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File: 0e58512bbb1dbee⋯.png (720.22 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1526190115878.png)

b3dd86  No.12559491

>A presidential panel on Thursday called for immediate attention to the imminent threat of a national blackout, lasting possibly six months, from a terrorist or solar attack on the nation’s electric grid.

>Electricity, fuel, clean drinking water, wastewater services, food/refrigeration, emergency medical services, communications capabilities, and some access to financial services have been identified as critical lifeline services that would be needed to sustain local communities and prevent mass migration.


How would /pol/ survive? What are the most vital resources and knowledge to have before it happens?

6f86e6  No.12559513

Get faraday cages and plenty of copper safes

b3dd86  No.12559523


To keep what in?

11c028  No.12559535

Consider your source imbecile.

094017  No.12559536


just full-throttle accelerationism.

just gives a jump start to the RaHoWa and gives whites a solid opportunity to fight back, yknow with the botnet surveillance machine being kill and all.

also I will take this opportunity to shill for https://www.pssurvival.com/

get a hard drive that you don't mind stashing away for long periods and load it up with everything on there as well as several other "resources" visit /k/ for more information and then keep a laptop handy, once you have acquired a decent laptop and loaded it/the hard drive with all the information and the corresponding programs to view said information, you should then remove the battery and store the laptop, hard drive, battery, and a power cable in a faraday cage, this can easily be done with a metal trash can or a cardboard box completely covered in foil, the thicker the better, please remember to do this AFTER you have loaded up all info and packed it inside the box.

godspeed lads.

61b4ae  No.12559546

1704e0  No.12559555

If an EMP does happen, 90% +/- of the population will die according to military studies.

a92678  No.12559576


I fail to see the benefit of keeping this on a laptop instead of just having physical books?

b3dd86  No.12559585


Time of year probably matters a lot.

172042  No.12559588


fucking checked

1704e0  No.12559599


It doesn't, people simply don't have the knowledge anymore to survive without electricity. I'll try to find some of the studies, but the scenarios are absolute nightmares.

b3dd86  No.12559617


Laptops/tablets are more compact and can hold a library of data. I'd think solar charging would be pretty damn important though.

Nevermind that the time to learn isn't when shit hits the fan. You can't just read a book and become an expert. You won't know what works in your environment and what's a waste of time. You'll make too many mistakes.

I also notice a lot of survivalists focus on MacGyver tricks and meme skills, but don't know how to grow and store potatoes or catch rodents. A lot of meme survival is for waiting for a rescue or surviving a couple days while you make it back to civilization. It doesn't help if you need to actually sustain yourself when civilization collapses.

11c028  No.12559627

You don't store potatoes, you can grow them year round.

b3dd86  No.12559639


lmao. Yes, you do store potatoes. Good luck surviving if you don't reserve enough for a bad winter and enough to use as seed potatoes.

aba532  No.12559640


jews and their sheckles?

e4412d  No.12559641





To add. 20 watt portable solar panel, 21000 mha powercore, smartphone/pdf archive/64+gigstorage/radio/multidigitool, with faraday is vnice. About the weight of a larger book for the entire system, yet techno-accelerationistically savy.

7558d6  No.12559648


Uhh, what happens when the battery runs out? Typical laptop battery does not last that long, unless you stash multiple.

11c028  No.12559651


It's called a hot house and using used tires, you nigger. Potatoes can be geown year round.

11c028  No.12559658

Grown, holy shit pajeet.

094017  No.12559669


personally I prefer books simply out of durability and having something tangible. However ther are many limiting factors that books have that laptops do not, those primarily being size and price. For starters the media to mass ratio, you can fit an entire room chock full of books in a small drive no bigger than your hand, so that solves the storage and portability issue. Second is that a drive can range from either free to cheap, depending on how much storage you want, and information is free. books however take up a lot of space, they're dense and heavy, and most importantly they cost money. especially if you were to try to get a paladin press book after they tanked, prices skyrocketed in a mere few weeks.

There is also the issue of there simply not being enough books, such as limited runs, etc. information can be indefinitely replicated.

There is also one other thing to consider, fire resistance, if your freezing your ass off and on the verge of death, those books are gonna look like a real good trade off for not freezing to death, and so you burn them, not an issue with a hard drive. There is also the risk of faggots coming to burn your shit via molotov cocktail, and so you end up losing large quantities of your shit, shit that likely have not read, and are not likely to read even if it survives simply out of time consumption. keep a hard drive in a safe and nothing short of a fucking bomb is going to even scratch it.

Plus with a laptop you can also store memes, porn, music, etc. so if you get tired of reading you can chill out and relax.

b3dd86  No.12559670


Memes won't save you if potato beetles or blight hit your crop, a bad winter wipes you out, a bad summer drought strains your irrigation techniques, or thieves trash your plot of land.

But good luck surviving off a stack of tires when you don't even know how to store potatoes.

61b4ae  No.12559678

Let's say the blackout happens. At least 6 months of no social services and you live in an apartment. How can you grow food or survive?

56cc21  No.12559679


Be scared goyim.

Remember to have list of your local jews on paper then. YOU are the one that has to be a threat to them, and the second there is a chaos you know what to do.

000000  No.12559681

I can make my own power and have months of food on hand. I also have a garden, and live less than 200' from the Pacific Ocean. I already enjoy eating seaweed and fish, I can increase their share in my diet. My wife eats all that stuff too. Some stuff like the hot water heater would be turned off but I could use my solar capability to provide lights. Heat isn't a big deal here, it doesn't get too cold.

11c028  No.12559684


There are many dumb niggers such as yourself in the world. I am sure you will find somebody to love you someday, but that isn't me.

I know to grow potatoes year round. Was doing it as a kid. You plant the potatoes in the tires inside the hot house. That's all you're getting. Figure it out yourself.

094017  No.12559685


spring summer and into fall are good for general survival (ie: food is "available", not freezing to death, etc.) people can readily find relief from heat via, shade and shelter. winter however is where men are forged, the killer cold seeps deeply into all things, and if you are not prepared for it, it will chill you to your bones.

000000  No.12559687


Get all your 56%er friends together and raid whitey and the Jews who live in the upscale parts of town?

If you can live off the land there is plenty of woodland but you'll at least need some basic gear.

b3dd86  No.12559692


Sounds like you have it good. What's your neighbor situation like?

Always keep some old potatoes around.

9d9b38  No.12559693

File: 72311ec8adf9364⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 652x392, 163:98, holodomor ukraine bolshevi….jpg)

File: 88a6b07a640c730⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 490x331, 490:331, holodomor ukraine bolshevi….jpg)

File: 947a52bead84328⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 774x512, 387:256, holodomor ukraine bolshevi….jpg)

File: 4329f3d73d09936⋯.jpg (82.49 KB, 1293x833, 1293:833, holodomor ukraine street s….jpg)


I spent three and a half years in survival mode while things were 'ok' for everyone else and I can tell you for sure that the survival learning curve is astonishing (once you have been there, done that, it isn't much more to learn in terms of the physical survival basic, how not to freeze to death. etc). In a national situation the problem then becomes securing your location and roving bands of subhumans (something I did not have to deal with). Although wild animals and wild packs of dogs were a moderate threat, (you must have a gun and ALWAYS shoot them when you see them in a pack). I did spend a lot of tense moments staring them down and keeping my back in a defensible position; [varg has some interesting stories about that in his days as a young child in Iraq video]). One of the things I think I did best in my situation was refuse government aid. So I learned what it mean to begin to starve and I learned how to survive under immense pressure. It would be totally different if the whole nation was in this situation, starvation would be rampant; then defense, blood ties, relationships and security would be paramount. I still think that 40% would survive…I know that I would teach everyone around me who was European everything I knew of survival and care for my kin and blood relations the best I could.

e4412d  No.12559698


You're gonna die nigger, not even kidding. Memes got to your dome, RW Emerson. Hike up a couple mountains or through dense forests for a few hundo, with some good ole fashion books to keep your sentimental boy pussy from becoming unlubed..serious, try it now while ypu have a practice shot.

b3dd86  No.12559701


If you aren't reserving a portion of the crop for famine and a portion for seed, including potatoes, then you're a meme survivalist. One of the main advantages of potatoes is how well they keep, and it's absolutely necessary if you're actually living off them.

094017  No.12559702


>seed potatoes

you should look into TPS (true potato seed) as the traditional planting seed potatos is a bad long term strategy that has been created by modern farming and could potentially get you fucko'd by nature.

(see; late blight, irish potato famine)

TPS doesn't have this issue as often as instead of simply being clone of last years crop its has the benefit of added genetic diversity which can be used to increase crop yields and disease resistance

094017  No.12559707


> Hike up a couple mountains or through dense forests for a few hundo, with some good ole fashion books to keep your sentimental boy pussy from becoming unlubed

nigger did you even read my post past the first line? as much as I like books I am not ignorant of the superiority of electronic information devices

11c028  No.12559714


In the ground space of a used tire you can clone or produce a 12 plus potatoes from a single spud. I think the most we ever got out of a single spud was 20 something spuds that we used for seeding.

You're not getting what I am saying, you don't need to store them, because you're going ro be constantly producing spuds.

094017  No.12559721


I hope there are more men like you out there whom we can all consolidate with and lay the foundation of our new ethno state

11c028  No.12559722


That is technically correct, but if your initial spuds are from different batches you should be fine for quite some time. Getting them to seed isn't as difficult when you have hundreds spuds laying around.

e4412d  No.12559724


Then dont prefer books when shtf, and im sorry.

9d9b38  No.12559729

File: 65ebc5dbe69703e⋯.jpg (215.47 KB, 450x338, 225:169, sunchokes.jpg)

File: ff2da6909d05a16⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 614x414, 307:207, sunchokes fried with rosem….jpg)

File: f8dba5786cff8cf⋯.jpg (17.73 KB, 474x334, 237:167, sunchokes raw.jpg)


Ideally keep them in the ground where they belong, so that you are the only one who knows where they are located. Also, sunchokes are a staple crop that is wild in the US (and will grow almost anywhere, in any soil without human intervention), can be harvested anytime, the are PROLIFIC growers, are highly nutritious, delicious and high in starch. They can be cooked exactly like a Potato, mashed, boiled, broiled, sliced, dried and made into a paste/flour. They have the added benefit of not being recognizable by the common man as 'food'.

What you need to know before you plant sunchokes:


b3dd86  No.12559730


These days a lot of varieties are sterile, but I have some that grow the seeds. However it's not convenient especially if you're pressed for food. It's easier and quicker to grow them by dividing the eyes/tubers, and if you have different varieties the risks are lower.

e4412d  No.12559731

And all you potatoe fags, look into contained vertical growing methods.

094017  No.12559733


a good point, priority before perfection. have to get the seed in the ground before starvation starts to set in.


see the above.

There are certain pleasures in life that we must sometimes give up, but if all goes well and we are able to retain what we have and are able to procure and produce more later on then all the better

000000  No.12559743


I live in a neighborhood in a small town which is mainly comprised of retired veterans. This is a resort area with light agricultural, fishing fleets, cows, etc.

And yeah I have potatoes in right now and seed taters in storage. I still have tomatoes I picked when they were green, I wrap them in newspaper and put them on the produce rack in my basement and they turn ripe in a few weeks to maybe four months. I don't buy canned or store tomatoes, my late fall crop ripens through the winter.


Those things give you the shits if you eat more than 2-3 ounces at a go, it's not a great survival crop. The potato is much better and very hardy.

b3dd86  No.12559745


> Also, sunchokes are a staple crop that is wild in the US

Ha, I was about to mention those in my reply as I began reading your post. Sunchokes are great for keeping in the ground in a pinch and almost nobody knows how to identify them, you're completely right.

094017  No.12559747


you should check out some organic varieties and consider getting a few spuds to start transitioning your stock from sterile clones to good healthy natural alternatives


I like this idea a lot, we need more wild plants that we can rely on that no one else would even consider, this provides food security and physical security in that people will think your just a faggot with flowers instead of a lifetime supply tubers

11c028  No.12559748

You have to make sure the soil has value first. Poor and low quality soil isn't going to produce anything worthwhile.

e4412d  No.12559751

>>12559733 chk

Agreed. In order to optimize the chances for success in doing so, muh least resisty my man. We keep our techno, efficiently/safely, descretely, independently, so as to maximize distro.

1704e0  No.12559752


I've been training myself and preparing for this scenario for a very long time. I've always considered it the most likely destructive scenario possible, be it nuclear EMP or solar flare. The physical demands of even basic shit without power is something most people don't even remotely understand just as you said. I actually enjoy the challenge of surviving with as little as possible. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but it's a true test of who we are as individuals and knowing that we have within us the ability to survive. The pride it gives me knowing I'm better off than most people in that regard is something few people will ever appreciate.

I will say your 40% esimtate is too high,10-20% is more likely. There's just too many factors that come into play in survival when water/food/safety/health/sanitation go out the window. There is no safety net for the steep survival learning curve. You fuck up, you die. There are rarely second chances.

000000  No.12559758


It's easy to amend soil, just throw a bunch of peas out and they will grow and fix nitrogen and you get a crop too.

11c028  No.12559763


Sometimes the soil is just never going to be good and you need to trade for planting soil worth something.

9d9b38  No.12559765

File: 82de5024348524e⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, japansese arrowroot kudzu ….jpg)

File: d54767dc7ca9b3e⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 846x480, 141:80, kudzu root stock.jpg)

File: d7517d3dd915a7c⋯.jpg (127.07 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, processing kudzu flour.jpg)

File: 08ae1d72c6b306f⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, kudzu the vine that killed….jpg)


If you are in the south, you have access to one of the greatest starvation foods that mankind has ever known called Kudzu. This horrific plant is fast growing, over 1' per day, impossible to kill, a food resource in plain sight that the common man has no idea is right in front of his face. The roots of the Kudzu can be leeched (the alakines in a water bath; much like leaching acorns), dried and made into a flour that is comparable to bread flour, though not as pliable or spongy as bread it is carbs a plenty.

First pict:

Some people see the vine that killed the south but I see a food resource that is fast growing, need ZERO CARE, is visually invisible to the common man and could easily feed an entire village, for years, if they rotated the harvest. I see a wild food resource that is going to save the lives of many Americans in desperate times.

72fa81  No.12559772


The East coast of the US needs vast amounts of food imported, and that food needs refrigeration year round. There will be a mass die-off if EMP hits because there won't be enough food and distribution will break down.

Add in gibs me dats looting broken TVs and you have a recipe for a zombie apocalypsem

000000  No.12559773


If you amend properly with compost and phosphorus which is easy to get, and add some sand or loam if you have clay soil, you can get it going. But for many people you're probably right, buying soil might be the best option.

I have a two ton compost heap, 8x16 feet and it's like 5' high in the middle. I have a black food safe plastic sheet over and under it and in a year I've made more soil than I can possibly use. I might just turn the whole faggot thing into a hill by planting grass seed on it, I can dig it up as I need it.

b3dd86  No.12559775


Nice. Tomatoes are also reliable because of the seeds. A quick ferment and dry and they'll last years, and you'll never have a shortage.


I have some fertile varieties, but I love my sterile russet and yukon golds for the pure poundage they yield. It's obscene how much I can get with 100% sustainable compost I make myself, with no artificial fertilizers used.

000000  No.12559780


Your average person has 2 days of food on hand. Two days. How much do you think a section 8'er has?

11c028  No.12559784


The grass will bring in bacterias to break down the soil and let other things process it. I would plant the grass.

000000  No.12559786


Hope they do it in the winter. That would suck sweaty balls in the Summer.

>How would /pol/ survive?

I'll assume most of the stuff in my safe and ammo cans would survive so I will still be able to power small devices. It would be troublesome if they staggered the attacks over a long period of time so I would try to keep the critical stuff shielded when not in use, even after the initial habbening.

Refrigeration would be handled at the spring house, and I might be able to rig up a tiny hydro-electric system off of it too if my portable solar panels weren't meeting my needs.

094017  No.12559789

Something that I feel doesn't get a lot of attention is good clean water, post-shtf water purification facilities will cease to operate and many waterways and bodies of water will become incredibly polluted very quickly, people need to know how to procure moderate amounts of clean drinkable water, and when I say moderate I mean a surplus of water, enough to drink in a day (and further out) and enough to use for hygiene and cooking (teeth brushing, soapy water bucket + rag)

think Tatooine water farmers. make a sort of farm with lot of solar stills.

this also serves the purpose of turning unarable land into usable and even using the soil as fill for other farming/construction applications.

000000  No.12559790


Some stuff I can't do, the slugs get my turnips and beets every single time I've tried. They don't touch carrots, which I now plant instead. Peppers aren't very productive here but the small hot kind I have in planters, I bring them indoors in the winter and they produce a winter crop. I have pepper plants nearly a decade old, with big thick trunks the size of your wrist.

dd0faf  No.12559793


Electronics. Duh. They'll sell for a hefty price after the blackout.

000000  No.12559799


If I do that I am going to take it all off the bottom tarp. I need a workout anyway, maybe I will rent one of those tiny Bobcats for the job.

b3dd86  No.12559801


>buying soil might be the best option.

Only if it's not big box store crap.

Speaking of crap, it's great to know someone with a cow. Or turkeys… their crap is even better.

But if you're really desperate for soil and shit hits the fan, look to the forest. Rich forest topsoil is amazing stuff.

000000  No.12559802


If it happens on the 2nd or 16th of the month… maybe a week's worth Assuming they didn't sell their EBT gibs for crack

094017  No.12559805


have you tried putting down diatomaceous earth and maybe even a mid section of a plastic bottle in the dirt a few inches with sharp teeth cut onto the top?

e4412d  No.12559809


It entirely depends on the expected duration of shtf for each individual within their environment. Its evident that no one in this thread is currently living completely off their pack, and so they make compromises in relation to what they think will regain their stability to their present. So, it's a spectrum of habituation, slippery slopes n all. I left the grid awhile ago and imagine i look at you just as crazy as you do me when i roll into town. Want to roll into my wilderness?

