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File: 12e9e8ec69b5efd⋯.png (277.07 KB, 468x403, 36:31, ClipboardImage.png)

36b22d  No.12580251

Based white girl smashes face of invader scum in bathroom

'You're lucky you're from another language because I will crush you b***h': Syrian refugee girl, 14, is attacked inside a high school bathroom by another teen girl who 'wanted to vape' inside the stall she was in




678e77  No.12580284

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Embed because OP is a faggot.

The Syrian girl threw a bottle at her first and was clearly antagonizing evil whitey.

7e4bfd  No.12580344

>no swirlies were administered

You're supposed to flush the toilet paper, lassie.

332319  No.12580363

File: 26c58a6679acfd0⋯.mp4 (10.43 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Syrian tries to start shit….mp4)


>Not posting the video file.

OP is a fucking faggot and so are you.

fe50f3  No.12580364


That's awesome.

you're lucky you're from another language

8353b5  No.12580365


Based whitey. Wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't make international news. Diversity is harmful. Here's proof.

000000  No.12580388

>White whore ditches class

>White whore smokes

>White whore acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim

>White whore is wearing slutty underwear

B-b-b-but she's not degenerate

You fucking /pol/cucks don't surprise me anymore. This is a White nigger and you all still worship her. You are all such fucking losers.

muh White women can't do anything wrong! The Jews made her smoke, attack the Muslim and suck Tyrone's dick

0110de  No.12580391

>I’ll crush you

>no you won’t you’re too scared

>begins to crush

>aaaa stop leave me alone

Fucking shitskins.

7e4bfd  No.12580403


based TORpedo

000000  No.12580410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5d0d02  No.12580424

and they say vaping is bad for kids

000000  No.12580440


>No proof

Ok she was smoking during lunch time. Is that much better?

>Like the rest of the poor children who have to attend public schools?

You fucking faggot. You're giving her a pass? I bet she burns coal then way she attacked that Muslim girl for no reason. You'd still defend her if she did you cuck.

>That wasn't a thong you retard

Still slutty

>wearing Nike/Adidas shit.

You obviously don't work out. No wonder you worship women. You low T faggot. Go back to masturbating to hentai.

>Nice projection

You're still defending this White nigger, faggot.

5d0d02  No.12580450


don't you have the antifa leader thread to kvetch in?

5d0d02  No.12580469


>attacking muslim girl for no reason

you listed the reason pantifa

b56ee8  No.12580537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>and they say vaping is bad for kids


>Bug tobacco and government paying for anti-vaping ads

>SJWs sites like cracked going after vape

>Hollyjew shows like South Park and true detective attempt to demonize vape

Vape is life

Vape is love

Vape is freedom

ca96d0  No.12580561



4a7a93  No.12580600


Hahaha you fucking glow in the dark. Get out you fucking kike subversive

5363e0  No.12580653

File: c484c05bd2847f4⋯.jpg (149.13 KB, 1024x629, 1024:629, 1jjbpo.jpg)


>the Muslim invader is innocent

5363e0  No.12580668

File: f1feb5b43efda88⋯.png (14.17 KB, 200x197, 200:197, wojak.png)


You're just a spineless coward whose ashamed a fucking woman has more of a spine than you.

If this happened to you you'd probably start crying and begging forgiveness.

000000  No.12580680







Enabling faggots. I hope you catch your bitch getting fucked by Tyrone.

e58066  No.12580692




No such thing. Just like there are no good Jews.

5363e0  No.12580697

File: 0f99db61f9716e9⋯.jpg (329.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, andrew-anglin-crying.jpg)


Imagine being more cowardly than a woman, and still calling yourself a man.

9af70f  No.12580703

c834f2  No.12580715


Torfag be faggin.

524a05  No.12580717


She might've chimped out, yes, but if all white people were this willing to chimp out on minorities we wouldn't have an immigration problem because the third world would be too afraid to come here. I applaud this girl. It's time for more whites to chimp out and bash minorities (and the people letting them in).

9af70f  No.12580724


I wish there was a way to filter the tor ID constantly like a tripcode

fe50f3  No.12580729


You're lucky you're from another language, motherfucker.

fe50f3  No.12580730


Reminder you'd be able to filter out 99% of them if the mods permitted namefagging.

13d5d6  No.12580733


The anti-vape corporate astroturf is so transparent. (((Big tobacco))) is scared.

cc9835  No.12580736

Why does the white girl talk like a ghetto hood rat?

13d5d6  No.12580738


That fag is a Muslim, bro.

c834f2  No.12580739


That shitskin forced her to do it and threw the first punch. White girl is a hero.

fe50f3  No.12580743


>The anti-vape corporate astroturf is so transparent. (((Big tobacco))) is scared.

This is pretty interesting. Maybe the kikes are shilling for that as well? They seem to take on multiple clients simultaneously.

13d5d6  No.12580744


Because she's probably a ghetto hood rat

3fd2a1  No.12580769

Lying taqiya whore, she's making the vape attack shit up no doubt.

fe50f3  No.12580781


Correct. She's definitely a pathological liar. You can tell just by looking at her, and her instant lying. She lies and says the other person punched her when she was calling for a fight. That kind of faggot gains the hatred of everyone, though.

fe50f3  No.12580784


The blurring is a clever kike trick. It hides the arrogance of the so-called victim.

445d50  No.12580788



Girls shouldn't be skipping class, you nu-male cuck. Any girls at my school who did that knew it was a 1 time only thing and the boys did more often to get out of school to do. It is natural and the girls who did join me and the lads did out of curiosity not "bravery".

Get your fucking shit together.

e8b740  No.12580793

File: c948767e3cee2dc⋯.jpg (162.32 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, pennsylvania colorized by ….jpg)


That's what PA whites are like outside of the T

fe50f3  No.12580795



The kikes at the dailymamzer also falsified the final condition of the girl, which was on her feet yelling in anger (not fear). They pretend like she was left unconscious, which might be true, but there's no video evidence of that. She's seen plainly enough standing up, and we hear banging, which sounds like she's hitting something (could she be collapsing due to a delayed reaction?)

But wow, the kikes are at it again, hiding everything true, and presenting everything false.

(((Breitbart))) does the same.

