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File: 6f80a85e30527ee⋯.jpg (487.98 KB, 1095x1115, 219:223, pol books 19 - dec 2018.jpg)

49931b  No.12496202


#19 is here


>that link has ALL of the .zips and a big folder with individual files

>P = .pdf

>E = .epub

These used to be popular threads back in the day. You're not supposed to read them all, it's just a bookshelf. I'm going to reorganize these one day.

Also, check out The Incorrect Library:


7fdb60  No.12496297

Kill yourself nigger.

42dc10  No.12496348

e027a2  No.12496359

Thanks. Nice to see. Bump.

799d30  No.12496391

File: 688686948d37dd4⋯.jpeg (51.1 KB, 550x472, 275:236, 00F9D0F1-03BE-4A6A-8C88-E….jpeg)

Is it safe to click the link?

ac16cb  No.12496430

Joe McCarthy and his butt buddy Roy Cohn were faggots and you should feel bad.

42dc10  No.12496438

File: 0d7d78315e05107⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 300x294, 50:49, jewish dogs 05.jpg)

no d-don't read these goyim

books are gay remember?

8fc8ed  No.12496440

File: c5b528aa8aa7f5a⋯.png (263.37 KB, 400x347, 400:347, 1485709587498.png)




f93560  No.12496445

imperial library of trantor if you want books


3803ab  No.12496451

These were my favorite threads before kikey decided to shoah them.

Glad to see they're back.

42dc10  No.12496500

File: 05db3b7ddd5e08f⋯.jpg (60.86 KB, 445x686, 445:686, peron and peronism.jpg)

Peron and Peronism

by Kerry Bolton

"Big finance has no country, but only interests. The Cold War and localised conflicts are but episodes of mutual convenience, allowing the United States to keep its faltering economy afloat and the Soviet Union to strengthen the internal stress without which its empire runs in serious danger of disintegrating. Chances are that those who serve in Washington and Moscow, the phone that joins the White House to the Kremlin speaks the same language, and this language is neither Russian nor English." - Juan Perón, Fundamentals of Partido Justicialism, 1966

great book, long review here: https://www.counter-currents.com/2014/12/kerry-boltons-peron-and-peronism/

8fc8ed  No.12496575

File: 0c3844085d187b2⋯.png (269.12 KB, 500x472, 125:118, guards.png)


>/pol/ books

>off topic on /pol/

3803ab  No.12496589

File: 468dc35244ccfe4⋯.png (555.2 KB, 900x675, 4:3, RcGtRxy.png)


>that entire post


42dc10  No.12496633

File: 04467384df5ddb2⋯.jpg (78.54 KB, 600x901, 600:901, catholic church emj.jpg)

The Catholic Church and the Cultural Revolution

by E. Michael Jones

Tells the story of the culture wars between the Catholic Church and the Enlightenment over the last sixty years. The battle in America was fought in three areas: schools and education; obscenity; and the family and sexuality. The book examines: the significance of the law and the courts; the impact of the Second Vatican Council; the main sources of the attempted subversion of the Church; the battles the Church fought with the media; the existence of a fifth column within the Church; the new Americanism that attempts to reconcile the Church and modernity by seeing America as an ideal state; and finally, "Where now in the Church?"

Jones refers to (((Yuri Slezkine's))) triumphalist book, published in 2004, and notes:

>Modernity may have seemed American when the Council was convened, but it was predominantly (at least in its 20th century phase) Jewish, as Yuri Slezkine demonstrates in his book The Jewish Century (2004). Ultimately, the two alternatives became a false dichotomy as Jews, with the passing of the WASP ruling class, took over American cultural life.

>By the mid-’70s the takeover was complete. “The Modern Age is the Jewish Age,” according to Slezkine, “and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century.” Modernity, according to Slezkine, “is about … dismantling social estates for the benefit of individuals, nuclear families and book-reading tribes (nations).” Modernity “is about everyone becoming Jewish.” During this era, “Churches became more like synagogues.”

8ccc53  No.12496682



42dc10  No.12496689

File: 69bbf904a5cbc7a⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 500x801, 500:801, the missionaries.jpg)

The Missionaries

by Owen Stanley

It's a novel. A clueless UN bureaucrat tries to modernize a remote tribe while an old colonial administrator opposes him. Extensively reviewed in a recent episode of The Convict Report :https://thedingoes.xyz/the-convict-report-episode-151-the-strange-white-land-of-unga-bunga/

5f9b9e  No.12496867

mega is garbage. it is the worst fucking download experience. the monkeys who coded mega are so shitty they deserve to be shot. use a real fucking file share site, faggot.

9e2e84  No.12496884

Redundant shit. Who gives a fuck.

a4309c  No.12496899


Book packs are 8/pol/ tradition you fucking nufag. Jesus Christ, this place became a total shithole after the Zionald got elected.


Thanks OP.

9ad26c  No.12496945

Thank you OP, I couldn't get KtB because I wanted to actually have my own copy and not just pay to rent one from Bezos.

Look at all these people who don't know what a book thread is.

a4309c  No.12497013


Politically incorrect books that are largely about politics have nothing to do with the politically incorrect board? Helping educate your fellow men is not a desired thing? God! I hate you schizos so fucking much. Just leave.

6b98af  No.12497026


It's like they're training their shill to shitpost by making them look at random posts from 4/b/

42dc10  No.12497050

>all this kvetching


3dfb2e  No.12497051


Good work anon, thanks.

3dfb2e  No.12497054



Well hello (((faggot))).

a4309c  No.12497066


>implying there is no difference between novels and textbooks and political books that are relevant to /pol/

Congratulations. I haven't seen shilling this low IQ in a very long time.

4c4de7  No.12497079


What's The Occult War about? Only one on there that doesn't look like a waste of time and I haven't read yet.

