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File: d3c2709e28a70b7⋯.png (381.8 KB, 917x904, 917:904, mossackfonseca.png)

ab7493  No.12511462


>Federal prosecutors announced charges this Tuesday against four men connected to the law firm “Mossack Fonseca”, which has extensive ties with the Clinton Foundation.

>The charges, which include Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Tax Evasion, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering Conspiracy, come merely three years after the leak of the Panama Papers by Wikileaks. The papers were received by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung in 2015 from an anonymous source.

>The charges line up with several of the sealed indictments requesting wiretaps, PRTT orders, and search warrants which were leaked by the DOJ recently and reported on by the Daily Crusader


b38b5b  No.12511471


f53375  No.12511478

fuck he's really gonna lock her up huh lmao, the fucking madman

i saw some shit about sessions being an Army Officer meaning he's subject to recall for life, and was recalled for the coming military tribunals

16a929  No.12511483


>If a district attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.

Wake me when habbening

b189c4  No.12511487

stop advertising your blog nigger

7db952  No.12511500


Let me redirect you to your board:


c89f51  No.12511512

get a better source, then we'll believe you

f3fdfb  No.12511527

File: c389f8c07b19618⋯.jpg (317.05 KB, 640x425, 128:85, 1543655482132.jpg)

The sheer number of kike shills ITT already makes me think its actually fucking happening.

They're scared about something

b6be15  No.12511528

slide program enganged





826cc4  No.12511573


Shouldn't you be celebrating Hanukkah?

db0830  No.12511574

Here's to something good happening for once !

000000  No.12511603

slow day in moscow

000000  No.12511606

How is this connected to the Clinton Foundation?

000000  No.12511610


>muh Russian propaganda

.1 shekels have been deposited into your account.

ab7493  No.12511611


CF connected to many many persons who donated to them and used Mossack Fonseca's services to hide money

All of those donations and their assets in total are now subject to DOJ scrutiny

9feff0  No.12511613



These are links from 2016 stating the Mossack Fonsecca tie with the Clintons.







000000  No.12511622


only russians still use this stale meme in current year.

tell your handler to retrain you.

aff54c  No.12511638




ab7493  No.12511644

File: ff499bbbf790557⋯.png (554.2 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 1543544374261.png)


digits confirm Russian collusion is real

Trump colluding with Russians to gas jews that is, ayy lmao

9feff0  No.12511650


Good Job OP





These are links with the Mossack Fonseca charges that are happening now. Of course no mention of the Clintons.


And these are links from 2016 explaining why this is related with Clintons.




Shills are going full force on this one.

f80bf9  No.12511651

File: d2d7826f3e3e7cc⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 501x697, 501:697, d2d7826f3e3e7ccbdec4572599….jpg)

File: cbf9810fe2b57b8⋯.png (11.44 KB, 632x404, 158:101, b5eb608785acc1ccfbede9eec1….png)


I heard that Sarah Sanders is secretly a ninja who is going to decapitate all reporters during the military arrest!


f64497  No.12511655


You realize that even if Hillary personally slaughtered children, fucked their corpses, and then ate them, Trump will still be indicted, arrested, and thrown in prison. Hillary doing bad things doesn't make Trump's violation of numerous congressional acts acceptable.

aff54c  No.12511664


>Shills are going full force on this one.

When do you predict Hillary will be behind bars?

I'll screencap your answer for the next time you post a HAPPENING thread

5a54f5  No.12511666


>describes possibly the most horrible act humanly possible

>lol she's just doing bad things

>breaking laws is just as bad

9feff0  No.12511670


I am not even OP you fucking newfag cunt.

e482d0  No.12511671


>missing the point.

You stupid faggots think that just because Hillary has done bad shit, it means we can't say anything about the bad shit Trump is doing. You're like a nigger on trial for robbing a liquor store and using as your defense, "B-but Tyreese dun robbed it lass week!"

5a54f5  No.12511676


>You stupid faggots think that just because Hillary has done bad shit, it means we can't say anything about the bad shit Trump is doing.

where did anyone say that? This thread isn't about trump you dumb fuck

0117f2  No.12511678


Oh aren't you just the most blatant little buttfucker?


Well this is an interesting turn of events, I imagine if 4D chess is real then this is the election stealer. Obviously it's unlikely the Night of The Long Knives 2: Electric Jewgaloo will occur since nothing so nice has happened to us yet but this is still an interesting event never the less.

ab7493  No.12511681


guess what bud, even if Trump did bad shit, Hillary going to prison is gonna eat the whole press cycle.

DNC should've let Bernie win the nom instead of rig it.

bed made, lie.

f3fdfb  No.12511684



c9b2b4  No.12511696




0117f2  No.12511700


This is what honestly confuses me the most with their whole script, bernie was clearly the puppet they should have utilized but instead they propped up that dusty old warmonger that can barely keep her own racism in check in this SJW-infested country of ours, what in the flying fuck were they thinking? I can only conclude their power structure and plans allow for some room for them to stake claims to certain roles/power plays and the goddamn clinton dynasty just shit the bed.

2bea2f  No.12511705

File: fd6412dd8f1987e⋯.jpg (71.24 KB, 800x533, 800:533, OrangeCuck.jpg)


Let me know when the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, and 90% of congress are swinging from oak trees in Washington.

ab7493  No.12511712


too easy, not fun. incarceration for life or bust. i want them to watch paint dry and flake off the walls from age off of an 8x10 cell

bbf68f  No.12511719


We really need some sort of seal of disapproval for OP's who abuse the "happening" term…it's getting old.

efea21  No.12511725


>7 posts into the thread

>already complaining about "sheer number of kike shills ITT"

Get over yourself faggot


This and >>12511705

It's not habbening until it actually happens.

b074ad  No.12511740

File: 0fd9964fe6d35b8⋯.png (129.35 KB, 405x271, 405:271, 10-07-1.png)


It appears the AIDS virus has combined with nigger DNA to create an entirely new faggot disease

9feff0  No.12511763

File: b4b7edd9fc28d72⋯.jpg (324.83 KB, 1440x1928, 180:241, who.jpg)



>Clinton makes speach saying how guys in Panama papers are evil

>People find out Clinton has several connections with the guys in Panama papers.

>Story gets buried and nothing is happening.

Finally now.

>The connections that Clinton has with the Panama Papers are criminally charged.

How is this not fucking important?

00ad16  No.12511765


Yes, doctor. I thought that as well. It could be treated with copious amounts of delousing powder in a heated environment, if I'm not mistaken.

4f090a  No.12511783

File: ddad7bb0aeff6a9⋯.png (542.92 KB, 500x572, 125:143, jews faggots.png)

9feff0  No.12511788


>Because literally nothing will ever come of it.

There is nothing to gain by pointing out how the guys tied to Clinton are criminaly charged?Are you fucking serious?

ab7493  No.12511791

File: e082e69e27a0165⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1544028489927.jpg)



9feff0  No.12511802


No, that is exactly what you said. But you did not understand the importance until I explained it to you like you were a 3 year old .

ab7493  No.12511805

File: 74e88d2dd683a91⋯.jpg (95.75 KB, 961x632, 961:632, 1544049143554.jpg)




9a1eac  No.12511811


When nothing happens, I want you Q-tards to promise to kill yourselves.

7d2b72  No.12511814


>we'r--i mean theyre unstoppable! nothing will ever hurt them! cant you see this is all pointless?

people that are needlessly anti-trump are liberal victims of trump derangment syndrome. thats why theyre reeeeing over nothing. you can always tell it's them because they are irate and unable to be reasoned with. they refuse to make logical arguments.

theyre unable to be smug, collected, or cool about anything. they act like angry newfags instead of actual members of this board

ab7493  No.12511816

File: e7c763564054c8b⋯.jpg (62.14 KB, 610x416, 305:208, 1543915963306.jpg)




hahahaha your kosher salty tears are SOOOO fucking yummy

b28f95  No.12511817

File: 79f28eaf7e86659⋯.png (103.85 KB, 377x331, 377:331, twoamigos.png)


two amigos carrying the hopes of all sane men on their mighty shoulders.

mfw; the legs on that fucking horse must be like doric columns.

ab7493  No.12511825

File: 7eb157973ed1afa⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1543536058627.jpg)


did you hear about the IDF plane and 4 IDF missiles shot down by upgraded S300s in Russia just a couple days ago lol?

that's why Israel don't wanna play with Syria no more now they wanna play with Lebanon LMAO

they forgot the ATGM effects on Merkava from 2014 LMAO

4f7457  No.12511826

File: 4ba9b9ce11f11b4⋯.jpg (110.19 KB, 1280x537, 1280:537, fuggit.jpg)


Yeah. Like, at least WANT it to habben, before doubting it to oblivion. They want to usurp belief, the want to usurp doubt, the want to usurp everything, both inside and out.

00c7af  No.12511831





2bf2f5  No.12511845


>oy vey goyim get yourself worked up over something so that you feel demoralized later

No. State facts and only facts. Answer the question.

