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File: e586053e36bbf8e⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 236x331, 236:331, 36e3c981a730236a689962772f….jpg)

File: aa7f66832ed58ef⋯.jpg (30.29 KB, 233x400, 233:400, v.jpg)

File: ab3a35fffecf4c5⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 291x173, 291:173, nippy.jpg)

File: fb3660d323083ee⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 235x339, 235:339, 445e906b04dfcf7ae4939dbb5d….jpg)

c85462  No.12592828


I bid you welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed to our most portentous vicesima septima thread. This thread is auspicious indeed because it falls on the Winter Solstice Night! Alban Arthan is upon us and is cause for celebrations as we make our offerings to the Druids, to Cernunnos and to the spirits of our ancestors.

Tonight is the darkest night of the year and the old axion holds true…

>"Its always darkest before the dawn"

Darkest night will eventually give way to light as the inevitable and unbreakable cycle continues.

The waves of censorship and oppression we endure may seem depressing, even blackpilling but take heart that it is but a temporal state of affairs and even now a reaction is brewing. Hard times shall breed hardened men and those with the foresight to see shall fare the best. Although now we live through blackest night, we stand at the cusp of a life affirming new dawn - a Glorious New Order!

The nationalistic Current grows stronger every day, fueled by resentment and righteous indignation. The karmic backlash the globalists are harvesting for themselves will soon begin to strike its righteous vengeance upon those who have transgressed in the face of good & the natural order. Soon our dark night of the soul shall pass and a new day shall dawn.

This threads governing arcana is that of the V card - The Hierophant.

Symbolically the Hierophant (who is a representation of an enlightened priestly class) is seen seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing law and liberty or obedience and disobedience. He bears a triple crown, and the keys to the Heavens are at his feet.

The Hierophant stands for tradition and convention. He can represent marriage & he can also represent a teacher or sage who will impart great wisdom to the aspirant.

Upright the card can be interpreted as seeking of counsel/advice, marriage, tradition, religion, learning, amd spiritual guidance.

Reversed the card is indicative of breakdown, rejection of family values, abuse of position, & poor counsel.

Funny how the reverse of the tarot always seems to be so accurately representative of our current traitor class "elite" isnt it lads. This is because they are operating on a qlippothic current - they are the inverse to good, the natural and the normal. Qlippoth is not a stable foundation however and hence, failure on their part in the long run is assured. You can fight nature but never tame it. Sooner or later shes gonna throw a hurricane or volcano or massive earthquake your way and unless you have had the foresight to GTFO out of the danger zone, you are fucked regardless of status and wealth. Let the "elite" enjoy their last days in Pompeii lads, for our Vesuvius is about to blow its top….in minecraft

No governing heavenly body this thread lads because the Hierophant is not really associated with one but rather the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.

On the lodgefront, the lads continue their work and the B.O.N.D continues to expand. We are busy nurturing our Current and spreading it through LOCAL nature (and into the laylines) through our recent operation to spread the B.O.N.D sigil (mainly through carving it into trees). Also we have more nexions springing up all over the world. The B.O.N.Ds roots are growing deep.

As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation

<Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go


<Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe


<Morocco murders: Three arrested over 'bestial' tourist killings


<Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning


Thats all for now lads. Remember to observe the portents, thank the Based Druids, tolerate no tomfoolery and suffer not the xenos nor traitor.



c85462  No.12592846

File: 1457e1efc94495c⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 236x334, 118:167, 72823ea4fff85f015a482066eb….jpg)

Obligatory first archive post






















Obligatory first archive post

c873a7  No.12592847








Cheers for the OPs lad, Druid/pol/ wouldn't be same otherwise

also posting a cheeky link to our bunker board >>>/druid/ which also acts as a repository for all info gathered


c85462  No.12592850

File: a257ea042c5bf75⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 235x339, 235:339, 629b38accc551a271cc119a8b3….jpg)


You are welcome lad. Cheers for posting in it too. It wouldnt be the same without you lads contribootin either.

Merry Yule to you too lad

c873a7  No.12592861

File: 813e386e09ec5f6⋯.png (123.61 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 321e4cb5237c293⋯.png (1.11 MB, 940x529, 940:529, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d9ebc4e532522e⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e44b153bd99d29⋯.png (898.59 KB, 724x581, 724:581, ClipboardImage.png)



>Yule is attested early in the history of the Germanic peoples; from the 4th-century Gothic language it appears in the month name fruma jiuleis, and, in the 8th century, the English historian Bede wrote that the Anglo-Saxon calendar included the months geola or giuli corresponding with either modern December or December and January.[9]

>While the Old Norse month name ýlir is similarly attested, the Old Norse corpus also contains numerous references to an event by the Old Norse form of the name, jól. In chapter 55 of the Prose Edda book Skáldskaparmál, different names for the gods are given. One of the names provided is "Yule-beings". A work by the skald Eyvindr skáldaspillir that uses the term is then quoted, which reads "again we have produced Yule-being's feast [mead of poetry], our rulers' eulogy, like a bridge of masonry".[10] In addition, one of the numerous names of Odin is Jólnir, referring to the event.[11]

>The Saga of Hákon the Good credits King Haakon I of Norway who ruled from 934–961 with the Christianisation of Norway as well as rescheduling the date of Yule to coincide with Christian celebrations held at the time. The saga states that when Haakon arrived in Norway he was confirmed a Christian, but since the land was still altogether heathen and the people retained their pagan practices, Haakon hid his Christianity to receive the help of the "great chieftains". In time, Haakon had a law passed establishing that Yule celebrations were to take place at the same time as the Christians celebrated Christmas, "and at that time everyone was to have ale for the celebration with a measure of grain, or else pay fines, and had to keep the holiday while the ale lasted."[12]

>Scholars have connected the month event and Yule time period to the Wild Hunt (a ghostly procession in the winter sky), the god Odin (who is attested in Germanic areas as leading the Wild Hunt and, as mentioned above, bears the name Jólnir), and increased supernatural activity, such as the aforementioned Wild Hunt and the increased activities of draugar—undead beings who walk the earth.[14]

>Mōdraniht, an event focused on collective female beings attested by Bede as having occurred among the pagan Anglo-Saxons on what is now Christmas Eve, has been seen as further evidence of a fertility event during the Yule period.[8]

>The events of Yule are generally held to have centred on Midwinter (although specific dating is a matter of debate), and feasting, drinking, and sacrifice (blót) were involved. Scholar Rudolf Simek comments that the pagan Yule feast "had a pronounced religious character" and comments that "it is uncertain whether the Germanic Yule feast still had a function in the cult of the dead and in the veneration of the ancestors, a function which the mid-winter sacrifice certainly held for the West European Stone and Bronze Ages." The traditions of the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar (Sonargöltr) still reflected in the Christmas ham, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule customs, and customs which Simek says "indicates the significance of the feast in pre-Christian times."

