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File: 7f6a1131b895cdc⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2286x1715, 2286:1715, Stormers.jpg)

File: 382747eeb2c0d1c⋯.png (932.23 KB, 956x706, 478:353, 5ab0ad8fd2760.png)

File: 26c63b157901ffe⋯.jpg (139.83 KB, 846x1149, 282:383, 2090b12c169f1995a8177512fe….jpg)

d78a25  No.12505606

The quality of this board has dropped since around 2016 due not in small part to an influx of centrist leaning cultists - supported by massive censorship and bans from the mods. I call these people electionniggers.

What are Electionniggers you may ask.

Electionniggers are part of a Votingnigger Cult. They attempt to shut down any discussion of violence or revolution, or any kind of street activism. They have an agenda of targeting and deradicalizing young people who hold geniuine right wing sympathies. After subverting a community their energy is then diverted to supporting the republican party. These are the same faggots concern trolling about "optics" all the fucking time, while defending Kike Enoch who looks like an ugly Jew, and having their site run by Weev who looks like an even uglier Jew.

These faggots will make outrageous claims like they can subvert the republican party. Their own followers can't be stupid enough to believe this but 90% of those people are just weekend racists looking for an internet safespace to blow off steam.

There are many different types of votingniggers, I'll go through some of them here.

Defeatist Shills:

Defeatist shilling goes something like this: "You can't start a revolution so don't even bother trying, goyim." Aside from it's flawed logic, these people are demotivational, whiny, born losers. This tactic is most pravelent among BurgerNats.

BurgerNats or American "Nationalists":

These idiots claim the founding fathers were white supremacists and America wasn't founded on liberal values but some kind of neo-nazi state. Delusional, LARPy retards who pretend to be NS so they can earn more shekels.

We Wuz Founding Fathers

We Wuz Constitution n sheeit

Muh Bible

Votingniggers conveniently ignore the fact that America was founded by revolutionaries, if these same lunatics were alive back then they would be shilling against their heros. After getting BTFO'd on gab these retards went to the TRS forum to shill over there. Their views don't hold up to scrutiny so they have to hide in their safe space behind forum bans.

Newfags and Alt-Rightists:

These are the worst, they were probably liberals last year and thought the alt-kike would be a good place to meet friends. They're involved in nationalism for purely selfish, materialistic reasons. Expect all of the above and more. The 2016 maganiggers on /pol/ fall into this category as well.

I want to end this post with a relevant quote:

"The movement’s leaders will preach lies, use scare tactics, while pretending to be truthful."

This is referring to the movementarians that are currently weighing us down. Anglin is a proven fed snitch and the Daily Informers still on here are embarrassing themselves. Any eceleb whose not Alex Linder, Sacco Vandal, Cesar Torte, James Mason, or William Pierce is only in it for themselves and only in it to make a profit. Ignore all reactionary and christcuck orders.

52e43a  No.12505646

File: 8feaa1fcf71c3f8⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 325x297, 325:297, 1536319916202.jpg)

I concur.

Does anyone have a solid redpill on exactly what you are allowed to say on the internet, before you can expect to actually be v&? I know that you ARE allowed to advocate violence against a specific group of people as long as it is at some "indefinite point in the future". Here is a full article on the ruling (a Klansman said to a crowd that they should kill niggers):


I also know that making threats against the President has its own set of rules, so in general it's a bad idea to do that. But all of this is just *theoretical* prosecution. Practically speaking, the FBI and CIA can't go after thousands of NEETs shitposting about assassinating pornographers . So for the most part you can *practically* get away with saying whatever you want anonymously online. I highly recommend against doing this, until you have a solid understanding of what you can and can't do, just so that you can proceed with an adequate understanding of what you are doing.

Let's use this thread to bring a solid framework to our discussions that will allow us to actually identity CIA niggers and faggot Feds who are trying to entrap NEETs for an easy promotion at ZOG HQ.

Advocacy of Violence is Based and Redpilled

0c6242  No.12505716

File: 3ef50899eecee24⋯.jpg (279.97 KB, 938x920, 469:460, aut-kike-calling-cards.jpg)

File: e93cdfd65b679da⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1114x9774, 557:4887, trs-shills-kike-lovers.png)

File: 4e26fbf0e3769c2⋯.png (66.16 KB, 385x968, 35:88, TRS-BTFO.PNG)

File: b6c581ca44f0c8f⋯.jpeg (80.99 KB, 669x669, 1:1, trs-faggots7.jpeg)

File: f67a086f4ce57c4⋯.jpg (99.74 KB, 796x437, 796:437, Enoch-Heimbach-Spencer-Jus….jpg)

0c6242  No.12505720

File: a39c77238b7e3d3⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, lemmings.png)

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)

File: 70292534a1e42e8⋯.pdf (12.05 MB, Fry The Brain Book.pdf)

0c6242  No.12505722

File: 61df96efbbd00f3⋯.pdf (4.59 MB, various-authors-ecodefense….pdf)

File: 5cba0594913a38a⋯.pdf (3.28 MB, Special Forces Guerrilla W….pdf)

0c6242  No.12505726

File: a4be4567b844be3⋯.pdf (1.08 MB, Hunter-Dr.WilliamL.Pierceu….pdf)

File: 6f0f6f6f616377f⋯.pdf (809.75 KB, TheTurnerDiariesdr.William….pdf)

6f62ec  No.12505790


You forgot to post Siege.

78a2a9  No.12505799


WTF now I hate the alt right.

309b55  No.12505852


>White supreeeemists

Dropped. Lurk two years.

a7323e  No.12505881


you lost me on your (((magapede))) bullshit nigger, fuck off back to skeletor's plebitt shithole where you and your alt kike comrades belong

c9a064  No.12505887


anon: mike enoch kinda looks jewish a bloo hoo

also anon: gives william luther pierce a pass for his very kikey esoteric satanism shit

735297  No.12505893

File: 136a29cdff81509⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 200x200, 1:1, IMG_0001.jpg)


Without using to many buzzwords can you elaborate on why you have such hate for the daily stormer and anglin in general?

This seems like its more than just being sour over being kicked out.

f4cd86  No.12505911

File: 7983c5fb62d51b6⋯.jpg (122.98 KB, 711x489, 237:163, zxzby53f87.jpg)



d941b7  No.12505972


Go ahead. But don't expect anything to come of it. I've never seen anything good happen, we probably never will either.

63427d  No.12505977


Perhaps change the image to someone who isn't a crypto jew freemason pasty who only killed white kids for isreali gain

63427d  No.12505978

53a209  No.12505980

>hese idiots claim the founding fathers were white supremacists and America wasn't founded on liberal values but some kind of neo-nazi state

Well they weren't national socialists, neither am I, but they certainly were white supremacists since every fucking non-white in the US held territory including the injuns was not a citizen nor could ever become one under US law. They were explicitly excluded.

Even under Turkroach people were still bitching about Trump in every thread without getting banned, don't act like them being faggots works as a form of suppression. Kick the faggots out or leave for sure but don't pretend they are swaying opinion around here.

TRS and the assorted faggots were being called out in 2016 and were doxxed in January 2017 as actual kikes and kike-fuckers. Just point that out.

What pisses me off about bitching threads like this is that I support voting, so you can vote in somebody in any position who might be amiable towards you on the day of the rope or at least those who would hesitate to oppose white nationalist militias and terrorists. Every minute you buy is another chance to kill kikes, niggers, politicans, and cops before they can react to you. Local voting can actually make a difference. But at the same time unlike you faggots you just post vague bullshit about revolutions I have been posting updates to a chemical synthesis for nerve gas since 2011. And every time some faggot cries "FBI" as if the fucking feds hand out untracable recipes for fucking nerve gas which can be CtrlCed onto a word document by anybody and they'd never be the wiser.


d941b7  No.12505998


Yes, they do. Then they track you. It's not untraceable, it's also retardedly hard to do. If you think it's such a great idea; why haven't you done it yet?

Voting has never done anything. And nothing else will continue to improve. Because that's the world we exist in. You can batter against the bars, but you can't escape the cage. It's a place of punishment.

d941b7  No.12506003



Everyone would oppose us, because they have been programmed to. Nobody we can be allowed to vote for will ever support us or even act neutral to us. Watch what happens.

69e9c3  No.12506026

File: 982ceba23111518⋯.jpg (19.7 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 982ceba23111518aa0244352bd….jpg)

File: 5b9fb55dbcaba6b⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, reminder of why shills hat….JPG)

File: 71e837d8542a672⋯.png (954.35 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo_cy_plus_3b.png)


>muh magapedes

>don't vote goy

>don't get involved with your community to affect change either, instead, just go blow shit up and let us make an example out of you

>muh amerimutt

This is the sight and sound of anal prolapse.

d941b7  No.12506032


Magapedos get filtered. And how is it wrong? Getting involved in your community does nothing, they just leech off of you because they're deracinated cucks.

c518e0  No.12506036


> bingo_cy_plus_3b.png


d941b7  No.12506040


It's the worst meme that's come to the board in a while. And I'm pretty sure it's only the kampfykrew who posts the sharebingo memes anways.

c518e0  No.12506050


its kikey and the rest of the kushner team that came here during the election.

more realistically it's just /int*/ posting absurdly stupid shit to get a rise out of people with actual beliefs/

69e9c3  No.12506060

File: c7d3ab70ad51123⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 256x352, 8:11, linkhandlaugh.jpg)



Nice projection you fucking kike. It's wrong because you are blatantly ignoring the fact that one must have ties to their own people before any significant change can be made. If you go out and just blow shit up or shoot up niggers, then the (((media))) uses it to paint you as a lone wolf extremist white supremacist who hates nigger babies. But you know that. You know all of this, it's why you actively dissuade anyone from doing anything. You want people to shoot places up so you kikes can scream about how crazy white neo-nazis are while making martyrs out of Jaquan and Shaniqua so as to justify the continued browning of the U.S.


Wrong nigger. I came with the first exodus after moot cucked out over the fappening shit. The fact that you retards are so assblasted over the roach says he was actually doing something right since you can't stop whining about him.

3af333  No.12506074


>The quality of this board has dropped since around 2016 due not in small part to an influx of centrist leaning cultists

No, due to an influx of right wing magafaggots. Right = capitalist, left = communist. Hitler was centrist you dirty kike.

>They attempt to shut down any discussion of violence or revolution, or any kind of street activism.

Centrism has nothing to do with revolution vs elections.

63427d  No.12506083


Can you just fuck off with the Kampfy bot postings?

ba4190  No.12506091

File: 79b4bcc8df23775⋯.png (515.22 KB, 780x766, 390:383, NPC votecuck.png)

File: 96bba99f448e3d1⋯.jpg (273.15 KB, 900x691, 900:691, NPC votecucks.jpg)

File: 26e98d03ed838d5⋯.png (319.04 KB, 1976x1684, 494:421, votecucks.png)


It's called


get it right you newfag


Just filter imkikey.

c518e0  No.12506095

File: 5de7bab449a1f28⋯.png (304.94 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 5de7bab449a1f282a099426e0c….png)


>first exodus was because of the fappening

>not because he deleted /r9k/ and /new/

>implying the first users of 8ch weren't from 4chon

>implying the first exodus from 4chan wasn't because of google captcha / operation renigger

thanks for outing yourself faggot.

c069f7  No.12506116

Shills keep repeating the same buzzwords about natsoc being a failed movement\theory, or variants of this. Betrays the jewish notion that politics is a dogma to be followed, like a formula or religion that they perfected.

8df0cf  No.12506130




>he did it for Israel

This is the level of newfag shill we're dealing with now, holy shit.

c60a7d  No.12506193


>You want people to shoot places up so you kikes can scream about how crazy white neo-nazis are while making martyrs out of Jaquan and Shaniqua so as to justify the continued browning of the U.S.

They don't need justification, shlomo. It's alreading happening.

d941b7  No.12506204


Nothing can be done to stop it either. Anyone who tries gets ZOG'd.

fb6b23  No.12506229

>Wall of text kikery

>Don't vote, goy

Instead of reading all that, I'd rather vote.

If you hate voting, don't vote faggot.

Thread hidden and sage.

2d9c29  No.12506233

File: 707846daafbb9e6⋯.jpg (491.02 KB, 712x1560, 89:195, VoteMore.jpg)


>Keep voting, goyim

You Hasbarakikes stick out like sore thumb.

5730c5  No.12506242


Nobody told you not to vote, nigger. Go fucking vote, nobody cares. Don't act like you're doing some noble deed though. You're not. You're not doing shit. Some here would argue that you're legitimizing an illegitimate government by voting, but I personally don't care. Just stop pretending like it makes a difference. Wiping your ass is more important than voting, because that at least keeps shit out of your britches. Fag.

3881d4  No.12506269

File: f03619dbe918a54⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 645x643, 645:643, 65c557b27c35f001f99d61f749….jpg)

File: bfc30b45d2f8610⋯.png (565.64 KB, 510x772, 255:386, 278d827d812a15cf9dfe00fb3d….png)

8b17e6  No.12506270

File: 35443cd54ac102b⋯.png (30.95 KB, 789x425, 789:425, all dose chilren.png)


Are they hiring you specifically to search for posts about Breivik? This is the exact same post I've seen 5 other times over a period of one and a half years.

Reminder that the "white" "kids" he killed were on average 19 years old, and pakis.

bc7c78  No.12506276

File: 821c66c4514d06f⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 680x339, 680:339, gas the moon gem war now.jpg)

Voting WOULD work, but anyone that is at the presidential level is already curated by the the Jews. The only reason Trump got the support he did here was because it seemed like he was an outsider, even though in hindsight the fact that all his kids are married to Jews is kinda a giveaway. Voting in the US is only honest at the local level, anything above that and too much money is involved for the Jews to not have their noses in it.

53a209  No.12506294


Whether they oppose it or not is irrelevant. Dozens of spics and niggers who were brought into towns in my area by Obongo's HUD initiative were murdered and nobody was ever convicted. Houses are burned down and nobody is arrested. Because the local police all hate niggers and the town council all hate niggers and the mayors all hate niggers.

d941b7  No.12506301


I just wouldn't believe you. Sorry, but good things don't happen while I'm alive.

bdb3b9  No.12506302


>Muh Bible

Except all of those people you posted are staunch atheists at best, and LARPagans at worst.

e9e65a  No.12506306


>slanders Dr. Pierce

That's not going to work here, you disgusting kike.


>killing anti-Whites is bad.

Not it's not. I wish he had killed even more.

0ab2a3  No.12506316

File: a8613f3792fdb8d⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 1280x530, 128:53, Aquaman after credits sce….webm)


>no (US) elections for another 2 years

>(1) post by this ID

>all these replies

Vid related is more than you deserve.

e9e65a  No.12506321

File: af2dc830d220a3f⋯.jpg (20.27 KB, 474x474, 1:1, Dr. William Pierce.jpg)


"I was on a Christian radio talk show a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that we should read our Bibles and pray. I really don't believe that's going to get the job done. When I talk with conservatives, most of what I hear is about voting: about electing the right politicians to the Congress and the White House. Some of them favor the Republicans, and some favor a third party. And I should tell you that I have about as much confidence in that approach as I do in praying. If we had a proportional representation system in this country, like they have in many European countries, so that we might hope to elect just a few responsible people to the Congress and have a voice there, then I suppose I would have just a little more patience with conservatives. But as long as we're stuck with the two-party shell game in this country, voting will no more get the job done than praying."