2801d3  No.12580798



524a05  No.12580799


I mean, if anyone asks you if you're scared, right to your face, and you don't throw a punch or do something, then it's humiliating and you look like a pussy. That was blatant provocation. Those words are designed to make people dropped any sort of pacifist stance and attack, so hopefully this is something considered throughout this. But I imagine that people will think she is innocent because she is a Muslim woman with a hijab. People seem to think that Muslim women are like innocent little jewels, but anyone can find Muslim women online, they are relatively degenerate as well, although less though. Nonetheless, they are capable of provocation despite being slightly more traditional than most women and also, it's enough to know she has spent time in the US to understand that she has probably adopted the degeneracy around her. She should be treated like any other student. If this was another white girl, this story wouldn't have left the school. But the clown world must demonize white people and paint hijabi as a victim, despite all reason to do so.

989bc8  No.12580802

>>12580388 (Hitler dubs)

She's white trash, definitely, but she's the best we got at this present time.

3fd2a1  No.12580808

>degenerate attacks a proselytizing sandnig

And nothing of value was lost.

524a05  No.12580810


To be fair, girls shouldn't even be at school. They should be at home learning to cook and clean from mommy. Maybe learn some other manual tasks like sewing. Educating women outside the house is a mistake.

2801d3  No.12580813


Girls shouldn't even be in a non-gender segregated educational institution in the first place. And why the fuck is there a muslim girl in the school? If we want to play the game of should, coulda and woulda.

5363e0  No.12580818

File: 733197c2e7f7597⋯.jpg (13.44 KB, 286x300, 143:150, jude-star-of-david-jpg.jpg)


It's amazing that you managed to attend every class and yet have no idea how to form a sentence.

At least you get a gold star for being a good obedient little boy.

36b22d  No.12580845


how does it feel knowing that some 14 year old thot has more backbone and national pride than you do, torpedo?

544756  No.12580859


Sure is a lot of you sand niggers lurking about these days

4e9b68  No.12580874


>White whore [degenerate] [likely] ditches class

>White whore [degenerate] smokes [vapes.]

>White whore [degenerate] acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim

>White whore is wearing slutty underwear

Fixed. This white girl is a degenerate, but the video does not show her engaging in prostitution. Don't call her a whore unless you have proof. Maybe when she is older she will become a prostitute. We also have no proof that she was skipping class. This might have been a lunch period. The white girl does act like a nigger, but the Syrian got what was coming to her. Any display of underwear in public on camera is slutty, so I left that statement alone.

13d5d6  No.12580877


This. Female literacy was a mistake.

6947af  No.12580885


waifu material

e994d9  No.12580902

0d56d9  No.12580917


Talk shit, get hit

a9778e  No.12580928

Plot Twist

"White" girl is a Jew

Beating up a Syrian Christian

524a05  No.12580943


non-white Christians are cringe and bluepilled

12fbab  No.12580957


>innocent mudslimes

suck dick, ahmed

12fbab  No.12580975


thanks anon. this is awesome, though i dislike her vaping, at least she knew mudslimes are not human being and should not be tolerated. she's better than average white women

4e9b68  No.12580976


Whenever the niggers and mexicans I work with complain about Trump or some other "racist" I just claim it's not racism because they're jewish, and jews are more oppressed than blacks or mexicans. Believe it or not they usually don't have anything to say after this. I almost want to say this to a tranny to see if they argue against it, but I'd rather not talk to trannies tbh

e8b740  No.12580978


Ask your pastor what he thinks about interracial marriage.

44ccf7  No.12580984


it takes a wolf to catch a wolf

2e9afb  No.12580989


white of any underclass > shitskin

deal with it

ae32d8  No.12581019

Both girls deserve a beating for acting out.

8278b8  No.12581044


>That's what PA whites are like outside of the T

That's not even remotely true.


>gets ass kicked

>has the nerve to try to vocally intimidate the girl with a loud masculine scream

Where does this nigger get off acting like she didn't just get her ass kicked?

8278b8  No.12581046


>This is a White nigger

No, white niggers are leftists.

8278b8  No.12581064


>Girls shouldn't be skipping class

Yeah, those white kids better not miss their progressive indoctrination passing as "education."

fe50f3  No.12581073


tbh she's pretty confident, because the worst thing that could happen to her is that she could get thrown int juvie.

51dc21  No.12581079

Both of them are disgusting subhumans and should be gassed.

bdb548  No.12581084


Thots can be useful sometimes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

0d5ec7  No.12581097


>self defense

>instance of bullying

Well at least it wasn't a fake "hate crime".

90a45f  No.12581108

File: 63ab3df31eb44bf⋯.png (39.13 KB, 228x171, 4:3, uncle.png)


<White whore

Hi, rabbi, you must be going through anudda shoah from those Hitler dubs.

fe50f3  No.12581109


It's such a completely fucked situation.

1. girl is addicted to kike nicotine

2. syrian princess indicates she's going to turn in the victim of kike nicotine

3. girl is understandably distressed, engages in threatening language

4. syrian princess, knowing her perpetual station as victim-player is unassailable, mocks the victim of kike nicotine

5. victim of kike nicotine lashes out, when challenged

8278b8  No.12581121



Nigger, you realize you can buy vape without nicotine in it, right? Also nicotine is natural. Kikes have nothing to do with it. They did not discover it. They were not the first to use it or sell it.

90a45f  No.12581125

File: deb8d5ad52d7e38⋯.png (72.95 KB, 201x226, 201:226, Sammy.png)





pic related


Everyone meet Sir Shite Knight. He's pretty much the antithesis of Sir White Knight.

1431bf  No.12581155


Am I going crazy or something? You say hijabi started it by throwing the bottle but your video shows the white girl starting the physical confrontation by pushing her.

b1e633  No.12581164


That's what you get for being from another language.

fe50f3  No.12581167


< white girls are never victims

< hang the whites high, all hail the saintly burkini


0c7e48  No.12581185

File: 300c5b04e4839ab⋯.jpg (112.15 KB, 540x335, 108:67, BVOF796goI5.jpg)


That's exactly how it went down, but the "people" around here tend to substitute reality with their world views.

34d01b  No.12581195

She should have killed that subhuman invader

e8b740  No.12581199


Yeah I don't see it either. Would not be surprised if there is more context off camera though.

