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File: 27b99229d98e1b8⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 610x407, 610:407, IrishRepublicanArmy.jpg)

1fcc77  No.12543483


Resurrecting an Old Series. Let's Talk about the IRA

A long time ago I began a thread series on asymmetric warfare. Now due to popular demand, I am resurrecting this series. In this thread series I will be analyzing several different European and non-European "terrorist" organizations. We will scrutinize their tactics, their strategy, their strengths, and their failings. I will devote much more effort towards organizations that "succeeded" than those that floundered. However, I will spend some time on ineffective, failed organizations.

This subject is important for several reasons. Firstly, because it is simply interesting. Secondly, because circumstances may progress in our nations where this knowledge will be useful. And lastly because our struggle is political in nature, we can stand to learn much from political struggles that were compelled for one reason or another to adopt violence as their tactic against the System. Whether or not we will be forced to do the same is up to you. However, we all can learn from organizations that did. The past is our lantern by which we may illuminate the dark and unknown future.

Before we begin, I will first make a few disclaimers and trigger-warnings

Firstly, I am not advocating or inciting anything whatsoever. M'kay? Nor are any posts in this thread anything other than theoretical discussion of ideas.

Secondly, I will be using several trigger-words such as "terrorist" in these discussions. We could start an hours long debate on what "terrorism" even means or whether this organization or that are really "terrorists" or whether government itself is a terrorist organization or whether the word "terrorist" is just a slur used by the establishment to delegitimize non-state resistance organizations. But frankly, I'm not interested in that. I will be using the word on occasion primarily because typing "asymmetrical resistance organization" is tedious. This is a word that everyone commonly uses to describe non-state resistance organizations so I will use it on occasion to do the same thing.

However, if you are offended that I have used this word to describe an organization you agree with, please mentally replace it with "freedom fighters" and forgive me for my error. Trust me, if I use the word "freedom-fighter" to describe everything, another group of people will be offended that I would dare describe a group that they disagree with politically as "freedom-fighters"

Thirdly, some of the organizations I analyze will be Marxists. Some will be Islamic. Some may even be Zionist. And some will be other political philosophies that we hold in contempt and scorn. I am not a marxist. I despise jewish-Marxism. But since I am analyzing non-state resistance organizations, several Marxist ones will be included. ITTs I will be focusing on methods and strategy, not morality. Talking about an organization is not an endorsement.

Lastly, and this is the most triggering; I will be analyzing organizations based on the assumption that they actually existed. If you believe that this organization or that are a hoax and are angry that I don't address this, this isn't the thread for you. If everything is a conspiracy, then there is no way to analyze it logically.

Anyway, let us begin…

1fcc77  No.12543484

File: 4874ed029a90944⋯.jpg (4.33 MB, 3500x2570, 350:257, O'Duffy_Blue_Shirt_Movemen….jpg)

The Irish Republican Army

The PIRA or 'Provos' as we endearingly call them represent the only significant example of working class White men that engaged in a significant armed struggle against a powerful industrialized country and fought them to a stand-still. It has been said that the Provos did not win but neither did they lose. In fact, they caused serious damage to the London government (and the city itself as it happens) and despite all the resources that the British threw at them, hundreds of millions of dollars in men, tanks, informants, bribery, helicopters, military bases, secret police, assassinations, counter-terrorism, political-terrorism, and vehicles, the PIRA not only maintained their war but eventually started hitting back so hard that it forced the London government to negotiate a settlement to "end" the war. Thus, they are one of the four organizations that I believe we can learn the most from.

No analysis is complete without a little background.

Ireland has a long history of fighting the English. Even in the 18th century, the predecessors of the IRA, Sinn Fein, and the Irish national government had secret meetings in barnhouses, inns, and homes. And honestly we could talk about Irish resistance back to the days of Oliver Cromwell and long before if we wished to. However, the original IRA we're talking about grew out of the men who participated in the Easter Rising of 1916 against the British and later the War of Irish Independence in 1919. This revolt succeeded in forcing the British to grant Ireland home rule and then independence. There was however, a worm in the apple. The peace treaty that ended the Independence War left the London government with control of Northern Ireland and several ports. The IRA was split between those who accepted the treaty and those who wanted to continue the war against Britain. What happened was a civil war which the anti-treaty faction lost. The reason for this defeat was, simply put; the IRA underestimated the capabilities of the new government and attempted to fight a conventional war before they were ready to.

This civil war, by the way, is one of a small handful of true civil wars. Meaning that ethnic conflict played no role in it. The war was waged entirely over political differences, not ethnic domination masked by communism, Christianity, or some other amorphous wordist disagreement.

Speaking of political ideology, the earlier struggles were expressly nationalist in nature and for a brief period, the IRA (or at least factions within the movement) flirted with Fascism and National Socialism. This expressed itself most famously in the Blue-Shirts, pic related. However, gradually the intellectual leaders fell under the influence of Marxism as that was popular at the time. By the 1950s, the IRA had a distinctly Marxist flavour. Notably though, the jews never managed to seize control of the organization and leadership remained in the hands of misguided White men.

In the 1960s, the IRA began increasing its activities to defend the Irish minority in Northern Ireland and attempt to drive out the British and unite Ireland by force. They began conducting raids across the border and attacking infrastructure and police. This campaign failed completely and the IRA was driven back. This failure is in large part the fault of the marxist mentality of the IRA's leadership. These men failed to comprehend the obvious ethnic nature of their own struggle and thus focused on actions they thought would win over non-Irish working class men. This left the Irish abandoned and unprotected from the British without winning over a significant number of non-Irish recruits. In addition, the Marxist leadership had chosen to follow the Maoist plan of avoiding the cities and focusing on driving the security forces from the countryside. This works well in the Third World but has been proven ineffective for an industrialized state.

Shortly after this failure, in 1969 the nationalist factions of the IRA (consisting of much of their working class rank and file members) split with the marxist leadership and founded the Provisional-IRA. This nationalist splitter organization would go on to drag the London government to the negotiating table…

1fcc77  No.12543488

File: 6c238fd20fb54a3⋯.jpg (248.63 KB, 1024x812, 256:203, Provo helping stop helicop….jpg)

File: d28c52663a0a490⋯.jpg (487.43 KB, 1111x770, 101:70, Provo with American gun.jpg)

The Provisional-IRA

The situation in Northern Ireland at this time had deteriorated into serious ethnic conflict between the Protestant British majority and the Catholic Irish minority. Riots, arson attacks, and beatings were increasingly common and the Irish longed for a paramilitary organization to protect them. It should be noted that at this time, many members of the Dublin government were sympathetic to the PIRA's cause and much material and money was surreptitiously donated to the PIRA by friendly agents. This helped offset the losses in manpower and weapons suffered during the Border Campaign of 1956 to '62.

As we shall see, few things are more beneficial to a guerrilla struggle than a friendly government on the border of the region they operate in or sympathetic public servants in their area of operation.

Another source of weapons and money came from Irish nationals in the USA. Everything from disassembled rifles, ammunition, to even detonation devices (often smuggled in toy trains through airport security) were smuggled into Ireland from supporters in the USA and then stored in weapons caches throughout the borderlands.

Finally, one unlikely source of support came from none other than Muammar Gaddaffi of Libya. Gaddaffi detested the British and viewed anything that hindered and harmed the London government and its allies as a good thing. The enemy of my enemy is my friend would accurately describe his view of the PIRA. He thus supplied many complex weapons systems to the IRA through sea-lane smuggling operations. His most significant contributions were money, semtex, RPG-Ls, mines, anti-aircraft weapons, and AK-47s. Lots of them. After the 1986 bombing of Libya, Gaddaffi sent even more weapons to the Provos.

In addition, the PIRA had serious contact with various Palestinian resistance organizations. To what extent they collaborated is relatively unknown but it did exist.

The PIRA began their campaign almost immediately after splitting with the marxist leadership. Conducting beatings and assassinations of British Loyalists deemed a threat to the nationalists and blowing up buildings associated with them. This lead to numerous civilian casualties. Of course, Loyalist paramilitaries struck back and killed Irish civilians and suspected nationalist supporters in retaliation. Always bear in mind that throughout this war, Loyalist forces had their own paramilitaries that engaged in terrorist attacks of their own.

The PIRA also targeted economic targets and infrastructure. Also, numerous ambushes and attacks on police and soldiers forced the government to implement martial law in some areas in 1970 and raided Irish neighborhoods to seize weapons. These often led to gunbattles as the Provos and their sympathizers were to be found everywhere. They also began interning suspected Irish dissidents without trial.

Speaking of the military, the London government, realizing the threat posed by the PIRA had dispatched the army to restore order in Ulster. Police units were no longer able to effectively patrol the Irish areas due to attacks by the PIRA. It was no secret that the provos had informants everywhere, especially in the Catholic zones. Even children would throw rocks at the police in some areas and entire sections of city became army no-go zones where the military would have to escort the police just to enter, most notably the city of "Free Derry."

Naturally, all of this heavy handedness in the military response only drove up support for the PIRA. One of the primary objectives of acts of terrorism against a government is to provoke the establishment to retaliating against the population and thus alienating the public.

1970 saw the introduction of one of the hallmarks of modern asymmetric warfare; the car-bomb. The first car bomb attack was merely a boobytrapped car in South Armagh that killed 2 RUF officers. Later, car bombs took on a life of their own as a primary means of bomb delivery. South Armagh would eventually turn into a near county-wide no-go zone for security forces. One of many regions that the PIRA was able to effectively drive out government forces.

1fcc77  No.12543491

File: 2811da10d040e22⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 550x364, 275:182, PIRA.jpg)

File: 12482d5ad9d03de⋯.jpg (148.03 KB, 1065x689, 1065:689, Funeral.jpg)

From 1970 to 1972, literally tens of thousands of sniper attacks, assassinations, car bombs, IED attacks, shootings, and sectarian terrorist attacks killed hundreds of PIRA fighters, security forces, and Loyalist paramilitary fighters. Nevermind massive economic disruption due to the war.

This violence compelled the British to conduct massive counter-terrorism campaigns and used frequent ceasefires to get informants to infiltrate the PIRA. This soon paid off as the URC began arresting thousands of PIRA members, often using torture to elicit names and information from prisoners. This began to seriously harm the insurgency and the Provos were forced to adopt the Cell Strategy, a term that is often thrown around here. These cells consisted of around 6 men, give or take depending on circumstances. The nominal leadership of the PIRA was the Chief of Staff. This body only met twice during the entire war. However, they managed to exert great control of the cells indirectly and ceasefires were almost always respected and observed. Also of note, in some regions such as South Armagh, the PIRA operated on a much larger level and fielded full militias. These brigades operated semi-openly and these areas were effectively a state within a state.

By the late 70s the British government still was unwilling to negotiate a withdraw from Northern Ireland. This despite massive economic disruption in Ulster and hundreds of high profile attacks including the downing of an army helicopter in 1978. It became clear to the PIRA leadership that in order to force the British to withdraw, they would need to bring the war to London. As early as 1973 in fact, PIRA units had been dispatched to carry out bombings and assassinations in London. However these were not well thought out campaigns and target selection was rather indiscriminate. This changed in 1982 when the PIRA detonated a car bomb during a military parade, killing 11 soldiers and also a bunch of horses.

It turned out to be a public relations nightmare as the backlash against them was strong. Not so much for the 11 dead men or the 11 now fatherless families… but mostly due to the soppy pictures of dead horses published in tabloid magazines.

Oh No! Muh Optics!

This convinced the team in charge of operations in England to go dormant for a time and change tactics. They would not conduct another attack until 1984 when they bombed a hotel where fiercely anti-PIRA Prime Minister Margarite Thatcher was staying.

The attack was among the most sophisticated terrorist actions in history. PIRA men knew several months beforehand that Thatcher would be staying at this hotel and one of their members rented a room one floor above the room Thatcher was expected to stay in. He carefully pried up a panel on the bathtub in the hotel and placed a bomb timed to go off in exactly one month at 2:54 AM. The timer was created using a video-recorder and it allowed a detonation to be delayed for up to 48 days. The explosive itself was a mere 20 to 30 pounds of Frangex.

Being the Iron Lady, Thatcher somehow managed to survive the blast that killed 5 conservative party members. Had Thatcher been in the bathroom when the bomb went off, she would absolutely have been killed.

Fun fact, the Provo who planted the bomb was named Patrick Magee. Patty Magee. A name so sickeningly Irish that merely saying it aloud causes you to start craving cabbage & beef, Guinness beer, and then convert to Catholicism.

Anyway, Patty Magee was arrested later due to a single fingerprint left on a paper that he signed in to the hotel with. Since he had a criminal record, his fingerprint was identified. Wear gloves.

1fcc77  No.12543494

File: d2f762bfd9f290f⋯.jpg (168.17 KB, 483x358, 483:358, Baltic Exchange bombing.jpg)

File: 56843f9b1c50a1b⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 648x365, 648:365, 1993 Bishopsgate bombing.jpg)

File: 7a806133974addd⋯.jpg (98.24 KB, 500x335, 100:67, Canary Wharf bombing 1996.jpg)

File: 5bbd4c6fe2fd2c3⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 620x420, 31:21, London Dockyard Bombing 19….jpg)

Meanwhile back in Ulster, the war continued to intensify. Mortar attacks and car bombings were racking up a massive toll on bodies and Pounds. Police compounds were bombed, army convoys were ambushed, banks were burned, and civilians killed. Too, the sectarian minded paramilitaries engaged in tit for tat religious violence. In particular, several Loyalist groups targeted Catholic civilians in an attempt to ignite a religious war. These were repaid in kind with massacres of the families of those who perpetrated the killings. Around this time, another weapon in asymmetric warfare was introduced; the suicide car-bomb. Unlike Islamic SVBIEDs, the PIRA would kidnap and hold the families of security forces and force the father to drive the car bomb to its intended target (usually army checkpoints) before remotely detonated it.

Coeval with this development, several other attacks against politicians and military were conducted on mainland Britain and yet nothing they did caused the government to engage in serious negotiations with the PIRA. Then they changed target selection and in the early 90s, began detonating massive car bombs at financial buildings such as;

The 1992 bombing of the Baltic Exchange Building in the city of London. This caused £1 billion in damages and killed 3 people.

The Staples Corner bombing only a few hours later on Staples Corner London. This collapsed several buildings and killed no people.

The 1993 Bishopsgate bombing in the city of London. This caused over £2 billion in damages and killed one idiot journalist.

The 1993 bombing of a gas storage facility in Warrington.

The 1994 Heathrow Airport attacks where the Provos, over the course of a week fired a dozen mortar rounds onto the tarmac of the Heathrow Airport. This disrupted airtraffic and caused unknown economic damage.

The 1996 Canary Wharf bombing in London. This caused £100 million in damages and killed 2 people.

The Manchester bombing which killed no one and caused over £1 billion in damages.

Not to mention the dozens of other bombings and mortar attacks targeting politicians and financial targets.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, the situation for the government had deteriorated to the point where several army helicopters had been shot down by the rebels and PIRA personnel were able to conduct operations in South Armagh virtually unchallenged by the security forces. This gave others in the struggle a base of operations from which to seek shelter or plan other attacks against the government.

In addition to the violence, a curious episode occurred in 1992 where the Provos were compelled to conduct a purge within their own ranks. An organization within the armed struggle called the Irish Peoples Liberation Organization were deemed unreliable due to their religiously oriented nature of sectarian violence and their engaging in drug trafficing and rape as a means of conducting the war. In one night, the Provos assassinated their leaders and systematically crippled their organization. And when I say crippled I mean that many of the serious offenders had their legs and arms broken with bats and crowbars. Survivors who were willing were conducted into other units but the IPLO was effectively destroyed as a political entity.

1fcc77  No.12543498

File: b98c3b2dc82ea7b⋯.jpg (93.83 KB, 779x974, 779:974, Sniper at work.jpg)

File: beab16e536d878b⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1188x951, 396:317, Who sets up the checkpoint….jpg)

In 1997, a ceasefire was reached with the London government and negotiations began that led to the Good Friday Agreement. This treaty was satisfactory for most of the PIRA though not all as it left Northern Ireland separated from Ireland. However, the agreement freed all the PIRA prisoners, put Sinn Fein (the political wing of the PIRA) into power in Ulster, and gave the Irish Catholics numerous affirmative action tire protections and benefits over the Protestant British. Never underestimate the fact that there is now a 50% Catholic quota for the new police force in Ulster. That is power because now the men who were bombing Loyalist pubs and banks 20 years ago are in the police force. Think about that.

And though Northern Ireland remains disunited from the "homeland," all the Irish areas of Northern Ireland are run by Sinn Fein now anyway and if and when the demographics favour the Irish, the government has stipulated that they can just vote to secede.

Which, honestly is kind of meaningless tat considering the London government doesn't respect voting or democracy. But that's an entirely different thread for another day.

We could argue over whether they "won" but the fact remains that these bastards went up against an industrialized capitalist democracy and smashed their fingers over and over and over until the central government essentially paid them off like the French did to get the Vikings off their back. That demonstrates that they did not lose. It would be like George Bush negotiating with Osama Bin Ladeen to grant Al-Qaeda power in Saudi Arabia, released all the POWs from Gitmo, and ensured that his men could join the Saudi Army if they wished.

