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File: 500561443d8838b⋯.jpeg (47.82 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 3jpR3paJ37V8JxyWvtbhvcm5k….jpeg)

File: 60295085ffd18eb⋯.jpg (636.64 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Student_Debt_2000-2010.jpg)

File: ea1396c21c9342f⋯.png (11.77 KB, 638x460, 319:230, sallie-mae-loans.png)

File: 44dc89447949988⋯.jpg (402.44 KB, 720x1332, 20:37, Screenshot_20181207-162336….jpg)

01ce4c  No.12519962

Now I know that American's are relatively well off and are far from revolting but it just occurred to me that this is very similar in that many Americans are crippled by debt (such as myself) and enter usury to prop up a parasitic system.

I understand that a large swath of people are liberal arts major baristas but that's irrelevant. If we can successfully rally the financially disenfranchised to flip the fuck out then we'll catch that flu that France is sneezing. Across the pond, its an apolitical movement (for now) but once the gears get moving it cannot be stopped.

What say you?

968fca  No.12519973


You're not going to do a damn thing, so it doesn't matter what anyone says.

cc8da3  No.12519977


Burger here. I'd be down to overturn the kike system in this manner, but the standards of living are still too high. Us burgers have had niggers for a long time, and the spics haven't reached critical mass yet. Soon, friend, but not today. granted if America starts to intervene in France to protect the kikes then yeah it begins

e0297d  No.12519983


Unfortunately, we are not capable of just wishing a massive, international protest into existence. I would if I could. But I am not even in college anymore so I cannot agitate there.

01ce4c  No.12520011

File: 3cb9ab28a41ff45⋯.png (114.41 KB, 500x386, 250:193, my-hat-is-bread-punditkitc….png)


Try me you glow in the dark nigger. I'm willing if there's support to act.

I realize that in America we're still far to comfortable but this is the closest thing I can see to pissing people off. Perhaps you're not wrong in asserting nothing would come of this short of a Soros bux bus band but it's prudent for us to be highly aware and proactive now that an Arab spring style flu has come over France.

For what it's worth, Algeria, where the arab spring started had no Soros bux and was organic so we ought to be careful if things pop off elsewhere.

363b06  No.12520028

movements of the yellow vest magnitude in America are called civil wars, if things get down to driving construction equipment at riot police, it's shooting time

01ce4c  No.12520035

Again I'm aware of the difference between France and the US. We'd likely need hyperinflation to get things rolling

f64aba  No.12520039

For you burgers can have guns, I can't even imagine the bloody mess it would be…

1902d9  No.12520062

File: 22c619118c81653⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 480x250, 48:25, main2.jpg)


The problem is that 99.9% of people with student debt need to keep their jobs and maintain their lifestyles so setting thing on fire in a riot is the last thing the people affected by this would do

b004dd  No.12520083

>>12519977 (checked)

Standards of living are too high, and there is no unifying sense of American Nationalism. Don't go off half-cocked; it will just land a lot of people in jail. Better use of effort is getting your house in order and family prepared for balkanization.

b985c2  No.12520094

File: cf18b6c80906130⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 212x238, 106:119, pt.jpg)

Huh. Who would've guess that lowering college entrance requirements, making loans widely available, and encouraging the Participation Trophy generation to all get useless feels degrees would cause tuition to skyrocket…. go figure.

f64aba  No.12520237

The French and the American have a very different point of view of their country.

You burgers were taught to love your country, be proud of your country, think that your country is always right, and the most beautiful thing in your history is the creation of your great, beautiful, amazing … country… and so on… as if you the people were nothing and only the USA was important.

While for us frogs it's the exact opposite, we think that WE the people only are important and the country is nothing. The most beautiful part of our history is when our ancestors beheaded their rulers to give power to the people… The second most beautiful part of our history is when our coward gov surrendered quickly to Hitler and our ancestors kept on fighting alone until the end. (That's why that "I surrender" joke of yours makes us very angry. Read about the french resistance.)

116ad2  No.12520524

You'll never see me stand beside some marxist university monkey.

116ad2  No.12520540


>You burgers were taught to love your country, be proud of your country, think that your country is always right, and the most beautiful thing in your history is the creation of your great, beautiful, amazing … country… and so on… as if you the people were nothing and only the USA was important.

Clearly you know nothing about Americans. Also country is not synonymous with government. No one dislikes government more than Americans. Also the most prominent part of American history is rebellion. We exist and were formed from rebellion and war. There's a reason why we still have political freedoms and you don't. We weren't raised to be subservient to government, you were. We were raised to dislike and distrust government.

968fca  No.12520542



Kill yourself. You won't do a DAMN THING. Ever.

31157c  No.12520544

> buy bitcoin

116ad2  No.12520548


What are you doing? Looks like a lot of nothing.

0f6c11  No.12520566

Not even close; all those suckers that went $100k+ in debt were planning on being the big shot overseers who would rule over the despised lower classes, all those contemptible rednecks in the red states. But they were stupid and didn't realize that they were never destined for those trusted positions; they never learned the vital survival skill of how to SEE THE JEW.

And so they're doubleplus upfucked for life and no those rednecks they were planning to lord over with infinite arrogance and contempt are not going to come running to fight for their cause. And those indebted students sure aren't going to fight for their own cause either because they're weaklings, and cowards who are afraid to go out in the rain.

b985c2  No.12520578

File: 5f8521b179e170c⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 299x168, 299:168, derp.jpg)


Elections have consequences.

0f6c11  No.12520582


hate to tell you this but the most glorious part of French history was the medieval period and the Resistance was almost entirely made up of Bolshevik Jews. Ordinary French people knew this and stayed home.

I recommend the movie by Max Ophuls The Sorrow and the Pity

968fca  No.12520584


Read posts before replying to them.

3d40a9  No.12520585

File: 354d0a671304266⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1508795737465.jpg)

fuck dem antifA faggots I'm gonna suck my jew bosses cock instead of joining them in destroyin ZOG

0f6c11  No.12520600


What on earth are you talking about?

ANTIFA is bought and paid for by jew bankers like Soros…it's ZOG's street fighting force. That's why the police leave them alone while jumping down the throats of right wingers.

Remember; Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas shooter was a pink pussy hat demonstrator and an ANTIFA thug.

116ad2  No.12520604


Antifa is the enforcement arm of the already in-power kikes, you dumb nigger. That's why they only exist in far-left heavily urbanized areas with large jewish populations, like Portland and Philly. Antifa is organized from the top-down, funded from the top-down, and protected by governors and media. It's not a coincidence, nigger. They only attack people who oppose the status quo. Antifa has been the attack dog of the kike bolsheviks since day one in Germany.

b05b98  No.12520607


Yet you're fine with sandniggers raping and murdering with abandon and your government that you care so little for backing them up and punishing you for daring to question them?

e2aa23  No.12520821

File: 875c8a3ddcb4851⋯.png (772.17 KB, 604x493, 604:493, tolerance.png)


The difference between the movements is this. American college students are usually limp wristed faggots. Most people here that have the luxury of going to college have never worked a hard day in their life. If people are to revolt it will most likely be the welders, the electricians, the factory workers, the plumbers, the field hands, that constantly get fucked out of a job or a decent wage because wet backs can do it for half of the cost. We have not done it yet, I don't see it happening any time soon. If it does happen, it won't be these pussies that can't even replace a radiator hose on their car, or install a switch in their house. IMHO

9bff94  No.12521232


The automation jew will come for the blue collars too. It will just take a bit longer. Or maybe not considering some new unforseen technology could come along a kill all the trade fags off overnight. wouldn't take much either. some solar panel breakthrough perhaps. Either way things are going to get challenging for everyone soon. Next recession is right around the corner.

6e935e  No.12521280


It's very interesting what's happening in France when compared to Italy. As things are right now, any unrest in any western country will serve the right.

In the US, white nationalists are under such levels of suppressions that you really should find a substitute cause in order to hold public rallies. It is not a stupid idea.

Even if it's plain obvious to everyone who's organizing it, it would be difficult to attack the participants because of the plausible deniability.

8aabbc  No.12521287


Don't make me laugh. The French Revolution was a fucking disaster.

788ae4  No.12521291

Is this a crypto Bernie thread?

6e935e  No.12521292



Your opinion is worth shit then. The reason why students are perfect for political movements is exactly because they have so much free time. BLM is evidence of that.

788ae4  No.12521294


So untrue. This is ridiculous.

c6f1a7  No.12521307

It's almost as if the goyim are being mentally prepared for the next bailout of Sallie Mae. Meh, it's probably just a cohencidence that the bailouts happen regularly

788ae4  No.12521313


No need for a bailout when you’ve had IBR since July, 2009.

330cc7  No.12521314

OP here, was mobile posting at work when I thought of the idea


Actually that'd be perfect. If students are forced to keep paying while Sallie Mae and other private student loaners get bailed out might be the chance


Not even close, though cost of tuition is ridiculous here in the states.

0f6c11  No.12521316


Exactly and those blue collar guys should fight but not for the arrogant brats in universities that dreamed of being their overseers and failed because they didn't realize that they didn't possess the essential ingredient to success; being a jew.

b95d27  No.12521320

File: 63ada773c4b8abe⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 447x300, 149:100, BaldEagle_RobinSilver.jpg)



Alright niggers, TONIGHT we turn this operational.

For this we turn to Kikebook. All anons with an operational account, create "Operation Soaring Eagle" events NOW.

In every major city across the U.S.A, we go to the local city monuments and start a "yellow vest in solidarity with France" protest.

>Invite every disgruntled Q Tard, Former Bernie Fag you can find

This goes live on 12/8, Operation 1, with a second operation on Saturday 12/15.

We protest in solidarity of the Frogs, but we protest for the inaction of that Hanukkah celebrating rat traitor in charge today.

Now go swiftly anons, create the events, invite the normies, and spread. Ad hov v1.0 tomorrow, v2.0 goes live on Saturday 12/15.

0f6c11  No.12521324


So true you mean.

All those wannabe lawyers and managerial students wanted to lord over the despised workers. They saw themselves as the elite and voted Democrat, voted for Bernie. They hate the red state lowbrows, they spit on them.

Fuck them, take their debts and cram them up their asses.

If they were too stupid to do the numbers and forsee the dreadful consequences of compound interest, that they were signing themselves away into slavery, then surely they're too stupid to benefit from a university education.

0f6c11  No.12521328


Not only a disaster but a jew run disaster formulated with great care to destroy France

330cc7  No.12521329


>blue collar guys should fight but not for the arrogant brats in universities

way to miss the point. I'm not talking about tuition reform, im talking about using the ridiculously high tuition costs to co-opt the resentment against the system. It's like the fuel tax being the straw that breaks the camel's back idea. I realize that americans' and french economic situations aren't comparable, but just brainstorming

788ae4  No.12521333


The State unis have typically raise their tuitions between 5-7% per year for the last decade as well as taking on all manner of new fees and borrowing to the hilt to make their facilities fit to accommodate vast hordes of new international students. So besides a top heavy administration students are shouldering the cost for said admin’s vision for an international future. So there is that. But also they keep students involved in busy work to a point ehere they have to forgoe working their way through, and they borrow living expenses as a result. That’s how it happens. It’s not just art, humanities, and social science majors paying the same price as pre-med, physical science, and engineering students to subsidize their needs. It is profligate, usurious abuse of the young to inflate salaries and grow in size for everyone but the instructors. And for what? The education is dogshit. Glorified book club that sucks the life out of them.

788ae4  No.12521335


No, I don’t mean that, fucking retard.

788ae4  No.12521338

Jealous cunt hates college students and can’t make a single factual contribution to the thread. This is the same shit boomers do in comments sections.

8802be  No.12521339

File: f2339ed2d59e3e6⋯.jpg (177.81 KB, 525x700, 3:4, vive.jpg)


Vive la France!

6e935e  No.12521340


This thread is about creating unrest, and here you are talking about student debt as if we are actually planning to do anything about it. Hah.

