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File: eca8f8705f886eb⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 900x876, 75:73, serveimage.jpg)

File: fb9a828cdaa868f⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 434x578, 217:289, IMG1.jpg)

File: b5c0d29f8ad03e7⋯.webm (910.24 KB, 532x300, 133:75, s3 plan.webm)

5af344  No.12510597

The Jewish tyranny of this financial republic is on the brink. Macron, at bay, is calling for the republic’s last reserves into the French capital to ward off the inevitable: the republic’s fall and with it, that of its masters – international Jewish finance.

In this exclusive document, you can see the mobilization plan of the Paris police headquarters for Saturday, December 8th. All units, without exception, are mobilized. All holidays canceled.

In summary, the cops are at their maximum mobilization capabilities so as to face the French people in the streets of Paris next Saturday. There is no escape plan: if, in the coming weeks, the popular storm continues, the police in charge of protecting this government from betrayal will yield and fall back.

The last rampart of the Judeo-Macronist Republic is on the brink of rupture.

For good measure, the Praetorian guard of this Jewish regime was ordered to fire cartridges of tear gas at people. Thousands and thousands of shots in the faces of the Yellow Vests.


>This is the first time I have received such an order” a CRS. According to L’Express, the units of #CRS were ordered to fire [a tear gas canister] at man’s body last Saturday in #Paris. A prohibited practice, justified by the context.”

“Justified” by the agony of the Jews.

I want to emphasize one crucial thing here: the police are not a form of government. But that is what this occupation government is reduced to: making policing an end in itself, in order to survive another week.

The French police can not and will not want to take the place of a government. In fact, it is not so much a rampart as an impasse.

France can not be governed by 70,000 or 75,000 men in open war against tens of millions of French to ensure the survival of this cartel of corrupt politicians.

You can not govern the French people indefinitely like that.

5af344  No.12510602

File: c01cc0d225a2a40⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 2476x1920, 619:480, wake up.jpg)

At this point, the only option left to the police is to force Macron to surrender.

This is the most orderly alternative possible. If the cops do not force Macron to face his responsibilities, it will be chaos in the streets in a very short time and the units of police or territorial gendarmerie, in the face of the popular uprising, will return to their barracks rather than confront the people.

This will inevitably bring into action bands of Arab-Negro assassins and looters once the situation is out of control. Not to mention the murderers of Allah of the Islamic State or mutinous anarcho-communists.

For all these reasons, every passing minute brings the country closer to the abyss. Because of one man: Emmanuel Macron. Because of a single clique of criminals: Jewish financiers and terrorists of the Jewish press.

The cops would do well to call in sick in mass. Exposing yourself in the streets of Paris next Saturday to save this corrupt republic under the orders of Goldman Sachs and international Jewish finance is not worth it.


000000  No.12510606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5af344  No.12510614

File: 39ffb2cf678b1fd⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 1154x650, 577:325, 39ffb2cf678b1fda2ac069cb1….webm)

Percolatrice est jamais là, quand l'Europe a besoin d'elle…


Use invidio.us next time.

9127d6  No.12510616

Jesus Christ how many "This is it, the big one, economic apocolypse NOW!" threads do we need?

000000  No.12510620

ac054d  No.12510625

File: 4c10a4cda55a415⋯.png (2.35 MB, 681x4927, 681:4927, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-12….png)


something is up

29779e  No.12510628


Stop posting this fucking picture on4/8chan pol nigger.

000000  No.12510630


What is with the picture? Who is her? She's hot.


Do you think Macron can resign? Who would take his place?

29779e  No.12510632


>What is with the picture? Who is her? She's hot.

Muh dick Muh dick. Fuck off.

000000  No.12510637


Why the fuck do you get triggered by a picture with a white woman? Are you a jealous nigger whore or what?

a1fc89  No.12510638


She looks like she's 14 and next to her mother you pedo

000000  No.12510643


PERFECT THEN. You must be a fag if you would not breed her. She is in her prime in that picture.

ac054d  No.12510645

File: 2476196c55ce7f8⋯.png (648.22 KB, 659x1160, 659:1160, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-12….png)




IDK bros, this might actually be the day France uncucks itself…. this Ex Forgin Legion General guy is telling people to to protest Dec 8th.

Its the same guy that got arrested off the street for protesting the Islamitization of France back in 2016. When you have Military Generals joining in, you know shit is about to go down.



98b388  No.12510648


Wouldn't it suck if two groups with opposing political ideologies de-prioritized politics long enough to, at a minimum, take down the judenpresse?

Imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power

5af344  No.12510649

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a1fc89  No.12510650



>In her prime

I found the negroid

3696c9  No.12510652

Oh good, another thread for this.

000000  No.12510655


I found the anti-white kike.

4d7974  No.12510658


Check that Hitler ID

c5ffcb  No.12510674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rise, fire rise.

98b388  No.12510675

ZogBots will use the "French Sabbath" as an occasion to sharpen their plans for a SHTF scenario in other parts of the West. And you know that in the back of their minds, they're wondering if it will be worth it to side with the oligarchy when millions are searching for them with the intent to do maximum damage.

ac054d  No.12510689

File: 0588c4c27fa8e20⋯.png (21.98 KB, 637x409, 637:409, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-12….png)


The best part of this thing is how the ANTIFA types don't know what to do….

2639eb  No.12510691

If the frogs had any balls, this would be the part where they bring the guillotines back

b230b9  No.12510695




Spread this >>12508594 video on social media anons this is a huge redpill for everyone of every country!!!

>be normies

>people see civilized country's police take turns beating defenseless civilians

>they think "this could be me"

>Riot rolls around in my neck of the woods, I am now 100% vindicated and prepared for the worst

>The fire rises

>bonus: It will also make good cops reconsider whose side they're on.

>double dipper bonus: Your favorite media/eceleb shills ignore it OR better still try to spin it like "We don't know the other side goys!"

>You now know who are the gatekeepers


c4dcc0  No.12510707

I hope Macron declares martial law so we can get an actually nice and bloody revolution.

33d7d8  No.12510710


she looks exactly like my little brother

eb8252  No.12510711


Every thread you fresh from shill school faggot

000000  No.12510713



>Spread this >>12508594 video on social media anons this is a huge redpill for everyone of every country!!!

you mean this link >>12510606

000000  No.12510714


fuck it I will pay for your brother's HRT


c5ffcb  No.12510718


>Implying ANTIFA ever has any idea what to do

5af344  No.12510729

d8a222  No.12510731


He might be too much of a pussy to do it. Having someone get shot by the military would probably be enough to cause things to explode.

112985  No.12510737



Jesus fuck I hate Zogbots.

The guy is just filming from outside and the rabid fuck kicks him into the road.

2b46d9  No.12510740


Real question, does (((Israel))) train French police like they do in the US now?

39e96f  No.12510764


You're a faggot if that fertile female doesn't move your dick

569e36  No.12510784


L'Europe a plus besoin de ses bébés que de tes threads de merde. Cette info a déjà été postée. Et ce n'est pas la peine d'essayer de la remplacer, demi-jaune. T'es mauvais c'est humiliant. Tes threads se font remplir de shills à chaque fois parce que tu ne sais pas les gérer.

be9da2  No.12510787


Guillotines are returning: i saw a group of ywllow vests with a makeshift one.

5af344  No.12510791

File: 6a0b5608cf7f739⋯.png (195.23 KB, 369x360, 41:40, 6a0b5608cf7f739f5c72e2b3a3….png)


Je serai toujours là pour vous mes enfants.

569e36  No.12510802


>mes enfants

Tu n'auras jamais d'enfants fils de traître à sa race. Retourne emmerder les autistes de /tv/.

5ee9f5  No.12510805

File: f7df0d367dc0939⋯.png (3.67 KB, 268x385, 268:385, 1543913102.png)


>Guillotines are returning

569e36  No.12510813


Although I think guillotines are nigger-tier execution mode, I kinda like this meme. It has this "your time has come, kike" vibe to it.

4cb529  No.12510815

File: d8e7a0dcc45edcf⋯.jpeg (86.35 KB, 508x676, 127:169, image.jpeg)



5af344  No.12510818

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Retourne emmerder les autistes de /tv/.

T'es pas au courant?

569e36  No.12510827


>offtopic video


8b4ae9  No.12510837

How is this possible? France has nukes and tanks.

9cc9c0  No.12510843

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it too soon to post this?

5af344  No.12510844

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Je suis là pour vous.

78a6a4  No.12510846

Oh God i hope dearly it all goes to shit.

Let it all burn

8c2dfb  No.12510852

File: a1572517a4c1c56⋯.jpg (128.16 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 5-116.jpg)

Even Tigers must beware of the Yellow Vests.

5af344  No.12510862

File: faaf08d790b1602⋯.webm (4.86 MB, 202x360, 101:180, ain't me.webm)


Trump is behind the yellow vest.

8b4ae9  No.12510867


Will Trump bring the Excavators seen at some of his rallies?

01210a  No.12510873


Fucking zogbots and evil kike governments. These governments literally want to genocide us, what kind of moron thinks you are just allowed to call them out and protest them? Every person getting beat is a naive fool that only serves the purpose of proving how insidious this government really is.

e9580a  No.12510878


Intel says there will be an attack on the racist monument known as The Louvre. All police are to converge there.

2b7049  No.12510879


>nigger-tier execution mode

Guillotines as so fucking quick and clean that you are alive for 7 second after your head flies off. They are so negative nigger-tier that you are actually alive after getting killed. Niggers kill slowly with burning and tires and chains.

e9580a  No.12510890


This is creating more people who want to kill police.

8b4ae9  No.12510891

File: e028512e002d73d⋯.jpg (73.67 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 2009_02119_M.jpg)


This is the space age.

8c2dfb  No.12510896

File: 76ef6b82d4ff803⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 592x356, 148:89, 74923872362789777016443290….jpg)


Be aware that Antifa mix in with the crowds of Vests and commit their usual property crime and jewboy temper tantrums, smashing and burning anything. We don't know who these "Yellow Vests" in the video are, or exactly what the background story actually is.

Remember the Israeli IDF jew called "Delta" organizing violence during Ukraine's bloody Maidan Square protests.

Adding gratuitous violence to Goyim political uprisings is something jews do, Standard Operating Proccedure.

33ccfb  No.12510897

File: 16ccd7977275ce1⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 534x300, 89:50, 1434366458060.gif)


J-just a larp filthy goys!!!

4ad3d8  No.12510899


I'm concerned what happens to those nukes in the ensuing chaos if they kick off another revolution.

5af344  No.12510903

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Herve ryssen new video is out.


e9580a  No.12510910


We need to claim the nukes before the muslims take control of France. Same thing goes for Britain. This is just cause for invasion.

33ccfb  No.12510914

File: 03d2566150119b4⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 690x489, 230:163, 1512399124922.jpg)




These soygoys are right. Take a fancy to a colored nigger or landwhale frens.

b92658  No.12510925


Was Romeo a pedo?

124118  No.12510926


because it has nothing to do with what is happening in france right now and because this is /pol not /s.

3d8171  No.12510934


Why do Burgers always use "pedo" wrong?

If anything he'd be a hebephile.

b92658  No.12510935


> implying burgers read Shakespeare

5af344  No.12510937


Ok percolatrice.

8c7366  No.12510939


Do I see a guillote on EUR pallets? Magnifique.

4cb529  No.12510948


It was real in my mind.