That's mighty impressive, inn'it?

1fcc77  No.12543499

File: a1c1d94da18ec8e⋯.jpg (68.36 KB, 580x364, 145:91, Provo with his flag.jpg)

File: 03235ac842f45de⋯.jpg (413.51 KB, 1300x1243, 1300:1243, Manchester Bombing 1.jpg)

Strategic Analysis

As I have said before, I believe that the most significant aspect of this war was the PIRA's decision to take the war out of Northern Ireland and start targeting London financial institutions. That is playing the smart game. The political elite know that a few dozen men could cause billions of dollars in damage and put corporations out of business with just a few hundred dollars worth of explosives. They certainly don't want you to know that though. The London government did not care all too much about the war in Northern Ireland. What got their attention was the thought of the war drifting to London's financial district.

In addition, their policy of calling ahead to avoid civilian casualties was very intelligent. Note that the attacks I listed from 1992 to 1997 in England barely killed anyone. This is no coincidence. The PIRA planned out their attacks very carefully to avoid mass casualties. This was to avoid handing the government a propaganda weapon against them. This was a hard lesson learned from cold experience.

In 1987 the PIRA bombed a police parade in Enniskillen and killed a bunch of retired police and a pregnant woman. This attack seriously harmed their public relations that means their ability to recruit and interact with the public.

The elites do not give a rat's shit about dead civilians. If you could see into their souls when they cry crocodile tears over victims of terrorism, you would see absolutely nothing. What gets them into a cold sweat is the thought of an important bank being incinerated or an oil refinery going up in smoke. That is the only language that they understand. It behooves us to comprehend this fact and never kidd ourselves into believing that the elites give a damn about dead soldiers. Especially the jews who view dead White soldiers as a good thing.

Finally, their policy of engaging in the Long War approach is important. Asymmetric warfare is a long term investment. The government of course does not like it when its important infrastructure is destroyed and its helicopters are shot down. Thus their primary goal is to make a revolt die quickly. The longer it drags on, the more likely one of their banks or corporate media headquarters will be blown up by an intelligent revolutionary.

1fcc77  No.12543501

File: dee89a7751ea63b⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 590x350, 59:35, PIRA attack.jpg)

Well, that about does it for the PIRA. Please feel free to add or share knowledge on this topic.

Lastly, all you Loyalists out there who are angry that I gave the Provos the time of day; while I can't take back what I wrote, I will be giving the British Loyalist paramilitaries their own thread and their own analysis. And this will be of course from their perspective. Same as here. We all have our biases. However, I will be giving them roughly the same treatment that I have given to the PIRA so just stay calm and carry on.

1fcc77  No.12543504

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Here is a disclaimer I am not responsible for your actions. /pol/ is a board of peace.

Here is this thread's theme music. (vid)

Here is the TLDR; The IRA blew sum ppl up and got sum stuff

And I'm done.

1e5ad3  No.12543515

Lot of brits claim the modern IRA are a cucked commie group, is this true?

956eda  No.12543524


War of Independence/Civil War no, Troubles era yes.

29e115  No.12543539


The IRA as it currently exists is a criminal gang. IRA in name only. Ireland as it currently exists has two lefty parties with the same goals and ideals, and every alternative party which gets airtime is even further to the left. There is no party politician today which will put the needs of the Irishman before the needs of the EU, and the system is set up in such a way that if you're not part of a party then you get fuck all power.

c0482c  No.12543554

This thread is gold, thank you for the effort, OP.

Lookin forward to more

67bf77  No.12543585

Nice work OP. Though I can hardly commend all the acts of the IRA, I think it prudent that if we ever wished to emulate them (in minecraft) we have this vast source of knowledge to draw from, especially regarding the financial war and the elites.

93ae2b  No.12543597


Why did they change?

8b4d2b  No.12543599

The Provisional IRA did absolutely nothing wrong.


They're Brits trying to shit on the Irish who fight back, like they've always done.

1fcc77  No.12543649




Yes and no. The IRA are Marxists, the Provisional IRA who split from the "original" IRA were nationalists with socialist leanings. But don't call them "national socialists" or they freak out because

>Gnatsiesm baaaaaad

And such poppycock.

This is to be expected considering that the Provo's leadership was closely related to the 1960s IRA Marxists. But to ignore the distinct split between them and the Marxists is dishonest.

Another thing to consider is that the political wing of the PIRA is Sinn Fein. While virtually all of the nationalists supported them in 1998, there are many veterans who claim that Sinn Fein betrayed them by not pushing for full independence.

Indeed, Sinn Fein appears to be collaborationists with the (((System))) now and they do sell out Irish interests to serve the jew and to serve Brussels. How ironic.

I believe that one of the biggest lessons we can learn from the Good Friday Agreement is that we will need to religiously police our non-violent wing (in minecraft) to keep them honest. The Purge that the Provos did in 1992 should have been done on Sinn Fein as well to weed out collaborationists.

On the flip side, I have heard plenty tell that Sinn Fein gave loads of cushy government jobs to PIRA veterans after the war. So it's not like they didn't gain something for their struggles… at least, not the leadership.

But that's the trouble with the long war. People get tired and the longer it goes on, the more likely someone will settle for less.



Thanks, fellas.

And I agree completely. Waging guerrilla war against the minecraft mobs will be very difficult.

The path to victory, in my mind is to take out the redstone conductors that supply the enemy's bases with electricity. Then they will be dealing with their pet golem running amok, causing billions of emeralds of damages while we sit cozy in our dirt hovels.

1fcc77  No.12543651

File: 66270dec0875c76⋯.jpg (51.58 KB, 750x438, 125:73, Checked PIRA.jpg)



dc9e59  No.12543824




Interesting and high quality thread, thank you OP. I didn't know much about the IRA before thanks to (((education))) but I will pick up a book on the subject.

57be80  No.12543885


you should read "fry the brain: the art of guerilla sniping" it has a chapter on the IRA

a6c954  No.12543912


>They identified him on one finger print

>Wear gloves

Can't you also acid wash your finger prints? Or fuck with it by creating scar tissue? (Both of these things being dangerous as shit.) It would at least be less conspicuous then going everywhere with a pair of gloves on.

1fcc77  No.12544012


Sure, but I imagine that this would hurt.

A better method would be to use some sort of plastic finger covers.

Hypothetically speaking, I may have found it useful to wear latex clear plastic gloves while putting up pro-White posters.

77829a  No.12544067

File: 4b5b177af6db4c6⋯.jpg (754.23 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0001.jpg)

File: 8fba97b9d6548b3⋯.jpg (992.63 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0002.jpg)

File: f676927b12ea025⋯.jpg (859.98 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0003.jpg)

File: 3bff67f806f380e⋯.jpg (988.16 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0004.jpg)

File: 13c7bffc8448ce6⋯.jpg (877.45 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0005.jpg)

Thanks for making this thread OP, here's the first chapter of Fry the Brain to get anons interested in this topic.

77829a  No.12544069

File: 9fe2cfb5ae590fc⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0006.jpg)

File: 70293cc70b097ae⋯.jpg (884.69 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0007.jpg)

File: dde8d55e389b278⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0008.jpg)

File: e0fa7d8bf028c86⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0009.jpg)


Part 2 of 3

77829a  No.12544072

File: 5c563b4c07ba142⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0010.jpg)

File: 10db26b24137c3f⋯.jpg (801.55 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 0011.jpg)



Part 3 of 3

Read this and contemplate all the various pieces required to pull off repeatable and successful operations like this on a regular basis.

d474a7  No.12544074


Great work OP. Thank you for the information.

Slight off topic: for anyone interested in pizzagate, the IRA (possibly the PLO exclusively) were amongst the sickest fucks, at least as bad as the elite today. I'm saying not just kiddie fuckers but pimping out and/or sodomisizing their own children.

My sources lack depth but maybe someone else can add to this.

Is it possible the PLO emigrated to England? Were they friendly with Anglo kikes?

8ede92  No.12544148

Great thread OP, and looking forward to the follow-up thread on the Provos.

New here. I was a 4chan poster for years now, but that place has been totally overrun with garbage threads for ages now. So far I have read two high quality posts on this board, feels good again!

c68097  No.12544159

File: b28fb92b70894d0⋯.png (15.81 KB, 177x123, 59:41, b28fb92b70894d0f5fbbcbca8a….png)


The IRA were always cucked glorified terrorists, targeting mostly kids and women for ez attacks. There's a reason they're called the niggers of Europe

1fcc77  No.12544200

File: 03b265a64b56448⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 885x560, 177:112, 155947725-b1618090-0c8d-44….jpg)


Thankyou and it may be awhile before I address the UDF and other Loyalist paramils (I presume that's what you meant). Mostly because I kinda want to get a Yugoslavia civil war thread going since that's what I've been reading about lately. Also, last time I followed up my IRA thread with an ETA one since they compliment each other. At least, in my mind they do.

But I will get to them because they were very interesting and also forced the central government to cuck to them using violence and economic terrorism.

d8d655  No.12544234

The IRA were literal Marxists who had to resort to killing kids and off duty soldiers because every time they actually tried to fight the British army or UVF/UDA, they'd get fucked.

78cff4  No.12544257


Good stuff OP


This post in particular really highlights what is the most important thing to take away from the IRA's acts during the trouble: targeting police and soldiers is largely pointless and targeting civilians hurts more than helps; the best target to go after is infrastructure and wealth


Will you, at some point, have a thread about Mao? I recall my old world history teacher used to call him the most successful terrorist in history and a lot of his tactics are still used by terrorists today


Read the thread

8ede92  No.12544302


Whether or not the IRA was a marxists organization is somewhat irrelevant to the information being presented in the thread. The real takeaway here is the tactics and strategies they implemented in order to gain political power.

eb7683  No.12544305

File: 0f94bc7b1c801c4⋯.png (3 MB, 1832x4692, 458:1173, Merged.png)



Your knowledge won't be forgotten anon.

Another good song for the thread, even if Irish plans out of breeding themselves northern Ireland shall fail, the music itself was absolutely worth all the struggle.


One important question, what percentage of country has to join a struggle to form a successful guerilla ?

78cff4  No.12544318


iirc Mao said that in order to fight a guerrilla war successfully you need support of at least 1/3 of the population. Mind you, Mao isn't the most reliable source of information so he may be full of shit in this instance.

eb7683  No.12544336


I could agree about support but I'm curious about the actual number of fighters, people ready to commit to action or even die for the movement.

In blackpill threads people often mention that we already lost because whites are dying out and there is not enough people to put up a good fight. I always disagree because in my opinion, supported by nothing but brief knowledge of history, even one percent of population ready to go out and do what's needed would be virtually existential threat to any government.

Of course it all depends on various circumstances like support of army and people but I wonder what kind of percentage would be enough to become a threat

1fcc77  No.12544344


You know, I probably should because I myself like quoting him. I tend to try to keep my focus on European conflicts because China 80 years ago is a different animal than W Europe and America in the late 20th century. Then again, he won his war so clearly he knows his stuff. And I do love his quote about fish and the sea.

I will consider it. Last time I had a thread for miscellaneous non-White organizations. Maybe I'll break it up by geography and devote one for China. What a fucking mess that conflict was, lemme tell ya…


Glad to contribute to our collective knowledge.

That is a good question. First off, the PIRA only had about 100 -300 men in active "service" at any given time. And most of these were either in South Armagh trumping around gunning down British convoys or serving as support roles.

They had a few thousand others who served as direct informants and in supplying weapons, money, vehicles & transportation, and of course sending messages around.

But the real question is; What percentage of the population at large needs to support the cause that the rebels are fighting for to succeed. And this is up for serious debate since the population is the sea in which a guerrilla must operate. This is where he gets information, recruits, and support.

One popular opinion is 3% fighters, 10% active support, 30% passive support. This of course comes from the American Revolution.

And this seems to be the minimum requirement for a "terrorist" organization to transcend into a real guerrilla fighting force.

Of course, it's much better if your support base is concentrated in one geographic area. One of the main reasons that the Provos were able to trump around in the open in County Armagh is because their support base there was like 100%. The British infiltrated units all around Northern Ireland but never were able to seriously infiltrate the South Armagh brigades for long. Informants usually ended up face down with their hands tied behind their backs.

1fcc77  No.12544353


>one percent of population ready to go out and do what's needed would be virtually existential threat to any government.

This is correct. 20 men could shut down all major US cities and cause 100 billion dollars of damages if they knew what they were doing.

8ede92  No.12544357


Maybe it takes 1/3rd of the population in Asian countries, but Europeans are a very different people.

eb7683  No.12544429


I'd say USA is not going to be too bad in that case. Whites could fight themselves slice of the country even if they're down to 20%.

What worries me is social changes that's been taken in recent decades. All of those Irish boyos knew each other, they shared a guinness every now and then, bars were perfect information exchange hubs. If you needed to form a cell of 6 men you just created one with people you knew and drink for most of your life.

Now <30yo are mostly living solitary life. I doubt most of us goes to bars and drinks with buddies raising toasts for free motherland.

What's even worse all of our communication hubs are being infiltrated, the moment we try to do something ((they)) will just pull few strings and arrest people who had potential to do anything. Creating cells wouldn't be an easy task either, you'd have to trust people you never knew before and you'd have 0 chance to know whether your terror buddy is a believer or deceiver.

000000  No.12544571


upload pdf you man mad

c4d99a  No.12544654







Hey paddyposter, glad to have you back after that recent thread on violence deficits. Should make sure to archive your threads so we can track all the different movements being analyzed

c4d99a  No.12544741


>In addition, their policy of calling ahead to avoid civilian casualties was very intelligent. Note that the attacks I listed from 1992 to 1997 in England barely killed anyone. This is no coincidence. The PIRA planned out their attacks very carefully to avoid mass casualties. This was to avoid handing the government a propaganda weapon against them. This was a hard lesson learned from cold experience.

Seems like a dumb question, but was it just from timing their attack to where no one would be in the buildings, or did they literally call ahead. The latter seems like it would be counterproductive since government forces would all over the place

1fcc77  No.12544883


The greatest achievement of the jew is not his corruption of our political elites or his opening of our borders. The kikes greatest achievement is how they have destroyed our ability to think together and collaborate as White men, even though we are a persecuted minority in our own homelands.

That is true 4th generation warfare and by God the kikes really have done a number on us.

And yet… for all their billions, for all their media monopoly and political trickery, White men seem to be rekindling our natural ethnocentrism. It's damn slow but as our situation becomes increasingly obvious and the media jews are screeching about our impending destruction as a race, White men are starting to think long-term again. Women too now that the (((feminists))) are throwing White women under the bus in favour of Tyrone, Muhammad, and "Jennifer" the transexual freak.


>was it just from timing their attack to where no one would be in the buildings, or did they literally call ahead.

They literally called ahead. In fact, many of their later attacks were conducted in broad daylight so that people would answer their phones and clear out. Sometimes this didn't happen at night, hence the drop in casualties.

The reason they called the places directly (oh & btw, the Manchester bomb had a two hour delay) was because the Provos frankly didn't trust the cops. They always suspected that the police would delay telling the public to evacuate so as the get a large death toll for the media. And there are some suspicious instances of the police telling people to go somewhere where a bomb was set to go off.

1fbbbf  No.12545047


>the Maoist plan of avoiding the cities and focusing on driving the security forces from the countryside. This works well in the Third World but has been proven ineffective for an industrialized state.

Could you elaborate further on that point? I think I get what you're saying but the "rule the countryside" approach seems to be /pol/'s consensus for strategy so seeing a thorough breakdown of why that is a losing strategy would be immensely beneficial.

1fcc77  No.12545107



First off, the IRA's border campaign in general was an attempt to seize control of the farmlands and backroads from the government. Then use this as a base of operations to launch a conventional war to capture the cities (which of course would already be revolting as the brave proletariat threw off the shackles of the imperialistic capitalistic racist empire!!!1) This worked for Mao because China was a war torn shithole. However, the IRA were dealing with a fully industrialized capitalist monstrosity. Which btw, is EXACTLY what Marx claimed would be ideal for communist revolution, yet the opposite has proven true. Only third world shitholes experience "communist ""revolutions""" but now I'm getting off track. Ignore this

So wherever the IRA attacked, they were never able to gain control of anything for long. When they blew up an army barracks, the Brits just sent another platoon to pacify the area.

Meanwhile, they generally refused to attack the cities. In part because they figured that once they seized the countryside, they'd seize the cities later, so why bother? But also because they had this idiotic idea that they could get the British workers to revolt and join their Irish comrades. So they avoided cities.

Why is this dumb? Because cities are where the economic center of the beast lies. Only by crippling the enemy's economic base can you force him to start negotiating.

In China this was irrelevant because cities were as poor as the countryside. But Belfast is no Luoyang. Even if the IRA had managed to keep control of the backroads and farmlands, as the PIRA eventually managed to do in South Armagh, the state simply wouldn't care too much.

Modern armies are expensive things. Keeping them in operation requires far more resources than a band of guerrillas needs. Thus, the weakness of the current regime is in its need for these resources. To defeat them, one must strike at the source of their economy.

That is where the IRA failed.