So there you have it lads, Yule. Much like Samhain it is meant to be a liminal time between the two years it can roughly be timed between the Winter solstice and New Years. More info from the discord includes:

>A blot and a dedication of pork to freyr and a toast to Odin and the ancestors.

>In regards to the pork there are sources describing a holy boar on which oaths are sworn all year by nobles.

>The boar is dedicated to freyr and is slaughtered at yule as his sacrifice. An easier modern equivalent would be to simply dedicate a xmas ham or roast pork to frey with a prayer and to burn a part of it as his portion. >In regard to the dedication, not got source to hand but apparently the boars bristles were held with one hand as the oath was made before the jarl, adapt as necessary.

>The first yule toast is to Odin and ought imo to be followed by a libation

>The main drink of yule is beer not mead

Another key event as previously alluded to is Mōdraniht, or Mothers' Night on Christmas eve, although there are many theories as to who the mothers in question are I take it as a chance to make offerings to both Freya and Frigg.

Either way I hope this explains things and I'm happy to explain anything further. Cheers

c85462  No.12592876

File: 631710ea56ea193⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 236x393, 236:393, 7078348f88e8102df97fd165c2….jpg)

Archive of the bunker thread here as it was a good'un and TORfriend was posting some info that was of interest iirc


c85462  No.12592883

File: ad4d1469adf51a4⋯.jpg (88.33 KB, 440x619, 440:619, dru2.jpg)


Good stuff lad, thanks for the effortpost.

c85462  No.12592902

Think the thread got axed last night because I posted it late. Iirc, if a thread has less than 10 replies in a certain amount of time, it gets pruned automatically.

c85462  No.12592906

So ill bump it up to 10 replies now

c85462  No.12592907

just to be on the safe side

c85462  No.12592910

File: 1f2d607e3a45568⋯.jpg (158.65 KB, 529x798, 529:798, 9.jpg)

….because you never know.

There - we should be golden now knock on wood

c873a7  No.12592922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got two very interesting vids lads, the first one from the description:

What's the deal with the Nephilim?

>New video discussing the religious and textual significance of the "Nephilim" or Giants and the "Sons of God" referenced in the Hebrew Bible. In this video I try to tackle the meaning of these strange and obscure biblical creatures/beings in the Bible in their original intended contexts. In this video I cover a lot of the history and origins of Judaism as well as the Bible itself. I talk about everything from the Documentary Hypothesis to the Dead Sea Scrolls to Greek Mythology! I hope you enjoy and learn something new ;)





Nice work lad, reckon that was definitely the case, I'd imagine most of us are in bed by midnight, I know I was.

c873a7  No.12592927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And the second one:

What is the Leviathan? and What can it tell us about Ancient Religions?

>In this video, I will discuss the biblical sea monster named Leviathan. The Leviathan is often claimed by creationists to be a description of a dinosaur or prehistoric extinct reptile… however Leviathan's true nature is far more fascinating, giving insight into the mysterious extinct religion and mythology of the Proto-Indo Europeans and the connections between cultures throughout the ancient world.

c85462  No.12592952

File: 3e4bf9dcc8f7c79⋯.png (7.24 KB, 308x548, 77:137, willcock.png)

>>12592922 (observed)

Interesting lad, nice one. Ill watch that now. Used to be big into nephilim stuff in my tinfoil days. Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli used to tackle the subject in detail.

Early days of jootube (2007/2008) were filled with tinfoil stuff. Channels like David Icke and Project Camelot were really popular back then. Hell I think Red Ice even started out as a pure tinfoil & occult channel before they went down the rabbit hole…

There was a lot of utter shit about like project cameltoe, jordan maxwell, marshal masters III, david wilcock etc which seemed to culminate and peak during the lead up to 2012. Then when the world didnt end and we didnt transcend to 4th dimensional existence, a lot of these people slinked off into obscurity and nationalism, JQ etc started to take hold as a subculture within the video sharing community. You know the story from there.

It was mostly shit but I have a few fond memories of the tinfoil days of early youtube.

ed2953  No.12592969

File: f830ddffc779a71⋯.png (12.86 KB, 400x300, 4:3, andyswazis.png)

Thanks for the thread, good yule all.


That's an interesting druid, lad. Looks like a napoleonic jaeger doing some tradition


they probably have some jewish significance tbh, based zognald

beyond being trivial to remove a single pole of and get through

c85462  No.12592970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Them spikes in the 3rd pic might "esoterically" go up some invaders arse if he tries to climb on it and slips. The third pic is very easy on the eye too.

c85462  No.12592981

File: ddab598355e3c00⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 304x304, 1:1, wp.jpg)


Thanks lad

The painting is titled "Welsh Archdruid" and is by Dr William Price.

>"William Price was a Welsh physician known for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo-Druidic religious movement. He has been recognised as one of the most significant figures of 19th-century Wales, and one of the most unusual in Victorian Britain"

/areguy/ basically - a proto version of us now. 19th century neo-druidic revivalism

c85462  No.12592984


I already did lad.

c85462  No.12593008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh occult nutty oirishman

Introduces us to a grimoire and mentions the Druids as being the source of all modern western magick.

2e35ed  No.12593179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nick Griffin Needs to Ditch Jack Sen and Rebuild British Nationalism

a1a9a5  No.12593191


Both griffin and sen have precisely 0 credibility. Iirc griffin isn't even in the country fat stupid cunt.

c85462  No.12593211

File: 4a5f140cdf6647a⋯.jpg (95.3 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Voytek Nowakowski.jpg)


This tbh (although the media did a right smear job on Griffin & he also mismanaged funds as far as im aware). That speech he (Griffin) gave in the EU parliament a while back where he named (((them))) was pretty legendary though.