094017  No.12559816


that sounds like a dream anon. being able to feed the ethnostate while also living a simple life working the land

1338d6  No.12559820

I've been building a faraday container for my more important electronics, the base is all copper.

I need to build a lid and line it with aluminum foil.

094017  No.12559825


only things I can see wrong are 1. cultivation getting out of control and it spreading like wildfire and 2. american diets aren't adjusted to it, so it may cause some digestive/nutrition issues, but im sure it can be overcome

1a35df  No.12559827


Thankfully, in such a scenario, the fluoride plants of the USA (etc too) are destroyed and fresh water flows free. Inverse osmosis and other such filters (of that power level and more, as weaker ones filter less toxic things) work wonders. These last ~1 year or more, and I'm sure that it's possible to make your own.

2e6910  No.12559833

Had to restart my router.


>Those things give you the shits if you eat more than 2-3 ounces at a go, it's not a great survival crop.

Having starved and having eaten a literal shit ton of these little suckers I can tell you that having the shits is preferable to starving. :) My soil was really alkaline and not much would grow there voluntarily, but those did and perhaps because the the alkalinity of the soil I didn't get the shits from eating them.

>The potato is much better and very hardy.

Yep…the reason that they are reliable in my mind is because people don't see them as a resource and they don't need any care at all. Just stick them in the ground and walk away for good, no watering, no maintenance…just gathering and eating.


Exactly…I don't know about you but I love the taste, like the best carrot/apple/potato ever.


Yep great 'hidden food resource'


>You fuck up, you die. There are rarely second chances.

Exactly. I consider myself so lucky, the luckiest person in the world to have learned in a non-survival situation. It is really difficult because it isn't like camping or 'I can go home when I want' there is no, going home and you are forced to survive.

I think when we start our ethnostate that children need to be taught as a part of their education all of the technological advances that made humanity possible from our origin to now. So the more basic things they would learn as little children, who to make clean water, how to find and gather wild food, how to set a snare, 'hunter gatherer' shit. Elementary age children would learn how to grow crops, mill and use water power, industrial revolution skills. High school children would learn technical skills and the electronic age technologies, explosives, and weapons/self defense, as well as intense learning in chemistry. College age would learn advanced physics and biological technology.

So their entire education would be intimately paired with the accumulated knowledge of OUR CULTURE…making them invulnerable to starving and a lack of resources.

2e6910  No.12559838


Yes, it would have to be rotated in the diets with other starvation food resources so that people weren't getting sick off the change in diet.

1a35df  No.12559843


This "consider yourself VERY VERY VERY lucky" thing is good as long as you keep your ego tamed. Never let it swell up like a balloon.

Positive Intentions are very very powerful.

>your intentions literally shape your personal universe and "reality"

fa3f08  No.12559846


>Events too incredulous to be true

If my post ends in an even digit, then my words will eat shit and I can finally get around to traditional drawing.

1b5ef8  No.12559848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Faraday Cages isolate electricity. They protect electronics.

1a35df  No.12559849


Your post has ended with an even digit.

b3dd86  No.12559852


Sounds like you know your land well. That'd be the hardest part for anyone who wants to just dive into it. They won't know what works and what doesn't, what pests are around, etc.

I had some problems with earwigs and aphids, but after I planted some long strips of native wildflowers nearby to increase pollination, my pest problems were noticeably reduced. Judging by the large population of hover flies, I believe I repopulated the insect predator population. It also brought back the toads. It was probably my best year for cucumbers, basil, and a few other things.

e4412d  No.12559854


"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

-Robert A Heinlein

094017  No.12559866

File: a1a11eea4787803⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 720x504, 10:7, a1a11eea4787803ceb79c5ece4….jpg)



b3dd86  No.12559871


I know what they do, just curious what that poster needed all the cages and safes for. I'd focus on saving solar power and communication devices first.

000000  No.12559874


I haphazardly planted some sweet potato slips this past summer. I was surprised how prolific they are. Phase 2 is seeing if they will keep through this winter. I've got more slips going on a window sill and some whole potatoes in a makeshift "root cellar" under my porch.

e4412d  No.12559885



dbcd75  No.12559886

>muh emp attack muh survivalism

Just go live with the amish, wew that's hard.

094017  No.12559887


solar isn't such a big deal as there are other methods of power generation, as for communications devices I would let it be, those require someone else to have it as well, and chances are gonna be that those who do have it aren't going to want to be your friend. remember friend, priority before perfection, get your archive first, your "genesis" plan, your "rosetta stone". other stuff can be added after

094017  No.12559896


get out jew, this discussion is a key factor in the survival of the white race, your belittling has no power here

11c028  No.12559903


All of your lifesaving equipment is electrical. Defibs, cars, intravenus machines.

I would save a defib and solar setup in a footlocker or something. Most decent footlockers are solid aluminium or steel. Just keep all the items away from touching the sides and bottom, line it with rubber mats or something of the sort. If they will fit a 2 way radio set, and a handheld ham set.

a92678  No.12559913


>Burning books before collecting brush or chopping down a tree to start a fire

That's movie tier shit. Real humans don't just burn books.

b3dd86  No.12559914


>as for communications devices I would let it be, those require someone else to have it as well

There's a good chance of government broadcasts and people getting news out, and two-way radios put your group of people on a whole other level than another group of people if they're in the stone age.

11c028  No.12559917

I know this is bait, because I mentioned EMP devices I saw a few decades back two weeks ago in the rec room.

I iz smurt

2e6910  No.12559925

File: 84a5bf0c5c99f78⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 463x500, 463:500, foxfire books complete set….jpg)

File: add6b29ff3212d5⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 300x153, 100:51, foxfire books complete set.jpg)

File: 55feb4191ce80fa⋯.jpg (153.77 KB, 900x654, 150:109, foxfire book1972p1.jpg)

File: acc9f0b0b417eb0⋯.jpg (69.62 KB, 670x376, 335:188, garden_plastic_t670.jpg)



He nailed it. I really need to read him, it has been years since I read a book for pleasure.

Do you guys all know about the FOXFIRE books?

They are expensive IMO (I get one per month to supplement my library). I will have the entire collection in a few months.

They are basically 'old timer' books on how to do literally everything you need to survive as an independent human without any 'modern' resources except common tools that the very poor in Appalachia would have had. They are the collected folk wisdom of the Appalachian people.


some of mine survived remarkably well, I am trying to select for a crop that can be left in the ground in winter. Here is a hint though…to ensure that they survive in a SHTF scenario (or if you are guerilla gardening) simply rig up a 'trash greenhouse' made of a sheet of transparent plastic arranged to look like garbage but cover the plants and protect them from frost ensuring a longer growth/harvest time. similar to pict but make it look like trash caught between some old tires, palets, and bricks/cmu and other assorted old glass bottles…you basically want to hide your crop in plain sight by making it look like a shitty pile of trash. So one sheet is not messy enough and the other one is too messy, you will have to experiment to see which one looks naturally like trash but hides a valuable resource underneath.

b17ed1  No.12559930


>solar attack

Why doesn't the sun like us?

e4412d  No.12559931


Bury the big stuff in boxes/caged 4+" deep for safe retrieval later on. Get a rooted smartphone with storage, download the shit. Ultra power saving for study, power for coms, or off.

b3dd86  No.12559935


How much protection does the ground offer from EMP and solar flare?

000000  No.12559936


I am friends with several area ranchers, I can gather all the patties I need. We also have open range land hereabouts.


EBT people tend to eat out now that fast food places accept it, I say 2 days max.


>Having starved and having eaten a literal shit ton of these little suckers I can tell you that having the shits is preferable to starving. :) My soil was really alkaline and not much would grow there voluntarily, but those did and perhaps because the the alkalinity of the soil I didn't get the shits from eating them.

Better to have and empty tummy and hunger pangs than a full belly and the shits, from a nutritional perspective.

>>The potato is much better and very hardy.

>Yep…the reason that they are reliable in my mind is because people don't see them as a resource and they don't need any care at all. Just stick them in the ground and walk away for good, no watering, no maintenance…just gathering and eating.

It's the same with potatoes around here, the only thing I do is pile some soil on so that only 4-8" of the plant is above ground. Nobody knows what they are and if they dug them up they'd have to climb a tall fence and then deal with a hail of gunfire.


The more I learn the less I know, but yeah wildflowers help. I have a big hedge teeming with life but it also emits slugs and snails.

a66ee8  No.12559937

If only the Sun would EMP the world. Imagine. You'd have biblical level rivers of blood and billions would die.

000000  No.12559948

Hams will be kings after SHTF, the hubs of communities. How else will people get news and information, and get messages back and forth? US Mail will be offline because all their sorting and handling and everything relies on computers.

e4412d  No.12559954


Remember reading undrunkenly that 4-6 ft. is the negator.

f9aec9  No.12559955

File: 321412cf2355644⋯.jpg (80.45 KB, 615x837, 205:279, DUWD2DBXcAAdwKu.jpg)

File: fce619fb231e82a⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 680x526, 340:263, DUWCRkQX0AET3uY.jpg)

File: 83d045e4f046a12⋯.jpg (42.27 KB, 324x351, 12:13, solar-superstorm-will-brin….jpg)

File: e2dd3e57bb940ba⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 400x242, 200:121, carrsket.jpg)

come Blackout Chan, come! (^ᴗ^)

11c028  No.12559957


I don't think the networks will be active considering their exposed nature. I can see using it as a basic storage device for all knowledge that doesn't require actual experience to be of use. Like programming languages and the sort. If you can set it up to be able to directly interact with other computers for diagnostic reasons it becomes a tool as well.

094017  No.12559960


someone get a drawfag in here, we need blackout-chan

f9aec9  No.12559970


anomalous solar flares also knock out hams because the ionosphere absobs more radiation than it reflects.

another Carrington Event is the final blackpill on the scale of the Black Death plague.

5ab748  No.12559971


These foxfire books are pretty cheap on amazon tbqh. Thanks for the rec

000000  No.12559979


Hams can communicate with all bands, solar flares generally only knock parts of the ionosphere offline. There's also ELF which hams can use now, that uses groundwave exclusively.

We'll be fine.

b3dd86  No.12559980


You're ahead of the curve just by having some experience. The time for people to get some basic experience with the land is now. If you feel confident in planting a crop and knowing how to last the winter, you're ahead of like 95% of the population.

b3dd86  No.12559996


Most 2-ways will still be in working order, right?

000000  No.12559997


Face it, just by reading this thread some anon could get ahead of 95% of the population. What percentage of people have ever even pondered about where they'd get food if there was a disruption of say, only two weeks of national food deliveries.

These days I use Amazon (shoot me) to order a whole crate of stuff I want. Sardines come in 144 cans at a pop and just sit in the basement until I want them.

000000  No.12560000


VHF and UHF are line of sight (broadly) so they will work. Also solar blackouts don't shut off the whole of the radio spectrum, they just up the noise floor so you need a powerful transmitter or more robust modulation to get through.

2e6910  No.12560002

File: fe1d42e154e2ec4⋯.jpg (219.16 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, water powered micro flow t….jpg)

File: d2e7190b3eceb03⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 320x480, 2:3, ship captains medical guid….jpg)

File: dc5647d40cc8a1c⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 388x500, 97:125, internation guide to ships….jpg)


One of the best that I know of involves a year round stream and a slope. Damn up the stream at the upper part of your property but set a diversion pipe(s) at the top which drains into the bottom of the slope on your property and back into the stream.

Take a high efficiency water powered generator and letting the water from the diversion pipe hit/power the blades propelling them (I have heard but not seen people modify the 'generator from water to a wind powered so rather than 'fickle air' which cannot be relied on 24/7) causing them to harvest energy. Depending on your slope you can get power 24/7 and pretty consistent high output (no need to wait for wind or solar).

You can harvest energy using this method with anything that can be powered like a waterwheel, but the latest wind powered fans are super high efficiency and their power generation is extremely high output.


>Better to have and empty tummy and hunger pangs than a full belly and the shits, from a nutritional perspective.

Absolutely. The American diet is so piss poor pathetic that any wild and nutritious food is going to give them the shits because their gut bacteria is not going to be able to handle it. But I am there with you…you obviously wouldn't want to survive off them as a staple as much as you would want to supplement your diet and food resources with them until your system was capable of processing a wild diet and your gut bacteria was healthy and normal once again. Honestly, though they never gave me the shits and I think that in itself would be worthy of investigation. Maybe they need alkaline soil to have the nutritional balance that would make them edible for humans.


Cool, glad they look helpful. I suppose 'expensive is relative'. :)

I think these and a Shipmasters Guide to Medical emergencies is a must in every house as well. The funny thing about the ships guide to medicine is it illustrates step by step for someone on the high ocean the ways to handle everything from surgery to heart attacks with minimal gear and resources that you would find on small craft at sea (so LOTS of improvisation and creative solutions). The fact that they are step by step instructions for every possible scenario that one would generally find themselves in on the high seas with no real resources or ability to get outside help makes them sort of invaluable in my mind.

e4412d  No.12560016


>potatoes and usb sticks

This thread.

2e6910  No.12560017

File: 820a0a85611e696⋯.jpg (84.35 KB, 760x509, 760:509, plastic sheet.jpg)


Kek, forgot the other plastic sheet photo…my bad. This one was obviously the 'too messy' one.

000000  No.12560018


>It would be troublesome if they staggered the attacks over a long period of time

Seems prudent, sand niggers with their car bombs have been doing this for a while. Initial bomb goes off and another nearby bomb goes off like 20 minutes later to blast the poor EMTs and gawkers.

b3dd86  No.12560023


Same. I buy in bulk during sales to save money, and that also means I constantly have a respectable stockpile of food.

That's on top of my giant potato stockpile which is a hobby of mine.

e4412d  No.12560037


Austistic quads speak.

b3dd86  No.12560038


Laugh all you want, but when we're sunk back into the pre-industrial age, it's going to be the Potato Master with his spud wealth and potato wine that gets all the pussy.

000000  No.12560041


My lovely wife is open to the idea of turning part of our front yard into a third garden. We already have two. We also have two fruit trees, a Fuji apple and an heirloom mystery pear.

But yeah, ordering in bulk is the way to go. You can often save 50%.

e4412d  No.12560045


Us irish been the meek m8

000000  No.12560050


>Absolutely. The American diet is so piss poor pathetic that any wild and nutritious food is going to give them the shits because their gut bacteria is not going to be able to handle it. But I am there with you…you obviously wouldn't want to survive off them as a staple as much as you would want to supplement your diet and food resources with them until your system was capable of processing a wild diet and your gut bacteria was healthy and normal once again. Honestly, though they never gave me the shits and I think that in itself would be worthy of investigation. Maybe they need alkaline soil to have the nutritional balance that would make them edible for humans.

It may be the compound that makes you shit only is present when they are raw, which is the only way I've had them. I'm sure there is some folk wisdom about it.

b3dd86  No.12560062


I think the main issue people have with sunchokes is the same indigestible sugar and fiber that beans have.

But yeah, you're supposed to cook them well.

7ec29d  No.12560067


>potatoes and usb sticks

/pol/- where Irishmen come to talk about the apocalypse.

b3dd86  No.12560070

2e6910  No.12560074

File: 1e6d78840e39eaf⋯.jpg (142.24 KB, 640x631, 640:631, small still stainless.jpg)

File: d74a8ef546ac898⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 620x330, 62:33, copper stills.jpg)

File: 6832d89f8d34100⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, producing meat chart.jpg)

File: 13f22cceabb5880⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, catfish in a galvenized co….jpg)

File: 91a6c4efaf345fa⋯.png (124.14 KB, 840x975, 56:65, ice ages chart 2.png)


Don't forget that anon who said that 'lighters' were an extremely valuable 'trading tool' in a SHTF scenario. Also, you guys THINK about getting a small copper still. You can distil water and other agents, make perfumes and other chemicals, AND YOU CAN MAKE LIQUOR. It would be good to have a whole bunch of plastic bottles of cheap liquor to trade but you are one step better if you have a still and can make your own hard liquor.

Another thing to think on is that catfish can be grown in extremely small containers, so rather than catching and eating catfish, take them home and start raising them. Pound of pound catfish (and regular fish) have the highest return of food to meat ratio of any animals. See chart: this includes the pounds of feed ratio for other types of meat as well so that people can make informed decisions. Catfish don't need light either so you can keep an entire fishery in your basement out of sight of prying and hungry eyes.

Last thing…one possible projected scenario of rogue climatologists predicts a 7 year span when NO FOOD will be able to be planted or grown. This means that you must seek to find a sustainable systems that will cover you for at least a 7 year span at peak solar minimum. I think he said in between 2022 and 2029. It wouldn't actually hurt people to become so food independant that they could actually survive something like this as well without any outside input.

For those of you who have the funds check out this guy, Citrus in the Snow…a geothermal guide to passive heating your home and greenhouse. Of course due to weather instability you would have to have appropriate hail netting but his method means that you can harvest all of the natural heat of the soil while growing oranges and citrus in the heart of winter in the northern latitudes. This is also a perfectly natural and acceptable method for passive heating and cooling your home as well.


This man is a hero that will be remembered by survivors for umpteen generations. He is a genius innovator who is going to change the daily lives of americans and people all over the world in the worst of the crisis and beyond.

2e6910  No.12560080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For anons with short attention span…video of the Citrus in the Snow systems working…take what he has done and INNOVATE the shit out of it to fit your own needs. : )

b3dd86  No.12560105


Fermenting your own ciders, meads, sugar wines and such is must-have knowledge. It's not just alcohol; it's also a way to preserve water and calories. The concept is simple; yeast colonize something and make it inhospitable for bacteria. Learn how to make your own wild yeast starter and the basics of primary and secondary fermentation and you're good to go.

11c028  No.12560117

No more free work. No lithium from you hag. Stay mad kike.

000000  No.12560128


This. Also it's fun to make saft from berries and flowers, and kvass.

e4412d  No.12560133



.t postapocalyptic watering holes for the sane.

