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File: 59295cec91ba387⋯.png (216.86 KB, 640x751, 640:751, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cc755e304b5cfca⋯.png (290.84 KB, 640x841, 640:841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ac9471c96f8e2b⋯.png (422.89 KB, 540x960, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55b4704ccfaaf57⋯.png (357.26 KB, 720x943, 720:943, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 330b3eea88bb2e5⋯.png (534.17 KB, 1124x718, 562:359, ClipboardImage.png)

cea7e5  No.12515023


#Breaking: Some of the French army seen heading to #Paris to control the #ChampsElysee and Paris on Saturday! #Macron ordered them to block people to the Champs Elysee. As France brasses itself for another protest.





#Breaking: A friend of me in #France Just send me this disturbing picture in today floating through whatsapp! It writes: "Yellow vests do not loose anything. Many soldiers are against this government and are not fooled by what is happening right now" #GiletsJaunes Corrected



3dd3c4  No.12515031

File: 3cac80d2cb0adf2⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 3cac80d2cb0adf2ccfe539c1ca….jpg)

Wut do now?

cea7e5  No.12515043

File: f1c13448b51481f⋯.png (741.54 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



Macaroni to MASSACRE the French.

01c9ef  No.12515050


>Many soldiers are against this government

That is good to know, same thing as in Germany then. No wonder they're pushing so hard for a unified EU army, it's exactly to quell things like this.

69b3f0  No.12515055


>bringing in the military to attack protestors

Always a great idea. This has never backfired.

9daa36  No.12515058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4b2260  No.12515066

File: fddf14bcfb2b1e8⋯.gif (13.33 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Tarma.gif)

37456b  No.12515072


Do you guys remember the 200 something german soldiers (ex-officers and police) who got arrested a couple weeks ago on charges of conspiracy against merkel?

I always assumed that there were more cells and that other nations would have soldiers with the exact same ideas. This seems to be it.

f1e53f  No.12515074

File: 8eeb014205b851d⋯.jpg (346.39 KB, 2000x1341, 2000:1341, tiananmensquaretanks.jpg)


Macron's government will be compared to China if he actually tells them to start shooting.

10425e  No.12515075


>Do not stop. We in the military are not blind? Most of us do not agree with the government

My French is shit.

3dd3c4  No.12515076

File: bb5d200483639be⋯.gif (334.21 KB, 500x311, 500:311, 90027.gif)

b8aef3  No.12515079


Reminder that his is what happens when you disagree with the totalitarian "democracy".

Democratic nations are in essence no better than a better disguised North Korea when you disagree, especially against the Judaic party line.

I hope police joins with the protestors and shoot the traitors like macron in the head.

69b3f0  No.12515080


The media would mostly support him.

10425e  No.12515082


Ah yes, they would hang too.

f948b2  No.12515083


The ✡media✡ won’t be broadcasting the shooting. They will say that the protesters are shooting the military.

b8aef3  No.12515088


Except that the people won't. The media has never represented the people for a century.

37456b  No.12515091


Too bad that no one gives a flying fuck about what the media reports. They have not been needed in years and they know. Today every retard with a phone can show us the truth and I have no doubt that we will see Yellow vests dedicated to filming.

cea7e5  No.12515092

File: 4c8efcdde73ff7c⋯.png (263.17 KB, 620x655, 124:131, ClipboardImage.png)


Translation was in the OP.

07d0e5  No.12515093


I hope the military joins in.

10425e  No.12515097


Ah. I was close.

45db2e  No.12515101


3dd3c4  No.12515102

File: 96075bc13c9edfc⋯.jpg (44.15 KB, 627x352, 57:32, 1543827159210.jpg)


>France becomes the heart of a 4th Reich/European liberation.

Let's go gang.

6b1d09  No.12515103


Is there roof tile shortage like in 1789?

10425e  No.12515105

File: b2307b93a3a0bc0⋯.jpg (35.12 KB, 550x802, 275:401, 1514335660949.jpg)


>disturbing picture


01c9ef  No.12515106


There was also that "English" army officer with a Finnish name that was arrested for something similar recently. I think there's a fair bit of sentiment like that around Europe right now, but it's still mostly hush hush for now.

0835b2  No.12515111


Disturbingly beautiful. Nationalists rise and take your country back. If they manage to guillotine macron and the rest of the quislings the EU is finished for good.

af00c8  No.12515112


You got the gist of it just fine

>t. frenchfag

cea7e5  No.12515120

File: 2b22b8ee35cef4b⋯.png (429.96 KB, 765x478, 765:478, ClipboardImage.png)


Chink government press supports Macron

>French citizens live a relatively comfortable life thanks to generous welfare programs under which they are used to taking rather than giving. However, France must reform. Reform will inevitably affect vested interest groups and has a price. There is no free lunch in the world. If citizens only care about their own interests and oppose any reform that undermines their interests, will the country still have hope?



66d3e9  No.12515122

File: 679783b5a5ad5a1⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 431x360, 431:360, hqdefault~2.jpg)



6b1d09  No.12515124


>on charges of conspiracy against merkel?

>charged for being anti-treason

there is no bottom to the depths of their deceit

37456b  No.12515126


Checking the dubs of prophecy.


They were so quiet that not even /pol/ had an idea they existed. That is good news. They are just as careful as they should be while some undoubtedly post or lurk here. The potential for a historical happening on the weekend is tremendous.

10425e  No.12515133


>If citizens only care about their own interests and oppose any reform that undermines their interests, will the country still have hope?

WEW Now thats what I call pilpul.

397c90  No.12515134


"Lügenpresse" There was only one arrest, the soldier who made up the story, and he was released shortly after. Don't believe one single word you hear from the German press, they're in full Stasi mode and are suppressing any and all local crime, completely downplay the French riots and literally blasting "happy happy joy joy" propaganda 24/7. All of the EU slaves are enforcing censorship to make it to the Morocco signings next week. After that thing is signed Europe will be annihilated as planned, with no chance for the public to rise.

0f62dc  No.12515135

You could add this 2 french general are dissatified with macron and made online petition against marakech agreeement the 20 november.

A third one tauzin made came out of the wood recently to support this too.


6b1d09  No.12515139

File: 72dc852b9c7fac6⋯.gif (906.25 KB, 500x349, 500:349, laughtylerfightclub.gif)

tfw Brits can't leave the EU next March because the EU ceased to exist by Christmas.

cea7e5  No.12515142

File: 5f3ceeb1c082492⋯.png (351.2 KB, 649x650, 649:650, ClipboardImage.png)


Mikko Vehvilainen


>A British army veteran who served in Afghanistan and was described as an “outstanding” soldier was convicted of being a member of the far-right group National Action, it can be reported for the first time.

>Restrictions preventing the identification of Cpl Mikko Vehvilainen and Alexander Deakin, the Midlands regional organiser and senior member of National Action, were lifted after the conclusion on Monday of linked proceedings relating to Adam Thomas, Claudia Patatas and Daniel Bogunovic.

>All were found guilty of being members of National Action, which was banned in 2016.

>Prosecutors said that Vehvilainen, jailed for eight years in March, was a recruiter for the organisation and a key part of its strategy to expand its membership within the armed forces. The self-confessed racist believed in a coming “race war” and wanted to help establish an all-white stronghold in a Welsh village.

10425e  No.12515143

File: ea2de37e03ff114⋯.jpg (787.64 KB, 1125x1075, 45:43, 1408682456.jpg)

>gas tax

f1e53f  No.12515145

File: 6a2b2bc6df1c01c⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 847x565, 847:565, eiffeltower.jpg)


Nice trips. I think who needs a guillotine appointment maybe even more than Macron is Jean-Claude Juncker.


<Chink government press supports Macron

Holy shit, that was fast. Amazing how quick China went from being the prime example of governments treating their people like shit, to the exact model all these Jewish governments want to emulate.

eb9573  No.12515147

The only thing this now needs is for some dumb soldier to shoot.

It takes just one bullet to ignite the full scale wrath.

397024  No.12515153

File: 707b4433587485e⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 750x934, 375:467, France-Civil-War-Inevitabl….jpg)

File: 4d3d4606d42b4ae⋯.jpeg (118.6 KB, 692x738, 346:369, mfw race war.jpeg)

Racewar now.

397024  No.12515162


Everyone is coming out to rage about their individual problems, exploiting the chaos and feeding into it. This type of thing has been described in the Turner Diaries.

f948b2  No.12515166


It’s funny that you think that despite all evidence to the contrary.

0357bb  No.12515170

File: f369a0f38dbf036⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 441x434, 63:62, Petit_Prince.jpg)


For once, you're right!

523773  No.12515173


Fun fact, many communist nations have more than one party (even in the government) that are usually tied into a coalition that does everything the communist party demands.

Not to mention the candidates of the "opposition" parties are hand selected by the government.


Macron is letting the chinks buy up masses of french farmland fucking over the farmers, of course they would defend that snake.

37456b  No.12515174

File: 6af4feb6ea3b08a⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 700x286, 350:143, 6d2664e0327fba56.jpg)


There were sources outside the Lügenpresse. So I would not be so quick to discard it.


Like what, faggot. The webms posted hear have reached almost every corner of the internet. Only the most retarded of boomers still believe the telly and even the faggots in media have realized that their time is up.

41241f  No.12515183

File: 864a6aba47cda6e⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 600x706, 300:353, 1426467217270.jpg)


The fact that no American leaders are exploiting the reality that Frenchman are now more rebellious against tyranny than Americans screams volumes

97ab91  No.12515184

Are those (((active denial))) microvave weapons on those trucks?

8ffc37  No.12515187


Leclerc 30 millions of tank

397024  No.12515188


France is an artificial construct anyways, theres like 10 different countries that all merged together.

4b2260  No.12515194


You can say that about most of Europe

f948b2  No.12515195


You realize jews control all search engines and social media, right? And that they censor literally all speech that goes against their narrative, even today? And that the last time there was ANY government overthrow anywhere in the world, local internet communications were shut off entirely? Pay attention. People DO NOT FUCKING CARE and will not revolt, no matter how much proof is provided.


Not by any metric being seen.

0f62dc  No.12515197


>the x country is a construct nigger.

Filter and report the faggot.

52ddc5  No.12515199


God speed and God bless every brave French Man Woman and Child in a yellow reflective vest.

cea7e5  No.12515200

File: 3980922b447479c⋯.png (120.25 KB, 620x655, 124:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a58e9f3ed7afc4⋯.png (51.25 KB, 614x338, 307:169, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3a129403fb33701⋯.png (278.04 KB, 620x652, 155:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b824e313dd89a0⋯.png (485.79 KB, 791x611, 791:611, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 67d31108e0eb2a4⋯.png (82.08 KB, 621x432, 23:16, ClipboardImage.png)











505ccf  No.12515209

Once the people rise the severed head of every traitor politician and journalist should be chucked into a pit somewhere with a camera live streaming the pit 24/7 all year

cdb536  No.12515213

Would be so amazing for democracy to be nullified in France.

1e003c  No.12515214


>I hope the zogbots join the protest


830671  No.12515215

File: 2baf1cf58addf48⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 800x422, 400:211, killdozer-og.jpg)


Channel its spirit Frogs.

397024  No.12515219

File: b7aba5b7b60a2b3⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 654x539, 654:539, consider-the-following.jpg)


Yes and no. If I wanted to argue your side Id say muh Austria, but Belgium for example is 2 different ethnicities, Wallonians and Flemish. Im pretty sure from my understanding they actually want mutual sovereignty. China is a bunch of people all mixed together under communism. Its okay if its all Germanics, but are all Franco people actually relatively the same? Is someone from Brittany not different from Marseilles? What about Genoa from Nice. I say sovereignty for Genoa, and Sicily, and Naples. For Scotland and England and Wales. For Île-de-France and for Normandy, if they so desire. Are Normans really the same as Parisians?

3dd3c4  No.12515221

File: 9582e39528894e4⋯.jpg (138.22 KB, 1011x790, 1011:790, 1544051662439.jpg)




397024  No.12515225



And for that matter, what of Spain and Catalonia, or Aragon and Basque country?

505ccf  No.12515241

The most disgusting part is - imagine just how many "antifascists" are cheering this on.

37456b  No.12515242

File: d828aa6f7558591⋯.jpg (246.94 KB, 1052x1052, 1:1, 6163f59f434c43bf.jpg)

File: 4674dea2cfff705⋯.png (601.13 KB, 720x959, 720:959, ClipboardImage (4).png)


So you nothing but a blackpilling little kike. How boring.


They are coming out of the woodwork. I think they are really getting scared. Not even /pol/ predicting this rather major happening which means the didn't even have a clue.

The day of the rope has turned into the weekend of the guillotine.

f948b2  No.12515249






Thanks for admitting you were wrong. Jews control all search engines and social media. They censor literally all speech that goes against their narrative, even today. The last time there was ANY government overthrow anywhere in the world, local internet communications were shut off entirely.

Pay attention. People DO NOT FUCKING CARE and will not revolt, no matter how much proof is provided.

397024  No.12515251


You have me mistaken for someone else but if you think nations are supposed to be built on anything except blood, you should go read Those Damned Nazis by Goebbels.

eb9573  No.12515253

Is that the same "Thanks for admitting" autist?

cea7e5  No.12515254

File: 155201625c5a670⋯.png (165.78 KB, 701x593, 701:593, ClipboardImage.png)




>"The demands made by the Yellow Vests movement related to all of us. The time to organize legally and express solidarity with them for the benefit of all has come", Vigi's post reads.

>"We are being perceived as mercenaries, given bonuses for overtime work, but they cannot compensate for the decisions made by the government", Vigi's statement reads.

397024  No.12515261


Reminder left and right work together for a common anti-status quo goal in revolutionary politics, despite being enemies. Thats a union, its almost certainly communists doing.

4e32bf  No.12515262

>pics related

Those are army vehicles?

Those are small town local police vehicles in the US. How is Macaroni expecting shit to get done?

Oh right, Frogs don't have funs.

Have fun with your fast boil frogs. I wish you well.

cdb536  No.12515263


It would probably only require 60-100 million dead whites. Where is your sense of team spirit? I would volunteer if I though becoming a body donor would work against their weaponry.

1c96d6  No.12515269


eb9573  No.12515270


That's a bit surprising. Usually the police will do anything to keep their salary or to get a bonus.

a6cd29  No.12515271


100 suicide bomber whites driving vans full of TNT is a better option

f948b2  No.12515273


It's said that the government hasn't paid them overtime for this entire riot.

4e32bf  No.12515275


>People standing up against zog totalitarian control



sage for irrelevant post

37456b  No.12515276

File: b4b6c1b5d679678⋯.png (421.38 KB, 640x640, 1:1, huh.png)

File: 2a8aea446d1a4c1⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 375x500, 3:4, di59wwkwwaa4-zq_0.jpg)


I think more and more people are beginning to realise that.


We left "usual" behind us several weeks ago.

e49929  No.12515278


>people do not care and will not revolt

You are right, people who are brainwashed get woken when their belly is empty. That's when they revolt.

eb9573  No.12515280


So they were doing it for free?

cea7e5  No.12515281



They mean that the government paying them bonuses isn't going to compensate for being guillotined if they continue to resist.

0f62dc  No.12515286

File: 8d4267bf8438589⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 960x540, 16:9, commieflag.jpg)


Don't nationalist are aware of them and fight them when they can here have a spoil of war.

f948b2  No.12515288


No, just standard rates, but they were working more. Commie fags hate "extra" work.


So our job should be to create conditions such that people don't have food in the West.

4e32bf  No.12515294



505ccf  No.12515298



That's why there are 200 thousand glow in the dark frogs causing a fuss.

4b2260  No.12515299


Loi Schiappa for the Pedophile Demoncracy

4efa3d  No.12515300


>French 'academic' suggests rolling over before the foreign invaders to avoid having to fight them

>French academic

>Professor Christian de Moliner

I suspect the followers of Moses are behind this.

f948b2  No.12515301


Pay attention to the context, anon. They don't care about niggers. They don't care about white genocide. They want MORE communism, MORE entitlements, MORE integration.


4efa3d  No.12515302



This board was never good, but it used to be better.

6b1d09  No.12515303

File: eaa3a3cfcffd6e2⋯.jpg (30.06 KB, 858x536, 429:268, laughinghitler.jpg)


tfw les gilets jaunes protest in other cities leaving the government resources alone in Paris

4e32bf  No.12515305


>And that they censor literally all speech that goes against their narrative, even today?

The problem with that is multipart;

- AI doesn't exist - we aren't even remotely close to it

- Any algorithm meant to filter such content is 100% of the time ALWAYS garbage, never effective and flags false positives and misses more than it flags posts it was designed to catch

- the pajeets and soycucks they hire in place of their algorithms are just as shit

While there is no doubt that shit is silenced and removed; it isn't done effectively, is easy to get around, is often easy to abuse for the opposite goals and there is far too many alternative lines of communication which while there may or may not be backdoors in the "encryption": that's irrelevant.