Iv not heard a single redeeming point regarding this Sen character though. Sad as it is. BNP are an unsalvagble "toxic" brand (mainly thanks to the massive media smear campaign due to them making proper gains in the early 00's)

If a similar (credible) party were to arise today though, the media would have a much harder time destroying them as so many folk have lost faith in the msm as of late and the problems nationalist parties seek to tackle are becoming ever more apparent to the everyday joe & jane.

2e35ed  No.12593218


> If a similar (credible) party were to arise today though, the media would have a much harder time destroying them as so many folk have lost faith in the msm as of late and the problems nationalist parties seek to tackle are becoming ever more apparent to the everyday joe & jane.

Exactly lad, an I beleive this is what Joe is trying to acheive, no faff, no grandstanding, just politics. It's admirable tbh

c85462  No.12593226


Indeed. I quite like are Joe too tbh lad (except his paranoid propensity to accuse anyone and everyone of being "spies"….)

His LOCAL strategy is a sound one though.

ed2953  No.12593232


What did he get in his first LOCAL election, 3%?

2e35ed  No.12593246


Don't actually know lad, where can you find out?

2e35ed  No.12593248

Damn, only 4.9% apparently


Shame, but you could put it down to it being his first campaign tbh

a157db  No.12593263

Just swinging by from the Bible Belt USA to say hey to my British brethren, how are you folks doing today? This time of year funny in these parts because people really do think Jesus' birth was the reason Christmas falls on December 25th. No one even talks about the solstice, like it ain't even a thing.

c85462  No.12593267



Small steps lads. From little acorns and all that. Besides, I think we are past voting our way out of this anyway and the bread & circus safety net need to collapse before any meaningful change can occur.

c85462  No.12593278


Hello lad, nice to see you. How are things your side of the pond?

>No one even talks about the solstice, like it ain't even a thing.

Sad how tradition is forgotten, although it survives on in modern chrismas celebration (trees, wreaths etc) albeit in an altered form.

a157db  No.12593286


>how are things

I'm becoming an old-fashioned Appalachian hermit, but I do want to see the rest of the country. It's getting old living in a muggy mountain forest.

c85462  No.12593310


Theres worse places to live lad - like cities. I dwell on a small(ish) isle myself just off the south coast.

b37658  No.12593319

How many threads do you cocksuckers need? Stop sliding the fucking board.

c85462  No.12593334


This is the only one in use at present. Stop getting your jimmies all rustled anon. It makes you look insecure.

8e3032  No.12593379


Tactics have become a lot more aggressive, as we saw with NA. A modern BNP would likely be met with open violence.

c85462  No.12593435


Thata why we are abiding by Morgoth's "Vietcong" strategy for now.

2e35ed  No.12593502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yuletide special with Survive the Jive - Guide to Kulchur, ep 5


Shut up faggot

2e35ed  No.12593513

Also good read:

Norse Yuletide Sacrifices Had (Almost) Nothing To Do With The Winter Solstice


2e35ed  No.12593552


>modern chrismas celebration (trees, wreaths etc) albeit in an altered form.

Apparently not smh


03cb87  No.12593666


Hello Druidpol, I enjoy reading your posts especially since quality here has declined rapidly. Your optimism warms my heart. Do any of you remember those creepy "whistle blower" posts about the dark/satanic shit in certain London bookshops. Is any of that interesting to you? I can dog it up.


Amazing post, thanks! Wiki still has useful stuff it seems. Is there a reason for drinking beer over mead during Yule?

I wish you warm hearths and full bellies. God Jul.

c85462  No.12593874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12593666 (observed)

>Do any of you remember those creepy "whistle blower" posts about the dark/satanic shit in certain London bookshops. Is any of that interesting to you? I can dig it up.

Glad you enjoy our threads anon and welcome. I vaguely recall those threads but those portentous numerals on your post (and the fact you used the word "satanic") is no coincidence. Therefor, I would be appreciative if you would expand upon this bookshop business and post what you have. I would certainly find it interesting.

UK is full of dark little sects and secrets. Something fucky has been going on in Clapham woods for a long time too. Something to do with a cult, disappearing pets and ufos apparently. Vid related

2e35ed  No.12596040

>>12593666 (observed)

Thanks, always good to hear anons enjoying our work, it's very encouraging.

>I can dog it up.

Yes please lad

>Wiki still has useful stuff it seems.

Kek I know it isn't a major academic source but it is good for general overviews.

>Is there a reason for drinking beer over mead during Yule?

Not entirely sure lad, my guess is that the holiday involved alot of drinking and that ale was easier to drink/brew larger quantities to last the holiday but who knows

2e35ed  No.12596042


Hardly surprising lad, people are very cut off from these things these days, especially the city slickers

c85462  No.12596243

File: f3e844abfe57122⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, me head.jpg)

Morning lads.

Remind me not to mix baileys, lager and port in the same evening will you. I feel like a shirehorse shat in my head.

b30b7f  No.12596274



GodJulanon here. Thank you fellows. I believe in giving and receiving especially during our most festive season. One also cannot argue with those ominous trips. Perhaps I will be visiting more frequently.

The thread was about Treadwell's (>>>12488708). Something funky is definitely there, however there was a richer discussion, now gone it seems, about Watkins Books. If the former is hoods, smoke and pentagrams, the latter bookstore is summoning and worse. Wear some protection if you decide to investigate.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your views? As druids what do you think of reincarnation and souls? Everything I know is pretty mainstream and (((They))) want us to destroy our racial biodiversity. But can souls change races? I'm skeptical since it falls into their plans.

The germans believed in the soul of the volk, shared and expanded with generations, carried in the blood.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

God Jul.

2e35ed  No.12596280


Ok lads some more info on Mothers night

>I believe modraniht to have been cognate to north germanic disablot but held at different times. Modraniht on the night before yule feast (this year 21st jan) but disablot in late feb.

>Modraniht occurs in the second month of yule

>Let us see yule months as a holy time of many separate holy days. The main one being that of Odin on the new moon after full moon after solstice and typified by a big horse sacrifice and much drinking.

