthest of the right

in reality there are Zionist Jews and Liberal Jews

Peterson is definitely allied with the Zionist Jews

Zionist Jews see Liberal Jews as a bigger threat than National Socialists, because we are irrelevant by force

e7210c  No.12483745


Then, /pol/iticians, what is it going to take? What are we going to have to do to get people off of their asses?

38ccb7  No.12483748

File: 6854dac0d68f0a6⋯.jpg (113.95 KB, 960x960, 1:1, meet the intellectual dark….jpg)


I know I'm responding to my own post Another prime example of offensive cultural warfare that came to mind is creating words or language manipulation such as what was done with the word cuck or confiscation law instead of gun control. This denies thinking into the mindset of our enemies and forces them be on our terms. So with our conversation here: >>12483677 >>12483638

we should use a different term for purity spiral, as that is used by our enemies or misguided people. Perhaps "standard-enforcement"


>He was then beloved by /pol/ but then he was pretty much a centrist so now /pol/ hates him because he won't nuke his life and go full Hitler. He's a college professor and writes books, he has to suck jew cock as part of his job. What do you expect him to do?

The "he's not full 14/88 already is why you hate him" is a tired argument used in a strawman fashion more often than not from what I've seen. There's plenty more reasons to hate him than to like him based on his actions, such as his alignment with le intellectual dark web (aka a bunch of actual kikes), how he punches right, or his role in the UN 2030 Initiative if you're one to believe that. This criteria for standard enforcement should be based on actions and how they benefit/detract from whites, and Peterson does not fit that criteria for reasons other than not calling out jews

c7ee6d  No.12483753


Ruin their lives.

0ea992  No.12483755


This. If violence starts it's because they started it. And we should be thinking of how to bait them into more violence to further legitimize Right-Wing resistance to status quo.

4290f0  No.12483757


Tbh, all we can do right now is spread our propaganda.

NPCs wont get off their asses until their bellies aren't full anymore.

828f80  No.12483772


>The example he gives are the posh british aristocrat young adults who were shipped off during world war one to fight the ottomans.

Yeah because WW1 is the perfect example of post-industrial, inhuman warfare. What is a man going to do against a tank, or machine guns? Where as Lawrence became a revolutionary leader (which is something that at least enabled him to use all his faculties). IWe've got the mother of all problems facing us with the power of technology and nobody has real answer to it.

c7ee6d  No.12483784


>he has to suck jew cock as part of his job.

He's a millionaire. He could lose his job and still have the good life for the rest of his life, and eternal loyalty from the jew-aware if he went full Hitler. He's not doing it because he's not an ally. He's a traitor.

38ccb7  No.12483790



To add on to my own post again I'll sage, the phrase "silence is consent" I think plays into action here for determining criteria for people. In your example of Patrick Little not saying anything about race realism, he hasn't done any actions to deny it or to attack those who support race realism. In the Peterson example, he actually goes out of his to vindicate jews and attack counter-semites, which is the opposite of silence

e7210c  No.12483795



That's one option, but I have a feeling there's a lot of people like us who are also looking for an excuse to start fighting back. I'm talking about the general patriots, and/or anti-corrupt establishment folks.

I know for a fact that there are plenty of people who don't trust their government, who know of the general corruption, but are in an isolated, weak position. What if we created a unifying group, that brought some almost redpilled people together, and organised demonstrations?

0c29c4  No.12483823




this might not be bad, but you should make it strict, to not let it end up like the (((alt-right)))

ban all zionists and do not let CIA niggers subvert it

bf356a  No.12483828


Got it. Sorry, I really don't read anything by him as he seemed like a mild mannered entry point that was against leftism and for self improvement. I just took that at face value and recognized that he exists within the kikeosphere.

>standard enforcement

I really like this. I really want to start making more infographics and copypastas for these daily arguments and disagreements. List the eceleb, what /pol/ approved points they acknowledge and what they refuse to acknowledge.


This really is the truth. We need to lay the groundwork and organize. Other than that we have to wait for a recession. If we have another stock market crash it will be perfect. Because of the jewish persecution complex, they have mainstreamed the idea that bankers and globalists are codewords for jews. We also already have the memes to further promote this connection. A recession gives us everything we need to begin political progress.


The only thing I could imagine would be an OWS 2.0 where bankers get off the hook with no justice, again. This would have to be a right wing occupy though, otherwise leftists will fuck it up again. This goes back to the lynch mob idea and if it is even possible in modern America.

t. Phoneposting OP

0c29c4  No.12483830


basically do not let "half-redpilled" people get any power there

e7210c  No.12483838


Of course.

Honestly though, I don't think it's who they support that matters so much as who they are attacking. Once you cut the head off of the snake, the normie problem should correct itself due to no longer having outside influences.


I'd be down for a Right Wing OWS. Maybe if we're lucky, those cops will get uppity and incite a full on Ukraine situation.

c7ee6d  No.12483840


The problem is that any group demonstrations conducted while most people are still getting their basic needs easily met is just going to piss people off, not rally them. We need to reach a tipping point where enough people's lives are shit that a demonstration is actually appreciated and joined. Of course, I'm not advocating anything, three letter agencies monitoring this thread! But infrastructure needs to fail, resources need to be sparse, things taken for granted need to be taken away, and all this needs to happen in a very short period of time at the same time so that it is shocking.

b6c2f8  No.12483849


I know you guys hate it when we tell you we’re girls but you mentioned women talking about civil war so that’s the only reason I’m mentioning that I’m a girl, although not middle aged, and I know what you say is true. I have this constant bad feeling that something is going to happen in 2019 (like a war). Maybe it has to happen though….. I can’t shake it and my mom and bff both say that they feel the same way. They get upset when I talk about it. It’s inevitable and anyone who dismisses the claim must be in deep denial.

0c29c4  No.12483852


>Got it. Sorry, I really don't read anything by him as he seemed like a mild mannered entry point that was against leftism and for self improvement. I just took that at face value and recognized that he exists within the kikeosphere.

right-wing Zionist civic nationalists are just as big as a problem as the leftists

e7210c  No.12483868


In that case, we need to be strategic. Think about it, how many times you've seen info get leaked about the establishment that both pisses you off, and affects how we live. Now, imagine if a protest against that one leak snowballed into being an anti-establishment protest due to its ties to the government.

38ccb7  No.12483871


those that punch right and countersignal are such as Anglin or weev that ban any ideology not similar to their own. Cut the head off the snake like >>12483838 says and absorb fellow pro-white whites

e7210c  No.12483892


Okay, so I'm almost a 1000% sure these are coordinates, but why?

c7ee6d  No.12483893


>Now, imagine if a protest against that one leak snowballed

I'm trying to imagine how it would snowball into a country collapsing disaster that would be blamed on jews.

c7ee6d  No.12483904



Yes, curious.

bf356a  No.12483919


Exactly, people know shit ain't right.


The starred coordinate is for a power plant outside NYC. I think this is a critical infrastructure list.

0c29c4  No.12483925



>cut off the head of the snake

the head is the Zionist Jews

if we kill them/take them out of power, that of course would be the victory, but that's of course impossible when you have MAGApedes/state/police/military/agencies who protect them

we need to have ZOG to be critically damaged for this

f5610f  No.12483932

Not your blog, jew.

e7210c  No.12483937



That's the biggest problem, naming the Jew, but I don't believe we will ever have to if we direct our attacks properly. Attacking their establishments is the same thing as attacking (((them)))

We probably won't be able to name the international clique until the aftermath of the movement, and with political parties being out of the way, we could just bring things like the Lavon Incident to light and go from there.

I propose that we could cause the snowball by also adding more fuel to the fire. Most /pol/iticians have fuckloads of verifiable leaks, and proof of meddling. We could just keep piling on redpill after redpill after the movement begins.



Holy shit, is anon suggesting knocking out these grids to incite conflict absolutely devilish

0c29c4  No.12483938



also calling civic nationalists "pro-white whites" is completely wrong

bf356a  No.12483944





This is the NYC metropolitan area power grid critical points.

e7210c  No.12483956


Also another note, by attacking their establishments, we also aid in the delegitimization of our foe, and critically damaging the foundation they operate from.

0c29c4  No.12483959



we need to directly attack them

naming the jew is the most important thing we must do

>attacking their establishments

what establishments exactly?

be more concrete

38ccb7  No.12483966


You're not wrong about civic nationalists, they're misguided people. But we don't need to discard people because of one or two points that differ. They're still considerably pro-white in rhetoric and action most of the time compared to others out there. Give them their lane to do things except when it attacks our lane. When in our lane, do not relent with redpills and ferocity for wanting to encroach.

c7ee6d  No.12483970


>won't be able to name the international clique until the aftermath of the movement

How do you get a movement with no enemy? No clear aim means no clear motivation, and then the movement fizzles out, like Occupy Wallstreet.

0c29c4  No.12483984


>They're still considerably pro-white in rhetoric and action

they are not

they are just as anti-white as leftists

their whole point is to keep up the system, which is more destructive to the white race than the total collapse of this system

bf356a  No.12483990


Media is the first establishment to be undermined, and confidence in the media is at all time lows. Other establishments are finance, academia and commerce. The biggest issue we face is they are now censoring us so we can't continue to undermine the media. We were quite effective though. Finance eventually destroys itself because it is gambling, we just always prop it back up like idiots. Academia can only be attacked by removing government backed student loans.

c7ee6d  No.12483995



They can do their thing, but presented parallel to a stronger movement, they will inevitably be forgotten, and lose members to the more effective cause.

6e5e3e  No.12483996

File: aa078d6dba92f76⋯.jpg (100.63 KB, 640x463, 640:463, woohoo.jpg)


Funny enough these office worker operators (note: all military/cops whom are aware are in this same category) are likely the ones most likely to be try hard utter failures, or the ones most likely to actually successfully pull off operations. There are many points in why for them on both measures. It is unlikely they will be somewhere in the middle of those options. Preppers tend to be those whom want to be left alone, bunker down because they have a choice in it on some level and want themselves or their loved ones to survive while 'fuck the rest of the world'. There is sometimes overlap and outliers but this is how it generally is divided. Preppers tended to have done the whole drop out instead of engage and feel some level of ability to fall back and survive. The office drone will have absolutely nothing as an safety valve, many will realize quickly that it will be either win no matter the cost or die.

The problem for both such groups are the half hearted cucks whom have no real passion to drive them that do similar shit just to fit in, be cool or just act tough. Those are the most likely to work against, sloth around, run or sell out said individuals when they join a group with either operator or preppers. My rule of thumb, if the guy is into nigger ball of any sort or he is not 100% fully focused on his family as priority hes cannon fodder at best. Two massive red flags I've found in collecting potentials. Tread lightly. See everything. Strike only when you have chosen to do so, and when you do, leave nothing off the table in the pursuit of winning over your enemy.

e7210c  No.12484003


You can div it up into both physical establishments, and psychological establishments

The physical establishments include: their sources of income, their means of communication, and their media outlets.

The psychological establishments consist of ideas that they've cemented into the public narrative, examples of this are everywhere, from rampant funding of Israel to the degeneracy you see on a day to day basis

The physical establishments act as a means of creating the psychological establishment. The problem with this is that even if you destroy the physical one, there will still be people effected by the psychological establishment. These affected people will work towards rebuilding the physical establishment, because they are indoctrinated into believing it is correct. This is why we need a very dedicated Counter Intelligence force, to keep them from allowing the physical establishment to take root again.


All we have to do is rebrand the enemy. Everyone hates neo-cons, and neo-libs. Nobody likes a corrupted government. When we remind people that our ancestors killed people over much less, we will be able to label (((them))) as the government. Since we know that the government is basically completely subverted, attacking the government is attacking (((them)))

These attacks on their establishments will weaken (((their))) mouthpiece, so when we finally call them out for what they are, they will be unable to do a damn thing about it.

38ccb7  No.12484012


And while you plan to do whatever it is to take down ZOG, give others support for their lane to have white children, redpill others, punch antifa in the street, or otherwise buy time

e7210c  No.12484016


Also, inb4

>Nice try FBI

for being anti-government

I am not advocating for committing treason, in fact, according to our founding fathers, this is the opposite. This nation If we're discussing the USA Was founded on the basis that people should do what's right for the people, not what's right for the government.

18ccf1  No.12484036

File: 512b05ac3379513⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 600x338, 300:169, take_the_shot.gif)

you're right about everything. more and more words don't matter. action is all that matters. do what you feel you need to do. if that means opening fire and delivering fresh souls to Hell, then so be it. doing something is better than doing nothing and just talking about it.

e7210c  No.12484049



I also had an idea for Intel Ops that reflect the nature of the warfare we will possibly be fighting in the future: Guerrilla Intel Ops

One of the main complaints I've seen on this site is that there isn't any organisation. The idea that our movement could ever be one that gets recognised as a single entity is impossible, at least in the current climate, because they have establishments in place to prevent that from happening. So, we have to operate in Cells. This is also how actual combat scenarios would probably go down in shtf

I'm personally forming a small Counter Intel Ops group with a few friends of mine. This is sort of a reflection of what the internet already does. A great example is when /b/ or whoever the fuck decided to raid tumblr back in 2014. It won't change the world, but it can destabilise one of their platforms, and halt their progress. With enough of these Cells, we could do some real damage.

bf356a  No.12484052


I think occupy failed because it was coopted by feminists and gays, which turned off middle America.


You are talking to one of the "all or nothing" posters I was talking about.



Exactly these points. Promote what is good for our cause. If you are getting something of great value, don't reject it because it comes with something mildly negative. Anti-israel civic nationalists multiply our numbers substantially. But 5% of them are based black guys. So we have a huge positive, with a minor negative. To deny allies is a recipe for defeat.

0c29c4  No.12484056


Zionist elites and thier money is on alt-right

These same civic nationalists will ban any criticism on Israel

They will just backstab us, when we help them to get power, they will also ban white nationalism like leftists

Keep it in mind that they never made any agreement with us, they have promoters here and they overtly hate us in real life


buy time for what?

a collapse today would be better than collapse 50 years after

the system is engineered against us, it's formula is something like

>5*(non-white population)*(generation) + (war for israel)/(30 years) + (white population)-(0,10)*(generation)

it will get worse and worse by the time

f26b1e  No.12484070

Good article on this topic


e7210c  No.12484077


>I think occupy failed because it was coopted by feminists and gays, which turned off middle America.

>Exactly these points. Promote what is good for our cause. If you are getting something of great value, don't reject it because it comes with something mildly negative. Anti-israel civic nationalists multiply our numbers substantially. But 5% of them are based black guys. So we have a huge positive, with a minor negative. To deny allies is a recipe for defeat.


7ae698  No.12484080

File: 24479b1aa74dd21⋯.png (2.23 KB, 120x184, 15:23, thinkingfreezeman.png)

Reminder to anyone who's willing to perform violence to not attack (((easy-to-reach))) targets like synagouges or gay clubs. Kikes and other enemies can only stand to benefit from making scapegoats out of their infirm/civilians dying; case in point Bowers.

At the risk of sounding like FBI, attacking federal buildings, Banks, or important figures like Senators is capable of actually doing something beyond giving the enemy Victim Points by escalating the situation. Fight smarter, not harder.

e7210c  No.12484093


This is correct, but damn does this trigger my FBI bells and whistles lol

0c29c4  No.12484101

File: 8b022b4ab2b3058⋯.png (37.9 KB, 420x388, 105:97, 012318_1.png)

File: 986cdb803329db0⋯.png (913.29 KB, 1366x1109, 1366:1109, Peter-Sweden.png)


>Anti-israel civic nationalists

You are wrong with this one

These same MAGApedes are the greatest pro-Israeli force you have

They are the perfect ZOGbots

There is a reason why Sheldon Adelson supports Trump

They already look for a reason to label us together with leftists for being anti-Israeli

38ccb7  No.12484106




Think of it like a pincer attack anon. One group is after high level ZOG, the other is going after low level ZOG


>These same civic nationalists will ban any criticism on Israel

Civic nationalists are pretty broad group, you have T_D who does as you say and is rightly disavowed, then you have proud boys who don't like to associate with us but are going around punching antifa. There is a difference, and their actions should be considered


> But 5% of them are based black guys. So we have a huge positive, with a minor negative. To deny allies is a recipe for defeat.

It is possible to have both quality and quantity without cucking on major tenants and having everyone be in. Like in my earlier post >>12483469 there are standards to be enforced so movements are not corrupted without going crazy

bf356a  No.12484107


I wish I had a group to do such things with. I live in an extremely liberal area (city) and it pretty much sucks trying to find right wing, politically minded people. Plus I work construction, so everyone my age is foreign.


Me too man, I made this thread hoping to be not FBI oriented but we have that and >>12483882 which is a list of NYC power grid critical points. It's getting spooky in here. It's good info to have, but I don't really want to have it.

c7ee6d  No.12484112


>occupy failed because

Because they didn't know who the enemy was. It was a bunch of aimless people who knew something wasn't right but didn't understand why. This confusion extends beyond the freaks that stank up the parks for a while.

>Anti-israel civic nationalists multiply our numbers substantially.

They weaken things substantially. Accommodating their weakness shows a lack of resolve, and would drive away our best people to start competing groups, and they'd be right to leave. Hitler goes over this in Mein Kampf. I'm not with you at all on this point.


I agree with you, which is why I suggested to ignore them, remain loyal to the truth, and siphon off their best people by being the stronger, more coherent movement.

0c29c4  No.12484113


>Civic nationalists are pretty broad group, you have T_D who does as you say and is rightly disavowed, then you have proud boys who don't like to associate with us but are going around punching antifa. There is a difference, and their actions should be considered

how exactly do they strike Israel?

e7210c  No.12484121


That's the one thing I don't like about the nature of this site. If this were /b/, I'd just trade my steam info and we could continue this conversation there, and further build upon this cell I've got going. But, since this is /pol/, and everyone on /pol/ is FBI, I can't do that so easily.

38ccb7  No.12484122


If you're referring to T_D, it's pretty obvious on their take and its why we hate them for it. If you're talking about the Proud Boys, I don't know their official stance as a group, or if they even have one.

38ccb7  No.12484134


*in regard to Israel

e7210c  No.12484136



I meant board, fuck I need some sleep

7ae698  No.12484152


I didn't want to sound like a fed. It's just, I've seen a hundred threads about "we can't vote our way out of genocide, we have to fight". But assuming anyone actually takes that advice, all that ever really leads to overall is lone wolves who take a gun to their local degeneracy hub and maybe kill 1 or 2 non-whites/faggots while the others get off with (((injuries))), the shooter forgets to off himself, and the Jews get a new bad goy to make an example out of.

I just feel like, if you really want to fight, you have to be willing to actually do something that does LASTING damage, not vent your rage attacking unimportant niggers, hoping that the spontaneous act of violence will FINALLY be the spark that kicks off the race war. Which it never is.


Nah, they probably watch some of the other boards on the site.

e7210c  No.12484159



honestly I'm tempted to just drop my steam info so we can chat, that or even tox, I forgot about that one

0c29c4  No.12484161


so how was your point related to mine?

e7210c  No.12484174


Fuck it, my Tox username is GreatNoodle, I can't remember if I have to give out a code or some shit, but whatever.

38ccb7  No.12484176


I don't know if I'm quite getting what you're meaning, anon. I was answering your question on various civic nationalist groups and their views on Israel

7ae698  No.12484177


You're better off trying to network with any local anons than a stranger on the internet who you're probably never going to meet face to face. I think there's a different thread over on /meadhall/ about that. Taking a walk or something.

e7210c  No.12484181

>>12484177 checked

I forgot about meadhall, are they actually still kicking?

80f5fd  No.12484208

File: e58b0c6e928fdb0⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jew torture inquisiton mal….jpg)

File: 4264613e0ef5c1a⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 474x338, 237:169, jewish inquisiton torture ….jpg)

File: 61b307bed63fd32⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 338x450, 169:225, semitic inquisition tortur….jpg)

File: 245ee7cae2af5c6⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 624x476, 156:119, inquisition torture women.jpg)


>I think your example is a bit over the top, but I agree with your sentiment.

I have been scarred for life in my attempt to 'know my enemy'. The example is actually well within the range of 'normal' activities for this group of people. They are working night and day to 'master the mind' of humanity so that they can control your every move. When they have control why should they even lift a finger to complete the tortures they love so much…it will be something that you involuntarily to to yourselves. One whisper and you will pour molten metal down your own throat while they look on.

IMO it is the worst thing of all that my own people have no real understanding of their enemy and no real understanding of the depth of their hatred of us. I am really not sure what causes this disconnect in the individuals mind but I suspect it is something akin to the parasitic wasp that lays eggs in it caterpillar host that causes the caterpillar to succor the wasps even when they are feeding off of it while it is still alive.

These people are APEX PREDATORS and it makes me very sad that I can't really get that through normies and even 'woke' peoples heads. They are engineering their parasitic predation and psychopathic destruction from INSIDE YOU.

bf356a  No.12484213


I'm so happy that Vancouver anon took the walk thing over for me. I keep trying to come up with ways to organize, hopefully that takes off.

5426ae  No.12484229


From what I see around me (central Europe), the left are full of PUSSIES (aside from reeeeing and shitposting on social media), so the 'left attacks right' scenario isn't working in my head. But you are probably talking from an american perspective, where things are possibly very different.

Anyhow, I know this is an american board, but what the fuck should europeans do, especially the ones in the center geographically? The eastern part is mostly redpilled due to communism delaying the "western progress", but I live in a capital city and I see degeneration everywhere. Just recently found out my female flatmate is dating a nigger from US, for instance. I gave her a lesson about how turning the world into brown matter is demoralizing and a psychological burden for the children, but what the fuck does she understand, shes a woman.

I was going to write more but I'm out of wine so my thought train has stopped

34df0f  No.12484264


Believe what you like, but I am not a fed.

This is public information for anyone willing to dig.

Let me tell you people something. We are in a war of extermination with people who are willing to break every law, every rule, and trample upon our rights and freedoms, the Constitution be damned. The jews don't give a shit about our rights and their comfort and control supersedes our right to live.

Do you really think that the jews will allow us to peacefully vote them out? Do you really think that they'll just say

Oh well. We had a good run. But the subhuman Goyim just voted in the White party and now we have to leave and go to Israel, already. The people have spoken and now we must abide by the results of democracy. Sure we've been working towards this final solution to the White problem for FOUR THOUSAND YEARS but the law is the law.

No. They will lie, cheat, and murder to maintain their ill gotten power. If we elect a White politician willing to stand up to their bullshit, they'll have all their bought politicians refuse to even speak with him. If we elect 50 White politicians, then they'll just ARREST THEM on phoney charges of "supporting terrorism and HATE"

The jew does not care about the law or morality or even his own ideologies of communism or liberalism. The jew only cares about victory.

So this whole "Only the FBI wants you to think about violence" is bullshit.

8eb54b  No.12484344


>I guess you could call things like NPI a brick and mortar location

In the beginning, both sides of the Nationalist card can be played. e.g. a non-White asks a loaded question, "I bet you don't allow non-Whites into your group". Answer: "Of course, we do; but you have to have a clean record and clean piss. You have to prove it to those who vote you in or out." Things get quiet real quick Then, people are educated on why putting ones own nation ahead of all others is important. no matter their nation of origin

>Also, doing what was suggested above has to be creative; and the name of the meetup can sound like a legitimate, existing group.

>Many know of 'The Proud Boys' for example. Creating fliers for non-existent meetups that never happened at a previous time by a group a.k.a. 'The Proud Goys' serves several purposes; it acts a knee-jerk boogeyman, it exposes those who are reactionary against anything which doesn't follow the state-sponsored Marxist propaganda narrative, it eats resources, and it gets people to ask 'What is a goy?'

18ccf1  No.12484348

File: c83de421c96ce7f⋯.jpeg (30.1 KB, 617x435, 617:435, underachievementdemotivat….jpeg)

File: eaf6429d7e76c3b⋯.gif (5.97 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Hardware.gif)

that's the funny thing about violence. it works. and once it begins, it sets off a chain reaction of non-linear side effects. violence begets violence. consider the following.

news reports are coming in that George Soros has been assassinated. little is known at this point, except that Soros was shot in the head by a round from a Ruger Mini 14 with a supressor by a gunman in a Ghillie suit from 300 yards. the gunman hid in a tree overlooking a walkway to a restaurant which Soros frequented. the gunman escaped. Soro's 4 body guard were also shot before they could respond. there were no survivors. nobody knows who he is, there were no witnesses. FBI is currently on the scene and their spokesman expressed dismay at finding any further clues, because the gunman also wore a high energy 532nm green laser strobe device, which blinded all of the surveillance cameras in the vicinity by destroying their CCD circuitry. FBI is hoping to find other clues which may help identity the gunman, but unless the gunman made sloppy mistakes, this will be a cold case and he will never be found. Special Agents with top secret knowledge of the matter expressed their fears off-the-record that they hope this doesn't inspire further copy cats emboldened by the successful getaway of the gunman.

wanna bet that if just 3-5 high profile (((Globalists))) got shot, it would roll back the tide on the Pedovore-Bankster-Zionist-Neocon movement? you'd see the Dems cave and vote YES for The Wall, you'd see the dozens of Migrant slave-ships taxiing niggers from Libya and North Africa and dumping them on the shores of Spain and Italy and Malta and Cyprus and Lesbos. you'd see the Neocons shrivel and retract from Syria like a raging hard on beholding a lewd video of drunken Crooked Hillary scissoring Huma. you'd see the (((Wall St))) GoldFeinbergStein's loosen their grip and cut the leash on the billions and trillions they're hoarding.

nobody would want to be a too tall blade of grass to get noticed and cut by you the RWDS mower. so yes, violence works. i used to think i wanted mere political change, shaking hands, making deals and giving and taking concessions for the greater good. that is impossible. the real world does not work like that. only superior force and intimidation and the threat of being brutally murdered in public can change the world for the better. on the bright side, only a handful of the top targets need to die in order to accomplish our goals.

the number needed to die in order to steer the herd back on course is a lot lower than you would expect.

don't disappoint me /pol/. i know you're out there. i can hear you now.

8eb54b  No.12484391

File: 5a85181f3ea9839⋯.jpg (292.5 KB, 1027x1027, 1:1, 5a85181f3ea98392bc0725d095….jpg)


>news reports are coming in that George Soros has been assassinated. little is known at this point, except that Soros was shot in the head by a round from a Ruger Mini 14 with a supressor by a gunman in a Ghillie suit from 300 yards. the gunman hid in a tree overlooking a walkway to a restaurant which Soros frequented. the gunman escaped. Soro's 4 body guard were also shot before they could respond. there were no survivors. nobody knows who he is, there were no witnesses. FBI is currently on the scene and their spokesman expressed dismay at finding any further clues, because the gunman also wore a high energy 532nm green laser strobe device, which blinded all of the surveillance cameras in the vicinity by destroying their CCD circuitry. FBI is hoping to find other clues which may help identity the gunman, but unless the gunman made sloppy mistakes, this will be a cold case and he will never be found. Special Agents with top secret knowledge of the matter expressed their fears off-the-record that they hope this doesn't inspire further copy cats emboldened by the successful getaway of the gunman.

Not so long ago, a little known corner of the net would will this scenario into manifestation. cking superior plan btw

34df0f  No.12484461


Soros, like many other of the powerful oligarchs, lives in a populated but also forested suburb just north of the NYC metropolitan area.

Regrettably, any of the restaurants Soros frequents would be in his beloved (((New York City))). This means that sniper attacks from 300 yards away from a tree are unlikely to present themselves. One would need to gain access to a building. Alternatively, if one had beforehand knowledge that Soros would be at a particular place at a particular time, I heard a tale that there was this guy who set up his car in such a way that he could use it as a mobile sniper position. Firing through a hole in the back trunk, his shell casings remained in the car and even muffled the retort of the rifle.

Of course, theoretically a six man team could probably storm his residence and kill him as well. Particularly if they struck at rush hour just after making a half dozen fake bomb threats in NYC to keep the cops busy.

In any case, information is critical. A little knowledge is worth gold.


0ef2a0  No.12484511


>Ruger Mini 14 with a supressor by a gunman in a Ghillie suit from 300 yards

Fuck,my sides

6c9aee  No.12484518

OP this is a great read. Since the election, I've felt extremely demoralized to the point of which I never really spoke on this website. I'd always be lurking. I'd get inspired to create a few threads, but eventually I'd lose my fire and the thread would die.

I have a few ideas that I think are worth writing down, but I'd like to be truely anonymous. Does anyone know of a proxy service that is allowed to post here?

f6eefa  No.12484544


>“Ricky Spencer is CIA”

What's funny is it really doesn't matter.