0357bb  No.12515312

File: 5bce893acbba0b4⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smug bunny.jpg)


If they controlled everyone so well, then this yellow vest movement wouldn't have become so big. The fact is, nothing is perfect, and we are now going to exploit all the cracks in their system.

4e32bf  No.12515318



A semi-decent tractor, while not armored and thus incredibly vulnerable - is significantly stronger than the strongest armor known to any military on the planet. A fucking small two person jaws of life machine can open the most advanced tanks on the planet like shit tuna cans.

6b1d09  No.12515320

File: ad8909fb88ff62a⋯.gif (23.29 KB, 310x760, 31:76, happeningcon4youdidntliste….gif)




f948b2  No.12515321


Call me when something actually happens, then.

cea7e5  No.12515323

File: 8a9a246ffb2d31a⋯.png (153.73 KB, 602x421, 602:421, ClipboardImage.png)


taking Paris will bring the government down though

41241f  No.12515325

File: 829d4f729890ce0⋯.jpg (588.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, zogbotrebel.jpg)


Exactly. If ZOGbots are joining the rebellion, it means ZOG hasn't hasn't been greasing their cogs.

6b1d09  No.12515328


Doesn't matter, it's already a Vichy government

f1e53f  No.12515332

File: 0cf70c3ccb9a3cb⋯.png (312.09 KB, 522x497, 522:497, hebraicratio.png)


This is just another variation of

>oy vey it's nothing goyim

>Nothing is happening goyim now go back to sleep

Except something is happening. I've seen this script you're using too many times. The WAAAA WAAAAA shit especially. Not interested in your blackpills, Shlomo. The Fifth Republic will fall. Reported and filtered.

a56a84  No.12515335


However, the fact a globalist shill country cannot keep control would show weakness to nationalists worldwide and result in a domino affect of the stability of kikeocracies

82e1b6  No.12515338

File: d034d4c5af20617⋯.png (196.92 KB, 1238x1312, 619:656, 1544071571525-1.png)


Its great because its basically a popular movement in its purist form, with no actual leadership. Its why you can see both Che Guevera banners and Celtic crosses. Fights break out between protesters sometimes too apparently

I've got giddy feels man. Good luck and safety to any French Anons

4e32bf  No.12515339

File: 3ce6b4ddb682bee⋯.png (132.1 KB, 283x373, 283:373, see it.PNG)

cea7e5  No.12515340

File: 57f15cb132f455e⋯.png (626.79 KB, 784x711, 784:711, ClipboardImage.png)


#Update: Video of French students in #France being forced by police to go on the ground with their knees, and place their hands over their heads! This seems like a military hostage situation in france. But for students… #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests



3659f7  No.12515343


>so-called Yellow Vests


Let them eat cake.

002e87  No.12515346


There gonna be some CIAnigger that comes out and self-proclaims himself the leader of the yellow vests.

f948b2  No.12515348


>no argument at all

>strawman because he can't reply

>no evidence for any of his claims


>Except something is happening.

Call me when it happens, then. Nothing has happened thus far. No one is deposed. No jews have lost any amount of control, anywhere.


Paid shill confirmed. Blackpills don't exist.

>The Fifth Republic will fall.

Citation needed.

>Reported and filtered.


Jew confirmed, yeah.


>domino affect

That still remains to be seen.

e026df  No.12515354


You would think the way their forces were ground to dust in Afghanistan and Iraq would have already given that message. The problem is far too many nationalists have lingering sympathies to both the military/police and finance capitalism.

0835b2  No.12515355


Every country is a construct you low IQ retard

6b1d09  No.12515360

File: 90954098956b09f⋯.mp4 (3.37 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Sotiri Dimpinoudis - #Upda….mp4)



cea7e5  No.12515363

File: 0f6516761ea11d5⋯.mp4 (3.25 MB, 640x640, 1:1, PrBqwrW-LBlGp75F.mp4)

d61a8e  No.12515364


>when your definitions are so wrong that it makes your sentence totally irrelevent

Globalists want to defrag nations into powerless entities, simple.

d39e68  No.12515366



Nothing worse than a "Greek" jew. Take it from a Greek.

4b2260  No.12515367


The domino effect will be Germany not being able to support the entire union by itself and falling into chaos.

397024  No.12515368

File: edf1481ee2e53f3⋯.jpg (137.61 KB, 1578x838, 789:419, MFW-teepeenigger-antifa.JPG)



KYS kike.

>The nation is the organic union of a people to protect its life. To be national is to affirm this union in word and deed. To be national has nothing to do with a form of government or a symbol. It is an affirmation of things, not forms. Forms can change, their content remains. If form and content agree, then the nationalist affirms both. If they conflict, the nationalist fights for the content and against the form. One may not put the symbol above the content. If that happens, the battle is on the wrong field and one’s strength is lost in formalism. The real aim of nationalism, the nation, is lost.


3dd3c4  No.12515369

File: efc3d27a92d05c9⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 3200x2473, 3200:2473, 3 - U3iMqO1.jpg)




d61a8e  No.12515373


>no yellow jackets



0835b2  No.12515377


A country =/ a nation

397024  No.12515379

File: 57fd8c685c1e5d9⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 619x409, 619:409, alex-jewns-nazi.jpg)


>globalists want individual sovereign nations with borders defined by ethnicity

cdb536  No.12515382



>not we

>not face TO bloodshed


3659f7  No.12515383

Shills derailing. Support your brothers.

d61a8e  No.12515385


>look at me reshape the world

>i swear im not a post modernist

You go first.

397024  No.12515386

File: b1c56afdfab72e4⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 911x647, 911:647, nation-country.JPG)

a9ef7a  No.12515389


France is a nation. Individual regions with subtle regional differences are still part of the French nation; the only exception to this might be Britanny.

Kikes like you try to divide up each nation into a bunch of component parts based on insignificant regional differences in order to divide and conquer.

Kikes like you do the same thing everywhere; in Germany you push for Bavarian separatism, in Britain for Cornish/Welsh/Scottish separatism, etc.

397024  No.12515392


Scotland deserves to be sovereign and was kept in by shitskins who wanted their safe gibs, fite me cunt.

10425e  No.12515393

File: 19e35ac9ef6e3ea⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 90d10dcee80a53a41712f3904f….jpg)




Thats because French High School students began protesting against school reform. Torched a few cars and shit.


0835b2  No.12515398


White colonial Americans are a nation, the USA is a country. The Kurds are a nation, they don’t have a country. Your nitpicking of liquid definitions fails.

a56a84  No.12515400


>something about a hypothetical, conditional, situation remains to be seen

>only being here to state the obvious in a manner that re-contextualizes expectations into atomized considerations

And you're here to educate everyone to go innawoods? To stop acting racially? Or some special secret program?

397024  No.12515404

File: 62e0dfe6ed7d48d⋯.jpg (45.2 KB, 449x456, 449:456, communism-vs-postmodernism.JPG)

File: 61e13d43cbf4f94⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 599x471, 599:471, Alex-Jewns-Nazi-Multicultu….jpg)


>National borders that replicate historical ones from hundreds of years ago is part of post-modernism

4b2260  No.12515405


>The only exception might be brittany

There are more

397024  No.12515412

File: ea367befae3ba87⋯.jpeg (166.29 KB, 816x612, 4:3, Southern-Ethnostate.jpeg)


>White colonial Americans are a nation, the USA is a country.

>the USA is a country.

Not for much longer.

d533f1  No.12515414

File: 95e48cb900f14c2⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 500x385, 100:77, crashing this plan.jpg)


What do they hope to achieve with this? This is surely going to just rile up the protesters more. Were the children taking part in the protests or are the police holding them hostage hoping the protesters cave in?

6b1d09  No.12515417


nation = people of a land

country = land of people


>gangs being gangs

I don't doubt it, but it is bad optics for the government & media.

Both have pumped out 24/7 propaganda about "think of the children" so if NPCs see this they will have a very hostile reaction against the government.

In short, the government is about to hang itself by it's own rope.

000000  No.12515418



b8aef3  No.12515420

File: 34960a25ee7a9fd⋯.gif (3.08 MB, 409x251, 409:251, LargeTidyDiplodocus-size_r….gif)

File: 15a43c7984ae421⋯.jpg (298.96 KB, 900x1243, 900:1243, 15a43c7984ae4212e2a858ca54….jpg)


French police are doing mock executions of school kids

lol because that's just how much of fucking pitiful cowards they are.

What the fuck is this country??? They even tied them up with zip ties. What the fuck is this? Mock execution style revenge against the school kids for protests?

Is this Saudi arabia? Iran? Turkey? No it's ZOG France ruled by evil jews.

10425e  No.12515431


Keep dreaming nazbol trash.

397024  No.12515437

File: 83e0223e5104fac⋯.png (505.22 KB, 865x707, 865:707, Eurasia-Flag.PNG)


Thats the opposite of nazbol you absolute political invalid.

0835b2  No.12515440


Well you’ve at least acquiesced to reality now. You’re attempts to divide and conquer are utterly pointless though. The native French have more in common with one another than anyone else outside of their country so their personal goals naturally align into common ones.

4b2260  No.12515445



>North of africa

Moors fuck off

10425e  No.12515448


You're trash, your opinions are trash and your desired to break up state hoods for more infighting is trash. It's going in the filter.

b4408a  No.12515454


397024  No.12515460


Why not just unite with Quebec then. Why not have Australia unite with Britain, they both speak English. When does that become too far apart, an artificial land distance apart means you shouldnt be together but actual cultural and ethnic differences mean nothing. Funny about that.


You have no argument, I dont even zealously believe this stuff Im just having fun with some fresh ideas and seeing how people react.

63f571  No.12515462


This Macron is fucking insane person. Why don't he just resign? He's an asshole and nobody likes him.

Why can't he be a man and resign ASAP?

f948b2  No.12515465




>oy vey goyim ignore my D&C tactics they don’t exist

5ca6f5  No.12515468

File: 655c4047f07b2f8⋯.webm (9.61 MB, 656x361, 656:361, racewarnow.webm)

File: 6ee252b6eda9d22⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 1080x724, 270:181, racewar.jpg)



make it happen

b4408a  No.12515470


Hmm, interesting dubs, 5454, does anyone here have an answer for this?

cea7e5  No.12515471

File: fd4d19a0ee4a184⋯.png (864.06 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abaa9a0778c1e19⋯.png (423.42 KB, 680x383, 680:383, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8506ac8c4ecfd53⋯.png (950.03 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


they were throwing molotovs and torching cars


c1a4d8  No.12515472


>People DO NOT FUCKING CARE and will not revolt, no matter how much proof is provided.

I seen that last weekend. Just calm little protest.

>People will just work to death to pay for all these "refuges".

>Nothing can ever hapen to jews becaue they have holohoax.

f948b2  No.12515473


But that only happens if anyone actually leaves the EU, which we know isn’t possible.


Can you reply on topic? If not, don’t reply at all.

3659f7  No.12515476


>An interior ministry official told AFP earlier that authorities were bracing for "significant violence" on Saturday, based on indications that protesters on both the far right and far left are planning to converge on the capital.

>far right and far left

Both sides are white.

397024  No.12515478


This guys the nazbol. Apparently having individual white nations is D&C now. Listen to these terrible confused and threatened lemming tier rebuttals. Theres a fresh idea and you dont like it but you dont have any programmed arguments so its just oh my god its D&C!

Were National Socialists, not pan-european bolsheviks.

f948b2  No.12515480


>jews are white

d61a8e  No.12515483


>reviving old dead nations

>the palatinate

>normand sicily

>franks on horseback in the Ourals or some lost place

Where does your shit starts, whites were literaly pushed from the north-orient by some catastrophic shit that affected everyone, you have to be realist you are awaking a lot of new-age bullshit at the same time you try to ''save" the whites.

4e32bf  No.12515484


>French Anons

They identify as frogs. Don't shame them anon.

cea7e5  No.12515486

File: dc66e38c2e3f322⋯.png (1.52 MB, 679x1412, 679:1412, ClipboardImage.png)




He thinks he's a Roman god.

a9ef7a  No.12515487


You're a kike who thinks that France should split up into a bunch of small nations which are easily conquered. You're the only D&C here, shill.

f948b2  No.12515488


>i have no argument

>oh shit my jewish D&C was exposed


Hi, paid shill.

f1e53f  No.12515489


He compared himself to the Roman god Jupiter. His ego is almost as big as the planet. He also has (((bosses))) who decide what he's going to implement.

3659f7  No.12515491


Fuck off you robotic faggot. Filtered.

56e83c  No.12515493


>Apparently having individual white nations is D&C now

Probably an Ami who is incapable of thinking in anything but skin colors, regardless of different ethnicity, cultures, languages and histories.

0835b2  No.12515496


Your statement is as ignorant and idiotic as asking the US to unite with the British, or the British to unite with Germany under one banner. You have a fundamentally incorrect notion of how nations are born or their underlying history that separated them in the first place.

>land distance apart means you shouldnt be together but actual cultural and ethnic differences

All the aforementioned are important.

3659f7  No.12515503


All nations must unite against globalism.

397024  No.12515505


>reviving old dead nations

Yea, who would want a 4th Reich. They should have stopped at 1.

>the palatinate

Not really a nation, Im not saying Luxembourg or Liechtenstein should exist.

>normand sicily

>franks on horseback in the Ourals or some lost place

Funny but youre grasping at straws, thats not even close to an argument. Yes, Normandy and Sicily.

>whites were literaly pushed from the north-orient by some catastrophic shit that affected everyone, you have to be realist you are awaking a lot of new-age bullshit at the same time you try to ''save" the whites.

You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded. Yes, white genocide affects us all but were not bolsheviks, so where does the nations borders start and end? Thats up for debate, thats not anti-fascist, thats not anti-nationalist, thats not globalist, or post-modernist. If anything its reactionary.

1c96d6  No.12515506

Can someone give me a rundown on the Morocco thing? I've seen it mentioned in all the yellow vest threads but never saw any news or threads on the topic.

761112  No.12515508


51b9f6  No.12515509


but pol told me snake shirt = libertarian = lolberg = kikes?

0835b2  No.12515510


I agree, that doesn’t mean uniting them all into a single nation.

cea7e5  No.12515514



>/pol/ is one person

f1e53f  No.12515515


Kikes want to make immigration a human right so that shitskins can come to Europe without even pretending to be refugees. They also want to make it illegal to so much as criticize immigration or migrants in any way.

3659f7  No.12515516



fb0c6c  No.12515518

File: 2a49a9662f4cd92⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 2a49a9662f4cd92c4f241e1dd3….jpg)



He's back!


f948b2  No.12515520




Jews are not white.


Global report for paid shilling.

397024  No.12515521

File: 8c59dc64e4014be⋯.jpeg (335.27 KB, 944x1403, 944:1403, rockwell26.jpeg)


>Your statement is as ignorant and idiotic as asking the US to unite with the British

That was the point I was making, when does it become okay or not okay for two obviously different peoples to unite. Its pretty ambiguous here.



>In March 1959, Rockwell founded the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS)

56e83c  No.12515524



Literally only a sovereign nation and not part of Germany because Bismark fucked over Napoleon III.

d61a8e  No.12515527


You are the spearhead of modernity.

Jewish blood runs through your veins, you want to be like them but (((insert nations here))) instead.

I see you coming from miles ahead with your childish modern taking from a movie or two and youtube videos.

397024  No.12515529


Okay, so now give your opinion on Corsica. Whats that?

d61a8e  No.12515530


*modern crap taken

heading to work, le travail rend libre.

56e83c  No.12515531


Don't know enough about it to form an opinion

397024  No.12515532

File: 8e2bdf99a06692c⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 852x848, 213:212, Laughing-Aryan-Man-On-Picn….JPG)


Youre threatened by a pro-white nationalist concept youve never had to contemplate and so youre lashing at out me, hilariously.

aa6c31  No.12515533


>tfw Brits can't leave the EU next March because the EU ceased to exist by Christmas.

Is there a Federal debt if the Federal Reserve ceases to exist?

244177  No.12515538

File: 2211bd5e41ee769⋯.png (52.28 KB, 581x434, 83:62, 2211bd5e41ee769cc5fac87f36….png)


>Oy vey the people exist for the government, not the other way around

d61a8e  No.12515539


>im a threat


397024  No.12515542


Its an interesting question given it was once part of Italy, but is now part of France entirely because of a deal where it was leased by Italy to France or something. Im not even an expert myself, but its ambiguous, its both. If anything it should be sovereign, but its not really that big. Its just an Island in the Med.

4e32bf  No.12515545

397024  No.12515546

Also fun fact, Napoleon was born on Corsica and that arguably makes him Italian if you wanted to have a pointless argument that makes French people mad.

6b1d09  No.12515547

File: b4942e2d83dd14b⋯.mp4 (12.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, IT'S HAPPENING-TkBMAHUkibY.mp4)


>Is there a Federal debt if the Federal Reserve ceases to exist?

