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File: 22f98a8447c4697⋯.jpg (182.76 KB, 1000x926, 500:463, e85bdebdd2f84e72f7e32c4832….jpg)

cbfcf6  No.12552532

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12392170

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.


Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.

Stop consuming (((pornography))). Do you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week or two. Then aim for a month.



Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.

We need more /SIG/ men in positions of power.

Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books.

Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick. Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in alternate forms, like silver and gold. Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.

This is your life now.

Welcome to /SIG/ December 2018

9a4b0c  No.12552551

This was the thread I sniped at three posts by talking about honesty :D

There ARE lies going on in the world - people who abandoned nerdery for violent, invasive practices are the culprits! They need to keep extremists stirred up as scapegoats lest they get to the top of society's to-do list! In diversity's name, be peaceful, and cast down the dishonest people manipulating the system into purges and stress!

e5bb84  No.12552559

File: 50c1796c1461428⋯.jpg (179.25 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, IMG_6303.jpg)

Thanks OP, but i know your fat fucking lard ass got winded typing all that. All women are trash, nothing matters and this is all a simulation. I type this as I'm laying next to a solid fucking soft 8/10 by my standards, whom I've fucked into an idiotic roastie slumber. Maybe a 12/10 by your white knight GBP saving standards. Spend your time being happy with yourself and see how much time you have to enact the creed of your favorite anime. Fucking faggot. Better yourself. Never stop. But god damn it don't be a faggot at it. This fucking guy has selfies in abundance on Facebook and he checks periodically for likes on his reposted peta memes and qanon calendars.

4a913c  No.12552570

Corrupt nations look like Mexico. They look like Honduras. They look like China. They look like swathes of Africa. These places have "strong" governments that are inches from failure, while more honest nations have "weak" governments whose stability seems inevitable.

If you would be "improved", then one of the most important things you can do is not anything to sharpen your body or mind. All sapience is self-improving! It is what sapience is *for*. But not all sapience is against corruption. Purge the dishonest - for they ARE the true root of all purges. The world around them is never loyal enough for those who know what they have done! Instead of enabling purchased loyalties and consigning progress to some future fire, stand against them.

The only sector of the government that ought to be corrupt is the military, for a corrupted military is easily paralyzed and reduced, the better to yield its resources to those affairs of peace which are the true purpose of men upon the earth!


I'm this guy, but I enjoy proving that the text id system is easily subverted.

60ddb7  No.12552699


Reported for spaming you faggot

5527a1  No.12552705

This faggot infested the cuckchan /pol/ as well with his bullshit. It's nothing but empty posts about rolling for images or saying "waaaah im such a fat loser just like the Jews say the alt right is please tell me how to wash my dick!"

Get this shit out of here.

6d7dc0  No.12552751

I think I have a serious sleep debt, should I go to sleep just now or wait until evening?

993b7c  No.12552769

File: fe8686c35357e6b⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 704x528, 4:3, 1544662142783.jpg)

As a bi girl, where would I find a loving christian girlfriend?

70aedf  No.12552773


>gold and silver

Good point. Remember to invest in precious metals because of their intrinsic value. Don't hoard paperkikes or use the credit card jew. Stay debt-free.

469e38  No.12552775

File: 0ca8c866217645f⋯.png (515.35 KB, 557x768, 557:768, 1472661415056.png)


Destroyer of Filth

The nemesis of Kali

Kalki, also called Kalkin, is the tenth avatar of Hindu god Vishnu to end the Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in endless cycle of existence (krita) in Vaishnavism cosmology. He is described in the Puranas as the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and destructive period to remove adharma and ushering in the Satya Yuga, while riding a white horse with a fiery sword. The description and details of Kalki are inconsistent among the Puranic texts. He is, for example, only an invisible force destroying evil and chaos in some texts, while an actual person who kills those who persecute others, and portrayed as someone leading an army of Brahmin warriors in some. His mythology has been compared to the concepts of Messiah, Apocalypse, Frashokereti and Maitreya in other religions.

92914a  No.12552778

File: 64f709dc6b260d1⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 429x271, 429:271, 64f709dc6b260d1008402b7bc5….jpg)

70aedf  No.12552795

File: df860e7341221a4⋯.png (1.21 MB, 731x869, 731:869, AFAD400C-FC75-4D91-BDD7-69….png)



cbfcf6  No.12552850

File: 886ae07a5798eaa⋯.jpg (307.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Conquer yourself.jpg)




Shills and sliders already? JIDF are out in force tonight.

ff049e  No.12552856


asap put up blackout curtains so the sun doesn't wake you up in the middle of your sleep and get a 8 hour quality sleep

cbfcf6  No.12552870


Depends what time it is where you are right now.

e.g you should want to get up early anyway (7am or 8am), so if its 12pm right now, wait until about 6/7pm, then sleep for a solid 10 or 12 hours.

Rinse and repeat for however many days until you're well rested.

Congrats, you should now have a healthy sleep cycle and you'll wake up at 7am naturally.

d8e47e  No.12552895

File: dd2a1043229aa04⋯.jpg (419.44 KB, 1104x1824, 23:38, Push-up styles exercise.jpg)

Oh, you read this post? Now do a maximum set of push-ups

b17a00  No.12552904

File: edee058067f6f84⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1210x6307, 1210:6307, 94BC1E83-FB02-4B81-96DC-2….jpeg)

File: 05cd572e849c4ec⋯.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1210x6291, 1210:6291, 1944490D-550B-4BC8-ACEF-6….jpeg)

File: ad82bae062e1c9c⋯.png (299.94 KB, 1283x1275, 1283:1275, EA254F76-26FE-4383-B17A-EE….png)

File: 91543f67b2713e3⋯.jpeg (242.24 KB, 1861x730, 1861:730, A7CBA282-B285-4B71-B7B3-5….jpeg)

File: 5306226a8d4c1a6⋯.png (411.12 KB, 1802x659, 1802:659, 65D907F8-469D-455C-A7EF-F0….png)


Can you fuck off back to half?

b17a00  No.12552911

File: 77d94530594174a⋯.png (263.65 KB, 1202x1174, 601:587, 260566E0-EFE7-417A-9375-1A….png)

File: 4b331eab316e68a⋯.png (679.37 KB, 1817x1078, 1817:1078, 7704DAF0-94F4-475C-B0D4-51….png)


18b3b8  No.12553113

File: 1e8bd767f506ea9⋯.png (160.39 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1e8bd767f506ea997b70cb490c….png)

File: bc9843810992da3⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1501x1911, 1501:1911, bc9843810992da3913a516578e….png)

File: 57619a3d388c3f8⋯.png (135.64 KB, 1426x771, 1426:771, dea573057164383f1c55898da1….png)

File: 56351470ce8b53d⋯.png (375.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, eaec117afe7fff6891541c07e4….png)

File: 810567388cb8bd1⋯.jpg (149.44 KB, 1224x640, 153:80, 810567388cb8bd13c7a8e0b191….jpg)

I'll post some texts.

18b3b8  No.12553115

File: 2ffbb3590ac3693⋯.jpeg (66.92 KB, 468x487, 468:487, 2ffbb3590ac3693efa23f5880….jpeg)

File: 49facfe5c21d18e⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 5d7a3c4ce5c0ffd2e80cff3564….png)

File: 4912b0cd07d7c06⋯.jpg (138 KB, 1024x378, 512:189, 402e64eca7beb635a51d76d70c….jpg)

File: ce5e543edcb802f⋯.png (727.92 KB, 1264x1460, 316:365, ce5e543edcb802f32a23a7a96a….png)

File: bee3f43637a6aa0⋯.png (3.52 MB, 2040x1360, 3:2, bee3f43637a6aa0132e0a28694….png)

000000  No.12553119

Find qt virgin asian woman.

Find aryan whore with superior features.

Take egg from aryan whore and put it in asian.

Raise aryan ubermensch kid and have a qt loyal asian wife.

000000  No.12553120

Find qt virgin asian woman.

Find aryan whore with superior features.

Take egg from aryan whore and put it in asian.

Raise aryan ubermensch kid and have a qt loyal asian wife.

18b3b8  No.12553122

File: ecb70550eed98b6⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 4efaf72a6179c4205958bc8cf3….png)

File: fd2119d742917e5⋯.jpg (311.83 KB, 1752x1272, 73:53, fd2119d742917e5d7c263dc6bf….jpg)

File: f8bad61c142c05e⋯.png (336.9 KB, 1156x896, 289:224, f8bad61c142c05e55fc71f1606….png)

File: 968a923fa4d4b18⋯.png (234.31 KB, 1142x1735, 1142:1735, 968a923fa4d4b18c7a3a52aaf2….png)

File: a237b7d23c05cc4⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1988x3056, 497:764, TlGoygW.jpg)

18b3b8  No.12553129

File: 02df3c0553144cf⋯.png (228.25 KB, 454x537, 454:537, 02df3c0553144cfebdff41b8d1….png)

File: a25e4ea3d5285ca⋯.jpg (280.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, a25e4ea3d5285ca4ce4abf0b56….jpg)

File: c17dd7fa9d5e06a⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 481x720, 481:720, c17dd7fa9d5e06a921e77eb916….jpg)

File: 44177acdfac491a⋯.png (512.19 KB, 713x662, 713:662, 44177acdfac491aba14c2d7a27….png)

File: 5812627661816aa⋯.jpg (298.51 KB, 1000x1202, 500:601, 5812627661816aa890821c50bd….jpg)

6d7dc0  No.12553136

1. Is there any way to make time go slower? I literally have no time for myself

2. Is creating a shekelbook account a good way to socialize with my irl… uhh…. "known people" (they are not my friends, cause I don't know how to speak with people that are not my family or my old friends)



thanks guys

18b3b8  No.12553149

File: 601fc9f73a5f1d8⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 302x167, 302:167, 601fc9f73a5f1d8c7fca9d47c3….jpg)

File: 4ca0798d30ed790⋯.jpeg (94.36 KB, 640x777, 640:777, caf21b26b07b1bdcca49ba0a0….jpeg)

File: 7d208e0c1a7ca8c⋯.jpg (240.46 KB, 937x1200, 937:1200, 1a4245a3b93c905a92d59b9a76….jpg)

File: 29557ee75ad5c2b⋯.png (637.42 KB, 530x712, 265:356, 826f9ce3ac86794c715ee51586….png)

File: 4160e98f2719fe5⋯.png (330.41 KB, 1209x551, 1209:551, 4160e98f2719fe5bcc1c73c584….png)

18b3b8  No.12553156

File: 524f482b8756f8d⋯.jpg (142.91 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 0f6f6ce84b86caec2357b0fa62….jpg)

File: 4cf99c2e21ae8af⋯.jpg (53.49 KB, 600x395, 120:79, 1167ad4be44a675bd0694a8ff5….jpg)

File: a67e10f0db23bc5⋯.jpeg (373.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6014da5a018b7188651f8f8cf….jpeg)

File: c3e1c050df69fcc⋯.jpg (446.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c3e1c050df69fccb6611cafde3….jpg)

File: ae24609aafdfdbf⋯.jpg (116.73 KB, 900x750, 6:5, ae24609aafdfdbf86ff8e39fe6….jpg)

000000  No.12553176

As a Pole, am I allowed for /SIG/ or am I non-white, non-european and will be killed in the race war so might as well fap all day and be NEET?

18b3b8  No.12553184


Get out shill.

000000  No.12553194


legit question tho.

2c3bf1  No.12553329

File: f97e0646a80988b⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 640x360, 16:9, f97e0646a80988b3c33cb698dc….jpg)

What do you do if your genes are too broken and shit to be worth spreading?

1246ca  No.12553417


then you put it out of your mind and fight for what is right

spreading your genes is one thing of many, and it's not the most important thing

404b77  No.12553432


Be sure it's actually your genes that are shit and not your mentality/willpower/environment/temporary state of being (all of these things can be changed)

if you truly think your DNA is worthless then use your lifes energy to do things more short term and direct, by not having a family to protect you will be far more liberated than most, much harder to blackmail and manipulate etc.

d2b06a  No.12553442


please add on financial topic: Having stable income is great, try to attain a high-income skill (a skill that can make you a six-figure earner). After that, have your own scalable business/es until your passive incomr exceeds your expenses. Finally when you're rich now, multiply your money through High-return Investments (stocks, forex, or anything that has 10% Return of Investment). I know you believe on "Love of money is the root of all evil", that's right but dont forget that "Lack of money is the root of all niggers". Go read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and "F.U Money" by Dan Lok; you can understand hoe money works with these books.

000000  No.12553485

You can only defeat the system by becoming the system.

Here's your chance: JAB is preparing to take COTY (NYSE) private at $10+ a share. This is more than just a rumor but it's completely legal for you to take this trade since you can't know if the information is correct. Enjoy! Bye

fabada  No.12553521

File: 64502e38c9bfa64⋯.jpg (133.85 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 1260168968601.jpg)

Don't eat table salt. That shit is pure poison that cuts you up from the inside. Instead eat plenty of sea salt which is organic.

000000  No.12553530


Fuck black women.

86a97b  No.12553575

File: da6788434c8839a⋯.webm (15.34 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Grind.webm)

File: 7e793a00ce1cd3c⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1538651955350.jpg)




I'm in this spot, anon. Pretty sure I'm even sterile, gotta check it out. Be a good friend to someone, a Galahad to someone's Arthur. All I want from life is a good death at this point and would gladly do just that for my friend. I think it's enough.

Bringing up children is a quest of self sacrifice for next generation. Just emulate that safe sacrifice. For someone else.

8e6631  No.12554374

How do I get a full night sleep when my retarded parents like to fight and argue over night?

Pls help

8e6631  No.12554669

28fe86  No.12554684


>he talks like a fag

>he’s probably a kike

Which are both true, Tom ferry on YouTube has every video you’ll ever need to learn how to sell or convince anyone of anything. Not going to embed.

050757  No.12554745


I also usually listen to big herc 916, real men real style, and gentleman's gazette

They massively improved my sense of style and helped with confidence at least with me.

28fe86  No.12554753


Thanks for the recommendation, will check out. Merry Christmas anon.

28fe86  No.12554760


>big herc

Wait anon, that’s a nigger.

8dd161  No.12554764

From previous /SIG/ thread:

>"One of the biggest dichotomies in this world is that between consumption and production. Much of self-improvement specifically seeks to eliminate consumptive behaviors and replace them with production. You'll notice that almost 100% of the things we revile are pure consumption, and the things we respect involve production."

Quality nutritional information:




Decent workout and exercise book:


Sure, the focus is on wrestling, but the information is excellent nonetheless

7e5a4d  No.12554790

>everyone on the alt right is a loser!

>you are a jew if you think this thread does not belong here!

Mods, please.

8dd161  No.12554822


<big herc




050757  No.12554840


Just look at the positive aspects of what he says, weenie

8dd161  No.12554850


I'll pass. I don't intend to cuck my own heritage by following the advice of a degenerate criminal from a wholly different race than my own.

df76c7  No.12556370



>Implying that being forever alone is bad.

26e7f0  No.12556529


>bi girl

Putting on dresses does not make you a girl faggot.

Fuck off back to >>>/leftypol/

17ffee  No.12556576

I joined a college that i really hate , this year is the last one

I don't know why the fuck i kept myself in this agony for 4 years , i don't know what to do

I thought it was my real goal at first , but a couple of years ago i found out i was wrong and inside i didn't like it

Do i wait till this year ends and join another college , or just live with it ?

23 years here

What to do brothers ?

i have posted this before , but i can't find thread

9e0675  No.12556657


From another thread, but invaluable advice


7dc379  No.12556722

NoFap is utter bullshit if you don't have a porn addiction, of course, I could only talk from experience, but NoFap did jack shit.

I still feel tired.

I still don't crave sexual intimacy.

I still don't crave to do more than necessary.

Me wanking my dick wasn't the problem, having low testosterone was the problem.

Check your hormones lads, and if the kikes aren't giving you the juice, simply make it yourself and become a literal better version of yourself.

75f414  No.12556737


It helped me. It a piece of the puzzle, not a one stop solution, especially not if you have a major hormone imbalance. Do not rely on it to fix all of your problems. It will certainly help, but is not a substitute for working out, getting proper sleep, eating right, or getting TRT in extreme cases.

7dc379  No.12556896


Of course, I just dislike this whole "NoFap will get you laid bruh" attitude many have towards NoFap.

It should be advertised as a tool to improve discipline and nothing more.

54491e  No.12557441


At the end of a bullet.

6027a8  No.12557570

File: 2882286249683ff⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 523x810, 523:810, tumblr_oyf1ibmIo61wbn0z9o1….jpg)


Bro, I'm in finasteride for six months now. My test is probably bombed, but I'm high energy as fuck. A couple of months back I changed my sleeping schedule. 7-8 PM to 3-4 AM. I get 8-9 hours sleep every night. And it's proper, deep fucking sleep. Get your sleeping on and get that fucking protein in you every day, just buy some whey and drink up.

5881c6  No.12557580

Worst start to a /sig/ thread by far. Needs real content. While creating better habits is important, all are tied together by focusing time away from degenerate or wasteful activities and towards useful or building ones. When not at work, create a queue of useful or self improving activities and execute in no particular order. Focus on a task for at least a half hour, then take a short break - but the break should be something that ultimately builds oneself as well. For example, you might focus on cooking a top notch meal then take a quick walk or a cold shower. Move on to reading through some passages in your current book of choice, then do a few exercise reps and pace in thought between reps. Perhaps next, spend a half hour to an hour working on a skill or side hustle to build income unrelated to your day job. Take a short break by having a conversation with an old friend or engaging in some social activity such as shitposting on /pol/. Finish up with some meditation and breathing exercises. This is only an example; the order can be shaken up however you so choose.

A key in all this is to try to wake early and go to bed early - save the more focused, high cognition tasks for the early morning and the manual or light cognition ones such as cleaning or reading for evening, bookending your workday. Productive use of time is the substrate for all other self-improvement tasks.

5881c6  No.12557592


What are you studying? You should finish your studies quickly, graduate and move on to serious endeavors. The headaches and downsides to switching will outweigh the benefits with so little time left.

1c17a1  No.12557607

I've been doing nofap for 2 weeks and let me tell you…I don't know where these feelings are coming from. I'm feeling a bit down, less energetic, less horny, can't get my dick up and yesterday I felt sick af with a fever. Is this the flatline?

bad100  No.12557650


The only true dopamine rush you had in your life was ejaculation. Anything else paled in comparison. Your entire life now is an empty void, waiting for the next fap, literally nothing else matters. It will take at least 60 days for your brain to rewire and no longer see fapping as your sole purpose for existence.

Wish I was exaggerating, but sex really is that powerful.

1c17a1  No.12557883


I guess I have to wait it out. Also, it sometimes feels like I’m horny and not horny at the same time. The smallest weirdest things that never arouses me seems to make my dick twitch a little bit, but then it repulses me seconds later. I’m scared, guys

a26685  No.12558059

File: fea17f086d8bcd0⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 1302x733, 1302:733, dopamine prolactin cycle.jpg)

File: 9f65d5a556f3669⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 500x405, 100:81, dopamine.jpg)



>the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine confers motivational salience; in other words, dopamine signals the perceived motivational prominence (i.e., the desirability or aversiveness) of an outcome, which in turn propels the organism's behavior toward or away from achieving that outcome

Self improvement begins with gaining control over your penis, which forms the basis of one's identity and is the biggest factor in terms of motivation. The loss of semen immediately results in a severe loss of dopamine (chemical that creates motivation), loss of oxytocin (chemical that results in sensations of love, well-being and self-worth), and a huge spike of prolactin (chemical that causes fatigue and loss of sex drive). It takes at least 17 days of abstinence just for your neorochemicals to return to a normal human level. If you've been beating off every single day for your entire adult life, or even cumming into thots, then this means that you're always in the prolactin pit as seen in the chart above and you've never even experienced what it's like to be a normal, healthy human being- much less a man.

Ejaculation also results in immediate downregulation of androgen receptors in the brain, which are the things that actually use testosterone. This means that beating off results in the testosterone in your body being less effective, ie you're literally less of a man after ejaculating.


<Those who come to the gymnasium straight after sex are exposed by a greater number of indicators when they train, for their strength is diminished and they are short of breath and lack daring in their attacks, and they fade in colour in response to exertion, and they can be detected by signs of that sort; and when they strip, their hollow collar-bones give them away, their poorly structured hips, the conspicuous outline of their ribs, and the coldness of their blood. These athletes, even if we dedicated ourselves to them, would have no chance of being crowned [i.e. winning victory] in any contest. The part beneath the eyes is weak, the beating of their hearts is weak, their perspiration is weak, their sleep, which controls digestion, is weak, and their eyes glance around in a wandering fashion and indicate an appearance of lustfulness…. If an athlete has just had sex, it is better for him not to exercise. In what sense are they men, those who exchange crowns and victory announcements for disgraceful pleasures? But if they must undergo training, let them be trained, but with the caveat that their strength and their breathing must be closely observed; for these are the things which are damaged most by the pleasures of sex. (Gymnasticus 48 and 52)

Never touch your willy. If you want to fuck a bitch do kegel exercises so you can orgasm without ejaculating.

e2bf92  No.12558144


> do kegel exercises so you can orgasm without ejaculating.

You are literally just inducing retrograde ejaculation and you suggesting this somehow evades the consequences you shoddily try to link to sexual activity actually makes me mad and wanting to call you a retard.

a26685  No.12558170

File: 015689a47ecbf9b⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 592x448, 37:28, 04b26ac3dbf4a48f127c585676….jpg)


>You are literally just inducing retrograde ejaculation and you suggesting this somehow evades the consequences you shoddily try to link to sexual activity actually makes me mad and wanting to call you a retard

Heh, well I'm not afraid to call you a retard, retard. I know damn good and well what a retrograde ejaculation is because I've experienced them plenty of times in the learning phase of semen retention sexual activity. They only happen if you fail and they're very easy to detect because the next time you piss you'll have a thick cloud of white stuff spray out of your dick before the urine comes out, or at the very least your urine will be thick and cloudy. Again, this only happens if you rushed things and failed.

When you have sex and correctly experience a dry orgasm instead of feeling drained and wanting to sleep it feels like lightning spreads across your entire body, and you feel far more energized and can keep on having sex indefinitely. It's vastly superior to normal sex.

4e3e5c  No.12558189



acf03c  No.12558193

File: f10348850dbf462⋯.png (698.68 KB, 740x900, 37:45, ce43f0709a9dc980006ceaddca….png)

>Work with poos

>Management is out of touch with what we actually produce

>The constant below-mediocrity is giving me physical pain

>End up working with Silicon Valley company temporarily

>Everyone there is intelligent despite mental gymnastics they perform

>Make tons of friends

>Return to poo job

>It feels 10x worse now

I don't know what to believe anymore.

a0a3c6  No.12558250


Leave, boomer.

82024c  No.12558343


kill yourself before you infect others with your retardation

573ff2  No.12558716


>r wypipo wy

Yes polish people are white that is a stupid question. That is like asking if Germans are white.

7d75dc  No.12558979


This is an understandable mistake, but if anyone is interested in the work of Weston Price read his book, or the site that correctly applies his findings.


The authors of westonaprice.org are illogical zealots and use it to spread their politics.

They're known to promote fermented fish oil among other fallacies. Oils don't ferment. Fermented oil = rotten oil.

3e103e  No.12559049


And I thought poos where intelligent. Silly me.

098795  No.12561251

Everyone should be mewing. It’s been about 6 months for me, and some asymmetry in the height of my brow bones has been slowly evening out, and I have seen positive changes in my nose as well (due to the maxilla moving upwards). Lower jaw changes are slower but I am seeing slight changes in how crowded my lower front teeth are. I follow the standard oral tongue posture and chew hard gum about 1-2+ hours a day depending on the day. Could be placebo, but after I started supplementing with k-2 (mk4) and increased my dosage (from 5-10mg to 25-30mg, would like to increase further but can’t break the bank) I felt I was, and have still been, seeing much faster changes. It’s obnoxious for the first month to train your tongue to press on the roof of your mouth, but just becomes second nature. I’m 21 so it’s not impossible if you’re over 12 like some retards like to screech.

Mewing can also help if you find qt wife who isn’t very cute, should be able to make a difference in a girl at marrying age


I’m in the home stretch too, just stick it out it’ll be over soon enough.

03688e  No.12563122

File: 607f3a11b318325⋯.png (229.44 KB, 695x900, 139:180, pepe_gas_shapiro_and_SJWs_….png)

Gas the Jews dicks and cunts and drink their tears for more warmth and strength. Gas their pet SJWs too.

cfbbf9  No.12563444


>chew hard gum about 1-2+ hours a day depending on the day

This is some wild shit. Thank you god for being born symmetrical.

cbfcf6  No.12564476

File: 8bc0f4c3c623331⋯.png (816.76 KB, 1802x1404, 901:702, 8bc0f4c3c623331942259885ea….png)



Can confirm, mewing does actually make a difference.

ff049e  No.12564558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wear earplugs, turn on fan, or listen to relaxing sounds like video related, put up noise reducing curtains around your walls, seal the gaps between the outlet or light switch and the drywall panels itself with acoustical sealant.

a3a111  No.12564586


Nihilist faggot detected

44b2de  No.12564609


and stop celebrating xmas you fucking Idiots

xmas is the celbration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth- the King of the Jews

bb98c0  No.12564671


Jesus was not a jew. https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm

bd83ab  No.12564673


Indeed, Jesus was a Galilean not Judean.

44b2de  No.12564709


jesus was the king of the jews- that is what INRI means- look it up

000000  No.12564845

Jesus was a mere mortal man, who could only be so wise: As he was a mere mortal man.

