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File: 57cb52ec1e7a8bc⋯.jpg (40.34 KB, 1680x1080, 14:9, bluepill.jpg)

31e537  No.12516470

Is there anything that stings worse than when somebody close to you goes from redpilled to bluepilled?

Had this happen to me not too long ago. Person in question went from shitposter extraordinaire to straight-up spewing rape culture nonsense and throwing around buzzwords like "nazi" and "fascist."

aeb1ee  No.12516478


>shitposter extraordinaire


Pick one. Pretending to be retarded is not "redpilled". Knowing who the real enemy is and speaking out about it without fear of public outcry is "redpilled". Protip: the vast majority of /pol/ is not "redpilled".

be36a8  No.12516490

The bluepill is the real redpill. It’s similar in feeling to when NRx went through the trouble of researching old books, articulating neocameralism, and then finding modern oligarchic procedural democracy was exactly what they were searching for as jews. Revelatory, something a half-cocked NS brain just cannot understand. Some people will always remain pygmies.

31e537  No.12516499

I don't typically post here, and am not 100% familiar with the terminology.

Wasn't referring to "redpill" as in any of that incel bullshit. What I meant was that, for example, the person in question never used to be shy about naming (((them))), but now goes on and on about "nazis." Shit like that.

deb258  No.12516507

Wouldn't Reddit be more your speed OP?

8f1160  No.12516517


>I don't typically post here

Then kill yourself niggerfaggot along with anyone else not telling you to lurk more. This isn't reddit. Your input isn't welcome if you can't respect basic standards.

1314e0  No.12516520

File: bde68d0d486f927⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 495x500, 99:100, Stylin_nazis.jpg)


>goes from redpilled to bluepilled?

Categorically impossible.

fe3a2d  No.12516522


Cognitive dissonance.

15ebc8  No.12516523


>muh incels

a24b33  No.12516526

File: 955c16454780db7⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 670x283, 670:283, cypher steak.jpg)

>I don't typically post here, and am not 100% familiar with the terminology.

>makes thread about it anyways

I know you're not familiar with it, or you'd realize that someone doesn't just go from redpilled to bluepilled.

0bec2e  No.12516528


Can you actually go back from the redpill? Was there drugs involved or porn addiction?

000000  No.12516533

>redpill to bluepill

Literally impossible. This isn't like the matrix because the guy there still new the truth, it's just that it was more pleasurable to live in the bluepilled world. However, in our world, your life isn't really much better being bluepilled since being bluepilled in our world is a willingness to just take a abuse and promote those who abuse you.

All who go the other way are those who never truly were in the first place (i.e. just followed trends/the memes) or seek some benefit in changing their ideology (a purposeful change).

b55557  No.12516541


if he got bluepilled, then he was never redpilled

he spoke against the kikes because he thought it was cool or something; he didn't know what he was talking about

1314e0  No.12516553

File: 5cc60e453292041⋯.jpeg (104.52 KB, 589x570, 31:30, f0ceb797e5e5e194fa7f274b8….jpeg)


>if he got bluepilled, then he was never redpilled

Or perhaps he simply decided to start hiding his power level because he discovered that OP was, as usual, an enormous cock addicted brainlet.

be36a8  No.12516590

Redpill to bluepill is far from impossible. It comes as a result of maturity. Warmongering dictatorial command-and-control personalities never learn to live and let live. They fixate on stifling whatever intrudes upon their fantasies of absolute power. They are an historical dead end besides. The redpill is only the lens of the defeated. It’s not something to aspire to.

4e4e18  No.12516593

be36a8  No.12516594

Eyes red with rage, or eyes blue with the promise of Europe. Your decision.

7703ed  No.12516596








Okay, reported.

be36a8  No.12516602


I rest my case completely.

b26974  No.12516609


Purple it is.

