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File: 182619d69887c74⋯.webm (1.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1545417914316.webm)

4a7443  No.12590025

And there is nothing you can do about it.


5c1279  No.12590063

But I thought Gloompf was a kike! The shills told me so!

9cfb5c  No.12590094

Yes, thats the way (((they))) want it, to weaken our power in the middle east by abandoning our allies.

Only a kike would approve of cowardice.

a7432f  No.12590097


Not a thread.

cdb79e  No.12590100

>leaving syria so the CIAniggers can pull a falseflag to drag us right back in

Based zionald going along with the plan

Sage it, folks.

174e37  No.12590104

File: c8839c2393122b1⋯.jpg (132.46 KB, 736x768, 23:24, assad.jpg)


>abandoning our allies

LMAO you guys are fucking awful at your job.

0fc850  No.12590105


Prepare for a muzzie to put a bullet in your head kike.

4fb2c9  No.12590110

File: 563f433a744f9b1⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 720x542, 360:271, 1438339717300-1.jpg)

It was only a matter of time before he told the French to go fuck themselves. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly, tho. Trump certainly doesn't mess about.

21ed88  No.12590111

File: 8cca49a8b7f9bdf⋯.png (518.25 KB, 773x1047, 773:1047, assad created isis.png)

Propaganda used to be better than this.

>Assad created ISIS

>To provoke us to intervene

6eb46b  No.12590115

File: 84f6b7f42075166⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 145378788067.jpg)

48531b  No.12590122


Haha Israel is ally only to dirt

137957  No.12590124


>Abandoning our (((allies))) in the middle east

<Only a kike would approve of cowardice!

Lmao you're going to fucking die, yid.

7e0915  No.12590126


We don't have allies in mud land you dumb yid

2990bb  No.12590130

If a military force has no territory of substance, it isn't a military force anymore; it's organized crime… Swathes of the Middle East kind of have an organized crime and corruption problem, not a warfare problem…

Advice to middle east governments:

Try setting up soft prisons so that capturing people doesn't radicalize their friends and relatives. Instead of producing torture tales, make people outraged over criminals getting too many luxuries. People don't shoot the government's employees over too-soft prisons until the prisons are so soft crime rates go up because people would rather be jailed than free. People DO shoot at government employees over prisons where the prisoners starve and the guards get away with horrible things. Clean, well-funded prisons have stabilization effects that go beyond keeping prisoners locked up and out of trouble.

The business of governing inevitably tweaks someone's nose. Tweak the noses of the people who want to see their enemies ground to dust, instead of tweaking the noses of the people who think their darling Amir is innocent.

6eb46b  No.12590143

File: 604ca264c05729d⋯.gif (278.17 KB, 478x400, 239:200, 56478668876.gif)

193445  No.12590148

File: 99a2f8e3f4010df⋯.png (17.64 KB, 128x125, 128:125, emote.png)

I guess shills always miss, huh?

0fc850  No.12590150



3f02b6  No.12590160


Trump isn't jewish but his cabinet, his children, his mentors, and his backers are.

4a7443  No.12590162

File: 270409c74071b1b⋯.jpg (231.54 KB, 1242x1552, 621:776, 1484468466081.jpg)

0fc850  No.12590175


And that's why they got him in the first month of Trump presidency.

d8630d  No.12590213

File: e802ac3ee4b0b41⋯.jpg (354.17 KB, 1073x725, 37:25, Israel immigration vs. US.jpg)

Israel can go fuck itself. They never gave a shit about us.

894358  No.12590224


what kind of olympic level mental gymnastics does getting out of syria amount to helping Israel you absolute melon.

a7432f  No.12590247


>oy vey goyim doing what Israel says doesn't help Israel oy vey

Enjoy dying in Iran for jews.

ada76b  No.12590250



Does mossad think they can get Beto elected on this shilling?

ada76b  No.12590254


Only one who is dying fighting Iran is jews.

No more meddling.

894358  No.12590255


when did anyone ever mention anything about going to Iran you dumb shit

put down the ganja

21ed88  No.12590257


You are really bad at this Kike.

3f02b6  No.12590259


Mossad supports Trump as does the entirety of Israel. He has made Israel great again by increasing the donations to Israel by $12 billion

5f8d04  No.12590261


He is a jike puppet and only shills have been pushing the narrative that he isn't.

ada76b  No.12590263



6eb46b  No.12590264

File: f049545bb56728a⋯.jpg (62.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1528939161606.jpg)


are jews legitimately trying to get shoad? what is their end game here? Anons, I dont understand. no one can be this retarded.

3f02b6  No.12590270


White men have been castrated. They do not fear us. There is one way to fix that.

49e32e  No.12590274


The only nation on the modern world that has truly earned the title of "rogue nation" is Israel disregarding what your cleverly placed puppets at the UN may say, you are still nothing but an invader and a parasite.

ada76b  No.12590283


Yeah and Hitler was a Rothschild puppet, right shlomo?

6eb46b  No.12590291

File: d8cc0dee854ee55⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 207x253, 9:11, 1529702368005.jpg)


is that so

b784e1  No.12590292

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is going to have its shit pushed in.

b784e1  No.12590306

How long before isis leadership is seen defending pissrael's border?

26d42f  No.12590310


that made me chuckle. you stupid faggot

5c1279  No.12590334


He was also a jew with one ball who drank bull semen because he couldn't get it up. No really goyim, it's the truth, nobody would lie about that.

a7432f  No.12590357


Do you think anyone believes you?


>oy vey goyim what could syria possibly have to do with iran

Get out.

a7432f  No.12590359


>oy vey trump isn't a jewish puppet

Kill yourself, redditor.

894358  No.12590364


he also had brown eyes and was inbred and had an inferiority complex of the superior jews, even though he himself was a jew, but also he was a racist who hated jews, also he employed jews as soldiers but also killed 6 million jews, while another several million left for america. The total jew population of germany before WWII was under 2 million but after WWII it was barely several hundred thousand jews who were then given land in the middle east to create israel. But all the other millions of jews were burned during the years 1942-1946 by using a 24 hour rotation of constant oven workers and grave diggers non stop throughout the duration of the war.

Did I miss anything?

9cecfe  No.12590369



44f5ee  No.12590377


this, trump is pussying out against Assad and Russia doing the Kremlins bidding.

6eb46b  No.12590381

File: 6a3bd364058b041⋯.gif (3.37 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 2768339.gif)


>How long before isis leadership is seen defending pissrael's border?

6eb46b  No.12590398

File: 28ef70fbc65ef88⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 225.9 KB, 880x882, 440:441, mmmmmmmmmm.png)


whether he is or isnt, for either scenario to work at all there would have to be plausible deniability of allegiance

and yet, jews are mad

5b417f  No.12590413


>muh sh*lls

anybody that says this word should be immediately permabanned with all of their post history on the board deleted

5c1279  No.12590420

dab78a  No.12590421


Good. Fuck America.

2c2c88  No.12590436


>us will go to war with Iran

>anytime now

Keep trying kike.

2c2c88  No.12590447


I figure Israel will turn to paying off muzzies to protect them now that whites are leaving. So that's actually not far off.

I can see the msm promoting brave and misunderstood ISIS soldiers defending jews from getting shoah'd by Iran.

6eb46b  No.12590452



6eb46b  No.12590464


>Good. Fuck America.


894358  No.12590470


dang i didnt know Seth Rogen was on here.

d5b6f1  No.12590487

File: b9a11c1083951ac⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 720x940, 36:47, big nut.jpg)


I don't really have anything to add except image related and the fact that Trump always seems to make these grand announcements then never follows through. I hope the troops come back, but I can't really trust anything Trump says at this point.

d8630d  No.12590529

Now commie Kurds are asking for french tropps to replace the americans, kek. WTF have they done for France? Jack shit, exactly. No white countries have any business caring wtf goes on with some durka-durkas in the desert. Their fucking problem. We already got enough of our own because of them.


991ec4  No.12590563


Support Trump before the election, vote for him and then let purple-haired dykes convince you that orange man bad. All you have to do is look at how much the ziomedia hates Trump and you know he is staying true to his base. I get pissed sometimes at Trump for not being the white leader that we all want, calling us to arms to rid the land of the invading hordes and big noses, but that isn't realistic. He's a good guy and we are lucky to have him.

4fb2c9  No.12590571

File: 56856c368af8eb6⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 447x396, 149:132, 1438339717301-4.jpg)


>brave and misunderstood ISIS soldiers

I believe the politically correct term is "White Helmets". It makes them sound like noble first respondents rather than the filthy Daesh cleanup crew that they are.

5c1279  No.12590575


The Kurds must not be paying attention to anything outside of their fighting. France is worrying about their President not being dragged out by his ankles to face the guillotine while half the country is on fire. They don't have the time right now to deal with helping the Kurds.

3ca8ea  No.12590609


>Trump doesn't fall for obvious ploy to draw us back into Syria


be less obvious, shill

46c5f8  No.12590640

File: 7c1ddb4263c9cc7⋯.jpeg (27.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, BF89A69F-987F-442C-BE28-D….jpeg)



You brainwashed fucking kid fuckers actually think most America likes you? I thought you stupid fucks were supposed to be smart.

0fe482  No.12590650


Pretty much this, even though I know he isn't the savior he still gives concessions to the other side by meeting them half way then does a 180 the next day on a different policy which is great don't get me wrong. the latest pullout news has all the countries over there in a confused state of mind and it's glorious.