2bf2f5  No.12511848


Reported for Q-LARP spam. Go back to your containment board, paid jewish shill.

6683bd  No.12511852

Do I get to testify finally? A year plus of this bullshit.

00ad16  No.12511853

>Be jew

>Be afraid

>Get shoved in oven


Truly an inevitability.

9feff0  No.12511857











All this fucking "it's nothing" shill posts. Is correct the record back?

aff54c  No.12511860


you might not be OP but you still post HAPPENING threads so gfy

b6be15  No.12511869


nah these guys are well funded, they are honestly more effective

Look at what they do in most of the threads on the first page. Derail, slide, attack 24/7

00c7af  No.12511871


Fuck shills brother! These nazi SCUMBAGS are trying to alienate Trump's base aka the downtrodden black and brown man! America was fucking made off the backs of slaves and hispanic immigrants. Fuck white supremacist nationalists fuck EM! We taking back our Republican party brothers! FUCK ANTI-TRUMPERS!

2bf2f5  No.12511881


>still no argument

ab7493  No.12511885


shareblue is printing articles again so if i had to guess i would say yes

1d9a91  No.12511896


How's the weather in tel aviv? dress cool today. it's gonna be a scorcher out there. like an oven

335a7c  No.12511897


quite a few people got killed because of that leaks

335a7c  No.12511909





OP gave a shit source, which is his blog, and everyone has the full right to call him out on it. Anyway, here's an actual source for you fucking idiots


c6831f  No.12511910

Stop shilling your crap here. Either provide real sources or GTFO.

2484e8  No.12511911



Wow quite a lot of Clintons donors are really dodgy people.

86e47a  No.12511914

File: 90656d88138a976⋯.jpg (168.61 KB, 640x504, 80:63, hillary_sick_ben_garrison.jpg)

File: 4058f40b435989f⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 309x344, 309:344, broken_shill.jpg)


You forget that onigger utterly bankrupted the DNC and killary was the only one with enough cash and backers to fund that little shitfest. Otherwise the democucks wouldn't even had had the money to run the primaries. In exchange cunton obvioulsy demanded the nomination and even though sanders got millions from gullible idiots, by the time he was big it was far too late. The pact was already sealed and no way would the she-beast accept no for an answer. Hell, I think she still hasn't.

4f7457  No.12511915


Look what just literally happened in Ukraine:

>Be a Jew

>Become first woman president of Ukraine

>NPCs all happy about the inclusivity

>Geopolitical/military implications unchanged

Salome Zurabishvili is now President of Ukraine. These happenings reveal that the parasite has probed too deeply into the goyim skull to be ever removed, I'm afraid.

de0219  No.12511916


They have been ramping it up with exactly the same shit for the last few months non-stop, they think they have full narrative control of the board at this point, they don't realize we all just filter them out.

Their only arguments are:

>XYZ that helps us is a kike


>Literally nothing to see here guys

>Clinton doesnt hire shills, Trump does!

>"These boards have always been anti-Trump, we were just the poor oppressed silenced masses"

they appropriate BACK TO REDDIT and assume because r/thedonald existed that meant anyone who supported him here actually uses that PC shithole.

Shareblue, leftypol, correct the record etc, there are probably a few more, or they are just quite dedicated with VPN's. They contribute nothing but nihilism to every thread to try to blackpill. Just ignore and move on, the only replies they normally get are themselves on VPN's going "THIS". The rest of us know to ignore them by now.

197c0d  No.12511921

Wikileaks had nothing to do with Panama Papers and they never leaked any of it. "John Doe", who was the one who brutally hacked MossFon, as well as Appleby, said on his twitter account that he had uploaded the dox he stole from Mossfon to Wikileaks and that he had told Wikileaks that if they didn't publish them by a certain date, that he was giving the dox to ICIJ instead.

isn't is peculiar that Assange didn't dump the Panama Papers, given that he had them in WL possession? IMHO i think ICIJ totally botched the Panama Papers. not a single elite went to prison. hundreds of billions and trillions of Shadow Economy cash was never siezed by any govt. of course it is now obvious that ICIJ is controlled opposition whi's job is stall and run interference to give a soft landing to the criminal elites who are plundering our economies. ICIJ is in part funded by Soros, which is all the proof of their collusion you need.

9a1eac  No.12511927


Nah. We need to bring back crucifixion.

335a7c  No.12511931


>isn't is peculiar that Assange didn't dump the Panama Papers, given that he had them in WL possession?

If I'm not mistaken, the dump explicitly omitted people from the US, Israel, and Germany. Wikileaks wanted the whole thing or none of it.

9a1eac  No.12511933


Panama paper was a limited hangout

9feff0  No.12511939


>isn't is peculiar that Assange didn't dump the Panama Papers

Assange is not Wikileaks,he is the frontman.

ab7493  No.12511940


better than hanging i'll give you that

if it can be very slow and painful like over 3 days or more, im down.

2bf2f5  No.12511947


>he actually believes jewish media when they say the DNC is bankrupt

>he actually believes that the currency matters in any way

335a7c  No.12511957


the only thing that can be verified is that no one is getting a tax write-off by giving money to Hillary as much as they used to.

00ad16  No.12511977


That's nice, Chaim. This only ends one way. You might even live to enjoy it.

dd8a63  No.12511994

Q bredicted this???

ab7493  No.12511997

File: 652dd6f2bc4ade7⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 537x416, 537:416, 1543784716540.jpg)


unironically yes

7d2b72  No.12512024


the post i replied to wasnt a question you illiterate nigger shill.

75decd  No.12512075


Thanks. Like anything else, I look at new info, research, AND THEN DECIDE. Shills, immediately jump to full anti-Drumpf mode, like the imbeciles they are.

I'm keen on any legitimate bread exposing government corruption. Thanks to all anons who help dig. More fair and honest than the MSM, that's why I lurk here.

Won't see any of them lifting a finger or even contemplating a better future for sovereign nations.

Shills aren't intellectually curious, they're just talking-point recycling assholes. Getting easier to spot.

0345a5  No.12512080



2bf2f5  No.12512082


It was. And it’s still not happening.

b5d731  No.12512093

File: 689a5d2d07a1b25⋯.png (482.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2094e1425bf502cb3834b290e2….png)



no, /pol/ called it over a year ago, and (((q))) read that thread

a3e3d7  No.12512109

File: 004359d0fe546c3⋯.jpeg (145.11 KB, 800x448, 25:14, QPlus.jpeg)

Full support and special request:

b28f95  No.12512125

File: 3ea4e6a1f7d084a⋯.gif (348.53 KB, 320x192, 5:3, fuckthemerchants.gif)


>did you hear about the IDF plane and 4 IDF missiles shot down by upgraded S300s in Russia just a couple days ago lol?

I hadn't heard that piece of news, I've been avoiding anything to do with israel or ghwbush for the last week or so. I read /pol/ every day, so my brains are badly scrambled, but I've found it necessary to be selective in what I read so I don't run out the door and start killing jews/non-whites.

miniblog: I'm early Gen X, as one wise younger anon pointed out recently, the jews have had a long time to push their propaganda onto my generation and the boomers before me, so it is very difficult to maintain a white heat toward the fuckers because I can immediately think of numerous jews I've enjoyed reading/watching over the course of my life. Even now, knowing what I know, I still enjoy watching at least one jewish commentator because his kvetching amuses me, he supports Trump and I can agree with much of what he says except for when israel or fucking jews are being talked about, in fact the mention of israel or jews is the cutoff point for my viewing enjoyment now, I bail before the gorge rises too far and I do a Linda Blair.

I'd be tempted to wipe them out to the last man simply because, given the option of doing good or evil they chose the wrong path. Having said that, I also don't believe they are all in on `it' because my own kind have been up to shenanigans for millenia and no-one kept me in the fucking loop either. Should I condemn every last one of them to the rope for the sins of their own leaders knowing that the default reaction for most of humanity is to keep one's head down and avoid unnecessary antagonism?

I also hate niggers but that doesn't mean I think badly of all blacks, nor would I automatically think every black in the vicinity was a nigger just because I had a nigger in my face pissing me off.

But I fear the lower group IQ means we can't appeal to reason to explain our thinking. I am 100% guilty of altruism and gullibility and have been all my life but I'm quickly developing callouses to put an end to this weakness.

learned last night one should avoid walking toward the light when one dies because the light is reincarnation back into a body, and slavery of a sorts, on Earth. If you keep your wits about you and avoid reincarnating there is true freedom and the multiverse containing billions and billions of places to visit for the rest of eternity. My head is a fucking mess. And a new ice age is kicking off that might last 30 or 40 years or 350 to 400 years. Woolly mammoths with undigested daisies in their stomach from getting flash frozen? Do I need to worry about an icy bastard's finger reaching down from the troposphere if I absentmindedly nibble a cannabis leaf?

the jews are both the greatest, and the least, of my concerns.

ca2955  No.12512133

File: 7fef8ebedddb117⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 480x276, 40:23, 1488.gif)


197c0d  No.12512145


i don't know. "John Doe" aka @Deuszu aka @ZuThadeus was such an obviously huge faggot that he may well have only given Wikileaks the NATO approved selections from his Panama Papers hack.