8c0cd3  No.12510968

File: 7fa40bf15d4dc7e⋯.jpg (65.11 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1286815638297.jpg)


>in the comments

<les 6 million de morts

I think I can understand a bit of French.

c69d8d  No.12510969

File: 725bdc28eda50f7⋯.jpeg (60.5 KB, 2062x1440, 1031:720, received_575060212933745.jpeg)


mfw France surrenders to itself

33ccfb  No.12510985


Burgers like low white fertility rates while giving the kikes and niggers first access to young white females just hitting their first years of breeding age.

4ad3d8  No.12510993


I expect it will be the UN that will try to go in and seize them, and then mysteriously lose them. "Whoopsies! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

I don't think any government can be trusted with safeguarding the perfect tool for false flags so long as they are under Israel's heel.


It's a result of the schism of the sexes caused by decades of cultural Marxism and its useful idiot, feminism.

Anything up to midnight on their eighteenth birthday is still considered a child by many Americans and will be treated with the utmost kneejerk reaction when involving any adult males who are not directly related (and sometimes even then).

Every male is to be considered a potential rapist and will be treated as such; just look at the metoo movement; it's all related and intentional.

3d8171  No.12511001


>Anything up to midnight on their eighteenth birthday is still considered a child by many Americans and will be treated with the utmost kneejerk reaction when involving any adult males who are not directly related (and sometimes even then).

Well, that's what happens when you're the descendants of puritan zealots, I guess.

AoC is 14 here, feels good man.

c41060  No.12511010

File: 0062a6b22d46579⋯.jpg (116.94 KB, 900x506, 450:253, women-suck.jpg)

569e36  No.12511018

OP is just a fucking jewgle translation of https://democratieparticipative.online/exclusif-au-bord-de-leffondrement-complet-la-republique-judeo-macroniste-mobilise-toutes-ses-dernieres-reserves-sur-paris-samedi/

His only contribution is JAV videos and shitposts that don't carry a fucking sense.





bf2dc3  No.12511029


This guy brings a good point forward, where the fuck are all the niggers france imported?

bf2dc3  No.12511034


All I did was look at the picture enlarged and refuse to read this on principle. get your daily stormer shilling out of here.

000000  No.12511042


When whites are angry, niggers get lynched.

569e36  No.12511048


Don't expect an answer from OP, he's a 80 IQ hapa who only jewgle translated a French heavily censored website >>12511018

7ddd25  No.12511053


Fucking fight back, don't just lay there letting zogbots beat you to death.

569e36  No.12511057


Don't let the Saily Stormer style fool you I hate it too - DP are rabid fine lads.

t. frog

87f95a  No.12511059


Look at her annoyed face:

>I'm so tired of this.. another worthless nigger decides to photograph me in public. Disgusting. Leave me alone

1c5f21  No.12511064


ANTIFA is a mercenary group run by megacorps. They'll never side with the people, ever.

7ddd25  No.12511065


Holy ugly, batman.

0a25e2  No.12511068


Why are they yelling “Get out of here” in English

1b5151  No.12511082


Bet the bitch don't even have a side.

3c4a5f  No.12511089

If the french police fails to stomp out the rebellion you'll see foreign troops be brought in to secure jewish power, no doubt


They're opportunistically looting stores and working in mommy-macron's police lines.

e9580a  No.12511101


Soon it will be the police looting the stores and homes. Just like Venezuela.

4ad3d8  No.12511110


That's just part-and-parcel of living in the great social experiment known as the United States, mon amie.

Take a gander at a prime example of the type of nut-jobs we've had at the helm.




c4c747  No.12511115


>The lefties fracture themselves again

They never learn

5af344  No.12511117

File: 8a59f378326df6f⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 164x200, 41:50, look at me.gif)

d5092a  No.12511120


dont copy/paste daily shiller crap here nigger.

saged and reported

33ccfb  No.12511124

File: f02b9f5784f3503⋯.png (2.02 MB, 737x2000, 737:2000, you're_a_big_girl (1).png)


WW global for larping larp larper

5af344  No.12511129

File: 4fce69a29adac1e⋯.mp4 (2.96 MB, 202x360, 101:180, thread review.mp4)

8b4ae9  No.12511130

File: ead99506042e099⋯.jpg (186.67 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Coq au vin.jpg)

"republic" hmm I thought that that France was a "democracy".

3d8171  No.12511145


Everything that's not a monarchy is a republic you fucking dipshit

5af344  No.12511150


Why do you sage in the first place?

8b4ae9  No.12511151

File: 2455a9928773f61⋯.jpg (164.14 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, African cuisine.jpg)


here. Eat this.

569e36  No.12511152


Don't let the Saily Stormer style fool you I hate it too - this is not fag Anglin's thai fuck sack. DP are rabid fine lads.

t. frog

96b95c  No.12511157

File: 1c39fc9ba8b655d⋯.webm (200.39 KB, 255x211, 255:211, ZOGman.webm)



acdb06  No.12511177


That is not a make shift head chopper. That looks to be original equipment. Notice all the joints are doweled and probably mortise and tenoned as well.

<not shitty dimensional wood bought from the big box stores held together with drywall screws

I really wonder where they liberated it from, perhaps a museum?

96b95c  No.12511185


Not to mention that they guillotined the wrong people, but i agree it's a nice meme.

e446eb  No.12511186

File: a6fd3565a1e8714⋯.png (95.66 KB, 1177x312, 1177:312, ClipboardImage.png)

From the /leftypol/ thread. Good to see that they hate antifa as well.

33ccfb  No.12511200


That's right, keep thinking niggers are the type that would fuck her at that age.

33ccfb  No.12511211

File: 448e8c2ba875ab2⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 323x318, 323:318, 04045e722efbbed0ec32e890e3….jpg)


Filthy kikes trying to take advantage of the poor proletariat again.

3ecd58  No.12511212


Even antifa hates antifa.

02eb09  No.12511217

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



569e36  No.12511223


They only hate antifa because antifa are actually doing shit, while they larp as transfurry high party executives.

4dc266  No.12511227


That's Poppy.

569e36  No.12511234


Subhumans go back to /tv/

4dc266  No.12511235


>grace de fuckshack thaïlandais de Fag Anglin

Fuck off.

000000  No.12511248

Once the civil war breaks out in America Trump will remain President. The 2020 election will be postponed indefinitely. It's a safe bet that now since they are wrapping up the sacrifice of that old fart Bush that they are going to rapidly push us into conflict just like France and that is why Trump declared martial law months ago. Many scenarios are going to combine before our eyes to create this situation while Trump blames everybody else. Welcome to Obama's 3rd and 4th term. Just because you can't see the gun pointed directly at your head doesn't mean it is not there.

93e6ba  No.12511250


It’s from Daily Stormer, you mong.

90ee3e  No.12511277

File: 65c2bde91ff1d54⋯.webm (14.67 MB, 1090x718, 545:359, france firefighters 1.webm)

I'm going to make .webms all day since there has been disappointingly few.

362ea0  No.12511278

Did the frogs accept Macaroni saying he'd cancel the fuel tax?

Or are frogs smart enough to understand they'll just be taxed in another way.

7e2a08  No.12511282


He didn't say he'd cancel it, he only said he'd delay it for six months.

a6d8e6  No.12511283


Where did doc go now?

>Back to the french revolution

362ea0  No.12511301


>don't know what to do….

Have they ever? They rely on negros to just break shit when it's dozens versus two.

95a988  No.12511316



The fire rises

95a988  No.12511326


Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that's just a shop.

90ee3e  No.12511342

File: 1496083c15cea96⋯.webm (15.66 MB, 1140x708, 95:59, police escort liverpool f….webm)


eat a dick, shill. This is the best happening in months, maybe years and Macron has perfect mix of stupidity and arrogance necessary to further escalate violence.

Here is a perfect example from the 29th, while protests were actively taking place across the whole of france, we can see significant riot police resources were utilized for obviously less important event. That may be from a week ago, and a single incident, but the more footage I see, the more incompetence I see on the part of the police forces insofar as squaring with the actual scope of the issue.

The next webm will shows a good portion of riot police devoid of gas masks, another oversite that indicates poor organization and coordination.

90ee3e  No.12511345

File: 702826a286e312d⋯.webm (15.5 MB, 1280x578, 640:289, french riots 3, no gas ma….webm)

000000  No.12511347

To those who say, "this is the space age" no is it not. Outer space and space travel is a psyop. No such thing exists. Anybody with a calculator or common sense knows this because If the numbers don't work it is not real and the numbers do not work.

95a988  No.12511351

File: d157294c4acfd25⋯.webm (5.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ParrisYellowVestRiots2018.webm)

6a6486  No.12511359

File: 5afeb36db4b2301⋯.jpg (45.09 KB, 305x514, 305:514, 68feb79ea0350de725eb4076d4….jpg)


Consider this: it would be a tragic waste to kill police instead of banking/finance jews, MSM jews, political jews, and so on. Don't waste your opportunity on mere lackeys. Go for the throat.

905899  No.12511360

File: 49f0aa66e8a7629⋯.jpg (109.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, france.jpg)

a82651  No.12511364


>you're a shill because you want dated documentation

Okay, kill yourself.

f77654  No.12511377

File: 785e77ecad9d922⋯.png (17.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Astérix et la solution fin….png)


This is a nice piece, where is it from?

7ddd25  No.12511379


>space isn't real

sky and stars are what to you, flashlight behind a black tarp with pinpricks?

000000  No.12511385


the tanoshi creature is right let us heed its word

96b95c  No.12511396


From a rioting perspective the vests are a total disaster. They make it super easy to record the position and numerical strength of the protestors at any given time, which allows the police to move excess units to other locations.

ceb92c  No.12511401


Whoever is at scene…push the outspoken narrative away from Macron and towards usury. He is a replaceable nobody and already heavily shilled as the fall guy, while the death of France (and Europe) is looming next week in Morocco. This is the chance to generate open widespread awareness against jewish usury and the banking cartel enforcing it's sick dictatorship over the planet. If you openly stand against the jews the world will follow.

569e36  No.12511403

File: 2ad55007c5bcba9⋯.png (7.17 KB, 382x22, 191:11, 8974646531.png)


>fag Anglin jewgle-translated it from democratieparticipative

>so it must be trash

You know, Anglin breathes oxygen too. What are you waiting to suffocate yourself you god damned anus-faced racial dead-end ?

362ea0  No.12511411


>frog pushing a car in reverse holding onto the side mirror

I mean just. Really? That's very problematic.

e446eb  No.12511413

File: b4b6c1b5d679678⋯.png (421.38 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>antifa are actually doing shit

569e36  No.12511417

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e9778  No.12511419


Someone was livestreaming and the truckers union has barricaded some of the main roads. Even if Macron tries to send in the military there are literally hundreds of trucks blocking the way

7ddd25  No.12511420


> problematic.

Using this faggot term is a problem. sjwism lives rent free in your head so much so you're parroting them.

000000  No.12511422




362ea0  No.12511423


>Using this faggot term is a problem.

If you can't understand the ironic usage of it then lurk 2 more years newfag.

569e36  No.12511429


Doing shit like acting like niggers. Doesn't mean shit they do is good. They're just moving their asses, unlike /trannypol/ whose only wabble consists of moving arm to reach cheetos.

a82651  No.12511437


This is reported by the most-watched TV news source in France. It looks legit.

a4a6c9  No.12511442


A brief description for the non-french speakers?

c4c747  No.12511448


Tanks in 30 minutes

95a988  No.12511455

File: 17be2fad1b0ae09⋯.png (152.48 KB, 382x597, 382:597, d464a27d7f651978fe84ca5972….png)


>"The police are tired. This is not the pseudo-prime announced by Macron will satisfy us. There are 25 million hours of overtime to pay us. We will restore order but after that, if not high and strong response, and here I am speaking to Emmanuel Macron, it will be our turn to take to the streets. and after the yellow jackets, it will be the navy blue jackets of the national Police. it will intractable. I hope they hear me. "

Fuckin lol. This is Government 101, you're always supposed to keep the police well fed, well paid, and happy. Macron must be literally retarded to not even bother to pay the cops overtime, but still expect them to be good little toy soldiers for him. This Saturday is going to be one hell of a happening at this rate.