727734  No.12545603

File: 4c226381cff2a04⋯.png (27.53 KB, 600x251, 600:251, ira_never_had_more_than_12….png)

File: 73f7add6f82a3dd⋯.png (28.76 KB, 617x301, 617:301, ira_never_had_more_than_12….png)

IMHO the single most important lesson to learn from IRA is that you should never feel discouraged by being overwhelmingly outnumbered. it takes a helluva lot less fighters than you imagine to put a dent in the Universe and topple an Evil Empire. the IRA never had more than a dozen fighters in the UK mainland. the IRA never had more than 1,200 soldiers with guns at any given moment. that's all it takes to win a guerilla war is 8 villages, give or take (assume 160 people in each village.)

Harold Covington was on the right track as far as back of the napkin counter-revolution logistics when he stated his goal was recruit 1,000 good white men, broken down into building blocks of 3-man cells of "trouble trios." if 1,000 IRA soldiers can bleed the British Empire into capitulation, imagine how little it will take to "pull it" on the US Govt?

that's why the (((glow niggers))) are so afraid of the Right Wing Death Squads. they know only too well just how fragile and indefensible their facade really is, and just how slight of a gust of guerilla wind it would take to huff and puff and blow their house down.

c4d99a  No.12545626


This is actually a pretty big whitepill

727734  No.12545638


that strategy is exactly what ISIS did in Syria/Iraq. and it worked at first. at its peak, ISIS controlled territory was larger than England + Ireland + Scotland. the peak population of the Caliphate was bigger than the population of Canada.

ISIS repeatedly used the strategy of storming a city and broadcasting vicious executions and an overwhelming show of force, then quickly retreating and leaving only a few dozen or hundreds of fighters on basically a suicide mission to force the Govt to siege and destroy the city down to the very last ISIS fighter.

meanwhile, at the same time tens of thousands of Govt soldiers were surrounding the city and attacking, ISIS would launch another bedouin raid and storm a nearby city. this tactic was described in the ISIS book Management of Savagery as a way to D&C the military, by always moving your attacks to force the Govt to spread its resources thin and to thereby create the propaganda illusion that the Govt is unable to defend its territory. that illusion creates legitimacy for you in the eyes of the local population, who see that you can defend the city, whereas the Govt cannot.

69e676  No.12545644



026f72  No.12545710


>Notably though, the jews never managed to seize control of the organization

The jews would be the British Army. This was a highly unique situation.

311886  No.12545730

File: 2d6a58a1ecd56d3⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 670x427, 670:427, 2d6a58a1ecd56d3c79eccad369….jpg)


Well other than the Army the Goal of an Guerrilla isn't to hold an Building, a Position or Land.

So Numbers doesn't matter as long as the Guerrilla avoid big and long fight with the enemy.

The Goal is to strike enemy at a vulnerable spot and then to disappear.

The wound which the Guerrilla inflicts isn't a military one but a political one.

Military victories only count for the Guerrilla to boost moral.

1fcc77  No.12545794

File: a54a8e2c51621b1⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 671x442, 671:442, 959f5d5e8882a095c7ec166237….jpg)


Indeed. One of the key benefits of this is being done right now in Afghanistan where the Taliban is entering regions once thought safe from them. Once they do so, informants who have been quietly biding their time come out and point out the homes of those who have supported the government and they are beaten, shot, lynched, or beheaded. And while the Taliban will not be holding these territories for long, it sends a message that no matter how safe you think you are, they can come and reap bloody vengeance against anyone who collaborates with the American puppet government.

Once potential collaborators feel that the government cannot protect them, even for just a brief period, from the insurgents, then they will quietly withdraw their support from the state.


This is a Whitepill indeed. The hardest part of this struggle is getting that first 1000 men. If and when White men start to organize into cells and striking at the System and those traitors to their race who collaborate with it, then it will all be downhill from there. Once the ball starts to roll, it will not stop due to the simple inertia of it. People will begin to withdraw from the System once they realize that it will not protect them, this loss of support will force them to take drastic actions to continue to survive, this will alienate the public and cause more recruits to drift over to our side, which will in turn conduct more strikes against the System.

Obviously, we will need to be smart and not go burning down any churches or school busses, but this system is so rotten that it can be utterly destroyed.

727734  No.12545810

File: ec1c669623222e6⋯.jpg (80.87 KB, 996x640, 249:160, zarqawi_dont_ask_for_permi….JPG)

File: c471ddaa10498fb⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 540x285, 36:19, angel_jihad_martyrs.JPG)

File: 0dca457b7b32379⋯.jpg (136.33 KB, 776x544, 97:68, crimea_2014_little_green_m….JPG)

File: 5ea0036a0d62d88⋯.jpg (102.02 KB, 600x814, 300:407, the_world_is_sick_we_are_t….JPG)

File: 34d03f2afa7b034⋯.jpg (65.12 KB, 850x400, 17:8, awlaki_iman_is_to_believe.JPG)

7bd54f  No.12545851


Will look it up thanks

1fbbbf  No.12546307


I would but it's all non-OCR'd images and won't fit here.

8f4b0f  No.12546860

File: 055ab4a49df1752⋯.jpg (34.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Feels of Athenry.jpg)


You got a screencap of that one? It was a good read.


> In fact, many of their later attacks were conducted in broad daylight so that people would answer their phones and clear out.

I can imagine how it went down on their little potato phones now

>Hello, McRiley residence, O'Patrick speaking

<Aye we're bombing the area in a jiff, fuck off will ya?

>Why's that?

<UK a right bunch of bastards

>oh i see

c4d99a  No.12549337

File: 3cb37c8de9cd19d⋯.jpg (388.41 KB, 1789x874, 1789:874, political violence and ter….jpg)


This is the only screencap I saved. The rest I saved in txt files if you want

8f4b0f  No.12551072


That's not the post I was thinking of, but yes, I'd take it if you don't mind.

000000  No.12554785

>look up to see what the old IRA heads who didn't get Stakeknifed are up to

>they're shilling for refugees, open borders, and communism


1fcc77  No.12554831


It's pretty sad to be sure. I've chatted with people who supported them back in the day and I've asked, "So, you guys fought for Irish independence from London, but now Ireland is controlled from Brussels. How's that sit with you?"

And I have never received a straight answer. In their hearts they know it's wrong but they cannot wrap their minds around the idea that there could possibly be a non-British foe.

Always police your leaders. Selling out must become unprofitable.

000000  No.12555639


When it was nice and empty I asked my local Irish pubkeeper (I have an actual Irish pub with an actual Irish owner in my area) how many million refugees Ireland could handle and he actually struggled to say that "they're people too." I just looked long and hard at him and he hasn't taken it up with me since, but I can tell by his banter that he has been thinking about the issue.

Was the IRA just a commie trick? Are the Irish so up their own asses with malice for the Eternal Anglo that they can't tell they dug their own graves? Surely the last full blooded Irishman will be a poet and will write a tear jerking line or two about it.

aa3004  No.12555649

Reminder /pol/ was shut down by fed disruption shills and you should assume peaceful speech is a death sentence, step it up to the next level of dissidence.

000000  No.12555773


you first glownigger

e5e099  No.12555877

File: a424287891634e1⋯.mp4 (4.31 MB, 320x240, 4:3, My Little Armalite.mp4)


1fcc77  No.12557409

File: c941482ddd92fb8⋯.mp4 (3.47 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Bhoys Of The Old Brigade I….mp4)


>Was the IRA just a commie trick?


You know, you could say that I'm a guerrilla warfare junkie. Some might even call me our resident expert on the various little resistance groups that tramp around our lands. At least post 1900. And I honestly, the question you have posed would take hours to answer as it's kind of profound.

Post 1917, there have been a lot of guerrilla organizations in Europe and America and southern Africa. And I will be analyzing a lot of them. One thing that we will encounter over and over and over again is the theme of marxism used as a ideological screen to justify nationalism. Why this is so, is happenstance and opportunity. Marxism has been popularized by the international jew and the "success" of the USSR. Fascism has not. Open nationalism has not. If the FLNC or ETA had openly embraced National Socialism as their ideological basis for their struggle, they would not just have been fighting France and Spain respectively. The entire world would have descended upon these little guerrilla groups to crush them.

Secondly, Marxism has created for itself the theme of anti-imperialism. And since most rebel organizations have fought against what they consider illegitimate empires, Marxism appeared a natural ideology to adopt.

I too dislike imperialism. I see no reason for Europeans to rule over each other. I suspect you may feel the same. And ironically, the largest empire of the 20th century was the USSR. However, the Marxists and their jewish leaders are masters of deception and propaganda.

So the "anti-imperialist" rebels of the 20th century adopted the most imperialistic ideology ever devised because it appeared to be the opposite of what it truly is.

Finally, due to the massive propaganda of the last 80 years, National Socialism has always been depicted as the "ruling imperialists", the bullies, & the tyrants, despite the fact that it's literally the exact opposite and no one is more bullied by the establishment than we are. And people fighting the "establishment" have been trained to call their opponents "Natsies" or fascists. So why not take the "opposite" ideology, Marxism?

Oh and also, by larping as Marxists, terrorist organizations could often get free goodies like soviet weapons and cash. Though in reality, geopolitics determined who got what, not ideology.

And yet, for all that most of the lower ranking, working class PIRA, and even IRA, ETA, and FLNC fighting men are simply nationalistic patriots fighting for their homeland and maybe a little socialism after they win. They're not the disgusting little ideological Marxist zealots you meet in college campuses, as tenured professors, or throwing bricks through windows in Portland. They're simply working class men who want ethnic independence from forces that they regard as invaders and oppressors.

Unfortunately, a lot of these men claim to believe in communism and some even think that they do. But they don't live by their creed.

As for the Irish, well, they really do have some sort of mental barrier to not hating the English. They have fought them so long that it's inconceivable to them that there might be other forces out there that seek to exploit and oppress them. And yet I am getting the feeling that this is changing. The old guard is dying and all the old IRA and PIRA supporters are hitting the retirement homes or have sold out to the System. And younger men have access to the internet and thus see the wider world. Their working class communities are beginning to be flooded with these aggressive African invaders. And all the honeyed-lies of the Marxists are revealed as rotting poison.

I do not expect openly National Socialist IRA rebels any time soon. But there's something in the air. The winds are shifting and you can really feel a change in the political atmosphere. The working class IRA men and women openly proclaim that their leaders betrayed them. And the Irishman is starting to feel the pain inflicted upon him by these multiculturalist kikes.


000000  No.12559018


>This revolt succeeded in forcing the British to grant Ireland home rule and then independence.

It was tactical retreat for the British, that in fact, for all practical purposes, kept control over Ireland, just not in name.

>There was however, a worm in the apple. The peace treaty that ended the Independence War left the London government with control of Northern Ireland and several ports. The IRA was split between those who accepted the treaty and those who wanted to continue the war against Britain.

The Brits paid off and armed a part of the Irish nationalist to do their bidding. They didn't do it so explicitly, of course, but in result. The British are very experienced in colonial matter and always preferred to rule by proxy. Most of India was no British colony but ruled by "independent" rulers (groomed in Oxbridge, Sandhurst), the British themself controlled only some critical infrastructure and choke points.

>The reason for this defeat was, simply put; the IRA underestimated the capabilities of the new government and attempted to fight a conventional war before they were ready to.

They didn't expect to have to fight their own, really clever from the British.

In my opinion, the Irish still haven't understand what happened, that they are independent in name only. Most Irish are under remote control of London, consuming British news, are dependent on them economically.


>Loyalist paramilitary fighters.

>British counter-terrorism campaign


Loyalist terrorists were nothing but British government death squads, manned and supported by police and army (special forces), guided by the British secret services. Tactics were adapted from British anti-Maoist fight in Malaya. It was part of demoralizing campaign towards the Irish, part "Operation Phoenix" eliminating of all suspicious subjects. That was not possible with above surface, legal means, so the British conducted their "Operation Condor" with "plausible deniability" of loyalist terrorists.

000000  No.12559033


>The IRA were literal Marxists who had to resort to killing kids and off duty soldiers because every time they actually tried to fight the British army or UVF/UDA,

No guerilla army fights a regular army in the open, that would be pretty stupid. Robin Hood is for children and Hollywood.


>targeting police and soldiers is largely pointless

That is limited resource and demoralizing them is paralysing their overlords.

>the best target to go after is infrastructure and wealth

Same category as police and soldiers. A strike against energy supply or communication, that includes transport can be devastating. That is the reason it is the US military preferred targeting, useless against primitive adversaries like Vietcong and Taliban.

>targeting civilians hurts more than helps

Easy target with often devastating (for the civis) result. Leadership normally in (((western democracies))) don't care for one bit, but the measures taken in response might play in the hand of the guerilla; 3D chess, Sun-Tzu or psycho stuff.


>I'm curious about the actual number of fighters, not enough people to put up a good fight.

Mao and Castro, both were a tinny group in relation to the population.

That too >>12545603

>I wonder what kind of percentage would be enough to become a threat

It is not the number but the efficiency in fighting. If they are able to keep in check large numbers of adversaries and paralyse administration (government loosing "mandate of heaven", loosing face and no longer are the default power in state) they win.

See >>12545638


>Once potential collaborators feel that the government cannot protect them, even for just a brief period, from the insurgents, then they will quietly withdraw their support from the state.

It can not stressed enough, collabos are the weak point of any regime. A regime can not protect anybody it needs to exist, a wisdom ETA used to its advantage (forcing the Spanish to waste police force to protect insignificant local politicians). The police force and their families did become a target of ETA too, forcing them to live isolated in barracks.

bbd25a  No.12559047


The excessive individualism has always been a problem here.

It has been blown out of proportion in recent decades though.


The whole "brits out, blacks in" thing always irritated the piss out of me.


Interesting thread OP.

I figure this is a good a thread as any to ask-

Anybody have any pdfs on Michael Collins or Eamon De Valera?

000000  No.12559053



>Fingerprints and acid

>Sure, but I imagine that this would hurt.

Don't use acid. Use a base like NaOH, used in drain cleaner. Just a little bit of diluted base rubbing between the fingertips, gives a soapy feeling and dissolves the top of the skin. Test the result and don't over do it or there will be no skin left.

>A better method would be to use some sort of plastic finger covers.

Crazy glue coating, not rubbed between the finger tips. Dries quick and a dry distorted surface remains. Crazy glue can be removed with acetone.

Today there might be the problem of leaving DNA traces.

1fcc77  No.12559116


>Today there might be the problem of leaving DNA traces.

Ha, I have a solution to that. Simply go to a barber shop and pilfer some hair. Disperse it in places that you… er… conduct political activism in.

Of course, one must keep everything one does as clean as possible. No unnecessary contact with anything.


> ETA used to its advantage (forcing the Spanish to waste police force to protect insignificant local politicians). The police force and their families did become a target of ETA too, forcing them to live isolated in barracks.

You and I would get along, comrade. Very few people even know of the ETA let alone their tactics.

Indeed, isolating the regime from the public is among the goals of the revolutionary.

The acme of asymmetric warfare would be a situation where the police feared to leave their barracks and allowed the rebels to administer justice unchallenged.

This the PIRA managed to do very effectively in some areas. Their constant attacks upon police barracks forced them to fortify them and hide from the public they were supposed to be policing.

As we know, once the state loses the perception of monopoly on violence, it ceases to be legitimate in the people's eyes.

12a2e6  No.12559296

File: 32915abd284ecf5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.02 KB, 720x711, 80:79, 32915abd284ecf5e457fe2bd7b….jpg)

Ireland is extremely cucked. Since adopting Satanist/Saturnian Jew-Christianity, then surrendering to the Vatican. Then getting conquered by the English. Then, a long time later pushing the English out. Then surrendering to a worse master, the EU, and welcoming the Niggers and Muslims in and being the proudest of cucks. I'm Irish and the state of Modern Ireland disgusts me. At least the old cuckery did not permanently destroy the Irish people. The new cuckery is auto-genocide nya~



12a2e6  No.12559336

File: 6f5c0f02f52f438⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6f5c0f02f52f4384537f58a50c….png)


Swedes and Irish were neutral and had no colonies in WW2 and they still view Hitler as the devil… they believe the (((bank))) owned media, the greatest of cucks, I am not proud of this aspect of my heritage nya~

000000  No.12559429


Thanks for your comments.

8f4b0f  No.12559552

File: 85d67f761b88bf3⋯.png (239.25 KB, 1792x538, 896:269, The IRA; Marxists In Name ….PNG)


A cap for you mobile niggers, so you can share it easily.

So in short, they're MINOs. That makes sense, whenever I hear about them and it isn't loud british screeching, it's usually about their love and loyalty to their nation; not something I usually associate with socialist organizations.



Fuck off back to your filthy little off-shoot.

5fa975  No.12559710

Never forget the IRA was a commie front group. Notice how they disappeared without soviet backing. Without a patron state no revolutionary movement has ever been successful

5fa975  No.12559719

Never forget Ireland was left with only fags and cucks after 1860. the real Irish fled or died. Calling what remains there Irish is like going to a reservation to experience true Arapaho culture.

b5c2a1  No.12559757

File: 460be0e0d58055e⋯.png (202.32 KB, 593x342, 593:342, white jihad.png)


5fa975  No.12559817


Retard you are proposing we be failures?