8c6081  No.12560150


>Don't forget that anon who said that 'lighters' were an extremely valuable 'trading tool' in a SHTF scenario. Also, you guys THINK about getting a small copper still. You can distil water and other agents, make perfumes and other chemicals, AND YOU CAN MAKE LIQUOR. It would be good to have a whole bunch of plastic bottles of cheap liquor to trade but you are one step better if you have a still and can make your own hard liquor.

He has his own forum now (http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/), and his audio memoirs of "My year in hell" are on the Piratebay (https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/7005048/SHTF_school__One_Year_in_Hell). Highly recommended. He goes in depth about what sorts of things people become, and points out that the sort of people you will encounter are the sorts that wipe out megaton in Fallout 3 all on their own for shits and giggles, or just kill the Sherriff for his hat and nice gun. They will kill you and your family for no reason than they want to loot your corpse of it's better gear. Also, people will become accustomed to such bland food that late in the situation shitty chocolate spreads will be like crack, even if you hated them in peacetime.

b97719  No.12560157

Niggers and Jews go in the compost pile, for the best carbon to nitrogen ratio.

Women must cook and clean, not just gib gib pussy.

No money, no taxes.

Don't forget ammo; it's good to know how to make booby traps, not just for game, but humans also.

Medical doctors and chemists will be in demand.

11c028  No.12560187

I will not over that tech. If it came to me thay quickly, that means it's too dangerous. The safe world helping stuff requires me to actethink. The weapons that are dangerous just come to my mind by mere suggestions of the requirements.

11c028  No.12560195

Hand over.

Whomever signed off on Androids autocorrect needs to be fired. This is absolutely terrible.

6b8eda  No.12560199


Sunchokes give me the best farts, deadly

while hilarious.

fa3f08  No.12560208

It's not going to fucking happen, calling it right now. A six-month blackout? Far too opportune and generous for us.

a878c6  No.12560219


>his audio memoirs of "My year in hell" are on the Piratebay (https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/7005048/SHTF_school__One_Year_in_Hell)

>0 seeds

094017  No.12560220


>They will kill you and your family for no reason than they want to loot your corpse of it's better gear.

kinda makes me wonder about these battle royale games going around where you kill everyone you see soley to steal their shit, maybe there is some kind of conditioning going on to get people in that "kill everyone" mindset, althought the last time I played a battle royale game it felt more like some kind of combat simulator (gun shots in the distance, weapon mechanics via recoil and bullet drop etc, always having to watch your back)

094017  No.12560229



>stale pasta is stale

also /pol/ is a board of peace and emergency preparedness :)

8c6081  No.12560238


If the board like I can just upload my copy somewhere. What's a reccomended place for such large audio files?

8c6081  No.12560248

oh, I almost forgot this tract:

Fundamentals For a Compound Hideaway

There are only so many things you can do to protect yourself in a time of need, but the last problem you’ll need at a time like that is a safe place to go that has the supplies necessary to get you by until things are better. I’m not going to go into the overthrow of the government, civil war or some kind of anarchist takeover, if those things happen you’re screwed and this paper probably won’t help you as much as you’re going to need help. But if the economy tanks, the stock market slides into the crapper, and millions are put out of work and on the street (and you’re one of them), this might help. It was written by a Michigander with Americans in mind, but aside from that, it should still apply the world over, except if you live in one of those progressive countries that took away any chance you had of owning a gun to protect yourself.

If you’ve never known anyone who grew up during the depression of the 1930’s it was not a good time. Unemployment was rampant across the country (fluctuating between 14.3 and 25.2% of the working population of about 52 million or approximately 13 million people with no hope of a job. In comparison, August 2002 unemployment was in the realm of 8 million plus people), soup kitchens were common, you couldn’t buy a job (and even if you had one your income was reduced by up to 40%, due to the increased taxes and other programs the government imposed, supposedly to fix the problem.), crime was a significant problem, and it went on for a considerable length of time (late 1929 to about 1940 or so). Now imagine it worse, twice (or more) the unemployment (if you transfer Depression era unemployment percentages to 2001/2002 workforce population numbers, you have at least 36 million people out of work, now double that), not enough soup kitchens giving out just one meal a day, crime turns into a form of “honest work”, companies, banks, institutions going bankrupt by the thousand, and it goes on for as long or longer. With the loss of people working comes a loss in government revenue, and with that comes a corresponding loss of police on the payroll and social/economic welfare programs. This is just more hungry people on the street looking for something to eat and a place to stay. Think of it like this, how far away from being homeless and hungry are you? One paycheck? Two? You can’t get away from it, its worldwide, and you have to make the decision, am I a sheep or a wolf? Sure, this is a worst-case scenario, but go with the adage ‘hope for the best, but plan for the worst’.

First off you’re going to need a place to go, preferably someplace that is a little remote. You’ll need upwards of five acres, more is better, with plenty of unpopulated land around. Some of this land can be considered part of what you have, it’s mainly for the trees and for some farming area. Shelter of some kind, not too big, just someplace to sleep and keep certain things in out of the elements, something along the lines of 1000 to 1500 square feet, depending on the amount of people you need to shelter. You can always add on later if the need arises. The reason you need to keep it small is for heating, less wood going into the woodstove, and you’ll need a woodstove, it can double for a cookstove. Local taxes on your land will be a problem, but one that can be dealt with. You would have stashed money in advance of the situation, and as long as you are a smooth talker you could maybe see about a payment plan. Pay the lump sum only as a last resort. Remember, everybody is in the same fix, you won’t be the only person trying to make arrangements. The local “G” will figure a little money at a time is better than nothing, and they will already be saddled with enough repossessed (for back taxes) land they can’t give away so they will be open to discussion. And before you think otherwise, the government will be there, not even a stake through the heart will kill that bloodsucker.

8c6081  No.12560253


Food and water, you can’t have too much of either. Quit thinking about the good life, and all the tasty foods you always loved, they’re long gone or too expensive and they don’t keep well, think about things that have a long shelf life. Dried beans, and lots of them, along with dried corn, rice and other grains. Powdered milk, eggs, drinks (remember TANG?), flour, salt, sugar, and other things that just need to be mixed with water or can be eaten dry if necessary. Canned goods don’t have the shelf life of powdered goods, you can store them too, but you will have to constantly rotate the stock to ensure what you have on hand is the freshest possible, and learn how to do home canning. Fresh meat can be had from the woods, you’ll be surprised how good raccoon or opossum taste after a couple of weeks of beans. Try not to waste your time with livestock, for what it takes to turn cattle feed into a steak, you could live for a year on just the corn. Chickens are good, they’ll eat most anything and they reproduce themselves quite well, and you can sell/trade the eggs if necessary. Pigs or goats will find their own food also, you’ll just have to find them when you want some bacon or meat. Learning how to build a smokehouse or to dry-store meat is another benefit. You’ll need a good supply of seeds to plant a garden, those depend on what will grow in the soil you have, whatever you grow, if you have extra, can be traded for the things you didn’t. Make sure you save seeds for the next year, because you lose a certain percentage if you keep seed longer than a couple of years. Learn which plants medicines are derived from, there are mosses that can heal wounds, plants that can thin blood, aspirin comes from a certain tree bark, learn about these and as many others as you can and plant accordingly.

Water can be a well, lake, river, spring, etc., just as long as it is as free of cooties as possible. Water purification is an absolute necessity, there are too many diseases that come with bad water that you really don’t want to catch. If you’re lying on your back with dysentery, you can’t get anything done, and that is bound to be the time that something bad will happen. Boiling, bleaching, iodine tablets, filters, distillation, etc., they all work to some extent, just try to get the freshest water possible.

Sanitation is an area you cannot skimp on. An indoor toilet is fine, but what if the septic system goes? You’re going to need to know how to build an outhouse at the very least. Don’t go thinking that you just dig a hole and make sure to leave a roll of paper on a branch. Holes cave in and where are you going to get the paper? From the local store, what store? They went out of business, remember? You have to reset your mind to the possible future reality that you might not be able to buy all the things you once could. And even if you could, money is a commodity you won’t be able to waste on wiping your ass, learn how to make paper, its not that hard, or store a shitload (no pun intended) of phone books. A well-built outhouse should outlast you at the very least, and be a small source of fertilizer.

Clothing, it wears out, shoes as well. A few bolts of cloth are a good idea, if for nothing else than repair material. As for shoes, the Indians made do with moccasins for over a thousand years, and anybody can make them. Sure you can store some shoes at your hideaway, but get out of the mindset, learn to make moccasins and store needles and thread. Only store clothes that will last, things like jeans, denim shirts, flannel, etc., and don’t forget the mothballs.

Tools are something you can’t do without. Don’t be stupid and store power tools, do as your forefathers did and use your back and your mind, it didn’t kill them, you should survive. Axes, mauls, handsaws, hammers, wrenches, drawknives, chisels, crank drills, etc., they all have a use and you’re bound to find that out. Stay away from tools that need anything other than elbow grease and sweat to operate, there is a non-power tool to do every job there is a power tool for, where do you think they got the idea? If you had to make your own lumber or forge something, could you? Don’t underestimate the incredible value of a heavy vise and some files, because there’s a reason some people call a file a “Mexican mill”. It is far better to make a necessary part than buy one, but if you made no preparations to do so you’re going to be throwing money away.

8c6081  No.12560256

Medical knowledge is of paramount importance. There will be cuts and wounds you will have to deal with, and if you think medical care is expensive now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Learn anatomy, you don’t have to learn brain surgery, if the problem is there, they’re dead, but you’ll need to know where all the organs are, along with veins, arteries, bones, etc. Medicine can come from the strangest places, plants, chemical compounds, veterinary supply, etc. Some medical stores are mandatory, sutures, anti-biotics, bandages, etc., but medicines have a notoriously short shelf life, or maybe that’s just what the medicine companies want you to think. At worst, they probably just lose a percentage of their potency.

Electricity is a definite benefit. You can be hooked to the grid, but don’t depend on it to always be there, and it costs. Generators, solar, wind, water, people riding a bicycle hooked to a small generator, these are the things you want to have or know about. A friend hooked up a bicycle-type setup to his TV set, when his children wanted to watch TV for an hour I seem to remember it taking about 20 to 30 minutes of riding, he had the most physically fit kids in town. You can do everything with DC that you can do with AC, except send it long distances over a wire. And a DC motor doubles as a DC generator, all you have to do is spin the armature.

Your library should be extensive, with books on how to do everything. Mine contains books on gun repair, home building/repair, how to make just about anything, chemistry, electronics, small engine repair, edible plants, medicine/first aid, the list goes on for days. I recommend getting a set of the Foxfire books, they tell you how to do everything from the time before electricity and the supermarket. Canning, making tools, butchering animals, everything. Knowledge is power, and money. Which would you rather do, pay someone to do something for you, or have someone pay you because you have a book that shows you how?

Fuel is a necessary evil. Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, you’re going to need some of these, if you haven’t thought ahead and either converted a motor to run on propane or gotten your hands on a steam engine of some kind. Gas might be hard to get and cost an arm and a leg, but a steam engine will run on water and wood, and you will have both of those. Steam engines, even small ones, have incredible torque for their size. One can run the pump for water, turn a generator, and run a vehicle. If you can’t find and buy one now, learn how to make one, or get a book. Otherwise, you’ll have to store fuel and it doesn’t keep well (other than propane). I recommend Sta-bil fuel additive, it will make your fuel store longer, but a year would be really pushing it to the limit.

Money is something you can’t be without, no matter what. Start filling up a jar with quarters, when full, bury it deep, like six feet deep. No metal detector will find it, and if the need arises, you can dig it up and nothing will have eaten the quarters as with paper money. Better yet is gold and silver, there is no place in the world that gold and silver can’t be traded for something. It doesn’t matter if the currency of your country has turned into toilet paper, gold can move mountains. I’m reminded of the story about how during the waning days of WWII, a widow in Germany took a basketful of Deutschmarks down to buy a loaf of bread, she set the basket down and when she turned around someone had stolen it, but the thief had dumped the Deutschmarks out on the ground.

08ecbf  No.12560259

this happens like every year

8c6081  No.12560260

Weaponry, how many, what caliber, how much ammo, there will be so many different opinions here. First off, definitely a couple of .22 rifles, a few pistols wouldn’t hurt, something on the larger scale like a 30.06, and a shotgun or two would be the minimum. The pistols should optimally use the same ammo as one or more of the rifles, you don’t want to have to store a dozen different kinds of ammo when 3 or 4 will suffice. You can kill damn near anything you’ll ever run into with a .22, as long as you’re a decent shot. A thousand rounds of .22 ammo takes up very little room, and doesn’t cost a fortune. If the time came you would only use the big bore as a last resort, like for self defense or if you couldn’t sneak up on the deer and the meat was needed very badly. Save your brass, learn to reload ammo and get some armor piercing rounds for your big bore rifle. If you never need them that’s great, but if you don’t have any and the need arises, what will you do then? If a truck full of people is coming down your trail, smoking the engine in one shot will give at least half of them pause to think about easier pickings elsewhere. Take your weapons apart and learn how they work, if they break, you’re going to have to fix them. I have a .22 rifle that probably only has a dozen parts total, that is something to remember. Less parts equals less things that can go wrong or break.

Communication is going to be a necessity, you’re going to need to know what is going on around the country and in the world. A transmitter would be nice, but a receiver is the least you can have. Regular radio won’t do here, TV either. You’ll need a shortwave, they can get news from all over the world, or down the block. Don’t depend on the news you get from your own country, you can hear the same report on American shortwave and Canadian shortwave and get two totally different stories, the reason being that the government won’t want you to know the true extent of the damage. An example would be what was done during WWII, they didn’t really lie, they just left out things, all in your best interest. The key is to believe no one, and take everything with a grain of salt. Everyone has an agenda, so there will be a different spin on everything you hear. Gather information, and then make your decisions. If there is widespread strife in northern Ohio, and you’re in southern Michigan, then you will have visitors, get ready and be prepared, forewarned is forearmed.

You should have a hidey-hole, one that only you know about. The best one I saw so far was in a mobile home, where the hot water tank used to be. It was like a closet, but the door was inside the house not outside. The guy redid the room where it was located and when he got done with the paneling, you couldn’t see it, and I doubt anyone would have known it was there. This is where you store the guns and ammo, the cash you would have on hand and not in the ground, and a person if you had to. If anyone other than you knows about it, then everybody knows about it, tell no one, period.

The barter system of payment will probably make a big comeback in bad times, it never really goes away, I use it often. I’ll trade you this if you give me that, I’ll build you a barn if you supply me with meat, that kind of thing. Don’t underestimate it, it works very well when money is short. This is when you will need to know the approximate value of some things versus others. Never trade a gun for anything, you just might see it again when it comes back loaded and looking to take the item you got for it. A hammer is worth more than a screwdriver, and nails are worth more than screws, it all comes down to function and re-usability.

The area around your place is something you need to know better than the back of your hand. If anything changes, you need to be able to spot it immediately, and you need to know the exact lay of the land. If there is a hill or gully that can be used for cover you had better know about it, and whether or not it is within rifle shot (200-300 yards). There shouldn’t be more than two or three trees of good size within 100 yards of the building proper, and even that is probably too many. By good size I mean big enough to hide behind, don’t give anyone cover and make it easy for them, nothing bigger than a foot thick is best, if it will cover you, it will cover someone else. This is another reason for the armor piercing ammo. A 30.06 round will shoot through a 16 inch thick tree and probably a 20 to 24 inch one. It won’t matter what someone is hiding behind (concrete, vehicles, trees, etc.), you’ll still be able to get to them, call it peace of mind.

8c6081  No.12560261

Hypothetically speaking, lets say you have your place and things are doing ok. You have food, water, a few people for company, maybe family, and you’re fairly secure and remote. Late at night you hear a noise outside and when you go to investigate you find someone trying to steal some of your stores. You confront him, there’s a struggle, in this struggle he somehow gets killed. With all the people out of work and living hand to mouth what police there still are around are busy in the cities and towns trying to keep order. If you had called them somehow it would have been hours at the least, or days before they would have shown up. In the meantime had the thief gotten away he would have come back, maybe with help and you would have lost valuable supplies that you could not replace.

Now you face the dilemma of what to do, if you report it to whatever law enforcement there is, at the very least you will be taken away to await the disposition of an investigation that may take months to happen. The jails and prisons are full (as of August 2002 there were 2 million people actually incarcerated and another 4 million either on parole or in the system in some other fashion), crime is a little rampant and you can’t afford to be taken from your place otherwise you’re back in the same boat with people picking you clean. This is where you separate the men from the boys, and you take the body and dig a deep hole, six feet bare minimum, throw him in and cover him with three feet of soil, then a bunch of rocks, and the rest of the soil. It’s either that or a very hot fire, then bury what’s left.

Yes, its morally wrong, and repulsive, but necessary. You have people to think about other than yourself, and they’re counting on you to see them through the tough times. You can always turn yourself in later on when things get better if it still bothers you (no statute of limitations on murder, if it could be called that), but for now you have greater obligations than society. It is no different if someone shows up looking for a place to stay or something to eat, run them off. Don’t let anyone know how many you are, and never let anyone get too close to you, twenty feet is more than close enough to talk, and if they’re carrying some kind of disease or intend to do you bodily harm, it won’t happen from there. You have to stay healthy, and if you catch something, everybody else will catch it too. Only one person should deal with any visitors, the rest should stay hidden so that no one can find out your exact numbers, if they do and there aren’t that many of you they might get ideas, same thing goes if a different person goes out to meet them, sooner or later they’re going to get an exact count and then you have trouble. Don’t hesitate to give someone a reason to never come back.

I know I didn’t go into a lot of detail in this, the objective wasn’t to tell you what to do as much as it was to give you ideas and get your brain to working. You could follow every suggestion in here and still wind up starving to death if you weren’t smart enough to ration out your stores. Neighbors aren’t your enemies, but they’re not necessarily your friends either. Think of them as early warning alarms, if you hear something bad happened a mile to your south, you know enough to keep an eye open. If one of them comes to you looking for a favor, that’s good. You never know when you’ll need one in return, just ask yourself if the roles were reversed, would he do the same for you? There are so many other things that you may think of that either I didn’t, or did but didn’t bother putting in here. How about a big, very mean dog? He’ll eat scraps and be a possible meat source. What about a horse instead of a vehicle? Good point. Vehicles need gas and a horse will eat grass by the side of the road, and you can eat a horse, or make him plow the field for farming. What about planting fruit trees? Gathering walnuts, mushrooms, wild carrots, cattail stalks, young fiddleheads, mayapples, etc? Like I said, the object was to get YOU to think.

