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File: 848baf78aaaf37b⋯.png (554.57 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5b07a8d4caad211⋯.png (919.68 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ClipboardImage.png)

b83972  No.12514727

UK arrests 3 nazis on terror charges

3 accused members of Sonnenkrieg Division arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences.


The men were 17, 18 and 21 years old and arrested for:

>suspicion of possessing material useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism

>conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred

>suspicion of encouraging terrorism

>dissemination of terrorist publications

Images related are some SKD posers.

How were they arrested?

Supposedly because BBC "journalists" (who are nothing more than government agents) infiltrated their discord server. Possibly also because government spook agencies just backtraced them, as they clearly didn't have particularly good OPSEC if they were using discord.

Related useful thread:

>What to do if you get vanned


Inb4 optics cuck autistic screeching

c50c9b  No.12514744

File: cdcca41ee3a62dd⋯.png (201.88 KB, 374x345, 374:345, 1537080464974.png)


Why do britfags do this? I keep telling you white niggers to make money and gain power that way, but you keep fucking about with that nigger monkey Hitler (who is dead btw) and then get put in fucking jail. Dumb white niggers.

t. White brit who is beyond tired of nazi nigger behavior

19c3bf  No.12514749

>17, 18, 21

>"conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred"

>"suspicion of encouraging terrorism"

>"dissemination of terrorist publications"

Wew. Truly a great catch and the world is that much safer for it.

4ac782  No.12514750

OP can't inb4 faggot, if you do you know your argument is fucking shit.

ec1733  No.12514753


The UK is run by niggers and trannies that wish to have everyone monitored by GCHQ trannys and everyone that they disagree with jailed.

4ac782  No.12514761

And don't we already have a fucking thread for this crap? I'm pretty sure we did because there was mention of who was responsible for his being a race-traitor and who should in fact receive the bullet.

c5baf0  No.12514778

File: a30d064577717f3⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 657x684, 73:76, 1544054751311.jpg)


cd333d  No.12514779


>I'm working with ZOG against my own race why aren't you cucking out like me?

000000  No.12514780

How many fucking times you were told to use an encrypted message app for this type of shit and not discord.

Also, if you do not plan on doing meeting you should probably not place your group in the country you are in.

They were arrested for literally posting online memes on discord, that's all, the charges are bullshit.

000000  No.12514799


I think this is for the better actually, if it were america the secret services would have left them go to a rally and then arrest them and charge them for being a terrorist group. This fag is right in a way >>12514744

Don't act like a nigger and post something online if you will do it (or not). If you want to punish race mixing whores like you say in that poster then just do it and leave no evidence. If not, then use a fucking secured connection to spread edgy propaganda.

b83972  No.12514813


> you keep fucking about with that nigger monkey Hitler (who is dead btw)

This is why you were all banned from this board and no single anon will weep if your entire country gets blacked by Mohammed.



There was no argument made but a simple newspost thread sure seemed to trigger you enough to post twice.

c49163  No.12514817


this, they'll make an example out of these edgy kids…

b83972  No.12514830


> make money and gain power that way

Also top fucking kek that "become a shill for the system" is your solution. No wonder you spastic /brit/ faggots have lost your country.

85bf62  No.12514855


>nigger monkey Hitler

Your time is up a lot sooner than you think kike

19c3bf  No.12514860


>if it were america the secret services would have left them go to a rally and then arrest them and charge them for being a terrorist group

I have $50 that says whatever they were arrested for is covered by 1A rights in the US. I mean, "conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred"? Really?

29b3bc  No.12514916


On Great Britain:

This land is cursed.

The humans eat cock not argue,

they don't talk, all they do is eat cock,

the immigrants eat cock too,

they are black and white and everything,

This land is cursed,

and I'll have nothing more to do with it

Anon's log book as he took the

earliest flight to Germany

4ac782  No.12514926


Reported for being a fucking jew.