46c5f8  No.12590718


I never put that together… Trump says fuck the Paris climate accords, “Pay for your experiment yourself.” Shortly after France taxes the fuck out of its own people because America (I’m guessing everyone else did too) refused to prop up a failed EU state. Boom, motherfucking riots in the street while macron hides under his ancient child grooming wife’s skirt.

8fdc32  No.12590724

File: 8f1f20e75b12126⋯.jpg (110.58 KB, 720x666, 40:37, Vietnam3.jpg)


Fuck CNN, ISIS is defeated, there's only clean-up left to do, and without the U.S. resupplying them, Assad and the Russians will wipe them off the face of the fucking Earth.

I only hope that when they capture the Mossad agents in the ISIS hierarchy, they tell the whole world who they are before they execute them.

Fuck you, Israeli shills, and fuck your "greater Israel" wet-dream.

Fuck you Bush, Obama, and Hildabeast for wasting our money and our soldiers on a fight that was never ours, and I can't wait to see you guys in prison.

Next step, follow Senator Paul and de-legitimize AIPAC, and make dual citizenship illegal for every public servant.

6eb46b  No.12590725

File: 922287839a09166⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.84 KB, 897x1005, 299:335, 142391953713.jpg)

620951  No.12590748


You NPC faggot. The United States funds ISIS as a privateer through Israel. Trump simply stopped funding them. The MOAB was just one of the random explosives we had over there that we would rather have gotten rid of than bother moving it. For the past 2 years we have been destroying and removing United States assets that would fall into the hands of shit skins, and packing up.

You should look up how the British paid pirates to fuck with the Spanish navy for 100s of years. Privateering is how a country can pay militias and private militaries to attack other nations without directly being involved.

Why do you think that politicians have claimed the US funds ISIS? Why do you ISIS emerged just after obongos got his place of tribal chief? He withdrew US troops from combat, kept special forces, and paid sand niggers to destabilize Syria and the entire surrounding area of it.

8fdc32  No.12590753


>Jew trying to use buzzwords

Isn't that adorable?

8fdc32  No.12590774

File: f89d82ab94aef84⋯.jpg (93.96 KB, 900x828, 25:23, FellowGoys2.jpg)


You forgot all the masturbation deaths & lampshades, and Jews being made into soap, and specialty roller-coasters that took Jews on a wild ride before dumping them into massive, constantly-burning ovens, and the giant electrocution devices, and being able to tell what nationality of Jew was being burned by the color of the smoke, and…oh, hell.

Too much insanity to list here.

8fdc32  No.12590794

File: e046a38ad554453⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 500x569, 500:569, IFuckedYourMom.jpg)


Are you even replying to the right guy?

I said, we are no longer resupplying ISIS, and we're not.

ISIS was a a Mossad/CIA invention, and it was initially armed when troops in Iraq were ordered to retreat when ISIS invaded, and leave behind all their American-sourced military hardware behind. They also left a bank full of easily-spendable gold for ISIS to loot, for their expenses.

But the creation of ISIS was under Bush, Obama was merely continuing the scam, as was Hildabeast, as the head of the State Dept.

Oh, and your mother's a whore.

8fdc32  No.12590815


>Trump always seems to make these grand announcements then never follows through.

Like when, exactly?

Yea, I thought so.

a7432f  No.12590817


>oy vey goyim jews totally don't have control and totally won't do another false flag

Kill yourself.


Except he's a jewish puppet. Everyone who isn't a paid shill knows this.


Paid shill confirmed. Go back to reddit.

8fdc32  No.12590827


They were already positioned to protect the stolen Golan Heights, because Pissrael is thinking Assad might try to take it back.

But after the last ISIS merc is slaughtered, it will be Assad's forces on the border, with Russian support, staring right at Jew occupation forces.

I wonder what will happen?

894358  No.12590828


Damn I forgot all about mr bones' wild holocoaster.

Can't believe those poor Jews went through so much.

1170b9  No.12590839


This is word for word what you spam in every single thread, no matter what the post you're replying to is. And when you're told to fuck off you respond with, ">being a zionist" or something along those lines. You must have made about 2000 posts word for word like this by now. Change the fucking script already.

894358  No.12590845


give him a break, shareblue is only paying the kid minimum wage

46c5f8  No.12590849

File: 1df6f1ba1021637⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 200:103, 003288BA-BAB6-435A-93A8-40….gif)


Lol you did it again, just more times.

>oy vey, I’ve been found out

>”you’re a dumb jew”

>I think it worked

8fdc32  No.12590851

File: 5069ea0827d5004⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 500x393, 500:393, GetOut.jpg)


Sorry kike, your false flags are well known now, they're not working for you, anymore.

The last one was ludicrous, everyone knew Assad wouldn't risk retaliation by engaging in a gas attack, and the truth that no such attack ever took place, false-flag or not, came out right after.

Trump knew it was fake, but needed to do something to make it seem like he was reacting, so he bombed the empty warehouses where Assad USED to make chemical weapons, which did two things…it proved there were no chemical weapons in those warehouses, and it destroyed Syria's facilities for making chemical weapons.

Now if a chemical weapon attack DOES occur, everyone is going to want to know where the weapons came from.

Protip: Israel.

Now get off our boards, Moshe.

The whole fucking world hates you.

8b501e  No.12590899

All low grade crumbs to keep the magafags still clinging on.

France was a wakeup call for these faggots. When it blows in 2019, then it really begins.

704955  No.12590906


Seriously, something misfired. You gave a good analysis, he calls you an NPC for some insane reason… then he also gives a decent analysis.

I also fucked his mom. 9/10. See what I'm saying? Calling his mother a whore then complimenting her? It's crazy.

9ce818  No.12590928



301b19  No.12590944

File: 4c1adc054cef090⋯.jpg (76.76 KB, 1075x771, 1075:771, rtd.jpg)


/pol/ is not a cuckservative cheerleading squad.

8fdc32  No.12590957


How is fucking his mom complementing her?

What else do you do with whores?

704955  No.12590980


Notice… the bait was not taken for the latest false-flag in Syria. We almost had a hat trick… 3/3 on media run-up, then rapid deescalation instead of an air strike.

The world is watching. We're not just here for the bread and circus, any longer. We're watching the guy who handles the lions, studying his methods… watching the wealthy promoter with binoculars… laughing with his (((friends))) up in the skybox.

Everybody knows it's a game; We're all looking for ways to end it.

35933a  No.12591029

I will leave when I am ready.

704955  No.12591034


>complementing her

I gave her a 9/10… a compliment.

Merriam-Webster says that's a term of respect.

To complement, however, according to the dictionary is to "fill up, complete, or make more perfect". So you may still be technically correct.

>What else do you do with whores?

Ask your mom.

Must we continue down this road? I was just wondering why an anon called another anon an NPC when they were basically agreeing with each other. I didn't really have sex with anyone's mother, nor have I been with a prostitute. Just a chuckle at a meme.

5c1279  No.12591036


It's not for jewish shills either, so see yourself out

8fdc32  No.12591041

File: c65084f021d15d6⋯.jpg (86.37 KB, 1075x771, 1075:771, Israel.jpg)


6 gorrillion hours in paint

8fdc32  No.12591044


Shills get confused, sometimes.

They have hundreds of personas to manage, on hundreds of websites, after all.

eada8e  No.12591049

File: f621c6a1437c695⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1364x928, 341:232, greater israel btfo.png)


Trump delivered. 8kikes btfo.

Take your greater israel and suck it, jews.

5d72b2  No.12591059


They have lost all control of any plan they had, Uncle Charlie.

5d72b2  No.12591062

File: ca17c9080b9a3f8⋯.jpg (9.23 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1544925752573.jpg)


Ur breddy guud!

000000  No.12591065

Traitor Trump doing traitor things. What else is knew? Oh yeah, he is also giving $100 billion to nigger communities and I doubt it is to diversify them.


5c1279  No.12591087


I saw you in the other thread. Go away.

35933a  No.12591096

Anybody else see that Worshipful Master wandering around the north?

7f0070  No.12591100


The neocohen Schwartz is strong with this one


35933a  No.12591102


How do you sell bikes when you've never ridden one in your life?

000000  No.12591108


Keep thinking Trump will handle everything for you for no salary.

473521  No.12591114

So many hate kikes now, it is beyond expectations. Now unite, never publicize it , stay low key and under the jew radar. Great things will happen as they have no idea what is coming next. Above all else keeping jews out of any movement is vital to success. Jews who do will be punished accordingly.

35933a  No.12591115

Keep thinking I need Trump to handle my business.

f1930d  No.12591117

File: 3743aa52f845092⋯.png (200.83 KB, 701x509, 701:509, (((You)))_.PNG)

5cebf4  No.12591118

File: 83e4991639989d8⋯.jpg (27.44 KB, 400x266, 200:133, american_nationalism.jpg)

File: ea76be7c877cd86⋯.jpg (169.85 KB, 899x629, 899:629, 0cfb75b3cea74fd1f85f265ed6….jpg)

File: 2ef73af2781e263⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1982x1373, 1982:1373, Rothschilds-MayMay_.png)


All MAGApedes must die

eada8e  No.12591120

File: 235e0387a307a66⋯.jpg (1005.9 KB, 1600x1172, 400:293, 1539501703222.jpg)


Muzzies are coming for you jew.

c31751  No.12591125

still not tired of winning

301b19  No.12591133

I'll just stop by in January to point out that we're still in Syria and that the totally organic pro-Trump shills conveniently forgot that we were ever leaving Syria and have gone on to some other non-issue to distract from the fact that we still don't have a wall.

