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File: b64932903bf8a3e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1300x6258, 650:3129, Lesson 1 - Taqiyya.PNG)

File: c2d7bdd74f31823⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1318x6988, 659:3494, Lesson 2 - Jihad.PNG)

File: 20dbcb99936663a⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1293x9789, 431:3263, Lesson 3 - Muhammad.PNG)

a4a6c9  No.12505935

Halfchan is occasionally having some really good threads about islam and its many flaws.

The best part is that these threads are made almost entirely of quotations from islamic scriptures that clearly scream of violence against the infidels, pedophilia, misogyny etc. This is the kind of stuff that could convince even western libtards.

Dumping the 3 lessons they wrote until now.

a4a6c9  No.12505938

File: 65e2af0560da9b6⋯.jpg (4.92 MB, 1696x12464, 106:779, Anon is angry about islam.JPG)

Btw the author is the same guy who last year wrote this brutal verbal beatdown of islam and muslims.

a4a6c9  No.12506015

Next lessons planned:

>Lesson 4:

Quran and Sunnah (and why they're retarded).

>Lesson 5:

Science (what's that? is it halal to eat?).

>Lesson 6:

Dhimmis (a peek into your future).

>Lesson 7:

Pedophilia (and why it's endemic).

>Lesson 8:

Slavery (the most honored muslim tradition).

>Lesson 9:

Women (and how to clean their litter box).

>Lesson 10:

Honor killings (wife or kid pissing you off? Sharia is the solution).

>Lesson 11:

Faggots (and the best ways to murder them).

ecda89  No.12506016

Call me back when he does the same to judaism


fc43f0  No.12506017


>cuckchan thread

>defends homosexuals and jews because they're "ANTI-MUDSLIME"

Sage. Counter-jihadist-tier controlled opposition.

a4a6c9  No.12506037


>defends homosexuals and jews

What? Where?

Are you hallucinating gay jews again, anon?

fc43f0  No.12506062


<He also used his newfound power to expel the jews which dared to question his wisdom and refuse his religion, to murder and raid neighboring tribes on extremely flimsy or non-existent pretexts, and to assassinate anyone who opposed, questioned or mocked him.

<they ignore everything which disproves them and discuss with more dishonesty than jewiest jew

He defends jews by showing them as "brave fighters against the mudslimes", while in reality, they were historically and are now even more militaristic, and the Talmud is worse than all the previous books + Quran. Kol Nidre is worse than Taqiyya.

I'm going to assume "Faggots (and the best ways to murder them)" will do a similar thing, but show how "homosexuals are brutally killed by Mudslimes" as if it's a bad thing.

807991  No.12506098


it feels like most of anti-mudslimes are pro-kikes, I wonder why it's hard to be anti mudslimes and anti-kikes.

>brave fighters against the mudslimes

this part made me lol, In reality kikes soldiers wearing diapers because they are afraid.

9a849c  No.12506139

File: 9748b29a70c3816⋯.pdf (3.77 MB, Jihad- Islam's 1,300 Year ….pdf)

File: d8483336df026b0⋯.pdf (1.42 MB, The Life of Mohammed- The ….pdf)

File: dc4ff656b9f8ee0⋯.pdf (824.33 KB, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims….pdf)


Jihad: Islam's 1,300 Year War on Western Civilisation by Arthur Kemp

The Life of Mohammed: The Sira by Bill Warner

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims by Bill Warner

923889  No.12506167

Can someone explain why Muslims are afraid to eat pork but are okay to drink alcohol in the US if both activities are forbidden in Islam.

fc43f0  No.12506243


Bill Warner said he studied the Talmud (in I think the Red Ice interview), yet attacks Islam, while defending Judaism. He defended Israel for continuously attacking Gaza because (Political Mudslimes goy). He also resembles a lot the tribe, more-so than even people like Putin.

Again, counter-jihadist tier controlled opposition.


>are okay to drink alcohol in the US

They're not Muslims.

9a849c  No.12506285


Yeah I definitely don't endorse him. But those books have good concise information about that cult and I couldn't find any pro-jew treachery in them.

I wonder if he's commented more on the Talmud than just mentioning that he studied it.

cc5bb3  No.12506445


eating pork and drinking alcohol is forgiven if it's to blend in and find the weaknesses of the infidels before you jihad them friend

c039fa  No.12507001

Not jews oy vey

807991  No.12507104


because muhammad was stupid pedo and mudslimes didn't know how to properly cook meat back then, so they got illness and thought their imaginary god punished them and this dogma continues until today. also only western mudslimes who are okay with drinking because they don't fully follow their pedo book

f7af80  No.12507178

Fuck off leddit.

6c8843  No.12507184

How the hell can you even trust what you learn in theology studies in the West, especially Judaism, Islamism and Christianism ?

cd12ab  No.12507200

File: f013303279efb08⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 986x708, 493:354, math.jpg)

Based and redpilled.

Let's team up with our Greatest Ally® and fight the evil muslims!

852921  No.12507304

Ok, one major problem I have with this poster is his naïve reliance on 7th-9th century Arabic sources. While it has admittedly taken scholars a much longer time to get around to a historico-critical analysis of the origins of Islam compared to Judaism and Christianity, what we know now is very different from what is presented by these Muslim scholars. As with Abraham, Moses, David and Jeshua, it is assumed and generally born out by intense scrutiny that the biography of Mohammad diverges from the historical figure. This serves as a general warning into those interested in early Islam, not just what this poster is referring to. Most confusingly, there is no evidence that Arabia was pagan at this time, as it was Christianized, and there was no massacre of the Jews at Banu Qurayza, which isn't even reported in Jewish annals, as it surely would given their propensity to exaggerate every action taken against them.

I would also remind whites that convert to Islam that they will be expelled to Muslim countries. No take backsies for traitors. I'm sure they'll like it with their new brothers over in Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

94c374  No.12507562


The classic shill response. Probably a jew, because jews and muslims are buddy buddy

>if you hate islam you must be a kike!

They're BOTH bad

you'll also see

>if you hate jews well then hello muhammad!

they're BOTH BAD

9d5ea9  No.12507578


>If you hate Capitalism then you love Communism

>If you hate Communism then you love Capitalism

It's the same shit. Lovely shill tactic.

a4a6c9  No.12507758


>He defends jews

He literally said "more dishonesty than jewiest jew" in the sentences you quoted. He's insulting both jews and muslims… just a bit more the muslims.

