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File: e4a5c96b4c55e68⋯.png (297.71 KB, 640x317, 640:317, ClipboardImage.png)

e11e97  No.12499855

Getting vanned: how to deal with feds

Important info for any newfags or clueless people

1) Do not talk to the pigs

2) Do not talk to the pigs

3) Do not talk to the pigs

4) Do not talk to the pigs

5) Do not talk to the pigs

6) Do not talk to the pigs

7) Do not talk to the pigs

8) Do not talk to the pigs

9) Do not talk to the pigs

10) Do not talk to the pigs

Below is information from a National Alliance leaflet


-Stay calm and keep your hands where the police can see them.

-Don’t argue, complain, bad-mouth or resist arrest, even if the police are unreasonable; it will only make

your situation worse.

-Hand them the “Rights” card, above. Otherwise say, “I have nothing to say”; then make no

statements or comments.

-Remember anything you say can and will be used against you, even if officers have not read you the

“Miranda Rights”!

-Remember police badge numbers and patrol car numbers.

-If not in custody, write down everything that happened, ASAP.

-Try to find witnesses, get their names and phone numbers.

-If you are injured, seek medical attention, but also get photographs of the injuries, ASAP.

-If arrested, ask for a lawyer immediately.

1) You don’t have to answer a police officer’s questions, but you must show your license,

registration and insurance when stopped in a car. In other situations, you can’t legally be arrested for

refusing to identify yourself to an officer.

2) You don’t have to consent to any search of your person, your car or your house - and therefore

you should not consent. If the police say they have a warrant, ask to see it. Still; do not consent to a

search even if they have a warrant, make them rely on the warrant; warrants can be defective.

3) You can be arrested for obstructing or interfering w/police.

Police Interrogation Tactics:

Read the IRA green books:


Pigs will torture you psychologically and physically.


System agents will lie to you and attempt to trick you into incarcerating yourself by stacking massive charges against you and then offering a "deal" resulting in you being incarcerated for prolonged amounts of time.

Unless the evidence against you is such a landslide where there isn’t a chance in hell you’re getting a “not guilty” verdict then there is no need for bowing to the system and making a deal.






bf9c2b  No.12499882


1f3156  No.12499914


Why the fuck would any of us get arrested?

21dd6d  No.12499930


zogbot cops

970674  No.12499931


this, /pol/ is the board of peace

8ad544  No.12499940

File: ac9832e60cfe0ba⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 455x336, 65:48, BLACK POLICE OFFICERS2.jpg)


Why indeed?

632fd0  No.12499948


lol once the countering antisemitism bill passes I can guarantee that half of you nazis will be locked up

t. sql admin for a thinktank monitoring /pol/

e11e97  No.12499951


>why would the jews jew us?

Gee no idea Rabbi, why would you jew us?

970674  No.12499955


are you implying niggers are smart enough to internet?

d134cf  No.12499968

>going full sovereign citizen

Maybe don't be a self righteous asshole.

a90185  No.12500056

File: 558d29ad9242511⋯.jpg (27.1 KB, 400x500, 4:5, most-beautiful-woman-polic….jpg)

>>12499955 (trips and dubs!)

<smart enough to internet


On the contrary, if you have to leave to get chicken tendies or hotpockets you never know who you might run into out irl, Anon.

>You unda uhREST, Sugah!

2fea21  No.12500118


not if i hack the thinktank and BOBBY DROP TABLES and also rm their backups and then hack the battery firmware of their Executive's phones and tweak the Lithium Ion cells to explode when the phone's proximity sensor detects the Executive is holding the phone to their ear. get fucked kikes. Nothing is Beyond Our Reach.

36bb84  No.12500129


> t. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” sql admin

Finding it funny, and helping to accomplish, disintegration of speech and turning thought into a crime is truly despicable. You may end up helping to send me to jail for my opinions, but it will be no moral victory. Did you not read things like Farenheight 451, 1984, or Animal Farm in school? Did it not fill you with dread?

It’s people with views and goals like yours who make people like me dig for truth and become something akin to a “Nazi”. Furthermore, if you had any consistency or moral compass you would see that Israel follows many doctrines, and furthers to the point of absurdity many others, of “Naziism”. This very law, or a form of it in countless other foreign lands, is deranged. The fact it “aims” to “defeat internet Nazis”, is hypocritical in levels that are dishonest to the point of evil.

You are a very bad person. The things you are a part of are beyond our ethnic nationalism (a natural state of human grouping and survival), of which you are also a party to in the most extreme expressions available.

Fuck you, man, seriously.

b3127d  No.12500156

If you're so terrified of going to jail that you're not willing to act, they've already won.

a4280e  No.12500189

These were being handed out during BLM protests

c29225  No.12500217



yes just be good goys and sit on the internet and get fat, do nothing IRL that might be a risk

e06880  No.12500223


>Faggot, you don't have shit to hide.

Yes you do. You do too. Like how you fuck your wife in blow-by blow detail. Like what you jerk off to in your own head. Like how you piss in the sink.

Everyone has something to hide that is painful to share, that is how I know yer a fednigger.

9feb80  No.12500227

File: 06acb9cb00c47f3⋯.jpg (74.11 KB, 619x718, 619:718, 06acb9cb00c47f31ff85bf4208….jpg)


>10lbs of makeup and 20hrs of photoshop to make an ape look ok

352bb8  No.12500241

File: ebb342f26556c93⋯.png (81.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ebb342f26556c9384ff6d92f44….png)


>System agents will lie to you and attempt to trick you into incarcerating yourself by stacking massive charges against you and then offering a "deal" resulting in you being incarcerated for prolonged amounts of time.

A few reasons why some plead guilty is because jail is worse than prison, there is no routine, timing, random cellmates, everything is random, and some of the most dangerous county jails have a higher murder ratio than some most the biggest max prisons in the US.

c9e885  No.12500248

File: bc33c822e4382d8⋯.jpeg (600.93 KB, 2443x780, 2443:780, signal-2018-10-12-132451.jpeg)


>give me your personal info

go fuck yourself pig

8ee3df  No.12500270

File: c3b063b3cf176d9⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 600x506, 300:253, what have you done.JPG)


This guys a fed.

272cbb  No.12500315

File: 49f552338997b2b⋯.png (88.68 KB, 500x515, 100:103, ClipboardImage.png)


If they make it illegal to think what I think then good heavens look at the time

272cbb  No.12500318

File: dcad4958489706a⋯.png (85.94 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


oops wrong one

2be801  No.12500341


Once such a thing happens I can guarantee you that 100% of you jews will be killed.


Taking a break from reddit, faggot? 'cool enough to have something to hide'... new levels of autism being reach by this cocksucker.

>>Hahahaha this thread cracks my ass

See? These homo retards have such convoluted little minds that dicks in their ass is always on their mind.

You wouldn't be here if you believed any of that and in person, you're terrified like diaper wearing IDF faggots.

257f72  No.12500355

File: d8c1514a732f596⋯.jpg (225.13 KB, 1465x1183, 1465:1183, FBI Branch Davidian.jpg)


>imagine being so new you think the FBI investigates crimes.

b08526  No.12500373


OP is a fed.

If you hand a card like that to a fed, it can be used against you as well.

"This guy knew he was going to be arrested. He had a card prepared."

If OP is a fed or l.e.o. then you'd be printing out a card that would confirm to them where you got it.

Don't be stupid, use your head.

eff787  No.12500381

Never volunteer any information. Let them talk if they want, be very careful before even answering yes, no, or your name.

62979e  No.12500404


The day someone combines the teachings of David Koresh, the leadership of Jim Jones, and the destructive capabilities of Timothy McVey, will be the day the fbi will tremble in their boots.


Man, I wish I was that skinny lol

598600  No.12500414


>The day someone combines the teachings of the CIA, the leadership of the CIA, and the destructive capabilities of the CIA, will be the day the fbi will tremble in their boots

c262aa  No.12500423




>once the countering antisemitism bill passes I can guarantee that half of you nazis will be locked up

Think carefully, history repeats itself over and over again.

e11e97  No.12500432


>jerking off to scat pr0nz

Remember kids, kikes always project.

8ee3df  No.12500440


>The National Alliance are feds

Yea youre the fed, bad jacketing cunt. Get the fuck out JTRIG

e11e97  No.12500441

File: 1102d7056329908⋯.png (579.04 KB, 618x878, 309:439, ClipboardImage.png)


Clock's ticking, faggot.

9d304e  No.12500446


>implying you aren't also monitored

Bump for good info for everyone.

970674  No.12500450


luckily we're not law breaking niggers

21d07c  No.12500453


Cause /pol/ is a board of peace

d134cf  No.12500462


>national alliance

>not a honeypot organization

c262aa  No.12500470


>national alliance


It is not working kike.

