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File: ab8e7dcdf293c8c⋯.jpg (60.78 KB, 946x395, 946:395, jewish[1].jpg)

6df2a6  No.12500104

White nationalist keep supporting jewish capitalism, the system that erased western traditions and is currently slowly exterminating white people.

Before capitalism, european whites lived literally in white ethno-states a 100% whites, where tradition, religion and race were sacred. Christianity and tradition were the core tenets of the everyday life.

Capitalism is the real threat to white people. Never before in our history we were so close to real extermination. Capitalism doesn't care about ethnicity, about our communities and our traditions. Capitalism is destroying the western patriarchal family unit. Capitalism has given birth to feminism and race mixing. If you study economics, you will study things like the Heckscher-Ohlin model, which says that in a truly capitalist free market world, factors (and labor, i.e. people is among them) must be completely mobile across nations to be optimally allocated. Hence capitalism shall promote massive immigration (which in the long turn means race mixing and the disappearance of white people) from underdeveloped countries with negro population, to white european and north american countries. Capitalism needs and promotes factors mobility to better suit the supply to the demand when needed, and generate optimal results. While it's achievements are outstanding, it is destroying our race and our traditions. Feminism is also a capitalist phenomena.

If white nationalist want to get serious, they must long for the fall of capitalism. Hitler correctly understood this, and he slowly started to undermine capitalism with state intervention and state owned enterprises. You people are still being fooled by the austrian school kikes. Don't be stupid. Look at all the intellectuals of capitalism: milton friedman, von mises, david ricardo with free trade, and most of the economics nobel prizes; all jewish.

Humanity shall return to the simpler and better days before capitalism, when white people lived proudfully in their white ethno-states. We must long for the fall of capitalism, our only hope to avoid this demographic change which is killing us.

1f2e93  No.12500120


Good luck. You're going to have to undo the brainwashing of every single fortnite dancing zoomer in the nation first. They're being fed into the kike machine from the very beginning while their parents waste away on their iphones and opioids.

417344  No.12500122


You're preaching to the choir mate, /pol/ is a fascist/nat-soc board.

6df2a6  No.12500136


I've still seen a lot of people around here talking about the need for a white nationalist party with a free market economic platform. Or talking about the great prosperity that capitalism brought us.

Anyway, the main idea is as simple as this: demographic change is fueled by capitalism. If we don't destroy the latter, we are going to disappear very soon.

e86b15  No.12500182


We may be capitalist in the Marxist (yet more of that Jewish bullshit you mentioned) sense but we're vehemently socialist in the NSDAP sense.

b53bee  No.12500200

I agree, although capitalism has given us good things like private property and private ownership. To convince the brainlet conservatives who are pro "muh free-market," I think WNs should take the GLR approach.

"We believe in free enterprise, but we still look after the little guy." I think this approach is the best, especially since you don't have to be overtly anti-capitalist which can scare away potential right wing supporters

0b914e  No.12500208

6df2a6  No.12500232


That is right, many white people right wingers are still largely capitalist. However, I think we should relax the free enterprise approach. State owned enterprises respond only to their state directors, and they in turn can be guided by moral or racial principles. Private enterprise only understands profit, and profit needs cheap labor, i.e. negros and mixed and non white hispanics. The global capitalist and jewish (also conformed by white cuckolds, we know it) elite will always promote migration. We need a strong state, and in the long turn, we need to replace this system. But I think it would be a good start if WN's turned to state intervention, instead of free market. We can crush the left if we have a better economic platform.

671761  No.12500243



At least be consistent and apply your own rule to religion as well.

b53bee  No.12500256


We don't need state owned enterprises for everything. We can have regulation of private enterprises instead of nationalization. For example, create regulations that promote the emplacement of native-born whites over cheap foreign labour

f5e11b  No.12500259


The fascism has happened in the form that Mussolini characterized; but the government and corporate marriage is fully kike'd, and there is zero self-determination for the White man. He's wedged between the lower socioeconomic class weaponized against him and an emerging Liberal Fascist state (Corporate and Government marriage) operated as a financial bloc (1 of 7 globally) for the state of Israel

f5e11b  No.12500273


>demographic change is fueled by capitalism

the "capitalism" phase is over fait accompli. The middle-class is a corpse, the greatest wealth rests in the hands of less people than you have fingers, and not allowing Whites employment in their own lands giving preferential treatment to all things not White is the death knell. We're watching history being made

36320d  No.12500279

File: e52aaa7b3edf041⋯.jpeg (46.2 KB, 680x713, 680:713, e52aaa7b3edf04185fb0ac0b4….jpeg)


Nice try schlomo. Communists are the only retards who think ideas are corporeal beings with Sovereign own agendas. Any kind of "boogy man" artificial construct to blame but themselves, since humans are the ONLY actors.