~Dr. William Pierce

0d64ee  No.12506342


>if you kill the liberals they win

d941b7  No.12506343


They do if you don't kill them all. Liberals screech and the cucks enforce because they don't want to hear screeching. Because they've been told it is immoral to kill the screeching liberals.

2af6e2  No.12506347



How's the weather in Ankara?

2af6e2  No.12506356


>Wrong nigger. I came with the first exodus

I know, you use to be a mod before you sperged out over people saying nigger

e9e65a  No.12506358

File: f2466f557dbaa44⋯.jpg (104.5 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 21.jpg)


>violence is bad because if anyone does anything violent, then the jews will call us names.

They already call us hateful-neo-natsi-terrorist-racist-gangster-white-supremacists-whowanttokillsixmillionjews.

You know, it's been two years with Trump and the treasonous Republicans. And so far we have surrendered another 50 billion dollars to IsraHell, let in several million hostile invaders, and allowed the media and the legal system to lock up and censor thousands of pro-White activists without Trump doing a single thing about it.

Meanwhile in France, just one weekend of rioting and violence forced the Macron government to abandon the fuel tax hike.

Violence is the only language that the elites understand. They are cowards. They are liars. They are traitors.

And they do not respect you people who vote for them. The ONLY people who they respect are those who will kill them or burn down their corporations if they displease them.

I am not advocating violence. I am merely pointing out the obvious truth. The System is designed to thwart serious change. It must be overthrown and it can never be overthrown by voting.

8ab970  No.12506365

File: ff37772f2c1f360⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 732x999, 244:333, 4482100237254128926724.jpg)

My fellow Nazis, as your OP I want to complain about this board….

>sage and gas yourself, kike

2af6e2  No.12506374



A big part of project Alamo is protecting the status quo. They can't have the goyim thinking their are any alternatives to the point wanting a good leader was mocked as "just wait for Hitler"

a77e44  No.12506375


Bump. Voting does nothing, moishe.

b16788  No.12506406

CIA thread. Abandon.

2af6e2  No.12506413


How does it feel the board has finally woken up to your tricks, Alamo?

2d9c29  No.12506429

File: 6544f75e41e9d04⋯.jpg (217.08 KB, 684x660, 57:55, Do_Nothing.jpg)


Exactly. Checking a box every four years is almost is as bad as doing nothing. Maybe even worse.

517799  No.12506473


>The fact that you retards are so assblasted over the roach

You arn't fooling anyone

9df03f  No.12506494


Weev is just a D&C Jew. Just a few days ago he made a post mocking megapedes and calling for mass murder and terrorism on DS.

4ec09f  No.12506498


Seriously, the buzzwords overload is becoming a reliable way to identify shills or at least people who are low IQ and not helpful for "our side".


>(1) op

63427d  No.12506501

File: 9087380bd3dd74f⋯.jpg (180.55 KB, 1025x769, 1025:769, BreivikIsAZogTool.jpg)


>My heroes kill white people in the name of isreal

2d9c29  No.12506510


[citation needed]

517799  No.12506511


This, the reason Trump did not lock up Hilary is because she is white, white people can do no wrong!

2d9c29  No.12506515

File: 0fdd59d5f15924a⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Hillary Trump.jpg)


Hillary's bloodline is jewish, just like Trump's. Her only daughter chelsea married an israeli banker.

e9e65a  No.12506521

File: 2ea13b105153d33⋯.png (49.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Traitors first.png)


>Opposes killing White anti-Whites

That's because you are a traitor to your race.

2d48b7  No.12506532


t. zionist paid shill


>implying that locking her up would have changed anything at all


Pro-Israel is anti-white

Anti-Israel is pro-white

e9e65a  No.12506547

File: 0c323ac96ae664a⋯.png (173.9 KB, 998x3040, 499:1520, Beivik.png)


All of the treasonous leftist thugs that he assassinated were anti-White pro-WhiteGenocide thugs who believe that jews are White.

Everyone knows this. Just as everyone understands that YOU are an anti-White thug trying to convince White people to cease assassinating traitors.

ALL traitors will get the Rope

e9e65a  No.12506563

File: c3804d804406b88⋯.jpg (141.29 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Leftists.jpg)

Heil Breivik

Death to ALL Marxists. Death to ALL traitors.

Anti-Zionist does not mean pro-White.

/leftypol/ is anti-Zionist AND anti-White

They are collaborators. Go join your friends at >>>/leftypol/


2d48b7  No.12506564


>what really happened

he killed a bunch of young whites in the name of Israel

Right-wing parties =/= pro-white

Left-wing parties =/= pro-white

Both are just as much as anti-white

a77e44  No.12506568


>t. zionist paid shill

That's imkikey. Global report every post it makes.

f57fe5  No.12506573


>what is a race traitor for 500, Alex?

Nobody here believes that all European peoples can be saved, shlomo. There are some of the dregs of our races that are irredemable, and when the time comes, they'll be eating the same meal we give the kikes: copper-jacketed lead. Concepts of universalist salvation are for the evangelicucks, we know the score here.

2d48b7  No.12506590

File: c5dc5920f48a6d5⋯.jpg (440.91 KB, 1242x1648, 621:824, 1535453783506.jpg)

File: e4e268ab9a00bcf⋯.jpg (174.07 KB, 643x681, 643:681, 1535454553043.jpg)


t. Zionist praising Zionist


I know that all these degenerate whites can't be saved, but Left-wing/Right-wing = Jewish D&C

Killing children for Zionists is never justified

e9e65a  No.12506592


Lies and slander. He assassinated anti-White thugs like you who promote White Genocide in the name of multiculturalism.

/leftypol/ also opposes zionism

That does not make them pro-White you utter faggot.

I stand with Breivik. I support DEATH for all traitors. Especially the White ones. Every White traitor who threw piss at White men, every White feminist who promoted White Genocide, every White coward politician who collaborated with the jews.


Preferably in the most painful way possible


e9e65a  No.12506595


>killing traitors is bad

Go back to >>>/leftypol/

517799  No.12506608

File: f24d7ad2e38d029⋯.png (747.7 KB, 800x514, 400:257, IMG_0564.PNG)

File: e67ac4789b9734b⋯.png (513.35 KB, 575x689, 575:689, IMG_0692.PNG)

2d48b7  No.12506612


>muh traitors

Zionists are just as much as traitors

Breivik is a Zionist

528242  No.12506616


>that middle picture

my sides

0c7630  No.12506618

File: 2dbbf553b1eb0aa⋯.png (741.27 KB, 554x686, 277:343, semitic think.png)

e9e65a  No.12506631


>shifting the goalpost

No one who has actually read what Breivik wrote falls for this. Breivik struck a serious blow against the jew by slaughtering their golem.

Note how these backstabbing cowards always seek to denounce White men who strike back against the jews

They wring their hands and say,"Eooow! Breivik killed some White leftist people. Let's denounce him!"

August 1, 1993. Today has been the Day of the Rope-a grim and bloody day, but an unavoidable one. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, it is quiet and totally peaceful throughout all of southern California. But the night is filled with silent horrors; from tens of thousands of lampposts, power poles, and trees throughout this vast metropolitan area the grisly forms hang.

It started at three o'clock this morning. Yesterday was an especially bad day of rioting, with the Jews using transistorized megaphones to whip up the crowds and egg them into throwing stones and bottles at our troops. They were chanting "racism must go" and "equality forever" and other slogans the Jews had taught them. It reminded me of the mass demonstrations of the Vietnam era. The Jews have a knack for things like that.

But by three o'clock this morning the crowds had long since finished their orgy of violence and chanting and were in bed-all except a few groups of diehards who had rigged up loudspeakers and were blaring System radio broadcasts out over the surrounding neighborhoods, broadcasts which alternated between screaming rock "music" and appeals for "brotherhood."

Squads of our troops with synchronized watches suddenly appeared in a thousand blocks at once, in fifty different residential neighborhoods, and every squad leader had a long list of names and addresses. The blaring music suddenly stopped and was replaced by the sound of thousands of doors splintering, as booted feet kicked them open.

It was like the Gun Raids of four years ago, only in reverse- and the outcome was both more drastic and more permanent for those raided. One of two things happened to those the troops dragged out onto the streets. If they were non-Whites-and that included all the Jews and everyone who even looked like he had a bit of non-White ancestry - they were shoved into hastily formed columns and started on their no-return march to the canyon in the foothills north of the city. The slightest resistance, any attempt at back talk, or any lagging brought a swift bullet.

The Whites, on the other hand, were, in nearly all cases, hanged on the spot. One of the two types of pre-printed placards was hung on the victim's chest, his hands were quickly taped behind his back, a rope was thrown over a convenient limb or signpost with the other end knotted around his neck, and he was then hauled clear of the ground with no further ado and left dancing on air while the soldiers went to the next name on their list.

2d48b7  No.12506645


t. propaganda machine

>August 1, 1993. Today

stopped reading

e9e65a  No.12506655


>"Eooooh! Don't kill the traitors who protested against White people!"

As for the rest of the liberals, the ones who really believe the lunatic doctrines of equality and diversity and multiculturalism which they endorse, they're simply crazy and ought to be put down like the sick puppies they are.

~Dr. William Pierce

63427d  No.12506693

File: f36aad2aba43514⋯.png (717.51 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ZionistTerroristCryptoBehr….png)

File: 9c073ed910be4aa⋯.jpg (444.44 KB, 1311x1305, 437:435, BreivikIsAZogTool2.jpg)


> Don't kill the traitors who protested against White people

They were protesting against isreal

Breivik did it for isreal

Only white people were blamed and laws introduced to stifle white resistance to jewry as a result

Only jews benefited from biological jew Anders (((Behring))) Breivik's mossad false flag

2d48b7  No.12506704


>implying that conservative cucks are not just as much as anti-white

e9e65a  No.12506719


Guess again, you lying kike


Labour Party

or Norway is a





political party dedicated to the complete extermination of White homelands for White children.


>making up shit I never said.

I said death to TRAITORS, you fucking moron. ALL traitors. Especially conservatives. But especially liberals.

Next time you try to pull your jewish bullshit and strawman me, I will refer you right back to this post

All treasonous Republicans who collaborated with the jews deserve to be shot

2d9c29  No.12506725


Chelsea Clinton has already mutilated her son's penis.

e9e65a  No.12506736

File: 7669d548136e697⋯.png (67.06 KB, 800x853, 800:853, 800px-Norwegian_Labour_Par….png)

I'm serious

These race traitors who backstab every White man who kills enemy agents lie at every opportunity. They tell you that Breivik is so evil for assassinating White traitors who happened to also oppose Zionism

Go look up the Labour Party. DO they seem like our allies against the jew?


Start educating yourselves here.

Look it up. Don't believe these lying kikes. >>12506693 >>12506704

They are as anti-zionist as the American Democratic Party is and have never once done anything to thwart the jews and their Zionist government in IsraHell.

These lying, backstabbing traitors are here to keep White people from celebrating those of us who strike back at the System effectively. They're here to keep you demoralized and isolated. Don't do the jews' work for them.

2d48b7  No.12506756


so what do we get for killing random white people

killing 97% of white people for not being pro-white enough is also anti-white

I think we should get out of the politics and focus on fighting the system and building up resources for

a collapse

then as we are have the resources/land we could easily convert them into our ideology

2d48b7  No.12506757


>get out of the politics

in terms of voting

c7fd2c  No.12506762

>muh TRSodomites

boo hoo faget :)

63427d  No.12506764

File: 74e83e2ea7fcb30⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1100x5616, 275:1404, Breivik JDL.jpg)

File: 7cd68799ee6e279⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 988x979, 988:979, EDL Jewish Division suppor….jpg)

File: ebd11b1c536fe5e⋯.jpg (82.75 KB, 1231x341, 1231:341, BreiviksCheerleaders.JPG)



>You're lying when you quote Breivik and his jew jDL buddies in their own words and deed

Only jews support jewish terrorists, even a retard would understand how difficult your sell would be on /pol/ even after years of 'management' by Kampfy and his crew of isreali hasbara

7e1fe1  No.12506771


More anti American and anti White propaganda from Jews.

And you people are too stupid to realize it.

e9e65a  No.12506786


Personally, while I would like to execute every single treasonous bastard who ever lived, I do not believe that this is feasible IRL.

Even if we seized control from the jews, it wouldn't be necessary anyway.

All we would need to do to reeducate the liberals is make them watch two dozen TV broadcasts that tell them that contrary to popular belief, all the smart, educated, influential, and cool people believe that White civilization is wonderful and that diversity is a jewish plot to exterminate White people.

However, I want to make it clear to every traitor like >>12506764 who backstabs and squeals and wrings his hands about the inhumanity of killing these traitors that I fully and completely support ANY action that harms the jews and kills their golem.

Contrary to the lies of this leftist traitor, Breivik was not a jew and he was a hero of our race.

Start educating yourself and free yourself from jewish lies. >>12506736
































e9e65a  No.12506799


Also, they were not random. They were the future leadership of the anti-White Labour Party. They were carefully selected enemies of our race and nation who deserved to be assassinated as much as the kikes that Bowers heroically assassinated in Pittsburg.

See >>12506547 pic related

8df0cf  No.12506805


>intentionally leaving out his other quotes, which dispove your jewish propaganda, even though /pol/ has been over this issue a million times

>everyone not me is kampfy hasbara

Word for word right out of the shill textbook. You're not even changing up your lingo anymore, it's like you're trying to glow in the dark.

2d48b7  No.12506854


>anti-White Labour Party

>anti-White Conservative party

how does it matter? they now got another people at the leadership

they were young, some people change their worldview and even getting 4 of these people to be redpilled on race would be propotionally good for our movement

92b7f5  No.12506864


>Muh Bible


its true that DS and TRS are deradicalization shills, but that has nothing to do with Christianity. forming an argument and then peppering in something off topic is a jewish disinformation tactic. in this case probably employed by an uneducated youngster.

92b7f5  No.12506871


>Sacco Vandal

is an AmNat. good guy, but an AmNat

63427d  No.12506894

File: 83538e005d01570⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 320x192, 5:3, BrevikGivesCommunistSalute.gif)


>I can't believe you are quoting breivik in context and the jews who supported him, what you need to do is include the posthumous jew manipulated rewriting of history to try and blame the white man for jewish mossad false flags, which kikes like me will claim is based and legit cartoon nazis as sponsored by the ADL

At least that Bowers kid supposedly killed you kikes, though I doubt that even happened

e9e65a  No.12506936

File: 6ef3c88dfbf58fc⋯.jpg (30.15 KB, 474x358, 237:179, thOYMPF7ME.jpg)


>They were young

So what? They were raised in a brainwashing machine that the jews designed to take normal White children and spit out hate-crazed antifa thugs. Maybe one or two would have undone their brainwashing. So the fuck what? The vast majority would have remained utter treasonous bastards working night and day to exterminate their own race.

