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File: bd05dab70451ece⋯.png (389.32 KB, 579x374, 579:374, convictedteachers.png)

8d3c88  No.12527176

Yet another article came out today about yet another teacher fucking her student (Allyson Brittany Moran). This time the blame was attempted to be shifted to her husband who she claims didn't "comfort" her during her miscarriage. This got me thinking about previous investigations but one we have brought up several times but never legitimately went full bore into. The subject of just how many of these events have occurred recently which, honestly, appear to occur every fucking day with a female teacher fucking some kid and the media doing all they can to keep the total number hidden.

So I decided to look into it and what I found is fucking despicable and truly appears to be epidemic levels at this point. In just an hour I found over 400 (402) women since 2015 (I limited the search to not get swamped initially). That doesn't even include non American countries as I saw a huge amount going on abroad but didn't add them in yet as I wanted to focus initially on the US.

Some sites have tried to begin the work on putting lists together but they only add about 10-15 and then just leave it at that. Example:




In fact the issue seems so common that I rarely saw cross overs between articles in terms of the same women repeated between articles. It is literally epidemic level at this point and I think it is long past the time that /pol/ finally follows up on this since we have been mocking it and hinting at wanting to try to find the actual totals for years now. Hell, if memory serves I think the first /pol/ investigation I ever took part in was the Debra Lafave issue which was the first to bring this big problem up to the public.

Women teachers are, by large numbers at this point, indoctrinated, fucking, poisoning and abusing their male students in the school system and there is not a fucking peep about this epidemic from the media and yet the continued outcry is how men are fucking abusers and "metoo" bullshit fests. Long story short /pol/, we complete this investigation and it completely obliterates the "men are bad" narrative and shifts the attention to who are truly harming kids in schools. This issue needs attention. I will add more later as I continue to tally lists but I know my fellow fucktard autists would want in on this particular action so let's get to work with some "niiiiceee" slapping of these depraved "teachers".

eb6525  No.12527204


The first column is the best. I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school.

baa689  No.12527216


>White ladies

>Most likely black and brown boys.

Asian waifu for sure.

bb7867  No.12527234

Wow! Women having sex with horny young adults? That has literally never happened over the course of history! Men should be based soyboy negrophiles who must crush those evil nazis! BASED

8c80f3  No.12527241

Fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, fuck, fuck, kill.

ab3b8b  No.12527268


Is that row major order or column major order?

e20628  No.12527281




Kill yourself jew.

eb6525  No.12527285


He's clearly going left to right, top row first to bottom.

Otherwise his choices wouldn't make any sense.

d73681  No.12527320

>Turn on your women, Goyim! Don't pay attention to us and what we do to you. The Women are to blame.

Fuck off, Kike!

26571b  No.12527392

File: 185e11af748385e⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 634x793, 634:793, 49ACDEF300000578-5447051-i….jpg)

File: a5ce835a174af0c⋯.jpg (128.78 KB, 634x793, 634:793, 49ACE33000000578-5447051-S….jpg)


I'm still trying to understand why women do this when you consider hypergamy.

Are they lusting after the alpha in the class? I've read reports of normal-rank kids meeting up with a teacher for weed, booze and sex at her place, so I doubt it's that.

The best conclusion is that they are whores and feel that it's easier to manipulate a younger male, males which are notorious for their virile energy at that age compared to the dopey losers on Tinder.

dc063b  No.12527403

All alpha females seek to build a group of orbiters when an alpha is not present to meet her needs.

101774  No.12527404


Seriously, I don't think the boys were harmed.

bde7ef  No.12527475


This would stop if the penalty for statutory rape (for both males and females) was a bullet to the head.

bde7ef  No.12527481


I think they were…that pussy has been in too many places to count if she is raping her male students. BULLET TO THE HEAD FOR PROVEN RAPE OF A MINOR, MALE AND FEMALE RAPISTS…problem solved.

8d3c88  No.12527502


You are looking at it wrong. Generally we don't give a shit about if the young boy was or wasn't and are more looking into why women, by large numbers, are flocking to young teen or pre pubescent boys. At what point in the history of mankind has this ever occurred? Never. So something is causing a mass shift and I can only speculate it has everything to do with radical feminism destroying the market since men are steering clear of them, or control as they think they can control the kids or something else. No idea but at this point it is happening so much that something has to be causing it to be so widespread.

4aba00  No.12527507

File: 4eb1a6b9e7dd614⋯.jpg (362.94 KB, 904x865, 904:865, Screenshot_20181025-092234….jpg)

Could it be possible to create a "to catch a predator" vigilante sting operation? I feel like the feds would bust anyone busting pedos pretending to be young girls. I remember at one point on the deeb web this was a big thing trolls did. Perhaps one day /Pol/ will tell the (((pedos))) to sit down in that chair over there?

8d3c88  No.12527531

Another thing to consider is look at what is now infesting the teaching profession. Fags en mass pushing their fag agenda, broken chicks fucking their young students, and all the old intelligent/good teaching types running for the hills.

I mean seriously consider who is in control of your educational system in your area. It is a literal gong show of dysfunctional people filled with fags, depression, self hating and anti anything that isn't their depraved mindset. The educational system is a god damn mess.

4f4990  No.12527533

File: 1d9d8b8256df8ac⋯.jpg (61.83 KB, 650x360, 65:36, Alien_Fuck.jpg)

f3bafa  No.12527539

4f4990  No.12527548


Yeah, I just started in this thread. You're smart enough to be the king of Africa someday, you know that?

97a52e  No.12527555


They are. The niiiiiiice reaction we all have is ironically the very disposition that leaves young men so vulnerable to this type of abuse. It fucks boys up on multiple levels. Firstly the sex is usually perverted: drugged up orgies, anal, etc. because these women are reaching 30 and vanilla sex is boring to them, so that skews the sexual tastes of the boys and puts them out of phase with girls their own age. Secondly, a lot of these boys fall in love with these hypersexual teachers, who have absolutely no love to return. Men are far more affected by heartbreak than women, and this can sour the young man towards the notion of pair bonding. The boys also see that the teacher is married in most cases, further downgrading the notion of marriage in his mind and heart.

These whorish teachers deserve to be severely punished, and really, its just further proof that women don't belong in the workforce at all (this shit happens in every office in the country, but you don't hear about it because muh pedo is considered worse than adultery, which is also wrong).

48bcd2  No.12527561

File: 4d93ce283f7f602⋯.mp4 (604.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Nice - South Park.mp4)


e1bf29  No.12527570


>manipulate a younger male

Lots of women get off on this. It's like the 30 year old hunting for virgins.

4eb0a5  No.12527580


yea, women should be allowed to abuse children, because you were a stupid, pussy-desperate loser in highschool. Great logic.

bde7ef  No.12527587

>>12527555 (checked)

BULLET TO THE HEAD. I agree that statutory rape is wrong for both males and females. I see nothing different about a woman who commits statutory rape vs a man. I wouldn't want that nasty roast beef slurping and slithering down the cock of any of the boys I know and you are correct about it being a damaging experience. It really is just as damaging for boys who should be experimenting romantic with partners that are their own age and experience level. I have known grown men who are molested and they developed some pretty unnatural fetishes as time went by and they got older.

Also, keep in mind that these nasty cunts are probably disesased and passing this on to a young family man who is going to THEN pass it on to his wife and children.

bc51c0  No.12527591


So, you're okay with Men banging underage pussy? You're not one of those that call men that bang underage pussy, "pedophile"; right? There's no double-standard and these women aren't pedophiles; right?

cc7bf4  No.12527619


I would argue that it's nearly impossible for an adult female teacher to bring harm on a teenage boy in terms of sexual abuse. BUT the state of female teachers these days and the school system itself is so fucked beyond believe that sending kids there is a crime by itself. Back in the day I would give anything to even get a chance for a number with a female teacher, in today's world I would probably only enter a school with a loaded gun at hand.

f45ddd  No.12527620


>current date

>sending your kids to public Jew-school

Public school is child abuse, in the first place.

48bcd2  No.12527621


technically they are hebephiles

bde7ef  No.12527639


>nearly impossible for an adult female teacher to bring harm on a teenage boy in terms of sexual abuse.

What in the hell makes you say that? I have known the product of these 'rapes' because that is what this is, basic pedophilia and they are fucked up later in life just like any other child or young adult who is molested.

What about the degenerate whores capacity to spread STD's to a young male? Doesn't this concern you in the slightest?

4eb0a5  No.12527664


You're arguing that based on the fact you had teachers you fantasized about. Probably any teenage boy fantasizes about that, I did too, but you're not understanding. Teenage boys are still kids. They are not responsible for themselves, especially not in a public school setting. The teacher I fantasized about went to the gym regularly, had a nice body, almost always wore a medium length dress with high heels. She'd even change into her work out clothes right before she left on occasion. It's natural for teenage boys to be horny, but it isn't responsible, nor moral, nor reasonable, for female teachers to egg on this horniness in the way TONS of them do.

4eb0a5  No.12527669


I forgot to add, but the notion that it's okay for young men to fantasize about their teachers sexually probably comes from years of female teachers dressing in a manner that makes boys want to fuck them, and I'm sure they want this attention.

48bcd2  No.12527680

File: a5614fd6c73b448⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1114x783, 1114:783, nice.png)

Can anyone imagine the trauma the student must have had at the hands of this woman? They should give her the death penalty.

4eb0a5  No.12527703


You understand that there are probably several rappers whom millions of 13 year old girls would consent to sex with? Does that mean it's no issue, and will not harm them?

The predator being attractive to it's prey is literally irrelevant.

0bd02d  No.12527706


If that woman had sex with me when I was a high school student, I'd be traumatized for life

000000  No.12527709


>it's nearly impossible for an adult female teacher to bring harm on a teenage boy in terms of sexual abuse

False. Casual sex ruins them forever. Sex is for reproduction. Kikes popularised pleasure-chasing hedonistic sex. You might be able to have a normal family afterwards, but the masses sure cannot. This is why sex before marriage must be illegal.

2844bf  No.12527712


probably burning coal at diverse schools.

bde7ef  No.12527713


Why are you mocking this situation you fucking degenerate? She is disgusting for fucking a 14 year old. It is not about 'what she looks like' it is her foul fucking character and diseased body that shouldn't be fucking children?

WTF is wrong with you?

48bcd2  No.12527717

File: 9e656d24aa51a51⋯.jpg (49.88 KB, 340x466, 170:233, debra lafave.jpg)

File: 469368f9ab349a0⋯.jpg (216.69 KB, 656x800, 41:50, debra lafave 2.jpg)


Don't worry, the female counselor can help with that trauma.

d06ecd  No.12527724

Funny how all the pedokikes crawl out of the woodwork to justify fucking kids because "It's a hot woman fucking a horny boy".

If this were a male teacher abusing a girl student, you would see most normal people want the teacher's head on a pike. Don't let the pedokikes try and pull one over one you by using this disingenuous argumentation.

Fucking kids, no matter what gender, is reprobate and should be punishable by gas.

cc7bf4  No.12527725



It's biologically different. You cannot harm a boy with a regular female sex partner. As soon as he can get an erection he's ready to fuck, and no age difference will corrupt him from his natural urge to reproduce. Also a man operates on one and done principal, after he ejaculates it's done for him and everything else is just a side attraction until he's ready again. In short…me horny, me fuck hole, the end.

Now let's have a look at girls…the are always weaker, which means they are getting dominated while having sex. They are also getting penetrated by another human being, which is a huge trust issue for girls. Having an older partner means overcoming daddy issues, since the only male in her life was her father the role model. That's an emotional issue to overcome. Boys automatically lust after every female when horny, so there is no issue with emotions other than anxiety about getting some. So now the girl faces an older guy, who's more experienced, who intimately penetrates her, who's also an authority figure for her (teacher)…all this can easily corrupt her sexual life for the worse depending on his behavior and outside acceptance.


>spread STD's

This while nasty has nothing to do with teacher/ student relations or the impact sex can have on the child. It's a different crime.

8d3c88  No.12527726


The only people who try to derail this topic are literally those who support pedo activity.

48bcd2  No.12527729


I really don't care at this point. Let's not pretend that by magical moment that we're going back to more traditional values without a full blown collapse of civilization. Most of you wouldn't survive it anyway.

97a52e  No.12527730

The thirsty porn addict virgins love to out themselves in these threads.

48bcd2  No.12527734


some magical moment

8d3c88  No.12527738


This is some grade A social justice faggotry rhetoric right here.

bde7ef  No.12527740


Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean that it isn't wrong. It is about power, hedonism and rape, not about what she 'looks like'…that is the reason she put on 40 pounds of makeup to make you say EXACTLY what you just said…'muh dick, muh joke about rape'. It is just wrong on every level for her to take advantage of someone who should be in a trusted position of authority. Outside of the fact that these bitches are MARRIED and they have EVERYTHING THEY NEED in their marriage. YES, DEATH PENALTY FOR RAPE…this is the only way you are going to live in a non-hedonistic degenerate society…it is almost like you guys have FORGOTTEN WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE IN A JUST SOCIETY WITH LAWS AND MORALITY.

f45ddd  No.12527743


That's not the point, anon.

I send my kids to school to get an education, I'm not sending them to a fucking whorehouse.

8d3c88  No.12527752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Eight years later…. back on probation….

f45ddd  No.12527756


>wearing a cross

Jesus fucking Christ.

4eb0a5  No.12527758




>As soon as he can get an erection he's ready to fuck

Ok, that's great, because males can get erections at any age, including as a baby IN THE FUCKING WOMB.

bde7ef  No.12527763


I would be furious beyond explanation if some married degenerate roast fucking beast raped my son. It would mean STD and hepatitis testing and checks for genital warts…etc etc. Diseases that he might carry with him his whole life because a WHORE wanted some cock outside her marriage.

dde9cc  No.12527765


Curious what other anons think and great points so far.

My conclusion on this epidemic is one of three scenarios :

>A) sexual depravity - "young boys are the ultimate taboo and always up for it" or "you can train em like a dog"

>B) perversion of a mothering instinct. Let's face it you get quite unhinged in our society where UP is DOWN and nothing makes sense. Also if mostly white rapists could mean lack of community with other factors can lead here.

>C) MKUltta/cultural manipulation of mentally unstable women.

So far we have this evidence:

>A variety of attractiveness among rapists (ie no correlation)

>are they (mostly) white OP?

bde7ef  No.12527766


That is because she is a SERIAL RAPIST…and people are making jokes about her raping children in this thread.

fae985  No.12527769

File: 7d5c56ba298754d⋯.jpg (216.25 KB, 1570x1536, 785:768, 7d5c56ba298754da6d2480a069….jpg)

14 year olds aren't children, kikes. Stop trying to push the whole

>he wuz only 17 years old when he robbed the bank, he innocent kid an sheit

I can tell there's a lot of sodomites cringing to the thought of having sex with a woman, such a tragedy! You're a fully responsible adult when you turn 14. You are liable as such and responsible when you fuck up. Pure and simple and that's how most white countries (read. not amerimuttistan) do it.

Also who the fuck cares if some white kid bangs a woman. Lost my virginity at 15 to an older woman and I turned out to be a great father. I guess we just have bigger sensibilities in Eastern Europe than the faggots that make up that dying red man wasteland.

f45ddd  No.12527772


>A variety of attractiveness among rapists (ie no correlation)

OP left out the ugly ones.

f45ddd  No.12527786


Yes, morality is so very passe'

How very Jewish of you.

d3e86f  No.12527787

Goys chill

Compiling this data does no harm. Having some statistics to refer to is NICE!

8d3c88  No.12527795

Bottom line here is women, in huge numbers in teaching positions, are fucking their minor male students. Faggot pedos on here can try to dismiss this shit all they want but it is illegal, there is absolutely no evidence to say it doesn't damage the boys/boys want it, and the media is, as usual, dropping the fucking ball and allowing these kids to continue to be victims because they fail to call out these huge amounts of women.

At this point I would agree there truly is a "rape culture" but it is located in elementary through high school and it is being perpetuated by women teachers. Hmm… we can probably meme that somehow. This has potential to be a very good op.

8a96ca  No.12527799

Why couldn't this happen to me?

fae985  No.12527802

File: a4672860fef62c1⋯.gif (96.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ceb.gif)


Yeah, its so terrible for a sexually mature male to have sex with a sexually mature female.

But please, keep worshipping your false god jewish narrative, if either one of them isn't above 30 its anudda shoah! Boomer rights!

48bcd2  No.12527804

File: 94143513cc02083⋯.png (633.62 KB, 724x725, 724:725, debra lafave ss.png)

I found her original photo.

8616b5  No.12527810


the face of a young psychopath

bde7ef  No.12527811


"My mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time"

Literal WTF she is actually looking to misdirect her own guilty sociopathic child rape behavior via distraction and attempting to garner sympathy and explain away her behavior. This is a absolutely classic psychopaths maneuver of control and distract. This person is a flat out sociopath and is going to be a serial rapist for life.

LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS BATTERY were the charges leveled against her…this was not 'normal sexual activities' this was something sick…on top of the fact that she was ordered NOT to interact with her victim, meaning that she was probably stalking them and harassing them (total P S Y C H O) as well as practicing violent sexual battery with them.

e7cfab  No.12527829

Actually a graph comparing Male students chance of being raped by their female teacher then to be shot in a school shooting seems pretty potent.

bde7ef  No.12527831

File: 1f82be0fd6d3702⋯.jpg (102.28 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 14 year old boy.jpg)


>sexually mature male

14 year olds undergoing SEXUAL BATTERY is not a normal situation.

Pict is what a 14 year old boy looks like, in case you have 'forgotten'. This is not a 'adult male'.

cc7bf4  No.12527832


I'm far from it. It's simply common sense and natural behavior. Once a boy gets into puberty he's constantly horny and wants to put his penis into everything that feels nice and doesn't run away. He masturbates, he fucks his pillow, he rubs his dick against everything in range. That's the point where girls become attractive for him and he lusts after them, constantly. Naturally he has to overcome shyness and competition to get what he wants, which is a huge struggle for many boys. Anyway, entrance hot teacher, who offers a blowjob and free ride. She of course puts herself in the spotlight by abusing her authority, but what could she possibly take from him physically or mentally that would leave a scar? Of course I talk about a normal female teacher, not some degenerate SM freak with a strap-on. He gets everything he wants, she gets attention and a young stud for a workout. This most likely never turned into a real relationship, which he doesn't want either because once he got the taste he certainly wants to play the field for a while, before settling down. This is how it's always been and this is how boys think and behave. You simply cannot harm a boy (in puberty age) with regular sex. It's just a relief for him and he will always want to have more.

I know that you want to protect children, but the boy/female adult combo is as normal as it gets for the sex life of a boy.

48bcd2  No.12527833


It's called hamstering you tard. All women do that, therefore they are all sociopaths in their own way.

4eb0a5  No.12527834

Funny how many people on here can correctly identify pornography as a form of child traumatization and abuse perpetuated by jews….

…but when the pornography walks into the class room and literally has sex with the male students, AHHHH, it's just natural and healthy.

2bb623  No.12527841

File: 37b6216593bb883⋯.png (1.19 MB, 714x1000, 357:500, aerhaerherh.png)

dc063b  No.12527843

Sociopaths exist in a constant state of psychosis, women might display this occasionally, but isn't constantly. Women are just women. They are just different than men.

bde7ef  No.12527846


>All women do that

<found the kike who thinks, because all kikesses are psychopaths child rapists that this is 'normal' behavior

>Clearly, the Talmud teaches that a woman is permitted to marry and have sex with a nine year old boy.

a1492b  No.12527847


You are so autistic,, and your addicted to porn, fag. A normal boy going through puberty has consenting sex with a teacher, what christcuck puritanical shit goes throgh your mind

48bcd2  No.12527848


Found the blue pilled cuck. Women are children when set free. Their natural instincts unchecked destroy civilization. They aren't just different than men, they are inferior to men.

48bcd2  No.12527853


It's not the kid's fault really, who could resist that Aryan specimen. It's society's fault for letting women have too much freedom. They can't control their instincts.

dc063b  No.12527857

You found nothing of the sort.

Men of average quality are fucking disposable in nature. Women are not disposable.

8d3c88  No.12527863


Pedo detected. I absolutely love how easily they always fall into the trap.

eb8958  No.12527868

File: 97cc00247d7e97e⋯.png (622.93 KB, 990x550, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png)

pic related is Shelly Dufresne and Rachel Respess who had a threesome with a 16 year old student at a nearby high school. I went to school with the younger one, rachel, feel free to ask me anything

cc7bf4  No.12527869


I'm sorry I should've said once puberty hits, I taught that was implied for a sexual relationship. What you're describing is a predator of minors.


You forgot the most obvious point…attention getting from a leadership position. Standing in front of a class of horny males, even if they are boys, having their full attention and being in power to select what she wants is the ultimate dream scenario for a female libido (missing only the financial provider part). There is a reason white societies had separate schools for boys and girls.

dc4449  No.12527870

I'm a sick fuck but at least I keep it to myself. Compile the list. These degenerate "teachers" should hang for their inability to control themselves. Their lack of self control is their greatest sin.

48bcd2  No.12527876


It's our fault, not theirs. Jews gonna jew, women gonna women. It's entirely our fault letting the first even exist, and the second for having any freedom.

dc063b  No.12527881

When you hound the victim with double binds endlessly and everything he does is interpreted by low tier moro s that know nothing about evolutionary theory or evolutionary psychology, you're going to be calling people whom are self respecting pedos.

If you see everyone as a pedo, you're going to see people whom aren't pedos as pedos.

Basically, I am saying you're an ignorant retard that wants something to be true so you manufacture it in your subconscious to be true.

Milk causes congestion. Hence the cough you idiot.

cc7bf4  No.12527911


Because it's healthy sex with another human being. She puts her career on the line by abusing her authority, which makes her criminal liable for her actions. No questions asked. But how is the boy a victim? She offered sex, he wants sex. The only downside is the destroyed respect between teacher and student.

0e16fb  No.12527928


Dont let young teachers near the highschool teenagers. And hang the whores who are fucking 13 year olds.

ceee12  No.12527929


I'm just guessing that all the blondes pictured ended up burning coal minors.

bde7ef  No.12527934


>They can't control their instincts.