6df2a6  No.12500285


That's a good start (I would say that in the long turn that would make our exports more expensive, and we would fall behind competition, also provoking capital flights: though that could be offset with other measures, our only hope in the long turn is the fall of this system). The problem in the US is that the GOP will never abandon free trade and free market capitalism. I have more faith in Europe. Maybe there the new populist right wing parties can enact correct economic measure.

6eaaa6  No.12500291

Capitalism and liberty are both contextually acceptable. You need a moral, nation-minded people to practice these without error. Otherwise you get women fucking dogs on webcam for bitcoins.

6df2a6  No.12500305


Institutions also have a real objective existence, that's why they can endure over time. Human action is always constrained by these institutions that exist before we are born as individuals. This is not a jewish idea. On the very contrary, it borrows on the western scientific tradition: Comte and Durkheim (they argued against your individualist notion) were both inspired by the great achievements of western science: physics and biology respectively.

5089d7  No.12500310


So like China?

e74ee7  No.12500321

File: feda3ebeb088f69⋯.mp4 (2.5 MB, 480x360, 4:3, more_democracy_there.mp4)


>>We must long for the fall of capitalism

Its just as much Democracy, (((Democracy Makers))) have been using "voting" to drive any policy they want for centuries.

b53bee  No.12500327



>looking after the little guy

c4fa9a  No.12500344


> the need for a white nationalist party with a free market economic platform.

I know one figure you're talking about: George Lincoln Rockwell. One must realize that Rockwellian "National Socialism" and Hitlerian National Socialism are two completely separate entities altogether. For one thing, Rockwellian National Socialists believe in free enterprise.

>In March 1959, Rockwell founded the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), a name selected to denote opposition to state ownership of property. In December, the organization was renamed the American Nazi Party, and its headquarters was relocated to 928 North Randolph Street in Arlington, Virginia.

GLR is the one man who inspired the entire postwar white nationalist movement, not Hitler. In fact, if you read his book "White Power", it shows you this.

569343  No.12500357

The way I see it capitalism works fine when its contained within a nation and the nation was strong regulations regarding importing labour.

Also the nation needs strong tariffs to protect its industries.

But once capitalism is bounded in a strong nation with clear lines why wouldn't it be the most effective engine?

The only thing I am unsure of is whether freetrade between regions within the nation screws over some of the regions the same way international free trade does. At some point you have to call how far in you are going to zoom and accept that the north side of a town could be working over the south side.

I would say though that internal free trade could cause some regions to form their own nationalistic identity and seek to leave whatever nation they feel is screwing them over.

36320d  No.12500368

File: 36e73d6e1528c87⋯.jpg (577.28 KB, 1064x1244, 266:311, Screenshot_20180522-153133….jpg)


That's false. There would be no evolution only static existence of an "ageless" society in that case. Humans are the only actors and they act on their own interests. No set of words in a paper ever got up and acted physically.

>"Scientists" who don't believe in individual action

You mean communists.

b53bee  No.12500393



Someone who finally gets it

0214e3  No.12500435


The issue is corporatism, but good luck explaining that to braindead faggots who do not understand the difference.

5089d7  No.12500510


What about E. Michael Jones’ Barren Metal? Wouldn’t his thesis suggest you’re making a No True Scottsman?

569343  No.12500517


Well it doesn't help that they are all convinced corporatism is capitalism.

Can't give up though, have to attempt to convince the lemmings before they run us off a cliff.

5b8ec5  No.12500530

<oy vey capitalism is bad communism is good

Kill yourself.

5089d7  No.12500542


I’m surprised no one’s arguing that they are both equally “bad” is all.

23a9b3  No.12500545

Because NS is easily subverted. Even Hitler had issues.

af0052  No.12500557


It's mostly just wordism. Some anons just have a religious connection to the word capitalism. Mostly because it triggers leftists.

However, when you start talking to these "free market" fascists, you quickly discover that they're not actually interested in a "free market"

Me, I don't care about capitalism or socialism. I just want a White nation that takes care of its people and culture. If we want to call that capitalism, that's fine with me. Private property is important and natural for White people. However, gigantic corporations that destroy small towns and villages are not to be tolerated as that is globalism. And it is important for the health of a nation that private corporations do not control healthcare or the police system. These things must be owned and funded collectively by the people. This is fair and just.

