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File: 434da450d3170a3⋯.png (178.53 KB, 2952x633, 984:211, 2018-12-06 19_35_59-Frankf….png)

1d24c3  No.12516232

>In July 2017, Rich Higgins was removed by US National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster from the United States National Security Council following the discovery of a seven-page memorandum he had authored, describing a conspiracy theory concerning a plot to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump by Cultural Marxists, as well as Islamists, globalists, bankers, the media, and members of the Republican and Democratic parties.[78][79][80]


More on this?

b63aa6  No.12516271


Obviously it goes without saying you didn't do a great job with your pic related, but Trump isn't all that far removed from a cultural marxist himself so I don't really buy that. A lot of people seem some dippy feminist with blue/pink hair or some transsexual reading to preschoolers and assert that is cultural marxism, whereas it is only a symptom. Ultimately, cultural marxism is an attack specifically on the working class [lumpen proletariat] by an alliance of entrenched capital, the petite bourgeois, and the network of permanent jewish revolutionaries who run out of the USSR on a rail by Stalin.

4d2935  No.12516279


>but Trump isn't all that far removed from a cultural marxist himself so I don't really buy that

He was controlled opposition put in place to expose and root out any nationalist elements left in government, which is why everyone white got shoah'd early on after he was elected while jews got shoved into every office.

b63aa6  No.12516284


I see it the same way. The primary forces that animate the Republican party are radical anti-White abolitionism and Trotsky's permanent revolution. Why elements of the country keep looking to this entity for respite is a testament to Madison Avenue.

4d2935  No.12516300


If only we had some sort of Reform Party. Oh wait, Trump played exactly the same role in that too.

1d24c3  No.12516339


The talk page on the wikipedia article seems to disagree with you.


I am trying to find some new term that can encapsulate all the cancerous ideologies (feminism, marxism, zionism, etc.) that are undermining white interests. I have been conceiving of the world as a fight between the Traditionalist School and the Frankfurts but I'm not 100% sure that is the correct way to label things.


b63aa6  No.12516353


>wikipedia disagrees

Wow, what a revelation.

1d24c3  No.12516382


Well let me quote the part that specifically seems to disagree with what you are saying:

>This section should be relabelled as "Conservative Criticism of Cultural Marxism", and the content should be rewritten to describe the perfectly reasonable Conservative view of Cultural Marxism as a fundamentally anti-Western ideology. For starters Cultural Marxism isn't an Ideology. More importantly I've not read a conservative who understands what the (incredibly rare) academic usage of "Cultural Marxism" IS. So let me clear it up: In short, "Cultural Marxism" is an element of Critical Marxism (that is to say, the sections of Marxism which critique capitalism as opposed to proposing alternatives/economic-utopias). It is instead specifically critical of the mass produced aspects of capitalist culture, claiming that a standardization of goods leads to a standardization of people. It's also critical of the qualities of culture created via mass production. In The Frankfurt School's case, this is reflected in Enlightenment as Mass Deception (1944), The Culture Industry, Horkheimer's attacks on the reductionism of humanity and humanism into numbers or scientific outcomes (which he claims forms a new kind of mythology of capitalism) - and any number of other ideas put forth by them. In the case of The Birmingham School, "Cultural Marxism" refers to ideas like massification, and cultural drift. In the case of Thompsonian Cultural Marxism, it mostly refers to the standardization of education causing the Labor history (discipline) to be marginalized (even though it's a valuable aspect for historical studies). As you can see, "Cultural Marxism" is a critical rejection of the mass production, and standardization of capitalist culture and The Culture Industry… I've not seen any conservatives critique this definition. This is what academics mean when they say "Cultural Marxism". But I have seen plenty of Conservatives critique a straw-man version of the academic meaning (and hence peddle a conspiracy theory).


c5953c  No.12516384

Fuck off back to reddit, nigger.

1d24c3  No.12516389


I'm from 2007 4chan's /b/, migrated in 2011 to 4chon.net, and from there to 8chan when it was founded by hotwheels.

You fuck off back to reddit.

6a21f2  No.12516396

1d24c3  No.12516404

The purpose of this thread: find an umbrella term for all the cancers that undermine white interests.

I am not sure that "frankfurt school" is a suitable umbrella term for this. Maybe the term "cultural marxism" remains valid as an umbrella term for the cancers killing us. Or maybe it has nothing to do with a rational and systematic school of thought in opposition to traditionalism but rather is just "jewish nepotism" or some other term that describes the jew's influence that is the word I am looking for.

b63aa6  No.12516418


It's the ideas put forth by Gramsci, that the reason why workers weren't as enthusiastically in favor of the revolution and all the aspects its intelligentsia wanted to put forward was because their societies were too ingrained with the capitalist culture [which is what you're trying to get across in that passage], so Gramsci advocates for essentially destroying these workers and the society exist in. Since social degeneracy, the kind you see in the capitalist bourgeois, is an ideal method to destabilize societies, and because destroying workers is a preoccupation of entrenched capital, the confluence of interests is incredibly obvious.

The shape and form of the society you presently exist in should also be obvious enough proof for what I'm saying. Look at what you exist in.

b63aa6  No.12516421


>that undermine white interests

You can start by being intellectually honest enough to recognize that Rich Higgins doesn't represent White interests.

1d24c3  No.12516434

Maybe "Neo-Marxism" is an adequate umbrella term? However even before the rise of Neo-Marxism the older stuff was killing us off too. Hmmmm.

>"Cultural Marxism" is a synonym for neo-Marxism—of which the disgusting and sinister postmodern garbage ideologies of Critical Race Theory, "intersectionality," sociology, third-wave feminism, gender ideology, Islamo-Leftism, left-wing anti-Zionism, and many other "progressive" ideologies are members. It is quite obvious they are all connected. The postmodernism article even says it is derived from neo-Marxism; the neo-Marxism article says Frankfurt School is neo-Marxist; the CRT and gender studies articles say they are heavily influenced by postmodernism; most academics of these garbage far-left propaganda ideologies self-identify as Marxists; the leading theorists and adherents of third-wave feminism and gender studies overlap and many are raving mad anti-Semitic bigots; all of these related ideologies claim to be anti-racist yet openly discriminate against Jews and white people. They indeed have infiltrated universities, academia, most left-wing political parties in the West, and are actively working to destroy Western civilization (does the absurd postmodernist notion that there are infinite genders and a man with a penis can magically become a woman if he thinks it ring any bells?). It's not exactly a conspiracy because it is out in the open and obvious to all. They are working to actively advance and transform/destroy society with their neo-Marxist ideology the same way religious groups and political organizations work to advance and transform society with their respective ideologies, yet criticism of those movements aren't labeled as conspiracy theories.

