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File: af0c8c26d5df2bd⋯.png (384.37 KB, 547x384, 547:384, kai-murros.png)

f54548  No.12516051

Speaking in London in 2007, Finnish pan-Aryan nationalist and revolutionary theorist Kai Murros delivered inspiring remarks which, if overly optimistic, are nonetheless strikingly prescient and still capable of uplifting morale:

>So, at the moment, the pressure is definitely mounting, and where it will lead in the coming decades – well, next decade, actually. […] I’m looking for[ward to the] next decade very much, because I think that it’s going to be like the new 1960s. It’s going to be a kind of – an explosion of creativity. When there’s pressure, it always helps people to find new solutions. It’s going to be new music, new fashion, new design. It will be such [i.e., so much] like the 1960s – very dramatic decade; but the difference is, that this time it will be totally in the opposite direction […] Everything that was built in the 1960s, everything that was started in the 1960s, it will be torn down. Everything – nothing will be left. This will be truly a new cultural revolution in the western world. It’s going to be wonderful, it’s going to be breathtaking. It’s going to be so creative and, and new ideas, and – everything will be created anew, and especially what has been built for the past forty, fifty years, it will be just wiped out. […] Just mark my words. So, what you have, then, is this nationalist undercurrent. It’s already very strong. […] It’s like, in a river, the top water is green, smelly, putrid, and almost like it’s not moving anywhere; but if you go deeper, there’s this dark undercurrent of clear water, and it’s just waiting to surface. And when that happens – well, it’s going to be great. […]

>It’s so ironic that as […] this process, this project is going on, they are actually creating their own enemy. […] So one day these fat, impotent liberals, they will be seeing these young cadres of the national revolution and they will be saying, “You created us. We are your creation. Think about it!” And once the liberals realize, “My God! We have created our own worst nightmare,” it’s going to be quite terrible, and it’s going to be very soon, and I just want to see their faces when that happens. So, that’s why, like I said, I am very, very optimistic. But it’s amazing that now we can see very clearly that the project that has been going on since the 1960s and what was the ideal then is actually producing its totally opposite. […] If Marx was here he would say this is dialectics in history.

e53964  No.12516081


>the alt-kike

e46e7b  No.12516093


Reminder to just filter trash like this without dragging the thread down. Filter anyone else who consistently engages the poster. Derailments work in teams.

c04d78  No.12516106

File: f03047b75ee8734⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1123x829, 1123:829, signs1.png)

File: da32903b8e48dca⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, signs2.jpg)




The Left has a greater capacity to profit from Chaos.

The Right has no infrastructure whatever to co-opt social revolution and discontent.

4967aa  No.12516114

File: b443ed8cb712638⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 3a82f050ff2c72eb1a00a79121….jpg)

>"So one day these fat, impotent liberals, they will be seeing these young cadres of the national revolution and they will be saying, 'You created us. We are your creation. Think about it!' And once the liberals realize, 'My God! We have created our own worst nightmare,' it’s going to be quite terrible, and it’s going to be very soon, and I just want to see their faces when that happens."

A man can only dream.

d06d2b  No.12516129

File: a9d8742a5878018⋯.png (1008.25 KB, 1000x2735, 200:547, Dicky Spencer in his own w….png)

File: 13b92d32c0ea884⋯.png (413.22 KB, 1000x1845, 200:369, Jared Taysachs in his own ….png)

File: b05956438013ab5⋯.jpg (158.65 KB, 675x1020, 45:68, Judas Goats cover.jpg)

I think the chapter in Michael Collins Piper's 2006 book The Judas Goats about Jared Taylor and "zionist-friendly nationalism" was a better prediction of the aut-kike.

c162d4  No.12516192


>the Alt-Right


regardless, anyone who was following the NrX/accelerationist/Dark Enlightenment blogosphere at the time probably had some inkling of what was to come, we just didn't know what kind of e-celeb cringefest it was going to devolve into.

5e007d  No.12516206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of the best pieces of propaganda I've seen.

78342e  No.12516263


If the left are so good at profiting from chaos why are they and the likes running scared from the yellow vests while more and more are blaming Jewish bankers for everything bad?

c04d78  No.12516293


Literally nobody in MSM is blaming 'jewish bankers'.

Anyone considered 'far right' has been sent home from the protests.