0f6c11  No.12521341


Go and read Paul Fussell's book, Class.

Those university kids in the USA and Canada are infinitely arrogant and unbelievably stupid, bereft of any interest in history or culture or even scientific curiosity (if they're not STEM students). For the most part they're paying for left wing indoctrination, of the lowest quality. They're communists who's ambition was to become part of the nomenclatura, to be apparatchiks in the bureaucracy. And yes once in their well paid positions they'd be infinitely arrogant overseers to the proles they despise.

The workers should never ever for one instant do the slightest thing to assist them in their insane demands for free tuition or forgiven debts. Fuck them.

059878  No.12521344


This is it faggots, we have a working operation, we protest in solidarity of France and the angry people will find their own reasons. This goes live everywhere. Make your time count. First protest is tomorrow at noon across the country. Make it count.

The idea is to create a precedent that by 12/15 the whole country will hear about the news in France and be prepared for our own uprising.

There's (((nothing))) stopping you, now go and spread this everywhere.

b985c2  No.12521347


He really should fuck off to /leftypol/ with the Marxist grievance shit.

788ae4  No.12521348


Blame the victim.

0f6c11  No.12521354


No I'm talking about the indebted students thinking that the revolt of the middle and working classes against their eradication by the jew overlords through mass immigration and ruinous taxation regimens and exporting all the manufacturing to slave states like China is something that they can exploit to their own profit when after all they HATE those very workers and middle class whites, they long to enslave them to their needs or better yet eradicate them and replace them with servile and grateful third worlders. Sounds like a deranged schema? You bet, those lefty indebted students are utterly deranged, have no idea what the fuck they're doing or asking for. That's why they're trapped in insane debt levels for worthless degrees.

788ae4  No.12521358

>>Love your race

>Fuck the college students

It’s all self-aggrandizing bullshit. This board is a personality cult and nothing more.

059878  No.12521362



Nothing came of Q. No arrests EVER happened. The swamp never got drained, and Trump is out wishing the world happy Hanukkah. There are 100 million ANGRY, fuming boomers with nothing to do on a Saturday.


Create the events and let the normies show up for you.

788ae4  No.12521366

They have no sympathy because most of them weren’t smart enough to get through. Now they’re smug in the notion that the banker didn’t get them that time. Completely dishonorable people.

788ae4  No.12521369


>the political left are the only students with insane levels of debt


6e935e  No.12521372



Americans will not come out in large numbers out of solidarity for someone else. It is better to make it about something that directly affects them.

ade94b  No.12521376


Filter'd for being a kike

You don't know anything about what normies will show up for you flaming faggot

0f6c11  No.12521379


Well they're the ones that flocked to bolshie Bernie in the belief he'd forgive them $1.5 trillion in debt, weren't they?

6e935e  No.12521381


>Americans will revolt against their own government in solidarity with French people?


788ae4  No.12521400


No, “they” weren’t. How fucking thick are you? Not all uni students are leftists, fuckhead. But they all get rammed through the same financial meatgrinder. You have a serious problem if you sincerely believe you have to stereotype this hard.

bb0800  No.12521407

File: 5b78076b1cd85b8⋯.png (746.65 KB, 1655x980, 331:196, 5b78076b1cd85b8010f2f2b3d7….png)


Yea French sure do care about their people so much that the French don't seem to care their countrymen aren't safe anymore and is being taken over by mudslimes and has been importing niggers since the 1800s. Shitskins have created no go zones and Paris has been turned to utter shit because of shitskins, Yep French sure do care about their people while Americans at least will try and protest mudslime takeovers and terrorist attacks.

If the French carried about the French people then mudslimes would of been lynched in the streets in the thousands after Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan attack by muslims where they legitimately were torturing young French kids to death. While the mudslimes cheered on the attacks on the French.The entire government of France and NGOs that promoted shitskins would of been put to death by the end of the year for treason if the French carried about the French people. Quite frankly I wish the French carried more about the French people so you can kick all the jews,niggers and mudslimes out who are destroying France itself including the culture and have a strong nation again. I also hope the yellow vest becomes your chance.

0f6c11  No.12521415


And let's look at the growth of university attendance. Pre WWII it only amounted to 11% of the population. Now it's around 50% of the population. That alone will inflate prices. Of course there's the idiots that see university as a 4 year long social club and booze bash but we'll set that aside. Let's look at the consequences of this growth in the need for university degrees. Before 1960 and Lee Iaccocca, the best workers could work their way off the shop floor at GM and become managers. And GM was tops, excellent quality, excellent value, a desirable consumer good producer.

And then suddenly Lee declared only MBA's could be managers at GM. The corporation was flooded with all these assholes that had their heads full of insane economic theories (right wing or left wing ones, didn't matter, they were shit and ultimately destructive to the corporation) running the show.

Who wants to buy a GM product now? It's garbage, of course it's garbage, it's all being run by asshats. Seriously the US only needs 11 % of it's population to attend university. The rest? Where's that Pol Pot when you need him?

788ae4  No.12521416

I think OP’s probably getting at the student loan path to an outsourced job and a halfassed social safety net is young American’s carbon taxes and niggers.

788ae4  No.12521418

788ae4  No.12521420


More stereotyping to go with an anachronistic view of the experience. More correlation presented as causation. More victim blaming. Fuck off.

0f6c11  No.12521424


What "victim". A girl brutally raped by a gang of muslims is a victim and the perps deserved to be skinned alive and sent skinless and naked into a howling blizzard.

Young adults that sign their names to massive debts that can never be repaid because their heads are full of delusional dreams about ascending the class system totem pole are not "victims"; they're idiots.

788ae4  No.12521427

And yet I agree we don’t need everyone in school. There is no reason for it except the fucking cocksucking boomers deeming it necessary, then turning their backs on their own children in favor of profits overseas. How is that the fault of 18 and 20 year olds? They are told they need to compete harder, and so they do.

788ae4  No.12521431


Here we have another idiotic troll from you. The delay of marriage and parenthood in favor of a career in the information age, you utter fucking shitbag.

0f6c11  No.12521433

File: 778ad74f8a2ead3⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 920x669, 920:669, 920x920.jpg)


Where do you get teh "boomers" into the argument? You think working class boomers wanted their jobs sent offshore to China? That's idiotic. The boomers did their best…

788ae4  No.12521434

You know what? Fuck off and die in a fire. Filtered.

0f6c11  No.12521436


Yep run away and stop up your ears little girl…

f81b78  No.12521441

File: d3247d479414117⋯.jpg (223.45 KB, 522x527, 522:527, protest_the_fed_12_8.jpg)



6e935e  No.12521449


Well done anon. This is the right direction.

e41c21  No.12521450


Why won't that become another OWS?

330cc7  No.12521459


december 8 is a saturday, not sunday as per pic

e2aa23  No.12521469


They are mostly beta males. They can't accomplish anything. They are already cucks. That is why they are in so much debt. They won't rise up.

76ceff  No.12521472


This. It would be a beerhall putsch with none of the refinement and political refinement. It would just be jail time for a bunch of dumb college kids.

76ceff  No.12521478


Fuck off, faggot. Trades make the men, school makes the fodder. Now catch my bullets for me, bitch.

788ae4  No.12521485

Trades make kosher republicans who fly the flag on their porch and vote for men like Ted Cruz. But you sure have those engineering and med school students sized up. Great job.

0f6c11  No.12521487


Do you actually need a degree to become a programmer? I know a Canadian spice monkey from a shop owning family that started programming in grade school. By adolescence he was automating his family's entire business online and by 23 Apple hired him at $250k a year without any degree. Funny…

e2aa23  No.12521528


I don't like ted cruz, hell wouldn't mind him hanging from a rope. I think it is sad that the educated can't see the point in voting for someone who is less of the two evils. One that won't rape the working class mans taxes. I will bust rock 10hrs a day, dig ditches, and run some wire. You read your books to gain employment in a field that is overly saturated by females. We will see who will win in a fight.

788ae4  No.12521565


You think you are the rule, and that you know what I do for a living. Like I said, the trades don’t produce anything better than the colleges do.

e2aa23  No.12521599


Yes, because physically strong men are far less superior than SJW indoctrinated college students? You are A. so disillusioned about what is being produced in college, you think you are right. B. Don't live in America at all C. Are a failed college student with a lot of debt.

If we can't get the college students to realize that Bernie Sanders is not the answer, and that Taxes are bad, or basic economics. What makes you think they will leave their convenient lifestyle to "Rise Up?" If you activism fags want to get people in America to get pissed. Look to the people who are getting the real shaft. The motherfuckers who build your homes and power up your house.

2293f7  No.12521700

File: 2b08629e375dc77⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 1544243886145.jpg)


They are already here in U.S. OP! I wasnt sure what he was protesting but not getting free college is the same as being opressively taxed i suppose. Or maybe he's french idk.>>12519962

2293f7  No.12521715


You have no idea how many wannabe rock stars and stoners are in trades. The ones who are there for a check and can not fathom ever advancing themselves. They vote lefty. Hate being wage cucks and want to see it burn.

89e334  No.12522087


>lets do nothing and it will solve itself

That doesn't work this way.

c8adfb  No.12522146

Hit and run thread, OP has disappeared. Mods should delete.

OP, if you are still there, what was your degree?

330cc7  No.12522148


Im still here faggot. I have a b.s. in toxicology

c8adfb  No.12522154


Don't be a fuckwit. Why are you whinging when you have a real degree?

330cc7  No.12522171


I still have debt that doesn't allow me to save for several years. I'm almost 30 and don't have a penny saved. Many have it much worse than me, sure.

Tell me, are you content with financial debt slavery? Are you satisfied with how the state operates?

c8adfb  No.12522203


>are you content with financial debt slavery?

I think the system is a big con and I have structured my life to avoid it as much as possible.

>Are you satisfied with how the state operates?

Of course not. It is complete bullshit. There are garbage degrees that nobody needs and degree inflation that makes everything more expensive. Many degrees, especially in things like science, should be run more like technical colleges.

Every productive person is paying for probably ten parasites. It is the parasites that need to burn. But if you are just asking for a free ride then you are the same as them, and will burn as well.

2a411a  No.12522254

>go to Ivy League school for grad and undergrad

>earn scholarships and grants to pay for most of it

>still end up 40k in debt

I can afford to pay it all off tomorrow but I'm not ever going to pay it off, you know why? Because paying it would mean I support this corrupt system and acknowledge its power over me. I just pay minimum payments to prevent them from touching my credit score while I wait for this system to collapse and for the loans to be forgiven or expunged. Its really a win-win, I get to accelerate the collapse of this corrupt system and I get a pretty useful STEM education in the process that landed me a great job.

330cc7  No.12522286


>But if you are just asking for a free ride

No, again, you completely misunderstood. I give zero fucks about the snowflakes who didn't properly choose their career/education. I'm talking about playing up their frustrations into something much more.

Also, they're a product of this shit environment, many are misguided whites.

9d272a  No.12522311


It will unless they tell the progressive stack to fuck off.

c8adfb  No.12522328


The progressive stack only works because whites cuck out. Anytime the left faces resistance, it loses.



If you are not then you are one of us, welcome.

8b878d  No.12522343

The system is literally designed so most people are poor so that a few can prosper.

Let me state this again you fucking retard: the system is designed so that most people are slaves and some people get to be master.

Any faggot on team left opinion or team right opinion refuses to acknowledge this or just want in on it.

This world is fucking retarded and useless. In this timeline, for eternity , Miley Cyrus could shit in a bag and it would be worth more than my entire life.

The only solution is slowly but surely destroying everything that enables this slavery system.

330cc7  No.12522362


>The only solution is slowly but surely destroying everything that enables this slavery system.

which is why i started this thread

b410b1  No.12522374


And when you bring it down, it will all start over again. Animals are naturally hierarchical, due to female preference for mates that improve her survival and reproduction value. It's how we improve as a species over time, through selective breeding (aka evolution).