7703ed  No.12516615


>I’m wrong

Okay, reported.

be36a8  No.12516616

>bluepill just means muh npc

3f3390  No.12516717


It literally does

711906  No.12516776

File: 2d360e1b6999b62⋯.png (54.55 KB, 418x385, 38:35, heathen sorceress attempts….png)


You've obviously never interacted with a Boomer before then. Contrary to what some /pol/acks claim, they can be redpilled, however they are obnoxiously prone to "relapsing" unless you constantly babysit them. You can prove to them every single lie the media and the Jews have ever fed them as false and convince them, but the moment they see even the tiniest thing that reconfirms their old beliefs (even if it comes from the very sources you just finished convincing them were a load of bullshit) they instantly revert right back to their Israel-worshipping, muh demucracy muh cumstaintution cuckservative ways.

>boomer is finally convinced that nigs are beyond saving after you show him countless videos of nogs beating whites for reasons ranging from petty disputes to boredom and get it through his concrete thick skull that the mass majority of violent apes is not magically negated by the fact that Tom Sowell exists

>"Hey fellow conservatives! Check out this BASED black guy in a MAGA hat helping an old lady cross the street without mugging her! Whose the racists NOW Dumbocrats?"

>"See that anon? You're just being too harsh on them. Raise them on proper conservative principles and they'll be proper Americans just like you and me!"

I've never seen any other demographic regurgitate the pill before. I've seen honest to god soyboys and feminist dykes take a redpill and fucking keep it in. Boomers are the only people who do this. I still say it's worth it to redpill a Boomer and keep him in check in case he relapses, but only if he's someone important to you. Boomers have a surprisingly high resistance to the truth like leftists, but unlike leftists, they let their guard down if it's a friend/loved one administering the dose. Heck if you two are related, he might not even put up a fight.

aeb1ee  No.12516820


>why won't this person respond positively to MY emotional brainwashing instead of to THEIR emotional brainwashing?

4aeb77  No.12516844

Nice blogpost, faggot.

00b77f  No.12517075


>le ironic nazi xd

sounds like a retard

i bet he thought nazis were right-wing too

223f07  No.12517080

Fuck off reddit.

3aa981  No.12518050


>accepting hard truths as fact and incorporating them into your worldview is the lens of the defeated

Factually incorrect. The redpill is the lens of the empericist. We trade in facts, something Jews really don't care for.

398a53  No.12518051



not even heroin and meth extreme addiction got me off the redpill

61cd75  No.12518086


Then that person was never redpilled. You said it yourself, "shitposter." That person likes to shitpost, and for a time shitposting redpilled-flavored things was fun. Now that person wants to shout leftist buzzwords.

It's likely that person just wants to fit in no matter the company. Shitposters in my experience are often like that. They like being edgy, so if edgy that moment means baiting those on the right, they will shitpost in ways to bait them. Anyone with enough experience has seen that happen before.

When /pol/ here on 8chan got too serious you had faggots from /int/ and later /intl/ shitting up here and specifically here because (((someone))) figured out that most shitposters are especially easy to lead and mold because inside they are insecure and want to please whatever company they're in. That lasted a while until /intl/ got too serious itself and its stigma caused many of the shitposters it tricked into feeling remorse and ostracized. It never lasts. The revelations about it being connected to /leftypol/ satellite sites made many leave because they realized they were being led around like useful idiots and everyone hated them.

Overall, when you think someone is redpilled, they have to be mainly serious about themselves and things in life. If they're primarily about shitposting and being edgy, they're not mature and probably wanted to please you while you were giving them attention. So they switch from shouting leftist buzzwords to what they think are redpilled-flavored bait and then switch back. This dynamic is quite interesting because shitposters that mature and become truly redpilled often lose their edge when it comes to shitposting and wish it can carry over when they make OC to redpill people. It's a fine line that's hard to ride.

P.S. Somewhat of a tangent but also important. If they're a shitskin that likes to shitpost, then this especially applies. Same above principle applies but moreso because they shitpost to fill the gap that reminds them they're never going to be white. Eventually their resentment overtakes them and they fallback to being anti-white. Never assume mongrels are your allies.

04040d  No.12518101


This happened to my brother. He met a trad Korean girl and is now convinced that Eurasians are white. It doesn't help that he was redpilled enough to know how the definition of white has been steadily expanding for centuries. Just like it went from being just Anglos and Germanics to Celts and Gault, then Slavs and Scandinavians, then Irish and Greeks, then even fucking Cubans and white Hispanics, he sees the modern white identity as including fucking Eurasians and there's nothing I can do.

