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File: 1b3b248428bcefb⋯.jpg (66.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trudeau_cuck.jpg)

a35d40  No.12515719

Gilets Leafes

>Inspired by the French, Leafs inspired by Gilets Jaunes begin Canada Post backlash against Trudeau.

"Police and courts enforce Trudeau’s law criminalizing Canada Post strike"

By Roger Jordan

4 December 2018

The police and courts are working hand-in-glove with Canada Post to enforce the reactionary law Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government passed last week illegalizing job action by the Crown Corporation’s 50,000 letter carriers, mail sorters, delivery truck drivers and postal clerks.

Indeed, they have effectively extended the anti-strike law into a legal ban on any protest that impedes Canada Post’s operations.

Six peaceful protesters were arrested Sunday evening for picketing a Canada Post facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Reports indicate the police acted extremely provocatively outside the Almon Street sorting station, where a small group of protesters had set up a picket line to prevent mail delivery vehicles from entering the facility.

The police declared the protest a “serious threat to public safety” and ordered the participants to clear the road, even though protesters had used no physical force or threat of any kind to block the mail trucks. Those who did not abide the police order were detained and now face criminal charges of mischief and obstructing a police officer.

Earlier, Canada Post had gone to court in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and obtained injunctions prohibiting anyone from obstructing or preventing vehicles or persons from entering or exiting its facilities. “We have asked the police for assistance and we are considering all available legal options,” declared Canada Post in a press release Saturday.

The Halifax protest was part of a series of stunts mounted by “allies” of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)—that is by the Canadian Labour Congress, its affiliates and sections of the pseudo-left—to cover up the unions’ abject capitulation to the Liberals’ draconian back-to-work law. Labeled community pickets, all of the protests have been relatively small affairs, with most comprised of a handful of union functionaries.

(cont. Below



a35d40  No.12515727

For legal reasons, CUPW is not officially sponsoring these protests, which have been held at a wide array of locations. Those at postal sorting stations that have “blocked” mail trucks have included no postal workers, and lasted no more than two or three hours.

Despite the protests’ toothless character, Canada Post management has provocatively declared them “illegal protests” and secured the backing of the courts to criminalize and repress them.

This further escalation of the state assault on postal workers only serves to underscore that they and the working class as a whole must mount a political struggle.

In their fight against precarious employment, two tier-wages, unsafe working conditions, speed-up and declining real wages, postal workers are opposing not just a ruthless employer determined to squeeze bigger profits. They are challenging the class strategy of the entire ruling class and therefore of its political hirelings in the Liberal government. All are determined to make the working class pay for the capitalist crisis through the destruction of public services and the gutting of workers’ social rights.

Big business howled for the illegalization of postal workers’ five-week campaign of rotating strikes, not just because they wanted to cash in on the Christmas online shopping rush. They, along with the Liberal government and the entire political establishment, feared the postal workers’ struggle could trigger a much broader mobilization of working people.

The issues that prompted a near unanimous vote for strike action by postal workers in September—a vast expansion of “flexible,” part-time and precarious jobs, the slashing of pensions, decades of wage stagnation and a dramatic intensification of workloads due to technological change—are not merely problems for postal workers. The vast majority of workers in both the public and private sectors, in Canada and around the world, face like conditions.

a35d40  No.12515728

The same week the postal workers’ strike was outlawed, the automaker General Motors announced the slashing of 14,500 jobs across North America, including that closure of its Oshawa, Ontario, plant. Meanwhile in France, the “yellow vest” movement, driven by opposition to deepening social inequality and the austerity agenda of the Macron government, continued to swell despite a brutal state crackdown.

The assault on postal workers mounted by the Liberal government, now joined by the courts and police, has been made possible chiefly due to the impotence and complicity of CUPW and its “allies.”

Adamantly opposed to making the postal workers’ struggle the spearhead of a political and industrial counter-offensive against the austerity policies of the ruling elite, CUPW has from the outset systematically worked to isolate and demobilize postal workers.

Despite being armed with an overwhelming strike mandate, CUPW President Mike Palecek refused to call a nationwide strike. Instead, he restricted postal workers to a campaign of regional rotating strikes, which he himself acknowledged were aimed at having as little impact on Canada Post’s business operations as possible.

More fundamentally, Palecek and the entire CUPW bureaucracy maintained a deafening silence on the threat of the Trudeau government outlawing the strike, although it was obvious that Canada Post was relying on government intervention to enforce its attacks, as it has for decades. Even after Trudeau all but publicly announced that such a law was being prepared, Palecek and CUPW continued to evade the issue for another week-and-a-half.