Even though elements of the system are man-made, they are representations of natural laws.

71e196  No.12522383


The degree phenomenon is a relic from the 70s and 80s when humanism and education were sold to the newly established middle class suckers who had never seen a horse outside of a zoo. If anything the information age should require university (and scholastics in general) LESS so since it's so much easier to find information.

0f6c11  No.12522392



And to the fellow who got his STEM degree and doesn't want to pay for it, wants to wait for the system to collapse.

In the 50's and the 60's the working classes were asked to pay for the buildup in universities the same way that they were asked to pay for the buildup of the electrical grid. The premise was that both would improve the infrastructure, give better, longer lives, and would allow their children to have more prosperous employment due to education. This promise was partially fulfilled and then betrayed as those public universities sold out to foreign students (ie chinks mostly, coming in to steal technical knowledge) and the jobs were sent to China.

The infrastructure we enjoy today is the result of that investment and it's crumbling as it needs to be renewed, but the money is being squandered now on the useless military and pointless wars and welfare for criminal retards and Pissrael.

6db01e  No.12522424


You sound like the european royal families that before the French revolution would say that that was the natural law, there's kings who are descendants from God himself and can not be touched by anyone.

Then the french people cut off the head of their king and guess what…the world didn't end.

2a08a7  No.12522810

Kill yourself yid, there will be no American "yellow jackets". You tried this shit earlier. Kill yourself.

efd2f1  No.12523616

File: b771cae64028330⋯.png (205.78 KB, 1600x1724, 400:431, b771cae640283305d039f6fd7.png)


>You think working class boomers wanted their jobs sent offshore to China?

This is what they voted for.

cae9d8  No.12523633



But that's green…..

1aefbf  No.12523728

File: 5aabba1b83e0d86⋯.jpg (380.6 KB, 1414x610, 707:305, paris_diversity.jpg)


While the way they fought even against all odds was admirable in its own right, you killed the very people who were saving your stupid asses from the Jews who took over your country after they murdered your monarch. Great.

1aefbf  No.12523746


That's no doubt a leftist-

>Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Oh. Well alrighty then, carry on. Bring funs again.

644685  No.12523789


You're an ignoramus.

In the 50's the US was building the Middle-East and Europe while doing all of that.

It's not about spending on certain things. It's that the currency has been devalued into almost worthlessness.

b82927  No.12523833

>I understand that a large swath of people are liberal arts major baristas but that's irrelevant

they are a large percentage of the big cities but do not make a dent in terms of what makes America a super power.

-Largest military

-best tech (not per capita but in quality)

-best land (pretty good , give me a better land mass)

some chimping baristas will do nothing but break their own schools and roads.

Fly over country is fly over for a reason, we dont wan you here. Have fun protesting for gays.

b82927  No.12523869



>It's not about spending on certain things. It's that the currency has been devalued into almost worthlessness.

thats partially true… waiting for a "collapse" is an interesting idea. I think we all expect one to come. If you listen to any financial news of the past 2 years we are 2 years late for a collapse.

But I would warn this friend. What if the collapse also has a China like debt surveillance with it and now your friend is forever poor so that his life can subsidize the devaluation.

Pay your debt , its not just a smart move its a moral one. I guess I would also ask what does "waiting for the collapse" entail. Is this friend banking money in a savings account while defaulting.

If "waiting" means making no money then once the collapse is over your friend will be old with no experience.

you should stop hanging out with this person , and stop smoking weed.

9431e4  No.12523876


Here's a better idea, if you want me to pay off your debt just because I have a job and you don't, fuck off.

f03cd8  No.12523954


Everyone forgets this. In Europe some people have three day work weeks (and lot of government gibs to keep their rent paid) so they have lots of time. In addition, the "gig economy" (I fucking hate that phrase) means less people are in 9-5 jobs and do have time to check out an afternoon protest. Remember that these protests are ultimately just social events, but the damage was done last week when people who only knew each other from Kikebook started meeting up and trading SMS numbers. They can't be shut down now. (Remember this in the future: get a phone number, never rely on social media when SHTF.)

4bd1cf  No.12524899

A yellow vest movement against mass immigration would be better in my opinion.

0f6c11  No.12524925


It's our only hope of salvation though in the USA you don't want to wear vests that make you a target. US will be a shootout when it blows big time

14b77e  No.12525102


>rape the working class

Fuck off, /leftypol/.

What a cancerous thread. All you retards are doing is campaigning for /leftypol/ and Bernie. OWS never did a single thing for the right. That's all this can accomplish.


It's a /leftypol/ raid.


Fucking morons.

7e468f  No.12525207

Hard to get behind this when I have no student debt.

>go to college for degree in (((psychology)))

>stop at bachelors level

>wonder why you have no job

If you guys want to protest over the XX million illegal shit skins, or all the Chinese money inflating real estate, or the fed reserve, or the nearly 700 billion dollar defense budget that somehow can’t build a wall, or the kikes in general then let me know and I’ll be there with you. I don’t really care about the consequences of incurring 6 figure debt to go do drugs and have sex with as many people and niggers as possible.

87b91e  No.12525252


>Huh. Who would've guess that lowering college entrance requirements, making loans widely available, and encouraging the Participation Trophy generation to all get useless feels degrees would cause tuition to skyrocket…. go figure.

Shit. I got a STEM degree and wish I could get a cushy barista job.

7e468f  No.12525258


You’re trying to justify the wrong catalyst.

They are taxed to death in Paris the gas tax just sent them over the edge. Taxes are high here but every state is different excluding federal taxes obviously.

Student debt only effects students who are bunch of faggots and communists anyway as well as drug railing, nigger fucking, class skipping, attention seeking degenerates.

Student debt doesn’t effect me or the vast majority of /pol/. Go shill this shit somewhere else, faggot.

225d15  No.12525265


>French yellow jacket movement

>Appeals to 90% of the country.

>Old farmers from the countryside side by side with construction workers and office workers

>Basically everyone with a job and a car is a victim of the new taxes. They all have yellow jackets.


>US Strudent yellow jacket movement

>Appeals to 4% of the country

>Just students suffering the consequences of their bad decisions. Nobody forced them to waste that money.

>They dont own yellow jackets anyway because they never had a job

That is quite a contrast.

db7327  No.12525336

5f3615  No.12525357


Where the hell are you that you can't get a job with a STEM degree? Biology degree doesn't count.

225d15  No.12525496


You forgot to remove the percentage of people who used the system properly and made a success of it.

Obviously if you got a useful degree, that landed you a high paying job you would support student loans to ensure the university system is well funded for future generations.

968fca  No.12525520

Sage and report for supporting communism.

225d15  No.12525595


> What you even mean by "used the system properly and made a success of it"

I mean people who got a degree where the payment of the loan was not a big dent on their income.

Lets say they had to manage with just 1 car and only when they paid off their loan they could afford a second sports car for the weekend.

I became self employed and let my student loan time out. But most people I did my degree with paid it off without it being a big thing. they appreciated that good education shouldnt be done on a shoestring budget and were in a good position to pay it back.

Ever wonder why universities in mainland Europe always perform so poorly in the league tables? Its because the government cant afford to pay the staff good wages. So all the best lecturers etc go to the USA where they get paid far more, which raises the standard of US education way above Europe.

If the USA followed the European model then all the top lecturers would go to Asia.

>If that was a concern, you should stop telling every child in high-school that they should go to college or they're trash

I havent told any high school student anything. I think maybe you have the wrong person there. But I do agree that fewer people should be going to university.

There should be some mechanism in place where they grade degrees in terms of how likely you are to get a job and if your doing something like art history or african dance studies you have to pay the entire price of the degree up front.

a25800  No.12525609


>join antifa to fight the jew

Now this is authentic /leftypol/ in action

Imagine some 80 IQ spic joining antifa with bravado and realizing he's to defend kikes and travenstites

5f3615  No.12525713


> have Bio and Chem and the job market here is dogshit,

Bio has always been dogshit. Chem can be ok, but you need to move to where the refineries and plants are. You aren't going to get a job in a city doing chem work. That's just the way it is. I moved halfway across the country to get a computer dev job.

24551a  No.12525749



>US Student Loan slavery movement

>Appeals to 50% of the country

>Boomers promised it would guarantee a good job

>All of society suffers the consequences of their life-long debt-slavery

>They dont own yellow jackets anyway because they sold them to buy milk and tendies

The debt game is like the tech-giant resource game, keep people from making any actual changes to the world bc preoccupied with jewbligations.

225d15  No.12525758


>>Boomers promised it would guarantee a good job

If they did a protest against boomers rather than higher education in general that might work.

8305d4  No.12525821


Can I get source on that DN? Were there any proof pics?

3ced51  No.12525846


>The boomers did their best…

You fucking retards traded your jobs in for pensions.

24551a  No.12525861

File: 2f895caf7649662⋯.png (494.77 KB, 983x599, 983:599, jews-tbh.png)


Not how it worked out because cost of living kept going up. Rent for a studio apartment close to work (1hr+ commute each way) went from under 1k to over 2k. A 2br house with yard one or two towns over from work is over 3k. Add phone, internet, and shit commute and there's not much left for food. All for a 30k/yr job.

I reasoned that 100k would be paid off in 4-5 years but rent took 75% of my income, the rest goes to food. I did some maths on the cost of living vs income in 1968 vs 2018 (average cost of houses vs minimum wage) and discovered that the cost of living should be three times lower (1k/mth for house with yard instead of 3k) or income should be three times higher ($21/hr instead of $7).

==Boomers have made the game difficulty increase by 300% to cover their lifestyle.==start

24551a  No.12525884


Good point. What's left of their parents generation would probably join.

0d42c7  No.12525895


You don't have a neoliberal leader who is smug enough to cause what is happening in France, Hillary might have caused something like this but unlikely because only apes "protest" in the US by looting stores

In the 70s the US had a pretty amazing anti-CIA movement where they actually broke into their offices and stole MKULTRA files. If you had some kind of anti-CIA, anti-NSA movement that was anti-"domestic surveillance" (domestic surveillance is just code for permanent government secret police) and block QBoomers from co-opting it (qanon is some zio/saudi PsyOp to promote Iranian regime change and throw people off the scent with red herrings, coming from kike bankers within Trump's administration) that would attract both left and right like in France.

7e468f  No.12525902



You give too much credit

225d15  No.12525981


>The cost of living is increasingly expensive so we should protest against student loans

In my country, the biggest contributor to the soaring cost of living is the soaring population. Mainly through immigration from the shithole countries. Protesting against student loans becausse your rent is high is non sequitur.

7c347a  No.12526193



Leave faggot. Why would you stay there?

effe6b  No.12526311

File: 098f5cca94c973b⋯.jpg (154.71 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, 1.jpg)



Someone post the pamphlet that was being distributed at the start of the protests.

The media is trying to smear the protests as a socialist movement. The media is ignoring the pamphlet.

They fear the pamphlet!



225d15  No.12526323


Theres tonnes of compettition in my country.

We have a housing gap of about 100,000. Thats the figure if you subtract the number of homes you build from the number of homes you actually need.

We can only pave the countryside so fast anon. To make room for our recent guests. We even have people who say you shouldnt destroy all the last green areas of the country. But they obviously want people to live on the streets.

5ae73a  No.12526905

About to arrive at a Canadian protest.

Have my vest, have my flagpole.

Let's see if Canada is waking up.

f140a7  No.12527470


>The boomers did their best…

Their best would have been voting for the front 1.0 version.

dd554c  No.12532167


I have the same amount of debt with the same great STEM degree and am graduating in a week, what is the minimum interest payment?

d7aba9  No.12532835


You're sure showing them by paying them even more money than they want. What a kind shabbos goy.