42dc10  No.12497125

File: de8c789a031f428⋯.jpg (101.51 KB, 500x788, 125:197, the occult war.jpg)


The title is slightly misleading as it's not really about "the occult". It's by a Polish guy who was born in late feudal times, lived through a lot of shit, became too old to continue, and in 1935 gave his manuscript and notes to Leon de Poncins to finish. Evola put out the Italian translation in 1939 and there's an essay by him at the end.

The subtitle of the book is "The Judeo-Masonic Plan to Conquer the World", and the author goes back and starts the story in the early 19th century, so there are chapters like "1848: The Beginning of the World Revolution" and "Napoleon III: An Ally of World Subversion."

f6ea70  No.12497187


has anybody actually read this one? Is there much new for people that have read books like "the world conquerors" by marlshalko?

3e46bb  No.12497247


+1 for Summer, 1945

And one of the ones I haven't seen before, The Green & The Brown

42dc10  No.12497266


Marschalko focuses almost exclusively on events around WWII and the decades after. He writes more directly and explicitly about Jews and Judaism, and he also writes more like a journalist-historian. Malynski is more conversational, an old man telling a story about his part of the world, with plenty of relevant background - revolution in the 19th C, the Crimean war, Napoleon, Bismark, etc. Almost the first half of the book is pre-WWI, and then later there are a few chapters on the Tsar's/Stolypin's attempts to reform the economy after the failed revolution in 1905. They're fairly different books.

293795  No.12498131

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

0fbc19  No.12498142


KILL yourself poorfag

2b1fb1  No.12498220

File: cad35e07945c153⋯.jpeg (26.11 KB, 400x350, 8:7, 347488be37445c31900827b6b….jpeg)


thank you anon for your collection over the years, i shared these with my friends and they love it as well. Most of your books helped them to find their selves and become a better person

c0eb00  No.12498786

File: 2461027af53e3c1⋯.jpg (285.74 KB, 1100x1540, 5:7, DqROdbRXgAYA8qY.jpg large.jpg)



>Savitri Devi


a0ac9b  No.12498868

Bible is only book I need. Going on a mission to africa. praise jesus.

de2846  No.12499356


May God be with you. May you be protected with the Precious Blood of Christ.

3682ef  No.12499373

>Technological Slavery

Ted … right again

6c0d0a  No.12499479

Bump for education because it annoys the Jews. We'll see how long this manages to stay on this board before mods or codemonkey shut it down.

0cc0fb  No.12499484


Ebola-chan bless

8a6fc8  No.12499485


you're a nigger

733d0a  No.12502641



ImKikey, is that you?

5c784d  No.12503573

Nice to see you back mate.

Also stop replying to the 'muh books' retard people.

04839a  No.12506787




04839a  No.12506797



661e26  No.12506820

Is The Lightning and the Sun the unabridged version?

0ce420  No.12506900

Best threads on /pol/. Good work

34aaee  No.12506918

File: c656b260f3fd092⋯.jpg (90.09 KB, 362x384, 181:192, ImkampfyTheBookThief2.jpg)

File: 486e4d5b84ed1fd⋯.jpg (33.09 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51kwn5nttjL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

The World Conquerors


9c58ca  No.12506924


35a181  No.12506990

File: 7f42750208cf7b4⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 809x5818, 809:5818, LibriVox1.jpg)

File: 9bd68b7b661a53d⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 809x6005, 809:6005, LibriVox2.jpg)


these are all basically new york times list shit bra. u need real books, not propaganda written by faggots. if you want to actually learn use the law, all wars and countries and political parties and truces and boarders are based on law. law has the real history in it because it only references events and agreements.

this is for ppl who would like more


e9515d  No.12507323

File: a6b6abf0a87c468⋯.png (227.73 KB, 500x446, 250:223, ClipboardImage.png)







haha stay mad

6dbf73  No.12507449


Looks like its the same version as the one at savitridevi.org, except its a nicely formatted pdf

6dbf73  No.12507467

File: 4ea5021b8504ddc⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 501x585, 167:195, chinese jew.jpg)


>Kerry Bolton is NY Times shit list

>Esoteric Hitlerism is NY Times shit list

>E Michael Jones is NY Times shit list

>etc etc etc

>you need to read old textbooks about the conquest of mexico and muh transcripts of the oxford university free speech debate or u r not truly Based And Redpilled like meeeeee fellow anons

d5b3a7  No.12510905


yes it is, it's just a mega folder dump

of course, if you live in commie Yuropistan and are already on bad-goy lists, you should download with tor or a vpn, because these books will trigger the shit out of the liberals watching over you

8ba1d3  No.12512106

Can anyone do a tldr for Penti Linkola?

a1fa7a  No.12512330

File: 0ff504ac2ad60a5⋯.png (1.43 MB, 725x938, 725:938, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at ….png)

File: 7986bcd498772b9⋯.png (1.23 MB, 726x942, 121:157, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at ….png)

Thank you OP, have been collecting these releases.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to the book series in pic related? There was supposed to be a vol 3 that never came out…

60530b  No.12512430


He's still active, so it's probably still coming - eventually. Bamboo Delight has a 2018 edition of Nathan Rothschild Authors “The Protocols of Zion”.

a1fa7a  No.12512437


Thanks for the heads up anon, last time I checked the site was taken down (months ago). Thought it was gone for good.

I'll keep an eye on it and check the book out you mentioned.

aa9cb1  No.12512494

File: b5183cb6bd0319a⋯.jpg (395.54 KB, 933x640, 933:640, teddidnothingwrong.jpg)


Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How is Ted's best book

79dafd  No.12512552


d6e4a4  No.12512634

File: ba00c779c4f9957⋯.pdf (710.66 KB, Nathan_Rothschild_Authors_….pdf)


I reserve heavy skepticism regarding these sorts of things. Here's the text for anyone that cares. I highly recommend https://archive.is/znXhk the Protocols of Zion Toolkit by Peter Myers. He amassing some important info regarding the history of European politics between the French and Bolshevik Revolutions that may interest you.