Jordan Peterson is a prominent critic of neo-Marxism, postmodernism, and their powerful and disturbing grip on the social sciences in recent years, yet he is not mentioned in the cultural Marxism section of this article. A pity. You should take a look at his work.—2606:6000:FD0A:FB00:F1FE:3779:9231:134A (talk) 17:23, 27 June 2018 (UTC)

b63aa6  No.12516444


Yeah, we're done here.

1d24c3  No.12516445

>Antonio Francesco Gramsci (/ˈɡrɑːmʃi/;[1] Italian: [anˈtɔːnjo franˈtʃesko ˈɡramʃi] (About this soundlisten); 22 January 1891 – 27 April 1937) was an Italian Marxist philosopher and communist politician. He wrote on political theory, sociology and linguistics. He attempted to break from the economic determinism of traditional Marxist thought and so is considered a key neo-Marxist.[2] He was a founding member and one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy and was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime.

>He wrote more than 30 notebooks and 3,000 pages of history and analysis during his imprisonment. His Prison Notebooks are considered a highly original contribution to 20th century political theory. Gramsci drew insights from varying sources – not only other Marxists but also thinkers such as Niccolò Machiavelli, Vilfredo Pareto, Georges Sorel and Benedetto Croce. The notebooks cover a wide range of topics, including Italian history and nationalism, the French Revolution, fascism, Fordism, civil society, folklore, religion and high and popular culture.

>Gramsci is best known for his theory of cultural hegemony, which describes how the state and ruling capitalist class – the bourgeoisie – use cultural institutions to maintain power in capitalist societies. The bourgeoisie, in Gramsci's view, develops a hegemonic culture using ideology rather than violence, economic force, or coercion. Hegemonic culture propagates its own values and norms so that they become the "common sense" values of all and thus maintain the status quo. Hegemonic power is therefore used to maintain consent to the capitalist order, rather than coercive power using force to maintain order. This cultural hegemony is produced and reproduced by the dominant class through the institutions that form the superstructure.


1d24c3  No.12516449


We're done how? That was a quote from the wikipedia talk page. I'm still thinking this also I didn't read your last two posts before posting that one.

c9b15b  No.12516456


The brain on this one.

1d24c3  No.12516457


>You can start by being intellectually honest enough to recognize that Rich Higgins doesn't represent White interests.

I don't even know who Rich Higgins is although I think I saw his name come up in the comments section of one of Molyneux's recent vids on "female evil". I can not say whether or not Rich Higgins represents "white interests" as I don't know anything about him. Furthermore I don't know why you assume I know this guy.

Me personally white interests means that which is beneficial to the advancement, health, and supremacy of the white race. Those who oppose white interests are those who'd reduce in number, quality, and power that of the white race.

b63aa6  No.12516460


You're entire modus operandi for this thread is nominally to generate a superior or more accurate catch-all label for the loose [or tight knit] coalition of groups that work against White interests and the two passages you produce to get to the meat of where you are trying to pin this definition down both involve philosemites with postwar loyalties [Peterson and Higgins].


>I don't even know who Rich Higgins is

Sure you do.

1d24c3  No.12516481


>and the two passages you produce to get to the meat of where you are trying to pin this definition down both involve philosemites with postwar loyalties [Peterson and Higgins].

I'm just reading through the talk page on wikipedia that's where it's all from. I hate Peterson he's controlled opposition, a jew apologist, and part of one of the cancerous branches of psychology.

IDK who Higgins is.

>Sure you do.

I don't. I know who Adolf Hitler, Julius Evola, Benito Mussolini, Stefan Molyneux, Laura Simonsen ("Southern"), William Luther Pierce, Tom Metzger, Harold Covington, George Oswald Mosley, James Mason, Richard Spencer, and Andrew Anglin are (I know the last one personally before he founded his site the daily stormer). I also know Karl Marx and Che Guevara and Jordan Peterson. There might be a few names I've forgot to mention here. That is what I am acquainted with over the years. I am guessing Higgins is probably one of the new youtube personalities comparable to Peterson and Molyneux and Laura. If he's worthwhile to investigate I will do so but for now I really can't say I know a damned thing about him.

5cc973  No.12516486

File: 82c9227478e9440⋯.png (818.06 KB, 496x1240, 2:5, 1509654503004.png)


>The purpose of this thread: find an umbrella term for all the cancers that undermine white interests.


1d24c3  No.12516495


>Colonel Richard Brendan Higgins, USAF (ret),[1] (born 22 February 1944) is an Irish-born American Roman Catholic bishop. Bishop Higgins is the Titular Bishop of the Casae Calanae and serves as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

Is this the correct guy?


1d24c3  No.12516497



Does that encapsulate feminism, marxism, globalism, internationalism, and any an all evils I can think of that we must oppose to save the white race?

5cc973  No.12516500

1d24c3  No.12516521

>Critical race theory (CRT)[1] is a theoretical framework in the social sciences that uses critical theory to examine society and culture as they relate to categorizations of race, law, and power.[2][3] It began as a theoretical movement within American law schools in the mid- to late 1980s as a reworking of critical legal studies on race issues[4][5] and is loosely unified by two common themes: First, CRT proposes that white supremacy and racial power are maintained over time, and in particular, that the law may play a role in this process. Second, CRT work has investigated the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and more broadly, pursues a project of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination.[6] Scholars important to the theory include Derrick Bell, Patricia Williams, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, and Mari Matsuda. By 2002, over 20 American law schools and at least three law schools in other countries offered critical race theory courses or classes which covered the issue centrally.[7] Critical race theory is taught and innovated in the fields of education, political science, women's studies, ethnic studies, communication, and American studies.[8]

>Critics of CRT, including Richard Posner and Alex Kozinski, take issue with its foundations in postmodernism and reliance on moral relativism, social constructionism, and other tenets contrary to classical liberalism.