Use whatever money is backing him to get a collective group of like-minded people together and hijack his movement.

Hitler had bank funding, then he told them to fuck off once he could.

"Hurr durr Hitler was a Rothschild!"

Ok, name one Rothschild that is a decorated war hero son of a decorated war hero. Infantrymen, both Adolf and Alois.

Sorry, no. Not a Rothschild, Nobleman or Royalty. Just a man that made things work for the people he loved, who hijacked already existing systems.

0ef2a0  No.12484581


No anon. You should resist but make no mistake, a majority of people will not like it. There is a web of complete interdependence created and when dominos start falling it wont stop. Entire cities of people will be so out of their element, they will demand any solution at any price. It's not natural for so many to live stacked like cordwood without central planning and control by the state. I live on a farm, I eat eggs for protein from chickens, I have a well and cistern. It is difficult to imagine how destabilization would change my routine and life. People in cities? Forget about it. Now, that brings up a good point. When societies become inflated by foreign subversive dependence, thats both a mechanism of influence and a weapon. People who have no care of constitutional law have no discernment of tyrannical government. They wont care who gives them bread as long as they get it. Allowing all resources to fall under the purview of jewish controlled logistics was a big mistake. It prevents revolt because this world is now one big jinga set. But its going to happen one way or another. The constitution really was a protective document, it addressed pretty much all of the avenues of despotism by cutting them off before they start. The problem is when people become so removed basic protections become abstract, and as people become concerned with individual consumption, the biggest tribe consolidates and leverages the providing of that consumption as a position of power. In the end, if you dont fight for rights, you dont have them. And that includes when it seems a futile proposition to resist. To make your rights real, all you have to do is defend them. You may die, but we all die anyways.

f6eefa  No.12484585


> I'd like to be truely anonymous.

To be truly anonymous, you have to take some drastic measures.

Even if what you have in mind is written in a file on your computer, you can bet it's already been compromised.

I don't have an answer to your question, but I can say I've shared much more than I felt comfortable sharing online and I am sure I'm in a database somewhere, but I'm also not a danger to anyone and as of right this moment, thoughts are not a crime. Organization is not a crime and collective effort for group advancement is not a crime in and of itself.

I've been holding some information for the right time. Consider timing when you decide to share what you've got.

5aa07d  No.12484607


Voting is free and easy. Always vote, stop being lazy beyond comprehension.

It can also be fun. In the primaries you can write in a candidate for many local elections.

You COULD do some research, pick the lesser of two evils, or you can do a write in campaign. These elections can be tight, down to a few votes.

My candidates typically win, but then again, we get the word out. Talk to people, volunteer if you like the candidate. 3,000 votes makes or breaks it. I can't underestimate the importance of voting, it's up to us to transform it.

Negativity is for the weak. If your idea can't even make it through the primaries, it's probably not that strong.

Nothing is off the table. When all hope is lost negativity, violence… possible outcome. Kind of taking the easy out, unless it becomes the Congo… which it might. If we don't get involved on the grassroots level now.

Sandra Occasio-Cortez beat the #4 Democrat in the US, arguably, because idiots on the left organized. They didn't resort to violence.

They put an alt-left lunatic in office using sheer willpower. Money played a role, sure, but the DNS outvoted the fucking DNC.

Just my opinion, since we're doing the TL;DR thing in this thread.

6c9aee  No.12484612


I don't think you're on a database. The first rule of government is that they're extremely incompetent until they aren't.

They were unsuccessful on capturing a single terrorist for over 10 years despite recording every cellphone call, text and internet message in Pakistan. He was right next to their fucking capital. Thats how incompetent our government is.

What you should be worried about is a paper trail that leads to you. That way when we activate, finding us will be impossible. If you were on a list, you'd already be dead.

Anyways, I'm thinking about getting an old computer and installing tails on a USB. Then maybe have a linux installation with a VPN. Idk.

38ccb7  No.12484621


How about post what you have instead of being a cryptic Qcumber-tier faggot

6c9aee  No.12484627



Lmfao. I'm going to use that.

It will take a long time. Don't get your hopes up. I was just curious for now.

34df0f  No.12484657


> It is difficult to imagine how destabilization would change my routine and life.

Well for one thing, no internet.

Also, depending on where you live, the rapefugee problem would be immense.

34df0f  No.12484680


On Voat they're called "Qumalians"

f5ee47  No.12484702


I use Hexatech VPN on my phone. It’s free

8a7629  No.12484714

File: 59cbb5980d3a494⋯.jpeg (194.01 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 580D4963-FD24-4A18-A783-4….jpeg)

Wow!!! Haven’t seen a thread with this much text in a while . Too lazy to read . Can someone Meme it to me or give me a tl;dr version

80f5fd  No.12484740


>They were unsuccessful on capturing a single terrorist for over 10 years

;) Not familiar with operation Gladio are you?

f6eefa  No.12484753


Q is a highly effective psyop that has confused 10's of millions into believing Trump is pro-america.

I could only hope to be that effective someday.

Oh yeah, buzzwords and condescension only work on retards but good try.

f6eefa  No.12484762


>Always vote

I'm so far beyond that bullshit that I've forgotten what hope felt like.

No, nigger. We can't vote our way out of this. As hard as it was for me to fully grasp that, I finally came to accept the fact.

Nobody designs a system that they don't control. Frankensteins Monster was a work of fiction. Reality doesn't work like that. Not on that scale.

f6eefa  No.12484766


>unsuccessful on capturing a single terrorist for over 10 years

Man, I wish you were my client. I'd own everything you ever worked for within a month. j/k but don't be that naive. OBL was having kidney surgery when the towers were hit and was hospitalized for over a month afterward. We knew exactly where he was and lo-n-behold! A WOMAN finds him! Halaluah! It's a God Damned miracle!

e51588  No.12484862

File: b6c90b2085bf996⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 980x653, 980:653, b6c90b2085bf9961380b41744b….jpg)


Looking at the second image I would suggest my take. I'm writing this before reading the block of text but by the looks of it it is not focused on it.

For children disobeying screaming and threatening should be skipped as kids do not understand our reasoning. This will only give them communication problems in the future. Slapping is what we should stop at. A child shouldn't be caused such harm that it fears you but we require an easy negative response, which slapping is more than enough. Causing physical stress on the body last way less than mental. When a child does something bad a slam hot-wires their brain to associate that action with pain, thus making the child avoid said action.

For wife spending your money on frivolity they should be threatened (screaming should be used to actually make her feel bad about you, as she caused these negative emotions). Slapping could be used as a mean of showing physical dominance over her but actually causing severe pain through punching will only lead to the degradation of the relationship. Slapping and screaming makes a woman feel punished, punching would make her feel abused.

When it comes to face to face slander it depends what it is. If its something irrational where the person refuses to leave you alone physically then forceful removal would be justified. Either get authority or somebody else in general to carry the person slandering you away. Punches could be used but only as a means of escalating the situation to its limit. If the person isn't willing to go that far this puts a quick end to it as he doesn't actually want a fight but it could also lead to a fight at which point you should just attempt to beat him to a point until he is willing to back off or others intervene to just end it there.

For financial ruination there really isn't anything violence as an individual to an individual can achieve. If said ruination is deemed immoral then you should seek out your community for support, not specifically as a way to support you in your hard times but more so as in a way to removed this social threat that is the person the ruined you. At which point it is followed by the forceful removal of said individual, said force of course various on the individual but if his acts are deemed vile enough than I see no problem with exilement or murder.

Adultery is a crime towards the institution of marriage. Society is built upon it and to disrespect it so calls for this person to be identified. The community must know this person disrespected marriage, either through public/social slander or easily seen physical branding (to the face). This is done so people know this individual is not fit or trustworthy of marriage.

And obviously somebody threatening your life or the well being of your community warrants murder.

e51588  No.12484872

>When a child does something bad a slap* hot-wires their brain

Quite a funny typo but still a typo

e133b6  No.12484979


You have made the enemy infinitely powerful and controlling in you mind. I only wish to tell you that there is hope. You can resist their temptations. You can still be yourself. Do not let them make you feel as if you are psychologically mandated to follow their will. You are still your own person and you should never feel that the enemy has more control over you than you yourself have. I really hope you see what I am trying to say if you are being genuine. There is hope brother. We are still breathing and thinking.


The only recommendation I have is to get involved with an organization like Nordfront which does community service in the name of nationalist ideals. Sorry for not having a better answer, as you pointed out I am an American.


I know you probably are not a fed, it is still a bit unsettling when I really consider what may be undertaken to do what needs to be done. I have always, perhaps mistakenly, hoped that we could realize a better world peacefully.



This would make changes happen fast. I don't know what branch of the accelerationist path this would promote, but it would either make them crack down and take our guns or motivate others to take action. Nothing would be the same either way.


I agree with most of this. The only criticism I have is that the constitution tried to protect against government power and right now we are being subjugated by economic power exercised by globalist multinationals.


So much this. Get it done by hook or crook. We need to start looking for results rather than ideological purity.


I personally just stopped caring. Dox me, van me, whatever. There's no point in caring. If you can't even say what you believe, why live?


Do what you want when you want. Never let some idiot bait you. Good on you for sticking to what you believe. You should never feel like you have anything to prove.


I agree do whatever you can at any juncture to try to make things better. You should still vote even if you know it won't fix things. We must be mobilized on all fronts. Never give up, never lose ground.


>operation gladio

that was a good read, thanks for the information


TL;DR: Violence has been forbidden to western men. Violence can only be done by the state. Men now have to spectate and do passive violence to fill the void. The right needs to organize IRL so we can try to get some power back. Criticism is stopping us from organizing.


OBL was a long time CIA asset.


It's just a graph I made up to show the violence threshold that is acceptable in America. It isn't meant to be linear, just examples of low to high. I appreciate that you took the time to actually analyze it though.

f7270e  No.12485185

File: f601d7905039c81⋯.jpg (177.44 KB, 3896x2160, 487:270, 05edc954bf6d00ae94e459e411….jpg)

Violence is merely a tool. No this isn't a fucking fed post and I am not calling for pointless terrorism but take a good damn look.

The system hates us. We can't do anything to vote ourselves out of this mess. Antifa are targeting everyone on the right and what is happening? Nothing. The right is doing nothing and instead are just crying about "wah free speech!" Violence isn't morally right or wrong, it is used to enforce the truth and to be used on those who oppose truth to radical means such as antifa. National socialism/fascism is built on truth.

You fuckers need to stop thinking we can vote out of this. When the downfall happens you need to grab a gun and meet your local nationalists. Until then keep improving yourself and reading and redpill people you know slowly. If someone hits you, you hit them back harder. The right needs to fight antifa and such other opposition for any chance of succession. For fascism to succeed, we need to get footing in in the first place.

b04c92  No.12485191


You and I are on much of the same page with this. Say what you will about Trump but his vanilla civnat ass has worked the left up to the point that they are one bad day away from letting loose on your average normie over the crime supporting a political platform that could have been ripped straight from a Democrat in the 1980's.

We haven't even needed to reveal our power level (outside of Charlottesville which is still arguably a net positive) and yet we still have a defined enemy threatening violence against us after revealing the full strength of their communist ideological position. The problem is that we have the left standing in front ofus, holding a loaded gun to normalcy and thinking that's somehow a threat to us. We're still arguing over how to blow this whole thing wide open when we have the solution right in front of us, all we need to do is trick the left into firing that first shot. It's not like it'll taks much at all at this point.

229912  No.12485196


>muh antifa

Niggers killing innocent white people is statistically way more of a problem. Fucking antifa is some republikike boogeyman like the alt-right is for liberals.

229912  No.12485200


>muh 4d chess

Get the fuck out magapede.

f7270e  No.12485201


I only use antifa as a point, this applies to anything opposing us to an extreme. Niggers, kikes, fags, you name it. Especially the jews. All will be at their feet on the day of the rope.

75029e  No.12485211

File: 032705bb17877e4⋯.jpg (147.81 KB, 750x699, 250:233, brown grandkids.jpg)


>over the crime supporting a political platform that could have been ripped straight from a Democrat in the 1980's.

mein neger, I'm gonna use that line.

Also, obligatory denouncing of the Cville rallies. I was on halfpol probably 8 hours a day in the time leading up to that, and I can personally confirm that we did NOT plan it, we did NOT orchestrate it, and we even openly advocated AGAINST attending it. But what happened? Well, (((someone))) else planned it, bad things happened, and now cücks talk about how "we just can organize anything"

acf2da  No.12485217

why aren't you subscriped to pewdie pie yet anon?

229912  No.12485223


You're perpetuating some republikike boogeyman like someone who spends too much time outside of reality.

f7270e  No.12485233


I am only saying antifa to be short, I mean everyone WHO FALLS UNDER THE CATEGORY OF OUR ENEMY I just fucking said that.

a6343a  No.12485279

>Violence is totally unacceptable until it is time to kill

What is most lacking is intimidation.

A nigger / jew / fag settling into your all white town? Be rude, cut his tires, burn his mailbox, repeat until GTFO. Simple, efficient, stays under the radar.

34df0f  No.12485357

File: f2b8ffa4c6bd2d7⋯.png (535.19 KB, 500x912, 125:228, Acceleration OC.png)


>I don't know what branch of the accelerationist path this would promote, but it would either make them crack down and take our guns or motivate others to take action.

InB4 the Cohen Act.

acf2da  No.12485369


they couldn't protect jfk, they cant watch everything around every jew, so snipers can go undetected

acf2da  No.12485385

remember how most arguments about jews = bad are look how bad x is, and look how much control and relation jews have to x? Can we get it in people's mind to argue over x first before the jq?

e51588  No.12485408

File: 2a97cd8cee62064⋯.png (91.7 KB, 237x287, 237:287, 2a97cd8cee620642231e5a3f33….png)


That image isn't accurate. What if you want to change all the walls? Or install a a heating system that will bust down everything anyway to be placed?

a89de4  No.12485449

File: 810567388cb8bd1⋯.jpg (149.44 KB, 1224x640, 153:80, cowardice.jpg)

This thread has restored some of my faith in /pol/

The debate shouldn't focus only on violence or non-violence, it should be effective action vs. ineffective action.

Think about what consequences your actions will have, not through the lens of some fantasy you've built for yourself in your mind but based on how the world really is. Part of the problem is, as you've mentioned, that passivity. Many of us, and I even include myself in this somewhat, live life through fantasy to one degree or another. This website is a 'virtual' community rather than a real one, gaming is 'virtual' adventure rather than real, most of our political action is 'symbolic'. And so it's not a surprise that there all these calls to violence by people who have no real capacity or plan to do so themselves, it's symbolic anger. Even when someone actually snaps and decides to 'do something' it's entirely symbolic, it isn't at all goal oriented, it isn't based on attacking some vital part of the system but is instead a form of political attention seeking and emotional venting.

Everything we do needs to be goal oriented, but we lack the resources and social/political structure to actually pursue any of our goals in a meaningful way.

Well then the obvious first goal is to acquire those resources and build that social and political structure, and doing so require real life communication with eachother without having our lives ruined over it.

34df0f  No.12485454


The house is infested with jews I'm afraid.

b04c92  No.12485465

File: cf6638c1ff1507b⋯.jpg (225.34 KB, 900x1024, 225:256, The Truth.jpg)


I remember every anon issuing caution if not outright predicting the dangers of Charlottesville but there are several reasons why I think it may wind up being a net positive for us in the long run.

1. The general public has largely forgotten about it yet the extreme left holds it in their heart like it was the holocaust to the jews every time they take to the streets. This has led to the present situation where leftist golems have gona as far as trying to break into a mainstream news/talk shows home in an atrempt to intimidate his wife. The normies and the partially-aligned right hear the left cry "WHITE NATIONALISM IS TEARING THIS COUNTRY APART" while watching the left commit the only acts of unjust violence. This has worked massively in my favor when it comes to bringing others to our side.

2. It created a clear schism between the alt-lite, the (((alt-right))), and the anonymous collective known as /pol/ that serves as the intellectual clearing house for ehatever you want to call this new body politic that's developing. It rid the core of this movement of its dead weight while also exposing the charlatans sent by (((our enemies))) to lead us astray. The e-celeb drama has basically tapered off unless it involves destroying/exposing someone for being a shill, everyone has learned to remain skeptical of anyone who has become famous by pandering to our ideals.

3. It taught all of us many important lessons in a way that can't be ignored. The government and every enforcement arm thereof is our enemy and will seek to destroy us regardless of our innocence (look what they've done to RAM). There is very little to gain in the short term by fighting our enemy on its home turf, giant, public media spectacles will not be to our benefit from this point on as these marginal long term benefits I'm describing only appear once after the first iteration of this strategy. Lastly, we learned that there are many good, solid men who align with our cause and are willing to risk it all, their efforts were wasted in this failed attempt to stake our claim in the mainstream political sphere but it should serve as a reminder to us all that we are not alone.

b04c92  No.12485507


The solution is for our people to ascend to the final frontier of space. Infinite opportunity infinite space, and infinite struggle against the harshness of nature beyond anything we've seen on earth will indelibly instill that spirit of conquest and innate understanding of raw consequence in our people for the rest of time. Now we just have to refocus ourselves to this goal so that we may be free.

34df0f  No.12485550


>That image

I have one small critique of the war part.

A bad peace is better than total annihilation. Look at Germany as an example of what happens when you lose a war completely.

Before the first World War, wars were generally conducted in a civilized, respectful, honourable fashion. When the Germans smashed the French at the Battle of Sedan and then the Siege of Paris, the French entered into negotiations with Germany, gave up some territory, and paid war reparations. And then the Germans LEFT THEM ALONE. They did not arrest and execute their leadership and replace their government with a puppet regime like the Allies did to Germany after the war.

Why was this?

In part it was because the jew and the jewish mindset had not taken hold over our minds.

However, another reason for this civilized nature of war in the past was simply that leaders were willing to negotiate when the war was lost instead of fighting these goddamn Vernichtungskriegen. When your army was smashed and your chances of victory dashed, why subject your population to meaningless slaughter in a prolonged war?

If defeat is inevitable, it is actually wiser to negotiate a peace settlement WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE STRENGTH TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Waiting until every last airplane is destroyed and every city leveled before negotiating guarentees that you will end up being raped in the inevitable peace treaty.

A wise leader will immediately begin negotiating for peace if he sees that the war is not going well. If he plays his cards right, he can negotiate a status quo ante bellum or if he is lucky and skilled, a favourable peace treaty. If he fails to do this and the war continues to turn worse and worse for his nation, his negotiation cards will grow less and less effective.

This of course does not apply to guerrilla warfare or our eternal struggle with our racial enemies because they are completely unreasonable and anything short of total annihilation of the psychotic jews will mean racial extermination of our people.

855dd7  No.12485583


I wholeheartedly agree, except you and I both know that niggers, faggots and jews are protected species. The second you brush against them the feds, cia, military l, local county and state police, interpol mossad and black panthers will be on your fucking ass like flies on shit. Gotta be discreet my man. They should only have accidents.

38ccb7  No.12485702

File: b2b5d97320823dc⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 540x540, 1:1, chad torch bearer.jpg)


>Lastly, we learned that there are many good, solid men who align with our cause and are willing to risk it all, their efforts were wasted in this failed attempt to stake our claim in the mainstream political sphere but it should serve as a reminder to us all that we are not alone.

This. Remember the old saying for every 1 out in the street there's another 100. And the torchlight chanting, even if it was with goofy looking tiki torches, was the biggest bonerfuel in years

54a4b9  No.12485789


>I’m a girl

tits or gtfo

>mom and bff

Them too

f26b1e  No.12485863



Got a throwaway email?

80f5fd  No.12485910

File: bb20ba549406abb⋯.jpg (197.28 KB, 540x779, 540:779, Reecca-Yanoskaya queen of ….jpg)


GET TRAINED. Tactical training for yourself and your bff and your mother. Train in self defense and think about survival situations. What 'actual marketable' skills do you have? Nursing or medicine? Growing food? Trade skills? If you don't have a bag of beans you should at least be WORTH a bag of beans and your pussy isn't going to take you far, that is NOT a marketable skill since every woman has one of those and there is no shortage in war when they are starving. Get a marketable skill that makes you WORTH something in terms of survival. Know how to kill an enemy. What are the death blows, how long does it take to bleed out once delivered? Are you armed 24/7 (you should be armed ANYWAY since there are so many foreigners in our nations at this point). A huge crocodile dundee knife is not necessary, you can kill a man with a very small knife if you cut them in the right place. KNOW WHERE, BE ARMED, GET PREPARED. Get some birth control and take it if SHTF…the last thing on god's green earth you need is to be in a war and preggers. Learn what you can eat and what you can't from wild plants and bugs. You don't want to starve in the 'land of plenty' now do you? :) Good luck 'girl', if you have any questions I will leave this window open and you can ask them through tomorrow. Follow your instincts. The fact that you are asking THIS GLOBALIST BOARD about your worries means that you are not following your own knowledge and instinct. That will be your doom if you don't learn to LISTEN, your instincts are talking to you for a reason. LISTEN OR DIE.

576ff9  No.12485964


>Get some birth control and take it if SHTF

Preferably copper IUD because the the hormonal ones fuck you up

c7ee6d  No.12486250


I think with technology we'll be able to implant memories, or simulate experiences to such a level of reality that we could keep motives alive through generations. Of course technology like that could also be disastrous if usable by anyone, or controlled by the wrong group.

f29671  No.12486260


>Got a throwaway email?

I sure do. How bout you?

c7ee6d  No.12486271

File: ccaf98fe4c5dea8⋯.jpg (196.45 KB, 741x900, 247:300, Frederick The Great.jpg)


>A wise leader will immediately begin negotiating for peace if he sees that the war is not going well

c7ee6d  No.12486276


BTW, anyone have a good book on Fredrick? All I know is Hitler's commentary on him.

551cc1  No.12486411

File: 961db07fc276e75⋯.jpeg (175.37 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 86974BD3-E378-4D6A-B7D7-D….jpeg)


Except that it is

551cc1  No.12486423


Fascism is not a weapon used by the jews, rather it is a weapon against the jews.

Allow me to quote Rabbi Harry Waton:

What is the universal and permanent situation that confronts the Jews and the rest of mankind ? It is the rise and spread of fascism. I use the term fascism as comprehending nazism and communism ; for, as we shall see later, they are all the same; they all mean a new social order and a new philosophy of life. Fascism is regarded by the anti-fascists as a world menace, an evil that threatens to destroy society, religion, civilization, progress, liberty, democracy and humanity. Now, whatever be the nature of an evil, to overcome it or to render it harmless, it is first necessary to understand the nature of the evil and the cause of it. If we are to overcome fascism or to render it harmless, we must first understand its nature and the cause of it. Fascism did not fall from the sky, nor was it created by Mussolini, Stalin or Hitler; fascism grew out of certain historic and economic conditions, and it has a definite historic function to perform. Assuming that fascism is what

{page 14} the Jews and the anti-fascists think it is, the first thing that is incumbent upon the Jews and the anti-fascists is to understand the nature and the cause of fascism. Now, the Jews and the anti-fascists believe that they understand the nature and the cause of fascism; but, as we shall presently see, they have not the remotest idea of fascism and its cause. The very fact that the Jews and the anti-fascists believe that fascism is only a local and temporary phenomenon, and that they can destroy fascism, this alone proves that neither the Jews nor the anti-fascists understand the nature of fascism and its historic function. We shall presently see that fascism is a historic phase of social evolution through which mankind must pass, and nothing in creation can prevent this.

6. What do the Jews know about fascism? They know fascism only from their own viewpoint, only in so far as fascism affects them; and, since fascism affects them most painfully, the Jews regard fascism as a world menace. But do the Jews know fascism from the viewpoint of the fascists? To know and understand fascism from the viewpoint of the fascists, the Jews must place themselves in the position of the fascists, and from their viewpoint see fascism. The Jews must place themselves in the position of the fascists and from their viewpoint consider the Jewish question and the present social order. Have the Jews tried to understand fascism from the fascist viewpoint? Now, it is natural and easy to misunderstand an enemy and to hate him, but this does not help to overcome an enemy or render him harmless. To do this, we must transcend our emotional reactions against an enemy, and only then can we meet the enemy rationally and effectively. By barricading themselves against the understanding of fascism from the fascist viewpoint, the Jews only aggravate the situation that faces them. It is therefore of vital interest to the Jews themselves to make the supreme effort to transcend their emotional reactions against fascism and the fascists, and to endeavor to understand them. This they must do to serve their own interests. What is true of the Jews is equally true of the fascists. The fascists regard the Jews as a world menace, they are a menace to the Aryans(…) Are the fascists sure that they will not share the same fate as the enemies of the Jews shared all through history? Is it not in the interests of the fascists to make the supreme effort to transcend their emotional reactions against the Jews and Judaism, and endeavor to view them from the Jewish viewpoint? And now, suppose that the Jews and the fascists did achieve this, would they then understand the world situation that confronts the human race? By no means, for they would still see the situation from two opposite viewpoints; they would not see the world situation from its historic aspect, for fascism is the work of history, and has a historic function to perform. Hence we must rise still higher and see the world situation in its historic aspect. But, alas, history is still a book sealed with seven seals!

In the life and death struggle between the fascists and the Jews, and the great noise of them that shout with victory and of them that cry from defeat, one voice is not heard that, above all, should have been heard first, and that is the voice of history. Men plan, scheme and plot to realize their petty aims and vain ambitions. In their ignorance, they believe that they can make history as they please”.

57a1b8  No.12486494


Build a new house. This one is done. There are no other places to build your house. So you need to destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up.

80f5fd  No.12487003


>In the life and death struggle between the fascists and the Jews

More hegelian dialectic for humanity to choke to death on? I think I will skip. I have found MANY better ways to govern humanity in the brief time I have been looking into it that involve neither of those dialectics crushing humanity to death in an endlessly battle between them.

d32b8a  No.12487011

File: 9cc4ac49dd83ade⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 401x399, 401:399, wait what.jpg)


> state-sponsored Marxist propaganda narrative

Where can I get sponsored?

e133b6  No.12487039


I know what you mean. That guy is just being pedantic. The best definition in my opinion is "those working against the interests of whites and traditional values."


Exactly, I think one of my best points through this wall of text has been here >>12483160

with the "Be like Bismarck" sentiment


Yes! I used the word violence partially as click bait in this thread. I am glad to see people can understand that violence doesn't necessarily mean "start attacking people" violence is about action. Creating a controversial charity organization is violent in that it assaults people's concept of what is good/evil like my facetious "Soup Nazis" soup kitchen idea. I could have renamed this thread "Action in the Right Wing" and it would have probably been a bit more along the lines of what I intended. Our problem is passively criticizing, and I am guilty of this as much as anyone.


If all lords are the enlightened despots we hope for, I agree that traditional monarchy is a cool concept. However, the human element will make it just as flawed as any other system out there. The problem in returning to it is you need to get your first generation of rulers established, who would have to arise from a completely destroyed political system as warlords.


The way I think about it is that the jews hate a unified, culturally homogeneous people because the people get together and kick them out for their usurious ways. The jews practice fascism amongst themselves, with the tribe and its members always being the first priority. When non-jews start practicing Fascism, it is the opposite of "Diversity" it is Unification under a single, common identity. Fascism takes the jews dedication to their group and allows the unclean goyim to start caring for each other. That is why it looks like Jews vs Fascism when really it is Jewish Fascism promoting Diversity vs National Fascism.

c6f807  No.12487067

File: f3848e652ee2e5a⋯.jpg (223.26 KB, 936x737, 936:737, badge.jpg)

Build a database of every jew; name, address, even photo. Share database. Mention database. No threats. Just create awareness that such database exists. Instill fear.

72f682  No.12487086

File: 11aae73ddaac2f9⋯.png (896.01 KB, 720x816, 15:17, 1542896605426.png)

0882a3  No.12487103

File: 49649acf8bdb38c⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 506x442, 253:221, violence game.jpg)


Most of us have nothing to live for. A blaze of glory would allow us, for once, to live like men.

Yes, it is effective, that is why it is so demonized. Think of how Muslims create No Go Zones. A small gang goes around terrorizing people and that's how they earn their space. A lone wolf carries out a bigger attack and now everyone is terrified of their group. This is how they earn more space, and stop opposition from even arising. with niggers it is the same, though progress is slower, because they are unorganized, less zealous and therefor less effective.

Think about it. We are already painted as dangerous terrorists, however most brown people have never seen a white man go HAM. If we start striking hard, they will become scared.


I have personally told niggers, spics and muslims they are not welcome here and to get the fuck out. i seriously doubt they have left. you have to STRIKE against them, they are not motivated by anything less. they dont care if you hate them, or stare them down. only white people care about that. these are primates. the rule of the jungle applies.