236c43  No.12511457


Calling bullshit. I will believe it when I see it. The average ZOGbot is a spineless faggot LARPing as "The Law" I highly doubt they would give up their cummies to side with the people who ACTUALLY pay their cheques.

ae70bb  No.12511458

Imagine if the Frenches were allowed to own firearms like burgers do.

What are people from other countries waiting for by the way ? Unless you live in North Korea you all are slaves to the banking cartel too. People from one single country can't do anything against a world wide dictatorship. We need the whole fucking planet to revolt !

a82651  No.12511459


Just translate it. Even the kike site will do it.


000000  No.12511461


Macron is literally a Rothschild stooge, and his government is being overthrown. Shills are on suicide watch, extreme damage control being run.

112985  No.12511465


>we will restore order first tho

zogbots gonna zog

90ee3e  No.12511470

File: 33a7076b8043b4f⋯.webm (12.59 MB, 1232x528, 7:3, french riots 5.webm)


Blackshirts have always been the best uniform, but aesthetic matters too. The yellow jacket works works in the eyes of the French and that's all that matters.

92fc5d  No.12511479

Controlled chaos will only be bested by chaotic chaos.

95a988  No.12511480


"Order" can mean a great many things, especially coming from a group of well-armed, trained, and organized people who haven't been paid.

c4c747  No.12511486


I don't think they thought that it was going to get this big.

In some bizarre way the uniform chose them instead of the other way around.

000000  No.12511488

Why the worry? As per Revelation 3:9, Jesus will make all jews kiss your feet. That is their destiny.

5b33a0  No.12511496

File: 4138cbc9396e31e⋯.jpg (161.14 KB, 1200x1242, 200:207, Blood for the Blood God.jpg)

File: 8e618751c2956c7⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 5496x3670, 2748:1835, adventure-aerial-autumn-64….jpg)


Especially during Christmas time.

>>12511488 (witnessed)

I'm impressed, anon.

112985  No.12511498


kek, I wish I had your wonderfully positive outlook on life anon

If you mean what I think you mean, I hope you are right.

90ee3e  No.12511505

File: aa23e402dab4ecd⋯.webm (14.24 MB, 388x686, 194:343, shitpostirl.webm)


They completely misjudged it's nature, being that the frogs and most western natinos are accustomed only to soros controlled opposition with a small undercurrent of legitimate opposition. Now they have a completely organic, legitimate opposition that cannot be controlled by narrative crafting or subversion or any other typical tricks and it appears they also have a pm with total ignorance of what populism is or how not to get guillotined.

e81e44  No.12511506


This. Circa 2 years ago 93% of cops or something said they would never enforce a gun grab for any reason.

Circa a few months ago police are murdering law abiding citizens while gun grabbing.

7ddd25  No.12511511


While these indoctrinated plebs are out spinning their wheels playing footsies with zogbots, to me it seems an opportune time to actually do something productive, to go after the jew orchestrators and White traitors.

000000  No.12511513


Kek with what taxes will Macaroni be using to pay the army?

He cannot even pay the police.

He funnels money to thankless moneypit that is the shitskin hoard where they strain the tax paying prole so.

It'll be just like before when the army turns on them like so many times in the past because they cannot pay debnts.

It'll be worse than when Alaric sacked Rome.

It will be the end of him.

96b95c  No.12511515


Are the vests are from first aid kits?

e81e44  No.12511516


Question for /k/niggers;

Will a 5.56 penetrate those Zog helmets and fry some eggs?

ceb92c  No.12511517


And you don't understand the jews…those cops are French. That means they will be replaced anyway, which is why Macron will take his hat and take a job in Brussels, building the replacement EU army out of shitskins (mostly Muslims because that's the secret deal they made with Turkey), who have absolutely no quarrel killing civilians for cash. Remember whatever you think these riots can achieve…Morocco will bring over 200.000.000 more invaders into Europe. If the jews are not driven out the of France and and the riots directed at the destruction of Brussels and the whole EU, then it's game over for the individual nations and their cultures. Forever.

e81e44  No.12511524



Will a 9mm?

Will a .40?

Will a .45?

sage for double

7ad0c9  No.12511534


fuck your sage

acdb06  No.12511536


>Question for /k/niggers;

>Will a 5.56 penetrate those Zog helmets and fry some eggs?

Not a /k/nigger but yes they will penetrate. Those helmets are mostly for thrown rocks and bottles and wild flailing fists.

ceb92c  No.12511541


Oh my god, septic avenger in real life. I applaud you.

7ad0c9  No.12511542

57cdb8  No.12511545


Yeah. Those are riot helmets made for shielding against big mass impacts not bullets.

e81e44  No.12511547


So all of their "armor" is just blunt force protection?

90ee3e  No.12511554

File: 548adfa095368af⋯.webm (14.07 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 6.webm)


I'm pretty sure there are plenty of youtube videos showing penetration ballistics for most common rounds and most common equipment (plates, helmets, sandbags ect). That said, just about any .30 caliber round with a steel tip will penetrate level III and maybe level IV armor with ease.

8ba44a  No.12511556

This is completely unrelated to the rising fire in France, but look at the fucking nose on that (((Japanese))) girl in the 2nd webm of OP. Wew.

c4c747  No.12511557


Time to buy F1 grade helmets

ceb92c  No.12511561


Leave that to people knowing what their doing (which you won't find on here), but what all of you should be doing is to use the time to talk to the students and younger generations and straighten up their twisted worldview with a dosage of truth. We need them on the streets, and their faces in front of cameras addressing the real problems. Nothing has more impact on the world as the voices of honest youth.

90ee3e  No.12511564

File: 80f5e62b8cb9e8a⋯.webm (14.15 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 7.webm)


Couple more coming right up.

c580e7  No.12511567



From a rioting perspective they're bad, but from a protest perspective they're perfect. It makes it incredibly easy to get noticed and identify other like-minded individuals, and everyone has them.

Black is great when you want to hide and blend in, which is perfect when you want to riot and avoid the responsibilities of doing so.

But that's not the goal here. The goal here is to rally up people and protest. Granted, the protest is violent to the point that it is a riot no surprise when peaceful protest accomplishes nothing, but it is still a protest.

96b95c  No.12511568

File: b4ebdcf2f1ad915⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 516x379, 516:379, snap.jpg)


>That ZOGgre taking snapshots

90ee3e  No.12511569

File: ff7f786a39774da⋯.webm (13.28 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 8.webm)

92fc5d  No.12511571

It’s fun to imagine the possibilities here, but I haven’t seen any cops getting beat only antifa-style nonserious resistance and a few people getting smacked as a show of force. I think it will all get put down soon. Please prove me wrong with something besides spirited speculation.

acdb06  No.12511572


>So all of their "armor" is just blunt force protection?

Unless they have bullet proof vests yes.

Knee pads are just working guy style in black and sold through the police catalog so I am sure the price is triple or more. Repeat. PROFIT

96b95c  No.12511581


They're also a giant bulls eye for photographers, rubber bullets, etc. You just don't want to wear bright colors to a riot.

7ddd25  No.12511583


>Leave that to nobody doing anything.

That's some "advice." Happy hanukkah.

e81e44  No.12511585

Nothing is happening though? When is Macaroni's house/estate/castle or whatever it's called going to be stormed?

343461  No.12511587


> Unless you live in North Korea you all are slaves to the banking cartel too.

this makes you think….

fe41aa  No.12511588


just a little relevant side information for educational purposes only of course

ZOG is too cheap to actually pay for real gasmasks for their zogbots and hand out things that are little more than damp handkerchiefs in front of your mouth, they just put those in a tacticool casing to increase zogbot moral. This strategy works because counter to its name teargas is not a gas it is a suspend particulate

on a completely unrelated note mixing some commonly available household chemicals mainly bleach and vinegar do produce poison gas chlorine that would get right passed even the tacticool riot cop masks, utilised out in the open air it probably would not be concentrated enoguh to kill but render tight formations of people into a mess of vomiting and coughing disorder

chemistry: force multiplication you can rely on


how stupid are these firefighters, take the extingisher that is mandate in every car and spray the flame retardent contents on the oil ahead of the fire and watch the fire stop spreading, rather than failing to push one car out of the way

ceb92c  No.12511591


Because fishing for violence on a public forum is such a great advice…

07d573  No.12511593


or syria or russia.

why do you think war against those two is so promoted.

236c43  No.12511597


>We will only side with the people of it interferes with our pampering

Daily reminder the Police anywhere are NOT your friends.

000000  No.12511599


I don't know about the USA but the police here know or should know who pays their salaries; not the state, but the people.

Either you make them remember or you make them remember you have more guns and people and are the very reason they even have shekels this holiday. Americans, stop being cowards.

95a988  No.12511600



7ddd25  No.12511601


>fishing for violence

Not fishing, the violence is already there, the advice is to make it productive instead of stupid.

343461  No.12511602


>why do you think war against those two is so promoted.

not russia to my knowledge. but you are correct…only best koreans are free from banking cartel

ceb92c  No.12511607


I don't wanna bust your bubble, but Russia was overthrown by jewish oligarchs a long time ago and the entire middle east are a bunch of gangsters in the cahoots with the kikes in one way or another. They all are dealing in drugs, arms, human trafficking and the usual oppression of innocent civilians. they surely hate the kikes, but oh boy do they need them to survive.

27bd62  No.12511615


There is no mass issued lvl III helmet. Even spec ops helmets are only rated to .44 magnum. For good reasons.

acdb06  No.12511618

>>12511588 (HEILED)

>on a completely unrelated note mixing some commonly available household chemicals mainly bleach and vinegar do produce poison gas chlorine that would get right passed even the tacticool riot cop masks

It is bleach and ammonia chemistry nigger faggot

90ee3e  No.12511624

File: 75d4d215fbfe838⋯.webm (14.26 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 9.webm)


>not knowing how IDs work.


and incidentally makes zero difference when everyone else is wearing the same thing and smoke/tear gas grenades are going off all over the place.

>>12511588 (heiled, nigger)

Don't ignore minutia, especially when it is fundamental to understanding a particular phenomenon. This isn't as simple as ZOG not affording gas masks. Instead there are something like 7-10 regional and national anti-riot police forces, all equipped differently. Some have bottom barrel equipment, others don't. French anons would be wise to research which particular force is present as that can and often does make massive differences (think DHS vs Portland PD at the last antifa smashing contest).

>how stupid are these firefighters, take the extinguisher that is mandate in every car and spray the flame retardant contents on the oil ahead of the fire and watch the fire stop spreading, rather than failing to push one car out of the way

That's why you are shitposting here, and they have a decent irl job. Liquid/chemical fires cannot be extinguished in the way you describe without running the risk of spreading said fire. They also could have been out of fire retardant, just look around them for a moment- the entire street was on fire.

ceb92c  No.12511626


You're still fishing, anon. If you wanna hit targets do it, but shut the fuck up about it.

And to keep your mind from such terrible ideas, how about you read a little into this interesting article about amazon server farm locations across the globe, posted on wikileaks.