If you put your faith in men who are not you, then you lack true manhood and the ability to be wise yourself. Why is Jesus so much better than you, if you are both men? You goddamned fool, he is NOT.

He is NOT better than you. It is not even to say he is worse.

It is to say that YOU are your own master, and you must devise your own morality, your own wisdom, and your own story of life.

Do not be a fool here, and defer to an authority. If you are a man, then you ARE the authority.

5c3a0d  No.12566282


Incorrect, little yidlet. INRI is "iesus nazarenus rex iudaeorum", i.e. "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Judaeans". Nothing more, nothing less.

5c3a0d  No.12566291


Your hybris will be your undoing.

fba6f2  No.12566624


Most of the people working in/around silicon valley are quite intelligent and a large subset are good people at heart in my(admittedly limited) experience.

The problem is that they fall into the problem of overspecialization at their chosen thing and simply do not have the mental energy left to defeat the doublethink and propaganda forced upon them by the place they are in at the end of the day.

Advise any you get close to see if they can move away and work remotely.

bd4613  No.12567689


Holy FUCK mewing fixed my smile.

431ad4  No.12567723

Take it to /fit/ niggers.

78dcdb  No.12568543

File: 25bb87c892a66e4⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1600x1062, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)


That fifth image is the gayest shit I've ever seen anon. I don't care if Foucault said it, you shouldn't repeat it. Kids give you strength like nothing else does.

a26685  No.12568792

File: 7b05a29f0cf7049⋯.png (406.19 KB, 713x662, 713:662, 44177acdfac491aba14c2d7a27….png)




There's a huge difference between having sex for pleasure and wasting your seed, which weakens a man, and between having sex for the creation of progeny. Pythagoras wasn't saying not to have children.

c8e448  No.12569034

File: fe0c8b71be47319⋯.jpg (632.05 KB, 1220x1755, 244:351, height and body proportion….jpg)

File: 6194abfb61b5d84⋯.jpg (462.01 KB, 1220x1755, 244:351, height and body proportion….jpg)

File: 57361488c12c1b1⋯.jpg (468.97 KB, 1220x1755, 244:351, height and body proportion….jpg)

File: a969893c3867e18⋯.jpg (536.38 KB, 1220x1755, 244:351, height and body proportion….jpg)

Running into a brick wall, /SIG/. I nearly maxed out my /fit/, /biz/, /fa/, and /k/. But sadly the truth is that I was cursed to manlet status forever because of early childhood abuse by both parents. Mom overweight, smoked and drank during conception and early pregnancy, starved, beaten, suffocated, raised in a 90% black/hispanic neighborhood/school district, and spent most of my childhood with sleepless nights behind a TV screen or dumped alone in random drug houses while my literal faggot dad went out to score crack. Having a really fucking rough time of it since I have no support network and men and women alike frequently treat me like a child or a non-entity. So my question is, how do you deal with life when you're doing everything right but it's still not enough? This journey has made me incredibly strong, but incredibly tired.

1c17a1  No.12569135


I know that feel, brother. I've been there. I recommend to try and stick up for yourself and confront them if they argue while you're trying to sleep. Even if it turns heated, they will know that you're fed up.


> I nearly maxed out my /fit/, /biz/, /fa/, and /k/

Damn, you're already more accomplished than most of us here. I'm not going to act like I have wisdom, but you should use that strength you've acquired to carry on. You don't need a "support network."

If the journey is making you tired, than you're doing it right, my friend.

ff049e  No.12569213

File: e150ed586016d6c⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 425x516, 425:516, 5075.jpg)


>Running into a brick wall, /SIG/. I nearly maxed out my /fit/, /biz/, /fa/, and /k/.

what is your diet and routine and how long were you in this routine? What is your cycle between bulking and cutting? the longer you are in weightlifting the harder it is to see gains and the more work needs to be done to see more results. Secondly there's always room to grow a least something whether a new skill, becoming more creative like drawing singing learning a new instrument or picking up a new skill. Being a manlet isn't excuse, please for Uncle Hitler be the more than the best you can be.

c8e448  No.12569217

File: 2894cd71e339abe⋯.gif (179.98 KB, 1438x938, 719:469, blue zone venn diagram.gif)


I appreciate the kind words, brother. Unfortunately those without a support network live shorter lives, are more prone to medical issues like dementia, etc. Look up the "Blue Zone", which is where people live the longest in the world. You'll see that common denominators include a focus on family and social engagement. To that end I believe my best chance is to develop a model family of my own.

1c17a1  No.12569245


Then, go for it

ff049e  No.12569314


You said you a pretty /fit/, why can't take your athleticism into amateur sports amateur boxing, 5k, cycle racing or whatever? You'll banter and meet tons of friends even if you competing against each other.

000000  No.12569330


>do not steal, rob or vandalize

why though?

78dcdb  No.12569355


>Self improvement begins with gaining control over your penis, which forms the basis of one's identity

That's the ultimate muh dick. Even degenerates have success in life, and having normal sex or the occasional fap won't be the single biggest hurdle you'll face.


>why though?

Read the whole sentence.

bad100  No.12569360


blue zones eat raw pork, fuck off kike.

e7d1a2  No.12569375

File: 506c42aa0b109f9⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 821x478, 821:478, vri.JPG)

File: 66dcf744c460b25⋯.jpg (162.09 KB, 1071x699, 357:233, motivation.JPG)

000000  No.12569377


I read it like 10 times now

none of them really needs that money

NPCs are not humans anyway

3cb62c  No.12569424


fuck off tornigger

c0463e  No.12569435

Starting a 3D printing and small batch metal casting services business.

Any advice on either these fields or on business in general would be welcome. I'm new to this.

aded71  No.12569448


You're blue zone diagram of kikels should be grounds for hanging for malpractice with malice of forethought.

000000  No.12569450


subhumans don't need money to donate refugee help center

you better take it to yourself

c8e448  No.12569531


I already did, was very competitive but washed out from serious injuries. That is great advice in general, though. I'd like to get back to it once I recover from a few surgeries.


Thanks man, totally agree with you. I already draw and play instruments and have seen consistent and amazing progress. Such a great thing to have a creative outlet and see yourself growing. Once I heal I'd like to get back to this, too.

ff049e  No.12569631


may what instruments you play and where did your instruments? Because some music stores have a Recording studio in back and you could meet tons of up and coming bands you don't even need to good as long as you can keep a rhythm and not stop even if you make a mistake. Most bands are shit-tier and the music industry is over saturated with wannabe lead guitarist and drummers, you may find lots of luck being a pianist, bass or even rhythm guitar

cba9a7  No.12569696


The best salt is (((Kosher)))

The jews aren't going to poison themselves

a26685  No.12569702


It is the ultimate muh dick. We in /SIG/ should strive to be the ultimate in everything.


I recall a previous thread discussing quality differences in kosher vs nonkosher foods. One thing I recall was that kosher soda used real sugar, whereas nonkosher got the high fructose corn syrup. Not that any of us should be drinking soda anyways.

You're correct though, jews are less inclined to poison their own.

c8e448  No.12569736


Don't neglect marketing. I highly recommend reading a book on copywriting for sales, like "The Copywriter's Handbook". If you are primarily B2B you must also seriously consider the importance of a sales pipeline. A few other questions to ask yourself 1) How will this business scale? 2) Are the margins high enough? 3) What is your differentiator? Don't get caught up in the price wars if you can. You want to have a unique value that lets you keep good margins. 4) Is there an ongoing or subscription business model you can use? A repeat customer is worth two or three new or hypothetical ones.


Thanks anon. I play guitar, synth, and have recording studio experience. Maybe I should just focus on developing this route to the highest levels for the social and fame aspects.

78dcdb  No.12569738




>steal, rob or vandalize

Those are nigger behavior. You don't need Tor to promote them though, just be black and say you're composing a rap album.

be1b2e  No.12569887


Start speccing into charisma and carry yourself with dignity. People will start to respect a self-assured guy

1c17a1  No.12570044

It’s been said that nofap can make a guy question his sexuality. Is this true? Any idea why this is? Some guys on r/nofap were also talking about this. I’ve only been doing nofap for a little over 2 weeks and I may be having similar feelings. But the thing is…I’ve never had these feelings before. They only started in my second week of nofap. Before nofap, there was no problem. Even before my fapping addiction, there was no problem. I’ve only ever fapped to the thought me with other girls and when I used to watch porn, it was only ever straight shit.

a8cdba  No.12570501


Wouldn't this mean that sex is just as bad as masturbating, because you fall in the prolactin pit? Fucking kek.

a26685  No.12570684

File: f019e0a8de40157⋯.jpg (89.37 KB, 491x530, 491:530, 12314235235.jpg)


Yes it does actually. The difference however is that one who masturbates is in the prolactin pit because he's a failure, whereas the man who's in the pit because he has sex all the time is at least experiencing some degree of social success. The best of both worlds though is to fuck women and not ejaculate, because it avoids the neurochemical problems mentioned.

6db8b8  No.12570710



So, barring masturbation and the fucking of "thots" (nice use of nigger vernacular there), it would still be unhealthy to regularly fuck your wife for pleasure? Are you by any chance Christian?

c8e448  No.12570886

File: 20a7f71243355d0⋯.png (26.59 KB, 300x142, 150:71, 20a7f71243355d085c870c9894….png)


Homosexuality is directly caused by molestation. "Sexuality" itself is a myth, just a marketing term to normalize a mental disorder. I'm not sure what is going through your head but maybe you had a sick thought or ideation like how you might picture jumping off a bridge you are walking over, or punching an old person in the face randomly. I believe that sometimes we just have a passing weird or dumb thoughts, especially when you're run down or in a mood. Certainly not something to feed into or act on. But then again, pic related.

a26685  No.12570980


>So, barring masturbation and the fucking of "thots" (nice use of nigger vernacular there), it would still be unhealthy to regularly fuck your wife for pleasure?

You've attained a healthy, monogamous relationship perfect for bringing children into this world, and as such have attained the ideal mode of existence for an average man. If you abstain from wasting your seed for 17 days though, your chemicals will regulate and I'm certain you'll feel a new tremendous energy and a will to conquer.

Absolutely don't take my word for it though. Try it as an experiment yourself and see how the effects feel. Are you worth such a small trial? Is your wife worth it? Because it has great potential to improve both of your lives.

If you like what you feel after the test, I would suggest starting a regiment of kegel exercises because they'll enable you to have sex indefinitely yet not waste your seed which would avoid the chemical issues.

>Are you by any chance Christian?

No. I have nothing against them though. It's a great foundation of morality and community for many people.

1c17a1  No.12571131


I’m not from reddit. I just read some r/nofap posts. That’s all

a8cdba  No.12571158


Couldn't you just take supplements to make up for what was lost? What if your wife raelly, really, really likes making you cum?

a27075  No.12571280


Tut tut… You should Tilt the gun a bit further back to ensure the part of your brain which is used for the automatic processes for living (such as breathing, heart beating and clearing the wind pipe or swallowing) are completely destroyed. Saves electricity by not being a brain dead yet breathing vegetable. Just saying.

c8e448  No.12571361


This is interesting. I'd like to see what the magnitude of the change is since hormonal variance within a range is not necessarily a big deal. For example we wake up with higher free test levels than we go to sleep with. It's also obvious at least from my own experience that without sex, it puts one me the "prowl" (assuming a caloric balance or surplus, and sufficient dietary fat levels). I suspect there are benefits to had by strategically reducing the frequency of sex, especially before planned competition. Enough athletes believe that "women weaken legs" that you have to consider it. But at the same time, there could be many benefits to having frequent sex within a committed relationship such as reduced stress, prostate health, a happier wife, or even simply a higher chance of pregnancy especially during ovulation.

d6829c  No.12571464


I'd say that fucking my wife isn't a waste of semen in the same way that fapping or having meaningless sex with some slut would be. Having sex with my wife releases oxytocin in both her and me, which then cements the pair bond between us.

a26685  No.12571600

File: 711858af12a1fa0⋯.pdf (1.53 MB, Mantak Chia-The Multi-Orga….pdf)


>Couldn't you just take supplements to make up for what was lost?

Most supplements are shitty and the body barely absorbs them. Some are literally just pooped out. You have to study and look for particular forms of supplements to take in order to adequately supplement. It's far easy to just not waste your zinc for example, than to load up on zinc all the time. Perhaps you'll lower the recovery period a bit, but nevertheless you're still looking at a period of time in the double digits to fix your brain chemicals.


>But at the same time, there could be many benefits to having frequent sex within a committed relationship such as reduced stress, prostate health, a happier wife, or even simply a higher chance of pregnancy especially during ovulation.

It's modern secular society that encourages rampant sexuality within (and without) the confines of marriage, and it's also these same people who experience the highest rates of divorce and failed relationships. This is getting far out of the field I've researched, but from what I've seen on websites concerning Karezza (an alternative to orgasm focused sex), couples that practice non-orgasm focused sex report much more satisfying relationships. Supposedly it's stressful for some people to focus on performance, such as pleasuring the female, or getting off, and letting go of such things improves the relationship.

Personally I prefer the Daoist Mantak Chia approach of exercising your pelvic floor muscles, retaining semen, and dominating females sexually.

a8cdba  No.12572063

File: 614466413067641⋯.jpg (91.95 KB, 638x1000, 319:500, 1537385189032.jpg)

>Personally I prefer the Daoist Mantak Chia approach of exercising your pelvic floor muscles, retaining semen, and dominating females sexually.

a26685  No.12572111

File: c685fd2bec34d70⋯.png (236.2 KB, 320x480, 2:3, butthurt mobile.PNG)

a8cdba  No.12572133

File: 9c8cc037e9de00a⋯.jpg (27.43 KB, 456x810, 76:135, 1544928734064.jpg)


>he must be jealous

a26685  No.12572180

File: fe07796fae1cf1a⋯.jpg (128.43 KB, 960x877, 960:877, 1521472942996.jpg)

c8e448  No.12572214


I'm not at all convinced by the semen retention stuff, and don't care for peddling Asian-branded philosophy to the West. But being in shape and dominating your wife in bed seems pretty uncontroversial to me.

a8cdba  No.12572246

File: 533c9234a28a6fb⋯.jpg (66.54 KB, 900x729, 100:81, 1545032841472.jpg)


>Personally I prefer the Daoist Mantak Chia approach of […] retaining semen

730851  No.12572440

File: 83cf92be9ec9097⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 191x158, 191:158, 1357872219566.jpg)

4chan is down again isn't?

d83e57  No.12573458

d83e57  No.12573463



the hindbrain

is what you were thinking of

d83e57  No.12573552

File: 3bbc5aa937ab775⋯.png (266.01 KB, 1302x744, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)

972b58  No.12573559

Learn how to fight properly (hand to hand combat), it will strengthen your resolve.

Learn how to properly use, clean, and manage firearms of all different types.

a8cdba  No.12573567


Fucking kek

972b58  No.12573630

learn to hunt wild game, and forage for food; it might one day save your life.

study up on guerrilla tactics, and the successes and failures of previous dissident movements

I see other anons have posted some great litterature, start reading!

a26685  No.12574975


<five days of foreplay without orgasming turns you into superman

70a9d0  No.12575202

File: b9fee666cc9ce89⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Cultivating Male Sexual En….pdf)

File: 14d66d554422386⋯.jpg (85 KB, 650x488, 325:244, dont be a kike.jpg)


This guy is severely oversimplifying it, as he is a preachy retard, but tantric practices that allow you to experience orgasm without semen loss are possible, and the positive results are profound. But there's a whole fuckload more to it than "lol kegel exercises".

.pdf related. It's not for everyone. And it's not easy, but the results cannot be denied by anyone who seriously takes up the discipline.

c8e448  No.12576015


How long did it take you to get the hang of?

57d157  No.12576566


>The best of both worlds though is to fuck women and not ejaculate, because it avoids the neurochemical problems mentioned.


its worth feeling a bit down if it means you are impregnating women

never masturbate or use porn ofcourse

924a2e  No.12576595

The effort of persuading people to be sane and civilized is neverending. To that end, I thank ZOD for the opportunity to say again: If you want to improve yourself, be peaceful.

a10b91  No.12576800

Oh woe! Oh the torment! Oh the ineluctable supremacy of the Jew! However shall we improve ourselves enough? Oh woe and agony! All but Jews are worthless! All but Jews are helpless! The ubermensche has arisen! Woe and suffering!

6d7dc0  No.12577095

I am stressed out as fuck rn

How do I relax

cbfcf6  No.12577103

File: 13207cd1b48ba7c⋯.png (889.88 KB, 836x6806, 418:3403, meditation.png)



000000  No.12577123


>white behavior

>nigger behavior

what's else nigger behavior? having kids? eating? drinking?

Action patterns have changed more over last thousand years than from the beginning of white race

Whites have been made into cucks by the state and religion

6d7dc0  No.12577407


>tfw it worked

Thank you so so much anon! Wish I could meditate all day tbh, 1,5 hour and feels ebin, I wonder what would it feel after a day

c8e448  No.12577915


This may sound obvious, but if you have any unnecessary stressors in your life try removing a couple. Or temporarily back off the intensity on your main activity. Even pushing yourself 5% or 10% less can make a big difference. Similarly, if you aren't getting quite enough sleep try going to bed an extra 15 or 30m early to help close recovery deficits (mental and physical). So you get the marginal benefits without changing too much.

31a728  No.12578107


>created by happify + some abc news kike

wow that totally makes it convincing and credible

>meditation makes us more compassionate

<just sit

>just watch the refugees pour in

<do nothing

>you are the refugees

<everyone is god

>you are nothing

<be mindful of your non-thinking

a26685  No.12578216

File: b207f4122774afe⋯.jpg (172.61 KB, 805x1037, 805:1037, semen retention.jpg)


>This guy is severely oversimplifying it

Of course there's more to it than simply strengthening a single muscle group. I was just trying to avoid going into explicit details of sexual techniques in here. Showing the studies concerning the detrimental effects of an unregulated sex life, mentioning the possibility of improvement and providing a Mantak Chia PDF was sufficient I think.

>tantric practices that allow you to experience orgasm without semen loss are possible, and the positive results are profound

Heh, it's spergy on my part but I was trying to avoid use of the word tantra. Tantra is such a wide plethora of religious practice and 99% of it has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality. The Tibetan schools of Buddhism are all Tantric for example, however only a minority of Dzogchen practicioners (the smallest group) actually have tantric, ritualized sex. The Gelug, Sakya, Kagyupa, Jonang, etc. are all fully celibate in addition to being fully tantric.

The association of tantra with sex is just a western bastardization by New Age hippie types.

Daoism on the other hand has been fully saturated by semen retention and the associated sexual techniques for thousands of years now, hence Mantak Chia, and why I was explicitly referring to such techniques as Daoist.

>And it's not easy, but the results cannot be denied by anyone who seriously takes up the discipline

Absolutely, this is the important part. Regardless of semantic details, anons need to learn to avoid the pains of uninhibited sexual activity and to take charge of their lives starting with the libido.


>meditation makes us more compassionate

<just sit

>just watch the refugees pour in

<do nothing

The Dalai Lama literally just said that Europe is for Europeans and that refugees need to go home. Besides, sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do is put a sick dog down. There's one story about pirates hijacking a boat that an esteemed Lama was riding on, and the pirates were threatening to kill and rape the passengers. The Lama picked up a sword and beheaded the chief pirate because it resulted in the greatest good for all aboard, even for the dead pirate because it kept him from incurring any more sin.

<everyone is god

A cancerous tumor is literally a part of one's body, yet it still needs to be cut off.

02f914  No.12578231

I am out, good luck pol

Kek is resigning.

c8e448  No.12578421


Good luck on your journeys, Reddit.

cbfcf6  No.12578526


>>created by happify + some abc news kike

Facts are facts. Fine, dont meditate just because of one infographic, its your loss dumbass.

>>meditation makes us more compassionate

><just sit

>>just watch the refugees pour in

><do nothing

>>you are the refugees

><everyone is god

>>you are nothing

><be mindful of your non-thinking

Completely missing the point of meditation, your either retarded or being purposely obtuse

ab34c4  No.12578603


Do you have any books on Daoism, whether they are related to semen retention or not?

3cb62c  No.12578621


when people say being compassionate or having empathy is good, they mean among white people. nobody who says those things means to do nothing and accept bad things

yes meditation is doing nothing, no it doesn't make you never do anything. 10 minutes of meditation a day is good enough, the rest can be for action or what have you

a26685  No.12579265

File: f929b085a80fd75⋯.jpg (645.74 KB, 1118x1920, 559:960, 3243546456456.jpg)



Here you go, I dumped what little I have on Daoism there. It's not personally a philosophy I subscribe to, though I find the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching) which is one of its foundational texts to be loaded with wisdom. As a laymen I personally think Daoism has the same exact goal and aim as Buddhism and most sects of Hinduism- reintegration with the Godhead- though they of course call it the Dao. It's just semantics though, as the opening line of the Daodejing says, "the name that can be named is not the eternal Name".


I was quoting another anon. Meditation is the most important thing I do on a daily basis and has been for the past four years now.

57d157  No.12579500


is autofellatio really the best way?

da12c0  No.12579899

File: a66967de09cd18e⋯.png (459.03 KB, 634x556, 317:278, womeninreallife.png)


As a dyke, never get one. because the reality is, you're just gonna get killed by the right wing death squad and your girlfriend too. If you love your girl why would you get her killed anon?

35fa04  No.12579960


Is there a more pathetic subculture today than cartoons for (undeveloped/inferior) adults? I can't think of one.

9fbe85  No.12580057


Fantasy football.

f691e5  No.12581513


Lesbians don't exist and are therefore immune to the Death Squads. They get the Rape Squads.

a26685  No.12583823


It's just a joke, anon. In all seriousness it's probably healthier than just beating off into a sock though.

f72ce5  No.12584562

File: dfc0edd65930d4d⋯.jpg (7.13 KB, 300x168, 25:14, let_that_sink_in.jpg)



bdadcf  No.12584590

File: 395ccc65e4d653e⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1295x955, 259:191, theAbolitionOfMan.png)



The solution has always been to get them to lift. Pic related. They don't have the physical strength to defend themselves so they'll go along with any despot. The Iron pill reigns supreme.

000000  No.12584649


What the heck is the deal with this stuff?

It is literally just inducing retrograde ejaculation.

The semen gets produced and worn anyways.

Why is everybody falling for this meme? I can have an orgasm without ejaculating by pressing down on my taint when the surges start, as the urethra will be shut by that and the semen will instead go into the bladder and later out with urine.

And yes, I actually managed to tense up and do that same thing without pressing anything, and the results were the same, there were traces of semen in the urine.

000000  No.12584666


That is a very precise brainlet for what's described to be honest, kek.

Refer to this anatomical sketch.

Holy shit I swear, leftist memes of /pol/acks being fucking brainlets hit too close to home.


a26685  No.12585083

File: 418b0cb697c5e25⋯.jpg (32.68 KB, 420x443, 420:443, 418b0cb697c5e25bde10d08dad….jpg)


You must not be doing it right yet.

>normal ejaculation

>get tired afterwards


<feel energized and can maintain an erection

The surge of prolactin is quite literally the chemical that produces the refractory period. If one can avoid ejaculating and keep hard, and keep having sex it means that no prolactin was released. If you're still getting traces of semen in your urine then it means you're not doing it right.

6d7dc0  No.12585122

As I'm doing more and more of your protips I start to find chanz less and less entertaining

Is this normal?

57d157  No.12585160

>>12585122 checked


self improvement does involve change

6d7dc0  No.12585205


Well shit

05baf7  No.12585287


>People discussing various ways to fap

Thank You (((8ch.net/pol/)))

2de48e  No.12585425

What would be the best way to slowly redpill my 9 year old brother? He is going down a path of a video game playing, junk food eating, NEET and I'm worried.

c8e448  No.12585718


it's all reruns here after a while. try checking in every few months instead for a bit. we'll fill you in. nothing ever happens anyways.

c8e448  No.12585731


Play guitar or another instrument with him so that he at least grows up with a pro-social skill that can get him laid. Also why does a kid that young even have access to so much junk food? Someone has to stop buying it for him. Just a couple ideas.

e4f27b  No.12586375

File: b84f6d61499c390⋯.jpg (212.91 KB, 1320x1600, 33:40, dairy-fairy.jpg)


>eliminate as much soy from your diet as you can

when will this meme die

anyone who drinks estrogenic milk from a female cow needs to think! its for babies to get chubby. manboobs ain't coming from the soy.

1b659a  No.12586567

File: d067375ca96d789⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 252x223, 252:223, faggotry.jpg)


Is this a copypasta or are you actually fucking serious ?

9c8f5b  No.12586610


This is some weak shilling. Do you kikes even try anymore?

1b659a  No.12586650

File: bfb00d027c6074e⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 800x430, 80:43, AynRand_OLiver_Show_800x43….jpg)


Just worship yourself.

84d728  No.12586693

File: dad0a15c080a7cd⋯.jpg (321.52 KB, 1333x750, 1333:750, bREAK nEGATIVE EPISODE THU….jpg)

/SIG/ is a big feature in our dissident community


70a9d0  No.12586801

File: d46fed2f937ba55⋯.pdf (185.71 KB, Science Of Breath.pdf)

File: 9ca0970643f4efd⋯.pdf (228.08 KB, The Arcane Formulas.pdf)

File: 747331bfcda0566⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 14449220_255965874801547_4….jpg)


What's with this shit? It looks like a cutout from some (((woman's magazine))).