326c19  No.12559868


That was essentially Azov, but everyone too gay to see that. In all its for the best because mainstream nationalism like on here seems to have a lot of faggots and retards that poison the movement.

fcb0c3  No.12560283

File: 704dd0602431c49⋯.jpg (167.54 KB, 634x787, 634:787, 1421463230833.jpg)


Thanks for this thread OP.

6fa64a  No.12560488

File: eb902c658826489⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 497x689, 497:689, truthww2-40-3avvs2c.jpg)

Great thread.

I'm specifically interested in things like how they got started off, and how they interacted with the legal/above ground elements and how they helped eachother. These seem important. Most people are interested in the sexy conflict and explosions but at the end of the day, getting the people together and getting them supplied with networks of people money and resources are the deciding factor in weather or not any group, peaceful or not, ends up doing something or ends up being a jerk-off

be51e4  No.12560853


84b66c  No.12560942

Quality thread OP. Really interesting read.

1fcc77  No.12561248


Pretty much, yes. Especially with the Provos.

Don't get me wrong, they do envision an Irish-Socialist state. If you mention that they're nationalists who want (Irish) National Socialism, they get all befuddled. But it is what it is.

Their socialism is a bit confused, but it isn't really all too important to them as you'd think. If you asked most of them whether they wanted a socialist state or a united Ireland, you know which one they'd pick.


Okay, so first of all, the USSR did not provide any meaningful material support for the Provisional IRA. Even the "original" IRA never received a single gun so far as we know, from the USSR and at most received several thousand dollars for information on the British military. But the PIRA didn't receive squat from the Soviets. Their largest suppliers of arms were compatriots in the USA, Libya, and sympathetic government and army officials who lost track of certain weapons.

Secondly, did it never occur to you that maybe I actually knew of the Marxist sympathies of the 'original' IRA? I mean, I wrote all this history and analysis of them and mentioned it several times in my OP so don't you think that maybe I knew that already? You're probably the 12th person to remind me that the IRA were Marxists.


>Without a patron state no revolutionary movement has ever been successful

You know, this is actually an interesting topic of intense debate even in academia. Can a revolutionary organization overthrow a government without a patron state? There are examples of this occurring without (significant) foreign support. However, many scholars on the subject such as professor Alan Dershowitz (and yes, I know he is a jew. You don't need to inform me of who is a communist and who is a jew) maintain that this is impossible in a 21st century context.

And we could argue for hours if you like. I would actually really enjoy that as I'm not allowed to talk about terrorism and revolution with many of my associates.

But suffice it to say that I disagree. The reason why so many revolutionary organizations have foreign backers is because it's easy to accomplish. There are dozens of competing global factions that rejoice at the opportunity to fund rebels in other countries. And even today, the kikes are not the only powerful scumbags at the top of the roost.

But the support that these organizations receive is simply money, information, weapons, and sometimes bases to operate such as during the Rhodesian Bush War. And I'll gladly admit; states are wonderful at providing these things. But they do not have a monopoly on them. It is very possible for a revolutionary organization to get information, money, and weapons from other non-state actors. This is done all the time and not talked about. Yes, it's more difficult. Yes, it's risky. But it is far from impossible.

1fcc77  No.12561279


This is an excellent critique. I shall devote more time on my next analysis on just this subject.

With the Provos, they already had an organization going into the conflict and I figured that it would be tedious to talk about how the original IRA organized because it was so long ago.

But the short of it is that the Irish had had extra-legal organizations that met in secret for decades. This formed the political backbone of the future Irish state and had legitimacy in the eyes of the Irish themselves. This is critical to the success of a revolutionary organization. This is the difference between simply being hunted terrorists, hated by all and a full fledged guerrillas capable of conducting massive attacks upon the regime and even holding territory.

I will get into this subject a lot when I talk about everyone's favourite teeshirt; Che Guevara

b5c2a1  No.12561324




three posts, all shit-tier blackpill posts

Sure activates my almonds, you disgusting kike

65d4ea  No.12561352

Imo the clearest lesson from the IRA is that limited counter insurgency campaigns do not work.

8f4b0f  No.12561586

File: 198249ea2af3224⋯.png (38.71 KB, 501x684, 167:228, BEGORRAH.png)


That's relieving to hear. The last I heard, Ireland had become much like the rest of Europe, what with the Abortion vote. Knowing that some people over there still care is enough to cheer me up.

Again, this thread was a delight to read. Looking forward to your next post.

69eb6c  No.12561765


>leftypol meme

just neck yourself anglo scum

8f4b0f  No.12564725

File: 6b6a6a00dc3de1a⋯.jpg (29.73 KB, 227x361, 227:361, 1444319113220.jpg)


Are you autistic? Or did you not read any of my posts?

69eb6c  No.12565001


that irishman meme is from a heeb on leftypol who tried to shut down the discussion on jew dominated media, finance and goverment institutions by saying

>oy vey but goy the irish also hold some mediocer places of power, why are you singling out u- i mean the jews

dfe0ab  No.12565112

I figure I'll post in this thread since it's about the Irish and paramilitary groups in Ireland. But a few days ago a small, elderly and Irish family was evicted from their house and had their farmland repossessed due to unpaid mortgages. The bank decided to employ an allegedly UVF-affiliated security firm who proceeded to beat the residents of that house quite severely while making jokes about the catholic heritage of the residents before dragging the residents out of the house and physically throwing them off the premises. This firm then began guarding that farmhouse on behalf of the bank. Further, this UVF-affiliated security firm was allegedly escorted to the farmhouse by the Irish police, the Gardai.

The reason I am posting this, however, is because of the events that took place early this most recent Sunday morning. Some 70+ men armed with bats broke down the door to that farmhouse with a chainsaw and beat the fuck out of the occupying security guards in retaliation.

Perhaps you mightn’t think this a just retaliation, as indeed the man who previously lived in the house did not pay his mortgage. But I think this is evidence that the Irishman has not yet surrendered entirely and there might yet be hope if such a large group for such a small area ( population of around 800 people in that area ) can quickly ready themselves and strike back after only a few days. I've probably missed a few things in this post that I meant to send, but whatever.

28fedb  No.12565118


butthurt hibernian detected

dfe0ab  No.12565129


The Hibernian conspiracy is a meme you dipshit.

5ac80a  No.12566341


Of course it's a meme, that's not the point. Is it TRUE, that's the important question. Personally, I don't think the Hibernian hypothesis holds any water.

291bbc  No.12566528


Lots of feels not allot of facts to support your counters here. Post examples or facts.

291bbc  No.12566551


The origin of the IRA takes books. But since you want themes. There was high level memes like the Illuminati Thomas Paine romantic themes, poets and rabble rousers, many failed and aborted uprisings. Using sports and cultural clubs as recruitment/cover. But ultimately it was having a financial and military support of the real Irish who fled. The plastic paddies who voted for the EU, mass Pollock invasion, abortion, and a queer street shitter as a leader prove the point of the Irish as an extinct race.

80b616  No.12567302


>the Irish as an extinct race.

can't even speak their own language.

michael collins and others wrote about how they were going to bring back the irish language….ugh never gonna happen. irish today cannot speak irish because they were genocided by english, who did the same to scotland, and wales, by the way.

be51e4  No.12567318


>muh 20 gorillion lost languages

And the Aryans genocided the fuck out of the earlier Europeans which is why almost all of us speak PIE languages natively. Cry more you little cunt.

922965  No.12568000


Actually there is something to it. Irish in the US have willingly worked with the Jews to take over the US

000000  No.12568069


>Irish in the US have willingly worked with the Jews to take over the US


Like the Trump's they collaborated with the jew.

35019f  No.12568089

the ira are dirty commies fuck em.. BOTH ira's are commies

1fcc77  No.12568179


If you do not mind, I would appreciate it if you kept me updated as to what happens to that house. Whether the bank is able to continue stealing it or if they concede to these acts of violence.

As you probably know, there is a scholarly debate as to whether "terrorism" is an effective political strategy. I am obviously on one side of the debate and I like collecting stories like this. Regardless whether it supports me theory or not.


You want me to post examples of the USSR not supporting the IRA?

That's like asking someone to post examples of dragons not existing.

I can however provide you with some interesting examples of American Irishmen running guns to the PIRA. Look up George Harrison. He was one of the PIRA's main gun runners from the states.

a14ce3  No.12576934



its a meme by heebs on leftypol that are trying to attack the credibility of ZOG exposees you retard.

im not irish, i dont live anywhere near those fucking shep islands, but i know a (((leftypol))) meme when i see one

afa827  No.12577003


The fact that the IRA is Marxist is not disputed. Your assertion that the Soviets gave little support needs evidence.

dfe0ab  No.12577054

File: 030c07e7db44d06⋯.mp4 (5.39 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, giId3UeiqGzsFXrr.mp4)


Very little has happened so far, as best as I can tell. There was some debate on the matter in the Dail between the Taoiseach and some Sinn Fein fellow from up in Donegal. This Sinn Fein fellow decried the manner in which these people were evicted from their house, and the Taoiseach responded with "It doesn't take long for your Balaclava to slip".

As for the actual house, I believe the siblings that were evicted have taken up residence there again, although the doors and windows are broken. They expect to be removed from the property again shortly.

vid related, it's the dáil

130d00  No.12577160


Off topic, but let's talk about the Kennedy assassination. /pol/ seems to believe it was carried out by "Deep State globalists". That it was a kind of "New World Order" coup.

Seriously? That's bullshit.

President Kennedy was a globalist and internationalist, just like his father, and his brothers, and the rest of his family.

I read an interview with a woman who was a secretary for Joe Kennedy, President Kennedy's father in 1939-1940. She was opening his mail one day, and read out a letter from a congressman who asked Joe Kennedy for his support in keeping the US out of a European war. Joe Kennedy dictated a letter to the secretary saying "The US should not get involved in foreign wars. I support you congressman etc etc".

Then later in the day, some important people arrived at Joe Kennedy's house. The secretary had to provide them drinks etc, as they talked with Joe. The secretary was very surprised to hear Joe and these people discuss how to get the US involved in the war against Germany.

After the men had left, the secretary naively said to Joe Kennedy "Mr Kennedy. I don't understand. In your letter you said the US should not get involved in a European war, and should take an isolationist position. However, in your meeting, you were discussing how to get the US involved in a war against Germany. I'm confused. I don't understand? Can you explain?"

Joe Kennedy patted her on the back and laughed. He said: "Listen, no important person ever puts down what they truly believe in writing. Do you understand?" Then he walked off.

In other words, the letter he dictated, saying he was against the US entering the war, was completely fake, and created for posterity, to throw everyone off the right track. His verbal discussions, never recorded for posterity, explained what he truly felt.

Joe Kennedy was a globalist. His son, Jack Kennedy was a globalist. All his descendants are globalists.

President Kennedy was shot dead in 1963 by people who were nationalists, who were anti-communists, who knew that Kennedy was a disaster for America.

The people who shot President Kennedy were the kind of people who, if they were around now, would be browsing and posting on /pol/.

8f4b0f  No.12577228

File: dc87618d7764750⋯.jpeg (171.96 KB, 640x382, 320:191, 6E13138A-D54F-480F-9F5A-9….jpeg)


>people who were nationalists, who were anti-communists, who knew that Kennedy was a disaster for America.

Very intelligent men as well. They knew that getting Kennedy out of the way would give us the extremely right wing president, Lyndon B. Johnson.

afa827  No.12577282


Sounds like a novel idea. Why not post a thread on the Kennedy's and see if it gets any interest. Since you are obviously a tard, this sarcasm will be lost on you, ill be blunt; you are a idiot.

dfe0ab  No.12577313


>You should be shot for being so stupid.

You should be shot for being so stupid.

dfe0ab  No.12577318


Cool to see a schizophrenic who also can't understand sarcasm.

dfe0ab  No.12577361

File: aeea8e086832830⋯.png (738.58 KB, 810x539, 810:539, ClipboardImage.png)


But I don't come equipped with self destruction programming, how can I, as a bot possibly kill myself? Do I even have a self to kill? Also you're a retard and here's why 8f4b0f was being sarcastic you big brain.

In other, more related news: Image related is the man who owns the security firm which was used to evict the family in Roscommon. An ex-British Soldier by the name of Ian Gordon. More information, albeit likely not entirely accurate going by the state of the website it's hosted upon can be accessed through this archive: http://archive.is/rJkqF

188308  No.12577383


why shit up pol with kvetching about some individual potato nigger?

dfe0ab  No.12577416


As an addendum to this post, Ian Gordon has been mentioned several other times on the internet as having been involved in the eviction of Irishmen from their homes. He is even mentioned as having worked for KBC bank several times prior.


It's in relation to my earlier post about an Eviction in Roscommon. It's related to the thread in that this security firm is allegedly related to the UVF, a paramilitary group from Northern Ireland, a claim that looks likely now that the owner of the firm has been found to be an ex-British soldier. Entering or creating a PMC was a very popular thing for ex-paramilitary groups to do in Northern Ireland.

I suppose the main reason I'm posting about him is because he appears to be using his position as the leader of a security firm, albeit not a well respected one, to fuck with Irish people in a way that mirrors the UVF which is an organisation that this one allegedly has ties to.

188308  No.12577436


first i thought you were confused, now i cant be so nice. Potato niggers are not Irish. That race was destroyed.

2c95d1  No.12577535


Damn. Thank you anon, a fine read.

2e4f60  No.12577610

File: 2b42b8a166c1d0f⋯.jpg (39.32 KB, 640x394, 320:197, 654yuk654u6k54-640x394.jpg)

Modern day Ireland clearly shows how all irish are scum and replacing the filthy pops with the etarnal anglo would have been to everybodies benefit. I hope our god emperpr nukes both islans and cleanses them from filth. Exept Cornwall obviously.

188308  No.12577670


https://youtu.be/MrHoMSRZOS4 what once was to be feared has come to be wished

30948e  No.12577834


Nice try Jew

a918e5  No.12577844


The IRA atleast before the split was marxists, but the USSR didnt support themin any major sense like they supported 3rd world revolutions.

most of the foregein support IRA got was fromthe US, libya and the black market

a918e5  No.12577858


>hey goys offtopic but


>kennedy was a bad goy

neck yourself shlomo. all US presidents since WW2 were globalists because it was their job to be a foregein policy tool.

kennedy got offed for wanting to abolish the private dollar and complaining about israels nuclear program.

as mediocer and corrupted as he was he was the best US president of the 20th century

188308  No.12577899


I am willing to entertain your assertion, but something to cite would be nice.

2e4f60  No.12578252

File: 0835de4066194e1⋯.jpg (42.06 KB, 857x482, 857:482, 1018316866.jpg)



Obviously. Britain is still getting nuked.

bbd25a  No.12578279



>mossad would browse /pol/

You know, Final Judgement used to be required reading around these parts.


>cuckchan is still here

344391  No.12578722


Good thread, I await your future ones as well



I'm also interested in these, both the txts and the caps Anon referenced, if you would be so kind as to share


The DNA part of hair is in the root, and thus wouldn't be present on cut hair. Besides it does nothing to hide you and makes it harder to clean up. Not to mention that if a single one of those hairs leads to a suspect, they quickly find the barber shop, and they'll know roughly when you were there, and you seem like the type who would have used a credit card because what is the FBI gonna do? Sift through every single receipt from the day in question? Perhaps you should stick with putting up IOTBW flyers until you figure out what the fuck you're doing

ce0705  No.12579015

File: c4a449fa449d7be⋯.png (122.95 KB, 1084x1162, 542:581, European Parliament resolu….png)


Thanks for a good thread OP.

027b52  No.12579129




One classic method of removing fingerprints is to sand them down, such as with soapstone or some similar abrasive. I've also heard of cutting down to the subcutaneous layer at the points of minutae and placing some lye in the cut, for the purpose of subverting the algorithms used to match fingerprints.

I've heard that it may be possible to leave prints through a latex glove, and while this is just a rumor, they are able to pull prints off a residue a single molecule thick; I would still remove your prints AND wear gloves AND wipe the scene. It's also possible to print the texture of the glove itself, be it latex or leather, and if you have a case of matching latex gloves in your car, I have no doubt they could match them to the prints from the scene. People also forget that they leave prints inside the gloves. Don't be those people.

c4d99a  No.12579394

File: d6a4795b9b78b36⋯.png (190 KB, 1546x838, 773:419, txt files 1.PNG)




Here guys. Tried to reformat it so I wasn't spamming with copy paste. Basically saved all the ones that were of particular interest to me in that thread and numbered them off for you to be able to separate them. Apologies for the weird spacing, and lack of context for some of them since alot were replies to other posts.

c4d99a  No.12579396

File: c064fe9b8845503⋯.png (193.61 KB, 1566x864, 29:16, txt files 2.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579401

File: 86015efc63eb50e⋯.png (210.43 KB, 1536x871, 1536:871, txt files 3.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579404

File: 18605a377242d29⋯.png (117.5 KB, 1532x858, 766:429, txt files 4.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579410

File: e2e31b4ac4d2437⋯.png (131.2 KB, 1517x833, 1517:833, txt files 5.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579412

File: d61c348cb5a1643⋯.png (124.02 KB, 1485x823, 1485:823, txt files 6.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579415

File: 675d0cc539bfdd4⋯.png (105.35 KB, 1542x806, 771:403, txt files 7.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579417

File: 691ba9f642de32b⋯.png (105.02 KB, 1550x875, 62:35, txt files 8.PNG)

c4d99a  No.12579423

File: 8e1d380835a5a09⋯.png (25.65 KB, 673x251, 673:251, txt files 9.PNG)

Last one

78a471  No.12579745


Holy fuck you braindead nigger, that's the god damned point.

f00dfe  No.12579910


>They literally called ahead.