1431bf  No.12581200



Did you even watch the video? The wigger started it by pushing her hard.

b1e633  No.12581209

File: b33a5163c532d3c⋯.jpg (151.58 KB, 508x835, 508:835, hs-crush.jpg)

36b22d  No.12581251



My fucking eyes

and benis :DDDDD

36b22d  No.12581263


good work anon

396a90  No.12581312


is she white though? its kinda hard to tell what race she is. they are chimping out about muh hate crime so I guess shes white enough.

would be funny if shes a jew, and they have to quietly drop the hate crime bullshit and WE have to push for it to be a jew on muslim hatecrime.

21e0a3  No.12581321

File: feb5718fce00ee9⋯.png (127.07 KB, 500x343, 500:343, smoke break.png)


>White whore smokes


Mister Goebbels would like a word with you

>White whore acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim

>innocent muslim

Well fuck, there go my sides.

160688  No.12581340


>Whites literally attacked daily in schools for being white - never any coverage

>Syrian is attacked by white girl because she wanted to smoke and girl threatens to tell on her

>Media front page - Makes it racial attack

>People still question if they are targeting whites to make sure they don't fight back

251a00  No.12581362


should have gave her a swirlie!

251a00  No.12581367


christcucks shitskins are no different from other shitskins. and she's wearing a hijab you fucking moron

1b5497  No.12581371


>Vlad the Impaler


His brother was, but not him.

0b7497  No.12581376

haji clearly says "try." That's consent, case closed.

395a45  No.12581382


Top fucking kek

160688  No.12581392

She literally said she wouldn't 'crush" her due to her being of a foreign language which I assume means she didn't want to be accused of any racial shit… and she still gets accused of racial shit.

The absolute state of the media.

36b22d  No.12581399


>"White" girl is a Jew

>Beating up a Syrian Christian

Epic (1) post my (((dude)))

395a45  No.12581402


I found the kike who sucks mudslime dick


>shitskin invader with mutilated clit

Fixed that princess typo for ya

160688  No.12581404


It's actually an interesting strategy.

54124b  No.12581453


Would've been better if she removed the kebab.

000000  No.12581455

/pol/cucks still in denial and worship their nigger mistress

/pol/ is has been getting so BTFO lately. I feel bad for you speds

160688  No.12581473

I was looking at the schools FB page and nearly all the posts are coming from either Muslims, blacks or people in foreign countries (a lot of these). America has issues but we definitely have often shown we are no fans of Muslims outside of Minnesota.

186814  No.12581483


>White whore acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim

ACTUAL NIGGER muslim challenged her, called her a coward.

Got her mouth shut for her.

Seems legit.

36713a  No.12581509





>waaaah all white women are whores even though I have no proof!

>d-don’t ever retaliate, fellow goyim!

No (you) for (((you))) Andrew Anglin

395a45  No.12581512


>le torpedo post

beep boop i am showing those evil whites beep boop

boop beep i will project my programming boop beep

beep boop i am real i am not an npc beep boop

0f9b85  No.12581519

File: 6cd665ceae56dca⋯.gif (4.69 MB, 430x242, 215:121, thebusey.gif)


Hm. Noted. That's bretty gud.

186814  No.12581520


I love living in PA.

Most of us here are named Nate Higgers.

000000  No.12581552

Her father must be so proud.

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually **** her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to **** her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

186814  No.12581553

File: 1c030fdf0d951d5⋯.jpg (10.72 KB, 112x255, 112:255, JewHelp.jpg)


Some of you Pittsburgh guys had better escort this attractive young girl around, for a while, and be prepared to kill Muslims trying for revenge.

I know a lot of you have got some wicked hunting knives, best to keep them handy, in case the mudslimes want to get serious.

And I know you can kick muzzie ass, no problem. My brother is a schoolteacher in one of the districts around Pittsburgh.

186814  No.12581556


Saw this exact post a few days ago on another thread.

Shill reposting.

6881a9  No.12581571


This TORpedo just posted this old copypasta in another thread as well. Fuck off kike.

000000  No.12581578





This pasta was original and exquisite. Lookism sends its regards BITCHES

96a752  No.12581579

File: 9117cdf3eb05781⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 499x583, 499:583, 9117cdf3eb057812bfbf86a27b….jpg)


*intitiate le ebin pol blackpill.exe

2fbeb2  No.12581594



It has been in almost all other threads on the top of the board lately. I suggest you report it from now on since it is blatant copypasta that serves no real significant purpose.

000000  No.12581613


Another cuck who thinks White women are angels. Enjoy that used up pussy I ravaged cuck boy.

42a2fb  No.12581624

File: 93c7d75fa601f09⋯.webm (2.23 MB, 512x384, 4:3, white trash getting fired.webm)


It's basically White Thrashers verses White Cuckolds. Eternal tagalongs complain about skinheads, rednecks and gopnicks but the reality is they're the only ones willing to do what needs to be done eventually. Trust fund babies and numales aren't going to be operating the FEMA camps.

WLP and Rockwell were absolutely correct that the lower class are the only ones with revolutionary potential. Those invested into the system have no reason to change it. Trying to woo the White upper class results in shit like Richard Spencer. Wealthy Whites think class and super ficical is more important than blood.

96a752  No.12581646

File: 0e177f8457f8a48⋯.jpg (107.15 KB, 700x734, 350:367, 1521255885516.jpg)


who do you think you're fooling?

90a45f  No.12581658


>advocating for Sir Shite Knight

go fuck your mudshits back in your precious desert

ca1bbf  No.12581663

File: 3847840f7a4a17d⋯.jpg (16.68 KB, 352x272, 22:17, 4d0a9bbd211ce4b7778fe312c1….jpg)

wow the white race is saved rejoice!

2fbeb2  No.12581675


Sir Shite Knight or Sir Shiite Knight (invaders of Europe)?

c3d8f3  No.12581715


u sure that girl white

looks like a black girl with dyed hair

fb19dd  No.12581746





Muslim cunt threatens to rat Vaping Girl out. Vaping Girl is a non-bully, threatens to punch the passive-aggressive victim-playing (boy do those semites know how to play the victim) ass.

The only thing wrong with this video is that she was by no means even close to being put in a concussion, and that's fucking pathetic. Since they'll lie and say you put 'em in a concussion, put that fucker in a coma.

qt3.14's, don't worry. We'll spring ya from prison if you get busted <3

fb19dd  No.12581751


< defending the white girl means I'm defending the sand nigger

like. wat, moshe? The everlasting niggerkike what?

1431bf  No.12581768


Vaping girl is a violent degenerate wigger, and her assaulting a nonviolent mudslime absolves her of nothing. I guarantee you she'll be a single mother within 4 years, and it'll probably be a niglet at that.