094017  No.12560268


try to put it in webm or mp4 format and upload it here, im sure there are some people over at /mu/ or /tech/ that would be more knowledgeable on the subject

8c6081  No.12560314

File: 9a85c7f445f7086⋯.mp4 (10.97 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 20._Humor_and_common_injur….mp4)


the files are so fucking big. Ah well, I'll try.

e04c8f  No.12560317

File: 901c885a5373313⋯.png (341.24 KB, 755x483, 755:483, Goblin_Slayer_Happening.PNG)

There's nothing we could do to stop it because the grid is basically held together with duct tape and hope

t. Electrical Engineer

8c6081  No.12560318

File: ceb57646c59f613⋯.mp4 (11.3 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 18._Trading_continued_blac….mp4)

094017  No.12560343


do it in parts if you can, it will still be the same size no matter what, unless you compress it but that may fuck with the audio, plus it will probably be faster to do and upload, you could probably make a thread over at /pdfs/ since its kind of on par and it is a ghost town for the most part

8c6081  No.12560346

File: 76cf7e2d76d6c77⋯.mp4 (11.57 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 7._Constant_shelling_and_m….mp4)

Lightersguy explains the hell that was Sarajevo, and how to move at night

350a11  No.12560374


>amerikwa blacked out for six months

We'll have our own D-Day landing on Jew York to avenge 70 years under ZOG occupation.

8c6081  No.12560407

File: 6568cdda4cfa430⋯.mp4 (13.51 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 16._Heat_cold_and_sleeping.mp4)

Lighters guy talks thermal survival

11c028  No.12560420

You don't need an emp to take out an electrical grid.

8c6081  No.12560426

File: 9a59f2e62c7545a⋯.mp4 (14.65 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 19._Enemy_line_changes_tra….mp4)

On the trading of war souvenirs with UN troops, the ages of fighters and stuff like learning about areas to avoid. Fascinating

df800d  No.12560452

File: 5e86f093dcf3b32⋯.jpg (121.76 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, Should-have-lived-rural.jpg)


Remember survival comes in 3's

>3 minutes without air

>3 hours (in freezing cold) without shelter/warmth

>3 days without water

>3 weeks without food

Your SHTF plan should address these issues:

#1 Weapon to prevent yourself from being choked out by niggers and ability to hunt for food

#2 Emergency blankets/shelters/warmth

#3 Emergency water purification

#4 Emergency food rations

If you are forced to go longer than a couple weeks you better be living on a self sustaining farm or be ready to start eating people and serving Lord Humongous.

8c6081  No.12560470

File: 7975f4534f680c0⋯.mp4 (14.63 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 15._Emotional_problems.mp4)

Emotional problems of survival, and their effects on group morale

13c011  No.12560494


>Get a rooted smartphone with storage, download the shit. Ultra power saving for study, power for coms, or off.


Pretty sure you wont have any service. Youd be better off burying a few walkie talkies

13c011  No.12560500



>Ultra power saving for study,

Just get a laser printer and make paper copies of anything you wanna study. Its cheaper to print 100,000 pages than it is to buy and preserve a delicate hard drive or flash memory. Emp doesnt delete toner.

edeed3  No.12560503

The first to die off will be the weebs

aba532  No.12560506


the first to die off will be the jews , kike.

d511d2  No.12560515

Federal panel? Sounds like a telemarketing scheme. "Click now and get 2 conspiracy theories for the price of ONE ! !

47999a  No.12560520

File: cf301bc519b6053⋯.jpg (141.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


fuck off they are always trying to scare us with this shit and NOTHING ever happens. What was the big deal last year? They had everyone scared North Korea was going to nuke us.

<wake me up when something actually happens

e1bee2  No.12560524

File: 2040af51ce3f4e3⋯.png (47.1 KB, 572x571, 572:571, ClipboardImage.png)

It says Iran is going to do it.

At least they know beforehand.

New 9-11.

094017  No.12560525



a bit late to the shill aren't we, kike?

094017  No.12560588


samson could theoretically be counter acted with via bunker buster onto their silos, some kind of immediate anti sub weapon to knock out their second strike option and then probably a simultaneous raid on all israeli embassies (another anon mentioned them keeping nukes there in every major city) so if a simultaneous strike took place very rapidly they could in effect cut off the samson option. but of course you wold need 400+ direct hits with the bunker busters and anti sub weapon and 100% success rate with the raiders, unless of course some raiders get smoked and they detonate a city, or several, or if some bunker busters miss, then they would be able to send those, same with the second strike subs

c8feb4  No.12560590


>How would /pol/ survive?

Turn into /b/ and run around causing autistic chaos.

bf6320  No.12560609


Additionally, letting a laptop battery run completely flat can damage it or even trip its fault protection circuit, meaning it won't let itself be charged (found that out the hard way).

That latter one I suspect is fuckery meant to prevent people from refurbishing their batteries on their own (anyone know of a fix? TIA).

d46dc0  No.12560612

I swear to god if i lose internet i will actually just end it. Im not going without internet for 6 months. When that shit hits its time for the final solution.

8c6081  No.12560614

File: 7cecc038b4efbd9⋯.mp4 (15.14 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 5._SHTF_starts.mp4)

Shit hits the fan In Sarajevo

094017  No.12560639


you could probably keep a new battery in the wrapper in there, idk if that would have the same issue, you can also use a UPS which is basically the same thing, it just needs the cord plugged into it

aed9f6  No.12560642

Oh no, more fear.

What the fuck is this November 2012.

Spread your fear somewhere else.

526b64  No.12560662

I am surprised that nobody here is talking about rice as a staple survival food. It stores easily and is cheap. If you have secured your ability to cook and a clean water source then you have a food that takes up little space and stores for a really long time.

I say this because I feel an EMP attack would be more likely than some form of natural occurrence that would take out the entire nation. All it would take would be a coordinated EMP hit to take out major commercial and financial areas like New York City, LA, DC. The lights go out there then the rest of the nation would spiral into chaos. 9/11 had a massive effect on our economy. The physical effect was small but set about a chain of events that weakened America. An EMP attack would topple us.

That would be a more favorable scenario for a foreign actor. As balls as our infrastructure is, why would you want to completely destroy it if you are going to take over? The chaos that would ensue afterwards would allow for somebody else to walk in and takeover while we were busy killing each other.

That is just my opinion on it. Worry about a clean water source, a just in case way of cooking, a long term staple food that doesn't require you to grow anything, and home defense. The rest will fall in to place.

094017  No.12560671


while rice is good for that, we also nee foods that we can grow here, there is hardly anywhere in the US, if any at all, where you can grow rice.

some kind of wheat or other hardy grain would be more suitable long term

85c7df  No.12560681

need underground farmable b12 protein source w/ potatoes


1704e0  No.12560683


There's a reason the elites are building bunkers all over the place, it's either an insurance policy so the masses don't slaughter them, at the very least a chance to survive, or it's by design to escape a manufactured culling of the population to seize power over what remains. The setbacks to globalism have been severe, these people don't have the patience to execute plans that will take longer their lives, and let's be honest, the chances of them being smart enough to play that long of a game in such a complex world are extremely small.

Solar flare is most likely event, however the elites could release a pathogen in which they are vaccinated for when things start spiraling out of control.

aba62d  No.12560692


Am listening as you upload, really appreciate it

094017  No.12560694


you would have to do some research on them first, what I can tell you is 1. they likely reproduce/grow very slowly 2. they need large bodies of brackish water 3. you would have to find some oysters and get them without getting caught as you may be in violation of some environmental code and labeled a poacher, also they may or may not die in transit

aba532  No.12560697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ba6521  No.12560735


>you can't prepare for it if this scenario happens

The fact of the matter, from someone who has spent over 10 years living on a homestead 50 miles from the nearest population center in Alaska is that you either have what it takes to adapt or you don't. It is completely impossible to prepare for every scenario in the normal scope of that situation alone. You either summon, or in my case were raised, with the ability to adapt and solve situations or you become the statistic. You learn how to fix what needs fixing with what you have around. If winter is harsh you adapt, quickly, methods to supplement for the conditions. However, you can't do it alone. Can't do it in a very large group either, because the demand outweighs the skill tenfold. Survival doesn't depend on how good of a shot you are, nor does it depend on how much information you gleaned or stored from books. Both of those are helpful, and designed for short term. You need a few set of skills: Creativity, something resembling resources, desire and common sense. You also need some sort of small manageable community to fill voids. My family's situation was what you would imagine in some sort of "red neck" portrayal (they will survive no problem). A very small farm, a large enough family (and very close friends that were family) a small junkyard and adaptability. The first time you encounter an issue won't be the last, and you mentally evolve if you survive it the first time. On the same note, new problems creep up for eternity.

e1bee2  No.12560738


According to the article, it's either going to be Iran or the Sun.

They also seem to know that it will be a nation-wide outage.

They also know that the outage will last 6 months.

d1c270  No.12560745



You need to put all transformers and power lines in the cage. Not feasible.

9ef15b  No.12560757

File: f829193a9ce3fcf⋯.jpeg (236.94 KB, 2732x1944, 683:486, C18828CC-3241-4F28-8C2A-4….jpeg)

File: 123ec257bfababf⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1622x1950, 811:975, 3AF31717-8F4D-4E75-A542-E….jpeg)

File: 2b40a29acb2e30e⋯.jpeg (678.61 KB, 2732x848, 683:212, D1F6F8A5-1858-487A-B51D-7….jpeg)

File: 02ec968bab9a560⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2732x1821, 2732:1821, 82A9768B-C559-4183-B76D-D….jpeg)

All anons, take note of these posts.




<three replies all use images with 13 digit long names

>replies use same posting style, language use and syntax

>cuckchan archive dive indicates that this is not a new phenomenon

>examples of shills using images with 13 digit long file names on 4pol too numerous to list

Any post using an image with a 13 digit long file name or obviously edited variation is suspect. Using halfchan archives to search by file name is a simple way to find evidence of this, but new images are put into rotation and old images are cycled out of regular use as anons begin to catch on. Regardless, use of an image with a 13 digit long file name is, at the very least, enough to warrant suspicion. Make use of their archive as shills alternate between boards. Learn the shill’s methods. Know your enemy. Call them out and report them as you find them.

Don’t let them do to this board what they have done to halfpol.

c42dac  No.12560760

kill non whites

eat them except for the brain to avoid mad cow disease from prions

get clean water from rain and distillation

stock up on canned food

6 months isn't that bad, it'll kill a lot of the weak off

7ed317  No.12560772


shut up, faggot

dd282c  No.12560838

File: e189e2eba57f1b7⋯.jpeg (64.01 KB, 500x476, 125:119, 21A06522-D36F-4339-A643-9….jpeg)

9dd828  No.12560842

You faggots know damn wel tje USA does not require a fucking emp when attacking the electrix grid system is cheap, easy and very costly for the USA much like the forest fires

dc7b0f  No.12560854

File: 5a38f0253cd489b⋯.png (202.78 KB, 1802x905, 1802:905, american-civil-war.png)


The power infrastructure is a guerilla warfare meme where you can expect the bandwagoners to all hivemind that as their main target. The government knows this.

ac45d2  No.12560866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>imminent threat of a national blackout, lasting possibly six months, from a terrorist or solar attack on the nation’s electric grid.

This could only happen from Israel, considering they have backdoors to intel chips and other technologies manufactured in Israel.

dc7b0f  No.12560875


The general wasnt planning to level the city, he was trying to pressure the public into forcing the rebels into handing them over by killing random people. Clearly had the opposite effect and caused them to harden up.

ad8e6d  No.12560888


>survival anon

Did you write the survival guide on bartering, stocking up on things, being good at one thing, networking/etcetc?

I love that and it's a great guide, thank you.

Also gunfags get a powerful hand cocked airgun for hunting small game.

2k rounds in your pocket? No cleaning, check. Reliable as all fuck, check. Can still kill some faggot in SHTF, check.


Faraday is all good. But WW3 will be silent and no nukes, quantum weapons go through faraday cages as if they are not there… so keep that in mind. Do not rely on that electronic stash.. you only can rely on your own hands and knowledge at worst.



Fisher and Paykel make some great high voltage motors for this in their washing machines that are commonly used.

408aee  No.12560900


If you're referring to the Grand Solar Minimum, the period when food can't be grown will be from 2028 to 2032, but food prices will still go up in 2019-2020. (sorry for shitty english)


dc7b0f  No.12560910


Not a thing. Not a serious impact. Exaggerated Alex Jewns disinformation tinfoil crap.

04d8b3  No.12560931


A smartphone and harddrives or starters

ad8e6d  No.12560940


>can't be grown

Nigger you can grow food in lower light than most people think. Especially leafy greens. Most plants will adjust over two weeks to a different spectrum or light level by changing leaves or growing different ones, they can go down to 50-100umols or less which is fuck all, e.g. a cloudy day with some shade will still grow plants slowly especially out of fruiting/flowering cycle.

b07e49  No.12560962

Reminder to live far away from a city. You have to be as far away from nonwhites as possible. If shit hits the fan, none of the cars will be able to leave the city area because of the traffic jams that happen. This is your insurance policy against roving gangs of africans, that they are reliant on transportation and technology. Who is going to feed all those africans (and bugmen) when there are no McFuggets available? A more rural community is likely to have guns and other survival skills, hopefully you can trade with your neighbor. Sure beats living in an apartment in downtown atlanta.

b74cc6  No.12560972


>How would /pol/ survive?

The better question is: How will /pol/ THRIVE.

No power, no surveillance apparatus

a2cf45  No.12560982



just pure unadultrated FUN

ba7c4b  No.12560987


You got powerplant in your cage? A water well?

ba7c4b  No.12561013


I produce electricity with water exactly how you explain it already. The problem is that it's already frozen. It's good for saving money half the year for me.

If we're heading towards a solar minimum, you'd have to place it all under ground for it not to freeze. At least 6 feet under for all the pipelines, probably even more, and have a good supply of water, hopefully underground also. If it's a pond and your not lucky with snow covering the pond giving the water some isolation before the hard frost, the pond will freeze and it doesn't matter if your pipes are frozen or not.

3e48a1  No.12561083

File: eb5fa42e9fa3d89⋯.png (697.8 KB, 736x522, 368:261, ClipboardImage.png)


Get ready…

1) Shopping Cart

2) Stuffs


5483af  No.12561102

File: 003d49ae7cc2a9e⋯.jpg (192.2 KB, 960x722, 480:361, DoxjthmU4AAbfk2 potato fan….jpg)

8f4eda  No.12561104

Set yourself up to grow sustainable firewood.


8f4eda  No.12561112


What the fuck is wrong with california?!

2e6910  No.12561144

File: c4b6673cff28653⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 403x403, 1:1, root cellar shelving_stora….jpg)

File: a33cedd3908e023⋯.gif (75.6 KB, 1505x1202, 1505:1202, storm_root cellar plans.gif)

File: 6c2790cdbc8ec88⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 1000x608, 125:76, root cellar drawing.jpg)

File: 426220bbe8968b5⋯.jpg (456.37 KB, 782x551, 782:551, poor mans root cellar.jpg)

File: 310c2f6a768fd7d⋯.jpg (218.31 KB, 960x720, 4:3, root-cellar-12.jpg)


There are also other smaller 3's that would be useful in war. There are minute chemicals that result in the death of the body if they are removed from the cells in 3 seconds. The Law of Three (Death) applies on many different levels. [Law of 6 Man, Law of 9 God]

I can't emphasize ROOT CELLAR enough as well. There is a guy online who annoys me to no end because he has a book of plans that he made from being a Vietnam Vet that show you how to make a Root Cellar that is completely disguised like the bugs had in the War. It annoys me because I am too cheap to purchase it, but I want the information for you guys and our people as well. I will kick it down eventually.


000000  No.12561145


This man knows what's up.

3882aa  No.12561158


Fake but nice work who ever made it.

3882aa  No.12561160


It's fake. That place never existed.

ad8e6d  No.12561170

File: e89b210825214fb⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3224x2127, 3224:2127, apocalyptic_artwork_parlim….jpg)



Double dubs demand anons make root cellars.

341da4  No.12561173


The image that came to mind was a pale woman wearing a black blind fold.

2e6910  No.12561180

File: 83256cc5f779cd0⋯.jpg (190.33 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, Dryland rice crop in the U….jpg)

File: 3e3e3c11f34ec11⋯.jpg (163.92 KB, 1017x678, 3:2, Dryland rice field.jpg)

File: cdbcba99d4c34e4⋯.gif (28.64 KB, 1098x742, 549:371, compare grain crops chart.gif)

File: 77bfa56051808d2⋯.jpg (731.63 KB, 900x2793, 300:931, live off the land chart.jpg)

File: 795b66ec4882783⋯.jpg (100.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, size of family rice paddy.jpg)

To all the anons who have shared information and knowledge, thank you so much for sharing.


Thank you so much for uploading these.


>not understanding the purpose of preparing is so that you don't have to fear

>you wanna know how I know you aren't White? Because preparing and thinking of contingencies are literally ingrained in our peoples DNA. This is one of the main things that make us different than niggers and subhumans.


This is a common misconception about rice. Texas used to be the biggest rice exporter in the entire world, probably still is but I haven't checked it. There are thousands of varieties of rice and thousands of different types (each village in the orient basically having its own type of rice that is adapted specifically to its microclimate) but basically it breaks down into two different types Dryland Rice (no rice paddy required) and Wetland Rice (requires a rice paddy). You are correct rice stores for years and the contents can be 'vacuum packed' in large Ball jars using a low temp on the oven and sealing them as they come out (as they cools it creates a vacuum on the inside and further seals the rice in its container). You need hardly any land to grow AMPLE rice for a family of four. Dryland rice doesn't have the benefit of the complex ecosystem that wetland rice has, but if you have access to water, wetland rice can be more productive (but not by much) than dryland rice.