Roof single handedly terrified the entire state of South Carolina, so much that those niggers havent done jack shit in that state ever since. this is because they know that any one of these white boys might snap and reign down on them.

it does work, that is why it is demonized.

yes this is nasty, and guarantees casualties on our side, but no more so than now. i would argue it will lead to less casualties on our side because once the muds see us getting violent, they will back off, and those like muslims and mexicans who have nothing invested in our countries will probably leave.

attrition is the only play available, accept that already. you have been shown over and over that whites have no political voice anywhere. violence is our voice, and is the only political voice that has ever existed anyways.

6b63c1  No.12487142


Why would they fear this from a group that has very little power to do anything? This would only be a prop for leftists to hold up as evidence of right-wing terrorism.


Commit violence and then what? Wait for corrupt politicians stop taking bribes to sellout the White man? We need to be the politicians and not take the bribes.

e133b6  No.12487153


Also, you are using a jewish source in which they are playing the victim, do not allow yourself to be tricked by them. Here is some analysis and why you should disregard or at least be aware of their rhetorical tricks.

>What do the Jews know about fascism? They know fascism only from their own viewpoint, only in so far as fascism affects them; and, since fascism affects them most painfully, the Jews regard fascism as a world menace.

My thesis is that the jews practice fascism amongst themselves vs the goyim. My supporting arguments are first, they view themselves as the master race (god's chosen, everyone else is unclean/cattle), second, they work to undermine those outside their tribe (usury, do not work to help a goy, lying to and stealing from goyim is permitted), and third, their obvious and notorious nepotism (do everything you can to promote the interests of you people).

Now, what were Germans doing in the NSDAP. Master race? Check. Undermine the jews screwing them over? Check. Nepotism and the promotion of Germans/NSDAP members? Check. The point of this is to not listen to jews like you would an honest person. Always be looking for their lies and "creative definitions" or just changing definitions depending on if they are talking about themselves vs others.

000000  No.12487182


>One thing is certain, we have a serious violence deficit

(((communists))) and muds have that market (mostly) cornered. One of the main reasons they are given so much latitude in pushing their agenda is because the System knows that side is capable of, and willing to, put warm bodies on the streets for the purpose of disruption/destruction; the squeaky wheel gets the grea$e.

bf356a  No.12487206


Another thing to remember is the robust support system for communist and minority agitators. The National Lawyer's Guild, SPLC, NAACP and others. White men have the NRA and that's only partially in our favor. Remember that Bill Ayers was on a Yacht while awaiting trial while most right wing suspects are either in the woods or in jail.

000000  No.12487251


I blame moderates for that. They ceded ground when the radicals first started causing disruption which allowed them to transform that momentum into 'official' political power.

If the Right had to stomach to gaze at that ugliness and crush it we wouldn't be here today.

000000  No.12487257


*had the stomach

9d2529  No.12487289

We are slaves and there's only one way to get free, revolt


4d8890  No.12487327


>National Socialism is extreme right wing

National socialism is third position

4d8890  No.12487328


Extreme right wing would be ancap

e133b6  No.12487341



Remember where I was writing about arguing over definitions and pedantic criticism being counterproductive? One anon said only monarchy is right wing, now you are saying ancap is right wing, GLR said Chengis Khan was the most right wing but that the NSDAP was far right as well. Stop being jewish and changing/arguing over definitions when most people here know that it is a catchall term for nationalist, anti-progressive and racially aware movements that presently exist in numerous forms.

3af001  No.12487354

File: 669f15251e1cee1⋯.jpg (264.96 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, JFK-revolution.jpg)

34df0f  No.12487361

File: 5ede4aaf36e81f6⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 700x339, 700:339, War of Austrian Succession.jpg)


If you know anything about Frederick of Prussia and the Seven Years War, then you know darn well that King Frederick owed everything to the two Miracles of the House of Brandenburg. And if you know anything about that, then you know that it was not Frederick who saved Prussia. It was chance, stupidity, and timidity on the part of the Austrians and Russians. Indeed, the Tsar of Russia actually hero worshiped Frederick the Great.

Yes, by staying in the war he ended up on the "winning" side due to dumb luck. But Prussia gained NOTHING from that war. NOTHING.

The peace that Frederick was able to negotiate was a status quo ante bellum due to his pitifully weakened position due to his catastrophic losses in that terrible war.

However, this actually backs up my point that it might have been better to negotiate peace then rather than put Prussia through so much suffering at the hands of the Russians and Austrians. It was sheer dumb luck that saved Prussia from total annihilation that year. Sure, staying in a losing war could lead to gains if you miraculously win. believing that a miracle will save you from total defeat is like taking a mortgage on your house and gambling with it.

Sure. You might become a billionaire overinght. But more likely, you will lose it all and have no one but yourself to blame.

And finally, I am quite tickled that you would attempt to use Frederick the Great as an argument against peace negotiations because

Frederick the Great began his reign by following the advice I just gave

Yes, you remember him for the 7 Years War. But you forget the less remembered War of Austrian Succession. That war saw him win a series of spectacular victories early on and he seized Silesia from the Austrian Habsburgs. But after that, the war started going poorly. His French allies began to struggle and the combined armies of Austria and Britain were starting to defeat him in battles.

So he began negotiations immediately

Frederick the Great dropped out of the war stronger than when he entered it because he started negotiating as soon as it started going poorly but before he was too weak to keep what he conquered.

1eeb0b  No.12487366


>2nd image

You forgot the "not being White and a White person refers to you by a racial slur".

1eeb0b  No.12487379


We need every weapon in our arsenal so that kikes know that if the ZOG tries to clamp down to the point of us having nothing to lose that we will be able to retaliate accordingly.

4d8890  No.12487386


No. Unless you point it out, it will get worse.

See for example


>something codified, without individual input, for YOU, BY SOMEONE ELSE. It supersedes the rights and pursuits of the individual to self expression or the pursuit of JUSTICE. Who decided this and why isn't it up to the INDIVIDUAL to ascertain his own ideological, moral and physical pursuits? I would not have someone else 'take charge' of the individual's decisions, but would rather see the individual express their own innate understanding of what is correct for themselves

Individualism. Not national socialist.

>I don't believe in government subsidies (theft) from a group of individuals to another individual (or the unjust redistribution of wealth/communism; it is some sort of sick joke that America is 'capitalist' when communism clearly flourishes at every level in the USA). >People should stand or fall on their own abilities

"Taxation is theft" and more individualism. Not National Socialist.

>If fascism, the weapon of the jews against all nations

Slandering fascism.

Fascism is third position. Libertarians are not welcome.

1eeb0b  No.12487391


The problem with your line of thinking is that shitskin violence is state-sanctioned while Whites attempting to do the same thing would be Waco'd with zero justification attempts from the ZOG.

9e01fb  No.12487411


Well I guess you better learn to be sneaky then

4d8890  No.12487413

File: 3e7099216c0d8ad⋯.jpg (40.08 KB, 594x519, 198:173, Rockwell.jpg)

bf356a  No.12487484

The depression is starting.


What really causes a depression? A sharp drop in consumer confidence and a decrease in spending. No cashflow means low stock prices. This is the holiday season, if we can cause a scare we can reduce spending and induce a depression/bust cycle. I think we could meme it.

>gm closing plants to remain profitable

>stock market is artificially high

>chase stocking up on silver

>trump isn't saving us (use this on qcumbers)


Could we meme the end of the world?

5d0b99  No.12487542


Ah, maybe you can fulfill my request in the post after that one.

d32b8a  No.12487565

File: ebbcb8294296dc5⋯.png (35.2 KB, 471x292, 471:292, popcorn.png)


> What really causes a depression? A sharp drop in consumer confidence and a decrease in spending.

Translation: since profit of Capitalists is based on workers being underpaid, workers get less money than is required to buy all the commodities they produce. As a result, all commodities cannot be sold and - every decade or so - we get crisis of underpayment "overproduction".

> if we can cause a scare we can reduce spending and induce a depression/bust cycle. I think we could meme it.

You can't meme it, as crisis is based on objective amount of money people have. Even if they won't spend it immediately, they will spend the money a bit later.

Good news for you: a new Great Depression is already coming, so you are going to get full Fascism package (unemployment, collapsing wages, return of conscription and, inevitably, war).

> Could we meme the end of the world?

Could you not? I need it for world revolution and space communism.

bf356a  No.12487567


I think you might actually be part of the Trump team. However I think it's mostly a marketing strategy rather than some kind of an organized resistance. They do just enough coordinated social media bullshit to make it look like that it's legitimate. However when you look at what's actually come about as a result of it, it's nothing.

bf356a  No.12487571


I think Q*

Tts typo

36531a  No.12487589


>I think you -Q- might actually be part of the Trump team.

Of course it's team trump but you have to also understand Team Trump is also Mossad. Mossad are the fucking clowns that orchestrated 9/11 and whether you believe it or not, Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, Madden Tournament shooting, Route 91 Vegas shooting, Parkland…

Every single "mass shooting" event in recent history has been orchestrated by Mossad and carried out by CIA assets.

That's team Trump. These fake shootings are STILL HAPPENING! What does that tell us about Trump?

That was the litmus test that he failed. I felt good when he took office. The induction speech was on-point and highly motivating but then the fucking fake ass shootings continued. What does that tell you?

What it tells me is he is /theirguy/.

I said it in 2013 after Sandy Hoax went down. They will stop at NOTHING to disarm Americans. That is goal number 1!

That is the purpose for Trump.

Mark my fucking words. Trump is to serve one purpose. Disarm Americans. You have to have TRUST to do that. How do you gain trust? Well, "lock her up!" sound familar?

One big game of Kabuki Theater, my man! It's a big club and you aint in it! (neither am I or the dipshit Alphabet pawnz that read this! Fuck you traitor assholes!)

b3b8f2  No.12487669

File: ec23e610635d6ec⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 499x499, 1:1, jihadi.jpg)

You can't organize IRL, because nobody can be trusted. The only way to do this is through the inspiration of lone wolf "political action" (wink wink) online. Read that as you will.

Find a way for people to speak freely and securely to each other before you start planning anything. Remember, /pol/ is enemy #1 for the entire planet right now. There are FBI agents and CIA niggers on this site right now whose careers will revolve around preventing /pol/lacks from completing "terrorist" acts. Don't be stupid, because they'll use you as an example, and /pol/ itself will probably turn on you and call you a retard. Also, smaller acts of violence need to be condoned. Making of video of you and your friends beating the shit out of a nigger should be applauded and celebrated here on /pol/. In Europe, go into Muslim areas and smash things. Surround and taunt Jews publicly and rob them.


Killing is a last resort, for now white boys and men need to simply make white countries *UNINHABITABLE* for kikes and subhumans. Throw rotten tomatoes before you throw grenades. Test the waters. Overwhelm the system with a million little cuts. If you're underageb&, you should be doing this in particular because there are LITERALLY NO CONSEQUENCES. BEAT UP HOMOSEXUALS WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

34df0f  No.12487670


Checked my small library and believe it or not I can't for the life of me find biographies on Frederick the Great. Which is weird because I did own more than one. But I forget the authors, so idk.

I do however have two recommendations for the 7 Years War, which is still a fascinating war. Often called the world war before the world war, Frederick the Great really did demonstrate his brilliance in battle, even though he did end up "losing" the war and only narrowly coming off slightly weaker but still alive.

I actually have two but each has a drawback.

Franz Szabo's 'The 7 Years War in Europe'

I'm pretty sure Szabo is an Austrian and be warned, his book is riddled with some serious attacks on Frederick the Great. Take it with a grain of salt but his account of the rest of the war is fine. The man blames Frederick for the fall of the Austrian Empire or something.

The second is Fred Anderson's "Crucible of war, the Seven Years War'

Which is a long book that is best read over a week or so it's so long. The trouble is, Anderson is an American and thus is really only interested in George Washington, General Braddock, and the French & Indians war.

b3b8f2  No.12487681

File: fa506b53e119960⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1485196307834.jpg)


I forgot to mention, but of course wear a mask while you're doing these things. Also don't brag about it IRL, like a nigger. Just go pull some Hitler Youth shit, and put some music to the footage. Each video like that would inspire ten more kids to do the same thing.

Fuck the ZOG.

0976a3  No.12487709


The system is so large at this point, that even taking out State sized chunks won't really affect anything. You have hurricanes that shut down multiple States and nothing comes of it. The only thing that can take it down at this point is an act of God or full blown WWIII.

f29671  No.12487712


>You can't organize IRL, because nobody can be trusted

You can if you don't participate in anything illegal!

You broadcast your meetings publicly and you work for what you are ethically entitled to, the existence of your people and self-determination. No law forces us to live in detrimental situations. No law states we can't establish our own media, religions or businesses.

We are in control of our futures and we can collectively associate.

It really will take 10 of us to change the future for white people. 6, actually. 6 men that are willing to dedicate their lives to change the future for all whites and it's not even illegal!>>12487669

d32b8a  No.12487728


> No law forces us to live in detrimental situations.

> No law states we can't establish our own media, religions or businesses.

Have you heard about money?

b3b8f2  No.12487740

File: 2e840a4344e3852⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 1422939973166.jpg)


>organize peacefully goy!

how is this any different than when we were taught in school to resist the government like Martin Luther King and Ghandi? You're just propagating the myth that the ZOG can be removed nonviolently. In other words you're a fucking golem.

Flame alone will cleanse the world of filth and evil.

f29671  No.12487761


Think Mormons, nigger

Think Jehovas Witness


Think The Order of the Black Sun and the Church of Kek

Mormonism was founded with 6 men. Don't be an obtuse cunt! You have to be more intelligent than the nigger class. You have to expand your thinking outside of good/evil, right/wrong, legal/illegal. There is a way that exists regardless of law and ironically, the jew has paved that path! Morality!

Nobody would get behind a seizure of Amish land and destruction of those people. Nobody would get behind the destruction of the Mormon church. What we appear to be matters most for security. What we are matters most for preservation!

34df0f  No.12487762


Every violent revolutionary organization needs a non-violent wing. All successful terrorist organizations had non-violent wings.

c6f807  No.12487765

File: 78ae8303a6cceb3⋯.jpg (136.24 KB, 600x601, 600:601, pilesofdeadjews.jpg)


Database is not terrorism. The nigger database used to avoid driving into an area where the kikes' pet will kill you is not terrorism. The database will be needed when the shit starts. You're AGAINST the database because you are a fucking jew cockroach who is already scared at just the thought of a database.

5d0b99  No.12487768


I appreciate it, man. Could only find the second book, but it looks like enough.

Good history is hard to discern, and of course you always have to take the person writing it into consideration. I'm reading a book on the history of Mexico right now, called "Blood-Drenched Altars", by Catholic Reverend Francis Clement Kelley. I don't agree with all his views as to what was good and what was a mistake - obviously he has a major bias towards his religion, which was a dominant force in Spain when the Spanish conquered Mexico - but being that the book is from the 1930s, it's partially a history you won't often see permitted today.

34df0f  No.12487779


No problem, brother.

Glad to share and talk about history for a change. This is why this is a good thread. We used to have more threads like this one but then the summerfags decided to stay.

f29671  No.12487791


>The database

This already exists


b3b8f2  No.12487867




So why meet IRL? All of what you're talking about can be conducted anonymously online. The best part of /pol/ being anonymous is that it removes faggot e-celeb personalities from the equation. /pol/ just needs to intentionally start inspiring non-lethal attacks across the Western world. It shouldn't be "fun" to be a non-white anywhere from Los Angeles to Constantinople. Get younger teenagers on board (with memes) and convince them (with memes) to spread physical mayhem into the streets. Reward them with glory (and memes).

Why aren't packs of children tormenting kikes in the street with sticks?

a89de4  No.12487869

File: 0c35c8f9299807e⋯.jpg (119.28 KB, 1280x557, 1280:557, hope.jpg)


The only thing that matters in this society is money.

We take that as a criticism but it also gives us an obvious route for action. Everything we need to do is going to require funding, lots of it.

Stop living in a fantasy fucking video game world. MLK and Ghandi didn't take down the government, you're right, but the big money backers behind them did. Violence and non-violence are just varying expressions of power. The ability to gather a hundred thousand people in one location for one purpose and to lead them is only one step away from arming those people and getting them to do the same reason. Getting one person to go on a retarded killing spree that accomplishes nothing is a million steps away from this and is nothing but an expression of impotence and weak will, and every sane person knows this.

Sitting in your dark basement all alone clutching your shitty AR kit isn't going to lead anywhere but your inevitable suicide. If that's your decision, then fine, just don't drag all of us down with you. If it comes to violence, then that's what it will come to. But your suicidal ideation isn't a path to victory.

5d0b99  No.12487882


This thread is an anomaly here, for sure. OP seems to have hit on the right formula: Text-heavy useful insight (with proper paragraph spacing). Weeds out the people who can only think in memes, and inspires the literates to participate.

I'm pretty sure there's only one guy on this board who has a considerable knowledge of history, so I'm assuming you're him (you made the Irish guerilla warfare thread, correct?). I always enjoy your posts, and aspire to be able to discuss these topics on your level, but I need to do a lot more reading.

Do you think there's a tipping point, where if you didn't sue for peace at the most opportune time, one ought to carry out the gamble? Like how Hitler intended to break the allies through unreasonable resistance toward the end? Also, on your point that before WW1 wars were more honorable, what's your take on the state of honor in the 30 years war? I recall Europe being leveled in that one as well (my recollections again being Hitler commentaries from Mein Kampf and Hitler's War).

f29671  No.12487908


>So why meet IRL

/pol/ will have its place and will serve a huge purpose. It will serve as an arm of propaganda to continuously get the message out to those that otherwise would not hear it. It's free advertising.

The reason IRL is necessary is very specific and cannot be accomplished through online association alone. It will become the core of the movement and dictate the direction of action taken. The nucleus of the cell, with a nucleus at the heart of every US town with a population over 100,000 (there are over 300 of these areas). You have to implant yourself into the functioning areas of society. Namely the small businesses and small business owners. We have to control the flow of energy. You do that by controlling where people are spending their money and where that money gets directed.

It's all very easy to do given what we already have. Very easy. 6 people to get it going. 6 becomes 600 within a few short months / 2 years max. 600 becomes 6,000 shortly thereafter, within another 4 years it's well into the millions. All flowing one direction.

4290f0  No.12487919


>polvol2 is still trying his demoralization schtick

Kill yourself, nigger.

5d0b99  No.12487921

File: e93bcf1b636fec6⋯.pdf (8.18 MB, The-Seven-Years-War-in-Eur….pdf)

File: b86c08eba425454⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 333x499, 333:499, seven years war in europe ….jpg)



Oh, found the other one.

828f80  No.12487977

>Remember where I was writing about arguing over definitions and pedantic criticism being counterproductive?

No it's important. If your big concern is not wanting to deal with nogs and jews and transpeople in your face, then congrats, you're the same as every other nation… but it sure as hell doesn't make you right wing. If anything, a right winger would rather accelerate a collapse so things can be rebuilt, instead of risking their lives to maintain some partial ZOG system. Other RWs maintain their enclaves within the greater society, but they aren't interested in saving that society.

That's why nobody is doing shit and won't do shit.

1eeb0b  No.12488003


No shekels for the useful idiots, only for infrastructure.

d32b8a  No.12488011


What infrastructure would that be?

70bf7a  No.12488021

When is the right going to start being violent?

I dare you /leftykikes/ to name one situation in which the right has been violent.

Just one.

000000  No.12488022


>Getting one person to go on a retarded killing spree that accomplishes nothing is a million steps away from this and is nothing but an expression of impotence and weak will, and every sane person knows this.

Oh I don't agree with that.

>One disgruntled truck driver from Picksburgh permanently displaced 11 kikes and convinced a bunch more to fuck off to pisrael.

>One drug-addled kid from SC took out a nigger state senator and 8 other groids.

Both of them accomplished this without any material support or direct instruction. Each of them effected a more positive impact than they could have done with several lifetimes worth of voting. It's particularly amazing considering their stations in life.

I won't make a moral judgement for or against their actions, but looking at it coldly: they got results.

d32b8a  No.12488035


Yes, we know. You are gay ("kill all homosexuals and fascism will vanish") soyboys (literally Nazi beans). This is why you have to be killed, as you are an absolute disgrace for mankind.

34df0f  No.12488123

File: 2811da10d040e22⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 550x364, 275:182, PIRA.jpg)


>you made the Irish guerilla warfare thread

That's me. Good spotting anon. I haven't even mentioned them in this thread I think.

I've been meaning to make some more of my series on asymmetric warfare organizations but I've exhausted all the good ones. I mean, who wants to analyze Die Rote Armee Fraktion (The Red Army Faction)? No one has ever heard of them and they failed utterly to accomplish anything. Though, fun fact; their leader and founder is now in jail because he became a National Socialist and openly stated that the Holohoax was a lie. I mean, that's pretty funny.

>Do you think there's a tipping point, where if you didn't sue for peace at the most opportune time, one ought to carry out the gamble?

Yes and no actually. Eventually one reaches a point of loss where all you can do is fight. For instance, Germany in 1945. I mean, jesus christ by 1945 things were so fucked up that even nukes wouldn't have saved Germany. By 1945, Hitler had basically nothing to negotiate with. What he should have done was what the USSR did when they were losing (Hitler being unwilling to negotiate with them because he was winning). And that is; prepare for the long striggle. Specifically, invest all the money spent on those useless Wunderwaffe and other projects on Unternehmen Werwolf. Intense guerrilla warfare coupled with a focus on defense might have forced the Allies to enter into negotiations in order to end the war. I have always been a strong critic of Hitler's late-war offensives as wasteful of men and resources. Yes, this would mean that Berlin and other cities might have been nuked. However, if the Germans could compel the Allies into negotiating with them, they might have preserved independence for Germany.

Though, as I have explained in greater detail elsewhere, Hitler should have entered into negotiations after the battle of Britain failed because that was when he lost the war. In fact, really he probably should have immediately attacked the Dunkirk pocket and opened up negotiations then and there to offer a ceasefire in exchange for the Dunkirk pocket (for various reasons I do not believe that he could have destroyed them in detail). But I could go on for an hour on that subject so I won't bore you. Though if you like, I could explain in greater detail.

34df0f  No.12488126

File: 5c6b0c215e48df8⋯.jpg (174.55 KB, 800x550, 16:11, thirty-years-war-siege.jpg)

File: 50578c8b355f326⋯.jpg (395.8 KB, 730x520, 73:52, 2016_03b_simms_opener.jpg)


>what's your take on the state of honor in the 30 years war?

You know, I'm pleased you mention that because I happen to be an expert on the 30 years war and yet I never get a chance to talk about it. Yes, the 30 years war was a bloody mess. Did you know that in WW2, something like 5% to one tenth of all Germans perished? But the Thirty Years war killed ONE FIFTH of all Germans? Can you imagine how devestating that war was for Germany? In a pre-industrial age losing one fifth of your population, nevermind the material devestation caused by the war, was immense!

And unlike most other brother-wars, this war was not over land so much as it was a religious war. And yes yes sure, the French were Catholic and all that. But the war was dictated by bitter religious conflict (and let's not forget the English Civil War that happened during and BECAUSE of the war in Germany). So cruelty and massacre were sadly normalized in this brother-war. It's a flipping miracle that the Germans weren't reduced to a footnote in history after this devastation. Of course, by "miracle" I really mean that the Germans are great builders and creators. Germans are amazing. Few other peoples could survive let alone prosper after such a war. Though it did take a century.

Anyway, the Emperor of the HRE (or at least his diplomats) did manage to negotiate a "ceasefire" sort of with the French and Swedes and create one of the most famous peace treaties in history. How did they manage to do this when the French were just devastating Germany's depleted armies in battle and sacking her cities? Well, it was because Germany still had a lot left in her and the French secretly understood that a war of annihilation would bankrupt them. Germany was to France (and Sweden) what the USSR was to Germany in WW2. Adolph Gustavus himself marched an army of a hundred thousand men all the way to the Hapsburg lands in the south before he died in battle, much like Germany's early victories against the USSR. However, the Swedes proved incapable of holding onto all that land and were driven. The French then entered the war and started butchering Germans in the West. This allowed the Swedes to begin reconquering the heart of Germany. This more than anything convinced the Emperor to just end the fucking war and sacrifice some land for peace. The French meanwhile understood that though they could rape and pillage in Western Germany, a long war was equally bad for them (also they were fighting Spain as well). And the Swedes were tired of the thing and had been running out of men to throw at the Germans. So the Emperor traded Hapsburg lands in Alsace Lorraine yup. This is arguably where that conflict originated for peace. The Peace of Westphalia actually ended the religious wars in Europe. So I'd say it was a triumph of diplomacy and European reasonable-ness.

It is a great example of a political elite who had tried waging total war for decades and eventually realized that there was no way to conclusively win the war and settled for negotiatiating a "disadvantageous" peace rather than continue fighting. Better to lose half of Alsace Lorraine and Pommerania than risk losing the entire country and plunging Europe into a new dark age.

Germans remember the 30 Years War as a great tragedy for good reason. But honestly, I believe that the Peace of Westphalia was the best that Germany could have gotten under the circumstances. By 1648, half of the HRE was nominally in enemy hands and her economy was in shambles.

34df0f  No.12488163

File: 9566927be73dd9a⋯.jpg (216.58 KB, 780x481, 60:37, 30_year_war.jpg)


Oh, one more thing. I'd say that the 30 years war was barbaric to be sure. It is a 30 (or 60 arguably) period of shameful religious warring and brotherslaying in our history.

However, it was still more civilized than WW2 because even though the combatants were doing absolutely horrendeous things on the battlefield (and in villages and farmlands and cities) they were STILL able to bring themselves to talk to each other like men and work out a rational end to the fighting.

I mean, my god. We have all lost our minds in the last century if even the worst war of the early modern era had leaders willing to enter into serious negotiations to end the war.

The jew is largely to blame for the unreasoning nature of our modern elites. However, perhaps more darkly, we ourselves do share a lot of the blame. Particularly the elites of our race. Why this is is up for debate but it is undeniable that 200 years ago, even bitter enemies were willing to sit down like men and work for peace without needing to annihilate the people they were fighting.

f29671  No.12488242


>I have always been a strong critic of Hitler's late-war offensives

It's very hard to change direction when you've encountered no obstacles on the path you're going.

Blitzkreig was so effective that he really had no reason to suspect it wouldn't sweep it's way all through Europe.

The Russian Winter was the truly devastating turn in the war. It would have been best to hold that ground and grant the Russian people their solidarity upon the agreement that they join forces. Lack in manpower and over-extension of resources could have then been countered by pockets of guerrillas being fed and funded by support spread among a geographical region too vast to even consider defeating. American forces would have eventually pulled out, it wasn't that popular of a war and a few hundred body bags being flown back each month would have raised public sentiment against the war. A lot of Americans weren't fond of killing a bunch of white Germans. Something like 30% of the US population had Germanic roots. But as we all know, the information battle is what wins wars and who knows if the right information would be making it's way stateside.

On the topic of our current situation, we (those in the US) are going to have to dismiss the racial purity aspect of the struggle. When something gets a lot of refute, that thing is often the catalyst between stagnation and progress. Too man like-minded nogs, spics and chinks are willing to push out zog. Europe has no need to be as openly accepting as it's not homogeneous land for anyone but whites. Whites deserve their own homelands, but trying to convert US soil is a pipedream. Too many have served in many wars fighting for this soil that arn't white. Even US culture is not white culture. Whether it was intended to be this way or not, what has happened in the past is not our current reality. US racial purity needs to be abandoned for the larger cause. Juden and his silent weapons need to be ejected.

229912  No.12488254


>It's very hard to change direction when you've encountered no obstacles on the path you're going.

A good general knows better than that, especially after Napoleon.

5f0d6f  No.12488286

I have a feeling getting loose with it could cause a lot of problems too. Mostly from people not knowing when enough is enough, can't expect the average person to know exactly how much blunt force someone can take before they're crippled for life or just dead. And of course it would probably end up in a loop with some people of 'They swung first' being met with 'Self defense' and then just more self defense until the two are outright trying to kill each other.

It's got it's place but I don't think most of the population can reasonably handle it now. Makes me think dueling or some sort of social contract to fuck shit up would do well.

But then again I'm a relatively peaceful guy, so the fuck do I know.

a89de4  No.12488316

File: 9f22e5bfd108c50⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 850x400, 17:8, fight2win.jpg)


Honestly, plenty of people have heard of RAF.

It might actually be interesting to see an autopsy of the group and why it failed and even more ambitious would be to compare it to another similar group which was successful. Even better if it were from around the same time period.