>I see modraniht as a sober and contemplative event like a calm before the storm of yule. It is all about clan ancestors

>By clan ancestors i dont think we should imagine merely any ancestor who happens to have had a vagina. The matronae are significant as divine progenitors of the people and connected to its fortunes

>This is significant for us as we reflect on the state of our people in the year gone by and the year to come

2e35ed  No.12596281

Followed up by a fresh StJ blogpost:

Frey and the Boar's Head Feast


ed2953  No.12596312

File: 57e67a1f78ac9a0⋯.png (82.72 KB, 596x650, 298:325, DruidjakYulemas.png)

This one is mostly for 40k but other lads are welcome to weigh in. One thing that I dwell on a lot when reading druid/pol/ is - I may have the source wrong - Glubb's (the Cycle of Empires) assertion that in the failing stages of a civilisation esoteric and religious cults and activities become a form of escapism (for example, the first evidence of this can be seen in the aftermath of WW1 where spirit mediums and ouija and so on gained massive popularity).

I think we do quite well, but the nagging doubt that it's not the right path is always there.

3c8759  No.12596321

File: 59057968f638819⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 680x474, 340:237, 1524008884480.jpg)



oy vey, take your jewish mysticism somewhere else rabbi, /pol/ is a Christian board.

c85462  No.12596368

File: 7582e2116a77f6b⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 526x787, 526:787, nox micronomica.jpg)



Nice one lad, will give them detailed peruse once this galloping in my head subsides and I can focus properly.


Where are these bookshops located lad? You have piqued my curiosity now.

>I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your views?

Happily lad. We are a nationalistic Neo-Druidic lodge who seek the revivial of traditional paganism. We believe that each anon is entitled to believe in whatever he wants and is to walk his own path. We venerate the Ancestor Spirits, Cernunnos, and the Druids (as they most closely embody our values) Divination is also a large part of the B.O.N.D's modus operandi (be it tarot, scrying, runes, crystal pendulums etc)

We seek to nurture the Current we have created and channel it into the laylines, which act as a kind of etheric arterial system throughout the land. We also believe and encourage the concept of self initiation.

>As druids what do you think of reincarnation and souls?

Each anon probably has differing beliefs on this matter but I think that one has a choice upon death, depending on the life they have lived.

A base/evil individual will probably find their soul trapped in the lower astral realms, unable to move on up until they have suffered sufficiently.

A bright soul belonging to a good, enlightened anon would find himself in the higher realms and would have the choice to either remain there in the afterlife or, if they want, to reincarnate (should they wish to learn more through differing life experience)

Some poor individuals may suffer sudden or traumatic deaths which causes the soul to become trapped on the physical plane. These are the souls that become ghosts. They may not realise they are dead, they may have a strong attatchment to something (a place, an object or even a person) that prevents them from crossing over, or they may just be a bit of a dick who likes hanging around spooking people and causing fear (an emotion which they can feed off like parasites or perhaps more accurately, psychic vampires)

Some souls may choose to remain in order to protect their kin and hearth - these are the Ancestor Spirits we venerate. Ancestor spirits are capable of passinf through the Veil and can cross liminal bridges so they can exist in the afterlife and in the mundane realm simultaneously.

So, my belief is you have essentially:




>Ancestor Spirits

>lost souls (deep topic I can expand on if you are interested)

>The germans believed in the soul of the volk, shared and expanded with generations, carried in the blood.

Yes this is true. Each nation has a kind of soul of its own - although its more akin to a gestalt hivemind consciousness than anything individualist in concept.


Karma is not a jewish concept you utter twonk. It is real though. Iv seen karmic retribution at work first hand.

c873a7  No.12596404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


GodJul to you too lad.


Thanks lad, it's always good to be aware of these things even if you aren't able to influence them as much as you like.

> As druids what do you think of reincarnation and souls?

We take the Indo-European view, going to be a little lazy and link you a video but he honestly expalian the concept alot better than I ever could


>I may have the source wrong - Glubb's (the Cycle of Empires) assertion that in the failing stages of a civilisation esoteric and religious cults and activities become a form of escapism (for example, the first evidence of this can be seen in the aftermath of WW1 where spirit mediums and ouija and so on gained massive popularity).

There's always a risk of this tbh and it's always important to be aware of it. This is part of the reason post news links and people like Joe tbh

>but the nagging doubt that it's not the right path

How so lad? The only reason I do this stuff is because I beleive it's right


You're barely even trying lmao

8e3032  No.12596406


What about people who didn't really do anything either way?

c85462  No.12596411

File: 254718185c38814⋯.jpg (20.59 KB, 600x450, 4:3, black mass.jpg)


I hear you lad. I have doubts too at times but im always reminded of that Shakespeare quote from Hamlet:

>"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Glubb is human, same of the rest of us and is not immune from error.

Also the spiritualist movment after WW1 did have some merit. The unprecedented amount of death disturbed the etheric balance and (genuine) mediums were able to more easily tune into the frequencies of the dead. Couple that with mass belief and you have a potent recipe for a movement such as spiritualism. Sure there were a lot of fraudsters and hucksters looking to make a quick quid but in some cases (the likes of Eusapia Palladino, Mina Stinson-Crandon and Leslie Flint) seemed to be the real deal, passing rigorous scientific testing methods and still being able to deliver results.

I think we are on the right path lad. My intuition tells me so. I feel it in my gut and my heart. Sometimes you just gotta trust your instincts and go with your gut.

c85462  No.12596414


For them its a toss up - they might reincarnate in order to essentially "gain more xp" pr they might essentially be happy to dwell in the mid level astral. Its all speculation at the end of the day. None of us will truly know until we are dead.

c873a7  No.12596421

Fresh news:

BBC's London HQ on lockdown as police clash with climate change protesters demanding corporation makes global warming its 'top editorial issue'


Four migrant stowaways threaten crew with iron bars on ship from Nigeria as they demand vessel be moved closer to coast so they can jump off and swim to UK


Katie Price ‘Disgusted’ At Christmas Jumpers Featuring Her Harvey


Can this boy band keep Britain and the EU from breaking up?


'Kill your foster parents': Amazon's Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment


c85462  No.12596428


>Four migrant stowaways threaten crew with iron bars on ship from Nigeria as they demand vessel be moved closer to coast so they can jump off and swim to UK

Hope they drown

>Katie Price ‘Disgusted’ At Christmas Jumpers Featuring Her Harvey


>Can this boy band keep Britain and the EU from breaking up?

Kek. No.