They can and do control their instincts every day. They would control and curb them a lot better if we started putting bullets in the heads of rapist pedos.

ceee12  No.12527938


You would think Kikes would be arguing that if the kid was old enough for a bar mitzvah, they were adults under Jewish law, so no laws were broken.

bde7ef  No.12527940


I am not addicted to anything, definitely not porn, which I don't use or have any feelings for at all. You degenerate child fuckers, I hope the GODDAMN CIANiggers are tracking your fucking asses, at least so that they can fucking extort you for money and teach you what being made into a BITCH is really all about.

5ead81  No.12527945

Not for nothing but you do realize following with OPs faggotry is specifically instilling the same narrative that feminists and trannys and shit make, right?


You're a real pathetic clown if you say "b-but ROLE REVERSAL!". You greasy, fat, virgin LARPing fucks. A woman is a whore if she fucks many, and a man is a man if he does the same. If these "poor, poor, VICTIMS" (waahhh victimmm!!!) that I'm sure you are so deply jealous of inside are 16 or over, who the fuck cares

Its just adultery. The guy was gonna fuck _someone_ at that point, maybe you'd rather it have been a man? Faggots

bde7ef  No.12527953


They both look like trailer trash drug addicts to me. Were they at least fucking a subhuman animal or did they destroy/rape a European male?

51fe01  No.12527957


This just illustrates that women should not be teaching boys older than 8 years old. The standard education of boys after learning the basics should be mentorship by men in a career that matches their IQ and aptitude along with a general training of the character of a warrior monk.

Public school is drudgery for both students and teachers. It's not surprising they'd rather fuck each other to break up the meaningless monotony. Its a symptom that education system functions as a daycare and apparently also a whore house.

517676  No.12527960

File: fd9e726133cc1d4⋯.jpg (211.76 KB, 1719x799, 1719:799, Rare Pepe Q.jpg)

People like Sex. It is natural.

Why do we have to make criminals out of people who like sex.

Why do they have to have some sort of ulterior motive than pleasure?

If it's consensual, then the perpetrators are the victims of DOGMATIC LAW.

b97802  No.12527966


>Fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, kill, fuck, fuck, fuck, kill.

psychic anon has somehow tapped into the nigger frequency. Less cerebral anons can access it on the AM (african monkeys) band between 39Hz and 90Hz range, nigra-babble is absent from the FM (free men) band entirely and all frequencies above 100Hz.

48bcd2  No.12527967


It's funny that you claim some kind of moral authority, but you can't even label them with the right terms. They're not "pedophiles", they're "hebephiles". This is significant difference. Pedophiles should hang. Hebephiles has literally be the entirety of human history until some arbitrary age was determined. Age of consent varies everywhere in the world, but human nature revolves around when a female is able to physically conceive and carry a child.

Either way, the probability of finding any women are still virgins in this day and age after 18 years old is slim at best. The whole world is degenerate.

0e16fb  No.12527968


They never go after the alphas of the class, because then theyd just be another disposable hole, and they dont like that anymore. They are abusing the children they perceive as emotionally vulnerable and unlikely to bebgetting liad with their peers. Its pure predatory tactics, just used for emotional gratification rather than sexual gratification. Its still abuse though.

bde7ef  No.12527969


>the second for having any freedom

Why do you keep equating psychopaths with women as though it is the same thing. It is not the same thing at all you fucking kike. A psychopathic child rapist is not 'a woman'. Fucking hell, what kind of fucking house were you raised in anyway?

48bcd2  No.12527977


Because women are psychopaths/sociopaths and whatever other path that fits the bill. In fact, your insistence on this point means you're either a white knight cuck beta, or you're a woman so you're incapable of recognizing the behavioral patterns of women.

bde7ef  No.12527992


Go back to israel you fucking degenerate and fuck your own children where you can be a 'heb[rew]ophile' all you want…sick fuck. What do I care if you define the rape of a child after your own kind, in my nation it is still pedophilia. That doesn't change because you added a 'P' to LBGTQP…whatever the fuck it is nowadays.

e20628  No.12528007



Fuck off nigger.

0e16fb  No.12528009


Yep. And as popularly depicted in movies, the women go after the socially detached and vulnerable. Its the one thing movies have gotten right over the decades.

dc063b  No.12528017


A man that sleeps around isn't being a man, he's being a thirsty Beta. He's seeking gratification for gratification sake and creating more whores.

0e16fb  No.12528035


Women have never sought out the young, broke, socially disposable boys before. Never. Like, its extremely rare for these women to be screwing around with the athletes or even mathletes.

dde9cc  No.12528040


Typically women are attracted to real status/power, a bunch of horny kids is not selective, it's shooting fish in a barrel. Good point but I don't see it.


That's my point - there's a variety in terms of looks. No correlation there.

bde7ef  No.12528048


All predators seek vulnerable prey. This is not different or unusual.

cb101d  No.12528052


who gives a shit?

bde7ef  No.12528054


It is also a disgusting perversion of both the female caregiver dynamic and the power dynamic.


44 people gave a shit enough to comment.

5ead81  No.12528060


you can not create what does not or will not exist. A good woman's single role in a real white society is to prevent this, and resent this. Prostitutes will exist regardless

Your dick is hard when you wake up for a reason, boy. It isn't so you can jerk off to anime on your pc. But breaking that barbaric cycle is the role of a woman. And it's also why a woman is 100% responsible for all adultery, unless it's flat out rape

78c791  No.12528072


Its most likely just women being humans. While selecting students is shit, you cant just ignore that everyone of these teachers has had feelings in their teens too.

And if a student comes along that mirrors the person that had feelings for then that happens.

Theres a reason why in most cases girls choose boyfriends that are very alike to their fathers(if its a healthy dad/daughter relationship)

bde7ef  No.12528079


>100% responsible for all adultery

I want BOTH held responsible. Kill them both and no more problem with sluts. Sluts of both sexes will exist; that is the whole point of killing both adulterers to EUGENICALLY WEED THEM OUT OF THE GENE POOL TWO AT A TIME. Male sluts and female sluts…course in this case the boy is not an adulterer he is a rape victim and the woman needs to die for her role in rape and adultery.

95163e  No.12528098


I'm very curious in the ratio of numbers between male to female teachers fucking their students. It won't mean much unless you also adjust by the % of each in the profession.

1e4109  No.12528102

Makes me wish I had tried harder when I was in 8th grade. I had a crush on my French teacher. I think I could have gone for it. Didn't even know that was a real possibility. Boys and girls are different. Fucking a hot teacher when you're a teenager is just not something we need to worry about. Fire the teacher. That's all that needs to happen. Kid is probably a hero among his friends.

5ead81  No.12528103


Regarding last part, truth be told I did not read the OP article or age involved. That much should be apparent and go without saying. No problems w what you're saying there

Otherwise though, something's gotta give. Shitty as it may sound to you, and I don't mean to be a dick really, but it's obvious you're projecting some kind of virgin rage.

Sex is normal. Normal sex is normal. Glorified sodomy, new jew filth is not. Don't confuse them. Like I said, you wake up with a hard dick for a reason, boy. Think on it

48bcd2  No.12528107


You're completely free to deny history. You won't gain anything from doing so, but that's your problem. You're really on par with the leftists, instead of making a rational and critical thought about everything, you're basing your ignorant opinions on muh feels. Did you take a wrong turn? >>>/leftypol/

63e802  No.12528109


What is that reason? I don't practice sodomy

48bcd2  No.12528112


Or they just weren't caught because no one gave a shit back then.

5ead81  No.12528122


Humans are animals as much as any beast. It's inexorable. But any pack of niggers can do that, and it causes problems. Structed, successful, white society so far was built on the basis I said earlier. That it's the womans role is break this cycle, as she is a receiver and can only receive (conceive) but one.

It's a structure that works, and it's realistic. It's not the only one, but that's why I say 'that's how it is', regarding males fucking many being 'alpha' and it making women sluts/undesirable

bde7ef  No.12528123


I am projecting mother rage, not virgin rage.



Women are not going to report it because they feel guilt over being a slut; the numbers won't be accurate. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I had a lot of male teachers inappropriately pursue me; even in college. As me on 'dates' to come over for dinner, to go out on their boat, etc.

5ead81  No.12528131



Or, put in simpler words, "Fuck if you can, boy. Work for it"

bde7ef  No.12528134


>Humans are animals as much as any beast

Yes, that is why eugenics needs to step in and kill the 'beast' in humanity until it becomes something better.

864826  No.12528137


Women instinctively know the biological and social hierarchy of males thru experience and natural attraction. An older women with insecurities about her future or her mortality will go after a young and capable male and exchange sex for overcoming feelings of various fear. There are some predators though, some just like the hunt or the accomplishment. Some just want to get back at their husband or a chad who pumped and dumped them. It is all various but the one thing that is in common is a lack of respect for the rule of law, empathy for the child they've gotten caught up in their web, and that all points to narcissism and sociopath like personalities.

bde7ef  No.12528138


Through blood, guts and slaughter we will rise above our 'beast' condition. But not until we are ready to hold people responsible for their actions.

73d586  No.12528145

>These are HOT women who could have sex with any adult male they want.

>They instead go after children.

>Women: “Rape isn’t about sex, it’s about control”

>Teachers having sex with students isn’t about sex, it’s about control.

>Female teachers are raping boys.

48bcd2  No.12528153


The term child no longer applies after puberty. I'll bet everyone one of those "boys" came buckets.

48bcd2  No.12528154


every one*

63e802  No.12528155


Well, I am here to tell you that you're wrong. Alphas don't thirst. They know they can pull a woman if so inclined to do so. Niggers are on the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, which it while they will fuck anything they can.

It's basic evolutionary psychology dealing with r versus K selected behaviors. K selected are not Alphas, and it doesn't matter how you try spin it, they are low level Betas at best. An r selected person is always going to avoid associating with females randomly if they can't even create their domicile. This is what the Beast System is designed to do. Prevent the r selected, whom are an actual threat to Kile power, from building a stable domicile.

You're just plain wrong and even a cursory understanding of Kevin MacDonald would correct your opinion.

On a more intellectual level your not just wrong, but you're full of shit, and deserve to be banned permanently.

Humans are humans. Animals are on a lower order than humans, even Darwin acknowledges this, as does every modern evolutionary psychologist.

63e802  No.12528159


Are you a One? I know there can't be many considering there's only a few Masoonic lodges in this state.

bde7ef  No.12528163


>I'll bet everyone one of those "boys" came buckets.

Congratulations you are basically a nigger because your body can function at the same level as an animal.

63e802  No.12528170


I am assuming everyone here knows the difference between a nigger and a normal person, no matter their racial makeup.

48bcd2  No.12528173


A mason? Negative. I don't know shit about masons.

73d586  No.12528174


If it were a female student I can guarantee they’d be calling her a “child”

bde7ef  No.12528176


Some people do, but there are a lot of 'white niggers' in this thread as well.

bde7ef  No.12528182

File: f00909aeb9ea689⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 474x592, 237:296, 14 yo boy 3.jpg)

File: c45a0e0b7a465bf⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 919x927, 919:927, 14 yo boy 2.jpg)


These are boys, not men.

5ead81  No.12528183


>talking about some (((university theory))) replying to me telling how white christian society has existed and thrived for 2000 years at minimum

>you literally dont know why you wake up with your dick hard but trying to put a theory on it

Lol keep trying, you'll figure it out one day

63e802  No.12528187


A One is a person that has made a great sacrifice for thwir craft. It's not just some random wandering dick. Unless you're a Jew.

48bcd2  No.12528190


What's the difference between a white and a nigger from Africa in terms of being "human"? The mind. Whites are superior intellectually, further evolved mentally as well, but a white retard isn't any different from a nigger in Africa in terms of mind. So which is it? Are niggers in Africa animals or not? What makes that distinction in your mind?

bde7ef  No.12528201


>Whites are superior intellectually

Some whites are intellectually superior, but not the ones who can't tell the difference between a 14 yo boy and a man or the difference between sex and rape. If you can't tell the difference between a child and a man or sex and rape:


63e802  No.12528207


Everything you know came from a University Theory at some point in time

You can hate it all you want, but that's just reality. If you hate it so much, get off the University created device and the University created internet.

Kevin isn't Jewish either. He did write a great book thay covers almost everything I have stated here.

48bcd2  No.12528213


Everyone makes sacrifices with every single decision they make in life. I don't know what constitutes a "great sacrifice" or how one would know what a "great sacrifices" constitutes for most decisions. It's the whole butterfly effect.

63e802  No.12528216

I have met Africans from Africa that were capable of doing advanced calculus.That's not a nigger.

73d586  No.12528219


Yeah. That’s my point.

5ead81  No.12528225


Yeah, sure, I know that name isn't. But it's no (((coincidence))) your point boils down to

<MEN SHOULD BE STERILE REEEEEEE (im not horny ever i dont wanna fuck anything ever i swear)

Fucking stupid, man. And don't think I missed your point regarding that, I didn't- but it's about reality here and now and in the past, vs theory, both vs what to actually expect in our lifetime

48bcd2  No.12528226


Have they hit puberty? Seems to me there's quite an effective SCIENTIFIC methodology to determine where or not they are physically capable of sexual relations. Now when it comes to mental status, who knows? What's the scientific approach to determine that, an arbitrary number set in law? Get real faggot and level up your thinking.

48bcd2  No.12528229



bde7ef  No.12528231

File: 7d3f625356fa23b⋯.jpg (74.08 KB, 960x638, 480:319, 14 yo boy 8.jpg)

File: 287639a1411fe9c⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 474x632, 3:4, 14 yo old boy 7.jpg)

File: 15b75d98addb9da⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 308x425, 308:425, 14 yo boy 6.jpg)

File: d18d33fbcc05286⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 560x373, 560:373, 14 yo boy 4.jpg)

File: 9c29e3af7fbc7b9⋯.jpg (173.33 KB, 864x1390, 432:695, 14 yo boys 5.jpg)

More 14 yo boys, not men.


I know, I don't have any doubts about you. I am just rubbing it in for all the pedos on this thread who keep thinking that being raped by an adult female that is an authority/trust figure is 'a good thing'.

8d3c88  No.12528232


>I have met Africans from Africa that were capable of doing advanced calculus.That's not a nigger.

No you haven't. Unless you are referring to white South Africans.

9fa04c  No.12528234


>rightly offended by wearing across

>using the Lord’s name in vain

Halfway there bub.

7470e3  No.12528235

>125 posts

>No mention of sex leading to strong attachment

The physical act of fucking a grown woman isn't going to damage a teenage boy's body, but it will fuck up his mind. When pubescent boys have sex, they form powerful attachments to that woman. This is particularly damaging when the woman holds a clear authority over him, and can cause serious mental issues as he gets older.

48bcd2  No.12528237


that's some seriously faggot shit right there

63e802  No.12528238


Can't say for others, but I made my sacrifices at a younger age.

3f606c  No.12528242


NO ONE regardless of sex should fuck anyone they aren't married to or plan on marrying. They can no longer pair bond.

63e802  No.12528244


Indeed I have, he was the person that taught me Calculus in the first place.

8d3c88  No.12528245


Pretty amazing how fast they assemble to try to make sure their target methods don't get closed off to them. Their use of the educational system is rather new as they began to infiltrate and convert it in the early 90s. It would be a shame if the twatter fags on here started some hashtag to bring attention to this.

Yes that is a hint to you twitter users, get on it.

8d3c88  No.12528246


Nobody believes some African taught you calculus and nobody ever will.

48bcd2  No.12528248


I turned down this cute girl in high school because I was already with someone else, but that didn't work out. If I had said yes, who knows how much different my life would have been, A single small decision and the entirely of someone's path in life can change.

63e802  No.12528249

Too late, even the Jews knew I had already made that sacrifice. They set you retards up.

3f606c  No.12528252


You're the one who thinks it's sexual, and therefor faggot shit.

7470e3  No.12528254


100% this

48bcd2  No.12528258


> I am just rubbing it

Yea, you're a faggot alright.

63e802  No.12528267

Indeed, choices matter, but conditions matter more. If the conditions are fabricated as a constant Kobayashiaru test. You have to just use the system against the test maker and make it so that it's obvious there's no way they can actually beat you, because you control none of the variables.

As I stated last year, the ball is and has always been in your court. I will simply by existing in this sce ario, because I control nothing in it.


Considering I am Nobody, of course I believe me. I was there.

bde7ef  No.12528275


100% THIS!

9a531f  No.12528279


He said, "I I am just rubbing it in for all the pedos on this thread who keep thinking that being raped by an adult female that is an authority/trust figure is 'a good thing'.". Why did you misquote him?

63e802  No.12528282

I win by simply existing.

bde7ef  No.12528286


>They set you retards up.

To whom are you speaking?

63e802  No.12528290


I turned Amanda down because I didn't know anything about her.

eef21e  No.12528291


>I don’t think

You are objectively wrong. Stop thinking. Reported for jewish hoaxes.

48bcd2  No.12528304


And when did I say it was a good thing? I think women should have no freedom. They should be tightly controlled by society. I'm simply saying that it isn't a TRAGEDY that some kid fucked that woman. So you want to talk about misquoting people (of which mine was intentional because they are faggot), then use the proper terms as they apply.

9a531f  No.12528307


Keep pilpuling kike, you clearly know what you've done. You insinuated he was masturbating to kids.

2bb65a  No.12528308


>not wanting to sodomize the third one in the upper row

your taste of degeneracy is shit

cb101d  No.12528314


>44 (((people)))

Oh sure thing.

bac6b7  No.12528336


A lot of the students they fucked are just some average looking skinny White Kids so its not hyper-gamy. I think its the fact that women that hoe around are naturally attracted to be teachers and often the schools they went to were party schools. While also being that teaching degrees also require someone to take care of them because you have to be a TA unpaid for a year or two so either their parents or a boyfriend has to support them which is already going to allow only the women that are spoiled. The female teachers that fuck students are usually described as one of the "fellow kids" type and which in my experience is they try way to hard to stay relevant with highschool kids because they still feel young from just being in HS themselves and then add the factor of peter pan syndrome currently pushed. The teachers also add kids on their social media which is where things really go from professional student/teacher relationship to private life friends. The whole taboo factor on top of that you got a thot teacher.

t.source:multiple teachers fucked students at my school and nearby schools.

8588c2  No.12528342

>jewdicial system

>childfuckers still get the gas


bde7ef  No.12528351


>They should be tightly controlled by society.

No, both sexes which are responsible for animal behavior should be eugenically purged until a human who is not an animal and does not display animal characteristics is achieved. You want to be a low IQ muslim nigger who spends all his time 'monitoring his wife' instead of having a productive household, feel free.

I, and many other anons, want this animalistic behavior eugenically PURGED until society no longer has to worry about it for either MALES OR FEMALES. Neither get a pass. If you can't behave like a HUMAN FUCKING BEING you need to be completely purged from the genetic inventory and your line needs to end FOREVER.

This way the plague of kikes and degeneracy will be purged from the Earth forever.

You don't want RESPONSIBILITY because you are a degenerate coward.

8588c2  No.12528356


In the future, real humans are beans.

bde7ef  No.12528379

File: 4f3df9d8cd8c220⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 281x599, 281:599, Cronus eating Poseidon.jpg)


>real humans are beans

real humans will be human, with human behavior not animals acting like fucking animals.

We have to seperate HUMANITY from the animal kingdom. We need to progress to the point where we aren't walking around sacrificing our own children to Moloch like FUCKING SATURN ALL THE TIME.

People who do not QUALIFY as human, need to be killed to make way for people who can qualify as HUMAN BEINGS.

48bcd2  No.12528384


Insinuating? Flat out saying it. You need a tissue as well? nailed that pun

48bcd2  No.12528393


Ain't gonna happen until the happening, and then maybe we get a chance. Enforcement will have be by the entire society for it to work.

bde7ef  No.12528427


That is what the word 'responsibility' meant there. We could make this happen any day of the week. People are afraid to make it happen because they adore their disgusting degeneracy. Like you thinking that I had any feeling for those boys other than wanting to protect them. You are not going to pass into the world of HUMANITY, you know that, right?

They are fine pointing fingers but they are afraid to have a finger pointed at them. This is cowardice and fear that rules them and THEY THEMSELVES approve and are responsible for this shit happening in society. Not one of them has the spine to stand up and WITHOUT FEAR attempt to be 'as God' behaving not as a beast but as something made in God's image. a full fledged human being.

Only a truly righteous person can say I JUDGE because I am not afraid to BE JUDGED by the standards of God…rather than 'JUDGE NOT lest ye be JUDGED." Only someone who is truly good has no fear at all at the prospect of being judged.

This is the only way to obtain the Fourth Reich. This is the only way to obtain the NWO that you all want. This is the only way to obtain the Golden Age and the protection of our children…

shm…I get the feeling that these are just words in the digital wind…nothing but vanity…

Sad really…I guess humanity is just not ready to stop being fucking degenerate animals yet. The only question is HOW LOW CAN THEY GO…I think they will be willing to see a lot worse before they are ready to get better.

47edf2  No.12528429


There are thousands of 14 year olds that dream of this situation. So, what is your conclusion, cuck? That boys and men want to be "abused" or "raped"?

Male sexuality works different than woman's. A woman seducing a young boy is NOT the same as an older man hunting for little girls.

47edf2  No.12528436


< am just rubbing it in for all the pedos on this thread who keep thinking that being raped by an adult female that is an authority/trust figure is 'a good thing'.



Yeah, raped. It's a dream come true, you loser. People fantasize about that sort of thing.

bde7ef  No.12528437


You don't know ANYTHING. You too I judge to be nothing more than a BEAST incapable of being HUMAN.

bb7867  No.12528439

File: e9caa7f91aec760⋯.jpg (192.49 KB, 715x1080, 143:216, 6c50be833419cef3d128206999….jpg)




14 american boys, pumped full of soy and tainted meat

the Ukrainian man in the picture is about 15, way more strong headed than the tortured souls of the Atlantic

47edf2  No.12528440

File: 7e25582ac3c33da⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1043x1158, 1043:1158, 1523720889233.png)


Yeah, I'm an adolescent beast that absolutely wants to screw an attractive, mature woman, teacher or not. You can stay being a faggot and reassure yourself about your humanity, friend.