1ffac2  No.12512673

I know this is off topic, but anyone want to recommend some good sci find books? Reading for pleasure is good I'm my opinion because it makes reading into a hobby and makes you more likely to actually read historical or philosophical books. I've read a lot of the classics, like Dune and Foundation. They don't even have to be fascist or anything, just not kiked.

51fd98  No.12512713


Siege is a good scifi book

cb2817  No.12512734

File: dd9e40330e41045⋯.jpg (465.8 KB, 777x750, 259:250, Elder of Zion.jpg)


I think Karl Radl's work on The Protocols is probably the best out there. His conclusions are bad for The Protocols absolutists, but even worse for the kikes. The bottom line is it was an incomplete zionist document found during pogroms in Ukraine, that went through various transformations, the worst of which probably being by Nilus who added considerably, and removed all references to the Old Testament.


We desperately need an English translation of the Russian recreation of the Krushevan 1903 edition, found in the Appendix to '"The Non-Existent Manuscript''. There has to be a Russian anon here who can do it.

beb392  No.12513553

Any of you faggots have the PDF link for two days ago?404d and I didn’t bookmark it

887a50  No.12514240


You've got to have a better collection than that. There is no way you read and vetted all of those.

887a50  No.12514245


That's not how you say Libgen.


d2d3d2  No.12514250

File: c79585687d4c125⋯.jpg (5.58 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 1544055856835.jpg)

the epub file for Can Life Prevail isn't working for me. Anyone else having the same issue?

887a50  No.12514264

Also, you don't need so many books. Just a few solid ones are good enough.

I recommend the Sumerian Swindle by Banjo Billy and Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.



887a50  No.12514273


Oh, wow. You beat me to it. The Sumerian Swindle is worth its weight in gold. It's more important than all of OP's booked put together.

661e26  No.12514294


Some people do a lot of reading as a hobby and can crush through these pretty quickly. A large variety also allows people to pick and choose what they like.

887a50  No.12514302


Like I said, there is no way he read all of those. They aren't engaging or to the point like the Sumerian Swindle is. The Sumerian Swindle is probably the most educational book on Jews out there, so the people yelling "muh books" can fuck off.

661e26  No.12514307


Tell me more about the Sumerian Swindle. I heard about the Sumerian Swindle. The Sumerian Swindle seems like the latest hip thing.

887a50  No.12514341


It's about the banking power. Even in the earliest days of civilization a money lending and merchant class sprung up. The Sumerian Swindle is mostly about proto-jews, userers who didn't have their own religion yet.

The book covers the mafia-esque tactics that the banking clans used to maintain their control over civilization. It covers how merchants and lenders manufactured economic crises by pulling specie out of circulation. It covers the internationalism that Jews today are known for, that is the internationalism of labor and capital, that crushed the middle class of entire nations.

Honestly, it's the best book on the Jewish question today. Hillaire Beloc's book might be better, but nowhere is there both an up-to-date and recent dialogue on the Jews better than this one.

a6837f  No.12514356

File: 059b5b37ec6796e⋯.png (543.15 KB, 649x640, 649:640, kikey.png)







wtf I hate reading now

336fb3  No.12514380


Fuck you. How does it feel to know you have no power here, buffalo queer?

fd4058  No.12514623


Reminder this wasnt even kampfy its just some sperge who hates books, probably dyslexic.

8ba1d3  No.12516173


Just took a look at the file from the individual files folder, it loads fine for me

f538de  No.12516316

File: fdab66dab447d20⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1500x1700, 15:17, Diaries.jpg)

These are of course censored to varying degrees…

However, reading the diaries of pivotal figures really puts you there. You get a sense of the day to day, who they are always with, what story they want to tell. It's all with a grain of salt, but if you read enough you really start to see how the system works. Lots of insight.

f416c0  No.12516334


the bamboo delight site is down. Where did you find that. Also, he mentioned that the third book in how the jews betrayed mankind series would be out this year, but no dice so far.

1d1749  No.12516345



887a50  No.12516651


>These are of course censored to varying degrees

And there lies the problem. If you're going to waste your time reading, at least delve into the deeper shit.

e02cc9  No.12516670

File: 8b96d6dfe14bda7⋯.png (330.08 KB, 615x523, 615:523, linkola 4.png)

File: fe49a686b1a67ed⋯.png (442.1 KB, 845x477, 845:477, linkola 3.png)

File: 0c81a385ee11127⋯.png (287.8 KB, 761x679, 761:679, linkola 2.png)

File: e4d16d75a0257a0⋯.png (656.61 KB, 1070x850, 107:85, linkola 1.png)


>Can anyone do a tldr for Penti Linkola?

TL;DR man hates humanity, the book

It's similar to Ted, but less academic with more feels and more nationalistic (or localistic)

f538de  No.12516685


Every bit of reading one does is as deep as one makes it. I read a great deal and use what's in these books as starting points for tangents of learning. Kissinger for instance led to a lot of interesting reading on Eurasia. The region, the politics, the geography, etc.

Calhoun about the civil war, House about WWI, Khruschev about Russia. It's actually quite entertaining at times to read their spin with today's knowledge. Haldeman's take on Nixon and Kissinger is good for a laugh now and then for sure.

f416c0  No.12516773


Anybody have a mobi version of Sumerian swindle? I can't open banjo Billy's 2 column pdf on my old school kindle dx.

35a181  No.12516980


Yes. You need to read actual information. Stay mad retard

f538de  No.12517938


Yes. This is actually true. From someone that has been on a long journey or learning, there is nothing that compares to an old books and the actual documents history based on.

If you aren't reading something really old occasionally, how are you going to ever gain historical perspective? Contemporary texts can only get you so far.

Also, the old books read at like a college+5 reading level. Books these days are a total joke compared to books from 1850.

da385d  No.12518073

File: 48819993c3bcf22⋯.jpg (197.25 KB, 1036x1200, 259:300, big brain.jpg)


Nah m8 unless you have 60 hours a week to read, or you're doing research, the real trick is finding those rare secondary sources, people like Bolton or EMJ, who've built a lifetime of knowledge and can communicate it effectively.