No, so prepare your butt you're in for the ride of your life

aa6c31  No.12515548

File: 2968130e71e5e7c⋯.png (542.63 KB, 700x499, 700:499, juncker.png)


>Nice trips. I think who needs a guillotine appointment maybe even more than Macron is Jean-Claude Juncker.

Better hurry up on that execution before Juncker goes full out senile.

I think his daily regimen of getting shit faced drunk has rotted his brains beyond repair.

e9ec45  No.12515551

Yellow jackets are just the European equivalent to the Occupy Wall Street protests. Nothing will be gained unless a unifying theme is agreed to by the protesters.

cea7e5  No.12515554


kill Macron seems like a pretty good theme.

aa6c31  No.12515556


Occupy was George Soros funded camp out by snowflakes. Gilets Jaunes are mature adult hicks from the sticks out for blood. Plus, they're French, not Amerimutts.

d61a8e  No.12515559


Dunno, maybe the deep and irreversible hate of Macron?

f948b2  No.12515561


There’s no evidence of an EU collapse or even economic crisis within the next five years.

000000  No.12515562


No. Kek must reign.

585736  No.12515563

File: dc42fbe567abd9e⋯.jpg (87.71 KB, 846x960, 141:160, 1543613168259.jpg)


>right on top of the Walmart HQ

Good fucking luck.

0835b2  No.12515565


Because the various French ethnicities have common ground for forming a French country.. As long as their cultural traditions aren’t impeded upon there’s no inherent conflict by uniting for common group goals. Returning to medieval Balkanization simple makes European land an even easier target against external Empires. Until irreconcilable differences are encountered, there’s is no logical reason to break apart. See Andorra, France and Spain as an example where that threshold was met and was never subsumed into Spain or France yet is characteristic of both.

e9ec45  No.12515566


That will not be enough to actually form actionable governance. It is enough for violent destructive outburst but not controlled productive building.

397024  No.12515571


Im not a threat but people feel threatened by higher intellects and get angry at them, its only natural to hate your intellectual superiors and people discussing concepts you cant even understand or begin to form your own opinions on. Maybe youre one of those NPCs with no internal dialogue. Sucks if thats the case.

aa6c31  No.12515573


First things first.

3659f7  No.12515575


4a0c63  No.12515576

What was it that I did again?

0835b2  No.12515581


Building always comes later, first grievances are addressed. Like Macron and his ilk living.

aa6c31  No.12515582


haha…Macron and the euro jews…"higher intellects". No, fucking children isn't the sign of an elite class of thinkers.

397024  No.12515584


So what about Tyrol and Austria. Thats part of Italy, its a bunch of blonde haired people. What of them? And as I asked someone else, what of Corsica? What is Corsica, French to you? Italian?

397024  No.12515586


Macron has nothing to do with what I was talking about.

000000  No.12515587


82e1b6  No.12515588


If they pick a 'unifying theme', then government can lock down any leadership heads with negotiation and concessions to kill the momentum

d61a8e  No.12515589


>grabs a bunch of words that sounds good

>lines them akwardly

Keep bumping the thread thats your only use.

0835b2  No.12515596


Again, this nitpicking is going nowhere. If you want people in Europe to Balkanize and divide then you’ll have to go directly to the regions in question and explain why it’s a good thing.

a56a84  No.12515597


>state the obvious, adding nothing of value

>get called out for basically using context as a topic

>then accuse those addressing the context of 'not being on topic'


397024  No.12515598


I get the feeling Im arguing with French alphabets who are paid to maintain their national integrity in the face of potential breakways who dont like the current state of Paris and dont think they should be in the same country anymore.

397024  No.12515602


I didnt say force it on them, I merely proposed a concept and apparently its highly inflammatory to a select few people who have no connection to National Socialism. One guy was on the right track in that Hitler opposed breaking Germany up and argued passionately against it.

3659f7  No.12515603

>anons arguing over who is white

There is plenty of time for this when the dust settles.

aa6c31  No.12515604


Examine the logistics that make your life possible.

YOU are an artificial construct.

Now go off with your little intellectual toys to the nursery and play like a good boy and leave the adults to talk.

cea7e5  No.12515607

File: 31af6f6750400a1⋯.png (552.62 KB, 804x911, 804:911, ClipboardImage.png)

"Yellow Vests" in Paris: Macron and his ministers "fear for their lives"

>Since Saturday, December 1, panic has reached the top of the state. Anguish gradually turning into tetany. Proof if needed of shock, resulting in the government's incapacity, since Wednesday, December 5, ministers multiply the calls on radio and television to ask the "yellow vests" not to come to protest in Paris, this Saturday, December 8th.

>Many ministers have even canceled their displacements to avoid mobilizing, for their security, units of mobile forces, already exhausted. Every trip of the President of the Republic is particularly demanding: boos, whistles, requests for resignation, threats of violence against him. The situation is serious.

>Between the lines, everyone understood: the state is no longer able to cope with all the predictions of mobs, insurrectional regroupings and assaults of the most violent "yellow vests", broken with the methods of the ultra left, having decided to converge in numbers in Paris next weekend "to break everything".

>With the exception of those who hold essential positions, ministers' aides have been instructed not to come to work this weekend. "Everyone is scared. Fear for the stability of the institutions, for the continuity of the State, for the French, for our lives, for France, " says a source close to the presidency of the Republic.



244177  No.12515614


Some of you are alright, don't go to work tomorrow morning.

3d424c  No.12515616

exactly 1 month from now macron's head will be on a pike. screencap this post

397024  No.12515618

File: 6c3f47bd73ee6a1⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, nsdap-race.jpg)

File: d9ae7c9fd699c9d⋯.jpg (124.33 KB, 674x600, 337:300, nsdap-race2.jpg)

File: 866e51a5d8bca8b⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 1074x1148, 537:574, our-race-is-our-nation.jpg)


No ones arguing over who is white unless Im missing that discussion going on, all Europeans are white and Aryan according to the NSDAP. My points are carefully chosen to align with the concept of Ein Volk, Ein Reich. Where does the volk stop, where does it begin. Not every country is Germany and Germanic people. Ive brought up more examples than you can count on a hand.


>race is a construct

KYS kike.

a56a84  No.12515619


>actionable governance

when the government collapses, the previously allied disparates turn on each other for control.

3659f7  No.12515623

File: e68900bdf9d0533⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

dd8fcf  No.12515629


why don't "kids" just attack the police? there are more of them, and none of the pigs have enough balls to use live ammo on them, and even jail is better than the shithole Macron would drive the (already shitty) country into if left as president

>if dubs Macron will be thrown off the top of the eifel tower, and not just for being a faggot

b9fd1b  No.12515630

File: 78fe7009a9c30a6⋯.png (2.89 MB, 2212x1048, 553:262, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: 57d55d7b0e5d8ce⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1296x626, 648:313, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at ….png)



checked. trips of beginnings


This was predicted on the cover of the economist. I think that the god of chaos used their intent (for it to happen in the US) and twisted to our advantage. Praise kek


Checked. Memetic Wizards have been working full time on an ice age


That nose. At the G20, standing next to the arab… threatening him. I wonder is Saudi is bankrolling the revolts now.





tfw we memed this

d12a7f  No.12515631


Tractors, riots, wonder what the nogs and shitskins are going to do in Paris. If they hit the streets Saturday could be a full out race war or lead to a civil war.



Even Bovaria in Germany has long had semi-autonomy and wanted to be fully their own nation.

Of course the jews crush any attempt at national sovereignty and identity because if Bavaria watches out for Bavarians they won't be German and can't be cucked as easily with the holohoax lie. The same holds true for the Welsh and the guilt from the Colonial British Empire



Not really all that surprising. The French police are working class people as well and are also being screwed by the barbarian hordes being let in. Ever dollar spent on a nigger is a dollar not in the French police's pension or not added to their salary.

f948b2  No.12515639


>still no argument

>no evidence for his claims

>acts indignant when called out

Okay, nothing is happening.

baa32b  No.12515640

Research the prophecies of Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959)

He predicted things like smartphones, refugees, euro-crash, ww3, as well as:

>In an interview given in the 1950s Alois Irlmaier related the following:

>"The city with the iron tower (Paris?) becomes the victim of its own people.

>They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly.

>The large city with the iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by its own people,

>not by those who came from the east."

3659f7  No.12515641

File: 33b9161d83941f0⋯.png (983.95 KB, 630x961, 630:961, ClipboardImage.png)


The time for words has passed.

22ec25  No.12515644

File: c1fab4215590871⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 253x300, 253:300, smug anime guy.jpg)


>broken with the methods of the ultra left, having decided to converge in numbers in Paris next weekend "to break everything".

>When your pet golem betrays you

b92279  No.12515647


Hopefully some soldiers with access to armories are in contact with somebody who knows people that want to be armed. You need firearms and shooters to escalate to euromaidan tier.

>t. Cianigger

Whatever faggot if they wanted it to happen they'd do it and none of your reeeee'ing at me can change that.

e345a0  No.12515649


2nd pic not a real head chopper like what was posted in the other thread.


10/10 for symbolism/stage prop tier construction using big box store wood and a modified shipping pallet held together with shitty ass chinese drywall screws

I believe the translation on the cardboard blade is "macron is gone".

Kek for writing it on a blood stained blade edge


a56a84  No.12515650


>acts like a nigger to try and spite the person calling him a nigger


aa6c31  No.12515652


NATO should have been dissolved in the 1980's when the USSR fell. There's no need for it. It's just a bureaucratic system begging for a war that has no cause save to justify that bureaucracy.

397024  No.12515656


The real funny part is the road sign that says watch out for splatter.

abd109  No.12515657


a9ef7a  No.12515661


>thinking Bavaria should separate from the rest of Germany

>if the nation is smaller and weaker, it'll be harder to control, trust me goy!

Found the kike. Same strategy all over, you just try to get nations to split up into smaller parts to be more easily controlled.

505ccf  No.12515663


>Fear for their lives

They sound pretty (((innocent))) to me.

397024  No.12515667


Yea I dont argue for Bavarian sovereignty, or Saxony, or any of that shit. Thats some other guy.

b2eb7c  No.12515678


>Hopefully some soldiers with access to armories are in contact with somebody who knows people that want to be armed. You need firearms and shooters to escalate to euromaidan tier.

there's something like 22 million gunowners in france, i think they will do ok if civilwar breaks out

d12a7f  No.12515679


true if trips

a56a84  No.12515683

the rich 'french' classes have destroyed what it means to be French.

The French people have protected national heroes, their monuments, and destroyed the institutions / symbols of post-modern cultural destruction

it is time for the French to control their destiny, not nihilistic plutocrats

82e1b6  No.12515706

File: 598fd6de754f90a⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1557x2048, 1557:2048, TW2017_Cover_UK_REV_NO-BC_….jpg)


Fyi for anyone wondering, that Hermit card is from the cover of The Economist's "The World in 2017"

Not anything mystical

9078fe  No.12515715


Frenchfag reporting in !

For the first time since 1789, we're united without leaders. No pseudo-leftist corrupted politicians, fucking reporters gets rocks in faces after 3 weeks of propaganda… Even if we're going to ruin everything, peoples speacks from themselves. So yeah, revendications are vagues, maybe stupid. Maybe were gonna loose a lot. But know what ? No one fucking care. 85% supports for the gilets jaunes.

Lets break everything

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

82a51c  No.12515722


Good luck frog

e345a0  No.12515726


>2nd picture

Authentic real made in France head chopper.

warms my heart to see it out on prominent display

I did not read down far enough in the thread to see the picture.

25ba88  No.12515729

File: 6fe1e0a942e9942⋯.png (586.67 KB, 640x415, 128:83, travail.png)


<Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

for you

f948b2  No.12515734


>Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

Yeah, keep posting jewish globalist slogans.

8c1f3e  No.12515736


Trips make it so! Hang 'em high, Frenchbros!

22ec25  No.12515747

File: bdda8997e865620⋯.gif (5.9 MB, 284x214, 142:107, bdda8997e865620d701d428844….gif)


You baguettes' love of protest and riot really fucking struck gold on this occasion! Frogs eternally redeemed



aa6c31  No.12515749


The Twitter post says 134 students were arrested after "incidents" at that high school. What incidents? LOts of niggers there.

b3e572  No.12515760


>a landlocked ethnostate

Because that worked out so well for the Rhodesians now didn't it?

505ccf  No.12515762


Bonne chance Frog anon

cea7e5  No.12515764

a56a84  No.12515774


>literal far leftist complaining about macron

Ok, don't care. If the 'true leftists' win against the capitalists, they'll be dealing with being a total fucking shitshow of anarchy and communism - or else face nationalist parties.

become a communist shithole that has to end up becoming another macron making concessions for globohomo. eternal revolution, never ending, until nothing of france remains.

eventually, you'll become like baltics & poland, post-communist and nationalistic; even if you hold onto judeo-catholicism or whatever

if not, you'll become islamic

25ba88  No.12515775

File: 97e81608d871ea1⋯.png (20.31 KB, 200x242, 100:121, 200px-Informal_emblem_of_t….png)


Travail, famille, patrie

Only rational motto.

b97918  No.12515776



*Travail, famille, patrie*, much better.

b97918  No.12515778


ayy you beat me to it

9078fe  No.12515782


Propaganda from "petin" / "vichy"

Notorious collabs traitors…

You maybe like a far right government, but here, no one like a government rising on their own betrayal.

e026df  No.12515789


The entire government you're frustrated with and want to "break" are the eternal opponents of your "notorious collabs traitors". You're an incoherent dipshit.

b97918  No.12515790


Considering he and his like minded compatriots saw how weak and pitiful the French people had become, I'd say his "betrayal" was more like tough love.

cea7e5  No.12515792

File: cb40ffdfd3a28c9⋯.png (153.86 KB, 629x315, 629:315, ClipboardImage.png)




25ba88  No.12515798


>their own betrayal.

Propaganda Vichy was autonomous to the point where the US tried to make deals with Vichy. The betrayal was from the British and de gaulle who assassinated the Vichy leadership.

a9ef7a  No.12515800


>all of the Vichy were just puppets

>they had no ideological backing and were just opportunists

>they weren't in any way French Nationalists who cared about France

>Action Francaise never existed

aa6c31  No.12515801


>>>12515604 (You)

>>race is a construct

>KYS kike.

I was mocking the idiot that said France is a social construct you pitiful mong.

4222ca  No.12515803


In begore the military defect en masse to the Protesters. If the police response was favorable for the protesters, the military response can only be stronger.

6436a3  No.12515808


>Jonathan (((Cohen)))

The jew can't help but expose his true nature.

8c1f3e  No.12515809


Petain saved the French nation, frogbro.


This. Remember the LVF, Marcel Deat, Jacques Doriot, and others, who were all Fascists fighting for France against the Bolsheviks in Russia.

4222ca  No.12515819


You don't make any sense.

A far right government is better than what the French have now.

The only traitors here are Macron and co.

Also, what does Putin or some long dead regime have to do with this?

Nothing. Which is exactly the same as the value of your opinions.


397c90  No.12515820


Don't yield, no matter what. And for gods sake do everything you can to bring jewish usury into the focus of your efforts. The people on the street need to know what's at stake next week in Morocco.

8c1f3e  No.12515824


The disgusting kike's scared now. Serves him right.

82e1b6  No.12515834

File: 9e18ef1961cc41d⋯.jpg (77.84 KB, 750x706, 375:353, Dtv79MPWsAELuN_.jpg)


You didn't post the pic that was attached to his tweet

505ccf  No.12515837




Jee why would anyone hate Jews?


e6641e  No.12515841


Pretty sure the burning of Paris was also one of the first signs of the utter murderrape of Europe where anything north-east of the danube-rhine line gets gassed into goo.

If political turmoil in the Balkan starts kicking off too, I'd start running.

a9ef7a  No.12515847


That's either a troll account (although he sign in the pictuer he shows is real), or it's the most arrogant kike ever.

004a2f  No.12515850


a56a84  No.12515852


it is the only option for zionist kikes in france that hate islamification (because they're retards that think zionists aren't behind it) or poland-esque nationalism resulting from a post-communist-collapse regime, or a nationalist one (since basically this is currently communism)

9078fe  No.12515853



As i said, rage is past that point. Leftist politicians are out. As are far right. As are syndicates !

That's a fight against corruption. Most of us want changes like destitition of senate (200 senators, most of them are literally never there…). Respect of fucking "referendum"(not sure of trad) => if we vote against UE, don't enter UE !

So yeah, highest taxes and no money, Time to slow down ambient corruption, the fight never end…


years of protest literally every weekend for 2 fucking effective result. In 20 years. So Yeah, back to the basics, after all, riot is a national tradition here.

25ba88  No.12515855




Make antisemitism mainstream.