338e61  No.12528445


As always, there is a major double standard that immunizes women of all guilt.

They're suppose to be equal to men, but only when it benefits them.

bde7ef  No.12528455


Animal is as animal does…like I said, you don't really qualify to join HUMANITY.

48bcd2  No.12528460


Who appointed you judge what humanity is? I can put three rounds into your chest and roll your corpse into a ditch for flies to use as a fuck house and it wouldn't have jack shit to do with what constitutes humanity or not. All that matters is who has the greatest will and conviction. So you can proselytize all you want about "humanity", but it's going to take more than that to stop an animal from making your existence irrelevant.

If there is a God, I would have zero fear about being judged.

7470e3  No.12528467


They also dream of doing lines of coke and killing people. It doesn't mean it's healthy behavior.

bde7ef  No.12528471


If you say so…I would guess that in your photo he is considerably older than 14 or even 15…Ukrainian or not, no one should be fucking a 14 year old. They are not emotionally ready or capable of understanding the lifetime consequences of their actions.

IF A 14 YO COULDN'T WORK A JOB TO SUPPORT A CHILD FINANCIALLY THEY SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEX, PROCREATION IS THE PURPOSE OF SEX…a 14 yo is not ready to be a father. They need to wait until they are ready to financially and emotionally support a child before they are having sex.

81f0a3  No.12528474


They do it because they obviously must associate with the boys due to her job. A connection tends to build just due to interacting so often. You don't see teachers hooking up with just some random "chad" at the school that she doesn't really know, it's always somebody from her class.

6641ce  No.12528479


Either the law stands that teachers fucking their underage students are criminals, simple as that, or it falls and admits that women cannot be expected to be trusted with positions that come with power and trust( even in small doses )

bde7ef  No.12528482


I am not going to explain what it means to be HUMAN to a kike pedophile…you will never come close to understanding. You are far to much of an animal for me to even waste my breath on. It takes higher reasoning which you CLEARLY completely lack. You want to kill what is good so that evil can flourish and you literally don't even understand your own reasoning. THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU AN ANIMAL. YOU WILL NEVER BE HUMAN.

bde7ef  No.12528483


Yes, let's make ANOTHER FAILING LAW to regulate animal behavior…lets not eliminate the animals from among HUMANITY…fucking hell…

48bcd2  No.12528488


You've really bought into your holier than thou bullshit. That arrogance is why you're not a human, you choose to believe in ideology while ignoring reality. When the happening starts, you're going not going to survive because you don't have what it takes, so your opinions are better suited to be written on toilet paper.

48bcd2  No.12528489


you're not going to survive

e4f9fc  No.12528490

File: b384d5fe9a2bb30⋯.jpeg (32.65 KB, 342x400, 171:200, 3093ea1e9f14d3681037ebad6….jpeg)


I think there is a developing trend of women having a perversion where they are attracted to weak/shy/submissive/feminine/young males. This is very unusual considering these are the exact opposites of the things that normal women want; I think there might be a connection to all of the endocrine disrupters everywhere fucking with women's hormones. Just as men are being faggotized by xenoestrogens, women are becoming "empowered"- nosediving into masculine interests and pursuits, becoming "independent", and becoming attracted to "boyish" guys. Our race's sexual dimorphism and fertility are being rapidly destroyed.


This, anybody that thinks the guys are victims is completely retarded. I fantasized about some of my teachers when I was that age, and I'm sure almost everybody does.

The problem with this is that it's further denigrating the marriagability of the white female teachers who should be engaging in permenent monogamous relationships with responsible white men and starting families instead of screwing teenagers to satisfy their perversion.


Fuck off, Stacy. Tits or gtfo

6641ce  No.12528500


Ermm… Either you didn't really understand my point or I didn't understand you. Are you saying I somehow defend their actions ?

8d3c88  No.12528504


(31). Even replying to yourself:

>You've really bought into your holier than thou bullshit. That arrogance is why you're not a human, you choose to believe in ideology while ignoring reality. When the happening starts, you're going not going to survive because you don't have what it takes, so your opinions are better suited to be written on toilet paper.

>you're not going to survive

bde7ef  No.12528505


The only thing you have brought this ENTIRE FUCKING THREAD is MUH DICK, MUH FUCKY FUCKY…you are nothing but an animal with animal instincts and an animal nature. There is no higher reasoning in you…nothing but KIKE FUCKING DEGENERACY and deviance. You disgust me…but it makes me laugh that you think you are HUMAN…so keep it up.

8588c2  No.12528509


Someone’s ready to cry.

63e802  No.12528514

Still alive though

365577  No.12528515


>Allyson Brittany Moran



>sexual assault

>not rape

63e802  No.12528518

So the CSP was reviewing the video footage at that store. Interesting. Wonder if he caught my complete lack of interaction with everybody in there.

bde7ef  No.12528523


Not at all…I am saying that we CAN'T keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Look at the Bolshevik purge of Russia…they purge what was HUMAN, good productive and moral in favor of something that displayed the characteristics of their own nature. Russia was eugenically purged to be more kike like in nature; now it has problems with lack of productivity, violence and sexual deviance (disease). So the kikes purged the HUMAN in favor of the animal because that is WHAT THEY FAVOR. Then they make laws and enforce over the animals. We need to eugenically purge the ANIMAL our from the HUMANS so that we need no laws, no government, no 'rulers over us'. We will be HUMAN by our nature, not because there are animals that enforce against other animals. This was the entire point of Eugenics to produce something that was HUMAN and not a psychopath.

I just don't want to see you walk the same retarded path we have walked for thousands of years, because it can get a LOT WORSE if we don't chose correctly at this juncture.

48bcd2  No.12528524


And your denial of reality is absolutely hilarious. Don't worry though, reality will catch up with you one day, and on that day, perhaps one of those animals will be your end.

8d3c88  No.12528525


>I think there is a developing trend of women having a perversion where they are attracted to weak/shy/submissive/feminine/young males.

Throwing aside all bullshit and legitimately considering this I think that is accurate and began to really rear its head in about ten years ago. The Clinton terms really began pushing victimization in a major way and laid the foundation for what is happening today.

Obama was the nail that drove home the degeneracy but looking back at all the shit that was altered and seriously fucked with during the Clinton years is appalling. Anyone who is old enough to remember those days will damn well know this type of shit was pretty much unheard of back then as well as pretty much every other common fuckery taking place now a days in regards to kids. Before then you weren't told to fucking medicate your kid because they were "hyper', teen suicide was low, school shooting were extremely rare, two kids fought/fine/it was over after that, boys were okay to embrace being young men, girls were considered okay/normal to want to beautify themselves for said boys, teachers who indoctrinated were fired soon after, fags minded their own business/few cared, racial issues were non existent/few cared, and the list goes on and fucking on.

b9720a  No.12528527

never put females in a position of authority whether perceived as or actual period,It ALWAYS GOES WRONG

bde7ef  No.12528528


I think what you meant was

>someone is ready to put a bullet in a degenerates brain…

I don't feel like crying at all.

8588c2  No.12528536


Rage can easily turn to tears. Especially when it cannot be satisfied.

63e802  No.12528537

Disagree. Put women in those positions of authority, and hold them accountable for their screw ups.

It's called equality

8d3c88  No.12528541


>perhaps one of those animals will be your end.

Do you honestly think that is going to happen? I mean… seriously? You truly believe that someday the degenerates will overtake the rest? Get real. If you plan to create some bullshit, fair enough, but at least put some effort into it. If you plan to make veiled threats on the internet about some future event then don't be a pussy about it and explain what you mean.

bde7ef  No.12528546


>perhaps one of those animals will be your end.

No doubt they will, that will not bother me in the slightest because I will die as a HUMAN being…the fact that you would even consider it (after your non-stop justification of MUH DICK and FUCKY FUCKY I AM NOTHING OTHER THAN AN ANIMAL this entire thread) guarantees that you are not European and there isn't a fucking DROP of Aryan blood in you.

365577  No.12528547



Forgot archive.

3 teachers outlined in the video.

First on gets 2 years prison, second one gets 1 year prison, third one gets fucking wait for it 3 COUNTS OF second-degree rape; 10 years prison in August 2015, so 7 more years.

Three pussy passes. While 10 years prison is better, gonna need to up that to 20 years and lower the standards of female prison from 3-star resort to nigger-tier hood-projects.

37b20c  No.12528548


>I would argue that it's nearly impossible for an adult female teacher to bring harm on a teenage boy in terms of sexual abuse.

Depends on the definition of "abuse": if you're comparing the blowjob skills of one of these 30 year old teachers vs "I read in Teen Cosmo that guys like it when you use some teeth on the tip" 17 year old girl blowjobs. These "abused" boys end up broken in terms of unrealistic expectations when they go back to women their own age.

bde7ef  No.12528551


It can also turn into laughter…if an appropriate clown is in town.

b9720a  No.12528552

ACCOUNTABILITY YES women in control of something they fundamentally don't understand is a fools errand propagandized by jews to destroy whites .

fuck you

8588c2  No.12528556


Yeah, I’m not into the tough guy act. Good luck.

8d3c88  No.12528558


This is honestly beyond debate at this point. Cases in point for examples:

Tech World - Ellen Pao

Sports World - Lisa Olson, Amelia Rayno, Carolyn Hughes, Jenn Sterger

Gaming Industry - Too many to list on how they fucked it up

Movies - Same as gaming (See Star Wars, see Witcher, etc)

Educational - This post shows what happens

News - Anyone who keeps up to date on the news knows how much bullshit they cause

Politics - Cortez literally threatened to abuse her power toward Trump Jr because of a meme.

Major power - See Sweden, See Germany, See Britain, See Canada (he is a woman basically).

bde7ef  No.12528563


Not willing to be my clown either? Shame.

8d3c88  No.12528571

So I have gone year from year and I have now had to move the list to an excel sheet since it is so fucking big. Up to 891 cases from 2011 and this doesn't even include non physical as a large amount sent kids nude photos and lude texts but that isn't considered a sexual assault.

This shit truly is an epidemic. We need to make a hashtag for it and some memes. The potential memes for this are huge. Anyhow, suggestions for hashtags before the data is posted?

48bcd2  No.12528575


It's happening right now is it not? Like I said, your denial of reality is astounding.

365577  No.12528582


>(((he))) doesn't understand the frailness of the pubescent mind

>(((he))) is pushing the kike lie that males understand shit at such young ages

Hey kike. Females mature mentally ~3-5 years earlier than males. So would it be so great for a 35 year old male teacher to rape a 9 (9+5=14) year old female student?

6641ce  No.12528589


Ok. This is bit beside the topic, but I think we wiill never get rid of our animal side. We can control it and let it live within us. Didn't the ruskies, chinamen and cambodians try that?

48bcd2  No.12528596


Did those students get raped? Or was it consensual? I'll wager in the majority of the cases the male students nearly broke their arms reaching for their zippers. At that age they will fuck anything.

If I was 14 and had the chance to bone that Debra teacher, I'd go to town on her.

bde7ef  No.12528610


Nope, they were run by the kikes and the kikes ALWAYS engineer for degeneracy because they want humanity to DIE so that they can go become NOTHING (part of the Ain Sof; their greatest goal is absolute nothingness).

This is the greatest turning point that humanity has ever faced, something so monumental and immense that nothing like it has ever happened to us before. It is now that we decide to ascend in the material world or to degenerate and become like the Kikes desire (dissolution into NOTHINGNESS forever).

If we want to ascend into the higher realms and become fully human we have to PUT ASIDE the degenerate animal nature of the kikes completely. This means blood shed but not the manner they choose without reason and to eliminate the most beautiful, most moral and most productive. It means reverse engineering all of mankind and ripping out their degenerate filth from among humanity.

tl;dr no, it has never been tried before.

97a52e  No.12528613


>wanting to fuck another man's wife


8d3c88  No.12528615


What is happening?

bc51c0  No.12528620


You must be a great father.


You're the reason we live in a degenerate world

8d3c88  No.12528622


>Or was it consensual?

A minor cannot consent, it's called statutory rape, it's illegal, it is against the law. In other words those women are rapists, sex offenders and nothing you try to claim changes that. Unless you are saying women should not be held to the same standard of the law as men.

bde7ef  No.12528623


>I'll wager in the majority of the cases the male students nearly broke their arms reaching for their zippers.

Can you see the degeneracy and animalistic tendencies here? This guy is actually the perfect foil for this argument and I am really glad he is here to flaunt his subhuman nature before you all.

2a8e2a  No.12528638

This proves once and for all theres nothing wrong with lusting after sexually mature human beings.

48bcd2  No.12528642


The degenerates are proliferating.

bde7ef  No.12528681


You are mistaken that it is 'unwinnable'; you simply haven't met your match yet. Humanity will not fall to you kikes.

48bcd2  No.12528701


I didn't say it was unwinnable. The happening will purge degenerates when civilization breaks down. What I'm saying is that until that happens, it's futile.

And according my genealogy, I'm 99% northern european, Scotland/England. I'm as white as the best of them. Not a drop of jew in my genes.

bde7ef  No.12528713


Then why are you acting like a fucking nigger?

Grow a spine and act like a fucking human already.

48bcd2  No.12528714


and I still have my foreskin

bde7ef  No.12528717


congratulations you can diddle it while you grow a spine.

96a61c  No.12528726

File: 0279cfc7e0b00cc⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 601x600, 601:600, 1543678921178.jpg)

Could've been an interesting thread but too many muh dik brainlets on this board for that now.

27af1b  No.12528748

File: fdaf05ba6701601⋯.jpg (89.44 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, good boy.jpg)


>I think there is a developing trend of women having a perversion where they are attracted to weak/shy/submissive/feminine/young males.

Where can I find these women?

8a96ca  No.12528760

File: 923f9cf9b41972e⋯.jpg (11.55 KB, 200x238, 100:119, Jennifer-Mally200.jpg)

File: 54a014a4bbc8e19⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 316x400, 79:100, jennifer_mally.jpg)

File: 72554a7b6eec213⋯.gif (21.1 KB, 400x398, 200:199, 6a00e553ed01ec8833010534ab….gif)

File: 9cd31f211fd9b23⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 480x600, 4:5, jenn_mally.jpg)


>second row, second column

She's a fucking cutie, I love gloomy looking women with narrow faces and dark hair. Bet she was a good lay.

>Summary: Jennifer Mally was a 26-year-old English teacher and cheerleading coach at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, AZ. In May of 2007, she was arrested on charges of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. Mally denied the charges, pleaded not guilty, and hired a former U.S. Attorney to serve as her defense lawyer. In June of 2007, the Phoenix Police Department released secret tapes of Mally talking to the boy on the phone, recorded with the victim's permission. On the tape, Mally can be heard telling the boy, "You’re 16, [student's name]. If they find out, I’m going to f-cking jail." Police also released video from the interrogation room, during which she repeatedly denied all charges to police investigators. After investigators left the room, she called her husband and said "I know what I’m doing. I watch CSI." In May of 2008, after several delays in the trial, Mally pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. During the sentencing hearing, a clinical psychologist who had interviewed Mally after her arrest said, "Her actions were not predatory in nature. She did not seek out the boy for sex. She had a low self-esteem, and needed constant reassurance. In her capacity as the cheer coach, she was 'one of the girls.' She was incapable of internalizing her authority role and ill-equipped to manage the demands of her profession." Mally was sentenced in May of 2008 to six months in prison.


>Jennifer Mally’s husband divorced her shortly after the former English teacher and cheerleading coach was released from prison for having sex with a 16-year-old student. In 2007, Mally was a 26-year-old married teacher at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix. Text messages between her and the boy about homework led to sexual banter, according to police. During their seven-month relationship, Mally had sex with the boy at both her and his houses. When she was arrested, she denied the sexual relationship. But once confronted with recordings of her talking to the boy about their encounters, she pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. During her sentencing in May 2008, her husband spoke on her behalf, describing his wife as the most “selfless person” he had ever known but adding that the affair was a “hard pill to swallow.” Days after her release from prison in October 2008, her husband filed for divorce.


I wonder if she's still single? I'd like to track her down on the sex offender registry and ask her out.

ea2349  No.12528774

Dammit l saw the headline and expected a porn thread.

63e802  No.12528783


There's saying, yes I would put it to her, and then there is, I am going to go out of my way to put it to her.

The first is alpha behavior, the second is nigger behavior.

d1bffe  No.12528798

File: 48bd01584d59f1e⋯.png (34.9 KB, 196x186, 98:93, this guy right here.png)


>"I know what I’m doing. I watch CSI."

3671f7  No.12528803

File: 1aca7a9034ff22d⋯.png (961.72 KB, 708x1003, 12:17, 94684df2f63b49194c138c8cb2….png)

I want to fuck the left column. Also the middle second from the right. The only sexual crime should be spreading disease and pain and fucking dysgenic aka niggers.



bde7ef  No.12528805


She is almost 40 anon. You reliving some sort of childhood rape trauma experience to get control of the situation or something?

3671f7  No.12528808

File: 9e5427409a4b7d7⋯.png (575.14 KB, 1114x1600, 557:800, NEETWIFE.png)


Alpha fucks, beta bucks anon. The fat old man for the cash, the young stud for the fun.

60978f  No.12528809


I fucked my teacher at 15. I could blackmail because she's a rich fuck now with a Jew husband.

63e802  No.12528811


You have to go back >reddit

957872  No.12528817


Oh boy what a rabbit hole you have chosen OP. At least you didn't go investigating female pedophiles or female rapists but your still treading dangerous ground.

Keep in mind just as you have noticed the media is keeping the lid shut tight on this for a reason and it has indeed become increasingly common. Especially with how female perps only get a slap on the wrist compared to the male ones. Throw in an endless supply of horny teenage cock and its little wonder why sluts of all kinds just love the job.

I don't know how you intend to get the word out there. Especially with the infamous 'men cannot be raped' and 'nice' going on. All I can say is its really REALLY fucked up shit that nobody ever talks about despite the proof being out there. People just laugh it off because it's not women who are suffering


They won't outright state it like that but there are ways to sneak around the question. Look into surveys of women asking them whether or not its okay for an older woman to take advantage sexually of a younger man, if a man/boy has a boner can it be considered consent, does the law of sexual minors also apply to women enjoying younger partners, and ect. Those surveys and answers are out there.

It will give you a very disturbing picture.

8a96ca  No.12528818


>You reliving some sort of childhood rape trauma experience to get control of the situation or something?

I wish. I had so many teachers that I wanted to bang when I was in elementary and high school. Even the GILFs would have done nicely. This one chinese teacher that I had in grade 7 in 2004/2005 had the nicest fucking tits and goofiest oriental face; probably imprinted on me and made me susceptible to Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver when I started using the internet more earnestly.

62a5aa  No.12528819


Trying to relive their school days. It's like a 40 year old showing up at a college party.

8a96ca  No.12528827


>It's like a 40 year old showing up at a college party.

…which I would also gladly bang.

9a531f  No.12528862


Prove that he does, otherwise you're just trying to derail.




We have IDs, kike.

65d126  No.12528895


my goodness that woman is hot. anyone denying she's a 9 or 10 is full of it.

also it looks like she was stoned when she showed up. or pilled up or something. she must have some crazy mental issues.

957872  No.12528898


Ooh I found something real good and probably helpful. Something nagged at me when I saw this thread and then it hit me. Back when I was digging into crimes that that were forgotten. One of the things I uncovered related to this and certain testimonies I acquired painfully overtime.

It might not mean much but it might shed some light.

Hypergamy in relations to women targeting younger men…the reason is quite simple and very sinister.


Taking advantage of her position she shops around the boys in class picks those she deems….moldable and proceeds to then groom them. You can prove this by looking into marriages between former foster Mothers/teachers and their sons/students. Sex is an excellent motivator on top of exploiting the pair bonding that exists within humans to her own advantage.

If it doesn't work or if she simply doesn't like this one…well she passes them onto a 'friend' because women are NEVER alone when it comes to this kinda shit. EVER.

Teachers literally serve as recruiters for this purpose and they are extremely good at it.

48bcd2  No.12528908

File: 9cd6e88c8546dfb⋯.gif (4.63 MB, 480x270, 16:9, battleofminds.gif)


>We have IDs, kike.

Stand back everyone, we have us a certified genius in our midst.

8d3c88  No.12528938



Not a bad theory considering many of the sex trafficking networks that were taken down were shown to have women being the lead members of the recruitment and grooming of kids.

6baac8  No.12528975



More like THOTco.com amirite

b7d47a  No.12529068


You got caught responding to your own post, dumbass. Just take the loss and shut up.

8896ad  No.12529070

File: 5f97e7ba0861b1f⋯.jpg (65.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, imagineMyShock.jpg)

Gender segregate the school system. Let women only teach in girls schools and let men only teach in boys schools.

48bcd2  No.12529077


You mean fixing a typo? Jesus you are the stupid on levels I can't even imagine. You should neck yourself to improve the gene pool.

365577  No.12529079


As if high school girls these days don't throw themselves at male teachers for a passing grade.

If your example is consent, then so is the above.

48bcd2  No.12529099


I'm pretty sure the whole #metoo thing has pretty much destroyed that possibility if it is happening in any significant numbers.

8896ad  No.12529102

File: 03947ac900bf580⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 564x725, 564:725, 03947ac900bf5804e69bcb3d5e….jpg)


>It's biologically different. You cannot harm a boy with a regular female sex partner.

Girls are able to be penetrated after puberty. Besides, penetration isn't required for sex. Hedonism and exploitation is still present in both cases. You're a hypocrite and your double standards are showing. Either condemn these women as Hebephiles or consider yourself one of them.

b7d47a  No.12529113


Nah, I'm good. You could do that though, we both know noone will miss you.

48bcd2  No.12529128

File: d2b2652297e2cd6⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 500x250, 2:1, neckyourself.jpg)


Oh so you went back and saw I was fixing a typo, and now you want to shift your approach because you look like a total fucking retard. You are truly a dumb fuck, I'll grant you that. People as stupid as you are aren't going to contribute anything of value here, so do us all a favor and find some rope. Have a good trip.