Frankly, we need to exterminate the jews.

d12eb9  No.12500559

File: 687ea26293bb1e9⋯.jpg (256.63 KB, 1002x762, 167:127, libertarianism free market….jpg)

bf4c20  No.12500562

The principle of Capitalism existed as far back as white society has. Communism and nu-socialism are jewish invetions started a few hundred years ago as a way to destroy society

d12eb9  No.12500564


>he principle of Capitalism existed as far back as white society has.

the absolute state of (((Capitalist))) shills

5089d7  No.12500569

We should do more history threads because the idea that capitalism is as old as X is pretty much pilpul.

af0052  No.12500574

File: b05b85f9812133b⋯.jpg (62.61 KB, 800x600, 4:3, German Maypole.jpg)


Actually, the principles that defined European tribes and kingdoms since time immemorial have been National Socialist in nature.

Respect for the deeds, property, and achievements of the individual, and care for the needs of the community as a whole.

ee1b02  No.12500607


Did you know that kikes drink water and breathe air?

Don't want to be a kike now, do you?

10acf1  No.12500715

File: 5ef937063a66077⋯.jpg (399.3 KB, 1812x1324, 453:331, Albert Speer - Die Neue Re….jpg)


No. The idea of free markets, private property, voluntary exchange was core values of all successful societies in antiquity, it has nothing to do with (((profit trading))), and has all to do with the idea that by being useful and serving your own people/society you serve yourself. See for yourself, now after the last resistance to international Jewry/communism was destroyed after the wrong side won WW2 that base idea of naturally serving the people that our nations were always founded on has been almost completely exterminated by Jews and forcibly replaced by individualism and such destructive rootless ideas of "profit margins" spawning horrors like usury, consumerism, debt slavery, fractional reserve banking.

Capitalism as a policy is alien to us, it's absurdity and abhorrent to any white society, as it doesn't promote achievements or progress, it doesn't promote the people of a nation. It focuses on capital for capital alone, wealth just for the sake of wealth instead of advancement. It's a rootless idea of wholly Jewish in nature. And since Jews don't know how to invent, they only know how to profit/exploit/steal/plunder/subvert it's their perfect brand-name of mass exploitation.

If everything in society were operated for profit margins alone, we would never have had any significant achievements. We would been still living in the dark ages hamstrung to these petty Jewish ideas of favoring base material gain instead of giant leaps in technology for the greater good, like these rotten kikes are forcing us into now. If everything was operated for profit under this alien Jewish idea of "capitalism", were fully adopted and race wasn't a factor there would be no white innovations and inventions like airplanes, there would be no such things as computers, there would be no transistors/electricity/modern medicine/hospitals/schools/highways/space programs etc because these visionary ideas and inventions would have been destroyed on the basis of not being immediately beneficial for a few (((profiteers))) instead of being beneficial for literally everyone.

5089d7  No.12500747

In other words, usury, especially state-sponsored usury in the form of oligarchy, is the defining characteristic of capitalist ideology.

Curious, no?

533fe8  No.12500773


ah, I see you too are a pragmatist.

000000  No.12500819


>Private property is important and natural for White people.

>However, gigantic corporations that destroy small towns and villages are not to be tolerated as that is globalism

National Socialism is what you're looking for, bud.

>Socialism means: “The common good before the individual good.”

>Socialism means: “Think not of yourself, but of the whole, of the people and the state.”

>Socialism means: “Not the same for everyone, but to each his own.”

> - Helmut Stellrecht

85a26e  No.12500847

File: 5c0eccdad2ce26c⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 566x480, 283:240, 1349909715883.jpg)

File: a5c45eb41cec57b⋯.jpg (256.57 KB, 1300x985, 260:197, joss-ackland-thomas-ian-ni….jpg)


>"Respect for the deeds, property, and achievements of the individual, "

That pretty much eliminated any socialism right there. Have you even read the history of the lands you are taking about? It really doesn't seem like you have any idea at all about system of "government" the "white races" on Europe had our even the laws they used.

>This guy learned about pre darkages - feudal- and civil white society(Switzerland to East Germany and West Asia) from A Kid in King Arthurs Court and martin lawrence staring in Black Knight

af0052  No.12500864

File: eb857a0d87d85c8⋯.jpg (154.07 KB, 2100x1372, 75:49, Midsummer Festival Belarus….jpg)


>Quotes only half of my statement so he can shill his wordism.