883ee2  No.12561185

File: 6f53292728f98aa⋯.jpg (33.14 KB, 474x263, 474:263, Snipe4.jpg)


This tells you something.

Even under the best circumstances they couldn't get the grid back online for half a year.

When we revolt to take this country back from the invaders and traitors, we'll be keeping that grid down with constant sabotage, so they'll never get it back up until the invaders have frozen in the winters, and the libtards have eaten each other in the cities.

Wipe out the Jew, and our mission is complete.

b74cc6  No.12561186


Pop pop pop, watching niggers drop

They dancing to the tune of my .308 bassoon

While I'm hummin' a sweet lil' Mr. Bond tune.

Oh look! A mestizo over there! I'll put a hollow point in his derriere!

Watch him twitch, all covered in piss

Pull out the switch', jam it in the eye socket

Watch the life drain and the shit rocket

849a19  No.12561188

Why don't we just EMP the earth? fuck it all. everything ends. all the degeneracy gone on one final swoop.

883ee2  No.12561205


>people simply don't have the knowledge anymore to survive without electricity.

We'll be fine up here in the Appalachians.

In the best of times, we're not wealthy, but in the worst of times, nothing much changes for us.

I'll have heat in the winter, and food all year round. I'll have books to read and candles for light, and even booze to drink, if I want.

And if everyone around here cooperates (they will), we'll be manufacturing wood gas for any use of vehicles that are absolutely necessary.

We'll have some electricity, when we get a few generators repaired, and then we'll have radio comms, to whatever degree it still exists.

The power is not as reliable around here as it is in some other places, it's not unusual for it to go down, sometimes for a few days, before they can get it fixed. Many people are prepared for such, with older methods of lighting and heating ready to be used. And many of the hunting cabins around here have NEVER had electricity, or even septic systems, and their water supply is either brought in and stored in tanks, or is a hand-pump from a well.

We've done all this before, many times.

2e6910  No.12561215


I passed through Appalachians and that was one of the most interesting things to me about the people. In terms of 'survivability' they were completely impervious to the fluctuations in the economy. It taught me a lot about the idea of luxury and moderation. I would say that the only place you guys might lack is in the technological war that might be waged on you. Bio/Chem war will be huge in the next war. Outside of that you all made an absolutely indelible impression on me about what it means to survive and what it means to be a community. The idea that you all have of community is absolutely unrivaled in all my traveling in the USA.

8029ce  No.12561218




Pic related was taken with bodado


You do realize that it's possible to make more electricity, right?



Obviously, printed material + digital would be best. Also Faraday cage up a printer, and perhaps both a Laserjet/toner one for mass printing in black and white and an all in one for color/scanning/etc.; replication and distribution of printed will certainly prove invaluable and it'd be nice to not have to do everything on a printing press. Also make sure you have the necessary equipment to use HSMM/hinternet/whatever they're calling it now; the general idea being that you can access a mesh wifi network using ham radio gear and transmit data fully p2p; can also be used as jumpoff points for internet 1.0. For your collection, include the do/k/ument (AR/K/ is do/k/ument w/larp bullshit, don't bother), the antimatrix collection, murdercube, any books with Handbook in the title, definitely The Machinists Handbook, army field manuals (might be in do/k/ument, i don't remember), 4plebs and desuarchive archive dumps (or at least /pol/ and /k/). Also consider mirroring or scraping Library Genesis (has almost every technical and academic research pdf ever published) Wikipedia, Linux repos, useful youtube/bitchute channels, forums with practical information (eevblog, homesteaders, aquaponics, practical machinist)

8029ce  No.12561220

File: d475adb5e9f8682⋯.jpg (168.39 KB, 600x780, 10:13, Small-Garden-potato.jpg)


Fek, forgot pic related

883ee2  No.12561227


>There's a reason the elites are building bunkers all over the place, it's either an insurance policy so the masses don't slaughter them, at the very least a chance to survive

We really should be compiling a list of where these bunkers are located, so after a calamity, we can locate the air intakes for the bunkers and pour concrete down them.

2e6910  No.12561231

>>12560888 (checked)

Naw not that anon. Do you have a copy? My head is absolutely stuffed full of information but I can always use more.


>Fisher and Paykel make some great high voltage motors for this in their washing machines that are commonly used.

That is a fantastic tip.

My ideas about survival break down into the three different categories:

Luxury survival: SHTF and you simply need to provide day to day.

Permaculture, farming, root cellars, food storage, energy etc

War Survival: SHTF and you have to hide your resources and operate in wartime

Chemical, tactical and biological weapons, how to survive forced marches, covert food and supplies, mapping your entire region for what wild food grows in what areas and its location as well as water and meat resources.

Homeless Survival: SHTF and you are conquered and driven from your home with the food on your back and nothing else.

what wild plants and bugs can you eat, do you have marketable skills that make you worth a bag of beans even if you don't have them yourself, how do you purify your water without gadgets and other nifty things. Treating wounds while on the run, etc…plant and herb lore. Stashing supplies in locations that only you know buried (hidden) etc.

I am really hoping that everyone prepares for the worst case scenario as well.

2e6910  No.12561232


>*food on your back (LMAO)

*shirt on your back

3ab753  No.12561239


Did not know this, thank you. Can roots be cooked and eaten, like potato?

883ee2  No.12561261

File: 77069c9ff2ae976⋯.jpg (36.26 KB, 388x443, 388:443, ViolenceRises.jpg)



Ever think that posts like these might be commies, waiting for the U.S. to fall into chaos, so they can move in under the false flag of "peacekeeping?"

There would be many richfags, frightened of losing their wealth and position, that would help and welcome them, thinking that THEY would be part of the ruling class after the takeover (in reality, they would be lined up, shot, and kicked into a ditch, just as soon as they were no longer useful. After all, they have proven themselves disloyal and untrustworthy).

Could be, the commies are afraid our government will capitulate to us on immigration, leaving the UN, eliminating the central bank, etc., before they can get their chance to invade, so they want to accelerate the unrest.

Yes, we could take down the grid, right now. It wouldn't be hard.

But we have no reason to, right now. There is still hope for a peaceful conclusion, a concession to our demands.

But if this be the case, let me warn you, commies...we're not as incapable as you've always been led to believe. Don't take our patience to be weakness.

You send an army into this country, you'll kill a lot of us. But we will grind you to pieces, and if we get our hands on U.S. nukes, we will launch all of them.

We would rather die than live under the thumb of Jew Bolsheviks, and if we have to take the rest of the world with us, we will.

4fea77  No.12561264

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e6910  No.12561268


No I don't think so…they can be used as animal forage for pigs and goats (both absolutely adore and thrive on Kudzu). But I have never heard of a human eating the roots like a potato (I think we can eat the leaves in moderation; but double check that to make sure I vaguely recall them being used in a 'wild salad'). I think it has to do with the processing (soaking of the alkalies [or something] same as acorns which have to be leached for days in water) before they are edible to humans.

I have only heard of them being made into flour for bread or bread like products after they are peeled, chopped, soaked and rinsed [repeat multiple times], dried completely in a food dryer or the sun and ground into flour. I need to look into this and see if there is a way to use them like a potato as well.

c89c1f  No.12561270


Obviously. It's a tuber vegetable. Another great survival food is yucca root and jicama. They're pure starch sugars and can be made into flour.

2e6910  No.12561276


Can you give a source on this? I am pretty sure that they have to be processed before they are edible. We are not ruminants with multiple stomachs so we have to process out the chemicals that make them inedible to a single stomach mammal. Too much of certain chemicals in plants can cause death…like Pokeweed can be eaten if it is cooked correctly but too much of it or incorrect processing can kill you as well.

7d79f5  No.12561282


You store them in ash.

ca02ca  No.12561285

100% false flag

ad8e6d  No.12561335

File: cb55dea4fc9b268⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1504x2964, 376:741, bosnia SHTF survival war.jpg)


Welcome anon. Found it, enjoy. Great guide/story for this thread.



New Zealand is a bit of a shitty place for SHTF bunkers, far too many quakes and volcanic activities.

8c6081  No.12561341

File: 62c27253d0f7ce0⋯.mp4 (15.67 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 26._Pets_and_critters.mp4)

a197d4  No.12561344


I will be walking up the pacific coastline with my militia in search of homes and ranches to raid. Can't wait to get to yours.

8029ce  No.12561355

Does anyone have the story told by the guy who survived when SHTF in his Ukrainian (IIRC) town? Basically, everyone got sealed in and cut off from the outside world because Russia. >>12560588

It's my understanding that Israel has ~300 nukes (don't remember where I got that number, but let's just assume 600 for the sake of discussion.) In this case, even assuming they somehow manage to deliver all 800 in USA, and especially considering the intent of the Samson protocol being a giant 1200 nuke strong fuck you, we're really only looking at cities being targeted by the 1500 round salvo. Cities being the primary infestation sites of jew and niggers, so I'm not really sure why everyone's so concerned about the 2200 nukes in Israeli possession

>Jews cleanse their filth away

>Don't have to deal with Gandhi's psychotic bloodlust

>Don't have to use up our own nukes to do so

>Well ok, they're technically US nukes, but you know what I meant, no need to bicker over semandics, faggot

>Definitely gonna send them a bill though

/we/ should probably preemptively nuke one or two of our own cities though, because /wild card/

95fd2a  No.12561362

File: 5e0d34a6ccd23d7⋯.jpg (165.34 KB, 400x300, 4:3, CarolwithSquash.jpg)


Botanist going down the list.

Slugs can't cross copper for some reason related to electrolytic activity between their slime and the earth.

What I personally do is plant them somewhat off-season, and guinea fowl seem to keep down the slugs and the like. I've heard they are a much worse problem in the PNW than they are here in the appalachians. Apologies in advance if I samefag a few times, I'm going through the thread and answering any questions regarding gardening that I am able.

f9ebfb  No.12561366

I’ve been growing marijuana hydroponically for a year now, would it help learning to grow vegetables too? I’ve got extra room, but I’ve never grown anything in actual soil with the sun.

ad8e6d  No.12561376



Supposedly works on varroa mites too..

I think it works on almost any small creature, even sperm as it's used in IUDs and also copper sprays for certain types of plant pests.




Kikes only have a few hundred nukes at most. Not all of them will reach, plus some need multiple warheads, so really you're just looking at less than 100 shitty cities being wiped out, in return for the kikes being open-air oven-fused into a giant glass bowl, which is a great thing in the long run.

000000  No.12561377

>Thread with absurd premise turns into survivalist thread.

I'm convinced survivalists secretly want civilization to collapse.

8c6081  No.12561382

Survival isn't all grimderp and antibiotics and scrounging, there's levity too.

Damn it, it's too large by a MB

c6ffc0  No.12561384

Sources for the EMP Bullshit

(((Union of Concerned Scientists))) <-And they're not scientists.

Some failed physician wrote an idiotic fiction book

The hysteria today is based on a (((UCS))) "report" that Jews got the military to use for funding.

What the engineering says

Electric Motors are inductive, and generally immune.

Most things are immune or not permanently damaged. You will lose a few parts of the highly redundant power grid.

Things with antennas are susceptible if the front end isn't protected. <- the answer the military used in the past is a vacuum tube in the front end.

Yeah, I worked on this subject for airplanes. You all suffer from Dunning Kruger.

c6ffc0  No.12561388

You're all Cucked

The government doesn't want you to communicate when the shit goes down.

So, little flash of light high in the atmosphere… and they pull the plug on the Internet and cell phones.

Ya'll say it's WW 3, and you do what the government tells you to do.

Fucking cucks. This is so obvious that I can't believe you fell for it.

ad8e6d  No.12561389


No it's just there are no other good places to discuss it on this fucking cuckchan fucked board. So anons like that can hide in 'shitty' threads like this that most don't bother to click on… lost in the noise that the kikes create, whoops. Harder to see what goes on in the noise sometimes.


Does he have authority to launch on behalf of ISISrael though? Doubt it.

95fd2a  No.12561391


Sweet potatoes are THE staple crop for the humid southeast. They simply yield better, easier, in areas that aren't suited for planting potatoes in full sun. They also keep at least 18 months if properly cured in my experience.


I've read all the foxfire books and grew up in a similar area lets say, passed down similar knowledge. It is valuable knowledge, I was lucky enough to be around, and have received knowledge from, people who survived the great depression.


They have lots of inulin in them, a type of prebiotic. Good for you, if they are roasted slowly it can break down into digestible starches or sugars, and like beans, they are something one has to get 'used' to. I remember reading something about a Lewis & Clark diary entry wherein they reported having the "most terrible wind in their lives" after eating a meal of sunchokes; similarly to beans, it seems to be a combination of letting one's gut flora adapt, in addition to proper preparation. Inulin is quite good for you in any case; prebiotics are what probiotics eat.

8c6081  No.12561393

File: 1a0c0abc2fddbbf⋯.mp4 (7.09 MB, 640x524, 160:131, Personal Alarm.mp4)

File: 2575b1278ef7213⋯.pdf (1.87 MB, Supply List.pdf)


Anon, the guy that wrote that guide, is the guy speaking in







These are his personal memoirs. Also again the torrent (https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/7005048/SHTF_school__One_Year_in_Hell) works, just is a bit slow, also has stuff like a simple door alarm, list of supplies and homemade medical kit.

674ba4  No.12561396

Will all the TVs go out? Because that’s exactly what we need.

ad8e6d  No.12561407

File: fbcf419fd206747⋯.jpg (285.76 KB, 457x544, 457:544, anuddah shoah.jpg)


Trump pushing the button isn't samson but I see the risk of having him there.


Gotcha, thank you! Will grab the videos and go from there.

c6ffc0  No.12561422


Yes, but not because of EMP, but because the (((government))) pulls the fucking plug.

You won't have any way of telling otherwise, and you're mind has been poisoned to think "EMP and dirty Russians!!"

ad8e6d  No.12561424


I don't think he likes them as much as he does profess publicly, the situation in Syria speaks volumes as to this being the case.

Public will never take 'nazis' as justification for nuking allies. They'd then be 'no better' .

Not seeing it happen as Samson but yes a rogue missile or two in a massive exchange because of his ties I could.

8c6081  No.12561427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He also has tours of a house on the frontlines, setting up homedefense, and even how his gang operated, and what happened after the war to a few folks that got rich selling baby powder cut with ground asbestos and stuff like that. The guilt hit them and a few hung themselves. Others got killed for the things they did, still others drank themselves to death unable to forget what they saw and did…. It's why Darkest Dungeon is highly realistic in terms of it's Quirk system. People get broken by the harsh war for survival and eventually have to be thrown out on their gibbering shambling ass. And as Selco says, without a reminder you are human you just snap. Something as small as some lipstick is enough to remind you of what you are. You are not an animal, but a temporarily distressed man!

8c6081  No.12561429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c6081  No.12561432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Narrated From Selco's deleted blog.

883ee2  No.12561435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Up in the mountains here (Appalachia) somebody is building a massive "castle" structure, and below it is an underground facility the size of a city.

It doesn't seem to be the government doing it, but no one knows who it is. What is known are things that have leaked out, like the windows of the "castle" being bullet-proof glass several inches thick. Jesse Ventura did a show on it, actually driving into the main entrance to the underground city, and it goes on for miles.

The cost of this construction must have already gone into the billions, and rumors are it's the Masons, but nobody really knows. The contractors have all had to sign nondisclosure agreements, but you can watch them building the place from just outside their property.

Somebody is preparing for something, that's certain. Skip to 7:40 in the vid.

674ba4  No.12561446


So in other words the famed big red button of POTUS merely just calls this guy up?

8c6081  No.12561453


I'm now seeding the torrent! Go anons Go!


95fd2a  No.12561456


Seconded. Stills are a valuable tool, can purify water of almost anything and make essential oils in addition to making liquor.

Catfish are indeed the most efficient animal at producing meat; the only instance in which the efficiency is somewhat a moot point, is if one has an area that is good at producing grasses and the like, and poor at producing grains or human food- thus making them better suited for ruminants, or else something akin to feeding waste food scraps and such to pigs.


Copper deficiency in the soil can also cause fungal problems, and is the reason that "fixed copper" sprays are effective; just be careful that the soil copper/zinc ratio stays within the correct range.

883ee2  No.12561461


>Too bad limestone caves are subject to flood erosion and collapse

They're just using them for a ready-made excavation. What they're building down there is prestressed, steel reinforced concrete.

Skip to 23:25

883ee2  No.12561464


Sorry, meant for


8c6081  No.12561471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>That's the problem though. Humanity is filth. It should all be destroyed. All life, all matter, all energy. Burn them all.

I appreciate your dubs, but mate, we can only burn proper after we destroy all the kikes first and consecrate our flesh for burning off to create a better form of life.



Kurt Saxon's site is still up and he has a few wonderful sections on catfish and even on flies to feed the catfish and chickens, and even a bit on sprouting seeds to make flour!

i want anons to also save this video, It's Kurt Saxon himself talking long term food storage back in the 70's and he shows how to make an autoinjector syringe and the lethal common poison that goes in it. He also has a bit at the beginning shitting on niggers for the LA riots.

Ignore the bit on soybeans, he had no idea about the fag problem back then.

883ee2  No.12561473

File: da31e9c4485a070⋯.jpg (126.83 KB, 800x640, 5:4, WolfSnarl.jpg)


>Nobody escapes the Happening.

I hope so.

But it wouldn't hurt to document the locations of these facilities, and scope out the support structure they use, just to make sure justice is done on these monsters.

Not all of us will die in the Happening. And those of us who don't need to know who caused it, and where they are.

8c6081  No.12561482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck Youtube, here's the video on Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/ThePoorMansJamesBondStrikesAgain

Also a vid on various weapons, including how to make ricin!