Deuszu is certainly guilty of drip drip drip and leaking only slivers of truth that serve the purposes of NATO and (((glow niggers))) rather than taking the approach i would have taken which is Fuck The World, Pull It, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, deal with it, up against the wall motherfuckers, let God sort it out.

i am half convinced John Doe/DeusZu was NSA itself, in the form of some covert CACI subcontractor psyop infowar which hacked MossFon and so many other in order to send a message. what that message is, i don't know, and who that message is intended for, i don't know.

all i do know is im madder than hell about being constantly tricked into waiting and led to believe It's Happening, meanwhile TPTB win again amd again and consolidate their power and true Justice doesnt exist and all Law Enforcement are just ZOGbots and the only way shit will ever change is when i throw my hat into the ring and bring down the temple like Samson.

23f386  No.12512161


Not an argument lol

0f0ead  No.12512165

Not a happening.


Also use a real reference if you expect anyone to pay attention.

661448  No.12512192



Daily reminder that Terry Davis was a schizo who wanted to fuck little kids and worshiped a dead rabbi

Daily reminder that if you admire that freak, you will be executed on the DOTR for degeneracy and subhuman genes.

ab7493  No.12512200



2bf2f5  No.12512202


Reported for Q-LARP spam.

519732  No.12512219

File: cf0684aade4f65f⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x660, 20:11, badasses.png)


There is a special place in hell for you glow-nigger. And you'll be sent there soon

polite sage for offtopic

f16608  No.12512224


Oy vey! We must shut down the anti-Trumpers amen go-um I mean my brother!

e0a84e  No.12512233



I really hope you haven't reproduced yet, people as gullible as you aren't fit to do so.

de884a  No.12512259


I was nodding my head until that last paragraph.

188cbd  No.12512260


Fuck. You actually had me excited for a second. I checked this out. Its literally a tax evasion indictment, connected to the "Panama Papers" leaks (which have been out for 2 or 3 years now). MAYBE someone could be connected to the CF but likely low to mid level. Nothing high up.

188cbd  No.12512273

>Panama Papers by Wikileaks

Nope. It wasn't leaked by Wikileaks, it was leaked by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists!


This site is literally FAKE news. Sorry.

892d99  No.12512279

Clinton is 100% innocent and I look forward to her eventual vindication. You Qanon dipshits can squabble over these scraps.

2bf2f5  No.12512283


Global report.

188cbd  No.12512285


No she is not innocent, but the Qnon guys are full of BS claiming the FBI is going to bust her. Npt happening. Our government is too corrupt and in bed with these types of elitist politicians like the Bushs and Clintons.

892d99  No.12512292


Don't ever equate Hillary Clinton with the Bush dynasty.

2bf2f5  No.12512298


They worship the same god and raped the same children.

330dc1  No.12512300


This is like saying firm x helps both John Gotti and Enron commit fraud. Some Enron people are indicted for fraud related to Enron. Therefore, John Gotti and the entire mob are going down.

This firm has a lot of clients, and indictments of some don't necessarily connect to any other client.

188cbd  No.12512302


Both those families are buddy buddy. Anyone who has grown up under both Bushs and Bill know that by now. In fact, Trump used to be buddy buddy with Bill Clinton back in the day. Maybe still is.

892d99  No.12512307



Trump and Bill Clinton are no doubt still buddies. They flew on the Lolita Express together. That's the type of thing to bond you to somebody for life.

afd0d2  No.12512316


Don't ever make statements that dumb on /pol/.

57f387  No.12512320

File: 8becfd74df3fc2b⋯.png (434.88 KB, 598x600, 299:300, 1485913166666.png)

Thats great and all OP but have you noticed Trump hasnt even built the wall?

892d99  No.12512324


Restrict discussion to reasoned debate concerning the JQ lmfao

354830  No.12512329

File: c32648e75c7e21f⋯.webm (9.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, terry grips.webm)


You're an ovaltine spooge drinking niggerfucker.

2e02d3  No.12512353

Getting sexually assaulted by refugee niggers paid by pigs isn't being a nigger fucker. It's being oppressed by faggot pigs.

000000  No.12512456


When CNN is reporting on Obama being Osama bin Laden, promise to kill yourself. Because that will be happening.

000000  No.12512623


>his kvetching amuses me

I quite enjoy the word itself.

>getting flash frozen

A new day, a new fear. That's how they keep you off balance. I for one welcome a new ice age (even if it means I only get to see it for a fraction of a second).

5ab851  No.12512672

Happy Hannukah!

b28f95  No.12512677




>I was nodding my head until that last paragraph.

you won't believe this, anon, but before I posted my initial reply under another IP I literally knew today was the day my superpower revealed itself. I'm not very impressed with my newfound ability to cure parkinsons in all who read my words.

I thought my itchy back meant wings would soon unfurl and I'd take to the air, an avenging angel in the service of the Lord. Now I've discovered I might just have a flea.

48d467  No.12512735

File: e7ee8e2bdca3eb9⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 600x800, 3:4, shill detection.jpg)


Caress the rectum never left, they just swapped out the 50yo cat ladies for a new set of soy-saturated cucks.

c9e4cd  No.12512750

Is this one of those Q things?

c9e4cd  No.12512754

The 12 5 thing. It's you q cucks behind op isn't it?

c9e4cd  No.12512756

Tay Sachs yourselves q niggers

4d5a1e  No.12512772


Funny thing is, there are many of us who just agree with the shills at this point, because we haven't seen Trump doing anything of substance against ZOG. Hope we were wrong all along.


2bf2f5  No.12512787


Effectively, since no one is going to be punished in any way over these documents' findings.

2bf2f5  No.12512795


You, paid jewish shills, have total control over the board. Your slurping of Trump cock exposes you as the ZOGbots you are. Your Q-LARPing faggotry has nothing to do with anything we support or represent. Fuck off.

ccfc2a  No.12512798


Your script is way out of date. It doesn't even account for the change in moderation a few months ago. Can I see a scan of whatever document they gave you with that phrase? Does it have a date on it?

5fffb3  No.12512817

OP is such a fucking retard that he doesn't know that Soro's paid for the hack. The (((journalist))) group that received everything is 100%, Open Society funded. Nothing is happening to hildog. This is about some cunts who helped other cunts avoid taxes. Standard shit.

9005ba  No.12512868

File: 5b9fb55dbcaba6b⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, reminder of why shills hat….JPG)

File: 71e837d8542a672⋯.png (954.35 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo_cy_plus_3b.png)

File: f0335e719337715⋯.png (458.58 KB, 770x720, 77:72, smugsmile2.png)


And the number of shills in this thread this is absolutely something major!


9005ba  No.12512871


Need proof there nigger. Sage negated.

b28f95  No.12512940


>>getting flash frozen


>A new day, a new fear. That's how they keep you off balance. I for one welcome a new ice age (even if it means I only get to see it for a fraction of a second).

a couple of years ago, in an act of high comedy, I arrived on /pol/'s doorstep because I was almost burnt out on years of reading about abrupt climate change/financial collapse and thought I'd give myself a fucking break from stressing out by sticking around this new place that seemed quite confusing until I twigged on using the catalogue. I've been online since the early 1990s and before that, bulletin boards, but I came to the chans very late in the piece. It still amazes me when I click on a link that takes me to a site with a long history and large numbers of active users and its literally the first time I've set eyes on the place.

I won't need to tell anyone who has spent longer than 5 minutes on /pol/ just how fucking stupid I was to turn to this place for some rest and relaxation, this place is akin to using a bullet to remove a bad tooth. Well, it is relaxing because I get a lot of laughs but I've also shed tears of anger and frustration from time to time.

I also welcome the onset of an ice age that will likely do for most of us in the current timeline. Even though I hate the cold I think I hate it more when the temps are variable on a daily basis, it could be cold so I muffle up with a thermal and a thick jacket to walk the dogs in the hills and the big ball of shite peeks out from behind a cloud, incinerates me, disappears back behind a cloud and waits for the wind to dash itself against my exposed and sweaty neck to make me miserable. As long as the nape of my neck is warm an unexploded mortar round could bounce off my face and I wouldn't care but if I have a damp neck I can be turned into a puddle of soy by the merest of zephyrs. I've managed to sort that issue out to my satisfaction (a neck warmer for motorcyclists is perfect) but now I'm thinking about searching for battery-operated socks because once the neck is warm the toes go on strike. If I've managed to keep my neck and toes snug the head of my pecker gets cold and looks like it has frostbite. I can see this easily because my daft parents willingly offered me up for circumcision.