"Punishment by appointment" also sounds like a uniquly Irish thing to do. Civilized warfare.

f00dfe  No.12579929


Quebec has a similar attitude toward Canada vs the US. They want independence but they'd be a state in no time if they were.

f00dfe  No.12580037


Didn't De Valera take in some Germans?

f00dfe  No.12580061






eb9600  No.12581122


Commie in chief

eba30e  No.12584285


For the love of God, could people stop making screencaps that are a million pixels across? Keep the horizontal size small enough that the words are easy to read, even on a cell phone screen. It's not hard to do, it just requires one additionap second to de-maximize your browser window and fit the content into few enough inches across. UNIX users think 80 columns.

e45bf7  No.12584316

File: ebfadff8506911c⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 395x400, 79:80, wait-wut.jpg)

File: 04cf3747e66c2a9⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 620x461, 620:461, Top Lad.jpg)

It makes you think, hey, maybe all of that anti-Irish stuff we heard growing up as kids in America all came from buttblasted jews. Really makes you think what else we may have been lied to about.

1fcc77  No.12584453


Oh dear. I was reading my own comment and I mistyped. I meant to say

>I never use racial slurs when talking WITH someone other than WITH my gf.

In otherwords, there are only a few people whom I use ethnic slurs with. They're only useful for the already-initiated. Please forgive my typos.


As I have gathered. People keep telling me that they're getting racial fast. However, I'm too out of touch with the francosphere to say for certain.

e45bf7  No.12584485

File: 8137e59cf716ffe⋯.jpg (320.5 KB, 1422x1016, 711:508, British_Communist.jpg)

File: 0f10ca22beb0534⋯.png (892.32 KB, 800x450, 16:9, London.png)

File: 9b663d68d295f53⋯.jpg (120.81 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, Karl_Marx_plaque_in_London.jpg)

From what I have read the British were all Marxist so the IRA was created in order to counter them. London, England was home to Karl Marx himself. So the British really had a deep love for the guy.

1fcc77  No.12584486


>the siblings that were evicted have taken up residence there again

Haha! Glad to hear. Political power does not come from a ballot box. It comes from the gun.

… or bats and crowbars in this case.

I shall be following this story with interest, anon.

e45bf7  No.12584551

File: 0719b3d07d5ec63⋯.jpg (106.19 KB, 500x621, 500:621, Eisenhower_Progressive_Con….jpg)

File: 34f0ac1ba060d9d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, einsenhowers-soviet-parade….png)

File: be8229d5cca4453⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1562x1071, 1562:1071, Einsenhowers-German-Genoci….jpg)

File: 3aeee1f14dd4589⋯.png (457.52 KB, 600x488, 75:61, British marxist Lyndon B J….png)

In the United States the story was a little different. British marxist began infiltrating the Republican Party. Their momentum received a big boost after WW2. With such political figures as Wilson, FDR, Dwight D. Eisenhower and later on, Lyndon B. Johnson. British Marxist Dwight D. Eisenhower is recorded to have killed women and children during the German POW genocide by mass starvation. British marxist Lyndon B. Johnson as well, murdered many innocent women and children.

pics related

99647b  No.12584576


I never really heard any of it until I first encountered jews in college. You might be right.

t. Irish Catholic who went to Catholic school

e45bf7  No.12584679

File: ae10ac85520a03f⋯.jpg (485.16 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, JudgeKavanaugh.jpg)


It was on full display during the recent Judge Kavanaugh ordeal. Every buttblasted jew and their paid lackey screamed from the roof tops of America about the second shoah.

9e2495  No.12584793

This thread is complete horseshit

IRA's existence was the product of the cold war and the global terror culture that prospered under it. Notice that not many years after the soviet union collapsed(1992), the IRA knew the jig was up. They caved in like meek little wankers. They knew they were about to get wiped out and chose wisely.

Not once does the OP mention the cold war in relation to the whole topic. This is how I know he is retard

9ea686  No.12584807

File: 4a7282b6b889869⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 428x510, 214:255, 1272373827944.jpg)


It's amazing how the jews at wikipedia actually put huge emphasis that he is not a jew.

1fcc77  No.12584820


You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Nor do you have even a child's understanding of recent history. The USSR collapsed in 1991 and were already floundering long before that. The PIRA forced the British government to negotiate a settlement in 1997. Long after the USSR was able to provide even monetary support to anyone.

Which is irrelevant anyway because the USSR never gave the PIRA direct support anyway.

Stop speaking out of your ass when you know nothing about the subject.

adb37c  No.12584823


>The PIRA forced the British government to negotiate a settlement in 1997

>being this delusional

So Northern Ireland is part of Ireland or United Kingdom now?

1fcc77  No.12584837


>Didn't even read the OP

Read it then.

Also, you think you're being clever yet you can't even tell the difference between TOTAL VICTORY and Negotiated settlement which is how most wars end anyway.

adb37c  No.12584848


I read your garbage OP sadly. The main aim of the IRA was to kick the Brits out of Ireland. How is that going so far?

e45bf7  No.12584928

File: b750034dc84bb57⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 260x194, 130:97, Russian Christain.jpg)

File: d8d88bce388ee43⋯.jpg (121 KB, 691x680, 691:680, 0c50f92956103e9c12c01dd827….jpg)

File: 747a6e498b6118b⋯.jpg (182.47 KB, 1000x719, 1000:719, russiansub.jpg)

The Soviet Union had some pretty based policies during the Cold War period. 80s era Soviets were essentially out jewing the jew at their own game. Quite clever… indeed.

In his 1969 book Beware! Zionism, Yuri Ivanov, Soviet Union's leading Zionologist, defined modern Zionism as follows:

Modern Zionism is the ideology, a ramified system of organisations and the practical politics of the wealthy Jewish bourgeoisie which has closely allied itself with monopoly circles in the USA and other imperialist countries. The main content of Zionism is bellicose chauvinism and anti-communism.

Soviet anti-Zionism

>"the main posits of modern Zionism are militant chauvinism, racism, anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism"

>"the anti-human reactionary essence of Zionism" is "overt and covert fight against freedom movements and against the USSR"

>"International Zionist Organization owns major financial funds, partly through Jewish monopolists and partly collected by Jewish mandatory charities", it also >"influences or controls significant part of media agencies and outlets in the West"

>"serving as the front squad of colonialism and neo-colonialism, international Zionism actively participates in the fight against national liberation movements of the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America"

>"A natural and objective assimilation process of Jews is growing around the world.

In late July 1967, Moscow launched an unprecedented propaganda campaign against Zionism as a "world threat." Defeat was attributed not to tiny Israel alone, but to an "all-powerful international force." … In its flagrant vulgarity, the new propaganda assault soon achieved Nazi-era characteristics. The Soviet public was saturated with racist canards. Extracts from Trofim Kichko's notorious 1963 volume, Judaism Without Embellishment, were extensively republished in the Soviet media. Yuri Ivanov's Beware: Zionism, a book essentially replicated The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was given nationwide coverage."

A similar picture was drawn by Paul Johnson:

the mass media "all over the Soviet Union portrayed the Zionists (i.e. Jews) and Israeli leaders as engaged in a world-wide conspiracy along the lines of the old Protocols of Zion. It was, Sovietskaya Latvia wrote 5 August 1967, an 'international Cosa Nostra with a common centre, common programme and common funds'"


1fcc77  No.12584944


And they forced an industrialized capitalist democracy to sit down and negotiate with terrorists.

That's darn impressive for those of us who aren't dimwits.

9e2495  No.12584967


IRA: We wanna kick you Brits out of Ireland. Ireland is rightful Irish clay. Do it or else

Britain: Grow up

IRA: Ha Ha Just kidding. We just wanna talk

bbd25a  No.12584986


Did all the bombings not happen in your headcannon?

bbd25a  No.12584987



tfw tabletposting

1fcc77  No.12585000


>Being this dumb

Your own posts prove how ignorant you are of this conflict. They need to commentary from me.

5c71dc  No.12585491


My best guess is he pissed off the wrong Zionist for some reason or another. Either that or he learned some things, had a change of heart and actually was going to try to do some good for the people. The second theory seems like a stretch.

4e3c01  No.12588174


All of this sounds excessively similar to the LTTE story happening around the same time. Would you ever consider doing a piece on them?

b7ec5b  No.12588282


If the ira we're real they would be bombing dublin for. ; Jews shoving baby killing amendments, Catholic priests not being made to do hard time in a women's prison, a street shitter for a leader, the EU forcing Ireland to keep voting until they gave their sovereignty to a bunch of Germans.

But yeah let's definitely not conclude the IRA were just some Hatfield and McCoy bullshit being funded by the Soviets.

1fcc77  No.12588432

File: 04f27785bc381d5⋯.jpg (236.16 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, Tamil Tigers.jpg)


Yes indeed. The Tamil Tigers were another example of terrorism 'working' and compeling a ruling government for a time to make concessions to the so called "cowardly terrorists"

I actually roomed with a Singhale fellow back in college and he had some interesting things to say.

The Tamils are often credited with inventing the suicide vest. And I remember that they even used to get on National Geographic and be reported on with a certain element of sympathy.

They certainly did not benefit from 9/11 though. After that, America and its media began to treat all terrorists as enemies and this more than anything helped the Sri Lankan government to go Biblical on them. They defeated them in much the same way that the British defeated the Boers. Concentration camps and brutality.

I'll definitely do a piece on them later. However, I must point out that I believe that our situation in the West is a world apart from theirs was and I am not certain how much can be learned. And it's unlikely that we would ever consider using women as suicide bombers. Much to MGTOWs disappointment I'm sure.

Still though, they were almost successful for a while and managed to wrest control of the north of Sri Lanka for a long time. They're still de-mining the place.

Pic related

Imagine fighting a war in flip-flops. These fuckers were tough as nails.

4e3c01  No.12590973


Thank you for responding. I myself am a descendent of Jaffna Tamils but being a first gen Canadian have not kept in touch with my history as much as I have Western Civ. I'm getting re-acquainted with my roots now from that perspective and the analogues are striking, at least to myself.

I know there were relations between LTTE leadership and the PLO, as well as Gaddafi, and possibly even Russia. This aspect of "terrorism" fascinates me as it points to a common cause between these worldwide nationalist struggles. I personally believe that it goes beyond mere sponsorship of similar nationalist ideals.

I also want to make special mention of Bobby Sands' inspiration of K Muthukumar, an Indian Tamil who self immolated himself in protest of the atrocities suffered by our people. It's well known in our circles that he, and other hunger strikers like Thileepan, were inspired by Sands.

e2e64b  No.12591322


Potato niggers is one thing but start a thread on tamils or insurgency campaigns if you are inclined

000000  No.12591566


OP here. Faggot mods banned me.

> This aspect of "terrorism" fascinates me as it points to a common cause between these worldwide nationalist struggles. I personally believe that it goes beyond mere sponsorship of similar nationalist ideals.

You and I might get along, Tamil. Being fascinated by nationalist struggles and international terrorism is my life.

And though you may have guessed that I'm weary of non-Whites living in Canada, I have a strong respect for men who stood up for their national rights. And frankly, the idea of an international-nationalist uprising against the Zionist collaborator regimes makes me smile.

4e3c01  No.12591810


I have my respect for both the descendants of lower and upper Canada, I celebrate our national heritage, and aggressively defend Canadian Nationalism. I am severely saddened by the fact that most immigrants, including my fellow Tamils, have no respect for their Canadian or Tamil forebears.

I completely understand your hatred of immigrants. The vast majority, including my own people, are dependent on the welfare system that drives our generous country bankrupt. But there are still some of us who remember the contributions Canada has made in the past, before the war on terror. We know our place is not here, but it does not make us any less grateful and patriotic to Canada.

I long to restart our struggle, on new fronts in a new age, but realize it will not happen without this very same international brotherhood. That will not happen until both our people are awakened to their national and racial causes. The nationalization of Canada, US, and other First World countries are paramount to this International struggle in the modern age.

In the meanwhile I do my part to represent Canadian Nationalism where I can. I speak often about it, as my color allows me a privilege I know I should use to this benefit. Canadian heritage is at risk at being forgotten, and this is the heritage that allowed Tamils to work here and fund our struggle. The unique contributions of Canada to not only Tamil, but I imagine many other struggles, will and should not be forgotten.

As a Canadian, Quebecker, Montrealer and Tamil, my identity is constantly at conflict, unlike I imagine yourself to be. However it does allow me to appreciate all these aspects without an affinity for any one of them, despite skin colour and blood. This is what Canadian ideals taught me.

I hope that all of our people one day release the yoke that has enslaved us, and if it can be done with cooperation as it has in the past, it is only the foundation for the stability between these nations that would follow.

fc09a5  No.12591963

hey OP have you been following the Yellow Jackets riots against the Globalists in France?

I'm curious what you think about their methods. They've done a whole lot of economic damage to the government and large businesses.

c4d99a  No.12592106



I've always been curious about self immolation or hunger strikes as a form of protest. Seems relevant since it was a tactic used by the IRA. Can someone explain it to me? Just seems like a much easier way for you to off yourself and make the opposing force's job easier. Maybe I'm missing the bigger point or some other detail, but they always seemed odd to me.

1fcc77  No.12593100

File: 81b1e7eb149f9e9⋯.jpg (216.44 KB, 995x645, 199:129, Buddhists handle death bet….jpg)


I love it. I could make a few quibbles here and there but I won't. I am very comfy right now. Protesters have been burning down toll booths and while I'd rather it were banks, I am pleased as punch that they're directing semi-organized violence at the System. And Macron himself is displaying his utter stupidity every day. Even Idi Amen wasn't so daft that he fails to pay his police forces at the same time that he was repressing the people.

This is why I know that the kikes will lose in the long run. Their parasitism forces the Shabbos Goyim ruling class to make idiotic decisions like that to keep the kikes in power.

Also, unlike in guerrilla warfare, street protests do benefit from securing territory and barricading themselves. This allows the protesters a secure base to flee to and strike out from. Too, it shuts down parts of the city and thus increases traffic in the zones still controlled by the state.

All in all, I'll give those Frenchies 8/10

I love it when the elites lose money. They can't even crack down on them yet until Macron resolves his police problem. Lovely.


Well first off, when the IRA did their hunger strike, it was a prison thing so it's not like those fellows were vital for the armed struggle.

But self immolation or some similar thing is quite common. The Arab Spring, one of the largest violent outbusts in recent history began when a Tunisian street vendor immolated himself in protest of the corrupt police stealing his stuff.

The trouble with violent revolutions is always the people collectively taking the first step. You've been here a while I presume so you've encountered dozens if not hundreds of people wishing that RWDS would spring out of the ground so we could join. I know I do.

But lacking a peoples' organization against the state, if you're pissed off you have very few options.

The first is to build an organization to fight the state. That's tough. Just ask Harold Covington.

The second option is to go out like Robert Bowers. Steely eyed lone wolf armed with nothing but a gun and your idealism. Blast away at some of the cunts who abused you and probably be caught later that day like Tim McVeigh. And SIEGE-posting aside, it's not actually all that useful. Lone wolf terrorism is a dead end because the state does not fear loners that much. The FBI can eventually catch them. It's organizations that make them lose sleep.

This leaves one other way to violently resist the System and that is immolation or something of that kind. Committing public suicide in protest of an abuse is the ultimate act of defiance against the System. And people take notice.

The state media can cover it up but the people will know. And thus, though you die, others may take inspiration from your death and use you as a martyr for a popular uprising against the System. Everyone in Tunisia had to some degree or another been victimized by that regime. So it is easy to imagine yourself in what's-his-name's place. And when others see that you were willing to die to protest the regime, it kind of shames others into action.

Another benefit to the self-immolation tactic is that it allows non-combatants like Buddhist Monks or old people to strike right at the heart of the Regime through the hearts and souls of the People. Never underestimate martyrdom. Mens hearts are still moved by heroic acts of defiance.

Mind you, I'd rather none of us did this. Americans are way too glued to their fucking TV screens and couches to be roused to spontanious protest if some poor soul blows himself up in protest of the System. Everyone understood the repressive police force in Tunisia. Understanding the jews and their control of our "democracy" is a bit more complex.

Pic related.

Look at that concentration!

1fcc77  No.12593166


>I long to restart our struggle, on new fronts in a new age, but realize it will not happen without this very same international brotherhood

I agree and believe me, I do not hate immigrants themselves. My hatred is reserved for the kikes and especially for the treasonous cowards who collaborate with them. The backstabbing politicians, the lying media, and the corporate executives who chose money over their own people. These scum deserve to die. And I appreciate your efforts as a Tamil in talking about these issues.