Only one in 2000 people actually needs to read "King and Baronage AD 1135-1327" and "Magna Carta Commemoration Essays" and all those Oxford law texts. You're giving retarded advice and trying to hide it behind the pretense that you're some kind of genius scholar.

a4c9dd  No.12518091


>da goyim are reading something odder den degenerate (((fiction)))? DA CHUTZPAH!!!


a4c9dd  No.12518108


Another kike. Reported.


>going to Africa to help Africans instead of helping Europeans in the West

Christianity, folks. Faith over blood and soil.

4ebbcb  No.12518286


Anyone know any good books about the Christianization of Europe? I want to know if it was forced on my ancestors or if not, why they chose it over their traditional faiths.

da385d  No.12520438

File: a20d648e468237e⋯.jpg (24.85 KB, 333x499, 333:499, barbarian conversion.jpg)


This is apparently the most complete account published as a book. Reviews suggest it leans towards pro-Christian rather than pro-Pagan, and it's described as "dense" and "exhaustive." No copies online.

b6352e  No.12520448

Can someone link me to the 2018 edition of Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

da385d  No.12520491

File: 8b2c4678041f6cb⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 503x720, 503:720, synagogue satan.jpg)


It was updated/expanded in 2011. It's two and a half times the size of the original 2006 book. There isn't a new 2018 edition, at least according to Hitchcock's website. No copy of the expanded edition online BUT Hitchcock puts out a free audiobook version here:

https:// andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/my-books/the-synagogue-of-satan-updated-expanded-and-uncensored/

b6352e  No.12520598



>2018 Edition

There is a brand new version of the book though, his books were banned from (((Amazon))) but I managed to buy the 2nd edition

It's probably the best type of book format to red pill about the JQ, which is why I will buy it, but just wanted a digital copy as well if anyone has it

da385d  No.12520729


>"The content of this book is nearly identical to the one banned by Amazon.com and Lulu [i.e. the 2011 expanded edition], apart from this introduction"

Imo there are better resources to redpill normalfags about the JQ. Best to start with material about the Israel Lobby, neocons, and an even-handed treatment of the long history of Jewish-European conflict. The first step is to destroy the one-sided anti-Semitism narrative, and it's counter-productive to go deeper until then. You can do a lot of damage just using Jewish and mainstream sources. "It's normal history."

>"When Victims Rule" - drip feeding bits and pieces from this might be a better approach than sending people books that talk about Khazars and the Protocols and Christkilling

https:// whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/

>pdf copy in the "individual files" folder:

https:// mega.nz/#F!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg

1dc8d4  No.12520785

File: 655463f1f4fc966⋯.pdf (2.2 MB, The Synagogue of Satan Upd….pdf)

b6352e  No.12520854



>Not 2018 edition

Oy vey

da385d  No.12521050


ok but the 2018 edition is exactly the same as the 2011 one, except it has a new introduction bragging about being banned from amazon

887a50  No.12521071


It's a little too dense, don't you think? It just lists off dates leaving no room for retention.

da385d  No.12521092


Yeah it's not a good book. If you're looking for a compendium of useful info, 'When Victims Rule' is better. If you want a good overview of multiple subtopics, get Carlos Porter's translation/condensation of Herve Ryssen's 6 books, 'Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism.' Both are in the mega link.

b5b785  No.12521149

Are there any books on holocaust denial?

887a50  No.12521153


Damn! How long is this book…

6329d0  No.12521171


holocaust handbook series

da385d  No.12521282

File: 10584baa3466682⋯.jpg (827.35 KB, 1800x2700, 2:3, 39l.jpg)


I see they finally released Mattogno's book on the Einsatzgruppen.

http:// holocausthandbooks.com/index.php?main_page=1&page_id=39

f233ba  No.12521394


The Synaogue of Satan is very useful as a beginner's book, especially for those with a more conspiratorial "truth movement" background. There's a reason it's as popular as it is…

2d1a3c  No.12521401



2d1a3c  No.12521518


Oh, and, it's on Libgen sage for doubel post

da385d  No.12521621


stay mad formatting sperg

da385d  No.12521626


relax m8 only the pdf is upped at libgen, the epub is at the HH site.

d06cba  No.12523401


bump for this

d6e4a4  No.12529003


Fuck yes thanks for letting us know about this.

32c780  No.12529026



The first step would be getting a scan of it, there are only a few pages of the appendix available on jewgle books.

dcd75f  No.12535904

Does anyone have any recommendations for a biography about Alexander the Great's life, I've been looking for one but I'm always hesitant if there is some kikery involved in the writing or not. I'm looking for a book, or a series of books, that cover everything about him from infant to eventual death. Are there certain publishers I should avoid in general, aside from kike-owned ones of course.

319d5b  No.12542252



I read through the first quarter of Sumerian swindle. It's just so repetitive. I understand that the Sumerian swindle is lending at interest. Is it worth reading the last 75%?

46d5e8  No.12543007

File: 1d89c748de5ad49⋯.jpg (22.53 KB, 295x424, 295:424, dave-mcgowan.jpg)

Dave McGowan isn't a great writer by any means, and his research isn't as scholarly or as authoritative as it should be, but the man was inspired, and despite all it's flaws, Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon is a brilliant book and a must read. Without the immense resources of some big new organization, without the training of a historical scholar, by sheer focus of his own native intellect upon a bizarre historical event (the rise of the LSD drug culture on the west coast during the mid sixties) he has swung his journalistic pickaxe and hit a vein of if not gold then at the very least, silver.

The entire hippy movement was the creation of US Naval Intelligence handing out $60,000.00 worth of (then legal) LSD every week for several years through a network of young people who were all the children of the US intelligence community in Virginia. Dealers, gurus, writers, and musicians, the entire thing was a psyops operation designed to sidetrack and distract the anti Vietnam war movement, and it succeeded beyond their wildest hopes, spreading the drug culture cancer right to the core of American society to this day.