<hurr I didn't go to uni so literally nobody ever went

Kill yourself. This board used to have standards. You flunk them.

ad4a9b  No.12533016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aaand, FBI Counterintelligence will be at this rally identifying the GRUniggers there, as well as finding the GRUniggers setting up the Federal Reserve protest.

9e1f7c  No.12533026


>the FBI

Man, I'm not worried.

21d7ae  No.12533072

File: 6e73ad4e4746dab⋯.jpg (410.61 KB, 1462x1462, 1:1, transdimensional keks.jpg)




every burger thinks politics is either voting every 2 years or full-on instant terrorism and civil war that suddenly sparks (that will never happen)

dc7ce4  No.12533369


This, the same thing Commander Rockwell found out. People with something to lose, no matter how sympathetic to the cause, will never rebel

c7e57d  No.12533454


This is a way to meet in real life, without being called a hate group. That's all it is, and that's all we need.

24ba11  No.12533480

31c059  No.12533504


The debt shouldn't be paid off. It should be cancelled and the banks should be told to go swivel.

2fef6c  No.12533587

I just want to kill Soros.

7feba5  No.12533600


The boomers sold off everything and embraced outsourcing so they could retire early with an RV in the backyard they stare at from time to time. That's why we have a shitty (((service economy))) full of garbage low pay jobs.

2a411a  No.12533715


I currently pay $200/month.


It would take me 15 years for the interest payments to amount to the principal. This system will collapse long before then. By paying my principal, i am reducing overall student debt and therefore prolonging the lifespan of this system, which is the opposite of what I intend to do.

0f6c11  No.12533722


Yeah the "BOOMERS" did that…oh wait, they didnt'. The big jews runnign the show did that. Idiot.

2a411a  No.12533750


Yep. There are several reasons for this:


By the time the $200/monthly reaches $40k total, inflation would have made the $40k pretty low in comparison. Remember how much "cheaper" things were 15 years ago.

>opportunity cost

I'm fairly young and own at 25% stake in a business. I currently make roughly $60k/year, which is low with my educational background and the amount of work I put in, because I'm trying to grow this business. In 15 years, I either intend to still own this business (and be making millions, whereby the 40k will be nothing), sell my stake in this business earlier (where the 40k will be nothing in comparison), or the business will fail and I will use my business experience to take a mid-high level executive position at a larger company, earning well into the six figures, possible seven-figures with bonuses included.


Think about how much different the world was 15 years ago, and think about how much things have changed even in the last 5 years. Another 15 years and the world will look much different than it does today. If the US economy collapses and hyperinflation occurs, $40k will be the price of a loaf of bread, so I'll forego a loaf of bread to pay off my student loans, or the student loan system will collapse entirely. More likely, some sort of government incentive will arise to get people to pay off their student loans, such as removing interest altogether, subsidizing subsequent loan payments or outright forgiveness.

In the extremely unlikely scenario that none of this occurs and I end up still saddled with student debt, I would have made the minor mistake of losing ~$40k, which I will write off as if I totalled a $40k car or lost it in the stock market. It's really not that much money to be honest.

0629a6  No.12533782

File: 26ea9ebd84dc11a⋯.png (31.79 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1534136719839.png)


It'll never gain traction greater than that of Occupy and Occupy was a bunch of degenerate squatters, they're the same people. No we shouldn't forgive student debt, we should educate people on NOT taking that debt on in the first place, these are retards that wanna be set for life by 23-25 and they aren't fucking worth it.

44fdbf  No.12533786

File: 230deefef797140⋯.png (942.75 KB, 1472x536, 184:67, yellow..PNG)

yellow vest are in America.


44fdbf  No.12533792


Looks like a face of chaos to me.

c2a2a6  No.12533832



People tend to revolt when their basic needs aren't satisfied. My question to you is how can you be so certain basic needs will continue to be adequate?

32940e  No.12533839


traction is coming, in the form of people realizing there is no hope. is not atheism our salvation?!

32940e  No.12533841


people also revolt in the face of destruction, unless turned into a boomer fag candy ass nigger lover.

32940e  No.12533850


this is a board of peace & charity.

2a411a  No.12533883


Oh for sure. There are many people in much more significant debt than I am (150k+) who have less earning potential due to unmarketable degrees, unremarkable abilities and/or poor decisions made in the process of accruing this debt.

For those people, student debt can be crushing, but they, too, have options, such as putting the debt into forbearance, paying as little as they can and constantly appealing their payment amounts. Ultimately, your student debt payments will never become such that you cannot possibly afford them, because it isn't in the government's interest to make you unemployed. For those people, paying the absolute minimum is always the best idea because they will eventually outlast the system that saddled them with this debt in the first place.

Another alternative is to simply leave the country and work elsewhere. The statute of limitations is 5 years on debt, so if you moved to Europe and worked there, the government will not be able to touch you and after 5 years since making the last payment, the debt will no longer apply. After 4 years, the government will send debt collectors after you to try to get you to pay *something* (which will reset the statute of limitations because it means that you acknowledge that you owe a debt), but if they can't catch you after 5 years, you owe nothing.

0629a6  No.12533895


No hope just breeds bouts of violence, struggle and lashing out. Unless the issue that is channeled towards is just, it'll die quickly and be put down by the government. If people rose up for something as petty as debt that people chose to take on of their own volition, they'd not only be fighting the government but whomever happens to side with the government at the time. Right now that's angry rednecks with guns, so take from that what you will.

c2a2a6  No.12533901


There are plenty of people specifically bred to be blind to their own destruction.

Soft eugenics has been law for a while now.

80b480  No.12534065

OP is crippled by more than debt.

>>and enter usury to prop up a parasitic system.

Yeah… but it was, YOU!!! who went to THEM for money. I worked a part time job and had a part time business and finished with no debt.

>>I understand that a large swath of people are liberal arts major baristas but that's irrelevant.

And yet you mention it…

>>What say you?

Go fuck yourself.

80b480  No.12534088


You're spending 2.5x the MAX you should on housing. Why? Because you're a faggot. No reason to spend so much and waste your fucking life in traffic for a 30k job. Not like those are in short supply. Anyway, have fun here and cry some more you little bitch.



Checked. Don't bother with those types. All fags with daddy issues.


No, he's right and you smell like a jew.

cbaf9d  No.12535360

I just wanna point out we could pay everyones student loans without raising taxes in four years if we banned compund interest rates and lower military spending to 100 million dollars per year.

d88fd3  No.12535364

100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

60ebc1  No.12535549


> The most beautiful part of our history is when our ancestors beheaded their rulers to give power to the people…

that was just the beginning of the kikery we are seeing now. they pushed pretty much the very same ideas they push now. they were just too ahead of their times and people would not swallow their bullshit as well as you swallow rachid's and muhammad's semen.

968fca  No.12535570


>how can you be so certain

What do you mean? We have 70 years until the phosphorus crisis. Until then, everyone will be stuffed with cheap, artificial food. Before then, they'll likely have a fully synthetic food on the market. They're already working on growing meat in labs.

968fca  No.12535572


It's 200. The number doesn't matter because it can't ever be repaid, by definition. The economy will never collapse.

0c6afe  No.12535598

Any American that understood college was a pyramid scheme after Highschool never bothered with it in the first place. Apprenticeships and trade-schools okay not student loans and overpriced textbooks.

f20e4b  No.12535654



the dumbest hill to die on

get the government out of education completely.

everything from pre-kintergarten to higher education

no government loans, grants; nothing

that is the only way to fix education

>inb4 some fuckwit equates public education system with babysitting

5d78af  No.12535682


>That doesn't look like a Yellow Vest face to me, that looks like a Women's March or a Justice 4 Trayvon or an I'm With Her face.

Shitlibs have already co opted this in the UK with the Brexit march. Its so obvious this isn't one of their "movements" because the people are flying country flags.

993931  No.12535920


>wanting to repay usurious, predatory loans in the first place

>all it would take is an election cycle's worth of total military castration

Who is this fucking retarded? This money is never going to be repaid, and it never existed in the first place.

70c6a7  No.12566191


SLs are not dischargable, i.e. there is no legal way to evade those. Short of violent opposition, there is no way of evading paying those interests.

0f6c11  No.12567622


If you're too stupid to understand this, and the dreadful consequences of compound interest, then you're too stupid to benefit from a university education.

7af737  No.12578390

File: 35f4b4c4be17d09⋯.png (187.93 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 48283340_803519986645718_3….png)


I spoke to people who were planning some "Yellow Jacket USA" shit in Chicago and it's totally pozzed.

>bunch of trap loving faggots wanting other people to chimp out in the street

<why u gib student loans

<iNcOmE InEqUaLiTy

<muh gibs wage

<cost of living

<care about weak willed niggers on opiates

Yeah guys, sounds like a great causes to get doxxed, pepper sprayed, and raped by police dogs for.

>absolutely pozzed

f0bf07  No.12579435


>you're making $60k year, which is about average, meaning about half the country falls below you in terms of income

You are mistaken anon. That is household income. IE everyone in a house over 15 and working.

Personal income has a 31k median amongst the employed in the US.

c474bd  No.12584221

File: 3133010cef1de31⋯.jpg (204.06 KB, 1103x1200, 1103:1200, 1544068363496-0.jpg)

It's really about coming together to overthrow the jew. Trump's Syrian order is the calibration of the war hawks and jew cock suckers .Those who want war are jews and those who don't probably not jews. Did I mention that I hate jews. Every fucking century they do this shit and have to be chucked out.

8bdf47  No.12584407

File: 7db49bf4d510c6f⋯.png (355.16 KB, 455x608, 455:608, Boxxy-QueenBoxxy.png)



98efe7  No.12584523

File: 7d68fe5b12cc379⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 650x847, 650:847, PA-9070913.jpg)


This was the punishment for fraternizing with Germans. Imagine what it will look like when the coalburners are fair game.

98efe7  No.12584537

File: 5217295044aa0a8⋯.jpg (140.47 KB, 1607x1089, 1607:1089, spurdo-shekels-polarpride.jpg)


>telling a white to kill himself

78f16d  No.12584545

>student debt

If you signed the deal, and you took what the deal gave you, then you owe what you owe.

>Why did the reptilian overlords tell me to take out high interest credit that I'm supposed to pay back with a dwindling number of careers which expect me to work for free the first 12 months?

Because they're evil. Why did you obey them?

21e44c  No.12584608


Why not go all the way?

Demand an end to the central bank and usury, then pay off all existing loans (except to the central bank) using newly created Treasury cash.

The Treasury then takes the place of the banking system, and money becomes a simple tool of trade, as it was meant to be.

And everyone starts fresh, with no debt.

As a big plus, the Jew loses the core of his power.

Just convince all those that are wallowing in debt that this will fix the problem forever.

21e44c  No.12584620


Norwegians castrated boys born to Norwegian women that were fathered by German soldiers.

Nasty little part of their heritage they'd like to keep secret.

21e44c  No.12584653

File: 854d96932edb1df⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 552x600, 23:25, HeilDoggy.jpg)


We can demand whatever laws we want, and given the bought-out state of our politicians, you're probably right, it will take violence to get what we demand.

But given we live in a country enslaved by debt, it wouldn't take much to get the better part of the battlefield on our side.

And I don't care anymore about "right" or "wrong"…usury is a crime in the first place, and should NEVER have been allowed to sully the Earth.

Money is a tool, it is only for the facilitation of trade. But every tool can be misused, and usury is a misuse of money.

I can use a hammer to pound nails with, or I can beat in a skull with it. One is a misuse of the tool, the other is the use for which it was intended.

21e44c  No.12584698

File: fe775769e5d2291⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 480x319, 480:319, AllWhite.jpg)


You're right about a lot here, but not entirely so.

Boomer parents didn't "force" their kids to get an education to brag about them. Getting an education in boomer times was the way you got a better-paying job. They thought it was the way it would always be, because they had no reference except the past to go by.