I was very lucky, I've seen the tragic photos of circumcisions gone wrong, whoever did mine had a steady hand that day. Some poor bastards look as if Albert Fish was their moile.

I was raised a Catholic, in light of the luciferian Pope, rampant pedophilia and jewish taint on White spirituality, I'm all at sea in knowing who I should be addressing when I pray. Of all the legits anons here, I reckon I'd be one of the stupidest but I also think my brain could handle apparitions or outrageous sights in the sky without closing down on me so the sooner they happen the better. Of everything I've read (lizards, Angels, Nibiru etc) the thing I have the hardest time believing (but won't be surprised if it turns out to be true) is the flat earth theory.

Life, in the absence of physical/emotional pain, is amazing, even faced with the evil machinations of others. I'd put up with the nonsense for a long, long time if I got to live an extended life on this planet.

2bf2f5  No.12512948


Global report.


Commit suicide immediately, you fucking yid.

674e71  No.12512980


what’s the scoop, briefly? it sounds like a Panama Papers case.

ccfc2a  No.12512983


I was trying to help you, you fucking retard.

9005ba  No.12512994

File: 60be9f53f45b412⋯.gif (262.9 KB, 480x479, 480:479, SMUG ANIME FACE3.gif)


>muh global report

Still waiting kike.

efea21  No.12513023

Oh hi! Didn't see you there OP, are you still being a fag? Just passed by to ask if ANYTHING AT ALL HAS HAPPENED YET, because it seems thatwith anything trump related JEWS GET EVERYTHING, and goys get shafted, yet again.

efea21  No.12513026


How come the only people in the process of actually having cases built against them, sitting in jail and getting prosecuted over the last 2 years are people trumped worked with during his campaign and his supporters in the alt right?

When does the trump administration do anything?

000000  No.12513333


>"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. - Bill Hicks.

Lighten up, doomtard. :)

80ef94  No.12513372


Fucking this. Tell me moar, I wanna see these jidf faggots squirm

80ef94  No.12513376


Name the jew

ab7493  No.12513420

File: 3900b5b81ea3cff⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 1586x1600, 793:800, 1544020376887.jpg)

000000  No.12513694



230e13  No.12513887


>The sheer number of kike shills ITT already makes me think its actually fucking happening.

Kike overreaction is a more useful gauge than media coverage now. Think Gamergate.

230e13  No.12513891


>Because literally nothing will ever come of it.

t. Hillary

a85394  No.12513931


and not only are they shilling in numbers, they seem even angrier than usual. temperament is the easiest way to identify a shill.

4b5a1e  No.12513936


I heard worthless losers are gonna redpill da world on da JQ and enact the day of the rope (tm)!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

a85394  No.12513953


you keep joking about it, pretending it'll never happen, but that wont help you. it'll either happen to you, or your children.

which would you prefer?

f4a626  No.12514009

If the truth comes to light that the Bush dynasty wasn't all that bad, and quite frankly, probably saved this country, you motherfuckers will still be so committed to your prejudice, which is based on nothing more than hearsay, that you would rather bury your head in the sand and suffocate, than acknowledge you were wrong. The media hated the Bush's. H.W. did not play ball with Israel. The only way Trump will be able to stop corruption, is through the NSA policies set up by the Bush administration. They have always spied on us, and used parallel construction to build cases, the patriot act only made it easier to spy on those in power. Those of whom they tell you to hate dogmatically are the ones who most likely have our countries interests most at heart. Keep thinking Bush killed Kennedy. Don't mind that the Bush family has been at war with the Rockefeller family from the start. You people like to spout shit about secret societies and what not, and I'm sure they exist, but how do you really know anything about them? What allegiances they hold? What their goals are? Do they all have the same fucking goals, or are they at war with each other, just like everyone else in this fucking world? How do you know what the CIA is up to? Does the CIA even know what the CIA is up to, at this point? Fucking think for once. By their fruit you will recognize them.

a85394  No.12514061


in regards to your comment about the bushes being not so bad.

every president since ww2 and beyond has been completely on israels take except jfk. some may have been aware like nixon, but were helpless to do anything about it.

the media mostly hates little marco and ted cruz too, and they'll happily bow to israel.

republicans have always been better than democrats, and the media thinks anyone that isnt accelerating the nations destruction at 60mph is a monster, and republicans are accelerating it only at 20mph.

voting republican has always been choosing a slower destruction.

but when youre trying to put out a forest fire we'd rather them drop saw dust on the fire, than drop kerosene.

saying "the guy dropping the saw dust wasnt all that bad" may be true compared to the other option, but its hard to view the guy dropping saw dust as anything but the enemy when youre trying to escape a burning fire and smoldering sawdust starts raining down on you and your home.

now, about secret societies. most are aware of this. theyre not all on the same side, but it seems none of them are on OUR side.

0dbc18  No.12514066


>The media hated the Bush's

That why they have been sucking Senior's rigor-mortis cock for the last week?

8034c3  No.12514068

This thread in a nutshell …..


$38 Billion to Israel

No mass deportations

No Wall

Anyone who notices they're getting fucked by an Israel First shill surrounded by NeoCons like Bolton is in fact a Jewish shill themselves.

lol …. This will work …

1fae89  No.12514086


>That why they have been sucking Senior's rigor-mortis cock for the last week?

You must be pretty young, otherwise you'd know why the media is sucking his dick right now. The media absolutely hated Jr., they loved Sr. because he wasn't Reagan, then turned around fucked up and handed the rest of the 90's to Clinton who presided over some monumental fuckups that hurt the middle class.

b387aa  No.12514109


>a wild gay Redditor has appeared

431c37  No.12514115


>George H. W. Bush, codename Moloch, leader of the CIA which was created at the same time as Israel and by the same people, and who also runs the Yale secret society Skull & Bones, didn't play ball with Israel.

Nigger what. Pretty sure he just faked his own death so he wouldn't be crucified on the white house lawn. As for power struggles between the families of the black nobility, that's been going on since Babylon. If H. W. was deep cover and a triple agent moving paperclip nazis where they needed to be (artichoke vs mk ultra etc) then due credit and well played, but that seems exceedingly unlikely. As for the CIA as a whole, fuck the CIA. They can all die for MK Ultra alone.

9b99b5  No.12514146

File: f156a8682055a10⋯.mp4 (298.03 KB, 406x640, 203:320, Hillbot malfunction.mp4)


>mfw "Lock her up" wasn't just a meme

31a40a  No.12514149


>being this bluepill in 2018

You will never be white

a0376f  No.12514165


>Federal prosecutors announced charges against four random fallguys connected to the Clinton Foundation.

I hate to be a downer, but there is no reason to suspect Trump to actually go after Clinton. The elites never actually go after their own.

My prediction is that nothing will happen. I hope I will be proven incorrect.

2bf2f5  No.12514169


It was, though.


>oy vey you're a shill because you said facts that hurt my feelings

Kill yourself.


Global report.


Prove me wrong, moishe.



8badaf  No.12514183

File: 3de331aa5709817⋯.jpg (42.3 KB, 509x369, 509:369, HangHillary.jpg)


>CF connected to many many persons who donated to them and used Mossack Fonseca's services to hide money

>All of those donations and their assets in total are now subject to DOJ scrutiny


What you're seeing is a log-splitter being pounded into Clinton's rotten stump, it's what will break the whole crooked organization wide open, with one thing leading to the next, and people being charged and leaned on, to expose the higher-rung players, including Hildabeast and her handlers.

These things move very slowly, but they do move. They want to make sure there are no holes in their net before they cast it, but when it's cast, things should start speeding up.

Eventually, even the lying press won't be able to ignore or spin things hard enough to hide what's happening, and even they will be cowering, trying to protect their own interests.

There is no real loyalty among a nest of rats.

8badaf  No.12514200


>where did anyone say that? This thread isn't about trump you dumb fuck

The paid shills here always bring up Trump in every thread, to try and call him a Jew and bash him by implying his association with our enemies.

It's their most telling tell. They out themselves with this, because, due to the nature of their master's orders, they can't help it.

8badaf  No.12514246

File: 77d966fe8e82497⋯.jpg (174.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BabbyEater.jpg)


> I also don't believe they are all in on `it' because my own kind have been up to shenanigans for millenia and no-one kept me in the fucking loop either.

This is what many on /pol/ fail to realize, in their frenzied hatred of injustice, and the so-called "elite" (mobsters) that create it.

The average Jew is just as brainwashed from birth as any goy, and the average Jew does not benefit from the loyalty they are programmed to show to their nation's puppetmasters.

Many of them literally do not understand that by giving their Jewish leaders loyalty, they are supporting one of the most destructive and insidious evils that the world has ever been burdened with.

In the end, that decision will come back to haunt them, but given that they are just as programmed and pozzed by Jew media as all the other golems, it's understandable, even if wrong.

8badaf  No.12514263


> They flew on the Lolita Express together.