Here are the (((people))) who apparently created CRT:





What do they have in common? They're mostly niggers and they are professors and lawyers. Hmmmm…

0e914d  No.12516546


> I am trying to find some new term that can encapsulate all the cancerous ideologies (feminism, marxism, zionism, etc.) that are undermining white interests.

you have got to be shitting me. behold, the sad state of /pol/ in the current year.

here's a hot tip for you Moshe. i can give you a 3-letter word that PERFECTLY encapsulates exactly what you just described as The Enemy of All White People.

hint, hint, hint: JEWS.

that i even have to type this out is a sad sign of just how far this board has fallen after the kikebots and 4cucks have come here to shit up these here platforms.

by the way, whenever you see a cloaked kikebot shilling for "IT'S THE FRANKFURT SKEWL!!!" just search & replace the diarrhea spewing from Scholmo's pie hole to instead read "IT'S THE JEWS."

this Frankfurt Skewl bullshit is just more classical kike D&C to subdivide themselves into Good Jews and Bad Jews to deflect you from gassing ALL JEWS to only gassing whichever low kikes the high kikes in Tel Aviv are willing to throw to you as scapegoats to bear the punishment for all kikes.

1d24c3  No.12516547

Contemplating the use of "post-modernism" as an umbrella term but it doesn't seem to work.

1d24c3  No.12516564


Okay but the only problem I have with using "jews" as an umbrella term is how does that encapsulate the negros, hispanics, feminists, degenerates, race traitors, and other undesirables that oppose white interests? Yes the jews are at the core of all this and the biggest most nefarious power opposing us but it's not like they are the only evil opposed to us. Sure, once we eliminate the jews, the lesser evils will be easy to deal with but they still have to be dealt with.

1d24c3  No.12516583

>…and that's not even touching on the fact that Jurgen Habermas of The Frankfurt School is actually THE key academic critic of post-modernism, or that Nancy Fraser (a Frankfurt School aligned Critical Theorist) is a key and longstanding critic of Identity Politics and of third wave feminism.


Really makes you think…

5f39ca  No.12516606


im with this nigger. you're glowing thats all i got from this and the paid posters above.

1d24c3  No.12516612

Maybe the problem we are faced with is not a political problem. Not a problem having to do with a systematic thought or philosophy. Maybe it is a biological issue and should be framed as such.

Alternatively it's the work of a handful of anti-white, bigoted lawyers and judges, who've fucked over the laws of the land by screwing with the charter and the constitution, allowing miscegenation and allowing laws that empower the criminals/degenerates over the sane and productive elements in society. Maybe the proper frame for all this is that it's a legal issue. If that is the case we should all become lawyers and fix our broken laws.


What is the best term that encapsulates the cancers that are killing our society?

ef3358  No.12516613


IF you are going to rely on writings from those who understand the various facets of Marxism; as opposed to Kikepedia. Specifically, the corollaries and agreed upon intersections between Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, from the standpoint that each in order to facilitate transforming nations into Global Communistic societies, the ethos/indoctrination moves towards atomizing identity, removing cultural ties, and rejecting all things which made nations/societies, stable.

The greater objective being that for example, the US, will become a single financial bloc guided over/presided over by leadership which ultimately answers to a single head/nation state.

What we are witnessing is the hold out of the Nationalistic nature against a heavy move towards transforming ALL continents to a global communistic model wherein global socialism is a financial tool used to maintain a slave class and an oligarchy with little-to-no middle class

1d24c3  No.12516620

Is the decline of white societies a biological issue, a legal issue, a philosophical issue, an economic issue, or does it belong in some other frame ???

ef3358  No.12516621


>as opposed to Kikepedia

… choose a different source, like one from many college/University studies

6a15e9  No.12516632


Just call it liberalism. It can all be traced back to the first liberal, Thomas Aquinas, down through Hobbes and Locke, Smith and Ricardo, then to Marx and so on.

1d24c3  No.12516641


Put that way maybe the appropriate catch-all umbrella term is simply "communism"? That we are fighting against communism?

What you have described to me is accurate. That IS what is happening in the world right now. However I am not sure the inverse of communism is exactly how we'd describe ourselves. You speak about atomizing identity. I think you mean the breakdown of larger identities into many smaller identities until you basically got a society of dysfunctional individuals right? However Nationalism is also about preserving identity and not being amalgamated into a big blob of grey. Hmmm.

1d24c3  No.12516643


I'd like to call it "liberalism" but then what about "conservatism" which itself manifests as some kind of pozzed zionist-SJW cancer?

1d24c3  No.12516649

File: 767892c077416ac⋯.png (205.29 KB, 850x987, 850:987, 2018-12-06 21_43_22-Richar….png)


Is this the Higgins that an anon mentioned earlier in this thread?

ef3358  No.12516664


Are White societies declining, or are they being overrun by out of control birth rates by non-Whites; specifically China, Africa and India?

The -isms being foisted upon White nations are a push to transform them into global financial blocs, and White nations are a priority because the are monoliths of stability, ingenuity; read, not easily controlled as an ethos/mythos

When Whites are forced or indoctrinated into admixture out of existence; the resulting human has a decreased IQ; optimally below 100. All humans which identify as NOT "White" global citizens, now have a commonality. In the future, identity will have a baseline which consists first of ones 'lack of Whiteness' or rejection of 'Whiteness'


Yes, and it is important to note that the type of Communism is ultimately 'Global Communism', which is the tool used to enforce 'Global Socialism' as a financial tool. Today, we only speak of Communism and Socialism as a Nationalistic ethos. Communism is the tool enforcing the latter. One compliments the other. The difference is that Communism is a political structure much like that which makes up the US, which enforces Socialism as a financial tool

1d24c3  No.12516668

>The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

THE sociological theory that the loss of the support of objectively established religion, the dissolution of the last remnants of pre-capitalism, together with technological and social differentiation or specialisation, have led to cultural chaos is disproved every day; for culture now impresses the same stamp on everything.

Films, radio and magazines make up a system which is uniform as a whole and in every part. Even the aesthetic activities of political opposites are one in their enthusiastic obedience to the rhythm of the iron system. The decorative industrial management buildings and exhibition centers in authoritarian countries are much the same as anywhere else. The huge gleaming towers that shoot up everywhere are outward signs of the ingenious planning of international concerns, toward which the unleashed entrepreneurial system (whose monuments are a mass of gloomy houses and business premises in grimy, spiritless cities) was already hastening. Even now the older houses just outside the concrete city centres look like slums, and the new bungalows on the outskirts are at one with the flimsy structures of world fairs in their praise of technical progress and their built-in demand to be discarded after a short while like empty food cans.