Dr. Pierce warned against garbage like you.

9c3adc  No.12500485


Well, he's not wrong

b078a5  No.12500507

one time I saw agents outside my house, I'm 90% sure, there was this really expensive-looking black car with black tinted windows parked in front of my house. it's not familiar, nobody in the neighborhood has a car anything like that. I got a funny feeling like I was being watched and I look out the window, stare at it like wtf, I was even considering going outside to investigate. but then it drove away a few seconds later, as if they noticed that I was looking

they apparently suck at being undercover 'cause that car was glowing in the dark like crazy. why not use one of those plane old white vans that literally every plumber/electrician/construction/etc. 'trade' guy uses? they're everywhere and it's completley normal to see them parked. that's a no-brainer, to me

e11e97  No.12500511


>I do watch scat pr0nz

get aids

> I am not a j00

Yes you are

c262aa  No.12500551


Dubs confirm.

d64457  No.12500792

File: 5b31be92282f9a9⋯.gif (351.54 KB, 240x184, 30:23, Yellowvan.gif)


>sql admin for a thinktank monitoring /pol/

How much to you get paid to grossly misunderstand internet culture and misinterpret entry level memes?

c60063  No.12500827


It's an old copypasta from an age long ago. How do you not know?

f8cd8f  No.12500856


This is bullshit written by cops. They throw in a couple of true admonitions (anything you say can be used against you–no shit every 12-year-old knows that) along with a bunch of bad advice.

Example: get the cops' badge numbers. Bullshit! That's their favorite trick. What are you going to do with that number? Look it up on the personnel system that you'll never see? The police can change those numbers whenever they want or just say there's no such number. I have a better idea: get their fucking names. How about that? But no, OP won't tell you that? Why is OP protecting police anonymity?

f8cd8f  No.12500877


> I am not a j00

confirmed jew

c262aa  No.12500934


>This is bullshit written by cops

You are not from here newfag.

The National Alliance is legit.

d134cf  No.12501239



>horse fucker

>muh dr pierce

Yeah, no, its not working for garbage like you.

d134cf  No.12501246



e11e97  No.12501259


>WLP is a jew


>awkward usage of inappropriate memetic


>respect the pigs

Yep, it's a fed.

dda069  No.12501268

>Don’t argue, complain, bad-mouth or resist arrest, even if the police are unreasonable; it will only make your situation worse.

what if I just keep asking the cop if hes going to arrest me while I video tape him … then tell him "your crew aint shit"

like that one black guy from the webm (I didnt save it)

46595d  No.12501269

File: 754c3d5933e6686⋯.jpg (212.84 KB, 1453x1175, 1453:1175, 77301827.jpg)

File: f87212ab1c0e10f⋯.jpg (132.75 KB, 610x406, 305:203, b2d00a67e901d9f287789d483d….jpg)

File: feefce21f2992c9⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2549x2387, 2549:2387, 77301403.jpg)

dda069  No.12501273


the prison rape time

dda069  No.12501279


more like the day they hire the guy to do a false flag and he accepts

those guys care even less about you because they are that damn good

d134cf  No.12501280


>respect the pigs

>a man with a gun is in my face and can get away with murder if he so chooses, better agitate him!

Please, suicide by cop for us, its fucking hysterical.

46595d  No.12501283

File: 6b3ef149507f0e2⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 723x479, 723:479, 77308055.jpg)

File: 66c874bc138cf69⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 77305694.jpg)

File: 0617a1adba95755⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1485x1183, 1485:1183, 77302163.jpg)

File: 3d7ac04e320e769⋯.jpg (79.63 KB, 678x470, 339:235, 77300950.jpg)

46595d  No.12501294

File: 99eab7ed6becf24⋯.jpg (173.83 KB, 1280x996, 320:249, 77304371.jpg)

File: 6b3e969a6b06629⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 750x517, 750:517, 77304556.jpg)

File: 7f1a0a159fbf7a5⋯.jpg (31.52 KB, 680x480, 17:12, 77304887.jpg)

File: 853de57b146e521⋯.png (893.93 KB, 1280x716, 320:179, 77305365.png)

42551e  No.12501301

File: fa9625f84f012a9⋯.png (83.43 KB, 600x400, 3:2, States_with_Stop_and_Ident….png)


>In other situations, you can’t legally be arrested for

>refusing to identify yourself to an officer.

False. There are multiple stop and identify states.

d134cf  No.12501303



>Going full "show of force" against a populous of lightly armed individuals

Waco was a mistake.

42551e  No.12501308



Identify me kike. I'm in Cana-North Ko-Jap-Mexi-Washington D-da.

Try me.

67ec6f  No.12501312


no it wasn't. waco was an exercise on getting shut down.

67ec6f  No.12501314


I live next door

9f574a  No.12501315


>VA isn't one of them

Surprising considering how cucked this state is in every other area.

42551e  No.12501322


The fact that whites aren't extended their legal rights. The fact that the police murder whites without question from anyone above or in the media. The fact that the media pushes for the murder of whites by cops and by other methods.

Not quite sure.

d134cf  No.12501331


Not really, seeing it was a scenario where the "law" vastly out numbered them, and the AG at the time was a scum sucking son of a bitch asshole under clinton and was more than happy to spill blood of not just waco but of the police and military for a meaningless conflict.

42551e  No.12501332



Fuck. If you're his goddamned wife or son I'm going to murder you. Fucker won't shut the fuck up and the house is always giving off this horrible cooked food smell.

e11e97  No.12501335


>suicide by cop for us, its fucking hysterical.

Pigposting intensifies.

Agent Smith, your wife gets cucked by Tyrone while you monitor /pol/

d134cf  No.12501341

File: 07e4f4e92296805⋯.png (35.98 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 07e4f4e92296805492e5d209d8….png)


>everyone who disagrees with me is a cop/agent/kike

72dd22  No.12502495

File: 09e89241551c91b⋯.jpg (178.75 KB, 821x771, 821:771, 0f13b7b76a2413f8d7b06ff0b0….jpg)

File: 35c0d7e12e26423⋯.png (335.05 KB, 927x2380, 927:2380, 35c0d7e12e26423437c57549ae….png)

File: eb054db0e28ba2f⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1489x3173, 1489:3173, eb054db0e28ba2f16659472f4e….jpg)


>Going full "show of force"


Going full show was The Point,making an example out of someone is one of the oldest tricks in the world and it can only be defeated by martyrdom

They probably made a lot of people at the time abandon their ideas of making a religious group,militia but they also made anyone who still wanted to do this apply better opsec and know how high the bar is and what .gov can get away with,for each person that died in that house 1000 woke up,that's a good deal for a /pol/ack if you ask me

It wouldn't surprise me if (((they))) slaughter one of their own nazi larping groups just to make that show of force again

899dc6  No.12502524

File: 0073bc8d91334ca⋯.png (589.36 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


How many got; American Community Survey?

461b2c  No.12502528


You can't build a fascist movement from behind a computer screen.

d134cf  No.12502546


>FBI doing what it does best


1baa57  No.12502548

File: 0e09f70e3f7a661⋯.jpg (313.23 KB, 1093x761, 1093:761, 77305933.jpg)

d134cf  No.12502556


We aren't hollywood

d606d2  No.12502558

File: 29855e9632b8b48⋯.png (688.26 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 29855e9632b8b48d068add4614….png)




Amazing, I'd only seen a few of these. Those fucking fags posing over the destruction. How misguided they were. Seeing those little bodies as a parent only makes my blood boil hotter.

3b2ce8  No.12502593


Oh look its fbi-kun.

Did your supervisor chew your ass out this morning for not reaching your quota of online investigations filed?

45fc56  No.12502609


>Koresh was CIA

kill yourself

de2c07  No.12502613

File: 72f9db71314e368⋯.gif (971.19 KB, 320x180, 16:9, tenor.gif)







>halfcuck doesn't know what IDs are

1baa57  No.12502644


The nip sniper was there and at ruby ridge.

8f25f4  No.12502763

File: 2443bd1df626985⋯.jpg (100.08 KB, 1000x584, 125:73, GLOWING.jpg)



a79a72  No.12502798

File: 5c31256b46e83bb⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 667x691, 667:691, 12307631278861469124485.jpg)


e95ef9  No.12502817


are you fucking lost faggot

e95ef9  No.12502825


>he doesn't eat live octopus

ca19c1  No.12502833

>"In other situations, you can’t legally be arrested for refusing to identify yourself to an officer."

If you are suspected of committing a crime, from my understanding you are required to identify or you can be charged with failure to identify. Based on info I've gathered over the years, you should ask if you are being detained or if you are free to go. Police cannot detain you unless you are being investigated for a traffic infraction or suspected of committing a crime.