You're clearly a muslim apologist.

a4a6c9  No.12507776


> his naïve reliance on 7th-9th century Arabic sources.

What? If you want to criticize islam, obviously you'll quote from its holy books.

The fuck kind of objection is that?

>the biography of Mohammad diverges from the historical figure.

>there was no massacre of the Jews at Banu Qurayza

Even admitting both things (and you need to prove them), the fact that muslims still worship a bloodthirsty schizophrenic thief pedophile and excuse even a massacre like that of the Qurayza, shows that muslims are sick pieces of shit who need to be expelled or executed.

a4a6c9  No.12507780


>there is no evidence that Arabia was pagan at this time, as it was Christianized

What?? Only very few tribes were christians. In the Ka'aba they didn't have pictures of Jesus, you know. They had dozens of pagan idols.

a3ed23  No.12533376

File: 7f25a037e4ea05f⋯.jpg (880.14 KB, 900x2012, 225:503, khomeini2.jpg)

File: ad14071318eb762⋯.jpg (515.4 KB, 982x2200, 491:1100, taqiyya-is-sunni-too.jpg)

7ea1f4  No.12533394

Already a thread in the catalog

bdb213  No.12534367

This is an excellent thread and on a better board it'd be stickied for a while. Good job OP. Images saved.

aa6a9b  No.12534382

Islam is a moon cult with connections to catholicism and freemasonry.

039084  No.12534393


This. I'm so glad we have good quality threads now that mods never delete, I'm even more glad we don't have threads like this on Judaism.


bfe2ae  No.12534397


>he didn't realize this was a containment thread


aa6a9b  No.12534413


These fuckers sound just like the mormons, BTW.

039084  No.12534416


Every thread is a containment thread these days.

3bcf9a  No.12534424


You can't, you shouldn't and you should continuously combat the narrative of lies after you have the knowledge from outside the school system.

Always give sources, alway stay as concise as possible.

72121a  No.12534504

bdb213  No.12534512


The Arabian peninsula at the time was a mess of pagans, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and probably other shit too. Being this divided obviously made it easy to conquer shit, half the work on D&C was already done.

29cacb  No.12534596


Imagine being this obsessed. I am anti-Semitic as they come, but I don't reject what someone is saying because they don't insert Holocaust jokes into every line they type. In fact, I can only assume you are a Muslim or Jew committing Taqiya against us.

9cda7c  No.12563930


8df1da  No.12564014

File: f5e8113a5e01a17⋯.gif (12.7 KB, 130x180, 13:18, Shecklestein.gif)


These are awesome! Please post more of these lessons when that anons comes up with them.

Also, suggest that he do a similar analysis of Jewish holy texts to see what they are all about, with citations like he did here. Particularly it would be useful to see how the Jews view themselves versus non-Jews and what their overall mythology dictates they do as we are the unwilling witnesses and hosts of it in our own countries.

051840  No.12564032


So was Syria or Palaestina.

They hated the eastern roman empire for persecuting monofisytes, and when the mudslimes invaded and conquered they initially kept the christians alone as long as they paid the jyzia and didn't proselytize.

6dfe08  No.12564181


The "islamic golden age" was actually a time when islam was being lax and people were allowed to disagree with islam.

Greeks were not responsible for the "golden age" the middle east was way ahead of the west for thousands of years before the muslims came and destroyed everything. the scholars were forced to change their names to islamic names and were forced to write in arabic text. the "islamic golden age" was actually persian in origin.

Just when it looked like the middle east would come back from islam, the mongols attacked bringing in hoards of turks and it was never able to recover again.

c6e7cf  No.12564209


> the middle east was way ahead of the west for thousands of years before the muslims came and destroyed everything





Really sand nigger, your people were never ahead of Europe, in any way, your kike nigger faggot history is literally nothing but you raping your cousins and eating shit for the last 5k years, you've never in any way been ahead of Europe to any degree in any field, you're nothing but subhuman shit, and so you will remain.

7273f9  No.12565559


Sassanid Persia was far more well developed than any germanic tribe at the time.

In fact, germans only stopped being snowniggers after they invaded the dying WRE and became "romanized" at such a point that their original languages died with their former tribal identity.

Go ahead and call me a mudslime, but there was no germanic Ctesiphon or Isfahan.

c6e7cf  No.12565646


>Sassanid Persia was far more well developed than any germanic tribe at the time.

Not really, when it comes to things like metal working and sword crafting they really weren't, and for things like irrigation systems you must take in to account the population density, quite simply, once the technology for successfully utilizing the soil in Northern Europe became available, allowing the population to expand to the same density as the southern regions, the north quickly outpaced the rest of the world, and this is simply a consequence of population density and having a population with adequate genetic potential.

IE your statement that some shitskins shithole was "more advanced" is actually false, since the assertion you're making is that the population there was more capable than the one in Northern Europe, which history clearly has shown to be false since the second Northern Europeans came to have a population of comparable size they immedietly out-competed the shitskins that you are speaking of.

Also, Europe, and Europeans is not limited to Germanic people, you also have the Romans, the Greeks etc.

>became "romanized" at such a point that their original languages died with their former tribal identity.

This never happened, a huge section of the Italian population actually spoke a central Germanic language for several centuries. Latin languages did not come from the Romans, it came from the French mainly. Also, Germany was a more important political and military as well as technological power than Italy or France.

>Go ahead and call me a mudslime

You're a buttblasted kangz tier shitskin.

>there was no germanic Ctesiphon or Isfahan

Who? You're speaking of people who have no significance, I don't know if you've noticed but basically every single important figure of the last two thousand years has been a white European, and most of them have been Germanic, there is no sand-nigger Gauss, or Newton, or Captain Cook, or Hitler, or Barbarossa, or Bismarck.

d63d8a  No.12565729


Persians only succeed because of their partially aryan dna, but being a mongrelized nation, they are not as great as europeans.

e9af24  No.12565738


You read the books (the koran, authentic hadith) yourself, and make up your own mind. Or, if you haven't time to cross-reference the texts to make sense of it, get the life of mohammed, from this kind anon >>12506139

5db5a8  No.12565812


This is the kind of ill-educated bullshit that creates people like medposter. Are you a true blooded German, or are you the stereotypical 1/8 germanic heritage burger? I really can't tell.

fa3dc4  No.12565958

a84041  No.12566126


Patiently waiting for these

e8c07c  No.12566137


They were only mongrelized once the Sassanid fell to muslim hands, after that they got raped pretty hard not by the arab mudslimes who kept to themselves mostly but by their turkic and then their mongolian neighbors.