Yet the city housing projects designed to perpetuate the individual as a supposedly independent unit in a small hygienic dwelling make him all the more subservient to his adversary – the absolute power of capitalism. Because the inhabitants, as producers and as consumers, are drawn into the center in search of work and pleasure, all the living units crystallise into well-organised complexes. The striking unity of microcosm and macrocosm presents men with a model of their culture: the false identity of the general and the particular. Under monopoly all mass culture is identical, and the lines of its artificial framework begin to show through. The people at the top are no longer so interested in concealing monopoly: as its violence becomes more open, so its power grows. Movies and radio need no longer pretend to be art. The truth that they are just business is made into an ideology in order to justify the rubbish they deliberately produce. They call themselves industries; and when their directors’ incomes are published, any doubt about the social utility of the finished products is removed.

Interested parties explain the culture industry in technological terms. It is alleged that because millions participate in it, certain reproduction processes are necessary that inevitably require identical needs in innumerable places to be satisfied with identical goods. The technical contrast between the few production centers and the large number of widely dispersed consumption points is said to demand organisation and planning by management. Furthermore, it is claimed that standards were based in the first place on consumers’ needs, and for that reason were accepted with so little resistance. The result is the circle of manipulation and retroactive need in which the unity of the system grows ever stronger. No mention is made of the fact that the basis on which technology acquires power over society is the power of those whose economic hold over society is greatest. A technological rationale is the rationale of domination itself. It is the coercive nature of society alienated from itself. Automobiles, bombs, and movies keep the whole thing together until their leveling element shows its strength in the very wrong which it furthered. It has made the technology of the culture industry no more than the achievement of standardisation and mass production, sacrificing whatever involved a distinction between the logic of the work and that of the social system.



ef3358  No.12516681


>"…optimally below 100"

Also of note here, is that when IQ is below the 100 level, there is an absence of a CQ, a 'Creativity Quotient', which is an amalgam of elevated intellect, and that understanding of multiple disciplines at the application-level; wherein topologies can be fused together to create an idea or manifest into reality the previously thought to be impossible, the wild and the fantastic.

1d24c3  No.12516692


I have a question for you. Our enemies who are pushing for this are they doing it consciously with this aim intended or is it just something that is happening without them really aiming at? Are the communists/jews all just pursuing their own impulses and their own agendas and this result is automonously forming out of it are they in fact purposefully working towards this future you describe?

Also if they are doing it intentionally. Are they evil? How can they think it's a good idea?

1d24c3  No.12516698


That would be the death of innovation. Perpetual stagnation. A world of chinks just copying what is already known and never really going any further.

1d24c3  No.12516703

Is there such a thing as a "pro-white communist" or is that unheard of?

1d24c3  No.12516716

Argh the more I think about this the more frustrated I am. Maybe I should just use the mythos of "cultural marxist" or "frankfurt" in its new meaning and ignore that it may be in conflict with the original meaning. It seems that somehow we all started using these terms to denote everything that opposes white interests and I guess we might as well stick to it. It is however making my mind go into a meltdown. I think it would be most appropriate to just coin a new term.

be00d1  No.12516718

File: 29197d57a0e6ab1⋯.png (313.96 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, Screenshot_20181206-220335.png)

File: df0b07573fcaaab⋯.png (405.63 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, Screenshot_20181206-220144.png)


Cultural genocide via Jews. Kikepedia spells it out very clearly. If only this (((UN))) verbage had been approved (pics related) and white people were considered indigenous in their own countries.

1d24c3  No.12516725

Perhaps there is a major disconnect between intellectual marxism (any school of marxism that is actually thought out in clear terms) and what the general population of self-identified marxists actually think, feel, and believe.

1d24c3  No.12516732


There is a woman I know who is trying to get a job in the United Nations. She specifically suggested to me population replacement as a way to deal with Canada's low birthrates. I called her out on how unacceptable that is and she said she'd not do any evil when there and would try to find another solution. However she is a very immoral person who doesn't want to have children and whores around with men of any race. I doubt she will do any good in the United Nations but I hope in my time speaking with her I might have made it very clear that if she tries to solve our demographic issue with demographic displacement she will be encountering resistance to such a scheme. She is currently a city planner and basically takes care of property bylaws.

bebb9a  No.12516740

File: ff4b55b2d1a1ad3⋯.jpg (93.31 KB, 679x478, 679:478, The-Dark-Knight-Screencaps….jpg)



4410cd  No.12516745


>I have been conceiving of the world as a fight between the Traditionalist School and the Frankfurts but I'm not 100% sure that is the correct way to label things.

Have you considered that the world isn't black and white, A vs B? Everybody has their own interests. Frequently those interests react neutrally with each other, or they overlap or collide. They form groups of collective interests, and these collectives are always in flux. People can also be deluded into supporting another's interest to their detriment.


One of the main ideas of perennialism is that truths resurface in different garbs whether they are wanted or not. Marxists happen upon great truths in their critique of capital. But their reasons for doing so, their applications of that knowledge and the methodology used to arrive at that knowledge is suspect at best and sinister at worst.

ef3358  No.12516753


>Are they evil?

As a group/a mindset/a culture/a biological set/an ethos, they have no concept of 'Evil', for they have no concept of 'Morality'. As a biological entity, bound by genetics, DNA, and all of their various in-group practices, jews do as jews do("ye shall know them by their fruits" or thorns as the case may be). Concepts like 'Morality', 'Evil', 'Genders/Gender Identity/Gender roles' and so forth, are culturally in-place by non-jews to describe that which is natural and biologically correct when viewing the human specie; as opposed to the binary view of the jew(Us v. Them)

>How can they think it's a good idea?

We're told to "Forgive them for they know not what they do". Aside: It's less important to know that the above references are from a bibliography and more important o recognize "why" these statements apply today.