8/pol/ is anti-White.

a7432f  No.12591137


Reminder that Trump is a paid jewish shill.

c31751  No.12591141


>having respect for our troops is treasonous

when you are done here dont forget to water the creek and sweep the dirt.

a7432f  No.12591142



>you're a jew because everything you say is against jews

Okay, leave. You are not on reddit.



Hi, paid jewish shill. No one believes a word you say. Everyone here instantly recognizes you for what you are. We don't suck ZOG emperor cock here. This is not your website. Go away.

a7432f  No.12591143


>strawman because he can't reply to what was said


Not your board.

a47986  No.12591144

File: 2c00af7dd4d816d⋯.png (331.34 KB, 1080x1267, 1080:1267, Screenshot_2018-12-22-02-5….png)

File: dd7c193d9fe6c80⋯.png (361.23 KB, 1080x1337, 1080:1337, Screenshot_2018-12-22-02-5….png)

File: 5d618a655d7fb00⋯.png (387.38 KB, 1080x1451, 1080:1451, Screenshot_2018-12-22-03-0….png)


Hitler had blue eyes. Everyone who met him said he had blue eyes. Kys.

a7432f  No.12591151


>so stupid he doesn't understand WHY the post was written

For fuck's sake.

eada8e  No.12591153

File: 943c2004f5b39a0⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 504x728, 9:13, oyvei.jpg)

af2197  No.12591154



5c1279  No.12591159


We will continue to vote until the government actually collapses and there's a point to picking up guns. Sage negated.

eada8e  No.12591166

File: e87d6d27d391ed0⋯.png (249.34 KB, 614x592, 307:296, 1545266791183.png)

File: 8d81bbbd8c34443⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 850x400, 17:8, hafez.jpg)

File: eaac1aef947d8fa⋯.jpg (417.68 KB, 2835x1860, 189:124, david and goliath 1.jpg)



8fdc32  No.12591173


Gonna still vote, Moshe.

And gonna vote for Trump, and anyone that supports the issues Trump supports.

Now go be a nigger somewhere else.

a7bd36  No.12591174


He is a kike.

This is nothing that has a real effect.

Demographics is destiny, and nothing outside of that is anything we need.

Wall up, kikes dead, shitskins of every stripe running.

35933a  No.12591177

Such dishonorably words

5c1279  No.12591184


The wall is going up, the next two will probably happen in the next decade

35933a  No.12591186


a7432f  No.12591192


>you're a jew because everything you say is against jews

Okay, leave. You are not on reddit.

a7432f  No.12591193


>the wall is going up

It's not, no. No new wall has been built. No deportations are happening. The wall is irrelevant without deportations of nonwhites.

eada8e  No.12591197


How sad is it that jews have to insult themselves to shill?

a7432f  No.12591207


I dunno; I find it pretty funny that kikes can't do anything but destroy their own arguments.

eada8e  No.12591211

File: b634f8b846288b6⋯.png (14.14 KB, 575x376, 575:376, 1544125717313.png)


Yeah like trying to suppress support for the most anti-israel president since JFK, by calling him a jew.

000000  No.12591233


>wait until all the guns are confiscated and whites are outnumbered 5 to 1 or more before picking up guns.

White people are not miracle workers. Enjoy your extinction.

46c5f8  No.12591242

File: 4a48a92c5402cbc⋯.gif (881.31 KB, 200x232, 25:29, 314EEE5B-9CBA-46BE-A6B9-EB….gif)


Still doing it haha

bc0e9e  No.12591248


Fighting wars for decades weakens you.

Using your forces to keep shitskins out of your home country strengthens you.

Sending jews flying into the orifice of an active volcano turns you into HULK.

1c5312  No.12591250


What did he mean when he said "they want it" while pointing to the sky? That was odd.

e501f6  No.12591251


>Yeah like trying to suppress support for the most anti-israel president since JFK, by calling him a jew.

<"The most anti-israel president" as defined by "the number of shekels *not* given to that person by jews relative to his former opponent"—as opposed to any of that man's words (let alone his actions), all of which have been blatantly pro-israeli even at the expense of the americans to whom he swore an oath of allegiance.

Found the jew.

35933a  No.12591254


Site is owned by ZOG

eada8e  No.12591255


>Trying this hard

No more wars for Israel shlomo :)

Prepare for Iran to fuck you up kike.

35933a  No.12591261

Site is literally owned by ZOG and Mossad and Zionist central runs Operations on here constantly.

I live in reality

e501f6  No.12591263


>No more wars for Israel shlomo :)

Yes, we will stop you, kike shill. We won't support your golem any more. Prepare to be gassed & your country glassed.

46c5f8  No.12591270


10/10- gold medal in mental gymnastics

You’re right. Fuck bloompf. Lol

Wanna try again?

a7432f  No.12591272


>trump is anti-jewish



No selfies, please.


Near enough to correct, yeah.

eada8e  No.12591273

File: b33ee7b1a94bd34⋯.png (350.26 KB, 614x676, 307:338, 1540616570223.png)


Kek this one is experience holocaust ptsd.

eada8e  No.12591282

File: 3f502ca2100edde⋯.png (599.17 KB, 1321x1209, 1321:1209, tarrifs friends.png)


Oh no no no no

35933a  No.12591283

Watch me have no jail time because of the tom foolery.

8fdc32  No.12591284


>What did he mean when he said "they want it" while pointing to the sky? That was odd.

Those American soldiers that died in this Jewish scam.

a7432f  No.12591287


>literally zero effort spam made by jews

Thanks for confirming that you kikes are absolutely fucking furious that we know your ZOG emperor is a traitor.

46c5f8  No.12591289


>I know you are


It’s like you’re fucking 5.

Iran, Syria and Russia are gonna fuck your people up if you get froggy.

56fff1  No.12591291

File: 7edfce16f985dd5⋯.jpeg (169.57 KB, 747x992, 747:992, FA55AFCF-D3BA-4C50-8A69-A….jpeg)

File: bee127c75b55aa6⋯.jpeg (124.73 KB, 809x767, 809:767, 85AE7252-0C14-439D-8289-4….jpeg)

File: 086e82532e97716⋯.jpeg (43.15 KB, 750x642, 125:107, F8A32B76-2675-478A-A602-3….jpeg)

I can’t believe I voted for this bloke. Look at this retard shit.

eada8e  No.12591293

File: ffc9aa4525f297a⋯.jpg (250.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, trump wins.jpg)


>ends zog wars

>is zog emperor

the absolute state of jidf

a7432f  No.12591294


Reminder that no one here will ever support your ZOG emperor.

f9fa09  No.12591296


>Kikes once again projecting exactly what they did onto opponents who never did it

I wish I could feel surprise from something so underhanded, but at this point I just expect it from them.

e501f6  No.12591298


Clearly you have no actual examples of Trump doing anything anti-israel or even anti-kike. Your own cherry picked example tried hard to insinuate he was anti-kike simply because fewer jews gave him money than shillary. In comparison, we have the actual historical record of the first two years of Trump being pro-israel at every juncture, disavowing white nationalists at every turn, and filling his entire admin and family with kikes. But yeah, "trump is totally anti-israel, goys."

Where the fuck do you think you are?

5c1279  No.12591299


>How do you do fellow right-wingers?

1c5312  No.12591300


You know I thought the same originally and I legitimately hate bringing this up but it's pretty weird he points up and says that a day after weird images of something over the White House come out.

They are probably bullshit but, still, interesting to me as Trump has never spoken of God or heaven or the dead like that before.

a7432f  No.12591302


>oy vey goyim the war is over

>ignore that Israel says it's invading syria

>ignore that Israel says it's attacking iran

>ignore that the entire West has defensive agreements with Israel that forces it to go to war with the jews

>ignore every action trump has ever taken in office

>ignore trump's entire family, which is jewish

lol die

eada8e  No.12591304

File: 8d81bbbd8c34443⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 850x400, 17:8, hafez.jpg)


Shouldn't you be preparing to die?

a7432f  No.12591306


>oy vey the ZOG emperor lied to you

>and you don't like it

>that means you're not right wing


I'm not jewish, so no. Cry harder, Ari.

35933a  No.12591309


You're a poster on this site. You're consuming this sites resources.

8fdc32  No.12591310


Should have made that a Hitler Youth knife.

Blut und Ehre

f9fa09  No.12591312


Most of us here support the US withdrawing from the middle east, regardless of if it's Trump or anyone else that makes it happen.

Do you think America should remain in Syria?

46c5f8  No.12591315


Yeah, no one supports netanyahoo or are referring to moloch, your god?

a7432f  No.12591318


The bots aren't even trying now.


>Most of us here support the US withdrawing from the middle east

Sure. That's not what's happening.


Reminder that Fred Trump was personal friends with Netanyahu.

eada8e  No.12591319

File: 3c81096efee7caa⋯.png (102.86 KB, 332x312, 83:78, nice try.png)


>Clearly you have no actual examples of Trump doing anything anti-israel or even anti-kike.

Pulling troops from Syria, shutting down war in Afg is the singular most anti-kike thing any president has done since JFK tried to shut down their nukes.

>b-but muh jerusalem embassy

All symbolic which had no meaning in the long run.

Meanwhile Trump just killed Greater Israel in the last two days. And you kikes here are pretending to be white? I will be glad when Iran nukes you.

56fff1  No.12591320


I’m not even shilling, come on man what he posted is retarded. We want a wall not this monkey cage bullshit.

a7432f  No.12591325


>Pulling troops from Syria, shutting down war in Afg is the singular most anti-kike thing any president has done since JFK tried to shut down their nukes.

You know that's not true, but it's cute how easily you expose yourselves.