160688  No.12581769


>He gets to **** her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

This post started out okay but then this shit almost making it seem like anon should be jealous. This goes hand in hand with the new porn push of "daughter fucks father" or "brother fucks sister".

160688  No.12581782


The girl is probably 15 and due to the media making it a racial issue I can damn well guarantee you that girl will be assaulted or killed by one a mud who tracks her down. The FB page has muds from foreign countries literally asking for her name.

The media literally killed this girl for something that a decade ago would have merely been punished as two kids fighting. Not even kidding either, the media probably just killed that girl.

96a752  No.12581783


you speaking from experience? just because your mother was like that, doesn't mean every white woman is. btw, sorry that your daddy left you, must be hard having raging mommy issues like this

2fbeb2  No.12581789


classic incest pedophile fantasy copypasta'd into every thread…report.

96a752  No.12581792


then the fire rises, we will be that much closer to a race war. people can only take so much

2fbeb2  No.12581795


Let them…it will be the last thing the mudshits do in PA.and in many other states.

b21bf8  No.12581911



I wish that white bitch was my girlfriend and I'm 65. She's got beautiful hair.

b21bf8  No.12581942

this timeline;

hs shitter smokehole squabble between two weenie biches is international incident.

b21bf8  No.12581956


If she was a whore, how much would she cost for the night? Just asking for a friend.

2fbeb2  No.12581961


We will be lucky if this doesn't spark WWIII

Franz Ferdinand move over you old codger…WWIII be started by two bitches.

2fbeb2  No.12582009


you ready for that, old man? bitch would smack you roun'

cb7467  No.12582043


Get used to it, it's only the beginning.

aa22b7  No.12582055


>gets ass beat

>begs for mercy

>gets back up for more when mercy is shown

Arabs always do this. You have to knock them unconscious because they're too stupid to know they lost.

4a2dd9  No.12582056


Hey this is good. I saw a store selling a lot of novelty anti-trump gear today. Thinking about complaining about them being antisemetic now. Not directly to them of course, just publicly.

4a2dd9  No.12582057


This is good. It doesn't need to be true, it just needs to go in the comments wherever this story lives.

17ea6f  No.12582059


>>You're lucky you're from another language because I will crush you bitch

Ah, White Women, you have to love them.

aa22b7  No.12582068


Lol you're some pansy bitchboy who's never been in a fight and doesn't know what adrenaline rush is.

153d25  No.12582069

>The victim ended up with a concussion and severe bruising once the fight was finally over.



no possible way she even got dazed, let alone a concision.

cb7467  No.12582070


It's not just arabs, niggers do it too.

aa22b7  No.12582074


A concussion has to be proven with medical test in a criminal or civil suit, and like you said, it ain't happenin

8ca9a2  No.12582075

Sure's a lot of filthy mudslimes in here salivating over the fact that a roughed-up white girl had her undies on camera for a few moments. Can't wait to take a flamethrower to the no-go zones.

160688  No.12582076

Something else here anons… who was filming this? I assume a "friend" of the blonde given her position and not doing/saying anything.

Are we being trolled here? You know they do this shit very often so I think we need to look more into this because what "friend" takes video and then posts that online/sends to media. In fact the video never went viral at all, it just randomly appears with the media which means it was sent in. Are we being hosed here?

153d25  No.12582079


Let me know when she gets hit by a 300 pound defensive lineman running toward her as she's running toward him. Let me know when her head hits smack onto the ground, not just grazes the wall. Not just a slap.

5b5c10  No.12582081


I've encountered whites who do this too. He was already out for a few seconds though and came up fighting.

63fd54  No.12582090

How is this a thread? Two niggers fighting over nothing.

be72a7  No.12582105


That's what it would have been 20 years ago. Now it's lazy journalists injecting race into a dog-bites-man story for more views. All they're doing is causing the fire to rise, though, so it's their own graves their digging.

5a0b63  No.12582107


"Leave me alone" as it strikes first.

52425d  No.12582114


tbh, even if the white girl swung first, i'd never admit to seeing it, as any white should.

17ea6f  No.12582144


I guess you can't see my implication. She said "language" to not be racist by discriminating on race, she's seemingly going along with her programming by not using "race" but finding a way around it by using "language".

Also I have been in two fights in my lifetime, both against Mexicans, the first one with two Mexicans and the second with six Mexicans. The first one the two ran away before me and in the second I escaped because I had a long blade. I bet you don't know what its like to be White and a minority in a diverse city.

aa22b7  No.12582173


You're right, I missed your implication; sorry. And no, I grew up in a diverse neighborhood too; I was one of two white kids in my elementary school. Our city received a shitload of Chaldean "refugees" that got dumped here after the Gulf War, and about half of my fights have been against sand niggers who attack you again after you put them down the first time. I can't fucking stand arabs.

b21bf8  No.12582212


That's the entire point, dickhead.

b21bf8  No.12582231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f2fc62  No.12582251


kill yourself

52425d  No.12582253


she could also just be aware that saying it was race based out loud would immediately make her guilty.

you know when a cop says "stop resisting" before choke slamming someone doesnt mean they actually thought the person was resisting.

its all CYOA. anyone with an ounce of awareness knows how to play this crap.

6f05c8  No.12582289

File: 05b1e65d5432fb4⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 358x358, 1:1, 1520796819804.jpg)


> innocent Muslim

fb19dd  No.12582469


So that's what the loud noise was at the end? The sand nigger collapsing? I wondered about that. I assumed she was angrily kicking the stall or something.

fb19dd  No.12582472


All the cucks calling the one who was pushed to it a "bully" are trash.

I fully detest Europe. Damn Europe. There's nothing worth keeping there.

450fa2  No.12582655


where is teh webm bitch?

0d4be3  No.12582661


Easily wife material.

0d4be3  No.12582669


Based. We need more White women like this.

0d4be3  No.12582673


Been to Levittown and Bucks County plenty of times. That's not true, unless they live right inside Philadelphia.

0d4be3  No.12582687


Nobody should be at school. It's a completely kikified institution. Homeschool for both boys and girls.

0d4be3  No.12582713


Yeah, but biomedical science in Natsoc Germany linked smoking with increased chances of lung cancer, and they also encouraged people to quit smoking, especially Hitler himself, after he quit smoking.