Look around at identity-politics, cultural atomization, gender dysphoria or the rejection of the cultural concepts of gender where we have lots of gender "identifiers", the indoctrination of children to reject their parents&societal norms at an early age, weaponizing words, turning definitions into euphemisms, etc…. All of these things are tools meant to atomize cultures into non-existence, then give them new identifiers to latch onto, as required to bring about this emerging jwo

Hopefully, that is a linear explanation

1d24c3  No.12516761

What am I supposed to do when I am trying to discuss intelligibly with others concerning the need to defend white interests and the cultural enemy that has made it their purpose to degrade and destroy us? How do I even elaborate on my own political stance? I know the axiom that my thinking is based upon. Namely, that which improves, dignifies, brings glory to, and preserves the white race is good and that which undermines it is bad. That is the foundation of my politics. I have trouble even finding a label for myself though. Sometimes I call myself a fascist, sometimes a libertarian, sometimes a white nationalist, sometimes a national socialist, sometimes a traditionalist (in the Evolian sense). Right now "traditionalist" seems like the best and most accurate label for my worldview though I have encountered misunderstandings in ignorant persons who have no concept at all of the traditionalist worldview and in one particular case thought I just wanted "a return to the 1960s" when really my worldview goes back to ancient times, to people like Seneca.

1d24c3  No.12516780


Everything is explainable in terms of opposite polarities.

I am not sure whether the anti-whites are a subconsciously formed, unintentional, emergent, and autonomous groupthink or a directed weapon intentionally created by the jews and glow in the darks. I know for example that the CIA has looked into the potential of feminism as a weapon to undermine foreign powers. Who is to say there aren't jews who are fully consciously pursuing the death of the white race? It's in line with the Torah and the whole matter of them having so many slaves for each jew and eliminating any real opposition (whites) to them.

>One of the main ideas of perennialism is that truths resurface in different garbs whether they are wanted or not. Marxists happen upon great truths in their critique of capital. But their reasons for doing so, their applications of that knowledge and the methodology used to arrive at that knowledge is suspect at best and sinister at worst.

Agreed also I am a perennialist.

I wonder what motivates the average marxist, what the contents of his mind are like. I wonder if it's an endless diatribe of cuckold porn and "fuck whitey" or if they're actually just thinking about economic systems or the time some aristocrat upset them or what it is that is going on in their minds.

1d24c3  No.12516801


I reckon my own uncertainty and searching for solid ground to stand upon is an effect of this cultural erosion and general chaos.

Maybe we should write a new book about this subject to explain in clear terms, even more clear than The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, what exactly is happening right now and to what end it all serves, and then we could disseminate this book to bring crystal clear realization to the readers, so they understand exactly what is happening and recognize the (((patterns))).

I am trying to think of new ways to encapsulate, explain, and share my worldview with others in an efficient manner. At the moment merely telling somebody "hey I'm a fascist" is going to lead to a ton of different associations being raised in their mind and a lot of confusion. Me telling someone I'm a fascist accomplishes nothing, they won't have a clue what I actually mean by it. So I think we should just prepare a document we can share that explains "the cancer" and brings awareness.

ef3358  No.12516803


Chinks are not bound by middle-eastern ideologies; obviously. Their concept of 'Soul' for example bears some likenesses to those of middle-eastern religions/dogmas, but vastly differ in most cases as well.

tl;dr Chinks meld well with jewish principles like a Money God, an Us v. Them mentality (see: the Ming Dynasty, China's entrance into/conquest of Tibetans favoring a China caste-system)

To see a working model of transforming a mind from the old to the new, look no further than basic training for the US military. And to gage whether the US military believes Marxism is an effective tool, see the US Army&USMC field manuals on establishing and nurturing Insurgencies/Counter-Insurgencies

>A world of chinks just copying what is already known and never really going any further.

If you see 'all who are not you' as slaves, then you don't want them innovating methods of escaping this prison planet.(Life in the crab-pot) The slaves stay here on earth where they're more easily controlled.

One oft unmentioned aspect of the emerging jwo, is depopulation

1d24c3  No.12516805

We need a Doctrine of White Nationalism or something to compliment Benito Mussolini's The Doctrine of Fascism.

be00d1  No.12516819

File: b6d13b19ca289a7⋯.png (329.35 KB, 1200x1302, 200:217, sketch-1544154250143.png)


follow up pic

1d24c3  No.12516827

File: 52c80680cc18a12⋯.png (165.82 KB, 776x2000, 97:250, 2018-12-06 22_48_08-I__Boo….png)

File: 88631461a58b6ab⋯.png (166.67 KB, 789x2005, 789:2005, 2018-12-06 22_48_00-Window.png)


>US Army&USMC field manuals on establishing and nurturing Insurgencies/Counter-Insurgencies

Do I have it in here?

>One oft unmentioned aspect of the emerging jwo, is depopulation

It seems to me like their aim however is to massively increase the population of non-whites while decreasing the population of whites. Are you suggesting their end-game however is to simply reduce the population even of non-whites in the end?

72b2ec  No.12516830


>the only problem I have with using "jews" as an umbrella term is how does that encapsulate the negros, hispanics, feminists, degenerates, race traitors, and other undesirables that oppose white interests?

They do what jews say. What's confusing to you about this? Look, I'm trying to get the "jews" chapter of my book written. It won't go into massive detail on any one subject, but it will show how the jews are directly responsible for each subject (and then later chapters will detail them). When that's done, you can spread it the fuck around.

be00d1  No.12516836

File: 7261230f14ffad0⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 550x413, 550:413, Georgia_Guidestones.jpg)

File: 0b6f16e80144eb1⋯.jpg (381.43 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, georgia-guidestones-top-co….jpg)


Jewgle "Georgia Guidestones". See pics.

b64770  No.12516837


>It seems to me like their aim however is to massively increase the population of non-whites while decreasing the population of whites.

>Are you suggesting their end-game however is to simply reduce the population even of non-whites in the end?


Until the aryan is dealt with (or they develop android soldiers to do their bidding) than non-whites have their uses.

b64770  No.12516839




1d24c3  No.12516840


>When that's done, you can spread it the fuck around.

Will do. Do you need narration for it too? Unless it's too dependent on info graphs and illustrations or stuff that doesn't flow well with narration I can probably narrate it for you too and get that up in various places.

be00d1  No.12516848


But (((they))) only want a half billion mixed-mud race, low IQ slaves, no whites allowed.

000000  No.12516849

They're already admitting Cultural Marxism is true ever since the French protest riots. Their regret is their focus on whiteness instead of class only awakened whiteness lmao

1d24c3  No.12516850


Oh I've seen those before and I at the time of first viewing was immersed in anarchoprim ideology and felt that 500,000,000 was too many.