>Persian Empire, one of the most advanced empires of all times, which gave both greeks and romans a hard time was a shithole according to you and you alone, thankfully nobody who have a passion for history will agree with such a idiotic statement.

>Latin languages did not come from the Romans, it came from the French mainly

What in the fuck name did I just read ? the gallo-roman languages which came to became the modern french we know today come from the "french", a term that didn't actually existed until West Frankia became Kingdom of France.

>and-nigger Gauss, or Newton, or Captain Cook, or Hitler, or Barbarossa, or Bismarck.

Avicenna (a Persian), Khalid Ibn Al Waleed who never lost a battle in his whole career fighting against the two most powerful empires in the world at that time (ERE and Sassanid Persia), Subotai, a mongol general who served under Genghis Khan and his sons and is known even today as one of the most brilliant generals of all time defeating the most powerful empires of his time with a much smaller army, Brahmagupta a mathematician and astronomer, to tell just a few.

Anon, you can love your race and still aknowledge the accomplishment of others. Just like you, both the Persians and the Eastern Romans underestimated the power of the arab mudslimes (who were never really a threat before Mohomo came to be) and were defeated in many battles in such a humiliating manner that they had to use scorched earth in their own homeland in order to prevent the mudslimes from conquering the whole of Anatolia before the Turks.

48e26f  No.12566150

File: 56bd19c2281f996⋯.jpg (248.76 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, purge.jpg)

Does anyone else feel like the exploding kebab has died down a bit ?

There's the yearly Christmas attacks that take out less than a dozen people, but it feels like since Trump was elected the whole thing has died down a bit not just in the United States but in Europe as well.

Are the Jihadis all being kept busy in Syria ? Are the counter-terror networks actually getting the job done ? Have their handlers decided to go with a different strategy ?

Things feel quiet, even though the invasion is going faster than ever.

5db5a8  No.12566179


Why would they shit up the cozy new nest their Jewish allies made for them? They get carted out if the need arises, like Strasbourg to curb the protests and that's it. They understand full well that all they need is a few more decades of breeding to overcome most of Europe.

87b586  No.12566186


just go to thereligionofpeace.com

Does the same, more thoroughly.

5db5a8  No.12566209

>Avicenna (a Persian), Khalid Ibn Al Waleed who never lost a battle in his whole career fighting against the two most powerful empires in the world at that time (ERE and Sassanid Persia), Subotai,

I don't disagree with you but those guys are questionable choices. The Muds themselves didn't like Avicenna because he wasn't Muslim enough, the massive successes of the early Arab expansion can be explained by just how weak the ERE and Sassanids were at the time and the Mongols practiced a type of warfare that was leagues ahead of anything in Europe.

9149c9  No.12566230


They've recently stepped up attacks in pissrael, afaik

e8c07c  No.12566306


Finally we're getting a consensus here, I also don't disagree with your statement that both ERE and Sassanid Persia was at it's lowest point during that period, Mohomo and his followers were very lucky that both countries were exhausted from so much fighting and plagues that reduced much of their population and left critical regions like Syria seriously undermanned, the recruits had shitty morale and routed easily while the mudslimes had the islamic fervour and promises of plunder and the for the local population it was best to have the mudslimes as overlords since jyzia was actually cheaper than the taxes imposed by ERE or Persia.

And yes, the europeans always suffered against mongols and their turkic cousins who fought on horseback and employed tactics which the europeans couldn't really fight back efficiently, and generals like Subotai were tactical geniuses who ended up not only winning battles, but massacring whole armies even against all odds.

My point is we should not underestimate other races like some /pol/acks who think all the other races are retarded nigger tier shitskins, mongols for example, have one of the highest IQ in the world, which kinda explains why they gave birth to such military geniuses in their history.

c6e7cf  No.12566458


>A triggered shitskin goes:



173408  No.12566512

File: d471b6df4f0628f⋯.png (174.27 KB, 608x758, 304:379, Everyone_needs_to_read_thi….png)


Some anon dude made that 18 years ago.

Read: http://whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/

173408  No.12566520

File: 0d6fd6c3498a545⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 4552x3424, 569:428, 5_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 8e6eb04621deb44⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5288x3968, 661:496, 5_GV_Annex_2_5_GlobalView_….jpg)

File: 74d72ed9c8bcfa4⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 4552x4376, 569:547, 5_GV_Annex_3_5_GlobalView_….jpg)

173408  No.12566532

File: ee6e15c72a7ceff⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 4504x4752, 563:594, 1_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 01807879acde542⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 6936x2384, 867:298, 1_GV_Annex_1_GlobalView_Ro….jpg)

File: 0e88900ae50459a⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 4068x2968, 1017:742, 2_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 3acf03f97ed2bcd⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 4528x3688, 566:461, 3_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

173408  No.12566542

File: c37deb3a717e2de⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 5464x2456, 683:307, 4_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: e3517407b23ee8a⋯.png (1.4 MB, 3776x4424, 472:553, Operation_Destroy_Cabal_16….png)

File: 976338a13924abd⋯.png (4.39 MB, 3040x3560, 76:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

File: 322af162b5b06ae⋯.png (3.89 MB, 3104x2848, 97:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

7b8571  No.12566625


I have a very old text appendix to the first edition of the arabian nights, detailing in clear, redpill language the customs of the arabs and their cultural pecadillos like pedophilia, crossdressing, sodomy, and bestiality. It's fucking insane, and since it was written well over a hundred years ago, proves Arabs will never change. http://www.jrbooksonline.com/burton.htm

Here is their links: http://www.jrbooksonline.com/eastern_sexology.htm

And an article about Brit marines hassled by Arab faggots http://www.jrbooksonline.com/uk_marines_hassled_by_gays.htm

a4a6c9  No.12588113


That sounds really interesting. Gonna read it now.

dce1b9  No.12588125

File: 41eb9d7690a123d⋯.png (683.58 KB, 896x5808, 56:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7866206949a0dee⋯.png (248.38 KB, 998x1134, 499:567, TALMUD.png)


> the same to judaism

cf33fa  No.12588126


>This is the kind of stuff that could convince even western libtards.

The only thing that will convince them is death.

a4a6c9  No.12590078

File: e997baddb72825f⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1298x8323, 1298:8323, Professor Kafir 5 - Islam ….PNG)

Professor Kafir is back with lesson n. 5 about Islam and Science.