Here's the full statement I made.

Respect for the deeds, property, and achievements of the individual, and care for the needs of the community as a whole.

fc5b44  No.12500884


>you need usury and crapitalism because jews

Fuck off alt-sodomite

173e71  No.12500901


As opposed to the even more Jewish Socialism or one of its many variants? Hitler liberalized the German economy compared to the previous Prussian style socialism. Neck yourself, shlomo.

dd0de4  No.12500917

File: 2ec8fc55de99361⋯.png (141.69 KB, 400x427, 400:427, 15 incredible rat tricks t….png)


>Hitler liberalized the German economy compared to the previous Prussian style socialism

This everyone knows the natsocs were the true natcaps

8fcd81  No.12500946


This is soooooooo transparent.

Typical /leftypol/ incompetent shit to shift the narrative and hope the anons move to the left.

Commie, you are hopeless.

85a26e  No.12500954


No that's not national socialism is you own things and have to respect the deeds of other individuals u mega nigger

c4fa9a  No.12500975

"Raquel Greene, an associate professor of Russian at Grinnell College, has written extensively on how Soviet children's books depicted African children in blackface and Africa as an uncivilized continent. Robert Robinson a black U.S. resident, who lived in USSR for more than four decades, was regularly used as a propaganda tool. And when he realized that Russians were just as racist as Americans, Robinson wasn't allowed to leave and had to escape the country with the help of Ugandan diplomats."


691f57  No.12500979

File: 65bd3b85b49651f⋯.jpg (53.27 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Hitler - Two Sides of the ….jpg)


>White Nationalist keep supporting

who, specifically, keeps supporting as you claim?

85a26e  No.12500989

File: f6c8f9c6571d846⋯.jpg (101.04 KB, 751x675, 751:675, 21233.JPG)



Also look at this cold cold hot hot communist shit, trying to use "WORDISM" as an insult.

That commie is a dumb nigger, part of the double think neuroticism retardation mind virus is narrowing vocabulary. Without being about to express your thoughts precisely you are not evolving or communicating intelligently -literal regression

>Hot hot cold cold are used constantly, listen for them in nigger movies and shows like big bang theory or George Lopez show

Start reading what matters, learn the law

00679e  No.12500994

The faggot known as OP needs to return to /leftypol. Not everyone is a broke, retarded faggot like him. Stupid jew.

5089d7  No.12501012

A lot of neetsoc posters are gratified by an anti-intellectual strain in NS because it gives them dignity in their low iq state of being. But anti-intellectualism means philosophical relativism, pilpul, intellectual dishonesty. It doesn’t mean it’s good to shun all that book learnin’. Germany was the world capitol for science and technology before it was destroyed, for gods’ sake.

ba4dce  No.12501061

File: 286d77802920fea⋯.png (430.67 KB, 795x3687, 265:1229, 1418257181710.png)

File: 9e03406f6cac271⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1449x1097, 1449:1097, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4952aaef591926c⋯.png (153.22 KB, 1445x151, 1445:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3c1dd3095acc8d8⋯.png (52.42 KB, 1067x70, 1067:70, ClipboardImage.png)


And care for the needs of the community as a whole, you jew.

The ancient world managed in many cases to effectively consider both the ramifications upon individual condition AND the ramifications upon community circumstance and reconcile the two, without going into the extremes of Bolshevik Communism ("Only the Community matters!") or Hyper-Capitalism ("Only my own butthole matters!").







Will you stop void-posting bait you doublenigger? It contributes nothing and leads to unnecessary antagonism further contributing nothing and in fact draining value.

85a26e  No.12502131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is mostly gay fanfiction. Typical socialist garbage. None of the examples or scenarios are relevant, law isn't argued against mountains. Purposely retarded. Not even scholarly, practically an article from npr.

>Listen to actual literature instead of twilight tier bantering.

228be7  No.12502146

File: 877e8b0fee31861⋯.jpg (422.01 KB, 1800x1000, 9:5, Libertarianism jews.jpg)

2fd0ff  No.12502317


You mean just you?

af0052  No.12502416



>Everything other than my religion is communism

Funny, this is exactly what communists say in reverse.

This is what happens when you obsess over a pointless wordism.

Wordism originates from the great Bob Whitaker, friend of Dr. Pierce. You wouldn't know because you're a hopeless newfaggot.

000000  No.12502469


>capitalism bad!


And what do you propose to replace it, Anon-stein Shekelberg?