Honestly, I'd be willing to work with just about anyone to thwart these psychotic international elite. The ruling System is a global one and thus may require a global "civil war" to remove it. And when America is no longer able to support so called "anti-terrorist" governments, I suspect that the Tamil people of the north will be able to wrest their freedom back from the Kotte government. Maybe even from southern India too. After all, states should conform to the people who live there, not the otherway around.

a38676  No.12593170


Sniff sniff, am I smelling a commie? Certainly smelling something like it. Like unwashed desperation

1fcc77  No.12593177


Either you're responding to the wrong person or perhaps this is an attempt to elicit an angry response.

But why? At this point it doesn't matter if this thread is derailed or not since it's old. 'Tis a mystery.

c4d99a  No.12593192


Makes a bit more sense as a tactic for noncombatants, appreciate the reply anon. Mind giving your thoughts/analysis on the IRA prison strike?

1fcc77  No.12593229


I'd say that it worked. MPs dying in prison is bad optics for even the Thatcher regime. And during the strike, tens of thousands of enraged Irishmen demonstrated in Ulster. Between the headline grabbing deaths, the rioting, the demonstrations, and the retaliatory bombings, those two months were filled with reports on the Northern Ireland struggle.

It's tough to say how much the strike helped expand the support base of Sinn Fein. However, it certainly looks pathetic when you have Thatcher tramping around saying she 'will not allow myself to be bullied' by starving men.

I will say though, the Irish leadership expected that Thatcher would cave into the pressure because she was a woman. As you know, the prisoners wanted POW status and they didn't get it. So this demonstrates that the elites of both sexes operate on a different, much more callous mentality than we do. Expecting a female leader to be more reasonable or less combative has been proven to be a poor strategy. Historically, female leaders have been at least as warlike as men if not more so.

a38676  No.12593260


Rubbish threads are useful if they illiuminate failed mytys and faulty logic.

a38676  No.12593268


Whites go Bowers and take out the enemy. Slaves and women hurt themselves to harm their owners by destroying property

000000  No.12593515


>Yes indeed. The Tamil Tigers were another example of terrorism 'working' and compeling a ruling government for a time to make concessions to the so called "cowardly terrorists"

The similarity between Tamil Tiger and IRA is both are the result of British colonialism.

Here it ends.

>I actually roomed with a Singhale fellow back in college

The Singhales were the original inhabitants of Ceylon like the Irish. While there were Tamils on the island since a long time, most of the Tamils came to Ceylon during British rule.

It is a practice of British colonialism to introduce a foreign population to the place they want to subdue. It is kind of dived and conquer, just they do the divide artificial and chose sides.

In the case of Ceylon, the Buddhist Singhalese were made second class citizen inhabitants dweller on their own island, not only toward the British, but to the immigrant Hinduist Tamils as well. Tamils got all the new jobs and position the colonial administration could distribute.

So the Tamils were like the Irish-Scots towards the Singhalese, that granted were treated not as badly as the Irish.

This pattern of British Colonialism could have been observed also in Malaya were Chinese and Indians, mostly Tamils as well, were used to deprive the local Malays of their land. The immigrants secured British rule in their colonies as collaborators.

On Fiji island it became so bad that the immigrant Indians have removed the autochone Polynesians from all political influence. After British colonialism they are now subject to rule of immigrant Indians.

If we look at the immigration to Europe, the hostile rhetoric of the ruling (((class))) towards the indigenous Europeans, every attempt is made to marginalise the original people of Europe and their culture, ancient customs, believes and at the same time the preferred treatment the immigrant population receives, one can avoid to see the similarity between methods of old British colonialism and current European immigration politics.

Indians in Canada play the same role as they did in Ceylon, Malaya, Polynesia, the Caribbean.

Tamil “refugee” in Europe or Canada have no credibility what so ever, travelling for 10.000 of kilometres, miles alleged “in search of protection” while in fact their ancient homeland, unaffected by war is just 10 to 20 kilometre from Ceylon in the massive Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Indians, Sikhs dominate Canadian politic, while setting off bombs in Canada or on Indian planes.

The negative influence of people from the Indian subcontinent is noticeable everywhere on the British islands including Ireland.

While Britain has no longer a colonial empire, the style of politics of their ruling class hasn’t changed much. After the second world war, British advice was certainly sought after from their pals from the USA how to subdue the newly conquered territories in Europe.

Not only since the publishing of the US diplomatic cables do we know that the USA is playing the same “identity politics” game as the British have done for centuries.

The Pentagon has made a paper about the “immigration weapon”. In fact it were the USA that forced to take Germany “guest worker”, particularly mischievous from “Turkey”. Turkey as a member of EU has been a long time wish of the USA, signifying millions of Turks more in Europe. Plenty of opportunity for “outreach to discriminated against Muslims” as the US embassies do, US media is kvetching for, against the local “Nazis”.

So on Ceylon, the local won a mayor battle against foreign invaders and could turn back the results of a occupation regime.

e7cffa  No.12593966


You're completely disregarding several facts to push your view, namely:

Pre British rule there were three kingdoms, of which one was a Jaffna kingdom established during the Pallava dynasty in the 13th century

While it's true that Indian Tamils were immigrated en masse to Sri Lanka during British rule, that does not remove the fact that Tamils had claim to the North previous to this and continue to have claim to it.

The LTTE grew out of this native Northern Tamil population and not the Indian migrant population. Vellupillai Prabhakaran is a native born Jaffna Tamil as I myself am. The diaspora that arrived here are also Jaffna Tamils fleeing persecution of a UN member and World Bank funded globalist goverment that refused to treat the Tamils of the North as equals. That you would conflate the two identities to support the globalist Kotte government is a surprise, fren.

Dravidians are a different people from Indo Aryan and India is made up of many tribes and is far from being a unified nation. Again, conflating these tribes is an interesting choice on your part.

As for claim of Indo-Aryan Sinhalese being natives of Sri Lanka, a cursory understanding of the evolution of mitochondrial DNA in the area and knowledge of the Southern Route hypothesis will show that Dravidians migrated there long before the arrival of Indo-Aryans to the Indian subcontinent.

That said I have no interest in laying claim to the island for Tamils. We are more than happy to have a two state nationalist goverment in Sri Lanka. Our aim always was and will be the North as our homeland.

e7cffa  No.12593998


As for similarities, I believe there is a lot of overlap in technique, equipment and training between PLO, LTTE, PIRA, Libya and I'm sure many others I have not yet had the benefit of knowing about. This overlap is an important aspect of the seemingly compartmentalized nationalist struggles.

Globalist forces have mandated that these individual struggles have some form of international collusion in order to mainatin a level playing field. We should not allow for divisiveness amongst our separate nationalist struggles, especially where the lands of our claim are thousands of miles apart.

000000  No.12594446



>You're completely disregarding several facts

I don’t and it is the aim of my post to uncover a particular British colonial strategy that is today used against the natives of the British island, which is not “ironic” because they were their first victim already in the middle ages.

>While it's true that Indian Tamils were immigrated en masse to Sri Lanka during British rule, that does not remove the fact that Tamils had claim to the North previous to this and continue to have claim to it.

I never denied this.

>As for claim of Indo-Aryan Sinhalese being natives of Sri Lanka, a cursory understanding of the evolution of mitochondrial DNA in the area and knowledge of the Southern Route hypothesis will show that Dravidians migrated there long before the arrival of Indo-Aryans to the Indian subcontinent.

The Aryan-Invasion theory is denied by the Hindu nationalists of India. They claim it being the opposite, Aryans spreading from Northern India to the west. There are arguments for both theories, that doesn’t contradict, overlap to a large part. I may add that southern Indian kings claimed to be of Aryan heritage.

As for the Tamils more “native” to Ceylon than the Singhalese, Sinhalese you self admitted that the Jaffna kingdom was founded in the middle ages. The Sinhalese claim, uncontested ,to be in Ceylon since 500 before Christ, that would be around the time of Buddha. May I cite Bolshepedia:

>Kalinga Magha is an invader who is remembered primarily for his aggressive conquest. He is identified as the founder of the Jaffna kingdom. His reign saw the massive migration of native Sinhalese to the south and west of Sri Lanka, and into the mountainous interior, in a bid to escape his power.

That is irrelevant for the British colonial strategy to bring masses of Tamils to Ceylon in place were they haven’t been before like the centre of the island.

e5922a  No.12594506


Thanks, will make a nice supplementation to my minecraft larp

bbd25a  No.12594989



>don't worry guys, i'm based

I'm sure the pseudonationalist canuck frogs just love you.

1937ff  No.12595484


This is a lie you lying shill cunt. The IRA attacked paedophiles as recently as last summer. They are also warned against homosexuality in their handbook. Choke on shit you faggot

1937ff  No.12595875


To quote my grandparents, who lived through ww2 in Ireland *and Britain* for the start of the war: "The way people in Ireland talked about Hitler, you'd swear he was the Pope!"

This is such a good thread but so many here fundamentally misunderstand Irish nationalism: it is anti British and anti imperialism first and last; it has zero to do with Marxism for fuck sake. Marxism *never* had widespread support or even awareness in Ireland *ever*, even in South Armagh, even Socialism had lukewarm support. A complete afterthought

90eaa5  No.12595991

>Writes a research paper on Sri Lankan(?) Political History

>It has nothing to do with the thread on guerilla warfare

>Acts like a smug smartass despite being completely off topic

I don't have any reaction images to describe how gay you are

c24b6b  No.12596036


What are IRA doing now? I am not in the loop.

6f080b  No.12596144


This is reminiscent of anti-German propaganda. Please tell me how they are knuckle dragging apes next.

fe4176  No.12596278



Muh freedom fighters. Don't see Dublin street shittter catching any mortars. Gay vote seemed to gonoff without a hitch. So long as Marxism is the official state religion of replacing the cuck population IRa seem totally at ease

e7993b  No.12596349

File: ded317ee71aeeb7⋯.jpg (311.91 KB, 1070x1083, 1070:1083, Armoiries Montreal 1833.jpg)


By that logic, White Americans and Canadians have even less right to North America, having come here later than Tamils arrived in Sri Lanka, because a people existed there and claimed native status. This despite modern archaeological (Solutrean) and DNA (mitochondrial evolution of humans) evidence. Oh and let's also not forget that the American and Upper Canada colonies, being a colonial strategy of the British to displace the natives of the new world, means that the descendants of these colonies have no claim to the land.

Sure, buddy.

And just in case there be idiots here: the above is sarcasm intended to point out the fault in an argument. I hold no such beliefs.


Pic related, original 1833 coat of arms of Montreal that today's Montreal flag is based off. Lancastrian Rose for the English, Clovers for the Irish and a Thistle for the Scots. While most Anglos have migrated out of Quebec, Montreal's non Jewish Anglo population continues to exist and fight for their culture. The struggle of the minority Anglos in Quebec somewhat mirrors Tamils, as does the struggle of minority Quebecois in Canada .

While I grew up Anglo and fraternized mostly with Irish and English descent kids growing up, I can still give the toads this: before their Quiet Revolution cucked them beyond saving, they were some of the staunchest supporters of Vichy France and Hitler's Germany. There are still descendants of the people they saved living here, and we have a statue of one of their biggest sympathizers, Lionel Groulx, in the heart of the city.

Let's also not forget, the Quebecois flipped their collective birds at the French Mint when they used beaver pelts and playing cards as legal tender, controlled directly by the governer of the colonies instead of being backed by a jew. Economics are as important a part of our nationalist struggle as military strategy.

"Based" is a dumb word that is devoid of meaning. It is kike semantics intended to stop you from thinking and make you side with someone elses opinion being pushed as right. While today it might line up with your views, nothing stops the kike from coopting the word for himself

Read books, learn history, and come to your own opinion.


You're right, we've strayed far from the original topic.

And to all of you: it's almost fucking Christmas, so try to have a Merry one. This will likely be my last post for a few days.

000000  No.12596370


Based is a nigger word, most of these anti semites are just wiggers

e7993b  No.12596476


I lied. One last post, but I will stay to topic this time.

1fcc77 and aeca36: You've both inspired me to read further into the PIRA/LTTE relationship and found a pretty decent article showing how the Sri Lankan Army received training from the Royal Ulster Constabulary and how the British employed similar political, social and military tactics against both Irish and Tamils:


The member states of the globalist movement all share tactics, resources and even intelligence where needed. Successes in one area will mean evolution of tactics employed elsewhere. The only way to kill the beast once and for all is to cut off all its heads, and that cannot happen without the re-establishment of cooperation between all of our separate nationalist causes. Any one of our struggles winning must translate into evolution for the rest of our causes, or we will simply not be able to keep up with our enemy and its myriad forms.

I may write a post on historical cooperation of nationalist movements in the new year once I have a better understanding of the subject.

1fcc77  No.12596620


>the Sri Lankan Army received training from the Royal Ulster Constabulary

Heh, that's nothing.

At least from 2000, the kikes themselves began funding the Kotte government and then sent """advisors""" to train their death squads.


Cute eh?

To veer slightly back to the topic of future potentially guerrilla warfare, there is no doubt in the world that IsraHell will be providing direct and indirect support to any Zionist government that experiences a pro-White, anti-Zionist backlash. And regrettably, Mossad is better at assassinations than the CIA is.

000000  No.12596803



>By that logic, White Americans and Canadians have even less right to North America,

What logic? Strawman! Answering to a claim I never made.

I would be willing to to hear that argument from a 19th century injun, but not from some third world intruder that is a parasite on a western society build and maintained by Europeans.

Such demands are void of any moral imperative even if uttered by today’s descendants of Amerindians that have fully embraced western, European superior civilisation. Not just embraced but being welfare leaches on those societies and a privileged group that does very, very little to maintain it.

You can’t have it both ways, reverse 500 years of history and still enjoy the progress and comfort it brought by those people, Europeans one wants to return, at least if you make an argument appealing to moral.

Say if their ancestors in 18th or 19th century made that argument, still living the traditional life style independent of white society (with some goodies from whitey, like horses, metal and guns), it would have been at least something to consider for a discussion about moral justification.

In practices it would have fallen flat by the moral standards the Injuns practised. They had no moral problem to use the tools the “evil white man” brought to them to massacre and exterminate their fellow “noble savage” Amerindian, to get their stuff.

>Oh and let's also not forget that the American and Upper Canada colonies, being a colonial strategy of the British to displace the natives of the new world, means that the descendants of these colonies have no claim to the land.

The colonizing of America followed totally different strategy than those of Ireland, because for all practical purposes North-America was Terra-Nullus, no-mans land with little to no population.

Ceylon was not colonized by pale white Anglos, but by brown Indian Tamils. Same scheme in Africa, Caribbean, Polynesia, Malaya were masses of Indians participated in British colonialism, together with other “third worlder”, something those “victims of colonialism” often forget, pretend not to be aware of.

So what is the justification for a Indian to be in Ireland today? None, but the wish of jews to replace Europeans with brown people, they think they can rule over more easily (so explicitly the jewish sponsored Kalergi, founder of the “European movement”).

589890  No.12602252

I'll be periodically archiving this thread. Lots of cool stuff and discussion


589890  No.12602256


Also OP have you ever read "the trigger men" by Martin Dillon? It's a fascinating read so far.

aa3004  No.12602263

File: 70292534a1e42e8⋯.pdf (12.05 MB, Fry The Brain Book.pdf)

File: 6d692b912f2c631⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 265x394, 265:394, Fry-The-Brain.jpg)

File: d7563bfe983bc95⋯.jpg (85.55 KB, 994x1095, 994:1095, balaclava-ira.JPG)



Youre like a little baby, watch this


Theres more than one paddyposter.

aa3004  No.12602266

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)

File: 06c228e3f138a47⋯.png (852.33 KB, 800x571, 800:571, loose-talk-ira.PNG)


Do archives save images? I dont think so. Shame, because this is the most condensed explanation of guerilla warfare, its methods and viability you will come across. Its all highlights, not a single passage.

589890  No.12602363


It saves images. Just checked, it does save images.

d3aa7b  No.12624910


8ae358  No.12642308


this, even the US wouldve lost without france

2caa4b  No.12642474








Singlehandedly making this place worth coming to. Thank you.

2caa4b  No.12642560


I expected to get catch some shit for that post.

5c7654  No.12645132


>>the Maoist plan of avoiding the cities and focusing on driving the security forces from the countryside. This works well in the Third World but has been proven ineffective for an industrialized state.


>Why is this dumb? Because cities are where the economic center of the beast lies. Only by crippling the enemy's economic base can you force him to start negotiating.

But isn't this the case of yesteryear? Are there still European cities that are industrialized? What industries? Hasn't everything been outsourced to the so-called third world?

Your reasoning for why the IRA tactic of ignoring industrialized cities failed back in the day seems valid, but is this really applicable to today? Isn't the situation today that the cities are mere holding pens of consumers, producing little to nothing of actual worth, especially in terms of what the army needs? Why would focusing on the cities in general be more detrimental to a hostile regime and its army over focusing on say, communication, electricity, food-production or regime/banker-resorts located in the countryside?

1fcc77  No.12645289

File: 7e268e4d697f996⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1313x775, 1313:775, Make Treason Unprofitable.png)


> Are there still European cities that are industrialized?

Industries don't matter so much to the elite as their banks do. And while Europe has been stripped of her industry, the banking class are embedded worse than a tick.