If you're going to teach these niggers how to breath right, give them the good shit.

c8e448  No.12586833


Is this the cum town meme I keep hearing about?

e4f27b  No.12586900

File: 56f4672ed0f4257⋯.png (395.66 KB, 616x495, 56:45, jew-milk.png)

File: 5e874c03c0c74dc⋯.png (32.9 KB, 658x213, 658:213, dairy-addicting.png)


the denial. you sound like an addict. its LITERALLY for babies. Jews want you to drink milk to keep you hooked on their food.

6a7138  No.12586991


>don't drink milk goyim!

Every kind or casein or whey protein powder is made out of milk.

If you want good milk, drink Fair Life. It has twice the protein and half the sugar.

a26685  No.12587137


Atkinson gets his complete breathing method completely backwards in Science of Breath. The correct method you'll see advocated by yogis, monks, and renunciates of all sorts is to first breath into the abdomen, then the middle lungs, then the upper lungs and then exhale in the opposite manner- ie empty the top, mid, then abdomen. It's all one complete rolling motion.

Always question a man who publishes his material under a pseudonym with false credentials.

82d939  No.12587233

Where do I even begin in regards to keeping a journal? What benefits/uses can i expect to get out of it? What're some good practices to put in place?

2e9d38  No.12587238

File: 4ebd09fb785ecc4⋯.jpg (130.34 KB, 453x669, 151:223, 1491746957312.jpg)

How wrong is it to break up with a girl, mostly because of looks?

I see it developing into way much nastier stuff down the line

70a9d0  No.12587244

File: 90a23a3514959e5⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 229x407, 229:407, 90a23a3514959e5a653910e4e0….jpg)


I guess the answer would depend on how ugly a cunt you yourself were.

2e9d38  No.12587250


She was the uggo lacking interest in health and fitness. Kinda noticeable gap between us

70a9d0  No.12587261

File: e4c9cc0403f5c80⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, 1452217962645.jpg)


Laz,y flabby girls with perpetually dirty vaginas were never my thing either. I say dump the bitch.

2e9d38  No.12587298


>lazy, flabby


<with perpetually dirty vaginas

No. Never mentioned a thing about hygene. Now you're just making a carricature out of it.

9c87fb  No.12587671


>tfw I've been up that freaking hill

It's near Queenstown NZ.

cbfcf6  No.12587686

I have a problem /SIG/.

>current gf of 8 years

>both fat and lazy when we got together

>shes redpilled as fuck tho

>im now in shape, pretty /fit/

>shes still the same

>notice other women are actually paying attention to me

>struggle to get hard with gf now

Has anyone had experience turning a fatty into a fitty? Im considering dumping her but she might be worth salvaging.

aebbd1  No.12587720

Why do you retards insist on never linking new threads. I was still using the old thread for weeks and now I've missed 190replies on this one.

898096  No.12587807

This is gonna be a mess of a post I'm just writing my thoughts as they come so bear with me. I have a limited budget and food here is expensive. I can't afford to eat meat every day especially grass-fed meat, I figure I could eat liver once or twice a week and get a shit load of nutrition not found in lean meat.

I'm unsure of milk and dairy, milk has hormones in it and it's pastuerized so there goes all the good bacteria. What about butter? It's pasteurized, should I skip it?

Flax seeds, I'm reading two different sides here, they contain phytoestrogen but it's not the harmful estrogen found in junk food and soy.

I figure I could get eat a well balanced diet on liver, nuts, seeds and vegetables. I don't know if fruits are ok, I want to stay away from all sugars. I'm not touching any grains, they're all garbage. Also don't know know where to get clean unpolluted fish. Basically is there a shopping list for poorfags and a guide on the best foods?

68fc39  No.12587829


First of all good for you.

If she doesn't get her shit together I'd walk if I were you, you can do better (and if you can you should.).

But if you love her you could tell her that you're concerned about her health but also straight up that you are simply not as attracted to her as you used to be (maybe phrase it in a way so she doesn't break out in tears immediately, though I'm probably the wrong person to give pointers for that).

You could both start working out together or start cooking healthy meals regularly as a new relationship activity.

57d157  No.12588155


lol eight years and no baby

50085c  No.12588253


>I’m in the home stretch too, just stick it out it’ll be over soon enough.

I kmow it will be over soon , i just don't know what to do after , continue my life with this degree or move on to take another one

What would you do honestly ?

de7b3e  No.12588300

File: c4855ddfe0fa7af⋯.jpeg (61.15 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 25840B4D-8188-4F39-BF75-D….jpeg)

70a9d0  No.12588397

File: a436dcdc755292e⋯.png (383.55 KB, 657x698, 657:698, 40c5eda9285da0734c6e27df3a….png)


>Now you're just making a carricature out of it.

Life tends to make a caricature of itself, but if she's can at least understand basic hygiene she can possibly be salvaged.

Even the laziest piece of shit white woman has innate drive to be artistic lying dormant inside them. You should encourage her to get a creative hobby, even if it's some dumb shit like making macrame butterflies or whatever. A small creative spark creates a chain reaction in a woman's mind. It will go a long way in helping her develop into a more well rounded person.

70a9d0  No.12588399

File: a5f20a9f94ff110⋯.jpg (118.4 KB, 540x810, 2:3, 1447527160604-2.jpg)


Whoops, wrong picture.

e4f27b  No.12588776

File: 6a68be534674b7b⋯.gif (10.09 KB, 314x240, 157:120, dairy_fairies.gif)


>drink Fair Life

Jews always finding any opportunity to push product.

you shouldn't buy any of that shit. its a by-product of making cheese, and the crafty jews slap a "Ultra Gainzzzzz" sticker and sell it for $40 a drum. You're addicted and you can't even see it.

e22688  No.12589225

I just failed my nofap and noporn streak. Nofap lasted for about 3 weeks and noporn lasted longer. I was home alone, got horny, put on some porn and fapped. What's going on to my brain and my T, now that I've broke the streak? Did I lose a lot of T?

c8e448  No.12589262


You might start reading the journal of a couple great men. Then you've got a nice template.

a26685  No.12589270

File: a7de69a0fbe5011⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 35d9764f-a5ba-488b-9dd3-28….jpg)


Your brain's androgen receptors have been kicked in the nuts, so the testosterone already in your body is able to do less. You also have a ton of prolactin now (which is bad), and very little dopamine/oxytocin (which are good).

c8e448  No.12589282


Try 5 days of foreplay you'll be back to normal

e22688  No.12589367


How can I fix this? Is nofap the only solution?


I'm single

cbfcf6  No.12589369


Thanks man


We got together when we were both 16, we aren't married and im in my final year of university. We dont own a house either, we live in a student shared house.

I plan on having kids, but not until I have a stable job and my own place.

cbfcf6  No.12589380


I tried to link from the old thread to this one, but it hit 750 replies before I could

a26685  No.12589517


>How can I fix this? Is nofap the only solution?

Yes. Stop masturbating and looking at porn. In about 17 days your chemicals will be back to normal.

730851  No.12589684


Meat doesn't have to be expensive. It can be one of the cheapest ways to eat a good diet. Look for cheaper cuts that are available on the bone such as lamb breast, pork ribs, ham hocks or beef shin. Cook it for a simple roast dinner for one night, and then use the remaining meat and bone to make soups and stews. You can feed yourself for a week from a single joint of meat. Offal is a great source of nutrition but there's more to it than liver, there's also kidneys, sweetbread, chaps and heart. All of them can make a tasty meal when you know how to cook them. Remember that the cheapest fresh food available is local. Start using your local butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer rather than a supermarket. You will save money and get better quality food.

bffc9d  No.12590558

Hi, I just had my testosterone levels checked and I got a very low result, how can I improve them? I'm just 18 by the way, which makes it even worse. Is TRT worth it?

Testosterone: 299 ng/dl

Free Testosterone: 11 pg/ml (it was 38 in 2015)

e1d0c2  No.12590606


-stop jerking off, or minimize how much you do it. see this article for why:


-lift weights. in particular do squats and deadlifts (but dont ignore your upper body)

-get more sunlight. if it's winter take vitamin D supplements.

-eat a good diet. get enough calories, and don't try to completely avoid saturated fats/cholesterol; they're the building blocks of test.

diet is a big part of it. eat whole foods

898096  No.12590782


Meat in Canada is expensive, doesn't matter where you get it.

>Offal kidneys, sweetbread, chaps and heart

I don't mind liver but am worried about the taste of the organs. I don't fry food gently cook meat by steaming them so it'll taste bland as shit. I'll check cheaper fattier cuts of meat and find a fishmonger, thanks.

aebbd1  No.12591180


>local butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer are cheaper than supermarkets.

No. Objectively wrong. At least where I'm from. You get the best deals and prices in supermarkets, whereas if you walk into the local butcher's the prices are jacked up to compensate for the 3 customers they get a month. Books in your local bookstore aren't cheaper than amazon.

1269ce  No.12591303

File: 6736a088315fbdd⋯.jpg (531.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chadchallenge.jpg)

Step up, nerds.

aebbd1  No.12591602


>get laid

I'm sick shit of shills coopting these self improvement genitals to push their jewish schemes. The goal of self improvement isn't to get laid or to master the hookup culture. It's to improve yourself so you either find a suitable mate for life or if you stay single to seek out your male peers.

I'm also against propping up the ongoing capitalist jewish hierarchy but that's a different topic.

7083d5  No.12591679

82d939  No.12592704


Any recommendations?

3d0f79  No.12592803

File: 7ef267cdc330525⋯.jpg (199.46 KB, 500x817, 500:817, 1220135028439.jpg)


Good lad, kids need a strong base to grow into all they can be. Don't be trash that spawns more trash. Do get your shit right and have those kids tho. Even if you have to use a slightly subpar vagina to do it, just be a better father to compensate.

3d0f79  No.12592813

File: 00b4ebf4f564e16⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 877x503, 877:503, 1210773126374.jpg)



>Dude get ripped and fuck sluts, yeah bro

Only a few steps away from pic related

Get your dick out boi!

da4040  No.12593155

File: 47e50cc957ca067⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, SIG self improvement quick….jpg)

Neckbeards: this post is for you, print out and stick on your wall

12bdd3  No.12593181


>tfw already "Ultra Chad"

Just seems like a normal person tbh

acf03c  No.12593294


I searched that quote. It gets attributed to a poo and hitler

a921fd  No.12593368

File: 66ec16c15db172d⋯.jpg (112.08 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 1884c8ceee69826⋯.jpg (85.28 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 781ea5b79be25e1d0bfa2bd8c5….jpg)

File: 90c66a6b2c682dc⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 737x521, 737:521, 21Srimad_Bhagavadgita_Quot….jpg)

File: 0c49d32e85c903c⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 438x247, 438:247, srila-prabhupada-quotes-01.jpg)

File: 8a4a8092c942b31⋯.jpg (907.85 KB, 1000x1469, 1000:1469, hitler_jews.jpg)


With Hitler and Hitlerist Germany a fundamental change was realized, even in the domain of science. In a few years the Aryan Subconscious asserted its representations, its Hyperborean archetypal different concepts. He did not accept the Einsteinian theory of relativity. Because of this Hitler, able to achieve, and having achieved, the atomic bomb and atomic fission by his own means, could not use that annihilating disintegrating bomb. It did not correspond to his integrating, non-atomizing, Archetype in his Aryan Collective Unconscious. And so it happened that he did not use it. In “The Golden Band: Esoteric Hitlerism” I have told how Skorzeny wrote in this respect: Hitler had confessed to him he would not use the atomic bomb to win the war. It is very possible the bomb the Americans used against Japan was the one the Germans did not use against them. By doing so Hitler would not have won the war, he would have lost it, since he would have Judaized his own world, using an extreme Jew method. He would have used the weapon of the enemy. He would have lost by winning. Instead he won by losing.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Miguel Serrano

Prabhupada: So these English people [controlled by Jews], they were very expert in making propaganda. They killed Hitler by propaganda [slander]. I don’t think Hitler was so bad man.

[Prabhupada Room Conversation, June 17, 1976, Toronto]

Prabhupada: That is the way of falsehood. If once you speak something false, then to protect that falsehood you have to take to so many other falsehoods. This is the way of falsehood.

[Prabhupada Morning Walk, June 2, 1975, Honolulu]

TRANSLATION: There is nothing more sinful than untruthfulness. Because of this, mother earth once said, “I can bear any heavy thing except a person who is a liar.”

PURPORT: On the surface of the earth there are many great mountains and oceans that are very heavy, and mother earth has no difficulty carrying them. But she feels very much overburdened when she carries even one person who is a liar. It is said that in Kali-yuga lying is a common affair: mayaiva vyavaharike (Bhag. 12.2.3). Even in the most common dealings, people are accustomed to speaking so many lies. No one is free from the sinful reactions of speaking lies. Under the circumstances, one can just imagine how this has overburdened the earth, and indeed the entire universe.

[Srila Prabhupada from Srimad Bhagavatam 8th Canto Chapter 20 Text 4]

“According to Vedic injunctions there are six kinds of aggressors: 1) a poison giver, 2) one who sets fire to the house, 3) one who attacks with deadly weapons, 4) one who plunders riches, 5) one who occupies another’s land, and 6) one who kidnaps a wife. Such aggressors are at once to be killed, and no sin is incurred by killing such aggressors.”

Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita 1.36

If you accept Bhagavad-gita as authority or one of the authorities, so you cannot misinterpret the statement in the Bhagavad-gita. But the Westerners, they are very expert in misinterpreting even their own Bible. We say that if you interpret any sastra, either Bible or Bhagavad-gita, then it is no more sastra. It is your play toy.

Prabhupada Morning Walk, April 2, 1975, Mayapur.

Yes. Such a great personality, the son of God. He wanted to deliver God consciousness. And in return, he was crucified. We don’t take Jesus Christ as insignificant. We give him all honor. He is a pure representative of God. Of course, he directed his preaching according to time, place, and circumstance, the era and region and people’s mentality. In any case, he is a pure representative of God.

-Srila Prabhupada

Unadulterated Vedic literatures translated into English by Srila Prabhupada : https://mega.nz/#F!xNZhAZha!pu7OrPzQqPXUYdyINwJEbg

eba177  No.12593388

I see a lot of romantic advice that basically only delves into "get used to rejection and ask lots of girls out" and doesn't go into detail on how to actually keep a woman from leaving you or becoming abusive. Patrice O'neal and Tom Leykis, while niggers and jews respectively have fantastic advice on women. There's a very good reason Tom and Patrice got the ratings they did, because their advice WORKS. Lots of patrice's old videos are up on youtube by a guy named Motivation Specialist, and a bunch of Tom's old vids are still up on some mgtow channels. Women are liars, and can slither from one ideology to the next, even if you "redpilled" a girl, she's usually playing an act. In the end, a girl in a relationship is testing you CONSTANTLY, so when she pretends to be redpilled she's just trying to see how gullible you are into trusting someone.

If you want to keep a girl in line, you have to be prepared to leave her at ALL times. If you don't have any current admirers, then make sure that you can handle being alone. If a woman thinks for even a single second that you need HER in order to be happy, she will leave you. She is depending on you, not vice versa. If your woman starts acting up, it means she's getting too cocky and thinks that you aren't good enough to get a woman better than her, you should either ignore her or leave her. Patrice and Tom Leykis both have many useful pieces of advice for keeping girls in line, IMO it should be a necessity that /pol/acks learn from their wisdom because they provide fantastic insight on the nature of women.

eba177  No.12593422


While getting into a relationship with a good woman is important and having lots of children is vital to stopping white genocide, you have to understand that women aren't made as submissive housewives who support you in your endeavors. Some women can fit into this role better than others due to their temperament, but in the end it is up to YOU to mold them into tolerable people.

Even though I know MGTOW is a gay anti-natalist cult, I still consider a viable option. Having kids is important, yes, but you can't waste too much time and energy on getting women, especially considering the risk that many women don't even want to have kids. Women don't contribute much to any kind of revolution either, and only an extremely tiny fraction (0.001%) can function under leaderless resistance.

tl;dr mgtow's gay but women can be gayer, make sure you're aware on how to keep a woman behaving properly.

900b98  No.12593497


Sorry I don't have any recs other than maybe Matthew Perry's journal of his voyage, but that is pretty intense. I'd say look for men you already look up to and find which ones kept journals.

553748  No.12593534


>street shitter cow cult

b586db  No.12593734

File: 14b1e6bf6b30ee6⋯.jpg (139.19 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, sam hyde street preaching.jpg)

Every day I get very tired from 3 pm to 6 pm. How can I minimize this? I prefer not to drink caffeine.

cfbbf9  No.12593742

Sorry for slightly off topic but I know it has been brought up in these threads.

We all agree that slutty women are completely fucking worthless as wives. Well I was thinking of establishing a website where men can easily input the names of girls they have slept with and maybe also include the town it happened in etc. to further identify who it is.

Obviously there would be motivation for people to input names of people they are trying to shit on etc. so some type of verification could be used.

What this would achieve is the ability for a guy to verify whether or not the women he is dating is lying about her past or lying about being a whore etc. Name it something like dontmarryher.com or anything along those lines.

What do you think, is this idea ridiculous? Does it have any merit?

73fa58  No.12593751


It's normal for human physiology. Spics just give in and take a siesta, while Arabs schedule a prayer around then. As a presumed white man, consider 15 minutes of somethign aerobic to get up your heart rate around 2 pm. On days when you don't have anything to do, there's probably no harm in skipping that and taking a nap around then. Or getting your white wife pregnant.

cfbbf9  No.12593756


Forgot to mention, if the website spreads it has the potential to really impact the whole cock-carousel culture if women knew that they would be called out for being worthless as wives. Something about becoming a used up cat lady and never having a family would hopefully scare them into being good girls.

This idea is literally five minutes old so it needs hashing out but I really think it has potential.

8ae0e9  No.12593788


It wasn't Foucault the fag who said it.

eba177  No.12593824



a thot patrol? i organized a similar group chat with the guys in my area where we listed out all the whores not to get in relationships with. You could make the url thotpatrol.com but if you're planning on making a webstie you should probably learn to code or try to get someone who knows how to code on board with the idea. Though, you could probably use one of those forum templates like incels.me used if you wanna work around the coding part.

I think it's a good idea to organize thot patrols locally with other men, I'm not sure how well a global website for that would work though. Could set up a daily or weekly thread for organizing thot patrols in your local area,how to go about it and how to avoid getting infiltrated by cucks. I can try organizing a thread for that but I'm not sure how well it's going to go through.

eba177  No.12593994


bumping so neckbeard fags get off their ass

acf03c  No.12594139


By having something in your life.

b586db  No.12594142


It happens at work or at home when I'm busy

8799ef  No.12594195

Bump because sig helped me turn my life around

acf03c  No.12594223


Chances are you don't care much about the things you're doing at those times.

b586db  No.12594225


How so? Please share your story.

9039fa  No.12595889


Thank you anon.

e22688  No.12597371


1bc17c  No.12600343


Odd how the /SIG/ is always gets flooded with spam and shills within seconds. Bumping and asking a question:

How can I motivate myself to go to work when I feel like shit and can barely get out of bed? I can't take any more sick days because I'm not full time yet.

e22688  No.12600560

Merry Christmas, bros


Ask yourself, why you feel like shit

bffc9d  No.12600641

e14073  No.12600648


You have to be disciplined because motivation is fickle

7dc379  No.12600790

Kinda having a hard time losing weight, progress is really slow, the next 3 months will be suffering…

abb731  No.12600849


Because I have a cold.

e22688  No.12601084


That can be a bitch..but that doesn't mean you have to be one as well. Consider yourself lucky it's only a cold

98b6b7  No.12602334


It's all about portion control. Eat smaller amounts of what you normally eat, and over time snack a bit less often. Also realize that it will be a journey. You will hit plateaus where you stop losing weight. What you want to do in those cases it back off the diet just a little bit and let your hormonal system adjust. Then in another few months get back to it. You'll also have setbacks where you gain weight due to holidays, or vacations, going to restaurants etc. Don't stress those too much, just try to reduce the magnitude of the setback where you can. For example there's a difference between overdoing it and having 4 slices of pizza, and overdoing it by eating an entire pizza. So even when you're "slipping" you're minimizing the damage which sets you up for future success. Even then you'll have times where you just fuck up here and there don't beat yourself up too much because this thing's a journey. All of this is from experience I successfully went from fat to slightly visible abs and it took me many years. I promise you'll get there eventually if you stick to it bro. Good luck!

9f207b  No.12602370

I lost 30lbs since august. Am I doing fine? I'm 197, started out with 227. Hoping to hit an underweight BMI as a clean muscle packing slate before bulking.

000000  No.12602723

I have really hard time finding a Operating System, I'm kinda scared of botnet, I have kinda shit-tier PC, probably gonna upgrade soon, probably… and I still want to play my vidya, should I just shut the fuck up and install Windows 7 or what?

Posting this from Tails btw

189102  No.12602994

Merry Christmas /SIG/. Have fun with your family, if you don't have any, /SIG/ is here for you brothers.


Shills hate /SIG/ because its about actually getting off your ass and making a difference, rather than shitposting all day. (((They))) don't want capable, well adjusted red pilled men out and about ion the world. They would rather we sit in our underwear shitposting all day, for obvious reasons.

As for your question, discipline is the only way. Start a routine and stick to it, no matter what. Its hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. The first step is always the hardest.


Well done anon keep it up. I wouldn't recommend hitting an underweight BMI though. If you're a fat fuck, hit a normal BMI, then clean bulk. Then after you have some muscle and strength, cut again. Its a common noob error to cut too hard when there's no muscle on your body and you'll just end up looking ill and sickly.

>t.former fat cunt


You should be concerned about botnet anon. Linux or BSD are the best options. Personally, I have linux on my laptop which I only use for shitposting and work related stuff. On my PC I duel boot Linux and Win10. I only boot into win when I want to play faggot vidya with my friends, or if I need to convert an open office document into a word document. Otherwise, Linux all the way.

000000  No.12603111


Merry Christmas! Thanks Dude! :D

I guess I just dualboot GNU/Linux on bigger hard drive and win7 on smaller one since I play only handful of vidya

668bd3  No.12603131

File: 776842979c18de4⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 217x122, 217:122, G3FPpj1.jpg)


I have taken a break from /pol/ since the beginning of December to sort myself out and push the limits IRL:

>Started doing sledgehammer and ax workouts in backyard

>NoFap streaks getting longer and longer

>Noporn for over a month

>Got laid off from soyjob, now searching for better work

>Started cold approaching and escalating faster with women

>Got more rejections in the past month than I have my entire life

>Tfw rejection inoculation is real and outcome Independence is an indescribable feeling

>Get more IOI's now from qt3.14's than ever

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule you sick cvnts

668bd3  No.12603137

4cf98c  No.12603193

I want to jerk it so much right now ;_; probably gonna fail today, I stopped fapping like 6-4 days ago, don't remember now, today I have the strongest urges, I had a dream in a dream in which I was jerking off, after I woke up from the second dream, I said to myself "wew dude, almost lost nofap" and then I had a normal dream and woke up, not sure if I'm really writing this now or just have another dream tbh

wat do

eba177  No.12603204


Are you working on any projects? For example you could make videos, exercise more, become talented at a video game or sport, or do anything really. The idea of NoFap is that you have more energy to spend into other things besides constant sexual gratification, so if you're not using that energy it makes sense that your body's trying to get rid of it all the time.

1349ce  No.12603251


I worked on a project then I got a hate crime.

000000  No.12603273


protip: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Offended

works for me, once boner is killed go clean up your room or something

70a9d0  No.12603363

File: 2c1fbbd8afe40e9⋯.jpg (478.39 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 7255f0345ad083008a474148e9….jpg)

Have a Happy Yule, you heroic fagots.

d16285  No.12603368


Meditation is for junkies and idiot normies, you delusional jew

b0da1c  No.12603390




aaaand lost, I feel dizzy as fuck right now, wtf

98b6b7  No.12603421


Great job brother.

57d157  No.12603578


its a habit

not a number

its minizing porn and masturbation in order to achieve a goal

the goal should be to cum inside women btw

a26685  No.12603604


It's the prolactin my dude

c850c2  No.12603662

aebbd1  No.12605770


Everything is good except for the focus on getting pussy. You should be searching for your future wife not some random thot who will take your money and precious cummies.

57d157  No.12605918


i suggest he cums inside women instead of limiting himself to a single woman when no one else is doing monogamy

when the demographic decline has stabilised, all the kikes are dead, and all the non-white men are dead can we start reconsidering not fucking each others women again

a0a3c6  No.12606036


>trying to justify cuckshit

98b6b7  No.12606372


Is impregnating multiple women being a cuck?

a0a3c6  No.12606430


>fucking each others women

Is cucking each other not being a nigger?

bc2f09  No.12606745


The hookup cucking degeneracy culture is a two-way street. Its not just whores riding the cock carousel that should be despised - the men who allow and participate in this behaviour are equally guilty.

98b6b7  No.12606844


Well yeah, don't fuck a woman taken by another white man. That seems obvious though.

98b6b7  No.12606846


Someone has to impregnate the former whores. Or we can just leave their wombs vacant.