If you read one book out of this entire Mega download, this is the one that is indispensable.

10681e  No.12543053



>juden in disguise

aa4b6a  No.12543097


How in the ever loving fuck is this /pol/itics?

Nuke this thread. fuck all you book nerdniggers. go outside and fuck off with your shit dweeb.

94e198  No.12543240

File: cb2d5a762030674⋯.jpg (241.4 KB, 960x951, 320:317, 1f7cdf5ef59e1d6ac157ecb39a….jpg)


Alright Ori, getting right to it.

46d5e8  No.12545136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



1f6181  No.12545225


Wasn't going to download these books as I prefer getting specifics ones I like, but I think I'll make an exception this time.

Does this Incorrect Library only exist via tor?

3059eb  No.12545246


You control nothing.

46d5e8  No.12545259

File: cfafa90b6a0d152⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 288x261, 32:29, manindiaper.jpg)


And neither do you. And that is how it should be.

eacb62  No.12545268


See, on /pol/ links don't get hyperlinked, dumbdumb.

3059eb  No.12545284



No selfies, please, autist.

cb1ed7  No.12566600

File: 741900284354c8c⋯.jpg (120.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, bolsonaro 837.jpg)


47ea66  No.12566999

File: 2060d125944f66b⋯.jpg (34.75 KB, 768x327, 256:109, animal.jpg)

I might finally get around to reading Serrano's work.

I'm worried it'll be all gobbleygook and I won't understand it, but an attempt should be made.

Thanks anon.

>muh books

47ea66  No.12567025

File: a6436d77ebed422⋯.mp4 (276.79 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Fuck books.mp4)

32c225  No.12567056

I wanna get these in trade paperback at least. Always a good idea to have a physical copy.

90bee5  No.12569187


>reading is a waste of time

Pleb confirmed.


See above.

149665  No.12589936

Requesting zundels library

4d76d1  No.12590075


Here you go


40bd7f  No.12605144

bumping for some decent reads

35a181  No.12605159

File: 3888f3e9260adc4⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 809x5818, 809:5818, 12LibriVox1255.jpg)

File: 996b5cd4b530e9e⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 809x6005, 809:6005, 13LibriVox1355.jpg)

>99% propaganda.

image has some real books. before mass propaganda was scientifically produced and distributed.

d06cba  No.12605166


>everything I don't like is propaganda

>implying books mentioned here aren't also writen before mass bernays

35a181  No.12605169



first is true and second is retarded thing to say if you even looked at the picture

40bd7f  No.12605195


it's not that it's propaganda, it's just gay shit for normie spergs and proto-bomers who think they're big brains because they've muddled their way through the Federalist Papers and Pope Leo XIII.

887a50  No.12613446


It's mostly a history book after the first 25%, so it's up to you if you want to finish it.

91c323  No.12613532

muh boooooooooooooooooooooooooks

0dcaf9  No.12613539

057fd7  No.12614401

File: f2488689ad91fb4⋯.gif (135.91 KB, 500x300, 5:3, reading outside.gif)


The great thing about about books is that they are so portable, you could take your books outside too and read.

0dcaf9  No.12614574

File: 6f17284eeec9a18⋯.gif (780.93 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 1418000497791.gif)


I used to do this during the summer at the park on my days off, before the swarthy hordes were around.

6b61ba  No.12622219

File: 1418b8ce2779278⋯.jpg (255.08 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, history.jpg)

File: d47739621aa3fda⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 673x800, 673:800, spy.jpg)

File: cdc80ca9c4d3669⋯.jpg (170.07 KB, 999x591, 333:197, free.jpg)

File: 662054a2f8b758f⋯.jpg (312.89 KB, 845x1100, 169:220, mexi.jpg)


>Only one in 2000 people actually needs to read

That's me. Every anon fills a roll. I don't tweet or make memes. I read books and report. I work from home and read massive amounts. I read so much that lately I've had a nagging in my head that I need to start reporting a lot more of it instead of hoarding the info in my head as it's soul repository.

Your post, while weak and basically summed up by…

>take other people's word for it

has pushed me more towards this conclusion. So cheers to that m8.

f538de  No.12622321


Top kek. Without reading this >>12507467

I replied to him with this which includes the exact conquest of mexico collection as your graphic. >>12622219

Moron BTFO.

335bb7  No.12623093


Do you have a torrent? Mega isn't the best as it doesn't just give the damn .zip link.

7d75e1  No.12623181


Got this in hard back when it first came out. Highly recommended.

e7a464  No.12623206


Book threads and /SIG/ are easioy the best threads of /pol/. Thank you for making this.

Nice digits.

40bd7f  No.12623435


pretty sure OP is making these for the people who aren't immortal highlander book snobs who can slow down time and read irrelevant gay shit for 400 hours a week.

6b61ba  No.12624331


I am making my posts for the same people. I'm trying to get across to anons here how valuable old books are. Reading old books gives you

>historical perspective that can only be gained by reading something written contemporary to the era you are interested in

>vocabulary, it is simple matter of fact that education has degraded

>censored or memory holed information

If you have little time to read, you have the most to gain from old books. It's like reading three books at once. Your brain will explode with connections as you read prescient opinions from nearly 200 years before. As your brain wraps around the fact that what you just read has been known 200 years and apparently has had no effect on the modern narrative.

Same with anything else. Want to know about the rise of Hitler? Then you need to be reading books written at the time of or before his rise. After the fact summaries just don't do it.

Also, almost every old book is a hit that I've encountered. Back in the day there weren't time and resources for morons to write books. They are all well written and stuffed full of sources and knowledge from the generations.

Find something from the late 1800's for your next reading and see how right I am.

c2e40f  No.12624509


I have downloaded those books without VPN in Yuropistan aka. Eurocommiehell.

0acc74  No.12624819


I'll never trust Christians.