This is because the CUPW bureaucrats feared any discussion of the impending clash between postal workers and the government would have exposed the need to expand the struggle, rally support from the working class and transform the strike into a working-class political struggle against the Liberal government and big business as a whole.

CUPW pursued this disastrous strategy because it, like the CLC and the rest of the trade union bureaucracy, enjoy close political ties to the Liberals and the entire establishment, including the pro-capitalist New Democratic Party, and is terrified of the eruption of a genuine working-class challenge to capitalist austerity.

Palecek stumped for Trudeau’s election in 2015 on the basis that he represented a “progressive” alternative to Stephen Harper’s Tories. He opposed any and all job action during the 2016 contract dispute, claiming that nothing should be allowed to “disrupt” the work of a Liberal-appointed task force studying the future of the post office. Predictably, that task force lined up behind the demands of Canada Post management. And even as the Liberals were ramming their strikebreaking law through parliament, Palecek and the CUPW continued to plead with them to live up to their phony “progressive” promises, while issuing not a single appeal to the working class for support.

After ordering workers back to their jobs without a single issue having been resolved, Palecek proclaimed that the struggle was entering a “new phase,” and that the union would challenge the Liberals’ outlawing of the strike in the courts. These are the same courts that have repeatedly upheld antiworker laws—such that the right to strike has all but become a legal fiction—and have now criminalized even the token “community pickets” organized by CUPW’s allies.

Recent events demonstrate the correctness of the World Socialist Web Site’s insistence from the beginning of the Canada Post dispute that if workers are to achieve their just demands, they must broaden their struggle and transform it from a collective bargaining dispute into a working class political struggle.

This requires a political and organizational break with CUPW. At every workplace, postal workers should form action committees to prepare a national strike in defiance of the Liberals’ strikebreaking law and relaunch their struggle as part of a working-class counter-offensive in defence of all public services and workers’ social and democratic rights, including the right to strike.

eb48bd  No.12515823


286579  No.12515918

This country doesn't have 10% of the energy the French have - and we even have 100 times less Niggers.

24d665  No.12515963


Look at our history, Canadians are lazy fuckwits who would die before doing anything.

e5a92c  No.12515979


Dear lazy postal faggots: We're not going to turn your marxist whining for money into a yellow vest revolt. Gas in France is the equivalent of $2/litre, that's why they're rioting.

aab1b6  No.12515990


You pathetic faggots still have a foreign leader on your currency.

e6930e  No.12516015

>civil servants being legislated back to work

>civil servants having a labor union at all

postal workers are privileged, entitled cunts just like all civil servants who only pull this shit at christmas, to maximize the cost of their faggotry

>civil servants calling themselves working class to gain sympathy

fucking bullshit



f7d349  No.12516255


>french make up 23% of the population

OK shlomo


jew 2


the shills are strong with this one, they don't want a quarter french canada, shoe in for the next crisis and with the economy in the toilet to reject their own (((rothschild))) cucklord


<another jew

have a bump, OP

24d665  No.12516276


>2$ a litre

American or Canadian dollar? Because Canada is anywhere so between 90 cents to 75 cents away from that.

f63a88  No.12516286

UN compact…

Yet you post this distraction..

66b3a7  No.12516431

Pushing yellow jackets in other countries feels forced, and the conflict in France already feels forced, what with their 'order 22' getting (((accidentally leaked))) spilling the beans about the military being used this upcoming weekend. On the other hand Canada is ready to snap, and this could be useful regardless of whether it's a controlled attempt by the kikes to relieve pressure. It is very easy to pry their weapons out of their hands and use them against them these days.

0b7d41  No.12516527

Its too bad that cpw are pretty open communists.

442e2e  No.12516658

The Canadian government's legal status needs to be challenged and exposed as the illegitimate organization that it is. With that ruling in place I would bet at least 10% of the population will coalesce and become a formidable force for change while the rest cower in fear while watching their tv's/screens

2c0109  No.12516669

In Japan, the Japanese society, which is the majority overwhelming to the other racial groups (usually used "ethnic groups"),

is socially or communally racialistic to the other racial groups formed by non-Japanese-racial people living inside the society

of Japan.

Most of the Japanese-racial people speak badly of features, peculiarities and characteristics of non-Japanese-racial people,

and in addition, the Japanese-racial people gang up to do so.

The Japanese-racial people have no consideration for innate differences between themselves and non-Japanese-racial people.