Also, consider that we live in a "service economy"

Ask yourself; what does the service economy require to function? Then hypothetically destroy it.

Alternatively, let us consider a hypothetical scenario for analysis;

The (((Alphabet corporation))) is imfamous for repressing free thought and for interferring in elections in order to repress nationalist dissidents (ironically while pushing the Russian hacking conspiracy theory). Let us imagine that a band of men decided to punish them for their evil behavior some time in the future.

Let's say that they stole a garbage truck (garbage trucks have very limited security), drove it to a secure location, repainted it and switched liscense plates, and loaded it up with 3 tons of T-ammonal (60% ammonium nitrate, 20% aluminum powder, 20% TNT). Then they drove it to one of the Google complex's loading docks, vacated the area, and detonated it with one of several redundent celular devices. Or with a simple electronic timer connected to blasting cap.

Such a blast would level the building and if phone warnings were not issued, kill whoever was inside.

Next or coinciding with this action, a team of about 3-5 men could easily storm (((Sergey Brin)))'s mansion at 18 Frick Dr, Alpine, New Jersey. Using a portable cell jammer and shooting out the electric substations in the area to cause confusion and delay a response, (((Mr. Brin))) could be kidnapped or killed and his house destroyed using simple incendrary devices.

The operatives would then escape in seperate vehicals down Palesades Interstate pkwy. Switcing vehicals asap at desegnated locations. If (((Mr. Brin))) is accompanying the drivers, he would be kept sedated during the entire journey.

Lastly, a remote controled drone armed with a camera, a long range control, and as much semtex as it can carry could be launched from one of the hills around San Jose California and guided gently into (((Mr. Larry Page)))'s mansion at 100 Waverly Oaks, Palo Alto, Ca.

One day later, a video is uploaded to 4chan claiming credit for the attacks and executing ((Mr. Brin))) on camera if he is still alive. The masked men have their voices altered through several redundant voice altering devices and then re-added to the video's audio file. The video is of course uploaded through temporary IP hopping algorithms from a public wifi location 100 miles from any safe houses from computer that is immediately destroyed. In the video, the political activists explain that unless the new owners of Alphabet immediately change their repulsive behavior, more attacks will take place and the new owners will be assassinated. Specific demands are made upon the corporation to prevent it from squirming out of the agreement. Such as the immediate transfer of the YouTube ownership to David Duke and the termination of the Google Search engine immediately as punishment for their bad behavior.

Do you really think that the new owners of the Alphabet corporation would not heed such reasonable requests?

This is what I mean when I speak of targeting infrastructure that matters. Remember, this is all just hypothetical ponderings. An exercise in imagination, not an actual plan of action nor an incitement to action.

22eb27  No.12645312


Don't bother with unrealistic targets. Guerilla must hit where the enemy is weak, not go right at their lair. Find their VP's who are particularly loathsome and off their kids. Terror works not by killing but by inducing mania in the living. Don't take credit like it matters. Leave them to wonder what monsters they are facing. It will always be 10 feet taller in their nightmares.

1fcc77  No.12645330


Killing kids is bad optics. Such an action will lead to wavering of support from key supporters.

And all terrorist organizations take credit for attacks because they have demands.

22eb27  No.12645336



Out ,only a kike would be this ignorant

1fcc77  No.12645338


Maybe you should make your own thread analyzing terrorist organizations that assassinate children and compare their success in the first world with those that don't.

I'll eagerly await your thread.

76292b  No.12645367


Childkillers don't get weapons and training from Russia.

22eb27  No.12645383

1d8483  No.12646167

File: 46233f0c7423932⋯.jpg (125.59 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 2B8D02EC00000578-3205978-i….jpg)

54c014  No.12647368


Have you ever heard of the book "Unintended Consequences"? It came out in the 90s when the ATF was going around and murdering everyone that had a relation to guns.

Maybe you can use it as food for thought. Here is the plot from Wikipedia:

"The novel's protagonist, Henry Bowman, shows an early proficiency with firearms, practicing whenever he can find the time. Encouraged by his father, he gathers an impressive firearms collection and gains extensive experience in piloting small aircraft. During college, Bowman is robbed, beaten, and sodomized by a rural gang. The incident nearly destroys him and causes him to become an alcoholic for a period.

While at a gun show in Indianapolis, Indiana with friend Allen Kane, Bowman publicly embarrasses an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Wilson Blair. One of Blair's men was trying to trick and entrap a fellow firearms dealer. Blair takes the offense personally, and with the support of the ATF's director, begins to plan revenge. Several years later, Blair and subordinate agents of the ATF plan to frame Henry and his friends as terrorists, smugglers, and counterfeiters. They plan to plant "evidence" when the men are away on vacation. Unbeknownst to Blair, Bowman delays his departure at the last minute due to a work commitment, and is on a friend's property when the agents arrive. Bowman assumes the agents are burglars and engages in a gun battle with them, killing or capturing all and in the process discovering the truth about the raid.

Bowman realizes that his life has been irrevocably changed. He makes Blair record a video taped confession of his illegal actions, then kills Blair and disposes of all forensic evidence of the agents' presence. Afterwards, he hunts down and kills Blair's remaining subordinates. Bowman and his closest friends begin to systematically kill ATF agents around the nation – whom Bowman views as supporting the infringement of citizen's constitutional rights, and abusing government powers – as well as politicians who had supported unconstitutional gun control legislation. Simultaneously Bowman releases the video tape of Blair to CNN, which claims that Blair and his companions have had a change of heart, realize what they are doing is wrong, and are now dedicated to killing other ATF agents. Amidst the national search for Blair and company, Bowman continues to rack up the body count.

Eventually, as the ATF and FBI are unable to effectively track down those responsible for the killings, the President of the United States is forced to give an address to the nation relating his intent to repeal the unconstitutional laws, including the National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968."


1fcc77  No.12647424


I had not but you have just given me a late Christmas gift.

I'll put that on my reading list.

54c014  No.12647505


The first part is kind of slow as he author goes into a lot of detail on the main protagonists upbringing and explaining how he got so good with shooting guns and the laws surrounding guns (important for the story). I remember when I read it at the start there are some parts that worship Jews a bit, particularly surrounding the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The author uses historical events as a way to explain the importance of firearms and the need for the second amendment (this book was essentially a political statement). It might be a little tedious for you as he describes the based Jews fighting back against the evil Nazis, but I figured I would just give you a heads up if you do get around to reading it.

My old man read it when it first came out (I was a kid back then) and he told me that the author published it under a pen name, but of course the (((government))) decided to bring the hammer down on him. ATF raided his house, he was audited, his real name was leaked. This is was the Clinton government at the time so of course it modus operandi was to crush all criticisms using fear and intimidation.

49ff33  No.12647745


Just another wankfest end of the world novel. The 90s were the death warrant to the end of white America.

54c014  No.12647786


I don't see how a book in which the plot is people committing terrorist actions that end up with the system actually meeting their demands and bringing positive change is a "wankfest end of the world novel"

07f675  No.12648964


Sorry I should have wrote wankfest fantasy worthy of analamay charachters

e276bd  No.12648989

Forgive me for not wanting to emulate a bunch of micks in ski masks. Mick sectarianism is absurd.

1fcc77  No.12649054


>It might be a little tedious for you as he describes the based Jews fighting back against the evil Nazis

I can hold my nose and ignore ideological silliness if I need to. I've read a lot of marxist propaganda as well. The author was doubtlessly raised in an aura of jewish propaganda anyway.

Sucks that the ATF abused him. Sucks even more that they did not pay in blood for their rotten behavior.

54c014  No.12649573


Thanks for making this thread. I took a break from /pol/ recently and I came back yesterday so this was a very nice read. Very interesting information. From reading what you have posted in this thread and your pictures of your notes it seems like you and I think alike. Since you seem so well read on this topic I was wondering if I could pick your brain about some things I have been thinking about since last night?

I was wondering if you have given much thought about how communication would work in an American organization similar to the IRA. It seems like the idea scenario would be people organically creating cells of 2-6 men around the country. Ideally someone would recruit from family and friends that they had known for a while to help insure that no law enforcement could infiltrate the cells. The thing I was wondering is organizing the individual cells around the country. It seems like in order to achieve maximum political outcome coordinating the cells would be ideal. If the cells could work in unison by doing attacks around the country simultaneously it would be much more intimidating to the system and project that the organization is something to be feared and listened to. That seems like it would be the trickiest thing to accomplish. My first thought was trying to organize through a place like /pol/. The issue I see is the shills and FUD people. I remember back in 2015 when we organized that silent protest where some of us went to our nearest Federal Reserve buildings with rifles and stood silently out front. Leading up to that the shills and "muh optics" people were out of control. I feel like it hampered more people from turning out. Trying to organize cells here would have a similar effect (haha nice try FBI) and you would have to worry about infiltration since we cannot verify who is reading and posting. A place like Reddit in the past could of had an advantage. You would be able to read through peoples post history and see if they were genuine or not, but since Reddit is full of censorship and like minded people and subreddits have been banned it doesn't seem like a viable recruitment platform anymore. The same goes with all of the larger tech platforms. In my scenario of organized cells I am assuming they are using proper OPSEC (encrypted Tails thumb drives on laptops purchased from pawn shops on public WiFi using PGP messages for communication). I haven't figured out how to create the start of the organization since we don't have a Tyler Durden flying around the country setting up cells (that I am aware of)

What do you think needs to come first? The non-violent political organization to advocate for what the American IRA wants to accomplish or the violent American IRA (AIRA)? It seems like a chicken and egg situation to me. Seeing as we are currently atomized and we don't have an underground infrastructure in place it could be tricky to set up the non-violent political organization that advocates for the cause and recruits.

How did the IRA acquire their explosives? It seems like they were using a lot for their car bombs. Was that something Gaddafi supplied them with or did they just resort to stealing the explosives or was that something their supporters would "lose" and the IRA would happen to find? I imagine it would be difficult for an AIRA to acquire large amounts of explosives. You can't really go out and buy fertilizer or TNT in large quantities anymore. I feel like you would have to resort to stealing that majority of it from mining operations.

When the IRA called ahead to get people to evacuate, I think you mentioned sometimes hours ahead, how did they make sure their bombs were not disarmed? It seems like if they called too far in advance a bomb squad to get there and disarm it. Then you have the potential for leaving a lot of evidence for the police to collect.

How did they manage to sneak their bombs to their locations? It seems like it could be tough to sneak a car bomb into the underground parking of a bank building now a days. Was it a lot more relaxed back then? Did they have insiders helping them out?

Since you are well read on these topics I didn't know if you have already given this any thought or if there are any historical examples we could learn from. Just for clarification all these questions are for a fictional novel I am thinking about writing.

89ad6c  No.12649581

File: 7b2532de186876a⋯.webm (6.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Crowd cheers as British &….webm)

Taigs on the bogside are more redpilled that you faggots.

f10f4b  No.12649748


This is what? Potato nigger architecture?

1fcc77  No.12649821


I will gladly help you write your fictional novel if I can.

Let me start with your first question.

First off, in underground organizations worry not so much from infiltration from the FBI but from defection from your own comrades. This is what destroyed the Order.

I am not sure how to counterract this other than making sure your comrades are as dedicated to the cause as you are. I will tell you to study that slimy little traitor that ratted on Robert Matthews. I honestly do not understand why Matthews did not see the signs of treason in this worm's actions.

Be wary of working with non-ideologically motivated "outlaws." Criminals often maintain contact with the police and if they entered their profession for money, you can bet that they'll talk to the police for money. That includes supposed White nationalists from prison, I'm afraid. Often the FBI will recruit from within these organizations. I will make a thread on Bob's Order at a later date and explain what went wrong. Oh boy, did they make some strange decisions.

Essentially, you are correct. Be very discriminating about who you invite for political activism.

In open organizations, the FBI generally does not send super secret agents to infiltrate your meetings with a recorder embedded in their wrist but instead relies on informants (usually former convicts) that join and report on activities. Have your character watch out for such men.

>It seems like in order to achieve maximum political outcome coordinating the cells would be ideal.

This would be but as you probably understand, the more cogs in a machine, the more chance of failure. The more communication an organization makes, the more likely information will slip.

In the Turner Diaries there is a magical encryption device that all units have. Commands were issued to units from the Order in a top down manner.

This would be a horrible idea. Eventually ZOG would capture and reverse engineer such a device and eventually break any codes that were sent.

It would be ideal if your character had ZOGland divided into theaters of operation. Each region will be populated by cells of 3-5 men whose leaders alone are in contact with a larger cell of 6-8 men who do not engage in direct actions. Instead they issue simple guiding principles to commanders such as "June 3rd. Turn off the lights" or "by June 8th, Wallstreet crash"

Each cell will form their own plan of action to accomplish their individual tasks.

Instead, I believe that the most realistic plan of action would be to operate on principles rather than top down leadership. The less cells know about each other, the better. This is the beginning. However, as cells grow and divide, the leaders of the oldest cells will keep in contact with the leaders in newer cells and form a command structure of sorts. Eventually, liberated "no-go" zones would be established and then one would need to work out ways of conducting meetings between commanders without compromising their whereabouts once they return to ZOGland.

Never organize through the internet though. Reddit posts can be tailored. Amazingly, the FBI is not as clever as we give them credit. I have talked with…er… knowledgeable individuals InB4 He a FBI!! and they legitimately do not understand "White racists." They believe that we are dumb. Hopelessly dumb. They think that we're all a bunch of fat boomers with part time employment who hate Mexicans because we were replaced by one and we hate blacks because our pappi taught us to hate blacks. The lower ranking FBI legitimately do not seem to understand much about our views on jews and most assume we hate them because we're Evangelical Christians which they pigeonhole us next to and sometimes assume we're in bed with Army of God type fellows. Most FBI agents appear to be unbelievably arrogant regarding us and frankly, they have a lot more respect for Islamists. They also believe that we are cowards.

Okay, maybe they have point on that last one.

Anyway, it's the ADL that would do something like that very effectively. Ironically, the kikes seem to take us more seriously than the FBI does. They are dedicated like bloodhounds and operate above the law. They would be the ones to make face Reddit posts to ensnare us. Then they share them with the FBI and allow their arrogant officers to snag some "arrest points" and show off to the media and their superiors.

1fcc77  No.12649823


Most large PIRA bombs were ammunium nitrite fertilizer packed with Semtex explosive that they got from Gaddaffi and off the black market. Most of the boobytraps were home made. A large portion of explosives also came from mining corporations that they broke into and pilfered the detonators and TNT from. Support from sympathizers within mining operations seems pretty certain.

They also manufactured a fair amount of "bathtub explosives" but it was not unheard of for this to prematurely detonate. Sometimes fatally.

For smaller bombs, their favourite candy was Gelignite. This was a mining explosive often smuggled out by supporters by the crateload. Explosives were sometimes stored in the tired of cars and the PIRA liked to employ women to deliver guns and explosives as they are under less scrutiny by security forces.

>how did they make sure their bombs were not disarmed?

Wonderful boobytraps. The Provos were masters of boobytrapping their devices and cars. Strings linked to doorhandles, devices that detonated when the bomb was disturbed, and all manner of clever contraptions to kill anyone foolish enough to tamper with their bombs.

>How did they manage to sneak their bombs to their locations? It seems like it could be tough to sneak a car bomb into the underground parking of a bank building now a days.

>Was it a lot more relaxed back then? Did they have insiders helping them out?

There were less cameras then. But the British security forces were no dummies either.

This is why most cars were simply parked beside buildings or under overpasses if at all possible. (this had little effect as it's still an open air bomb)

Naturally, the explosions were less destructive than they could have been. But it's nearly impossible to screen every car that parks so it was easier to E&E. Safety first, ameyerite?

As for insiders helping them out, absolutely. It was a well known secret that many in the Royal Army and police force were IRA informants. The espionage game works both ways.

To what degree they assisted the Provos in their war is relatively unknown. After all, when a spy does his job right, no one will ever remember his deeds.

54c014  No.12650590



Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it.

>I am not sure how to counteract this other than making sure your comrades are as dedicated to the cause as you are

I remember a part of the Turner Diaries where one of the members is tasked with killing a Jew. The member wants to back out and not do it because he was a local business owner and the only reason he joined was to help stop the blacks from breaking into his store. He didn't actually share any of the beliefs of The Order, he just wanted his business to be safe (the economic conservative that Dr. Pierce talked about). In the book since he knew too much they had to kill him.

Maybe a lesson could be learned from street gangs and the final part of becoming a member would be the requirement of blood in (and I am not talking about a beating if you catch my drift) as a litmus test to see if they truly believe and are to be trusted.