And many boomers DID warn about Reagan being a Trilateralist, and former Democrat, but then...as now...nobody listened, and many thought the Trilateral commission was not real, just "tin-foil hat" crap. They thought the same of the Bilderburgers & black helicopters. I sat through all this, myself, telling the truth, being ridiculed for it, and watching as, one by one, all the things I'd been saying were proven true, and eventually became mainstream knowledge.

And it goes on, today. People have discovered the "holocaust" never happened, for instance, and they tell people about it...no one believes them...yet. But as the proof surfaces more and more, they will be vindicated, but not for many years.

People are just now starting to wake up to the central banking cartels and their scams, but it's been known for decades, if not centuries.

This sort of thing is par for the course, but the internet is accelerating it. Why do you think the powers that be want to gain absolute control over the Web? It has them in a pickle, does it not?

Good luck succeeding where people like myself never could. If you can get them to acknowledge the U.S.S. Liberty, and the Lavon Affair, that would be a good start.

a0dfc2  No.12584800


Found the jew.

26f105  No.12584827

The entire college system needs to be overhauled, but there is too much money sunk in and kikes in charge to really do anything. I was lucky enough to have grants (aka white tax dollars) cover the majority of my university education, but the price is only 1 side of the issue. The true problems involve its easy access, bloated curriculum, and increasingly worthlessness of the vast majority of degrees. Every brainlet and mudde are going after degrees despite the large amount of people stuck in debt with no job prospects. At the same time the erosion of the middle class means jobs where you don't need a degree are mostly gone outside of the trades, even if that degree teaches you nothing about that job- so people who aren't fit for the few degrees that matter are just fucked. You'd think people would have realized this by now and the system would crash out of disinterest, but people just seem to have accepted being hugely in debt as part of growing up now. Going to university for pure academia and learning is also no longer an option either because of the pozzed nature of the courses and high costs. One of my teachers predicted that eventually classes, especially the lower division giant lecture hall style classes, would just be a video or hologram narrated by some famous academics, similar to kahn academy vids and such, but that seems like an optimistic future now.

5fd876  No.12602271


Couldn't find proof of your claim but burn the place down if it is true. Cutting the foreskin is bad enough but cutting off baby dicks is deserving of their cultural death today.

May every Nordic women from these anti-german countries convert to islam and erase their very existence from this earth.

Only Nordic dna to survive will be that of the Celtic-, Slavic-, Hispanic-, Italic-, and Germanic-mixed Nordics whocome from strong cultures.

8bc96f  No.12602280

This is a creative idea for several reasons. (1) student loan debt with a government guarantee props up the bank jew, we all know. (2) The money funds the increasing degeneracy that colleges produce. No student loans, no gender studies, no queer studies and all this other bullshit. Number (2) is the real key here.

7c9821  No.12602318

Yellow vests began in the provinces, correct? Then so it must be here, or the zog will not be perturbed, because the miners and farmers of this nation won't even sympathize. You can't hope to rally them into listening, by copying a fashion they don't much care about and smashing shit in cities, hundreds of miles apart. You need to do this over something like water rights, because even here and now people idolize the cowboy, and the family ranchers, then somehow build on that. You can't just astroturf some college kids together for the cameras, even if you hit 9/10 points on everybody's list of bugbears.

eee97f  No.12602328


jewish "polysci" major who can't even get a job through nepotism detected

330cc7  No.12602351

File: 5e8c88f451892bc⋯.png (70.64 KB, 1508x747, 1508:747, 1545581741954.png)

File: 001233d745f037c⋯.jpg (242.54 KB, 720x1031, 720:1031, Screenshot_20181221-002409….jpg)

File: 1e9dcb3bf87c269⋯.jpg (361.37 KB, 720x1224, 10:17, Screenshot_20181224-234341….jpg)

File: d1bbf4837252a65⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 720x375, 48:25, Screenshot_20181224-234158….jpg)

File: 5226ed6452b69ba⋯.jpg (107.88 KB, 719x452, 719:452, Screenshot_20181224-234148….jpg)

OP here, get ready for some real fun shit. Glad this thread brought some interesting conversation

b2132c  No.12602368


Good for Anon. he saved his mother. Probably

will get a nice inheritance after that move.

330cc7  No.12603211


That is in fact me :3

0e09d7  No.12613872

File: 5b66c2a806db8db⋯.png (393.58 KB, 707x869, 707:869, ClipboardImage.png)


Indeed it was.

More hidden jew truth.

f3b559  No.12614859

>I understand that a large swath of people are liberal arts major baristas but that's irrelevant.

That's highly relevant.

e60c4a  No.12614994


Fuck all the black pill responses. This is a brilliant idea.

e60c4a  No.12615052

File: 7be5a0915e2ce31⋯.jpg (736.76 KB, 861x1101, 287:367, carmel.jpg)


>Meanwhile, in Indiana (pic related)

If you are not in tech you have no business being in the bay area/weimar 2.0, especially if you have dreams of starting a family/buying a house. You need to GTFO yesterday.

9f6f6c  No.12617854


>student debt

the fuck do you want to do about it, have taxpayer dollars (i.e. white, middle class people's money) pay for free college for everyone? cunt

58d126  No.12617946


Just pay it from the money you send to the jews right now, two problems solved in one go.

bb3ddb  No.12617980


>Shitlibs have already co opted this in the UK with the Brexit march.


>Its so obvious this isn't one of their "movements" because the people are flying country flags.

Those statements disagree with each other.

bb3ddb  No.12617988

sage for double post

What happened to the Yellow Vests?

Is it still a thing?

Is this just a media blackout?

5ad7cc  No.12638129


>the resistance was good

>the french revolution was good

lurk more newfag

57f36b  No.12638156


whats with the noses on those ((french)) people?

c1d9d8  No.12638308

Student loans in America can be fixed by looking at models in Europe. European countries have standardized tests from government which judge performance of students. Usually students already get divided early on in different type of classes and highschool levels to prepare them for their next level of education (and that isn't always university, but a level below university for those not talented enough).

This ensures that people who go into higher education possess the skills and qualifications needed to perform well for the demands of higher education. Higher education should receive strict standards from higher up about students their performance, along with governmental control. This way quality education gets ensured and diploma mill degrees are prevented. The government can make such demands if they get a financial hand into it, they can decide to fund students or put up legal limitation as to how much an American student should pay.

I'm also against just getting students into debt in general, it's easier to limit the amount of money an university can demand while funding students than to engage in loan schemes. Reason for this is with a loan you're giving away money anyway that will take a very long time to return. A stable model for education with governmental involvement can prevent many ills that the education system in America currently has.

3c5d8e  No.12642166


Are you retarded? The adult thing is NOT paying your debts, especially and above all usurious and non-dischargable (((student loans))).

225d15  No.12647144


>Just pay it from the money you send to the jews right now, two problems solved in one go.

It would be much fairer and better for the economy to stop send money to the jews and then simply reduce taxes for hard working people with the money saved.

The idea of going out on the streets to block traffic, because you dont want to pay back a loan that you took out is juvenile. It would be insulting to associate that with the yellow jacket movement in Europe.

495a7e  No.12647211

Don't worry as long as you are prepared for when the government comes to confiscate your firearms you are fine. You are prepared for that right?

Tyranny doesn't work if the populace is armed.

032abd  No.12647362



f46e17  No.12647373

Three words: propaganda, organization, escalation.

f3d4d0  No.12647523

And I'll say it again; if you're too stupid by the time you're graduated from high school to comprehend the consequences of taking on debt with compound interest then you are too stupid to benefit from a university education.

Think about it.

I understood compound interest by the end of grade 2. I understood that borrowing money was fraught with bad consequences. All you idiots that went deep into debt for anything save a degree in medicine where you're fast tracked to being a surgeon or a specialist capable of earning millions of dollars a year are low grade morons who should go get a job working in some municipality's sewer system.

d714f8  No.12652873


>if your parents aren't already rich you should go work in the mines you pleb scum

bc66d6  No.12652987

Those jackets are like 23$ at home depot. I was surprised.

372f71  No.12653425


Found the brainlet

75ebfd  No.12653457


Isn't it convenient that American schools don't even teach you how the (((economy))) even works?

23d8e6  No.12654108


>Liberal arts courses are a basic need.

7ce17c  No.12655663


if you have student loan debt it's literally your fault. if you didn't do well enough in high school to get scholarships then you shouldn't pursue any higher of an education. enjoy dying in debt and stop complaining about the system

>inb4 rabbi

>inb4 drop out

last year of college this year and every semester i have refunds

f3d4d0  No.12655692


Nice self serving misquote there buddy.

It's not about having rich parents though if you want to party for 4 years yeah you can have a whale of a good time at university. But from my POV universities were started by monks who pursued learning. It's a monastic discipline. The idea that Americans have evolved this system from being an Anglo Saxon tradition of forging tough minds and tough bodies through sports into being some kind of drunken non stop pep rally about oversized illiterate niggers on steroids and HGH seems to really be a wild tangent doesn't it?

And yeah the school system doesn't teach shit but so what? There's libraries and book stores and the internet. Information is all around us. Nobody is stopping people from reading…

OK I'm sorry, that was a gratuitous dig. I'm being unreasonable. Please, relax…go back to your netflix, fire up another doob, crack a cold one…

f3d4d0  No.12655715

The only demographic in the US willing to risk prison in a street fight with the cops is the niggers and they'll only do it if there's a chance of scoring some $250 sneakers from the athletic shoe shop at the mall or maybe get a big screen at a Best Buy and a few cases of Johnny Walker Black Label at the local liquor store before they burn it all down to the ground. Then their "cuh-meun-eh-tay or-gan-izahz" will come scurrying out of the woodwork to complain that their cuh-meun-eh-tay is lacking in basic amenities and it's because of rassism..

90b0a3  No.12655725


So you think we should storm the TV stations like the yellowvest?

87791d  No.12655732


I say that people that take on student debt should have known better, such as myself.

But unfortunately, this is what happens when you don't wake up.

Luckily, I think I might manage, I don't think others will be as lucky. Some are simply giving up.

90b0a3  No.12655746



90b0a3  No.12655747


Learn some manners: http://www.rwe.org/wp-content/uploads/2004/12/essays2_4_emerson_64kb.mp3?_=1

8c7c51  No.12655754


>thinks antifa are actually antiZOG, doesn't aware that a tifa fought for ZOG in 1930's Germany. Same organization lead in the same exact fashion by the same geoups of Freemasons and faggots.

90b0a3  No.12655756


rabbi drop out,

if you have a respectable IQ, thej will force you to use it to sacrifice the volk for goy bucks.

8c7c51  No.12655758

>Antifa = Cop Masons goons

It's the secret nobody wants to talk about.

90b0a3  No.12655769


thej = (((they))), derived from they+jews, indistinguishable pronunciation from "they".

Oh and like, it may be subtle, like simply working to increase taxes or utility bills or indebtedness of the volk (politician, engineer, house\boat\car salesman) or decrease quality as "cost saving measures" instead of working to improve quality through efficiency, it's all very jewy but they will buy your soul or you will be bankrupt.

90b0a3  No.12655771


bankrupt in terms of goybucks banks.

125df7  No.12655774

>tfw 34

>tfw I majored in stem

>tfw I paid off my student loan debt in 2018

I still support you

90b0a3  No.12655788


You could possibly think you are going to help the world working within the system, you will not, the system is designed to kill the volk and race mix the goyim, nothing short of awareness and reformation of a racial cohesion and then the ensuing race inter and intra conflicts and wars will likely lead to any desirable outcome.