33657b  No.12514948


Good riddance. Hopefully, these chav will get a bullet.

a245c8  No.12514966

File: 530fb7949495e15⋯.jpg (282.85 KB, 856x1280, 107:160, 1059263723.jpg)


>their discord server

and nothing of value was lost

33657b  No.12514968


A true hunter doesn't make nigger-tier propaganda and allow JewishHQ to fuck his ass. He just what he have to do. Kill.

c50c9b  No.12514971

File: c6d3ac0d5addd0e⋯.jpg (441.07 KB, 1350x900, 3:2, 1543224211614.jpg)

File: ff6ea6a6096a229⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 220x220, 1:1, childless.jpg)


Look at the responses I got from just common fucking sense. All of the newfags here think it's cool to be edgy rather than successful. No wonder why these faggots haven't been successful since '45.


You won't do shit because I have seen that same fucking faggy threat since 2009 and none of you fucks have made ground and the thing is you will be saying the same shit by 2020 onwards while White continue to decline, you thick cunt.


>amerimutts haven't lost their "nation"

How has the bush coverage been while white losers die in the streets and housing due to over doses? Fucking hilarious that you point fingers when you are already a minority under age of 10.


You're the fucking fag here. I am right no more no less. Anyone signalling against me are fucking niggers who will get nowhere.

>this fag

Shut the fuck up.

7006cd  No.12514988


Imagine how many Islamic terrorists they are watching right now who have said substantially worse shit

29b3bc  No.12514992


>Que the rice aryan waifu larp

>Implying National Socialism is "edgy".

Why do you expect anyone to take your shit seriously?

0ae2c5  No.12514993


>Sonnenkrieg Division

The first time I've ever heard of them was today, and they are already arrested??? I smell another setup.

0ae2c5  No.12515009


>infiltrated their discord

didn't we tell all you niggers to stop using discord

c50c9b  No.12515012

File: 723a8df2c4958af⋯.jpg (121.47 KB, 1300x1030, 130:103, barrenloser.jpg)


I don't. I don't even know why I come back here. I managed 3 weeks until today, so doing good. I just get a reminder at how much you guys are fucking faggots who will never achieve anything but piggy back off Whites who actually get stuck into society while you suck each others dick on here.

>omg you want system ewwwww

>hitler would never do that i base everything on what he says XD

>Whites actually go out and get the money and start buying up housing again and gaining monetary power with more Whites following

>actually become successful

>enter stormwhores

>w-we did that XD

>getting triggered south koreans

You some roastie slut? Why upset at the sight of people who actually try?

>national socialism isn't edgy

Go outside then you fucking cunt. Looks to me as these lads got banged up for being white niggers and some finnish faggot got arrested for carrying the flag of National Socialist Germany.


>i smell another set up

You don't say, you fucking retard. Every single group is fucking glowing and the only way you make a dent back is by getting back into the game and making money to restore what can be restored.

4b7e69  No.12515014

File: fc25256eea12275⋯.jpg (147 KB, 1221x735, 407:245, 671.jpg)

I am sure the British media will deal with this legal situation as fairly and judiciously as usual. /s

d16bd2  No.12515016

File: ab23d1eedfdb28c⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 608x402, 304:201, bce.jpg)


>"t. White"

>shits on Hitler, revealing his jewish blood

This is your reminder, you kikes will never be white, and that is why you hate us.

c5baf0  No.12515022

File: 78ac1704edcdfbe⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 655x1024, 655:1024, 1544054912990.jpg)

I hate anglos, yes I do. I hate anglos, so should you. Anglos are like a conniving Jew, it's always trying to destroy the white man too.

59fb46  No.12515034


Pointing out what jews, etc. say and do is more than enough but then they ban and declare you a terrorist for that as well. Regardless the jewden response I believe it's vastly more effective in breaking through to the indoctrinated.

4b7e69  No.12515044

File: f684489d2e8f687⋯.jpg (214.91 KB, 1356x1211, 1356:1211, 18437575620201.jpg)


He's not a Brit, he's a kike. The hasbara rooms have been pushing this "if you just didn't admire Hitler" line of bullshit for quite a while.