>Meanwhile Trump just killed Greater Israel


8fdc32  No.12591329


>pretends to be /pol/

You're easy to spot, shill. You're not earning those shekels.

Soros wasted his money on you.

35933a  No.12591331


Remember, you're here forever.

I am only here until I finish with court

eada8e  No.12591333

File: 46d287ef469e88a⋯.jpg (114.34 KB, 1026x577, 1026:577, hez.jpg)


>I'm not jewish

Sure thing coin sniffer. Prep your anus for Hezbollah, you already lost to them twice.

eada8e  No.12591336

File: 6b9d591668281f0⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 864x902, 432:451, logo1.jpg)



>no arguments

Such a jewish trick.

8fdc32  No.12591343


Not that I agree with your analogy, but, monkey-cages keep the monkeys away from the humans.

Isn't that exactly what we're trying to do on the border?

a7432f  No.12591350


>oy vey you have to suck ZOG cock or you're not /pol/


You have never belonged here.


>oy vey you're a jew because everything you say is the opposite of what jews say

Okay, reddit.


Reminder that Trump's entire family is jewish.

8fdc32  No.12591352


Most anons lurk for years to get the hang of this place.

The Jew swaggers in, and arrogantly says, "how hard can it be?"

And then fucks it all up, miserably.

46c5f8  No.12591354


You can use your kike intellect to tell me exactly why you believe trump is a jew puppet? He is to the extent he doesn’t get jfkd I guess but what is it exactly?

eada8e  No.12591358

File: d77156e55da17d5⋯.png (669.28 KB, 1204x865, 1204:865, Even the chinese know.png)

Watching kikes trying to spin Trump ending zog wars into a pro-zog move. Judaism truly knows no low.

a7432f  No.12591362


Donald Trump is a zionist: https://archive.is/CPUYO

Donald Trump is a neoconservative: https://archive.is/FNP2y

Donald Trump is a civic nationalist: https://archive.is/QxbdQ

Donald Trump disavows white nationalism: http://archive.is/U5HWr

Donald Trump supports white genocide: pic related

Donald Trump's entire family is jewish: https://archive.is/1G0T7

Donald Trump's dad was personal friends with Netanyahu: https://archive.is/thTUe


8fdc32  No.12591366


Trump gives you what you want to hear, then tears you up with his actions.

He lived in Jew York Shitty for quite awhile, he's learned some tricks from the kikes.

38b7af  No.12591371

File: 5ac5da06bf9a6c6⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Le4Q8Dq.jpg)


we were wrong to stop believing in him.

35933a  No.12591372


You're not even European.

a7432f  No.12591374


>collapses into autistic rage when his kike narrative is exposed


a7432f  No.12591375


No, you were always wrong, paid jewish shill.

38b7af  No.12591376


>muh Jewish shill

sage negated

3f02b6  No.12591377



35933a  No.12591378


I was just assaulted by Freemasons in a bike store and a gas station and told that I wasn't welcome because I am the Jew.

Funny how that worked out.

a7432f  No.12591379


>oh shit they discovered me

>better bump my spam thread again

>doing exactly what exposed me


3efc1c  No.12591385

So many posts and propels are still using sage. Bump.

38b7af  No.12591386


sage negated and reported

46c5f8  No.12591387


You had those locked and loaded. Ready to copy and paste. Nice try kike.

eada8e  No.12591389

File: b81488bc2e23efb⋯.png (43.17 KB, 880x393, 880:393, haaretz betrayal.png)

File: a0eb09c56637621⋯.jpg (129.98 KB, 677x458, 677:458, 1544192135976.jpg)


Its scripted responses over and over again.

>paid jewish shill

>go back to reddit

The most used phrases from 4/pol/. Its hilarious.


>>oy vey you're a jew because everything you say is the opposite of what jews say

>Okay, reddit.


>>oy vey you're a jew because everything you say is the opposite of what jews say

>Okay, reddit.


One thing I noticed with these kikes - Hezbolla, Iran and Assad memes TRIGGER them.

a7432f  No.12591391

File: be6c7bf4d8defd2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1606x1219, 1606:1219, KaGqyPt.png)

File: ee918c74651aa70⋯.png (661.71 KB, 1400x1121, 1400:1121, h16b86T.png)

File: 9e55baaffff1aca⋯.jpg (172.03 KB, 942x680, 471:340, NzSFyvU.jpg)

File: 92391c68a8e4629⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 849x424, 849:424, 3ctpIZP.jpg)

35933a  No.12591393


Read my post retard.

8fdc32  No.12591394


>sage negated


It doesn't really work that way, Levi.

It may seem to, but it doesn't.


000000  No.12591398


>to weaken (((our))) power in the middle east

46c5f8  No.12591400


Did you just steal the shit I said to your earlier? Fucking dumb ass! Lmao Refer>>12590849

eada8e  No.12591402

File: d984aec68aa6463⋯.jpg (171.22 KB, 746x1018, 373:509, yrj.jpg)


>Trump gives you what you want to hear, then tears you up with his actions.


He has literally managed to jew the jews. And those jews who have figured this out CANNOT stand him. He was never a friend to Israel.

3efc1c  No.12591403


Sage negated faggot. This topic will be on the top of the catalog until you kill yourselves.

a7432f  No.12591404


>still no argument

>retarded shill doesn't know how to use the website

e501f6  No.12591406


>no substantive arguments

>changing the subject

Typical kikery.

<kike filled administration

<constant anti-white nationalism

<innumerable pictures of him surrounded by happy merchants, wearing kike shawls, etc

<jew family

<ignore him bombing syria in the past, but count the announced pullout at face value as some sort of double secret anti-israel move

>b-b-believe he's totally anti-israel, goyim!

And you wonder why your kind is always expelled. Not this time. This time you get exterminated.

eada8e  No.12591409

File: b604d3232e9130f⋯.jpg (329.21 KB, 1774x1074, 887:537, Palestine.jpg)


Palestine will be avenged, kike. You'll have to return all that land.

35933a  No.12591410

Been using site long enough to know that shit was uncalled for.

a7432f  No.12591412


>still no argument

>retarded shill doesn't know how to use the website

eada8e  No.12591416

File: b8103ff58821f15⋯.jpg (921.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, AErX0YF.jpg)

<kike filled administration

And? Still managed to end the zog wars.

<ignore him bombing syria in the past

Meme strike that killed no one. It was as fake as the false flag it was in response to.

35933a  No.12591420

>Keeps posting same shit as if it were making a point or proving something, and expects people to kneel to him.

46c5f8  No.12591424

File: 5c69584944dc425⋯.jpeg (88.2 KB, 600x378, 100:63, 10904A5B-DDD4-475D-A438-F….jpeg)


I’m done with you. It was fun watching you drown. You inbred wanna be israelites disgust me.

eada8e  No.12591426


>hahaha paid jewish shill

>go back to reddit


35933a  No.12591427

Yes, I will stand in your store again and force you to deal with me like a human being you piece of shit.

a7432f  No.12591431




You are a paid jewish shill. No one here supports Trump. Kill yourself immediately.

a7432f  No.12591432


Reminder that you have refused to address my proof that Trump is a ZOGbot.

46c5f8  No.12591438


Awww damn. Close though. Lol

eada8e  No.12591439


>You are a paid jewish shill.

Hookline and sinker.


Told you. Jews are not high IQ at all. They're just cunning.

46c5f8  No.12591445

File: ba3e490cde1fc9e⋯.gif (287.89 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 15596D60-4F7B-46B1-B171-48….gif)

a7432f  No.12591449


>yid doesn't even know how to spell

eada8e  No.12591457

File: fc9b9752eb773e5⋯.jpg (191.86 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, trump hero.jpg)

File: 2aeff4e15e6b168⋯.jpg (76.81 KB, 1080x789, 360:263, 1544857411870.jpg)

File: a09af48631ae3f1⋯.jpg (66.53 KB, 624x531, 208:177, drumf.jpg)


Pardon me, I sometimes take after the man who seems to trigger jews the most.

a7432f  No.12591461


>oy vey the ZOG emperor totally makes jews mad by doing everything they've ever wanted

Okay, you were proven wrong.

eada8e  No.12591465


>Okay, you were proven wrong.

Saying it over and over again won't make you right. This isn't the holocaust you're talking about.

e501f6  No.12591471


>the syria strike was a meme, but totally credit an announcement of future action as "ending all ZOG wars", goyim.

Still waiting for support of your "most anti-israel president ever" claim. We care about actions here, and all of Trump's actions have been pro-israel at the expense of america. Trump is far more pro-kike than even "immanentize the eschaton" GWB evangelical retardation.

You will be impressed by the view from inside our gas chambers, though. They won't have wooden doors with missing slats.

eada8e  No.12591482

File: 92f31f927e6d94c⋯.png (62.47 KB, 600x456, 25:19, Lindsey Nine Eleven Part 2.png)


>We care about actions here, and all of Trump's actions have been pro-israel at the expense of america.

You say this like it has any meaning coming from the likes of you. If you're unwilling to recognize the reality of Trump shutting down zog wars like it was proof that debunked the holocaust, what can a simple, honest goy do?

Anyone who has paid attention to the news the last couple of days knows Trump has upset all the right people in the world. Including you, kike.

a7432f  No.12591483


Thanks for admitting you were proven wrong about everything you said.


Okay, you were proven wrong.


a7432f  No.12591486


>the reality of Trump shutting down zog wars

Which isn't happening, so try harder. Take a look at what Israel is doing now.

eada8e  No.12591517


Actions > Words, kike.

One of your links though screams how much of a stupid shill you are:

>Donald Trump disavows white nationalism: http://archive.is/U5HWr

Yes why doesn't Trump just go 1488, right shlomo?