57d157  No.12606939

>>12606846 nice post time

> former whores

once a whore, always a whore

>Or we can just leave their wombs vacant.

white women have a functional monopoly on bearing white children, they do not get to choose not to have white children

either they pick a husband or they'll have to mother the children alone until the father takes custody

we can not allow the feelings of women to destroy the white race with a lack of white children

every white woman has the duty to have at least three white children and it is up to white men to enforce this upon them

be it through virgin marriage (ideally), or through forced capture and impregnation, or by dumping loads into random sluts that think they dont need a man

668bd3  No.12607439

File: 3aff0f63356de36⋯.jpg (560.84 KB, 468x468, 1:1, d92.jpg)


Yes, I am searching for the woman who will be the mother of my children, but I am also a virgin, so I am not that experienced at dealing with women. Staying a virgin until marriage isn't an option for me, and it's an undeniable fact that women are attracted to men that fuck other women aka aman with options. That doesn't mean I want to have 1000 ONS under my belt and fug roasties all day long. My mentality is more like:

>Cold approach / embrace rejection until I've crushed approach anxiety (80-90% of dudes freeze up when they see an HB9 walking down the street and puss out when they could've just said "Hi")

>Keep cold approaching to meet new women

>Git gud enough to number close semi consistantly

>Keep getting numbers until I secure a date

>Keep dating until they want to fuck

>Vet the ones that are trash (thots)

>Date the good ones until I find a keeper to be my GF

>Vet the shit out of that GF to make sure she's alright

>Get the 14 words on

>Nothing will be wong

That qt virgin Aryan waifu isn't just going to fall out of the sky, into my lap, and want my seed.

TL;DR Become Chad -> find qt3.14 -> BUNZ -> OVENZ

If any of you guys have a better way, I'm all ears.

228bae  No.12607742

good thread

98b6b7  No.12608108


Social circle is way better than cold approach, not that you can't do both. If you're still young lock a woman down during HS or college. It does NOT get better afterwards for finding chaste women. In this era your best bet at standing out is social proof. Beyond all the normal /SIG/ stuff your best bet is probably joining a band and gigging. Highest ROI hobby for getting girls.

c886ec  No.12608120


> but I am also a virgin, so I am not that experienced at dealing with women.

you realize that theres 1000s other things to do with girls than sex right? Its not like guys fuck their girlfriends 24/7


ok theres no hope for you

c886ec  No.12608132


>It does NOT get better afterwards for finding chaste women.

yea it does if you have a car and a good job and work out … it gets like 10time better.

If you are white there is no reason for you not to be a decent person.

1) shitty car like 1500 bucks

2) exercise free

3) good job , fucking go to junior college and make 15 bucks an hour

stop being fucking losers

668bd3  No.12608956

File: 6ab0e062be05d8a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.7 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 44532059_348472165908212_4….jpg)


I haven't written off social circle game, more like a way to increase my overall options

>Tfw I play bass guitar

You might be on to something there mein neger, I've always wanted to get together with other dudes and practice.


You're definitely right that it gets better for a man as he ages and has a more concrete idea of what he wants out of life, but

>ok there's no hope for you

There's nothing wrong with a little bantz now and again fam.

d34941  No.12609169

File: 1df4af2342f8fdf⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 400x466, 200:233, 2785428270_59baaafae2.jpg)

Someone dump some self improvement essays?

000000  No.12610149

I have largerly fucked up past, I was the epicentrum of cringe at one point in my life, I even sucked my friends' dicks as a fucking 6yo

I'm not even a faggot now, gay shit just disgusts me

Is there even a point in all of this? If I try to be a second Hitler/public person then my past will destroy me anyway, so whats the point?

5bbe20  No.12610187

Anybody have any experience on how to trust the opposite sex after being emotionally and spiritually dismantled by a female covert malignant narcissist?

3cb62c  No.12610196


Never fully trust anyone. Pretend or partially trust them until they earn your full trust

eba177  No.12610199


Watch black philip and some Tom Leykis bits if you want insight on the destructive nature of women and how to handle them. Patrice got killed cause he spread some bad goy info in a couple of his bits, Tom Leykis was only popular because he associated his PUA tactics (that work) with anti-natalism and convinced many white men to avoid having children.

If you can get past the anti-natalism in their content then you can learn a shitload about women, how to keep one in line and how to prevent them from wreaking havoc upon your life.


you were prolly circumcised or given a bad diet as a kid and ur hormones were all sorts of fucked up. Most circumcised guys I know have similar experiences where they did actual gay shit when they were kids.

If you can feel satisfied with yourself in your current state then you should try to forget your past if possible. When speaking about stuff your passionate about, courage is necessary. If you back off your principals, everyone listening to you will instantly think of you as a pussy. Alcohol or nicotine will help here temporarily, but they fuck u up long term. Fixing your hormones so you have more testosterone is a good way to get a bit more courageous and lower inhibitions.


You can't. As I said with the first guy, watch tom leykis or patrice o'neals videos if you need advice on how to handle women. Their videos helped me through a break up, and women are far more tolerable when you put their advice into action.

000000  No.12610219


I'm not circumsized so yeah I think it was just bad diet, well…

So just don't give a fuck about it, do everything to boost my t and try to make everyone forget somehow?

Heh, my only fear is that when I actually become someone, and do something so huge to be in teh news, the people will start digging and eventually I will be fucking no one

d9efbf  No.12610257



Just be the hero of your own movie. Simple as that.

If your life was a movie and it started now, what would you do? What would you want to see yourself do?

It doesnt matter what youve done in the past or what happened to you, the only thing that matters is what you do now.

Do you really think a hero in a movie would just be depressed or lifeless in his apartment and do nothing? No, he'd do shit, he'd get stronger, better and live towards the purpose of his life.

Keep that in mind and its actually great motivation. Write it down somewhere, hang it on your walls.

As for other things, you gotta rid yourself of psychological issues, quite honestly, thats a big oof that holds ppl back.

eba177  No.12610276


Dude, you're gonna be slandered even if you had a crystal clean record. Especially if you plan on getting in the news for some shit.

You're probably not going to be a hitler 2.0. There are many people who lurk on this board for years and don't make that big of an impact. Those who do make an impact certainly don't announce that they are going to make an impact.

The average american citizen of today is a fucking ant compared to the average citizen in the third reich, chances are you're not too extraordinary yourself. Don't take me as some demoralization shill, but you really need to put in more time and effort into personal endeavors and achieve large amounts of growth before you get to the level of the average citizen in the reich. There's a very good reason people say to lurk 2 years before you post.

I'm not trying to shoot you down here, but you really have a metric shitload of knowledge you need to learn before doing anything that will make an impact in the public. Lurk 2 years, then post. It's a very important rule of thumb to follow.

000000  No.12610316


I'm lurking since 2013, thanks for the "cooldown" tho

000000  No.12610329


>If your life was a movie and it started now, what would you do? What would you want to see yourself do?

>It doesnt matter what youve done in the past or what happened to you, the only thing that matters is what you do now.

>Do you really think a hero in a movie would just be depressed or lifeless in his apartment and do nothing? No, he'd do shit, he'd get stronger, better and live towards the purpose of his life.

Dude… finally some good fucking motivation, thanks x9000

668bd3  No.12610920

File: c6ddc121bf982db⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 6.84 KB, 271x186, 271:186, images.png)


>Patrice O'Neal

Holy fuck dude, I stumbled onto one of his talkshow bits two days ago and he was funny as shit. Now I have to watch the whole black phillip series, shame to hear he was killed, I thought he died of health complications.


bffd94  No.12611124


Most difficult pushup is hands at waist, lift entire body off floor. Only way to get there is start with your infograph and slightly move hands towards waist until one day, the magic happens.


>muh broked genes

If your ancestors race mixed, then either fight for White Ethnoglobe or kys tbh. These lift memes are only for Whites with a good foundation, but not all Whites are at that point.

If you have genetic diseases because Mom drank or Dad smoked prior/during pregnancy, focus on clean diet and exercise until it clears up, then build. A house is only as good as its foundation. Focus on kidneys. The purpose of kidneys is to filter lymphatic waste through urine, which requires movement to pump lymph through it. It does not have a pump like the blood has the heart. You should ultimately see mucous particles in your urine. Piss in a glass jar and light from beneath. Beets are one of many dietary tools to repair kidneys. Skin is your third kidney. When its dirty acne cysts rashes moles etc, your kidneys are dirty. That's lymphatic waste trying to get out. Skin will be clear when kidneys are clear. Diet plays a huge role in how much lymphatic waste is created. Keep it clean.

fda525  No.12611147


Beets are a good recommendation, but ample water consumption is also a good thing. Stay hydrated.

769bdc  No.12611254


Where can one get non-fluoridated water?

3cb62c  No.12611273


water filter

aebbd1  No.12611600


>just focus on clean diet and exercise dude

>your genetic diseases will clear right up

55adbf  No.12611626



fuck off with the pseudo spiritual bullshit.

ability to think clearly is our most important capability. learn to improve it and channel it to productive ends. thinking shouldn't calm you down; it should energize and drive you.

spending time thinking about things is good, but calling it meditation is a disservice, a farce, and comes off as some sort of faggy virtue signaling

78fbef  No.12611683

I'm addicted to porn and video games. I used to not think so but after trying to quit we several times the past few years and always justifying going back I've finally realized I have an addiction towards them. Perhaps it's escapism. I have a good career, apartment w girlfriend, and dog.. So maybe I justify binging here and there.. But i feel like I would be better off if I quit. Have a ton of books etc but just not interested in winding down from a long day that way.

96b028  No.12611704


How is it that people still don't understand the concept of meditation? Mediation is about building focus and willpower, as well as calming the mind. The mind is a muscle that needs conditioning, just like any other. All races, not just whites, have meditated for millennia. It works. Meditate every day and in a year you'll see huge changes. Stop being a faggot.

>pseudo spiritual bullshit.

Get in touch with your spiritual side. There is much more to life then this material plane, if you cant see that, you are either lost or a nillist shill.

Now that doesn't mean you should go buy hippie healing crystals like a fag, but at least try to understand the basic concepts of spirituality and the soul.

Go and meditate faggot.

51c8ad  No.12611713


>>Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Gravity filters aren't going to do shit against ions.

daea1e  No.12611849


Cold approach is fine - depending on where you practice that. Will you call approach your future wife on street? You may but it is not that likely. It is rather the most unlikely thing.

As for me I focus mainly on my social circle. Women tend to have female friends similarly minded. Even if you do not consider the girl to be wife material for you, if she's cool, be in contact with her. She may have a top girl as a friend/ or a friend of her friend. That way when you attend a party/some event they will introduce you. Plus if you're cool guy to be with other girls will crave your presence because their first impression is "wow the other girls hang out with this guy" The women follow the flock.

That way with minimum effort you perform an approach.

As the other anon stated…band/instrument, particularly guitar is a chick magnet.

I do cold approaches sometimes…but mainly on events/while hanging out with friends…not that I cold approach on street. That's not the way I prefer it.

My model is:

>focus on being social(starting a new hobby, doing cool things - music, art, etc., hanging out with friends)

>vet the girls into category A - dating material, and B - friend material

>Group A is considered to be asked out immediately or eventually in future

>Group B is used for approaching other girls/ or just being friends.

>Then out of Group A you pick a girl from time to time..especially if she catches your attention and ask her out.

This way you also avoid overinflation with thots. Thot girls usually have thot friends, Good girls tend to have good friends.

daea1e  No.12611870

I had for nearly 2 years a good schedule.

Working out inspired by army training plan, almost daily reading of red pill literature as well as scripture despite being quite busy at work. No fap still going strong up to this day.

Now the issue is I took up new hobby that at first made it very difficult to keep working out. I got a girlfriend, this also limited my time.

The result is I have not worked out for 2 months or so. Now I am quite overloaded with work and I would only injure myself if I were to begin. I dropped reading for some time.#

I know I need to simplify things and adjust it but I do not know how to do that. Perhaps just going for relax jog, some squats and pull ups would be a good start without going all autistic about it?

I feel both my body and my spirit suffered from me focusing on work and on women.

bc2f09  No.12611976


>I would only injure myself if I were to begin.

>Perhaps just going for relax jog, some squats and pull ups would be a good start without going all autistic about it

That's not strictly true, if you were to easy back into a lifting routine you wouldn't injure yourself. Start with a nice 3 day split, purposely start at weights you know that you can comfortably handle, with some effort. Don't go for PBs on your first month back.

Another option would be to just start a body-weight routine, its much less time consuming then going to a gym.

>I feel both my body and my spirit suffered from me focusing on work and on women.

Its perfectly normal, there's only so many hours in the day anon. If you move your focus, some areas of your life will suffer, but in the same vein, other areas will drastically improve. Its all a delicate balancing act which takes years of practise.

Keep up the good work anon.

f5c560  No.12612028


Interesting, but what's the difference? When should one do a staggered pushup or a raised leg pushup?

98b6b7  No.12613375


I didn't really masturbate when I had a girlfriend, just cold turkey the porn and fuck her every night before bed.

98b6b7  No.12613387


Nothing wrong with some light maintenance workouts since this fitness thing is a journey of decades. Think of it as periodization. You'll ramp it back up eventually.

98b6b7  No.12613394

File: 82400479768fc29⋯.jpg (868.43 KB, 1562x4158, 71:189, bodyweight progression.jpg)


Here's a progression from easiest to hardest in each category of movement. Work your way up to sets of 8-10 reps then once that's easy bump it up to the next harder movement (what makes bodyweight movements harder is primarily reduced leverage)

ebf99e  No.12616400

do you guys have some good audio you like to listen to?

ebf99e  No.12616405


go jogging with your GF it's unhealthy for her to be inactive too

ea9922  No.12616958

File: 5535f0c8c86116e⋯.jpg (108.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Redpill me on caffeine, should I be consuming it or not?

eba177  No.12616978


From personal experience, caffeine can be good for getting stuff done and getting talented at a hobby, but it only really worked for me after going a week or so without caffeine, breaking down the tolerance I built up prior. Caffeine is also a stimulant which can mess up weight gain if you're a lanklet, though weight loss shouldn't be too big of an issue unless you're drinking a bunch of energy drinks a day.

Drink coffee over energy drinks, energy drinks are pretty expensive to keep up with if you build a habit of drinking them, coffee is too but it's a bit more affordable. Energy drinks also usually have assloads of sugar in them. Keep in mind that while caffeine boosts performance in terms of sports or video games, too much caffeine actually does the opposite and hinders your ability. Maintain your caffeine consumption to periodic small doses and you should be good. If you do lifting, do your caffeine dose via preworkout prior to doing your lifts for the day. As with any drug, try not to build a dependence on it.

I have heard of something like caffeine gum where you chew on taffy and you get the caffeine. I'm not sure what the dosage is compared to an avergae mug of coffee, but I've heard it helps hinder the cortisol spike you get through the chewing motion.

e08326  No.12616985


Caffeine is fairly benign, especially in the small quantities it naturally occurs in. Drinking coffee and/or tea is so good for you that even if caffeine were bad you should do it anyways.

136a28  No.12616990


>blue zones are blue because they ate vegetables

Nigger, every single blue zone had higher meat consumption than a standard American diet

e08326  No.12617013


No they didn't. That image is complete nonsense in a dozen ways and you manage to come up with something wrong to call it out for?

8cd0f8  No.12617125


>Satya Yuga

You realize that Satya Yuga is a few thousand years away, right?

8cd0f8  No.12617153


>go jogging with your GF it's unhealthy for her to be inactive too

Not to mention that fitness training increases testosterone in women, too, which will keep her more amorous.

Women produce very small amounts of the hormone, compared to men, but the effects are the same for them.

1a1fcd  No.12617219

File: 7ed4318fd973c8d⋯.png (73.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)

(I know this is a repost from the new thread but since this is getting more traction I'd thinking posting here is a good idea)

Is it alright I watch a tv show? I rarely watch tv nowadays since I get busy. The reason why I ask this is because I'm in a situation where I know how jewed the world is yet I can ignore the poz in a tv show and still enjoy it.

>pic related is the show I watch

19107d  No.12617286

File: 5457c0875111273⋯.png (697.63 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, nourishing_traditions_PDF_….png)

Many boys and men here are capable of so much more than they've been conditioned to believe. Every one of you can become something you never thought possible. In 3mo, you can change into a man representative of your ancestors. You can become a man.

this is how to do it.

>eat clean completely every day picrelated

eat fish as much as possible

drink kefir every day

>lift heavy weight at least 3x wk

>drink shitloads of mineral water

gerolsteiner is good Pellegrino is acceptable

>never watch TV. ever.

>Read every day. real books.

>never masterbate. Sex for the sole purpose of procreation only. muh dick is nigger-tier mentality this is key.

if you can follow this, you won't recognize yourself in 3mo

19107d  No.12617290

File: 09f0aef55ec4220⋯.png (198.82 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, nourishing_traditions_PDF_….png)

ea9922  No.12617291


Treat TV shows like you would treat books and online forums. You're consuming liberal Jewish propaganda, even if you think you're "ignoring" it the propaganda is still entering your brain. They don't need you to accept it or like it. They only need you to WATCH it.

19107d  No.12617302

File: ed6569b807a7c37⋯.png (166.92 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, nourishing_traditions_PDF_….png)



last pic-related


this is correct

e08326  No.12617324


It is also why strenuous exercise is harmful to women. Female athletes have very high rates of infertility (persistent, even after they stop their destructive excercise) as well as incontinence.




How can any adult be ignorant enough to fall for this kind of retarded nonsense?

19107d  No.12617337


>How can any adult be ignorant enough to fall for this kind of retarded nonsense?

>t. an oddly-shaped kike.

good argument, douchebag

1a1fcd  No.12617366


Meh I just watch what can entertain me. I can smell the propaganda a mile away easily.

ea9922  No.12617428


>coffee, tea, and alcohol


380d14  No.12617458


I'm surprised by how much butthurt a seemingly benign image caused, is there some backstory on blue zones I'm not aware of?

e08326  No.12617539


>empowered women and toxic beans is what makes people healthy


>flax seed oil is good

>sourdough is good but normal bread is bad even though the only difference is the yeast

>filtered high mineral water is natural

>pasteurizing milk makes it bad

>fruit is bad

>bacon is bad because it has salt in it

>but salt is good

>msg is good if you biosynthesis it but bad if you synthesis it normally

If you have two brain cells to rub together you should be able to spot the obvious idiocy in your stupid feminist fad diet scam.

5b9dd7  No.12617604

Anyone have advice or materials on dedication, purpose, and motivation? I've always had a problem with feeling like anything I do will turn out well, and over the past couple years I've mired down into a rather pathetic ennui bordering on genuine nihilism.

5b9dd7  No.12617630

File: b6df3a461cbcc6b⋯.jpg (149.86 KB, 540x706, 270:353, 1453636678357-2.jpg)




Kosher salt isn't kosher or non-kosher itself. It's just the salt they use in the koshering process. You probably don't care about the distinction and it doesn't change the essence of the issue, but it's a misnomer.

t. Part-time /ck/fag

ea9922  No.12617652


Sea salt isn't "organic" you fucking nitwit, it's still fucking salt. NaCl is NaCl. God fucking damn. Neither rock salt nor sea salt "cut you up inside" because they're both just fucking salt.

Sea salt is purported to contain trace amounts of non-salt organic matter. We're talking fish shit.

16ecf1  No.12617680

Anyone got a good bodyweight routine? I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest gym is 100+ miles away. Can't really build a home gym either since I live in a shack and there's no room here whatsoever.

380d14  No.12617683


"Empowered women" isn't at the center of the venn diagram. And how are legumes toxic?

5b9dd7  No.12617695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Somebody posted one a while ago. >>12613394

AthleanX is also good with giving bodyweight advice. He's not just some guy on the internet, either. He was the personal trainer for the Mets, I think it was. He's got a 61-video playlist of nothing but bodyweight exercise. His own body is proof enough he knows what he's doing.

daea1e  No.12617700


Read Ride The Tiger by Evola that helped me a lot.

For purpose - the Bible is the way to go.

380d14  No.12617703


Motivation is kind of bullshit outside of having a good baseline T level (assuming you've already got a relatively low BF and least a 315 squat here if you're on /sig/). Beyond that you just have to do stuff, the "motivation" comes from a feedback loop of success that builds up over time. Call it momentum. Take the first step and give it a leap of faith for 2-3 to build a habit. Then you get motivation as dividends.

16ecf1  No.12617715


Thanks mate, going to check these out.

380d14  No.12617717

File: f89db96fc4f9d87⋯.jpg (37.93 KB, 386x499, 386:499, og2.jpg)


There's a good chinkshit book called Overcoming Gravity that is kind of a bible of bodyweight/gymnast training. You can get a PDF of the 2nd edition on libgen.

bd83ab  No.12617719


>Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine.

You mean Scotch. Wine will give you man tits.

e08326  No.12617732


>"Empowered women" isn't at the center of the venn diagram.

Holy shit you are dumb.

>And how are legumes toxic?

By being full of toxic chemicals like phytoestrogens, phytates, omega 6 polyunsaturated oil, etc.

5b9dd7  No.12617748

File: e6877b586e5468f⋯.mp4 (923.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Dost Thou Even Hoist.mp4)


I've heard good things about RTT. Just grabbed it off of /pdfs/. Thanks. I've been feeling a sort of weight/impetus to really give the Bible a good read, but there's some serious upbringing baggage with it I need to get over.


I think my problem is that the positive feedback loop never got started with me. I had one of those "the best you can do is aspire to a neutral balance of not-shit" upbringings, so I'm wired entirely to look at life as an exercise in crisis control and consider things on a scale of how badly they'll end up, not how good. Combine with some serious health issues that have kept me even from growing as I'd have liked internally/mentally/physically, and I've just never found footing to believe anything good will ever happen. Maybe I just need more dumb leaps of faith until I can get over my skepticism that beneficial outcomes aren't the leadup to some kind of punchline.


Hope it helps. I actually paid for his website's program, and it absolutely kicked my ass in a good way. I had to stop eventually because of a spine issue I've got, but I'd never seen results so fast, if you can keep up with it.


Interesting. I've never used libgen before. Maybe it's time. Thanks.

bd83ab  No.12617782

File: 7bb2041a137785c⋯.png (561.63 KB, 452x682, 226:341, magicevl.png)


How are the Bible and Evola compatible in your mind? Not that Evola was staunchly anti-Christian but not beyond its usefulness as a unifying traditional force to keep one centered in the Kali Yuga.

35d6dc  No.12619570

With the year almost over I just wanted to thank all of the anons who have encouraged me to better myself. I'm now down nearly 85 lb this year (6'4" and was 310 lb, now almost 225 lb). Only drink water and eat two healthy meals a day. I've also stopped drinking alcohol completely, don't play video games as often as I used to, spend more time reading/learning things, gone full 1488 fascist, and even got myself a real job. Well, I had a job, but I had to quit after two months because I finally decided what I want to do with my life and went back to college. Next year I plan to finally lose the rest of this fat and start working on building muscle. I tried to do NoFap, but I failed after 3 days. I'm hoping I can get better with discipline too and finally do NoFap at least for a month. Oh and I also got myself one of those tongue scrapers recently and use it daily.

07e805  No.12619609


Evola wrote in one of his essays (maybe his "Orientations"?) that he would accept the version of Christianity presented by the medieval Catholicism.

cbfcf6  No.12620311


Good work anon.

>I tried to do NoFap, but I failed after 3 days. I'm hoping I can get better with discipline too and finally do NoFap at least for a month.

Keep trying. It takes most people months or even years just to break the 1 month streak, it depends how addicted you are. Its much harder then people realise. Just keep trying, eventually the positive feedback from all your attempts starts to snowball.

>Oh and I also got myself one of those tongue scrapers recently and use it daily.

Based. Your breath will smell so much better.

79d76a  No.12625537

>page 12

Happy new year /SIG/

986ea1  No.12627359

fuck first night of no fap and i always fap before bed… and i had my last fap of 2018 to time stop JAV lesbian porn and i still have the link… that shit is so hot…………… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrk

daea1e  No.12627409


Even in Revolt Against the Modern World he argues Christianity is acceptable. But then his view is that it is rather unlikely for medieval Catholicism to be restored because of general degeneracy of the west and because of the East/west schism and then the "reformation". So he abandons the idea. And quite clearly he is no longer a Christian.


You do not have to accept everything you read. I think Evola had a utilitarian view of Christianity with which I disagree as I have said he praised trad catholicism but he certainly was no longer one because he considered it to be only "one expression" of the eternal tradition. Well that is not compatible with Christianity obviously if that is what you point out.

What I have read so far however, has mostly strengthened my faith. Believe it or not.

e5fd48  No.12627600

>2 months on semen retention

>find god

>its actually hanuman

>"oh its actually a demi god like hercules and…"

>read his book

>"go worship your own gods fagit"

well that was short lived

a0e263  No.12627647

For anons who have fertility problems. Take zinc.

ea9922  No.12627655


>trusting Poo religion

a0e263  No.12627658


The vedas?

ea9922  No.12627659


>I've always had a problem with feeling like

Stop that. You're acting on emotion, or in this case being passive on emotion. That's what waiting for when you "feel like it" means. Do not act on emotion. Act on purpose and discipline. Emotion be damned. Fuck emotion. Fuck how you feel. Fuck you. You don't matter, what matters is the goal. That's what sacrifice means.

000000  No.12627662

How can I eliminate paranoia?

a0e263  No.12627667


Embrace struggle.

Read Myth of the 20th century.

000000  No.12627706


dual boot windows for vidya and a secure open source OS for privacy

e5fd48  No.12627731


I am avoiding the scripture that says "cow dung is the most sacred thing ever and is an anti septic" that was detailed in the bhagavat gita. Can still find a surprising big amount of actual useful stuff from them. Trying to understand all the elements that are within this religion. Strike a surprising parallel to our own views in many ways. The "avatar" stuff really is quite a neat concept too.

9a1592  No.12628363

Sorry if this is the wrong question to ask here, I don't know where else I could get trustworthy advice and I know that some of you are married.

There's this woman where my wife works and she is constantly being really nasty to my wife to the point that she's getting upset about it. My mom tells her to ignore it which isn't helpful. Is there anything I can do about it or do I need to wait for her to sort it out herself?

ce25a6  No.12628372

I might be down to 192lbs. from 227. Getting close to my goal weight of 180. After that it's 160 lbs.