Notice it also suggests to guide reproduction wisely. Eugenics. I'm all for that.

I am however against the "unite humanity with a living new language" thing. That is George Soros tier.

The last part about applying reason to passion-faith-tradition is also agreeable to me.

I don't really have a problem with those tombstones except I'd prefer to achieve the objectives laid out there by exterminating non-whites and degenerates until only a core of healthy whites rules the world. Though realistically I am also just fine with non-whites stay in there part of the world, we in ours, and we don't bother each other nor give gibes to the inferior non-whites when their societies inevitably go back to the stone age.

be00d1  No.12516857


Haha, just noticed that nod to eugenics myself, although I think the intended meaning was race mixing.

1d24c3  No.12516859


>Their regret is their focus on whiteness instead of class only awakened whiteness lmao

heh that is a blunder for them. They have created a white racial consciousness inadvertently. If they defined the world only in terms of class they could be fomenting class warfare but now nobody gives a shit about dividing the world in terms of "class" and it's instead divided upon racial lines (and I guess gender lines).

1d24c3  No.12516873


Well one of the things that got me into this whole WN thing was my great interest in biology and in particular rift lake cichlids and my understanding of population genetics which I then applied to humans rather than pretending evolution stops at humanity.

…and I can tell you that to improve genetic fitness and diversity you don't mix the races, rather, you maintain many small genetic clusters and weed out the defective ones from each genetic cluster and have them compete against each other. This increases diversity and fitness.

Racemixing would lead to a situation similar to what is going on with the Antarctic krill. They are the single most successful species in terms of biomass. Ants are the single most successful genus in terms of biomass but they are many different species. Anyways, antarctic krill mate at random with each other, not exercising any preference nor being geographically separated from each other. Consequently there is not much genetic diversity amongst them and they aren't speciating. There is just one single species of antarctic krill that is very successful for now but could be conceivably wiped out in the future due to a lack of diversity.

ef3358  No.12516882

File: 3f9238b88dc63e9⋯.jpg (214.11 KB, 832x922, 416:461, zx9hbv4x66.jpg)


This really depends on what is meant by "White". If you mean 'the color of skin', that isn't the entire picture. When people use the term "Race", they're actually referring to "Culture".

"White" is a term synonymous with the White Caucasian of Euro-descent, the non-jewish European, recently the melding of Nordic and Germanic types and all of the cultural proclivities of these groups.

be00d1  No.12516906


Your tale reminds me of Dr Duke's early identification of race and genetics recanted in his book, My Awakening, by means of simply observing nature.

1d24c3  No.12516918


Teaching biology and getting children to observe and think about nature is a good way to get them to start forming a worldview that then concerns itself with natural laws and our living in harmony with them.


Exactly what you said is my definition of whites. It could be said about the other types of caucasoid that they are not archetypal, they are mixed and impure. The whites are the purest and best and most exalted form of the Caucasian hence the special concern we should have for this particular subset of the Caucasoid race.

1d24c3  No.12516929


>that pic

Could be very useful for me to redpill some Christians that aren't so happy about the Jews rejecting their God.

72b2ec  No.12516942

File: 8b9467e96ccbb05⋯.png (515.32 KB, 845x1126, 845:1126, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….png)


>Do you need narration for it too?

I was sort of thinking about that. Like, making YouTube videos that illustrate the passages a little better in order to promote it; but it will have a fair few embedded citations (Several thousand, at last count) and some graphics itself. Also, I'm primarily concerned with getting the whole thing finished in draft form before I think about sales or marketing. Thanks for the offer; I'm sure you'll be around when it's done.

ef3358  No.12516944

File: 16d824da5c142ed⋯.jpg (135.33 KB, 751x601, 751:601, zzzzas076bg77.jpg)


FM 3-24. There are .pdf's online, and itis interesting to see the corollaries we see in the West, which were effective in US Army incursions into South/Central America. Our own military, wittingly or unwittingly, created millions of biological enemies, and a shadow income system through the drug/human-trafficking trades simultaneously.


>massively increase the population of non-whites while decreasing the population of whites

1 equals the other; turning a blind eye to out of control population increases in China, India, Africa, South&Central Americas achieves them all over-populating themselves into poverty, while ensuring that each of these over-populated places can now have express access to the White world. These biological enemies are weaponized against Whites, told that they are deserving of Whitey's treasures and then flooded into the West as de facto proxy warriors (day of the locust)

tl;dr non-Whites with zero ability to create sustainable societies have nothing better to do than reproduce, and Whites do not want to live in 3rd world conditions thus we see an increase in "White" minimalists

>pic related

>8 children

>cannot sustain them because the Honduran economy is shit

>wants to send money home

>and she is only one Juanita spitting out mouths to feed lie her vagina is a clown car and there us a shortage of mouths to feed

let that sink in

72b2ec  No.12516958

File: a98197887bec47f⋯.png (80.69 KB, 651x416, 651:416, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….png)

File: 38ded88bf6fa6a8⋯.png (411.78 KB, 638x869, 58:79, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….png)


Oh, show them these, too.



4410cd  No.12516991

File: e5849e066e43452⋯.jpg (779.58 KB, 1750x969, 1750:969, e5849e066e434520b98835bf54….jpg)


>Everything is explainable in terms of opposite polarities.

That may very well be a convenient way of thinking about things, but your confusion will clear up once you are honest to yourself about the complexity of the world. As I said, every individual has their interests, which are in flux, and those interests interact with others in certain predictable ways. The Rainbow Coalition of the Oppressed as I like to call it act according to their own interests, or rather, what they believe to be their own interests. Intersectionalism is all about selling the idea to these groups that their interests 'intersect' and that if they ignore or attenuate the places where their interests collide they can defeat the primary antithesis to their interests—the white man. In actual fact, the white man' interests overlap with those of these groups as well, and some of them realize this, which is why the Muslim sometimes tries to work with us against the Jew, and the Jew work with us against the Muslim, the white women against the swarthy hordes, and the based black man against the leftists and so on. It is right and fitting for us to work with temporary allies when we can, and stick to our own interests when it is imperative.