Here's his other video on the Four winds shotgun, complete with test firing and usage tips!

ad8e6d  No.12561489



When you have nearly passed from this world it will make you reconsider what you consider hope. Other than a computer and some tools I live a pretty simple life and could easily adapt to these scenarios. I have 10KL of clean water, 2k boomstick candy, handy at hunting, skinning, craft, hand tools, repairing shit etc and enough food for a few months.

I don't live by a major city either and what you see as doom and gloom I see as liberation and cleansing of this world.

>perception forms reality


Fascinating that it's so openly known... seems like bait.


Thank you anon for everything you have posted.

8c6081  No.12561494


Just get the torrent! Damn it. Just do it. It's an extra copy of the files I've been turning into MP4. Just get it and then give them to people that can shrink them to sharable MP4's. >>12561453

ad8e6d  No.12561498


^_~ as above

618385  No.12561500


Those electronics won't be of much use when SHTF.

8c6081  No.12561501

File: 0a44f1bd9012abc⋯.webm (9.66 MB, 468x360, 13:10, White Survivalists.webm)

By the way Here's a whitepill for you my distressed friend! >>12561452

e80caf  No.12561517


If an EMP happens at the time most crops are planted we are fucked, almost all farmers rely on computerized machinery to run their farms.

8c6081  No.12561530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kurt Saxon on the making of ricin and stuff like metal claws for your hands, and the story of how he lost the fingers on his left hand.

c89c1f  No.12561568


You know you can just look the shit up yourself. You DO have the internet you know?

c89c1f  No.12561576


It all depends on the area. In the crops are already planted in the Midwest or Eastern Seaboard then you're fine because the crops don't really need any outside stimulation to grow. Rainfall and sunshine is just fine to grow just about anything. The entire West is completely fucked, though. Any crops that require constant watering from machines and what-not.

b3dd86  No.12561647



Good luck keeping mulch, dirt, and branches/vines off the pristine copper lining you put down. Way too time intensive and even if it works in a lab, the critters are going to cross in the wild and once they're in they're in.

b3dd86  No.12561659

File: b4f627970f19e27⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 569x428, 569:428, consider.jpg)


>Yeah, I worked on this subject for airplanes. You all suffer from Dunning Kruger.

You didn't read the thread. Most people here didn't claim to be experts on EMP effects. A couple anons quite clearly are like HAManon up in the replies, but the rest are 50/50 split between survivalist and garden/homesteading.

You could probably add a lot to the thread since you're supposedly intelligent, but instead you decided to be a faggot.

8029ce  No.12561660


Yeah, that be the one, you prophetic bastard


Being in control of the world's governments doesn't really strike me as the endgame condition to trigger the Samson protocol though. Granted, their brains go full batfuck whenever they realize the goyim know, and it's difficult to predict what they'll do, but I don't see that scenario playing out. It might, however, be possible to goad them into sperging out and blowing their whole load on some herd of goatfuckers. Regardless of what happens, if they continue as they have for the past few months, it'll be g_ddamn hilarious

b3dd86  No.12561666


I'm surprised we don't have more stories from Ukaraine. I guess it's because in some parts they're still pretty much surviving, and it's probably risky authoring a long detailed account from such a personal perspective as surviving.

95fd2a  No.12561678


The examples I've seen is a small copper collar around the individual plants. I've never personally used that though I've heard it effective. I've also heard that a circle of ashes would work, and I assume diatomaceous earth would as well.

That being said, doing so on a large scale, as anything but a labor intensive cash-crop, or a few plants in the kitchen garden, is unfeasible.

What I personally do is keep guinea fowl to eat any such pests, seems to work rather well for my needs.

ad8e6d  No.12561684


This definitely sounds feasible, let nature do the work where possible.

3d86d8  No.12561689



Keep solar panels and house batteries inside the faraday cage, side bonus is you don't need to worry about your electricity bill anymore. The cage will barely effect the efficiency of the panels if you get a thin one.

b74cc6  No.12561707


>Those things give you the shits if you eat more than 2-3 ounces at a go

That's because they have a shitton of inulin in them as carbs (as opposed to starch), a probiotic healthy for gut health that promotes the growth of gut flora and is also the main carb in chicory.

The nutty flavor can he used for seasonings as well as fermentation.

It's going to give you the shits as you get used to it and it helps your gut - flatulence is to be expected, most modern diets are quite a bit short on inulin as opposed to starch as well

ca02ca  No.12561714

File: 28ce4cb2206bcf8⋯.jpg (44.18 KB, 1024x415, 1024:415, human-barrier-vlf_web_1024.jpg)

nice thread but a solar flare will never affect earth anymore.

what you need to worry about is an ice age not solar flares.

Humans have created an artificial shield that protects us from space radiation using low frequency electromagnetic signals that are used by military and submarines to communicate.


b3dd86  No.12561731


>Sweet potatoes are THE staple crop for the humid southeast. They simply yield better, easier, in areas that aren't suited for planting potatoes in full sun.

Sweet potatoes are good for everyone to grow because of the vitamin A content and yields. You want to get some potatoes in too if you can because of superior B vitamins and vitamin C, but either are better than nothing and both are extremely abundant growers and very forgiving.

You make a good point though. You MUST know your land and know what you can plant and what you can't. So many things are imported from different environments that many people have no clue what they can reliably grow in great abundance. If you started a garden with protection and resources from your group and end up with shriveled up yield that feeds people for 2 days, people will be pissed.

But if your group of people is defending a crappy house with walled off back yard (very likely), and you know how to build the soil and plant your tubers, you could be ready with hundreds of pounds of high energy food right when food runs out and everyone's starving. In that situation it's possible to survive on rainwater, tubers, and lots of defense without anyone really knowing you have anything worth taking.

bca43c  No.12561762


You make some good points; it's better to have two or three reliable crops that can keep you alive than trying to grow an entire supermarket worth of different produce. Also, you should test your soil to determine what nutrients it has and what you need to supplement it in order to grow good yields. Not everyone can and should grow the same crops, different areas have different grow seasons, soil, precipitation, even pests. Each individual will have to build a solution that works with what you have and where you have it.

c89c1f  No.12561769


A solar flare….with the power of tens of millions of nuclear bombs far more powerful than any other force in this universe that can effect our planet can somehow be stopped by insignificant little creatures with a few radio signals. The 1859 Carrington Event was so powerful it caught telegraph lines on fire and blew up any electric devices that were turned on or in use at the time. It was so powerful that the subatomic particles that were thrown out from the flare actually produced physical force and inertia on the earth. It stripped away the electromagnetic field of the earth and auroras could be seen from the equator. Remember what sunlight is. It's not just visible light and neither is a solar flare. You're talking massive doses of Xrays, UV, Infrared and other extremely harmful radioactive wavelengths and particles. Nothing humanity can create can ever stop such a force such as a solar flare. It's like trying to stop a tsunami. You simply have to hold on and hope for the least amount of destruction possible.

b3dd86  No.12561776


>That being said, doing so on a large scale, as anything but a labor intensive cash-crop, or a few plants in the kitchen garden, is unfeasible.

This is my main thought on anything that's overly labor or resource intensive and not extremely effective. Not to mention in an extended survival situation you have limited access to resources and really need to stick to effective solutions. For slugs in particular, many will go underground making barriers ineffective.

In my experience with pests in general, cycling crops helps the most, and having separate areas for a crop also helps. A pest won't necessary travel even 5 feet across grass to reach the same crop. Even the small difference of sun, moisture, or wind in a different nearby location can have a huge effect on the pest problem.

This is perhaps all a benefit in a SHTF scenario. Putting down a new garden on land that was always just a bunch of grass, building the soil, and planting something like potatoes that were never there before gives you a very low chance of pest problems. It takes time for most pests to find that new ecosystem and colonize it.

>What I personally do is keep guinea fowl to eat any such pests, seems to work rather well for my needs.

Keeping insectivores around is a tried and true strategy. At least until people eat them.

b3dd86  No.12561781


There's some good advice for gardening and farming in general that works all over the world:

When in doubt, do as the locals do. Any crop, irrigation technique, pest control technique, or avoidance the locals consider common knowledge is something you should prioritize in your own growing. Innovation and experimentation are luxuries you can try when you've established a stable garden, but until then you really want to stick to whatever's in the local culture and proven successful.

e8e23d  No.12561786


>An attack is imminent! Better get to these special camps, citizen!

I have my doubts.

ca02ca  No.12561789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


our planet has a natural barrier surrounding it plus the manmade one, 1859 they didn't have the technology or shielding we have today. most electronics are designed to withstand basic emp.

tsunami is just a wave and can be stopped if we create an implosion right behind it.

955510  No.12561792



Is there a way to download every file in one click/torrent?

c6ffc0  No.12561794


>A solar flare….with the power of tens of millions of nuclear bombs far more powerful than any other force in this universe

Edgelord is telling us a load here… our sun's solar flares are "spcecial" and more powerful than any other sun.

c6ffc0  No.12561800

You edgelords who think that when the government shuts off the power and the internet (aka EMP) that it's all shotguns, WMD and killing people are just a bunch of fucking psycho's who watch too much television.

Your sociopathic asses will be grass food and good riddance.

Having a decent garden and raising rabbits and chickens will be far more important than "windshotguns" and ricen. What' the fuck is wrong with you people?!

Get some Storey guides and maybe "Back to Basics". Of course, if you live in an apartment or on less than an acre, you're really fucked.

c6ffc0  No.12561801


>what is wget?

8029ce  No.12561804


You know it's bad when Satan starts pointing out that shit's fucked. I think Kreosan & friends might be the only humanoids left in Ukraine, and I'm not sure they're even Ukrainian. They have some nice videos touring the wasteland, playing bongos on unexploded munitions and other such slavshit. Last I heard, the the power grid is effectively nonexistent, and they're beaming their internet in from some shitty telecom in the nearest Russian village >>12561666

ca02ca  No.12561812


You can grow plants inside your apartment, there is no excuse.

c6ffc0  No.12561825

File: ce5ac0970d633ae⋯.png (220.68 KB, 575x383, 575:383, Screenshot_2018-12-16 face….png)


>I'm gonna grow an acre of potatoes in muh apartment when the government shuts off the electricity!

8029ce  No.12561838


He can't even spell, so I'm not sure he possess the ability to adapt that far, I wouldn't waste any more time on him, just let mother nature do as how she be do

ca02ca  No.12561857

File: cb2e6067f067f6c⋯.jpg (700.5 KB, 770x512, 385:256, potatoes-lead-image.jpg)

File: 9a7a3977977669e⋯.jpg (540.37 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 432.jpg)

File: eb5a58aa52ed509⋯.jpg (60.17 KB, 750x350, 15:7, potato-patio-containers-2x.jpg)


hur dur sunlight cost electricity

you can grow plants even in a closet but it won't grow as good.

get yourself a container and put dirt in it, cut some potatoes and put hay on top and place it near a window. just need to water it from time to time from rainwater.

b3dd86  No.12561865


This thread is full of homesteading talk.

But really security and having a group that can defend their supplies is extremely important because robbery and gangs is a FACT of every collapse. If people are hungry and know you have a farm and chickens, or gangs want your stuff, they're going to try to take it. Two things protect you: 1. if people think you have nothing, and 2. you have deterrence (group of armed people). Nothing else really helps.

Rural farms in particular can actually get very dangerous in certain collapse situations, like total economic collapse. The cities get dangerous sure, but if some government and security remains that's where they defend. People keep working jobs in the cities. But rural areas experience starving and an exodus, and the remaining people get targeted by roaming gangs which don't announce themselves or wait for you to be done with your farming.

You'd be surprised what normal people turn to when law breaks down and their basic needs aren't met. It gets ugly.

4a6597  No.12561870

Old news. People have been warning about this and bringing it up to the government for years. They never do anything about it because our taxes don't go toward anything actually benefcial.



dd8355  No.12561881



Just look up "Kraft caves" in youtube and you will find hundreds of videos of truck drivers delivering cheese to these "underground cities".

There's also another company that houses meat products there. WHY? because they don't have to pay for cooling cost because it's a fucking cave.

883067  No.12561895

>that pepe

b3dd86  No.12561904


>underground cities full of well preserved meat and cheese

>limited roads in

>defensible entrances

>naturally temperature controlled in summer and winter with no power

Sounds amazing.


You can grow a large garden of potatoes on a flat roof if you wanted to.

000000  No.12561907


I see that same tactic on boomer forums. I think it's intended to demoralize people on the fence AND to bait the more 'active' folks into divulging sensitive information.

>y-you haven't done shit goy. you're just going to roll over and take it.

<actually I've done xyz, you disgusting kike.

It's particularly noticeable on weapons sites.

polite sage

c6ffc0  No.12561908


>get yourself a container and put dirt in it, cut some potatoes and put hay on top and place it near a window. just need to water it from time to time from rainwater.

That's too stupid to even address. Do you know how many calories you need and you think you're gonna get that from a yearly crop of potatoes in a pot near your apartment window.

Do the math…

2000 calories/day * 365 days = 730,000 calories.

730,000cal * 213g potatoes /163 cal = 953 kg potatoes.

You're not going to grow that in an apartment window even if it is south facing and thinking you will is retarded.

dd8355  No.12561911


I live in Missouri and you bet if shit happens I'm migrating to the cheese caves

7e561b  No.12561980


Hello fellow midwest anon.

e940e2  No.12561988

This will never happen. They won't allow it because this is what we want to full Moon Man

2e6910  No.12562039

File: 44a8e0f7f78e3eb⋯.jpg (282.22 KB, 880x1024, 55:64, amish rift earth cumberlan….jpg)

File: 813b8fea4836ae7⋯.jpg (450.14 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, cumberland rift topo map u….jpg)


Cheese caves NOW. I think all caves are good like this. Every anon should know all the local caves and salt mines and their entrances in the area they live.


This is the most amazing resource. I hope people take advantage of it. It must have taken years to compile this.


People without experience vastly underestimate the amount of food it takes to survive a single year.

2e6910  No.12562042


picts unrelated.

341da4  No.12562061


How do you prevent a sun from flaring, baka?

b3dd86  No.12562065


>y-you can only use 1 window in an apartment to ever grow potatoes

>p-potoes can only be grown once a year

>growing any potatoes is useless unless you grow 100% of your food needs!

>everyone's eating 2000 calories/day in a survival/starving situation

All of this is wrong.

It's possible to grow 300 pounds of potatoes in a 10ftx10ft area. That's ~100,000 calories from one harvest. Depending where you live and the variety of potato, you may harvest between 2 and 4 times. That's a substantial amount of calories to supplement anything else you have, and there's nothing stopping you from expanding other than access to soil and compost.

8029ce  No.12562094



Both of these guys are worth paying attention to. In this particular episode, they go over the method used at the Back to Eden farm, which is mainly gardening in deep beds of woodchips, and he gets rather impressive results for minimal effort and resources. The owner also gives more thorough courses, so there's a number of longer videos that are more in depth, should you wish to research further

b3dd86  No.12562113


Smart move anon. The cheese caves could save all of /pol/.


>Cheese caves NOW. I think all caves are good like this. Every anon should know all the local caves and salt mines and their entrances in the area they live.

True. History proves that caves can save people even when there are hostile armies marching against you or great disasters. The worst of the elements and human violence usually misses a bunch of random caves.

7a4c70  No.12562120

inb4 nothing happens

b3dd86  No.12562133


I personally garden with my own compost so I know sustainable soil methods work, however there's some misinformation about the Back to Eden memes. Mainly that you can't just grind up wood chips and grow in that (it will suck out the nitrogen), and often when they're talking about wood chips or wood they're really talking about well composted material, or about twigs and bark. That goes on top and is similar to when gardeners talk about adding a "dressing" of mulch or other composted materials, and as it breaks down and becomes the lower lawyers of soil it continues adding nutrients.

Understanding composting is an important first step to try that method, or any other sustainable method where you don't use or have access to store bought fertilizers.

41f729  No.12562147


Daily reminder that acceleration is the way to go and only lemmings are scared of it.

4a6597  No.12562222


>you're a coward if you don't help us win faster

Kill yourself kike.

ca02ca  No.12562344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



potatoes take 2.5 months, 10 weeks to grow, assuming you weren't retarded and planted more than one pot, you could survive off this and replant potatoes to grow more potatoes.

No one is saying to only grow potatoes but you could probably survive off only potatoes.

094017  No.12562396


>quantum weapons

excuse me what the fuck

explain yourself nigger

ca02ca  No.12562405

You can download all of wikipedia and use it offline.


094017  No.12562410


no she has to be a qt waifu tier female,

as this anon >>12560070 said , solar-chan would be a better alternative

ca02ca  No.12562416



no one fact checks the fact checker

that shit website is not trustworthy.

094017  No.12562455

File: 6fd7fab4c81871e⋯.png (490.98 KB, 1126x1092, 563:546, p2p.png)


correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't murder cube = do/k/ument?

also do you have links to the antimatrix collection, I don't think i've heard of that one before, and maybe links to the wiki download awell as the later mentioned resources if you have them please

491186  No.12562463

just to remind everyone, the EMP shit is a meme. a nuclear attack wouldnt fry all the electeonics and put us in the stone ages like its a Cobra Commander super weapon. Its one of the dumbest fucking things to worry about.

094017  No.12562464

File: f2516f46060090f⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, f2516f46060090f32c8871e36f….jpg)


> There is still hope for a peaceful conclusion, a concession to our demands.

95fd2a  No.12562467


This would be emergency-mode tier. Realistically, growing outdoors, one wants to grow about a single crop of potatoes in a specific outdoor plot every few years, for prevention of disease. In an emergency, you can do more, but it isn't ideal and may fail; rotate with other families of vegetables though the potato or sweet potato makes the most calories per area.

Potatoes appreciate cooler weather and can survive a mild frost; sweet potatoes like the heat and die with a mild frost. In my area, one could crop potatoes in the spring, and sweet potatoes in the summer/fall and be successful, and follow it up with a year of kale before beans, and perhaps a year of field corn before rotating back to the root crops. The basis is the potato/sweet potato, the field corn and beans provide "prep food" for a bad year where everything fails, and various greens provide vitamins and such.