If they say you are not detained, you are free to go.

e95ef9  No.12502850

File: 598a4ad33033be2⋯.png (477.79 KB, 800x576, 25:18, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)


>Based on info I've gathered over the years, you should ask if you are being detained or if you are free to go

Nope, because that could and usually does incite an officer to detain you - you should ask if you're under suspicion of a crime, and if the answer is "no" then you should iterate that you know your rights and if you're not under suspicion then there's no reason you should be detained.

say something like "well if im not under suspicion of a crime you have no reason to stop me, I don't want to waste your time so I'll be on my way. nice chatting with you"

3cad0a  No.12502878



1e2b2d  No.12502920

File: 89a5ba01b790551⋯.jpg (590.8 KB, 2500x2930, 250:293, 89a5ba01b790551bb069a928a5….jpg)


They have no self-awareness, back when I used to watch Talmudvision or in school I remember they'd present some mixed race black girl with a ton of makeup/hair straightened/ all the best clothes fashion and then say "black is beautiful." Yeah that 10/10 for a mixed race black girl, is equivalent to like a 6/10 woman of my own race, just on physical beauty alone, not accounting for temperament, personality, what your children would look like, shared history, shared culture, intelligence, etc etc.

354995  No.12503034

File: 0715d6acaa03f35⋯.jpg (137.85 KB, 661x847, 661:847, 17c9d9a9010930d87551cb536b….jpg)


So what are you monitoring, faggot? All of us use proxies, VPNs, TOR, or combinations of the three. The board gets shilled all to shit by all kinds of trolls, shitposters, /intl/, /leftynigger/s, newfags, and most likely some intelligence agencies and globalist NGO's too. So your sample is contaminated anyway, because you leftists never learned not to shit where you eat. What's that leave? Memes? The occasional funny shitpost? The occasional good effortpost? Then again, your premise is probably just a shitpost, and I'm typing all this for nothing, in which case shame on me.

7079a8  No.12503055


>ITT: /pol/pedos talk about ways to skirt the FBI's interrogation methods when they bust in on them jerking it to CP


>I am not a j00, but I do watch scat pr0nz.

Remember kids, jews always project.

974a2b  No.12504707


21dd6d  No.12504718

something is getting slid. notice all the shitty threads getting bumped all at once

4b3b2a  No.12504723


I do not think you're in position to talk, leftypol.


2f3547  No.12504732

File: 35023a94cdf4752⋯.jpg (260 KB, 1034x836, 47:38, cfb61a493321dc1162d683704a….jpg)

File: c1f0de56a8c9f52⋯.png (386.03 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 4eaf904d4ba0edb03d66bec696….png)





So…I've never seen the actual gore from the ruby ridge fuckup before. Looks like I've finally found something that makes me angrier than those "white victims of black crime" threads.

2f3547  No.12504775

File: 7bdb780735142ef⋯.jpeg (25.42 KB, 396x351, 44:39, 7bdb780735142efe015b30d81….jpeg)


>Ruby Ridge.

Uh, yeah, I meant to say Waco.

Jesus I'm so mad I've gone retarded.

482fc1  No.12504793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

970674  No.12504822

File: d67874022f9d12b⋯.mp4 (2.32 MB, 400x400, 1:1, ussssssr.mp4)


oh yea…well check your get I'm gonna give them THIS

970674  No.12504827

File: b5b69659dcf7d36⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 474x753, 158:251, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


it's that easy, we can all sit back now…

FBI unequivocally BTFO

286301  No.12504829

If you're vanned, comply and answer all questions, do not try to destory evidence or run away. Give up immediately.

970674  No.12504889

File: 5f9d550e9503f39⋯.png (132.59 KB, 459x446, 459:446, CIAnigger_184.png)



badges or not, I really wish these newfaggots would just fuck-off

67ec6f  No.12504942


Thanks local FBI man!

b79505  No.12505182

File: a1f96965abb4909⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 102.2 KB, 242x259, 242:259, 4uuuu.png)


Never lawyer up, always talk to the men with badges and uniforms. Tell them all you know. They just want to help!

9a1c5c  No.12505440

Dude how bout this. Even better. Drop all the egos pursuits and just chill tthe fuck out Monk status. Play the long game. Humans are one thing - trouble. People have no limits and will seduce you into submission and you wont even know you are being mind controlled. Drop all friends and family. Don't get a girlfriend . Don't have kids. This entire world is a prison and it's literally programmed.so agent Smith's appear all over the place to make sure you never break out and reach your potential. No problems need to exist. They are created so you beg the Jesuits and freemasons and reptilians to make it stop as long as you consent.

People just drive around next thing you know some high as fuck retard will walk in front of them then they are bankrupt. You have to be on high alert 24/7. Take back the spirituality all these faggot religions stole and fix the problems for good.

3faaba  No.12512094


Nice schzio post

3928fe  No.12512163

File: fd39e791e0b0c7f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.65 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 30078045_330478787478341_3….jpg)


>why would anyone one of us get arrested?

I have no idea FBIsenpai, we wuz good bois n sheeeit

9d20ed  No.12512381


>i'm so badass i can do shit from grand theft auto 5


9d20ed  No.12512393


>G11 macro keyboard

what the fuck even is this shit you glow nigger nobody on /pol/ is typing on a G11. poorfags are typing on a laptop keyboard/a phone and everyone else has a mechanical keyboard. nobody is using a meme gaming keyboard from 2006 how fucking outdated is your reference guide special agent

0e8dca  No.12512399

I've been vanned before. I don't fuck non-Europeans leftist trash.

fa55d9  No.12514317

File: bde862ba3944117⋯.png (262.45 KB, 517x388, 517:388, 1544102664549.png)


Don't give up. Open fire.

43d261  No.12514492


>ruby ridge

Reminder to everyone that, "ATF agents posed as broken-down motorists and arrested Randy Weaver when he and Vicki stopped to assist."

They made up false charges against him about bank robberies so they could escalate the force used to bring him in. He was released on bail and later, when they got violent with him on his property and he defended himself, he killed a US Marshal and so the FBI shot his son, wife, and dog.

The AFT had spies in the Aryan nation which is how they met and tracked him. Full time high paid informants did nothing but go to Aryan events as weapon dealers and constantly tried to talk them into doing illegal things, including making and selling sawed off shotguns that were shorter than the legal limit. The shotgun Weaver sold was the only crime committed originally and they instigated it. Also, the law had changed within Weavers lifetime so there's a good chance that he had no idea that the shotgun wasn't compliant.

b03713  No.12514785


you forbot about britbongs

64eb5e  No.12515005


>2) You don’t have to consent to any search of your person, your car or your house - and therefore you should not consent. If the police say they have a warrant, ask to see it. Still; do not consent to a search even if they have a warrant, make them rely on the warrant; warrants can be defective.

In the USA the police can search any occupied seats in a car for weapons per SCOTUS (but not the trunk if locked) if they ask too without a warrant, you should refuse the search, but then comply when they ask you to step out of the car and note your refusal again so its on camera.

6ce608  No.12515064


>Why the fuck would any of us get arrested?

Because we are the enemy.

657a9a  No.12515843

File: 754be272c31e205⋯.png (265.93 KB, 524x372, 131:93, EbVumNh.png)





Let's hope Hitler was right and the next reich will happen in America.

6168d6  No.12516034



0b4c5b  No.12516963


It just proves our point.

53729b  No.12518636


this guy here >>12500341 has it right

If we are going to get sent to jail just for TALKING about dealing with jews, you can be damn sure there will be plenty who decide to stop talking and start killing instead.

If you are going to get sent to jail anyway, what's the difference?

What would you have to lose at that point?

Some fucking think tank, can't even into logic in it's most simplistic form.

18671c  No.12540738

People aren't vanned, its a scare tactic to keep votecucks in line

4bc21f  No.12540807




Turns out, with 4th generation warfare, you can conquer the entire American people by killing a few hundred and broadcast the results to the nation. From there on you just need enough years of ZOG banking and occupation.

4bc21f  No.12540849


The sheer fact that no one came to the aid of BD is tremendously demoralizing to think about. Hopefully if such an event were to reoccur the militias and general people won't leave others to such a fate.

6d5d24  No.12545239



>muh honeypots everywhere

"It is inevitable that any organization will be infiltrated with informants and moles. It is your duty and friends' duty to screen people and use your best instinct (science of body language and nonviolent medical interrogation). Also, theoretically, its better to have separate independent cells working in isolation. If organization is needed, PGP keys are pretty good for crypto (One Time Pads for most important communication, if you can keep them hidden), and thinking like the enemy is best way to evade them (If possible, don't use the internet, atleast directly)." -some ex-CIA nazi


>can't build a fascist movement from behind a computer screen

Wtf you think Isis does?