9078fe  No.12515862


Check your manuals, vichy send workers from "free France" to germany. The other half of france was occuped

0b1979  No.12515863

File: 800e124c85aa04b⋯.png (287.37 KB, 1024x701, 1024:701, IMG_0362.PNG)

Thank. God. France has been fucking horrible with Macron, it's about time to start a coup. Let's hope they take back France for the french, and not for sandmen.

513e80  No.12515869


History's fucking repeating itself, LOL



Reported. GTFO

aa6c31  No.12515870


Napoleon's parents were from Livorno Italy but there's some good evidence they were Albanian immigrants to Italy.

Napoleon was definitely NOT a French patriot. In fact he was a disaster for France.

a9ef7a  No.12515874

File: 3efc9641b3ff5a3⋯.jpg (197.41 KB, 1080x1150, 108:115, french-political-compass.jpg)

saw it in the twatter thread of the kike linked above who said "kill em all"

b9fd1b  No.12515880


kikes are all the same.

You think we are stupid.

God sees through your lies, which is why you dare not speak his name.


yeah, not mystical, but the NWO attempting to steer events using esoteric / kike magic.


Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

seen as a mixed race ideal, that's jewish sure, but seen as a national slogan for french people, that is ALSO

Travail, Famille, Patrie

Don't D&C this movement, co-opt it.

4e32bf  No.12515881



Not even surprised.

8c1f3e  No.12515890


I seriously hope the Jews get their justice. As always, I'll get my weaponry ready to go for this occasion.

25ba88  No.12515891



> vichy send workers to Germany. Yes,Germany used foreign labor from European countries and?

>The other half of france was occuped

because they were at war with the British & the British would obviously attempt landings which they did Dippe & later D-day.

a9ef7a  No.12515896


>Germany shouldn't separate into a bunch of small countries which would be easily controlled and conquered

<hurr durr ur a kike!!!1

Why would I be afraid to say Yahweh's name? There's a special place in hell for kike shills like you.

4e32bf  No.12515897

File: 46aa699e5c4c0ab⋯.png (91.01 KB, 658x854, 47:61, ouch.PNG)


>"Ouch" the heeb says as he strikes you

<delete this.jpg

4e32bf  No.12515901

File: 4ab6f942c7291e2⋯.png (69.26 KB, 653x782, 653:782, cries out in pain 2.PNG)

e345a0  No.12515903

File: 88a055f3827542a⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 528x424, 66:53, french-pepe.jpg)


>there's something like 22 million gunowners in france, i think they will do ok if civilwar breaks out

That is pretty much burger tier good to know thanx for sharing anon.

4e32bf  No.12515904

File: c8f0015949cf5f3⋯.png (59.53 KB, 655x729, 655:729, cries out in pain 3.PNG)

4e32bf  No.12515907

File: 0a2366003362918⋯.png (29 KB, 652x351, 652:351, missing the irony.PNG)

9078fe  No.12515915


>Vichy was autonomous


When an "independant regime" is sending his own peoples as slavec to the victor, and rule only half of his country, i'ts called a puppet.


74a29f  No.12515916

File: 3b8947ae7492e44⋯.jpg (5.1 KB, 200x174, 100:87, apu 862.jpg)



top kek

4b2260  No.12515919


And then they wonder why the Holocaust should've happened

4e32bf  No.12515926

File: 9b18b0abe7a8b03⋯.png (68.53 KB, 654x750, 109:125, cries out in pain 4.PNG)

7548e1  No.12515929

File: e23e103912629f8⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 590x386, 295:193, Chutzpa_-_When_a_Kike_Need….jpg)



8cce46  No.12515931


Deep down, I think they know. They wouldn't get so sensitive if they didn't.

a9ef7a  No.12515933


There's no way that's a real kike. It's too perfect.

79ec65  No.12515940


The account is 8 years old.

25ba88  No.12515942


They can't fathom why people hate them and so when you toss back their old republicuck memes back at them


> slavec to the victor,

They were volunteers, paid, and housed hardly slaves unless you are counting jews.


They governed themselves in the rest of France to the point where thy had their own navy!

9078fe  No.12515943


It's not hard to get a weapon here…

Hunting permit or Shooting club required. You only need to be 18. Any adult can have a handgun or 12mmR in 2 hours.

25ba88  No.12515944


1965 immigration act

a9ef7a  No.12515947


>the account is 8 years old


I mean for all their talk about "muh high ashkenazi IQ" they sure are fucking retards when it comes to not making others want to gas you.

4e32bf  No.12515952


Ashkenazi jews don't have high IQs. Just like Chinese don't. They ONLY report their higest and say that's the average.

17fc7b  No.12515954


holy shit is this the police or ISIS?

e345a0  No.12515962


Excellent group of posts anon.

<broke rib laffin cant breeeve nao

0b056b  No.12515965

File: b345b8bb4f8eb23⋯.jpg (78.66 KB, 1520x1080, 38:27, god damn.jpg)

Blow everything the fuck out you mad lads, make the rest of the world see just how impotent their own news media are. When the cattle see those French tanks rolling in to quash their very own people, they will finally realize all is not as it seems. The gas narrative will not hold water for long, and every ugly little truth will be laid bare for all the rest to see.

This is only the beginning, and you can bet your ass the rest of the countries will be taking notice and will be growing bold. Europe is a powderkeg, and the French just lit the fuse. Right now, every minor conflict has the chance to grow into an immense fireball engulfing everything, and it's all thanks to these people. Once again in history, the French are the first to dare stand up and fight. You are an example for us all. Leave nothing standing.

5f4195  No.12515966

File: 6eb221407a91e95⋯.jpg (201.39 KB, 789x775, 789:775, endless_sleep.jpg)


can you get this image out to the paris frogs? the kikes are openly taunting us with this painting.

god speed

9078fe  No.12515967

>They were volunteers, paid, and housed hardly slaves unless you are counting jews.

You don't know wat u're talking about. At that time, evec german workers were rationed by war. No one ever wanted to leave their countryto help a foreign invador on the verge of defeat.

That's not only ignorant, That's stupid.

25ba88  No.12515968


What's his excuse for France and the rest of Europe being browned by his kind.

4b2260  No.12515969


dun be raycis

4e32bf  No.12515970

File: 2604ad97cb780b1⋯.png (97.66 KB, 660x862, 330:431, cries out in pain 5.1.PNG)

File: 80e518601c879f3⋯.png (55.57 KB, 654x614, 327:307, cries out in pain 5.2.PNG)

e345a0  No.12515971


>It's not hard to get a weapon here…

< Any adult can have a handgun or 12mmR in 2 hours.

Good news is simply abounding in this thread

4e32bf  No.12515973

File: d98893c068560fa⋯.png (75.19 KB, 653x931, 653:931, cries out in pain 6.PNG)

8f1c3a  No.12515975


Occupy wall street was initially about something but got taken over by hippies and sjw’s(before we knew to call them that) and fags. You watch the videos and there might be a guy or two laying out some Red pulled but the crowd that encompasses them or engages in talk are brain dead hippies. Occupy was basically an excuse for hippies and fags to get together, drop some acid, bang each other out in tents and have the balls to say they accomplished something meaningful(akin to the pipeline protestors that effectively did nothing but make a environmental mess despite that being what they were against).

At least in France this is a grass root volk “we ain’t going to take it anymore” movement that despite media and Jewish attempts at subverting and playing down as yourself, has shown be be about much more than the price of fuel. It’s what happens in a majority white country that has bleed the volk dry to keep pet niggers. And people are tired of working 40+hours a week to barely make it by and not have any savings so that a fresh batch of Syrian niggers can get shipped in next door and set up with rent/food/health care/ literally free cash and to boot are being forced to go to the same school as their children.

Having to call in the military is not only their last resort but also a bad move. It will only rile up the French more. I’ll give you fact that the French are known to riot every few years but this is something way bigger. The media blackout on it says everything. (((They’re scared)))

22ec25  No.12515978

File: 732c0267a5dc973⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, hitler_releases_holocaust_….jpg)


It's because their audaciousness has been ratified by their control over the situation. Now that the (((narrative))) can no longer be fully controlled, people are waking up. The kike thought that the internet would provide means of more easily indoctrinating the people, but in fact, I believe it has been the greatest weapon against them there could possibly have been.

May the sentiments spread to the east, the west, the north and the south! The Reich must not have died in vain.


4e32bf  No.12515982


I'm done. If I kept capping and posting kikefull anti-white tweets I would be here for 8 years.

4c0a8c  No.12515983


Chinese military in that pic never did.

b9fd1b  No.12515984


slippery as fuck, always.

GOD. not G-D

Smaller nations better resist infiltration by kikes, since you stand out more. Your manipulation of markets, usurious loans and child theft and rape can't go unnoticed.

The EU was a blessing for you, as you could inflitrate and co-opt, fif it wasn't yours from the very start.

Now picture a stinking deviant kike trying the same tricks with a small nation. You'd be hanging from a lamp post

so if you are not a kike? you are a fucking moron.

984fcf  No.12515987


Destroy your central bank and add a country to the list of those that do not have a rothschild owned bank

9078fe  No.12515992


"Mid vid : Voila une classe qui se tient sage"

=> Thats is a quiet class !

Students joined the movement like 3 weeks later, no one really take them seriously.

Omg, what's the point of blocking your college ?

a9ef7a  No.12515993


You say that Germany should split up into a bunch of tiny countries, same with France and Britain, and then have the nerve to call anyone else a shill? Pathetic.

Go back to CIAnigger class, you need to work on your skills, kike.

e345a0  No.12515994


First picture

<Not the hallmark of a rational creature

They simply do not fucking know when to keep their big fat whiney ass mouths shut

30c494  No.12515995


They don't want us to get any ideas… 30-40 years ago this would be exciting news because the average American would be confused.

The media spreads whatever lie the corporations who own them tell them to disseminate. Maximize profits. Minimize unrest, unless it is profitable.

The media didn't downplay #BLM. Good luck finding comprehensive #GiletsJaunes coverage via the MSM.

4e32bf  No.12515997


>burger tier good

<population of France ~ 67 million

22/67 = .32 = 32%

Plus I highly doubt it's a 2+:1 ratio of guns:people.

inb4 hurrrrrr but (((CNN))) said it's less than 1 gun per person!!! - yes (((they))) did.

9078fe  No.12516000


Give this man a baguette.

f1e53f  No.12516004

File: 15df08bca91e787⋯.png (298.93 KB, 970x545, 194:109, pooh.png)








b9fd1b  No.12516008



The french team isn't racing in the america's cup this year - they lost their funding.


no cogent response? no discussion of the concepts? the door is behind you, chaim.

ce85f5  No.12516010


Also most of the people who own guns are in rural areas. Good if/when the revolution reaches them, but the people currently rioting in the cities will have a harder time. I think they can do it though, fire and sticks are a very effective weapon.

4e32bf  No.12516016


>fire and sticks

Don't forget rocks. A large rock still dazes you even if you're wearing the best head armor helmet protection.

a9ef7a  No.12516017


Ireland (small) is just as subverted as Britain (big). The Netherlands (small) is just as subverted as Germany (big). Belgium (small) is just as subverted as France (big). Serbia (small) is just as subverted as Russia (big).

Splitting up Germany into smaller nations would only help the kikes better control and conquer them.

Hitler recognized this; by arguing against it you're shitting all over Hitler's legacy, which is what clearly outs you as a kike.

4c0a8c  No.12516022


>two morons with some bullshit

fd71cc  No.12516024


>You realize jews control all search engines and social media, right?

The skypes try to shut it down but they never succeed completely.

fd71cc  No.12516027


>I believe the translation on the cardboard blade is "macron is gone".

Macron is here or Macron was here (like Kilroy).

25ba88  No.12516031


Small countries are easy to strong arm with larger more powerful countries…. D&C to split strength up into tiny little nations.


There are records receipts for their payment from WWII you dolt again this does not apply to jews, prisoners or POWs for obvious reasons.

3b73f0  No.12516032


>Any adult can have a handgun or 12mmR in 2 hours.

No. Pay a visit to /k/ wiki, you're clearly not knowledgeable about the matter.


Category B. Need a loicense plus 3 validated shooting sessions, separated by at least 2 months each. Or maybe you were talking about black powder funs?


I'm sorry, what are you talking about?

9078fe  No.12516035



This is here

fd71cc  No.12516040


So they finally figured out the root of the problem, huh? Good.

d17f6f  No.12516042

>>12516010 you do realize the frogs that are rioting are from the rural areas?

They didn't bring their guns the first few times. If the military is going to fire on them I am sure that will change quickly.

07d0e5  No.12516053


Where is the tanks on 30 meme from again?

c54423  No.12516056

File: 201e5c643fc651f⋯.webm (927.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Macron_paj.webm)

>Macron, jews' whore

4f2a19  No.12516062


>Occupy wall street was initially about something but got taken over by hippies and sjw’s(before we knew to call them that) and fags. You watch the videos and there might be a guy or two laying out some Red pulled but the crowd that encompasses them or engages in talk are brain dead hippies. Occupy was basically an excuse for hippies and fags to get together, drop some acid, bang each other out in tents and have the balls to say they accomplished something meaningful(akin to the pipeline protestors that effectively did nothing but make a environmental mess despite that being what they were against).

I can concur, I was at a few. We called SJWs Hipster Hippies and that was an adequate description. They all came from wealthy families, and they shat everything up and when a woman died at the Vancouver one, they stole from her shrine because "Souls don't real yo."

That and they turned out to be spies sent by the cops and one was actually fucking the police commander. They went out of their way to throw out people's stuff ,especially if they were white male and homeless.

Then, we got kicked out, and then the council of Canadians (communists) stole the donation money ($5k)

b9fd1b  No.12516063


your argument is self defeating. If small is 'just' as subverted as big, then making small changes nothing.

My argument is about racial identity. Smaller means tighter racial identity. If poland and italy gave up their identity to 'europe', the rising nationalism there would mean nothing.

Break these infested hell holes up, let the smaller nations correct the nigger and jew problems, then re-form.

Hitler failed. He thought he could get rid of the jew by straight out combat. If he'd nurtured revolution and fracture in his enemies, he could then have walked into the the cleansed remnants and re-united them.


correctish. ici = 'here'

Macron c'est Ici

Macron, (He) is Here. It is a declarative statement.

f1e53f  No.12516064


Kikes are being told directly that the goyim know by the goyim themselves, this guy directly admits that kikes are behind White genocide, and he still has the nerve to whine about anti-Semitism. They never know when to quit. These kikes are going to get themselves Holocausted for real if they don't knock this shit off.

d533f1  No.12516065

File: 26b0535050eb84a⋯.jpg (46.47 KB, 369x365, 369:365, 1439910689774.jpg)


This is the perfect chance to call him out for being a Jewish Supremacist

9078fe  No.12516066


Outdated info. Limited chargers (3rounds) not included, witch is -i know- stupid.

And 12mm rifle, witch is enouth to kill 3 boars. Or humans.

50€ and 18 years old, hunting licence. That's all.


Rurals are blocking, great city are rioting. Trainstation will be "filtered" this week-end, everyone expect violences at these…

cc53a2  No.12516072


>and the rest of the quislings

Do you even know where that word/name comes from? Quisling? You can google it I guess. But I'm kind of shocked that nobody else called you out on it to be honest.

Quisling did nothing wrongQuisling only wanted to protect his people from international jewryt. norwegian

b8aef3  No.12516073

File: e618a732857da4b⋯.jpg (69.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 64846456452368078235456779….jpg)


Why fear for their lives you ask? Because they know they are guilty.

0d31aa  No.12516076

A completely unrelated idea for the sole purpose of academic consideration that has absolutely no relevance to this situation: a well-placed flaming bottle of petrol can turn a tank from an offensive weapon to to a deathtrap in a matter of seconds.

a9ef7a  No.12516079


Your argument is that the German race should divide itself into a bunch of enclaves that are weak. You are a kike shill, go kill yourself. You're attempting (and failing) at convincing people that

>together we are weak, divided we are strong

Which is not, nor has it ever been, the reality.

And Hitler will win in the end when we carry out his will.

e345a0  No.12516087


>>I believe the translation on the cardboard blade is "macron is gone".

>Macron is here or Macron was here (like Kilroy).

< Macron was here (like Kilroy).

>broke ribs laffin again cant breeeeve

Thanx anon

7548e1  No.12516089

File: e13bfe9cc976553⋯.png (640.3 KB, 1789x824, 1789:824, parties.png)


1ed8b4  No.12516097

File: 6a3c5e083b7d3ab⋯.png (308.45 KB, 574x351, 574:351, happening.png)


Is it happening?

30c494  No.12516098


Tractors incoming… cracked me up.

Vive La Revolution! Leave it to farmers to stockpile enough diesel to make it to Paris.

25c755  No.12516101


Ukraine protests if I'm remembering correctly.

e345a0  No.12516104


>Leave it to farmers to stockpile enough diesel to make it to Paris.