There is almost a complete media blackout on the riots.

They won't be covered until the Left has a grip on the direction of them.

That is an example of the Left's almost total control of chaos

1e0f3b  No.12516466

Chairman Kai is a highly underrated White maoist.

a8079b  No.12516474


best post

ff29d8  No.12516488


Of course the MSM has't mentioned Jewish Bankers. The protesters have though, a lot.

The 'far right' are very much involved. Stop lying.

There is a blackout. It's not working.

The left won't get a grip here. This is organic and they're chanting 'they have to go back' in many places and calling for Trump.

The left has no control here. This movement is now explicitly anti globalist.

Source: I live in France

c04d78  No.12516559

File: 24a0d88e7299574⋯.jpeg (68.53 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 800.jpeg)


I've only seen a couple of photos of proof that there is a serious Right element.

One banner on an overpass about Jews. Which is good, it just looks stupid anyway.

>they're chanting 'they have to go back' in many places and calling for Trump.

I would be happy to see evidence of that Anon.

Thanks and take care out there.

c04d78  No.12516580

File: 9d293a50764e3a0⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2940x2143, 2940:2143, mugshots.jpg)


Also the Left literally studies revolutionary situations, they have vast business networks set up to shelter and employ 'Activists' who spend the bulk of their time setting up shell organizations to be filled by Revolutionaries.

These shell organizations can come under any number of names and guises, but their function is to virtue spiral them Left, or at least know where the intractable Rightists are so they can be eliminated by imprisonment or death.

They study the theory of revolution

They study how Bolsheviks took over Kerensky's Provisional Government

They have mole elements in Rightist and Centrist organizations like the mostly-neutral State orgs like Police

The Left has been doing their fucking homework.

The Right is far more honest and has no infrastructure for this at all.

The Right's idea is that a popular groundswell of anti-Globalist hate will result in RWDS and Day of the Rope

That is exactly what the Left wants them to do.

That is exactly how Communist Revolutions function.

The Left knows this, they have prepared for it, and they have massive funding and MATURE ex-Activists deep in every Institution that counts.

Pic related is a relatively new development in the US

In France, their movement is 80 years old or better. Maybe 120 years old.

Godspeed to you if you are an actual Yellow Vester, Anon.

352eab  No.12516582


>I would be happy to see evidence of that Anon.

There is literally a whole thread about it, being shilled to hell.

c04d78  No.12516614


Yeah it is being shilled to fuck.

c04d78  No.12516619

File: 0f76684d5132e3f⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1744x5008, 109:313, 1544035171384.jpg)


I'll check that out again.

Been getting information in the past from otherchan but need to see what cripples have to say.

e53964  No.12516697



>relevant in 2018

c04d78  No.12516702


It's highly relevant

It's what most people watch

CNN is watched more overseas than it is in the USA

Most people get their information from Pozzed MSM, Comic Book Movies, and their national broadcaster

0d0144  No.12516705

It started in 2004.

e53964  No.12516707


>It's highly relevant


>CNN is watched more overseas than it is in the USA

Which is irrelevant because 90% of people know it is propaganda and 100% of people who watch it are retarded.

67155e  No.12516748


retards still vote including the dead ones

e53964  No.12516762


All people who vote are retards, by definition.

57600e  No.12516861


I don't like these info-graphics. Spencer is not Jewish, he's just a dispenser for /pol/ memes, even ironic ones like National Bolshevism or homoerotic propaganda, I remember these threads in 2016. Hell, I even remember someone posted "being anti-homoerotic is anti-white". Same with the "Israel is based and nationalist" meme that was pushed 2015-2018, thankfully it is dying out. Spencer simply just digested all the memes as truth and started dispensing them to the mainstream. I believe he isn't very self aware and probably has high functioning autism to be honest. I don't even know why he does all his autistic parade, he's probably a NatSoc in denial, and sympathizes with us 99%, however he can't admit it in public. In the end I can't tell if he's a fool or a smart guy with a plan.

Jared Taylor is more like an appeaser, the "I don't want to look more evil than I already look", the "intellectual", the good face of white nationalism, sadly, this misses the point of the JQ which IMO is fundamental.