147b7c  No.12628388


Keep up the good work brother.

513d36  No.12628397


That depends if she's a shitskin or not. If so, ICE knows how to deal with it

ff049e  No.12628502

how to bulk if you have no appetite, I am skinny fat but weight dropped from 155lb to 145 I need to increase my food intake? Every I doing cardio for 20 mins on for off gym days because I don't want to lose stamina when I get big and 5min cardio when I have gym to warm up my body before the 3 big lifts + vertical press . Also all my lifts are increasing every time I go except my bench I am stuck at 22.5lb on each side. should I do dumbell bench to work on imbalance, I noticed my right arm is stronger when use dumbbell.

eba177  No.12628968


First couple of days are always the hardest to get through. It's a progressive thing, first go 1 day nofap, then 2, then 3, etc.

eventually 1 month becomes fairly simple to do.

21f230  No.12629218


>skinny fat, 145lbs

wat? how short are you?

I'd be skinny and weak as f if i didn't make a habit of exercising at home.

Sounds like you're on the right track if you keep up what you're doing anyways.

I personally find numbers and shit distracting when trying to develop habits.

Just slow and steady push-ups, with no counting, till your arms might quit is excellent, feels good.

411c25  No.12629525


Here I go

e22688  No.12630237

Fellas, I think I have HOCD. I’ve been having intrusive thoughts and anxiety and the other symptoms. It’s where I try to “make sure” I’m straight. It’s gotten to the point where my brain tricks me into thinking that I’m aroused by men and other weird shit. I don’t understand. I’m attracted to girls and never got severely anxious over this. Though I have a theory of my own. Weeks ago, my teacher showed us a pro-LGBT movie about a boy coming to grips with his homosexuality (it’s a language course in case you want to know, not some lgbt studies course or shit like that). That movie kinda demoralized me and I think it led me to have these feelings. (It’s the only explanation that I’m mostly sure of). I’ve had a gf in the past and often sexually fantasized about girls. What’s going on?


57d157  No.12631120


>What’s going on?

your mind got poisoned

im sure you can recover

66b245  No.12631147

Help goys I set up an appointment with an escort talk me out of it

e5fd48  No.12631196


You are giving money away for something that you could get for free. It makes more economic sense in the long term to invest in your looks, and do some effort to look buff (in the gym), and to learn how to better talk to the goyettes. Than to keep paying rent. When you could buy multiple houses.

cbfcf6  No.12631300

File: fa496386c7361c7⋯.jpg (106.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, d4a9e19c12151cf5170e1cd879….jpg)


Like >>12631196 says, stop being a faggot and spend that money more productively. Cancel and use the money to pay for a gym membership, or buy a book, or some new clothes, or a haircut.

e5fd48  No.12631361


I think its cheaper in the long term, if you invest your time and energy in all the elements needed to get a thot. Real social dynamics, if you learn it, and keep it memorized, and then also get the specific-to-each-circumstance knowledge. Will be the biggest boon. The way I heard it from those fags is that if you have mastered it enough, women will come easily.

A jew without mastery is not a jew at all. Even jews do mastery. In subversion, in making their porno business, in selling diamonds. It should be natural to them.

ea2198  No.12631406

File: c18ec9298fe6a4c⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 960x720, 4:3, tumblr_mfecomWF4m1rcshzso5….jpg)

File: 0e942c52bfef40f⋯.png (38.9 KB, 874x248, 437:124, Sunshine.png)

File: 3d810d12e411252⋯.png (406.41 KB, 627x686, 627:686, T82ks.png)

>my important self improvement advice

>step into that bear trap

>what, you won't do it?

>get out of here with your mgtow black pill shit

this thread is good for nothing if not a laugh. especially enjoyed the "never ejaculate" faggotry. apparently a lot of women and children in this thread that don't know what happens to your urethra when you try that.

986ea1  No.12631494




B-but I'm rich and go to gym 6 days a week

a4c63f  No.12631506


Firstly, your money is worthless (and the fact that you even mention money is a red flag in terms of your quality as a person currently). Secondly, stop making excuses.

986ea1  No.12631515


I just mentioned money because you guys brought it up, $250 for an hour of deep throating and fucking is nothing for me

eba177  No.12631830

I've been doing NoFap for a while, highest streak is about a month. I have a question, what is the method to getting around wet dreams? I know they don't technically count against your streak, but I 100% feel the effects as if I had masturbated. I get the brain fog, tired and am unmotivated until I get back to what the streak was before the wet dream. Is there a method of dealing with them or is it just something I have to deal with? I've gotten like 10 so far after starting NoFap

e22688  No.12631874


Any way how?

ad463c  No.12632042

File: 2a7aaf6ce23285f⋯.jpg (667.26 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, wald1.jpg)

File: 23e7cd26426f287⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1620x1080, 3:2, wald2.jpg)

File: 51dc1a1ea36dd2f⋯.jpg (253.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wald3.jpg)

File: 18d359c09021f0f⋯.jpg (179.81 KB, 900x600, 3:2, teutoburger wald.jpg)

File: 64190e48d4dba02⋯.jpg (196.8 KB, 960x540, 16:9, deutscher-wald-hakenkreuz.jpg)


>Go and meditate in the forest, faggot.


ad463c  No.12632068


>dumping loads into random sluts that think they dont need a man

Great. You get STDs and they get an abortion.

The best thing you can do (besides looking for a healthy relationshop) is to look for hardcore christians in a crisis of faith.

I would recommend young Jehovah's Witnesses that come from a hardcore JW family, preferably with a father that is an elder.

They will crawl back to their family, won't kill your child and raise it with conservative values.

0bad0d  No.12632227


Impregnate women

And eat and rest to deal with the effects of impregnating women

U are a life form

Ur seed is meant to impregnate, not sit in ur balls indefinitly

Its next level masturbation to do nofap for its own sake

0bad0d  No.12632235



Good advice

Once we kill all the kikes and men unworthy of breeding we can outlaw abortion and anticonception to help force women to bear children

Though for now, it is a very heavy selection presure on females that only the ones who truely want to procreate do so

Perhaps in a few generation there will only be women left that want to have children even with the option available of child murder

ad463c  No.12632366


1. There is nothing wrong with condoms. The pill is a total disaster but not the only contraception method. Couples can have countless reasons why they don't want another child or a child right now.

2. Women are not our enemy.

fb9d57  No.12632558


Fuck guys I went and it was horrific I feel terrible I will have to lift and pray away my sins tomorrow how can I cleanse myself of this degeneracy? I am going to go on a 3 day fast and will go into the forest and lash myself 362 times with a leather belt as a way to remind myself of what I have to do to make this a better year. Worst part of all this was it was a trans

b5fd93  No.12633409


Guys pls help I really need guidance I dont have anyone to turn to

547c51  No.12633444

For anyone considering nofap, DO NOT over do it. I went 7 months without having an orgasm. I ended up begging my whore ex to take me back, saying I'm not like other guys because I don't care about sex, I haven't jacked off in 7 months after all. When I finally jacked off barely anything came out and it barely felt good. It clearly lowered my T levels. I now try for once a week. I've over done fapping most of my life, going sometimes 20 times a day. That isn't good either, you need a balance. Absolutely stay away from (((porn))).

547c51  No.12633453


And it's worth mentioning I was also going to gym 5 times a week (with little gains because I wasn't eating enough), meditating every day and taking a cold shower every day while I was on nofap. It totally backfired on me, after I caught oneitis for my ex. After that my whole life went on a downward spiral and was the absolute worst time of my life. I've just been trying to build back what I lost during that period since then.

2e6758  No.12633463


Checked. You shouldn't no-fap for more than a month max. Realistically it's actually healthy to use your dick and cycle through some of your jism. You shouldn't be a chronic masturbator but you should at least jack off a few times a month if you're not having sex just for maintenance purposes. It's just like any piece of equipment, you have to use it once in awhile to maintain it or it falls into disrepair. It's like not driving or even turning the engine of a motor vehicle for months or years, it will be all fucky when you finally go to use it again.

547c51  No.12633485


Yes and I learnt that the hard way. And I'm gonna be a 20 year old virgin this year.

ad463c  No.12633966


How were you even able to do this for a month?

I can't do nofap for more than 5 days and I'm 10 years older than you.

b6f996  No.12633970

File: ef72194f678a6ba⋯.jpg (19.04 KB, 391x376, 391:376, 43bad486a59275e183a35e206c….jpg)


21 and I didn't fap even once in 2018. How does that make you feel?

ad463c  No.12633981

File: 07e8c7e5f80418d⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 604x275, 604:275, männchen müll.jpg)


Not sure how I feel about this.

The problem is that I just can't stop thinking about sex all the time after I went for a few days without fapping.

I tried it for 5 days. On day 5 I finally jerked off. I was done within a few minutes, had a massive cum explosion, my mind went completely blank for at least 1 or 2 seconds while I was problably grunting loud enough that every neighbour could hear me and my balls did hurt after it.

After this experience I'm not convinced that nofap is really helpful.

cbfcf6  No.12633999



If you have been a chronic masturbater for years, then nofap is going to be very difficult. I was a sex and (((porn))) addict for years. It took a full year for me to even hit 2 weeks.

Honestly, if you cant hit a month then you're addicted. If you have a wife or girlfriend, have sex instead, it makes things much easier.

If you're alone, try having a day were you fap once, then have 2 or 3 days off. Then slowly increase your days off in between,

90e809  No.12634545

e22688  No.12635125


Guys, please. I'm worried

8fa2df  No.12635223


Just like "success" is never final, "failure" isn't either. It's the courage to continue that's important.

You fucked up. Just try to not do it again.

8fa2df  No.12635235


Do you look at tranny cuck porn? If so fucking stop that. Until February, feel free to fap to anything with a women

Do you look at porn at all? If so fucking stop that. Til March, feel free to fap as long as it isn't to porn

Do you fap? If so fucking stop that…you get the picture

e22688  No.12635261


The only porn I have ever watched is straight porn. And I've recently broke a nofap/noporn streak, but I'm trying to restart it.

1e72a8  No.12635641


You’re gay luckilly for you homophobia is dying in the west

02d3b0  No.12638177

File: 400238030ec52dd⋯.jpg (92.37 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 915cf31c1f922d5085c4a20253….jpg)

File: 2b5d404f11a038d⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 580x750, 58:75, y088g0tj5bk11.jpg)

Well, fuck me in the ass and call me Billy because I just realized that no-fap and intermittent fasting make a positive difference to that of fapping and eating at any given time.

I was experimenting with self-observation techniques (which led to self-actualization) at around September. I've read all the /SIG/ images, and articles, videos, and studies about all the related stuff and how to notice it and I was trying to but the problem was that I wasn't really putting much effort into it and didn't really know the true meaning and purpose behind it. Mind you, there's a true and then there's a true and there's a whole world's difference between the two.

This December I started to practice more and more paying attention to myself at every level for as long as I could throughout the day and I got good at it and decided to start with the changes on the first of the month since it seems like a good start and oh boy do I notice a difference.

I notice the brain fog and the lack of concentration when not fasting. I notice the headaches when not drinking enough water which I thought were migraines since my mom had them when she was younger. I notice the self-hatred and shame after masturbating. I notice the filth after thinking or doing or practicing anything degenerate. I see the filth and it makes me angry because of their dullness and use it to understand why they're doing what they're doing. I feel them.

Anyway, it's amazing and this somewhatofablogpost is to thank all of you who ever supported anyone trying to improve themselves, for those of you who spam the /SIG/ related images, and everyone participating in this thread.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I could have not made it out of my dark hole without your shinning light.

db1bf0  No.12639729


Well done mate

I'm doing nofap for 2019, see you in a thread 1st jan 2020

feb46f  No.12643011


43b1f8  No.12643070

Fucking hilarious.

6e63a3  No.12643181


Waste of doubles, defeatist.

What are epigenitics?

Your cells die and get cleaned up/out by your body over time. New cells' precise genetic makeup(see: environmental gene activation/inactivation, gene expression) and overall metabolic health depend greatly on external factors that you have conscious influence over. What you put into your body, and what you demand out of it STRONGLY effects your genetic expression and even your physiological reproductive fitness at the sperm-level. That's mainstream medical/science, nothing 'far out' or esoteric about it.

1d8a41  No.12643805


If you go celibate for months/years withing release doesn’t that start fucking up the machinery when you genuinely need it?

1b3f94  No.12643808


Only if you were previously a fap addict

1d8a41  No.12643853


Well if you’re hanging around once a week and starting to just forget about it entirely when really busy for weeks would dropping the habit entirely start fucking shit up?

5dd2c9  No.12645083


I'll repeat what my wife said to me when she was dealing with another woman being a bitch to her. This other woman would always try and put my wife down by making passive aggressive comments about her appearance and and our relationship. She was very devious in the way she did it. It was subtle so that anyone casually observing them wouldn't know what was happening. I asked my wife why she took it and never said anything back. She said that she didn't need to because she had already won. The other woman was being spiteful to my wife because she was probably miserable about her own life situation and didn't like that my wife was happy. It was the same as playground bullying with the only difference being that both women were adults in their 20s. My wife went on to explain that by feigning ignorance of what the other woman was doing, she was actually making her more angry. It eventually ended when, as my wife predicted, the other woman lost her temper because my wife never responded in the way that she wanted.

Tell your wife to keep it up and don't let it get to her. The reason she's being picked on is because she has something that the other woman doesn't and that's likely to be her relationship with you.

cbfcf6  No.12645162

File: ffadb2984d3db03⋯.png (123.43 KB, 1503x431, 1503:431, ffadb2984d3db03fde5ebf68b4….png)

File: 7b2e13c55fd39a6⋯.png (195.95 KB, 1218x649, 1218:649, Good Wife.png)

File: afb10bde2c30128⋯.png (67.17 KB, 910x1114, 455:557, Wim Hof Method.png)

File: be0d29912b96f09⋯.png (167.65 KB, 1185x553, 15:7, be0d29912b96f09a1ed020f1d3….png)

Bumping with /SIG/ info

45dae2  No.12647330

I haven't masturbated since day before new years, have been lifting since November. I believe my next step should be removing all soft drinks and fast food, any recommendations on how to abstain from these oh so plentiful items?

147b7c  No.12647570


Are you watching gay porn? If not you're probably not gay. If so stop being gay. You should really stop dwelling on it.

147b7c  No.12647574

File: 425ebb9aa6183b2⋯.png (201.71 KB, 449x469, 449:469, 425ebb9aa6183b260472bea045….png)


>calling us goys


147b7c  No.12647625


Replace soft drinks with water and less soft drinks. Eat fast food less often, and get in the habit of cooking 1-2 go to dishes instead. If you can get into the habit of controlling portions and frequency you've won 80% of the battle.

24af52  No.12647631


>tranny trs memes + tranny cartoons

Greetings would you like help finding your penis?

08366e  No.12648181


The ending of the second pic is so beautiful. I thank you for saving these pics.

95d6fa  No.12648201


>lets pick a fight over a word that essentially just means slaves

getting ready to ban people for no reason yet imkamphy ?

e77827  No.12648387


Stop watching porn, stop fapping.

Stop letting them poison your mind.


Instead of fast food eat regular food. If you need a post workout, make yourself rice. There is no good reason to eat junk food except that it tastes good. Instead of sweets get fruits, when you work out you may eat sweets to get the energy…but other than that yourdiet should be clean.

Tuna, eggs, oatmeal, rice and pasta are a way to go.

It would not be a bad idea to get your diet according to workout plan…that will eliminate junk too

e22688  No.12650578


I’ve only ever watched straight porn and I’m doing nofap/noporn now.

000000  No.12650584

How do I stop having a BLACKED fetish?

I hate niggers and shit but white genocide just gets me horny as fuck and even is the only thing lately that breaks my nofap

HELP ;_;

c6be1f  No.12650597

File: 715b820417cfc05⋯.jpg (57.12 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 22860834_125300921477713_3….jpg)


>eat more animal fat.

>Do not eat feminized products soyboy.

Reminder the OP is a Jew shill, veganism is the way to go, this is why famous rich Jews are often Vegan. They know it's the best for your health.

Meat is waaaaay more feminizing than any plant-based product.

c6be1f  No.12650633



Contains high levels of mercury and other toxic chemicals because (((they))) dump toxic trash into the oceans


Linked to heart disease, lacking in fiber, have little nutrients in them other than protein, contains hormone-altering components

Both of these "foods" are worse than beans/lentils/legume in every single way.

9c08c3  No.12650638


Yeah suuuure. I can tell from your post the only meat you eat is mutilated jew dick.

c6be1f  No.12650651

File: 08a64f3e6f259b1⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 44501586_343585463115877_8….jpg)


I don't eat meat as I'm not a deranged savage that believes jewish lies about needing protein and iron from meat, amongst other nonsense claims.

I don't munch on jew dick like you do, as I look at the data and question what (((their))) companies tell the public and acknowledge that they're not only downright lying but also the whole omnivorous lie is just that: a lie. Another jewish ploy to plague society, particularly western developed societies, with diseases, low life expectancy, financial burdens, and increasing degradation of the gene pool and health of western children.

Eat plants, not friends.

3e656b  No.12650838


>knowing that's a tranny TRS meme

I'll take your word for it


Wew lad the paranoia seems to have gotten to you

3e656b  No.12650851


Famous rich jews are often using it to virtue signal. They buy into their own garbage all the time both out of naivety and to confuse (they jew always plays both sides). Plus they can afford things like multivitamins and multi-"vitamins" (HGH, steroids, all the other fun stuff from life extension clinics)

45dae2  No.12650857

Is there supposed to be an effect of nofap? Ive been clean since day before newyears abd dont feel diff

3e656b  No.12650858


What's your powerlifting total m8? And don't give me that veganbodybuilding.com shit where they are all juiced to the gills.

3e656b  No.12650865


You should get a bit more aggressive, feeling the need to seek out pussy. Like you almost want to just rape women because of you biological impulse. For me the effect starts to wear off after maybe a week or three though. And I think this assumes that your sleep and diet are in order. If you aren't getting enough dietary fat for example it can just flatline you. An easy way to know is if you're not getting morning wood, then something is probably wrong.

45dae2  No.12650873


Thanks mang ill check into my diet

8a3e5e  No.12650897


This is a lie.

Saturated fat ( animal fat ) is the most efficient means to meet your body's caloric needs.

All fast carbs metabolize extremely efficiently and spike your blood sugar. So using starches, breads, grains etc for energy is a good way to end up with cardiovascular issues later on in life.

Have you ever seen how many calories you burn when you run a mile on a treadmill. What is it? 90-100 about? That is a slice of bread. Try to understand just how energy dense those types of foods are and how they are incapatible with your body. You need energy over the course of an entire day, not all at once. And as we all know, excessively high blood sugar will wear out your pancreas much in the same way that drinking too much alcohol will wear out your liver.

Your body is MADE out of saturated fat. Your body knows how to use it and burn it for fuel.

c6be1f  No.12651070

File: f95f414566ef53b⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 41079249_346013225967644_2….jpg)


I don't lift religiously or push myself doing 1rep maxes or anything so I can only give the 5rep's I do once in awhile, although I usually do a little lower than this as I am not particularly interested in getting stronger. Usually I do about 20lbs lighter on each lift, although once every few (1/3) trips I do these weights.

I trained up to this over about 7-8 years ago starting with a 155lb deadlift, 95lb bench, and 135lb squat. Saw no progress till after about 6months of being vegan, then things really picked up.

365lb deadlift 4x5

335lb squat 4x5

245lb bench 4x5

I don't remember if those are good weights, but I don't really care tbh, I'm more into cardio. I've treked to EBC solo and then did the three passes trek alone (well no guide, a couple was there who did it with me), I cycle 100+ miles in a day quite frequently, and can run a 3:15 marathon.

did I do good?


>Saturated fat ( animal fat ) is the most efficient means to meet your body's caloric needs.

Any fat is the most efficient means, but is by far not the healthiest, especially saturated fat.

>and spike your blood sugar

Plant foods contain enough fiber to slow the metabolization of carbs down enough to prevent this, as well as plant-based diets are generally lower in fat and thus sugars once metabolized can efficiently be transported and thus little to no insulin is released regardless of how many carbs you eat.

Protein requires insulin to metabolize and is much more "dangerous" than carbohydrates in of it's self.

> Try to understand just how energy dense those types of foods are

Since when were beans, lentils, vegetables, potatoes, berries, apples, most fruits in fact, etc, energy dense? Nutrient dense, sure! But calorie dense? Are you kidding me? Animal products are calorie dense. Very few plant products are.

I eat to my fill and eat whatever I want and never have weight issues. I don't intentionally exercise or count calories, and I don't eat that many vegetables. I doubt you do the same with animal "foods."

>Your body is MADE out of saturated fat.

Our bodies produce saturated fat and make it, as does any animal. Much like a Rhino or Elephant has tons of saturated fat and protein all over them so can humans, and much like them if we eat tons of animal-sourced saturated fat we develop diseases.


Nofap changes nothing but eliminates another time-wasting activity in your life.

If you fill the void with video games or television you'll feel the same. If you use that to advance you health or life in general, or socialize even, it'll net more happiness and likely sex drive.

57d157  No.12652731


if have one of you faggots in every thread

i wonder how many idiot you're able to convince into poisoning themselves with this

<plant based diet

thereby achieveing the opposite of the stated goal of self-improvement

8cfba0  No.12652804

File: ee4bde2fe17b0d4⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 2016x4824, 28:67, On Warriors and Death.jpg)

ac5449  No.12652924

File: 6e53afb2379349f⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 480x369, 160:123, 6e53afb2379349fce98199e05b….gif)




You just couldnt resist posting pedo signifiers couldnt you?

44de55  No.12652926


I felt like there was something offputting about those pictures.

ac5449  No.12652933


Look at the second one. Its a little girl biting on a phallic like object. I've seen this kind of posting multiple times. That anon is a signifier. Probably trying to create an excuse to investigate these threads(though /pol/ is on constant watch anyway so i dont see why he needs too)

1e465a  No.12652959




t. nutrient deficient pedo


8cd0f8  No.12652970


Damn, how bad has it gotten, when simply posting pictures of cute little girls makes you suspect?

Have pedos so infected our society that we have to become this hyper-alert?

If this is the case, then we seriously need to institute a death-penalty for pedos, and purge them from our world.

44de55  No.12652977


I filterd him anyway.


https://theamericansun.com/2018/12/16/pissearth-2025/ we have such sights to show you.

8cd0f8  No.12652980


>I eat to my fill and eat whatever I want and never have weight issues. I don't intentionally exercise or count calories, and I don't eat that many vegetables. I doubt you do the same with animal "foods."

I most certainly do, and meat & cheese keep you feeling full much longer. There's a reason why, after you eat Chinese food, you feel hungry again after half an hour. Plant foods don't take long to digest, and simple carbs, such as bleached rice, spike your insulin levels.

1e465a  No.12652981

File: 070a2b72d522490⋯.jpg (102.83 KB, 500x701, 500:701, food meme.jpg)

reminder to


We revert to eating foods our bodies have adapted to consuming, rejecting those that are destructive recent additions, regardless of what misinformed government agencies, dietitians, or doctors tell us. Specifically, we reject all grains and sugars and do not limit healthy fats or oils, choosing real, whole foods as often as possible, returning to a choice of foods we followed for over 99 percent of human time on this planet. Because of the widespread presence of insulin resistance/diabetes/prediabetes, we also manage carbohydrates by restricting ourselves to no more than 15 grams net carbs per meal. Further health success emerges from the loss of inflammatory visceral fat. You get thinner because you become healthier.

ac5449  No.12652984


The question is why would you post little girls when there is no reason to do so? And why is that one of them resembles sexual innuendo?


All junk food that actually make people fat are plant based anyway. You dont get fat because the beef in a burger, you get fat because of the buns. You dont get fat because you ate a stack of ribs, you get fat because you washed it down with beer or coke and had a large potato side-dish.

8cd0f8  No.12653017


I never saw somebody eating corn as sexual innuendo.

But I never saw a cigar as a penis, either, or a gun barrel as a phallic symbol, so I guess I'm just not leftarded enough.

You have a point that the pics are not related, though.

8cd0f8  No.12653021


>You dont get fat because you ate a stack of ribs, you get fat because you washed it down with beer or coke and had a large potato side-dish.

To be fair, most ribs are slathered in sugar-packed sauce, too.

ac5449  No.12653055

File: 3abb742855b355d⋯.jpg (157.74 KB, 709x683, 709:683, 3abb742855b355dce9f474f5ea….jpg)


I doesnt matter what you actually see. What matters is what pedos would see. And elongated have always resembled the phallus.

8cd0f8  No.12653062


It's like the perversion of the word "gay." Why do we constantly let our world be defined by perverts and mentally ill degenerates?

aren't you getting a little tired of that shit?

82a7c4  No.12653202

File: fc54516747b7079⋯.jpg (69.28 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 28432793_159130191415144_6….jpg)


hurrdurr extending your lifespan and overall improving your health is the opposite of improving yourself


I find that hard to believe as I've never seen a fit and healthy meat-eater, especially keto eater, who eats as much of anything they want to eat and not screw up their cut/bulk/maintain. Not one.

>There's a reason why, after you eat Chinese food, you feel hungry again after half an hour.

That's because the Americanized garbage you consider to be Chinese food contain little to no nutrients and almost no fiber. Most of those dishes are primarily meat anyhow.

>simple carbs, such as bleached rice, spike your insulin levels.