RAF had outside support, weapons training from foreign militaries, and at its peak was rapidly growing in popularity.

It's kind of funny that one of the founders ended up going NatSoc since one of the early goals of the group was to get rid of all the ex-nazis from the west German govt. and business leadership.

34df0f  No.12488360


>A lot of Americans weren't fond of killing a bunch of white Germans

Indeed. A 1942 study demonstrated that 90% of White Americans would have rather LOST THE WAR with Germany than give negros equality. And that's at the height of the war. Oh if only I had a time machine. The things I could show them…

You can probably tell from my posts that I'm a very reasonable person as far as negotiating and Realpolitik. Frankly, I'd be willing to work with just about anyone if it meant the overthrow and complete destruction of our psychotic racial enemy; the jew.

That said, I simply do not see any way that we could work with blacks or Muslims or mestizos or even Asians to destroy the (((world enemy))).

I listen to some Black nationalist radio and I say can say that I have respect for some Black nationalists even if we may disagree on a lot. Particularly I like Jason Black who I view as one of the most intelligent Black leaders of today. But I don't kidd myself into believing that we could work with him against the jew. Black believes that the jews are just White people and has no understanding of the racial struggle going on outside of his own racial struggle against Whites, Arabs, and Mestizos. He views us as the primary enemy and everyone else as opportunistic collaborators.

And he is in my view, among the most reasonable blacks. Most other black leaders are niggerish thugs who know less about politics and the jew than dirt. And their followers are all greedy, self serving, wannabe gangsters out for loot and rape.

It's not possible to work with such trash.

Oh, you may say, but what about the Muslims? You're into asymmetric warfare so you know about Hezbullah. They fight the jew

And yes. Hezbullah is impressive and they do fight the disgusting jew. I don't speak Arabic, but I'd imagine I would enjoy listening to their radio. But we cannot work with Hezhullah because there is nothing that we can offer them and nothing they can offer us.

We exist on different planes even though we're fighting the same enemy.


Well, I can tell you why it failed; Lack of any achievable goals other than "fuck capitalism" and no clear path to overthrowing the government.

Sure they had outside support, but as Ted Kaczynski wrote, the key to success for revolutionary organization is to have a single, articulatable goal and to work towards it mercilessly. (not an exact quote but he wrote a book about this)

And due to this, they never were able to gather too large a support base. Yes, the organization grew in the 70s, but public support for them remained illusory.

Obviously there were other reasons but I believe that this was their largest problem.

Most of their targets were random businesses or just symbols of capitalism like gentlemen's clubs.

Anyway, maybe I'll continue my series and include them. At the very least, it would be another thread for oldfags to gather. No TLDR; or three sentence thread crap.

f29671  No.12488363

File: 82792ace4d8c6d4⋯.png (158.52 KB, 976x518, 488:259, stockmarket.PNG)

File: dfd68bfa9d06104⋯.png (448.29 KB, 936x719, 936:719, where-are-the-farms.PNG)

File: 2ae9c701acaf987⋯.png (353.13 KB, 1399x1680, 1399:1680, Screenshot_2018-11-29 new ….png)


>getting loose with it could cause a lot of problems too

I hate to tell you, bud but we have serious problems now. Serious.

As smart as >>12488126 anon is with history, I'm self-educated on economy.

I want you to consider that college doesn't teach "advanced economics." It may have a course with the tagline for a Masters degree or similar, but advanced economics is a misnomer. Why? Well, it's the study of energy and the language it's taught in is energy.

Where population is an inductive factor, the flow of dollars is the measure of current. You can literally use the same formulas used in electrical engineering and measure the total flow of currency, resistance and conductance through capacitance (issue of currency).

So I don't lose you, I want you to consider the "new money" introduced into the stock market. (pic attached)

Consider that in 2008, the market corrected itself from around 15,000. When Trumpkins took office, the market was at 18,250. Today we're at 25,300. That is the inductive factor. That is "new money" since an already busted market.

You need to get it out of your head that those in power (the real power players) like money. They don't even spend money. They don't buy things with dollars like you and I. It's worse than worthless, it's debt. In their world, you can't buy things with debt. Think "flow = negative charge." Increasing the inductance without increasing the conductance = surge. We had a surge in 2008 and that was bad. Where we're at now is 100x's as bad. We have 60% more current but with less conductance / less people receiving the flow. The wealth gap is much much wider than just 10 years ago. This is all orchestrated for a mass consolidation of power. A "one world government" as you have heard so often. Commodities will skyrocket! To points never seen before. A billion dollars won't buy a thing but a warm nights sleep.

Im attaching a map of the farms in the US. I've circled the 2 spots where nearly 25% of the US population lives. Confined in their little areas away from the foodstocks. Not a coincidence. They can't risk a mistake, so they must pump the market to it's max, way past what could be a reasonable point for correction. There is no correcting this. They want us to believe it's a slow-burn but it's not. It's coming. Complete collapse. Politicians want us unarmed and that is agenda #1 for them. They realize they are stuck in the shit with the rest of us. Those that haven't secured their bunkers in New Zealand (pic attched)

It's coming. We will witness it happen and I think Trump is a very important part in de-arming the US. I think we get Hillary and crew in exchange for giving up our weapons. I believe that's how this has been orchestrated. Trump is too embedded with zog to be a good guy. St. Michael doesn't dance with Lucifer.

f29671  No.12488380


>language it's taught in is energy.

Language it's taught in is MATH

sorry about that

e133b6  No.12488474


This is the OP. I was focusing on Bismarck and the idea of making your enemy do what you want them to do, however, the high-quality historical discussion has really given me hope as to the quality of people present in this thread.

With respect to your point as to "honor" in war, the real changing point was Napoleon, not so much the thirty years war. What Napoleon did differently was he introduced the concept of "total war," that is to say, rather than fighting the military of France, you are now fighting the entire people of France. Prior to Napoleon, military engagements took place between a caste of people within a monarchy. This is why there was little disruption of economy and life during wars. The respective monarchs would assemble their armies on strongpoints outside of towns and the military would engage the other military. What Napoleon did, and why he was so successful in his conquests, was he engaged the entire population of France in the act of war. Able bodied men were conscripted, seamstresses were ordered to make uniforms, blacksmiths were ordered to manufacture arms and munitions etc. Prior to this, there was only the dedicated military and a sort of proto-military industrial complex dedicated to such pursuits. You had only the armorers and munitions makers rather than every blacksmith making arms and munitions, for example. If you want to blame anyone for the world wars, blame Napoleon for changing the face of war forever.

As for carrying out the gamble, a great example of this is Germany in WWI. Prior to their defeat, they had made astounding progress and were in a great situation to negotiate. Their decision to prolong the war after their progress, as a country with dwindling resources and manpower, paved the way for the rapacious treaty of Versailles. So I would say that negotiations should always be done when you have a position of strength, but are also compromised from a future perspective.

e133b6  No.12488480


Seriously, look into the WALK threads. It's the best way to get organized in a non-traceable fashion.

18ccf1  No.12488487


yes, i made the IRA guerilla warfare thread. yes, there is a tipping point which will be Archimede's lever to trigger the Collapse and the death of the NWO OWG. but The Thing is not what you or anybody thinks. it's not even "sexy" in the RWDS sense. what it is extreme sperging out in an arcane corner of mathematics where very few mathematicians wander. i can state it as plain as day and nobody will believe me that this is the hinge that turns the world and nobody will believe me when i say it is the domino that will tip the chain reaction to topple the rest. The Thing is called Cryptopocalypse–the end of all cryptography. did you know every single one of the 16,000 or so MQ-9 Reaper drones only works because it has an onboard satellite radio uplink for beyond-line-of-sight comm to phone home back to Creech AFB? that radio uplink is encrypted using RSA. now imagine if RSA no longer existed because some Sperg Autist discovered a way to factor very large composite numbers into prime factors? every drone in the USAF fleet would become an expensive toy RC plane carrying Hellfire missiles which anyone with an antenna could hijack and play with. of course that won't happen, because USAF will ground the entire drone fleet before they let any old Ham radio nerd play drone pilot. cryptography is power. it enables something like worldwide drone strikes to be a thing at all. and that's just one military application of RSA. i have an old list of every military device that uses RSA. it's over 1,000 pieces of equipment. including missile telemetry and nukes. are you starting to glimpse now the power which cryptography creates by existing?

cryptography makes possible the NWO OWG. and that is why smashing it is the single most important effort any man can work towards and that is why i am going to do it. and nobody believing me that such a thing is possible and nobody connecting the dots to see that i am write about identifying the one Achille's Heel is why i am going to succeed. i'll be like Frodo just walking unarmed into Mordor. Sauron never thought the simplest possible thing would work, and so he prepared no defense against it.

as for pre-WW1 wars being more honorable, Cryptopocalypse will certain play the dominant role in resting the clock on warfare and returning the conduct of warfare back to more humane periods such as prior to WW1 and prior to turning warfare into an industrial machine which only inflicted Total War upon all mortally wounded sides. imagine no more drones, no more missiles, no more airforce, no more battleships, and most importantly the return of a true Fog of War. Generals now have gotten to lazy in the conduct of warfare. they have top secret big board NOC screens the size of half a football field using holograms and Google Earth Globes and all kinds of fancy wizardry you civs don't even know exists, and the Generals can look at every unit and control the whole battlefield like a chess board. that is going away, because without crypto, how can the GORGONSTARE feed patching together every camera and sensor on the battlefield possibly broadcast that signal back home to the Pentagon when that signal can no longer be encrypted because cryptography no longer exists? Pentagon faggots will have to get their lard asses out of their bunkered offices and step the fuck onto the battlefield half the world away to know what the fuck is going on In The Shit. warfare will be massively slowed down. the chain of command of decision making will no longer be measured in minutes or hours and return the way it had been for centuries: weeks. and the return of the Fog of War will also re-introduce Chance and Fortune into warfare. maybe your side took advantage of the natural terrain and your enemy didn't because you enemy didn't know what you knew and so you kicked their asses and planted your flag on your new territory.

but don't get me wrong about warfare returning to being pussified symbolic rituals like Red Coats doing gymnastic formations and twirling their batons and getting slaughtered for it. the world is furious about the current post-WW1 post-WW2 state of warfare and the world hates the (((NWO OWG))) and after that cryptopocalypse tipping point drops, we will see the most vicious slaughter in the annals of warfare as you the rebel farmer peasants use the Fog of War to break the back of the greatest military EMPIRE in history and hunt down every last soldier of their and inflict the worst pain and torture and mutilation upon them all in the greatest mass purge extinction even in human history. Hitler would probably be too nice of a guy to go as far as we're going to go in delivering retribution to restore the Reich.

34df0f  No.12488712


You're right about WW1, but remember that warfare before Napoleon was not just armies fighting in empty fields. Most warfare in the past was sieges and sieges is very much about destroying your enemy's economic ability to wage war. The 30 Years War was brutal. But don't forget that "total war" was waged against enemy people in most pre-Napoleon wars. I mean, even in Roman times, scorched earth tactics were employed by both the Romans and their adversaries. And in Medieval Europe, we need only look at the Hundred Years War for some pretty brutal scorched earth tactics.

Napoleon actually conducted his wars with impressive honour and respect. He even surrendered power and willingly went into exile rather than subject his already suffering nation to brutal occupation and slaughter (then he came back… then the Coalition invaded again because the London government are fucking cunts)

Sure, there were internal political problems that hastened his demise, but he had immense public support and could have fought to annihilation if he chose to.

In which case, France may have been reduced to the same state Germany was after WW1.

Or worse…

Now there's some alternate-history for you.

1d3ec3  No.12488726


I just did some basic research (read: I read some Wikipedia pages) on the RAF and my largest takeaway is that our present situation is just so fucking gay on top of being boring.

Sure, they were commie traitors who spat on the graves of everything their ancestors created for them but all we have now are literal commie faggots and all other flavors of transparently dysgenic misfits playing the role of opposition. At least the members of the RAF were capable of writing a coherent treatise espousing their ideology and also displayed a basic level of competence in creating expressions of their beliefs (whether fhat was newsletters or bombs). That's the kind of opposition that is worthy of the kind of fight we have to take on unlike the modern leftist opposition who is only competent at gobbling cum and turning it into 1 paragraph freakouts on Twitter/Tumblr/reddit.

Just look at all the political intrigue going on in that era of Germany (and also the US, see: Days of Rage). There were actually different sides back then, although they were all under the influence of the jew they were not wholly owned by them yet and could act of their own free will to a certain extent unlike today's golems. All we have now is a leftist oposition that literally marches to the orders of the very elites and (((elites))) they claim as their sworn enemies (a lesser enemy than us but an enemy nonetheless).

I'm not idolozing these commies either, I'm just asking you to consider the following. How gay it is that we have to risk everything we have in order to preserve a future for our people, all because society degenerated to the point of listening to the tweets of childless "cool wine aunts" and other other hopeslessy broken people over anyone objectively worth listening to? At least enemies like the RAF were able to take the jewish progtamming and independently iterate and innovate upon the basic framework, all these modern NPCs can do is regurgitate canned responses that must be regularly crammed into their minds by the very power structure they claim to oppose.

8e3396  No.12488741

People are calling for violence because they are pissed. Yes there are shills, yes there are feds. There are also alot of real anons calling for violence. Because they are pissed. I don't see anything wrong with violence, or calls for violence other than optics.


4f1f85  No.12488998

Criticism isn’t the only thing that’s stopping us from commiting violent or even non-violent acts. A lot of us don’t give a shit about being criticized because of our views. At this point, that should be expected if you’re going to do IRL acts. That shouldn’t be the hardest obstacle.

A lot of us here are students stuck in public education and are thinking about their OWN futures. Then there are tons of anons who are workers and employees. Then, you have the family men who care deeply about their families (wives, parents, siblings etc..). I know this could sound whiny, but we are enslaved by our personal lives and that’s something that’s really hard to escape. THAT is the biggest thing that’s keeping us down. The government can monopolize violence, we can be criticized, and society can be pacified and pozzed by the left. But until we even DARE to break free from the chains of our personal lives, which is extremely hard to do, then this “movement” will be severely handicapped.

ea992c  No.12489064


If you do decide to screw optics and go in, take some time to decide who actually needs to die and why, lest you waste your life on shooting people who had little or nothing to do with the actual problem (even if they are kikes).

18ccf1  No.12489093

File: 8cc03de679f5ac6⋯.png (423.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wikileaks_guccifer_cfounda….png)

File: 8b2d4e71cad4268⋯.png (465.73 KB, 1886x1009, 1886:1009, wikileaks_guccifer_cfounda….png)

File: 14c05c537ea38d6⋯.png (67.48 KB, 659x379, 659:379, wikileaks_guccifer_cfounda….png)


reminder, go big or go home. the master list spreadsheet of donors to Crooked Hillary is leaked here on Wikileaks. names, home and office addresses, phone numbers, emails–all the intel you need to perform initial recon to gather more and up to date intel on your targets. and don't let me catch you choosing irrelevant faggot pawn mini bosses. if you're going to make something Happening, pick one of the pizza touching Adrenochrome guzzling level end bosses. the worst thing you could do is waste yourself on targets who not only don't matter but who garner sympathy and focus and expand the Left's hatred against MUH NOTSEES.


e133b6  No.12489332


I agree wholeheartedly. However, you could argue that both Ghandi and MLK effected huge changes. Without them, the political state of the world would be different. I also agree that lone-wolf actors are nothing more than fodder for the news. They are there to make people disagree with the platform they represent, not embrace it. This is a war of numbers and we must be more concerned with recruitment rather than reducing the enemy's numbers by inconsequential amounts.


The right should only become violent in cases of self defense. Placing ourselves in a position which increases the likelihood of legally defensible self defense is the best idea out there.


I think you hint on an extremely important point here. To me, it is nationalism. What to me stands out about the people two hundred years ago is that they still had some compassion or loyalty to their country and its citizens. The era of globalism has destroyed that. We live in the era of wars to benefit a select few, rather than the national interest. Even if you take the government narrative as honest, only one war (Afghanistan) has patriotic (isolationist and defensive) interests in mind since WWII. All other conflicts have been about ideological supremacy (Korea, Vietnam), World police action (gulf war, operation Iraqi freedom, Bosnia and our involvement in Syria [though it hasn't been much overtly]). The world police action also seems very much so to resemble facilitating Israeli (and Saudi) hegemony in the middle east (I don't want to get into it here but I can not honestly not recognize this point. None of the modern wars (with the exception of taking Afghanistan at face value) are fought with a sense of community or nationalism. They all are promoted by those who have an interest in the conflict and its results.

Perhaps this is a result of the cozy relationship between Monarchs and their wealthy lords and citizens, but it may also be the globalist nature of modern oligarchs who are now influential the world over. Another way to look at this is if you are a lord of southern Germany, with your familial estate and means of production stationed there, you will most likely have a degree of loyalty to your country as it hosts your livelihood. However, if you are a modern industrialist you have your production facility in China, your assembly plant in Mexico, your distribution network in the USA and Europe, and regional administration offices in Berlin, Paris, London, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Tijuana and Beijing. You have no loyalty to any specific country and therefore a war in the Congo, which will consume the lives of people from two of those countries, means nothing to you but easier access to the rare earth metals you use to create your product.

e133b6  No.12489362


I studied chemistry and your likening of economics to electrical current is brilliant if not mathematically rigorous. I am not going to ask you to define the economy in terms of Maxwell's equations, but it helps me visualize what you are talking about in a very meaningful way. Thank you again.

e133b6  No.12489370


Sorry, I got that (Napoleon originated Total War) from Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast about WWI. I am not in school any longer so I will see if I can find something to help me become more informed about the 30 years war.

229912  No.12489378

File: a0a387402fffdb9⋯.jpg (591.55 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, robert-e-lee-soldier-quote….jpg)


>I am not in school any longer


e133b6  No.12489390


I agree. Much of my criticisms are directed towards board culture and the unproductive nature that many discussions here take. If you are building yourself, taking care of a family, and raising decent, well mannered white children you are doing more violence against the system than killing 100 enemies. Keep holding the ideal that we all hope to fight for.

e133b6  No.12489403


I know, I am still reading every day after work for at least two hours. There is just so much. I need to learn more about economics, more about history, enhance my understanding of classical education and I refuse to lose my grasp of the hard sciences and mathematics. Work is exhausting too. And I really want to find a woman. There are just too many things to do in a day.

ed1c5b  No.12489472

Violence would be counterproductive at this stage and likely backfire by providing a pretext for state repression.

First gain cultural support and push for some legislative victories. The left has all kinds of legislation just waiting to be signed when the political winds eventually blow their direction. We have nothing. A one-page list of demands would progress us far more than tards popping off and getting arrested.

Republicans had control of the House and Senate and not a single law was passed that changed this country, culturally, towards our direction. That's our biggest problem at this point.

Violence might feel good in the moment but won't change anything. Laws change things. Use laws to attack your enemy with the full force of the state.

Every every time somebody brings up violence I think about those Hutaree militia hicks who murdered a cop thinking it would kick off a revolution.

Look, if I thought violence would be effective I'd be all for it. But I just don't think there's any evidence that it is, at this stage.

da0c0e  No.12489490


What is WALK?

229912  No.12489499


>Laws change things.

How do you think laws are enforced you retard? Violence It's almost like you didn't even read OP's screencaps. Why bother fucking posting optics nigger?

e133b6  No.12489515

File: 100eb47d3e82f0f⋯.png (1.51 MB, 4425x1659, 1475:553, JustTakeAWalkDiscussion.png)

File: 5586c3076110234⋯.png (27.7 KB, 1322x1628, 661:814, jtaw.png)

File: af3977b63af234e⋯.png (21.71 KB, 1689x546, 563:182, JustTakeAWalk.png)

File: 1f42d1f235cf2db⋯.png (30.16 KB, 1814x969, 1814:969, JoinUs.png)


Here was the last thread


Basically, find or add a local place you can run into other anons in a deniable manner and use this as a catalyst for organization. My idea was to just wear jeans and a white shirt but now it is jeans, a white top and a baseball cap (I don't wear a baseball hat because I don't wear hats so there is some vagueness allowed) and try to strike up conversations with people dressed similarly. I wanted to create a way for IRL organization to occur and so I started this to try to get people mobilized. Here is the image from the creation of the first OP as proof, I don't expect anyone else to have it. Pic related. Here are also the original, IOTBW branding I mistakenly tried to use to promote it. It has since been taken over by VancouverAnon and there is a meadhall thread for location suggestion and additional discussion here https://8ch.net/meadhall/res/6734.html

c228b2  No.12489523

File: 174ea0bdd8b1ce9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 716x692, 179:173, wrath_is_just.png)


Good delivery OP, this is the sort of thread this place needs. Also, thank you lorefag for the history.


Wrong. Violence is everything. It is precisely the willingness to engage in/enforce violence that gives the law any muscle. The State commits violence (and justifies its own violence against We The People) all the fucking time.


> A 1942 study demonstrated that 90% of White Americans would have rather LOST THE WAR with Germany than give negros equality.

Holy shit, do you have a link for that? Search engine isn't turning anything up for me I'm dogshit at research

34df0f  No.12489618


Pretty much.

These globalist traitors will throw away the lives of millions of their countrymen without a thought.

The real question is; what the hell are American soldiers fighting for?

Their nation? Oh… that's racism. That'd what the NAT-sees did. America is not a nation anymore.

Freedom? What freedom?? The freedom to be fired from our jobs if we commit thought crime? The freedom for psychotic liberals to chemically castrate our children? The freedom to die drowning in debt? The freedom to have our homes and communities forcibly flooded with subhumans?

Because it's muh job?

Oh yes. We murder people for money. That's it. The US army is nothing but a pack of mercenaries.

It is not patriotic to "serve" in the US army. Because when we "serve" in the US army, we are not serving our families or our nation, we are serving the disloyal traitors and their jewish masters in IsraHell and New York City.

Believe me, when the US army realizes this, that is the moment when the "civil war" or whatever we end up calling it will truly begin. That's what destroys governments.

You know, what destroyed Russia was not the communists per-se. It was the demoralization of the military. Once they stopped caring, the Tsar became just a pitiful old man with no power.

You know what destroyed Rhodesia? It wasn't the black terrorists or even the international embargo that did it. It was demoralization. They just got tired of fighting and actually came to believe the jewish lies about them and the lies that things would get better if they just surrendered.

When a black terrorist blew up a fuel depot Which, btw was among the most intelligent things I have ever seen a black terrorist organization do. Whoever ordered that ought to be the president of Rhod…I mean, Zimbabwe their morale collapsed and they caved in. Sad.

34df0f  No.12489638


Don't feel so bad. I am very astute at researching and even though I had the context and had read the book, it took me a while to locate it due to the scrubbing and memory-holling of hate facts.

Anyway, here is the link to the book "Troubling the Waters: Black-Jewish Relations in the American Century" By (((Cheryl Lynn Greenberg)))


Hit Ctr + f and search "a 1943 poll revealed that “90 percent of the American people stated that they would rather loose"

I misremembered the date by a year. Silly me. I hate it when that happens.

Have fun citing this next time some moron says "We fot a war againzd thuh german nadziis to giv thuh afrigan Amerigans ekwalidy"

Also, if you can stomach 200 pages of jewish hand wringing and whining, this book supplies a lot of other interesting facts about the mentality of Americans towards the jews during the war.

America should have been Germany's ally.

170f13  No.12489716

File: a8745f14e994b12⋯.jpg (111.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, snug_awoo.jpg)


OP, if you are still here, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this thread. It is such rarity to see this high quality of discussion on /pol/ after the events of 2016. I thought all the high-IQ posters just went somewhere else after elections and kampfy's machinations with the board.

I just want my old /pol/ back with discussions about history, technology, geopolitics, etc., but it all vanished somewhere among shills and general paranoia.


>linking your own hard drive

>using Microsoft Edge

I will not post it, beacause this thread brought back so many good memories for me, but imagine sumg anime girl laughing at you

For the rest of eternity

f3e3a5  No.12489717


I really hope you're right anon, the only thing holding back the retaking of America is the ZOG's utter monopoly on violence which it has through cryptography.

4f1f85  No.12489865


It's important to build yourself up, but you can't have it both ways. The more people tend to their personal lives, then that will severely decrease our chances of action

4f1f85  No.12489949

>>12489865 was meant for >>12489390

57a1b8  No.12490011


How does it feel to be a kike or kike golem on this particular day, anon?

5d0b99  No.12490017


>That's me. Good spotting anon.


>yes, i made the IRA guerilla warfare thread


11c27b  No.12490019

File: da90e7fcf236680⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 1415757900273.jpg)

The "cold war" never ended. It merely entered a phase of enacting a cold civil war within every country.

5d0b99  No.12490099


>I've been meaning to make some more of my series on asymmetric warfare organizations

Definitely do. Nothing could be more relevant to our situation. Doesn't even matter if you're going over the same stuff, just keep that discussion alive.

I wonder how much success Hitler would have had as a guerilla leader. Of course he was mentally capable of orchestrating something like that, but I think his pride, and faith in Germany was so wounded that if the thought even crossed his mind he probably discarded it. And the German people's faith in Der Fuhrer was pretty much zilch at the end, too. Goebbels, if he was up to it, probably could have better organized something like that, because his popularity had only gone up as the war went on. But, of course, we know what path he took. Perhaps his morale was too closely tied to Hitler.

>Hitler should have entered into negotiations after the battle of Britain failed because that was when he lost the war.

I think he and his military forces had many opportunities to turn things around after that. "Hitler's War" documents a number of situations where Hitler was right about strategy, and made correct predictions of enemy movements, only to be ignored at the crucial time. As leader, this could be considered another early failure of his: that he didn't properly cleanse the military of ideological opposition. The number of disloyal elements in the party was huge.

(Of course, his overconfident push into Poland, and underestimation of British hostility were also personal mistakes of his.)

How brutal, and uncompromising do you think a guerilla movement can get away with being? Surely any movement like that needs to maintain some level of outside support. A lot of people here like to morally attach to the frequent peace offerings which Britain refused, all the positive adjustments to German life after the Weimar era, and his loyalty to friends, to bolster the view of Hitler as "the good guy" (not mocking this view, just being impartial). How does a violent revolutionary movement propagandize successfully against the largest propaganda machine in history? And how does it keep an acceptable level of ideological purity so as to avoid disastrous betrayals as Hitler endured? How does it kick ass without pissing off the people that might support it?

5d0b99  No.12490161


>something like 5%

No wonder Hitler buckled down for attrition. That's a lot of Germans left. He was also quite impressed at Stalin's ability and willingness to throw anything with arms and legs into battle. Of course there were major sabotage efforts to keep the German war effort from getting troops. Even when they finally listened to Goebbels and opted for "Total War", they fell short of their recruitment goals because of traitorous withholding of people.



>Germany was to France (and Sweden) what the USSR was to Germany in WW2.

With 95% population in WW2, you think it could have been to the world what Russia was to Germany in the same war?


With the jewish domination of money worldwide, do you think they don't have control beyond what you're arguing here? How many people, or which people have to lose faith in the money for it to become valueless? They have such control over beliefs it's hard to imagine people not believing in whatever currency (((they))) want tthem to believe in, thus granting it value.

This faith in things controlled by the enemy is our biggest issue, and what all the meme wars are about. As far in debt as the world is, I don't know how one can say that eventually we'll be so far in debt that we'll just lose faith in the currency, because the numbers are already so far removed from comprehension. It's like magic to most people at this point. A few may understand what's happening and use a hundred dollar bill to wipe their ass, but most just the authorities that tell them something has value.

Interested to hear your thoughts.

5d0b99  No.12490168


>but most just *trust the authorities

Missed an important word there.

a89de4  No.12490355


The state engages in organized violence. Disorganized violence is pointless and accomplishes nothing but tighten the noose around our necks. Worry about organizing first, then strategy second. Random groups of lone wolves without a pathway of achieveable goals have never changed anything.

9b81bd  No.12490376

When people say 'violence is counterproductive' I refer them to Charlie hebdo. Not seeing many mohammed cartoons anymore, do we?

It just needs to be organized and ruthless

d32b8a  No.12490404

File: 7c271e9c6045f48⋯.jpeg (258.6 KB, 2000x1499, 2000:1499, wtf.jpeg)


> How does it feel to be a kike or kike golem on this particular day, anon?

Shouldn't you be the one answering this question?

I mean, consider the facts:

- you (as "mainstream" /pol/) support Bolsonaro and Trump. Both are staunch defenders of Israel.

- I (as ML) support Cuba and CPUSA. Both are at odds with Israel.

The only one nation on the planet that supports US sanction against Cuba is Israel.