He calls himself White, perhaps because he lives in UK, but it's a lie.

pic related

29b3bc  No.12515078


Those kimchi niggergooks will never be white.


f03e1e  No.12515098


3 white men were arrested for making memes that are not legally threats, thats how it should read. Putting a gun next to a guys head in a meme is not a threat, its a gun, and a head, in the same meme.

6f8ce2  No.12515109


It is probably one of those /imperium/ fags who infest britpol

d77208  No.12515159

File: 7e71161f5f05232⋯.png (559.75 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


So what happens when they self identify as a black jewish woman at their trial?

a245c8  No.12515336

File: 96c6f0c7e078204⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 74657356345.jpg)


>t. White brit who is beyond tired of nazi nigger behavior


a245c8  No.12515347

File: 8a8d494034144a2⋯.gif (1000.47 KB, 270x222, 45:37, 13898301529.gif)


then the government becomes racis

ffac73  No.12515394



What the fuck.

It's not even

<conspiracy to commit murder

or something, "conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred" is literally posting a picture of The Joker going "I-I'M GOING TO SAY THE N-WORD!!!!"

a245c8  No.12515594

File: 8336ef23ba350fd⋯.jpg (66.34 KB, 665x692, 665:692, 14118895075.jpg)

d77208  No.12515624

File: b1ccdfd9061f82a⋯.jpg (316.45 KB, 856x1280, 107:160, ontheroadtowakanda.jpg)

0f3c19  No.12515673



08e5d1  No.12515955

File: a7591b2393078b5⋯.jpg (233.78 KB, 1246x801, 14:9, Nazbol anti-white.JPG)

Siegefags are anti-white Bolsheviks.

c193c0  No.12515977


<I keep telling you white niggers to make money and gain power that way

>Just play the jewish game and you'll definitely win, trust me.

Sure thing, chaim. We'll get right on it.

a7b578  No.12516221


> Every single group is fucking glowing and the only way you make a dent back is by getting back into the game and making money to restore what can be restored.

Why are Bongs like this?

>work for ZOG

>acquire shekels


>civilization magically restored

You should be banned for insulting this board with your offensively low IQ.


>3 white men were arrested for making memes that are not legally threats, thats how it should read. Putting a gun next to a guys head in a meme is not a threat, its a gun, and a head, in the same meme.

Exactly. Memes are terrorism in Bongland. Imagine how many lefties would be arrested for "terrorism" for making memes of right wing politicians.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the text in that image. Try to refute it. I bet you can't.

08e5d1  No.12516224


>fuck the white race!

fuck off anti-white bolshevik

570ab1  No.12516226



a7b578  No.12516245


>has no refutation

Yeah that's what I thought, you whiny pathetic faggot.

665136  No.12516247





Seems to me like it was just shitposting, most people don't expect to get vanned over that but hey, with the UK who the fuck knows.

5530cb  No.12516439

or they just arrested three random faggots who were shitposting.

6c5739  No.12516453


I remember some anons posting those images here a few months ago. I figured it was feds. I guess it wasn't lol.

6984f3  No.12516461


and nothing of value was lost

3800e8  No.12517171



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA was ironmarch/atomwaffles just teens being edgy? What a fucking joke. The graphic designer is a serious homo.

000000  No.12517280


The british media (a BBC journalist) reported them to the police.

000000  No.12517291


It seems like intimidation done by the police.

dd24bb  No.12517307

>suspicion of possessing material useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism

>conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred

>suspicion of encouraging terrorism

>dissemination of terrorist publications

/pol/ illegal in Britain confirmed. Pack up, bongs, you're gonna get vanned when the CIA niggers who run this board get the energy to email your IP logs to MI6.

94de1d  No.12517311

File: d3e7eca34eb0dcb⋯.png (8.25 KB, 323x108, 323:108, Untitled.png)


>white brit


Good bait my duderino

6b93c1  No.12517342

File: d2902bce6d4b9d3⋯.jpg (176.16 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, evola_capitalism.jpg)


Just go to the city of London and make money !