056c47  No.12511627



Sorry to interject but have you considered suicide

7ad0c9  No.12511635


kevlar won't stop rifle rounds

92fc5d  No.12511636


>responding to the wrong poster

96b95c  No.12511637


Look at the video, the protestors are look like high contrast brightskin models from a video game, you couldn't ask for a better target.

27bd62  No.12511647


Yes it absolutely will if it is made thick and woven properly with other materials.

All of you faggots know jackshit about equipment and this is why wars are always a shitshow of who has more semi skilled slaves to operate heavy weapons.

57cdb8  No.12511654

File: f4aec1b92985e5f⋯.png (740.34 KB, 757x451, 757:451, ClipboardImage.png)


It doesn't matter retard. It's a protest not an assassination.

5d2aa4  No.12511656

File: 792d1e009d440e7⋯.webm (8.09 MB, 640x216, 80:27, dotr_lonewolf.webm)

Ca va charcler Samedi

6e55b0  No.12511659

File: 2d5868c18885ba3⋯.png (114.71 KB, 476x399, 68:57, guillitine.png)



France NO

90ee3e  No.12511661

File: b9c8fb21ae39885⋯.png (54.92 KB, 2772x332, 693:83, wut are ids 92fc5d.png)


No you fucking idiot, I intended to do that. Every poster has a unique ID and anyone viewing this thread can see everything you have contributed or whatever shitty attempts to shill/slide/demoralize you make- something you clearly were not briefed on before being payed to post.

Now fuck off, you don't belong here.

95a988  No.12511662


Spoken like a true nogunz faggot. There is no kevlar in the world that will stop a 5.56. If it's a higher velocity load coming out of a 20 inch barrel, it will even go through an AR500 steel plate. Kevlar is only rated up to III-A, none of which will stop ANY rifle round, only handgun rounds. If your talking about ceramic plates, that's different.

7ddd25  No.12511663


>still fishing

Nope. There have already been deaths and they died stupidly fighting zogbot losers when jew orchestrators should have been the ones to die.

>waaa, shut up about going after my fellow jew above the law criminals in France instead of wasting time butting heads with our zogbot useful idiots.


92fc5d  No.12511674


No, YOU fucking idiot. I’m saying you’re talking to the wrong person because you labeled, in typical fashion, those fucking posts as “demoralization”. It’s your niggerbrained idiocy that assumes fighting chaos with more chaos is “demoralization”. Fuck you, chest-puffing, pompous fucking retard. Don’t respond to me.

27bd62  No.12511683

File: 19dab5695d596ef⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 500x582, 250:291, 19dab5695d596ef7e6e6f8fb9f….jpg)

File: 23df7a93d8cd2e9⋯.jpeg (9.13 KB, 256x197, 256:197, 23df7a93d8cd2e96c7e46f37d….jpeg)


Stupid subhuman scum.



Guess what UHMWPE are made of? Do you think armor plates are made of singular material?


>Kevlar is only rated up to III-A

Not if there is enough of it, retard.

>it will even go through an AR500 steel plate

At a specific thinness and rating.

This is what I'm talking about. You faggots are all retarded.

ceb92c  No.12511687


Like i said before do everything you can to make the people on the street understand what's at stake here and that the main target is jewish usury. Talking about terrorism is never the right way, and trying to instigate others into it is just spineless. If you're a doer than do, otherwise help others to understand the truth so that they can do.

27bd62  No.12511689


*what UHMWPE plates are made of

fe41aa  No.12511693


ammonia also works but generally any acidic compound mixed with bleach will result in release of chlorine gas, vinegar being the most common available


every car is supposed to have a fire extingisher, and by spraying a foam extinguisher you do stop the fire from spreading by spraying the foam ahead of the fire over the unignited flammable liquid this stopping the fire in its track and having no risk of spreading the fire, other than shitposting i have a irl that required firefighting training were you learn exactly that

good point about the perhaps upgraded equipment of elite polcie forces tho

0b7a41  No.12511694

>Tongue and cheek; last day of the jewish week.

90ee3e  No.12511697

File: a18c9a25b59765d⋯.webm (15.22 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 10.webm)


The smoke grenades regularly broke up visibility past 5-10 feet, regardless of what the protestor or cop was wearing and regardless no one here, and no one in France for that matter is going to change the yellow jackets/vests.

If standing out as a target actually does cost a few protestors their lives, it will only add fuel to the fire and undermine any effort Macron may make to cool things off.


I think reddit or 4chan would be a better fit for you. Every post you made can be filtered from the thread and not a thing of value would be lost, not a meme, not a joke, no research or argument or anything aside from pure shit.

5d2aa4  No.12511701

File: 38d6b4bce601428⋯.webm (9.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 56f319e7f83e0db4b7b1f017.webm)


92fc5d  No.12511703


Meanwhile you spend your time criticizing me and not some other, more substantive poster. I think a better place for you would be Tel Aviv, unless you’re already there (likely).

c3e4ee  No.12511707

File: 1475e7713e1c589⋯.jpg (6.22 KB, 177x284, 177:284, Mei Ling.jpg)

>>12510597 Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAAAAAKE……..

ceb92c  No.12511708


Who is he?

7ddd25  No.12511711


What I've suggested isn't terrorism, no interest in scaring you jews. Suggesting people stop wasting their lives dying by going up against a paid meatwall and instead go after the source is helping others understand. I'm not in France, telling them to stop throwing their away beating their heads against the wall isn't spineless, it's seeing the obvious futility and retardedness of what they're doing and pointing it out. happy hanukkah chaim.

003781  No.12511717



France NO

90ee3e  No.12511723

File: 379d5ae4104eb91⋯.webm (14.16 MB, 1280x548, 320:137, all white.webm)


>every car is supposed to have a fire extingisher, and by spraying a foam extinguisher you do stop the fire from spreading by spraying the foam ahead of the fire over the unignited flammable liquid this stopping the fire in its track and having no risk of spreading the fire, other than shitposting i have a irl that required firefighting training were you learn exactly that

They often don't work quite as effectively as one would like, another reason to move the car rather than try to stop the fire getting there, but none of it matters. The firefighters and protestors were perfectly happy to work together, something you would never see from a soros funded protest.

This is likely because it seems like 80-90% or more of the protestors are white with a couple token niggers scattered about.

0b7a41  No.12511724


Giving my energies to the toppling the france regime

90ee3e  No.12511727

File: 5f3a4c6a77e66c5⋯.webm (14.18 MB, 1280x548, 320:137, all white2.webm)

90ee3e  No.12511734

File: 4443568a577804d⋯.webm (14.08 MB, 1280x548, 320:137, soiboi1.webm)


last one while I make some more.

c3e4ee  No.12511754


Hmm, the surreal aesthetic. The unabashed expressiveness of the anime female, the ultimate erasure of falsehood represented by a nuclear explosion.

5d2aa4  No.12511766


La pédale qui se sent pousser des couilles à passer la première puis qui freine.. C'était où ?

acdb06  No.12511769


>"Ecclesiastiques Concordia"

That is one hard ass frog good find anon thanks for posting him.

53d724  No.12511772



You attention whores are both reported.

c3e4ee  No.12511776

File: df40a694fcbf3b7⋯.gif (505.95 KB, 480x208, 30:13, do it.gif)

90ee3e  No.12511794

>>12511766 (checked)

Here is the source, I don't speak french and don't have access to any resource that does a good job translating. All I know is the video is from the 17th or 18th of last month, i somewhat rural/suburban and appears to be one of the first yellow jacket protests.


c3e4ee  No.12511797


You never know. Perhaps some causal forces emanate from… THE FUTURE.

b230b9  No.12511800





Thanks for your hard work anon. Is there anything we can do besides spreading the info?

6a6486  No.12511804

File: 0758bd9458d153f⋯.png (309.76 KB, 414x785, 414:785, ServalSeason2.png)


The protesters are doing fine right now, and being overly violent will make them lose public approval. They're keeping all the cops nice and busy too. That leaves a fantastic opening for others to ctipple critical infrastructure and take out some top jews. Hit them where it hurts. Make them lose money and blood.

7ddd25  No.12511819


He's spot on.

6e55b0  No.12511835

So the rat ties in climate hoax bs for a tax on fuel then frogs realize the tax is actually to pay for mohamed to come to their country get welfare have 10 kids with three whores while setting up grooming rape gangs to rape children and the frogs revolted as soon as it hit their pockets.

LMAO realization of the rats and their schemes is a motherfucker.

Poor angry white ppl will wreck globalist hence the breed out program aahahahahaaa!

5d2aa4  No.12511840



I'm translating his last video. Based as always.

57cdb8  No.12511854

File: 83e706eea919b1e⋯.png (201.96 KB, 500x434, 250:217, ClipboardImage.png)


These are great thanks man. Mirroring everything to my jewtube account.

7ddd25  No.12511861


Why Whites need to find ways to reduce their contribution to the system like; https://voat.co/v/news/2848609/15001002/10#15001002

ceb92c  No.12511875


>Ecclesiastiques Concordia

merci beaucoup

c433bc  No.12511880

File: 132aa31319b0826⋯.jpg (1.89 KB, 111x125, 111:125, 13900225798.jpg)

6e55b0  No.12511886


ahh fellow voater and yea the economic power/viability whites have is light years beyond all mud races we could shut everything down if we are organized as in same mindset not joining some faggoty jew honeypot then getting fbi V8'd

90ee3e  No.12511892

File: 4f077ac7c23cf26⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 1280x576, 20:9, french riots 12.webm)

File: 68baa79e008fa27⋯.webm (9.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 68baa79e008fa27a529441478….webm)

>>12511800 (checked)

If you can, make .webms and when the first one is done for here, make a second without audio and at the 3mb limit for crossposting. It's a pain, but lets be honest, hiro still gets 5-10x the exposure we do and there are plenty of france threads.

Anything that contains protests getting beat, or anything that contains a generally populist aesthetic is perfect. No excuses either, since there is an absolute shitload of footage out there and webm for retards is truly that.



e15851  No.12511902

File: 34b4685acbd91d1⋯.jpeg (50.27 KB, 567x815, 567:815, 5EA86A8B-C16D-4141-B480-1….jpeg)



6e55b0  No.12511905


the reversal of reality they played on whites is superb yet not flawless and that flaw is growing everyday until its a big fat cancerous blob no one can deny needs to be removed.

89a178  No.12511918

France and Paris on particular is full of arabs and nogs at this point, but I dont see any of them at the protests. Where are all these people during all of this?

c4c747  No.12511930


Planning the escape

92fc5d  No.12511938


What universe do you live in where public approval is a virtue of protest?

4ad3d8  No.12511942


Thanks for the encouragement, Hitler!


My money's on the arabs being holed up wherever they've been stockpiling their weapons, just in case this goes hot.

As for nogs, probably this >>12511930

d87fc3  No.12511944


Because a new Republic would likely leave them fucked. If the Frogs want less taxes it means no more welfare state. Sand niggers wont be able to survive if they are expected to support their families with their own work.

36f8ae  No.12511948


The actual basis of the Russian October Revolution was a refused order from riot control soldiers. They had been ordered to disperse a WWI bread line of mothers who had been told there was no bread and who had responded that they would not go back to their families without bread. The soldiers refused to fire on mothers seeking basic food for their families.

Is that what French police will see? No, Achmed the French policeman will see fat and comfortable middle class people who have probably never been beaten, making trouble on what should be his day off.

There will be extreme violence like that one guy earlier who had six brave policemen battering him with clubs.

a140b4  No.12511949

89a178  No.12511950


a good explanation but I also wanted to know where they physically are. I've seen plenty of neighbourhoods where you'd be hard pressed to find even a single white person and that's not meant as a jab at the French. Are the protests just not present in those areas of the cities?

d87fc3  No.12511953


It isn't as if the French and the niggers live together. The muzzies and niggers are likely just sitting around in their own boroughs.