Something tells me they will easily get help with fuel along the way.


e026df  No.12516105


>These kikes are going to get themselves Holocausted for real if they don't knock this shit off.

Surely you're not so weak and supplicant that all someone who has tried to exterminate you would have to do is halt the act in progress and you'd forget all about the attempt?

b8aef3  No.12516107

File: 4fe20c450f456ea⋯.png (45.3 KB, 1200x727, 1200:727, 81723798631298714812476192….png)


Quisling took over with a nationalist government just after the (((benevolent allies))) all ordered their own troops to fire on Germany, before all immediately fleeing to the (((UK)))

Everyone in the norwegian government including the king fucking left lol, again because they knew they had committed treason and all refused to be held accountable for their actions by being scum and violating their own country's "neutrality"

That's totally what the GOOD SIDE would do.

b9fd1b  No.12516108


you are too low IQ for this board.

>Your argument is that the German race should divide itself into a bunch of enclaves that are weak.

nope. I'm not. even slightly.

25ba88  No.12516116


Christmas & birthday wish (I was born in December): The French hanging jews before the end of the month.

f767d4  No.12516117

Not true. French army has a lot of members supporting the movement itself. What will happen is a no-show and big collapse of the Armée de Terre.


a9ef7a  No.12516119


You said you supported Bavaria and other German states separating from Germany, and said the same about France and Britain. Why are you trying to deny it? We have IDs here retard, anyone can go up and see you say it.


ec69b3  No.12516122


>texas, USA

get to it, texans

000000  No.12516123

Why contain it?

22ec25  No.12516132

File: 6b40eb71a71e087⋯.jpg (394.01 KB, 716x1009, 716:1009, dinaranger15_1609.jpg)


Intelligence DID NOT indicate (((they))) were behind the problems in paris

3dd3c4  No.12516140


What Manga is that? Looks cool.

cb5071  No.12516141





You forget that a neighbouring country, oh I don't know, let's say Italy would have no problem shipping some firearms to dismantle the French Government (read EU) from the outside (read inside).

067643  No.12516148

File: ec1133fd6969736⋯.png (86.29 KB, 500x437, 500:437, 17411549.png)



aa6c31  No.12516158


Jeez I got banned from Twitter for much much less.

aa6c31  No.12516159


>Is it happening?

Saturn Day may very well be a day of historical destiny.

ce85f5  No.12516160


Yes, it's certainly possible that they can get guns easily. Europe is a small, densely packed place, and with little border security it should be easy. The riots will have to sustain themselves for long enough and be violent enough for gun trades to be established.

f948b2  No.12516162


>you said the media is owned by jews

>therefore you’re reported

Put a bullet in your head.

22ec25  No.12516163

File: 455699c1267d277⋯.jpg (577.44 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, 01.jpg)


I don't know anon, I saved it because it looked like the reincarnation of Jesus of course. Use jewgle.

4e32bf  No.12516164


> Italy would have no problem shipping some firearms to dismantle the French Government (read EU) from the outside (read inside).

Eh. I doubt it. Unless it came to the military killing yellow vest citizens. The flip side though is best goy Trump would support Macaroni and the (((EU))).

718059  No.12516167


Hope it doesnt turn into a sacrificial day to please kikes.

8d565e  No.12516170


Considering how Trump has verbally shat on Macaroni in the past, if he turns to assist him and the (((EU))) we could use that narrative to our advantage by painting him as a turncoat.

aa6c31  No.12516171

File: 5309571847213b3⋯.jpg (126.62 KB, 780x504, 65:42, f9eb99aa-e026-11e6-a303-e4….jpg)


YOu go with a crowbar to

1. fight assholes

2. Pry up those French cobblestones that can be thrown as effective missiles.s

d96f0e  No.12516174

File: 782f2468ed663af⋯.jpg (19.65 KB, 474x237, 2:1, slav stalker toilet.jpg)


Will Ameribros start smuggling supplies to France to help with the uprising?

cb5071  No.12516177


It might not be the Italian government, but somebody in italy is going to want to ignite the powder keg that is france.

3a069b  No.12516179

File: d537ed00cac6af4⋯.png (346.4 KB, 524x511, 524:511, latest-2.png)

File: 064b66188821584⋯.png (67 B, 1x1, 1:1, 0bad716f5b0b2710213bd229a9….png)


There's not enough diesel to go around, and the underclasses are starting to get desparate, your turn.

aa6c31  No.12516184


In Vancouver the Canadian government is giving Somali refugees $4500 a month each and in many cases they're giving them deeds to entire houses out in Surrey too.

74a29f  No.12516188

File: c86602e297b9c89⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1237x917, 1237:917, 40625DFE-0005-4B34-A221-74….PNG)



22ec25  No.12516189

File: 3813cb28bc8d045⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 630x417, 210:139, electronic old men.jpg)



The sound they'll make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the –


4e32bf  No.12516197


Doubt it. There's that big pond between the two countries.

Unless an anon is filthy rich and can afford to travel to France private to ignore TSA and get his way through customs on the other side then it's impossible for a white to smuggle weapons.

cd6628  No.12516198



Time to reaffirm our faith boys

3dd3c4  No.12516199


I would but I can't in this situation. (In Minecraft of course.)

f4b3d1  No.12516200

File: 967df93d3c0b2f7⋯.png (113.29 KB, 305x445, 61:89, blatant.png)

9586ca  No.12516201

File: de96b7266188d23⋯.png (74.37 KB, 1000x850, 20:17, cece960a22d004965d7dfde624….png)


The democratic national committee is down the hall, chaim.

22ec25  No.12516202

File: 28377a1ef1557bf⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 349x254, 349:254, 28377a1ef1557bff34f30a6e2e….gif)



Or perhaps, even as a warning to the (((electronic old men)))

a9ef7a  No.12516204


>anyone who doesn't support the orange kike is a kike themself

b4ff24  No.12516205


>was convicted of being a member

what kinda wacky shit is this?

4e32bf  No.12516208


Why did the filtered kike reply to him when you didn't reply to one of filtered kike's posts.

3dd3c4  No.12516209


Only Israel can have borders. >:(((((((

17c319  No.12516211

File: 6f6780542623e6a⋯.gif (1 MB, 350x191, 350:191, dis be good.gif)


oh, he dun goofed now.

The moment Macron called in the military to quell the protestors hes shown that he has lost the grip of power.

And the very second a single round is fired from those zogbots, he has lost completely.

Soon, every other country will intervene to dethrone him and "save the french people from a bloodthirsty dictator".

But no help from America, fuck no, there's no oil to liberate in france AFAIK.

f1e53f  No.12516212


I've noticed a lot of Jewish men seem to have shaved heads these days. Maybe (((they))) think those curly mops of coal-black hair are a dead giveaway.

b4ff24  No.12516216


>deploy 65k cops to watch whites protest

>no cops to watch niggers and arabs

what could possibly go wrong?

d483f9  No.12516217

File: a4f3a2d95243317⋯.jpg (249.07 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 5947197803_349d3e3b86_b.jpg)


>Liberal Democracy

The velvet glove reveals the mailed fist.

9fd1ce  No.12516218


A group of anons could from USA to Canada then to Greenland then Iceland then france. 5 guys and a Bush plane could do it, bring ars and 556 that could really help the frogs.

244177  No.12516219

File: 6f69d93589fef14⋯.png (16.01 KB, 321x322, 321:322, 4247c260929c4445f28f847558….png)


>Believing the oil meme

f6750e  No.12516225




Those guys are Italian

30c494  No.12516227


Up to a point. Most policemen sign up to help people (believe or not).

If they don't believe an order is legal or ethical, they are not bound by honor to follow it.

Like shooting fellow citizens. They reserve the right to tell the government to fuck off, in rare cases. Normally in unions, so… hard to fire them as long as they file a grievance, etc.

Come on Gendarmes, get in here with us.

3dd3c4  No.12516228


Stop planning so openly CIA is watching. :^(

718059  No.12516229


Is that Jean Claude Van Damme in a power armor ?

1a4813  No.12516233


So what it didn't do China any harm, we all still buy their slave made shit, they have a massive and expanding military, they keep their people censored, silence dissent with violence, and the latest leader is leader for life so it's a terrorist dictatorship.

It has done them no harm at all.

17c319  No.12516234

File: b24d3b71234a1be⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 430x320, 43:32, Quality numbers.jpg)


I do have one request french fries!

Mount macrons head on a fucking spike on the guillotine, right above the neck brace, looking down judgingly on the heads of jews, traitors and other scum when they get processed

4b2260  No.12516236


Marco is from Idaho and Tarma is from Hokkaido

-t. Metal Slug pro

3dd3c4  No.12516243

File: 05d1158980fed7e⋯.gif (26.85 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200.gif)

93b686  No.12516248

Frog civil war will make my cock DIAMONDS



From the ashes no jew survives

59ab20  No.12516256

Good luck Frogs. Remove the criminals! May you have 100 years of peace and freedom.

cbd50c  No.12516265


I might just come and fight. Sieg Heil from Germany.

e345a0  No.12516274


>Will Ameribros start smuggling supplies to France to help with the uprising?

In terms you can understand NO

There has to be 50 different ways the feds can charge you if you get caught.

of course if you are a kike and helping out the promised land they will give you a spare C5 cargo plane

f948b2  No.12516277


>all of Europe will falter, no matter the results

>macron does nothing

>protesters are dispersed

>status quo remains

>somehow this makes everything falter

You are retarded.


>smuggling supplies

Don’t any Frenchmen have METAL 3D printers?

Download the torrent of gun parts, print some fucking guns out of blocks of metal, and kill people.

1dd8ab  No.12516282



>Soon, every other country will intervene to dethrone him and "save the french people from a bloodthirsty dictator".

No they will kill the "Nazis" in yellow vests. Mark my words, they don't want revolutions against bankers inspiring other countries to do the same.

a9ef7a  No.12516287


Shills like you still trying to pretend like nothing will come of this.


c4c839  No.12516289


Lurk more, the Jew are aware that they are losing grip in europe, killing yellow vests will more likely result in more revolts in countries.

d533f1  No.12516290


>Don’t any Frenchmen have METAL 3D printers?

They wouldn't be able to afford them, especially after the taxes they will have to pay to get it delivered.

22ec25  No.12516295


They won't spin that narrative anon, reminder that governments have justified opening fire upon unarmed civilians before and will continue to do so if it means they get to consolidate their power.


>Implying you can't buy bullets/shotgun shells separately and just 3d print plastic firearms

>implying you aren't just some Jewish anti energy shill

The french are already doing more than (((you))) by stepping up to the plate in the first place. All my energy goes towards France.

e345a0  No.12516301

File: 4f6a4720541a645⋯.png (213.55 KB, 496x593, 496:593, lUBYL0o.png)

>>12516277 (heavenly)

>Don’t any Frenchmen have METAL 3D printers?

>Download the torrent of gun parts, print some fucking guns out of blocks of metal, and kill people.

Earlier in the thread it was established that our frog brothers have pretty much everything they need in that dept.

09d7af  No.12516303


It's not a matter of what zogbots will do but what the indoctrinated mob isn't doing, they're not going after the jew orchestrators, they're all out in the streets wheel spinning playing patticake with the zogbot meatwall.

6b9b31  No.12516312

File: 9d1bb53652258bc⋯.png (247.35 KB, 550x399, 550:399, 1523565278725.png)


>No they will kill the "Nazis" in yellow vests. Mark my words, they don't want revolutions against bankers inspiring other countries to do the same.

God speed French men, legends will be born of these fires and they will spread because of you.

f948b2  No.12516317


>you’re a jew because you’re telling people to literally print guns and kill the fucking jews

Commit suicide. Now.

>oy vey the communists are better than you

Bullet to the brain.

a9ef7a  No.12516318


>the yellow vests are communist

Shill confirmed.

03da06  No.12516320

File: 7344f7a619b642a⋯.jpeg (37.9 KB, 750x629, 750:629, Hastert.jpeg)

f1e53f  No.12516321


>300,000 people are rioting

>Freeways are being blocked

>Toll booths and gas stations have been taken over

>French legislature discussing vote of no confidence to remove Macron from office

>Protesters are naming the jew in print and spoken word


>Nobody is doing anything

We're all eager to see French kikes being dragged out of their synagogues and cushy offices to face the guillotine, but this stuff takes time to play out.

f948b2  No.12516325


You’ll have to do better than that, shlomo.

1dd8ab  No.12516326


Not a blackpill, they don't want this to spread and will do anything to cover it up. If not shooting "Nazis" then maybe an (((unfortunate accident))) like a plane crash or explosion.


I hope so too anon. I hope the kikes don't win.


That's if they report on it and don't fabricate shit. They just have to enter the crowd, shoot a few lesser Jews and then declare all yellow vests Nazis and justify slaughter. And that's not even factoring in mudniggers being rolled in to do the slaughter or them using (((an unfortunate accident))).

b2eb7c  No.12516327


for the price of a metal 3d printer you can get the tools needed to produce proper guns

f948b2  No.12516330


Price, yes. Skill, no. That’s why the printer milling them for you is important.

ab9fab  No.12516333


Quick, someone Metoo this faggot!

09d7af  No.12516337


The amount skill needed to make guns is low.

f4b3d1  No.12516342

File: cb1f4d39c1e8080⋯.png (14.5 KB, 593x155, 593:155, scared.png)

b2eb7c  No.12516351


you can make a slamfire shotgun with 10$ and no skill

188f19  No.12516356

File: 06afdf9cb04964a⋯.jpg (186.77 KB, 1280x931, 1280:931, hMAgme4f.jpg)

>be French

>don't have any weapon

>niggers and mosque everywhere around

help me

209183  No.12516358




f1e53f  No.12516369


Per capita, jews have to have way more homos compared to any other group

9467f6  No.12516375

A government sending in the army to put down its people. How are all those liberal values working out?

b2e014  No.12516379


The yellow vests are much bigger than just Paris, and much bigger than just about muh taxes. It's all over the country and it's about French people taking their country back from the EU and the destructive immigration polices forced on them. The Paris protest is full of Antifa and "diverse" frenchmen trying to loot and stir things up like they always do. Pairs is almost irrelevant to the movement. Lugenpresse gonna luge and pretend the rest of the country doesn't exist because they are using Trump like rhetoric: "they have to go back, and even police and medics are now siding with the protestors

e026df  No.12516393


What else would a modern military be for? They aren't going to fight China or Algeria, so who are the tanks and planes for? For you.

4e32bf  No.12516394



It's negros.

4e32bf  No.12516395


Although I'm not sure I believe it's faggotry rather than lack of intelligence mixed with muh dik.

188f19  No.12516423

File: 59515f7562fcab5⋯.jpg (110.33 KB, 832x507, 64:39, Anon.-Agence-LAPI-expositi….jpg)

Cette fois-ci, pas de demi mesure.

6b9b31  No.12516430

File: 6fd4c55467c80cd⋯.gif (696.93 KB, 500x376, 125:94, how to gif.gif)


>buy beer

>make pointy stick

>drink beer

>enter berserk mode

help yourself and enjoy

2ae904  No.12516435

File: 2ddc23e3b4a5ee4⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 431x322, 431:322, absolutly anti logos.jpg)




It's the Jews, they reject the order of the universe.

d6280f  No.12516437


Made me laugh.

I stand with France, let it be epic.

b4fba4  No.12516438


I don't help fat chicks.

d3f4a8  No.12516441


GET COMFY gentleman

it's Happening

Frogs VR Zogs

Protest for gas ….the signs read kill pedos and build wall to keep out sandniggers …..gas La FakeNews indeed 😁

9d4149  No.12516442


>Don’t any Frenchmen have METAL 3D printers?

Yeah, they are called CNC millers.

You put a block of steel in there and start the program. At the end you get a gun part.

You will also need a CNC lathe.

22ec25  No.12516443


Fuck off you absolutely livid kike.

188f19  No.12516451

File: d8e2985f1579d52⋯.jpg (179.89 KB, 1280x827, 1280:827, 5752bdbc-f259-11e8-9d41-0c….jpg)


Not kind!


I will just stay locked up until I hear RWDS in my area.

4efa3d  No.12516459

File: add149df3fc67d5⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 1580x4708, 395:1177, 1965 Immigration Act.jpg)


Someone post this at him.

I want to see the kvetching.

fd8a09  No.12516475

File: 7d373dd462649e0⋯.jpg (131.56 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, rip van winkle.jpg)

If Macron orders a massacre, he can save the EU. If he doesn't, he will rapidly be deposed. I'm enjoying this, he's in a lose-lose situation. Remember who his masters are, do you really think he'll betray them? The french better be ready to fight, with guns, because when ZOG gets cornered it gets violent.

7eb72a  No.12516479




you dumb nigger, he means philippe petain

d3f4a8  No.12516482

2018 what a Time to be alive Seriously FRANCE the Fucking French are actually Starting to Stand up for themselves good on you frogs you still acti like Faggy emo kids with your Noses in the air but at least you got your balls for now just remember after the Refugees convert you them balls are gone either that or your head so Fight the good fight it's the last chance you get

f948b2  No.12516483


>you’re a jew because you said to print guns and kill jews

This is how pathetic the paid shills are.