8d3c88  No.12529186


What "typo" would that be? Go ahead, try to spin it.

48bcd2  No.12529204



>>12528154 typo fix


>>12528229 typo fix


>>12528489 typo fix

I believe that's more than sufficient. So please enlighten us as to how your aren't a total dumb fuck?

48bcd2  No.12529207

8d3c88  No.12529242


Anon was clearly referring to you replying to yourself on:



You really need to get better than this if you plan to play games on 8chan as we have seen every type of bullshit imaginable and your games won't work here like they do elsewhere.

Regardless though as I do not care about that and was merely curious to see how you would try to slither out of it and draw attention elsewhere (which you did, decent tactic with normies). Bottom line as I see it is you have over 40 posts and most of which are attempting to downplay statutory rape which means you are either a rapist yourself trying to protect your pipeline or are simply too stupid to see the issue and how big an impact it has on kids/society in the long run.

89a101  No.12529274

File: 2053a23df68aa6f⋯.png (57.76 KB, 229x226, 229:226, 2053a23df68aa6f5dc6814f694….png)


I bet you incels wished a teacher would have "raped" you.

b741f7  No.12529298

>I love abuse of authority and violation of community trust! That won't degrade moral standards or social cohesion at all!

t. half the people in this fucking thread

48bcd2  No.12529299


Only retards deal in absolutes with boolean functions as if there are only two possibilities. You lack imagination and you're defunct of understanding of the reality in which we exist.

The problem is that society as it stands has no long run. It doesn't fucking matter what happens because the happening is going to flush this world. You're locked into some kind of delusional mentality that you can fix this world as it is. You can't fix shit. All you can do is sit on your fat ass pretending to be some armchair Spartacus.

8d3c88  No.12529311


Looks like someone has issues being called out on their bullshit so they try to hide it by spewing hilarious non related bullshit followed by speculation followed by more speculation. Well done fag, well done. As usual you and your ilk always walk right into and always show themselves with little effort put forth to make it so. Carry on my wayward son.

48bcd2  No.12529323


Tell yourself whatever you need to so you feel better about your delusions. If you're going to do anything but sit on your fat ass to save the world, better get to it.

8d3c88  No.12529365


Do you honestly believe that 8chan users are the types who do nothing to back up their investigatory process? Do you truly believe the majority are, as you state, "fat asses"?

Outside of DOD/Gov sites and the usual lineup, what is the most secure site on the web even being secure enough to have an entire subsection about a currently unnamed poster who claims to be working with the POTUS and yet not a single person in the vast amount of hackers around the planet have been able to break through and find anything out about.

You think the anons here are dancing to your tune but you fail to recognize that you walked right into and announced yourself on the very worst site you could do so on the web. So yes "anon", yes, I will >Tell yourself whatever you need

fe81f5  No.12529380

File: b47a0395992edfb⋯.png (567.92 KB, 925x713, 925:713, zz1[1].PNG)

The women are socialist handlers, recruiting the youth.

8d3c88  No.12529393


It would be interesting if we could tie any of these women in with any of those sex cults or the like. Shit that would be a major issue if we could.

c717bb  No.12529394


>Let your women cuck you!

>It doesn't matter if your wife aborts your white sons and then burns coal and then gives birth to Tyrone Jr instead

>Stand by your Aryan Queen no matter what

Fuck off, kike

f1d928  No.12529397


fucking. BASED.

And possibly, even…


c717bb  No.12529402


>Seriously, I don't think the boys were harmed.

These boys are learning that even "respectable" women such as their teachers, are all cheating whores.

This is how you end up with a generation of fuckboys that never get married or have kids.

t. fuckboy who will never marry or have kids

f1d928  No.12529404


um no, I am very glad that some 40 year old dyke didn't threaten me with poor grades should I not fuck her

f1d928  No.12529439


No, there are two things that can be done.

1. Prepare for the happening, have guns, mres, etc. Redpill people to create more that are prepared for the happening, or do your best to have a family in order to PHYSICALLY create people that are prepared for the happening.

2. try to create some kind of organization to brute force elections where rather than trying to do some clever campaign, you absolutely flood the election with a bunch of candidates who pretend to have different positions but are all basically the same person, kind of like what the kikes already do but working for us.

c7128f  No.12529447


We could go on for hours about what's needed to reform K-12 education and that's not even addressing the faggotry of college campuses. The entire system needs to be purged. Oh and by the way bring back separate but equal for nigras and beaners.

But for the sake of the argument regarding K-12, maybe have students on the same physical campus for the logistics but a good 200m distance between between the two. No open faggots or other degenerates as instructors. No unmarried women under 30+ teaching Junior or High School girls. Married men preferred as instructors for boys but we could make allowances for qualified military veterans.

I can only imagine what these poor kids are enduring these days. It was a nightmare in the late 70's, early 80's even with a mostly White student demographic. I fucking hate hippies/boomers.

48bcd2  No.12529455


I've been here since the 1st exodus you pompous faggot. I have to amend my previous statements, you're not only delusional, but you're borderline schizophrenic.

48bcd2  No.12529458


1. Already ready anon, have been for years. The hardest about the happening is having the patience for it to arrive.

2. Elections are a waste of time beyond entertainment. They solve nothing and only make shit worse. The time will come after the happening to change things.

8d3c88  No.12529462


So I both lack and imagination and yet also am borderline schizo? You don't see the contradiction there I assume? Also, just because are just too damn fun to expose, please tell me what the "first exodus" was. Go ahead, this should be good. Dazzle us all.

123176  No.12529464


How about you take a break from shilling for five minutes and go fellate a shotgun you dumb jew fuck.

48bcd2  No.12529470


> please tell me what the "first exodus" was

Every old fag on here knows about the 1st and 2nd exoduses.

f91ce5  No.12529474

I wish i had a horny milf teacher to "rape" me in HS.

3a8a28  No.12529480

c7128f  No.12529484


It's an absolute horror show.

3a8a28  No.12529487

63e802  No.12529491

I am being reasonable. Unreasonable would be me bring a litigator up from Phoenix and depleting this county's budget while I am serving time for bullshit charges.

63e802  No.12529493

Oh did I forget to mention. Arizoans don't like liberals. Especially far left extremists. Our lawyers would salivate at your budgetary pools.

957872  No.12529499


Men aren't the only ones who groom possible mates. Its just became much more common in recent memory. Damned if I know why but its mostly present among older women targeting younger men…particularly boys. They want them real young because unlike men they don't have time to waste due to how rapidly their fertility declines. Not to mention boys are far more impressionable and simply don't know any better options.

These teachers basically shop around the students looking for possible candidates and begin probing. Once she finds potential she starts the initial grooming process once she loses interest(which isn't long) she'll pass the boys along to the next woman to continue the grooming.

Should a boy candidate get lucky enough to drop out early in the process they just let them go? Yet once they are ensnared properly. Failures tend to get sold to sex trafficking rings or passed around as boy toys if they're lucky.

At the end of the 'grooming', the boy is sold off to a female as a worthy partner and perfect trophy to show off to all those other bitches. If you ever wonder where those really rich chicks get those gigolos or stables of 'stallions'….well lets just say now you know.

I learned all of this from the testimonies of escapees and professional straight manwhores(notice how they WANT everyone to think all manwhores are gay for pay?).

So basically female teachers are the first step to Grooming male students.


Thanks to their apparent immunity and soft treatment if they even got caught women have long been able to climb the ranks of pedo and sex trafficking rings. I just wish I had more info to offer. The info is suppressed as hell and what witnesses I got never want to make it official. Practically a gag order except its all voluntary.

I've noticed school teachers who supply the pedo rings work elementary and preschools. While those who supply sex traffickers and 'dating circles' with boys groomed from junior high to high school.

7f2bb9  No.12529506

File: 84b319aec94e7b1⋯.png (28.59 KB, 300x162, 50:27, doubt.png)

I don't know how old these kids are, but I imagine the vast majority are 17ish. You can join the fucking army at 17.

The real problem is–why are these men ruining their husband/family lives by slutting it up? Clearly they are whores. But holy shit if I could have fucked a teacher back then…damn these "boys" are lucky.

cde210  No.12529519

File: 504555db46dad59⋯.png (201.45 KB, 703x624, 703:624, brunhilde.png)


8d3c88  No.12529521


Well, tell me, should be easy.

cde210  No.12529523

File: 9ce28d39233a4c3⋯.png (223 KB, 672x434, 48:31, yup i got caught.png)

filename says it all

48bcd2  No.12529524

File: 9ddc5d12121764e⋯.png (93.41 KB, 498x1018, 249:509, oldfag.png)

Dug this up on one of my backups. From /b/ to when /pol/ was created in 2011.

cde210  No.12529530


>still using winblows

kys faggot

6e40a9  No.12529548


What would they do if they said "Fuck off ya old skank" or something along those lines?

457966  No.12529567

Back in say 1960 there was a general assumption that men were much more likely to be morally depraved than women, particularly in sexual morals. Whether this was legitimate and fair or not I think that such was the case.

Somewhere in the mid seventies with the huge vogue for cocaine and disco nightclubbing this perception (or reality) started to rapidly change and by the 80's it flew right out the window. Liberated women can be more depraved than men because a hot woman is the object of incredible attention and demand; basically the world is their box of sexual chocolates and they can be gluttonous little piggies if they so wish.

And while we're on this topic let's not set aside the "girl touring the world" phenomenon, where Prissy Pamela, who will no tolerate any foul or impolite language even in the presence of her delicate ears, goes off to Australia or Ibiza or some such place to disport herself as a filthy slut, often choosing the ugliest and most mentally retarded niggers to bone the shit out of her hole far from prying scandalized eyes or the gossiping tongues of sniggering prudish neighbors. This is a huge epidemic among all young women now.

457966  No.12529580


Is she even wearing any panties there?

457966  No.12529594


>made me susceptible to Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver


48bcd2  No.12529604

File: 3f9df380635189b⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 579x377, 579:377, basedgreenarrrow2.jpg)

man I have some epic old memes, this is one I made back in 2014

63e802  No.12529605

Any idea that women were morally superior at any point of time needs to be dispelled. In the early parts of the last century it was the flappers working the speakeasies.

Before that it was the line girls and brothels. Nefore that it was the courtesans and mistresses. The list is endless. Women have never held a moral high ground. The moral depravity is equivalent. We have equality now.

457966  No.12529612

File: b833d826167244c⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 595x331, 595:331, teech2.JPG)

File: a565707a2dd97bf⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 915x610, 3:2, teech.jpg)


gawd damn I wish that could have been me getting to fuck that sweet fresh poon.

641f45  No.12529622


>implying your faggot shit will literally ever be believed, faggot


It is of zero importance what you beleeb, nigger.


>muh anal hate

>wasting trips

There's lots of faggot retards ITT.

33665b  No.12529624


<It is not rape because pretty

Roastie logic detected

48bcd2  No.12529631


You're seriously wouldn't hit that if she was your teacher?

365577  No.12529635




457966  No.12529643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b84a60  No.12529655


From left to the right:

1. ashkenazi jewish

2. ashkenazi jewish + Japanese

3. ashkenazi jewish

4. spic + ashkenazi jewish

5. white, but not pure white

6. mistery meat, probably jewish admix

7. mulatta

8. spic + octoroon negress

9. white trash, jewish admix

10. white + some nigger

11. ashkenazi jewish

13. hapa

All mutts, except one.

t. classifier

b84a60  No.12529668


Which one, Anon? Your right pic is a spic. Part white, part Aztec, part nigger. Enjoy.

b84a60  No.12529678


Lel, Pamela is actually white (Borreby + Nordid = Nordeby), but counts as man.

457966  No.12529679

File: e3ec61086be18d8⋯.jpg (62.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pamelarogers01-full.jpg)


Name: Pamela Rogers Turner

Teacher’s Age: 27

Student’s Age: 13

School: Unknown

Location: McMinnville, Tennessee

Charge(s): 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape on February 4, 2005.

Status: Incarcerated

Summary: Rogers had sex with the student on at least 12 occasions, including oral, vaginal, and manual sex as well as having the student engage in oral sex and digital penetration on her. Rogers had a 3-month relationship with the teenage boy. She was 27 years of age at the time of the relationship. Following her arrest, she posted bail of $50,000. When originally charged, she pleaded not guilty.

Rogers later pleaded no contest to four charges of sexual battery by an authority figure on August 12, 2005, as part of a deal with the prosecution. Her sentence was 270 days (about nine months) in the Warren County jail in Tennessee.

During an eight-year suspended sentence, she also had to serve a term of seven years and three months of probation, surrender her teaching certificate and register as a sex offender for life because sexual battery by an authority figure is “Violent sexual offense” under Tennessee law.

Rogers was arrested again on April 24, 2006 on charges that she had sent text messages, nude photos, and sex videos of herself to the same boy while using her father’s cellphone. She was also charged with communicating with the boy via blogs and a website. The judge ordered her to remain in jail until her next court hearing. On July 14, 2006 Rogers was sentenced to seven years in prison for violating her probation by sending explicit videos to her former victim and maintaining contact with him via online blogs. Rogers asked for mercy and apologized to her family and the teen’s family, saying tearfully to the judge, “I have humiliated myself. What I did was wrong, I am willing to do anything to rehabilitate myself.” She asked for local incarceration with therapy. Circuit Judge Bart Stanley denied her request saying, “You have done everything except show this court that you wanted to rehabilitate yourself.” He revoked Rogers’ probation and ordered her to serve the rest of a seven-year prison sentence at the Tennessee State Prison for Women.

She received two additional years of prison time in January 2007 after pleading guilty to sending nude photos of herself to the boy.

In June 2015 she was arrested again in a separate case after her release from prison. Allegedly she conspired with two current inmates to send cell phones into the state prison where she used to be housed. She is currently under arrest since 2015 to complete her old sentence while waiting for a potential trial which could keep her incarcerated for many more years.

But the teenager was hardly an unwilling participant, according to his friend.

“He loved every minute of it,” Grissom says. “He’s a little pimp.”

Grissom said his pal dumped a girlfriend his own age to spend more time with Turner.

Grissom spent one afternoon with Turner and his pal together in their school – where Turner admitted to Grissom she had sex with his friend.

“We were in the gym and she asked me, ‘Did [the boy] tell you we had

457966  No.12529682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

89b866  No.12529690

File: b0fe82295c0f397⋯.jpg (277.55 KB, 637x540, 637:540, Untitled-1.jpg)


d01131  No.12529691




Not in the least. In fact, you couldn't be farther from the truth.

Have you ever noticed how women will often fawn over young boys?

Have you noticed how many women and girls jump over themselves for "beta" or effeminate guys?

All the "philias" usually exclusively used in the context of men fully apply to women. As for why this is? It could be any number of things from wanting to feel young, to simply being sexually attracted to young boys, to wanting to be dominant to veritable mix of circumstances.

I've seen a gaggle of women in their '20s practically rape a 14 year old boy because they were aggressively pursuing him sexually. There's nothing there that could possibly exist about any of them wanting to enter into a manipulative relationship or "virile energy" or anything of the sort.

Some women will engage with someone just because they find them cute. Men want to protect cute things women want to have them.

Hypergamy isn't even strictly built-in to women , it's something we socialize them into. And we all do it because we want the best for our daughters.


That doesn't really explain why those relationships end up being mutually beneficial. I wouldn't consider "being convinced into something you're going to enjoy a lot at little to no cost to yourself" manipulation.

Manipulation implies someone is deceiving you for their own, largely nefarious, ends.


Honestly, what pisses me off here is that punishment is going to be light if it exists at all. The whole reason why there are so few male teachers is because fall it takes is an accusation to have someone blacklisted, their reputation ruined and even potentially be jailed.

Women, on the other hand, get off Scot free by comparison.

I may not agree with the law as it is, but it should, at the very least, be applied universally.

457966  No.12529693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b84a60  No.12529700


What you have here is Ocasio-Cortez kinda mutt. A lot of nigger genome (yes I know she is looking totaly white, but she isnt).

When learn how to classify, there is a lot less mistery about this world.

457966  No.12529702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I devote this set of music to all the hot teachers with itchy pussies that just thirsted for teenage boy jizz, fucking sluts all. God bless those hot sluts.

In heaven I'll sit in my parents basement making AMT custom car models and then Deborah Lefave will come over and I'll ride her hot ass and just drench her cervix with pints of jizz. And then the next day I'll do it again…and again and again for fucking eternity.

d01131  No.12529709


That's literally how none of that works in any way shape or form you fucking degenerate. Everything you said here is bullshit.

Even as someone who doesn't necessarily see a problem with inter-age relationships what you've said here disgust and appalls basic moral sense and reason.

82ce16  No.12529715


b84a60  No.12529717


Just first row:

1. spic mulatta

2. spic

3. some Middle East mutt, maybe Libanese

4. cant see

5. white, but trannny

6. ashkenazi jewish

7. Sephardim jewish mutt

8. ashkenazi jewish, blended

Take care on the others, same pattern. Refine your skills. Dont just asume, those are white because OP faggot didnt mention they are not.

457966  No.12529722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The only problem i could see about getting fucked by a hot teacher when I was 14 would be the withdrawl symptoms when she stopped letting me fuck her…

8d3c88  No.12529725

Anons we could easily use this real data to completely flip the script on the "school rape culture" bullshit that is constantly tried to ram down the normies. This is like "it's okay to be white" in that if we say this is what rape culture looks like and then show all of the women in one big collage along with their crimes of raping children it would force them to either admit it is happening thus destroying their image they try to push OR they say it is bullshit/complain about it thus making them look like they don't care about young boys being raped.

This is the best potential double edged sword since "it's okay to be white". We just need to consider presentation, hashtag and so on. Frankly it's a good operation as well considering this shit really is harming those kids so the op would address multiple issues at once. I like it.

0ce398  No.12529726

>anons lusting for women wearing layers of makeup

you fools! beneath the makeup lays the monster!

b84a60  No.12529732



Anons lusting for bunch of jewish/spic/nigger mutts.

5421d6  No.12529736



Double standard is trad. The single standard of equality is degeneracy. Of course, radfems apply a double standard too, but they apply to favor women at the expense of men and society. This particularly phenomena actually benefits men and society, and it raises healthy heterosexual males. Adult males fucking little girls would ruin them. It's simply not the same. To be honest, men should never be hired by schools unless they can prove they are not aroused by children with a brainwave test.

02f196  No.12529738

You haven't figured out that most of this site is mutts? They outnumbers us easily.

457966  No.12529740

File: 75acecf4a3cc3ed⋯.jpg (273.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 171fd506586707b⋯.jpg (100.8 KB, 790x1000, 79:100, 6784460764691237096.jpg)

File: 9e5f3dcb9143ca4⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 225x179, 225:179, s-l225.jpg)

File: 3eadcd9cdbd6e7f⋯.jpg (25.74 KB, 404x500, 101:125, 41nULDlWq0L.jpg)

Margaret Hayes almost got raped by a student (Vic Morrows) in Blackboard Jungle

02f196  No.12529744

Traditionalism has no opinion on sexual equality.

I would know, I was raised in a Trad home.

8d3c88  No.12529749


I took the time to look up men convicted of the same offense over the same time period (elementary through HS) and the total was 78. Of the 78 men, 59 of the victims were, again, young boys (ie: likely gay men).

402 women convicted of raping boys since 2011 vs 78 men convicted since 2011

Note: There are many more women but I stepped away and will continue to spread sheet tomorrow.

So for you to bring up "brain waves" is fucking laughable. Fucking Minority Report anon over here.

dc747d  No.12529755

Lemme offer a reasonable excuse for why the media underreports these.

Consider the ones that do get media time. The media has no integrity and only cares about ratings and self preservation (following the company line and self preservating every other time)

So look at the famous cases. they are almost all hot ass teachers. People clickbait these articles just to see a pic of the teachers involved. So the media would actually be doing its job as journalists if they reported on the likely uggo behemoth rapists actually out there.

Some anon doing the Lord's work could compile all their mugshots and filter it through a hot/not algy haha.

457966  No.12529759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


457966  No.12529760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8a9b9b  No.12529762

File: d9b18ce09675794⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 480x720, 2:3, d9b18ce09675794122a22830df….jpg)


Obviously. She is at least 83.75% nigger, 14.88% spic, and 1.37% pure Rhineland Germanic.

These women are everywhere. But they are so well disguised you would never know they are essentially an albino nigger without a trained classification eye.

c7128f  No.12529767


>sweet fresh poon.


Wew lad, these worn out whores had decades on the cock carousel. kys

185b45  No.12529768

Look at that nigger thinking he can intimidate the Crowley seat in being a Mexican or nigger queer.

I earned this title you white trash wannabe.

8d3c88  No.12529773

There are so many anons, this is even more widespread than I initially thought. Lists online on top of other lists online with nothing connecting them all to one master list and it goes back a (very) long time. Another list from 2013:


c7128f  No.12529775


This a bot.

457966  No.12529781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

185b45  No.12529782

Yes, because a bot would know when an absolute igher of cop posting from his patrol car is trying to tell him what he can and can't do in his own country.

You're a shill.

b84a60  No.12529800


Looka at that wide spreaded bulbed eyes. Next, look at hat bulbeous forehead. Also, litlle low positioned ears. Nigerish full lips. Etcetra.

About 10% Bantu Negroid.

and yes, you were funny, no doubt. like any other jew

5421d6  No.12529807


>402 women convicted of raping boys since 2011 vs 78 men convicted since 2011

Not rape. Guiding young boys into masculine behavior, you mean. So it's 402 women doing a service versus 78 destroying the masculinity and confidence of 59 boys for the rest of their life, and turning 19 little girls into damaged women who either become dyke feminists afraid of men or mentally damaged sluts.

>So for you to bring up "brain waves" is fucking laughable. Fucking Minority Report anon over here.

I'm not talking about society wide surveillance. Just if you want a job with lots of responsibility for the future of the race such as being in the military or education system. And the best way to detect abusers is to check what they are aroused by with a scan of brainwaves.

185b45  No.12529823


That shit doesn't work anon.