This board used to understand the world but now it's just degenerated into meaningless signalling against Jews. I have spent the last two years learning about Jewish history and thought and in appreciating the complexities of their interests and gaining knowledge about the fracture points within their tribe, I have learned a lot about the rest of the world as well. Anytime I suggest that we recognize the complexity of things, I am accused of being a kike shill, which is exactly the knee jerk reaction the left gives to their adversaries. This is why morons that can only think Me Good, Them Bad will never accomplish their goals, especially the destruction of World Jewry.


>They do what jews say. What's confusing to you about this?

Here's an example of someone who uses the blunt edge of mediocre intelligence against a complex question and comes up with a completely false answer. You cannot answer the Jewish Question with /pol/ signalling, which is all this amounts to.

Your inability to comprehend the complexity of the Jewish Question, and of course by extension, the complexity of all questions the world, is the number one reason why the CIA and Israeli intelligence are so successful shilling their conspiracy garbage. These days I spend at least 15 mins every time I see the Jewish Question explored on forums and internet comments correcting misinformation or, more likely disinformation.

72b2ec  No.12517011


Do tell. In what way do jews NOT command their own shabbos goyim?

542c19  No.12517019


>show how the jews are directly responsible

No doubt, but I also see a lot of self inflicted wounds from christcuck mind poison that leaves Whites wide open to jews jewing; yeah the sun was directly responsible for the sunburn but stood out in the sun all day uncovered with no sunscreen because operating on bad advice that that's okay.

be00d1  No.12517025

File: f8fe383ca2dffdf⋯.jpeg (13.92 KB, 236x354, 2:3, lee (2).jpeg)


Know your enemy. Know your enemy?

1d24c3  No.12517038


Can you elaborate some more on Mormons? I encountered one today here: https://www.youtube.com/user/cindybin2001/about

…and I don't know much about Mormons.

Whatever you write I will have to read when I wake up though I am sick right now and can't stay up any longer I am just too sick with flu and have to lay down.

Everything is in terms of polarities (muh 4th hermetic axiom) but there's a lot of polarities at play. If there was some unifying principle to look to it might be something like "negentropy" vs "entropy" where one group is degrading the world system and the other is enhancing it however such a notion doesn't lead peoples lives (they don't seem to act because they assess that a certain set of actions will set back the conscious evolution of the universe or promote it, they seem to decide upon other axioms).

I'd like to try and reduce the complexity into some formula or something that is easily shareable but oh well.

1d24c3  No.12517047



Don't fall for this meme. Sunscreen decreases the benign (not deadly) forms of cancer but increases the probability of certain fatal forms of cancer.

Long-sleeves, Amish clothing, umbrellas, shelter… that is the way you deal with the sun.

72b2ec  No.12517066


>christcuck mind poison

Make sure to tell them that's JEWISH mind poison. It comes directly from the Talmud and isn't reflected in Christian law. Remember that the Talmud says that a jew is "not responsible" for a goy's death if–when the jew ties the goy to a tree in the middle of the wilderness–the goy dies of THIRST or SUNSTROKE, because "tying" has "nothing to do with that."

4410cd  No.12517070


By definition a shabbos goy is one who works for a Jew. They generally carry out the will of their masters and well. I fail to see how this discords with my comments above.


We begin with the principle that we know that we know nothing. Then we know ourselves. Then we know the world around us. Most posters here are currently travelling the troubling path backwards, from believing they know everything about the world, to knowing themselves, to knowing nothing. Only then after much mental torture can they travel the path the right way. I'm trying to help by giving a shortcut.


The Mormons are a Freemasonic-inspired Christian heretical sect. There were many Christian heresies being peddled in early America, which was fruitful soil for such beliefs given the First Amendment and before that, the general religious tolerance. Their beliefs are about as rational as mainstream evangelical Christianity though, and they do a far better job of building cohesive communities and protecting families, which accounts for their success. If anyone were to start a cult, I would look into their history.

>Everything is in terms of polarities

Again, you won't be able to understand much at all about history if you believe this. Most posters on here are Americans and are stuck in their Democrat-Republican lense of politics, through which they try and interpret everything.

>I'd like to try and reduce the complexity into some formula

Losing strategy. Good luck.

be00d1  No.12517108

File: 0ae3a64d8a2ffca⋯.jpeg (33.17 KB, 474x311, 474:311, th (44).jpeg)

File: e6cfb4e03a9524a⋯.jpeg (36.73 KB, 474x308, 237:154, th (31).jpeg)


Pix ex. shabbos goy. I guess I was hoping you might expand upon the complexities of the jewish culture that you deemed praiseworthy, and how (((Them))) not bad?

4410cd  No.12517139


Praiseworthy? I didn't say that. I said I appreciate their history, appreciate not meaning I am emotionally bonded to it, but that this knowledge is useful and will allow me to move forward. But if there is anything praiseworthy about the Jews it is that they, among nearly all other people, have a fairly consistent, coherent historical thread going back to the days when the Jahwistic henotheism of the priestly cult began to war with the Canaanite polytheism of the masses about 27 centuries ago. They have an unprecedented respect for their traditions even if they do not believe in the religious quality of the traditions, they prefer to settle their differences in quiet rather than in public, they move as one people in spite of their disagreements. Except for a few important doctrinal differences, Judaism—including its secular variants—is National Socialism for their folk. I find many of their practices abhorrent and their history can make me desire vengeance, but I do believe there is something to be envied in the way they work together against their adversaries.

0cc03a  No.12517145


>Remember that the Talmud says that a jew is "not responsible" for a goy's death if–when the jew ties the goy to a tree in the middle of the wilderness–the goy dies of THIRST or SUNSTROKE, because "tying" has "nothing to do with that."

I just had a fun idea. What if we took bullshit excepts like this from the Torah and Talmud and made silly Troll Physics style memes to spread around the normies? It would redpill them under the "it's just a joke bro" excuse that comes with MS Paint comics. Then you could put in a corner a tiny pastebin link to sources on these excerpts.

be00d1  No.12517160

File: b4f9ec57384ad4b⋯.jpg (275.7 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, judaism-talmud-zionists-zi….jpg)


Having learned about their literature and creepy religious practices, I can envision only pure, dark evil. It's a shame that so much of the white man's history has been marred by their parasitic existence.

4410cd  No.12517249


Have you ever actually flipped through a Talmud to confirm those images you find floating around the internet? I am not saying you will be surprised to find offensive and uncouth things in that compendium of theirs, but memes do not substitute learning. In particular, that Alice F whoever she is, has been known to disseminate false information in the past, such as the fake Thomas Barnett quote. I read that entire 400 or so page book just to confirm what was written and nowhere was it to be found.