>Which isn't happening

Syria is being emptied out as we speak.

>Take a look at what Israel is doing now.

Why should I care? So long as U.S. no longer gets involved. Its gonna get gangbanged by Iran, Syria and Lebanon anyways.

e501f6  No.12591519


Doubling down on your shilling isn't a winning strategy, kike. Trump isn't actually doing anything anti-israel. By your logic, we should give him full credit for constructing the entire border wall (I mean the one with mexico, not the jew one he actually helped build)

Repeat after me:

1) all jews must be exterminated

2) israel is abomination that has no right to exist and must be annihilated

3) the white race is superior to all others

Oh, you won't? Quelle surprise.

35933a  No.12591526

Where you were 1488, but the Masons sent Mexicans to rape you.

eada8e  No.12591550

File: 76e129449f60133⋯.jpg (171.55 KB, 640x859, 640:859, d38.jpg)


>Trump isn't actually doing anything anti-israel.

>Ending zog wars is not anti-Israel

Tough luck, shlomo.

Oh and

1) all jews must be exterminated

No it will exist, but as a prison nation for jews. Every kike from the west will be deported there. It will be denuked and demilitarized. Land stolen from Palestine will be return to them. It's time to prepare.

2) israel is abomination that has no right to exist and must be annihilated

See above.

3) the white race is superior to all others

Why do jews pretend to be white supremacists online?

a7432f  No.12591556


>Actions > Words, kike.

Words: Wall

Action: No wall

Words: Deport all illegals

Action: No illegals deported; even more nonwhites legalized to speed up white genocide

Words: End NATO

Actions: NATO stronger

Words: Leave UN

Actions: Stay in UN

Words: End NAFTA

Actions: New NAFTA even worse


a7432f  No.12591558


Oh, right.

Words: Arrest Hillary

Actions: Absolutely fucking nothing

eada8e  No.12591567

File: e3adbb0c08f1a4c⋯.jpg (476.93 KB, 973x742, 139:106, wew lad.jpg)


>Words: Wall

>Action: No wall

He just shut down the government over it. Watching the news, kike? Last two days haven't been too good for you.

b60590  No.12591569


That's a fake quote. Hitler never said anything about mongoloids was superior to Germans.

a7432f  No.12591580


>He just shut down the government over it.

1. Had no reason to happen.

2. Had full authority to build for 2 years; did nothing.

3. Had full funding to build for 2 years; did nothing.

4. No deportations.

5. No arrests.


>Last two days haven't been too good for you.

No one is falling for your schtick, Avi.

e501f6  No.12591593


<refuses to call for the extermination of jews, and instead calls for containment/expulsion/exile, despite the fact that these approaches are what led to current history.

Not surprised, kike. We won't make the same mistake Hitler did by being merciful. We aren't your golem.

You and all your other kike brethren will be extinguished, and after we are finished we will erase you from history.

eada8e  No.12591598

File: 0c151e0a94d2475⋯.png (916.05 KB, 1260x670, 126:67, 1538791475769.png)


>That's a fake quote.

If that's fake quote then the Testament Of Adolf Hitler is a fake book. Post proof if it is.


>2. Had full authority to build for 2 years; did nothing.

Do you know how the US Government works?


>We won't make the same mistake Hitler did by being merciful.

lol nice roleplaying you faggot kike.

a7432f  No.12591612


Is this not a legitimate document?



>Post proof if it is.

That's not how it works, you subhuman piece of shit kike. You think we can't out you instantly?

>Do you know how the US Government works?

Yep. He had full authority. He was mandated, by the Constitution itself, to do it. He did nothing. You know nothing.

a7432f  No.12591614


>Hitler wasn't merciful

Say the following sentence, without quotes:

The holocaust did not happen.

b60590  No.12591616


The Testament of Adolf Hitler is a collection of allegedly informal, off-the-record conversations. At best the book would be unverifiable, but given that documents show that Bormann (the person who supposedly transcribed the informal conversations) was not even present at meals where he was allegedly writing down conversations, it is a forgery.

This link details David Irving's investigation into the book.


a7432f  No.12591624


You wouldn't happen to have another verified quote from Hitler talking about pride in one's race, then, would you?

eada8e  No.12591633


>Yep. He had full authority. He was mandated, by the Constitution itself

With what budget, you retarded jew? Keep showing how clueless you are. Faggot.

oh and

The holocaust did not happen.

Now type God. Without quotes.

a7432f  No.12591637


When we slaughter every last one of you kikes and you stand before the Almighty God to receive your judgement, at least wipe the shit off your faces.

>oy vey goyim the budget doesn't exist oy fucking vey give us 36 billion per year for free oy vey keep giving illegal aliens 150 billion per year of welfare oy FUCKING vey there was nothing to fund the wall with

It's really, REALLY funny that you keep moving the goalposts whenever you get blown the fuck out on one point after another.

3263c6  No.12591639


>Implying playing both sides of the coin isn't the jewish way

Once one works valiantly for the international jew on a level anywhere close to presidency, they cannot be trusted any further to serve the people. From then on, they should only be scrutinized on how they work for ZOG

eada8e  No.12591649

File: 2a79a491c301f91⋯.jpg (79.28 KB, 750x535, 150:107, 1538822907723.jpg)


>buzzwords the post

Jesus Christ, exorcise this rambling hellrat from reality.

a7432f  No.12591660


>oy fucking vey goyim every single thing I said was proven to be a lie

>suck zog emperor cock ha ha wow

No one cares. Go away. We will never support your hoaxes.

eada8e  No.12591673

File: 3ef14f24b1a22bd⋯.png (280.87 KB, 480x399, 160:133, arms.png)


>Implying playing both sides of the coin isn't the jewish way

You can try to fight kikes head on and see where that leads you. It'll be more honorable, I agree, but it won't get you elected. Ask David Duke.

And if you can't see how obviously Trump is playing jews at the international level, then I truly fear for your intelligence. He gave them Jerusalem on one hand, took support to keep Israel's enemies suppressed on the other. This is reality, which never ends well for your tribe.

You got played by a steak salesman.


Shut up kike.

a7432f  No.12591687


>oy fucking vey goyim every single thing I said was proven to be a lie

>suck zog emperor cock ha ha wow

No one cares. Go away. We will never support your hoaxes. Every single thing you claimed was proven false.

1c5312  No.12591689


You didn't vote for him. No American says "bloke".

000000  No.12591697

Will Afrimericans finally revolt over jewish policies making their country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks?


Or smoke weed?

eada8e  No.12591711


That israeli has no problem passing $38 billion for Israel, but $5 billion for the wall is too much.

Yeah, I fucking hope boomers watch that and WAKE UP.

a7432f  No.12591719


>openly fucking admits that he was blown the fuck out now

Thanks; Trump has no intention of building a wall or deporting anyone. Ever.

6428ad  No.12591723

File: e39cabd7bd50bcd⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 752x700, 188:175, 55590-8349873428776134-081….jpg)

Last year one of the Syrian Christians fighting for Assad and his nation dressed up for this humorous photo op, taking a brief holiday break from hunting the foreign scumbags that Israel sent into Syria..

Good ol' "FALSE FLAG ISRAEL", from the USS Liberty and the World Trade Center to that Russian IL-20 Surveillance Plane that jews in F-16s set up for a murderous hit in September of 2018…

With "allies" like the jews and Israel, you already have your enemies.

cf90ca  No.12591726


>our allies.

Name one. With proof - sourced - of their allegiance to the US. Name 3 things each of the listed has done strictly for the US to give benefit to the US, at no cost to the US.

eada8e  No.12591731

File: 8a564dde6479aec⋯.jpg (65.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rouhani kek.jpg)


>ramble like an assclown

>that'll show the bad goy

a7432f  No.12591740


>openly fucking admits that he was blown the fuck out now

Thanks; Trump has no intention of building a wall or deporting anyone. Ever.

1c5312  No.12591754

I have to say it really speaks volumes and is quite telling watching the anger about a POTUS protecting his own troops and bringing them home to their families. One must be incredibly arrogant to feel a foreign countries should be doing the work of another and I have never been one to ever antagonize or bring up such things on this forum.

To see people react like they are truly makes it appear that everything many anons have been saying for a long time is accurate and the US has been used massively at a time when Israel is literally allowing port access to our greatest threat which I personally considered as a spit in our countries face. I am sure there are many Israeli intelligence operatives here and you likely know who all of us are so you would know by my posts I have actually been one to defend what I saw as a solid alliance and have never once been a "blame the Jews" type in many years. However, the action with the port/China and now seeing this action about the US wanting to protect their own legitimately raises serious questions about how Israel feels about the US and I would suggest that be rectified instead of blaming our citizens and POTUS for doing what is best for his country less you lose people like myself who were/have always been on the fence.

eada8e  No.12591762

File: 20bf5c642319982⋯.png (76.34 KB, 654x475, 654:475, triggered kike.png)


>copy pasting own posts



The hate is unreal. I've never seen anything like it. Trump's managed to bring out the worst of the neocons in the last two days.

a7432f  No.12591783


>openly fucking admits that he was blown the fuck out now

Thanks; Trump has no intention of building a wall or deporting anyone. Ever.

2a1da2  No.12591790


Nigger, what the fuck are you talking about? You're not even from here.

eada8e  No.12591795

8ff5e8  No.12591796


Yup I'm voting for Hillary in 2020

1c5312  No.12591799


Sure I'm not.