2b5468  No.12545286

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Any peace of evidence they plan to use against you they have to share with you and your lawyer. Don't make any deals until you see your "Discovery" (as this documentation is call)

8fd7e6  No.12545302


It's funny, how you even not trying to refute our claims about your fellow kikels, you just scare us and want to shut down this place.

f80afc  No.12545815

File: 9f038d0464b6ba1⋯.jpg (119.51 KB, 960x960, 1:1, White2.jpg)


Oy vey shut it down!

900ab7  No.12549459


To be fair they WERE an overzealous cult, they had 0 friends outside the town they came from, the citizens were likely very spooked by all the tanks and military personnel, they'd have been killed trying anything.

It was also before the internet so no flash mobs to save them.

041487  No.12552452


Oi m8 u got a furkan loiconse ta be pissin n dat soink!?!

1212f2  No.12552588

Talking to the police got my domestic violence felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor, and then dismissed in court.

Do not talk to the pigs if you are guilty.

e2e2cb  No.12555701


>you must show your license, registration and insurance when stopped in a car.

I told the cop I don't have none of that. I gave him my name, address, and last 4 digits of my social. He asked why I'm driving on an expired license, I told him I don't drive professionally, just travel. He said next time I would get some tickets if I don't get a license and carry that other bullshit. We'll see

2647fd  No.12555801


You want to be the thought police rabbi? I wonder how that will go; federal agents going door to door to arrest people for ideas……….

157d19  No.12555814

Why would they need to go door to door?

a7c984  No.12555850


you could just throw everything under hate speech already. this law is only icing on the cake

f065b8  No.12555907

File: 52d75c480af54a3⋯.png (167.47 KB, 1650x1250, 33:25, simonsays.png)

How does a fed maintain his mental sanity when shilling on the chans?

The event horizon of autism has already been crossed just by looking at places like 4chan, the amount of memes and ironic posting is too complicated to accurately predict. Shills never achieve anything because autists already prevent themselves from an organized, maintained movement. Didn't Israel have a shilling campaign showing hot jewesses in the army to boost Israel approval? I remember seeing an article where they admitted it backfired, people posting brap/sniff memes instead.

I want to work for the FBI, that way I can shitpost on 4chan and 8chan all day posting large asses and getting BRRRAAAAPPFF replies, and get fucking paid for it

32db81  No.12555999

File: aa2adfe8e24f07b⋯.jpg (68.17 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, iliveidieiliveagain.jpg)


you want some…

come get some

32db81  No.12556004

File: 42974e9d143f457⋯.png (153.07 KB, 351x351, 1:1, cupofcomrade.png)




6d20ce  No.12556039

How the fuck would you even know your getting vanned

f2ecb7  No.12556193

File: 4e8dd0ab10104c4⋯.jpg (813.51 KB, 1498x944, 749:472, 1521722009442.jpg)


Fat kike Joan Donovan. Lol get fucked so many people have your name on a list.

a90f89  No.12556257


When your front door explodes and MiB sprint in screaming at you while simultaneously shooting your dog and throwing a grenade in your sleeping childs crib

bf4c05  No.12556297

b3127d  No.12556346


They're afraid of what would happen if the feds permitted ICE to empower local law enforcement to deport. That's literally it.

b3127d  No.12556359


This. Most low IQ skinheadish people struggle with any advice that has more than 1 step. "Never talk to cops" is literally the mentality of ghetto niggers, but those of us here with IQ higher than room temperature understand when it's convenient to appease the system in naked self interest.

d50719  No.12568174


unironically this, dont give these trigger happy idiots an excuse to shoot you

943e95  No.12568269

943e95  No.12568277

File: 984d4e8a1aa980b⋯.jpg (117.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, that monkey.jpg)







>mfw all the same person.

Git Gud Son

b0c721  No.12571372




61ee47  No.12572191

File: ec5937b92d91e7a⋯.png (681.77 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20181218-213637.png)

File: ed3ecc8517bfd1f⋯.jpg (100.87 KB, 600x649, 600:649, Web-Eamon.jpg)


>Wtf you think Isis does?

It says what they does right on their website. Pretty sure they have some kid porn on there too, but I dunn wun git v&

a6fc3c  No.12572562


>muh tank

Fill a glass bottle half way with extremely small flammable paper pellets of 28:80, put a few coffee filters in the bottle, then fill it with Gasoline and styrofoam mixture, yeah THAT mixture, Then proceed to molotov that cocktail, and throw it AT the wheels and track, throw multiple if possible and watch that fucking track self destruct!

<ha nice larp

Worked in syria on turkish leapord 2a5's

af981d  No.12572988


If you genuinely think that the USA would ever let us not even talk about hating the kike's you're dead fucking wrong. America hasn't given up on us yet.

a6fc3c  No.12573128


There is no america

The constitution is PAPER

72ebd8  No.12573277


>fill you with dread?

No, its a socialist. They touch themselves reading it and imagine pushing such mental anguish upon those who counter their ideas.

1372f4  No.12573432

File: 589c38c0c50b59f⋯.mp4 (575.99 KB, 478x360, 239:180, evil laugh.mp4)


Good luck faggot, we're behind the 1st amendment.

a8e4d8  No.12573581

The only word you know is "Lawyer"

If your lawyer is a kike, then call them a kike until they snap and you can demand a new one.

6530b1  No.12573668


>lol once the countering antisemitism bill passes I can guarantee that half of you nazis will be locked up

t. Hook Nosed Kike

0cd1e9  No.12573697


Great. I look forward to being a name in a law school casebook when your unconstitutional piece of shit kike legislation is struck down.

af981d  No.12573703


No shit it's a piece of paper but it's our fundamental rights. There isn't a law being enacted to prevent people from saying they hate kikes just from saying they hate kikes then attacking one for it

0cd1e9  No.12573753


It doesn't matter if it's written in bits and coded into a text program or written with quill on parchment. It's a set of legal relationships that exist separate and apart time and place or format.

Idiots saying the Constitution is a piece of paper are terrifying. They are the exact people the Constitution was designed to stop from seizing power.

61ee47  No.12574233


As was mentioned with regard to your home, lock your car when you exit. If they want in, even if they have probable cause or a warrant, do not give them your keys, or exit without locking. Make them jimmy it or smash your windows, to do otherwise is to consent to them searching your car, and they're no longer limited to what is specified in the warant, but can go wherever they damn well please. Because, America

229134  No.12574264


If your kike lawyer doesn't know they are a kike and get offended by you calling them a kike, then they are very good at being a lawyer. Words are just words, they can't hurt you unless you're ignorant of their meaning.

4c97c5  No.12574532


very well said.

07bbb1  No.12574619


As an interrogator, please talk to cops

(but no really, don't you don't understand I do this for a living and you are not going to "outsmart" the interrogator. It has nothing to do with intelligence.)

8d8f64  No.12574685

wat woud danny coulson do ?


b69501  No.12574691


You know, I got interrogated once on a unregistered weapons possession charge. I made fun of the guy's hair and the way he uptalked like a woman for about an hour. I ended up walking. I guess your kind just can't take the banter.

d4b7cf  No.12574764


"I have nothing to say to you sir"

7ed519  No.12574920


this sword cuts both ways, i'm sure broadcasting say, lon horiuchi lingchi thousand slices of pain, would anti-conquer the american people as well. samizdat platforms for such a thing exist offline and online. not that it exists, the nip is alive and well!

100b5a  No.12574948

File: d5e79eff0864ec9⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 640x339, 640:339, b.jpg)


HAHAHAHA, why do you call all the cops pigs? Your Nazi-cunts are the biggest bootlickers.

07bbb1  No.12575253


what the fuck is an unregistered weapon. I have lots of guns, but none of them are "registered"

What cuck place do you live in?

e74e98  No.12577075


t. antifaggot slave of international finance

the pigs are your guys, not ours

4148dd  No.12583169


Plenty of cops are halfwits used to deal with even dumber criminals. If you are above 100iq and not socially impaired you should see his tricks coming from a mile away. If you got weak nerves i recommend some bisoprololfumarat - andrenaline blocker, it makes you cool as ice.

43cb02  No.12585030


>lon horiuchi lingchi thousand slices of pain

>"thousand slices of pain"

0 results

And this is?

25fd00  No.12601293

A friend of mine got v& while filming vehicles entering and leaving FBI facilities in Oklahoma, they detained him for 4 days and released him without his camera and a broken nose.

8e46a8  No.12604869


Clearly a leftist meme, just by virtue of how much it sucks in composition and concept.

cab990  No.12608519


seems like a retarded thing to do.

8f2480  No.12617377

File: 45324742b9c352c⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 432x648, 2:3, 1491235741414.jpg)


>filming federal activity is retarded


064f72  No.12619624


Hahahah we control the courts ass hole.

8d8f64  No.12620434

this man offers courses on fib





c2496a  No.12620465


Lol, great. Make us men with nothing to lose and we will find you.