0d4be3  No.12582729


That isn't entirely true. The upper classes in Germany were absolutely appalled at the Weimar Republic and they saw that the NSDAP were the only ones willing to fix it, which is probably where the NSDAP got a good amount of their funding from. Also, don't forget that Léon Degrelle came from a wealthy family and always lived in wealth, but decided to fight the good fight against Bolshevism and was wounded and nearly froze to death fighting in the Eastern Front.

000000  No.12582751

girls fight like sissies tbh

0d4be3  No.12582756

Negating torpedo sage.

09fabb  No.12582758

0d4be3  No.12582760

Torpedo now IP hopping.

0d4be3  No.12582823


>You News

>In The Know

Are these offshoots of NowPiss News?

de3362  No.12582865

File: 4a78a2f46bfe6ba⋯.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3024x1624, 54:29, 72D8CB69-94B0-4F72-89FA-1….jpeg)

Why is the titted Muslim in the retard stall anyway? Everyone knows it’s for fucking or fighting. Vapeing or rapeing. Hitting or shitting.

Poor thing probably had no friends because her family told her we were filthy degenerate animals and not to mix with us kinda like Jews the cognitive dissonance of wanting to live amongst us instead of their own kind but still thinking their culture is superior

9a4cb3  No.12582902

File: 05303a0c06b217e⋯.png (162.7 KB, 527x660, 527:660, commanderrockwell.png)


>Poor thing

af5abb  No.12582932


She was pushed first why you gotta lie?

7d4788  No.12582942


Kids in the UK think that will keep them from being arrested for hate speech.

1e25cc  No.12582947


>This happened in Pittsburgh

Proud of my city.

392a7e  No.12582951



She's fucked.

b56ee8  No.12582963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Vaping confirm for redpill PILL

Vape nation 4 life

b21bf8  No.12582969


You're fucking up the alveoli in your lungs and you'll wind up suffering from COPD


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. Symptoms include breathing difficulty, cough, mucus (sputum) production and wheezing. It's caused by long-term exposure to irritating gases or particulate matter, most often from cigarette smoke. People with COPD are at increased risk of developing heart disease, lung cancer and a variety of other conditions.

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the two most common conditions that contribute to COPD. Chronic bronchitis is inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs. It's characterized by daily cough and mucus (sputum) production.

Emphysema is a condition in which the alveoli at the end of the smallest air passages (bronchioles) of the lungs are destroyed as a result of damaging exposure to cigarette smoke and other irritating gases and particulate matter.

COPD is treatable. With proper management, most people with COPD can achieve good symptom control and quality of life, as well as reduced risk of other associated conditions.

b1e368  No.12582983


because when they shit, they cannot use toilet paper or they will go to hell

hence they need to wash their anus with water from a small bottle which requires more room

e5cb4f  No.12582996

File: 64a45156b65df6a⋯.png (112.56 KB, 500x318, 250:159, who the hell cares.png)

b3bcd8  No.12583199



"Go ahead, try."

Open invitation, permission given.


e77632  No.12583215



3398b7  No.12583238


>dat filename topkek

>clean as fuck typography

>organically generated content

10/10 image macro

3398b7  No.12583245


checked for video-recorded consent of Nontraditional sex (bathroom/striking play) between marginalized people. This should be feminist approved.

e77632  No.12583267


>not wanting to spear khazars and arabs on poles outside your home

f5cf35  No.12583274

File: 9d4641a3c8b2309⋯.gif (26.15 KB, 468x450, 26:25, Applause.gif)

File: 81e13123f53edcc⋯.jpeg (7.54 KB, 16x15, 16:15, Bypass.jpeg)

ef8bdd  No.12583282


t. Kike

cf12be  No.12583317


So fun seeing how this muslim shithead is being hailed by the media as a victim. Other girl should have said "This is for 9/11!" That would have been awesome. Is the white girl going to be killed by our justice system now for being racist?

e77632  No.12583319


Nigger lover detected

cf12be  No.12583332

Should have ripped her fag-hat off and flushed it.

cf12be  No.12583336


Just another pang in the march of time to the demise of the white man. Who cares? You should fucking care.

cf12be  No.12583341

She was hospitalized. LOL, for what? For being a muslim? Should be in a mental institution. America COULD HAVE BEEN GREAT.

131bf3  No.12583344




2cebcb  No.12583358

File: 8cd8b56127ed584⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, 357:296, 1359262936278.gif)

cf12be  No.12583365

Muslim retard will be the next Person of the Year along with Soros.

58f58f  No.12583369

File: 613aed18da45e36⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 1566x1229, 1566:1229, clockwork.jpg)

>shills itt defending sandnigger

>shills itt calling white girl a kike

bc5cec  No.12583386


>innocent mooslime

Reported for wasting Fuehrerdubs.

3f04f2  No.12583390

File: 007b1599459f770⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 700x803, 700:803, 007b1599459f7702ce2d188989….jpg)


Sonya Blade has always been higher tier than the Ninjas. How is this news.?

0d4be3  No.12583392


This happened in the States, not Britain. (((The Daily Mail))) only reported on it.

0d4be3  No.12583399


>image macro

10/10 post for referring to it by its proper name and not "meme."

4890a6  No.12583424

File: 69ec1a85b45b894⋯.jpg (124.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 69ec1a85b45b8947d3cf67bda1….jpg)


>be God fearing caucasoid

>see fellow woman smoking electric Jew

>fear for her safety and wary of wider consequences from widespread use

>looks trashy

>is nigger tier

<get beat up by savage for trying to culture her

I'm going to have kids with an Arab. They understand the value of a family and are loyal to what they believe. I'll take the conservative lifestyle over the nihilist godless hedonist lifestyle I come from.

0d4be3  No.12583430


Yes goyim, don't breed with White women.

4890a6  No.12583446



Lol what is this reddit? You big ass sensitive faggot.

4890a6  No.12583448


Arabs are white.

0d4be3  No.12583454


The ones that look like Assad and his family, maybe. They're the minority, though.

ef8bdd  No.12583465


>the descendants of white people arent white

You’re the worst shill I’ve ever seen. I hope your supervisor revokes your shekels

4890a6  No.12583468


They are attractive people and to couple that with a strict adherence to morality, seals the deal.

841887  No.12583476


Very semitic tbh

2a07d5  No.12583483

Gas yourself nigger kike.

702590  No.12583523


Arabs are brown jews.