8e9789  No.12600095



has chapter 4 been published? OP is pic 1, 2 and 3, and LP id 5

if it exists could someone post it plz? I'll try to OCR it and translate for some yuropeons

if someone has a text or html file of them it would be even better

74ae8b  No.12600131


Funny how large the overlap between /x/ niggers and Muslims happens to be when it comes to science.

42780a  No.12600177


Real science is great. Fake science used for manipulating and damaging our race (which includes a large part of STEM as well) - as practiced in every single Western university - is gay and has to go. 90% of today's "scientists" are liars and useless eaters.

87159a  No.12600261


> Professor Kafir is back with lesson n. 5 about Islam and Science

Lesson 5? Do you have a cap of lesson 4?

9ea3a4  No.12600308


this is the correct answer >>12506445

9ea3a4  No.12600332

File: e8c5e32ddbbcfbf⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1300x6258, 650:3129, Lesson 1 - Taqiyya.png)

File: 02e10c2fd6e8615⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1318x6988, 659:3494, Lesson 2- Jhiad.png)

File: 20dbcb99936663a⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1293x9789, 431:3263, Lesson 3 - Muhammad.png)

File: cc56b1b2f47fa49⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1312x8870, 656:4435, Lesson 4 - Quran.png)

File: 718d37354364ae9⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1298x8323, 1298:8323, lesson 5 - Professor Kafir….png)


all caps

e9af24  No.12600821


Great find, anon.

This will be an interesting read…


28ddbb  No.12600825

File: 8afd523171e965e⋯.png (48.52 KB, 329x438, 329:438, 15137930998840.png)


>violence against the infidels, pedophilia, misogyny etc.

> flaws

96478e  No.12619218

Threads like these may be rare, but they make swimming through all the shit on this board worth it. I can't wait for the next lessons.

I've already read the Hadiths, Sira and Quran. People interested should check out the abridged versions by Bill Warner.

da5256  No.12619237

What is the best sex lube for goats, anon?

da5256  No.12619253

Stop spreading the first cap, it's disinformation. They mean the Talmud, not the Torah.

1eb43d  No.12619271

File: 680d56ca98672bf⋯.jpg (37.88 KB, 500x332, 125:83, holy book.jpg)


Reminder that counter-jihad is 100% kosher.

Muslims need to be gassed as well of course, but do not allow your hatred of the enemy to be co-opted by the (((enemy))).

f73e30  No.12619324


islam is shitty but the argument against muslims is that they're filthy desert shitskins and they need to fuck off. who cares what abrahamic cancer they pray to?

e2ba09  No.12628682

File: ae01a875379a24f⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1312x6709, 1312:6709, Lesson 6 - The Dhimmis.PNG)

Prof. Kafir is back with the sixth lesson about dhimmitude.


The future of Evropa looks bleak.

e2ba09  No.12628686


Archived link: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/198520600/

4d4276  No.12628699



Mohammad was a Jew!

e2ba09  No.12628703


Not a jew, but he certainly took a lot of inspiration from the chosen faggots.

4d4276  No.12628721


I've read numerous excepts claiming Aminah bint Wahb was a jew.

e2ba09  No.12630158


>Aminah bint Wahb was a jew

lol that sounds like a good way to piss muslims off.

1e25d0  No.12630174


Correct. It’s how you get to “nah those aren’t muslim terrorists over there” in the bar next to the flight school weeks before 9/11.

8b56be  No.12631713


archives of the archives Don't ever think that one archive is enough



d22730  No.12632130

>The Prophet said "war is deceit"

>"By the way of deception shall you make war"

>Sun Tzu said: "All war is based on deception"

I think we're getting the picture here.

0dc953  No.12632371

File: 0dce542089d5ec3⋯.png (1.09 MB, 678x1200, 113:200, patron_saint_shlomo.png)

Another thread that reeks of gefilite fish.

Yep, every predominantly White European nation is being flooded with "Muslims".

But, of course, the real question is WHO could possibly be behind all this White Genocide via WEAPONIZED IMMIGRATION? Who has infiltrated and subverted, and thus now totally controls, all those nations' governments? WHO CONTROLS THE IMMIGRATION FLOODGATES?


And that is the root of the "Muslim problem"… And the root of almost every problem in the World today. And focusing on ANYTHING ELSE is just a waste of time and is 100% BULLSHIT. It is futile and pointless to treat the symptoms – we must treat the (((disease))) itself…

8e3d09  No.12632382


… What if this is his are of expertise (it clearly fucking is) and that isn't?

>INB4 he should be JQ woke instead!

No he should be both - but having a thread about one doesn't stop YOU from making one about the other.

88ebaf  No.12646364

bumping, these are great resources

58a53c  No.12646806

The amount of effort that went into this is astounding, but unfortunately it is lost on 8gaggers who (being low IQ and mentally retarded) thinks that dicksucking Muslims is required to hate Jews.

70572f  No.12650541

File: 2fdd0722893f9ec⋯.png (27.17 KB, 700x240, 35:12, Islamic State.png)


e21552  No.12650665

File: 02bff90c2e5274c⋯.jpg (807.09 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Jihad- Islam's 1,300 Year ….jpg)

File: 4557f411fa621a6⋯.jpg (576.04 KB, 920x1354, 460:677, The Life of Mohammed- The ….jpg)

File: 017ae310082f88e⋯.jpg (252.98 KB, 856x1335, 856:1335, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims….jpg)


Book covers for attention

a46d17  No.12651502

File: 69821fdcc25cf5a⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, yes the jews want to dest….webm)

File: 0b50bf1f8b23f83⋯.jpg (413.55 KB, 917x843, 917:843, 0b50bf1f8b23f833d353eed731….jpg)

File: 51ef25ead116ff3⋯.png (84.89 KB, 580x580, 1:1, 1491703160410.png)

File: 69c0a3ccd3c74e8⋯.jpg (272.87 KB, 1653x1103, 1653:1103, df4d827e2a7e700efa4b2d768b….jpg)

File: 25dd2fe901dc096⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1473x890, 1473:890, flood the goyim keep israe….png)


a46d17  No.12651752

File: 1b3f0a2f712839f⋯.png (501.28 KB, 1350x3570, 45:119, 1485491549698.png)

File: 293c920850e3f76⋯.png (246.53 KB, 896x5808, 56:363, 1546305387599.png)

File: ebc11caff1e6e0d⋯.png (21.96 KB, 778x232, 389:116, yinon plan.png)

File: 532aae35022b758⋯.jpg (67.85 KB, 720x487, 720:487, 17634835_1316679315046894_….jpg)

File: 1c4b9ac8627d504⋯.jpeg (239.41 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, wpid-israel-16-jpg.jpeg)


A British rabbi has told his congregation in Wales that war is approaching and Judaism allows them to take women as slaves and rape them.