1b2017  No.12620467

File: 9f046cf6c0216c8⋯.png (107.64 KB, 600x469, 600:469, Law.png)


Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you had read the 145k laws that are on the books, you'd realize that you have always been a criminal.

274ec7  No.12620493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>showing a piece of papah to the kopps is a suicidable offense

Look, I know it's tempting to bite on this lowbrow shilling, but you gnugoys need to learn to just drop your redpills and then filter these yids. At the top of every page is the gentlefaggot's guide to forum spies. Before your next post, read it until you understand it all, and in blatant cases of shillery, perhaps reference that guide when dropping the redpillery so that the newfags who happen on your post learn to recognize pilpul for themselves instead of being dependent upon you being there to call out every single hebe on /pol/, and so that they can apply this knowledge in the real world once they figure out how to leave their mothers' basements.


Also, never take a polygraph. They're officially inconclusive and unreliable, which means that they're inadmissible should you wish use the results as evidence of your innocence, but the prosecution is under no such obligation, and they have about a gorillion ways to use it to secure a guilty verdict. Chris

274ec7  No.12620510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Goddammit, bumped the enter key. Christopher Soghoian has a variety of videos I suggest watching, some TED teir, and some with actual content. The same goes for Robert Steele, who has earned himself the privilege of giving 3hr presentations at every HOPE conference. Other lawyery type presentations at hacker conferences are also advisable.

274ec7  No.12620513

File: 80833bc3d59f78f⋯.jpg (148.05 KB, 450x678, 75:113, 3-felonies-a-day.jpg)

ccbf88  No.12620578

I dont think you guys have much to worry about in case of getting pulled over unless you guys are doing retarded things like stealing or other actnigities. Also to those that think they are all on some super database somewhere deep in a fbi building, you are pretty wrong as well. You guys dont really do anything physical to determine an actual possibel threat. The worst things on here are gore and "educational" pictures of how to make resistance bullshit where you can find anywhere.

Until enough people start crawling out of the site and act in the physical plain that would cause mass concern (tons of people buying pieces to create explosives or dangerous items). While its good to know your rights and the op is right about a lot of things, for the most part half of you niggers need to understand that police are like bees. Each officer does not wake up and say "I am going to ruin peoples lives today". Thats just retarded. Instead they have to go out, deal with niggers all day that cant figure out how to obey the law. The only time you can really say that shit doesnt matter is if you are rioting. That is the critical point where nothing matters except the reason people are so pissed off and gloves are off. Calm the fuck down guys. Dont act like a nigger, dont give police a reason and dont for the love of god act like a sperg if you do end up having to talk to police.

99a359  No.12620587


I feel sorry for the guy who came up with this meme

274ec7  No.12620606


According to some (((anecdotal poll))) I came across on a Himalayan pant hemming BBS I used to frequent, >50% of grunts claimed that the day SHTF is the day they turn in their badges and GTFO.

f425b2  No.12620624

File: 118e9dff37097d8⋯.jpg (146.37 KB, 1005x1053, 335:351, FedsBloodOnTheirHands.jpg)


>The nip sniper was there and at ruby ridge.

The sniper that shot the mother with her baby in her arms, ripping her lower jaw off, was going to be charged with murder by the state.

A phone call must have been made, because he not only was never charged, he received a medal for "courage under fire."

The mother was not wanted for any crime, by the way.

274ec7  No.12620639


>to those that think they are all on some super database somewhere deep in a fbi building, you are pretty wrong

Not fbi, NSA. If you've ever typed


into der googolmaschien, you're on a pretty high level list. If you've sent any encrypted files/messages that they couldn't open, the data gets saved and you go on another list. I'm pretty sure they used to save full https too, but now that everyone uses it, i doubt they do that anymore. No point in sifting through pedobites of youtube videos when they can just pull the data from jewpube's log files. Also, they don't actually have any lists that I know of, but instead use a database and and/or or xkeyscore.

f425b2  No.12620659

File: 9d5c3dc488f007b⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 346x385, 346:385, IfOnlyYouKnew.jpg)


The lists don't matter.

Everyone has data collected on them, but the NSA does not have the manpower to examine all the data containing flags.

If you ARE a known "somebody," they will examine your data.

If you ever become a known "somebody," they will THEN examine your data.

The info on you is to blackmail you, or destroy your reputation, if you ever become a problem for somebody high up.

And since they can insert whatever they want to into your records before they are "accidentally" leaked, it has stopped mattering what is in your records, at all.

If you become a problem, they will leak your records, and the records will indicate you are a Nazi, or go to child-porn sights, or whatever else they want to insert.

And since "everyone knows" the NSA gathers information on everybody…the sheep will believe it's true, automatically, without even considering the records were altered.

See know, why the founding fathers created the 4th Amendment?

This is no different than the cops physically planting evidence in a person's car or home. And the Founding Fathers went through the same, with the king's men, who could search a home whenever they felt like it, and thus "find" whatever they wanted to find.

We have let them bypass the 4th Amendment, and it will come back to haunt anyone that actually tries to accomplish anything.

c4d261  No.12620749


>this thread cracks my ass

Yes, your butthurt is showing.

c4d261  No.12620754


You won't get either a badge number or a name in any serious encounter.

For starters, they take off the badges, and secondly they put some other cop back at the station's name on the paperwork.

352bb8  No.12620757

File: f811e78bbd803cf⋯.png (83.49 KB, 377x377, 1:1, 1461693249801.png)

>baker act 0

>hospitalization 0

>5150 Hold 0

I am disappointed

821601  No.12620839


C'mon step it up torfag

6017dd  No.12621367

File: 8147677cd32ed44⋯.jpg (185.26 KB, 620x921, 620:921, goebbels-uwot.jpg)


Don't forget to offer them potentially incriminating information about yourself, even if it's unrelated to what you're currently accused of, and anything you know that you aren't even involved with. They will be grateful for your cooperation and give you preferential treatment.

033ceb  No.12621620


Someone at some point did a poll and found that many people are actually in favor of the policies outlined in the sci-fi story about Harrison Bergeron.

cf5ae2  No.12621639

Just don't be a dick to them and do as they ask if pulled over, and you should be fine. Most of the aggression with cops comes from training to combat those who intend harm or who are overly aggressive / drugged up.

The US is a police state today, but many cops won't attack you if you remain respectful and calm. Some are actually nice, others you have to be wary of. But for Gods sake don't argue with them or make knee-jerked reactions because you'd be risking hostile response depending who pulls you over.

4b3cb6  No.12621824


What jurisdiction are you in?

d65379  No.12623295


That's unironically exactly antipoidithetical to the faggotry I was calling out


<Everyone everywhere is on lists, but they only look at the (((metadata))) until you blow up a federal building

I mean it's a subtle distinction, but if you try really hard, I think you could at least pick up the gist of it.


Don't forget to mention potential hazards to public interests

>Oh geez, using WEP isn't really secure , someone could get into some mischief with that if they wanted to

I assure you that you won't be convicted of threatening scytheber warfare on American interests. Also, if you accidentally stumble across private patient information being leaked freely to their publicly accessible website without requiring authentication, just email the IT department. Their (((legal))) team will be so grateful that you didn't report them to the FBI that they'll send you formal letters describing their gratitude quantified into enormous numbers


>t. Lives in a white only region

Pennsylvania perhaps? I've have multiple interactions with white officers, and have yet to receive anything more than a warning. Once while in one of the nigger containment zones, I was unironically told

>Well, you didn't make me chase you, so you're free to go. Just move along before I have to fill out any paperwork.

8d8f64  No.12624062


the man who awarded the nipp sniper the medal you speak of is listed above, danny coulson

854de1  No.12624393

File: 783236b2e676943⋯.png (431.52 KB, 963x936, 107:104, 783236b2e67694382bdd632e80….png)


<2) You don’t have to consent to any search of your person, your car or your house - and therefore

you should not consent. If the police say they have a warrant, ask to see it. Still; do not consent to a

search even if they have a warrant, make them rely on the warrant; warrants can be defective.

<3) You can be arrested for obstructing or interfering w/police.

There is definitely going to be where most of the arrests end up coming from, and you'd need a good lawyer or know enough about law to defend yourself on this one.

A shit officer can easily exploit this:

>I have a search warrant

<May I see this search warrant

>oy vey you're obstructing my duty, off to da clink

etc. etc.

1ee559  No.12625264


Oy vey shut it down

742f91  No.12642450


>you should not consent.

t. nigger

nothing to hide, nothing to fear

b34122  No.12643142


If you're looking for everyday examples of the felonies you and I unwittingly commit each day, you won't find them here. Instead, you'll be treated to scholarly analyses of notorious (and less so) cases where the federal government's prosecutors overstepped their bounds in their zeal to convict their targets. (Method: choose target first, then find and/or stretch some law he "broke." Make cost of defense so high that settling the case is the only option.) This is interesting, of course, but these felonies are nothing like the ones you and I might be committing every day.

b34122  No.12643156


>(Method: choose target first, then find and/or stretch some law he "broke." Make cost of defense so high that settling the case is the only option.) This is interesting, of course, but these felonies are nothing like the ones you and I might be committing every day.