523acc  No.12655790

File: fdd6cdad3a2253a⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 250x188, 125:94, kys.gif)

Fuck these kikes. I fell hard for this meme. At first these loans cover everything, each semester it gets less and less until you start having to tack on more loans, thats when they reel you in more and more. Before long you start having to pay because at some point you will hit a wall where you have to pay yourself and if you are a poorfag and have poorfag parents and make a mistake you have no choice but to drop out. Congratulations you've made it half way and wasted two years or possibly more (your results may vary, you might see it through and graduate) you wasted all this time with no marketable skills forcing you to wage cuck. You'll tell yourself you'll save money to get back to college but you never will since all of your money will go to rent (again results will vary i can only speak on my exp), youll find yourself stuck with no way out 20-50k in debt with a credit score so bad youll never own a house or have a good career. Interest keeps piling up. You cant run forever, eventually your loan will default or you will get stuck paying money you actually need for other things. Suicide isnt an option because it will burden your parents who co-signed the loan. So either prepare to become a zog bot or forever wage cucking and maybe if your lucky make 20-30k a year and forever hate your life because you had so much to offer the world and now its all wasted potential. Meanwhile Jamal and those sandniggers from foreign countries take the jobs you would have had because muh diversity hire. My life is forever ruined. Had to get that off my chest.

4a8d26  No.12655791


the entire enlightenment was a jewish trick

90b0a3  No.12655795


I majored in STEM and I'm broke, a little debt now, but really I don't know what I'm going to do, about your age, tired of serving the beast and making things worse for everyone so I can "get along" or make money for myself.

What do you do that you think you are a goy slave hurting your race?

d771ab  No.12655804

File: 2ec3f4db8ba5483⋯.png (627.9 KB, 384x960, 2:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Canada's Yellow Vest groups are absolutely inundated with the very worst elements of boomer faggotry. I went to one demonstration in the neighboring city and it was terrible. All they kept talking about was how not racist they are. Didn't even get to throw one cocktail.

They've been spamming pic related and similar 'rules' I suspect handed down straight from CSIS or the RCMP. Any deviation from any part of this charter will have you piled on my an army piss soaked senior citizens screaming 'libtard globalst trudeau plant!"

All very blackpilling.

523acc  No.12655841



As for a protest that shits black pilling, I know now that i fucked myself over it was a scam and i wish i wasnt so nieve. Honestly just tell people what they are getting into. Its fucked up really it is but sadly people are too kiked to do anything about it. Im doin better now, its the shame of knowing its my own fault that gets me. I dont know how i couldve been so stupid.

125df7  No.12655878


>What do you do that you think you are a goy slave hurting your race?

Honestly my only problem is I have no wife/kids. I've had plenty of girlfriends and relationships but I've never found someone I felt I could impregnate. In this sense I'm betraying my race but, BUT… the thing about men is we "expire" much slower than women. I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 18… and I'm more selective. Don't worry fam, I'm going to do the white race proud whether its having a bundle of white children now (34) or in another 10 years (44) I'll still be pumping out perfectly healthy white indo-european sperm. Don't count me out and I won't count you youngfags out just because you've got a little college debt.

(p.s. I train youngfag redpilled /pol/fags every year to be financially secure but its a sensitive and careful process.)

8c7c51  No.12655946


> Step 1: unfuck your mind. Your life isn't ruin, just a bit of a mess because schlomo through onstacles in your way. Guess what, he does that to everybody. Even Hitler.

>Step 2: Find a person with leadership skills. Don't just walk up to him and act all cheery. Natural leaders hate that shit, it's like coming onto a dude and rubbing his dick when you're a man. It makes him want to call you a faggot and tell you to get lost.

Step 3: Tell him your study, but don't fucking joke about it. If you make that dude laugh, you're never going to get him to be involved.

Step 4: See if he's interested in working towards a project goal you have, fuck your feelings and doubts. You're never going to get anyhere if you let doubt rule you. Don't let people try to intimidate you either. There are few people more intimidating than an angry man that knows some science.

Step 5: Be patient and listen to what said man has to say. He might be right. He might be able to help you. Don't just attack him because of your perception of what he is, or whom he is. What you think you know is what he likely wants you to think to see if you're able to look past certain aspects of life.

>Always remember, nothing is ever as it seems. The most ardent and hardened souls are not that way because of hate. They are that way because life outside of your small bubble is rough. Only the strong survive. If you think your bubble really isn't that small, I have news for you, it is.

8c7c51  No.12655950

Ignore my incoherence and shit grammar.

>phone posting here.

f4c820  No.12655990


lmao is this a troll?

f4c820  No.12655994


welcome to the LARP, election killed it. its breitbart 2.0 where dumbfuck daddy's boy sparkies talk about their gun collections

f4c820  No.12656010


ignore them I worked in the trades briefly, if you like working around drug addict, drunks and ex cons its fun. you better like sportsball too.

f4c820  No.12656018


>cletus thinks his drivable surburb "in the country" is flyover america

we have cities too faggot

f3d4d0  No.12656035

File: da282c5c0ceb9c0⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 977x528, 977:528, 13. Mr Dorrit.jpg)


No it's not a troll. I despise people that go deep into debt like reckless idiots.

f4c820  No.12656050


hmmm maybe you should become the secretary of education, and change public curricula to show alternative methods for careers and allow non university educated personnel to become educators. oh wait you don't have any credentials to do that. maybe you should join an educational reform group or a school board. nah its easier to just vent on the internet and reinforce total atomization!

f4c820  No.12656053

>hey I am really good at texturing drywall let me tell you how the world works

f4c820  No.12656056

>I haven't paid SICA in years so as soon as I buy something that has a legal title the IRS will pound my ass but let me tell you about how debt sucks

f3d4d0  No.12656061


Actually I've got my university degree. I worked in shitty jobs digging drain tile ditches, packed gyproc, and lived really poor. I never went into debt. I simply do not understand the mentality of people that go into debt.

f4c820  No.12656069


nobody fucking cares m8, politics is not people talking about themselves. 100 percent you have zero charisma outside of whatever boomer clique you run in. you should sit on some local government boards in your town and see how far your individualism gets you m8. lots of gen y did the same shit, you aren't special in any way. nobody cares about ditch digging, thats a slaves job. be proud of being a slave

f4c820  No.12656076

digging ditches will save the white race guys!

e9dfca  No.12656084

Lel at the boomerposting.

f48955  No.12656085

>copycat movements

4d9927  No.12656327


Student debt is entirely the fault of the debtor. If you're going to pay 100,000 or whatever retarded amount for a stupid arts degree, even though you could get a better education for free on the internet, then you deserve to be a slave forever because you are too damn stupid to make your own decisions. Also, niggers. Also, that's not what the yellow jacket movement is about. Yellow jacket is about european style socialists destroying your nation.

25d76e  No.12656502

File: 196f3dbb3804728⋯.png (180.32 KB, 1018x1065, 1018:1065, ClipboardImage.png)

What say I?

35d9cc  No.12656801


I'm in the process of unfucking my mind and life in general. Slowly im making strides, maybe my life isn't ruined afterall. Its a struggle but its worth it. I see why so many young white men kill themselves. We all need a leader that does care for our people. Im tired of the blackpills.

a10e17  No.12675488

File: e47c0a07970e94e⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 550x422, 275:211, e47c0a07970e94e1087382856b….jpg)

File: 5fb56fa4f09328f⋯.png (206.37 KB, 465x448, 465:448, f091701474c2af016b1eb1ee3a….png)

File: 108169bb698740b⋯.jpg (114.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, fast pepe.jpg)


This is why we need kike free first posts.

a10e17  No.12675500

File: f7f52a0a3b05ecc⋯.png (10.94 KB, 427x450, 427:450, f7f52a0a3b05ecc141abf3c543….png)



a10e17  No.12675532

File: 60637e01a3dfe6e⋯.png (366.6 KB, 2000x800, 5:2, ConspiraBee.png)



a10e17  No.12675642

File: b8332c3ae09f175⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 349x356, 349:356, d248c81e992a1ce92a6e843fcd….jpg)

File: b9d9398efb67696⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 232x232, 1:1, 1444853315795.jpg)

File: 5037e25cf892d28⋯.png (48.42 KB, 507x499, 507:499, 1442322937559.png)

File: 0d78078fc9ee80f⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 1420875164067.jpg)

File: 564377facc75e7b⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x591, 680:591, 307.jpg)


>tfw I never fell for the student debt meme.

>tfw I cashed in my good boy points to get all of my college expenses paid for via state and federal grants.

>tfw I live with mommy so I have no costs of living or food expenses.

>tfw I can now save up every penny to buy a ranch.

>tfw I can move into my late GranGran Meemaw's house any time I want because no one claims it and mommy will let me have it.

>tfw my life is easy as fuck.

>tfw I will never be a kike's slave.

2d790a  No.12677719


Many people were coerced into it by society. Parents and teachers were harping on them about college all their lives. Besides, debtors prisons and indentured servitude were done away with as immoral, so if this situation is going to change, it needs to change by allowing the debts to be discharged in bankruptcy.

017832  No.12677741

File: 2efdd91e949238d⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Sad_Pepe.JPG)


>mfw native californian

>surrounded with mexishits now

>nearly 40, still renting

>rent going up again in 6 weeks – $1,300 a month for 2 bedroom apartment

>neighbors are spics

>have to ask permission to buy a gun

>why the fuck am i even trying?

b82927  No.12677816


the medicore face is a face of pure apathy , its the abyss incarnate staring back at the government. She has had the future of her children taken from her before she was even pregnant. She has been forced to watch her men be cucked by hook nose monsters as they leech off of the white culture and convert her friends to whores , one by one.

Now she has nothing left to lose, and shes out for blood.

b82927  No.12677820


you city folk can fuck each other in the mouth instead of talking … it would be better

you are the one that lives with the fags

-sent from my ham radio

ef5cc3  No.12677856


Don't trust the city folk or their ill twisted ways.

858fa0  No.12677971


You don't know anything about the American attitude towards the government, which is skepticism. The principles within the constitution are what are held dearly not the government.

858fa0  No.12677980


>You need to have a credential to know if a job market is shit.

You're an arrogant retard and I am happy you are poor.

f3d4d0  No.12678104


You need to learn that you are the leader and you are going to rescue yourself. It's the only way.

f3d4d0  No.12678109


Gotcha; too good to work.

Hint; historically when you went bankrupt because you could no longer maintain your debts you were arrested and sold into slavery to settle your debts. That's how you become a slave.

Honest hard work isn't slavery. But you're too depraved to understand, I can see that. Continue on your way; it's not going to be a good one.

f3d4d0  No.12678122

File: 2683684a168464f⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 312x440, 39:55, adameve.jpg)


>digging ditches will save the white race.

Cute sarcasm. Actually it might not save the white race but it could save you; you'll pay your bills, keep out of debt, and you'll get fucking proletarian strong, particularly your hands.

When Adam delved and Eve span

Who then was the gentleman?

9d272a  No.12678463


Its half decent but then goes to shit fast with free press and the assumption of assimilation working.

e0297d  No.12678498

File: 382435a8ce9d918⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Substation attack.webm)


Just sayin.

27017b  No.12704554


>We were raised to dislike and distrust government.

I was raised to feel bad for niggers and jews. I was raised to think Socialist Europe is a utopia. I was raised to believe men are abusive, and single moms are superheroess.

Don't know what school you went to, or what movies you saw as a kid. And I guess you had a two parent household. Must be nice.

81a34e  No.12704803


Just stop paying the debts, note that this will crash your ability to ever take another loan again though, so you might have to move back in with your parents.

81a34e  No.12704805

PS: I warned people like OP about this for years. I tell younger people to join the trades INSTEAD of college. This is why!

283135  No.12704808

File: 663ce5b11472df3⋯.gif (929.11 KB, 200x225, 8:9, 663ce5b11472df3d1bb8c9ca2c….gif)

>student loans

You mean loans students get to support extravagant, prodigal lifestyles they can't afford? Most people have barely any business taking out student loans, their financial situation is the result of poor planning and excessive spending(primarily on the part of their equally irresponsible parents).

It's the same thing with mortgages and credit cards, I'll wager you most people in the US don't need to take out these loans. Instead they treat it like free money and then they get shocked and appalled when it catches up to them.