7b92a8  No.12591807

File: 7336e5171716667⋯.gif (139.22 KB, 203x200, 203:200, sakura.gif)

>a7432f (45)

>when you're trying to shut it down but you just can't

a7432f  No.12591846


>you told the truth

>that makes you a jew

Go back to reddit.


That's what makes you a jew, yes. No one here supports Trump or Hillary.




>as though anyone is falling for it

Reminder that you were proven wrong.

bc0e9e  No.12591864


>Reminder that Trump is a paid jewish shill.

No, you.

7dd5f8  No.12591869


I hate to say it, but damn if he doesn't seem sincere when he says this. Also, he seemed responsive to his base with The Wall in terms of government shutdown, and the neocon shills dropping like flies in his cabinet is a good thing. This whole thing looks surreal. I'm going to enjoy seeing the outcome, especially if it involves what I consider to be the inevitable implosion of the whole damn clown show that parades around like its "the world".

7dd5f8  No.12591876


When I see this I wonder if I'm not seeing two sockpuppets fighting each other, attached to arms which are attached to the same body, to the same head, to a single script. I probably won't believe it AFTER I see it the way this world is. It's so much worse than the surface that this all represents.

04486b  No.12591894


I think he's for real. It's not an easy job. Most of the people he has to deal with in Washington DC are part of the establishment swamp and have been there for decades. Trump doesn't have a whole bunch of political allies to rely on the way the Clintons and Bushes do. He's almost going it alone.

eada8e  No.12591895


I normally ignore obvious jidf bait but this time I couldn't resist.

>man ends zog wars

>gets called a kike

only on (((8ch))).

7dd5f8  No.12591917


I always wanted to believe this. But I'm not the sort of person who believes things. I look at facts, I check for consistency, and I follow the path of least complexity when there isn't some substantive justification to do otherwise. Out-Jewing the Jew? Maybe, it is theoretically possible. They aren't really that creative anyway. Plagiarizing, evil-minded, opportunistic, groveling, low-life at their upper echelons, born and stuck under that sort of thing just like any goy, but worse otherwise. I don't even get the sense that most Jews WANT this shit any more than the rest of the world. But the Sanhedrin types are DEDICATED to it, and this world seems in its deeper roots to really be Yahweh (Greys?) controlled. It's like a damn amusement park to experiment on all sorts of fleshbodies and experiment on perverting and programming souls, and then seeing what breaks the Spirit of God or stalls it or deceives it so they can get energy from it (like a metaphysical nuke reactor, with most entities being control rods or some other part of the thing).

I never woke up one morning and said "Ah, nothing like hating Jews first thing in the morning". Fuck it, life here is an imprisonment, and most people just can't face it, just can't handle it, just can't even begin to. We live in a country not really unlike any other in the ways that matter, it is a de facto junta that is split into all sorts of shapes that suit the hegemons behind the scenes who devour the energy that results from all their manipulations. The evil rule the less evil, the wise are shut out by the fools, and most people are fodder anyway.

Out-Jew the Jew? Out-YHWH the YHWH on its own turf? This isn't an Aryan world. This is a Demonic soul prison. Maybe one could consider the Good Goys here to be prisoners of war, lost in some battle on the shoulder of Orion.

I want to see this world IMPLODE, for it is the core of evil. It will be disintegrated, condensed into a ball of strange matter, then sucked down a black hole, and that will be the fucking end of it. No more clowns.

7b92a8  No.12591928

File: 18184bbad2d44b8⋯.jpg (61.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smug sakura.jpg)

7dd5f8  No.12591936


Correction, pale blue eyes.

7dd5f8  No.12591948


Yeah, but that is almost like slaying a strawman. Can anyone seriously shill in that manner? So we have the distinct possibility of weak shills getting slain by easily anyone, but notably by those who are pushing a very peculiar narrative, one which suggests that Trump is not Israel's friend, and one that is not well-supported by knocking away childishly stupid arguments.

a7432f  No.12591954


>still changing IP address


>keeps doing it

You've admitted Trump works for jews.

eada8e  No.12591961

File: dc05325f6baa0a8⋯.jpg (156.48 KB, 771x1024, 771:1024, strong-men.jpg)

File: 264042b25a297bb⋯.jpg (240.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Live.jpg)


Blackpill is never the answer. If there were good times before that can happen again, there's a cyclical nature to material universe. Struggle is the name of the game.

a7432f  No.12591964


The cycle is over. Jews have total information control now, as well as control over all economic markets.

7dd5f8  No.12591975


Sorry, Charlie, but they are the new "nobody".

eada8e  No.12591979

File: 7d2bd8e075e9fb8⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1544503472844.jpg)


Actually they are losing control, as is obvious by your posts.

7dd5f8  No.12591991


But if "we" can be based even though born, sloshed, and nearly drowned in this (((mire))) of evil, why can't he? If you went through your whole life saying "Gas the Kikes" how well would you have been able to function? You can shake the hand of the Devil, but if you are pure, it will form no bond.

5f8d04  No.12592008


>the man who put jews in camps is comparable to a man who had jews in his family and literally praises israel.

Nice strawman kike.

5f8d04  No.12592012


>le shareblue deepstate cianiggers xD

You faggots need to go back to /ptg/

5f8d04  No.12592014


So fox news isnt ziomedia? Fucking retard.

eada8e  No.12592017

File: e661bec234e24fb⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1533275503411.jpg)




Watchout for the new shift.

46c5f8  No.12592035

File: 75356243dd03aaf⋯.gif (863.44 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1514920225922.gif)


Never thought of it like that but you make some really good points.

>Life here is an imprisonment

Kinda. I think of it as a test to see if a person can overcome one's self or in other words, your own worst enemy. If you look at it like that you see that the jews actually revel in the fact that they give into their own ego so much that they become black holes of humanity. That includes human dignity which they despise in whites because we value that the most (which tends to make us idealistic and turns our cultures into high trust societies during bountiful times). So, not only do we have to fight our own tendencies toward the worst parts of our nature (the seven deadly sins), we also have to fight a fucking people that hate us because in this place we can find balance while maintaining our inner integrity which makes our souls "good" and our societies flourish because we can trust our neighbors to help us (ergo: communities- not to be confused with tribes). A tribe seeks validation through means of subversion and infiltration because unlike whites/europeans, they can't find a sense of community within their own enclaves. If you know the warhammer series, they would be the skaven. All of that society seeks to outdo and out-consume the other so as to attain power via wealth and influence using any means necessary.

Whites/Europeans don't do that. Personally, I think we would traversing the universe already if it wasn't for crabs in a bucket mentality the jews spread throughout the world since time began (marxism/communism/socialism). An individual can exist and thrive for himself but he cannot live by himself. Meaning, the world provides sustenance to those who cultivate it. Jews only cultivate the evil aspects of everything.

Does Trump understand this. Probably. To some extent his German dna knows this. Sorry for rambling.

We will win.

5f8d04  No.12592039


>shill accusations

>no argument

Classic trumpkike.

eada8e  No.12592047

File: d8083db778e0cdb⋯.jpg (63.47 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, 1544930324729.jpg)


>if i call him trumpkike, he will stop supporting Trump

>then we can get finally get Beto and wars for israel again

5f8d04  No.12592054


Just asking you to respond to the points I made instead of responding with "le shareblue xD"

c3bd7e  No.12592076


>>ignore that Israel says it's invading syria

>>ignore that Israel says it's attacking iran

you pretend like this is a bad thing. the defense agreement doesnt cover them if they blatantly attack someone unprovoked. and guess what? without syria iran will be capable of wiping israel off the face of the earth in a single attack.

you that confident that the west will start WW3 in retaliation of a corpse? keep telling yourself that chaim…

c3bd7e  No.12592088


anon, i went through your posts and cant find a single argument you attempted to make. did you IP hop or soemthing?

were you trying to make the argument that trump isnt hitler even though nobody was saying he was? or am i missing a legitimate argument somewhere.

1170b9  No.12592105


Yes I expected a much more thorough and detailed argument to combat the brilliant points you made with "le shareblue deepstate cianiggers XD". Tell your boss that zero goyim are fooled by these shitty word games you're playing. You're not even good at it.

46c5f8  No.12592109


IIRC it was Russia that said that if Israel attacks their ally (Syria) they can expect an equal retaliation. I honestly don't think the jews have the gall to attack Syria now.

>Israel blows something up in Syria

>Syria responds in kind with Russian backing

>A defacto war starts between Syria and Russia

>Iran will join

>Will America back Israel knowing they are the aggressors because that is not part of the pact we have with them? Nope

>If congress decides to join Israel, Americans will rise up (depending on the severity of the Israeli attack) and stop it

>Israel will be alone because they only have one ally and China ain't it.

>Israel contemplates the Sampson option… they won't because they know they will go to hell for it

>Israel will have to do what their neighbors demand, they will be a rootless society once again because of their fucking hubris

Jews that have power can't fucking help themselves. They have to prove they aren't inferior and in that, their hubris is exposed every time. It may take a while but they always do it.

Granted, there may other outcomes but the rat will flee a sinking ship (nation) to save it's life (200k French jews expected to flee France).

08b54a  No.12592123

File: fb9c38ecbd24026⋯.png (168.51 KB, 1789x413, 1789:413, Stateof8chanHalloween.png)


This meme is scary accurate when you look back on the last two years and the impact of removing imkampfy.

2de52c  No.12592137



> jerusalem embassy

That was a huge slap in the face, dressed up as a favour. It escalated the conflict beautifully.

Pulling troops out of Syria is also good.

5f8d04  No.12592150


The first post I responded to claimed that all of ziomedia was against trump. I asked if he considers fox news to be ziomedia, since they support trump.