This stuff is pretty SIEGEnigger-tier, but your solution is just as unrealistic and gay. White brits are basically fucked because the upper classes are so busy shitting on the lower classes they don't realize they're having their entire country swindled from them. You fell for it once and lost your empire. You're falling for it again and losing your country. You'll never fix it either, you'll keep fighting eachother until your country is a colony of Pakistan.

It's also important to realize in the UK that merely having SIEGE-style posters in your posession is grounds to be arrested on terrorism charges. This is why it's important not to be fooled into supporting anti-terror charges when the Muzzies go boom. They won't be used against the Muzzies they'll be used against you. Your government is an occupation force designed to destroy you, it's not there to protect you.

341491  No.12517558


Those accusations are so wide and insane

"possessing material useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism"

A LOT of things could be usefull.

01b6c4  No.12517583

Wow. You mean, retarded faggots are retarded faggots? Shocking! A good way to break out of a prison world is spitting in a guards face or spilling some soup, not planning a breakout!

6b93c1  No.12517668


Based on some of the arrests of National Action members, 'terrorism' is broadly defined enough to include postering.

Dude might just have a stack of flyers, those being the 'materials useful for terrorism'. People meme but the UK really is a dystopia at this point.

557244  No.12517699

File: 2b10248c728ef36⋯.png (936.62 KB, 995x731, 995:731, 6000000.PNG)


>the only way you make a dent back is by getting back into the game and making money to restore what can be restored.

See that's where you failed is by not making more money silly Goyim.

>Die in a fire you fucking kike

d21f54  No.12517701


>terrorists make toast for breakfast the morning of their attack

>possessing a toaster is now an offence the UK government can lock you up for if and when they choose

b7ff3d  No.12517754


Diving licence application and lorry rental forms too

6b93c1  No.12517773


I hate to break it to you man, but you're going to end up being stuck in a middle management position while Jews and Asians are promoted above you. You'll slowly become more and more moderate in your politics because you're too afraid of standing out from the crowd and losing what little you have. You'll live your life in quiet desperation and never escape it.

I don't say this to discourage you, there are far worse fates. And you never know, maybe you'll funnel some of that money off into something useful, but it's unlikely. You'll just retreat more and more into your work, making money for Jews and their newly emerging Asian autist middle-men.

000000  No.12517782


>People meme but the UK really is a dystopia at this point.

Is this any surprise? All dystopian shit comes the UK. Must be because they are an island.

4df71f  No.12517837

File: 86466a8aa25850e⋯.png (510.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1532466300787.png)


>refute it

Dark Foreigner is not a NatSoc. Nor are any of the Atomwaffen people still left. They are Satanists who believe in 'Noctulianism' where a BASED multiracial civnat magapede coalition of multiple races can ascend to become astral vampires, even BASED Jews like Anton La Vey (who they advertize plenty). As said in the book Liber 333, a Satanist text they shill by a winemom death cult of the Tempel ov Blood, they infiltrate 'extreme' ideologies and re-direct energy to nihilistic, blackpilled and sadistic ends, instead of the life affirming one of NS.

They're just an O9A death cult. They also shill constantly another Tempel ov Blood book, Iron Gates, which includes a multiracial BASED nexion of Satanists torturing, raping and sacrificing white people as well as raping white children's corpses. What Dark Foreigner means by that paragraph is that he's an O9A cultist, but is using lingo that could fit in with places like here. O9A Satanists set up 'nexions' where anyone but fellow Satanists are the chosen people basically, and all mundanes/non-Satanists are to be used and manipulated, and eventually all killed for their LARP 'ascension' to vampire-hood.

Dark Foreigner, and Atomwaffen's ideal, is a sociopath/psychopath. That's why they constantly shill, again, mass murderers like Ted Bundy, Ian Brady, etc. Atomwaffen got infiltrated by these Satanists from the beginning - people like Dark Foreigner, so did Ironmarch - and then when Devon shot his room mates, and AW's non-Satanist leader got locked up, Satanists filled the power vacuum.