While program of CPUSA just happens to be openly anti-Israel:


>> … Israeli occupation and military control of the territory that must belong to the Palestinian Arab people …

>> … Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and refusal to accept the existence of a co-equal Palestinian Arab state …

>> … right-wing Israeli demagogy.

>> … the Government of Israel in its use of state military terrorism …

I can continue with this (add Stalin, for example), but the pattern is obvious.

So explain to me, if I am not anti-Semite (at least, I'm pretty sure I am not), how the fuck did you end up thinking that you are anti-Semite?

3ea2fe  No.12490405


We are in a multigenerational struggle. It is very likely our grandchildren will be dealing with some of the same issues we are. Hoping for adjustment day after which every thing is fine is stupid and will only cause you to become discouraged.

9f65b9  No.12490501

File: bc97c2e9530f664⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1158x3580, 579:1790, Milo Yiannopoulos Intellig….png)


>Were a more unified “alt-right” political party to appear, we would see a very different world. Right now the right is completely fractured.

First, stop with the stupid fucking "left-right" dichotomy. Libertarians are "left-wing" because that dichotomy goes back to the French Revolution, supposedly. Fascism is "third-position" because it takes elements of the old autocracies and elements of the new liberal ideals (in its original sense; not "neo-liberalism").

Second, the "alt-right" is controlled opposition.


9f65b9  No.12490510

File: 61c08d21bdf02fc⋯.png (12.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, retard.png)


*Scratch that bit about fascism. Regardless, my point stands—the left-right paradigm is ridiculous and has a hand in obstructing thought. It jumbles things together that aren't the same and creates confusion.

9f65b9  No.12490524


Nice closing thoughts. Have you read Spengler?

9f65b9  No.12490537

File: f005cbbc3a05628⋯.jpg (712.58 KB, 1903x1586, 1903:1586, beaver.jpg)

File: 219d5117e3a896b⋯.jpg (37.26 KB, 294x282, 49:47, fortune_pisses_on_me.jpg)


Nothing. Some nigger faggot(s) back when the second or third exodus occurred would shit on him without any actual counter-arguments.

I think they're the ones who think coinage and economics is invented by Jews, which is beyond fucking retarded.

7c4e33  No.12490540

Hmm, I'm hungry, am I gonna eat food left or food right? Those are the only two possible choices.

You look like a pathetic faggot when you either fall for left right or try to promote it.

7c4e33  No.12490547


The media is controlled by one group. They take trillions of actions to preserve their power.

But they are going to give free exposure to their enemies for no reason!

If you are hearing about somebody anywhere but here it's because they are part of the agenda. There are no names here , so anybody who uses their name as an argument is a fucking loser. Go study the optimal cream to remove lice from Larry the cable guys back hair in one of your DUMBS glownigger.

7c4e33  No.12490554


I love how you do twenty hours of investigation on this when every human being on planet Earth is a zogbot. I don't need any evidence or crumbs of shit left behind by q's asshole I can literally see glow darks with my eyes closed.

bb331d  No.12490565


>TLDR; don't punch right if they're white and pro-white. Give people their lanes to ultimately reach our goal

Agreed. We have to be vigilant against the petersons of the world. There's a disturbingly low bar for most people and this "gateway" bullshit is retarded.

Holding back a lot of the instinct to ferret out subversives isn't a good idea but actively sabotaging people on our side, even if it's on a slightly separate wavelength. It's a problem of obfuscation. Even if someone isn't 90% but fulfills the same broad goals without a negative, they're better than the trs faggots that made themselves appear 95% close to us but were filled with actual subversives. Like the pedojews playing nazi dress up and molesting kids.

9f65b9  No.12490579



That isn't just /pol/, that's common on boards everywhere. Go to /v/ and you will see people saying how "/v/ hates video games" though I don't think you will nowadays, unfortunately; they used to, anyway, for example.

The boards are (or were) passionate about their subjects, and people who care have objective standards.

9f65b9  No.12490585

File: de31fdfbb508f10⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 700x683, 700:683, sad_soldier.jpg)


I sincerely miss pre-GG, and pre-Trump imageboards in general.

e133b6  No.12490800


>CPUSA is at odds with Israel

Sure, and it also is full of non-Zionist jews. You are anti-Zionist, not antisemitic. Jews love communism, but only when they are in charge. This is one of the most well developed theses out there with respect to the rise of communism in Europe. Also, you really are creating a false equivalency between two mainstream (enough institutional support to be elected) politicians and a fringe party receiving less than ten percent of the vote. /pol/ would support (and does when they arrive, e.g. Art Jones, Patrick Little) an American National Socialist party. /pol/ also ends up going for the conservative "nationalist" party, but do not pretend for a second that the mainstream leftist candidate does not fully support Israel as well.

000000  No.12490805

Part 1

Political violence is literally the only thing the system fears. You can vote for ZOG-approved candidates, leave for Whiter pastures, call for boycotts, take part in demonstrations, practice civil disobedience, start fundraisers for activists, work in local politics, write essays or books, talk to people on the street, start a YouTube channel, create content etc… all day, but none of these activities actually reverse demographic trends. None of these things make the (((elite))) afraid enough to actually start giving concessions, because none of these things are an impediment to their power.

The only positive thing Movementarian activities have done is to have awakened people who are capable and willing to commit acts of violence. Dylan Roof himself was a leftist until the Trayvon Martin case, which led him to finding the truth about blacks online. Bowers was a typical cuck, until he too saw that the white demographic replacement of his city and country were the result of kike subversion online. Both of these acts are unprecedented in America's post-war history, and are the products of both the desperation of our current political situation as well as the fact that the truth is easier to access today online than ever before.

There are two main arguments used by shills to justify why now "isn't the right time for political violence", and I'll try my best to refute both of them.

1. The System will become more repressive. According to these shills, more White violence will result in the system preventing us from saying the truth online and will embolden the system to come after guns. Okay, great! The system would be preventing many normal whites from the release valve of talking to strangers online and make them more willing to find like-minded people IRL, where they might actually do something. Not only that but harsher "hate-speech" laws would result in many normie whites becoming radicalized by facing possible jail time for saying the wrong things. As more and more whites are jailed for wrongthink, whites will begin to feel repressed by the system which will awaken our collective identity, and make us more willing to fight. As for guns, guns are almost worthless in modern war, and a Cohen Act style seizure would likely result in kicking of RaHoWa. Here's what William Pierce wrote about the effects of political violence:

"The major purposes of political terror, always and everywhere, is to force the authorities to take reprisals and to become more repressive, thus alienating a portion of the population and generating sympathy for the terrorists. And the other purpose is to create unrest by destroying the population's sense of security and their belief in the invincibility of the government."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

000000  No.12490807

Part II

2. Just wait for the right moment Guyz. These shills claim that now isn't the time to start engaging in political violence because a collapse is right around the corner and will magically fix everything. If Whites can't even organize now when we're still a majority and don't have the everyday stresses of worrying about how we'll feed our family, how can we be expected to organize during a collapse? The future that whites have in store for them if they don't fight, is a South American style slow death. Countries like Brazil and Argentinia never faced a societal crisis which forced whites to reflect on their identity and made them willing for it, despite massive economic crises, as a result there are essentially no racially pure whites in these countries. Once more in 2008, America had a major economic crisis which was the result of zogkikes making bankkikes lend more money to spics and niggers to buy houses they couldn't afford. Most Whites lost over half of their net worth during this crisis, some lost everything, how did they respond? They sat on their couches and waited for things to get better, or LARPed in 18th century costumes while holding banners assuring everybody they weren't racist. Lastly, it's much better understood today how the economy functions than it was during the depression. The Fed and Banks have many tools to stimulate and incentivize investment and today you have many consumerist non-whites driving the economy, as opposed to whites who become cautious and save during hard times.

Roof and Bowers have helped us tremendously. Without Roof there wouldn't be nearly as much of an effort to remove confederate statues, which has caused many whites to feel our identity is under attack. Charlottesville never would have happened either, which wouldn't have shown us just how much public support we have, as well as teaching us the lessons of what not to do far sooner than we otherwise may have learned them. Bower's action will result in more kikes leaving ZOG, making it easier for us to take power since they're our only real threat. Both of these attacks will be used by the left to justify repression against whites when Trumpkike is no longer in power, as I explained above this is a good thing.

Beyond Lone-Wolf style terrorism there needs to be organization for political violence if we're going to any chance of coming to power. I'm not going to speculate on what that entails or tell people what to do. My advice is to read history, particularly about modern groups fighting ZOG, and think deeply about what it's going to take to disrupt the life of the average normie and to get the average mud to feel the benefits of staying in America no longer outweigh the dangers.

e133b6  No.12490826



What I am trying to emphasize is that even if all arguments against the "alt-right" and "alt-lite" are true, there is a resulting increase in publicity that has benefited the white-nationalist movement. Libertarians have begun to understand that the only people who want to live in a libertarian society are white men. Libertarians are also realizing that with the demographic replacement (the 56% meme is great at raising awareness of this) they can never get back to the original libertarian state that the US was created to be without doing something about the demographic shift in this country.

I understand that political ideologies are not linear. You have an authoritarian/anarchic axis, an economic freedom vs state controlled economy axis, a traditionalism vs progressivism axis and an evolution vs all life is equal axis. Libertarianism trends towards the anarchic side of axis W, is far on the side of economic freedom on axis X, trends towards neither traditionalism nor progressivism on axis Y, and trends towards evolution on axis Z. Good luck describing your political ideologies in a four-dimensional graph though.

e133b6  No.12490831


No, but after reading a bit about him I really want to start. Would you recommend "The Decline of the West" as a good starting point?

5d0b99  No.12490832

File: 5ec94d30b6a337e⋯.jpg (423.08 KB, 1789x874, 1789:874, Political Violence is the ….jpg)



There's lots worth screencapping in this thread, but here.

6860ca  No.12490838


>I think your example is a bit over the top

It is always surprising to learn that many in /pol/ have had very little contact with their designated enemy. Jews trade people between themselves like slaves. They dislike how history is portrayed and want to be celebrated for the times they have poisoned populations and destroyed empires by opening the gates to their enemy. They are not disgusted by their actions. They revel in them.

e133b6  No.12490858


I am still here, I try to read every post and reply if I haven't already answered the point. All it takes is effort. I woke up at 4am, started replying to the first of the "woman forcing her 6 year old to be a girl" thread and people started talking about the merits of the husband killing her. After three hours and a few discarded paragraphs it evolved into its present form. I really want to archive the whole thread when it is done, because there has been a lot of quality discussion. I have also seen some serious sperging out, borderline incoherent posts with too many echoes and capslock and such, but I still try to figure out the best point they have and respond to it. I am really happy that there has not been much shilling in here. I feel most posters have been rather honest in what they are saying. I think the people advocating violence do believe that is our only option, and I do believe the people calling for organization rather than escalation (myself included here) believe this is the correct path. It's refreshing. I will try to make more of these, but I never really plan to make a thread, it just happens. I have really been enjoying the contributions of 34df0f with the historical discussion he has brought to the table, especially his Fredrick the Great analysis starting here >>12487361 and the 30 years war post here >>12488126 .

5d0b99  No.12490861

Some of my oldest and closest past friends have been jews, and I can attest that they absolutely revel in degeneracy and deconstruction of norms. It's in their genetics.

e133b6  No.12490868


I live in one of the jewy-est places in the united states. Seriously, like 30% jewish. I won't work for jewish clients because they won't pay (and usually don't like to hire a non-jew unless they can fuck them). I know they are not to be trusted, but they don't have mind control powers to make you eat your own living offspring for their entertainment. Be realistic in your propaganda, think of how over the top holocaust "eye witness accounts" have led to the complete rejection of the holocaust narrative by anyone who actually looks into it.

5d0b99  No.12490876


>not been much shilling in here

The only avenue of attack they've been able to come up with is "muh blogposts", but what you've had to say is so much more interesting than their shilling, it never took hold.

>I think the people advocating violence do believe that is our only option, and I do believe the people calling for organization rather than escalation (myself included here) believe this is the correct path.

Both are possible. They could be opposed on the surface, but ultimately be working toward the same goal by different means. The multiple angles of attack might be difficult for (((them))) to deal with. Imagine the violence of one group causes the crackdown of free speech on the other, and sympathy for the non-violent group grows, giving the non-violent group the strength to become violent, then the two form a whole with more people from neither group joining.

371c07  No.12490888

File: d2ba96525558686⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 260x280, 13:14, 220941-2727-54.jpg)


The US military and entire Jewish apparatus is all about breaking up and subverting "networks."

The only resistance must be a leaderless resistance, where everyone knows the same thing as everyone else and acts accordingly on their own.

Mesh network is best network.

371c07  No.12490912

File: 902dd6fcaf517f7⋯.png (69.4 KB, 1005x1164, 335:388, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-11….png)








1) Want to establish "leaders" to set them up for a fall in order to stop the movement.

2) Suggest doing foolish, illegal things to get the activists in trouble.

3) Encourage militancy.

4) Want to taunt the authorities.

5) Attempt to make the activist compromise their values.

6) Attempt to instigate violence. Activisim ought to always be non-violent.

7) Attempt to provoke revolt among people who are ill-prepared to deal with the reaction of the authorities to such violence.



1) Want everyone to sign up and sing in and sign everything.

2) Ask a lot of questions (gathering data).

3) Want to know what events the activist is planning to attend.

4) Attempt to make the activist defend him or herself to identify his or her beliefs, goals, and level of committment.



Legitimate activists do not subject people to hours of persuasive dialog. Their actions, beliefs, and goals speak for themselves.

Groups that DO recruit are missionaries, military, and fake political parties or movements set up by agents.



ALWAYS assume that you are under surveillance.

At this point, if you are NOT under surveillance, you are not a very good activist!


Scare Tactics

They use them.

Such tactics include slander, defamation, threats, getting close to disaffected or minimally committed fellow activists to persuade them (via psychological tactics described above) to turn against the movement and give false testimony against their former compatriots. They will plant illegal substances on the activist and set up an arrest; they will plant false information and set up "exposure," they will send incriminating letters [emails] in the name of the activist; and more; they will do whatever society will allow.

This booklet in no way covers all the ways agents use to sabotage the lives of sincere an dedicated activists.

If an agent is "exposed," he or she will be transferred or replaced.

COINTELPRO is still in operation today under a different code name. It is no longer placed on paper where it can be discovered through the freedom of information act.

The FBI counterintelligence program's stated purpose: To expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and otherwise neutralize individuals who the FBI categorize as opposed to the National Interests. "National Security" means the FBI's security from the people ever finding out the vicious things it does in violation of people's civil liberties.

6860ca  No.12490917


You attempt to sound reasonable, but you disregard how unreasonable the rest of the world is. Is it ridiculous that a torturer would stick a hot iron up someone's ass? Skin a person alive? Burn a person alive? Castrate a slave or criminal? These things still occur today. You are smart to not trust them, but you do yourself a disservice by not engaging them. Many will openly express their positions, beliefs, and desires.

e133b6  No.12490929



I like your argument. Initially I was going to use the example of Islam being violent and people doing nothing to curb islam's infiltration of Europe, but Islam is beloved by the establishment and their progressives, whereas white men are the root of all evil. So perhaps more which would lead to acceleration could be brought about by white standalone actors, what outcome would that really effect? I think optics here is a big issue. I know I will be called a cuck for saying that, I don't care. I think there is going to be another recession soon. I think people will once again watch bankers face no consequence for their actions. I think middle management and the service sector are the next group to be displaced. This is the majority of Americans. People will stop going out to eat. Companies will outsource their administrative duties to countries which do not require an HR department reducing both workplace drama and the size of the workforce. All the protections for women and minorities are going to backfire big time in this country. It is going to make us non-competitive. GM has already taken this step (two days ago I believe). Assuming their workers have a family of four, we just lost 60k consumers. How many more companies will take this route before consumers can no longer afford to keep the economic wheels turning? If you couple this with a reduction in welfare, things get nasty quickly. One anon made a great comparison of economics to electrical systems. The flow of cash starts from the consumer, goes to the merchant, then goes to the company and then to the employee and finally to the employees family who then are in a position to consume. Other sources of consumer dollars are from welfare. Once the consumer has no money, where does the cashflow come from? The government.

Let's go back to OWS. OWS was nearly successful, but then it was coopted by feminists and homo/transsexuals at which point half the country wanted nothing to do with it. Brilliant application of divide and conquer by the people interested in all that government cash. That 50% of the country didn't disappear though. Their outrage remained and the Tea Party arose from it. In 2013 something very interesting happened. The government nearly defaulted on its debt obligations. I don't think the politicians knew just how disruptive of a concept they had introduced. What happens if the US defaults on its 21 trillion dollar debt? I don't mean bankruptcy, I mean "Fuck you I am not paying." It would be the end of every bank in the world. I know this is just a thought experiment and voting people into office willing to do such a thing would be nearly impossible, but it sure would be interesting. Even were there enough media coverage it may cause a global run on banks with the same effect.

The upshot of what I am saying is financial pressure is going to be needed to get people motivated. As other anons have said, there will be no revolution with full bellies. People are angry now. People want action now. But those angry people are comfortable. People will not do anything until they are angry and uncomfortable. You want the state cracking down to make people uncomfortable. I think it is more likely that the state will reward those who make us uncomfortable generating outrage against both. Your way may be more likely to succeed though. The reason I say this is the example of the US revolution. The actions of a few groups of "terrorists" (as they would have been called by the British) caused increasing pressure to be placed upon the people until they had enough. The problem with my way is A) it could once again be divided, even if it is a broadly nationalist group, by sewing division between white nationalists and civic nationalists, as it has proven to be effective here. B) QE4 could be used since we now have a formulaic model of throwing money at the economy until it responds by accruing huge amounts of debt and mitigating the discomfort caused by the depression.

e133b6  No.12490937


Yeah, I agree. I feel like I made a few links in this post >>12490929 that caused me to change the way I look at it and the possible ways of bringing about change. The violence route was the route taken by our founding fathers. The problem is our founding fathers would be considered terrorists today. We face a tyrannical government acting in the interest of a "new nobility" with no options available for citizens to get real representation in government. "No taxation without representation" was the rallying cry of the American revolution, and it seems to be even more applicable today.

637720  No.12491042

File: 0bf3cb6fb813456⋯.png (73.95 KB, 809x731, 809:731, ClipboardImage.png)

>>12490888 (checked)

I did well on my Graph Theory test as well.

>>pic somewhat unrelated

ac523e  No.12491065


>anyone who talks about any type of strategy to do anything is a FED.

>be afraid, stay in your basement, government officials will be with you shortly

eed37d  No.12491122


Lmao, explain what a bus network is. How do people communicate? They clearly don't talk to each other, as no two dots are connected.

000000  No.12491142


Part I

I don't want to get into an economic argument since it really isn't my forte. With advances in technology and the restructuring of the economy, we no longer live in a society where people feel environmental pressure to become revolutionaries, even under times of economic duress. The time when people wouldn't be able to fill their bellies due to economic collapse is long over. America is the world's bread basket and can feed it's population 20 times over, the CPI decreases during recessions, and the government is a welfare state which gives generous EBT benefits to those unable to find work. We live in a post-scarcity society, as a result we can't look to previous revolutions as a template for how to proceed, because today people can't be compelled to fight in hope of a more stable economic situation.

Occupy Wall Street started a left-wing anti-consumerist protest. I don't really understand why you're defending it, or how it could have benefited us. Let's say that it had succeeded and had resulted in stricter banking regulations, closed the pay-gap between employers and employees, created better jobs, mandated better working conditions, and ridded the political process of corporate influences. None of these things would have been good for White Nationalists. In fact, they would make Whites far more willing to support the system, since Whites would benefit far more from it. Likewise the jews would have proportionally less power, making our arguments against ZOG weaker. OWS is important only in the sense that it affirms what we already know, that changing the system through civic disobedience is not possible. It wasn't even possible for the organized and numerically significant and public leftwing, it certainly won't work for us.

In the fall of 2015, there were 120 times as many people marching in Dresden for an end to Germany's refugee policies than marched in Charlottesville, a country with about a fourth of the US population. What happened? Nothing. Why? Because since the protesters were unwilling to use violence, the government had no response to their criticism other than to say "duly noted" and brush it off. In 1974, Catholics in Northern Ireland were at the cusp of gaining political power by participating in a power-sharing government, which was nearly identical to what was agreed on during The Good Friday Agreement in 1997. Obviously, the protestants wanted to maintain their control over the government and keep NI in the UK. What did they do? A few hundred UDA and UVF volunteers called a strike and prevented anybody in Belfast from working until the government collapsed, thus forcing the UK to enact direct rule. All it took to take a government down was a few volunteers, who weren't afraid to keep people in line.

1d3ec3  No.12491143

File: cdbb604e6bd9fe2⋯.jpeg (217.76 KB, 1680x1520, 21:19, Laughing Man.jpeg)

File: 1bc60d838de954a⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 400x192, 25:12, Sid Meier's Alpha Centaur….webm)



Despite your digits, I do believe lone wolves stand a chance at throwing the system off balance although random, spur-of-the-moment attacks won't accomplish anything. This can be accomplished by operating in a "Phantom Cell" model whereby communities like /pol/ serve as the anonymous clearing house for the ideas that bind us all into this collective. This is a real-world example of a Stand Alone Complex where none ofnus have ever met each other, talked to one another, or even really expressed our complete individual worldviews on here yet we're somehow all still on the same page ideologically and strategically.

Hey history anon, do you have a copy of that pdf or image set deacribing the Phantom Cell organizational structure? I swear I got it from one of your threads and that I had it saved but I can't find it. Also, I think I got *Fry the Brain* Chapter 1 from you, you've had more influence over the future than you would ever imagine.

000000  No.12491146


Part II

The most important point, however, is what if you're wrong and there never is an ideal economic crisis that we can exploit? What if we allow America to continue getting browner in the hopes that they'll be an economic crisis and either it never comes or it happens and just like in 2008, whites just take it on the chin, and the opprotunity passes us by? Most lemmings want America to succeed, the economy replaces dying sectors with new ones, companies adapt, man has gained mastery over nature. The only people wanting a long drawn-out post-apocalyptic societal collapse are us and the far-left. Our elites certainly don't want it and will do anything it takes to recover from an economic collapse as quickly as possible. Only the far-left would benefit from such a scenario, since they'd be the only ones proposing solutions like OWS, because they have the luxury of organizing openly and therefore can present a coherent agreed-upon political framwork.

To close this out, economic the-sky-is-falling hysterical zero-hedge tier arguments serve the same purpose as trumpkike, bolsonaro, or the situation in SA. These things allow WN to point at something and say: look at this, we don't have to do anything. With these economic arguments it's always, the economy will collapse, we don't have to plan for RaHoWa. With trumpkike and bolsonaro, it's (((we))) has won, we don't have to plan for RaHoWa. With SA and other countries in a worse situation, it's they haven't done anything and are worse off, so we don't have to plan for RaHoWa. Any alternative to planning for RaHoWa is the Nero Strategy, it's sitting around and playing a harp while our society burns. Even if WNs could somehow gain from a crisis, we can't assume that we will. We need to hope for the best and plan for the worst. In a society were lemmings will always be taken care of, where hundreds of millions of non-whites are waiting to destroy us and where the entire media demonizes us and where trumpkike vows to exterminate us, we have to realize how dire our situation is and plan accordingly. Lone-Wolf violence helps but it's decentralized organized violence which will lead us to victory.

f9e995  No.12491171




Our demographics are to busy with work raising kids.

If their politics are RIGHT in any way they must hide them

else they are called a nazi. As soon as Nazi is used they

are thrown back into line never to be taken seriously again.

The only way we can normalize our voices is to become

what they call us.

Just knowing that we have this much of an uphill battle is

enough to black pill anyone. All but the hardest and oldest

of us.

1d3ec3  No.12491188


That meme is the best thing I've seen in weeks. For those of you who don't get the reference, it's from the following Rudyard Kipling poem:

>It was not part of their blood,

>It came to them very late.

>With long arrears to make good,

>When the Saxon began to hate.

>They were not easily moved,

>They were icy-willing to wait

<Till every count should be proved,

>Ere the Saxon began to hate.

>Their voices were even and low,

>Their eyes were level and straight.

>There was neither sign nor show,

>When the Saxon began to hate.

>It was not preached to the crowd,

>It was not taught by the State.

>No man spoke it aloud,

>When the Saxon began to hate.

>It was not suddenly bred,

>It will not swiftly abate,

>Through the chill years ahead,

>When Time shall count from the date

>That the Saxon began to hate.

Also, I'm having a Mandela effect moment here because I swear the original text of 'The Beginning' used the word Saxon and now all I see is that it originally said "English" instead but "evil internet nazis changed it for propaganda purposes".

34df0f  No.12491253


No idea what is going on there.


Can't argue with dubdubs.

I'll rahash my tidbits on the IRA and FLNC and then go into the essoteric organizations like RAF and the Cyprus Liberation Army.

>I wonder how much success Hitler would have had as a guerilla leader.

That's an interesting question. Imagine Adolf Hitler hiding out in the mountains of Bavaria and Austria leading a resistance against the jews. You know, I think he would be alright as an asymmetric warrior because he kind of did that back in the 20s, didn't he. Running a paramilitary organization fighting the kikes and the commies in the streets is sort of the same principles as being a guerrilla leader in the mountains. Besides, with a little preparation and some weapons dumps, he could hold out for years (well, until he died from age which wouldn't have been too much longer sadly)

If this happened, then Germany would likely have mainatined a spirit of resistance against ZOG and we'd exist in a completely different political landscape.

>How brutal, and uncompromising do you think a guerilla movement can get away with being?

If they win, it doesn't matter. Sadly. Take Rhodesia as an example.

Do you know how the Marxist terrorists convinced the blacks to support them? It wasn't though the inherent goodness of Marxism. Nor was it even through simple black nationalism. It was sheer terror and believe me, the things they did to their own people was horrendous. Nevermind what they did to the Rhodesians which was equally terrible.

My personal opinion however is that a White guerrilla organization operating in the west ought to learn from the PIRA and restrict attacks to economic, infrastructural, and political-military targets. In fact, screw the military. The elites and (((elites))) don't give a shit about them. Focus entirely on economic targets and leave terrorism behind. Terrorism only works in certain circumstances.

The PIRA used to call ahead of their major bomb attacks and get the civilians out first. There were exceptions but this was the rule. The reason they did this was simple; in order to survive, a guerrilla must have public support in at least some of the regions he operates in to have any success. The public is as vital for the guerrilla as water is for fish.

And attacking and killing civilians just pisses people off and makes it too easy for the jew to paint us as mad, bad terrorists. Even animals should be off limits for a guerrilla army because when the IRA bombed a military parade and killed some horses, they suffered a huge backlash. Which is kind of sickening if you think about it.

I like horses. I raised them as a teenager. But human lives are more important than horses. Yet people tend to feel more sadness for dead horses than the MEN who were killed in that attack.

But whatever. This is the world we live in.

Politicians are of course legitimate targets. They're not civilians. And no one gets too upset when a bank blows up unless you work there. As for infrastructure, the public is more apt to blame the System than the freedom fighters if they blow up a power plant or something because it demonstrates the inability of the System to protect their utilities.

Anyway, the reason why I hold this view is because a White guerrilla organization would need to maintain some public support and acting like a gang of wanton killers would destroy that. Sure, doing that works in Africa sometimes. But there is an important difference between us and them. They received millions, maybe billions of dollars of support from other countries (china/USSR) and thus relied far less on the public for support. Essentially, the Rhodesian Bush war was not an internal conflict as much as it was an external invasion by communist backed black terrorists. They were invading Rhodesia with foreign guns and resources. Almost all non-state actors who have foreign support employ terrorism while organizations that don't avoid terrorism like the plague. There are of course exceptions but this is the rule.

34df0f  No.12491254


>How does a violent revolutionary movement propagandize successfully against the largest propaganda machine in history?

This I don't know for certain, but I have my theories. Such a thing has never happened in history.

My opinion is that one needs a non-violent wing (most successful revolutions in the modern era had "non-violent" political wings) that produces propagands, recruits, provides funding and legal defense for the guerrillas, and maintains political pressure upon the System. If the System takes action against the non-violent wing, the violent wing takes action against the System by KILLING those responsible. If a judge does something illegal to violate the rights of the people, the next time he starts his car, his legs get blown off. The SPLC headquarters is burned down. etc.

Contrary to myth, the government does not have unlimited resources and does not like it when important infrastructure gets destroyed. And politicians are not brave, they're cowards. That's why the jews can control them, through fear.

If they learned to fear White people as they fear Muslims, kikes, and blacks, then they might mind their manners around us.