131bf3  No.12583526


This gay meme needs to die. Arabs are semites and have been both inbreeding and mixing with niggers for the last 5k years, they're subhuman filth who should be gassed.

4890a6  No.12583550


You sound like a Jew trying to turn me against a woman who will have house and home in her heart. Fuck off

841887  No.12583602


…stop defending arabs.

Arabs are by definition the most mixed and degenerate breed of easterners.

4890a6  No.12583613


The only degenerate I saw today was a girl who beat down another for daring to tell her to stop doing something that's bad for her.

44a15b  No.12583641

File: 58f2311f82f9cb6⋯.png (131.74 KB, 960x729, 320:243, protestanteurope.png)


If your protestant ancestors can build a modern civilization on the pagan ruins of Europe, then it will be a simple matter for white protestants from around the world to come back and do it again. It would be nice if you fucktards would abandon your jewish atheism and go back to the pious philosophies of your forefathers, but we all know how much you faggots love sucking cocks with your buttholes and bragging about being the offspring of niggers and apes now, so it will be up to your betters to fix the problems you cause with your pozzed faggotry later.

7302ff  No.12583647


No they are not, arabs are subhuman scum, even the best of them deserve to get bombed.

44a15b  No.12583649

File: 5e4b787a6658ca4⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 384x288, 4:3, hurrrrrr.jpg)


>stop doing something bad for her

>Implying that venerating a dead pedophile is a wholesome activity for female children

e1ce2c  No.12583659

I can't believe you guys allowed a TORpedo which is blatantly a Jew derail this thread. You even allowed his friends to come in here to shit up the thread.

You allowed it, because you all wanted to believe the bullshit the cunt was spouting. Just because they spout popular words from the site, does not mean they are from the site.

Jesus christ, you start to believe their blackpilling when people are so blatanly stupid enough to fall for their tricks.

4d7df2  No.12583666

4d7df2  No.12583668


there is no such thing as white nigger

only niggers are niggers

185f48  No.12583711


I know this is bait but how you know if she ditched class? she could of as the teacher to use the bathroom.

841887  No.12583717


Racially degenerate anon.

I don't really see a winner in this thread either

and tbh the syrian would've been qt if westernized

But stop defending arabs they are by definition mutts. The term was practically invented to refer to this specific brand of savage degenerate mixed-breed races.

185f48  No.12583720


meant ask

000000  No.12583765


christian wearing a burka? very likely.

4890a6  No.12583766


Quit kidding yourself, you are not white.

88a242  No.12583773


You'll never get a /pol/ answer outside /pol/. Never.

Though you can put most liberal priests in a tight spot if you tell them about seventh commandment translating to 'do not mongrelize' as well.

But, as a based 80 IQ mutt, you'll ignore truth once again.

79b1dc  No.12583781


How was this filmed?

6ac8ce  No.12583791


IKR It clearly says Do Not Mongrelize there and many other places in the OT. That is because if you are a mongrel there is no reason to keep you alive through the change of Age. When the kikes push mongrelization so hard (basically a death sentence) it is funny because the kikes actually don't know that they are the biggest mongrels of all and they aren't going to survive. Also there are mongrels of the flesh and mongrels of the heart. The goal was that you are the full package body. mind, spirit…in order to pass the destruction point of the old Age and enter into the new one.

000000  No.12583821

clickbait. face was not smashed.

ef8bdd  No.12584107


Honestly I’m not convinced that wasn’t you talking to yourself to cause infighting. If you’re genuine then I’m sorry and yeah fuck that guy but then you also know to regard everything with suspicion when we’re getting shilled hard like we are today. That being said, in that case HE is a shill and you fell for it by taking his bait and insulting your fellow whites.

34fa8c  No.12584113

This board has turned into a drama show with nothing of value.

e8b740  No.12584385


Exceptions that prove the rule

1446dd  No.12584430


>”go ahead, try”

Literally asked for it

160688  No.12585430


This was the sneakiest most diabolical move they made when nobody was paying attention in the 90s when they added a ton of non white groups to the white classification.

It happened in 1990 and the FBI crime statistics were as you can expect and they were trying to convince the populace, mainly CA (which was/had been a red state for 30 years) that immigration into their state was a good thing. So proposition 187 came and the citizens of CA strongly voted for it. Hell every single county (even LA county!) voted for it except one county (SF county), it passed, and then all of a sudden a filing took place by a Gloria Allred connected firm that it was unconstitutional which the Ninth circuit (of course) agreed with and overrode the citizens democratic vote. After this the CA citizens continued to point to the FBI crime stats and then, suddenly, the stats began to change as they removed the listing for Arab, Latino and a few others and added them into the "white" listing which then skyrocketed the stats from the "white" classification. Now you cannot get actual stats because they are auto added to that classification.

e04d0c  No.12585564

File: 85cdd8774cb411e⋯.gif (458.18 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Think.gif)


>The Syrian girl threw a bottle at her first and was clearly antagonizing evil whitey.


>Muslim cunt threatens to rat Vaping Girl out


Smells like bullshit in here.

3235c8  No.12585573


3235c8  No.12585577

No arrow in white box& no reply# at top of post

160688  No.12585582



>Smells like bullshit in here.

Well she definitely threatened to rat her out or, better stated, insinuated it as you can hear her say it on the video.

90a45f  No.12585609


It's sneakier when I scratch out "non-hispanic white" and write in "aryan" and check that box.

9aabaa  No.12585881

9af70f  No.12587020

ae9b2e  No.12587219


Both the mudslime and the white chick are niggers

c6cad5  No.12588077

8e351e  No.12592500


>Be foreigner from a land where everyone practically smoked (shisha)

This is the most abstract part. Indians and Mudslimes are always having a vape. The fuck was this thot's problem?

2abd47  No.12592531

I am attracted to both girls. I am envisioning an alternate scenario where a guy says "you're lucky you're from another language because I would fuck you" and she says "go ahead, try" and he says "naw I just want to vape" and she says "you're scared!" and then he rapes her and impregnates the muslim with a 100% Aryan baby because prior to this the blonde QT had jammed a used tampon up there but her eggs were so potent they survived menstruation and conquered the alien's womb.

abc74e  No.12592612


Violence isn't a characteristic from niggers, it's part of life. The lack of it displayed by our blood nowadays, is the cause of our dying society.