9d4149  No.12516487

File: 67c46faca7d276c⋯.png (219.82 KB, 872x886, 436:443, papai estado não pode ser ….png)


Violence generates violence.

With fire you fight fire.

They might have tanks and bombs, but we have the numbers and persistance, plus we are those who make their wealth, once we cross our arms everything they have comes to ruins.

0104f5  No.12516489


Household chemicals can be used to make stuff

8999a6  No.12516492

So when will the US military intervene like they do with their springs? Not enough Arabs?

188f19  No.12516496


If French win, they will send their zogbot to finish the job (Anti-termite Whites)

22ec25  No.12516498

File: 0719aa2fdf2a0f2⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 0719aa2fdf2a0f296758da6eb1….gif)


Read my post again


>Implying you can't buy bullets/shotgun shells separately and just 3d print plastic firearms

You don't need metal to kill someone you fucking spastic retard. Jesus fucking christ, either you're really good at D&C or you're just so fucking retarded you're willing to ignore the statements of others for your inarticulate blackpill rage. Take your fucking meds and go outside for a bit or something fucking christ.

a436bb  No.12516501


fuck off hueskin muttcaco

74a29f  No.12516503


The #1 enemy is unironically dogs, because they will be the first line of defense against anyone who goes innawoods.

188f19  No.12516504


The same way they liberated us from Adolf Hitler, the EVIL on earth ! Based America

0104f5  No.12516508


The damage you can do with molotov cocktails is enormous

fd8a09  No.12516510


In Bahrain they completely crushed the Arab Spring protests. Violence works. Macron can use enough ultraviolence to stop them, he'll have to bulldoze the Arc d'Triomphe, but he can win.

171102  No.12516511


Time to take a trip to the chemistry thread anon >>12512489

f948b2  No.12516513


>read my post again

I stand by what was said.

>you don’t need metal

Fine, go have your plastic guns melt and explode in your face. Do you think this is a fucking game? Or that it’s an instant win scenario? What good is printing a gun for an INSURGENCY if your equipment can’t stand up to abuse over a LONG PERIOD? If a French civil war actually happened (it won’t), it would take multiple years, or at the very least multiple months. Plastic guns are worthless when going up against the entire rest of NATO, sent in as ✡peacekeeping✡ forces.

f948b2  No.12516516


You imply that they won’t just cave at the first sign of actual violence, and that they won’t even cave to the right set of accessions in law and gibsmedats.

188f19  No.12516525

File: 75b851ac05afba9⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 280x187, 280:187, 280px-Bryan_Cranston_(7598….jpg)



thanks anon

f1e53f  No.12516531

File: f123b15650d5bbe⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 725x1080, 145:216, noose_instructions.jpg)




You fuck off, kike shill.

0104f5  No.12516535

File: 7f27eceb97871cf⋯.png (500.15 KB, 616x645, 616:645, 1544147163955.png)


France has a strong history of antisemitism

22ec25  No.12516536


Tbh if we're talking improvised weapons I'm sure any 3d printed gun won't stand the test of time unlike something like an AK. As for NATO, well, they can't be everywhere at once. Just pretend to be the NVA and NATO forces are the US. You get the idea. That's even if this goes that far tbh, if even the military hates macron's guts it might not even get that far.

0104f5  No.12516545


Molotov cocktails. A Gun will draw attention to yourself. you can conceal molotovs in your jacket and toss em and run back into the crowd.

72515b  No.12516554


In Bahrain it was a bunch of Sunni Arabs and Pakis that the shot the Shia protesters. The French military is made up of the same people as the protesters no way they will massacre them

fd8a09  No.12516556


Apparently there was a french town named DEATH TO THE JEWS until 2014.


Fucking incredible bantz from the French.

fd8a09  No.12516557


>The French military is made up of the same people as the protesters no way they will massacre them

They're Algerian?

0104f5  No.12516560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best of video

a56a84  No.12516561

File: 9f6a91db0bab4bb⋯.png (218.98 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, 1504219402398.png)


>define anti-jewism as anti-semitism

>define jewism as semitism

>declare anti-zionism as anti-semitism

>openly have zionist cocksuckers in government

>support israel in spite of their murdering indiscriminately

>say supporting a white ethnostate is bad because it means you support fringe indiscriminate murder

>act like it's insanity to oppose zionism

>wonder why people call Macron a jew fellator

82a51c  No.12516568


You would think the name would have been changed decades ago

188f19  No.12516570

File: 1fc48eaaa4a2af3⋯.png (532.36 KB, 597x1034, 597:1034, 1fc48eaaa4a2af376401b84b00….png)


Yes indeed. And we know very well how (((based))) is America thanks to Pierre-Antoine Cousteau and his tremendous "L'Amérique Juive" (Jewish America), available here : https://archive.org/details/LameriqueJuive/

188f19  No.12516573


In which he pays a tribute to Dixie. Hopefully you will rise up. You have guns.. no excuses

1f5534  No.12516574



ca3e96  No.12516581

Light firecrackers. Drop in glass bottle. Quickly cap glass bottle. Throw. Congratulation, air burst glass frag grenade. This trick was recently spread around by ANTIFA actually so it'll be great if the anti-communists put it to good use.



>Paris will burn

No shit it had already burned multiple times before that prophecy was made. European capitals get sacked all the time, and France has had numerous revolutions. It's like saying "America will fall apart". Yeah, no shit. Every democracy eventually does, Nostradamus.




I'm 100% sure this is a sockpuppet on our side trying to stir the shit. He's doing a really good job, but he's not whiny enough to be a real kike.


Is it 8 years consistent? That's a rarity among sockpuppets, but I know some of the members of MPC maintain ones that old.


>Less than 1 gun per person

>means you can't have a revolution

Oh man, (((MSM))) is in for a fuckhuge surprise.


Not as easily as you think. Best case scenario you starve the air intake and cause it to lose power at the main engine. The backup APU will allow them to continue to use the weapons systems. Crew compartment has measures to prevent sucking in flaming fuels because we figured out that was a problem post-WWII. Tanks are NBC proofed. While details are suppressed, the fact is they can hermetically lock these things down at least for a while. Tanks are big. Thermal mass. A single molotov won't produce enough heat to make the crew bail before the fuel burns out. Douse the tank in flames? Yes, that will do it. As we saw in Ukraine it took several dozen molotovs to actually "cook" the crew of an APC. A single molotov won't do this. Like I said though, hit the engine air intake. The fire suppression system will trigger, but rinse and repeat if you have to until it doesn't.



The solution is staring you in the face. Remember when they did the mosque raids and found weapons at a bunch of them? Grab your friends, get some melee weapons, and go mosque to mosque and torch the place until you find a pile of fucking AKs.


There are actual metal 3D printers. They sinter the steel as they place it down. I've seen weapons made and fired that way. The machines are rare and expensive, however. CNC would be a much more practical solution.


If anyone intervenes it will be Germany. They'd love an excuse to effectively annex France and make the coveted "EU army".


Guns. A molotov cocktail will draw attention to yourself. You can conceal guns in your jacket and fire them and run back into the crowd.

0104f5  No.12516598


not an AK-47 very easily. Also you can make Molotovs for very cheap and many of them. Besides they can be used to gain access to places where guns would be available.

2065f0  No.12516600

So is this the answer to why you contain it?

25c755  No.12516604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Once the momentum gets going, there is no reason to slow down. They have to keep building on what they have and go for the gold, or aluminum.

4a0c63  No.12516622

Look a hooker in the lobby

22ec25  No.12516626

File: d4039abb77b74e2⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 457x462, 457:462, adolf hitler winking.gif)


In the end (((they'll))) beg us to save (((them)))

25c755  No.12516631

File: 6bc19521150c1cf⋯.png (32.35 KB, 694x326, 347:163, ClipboardImage.png)

188f19  No.12516657

File: 2ff20d5a1678b2e⋯.webm (8.08 MB, 640x216, 80:27, faggots_pretend_to_rule.webm)


Loads of shitskins in French Army friend. More and more nigs in Gendarmerie as well. At least where I live.

It is about time to crush the whole thing with no survivor.

cb3ea6  No.12516659

File: 2ed22c68b5ab0c0⋯.png (306.89 KB, 513x786, 171:262, macron whore of the jews.png)


4e32bf  No.12516663



Anon, jews are not semites.

cb3ea6  No.12516677


"I'm not anti Semite. I'm anti Termite"

4f51a0  No.12516679


>brainless morbidly obese 65iq halfbreed american detected

1. who fought the "american" war of independence against the English?

2. who marked that occasion by sending over a statue that became the symbol of the US

25c755  No.12516680


I thought that a semite was more cultural and language based than genetics and jews do meet the criteria.

cb3ea6  No.12516683


Jews invented the French are cowards bullshit. They did this because France refused to go along with wars for Israel. Some NY Times kikes called them cheese eating cowards and started the "Freedom Fries" bullshit

ca3e96  No.12516686


>Frenchmen defect to protesters

>Niggers do not defect because they don't give a fuck about wypipo problems

>Soulless niggers do what they always do when given authority and proceed to murder and rape protesters

>Protesters kill nigger cops

>MSM notices it was only niggers killed but declines to mention that was because the cops were all niggers

>Niggers chimp at white-skinned yellow vests

>White-skinned yellow-vests kill niggers back

>Race war occurs

Dick = diamonds


Already posted multiple times. Threads move slower here compared to other imageboards. You have plenty of time to read the thread and get your word in before we hit bumplock, trust me.

b92279  No.12516691

shit keeps going they'll make macron step down like what happened in Ukraine. the riots will stop and there isn't a donbass equivalent ready to be supplied. if you're a frog now is the time to start knocking people off your list. escalate escalate escalate the fire must rise.

676bd8  No.12516693

File: 61b21af33c9d94c⋯.png (58.53 KB, 1051x813, 1051:813, crowdsourcecensoring.png)


>AI doesn't exist - we aren't even remotely close to it


>- Any algorithm meant to filter such content is 100% of the time ALWAYS garbage, never effective and flags false positives and misses more than it flags posts it was designed to catch

You're correct but wrong as well.

""""""AI""""" is mostly Crowdsourcing, it does exist, and they know how to use it so the Crowdworkers don't know what they're filterning.

Algorithms sort the files, Crowdworkers do the tasks



The beast is upon us

b4fba4  No.12516695


The French will be crushed for their insolence.

Let this be message to any other countries watching.

cb3ea6  No.12516696

File: 51ee73de563bcce⋯.png (229.69 KB, 505x692, 505:692, 63201049b5848086699ca21d65….png)


ca3e96  No.12516700


I can't wait for his successor to try and do literally the same actions as just to spite the public. Alternatively, Macron refuses to step down and we get an honest to god civil war.

f05fb3  No.12516701

File: 4a38ed890658f18⋯.webm (962.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, yellow_vest_sniper_shot.webm)

File: 1d5b8215469914b⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, yellow_vest_joker.webm)


Ironic yidposting is still yidposting, anon

fe96d4  No.12516706

File: 09b66552bd9ddc9⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, they hate social germany.webm)


thats because they dont want to rouse the americans to a similar state

000000  No.12516708

It will be a bloodbath.

Military will attempt a coup.

NATO will step in.

Putin-Chelomova will send his Red Army to make sure the Jewish interest prevail.


f3b6a8  No.12516710

we need to support our french magapedes

f3b6a8  No.12516713




screenshotting this

add me to the screenshot

posting in an epic thread

fe96d4  No.12516720

File: 6c3f47bd73ee6a1⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, 6c3f47bd73ee6a136b64f05890….jpg)


yes, yes they are

be you aware of it or not your comment is very subtle d&c

our minor differences mean little, in the modern era we are all white, aryan, or european, depending on which angle you prefer, but regardless, if "diversity is a strength" then we already have all the strength and diversity we need within our own people

22b790  No.12516728


I think you mean baguette

676bd8  No.12516729



Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

fe96d4  No.12516734


>200 thousand glow in the dark frogs

wait a fucking second, this reminds me of some trump election boogaloo, something frogs something kek something memetics Psalm 78:45 "He sent divers sorts of flies among them, which devoured them; and frogs, which destroyed them."

>frogs which destroyed them

>kek = the chaos god of ancient egypt

>frenchies who or incidentally called "frogs"

oh fuck nigga what have you done! the memes are litterally materialising!

761aab  No.12516735



209183  No.12516737


why did he fall down before the tracer came? Are the tracers slower than the bullets themselves?

25c755  No.12516744

File: eb7e8b273531f04⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 500x386, 250:193, FeelingGravy.jpg)


dubs and frogs behead macroni livestreamed

f4ff56  No.12516747


1dd8ab  No.12516750



2c035b  No.12516751

File: 558ba878da44fc9⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 255x191, 255:191, 558ba878da44fc947547d2bbc0….gif)


fucking checked

22b790  No.12516763


the fire rises

7d18d5  No.12516771


Hey kid, you know how I got these scars?

fd8a09  No.12516772

File: 0f450e55871542a⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 714x476, 3:2, ae1c923dd4dc43eef3638989a9….jpg)

Honestly, people in all western nations should start rioting on saturday. What do we have to lose?

21b617  No.12516774

File: 09c03c27a1d9345⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 890x597, 890:597, 96879.jpg)

Barbed wire being used against their own people

fe96d4  No.12516778


5+5 = 10

4+4= 8

10+8 = 18



several major events

>end of the first world war

>the "sedition act" is passed in the US

>the beginning of the german revolution

take your pic

>end of the finnish civil war

da3153  No.12516781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know what, if some grannyand nigger loving jew was putting his hand in my pocket because after paying 42% in taxes it wasn't enough, I'd probably riot too.

>Godspeed Froganons

f948b2  No.12516782

File: ddc6ef7b33f760b⋯.pdf (571.27 KB, PalestiniansKahn.pdf)



Reminder that jews were called Palestinians until the 1970s. We're anti-Palestinian and THEREFORE seek the destruction of everyone who lives under this symbol ✡

d3884b  No.12516783

File: 3ef9a500029fd62⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 91.87 KB, 960x740, 48:37, 1488026177219.png)


>it's about ethics in game journalism

fd8a09  No.12516786

File: f377c6e73c6db6d⋯.pdf (13.44 MB, Edward N. Luttwak Coup d É….pdf)

c032dd  No.12516787


jew with the huge tits over repping to start trouble

damn those tits are huge

ca3e96  No.12516791


Tracers ARE bullets. The burning compound is in the base of the projectile. They won't impact at different times. Why haven't we seen this man's body, or seen him in the hospital or something? He'd be a martyr for the yellow jackets.

b9fd1b  No.12516796


>dur. kike, nigger and mudslime infested regions are identical with racial groups.

as I said, too low IQ. but then, all kikes are. yahweh is of course a transliteration of the tetragrammaton, which is all you lot are allowed to utter when talking about the good lord.

Nice LARP as a retarded neonazi, though. I'm sure someone believes you.


A nuke


>raid the mosques for weapons


21e327  No.12516800

> France

> White

> Culture

The protestors are a bunch of commies, this is shown by the surge in popularity in polls for the commie candidate. This happening may look like something, but if the protestors win they'll just end up with something like Venezuella and import even more niggers and muslims accelerating their decline and genocide of the native population.

France is over as a white country, it will never recover. In modern day its already one of the most shitskinned countries in Europe, probably the most shitskinned judging from my visit to Paris. France is dead, its people face a genocide and it will just be a country like Brazil in 20-30 years. Mixed population, no real binding culture, just servants to global markets. Just playing their role they played ever since the French revolution (which was a plot of Jacobins kikes, freemasons and other secret society filth). They have been puppets to elites and kikes since at least after the French revolution. Here we have mr Napoleon the ultimate puppet killing of monarchs for the merchant elite, a national hero lol. Fuck France, hope it burns like the tumor it has been for the last 300 years of history.

a828ba  No.12516802

File: 0633e40612eee99⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 448x352, 14:11, deal with it picard.gif)

22b790  No.12516809


have you ever been to france?

e88cc9  No.12516810



1dd8ab  No.12516811


They need to make it an accident, no nuke, maybe a gas explosion.

21b617  No.12516812


This post looks like one out of an infowars comment section

22ec25  No.12516813


You know what, I've just been thinking about this.. There's quite a bit of passive anti-french sentiment here in the UK, Agincourt, napoleonic wars, 100 years war etc. All historically documented etc, but even after world war 2 there's still some mutual grievances.. Maybe it's all part of some (((scheme))) to sow dissent between euros? I know for a fact a few people here probably still hate the krauts

>Hitler killed my grandfather!

>Implying that Hitler himself killed their grandfathers personally

>How many people's grandfathers died in both world wars alone etc


This image is fucked up, reminds me of that pizzagate thread.