>Ephraim Mirvis is an Orthodox rabbi who serves as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. He served as the Chief Rabbi of Ireland between 1985 and 1992.

>In the audio, Ephraim Mirvis is heard telling a group of young men: “One of the interpretations as to what this means is that towards the end of time there will be many wars like what we are seeing today, and because of these wars women will be taken as captives, as slaves, yeah, women will be taken as slaves.

>As Chief Rabbi of Ireland and before the opening of an Israeli Embassy in Ireland, he represented Israel’s interests at government level and in the media. In 1999, he led a group of British rabbis on a solidarity trip to Israel. Since 1997, he has hosted the annual Bnei Akiva Yom Ha’atzmaut service at Finchley synagogue.

>Regarding the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, while deploring the loss of life in Gaza, Mirvis defended Israel‘s right to protect itself from Hamas rocket attacks,adding that the conflict was used as a cover to voice anti-Semitic sentiment.


israevil(DOT COM) british-rabbi-war-comingzionists-can-take-christian-muslim-women-sex-slaves/


>"Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference - where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."

>"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." – Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

a46d17  No.12651846

File: c1c68fd5e57f183⋯.jpeg (138.38 KB, 897x547, 897:547, 208FD0BB-F563-4958-A229-2….jpeg)

It is prophesized i the torah that the jews will run the world and thwir messiah will kill all the aryans and thwy will rule over a nationless horde of brown subhumans that will serve them as slaves

a3ed23  No.12652767

File: a8f533c20251fd4⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 5000x3200, 25:16, semitic_attack_plan.jpg)



/pol/ has always been anti-Islam you stupid fuck, where do you think you are? You can't D&C by pretending anti-Islam = pro-kike, or pro-Christian, or anything else. There are many types of cancer in the world, and Islam is one of many.

70572f  No.12652789



Too late for them here, we're woke on the JQ.

2db50a  No.12661921


i have noticed the 2nd generation wannabe nigger pakis do that in the UK, they will never touch pork but always drunk off their arse

e2ba09  No.12675208

File: 7c58e5de720422f⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1303x8157, 1303:8157, Lesson 7 - Pedophilia.PNG)



59919f  No.12676999


God bless!! I've been waiting for this one. Thanks.

a57e0c  No.12677112




found the muslim brotherhood posters. did john brennan put you up to this?

96478e  No.12686599


Tom Holland a somewhat influential historian on Twitter tried arguing that since all of this was not written when Mohammad was alive then we can't verify if he actually married a 9 year old. I shouldn't need to explain why this is so retarded.

For context, he also said that Islam never wiped out any ancient civilizations before the modern ere. This is the extent they will go to suck Muslim cock. >>12675208

a2775e  No.12686642


thanks anon, I'm waiting for more lesson.

e37a9c  No.12686679


>Can someone explain why Muslims are afraid to eat pork but are okay to drink alcohol in the US if both activities are forbidden in Islam.

because they are full of shit

most use their religion more like a gang than a real spiritual belief

0078e5  No.12686721

Fun Fact: Buraq is the name of the horse Mohammad rode from mecca to jerusalem and back in one night.

0078e5  No.12686727


>Can someone explain why Muslims are afraid to eat pork but are okay to drink alcohol in the US if both activities are forbidden in Islam.

Yes, because it is permitted to do the forbidden things (i.e.: drink alcohol, eat pork, lie, fuck fags, suck dick, ect.) as long as it is done in order to deceive the infidel whose country you are attempting to infiltrate. In order to get the infidels to trust them and let down their guard, which allows muslims to flood into the country and turn it into a caliphate.

0fc0d0  No.12687455

File: db532897623c81a⋯.pdf (1.81 MB, PHD in Islam lessons 1-7 (….pdf)

File: 256dd41480011df⋯.pdf (1.8 MB, PHD in Islam lessons 1-7 (….pdf)


A PDF of lessons 1-7, optimized (??) for mobile reading.

8e569a  No.12687557

e2ba09  No.12691195


This is excellent, thanks.

efad35  No.12691920


I'll update it when/if I see new lessons, a couple places missing greentexts in this edition. Its a great read from what I've so far.

fc3824  No.12691989

bottom line is destroy and wipe away the entire middle east and all those that live there

373fdc  No.12692619

aa6a66  No.12692832

What's the point of this thread?


We should be focusing on getting rid of the Jews and creating our ethnostates.

Sure get rid of the invaders and rapefugees but if the point is to prioritize getting rid Muslims over getting rid of kikes then that would be a problem.

633062  No.12692859


>if the point is to prioritize getting rid Muslims over getting rid of kikes then that would be a problem.

So are you implying that that's the point of this thread? It'd only be true in your (then-)twitching imagination.

44e16f  No.12692878

File: 8c5c59b9dea021a⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 720x405, 16:9, p04l4rbd[1].jpg)

Every attack is political.

Because they hate their host societies, commies use them for their own prerogatives as well, which they gladly oblige.

Duckduckgo "torch-men-order".

44e16f  No.12692889


False dichotomy. You're a kaffir or a goyim either-way to them.

010841  No.12692903


DuckDuckGo was founded by a kike and its search results are even more cucked than jewgle's. Just FYI.

44e16f  No.12692919



thx, hotbot?

aa6a66  No.12692965


I'm asking a question, meaning I don't know. Do you have an answer?

aa6a66  No.12692974

Just remove all muzzies and jews. Remove everyone that isn't your race regardless of if they want to kill you or enslave you or whatever you think they want

44e16f  No.12693038

File: 1c2e6ce2f149884⋯.jpg (96.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, QBf1RHlzDw_1396361005087[1….jpg)


Talmud, communism, sharia is all "sedition" and against federal law.

Anne Barnhart spoke succinctly on this issue. When Molly Norris comes out of hiding, could be considered good measure that the Republic has been restored.

633062  No.12693085


searx.me is actually a pretty powerful configurable search engine, not just for general links but files too.

41fad3  No.12693119


a father or grandfather can marry off an insane child and the child can never divorce her husband

So does that mean A retarded Mentally challenged and or potato kid ? Ugh interpreted as They can fuck retarded child brides and the kid can't object I'm so pissed i am typing like a nigger ..