89a178  No.12511959


I don't know how things are going in France but in my city the brown hordes encroach and take over neighbourhoods gradually as people try to move the fuck away from there. There'd be a lot of more mixed neighbourhoods around the edges of the brown epicentre

61034f  No.12511964


Niggers and kebabs are sitting tight in their ghettos or scouting outside the action areas for places to loot. I'd say only 0.000001% of them is actually out protesting, because they don't give a shit, since all they do is collect welfare and sell drugs. So much for "transformation into French citizens" that the (((media))) feeds us day and night.

c5ffcb  No.12511972


Jesus couldn't make me a sandwich and if he did and hand-delivered it I wouldn't eat it because his kike hands would defile it.

90ee3e  No.12511976

File: 5e36dca58ba8e7f⋯.webm (15.29 MB, 1280x574, 640:287, french riots 14.webm)


clearly not. This is an almost entirely white movement and is thusly focused in suburban and rural areas.

Think back to the election. Whites split in half between Le Pen and Macron with lots of boomers apparently preferring Macron who has seriously fucked them over since his election by reducing pension and increasing taxes on common goods. We are now at the point that all those white people, regardless of which side they are on, realize their common plight and have decided to act since their personal (not national) alternate is homelessness or slow starvation.

This same mob is also distinctly aware that their government cannot ensure their health and that of millions of foreigners at the same time hence. I guess we will see how loyal all those niggers, muslims and jews are to Macron and whatever other crony establishment is about to get btfo>>12511964

000000  No.12511979

>blah blah blah it's a REAL rebellion, GOY, listen to the TV!

Bull fucking shit.

The whole "yellow jackets" a yellow jacket is a sort of wasp, i.e a WASP, using the kike's term for Whites to encode a hoaxed uprisingare supplied and commanded from the top.

This, like the "islamic terror attacks" in the UK, is classic PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION which will be used to justify martial law and excision of remaining civil liberties.

Don't you fucking DARE come here telling us that it's "legit" and the "dying throes of the jews" blah blah.

Fucking retard, you're on /pol/, not Reddit.

056c47  No.12511982

File: 42499f20e96116c⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 920x659, 920:659, 920x920.jpg)


>swarthy LARPer calls out christcucks

<while wearing St. George's Cross

the memes write themselves

000000  No.12511984


Well fucking done. The right's pushing and meme-vectoring of jew propaganda, to wit; "muslims are running around stabbing and throwing acid on everyone in London!!!111" has swiftly led to May's next step in the plan for militarization of British cops.


Dumb fucks who believed this was anything other than a hoax to arm the police.

5d2aa4  No.12511985

File: 1ab3ee5a8dad2a2⋯.jpg (35.12 KB, 652x660, 163:165, le-general-d-armee-pierre-….jpg)


Don't talk too loud.

7ba4d8  No.12512008

Was Macron cursed by the souls of dead soldiers after he insulted them?


a140b4  No.12512013









45e19b  No.12512016


All of them

8b4ae9  No.12512018

Is the media being attacked?

57cdb8  No.12512023

File: 60f40323121f32e⋯.png (969.21 KB, 1200x1730, 120:173, ClipboardImage.png)


Get fucked schizo TORpedo.

ff2e72  No.12512040

File: e5f2767e07c7992⋯.png (1.45 MB, 962x700, 481:350, 1544000606412.png)

File: ae61e0884f2118e⋯.jpg (339.48 KB, 962x700, 481:350, 1544000606412.jpg)

File: 77dc63a5be75f56⋯.png (479.98 KB, 636x474, 106:79, 1544012664950.png)

Where's Wally ?

6a6486  No.12512044

File: 22130b55e309601⋯.jpg (320.73 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Serval_Episode_1.jpg)


That's what protests are all about. To gather support from the public at large, to try to force the hand of those in power in some way. Without enough support it all fizzles. Look at OWS, and how the jews managed to subvert it, discredit it, and destroy it. Otherwise, it could have grown larger, stronger, and brought about real changes. Instead you got bank bailouts, more debt, more immigration, more wars.

ff2e72  No.12512045


>On the evening of Wednesday, security reasons were implicitly invoked. Alarmist information circulated about Saturday's demonstration. And especially on the degree of unprecedented violence that it could reach, fomented by "a hard core radicalized" from "both the extreme right and extreme left". "Calls to kill"

>The intelligence services reportedly reported to the Elysee "calls to kill and be armed with guns to attack parliamentarians, the government, the executive and the police." According to our sources, a major ministry has even been instructed to forbid its staff and the ministers concerned from going to work this weekend. "They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt," is being said with the most serious of the world at the presidential palace.

>One thing is certain, the "Act IV" movement of the "yellow vests" can be a turning point if Paris flares up again. "If there are ten deaths this weekend, it is not sure that we can keep the Minister of the Interior," slips a close one to the head of state. The prospect of a much larger reshuffle is beginning to circulate insecurely. To the point of changing prime minister? "In the best case, it will take a new government before the European elections. In the worst, before Christmas, "says a macronist from the first circle.

c5ffcb  No.12512049


>coup attempt


ab445e  No.12512054


I can just see everybody shitting their pants and going home after the first gunshot.

acdb06  No.12512057




I cant figure this out but it seems like every person that commented on the first post you made their post reference did not translate to the post but became a

>green text quote even having 2 >>

5d2aa4  No.12512062

File: 9c2296e628954d2⋯.jpg (181.7 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, the-coup-party-music-1024x….jpg)

0280d3  No.12512077


Sorry to interject into your offtopic fight over semantics, but the disagreement you had with the other poster essentially came down to whether there was kevlar-only level IV armor available. The level IV plates you linked to are ceramic, as far as I can tell. My interest is piqued: do you know of any soft (i.e. no ceramic) level IV that is commercially available?

e692cc  No.12512079


You, I like you. One of the few people on here to nail it.

Also checked.

5d2aa4  No.12512089

File: 3fa17237878035f⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, based_madame.webm)


6fd8df  No.12512090


Almost. The foam is designed to suffocate the fire of oxygen, thus removing one of the components of fire: heat, oxygen, and fuel.

c433bc  No.12512104

File: c599c19737353c2⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 500x417, 500:417, c599c19737353c2d780013c5db….jpg)


>1488 get

434c8a  No.12512110


That is exactly what I thought.

5c57b6  No.12512127


What are those Americanesque flags?

7ddd25  No.12512131


Plenty of people get what the idea is, the problem is it's naive, it doesn't work, particularly for this situation, jews are genociding Whites, they aren't going away from emotional and political appeals.

ff2e72  No.12512147


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brittany Bretagne, a french region

92fc5d  No.12512194


Ridiculous. I’m not even going to argue with you that this is the purpose of some orchester of optics in the news, not the feeling of people putting their health on the line. You’re entitled to an opinion.

92fc5d  No.12512201


This I can agree with.

9047d7  No.12512206


fuck cunt who cares just bloody support it

2b46d9  No.12512220

File: 04b1577f6bf405d⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 175x255, 35:51, merchant_greentexting.jpg)


>Oy vey it's nothing goyim nothing ever happens


Tu es un Juif.

0a85da  No.12512241

File: 9497c388363d45e⋯.jpeg (122.77 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, isis_threatens_yellow_ves….jpeg)

File: 5dce1fde55a1081⋯.jpeg (152.55 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, isis_threatens_yellow_ves….jpeg)

File: 02230d4e1af628b⋯.gif (980.62 KB, 320x180, 16:9, hitler_in_paris.gif)

File: 41deabaf83c0283⋯.gif (5.99 MB, 400x267, 400:267, hitler_in_paris2.gif)

ISIS is threatening to use yellow vest mobs and the chaos as cover to bomb targets and "harvest" you kafir in Paris. a state of general anarchy with riots on the streets is the perfect smoke screen to launch a terrorist attack. it doesn even matter which side you hit. blow up the French police or the govt, and you provoke full Martial Law and mass executions of civilians. blow up a mob of yellow vests and you provoke them to blame the Govt for doing the attack and then the yellow vest mob numbers will swarm to double and triple the amount of supporters.

either way, the Fifth Republic of France is toast. compared to the Bolshevik anarchy coming to France, Hitler conquering Paris is going to look like the fond good 'ol days of yore.

5d2aa4  No.12512262

File: 24816816eb02514⋯.webm (11.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BONNETS ORANGES VS GILETS….webm)

File: 8f48e56e4f8027f⋯.jpg (175.66 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, AprteZSqEmk.jpg)

c4c747  No.12512267


They do that and the shitskin hunt will be on

The French hate to be interrupted

cffe66  No.12512275

File: 6042f427f9f57d1⋯.png (1.2 MB, 678x1200, 113:200, Shlomo - Patron Saint of t….png)

File: ed745b79c84cfc7⋯.png (5.46 MB, 1995x1427, 1995:1427, Goats Refugees Welcome sma….png)


>that image quality

Have the original file and a little bonus.

a0e731  No.12512288

Macron a jew? Lmfao. He is a centrist and the protests against him are a repudiation of the regressive capitalist-worship he shares with you dipshits.

b6b0a1  No.12512293


It doesn't exist. Level IV has to stop .30 cal armor piercing rounds. Best they can do without plates is IIIA, which stops pistol rounds fired from carbines. UHMPWE is a plastic core plate rated up to level III. It's good stuff since it's lightweight, but it's not kevlar, so I have no idea why that anon was sperging about it. I suppose you could keep layering the kevlar until it works, but you could also just wear 7000 layers of denim too. It's a stupid argument.

2b46d9  No.12512296



Do you even know where you are right now you tremendous faggot commie? Take the nigger dick out of your mouth. I'm not checking your dubs, you don't deserve it. Go kys.


cffe66  No.12512301

File: 183d4e3f20b2cfd⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1525009591134.jpg)


This is a national socialist board you reddit kike. Also, Macron's mother. That's a kike of the highest order.

c433bc  No.12512305

File: 9759170d9570600⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 720x469, 720:469, 14052929041.jpg)


that shnozz could open tin cans

a0e731  No.12512309



The dubs are 88. You know what that means. Respect me you stupid neckbeards. No amount of repetition of edgy buzzwords can save you.

8b7e6b  No.12512317


>repetition of edgy buzzwords


1182f2  No.12512354

File: 7274f553503685e⋯.jpg (189.78 KB, 926x1199, 926:1199, ryssen.jpg)

Ryssen en couv de paris match. KEK

6a6486  No.12512423

File: 39e6d37d42812b3⋯.jpg (165.36 KB, 861x1024, 861:1024, best doggo.jpg)


You can either have the optics in your favor, or the MSM can. Choose wisely. Even Hitler needed the support of his people in order to come to power. And the economic conditions back then were many times more worse than today in France.

ec1eb2  No.12512459


No one ever uses slingshots anymore

9fa485  No.12512466


Which is better for slingshots, steel or lead balls, and in what caliber?

9047d7  No.12512472


I think poster is refereeing to not having a coherent narrative in this case that makes sense to their own members

000000  No.12512478


Oy vey, vat does the torah say ve should do now?

9047d7  No.12512483


They have balls mate.

acdb06  No.12512493

>>12512466 (checked)

>Which is better for slingshots, steel or lead balls, and in what caliber?