You're literally measuring the quantum state and expecting that repeated exposure and forced conditioning has no impact over the short term.

You'd need at least a decade to find out if your data wasn't being corrupted and even then you're making assumptions based on a loose collection of data points.

I went through the brain scan experiment a year ago for the US Army Psychological Operations Center. I know a bit about the process, you're who again?

457966  No.12529832

And of course, there's a missing statistic here in all these cases; how many of these teachers were getting boned by moon crickets? This is the really important statistic that remains unseen.

457966  No.12529842

File: ca6f97d1a1ba266⋯.jpg (105.9 KB, 748x1032, 187:258, teech.JPG)

See? the first one had sex with a "football player" (almost certainly a nig) and the third one had sex with a retard from her special ed class so bascially the same mental level as a nig.

It's perhaps linked to some primitive urge to beastiality.

Of course the second one was a dyke preying on girls and I suspect that this is the majority of female teacher sex offenders.

7bbd82  No.12529846

>>12527555 (checked)

pretty much sums it up, not to mention that if the genders were reversed (male teacher female student) then he would be going down for hard time in the pen along with registering as a kidy didler, meanwhile these whores get away scott free, im not defending either case, just pointing out the blatant pussy pass

7bbd82  No.12529850


> an extra-terrestrial woman

thats just an asian chick famalam lol

7bbd82  No.12529851


>I went through the brain scan experiment a year ago for the US Army Psychological Operations Center.

greentext that shit faggot

185b45  No.12529856

Why would I?

> I went through an experiment for the Psychological Operations Centers involving brain scans a year ago. They say I am really smart. A lot of brain activity when I am awake.

6be6b5  No.12529864


This is pretty simple to explain. Women are inferior to men in almost every aspect. Keyword being almost. Women are far superior to men when it comes to manipulation of emotions. This allows them to use the misguided love of a man to their own ends usually to fuck him over so they can steal the money and the kid. Women should never be equivalent to men. Autistic women maybe different to women so their is that however it doesn't change the fact that the majority are abusing the power without taking any of the responsibility.

185b45  No.12529893

I have to ask, if you think women are truly inferior why do you have to assert it so constantly? It would be self evident.

Also, pretty sure my grandmother could have kicked your ass.

042383  No.12529912


Quick reminder that in the Golden Age of Roman/Greek/Persian civilization, children were removed from the care of women as soon as they were able to learn and taught by their fathers/male teachers who were great thinkers. It was believed in each of these civilizations that quality moral, practical, and intellectual learning could not be received from women.

ba8744  No.12529922


Thats what happens when you put horny young guys around roastbeef whores

000000  No.12529924

000000  No.12529925

anyone that opposes these is a fat christian boomer loser that is jealous his teacher never wanted to fuck him

000000  No.12529929


so one fucked a nigger after her divorce

the other one is a lesbian

and the last one most likely the retarded kid lied

ba8744  No.12529935


"Carroll asked Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk to sentence Moran to probation. He said losing her dream career and having to spend a lifetime on the sex offender registry was punishment enough."


000000  No.12529937








you are all losers, the white race truly deserves to die

a psycho whore like her and a young chad would make the best kike killing babies

fucking christian slaves and their morality….

ba8744  No.12529940


go bac 2 4chan

000000  No.12529942





000000  No.12529943


fuck off back to facebook boomer trash

43059f  No.12529956

Holyshit the amount of beta males in here is baffling. I mean sure its inappropriate for a public teacher to do this but these sorts of relationships have existed for centuries.

It'd be more acceptable if she was a longtime teacher of the student.

75a9f1  No.12529972


>women have no morals

>women surrounded by pornosexual sex-crazed teenagers

>teenagers know no morals

>women horny

>women fuck teenagers

Honestly I'm not sure why this is worth discussing. It might harm the boy, or it might redpill him on women. Probably both. Men can learn from their mistakes. It's not like they're being RAPED, I was taken advantage of as a 17 yo by an older woman and while I regret it now (kind of- if it didn't happen maybe I wouldn't have learned what I know today) it didn't fuck me up emotionally at all.

Obviously anyone under 50 shouldn't be school teachers. I mean what the fuck do they know about the world that they can pass on?

e55524  No.12529975


Psychological damage from being pumped and dumped by dozens of chads, and then once they hit the wall they start seeing chads ignore her and go for younger girls. That is why hot teachers who hit the wall go after vulnerable teenage boys. For the teacher in OP, the miscarriage destroyed her marriage (which is actually common), but since she was psychologically damaged post-wall roastie who she failed to attract a chad to cheat on him with, she got depressed and latched on to a student as an emotional crutch.

As other anons have mentioned, it's about emotional fulfillment and not strictly about sex per se. The boys can be molded into what she wants, or at least the students inexperience allows the teacher to project her fantasy man upon him. She can delusionally think "He's always there for me" when in reality the kid is just confused and kind of happy to get free sex. The student is simply an object, an emotional teddy bear who she fucks. That's why average slubby boys are often the target, they are simply a blank slate.

This is all the result of the sexual revolution and the destruction of the family unit which lead to unchecked hypergamy and polygyny. It will only get worse until revolution or collapse. Civilizations cannot function like this.

000000  No.12529977

185b45  No.12529994

The creation of the niggers signed the death certificate of this country. An entire class of people whose only existence is to perpetuate the police state and prison system. Having interacted with those people, it's clear that there's a concerted effort to make that a valid lifestyle. It's literally prison socialism.

There is no civilization when you're actively working to create yourself a higher status by creating a virtual slave class, and forcing others to pay to support them as they can't be expected to produce goods to offset their costs.

756eeb  No.12529996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is the first public step to Normalize Pedophilia. Basically, the Women go in first.

1. Sent out Brainwashed MK Kittens out to prey on Adolescent Boys. Since people are hardwired to find attractive people more endearing, it will generate some acceptance (which is more than 0 acceptance). A metaphor to popular culture: the women brainwashed by Blofeld in "James Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service" carry the 'disease' to destroy the world. MK Kittens carry out this mental virus into the real world.

2. Sent out more brainwashed MK Kittens, but now to form Lesbian Relationships. I strongly expect that this is happening a lot as well, but isn't as widely reported because of >muh girlpower and >muh female solidarity. Most men find lesbian relationships hot to look at, so it will generate even more acceptance.

3. Men finally make their entry. First men with adolescent boys, because gay acceptance. They will try and play it like the boy initiated the contact first and goy, you know that it's not rape if the boy initiates it first!

4. The last step: men with teenage girls.

After this, they want to degenerate it further downwards to earlier and earlier ages.

000000  No.12530006



>prison socialism.


70da1d  No.12530008


>Its still abuse though.

I wouldn't have minded her abuse though.

000000  No.12530009

a0d987  No.12530047


Blackboard Jungle was kiked multikulti propaganda.

9ec851  No.12530057

File: 9dfd331fb2443cc⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2378x3000, 1189:1500, 6240606743_b02da68952_o.jpg)


>This is all the result of the sexual revolution and the destruction of the family unit which lead to unchecked hypergamy and polygyny. It will only get worse until revolution or collapse. Civilizations cannot function like this.

It can. Precursor of European civilization Ancient Athens had hypergamy and functioned fine.

185b45  No.12530061

That's not what MKUltra is for at all. That's a branch of the Monarch program called the Ruby project.

MKUltra is about teaching skills to the subconscious and building alters that can take over when the skills are needed. I have an alter that does this when the right conditions are met.

ce2bc8  No.12530080


The answer is rope.

000000  No.12530085


If you are a white male that is over 18 and still a virgin, KILL YOURSEF

820417  No.12530094


185b45  No.12530098

Whew lucky me, haven't been a virgin for twenty one years.

820417  No.12530104

>all those fags ITT that would not hit it

TRS plz go…

756eeb  No.12530109

File: 777d72e71e7226b⋯.jpg (860.42 KB, 1024x883, 1024:883, 777d72e71e7226bfa29204025a….jpg)






Man, Kikes fly to this thread like flies to malarkey. Gas yourself.


Understood. I will educate myself more into this subject.

820417  No.12530112

File: 0d6391a009a8b55⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 555-come-on-now.jpg)


> lifetime consequences of their actions

>busting a nut in some cumdumbster

000000  No.12530115


>if you want to fuck a white woman you are a kike


756eeb  No.12530120


Nigger without a Foreskin, do I really have to explain to you that some degenerate, broken women that thinks it's OK to fuck 13-year old is something to fuck and not to kill?

Gas yourself.

820417  No.12530121

File: c97fa9c45538d00⋯.png (49.35 KB, 337x279, 337:279, smug zombie cropped.PNG)


>National Socialists are the real egalitarians!

185b45  No.12530123

Would impregnate her and cure her of her baby rabies.

756eeb  No.12530127

File: ce06de98e918f3e⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 479x518, 479:518, 1519367659075.jpg)



Man, they are crawling out of the woodwork for this one..

Kill yourself.

820417  No.12530132


>it's not okay for 13 year old males to have sex with attractive women of their own race

Did your dad know you played with barbie dolls?

820417  No.12530136

File: 734afbc0b4169bd⋯.jpg (36.05 KB, 684x384, 57:32, You-keep-using-that-word.jpg)



Do you want me to tell you how I know you ar new, goonie?

000000  No.12530138


you are a homosexual

185b45  No.12530139

Shieet. I had already been diddled by the hot neighbor lady by the time I was that age.

9ec851  No.12530145


Well difference in teh age of sexual partners is inherent exploitation. But Marxists didn't formulate this audibly yet.

756eeb  No.12530148

File: 01dd24e580b4543⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 550x546, 275:273, 1517715704688.jpg)


I never played with your mother.


You are probably drunk. Go to bed. If you post as an anime girl, I immediately assume you are shitposting. Discarded.


Stop talking to me like i'm your dad.

000000  No.12530157


go pray to your kike on a stick

756eeb  No.12530163

File: c539e5453b123dd⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 332x322, 166:161, Aluf Avichai Mandelblit (.jpg)



How's that sad, lonely saturday night coming along, tard?

All the fucks opposing me: gas yourself. You are the subscum of this earth.

000000  No.12530166

185b45  No.12530178


My first sexual contact had a age span of ~17 years. She was ~17 years my senior. I wasn't even in puberty yet. I thought that was the norm. Older women diddling younger men, but nobody talks about it for obvious reasons.

Please correct me if I am mistaken. My mother was a Bohemian, so that impacted the environment I was raised in and the people that lived around us. It's also the primary reason I am so passive, despite my built up anger from decades of hardship.

185b45  No.12530183


It's Sunday morning China.

000000  No.12530186




185b45  No.12530197

Yeah, I don't know those feels.

I never had issues with getting sex, I just prefer it to be meaningful these days. As in an actual relationship. All other things aside.

27a114  No.12530203

File: da69d3ee85cc2dc⋯.jpeg (26.83 KB, 600x367, 600:367, nice.jpeg)


>Female teachers fucking students

820417  No.12530223

File: 533e8c63478fa80⋯.jpg (39.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, are_you_frustrated.jpg)


>If you post as an anime girl, I immediately assume you are shitposting.


185b45  No.12530231

Changing IPs to get a new ID to do a subtle meme. Not frustrated in the least. Am a little tired, but I can sleep whenever I want. ;^)

5d3342  No.12530234

File: 6a37826009269a1⋯.mp4 (809.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Madness._Sheer_madness!.mp4)


predators like to feel powerful. female predators probably get off on the idea that they're fulfilling some kid's fantasy when they're really ruining that kid and fulfilling their own.

the left did this to us. if women were taught to behave normally and people were taught a proper understanding of sex then this would be less rampant.

185b45  No.12530241

All humans are predators. ;^)

It's why our eyes are on the front of heads.

174465  No.12530274

File: e711faf1a274fc9⋯.png (438.96 KB, 618x410, 309:205, ClipboardImage.png)


Find and post the Minority Teachers now.

Why are only the "Hot" or "White" female Teachers listed?


Former Miss Kentucky; Ramsey BethAnn Bearse.

8207a0  No.12530276


>You cannot harm a boy with a regular female sex partner

What are STDs?

8207a0  No.12530291

>All the muh dicking in this thread

A perfect example for why rigid morals are crucial for a healthy society. This is not about the fetish of being taken semi-willingly by a person of higher social status, which is a sign of a personality issue causing the affected person to have another person take control over his life, this is about the person who would take advantage of a damaged person with a fragile psyche instead of helping him fix these issues.

The boys are damaged further by the actions of these female sexual predators in that their issues are cemented as normal, since they are granted sex for how they are, which is about the highest reward imaginable for a boy in his puberty.

174465  No.12530308


Additionally, High School Girls most likely much less experienced than Older Pred Teacher, thus Male is sexually frustrated; teen super tight it does not fit sex, condom a must sex, not getting sex at all, getting bad sex, getting only certain types of sex and not all types, fumbling sex, etc. Then Male seeks out more experienced aka older women all his life.

Why so much Cougar, Milf pRon?

dd4701  No.12530312

File: 97d000ca4d5998d⋯.jpg (6.3 KB, 213x237, 71:79, images (1).jpg)


>This time the blame was attempted to be shifted to her husband who she claims didn't "comfort" her during her miscarriage.

maybe the question you need to be asking yourself is how many of these women are on psych drugs for bipolar, schizoaffective disorder, or depression? or even on klonopin now to manage their alcoholism.

ALSO: i know most of you are too damn young to remember this, but teaching used to be a valued, revered profession, containing some of our best and brightest. NO LONGER. education is now perhaps the easiest degree to obtain. go to business if you're failing STEM, and go education if you're failing business. they had to lower the standards for at least two reasons. one is minority recruitment and hiring. the other is that the really smart women will pursue biotech or medicine these days. the end result are these mildly retarded sorority skanks you've posted here for us. fifty years ago, these would be barefoot and pregnant stay-at-home moms cucking your so-called dad with the mailman and neighbors.

3f0649  No.12530322

well yeah i can see this ruining your life, you get a completely twisted image of human relationships in general, especially when you do shit like this during your teens, however if you already have the knowledge of /pol/-like moral values you can mentally protect yourself from her devil vagoo magick, and just fuck the shit out of her for fun, I'd say dont restrict yourself that much, use it, but be very careful, think it out a little.

6be6b5  No.12530323


Oh let's dissect this comment for fun.

>Using male instead of man

Used for dehumanization encourages others to do the same thing. If you ever see someone use the word male I suggest you correct them and if they defend their usage of it they are most likely jewish or a bluepilled kid who doesn't know why using male is wrong and if this is the case normally they will respond by stating that it doesn't matter. Ask them when has the media ever refers to the other races except white men as males.

>Over 18

Well some people want to keep their virginity for a worthy partner. Unlike this degenerate who is trying to imply virginity is wrong. Giving your virginity to a woman who is also a virgin(if those still exist) is the greatest gift you could feasibly give her.


The idea behind this is to shame someone for wanting to save his virginity for a worthy mate. Remember kikes always lie and the only way they can win against you is if you give in to your own weaknesses if you are stable and strong the kikes are virtually defenseless against you when on the internet.

>Quick and abrupt

Practically a single sentence used to disrupt the flow of the conversation and turn it into a shitflinging contest. These are pretty effective as they are used not only to divide but also to shame anyone with a weak will. Not only that as I said before it damages the flow of the conversation.


capitals used to emphasize. Mainly used for demoralization also used to exploit any fracture points. Its simply but its not only effective but also pretty efficient. Never fall for these tricks. Hilariously however managed to misspell yourself as yoursef


I'm not in the camp that all tor users are pedo's and similar shit because some people generally enjoy their privacy even if I believe that tor doesn't matter in the slightest. However when you see small answers such as these with backed up with tor alway's assume its a jew. Or one of their golems.

Don't respond to these they are meaningless fluff which is only used to disrupt the conversation and unfortunately it is pretty effective. The most common one I usually see is religion and trump. Mainly because both of them are easily attackable fracture points with some of /pol/ being christians while others are pagans. While some are pro trump and others are anti trump. I won't reveal my stance because if I did it could derail the thread with multiple shills trying to start an argument with me. Remind people about this type of meaningless posts which just serves the purpose to add fracture points.

000000  No.12530330


>I won't reveal my stance

everyone already figured out that you are a virgin judeo-christian kike emperor shill

174465  No.12530331




Scratch Male, replace with; BOY, under-aged Man, etc.

356574  No.12530334



Go back to cuckchan.

35cf70  No.12530338


Good post


I'd ask where you've read such idiocies, but frankly, I couldn't care less.

8da2e1  No.12530365

File: cbf63189789dac8⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 584x530, 292:265, 3f2ab5b743fec5499beab12e9c….jpg)


When did /pol/ become a bunch of free-love hippies?

185b45  No.12530407

Not in the least. I just got frogged on the bus.

Also, sleepy nigger is here.

aee5df  No.12530427



The things I would do to go back in time and be the boy she raped. Sigh.

That being said I don't endorse that action for anyone else. She's just my type physically. Perfection. Too bad she's insane.

aee5df  No.12530432

File: 65abddebd469a8c⋯.jpg (173.96 KB, 960x837, 320:279, 123.jpg)


Forgot image. 5'7, 135 pounds -


e1279e  No.12530439


Kek, underrated post.

cde210  No.12530449


She was my very attending nurse at the mental facility…

bde7ef  No.12530463


You are going to be bored as fuck after 1 year of eternity

a4775e  No.12530496


wrong. why do you assume all of that? hes right, those boys werent harmed. Our culture and civilization itself is taking the hit. It probably was niiiiice and it probably WAS regular straight sex. ill out myself as a kind of degenerate when I say Ive had sex with an arm full of single moms and sluts also, Ive never done anything weird, it was just straight sex, no anal. Ive never even been asked about buttstuff either. You dont understand how female brains work, they arent doing this for the thrill of the sex itself. they just want to feel young because they are getting old and surrounded by young highschool kids and want to be one of them, because they are fucking stupid and immature. Since they are youngish, attractive and want to be cool, they get hit on non stop by highschool football players and eventually give in and party with a few, shes now "young" and "cool" again. Having fun, re living her highschool days then she thinks it would be fun to have some sex like she used to at these parties and it leads to a full on defacto relationship she tries to hide.

this isnt abuse of students at all. its our broken system and ashes of a culture that instill 0 duty to teachers or any civil workers and makes this permissable. If we lived in a sane world, going to school would be voluntary and up to parents so there would be very few niggers at them. Also in a sane world, they wouldnt be hired for being too attractive and a distraction to male students. All of my teachers were over 60 growing up. all of them.

a4775e  No.12530518


wow, its almost like we have different standards for men and women because they are different. It's almost like you are a brainwashed faggot that thinks men and women should be equal.

185b45  No.12530534

He won't even make it a week of eternity.

7e079b  No.12530846

File: 4b066dd3a3df125⋯.png (339.18 KB, 419x1024, 419:1024, funny trump thing.png)

cb101d  No.12530880

File: 42cfa8baac20918⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 680x711, 680:711, 42cfa8baac209183425abcc5ea….jpg)


>shitty pro-Trump meme

7e079b  No.12530998

File: 19d37699e584ca0⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 480x732, 40:61, 19d37699e584ca03a4c1b51842….jpg)


Posting shitty South Park jokes as a way to dismiss pedophilia is comparable to getting your political views from either jewish comedy shows.

123df1  No.12531031


Because beta bux only goes so far. they need chad cock to satisfy their desires. Women all want chads. but most men are not chads only a few. I want off this ride.

8d950d  No.12531033


Not really. Women had little to no political power, and many women were literal slaves. No birth control well, they tried but failed to develop reliable condom-like products meant that women had to live with carrying a child for 9 months then birthing it with a substantial chance of dying, all on top of and the social shame of being fatherless if they had sex outside of marriage.

Much of the famous Greek degeneracy came at the end of Athenian and Spartan rule and well into their decline. Assuming the contemporary historians were accurate (there is a good chance they were uncritically spreading gossip and slander about rivals), it also really only affected the aristocrats and upper classes. Greece never again reached the heights they achieved 2500 years ago.

0b6d54  No.12531052

1>>>5>>>>3>>>>>>>>>Everyone else

827433  No.12531059

posting in a cuckchan thread

457966  No.12531159


Fortunately, happiness doesn't depend on women or sex.

8c4507  No.12531217


Women are obviously far more depraved than men. This was known historically, and that's why you have ancient plays like Assemblywomen, which decries the nature of this. Only historically illiterate cowpeople think otherwise.

827433  No.12531257


>This ancient play directed by men is proof that men are superior in every way

Cool story. Do you think this play would've been more depraved if women had directed it?

457966  No.12531260

File: 5aa408a31dc022f⋯.jpg (399.18 KB, 424x570, 212:285, 2015-08-14-1439521266-2285….jpg)

File: 9370255d4311103⋯.jpg (172.66 KB, 758x1024, 379:512, Mans-Story-November-1964.jpg)

File: f4aa30402b8f95a⋯.jpg (187.51 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Men-Today-November-1965.jpg)

File: 0238dba60d8bf08⋯.jpg (61.67 KB, 390x547, 390:547, Corpses-ain't-smart-1950.jpg)


In the 50's men were really aggressive drunken rapists, they were wolves, and women were the victims and more prone to religion and in the pre abortion pre birth control world had more to lose by promiscuity.

But then everybody still went to church on Sunday and the men wore suits and ties with shiny shoes…

8c4507  No.12531274


Literally what?

afa8d2  No.12531313


>When did /pol/ become a bunch of free-love hippies?

It never did. There just happens to be a few subhuman degenerates in this thread such as: >>12527725, >>12527769, and >>12528488

70a433  No.12531344


We told you once, we will tell you again. It won't be a magical moment, but a series of small, constantly escalating situations, which will result in probably, both mine and your death, which as long as you die, I'm happy for.

70a433  No.12531357


>Believing what's effectively smut fiction as the sign of what was happening.