Trump accepted free rides on it, but Clinton's destination was Epstein's "pedo island" while Trump never went there.

Trump made his fortune in NYC, and if you're going to engage in any kind of big business in that fucking Sodom & Gomorrah, you have to deal with Jews.

When Trump became big enough to distance himself from the likes of Epstein, he did.

c0ffaf  No.12514268

Reading deeply into this either it is entirely fake news or the shit is going down on the Zionists. Looks like this is rolling in the direction of Pizzagate, Vegas and the Royal family plus more. Appears that Trumps declaration of martial law is being used to bring this all forward from what I'm reading off this board. This would explain the look on Hillary's face at the funeral. It could be that Magan Merkel was a plant into the Royal Family to bring them down as the Zionists they are, will have to stay tuned in to see for sure. If what I'm reading is real then we will begin seeing more info by Christmas I'm guessing. I personally am a skeptic but my senses are telling me things are getting stirred up big time now. Think I'll stop smashing Trump for a bit and give this a chance to work for our country.

And before you losers start calling me names I would like to say go fuck yourselves.

8badaf  No.12514288



The wall is being built right now, and SWF Constructors, of Omaha, Neb., is putting up a 30-foot high “bollard-style wall” to replace 2.25 miles of wall built in the 1990s out of recycled scraps of metal and steel plates. (The bollard style uses bars, so that border patrol officers can see through to the other side.)

Also, the bollard style wall will be an excellent steel core, if there are future problems, and it is decided a solid concrete wall is necessary. All it would take is bound rebar affixed, and plywood forms, then you pour the concrete.

But this wall will probably suffice in keeping out the illegals that pass back and forth our border on a yearly basis.

d641bc  No.12514298

File: 6bebc8c66acde82⋯.jpg (173.77 KB, 1031x936, 1031:936, Trump Epstein.jpg)

File: 5e490d39ef9fcdc⋯.jpg (460.14 KB, 1000x2887, 1000:2887, Trump pedo.jpg)


Trump and Epstein were already in close proximity of one another, they didn't have to go to the island to engage in debauchery together.

31a40a  No.12514303


>Epstein made an island to hide his degeneracy

<Did it in NYC anyway


551a3d  No.12514306

File: 1c5f8cfe89c44f5⋯.png (132.84 KB, 282x425, 282:425, 2d79dc269666b779d4549b9d63….png)

It is nothingshekelburger goyim. Trump is a kike lover. plz dont gas me

d6b94b  No.12514308

File: cac7b58062f4e0e⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 202x439, 202:439, Hansgetthegas.jpg)


>CIAnigger before there were CIAniggers

>Deeply involved with Mossad assassination of JFK

>Ran drugs and guns turning South America into the shithole it is now

>Tried to assassinate Reagan to become president

>Openly calls for New World Order

>Destroys Iraq to further Greater Israel

>His son working with Mossad to pull off 911

<By their fruits you will recognize them


ab7493  No.12514313

File: 3709b62aecbbf82⋯.png (524.36 KB, 2672x2532, 668:633, DCMOSSAD.png)

Reminder of why JIDF shills hate Daily Crusader threads

8badaf  No.12514315


Epstein's island exists precisely because you take a big chance engaging in pedo shit within the borders of the U.S.

His island is where all that debauchery takes place, not only because there are no cops or witnesses there, but also because Epstein video's politicians and heads of state when they engage in their sick fetish, so he has power over them in the future.

Again, when Epstein's "lolita express" travel logs were seized, the Clinton's were on them, having visited that island, as well as Brit royals and many international politicians, but Trump was never there.

9f7481  No.12514318

File: ee253dbd447ccef⋯.mp4 (12.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheirBloodCriesFromTheGrou….mp4)

And behold, the day of the rope is upon us.

Prepare your hearts renew your mind.

It's going to get crazy…

d641bc  No.12514333

File: a755ba3db9da1f5⋯.jpg (66.55 KB, 706x847, 706:847, Cohn mentor.jpg)

File: bc8e59180eeba22⋯.jpg (82.9 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 1.jpg)

File: 9c644b3045bf98d⋯.jpg (127.65 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 2.jpg)

File: 597a75e02ed9881⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 3.jpg)

File: 0213a4a1ede9983⋯.jpg (249.56 KB, 477x954, 1:2, The Franklin Cover-up - Ro….jpg)


>Omaha, Neb

Interesting. I wonder if anyone involved has ties to Lawrence King or the Franklin Credit Union?


>t-the G-d Emperor would never do anything wrong, and especially not at Mar-A-Lago! s-so what if Virginia Roberts was recruited there?! m-muh Island!



>Trump hates kikes, especially his grandchildren!



Nigger, Epstein recruited at least one sex slave from Mar-A-Lago, and Trump compared himself to him. There's also his appointment of Acosta; the fact that one of his biggest defenders, the jew Alan Dershowtiz, is still Epstein's lawyer; and of course Trump's mentoring by another jewish pedophile, Roy Cohn.

If a Demokike had the same deep ties to semitic pedophilia, Trumpniggers like you would never shut up about it, but since it's the ZOG Emperor…

c0ffaf  No.12514400


Bombshell post!


Another bombshell!

More please, this is getting good now.

c0ffaf  No.12514489

More on Cohn and Roger Stone from Wikipedia,

"Later career and disbarment

Cohn aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign in 1979–80. Cohn helped Stone arrange for John B. Anderson to get the nomination of the Liberal Party of New York, a move that would help split the opposition to Reagan in the state. Stone said Cohn gave him a suitcase that Stone avoided opening and, as instructed by Cohn, dropped it off at the office of a lawyer influential in Liberal Party circles. Reagan carried the state with 46% of the vote. Speaking after the statute of limitations for bribery had expired, Stone said, "I paid his law firm. Legal fees. I don't know what he did for the money, but whatever it was, the Liberal party reached its right conclusion out of a matter of principle."

Digging into this one can see the filth more clearly.


31a40a  No.12514499


>Niggerlogic exposed

<Quick, switch from Epstein to Cohn!

pilpul 101

c0ffaf  No.12514500

"Cohn is credited with introducing Trump and Murdoch in the mid-1970s, marking the beginning of what was to be a deep and pivotal association between the two."

Can you say, "organized crime".


9f7481  No.12514508


checked for Trump bringing the whole cabal down on his head like Samson if he's part of the pedogroup

They expected one of us in the wreckage brother.

aee1e5  No.12514516


oh, they finally managed to find non-jews to pin everything on for a news cycle until it's fucking nothing.

a7dccc  No.12514538

File: e7a3d9076f1865d⋯.jpg (193.53 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1541710026833.jpg)


lmao, the absolute state of shills ITT

c0ffaf  No.12514555

A web of lies and deceit: The Trump-Russia plot thickens with Michael Cohen guilty plea aka a smoking gun.

Sorry but it can't make sense of the URL so here it is.


b84a5c  No.12514566


I learned a little bit of Semitic languages. 'Amalek, wouldn't that mean "who has been made the king"? Are they saying that someone gave them the authority?

2bf2f5  No.12514576




>oy vey surely something will happen this time

>watch as I copy and paste Q-LARP talking points

8badaf  No.12514587

File: 131281195e859c7⋯.jpg (123 KB, 1200x1126, 600:563, TrumpWrecksPedos.jpg)


>Trump's mentoring by another jewish pedophile, Roy Cohn.


You throw that word around pretty loosely, and Trump was mentored by his father, no one else.

Yes, Trump had to deal with seedy Jews, as I said, he was doing business in NYC, which isn't morally worth the match that should be used to burn it all down.

But I notice that when these aids-riddled faggots get in trouble, Trump is never there to bail them out.

And pedo-gangs are under fire now, more than ever before, on the orders of the president.

ab7493  No.12514597


Amalek is the one prophecized to destroy the Jews. In order to avoid this fate, the last 3 of the 613 jewish Mitzvot, or laws, are as follows:

Always to remember what Amalek did (Deut. 25:17) (CCA76).

That the evil done to us by Amalek shall not be forgotten (Deut. 25:19) (CCN194).

To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19) (CCA77).

And yes - Amalek is "to be made king" - AMALEK IS CHRIST.


8badaf  No.12514612

File: 4f58656c3893412⋯.jpg (32.97 KB, 419x421, 419:421, T7.jpg)


Yea, never mind that what he "plead guilty" to is not even a crime.

The so-called "collusion" investigation (which never happened, and, in any case, is ALSO not a crime) is going exactly nowhere.

I'm not worried about Mueller, at all. He's got a truckload of nothing, and this will all end as a report filled with implying, and no substance, and no accusation of any wrongdoing. Libcucks will be curled in a ball, crying their eyes out, tucked into safe spaces with coloring books and teddy bears to try and comfort their childish, immature, uneducated selves.

And I'll be laughing AGAIN.

c0ffaf  No.12514618


One could make the argument that nobody knows them like he does. Only time will tell to what extent his involvement goes with these matters but guilt by association is easily identifiable at this point though who best to take down such an enterprise than one of them from the inside. The fat lady has yet to sing but she will ultimately do so.