>'Kill your foster parents': Amazon's Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment

My missus has got that. I think ill try experimenting with it.

I usually ask it something like "do you like the taste of cock?" and it responds "Sorry I dont understand the question"

I dont like it tbh. I think glow in the darks might be using it to listen to me. Same with smartphones. Dont trust em at all.

ed2953  No.12596432

File: 78e3c745956603b⋯.png (167.5 KB, 418x405, 418:405, baddabing.png)



just getting antsy from inaction

trying to ride things out might be the best course but I really don't see much of a future right now


>always on

>always connected to the internet

it's lunacy to think it's not spying on you

c873a7  No.12596444


Best way is actualy practising lad, have you performed any rites or ritual lately?

c85462  No.12596459

File: 6bd502dc64e00d6⋯.jpg (189.77 KB, 900x633, 300:211, sons_of_guilliman_by_majes….jpg)

>>12596444 (observed)

This 100% and portentous numerals absolutely confirm.

Also lad, dont worry. 5years ago we would never have predicted we would be where we are now. A lot can change very rapidly too. Something will give lad, I promise you. All signs of divination I perform consistently point to it and you can see it start to manifest geopolitically now - you see unrest formenting and more and more marches, demos, things like the yellow jackets and that recent business in germany when that lad got stabbed by syrians. There is a bubbling undercurrent just waiting to burst through up to the surface.

c85462  No.12596464


Soz lad forgot to link you in


But seriously, dont become blackpilled. Things can change quickly and in unexpected ways.

b30b7f  No.12596617



Both are in London. From the wiki:

>Watkins Books is London's oldest esoteric bookshop specializing in esotericism, mysticism, occultism, oriental religion and contemporary spirituality.[1] The book store was established by John M. Watkins, a friend of Madame Blavatsky[…]

If you do investigate, I'll be watching these threads for an update.

Thanks for the in-depth explanation I very much appreciate it!

I have to admit one thong confused me, however. Your explanation does not account for the strange behaviour of the jews. They cling onto life, sacrificing everything and everyone to live as long as possible. Bind their own kind in blood rituals, etc. Are they simply lost/doomed souls? Even when their prophecies have been fulfilled with very little error?

>Lost souls

Not for now. I am curious about the NPC/lemmings phenomenon. Is this a bad explanation (incorrect to think of them as NPCs)? How do souls fit into an ever increasing population?


Excellent stuff! Had to slow it down, he reads so fast!


It's not a Christian board.

>When the first Muslims came to Europe they murdered and converted.

The first Christians entering into Germanic and Northern European lands did the same, as well as kidnap boys and convert them.

Ask yourself why do you worship a religion which did not origunate in your homeland?

2e35ed  No.12597268

More news:

Gatwick Airport drone arrests: Accused couple are 'lovely people', say neighbours


Police at British airports will be armed with drone-catching bazookas which can trap rogue miniature aircraft in nets as fears grow of Gatwick copycats


Israeli Islamic State threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos


‘Damaged drone’ found near airport as police offer £50k in hunt for Gatwick Grinch


Corbyn faces furious Labour backlash over backing Brexit


Fiona Onasanya compares herself to Jesus after being found guilty of lying over speeding charge


Thames Estuary cargo ship: Men charged with affray


Poultry farmer thanks 'vegan mafia' for helping him sell out of Christmas turkeys after death threats


edda86  No.12597296


>this year 21st jan

It’s a Blood Wolf Moon again this year.


Nice pic lad where’s it from? The Chinese always regarded the image in the moon as a rabbit rather than a man though I can’t recall the legend atm.


>My missus has got that. (((Alexis)))

Put it in the oven lad.


I’m gonna keep coming back until final victory tbh. I’m 99% certain i was in the US embassy in Beirut when Mossadniggers blew it up in 83.


>A bright soul belonging to a good, enlightened anon would find himself in the higher realms and would have the choice to either remain there in the afterlife or, if they want, to reincarnate (should they wish to learn more through differing life experience)

Evola purports this in Yoga of and Doctrine of Awakening and I agree.


> I am curious about the NPC/lemmings phenomenon. Is this a bad explanation (incorrect to think of them as NPCs)? How do souls fit into an ever increasing population?

Some traditions both east and west believe in a finite amount of souls. I think the NPC’s either have souls but are missing the reasoning part of the tripartite, or many of the Euroupoid/Caucasoid ones have the tripartite but have succumbed to the hypnotic powers of Kali Yuga.


>I'm becoming an old-fashioned Appalachian hermit

I’m a Cascadian Druid, welcome lad.


Excellent OP as always lad. I’ll get back to our discussion on the natures of the sun and moon after visiting family for Yule.

cbc0c0  No.12597318


>oy vey, take your jewish mysticism somewhere else rabbi, /pol/ is a Christian board.

Christianity is literally jewish mysticism.

a157db  No.12597333


It's worse than that, it's anti-Christ. I know for a fact that the real Jesus would be a bro who'd be fun to hang out with at heathen festivals, and it's pretty clear that he'd smack so-called "Christ"ians with a whip for being such perfidious cretins.

2e35ed  No.12597348

>>12597333 (observed)

Druids seem to agree kek. Makes more sense when you consider Jesus' teaching to be a weird form of Krishna consciousness

53c18f  No.12597352


I lost count of how many times Christians state that Jesus absolves sins so that excuses them to sin all they want. Not how it works. Those faggots don't repent, so their end is the lake of fire.

a157db  No.12597361


Hypocrisy is just par for the course among (((YHWH)))ists.

c85462  No.12597638

File: 0b3309594c130b9⋯.jpg (7.05 KB, 106x150, 53:75, 97a124a1f1c358f06d7fe42f60….jpg)

File: a77a064a0da8bd1⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 235x361, 235:361, 09a343a6eb1e38c612c11c9bd3….jpg)

File: d6c79456320c403⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 211x299, 211:299, ac70c2d96250fd539079b050d5….jpg)


>Nice pic lad where’s it from?

I think it was part of a "Druidic themed xmas card set" I pinched off imgur. Same with several ITT tbh. Some of the art is quite nice. Heres another few from the set.

>Put it in the oven lad.

I really want to lad but she'd take horrible vengeance on me if I did. She'd probably oven my signed Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds LP or my King & Country 1/32 scale SS marching band in retaliation.