<Works 100%! …at destroying nations, which is its intended purpose, as it's a Jewish invention.


<Won't work because no one understands how this is supposed to work. I.E., who enforces the value of currency vs goods vs services?


<That dirty old whore Communism in a pretty new dress.



The 'Socialism' in National Socialism is because, when the Fuhrer was elected to take the reigns of power, he had the government take ownership of the means of production, enforced a labor backed currency, regulated currency values, and then FUNNELED A WHOLE FUCKLOAD of money into national development (social) programs: schools, roads, the arts, and so on. And in so doing, made Germany the best country to live in at the time.

Until Jews fucked it up.

My suggestion?

We don't need to do away with capitalism. It's a bad system, yes, but it's the only system that's not as bad as the others.

No, what we need is a labor backed dollar and heavier government regulation of businesses in favor of the consumer and worker. Businesses should be legally required, that if they do any business at all in the US, to have a headquarters here, pay taxes here, and have MEANS OF PRODUCTION here. Better pay, more jobs, lower costs, and for the tax revenue to fix the fucking budget and then go into social programs–like the roads, schools, removing private prisons for state run, and so on.

db081f  No.12502626


Capitalism is more of a threat and always was more of a threat to the aryan race than communism ever was, because without capitalism, communism becomes irrelevant.

85a26e  No.12503525

File: 5113658a5c349e5⋯.jpg (98.37 KB, 640x788, 160:197, 5113658a5c349e5d01c37841c8….jpg)

File: 1ca12447bb7f07d⋯.jpeg (69.94 KB, 498x371, 498:371, 89bae138e84500923ad83fb91….jpeg)


I didn't say anything about a religion I said what was being proposed is communism. You are dumb and have nothing to say.

>WORDISM is scientific communism/fascism you can read all about it from Her and in his brothers fiction books.

Duuuh knowing words is like pointless man they are just sounds and stuff but my heart knows what I need to say. Fucking dumb nigger that's what we're have now with sjw trannies babeling instead of speaking, they haven't told them the new words yet but they cleared the way by making sure these trannies are illiterate

There world that trannies and sjw communists want so badly is dictated by very specific words, so it's the law and that's how the subversion is occurring, the law. Learn it and stop being gay

85a26e  No.12503539


U stupid dumb nigger.

Without capitalism, trading your surplus for what you want, then we would be hungry gatherers living like the aboriginals. They don't even use communism in the state run sense because it's gay and everyone knows that except for you vaccine damaged twinks

365919  No.12503569


Kek'd at the absurd notion of having any excess.

Shit nigger after the mortgage and utilities and food and fuel there is less than zero left

It is untenable.

I am all done

Watch the news tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna dab on some bankers hehehe

4a49fe  No.12503703

>the problem is capitalism

Ridiculous. The problem is and always has been the allowance of jews in our countries. They will promote anything that is useful in acquiring power in a given situation. Jews promote socialism as well. Whatever it takes to appeal to a group they wish to infiltrate and subvert.

Self determination appeals deeply to the white man, especially those of American stock, and the ones old enough to remember what it's like to be able to carve out a life to call one's own (unlike the young who have never known ownership). The preaching of capitalism by jews is aimed specifically at white men, to lower their guard. Likewise, the preaching of socialism to non-whites (and young whites) is effective at rallying them to follow jews who will further enslave them with every ounce of support they give.

You need to focus. The jew uses anything and everything necessary to subvert and conquer. Capitalism and socialism have their places in our society, and indeed are inseparable from any functioning society. It's a jewish scheme that would see our worldviews be so small that we attack essential, unavoidable natural phenomena like the pursuit of profit, or cooperation, which is all capitalism and socialism are. One leads directly into the other.

The human state of want (capitalism) naturally takes us on the path to cooperation (socialism), because the rewards are greater for those that work together and form strong bonds of family and friendship. The jew wants us separating these ideas so that we divide, and are easier to destroy. What we need to realize is that there are appropriate actions and inappropriate actions based on what you want to achieve in any given situation. There are times to "live and let live", and times to uphold a standard. If someone is using their granted freedom in a community to the detriment of the community, then it's time to suspend the principle of "live and let live" and uphold a standard.

Human societies will never be perfectly automated such that they don't collapse after a long period of success, no matter what any ideologist of any wordism says. We can't be lazy about correcting those who misuse freedom. We have to be vigilant. Always remembering what happens when we don't draw a line not to be crossed. Neither Capitalism, nor Socialism, or any other ism will stop the degeneration of a society that starts allowing jews inside of it.