>It's a shame that so much of the white man's history has been marred by their parasitic existence.

But I do agree with this.

d543ad  No.12517865


>Agreed also I am a perennialist.

collecting taints is a strange hobby, do you rinse them or are they kept in plastic bags?

97d499  No.12517911




Communists are just the worker race of jews.

0a10db  No.12518018

File: fdcae2e03369ea2⋯.gif (88.1 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note.gif)

File: 0974d5977fb3bce⋯.gif (94.08 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_2.gif)

File: 7a2b250a41143c6⋯.gif (92.71 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_3.gif)

File: 1bc5b834aa23246⋯.gif (92.92 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_4.gif)

File: d8a41f502fbb6c9⋯.gif (88.69 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_5.gif)


Here's the note. (1/2)

0a10db  No.12518019

File: 2098afe5b5cb508⋯.gif (71.57 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_6.gif)

File: 5d4c3c9be6ac454⋯.gif (43.81 KB, 700x906, 350:453, Higgins_note_7.gif)

4410cd  No.12518458


Except Lincoln did fail, there's negroes everywhere these days. Or are we supposed to blame Johnson for that mishap?

1d24c3  No.12519336


What the fuck does your comment have to do with perennialism? Also have you ever even heard of Aldous Huxley?

1d24c3  No.12519933


Lincoln being assassinated did fuck up the whole deporting them to Liberia thing.

1d24c3  No.12521251

I wonder if Trump cares about gentiles at all. His actions seem to show he would sacrifice all the gentiles without a second thought if it meant slightly furthering the agenda of the zionist jews.

6b9140  No.12525967


Which book is this?

72b2ec  No.12526025


Mine; I’m still writing it.

6b9140  No.12526111


The fundamental problem is middle eastern magic thinking. The great difference between germanic man and the swarthy semite is that germanic man uses words to describe the world but the semite uses words to create the world. Whatever the abrahamite says becomes real when he says it and he will present his words as truth. Then he only needs to make more noise than you and the simple low-brow classes who are not interested in studying reality will think that he must be right.

Basically abrahamites make up shit as they go. I call that "abrahamitic thinking". Judaism, christianity, islam, communism, ayn-rand libretards, modern economic paradigms etc are all based on abrahamitic thinking. Abrahamitic thinking is highly reminiscent of subclinical schizophrenia.

The problem is that the germanic man misconsiders the subjective abrahamitic world view to be at the same level as his own objective world view. He should consider it on the same level as a high-functioning schizophreniacs psychotic fantasies, not as a description of objective reality. Everything that is based on abrahamitic thinking is flawed.

1d24c3  No.12532089


Name of book so I can find it later when it's released and don't miss this?

0145e1  No.12532123


<Commissar Peterstein's Drone 368416362 reporting for shilling Zionism as the only pro-White ideology

Fucking baste

0145e1  No.12532145


Wonder (((why))) Juden Peterstein uses that term, it can not be because it drags people away from looking into (((Frankfurt school))).

0145e1  No.12532149


<Look into endless faux divides instead of reading something worth of your time, goy

1d24c3  No.12532195



1d24c3  No.12532198



Also I'm trying to think of how to redpill others not how to educate myself more.

0145e1  No.12532270


This Anon gets it.

1d24c3  No.12532299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What you think of this?


1d24c3  No.12533926


e7266e  No.12534220


wow…that's terrible.


3c03ae  No.12534476


>I am trying to find some new term that can encapsulate all the cancerous ideologies (feminism, marxism, zionism, etc.) that are undermining white interests.


000000  No.12535825


I think it will have to do.

000000  No.12541526

final bump

6b9140  No.12560284



A link to judeochristian insanity? WTF?

6b9140  No.12560320


OP, my subconscious kept returning to your question over the days since I last posted in this thread. I suddenly came up with the umbrella term you asked for.

It is "judeoform". You have probably heard the word "terraformed" (planet) from some science fiction movie. It means making a planet hospitable to earth colonists. Jews make the target nations suitable for jewish colonization by judeoforming the thinking of the host people. The term covers just about everything. Christianity was the first tool used to judeoform the european natives.

fc69e4  No.12560336


Good digits, but not deep enough. True that it seems to emerge naturally more from the asiatic admixed types. We know that such interbreeding can cause developmental problems. I suspect that ultimately, it all comes back anatomical differences like this, which also likely form the basis for NPC syndrome:


>One cognitive ability that exhibits considerable variability in the healthy population is reality monitoring, the cognitive processes whereby one introspectively judges whether a memory came from an internal or external source (e.g., whether an event was imagined or actually occurred). Neuroimaging research has implicated the medial anterior prefrontal cortex (PFC) in reality monitoring, and here we sought to determine whether morphological variability in a specific anteromedial PFC brain structure, the paracingulate sulcus (PCS), might underlie performance.

>Reality monitoring accuracy is displayed in Figure 3, from which it can be seen that as predicted, participants in the a-a group performed significantly worse overall than those in the other groups, t (52) = 2.03, p < 0.05, d = 0.65.

>The reality monitoring accuracy reduction occurred despite no significant differences between the a-a group and other participants in reaction times, either across all trials or focusing just on correct responses, all t (52) < 1, d < 0.13.

What we're talking about here is a prefrontal cortex neural structure (paracingulate sulcus) that is absent in around 1/4 of people that allows you to distinguish if something you remember really happened or if it was imagined (reality monitoring). It does not correlate with intelligence, explaining why we have people who are otherwise intelligent that still buy into Leftism and other insane ideologies ("real in my mind"). I would love to see a racial breakdown of the frequency of this structure being absent. There is no way to fix these people.

56a1fd  No.12560377


Agreed, and it names the jew… which is critical. /thread?


this is accurate



If you're a shill you're not a good one. If you were actually an oldfag you wouldn't be pushing shit from Peterson. This threads function is diversion, not clarity. We already know who the enemy is, and no singular term will encapsulate all of the various machinations of evil the jew engages in without becoming just another cryptic dog whistle that doesn't highlight the identity of the enemy. You just need to call it what it is. Jewish hatred, judeo-bolshevism, kikery, whatever so long as the enemy is identified.

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