Good read thanks haven't been this triggered in a while its a great thing I still care for some weird reason maybe it's a survival thing Hope you taught me how to hate again

Seriously though

Deus Vult

These sandniggers need to go fuck off back to Asscrackastain before the Sleeping giant wakes up

41fad3  No.12693189


This and also that guy at your local gas station he gets to come over on a work visa gets a business loan on the taxpayers dime opens shop doesn't have to pay taxes for 3 years when it's time to collect he transferres the business over to his Brothers cousins Profits they always have a fall guy who gets caught they scheme just like their other (((cousins))) the economy gets a Short term boost but the long game is unstable it's a win win for Juden and the Ishmaelits they also have backers in the desert they have to pay contribute to Bigger version of that Mexican western union bull shit everyone bitched about 2 years ago but got memory holed all this shit Wester Nations are being sucked dry by these people and they are using their religion as a scape goat for fraud …their could be good Exceptions don't make rule we are incompatible as a society they Lie you have to start seeing what's going on. If you value a future that is going to be worth a shit

Never be scared of trying to seek Truths it will put your mind on a new level one that if viewed with the proper *something* will be for your betterment

And for muh RedCoat friends Fuck the jews because you can't say it because you get in trouble 😁

ab0f34  No.12693238


Learn to write proper posts you spastic, your shit is barely readable

aa6a66  No.12693565


Okay so if it's against federal law how do we enforce that law?

e2ba09  No.12705853

File: f5b0fafca6ddb2c⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1308x9777, 436:3259, Professor Kafir 8 - Slaver….PNG)


Archive link:


8df1da  No.12705920

File: 696cf9d865de2d2⋯.jpeg (39.85 KB, 490x437, 490:437, My Nature For I Must.jpeg)


Thanks for the head's up. By the way, I asked him if he'd do a Talmud review, but he declined since it isn't his field of expertise. He did link this though which might be useful for anons to dissect:



It's supposedly encyclopedic information about the JQ. It's hefty, but could prove useful in that project.

d4516a  No.12706899

File: 4753a51fc489b79⋯.pdf (5.22 MB, PHD in Islam Lessons 1-8 (….pdf)

File: 47e91bca8c0792e⋯.pdf (5.23 MB, PHD in Islam Lessons 1-8 (….pdf)


PDF https://archive.org/details/phdinis

4466d5  No.12708373


>We're dealing with a cartoonishly supremacist ideology openly hellbent on goddamn world domination like the nazis in a liberal daydream

More psychological manipulation. "Da Naughtseas" weren't bent on world domination. They at most wanted to annex the parts of Poland they lost just like the USSR did after the war.

a2762b  No.12709063


Moron. He said "like the nazis in a liberal daydream". He means that muslims are as cartoonishly evil as liberals imagine the nazis were.

96478e  No.12723906


what is the next lesson covering?

ef3ff1  No.12724263


Why can't we do both?

7abc20  No.12724283


Because of pilpul, he's probably just trying to bait you into the false dichotomy of islam vs judaism. Kill both.

7aa15d  No.12724295


>about islam and its many flaws

There are no flaws in Shia Islam of Iran, fren.

07bba5  No.12724320


>Lesson 9: Women


e2ba09  No.12742323


>There are no flaws in Shia Islam of Iran

Shoo shoo, shia inbred.

e2ba09  No.12743566



>implying this thread is dead and not simply waiting for updates

You must be one of the inbreds I've heard so much about. Scared the truth about your retarded desert cult is gonna come out?

d616fd  No.12743598


Muslims have the same logic as a lot of SJWs I've met.

d616fd  No.12743602


You seem to be the expert on necro, tell us what it was like with your mom at the funeral home.

e2ba09  No.12744108


In what regards, specifically? In the way they clutch their pearls for little insignificant bullshit (microaggressions is an awful crime!) but then rationalize unthinkable monstrosities (pedophilia and children undergoing genital mutilation is fine)?

c2f07a  No.12747168

File: cb5cf4fcad0757c⋯.png (3.67 MB, 1304x14268, 326:3567, Professor Kafir 9 - Women.PNG)


All about women in islam. Give your feminist friends an aneurysm.



923b6b  No.12748664

Islam did nothing wrong except worship a jew god and forbid pork.

Muh women's rights

Muh honor killings

Muh precious science and academia

Gas yourself you fucking progressives.

8b56be  No.12749244


archive: https://archive.li/0iHLd

c8b29a  No.12749627


A mongrel or a moron detected.

8c6ed5  No.12749686


Is this not basically shutting down opinion?

Why how Censorship of you. Shutting down opinion and theory is how we capitulate to self censorship.

Bloody suicidal idiots.

c2f07a  No.12749987


>preferring science over "divine" revelations means being progressive libtards

Also, I agree that women's rights were a mistake, all of them (yes, voting and working too), but since islam is so explicitly misogynistic, why not take advantage of it and put feminists against muslims?

And pro-islam feminists against feminists who don't like islam.

Sow dissent and cause infighting. We jew now.

923b6b  No.12750042


Wew, are you a noob at IRL?

Feminism is not about female rights. It's about stripping white men of power (they may presume that this is to female benefit since power is a zero sum game, but you should know better: most of the power goes to jewish institutions).

Speaking of infighting in feminism, there are two major splits:

Mainline leftists against TERFs who, rightly, can see that men who say they're women to get female privilege are moving in on their grift and using their male brains to dominate the competition

And 2) People of Cess feminists against "White Feminism." Or in other words get whitey.

Notice what both of these divides have in common: they are just extensions of the hate that their ideology is designed to produce in the first place, the first against males who are moving in on the feminist racket and the second against whites who have outlived their usefulness in feminist leadership. You can't redirect the targets of their hate against Muslims.

>preferring science over "divine" revelations means being progressive libtards

My little anon cannot be this euphoric. What has science given you, again? Tech that spies on you and tracks you everywhere you go and detects your thought crime and automatically tabulates it to the government? Drones that can murder you from 30,000 feet by tracking your body heat? A globalized world dominated by the money of a few thousand ((("people"))) that is managing to carry out a genocide of 1 billion of your people in plain sight of everyone with no one batting an eye?