339e8a  No.12514622


>people keep calling me retarded, citing the same reasons. This is proof that they're using a script

lmao trump supporters get the bullet along with the kikes.

8b9c14  No.12514629

Possibly related old news. Maybe these documents came from that whistleblower.


>The FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who possessed documents showing federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer.

d641bc  No.12514646

File: eb74364806ee824⋯.jpeg (192.39 KB, 960x723, 320:241, Fred Trump - Talmud Torah.jpeg)

File: 0aebdbae1d4b99c⋯.png (46.45 KB, 608x401, 608:401, Fred Trump friends with Bi….png)


>only a nigger would think Trump could possibly do anything wrong at his club where he allows his jewish pedo buddy to recruit sex slaves!



>Trump was mentored by his father

Who was friends with Bibi and donated land for a Talmud Torah so kikes could read their holy books that condone sex with infants?

If Trump is really moving against elite sex rings, why did he appoint Acosta? Why is Jeffrey Epstein's jew lawyer one of his biggest defenders? Do you also believe the Q LARP?

c0ffaf  No.12514647


"Cohen pleaded guilty Thursday to lying to Congress regarding Trump’s involvement in the now infamous efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow."

I'm fairly sure lying to Congress while under oath is actually a crime sorta like lying to the FBISIS although I was in a court room recently where only lies were stated while under oath which leads me to believe there is really no rule of law anymore except that of which they want to enforce upon selected individuals based upon their personal desires and agenda.

c0ffaf  No.12514684


Looks like a young Prince Charles sitting to the right of Fred.

c0ffaf  No.12514718


Incriminating photo to say the least.

Like underground hard rock mining the deeper you dig the dirtier you get and right now the dirt is really showing.

11febb  No.12514738


Why do you keep saying global report? You know global mods don't care about your faggotry, right? You're just making yourself look even more stupid than you already are.

c0ffaf  No.12514739

Can always tell when directly over the target due to the deafening silence.

11febb  No.12514767


It's somewhat interesting, but these guys keep posting the same information over and over without bothering to dig. They haven't had anything new since early 2017, and none of the rest of us even know where to look. Or if it even goes anywhere.

c0ffaf  No.12514792



You're busted.

2bf2f5  No.12514824


>why do you report posts that need to be reported

Fuck off, newfag.



8badaf  No.12514828


Comey lied to congress, too, and nothing happened to him.


And there's some question as to whether he actually lied, or if he got his dates wrong. In any case, he's a Jew, so when he got a shot at a plea deal as to his his other criminal problems, he stabbed the president in the back (typical of a Jew), and gave them something…a "process" crime…not enough to tie it to Trump, but enough to keep him from doing jail time on his personal charges, multiple counts of tax evasion and bank fraud.

To be clear, he didn't have to plead guilty on this, at all. He had already stated the dates in question were to the best of his ability to recall, and if anyone else had stated them to congress, it would have been written off as a memory error.

In the context of the Russia probe, making a false statement is a “process crime.” It has nothing whatsoever to do with establishing that Trump conspired with Russia to win the presidential election. The special counsel is clearly creating crimes by creating opportunities for crimes to be committed, then jumping out and yelling, "GOTCHA!"

This is the oldest cop trick in the book, getting you to make a mistake when speaking to them, because it's then THEIR call if you're lying or just making a mistake.

This is why you NEVER talk to the cops without a lawyer, even if you are innocent and just intend on telling the truth.

11febb  No.12514831


So what else do you have? Help me out here, if you care so much.

aaa8a5  No.12514842


4 days after George W Bush bites the dust. Hmmmm..

c0ffaf  No.12514843

Totally dismantled another psyop in under 200 posts and wiped out the Qew psyop AGAIN as a side benefit and there you have the power of the internet in collaboration with intelligent minds.

c625ac  No.12514850


Ok, it's December 6. Where's the Q-tard who posted here claiming Huber would be dropping the 6 gorillion indictments on December 5? Time for you to kill yourself. I want it streamed. Shotgun to the head will be fine.

11febb  No.12514858


>guy who doesn't know what global report does

>calling anyone a newfag

Are you really this stupid?

c0ffaf  No.12514869



11febb  No.12514893


Busted doing what?

2bf2f5  No.12514908


>you don't know because I say you don't

Okay, run along now, newfag.

11febb  No.12514920


Then what does global report actually do, and why is your use of it wrong?

d89268  No.12514922

File: 96216646efbc3b5⋯.webm (448.15 KB, 640x368, 40:23, LOL WAT A FAG.webm)


lol, pussy, traitors need the rope, only way these cunts will learn.

c0ffaf  No.12514931


Your glow is hurting my eyes now shake off!

11febb  No.12515007



c695b9  No.12515037

To all the young JIDF or Israelis on here :


2bf2f5  No.12515239


Learn how to read.

ab7493  No.12515240

File: 776fec5e6612b27⋯.png (8.11 MB, 4896x8752, 306:547, 777777.png)


c0ffaf  No.12515246


Like he says, he is glowing stronger.

And that's a wrap ladies and gentlemen!

ab7493  No.12515258


>15 posts by this faggot

>1 shekel per post

>$0.27 per shekel

>$0.27 * 15 = $4.05

make sure to remind the lady at McDonald's that you don't want cheese on your jewburger, Chaim

c0ffaf  No.12515292


Stop smoking crack.

ab7493  No.12515315


says the guy being paid $0.27 per post

2bf2f5  No.12515334

c0ffaf  No.12515356


Your thin skin is showing. How many times can you change computers there to post here? Do you always get so pissed off when blessed?

ab7493  No.12515374

File: e1c4cfb0eaf5ffb⋯.jpg (715.48 KB, 1080x1233, 120:137, 1544131420961.jpg)

5c7031  No.12515949


>To destroy the seed of Amalek

<what is "white genocide"?

000000  No.12516084


Ironically the Jews are taking to their social programming at higher rates than the gentiles. Jews divorce at higher rates, have fewer children, are more likely to be homosexual and transgendered, are most likely to go insane of all ethnic groups, etc. They're drinking their own poison and much more so than any other group.

206677  No.12516088


Are you literally pissing yourself right now?

Holy shit the feelings in that room you are in are just palpable. The looks on everyones faces. You all can feel it, cant you.

000000  No.12516094


They're in trouble and they know it. Many of them have taken pay cuts, but are still working.

725668  No.12516127


Garrison missed opportunity. The podium sign should have said Stronger With Her

6156df  No.12516138

File: 1c20095717ae2f5⋯.jpg (101.31 KB, 618x688, 309:344, Rothskike Shill Going to D….jpg)


>that 2nd pic


2bcef6  No.12516715


Is that why they've been so incredibly angry lately?

6c7e32  No.12517106


>67 pages

I read that nigger nothing worthwhile to your argument


Your boy mueller

>stuffed sweet heart deals to pedo s for decades

Read em and weep


6b231c  No.12517138


Panama leaks were supremely downplayed. Money trails coming to light are the most damaging and many a person not in the limelight were popped because of the leaks, this touches not only the Clintons but the even more formidable.

6b231c  No.12517156


Saying that, Mossack Fonseca are doing a good job filling up many a pothole, especially the journos.. The ICIJ peeps are getting paid and threatened as we speak by even darker customers of Mossack Fonseca.


b44f61  No.12517167


Exactly. It won’t change. Pedos have historically ran the world. It’s not good or bad it’s just a fact. They are willing to do more extreme shit so it affords them better positions amongst the most extreme. Those who think it not a thing are assuming that their lives are better somehow that the whole of history. That somehow human sacrifices that have always been and will always be, aren’t just now, while they exist. It’s easier for them in this way, to deny reality

000000  No.12517174



Pedos are all gonna die, fagtard.

000000  No.12517179


They get paid in adrenalchrome and child porn and most are boomers, they are literally shilling for their lives. They need chem stims to stave off the ravages of old age.

b44f61  No.12517185


Fingers crossed but currently we have to deal with facts


As much as we all may hate it mueller is a pedo protector

b44f61  No.12517189

File: c1f69e33a6a5123⋯.png (347.1 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 0A1AE112-3E07-4765-A7CF-37….png)


Forgot dis


efea21  No.12517191

Hi its been 2 days, any news yet?

000000  No.12517194


000000  No.12517197


Ya he flipped the day before he got his current job. Do keep up hon.

b44f61  No.12517198


>the pedo ring is taking itself down

Try harder

b44f61  No.12517203



That’ll be the day

2bcef6  No.12517221


I haven't heard anything about it. Need details.

b44f61  No.12517229


Clearly they’re draining the swamp


4e67a6  No.12517234

Howdy, fellow Anons (though I guess I won't be very anon after posting this).

It took me a while but finally I have something to contribute. I hope ya'll will check out "Blame It All On Trump"—a tongue-in-cheek song I penned for Q and the Great Awakening.