Go read this article. It describes how the blacks boiled a White child alive after gang raping his mother and murdering his father.


They even slit open the belly of the family dog.

White people are wringing their hands and thinking "Ohhh no! We can't resist the System that's murdering us because some innocent children might die"

Meanwhile your enemy is throwing hand grenades into churches to terrorize and murder White people.


Do you think the blacks or the jews wring their hands and agonize over killing children? No! They don't care. They would kill a billion children if it would secure their own power. And they do kill children. Every. Single. Day.

They starve them to death in Iraq.

They burn them alive in Rhodesia.

They gang-rape them in Britain.

And White people sit on our asses, wringing our hands crying; ''Oh the inhumanity! Why why why?" completely incapable of fighting back because innocents might die.

For fuck sake. This is a racial war of extermination. One race is afraid to fight back because some innocent kids might die. Get some fucking perspective. If we do not fight back and defend ourselves from this psychotic enemy, ALL WHITE CHILDREN WILL DIE

Whenever the blacks murdered an entire family of White people, do you think they felt bad about it? Do you think these liberals cared? Do you really believe that any one of these psychotic monsters that Bowers or Breivik assassinated gave a shit when they heard of another mass murder in South Africa or Rhodesia?

They didn't. They in fact loved it. They said that the Whites deserved it for being White and having White privilege.

Every time a White child is dragged from is home and beaten to a pulp by these African terrorists, these White liberals cheered.

They are monsters and they all deserve to be put to death. Regardless of whether or not one or two might eventually change his mind when he started to feel the pain that he has caused for others.

If a White man changes his mind and begins supporting his people, then I will welcome him with open arms. But until then, until he stops collaborating with the jews in our extermination, then he is an enemy that deserves to be killed.

c60a7d  No.12506968


I think he did kill some kikes. Or are you insisting that white men will never snap no matter what, and are therefore doomed? What's your argument here?

e9e65a  No.12506978


Here is a post from another thread TODAY that demonstrates what I said in >>12506936

See >>12506617

Go to 5:30 and listen to what this nigger says about his racial kinsman who suckerpunches a White kid.

He says he is PROUD of his brother who suckerpunshes this White kid.


Compare and contrast to these doublecrossing cowards on "our side" who denounce every White man who commits a violent act of resistance against the jews and their leftist drones.

e75ce0  No.12507009


>don't fight back goyim you're only making it worse

7d2747  No.12507026


Breivik did nothing wrong in killing white race traitors and pakis in a socialist anti-white leadership training camp.

Breivik is a HERO.

OTOH what have YOU done?

8b37ea  No.12507681



Keep doing what you do, I love seeing the same 5 shills rage at you and shit up every thread while the mods do nothing. Makes the state of the board extremely obvious.

517799  No.12508033


>I love seeing the same 5 shills rage at you

Is that why you didn't bump the thread?

0c6242  No.12508044

File: 65b0f4b79471be9⋯.jpg (97.58 KB, 733x569, 733:569, lemmings2.JPG)


I dont have it on pdf, the lemmings meme pretty much covers the concept of attack the system. Siege is really a shitty book for what youre supposed to absorb from it, not nearly as detailed as it needs to be. It has some neat history on the NSLF but thats not why you read the book. Then it has the parts which are promoted by actual satanist subverts who in another book tell people to destroy left and right wing groups when they infiltrate, which makes them our enemies and the enemy of white survival. Some shithead cult is piggybacking its satanist bullshit on top of important arguments about A.S. So I dont promote Siege anymore, read the lemmings meme instead.

aecd3a  No.12508113

File: 9f832418ec9de13⋯.mp4 (13.2 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Enoch jew admission in con….mp4)

File: 4dcd5c5b89cfc4d⋯.png (406.92 KB, 818x827, 818:827, B'nai B'rith.png)


>anon: mike enoch kinda looks jewish a bloo hoo

He also admitted to being jewish on multiple occasions and brought his b'nai b'rith faghag kikess wife onto his fake "anti-jew" podcast multiple times.

Kill yourself, mannchild.

b16788  No.12508116

Go and kill everyone you don't like right now


c9a064  No.12508138


i like pierce, it was an excercise to demonstrate that you're holding a double standard here.

69e9c3  No.12508140

File: f975bdb1f9ec576⋯.gif (875.07 KB, 500x281, 500:281, yah.gif)


>not knowing /new/ had been re-instated after it's initial deletion because of complaints that /pol/ was being flooded with news

>thinking google was the reason moot purged the janitors and replaced them with SA Goons and Tumblrites, and wasn't one of the moves made to further please potential investors, along with beginning to instate the pass cuckery

>implying anyone gave a shit about /r9k/

>implying I didn't mean 4chan's first exodus since luggagelad doesn't own, and never did, own 4chon, only 4chan

No faggot, THANK YOU for outing yourself.


>everyone else is the kike shill


>still thinks the half-assed excuse of a 'meme retort' is effective, all while using a bergbook meme


That's all well-and-good, but notice how he isn't advocating to blow up fed buildings like FBI-kun enjoys doing. There's ample ways to turn the system to a more favorable one. But that involves playing a long game, and for anons to get off their collective asses and get involved themselves. Be the change you want to see, nigger.




>everyone is Kampfy


>implying I don't do it for free


I enjoy it too actually. They just can't help themselves.

aecd3a  No.12508145


>zionist freemasons aren't traitors

517799  No.12508157

File: a6c3d95643ebddd⋯.png (222.23 KB, 741x520, 57:40, bingo cucks.png)


How does it feel knowing Trump will lose in 2020?

69e9c3  No.12508167

File: f4a79501f130d9a⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 229x220, 229:220, hinagao.jpg)


>/leftypol/ still thinks it can meme

How does it feel knowing Hillary lost, and Bernie won't refund your donation? How does it feel knowing I do this for free, while millions of taxpayer money goes into funding your poorly-made shit that makes no sense in overall context?

c9a064  No.12508173


sure but an absolutely massive amount of people on pol miscegenate too, particularly with spics and chinks. miscegenation is indefensible but at least his relationship began before the alt kike existed, unlike posters i see on here who write cope posts about having to date subhumans because of low smv.

i think if you put every one of our lives under a microscope there would be contradictions.

3eb521  No.12508184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

aecd3a  No.12508185

File: 8a942942c24beb1⋯.jpg (533.31 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 8a942942c24beb17002cc334b4….jpg)


You're getting this board confused with the Thai Fuckshack, but that's besides the point. Spics and chinks aren't the eternal enemy of the White race, jews are.

>his relationship began before the alt kike existed

She came onto the podcast multiple times, and everybody knew about her. The whole thing was always a fraud.

93e144  No.12508188


>Defeatist shilling goes something like this: "You can't start a revolution so don't even bother trying, goyim." Aside from it's flawed logic, these people are demotivational, whiny, born losers. This tactic is most pravelent among BurgerNats.

tbf I don't think there is any hope. it's useless to say such a thing, ik, but I really believe it

not everybody is a shill just because you don't like what they say

I agree with the premise of this thread though that the vast majority of e-celebs are either doing it for the $ or are agents, and that elections are a useless distraction from spreading racial/jew-awareness

e9474e  No.12508194

File: aecaf74701437f3⋯.jpg (276.43 KB, 1892x1069, 1892:1069, imkikey the deciever.jpg)


Nobody gives a fuck about shitpants hillary and berno sandals, nobody gives a fuck about zogbot blumpf

Nobody gives two flying fucks about any of these puppet facemen, hasbara roach

528242  No.12508196


>if you didn't suck GOP dick you must suck Democrat dick

There's no way you actually believe that anyone here is that blue-pilled.

e9474e  No.12508211


the JIDF is immunized against all dangers:one man call him imkampfy, a weeb, turkroach, kike, semenguzzler, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. but tell him to read a book and you will be astonished at how quickly he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back. "MUH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS"

517799  No.12508227

File: d03ce5a55b22a69⋯.webm (1.68 MB, 480x360, 4:3, the march.webm)


>How does it feel knowing Hillary lost, and Bernie won't refund your donation?

Being on this many layers of hegelian dialectic

e9e65a  No.12508228

e9e65a  No.12508242


Just as people who criticize Trump's cucking are not saying

>don't get involved with your community to affect change either, instead, just go blow shit up and let us make an example out of you

That's a dumb strawman.

Nor will I ever denounce any White man who does. If any feds die in explosions, know this; THEY DESERVE IT

Feds are treasonous, murdering, criminals. They are cowardly gangsters collaborating knowingly with a criminal system against the people.

Pierce did not condemn or denounce people who were suspicious of voting. Maybe you shouldn't either. Nor did Pierce hero-worship a man who married his entire family to jews.

69e9c3  No.12508253

File: 9497156f9e67210⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 620x474, 310:237, smug_506.jpg)


>everyone is kampfy


>don't vote

>don't do anything

>shoot up a school, but don't get involved in your communities because none of it matters anyway


I actually enjoy reading. Why would that bother anyone?

aecd3a  No.12508264


Do you think zionist freemasons like Breivik also deserve to die? Would you be making similar posts if a leftist slaughtered some kike-loving counter-jewhadists?

69e9c3  No.12508265


Not a strawman if it's been a consistent argument you faggots offer. And I didn't condemn anything. I just pointed out how you fags consistently say nothing matters, but will only advocate for violence and pretend that it's, 'LITURUHLEE DA ONLY WAI!!!' to make any changes. So don't sit there and quote Pierce as if he is supposed to make an argument for you. It doesn't! You faggots consistently refuse to offer up any ideas for anons to utilize in making change around them that doesn't amount to subtle, or blatant fedposting.

36f1c2  No.12508276


Violence is literally the only way to change anything.

69e9c3  No.12508283


No it isn't, and you know it. Your own logic is flawed in that statement when you refuse to address anything I said.

36f1c2  No.12508287


>that involves playing a long game

False. You cannot change the system with "the long game." This idea generally comes from low iq retards who misunderstand history.

36f1c2  No.12508295


Yes, it is. Unless you have the elite on your side, which we do not and never will, then the only way to change anything is by violently removing the current elite.

517799  No.12508297

File: 579f330f4b26ea1⋯.png (118.61 KB, 665x767, 665:767, core values.png)


>You cannot change the system with "the long game.

Demographics alone should make this obvious enough to anyone who isn't a total republican ideologue

e9e65a  No.12508308


Not when they reject Zionism and start killing traitors.

Breivik is not a Zionist, despite the jewish made memes and other slander you spiritual kikes swallowed.


>I just pointed out how you fags consistently say nothing matters

Listen, I hate SIEGE posters. But even the Siege-posters believe that building up local pro-White "organizations" (they usually mean cells but whatever). That's not nothing.

And pretty much everyone else who hates voting advocates "Golden Dawnning" it and building local pro-White organizations. That would be my position on the matter.

We should stop voting for people that we hate simply because we hate them less than the dead-eyed freaks that the democrats run. Instead, we should vote for men who are openly pro-White. Better yet we should volunteer to go house to house promoting their campaign, or running one ourselves.

Or simply gathering to us our friends and independent minded White men and training together. This is the beginning of White organizing.

36f1c2  No.12508313


Usually these low information rural and suburban republican voters will cite the new left in the 60s, claiming that they took power by a "long march" or "alinsky tactics," but that is not the case.

aecd3a  No.12508317

File: 74e83e2ea7fcb30⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1100x5616, 275:1404, Breivik JDL.jpg)


He never really rejected zionism. Even in that letter faggots like you like to bring up, he only talks about deporting "disloyal" jews to Israel, while all the BASED nationalist jews get to stay.

41b1e0  No.12508330

Leftypol shills call for unorganized nigger tier crime

Fedposters call for "walks", "meet ups" to and ask anons to click links/sign online petitions get your face, ID and guilt.

The men calling for a system culling are too few in number and would be immediately vanned before trying. Its about playing the long game smartly, OP.

528242  No.12508339


>everyone is kampfy

Funny how I never brought him up. You must be broken.

3c22c0  No.12508343

Where are these great NatSoc organizations that are doing things. The Alt Right is staging protests and transferring media to thousands of whites. Where are the NatSocs?

41b1e0  No.12508348


>smug anime girl

oh look, its his lacky

e9e65a  No.12508376


>using a jewish website as your source.

You know what, even if that were true and not another jewish lie, I still would support him because Breivik is not the Fuhrer. He does not set policy.

Instead, he kills the enemies of Norway and Europe.

But you anti-White leftist traitors keep saying "Oh, these psychotic anti-Whites are BASED because they're also anti-Israel"

Not anti-jew. They LOVE jews. They WORSHIP jews. All they want is a Palestinian state so they can import all the jews HERE to serve as commissars so that they can start murdering White racists who oppose them, just like old times.

These treasonous little cunts deserve a taste of their own medicine. Let them know the meaning of terror.

aecd3a  No.12508393


>using a jewish website as your source.

It's just an example of kikes defending him.

I'm not the one defending traitors (or anyone) that would be you. A "right-wing" shabbos goy is just as much an enemy as one on the left, and one who's also a freemason is even worse.

e9474e  No.12508397


>I hate SIEGE posters

smells like guy who hasn't read Siege over here

e9474e  No.12508423

File: 46b90b2c3684ad2⋯.png (144.3 KB, 1019x717, 1019:717, ClipboardImage.png)



3b0592  No.12508549

File: e297e5afd351822⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 104407568-GettyImages-5770….jpg)

File: 5113658a5c349e5⋯.jpg (98.37 KB, 640x788, 160:197, 5113658a5c349e5d01c37841c8….jpg)

File: ea809534674dcb4⋯.gif (8.23 MB, 460x260, 23:13, Weeee.gif)

Ops memes obviously went through committee.

This thread is d&c shill tactic, there are several self defeating and "image" damaging threads being pushed atm.

This thread is the extreme opposite of a "votenigger" don't get angry about anything thread. That's how you know it's fake, communists have only extremes. There is no middle, no solution, and no information. This is straight sjw type scientific control operation, they are looking for the weakest uninformed radicals

1d2ce5  No.12508814

File: b98fb499b4cff2e⋯.jpg (40.86 KB, 650x568, 325:284, 47c19763bffc080c2e2aecb2d9….jpg)


>second pic

That is /pol/ in a fucking nutshell. Come on, self-awareness, people.

d941b7  No.12508950


But there is no middle. There is no solution. There is only Eternal Misery.

d941b7  No.12508953


You can't. If you try the ZOG will destroy you. Watch what happens.