Technology is a false god, and atheism is no god at all. Worship the gods of your ancestors, and put a white woman in a burqa with a mjolnir on it today. The only thing wrong with Islam is that it's not white. If it was white men raping white thots whoring around in plain sight I would have zero problem with it.

c8b29a  No.12750064


They weren't a "mistake", they were an organized attack on Europe.

2f53cc  No.12755107


>The only thing wrong with Islam is that it's not white.

Then move to Bosnia or Albania.

c2f07a  No.12761636


All the stuff you said is stuff well known to anybody here. Except the preference of religion over science. That's plain retardation.

>What has science given you, again?

How about you try to live without science's false gifts then? No heating, no fridges, no cars, etc. Go ahead, don't be a hypocrite.

Also, you can still put pro-islam feminists against no-islam feminists. There is zero reasons not to do it.

6a1a9d  No.12761650

>women under islam

Very interesting lesson, thank you anon. I got redpilled when I started seeing communists defending islam, particularly women who had been involved with feminism for years.

78f8bd  No.12762205


Post nose

932326  No.12762370

You know, as much as I despise Islam, they do understand the female psyche quite well.

c2f07a  No.12766533


Understanding women's nature is nothing to brag about. Up until recently in our civilization everybody did. Because it's bloody obvious.

It takes relentless propaganda from a very young age, intense social pressure and even the threat of legal actions to make people believe the "strong independent womyn equal to men" bullshit.

e8af66  No.12769939


aa69b9  No.12770181


Its a doctrine of subhumanity, what supposed understanding about women have you discovered in it?

c2f07a  No.12771768

To the anon who made the PDF of all the lessons: could you update your booklet with the ninth lesson?

bb16af  No.12771812


The fact that women can not govern themselves and are inherently untrustworthy, for one.

a5d841  No.12785167

anyone know when we can be expecting the next one ???

c2f07a  No.12785353


Since the last one was 9 days ago and generally there's a lesson every 10-12 days, soon.

3baa37  No.12789558


mohommed pls go

c2f07a  No.12796450

File: cba21871bff4105⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1320x7198, 660:3599, Professor Kafir 10 - Honor….PNG)




e3fd4f  No.12800042

Bumping, is lesson 11 available yet?

Also if PDF anon could compile lessons 8-11 or do full batch, helps for dissemination and I really appreciate the format vs tryna zoom and read massive pics on my phone. Cheers

354694  No.12800091

File: 238534610b6a4c1⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 1696x6224, 106:389, Anon destroys Islam 1-2.jpg)

File: 30b3395193858bf⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1336x6290, 668:3145, Anon destroys Islam 2-2.jpg)

May I interject with a based anon dismantling Islam like a little bitch?

923b6b  No.12800594


I would love to move to Europe if I could, even if I did have to live among low IQ Slavs.


>the preference of religion over science [is] plain retardation.

Back to reddit, then, you useless faggot. You'll never be of any use to your race if you reject tradition, which was uniformly religious for hundreds of thousands of years before fedoras showed up in the (((enlightenment))) which has been an utter soul robbing disaster to all hominids on earth and especially to the brightest souls, the Aryans.

>How about you try to live without science's false gifts then? No heating, no fridges, no cars, etc. Go ahead, don't be a hypocrite.

How about you stop paying taxes to this baby aborting, fag enabling, child brainwashing, white genociding empire, anon? Stop being such a hypocrite.

See, I can play this game too. Everyone with fringe politics is a hypocrite because they're not living in the world they would prefer. But thank you for answering the question: The only 'gifts' we receive in exchange for all the horrors that technology inflicts on us (INCLUDING OUR VERY GENOCIDE) is: "HVAC heat pumps, fridge heat pumps, and internal combustion engine personal transport."

Well then, let me introduce you to: a wood burning stove (preferably a thermal mass heater), a root cellar, and a horse or mule for personal transport. Your technology provides me with NO advantages and LOTS that is horror beyond comprehension.

Go ahead, give me some more supposed advantages of your science, Reddit.

da1a36  No.12802744

I don't post on cuckchan so I don't know when/how to reach the guy but if anyone else gets the chance I'd really like to hear his stance regarding all these "liberal western Muslim women" in politics. Germany has a ton of outwardly modern Muslim women that try to preach the whole Islam is totally peaceful and empowering guys. It's obvious they are lying but I'd like to know WHY. they are essentially working against their own best interests and I can't understand why.

923b6b  No.12802972


>Women's rights is in women's best interests.

God it is so insufferably /r/The_Donald in here.

Women are 10,000% better off living under the safe protective sanctuary of patriarchy with a providing husband and a large family of armed and militant sons to look after your interests and make it difficult for any central authority to govern you by force, and with daughters to marry to other families in your local community to strengthen ties and grow your militant family alliances to make it even harder for that central authority to govern you by force.


You fucking cryptofeminists need to hang by the neck until dead and sort your brains from your assholes on why you oppose Islam. HINT: It's not because of why Sargon or Ramsey Saul said to oppose it, it's because it's a religion that competently strengthens mud people and aligns them against Europeans.

9a3aba  No.12803198

File: 7c0ed31f49e573c⋯.pdf (8.33 MB, PHD in Islam lessons 1-10 ….pdf)


Done, here's 1-10. For a more "permanent" link:


< Dark theme

9a3aba  No.12803201

File: 803dc645fd02068⋯.pdf (13.14 MB, PHD in Islam lessons 1-10 ….pdf)

< Light theme

9a3aba  No.12803214




I forgot to crop these

Find the cropped ones in the Archive page or



da1a36  No.12803253


>Women are 10,000% better off living under the safe protective sanctuary of patriarchy

Yea but decades of brainwashing told them the opposite.

They also sure as shit aren't better off under an islamic patriarchy.

77517d  No.12803375

File: 9e1f83af7d755a6⋯.png (470.46 KB, 758x1644, 379:822, muslim werewolves cover.png)

File: 3bd4e94977754e3⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, Muslim_Werewolves.pdf)

923b6b  No.12808121


>Women are better off thotting around on tinder than living under Islamic patriarchy.

Chew you havisfaction singlicious fact to snack that up? Just fucking stop. Stop. I'm cringing, stop. There is literally no system on earth worse than the one you're living under, White man. Hate islam for the correct reasons: it's a religion for shitskins, and it worships a jew god.

2c0648  No.12809146


Western society had its women firmly under control just 100 years ago, without beating the shit out of them constantly. You're clearly just trying to justify your misguided hate for women here. Also clearly attempting to derail the thread with irrelevant side issues.