The second post someone was trying to liken me calling trump a kike puppet the same as calling Hitler a kike puppet. I showed how those comparisons are comical.



Wut? If you you think Hillary Clinton's campaign pr team is the main force shilling on these boards you're a fucking retard. You come from the same group that believes there is a deep state and that the CIA is in a war against trump's. All ideas that take the spotlight off kikes and the fact that the entire establishment, from top to bottom, is their game.

08b54a  No.12592155

File: dbdd7ff58c6a942⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 711x600, 237:200, b72645b03486c1e34de0ffbc5c….jpg)


>That was a huge slap in the face

To anyone who thought Trump isn't a Zionist shill, too bad you faggots are too stupid to see it.


Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq . . .

eada8e  No.12592159

File: 549cf0176f48709⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 480x564, 40:47, laughing.jpg)


>Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq . . .

After destroying Saddam.

Assad is alive and well, and ready to hunt down your tribe.

320329  No.12592168

This is the best decision he's made so far. Now he can focus on domestic affairs and finally address the China question. Shills will tell you otherwise, but everything is going according to plan.



08b54a  No.12592183

File: 58dbbec703efbc0⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 58dbbec703efbc07da66e9cb2e….jpg)


>Assad is alive

So is the Saudi royal dynasty and the state of Israel . . .

46c5f8  No.12592189

File: 748652c20608912⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1525429423921.jpg)


Your temerity regarding the ignorance of the American people is a fucking funny.

You can't reconcile the fact that your golem became sentient and said, "Hey, Moshe, suck a baby dick. I'm out."

eada8e  No.12592198

File: 8542346acfc2713⋯.jpg (171.23 KB, 895x1315, 179:263, david and goliath.jpg)


>The second post someone was trying to liken me calling trump a kike puppet the same as calling Hitler a kike puppet. I showed how those comparisons are comical.

They are really not, not since day before yesterday.

Take all the pro-kike shit he's done one one hand, and shutting down Syria/Afghanistan on the other, and the scales tip towards Trump being a zionist as ridiculous a statement as Rand Paul being a zionist (given zionism is defined as ambitions for Greater Israel).

>So is the Saudi royal dynasty and the state of Israel

Iran destroys them both without US in the picture.

08b54a  No.12592211

File: 4530a6a5888065e⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 750x377, 750:377, 4530a6a5888065e3755de4d68e….jpg)


>Your temerity regarding the ignorance of the American people is a fucking funny.

How? How the fuck is that remotely funny?

>your golem became sentient

Try speaking American, faggot. Golem is a fucking pokemon as far as I give a shit.

d0503a  No.12592217

File: f5305762db5861c⋯.gif (113.29 KB, 277x400, 277:400, giggle smug.gif)

File: 5b9fb55dbcaba6b⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, reminder of why shills hat….JPG)

File: 71e837d8542a672⋯.png (954.35 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo_cy_plus_3b.png)


>he's a kike puppet for wanting troops there

>he's a kike puppet for withdrawing

So which is it you fucking nigger?

46c5f8  No.12592242


You don't know what temerity means?

I wasn't trying to be funny btw.

You're still doing it.

Shareblue and JIDF is bringing out the retard squad now.

I speak ENGLISH just fine and my comprehension of what you're doing is more than you can handle.

FYI: Pokemon Go was developed by a kike so it's no wonder you don't want people to know what a golem is.

Fuck it, for those that don't know. According to legend: A golem was a clay monster brought to life by jewish magic to kill their enemies.

They called it a golem because it had less humanity than a goyim (goyim: non jew).

eada8e  No.12592260


Anyone posting here who doesn't know what golem or goyim is should honestly be told to fuck off and lurk more.

08b54a  No.12592274

File: 1962e11cf421b99⋯.jpg (102.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 0fd3797b5ab9f6b36ee19a7710….jpg)


>muh shareblue


>muh everyone who doesn't suck zionist dick is a shill

Why do you fucks even bother here?

eada8e  No.12592290


>doesn't know what a golem is

>hurr why do you come here reee magapedes

gas yourself my man

08b54a  No.12592302

File: a5e5507ba179b32⋯.png (575.22 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, a5e5507ba179b32535b8fe4cd4….png)


>giving a shit about jewish terms implies ???

>ree you can tell I'm a magapede reeeee

46c5f8  No.12592317


I know… it's funny fucking with the newfags here. These dumb liberals will never know how fast we adapt to their bullshit. It's fucking hilarious. That npc shit really fucked with their heads.

46c5f8  No.12592319


You forgot to tell call me "le 56%". Newfuck.

08b54a  No.12592324

File: 50f89473dcd2a04⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 600x615, 40:41, carlcuck.jpg)


>being conservative means sucking zionist don's dick

08b54a  No.12592329

File: 74cef27f2456b27⋯.png (215.57 KB, 638x550, 29:25, 74cef27f2456b27fdcf63f6d9b….png)


That's the anti-American shill which is as cringey as you fucking magapedes are.

46c5f8  No.12592331


Hey, I wouldn't post selfies here, these guys are kinda crazy.

46c5f8  No.12592335

File: 786799a022bbbeb⋯.jpg (77 KB, 600x595, 120:119, 1511056505458.jpg)


>You're an NPC

>Not us

Trump did something good for once and shook things up?

Now we get to see what falls out of the tree… faggots, kikes, neocons and niggers so far, but there is still time.

eada8e  No.12592338

File: f32a72046e4e7bd⋯.jpg (169.72 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, krystal.jpg)




>thinks about dicks

Think we know who is behind this post.

b5f17b  No.12592357

File: d4735876a329e73⋯.png (453.42 KB, 1249x1023, 1249:1023, ClipboardImage.png)

e682f3  No.12592376


can’t Mossad the Assad

46c5f8  No.12592383


Is it just me or did we 8/pol/ stop?

46c5f8  No.12592413


A clone popped up. nvm

307ccc  No.12592640

Can't Mossad the Assad!

fbe4de  No.12592651


We are reaching levels of kvetching never thought possible.

90d5ad  No.12592664


What a cucksucker.

"The others to finally fight" ? Syria and Russia have been all the fighting from day one.

"ISIS WAS DEFEATED"…NO, YOU was defeated, YOU were ISIS along qwith the UK-France-Israel, and you are now trying to save face.

I fucking hate (((liars)))

1a1b22  No.12592679


Nigger, without Trump, ISIS would still be here and strong.

b89673  No.12592680


>pissrael is our ally

You've got to be shitting me hahahahhaha

90d5ad  No.12592682


LOL, Trump did nothing but giving support to ISIS. Assad and Putin did all the work.

1a1b22  No.12592689


LOL, he's the one who stopped the aid to ISIS, which Obama admin was giving.

Without him, the syrians and Putin would be stuck fighting Israel for 10 more years, turning the country into Afghanistan.

90d5ad  No.12592703

File: 9783e99e1715528⋯.png (53.65 KB, 272x204, 4:3, 1484349587-hollande.png)


>Airstrikes Syria over an obvious false flag

>Calls Assad over an obvious false flag

>Gives 3.8 billions $ per yer to Israel (for a total of 38 billions $ ) which will help Israel to finance ISIS

>Probably has US gov finance ISIS directly too

>"but muh 8D chess"

8d2a1a  No.12592706



53faf8  No.12592734


More blatant Masonic gestures in the press

588fbf  No.12592737


they pay you way too much shill

a3f068  No.12592740

File: 1fdeacb84b62d34⋯.jpg (233.91 KB, 812x560, 29:20, Assad_McCain.jpg)

File: f89fa280e07e201⋯.png (408.27 KB, 577x653, 577:653, Capture.PNG)



f5ddb3  No.12592872

File: 75392da70744fab⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 690x462, 115:77, Mike-Pence.jpg)

File: 59f7c165bdb6f9c⋯.jpg (132.23 KB, 1300x762, 650:381, you fucked up.jpg)


Holy shit, it's real.



000000  No.12592905



b1653c  No.12592908

File: d402b8d8d4f44dc⋯.jpg (119.33 KB, 600x612, 50:51, Its afraid.jpg)


>allies in the middle east


f5ddb3  No.12592923

File: f17a519fefcdb4e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1900x1018, 950:509, 4chan - christmas weekend ….png)

This is 4chan

9a809b  No.12592943

File: 069e44f5f6d9bef⋯.png (240.68 KB, 577x474, 577:474, 069e44f5f6d9befffc6bc265d6….png)

Look at that! The bot learned how to use images! Maybe then it will stop sticking out as a sore thumb!

f5ddb3  No.12592973

File: 919f1d4cc84600c⋯.jpg (499.56 KB, 1252x1080, 313:270, Enoch Powell - Marxist Ped….jpg)

File: 49b8e16e749c405⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 504x1155, 24:55, enoch bowel.jpg)



what is it with these powells all the sudden.. can we agree anyone named powell is a literal faggot


f5ddb3  No.12592976

File: 0ac372d607feb69⋯.jpg (51 KB, 800x699, 800:699, trump_cloud.jpg)

36c73c  No.12593007

File: aa31bb8f98ec09d⋯.png (543.29 KB, 595x584, 595:584, dwqhwqdwqe.png)

File: 5065bbd417ba3b8⋯.jpeg (163.51 KB, 1014x677, 1014:677, o9jewweewew.jpeg)

File: 646b566a54fb269⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 4000x2667, 4000:2667, mnuchin.jpeg)

File: 31012da770dc504⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 722d2df.jpg)

File: b6afef9a69d63d0⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 602x401, 602:401, 8888888.jpg)

36c73c  No.12593010

File: dd52ade4f1918a1⋯.jpg (90.74 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 992923.jpg)

File: 4e0117149179a97⋯.jpg (64.48 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 9ijj333.jpg)

File: 363318aa6f33a42⋯.jpg (123.23 KB, 962x642, 481:321, iii2992.jpg)

File: d774477838bae48⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 478x395, 478:395, o9ii22.jpg)

668fa8  No.12593020


>Only a kike would approve of cowardice.