There's one sector in which I can accept significant debt not being the individual's fault and that's medicine. American medicine is ridiculously expensive and medical procedures could bankrupt a millionaire.

I speak from experience, I have two sets of immediate relatives living in America. My single, childless aunt with her 60-80K salary which is constantly in critical debt because of terrible financial planing and constant spending on useless shit she doesn't need on one hand. Then there's my brother, his wife and 4 kids on the other which all live on the wife's 100-120K salary whilst my brother is simultaneously going through college. They're in sub 10K debt, haven't mortgaged their house, recently bought a new SUV, renovated their house and put two of the kids in private school(the other two are too young).

I'll be frank anon, universities cost too much in the US and the banks do pull some nefarious shit behind the curtains, but this largely doesn't affect the average joe's debt situation. That's almost entirely down to financial irresponsibility. You're doing it to yourselves and it's time you fixed your own behavior before you drag the greatest nation on Earth into the ground.

Also, I find it funny that people migrating to the US from Eastern and Central Europe are more conservative, libertarian and more patriotic and nationalistic than native born Americans. You people really need to uncuck yourselves.

283135  No.12704817


Also, forgot to say, the US government just like state governments will give you a grant if you apply for it and then there's scholarships.

You people are retarded.

f7aa5f  No.12705223


> Who would've guess that lowering college entrance requirements,

Well, no. Default rates show that the real culprits are the for-profit universities you see in tv commercials. They make lots of money pitching education to "nontraditional" students financed by Uncle Sam. Of those borrowers, 21 percent were in default with two years of repayment vs 8 percent for undergrads at public or for-profit schools (who have admission standards) and 2 percent of grad students. Needless to say, DeVos undid Obama's attempt to restrain for-profits and fought a lawsuit waiving repayment when the for-profits went broke because – you know – capitalism.

a9be5c  No.12705231

bump for an American Yellow Vest uprising

0171ea  No.12705331


You clearly dont understand how Napoleon fucked the jews more than the other way around, if we compare to let's say Cromwell in England who is the real big fucking jewish deal.

England is jewish more than english ever since.

But anyway Napoleon in resume asked them to be french or stay jew, but be clear about it; decades later, they showed us how they cannot stop being the speculatives parasites they are.

0171ea  No.12705343


dont forget boomers thought that in year 2000 no one will have to work anymore, we will live 500years and just play all days with squirrels and deers while touching 2k a month of pension taken out straight of the money tree (yes a tree with money).

effe6b  No.12705625


e2ce42  No.12713016


This is the United States of America; don't aim for a symptom, crush the reason…jews.

f3d4d0  No.12713208

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>nobody cares about ditch digging, thats a slaves job. be proud of being a slave

You really don't belong on a NatSoc board if you think working with a shovel is a "slave's job".

70ef3d  No.12713251


>many Americans are crippled by debt (such as myself)

> such as myself

You idiot. No non-faggots in this thread have serious debt, right?




And this

If you're going to create an American movement it can't be another bitchy OWS thing for fags. Don't Americans like sports, working out, and guns? Where is the movement for that?

f3d4d0  No.12713325

f3d4d0  No.12714741

File: 36a2e9f8bf0780b⋯.png (64.1 KB, 1280x797, 1280:797, 1280px-RAD_Hausflagge.svg.png)

File: a45d495e39e75f0⋯.jpg (225.44 KB, 799x533, 799:533, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H283….jpg)

File: d867d725c4dedc1⋯.jpg (172.23 KB, 1280x750, 128:75, 1280px-Arbeitsdienst.jpg)

File: c36a373c71d585e⋯.png (71.88 KB, 1280x809, 1280:809, RAD_Weibliche_Jugend.svg.png)

File: 2ff76dcec8f842f⋯.png (47.01 KB, 1280x1245, 256:249, National_Socialist_swastik….png)

Reich Labour Service

The Reich Labour Service Reichsarbeitsdienst; RAD) was a major organisation established in Nazi Germany as an agency to help mitigate the effects of unemployment on the German economy, militarise the workforce and indoctrinate it with Nazi ideology. It was the official state labour service, divided into separate sections for men and women.

From June 1935 onward, men aged between 18 and 25 may have served six months before their military service. During World War II compulsory service also included young women and the RAD developed to an auxiliary formation which provided support for the Wehrmacht armed forces.

With massive financial support by the German government, RAD members were to provide service for mainly military and to a lesser extent civic and agricultural construction projects. Per Reich Labor Service Act of June 26, 1935[3] "(1) The Reich Labor Service is an honorary service to the German people.(2) All young Germans of both sexes are obliged to serve their people in the Reich Labor Service.(3) The Reich Labor Service is to educate the German youth in the spirit of National Socialism to the national community and to the true working attitude, above all to the due respect of manual labor.(4) The Reich Labor Service is intended for the performance of charitable work.[. . .]

The RAD was composed of 33 districts each called an Arbeitsgau (lit. Work District) similar to the Gaue subdivisions of the Nazi Party. Each of these districts was headed by an Arbeitsgauführer officer with headquarters staff and a Wachkompanie (Guard Company). Under each district were between six and eight Arbeitsgruppen (Work Groups), battalion-sized formations of 1200–1800 men. These groups were divided into six company-sized RAD-Abteilung units.

Conscripted personnel had to move into labour barracks. Each rank and file RAD man was supplied with a spade and a bicycle. A paramilitary uniform was implemented in 1934; beside the swastika brassard, the RAD symbol, an arm badge in the shape of an upward pointing shovel blade, was displayed on the upper left shoulder of all uniforms and great-coats worn by all personnel. Men and women had to work up to 76 hours a week.


f3d4d0  No.12714771

All these idiots that went deep into debt without a hope of paying it off, without a thought for the future implications of their acts, reek of jew brainwashing.

This entire thread is redolent with the stench of the dunghill rat jew.

Embrace bullwork, learn frugality. Get tough. You will live good lives.

f3d4d0  No.12714789

<the spirit of National Socialism to the national community and to the true working attitude, above all to the due respect of manual labor.

9ba907  No.12714791


> If we can successfully rally the financially disenfranchised to flip the fuck out

Why not do this with homeless people? Just give them some cheap beer if they smash up someone's property or take a shit in the street.

f3d4d0  No.12714819


Someone seriously has to revive the Bumfight business model only do it hiding behind a Russian VPS and accepting Monero payments.

9ba907  No.12714847


It would be a hell of a way to pay off your student debt or fund an uprising.

f3d4d0  No.12714910



Yup plus you'd be cleaning the streets of vile dangerous human garbage. Crystal meth smokers need to be eliminated with the greatest haste. They're making downtown cores of cities uninhabitable. Do it in Vancouver BC. The place is crawling with them and the police don't give a fuck.

a11a94  No.12715223


Classic Eurangutang arrogance. Knows nothing about America yet considers himself an authority on the American mindset.

c1a7ae  No.12718779

Person A

>didn't go to college

>went to trade school to learn mechanics

>payed off loan within a year

>making 50k a year at age 20

Person B

>decided to go to a 4-year school for "liberal arts"

>racked up 200k in debt that will never be payed off

>learned nothing of value

>is now working at starbucks

Why should person A's tax dollars go to person B? Inb4 the kikes use the federal reserve to print trillions of dollars to pay off snowflake college debt, increasing inflation 200%

004197  No.12718904

File: 4c789d9c8b7e513⋯.png (266.98 KB, 460x438, 230:219, french move out leader.png)


>Why should person A's tax dollars go to person B?

Ah, boomer problems. What if person A can't pay off person B's debts is the question.

The future of America and Europe:


f3d4d0  No.12725338


>Why should person A's tax dollars go to person B?

And remember; person B may claim to be a communist or socialist sympathetic to the proletariat but this is in practice a brazen lie. Person B beyond any shadow of a doubt despises Person A for being a lowbrow blue collar scum bigot with dirty fingernails and coarse manners.

Person B went to university so he could get a job in the nomenklatura of big government or hell even as a labor union leader and get paid big bucks to fuck over and spit on Person A every fucking day of his life.

Person B is shit.

476f4f  No.12725349


That's the cliff notes version. On the side Person B spends all their freetime at charities helping other people.

Person A just plays videos game and sportsball/stickman stuff and consumes Jewish entertainment and promotes Jewksh everything with all of that extra money, while Person B mere drains the Jewish system for everything possible because they hate the Jews and simply want them to fucking leave the country.

What's the difference now?

476f4f  No.12725352

You aren't your fucking job. You aren't your debt. You're not just what you eat.

f3d4d0  No.12725392


>What's the difference now?

Person A marries his girlfriend after he knocks her up on a Saturday night and raises a family, working his ass off to buy a house and maybe even run his own business. He has no time for Mario Brothers etc

Person B joins Antifa, becomes gay because no decent looking women will even look at him or even say hello to him because he's such a fucking loser. He dies of AIDS.

84f284  No.12725407


You really have no idea how Americans work do you? I know frogs can be pompous asses but you really take the cake anon.

e3ed94  No.12725472


Had Trump not cuck out on funding the government and reopening the government from the shutdown, there could've been heavy dissent from the spooks and beaners not getting their welfare. It would probably be similar to what's happening in France. With beanouts and chimpouts spreading across the country. It would turn many people to grab their guns and end up being a civil war in the process. Thus making a similar situation France has.

446b63  No.12725639


That assumes that person B is a very specific person. There are Person B's that very well have Person A's for parents.

A father who tells his son, "Get an education so you don't have to toil all your life" Its just a shame that academics can only produce kool aid swilling puppets instead of cultured men like they used to.

1e857a  No.12725714


Cops would have long started shooting people in the US if the equivalent of even the first week of Yellow Vest protests happened, let alone the 11th week.

c93ab2  No.12725883

File: 9707446bd201297⋯.jpeg (43.03 KB, 600x1030, 60:103, FC9E9179-9D77-40DD-B283-E….jpeg)

File: 675a7db1c4df655⋯.png (35.06 KB, 647x474, 647:474, 21407664-F619-4244-A34D-0D….png)

File: aac90e19c300c7f⋯.jpeg (22.39 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 04186268-D27F-4DBB-8788-B….jpeg)

Yes, Americans are relatively well-off

78f16d  No.12726002

How to avoid student debt:

Don't pay the cost of a house for a piece of paper.

>But in our continent it's Free* though!

Your continent trains NEETs with pieces of paper.

1f900f  No.12726127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

College is a waste of time and money. Min wage worker bees graduate college, innovators and job creators either never went or dropped out to do more important things.

f46e17  No.12727198

I've seen people on woke forums saying nothing should be done about student debt because it's a "white people problem"

c87029  No.12727230


>"white people problem"

I'm sure those nogs are paying off those 100K debts within a few years. KEK

7caa9d  No.12727257


>Not factored by state

>Doesn't adjust for taxes or COL

Useless jew tricks charts

84f284  No.12728318


(((they))) are probably making a bunch in advance to keep it from spreading here. I'm sure there's legit groups out there but there's a lot of interference in the signal.

2c0498  No.12728441


Evolutionary dead end with a graduate degree in evolutionary biology. Undergraduate degree in mathematics, can't add up facts to get a valid conclusions.

2c0498  No.12728472


Are you aware that Cannabis, and perhaps Tobacco, when consumed so as to get their active components into the body, counteract key effects of MK-Ultra type mind control, just as long as you are already of the mindset to resist them? And also that if you are NOT already of that mindset, they forcibly GIVE you that opportunity by upsetting the neurological and other bodily processes' status quo? And finally that if you consume these (or any other catalytic agents) when you are dedicated or favorable to the MK influences that you reinforce them and give them more power? All these are, are catalysts. Try not to be an idiot and demonize what you don't understand when in fact you are the one acting like a demon.

fbc959  No.12729778


>but that's irrelevant

that's FAR from irrelevant, that's the core problem.

people shouldn't have to pay for a little fag to get even more malignant and retarded because all it wants is to delay as much as possible any form of productive work.

blatant sjw-tier post, think it is smart, is proven wrong by being really obvious

=> /leftypol/

go where you belong, fag.