358d88  No.12630485

File: ab9406599f29c89⋯.jpg (158.63 KB, 589x683, 589:683, dcedea51c9259bcb13bd0f4e3a….jpg)


>not supposed to read them all

Why not?

My mind is ready.

cfaf63  No.12633250

Bump for more

40bd7f  No.12633354


january batch coming in a few days

3d0d48  No.12634142



Like LibriVox for listening while working out but they have so many piss-poor readers, including women with nasal voices, poor diction, and no sense of written-to-oral syntax.

619d72  No.12634147


Anyone have a link to the SS Leadership and Obedience guide?

f538de  No.12636824

File: c433d9c8033a606⋯.jpg (1009.83 KB, 1069x1481, 1069:1481, pack.jpg)


a4309c  No.12636875


>tries to look big-brained by posting pseudo-aristocratic reading list

>doesn't include de maistre, gatto, or baltasar gracian

210113  No.12638990

File: 1d5c75df80eb044⋯.png (110.14 KB, 681x1044, 227:348, page-362.png)

Just put the fucking book on the flatbed scanner reee, putting your fingers on the pages distorts the text and fucks up OCR/margin-setting efforts

this post made by scan cleaning gang, also bump

259e47  No.12639910

File: 228d325ea887e93⋯.png (132.81 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1546164341614.png)

Thanks OP. I've been looking forward to this.

a1fa7a  No.12646844

Bump, finally got around to downloading the new pack.

Thanks OP.

49e685  No.12664744

B u m p

a1fa7a  No.12664832

Note to anons:

Just noticed that pack 20 was uploaded a few days ago.

Check it out

3becba  No.12666150

Anyone here have a sugggestion on a decent e-reader?

71480a  No.12669587



>download jewgle kikerome to use this site goy

<first load the entire file into ram, then save it on the hard drive, truly ingenious

3050ac  No.12688910



eyelet detected

ad2b41  No.12688931


Are you like a major book publisher shill? I'll never understand the virulent hatred for reading free books.

2c82bc  No.12688968

File: 138e7a32803fa2e⋯.png (18.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, The_doctor_of_disappointme….png)


manager Chaim won't pay you for such shit tier shilling, step it up mein freund

6b4681  No.12711068


dcfc20  No.12729439



4a655e  No.12729820


yes, because most of the books are forbidden in most countries

1b18de  No.12730220


The first ereaders came out so long ago that anything being sold these days will be more than sufficient. I myself bought a second hand Kindle Fire for 32€ and it has served me well for many years. The device doesn't have to be advanced, in fact the dumber the better.

b6e408  No.12730740

Does anyone have a pdf copy of the Phenotypical Revolution by Jean-François Gariépy?

7af8b4  No.12730987

File: 46e929ee9aecc32⋯.gif (29.48 KB, 482x800, 241:400, bretty-good.gif)

Knowledge is the reason why many come here. Thanks

bf364f  No.12748556

Bump for knowledge.

5a888f  No.12771653

>page 25

almost, shlomo. Almost.

93e278  No.12772198


Obvious LARPagan posting.

At least argue from good faith and not like a cryptid kike.

93e278  No.12772237

File: f32dd9314905204⋯.png (99.68 KB, 500x549, 500:549, im-actually-reading-a-mang….png)

cd7262  No.12772394

File: 5407c121e692ce2⋯.png (4.39 MB, 2000x3300, 20:33, Artimenner.png)


Nice, thanks anon. Even if some of those books are not all that great, there are some I've been meaning to get my hands on. Again, thanks a lot.

1463e7  No.12785229


bf364f  No.12789606

Bump for knowledge.

113825  No.12789613

File: 63af104c80db163⋯.jpg (462.2 KB, 1088x1114, 544:557, pol books 20 - jan 2019.jpg)

there's a newer pack since this one was posted

8d0fb5  No.12807716

bbadc3  No.12807792


>(((M. J. Adler)))

>(((Sidney Greenbaum)))

>(((Irving Copi)))


6c49d5  No.12811778


d2d3d2  No.12811816

I just read the Laurel Cayon book, unironically the last redpill is realizing the Hippie and Psychedelic movements were CIA fronts and organizations and people like Brotherhood of Love, Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna and others were CIA connected individuals. Those movements fucked up American society forever.

80ac00  No.12812200




4d8550  No.12834589


345252  No.12857343


7a22a7  No.12858454

reading is gay

reading is for jews

hitler hated reading

3ad6fd  No.12867833



Cry harder cockroach.

9d1578  No.12871535

File: a626e4c3d20e789⋯.png (193.42 KB, 497x441, 71:63, Hans gettheluger.png)

File: cdfb5b00eed8e4b⋯.png (598.65 KB, 841x559, 841:559, 1548357599417.png)



bc4206  No.12874541


>hitler hated reading

relax m8, it is joke

2efa16  No.12914613


cb79f2  No.12914648


If you feel like you should maybe you should. If you've been reading and archiving that much you should add to the tail.

000000  No.12916724


What's wrong with Copi and "How to Read a Book"? I'm looking at the bibliography of this Greenbaum and they might be rather solid too. Also, where can I go to check out deleted posts?

2b1963  No.12916729

File: a74a2a41f3e45f6⋯.jpg (41.09 KB, 440x677, 440:677, whiteshift.jpg)


d8a4e4  No.12919131

My main issues with physical books and I do love them and prefer them over digital, is that they have shit binding with some goofy cover. Why can't they design something to last a long time in case they get taken down, like how amazon is now doing. Some day we might even have to make copies ourselves by hand since there is a purge currently happening and who knows what the fuck could happen in the future.

123adb  No.12932903

bump for newfag refugees

000000  No.12934414

Yes I would like a monthly book pack. There should be a standard-issue Abecedarian Study Pack too▬in other words a classic liberal arts education that you're meant to complete, to ground readers in proper literacy.