If you identify the Japanese-racial people of Japan with such Asians in Europe or America as Japanese-American, Korean-American,

Chinese-American, … etc. , you have to accept that anyone can identify "White people supporting apartheid" with "White people

not supporting apartheid".

33056b  No.12516973

File: c920b07e132b586⋯.jpg (49.52 KB, 486x800, 243:400, 41867435189765630987028565….jpg)

Bump for your efforts.

Some people can be happy just because they eat lard, but I am not one of them.

66eee8  No.12517007


Have a bump for Trudeau tears

5f48a0  No.12517027

File: 510e7df548a4587⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1121x1600, 1121:1600, 42f994ba96c60f6aabacbca400….png)

Good, shut down Canada. This country ceased to be anything as soon as it abandoned its Aryan British (and French in Quebec) identity.

5f48a0  No.12517046

File: d4f59543b650b0a⋯.jpg (703.49 KB, 1441x2076, 1441:2076, 49dd42fd68a43d864a4bab1a18….jpg)

The USA was the Land of the Free, and Canada was the British Great White North. WAS.

33056b  No.12517190

File: 15dd80d95c184c5⋯.jpg (78.84 KB, 727x525, 727:525, 3109345564370p2.jpg)

File: 9d5dec4a685ced0⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 769x525, 769:525, 313934743763472920.jpg)

File: 29ee83161069d8f⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 457x654, 457:654, 3109846281t59030258.jpg)

People today wonder "What happened to Canada? How and why did it change so drastically?

Critics say that -starting only a few generations ago in the late 1940s - Canadian government policies began to be strongly influenced by an alien people, a group that's always hostile to their host nation..

I wonder if that's true.

37fe7a  No.12517205

You just need to start rumors that create french upheaval.


I hear trudeau is proposing a substantial tax on your wine!

He is also increasing baguette and cheese control.

9b2e8a  No.12517206


source on that comic?

8eab02  No.12517216


Why are comparing the few to the many?

8eab02  No.12517226

You US and Canadian retards need to stop letting facile rivalries get in the way of your focus on the actual enemies, the enemies of which you share.

78efb7  No.12517568

Lots of kikes shitting up this thread. Must be worried.

Alright listen up dumb fucks. The masses will not move for the postal system. Hate to break it to you.

That being said, on september the 8th at noon Canadians are protesting in pretty much every major city. I'll be in Vancouver outside cityhall in my yellow vest and there will be one on parliament hill. We are protesting the UN global compact for migration. Every 2 weeks after this (So the 22th will be the next one) we will be out protesting in all the major cities again. The Postal protests should work themselves into this.

The Canadian rightwing political youtubers are uniting behind this plan as we speak. We are doing it now show up. The Forgotten Canadian has a vid explaining more or less what whats going on.


Brah shitting on each other is our national past times. I get it seems D&C but usually that's the Jews escalating that shit past good ribbing. Americans are generally braindead when it comes to Canada though and really only know to laugh at Trudeau.

78efb7  No.12517577


fuck I meant *early kikes*

b3469e  No.12517605

This same censorship / corruption happens in capitalism, but 100% of the time in communism they have the exact same playbook. Capitalism and communism are just the same thing. I am 10000000% on board with living wages for every person. Wealth inequality is real. Most Americans are literal debt slaves. I would never ever ever ever ever ever let these self proclaimed socialists/communists be the ones who create the new system. I can't even figure out what these peoples deal is but they are FUCKING RETARDED. None of them have ever done one positive thing for the working class. Communism literally works like this. "omg the gov is corrupt and making people poor let's fix this by giving the government control of everything"

What the fuck? Dude, the problem is greed. Shitty evil people who view humans as objects. Zero compassion. The only way any communism would ever work is if we legally let people make communes of like 1000 people and then they can all share among eachother but when dealing with other cities and shit they use regular commerce systems.

There is actually a way to satisfy both communists and capitalists and it's by destroying the government . Problem is there are millions of cozy npcs retards standing in the way.

People need to understand though that most of these people who wanted Bernt Chicken Tenders are people who work and have aspirations they just know this system is fuckin retarded and rigged.

2c0109  No.12517660

File: bd2e76c28c6a92d⋯.jpg (70.55 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, CAb5_BnUQAARDEc.jpg large.jpg)

File: acff8a2b35bdc37⋯.gif (13.35 KB, 40x50, 4:5, index.gif)

In Japan, the Japanese society, which is the majority overwhelming to the other racial groups (usually used "ethnic groups"),

is socially or communally racialistic to the other racial groups formed by non-Japanese-racial people living inside the society of Japan.