"And who's this Q? We wish we knew

He sure stirred up a hornet's nest

But if he's just some loudmouth LARPin' fool

You'd think by now they'd give it a rest"


24b448  No.12517245

File: 6e7851a4a370c5c⋯.jpeg (321.1 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, E1551F80-C4AB-43A3-9912-1….jpeg)

3b422f  No.12517426

File: 532e6e505aa8646⋯.jpg (5.53 MB, 1912x2520, 239:315, 532e6e505aa864672d40977bca….jpg)


Got you, fam

8a39ea  No.12517437




95ae56  No.12517438


you guys have too much time on your hands … and I have half that much so I just reply

95ae56  No.12517478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the fucking madman

lets take a step back in this thread and stop with the bs…. he is the president. "Mad man" to us is "cool dude" to him.

Remeber he is dealing with other mad men and women … it takes a wolf to catch a wolf

(no derail but people dont realize that Denzel Washington was a good guy in this movie, a family man. He just made one mistake.)

2d5903  No.12517483

File: 64b3dbdd20cd643⋯.png (33.89 KB, 549x413, 549:413, 64b3dbdd20cd64345cf10aad86….png)


damn, dubya doing his own wife dirty

97818a  No.12517486

>Q LARP thread still up

>flat earth thread reached bump limit


95ae56  No.12517500


woooaaaaaahhhh … dont be so harsh bro

2bcef6  No.12517547

File: b089440854067ae⋯.png (107.34 KB, 200x714, 100:357, bush funeral document.png)


Thanks anon. I found it in the video. Here's a shot of the document itself. Does anyone recognize what it could be from the formatting?

25a343  No.12517560


I am confuse here.

Please help me understand.

Who served the paper and why was it given to Lara?

Why did not jeb and the retard each get one?

And last why would the retards wife even get served a subpoena?

Doesn't a subpoena have to be served to the person that appears on it?

2bcef6  No.12517593


I'm just as confused, anon. Whatever it is, they got a lot more upset after looking at it. Too bad it's illegible from the recording. But you can see the shape of the document header. What looks like that?

8adf5b  No.12517597

File: 818bd312c0d6e13⋯.jpg (1004.85 KB, 2194x1296, 1097:648, 1513039369251.jpg)

File: 554f5469f6ac369⋯.jpg (73.34 KB, 770x433, 770:433, ot-rosenbergbros14ap.jpg)


Roy Cohn pulled every dirty Jew trick to get a Jew judge to put the commie kike Rosenbergs in the chair. He deserves praise for that, not to mention helping McCarthy during the hearings and mentoring a young Trump

7a17bc  No.12518011


Looks like a cover page to documents none of us would ever want our name on judging by the facial expressions and the thickness of the documents indicates it's going to take many attorneys to dig into it since there are no good attorneys except the ones at the bottom of lakes. Front page news this morning on MSM is the Clintons going down hard so it looks like we have a highly corrupted President (one of them from the inside) who knows them best beginning to take them all down. Can see a crack in the lower corner of the pyramid now and it's growing.


7a17bc  No.12518087


Papers that thick should include indictments for 9/11 plus other things.

7a17bc  No.12518420


Because Laura is King Pin Gangster and Georges & Jebs handler. George has given up the Cabal because he is spineless. He sang like a choir boy on them all. They were ultimately ALL served right there on camera for us all to witness.

7a17bc  No.12518454

And it is not by chance that Merkel just stepped down. Can you see the crack at the base of the pyramid yet, watch it grow.


000000  No.12518467


Laura is stone cold, she ran a guy over with her car and didn't even flinch.

7a17bc  No.12518473


In a word, "Mafia".

7a17bc  No.12518577

Watching bombs drop all around Barry & Michael is exciting, for us not them. They aren't have a good day watching their safety nets go down hard.

Tick Tock Obamas…. Tick Tock!

000000  No.12518730

In all seriousness the passing of George Sr. is something of a milestone, he was one of those faggots in on the post-WWII program which we're now living in the results of the more or less successful execution thereof, along with most of the Presidents since those times, excepting a very very few. There have to have been all kinds of extremely sensitive events that went down and money and Nazi treasure squirreled away which he has now taken quite to the grave. As the creators and caretakers of plots older than most living people die off everything isn't always handed off, or at least handed off properly. Bush Sr. was an evil man and I really suspect him as the brains behind 9/11. Let's hope his evil plots wither with his passing.

f39f3c  No.12518743


>and Nazi treasure squirreled away which he has now taken quite to the grave

<le ebil NAHTZEES run the government, goyim!

Fucking kill yourself, Alex Jones.

000000  No.12518750



>doesn't believe in Nazi treasure

>isn't actively looking for it

I even think I know where some is, myself.

f39f3c  No.12518760

File: 3883e23b74bdba0⋯.jpg (38.75 KB, 488x317, 488:317, admittance.jpg)


<the ebil NAHTZEES are all over the gobernment, goy!

Your rhetoric only convinces idiots.

000000  No.12518778


Bush Sr. literally worked with the Gehlen Org and Project Paperclip types after the war, are you shitting me? Haven't you ever read a book?

14293f  No.12518780


Kidnapped Germans scientists and skilled physicians being forced to work for the enemy they just fought to the near death with are working under duress of their zionist kidnappers.

7a17bc  No.12518787


Correct and Granddaddy Bush was in business with the Nazi's there are pictures on the internet showing him there with them. It's how we became the Nazi's because we were them all along.

000000  No.12518814

7a17bc  No.12518832

While Adolf lived a long life in Argentina as planned.

fed161  No.12518859


Yeah Goyim,

It's the Nutsies that are your real enemy, be a good goy and praise Israel and support our troops.

000000  No.12518867


Meant to Bingo you.

cd2b1e  No.12518871


Tetrahedral lead nigger, that's what WW2 was really about.

Poppa Bush gave the Germans, particularly IG Farben the process to create Tetrahedral lead shortly before the US entered the war. Conviently this allowed the Germans to put up more of a fight as they struggled with the manufacture of it as Standard Oil and its derivatives were the only cartel making the substance and had a patent.

Bush essentially brokered a deal between IG Farben and Standard Oil in which Standard Oil gave IG Farben basically all of it's patents and IG Farben said lol no we're at war when asked to do the same.

There was a thread on this a few years ago but whenever it gets mentioned things have a habit of disappearing.

fed161  No.12518876

fed161  No.12518885


>Trust the plan

7a17bc  No.12518915


You over in CS?

7a17bc  No.12518976


That's what I thought. You're welcome to drop in for coffee when I head south again. The coffee is wicked (Jura Flow) it's worth the trip. You could fly in and land right there, no problem. My door is always open to you.

593730  No.12518992

File: 86d3a3233b1b8d8⋯.jpg (669.28 KB, 1560x1199, 1560:1199, me.jpg)

Bless your hearts.

It's like Noel Coward, only for people living in moldy trailers waiting for their disability payments so they can stock up on Oxy.

MAGAts on D7… soon to be D8….. Totes not a Cult.

7a17bc  No.12519298



And good job!

4bef53  No.12519364

File: 216137f6df0371e⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 356x104, 89:26, GLR - How McCarthy Got jew….mp4)

File: 1f1db51211a6c6c⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1481x767, 1481:767, Eustace Mullins - My Life ….png)


>helping McCarthy

How new are you? Cohn handled/sabotaged McCarthy on behalf of Bernard Baruch. No matter how you try to Talmudically interpret facts or pretend he's "self-hating" jew, his close ties to Trump or more proof that he's a jewish creation – as if there isn't more than enough evidence proving that point aside from Cohn.

f24fe5  No.12519478

Does anyone have the video of Joe Biden receiving a sealed letter at HW Bush's funeral?

593730  No.12519525

File: 7283af4789a5d40⋯.jpg (21.38 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Don't Stop Believing.jpg)

It's 3:22 EDT. You know what's not habbeding ? Come on… say it.

I'll give you a qlue…

8badaf  No.12519552


>watch as I copy and paste Q-LARP talking points

I don't even know who "Q" is. I hear you people bitching about him all the time, so I guess he's some e-celebrity, but why he riles you so is a mystery to me, and one I don't really care about.

19f30c  No.12519790


this poster is an infiltrator and should be removed.

7a17bc  No.12520128


Well, if Joey got a love letter did Obama get one too? Does anybody have a list of love letter receivers? Let's cut to the chase here and dump the info already will ya. Stop teasing us already.

955d13  No.12520387

DOJ is neck deep in Clinton shills. Even the FBI watchdog cleared Comey from all wrongdoing when he blatantly rigged the investigation in her favor. The guy who lead it was a jew, but /pol/ was hyped the report would be the end of deep state. So much for that.

Its going to take nothing short of a major happening on the scale of a military takeover of the institutions to sort this out. Everything else is wishful thinking, little breadcrumbs to keep the circuses going.