>To study in sequence:

"How to Read a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler

"Gwynne's Grammar" by N. M. Gwynne

"Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student" by Corbett & Connors

"The Great Tradition" by Richard Gamble

<To study simultaneous to the linear study:

"First Year Latin" by Robert J. Henle && "Introduction to Logic" by Irving M. Copi

000000  No.12938076


Additionally: Commit to memory everything in "How to Read a Book" and apply it to every book you read, starting with the text itself.

2d1606  No.12938204

So what is the proportion of actual intriguing literature and books that just go "fuck niggers?"

6c49ec  No.12938235

File: 7b92427c30739cd⋯.png (372.78 KB, 1351x1054, 1351:1054, 7b92427c30739cd3f88db77c9e….png)


it was my post that got deleted. dumbass mod cleared all my posts cuz a shitty bait post

6c49ec  No.12938240


should of said my deleted post was image related

76604f  No.12938328


Who do you trust to tell you the truth about history?

I don't read many large history texts because I don't trust the authors. Everyone has an agenda.

This place is nice though. So many naturally competing agendas with no identities to save face for = strongest claims rise to the top.

76604f  No.12938351


>I work from home and read massive amounts.

>Every anon fills a roll.

> it's soul repository

Getting skeptical, anon.

d3ed68  No.12940087

Where do I get essential blackpill literature?

40ab2b  No.12940101


It's "should have" you double nigger.

f25dc5  No.12940172

i fucking hate mega.nz but bump anyway

786f23  No.12940352



Sorry to burst your bubble anon, but the Protocols weren't real… I say "weren't" because maybe the jews adopted them after they were forged

This comes from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 200 years together. Basically a Russian government official made it up. BUT the Czar found out, and had it removed as a reference from courts.

>Page 514

""Prime Minister P. A. Stolypin ordered a secret

investigation into their origins. It showed they were a definite fabrication. The

monarch was shocked by Stolypin’s report, but wrote firmly: “remove the

Protocols from circulation. You cannot defend a noble cause with dirty


<2054This information was obtained by V. L. Burtsev in 1934 from General K. I. Globachev, the former head of St. Petersburg Guard Department (from February 1915 until March 1917).

>cant link pdf cause already here

000000  No.12940354


Could you say a little about "Creative and Critical Thinking"? Or type out the table of contents? Or type it out on the Good Reads/Amazon page so it's up permanently?

786f23  No.12940379

f25dc5  No.12940498


thanks but, if anyone should make a new pack list please seperate the books by format. no need to download a pdf and epub

3a6d44  No.12940537


…you are a god anon, thank you for this list.

76604f  No.12943161


>While completing the books in this list cannot replace a comprehensive education

just watch me

6c49ec  No.12943649

File: b9ce9dd2b3b683d⋯.jpg (125.92 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5.jpg)

File: 0d137ed1c17e724⋯.jpg (123.93 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1.jpg)

File: 4646a5dc544292f⋯.jpg (125.04 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2.jpg)

File: c9b87d0d0aa38b3⋯.jpg (137.11 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3.jpg)

File: 6bae35331295bd6⋯.jpg (136.64 KB, 810x1440, 9:16, 4.jpg)


woops :^)


not my images. finding a full pdf is a pain. here's some sample photos an anon on /lit/ took https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nzrzylohf6vg1ml/AABbd5ie1Rp3d4SYmGH8nFLDa?dl=0

000000  No.12948747

Who the fuck bought the $4.50 Creative and Critical Thinking book on Amazon. You pig fucker.

3d80be  No.12949047


Christianity is adamant that charity starts at home first, faggot.

dde5c9  No.12949304


Found this on archive. Are all of the books in the OP on archive? Is it safe to get books from there? I just read from the page. Any insight is appreciated.

c8c663  No.12949460

thanks for this!>>12496202

d052e2  No.12949561


They're all on the MEGA link in the OP, dummy. What do you even mean "safe to get from there"? They're PDFs, from archive.org

2db650  No.12951223


I mostly got it from the image in >>12938235 , but I lost the image.


Thanks. Looks pretty good actually. Why choose it over Introduction to Logic?


Where you can download most of the books:

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J Adler and Charles Van Doren


Gwynne's Grammar by N M Gwynne


Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student by Corbett and Connors;


You'll have to find The Great Tradition yourself. Here's a couple of first year Latin books I could find:

Latin: First Year by Ralph Van Deman Magoffin


Latin For Today: First-Year Course by Mason D. Gray; Thornton Jenkins


And finally:

Introduction to Logic by Irving M. Copi, Carl Cohen, Kenneth McMahon


f25dc5  No.12953798

from the depths of hell i bumpeth thee

dcd855  No.12953919

We should back all download links and pdfs from filesharing boards up. Many threads are not stickied and we might get a raid on them if some smarter redditors learn how to use the site.

If 8chan survives that is

6e2d80  No.12954649

bump, thanks OP

db5b43  No.12964062


108742  No.12970034

File: 5faa5224664aa67⋯.jpg (392.39 KB, 1276x987, 1276:987, book burning in germany.JPG)


They're a mix of PDF and EPUB. Actually I think there are potential security problems with PDFs, but EPUB are just zipped up html files. If you're worried about security, only download EPUBs.

>there's a folder with the individual files iirc:



>actual literature vs hate sperging

(almost?) all of the books in this archive are sincere attempts at non-fiction literature


>read these awesome books (well some of em) and learn what will get you fired from your shitty, meaningless jobs as glorified hall monitors

108742  No.12970066


archive.org is for amateurs, libgen.io is for pros

077e5a  No.12970097


Thanks fren.

423f6c  No.12975253


93c922  No.12975595


Which book is the caption you posted, from?

93c922  No.12975599


I think they all compiment each other. Other greats:



6ab370  No.12976641

File: d106c91b5b57f2a⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 375x403, 375:403, 41O-hQBOCXL.jpg)

Are these any normie-friendly book packs/mega libraries? I'd like to send some people the books, but sending something named "politically incorrect" and the like is risky for obvious opsec reasons. Thanks in advance.

d41e30  No.12976691


Make the decisions yourself and choose based on that thinking.