There you go, there is the background on Dark Foreigner and the death cult he belongs. Goth kids who never grew and co-opted an otherwise good group. You probably know this already and will continue to shill for them, as the Satanist shilling here recently has increased. You are one of them, no doubt.


82d78c  No.12517839

Retarded enough to use Discord

4df80a  No.12517864


>I believe rumors by mexicans who larp as white

honestly kill yourself retard. look up Ethan "Vex" Hendricks if you want to know where you're information is coming from faggot

82d78c  No.12517867

When tards finally realize that the honeypots have been ran by faggot beaners for years because the kiles pay them to do it.

82d78c  No.12517870

When will those faggots realize the kikes are using them?

4df71f  No.12517886

File: df34a82df533bd5⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 280x250, 28:25, 1519525271644.gif)


Dumb satanist.

f03e1e  No.12517974


80% of what he said is true, some of its intentionally misleading. AWD are not Satanists. Satanists could just as easily infiltrate /pol/ and have retards like you claming were all satanists. AWD is AWD, 09A/ToB are 09A and ToB, not AWD.

4df71f  No.12518005

File: 72039348fa20c98⋯.png (588.95 KB, 626x724, 313:362, satanist.png)


Literally none of it is untrue. You can read all the evidence in the /fascist/ thread. AWD was good back when it started, modelled on European nationalist groups (some of whom are now banned). But like these European groups, O9A Satanists began to infiltrate it in the beginning. They are like Talmudic Jews. They then hollowed it out as soon as the non-Satanist leader got jailed. You then saw AWD become increasingly nihilistic, egoistic and self-destructive. Shock horror - Satanists do this. It's what Liber 333 and Hostia tell them to do. Join "extremist" orgs, corrupt them into degenerate shit pens, and turn them into a death cult.

These people are not NatSocs/Fascists' allies. They are degenerate egoists. Satanism is inherently incompatible with NS. Ironmarch, before it shut down, knew of this, and laughed at the Satanist retards trying to coopt them too. Sonnenkrieg was another of these Satanist offshoots, the Polish guy in the pic is overtly wearing an O9A shirt. Andrew Dymock apparently is also a homosexual, according to a brit anon:


Here are the publishers of Atomwaffen's advertized smut: https://www.facebook.com/liber333

Real NatSoc shit. Degenerate ANTIFA-looking junkies, degenerates licking blood off children's cartoon drawings. Wow. Much free thought.

Atomwaffen only became like this after Satanists took over. RAPE/Denton in the lead, a known associate of the ToB people who shills their crap. Dark Foreigner also came onto IM as a Satanist from the get go. They all appeared at once. Really makes you think. You can try deflect all this if you want, it just makes you look like a retard and/or Satanist.

4df71f  No.12518035

File: dd3b47f0a1c9d00⋯.png (768.99 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 9834c3abdf74aa4eaa7d0d7c4d….png)



1eb62d  No.12518038


>do nothing goy

>just post memes goy

4df71f  No.12518040


>be gay goy

>cut butt for a jewish demon goy

000000  No.12518071








4df71f  No.12518105


Are Atomwaffen the new Aut Right? Sodomwaffen more like lmao


2bf64a  No.12518124

>Americans commenting on Britain's perspective of Hitler

Ironic. Which German states are now the richest and most developed, compared to the Americans who decided to forcibly subjugate the Germans despite fighting for barely over half the fucking war, as though the Germans had personally landed on American soil?

Britain's official way, an undisputed historical fact, was by far the most pleasant of the Allies.

Britain's entire policy was closer to Patton's than it was to America's.

In this case, again, another failure in attaching to a hostile dictatorship rather than our own historical precedent.

Incase Americans have forgotten, there were British settlers, and British nations, on all continents except Antarctica - something unmatched by any country in history.