I do hold some slight glimmer of hope that Trump in his second term will go full revenge mode and appoint his special council to investigate deep state crimes. Not even Hillary crimes, but institution crimes that allowed Hillary to go free, go all the way to intelligence that facilitated it all and go back to 9/11 or Iraq war. A man can dream.

f6b179  No.12520887


This sympathy is what YOU don't fail to realize.

>Kill their leaders and do justice.

>Jews globally now have no one to turn to for guidance.

>From seemingly nowhere, a new merchant arrives

>"My fellow chosen you must listen to me now."

>"We're absolutely, completely and 100% never gonna get back at the goys like we've been doing for our entire history. Nope. Not now, not ever."

>"Those 104+ times we got expelled is just due to antisemitism not our actions while in those communities that took us in!"

>White countries start to rebuild and fix themselves

>"Hey goys would you let us in? We didn't have anything to do with it, it was our old leaders. They deserve to die, but we haven't done anything wrong!"

>"Let us in goy, feel sorry for me goy, don't oppress me goy…"

That's what you fucks never comprehend, we have natural tendencies that are genetically coded into us and will never go away. It's why history is fucking cyclical, our eventual descendants will make the same mistakes because greed will never go away, irresponsible behavior will never go away, crime will never go away. Evil will never go away either. Kill the elites and their descendants, in a need to fill a vacuum, will flock to their replacements and the ones most likely to replace them are as bad if not worse.

f6b179  No.12520906


>trump in his second term

Given how the midterms went and how he's abandoned his white voting base (his real voter block because rep is an almost entirely white voting block) I doubt he'll win again. If they run Hillary he'll win. If they run Bernie they lose too. If they run some literally who that doesn't take it too SJW during the election itself? That eats up A LOT of moderates that just basically either hate communism or hate Hillary.

8ddbcd  No.12520937


Actually Bernie would probably win against trump, though they would probably force him to take Clinton as VP then die of an (((heart attack))).

2bf2f5  No.12520997


Global report for Q-LARP spam.

f6b179  No.12521006


No way. Bernie is a weak cuck and would destroy the economy. A lot of shit he promises wouldn't even help many of his voters. You think niggers and spics care about college debt? They don't have that shit, older whites out of college and working don't want higher taxes cause they can barely afford to live in the cities with increasing costs of living. A lot of moderates are pro left but "anti sjw", they'll be hard pressed on Bernie when the economy is rising under Trump and taxes are lower. Don't underestimate the power of more cash in your voter's pocket.

>they would likely force him to take Clinton as VP then die of a (((heart attack)))

A-Are you saying that Clinton is KIRA!?

7a17bc  No.12521015


Hence, replacing Nicky Haley with Heather Nauert who is Illuminati and active member on the CFR. Trump consistently replaces terrible with worse yet were supposed to be fooled by this into thinking the problems are being fixed. Trump has revolutionized the process of sucking his own cock nothing more.

fa8b21  No.12521040



Going to be funny when you die and we don't.

f66b7e  No.12521043



Hello retards. There is nothing stopping Trump from a re-election at this point. If the economy keeps up, Trump is already pulling 50% despite total media opposition and Mueller's investigation which is turning out to be a dud as per today's memos.

7a17bc  No.12521060


My friend that watched the funeral said Hillary also received a pile of papers and it's why she had a similar look on her ugly face too. Could you imagine if Pelosi was there and got papers with a face as ugly as hers she would have broke cameras.

7a17bc  No.12521072


Yeah but if you only a 50% rating at work or school you would be fired or failed so I fail to see that 50% is worth bragging about when in fact it shows the very sad state of these assholes.

2d5903  No.12521074


>My friend that watched the funeral said Hillary also received a pile of papers

My father works for Nintendo.

2bf2f5  No.12521089


>There is nothing stopping Trump from a re-election at this point.

1. It is already demographically impossible for a ✡republican✡ president to win ever gain.

2. No one here is going to vote for him. He fully betrayed whites in every single way.

>If the economy keeps up


>Trump is already pulling 50%

You actually believe this, don't you. Go back to the donald and suck off your ZOG emperor there.

2bf2f5  No.12521098


>No way.

Are you kidding or just stupid?

>Bernie is a weak cuck

Yes, and? He's also a literal BOLSHEVIK JEW. He's perfect.

>and would destroy the economy

As much as he would WANT to, he wouldn't be ALLOWED to.

>older whites out of college and working don't want higher taxes

Too bad; they'll get them and pay them and never fight back.

>the economy is rising under Trump

We're literally on the cusp of a worse depression than 1929.

>Don't underestimate the power of more cash in your voter's pocket.

And yet communists keep being elected, everywhere, every day. And yet the Democrat Party just won the House. And yet nothing you said is relevant. THEY WANT FREE SHIT. THEY DON'T NEED "MONEY" IN THEIR POCKETS IF THEY GET FREE SHIT FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

7a17bc  No.12521105


So then run along and play your games punk nobody is talking to you. You /pol/ punks are so full of shit it tends to seep out your mouths. Don't you have anything productive to do instead of troll. Get a life and stop smoking crack. Now run along and help your mom unload groceries I hear her calling for you,,, PUNK!

2bf2f5  No.12521120



161e97  No.12521308

Zero fucks given for a bunch of people who will never see a second of jail time.

35fedd  No.12521448


how do you know what they were given?

9005ba  No.12521513

File: 952fe4b22e96a7d⋯.jpg (50.28 KB, 599x536, 599:536, asuka laughs.jpg)



000000  No.12522240


It's amazing to see how Jewishness can seep right through the Internet. Happy Hanukkah!

000000  No.12522322



Dude. (7a17bc) is seriously a bot. These boards like other "known" platforms are controlled. If anyone can not realize these patters, they should be scared as shit as they can no longer distinguish what is real and where to direct their emotion. Seek refuge elsewhere. Something big is coming.

000000  No.12522687


Gotta filter the bots anon, and also replies to them. Threads are so nice and clean after a good filtering.

2d5903  No.12523628

File: 29a0298644d0f81⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 419x580, 419:580, 29a0298644d0f81c1101071380….jpg)


vidya is going to save you

d672ca  No.12536714


It's very common for chief executives to throw their most fantical supporters in prison after attaining power. Hitler did. Stalin did. Hussein did. Trump's problem is he fancied himself as powerful as these people. He is not. He's not even throwing them in prison himself; just under the bus.

0117f2  No.12536779

Friendly reminder people disparaging over our kiked political system and whether or not trump is /ourguy/ or not are blatant newfags or shills, if trump is the god emperor then thats cool, but if it's business as usual then the whole point was to utilize the nationalistic sentiment from the trump presidency to invoke a sense of white identity and anti-jew sentiment (which is easy to do since trump ostensibly loves Israel so you can utilize far-left and far-right sentiments against the establishment/ZOG) so that we may create our own movement and every and all blackpilling efforts are either intentional or genuine and worthless/counter-productive.

Yellow jacket movement is spreading around europe, kikes are using the UN migration pact because everything is falling the fuck apart, and our job remains the same; Spread nationalism and natsoc ideals. And we're doing a damn fine job. Ignore D&C, your people are your greatest treasure and it's up to YOU to guide them to the right path. If we die then we die anons, it was a certainty either way so let's spend our time wisely, efficiently, and effectively.

2bf2f5  No.12536802


>won’t ever be married and have children

>literally no one is waking up

>white genocide continues unabated

Why/how am I supposed to be happy about this?

0117f2  No.12536827


What is up with this style of posting? I've seen the "Internet will become a hive of chat bots" conspiracy before but to completely ignore the entire sentiment of a post so egregiously is a bit obvious and jarring in this kind of environment don't you think?

75eeac  No.12536845


It's yids, they don't know how to imageboard so they just greentext and strawman away.

041f6f  No.12536900

File: 8362ca818d79e93⋯.jpg (259.65 KB, 720x686, 360:343, hasbarafag.jpg)


>hazbarabot enters the bread

>attempts to use slide

>slide fails

>no u T_D/Qfag/zogbot/drumpf/maga

<fails to he himself and his bots are board cancer

Newfags take note, this faggot derails using the same scripted bot shit as usual. Don't feed it. Don't give it (((you))) because that pays it. This (((you))) is to make it easy for you newfags and cuckchan to not fall for the bait.



>the absolute state of shitty slide bots

041f6f  No.12536903


>*fails to realise

041f6f  No.12536908



They are semi-automated, there is a real person that watches a few threads, this is why they get furious when you debunk their shit and make their shilling look bad and then focus OT.

They are paid because they have been getting banned here for the last year but still don't know 'how that one guy gets away with it' and think it's a selfie kek. Fucking newfag shills that don't spend much time here and hasbarafag is the most obvious of them all.

041f6f  No.12540995

Oy vey where did hasbarafag go all of a sudden?

121bc6  No.12557309

>wow looks like mueller and sessions were actually /our guys/ all along, who knew

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