47d46c  No.12503819

File: f1d37223891b314⋯.png (155.04 KB, 371x268, 371:268, Milton_William_Cooper.png)

File: e993a1ec34c1e34⋯.jpeg (190.13 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, Dqxb3R9UcAAKtC3.jpeg)

File: af463aca3b6203d⋯.jpg (168.88 KB, 706x509, 706:509, Screenshot_20180902-111754….jpg)

File: 3a92fe09fe4538e⋯.png (16.12 KB, 340x445, 68:89, image.png)


This, what you said above, doesn't even make sense. you sound like a vape god retard.

af0052  No.12503928


>There world that trannies and sjw communists want so badly is dictated by very specific words


9482e0  No.12504005

File: 505665764e46573⋯.jpg (282.96 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, Screenshot_20181203-143515….jpg)


No, WORDISM is how trannies want you to be negligent when dealing in thought concepts during negotiation. All government is law, all business is law, all monarchy is law, all religion is law. All law between men is a negotiation. You can't negotiate if you're retarded, the elites aren't going to be like you, dumb dumb, they are writing these laws and laws are what? WORDS. Their crusade against intelligence has weakened their own base.

>Pic related, how things actually work, not at all like your cartoon history

c2ef35  No.12504010

File: 03ebdef77d8cc9c⋯.png (159.42 KB, 1500x800, 15:8, smuggie.png)


This thread inspired me, enjoy.

af0052  No.12504258


>He thinks that wordism means being literate

lurk moar, newfaggot. That isn't a meme.

dd0de4  No.12504391


>look at this cold cold hot hot communist

>hot cold cold are used constantly

What are you even talking about

27fb9d  No.12504400

File: 15dbc71044ea6fe⋯.jpg (90.79 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 15dbc71044ea6fe8816c1244ff….jpg)

a026fe  No.12504445

File: fb5d83023514fd2⋯.jpg (237.3 KB, 700x741, 700:741, Screenshot_20181203-170313….jpg)


Are u really that retarded, go ahead and read it again dearie😂


God damn u commies can't even read (ironic)

a026fe  No.12504466

File: 9a33de38405d47d⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 719x249, 719:249, Screenshot_20180924-124009….jpg)


Cold cold, hot hot

Those are terms trying to be instituted in the public mind. Rappers singing they got the hot hot, the phrase is being introduced before the definition. Weathermen will start using cold cold and hot hot in 2019. Description is intelligence, decrease commination you decrease resistance.

bd1f82  No.12504955

Capitalism has been around since people used currency instead of bartering, you retard. Capitalism is just producing goods or services to sell for money which can be used to buy other goods and services. It's the best economic system and gives people economic freedom. So fuck off you commie faggot.

0cca20  No.12504959


stolen, as of right now

867fc3  No.12504970


No, we need nationalization. Anyone arguing otherwise is just trying to buy time until they can undo the regulations they hold their nose for and bring us right back to the point we're at now.

867fc3  No.12504977


>Capitalism is just producing goods or services to sell for money which can be used to buy other goods and services.

They had that in the Soviet Union. Capitalism, in the loosest definition possible, is the means of production [how you want to classify this is up to you, but generally: machine tools, arable land, foundries, factories, mills of all kinds, etc.] are privately owned.

867fc3  No.12504987


Self-determination has nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalists don't want you to determine anything for yourself – they want you to be a permanent consumer with no avenues to do anything but consume what they provide. A lot of you guys get confused and think anyone is talking about your little plot of land or your dinky machine shop or garage.

bd1f82  No.12504997


Yes, you privately own what you sell and what you buy. Doing that isn't jewish.

867fc3  No.12505011


An Amazon privately owns what they sell and they drive everyone else out of business, gobble up the means to create and distribute these goods, and then they are your only choice. You keep thinking that you're included in the club, you aren't. If the only thing Amazon wants to sell you is Chinese made products and ADM GMO wheat, that's all you're going to get; on account that all the privately-owned factories up and made a private decision to move to China, ADM privately bought out all the farms and only chose to grow GMO wheat, and Amazon killed off damn near all the brick and mortar in your city.

bd1f82  No.12505024


The anti-capitalist USSR took half of Europe and killed 20+ million. Your point is?

867fc3  No.12505034


Which half is the one teetering on the brink of racial extermination?

bd1f82  No.12505047


The half that joined the EU and would have been part of the EUSSR if the Soviet Union hadn't collapsed do to the people wanting more freedom including economic freedom via capitalism. Many also joined the Euro which fucked up many of those countries' economy.

