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File: cc046403ab9ce26⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 125x125, 1:1, gyakkyou_burai_kaiji_00241….jpg)

fef51a  No.12509205


>usmca mostly good

>censorship lines snuck in

>companies can ban people from their services at their discretion without repercussion

shits bad, man.

e3dea5  No.12509253

Censoring on social media is illegal.


fad9cd  No.12509254


Go back to 4chan

fd6a0a  No.12509257


Fuck off yid.

e3dea5  No.12509266


The Liberal media intentionally ignores anything bad for the left. Then, when you say something about it and someone asks you for a source, you only have Conservatives sites to use and the Liberal asking you for the sources says "got a source besides some biased Conservative Faux news site?'

ed1990  No.12509311


Hmm, that'd be pretty retarded of them if the only way to get updates about it is through news reporting sites and there'd be no way to prove or disprove - while they eat up their own news sources with abandon.

The actual text of it is not available to public anywhere I see, so none of anything can be verified independently before it happens or is published.

In other words: They. Are. Retarded.

Tell them to their face they're fucking retarded for that reason - that they will not even entertain something being true by a 'competing news source' when it cannot even be verified by either side independently.

fef51a  No.12509334



Read closely

Article 19.17: Interactive Computer Services

1. The Parties recognize the importance of the promotion of interactive computer services,

including for small and medium-sized enterprises, as vital to the growth of digital trade.

2. To that end, other than as provided in paragraph 4, no Party shall adopt or maintain

measures that treat a supplier or user of an interactive computer service as an information content

provider in determining liability for harms related to information stored, processed, transmitted,

distributed, or made available by the service, except to the extent the supplier or user has, in whole

or in part, created, or developed the information.7

3. No Party shall impose liability on a supplier or user of an interactive computer service on

account of:

(a) any action voluntarily taken in good faith by the supplier or user to restrict access

to or availability of material that is accessible or available through its supply or use

of the interactive computer services and that the supplier or user considers to be

harmful or objectionable; or

(b) any action taken to enable or make available the technical means that enable an

information content provider or other persons to restrict access to material that it

considers to be harmful or objectionable.

4. Nothing in this Article shall:

(a) apply to any measure of a Party pertaining to intellectual property, including

measures addressing liability for intellectual property infringement; or

(b) be construed to enlarge or diminish a Party’s ability to protect or enforce an

intellectual property right; or

(c) be construed to prevent:

(i) a Party from enforcing any criminal law, or

(ii) a supplier or user of an interactive computer service from complying with a

specific, lawful order of a law enforcement authority.8

5. This Article is subject to Annex 19-A

e93630  No.12509395


Heavily condensed version:

No party shall impose liability (sue, claim a grievance) on account of any action to restrict access to material that the supplier considers objectionable.

They agree that you have no right to free speech online.

This is huge. Somebody needs to get it to Trump that his supporters are allowed to be physically attacked, that they are not allowed to defend themselves, and they are not allowed to communicate online, thus, by 2020, he will have no supporters.

fef51a  No.12509404


It's pretty vague, but doesn't it sound like it could include ISPs as well effectively removing someones internet service?

e93630  No.12509414


It's not vague at all. It's saying that the complaint that your access was restricted in any way and at any point is meaningless whinging and you should just accept getting kicked off the internet. Throttled? Censored? You have no case. If you see a lawyer they will say there's nothing you can do.

a62df3  No.12509421



Freeze peach works both ways

It was only withheld because it was large enough to be considered a public utility

Fucking sidewalks

fef51a  No.12509444


you must live with your head in the clouds

e3dea5  No.12510418


So we become like the Chinese and their internet?

000000  No.12510421


No. The Chinese care about their people. Your government wants you dead.

b94dcf  No.12511620


This. In China they don't have any rights, but if you do as you're told and stay out of the way, your belly will be full. Here Eric Clanton gets probation for attempted murder.

e3dea5  No.12513017


c3ebe0  No.12513024


THIS is the same thing we didn't want in the TPP

a1b1dc  No.12513031


>Chinese care about their people

Top kek. No, Chinese only care about their rich and the pockets of said rich. They care less about their people than other Asians care about them.

8ef880  No.12513767

Trump gets elected because of Wikileaks

Wants Assange thrown in prison…

8ef880  No.12513773


By 2020 Trump will be happy if nobody looks into his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

7ff4cd  No.12513937


>oy vey can't discuss news on a news board

>fucking goyim

142e03  No.12514170

And Trump signed this? Fucking compromised.

428578  No.12514173


>lol wow the kike shill who has done nothing but what jews want for his entire fucking life and who has lied about the entire last two years of his presidency is only just now compromised because of a jewish trade deal

Goddamn retard.

7959f9  No.12515038


Is there a reason this never went anywhere in 2016?

000000  No.12515833

Bump for a real thread.

b7bddd  No.12515877

File: c4c63fea51a75a2⋯.png (79.53 KB, 699x703, 699:703, IMG_0389.PNG)


What do we do now, /pol/?

000000  No.12515889


Gotta stop the USMCA. Thankfully we have all of Canada working to stop it too.

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