3c00a1  No.12508966

File: 98f3978627d9824⋯.jpg (162.2 KB, 700x378, 50:27, 7e2bb6fb32666dcd78f16936f9….jpg)


VOTECUCKS! stop just voting and then patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Go sit in at city council meetings! build a rapport and learn about your community. Build yourself a foundation to infiltrate and work yourself up. Wear nice clothing, shower regularly, go to work on time and be polite. Present the image of a proud upstanding white man who is involved with his community, cares about his fellow man, then start working your way into the system to set the system to our favor.

LARPERS! stop pretending you're getting ready for DotR and start getting ready! run operations, D&C our enemies against each other. Start subtly, and work them against one another. Pretend you're angry sandniggers and tag up a synagogue. Put on fake mexican accents, covering your mouth and hair, and beat the shit out of some niggers. Sow the seeds of discontent. Rally other active disenfranchised white brothers to the cause. Initiate them to your tactics and work from the shadows.

Inevitably this shit will boil over, and you will be ready to do something, but only if you do something! Until then stop telling others to not do their tactics, and actually use some tactics of your own you fucking twats.

032a72  No.12508967


Nothing but blog posts here today, no news articles, no facts, just "blah blah blah I'm outraged". These types of threads used to get anchored, now they're the norm. Boring as hell.

d941b7  No.12508989


You hope too much. Have you done any of those tactics? What preparations have you made?

d941b7  No.12508993


All of life is like that. Nothing good has ever happened.

3c00a1  No.12509009


I'm a city manager, and city councilor.

d941b7  No.12509015


And how has that helped? How does that destroy the jew? What did you have to do to become COMPED enough to be allowed to stand for election? Are you a freemason?

36f1c2  No.12509026


>Go sit in at city council meetings! build a rapport and learn about your community.

This is worthless and a waste of time, too.

3c00a1  No.12509040


Nope, not a mason. Just a guy who loves his city, and his people. Shaking hands, and harvesting favors from other council members, and bureaucrats to make a bid for Mayor with a strong background, and some support.

But city manager does give me the nice benefit of knowing which houses to report to ICE in my spare time.

What about you? what have you done?

e2e701  No.12509059




>the day imkikey was right

w e w famalams

3c00a1  No.12509068



What we have here folks is the black pill

get a good look at it. It tells you that everything you do is pointless, and has no weight. The black pill is a liar and a defeatist.

It does not exercise, it does not learn how to fight its enemy, it sits by idly hoping others will step in and do it for them so that they may reap the benefits of another's work. It is a coward.

It tells you that government is boring and worthless and that participation in it bears no fruit. It will not learn about government, it will not participate. It will wait until the time is right for it to benefit from someone else's labors. It is a lazy parasite.

Do not follow the black pill's example! Each of you has the ability to make change if you work towards it.

36f1c2  No.12509104


Your city council and town hall are irrelevant, nigger.

3c00a1  No.12509122

File: 83867629db7f1ee⋯.jpg (56.34 KB, 475x447, 475:447, 329264877_e5a5bcda1b.jpg)


Then do better, or start a cell if you prefer dagger to cloak. Or is mother's guest room, and a prayer for the DotR enough to satisfy you?

557e70  No.12509289

fuck off jew.

b0174a  No.12509538


>thinking post-2013 cuckchan was redeemable

/pol/ was never good tbh.

>thinking google was the reason moot purged the janitors and replaced them with SA Goons and Tumblrites

<being a retard

He never purged the jannies, they were always his goon friends. Moot was a fucking goon. the entirety of the original 4cuck userbase were goons who were butthurt that lowtax didn't allow links to and screencaps of pirated animu

This is why the entire argument of 'goons hate animu lelele' is fucking stupid, some goons hate animu, and some goons liked it so much that they made 4chan to share bootleg anime.

>>implying anyone gave a shit about /r9k/

<implying it wasn't the most influential board on cuckchan before it became a containment board for incels and ironybros

>implying I didn't mean 4chan's first exodus since luggagelad doesn't own, and never did, own 4chon, only 4chan

<implying the exodus from 4cuck to 4chon and subsequent exodus from 4chon to 8chan isn't the only group of internet-fugees that matters

top lel at the newfag moecuck

2e7f65  No.12509565

>stop fucking voting goy!!!!!!

No kike lol

6c5a2a  No.12509649


>Violence is the only language that the elites understand.

More correctly power through violence, the one who can cause the most violence without consequnces is in chrarge.


e9e65a  No.12510242

File: db3f160dbf7d7ad⋯.png (14.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, REED SEEJ.png)

e9e65a  No.12510255


>I'm not the one defending traitors

You appear to be defending the anti-White leftists that he heroically assassinated.

And right after I began smashing your jewish lies, suddenly a slide thread promoting these same lies appears. Hmmmmm

I will spell it out one more time and then link my own posts for all to read







And I support the slaying, assassination, and killing of ALL who attack my race.

Breivik is a hero.

As for your little jewish website, everyone can easily find websites of jews defending every known issue. Even guns. Even White people. Even Hitler.

The fact that some jews hate leftists even more than White people is not surprising. If you think that is evidence that Breivik is a mossad agent, you are a moron.

Anyone who defends anti-Whites is anti-White

Those anti-Whites deserved to die

Breivik is a White hero who bravely slaughtered the enemies of his race.




























































18937a  No.12510259


>he didn't read Siege

e9e65a  No.12510408

be3e0c  No.12510414

File: e5a88a766f1e985⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, make america .png)

These idiots claim the founding fathers were white supremacists and America wasn't founded on liberal values

the right to vote was supposed to be exclusively for white landowners of good character. To say the US wasn't founded for white people is absolutely retarded. Of course that dream long since died, but that doesn't change the writing. They wouldn't have said white men otherwise.

f22b8e  No.12510478

File: 318692087a34e6e⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oogaboogaaa.jpg)


You're absolutely retarded if you think the law is going to protect you.

Here you are preaching for total revolution because the system is completely stacked against us.

Hey you're absolutely right.

Which means the law doesn't mean anything when it comes to guys like us and no court case in the world is going to protect you. They'll just invent evidence and make shit up.


That's great, I love Pierce. Great speaker, real solid ideologue. Great for motivation and inspiration.

Give me a list of things Pierce's strategy have accomplished.

50 years of failure.

/pol/ was supposed to be a fresh start from the stormfront strategy or the NSLF strategy and all the other ridiculous hollywood movie bullshit now we've bought into the same failed bullshit we've been fucking around with for several generations.

Guess whites are totally fucked because the miniscule % of people who acutally give a shit are too busy living in fantasy world to actually engage with reality.

63427d  No.12510495


You've been spamming the exact same shit in the thread defending the crypto kike (((Behring))) Breivik in the other thread.

Weird how every pro-ZOG isreali on /pol/ is left alone to repeat spam their poison on every thread on /pol/

0c6242  No.12510500

File: d01e25e25c8f315⋯.jpeg (278.41 KB, 747x1000, 747:1000, nslf-armed.jpeg)


You never were and never will be a part of we. Rome wasnt destroyed in a day. The "NSLF strategy" has only begun to be employed, you votecucks have had your day, youve wasted all this time crying about optics and refusing to accept revolutionary politics over election politics. Your time is up, ours is just getting started.

0c6242  No.12510505

File: 4f7d0ecfa5f63d3⋯.jpeg (142.71 KB, 652x640, 163:160, votecucks2.jpeg)

Also Pierces strategy involved fighting in the streets, he said at the time we couldnt win and he was right. Things have changed a bit since then, Pierces strategy also has yet to be employed to any large degree. Thats the future, the future you chose by voting for zionists with niggers while we approach a white minority.

f22b8e  No.12510545

File: c10e53d96d012fa⋯.jpg (178.84 KB, 1060x1060, 1:1, sam.jpg)


Ya your 40 year old lithograph poster for a dead and failed political group is real convincing.

Wonder how Matt Hale feels about your strategy. If you're posting about this stuff online you're not serious. IF you're actually planning anything you're mentally retarded for posting this stuff online here.

You're not 'we' either newfag. Stormfront failed, James Mason failed, NSFL failed, Matt Hale failed, all of you are complete and utter failures and the fact that you're actually stupid enough to post what you're posting online only demonstrates we have even more failure to look forward to.

Either be a terrorist, or post about politics online.

Don't fucking do both you god damn retard.

You're all so fucking stupid.


e9e65a  No.12510617

File: a63eec317f1172f⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 409x512, 409:512, Pierce looking off into th….jpg)


Fake and gay, anti-White

Breivik is a hero and White nationalists will not backstab our martyrs.


"There is a saying to the effect that every country will have the government that its people deserve, and I guess that's as true of the United States as any other country. We can blame it on the controlled media, but the fact is that we have an electorate which thinks Bill Clinton is an OK guy. Sure, that's what the media bosses taught them, but anybody who can be made to believe that Bill Clinton shouldn't simply be dragged out of the White House and hanged has serious problems that can't be blamed only on the controlled media. These are the 400-pound housewives with plastic hair curlers that you see in the supermarkets with their slack-jawed, beer-bellied husbands stocking up on enough beer every Friday evening to get them through a whole weekend of TV ball games. And these are the air-headed twits who buy the celebrity tabloids at the checkout stands."

"If we still had an electorate consisting of a White majority with normal intelligence, normal judgment, decent standards, and some sense of responsibility, we might hope that this White majority could elect some patriotic leadership which would strip the Jews of their media control and get the country back on a proper course. But that simply will not happen now. It is only self-delusion to plan on getting ourselves out of this mess through the electoral process, as long as the Jews retain control of our mass media, and the bulk of our electorate remains what it is. And the bulk of the electorate certainly will not improve of its own accord; it will only become more degraded with each passing year."

"I've been warning about the danger of Jewish media control for 30 years. When I began my warnings we still had a majority White electorate, which may have left much to be desired, but at least it would not have tolerated the sort of shenanigans Bill Clinton has inflicted on us. The signal that the electorate had passed the point of no return came from Clinton's popularity polls during his impeachment and trial, when a majority of the voters told us that they still liked Clinton, even after his lies had been exposed, and they wanted him to remain as President. They liked his smile, and he felt their pain, and that's all that was really important."

"So we will not vote our way out of our mess, and as long as we keep trying to, our situation will continue becoming worse. I know that there are many decent people who still are not ready to accept this conclusion. They will say, "Oh, yes, we know the situation is bad, but not all the politicians are crooks. Not every politician is in the Jews' pockets. Senator So-and-so is a good man, and Congressman Such-and-such actually has spoken out against Clinton's war. We will vote for Senator So-and-so and Congressman Such-and-such, and they will get us out of this mess."

"Well, I'm sorry, but they won't. Voting won't do the job. Of course, you could say to me that talking won't do the job either. You could remind me that I've been talking for 30 years, and the situation has just continued to get worse. And you're right: talking won't get the job done either. But there's one difference between the effects of voting and talking. While you've been voting, the crop of politicians has been getting worse and worse. There may still be one or two who say some of the right things, but 30 years ago there were more of them. Thirty years ago the Senate would have convicted Clinton and removed him from office."

"On the other hand, when I began talking 30 years ago almost no one was listening. My message was too radical for nearly everyone. My talking hasn't changed the government or the facts of Jewish media control or the declining quality of the U.S. population – but at least, many more people are listening today than were listening 30 years ago. Thirty years ago I wasn't on the radio. Thirty years ago I didn't have a worldwide audience on the Internet. And today, although the essence of my message hasn't changed, it no longer seems too radical to a lot of people. Today many more people are listening, and many more people are agreeing. And although my talking alone won't get the job done, talking is one essential part of what's needed to get the job done."

Dr. Pierce created the anti-jewish backlash that we enjoy today. RIP

0c6242  No.12510748


This board is 18+. The beer hall putsch failed. The Easter Rising failed. Martyr denial is race treason, attacking heroes who dedicated their lives to a multi-generational cause because they didnt solve it entirely on their own is treason. KYS, kike.

84897a  No.12510786

When do we get to the point where we can do the shit brownshirts did?

Going out into the streets, wrecking the shit out of our opponents in a public display of force, using violence to persuade those who would never listen to reason?

How much longer do we have to listen to the chants before we can shut them up? How much longer do we gave to bear insults and provocation from those who are physically and mentally inferior before we can use our superiority to make them regret their pridefullness?

How much longer before we can make war against the state?

Direct action when? Race war when?

Im being serious, all i see is us trusting people who constantly dissapoint us, merely irritating the establishment while they accelerate their plans for the destruction of our race, and participate in rigged elections in hopes of electing leaders who are ultimately powerless to do anything? (how long can the anti-EU coalition hold out once all other western countries have been fully conquered by the NWO?)

The only thing that matters in this world is violence, force, not constitutions, not laws, not leaders, not morals, values, or principles, not even public support, in a world where all but the tyrants oppose the current regime, the people are powerless to change it without violence, it all boils down to "you do as i say or i destroy you".

The god emperor has betrayed us, it is time we turned ourselves to khorne, we must embrace our rage, dehumanize ourselves and face to bloodshed, blood for the blood god.

There is no other option, there cannot be any other option.

We need to take direct action now, the sooner we do so the stronger we will be, the longer we wait, the weaker we will have become, every day, we weaken, while our enemies grow in power.

We should continue to pursue peaceful revolution, but we must also prepare to strike should peaceful options fail.

42ca51  No.12510795


Lol, a "cell." Maybe I already have one. Do not pretend that larping at your local school board meeting means anything politically, though. When the day comes, your type will be first in the ditches.

42ca51  No.12510806


The reality is that the majority of people will never give a shit about anything until their comforts are disturbed. See Paris riots. As long as Americans are fat and happy, there is nothing that can be done except for to organize the handful of people who look beyond material comforts and to escalate political polarization and political violence.

69e9c3  No.12511043

File: 3f4a421b7e474fc⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 704x400, 44:25, smug witch.JPG)


>/r9k/ was somehow influential despite never being among the top boards, and was never the reason anything happened

>he never purged the janitors

The fuck he didn't! Moot purged the janitors who refused to go along with the mass censorship taking over the site Keep living in your fucking delusion because shit started it's slide into total oblivion on there after /b/'s Tumblr raid that supposedly saw a niece of one of Gawker's investors supposedly having attempted to commit suicide over that shit. It was after that that mootiekins began his total crackdown while GG served as one of the prior mitigating circumstances preceding it. Jesus christ, if you're going to argue over what brought down 4chan, then at least get your fucking facts straight about the timeline of events! Mods were already kiked once the FBI got total control over /b/ and turned it into a fucking honeypot. But whoever of the janitors didn't go along with Mootles got purged, and the little girl brought in his good buddies who WOULD serve his new investors like the whores they were.

>goons dindu nuffin

Again, total fucking delusion! You imply that SA didn't get over-run by the SJW cult and turned into a faggot-pedo's paradise, and all at the low low price of $10! (No refunds, by the way. jej) You also imply they aren't the ones who have been screaming about anime and pretending it isn't board culture.

>4chon's rapefugees are the only ones that matter

Are you still bitter over your site's own slide into mediocrity once the hordes got a hold of you? You sure as fuck sound like it. You and those sad sacks over at Whizchan are always the loudest when crying about your site woes.