I don't believe either of them are controlled by Jews though, I wouldn't attack them because it ends up being divisive but I don't believe either of them should lead the new nationalist currents that are rising in America, they're just not suited for leadership. However, can beggars be choosers?

Spencer is way too involved in controversy, Jared doesn't have any leadership, Duke destroys everything that he touches because of his reputation (though I like him the most), Heimbach looks like a fast slob and Invictus is just fucking crazy. I believe if I had to choose, sadly I'd choose Spencer because of lack of better options.

I think having Trump until 2024 is the best thing realistically, afterwards Bannon who's more nationalist (but still a Zionist) while fermenting the grounds of National Socialism in America, hopefully we can win in 2032.

000000  No.12516893

He looks like a goddamned chinaman and has the name of one.



fuck off

57600e  No.12516910

>>12516861 (cont)

We're not winning an election in 2032 without massive violence and revolutionary activities though. National Socialism can't take over America purely by revolution, it would collapse America and lose all popular support ("it's your fault everything went to hell Nazis!" t. Republican). We can't however, realistically, win an election fair and square. What America need is a combination of both, revolutionary acts to remove teachers, professors, media personalities and overall any decadent individuals from important positions where they exercise influence over the people , by any means necessary. This is to retain the control over education and media before taking power, this is very important. The other necessary activity is to create some sort of SA in America, doesn't matter if it's full of skinheads because its purpose will be to eradicate (or neutralize) Antifa and any other opposition by fear and any other means, they of course will have to be purged from the criminals and subhumans that inevitably will join them, but only after we take power. Antifa and Jews need to fear us before we're even in position of taking power, they have to fear going to their homes late at night. This is the Kampfzeit that America needs, the one that will give us total victory. Owning libtards and antifa with dank memes just isn't enough.

I've heard a lot of pro-military propaganda here that would support a military coup, let me tell you directly that that's the worst idea possible. A military coup would crush the possibilities of true fascism and national socialism rising to power. The military by nature, unless it's a Stratocracy which won't happen in the near future, separates the population in two groups, the governing military caste and the civilians. The division grows so strong that the country ends up disunited. And while you might support the authoritarian values that a military junta might offer, they will inevitably collapse product of the national disunity and fascism's name will be tainted for decades to come. This happened in Chile with Pinochet and Alessandri when the Nacists were purged, in Brazil with Vargas when the Integralists were purged, in Italy when the military and the king conspired to remove Mussolini and hell even in Germany the military tried to coup Hitler with the Operation Valkyrie.

Civilians need to win this fight.


He's Finnish.

b9168c  No.12516916

File: a0089ae5fa4c190⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 640x352, 20:11, hate.webm)


What he said about hate also resonated with me.

000000  No.12517302

NRX predicted everything that is happening today after Obama became president.


cc8198  No.12517347

> Kai Murros

This guy is pretty cool actually.

cb4244  No.12517661


No they didn't

8c0dbc  No.12517678


This, and to an extent that blogsoshpere saw this coming albeit they didnt see clearly but there were signs long ago.

55d7de  No.12517705

File: 41428acfa81fe21⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1451x1325, 1451:1325, Orwell.png)


>And once the liberals realize, “My God! We have created our own worst nightmare,”

Too bad he couldn't predict 8 years of Alinskyite Obama. Most never will realize this until it disadvantages them in some way, and even then they might accept it if not properly rational

cb4244  No.12517709


Murros actually does predict that. He's basically an accelerationist.

55d7de  No.12517718


Well I guess he's pretty on then. I just hope his expectations for the art and aesthetics of the movement can be met

b283d5  No.12517750

did somebody keep an MP3 archive of this guys speeches anywhere? I heard (((youtube))), was scrubbing them all into the dustbin of the memory hole.. I've been archiving Jonathan Bowdens lectures for this reason…

4c1762  No.12517807


>muh leaderless resistance

yeah leaderless res is good until someone asks your side 'what do you want?' and you can't say shit because no leader.

470919  No.12517854


Even if a leader were to emerge, unless he had the charisma of the gods, the slightest error in ideology would see him eaten alive by this organic leaderless movement. The movement that now exists because of the lack of these godlike leaders.

If /pol/acks could decide on a set of basic values that is at the core of the ideologies here (like a simplified traditionalism maybe) that could work as a framework for any potential leader with basic charisma to grow with and be moulded into the type of leader required.