Sabotage would prob be the smarter option

>I’m gonna keep coming back until final victory tbh.

Thats the spirit lad!

>I’m 99% certain i was in the US embassy in Beirut when Mossadniggers blew it up in 83.

Fuck me, don't leave us hanging on that. Do tell lad…

>Excellent OP as always lad. I’ll get back to our discussion on the natures of the sun and moon after visiting family for Yule.

Thankyou lad. Enjoy your Yule family time and ill look forward to continuing our discussion when you get back.

2e35ed  No.12597799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Survive the Jive and The Golden One at a Viking Gravemound

c10b3f  No.12599179

Merry Yule and greetings lads! Aspiring yanklad here, back from a break of wallowing in depression. This board has gotten too toxic for me, constant “___ isn’t white” and “praise the crucified Jew” posts kind of get to me after awhile. I will really only post in these threads from now on as it is easier to filter subversives in just one place. I’ll give you a few updates:

>I made an offering to the Gods.

I’m not entirely sure if I did it in the proper manner concerning kennings and what not, yet I saw a hawk flying above me on the way back home. A relatively rare sighting for my area as they’re sadly dying off (the first I’ve seen in several months).

>The Golden One claims that he has no problem with genital mutilators and supports Israel

I think that I am done watching his content, last nail in the coffin for me so to speak. Varg may have some strange beliefs, but at the very least he sticks to them and is hell bent on destroying the Abrahamic cancer that plagues our world. I can provide a link if anyone is interested. Sad to let him go, but I will not tolerate the tolerance of genital mutilation.

>B.O.N.D sigils


I think that “B.O.N.D” looks far better in Elder Futhark than in the Roman Alphabet, what are your thoughts? Also, if you can tell me, what is the meaning of the name?


Greentext story (glow in the darks take note for my file):

>I know one truth for certain, genital mutilation is bad.

>No one is radical in fighting it aside from certain )))people((( on the chans.

>I become a channer and it does not feel right as I am steeeped in negativity and decadence.

>I become a zealot Christian and it does not feel right as I am worshiping a genital mutilation god.

>I discover the Epicurean Paradox and believe that there is no such thing as an all knowing, all loving, and all good god.

>I reject this false god, yet remain in religious limbo. I know there is something out there, anyone can feel it in the forest, water, and stars.

>I look into Thelema, Luciferianism, even Laveyan Satanism, and many other occult/esoteric traditions. All of which are steeped in decadence and are not devoted to destroying genital mutilation.

In the end I found the Aesir and my ancestors from the one absolute truth that I am certain of in life.


genital mutilation is bad —> the only )))people((( who fight it —> Epicurean Paradox —> my faith


>I’m 99% certain i was in the US embassy in Beirut when Mossadniggers blew it up in 83.

Story asap.

>>12597333 (observed)



During the missing years of Christ some theorize that he traveled east and learned about the Aryan faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism.


>Sabotage would prob be the smarter option

Truth is the ultimate option. Maybe say you’re worried about “muh hackers” listening to you two having physical relations.

>1/32 scale SS marching band

The moment I entered a B.O.N.D thread I knew that at least one of you had miniatures. I might get into them some day, but for now I’m going to hoard my fiat currency.

7b9de2  No.12599243

File: 66a035d2e69676e⋯.jpeg (145.1 KB, 700x437, 700:437, B6E4BBAD-0DC7-45B7-894A-F….jpeg)



>don't leave us hanging on that. Do tell lad…

>story ASAP

I left a blogpost and some OC in the lodge board since it gets a tad personal. All interested Druids and lurkers are welcome to it tbh; truly heartwarming how much support for the B.O.N.D. has revealed themselves itt. That’s in addition to the growth from thread to thread, schizolad bowing out with a handshake, and hardly any shilling thus far itt. It’s going to be a great year for all of us tbh. Merry Yule lads.


>During the missing years of Christ some theorize that he traveled east and learned about the Aryan faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism.

I’ve come across this too, and have been to Kashmir, but didn’t visit his supposed grave. Prabhupada considered him a guru whose teachings were (((subverted))).

>what is the meaning of the name?

Brythonic Order or Nationalist Druids. Dank sigil but I’ll leave it to the elder brothers from the isles to decide.

c10b3f  No.12599354



I’ll have fun finding it.


I was referring to his early life, just looked into this and I’m rather intrigued.

>Brythonic Order or Nationalist Druids

I figured it was an acronym, but why doesn’t it have a dot following the letter D though?

c10b3f  No.12599398


Found the thread.

>as I hold the shamanic culture of the Indians in higher esteem than christianity

I agree with this partially. Some indigenous people practiced genital mutilation and as for my opinion on them, I think that they are far worse than people who worship a genital mutilation god.

Overall, very nice thread and it looks like it will be an interesting read.

7b9de2  No.12599466

File: 6fb7036bcf4048a⋯.jpeg (36.93 KB, 279x185, 279:185, 3A87D289-5A51-4B26-B6DA-0….jpeg)

File: c0ea14fd9bacb12⋯.jpeg (15.05 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1BDD4183-B065-4F39-BD6D-8….jpeg)


Thanks lad. I haven’t dug that deep into featherniggers to see which ones mutilated baby genitals tbh. From what I’ve seen the ones here in the NW were more civilized than the planes indians. They built huge wooden halls reminiscent of Scandinavian temples and the totem poles also look like the irminsol. They definitely had peaceful contact with the Soultreans imo. Unlike the more savage nomads tbh.

c10b3f  No.12599575

>>12599466 (observed)

I’m related to some Native Americans (not by blood) through an adoption that happened many years ago in my family. Sadly they’re Christians and alcoholics for the most part, pleasant people nonetheless. As a kid I even got to partake in a smudging ceremony, it was a great experience, albeit I was afraid of going to Hell for it at the time. Kind of ironic to think that I was far more of a “bigot” as a Christian than I am now.