You know, Lowes has a sale on rope right now.

f20f34  No.12531358


This is similar to when they fuck lower status males in general. It is in order to have a controlled exposure to the sexual experience in which they can release their lust without a sense of genuine submission to the male, and also without a sense of shame, since the status difference. It's about control, hence CONTROLLED EXPOSURE. Stop thinking you fucks know everything and stop censoring your own fucking selves. Oh right, you don't understand how the interest works, I"m talking to a fucking MIMA.

f20f34  No.12531393


"or should I say WILLIAM Tell yourselves…"

Fucking psycho! *so detached, the puns just flow……"

f20f34  No.12531402


That troopr's "T" is about to destroy his uniform! He wears it like its a costume it is so puny to his own masculinity. Rhetoric enhancement +5

8d3c88  No.12531405

Noticing activity on this topic by Youtube and Twatter fags. It's starting to get spread. Once it hits the mainstream normies on how widespread it is that is when the true fun begins because most of them have kids in those school systems.

8c4507  No.12531412


> I"m talking to a fucking MIMA

What did he mean by this?

f20f34  No.12531417


You are correct, sire.

f20f34  No.12531425


More like an extraterrestrial TRANNY!

f20f34  No.12531449


So what happened. Did the lad complain? After she cut him off? I think they get off on that, too. Letting them on and cutting them off. Power tripping. But what if she was an undercover VRIL agent!?

8c4507  No.12531460

What a peculiar bot.

f20f34  No.12531461


Oh, I get it. They're setting up a movement to increasingly demonize White women now that they've gotten all they can likely get out of them, and they are due to be replaced with the Browns from down south and overseas. Just like with burners, they always get destroyed after they've been used. Foolish.

cb101d  No.12531464

File: 9710d12d83e82d8⋯.png (247.5 KB, 1468x396, 367:99, 11c80de04ecd4174b6c94d77d2….png)


>getting your political views from jewish comedy shows.

Whether you are getting them from jewish comedy shows or Zionist billionaires is equally cringey. Democrats and Republicans, and all the political parties that came before, have been flinging shit at each other since time immemorial. To use the Daily Show as an example of NPC-think even though Trump is legitimately a two-faced neocon is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. I doubt you would take pot shots at Tucker Carlson even though he would condemn everyone who posts here for being racist anti-semites.

fa4c4f  No.12531468

File: 1e40d2fbb83e62f⋯.png (640.8 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa51bd98fc1cf7d⋯.png (705.3 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a58e82c62a22b75⋯.png (512.23 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Minority Teachers


1/3 of sexual misconduct cases are Women Teachers.


Pamela Stigger

LaToya Nicole Parker

Alana Chasky

bde7ef  No.12531488


>They're setting up a movement to increasingly demonize White women now that they've gotten all they can likely get out of them

This, to be honest.

8d3c88  No.12531497


In the compiled list I would say about 1/3 are muds but we also have to take into account that sexual and physical abuse is both rampant but under reported in those communities. It's a big problem actually so while the public number may be about 1/3 I would wager that is much higher in actuality. The black community is pretty much the last remaining place in western society where crime is shrugged off, normies don't care about it for the most part. Hell I don't care about it but I do care about the abuse of children part since those are the same animals who grow up to fuck with nice neighborhoods.

Anyhow, back on topic, I found this article to be interesting:



"Charol Shakeshaft, a professor of education at Virginia Commonwealth University, conducted the most recent study of teacher-student sexual abuse in 2004, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education. The study found that up to seven percent of all middle and high school students were the targets of physical sexual abuse by teachers, coaches and other adults working in the school system. Those statistics put the number of young teens sexually abused by teachers and other school adults in the millions. What's more, if one considers verbal abuse, that figure climbs to 10 percent.

"I thought (before conducting the study) that most of the abuse was done by males to females," Shakeshaft said. "The data supports that but that there was a lot more female abuse than I imagined. One-third of the reported abuse is female to male."

When considering the numbers, one must remember that the preponderance of teachers is female; estimates say the number is 75 percent."

It's true, women do dominate the teaching profession so these rising numbers in them abusing students is likely much more rampant than we even can comprehend at this point if we add in the hushed up issues and so on.

7e079b  No.12531520

File: 4cc6039208ab5d6⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, squeeks.jpg)

File: 69712659fd5dad6⋯.png (271.07 KB, 960x641, 960:641, yikes.png)


State-sponsored Jewish media empires and an npc meme aren't the same thing. I don't give a shit about whether or not you think Trump is a jew, but the fact that you're side-stepping the issue of pedophilia with kvetching on non-topic issues is telling.

622d5d  No.12531531


>that fucking chin on the first one

457966  No.12531654


Yeah that's Wicked Witch of the East level fugly.

457966  No.12531670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f20f34  No.12531711


I want to believe is female. Head shoulder ratio is phenomenally good, but anymore I cannot be sure. If can afford advanced access to advanced, covertly developed (hundreds of years ahead of public) transsexualization technology, then probably WILL be trans. They are mind fucking everyone constantly so as to create multiple layers of subtle falsehood, metaphysically jerking everyone around so they can say, at bottom: "You didn't even lust after a proper female sex idol once your whole life, but you were totally submissive to our programming, who are YOU to disobey!"

39ac8d  No.12531716


Actually, artificial wombs and Spartan youth military indoctrination programs would.

457966  No.12531730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This female too…

f20f34  No.12531744


"I'm not kind of, the kind of girl you are, you are accustomed to…" derrnerrrnnerrrnerrr

No can trust. Head shape of battering ram, not docile female.

457966  No.12531753


Spartans were assholes and their society was a cultural and creative dead end. Most people don't really want to know this but Ceaucescu's Securitate was based on the Spartan model. 2% psycotic murderous assholes with no independent thought or morals and 98% slaves totally subject to the 2%'s evil whims.

They were assholes.

f20f34  No.12531764


Also, he sounds like he's singing the tranny-trap blues. Also band is faggy looking beta cucks. And audience full of no moral/aesthetic compass boomer NPC.

af6796  No.12531768

>>12527966 (checked)

Dob Jej anon

37299c  No.12531773

File: 471d44329a6aec5⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 600x687, 200:229, 471d44329a6aec56508aba7cf5….jpg)

>>12531711 (check)

That's why chastity, at least for a good, cleansing while, is so important. The smallest germ of lust can bring the greatest perversions further down the road. It's very important to guard your consciousness against temptation, especially in our purposefully hyper-sexualized world.

af6796  No.12531788


Women: society's canary in the coal mine. The trouble is there's no currently legal way to pimp hand these women back in line. I bet most get commuted sentences and are back out in 6-8 months. Despicable.

df9d51  No.12531791

you guys are weirdo's but I like hanging out with you :) but seriously check out my links worked really hard on them and more coming soon!!

af6796  No.12531800


This is a degenerate post. Shame on you anon.

af6796  No.12531812


No, you fuck off with your likely honeypot/phishing scam/degeneracy links.

Kill yourself.

f20f34  No.12531820


Yeah, fuggit.

>She dress in SS-VRIL uniform.

>Be, let's say 15yo boy, horny af

>can't ever concentrate in class bc fantasie

>she demands to stay after class to discuss grades

>openly explain problem

>she is want help, so advises to help relieve

>grades must improve markedly, as combined positive reward ONLY if all homework done, and perfect score attained.

>grades improve markedly in hopes of reward, eventually all work in textbook is done before half of semester is pass, all extracurricular assignments done, nearly to undergraduate level of quality

>she accepts progress, but demands lift until have maximum amount of muscle possible for age.

>you comply, and become Clark Kent on steroids.

I see nothing wrong with this picture, and there has never been any sexual transgression. It's called sublimation, fags. Usually a good female teacher (or therapist) can detect such energies and focus them into DEVELOPING AND IMPROVING the person, and in a more sublime way than I stated which was crude, but explains the underlying mechanic.

This is the mechanic that underlies the development of the male ego. It should not be shortcircuited by seed demon whores, who probably are burners for the most part anyway. She should coax their egos to perform, and make the females feel inferior to her until they perform.

Otherwise, this is nothing but a fucking mess and has nothing to do with education, and it is a sign that the entire system is fucked up to begin with, so there is no point displacing blame merely onto these highly-profiled poster paraded individuals.

9ec851  No.12531832

File: 9c05873e351cf3a⋯.jpg (97.09 KB, 615x806, 615:806, 5434543.jpg)


>Not really

Yes really. Athens had huge industry of prostitution and not just industry but state sponsored, organized and stuffed by foreign slaves and citizens ("father" of Greek Democracy created such system but it didn't get much attention)

>unchecked hypergamy and polygyny

But Athenes had institutions that made this work and under control.

1. No political rights for women and whores

2. Separation of women and whores.

3. Husbands unfaithfulness to wives had no legal oblation, for divorce or anything,

4. Only children of Athens citizens parents could become citizens themselves and inherit father's property. No anchor babies, no citizenship for mutts.

5. Sleeping with other men's wife was punished by death (at the husbands discretion, for husband killing his wife lover was not considered as murder legally)

See the difference with US?

>No birth control


38a782  No.12531855

The psychological damage caused by women raping underage boys is significantly more devastating to the boys than even a violent rape of a girl is.

>but the boys are horn dogs and totally want it therefore it's fine!!!!

Women want to be raped. Just not by niggers, spics, jews, mudshits, etc.

That's why rape of a woman by a man is theft of property and nothing more.

f20f34  No.12531856


Yes, this is a fact. Game theoretically, one only stands to lose by allowing sexual contact with others outside of a correct and value-valid framework. Whereas, the gains from sublimation and investing in the honorable development of self vis-a-vis that framework cannot fail to be good in itself as well as improving the value of sexual propagation anyway. That is what separates fly-covered niggers fucking in a shit sty from Atlantis.

4f59ca  No.12531869

File: 4b083c26aa2276a⋯.jpg (137.92 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, PhotoWarp_2017-07-31_13-29….jpg)

We will see even worse things before the death of this age and the birth of the next. those of us that hold strong will live on.

b589b9  No.12532011

File: 47bf5f50db675ba⋯.png (351.41 KB, 1282x725, 1282:725, 47bf5f50db675ba865dc6cc421….png)

My cousin is one of these hot blonde teachers who got caught fucking a student.

Wasn't her student and he wasn't underage so technically she wasn't breaking the law.

It was Texas so she still got some time out of it.

Now some years later, she has no rights at all to her two children and her ex-husband has nothing to do with her. She started dating a NIGGER and now is 100% dead to me.

Bonus: she might now even biologically be related to me because my uncle's ex wife was a big whore so his kids might not be his.

b589b9  No.12532958

ok well you niggers have the attention span of gnats and this thread is losing traction after being off to a running start

457966  No.12533004

File: 3f3f231d6a61515⋯.jpg (164.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


there's not much to say about it really; in a board called /pol/ I'm just surprised that the political aspect of this shit isn't more obvious to you.

It's all a part of women's guerrilla war on white men. These women, many of them white are fucking niggers. They're total bitches to us, they HATE us but they love shitskins, preferably boys. Stop and contemplate this…one of the first of them pictured in the opening post is Mary Kaye Letourneau. That's teh ugly shitskin she was getting boned by. That's right he's an ugly flip loser with a face that's been run over by a truck. She insisted on seeing him even after she got busted and thus wound up in jail even after she was going to be let off scot free. She was besotted with this penniless San Miguel guzzling retard even though it meant losing her entire family with three (if I remember correctly) children.

What can you say about that?

North American women hate their own families. They hate their own kind. They hate the people that work night and day to give them all the material comforts and pleasures one can hope for in life and for what? A nice big steaming plate of shit, that's what.

b589b9  No.12533017


sounds like you don't do too well with women yourself, maybe you're the one that's the problem and not all women

4f4990  No.12533032

File: 94c89afa70771d5⋯.png (496.32 KB, 1351x277, 1351:277, Tits_or_GTFO.png)


You know the rule, femanon.

457966  No.12533046



haha thanks anon…

b589b9  No.12533051


I never said I was a girl.

81f434  No.12533058

When I was 17, I had a sexual relationship with a 36 year old professor. Seventeen isn't very young, but I sincerely regret all that happened. Other guys might not feel the same when they grow up, but I wish that teacher had left me alone.

457966  No.12533062

File: 36a90d98a78319e⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 430x539, 430:539, b0b.jpg)

457966  No.12533068


But you don't say whether it was a man or a woman.

cafc4e  No.12533076

File: b648813838149c2⋯.jpg (22.3 KB, 350x338, 175:169, huh.jpg)


all shitposting aside, this post pretty much sums up my feelings. I mean fucking an older chick is every teenage boy's fantasy's. When I was 18 my neighbor (34yo milf) got a hysterectomy. She would con me into watching her kids with sex. Just for a moment think of all the sinister shit women do to aggressively attack men. Having herpes or some other fucked up disease could really ruin a young persons life.

A predator is a predator no matter the gender.

81f434  No.12533086


Female professor, from Colombia. She was married and had a daughter too.

e13cdf  No.12533097


Shut up thot. You can't blend in here.

cb101d  No.12533098


>you're side-stepping the issue of pedophilia

You should start a board called /hansen/ and keep your kvetching there. I don't come to /pol/ to bat an eye over fucking pedos, murderers, rapists, or robbers. You going to make threads over all those other criminals too? I care about immigration, white genocide, political happenings, bombings, shootings, whatever. Not this shit.

0079f8  No.12533132

Half the world has herpes

bde7ef  No.12533189


Bullet to the head anon. In the new system you will get one to for adultery. People are never going to learn to be human and decent if we keep coddling them like this and letting them infect the Earth with degeneracy.

81f434  No.12533196


Well, I was seventeen and bluepilled then. If your new system involves executing young men for mistakes they made during their youth due to liberal brainwashing, then I don't think you'll have many people in your movement. Good luck, pal.

457966  No.12533336


So you'd execute most of the German army in WWII then?

I think you need to go read Celine's Castle to Castle.

cb101d  No.12533360


>to be human

You seem to have no understanding of what that is.

8ce07c  No.12534178



ca5760  No.12534324

File: bd6e3398099a38d⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 375x375, 1:1, costanza.jpg)


>Using words hatched by big brother while promoting degeneracy.

Aren't you supposed to be on tumblr or something?

ba8744  No.12534345


Yeah, actually, he probable did. Bitch probably gave him herpes, and now the rest of his life he'll have that awful memory of the creepy slag who lured him into adulterous sex and then dragged him through the courts when it came to light what'd happened.

The fact that he got his dick wet for a few minutes probably doesn't actually amount to much in the face of the negative stigma this will attach to all sorts of shit for the rest of his life.


Tell us more about "muh dik" is great, nigger. Or just go back to 4chan, that works too.

ba8744  No.12534353


>What can you say about that?

The Boomers raised a generation of scum that handed their children off to be raised by the television and the state and the product is a generation of absolute fucking whores who lost their viriginity at age 12, fucked at least one different guy a year (increasing relative to their attractiveness) until age 18, fucked 5 guys a year between 18 and 25, and then got a job with the state working with children, whom they then fuck.

Clown world perpetuating itself, IOW.

Honk Honk.

a1b589  No.12534602


Kid always talks and gets the teacher in trouble. Kids today are fucking dumb. This is why they can't get laid otherwise, girls don't like guys that can't keep it private and not expose what whores they actually are.

cddf45  No.12534640




Yes, there is no place on Earth for beasts anymore. You don't get a 'pass' to do whatever you want and drag the entire planet into degeneracy with you. If you were 17 and couldn't tell that fucking a married woman who had a child was wrong then we need to be rid of your type because you will never be human. MUH DICK, MUH DICK…is what you will scream to the heavens as you use any excuse to further YOUR OWN DEGENERACY and give yourself PERMISSION to act like an animal, rather than a human being. But we can't afford and don't need your type anymore (people who can't behave in a manner that is befitting a common dog) on this planet. The only future on the Earth is for people who take responsibility for themselves and others. The time for excusable degeneracy IS OVER…unless you want all of humanity to degrade into stupid nigger muh dick animals.

You knew it was WRONG THEN and you did it anyway because you FELT LIKE DOING IT…therefore you are nothing but a kike inspired nigger beast that doesn't deserve to live on a MORAL and ETHICAL planet.

077278  No.12534712

File: 829e5c66e68498a⋯.png (132.75 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1A9569D8-A38F-464B-9036-73….png)


You realize that you can get married in the US at 14 and age of consent is usually 16? Some of the female teachers that get off free is because they did nothing wrong in their state.

4fd268  No.12534715

File: 49c32b0749dca8f⋯.png (117.87 KB, 966x1187, 966:1187, ClipboardImage.png)


Literal male feminism. Pathetic.

cddf45  No.12534735


So gross…those things are deformed. The nipples are all wrong on the right like a completely botched surgery or tranny tits.

cddf45  No.12534738


That 'law' is outdated then. We need new laws that actually reflect holding humanity to HIGHER standards.

f9608b  No.12534798


>>>>>muh anal

Yeah, lots of retards.

7a38eb  No.12534858

File: 69e9d961439d5b3⋯.png (851.36 KB, 576x768, 3:4, Men can withstand what wom….png)



Male and female sexuality is fundamentally different. Men, even young men, are not psychologically affected by heterosexual sex the same way that women are. Long-term psychological changes come from accepting into one's body the semen, and the intent, of a man. Thus, men are affected by homosexual sex, not heterosexual sex. Females are affected by heterosexual sex, not homosexual sex. Instinctively we know this. Men are not bothered by the idea of women 'fucking' each other, because they can't, and it's kind of a turn-on, really. I mean, it means there's more rutting ladies in one place for a man to fuck. Neither are men bothered by the idea of younger men being fucked by ladies, because hey those kids got lucky at a young age. But for young girls getting fucked by their teachers… that changes them, psychologically, for a lifetime, and that's not cool.

The only 'problem' here is the husbands of these teachers who don't know how to keep their wives in line. And the women know it. The more today's feminist spurges about the evils of the patriarchy, the more what the want secretly want is a strong man to take charge, to force them to dress nicely and go on a diet, since they are acting like teenagers who lack self-discipline, much less awareness of their own psychological processes.

Human sexuality really is based on a dichotomy of opposites, both physically and psychologically. This is natural and good. The only problems with the social ramifications of our sexuality comes in when our commitment to lifelong relationships breaks down into desiring short-term relationships, even just one-night stands. That's when all sorts of problems crop up. And yes, Jews have been pushing the breakdown of the family to leave space for their NWO communist bullshit elitist utopia.Yes, you can rightfully blame Jews for this - because they truly are engaged in breaking down our society's lifelong commitments.

So yes, there is a double standard - precisely because males and females really are different. It takes two different kinds of folks to make a basic family - a woman and a man. That's just how the human being is wired. Scream about how we are all the same all you like, rage against nature all you like, but nothing will change the fact that in a healthy society woman are held to stricter sexual mores than men.

9ec851  No.12534872

File: c8bd5b8ccd000e4⋯.jpg (287.2 KB, 1051x855, 1051:855, 8478768.jpg)


>Yes, there is no place on Earth for beasts anymore.

Africa wants to have word with you.

cddf45  No.12534945


They will be erased just like everyone who can't pass the human (sentience) test. There is no more room on this planet for people who cannot drop their ANIMAL behavior and function as a HUMAN being. The nice thing about this is that it is a fundamental paradigm shift in the Material Realm and never again will ANIMALS disguised as HUMANS walk the planet. Our destiny won't permit it any longer because ANIMALS cannot function in the society and technological environment that is coming upon the Earth.

faeb6f  No.12534999

One teacher from my previous school was fired for this, but it went without media attention or police involving. Also when I was 16 some 36yo hag tryed to seduce me before club(Don't know if she was or wasn't teacher)

9ec851  No.12535014



cab632  No.12535024

female version of sex offenders. gross.

31a3bb  No.12535223


can you post your sources or your spread sheet or something? A lot of people on here are making wild claims with no evidence to back it up and its kinda annoying

98b27f  No.12536212


>I think there is a (((developing trend))) of women having a perversion where they are attracted to weak/shy/submissive/feminine/young males. This is very unusual considering these are the exact opposites of the things that normal women want;

Its a psyop called feminism. it was refined and weaponized in the Marxist Frankfurt school nearly a century ago. The intended result is exactly as you see it and entirely predictable. There is nothing unusual about it. Masculine is attracted to feminine and vice versa. When men adopt feminine characteristics, females adopt masculine characteristics to compensate, both with disastrous consequences as its (((unnatural))) to plug in the opposite behavior to each gender. It is one of the many vectors jews use to destroy Whites.

248877  No.12536879


>me horny, me fuck hole, the end.

It is my life's mission to make sure you and everyone like you will not exist one day.

8a5e2d  No.12537089



If you think male sexuality isn't affected by their first sexual experience being a female pedophile you're retarded. There was even a book about this topic from the female teacher's perspective of intentionally ruining her student for girls his own age and got turned on by it. When he found out that he was only attractive to her as long as his youth lasted him he broke down and was sent to therapy for over a decade to undo the damage done despite it being technically consensual from both sides.

b98021  No.12537705


>school system

you meant:

>child prison and indoctrination system

b98021  No.12537724

why has the cuck Macron not been mentioned yet?

he married his leather faced hag teacher then became a shithead rothschild banker stooge lmao

457966  No.12537729


It's a Hollywood movie so yeah of course.

But the point is that the old 1950's narrative was that the teenaged boy was a rape threat to the teacher.

Now the poor innocent teen boy is being robbed of his precious spermazoa by voracious nymphomaniac teachers leaving him forever traumatized

The 50's generation of adults is laughing from their graves.

457966  No.12537739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm sorry, I just can't resist

Now I'll always remember this song with your lyrics

de2ef0  No.12537740


>402 ladies since 2015



457966  No.12537757


who's going to police that?

And then who will police the policemen?

And then police the policemen who police the policemen?

You can't even stop a bunch of chinless greasy ghetto rats from stealing 27 trillion bucks right out in broad daylight from under your nose.

457966  No.12537763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e3d44  No.12538779



3163ae  No.12538817


it's about insecurity, they want to know they sexual attractive enough to still get a virile stud to fuck them, women are retarded

also this >>12528819

47b502  No.12567718

so is this because of Marxism or whta

89bb79  No.12567819

There is nothing wrong with an attractive female having sex with an under age boy who wants to have sex with her.