>/pol/ was never good

Probably one of the only things we agree on. /pol/ was a shadow compared to /new/. But then again, cucklad should have never deleted /new/ in the first place. It was a good board, and even when he re-instated it, it was never the same. But for what it was worth, /pol/ had it's merits. I also agree that post-2013 4chan isn't worth shit. I would be lying if I said I don't miss it sometimes. I miss /b/'s early days the most. /b/ was never good, but it was still comfy compared to what it's turned into now.

e6af37  No.12511073

how's the ethnostate goin' for you 8channers

eaeec8  No.12511094



6073da  No.12511625

File: 0691ebc8bb2b2ef⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, d5177816fbac1fdbf105ae743b….jpg)

File: f3e1c9c50937741⋯.png (542.91 KB, 1676x2904, 419:726, f3e1c9c50937741c07526fff31….png)


>"On the other hand, when I began talking 30 years ago almost no one was listening. My message was too radical for nearly everyone. My talking hasn't changed the government or the facts of Jewish media control or the declining quality of the U.S. population – but at least, many more people are listening today than were listening 30 years ago. Thirty years ago I wasn't on the radio. Thirty years ago I didn't have a worldwide audience on the Internet. And today, although the essence of my message hasn't changed, it no longer seems too radical to a lot of people. Today many more people are listening, and many more people are agreeing. And although my talking alone won't get the job done, talking is one essential part of what's needed to get the job done."

See this is what I mean, at what point in time did you genuinely believe all you needed to do was vote Trump in and suddenly the jews lose? I feel like, besides the shills, those who honestly squawk endlessly about "votefags" really don't appreciate how far we've come because they just started here. Ironically these faggots are probably the ones who are ACTUALLY "votefags" because they seem the most pissed off regarding the state of our political scene, well apparently you've missed out, it's been like this for awhile. But you know what hasn't been like this in awhile? This level of anti-jewish dialog. We have unironic mexican, japanese, american, european, nazis rioting around the world right now giving the sieg heil and the US president has made it possible for both sides of the kiked political system to hate the kikes and actually DO. If Trump wants to gas the kikes and start the race war now then by all means, he has my blessing, but right now it seems unlikely and regardless this whole presidency has sparked a nationalistic fire in the world and it is OUR FUCKING JOB to make sure that this fire is the one that finally cooks the jews to a well-done state.

This dialog is also usually associated with accelerationism but regardless of anyone's point of view on how retarded it is you cannot deny that the societal ramifications of this presidency has been extremely beneficial to the red pilling process and nationalistic propaganda, add onto it the MSM calling everyone who supports trump a nazi and now you have a whole mass of people who are being ostracized by their people for something they haven't even done but are still paying the price for, those are free fucking recruits but yet when they show up on our door-step for class what are they greeted with?




>Fuck off back to reddit



>Onslaught of purity spiraling vitriol even though a world-wide movement against jewery was EXACTLY what /pol/ has always wanted

Etc. as if this board at the moment had some sort of integrity that was actually being preserved by saying this, it's all quite blatant you know that right shills? So yes, go out and vote, it has yielded the social environment you see before you and it is ripe with opportunities. But for the love of god or at least your own personal safety, don't expect thousands of years of jewery to just suddenly end now that you got angry about it, the whole world has been mad at kikes since the very beginning of recorded history and assuredly before then, but hey, if it does that's nice too. As always, psyops and propaganda make choices out of elements that don't need to be choices in the first place so that they may control the outcome. Go and vote, network and redpill (should have been doing this for years now anon), prepare. It takes like 20 minutes but for some reason warrants countless hours of bitching and moaning and endless thread derailment. Hmm… Makes you think doesn't it?

42ca51  No.12511888


>US president has made it possible

Fake news. Trump hasn't done shit except for take the rising right wing and crash it into the ground. His election set us back decades because now anytime someone tries to advocate nationalism, people will think "Trump already tried nationalism and it fucked everything up." Most people are not smart enough to see that Trump is a kike puppet, so they take him at his word that he's a nationalist, then they will attribute all of his kiked retarded policies to "nationalism."

7207db  No.12511926

board died as soon as it went global actually, but you know this since these threads always try to deflect. it's interesting that you use lefty tactics as well where you accuse others of what you're guilty of

7207db  No.12511955


yeah, gonna be a great day when the fbi starts putting people in ditches. you're so full of shit, kid

23df36  No.12511967

File: da112a30d405977⋯.jpg (940.34 KB, 1276x3412, 319:853, thefinders_graphic.jpg)


Until you deal with the root of the actual problem, your just perpetuating a circle jerk of semantics.

The only movement that is going to be successful is one that addresses the global pedo elite running everything through their monetary system and pedo blackmail.

3c00a1  No.12511971


So. If I understand correctly: You're planning to kill fellow NatSoc Whites for … what? trying to reach a position to make your job easier?

Nah. I dont think you're doing anything. Just another neet who's latched on to the group in the hopes that they will do the work necessary to make your life less meaningless.

I'm sorry for your state, and I sincerely hope you turn it around. If you're white that is, but frankly I dont put much stake in that either.

3c00a1  No.12511988


Oh it hasnt happened. Those of us doing something are hopelessly outnumbered by the cowards who wont do anything.

6073da  No.12511993


> "Trump already tried nationalism and it fucked everything up."

What the FUCK are you smoking anon to come up with that? Listen, there are only two outcomes to this current geopolitical situation: Magically traitors from inside the ZOG betray the ZOG OR their great hell is unleashed and it's up to us to fix it. So tell me again, why do little blackpilled faggots like you screech ceaselessly about never trying to accumulate as great of a force as possible and ALWAYS play second fiddle to what is transpiring in the world instead stepping the fuck up and becoming the author to history instead of them?

>Most people are not smart enough to see that Trump is a kike puppet, so they take him at his word that he's a nationalist, then they will attribute all of his kiked retarded policies to "nationalism."

Well no shit genius but what does this have to do with YOU, ME, US, changing the political dialog ourselves. Jesus christ maybe we should have a repilling 101 general since I can only imagine this behavior comes from someone who constantly fucks up and spills their spaghetti when trying to talk about the jews. Empathy anon, dehumanize and face to bloodshed was also a psyop to disconnect you emotionally from your kin.

e9e65a  No.12512002

File: 9e7d21a3b2c6592⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x529, 600:529, William Pierce.jpg)


>We have unironic mexican, japanese, american, european, nazis rioting around the world right now giving the sieg heil and the US president has made it possible for both sides of the kiked political system to hate the kikes and actually DO.

If Trump gave the word, he could have an army of loyal Americans ready in hours to start purging the treasonous scum that are killing our people.

Yet he doesn't even protect his own devoted followers. Proud boys gets FBI'd, Alex Jones gets de-personed. These people are absolutely moderate. They are simply Trump worshipers and they LOVE Trump deeply. Yet the President won't even lift a finger to protect his own followers

Just think about that for a minute. He's the fucking president and yet he refuses to protect even his most devoted followers. What kind of worthless leader won't even protect the people that put him in office?

And look man, I am not a psychotic anti-Trumper. If Trump had just protected his followers or limited immigration or done SOMETHING good for White people, then I'd excuse his jewish oligarchs, his jewish family, his Zionism, and his tacit support for White Genocide. But when Trump does nothing for White people at all other than tweet about things he never intends to actually do, while the FBI locks up White nationalists left and right while letting antifa terrorists go free, then eventually you get to a point where you say, "You know what? Fuck this guy. He's either a weakling-coward or a lying-traitor."

But don't think I oppose you voting. As you say, it takes 20 minutes and gives you peace of mind. Other than that, it's useless but harmless.

b3e684  No.12512011


>then I'd excuse his jewish oligarchs, his jewish family, his Zionism, and his tacit support for White Genocide

That. That right there is what's wrong with you. Otherwise, your message is spot on.

42ca51  No.12512017


>You're planning to kill fellow NatSoc Whites

People in government are not "fellow natsoc whites." They're enemies. Obviously we will not have time or resources to deeply question the ideological motives of every person involved in the Jewish government, to determine if they were truly Jew-puppet traitors or "secretly" on our side. They will just need to be indiscriminately lined up against the wall and shot.

23df36  No.12512028


How would you define/describe a successful movement?

You essentially need a "Fight Club" organization. Independent cells, with enough purpose to remain cohesive and insular from (((infiltrators))).

Not dependent on e-celebs, with a clearly defined common goal/outcome to keep from getting sidetracked too much.

42ca51  No.12512031


Trump didn't simply allow it. He personally ordered the DOJ to come after us, as admitted by Sessions.

2d3d98  No.12512036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Daily reminder that Ares and Norsewolf, who made all the early Dr. Pierce jewtube videos, produced David Duke's heavily suppressed video about Breivik's zionist terror.

e9e65a  No.12512037


I don't mean to imply that I'd support his Zionism. Perhaps I picked the wrong word. I mean to say that I would support the president publically if he had done something, anything for my race.

What I mean to say is that I can find no logical reason to publically support or even vote for Trump because he has not done anything other than TALK about a wall and TALK about South Africa and TALK about deportations. If he had actually done something then I could find a way to at least publically "excuse" his other behavior as some sort of 3d chess or whatever we want to call it.

As I said, I am a very tolerant person. So when even tolerant people like me have a problem with Trump, you know that he is a worthless "leader"

Bob Whitaker was right.

e9e65a  No.12512058


Oh fuck off with your squishy David Duke bullshit.

David Duke denounces everything. He denounced Bowers, he denounced Roof, and he would denounce every White act of retaliation against the System that happens in the future. If David Duke existed in Dr. Pierce's Turner Diaries, he'd denounce everything they did as uncivilized.

e9e65a  No.12512067


I concur. An ideal White movement would be some sort of political party with an armed wing that focused on seizing control of local governments to provide a base of support for White people and the armed wing. Sort of like Golden Dawn.

3c00a1  No.12512070


I see, and how exactly do you plan to get to that stage.

Don't reveal to me your master plan, I dont want to hear it. Give me nice vague broad strokes of how you're going to do all of this without the help of cover.

e9e65a  No.12512078


However, given the difficulties placed upon us by the enemy, we must be flexible in our strategy.

Honestly, everything we do that is pro-active is good. Even the e-celebs have their place in this war.

3c00a1  No.12512086


Finally someone gets this incredibly easy to fucking understand concept.

2d3d98  No.12512091


Killing people opposed to Israel (even for the wrong reason) isn't fighting against the jewish system, it's enabling it. Breivik was jewish retaliation against golems that had turned on their masters.

I once saw one of you low IQ Breivik-niggers argue that he "might have killed the next Trotsky", despite the obvious contradiction that Breivik himself is aligned with today's Trotskyite neocons, he could have killed every left-wing gentile on the planet, without taking out the next Lev Bronstein.

23df36  No.12512103


Sports clubs for activity. Motorcycle clubs. Hunting clubs. Group activities, sailing trips, wolf hunting in Ukraine, Alaska. Hunting w/Eagles in Mongolia. Safaris, bike trips through Europe.

Communication protocols, using laptops w/out HD's, just tails on usb.

Only online presence in deepweb.

Use only bitcoin for currency. Create own coin.

Provide security for right wing events.

Start and run charities for homeless/vets.

e9e65a  No.12512107


I too am glad not to be alone.

There are more of us but not enough, I'm afraid.


He did not kill people opposed to IsraHell. He assassinated monsters opposed to EUROPE.

>he could have killed every left-wing gentile on the planet, without taking out the next Lev Bronstein.

Without leftist traitors, there is no jewish marxism.

Thus crippling the most deadly of the two arms of Zionism.

2d3d98  No.12512119


He killed brainwashed teenagers who had become a threat to the jewish power structure. He would have done more for Europe by killing a single jew or even one of his fellow Freemasons.

0c6242  No.12512148


Yea well thanks for putting up the Pierce videos but maybe Duke should shut the fuck up about someone who we know was perpetrating a psyop on the kikes, or maybe you and me should both take another step up and consider that Duke attacked Breivik knowing that he was actually our hero but exploiting Breiviks intended psyop by attacking Breivik with it as the reasoning.

But thats probably not what Duke was doing, hes probably just ignorant. Or maybe hes actually a secret closet bolshevik and that Dugin picture was actually something to be concerned about. Duke has done a lot for his race but hes NOT a martyr, Breivik is.

0c6242  No.12512151


Bullshit, they were in a political indoctrination camp and were the next generation of open borders communists.

517799  No.12512167


>I would be lying if I said I don't miss it sometimes. I miss /b/'s early days the most.

Because people wouldn't complain about your copypasta images?

2d3d98  No.12512171


It wasn't a psyop, that was just jewish damage control after the fact. Only "anti-Semites" correctly blamed zionism, while the jewish press made it out to be an attack by evil White supremacists.

>Duke has done a lot for his race but hes NOT a martyr, Breivik is.

I guess we agree there. Breivik is certainly a martyr for the jewish race.


Opposing Israel weakens the hand behind open borders. Regardless of their reasoning, they were a threat to jewry,

e9e65a  No.12512187


>These brainwashed Antifa thugs were JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUst about to turn on the jews.

Prove it.

Being anti-Zionist is not turning on the fucking jews. /leftypol/ are anti-Zionists too. Maybe you should go join them.

70a917  No.12512190


His manifesto was all about israel.

2d3d98  No.12512193


Anti-zionism is a threat to jewry, that's why kikes were kvetching about the camp in the days leading up to the massacre, and celebrating it after the fact.

I'm not denying that they were brainwashed and wrong about a lot, but they were right about more than Breivik and his ilk.

>/leftypol/ are anti-Zionists too. Maybe you should go join them.


e9e65a  No.12512196


>Opposing Israel weakens the hand behind open borders.

You must have loved Obama. He did more to oppose IsraHell than those Antifa thugs ever did. He actually snubbed Netanyahu.

What you are doing is trying to do is deconstruct a White hero who slew anti-White thugs by latching onto an irrelevant discrepancy. On the Bowers threads, you turn around and cry "Oh he is a psyop because he didn't target the right jews"

Anything to slander and demean White martyrs and keep us divided and weak.

I am not falling for this crap anymore. I will never denounce a White martyr. No one should. It makes us look like pathetic weaklings.

e9e65a  No.12512203

File: e29371d45418f25⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 898x701, 898:701, Girls-standing-with-sign-w….jpg)


>Anti-zionism is a threat to jewry

>/leftypol/ is a threat to jewry

>antiWhite thus who wanted OPEN BORDERS for White nations and ONLY White nations were more right than Breivik

Get the fuck out of here you worthless race traitor.

d24b64  No.12512208

File: 0ca15053ed75836⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, daily stormer is an art pr….jpg)



>being this new or dense to distinguish an obvious jab

Looks like this guy didn't read siege


I'd watch Bowlcast's Ep 4. Delves pretty deeply into the subject and provides ample evidence through a link in the page's description, along with having a speaker who was a former writer/artist for the Daily Stomer.