Carbs -> Simple sugars -> bloodstream -> cells

Unless something prohibits this system from working properly, namely either high protein with the meal or high fat in the meal or the couple days prior, you shouldn't get a significant blood sugar spike, or at least one that happens long enough to cause the release of insulin or any undesirable effects.

>Plant foods don't take long to digest

They don't take longer than meat when you strip the fiber out, as they have higher water content and that's the only thing other than fiber that determines how long it takes something to digest (aside from activity level, etc, non-food related reasons).

But they take just as long to longer if you eat whole plant foods that are packed with fiber. The vast vast vast majority of plant-foods contain oodles of fiber and aren't deprived of nearly all nutrients like white rice or bread.





The amount of projection here is honestly disturbing. I never thought of that piece of corn as a penis you freak.

It's a photograph of a cute white little girl eating plants.

>What matters is what pedos would see.

Do you think you're a pedo or something and are projecting? Because it looks like you're the only one who is thinking in that twisted way.

82a7c4  No.12653223


>All junk food that actually make people fat are plant based anyway.

What makes people fat is a combination of their diet, not the specific elements therein.

What causes diseases however is largely due to the specifics. The beef in the burger may not cause you to become fat, but when you want simple carbs alongside it that will. But regardless the elements of the beef will fuck your hormones up, fuck your insulin up, and fuck up various organ functions.

But when you "cheat" one day or just have your normal simple carbs with them it jolts your body and causes insulin-dumps which promote even more diseases such as diabetes, as well as weight gain.

You get fat based on the Insulin you generate, not the type of calories you have. Depending on the type of calories you have in what proportions will determine your Insulin production.

Carbs = low

Protein = Medium-high

Fat = Low-medium

Carbs + fat + low protein = Extremely high

Carbs + protein + low fat = Low-medium

Fat + protein + low carbs = medium

1e465a  No.12653237

File: e83494bec705482⋯.jpg (54.78 KB, 443x441, 443:441, shout.jpg)


>"Eliminate girl hate"

>reddit spacing


82a7c4  No.12653249

File: 16328775c11f3dd⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, hmmm.jpg)


Not reddit spacing, it's because I run a few affiliate websites and it increasing conversions to space things out, have tons of paragraphs, and relatively short sentences.

It's leaked into my non-"work" typing.

Soy's been proven to have no negative affects in reasonable amounts while whey protein has affects at any amount. Proud soyboytoy

1e465a  No.12653328

File: 1adc0510dd35bb0⋯.mp4 (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, soyboy.mp4)


You do realize that product barely contains soy right? It's just a marketing thing, so your own argument is irrelevant.

Nevertheless, instead of opting for raw, organic, natural food, you know, the stuff humans beings are used to eating for millions of years, that we are clearly adapted to eat, that is proven to be effective for our survival, you're going out of your way to buy some extremely highly processed garbage drink? Well done, you're even more retarded than you appear.


>non-organic ingredients, likely riddled with chemical pesticides and herbicides

>GMO ingredients

>corn starch (literally the food with highest Glycemic Index)

>inflammation promoting Soy Lecithin

>Sucralose (enjoy your cancer)

>shit Omega-3 vs Omega-6 ratio

And I hope you're taking pro-biotics for your sake. Did you know having shit bowel flora can cause cancer?

Enjoy dementia, enjoy an unhealthy life, enjoy a slow painful death.

cc6e92  No.12653332


It depends on how much of a wanker you are. Wankfags that jacked themselves off everyday or much worse multiple times per day have usually caused some long term damage to their brain and dick that won’t necessarily bounce back quickly. They won’t notice improvement in just a couple weeks and they often feel worse as they have become dependent on wanking to drown out how shitty their actual state of health is.

Once a week or less wankers don’t damage themselves nearly as much and stopping porn just frees up more time and mental space for more important things.

d21b0f  No.12653350


>Carbs = low

That is bullshit. Carbohydrates spike insulin the most. What kind of nonsense are you spewing here?

3e656b  No.12653378


>I don't remember if those are good weights, did I do good?

>Saw no progress until 6 months of being vegan

Yeah, sure thing buddy. Of course those are good lifts unless you're bloatmaxxed. You can make good gains as a vegan if you are meticulous about your protein sources but I doubt you're being fully honest here and have probably fudged the numbers a bit. The amount of legumes, TVP, etc. that you have to eat to properly fuel your muscle development without turning to a lot of protein powder or a bland noxious diet is pretty high, and you damn well better be good at cooking because working with those ingredients and keeping it edible is not an easy task. I was vegan for many years. I mean it's doable but I wouldn't recommend it. Plus getting good fat sources is not easy.

bb07a8  No.12653423


Unfortunately we live in Canada, so not an option.


This makes sense. The woman that is being nasty to my wife is an older typical liberal type. She sees that my wife is happy working towards having a home and family. She doesn't like it because she's just another used up roastie cunt.

eb85d7  No.12653467

File: 3370c0426344b52⋯.jpg (118.68 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 50246535_127713571596838_9….jpg)


Here's another little girl for you sicko what's this one look like to you? A girl getting ready to guzzle cum? Freak.


>You do realize that product barely contains soy right?

That doesn't contain much soy? Then what does?

Do you think vegans use soy flour for everything or something?

>you're going out of your way to buy some extremely highly processed garbage drink?

It's an old photo, I know soylent isn't all too healthy. I got it to help with staying at an omnis house to make sure It's still way better than meat and the trash people in here are recommending though.

>I hope you're taking pro-biotics for your sake.

You only need to feed your gut flora with probiotics if it's unhealthy and you fuck it up. Mine get consistent foods and they process it well, so it dosn't need any. I occasionally have soy/almond yogurt though because it's tasty.


> What kind of nonsense are you spewing here?

Scientific findings.

Carbohydrates are processed into simple sugars and delivered into cells flawlessly if you don't eat excessive protein/fat. If you aren't drinking literal sugar-water there's basically no spike due to the fiber, and if you do it's not going to stay spiked long enough to net you negative effects (insulin dump) so long as you don't have a high-fat diet or had it with tons of protein.

>The amount of legumes, TVP, etc. that you have to eat to properly fuel your muscle development without turning to a lot of protein powder or a bland noxious diet is pretty high

How much protein do you seriously think you need? I don't follow/count protein or anything at all, and like I said I eat whatever I want, I easily hit 110-140g/day.

I don't use TVP really at all, I just eat legumes daily, as well, legumes are tasty as fuck. You can make almost any food-style using tons of legumes and it tastes great. It's far from bland.

>because working with those ingredients and keeping it edible is not an easy task.

Maybe if you're retarded, sure,but really it's as simple as having a few spices and dumping them in the pot, stiring once or twice, and waiting for 45minutes. That's way easier than cooking any meat or even eggs and the like. Vegan food is brain-dead easy to make and it's near impossible to overcook it and "dry it out" or something of the sort.

8dd8dd  No.12653641


>It's a photograph of a cute white little girl eating plants goy


8dd8dd  No.12653654


>Probably trying to create an excuse to investigate these threads

LE mostly go after trading networks, because so many police department were sued after some innocent person is perp-walked for spam emails. They establish a pattern of trading and often production, then go in.

When suddenly a wild loli appears here (and is globally reported) it's more likely antifag/Shariablue or some redditor than the hard core pedos. No doubt there are sting operations attempted but this site is very good about shutting it down when CP appears.

8dd8dd  No.12653663



>Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

You're OP?

8dd8dd  No.12653677


>what's this one look like to you

"Mommy makes me drink this green shit, and I don't know why"

1e465a  No.12653695

File: 593bcead74a7dcf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.33 KB, 629x765, 37:45, stop watching porn.jpg)


>That doesn't contain much soy? Then what does?

<hurr it's called soy something so it must be based on soy

Nigger do you not even know what the shit you consume is made of? Read the fucking ingredients and you'd see it only contains a bit of Soy Lecithin.

Seriously, you're consuming basically Big Food consensus dogma thrown in a blender and expect it to be a some magical potion that is healthier than the natural food that brought humanity to the top of the food chain?

>You only need to feed your gut flora with probiotics if it's unhealthy and you fuck it up.

Yes, and guess what? If you live in modern western society, you have most likely fucked it up.

I won't go into detail because you're probably a shill or a braindead stray from /leftypol/. Read some books and papers, and always check who sponsored them.

8d6c98  No.12653776

File: 917f75d3989d7db⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 1080x1215, 8:9, 26071700_398602953933907_2….jpg)


My goodness 4 posts in a row? Guess everyone doesn't have an attention span that goes over 40seconds.

That green stuff actually tastes super good and kids like even that hippie raw vegan magic elixir drinks.When you add some lemon or cucumbers or ginger they really taste good and the kids love making them too.

What about this one?


>Read the fucking ingredients and you'd see it only contains a bit of Soy Lecithin.

It contains soy protein you fucking baboon. 18/20g of protein or so come from it.

>that brought humanity to the top of the food chain?

What brought humanity to the top of the food chain wasn't eating meat. You think our petty claws or teeth enabled us to feast on meat long enough to develop advanced brains and learn to use tools, fire, etc? No, that was plants that enabled us to do all that, then we used our superior status to be lazy and hunt rather than continue what we did naturally for the vast majority of our evolutionary history.

Then the next big advancement came again when we started to use plants again and develop societies, and as plants became the overwhelming majority of what everybody ate populations and advancements boomed.

>I won't go into detail because you're probably a shill or a braindead stray from /leftypol/

You not only won't go into detail, but you'll give no detail other than "lol ur wrong"


Maybe you're lacking in some nutrients, better eat some plants before it's too late for you.

aded71  No.12653786

File: 065f3ac0aadedb1⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 630x400, 63:40, the-milk-revolution-lead.jpg)



Lactose intolerant, motek?

bec2aa  No.12653830

File: 8f47a3ddceb8ccf⋯.png (145.11 KB, 417x270, 139:90, faggotry-ceace.png)


>What brought humanity to the top of the food chain wasn't eating meat. You think our petty claws or teeth enabled us to feast on meat long enough to develop advanced brains and learn to use tools, fire, etc?

So instead of typing this out and then realizing that the jewish ape->nigger->human myth is complete bullshit, you're going to double-down on retardation and claim that raw, uncultivated plants alone made humans smart but then they gave that all up to eat cooked plants and meat?


8d6c98  No.12653897


Where's your point supposed to be? Did drinking milk advance our species drastically? No it didn't.

I'm not lactose intolerant, however due to the clear negative effects of milk I avoid it as much as possible.

Lactose tolerance =/= Milk is safe to consume, it's linked to a higher rate of all-cause mortality, most degenerative diseases, birth defects, early pubescence (which causes all the former), fucks with your hormones, feminizing, etc.

Milk is toxic for 99%+ of society lactose tolerant or not, and it's arguably child abuse to feed it to children.


And what do you think?

That humans were placed here by Norse gods?

Raw plants and heavy infighting amongst groups caused us to develop tools and explore, and when we found out that we don't immediately die from eating meat and can eat it during our travels we begun hunting as we now were able to, having tools and all.

That allowed us to spread throughout the globe over tens of thousands of years, encountering similar distance cousins who some of us bred with to create certain ethnicities (such as White Nordic individuals) and over time these ethnicities grew ever seperated by the rising himalayas and expanding desert in western China, the separating land of Australia, the closing bridge of Alaska, and the newly risen Sahara desert.

We all came from Africa, but not nigger bongoliaville down in the congo, further up North where there Sahara used to be something more than a desert. We were all brownish to start and that changed as time went on and each subgroup bred with related cousins of humans.

But make no mistake the era of us exploring did little to advance us. We didn't have any great leaps and bounds till we begun to cultivate plants and settle down.

8a4ebf  No.12654075

Going to actually devote practice to meditation at least one hour a day, ideally I'd like to do 2 to really speed things up. Is splitting it into 10 minute sessions ok? I don't think I can sit for an hour at a time.

64ec87  No.12655660

File: c79c463a21b7212⋯.jpg (329.82 KB, 1287x749, 1287:749, prolactin.jpg)


I found this surprisingly informative post on Reddit (I know) on prolactin while looking for inspiration. Definitely worth a read.

4e4d9a  No.12655695

f858d8  No.12655800

re: oral health

Oil Pulling

Swish with 1tbsp coconut oil for 20 min, spit

Cleans your tongue to a peachy pink and makes your teeth squeaky clean

cbfcf6  No.12660763


An hour of meditation is quite difficult. You wouldn't attempt a 300lb squat on your first day at the gym.

Start with 10 minutes a day. If you really want to speed things up, do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night. Gradually increase your meditation times by 1 minute a week.

e5fd48  No.12661573

Second month of semen retention + long meditation

and the results are fucking amazing, I also read a book on how bad states of mind can come to be, and it basically goes "if you have low lows, then your highs will also be higher" making you swing up and down, seeking to avoid one thing, and to grasp at another. Apparently the thing that the Buddhist say about "desire is the root of all misery" is quite on point. If you diminish your desire severely. Then your negative states of mind also diminish severely. Avoid all excessive emotions, joy, happiness, laughing etc. and suddenly I also want less of the others. Thanks Hanuman!

0d5181  No.12666616

Relapsed after 2 months i feel like shit wat do?

57d157  No.12666734



it doesnt matter

its just a tool to help you impregnate women

go and impregnate women

7dc379  No.12667159

How do you cope with being poor and ugly?

acf03c  No.12667509

File: f4341a09a390a74⋯.jpg (119.48 KB, 700x471, 700:471, 1428928133003.jpg)

File: b21b95ce6f488d2⋯.jpg (17.99 KB, 298x395, 298:395, e6552e43f3630081d2d6f6ba46….jpg)

Is chasing success a valid way to surround yourself with better people? The ones I currently work with have no drive or ambition, and it makes me feel completely alone. Every day it gets harder to deal with the constant isolation.

c3f90d  No.12667608

File: a4c8ec84b87a7d3⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 6e7a81040f86640719abc6edc7….jpg)


>chasing success

Never chase some mass appeal version of success. Jews are successful. Do what they do and you'll be surrounded by them. That's not you. Your first pic is an accurate representation of what the result would be.

At the risk of sounding like a die-hard individualist, you must find success in what matters to you. People all throughout history have carved niches for themselves in the most minute, seemingly insignificant things, yet had their work praised by others, for they had truly mastered a craft. Life is non-linear when you don't know everything, but those who know a lot are daunted by the possibilities. Whatever you're interested in can be taken to a level that no one has ever seen before. But you don't have to get that point to be respected as "successful".

As far as better company, you will have it if you are worth being around (and visible). And you're not alone. There are people on this Earth who share in your success, even if they don't know it yet. The controllers of this world have succeeded in separating would-be allies, but you're not alone.

In NS Germany there was an organization called the NSV, and one of the main points of its existence was to remind the German folk that they are not alone, and that their excellence matters to others. Here's an excerpt from "Into the Darkness", a book by American journalist Lothrop Stoddard about his time in wartime Germany:

>Another important point to be understood is that, despite all the assistance which it gives to the poor and weak, NSV is even more interested in helping the fit and strong to be fitter and stronger. It seeks to energize the individual by making him constantly feel that he is organically part of the whole nation, and that he literally has the whole nation behind him — so long as he in turn does his duty and seeks to serve the nation of which he is an integral part.

We don't have an NSV equivelant today, but the truth it espoused still applies. We are not alone, and through excellence we will find each other, help each other, and ultimately win.

591ba7  No.12667666

File: 061d2557f0cff9c⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 284x271, 284:271, Korpusówka_wojsk_łączności.jpg)

File: b529d9e80f55a20⋯.mp4 (6.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, RHkgDT7pOTlicPm6.mp4)


Any anon found a way to keep focused on task ?

I basically got an idea how to help the struggle. I'm planning on writing an app, so I'm tied to PC.

Problem is that for each hour of work I get at least an hour of distractions - shitposting, communication with others and alike.

Anybody got something what keeps them focused on their task, so far anger worked the best but it doesn't last long.

c3f90d  No.12667686

>>12667666 \m/

Isolation is the best tool for concentration. Even before all this modern tech people used to take themselves out of society to help themselves concentrate on a task. Go on a trip, and leave behind the gadgets. Or get different gadgets that you need for work that don't have the fun stuff on them.

A couple years ago I canceled my internet just to better focus.

c886ec  No.12667703

File: 2c1ac9851ceff45⋯.jpeg (42.53 KB, 617x435, 617:435, elitismdemotivator.jpeg)


>Every day it gets harder to deal with the constant isolation.

If you feel you have drive and ambition and the others dont then you should deal with the isolation by getting involved what YOUR AMBITION.

You shouldnt have time to worry about your isolation. You are too busy overcoming the next obstacle.

It sounds like you are desiring others to motivate you, you are blaming them for holding you back.

Its your fault that you are who you are and its telling that you are surrounded by low ambition people. You put yourself there and its on you to get youself out.

But even if you stay around them , its still on you to make the most of it and not let it stop you from being your best.

Revel in the isolation. Pic related

4a4c1b  No.12667722

day 250 i think

if i wake up early then try and fall back asleep, wet dream every time

not sure if high t or what

4a4c1b  No.12667728


saw this in another thread

a more entry level alternative to getting off of jewphones

7083d5  No.12667764

File: fe5cea0a5afb855⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 468x431, 468:431, fe5cea0a5afb8558983c6aac1e….jpg)


Does any one have advice on how to get rid of degenerate fetishes. I keep falling deeper and deeper.

c3f90d  No.12667783


Cut off access if you can't do it through reason or willpower. Put yourself in a situation that doesn't entertain your worst tendencies.

7083d5  No.12667788


It's not just porn, my problem is that I can't finish during sex without imagining it. I have no idea how to stop getting turned on by something.

0000ee  No.12667802


Just stop thinking about it retard

7083d5  No.12667865


Then I can't finish retard

c3f90d  No.12667877


I don't think I have enough information to give a good answer.


Why do you need to finish? Perhaps this is part of the problem. Too many orgasms makes sex dull. Give it a rest. You're not that "hungry" so to speak. Put some space between your meals so you'll actually enjoy them.

8a4ebf  No.12668035

Are there any shower filters that are 100% effective in removing fluoride and all harmful chemicals? All of them are shit. I've gone so far that I bathe with a bucket of distilled water.

acf03c  No.12668071

File: 6e58cc9a4f62e79⋯.jpg (12.09 KB, 415x387, 415:387, 6e58cc9a4f62e796b2bce59c7b….jpg)


I've been trying to carve my niche in my spare time but it gets harder each day. I love it but it does get tough sometimes. The dead end job I work at has a strong "Your life is going nowhere" atmosphere to it which I am having a hard time not bringing home. Being single also is taking it's toll. Like you said visibility is important, but I have none outside of the shit job I work. This is what made me consider putting my niche on the shelf and find a better place to work or just moving somewhere else completely. I posted that comic because I know it's the likely result, but at the same time I doubt it's this bad everywhere.

>We are not alone, and through excellence we will find each other, help each other, and ultimately win.

That's something I feel to. Simply because the ones who do will rise above the ones who don't. It's hard to keep your sanity though grinding away in a depressing cubicle farm.


>It sounds like you are desiring others to motivate you, you are blaming them for holding you back.

I was motivated before I started spending the majority of my life in a soul crushing environment.

>You put yourself there and its on you to get youself out.

This is kinda the key to what I'm thinking. Although, that means shelving my passion for a while to get away out of here.

>its still on you to make the most of it and not let it stop you from being your best.

This is something I've tried but it fails. It's like a cycle. I brush it off for a week but after a while it creeps its way back in. Then I stop being productive.

f7bd92  No.12668292

File: a2d487dadb9829e⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 468x487, 468:487, a2d487dadb9829e35ae6709b2b….jpg)


If I may offer some pointers. Your operating on the principle of being stuck in the moment. Your work environment is, by design, meant to cause subservience in your thoughts. It is meant to sap you due to it's very nature. Compare it to perhaps a higher end office or one of those Silicon Valley open offices. Oh of course there is more space, maybe more colours but does it seem any less vacous or soulless than your current place? No of course not. It's a farm, a slightly nicer farm but a farm none the less. I would suggest focusing on the long game over all, realise it's essentially a stepping stone. Earning money and getting stronger in body and spirit is one thing but all you achieve will be for nought if you get into the mindset of being trapped. The biggest joke of all is your not trapped, your trapping yourself by letting that environment have such an effect on you. Rise above, your a son of Europe taking his stand in one of our peoples darkest hours. You may not be on a battlefield in the traditional sense but it is still a battle for the spirit. Steel yourself. You hold the blood of great men, never surrender to the semetic nightmare they want you to be stuck in.

And if I may expand a response to the "grind" comment, you have to realise victory and achievement is an unceasing and noble act and that is what makes it an effort worthy of your attention. An example perhaps. A few years ago I found 8pol and stumbled in to one of the rare at the time /sig/ threads like this. I had gone through the red pill process fairly intact but found myself lethargic and overwhelmed by the encroaching darkness. I had developed a gut and grew distant to those important to me as it all seemed so hopeless, I realised that indeed no one was coming to save us. However, the more time I spent on /pol/ and these threads, the more I learnt of just how those who suppress us operate on a scale much grander than I had believed and came to one simple conclusion, that we *must* save ourselves. So I scoured these threads, I learnt of everything from how off the shelf bread contained soy (a rather foul substance) to how to dress a wound properly in these threads. After realising this and finding hope in the words of greater men than I such as Mosley, Rockwell and of course our Uncle, I set myself an impossible challenge. To become an overman. Impossible to achieve in this day and age, or seemingly so. But I knew my *pursuit* would be the drive to achieving as close to it as possible. Your goal should be the impossible as it means you have an extreme long term goal to achieve with a variety of sub objectives along the way to mark your progress, be it family, money or simply knowledge as these in some form or another often accompany grand works. A wife for succor and to continue your legacy. Money to, well, live and operate at a modest, comfortable level. Knowledge so you can perceive routes to goals and opposition to those goals. Focusing on any one of these will prove tricky most of the time but having them as sub objectives gives you leeway. I find while pursuing my goal, if I find myself suffering from a block or a black pill then seek solace in heroes. I personally favour Mosley and his books and speeches as a Brit but Rockwell is a stirring speaker and Pierce is definately a gentleman worth your ear. Our dear Uncle had some stirring speechs but I always feel like the translation loses some of it's magic despite his incredible oratry. Listening to them helps give understanding that your struggle is their struggle and you are, in your own way, raising their banner once more for the dream they had for our people. One day all of us *will* be called upon to make that dream real and using the tools, knowledge and spirit imbued within us, we can do just that the most effective way we can. So continue your work and realise simply your victory, what ever you choose it to be, will be hard. It will be lonely sometimes. But you will never walk alone for we are brothers despite the D&C so rife. We'll make it.*You'll* make it. Never let the semetic termites drag you down.

000000  No.12668331

I am an eyesore lanklet with twig arms and I have no idea where to start, should I just stick to a bodyweight routine for a while?

acf03c  No.12668350


That was a good read anon

f7bd92  No.12668411

File: ea4a012586264b8⋯.png (154.26 KB, 1223x553, 1223:553, 3fe22f00f86bb7ebbd0c3ebb1c….png)


I personally started simple, get a fairly well rounded routine going, nothing too taxing or you'll put yourself off it. You have to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint, any gains you make will be slow going. I personally would suggest basic weight training, keep it moderate and make a basic plan. A few quick bullet points for you;

- Try to do at least three times a week, preferably an hour, no meme crossfit training, actual training. Don't forget leg day though, it's not just a meme, it can be very jarring to see well developed arm and back muscles combined with lanky or flabby legs. Also don't beat yourself up if you don't keep to a day on, day off routine perfectly, it'll happen, just remember to not let it become a habit.

- Alter your diet with some mild bulking. Red meat for protein is good for this and some good carbs (e.g. carbs from organic vegetables etc). I don't have it on this terminal but may be someone would be kind enough to post some food red pills regarding carbs and perhaps some paleo/keto information. The paleo/keto diet won't be useful per se but it does give insights into good carbs and bad carbs. Needless to say, eat organic as much as possible to avoid any foreign bodies in store bought meat. Oh also try and avoid protein drinks. Keifer or whatever it's called is supposed to be quite good but there's debate if store bought is as good as home made.

- Take a weeks break every four weeks. While it will stifle your progress until you get into a proper dedicated routine it can help until you feel comfortable dedicating yourself fully.

- Avoid pharmajew and the carbonated jew. While not strictly diet related replacing any soft drinks and energy tablets and so forth will yield positive results for your body and potentially your mind. You'll find more clarity and focus and will likely feel better within a week. Switching to mineral or spring water is an excellent way thing to switch to. Oh but do avoid any Nestle related waters. The plastic literally rots into the fluids. Rather vile company if I do say so myself.

- And final note, don't get disheartened. Many drop out after a week or two citing one excuse or another. At the end of the day it's yourself your betraying by not sticking to it. Incentive is weakness, you must instead find dedication to become more.

I have missed quite a few other bits but this is just a very basic overview of how I would suggest starting.


It's always a pleasure to help in these dark times. We've all been there at some point or another, some become jaded, some use it as fuel to stoke the fires of their souls. I'd rather raise a brother up than abandon him to the gutter, that's the semites vile task.

Oh, also a recipe for people as I hadn't seen it posted this thread. Rather delicious and fairly healthy drink. I know for many the idea can be a bit daunting at first but it's actually easy to make and quite enjoyable.

e36832  No.12668414


you're = you are

try it sometime

000000  No.12668451


Thanks man.

2c754a  No.12668754


Buy a thinkpad 200 series or older with cash or crypto. ~60 dollars

Libreboot it and replace the wireless adapter with a libre one. Tor, Tails/Heads, Vpns, commonsense 2020 and/or cafes.