Not a lot of difference at sling shot speed do your own testing and dont be a NPC and ask to be taught about every stupid little thing.

if you are really slick you can shoot birds on the wing with BB's in an oversize custom sling pouch

t. country boy that finally had enough money to buy a wrist rocket wayyyy back in the last century

ec1eb2  No.12512519

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



10-20mm steel ball ammo.

You can find some at most out doors stores. (Cabelas, bass fishing) They sell them in black plastic containers or mesh bags.

You could also just go to your local hardware place and get some nice hex nuts (will add a scary whistling sound similar to the Roman death whistle ammo but not as pronounced.)

You could also just use marbles or rocks.

Vid related

remember the smaller the slingshot the better off you will be

f73d68  No.12512563


Nicely worded. There is a reason the French riots aren't receiving proper MSM coverage. It would be 24/7 shilling if it was D&C, like AntiFa.

Makes you wonder what /pol is capable of, if simply accelerated by the people, based on merit.

I mainly lurk, 7-8 month mark… but I've known about it for a while. Visited, but you know, the ideas seemed fringe. At the time.

95,000 National Socialists trying to take over the world. mfw I realize they're seriously onto something big.

You can thank the Q-LARP for making me finally see the forum is about peace and free speech. Love it or hate it, there must be some satisfaction in redpilling so many people.

I still think we can easily effect political change. If you're not willing to go full anarchist, you can at least vote against incumbent politicians.

Quick example: Congressional approval = 18%, depending on polls, but again… I've seen it at 11%. Overall.

State-level polls… over 60% think their current representative is good. They voted for him AGAIN. Dipshits. McCain being my favorite example… prior to AZ just being honest and electing a Democrat.

What (((they))) don't want you to understand is you can flip a seat. You could, theoretically, replace any elected official in any given election.

You just have to go beyond sportsball partisanship and go for the jugular. Get involved in local elections, do some research.

The wealthy pour money into politics. Humble politicians parachute out at around 200 Million in assets. Both middle fingers up, laughing at you quoting Nietzche. As an example. Of blackpilling.

Be very careful letting anyone on the internet tell that your vote doesn't count. Your opinion doesn't matter. If well-formed, it is powerful.

Yes, you can flip over cars and set them on fire. Maybe roll-back an EU-endorsed tax for 6 months. Kick the can.

I want to change elected officials like underwear. When you find a pair (in my case, Stafford Boxers, 100% cotton, classic cut)… you wear them out and replace them. If they stop selling them, don't wear girl's panties… source the quality you want locally. Even if you have to make them yourself. The alternative is going naked.

Only Marxists/Communists worship fucking politicians. Sorry. Again, dumb people annoy me. The shills will eventually go away or kill themselves. They can't hide from common decency forever.

It has been said "Every problem looks like a nail, if all you have is a hammer."

Again, let's get crazy… voting is free, correct?

Go online the night before the next primary election, spot the (((incumbent))). Vote for the other guy. They'll at least have to waste more money and time buying the new guy off. Then we replace him/her. Sounds expensive, right Rabbi? That's because it is.

When you come up with a better, 100% legal, free and easy plan to fuck with (((their))) money… you let me know.

4ad3d8  No.12512571


Avoid steel bb's/bearings if you're going to be shooting at anything near/upfield of solid, hard surfaces; that shit will ricochet right back at you.


>hex nuts (will add a scary whistling sound similar to the Roman death whistle ammo but not as pronounced.)


Perhaps it's for the best I never figured that one out as a kid…

06f515  No.12512595


<reddit spacing

lurk two years before posting, thanks

06f515  No.12512598

f914ad  No.12512632


The yellow vests need to swarm the cops when this starts happening.

But after the cops are neutralized, go for the Jew bankers and their political puppets.

THOSE are the guys you want to hang in the streets, the cops can just get a beat-down and released to limp home.

f914ad  No.12512655


Jesus Christ, wet her lips and push her face onto a pane of class and she'd be stuck for hours…

f914ad  No.12512722

a0a3b9  No.12512730

For every greedy jew there are ten equally greedy whites willing to fuck over one hundred whites to get some of the greed scraps. Ignoring this fact is retarded. If there is anything superior about whites they will be the first to admit that there are members of their race who are a problem rather than holding up a card with their skin color on it and going "Your arguments are not valid here!"

0b7a41  No.12512813


Sub-species of humans with genetics that are different vs a system introduced by one on another

335eab  No.12512816

As a hohol-american who was pulled towards National Socialism because of the mindfuck my normie mind received while watching live the KLANCKING and tires burning in downtown kiev where i spent my childhood summers, from the bottom of my heart I hope that the frogs pull their shit together and bring the uncucking of western Europe.



335eab  No.12512821


Jesus fuck I'm drunk


335eab  No.12512823


Pls forgive me frogs

d8ed25  No.12512829

File: d5769380c9e9b03⋯.png (252.58 KB, 635x662, 635:662, 5e6b9e68ac790230e2c140a531….png)


The word is spreading I see.


Why do you think they come out and slander 'opticucks'? Unless you are literally bombing a synagogue right now, you are fake and gay. Every one of us needs to duckmarch down Main St shouting Heil Fucking Hitler because that's the way to the heart of the people.


This is true. Not all our enemies are Jews. Which reminds me, we should start a thread to discuss the elements of the New World Order. They have names, addresses and assets and it might be handy to find out what they are.

Vive la révolution

a82651  No.12512839

File: ffc1a0e0f527420⋯.png (166.06 KB, 832x647, 832:647, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….png)


Commit suicide immediately, jew apologist. Your retarded non arguments don't work here. Pic related.


There are five species of humanity. Subspecies are ethnic groups within the species.

d8ed25  No.12512844


>Commit suicide immediately

Why the antagonism? The pic you attached literally confirms what he said. Fuck, why can't any intelligent discussion take place here without anybody being called a jew or told to kill themselves, I wonder? It is as much a fact that there are white traitors and 'white Jews' as it is that Jews are the ringleaders. They are not mutually exclusive assertions.

a82651  No.12512849


1. Go back to reddit, you fucking retard.

2. Everything you said is either wrong or speaks to knowing nothing about how jews operate.

>Makes you wonder what /pol is capable of, if simply accelerated by the people, based on merit.

/pol/ (in all its forms) is capable, with just the people redpilled right now, to physically fight and win against the ZOG in at least one nation, maybe more. We refuse to fight back because they control all data and all information.

>I mainly lurk, 7-8 month mark… but I've known about it for a while.

Drop your double spacing after sentences like a faggot.

>You can thank the Q-LARP for making me finally see…

Really? Name the jew, then. Otherwise you haven't seen a damn thing.

>the forum is about peace and free speech.

No, we're not.

>I still think we can easily effect political change.

You are objectively wrong.

>Congressional approval = 18%, depending on polls, but again… I've seen it at 11%. Overall.

And yet absolutely no one protests, gets violent, or even refuses to obey the laws they illegally pass.

>State-level polls… over 60% think their current representative is good.

Proves the brainwashing is still in effect.

>What (((they))) don't want you to understand is you can flip a seat.

From Jew Party A to Jew Party B.

>Again, let's get crazy… voting is free, correct?

Standard propaganda, "It's easy, so do it, goyim!"

>Go online the night before the next primary election, spot the (((incumbent))). Vote for the other guy. They'll at least have to waste more money and time buying the new guy off.


They own everyone before they even DECLARE their intent to run.

>When you come up with a better

Grab guns, kill them all.

>100% legal




27bd62  No.12512850


>The level IV plates you linked to are ceramic

There is no level IV plate at that weight.

> My interest is piqued: do you know of any soft (i.e. no ceramic) level IV that is commercially available?



>but it's not kevlar, so I have no idea why that anon was sperging about it

Nobody weaves a plate from UHMPWE alone.

>It's a stupid argument

To people who already know whats up. But faggots with no clue need to start properly. This is physics, and semantics are important.

a82651  No.12512856


>The pic you attached literally confirms what he said.

Yes, by saying the exact opposite of what he said, I confirmed it. Definitely.

>Fuck, why can't any intelligent discussion

"It's not the jews" is not intelligent discussion, shlomo.

>It is as much a fact that there are white traitors and 'white Jews' as it is that Jews are the ringleaders. They are not mutually exclusive assertions.

Thanks for asserting something no one questioned. IT'S. THE. FUCKING. JEWS. It's the jews BECAUSE they're jews. It's ALL jews. There are no exemptions. That we also have to kill some whites is not relevant to the jewish question.

27bd62  No.12512859


Oh wait, another example of retardation!

>UHMPWE is a plastic core plate rated up to level III

Which is why fucking Hesco listed a number of lvl 4 products made from exactly that, right, faggot?

But again, the reality correlates here, This is why most of you faggots will end up on the frontline eating shit.

c85641  No.12512861


Wasn't he around her age?

d8ed25  No.12512864



See what I mean? Nobody said 'it's not the jews'. They merely said that it's important to recognize the white traitors that work with the Jews, and you sperged out. I also don't know why you're saging a pretty quality thread relative to what other slides are in the catalog.

dfc556  No.12512874


Is it a hybrid plastic/ceramic plate to lighten the plate? I don't think there are any 100% plastic plates that will protect at level IV.

cd531b  No.12512887

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yellow Shirts getting the shit beat out of them by blue niggers in France

90ee3e  No.12512889

File: 2079b5e25a4ebe8⋯.webm (15.06 MB, 1280x574, 640:287, french riots 15.webm)

cd531b  No.12512897

File: d15d4cc4aa0f6cd⋯.jpg (427.56 KB, 640x641, 640:641, police dam.jpg)


Remember that the Blue Niggers are the only thing standing between you and your enemies that could easily be eliminated if not for the pigs

90ee3e  No.12512903

File: 262d0549c1d4a49⋯.webm (15.08 MB, 1280x574, 640:287, french riots 16.webm)

7ddd25  No.12512908


No, they can be easily eliminated by not going to pigs to play twiddle sticks with them. The altercations with bluezogbots are self inflicted. A shit ton of the baddies have little to no protection other than obscurity through retarded plebs fixated on doing pointless protests in the streets.

90ee3e  No.12512933

File: 5ff3190e449237d⋯.webm (14.54 MB, 1280x574, 640:287, french riots 17.webm)

1d677d  No.12512954



Thank gd for the diversity bringing in this rich food and culture.

4b1630  No.12512958



Looks like someone took anons advice about bringing a drum. Fuck those anarchist niggers trying to subvert them I hope they get gutted as well.

a82651  No.12512986


>it’s important to recognize

Thanks for asserting something no one questioned. Try again with an actual argument.

>I don’t know why

Because it’s a hoax premise with no evidence for its claims.

606982  No.12512989


Massive riots are the only way to occupy the system pigs while you're able to make strikes against the elites. Read SIEGE by James Mason>>12512908

605042  No.12512993

File: 5ede6c41521c25f⋯.png (429.75 KB, 2000x2553, 2000:2553, 1544060061323.png)

606982  No.12513013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



33b11c  No.12513166



f77654  No.12513228

File: 2fab7ae076258cd⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 594x444, 99:74, DemonBomb.jpg)


Aren't you just the funniest little nigger on the playground?

In any case I am loving everything I see so far. Reports say police and paramedics have had enough and are being called to a general strike aka joining the yellow vests. This only leaves a completely overworked and underfunded riotpolice who only count in the several thousand to deal with actual millions.

Honestly I don't think I could've asked for a better gift for our white Christmas.

f3177e  No.12513248


fuckin kek

what building is that and what is its significance?

d6aa48  No.12513264


The world has changed a lot since early 20th century because of technology and jew world order. We've been force fed empathy and equality and the only thing that will matter for everyone involved is how tired they are of pretending that this clown world can go on with its illusory transfer of power where one kike replaces another while the daily grind keeps getting worse and streets turn more and more wellfare supported nigger, muslim or any other variety of alien.