>I will make a thread on Bob's Order at a later date and explain what went wrong

I would love to read that thread. I know of The Order mainly from reading about Robert Matthews, but I mainly just know the bullet points. I would love to read something more in depth. Fun fact, Bob's birthday is actually January 16th. I don't know what you have in your queue that your working on, but just something to keep in mind *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

>the more cogs in a machine, the more chance of failure. The more communication an organization makes, the more likely information will slip

Setting up a communication network would be extremely difficult, especially if it is supposed to be water tight and resist subversion. Maybe I am putting the cart before the horse a little bit. I don't want to spoil the book for you, but in Unintended Consequences one of the main things that finally get the government to capitulate is that the protagonists actions inspired others to do similar actions. As random people, unrelated to each other, around the country start killing anti-gun politicians there is no way for the establishment to catch the killers because the attacks are random, and there is no way for leaders to be arrested because there are no leaders. Like in your 3rd txt_files picture you talk about Julius Caesar not overthinking his plan and being willing to adjust on the fly, maybe I am over thinking the importance of this grand communication network. Maybe the protagonist in my book should focus on taking action first, and setting up communications later. If the protagonist were to pull off something spectacular and catch the system off guard maybe he would have enough leverage to pull a Ted Kaczynski and get major media outlets to put out a manifest/list of demands which would act as, the dems would call it, a dog whistle to hopefully inspire others and set a forward direction if you will. Hopefully, like in Unintended Consequences, if my protagonist were able to get away with an attack it would show others that it were possible to fight back and inspire them to do something similar.

>They also believe that we are cowards.

>Okay, maybe they have point on that last one.

Ya. Sad, but unfortunately that has been proven true. I don't know what it would take to change that though. I feel like that fact (us being cowards) would have to change first before any sort of network of people could be created. Most people (normie conservatives and even some alt-right people) still seem to think we will be able to vote our way out of this. "Trust the plan". I don't know what it would take for people to go from passive (preparing for the worst to happen) to assertive (doing what is needed to prevent the worst from happening)

>Most of the booby traps were home made

Sounds like I need to start browsing /k/ more often to do research for my book.

000000  No.12654160


Canada is a manufactured state with zero shared national identity. And that has been true since it was called the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland/Labrador was a seperate country.

Canada has never had anything remotely nationalist in its history.

There's a reason a lot of right wingers down in America hail from Canada - they had to migrate down South to get heard.

One thing I absolutely detest about Tamils is their penchant for flaggelating whites. An ethnic caring about white nationalist movements is the height of cringe. This is why I have a lot more respect for the Viets, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Koreans - you'll never see them write the suck-up drivel you just wrote.

Hell - look at the Chinese. They are the prime reason why Canada's real estate market is absolutely unaffordable. And yet you'll never ever see them apologize for that.

>We know our place is not here

Your place is wherever your tribe manages to get a foothold. Might is right in the end - financial, demographic, and otherwise. Canada isn't Iceland or Hungary - it's not their ancestral homeland either.

000000  No.12654233

Interesting thread, regardless. I hope you do continue writing about other groups as well.

One thing I've disliked about most modern movements is the incessant online larping and a lack of real Direct Action. The thing that interests me the most (and that's always glossed over by most books, articles, and documentaries - perhaps because it's viewed as 'boring') are the social/financial, organizational and logistical challenges these orgs faced and how they overcame those challenges.

What also interests me is how did they (safely) establish that 'first contact' with their target - whether that was (potential) informants, recruits, moles, or gun runners across the Atlantic.

000000  No.12654470


Industry is much more than manufacturing. Industry didn't move abroad, low-level manufacturing did.

1fcc77  No.12675369


>Most people (normie conservatives and even some alt-right people) still seem to think we will be able to vote our way out of this.

I try to be patient with such people.

Actually, one of my alterior motives in writing these threads is to try to break the myth that terrorism is a tool of insane cowards that not only doesn't work, but is counter productive. This is simply ridiculous.

Everyone here is already a victim of terrorism. Ever been in a conversation and policed what you said? We do that because we know that if we spoke our minds, we might become the victims of leftist anti-White terrorism.

Niggers chimp out when you look at them sideways, feminists put men in prison for decades on false accusations, crooked leftist judges throw out evidence on men who commit political crimes against the System, and the jew will hunt you down and destroy you if you dare raise your hand against God's Chosen People.

We scurry around in the dark, afraid of the ADL precisely because terrorism works.

Anyway, /k/ is a wonderful place.

9f2550  No.12686089



Id double check that, it looks like it just saves the thumbnails and just redirects to media.8ch.net

57be80  No.12704064


152882  No.12704070

The IRA will do violent attacks to keep Ireland independent from Britain and British influence, won't lift a finger or do anything about Nigerian dindus flooding into Dublin. Yeah, fuck the IRA.

000000  No.12721900



>I was wondering if you have given much thought about how communication would work in an American organization

>My first thought was trying to organize through a place like /pol/.

For secrecy avoid the net like a pest.

Information should be handled offline.

Transport could be through people that have to travel a lot and far, like truck driver or airline personal. Even baggage handler could place a letter in the hold of plane that another handler collects at the destination. Drug dealer do this, by baggage handler, already.

Transport does not need to know the content, can be encrypted (offline, paper or micro-sd). Since the size of the parcel would be small, very small, it could be fixed (magnet, putty, cavity) on the transport without knowledge of the operator of truck, bus, train, ship, plane, like a mobile dead drop.

That is not so different how drug and weapon dealer, islamic terrorist cells operate. There is some overlapping with this groups in real life. For your hypothetical group it would be best to stay away from such activities not to draw attention.

488975  No.12722520

File: dcd1a5efcf7e04b⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 761x563, 761:563, dcd1a5efcf7e04b1cb37ba9966….jpg)


I think the biggest problem with armed revolution would be that there isn't enough popular support with White Nationalism yet. Our efforts should be spent gaining popular opinion, not ruining it by being labeled "nazi terrorists". The IRA and American revolution won because they had at the very least over a third of the population on their side. We don't yet.

e46342  No.12722549

File: 461282125f8283e⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 473x638, 43:58, niggas.jpg)


Any ideas on how to do that?

36deeb  No.12722556


Bumping an epic thread to give thanks to a fantastic OP.

36deeb  No.12722578


Ever read the CIA Psyops manual for the Contras?


The "propagandist-guerrilla" is a thing for a reason. For now, the meme war has to continue basically. Anyone saying that "hearts and minds" aren't important is glowing.


>For secrecy avoid the net like a pest.

Old school fieldcraft is the way to go, no cellphones etc at all. Analogue radios, maybe steganography to embed comms inside Ham radio signals and the like could work, with completely custom built designs. Everything here & online at ALL is obviously just related to our Civcraft server and NEVER would be related to recruitment etc. Anyone thinking that even the use of TOR or whatnot is a good idea is thinking about this all wrong - movements have coordinated & recruited for a LONG time without needing the Internet. One might even think with so much attention being placed here, the eye of Sauron might miss details that aren't contained in the electronic world.

1fcc77  No.12724005



Thankyou, anon.

I'll be making another soon but I think I'll wait for the influx from the feathernigger influx to subside.

On the use of cell phones, I will say yes and no. Obviously one should never conduct party meetings on a cell phone. In fact, cell phones should be completely confiscated for any important function or meeting and when possible, the use of cell jamming technology should be used whenever important meetings are conducted. However, a message hidden in a plane is just as interceptable as a cell phone message. And it has the added disadvantage of taking hours if not days to get from the sender to the recipient. Sometimes a message must be recieved quickly. Thus, I believe that cellphones would be necessary. It's easy to buy burner phones and the only disadvantage for those are the fact that you'd need to rememorize phone numbers every time you switch out phones.

Also, if one were to theoretically use burner phones for IED triggers, always keep in mind that those numbers are given to telemarketers who may randomly call the phones. So never, ever, ever assemble all components of an IED until the very last minute. People all over the world use cell phones to detonate bombs. However, for longer range devices (IEDs that should explode in days or even weeks after being placed) I believe it is safer to use another means of remote detonation or even just using a timer.

000000  No.12724389


>Anyone thinking that even the use of TOR or whatnot is a good idea is thinking about this all wrong - movements have coordinated & recruited for a LONG time without needing the Internet.

If you want to keep your secret club secret, don't use the net in connection of it and of course TOR use will be flagged first.

So to frustrate that, use TOR only for trivial not really secret things as a privacy tool, but for that use it extensively, to create lot of chaff. Eventual bugging should bore the peeping Toms to death.

If your activities might not totally legal, avoid TOR, like the net in general or have only a token presence in the net not to arouse suspicion of wanting something to hide.

You should keep your token existence physical separate (computer) from anything in need of secrecy.

Another thing don't change your habits suddenly, in the net or in physical life. Sudden behavior changes do flag you as a person of interest.

If the need for something new arises, try to keep the old running as long as possible.

Still TOR can be useful for certain communications abroad, that is why it was supported by the US government, but you are not Jason Borne.


>However, a message hidden in a plane is just as interceptable as a cell phone message.

To be intercepted, it has to be known that there is a message. With a cell phone this is given. Which of the thousands of planes, trucks, buses or cars leaving do carry hidden messages is unknown. To search all in detail is impossible. The only way it can be discovered is by accident or if sender or recipient have aroused suspicion.

Another thing is, that in a civil war situation the use and availability of cell phones will be eventually restricted and under close scrutiny.

>It's easy to buy burner phones and the only disadvantage for those are the fact that you'd need to rememorize phone numbers every time you switch out phones.

There might be no more "anonymous" cell phone (like in EU), a "Burner phone" is useful only once (in critical use), it might be anonymized by location data and connection relationships.

A burner phone still needs to be used not to attract attention with first use. Drug dealer use dozens of burner phones at the same very short time.

This, burner phones and money laundering is the reason for the abundance of cell phone shops.

Secret services do operate cell phone shops as well. The phones used in the Madrid Atocha bombings were bought from such a shop.

>Also, if one were to theoretically use burner phones for IED triggers, always keep in mind that those numbers are given to telemarketers who may randomly call the phones.

More sophisticate solutions would be phones for industrial purposes, it would wait for a certain message from a certain number. This is something more applicable for government aligned killers, because it would be more easily to trace back to an individual.

>However, for longer range devices (IEDs that should explode in days or even weeks after being placed) I believe it is safer to use another means of remote detonation or even just using a timer.

Simple wires or even better optical fiber are much more reliable and precise than any phone. Radio communication can be blocked, switched off and introduce a significant delay if timing is of importance. In case of IRA or ETA it makes a difference if the car with the police is hit or the following school-bus.

000000  No.12724493

Anon, thanks for this and the ETA info. I believe we'll see anti-elite action soon, and that it will quickly be anti-infrastructure, anti-monopoly hits (ala the London/Canary Wharf actions) stuff and not just killing muds - because we built a nice white country and it's now a multiethnic slum/prison. Once the whites are sufficiently disgruntled, they'll really wreck things. Question - did the IRA attack lawyers (and thinktanks) or just pols? I can imagine ppl who read your stuff and study history would do things like: attack high tech companies (to pressure the pols) and murder the civil rights activists/thinktanks/pols as they've been key drivers of anti white policies . >>12675369

1fcc77  No.12724818


Ah, a fellow lawyer hater, I presume?

Yes. Both the PIRA and the Loyalist organizations engaged in assassinations of specific enemy lawyers, TV personalities authors, and the like. For instance, the Provos assassinated the guy who founded the Guiness book of world records Ross McWhirter because of his outspoken lambastement of Irish nationalism. In addition, he had offered a sum of money to anyone who could help identify PIRA bombers. His assassination was conducted to send a message to others; the nail that sticks up gets hammered down!

His assassination was a textbook case. His house was watched and when he came home one night, a man simply emerged from behind a car and shot him in the once in the chest and then twice in the head with a revolver and then E&E'd.

Believe it or not, the poor bastard survived long enough to die in a hospital. Oh well.

Patrick Finucane was a lawyer who represented Bobby Sands and other captured PIRA men in prison. He was assassinated in 1989 in a rather messy job by the Ulster Freedom Fighters. During the evening while he was at home with his family, the UFF men smashed down his door with a sledge hammer and then shot him over a dozen times with a regular, shell casing leaving handgun before eloping. His wife and kids were wounded in the attack but lived. The murder was supposedly because he was a member of the PIRA which, despite even the government denying it, I'd believe it. Unstated was the fact that this too was a message to other lawyers; Don't defend IRA members.

It was later revealed that the police were involved in the assassination.

000000  No.12725000


I don't hate lawyers - but it seems they play a key role. I would also think known antifa thugs (eg the sort Jack Corbin doxxed) would be targeted. Why hasn't this happened yet? What will trigger it? Eg look at this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6w2eb4/out_on_parole_antifa_poster_boy_brett_betterly/#ampf=undefined – pol ids antifa, they are still operating nevertheless. I figure that when splc gets attacked, or guys like betterly get wrecked, we've entered a new phase. Question - what can a bad goy do to help accelerate things?

1fcc77  No.12727049

File: 92521989e3ec622⋯.png (1.24 MB, 700x937, 700:937, 23.png)

>>12725000 (checked)

I do. Lawyers designed the legal system to enrich lawyers. While we do need some lawyers to side with us in this racial struggle, I believe that the profession should be banned from designing the legal system.

In any case, obviously I cannot say everything that needs to be done as I would never even contemplate violating the law. Good heavens no. Nationalism is the religion of peace.

However, in general terms, revolution and resistance are psychological as much as physical. Since our struggle is racial in nature, charging our environment with racial issues is constructive.

I don't believe that accelerationism on a national level is realistic. We are simply not organized enough to affect an election on a national level. Thus, while I'd love to see that psychotic anti-White bitch Cortez elected president so that she could piss off fence sitting White men, I have zero expectations that it could be done. All these threads trying to game politics on a national level are thus irrelevant.

Instead, acceleration must become a local focus. How can one bring race to the forefront of conversation on a daily basis? Racially charged posters are one method. This allows for both mass replication and anonymity.

There is a simple mathematical formula that any revolutionary may judge a poster's worth by;

The level of overreaction it generates in the oppressive group (ie. kikes, non-Whites, and liberals in order of importance) /divided by/ the (apparent) simplicity and innocence of the message.

By this analysis, IOKTBW was among the most brilliant campaigns we have ever done. The level of igoted anti-White overreaction it generated was high and the message itself was absolutely innocent and seemingly non-combative.

Similar effective posters are the Mantra posters which I may or may not have plastered all over my city and the surrounding cities during the 2016 election. And afterwards.

Believe it or not, despite being near a leftist college in a cold, windy, rainy region, some are still partially up. The best method I have found for postering is to use a 50/50 water and "Tacky Glue" mixture. Stir well the night of the activism. Then apply with a paintbrush to the flat area you'd like to poster. Place the poster smoothly upon the flat surface. Then paint over it once more to seal it in and waterproof it.

The higher up the better. Always wear gloves.

If one lived in an area with vindictive, hostile anti-White terrorists like antifa, one might find use of a disguise. Fake beards have often been used in such a situation.What I may have done is to purchase fake hair, cut it into different lengths, and then used facial glue to create a myriad of different styles to break up features. In addition, rimless glasses and a baseball cap can further hide your features from cameras. I have also found that dressing like a bum can get you pretty much anywhere unmolested because no one wants to look at a bum in case he might be crazy or demand money.

Bang for buck, posters are among the most effective peaceful IRL activism ops that individual anons can partake in.

One problem with online activism is that it is best done where people congregate. ie; Twitter, Faceberg, and reddit. Which, as we know the enemy owns and controls so we can be banned if they deem our actions a threat to their agenda. And unfortunately, trying to incite racialist responses from non-Whites is kind of obvious. They have filters for all the effective words like nigger and gook and spic. A pity.

Alternatively, if one is a little braver, one might go onto various right wing conservative talkshows and talk about increasingly less kosher issues. Alex Jones is one great example as he has been willing to talk about very politically incorrect topics and his call-in section is on the fringe of politically correct discourse. Also, he has recently begun to talk about IQ, anti-White hatred, and racial issues.

Ah, what a timeline.

Stephen Molyneux also allows call ins but he has recently veered away from racial issues and become more obsessed with Christian ones.

Basically, get racial issues on peoples' minds and then offer a White perspective.

We don't need to hate ourselves. There's no reason why we should kowtow to anti-White hatred. We are a beautiful and magnificent people who deserve to exist. We have a right to fight for our survival. We have a right to do whatever is necessary to preserve our race. Anything done in defense of our race is justified.

9122c0  No.12727186

OP if you're still here

what other armed groups are you going to post about?

also what are most interesting armed groups in your opinion?

091bf6  No.12727189

Thank you for these threads OP

65e9bd  No.12727205



If you mix ground glass with the flour when making wheat paste it is impossible to remove flyers like this, and angry leftists who try to rip them down will cut their fingers into shreds.

<In addition to the ingredients listed above, get a couple of glass bottles or Mason jars and break them up into fine shards. Mix the shards in with the paste. This adds an extra bonding material and firmness – similar to how gravel is used in asphalt or mortar. It also means that anyone who is trying to tear down your posters will think twice about it.


Use the left's tactics against them.

61dfb4  No.12737750


c1d4b1  No.12737773

61dfb4  No.12737784

File: 6245bb75060b8fd⋯.jpg (68.9 KB, 600x450, 4:3, iraimprovisedlaunchers.jpg)

File: 959772c1dee0f29⋯.jpg (51.88 KB, 597x572, 597:572, Taliban vs IRA.jpg)

File: 12a7ed14d831d45⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 450x339, 150:113, ira3.jpg)

You think theres gonna be another conflict over the border once brexit happens?

Does anyone have any guides on tactics, explosives or intelligence that paramilitaries used?

Thinking about asking someone who was in the IRA a few questions but dont know any good ones, and he may not want to talk about it


yeah just making sure

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