There absolutely IS something wrong with a man having sex with an under age girl even if she thinks she wants it (which I can't imagine many even THINK they want it)

Fight me.

89bb79  No.12567841


No matter how many times it's called raped, a enis being willingly stuck into a vagina is in no way shape or form rape of the penis.

73dc1b  No.12567912


>muh dick


>technically speaking

It is called abuse, you degenerate nigger faggot. Young white male being perverted to follow hedonism and immediate effortless gratification by STD-ridden cheap sluts is in no way shape or form desirable for a sane and functional society.

a0bf1f  No.12576573


2468d6  No.12576594


Not really, it just made me grow out of the lustful period of my sexuality sooner than most.

I was diddled by an "of age" lady with a very pretty face and great body. It did slew my standards a bit, after I got over the traumatic events that followed shortly after said diddling. I still am not attracted to most women sexually.

8989ad  No.12576607


If men cant enjoy jailbait then women cant either. Any fag that disagrees is a cuck.

8989ad  No.12576611


Statuitory rape you retard.

c49169  No.12576670


Only a beta MRAs give a shit about this. I don't care if it is considered worse when a man does it. There was actually a study and the average sentence for a men was less than a year longer.

Every guy who complains about this knows they would react completely different if they found out their teenage daughter had sex with an older man vs their son having sex with an older women. That reaction is natural because men/women, teenage boys/girls are different. It completely emasculates young men to pretend they are victims when they fuck an adult women. Of course teachers should be fired and punished in some way but that is it. The teenage boys are not rape victims.

cec75b  No.12576688

Fucking kikes rigging the numbers again.

982107  No.12576956

48cc45  No.12576958

Roll on what? There are no mats here.

171320  No.12576970

Regardless of whether the boy is damaged by the experience or not the teachers should still be punished for being disgusting, unprofessional whores. Shit like this is like female prison guards in male prisons, seriously who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

8095d1  No.12577139


So, they are getting the pill. I don't see what's wrong with that, unless you prefer them to live in fantasy land their whole lives?

8d3c88  No.12586673

Literally adopting a minor to fuck:

DULUTH, MN. (THECOUNT) — Former Duluth Middle School teacher, Karla Winterfeld, was sentenced to twelve years in prison Thursday afternoon for having a sexual relationship with her teenage foster son and former student.

Winterfeld, 34, admitted in October to having relations with her 15-year-old foster son and former student in May.

She will serve eight years of her sentence in prison and four years on supervised release, according to reports.

She pleaded guilty to the charge of first degree criminal sexual conduct in October which carried a maximum sentence of 30 years and/or a fine of $40,000. source

Winterfeld could have received up to 30 years behind bars and a $40,000 fine.


23ff2d  No.12586970

File: 5b718a2ff773e38⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 620x413, 620:413, froggie fresh.jpg)


You think you've got it all figured out don't ya faggot. Jealous nigger.

23ff2d  No.12587027


Nice to see justice done.

23ff2d  No.12587047


Public school is pretty new, anon.

457966  No.12587179

File: 79bfe2b01e5144c⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



Of course the big question here is; "was the foster son a long dong king kong?"

My money is on it being a shitskin that boned her up the ass to the eyeballs.

457966  No.12587193

File: 607a3651498d820⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, unhMuhDik.jpg)


Your logic is wanting. Rather you should have said, if women can enjoy jailbait then why not men too?

3042a7  No.12587251

File: 8a0aee518359825⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 420x400, 21:20, integers.jpg)


>Men are by far more affected by heartbreak than women.

And then they become school shooting incel rebels. Making the incels a symptom of a problem regarding females. Great society. Totally what i grew up into…

5cbed2  No.12587304


definitive harm

8d3c88  No.12587315

…. and more…



be7393  No.12587579


Way back when it was more or less socially acceptable to question whether or not there might be neurological effects to popping hormones like skittles, it was suggested that the effect could be from females wanting to get knocked up by chad for genetic reasons, but then to find some betafag cuck to do the actual fathering, and that because birth control makes her body think it's pregnant, she is thus inexplicably drawn toward the betafags.

a31fb6  No.12587650


Its a tragedy that that child abusing WHORE is not in jail or has not had a 50 cal bullet fired through her brain.

ce2bc8  No.12587738

File: 6de25cc65f3de45⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 398x334, 199:167, Flammenwerfer.jpg)


Checked, and great post. These degenerates must be purged.

457966  No.12587979


God I wish I could have been abused by a hot teacher when I was young.

457966  No.12588009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

819696  No.12588016


>being against pedophilia makes you a feminist

Weird, and here I was thinking it was the marxists (which feminists are) supporting pedophilia…

819696  No.12588022


>and it's kind of a turn-on

Dykes are not a turn-on. Lesbian sex is boring as hell. I'd more easily get off to a woman dancing in tight clothes than watch some boring fucking lesbian sex.

e7485e  No.12588024


Nope, marxists are all about 20 year old age of consent and anti-loli.

457966  No.12588028


If the two broads are super hot and they really know how to go into incredible detail in a way that no guy can understand it's really mind blowing…but they both have to be 10's, and totally feminine lipstick lesbians with a lot of dough for clothes so they look really awesome

2bd730  No.12588031

>Boys not men

Bitch, the crime is done, they men now.

819696  No.12588049


I've seen very attractive women have sex. It's horrible. Pussy licking, rubbing, kissing, it's boring. I can jerk off to a nice looking pussy close-up, but seeing some dumb bitch licking a vagina is boring as hell. There's nothing attractive about the action of licking something, or fingering something. You can't even see the vagina because the dumb bitch fingering or licking is blocking it.


No, marxists are pro-pedophilia, anti-gender, anti-white, and anti-western civilization.

e7485e  No.12588053


Which explains all the lolicon games that they ban and why they actively try to raise the Age of Consent.

461a8b  No.12588069

File: 06d4feb4afcec7c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.12 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, destroyed sides.jpg)


I'll have you arrested, you destroyed my sides!

819696  No.12588076


>what is a pedosexual?

Filtered for attempting to convert /pol/ to marxism. Go back to /leftypol/ with the rest of the pedo loving, tranny supporting sub-humans.


Sure they do. With little boys.

e7485e  No.12588086


Filtered because scared of the truth, more like.

I don't even know what pedosexual is.

dc15cd  No.12588123


Yes, it does. They want actual child rapists, not people looking at cartoons. The age of consent only applies to white people. The entire point of pushing pedo rights is so the invading hordes of subhumans can rape white girls and you are a bigot if you say anything.

e7485e  No.12588132


So they are pro-rapist, not pedophilia.

Rapists don't give a shit about one's gender, race, age…Rapists only care about what makes them feel good.

f368fd  No.12588139


Or hypergamey is simply jew-bs to make u hate women.

000000  No.12588221

Jews are replacing slutty white teachers with commie sheboons now? When will the torture end?

859e17  No.12588325



wow, it's almost like sex isn't a sacred act of bonding and trust for a romantic partner to show that you care for one another's well being, security and lifelong commitment or are you just using the nigger "muh dik" fallacy perpetuated by jews.

f01310  No.12588345


I get that the initial tendency is to wanna be like atta boy, but really it's teaching boys to please, appease, and pleasure women in authority.

6ebb84  No.12588348


5d37c7  No.12588366

File: 2813b9962ef8e1e⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 387x400, 387:400, Debra_LaFave_01.jpg)

File: 9dd64481d16bbf5⋯.jpg (57.73 KB, 1130x889, 1130:889, 5b887f6b757ee.image.jpg)

File: 92f18b470c75f46⋯.jpg (30.06 KB, 380x279, 380:279, 11282230-large.jpg)

File: 8c3e8ce5bd6c46a⋯.jpg (17.14 KB, 350x450, 7:9, bbdance228.jpg)


You're definitely not American, she was probably fucking white or nigger Chads who look in like they're 20 at 14. Kid in your picture looks like a kike tbh. My dad would've high-fived me for fucking teacher in pic related.

9c5b4c  No.12588387


>Seriously, I don't think the boys were harmed.

Young boys being raised/educated by women teachers is doing irreparable harm to them.

000000  No.12590026


Congratulations, you're a feminist bitch who wants women to have more rights than men to preserve your aging cunt's sexual market value. There is nothing wrong with adult men fucking teenage girls.

8d3c88  No.12591706


Correction. Marxists do not want white men having sex at all period.


What has been posted in terms of cases doesn't even scratch the surface as there were 28 other cases on "Heavy" alone from the past four months which means the number is likely quadruple that.

4f4990  No.12591749


Your father was a degenerate. You are a disgrace, even by the degraded standards of your brown race. Die.

5cbf86  No.12591809


Actually, it's much close to 87% if you include oral herpes… which you should, since they are the same virus.

8d3c88  No.12597913

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f5c94  No.12599914

File: 51f481d550d148b⋯.png (103.2 KB, 640x952, 80:119, 1339199740601.png)

eade76  No.12605602


I've read on half Chan that boys who have been abused by female teachers usually can't be as dominant as is necessary in everyday heterosexual relationships, so they can't find a partner that is willing to lead trough all the relationship, like his teachers used to.

4bd66e  No.12605646


>I'm still trying to understand why women do this when you consider hypergamy.

They're always looking to accept Chad's seed.

f06a53  No.12607325


Ted Bundy used to reenact scenes from the covers

457966  No.12607335


Who's the jew in the black kepah? Isn't he the crisis actor that played the Sandy Hook massacre coroner?

457966  No.12607359


Mental issues, yes; NYMPHOMANIA.

I dated a beauty queen of a 1.5 million pop city that I'd gone to elementary school with. We exchanged saucy notes back then and when we met again when I was in second year university she picked me up and it was straight into bed on the first date. She was the first person I knew who used cocaine. Several years later she gave a friend of mine herpes and had to go in for psychiatric treatment for her nymphomania.

Lots of nymphomaniacs out there. LOTS.

Hint to all of you losers. Get in shape, try to wear some decent clothes and never be afraid of a beautiful woman.

Beauty = genetic health

Genetic health makes women confident, friendly, and they love to fuck. They've got lots and lots of female hormones being secreted but that means they're probably high-t too and high t = horny.

Ugly has some problems I don't need.

687cc5  No.12607404


what a mad lad

7f1f3c  No.12607414

When did this board get so full of all kinds of degenerates? I thought this was one of the last refuges from that kind of thing.

365577  No.12607582


>after puberty

Deal kike. Puberty doesn't end until late 20s. You may stop seeing physical growth and changes by 20 but mental maturity takes longer.

e27a65  No.12607684


Very much this. It fucks boys up for the rest of their life but women push the lie it doesn't, so they can keep doing it.

I remember seeing a news report here (in Aus) and they interviewed MAP - Minor Attracted Person. He had this frizzy hair and despite dressing nicely, you could see by his nervous ticks this guy was socially messed up. He explained he was taken advantage of and fucked by an adult when he was a kid. Now in his 20s he's angry. Because of what happened to him, he is attracted to kids. He wants a normal life, but it was taken away from him and everyone's solution is either they murder him or he kills himself.

457966  No.12607998



Get fucked by MILF; develop fetish for underaged women as a result

What a pile of shit.

44874f  No.12608056


>shows pictures of tiny kids that don't look like teenagers

Why wouldn't you want to fuck your young teacher at that age. The teachers are disgusting for indulging, but that is what a guy at that age wants. Fucking girls their own age just makes more whores. It's just the way the world is for some people.

All those kids can't be 14 by the way. They have some defective genes if that's what they are at 14. I don't want to know how you got those pictures. I'm gonna assume google, but then I question the ages, cause they look like their in primary school or elementary or whatever.


Idk, I fucked my English teacher the day I turned 18. I have zero issues and I fucked her again when I was 20 when I came home on leave. One of my degenerate things I'd have her say to me was she's gonna give me C's and I'd give her a D. The only trauma now is I wanna fuck her again before she turns 33, but she married some poor retard that literally said "I don't care about her past."

Granted, pre-marital sex is degenerate, but our society corrupted youths like me back then and I didn't grasp 1488 the way I should have until the Army. Now I tell youths no sex before marriage or else you're helping ruin our people

b98021  No.12624425


that's a psychopath.

look at them eyes

92d262  No.12624663


It doesn't matter, you worthless cunt.

c688c5  No.12624731


Women love to be adored. A young man's love is intense and innocent. They enjoy taking this just as men enjoy taking a girls' innocence. If you talk to most manwhores they were taken by a women at a young age. This sets a pattern that love is callous and not for bonding.

768f66  No.12624800


Why would you want degenerate whores like her teaching your kids?

693e6d  No.12624989


They don't target those, they can smell who is vulnerable.

536608  No.12625308

And people squawk about priests diddling boys.

8feed5  No.12625336


I sure as fuck wish she'd come and spend the winter in my snow bound house and be a psychopath with me.

c8f896  No.12625339

File: b08bb0618ef8665⋯.gif (149.84 KB, 600x759, 200:253, iloveyouebola.gif)


Enjoy your never ending femdom/cuckdom/humilation into a useless hole fore slutty older women degenerate brown coat.

a72c0a  No.12630396

>and truly appears to be epidemic levels at this point.

true. In my high school we had a new teacher(who had recently graduated from college) who apparently specifically became a teacher to try to do this. I wasn't in that class, but I heard that the boys in it were creeped out.

She would use answering questions on an assignment as a pretense to get too close behind them and touch their shoulders. After word got around about it, she was fired.

8d3c88  No.12632168

It's seriously everyday at this point.. it's literally an epidemic with these out of control female "teachers":


f41868  No.12644881


this is a good thing. It disproves the myth of only "creepy men" liking teenage girls and literally everyone is sexually attracted to them.

104db4  No.12650020

Boys with those ages used to die in a war during the glorious times.

51a868  No.12650380



shut the fuck up reddlt faggot bot.

51a868  No.12650385


lol fag

3d26de  No.12650388


>You're a hypocrite and your double standards are showing.

Egalitarian detected.

5169fa  No.12650397


I would let 2/3rds of those whores suck my bone.

ad7375  No.12650454

File: 1e9feebf236e3e2⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 3336x2112, 139:88, Coalburner Aesthetic v4.jpg)

File: 0064c94ed0f9969⋯.jpg (442.99 KB, 1280x2306, 640:1153, Modern Femininity.jpg)

ad7375  No.12650461


>I'm so hard up for pussy, I wish I'd been molested by a roastie thot with gonnaherpaderp when I was a kid in school

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Incel Hobbyist.

Believes in nothing, no depth of thought, thirsty as only a low-T beta male can be.

These kids' entire sexual lives will be coloured by their experience of an older woman who was supposed to be a guardian and educator abandoning her implied duties to seek young dicks for cummies.

Jesus Christ, it must be a horrifying existence for you if you're envious of child molestation victims.

ad7375  No.12650468


>Oy vey sexism!

Any woman who presents herself as a woman is an attention whore you dumb cum dumpster.

<Muh /b/!

That board was never good.

ad7375  No.12650494

File: 902e0d26c6efce3⋯.png (69.56 KB, 2295x333, 255:37, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de1c599da8686fd⋯.png (56.03 KB, 2268x302, 1134:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c93d6734dafb29⋯.png (14.48 KB, 2284x97, 2284:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bf6295f5957d8b1⋯.png (894.36 KB, 653x925, 653:925, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c557929f6911b7⋯.png (1.64 MB, 975x1128, 325:376, ClipboardImage.png)


Jesus christ she was married too. What a gross whore.

>person committed a crime

>victim doesn't want to deal with media coverage of trial

<okay let her go I guess

This kinda shit is why you're country is an international laughing stock.


>my dad would have high-fived me for getting seduced by a married roastie skank with bipolar disorder that is somehow allowed anywhere near children

Then your dad is probably a fuckwit boomer who thinks niggers just need more education and is obsessed with monkeyball. Probably looks like new cuck she's working over.

ad7375  No.12650508

File: 0d59f03a0e2c427⋯.png (372.9 KB, 508x641, 508:641, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ceb0d7b84f871e⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1401x1257, 467:419, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b5e23ecb9e91920⋯.png (84.4 KB, 1150x460, 5:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a376fe6b0e345c⋯.png (672.04 KB, 1138x726, 569:363, ClipboardImage.png)


Wew, by the look of those teeth, roasted found herself a kosher daddy and two lil mischlings to go with her born again status.

10834b  No.12650571


>a psycho whore like her and a young chad would make the best kike killing babies

>fucking christian slaves and their morality….

you are a fucking imbecile, get yourself a tribal tatoo, there is nothing white or nobel about you just muh dik, go fight for kikes in the middle east you imbecile

10834b  No.12650595

File: 989103f8efc0a6e⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 792x873, 88:97, whore vice roastie walled.jpg)




those women are total psychos and men here think its funny, dont ask how we got with the state of women, just look at the state of men

a4cc49  No.12650777

File: 017affaa9584ace⋯.jpg (505.19 KB, 1336x1200, 167:150, 1542706390420.jpg)


Its the same type of kids these women teachers fuck. Skinny, White, decent looking, gets along with teachers and not a popular kid.

Makes sense popular kids are going to be getting to much easy poon and loudmouths. While the normal white kid in the back isn't a weirdo and doesn't act or look like a ugly shitskin being a disruptive subhuman and most likely wouldn't tell anyone, so they seem like a safe bet.

So its a pure sexual kink decision by these women at the end of the day because its taboo and the young learning innocence displayed by these kids that they boys give off should make them feel more motherly but, since these boys aren't related its like a underlining motherly incest perversion.

77c405  No.12650841

Ok… Homeschool your fucking kids. Team-homeschool if you can find like-minded people. Public schools AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS are nigger storage. I love how this bitch's name is MORAN.

373bd6  No.12650887



is this like going super saiyan for women?

502f40  No.12650917

This is just instrumental. We need to point out the hypocrisy so as to shift the narrative.

b0f371  No.12650918


>Most likely black and brown boys

I'm sure this is the case.

34b40d  No.12650962

I would have had sex with the prettiest teacher at 14 no prob given the occasion. Yet, you cannot have CONSENSUAL sex with somebody having you by the balls because it's your teacher or because you fear him/her in any other way. So the teacher should have only said OK to my advance. Any other situation means the teacher should be booted off the school. If you also do anything different than vanilla sex you are literally perverting their development which you should carry responsibility for, depending on the act of course. Let's not mention STD.

Yes, boys penetration is not rape, yes, for males sex has different implications. So fucking what. Shit teacher is shit.

a4cc49  No.12651608


==nope== thats only been a couple and it was with mutt or nigger teachers and shitskin subhumans are the bottom pick for women in general anyways. Its consistently been normie skinny White kids fucking teachers.

f42e58  No.12652097

This is all coalburners and beanburners

a4cc49  No.12652486


>t.schizo cuck

18c60d  No.12653527


It’s a pretty well known fact that teachers who fuck students, were fucked by their dads when they were young. Choke on that redpill.

0242a2  No.12653626


An actual blonde girl with blonde roots, not that blonde extension and black hair base you see in mixed race areas.

Shit, i would put my Aryan seed in her as a middle schooler and let her pay the house bills.

Anyway these women only get caught because the male brags to the wrong people

abbe82  No.12653859


nice redfish, though

abbe82  No.12653882


aesthetically, that adulterous whore is within the average range.

mentally, she's wretched and all kinds of fucked up.

That makes her a fuckin' ZERO

f07f7c  No.12656290


It's strange

Boys usually are mature later.

In extreme cases, a 14 year old boy might have not a single hair on his balls (like me)

A girl of the same age touching him is basicly a pedo.

As a late bloomer kid this nearly happened to me(I noped out)

The reason I suspect was "game".

I liked to hang out with girls and have a good time.

The reason was, that girls are much easier, to joke around with.

What mathers to it being funny is your vibe and not the qualtity of the joke.

This was all inocently having a good time.

Untill this happened. After I realised it I immediatly stopped.

Woman usually date the most statusful guy from their environment.

Being the guy who just casualy is able to have fun with them implies status, and that you can have any woman you want by not beeing needy and afraid of rejection.

The reason of the boys coolness in this case tho, is that he is not acctually interested in the girl.

Female teachers seem to associate with the students and their group.

For that reason they "choose" the most statusful guy of the group, who is maybe just the funniest kid in the class.

f07f7c  No.12656310

File: 5d5e6ebb6021432⋯.png (395.93 KB, 360x450, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

This is true.

As a 14 year old I had not a single hair on my balls.

As a 16 year old I was 10 cm shorter, than I am now.

In comparison a 14 year old girl.

It is more pedo for this girl to touch my 14 year old self, than for a 26 year old guy to touch her, in my opionion.

Usually there is a race diffrence in maturity tho.

Tbh, from not gender segregated schools, I think such pedo actions happen way more, than we think.

Maybe the girls conditon themself to like young boys, when they started doing things with little boys back in school.

f07f7c  No.12656338



True, woman are shown to like less masculine faces, what is equal to beta or also boyish.

Maybe it is what happens, when society changes to a matriarchal system.

Bonobos are, although just a little, weaker and smaller than chimpanzees.

As far as I know they stem from chimpanzees.

This means there seemed to be a selection towards weaker, less agressive and dominant males.

The reason might be, that the females worked together and simply overwhelmed and killed an evil mysagonist ape, who was too dominant.

8d3c88  No.12664455

It's literally every few days a new one pops up:


It's like 95% females doing it. What the fuck… this shit is so rampant and needs to be exposed. Given how fucking common this is in merely the teaching profession I would not be surprised if women raping children statistics far outweighs men in the US.

08f629  No.12664466

File: ed055c90d4f2940⋯.jpg (27.57 KB, 480x480, 1:1, pepe pantsu.jpg)


You stupid bastard, it isn't the pussy the kid gets that destroys him, it's all the fucked up games the woman plays and all the fucked up ideas she puts into his head. Think about how quickly any mediocre thot can subjugate and pussy whip an omega male, now amplify that tenfold. Female pedophiles do not turn kids into insta-chads when they fuck them, despite what you see in jewish movies.

5d1c7c  No.12664648


These women should be publicly executed for raping children.

df44eb  No.12666166


its not fucking fair, I wish I was born 30 years later

0a3ccc  No.12688883


lmao virgin detected

ff988c  No.12688914


Stop watching jewish movies, cuck

a8f68c  No.12689126


Are you saying that revealing the factual truth should be prevented and buried?