>but it has nothing to do with Christianity

Eh, I'd disagree. Most christians I'd wager would find fertile ground among other "half-redpilled" kinds of people like from what you would see among magapedes. They are of similar mindsets for advocating for the dying systems in place that simultaneously stab them in the back be it the church or a government office, as it's all they've known and serves as an anchor to the normalfag sphere let's not derail this into religion shitflinging

e9e65a  No.12512215

File: d0d9a174739973c⋯.png (14.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, REED SEEJ.png)

2d3d98  No.12512225

File: 07f3c91573d526a⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 570x320, 57:32, store_utoya-570x320.jpg)


If /leftypol/ is taking action against Israel, then they're more of a threat to jewry than, for example, the Israel-firsters at Kikebart.

>race traitor

I'm not defending a terror attack done on behalf of jewry,


>defenders of Talmudic terror also kvetch about Siege


e9e65a  No.12512237

File: b83f9ea88c3d64c⋯.jpg (365.52 KB, 1306x998, 653:499, traitors assassinated by b….jpg)


>/leftypol/ is a threat to IsraHell

Maybe you should get the fuck out of here and go hang out with your tranny and homosexual friends and LARP about opposing IsraHell.

You are indeed a race traitor, you worthless Marxist. You defend anti-Whites. You can die with them.

Antifa has never once done anything of any consequence to hinder IsraHell. Yet you defend them when they throw piss at White patriots. You are a worthless piece of filth and you don't belong here.


e9e65a  No.12512248

All of you race traitors like >>12512225 who claim that these antifa supporting, piss throwing thugs are baste for being "anti-Zionists"


Name just one fucking thing these marxist scum did to harm IsraHell

Because they have done a hell of a lot to harm White people.

Oh but you treasonous cunts don't care about us. You only care about LARPing against IsraHell. You support piss throwing marxists so long as they CLAIM to oppose


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


Not the jews


2d3d98  No.12512249


Anyone who takes action against the jews or Israel is a bigger threat to the system than zionists/philosemites/jews who are "right-wing".

>Yet you defend them when they throw piss at White patriots

A crypto-kike who kills for Israel isn't a "White patriot". You could make a stronger case for James von Brunn or even Traitor Glenn Miller.

e9e65a  No.12512255


>Anyone who takes action against the jews

None of these criminals lifted a finger to oppose the jews.

They LOVE the jews.

They WORSHIP the jews

Just like you, you worthless race traitor.

42ca51  No.12512261


With help from China, Russia, or whoever will fund and arm us once the cracks in US state power become deep enough.

2d3d98  No.12512264

File: 884fdf0f7873f95⋯.png (291.3 KB, 902x508, 451:254, Gerald Krefetz - Jews and ….png)


>You support piss throwing marxists so long as they CLAIM to oppose

No, I just oppose attacks that were done on behalf of the jewish agenda, and celebrated by kike terrorists like the JDL after the fact.


>Not the jews

Zionism and jews are interchangeable. Someone who fights zionism, even for the wrong reasons, is fighting jewry more than any "right-wing" Israel-firster.

e9e65a  No.12512289


>Zionism and jews are interchangeable

Your friends in the Marxist club dsagree strongly. Shall we go ask them if Zionism means jews?

They LOVE the jews

By the way, who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Maybe you can tell me since you seem to love him so much.

fd6df6  No.12512299



This is a shill thread. Why? Because any anon knows that the longer you stay here, the more this place makes you redpilled.

Sage for D&C and slide thread

2d3d98  No.12512303


I said "even for the wrong reasons". Anti-zionists who are taking action are hurting jewry, even if they don't know it. You really must have the IQ of a nigger.

Are you by any chance that spic who used to make Breivik threads on cuckchan? The one with the jewish boyfriend.

d941b7  No.12512319


I haven't done anything because I have no capabilities. I know myself enough to know that anything I attempt will result in failure. I still don't believe you. I can't actually. It's physically impossible for me to believe in anything good, the Voices won't let me.


Well? I know myself. I know exactly every capability I possess, and it's not good enough to do a tenth of what you suggest. Why waste effort being a failure when my involvement would only damn others? Why is it a bad thing for me to stay out of the way?

There is no participating, there is only Eternal Misery. There is no right time, there is only Eternal Misery. There is no benefit of others or even labor; there is only Eternal Misery.

Prove me wrong. I dare you.

e9e65a  No.12512326


>Anti-zionists who are taking action are hurting jewry, even if they don't know it

Do anti-Whites harm White people?

Why is it that you want to desperately ignore the fact that they were Antifa supporting Marxist thugs?

>Are you a bunch of random accusations?

I don't post on 4chan. Too many marxist sympathizers like you.

d941b7  No.12512339


There is no doing better; there is only Eternal Misery.


And that will always be ZOG. Watch what happens.


You hope too much. Good things aren't allowed to happen. Ever.


You also hope too much.

You can't engage with reality; there is only Eternal Misery. No strategy can ever be successful. The world only exists so we can suffer in it. We are in a Place of Punishment.

d941b7  No.12512364


Denounce everyone. If they exist, they weren't good enough as only nothingness is perfect.

2d3d98  No.12512365

File: 1a081418434d4aa⋯.jpg (561.98 KB, 1103x1147, 1103:1147, 1a081418434d4aadb94cb1d68b….jpg)


I don't care what they believed, jews kvetched about the camp and celebrated the killings.

good for kikes = bad for Whites

e9e65a  No.12512368

File: d6ac18760cc928b⋯.jpg (173.17 KB, 800x1134, 400:567, Jens Stoltenberg.jpg)


By the way, who is your friend Jens Stoltenberg?

You really do seem to love Stoltenberg. His face seems a little bit odd to me. I just can't place my finger on it.

Can someone help identify the background of this wondering Marxist?

e9e65a  No.12512371


>openly defending Antifa now

2d3d98  No.12512378

File: 925472b745b59e2⋯.jpg (322.82 KB, 1621x1080, 1621:1080, 11cb9a2d42f34ca502fcb1eaeb….jpg)



You're defending attacks that were called for/celebrated by the kikes who are genociding us. If you were White, you'd be a traitor to the White race, but 'm convinced you're a heeb with taysachs or some kind of mongrel.

d4433e  No.12512382


Thats right, you know the motto

If its a Kike, they gotta take a Hike

You know the Jew

When theyre supposed to take one,

They take two !




bd278b  No.12512387

The ONLY way to make a difference is to take it to street. Ffs I said awhile ago if you want to get people’s attention plan a walkout on a global scale. One day where people from around the world march in the name of saving whatever’s left of western civilization. It wouldn’t even matter how big these groups were. If it was worldwide not even the kikiest of media could ignore it. People would see this and realize they’re not alone in their convictions. This of course was promptly ignored.

So why the fuck aren’t people marching for the cause? The sad truth is not enough people give a shit. We have no unity or brotherhood. We do have our fill of keyboard warriors though. People that do nothing but give kikes and libtard fucks ammo. Why do you think niggers and kikes frequently fake hate crimes - because it makes us look fucking terrible and gives them more reason to say “see, I told you so”.

Look at /pol/ ffs! Can’t even have one post without tearing each other apart, insulting one another, accusing each other of being feds/niggers/Jews! I HATE seeing whites call other whites niggers. It’s just so damn niggerish.

One group of bad opiticons that fails to ever get mentioned is the “tradthots”. So many aren’t even white. Why the fuck aren’t they being driven off the internet?! Total disgrace and should be shamed and vilified for using the pro white movement for their desperate need of attention. The orbiters of these whores should be shamed too. They should be made to wear a figurative scarlet letter on their chest. They’re an absolute embarrassment.

Oh and anyone who doesn’t think good optics play a HUGE role in a successful movement is mentally ill on a scale that can’t even be measured. People are fascinated with the NSDAP/Third Reich because the optics were so fucking epic. It was out of this world. Fucking spectacular. You should weep for what’s happened to Germany. They’ve been so brow beaten and guilt tripped that they’re on complete self destruct. This should ENRAGE you. This alone should ignite something in your soul. Forget being angry, it’s time to get enraged. White fragility? White privilege? No. WHITE RAGE. Enough is enough.

23df36  No.12512389


Non-political on the surface. Decentralized and broken up into "clubs". Take over local governments and infrastructure jobs. Catalog and monitor corruption in a database on the deep web.

Then there's no "movement" to take down. No e-celeb to bait and switch a sellout. Each "club" is self policing.

Outdoor activities for an energy outlet. Rendezvous style hunting and camping events provide active militia training without actually looking paramilitary.

Charities can run for-profit businesses as long as the income supports the charity, so homeless shelters, thrift stores. Food banks. All supporting the ultimate goal.

e9e65a  No.12512390

File: 3a01bc0aeb4dd8b⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 1140x777, 380:259, Jens Stoltenberg 3.jpg)


>Defends Antifa

>defends anti-Whites

>defends Marxism

>defends those who promote White genocide


Hey, who is

Jens Stoltenberg?

This guy that you like so much seems a bit odd for a Norwegian. I can't quite pin down his ethnicity.

3af9e6  No.12512391


>hates Siege

this guy hasn't read siege

e9e65a  No.12512400

File: 80250c65e2e6fe3⋯.jpg (170.78 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Jens Stoltenberg 4.jpg)

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

>>12512378 insists that he is good because DESPITE being a marxist and DESPITE being pro-White Genocide and DESPITE being a feminist, he is anti-Israel…

Who is he? Does he look Norwegian?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

2d3d98  No.12512406

File: 5252ad0a22112d6⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 480x361, 480:361, Always do the opposite of ….jpg)



good for kikes = bad for Whites

d941b7  No.12512407


Go ahead. Please lead us. Post your physical location so we can rally to your banner.

d941b7  No.12512409


You hope too much. I dare you to try.

e9e65a  No.12512411

File: 94ac63a424b132b⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Jens Stoltenberg5.jpg)


>Openly supports jews

>openly supports Marxism

>openly supports Antifa

>openly supports White Genocide

<Accuses others of being a jew

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

e9e65a  No.12512416

Since when are marxists our ally against the jew?

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

bd278b  No.12512418


I would gladly lead you fucking defeatist.

2d3d98  No.12512419

File: c11b4864c389300⋯.png (25.1 KB, 226x239, 226:239, brainlet_jew.png)


>opposing murders that were instigated/celebrated by kikes is really supporting jews

d941b7  No.12512422


Then post your location. Give us a place to rally around. I dare you.

What the fuck else is there but defeatism for the defeated? I know myself. I know what I'm capable of. Why are you angry at me for knowing that?

23df36  No.12512434


No problem. It isn't that fucking complicated.

The hunting and fishing meetups are going to filter out most pantifa types.

You open opportunities for noobs to experience something new, and have an environment to evaluate their belief system.

Organic and independent groups.

e9e65a  No.12512435

File: 609324eaa605b98⋯.jpg (144.75 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Jens Stoltenberg6.jpg)

>Supporting Marxist anti-Whites is really opposing the jews

>Also opposes White patriot WHO IS HATED BY THE JEWS

Who is Jens Stoltenberg?

And why do you like him so much?

He was in charge of the Labour Party when Breivik conducted his assassinations.

Everyone who reads this should look up Jens Stoltenberg and what he did to Norway and what he is doing to Europe.

3af9e6  No.12512440

File: 977b5f96c7198ee⋯.png (14.61 KB, 229x151, 229:151, ClipboardImage.png)

bd278b  No.12512441


I’m angry because I’m trying everyday to not be defeated. Too many people are defeated instead of channeling their anger for the greater good.

I’m not giving out my address because obviously that wouldn’t be safe. Do you think it’s only people like me that frequent /pol/? Lol

3af9e6  No.12512442


this guy needs to read siege

e9e65a  No.12512445

Since (((>>12512419))) wil not enlighten us as to who Jens Stoltenberg is, I will take the liberty of quoting him.

Always bear in mind that (((>>12512419))) is defending this marxist and his political organization because he is anti-White, pro-White Genocide, and claimes to be anti-ZIONIST. Not anti-jewish but anti-ZIONIST.

"LGBT people everywhere deserve dignity, inclusion and freedom from fear. Diversity makes our open societies stronger & safer."

~Jens Stoltenberg

Does this sound like a good man to lead Norway?

320287  No.12512449

File: 5cbc808451f8009⋯.png (105.88 KB, 830x974, 415:487, 1297199080171.png)

bd278b  No.12512457


Was the comment on /news/ about you nigger?

2d3d98  No.12512464


"That's why we have to ensure that we influence other culturally conservatives to take our anti-racist pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought."

~Anders Behring Breivik, h'White martyr for his service in defense of Israel

d941b7  No.12512471


Neat. Watch what happens.

d941b7  No.12512475


No, but it's proof that good things don't happen. Go ahead and try not to be defeated. Watch what happens.

bd278b  No.12512495


I don’t need to try not to be defeated anon. I will NEVER be defeated. I will never allow myself to be defeated by kikes and niggers and the anti white cunts of this world. My hate only makes me grow stronger. Why don’t you try and not be defeated. Watch what happens.

Tbh I don’t think you’re even white fam so why am I talking to you?

e9e65a  No.12512503


'''""Cultural Marxism," as preached by the Frankfurt School has thus spurred the widely

popular and destructive concepts of "affirmative action," "multiculturalism" and

"diversity." One can't escape these terms today. These concepts have destroyed every

defensive structure of European society which has laid the foundation for the Islamisation

of Europe."'''

~Anders Breivik

96d585  No.12512504

D&C Jew thread detected.

23df36  No.12512506


Got kicked offline after my last post. Must be pinching a nerve.

This is what will happen: Someone in the group will have a meltdown at some point and attempt to destroy the group. They and their behavior will be catalogued on the deep web as a resource for the whole on what to look out for.

e9e65a  No.12512529

"It is quite possible that we could indeed benefit from some form of European cooperation in defence of a shared civilisation, but not in the form of the EU as it is today. The EU is not about cooperation for protecting the best interests of Europeans; it is about turning the entire continent into a Multicultural theme park while the natives get culturally deconstructed and demographically crushed."

~Anders Breivik

Funny how the Marxist defending race traitor in this thread defends the pro-EU, pro-WhiteGenocide, pro-Multiculturalism, feminist, anti-White, homosexual Islamists because they meekly oppose Israel.

Like Obama

Is Obama baste too? Ask >>12512365

aeaaa9  No.12512574

File: 2ec1ffb29e01b26⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 10294718929014.jpg)


>absolutely zero self-awareness

This nigger's never read Siege.

d941b7  No.12512681


You can think what you want. I'm white, but that's apparently not good enough. I have tried. I failed. Every Effort Always Fails.


You still hope too much.

23df36  No.12512723


Running about a 90 i.q. I'm guessing?

No argument, just pissing all over the place.

Likely a pantifa "It was her turn!" poofter.

d941b7  No.12512810


Nope. I'm just the most demoralized person you'll ever meet. I'm also right. And you know it.