Haven't heard this song in ages.. Thanks anon for reminding me that it exists.


>Jewish antifrench sentiment - the post

a9ef7a  No.12516814


Kikes are the ones who refuse to pronounce the name of Yahweh. God is his title, not his direct name. He is God and his name is Yahweh.

And you still keep pushing the idea that it's a good thing for Germany to separate into a bunch of smaller countries, even though that would weaken the German people and allow them to be more easily controlled by the kikes. You're going directly against what Hitler taught and you have zero argument. Go kill yourself, shill. Filtered.

fe96d4  No.12516817


>no nuke

its like you didn't even play the campaign in battlefield 3

1dd8ab  No.12516824


They cannot play off a nuclear bomb as an accident, especially when it is claimed that France has no nukes that's bullshit by the way

cffc54  No.12516825

Any live streams?

676bd8  No.12516828


The Left is better prepared for this than the Right.

They will take over the disturbances and steer it to their agenda.

There is absolutely no way this is a ''revolution'' we want

All efforts to make us support it are Russia and China who benefit from a disturbed Europe

fd8a09  No.12516831

File: d92c849aa72157c⋯.png (476.14 KB, 500x522, 250:261, ClipboardImage.png)


There is no better time for chaos than today.

2cb1a4  No.12516832



1dd8ab  No.12516838


>The left are more prepared

If by prepared you mean so confused on which to help the yellow vests who are calling out the Jews or the big gov who they themselves have called evil, yeah they are very prepared.

c04fc6  No.12516841


>it is claimed that France has no nukes

Claimed by whom? Some retard? France has developed and tested nuclear weapons and signed the nuclear treaty as one of the countries with nukes.

21e327  No.12516843


Yes, Paris and it was full of niggers and muslims much worse than any other city in Europe. One of those feral apes tried to sell me drugs.


I don't visit (((Jonestein))) his website

fe96d4  No.12516847


allow me to give you some insight into the battlefield 3 lore. some (((sandperson))) in iran wanted to set off a nuke in paris and new york as a pretense for war, some rooskie spec ops go into paris to recover said nuke from other (((rooskies))) they fail, paris is kill, however the MUHREENS in america are able to stop the (((rooskie))) guy and recover the other nuke.

now of course shits kicks and off and ww3 starts but the point is that (((sandpeople))) and (((rooskies))) aka communists aka jews, are behind the shtf in paris.

and if we look at paris today we have all the ingredients for it, except an (((explosion)))

044a24  No.12516856

What if (((ISIS))) ups the ante?

fef26a  No.12516862


Got my iphone stole by one of those Africans that try to sell you wine on the lawn of the Eiffel tower

3243b8  No.12516863


This type of defeatism is just dumb.

22b790  No.12516864


so do you think NYC is a prime example of the vast majority of America? No? No country folks or farmers or THE REST OF AMERICA in NYC is there? Same thing in Paris. Lame. Try literally the rest of France and you will understand why the protesters are not from Paris. I also went to Paris and the rest of France and Paris was a ghost-towne that looked like DC. I agree that there are a lot of niggers there but come on, that's fucking Paris, not France you moron.

1dd8ab  No.12516865


That would be a bit too convoluted, it would be easier to drop another plane or 3 into gas stations with the planes carrying payloads and Jews claiming gas stations can somehow cause giant explosions and pint the planes on Syria and Iran.

21e327  No.12516867


You get the picture, Melanchon is at 30% approval in polls from 20%, which is the socialist. If Macron goes due to these protests it won't be a right wing government taking over. It won't be a government that would respect the native population their myths, culture and overall well being. It will be a socialist idiot who'll just fuck France some more with incompetent economics and more migrants. With Marakech declaration in place, the nigger boats are legalized and France will be glad to receive them due to their socialist government (much like what Spain is doing at the moment).

I don't have any hope for the French citizenry as a whole. Their thoughts are so indoctrinated to the point that they outright reject any path that won't lead to their genocide. They are unfortunately a lost people and just looking at the last 300 years of history they were already lost after the French revolution. I do think though that the overall unrest helps national socialist views, because if the globalist centrists and commies are rioting and destroying their own legal power framework in a country that means they're less effective in their destructive politics.

2cb1a4  No.12516872


NYC is infested with Jews, Niggers, and Spics. There is maybe a 10% white ratio, and those whites are totally faggotized and deserve to be hung with the rest of them.

Personally, I would like to see all access to NYC cut off, and then a Black Death to engulf NYC. All of it. Including all of Long Island.

3243b8  No.12516875


>keep calm and watch porn

22ec25  No.12516876


Are you saying that that games singleplayer was worth playing after all? All I remember was it being glitchy as fuck because EA obviously rushed it out the door as usual, and that it was fundamentally ruined from bf2.

a3275f  No.12516877


Holy shit what fucking cowards.

c032dd  No.12516880


yesterday would have made it alot easier and less painful … but its not for man to control man

fd8a09  No.12516881

File: 0c2520fa12a3ee1⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 520x537, 520:537, 0c2520fa12a3ee11969532d7b4….jpg)

Let's have a war for Christmas!

c032dd  No.12516885


you realise that people might be beheaded ????

Its not like they are going to walk up and give them a hug.

c032dd  No.12516886


a merry christmas

fef26a  No.12516887

It just kinda pisses me off that they're violent and smashing windows out like degenerates. We all know if these protesters were black we'd all be singing a different tune.

a3275f  No.12516889


Only guilty traitors and cowardly reprobates need fear the righteous neon guillotine.

4e32bf  No.12516891


jews are pharisees

22b790  No.12516892


I think he meant the police are cowards

a3275f  No.12516894


Congratulations you finally figured out what a war is.

fd8a09  No.12516897


Make 👏 Europeans 👏 Genocidal 👏 Again 👏

b9fd1b  No.12516898


for goodness sake. You lack reading comprehension. Or a brain.

3badf6  No.12516903

File: 769e955c14c7881⋯.jpg (965.71 KB, 2062x2999, 2062:2999, 3242341234.jpg)


be careful for what you wish for

4e32bf  No.12516904


Found the kike. First post late in the thread

b9fd1b  No.12516908

1dd8ab  No.12516909


Maybe they will give them the Jewish hug, a one handed hug with a knife in the back.

fd8a09  No.12516913


Every single day the demographics get worse. Now is the time for the french to take action, and us to hope it spreads, and try spreading a little holiday cheer ourselves. I call out coalburners in the streets and tell muslim cunts to go back to pakistan. You are the only one who can stoke racial tensions.

209183  No.12516920

File: c071c659dddbcea⋯.jpg (5.26 KB, 248x203, 248:203, guardsmen.jpg)

I had a dream one night, and I was angry when I woke up, I wanted to go back to the dream

>wake up

>in some shitty apartment, physically falling apart

>hear a siren and a storm, look out windows

>trees swaying from winds, nothing but swastikas and hammer and sickles spray painted everywhere

>pull out phone, internet's dead

>run outside barefoot, see people fighting

>wake up from dream

if james fields is acquitted there'll be riots from leftists and negroes here in america, praying to God shit goes down

17fc7b  No.12516921


this is so mild to what's coming, you need to steel yourself

b4942c  No.12516922



BASED statist soldiers!

e46278  No.12516931

My burger ass will laugh so hard if DOTR kicks off in France. How many times have I heard “we muricans had to save those frenchies twice. Bunch of pussies.” It got really bad during the buildup to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

1dd8ab  No.12516934


He wont be acquitted, his defense is so bad you could say even the prosecutor and Antigua have defended him better than the defense.

b4942c  No.12516935


>if low IQ negro immigrants were rioting in a white country over some dindu shit you'd all be mad

Well duh

c7845a  No.12516938


Almighty God, please let this be the kick in the pants Europe needs to get its shit together.

a3275f  No.12516939


Now I know there is an "All I want for Christmas" parody out there for this.

21e327  No.12516946


Really at the Eiffel tower? There were plenty of military guys and also police walking around there I'd expected them to do it somewhere else.

I went there twice, once in 2007 with highschool and once in 2010. In 2007 there were a bunch of girls buying cheap Eiffel tower souvenirs (the ones you can put on a keyring). Surprise surprise one of the girls complained and cried to the teacher one of the Africans was touching her and making advances lol. Because shocker, unlike the progressive liberal propaganda they bought into hook line and sinker Africans are primates in real life. These were the same type of people in my last year of highschool who couldn't shut up about how great it would be for America to get a black president for muh civil rights and other stuff (Im not American myself btw. but went to an all white rich elite school).


No, America is a much different country in that it has always been multicultural. I obviously have not been in lands much, however the sentiment that French population has towards multiculturalism and jewry doesn't paint a good picture. Last election you had a kosher civic nationalist vs a straight up Rothschild banker, the Rothschild banker still got 66% of the vote. The only party against migration, and is actually very light on anti migration only has a 20% projection of the vote. So it's done, it will get slow genocide either way I don't really see this tide turning at all. Even if someone like Le Pen would get into power it would just be like Trump where migration doesn't actually get fixed but constantly bought up as a point to lure in voters. It's stupid and so controlled and the French population will never do something against this. They'll just blindly go towards a socialist or other idiot offering terrible short term solution that will just further kill culture and whatever remains of the native French.

c7845a  No.12516950


How many revolutions is France on this point? Can't wait to see Macron get chopped, horrible as it sounds and is, it will probably be good for the world.

fd8a09  No.12516952

File: f6cf1cff2c5166a⋯.png (425.23 KB, 894x763, 894:763, bad0a69775e862e0b8a1bc70ae….png)


Burning police cars and molitov cocktails

ISIS grenade strikes and commie stomped in balls

TV news anchors all hanged up with strings

these are a few of my favorite things…

a62553  No.12516955


Well, they're on their Fifth Republic now, so the precedent has been set.

f05fb3  No.12516956


Usually not every round is a tracer round. Good chance that he got hit with a nontracer, and the tracer was a follow-up shot.


Probably because it was yellow jackets (or people pretending to be them, like the police were trying to do) who shot him. They apparently broke into a police vehicle and stole an assault rifle. Why a yellow jacket would be playing rooftop sniper, I don't know.

cffc54  No.12516960

File: 1eb0b1b8a0cade3⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 550x550, 1:1, 77320457e078bb688e26ac4c4a….gif)

Are there any streams live right now?

c7845a  No.12516964


Frenchies need to stop burning private property and start burning down government buildings.

ca3e96  No.12516967


Why do so many English expats move to Southern France and then spend all their time online bitching about how much better England is? Why do English expats do this literally anywhere they go? I see it all over the fucking internet.


Check periscope and youtube for them. I think EU is censoring, but some still go up. Things are quiet through the week though. Saturday will heat up. Some people also covertly stream it on Twitch, but it's hard to find the streams among all the Fortnite and shit. Use the tag France to narrow it down. Also, mind the time zone difference. Searching at this time of night will find nothing because it's 5am in France and everyone is in bed.


Nobody said France doesn't have nukes. They're very open about it. Israel is the one that has them and pretends to hide them but everyone knows they've got them.

4743bd  No.12516968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the song of angry men?

It is the music of a people

Who will not be slaves again!

When the beating of your heart

Matches the beating of the drums,

There is a live about to start

When tomorrow comes!

fd8a09  No.12516969


No. Those are the symbols of the state. They need to attack the substance of the state. See >>12516786

fef26a  No.12516970


this gives me a rush reading it.

25c755  No.12516971


I could be wrong, but pretty sure they aren't protesting right now. Next one is Saturday.

fe96d4  No.12516974


its worth it as much as any game with a quality lore is, most glitches I can think of are typically in multiplayer as it has connection and sync issues, but singleplayer is as good as any fps game

bf3 was the peak battlefield experience imo, simply because the mechanics were fun as shit

but of course (((EA))) has to ruin all things good

>tl;dr yes, play the singleplayer

4743bd  No.12516975


Just watch Les Miserables

fef26a  No.12516976


I read the book years ago.

cffc54  No.12516977

File: b99d42a821343c2⋯.gif (279.67 KB, 615x720, 41:48, b99d42a821343c2b47c798adf3….gif)

cb3ea6  No.12516981


you're wrong, dozens and dozens of students were arrested today for rioting

c7845a  No.12516983


Substance of the state being? I say bypass the police/military as much as possible and just go for the politicians. Macron has already gotten close enough to be egged in the head, he's more than close enough to take a bullet to the head.

c7845a  No.12516985


politicians and their financiers, bankers etc. Not even the nazis killed the bankers, they ransomed them out for large sums of money in at least a couple cases.

c7845a  No.12516988


I may be wrong on that, only seen one get ransomed out, don't take my words as facts please.

676bd8  No.12516992


100% guaranteed all Left-leaning if not nascent Communists.

fe96d4  No.12516993


that isnt the point at all, the point is that if something does go kaboom it will likely be a big one, and not be the doing of nationalist frogs

fd8a09  No.12516994

File: d212825fe59f86a⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 721x647, 721:647, 28327aa2263126c3bc9ccbbf53….jpg)


The substance of the state is power stations, water pumps, railroad bridges, all those feats of civil engineering you take for granted. If you really want to collapse a state you have to make people uncomfortable.

209183  No.12516997

File: 012239ec628ff06⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, fight.png)


You gotta fight. Never give into blackpillers

17fc7b  No.12516998


the only people who say that entirely ignorant of history, especially their own

cb3ea6  No.12517000

File: 9162e61699527e1⋯.jpg (318.9 KB, 772x991, 772:991, turner diaries the order.jpg)


>muh left right paradigm

The system is what is evil. The niggers aren't oppressing you. It's this Jew capitalist system

24a7b1  No.12517003

File: c16793fa8ad5cec⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 629x914, 629:914, 55ca7bf75c664ab7f89d456ddb….jpg)


The Niggers are like wild animals, they are only threat because they are (((let))) into our nations, and not all deported back to Africa like they should be.

7bf104  No.12517004


You can argue that Brettany and perhaps Provençal speaking southern France are 'artificially' French, but the French nationstate has existed for a long time, and was one of the earliest nationstates of Europe during the ancien regime.

3dd3c4  No.12517005

>>12517000 (Checked)

Confirmed SIEGEPilled riots.

ca3e96  No.12517006


Variations on #giletsjaunes and just the words gilets jaunes (also the singular,gilet jaune) are good terms to search. Also, gillets, giletes, and gilletes are common misspellings I've seen so might so might try those as well. Also Paris and France and their hashtag variants are good search terms. Other cities you know there are protests in can be searched as well. A shame Periscope's map function no longer works, or at least it doesn't for me. That got me all the good footage during Hurricane Harvey.


Small scale. A few hundred students burned a handful of cars. Compared to 300k people burning an art museum and assaulting the Arc De Triomphe it's nothing. There are always some people in the street to keep up the pressure, but the real action is on the weekends.


>Disable power substation that feeds no-go zone

>Muslims begin to chimp without power


>Race war

dd01e5  No.12517008


Do keep in mind that Kikepedia says Canada's gun ownership is like 30 guns:100 people as well, despite the fact that Cooey, a Canadian firearms manufacturer (defunct) sold like 11 million firearms alone. A half decent estimate would be at least double what Kikepedia has for any Western country. Statistics Canada did a report in 1974 on the number of firearms in the country. It found that there were roughly 11 million firearms in the country, with an additional 250k added every year after seizures and destruction were accounted for. If those numbers have remained constant (and according to fluff pieces put out by anti-gun media here all the time, they have) we'd be at something like 22M+ guns.

The numbers aren't always bang on. It's hard to get an "estimate" for something when you're relying on your chattel to be good little goys and actually tell you what they have.

24a7b1  No.12517009

File: 73bbbde028b0847⋯.jpg (51.55 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 3bb449f35aee54c2b90796c0e6….jpg)


All Niggers, and nigger lovers (those who think niggers have a place in Europe or America) should be deported to Africa.

fd8a09  No.12517010

File: 9c3d9d1f67a6348⋯.jpg (152.76 KB, 1197x756, 19:12, 1446000486550.jpg)


Anon, you misspelled murder. Hasn't pathological altruism done enough?

983e78  No.12517013


>deported back to Africa like they should be.

What will it takes for you to learn that keeping niggers around is a bad idea?

c24fc0  No.12517016

File: e811d9b08b39247⋯.jpg (430.51 KB, 640x641, 640:641, police dam.jpg)


1589 kill white race traitor first

The niggers will swim back to Africa when the white liberals and kikes are slain, which are the only true forces able to take down the white race from within>>12517003

8999a6  No.12517021

File: 1dd736245818776⋯.mp4 (4.51 MB, 360x360, 1:1, ipt11.mp4)

They're really scared.

f17a3f  No.12517026

Revolutions are nice and all, but do you guys think the French will solve the jew/shitskin problem?

0d7c8e  No.12517033


>Gather up a bunch of your friends

>raid mosque

Congrats, you now have more weapons than some governments.

cb3ea6  No.12517035


when propaganda fails, install totalitarianism

cb3ea6  No.12517037


wow that's a great point. Mosks are probably full of guns and grenades

fef26a  No.12517040


>that kid who scratches his balls .