As for maintaining purity, Ted Kaczynski wrote that in order for a guerrilla movement to succeed in it's goal before being corrupted, it must do so quickly. But then… Kaczynski was a lone wolf so did he really understand movements?

I believe that so long as we are able to maintain a rigorous culture of ideological purity (within reason obviously) we would be able to fight for generations if need be. Key to our success might be the singularity of our enemies. Our enemy is not an amorphous concept of Zionist-capitalism or Bourgeoise-middle-classism but the jew. The international jew. The monstrous jew who hates us with a bloodhound like passion and seeks our destruction at all costs.

After all, this singularity of focus has worked for (((them))) so why can't it work for us? They've been waging asymmetrical warfare against us for two thousand years.

Too, we have something Kaczynski did not in Adolf Hitler. A hero and a spiritual leader to compare ourselves with. So long as we remember who he was and what he did, we can maintain our moral discipline and unity of focus.

Still though, multi-generational guerrilla warfare is not good. Kaczynski was dead right in pointing out that this tends to corrupt movements. If we could "Turner Diaries" it and defeat the kikes in just two years, why that'ad'be grand.

068b25  No.12491262



34df0f  No.12491282


Don't forget though, 5% is no laughing matter. Especially when 5% is mostly your best, most fit men.

Imagine having the 5% fittest men in America suddenly die.

But you're on point with the war economy. Germany should have gone to a total-war economy on day one or so. But then, people tend to fall victim to the "short-war" phenomena. When has a war ever been over by Christmas?

Not very often.

I believe that if Hitler had taken a leaf from the Japanese and fortified the fuck out of Germany instead of launching doomed offensives, he might have broken the Allies through exhaustion. Though, he would still have been forced to negotiate a bad peace if we're talking post 1943/44.

d32b8a  No.12491320

File: 34bf536162b7fa3⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 384x379, 384:379, really?.jpg)


> you really are creating a false equivalency

It was not me who chose to discuss my political views.

> between two mainstream (enough institutional support to be elected) politicians and a fringe party receiving less than ten percent of the vote.

ML is hardly fringe. Alphabet simply purged that crap out of US communists, which is why it doesn't have much of a traction (not until next crisis, at least). Note how I also mentioned Cuba. I can also mention KKE:


>> The KKE expresses and will continue to express its solidarity … with the people of Palestine that are suffering due to the Israeli occupation and military aggression.

> but do not pretend for a second that the mainstream leftist candidate does not fully support Israel as well.

So that is your excuse?

Let me present Corbyn (UK Labour). He only barely qualifies as "Left-ish" ("mainstream Left" doesn't exist outside of Socialist nations), but his support of Israel is non-existent.


>> Since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour party leader in 2015, accusations of antisemitism in the Labour party from Jewish community leaders have become commonplace. …

>> But Arkush goes further than this. In his Telegraph interview, he recalls confronting Corbyn with the question: “Why is there nothing good you can say about Israel? And he couldn’t answer. He was silent.”

I.e. contrary to your claims it is not impossible in modern politics to reject Israel (i.e. have anti-Zionist position) even for mainstream Centrists (I can't honestly say that Corbyn is Left). This is simply not a priority for /pol/.

d32b8a  No.12491342


> Scare Tactics

> They use them.

Might I point out (though, I will undoubtedly be accused of being agent provocateur) that one of the most effective tactics is persuading people that they are watched? Like you did here:

> ALWAYS assume that you are under surveillance.

I mean, that's the oldest trick in the book (God is watching you, so behave!).

Objectively speaking, proper surveillance is fucking expensive.

34df0f  No.12491358


I'd concur with >>12487882 that you're able to keep out the shills and caps-lock faggots because you actually put effort and thought into your thread. Clearly the shills are allergic to reading.

I'm honoured to be a part of serious discussion again. God loves you OP.

38ccb7  No.12491359


>created better jobs, mandated better working conditions, and ridded the political process of corporate influences. None of these things would have been good for White Nationalists. In fact, they would make Whites far more willing to support the system, since Whites would benefit far more from it

I disagree, anon. Access to money is the greatest freedom as it opens gateways for people as cliche as it sounds. Especially with how frugal and non consumerist most people on /pol/ claim to be, that's a lot of money to go towards other tasks. I can't find the reply in this thread but a middle class American lifestyle (or at least middle class pay) is a lot of money when you think about it, and that's a lot that can go towards movements. If you recall from a recent NA thread, there was an anon who was involved with the group on the thread and answered some questions. Here's some relevant things he said

>Another thing is more focus on getting more guys being able to afford things. While we helped each other out, there were still a decent chunk of NA members who often couldn't make it due to money issues.

>I sacrificed my quality of life for half a year to have money to reach events and afford my share of the fees. Then I had to get more money since stress started to reach me due to the pressure by laws etc.

>I decided to go to a seasonal job with piss cheap accomodation to save money and while I could attend less events with SD then (NA was banned), in return I sent the organization money which was used to help others with travel expenses or costs for events/posters/stickers etc.

>In the end, everything is a joint effort and as long as everyone puts their share in, no one complained.

>My advice is, if in the area you are it's hard to save up money due the expenses being too large, if it's possible to due so, move somewhere that has lower costs or even a field that might nullify one cost (For me, I went to work as a Chef so it nullified my food costs) and then go from there.

More access to money would definitely have helped these guys out. That brings up a dilemna I believe you were referring to though if you truly be rebel against the system and do things that make them kvetch without losing your job, or on the other hand save up a bunch of money THEN do something, or just be a supporting patron for those who can't make ends meet.

34df0f  No.12491405


I concur strongly with this as I have listened to people say that the economy is going to collapse for years. I remember back in 2010 when everyone was talking about peak oil for some reason. And a year before that, all the communist shitheads were proclaiming that capitalism was imploding and within a year there'd be communist revolution.

It's clear that things are not healthy economically or socially but this whole stormcloudsgathering tire collapse nonsense is ridiculous.

Besides, if civil war is inevitable, I'd rather have it on our terms.

bf356a  No.12491430


I continue to be amused at how the OP addresses all of the common discouragement tactics people are employing.


We already have a mesh network, we are on it right now. The next step is to make the mesh out of small groups of individuals rather than the present mesh of isolated individuals.


I am speaking about America from an American perspective. I'm sure you can find anti-zionists out there in the global political sphere. You do realize you are trying to sell communism by saying it has one positive point. Communism is anti-nationalism, pro enforced equality, and fails routinely. You can support those things all you want, but all the information /pol/ has at its disposal indicates it is a terrible ideology in practice. "But it doesn't support israel" is all you have that appeals to us, and in the US this doesn't even exist. Have a good day and read more about your ideology, its shortcomings, its denial of evolution and unsustainable nature.


I still think I am being watched, I just don't care anymore. I quit caring about opsec and comsec and finding new obscure linux distributions and creating new email addresses only from remote locations etc. I don't do anything that requires that level of effort. I shitpost and go to work. I know all of my info and every word I've said or typed on a phone or computer is in a data center somewhere in Utah.

000000  No.12491448


Sick of the state of society and you want to use violence? Fighting a bunch of antifaggots is stupid. Go straight after the Rothschilds.

000000  No.12491453


Not sure if NSA blackpilling, but just get a fucking VPN already. Stops most of their data collection with one easy step.

5d0b99  No.12491478


>he kind of did that back in the 20s

I've no doubt he would have been great at it when younger, but I veered away from that point when I remembered his state at the end of the war.

>until he died from age

I'm pretty convinced it was his diet, and the replacement of basic body functions with Morell's elixirs that collapsed Hitler's health. Stress, and lack of sleep as well. He was doing amazing things, but he was living like fucking idiot. By the time the war had started, Hitler had been a staunch vegetarian, bordering on zero animal protein (and other nutrients only available in meat), for at least 3 years. Add Morell's addiction forming concoctions, and you've got a fine recipe for deterioration just in time for WW2. Those first 3 years, though, Hitler probably felt great (as he claimed, and demonstrated), because people who aren't getting enough nutrients will be essentially fasting, meaning their body will turn to the best, and only, fuel it has available: itself. Being that Hitler's teeth were trashed, and he failed to recover from injuries (such as those from the suitcase bomb), I think I'm on point here.


Yeah, we know anyone can be as brutal as they want to white people in this world. And blacks can be as brutal as they want to other blacks. No one bats an eye. If whites do anything to anyone, though, it'll be used against us, guaranteed.

>screw the military

I agree, not just for the reasons you stated, but because that's an enemy to avoid entanglements with as much as possible. And from a propaganda angle, if a guerilla movement were recognized as having a particular aim identifiable just by their targets, it'd be easier for civilians to understand and sympathize. Attacking to great a variety of institutions opens up the battlefield not just in terms of combat, but in terms of public debate, and makes it harder to manage on both ends. There's not much coherence in attacking the military and a bank from the average person's point of view, and I don't see any either, even if the military are zogbots.

>Yet people tend to feel more sadness for dead horses

Think about how many people you trust in your life, and how many people you'd rather keep no closer than arm's length. You can see it here, everyone assumes the worst in others they don't know. Animals, though, hardly anyone pins intentions to. They're much easier to mourn. I agree with you, though, humans > non-humans.


>My opinion is that one needs a non-violent wing

>If the System takes action against the non-violent wing, the violent wing takes action against the System by KILLING those responsible.

Yeah, I was getting at that in this post: >>12490876

There's definitely room for multiple coordinating efforts.

>Our enemy is not an amorphous concept of Zionist-capitalism or Bourgeoise-middle-classism but the jew. The international jew.

I don't know if it was this thread or another at this point, but there was some guy here insisting that we need to get more people on our side by not naming the jew, and instead focusing our message on the effects they've orchestrated, with various ideological identifiers (neocon, marxist, ect). No. That's fucking stupid. That shit just creates confusion, and confusion dampens purpose, which kills movements.

>They've been waging asymmetrical warfare against us for two thousand years.

A scary thing to realize. I get called a kike all the time for suggesting there's anything we can learn from jews, as if doing what they do to win would somehow make our victory not worth it. Especially absurd is when I get attacked for suggesting that whites practice nepotism. God forbid whites stick with whites.


>5% is no laughing matter.

Of course it's not, but I'm certain the thought crossed his mind: "We still got most of 'em, let's do this!".

>When has a war ever been over by Christmas?

Given the speed, and ferocity of his style of waging war, I'd bet it could have been done. Certainly with his field marshals obeying his orders, and what's-his-fuck not sabotaging the winter clothing situation.

5d0b99  No.12491517


>I quit caring about opsec and comse

I never did. Just make sure there are people who would notice if you disappeared, that way if you are eliminated you become good propaganda.

000000  No.12491530


>Stop resisting, goy! It's hopeless!

000000  No.12491540

>Hey kid, wanna blow up a federal building? The post.

kikes never learn

000000  No.12491562


>Try it. I dare you.

Your boss is not going to be happy when he finds out you said that. You're supposed to tell us to blow up federal office buildings full of innocent people like Timothy McVeigh's CIA operation.

9c1fac  No.12491586


A better analogy is you want to have a red house but the walls and foundation are rotting away with mold and termites.

f17e3c  No.12491596

>implying anything will ever happen

You niggers have been hyping DoTR for years now.

34df0f  No.12491608

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



I vaguely recall that but I'm afraid that a lot of my earlier work was lost in a contact juggling ball related accident. Destroyed my laptop sadly.


>I'm pretty convinced it was his diet

I hadn't thought about that. That really sucks to think about. The poor man subjected himself to more stress than a political leader and general combined. Micromanaging everything. Surrounded by bickering general staff who were both too timid and yet also somehow underestimated the enemy. Combine that with little sleep and essentially zero animal protein and it's amazing he didn't die of heart attack.

> There's not much coherence in attacking the military and a bank from the average person's point of view

Indeed. Banks take precidence over police and military. Besides, waging a war of attrition against the US military is probably a bad idea, even though they're in a poor shape. If one killed a platoon of soldiers, that costs ZOG "only" whatever it takes to arm and train another batch. Take out an airport though, in Silicon Valley… oh doggy. You'd be looking at billions of dollars in damages over the course of months or even years. The economic damage would be immense. That'd put a crimp in the censorious bastards schemes.

Vid somewhat related.

Always gives me the feels. I'm not crying

>There's definitely room for multiple coordinating efforts.

Full Spectrum Practical Politics.

>there was some guy here insisting that we need to get more people on our side by not naming the jew

He wasn't me. That is certain. Frankly, I have found that within reason one can now talk openly about the jew. I never, ever use racial slurs when talking about anyone other than my gf. I don't need to. But there is no need for timidity when naming the jew with anyone other than actual jews, evangelical Zionists, and wet liberals. I do it.

The trick is simply to do so reasonably. No sperging out and talking a mile a minute.

>I'd bet it could have been done.

Only given perfect decision making. Generals should plan for unforeseen mistakes and setbacks rather than perfect decision making. This kind of mentality is why Germany failed to crush France in 1914.

No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. ~Helmuth von Moltke

d32b8a  No.12491686


> You do realize you are trying to sell communism

I don't. The only objective of my post was to point out hypocrisy of /pol/. "Selling" communism requires a very different approach (not to mention explaining the how and why).

> Communism is anti-nationalism, pro enforced equality, and fails routinely.

One out of three is mostly correct.

> all the information /pol/ has at its disposal indicates it is a terrible ideology in practice.

I do not disagree with this. You have no idea what I'm talking about in the first place, so I don't really see the point of "selling" anything. There is no way you are going to invest months to learn things you already believe to be wrong.

5d0b99  No.12491836


>essentially zero animal protein

And a severe lack of fat as well. I'm currently recording an audiobook of Lothrop Stoddard's "Into the Darkness", and in that book Stoddard describes the nutritional fat situation in Germany in 1939 as dire. I'm not hugely educated when it comes to nutrition from an academic point of view, but I've experimented with a lot of diets, and read things here and there. From my experience and what I've heard, fat is not just an optimal way to get nutrients and calories, but it also helps "process" any possibly toxic things in your system as well (which is why you don't want to eat factory meat raw, the fat has absorbed unhealthy stuff). So Hitler foregoing fat had another exacerbating effect. No doubt he was eating canned food in his command post near the Eastern front, and that's a very toxic food source.

I've seen no verification of this, but I wonder if Hitler's adherence to and promotion of vegetarianism wasn't a way in which he propagandized, not just others, but himself to better accept the restrictions on food the country was facing. Even Hitler's dinner table saw meager portions at times, according to David Irving. National Socialism, after all, was big on everyone suffering the same hardships for the betterment of the whole (though there was plenty of rule breaking among those with authority, as is to be expected).

>Frankly, I have found that within reason one can now talk openly about the jew.

Well, it's just become so apparent that criticism is warranted, and they can't coast on the Hall of Cost forever. The rise of the internet has desensitized people not just to porn and gore, but to jewish plight as well. Everything is a joke on here. If someone can't laugh at a dark joke on the internet, they're a "fag" (actually everyone is a fag on the internet, regardless, but whatever). And of course this has real world effects. My oldest friend is actually half jewish, and we make jokes at each other's expense all the time. He knows I don't like the behavior of his race, and that I don't practice Holocaustianity. He gave me a copy of "Blitzed", the pop-history book about how everyone in the third Reich was completely drugged out (the first sentence is "National Socialism was toxic", and that's where I stopped reading), so his view of the world and mine are predictably in opposition, but we enjoy each other's honesty and are able to jovially interact.

eee198  No.12492396

File: 92a93490c4395ce⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 640x460, 32:23, 92a93490c4395cec0a7933ec04….jpg)


> We need political candidates. We need leaders. We need organization. We need cooperation.

Sounds like commie propaganda and a great way for feds to keep track on us. Has the KKK gained anything from being organized irl? Or the islamists in europe? Remember police are at their best when fighting organized crime and gangs, with CIs and electronic tracking.. I say we need independent gunmen and street level vigilantes, a few buddies at most but preferably alone. You can't infiltrate a lone sniper or bomb maker. Ten careful "culture-assassins" in a city would wreak more havoc on criminals and police alike than 10 years of organized groups.

a89de4  No.12492463


The Klan in its time accomplished far more than Brevik and his mentally handicapped fanclub, despite its current condition, and the Islamists in Europe have gained tremendously. They have whole networks of Mosques that act as a recruiting center, a safe-house, a money-laundering system, a propaganda network, and a political organizing base. If white people were half as organized as the Islamists we might be able to actually start making progress.The way that the 'moderates' run interference for the 'radicals' only makes them even more effective.

'Cause havoc and mayhem with no achievable goals or support network!' again, read about the RAF as was mentioned earlier. Shitting in your own bed in hopes that your enemies dislike the smell isn't a strategy it's a movie script for people with an understanding of ideology but no sense of strategy.

6bfec3  No.12492569

File: 18b4414c59afc56⋯.png (4.03 MB, 9589x9589, 1:1, 18b4414c59afc56a07a7db14ba….png)


Care to explain? I would start with genealogy sites if you really wanted to get somewhere on a Jewish database. American census records to 1940 are available, but there are other things like obituaries, synagogue rolls, Wikipedia entries on wellknown Jews, and other sources that fill in the gaps. Fortunately, Jews have since the late 19th century had a very low birth rate and so many Jewish lines have gone extinct. Determining halfbloods and those with significant Jewish heritage would be more difficult. Those with 1/8, 1/16 etc Jewish heritage rarely live in the fertile parts of the country and so their lines (being as they are in the major metropoles) will likely go extinct in the near future as well. Same goes for actual mutts, both of the mishling interracial sort and of those with incoherent inter-European ancestry.


>This thread is an anomaly here, for sure. OP seems to have hit on the right formula: Text-heavy useful insight (with proper paragraph spacing). Weeds out the people who can only think in memes, and inspires the literates to participate.

Hear, hear. I hope this encourages more quality threads, because I was considering leaving the board before I happened upon this one.

34df0f  No.12492578


Possibly. Though having met some folks into Thulian Society mysticism myself, I would not doubt that his friends believed that vegetarianism was simply somehow healthier. Some secret that all our ancestors forgot that will make you healthier and stronger.

Our ancestors have always eaten meat. That's what our race evolved to do.

34df0f  No.12492588

File: cb2c6f116a4bc07⋯.jpg (345.08 KB, 1200x954, 200:159, The KKK.jpg)


>Has the KKK gained anything from being organized irl?

Dude, back in the 20s they practically controlled politics in the south.

Say what you like about their customs, but they put the fear of God in the blacks back in the day.

6bfec3  No.12492602

File: 2a05afd36fee7b1⋯.jpg (88.96 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 2a05afd36fee7b15a049c90c92….jpg)


With the not-insignificant caveat that there is room for respect of our prey. Factory farmed meat is not only unhealthy but paves the way for further inhumanity. I cannot look at a man who tortures an animal and expect from him pro-social treatment of his fellow men. I find that those that are explicitly affirmative of eating meat also tend to be those that most respect nature, viz. hunters, family farmers and those that raise animals for meat. There are humane (which may seem an odd word in this context but again, the way one views animals is an important clue as to how he will treat other humans) ways of raising and slaughtering beasts.

c33f75  No.12492612

File: af06ed0e969cb7b⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 292x293, 292:293, Cyhr5AsXEAUHpC6.jpg)

File: 38f3a9ef4b48c87⋯.jpg (163.64 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, 20180912_EP-075624B_GEN_00….jpg)


>prompting them to attack him

Aren't the leftists doing this every time they pass some retarded piece of legislation they are smug as fuck and parade around as if temping someone to "do something" (pics related). Hell when some soy cunt in hollywood, comics, games, etc ruins an IP with pozz they go out an pretend like its the best thing ever while being openly hostile towards anyone that dislikes it, again in a what are going to do about it? Sort of way.

34df0f  No.12492657


Very true. Hunting is a wonderful activity for people because it gets people out in nature, teaches them about life and death, and teaches patience.

5b1e76  No.12492730

File: a02a9f1b9977932⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 417x420, 139:140, FB_IMG_1543249529803.jpg)



Talking about evolution, we need to reacquaint ourselves with actual life and death. For most of humanity, birth and death were intimate parts of living experience. If you want a psychological edge on your opposition, this is a good start. The Western violence deficit has made most of your countrymen unable to deal with how graphic and horrible it can be. Go out and join boxing/MMA clubs. Go hunting. Learn to respect and control your personal capacity for destruction and it will not unnerve you when time comes to use it.

41c466  No.12492793


Perhaps get a law passed that refuses an employer the right to fire someone for their political opinions expressed outside of work?

c52fa1  No.12492815

I find my mind having been broken between the consideration of two separate distinct rules; Rules that exist in oppostion colliding in front of me. I beget the fate of men that have the honor of viewing the world through the collided mass. When the intangible becomes not only tangible, but unavoidable.

When you assume the position of power, people soon give it to you.

First you must INDUCE them to us. What is it that's not in peoples lives that they wish was? Fill a need, not a desire. What better need that to be a part of something bigger than yourself? But, let's explore this from a view of what we already know…

Maslows heirchy of needs.

Breathing (We won't be offering this)

Food (down the road, we will)

Water (this is at our disposal / guerrila tactics - if we should want)

Sex (well now, here's an interesting catalyst)

Sleep (keep in mind, could become useful)

Homeostatis (this is a major issue in todays society as hormonal production has been altered by the jew feeding trough)

Excretion (I'm not fucking with that)

Moving on I will just label the big ones


LOVE/BELONGING (This we can offer with genuine ease)

Esteem (in due time, but I have a plan for this)

Self-Actualization (this is the goal. Our ethno-state, if you will)

I call upon each of you to well consider that "The ends truly justify the means!"

I struggle to express what needs to be done, but in simple terms, we must stand at the level of our oppressor to battle him. We can no well strike upward a blow. We must get others to sacrifice their real wealth in exchange for a promise of greater wealth. Until we become that, we're chasing the one that does. "Now I am become LIFE, the CREATOR of worlds."

Revert back to Maslows heirch of needs. Sex, Homeostasis, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem. Whom of you wouldn't trade your wealth, your labor, for the promise of what WE CAN OFFER? Not a one. We all would.

Why do we need to come together? Why do we need collective association and why are we threatened with every tactic in the book when we attempt to do so? You know why. It's because together we are a threat. A real threat. Not through violence or intimidation, but through love, safety, esteem, sex, belonging.

Sex - We must get women in our ranks and we must provide a platform that entices their self-recruitment. Think The Manson Family. If you haven't read Helter Skelter, you need to! It's a 2-3 day read and a pulse pounding playbook that offers the blueprint to our psychological necessities (minus the drugs, but that can be done through dehydration and insomniatic episode).

Homeostasis - Exercise! This is our platform for collective association. There are over 4,000 Crossfit gyms in the US! This is RIPE for infiltration! You sweat with someone, you form a BOND! A brotherhood!

Safety - Whites are scared right now. Together we can offer a safe collective to escape the fear. This is paramount. No recruitment through intimidation, but love and openness. We cannot be (((shut down))) for simply coming together in love to offer safety to our brothers and sisters.

Finally, esteem! This is the yearning call. This is what we all desire. I don't know about you, but I'm reaching deep into myself to a primal part and pulling strength out of me every day just to continue forward. I want to wake up and feel vigor and lust for the day. I miss that! I want that back and together we can bring each other up.

Now, I have a very specific plan to make this happen. I will call upon you in the coming months. I will tie "us" into the small business community and become the lifeblood of our cause. We will spread like disinfectant on the hands of a 3yr old covered in jewrms. I will be reaching out in the next couple months and I will be dedicating my life to this cause. Better or worse. The best thing they could do to us is what they did to The Branch Dividians. We will be broadcast nationwide and we will form a working model to be taken, funded and implemented across the US then across the world.

We will take our world back! I've seen it clear as day.

5d0b99  No.12493007


>Factory farmed meat is not only unhealthy

I'm not going to argue in favor of factory meat, but unhealthy compared to what? If all you're eating comes from the supermarket, you're not gonna find anything nutritionally superior to the red meat available there.

0a850b  No.12493072


>Haven’t seen a thread with this much text in a while .

t. /nupol/

c52fa1  No.12493085


I'd only propose the possibility of transcendental memory. The idea that memories can be passed from parent to offspring through the blood.

The severe trauma our meat undergoes before it reaches the food marts is unnerving and the possibility that those extreme conditions can be potentially passed onto the society that feeds upon them is worth consideration.

In English, our meat may be making us nuts. So eat nuts! (I had to, sorry) A better scenario for us is to humanely kill our own wild game but in the absence of that, open range chicken eggs have made a profound difference in my life. It may or may not do the same for you.

cc08a8  No.12493125

>wants to solve problems

>doesn't want to kill enemies and traitors

>wants to save race

>doesn't want to cull the weak


6bfec3  No.12493133

File: 0c13c09a2b14ee3⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1172x1446, 586:723, 0c13c09a2b14ee3990c19b46bf….png)


I don't know where you live but I live in a kind-of-not-really rural region and my family buys a whole cow from a local farmer and it lasts us about a season or two. The first cow we bought he let us see slaughtered, so I feel comfortable patronizing his farm. We also have a neighbor that sells us a rack of ribs every once in a while. I also support the local Mennonites when they're in season. I imagine you could buy most your food where I live without ever stepping in a grocers.


The Chinks believe that the meat tastes better after they torture it, which is a related idea. They may be demons if that's true, because I sleep easier knowing my meat lived as best a life it could and was slaughtered by an empathic human.


The supernatural aspect to the question aside (namely that how an animal was slaughtered carries a spiritual value to it), it has been suggested that the hormones coursing through the blood when the animal dies affects the animal that eats it in some way. So it's not a question of genetics or epigenetics in this scenario, although clearly over time those could be factors. And we created civilization so we don't have to relearn everything every generation. Other intelligent creatures like octopodes, dolphins and corvids don't live long enough and don't have as effective means of passing down knowledge as humans do (language), hence why they don't have fully formed civilizations, although they do have societies.


Notice how this post is entirely antagonistic and adds nothing to the discussion

c52fa1  No.12493344

File: 03b59603c0bbfa3⋯.png (10.37 KB, 202x335, 202:335, ohmslaw.PNG)


I don't know the answer, but I've been writing a precept to a doctrine that may be a topic of discussion (on topic of violence, so no sage needed) or may help to understand or dismiss your "reason" as you put it.

Who is Kek?

Kek is the God that sits in the dark and brings forth the light. He is the God of scarce probability, the 1 in the 1 in a billion. Kek is known as the Chaos God due to the improbability of winning a losing hand. Kek is playing your pair of 2's in the final round, all-in... Kek is the found in that eternally-brief moment of silence, the darkness before the roar of deLIGHT!

Whether you like it or not, we are the order of Kek. The odds we face are insurmountable. We are the collection of non-collectives. The association of those whom do not associate. The brotherhood of those who's brothers have been lost.

Don't be fooled by the shadow of illusion that is draped on the world. Follow the law of nature. Know the laws of nature better than you know the laws of man and you will play by a rule set that never shifts and cannot be manipulated by the words or actions of another. All but natural law is unjust.

When we speak of the natural law we speak of things as self-evident as such and self-evident in relation to ourselves. That humans are rational is self-evident by nature because when we speak of humans we speak rationally unless we speak to non-human entity.

those universally self-evident are what I'm concerned with and what concerns anyone changing the ebb and flow of society. Every whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Those things equal to the same things are thus equal to each other. 453.6 grams = 1lb = 16oz / 16oz = 453.6gms

What is the separation of human from beast? It is the realization of being, is it not? Our first realization is, time being tied to space, where soul meets body. Here we take our human form. From this foundation civilization is formed and yet this understanding eventually gets encompassed in the totality of our understanding of all we understand. The basis becomes the inconsequential. The great fracture is created, waiting for the beasts of the unnatural to feast for none of us can both affirm and deny a thing. To affirm your being, is to deny your non-being and to affirm the lie of the illusion is to affirm your non-being and deny your being.

You see, the understanding of ones being is to seek good and shun evil. Only the lie of the illusion has those convinced that evil is good and good is evil. being is non-being and non-being is being.

Who then can doubt the existence of evil when those among us work against their own being? To accept certain harm at the cost of their well-being? Their well-BEING?

You cannot fight the unnatural order when you do not control the circuitry. Any resistance will increase the voltage while the ohms remain constant. For a more detialed explanation, refer to Ohms Law. In a nutshell, every natural substance seeks to preserve itself.

This gives light to the necessity of an evil in order to preserve our good. The rogue warrior committing the "random" attack serves the order of the natural inclination of self-preservation.

Has not nature taught all of the animals that sexual union of male and female and the upbringing of children belong to the natural law? Is it not perilous to ones destiny to abandon this natural order?