She did it greatly. I'do be even more proud if she was my daughter.

c29fb9  No.12592617


This. I don't see anyone white anywhere. Is this entire thread bots? What the fuck happened to /pol/?

fbcf2d  No.12592626

File: edbb29e96308eb0⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 239x270, 239:270, white bomber.jpg)



White people are barbarians She attack that poor girl first. the evident is clear . and your society must punish this white girl

756f7d  No.12592695


Fagcel he-bitches gets the chipper.

756f7d  No.12592697



(((Fagceltow))) sperging points

Just a coincidence, fellow Polack!

21e0a3  No.12593725

File: 3974a8167e0e27b⋯.png (116.59 KB, 300x374, 150:187, 1433375411513.png)


Incorrect. The muslim is the aggressor for crossing over into white soil. She is lucky she got a way with a just few thumps on her monkey skull.

b09468  No.12595144


Could HAVE ASKED, fucking retard

b09468  No.12595173


No. When you intimidate a person and verbally instigate a confrontation, that is making the first move. Also, she used a weapon.

> you’re scared

I’m glad she got her ass kicked. Honestly, it was mostly humiliating, not physically damaging. She got up and whined like a twat who wanted a second serving of knuckle sandwich. She is fine and you are a nigger.

ec78c0  No.12595177

im neutral. theres a better way to handle this. what ever happened to acting like a white man or woman?

ec78c0  No.12595182


checked for truth

2abd47  No.12595591

File: bef7c3ae711a7a4⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 365x480, 73:96, SvVs4000.jpg)

File: 16bae7b8940be82⋯.png (106.72 KB, 768x2048, 3:8, SvVless.png)

File: ebc92b7e040f167⋯.png (137.07 KB, 1030x1030, 1:1, SvVcost.png)

File: 84d5d65d3bc3a20⋯.jpg (130.86 KB, 702x1000, 351:500, SvV656.jpg)

File: f2cd2f2a26d0812⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, SvV.jpg)


>White whore smokes

>The Jews made her smoke

Why are you using the verb "smoke" when she wanted to "vape"?

Smoking and vaping are different things. You have (((subtly changed the wording))) to promote some kind of agenda. Your dubs will consume you.

2e9afb  No.12595656


Im vapenationpilled now

567149  No.12595676

>invader scum

I doubt she wanted her country to be bombed and move to Afrimerica.

567149  No.12595700

Most e-cigarettes contain the highly addictive drug nicotine

Most types of e-cigarettes, including the most popular brand Juul, contain nicotine, the addictive drug found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. One Juul pod contains roughly the same amount of nicotine found in 20 cigarettes (or one pack). Nicotine is highly addictive and can cause brain changes leading to compulsive use of e-cigarettes.

Long-term effects of vaping are unknown

Although e-cigarettes were developed in part to help adult smokers cut their tobacco-use and to provide a "healthier" alternative, no study has yet been conducted that can provide information on the long-term effects of e-cigarette use. Due to the recent dramatic increase in e-cigarette use, preliminary findings are now showing that there is a negative effect on heart and lung function associated with e-cigarette use. However, there is still no definitive answer on whether these risks outweigh the benefits of switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping leads to higher risk of cigarette smoking in teens

Teenage e-cigarette users are actually at a higher risk of smoking tobacco cigarettes compared to non-users. More than 30 percent of adolescent e-cigarette users start smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes within six months.

Vaping can produce second-hand effects

Although e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, breathing in the second-hand vapor is not harmless. The aerosol from e-cigarettes contains many potentially harmful chemicals, including lead and other heavy metals. It also has flavorings including diacetyl, which has been linked to lung disease. The second-hand vapor can also contain nicotine, which when inhaled by non-users can increase their risk of becoming nicotine dependent. There is also the danger of third-hand exposure, which occurs when residual nicotine from the second-hand vapor remains on surfaces and is absorbed through unintentional ingestion or through the skin via contact.

baac04  No.12596919


If she doesn't like the nation that bombed hers, why move in with them?

acfe13  No.12597023


With all that extra money I can fuel my caffeine addiction instead!

8d3662  No.12597159


>I'm going to racemix

Absolute judaism.

3eb68c  No.12597173

File: 83f65647e1168a4⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 81 arQPSQCL._SY355_.jpg)


>you will never spear khazars with syvatoslav

feels bad

7d7d80  No.12597176


This is bullshit, I've known plenty of other people who were just as willing to unapologetically state they were against racemixing. Not everyone's social circles are as cucked as yours.

5f5ed6  No.12597196


we know that jews are just gonna put poison in vapes too

7d7d80  No.12597208


Noone forced her parents to flee like vermin.

d3e218  No.12597226


>pol supporting a nigger tier white

Sargon would like to have a word with you.

9af70f  No.12597232


Endchan is the hip spot to purity spiral now

f0caaf  No.12602977

File: 835ae51f249d2db⋯.png (360.27 KB, 480x415, 96:83, ClipboardImage.png)

26ca2c  No.12603041


That’s clearly a nigger in a blonde wig dumbass

52be53  No.12603053






Look who it is again, ID 000000. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to 000000 does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.

2191f0  No.12603056


She throws a punch, get's dominated and starts crying "Leave me alone!" Typical Muslim, fuck I hated being in the middle east.

2191f0  No.12603058


It's just an ass-blasted disgusting tranny freak don't worry about it.

2c7b15  No.12603075

File: 95319d5948693f4⋯.png (357.63 KB, 727x410, 727:410, Whitenig.PNG)


Dumbass. Everyone saw this but you. Now how do you feel?

1b67e0  No.12603332


Looks white to me. Guess you are just a purity spiraling cuckold

b05f25  No.12603336

File: aa60b5f32dfba40⋯.jpg (10.58 KB, 191x255, 191:255, leftpol.jpg)

oink oink

8f2094  No.12603427


Your pastor is openly against racemixing? Don't hold out on us anon, which church do you belong to?

44f15e  No.12603464


even their women are vermin

3c3bdc  No.12604246


Saves you hundreds of dollars on smokes if you had a bad addiction, thats why. Its (((big tobacco)))

3c3bdc  No.12604280

File: 20494a122d828b9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.96 KB, 1178x1015, 1178:1015, muslim-anal-porn.JPG)


This is satire I should point out.