Trump et al

3f14d9  No.12643240


>you nazis will be locked up

>unironically wants to repeat history

Do you even know how the book Mein Kampf came about?

4c7f22  No.12643290

File: ec89859b980712c⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 60e6c4587d2f2554bfe2656ab9….jpg)


>Leftist memes are fecal in nature

Is that you

RAYK "Kaviar und Natursekt" ANDERS?

What a keke, viel Glück bei deiner AntifaSCHISStischen "Arbeit".

4c7f22  No.12643357








e6ac80  No.12643388

File: 1b4968393e3bc0b⋯.jpg (327.22 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Bled3.jpg)


>That will keep you out of an interrogation room

You never should allow yourself to be put in an interrogation room in the first place.

Simply refuse to sign the document allowing them to interrogate you. If they interrogate you anyway, simply respond by saying

I have nothing to say, I do not consent to answering questions, and I want to speak with my attorney

That's it.

Do not tell the police ANYTHING. Don't even discuss the weather with them because speaking about the weather or sportball is waving your right to remain silent and thus allows them to ask more questions.

eed7db  No.12643716



Stop you've violated the law

e6ac80  No.12643728

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

c40582  No.12643816

Police are nothing more than the armed enforcers of the will of the politicians in charge.

1dc8cb  No.12643822

d3dad7  No.12644309


>He thinks cops are the enemies.

Maybe leave your zogged commie state and you'll find that cops are just keeping refuse off the street where they can and trying to get money through traffic tickets. Cops don't have any special agenda or have any pull with law other than menial "city" security.

You're fucking deluded.

cabc4f  No.12660938


>he thinks zogcops are on our side

hows being 12?

20f615  No.12660955


you know Sam Hyde just likes taking shots at leftyniggers to piss them off right? cops arent on your side. if they think you are some NAWZEE they will do any and everything to run you in to virtue signal and make an arrest. There are police chiefs that tell their guys to stand down to antifa, watch them destroy shit and even protect them and cops just go along with it.

BASTE and taking out the trash, dood! At best they dont have an agenda and blindly take orders from commie politicians and just dont care, at worst they are just another gang of self serving thugs.

c2e0b0  No.12661194


You seem mighty unfriendly, friend.

263e6a  No.12661209

No Van's this weekend. That pizza shop can burn.

263e6a  No.12661298

File: f8b1239b35f3853⋯.jpg (857.52 KB, 650x900, 13:18, SM_32.jpg)

18b6dd  No.12673420


gas yourself

53ed90  No.12690335

This thread is a bit misleading. I have worked as a cop, and a senior detective once told me that the police are not your friends and that you should not answer questions without counsel present. This is absolutely true. If the cops come to your house to ask you questions about something you did, tell them you need an attorney.

If you are stopped for a minor ordinance violation or some other small infraction like speeding, just be polite and give them your ID. There is a good chance that you will get a warning. Pull over somewhere safe for both them and you; somewhere well lit and out of the main traffic flow if possible. Be honest and they will appreciate it. Watch your speedometer and you won't even have to worry about this.

Your goal as a decent fucking person should be to have as little police contact as possible. If you are sitting around in total fear of your government swatting you for posting on 4chan, you are an idiot. Most cops are well right of center, red pilled through heavy interaction with diversity, and if affirmative action stopped being a thing then even more of them would be.

The reason people get into trouble with the law any deeper than a speeding ticket is because they are retarded. They do things like leave their drugs and paraphernalia on the passenger seat when they get stopped for speeding, or leave their purse full of drugs and their ledgers in a court room. I have witnessed these things and so much more, and I hope that nobody reading this is retarded enough to do them.

As libertarianism becomes fully pozzed leftism and the anarcho-capitalists slowly drift off to either the alt-right or the antifa left, the days of retarded threads like this one will come to an end and the only people making threads like this will be junkie leftists who fail to realize that the state largely supports them and is the only thing standing between them and eradication by the far right.

4a7085  No.12692218

Police are the white mans best friend, kike.

000000  No.12692277

>National Alliance

A Jew run White Nationalist retard group.

ee8a50  No.12692286


Nothing OP said has anything to do with sovereign citizens. This is all very good advice that leftists educate each other with all the time, and look with how much they get away with.


Comply to their orders (hands up, give me id, do you have any weapon on you, left hand on green, dance the charleston, ect) but don't say a fucking word about anything else

d49c9d  No.12717322


sovereign citizen people were right

d08430  No.12717338

File: db2a79ece991444⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Where's this baby now?

3bdf05  No.12717706


>2 feces references

it's like you aren't even trying to hide

4e2c64  No.12721606


Being too untimely can stop anything.

19992e  No.12721633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Probably has been decommissioned.

5c714f  No.12721679


Thanks OP, wish I had read this thread earlier.

Protip: Do not talk, let your lawyer do the talking. They will use psychological tricks to get you to talk.

b95174  No.12722274


>sql admin

But how can you admin a language, faggot? You're not even an intelligent internet traitor so you must have meant MS SQL.

a77212  No.12722447

File: 6e8e4fb9dbad580⋯.gif (897.09 KB, 800x430, 80:43, glownigger.gif)


I'm sure he'll get right ON that LOL

dc3ba2  No.12723058


Police are basically traitors. They will kill you in order to "keep the peace" and by "keep the peace" they mean keep the white genocide agenda fully in place. Prison is inhumane, and whites are targeted. Honestly it isn't immoral to kill people who wish to lock you in prison. You either die a Vikings death, or you somehow kill enough that they stop sending npcs after you. If they kill you, you are still free, you will either reincarnate, or go to the afterlife. Everyone needs to embrace this mentality. Also, we need to stop paying taxes.

dc3ba2  No.12723060


Forgot to add…The only good thing about police is that they kill niggers from time to time, but not nearly often enough to make them an organization worth supporting.

a90f89  No.12723069


check craigslist

4a9e29  No.12723150


I hate the drones more than the cops.

dc3ba2  No.12723197



I don't hate cops, but I understand that for the most part they are the enemy.

4a9e29  No.12723224


I think it depends on the politcal/social climate.

54e516  No.12723279


The attitude of cops is reliant on the socio-economic environment surrounding them. If they are surrounded by niggers and poor lower class untermensch, than the cops are pigs. They have become pigs. If youre a cop in a rural village, 100% white, you are not a pig. You are more likely to be a stereotypical goodboi looking our for your neighbours.

People that hate cops live in an urban environment; and we all know what we mean when we say urban. N I G G E R S .

4a9e29  No.12723307


Lul, esp. those cops like the power trip.

It variies highly though.

60ff7b  No.12725863

The police are based they're conservative and they maintain order in society. We should support the police. Anybody who supports illegal stuff like political terrorism does not have respect for human life and isn't a real conservative.

45fc56  No.12725992


What's with this outright shitposting? At least take the time shill or something. What are you so upset about?

486c74  No.12744537

lotta paranoia ITT

43cb02  No.12748263



2d03e5  No.12764750

a79a72  No.12764945

File: 5da9ef6521ad04d⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219, 89:73, 5da9ef6521ad04d4aedf358b23….gif)

<The # of rat kikes ITT

05b9fe  No.12765216


Don't talk. They will say you made admissions when you didn't.

6a359f  No.12765229

I got vanned. I talked for them for hours, all day, in great detail… about magick and wizardry. I think it saved my ass and they were very friendly and I was too.

I think, depending on the situation and who you get, you're either fucked and it's time to make a last stand, or there just isn't much to worry about.

AKA mossad or some kind of commie cop (not that likely) comes after you, last stand time.

If it's just regular cops you shouldn't have to worry much.

9709e4  No.12771782


>implying im not capable of so much havoc with just a computer with internet access :)

775a1b  No.12772299


RIP Terry

b85d47  No.12772460

File: 1a860d62a894c0d⋯.png (850.62 KB, 1436x632, 359:158, ClipboardImage.png)


-Stay calm and keep your hands where the police can see them.

-Don’t argue, complain, bad-mouth or resist arrest, even if the police are unreasonable; it will only make

your situation worse.

-Hand them the “Rights” card, above. Otherwise say, “I have nothing to say”; then make no

statements or comments.