000000  No.12517872


yes they did

0d0144  No.12517876

Hmm, you numerology beaners need to go play in heavy traffic.

41ef7d  No.12517882


nice link faggot

7c6d91  No.12517906


There are a core set of values; nature, biology and homogeneity of culture(s) each etching out a future of its own design. Some call it Nationalism, an ethos of culture

f5640b  No.12517914

File: f9a70cbe9cfbf42⋯.jpg (156.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


PewdiePie has 74 million Jew Tube subscribers, almost doubling his subscriptions since he posted "death to all jews".

CNN has 5.4 million subscribers.


Anything can happen. ANYTHING. It's going to be bizzarre.

Imagine if someone said to you in 2008 that Donald Trump would be president because he said Mexico was sending its rapists.


121f7b  No.12517919

File: 1881734d40f8248⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1093x1905, 1093:1905, Paul-Gottfried.jpg)

Reminder the term Alt Right was made by a kike named Paul Gottfried. Spencers at this point got people claiming he "was one of the people who coined" it. Multiple people dont coin a term, Gottfried invented it and Spencer, his goy figurehead spread it.

Also if you look up Kai Murros you can find a lot of bolsheviks using him in arguments against ethno-nationalism, he talks of pan-european uprising and has been called a maoist by a supporter.

4c1762  No.12517922


Leader doesn't have to mean some godlike avatar you jerk off too. But you still need a set of proposals or a thesis or an organizing group to put forward your plan.

Leaderless works well now tbh because none of us can agree on anything so it's easier just to spread chaos. It'll be interesting to see if someone does emerge in France, or else it'll end at a fuel protest.

dd4c5b  No.12517941


stay salty, shill faggot.

words mean nothing,

what matters is the movement

dd4c5b  No.12517947

File: bb9fb8b99f5f7ce⋯.png (8.34 KB, 445x239, 445:239, Oekaki_bulldozer.png)

File: 488c3ac0d8eb7f6⋯.png (18.74 KB, 558x287, 558:287, Oekaki_stop_invasione_2.png)

File: 1ed980c56fd5c67⋯.png (13.55 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki_(3).png)

File: 8f0e503ada6fb1c⋯.png (10.67 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki_(4).png)

File: d2ad4e6c6d98cb1⋯.png (20.25 KB, 538x297, 538:297, Oekaki_salvini_bulldozer.png)

excellent thread OP.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

It is dead accurate

c04d91  No.12517982


Reminder to filter kikes who claim the alt-right wasn't Jewish controlled opposition.

acabf1  No.12518029

File: cda8da6131c9687⋯.jpeg (118.62 KB, 618x406, 309:203, Kai Murros - White Pride.jpeg)

8b2c24  No.12518079


As the boomers die off you'll see whites drop to 30% of the nation.

The only solution is violence.

They made it this way.

They wanted violence to be the only solution.

That is why they seek to remove your violence.

That is why they increase their violence.

Give them a greater violence.

6c425b  No.12518103


Godbless anon, its about time for this damn bubble to burst.

121f7b  No.12518123

File: 34467cf02dec1a2⋯.jpg (127.53 KB, 930x987, 310:329, spencer-enoch-faggots.jpg)



>it doesnt matter if Im a communist because lemmings will follow me anyways

Exactly what a cultural marxist objective truth denier would say.

09efe6  No.12518144


The big mistake is thinking that the methods of the 1960s will work now. Back then you couldnt truly deplatform anybody because they could print their own shit in a garage and give it away on the street like any other newspaper. Today we like to pretend the internet gives everybody a voice but we know its not true. That guy printing shit in his garage with one of those hand-crank things couldn't be evicted from his house, he could keep buying paper and ink for as long as he could paid for it. Nowadays even a lightweight place like gab gets evicted from its servers, all its payment options taken away, that just wasnt possible in the 1960s but it is now, get where I'm going with this?


>Same with the "Israel is based and nationalist"

Based no but it is super nationalistic in a way no western nation could hope to be, but its nationalism for them not for you because if the same model was applied on the rest of the world then the jews living there would be fucked and there goes israel political and economic power since between that and the muslim world that unironically fucking hates them they would be completely isolated

7c6d91  No.12518355

For those reading this that might be discouraged by the comments suggesting Murros is just another jewtool; read his work. He doesn't even go down the "It's da j00z"-road. He's very much about understanding who we are, and magnifying our potential. He understands that we are being intentionally stagnated and made to believe we are global pariah's but to not allow this to be our guide forward. Instead, rise to greatness, become better than our level best and give no quarter t biological enemies on our way to the top.