>I haven’t dug that deep into featherniggers to see which ones mutilated baby genitals

The general trend is that the farther south you go, the more common it is. You don’t have the time to murder thousands of children in one day (actual ritual btw) or mutilate their genitals when you’re freezing your ass off and fighting Alaskan walruses. The same general trend applies to the Old World too, Europe and Asia didn’t practice genital mutilation for the most part until Abrahamic shit showed up; on the other hand, Africans, Aborignals (Australian), and Semitic people loved abusing kids and still do so to this day. The Aboriginals use a rock to slice the penis in half down the middle after destroying the foreskin. This practice continues since no one has the balls to stand up for Aboriginal infants in fear of being politically incorrect for challenging their “beautiful way of life”.

da0f37  No.12599696


>Sadly they’re Christians and alcoholics for the most part,

It's a shame what's become of the Pharonic tradition these days. Like Druids, many native American customs include Shamanism, spirit journeys, holy mind expanding ceremonial drugs, ordeals and trials of enlightenment.

In the deep past, before the last cataclysm we Druids shared wisdom with them. The Zuni Tribe of North America speaks a dialect that has far too many Japanese words and phrases in it.. The true old ways of Nippon were are also shamanic, and largely suppressed by western ideals & customs now.

IMO: Druid blood runs deep. There's more to Niplanders being Honorary Aryans than war allegiance. Likewise, there's more to the shared Shamanic practices than (((pure coincidence.)))

2e35ed  No.12599853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Celtic Creation Myth and the Magic Stone Of Colm Cille

2e35ed  No.12599895

Also reposting from the /pol/mas thread, credit to the anon who originally posted this:

>May the Gods grace you, faggots.

>Perhaps we ought go wassailing about the boards sometime…

>The American Heritage Dictionary, fifth edition, gives Old Norse ves heill as the source of Middle English waeshaeil.

>The word wassail comes from the Anglo-Saxon greeting Wæs þu hæl, meaning "be thou hale"—i.e., “be in good health”.

>The correct response to the greeting is Drinc hæl meaning "drink and be healthy".

>Later, in the twelfth century, Danish-speaking inhabitants of England turned "was hail", and the reply "drink hail", into a drinking formula, a toast, adopted widely by the indigenous population of England.

>In recent times, the toast has come to be synonymous with Christmas.

>Traditionally, the wassail is celebrated on Twelfth Night (variously on either January 5 or 6). Some people still wassail on "Old Twelvey Night", January 17, as it would have been before the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar in 1752.

>In the middle ages, the wassail was a reciprocal exchange between the feudal lords and their peasants as a form of recipient-initiated charitable giving, to be distinguished from begging. This point is made in the song "Here We Come A-Wassailing", when the wassailers inform the lord of the house that

we are not daily beggars that beg from door to door

But we are friendly neighbours whom you have seen before.

>The lord of the manor would give food and drink to the peasants in exchange for their blessing and goodwill, i.e.

Love and joy come to you,

And to you your wassail too;

And God bless you and send you

a Happy New Year

>This would be given in the form of the song being sung.

>Wassailing is the background practice against which an English carol such as "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" can be made sense of.

>The carol lies in the English tradition where wealthy people of the community gave Christmas treats to the carolers on Christmas Eve such as 'figgy puddings'.

>Although wassailing is often described in innocuous and sometimes nostalgic terms—still practiced in some parts of Scotland and Northern England on New Years Day as "first-footing"—the practice in England has not always been considered so innocent.

>Similar traditions have also been traced to Greece and the country of Georgia.

>Wassailing was associated with rowdy bands of young men who would enter the homes of wealthy neighbours and demand free food and drink (in a manner similar to the modern children's Halloween practice of trick-or-treating).

>If the householder refused, he was usually cursed, and occasionally his house was vandalized.

>The example of the exchange is seen in their demand for "figgy pudding" and "good cheer", i.e., the wassail beverage, without which the wassailers in the song will not leave; "We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here".

2e35ed  No.12599899


>In the British Christmas carol "Wassail, Wassail, All Over the Town", the singers tell that their "bowl is made of the white maple tree, with a wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee".

>White maple is a completely flavorless wood, commonly used even today to make some kitchen utensils, and likely was what many simple peasant wassail bowls were made from.

>Variants may be sung where the Wassail bowl is made of other woods, e.g. "Sycamore tree", "grand old Oak tree", "the good ashen tree", and so on.

>There are surviving examples of "puzzle wassail bowls", with many spouts.

>As you attempt to drink from one of the spouts, you are drenched from another spout.

>The drink was either punch, mulled wine or spicy ale.

ea932c  No.12599906

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you think of all the Ogham carvings across Appalachia?

2e35ed  No.12599911


Didn't know about it at all lad, what do they say?

ea932c  No.12599934

File: c6bcefc51477eab⋯.jpg (687.26 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, petro2.jpg)

File: a3a659c517e80b5⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 184x368, 1:2, 3-img-h.jpg)

File: 07b530f37084871⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 247x163, 247:163, 3-img-j.jpg)

File: df9fa696d86bb4f⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 594x259, 594:259, 3-img-l.jpg)

File: ab13b18bec2295a⋯.jpg (78.73 KB, 650x443, 650:443, 3-img-n.jpg)


I don't know as the few public ones haven't been studied much or vandalized away over the years and the possibly more pristine ones are kept in the land ownership of families who don't want to talk.

2e35ed  No.12600190


Very cool lad, but are you sure it's Ogham?

2e35ed  No.12600206

Also cool read here lads

The Vedic Age Vol.1


d62e3c  No.12600326

File: 7b84c0bc342aa87⋯.jpg (248.2 KB, 709x1004, 709:1004, 098765432456789876543.jpg)

File: 2020d476dae7896⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 09876543234567097654.jpg)

File: 33efbf32220a82e⋯.jpg (105.06 KB, 500x838, 250:419, 87676556667766767.jpg)

File: db5d521c2c3155f⋯.jpg (23.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, db5d521c2c3155f62b1c1d69a7….jpg)

I think this belongs here

Trump using ogham to meme a wall

>Tinne= Holly/Metal bars both a form of protection against evil.

pic relates to Midwinter post by POTUS

2e35ed  No.12600331


Top tier shitpost friend

d62e3c  No.12600345

File: 83b76eb0bd75149⋯.jpg (530.5 KB, 1350x2000, 27:40, 1497081234827.jpg)


I only considered it due to Trump being half Scottish, appointing all these potato-niggers, is it really a stretch?

c85462  No.12600429

File: 295b0a1cb590f3e⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 236x347, 236:347, f0f3a7720a076464b1164dff9e….jpg)

Wew lads, JUST finished all my xmas shopping. Town was packed. Why do we always leave it until the last minute smh…

Still, got a few bargains. Charity shops are a wonderful source for locating last minute gifts "for difficult to buy for" folk.