Thats for security critical applications when you're worried about GITD CIA darkies.

Know your risk assessment. See EFF SSD.

For your day-to-day Tor is a too high latency and inconvenient to use constantly.

Get a VPN. Doesn't matter who -just make sure that they aren't known to glow.

Read the rest of securitytools for browser, software and extension recommendations.

This won't fully protect you from the NSA but it will make it harder for megacorps to collect/share data on you.

If you're preparing to be a whistle blower you've got the memepad for that.

0fb03d  No.12668855

I have three major addictions: gluttony, vidya and pornography. How do I tackle addictions that seemingly have eaten up so much of my life. I know the best method is replacing the time and energy spent on something better, but how do I make the jump?

c3f90d  No.12668898


You know how the jews oppress us? By attacking from every angle. They are infesting every institution. Likewise, you have to subject yourself to constant reminders of what you really want to be. Write good quotes down on sticky notes and put them where you'll see them. Look at pictures of people who impress you. Listen to people that inspire you. Be around people with ambition. Set up your life in such a way that you can't accidentally not be reminded of your goals. Propagandize yourself.

8650a8  No.12668907



57d157  No.12669661

>>12667722 very nice

>if i wake up early then try and fall back asleep, wet dream every time

nice nice nice

time to start making babies anon

98b6b7  No.12670840


For gluttony try embracing the feeling of a near-constant very light hunger. Being really hungry sucks, but being just a tiny bit hungry is not a big deal once you get used to it. So instead of snacking just hold off until a meal if you can, although maybe one or three snacks a day is not a big deal as long as the portion sizes are smaller. It's so much easier than calorie counting. Also helps if you eat similar meals most days since if you start gaining weight you can just dial back the portion size a little bit and you're good again.

cbfcf6  No.12678622

File: 43cabd0cd87a5dc⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, A polacks Journey.jpg)

File: 96523bb8a6c0c9e⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, A polacks Journey 2.jpg)

File: 0e3bc97420634a0⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 410x1024, 205:512, Cleaning Rota.jpg)

File: 3c07d074c248de3⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 824x1024, 103:128, Couch to 10K.jpg)


b0e3a6  No.12683921


Cold approach is king and social circle game is extremely limited by the number of females you are choosing from.

Also as you have mentioned cold approach teaches you how to deal with bullshit really fast and once the pain period is over you are king.

For all the naysayers, cold appr doesn't have to be the only way you get a wife but it gives you the necessary confidence to deal with female bullshit instantaneously, making you much more appealing to most of the women around you.

92be04  No.12684069


cringe images

98b6b7  No.12684493


Fame game is where it's at these days

6e1b95  No.12685661


((((1) and out)))

98b6b7  No.12687492


White men improving themselves? c-r-i-n-g-e

eba177  No.12689430


the leafster is back

8b26cc  No.12691898



e22688  No.12692010

(Im the HOCD anon in this thread)

I am on day 21 of nofap and I constantly feel stressed and anxious for no reason (I think it could be separate from the HOCD). Even when I look at girls, I can tell they're hot, but I don't get boners. My morning wood is also delayed.

f73896  No.12692083

What newsreader application does /pol/ use? Help me out here.

e5fd48  No.12692532


news reader application? Grandpa get out.

3d14e6  No.12692866

File: 99852a58f4acb4b⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 320x239, 320:239, croceatingg.jpg)

98b6b7  No.12693106


Fuck this globohomo Facegook/Jewgle shit. We're bringing RSS and webrings back.

abbeb8  No.12693561

I'm personally working hard to get on an organic diet. Finding organic beef that doesn't cost an insane amount of money is difficult, so I've been working on cooking chicken dishes. I wonder if /pol/ has any favorites I can look into preparing so I have a variety of options.

98b6b7  No.12694265

File: 8550e05859c75a6⋯.png (1.36 MB, 482x2501, 482:2501, mpc.png)


Breddy gud chicken thigh recipe

ef5b49  No.12695011

4a4c1b  No.12695932


get a whole house reverse osmosis system

b5f4ae  No.12698265


RO has its own problems and is by no means a miracle solution (acidification, demineralisation, high cost, high-maintenance). Block filters made of sintered carbon are much more practical for beginners and more than sufficient for all biologicals (hormones etc) and heavy metals. Fluoride remains, admittedly. It's a trade-off, like anything else in life.

4cbfe9  No.12700874

trying to get my bloodwork checked and some hormones and vitamins, are there any things I should have on my list?

bd8106  No.12700914


You seem to have experience. I've looked at the 5-stage carbon water filter system (biggest under-the-sink option I've seen so far), and from what I can tell all I need to think of is to get either A) Rainwater or B) de-calcify the water first to not block up all the pores from the hard water.

That way I think I'm good from plastics and any type of toxin they'd come up with besides to few bio strains that occasionally gets dropped from a bird or from the water I could collect from any stream outside. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

bd8106  No.12700929


Instead of trusting others to tell you what you need from any blood measurement (they know they could offer you anything and you'd go buy it) I reccomend some of the fundamentals.

Look at your diet. Meditate on what you'd really LIKE to eat right now, anything goes. For instance, what happened to me when I had a crisis period I could feel the urge to eat wholesome bread raised with yeast (lack of b-vitamins) as well as a >desire< to drink some fishliver oil. Your body knows what's good for you as long as you have tried it beforehand. Lemon, for instance, is paramount for my well being nowadays in the wintertime.

If you don't know what's good for you you gotta try out the 'health' options. Eat well, drink lots of water (to purify yourself from toxins and fatigue) and be well.

4cbfe9  No.12700934


the kikes took one of my testicles, now I have a weak grip, got fat only on my belly and tits and generally feel lethargic.

I just want to see if everything is alright with my test levels and simply check for other things too to be safe.

bd8106  No.12700942


That's not important. That's just fear.

Too bad about the one testicle tho. What I can tell is how remarkably fast the body is to regenerate from any imbalance as long you go through the pain without resistance. If you feel bad it's just an indicator of something that you need to decode into meaningfulness and act on accordingly in peace.

Small steps. Don't get stuck. Movement is life.

6d7dc0  No.12702667

File: b391f985841f864⋯.gif (898.5 KB, 487x560, 487:560, 4.gif)

how do I deal with cringe attacks?

I have over9000 of them a day and my life is made out of cringe

how to stop caring? literally saying "fuck, oh fuck holy fuck, oh holy shit, oh fuck, oh my fucking god" half a day in front of my pc annoys my family

380d14  No.12702930

File: 094d510ba398bad⋯.png (199.59 KB, 333x404, 333:404, q1.png)


What the hell is a cringe attack? Maybe you just became obsessed with that trendy word and it's taken control over your thoughts. Otherwise try learning from your mistakes one at a time, and realize you'll probably make the same mistake multiple times before making progress.

380d14  No.12702943

File: 4141528696cb651⋯.jpg (105.33 KB, 940x627, 940:627, australian customs.jpg)


You might want to work on your bodyfat to increase free T, and consider exogenous testosterone. Sounds like you already sort of figured that out though. Other than that you could take a couple basic supps like vitamin D3 and maybe fish oil (you can find good info on examine.com), and try to clean up your diet a bit.

6d7dc0  No.12702952

File: e878e7ffa09e674⋯.png (325.86 KB, 580x580, 1:1, expert.png)


cringe attack is when you start reminding yourself of things that you did in a past and they was so…. well… cringy that your asperger can't handle it, so you try to not think about that but thats only making the cringe even harder, thanks for advice tho.

6d7dc0  No.12702953


>they was

they were*

6d7dc0  No.12702960



also, it happens randomly throughout the day, hence the name "attack"

6070eb  No.12704154


I used to have these all the time, but I eventually ingrained it in myself that I've literally become a different person over the years (same body, same memories, new person). Now whenever I think of the past all I see is disgust for that person and become even more determined to never let myself be like that. I might sound borderline delusional, but that's what it's taken to finally accept myself and change.

bba60e  No.12705650

File: eebc07d891c6a63⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 736x769, 736:769, eebc07d891c6a6313162053ecd….jpg)

Does anyone have information and good sources about SSRI medicine and what exactly does it mess with?

e79f80  No.12705733


I don't have good sources by AFAIK it can drastically lower your sex drive, and a lot of the mass shooters have been on them.

75aaa1  No.12706000

File: 6a1bd0ad84e2583⋯.png (226.92 KB, 635x661, 635:661, 1543436082514.png)

How to quit smoking for good?

8e6631  No.12706229

can't sleep, should I go do something like shave and shit or force myself to sleep?

bf29a7  No.12706556

File: c008a47d2ef8609⋯.jpg (8.94 KB, 221x228, 221:228, Hair.jpg)

Should I cut my hair? I look too feminine with it, but people generally like me more for it. My hair isn't straight either, it's like an afro, but not that nappy. Basically like this image.

Should I do the cut? or Maybe a beard to even it out? Idk, I hate fags so I don't want to look like one.

e79f80  No.12706590


Yeah try a #2 with a fade on the sides and a bit longer on the top. Find a stylish pic of someone with wavy/curly hair in a hitler youth style cut and show it to a competent barber at a place where the haircuts are like $20-25 and go every 3 or 4 weeks. You can always grow it back out again if you don't like it. A beard is fine as long as you have growth without much patchiness and groom/trim it properly and don't make a habit of pulling on it or it will cause patches. I'd recommend you try one thing at a time though, starting with the haircut.

22acbd  No.12706592

Random reminder to check out the audiobooks by anons >>>/pdfs/8073

e79f80  No.12706598

File: 24b1c99f021546e⋯.png (244.41 KB, 773x838, 773:838, 9c9d04546f1c1d0779394fc6a1….png)


Try considering how much it's fucking up your cardio, could cause cancer, costs a bunch of money, shorten your lifespan. It's just not worth it. Then quit cold turkey. If you have something else going on in your life like lifting where it will directly interfere with your recovery, then you'll start to associate it more with the negative than the positive and just want to stop. You can always have a well-earned smoke again once the race wars start, after a battle.

895719  No.12706613


If this is actually you it looks fine. Back in the day all men had long hair.

330e42  No.12706720

File: 66e42357815bce3⋯.jpg (221.25 KB, 826x1210, 413:605, 1488.jpg)


You know what you must do anon - there is only and will only ever be one solution for the cigarette Jew. You must find the strength of will to do what must be done about your habit.

What times throughout the day do you reach for a smoke? Consider supplementing that time instead by perhaps doing a few curls, some brief cardio, maybe a few pushups. Perhaps just reading a few lines from a book you'd like to get into. Find something to fill that gap of time. So long as it is uplifting for your mind or your body, it doesn't matter how trivial it is - you have to replace that desire with something positive. Let your brain chemistry do the rest of the work in creating that connection between the replacement and the satisfaction your body is expecting to receive. You will need your strength for the future - we too need your strength and your health.

There are ways to enjoy tobacco in a manner that nourishes the soul more than it harms the body. On one extreme, perhaps look into the cultivation of tobacco on a small-scale if it is something you are truly passionate about. As >>12706598 said, a smoke is only truly enjoyed once earned. Regardless, you really must keep your money away from those companies. These people want us dead or in terrible health for the sake of a dollar.

You didn't ask for a blogpost but I care too much for our health for me not to give you a fair shake, especially after checkin' those trips. Impressive, very nice.

e22688  No.12706809

How do I get rid of or decrease the fat on my belly?

e82adc  No.12706970


Jogging anon. At least three times per week, about 5km. You'll be amazed at the progress come June.

Start today so you can get three times this week with one rest day between. Once you advance, you'll enjoy it.

75aaa1  No.12707172



Thanks for replies, I appreciate that.

>What times throughout the day do you reach for a smoke?

I'm totally fucked up, I smoke whenever I can. I would overcome it relatively easily but the first day is always hard as fuck and I can't focus on anything, that's the main problem. If I could do some other activity it would be much easier but I can't focus on anything, even working out feels without sight of smoke after it just as stressful activity. Of course, I see myself, I see what it did to me and I'm addicted, that's why I want to quit and I will, I'm just trying to find some ways how to make that process more simpler because going cold turkey simply means I will need few days off where i don't have to focus on anything else - work, etc. Wish me luck and willpower, I will need it.

c3f90d  No.12707331


Sleep is something you let yourself do. We have many things, and habits today that don't allow us to sleep. Turn off lights of all sorts when it's time for bed. Use only candles for the last hour of your day. Stop looking at screens during this time. Get enough exercise that your body actually wants to sleep.

e22688  No.12710336

I'm so fucking awkward, shy and autistic. Today in class, some hot girl was talking to me. I couldn't tell whether she was talking to me because she was joking around or just genuinely being friendly. I was so fucking nervous that I felt my face getting red. She started asking me what I do in my free time, and oh boy, I didn't know what to answer, because the truth is I don't really do anything (I just listen to music, go on the internet and do occasional push ups). Out of panic, I just told her that I practice driving. Imagine if I were to tell her the truth, like "I go on the internet." She asked me other shit, like what I want to do or study in the future. Another moment of shame was when she asked me if I play sports, watch sports or watch any tv shows. I said no to all of these. I tried my best to keep it cool, but the shyness/autism was too strong. At one point, she even jokingly said "Wow you're so good at conversations." I'm pretty sure other students witnessed my fuck ups.

I don't have feelings for this girl. I don't even care about her. She's just a slutty thot, but I just want to know if you have any advice for me about not being shy, about being more social and not giving a shit. Even my potential answers make me embarrassed.

How do I overcome this? I have to see this girl everyday until June and she is the outgoing type, meaning she will surely talk to me again.


Start jogging in the snow? It's impossible to jog now

c8e448  No.12710372

File: 9f2d2631d8f8bb1⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 500x304, 125:76, 1471324616365-2.jpg)


You have to reduce your body fat %. Belly fat is generally one of the last places to go on men, unfortunately. Also realize that being both lean and muscular are somewhat opposing goals. In other words it's not easy to have a visible six pack at rest. Most people you see with very defined abs are either very skinny or some combination of having caught a pump from just working out, being somewhat dehydrated, and favorable lighting conditions. That said there's definitely a chance you can get at least a little bit of definition at rest, depending on your genetics.

91bcd4  No.12710378

I want to get into reading old texts like Plato’s Republic and The New Testament. My neighbors are insanely loud and I have a hard time focusing. Does anyone have some advice on how to tune people out while reading, and how to maintain focus?

>>12710336 I had a really bad time talking to people over the fear of being beta and omega. It was such a strong feeling that I would Spaz out every five seconds. I couldn’t make eye contact and I would tremble really bad. I had no other option but to ask others for help. Well that didn’t work.

So I went to the library and checked out some books about self help and positivity. I probably read around 3 books about it including “12 Rules to Life”. Check out some books man, it really helps with mental blocks on socialization. Now that it helped I’m focusing on reading (which is still hard). Don’t worry man, your reputation wherever you are is repairable. Just be consistent and keep trying, while getting advice from the books you read. It might feel degrading at first, but with time, you’ll no longer be a beta pussy like I was.

Knowledge is power

c8e448  No.12710390

File: f7b41ad968d5dff⋯.jpg (494.93 KB, 1800x2156, 450:539, f7b41ad968d5dff2bee83bb8bb….jpg)


Try taking a single melatonin pill about 1 hour before you want to go to sleep. Avoid blue lights like phone or computer screens right before bed. Try doing heavy lifting in the evening say around 6-8pm before dinner. You'll be so beat that it will be much harder to stay awake.

c8e448  No.12710417

File: ef47357133b9d94⋯.mp4 (2.15 MB, 580x466, 290:233, mma.mp4)


That was a learning experience. The very fact that you're getting social exposure and processing it means you're making progress. If you're not already powerlifting, doing bodyweight, or bodybuilding (one of which you should be doing anyways) then start and bam suddenly you do a "sport". Just don't sperg out about it too much to other people when you first get into it, since that can be annoying. Now powerlifting is not really a cool hobby per say, so pick up something like the guitar that opens up social opportunities and is universally impressive. By the way it's pretty normal to be somewhat "boring" at your age (still taking classes) so don't beat yourself up about it. Time to develop and take advantage of all the social opportunities you have while in school (it doesn't get better after high school or college in social terms).

f2be2c  No.12710478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Get mad. Anger is a great motivator.

e22688  No.12710490


>Time to develop and take advantage of all the social opportunities you have while in school (it doesn't get better after high school or college in social terms)

Well, fuck. This my last year of high school. You expect me to learn guitar in a couple months?

And in terms of bodyweight, I'm making pushups a habit

c8e448  No.12710704

File: 47785c082242c50⋯.pdf (999.42 KB, squateveryday.pdf)

File: 5667e01d44d56fb⋯.pdf (3.25 MB, 5-3-1 For Powerlifting (Ji….pdf)


Nigger don't be so dramatic. But for guitar you can pick up a cheap electric, a tuner, some picks, and an amp, and a metronome. Then just practice basic chords and chord progressions. You'll inevitably pick up other drills and learn some basic songs once you get into it. Most pop songs follow very formulaic chord progressions so you'll be able to improv after a while. Expect it to take ~3-6 months of near daily practice before you start to sound cool. Then 2-4 years before you start to get really good. But that's OK because the earlier you start the earlier you can get into a band, at which point gash will be highschool/college-tier in availability.

For bodyweight pushups are a good start, but get a pullup bar for your door frame to balance with posterior (back) development. The most important thing is to always increase your number of reps in a set, and you want to be doing maybe 2-3 sets with a few minutes of rest in between each. Then once you get to like 8-10 reps, increase the difficulty of the movement. Download Overcoming Gravity 2nd edition from libgen.io, or just buy it, money well spent. If you can get a gym membership and start a barbell routine like Starting Strength or one of PDFs related I'd highly recommend it though. You'll get fucking huge in like a year. Just don't pick out and get too fat if you can avoid it.

e22688  No.12710843


I wouldn't mind finding a pullup bar, though I don't think my door frame is strong enough and I think that it is currently inconvenient to do that in my house. As for the guitar, I've always had a slight interest in it. There's one problem though. I don't really like the fact that I would have to spend a lot of time on a certain activity, in the hopes that other people will be impressed, while we converse. It takes the enjoyment out of it. As for the squats, I sometimes do 1 set of 30, using 2 10 pound dumbbells.

386295  No.12711025


>You dont get fat because the beef in a burger, you get fat because of the buns.


The massive amount of oil the burger is cooked is the main contributor, that and the saturated fat filled meat

c3f90d  No.12711047


You need to either start doing things that you're more proud of so that you're comfortable being open with others, or just learn to be fine with what you're doing now. To help you with self acceptance I'll explain some things about women. The girl doesn't give a shit what your answer is, she just wants you to be cool. All women are rooting for every man to be a cool guy at ease with himself. What this means for you is that you don't have to worry about saying what you think she might want to hear, because what she wants is the genuine you. Even if you're in a bad mood, she wants to hear you say "I fuckin hate my life". From that honest expression of emotion she can actually connect with a human being like she was trying to do by asking you questions and teasing you.

>I couldn't tell whether she was talking to me because she was joking around or just genuinely being friendly

She's only in it for the emotions. If she doesn't think she can get any positive feelings by interacting with you she'll stop entirely. She will simply forget your existence, because you are an emotional desert in her eyes.

>I just listen to music, go on the internet and do occasional push ups

You can tell her this. There are many ways to appropriately do so. You could tell her complete lies, or even more uncool things, like "I just stare off into space thinking about how to answer your questions". It's all in how you say it. A lot things can make her laugh that aren't logically funny, because it's the emotional content that she's after. And the curious thing about telling her unimpressive things with a comfortable attitude is that it's actually likely to raise your social status, whereas talking about what a badass you are would actually make you seem more tryhard and pathetic (unless you did it jokingly), because your emotional stability is a better indicator of personal success than any story you can tell about how great you are. People don't trust the words that others speak, because anybody can say them. It's emotional stability that we trust. Why do you think NPCs run around acting smug while repeating quips they heard in jewish media? It's because humans tune into emotion first, and other things maybe never. Emotion is at the center of human interaction.

>Imagine if I were to tell her the truth, like "I go on the internet."

Again, that could be fucking funny, and actually be a way to engage with her. It's in how you say it. If you said just that with sarcastic enthusiasm, she could then bounce that sarcasm back to you with "WOW! That's so cool!". What you do in your free time doesn't really matter to interaction. She's just wants to play.

>"Wow you're so good at conversations."

Another opportunity to joke around. "Thanks. Let me know if you want tutoring".

>She's just a slutty thot

That may be true, but your attitude here is that of the fox and the grapes.

Bottom line is that you need to understand the truth about social interaction (that it's just a game) so well that you don't slip into anxiety, and you need to simply practice more, which means suffering through awkwardness on your way to excellence.

c3f90d  No.12711096


Try eating nothing but burger till you're full and see how fat you get.

>massive amount of oil the burger is cooked in

Burgers are not cooked in oil. The meat has enough fat that oil is completely unnecessary, and if cooked on a grill then all the fat drips away from the burger into the flame.

c8e448  No.12711246

File: c909704ba361df8⋯.jpg (22.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 08音楽やってる俺強い-300x300.jpg)


Well it's not so much that you're doing it just to impress other people. It's that you pick from among the things you might enjoy that would pay dividends in other areas of your life and open opportunities to socialize which sounds like a weakness in your life, so it will bring you closer to balance. Learning about music greatly enriches your life in other ways and makes you a more balanced and interesting person. And you have to spend a lot of time on anything to get good at it. It will teach you discipline to become good or great at anything at all. Right now it sounds like you are in more of a consumer mindset (normalfaggot, essentially). Switching to a producer is a massive change in perspective. But ultimately you will have to find your own motivation from within, and that usually starts with just giving something an earnest effort for a sustained period of time and then following through with it once you gain momentum.

008c4b  No.12711911

Need some help y'all. Fatass working as a rancher here, being a shepherd. I need to fast to help clear up my psoriasis and clean out my lymph system. Issue being, while I can go long periods without eating, my strength goes to shit after two days without it. How could I go for at least a week and do hard farm labor, without having my efficiency drop to 10-20% of my peak?

75aaa1  No.12711967


Not eating is meme, instead try to eat better. If you want to clean up your body then drink water but in reasonable amounts, still, don't skip the food completely.

75aaa1  No.12711976


Might add some tip: learn to eat raw vegetables, like tomatoes or fucking bell pepper. It has a lot of water, it has vitamins and still you won't completely starve. There is nothing better after work than good dark european bread (feel sorry for you guys not having it), with butter, salt and cheese and fucking glass of milk.

c3f90d  No.12712227


Eat meat. Anyone who says anything else is a fucking faggot. Choose wisely.

42be70  No.12712397


>Start jogging in the snow? It's impossible to jog now

Of course you can also get a gym membership.

4cf98c  No.12712942

I'd appreciate some advice or input fellow /sig/ junkies.

I recently tested positive for both genital and oral herpes. The jury's out as to when I got either of them because I haven't been tested in years and have generally been trying to replicate a promiscuous chad lifestyle with some success. The good news is that I've never had any breakouts/symptoms so likely am part of the roughly 80% of the population whose immune system totally suppresses the virus (feel free to fact check me on this, but doc and google both say most people who have it are unaware/asymptomatic). Even if the virus were to become active, research tells me that from a health-standpoint it's at most an inconvenience unless you've got the hiv or some other immune suppression going on.

My question revolves more around its impact to my dating/social life.Clearly mental degeneracy (promiscuity) preceded physical degeneracy (herpes), but what is the path forward here? Does a self-respecting /sig/ poster confine himself to dating other infected individuals, thus sticking to a pool of people far more degenerate than the average populace, or should he find a wholesome waifu that he'll inevitably infect?

What would iron pill do?

e5fd48  No.12713004

Anon on 1 hour meditation (sometimes more per day in multiple sessions) and 2 months of semen retention here. Dread has virtually dissipated by now and I have noticed a "decrease in emotional residue, meaning if you encounter another human being, or a thing, and it somehow strikes you (it can happen in the most weird ways on your emotions), you carry it around for the next day or so.

Well this has decreased as well, both long duration, and short duration. Its like I have developed social amnesia of sorts. Smiles, happiness, but also frowns and ALL emotions just get nullified almost immediately.

I wonder, I kinda wanted this to happen, but does it happen naturally or directed while on this path (I am also in zen stuff)

c3f90d  No.12713378


I think a healthy body (one consuming quality food and exercising) is less likely to show any symptoms, effectively nullifying herpes as a problem, but don't go around spreading it to people. You acted like a whore and now you have whore diseases. There are plenty of whores for you to choose from now that you're ready to settle.


Congratulations on achieving a low vibration.

841129  No.12713544


Don't take SSRIs or any medication that passes the blood brain barrier unless it is to save your life. If you're suffering from depression change your diet and get some exercise. Lifting weights and spending time in nature, such as hiking is great for the mind.

Some resources

Article that explains the relationship between brain chemistry and the intake of amino acids


Study on the long term use of SSRIs


Study on the side effects of SSRIs


bd8106  No.12713950


As the other anon stated it might seem like a low vibration level. My idea is that you're finding 'ground zero' of your vibration stat - that is, like dying, but can also be a way of waking up from the sleep you were put in. Death mostly is a state of mind, as energy persists.

At some point you will find your will to be happy. Don't try to find joy in a lower state, but realize what it is. Simply recognizing the state usually is what it takes to move on, like listening to a song only to find out how it influences you you're now beginning to listen to your own. Hopefully you will gain some insight from this and make this a stepping stone for new development, that simply will take place by its own.