>Hey Moredecai! We tricked the goyim into defending us for years, they even let me call them cowards!

3f231e  No.12593036


>I want to see this world IMPLODE, for it is the core of evil. It will be disintegrated, condensed into a ball of strange matter, then sucked down a black hole, and that will be the fucking end of it. No more clowns.


That's exactly what the Jew wants, idiots like you to believe they're all powerful, special link to "god" - you forget they were drummed out of countries and burned like rats throughout history and have higher rates of genetic disease and mental illness than any other group.

Jews want everything to end, they're natural-born nihilists and behind all the anti-natalist 'better never to have been' crap and most nuclear tech. Probably the hideous genital mutilation as babies, and the overbearing nagging mommas.

Man the fuck up, this is OUR planet, my kids are going to have a glorious future and my grandkids even better when they arrive, there is NOTHING wordy black-pill fags like you can do about it.

Tomorrow belongs to ME.

04339f  No.12593052


>so far has been very blatant zog puppet and cuck

>tells everyone that he beat ISIS and US forces are supposedly leaving Syria

>somehow this means he is based and not zog all of a sudden

Only the retarded (((magapedos))) are buying this.

d8630d  No.12593061

File: 0758bd9458d153f⋯.png (309.76 KB, 414x785, 414:785, ServalSeason2.png)


Time to invest in diaper stocks, anon!

c2491a  No.12593082

Miles of my wall built? Oh wait that's right I'm a shill for asking silly questions

c3acf7  No.12593107


Oh shit, let Russia invade Afghanistan and Syria again and collapse like they did last time.. oh no.

34c8b4  No.12593119


Gee is that a threat or what?

a7432f  No.12593126


Paid jewish shill confirmed.

a7432f  No.12593130


We're not talking to you, paid jewish shill.

5dfd56  No.12593132



6eb46b  No.12593195

6eb46b  No.12593207

File: a9ee43ca28c7771⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 336x199, 336:199, 7642845.gif)



1170b9  No.12593237

File: e3d74d911c8c91a⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, brainlettttt.jpg)


>Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq . . .

>troops are currently in Iraq

b8d848  No.12593266

File: 0df46d4c8711b13⋯.png (745.12 KB, 1165x914, 1165:914, 0df.png)

HE is coming back.

6eb46b  No.12593285

File: aa37a0f13a41f93⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 350x418, 175:209, 723967.jpg)



>paid jewish shill x 6 gorillion

>projecting this desperately


29ce4b  No.12593293

When will chemtrails stop ?

When will free energy be given to the public ?

When will alien disclosure happen ?

When will humanity be free ?

b8d848  No.12593300

File: 9ab7bc5e1288336⋯.jpg (131.01 KB, 600x614, 300:307, 00_Hitler's Blue Banano Pe….jpg)



Autistic retard detected. Kill yourself to improve the board quality.

8f0105  No.12593303


Trump has a foot in both camps so to speak, there are plenty of things he does to benefit the (((Israelis))) , but he isn’t completely subservient to them either

0b47d8  No.12593492


where did that 38bn go? nigger.

8fdc32  No.12593512

File: 0569b9305df9641⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 504x284, 126:71, AE2.jpg)


>Trump has a foot in both camps so to speak, there are plenty of things he does to benefit the (((Israelis))) , but he isn’t completely subservient to them either

Like what?

And the billions in aid were part of the budget, he had to sign it to get the military spending and keep the government running. Congress is responsible for that aid.

Other than that, everything else has been nothing but words and empty gestures. Even the "move" to Jerusalem of our embassy has been continuously wavered, even though the location of the embassy really means nothing. We have not officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But our withdrawal of support for ISIS has foiled Israeli plans for the toppling of Assad, and screwed up their "greater Israel" plans indefinitely. Our withdrawal of troups from both Syria and Afghanistan has weakened Israel's position in the region, and pretty much insured they will not have the balls to try to invade Iran.

His recent attack on the Fed has brought attention to how the very core of Jew power is used to control U.S. governments, and to be honest, I don't think he's even close to being done, yet.

No, the Jews do NOT like this president, and I pray he stays safe from their cowardly and murderous attempts to eliminate him, because you KNOW they are strongly considering that, right now.

48089a  No.12593522

File: 5d3acb676deda78⋯.webm (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, HEllahu akbar.webm)

8fdc32  No.12593528

File: ce16244496f87e9⋯.jpg (31.3 KB, 312x640, 39:80, SaucersCIA.jpg)


>When will chemtrails stop ?

These projects are UN projects, as well as individual projects being undertaken by lone governments. What you should be asking is, when will these interference's in Earth's natural weather patterns be BANNED worldwide?

>When will free energy be given to the public ?

It won't be. If it were made public, it would topple the power structure that keeps the very wealthy on top of the economy, so it's doubtful anything will be willingly admitted to. But the precepts of drawing energy from the latent energy field of the universe were discovered in the '30's, so somebody will discover them again, probably many somebodies. You can't keep a secret forever.

>When will alien disclosure happen ?

We have not met aliens.

>When will humanity be free ?

You are free, right now. You simply have to avoid the other human predators you live alongside, just as you have to avoid bears and tigers.

In other words…just don't get caught.

6eb46b  No.12593592


when the jews are gone

787db4  No.12593730


Found the Jew

04b610  No.12593758


Then why is Israel and the entire jew media kevetching over this. Your shitty narrative just died.

000000  No.12594710


Nobody ever believed them.


<only a kike would approve of getting out of a situation that benefits kikes

You're Jewing so hard right now, every shekel is being squeezed, I can feel it.


5c1279  No.12594831


jewish behavior is a great barometer for current events. If the media kikes are shitting their pants and whining, it's good for Whites. There's virtually zero overlap between what's good for Whites and what's good for jews.

a32f6e  No.12594952

It is comical the kiked MSM and politicians are so pro-Syrian war meanwhile I don't know a SINGLE American from either political side who doesn't support pulling out. Everyone is tired of war and just wants to live their lives.

a32f6e  No.12594958


>I don't think he's even close to being done, yet.

The true believers in Trump know the good stuff has to wait till he gets re-elected.

08b54a  No.12594965


I can't tell if you're joking.

a052d4  No.12594967


Surprisingly Assad and the Syrian Army haven't been a real big problem for me here in my neighborhood in the USA. I guess I don't feel too threatened by them. But then I'm not Chuck Schumer.

08b54a  No.12594969


>Chuck Schumer

How is he any different from any other politician, democrat or republican?

a32f6e  No.12594979


Greatness recognizes greatness so you wouldn't understand.

08b54a  No.12594981


>Greatness recognizes greatness

No, greatness usually stands alone.

c719db  No.12595345


He certainly differs but only by degree. Which politician do you consider more jewish and anti-white?

It's Dognald Blumpf right?

a7432f  No.12595359


Yes, you're a jew.



Yes, you're a jew. Go back to reddit. Now.

a1c51e  No.12595393

File: fb504acbff7f015⋯.png (35.12 KB, 583x203, 583:203, israel doomed.png)

Worst. Hannukah. Ever. lol.

3bfaec  No.12595500


>One must be incredibly arrogant

Funny you should mention incredible arrogance…

Josh Lederman and Abigail Williams, NBC News: Brett McGurk, special envoy for coalition to defeat ISIS, resigns in protest of Syria decision [22 Dec 2018]

>WASHINGTON — Brett McGurk, the U.S. special envoy for the coalition to defeat ISIS, has quit in protest of President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of Syria and essentially abandon the Kurdish forces there, three U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News.

>McGurk informed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday evening of his decision, according to two State Department officials. His resignation is effective Dec. 31.

>McGurk already planned on leaving in early spring, but sped up his timeline after the president’s decision to pull troops out of Syria and Defense Secretary James Mattis’ resignation this week.


Imagine the narcissism where you resign because the servicemembers are no longer being forced to do the thing you want them to do. Knowing, of course, that those servicemembers lack the luxury of being allowed to simply resign whenever their vocation no longer rewards their wish fulfillment.

edc4ef  No.12595502


Ahhahahahha obvious kike is kike

edc4ef  No.12595507


This place is shilled hard as fuck.

Pulling out of the middle east is what America must do. Anyone saying otherwise is a kike.

edc4ef  No.12595512

File: 8ad0c5edb697ade⋯.jpg (13.4 KB, 259x194, 259:194, feed-me-jews.jpg)


Cant Mossad the Assad!

a1c51e  No.12595730

File: 5a6835dedb793ef⋯.png (30.08 KB, 511x240, 511:240, McWho Resigns.png)

874b6f  No.12595782


>bringing the military back home just in time for martial law and to be sent to your designated FEMA camp while back in the Middle East, Blackwater's private contractors and based IDF kill defenseless women and children.

It's fucking based fellow 'pede!

6eb46b  No.12596330

File: 2747edd6d0179dc⋯.gif (498.16 KB, 500x251, 500:251, 1530590184403.gif)


>There's virtually zero overlap between what's good for Whites and what's good for jews.


6eb46b  No.12596335

File: 5da9ef6521ad04d⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219, 89:73, 5da9ef6521ad04d4aedf358b23….gif)



keep dreaming moshie

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