867fc3  No.12505056


Yeah, we're done here. You can't be intellectually honest and admit what is right in front of everyone's face. It's not the secret communists running the EU. Brown people are consumers, therefore they have value to capital. They will flood and lower the price of lower end work – disrupting lower class people in their own nation that capital despises and wants to kill. It is not even debatable at this point. Living in the capitalist West is hell on earth and permanent White extinction is around the corner.

bd1f82  No.12505097

File: 11e0b60f656ab63⋯.jpg (81.72 KB, 462x616, 3:4, EUROPE4ALL.jpg)


>It's not the secret communists running the EU

You're so fucking retarded. And none of them give a shit about money. They've got all the power. If they cared about money then YouTube and Twitter wouldn't be banning accounts that made them millions. All the companies wouldn't be pumping BILLIONS into unwanted cultural marxist propaganda. They would also be hiring people that made them the most money, using "diversity quotas". They could all make do much more money by listening and giving the people what they want rather than telling the people what they should want.

bd1f82  No.12505102


* not using "diversity quotas".

867fc3  No.12505120


It is unwanted by YOU – who is being made a minority. Their future customer base, which is global, wants it fine enough.

>They could all make do much more money by listening and giving the people what they want

Which people? The billion people in India? The billion people in China? The billion Muslims in the world? Or the handful of millions in Finland? Are you seriously fucking retarded? Nobody shitting on capitalism on this board cares about your little tract of land or your little podunk machine shop, dipshit. If anyone cares about it, it would be the likes of Amazon and the people running the Pentagon. Self-sufficient people don't make good consumers.

You are so fucking dumb it hurts. Every square inch of every capitalist Western country is brimful of every mishmashed up nigger variety you could think of. There are just literal oceans of these people milling around.

bd1f82  No.12505169


>Which people? The billion people in India? The billion people in China? The billion Muslims in the world?

Well that leaves 4 billion that aren't those people. And many people in those countries that you mentioned are in 3rd world poverty. And are muslims trying to create a worldwide caliphate for money? It's all about power and control. Money is given to many of those corporations to do that, rather than them doing it all themselves using honest capitalism.

867fc3  No.12505174



bd1f82  No.12505194



975c2f  No.12505197


>This is mostly gay fanfiction.

<No arguments.

>Typical socialist garbage.

<No arguments.

>None of the examples or scenarios are relevant

<No arguments.

>law isn't argued against mountains.

<Missing the point so hard he's leaving the atmosphere.

>Purposely retarded. Not even scholarly, practically an article from npr.

<No argument.



<No arguments, just schizophrenic rambling

975c2f  No.12505198


When you tell someone you're filtering them, you're basically saying "You win".

975c2f  No.12505246




>Alexander Pope: m-m-man is a fallen angel!

Paramount naivety.

55fa73  No.12505267


Pretty much this.

867fc3  No.12505279


No, you aren't. It's an admission they are disingenuous.

4a49fe  No.12505334


>Self-determination has nothing to do with capitalism.

Yes, it does. I'm not going to explain, because you didn't bother to explain your position.

078ca4  No.12505392


I recommend reading The Corporate State. Mosely and the fascists had the capability to turn industry, economy, and free enterprise into a system that would be subservient to the total state- that is all citizens. The segmented nature of this guild system is incredibly inflexible however, you'll need an AI that analyses market trends and adjusts legislature regarding them appropriately.

Either way we will be emancipated from menial labor by the machines. And what grave societal issues can we have if we're free to work on social justice and not cranking a lever? Robots and guns are all we need.

867fc3  No.12505400


Amazon isn't going to let you self-determine anything. Do you understand that? You can be whatever you want to be – so long as that thing is buying from us.

078ca4  No.12505407


There's no way they can shoot you out in the open. The best they can do is deny you their services- but given their greed, why would they?

Also, do you want to be Amazon, a multi-million employee organization? Do you want to compete with Amazon? What is Amazon actually denying you?

bd1f82  No.12505455


I've bought a few things from Amazon, although even then some of those things are other sellers selling through Amazon, but most of the things I've bought are from other online shops. So Amazon hasn't affected my self-determination. I can shop where I like.

867fc3  No.12505464


>What is Amazon actually denying you?

Why don't you ask the people who find themselves on the business end of the Pentagon's war machine since Amazon is going to be running their cloud and server infrastructure? The level of delusion here is insane and my guess is it isn't delusion at all. It's shills.