08c16e  No.12736693


They can't even let us have sex with farm animals. That's how bad these people are.

08c16e  No.12736723


They can't do anything and they won't do anything, but they will make sure that we dont have sex with farm animals.

So debt stricken students turn into community leaders and disable us all.

1efaab  No.12760008


0e3216  No.12762248

File: 8783f15739828a1⋯.jpg (2.3 KB, 118x79, 118:79, t6SYE9t.jpg)


This. Get into Tech degrees, 5-6 years of being a computer programmer, throw yourself into becoming a full-fledged software engineer, 47-54 dollars an hour. 97-112 thousand dollars a year. This is the golden era for tech, get in while the field lacks qualified workers, today.

55883c  No.12762266

Anyone retarded enough to have student debt deserves their situation and should be paying interest until they die. Unless you're going to a technical school for engineering, (((college))) is fucking worthless and 99% of it is trash liberal arts degree holding leftists. Fuck them, not a single thing should improve for their situation.

f84c39  No.12765805

All these socialists are being pushed to demand that the government pays their student loans, in a roundabout way this is demanding taxpayers fund their Marxist indoctrination.

If only the leftists could be persuaded instead to demand that their student debts be forgiven, this would force Marxist universities to shoulder a massive financial blow greatly reducing their influence and forcing downsizing.

cb2ddd  No.12772738

I'm a college dropout and now have a $100,000 a year job. Its kind of cool not having school debt either, or any debt for that matter. Its called not being an idiot with your money.

50c7df  No.12772830


fucking lol

9d272a  No.12773500


Correct. But that would hurt their (((mentors)))

f21f23  No.12773773

File: 4a1ca4617586091⋯.jpeg (462.4 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, official_charter_of_yello….jpeg)


This the one you're talking about?

abe5a2  No.12775340


>Against corruption

ayyy lmao

Search "15M movement spain"

"Against corruption" = "controled rage valve"

THIS is what damage control looks like, and it works, no fire here, sorry.

aaaa50  No.12778500


>The Jew should have shitloads of money from retards and be allowed to prey upon them regardless of any shared blood

It's like you don't even love your own and have actually internalized psychopathic capitalism to the point you might as well be a mischling. Assuming you aren't just actually a kike.

14e94e  No.12779104

I saw this before her e


39114d  No.12779657


>messing with the media

oy vey it's gonna be anoder shoah!

ae9ab7  No.12782167

File: 20e7765ff6c5769⋯.jpg (213.03 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, aristocracy.jpg)


unless they're establishment "protesters" and they get the cozy DC police "would you like to be arrested" treatment

4fa63a  No.12783170

File: c65df3df99197d5⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 3758.jpg)

enslaved to debt due to a black presidents leadership. it's like the guy was just trying to fuck over EVERYONE.

c6b1c8  No.12785522

File: 90093b4637fb7b3⋯.jpeg (187.55 KB, 1096x735, 1096:735, Go'onGit.jpeg)


52d6d6  No.12785644


Its retarded but yea student debt would be the equivalent of yellow vests, because of all the things the french should be airing grievances over. gas taxes is what they are complaining about, not the rapefugee problem, not the dystopian overlord that the eu has become.. gas taxes.

And ya know what, at least they are actually protesting a tax.. protesting about student debt is defacto protesting for socialism. That was the entire plan with balooning privately held debt, get the plebs to back themselves so far into a corner that they just have to beg for help. Pure kikery.

52d6d6  No.12785645


water contains a fuck load of energy so yea dat be a dew

52d6d6  No.12785647


>implying onigger was the only one

Once you look deeper than words you will find that everything onigger did was just a cointinuation of shit bush was doing.

25416b  No.12807202


>be american

>know in advance how much university costs

>go anyway

>accrue massive debt

>do pointless, useless, inapplicable degree

>unable to find a job due to useless degree

>don't really try anyway

>don't bother to pay off debt

>demand that government cancels the debt

Negroid behaviour.

25416b  No.12807435


Your people were led to kill off the nobility by those who could profit by the power vacuum that followed. Your country has been a slave to them ever since, and is what the gilete-jaunes now are protesting against.

The nobility was the only thing keeping the foreign parasites at bay. Those parasites goaded you and turned you into animals, slaughtering men, women and children by the thousands.

The same happened in Russia, caused by the same "people".

As for the american retards that call france cowards, France has always been a fighting machine, and with a population that stands up for itself. It has been one of the great powers of human history, along with England, Rome, Germany. Anyone sane with any knowledge at all knows that.

Most of this "lol france surrenders" comes from in reality the second iraq war, when France refused to join in on yet another zog-patrol on behalf of the US. So the US unleashed a propaganda war for several years, that all the little fucking retards there swallowed whole, and passed it onto their millenial children, which is who are posting here now. They did things as petty as renaming french fries to "freedom fries" - the whole world laughed at their ridiculousness. While most of even the americans on here would understand and admit that the second iraq war was a lie, they won't realise the connection, and continue to refer to France as their fathers did.

Mindlessness from one generation to the next.

a87c38  No.12807992


>why isn't the dirt washing off?

1547cb  No.12808516

College/University is a pyramid scam. Im just grateful that i spent my GI Bill (Airborne Infantry) on my Associates Degree which didn't make me any money truth be told. Thanks government for giving me 100k to hang out with a bunch of gay college kids, when what i really should have done is spend the money on a house if i was able. Now Im a janitor and i sell cocaine on the side. Cocaine that's where the money is at. lol faggots, eat shit, learn to love it, that's the only way you will be happy in life. hahaha

225d15  No.12810059

I dont know why this thread is still alive.

Perhaps just to annoy the real yellow jackets who are adults complaining about insane fuel prices. Not kids complaining that they made bad decisions with their life.

57902c  No.12810084


Student debt isn't really that big of a deal. The amount of equity involved is not economy shattering, and the only effects will be marginally decreased consumer spending by the people in debt.

90c94a  No.12810129


Speak for yourself man. I make 64k and spend 1400 a month on rent for a 2 bedroom. 15 minute commute. Looking for a new job because I'm actually getting underpaid for my position and experience. inb4 boomer I'm two years out of college

225d15  No.12810208


Did you do your degree in african tribal rhythms?

aaaa50  No.12810212


This, the economy is fine because the Rothschilds can eat.

57902c  No.12810215

I live in Indiana, I only make 55k/yr but I save approx 24k of that and put it away permanently. Already filled out a 10k emergency fund, maxed my IRA, taking in my employer 401k match, and now I'm building a dividend stream for passive income.

620f62  No.12810279

The central core issue with "Student Debt" in the US is that it cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Hell the kikes even come after your kids or parents trying to collect if you die for their money. That fact makes student debt a form of slavery. Any debt that you cannot discharge makes you a de-facto slave. The US slave niggers are just that.

This is an issue that AOC could embrace and get this pushed through pretty fast by pointing the facets of how it enslaves people, reduces economic growth etc. The GOP and the lobtards would have their seizures about it but that would drive an even bigger wedge with the voting public.

ea18cf  No.12810295

File: 82f04eebbc0d043⋯.png (334.59 KB, 1024x720, 64:45, salt_girl_by_the_chinad011….png)

Good time to buy bitcoin honestly. Either crypto is over forever - which I highly doubt - or a 95% off sale is a pretty good place to start dollar-cost averaging in. Just bought some ETH last night. Hopefully it goes up against XMR, that's what I want to slowly convert my open positions into because Monero is a privacy token.



Anonymous, decentralized exchange with high daily liquidity. You don't need a name; you don't need an address; you don't need an SSN. If you're not going to trade keep your crypto in a hardware wallet. If you are going to trade, use the Waves DEX or something similar. Make sure you buy a couple Waves though if you take my advice - it costs like .003 Waves per trade or something like that and you'll be very annoyed if you're trying to make a trade and don't have enough Waves to pay the exchange fee.

bf96e0  No.12819685


Nah, americans are too pussy to revolt.


dude, spics are already over 5% of your population

032abd  No.12819927


Say that from your home IP, not Tor, torpedo.

032abd  No.12819951


More like you're so careless that you'll say I posted it without any evidence.

2cb461  No.12820052

File: 0acf68288c1bf53⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 640x477, 640:477, KjU1lrI_d.jpg)


Why did you get yourself in so much debt dipshit?

2cb461  No.12820082

File: 754823e3e21d949⋯.jpg (333.7 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, 1397543075238.jpg)


Yeah you got fucked. I have been bred to tell the gov'na to fuck off and shoot since I was 5. Based dad yo. The only loyalty we as Americans have is to the Constitution. The US government needs to be cut down to the size of the state government of Alaska.

Also I'm a born Texan and American by association. Disregard the Constitution and we dont need to associate with the rest of you pleb state fags.

8759d2  No.12820132

so did these american yellow vest protests ever actually happen?

7b6877  No.12820220

Yellow vests are for fags.

Camo is where it's at.

858fa0  No.12825569


France is ground zero for modern egalitarianism and social engineering that influenced the Soviets. Fuck off, idiot.

f3d4d0  No.12854743

Also I've noticed that it's women that are far more likely to be deep in debt. I wonder why that is? Perhaps it's something to do with having an unformed mind that will never attain a fully adult level of maturity and responsibility for one's own actions?

Every asshole that's tried to borrow large sums off me has been of the mindset where they're astounded when the time comes to repay that borrowed money. The lender gave them the money. They GAVE them the money and they spent the money. Now the lender wants it back? How could they be so impolite as to impose such an unpleasant circumstance upon them, the borrowers? Outrageous! PAY MONEY BACK? Why nobody ever heard of such a thing. It's an insult to their dignity and after all we are all, as members of the human race, entitled to our dignity!

"Borrowing" money without realizing, without even being able to imagine you'll have to pay it back = cunt brains.

f11b0a  No.12854898


usury = cancer

that is all.

204d84  No.12855108

File: ead9d49498ea466⋯.jpg (427.79 KB, 1440x1373, 1440:1373, ShockTheNormalfagsRaceWarS….jpg)


>What say you?

I say push everything straight into communism too fast for it to settle in without largescale violence, instead of letting the kikes thoroughly disarm and slowly wean normalfags into it through slow death of white society(((democracy))) like (((they're))) planning.


e6a32d  No.12856263


What kind of nigger logical jump was that? GTFO retard

57902c  No.12864059

>little commies want their poor decisions to not mean anything

boo hoo little bitches, eat a bullet, your debt isn't actually that big of a deal in the context of the economy, you actually don't matter

kill yourself little kids

57902c  No.12864066


no one forces you to take on debt you stupid little nigger, you chose to do it, and you want other people to pay for your stupidity, how about you pay by living the rest of your fucked up miserable life now?

b40479  No.12864150


An american 'yellow jacket' movement makes no sense.

Using them in france makes sense because they are a government mandated neccessity for car drivers, but few people have them in america, so it would just look pretentious

78a959  No.12864220

File: 9d85c6bead25480⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 919x586, 919:586, 9d85c6bead254802409d043bce….jpg)


I've been saying this for a fucking decade.

2ea3d0  No.12864233

The founding fathers would probably wear yellow vests now.

2ea3d0  No.12864247


>not uniting the workers of the country.

>thinking he belongs to the good side.

>implying workers aren't the spine of this country.

78a959  No.12864277

File: 2c4b201d72cdbdf⋯.png (200.23 KB, 383x500, 383:500, e3c1e423c4ff611491c81431a1….png)


The founding fathers would have murdered everyone in power already and set up a new government.

000000  No.12864298




Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.

2ea3d0  No.12864301


damn son

2ea3d0  No.12864309


>totally not a shitkike shitkiking shitkikery for the sake of kiking kikingly kek

000000  No.12879234


Checked dubs of truth.

000000  No.12899897


Dillon Mariana

did I get it right

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