667686  No.12518122


shut your mouth, (((kike))).

61cd75  No.12518126


> traditional Korean girl

No such thing. She's "traditional" enough to racemix.

Next time there's a thread on hapas and mixed-race children being insane and living with constant anxiety that they're mutts, resenting the white parent, hating whites, being devoid of a conscience, save everything and find a way to show him all of that. If he doesn't listen after that, he never intended to be redpilled. He just wanted your respect then, and traded it for a yellow cunt.

667686  No.12518127


>MY truth giving instead of (((their))) lies?


72a2cb  No.12518133


>Is there anything that stings worse than when somebody close to you goes from redpilled to bluepilled?

Literally never happened in the history of mankind.

If it happened then we wouldn't have the jews still kvetching about "nazis" today.

04040d  No.12518149


>If he doesn't listen after that, he never intended to be redpilled. He just wanted your respect then, and traded it

Convincing civnats is one helluva task. They compartmentalize their identity as "American" and block out all information from their culture before the founding of America, like pagan white tradition. I've shown him the health risks like gestational diabetes, but he insists that modern medicine can handle blood sugar and other medical issues.

>She's "traditional" enough to racemix.

You're absolutely right. I mean to say that she's "traditional" in the sense that she has beliefs from before the century that align with my brother's and is admittedly very different from the typical modern white woman. She does all the housework, she appreciates the otherwise trad male my brother is, she appreciates his character more than his (low) income, and she wants to wait until after marriage with him. You're right that reasoning with him at this point is a waste of time.

6b5598  No.12518152


>Person in question went from shitposter extraordinaire to straight-up spewing rape culture nonsense and throwing around buzzwords like "nazi" and "fascist."

Did this person happen to get an indoor cat recently?

afa8d4  No.12518156


Had that with a Turkish friend of mine, he was always ranting about niggers and jews when we were teens but as an adult he became an ultra cuck who paints strawmen about racists all the time.

He's probably insecure about his heritage and torn between which side to be loyal to, but in the end blood and family always takes precedence over ideals.

6b5598  No.12518160


Cognitive dissonance. I couldn't tell you how many women I've seen who let their boyfriend molest the kids because she had a luxury lifestyle for the first time in her life.

7cc3d9  No.12518213

All you have to do is show them https:// suppositoryrepository .co

Free, no ads, no tracking. So many redpills even Soros would wake up and gas himself.

3ce074  No.12518241

File: e7c10a7e3da746a⋯.png (80.14 KB, 1272x800, 159:100, 2qdq.png)

File: 64b570898d099fd⋯.mp4 (3.71 MB, 640x640, 1:1, korean_facts.mp4)


hurr durr facts are the same as "brainwashing"

1314e0  No.12518266

File: 3c801fd47a74e82⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 572x880, 13:20, 1458804030637.jpg)


>You've obviously never interacted with a Boomer before then.

I was raised by them, dipshit

>Contrary to what some /pol/acks claim, they can be redpilled,

There are outliers in every group that this applies too. Categorically, however, this is wrong. They are the most incurably bluepilled generation in history. the MK project saw to that. At best you can make them racist, but the buck stops there.

I didn't read the rest of your post, since you're an ignorant faggot, so I have no comment on your other points.

ea9ab2  No.12518267


He probably has a new job or new hobby in which many leftists surround him and has changed his opinions so that he can fit in. This is very common among people who are weak-willed losers since they cannot stand alone against the leftist hive-mind without submitting.

f1f5a8  No.12518445


I've gone from red pilled to ambivalent? pill. Why? The foundation of life, culture, civilization etc is the family unit, and literally nobody wants to tackle that problem seriously. We're at the stage where sex-dolls with wombs would un-ironically be better than the current social situation in the West… so fuck it. I only give support to small trad-communities that go the benedict option. Cucked ethno-nat movements can eat a dick.

d0bfe1  No.12518600

File: a670fdcee6552bc⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, king of the spuds.webm)


>weakness is strength

d48cb1  No.12518630


>somebody close to you goes from redpilled to bluepilled?

That makes no sense.

But it does, only if that somebody was pretending to be redpilled just to fit in.