Bump because this thread is important. (((You))) are filtered though.

c2f07a  No.12810566


That's still Prof. Kafir. Those are the first posts he wrote about islam.

c2f07a  No.12810586


>Everyone with fringe politics is a hypocrite because they're not living in the world they would prefer.

Difference is that I would stop paying taxes to this system if I could. You would not stop using science's "false" gifts even if you could.

I'm a captive. You're a hypocrite. See the difference?

>You'll never be of any use to your race if you reject tradition

Not all traditions are good or beneficial, inbred. Rejection of science in favor of divine revelations is retarded. One thing is using those revelations to keep in check women and the lower strata of society which otherwise would behave like animals, but a completely different thing is actually believing that following some religion or another is better than accepting the scientific method.

You're a hypocrite and an idiot. Stop embarassing yourself.

c2f07a  No.12810599


>It's obvious they are lying but I'd like to know WHY

Probably the tingling feeling women get when they get praised by males for behaving properly.

Also, for feeling superior to other women because of their superior religiosity.

They love islam because it's a tool to get validation and appreciation. Women are always the fucking same everywhere.

c2f07a  No.12810611


>Your technology provides me with NO advantages

What do you do when you get bitten by an animal, or get infected with some bacteria and need antidotes or antibiotics? Are you gonna resign yourself to death because all science's gifts are worthless?

You're either a hypocrite or one of those people too obtuse to properly understand an issue's pro and cons, and that just cut the gordian knot by throwing away the baby with the bath water.

2c7207  No.12810715

File: b3668495a6f6602⋯.jpg (183.79 KB, 1498x998, 749:499, Christians-in-DR-Congo.jpg)


>Western society had its women firmly under control just 100 years ago, without beating the shit out of them constantly.

Do you think Muslims do that? You are basically repeating the standard conservative talking points against Islam with no self-awareness.

You can criticize Muslims for FGM, that is primarily a Muslim issue, but not solely one, as some nigger Christians do it as well.


We know what the end game of this will be. Immigrants are fine so long as they are Christian, like these upstanding individuals, or at least non-Muslim. And oh, that they're LEGAL.

2c7207  No.12810729

File: 910da14893ac44a⋯.jpg (595.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1619.jpg)

File: b54abffda26c029⋯.jpg (101.49 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, 2010-Jerusalem-PM-Netanyah….jpg)

File: 997ae85a5e3327d⋯.png (48.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner-christians-against-….png)

File: 39e8848a2efa4f9⋯.png (57.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner-cufi.png)

File: ffa0301b6b24e53⋯.png (68.86 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner-cufi-2.png)

Btw, is there a Muslims United For Israel?

2c7207  No.12810770

File: 7093f706986cc13⋯.jpg (271.66 KB, 1650x1275, 22:17, abortion-in-the-hood.jpg)


>Mainline leftists against TERFs who, rightly, can see that men who say they're women to get female privilege are moving in on their grift and using their male brains to dominate the competition

You could phrase that a lot better.

Trannies don't do it because they want female privilege, but TERFs are aghast that anyone dare to encroach upon their space. It bothers them even more that being trans really does involve hardship - and that has to be acknowledged, whatever you think about it - that makes "women are oppressed" seem like so much bullshit.


>baby aborting

>being against abortion

Have your 20 million niggers then.

2c0648  No.12810775


>being trans really does involve hardship

Trannies got nobody to blame but themselves and, possibly, the guy who raped them as kids.

2c7207  No.12810789

File: f481195cb20219e⋯.gif (4.42 MB, 472x354, 4:3, syrian-girl.gif)


You can do whatever you want, but being against Islam is mainstream conservative, and so obviously a manipulative tool. Real understanding includes being against all Abrahamic/Jewish religions. At that point, you see that Islam itself is a distant 3rd to Judaism and Christianity.

Muslim immigrants are of course a problem, but more because they are 98% non-white than because they are Muslim.

2c0648  No.12810802


>because they are 98% non-white than because they are Muslim.

Retarded inbred Arabs beget a retarded Arab religion that stole most of its ideas from retarded inbred Jews.

2c7207  No.12810805


I'm only pointing out that it is genuinely hard, especially if you are some freak who is obviously male no matter how much hormones you take. That is genuine hardship.

If you know someone who is living in a tent on the street, and the guy mismanaged his life to get there, you could fault him on different things, but you can't say that he has "white privilege" or "male privilege" or "life on easy mode," and any random female is the one who actually knows true suffering.

2c7207  No.12810812



>Retarded inbred Arabs beget a retarded Arab religion that stole most of its ideas from retarded inbred Jews.

Muhammad is Jewish. He is from the lineage of Abraham. That really needs to be pushed. He might be overwhelmingly Arab/non-Jewish by ancestry, but the lineage he identified with was his Jewish one.

2c0648  No.12810821


>That is genuine hardship.

Hardship they deliberately CHOSE. This isn't a situation where someone forces them at gunpoint to chop their dicks off.

2c7207  No.12810832

File: 2018e9e5edaa1f1⋯.jpg (157.39 KB, 970x669, 970:669, homeless-photo.jpg)


It does not matter in the context of this discussion. Are you like a feminist who would claim this homeless guy chose to be where he was because he no doubt made lots of bad life decisions?

2c7207  No.12810835



And the women in the photo are the ones who know "real oppression." kek

2c0648  No.12810848


It's an extremely weak argument to begin with. Besides, a lot of trannies chop their dicks precisely because they want to gain female privileges.

2c7207  No.12810858


>Besides, a lot of trannies chop their dicks precisely because they want to gain female privileges.

ha ha, okay, I misunderstood who I was arguing against.

c2f07a  No.12819251


>He might be overwhelmingly Arab/non-Jewish by ancestry, but the lineage he identified with was his Jewish one.

Muhammad was the first transracial individual?

<"Actually being jewish is such a small part of being jewish."

c2f07a  No.12819258


>Islam itself is a distant 3rd to Judaism and Christianity.

I understand why judaism is a toxic anti-West ideology, but why Christianity? I'm not christian, but you can't deny that the West lived its cultural and scientific peak while it was predominantly christian.

The only flaw I see in christianity is that it teaches a meekness that non-whites always take advantage of, but that seems to fix itself as soon as whites realize that the "guests" they've helped are actually snakes. Then it's crusade time. Being a christian never stopped anyone from chopping off muslim heads.

747455  No.12834594




The PDF-maker anon could please add an index at the beginning? Maybe a clickable one? It would be of great help.

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