Including some animals for eggs and meat/milk as well as manure, and you're set.

094017  No.12562473


what is the reasoning behind storing electronics in ash, is it some kind of electricity buffer/insulator?

094017  No.12562483


the glassing bit isn't what worries me, it's the fact that radioactive fallout exists, I get it won't be on the scale of Chernobyl but radioactive dust will still fuck everyone within a certain hundreds of mile radius via radiation poisoning, DNA damage, etc.

plus it would take at minimum 50 years for those areas to become usable again (see: Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

ca02ca  No.12562488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

094017  No.12562489


tbh that would be a good thing for medical use (non-kosher), if you can do that well enough I don't see why you would have trouble with regular plants

094017  No.12562503


aren't most electronics immune if you completely power them down and remove and batteries? idk about capacitors and other electronic bits that store a charge though

66caa9  No.12562506


>I fail to see the benefit of keeping this on a laptop instead of just having physical books?

The biggest benefit in my mind is anything digital is immediatly reproducible and or copied. To copy any book you need the same number of pages for copy paper plus a copy machine.

Digital enables you to share for infinity with vastly reduced resources.

ca02ca  No.12562514

File: cfc56f3f1ad4196⋯.jpg (218.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, DSCF2007.jpg)

File: 963b0d9c2ce6aff⋯.jpg (242.63 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, DSCF2012.jpg)


the wires will be electrified and and cause damage even if its off, what you need is a metal shield protecting the hardware, most modern electronics that are not crap from china already has this.

094017  No.12562541


>entire histories and knowledge's of humanity on a drive as big as your palm

>somehow won't be of much use

if you take the proper measures to ensure it's viability it will be the genesis seed for kick starting civilization again

094017  No.12562549


it pisses me off to no end that glowniggers would happily waco ridge them

000000  No.12562556


Hams will be posting dank memes with SSTV long after SHTF. Kings among men.

094017  No.12562560


> At least until people eat them

>implying that isn't a secondary benefit

000000  No.12562562


Good luck, my whole area is encrusted with veterans and they all drive those 4WD Bigfoot lifted trucks and 4 wheelers. Roving looters will be crab food.

000000  No.12562567


I've seen these copper sheets and it is worth a try. I had packing paper laid down around my garden with Borax sprinkled on it and it seemed to stop them for a while, but the issue is my hedge. It spawns slugs and snails.

ff672f  No.12562568


Why not plant a fruit tree?

ff672f  No.12562571


>slugs in the PNW

It varies. If you're more coastal, you often wind up with swarms of carnivorous leopard slugs that eat all the others. The downside is that they eat the banana slugs, which are actually a reliable emergency food source much of the year. Yes, they are land squid. Taste like squid, cooked the same, but you want to deslime in salt water or other methods. Would probably go good in gumbo, thinking about it.

d1c270  No.12562572


No. Every piece of wire becomes antenna. High altitude Nuclear powered EMP can produce fields as large as 50000 volts per meters. So inside off consumer devices can be potentials in teh 500-5000 volts range. It will surely fry any chips.

Of course electronics plugged in the grid are much more vulnerable. As 100 meters line from transformer to house could get 50 mega-volts potential induced by EMP.

000000  No.12562574


What, on the pile? It's an idea but I already have two fruit trees.

My neighborhood is already overgrown with canes, if I want blackberries, salmon berries, or salal I just have to walk 1/2 block. We also get a pretty good ramps crop here and most people don't eat them because they are afraid they will mix them up with lilies even though lilies are odorless and ramps stink of onions like crazy.

094017  No.12562577


>don't get guns to protect your crops goyim!

>just get some story books and sing kumbaya!

nice try kike

there is nothing "edgy" about being on edge with whether or not a govt that is known for fucking people in the ass will try to fuck you in the ass next

2e6910  No.12562585


>you can't just grind up wood chips and grow in that (it will suck out the nitrogen)

The part of that video that is under emphasized in the video (and I found out the hard way that it take years for the chips to turn into rich soil) is the part where he uses the chicken fertilizer/soil from his chickenyard in the garden. If I had to guess I would say, a blanket of wood chips and compost in the winter time so that it breaks down via microbial action and then a thick layer of 'chicken dirt' in the spring.

000000  No.12562589


Electronic susceptibility to EMP is all about capture are, how big is the device? Modern electronics with SMT components are much less vulnerable to EMP than older artifacts with through-hole components. Most consumer electronics would probably be fine, unless they were hooked to some larger antenna like the power grid.

>laptop plugged into wall and ethernet cable = fried

>laptop in a bag = fine

ff672f  No.12562593


Do your fruit trees harvest at the same time? What about plums, pears, and figs? Or perhaps something that has nuts?

000000  No.12562595


I've eaten my share of escargot but I'd rather walk a couple hundred feet and throw in my fishing line or dig clams. If you had a good arm you could throw a rock into the Pacific from where I type.

000000  No.12562605


I have an apple and a pear, for now that's good for me. I like plums but my neighbor has a plum tree and I can pick all I like from hers. If SHTF I'd probably end up feeding her anyway, she's like 95 years old and eats like a little bird.

Survivalism is partly about community.

c89c1f  No.12562674


Oh no, the sun itself outputs hundreds of billions of nuclear bombs worth of energy every day, even tens of trillions worth. A solar flare equaling tens of millions of nuclear bombs worth of energy is probably a very conservative estimate. You fail to grasp the sheer magnitude and power of the sun. It itself is a massive gagglefuck of fusion reactions of hydrogen that can fit 1.3 millions earths inside of it. The wimpy little magnetosphere of the earth can protect the planet's surface from everyday radiation, but massive solar flares like the 1859 incident completely bypassed that field and interacted directly with earth. Not to mention the earth's magnetosphere switches poles and fluctuates and has stronger and weaker spots and strengthens and degrades cyclically. All of this combined with the sun itself is no sure guarantee that we're safe in any capacity even if we are capable to producing our own even smaller and much weaker magnetic field around some of the earth. It won't make much difference.

094017  No.12562680


nice quads, but I don't see how shutting off the lights then running around in the dark giggling like a maniac is helping the jews win?

b3dd86  No.12562702


Yeah, there's a lot left out and a lot of incorrect terminology. I believe he also doesn't mention that a lot of his wood is twigs and small branches. There's a huge difference in both the composting time and nitrogen taken from the soil between straight wood chips and twigs with bark. He's essentially using a no till method where he keeps dressing the soil from the top. This actually isn't uncommon for flower beds, shrubs, and other things. It's just that it's an unusual method for vegetables.

Bark has most of the upsides and none of the downsides of wood chips, and composts faster, so I definitely recommend starting with that if you want to go that route. I prefer to pre-compost bark until it's blackened and falls apart in my hands. I also mix in various organics like leaves to break down on their own. A lot of people forget that good soil should have organics in it, to hold air pockets and absorb water, and to host micro-organisms.

For branches and wood I make a pile and let it start to compost over time. When it can be broken up more easily, I dig trenches deeper than the roots of what I'm growing and line the bottom with them. Then that gets covered with slimy leaves, green grasses, and whatever green weeds I'm getting rid of. This will host micro-organisms and make worms very happy, as well as absorb and redistribute water in a drought. It's also unlikely to suck nitrogen from the soil above. Then the actual garden bed/soil goes on top, and I regularly add slimy leaves and such into the soil, and composted/rotting clumps of whatever on top. There's a noticeable increase in worm population when I do this and it keeps the soil moist in the summer.

And of course I compost the organics I use. Coffee ground are great. And contrary to what people think, you actually can compost green weeds and their seeds and end up with a great compost that won't grow all those weeds (at least not any more than usual). Weedy seeds may do fine dormant in the soil, but they don't survive well in the moist hot environment of an active and turned compost. They'll break down like everything else, and all those green weeds are full of nitrogen to make a compost.

094017  No.12562718


the thing that has always worried me is that the foil isnt hermetically sealed (idk if thats the right word) with the exception of adding actual ducting tape or foil tape. from your picture it seems like it just has to cover it and that even if water and air could potentially enter it just needs to be a box at the minimum, kinda like how milk crates keep the bottles in but other things can move between them.

is that pretty much "it"?

ff672f  No.12562722


Eh, the water is more inclined to get polluted than the land mollusks…. though really they're more like squid than they are snail for some odd reason.

>good on fruit

What about pine nuts? Swiss pine grows well in most northern climates and produces it's nuts in the SUMMER for harvest, unlike most tree nuts which are a winter ordeal.

000000  No.12562724


It doesn't have to be hermetically sealed, think of the EMP as a sort of light which is shining on the enclosure.

ff672f  No.12562725


It really is not much different from light, it's just another spectrum on the EM field.

c89c1f  No.12562729



>A flare is defined as a sudden, rapid, and intense variation in brightness. A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. Radiation is emitted across virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves at the long wavelength end, through optical emission to x-rays and gamma rays at the short wavelength end. The amount of energy released is the equivalent of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time! The first solar flare recorded in astronomical literature was on September 1, 1859. Two scientists, Richard C. Carrington and Richard Hodgson, were independently observing sunspots at the time, when they viewed a large flare in white light.


094017  No.12562731


>We also get a pretty good ramps crop

what are ramps?

094017  No.12562743



so as long as the inside is "dark" i'm good?

thanks for clearing that up for me

000000  No.12562753


Alliums like garlic, shallots, or onions, all of which are edible and in the lily family. My wife makes quiche out of them but you can use them like onions or shallots generally. They come out in great abundance in the spring.

95fd2a  No.12562757


Oh yes, as long as you had light and heat, you could grow potatoes indefinitely, especially with sterilizing/hot composting the soil between runs.

Under lights (though where is the electricity and bulbs coming from) is always a possibility if theoretically; I've thought pit greenhouses to be a smart idea for a long time, and a rocket mass heater through the floor would work wonders.

000000  No.12562765


I think they will rot if you tried to grow them hydroponically.

ff672f  No.12562776


Pretty much. Really, even a wire mesh tends to work, as long as it's grounded. You're essentially making an antenna that will catch the energy and suck it into the ground.


Just be sure to warn people on how to recognize poisonous lookalikes like the Narcissus flower. Such as the saps and such.

094017  No.12562778

File: 950549a3f3e21a3⋯.jpg (123.39 KB, 770x430, 77:43, onion1.jpg)

File: c25949ba92b9307⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, onion2.JPG)

File: 0344f3004b9c18a⋯.jpg (416.29 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, onion3.jpg)


are they like pics related?

you said they smell like onions and I used to dig these up as a kid and I clearly recall them smelling like onion if I cut it

094017  No.12562784


so would a mylar blanket or foil over a box and covered with dirt theoretically work?

0e9e5e  No.12562794

File: eff4d73790f58de⋯.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, 440:247, Eyebrows.gif)

>implying an emp is more likely than aurora vulnerability exploitation

fa3f08  No.12562813


Three of them, as a matter of fact.

fa3f08  No.12562816


I think those are chives, they taste fucking wonderful.

128f46  No.12562830

Bring it on

Anything to upset ZOG's applecart

1a35df  No.12562858


>says to destroy the whole beautiful Garden Earth which can easily heal itself just because of some (((individuals))) and (((brainwashed))) people

>brainwashing can be reverted

(((kikes))) are dead, though.

4db766  No.12562912


>with the power of tens of millions of nuclear bombs far more powerful than any other force in this universe

>more powerful than any other force in the universe

>than any other force

There's no need for hyperbolic fear-porn. Coronal mass ejections (inb4…), quasars, and supernovae are a few.

000000  No.12562956


Anything like that is typically an allium or onion family ally if it smells like onions. It's good shit.

47a889  No.12562963


Wow this is cool, thanks.

f1c32e  No.12562996

Learn how to live out of a rucksack like military style. Learn how to survive cold and hot weather conditions, learn how to hunt pussies. The vegan trans Jews won’t survive and all will be well.

094017  No.12563002


can they be eaten raw or should I roast them over a fire for a bit til they're crunchy?

4db766  No.12563004


>if you kill your enemy's most powerful weapon (the electronic jew), they win

I'm not seeing it either. Aside from shutting off the talmudvision, there will be a massive culling of the weak and a general return to Natural selection. I'm pretty sure this is the exact opposite of what the devil's children want.

c89c1f  No.12563034


It doesn't really matter what you put your computer or cell phone or anything else in a faraday cage because the entire power grid, network grid and communications grid would be destroyed. Gas stations couldn't pump so no fuel. No internet, no electricity no phones or cars or tvs. No vehicle would function unless manufactured before like 1974 or some shit. Everything would be completely dark.

c89c1f  No.12563043


>any other force in this universe THAT CAN DIRECTLY AFFECT OUR EARTH…

Take my shit out of context to nitpick the middle of a sentence.

ff672f  No.12563046


You're retarded if you think that applies to all areas. Where I am, people have generators, horses, and our own oil supply and gasoline refinement. Even if 90% got destroyed we'd still have plenty for us.

1a35df  No.12563076


>anon gives many tips, ideas, etc. of survival

>kike comes along and says "it's going to be the same as (((samson))) give up goy!"


>w-why are you never listening to us, goy? b-be o-obedient!

>truly free beings resist the (((kikes)))

>(((kikes))) are gassed regardless of what they whine about

>We are Free.

9ef15b  No.12563078


The fuck are you talking about? I never mentioned snopes. Fucking lying small hat. You think trashing this place with more of your horseshit matters, think you’re sticking it to the ebil natzees, but really, the vast, vast majority are set to put and end to you all for good. Regular people all over the world are set to see you all burn, so have at it, black out what’s going on in France, kike up another message board, spread more jew lies that no one believes anymore. Doesn’t matter. It’s already begun and you’re too fucking spoiled, deluded and stupid to realize the damage you’ve done. People suffer as a directly result of you not keeping your dirty larping Hebrew claws out of shit you have no business with. Your people.


>hurr shut up faggot ahurr

Kill your child molesting rabbi, your hideous parents and then yourself, you dirty inbred little circle. Keep pushing and dirty little circle children are doing to wind up nailed to burning little children sized crosses.

Fucking bank on it. You’re good at that.

094017  No.12563079


probably just some reverse psychology jew op


communications could still be maintained on a small scale via walkie talkies ad other radio equipment, but the main concern isn't comms, it's having the information resource on how to rebuild and do things, in the past there were 3 ways people learned, 1. trial and error, 2. by tradition and word of mouth, hands on demonstration, and 3. by books. since no one does 2 anymore, we are left with 1 and 3, which of course 1 being a poor choice in a situation where a fuck up = dying, and 3 is heavy and takes up a lot of space, a computer could store all that and then some, so you can take it anywhere, anytime, and have almost any information ready to be used.

>tl;dr its taking the only viable option ( option 3 ) and making it condensed and portable

000000  No.12563081

EMP attacks aren't actually that bad if you live outside the cities, which is most people. With the (((city rats))) dead, it'll be the beginning of a new great era.

c89c1f  No.12563130


<we have our own oil supply and gasoline refinement

Just listen to what you just said there…you have your own oil supply and gasoline refinement…that is operated in facilities and maintained by computers. I mean, I guess if you refine your petroleum like they did in 1918 you'd be fine but I really doubt your facilities run like that.

Also, if they're permanent generators and not the little 10hp mobile ones you take camping, I guarantee it has computers or circuits in there.


No doubt.

4db766  No.12563141

4ef56b  No.12563231

>fear-mongering from the mainstream media

b3dd86  No.12563296


Chives are great. They'll grow like a weed in conditions other vegetables won't including the shade and can add some vitamins and filler to anything you cook. They don't need any maintenance or watering provided they're in the ground and not a pot, and pests don't eat them. Barely any calories in them so just let them grow in areas you aren't otherwise using for growing calories.

8029ce  No.12563601


Yes, and thanks, I suppose I didn't do much to help with that underemphasized bit, though it's better covered in the more in depth videos. I can personally attest to the viability of a mix of digested fish and chicken shit for this purpose

c89c1f  No.12563721


>enough to blanket the earth

Okay, so lets say every single nuclear weapon used was a 1 megaton warhead with a complete destruction radius of 15 miles. That mean the area destroyed would be approximately 180 square miles that were destroyed.

The earth has approximately 57,308,738 square miles which would mean you would need 318,382 1Mt bombs to completely blanket all land mass on the face of the earth.

Currently there are only around 10,100 recorded nuclear weapons in the world.

c89c1f  No.12563731


Oh, I forgot to mention. Some of those nuclear weapons that exist are smaller or larger then 1Mt. Most of them are a lot smaller, usually in the double digit kiloton range. A lot of others are triple digit kiloton and only a small percent are Mt or over.

094017  No.12563742



your forgetting about the fallout, sure a few sun bursts will blacken a small part of the earth, but the real killer is radioactive dust that will give you cancer and kill you, and that dust spreads in a similar pattern to a volcano, so the effective range will surely be multiples bigger than the immediate ground zero

c89c1f  No.12563764


Fallout and background radiation doesn't kill you instantly. It could take weeks, months or years to die from radiation poisoning depending on your exposure. Also, fallout is physical particulate. It travels it air currents and jet streams. If you're generally north or south of any blasts, you're alright. If you're east or west, you'll probably start losing hair soon and you might want to iodine tablets. The immediate area around a ground zero can be reestablished in only a few days or weeks, depending on the lingering effects of that radiation.

Also, the key term I was attempting to extrapolate upon was "blanket" as in cover completely and entirely with nuclear weapons.

c89c1f  No.12563774


I don't hope at all. All I was trying to show you was that the use of the word "blanket" is not a correct metaphor in the sense of covering the entire world in nuclear weapons.

c89c1f  No.12563793


And it would really only take about 100 or so thermonuclear detonations at once to initiate a global nuclear winter and massive famines and such.

c89c1f  No.12563798


I never said you were right or wrong. I simply wanted to show you factual evidence that it is and always has been impossible to "blanket" the earth, or at least the land area, with nuclear weapons.