Ashes and Echoes

23df36  No.12512827

File: c62e26f1b7a002d⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 600x240, 5:2, td.jpg)


All those feels.

Maybe you just need a hug.

d238b9  No.12512984

File: fdbe1fa54cadd80⋯.png (490.34 KB, 800x810, 80:81, Daily stormer 25 percent r….png)

File: 040903b02946f95⋯.png (6.58 MB, 1608x4392, 67:183, The absolute state of the ….png)

File: 338b6821283c067⋯.png (363.93 KB, 758x516, 379:258, Daily Stormer making pol r….png)

File: 228cbdd900bc4e0⋯.png (21.33 KB, 762x220, 381:110, Daily Stormer taco niggers.png)


>sure but an absolutely massive amount of people on pol miscegenate too


You have no proof for these claims while anons have loads of proof of the Thai Fuck Shack and other alt-kike groups being pro race mixing

>but at least his relationship began before the alt kike existed

That is another point against him considering with her resume she likely helped set up the show, she even came on it a few times

>unlike posters i see on here who write cope posts about having to date subhumans because of low smv

That doesn't happen unless it is the Thai Fuck Shack once again pushing race mixing on /pol/

4a42a4  No.12513505

File: 01d5922c1aacf70⋯.gif (362.25 KB, 393x252, 131:84, 1QEl.gif)















Have any of you bastards read "The European Declaration of Independance", by Breivik? I have. I loved the book… until I came across all his "Jews are white too", "Zionism is White Nationalism for Jews", "Non-white immigrants are Europeans too as long as they follow our 'White Christian' laws", "I don't care if someone's homosexual or not as long as they're anti-Marxist and anti-Muslim", "Liberal degeneracy should be allowed as long as it's in dedicated 'safe zones' to keep them from offending 'good Christian Conservatives'.

And the worst part of all, he's anti-National Socialism. HE'S FUCKING ANTI-NATIONAL SOCIALISM!!!! He claims National Socialism is a "Hate Ideology" like Marxism and Islam.

His belief:

Islam=Anti-Christian hate

Marxism=Anti-White/Western hate

Nazism=Anti-Jew hate

He goes on and on about how Jews don't really have anything to do with Communism, "that was just Hitler's propaganda, goy." And that Jews (who are just as white as us) are also just as much VICTIMS of Marxism and Leftism and Antifa as WE are.

The only thing good about him is that he hates Marxism and Islam. That's all. He bashes David Dude as a "blind Jew-hater". And of course, he bashes Hitler as one too.

I didn't know Anals Breishit had Jews shilling for him but I'm not surprised. I always figured he was just stupid but, controlled op. makes more sense. He is not a hero, and don't you fucking dare refer to him as one. You want white heroes, go to the Waco thread.

Where's all the smart /pol/acks like >>12510495, and the anon with the infographs about Behring?

Seriously, I need someone with screencaps of Behring's book. I'd screencap the pages myself but the FBI took my drives and shit. More than 200 pdfs and 5gbs of infographs gone.

>>12512002 Alex Jones is a lying faker. Always blaming the Jew's crimes on "evil natzeees". He's actually a left wing Satanist.

Would a /pol/ack be so kind as to provide this anon with the archive link about Alex Jones real identity?

0c6242  No.12513714



>I racemix so lots of other politicized National Socialists must too

Youre a race traitor, dont come back.

0c6242  No.12513716


Joey Faust posted this.

0c6242  No.12513720



Dont forget to watch #5 where they talk about Anglin doxxing a guy named kikeslammer who was then raided by the feds, and how hes generally doxxing pro-whites while crying about ricky bobby, the anti-racist antifascist activist being doxxed.

Thats why its called the Daily Informer.

25a37b  No.12513907


>posting us gov propaganda from the last century to make a point


3af9e6  No.12513915


>NSLF is the US gov


Tranny detected

c3d094  No.12513999

File: 6bbaa88ffa2afbb⋯.jpeg (334.77 KB, 1242x1531, 1242:1531, 5D94471B-BE5F-450D-9F0C-D….jpeg)



Since 2016 when /pol/ got the Bringer Of The Salt Mother Load Donald Trump Elected President

the Left has shoahed all /pol/ related shenanigans off of (((Social Media))) reducing the number of Shills required to fight for their message Day in and day out , leaving an elite Corp of Shills

The Shills are familiar with Chan culture (notice the reduction in obvious Reddit mistakes outing themselves) and understand that will not change /pol/ . So to avoid a repeat of 2016 , the strategy on Free Speech boards is to D&C , Blackpill , Don’t Vote and Direct Action (because there’s never enough honeypots) . It’s working

It’s called Sidelining , taking us out of the game that was the Great Meme War

3af9e6  No.12514007


>Don’t Vote and Direct Action (because there’s never enough honeypots)

<you need to vote for puppets because reasons

<activism is bad because reasons

you aren't from here

c3d094  No.12514027

File: b28bc0acfd1298c⋯.png (339.17 KB, 786x486, 131:81, 6B2E92E2-6FD3-4D75-8587-78….png)

File: 0e6252622d344cd⋯.jpeg (170.32 KB, 670x1202, 335:601, E9DFBED1-972C-41A3-9262-2….jpeg)


So which one are you?

2e95ac  No.12514041

File: 2f5c8ce1bce43ce⋯.jpg (225.2 KB, 716x1561, 716:1561, best way to maga.jpg)


>jews are White

>non-Whites can integrate

Sounds based and redpilled to me.

0c6242  No.12514124

File: c03eef6ebef81dd⋯.png (89.08 KB, 320x355, 64:71, Hobbyists.PNG)




a77e44  No.12514154


1. /pol/ is not a free speech board.

2. Only jews tell people to vote.

3. Commit suicide immediately, reddit shill. Reported for spam.

c3d094  No.12514171


Report fag. Yous do the same shit every thread

c3d094  No.12514174


Vs the paid Shill

e9e65a  No.12514189


I am aware of Breivik's flaws.

However my own position stands rock solid; Breivik slew the enemies of European people by the dozen and I have 100% respect for that. The socialist-Labour party is a gang of anti-White, jew-worshiping thugs led by jews and they all deserve to die.

Breivik caused more economic damage to the System on one day than EVERY other White nationalist freedom fighter has done combined. Only Matthews came even close and he mainly robbed banks. In addition, Breivik assassinated more hate-crazed anti-Whites in two hours than Matthews, Bowers, and Roof combined.

Yes, he is as confused about the jews as many of us were in the beginning.

Yes, he is anti-Hitler, perhaps due to the intense propaganda he was raised with SINCE BIRTH against Hitler and he had not yet gotten over that.

But he slew 70 psychotic, genocidal freaks who throw piss at White children and for that I am thankful.

e9e65a  No.12514197


This is why I hate Siegefaggots.

They pretend to be revolutionaries but in actuality are only interested in acting like children. They're basically the same as NazBol Gaaaaang

They're only in it for the memes.

63427d  No.12514211


>Breivik slew the enemies of European people

How many jews did he kill during the mossad false flag attack which was pinned on the philosemitic pro-queer pro-ZOG mason Anders (((Nehring))) Breivik

I'll save you the effort the jew kill score count was NONE

1976df  No.12514243


>Dont forget to watch #5 where they talk about Anglin doxxing a guy named kikeslammer who was then raided by the feds, and how hes generally doxxing pro-whites while crying about ricky bobby, the anti-racist antifascist activist being doxxed.

>Thats why its called the Daily Informer.

Informative podcast.







d752f7  No.12514257

File: c304e0c307c5ee4⋯.jpg (249.9 KB, 1011x1011, 1:1, JDL.jpg)


The narrative he presents is identical to what you'd see from the JDL.

d752f7  No.12514275

File: 6ac990a1dceae81⋯.png (353.36 KB, 815x777, 815:777, 1434347790068-2.png)

File: 505770ba1de9c1e⋯.png (139.31 KB, 395x572, 395:572, qoomer.png)


>that spacing and unnecessary capitalization

You clearly aren't from here, but I'm not sure if you're a kike shill with a weak grasp on the English language, or just a retarded boomer.

2e95ac  No.12514335

File: 0be007d179ad3d0⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 325x971, 325:971, read siege.jpg)


>They're only in it for the memes.

It's actually a pretty decent history of White Nationalism and National Socialism in the USA, covering all the common mistakes made in the past so they can be avoided in the future.

f22b8e  No.12514502


let's honor their sacrifices by making the same mistakes they made and continuing to fail

18d728  No.12514529


Traitors die before the Jews. Jews derive all of their power from White traitors.

0c6242  No.12514596


Nice try but its been votecucks who have failed this whole time, typical kike argument. Armed struggle hasnt even begun, call me when non-whites are being blown up every day.

36f77a  No.12514639


I've got your White Pill right here:

>Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Get a audio book of it and listen to it over and over again at the fastest speed you can handle so that you can understand it. Until it sinks in. When you are living under a deluge of propaganda then you should counteract it accordingly. Do this until it flows from the pores of your etheric body. It is the only way to counteract the "pee in the pool".jpg effect, where they pee their propaganda on you and point their fingers at you as if you peed and as if you should be ashamed to be disgusted, for it is you that is disgusting. You have to shower their accretioned filth off of you on the subtlest energetic levels. And stop being thick headed idiots about petty shit. You're losing and you're going to die if you don't pull your heads out of your asses and stop being a bunch of fetish fags. You know who you are.

18d728  No.12514660


We are currently watching the violence vs votecuck dialectic play out in real time in France, with violence definitively proven the winner, yet the votecucks just avert their eyes and go back to reading Pat Buchanan boilerplate.

36f77a  No.12514665


well why don't fucking always have a copy available for download then, fag?

36f77a  No.12514698


You know what? I think all the real Aryans already went to Valhalla. What is use trying to raise up a bunch of Jew-cucked cowards. I think most of the these people are in fact the cowards that are being recycled over and over again, and only the Real Heroes tend to escape this gigantic Jew-Trap-Black-Hole-Niggerj-Nest-Cuck-Haven pseudo world. Makes me wonder what the fuck I am even doing here, or you, or others who SEE this. How can so few have virtue and be drowing in a world of so many damned cowards and idiot fools, and yet not be somehow guilty of some deep evil sin for every moment remaining here? Valhalla calls… perhaps. There is SOME courage in the suicides of the weaklings, for they at least make SOME fateful decision of life or death. Choosing a death of some kind after being so worthless is something parallel to the honorable suicide of the shamed Samurai. Something similar is ALWAYS required, but can no longer be organically, socially possible as part a culture of individuals united by a common set of values. So this is a problematic situation on a metaphysical level. It is really embarrassing to be alive in a world like this. But outright suicide seems stupid. Know what I'm talking about?

36f77a  No.12514708


Next time don't be such blue-eye is da best fetish fags. Think. Look closer. And stop murdering your heroes. Shit heads. Same thing going on here. You know what? There are no Aryans on Earth anymore. How in the hell did you who have the common bonds of visible identity allow this kind of infiltration so damn many times? I think this world is nothing but a prison where Jew creatures are used to hunt Aryan souls who somehow zigged when they should have zagged and went into a Jew black hole dimensional rift

36f77a  No.12514729


So are you trying to say you don't know what organic swarm by cell-phone guided meat drone harassment is? It's the latest way to covertly handle 1000s of anyone whatsoever. You do understand that NEETS like to stay home for a reason and not just because of some psychological issue inherent to them?

b3e684  No.12514735

File: 2e9bdc15a0041f0⋯.jpg (94.88 KB, 640x483, 640:483, 2e9bdc15a0041f030f228198a5….jpg)


>a jew has blue eyes because obviously Askhenazis are European bred, but I'm going to shit on all blue eyes and all Aryans anyway

36f77a  No.12514745


There should be a kind of porn for this.

Call it "Jewed.com"


(I take cold baths in black pill juice just to excite my spiritual fire, so don't even sweat it)

36f77a  No.12514760


I'm shitting only on people who can't get their heads out of their fucking asses and get their priorities straight THE FIRST TIME! German efficiency, DUMB ASS! I'm not a fucking Jew, fuck you and die! And I'm not a fed cuck. I am the steel that looks at your flimsy carcasses with disgust!

36f77a  No.12514849

PROVE THIS IS NOT A HONEYTRAP IN THE ENDGAME OF THE PROTOCOLS~ Prove it faggot or STFU. I don't personally care, but I have to weigh that the internet is a weapon system, that the technology for buffering in real time so as to parley all communications into flows optimized to create containment of information they want contained, sculpting of scripts almost to the point of on-time delivery for false flag cointelpro operations, and the manifest severity of pettiness in the lower-iq of the White populations (as in all races the same problem, the peasant mob), proven already to be heavily leveraged against all of the Merit it could possible muster (as everywhere) proves that



>EVEN IF THOSE WERE NOT TRUE, the EMPIRICAL FACTS about all digital media, taken in the context of history, indicate that I am RIGHT NOW in a honeytrap echo chamber organized to efficiently process any and all elements of the world to be judeo-masonically manipulated to each become some useful part of the process.


which are NAMELY:


36f77a  No.12514877

~So all there is to directly communicate with ANYWHERE there is digital control and especially if the media itself is digital is COWARDS, LIARS and CRIMINAL FIENDS who are JEW CUCKED to the point of TOTAL DEBASEMENT

~Any content produced by ANYONE, to include anything I ever produce, CAN AND WILL BE intercepted and used not only against me if possible, whether legally or not, but against anyone else it is then passed along to for whatever purposes, probably the same given the nature of the content

>nb4 some idiot simultaneously tries to trash my argument but has to rationalize his ignorance of MIMA

4178a1  No.12514923

>CIA posters in this thread

Never advocate for anything illegal. You redpill the masses by showing them that the system does not work. If whites voted 90% for one candidate and it failed, that's how you convert them. Also, posting pictures of public figures photoshopped into the happy merchant is not an argument. Mike Enoch might have been pigheaded in the past, but he tries really fucking hard to defend innocent people like James fields: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AQ4Xh6F-j0

36f77a  No.12514925

File: 02d5b3a24749e4b⋯.jpg (17.63 KB, 236x338, 118:169, Closer to Proof.jpg)

Turing test deployed, structural MIMA detected as permanent feature of internet, for not only not HERE, but NOWHERE does ANYONE EVER attempt to deal with this issue. You are pathetic.

You are sadly all likely to be the electronic, paradigmatically Luddite equivalent of "voteniggers".

36f77a  No.12514938


Same for internet posting, address the issue as I have posted it below.

36f77a  No.12514944


Yeah, well make your stereotyped Jew something that looks more RELEVANT TODAY then, ass.

0c6242  No.12515131

File: ee4dc1102d8a96f⋯.jpeg (162.64 KB, 768x960, 4:5, race war chad insurrectio….jpeg)

0c6242  No.12515148

File: 870417cb5c9d2e2⋯.png (209.33 KB, 577x490, 577:490, Torba-kvetching-about-nats….png)


As if an antifascist Jews words on Fields matter at all.

d752f7  No.12515158

File: 6f87e1998d224f1⋯.png (340.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 6f87e1998d224f123ebd51d226….png)


>but he tries really fucking hard to defend innocent people like James fields

Probably because James's mother's maiden name is "Bloom".