Germans are alright, but there's a clear second place and worshipping European dictators is fucking retarded. Might aswell worship Cromwell.

b83972  No.12518130



>"edgy" is bad

>muh PR

Why are you fags still here? >>>/TRS/


>People meme but the UK really is a dystopia at this point.

Bong needs liberated militarily


>worshipping European dictators is fucking retarded

Well fuck off back to /brit/ then you faggot, on this board we worship Truth, not your Anglokike fantasy.

f03e1e  No.12518138


Just because someone who is clearly O9A puts out propaganda claiming to be part of AWD doesnt make them part of AWD. With the leadership arrested AWD is pretty much a franchise organization, like Anonymous with cells who go around killing anti-whites. Anyone can say they are part of AWD, but satanists are satanists and the distinction should be made they cant be AWD, theyre satanists from O9A/ToB

Im saying just because satanists use the AWD logo doesnt mean AWD gets thrown under the bus, thats exactly what they want. They could do that to anyone.

>Here are the publishers of Atomwaffen's advertized smut: https://www.facebook.com/liber333

A jewbook group with Liber 333 in the name, exactly my point. Not AWD. Imposter AWD.

2bf64a  No.12518234


So why Hitler in particular? There's a lot of people to choose from. American Nazis are literally Brits larping as Germans.

Germany is a nice place. It's pretty weird as a Brit, since Germans are practically identical except for a few giveaway traits.

Instead you choose the one most antithetical to your nation's creation.

Hitler didn't want some white world - he didn't even want to spread Germany's people outside of Europe.

He wanted to conquer the lands to the East - to the border with Asia.

Britain, on the other hand, spent centuries securing, cultivating and expanding territory across the planet.

The only saving grace of Nazi Germany was its war against the USSR. Regardless of all you think, he did invade every colonial state, to America's delight as he had destroyed the competition.

Maybe from an American perspective, since America stabbed Britain (and Ireland) in the back immediately after the war ended, Hitler wasn't "so bad" - but for both us and the French, the issue wasn't that he was a Nazi, it was that he was the German head of state. Any action which would benefit Germany would harm Britain, and both sides knew it.

Why don't we bring up actual American values and dispel the myth of America's rise to power - as soon as Britain was weakened by Germany, as we feared from the beginning, both the Americans and Soviets, "im gleichen Schritt und Tritt" as the Germans would say, set to work dismantling and intentionally sabotaging British dominance in the world, and immediately bargained using stolen property for alliances.

Turkey, for example - what price did America set in exchange for Jupiter missiles in Anatolia?

Why, Germany, of course; the Gästarbeiter program was created by America to allow Turks to work in Germany, half a million initially, in exchange for their coöperation.

The severely crippled British Empire? Up for grabs, Pakistan up first. Keep the USSR out of India and you can have all the white girls you want.

France? No Soviets in North Africa, instead, North Africans in France.

America brokered every deal which lead to our current situation. Britain was absolutely right - America was using Germany in the same way that the USSR was - to weaken their rivals and seize power.

America even rejected a full invasion of the USSR - something which Churchill and Hitler agreed on!

Instead America waited until over a million Germans were starving.

America waited out the war deliberately until the Dutch, French, Belgians and British were weak enough for America to move in and expel them from territories in Africa, Asia and South America, using Hitler as a weapon to destroy their rivals. Then physically removed the settlers, and, in one of the most disgusting manoeuvres in history, sold countries whole to increase their influence in Africa and Asia.

fdd5c2  No.12518304

File: 587fe6723052bd4⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pinky introducing Aldof Hi….jpg)


>UK arrests 3 nazis on terror charges

You meant ZOG's UK regime took into captivity 3 NatSoc activists because of thought crimes.

OP, off yourself.

a245c8  No.12518649


go back to reddit with that gay shit rabbi

0f36a4  No.12519000


Fuck off nigger, you fucks were shit from the beginning and have been called out from day fucking one.

6b93c1  No.12519106

File: 03dcf5b4cc3e4fd⋯.png (570.46 KB, 1500x1986, 250:331, propagand3.png)


It's actually kind of sad IM turned into a clusterfuck.