He comes across as an essayist, but his writing' are very genuine and backed by that history which cannot be ignored.

7c6d91  No.12518390

File: 6cac971c0a29562⋯.jpg (247.77 KB, 728x956, 182:239, zzzm666bv499.jpg)


>super nationalistic in a way no western nation could hope to be

Fuck Israel! Why? Because no Nationalist wants nor needs another nation babysitting, them, nurturing them and paying their bills like the Terry A. Davis' of the middle-east.

If they're so advanced in intelligence, they should be able, at a minimum, to stand on their own. The US doesn't act like an ally but Israel's bitch. We need to forget they exist because if Israel' existence is divinely exalted, God can handle their adversaries, as it should be.

But Israel is devoid of God, so he will do nothing for them.

8baaa4  No.12518514

Good post. Hes right

acabf1  No.12519937


>The big mistake is thinking that the methods of the 1960s will work now. Back then you couldnt truly deplatform anybody because they could print their own shit in a garage and give it away on the street like any other newspaper.

There's nothing stopping this from happening today. On the contrary, the success of campaigns like "It's Okay To Be White" prove it's still just as effective as it was back then.

000000  No.12519969

Kai is a mongoloid.

461226  No.12520472

File: 82daafbeb0b2903⋯.jpg (459.69 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8343.jpg)


>He doesn't even go down the "It's da j00z"-road.

It's true that he doesen't discriminate against kikes, but that's just because he's promotes a total and merciless genocide of everyone not an European.

a0aeb5  No.12520626

File: 634f32f343e8ca3⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 800x533, 800:533, peebody.jpg)


Because jews don't understand violence. They don't understand the concept that one of the "lower creatures" could fight back. It's completely alien to them. That's why the always get pogromed or exiled. Because they push and push, until the goyim snap and respond violently. The only kind of violence a jew can grasp is that of killing a defenseless goy while they sit restrained. It's why jews made such wonderful Soviet commissars, and yet made (and make) such horrible soldiers.

651671  No.12520725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



100 FOLD

8adbfc  No.12521351

File: 1703287a1462151⋯.png (320.29 KB, 755x516, 755:516, 1424378001589.png)


So basically, a Jew is a rat thinking it's a tiger.

>culture = set of behaviors and practices of a certain race

>race a.k.a blood is deeper than water

>Jews don't exercise

>they are too arrogant

>They are over represented and overrated

>Yahweh's "chosen" because they were so pathetic that they had to make up a "god" to give themselves a false sense of accomplishment

>cries out in pain as he strikes you

>hate Europeans for some reason (maybe Kayla from high school turned Scholomo down)

>Jews think they are better by subverting and cheating their way to the top instead of going the hard work, honest route

>hard work + honest living = strong character

>no work + dishonest living = weak character

>kicked out of every country and kingdom for their blood libel, usury, scams, and general obnoxiousness but instead of self-reflection they blame it on antisemitism

>holds grudges like a small man

>cannot fight for shit → pays someone to do it for them

>only method of "fighting" is pilpul

>that pic


What are they doing?

000000  No.12521428


>only fools talk endlessly about love, but forget the hate

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:8

78342e  No.12521445


No. Jews are fragile tapeworms thinking they are indestructable waterbears.

f5640b  No.12521541



fragile, perhaps, but definitely pernicious..

2bcb20  No.12523051


It's not that fucking hard.

1. Eliminate the biological infestation of Semites on Terra

2. Eliminate the biological infestation of the rest of non-whites on Terra

3. Basic Traditional Hierarchical social system, with merit having value.

4. Make the Galaxy and beyond ours.

In that order. It is useless arguing over social order until we win.

4ac104  No.12525275

As a Finn. No he didn't. He is so far removed as possible from the alt-right as possible. He's a national socialist.

6ba5ca  No.12525392



The waterbear is my spirit animal

e382c8  No.12525579


Everybody knows Finn's are Honorary aryans like the based nips,

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