Nigga fuck that shit, I'm gonna go for the door to get my hairbrush


d18061  No.12785721


>Unless the evidence against you is such a landslide where there isn’t a chance in hell you’re getting a “not guilty” verdict then there is no need for bowing to the system and making a deal

Courts are all a racket anyway. My father did 5 years in prison (refusing a "fair deal" of one year after already being in Jail that long) just for being casually associated with someone who commited a petty crime. The lawyers appointed by the state working their way up will dish out plea deals to incarcerate as many innocent defendants (generally white/asian men) as possible in turn for reducing Jamals much longer sentence, district attorneys are the puppetmasters behind it all. Rack up all the small fish so the big lipped nigger bass can go free.

61e64a  No.12785748


Terry was right. You niggers glow in the dark.

952190  No.12785776


I hope it does Fat Sister. It'll be nice not having any reason to play nice anymore and those less radical won't have any more excuses.


7e0c1f  No.12806302


Terry was a schizoid

f09795  No.12806554


i guess that white couple that got murdered in their own homes during a no knock raid had nothing to worry about either. They were not dealing drugs. some junkie snitch simply said their address.

331092  No.12829994


kys yid

390e31  No.12830082

Like cia want to explain themselves to leo >>12501315

fb0e99  No.12855418


this, don't be a hero, submit and surrender

5a92d4  No.12855705


exactly. it can get this bad. they're already monitoring online presence of "anti semitism" and are just waiting for the legislation to get you in trouble.



2f3547  No.12855763


The holocaust never happened but it should have.

046a35  No.12856006


Wait, what happened?

7cf7a1  No.12856010


Terry was being harassed by the leftists.

8c2cb5  No.12856080

File: 8cdae5be4e0df41⋯.png (96.32 KB, 556x219, 556:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 63c9aa2e726159e⋯.png (177.66 KB, 556x219, 556:219, ClipboardImage.png)



>Stay calm and keep your hands where the police can see them.

>Don’t argue, complain, bad-mouth or resist arrest, even if the police are unreasonable; it will only make your situation worse.

>Hand them the “Rights” card, above. Otherwise say, “I have nothing to say”; then make nostatements or comments.

Screw that, I'm gonna grab my hairbrush in my car

ed5ecb  No.12873206


For going on walks

0224ab  No.12873463


lmao what is this from?

88d237  No.12873476


No nos decimos clandestinos, o criminales, pero estamos personas correnties. Nos disfrutamos la vida, y simplemente, no queremos molestia desde la ley.

d0bc46  No.12873529


Have never been beaten up by a leftist.

000000  No.12873607


Communists only attack in groups, like niggers. They are indistinguishable from one another. At least niggers don't cover their faces like cowards. I've never met a Leftist that could beat me up irl. And I've met plenty and opened my mouth plenty. What's it like to be a part of a self-defining movement that can and does only exist due to ethnic nationalist Jewish support? That can't be good for the self esteem. Though, again, you have that in common with the niggers.

6973df  No.12873817

File: d583709c7dd4154⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 299x206, 299:206, rw.jpg)


Why do you stupid Nazi-cunts think that you are rebels? The US has literally financed fascist dictators, such as Pinochet. You are the bootlickers of the elite!

335ac5  No.12892863


>If you stay on the internet you're a coward

>But if you come in person me and nine other antifags are going to assault you.

Obvious shitposter, but made me reply.

Where are all these queers coming from? Is it overflow from the clusterfuck on /v/?

cfab83  No.12918602

relevant thread

0d5c4b  No.12918676


i am a land vehicle

3a3036  No.12934091

Welp, the vans outside waiting boys. Ill see you in the next life.

45fc56  No.12934245


I'm not overly concerned with local police, they're on nobody's side but their own, but they will do the job to arrest for no reason if jews tell them to you, even if they do hate niggers and do a great job keeping them off the streets. The main people I hate are (((federal))) police like FBI, CIA, etc. who are not your neighbors, do not remove shitskins from your community, and entire existence exists to destroy the white race. In fact, the CIA was founded specifically to combat "Nazis."

cfd6eb  No.12934293


The question he asked is not the same as the questions in you example.

He is not asking us what we have done or are planning to do.

He is just asking why anyone would ever get arrested on here for just posting stuff, which is a fair enough question

faa82d  No.12934388

I like what keeps society at peace. If it had never ever been used to hurt an innocent, I think I would like surveillance. I think this is why I’m okay with the idea of truly otherworldly beings not even sheathed in human flesh surveilling the earth - as they neither graft nor punish, why ever should they lie? But with the faulty fools of Earth, and for all their biases and rapes of progress, still it is not necessary to live in fear of surveillance.

Being lawful shames the lawless souls who surveil the Earth. So be lawful! Build it into your soul, and blamelessly you will strain the organizations that see too much.

000000  No.12946039





000000  No.12946045



ab5cb2  No.12946401


ab5cb2  No.12946408

I talk to cops. Same fucking lodge

000000  No.12946604



000000  No.12946610


this website was meant to condition you into thinking police states are cool

ab5cb2  No.12946614

Not, you got the color wrong you faggot

ab5cb2  No.12946622


I wear the boots.

ab5cb2  No.12946629


The left operates a police state you moron.

31c0a5  No.12946650


Everything here is a joke, just like the world you've created for your masters.

000000  No.12946682

Just call them "glowniggers" and tell them you post to /pol about "gassing the kikes and lynching niggers".

000000  No.12946877


nazis are leftists



>The Socialism in National Socialism on a personal level is essentially giving a shit about each other (community, helping each other) and seeing ourselves part of an extended family that is our people, tribe, Nation and working together towards our common greatness.

>On a government level it is the chief duty of the state to improve and help the nation by embodying and promoting hierarchical meritocratic elitism, preventing the control of labour by capitol (money) by issuing debt free currency, nationalising some industry if necessary to prevent capitalist misuse and the promotion of family, community and people as one nation.


>More morality, less moralism: https://invidio.us/watch?v=fk_LmiBXSD8

>Economics: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ld8fxzEXZ2Qz/

nazi memes werent ironic then glows took over and got you all to take this shit unironically and now you think national ((((((((((((((((socialism))))))))))))))))))) is cool and edgy and you want trump to declare marshall law to round up leftists but really whats going to happen is youre going to lose all your individual freedoms and get charged for thought crimes

ab5cb2  No.12947015


Indeed they are not.

ab5cb2  No.12947057


Try learning more about actual conservative views instead of rehashed ZOG and Trotsky bullshit.

NeoCons are not Conservative. Jeb is not Conservative. Miscegenation is not Conservative, and it the largest portion of National Socialist doctrine.

Conservationists are the direct ideological descendants of National Socialist ideology.

I am perfectly heterosexual.

000000  No.12947062


natsoc larpers are now claiming they are the "real socialists"




This was posted yesterday


>National Socialism is socialism you idiot. It's marxism that isn't socialism. In the future, try not getting your definition of socialism from the kike Marx - he didn't invent it and doesn't have a claim to its' definition.

>National Socialism is the only true form of socialism, while marxism isn't socialist at all.

>see: http://archive.fo/solUo

Mfw the alt right ARE literally claiming they are "real socialism"



8936d3  No.12953992

I'm a fed and can confirm. Most cases are made because men think they can outsmart the interviewers, don't encrypt their shit, and trust women with anything.

Women are the fucking worst. They snitch for anything. Don't ever trust a woman. And that usually starts off with them doing something stupid that gives rise to probable cause to begin with.

And don't ever leave your shit unlocked. We will go through it regardless of any warrant.

If you have illegal shit in your car get out slowly with your hands showing. They'll tell you to get back in. Don't do it. Before you get out hit the door lock button and leave your keys inside. Calling pop a lock is far better than the cops using court decision to search wear your hands might have been.

Shit will escalate if cops have a reason at all. You being a dick makes it personal.

The whole "am i being detained" schtick is worthless.

Always plead the 1st and the 5th. Only say what the law forces you to say. Say" sir, respectfully, my girlfriend is an attorney and she'd have my ass if i spoke to you without an attorney here."

Know that the system is fucked.

Shut the fuck up.

Don't tell women shit.

Lock your shit.

Encrypt your drives and phone

These are what will stop the majority of low level cases unless they catch you red handed.

4d54da  No.12954030


Don't eve leave your shit unlocked…..lock your car"

Moron. You admit to being a criminal "fed" with your criminal actions on 8ch and also make errors. Fuck off and die.

8f1835  No.12954082


I too always want to look my best when the police stop me.

74c844  No.12954136


Create men with nothing to lose and it just gets worse. Don't forget Mein Kampf was written by a man with nothing to lose while in prison.

ec865d  No.12954166

File: 705a520bdc1fb57⋯.pdf (1.38 MB, JSOU_Guerilla_Counterintel….pdf)

File: 9daa444653afebe⋯.pdf (8.21 MB, To_Break_a_Tyrant_s_Chains….pdf)

File: e99f4484f5a9d6c⋯.pdf (1.09 MB, HOW TO BEAT THE FBI -Spy &….pdf)

>how to beat the feds

>no actuall information shared ITT about counter intelligence or gorilla warfare

the fuck?