Maybe 10% of them were decent, but those 10% were seriously some of the best you could hope for.

The other 90% were absolute trash though. It was a strange community where a small vanguard group was trying to lead a group of ditch pigs, and then the vanguard either got vanned or just left and gave up on the trash heap, and now it's the ditch pigs trying to carry on the legacy with some satanist zombie group pretending to be AWP.

5b2b37  No.12519202



Fuck off back to /brit/, anglokike

2bf64a  No.12519546


Who could possibly consider that half a dozen competing powers with a combined thirty million armed, trained soldiers could have conflicting interests.

Absolutely mental, that. The idea that Britain faced two possible knives in the back - one from America, or one from Germany should we choose them.

We honestly never considered the American influence to be as retrograde as it was.

We knew that, had we allied with Germany, they would have toppled us and unlike in case of standing against them, we would still have a chance to salvage relationships with other Allied nations.

What we could never have predicted was America's lust for "diversity" - to see every European nation poisoned.

We assumed America would just bully us out of Singapore and set up shop, as they did when they inherited Guam.

Instead they even forced us to hand over Hong Kong to Communist China.

It's ironic that so many on the left despise America, since America is the cause of most of our issues.

And so Americans, which forced this on peoples who couldn't fight back (an American exclusive - for men of God they sure lack honour) - in exchange for minor influence over actual retards.

a245c8  No.12520365

File: dbe39e17f112375⋯.jpg (7.22 KB, 285x214, 285:214, 361827_1.jpg)


>The idea that Britain faced two possible knives in the back-

Oi, hold on a tick, mate! Why didn't you report these two knives to the Police? Get in the wagon you're going in the clink.

6f42ec  No.12520507


Your race is irredeemable. Even the burgers have a better chance than you.

742829  No.12520529

File: 91743a8c8db8db2⋯.jpeg (41.94 KB, 600x278, 300:139, anglo subhumans preparing….jpeg)

File: 0f8453d916033c8⋯.jpg (81.53 KB, 645x909, 215:303, anglo subhuman vs Aryan.jpg)

File: e7c1a504b3b1a19⋯.jpg (306.74 KB, 1422x1016, 711:508, anglo subhumans cheering f….jpg)

File: 2ab7b44a7891bbd⋯.png (129.37 KB, 903x474, 301:158, subhuman anglo.png)


anglos are subhumans and should be exterminated.

000000  No.12548006


dcfa80  No.12548010


Should've installed Gentoo. Lurk /tech/ for 2 years

927873  No.12548013

File: 694c339a17fedba⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 960x540, 16:9, C6HDBBJVUAA5Av2.jpg)


Yes, it was America, not your bucktooth jewish bankers.

I hope they rope you first

3f1859  No.12548024


hi kike

ee221b  No.12548027


>suspicion of possessing material useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism

Ban papers and pencils naaaooooo!


53c64e  No.12548072

File: 63039b6ee16a71c⋯.png (105.65 KB, 920x682, 460:341, amerimutt2018.png)

File: d01654017d95ff7⋯.png (609.94 KB, 750x422, 375:211, newwhites.png)

File: 7eef70014258405⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 720x864, 5:6, futureisfinnish.jpg)

File: ff6ea6a6096a229⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 220x220, 1:1, childlesswaste.jpg)

>make 3 posts 7 days ago and get over 20 replies

You are all fucking absolute niggers who get butthurt about someone who is White making money in the system where you failed, you absolute bunch of salty bitches LMAO!!!! This is why you are going to lose and I don't even care anymore.

>y-y is are race declining meeerhhhhhhhhh

Because you are all fucking betas to highest level.

2b3121  No.12548087


>discord server

Yep, it's faggotry.

a7b578  No.12548388


>m-muh shekels

>hello fellow white people


53c64e  No.12548677

File: a864f5fe66800b0⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 179x170, 179:170, 1543617200644.jpg)


I'll get more money and you can stay a salty poor fag with your stale memes lmao!!!

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