8ca45e  No.12513465

File: e95c2f5ab1a1bcb⋯.jpg (5.79 KB, 223x249, 223:249, 1254006954455.jpg)

>Asking cops that are overworked for dealing with nogs and migrants to fight the people with no compensation

1d0881  No.12513501




c4c747  No.12513515



974dfd  No.12513530


The yellow vests over there should throw the cops some of their extra vests.

912e40  No.12513538

1c9914  No.12513545

File: b0a0dc0719be8be⋯.webm (3.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, REMOVE_KEBAB.webm)


You fucking redditors have ruined double spacing for everyone that just wanted to read information dense posts. Your disjointed thoughts resemble the shit spouted from some kid with ADHD or a bot trying to speak English. You're an embarrassment.

c4c747  No.12513556


I bet you $5 that he's a fucking phoneposter that thinks those are proper paragraphs.

5d2aa4  No.12513560

File: 9e32aa5348685f3⋯.png (231.85 KB, 490x482, 245:241, macron_jewsbitch.png)

>"Macron Jew's Bitch"

>@Jewish Brigade

>Shalom… farewell message, we lost the war on the Internet.

>Thanks for your support, we stand here for our brothers through private message and will keep offering the list of >undesired people in Israel.. By the way.. one last word…



bb5f7e  No.12513568


The daily stormer is great and I love it

c4c747  No.12513577




5382f7  No.12513588



Stop larping. This thread will bump to the top every time anyone replies. That's how imageboards have always worked.

81c52f  No.12513618

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread theme

c44edd  No.12513624



niglet noises are not music.

b268fe  No.12513629


I'd lick her asshole like a vanilla ice cream cone.

de1527  No.12513631

b268fe  No.12513632


It creates a paradigm.

Monkey see monkey do.

Now everybody else get busy.

81c52f  No.12513633


t. assblasted zogbot

c4c747  No.12513635


He's not the one posting ZOG music

6a6486  No.12513647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the dumbest thing they could have done, given the many decades of constant brainwashing. The MSM would have been all over them and killed their momentum if they were Heil Hilter'ing instead of simply resisting the police and making a lot of noise and chaos. They have the moral upper ground, and that's why they got so far. They have the support of both sides of the political spectrum, and that's also why they got so far. Guy in video explains this, if you can understand french. He realizes there's a fine line to walk, a balance that must be preserved, in order to prevail. His method works to gather support of the majority of french, yours only gathers support of a tiny percentage of the population. Then they label you and kill you, metaphorically.

de1527  No.12513654

File: 53498c8747b882e⋯.png (138.7 KB, 463x306, 463:306, 323214686763.png)



Music is literally this you absolute trepaned coonlets. And vid is 100 loops of the same fucking scene. Even /tv/ makes better creations.

81c52f  No.12513657


>a parody of ZOG music is ZOG music

What is subversion? What is counterpropaganda?

c4c747  No.12513663


>Hurr it's a parody

Niggerbeats are ZOG music, parody or not.

b268fe  No.12513666


other studies say that there may be as many 20 million weapons owned by civilians in the nation of 65 million people.

000000  No.12513670


Not naming the Jew won't get you far frog. There is no compromise to make with the Jew. There is also no bad or good Jew. Plain and simple.

Remember this when Jewry will put their operatives to handle the mess.

81c52f  No.12513673


That's not the point you dumb autistic idiot. Like it or not, millions of white youth is listening to nigger beats already. They grew up on this garbage. This is a great vector for subversion. If you can't understand that, then there's nothing I can do for you.

6a6486  No.12513698


I never said don't name the jew. But you have to do it the right way, and not start off duck-marching and chanting about gassing them. You have to understand subtletly and also picking your battles. Torching a random temple for example doesn't win you anything (in fact, their insurance will just pay for it). Killing top bankers, politicians, head of MSM does however. That's the difference between surgical, focussed action and the sort of tantrum you're talking about.

d6aa48  No.12513705

>>12513666 checked

Arm all true frenchmen and reclaim France from kikes and their shitskin golem.

f77654  No.12513706


Those are some sweet numbers right there, Satan. It is also what I've heard about the rest of Europe. Everywhere people are arming themselves legally and not.

War is coming.

de1527  No.12513707


> Like it or not, millions of white youth is listening to nigger beats already

That's not a reason to continue this shitty trend you subhuman waste. There's all the electronic jew to fill their heads with oogah boogah, this kind of music incites nothing but crybaby-tier complains ffs.

b268fe  No.12513709


Most of the idiots here demanding hard core NAZI pusch are jew agent provocateurs as usual. Or drunk irish kids that get harps tattooed on their calves and don't even know that they speak gaelic in the Oireachtas . They don't even know what the Oireachtas is nor have they ever heard of the Easter Rebellion or Cromwell either.

Stupid ain't the word for it.

000000  No.12513710


I read almost all Ryssen books and while he made a tremendous work on JQ, I also noticed he recently started to tell us that Zemmour (a "French" journalist) wouldn't be Jewish because he hold some of our "positions". Telling us that even though he goes to the Synagogue, he would be somehow "helpful" to our goals. This is wrong. And "suprising" to say the least for someone who studied the marrano Jew.

Do you know many native French who can say a third of what Zemmour says and not end up in a jail ?

Don't get me wrong, this Judeo-Masonic Republic must fall but one has to free his mind from this Jewish mindset calling for "Revolution". These are Jewish occult buzzword.

c433bc  No.12513715


judging from that pic you are a jew.

c433bc  No.12513721

File: 225a1ad83e939f1⋯.png (143.52 KB, 600x540, 10:9, 14049082684.png)





you have to go back.

c433bc  No.12513726

File: dd927208514430f⋯.jpg (44.54 KB, 700x731, 700:731, 1054324876.jpg)


1 post by this salty jew



000000  No.12513731


The police has snipers overseeing the whole area.

de1527  No.12513733


>finds nigsing repulsive

>is a jew

You are retarded.

f9db42  No.12513735


Yes goy, don't marry women in their prime like your pesky empire building ancestors did! Leave them to us, so they can be groomed into sex slaves by foriegners and into whores through our (((education))) system! Good goy!

Get fucked q larp nigger.

de1527  No.12513738


Stop derailing the thread and create a new one.

000000  No.12513742


Was God a pedo when he conceived Jesus?

c433bc  No.12513745


anon, do you have an inflexible mind?

c433bc  No.12513750


no but your father is your mothers brother, you inbred ratkike faggot

c433bc  No.12513755


you still have a place as a loyal grunt anon, don't panic.

f9db42  No.12513760


Says the guy whose posts are all extremely low quality.

The act of shaming white men into delaying marriage is a shill tactic to buy time for (((them))) to ruin white women in thier youth, which is why the shill brought it up in the first place as a fracture point. Showing that he is doing this, demonstrating how it is one of the tactics that led to this revolution being necessary and providing a counter is relevant, unlike throwing insults like you are on /b/ to feel edgy with no value added whatsoever.

Lurk two more fucking years.

1b7c76  No.12513772


You barely see any women either. But of course you won't say the same thing about French women.

81c52f  No.12513778


cry more yid.

0280d3  No.12513782



>>The level IV plates you linked to are ceramic

>There is no level IV plate at that weight.

Ah, the linked products were less than clear about that. I nope'd on the first one that wanted me to register in order to gain access to their specification pdf (really?), and the AR500 link includes the verbiage "the patented tile array construction prevents the spiderweb cracking that weakens other ceramic plates", which implied it is also ceramic. If it is not, then they chose their syntax poorly.


>Is it a hybrid plastic/ceramic plate to lighten the plate? I don't think there are any 100% plastic plates that will protect at level IV.

I'm interested in how the state of the art is advancing. The lighter the better, unless I'm buying some plates to wear during fitness training or something.

de1527  No.12513789





You're a jew if you despise:

>muh dik over 14yo shiksa



905899  No.12513805

File: dcb7d60cfbb838a⋯.jpg (15.8 KB, 200x251, 200:251, dcb7d60cfbb838a5b7aa931e07….jpg)


giggle me timbers dunno what that was about but i'm having a righteous old chuckle here. Blesses

6a6486  No.12513845


I'm american and don't know all the french personalities. Had to go look this Éric Zemmour guy up. Seems like he's against the EU and immigration, and even has written nasty things about anti-racism organizations like SOS Racism. So he could very well be legit. You just have to be careful because the sayanim are a real force. Look at the California wildfires situation for example, where you had jews searching through destroyed communities for other jews to rescue, while everyone else was told to fuck off. But if everything he writes and does goes against international jewry, then he's probably alright. You can judge a tree by its fruit.

de1527  No.12513859


I think Ryssen's position on Zemmour is to not fight against anyone who is (or pretends to be) on our side, without considering him as an ally.


I can't get past the feeling Zemmour is doing all this to dodge the oven. Also, his writing quality has gone downward for the past 2-3 years.

036740  No.12513860


>posting nigger-tier thots while trying to make a point

2018 /pol/ folks

000000  No.12513864


>nigger-tier thots

why is she nigger tier? by the looks of it yes she took quite a lot of dick to look like that at her age but… this is the type of woman every white man needs to breed to make healthy white babies

036740  No.12513867


Are you actually retarded? Whores mean divorce and divorce means shitty children.

000000  No.12513870


she's still young enough to be educated

036740  No.12513873


Possible but extremely unlikely when you look at the rates of divorce compared to pre-marital sexual partners. You're just thinking with your dick like a monkey if you would ever consider procreating with obvious used goods.

de1527  No.12513880



Who talked about marriage here ?

Oh I'm sorry, you're just still trying to derail the thread.


4d90c7  No.12513938


No, but according to Eric Zemmour, the French army has been trained by Israel for Gaza-like pacification of the banlieues. Countering muslim conquest seems to have been in someone's plan for some years now. We'll soon see I suppose.

d810b7  No.12514037


>implying Shakespeare isn't apart of American English curriculum

Let's be honest here, you know about as much about America as most Americans know about you.


>implying it's in the same context

>the left owns and otherwise normal English word

Fuck off retards.


>anarcho communist flags

I have some concerns.





Optic cucks are pushed into the dirt because they advocate that we lie because of muh political stigma. "Oy vey don't tell the truth about jews or Hitler, normalfags think that's bad." Never say anything and nothing ever changes, meanwhile we ignored them and people are naming the jew in surprising places now. I'm starting to see it on gaming videos more often now.



>niggers don't recognize Mr. Bond






>they are only rescuing jews

Citation? I'm already angry over Americans living in the cold with no food.

000000  No.12514043


> the French army has been trained by Israel for Gaza-like pacification of the banlieues

more like for sending them to Israel in case the jews lose control

de1527  No.12514077


>Never say anything and nothing ever changes, meanwhile we ignored them and people are naming the jew in surprising places now

People are naming the Jew in France now but it's certainly not because we started duckmarching in the streets or telling the truth about Hitler. Redpills had to be subtle, and using the people's anger instead of trying to add new ones. This is not lying, this is telling the part of the truth that accomodates the movement.

2073c7  No.12514157


>Implying that we are concerned even a bit about people burning down modern art museums and government buildings.

Hofjuden please. What would be proper is people breaking into/getting sympathiser insiders letting them access weapon caches and distribute guns among them so the faggot police gets slaughtered, then Macron is next.