26ca2c  No.12604295


One fraction of a second in a crappy video. Plus black doesn’t mean pitch black. But that is definitely a nigger in a white weave

dc8ba9  No.12604805

You racist pussies will twist anything won't you? Muslim threw the first punch? But if it was nigger who shoved a white girl, and she punched ,you'd still say the nigger started it. Be consistent or your worldview is worthless. Don't be surprised if you get perforated some time soon. You are ignorant pussy bitches.

3d8068  No.12604807


>1 shekel has been deposited to your account

c7c34a  No.12604938


The whole of the North American continent should be nuked, just a bunch of mix race mongrel apes with laws that will get you introuble for the least noticeable shit, like who the hell stands and lets gay marriage be legalised or going to jail for using the wrong pronowns, this is why here in Eastern European nations we have god on our side and with god we have a strong sense of morality so not even the dumbest cunt falls for that jew degeneracy shit, we don't allow our fundamental laws to be changed

14b1cb  No.12605926


You. Dumb. Fuck.

Who enjoys what, and how much has no bearing on the significance of a child. Your daughter is an extension of you. Not your fucking toy. The reason you have kids isn't so that they can take care of your crippled degenerate ass when you get old. - The reason you have kids is so that you can continue to exist past your miserable little lifetime, partially reiterated as a fresh person. And if it ain't for that, it's because you are an utter slave to your hedonistic nature, and you just cannot help yourself.

It is only from the frame of pure hedonism that someone could draw such a ridiculous conclusion as "I don't get to fuck my own daughter waaaah"

You raise her well so she might succeed in bringing about grandchildren for you. You don't matter. You are a castoff husk. In two-hundred years, nobody will remember even one of the dumb things that came out of your mouth. The only thing that will remain is the patterns that comprised you, handed down - given they are competent enough to survive.

Besides. The fact some man besides you gets to enjoy her is canceled out by the fact that *you* got to enjoy the fruits of another man's labor when you took a wife yourself, so just shut the fuck up.

0d4be3  No.12605963


Not exceptions, it was the norm. Acting like a ghetto wigger is very much frowned upon around there.

e4853d  No.12605976


Nicotine isn't addictive. Freebasing sugar is.

14b1cb  No.12605994


>"Nicotine isn't addictive."

>It literally has withdrawals.

Inb4 you start pilpulling about the definition of "addictive"

05b70f  No.12609767

File: 11b15d46d8cc915⋯.png (259.29 KB, 480x433, 480:433, P0.png)

File: 4383969426e87f1⋯.png (198.92 KB, 364x289, 364:289, P1.png)

File: 9f3ebf556757da6⋯.png (159.47 KB, 338x289, 338:289, P2.png)

File: 47c5dcbfb0e91f7⋯.png (335.57 KB, 400x408, 50:51, P3.png)

File: 1f891636e87d265⋯.jpg (180.93 KB, 800x566, 400:283, P4.jpg)

"Is she the one Neo?"

2a8268  No.12619404


Kinda looks like that girl Doogie Howser used to bone on set, remember Jacob?

317477  No.12619458


uh actually that mud person shouldn't have put her face in front of the white girls fists. wrong place at the wrong time tbh

ffa246  No.12619481

talk shit get hit, also, based white girl

3a1e33  No.12619510


Where are all the faggots who can't into OPing coming from? 9 year olds go home

fbbf00  No.12619537


>>White whore acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim

>an invader muslim


shalom, brother

8b6cb7  No.12619550

File: 255fd021eaf9db0⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 1718x888, 859:444, Make America Great Again .gif)



3a1e33  No.12619592


Dude it is copypasta just ignore it

df710b  No.12639443


There is no point in debating/talking to someone who is threatening/intimidating you in this manner, the Syrian girl should have just punched her in the tit as hard as she could and gotten out of their soon after.

Anyone who thinks this assault is funny or called for really need to have some self time, stop being your ego conditioned mind.

df710b  No.12639459


She was physically shoved, if you did that to me i'd have stomped your brain into the floor , that is what needs to happen to bullies.

000000  No.12639512

Based and redpilled.

450fa2  No.12639558


where is the webm son of a bitch?

5f4735  No.12639583


Fucking sand nigger trash; if you go and give someone shit and provoke them for doing something completely harmless and you throw a bottle at them after they fall for your baiting, you deserve a concussion. The only thing I'm disappointed about is the fact that the sandnigger didn't die or get a seizure. That white girl is BASED AF

ff5858  No.12640744


As a guy living in PA it warms my heart to see this. White girls are finally fighting back against these invaders. Now they just need to be taught not to smoke/vape, drink, or get tattoos.

5e06ca  No.12641500

Stuff like this happened at my school all the time. Why is this making news papers? Kids fight; what's new?

c5c20f  No.12642690

File: a6df18b8671c704⋯.png (239.53 KB, 515x538, 515:538, Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 1….png)


She does have died hair though for sure though

000000  No.12668216

You're lucky you're from another language

495b80  No.12668239


Fuck off commie. They should already be lynched in the streets with the people that brought them here.

a25075  No.12677521


>The reason you have kids isn't so that they can take care of your crippled degenerate ass when you get old.

I wish someone told my family that.

d3fced  No.12678356


Our worldview is consistent.

We support our own and everyone else can fuck off and die.

132466  No.12685112


>muh purity spiral

Fuck off trs.

0d4be3  No.12685128


>purity spiral

Fuck off with your meaningless alt-kike terms.

c13f49  No.12685157


end is deader than the dodo, nigga

188155  No.12685329


In your (((porn))) propaganda sure.

ddfb1f  No.12687153


>triggered by a girl beating a sandniglet

Why is that anon, she got more balls than you? Are all women of European ancestry seen as whores in your eyes?

Perhaps it's because you only have a chance of getting a cheap whore, since you're too weak for any fine woman to even look at you.

755de2  No.12687369



Just filter the tor ID as soon as you come into a thread. 9 out of 10 times its just pure shit posting

755de2  No.12687380



>triggered purity spiraling

3202d9  No.12690212


Agree 100%

This Syrian girl will grow up to be a respectable woman with a respectable job while this white girl just like many other white girls will end up being some black guys bitch, end up getting knocked up and becoming a single mother. You whites are pathetic and your woman are whores. Yet you dumbasses keep hating on Islam that protects and prevents women from any degeneracy you whites practice. Keep praising her while your women are getting turned out by other races.

153d25  No.12690237





Whelp. That was easy.

d8b6a2  No.12716949

make sure you've seen dis

df309f  No.12717004


Aryan pride world wide. She's waifu tier.

000000  No.12729809

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