Why then are we taught an unnatural order of male and male and female and female as "good?" Who would teach such a thing, if not God?

Is it not part of the natural order to seek out like others for colonization and societal living convenience? Is that not the way things happened without having been forced? When we look at the trees, do not spruce trees grow with spruce trees? Pine with pine? Don't you see more than 1 salmon swimming up stream?

Why then are we taught the unnatural order of integration of those not alike? Who, if not God, would teach such a thing?

Therefore, it is not drastic to talk of violence to those enforcing unnatural order. Where in nature does pressure, whether by earth or wind, not destroy that which stands in its way? Not only is it not drastic, it is the natural and inevitable recourse. The law of reason only rules that which is reasonable.


5d0b99  No.12493737


I have access to good meat as well, I'm not going to discourage people from eating what may be the best food they have available.

c0ea99  No.12497503

Have been reading this thread and similar others the past few days (though this one is really good). Recently browsed some darker sections of the internet out of curiosity. Looked out my window tonight and a cop car was idling there in the dark for over 30 minutes. Eventually an unmarked van showed up as well. I cracked, thinking the worst. I decided to go out to eat to distract myself, or get taken down while leaving. I couldn't take it any more. Left my apartment and went down to my car. On the way I passed the neighbor that lives below me. I asked her what was up, she was out smoking a cigarette. She said someone in an adjacent unit had passed away in their sleep, and the cops were there to collect the body.

I learned a lot today, about myself and the importance of threads like this one. This was a wake up call for me. I hope someone else benefits from me sharing the experience I had tonight.

e7ac40  No.12497576


Hiking Clubs

Guns are the least important part of war. Leadership, teamwork, endurance, those are the real skills. Practice those and start showing up to things IRL as a group to make your presence known. Going from boyscout esque activities to war is trivial. Just add guns.

84dc42  No.12497681


>Who then can doubt the existence of evil when those among us work against their own being? To accept certain harm at the cost of their well-being?

So much of our society runs this way. Voluntary sterility, cuckoldry, and auto-erotic asphyxiation are basically the same thing. Sexualized suicide. It's the flip side to Christian "morality", which is platonic suicide. Nothing matters in this world, because you have a glorious fictional afterlife to look forward to. You can fritter away your life doing altruistic things, fritter away your laws and civilization for the sake of being nice; in the end it doesn't matter because sky-daddie will take care of it because he knows you meant well. Just because de jure Christianity is dying away, doesn't mean people aren't following a secularised echo of the same thing. Our culture has been thoroughly shaped by a death cult.

It will take something major to shake us out of its spell. If Germany couldn't break free of it after losing one fifth of it's population due to a religious war, then our situation will have to be even worse before it can get better.

5d0b99  No.12497701


The pressures, and lack of pressures, from so much time in civilizations have fucked us. Killing criminals for so long, and rewarding traits like agreeableness and apathy might seem like a positive, but now we have a population of permission seekers.

8d414e  No.12497715





C'mon you had one job, anon.

8d414e  No.12497743


>I have always, perhaps mistakenly, hoped that we could realize a better world peacefully.

You are mistaken in keeping that hope alive. Do remember that hope is a double edged sword. In hoping that physical violence would not be needed to oust a species of parasitic sapients and their psycho/sociopathic allies you have distanced yourself form those whom you know would be open to thought of physical violence, and thus denied yourself probable allies.

Also you are correct on the criticism stymieing the progress of nationalism. Yet I forsee this as becoming less of a problem as apathy towards (((critics))) and criticism is rising. The generations after the boomers, especially X and Millenials, are becoming more and more apathetic towards the (((narrative))).

Within the next three to five years the psychological balance of the citizenry of the western nations My own America likely being the central flashpoint will tip over into a general apathy towards the (((state))) and it's media (((narrators))), at this point direct violence against TPTB will begin to crop up on a weekly basis. And it is at this point it will be the duty of the tens of thousands of /pol/lacks across the world to push and direct The People towards the most dangerous, to the common good of the human species, of targets.

The lynch mob will make a come back mark my words.

And to the various glow in the dark niggers. I just want to watch your world burn, not start the fire.

a89de4  No.12497874

File: 0975b0563542e30⋯.jpg (61.24 KB, 850x400, 17:8, degrelle_train.jpg)


This is a good goal, but is a fairly big uphill battle.

The good news about uphill battles though is in order to accomplish them, you have to build the exact sort of infrastructure needed to win larger battles. It has a snowball effect.

The only reasonable way to accomplish this, and hold onto it is with our own legal body similar to the SPLC or ACLU. Obviously this needs to be coupled with lots more, but having a legal body to stand up for us would be greatly helpful. And before someone says this is a gay idea and everything short of DOTR is pointless, those same lawyers fighting for free expression for our guys could be the ones defending your ass one day. A competent legal body is often one of the way moderate and extreme elements wash eachothers hands, I know this kind of thing happened in Ireland.


I'm not a big fan of James Mason but one of his mantras is 'fight paranoia'. I think it's pretty good. Paranoia is one way our enemies neutralize us without having to lift a finger. It paralyzes action.


I'm a big fan of Leon DeGrelle, and I remember reading about him that he had been an avid explorer and outdoorsmen his whole life but had basically never (or rather only in a few instances) used a gun until he signed up for the SS in his 30s.He ended up being one of the most decorated SS men on the eastern front.


I don't want to make this into another pointless 'christian vs pagan vs nietzschian' threads (because it's actually a good thread) but you do realize Christianity views marriage and raising children as a holy religious rite. You can accuse Christianity of plenty but this isn't one of them.


I think the shift from controlled wars to total war has been far more dysgenic than offing criminals. Criminals aren't brave for the most part, they just have no impulse control. Many wars in Europe had been fought to negotiated peace treaties that would end in settlement or at worse vassalage. You get the 30 years war as a big standout event in the 1600s where it was waged as a total war and just decimated Europe, then again with the Napoleonic wars, and again with the World Wars. I think overall a good fight now and again might be Eugenic and beneficial to the overall health of the nation, but total war seems to have consistently dysgenic effects. Taking all of your brightest bravest and healthiest young men and tossing them into an unending meat grinder is bad for the overall stock.

5d0b99  No.12497936



When I say criminal, I don't assume that the person did anything that I would consider wrong. A crime is not equivalent to immorality. A criminal is someone who does something the group with power doesn't like. Likely a person with disagreeableness as a personality trait. With as much time as whites have spent operating inside massively successful organized structures called civilizations, I think we've gradually degraded our race's ability to resist the status quo.

But I don't disagree with the effect of total war. I've brought that one up myself in the past

fa4ee1  No.12497953


>paint house that is infested with termites, rats, has all of the windows broken, doors off hinges, is full of squatters that have rubbed shit all over the walls and stolen all of the copper wiring.

Kikes really want people to think there is some easy solution if you keep wishing hard enough.

a89de4  No.12498008

File: 885267ced483faf⋯.jpg (191.26 KB, 726x936, 121:156, nannylaws.jpg)

File: 9b5cc17f828ccd4⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 480x679, 480:679, civ_cycle.jpg)


I see what you mean. The sort of 'social outcast' criminal.

We live in the sort of society where all of us here are de-facto criminals, even if we haven't strictly broken a written law our society would ruin many of us if it had the chance. We live as criminal outcasts even though many of us are great men.

In the near future, if things continue to get worse I wouldn't even be surprised by outright criminality. If we get pushed out of regular society a sort of pro-white mafia wouldn't even be terribly surprising.

This is actually one of my concerns about more strict authoritarian regimes over the long-term. You end up building discipline and strength through power, but once you've won and have become immensely powerful you just breed obedience. Discipline in the face of adversity is a source of strength and is masculine, but obedience with comfort is feminine and weak; the yin and yang versions of the same concepts.No use being overly philosophical, maybe the cycle is an inevitable part of human civilization. What we need now is order and discipline and so it's what I support.

b22dc4  No.12498035

>>12482347 we have refused and have sporadically treated violence as nothing but political.

000000  No.12498049


Whites respond to truth and faith and not much else.

Be thankful for that.

5d0b99  No.12498093


>second paragraph

Exactly where my thoughts were headed, too. There seems to be a necessity for the collapse of structures, but, as you say, nature pretty much handles that, so we can focus on what's needed now.

004d01  No.12498210


Dead drops

6b024d  No.12498537


> I don't want to see Siege happen, I don't want to have RWDS be a thing unless we go full Weimar and antifa becomes LWDS.

See this is one of our biggest problems and a key reason we are where we are.

Just like in a street fight, too many whites don't want to swing first, they want to wait and see if the other guy will escalate.

Well, imagine you are in a confrontation, a street fight, and imagine you KNOW, really KNOW that the other guy is going to hit you, what do you do?

Do you wait?

Even knowing he will have the advantage if you do?

That is retarded.

Even niggers are smarter than that (maybe that's why they sucker punch so much more than whites)

How many times will you allow the other person to hit you before you retaliate?

How bad does it have to get before people admit the simplest, most glaringly obvious rule of nature?


Anything else is mental masturbation, and I am on nofap.

6b024d  No.12498547


>>12491188 (checked)



a89de4  No.12498651

File: 8cce930d8cef35e⋯.jpg (141.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Warhammer-40k-eternal-batt….jpg)


this entire post is masturbation, nobody takes the internet tough guy bit seriously.

if you actually believed what you were saying you wouldn't be posting stuff like this on the internet because you'd realize it's only going to draw attention to whatever brilliant terrorist plot you have planned in your garage.

And the 'kill or be killed' is spot on, except you're not killing our enemies. You're facing down a team of trained killers and our side is an unarmed scrawny faggot who got in a fight once in highschool and thinks hes tough. At most you might scratch the surface before you're tossed to the ground and shot in the face. If every 'hardcore RWDS' dude in the world attacked all at once simultaneously it would do almost nothing. Some people would die, there would be mass hysteria and panic for like a month and then people would go back to work and not care at all, except it would be used to pass even gayer legislation and some old ladies might clutch at their pearls.

If you want to win you need to hit with overwhelming force and actually kill the enemy, not just give them a few scratches and piss them off.

Overwhelming force requires unity, which requires organization. And where we're sitting now the right is so busy dreaming about being an action movie hero it couldn't even organize a fucking bake sale, never-mind a revolution.

38ccb7  No.12498726

File: 11a4c7f89c2d413⋯.png (270.1 KB, 1793x485, 1793:485, trs.png)

>Holding back a lot of the instinct to ferret out subversives isn't a good idea but actively sabotaging people on our side, even if it's on a slightly separate wavelength. It's a problem of obfuscation. Even if someone isn't 90% but fulfills the same broad goals without a negative, they're better than the trs faggots that made themselves appear 95% close to us but were filled with actual subversives. Like the pedojews playing nazi dress up and molesting kids.

TRS is a prime example of a group that needs corrective rape. It's a difficult call since I'm trying to follow my rule of if they're white and pro-white they're alright, they do make good content along with containting plenty of white pro white individuals and namefags among the bad apples. It's probably more of a problem with their leadership. But their track record against the movement should speak plainly enough I think. I'll post some more images to reflect my sentiment on the matter since I'm not able to post mulitple images.

38ccb7  No.12498732

File: 7e649b30a7e38a7⋯.png (8.9 KB, 582x725, 582:725, who supports vs who boycot….png)


Shoot. Meant for >>12490565

38ccb7  No.12498736

File: c795a1ef0556bc9⋯.png (37.27 KB, 385x968, 35:88, pol vs TRS skirmishes.png)

38ccb7  No.12498746

File: 90c6a9160c97986⋯.jpg (81.58 KB, 1796x459, 1796:459, the TRS empire.jpg)


WHITE and pro-white is the important thing to remember here

38ccb7  No.12498756

File: ea8b3d556e292e5⋯.png (50.81 KB, 1580x390, 158:39, weev.png)

And the head of the snake, weev

e133b6  No.12498826

File: a4e2b9ae900e220⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 1382x4942, 691:2471, CivilWarPredictions.jpg)


> the right is so busy dreaming about being an action movie hero it couldn't even organize a fucking bake sale, never-mind a revolution.

This. The "lone wolf" as a viable method for action is absolutely laughable. People who are seriously arguing that "everyone knows whats going on and they don't need coordination or communication, once it starts they know what they need to do" are complete imbeciles. How did the American revolution begin? A bunch of disaffected men meeting in pubs who then began meeting in open spaces (who were then banned from meeting in open spaces) forming groups and becoming organized with goals in mind. Look at the walk thread if you want to see how spread out anons are. Just finding a group of three locally is difficult. If we do not put in actual effort, there is no way this "unspoken group action" is going to ever happen, much less be successful. Seriously, people are actually arguing for some kind of psychic sense of "now is the time" to reverberate through the world and upon entering the streets we will instantly know who is an ally, who is the enemy, which LEOs are /ourguys/ etc. This sounds like a terribly written end of the world/uprising movie. There is no historic precedent for a bunch of lone wolves to come together and magically organize while enacting their individually devised plans. Are communication devices going to be used? Are those communications going to be encrypted? How do we share the encryption keys? What do we do if we encounter jammers? Will we be using jammers to disrupt LE/Feds? What is the target? Is infrastructure a priority? Which infrastructure? Which cities have enough motivated people? You can say these gunmen who go on a small killing spree do something, but murder is all they accomplish. Isolated tragedies that generate news fodder and enhance the ebul nazi stereotype is their greatest political contribution, and it does not benefit us. Getting organized through churches (I don't care if its your local pagan group or christian or whatever, both can be a good way to meet whites against degeneracy) or outdoor activity groups would probably be the best way to recruit people who know "shit ain't right," but may not be on the chans. Whatever the case may be networks need to be formed. We must begin at least establishing like minded groups of friends. If those friends start training together, even better. This creates a disorganized, decentralized, network of cells within the country (or countries). Within these groups there will be people who have family or friends outside of cities (which is where people will want to end up, eventually) and plans can be made. Along this same line of thought, the more these groups are expanded the greater the chance that someone will know people in multiple groups allowing coordination between organizations (it would be best to keep things local though, the larger the group the easier it is to infiltrate). Without this, even if the lone-wolf fantasy somehow does destabilize something, we have a bunch of lost anons roaming around with almost no way to know who is friend or foe. Once resources run out, they are stuck with no gas and no support network.

499d3e  No.12498963

File: 67c46faca7d276c⋯.png (219.82 KB, 872x886, 436:443, 1520309333180.png)

File: 72d799fb21e123b⋯.jpg (965.84 KB, 1320x2460, 22:41, 1520319351777.jpg)

File: 149fa60aba65b0b⋯.png (153.79 KB, 1802x905, 1802:905, 1539656002569.png)

File: 5714faad06d9e7f⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, 1505408320892.png)



commencing dump

921236  No.12498970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

499d3e  No.12498973

File: 005374050db190a⋯.png (515.58 KB, 1446x1437, 482:479, 05e57a5d9fb2f74a1e6efa0fbe….png)

File: e2c49d6301ffc2d⋯.jpg (567.11 KB, 1970x1420, 197:142, 1505403717192.jpg)

File: 69844f189488194⋯.png (615.85 KB, 900x1136, 225:284, 1520282804822.png)

File: 4b51c8edd1983d0⋯.png (199.17 KB, 1158x1393, 1158:1393, 1520311678931.png)

499d3e  No.12498984

File: c01e666b3d57a7a⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 1411x497, 1411:497, 1531230509012.jpg)

File: f18cedba992cebb⋯.png (359.39 KB, 1274x2600, 49:100, 1531241648891.png)

File: 8f28bd5ec8b3d41⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1255x5323, 1255:5323, 1531710815988.png)

File: 9761d2050af36cd⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1504x2964, 376:741, f296946ae951aa61113cb9de83….jpg)

499d3e  No.12499005

File: f8fa09e18a64b4d⋯.png (187.7 KB, 879x363, 293:121, fca7573f47898b44aaf6dc9264….png)

File: 6c0097935329a64⋯.png (550.19 KB, 1904x1856, 119:116, 1531929271021.png)

File: 119effe5ba717f5⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 846x2086, 423:1043, AutonomicFeedbackLoops.jpg)

File: 149fa60aba65b0b⋯.png (153.79 KB, 1802x905, 1802:905, 5a38f0253cd489b04322a8cab6….png)

96fca5  No.12499007


>People know somethings wrong, people know they are forbidden from doing anything about it. But damn are they ready if someone starts to do something about it. It is, sadly, consumerism. Rather than being engaged in society and mobilizing politically, people have decided to rebel by purchasing rebellion supplies. There is nothing happening because we’re too busy buying stuff so we know we are ready for the happening.

Fuck dude, punched me right in the feels. You're absolutely right

499d3e  No.12499010

File: 51eeb89c8700e46⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1859x1418, 1859:1418, 51eeb89c8700e46b0c61e15da….jpeg)

File: 7b6ce533c6c1fdf⋯.jpg (625.48 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1531235621649.jpg)

File: 7a15635e25f9863⋯.jpg (173.79 KB, 467x488, 467:488, 1541468275458.jpg)

File: 31f9953347d2ff8⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 3762x3323, 3762:3323, 1541468195972.jpg)

e133b6  No.12499048


I know, it's nuts to think about it, and kinda blackpilled. There's just so much that is so hypocritical right now. I really feel like until people start meeting up, even just to go have a range day, go for a hike, just some form of group work, we are going to keep being isolated consumers. We need to establish /kpolout/ groups. People could be establishing what are essentially militias by doing this. Go camping once a month, that is probably more often than most military units get to do field exercises. Hard mode: leave your cell phone in the car and use a compass and map to learn land navigation. Go to the range once a week with your camping friends, even if it is only for 20 minutes after brunch on sunday. Go running or to the gym once a week with them. Just start doing things. It doesn't even have to be political. Our lack of community is our greatest weakness, and it can be both fun and healthy to change that.

8f2501  No.12499085

Not sure about going all violent, since it depends on the situation: going violent in a city ends with you getting raped in jail, going violent in a rural area may end up with 'Ol Joe letting you use his pigs to get rid of spare scraps.

What I do know is that PR doesn't work.

So when you decide if we should be violent, act or whatever, always remember to ignore PR.

People respect strength, not sissies who tip toe around the issues.

5798d4  No.12499129

File: 2a25368ad87152a⋯.jpg (233.67 KB, 809x661, 809:661, 49056ea4d3f74fa881b916929b….jpg)


>I'm going to work

This is one of the reasons for the violence deficit, most people on the right have something to lose and dont want to jeopardize that. Its only when things get so dire that most people have nothing to lose that you see mass violence on the right. The other reason which i'm sure has been mentioned is provocateurs, alot of alphabet agencies do this.

I don't have it on me but I'm sure an anon will post the story about a small militia group that was entirely made up of udercover local police, ATF, FBI, etc planning on killing a judge and getting busted.

e133b6  No.12499159


posted here >>12499010 dr strangelove pic

And I agree with your point. This discussion has evolved over time, but I think the best way is to just get organized groups of politically likeminded friends and do outdoor activities together. You can learn to be reasonably proficient in every discipline and know what you will want in your kit, etc.

84dc42  No.12499468


>but you do realize Christianity views marriage and raising children as a holy religious rite.

True, but it encourages adoption of other kids to raise as your own. Not terrible amongst Europeans, but disastrous amongst minorities that are striving to become majorities.

>Another pointless anti-Christian thread

Agreed, and that would destroy what's been the best thread I've read on here in a long time. I'll say no more, other than that I would gladly ally with any Christian movement that is trying to break the power of organized kikery.

c9a9d2  No.12499490

File: 6ab224f3e9e9b0b⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x1573, 1440:1573, 16bc1c6af02d20b956bb20b02e….jpg)


Im the anon that always makes the yearly 8ch Christmas card thread on /b/ but after seeing this image I dont think i have to. This sums up the year pretty well. lol

000000  No.12499517


I read a bit of Mein Kampf, and I remember Adolf saying something about how one should not join or ally with a group, and instead, we should wait for them to leave theirs. Otherwise you defeat the Jews, but are now surrounded by Christians, which are also Jews, seeing as they worship a Jewish man, as if he was a god.

It is not a good place to be in, because after a hard fight, we do not want another one. Best to find proper allies.

d31d62  No.12499551

File: 11a51d25033b5a3⋯.jpg (104.87 KB, 640x622, 320:311, feminist ants.jpg)


>co-opted by feminists and then the LGBTBBQWTF,

More correctly, glow niggers and army intel know that thanks to pathological altruism, unsuspecting and threatening white men will allow these agent provocateurs in.

This is why I don't like formal organization. Not only is it an infiltration point, even if you do get a cohesive group, the clock is ticking and you have literally weeks (depending on how much of a threat you are to TPTB).

b2ad43  No.12499573

File: 672ac6e359b1fcc⋯.png (998.6 KB, 1100x1000, 11:10, sniperbadge.png)


>This is not a call to action, this is all based upon observation.

Then settle down. There is a reason we aren't sperging and the spooks are the one's trying to call us out to do so. Alphabets working for the cabal have lost control, and can't dictate how and when we do things. Their history of going after the militia has now blown up in their face as now they cant control the American militia through strong pyramid organizations with controlled oppisition.

Goodnight khazarian traitors.

d31d62  No.12499595


>We have violent idiots who want us dead.

Deter, detect, deny, detain, defend. And read >>11699120

c9a9d2  No.12499619

File: 5d49174531ba6fe⋯.png (194.89 KB, 729x744, 243:248, 1465940778950.png)


This anon gets it.. I miss the old /pol/ back when we had solid discussion threads and would talk real politics, history and brainstorm ideas. Between the autistic Natsoc spergs and the MAGAtards constantly infighting along with shills adding fuel to the fire this place just gets nowhere. We need more threads like this one with actually discussion, disagreements and solutions. There is way to much 'hurr your a kike' bullshit that has really shitted this board up since 2016.

000000  No.12499755


Use Tor, security settings safest for easy mode. Good enough for a computer illiterate


>Free VPN

Are you retarded?

d31d62  No.12499767


Why do you think MMA is so popular in this call-centre culture where even verbal violence has to be sublimated?

6bfec3  No.12499795


>implying there isn't a conspiracy to root out contributing anons by deliberately dragging threads through the gutter with mindnumbingly stupid schizoposting

c9a9d2  No.12499821

File: 97c627bea93b7cc⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 399x364, 57:52, 20f0631d9ba6dcbf8cbf87635f….jpg)


There most definitely is. As soon as a good discussion gets going about ANYONE in politics glowniggers or left wing think tanks show up and derail the discussion with 'he/she is a kike' and anytime an idea thread is up it ALWAYS gets derailed with 'start killing people'. The sad part is most of the post 2016 anons fall for it. No constructive criticism of anyone in politics and never solutions just kill everyone, enemies and potential allies alike. The D&C here on this board is atrocious. Sorry for the blogposting but im just getting sick of it.

96fca5  No.12500397


This argument against libertarianism is exactly why I left it and sought you guys out. Well articulated.

dbcbb2  No.12500415

File: c745c821ba861a7⋯.jpeg (99.59 KB, 918x1024, 459:512, levels-of-white-anger.jpeg)

924e4f  No.12500421


I just cringed.

dbcbb2  No.12500461

File: 1faf5ea5cff62cf⋯.jpg (537.67 KB, 1492x1564, 373:391, moot.jpg)

96fca5  No.12500721

File: 87465fcec89daa3⋯.jpg (6.65 KB, 278x181, 278:181, download (4).jpg)


Bro this is some positive, hopeful shit right here. Could just work. Fully have my support man. Pic semi-related


>The only reasonable way to accomplish this, and hold onto it is with our own legal body similar to the SPLC or ACLU.

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. The way I see it is as follows:

At first, such an organization will be ostracized. You need to analyze through the lens of the MSM and the vast majority of NPCs that their everyday news through it. However we argue we are supporting the rights of a certain ethnic group the same way the NAACP fights for the rights of another. This will be rejected at first.

But take into account 2 obvious factors: shifting demographics and the anti-white media narrative of today. Now put yourself into the shoes of a white cop that had to, while enforcing the law, shoot a black person. Just like the recent female cop from Texas that got bagged for Murder in what is clearly an honest mistake. In today's media these people are generally innocent yet suffer a horrible media slander that skews the narrative. And our white rights organization steps in, not in an overtly "racist" manner, but simply fronting as upholding the rule of law and having this person's back, defending their civil rights. Might start changing minds over time, winning converts slowly, especially as cases are won. Factor in the guy being charged with discrimination charges at work over obvious bullshit trumped up in a hostile media. This person may have been a normie but will quickly change their view having an identity based legal group that has their back. I can imagine it would be a nice feeling.

It's all about optics though, obviously. The NRA is demonized though it still represents a viable group in regards to pushing certain objective. Further, groups like the 2nd Amendment Foundation and the Cato Institute are quite effective in legal battles. Being vilified isn't overtly a game over scenario. In regards to a white rights org of sorts, their message will only be further validated as demographics further shift, making us more of a minority. This could be one method to turn a weakness into a strength by using the enemy's playbook against them, claim victimhood status.


Thanks to you and this thread, I'm going to start doing just that, organizing. The things you listed I already do, but on my own but with my girlfriend. Hiking through the white mountains of New Hampshire is already a past time, but why not use it as a team building exercise?

229912  No.12500769

File: d58d2dd9d186ada⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 350x246, 175:123, Blog_Tea_Party_Socialism.jpg)

File: 8cf7b594c063645⋯.png (16.74 KB, 585x511, 585:511, policomp6.png)


>The last real right-wing movement was the Tea Party.

Dumbest fucking thing you said tbh. Is the yellow vest movement in France right-wing? No. Was the American Revolution right-wing? No. It's just Lockean and between the two wings.

a89de4  No.12501034

File: 3a4bb58ac308fb3⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 400x290, 40:29, salafistmemes.jpg)


On the topic of legal rights, one major right we need to push over the long run is the right of free association. That one is huge. The civil rights era essentially squashed this and at the time even normie conservatives were opposed to that part of the legislation. One of the biggest problems of living in this multicultural society is that you are often obligated to buy into it. You have no choice. So if you have groups of white men who want to form a business together and even use some of the money to fund our causes you could run into legal trouble once your business becomes successful enough. You're pretty much legally obligated to hire that black tranny in your NatSoc welding company if you have more than 15 employees, I don't think any distinction is made if it's a co-op or some type of other group, as long as you're doing business you have to buy into racial equality.

In order to have any meaningful secession from society we need to be able to start actually breaking off and making our own stuff.

From there you can have businesses funding, employing and providing logistics support to other operations.

This is a pretty big project but would free us up to do all kinds of things that are nearly impossible now. It's likely we wouldn't be able to outright change any law at first, there's no way we're getting away with that. What's more likely is we use any kind of legal support to find loopholes and gum up the whole system with B.S. to allow those kinds of operations to keep running. Think like mob lawyers.

a2dc8f  No.12501493


This is a pure crystalline nigger post.

c9a9d2  No.12501496


Thanks mootycuck you fucking nigger

a2dc8f  No.12501500


True. That's why I sometimes mention Odinia.

d51d4f  No.12501585

White Hezbollah now! God bless the Werewolves

371c07  No.12505345

I was listening intently. Anyone still here?

a89de4  No.12505658


I'll bump to keep the thread going. Just ignore the people trying to derail the discussion

e133b6  No.12505741

File: b79ec171a519691⋯.jpg (206.72 KB, 1500x672, 125:56, Rome_fasces.jpg)


Yes, I am still here. I want to try to work with something like this anon >>12492815 is suggesting but the question remains how to get there. One point is common amongst all the posts here that are positive in nature, and that is we need to focus upon recruitment. He mentions a specific plan, which I would love to see, but with my limited ideas I see outdoor clubs, WALK for urbanites, and meeting people through church (pagan or christian, we need to stop letting this come between us, we can work it out after we have political power) or clubs such as shooting/archery. The problem I run into is A) the area I am in is very liberal, so finding redpilled people is difficult and B)work takes up most of my time (going to have a little bit of a downturn here though, wrapping up a project presently). I would definitely beware anyone suggesting marches and stuff like that for the time being, and while I named the thread violence I really hope people can see that our ability to make social connections and organize support structures and business connections is more "violent" against the wishes of the powers that be than an isolated man killing a few pedestrians and dying in a ditch alone from his wounds. I want you to look at the symbol of Fascism. It isn't one lone wolf, it is a group, weak separate but strong together. We need to remember what all they symbols, values and goals of our political philosophy are. When national socialists took Germany, it wasn't one man shooting people. It was a group marching in solidarity when political violence was peaking in the streets. 16 of them were gunned down and from there they gained the unity and resolve to accomplish their goals and save their people. That is the important part of all this. We must come together before we can do anything. We must allow ourselves to unify upon our most core beliefs and be willing to work with people even if their ideas differ on lesser points. As other anons have pointed out, the stronger philosophy will come to dominate the inferior ideals espoused by others.