6073da  No.12516113


>Implying it's always a choice

>Implying both /pol/ boards during election season didn't want to just use the presidency as a propaganda event

>Implying "siegefaggots" and "votecucks" cannot be the same person or benefit one another by creating as large as possible of a force through propaganda

>Implying what this thread is, what you're doing, what everyone else is mostly doing in the thread, isn't part of the effort to neuter the users of /pol/ so that they may never settle upon a singular creative idea or if they do you'll immediately create another set of names to divide and aggravate the movement

>Implying you can't be out on the streets campaigning and redpilling/JQing in private, which was exactly what we stated we were going to do with this election

>Implying what /pol/ has been doing isn't what /pol/ does

>Implying the world around us isn't getting pissed off at communism, and now even judaism

Positively blatant and disgusting. "Hurr durr just stop redpilling the masses by subverting the kiked political apparatus' efforts because the only way to do so is by completing the insurmountable task of out-witting goddamn retarded normies and instead go out and kill yourself randomly since you didn't try to amass at the very goddamn least a small militia nevermind continue your already successful campaign of reintroducing nazism into the modern world." The violence in France works because there is a fuckton of em and they're all working in relative concert. Bowers type events may inspire you but we're on full speed to internet-monitoring thought crimes, you're going to want at the very fucking least a self-sufficient community soon.

3c00a1  No.12516592


Ah so you're going to wait for a foreign power to give you throw away weapons and then dispose of you when you're no longer useful.

69e9c3  No.12516655

File: 94398d517b62d83⋯.jpg (846.88 KB, 1001x1410, 1001:1410, 94398d517b62d83eaa3bd8d5cd….jpg)


No. Because the board wasn't getting shilled to death by retarded niggers like you who won't leave anons the fuck alone. You have every place on the god damn internet to post. EVERYWHERE. Yet you have to come to places like 4chan and 8chan, while a few of you worms manage to wriggle your way to the bunkers on the deep web and scream about oppression while undermining the board culture at every turn. Kikes like you were outed and doxxed quickly, and shamed into never returning. You don't like anime? Then take your own fucking advice and don't look at it. Filter and move on. But you kikes can't help yourselves. You need to feel like victims. So keep flailing. Your days are numbered, and then people will finally be able to shitpost in peace while the thought of even touching a cellphone triggers cunts like you too bad. So keep crying about anime. So long as I am still able to post, I will fucking use it in every thread I deem it appropriate.

18d728  No.12516662


Nope. Only violence works. Votecucks supporting Trump was always a mistake, and it has ultimately set us back years. We tried to warn you beforehand, but you wouldn't listen.

18d728  No.12516666


Yes. But they will not dispose of us. Whites are treated well by chinks and Russians, because they know that we are useful, so we will end up as a privileged minority.

163a9b  No.12516722

File: a13f67323684f58⋯.jpg (100.11 KB, 634x709, 634:709, hitler anime 7.jpg)


checked for asshurt via anime

69e9c3  No.12516727

File: 5ec59b0529224e8⋯.png (944.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, nature-snow-leopard.png)


What are you even implying with that post? I'm not against anime.

163a9b  No.12516730

File: 19fba004d6d136e⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 814x466, 407:233, animu macht frei.jpg)


>checked for asshurt via anime

causing asshurt to shills

69e9c3  No.12516749


I admit I'm kind of tired right now so I wasn't sure if I was reading it correctly or not.

b759d0  No.12516834


This fucker has never read siege

d78a25  No.12524346


You have no argument. Christcucks get blown the fuck out daily in other threads, and the only true followers left are teenagers in highschool and middle aged fat boomers like yourself.


It's being done with ill intentions - telling people this method isn't possible so they just need to blindly vote republican instead. If you think we can't win then what's the point of all of this? And second if you really think the future is hopeless you could practice shutting the fuck up and letting other people do their thing without getting in the way.


People like Breivik don't hang out on internet forums all day, they take direct action. So they're not up to date on the latest talking points or sound like you nerds.

You dumbasses sound retarded when you attack a man who targeted the future leftist leaders of a nation and hated arabs, and apologized to nationalists because he couldn't kill more enemies.


More anti revolutionary propaganda from kikes. And you people are too stupid to realize it.

The losers who joined the thread spamming "kike" are the most uneducated maganigger trash. Literally these brainlets can't form any argument - which shows the intelligence of such creatures.

713855  No.12524373

While Democracy is fucking retarded you do know OP you sound like a Fed

0c6242  No.12525341

File: 3078f4f4ec9a079⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cia-agent-homer.jpg)

ecd5c4  No.12525800


>virtue signals against people we already know are garbage

>to lend himself credibility when he shills for spic e-celebrities and mulatto trash at the end of his post

If your flagrant abuse of spacing wasn't proof enough that you don't belong here, your adoration for e-celebrities like "Psyco" Sacco seals the deal. Literally every single person on the TRS "War Room" podcast was outed as being nonwhite. It was a bunch of happas, mulattos, and spics LARPing as whites and worshipping Mussolini's shadow because strongman civnatism is the only thing their miscegenated monkey brains can understand. The Vandal Brothers are taco goblin hispanics, they're not white.

You're a faggot shill and your taste in "podcasts" is atrocious. You aren't one of us, and shitting on the fuckshow TRS and TDS has turned into doesn't boost your street cred one iota. All the clever memes and calls for violence in the world can't hide the fact that you're calling for the mass abandonment of one kiked circle of nonwhite e-celebrities in favor of joining another circle of kiked nonwhite e-celebrities.

This thread is a waste of time, and everyone advocating for Celebrity X over Celebrity Y is a faggot shill. Go read Mein Kampf and watch The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism By The Backdoor. Read a book instead of listening to a based mulatto or mestizo vomit hour long streams of consciousness about how based SEIGE is and how Mussolini doesn't get enough credit. Actual National Socialism would make faggots like OP break out in hives.

ecd5c4  No.12525899


>its true that DS and TRS are deradicalization shills, but that has nothing to do with Christianity. forming an argument and then peppering in something off topic is a jewish disinformation tactic. in this case probably employed by an uneducated youngster.

OP is a dishonest Jew or a fedposter, he's openly shilling for nonwhite anti-National Socialist e-celebrities and disguising it by bashing people /pol/ already bashed to death over a year ago, like shitting on The Yid Stuff and Thai Fuckshack Anglin somehow lends his opinions credibility.

If you're expecting an honest conversation in this thread, you're wasting your time. OP is a Jew or some other non-white who hates National Socialism, hates Christians, and wants white people cucked. Calls for violence is still cuckoldry if we're expected to fight Jews alongside based taco goblins and high functioning mulattos, who will presumably get three-fifths of a vote in the ensuing autocratic democracy.

Don't waste your time talking to Jews about Christianity or trying to explain National Socialism to nonwhites. They will never understand either. 9/10ths of the people posting in this thread have never even read Mein Kampf, and that's assuming it's not just OP samefagging and IP hopping.

f2a66f  No.12529309


> hates Christians, and wants white people cucked.


>not cucked


go back >>>/christian/

92e776  No.12529316

f2a66f  No.12529325


>first post five minutes ago

>trying to pull (1)


< (2)

now, nigger?


4a42a4  No.12529713

File: f4036d35782d9e6⋯.png (48.24 KB, 560x577, 560:577, 2f0.png)


I did not disagree that his actions were well for us, but that does not make him one of us.

"The enemy of my enemy is not my ally. But what is bad for my enemy is good for me." (you should know who this is)

>>However my own position stands rock solid; Breivik slew the enemies of European people…

Does that mean if some Muslim shoots up a gay bar, or blows up an Israeli embassy, he's /ourguy/ too? Muslims are not our allies, but they are against our enemies. They are a lot of people like that. Anarchists, Stalinists, Libertarians, I'll spoken to members from all these groups who want to destroy the same thing we do: the current system. But they do NOT want what we want, and would attempt to stop us, ergo they are not our allies.

>>…he is as confused about the jews as many of us were in the beginning.

He sure doesn't seem confused. As I said, I thought he was stupid, (he didn't know) but kikes supporting him is a big red flag that makes me think controlled op.

Think on this: He say Marxists and Muslims are evil and need to be exterminated, does he not? But, elsewhere he puts Nazis in the same category with the "evil that needs exterminated," does that not imply that he sees us as "evil that needs exterminated"? He's the kind that would work alongside us, and when the last Marxist is shot and the Muslims are long gone, as we begin our Jewhunt, he'd turn on us as if we were Muslims or Marxists, since he considers us in the same category. He is not one of us. We cannot trust him.

If you want to admire him, you do that. I have no desire to dictate your mind, but don't say something that will mislead our less-informed members into trusting someone they should not. We CANNOT trust those who would oppose us and our ideals.


Prove me wrong. Do it. I fucking dare you.


What this guy said.


Not the fag you were talking to, I would upload it myself but I don't have access to my pdfs or links.

And to those attacking Christians: I left Christianity after getting redpilled, but it was my faith in the Bible that got me to except the truth about the Jews being inherently evil. All your memes and all those Historical figures couldn't convince me that ALL Jews are bad. It was reading the Old Testament for myself (as David Duke suggested) that finally opened my eyes to the truth. Please, don't attack the premature beliefs of your fellow Aryans, you'll just make them defensive and suborn. Be like Hitler, Rockwell, and Duke, and use Christianity. You wanting to ban Christianity because it currently hurts our cause is like wanting to ban guns because our enemies are shooting us. No. Do not ban. Be a man and take the tool being used against you and use it against the enemy. Think of Soloman from "Hunter" by Pierce.

c7fd2c  No.12529729

File: 663ecaa88edcfc7⋯.png (588.67 KB, 1347x767, 1347:767, 1544342424495.png)

Guys, have you red (((Siege))) just like (((Weev))) instructed you goys? ;)

fb501d  No.12529820

Me ne frego, castrated ex-moderator/DHS agent.

fb501d  No.12529861


Also this

79a1a7  No.12530658

File: a798cd203a0401f⋯.jpg (99.5 KB, 440x710, 44:71, #MG_6203.JPG)




actually there is, you're just not a part of it

8a1a1a  No.12530698

File: 14aa29b8e8ecc33⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 299x168, 299:168, nn.jpg)


>while defending Kike Enoch who looks like an ugly Jew, and having their site run by Weev who looks like an even uglier Jew.

7d2747  No.12530700


As far as im concerned weev never said read siege to anyone. and no where in your picture does weev say read siege.

c5b09b  No.12531063

File: 42c2cb7cc772b7f⋯.jpg (381.9 KB, 1000x704, 125:88, HAHSOOZNANOIIO.jpg)

>still being this assblasted over a month after the midterms




d78a25  No.12532041


They're called voteniggers for a reason, you must have a nigger IQ to believe that democracy works for white nationalists.


I know I'll never convince everyone, the point of this thread was to speak with the intelligent members of the community that can be reasoned with.

And voteniggers are the biggest enemy. These people a) don't want to work for anything and want everything just handed to them. and b) Hold us back, finally c) they attack actual effective people taking us back several years.

I'm not going to waste time discussing non controversial views, you can get those anywhere. We are meant to steer the ship and right now we're way off track. Some people here already get it, the way forward now is to bully these voteniggers everywhere you see them.

d78a25  No.12532053


What podcasts what are you even talking about faggot?

>obvious shit we already know

Then you wont mind me pointing out these "obvious" things

>watch The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism By The Backdoor

<Don't listen to these ecelebs, listen to my ecelebs instead!

Sacco has real knowledge of fascism and he's a military vet. That doesn't matter though because this thread stands on it's own and has nothing to do with them.

> 9/10ths of the people posting in this thread have never even read Mein Kampf

You're a whackjob shill

you're either a votingnigger shill or an idiot - FOAD

a77e44  No.12532071


Reminder that voting does nothing.

e15ec0  No.12532073

File: e294bb367e0af49⋯.mp4 (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Baste_Magapede.mp4)


Baste, baster, basterd.

d78a25  No.12532077

This thread isn't even about Breivik, it's about the yellow vest movement and practical street activism. Just 6 months ago people were shilling that violence doesn't work and a revolution is impossible to ignite. People are still reading the daily kiked stormer and listening to Faglin to this day, hence the need for this thread.


I was a cultural christian in highschool too, it's something you grow out of.

>"Love your enemy"

>"Turn the other cheek"

>"There is neither Jew nor Greek"

>"Do not resist evil"

An ideology teaching forgiveness and tolerance is incompatible with the National Socialist worldview. Christianity is a failed liberal ideology, nothing more needs to be said.

The Christcucks and votingniggers are the two biggest enemies for genuine fascists, these are Nazbol subversives - or just dumbasses. The fact that people who hate the white race are pushing christianity so hard says everything.

> Be a man and take the tool

That's like saying we can use the European Union against the marxist kikes who run it. It's retarded and you don't understand how the world works.

a77e44  No.12532084


>lied to by jews

>therefore actual Christians are bad

Reminder that you’re wrong, too.

e15ec0  No.12532127


If National Socialism was a religion, it would teach forgiveness and tolerance, just not to the same degree as christianity. Did the nazis execute every criminal? They did not, because they believed in forgiveness.

>People who hate the white race are pushing christianity so hard says everything.

The people who are in power push atheism to destroy christianity and satanism to replace atheism. Even the pope is no longer promoting christianity.

7f5697  No.12532158


National socialists lost because they were too soft. We cannot repeat the same mistakes. The holocaust will be real next time.

7d2747  No.12532171


They're all hobbyists because there is no hobbyist uniform.

How many people can say "gas the kikes race war now" and never gas a single jew?

95cb93  No.12532237


Then why do you care if someone does it?

>inb4 voting precludes action

Not a valid argument.

7f5697  No.12532240


The daily informer just published a big votecucking article today, gearing up for Trump 2020. You ready to vote for neoconservativism again fellow pedes?

f14899  No.12532333

File: 1fb18c6f8b37e5f⋯.jpg (97.2 KB, 960x926, 480:463, 1fb18c6f8b37e5ffaa38448e64….jpg)


No, I will obviously vote for open borders, stupid tranny. Go back to your board.

7f5697  No.12532355


Trump is currently the second worst president on immigration in US history (right behind Bush). Legal and illegal immigration are at the highest point in a decade and set to break Bush's records by spring 2019. Stay delusional, trumpcuck.

0a0987  No.12532389

File: d14772f0a63a336⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 288x318, 48:53, 1542091020773.jpg)

File: f739251255f22db⋯.png (8.44 KB, 250x228, 125:114, National-Anarchism_Movemen….png)


>leddit spacing

>no >

f18a7f  No.12532472

File: 84784f3c5b2abf4⋯.png (93.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6000000.png)


>The holocaust will be real

>next time

lrn2english, shitstabber.

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