2b024e  No.12975353

Do not resist police, turn yourself in.

9f7ee9  No.12993235


What encryption can't the feds access?

ca58e2  No.12993253


Jim sold out to the feds, you'd be stupid to discuss anything here on clearnet

43b124  No.12993460


reading the Green Book the guy could be talking to the North of England

307966  No.13012089


Lying kike, Jim has never sold us out

c0d880  No.13012100

The admin of 8chan and many of (you) are gonna get vanned soon.

000000  No.13012159


well we cant break passwords if we dont have enough processing power

000000  No.13012210


Do not refuse to speak,

Make sure to say LAWYER only, and repeat as necessary to make sure they hear you/its on the record

4881a5  No.13012448


There are several but all public available cryto is breakable and has been for over a decade.

9ab51c  No.13012474

File: 432f98b93beb3a5⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 730x480, 73:48, ooga.jpg)


LMAO fucking niggers

3e5789  No.13012866


in canada: i got arrested for identity theft. I was staying at a hostel and put 2 macbooks, phones, and some other stuff i had bought with fake credit cards under the sheet on the bed and went out to get more stuff. i also left a bunch of IDs and spent cards. They had a maid come in to change the sheets. When i got back the police were there and they arrested me. i refused to cooperate with the interrogation and when they asked me what i want to plead i said "i'll plead guitly to possession of stolen property if they drop the other charges". then they just stayed all of the charges and released me.

The funny thing is that i had stolen all of the identifcation docuements myself that i had been using, and the police said that they were going to check the security tapes from where the IDs were stolen, and I just said "check the security tapes. it wasn't me". Then a little while later the cops said "we checked the security tapes and it wasn't youn that was involved in the thefts". lmao.

e84eb1  No.13013076

I saw a nerdy-looking guy getting interrogated by the popo this evening, it made me feel bad. I'm not sure if he did anything bad or not, but I feel like nerds should stand up for each other, because few if anyone else will.

af8dd5  No.13013349

File: c3ccc452e77b6f0⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 20:27, 722f8e8bec5f4e83e9041545d2….gif)



1/8 b8 got me to reply

0c9423  No.13013587

File: 90546c0526dd9e1⋯.jpg (137.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1514855332833.jpg)


Yes, national socialism is a form of socialism. However it is not left or right-wing that's why it's third positionism. Natsoc is NOT capitalistic and rejects capitalism with the same fervor as marxism. It is the concept that the nation, is your race… and your race is your nation… but the nation is comprised of workers, private businesses and the government working in tandem for a greater tomorrow. But helping your fellow man is not only expected, but required in national socialism.

You seem very confused as to the economic concepts of national socialism/fascism/third positionism. I can reccomend you some books if you like… but don't believe kike media… national socialism isn't some ultra right-wing ultra-capitalist state.

ff610e  No.13013607

Why are any of you worried about cops? Are there a bunch of niggers on this board or something?

0c9423  No.13013676


/liberty/ became a dead board, so they migrated here. While none of us like modern police in the west, most natsocs understand why they exist… however lolbergtarians are basically manchildren and hate the very idea of police. And since all their shitty economics threads and worshipping of their kike idols like (((Ayn Rand))), (((Rothbard))) and (((Friedman))) get cockslapped to infinity by debate and logic:

The last place libertarians hang out on /pol/ are on cop hate threads, aka

>libertarian general

1f62b3  No.13013712


That would be seen as an declaration of war, because once minor actions warrants major punishment, then major actions become favorable.

0a588c  No.13013891


Detective Greenberg is

1f1033  No.13013906

>Be British

>Be in (((college)))

>Said (((college)))) literally had the police involved over browsing imageboards

>Almost got 10 years for shitposting

>Now have to use a VPN all the time and live in constant concern as they have a mark on my ass as a potential extremist

>Can't even apply for a passport to get out of this shithole atm

You have no idea how bad it is, Anons…

1f1033  No.13013911


People aren't reading those books in school now. They haven't since 2005 at least.

Nowadays it's Boy in the Striped Pajamas or some other white guilt shit.

I laughed at the end of that movie in school and got a nice talking to by a supposed Jew

23c16e  No.13015097


Well, they can't break HTTPS, but you know.. using a VPN is always a good idea

6ab063  No.13015691

File: 87b494a19600d58⋯.jpeg (186.32 KB, 520x505, 104:101, 0126A16D-E3F3-48B2-B0ED-C….jpeg)


If this is a real post and the brits actually do have to worry about getting v& for shitposting, then the authorities are gonna have a much bigger problem to deal with down the road as you guys are deanonymized and concentrated into prisons where you can congregate and strategize.

Here in the US we have all kinds of white supremacist prison gangs. The UK will soon have something similar if they don’t already.

ef2669  No.13019586

File: 77c5db5ce996cdc⋯.jpg (203.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1434844242236.jpg)






At least there was a saint back then to avenge Ruby Ridge and Waco.

a09efc  No.13019902


No ATF agents were killed in the blast if you're referring to what I think you're referring too. For some reason none of them were in the building. Suspicious, no?

ed1304  No.13040645


ec2a8c  No.13040875


>-Hand them the “Rights” card, above.

>has a picture of a party world van with "BRB, FBI" on it above the post

Good rights card bro

000000  No.13045173

cia niggers

238368  No.13045194


Just kill the fucking ZOG-agents!

08b1ca  No.13045284

I wish they'd van me…I'd confess to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby and assassinating JFK if it meant a nice comfy solitary confinement for the rest of my days. All I'd ask is that the guards knew I really dindu nuffin because one really doesn't want one's captors to hold a serious animosity against oneself.

aef6b1  No.13045353


Almost nothing. I'm sure there are tools out there that work. The issue is whether they want to take the time to do the work. There is plenty of low hanging fruit and most cops/feds go after that because there's so much. The problems come from when you become a big enough problem to warrant a parallel construction investigation. You're basically fucked at that point. The feds will get to you if the feds want. And it depends what threat you pose and the agency going after you.

08b1ca  No.13045355


You deserve to be in jail you fucking scum. KYS.

cf1500  No.13045654

File: ceeb50ed901a152⋯.jpg (105.73 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, acca.jpg)


The United States of ZOG has never supported fascism you idiot. quit calling everything you don't like fascism. We fascist don't like being compared to jew-supporters like Pino-san.

000000  No.13052899


And there were Whites in there, including women and children.

The Feds just looked at the growing fires after triggering them, some of these pigs sitting in light armored vehicles.

e0c3a8  No.13052984

File: de41d0ae82813c0⋯.jpg (92.38 KB, 1440x1077, 480:359, cf8e5d1972893c8845716d9b93….jpg)


>think that you are rebels?

Because we revolt against the modren world.

3e97df  No.13055735


>paper pellets of 28:80

What is this in english?

e0f836  No.13067929

Resistance is futile

Surrender and tell the investigation the truth.

3c346c  No.13090914


That FBI book is a bit outdated, is there a better one?

38c4b2  No.13110251

Relevant since viewing 8pol is basically terrorism (and we love causing you fucking dirty goddamn jews terror)

000000  No.13115279


> That FBI book is a bit outdated, is there a better one?

Not just outdated, but F9 either had some critical INFOOPSEC fails or was a sting operation. Their calling an Internet-based system a "one-way radio link" really set off my alarm bells—-that system involved direct contact between every "cell" and "F9 HQ" which would have been blindingly obvious once "HQ" was being watched, as they themselves said was the case.

A modern equivalent using Tor hidden services, I2P, FreeNet's dead-drop-alike messaging system, GNUnet, or any similar system would be safe, if only because the ability to crack any of those would be such a big secret that they'd never risk it to van anons.

000000  No.13115331

Is FBI pro or against Assange? Baddest goy wants to know.

f1c5d9  No.13115949


>The US financed Fascists!

America has never financed or supported turn-of-the-century traditional Catholics who were violently opposed to Communism.

It doesn't get much more brainlet than throwing around 'fascist' as a buzzword for DoubleMinus WrongBad. Capitalism and Communism have never fought, have always been allies, and were always foreign Jewish ideologies. Capitalist universities in America and Europe are the only places your precious "socialism" was ever taken seriously.

Antifa and the cops and the bankers and the hippies are all on the same side, serving the same establishment and moving towards the same end goal. The dominion of ZOG over the face of the earth, true globalism, what they call the new world order.

Either you are in revolt against the modern world or you aren't. All other lines in the sand are imaginary and provable lies.

000000  No.13116335


You appear to be using an obsolete or heretical Newspeak dictionary. The correct duckspeak is doubleplus ungood. "Minus" and "Bad" are unwords.

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