Most of the Japanese-racial people speak badly of features, peculiarities and characteristics of non-Japanese-racial people,

and in addition, the Japanese-racial people gang up to do so.

The Japanese-racial people have no consideration for innate differences between themselves and non-Japanese-racial people.

If you identify the Japanese-racial people of Japan with such Asians in Europe or America as Japanese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Chinese-Americans, … etc. ,

you have to accept that anyone can identify "White people supporting apartheid" with "White people not supporting apartheid".

b5de93  No.12517664

>illegalizing job action

What the fuck is "job action"? Who talks like this? And who the fuck says "hand-in-glove"? As for the rest, what do you expect? Vote communism, get communism. Fuck Canada. No one cares.

b5de93  No.12517669


Go away you low IQ shit-skin monkey. No one cares about your copy-paste shit about slant-eyed monkeys. Filtered.

b5de93  No.12517672


>This same censorship / corruption happens in capitalism

And in National Socialism.

>Capitalism and communism are just the same thing

Objectively not the same. You're uneducated.

>I am 10000000% on board with living wages for every person.

Filtered for marxist bullshit.

7cbc6d  No.12517741


>Objectively not the same. You're uneducated.

Agree in the sense that the West practiced market capitalism and the East state capitalism. Since the fall of the SU a convergence is taking place: the East getting more market-oriented, while we have state capitalism with McDonalds on top.

210e34  No.12517761


I hate to go against workers…but..but…every postie I've known has been a strange twisted worm like creature, a pale squamous worm that has never seen the daylight. Those are the male ones. The female ones tend to be dykes.

It might be interesting if Jordan Peterson did a deep analysis among them to obtain statistics on what percentage attended gay pride parades or were active furries, the kind that wore suffocation suits with piss funnels to the mouth.

97b940  No.12528014

File: 91ada11791bb91e⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 490x346, 245:173, castreau is owned by soros.jpg)



Election next year. We'll see what happens if Quebec and Ontario are stupid enough to elect this faggot again.

5a2449  No.12528604

Lazy ass mailmen and their commie union cunt buddies need beatings.

4507bd  No.12528848


there's too many fucking Muslims and Chinese and you know it

what you really need (and what everyone else else really needs) is politicians who kiss Muslim ass, get their votes, and then turn around and screw them over as soon as they are elected

bc0626  No.12528976


We need a fucking race war. I'm sure we'll get one once hostilities begin in earnest in the United States.

876199  No.12529139


> if Quebec and Ontario are stupid enough to elect this faggot again.

Quebec might but Ontario has already moved to the cuckservative party.

b7829b  No.12529141

Who moved my gear?

31f81b  No.12529335


Op this is a low energy issue. Its a good onenand another example and we should co-opt this of course.

We need better issues. For example talk about the vancouver housing crisis. Tailor it to each city and each province.

Alberta isn't going to much for postal but they are going out for losing oil jobs.

Low energy won't do.

3ad723  No.12529475

b7829b  No.12529479

57 and can still kick your ass piggy.

b88079  No.12529516


You have to be a weird person to be a postal worker. The job is boring and repetitive and despite the union, great pay, and pension… they still bitch and complain. How is it they haven't been replaced by FedEx or DHL yet?

b88079  No.12529522


That was still the British Empire.

444289  No.12529529


The (((cabal))) is hard at work putting forward pea-brained puppets into leadership positions. The puppets don't understand that they are hurting their own people. The people are forced to fight back in big and small ways.

000000  No.12531320


>Gas in France is the equivalent of $2/litre, that's why they're rioting.

It is typically $1.60 in parts of Kanogistan and nobody lifts a finger.

bd09a8  No.12531339


>muh mail

>union faggots have to get marxist "allies" to block trucks after being BTFO in court

No one likes postmen here, over-entitled union lazy faggots.

bd09a8  No.12531343


I filled up for $1.08 in Atlantic Canada yesterday. Quit lying.

bd09a8  No.12531346


Go sort the fucking mail Cliff Claven, we're not paying you more.

9fc7fb  No.12531360


>That was still the British Empire

In fact not only that - the entire war was pretty much won single handed by one British regiment. That broke the Americans in every field it was placed.

The Canadian militia may have bravely fought alongside said regiment but to say anyone other than that regiment won the war is silly. And that would be the 49th of Foot who fought in every major defensive strategic engagement of the war.

>T. Leaf

b13e4c  No.12531841

Godspeed leafs, make Pedeau pay

210e34  No.12533709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fd0348  No.12534643


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