50e792  No.12505472


Okay, where did the crypto-libertarians go off to now?

We're genoraping the Strasserists, Nazbols, and Crypto-commies out of the movement right now.

Might as well get rid of the Atheists, crypto-libertarians, racist ancaps, and Doolittle dick suckers while we're at it.

Cut off both heads of the (((Materialist))) Hydra.

4a49fe  No.12505582


>Amazon isn't going to let you

That's the nature of competition, and self determination. Other people have to lose. I agree that Amazon is a problem, and I refuse to use their services. A righteous, folk orientated people/government would apply force to correct Amazon's detrimental use of freedom, but that's not the condition of our society.

adea9c  No.12513609

File: fa78a6e8189cf87⋯.mp4 (7.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, South-Park-S22E09-commie-i….mp4)

File: be63826c74168aa⋯.mp4 (6.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, South-Park-S22E09-commie-s….mp4)

File: 7bbf5269576a7d3⋯.jpg (165.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, South-Park-S22E09_50330_sn….jpg)








I'm pretty sure Matt Stone & Trey Parker browse /pol/. Last night's episode seems too much of a coincidence. They also threw in a couple of paedo symbols for us to catch.

570915  No.12513627


>He believes the marxist-reductionist definition of capitalism


15d57a  No.12513665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Imagine not seeing the pro-communist messages in this.

Imagine supposedly being a National Socialist and not seeing the pro-communist message of this.

See this guy? His names Murray Rothstein. Hes owned South Park since the mid 2010s or something, maybe back to 2008 even. Pierce was making broadcasts about this kike back when he was alive. South Park is kiked.

Oh look, its Cartman being consoled by 2 niggers over a kike cucking him. Ha ha HAAAAAA. Not funny.

15d57a  No.12513667

File: 4d7181de8dcd936⋯.jpg (42.76 KB, 340x353, 340:353, sumner-redstone.jpg)

>embed nukes the pic


15d57a  No.12513669


Oh and Cartman stopped to burn an American flag, because thats not a subliminal message that opposing Jews is anti-american or anything.

adea9c  No.12513747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm pretty sure the communism in last night's episode was a joke and that the "punchline" will be in next week's episode since it was a cliffhanger. In fact some of last night's episode countered communism because when the mall workers were asked why they were still there despite there not being any customers they said they just like working there. That destroys the communists' "workers want to rise up and seize the means of production" claim. The mall workers were just happy having a job and would willingly work for Amazon instead just to give them something to do.

As for jews, yes that Murray Rothstein probably affects the show a bit, but Matt Stone is half jewish and religiously an atheist and says he likes mocking jews. (Trey Parker isn't an atheist as he believes in God, but for some reason he doesn't believe that Jesus is the Son of God anymore, despite being raised Christian.) Even though Trey voices Cartman I wouldn't be surprised if Matt writes Cartman's jew jokes.


>Oh and Cartman stopped to burn an American flag, because thats not a subliminal message that opposing Jews is anti-american or anything.

No, it's part of the running joke in that episode that Cartman thinks Token and his family must keep going around disrespecting the American flag because they're black. He wants them to like him (he's being SJW-like for Heidi) so he wants to do stuff like that with them. I don't know why Comedy Central UK cut the start of that clip which half explains it.

c17549  No.12513853

It's partly because 'white nationalism' is a more anglo concept and a more american concept whereas specific ethno-nationalisms like 'French' or 'German' nationalism are more continental.

Because capitalism played such a vital role in the development of the anglo nations, whereas a sort of managerial bureaucracy worked in the development of say, Germany.

It's also important to realize that virtually every economic system has had Jewish influence in its development. Modern capitalism is wholly Jewish, but the sort of 'frontier capitalism' that many American southerners seem so partial to is a fairly different sort of social order. In the same way that modern social democratic movements and most modern 'socialists' are wholly influenced and controlled by Jewish interests as well, this is a very differnt sort of social order than national socialism.

ae2e00  No.12513871

Capitalism is fine. (((Capitalism))) is not. If you don’t know the difference lurk more.

OP is a communist kike.

710b46  No.12514163

I see the "white nationalists are anti-white because you won't dox yourself on my zeemap link" kike has returned, safe because our moderation does fucking nothing. Now he's adding commie shit and you brainlets are eating it up. Suicide yesterday.

0d3722  No.12516166



you are doing it wrong. get credit cards, get a bunch of shit you need innawoods. ignore payments and go live innawoods on your own,

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