371c07  No.12505782


To be clear, the other two posts from this ID a ways up aren't me. I am using PIA (VPN).


Thank you.


I am no armchair philosopher capable of writing things people screenshot here. I do spend a lot of time weighing and absorbing information. I share the conclusions you reached here. Developing a method/means for meeting safely is undoubtedly our highest priority. I have not yet come up with or seen better ideas for activities than you have written here.

dca95b  No.12506012


>almost a ingenious as 9/11 (which was also Chaos Magic designed to destroy heterosexuality).

Could you elaborate for a brainlet?

d622ef  No.12506068




e88977  No.12506070

File: 62aa704b496f2c2⋯.jpg (45.91 KB, 656x493, 656:493, 1543906221424.jpg)


>dragging threads through the gutter with mindnumbingly stupid schizoposting

That's a good way of putting it. They've really got the art of faking the appearance of multiple spergs burning down a thread due to their spergouts to a science at this point. Pretty much every thread that dissolves into "MAGAPede vs. Natsoc", where both sides come across as incoherent, is actually just a group of bots (supervised by one or two human handlers) spamming nonsense. It's all in the hope that they can break our will to continue swimming in this ocean of turds they've created just to discover a few diamonds like the content in this thread.

I always thought this might be the case but what sealed it for me was the Butterfly War threads. The first thread came from so far out of left field that our handlers didn't know how to approach it and by the time they figured out what was going on, the thread had reached 250+ shill/bot/influence free posts. The difference between the level of discourse in that thread and the rest of /pol/ was even starker than that of this thread (thank you OP) and then it hit the bump limit. Our handlers jumped on the creation of thread 2 before CultState (the ButterFly war OP) could get on it, their thread misrepresented the whole concept starting from their OP and then CultState's thread was spammed with the exact type of schizo posts we're talking about until it was deleted by the old, traitorous moderation team.

What lessons are to be learned from this? You can break their system of control over this board by creating a high quality OP on a subject that only a true /pol/ack will identify with in a way that leads to immediate recognition of genuine responses. By coming from an angle they cannot immediately comprehend, you force them to observe rather than react. By the time they've figured out how to react, it's too late and we've secured the thread from shills/bots. That can only last for one 751 post iteration as they'll co-opt the creation of thread 2 or otherwise (((shut it down))) with egregious spam. My fellow anons, be original and keep bringing your original ideas to light or else they will figure out how to bury everything under a mountain of shit like we're seeing right now.

30afb1  No.12506417


Here's an idea, start a go fund me, or whatever that the librem project, used under the control of a trust that ensures the funds will be used properly. Have it open for a year and use the money to buy land that can be used for farming. Good land in rural areas is about 5k/acre. If we can get 50k together between 5-10 people over a 1 year period (200-100 usd per week) and you have 7-10 acres with a house and farm land. As long as two people know about agriculture and two know about construction you can start two businesses and integrate with the community. To me, a program like this would be a great way to achieve autonomous groups of self sustaining whites who are fed up with wage slavery and asphalt culture. The problem is vetting people, but the financial contribution seems like a decent way to do that. This is just an idea, not saying it is perfect.

30afb1  No.12506481


I think the key and why the OP was successful was there was a topic which is a wide source of shilling (organizing/taking action vs fbi/cia accusations vs calls for random violence) and the OP addresses most shill talking points to shut them down. Another factor is the wall of text means a human has to read it to know how to relevantly shill the thread (I agree it is probably one or two people mostly directing bots or clicking pre-generated replies through a shilling application). Because the tone of the thread was reasonable rather than sensational, the spastic posters got reasonable replies and either left, lurked more or calmed down. This generated more reasonable replies and by then posters were too busy talking about Bismarck and Frederick the Great to bother replying to the average, low effort shill posts. Without replies and baiting people from engaging in meaningful conversations, shills are powerless.

Another key as to why this is a good thread is it is about an idea rather than an event or person. The majority of low effort shill/slide threads are only about things, people, or inconsequential news. Because this was about an idea (like the butterfly war thread, though I still find the concept of a new emotion specious) it forced people to think for themselves rather than parroting (shill approved) talking points like "trump is a kike" or "germany is too cucked to ever recover" or the pagan vs christian D&C which has become so popular. These threads allow us to think as anons rather than to think as a citizen of whatever country, follower of whatever religion or as being emotionally invested in people agreeing with us.

6bfec3  No.12507024

File: 6dac181685a5d8a⋯.jpg (260.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, handyguide.jpg)

File: c1078e677cd2018⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 756x600, 63:50, c1078e677cd20182e666d654a1….jpg)


>By the time they've figured out how to react, it's too late and we've secured the thread from shills/bots.

The Ecofascism thread was quickly followed by the German wolf thread, in which there was an immediately spate of posters with an un/pol/like hatred of nature. D&c threads also tend to come in pairs, playing off each other in true bipolar fashion. On the other hand, they really aren't as quick in identifying wedge points as they like to think. There are some issues, like circumcision, on which a broad consensus has formed, or already existed, and yet they still spam antagonistic circumcision posts on here. Over on lesserchan, they have to sustain those threads by simulating those that support it through inanely fallacious reasoning because a consensus agrees there too. On other topics they concern troll, usually trying to sway the thread towards demoralization propaganda.

But at the end of the day, the harder they try to fit in and lead the opposition, the harder they stand out. They can't seem to help putting a bullseye on their heads, even anonymously in enemy territory.


Seconded, except for this part:

>Without replies and baiting people from engaging in meaningful conversations, shills are powerless.

A main tool in their arsenal is replying to themself or each other, simulating debate or agreement as the situation requires.

e133b6  No.12508088


I totally agree. Implied or fake consensus is one of their most powerful weapons. By creating and emphasizing a fictitious divide, they can promote a subconscious divide.

e133b6  No.12510193


So you create a trust and discreetly use a banking app to donate to a controlled bank account. Once people are donating they will probably be talking, you wouldn't want to donate a portion of your salary in the hope that you get along with the people you are going to be living with communally. You would want to talk, work with and create a plan for getting established. There would be some legal work that would be required by the organizer to protect the donors, but not an insurmountable amount.

dfaf6f  No.12510308


Unintentionally or not, his predictions of how a "butterfly war" would play out did come true in the case of Candace Owens getting banned from Twitter and then filing a lawsuit based on her civil rights being infringed by their automod AI. The problem with CultState's thinking, at least on that subject, is that laws don't matter to these people if they stand in the way of their ambitions. The kikes have successfully brainwashed enough of the public that doublethink is now the norm. He has thought through a clever approach to the question of cencorship but the entire enterprise is based on the people who make up the system (lawyers, judges, juries, affected individuals, even Trump himself) being able to separate what is right from what is racist, sexist, dangerous, hateful, and problematic.

e133b6  No.12512359


>just give up

a9905a  No.12512367

The left is actually violent, they don't talk about it.

b50022  No.12512479


this is one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen

058f7f  No.12515767



I didn't know about Cultstate/"Butterfly War" until finding this thread; his concept of 'poking the system' such that it behaves in a certain way isn't anything new though. What he calls a 'new emotion' is more like a cultural zeitgeist however, think the feelings and emotions of a person who lived in the 1890s compared to today- as an aggregate, they're going to be completely alien to each other.

The whole concept of taking advantage of cultural behavior/consumption patterns and amplifying / decreasing them on a macro level to change political outcomes is some real deus-ex level stuff, and if anything his writings indirectly show that other actors are already doing this, to varying success and goals. You can see it even on the chans; bots and what triggers them, or even the complaints on this thread about divide and conquer; in the hopes to make loan wolf 'right wing terrorists' so the ideological left can have something to both agenda push (and make sweet ad $$$ on news like CNN).

If his Icarus thing is real, setting it off and performing a cultural reset is not the worst idea, especially if you need to purge old 'long game' type infiltrations dating back decades (Marxism, etc.)

Back to the thread though- I'm truly ethically conflicted when it comes to violence. Defending yourself is one thing; taking out the power grid and being responsible for the death of tens of thousands is another. Got any family or friends with diabetes, need dialysis, advanced medicine, or a laundry list of other things we've invented in the last 50 years medically? All dead or dying in a worse case scenario. At the same time, to say society is overdue for a 'clean up' of undesirables is an understatement. Normally these groups were historically eliminated from war and/or disease, but again we've mostly eliminated those mechanisms in the last 50 years. I really wish I knew what the solution was, but there is no easy answer.


Bank Runs would have little macroeconomic effect in 2018. At most you'll inconvenience a bunch of drug dealers and old people for a day or two, the back end settlement network is where money gets actually transfered around. Now, if Debit and EBT cards stopped working for a few days…

a05694  No.12515857

Before anybody accuses OP of being a fed, you should consider that this is the exact kin dof programmed response that our enemies want from us.

Rather than take up meaningful action, they'd rather you shun those who speak the truth and propose meaningful actions, allowing you to fool yourselves into thinking that you are helping while ensuring that you stay in your comfort zones.



Our enemies need to pay in blood.

a05694  No.12515876

Or do you just want to be the pathetic losers that /cow/ and Kiwifarms think you are? Just being the ineffectual, meaningless edgy tryhards they claim you are?

Don't prove them right.

We will have to fight soon.

And to hell with their laws. If you actually believe in the shit you believe in, then legality is no barrier or prerequisite for revolutionary action. Revel in the fact that we are going to kill their world and destroy their laws in order that we can institute a rule that benefits our people, our nations, and our progeny while being in line with the truest of morals.

e133b6  No.12531640


>debit and ebt

that would be the greatest hacking feat of all time

151014  No.12539308

Bumping threads so 4chan spam doesnt kill them

3d732b  No.12544723


Bring back fist fights and duels for honor.

Chivalry is the only answer.

Oh and– hippity hoppity, wamen are property.

555fa7  No.12547922


Reminder that in modern warfare, the functional war fighters are the minority of every military and militia's population. One man with a rifle? The most basic upkeep demands that he either becomes a jack of all trades, or finds a fantastic support mechanism.

Knowing how to shoot, get/store food and water, survive a firefight, and maintain shelter is hard enough - but what about living? Every anon needs to do these three things, while having addition 'support skills' that not only make the initial event easier, but the ability to produce the finished products that civilization relies on, and the capacity to not let victory be self destructive.


Its also our need to have mainsteam terms and concepts we can work within. The reality however is that NatSoc was the answer in the 30's and 40's - When the enemy was nearly consolidated. Now, we have an enemy that is both crippled and strengthened in profoundly different ways. Therefore, the gameplan must evolve.

The symbol of the movement of past days? Nothing wrong with that in the slightest. I do not think however that it is ideal to see ourselves as the dead, seeing as how we're the only ones alive anymore. Instead we all must individually remove the numerous lenses and perception filters that obscure reality, and then we must come together, seeing with total clarity. If you think that your perception is perfect as it is now, then you're part of the problem. The redpill is information given metaphysical form. It means nothing if you truly cannot physically support it. The pill must always grow, as the perfect antithesis against (((the norm))), even when we someday become that norm.



<the arguments that hold up are very right wing

The truth never changes. How it resonates between passing eras and people may change, but the message does not. The medium is the message, and the message is truth. Immutable, inviolable, it is nothing other than the first law.


The Vatican is one of the three core pillars of institutional globalism, and is the definition of the poisoned well. The removal of the (((Jesus))) myth and infection is core to returning to understanding The One, The First Mover, The Prime Creator.

<Anything that stands or has stood between the white man's soul and where it came from has earned the privilege of being destroyed with impunity

>No exceptions

To be human is to be threefold: body, mind, spirit. They disconnected our spirits to our origins first through the Church's genocides. Afterward our bodies were slaughtered through industrial warfare, were assailed and nearly crushed by the Ottomans, and the sockpuppet wars between Protestants and Christians. Our minds are being arrested for the kill, and this is why this place matters.

>Everything is being undone in reverse order, as it must be


Then, is he ignorant? Or complicit? Can a man who reached what he has reached, with his previous employ in editing UN documents be given the ignorance pass?


The open source systems were first to be compromised. The only system you can trust is one that has never been exposed to the net.


>silence is consent

Silence is silence. Nuance is nuance.


>Of course, I'm not advocating anything, three letter agencies monitoring this thread!

Agreed, but I say take it a step further to greet reality:

Nothing here is real, other than our own respective governments monitoring us.


There is no such thing as a purity spiral, until religion or religious aspects are applied to something. I am of the opinion that religion should be 45% personal, 45% familial, and 10% community. The community aspect is merely to prevent anyone from worshiping the darkness, should the family and self somehow fail while reminding us all that race ties are more than just flesh.

>Religion should be religion, and politics should be politics. Of course there are things which are and must be treated as sacred across all categories, but we must not misappropriate religious respect out of a want and need for substance.


The only communities that people are obligated to participate in, are the ones they choose to join.

<Do you really think otherwise, calling these people 'half hearted cucks'?

Either you're a female with that socially driven post and image, or a Swedish 'woman'. Are you really that dependent on the remainder of the world holding the pussy pass for your pleasure?

>Obligatory demand for your exposed breasts

21461f  No.12548571


Hey Asses and Elbows, still here I see.

8f4dc7  No.12548669


>At the risk of sounding like FBI, attacking federal buildings, Banks, or important figures like Senators

If you only do it in the IRA style: before you detonate a bomb, you need to warn civilians to leave the building. This will reduce casualties to minimum or zero level among the population and show to people that you are not against them, but only against the system.

8f4dc7  No.12548690



38ccb7  No.12548933


>Then, is he ignorant? Or complicit? Can a man who reached what he has reached, with his previous employ in editing UN documents be given the ignorance pass?

Complicit. His actions have spoken plainly. If it's ignorance, it's willful ignorance on his part, which is the same as complicity.

>Silence is silence. Nuance is nuance.

This phrasing sounds to me of being purposely vague. Please explain further.

59f3ed  No.12549272


>guys we can vote our way out of this

>demographic trends and voting trends of nonwhites? What the fuck are you talking about?

>what do you mean we will never win a presidential election again once TX and FL go blue? What do Californians moving to TX and AZ have to do with those states flipping blue?

>what do you mean even if we do win nothing concrete will happen to mass deport nonwhites therefore the end result will be the same no matter who wins?

Lurk 2 fucking years before posting nigger, its extremely basic knowledge here that demographics and migration are what will determine our future, not whatever political rally activist bullshit you wanna larp as.

000000  No.12549611

I give you a good advice: do not, do never expect anything "good" of anybody else except you. Do never look at anybody. Just look into the mirror, and ask yourself what you want. And then do it.

And you will see others follow you.

b78e1f  No.12550088


>"this is not a call to action"

thread discarded

696d72  No.12553627



lmao 60% of the masculine population are normalfags, effeminated shits bred to be slave

20% are alpha males (thugs, jocks, criminals)

and the other 20% are you incel goblins

you already lost

555fa7  No.12554823


Silence is only silence. Only consent is consent. Nuance demands observing the difference, because our fantastic white language uses different words for a reason.

88d9aa  No.12556072

Bumping quality thread

116338  No.12561915


>Nobody designs a system that they don't control

They didn't design the system. They corrupted it.

If voting as you say does nothing, the only cost is an hour to go to a polling station.

They only control so long as they are allowed to.

Sure, you'll always be outnumbered by sheep. But in local elections, things aren't as controlled. And that's where everyone starts.

But chances are you're a shill. Most that promote inaction without offering an alternative are.

0c16d3  No.12583455

TRW is all pussies these days

ee4637  No.12592188


Well said.

c509ae  No.12592442


I will rectally ruin you, faggot.

966022  No.12611679


8a3801  No.12626368

Been watching this thread for a month now. Where did everybody go? The board really deteriorated over the holidays this year. Happy New Year to those of you that made this thread great.

a89de4  No.12626564

File: 2db74ff67a54d3d⋯.jpg (129.05 KB, 710x823, 710:823, bigbrain2.jpg)


The better /pol/acks are busy over the holidays.

Bump for better thread on the board, even though it's old.

6eb0ae  No.12626771

File: c396209107e5bd5⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CIA mind control videos on….jpg)

I'm going to assume everyone in this thread is a fed. Everything spoken about here is monitored 24/7 by the entire US national security apparatus and if or when a revolution begins (((they))) will have your IP addresses stockpiled, ready for the horde of CIA / FBI / National Guard / Secret Service / Mossad / United Nations and whatever other kike entities you can think of. (((They))) will know every plan of the resistance and using classified psychotronic technologies are already predicting our every move. Oh they are most likely already reading your mind too.

All commercial VPNs are compromised. Tor is a compromised government operation. The entire internet is compromised by alphabet soup. Stop discussing this here if you want to survive the first few weeks of an uprising, that is if you aren't a filthy fed which I heavily suspect.

The government is so powerful, most people here cannot comprehend what it is capable of. THEY ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING WE ARE DOING AT ALL TIMES.

8696b6  No.12626895

Someone will need to reunite and take one for the team doing the violence work, not street fight with antifag bullshit, an ==OGRE== act of violence executing some subhumans criminals that the state is flat out refusing to deal with, will have to be done in barbaric gruesome ways.

This will need a crowd to help.

The rest here that is to pussy to do something will have the blue collar work of defending the act as beautiful and moral as it is making the optics straight again.

8a3801  No.12626903

File: dbdc6f1885c8844⋯.png (96.07 KB, 1282x545, 1282:545, spook.png)


Wonder what it's like to be a fed

a86e90  No.12642523


This. If you ever decide to "take a trip to Pittsburgh", visit the black or Jewish elementary schools.

c87320  No.12642591



>By creating and emphasizing a fictitious divide, they can promote a subconscious divide.

Like calling everything you don't like or don't understand "slide threads" or shilling.

Muh slide is so fucking jewish you kikes must honestly not know it's just "shut it down" with a fresh coat of paint.

57116f  No.12642625

File: 6929c9b316c27ae⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1024x1019, 1024:1019, DutyAbovePleasure.png)


The fear mongers are fire selling their stocks.

a97825  No.12642711



lmao faggot, one dylan roof is worth more than all that shit

literally just get a gun and go moon man

0c9a90  No.12643698

File: 6d3ec43dd1a5371⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 470x960, 47:96, christian.jpg)


I disagree. It is important to identify slide threads, especially for newfags. Allowing threads which offer little substance and foster petty, gossip-y conversation to thrive will quickly turn 8pol into 4pol. One example of an unintentional slide thread is the one about the "Tuck Buddies" boys tranny underwear. It's unclear if this thread was created by a white anon or a shill, but it almost doesn't make a difference. Yes, this thread is certainly on-topic relative to the culture of pol. Is the thread helping anyone? If any of us went digging, we could easily start 5 threads a day based on similar content. There will always be some new degeneracy to rage about. But that's all it does, cause rage. Because it's focused on something so absurd, anons waste their precious lives bickering about children's underwear. Personally, I believe threads like "Tuck Buddies" result in a death by 1000 cuts. It lowers the quality of the conversation and distracts from threads like this one.

It is easy to spot low-effort threads. They usually have very little text in the first post, one to three sentences at most. The image or link in the OP is sure to generate a reaction from anons. They often function in the same way as newspaper headlines. You're expected to see it, feel an emotion, and lose consciousness as you devolve into reactionary mode. I believe while news content gives us something to talk about, posts of this nature degrade the quality of the conversation.

Maybe I'm wrong. I would agree that replying "slide thread" for everything you disagree with is wrong. It is a tactic easily employed by real shills. Despite this, I come here instead of 4pol because I don't care to spend my life reading reaction comments from a bunch of 105 IQ people arguing about flags for a quarter of every thread. I counter that you're projecting, because you don't understand why someone else might consider it a slide thread.

a86e90  No.12644147

File: 1e6d3a47d22e1b6⋯.png (126.94 KB, 1271x625, 1271:625, decentralized organized vi….PNG)


>OWS is important only in the sense that it affirms what we already know, that changing the system through civic disobedience is not possible. It wasn't even possible for the organized and numerically significant and public leftwing, it certainly won't work for us.

That's the best argument for organized guerilla militant action I've seen articulated so far. Very well put anon.


here's the full pdf anon


great post, capped


I know he's a fag but Jack Donovan articulated this really well in Becoming a Barbarian

0c9a90  No.12644191


Did you forget to attach the PDF?

b8ff57  No.12644205

File: 735e6a6b77d55aa⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 314x335, 314:335, a.jpg)

File: 5ad456dbc96ac28⋯.jpg (23.49 KB, 305x335, 61:67, b.jpg)

File: 804b4c89b3d9f3e⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 303x403, 303:403, c.jpg)

File: 674e4104cd0dbb6⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 310x353, 310:353, cc.jpg)

File: dc3c0cf5ab4e16d⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 295x403, 295:403, d.jpg)

f04dc7  No.12644262


thanks for bumping one of the better threads on the board

a86e90  No.12644281


It's not letting me attach it for some reason

Here's an archive link https://archive.org/details/FryTheBrainTheArtOfUrbanSniping

f04dc7  No.12644292


List the accomplishments of Dylan Roof.

Also, you first fed

96fca5  No.12644301


Thanks for the link, looks like a juicy read

e133b6  No.12646259


>Knowing how to shoot, get/store food and water, survive a firefight, and maintain shelter is hard enough - but what about living? Every anon needs to do these three things, while having addition 'support skills' that not only make the initial event easier, but the ability to produce the finished products that civilization relies on, and the capacity to not let victory be self destructive.

I think blue collar workers are going to fare much better for these reasons. Mechanics, construction workers, butchers and the like will all be valuable. Sharon from HR with her 8 cats will be left behind. It is really interesting to think how the useless parts of our modern society will be the ones eliminated by the hardships of necessity.


In my experience nuance is a privilege reserved for those with greater knowledge and intelligence. Using words which will tip off the educated to a deeper meaning while maintaining a superficially benign facade.


I agree but identifying a slide thread must be done the same way identifying a shill/bot must be done. You must provide an argument, demonstrate your position with evidence and do so in a composed manner. Screaming shill/kike/slide in low effort, single sentence posts turns a thread into a flame war and detracts from the quality of the boards as a whole. The best indication of a shill posting or slide threads is when there are speedy replies of insults and counteraccusations with no logic or argument provided. They want to make people mad and start flame wars.

69efb1  No.12647636


>t. a fucking moron


find a capable man/group of men or you will die when shit hits the fan. I'm all for strong women. My mother is the strongest person I know. But if you think that you can survive in a civil war scenario without at least one man leading you, ==you're fucking delusional==

000000  No.12647728


They probably all got banned by the kike mods


What a long winded schizo post. Take your meds retard.

f2ba53  No.12647864

File: 9572a2531924207⋯.jpg (417.83 KB, 1536x858, 256:143, tornigger_driveby.jpg)


Nice driveby TORnigger

A ban wouldn't stop them, just like it doesn't stop kikes like you. They probably just get diluted. Even if he's wrong, posts like his take effort unlike yours.

a97825  No.12648328


1. Killed a dozen niggers

a2e96b  No.12648366


2. awesome haircut

f2ba53  No.12648659

File: b95437ca2bef969⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 720x587, 720:587, 1542432779523.jpg)

for visibility

e1d110  No.12649512




6e5e3e  No.12672138


You are fucked. Literally. So here is the deal, you are going to have to latch on to the nearest man whom will take you faster than you can imagine. And hes got to actually be strong enough to have the mental ability to survive and be aware of what is coming and make it while also carrying your baggage. If you don't have that lined up already, your next best option is to be passed around like a whore for whichever group shacks up in your area. There are a lot of details, but this is pretty much it for your survival should it go kinetic. Expect to get raped and start getting mentally prepared for it. Without an man whom can navagate what comes himself, or collect sufficient manpower of his own to head off what comes for you, this is the womans lot in life in war. The alternative is pretty much 100% dead. Good luck!

Don't worry, even if your starving, diseased, homeless and brutalized there will always be some nigger around eager to fuck you again. Even when your dead they are likely to shove an dick up one of your rotting holes before eating the rest. So if that doesn't sound nice, find the best white man you can and make sure the faggot is redpilled or you force him to be so and fast. If hes resistant to the truth of the world, well….. that isn't a man whom is going to fair much better than you I am afraid. Niggers like boypussy too.

An slight alternative is praying that an warlord with our bent rises up near you very quickly and isn't preoccupied fending off feds too much. They will likely take you in since they will need to pay their men and give their men some grounding and foundation. And redpilled woman whom already knows whats going on is walking gold in that regard and could be far more valuable to such a man than you would expect. Hard part is telling the difference between us, and some local gang tier thug whom happened to have a posse around. If the second, instead of becoming someone's wife and being protected by an group, you become communal cum dumpster property.

Hard choices. Good luck!

b3868d  No.12674828

>>12550088 (checked)


The system is very simple: use your first amendment and the ballot box, when that fails, refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots. The time for civilized debate is over, it's time for a loud, unanimous call to action. We need to be drafting a declaration of war against Washington that we all can rally behind. They made it illegal to threaten tyrants, and even to expose tyrants. They have silenced our voices with terrorism and veiled threats. We now have a duty to name them as tyrants. If they refuse to submit, we have no other choice, and we have the duty to form rebel militias, and to kill all tyrants that claim to have power over us.

b3868d  No.12674878


When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly, all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present Washington, D.C. is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.




[Insert list of unredressed grievances]




In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A government, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our brethren in Washington. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the inhabitants of the united States of America, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these States, solemnly publish and declare, That these united States are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to Washington, D.C, and that all political connection between them and the Federal government, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

5d6506  No.12674939

File: abced111675e659⋯.jpg (154.85 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 16510407844_daa0d23827_b.jpg)


What about organized crime?

5b7d26  No.12678442

I disappointed myself into thinking you were going to delve deep into the analysis of the masculine and violence that is currently lacking in men in first world countries and the psychological effects and impact it has had (on their behavior). I will admit that I have lied to myself, and have used entertainment such as video games and anime as a clutch to the violence that I want to commit. I have been contemplating joining a boxing club, because something in me wants to use my pent up aggression and violence and feel what it is like hitting and being hit back. Sadly, one cannot do this in places such as a club or where social tension are high, due to the unpredictability of today's culture of anxiety, where a man can easily pull out a gun and kill you.

Instead, you are using violence as a co-opt for your own political gains. But how can something that has always been part of the Right Wing be lost or be regained? Does this mean that the Right all this time had been playing in the Lefts field using the Lefts tactics? Most Right Wingers are white men, how many of you have actually been in a street fight and can attack and defend yourselves? I'm thinking not many. Most white men I see are nice guys, very passive, pretty boy playboy's with female frames in their priori. I don't see that they have any fire in them. I am glad however of the gate keeping and hard push towards weightlifting, I don't think I would want any weak skinny or fat looking man to represent my leanings, especially such leanings that have always spout natural order like hiearchy and strength.

I suggest and recommend all of us to develop as Jung have said, our dark side. Learn to be violent, aggressive and develop fire. What some of the action that OP has said is good, but more is needed, again as some have said, don't be stupid or a moron. Those are my thoughts for now.

e133b6  No.12689175


The crux of your criticism seems to stem from your statement "Instead, you are using violence as a co-opt for your own political gains" which is true from my (op) perspective. If violence has no goal, it is only an agent of chaos (which is still admirable in this day and age). However, should violence be approached in such a manner that you can both gain victory and claim defense, that is quite powerful. The people and philosophy which have led to western dominance require violence. Our societies rejection of violence is what has stifled our growth and progress. Progress, instead of its traditional meaning of becoming stronger and better, has been redefined as "that which promotes and enables degeneracy and the enfranchisement of the weak" which is despicable.

As I have said numerous times in this thread, action and organization are what I am truly referring to when I say "violence" in the threads title. Better yourself, organize, and stand up to those who would take control of this world and subjugate the greatest force of traditional progress this world has ever seen. Be proud of your race's accomplishments and endeavor to add to your people's history.

953f19  No.12689449


>I wish I could find a laptop from before they put in all the hardware backdoors

You're like 20 years late, or more, it would be too obsolete to do anything. Just get a chinkpad thats libreboot compatible and use tails

>For the time being I've pretty much gone full idgaf dox me

Dont be a dumb faggot, last guy I knew who did that got his life destroyed and hanged himself. You are dealing with dangerous cunts with tons of funding who are paid to ruin you.

>I really don't think I'm important enough to merit such scrutiny

The guy I'm talking about was a nobody engineer in some run of the mill company. They still fucked him up.

bcb989  No.12715544


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