094017  No.12563803

File: df13a58c8b8572f⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 500x707, 500:707, fun times.jpg)



hope takes us further than fear

sure nukes may fall, or maybe there is a contingency plan in place to blast them all out of the sky or in their bunkers, anything that is too small to justify a bunker is too small to worry about fucking up the planet.

as much as we may shit on the ZOG, there are some good guys on the inside, guys that may be willing to catch a hit to stop a nuke or self destruct it.

the world is waking up to the JQ, sooner or later they will have no bastion.


c89c1f  No.12563825

File: ca2548f83432abc⋯.jpeg (9.95 KB, 280x180, 14:9, download.jpeg)

File: e6f57ab2014f2c7⋯.jpeg (9.53 KB, 280x180, 14:9, images (1).jpeg)




094017  No.12563827

File: 80e48cc427a4289⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1136x958, 568:479, 1538207008916.png)



what in the las vegas pys op is this shit?


that explains it, well nigger in case you haven't heard white men are akin to the phoenix, also lets not forget ash is WHITE.

and no nigger, i'm not here forever, in fact i'm not here at all, /pol/ is not a place, its a feeling

be happy man, the ethno-state is gonna be there and its gonna be beautiful man

000000  No.12563839

It's No Joke - Full story it's the Sun. - Do your Research !

41f729  No.12563853


Yeah, because kikes losing their influence and power over lemmings while also taking out the United States in the realm of global control would definitely be helping the kikes.

Fix yourself, retard.

094017  No.12563866


well thats what happens when you worship moloch, try giving odin or some other warrior god a try and then go do some useful shit (ex martyr for white race)

094017  No.12565425


well then you are truly lost. there is a god for each people, they look like their god, their god looks like them. gods generally try to help their people. gods of foreign lands and foreign peoples would obviously hate you. find the god of your peoples and you will find peace. any pain that is brought to you in this life is brought by followers of false and foreign gods.

41ffcd  No.12566335

>>12563866 (check)


Wotan never was some unidimensional "warrior god", little niglet. He was so much more that that before the Twilight.

5f03b8  No.12566357

He also wasn't into men

8a7896  No.12567304

>>How would /pol/ survive?

Spilling jewish blood will be FUCKING HIGH ENERGY. An hour after the ligths go out, I'm going to be geared up and out the door, Shlomo hunting.

7e2020  No.12567355


Woden was a constant as the tree of the forest.

efb930  No.12567389

File: 73c40209210127a⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 361x240, 361:240, 240_F_113958868_2zRJutUFYU….jpg)

File: cdab55d7e10de52⋯.jpg (510.42 KB, 724x483, 724:483, 01-Pine-nuts.jpg)

File: ba7a2afbaf40867⋯.jpeg (111.11 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, gby1701_4b_Cattail.jpg.re….jpeg)

this reminds me of those good days backin ~2007 cuckchan /pol/ days talking about going innawoods and having survivalist information. back when /k/ and /pol/ had a ton of crossover.

remember you can eat the seeds inside of "polynoses" from maple trees. also pinecones contain pine nuts which are edible. also cat-tails aka hotdog grass have edible stems that taste like cucumbers.

Always look up whats edible and native to your area. tons of weeds you probably see every day are edible. many clovers and cress plants are edible too. these are great for snacks/flavor.

HOWEVER, its most important to remember that this wont be sustainable for most, hoarding things like sugar, salt, protein powder, multivitamins including prenatal vitamins, flour, oils, dry corn, oatmeal, corn meal, etc and having a very cool and (more importantly DRY) place to store them. is what would most likely save you.

know how to clean animals and use/preserve their meat using salt. killing one deer is enough to eat for easily a month. just know, the majority if every day will be spent getting your next meal.

ff672f  No.12567393

File: a8930e6e4740707⋯.png (41.4 KB, 617x396, 617:396, d9831c1ca61a24c481201c11fa….png)


Fucking check'd


Kike, you have been outted by Kek himself.


Or at least present your throat.

ff672f  No.12567404


How the shit can a foreign national be in charge of the USA's nukes? Though, given that a foreign mongrel was placed as president, who put that kike in charge of the nukes... damn the world is fucked up.

ff672f  No.12567408


Heya blackpilled faggot. Shitting up another thread with your schizophrenia again? You really are a kike aren't you?

8b12cf  No.12567422

Nice bait OP.

b3dd86  No.12567435


>know how to clean animals and use/preserve their meat using salt.

And their hides/furs.

30a58f  No.12567542

File: fb4f329b18dfce6⋯.jpg (49.72 KB, 362x447, 362:447, fb4f329b18dfce60f85328e4af….jpg)


The only reason you haven't ended it yet is because you have somehow managed to convince yourself that you are hopeless, even though your tenacity indicates you are by far and away the most hopeful of all of us here,yet you are so vitriolic towards your own hope that the fervor of your never-ending meltdown never lets the idea of hope leave the public viewing. Thank you (((ashes))), you've done much good here.

c89c1f  No.12567629


Then just kill yourself already you sniveling little cry baby, crying over spilled milk and tough titties. Jesus, you're a fucking sad little creature.

efb930  No.12567671


but fur is murder, anon.

000000  No.12568357


Your proper grammar and intellectual comprehension of this hopeless situation places you above anyone who thinks, "everything is fine."

Being able to predict the next step in a situation is the ability to predict the future. That means that your internal simulation and ability to comprehend the next step using logic and evidence is beyond those that still foolishly cling to hope. Clearly you require powerful mushrooms and a new fashion style, to further differentiate you from those who do not understand.

Perhaps you can be a shamanic sort, as I am.

Hope for the future of society and civilization? There is no hope there. But you? You ought to have personal hope in your own will to power. That hope is a personal thing, in this case, and I recommend you do not give it up easily.

There is still more to do.

c36d7e  No.12568489

File: dcb56eff70abaf8⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, solarpanel.jpg)

File: 39de65e404c8f57⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, powerbank.jpg)

c36d7e  No.12568679


A typical EMP has a wavelength of several centimeters. It can't go through smaller gaps.

807493  No.12568868


Why don't you make yourself "useful"?

You know what to do anon.

I mean if you're gonna spend the time whining here you might as well use that time doing something "useful".

>wah wah I'm a coward

Oh that's right . You're just a dumbfuck troll/shill who thinks your act is funny.

b3dd86  No.12568924


What about a solar flare?

22a0d7  No.12568938

Favela future is more infinitely more feasible than Fallout future. I'll worry about The Big One™ after the problem of universal 75iq has been addressed.

c36d7e  No.12569182


Wavelengths shorter than a centimeter are strongly absorbed by the atmosphere and blocked completely by common building materials.

736ac7  No.12569202

When the lights go out the people will become like hungry locusts. They will strip the lands bare in their desperation. Cannibalism will become commonplace, even the dead will know no rest. The hour approaches, the end is nigh.

ada4cc  No.12570335



Ffs, just ignore the kikoid attention whore. Youse faggits know how to block by ID, right?

a92678  No.12570624


>If you are forced to go longer than a couple weeks you better be living on a self sustaining farm or be ready to start eating people and serving Lord Humongous.

Can't I just eat wild game and fish?

d2ad75  No.12570670


reminder the zombie pop culture push was predictive programming and to de-sensitize people to killing large groups of starving humans without empathy.

There's a screencap i've seen where a military anon talks about how they received "zombie training". I.E how to fight large groups of unarmed starving civilians

ada4cc  No.12570844


The short answer is that it depends. If you're not sure, just wrap it in foil and call it a day, provided it's fully wrapped, and that the full enclosure/wrapping is conductive with itself, which is to say that if you were to touch wires to any two points on the outer surface of the 'cage', you should be able to conduct electricity between the wires through the foil. I also suggest electrically insulating the object from the shielding; it shouldn't matter under ideal conditions, but it's not like saran wrap or a cardboard box (make sure the lid's foil is electrically connected to the box) are gonna cut too deep into your NEET funds. I wouldn't bury it in dirt either, that'll just corrode the foil and kill the electronics; grounding is really only necessary if you need conductors passing through the shielding, such as a power cable because you want to shield your computer while also having it powered on, but there's much more involved, such as isolation transformers etc. when passing things through the shield, and should generally be avoided unless you have a very good reason to do so. As far as mylar, there were some glowniggers that got busted, in Italy IIRC, because they wrongly assumed that mylar foil in the form of potato chip bags would be an effective faraday cage to hide their phones in to prevent them from being tracked. I'm not sure where the exact line is drawn, but unless you test it otherwise, mylar is too thin, and foil is generally good enough.

See also:



I expected as much, I'm actually more surprised that the goyim are able to know this information

841ee3  No.12570925

File: b49c8606b0e623e⋯.png (58.06 KB, 865x700, 173:140, polsurvivestheapocolypse.PNG)


>Can't I just eat wild game and fish?

No. And yes. You better have a plan for more than just wild game.

ada4cc  No.12571573


EMPs, or at least the kind in question, are broad spectrum in nature, which can most easily be justified via Heisen(((berg)))'s uncertainty principle, whereby because the pulse is short in duration and thus well defined in time, the pulse is inherently poorly defined in energy, in terms of the individual photons, and being that photon energy correlates to frequency, this means that the pulse has a poorly defined frequency, or is constituted of a broad spectrum, enough so so that a several cm wide hole in your shielding would fukkit. The shortest pulse component of nuclear EMPs are atmospheric limited, but at ~50kv/m at ground level, more than enough to fuck electromonics.



The long duration pulse of the geomagnetic storm can easily fuck you though, be it from solar flare or nuclear origins, which result in a long voltage surge that can last 10s to 100s of seconds. I don't believe most electronics are affected by this, but anything connected to the grid without protection is fucked, including the grid itself catching fire in extreme cases

b3dd86  No.12573066


Nice tip anon. Today's culture has completely brainwashed people against fat, which is a horrible mentality for survival. In survival, fat is king, especially animal fat. It's long term energy that will sustain you. Just ask the inuit. 50% of their diet is fat. Very useful to survive the cold and remain physically capable.

d99566  No.12573107

Q predicted this, seriously. He says no blackouts will occur. Which, given how the midterms went, means stock up on batteries.

2b756b  No.12576209

File: 8e64d94a40c68a6⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1604x4043, 1604:4043, 1539472572153.png)



Thanks for sharing guys. If something does happen, me and my family aren't in a very good position right now. But I'll have to start working immediately on gathering more information on these systems.

Any website you anons would recommend that comprehensively covers the topic of self sustainability and these home growing systems? I'll look it up myself right now, but I just wanted to see if there were any sites that anons who are more well informed would like to recommend.

Jesus bless

41f729  No.12576227


Ah, you got me, those numbers surely mean that I am indeed a hooked nose kike. All thanks to our favorite frog, kek! Curse you kekistanis and your amazing power to repel the likes of me, a jew, who wanted to see the destruction of the great and glorious liberal democracies of the world to enact our world government from absolutely nothing! Thankfully we got rid of all of the power structures of the world which keep us in control, now we REALLY have control!

170bf6  No.12576233


just keep a flock of chickens so you have eggs for fat

a milk cow or goat is nice as well

c36d7e  No.12577060


I may be wrong on this, but my understanding is that high altitude EMP is caused by high energy photons being absorbed by the ionosphere and re-emitted at lower frequencies; the frequency distribution follows the emission spectrum and the ionosphere doesn't have any strong peaks in the millimeter range.

f30879  No.12597792

b25e3c  No.12606933


6ff4e4  No.12607066


>The mechanism for a 400 km high-altitude burst EMP: gamma rays hit the atmosphere between 20–40 km altitude, ejecting electrons which are then deflected sideways by the Earth's magnetic field. This makes the electrons radiate EMP over a massive area.

6ff4e4  No.12607092



> No vehicle would function unless manufactured before like 1974 or some shit

You think only chips are vulnerable. Actually under 50kv/m field intensity every piece of wire or coil (inside transformers or electric motors) would be damaged.

937dcb  No.12607094


your porn of course.

3d7280  No.12607104


>and prevent mass migration

Long story short, if the power grid goes down you can expect millions of beaners to march on the border and the military will do nothing. They will be coming to take what you have. The stores will run out of food and supplies instantaneously and the trucks will stop. 99% of the population will be fucked.

4a9105  No.12607149


Not so much death by EMP.

Death by starvation, due to no woman in the USA knowing how to cook and no man knowing how to hunt… the 10% that do, should be fine.

Death by the idiots who will kill each other over shit paper at Walmart, once the grid goes down.

Death by third world sanitation.

Death by lack of water, food, etc.

People's homes will be largely unaffected, other than no power, no water, no utilities, etc.

4a9105  No.12607154


You'd be best of, doubling down and buying two of these. One to use, after the EMP. One to use about 6 months later, when the secondary EMP hits. Most people plan for the first and neglect to plan for the secondary EMP.

a07833  No.12627952


>chance to start anew and leave the evil and corruption of this gay (((civilization))) behind

>haha let's keep those 10TB of giga giantesses disintegrating galaxy clusters with a fart


326c32  No.12627957

File: b9a72120a82b29d⋯.jpeg (212.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, belarus.jpeg)


Had a friend that had what he called The Belarus. A WWII tractor they used. All the guages were in cyrillic. He was still using it in the 90s. *sip* Thing was so ugly but would def survive an EMP.

84d684  No.12627960

Keep telling your lies, you're the spiritual Jews.

6ff4e4  No.12627975


If it is old diesel then yes. "Conventional old" gas engine ignition coils are vulnerable to high energy EMP.

eb9028  No.12631165



>Edgelord is telling us a load here… our sun's solar flares are "spcecial" and more powerful than any other sun.

Its actually the other way around. The sun is a very placid and calm star. F.ex red dwarfs are often flare stars that undergo occasional superflares where solar output increases 1000x.

f4a1db  No.12631673


>red dwarfs

You mean white dwarfs, or red supergiants?

1580a7  No.12631690


>Favela future is more infinitely more feasible than Fallout future.

I live far, far away from spics.

5bd3f4  No.12631703


Nigger what? "Most" farmers still use equipment from the 1940's-1970's. Do you have any idea how expensive advanced modern tractors and farm equipment is? Far outside the range of most farmers.

I love my 46 Ford and FarmAll B. Get yourself one Anon's, you'll never regret it.

e3e082  No.12631839


>The examples I've seen is a small copper collar around the individual plants

This works pretty good for larger plants, ive used it successfully growing weed on small patches innawoods. Snails were devastating, but the copper kept them away. Problem is you cant have any kind of bridge, like a long weighed down branch touching the earth like you would get with tomatoes.



Anyone thinking about going innawoods, or spending decades in survival mode, read this


Everyone ITT should read this imo, seriously opened my eyes to what determined people are in theory nowadays capable of.

ed9d55  No.12644886



So did they reproduce through incest?

341da4  No.12644926


They better get a ton of farm hands then.

We'd probably do a complete 180 and return to a system where land owners have an army of peasants tending their land.

Before your ignorance sees that as a bad thing, peasants used to have holidays/feasts/celebrations 100ish days per year. They lived the comfiest lives compared to our current system of overworked wage cucking.

000000  No.12644983


341da4  No.12645062


>40 years

Anon thats a bit more than one generation. Its not 400 years you fucking autist, they could have not reproduced at all and survived because the life expectancy is 80-90 years.

7b9bb3  No.12645124

EMP False Flag incoming?

262cfd  No.12645295


I have them all, but they're in epub format? If someone lets me know how to quickly, and freely, convert them to pdf I'll hand them over. Personally, my family were pioneers in the Midwest (and before that, settlers in Virginia and Massachusetts) but on account of the same Anglosaxon culture nearly everything in these books are how rural Americans lived until the late 19th century, and in some parts, esp the mountains, until WWII.

bba971  No.12664651


prep friend

b25e3c  No.12680235


8ca865  No.12680258


>from a terrorist or solar attack

Sounds like;

>from a state of israel sponsored psyop

f1f85d  No.12680373


>>converting EPUB to PDF

You could use Calibre, which even allows for doing batch conversions.

000000  No.12680399


>own power

best be sure there are literally no electronics in that generator anon. otherwise it will be an expensive paperweight when you need it most.

0774e3  No.12682009


Short answer is that it don't do dick, as per some documentary on the construction of Norad's candy mountain. >>12559957

Well, it's not too hard to set up a private network, I doubt Verizon would notice a tower or two disappearing (though an SDR or hybrid setup might be a good idea, especially considering you'd need to DIY the backend systems for the towers) and then there's always wifi, so my main concern would be whether or not the FCC has jurisdiction over you.


>This is where you separate the men from the boys, and you take the body

Generally, either go head first, or better yet, thoroughly destroy the head/skull. If someone's dog digs up a person's toe bone, maybe it was just a raccoon or something. But if Fido brings a skull home, there's gonna be some questions asked. And burn all clothing/personal effects.

2f9359  No.12706464

Sounds like tinfoil conspires talk

780d02  No.12729423


The minimal depth to avoid EMP pulses are 6-8feet, depending how dense the soil is.

020963  No.12730788


is this a Before it's News tier thread or what?

d17727  No.12749922

c482f9  No.12752421

know where are our guys in event of emergency @dannyocoulson



4f0a7a  No.12752439


All of this EMP research, going back decades, is being done on Israel's behalf, because they fear regional opponents like Iran hitting them with EMPs. Take a look at who is funding and organizing all of there studies.

000000  No.12752461

>How would /pol/ survive? What are the most vital resources and knowledge to have before it happens?

Innawoods. Eagle scout. Kill commies.

11a038  No.12752981

One issue you guys haven't mentioned are the effects of caffeine/sugar/alcohol/drug withdrawals.

cac292  No.12756843



Currently growing Sunchokes. Super easy to grow. They love full sun and their above-ground growth looks like a stand of small-head wild sunflowers. The tubers are slightly sweeter than potatoes, but only slightly. They are also know to help with insulin-resistance.

18572d  No.12779241


Are you implying the entire population will be tweaking for a week? fun

75984e  No.12779335

Emp Black out ? Geez wonder what types of people are adapted to living off the grid no Phones no tv no electricity??? Who i say who will survive????? Pro tip ,,God Damn i love being White 😁 Give a shits about EMPs is a Zero

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