8999a6  No.12517041


What would have the cops done if they all got up at the same time and walked away?

9facd1  No.12517042

And if the media, the populations lord and savior, doesn't show it, no one will care, do anything, know anything happened, and will continue about their lives. No mainstream media coverage, or biased coverage, coupled with social media censorship, and it's done. The average person is incapable of critical or independent thought.

1dd8ab  No.12517043


>French niggers will run back to Africa

African niggers don't want foreign niggers anymore than we do.

9facd1  No.12517044


Also still not convinced these yellow vest faggots aren't leftists, so I don't even know if I support them yet.

aa6c31  No.12517045


>Only Israel can have borders. >:(((((((

Silly rabbit, Israel has no borders…

>The 1949 Rhodes Armistice Agreements specifically state that these lines “are not to be construed as recognized international borders in any manner” and that final borders will be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties.

>This was followed by a series of UN resolutions rejected by the Arab League states in their entirety, all the way up to and including UNSCR 242 and onward

9facd1  No.12517048



>niggers are not foreign to france, they're foreign to africa

Are you retarded?

1dd8ab  No.12517050


African niggers hate niggers not born in nigger land. Would it have helped if I said foreign born?

714859  No.12517053


lol which one of you is this?

209183  No.12517054

File: 228590571d33a13⋯.jpg (200.92 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, z1.jpg)





what is it with art being depressing/cruel/dystopian and then flipping to cute anime girls?

67e7e2  No.12517055

>frogs actually doing shit instead of shoving baguettes up their own asses all day

good job faggots. The fire rises.

000000  No.12517059



This is a perfect opportunity to deploy the EU military and quell the dissenters.

000000  No.12517063


The ones who plan on assaulting the Bastille are going to be martyrs.

9facd1  No.12517064


No one cares what they like or dislike. They're all the same people, and not a single one belongs in a European country.

d82167  No.12517067

So frenchfags, are some of yalls military and police going rogue and joining the calls of their people?

24a7b1  No.12517068

File: 20415844973a6f9⋯.png (222.76 KB, 811x366, 811:366, c4d3f7df9de4d6892978cac703….png)


Let their own kind deal with their own kind.

fe96d4  No.12517071


there is a time for war and a time to peace

one tells us what must be done, the other tells why

in life there is both love and hate

one can not exist without the other

men must be strong, but they must also show compassion

our enemies must be hated and our women must be cherished

these are representations of that

1dd8ab  No.12517074



I agree. Let them deal with them hopefully by making them slaves

aa6c31  No.12517076

File: 83e2f84123f1895⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 550x385, 10:7, guillotine_23.jpg)

File: 85423b718add887⋯.gif (150.15 KB, 489x686, 489:686, zpage179.gif)

File: ccb5ff0be62d145⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 576x368, 36:23, bernard de launay's head.jpg)

File: 0be3f836dcc2537⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 476x609, 68:87, Capture.jpg)

File: 79c7b6d665962cb⋯.jpg (98.24 KB, 537x556, 537:556, 79772ed2c25379f510967c765c….jpg)

24a7b1  No.12517078

File: 8b1d5c8cc3f9b39⋯.png (858.06 KB, 652x879, 652:879, 5407865efac215615bbcf13424….png)


They need to assault the Banks and Rothschild's assets to be meaningful.

2cb1a4  No.12517081


there was once a girl named mary

whose pussy was so goddamned hairy

she shaved it all off

dumped the hair in a trough

and now I'm eating that pussy all day long and I don't give a fuck if it doesn't rhyme anymore

ca3e96  No.12517083


They are. http://archive.is/LKw8i


They're literally anyone discontent with the government. I've seen 1488 and hammer and sickle.


Why is that? Is the government really planning on defending it?


Not French, but some are planning on it by what I hear. Two or three have already been courtmartialed.

24a7b1  No.12517085

File: 42be68462f6447b⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 1278x716, 639:358, 05ddd453a4a73e97df1f788326….jpg)


However, the mass media is the most important target. The meta-narrative determines the future.

9facd1  No.12517088


>and hammer and sickle

And they haven't been beaten down? Pathetic.

d82167  No.12517095


Damn bro, even with the riots of the recent years, nothing has really happened like this. This is bringing Macron to his knees.

2cb1a4  No.12517096

File: 4a6d0d83ad979b7⋯.png (29.26 KB, 1346x186, 673:93, that date though.png)




9ae6fe  No.12517101

File: 9a6ee37d200e407⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 248x184, 31:23, 1362509805276.gif)


Fuck you for reminding me she's gone and died so young.

ca3e96  No.12517102


It's just evidence that they're full of guns. Think, they've had two years to resupply.

d2c11a  No.12517103


>Macron can use enough ultraviolence to stop them

If he does, the military will turn against him.

74e211  No.12517110







2cb1a4  No.12517114

File: f0b18f7c65581aa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 380.23 KB, 873x967, 873:967, screenshot-8ch.net-2018.12….png)


almost 3

I went over to the q-faggots channel and they are discussing q-faggotry from Jan 2018. Pathetic.

They need to get with the fucking program or kill themselves already.

fd8a09  No.12517125


That will admit that there's a free-for-all on power in the western world. Check your weapons.

ca3e96  No.12517133


Macron gonna get Qadaffi'd. Where will he buy his mercenaries?

fe96d4  No.12517140


the darkweb lol

a19610  No.12517141


He'll need some with a lot of loyalty for hired guns

fe96d4  No.12517144


or perhaps hes wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of france

2cb1a4  No.12517149

File: 479d055f9b4877e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 633.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dark web TRIPLE scan.png)


Experian Dark Web TRIPLE Scan

2cb1a4  No.12517150


I'm going to troll this on /g/ - brb

4e32bf  No.12517151


Do normies not understand that's just a data mining tool?

b9690f  No.12517154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Official thread theme song.

22b790  No.12517157


boomers dont, no

000000  No.12517159

macron will die, moloch will get his sacrifice.

4e32bf  No.12517164


Do they believe that anything actually gets "hacked"? Every hack is an intentional leak selling of information. Why do normies trust this garbage?

7d18d5  No.12517165

Is it about 5AM in france yet? Any update, we got any frogs here tot ell us whats habbedings?

aa6c31  No.12517169



thanks a lot

2cb1a4  No.12517170

File: 5930b940d5284f0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 437.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, g dark web TRIPLE scan.png.png)


Everyone is probably either still sleeping or getting ready for work.


on /g/ - pic related

fe96d4  No.12517175


toppest kek lad

2cb1a4  No.12517181


>what I do when I'm bored

522a53  No.12517202


/g/ here is dead newfag.

ce298c  No.12517218


If you guys can get me the transpo, I can get you all kinds of fun stuff. I doubt that will happen. Your best bet is eastern European firearms. It makes the logistics easier

aa6c31  No.12517220


This is funny because you know how much niggers love riots, anarchy and arson. Yet for all the shitskins in Paris that crowd of rioting gilets jaunes was 99.99% white.

Shitskins must know in the marrow of their bones they're not welcome in that particular fight.

2cd800  No.12517250

File: cba109abf84a977⋯.webm (8.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ferrets.webm)


i love the sound of rain

wearing a hat and cane

tiffany window pane is lovely to see

frost on a window sill, the feel of a dollar bill

vacations in brazil fill me with glee

these are all the little things that make me smile

this all the stuff that makes life worthwhile

everybody knows the holocaust was a lie

so let's sing about the things we like and don't be shy!

4c3af3  No.12517254



fe96d4  No.12517257


just some liposuction and plastic surgery and he will be his ghost in the shell waifu in no time, I mean just look at those perky little tits!

aa6c31  No.12517260


If there have been and will be snipers on rooftops prepared to kill gilets jaunes, were they IDF? That's usually the case in situations like this.

111a23  No.12517263


This. America doesn't invade countries for oil. A sane country invades other countries for natural resources. America is so fucking crazy, they invade countries because they actually believe the bullshit they spew about "freedumbs and democracy" and "muh human rights".

4efa3d  No.12517267

File: 02aea68027ffbaf⋯.jpg (133.25 KB, 717x664, 717:664, Accelerationism_original_d….jpg)

File: bee8154bf85062e⋯.jpg (139.23 KB, 703x687, 703:687, Accelerationism_original_o….jpg)

File: 5cc9fb57d250817⋯.jpg (117.55 KB, 649x578, 649:578, Accelerationism_original_p….jpg)

File: 47e7f50fad7fc86⋯.jpg (98 KB, 2130x1109, 2130:1109, Make Him An Offer He Cant ….JPG)

4efa3d  No.12517275

File: fc1f9550bc951b7⋯.jpg (278.15 KB, 1000x976, 125:122, 1418257095091.jpg)

File: b64c07e8d263374⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

File: ff9e204c67c82a1⋯.png (727 KB, 941x704, 941:704, Duty.PNG)


>America is so fucking crazy, they invade countries because they actually believe the bullshit they spew about "freedumbs and democracy" and "muh human rights".


Nigger, nobody believes that shit at this point, not even the Boomer scum who pretend they do.

America is so fucking crazy, it goes to war because rich Jews who hate America want them to kill the enemies of Israel/international Jewry. We're basically completely suicidal at this point, but hey, them's the breaks.

1926 will be 250 years of the American Empire.

Nothing lasts forever… What you should be concerned with is, what comes after it falls?

4efa3d  No.12517276

422914  No.12517281

File: ff9f823dfe8ea27⋯.jpg (20.44 KB, 521x480, 521:480, diamonds.jpg)

I hope the French get this revolution started and it spreads world wide. Fuck, I'm hard as diamonds thinking about the happening.

4efa3d  No.12517293

File: 206aaedd62b9d48⋯.gif (2.29 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1418774372742.gif)


You and me both, brother.

Born too late sail the seas.

Born too early to explore the stars.

Born just in time to herald the fall of World Jewry.

422914  No.12517301

File: 14c8284af0a9ece⋯.webm (7.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, burn baby burn.webm)


Everyone is invited to the globalist BBQ

4efa3d  No.12517306

File: cd675b886e82b6f⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, 389:279, 1417234075521.gif)

e345a0  No.12517312

File: fd6e38726e2e68a⋯.png (363.83 KB, 1013x1200, 1013:1200, 1486288897735.png)


422914  No.12517317

File: 978872f1834a645⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 1280x688, 80:43, happening prep.webm)

File: 2f4901e82ed9074⋯.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, happening storm.webm)

File: 26ff91bc65bc9a0⋯.webm (6.08 MB, 450x450, 1:1, comfy pepe happening.webm)

b75d03  No.12517328


Where are the BUY GOLD signs?

89141b  No.12517334

if there is a civil war what will the factions be? native frogs vs. shitskins and liberals/communists? these protestors are too diverse (literally shitskins have been joining too) and the only thing they have in common is opposition to the current gov. what are their concrete demands beyond macron resigning or getting offed? what are the proposed solutions pre and post governmental reform?

88d3c9  No.12517344

File: 90772ace96434e6⋯.png (820.91 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


> these protestors are too diverse (literally shitskins have been joining too)

the shitskins only joined in later to loot

fe96d4  No.12517346


just look at the factions that were present before and toward the end of the weimar republic, you observation is spot on.

It will essentially be Weimar #2: African Boogaloo

which means it will be the same as before (nationalists vs commies) but +mud edition

422914  No.12517349


step 1: kill globalists

step 2: celebrate

step 3: celebrate harder

398d2c  No.12517352

File: 2ac3d1a3b49c3f9⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 500x330, 50:33, kekzilla.jpg)


>Assholes and lego's

>Godzilla looms

>you hope too much

47cdee  No.12517354


Keep going Frogs, don't let up. We are pulling for you in the United States. Hopefully France will provide the first images of terrified Western technocrats being marched into tribunals.

ca3e96  No.12517356


It'll be a Syria type shitshow. Government forces vs anti-government forces vs other anti-government forces vs communists vs pro-government proxies vs anti-government proxies vs whatever the hell proxies Israel wants to support vs international peacekeepers vs international peacekeepers but with authentic Israeli flavor vs Nazis vs Purity-spiraling Nazis vs people that just like to fight vs ANTIFA vs anarchists that get along with ANTIFA vs anarchists that don't get along with ANTIFA vs… you get the picture. The only side that will be unified is the pro-government forces. The anti-government forces will probably separate into two or three groups based on the criteria of capitalism vs socialism/communism and along pro-diversity vs white nationalist. After the government falls then comes the REAL civil war when these alliances break down and everyone is fighting for control.

0d7c8e  No.12517368


Maybe like the Spanish civil war was? A major clusterfuck.

61089d  No.12517394

File: 4951f85ca61d94f⋯.png (754.12 KB, 781x767, 781:767, 1543962229951.png)


Makes sense to me.

f948b2  No.12517402


1. Not an argument.

2. Strawman. Reported for spam.

3. Thanks for admitting you have no evidence for anyhting you claimed.


Not even remotely what was said. Kill yourself.


>truth is defeatism

>oy vey I don’t have to prove my claims

What the fuck is wrong with you kikes? Do you think you’re blending in?

12eae6  No.12517404

Macron, whore of the Jews.

e08846  No.12517410

File: 62d1a6199067a3b⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 1271349779595.jpg)

comfy times ahead

b75d03  No.12517417


Oh, that’s a woman in the middle left. The thumbnail made me think it was a klingon. France has got everything.

2cd800  No.12517423



Patrician taste, brother.

11ba3a  No.12517521

File: 66aa7507f64374b⋯.png (76.5 KB, 283x352, 283:352, 787894465312.png)


>all evidence to the contrary

And by all evidence, you are not French. Media untrustfulness is one of the reasons the movement keeps going and growing.


>You realize jews control all search engines and social media, right?

Yeah, that's why Démocratie Participative, the most rabid counter-semitic French website in existence, is still referenced by Google.

Owning is not controlling', you limp-wristed anus-faced faglord. The internet is like a skin with severe acne. When you pop a zit, 5 more appear.


>Pay attention. People DO NOT FUCKING CARE and will not revolt, no matter how much proof is provided

In your country maybe, but we French don't give a single damn about what you retarded homes think. We massively support Gilets Jaunes, and since shitskins smell blood, watch the clusterfuck from saturday on.



Yeah, like Gilets Jaunes give a fuck about NATO and EU at the moment. This is a revolution dumbass, don't count on France at the geopolitical level ffrom now on. Leaving the EU, NATO and bringing back work camps for you kosher pill faggots will come, but not on Saturday. On Saturday there will be blood, just blood.

209183  No.12517523


d61a8e  No.12517524


Moshe is angry.

6f5d29  No.12517598


I found this:


maybe this can help against the anti-riot tanks.

fd720d  No.12517606


Not until based tank stopper was out of earshot and out of sight

37456b  No.12517643

File: 066da73ea4dbf42⋯.jpg (68.89 KB, 710x982, 355:491, 066da73ea4dbf4295601c550cd….jpg)


Moshe always gets angry when he is scared.

6f5d29  No.12517649


when NATO disolves america will take their troops back from europe and russia will invade europe because russia is under their control since the communist took power.

e026df  No.12517656


The US is far more likely to intervene on behalf of Macron and the current French government if this anti-jew sentiment continues to percolate than it is to remove its troops.

37456b  No.12517670

File: e6289278b4892b0⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 551x288, 551:288, cc3faf7b095b7666.jpg)


I see absolutely no sign of Trump sending troops to the middle of fucking Europe. The kikes might kvetch at him to do so but he has been a very naughty goy.

e026df  No.12517675


He doesn't need to send troops to the middle of Europe – they are already there ready to go.

37456b  No.12517679


Still a big order to give with massive backlash. Meanwhile I don't even know what kind of troops are stationed there and if the have what it takes to quell the protests, assuming they are even willing to do so.

6f5d29  No.12517686


>The US is far more likely to intervene on behalf of Macron and the current French government if this anti-jew sentiment continues to percolate than it is to remove its troops.

Are you really that delusional. Europe is a competitor to the US and Trump is the most pro jews and pro israel president the US ever had.

trump rothschild conection







6f5d29  No.12517691



Sorry I misread your comment.

e026df  No.12517694


Backlash from who? The overwhelmingly non-White American public young enough to do anything about it? The Evangelical crowd? The neo-liberal establishment? Red state Randy and his mouthful of freedom fries?

4ab47a  No.12517704

File: 5830b3696cb1832⋯.png (183.84 KB, 800x1082, 400:541, US_military_bases_in_Germa….png)


Also Germany isn't that far, which is where the largest concentration of them is. All they have to do is hop the border.

505cb3  No.12517725


>Europe is a competitor to the US

No, it isn't. They are the left and the right arm of the same integrated (((entity))).

37456b  No.12517727


A new flavour of desperation. Do you kikes really think you can do anything to stop us?

942d04  No.12517753