5d2aa4  No.12514231

File: 36c8936b5578211⋯.mp4 (1.55 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Sebastien de Lyon - #Gilet….mp4)


364393  No.12514378

File: 5a3b925069deb11⋯.jpg (295.25 KB, 709x803, 709:803, Screenshot_20181206-121115….jpg)

For anons who may have a few grand to burn


d678a6  No.12514381


The people will win in the end. You can't fight guerilla warfare. It's a lesson that empires learn the hard way over and over again.

35b97c  No.12514394

File: 423b00b592c5060⋯.mp4 (7.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, French Police politely tap….mp4)


Why do all of you never ever webm this shit is beyond me.

000000  No.12514398


It is because we elected a (((Rothschild))) davyboy. Naturally people will catch on it is always known.

e840e1  No.12514418

File: 56a747bc5d5d873⋯.jpg (211.95 KB, 768x988, 192:247, gbgm-2.jpg)

File: 9a8893e4313afb7⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 2663x1775, 2663:1775, GBGM5F_Domenjod_160316.jpg)


Repeating from what I heard from a french anon, but apparently there was a security council held at the french senate and a military general reported that armored vehicles were ready and on stand-by to deploy this saturday for the expected demonstrations, and the most likely unit would be a specialist armored wing of the Gendarme, that had be deployed alongside the French Army in combat operations overseas.


I did some digging on the unit (GBGM) and they are not fucking around, it's like if someone created a battalion-sized unit of SWAT members, had them fight overseas as light/mechanized infantry and kept them at the ready just in case of they need violent suppression of the population in extreme circumstances, like now. Up until recently, they were fully equipped with AMX battle-tanks, but at the very least on saturday they're showing up with MP5s/FAMAS and machinegun-mounted armored vehicles instead of watercannons and tear gas launchers.

The units motto is: "Sometimes brutal, always loyal"

d87fc3  No.12514425


Then it looks like it's Molotov time. I'm remembering that footage of the riots at the end of the Soviet Union and one of those BMPs trying to ram a barricade and getting over a dozen of them thrown at it. It grinds to a halt.

6b6383  No.12514429


>which will be used to justify martial law and excision of remaining civil liberties

Good. Then no one will be able to pretend they don't live under a dictatorship.

00afc3  No.12514463


>Jesus will make Jews kiss feet

>this get

Color me intrigued.

a16298  No.12514530

File: 9d2759f5767c5a4⋯.jpg (98.65 KB, 1000x710, 100:71, d13a6db2ff143fecab2d0650d1….jpg)


The final test of our brothers. If French anons don't back down, game over France is free, (((the system))) falls apart and a new government will happen.

If these assholes fire a single shot they're going to get a dox followed by brutal death. The guard dogs of the jews are not friends of France!

Take my energy French anons!


14c592  No.12514558


>let's just not pay our law enforcement, surely this won't have consequences

Wow, some emperor you've got there France.

1ab12f  No.12514574


Froggers, remember one thing. Remember that those boomers that started this, were perfectly happy in throwing your lives into the shitter, and did so actively, and didn't once change their stance until it was their pentions and their income that was affected. When it is all done and they think they have redeemed themselves, remember to repay that stab to your back.

f810b1  No.12514847



d6aa48  No.12514876


In the Baltics when USSR was in its death throes, heavy equipment like bulldozers were used to create barricades using the vehicles themselves as well as construction materials like premade concrete blocks, anything to slow down the swat equivalent units called OMON should they try to take back various important buildings for the liberation movement.

The kikes can try to use force to suppress the riots but most likely they'll just escalate it to an actual civil war, certainly if they start using lethal force against the protestors.

7adb6b  No.12514941



this must be an early version since i heard this design was flawed - straight edge did not always work in one go, later they opted for slanted one, like this


7adb6b  No.12514973


or he's a plant dressed up to deligitimize protes via "radicalization"

5d2aa4  No.12514991

File: bf96340c014ca32⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 720x686, 360:343, jewishperson.jpg)


>Frog remember to kill your white parents, not the Jews, they didn't do anything!

5214ff  No.12515089

File: 25ec4aca54f323f⋯.png (119.4 KB, 500x453, 500:453, hold-the-fuck-up.png)



>She looks like she's 14 and next to her mother you pedo

Great, just wait one more year til she's 15, and there's no problem.

Wanna know why?

Those seats appear to be from from a swedish communal bus.

See that little building with three krowns on top?

Age of consent is 15 in sweden.

7ddd25  No.12515154


But that's not happening, all of them are out playing footsies with the zogbots, none of them are going after the jew orchestrators. They are clueless, too indoctrinated to think outside of just protesting in the streets response. They need to be tapped on the shoulder and told the culprits are over (((there,))) go after them, quit spinning your wheels with jews' paid meatwall. Even if they didn't kill them the least they could would be to torch their cars, their homes, their offices, their businesses, their finances, not random people's property on the streets they happen to be protesting on.

dc7ec7  No.12515186


Perhaps a separate thread could be made here. Gather dox on the elites in France, put together some infographs, make it a class Operation.

I don't speak French though.

325c79  No.12515192


She has a nice body, weirdo little boy-looking face though

1182f2  No.12515237

File: 87c28fd732aaf48⋯.jpg (509.56 KB, 2048x1757, 2048:1757, carte paris gillet jaunes.jpg)


>Let me tell you how to.

Pic related yellow is were the riot happened red are usual point of riot it clearly show they rioted in jew workplace,kike point of meeting in paris kike.

The fire rise and you kin ass is on fire.

b61f77  No.12515238


Killing kikes and politicians is more valuable for frogs than wasting time on retarded boombooms that naively wanted an easy life.

e93b30  No.12515245

Hope the yellow vests bring enough extra vests for all their new buddies.

acdb06  No.12515252


Side note here (((roman polanski)))is holed up in France. Epstein is getting his ass looked up with a microscope right now. What are the chances the oscar award winning director and convicted felon that fled the country is finally extradited back to complete his sentence?

7ddd25  No.12515274


>pointing out to go after jew culprits instead of wasting time on jews' zogbots means I must be a jew

fuck off faggot.

000000  No.12515297

1182f2  No.12515333


>Jews company HQ.

>Jew private club/restaurant.

>lugenpress HQ.

>Bank HQ.



<there is only zogbot there nothing of value no kike.

Your nose is showing.

d6aa48  No.12515401


Trips confirm, torch every kike hole, ideally with kikes still inside.

7ddd25  No.12515427


troll, retard or in fact, jew. (((you)))jew culprits aren't being gone after, the indoctrinated french are just spinning their wheels going up against jew zogbots. They need to go after culprits, you're here saying I'm jew for saying so, and in fact, don't do anything more than what's going on, that jews are getting hammered already by the littering, burning cars, broken glass and rock throwing at zogbots, truly another shoah(so don't move beyond that.) 0/10

7af242  No.12515682


btw, this is good propaganda. notice how it prepares the brain for a fact just before delivering. this has an opening effect on the mind, making it more malleable. they may reject it a few seconds later, but the idea has been seeded. graphicfags need to make more of these

sage for off topic

7af242  No.12515707


forgot sage, kms

6e144e  No.12515829



b68fff  No.12515893

I hope that /ourboys/ can fight the Macron Reich and win back France for the French people.

b9d99c  No.12516083


That's Poppy.

916613  No.12516672


>30 caliber bullets penetrate better!

The most important factor is speed, followed by sectional density. Smaller calibers tend to be better for this.

Same weight behind thinner bullet = more penetration.

The standard XM193 5.56 can only be stopped by level IV armor, whereas most common rifle rounds require only level III. The green tips actually penetrate less despite being designed for increased penetration. So you can actually increase penetration by making a bullet smaller and increasing the velocity. Only fags idolize 30 caliber bullets as some sort of meme superprojectile.


>ceramic plates are Kevlar


47f07e  No.12516719


she might be a trap

5af344  No.12526638


Thanks for the laugh.

d7d3e6  No.12526659


All it takes to stop jewish commissars is to kill one or two of them a day in self defense. The only way Rothschild continue to rule is because their mercenaries and commissars do not fear reprisal.

72a885  No.12526731

File: a2a201050997656⋯.jpg (154.85 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, 5.jpg)



Someone post the pamphlet that was being distributed at the start of the protests.

The media is trying to smear the protests as a socialist movement. The media is ignoring the pamphlet.

They fear the pamphlet.



bf2dc3  No.12526767



ec04a7  No.12527074

File: fb2590bb24f4cab⋯.png (958.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ba9d05ab16af70dc134649add8….png)

ddc995  No.12527476


8ch pol has been infiltrated by cuckchan mutts, for the last 6 months now it has gotten worse, I think it's time to move on to a different place or just stop going on at all, where ever we go these cucks and niggers shits keep following us

c48f85  No.12527508

This is an ADL employee:


d7d546  No.12527535

File: ff6cc7752b5cab1⋯.png (204.72 KB, 1095x782, 1095:782, FranceIssuesDec2018.png)


Here is an english translation. Their grievances are pretty gud tbh fam.

815810  No.12527544


So how do we nudge them from Grover Norquist into Heinrich Himmler?

ec73fe  No.12527564



I'm more and more convinced this is being instigated by Trump-aligned neocons and zionists.

d7d546  No.12527588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the long run? You can't. The system will fall eventually, you just need to survive and educate as many people as you can. (vid related)


I don't think so, this pamphlet doesn't feel like a corporate astro-turf. The mere fact that they are taxed so much proves there are problems. Maybe it was a "false flag" protest in order to capture people that could be a problem in the future.

d7d546  No.12527597

File: 289139e1e733d1e⋯.png (574.21 KB, 1000x976, 125:122, 63ad721e5e8f4a3b12cdc477a4….png)

ec73fe  No.12527674


The "no government program improves with time" stuff sounds straight out of the Reagan campaign. It is also completely ignoring that the state in this instance is working on behalf of entrenched capital to impoverish rival producers [working class people] and forcefully turning them into permanent consumers.

d7d546  No.12527697


ok, I see your point. It doesn't help that there can't be any leaders with these protest movements, because they are always targeted and compromised…

e91f6b  No.12529107

File: d899d1dc35f61b3⋯.jpg (222.78 KB, 750x1046, 375:523, Dt7hCtaWkAALai2.jpg_large.jpg)

0e0c9a  No.12529132

I got some news for you youngfags :


The French have been self-pwning on a regular basis since fucking 1789.

This is no different from any other protest in any other part of the world - Middle East, Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution. even the nigger chimpouts after Travyon.

People get pissed and start rioting and burning shit, then after a while, they calm down, wonder what the fuck they're doing, why aren't they at work/school, get emotionally tired and decide to go home. Or the public gets pissed that their daily routine is being disrupted and tells them to shut the fuck. It always happens that way. The government makes one or 2 concessions (usually minor) to appease the masses then it's business as usual.


d8ed25  No.12529159


Naturally when the state has its hand in your back pocket the initial reaction will be 'Fuck the State!' The truth is always more complex than the propaganda.

e20c68  No.12529189

any streams going?

e7239b  No.12529451


>Elbows and assholes

5e8467  No.12529469

File: b47f4d9357cf8a7⋯.webm (675.05 KB, 900x447, 300:149, 1544297415313.webm)

Entendez-vous dans les campagnes

Mugir ces féroces soldats?

Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras

Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes!

e19679  No.12529559


France has less than 50 and built all during the Cold War with tech that was way behind the US and USSR even then. I mean, it's still a very deadly weapon… but last I've heard all the launch codes are literally in paper binders.

6fa53f  No.12529835


>launch codes in paper binders

Where they most definitely are supposed to be. After opening Pandora's box (Stuxnet), nothing critical should EVER be connected again.

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