2dd03c  No.12977148


Are you mad that you can't read? Don't worry Titronix Gerome, your handler can read it to you

b4d844  No.12980693


I think that's from 'Ye Shall Know The Truth', by Michael Collins Piper. Pretty good book where he talks about history and some of the interesting books he's read.

b4d844  No.12980728


The whole pack on its own is probably not normie friendly. But there's stuff at there for all "levels", from absolute normie to some pretty esoteric and far-out stuff. As the other anon says, you'd need to pick some out for the specific normie. Also it's like 300 books by now so pretty overwhelming.

108742  No.12988324

bump for visibility

2d1606  No.12991724

File: 3cb73ef6479ea73⋯.png (485.49 KB, 728x546, 4:3, welcome gays.png)


Alright, thanks. I get my daily dose of enough hate-sperging here.

I have a Kobo e-reader, every EPUB works fantastically, while the occasional PDF is fucked up just because that's the nature of them. As for anyone concerned with PDF security, treat it with the same care as any actual webpage. Also don't use Adobe's PDF reader, first because it's just bloated shit. MuPDF is super simple but fast and can read EPUB's too.

529290  No.13002102


e1e1d4  No.13016692

One book a day keeps the roach away

000000  No.13021203



FRESHMAN book downloads:

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J Adler and Charles Van Doren


Mastery by Robert Greene


How to Solve It by G. Polya


The Great Tradition by Richard M. Gamble


How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics by Michalewicz Z., Fogel D.B.


Ancient Engineers' Inventions by Cesare Rossi, Flavio Russo


Gwynne's Grammar by N M Gwynne


Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student by Corbett and Connors


Introduction to Logic by Irving M. Copi, Carl Cohen, Kenneth McMahon


The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco



FRESHMAN▬▬primordial sludge just exposed by low tide

UNIT 1: apply the rules in How to Read a Book and write a book outline, analysis and synthesis on every book you read thereafter

How to Read a Book && Mastery


How to Solve It && The Great Tradition && BEGIN Latin: First Year


How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics && Ancient Engineers' Inventions && Gwynne's Grammar && CONTINUE Latin: First Year

UNIT 4: yourlogicalfallacyis.com and yourbias.is

Introduction to Logic && Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student && CONTINUE Latin: First Year


The Name of the Rose && FINISH Latin: First Year

The rest of it, in /sig/:

>>13016901 Sophomore

>>13016906 Junior

>>13016915 Senior

(((reposting here in case of unique traffic and to bump to life)))

000000  No.13024530

Downloaded it all. Thanks

f25dc5  No.13026280

just read leon degrelle's campaign in russia. best book i've read in years. thanks opfag

9bd48e  No.13026307


>>Savitri Devi

Fuck yeah. Gold in the Furnace and Pilgrimage are also amazing books by Devi. Her stories of riding a train through post-war Germany throwing out packets of fucking sugar and tobacco wrapped in pictures of the swastika and messagws telling them not to give up hope and not to forget the FÜHRER and what they fought for, risking immediate arrest by Allied occupation forces if caught, is inspiring as fuck. Imagine getting on that train with a trunk full of this now highly illegal shit and hoping no one searches it. Amazing.

f25dc5  No.13026320


but have you chanted lightning in the sun while sitting in the lotus position for 12 hours straight?

e5b2d5  No.13026553


Thanks. Legend

5a600d  No.13034546

bump for books

bf364f  No.13041201


Bump for literature .

cd1556  No.13041316

File: 451482ece81748b⋯.jpg (127.93 KB, 720x960, 3:4, emotion.jpg)


thanks anon.

Also, does anyone have the audiobook equivalent of these collections on mega or something?

7405bd  No.13045294


Lots here:


and bronze age mindset:


also lurk /pdfs/

bf364f  No.13050582


Thanks anon

0f3e1e  No.13050593

I wish i could buy them all at once anonymously

>tfw life without books

0f3e1e  No.13050599


>not using an app to straighten out the document pictures


0f3e1e  No.13050604


Based anon delivers.

bd150e  No.13058128


Thanks a lot for putting this together anon

bf364f  No.13067233

Bump for the books

f25dc5  No.13067655

anyone have a better version of guderian's translated 'panzer leader'? one in OP is same on net. a sloppy version with bad translation.

0a6bbc  No.13067675


this looks like a newer edition. it's 233 MB though


f25dc5  No.13068072


thanks. probably an ebook pack. i think this is the file it refers to though:

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2dbea57845c37cab9719c90cf39accf67c48f72a&dn=Panzer Leader - Heinz Guderian - 1952.pdf&tr=udp://tracker.pirateparty.gr:6969/announce

which is 11MB

f25dc5  No.13068075


yes it is and it is alot better than OPs trash version

f25dc5  No.13068082

File: 8541d2ff50a8e84⋯.pdf (10.44 MB, Panzer Leader - Heinz Gude….pdf)

well might as well just fucking put it up here

bf364f  No.13083086



doing god's work.

387dc3  No.13083093


Nothing is safe

672ceb  No.13083966



It's a better formatted pdf and a newer edition, but am I wrong that the translation is the same as the older edition in OP's archive? Seems the same to me.

You might also be interested in the epub version at The Incorrect Library:


672ceb  No.13087379


cfaf63  No.13088873


Fuck is this a >>>/school/ thread?

000000  No.13089286

Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

End of the Modern World

Sovereign Individual

Tools for Conviviality

Mechanical Bride

Myth and Meaning

Spirit of Terrorism


You Must Change Your Life

bf364f  No.13106377


A book thread.

34713e  No.13108888


2dcf59  No.13129626


Good stuff

db2aa5  No.13146639

Bump for reading list.

0325e3  No.13146677

File: 1fbbc85b0424585⋯.png (38.56 KB, 915x807, 305:269, meme magic syllabus.png)

i put this together a while back

74307c  No.13161151


91b8c5  No.13176049

Bumping for the lurkers

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