If you are at the level that you feel threatened by the truth, then you deserve genocide, you are already dead.

59dbdc  No.12689181


Hows that chlamydia working out for you?

b0fcd5  No.12689447

File: fba62931d0bb7fe⋯.jpg (138.43 KB, 1280x488, 160:61, CanAm-Missing411.jpg)


"The human race is a current and real-time alien-directed genetics growing factory.

We dont need to change our ways. THE ALIENS ARE THE CORRUPTION. The gnostics are right. Theres over 20 alien species that remixed the DNA into what we know of as humans, and the aliens havent left.

With technology ten million years in advance, lifespans from 450 to 18,000 years, telepathy, and the stealth of human disguise and ship invisibility, we're short lifespan slaves on the alien zoo. Forced by design to crank out a new human generation every 25 years.

Disclosure/arrival, is simply the legal, exopolitical ruse of aliens undisguising, admitting that they have underground bases and that some have unlawfully setup permanent settlement, that the moon is an alien base, and that theyve unlawfully and abusively harmed, raped, abducted, and never returned some of us.

You have to understand that the mystery of the afterlife and our sense of murderdeathkill is bad and the worst, are two sides of the same coin whose perspective has been taken away from us. There is no heaven and hell, you cant be judged and your future lives are not in debt, what we do is in accord with a long-term plan. The philosophical trap is reliant upon the information that they withhold and the current programming of modern times. They do not adhere to such moral rules, because they know its trivial.

The game here is, you came here to be abused by aliens, this is for DNA conditioning, and its the only way that they can think of how to manage it, youre in a container, you are the actor, they are the directors, what can be shaped has ramifications for over 20 species of aliens, of which the resilient human DNA can be made sophisticated enough to use to create hybridized aliens, and when the hybridization is sufficient after arrival and sexual gratification, the pure human race can be mostly terminated, so that the reincarnations can helm new biological suits at the current state of capability.

You have been shanghaied, deceived, forced into bondage that usurps your life and declared war upon by entities that have watched you all rot in PAIN, lifetime after lifetime, and who have taken away your true trajectory as a being in a free universe to begin with. After a million years, all because they lack time.

The aliens walk among us, not healing the sick, they serve a long-term agenda that deals with reincarnation, fomenting war to build defense industries and carve the genome, releasing diseases to carve immunities, producing entertainment to be a repetitive program that promulgates the breeding program, inventing religion as a neurological and marriage/breeding control mechanism, scientific and technological suppression, kundalini suppression, heavy metals and drug dosage for mind control, telepathic dream psychic attack for pain and mind control and lethargy, material and etheric body implants for mind control, abduction events whereby humans are physically and sexually violated, social telepathic events whereby targeted individuals are collided-with and mass mentalities are shaped by a perpetual background mental wave of sameness adherence. They have infiltrated the surface world by the millions, in the future, half-humans will be in charge of society, and in a millennia there will no longer be the 52nd iteration of the human species because it was a bridge that served its purpose.

That is why the arcturians, anshar/anunaki, mantis, hybrids/hubrids, and other aliens will be killed."

21dcc6  No.12689473

>because aliens would care what a primitive species that can't even get off it's own rock do

5783bb  No.12689709


270da9  No.12689786


Don't know if someone already said this, but it's the truth you seek: hypergamy is dead, since women now have more power and access to resources than most men. Women now just fuck whatever they find most beautiful.

81d357  No.12711014


Teachers fuck their students for the same reason bosses fuck their workers, there's a fetish involved.

435e2f  No.12711107

It's so laughable that there are people in this thread who say that female teachers only go after the boys who aren't chad. That they only seek betas and omegas. I don't know about you, but they mostly flirt and go after the chads. Maybe it's just my high school?

83a3c8  No.12711134

There's no such thing as a "Chad" in high school. Those are kids, and their personality is most artificial until they out of school.

Once they have to actually start working and figuring out how to feed themselves, then they can say they have a personality.

This propping of what amounts to being kids still, is the worst form of glorifying ignorance I have ever seen. Personality and character aren't demonstrated when in a time of comfort or easy living.

3a3571  No.12712894


Mystery solved

a31fb6  No.12713392

File: c984b4b9cedb0fa⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Doubt.jpg)


Come on now, not even you are that ignorant of a fuckwit to think of men like that.

c46fb1  No.12737813

As a former catholic schoolboy in the UK I was taught about sex twice, the first time at the age of twelve was by a 40 year old Nun who fondled me, kissed my genitals and made me finger her.

I didn’t like that much but she brought a much younger sister with her one day who sucked my penis and let me penetrate her (she had a condom -the first I had ever seen) and I enjoyed that a lot.

I went on to teach a lot of my friends about sex and quite a few girls at the school too.

It was good useful information and I benefited from it and enjoyed it.

The second time I was taught about sex was when I was 15 and the school arranged a talk by a doddery 60 year old priest who was terrified of the subject, talked about” some boys like to peel bananas, other like to peel little girls… AND YOU SHOULDN’T because it is wrong and evil!”

This was a bloke whose mates used to stand at the changing room door and watch all the boys get ready for showers!

To be honest, I don’t care if an attractive young female teacher screws a pupil (male or female) but keep ugly Nuns and priests away from the kids!!

319b9b  No.12737862


>that mom saying god's good when asked how she is doing

I don't mean to DNC but what a fucking retard.

0e40f9  No.12737863


I think you mean,

marry, fuck, fuck, fuck, marry, fuck, marry, kill, marry, marry, fuck, fuck.

0e40f9  No.12737864


Get out, nerd.

0e40f9  No.12737867

e635b3  No.12737882

File: 0a4e545b6b2b9c0⋯.jpg (360.51 KB, 1044x720, 29:20, this sensei is a pervert.jpg)


>Can anyone imagine the trauma the student must have had at the hands of this woman? They should give her the death penalty.

Do you understand that's probably the plan? Report it with photos of white, good-looking young women, so as to minimize the issue when in the majority of cases, the teacher looks like your teacher looked. Remember your female teachers, would you have liked for the ugliest oldest most jewish one with a fart fetish to rape you?

Altough, that teacher in your pic… I'll be honest, the kid isn't as much of a victim in that cherry-picked case

319b9b  No.12737884


Until it fucking collapsed during endless war due to the hyperinflation of their currency from devaluing it to make money to fund said war.

Further read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assemblywomen

545adf  No.12737896

Kids sure are lucky these days

ba15d1  No.12738306

File: 2c746cf9e998b2a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1266x1426, 633:713, 75vv.png)

f73659  No.12738393


DO we have a name on this one?

126cd3  No.12738508


wow, its almost like you're a complete cuck reinforcing women's degeneracy and rights while punishing men. totally not feminist cuck soiboi narrative…

113710  No.12738531


poor man's demi moore

f5f5b1  No.12738544


>a psycho whore like her and a young chad would make the best kike killing babies

>the white race truly deserves to die my fellow goyim :^)

5443d4  No.12739607


That's as good as an explanation as I've seen. It has to be mental and emotional because a minor… no experience, not developed. So it must be some, doing to a male, what was done to them type of bullshit.

So many vile jews itt outing themselves as pedos…

5443d4  No.12739669


100% of tor posters are pedophile jews :)

a534cb  No.12739739


> because these women are reaching 30 and vanilla sex is boring to them,

This isn't what I read of those cases in the DACH-Countries. It was one or two times perverted, but overall it was really romantic love as portrayed in Disney-Movies. I have the feeling they just take advantage of the horniness of teenagers, nothing more, nothing less. The last one I read from Germany was truly epic. She states in front of the court that it just happened and she did not explicitly want it. The judge responded "Yeah, but two times?"

So my conclusion is that it's just the other way around. They WANT vanilla sex, they want romance, burning clandestine verboten! fuckery - which their peers can't give them anymore. It is all in the open now, dating apps, Bars, predetermined bullshit scripts, dating hell.

Then there are many cases where the young boy went becoming a man and fucked her again a few times when he turned 18 or just after her release. I really don't know if an idiotic female teen with her antics is more or less harmful than an older woman. I guess the main difference is that we read about the older women in the press and the cruelty of teens is just "normal behavior".

38be20  No.12740025


>I want off this ride.

Me too anon, me too.

d05a1f  No.12740035


Who is the blonde in second from the right in the middle row?

38be20  No.12740084


>Implying this fucking matters.

You retards need to go back.

8b17a4  No.12741702


Jimmy Saville was in the credits. Famous British pedo.

ea1aad  No.12742978


You sound like a fag and you're shit's all retarded. Lesbian sex is a fucking abomination just like gay sex is.

c46fb1  No.12743108

I was 12 years old and having my first attention from a nice girl at my school (a kiss and fondle job, clothes fully on) when the Nun who was headmistress caught us.

I was flogged on stage at school assembly next morning by a so called “Christian” brother who was brought in on occasion for such jobs, my girlfriend was openly humiliated in front of the

whole assembly by the chief witch and another

Nun and then expelled!


Or child abuse?

A week later I was flogged again when the brother came back to thrash another lad who was seen walking home with another girl, hand in hand.

After that, I was expelled.

And still these bastards are allowed to run schools and be near kids!

c46fb1  No.12745542

I don’t have a problem with young hot female teachers screwing their pupils (boys or girls) as long as the pupil is about 14 or older and fancies the teacher.

The pupil will learn a valuable lesson (how to have sex properly -no fumbling, stumbling, amateurish attempts with another inexperienced partner.

Very unsatisfying and disappointing for both of them and will probably send them both back into their shells for a couple of years!

No, fit looking teachers of both sexes should be actively encouraged to “go at it” as often as possible!

We need to get rid of this religious hang up that sex is a bad thing.

Let the kids fuck each other and their teachers!

Make it part of the curriculum!

Hell, I’d even go back to teaching myself if that happened although at the age of 73 I probably wouldn’t be able to cope with too great a workload….

4c44e3  No.12759067


can confirm. im a hs teacher and its degenrate as fuck here. cant wait to get out of this profession.

that being said young girls are just as guilty wearing super low cut shirts etx

875821  No.12759078


They don't fuck the orbiter, they keep them on the hook but don't let them bite.

875821  No.12759085


On the right track

875821  No.12759120

File: 42495f63facb165⋯.jpg (128.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(2).jpg)


Phew. You get your (you) because you pushed that "double down" button so fucking hard I almost lost the thread.

875821  No.12759141


You're getting part of it right but I can still tell that you are a hysterical woman using emotional manipulation tactics instead of forming an argument because you have blown by the undeniable biological reality of physical differences between men and women, making your tit-for-tat avoidance of facing the double standard as a law of nature an obviating tell.

875821  No.12759179


>There is a reason white societies had separate schools for boys and girls.

That's a sane and reasonable point. And the research shows it's better at least through 6th grade.

05db8f  No.12759424


they only want what they are not supposed to have. this is a woman never being satisfied with fucking anything. could you imaging living like that? always wanting more? no wonder these slags are filled to the brim with depression meds.

8a96ca  No.12759485



1ead52  No.12759901

Am more worry about male teachers fucking their students

dde9cc  No.12759908


Congratulations, you're not a bitter loser obsessed with retarded "equality"

1ead52  No.12759931


Not nha not really

In sex the male usually have pines and he controls it

Just tell me if a man rape a girl

Tell me how vulnerable she is

If a woman fucks a pussydreamer

Tell me if he is sad

And tell me if it is bad

A boy will maybe think about fuck her again

But if a male pedo start push her and literally push her head to do oral sex

Tell me where it is worse

For girls their sexuality fucked up

In boys case I don't really know how they grow up to

But definitely not gonna do something stupid and cry about what happen

Remember it's not love it's literally biological act (in boys and girls) case

Yeah it's true girl could get out if it

But it's not rape they could get their tiny pines in every point and say no

Even after that there is literally zero effect on the boi

So please jesus let's catch real pedophiles

Because think about it a male pedo can

Fuck the kid no metter what age

And woman's can't because what

How she gonna fuck that pines that can't stand when he see pussy

28c22d  No.12759977

You all are crazy, talking about female teachers fucking male students as if it was the same as an older man fucking a younger girl.

I fucked my hot teacher while in highschool and all it did was boost my confidence. I have no trauma to speak of, I was *trying* to fuck her anyways, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Probably what got me into MILFs, too.

dde9cc  No.12759999


This. They're literal male feminists.

02c5dc  No.12760136


If anything, I think it could possibly hurt the kids who *don't* get to fuck their hot teachers, who might think themselves somehow inadequate or rejected over it (and not get that this woman just has issues). Because of this suspicion of mine, I think it's fine that it should remain "Taboo", and at least earn the woman a firing, so that an incentive exists for teachers who fuck their students to keep the whole thing a secret from the kid's unlucky peers.

I mean, there's no doubt these women have issues, to go around fucking teenagers–but while that may be true, that hardly needs to mean that their actions leave "victims" behind, or deserve harsh punishment.

Plenty of shit people with mental issues do that is perfectly harmless. Making the fantasies of perma-horny teenagers come true one lucky kid at a time seems, to me, to be on the very top of that list.

643d08  No.12760146


>let me guess, you think considering females as equals is Feminist as well

fbea98  No.12760170


I wouldn't know.

02c5dc  No.12760188


I think feminism is an absolute social cancer, but that's neither here nor there.

Younger guys and older women is a coupling that makes sense and happens often later on in the life of people, too.

You can't expect to get horny teenagers and fertile, kid-loving women in the same room for 8 hours a day and not have some of them fuck. And it's just a lie to say it's the same for teenage boys and teenage girls.

Speaking from experience: It's true that I don't go around telling people I fucked my hot teacher in high-school–but the reason I don't is not because of "deep-seated trauma" or any of that tumblr bullshit–the reason I don't is because I feel like I'm *boasting*.

And the few times I have told people irl they *do* seem jealous, or will try to deny it, or tell me I'm lying. This is *because* it carries over to other men like a boast. Why wouldn't it? I felt like the fucking best for it. It was amazing, triple A plus, would recommend.

So, all of you guys are right that it's a bit fucked up, and that the women pulling this off are off their rocker, and that–every now and then–some kid does get traumatized by this kinda shit (most likely because they got involved with a crazy needy chick at an age where they didn't know how to handle that, yet and NOT because of the sex). But in the vast majority of cases, which I am sure is far higher in number than reported, the kid getting fucked is having the time of his fucking life.

This is just a politically incorrect truth that people have trouble grappling with, even tho the way we report these things in media show that we secretly love it.

ed2369  No.12760210

"Lots of people talk, few of them know, soul of a woman was created below."

875821  No.12762383


While this is the ideal and the social norm that should be reinforced, there's been some suspicious activity in this thread regarding how an ideal society should enforce this norm. I've seen people arguing no harm no foul for adult women sleeping with pubescent young men, and people calling for both of them to die. While ironclad Justice would dole out death for dysgenic crimes, this has always been tempered in just societies by the recognition that all men are flawed and struggling to rise above their base nature over the course of life. The double standard is natural. Adult female and willing young pubescent male pairs should be socially taboo, and the adult female should be shamed. But death is an incommensurate punishment for such an act. Social shame and lost romantic opportunities for the woman are enough.

0ce398  No.12762414


>Younger guys and older women is a coupling that makes sense

No, it doesn't. Older guy and younger woman is the best coupling possible, women aren't engineered to be breeding at all ages, they hit menopause from 40+ onward. Men can breed even up to…well, death!

It's asking for a destabilizing marriage with the younger man tempted to cheat on the older woman. There's a reason why Macron and his grandma-wife stand out.

>You can't expect to get horny teenagers and fertile, kid-loving women in the same room for 8 hours a day and not have some of them fuck.

Yes you can, but it depends on the integrity of the society. If women can do whatever they want, and can escape all chances of pregnancy with contraception or abortion, they can do whatever they like.

>And it's just a lie to say it's the same for teenage boys and teenage girls.

what kind of weirdo la-la fetish land do you live in?

0ce398  No.12762435


>And the few times I have told people irl they *do* seem jealous, or will try to deny it, or tell me I'm lying. This is *because* it carries over to other men like a boast. Why wouldn't it? I felt like the fucking best for it. It was amazing, triple A plus, would recommend.

your sexual escapade is just that, a sexual escapade. just because you had sex with an older women doesn't mean that the default best coupling possible is young dude/older woman.

just a cursory glance at society at…any point in time, across the globe, points out that society inherently prefers an older man with a younger woman as a superior family unit.

that this is being flipped on its head is proof that society is waging war on the family unit

8c4042  No.12762452


Finally I read a fucking competent thought on this topic. Everywhere you go it's retards like this >>12527561 just endless fields of them.

0ce398  No.12762457


it should also be noted that the teachers are ALL WHITE. it is -impossible- for any teenage kid to be responsible for a family! meaning, the child is aborted or…well, aborted!

if someone doesn't see this trend as a dangerous trend against whites in this country, you're blind!

875821  No.12762636

File: 35d7f763ff583fa⋯.jpg (7.13 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


Not here. Here people know women and men are different and double standards that result are laws of nature. Why are you basing your statement on the false god of equality?

faaba4  No.12763149



You're both one-note idiots with single-track brains. Older woman-young man is a coupling that makes sense because of sex drive, not because of breeding. This is because there exists more than one reason for people to partner up. Eventually, people settle down, but before settling down, things like older women coupling with younger men *is common* and *it makes sense that it would be common*.

I'm perfectly aware that it's not the ideal pairing for forming a family, that just didn't come into play for my analysis because I'm not looking for *the best pairing possible at all times for all the history of the world*, that's not what I said, despite you frothing-at-the-mouth dum dums being unable to think of anything in non-binary terms. I'm just arguing for one possible good. This is because I'm not a fucking black-and-white zealot, and my mind is not stuck in the middle ages.

And there is no integrity of any society that will stop biology from happening.

f21776  No.12763840


> There's a reason why Macron and his grandma-wife stand out.

Macron is a homosexual and his wife is his beard. Do you know what these terms mean? These two people serve no educational purpose as far as heterosexual coupling is concerned.

0ce398  No.12763879


Your ancestors barely made it up past 40, why the fuck would they not pair their most senior and successful warriors with the most fertile women?

this isn't rocket-science, it's amazing how degenerate this generation is. all this porno has clearly rotted your brains.


>Older woman-young man is a coupling that makes sense because of sex drive, not because of breeding.

the point of sex is breeding. the basic building block to any successful civilization is breeding.

>I'm just arguing for one possible good.

NONE of it is good. it is nothing but a sign of DECLINE.

649e51  No.12764712


You can cut it any way you feel like it. But you can't escape that your entire genetic line is made up of diseases from all the hooknosed inbreeding.

875821  No.12765224


That's a valuable point


Like a breath of fresh air, anon.


Hahaha well spotted fracture point reversal. Throws the loud nonsense two pronged minority here into high contrast.


Revisionist history written by a newfag


/Thread, really.

0b848f  No.12765370

What you wearing???

c5ba72  No.12765387


It definitely does.

The guys having the sex? Probably not.

But imagine if this shit was socially acceptable. Imagine if there was orgies in schools. Now imagine how it would feel to be the kid none of the hot teachers wanted to touch. In such a world, Elliot Rodgers would commonplace.

Teachers having sex with students damages incels the most.

000000  No.12765758





t. projecting tradthots literally making feminist-created arguments about nonexistent gender brain differences to try to protect their sexual market value against superior teenage girls. Age gap relationships are the same for both genders and no man here is buying your roastie special pleading. Funny how your "different standards for different genders" oh-so-conveniently happens to line up with what feminists want.

950607  No.12765975


what were there personalities like? did they have their hearts broken in high school?

ffde21  No.12781827

File: 5d6bf3aea4c1fa4⋯.gif (7.2 MB, 540x360, 3:2, chuckecheese.gif)

b66ad8  No.12781868

File: a2b124acdd8b093⋯.jpg (334.78 KB, 1484x1113, 4:3, christcucks-to-the-max.jpg)

ITT: Christcuck soyboys offended by the notion that current AoC laws apply to boys


normal men with testosterone

a31fb6  No.12782453


Gynocentrism detected.

BEGONETHOT.exe has been initialized

3ea016  No.12782738


It's true, though.

Once you accept that you are "disposable", you free yourself from fear and anxiety to become the most honorable, intelligent, and loyal Man of which you are capable.

The most disposable men usually become the greatest leaders.

…because they know.

Go hunting. Study your quarry CLOSELY. You'll eventually understand.

You are the coat laid over the puddle by which your bloodline remains unsullied.

Lay down your life for your kind, and you will truly live.

000000  No.12784178

So many hot women. Wish a hot teacher had taken care of my overpressured-wiggling dick when I was 14.

12931a  No.12785275


At 42, 10 years celebate, staring down the barrel of fthat continuing till I die, and noticing these women are much all hotter than anything I have ever touched, if one of theae had taken an interest in me as a teen it would have been an unmitigated good.

Unfortunately, they would not have as I am not a nog.

505cf3  No.12785308


Aside from just the gratification of that immediate pressing urge, think of what it would be like to hit 14 and find yourself boning Deborah Lafave on a regular basis…man the blast of testosterone self confidence you'd get from that. I'd be walking on air, feeling like I had two big cannonballs in my pants. Fuckyouall I'm a fucking GOD, not some insecure sullen adolescent worrying about turning out a loser.

5849b5  No.12785420


>Teachers having sex with students damages incels the most.

lol nobody cares about genetic deadends

man the fuck up retard

6b699f  No.12785470



d3c7f2  No.12785508

File: 0ce8719d6bd34e0⋯.gif (175.12 KB, 140x140, 1:1, 22ac0eea97b307d537017e7ae0….gif)

e81b1a  No.12785560


They're not adults you stupid kike.

6b699f  No.12787380






One fault: muh anal is bad.

6b699f  No.12787449


Daily reminder that over (10) posts and nothing of value to say is an automatic filter.

000000  No.12788001


>Deborah Lafave

Abslutly true!!! anytime anywhere!! the semen charge gauge would barely get a chance to reach above 10%. :D :D

8c8376  No.12807561