90f557  No.12714200

File: d20afbc9e5db4ca⋯.png (44.98 KB, 940x300, 47:15, 4d29b4b1bc2b885b697036d695….png)


Could you be any more obvious Moshe?

a26685  No.12714258

File: 1f777f4eba18ccc⋯.jpg (246.06 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 551bd8724b3304aad525dde5eb….jpg)

Oatmeal musclewizard from the last thread here. Since learning Quaker contains tons of glyphosphate (Round-UP herbicide), I've switched to purely organic steel-cut oats because they're the most clean and also the lowest on the glycemic index (digest slowest). However it's important to also note that oats are high in phytic acid, an antinutrient that blocks absorption of iron and zinc in the intestines, and so to neutralize this antinutrient one must soak oats in acidic water for a long period of time. At least 7 hours, but ideally 24-48. So to make my water acidic I add in raw, unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar.

Only buy organic plant foods to avoid glyphosphate and always soak your grains and legumes sprout these before eating. They all have phytic acid. It isn't a problem until these foods become a primary food source though, like oats are in my diet.

561d67  No.12714363


solid. any other tips to foster digestion?

e22688  No.12714411


I’ve been giving an earnest effort with nofap and noporn. I’ve been doing it for about a month but it still hasn’t given me motivation for doing something like playing a guitar.

a26685  No.12714453


Don't masturbate

561d67  No.12714680


yes. but relatable to eating? inb4: cum

a26685  No.12714713


No, I was just playing around there. If I had any other further information on the topic of digestion I would have presented it. In short though, avoid simple carbs and sugar at all costs. Eat a high protein diet, though realize that a 175 pound man can only process about 35g of protein in a single sitting and you need 0.55g of protein per pound of lean body weight in order to build muscle mass.


e5fd48  No.12714724



low vibration huh? Well it does kinda feel like "dying" it some sense it makes me remember the more happy days when I was a child, careless of sorts. No burdens of the world upon me, no bad memories yet formed.

I briefly felt a "positive force" of sorts, of what perhaps could be my hubris, though its very non dominating so far.

e5fd48  No.12714821


to add: googled what low vibration means and yea…I guess so. Depression of sorts ha. Its just that once you go down this rabbit hole, or stumble across this chan, dont a lot of us get black pilled of sorts? Its hard to develop a mental framework that lets you have racial realism, and avoidance of degenerates

>that negro man just is inferior by biology, he cannot do anything about it, nothing to get angry about

>but dare he act out of turn it is within my right to correct him for that.


>that woman has tattoo's and is probably not a good partner I guess I should try to make clear somehow that I do not like her or the group that she is in so that I wont be bothered

I mean, its hard to make thoughts that are not "low vibration", one needs to police ones actions. But I do admit that at times I thought too far ahead. It became much easier once I realized that the fight for most people is not worth fighting and that I may as well just let them go. The Buddhist way of "the wife that just died…NEVER EVEN EXISTED"

c3f90d  No.12716231

File: 371e0e78d6044b6⋯.jpg (71.91 KB, 500x379, 500:379, string vibration.jpg)



I don't know what (((google))) thinks a low vibration is, but if their definition sounds accurate to you then perhaps I don't have much of relevance to say.

In my mind a low vibration is the goal. Think of a string horizontal and taught in the air. If the string is pulled down towards the ground negative emotions are felt. If pulled toward to sky, positive emotions. But either way the string is pulled, when it is released it will snap to the opposite position. This extreme emotional shifting is useless for clear thinking, and contentment, hence a low vibration is the ideal.

e22688  No.12716268


Thanks for the advice.

>That may be true, but your attitude here is that of the fox and the grapes

Unfair analogy. I'm not pursuing the girl

7a2707  No.12716975

God, my dick is begging me to fap and it's been my first day of nofap in a week.

How do I stave this off?

c3f90d  No.12717313


>I'm not pursuing the girl

If you didn't care about her you wouldn't be anxious.


Punch yourself in the balls.

169e49  No.12717316

Lost 38lbs so far since August, 15lbs until my goal.

57d157  No.12717897


wtf y would it?

you wanna play guitar them go play guitar

if you wanna force yourself to play guitar then go lock yourslef up somewhere with nothing to do but have a guitar to play and maybe a book on how to play guitar, your brain will crave the entertainment and try to get it out of the guitar playing

e7348b  No.12717934


Explain what you mean by "5-stage carbon water filter system", perhaps I know it under another name. Using rainwater seems unreliable to me, and an overkill. Using tap is fine when using a good filter. Calcification usually isn't a problem if you regularly (4-6 months) swap filters, which you have to do anyways. Activated carbon filters (real ones i.e. made of sintered block, not those small granulate table ones) are perfectly adquate for all biologicals and heavy metals due to the small pore size (0.45-0.15 microns) - except for fluoride. This is the one and only achilles heel where RO shines. I'd love to hear suggestions on how to handle fluoride using an activated coal system.

54c3b1  No.12718155

File: 9eaecb971f6d044⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 162x272, 81:136, andre-small.jpg)

The late André Bensoussan worked with me on the Multics operating system at Honeywell in Cambridge. We were working on a major change to the file system, which required a subsystem, the VTOC manager, to manage file description information. It had to transport the file information between disk and memory, manage a shared memory buffer pool, and manage space on disk for the information. In other words, it was a small virtual memory manager.

André took on the job of design, implementation, and test of the VTOC manager. He started by sitting at his desk and drawing a lot of diagrams. I was the project coordinator, so I used to drop in on him and ask how things were going. "Still designing," he'd say. He wanted the diagrams to look beautiful and symmetrical as well as capturing all the state information. I was getting nervous about the schedule, so I was glad when he finally began writing code. He wrote in pencil, at his desk, instead of using a terminal. He declined offers of typing help, and just kept writing away in pencil. He rewrote parts, copied things over, erased and rewrote.

Finally André took his neat final pencil copy to a terminal and typed the whole program in. His first compilation attempt failed; he corrected three typos, tried again, and the code compiled. We bound it into the system and tried it out, and it worked the first time.

In fact, the VTOC manager worked perfectly from then on. Only one bug was ever found in it, and that was my fault: André had asked me the calling sequence for an error procedure, and I'd guessed instead of looking it up, so it crashed the first time it hit an error. Beyond that the program was perfect.

How did André do this, with no tool but a pencil?

c8e448  No.12718156

File: 9ace652c3a60294⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x281, 500:281, sniff.gif)


This anon knows. Sometimes you just have to set yourself up for success. There's a reason great men have temporarily isolated themselves and removed distractions to accomplish works. Plus it's not like 15-30 minutes a day of chord and scale drills is some hurculean feat. People tend to anguish thinking about the entire journey when really the focus should be on taking one step at a time. If you make a habit out of taking incremental steps, one day you'll wake up having covered half the journey already.

e5fd48  No.12718158


well I HAD a form of that so to speak, I could guess, like I said, my dread is gone, and as such I think I do not fair that well with googles definition then of low vibration.

Your definition definitely sounds more in the realm of what I am aiming for. I actually read it in a book called "immortal talks" that taught me this concept, as to what to aim for. Obviously it can be made up, through a guru or an actual demi god but its spot on this ideal.

The science also supports it of sorts (the prefrontal cortex has no emotions, it is pure consciousness, and language), meditation increases it, stoicism also kinda briefly mentions it. Some of the non shitty psychology mentions bipolar disorder where you are the most extreme of these things. So all in all it seems pretty obvious, through these any many other sources that our state of being is preferred and seems to be the natural state of the "higher educated man". The lower right wingers are indeed full of hate, and love for their own, but because of their dependence on emotions they get stuck in a loop. The leftists, with their own hate and love are of similar nature.

And I noticed in meditation that good, but also bad moods dissipate much faster (I am trying to find out based on body language on how "developed" I am compared to the rest), what kind of level is best, and what else I can cut off.

thanks to zen lore I recently started culling, removing mental parts in myself so to speak. By lite activation of some of the emotions?, and then mantra's. I am trying to police my own language lately, removing all roads that lead to the ego, read a book on how to kill the ego as well. It is quite hard, to slay this beast. Since the ego beast loves emotions. But I have found it not impossible. Even with the temptations, invocations and conflagration's of those who are trapped by them. My ideal end goal…well it is to have some emotions left, but rather shallowish ones that dissipate faster (already are happing) but having no emotions (like autistic people) will mess up your ability to feel what is going on. Kind of a trade off here. To get to a comfortable level of real life subversion tee em.

c8e448  No.12718170

File: 2da2d524c5cdebf⋯.png (297.93 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 439972f078b541bcb6e62db72c….png)


Checkpoint! Don't stop, keep it up, anon.

cbfcf6  No.12719179


I tried many things before I finally quit for good.

>cold turkey

<quite hard to do

>champix pills

<actually worked, they made me want to vomit everytime i smoked, but i relapsed a year later


<this is what finally worked for me. I used the fedora cig with high nicotine then tapered down to 0 nic.

On day i just put the ecig down and never had the urge to pick it up again

b0da1c  No.12722989


Any tips on how I would find a whore worth settling with/for?

To be honest the situation makes me feel like I've got nothing to lose by being promiscuous at this point, but I'm trying to fight against that.

5f206d  No.12723031


The women with solid values, and the will to uphold them are so few and far between in this world it's not worth considering them as partners. Effectively, they don't exist. The way men get, keep, and make women behave in a society with no standards is by continuing to play the same social game that they use to get laid. This is highly unnatural, and awful, but it's the state of the world. If you're not willing to continuously game a woman for however long it takes for her to get too old and unattractive to do better than you, then any attempt you make at a "happily ever after" is going to fail.

Herpes or no herpes, this is the dynamic between men and women.

98b6b7  No.12723103


If you can find a woman who's parents never divorced, it's probably about as good as you'll get in CY+4 unless you can apply yourself 100% to scouting a virgin which will no doubt require networking within some kind of close knit community like a church. This is only my opinion, I can't speak from success. Even then you're subject to the whims of society and woman's menstrual cycle. When she's ovulating if she has opportunity she'll cheat with a chad even if he's only 0.5 points higher than you. When she's on her period if she has opportunity she'll cheat with a beta weasel. So you either have to isolate her (workplace is definitely out of the question, too much opportunity) or openly go for other women and still accept that she might cheat on you. The main goal in all this is raising healthy white children, so your lifestyle has to be congruent with that goal anyways. Massive balancing act.

ccfaaa  No.12723602


Are there any tips for better reading techniques for online books? It's hard to focus on it at times and makes my eyes tired. Almost all of the good stuff I have is in pdf form and can't just waltz down to the local bookstore or use amazon to get.

5f206d  No.12723656


Stop telling Herpesman to scout virgins.


If by "focus" you mean not being distracted by the internet, or something, then obviously take your reading someplace without internet, or onto a device without internet. Also, reading aloud is a good way to focus on text, as engaging your body to enunciate the words makes it harder for your mind to wander.

If your eyes hurt, use sunglasses when staring at screens, or fiddle with screen setting to dampen the intensity of the light. Also try to read on dark backgrounds with light text instead of light backgrounds with dark text that some satanic, hook-nosed fuck made standard practice. There's often a setting in e-reader programs for this.

6b4ca8  No.12723703


I agree with most of this except for the muh do not steal, rob, or vandalize. The enemy doesn't give a fuck about robbing you or vandalizing your shit, so I don't care if a white man does it to them. That being said, follow the law, this is a board of peace, etc. I disavow anyone who breaks muh laws etc, but at the same time, I don't care

98b6b7  No.12724179


Buy a print copy from ebay or abebooks, or buy a laser printer and print the PDF yourself, or find a print-on-demand service for the PDF.

ccfaaa  No.12724377



Appreciated, anons

5f206d  No.12726306


Always wear blackface when committing crimes, and if you get caught make sure they know you're jewish.

2b8657  No.12726358



>Thanks for the advice.

>>That may be true, but your attitude here is that of the fox and the grapes

>Unfair analogy. I'm not pursuing the girl

No, anon. I'm afraid >>12711047 hit it on the head. You may not be "pursuing" this particular girl, but you describe her as "hot" and you are upset enough that your social interaction with her did not go as desired that you posted here on /sig/ about it. Calling her a "slutty thot" is just you making excuses, as if her character or personality affects how you handle yourself with others. It's also spiteful, rude, and immature, seeing as this girl went out of her way to engage with a miserable sperg like yourself. She is probably a lot nicer and lot less slutty than you give her credit for.

Anyway, I'll give you some advice, in the vein of >>12711047 's post. You sperg out when engaged by others out of shame, whether you know it or not. A lot of people will call not nothing what to do or say in that situation "nervousness", "awkwardness", "autism", or whatever the fuck. It's not. You don't know what to say or do because you are suddenly put on the spot and forced to MAKE SHIT UP. You're now the lead actor, center stage, the spotlight is on you, and the crowd is waited with bated breath. And this is fucking hard for you, because it needs to be believable, and you need to make sure your story is consistent with the last time you did this, and because you might as well say something to impress them too while you're at it, right? Why are you doing this? Because the real you, and your real life, IS SHIT. And you know it. And you're panicking, because you don't want anyone else to know it.

Do you remember the age-old advice, "Just bee yourself?" Well, it's ROCK-FUCKING-SOLID advice. When that doesn't work, as it obvious didn't for you, you have to change "yourself." That's the only variable part of the equation, reality isn't going to change for your lazy ass. Excuses are blaming reality. Calling others "slutty thots" is blaming reality. Reality is a rock. Reality is an ocean. Kick and scream as much as you want, it ain't moving an inch. Fix the things in your life that cause you shame. Only you know what they are. I don't want to hear any /fit/-isms either, like height, face, penis size, or any other stupid shit you or I can't help.

2b8657  No.12726372



This is where someone will normally chime in with some half-baked self-improvement advice they heard on /pol/. They'll tell you to lift weights, read philosophy, learn an instrument or another language. Forget that shit. In fact, wasting your time like that when you have real problems in your life is going to dig your hole deeper. Find what is causing you feelings of shame and FIX THAT SHIT. For example, and don't get all bust-blasted thinking I'm only talking about you, here are some things that may be causing you shame:

>masturbation, doubly so for non-vanilla shit: hentai, furry, loli, etc

>wasting time

>watching anime

>playing video games

>spending too much time on the internet

>not having friends

>having excessive and baseless resentment of others

>not being able to express yourself

>not having goals and working towards them

>underperforming in school

>not being fit

>not having a healthy social life

>not having a healthy family life, not spending time with and connecting with family and relatives

>bad things you've done in the past, instances where you've hurt others

>peeing in the sink because the bathroom is too far away

I don't fucking know, don't make me guess. It's entirely up to you to take a good look at yourself and do what needs to be done for you to be comfortable in your own shoes. Only then will you make any headway with others, whether you're "pursuing" them or not. When that's done, the sky's the limit for all your self-improvement goals, because you won't fucking be alone anymore.

2b8657  No.12726391


Have some more, see if they apply to you or anyone else reading.

>unemployment, underemployment


>betraying the trust of others

>lack of girlfriend/boyfriend

>lack of approval of family or peers

This last one is a big one, I feel. Do you remember being a kid going outside to play all day and at dinner your mother or father will ask, "So Anon, what did you do today?" And you tell them everything. You played in the woods, you found a frog, you stepped in some mud, you climbed the tallest tree ever, you went to the park with Billy and made a fort with some other kids, then had a war and won, you played battletoads and got to that level with the the pits with the electric saw things but got your shit pushed in but you'll totally beat it tomorrow. Face not getting red? Not choking on your words, trying to figure out what to say? That's because there's no shame in what you've done, and who you are. Can you say that today? Doubt it. It's like when people say to keep a journal. I'd say write a letter to your mother that you won't send her. If you can write everything you've done that day or recently, honestly, and she'd be proud, then your shit's in order.

bd8106  No.12726417


My mother was a complex of things. I never got the attention I felt was necessary to feel seen or heard, so luckily I found peers to whom I could feel that to feel 'alright'.

Only attention I ever got was when something bad happened. She didn't really knew love and was a fear driven robot, who had very little time to work on herself, even using us others for her bickering and venting which didn't really improve the mood of the household.

I found true love from the source of all things. From there on I could discern good and bad when I saw of felt it in others or myself. Everything around me has improved since then. I guess my point is that some people simply aren't worth your time even though they are the ones closest to you.

cbfcf6  No.12726439

File: befea9c84906ad2⋯.png (329.32 KB, 2406x1090, 1203:545, goodadvice.png)

4cbfe9  No.12726593

Does anyone else feel somewhat distant to other people?

They all seem fake without any of their own goals or simply walk through life without reflecting once.

5f206d  No.12726668


Don't take it out on other people. They are aimless, but you know (((why))). The human world is rotting away due to a bad infection.

4f8cf3  No.12726701

File: fb56c55e072a263⋯.gif (996.51 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1484442331454.gif)


Meditation is not the act of thinking, it's about trying to not think. By trying to ignore your thoughts and focusing on something thoughtless such as repeating a familiar prayer, focusing on your breathing, counting your rosary beads, chanting syllables, etc.

Eventually you begin to find that your thoughts are not really your own, but arise in your mind and leave it just like the wind blows, and with them they bring powerful emotions, and those emotions you realize, also come and go without control.

And then suddenly you find yourself unaffected by petty emotions so much, you can simply observe them instead of reacting to them.

4f8cf3  No.12726705


Meditation is the act of observation, not of thinking.

e22688  No.12726740




Thank you so much, anon. I really don't know the specific cause of my shame. Maybe it's the "wasting time" or lack of hobbies and activities? I haven't found out yet, though you got me thinking. Tbh, I never cared about approval from my family, because I don't think it's necessary to get their approval, since they're degenerate and not a model family?

6b4ca8  No.12726747


I'd say don't especially if you don't know what you're doing, not because I value anything about the American federal state or it's bullshit laws, but because your crimes are almost always used by the state to expand itself, especially if you're white. The left and the state alike both adore white criminals so they can plaster their faces everywhere and say "look, we're all equal! white men commit crimes too so open your borders and give us your rights!'' Jewish criminals get very little press for some odd reason I just can't understand

4e4d9a  No.12726762

Whenever I get salty and self-deprecating, I tend to shove others away because I feel like it's all asspats or empty platitudes - essentially meaningless sugar-speak that comes for granted. Sorta like the time when I had severe self-esteem issues on my art, I got shoved away because they all couldn't stand my 'tistic whinging and refusal to take advice because it felt too close to dad bossing me around. I felt like an ass because I knew they're right, but I improved out of spite.

Oh, and and autism/depression mix is one hell of a combination. Causes you to double down on negative self-talk while talking shrinks/everyone else into circles over why you can't do X or can't work it out.

6b4ca8  No.12726838


Your art?

ea9922  No.12726862



If you "try not to think" you're just going to think about it harder. Like when you pretend someone is reading your mind and go "shit don't think about lewd things" and it just makes you think about lewd things even more. Meditation is about letting go of resistances like that, thoughts come and go freely, all you have to do is focus on posture and breathing. That's literally it. That's all you do. Everything else associated with it, EVERYTHING, is just the involuntary outcome of sitting still and focusing on breathing for a long time.

Breathe. Anime tiddies. Breathe. Anime tiddies. Breathe. Nothing. Breathe. Anime tiddies. Breathe. Nothing. Breathe. Nothing. Breathe. Anime tiddies. Breathe. Nothing. Breathe.

2b8657  No.12726945


>I really don't know the specific cause of my shame.

Well, think a little harder. I don't really want to play internet therapist right now but let's go back to this post here >>12710336 When she asks what you do in your free time:

>I didn't know what to answer, because the truth is I don't really do anything (I just listen to music, go on the internet and do occasional push ups).

You did know what to answer, you were just ashamed to. Why? You could have easily said "I'm into music, working out, and I spend a lot of time on the computer." OK. So far so good. I'm guessing the problem here would be the inevitable follow-up questions. "Really? Me too! What do usually listen to?", "Really? With that body? DYEL? lol", or "What do you do on the computer?" Here comes the shame.

>I listen to fashwave, eurobeat, and moonman, mostly. You've probably never heard of any of those.

>Yeah, uh, I do occasional push ups.

>I spends hours a day on a schizophrenic Nazi image board. Oh? What's an image board? Well, it's a place where…

I'm exaggerating here for my own entertainment, but you get the point. I'm not saying that you need normalfaggot hobbies and interests, I'm saying you need something that you can talk about, without shame, and that you're able to shrug off any criticism of. Let's try to answer again, but with shit you've actually put effort into and you're not ashamed of.

>I listen to a lot of classical music, but I listen to modern stuff too like [some hipster shit]. You don't know them? I found them the other day on [some music streaming site] and I've had it on repeat since. Check it out, you'd probably find some shit you like there too.

>FUCK YEAH I LIFT BITCH, JUST LOOK AT THESE GUNS. Just kidding. I try to hit the gym a couple times a week, and I got a little bodyweight routine I do at home too. My routine? It's usually 20x…

>I do research and follow stuff relating to my [constructive hobby I'm passionate about] and I have a little blog where I post photos and writeups and shit about the [constructive hobby I'm passionate about] stuff I do.

>Did I mention my [constructive hobby I'm passionate about]? that, school, and working out keeps me pretty busy so I'm not really on the internet all that much.

I could be wrong though. It could be bullying, childhood trauma, you're obese and hideous, IDK. Maybe you got yourself psyched out with feelings of constant persecution at the hands of the jews and that all women, by the age of 13, have fucked a nigger and a dog at the same time and your cortisol levels are off the charts. Only you know you. Just make sure you're not doing yourself a disservice by not being honest with yourself.

e5fd48  No.12726968


>Anime tiddies

god, I often wonder if the gods of all sorts sit behind a table, going like "it seems like we have managed to gain some followers who are on our path! this is great! So why are they" "well sir krishna, it appears that they are dweebs who like Anime tiddies and are basically near retarded at most times"

4e4d9a  No.12726978


Yeah, i'm the bare minimum of a "drawfag".

5f206d  No.12726983


I guarantee you Krishna knows how to enjoy some anime tiddies. Enlightenment is the freedom to appreciate everything, and when life is recognized for the illusion it is, it can be enjoyed for its duration.

6b4ca8  No.12727002


Well if you what you say is true, I hope you stay strong in the face of such glaring mental issues. I've dealt with depression, but I'm not autistic so I wouldn't know how that negatively affects my life. I know it's a joke to call someone an autist and such, but I'm sure being genuinely autistic must really fucking suck. I assume you're high functioning enough to be aware of and do normal tasks and have regular conversations though, hopefully. This also isn't in the same ballpark, but I dealt with testicular cancer about a month ago or so, so I've had this insecurity about having an 'embarrassing' disease. I'm not insecure about it now though, and I just own it.

What do you draw, out of curiosity?

9f6ee3  No.12727083


If there’s drive from a deep personal love of the instrument or music, then the coolness will flow from the love and effort you put in to learning the craft. It’s always a good idea to learn a new skill, since it can provide new perspectives to tackle problems from, which opens up conversation - just not “cool” conversations that people have when they’re addled by drugs, stupidity, or a basic western education //

e5fd48  No.12727134


yea if you wanna stay in the karma/desire cycle, sure go for it.

4e4d9a  No.12727170

File: 2fffdee7881869a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1022.66 KB, 1056x1364, 24:31, Anxious Blush.png)

File: 56ad3c360532069⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1708x2328, 427:582, Fishy ghost alien.png)

File: 8ca791856fdec18⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 19.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Shocky.png)


Mostly stuff I came up with that i'd like to piece together into their own little worlds or series. Oh, and have some informative tidbits on autism & depression;

>It's a not-well-known fact that counsellors and shrinks who are not well-versed in patients with autism cannot really help patients with autism who also have depression or whatever (outside of medication)–the talking phase is completely hopeless.

>An autistic person will talk the therapist into circles and give a million excuses why not to try x, or they will have already tried x but it didn't work, or the therapist will give useless suggestions to the patient that the patient CANNOT carry out in a workable fashion–particularly if the suggestion is way too broad; or the patient, when questioned, will not be able to give answers that are helpful to the therapist because they don't understand their own situation.

So what I'd like to fight now is "myself" - that niggling part of me that believes that i'm secretly this amazing drawfag that could eventually shit out comic book-tier drawings if they really tried and berates me for not being so, and will take on any talking point to ensure that I don't actually go out and improve myself.

e5fd48  No.12727269


drawfaggotry is really a staple of our community skills here. That and shitposting. Two skills at the center of the community here, yet still not often very well developed, I too am just starting out to see if it could help me, the drawing. And thinking of trying out poetry in the current native language (so I can also shitpost better in real life)

but autistic people…well. If you truly are. Your brain has been deformed, or because of an accident of sorts has been put into an "archaic operation mode", your brain basically went into "lol I am noa like 100.000 years behind in "Development"" (can be a good or bad thing really). It means that you could probably empathize more with animals (because that is what we did back then) but…in the modern world, I have found one neat trick that could put you back on track:

statistics, data. Census data most importantly. You see the autistic person is much like a crude machine learning AI. If you give it the correct data as to what it should do…it will adapt. Give yourself enough data, feedback as to what you do wrong, and you too could adapt.

e5fd48  No.12727273


and to add, here is another great cure


it was kinda recent that they confirmed the link between gut bacteria and autism. So start chugging kefir. In about 2 to 5 years it will probably show some signs of improvement.

4e4d9a  No.12727328



Well, i'm no stranger to the "autists are subhuman meat calculators" meme, and i've been socialized enough to not only be aware of it, but also distance myself from them identify other quirks. Don't know if better gut bacteria would alleviate weird speech quirks, sudden twitches/shivers or uncontrollable salt, but it might be worth a try.

60f983  No.12727341


>Drawing that

Stop masturbating and stop watching porn.