8d0678  No.12518646


Boomers and some of their kids – Gen X – are indeed the most bluepilled, reality-denying motherfuckers you will ever meet. I'm surrounded by 'em. In fact, I work for one, who pays me under the goddamn table and then periodically reminds me to send in my social security quarterly earnings so I'm "taken care of someday" like he is. Fucking clueless. Try to point out how comical this fantasy is – just because one generation took everything under the fucking Christmas tree for 50 years doesn't mean it extends to everyone who comes after you.

Seriously, they are a cancer. They've used up everything and they have another 20, 25 years on earth. They are like locusts and will devour it all. They will never, ever be able to see the world aright, as their worldview was formed during a goddamn historical anomaly that is now over.

100 years ago they'd be dropping like flies right now as they hit their 70s, but unfortunately, they are going to hook themselves up to the Matrix and never leave. And it's going to get worse.

1a62ad  No.12518661


>It’s similar in feeling to when NRx went through the trouble of researching old books, articulating neocameralism, and then finding modern oligarchic procedural democracy was exactly what they were searching for as jews

when the fuck did that happen?

8d0678  No.12518663


The only thing that is going to redpill a Boomer is a cartel representative showing up at their door on a Saturday morning to request the deed to their home and offer them a ride to their local bank. Short of that, they're eating your dessert right now, and there are five or six more courses after that.

1a62ad  No.12518668


it's almost like being neo-nazi is just one step away from swallowing the blue pill

6e8b0f  No.12518671


That's the biggest thing about those fuckers that pisses me off. If they at least had the balls to admit they fucked the rest of us over, I could at least respect their audacity.

e94bd8  No.12518697


This. Once you get red on an issue, any issue, you never go back.

636556  No.12518718


It's probably something like this. I myself had done it for before for the sake of social cohesion, peer pressure and fitting in but after a few years I just couldn't stand shilling for things I either didn't give a fuck about or outright detested, along with the general cringeworthiness of it all, so I went off the grid and cut all contact with those groups/cliques.

This kind of thing is more common than you think, plenty of "reformed" former edgelords probably don't believe it earnest but do it for either shekels or digital headpats. There's entire websites, and many in number who have gone full tumblr poz, SomethingAwful being maybe the most prominent of the lot.

9ee7bf  No.12518733

It's impossible to be red-pilled one minute then pretend that voting for genocidal NeoCon kikes is some form of solution to the jewish problem the next

000000  No.12518735


>red to blue

I can't image how that could happen.

red to black…sure. I'm there

8d0678  No.12518747


I don't know if they're just amazing liars or are legitimately the fucking stupidest generation as well.

These guys will be counting their money from their gold-plated pensions and everything else they grabbed when they cashed out at 62 and lecturing about how everyone below the age of 40 wants something for nothing. Half these people haven't done anything in 20 years. Nothing. For the lousy $50K that the majority of them paid into the system in "taxes" over the course of a lifetime of well-paid work they all expect to have an unlimited tab on everyone else's paycheck until they are in the ground. In fact, most of their wives never worked at all and will complain about how kids today "don't work." The fuck do they think they're living on? Where does the goddamn money come from? Using millions in health care that they never paid for, while going around bragging about the greatness of their Boomer lives…jesus christ, they just don't care.

872ddb  No.12518786


I think you might be forgetting just how valuable of a tool the internet is in propagating information. I would've remained bluepilled myself if I hadn't made contact with people from all around the glove that helped give me perspective on my life and the situation my society is in.

d9c980  No.12518788

Impossible. At best that person went from being a moron to being a bigger moron.

15126b  No.12518792

Damn what a faggoty thread

35cb59  No.12518900


Incels are huge vectors of bitter jadedness who compromise any ability they have with their brainwashed toxicity, spreading it to others without any form of compassion or understanding what they're even saying.

They're cancer and deserve to be shot. They're weak men without any hope of saving.

1a62ad  No.12518945


Black? You mean the niggerpill?

b706ae  No.12518990

Anyone got a guide how to become bluepilled again, I'm alienating friends and family because I can't let lies stay undisputed, and lies is all they've built their worldview upon.

63ec8e  No.12518993

File: 555132841efb5e2⋯.jpg (52.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 555132841efb5e207520b28d1f….jpg)


>Kalahari Bushmen: 54 (with 39 the lowest individual result)


d09c38  No.12519093

File: 669cf1fc731ea75⋯.jpg (64.3 KB, 748x729, 748:729, 5475363209-2821.jpg)


OP is posting a Kike fantasy, nothing more.

Hey, OP, just so you don't go away without an education, it is impossible to "Un-Ring a bell".

Once somebody is really red-pilled about you jews, it's impossible to "blue pill" them ever again.

"Had this happen to me not too long ago"

Probably just a crazy dream you had while under anesthetic during your nose's rhinoplasty operation.

92f29a  No.12519102

File: e23375e9e55deee⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 339x510, 113:170, himba.jpg)


Who needs brains when you look like this?

ecad28  No.12522012


>I couldn't tell you how many women I've seen who let their boyfriend molest the kids

you know multiple child molestors?

you keep fucking weird company man

838d99  No.12522018

You mean being an adult and taking responsibility for themselves?

I am confused.

7d7880  No.12522067

Women do this constantly, if you don't talk to them about a subject that is red pilled often they eventually follow braindead kike programming that you hear on TV.

If you put a cucked opinion in front of a retarded clapping seal studio audience, it eventually convinces many women to parrot those idiotic stances.

9a0e4a  No.12522107


It's called crypto goy :^)

838d99  No.12522118

Seriously, it's not.like I walk around spouting off facts about the holohoax or the contamination of plebian minds being organized by traitor masons that are violating their oaths.

dc552d  No.12522372


This is chodemonkey's nu/pol/.

dc552d  No.12522378


Boomers can't be redpilled. Jingoistic cuckservatism isn't a redpill.

dc552d  No.12522387

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Conscious treason isn't the same as a "bluepill".

98728b  No.12522402

NPCs just say they are redpilled because they are addicted to attention. I had to drop every single human I had ever considered an ally or friend. So be it. I'm actually much weaker but much better off now . The hermit path is the only good path . Just read anything if you think interacting with these disgusting people is a good idea. You can do everything right and you will still end up getting fucked. Who the fuck cares fuck them if you think there is anything left to this society you are a braindead blue pill faggot . It's dead. Anyone clinging to this dead world is a zombie. Who cares. Go rescue a dog they are the true master race and we can help them evolve to the next stage.

98728b  No.12522407


50% psyop 50% autists falling for psyop and being useful idiots. If you read most of that shit and it doesn't read like satire you are a dumb fuck.

dc552d  No.12522448

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This. Ironically the only true path to saving your kin and ensuring the future of your entire race is mostly by solitude. You either rise up to be the solitary hero destined to lead or become one of the hermit sages that prepare that hero for his journey.

dc552d  No.12522462


Most tumblr post I've ever read in nupol.

c4834d  No.12522551


I guess the NRx jews had this revelation, but also I do not know of any NRx who were also jews.

fe6e97  No.12522586

File: 3a79483e6e71bd7⋯.jpg (191.86 KB, 1024x954, 512:477, 3a79483e6e71bd7a58c1c5bc1d….jpg)


This does not happen.

fe6e97  No.12522605

File: 6f04abde509e1e0⋯.jpeg (72.49 KB, 363x478, 363:478, 22e572ed0880a62ffd8cfbb36….jpeg)


You can fuck off too, with your blackpilled faggotry.

51edd8  No.12522748

File: 59f1a8b9483c476⋯.png (245.04 KB, 471x552, 157:184, edb9ada2a2c3c12a816a04e346….png)

If someone who claims to be red pilled decides to become a bleeding heart commie, then they were not red pilled to begin with. It's like how the new fags freak out over a poster id being all zeros, when any person who's spent two years or more know it's just an anon using tor. Really at the end of the day, it's pretender syndrome. Someone wants to be something or in a group, but doesn't spend the time to know learn the tricks of the trade. Or the trade for that matter.

65c860  No.12522877


Never seen that happen, so no.

Know what I did see though? This guy I knew, he went back to 4chan. I never heard from him again. You should try it.

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