Got my dad a copy of "Congo Mercenary" By Mike Hoare and my mother a cushion & some stupid elephant ornament thing she likes, that will go on her shelf of tat.

All sorted lads. Got the missus a big fleecy dressing gown, a designer handbag (Radley) and a (simplified) book on the Enochian "angels". Got her one on Fae Folk last year so this should compliment it nicely.

Bought the boy some 40k stuff. I let my missus pick my daughters presents. I dont do girl toys.

Just got to do some tidying and washing up and im golden - I can relax with a baileys then.

Fucking love xmas eve lads - one of my favorite days of the year tbh,

10541c  No.12600656

Lads, I do not post often, as I have yet to initiate entirely. I didn't want to be a bother. But a circumstance rather grim has beset me and I need the aid of the B.O.N.D. Firstly I must apologize for what will be a blog post. Nextly, I must say: inb4 >>>/x/. I know the mods and other anons will not believe this, but I truly know what happened to have been real, and I truly need aid. Also, please forgive any errors, I am posting from my phone.

Some time ago, I set out to find truth regarding this universe. I had turned my back on the church I was raised in for all it's sanctimonious hypocracy. I found /druid/ and druid/pol/, and felt my blood stir. I knew it was the path I was to take. But my seeking of truth angered something. All my life I had believed in ghosts and demons. I had seen many. But none like this. When I was younger, the most that would happen physically was the occasional ghostly walking up and down my homes stairs or a knock or two. Sometimes something would fly off of a desk or feet could be seen in sillhouette at the bottom of my door. I was afraid at first, back then, but I soon found the thing harmless. I am the only person in my family cursed to live with insomnia, and so was the only to ever observe these events. I considered recording them, but never did. Back to when I decided I would attempt to initiate myself to join the ranks of the B.O.N.D. soon after beginning my studies and breaking all my spiritual linkage to my old church, I had an experience unlike any other demonic experience. I awoke one morning extremely early, to the temultuous sound of ringing bells. I opened my eyes to find my face but a few inches from my ceiling. I maintained some composure and uttered a quick prayer to Odin and Thor begging for protection. I willed with all my being to return to my bed. But while I did, the entity in my room spoke to me, but it spoke without sound or word. I heard and understood somehow. I don't remember what it said exactly. I remember it saying something like, "maybe if you pray to your old God, I will let you go." But the memory is hazy, so I'm not sure. I replied something like "Never. I am no longer supplicant for Baal El." This angered it greatly and it felt as though everything trembled with great force. I fought and somehow was returned to my bed. It did not end here, however. The thing then attempted to force my spirit from my body. I cannot explain with any words what I felt other than it was like the very fabric tying me to my body was stretched as I was pulled at. I prayed again to the gods, calling upon Odin, Thor, Tyr and any Aesir that would aid me. I fought and resisted, then suddenly as it started, it ended. It never spoke to me again, but as it left I could feel it's hatred and I heard it breathe heavily, like some beastly animal. I was in shock for some time. But I knew I must erect a ward before the coming night.


10541c  No.12600658


I had studied somewhat the Futhark, and they had called to me as a child, so I took to making one from them. I had cardstock, 2" x 2" centrally I placed Elhaz, supported either side by Tiewaz. Beneath Elhaz, I placed Thorn. All around these along the edges I wrote incantations to Odin, Thor, and Tyr. The ward, to my surprise held. After that day, I could feel the demon at bay, like a wolf at the edge of the light of a campfire. Eventually, I felt it no longer and I could enjoy my studies and meditation in peace. I then moved, from the great desert of the West to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I have been here not long. Last night the demon destroyed my ward. Not just penetrating it astrally, but folding the corporeal paper in half. I awoke this morning first to a very overwhelming and terrifying presence. I ignored it and went back to sleep. The second time I awoke, I heard a rumble beneath me. I could hear claws upon the floor outside my room and a knock. I assured myself that it must be the furnace and the dog, respectively. I slept again. I awoke a third time, a breath in my ear. A hand beneath my chest, and toes upon my acheles. I prayed again to the same gods this time also to Freyr. I promised them that in exchange for protection I will at some time, when my circumstance changes and I may, repay their kindness with proper rite. The hands and feet of this beast both were clawed. I felt the remaining sharp hand press slowly but deeply into my back, but it failed to pierce my skin. The sun then rose, and it left with a gutteral, beastly grunting breath, like a horse blowing ferociously. Then it was gone. I felt my back still sore, but it never punctured my skin. I thank the gods and praise them for sparing me, once more. I decided to inspect my premises and myself. I found where I am still sore to be red, and scratched in wide scratches. I suppose it was not claws, but very long, hard nails. I have a pic, but will not dox myself. I was surprised it breached my ward and went to inspect it. The ward was no longer where I placed it, but rather it was on the floor, folded in half. Another oddity was, my door, which I leave unlocked, always, was locked. I have yet to find anything else out of place, but surely may. The last time I was in hubris, thinking that someone so untrained as I could construct a ward powerful enough. Forgive me for the blog post.

Please, lads of the B.O.N.D. instruct me how to protect not only myself but my family. I am ashamed I must ask when on the eve of Yule, but I must. If this demon returns, I fear I will not triumph again.

2e35ed  No.12600685


Same here lad, all my presents are just about ready now, all I need to do is buy FNV for friends and a copy of that Yule book (gotta support this stuff) then tuck into some Belgian lager a mate gave me.

>Fucking love xmas eve lads - one of my favorite days of the year tbh,

Me too lad, Wassail to you and your family

2e35ed  No.12600705



The only advice I can give is to make a proper offering to the gods, particularly Thor and use iron (the metal). Keep us updated, sounds like your having a wild time

10541c  No.12600746


Thank you for the advice. I have been procrastinating my offerings because my family are staunch Christians and would not tolerate me engaging in any pagan heathenry. I suppose I must act regardless of their thoughts. I have no alter, and no alcohol. However, I will maybe have access to the remains of a ham, and could attempt to make offerings to the gods with that.

I will need to get creative here. I won't blog post any further, but to put things simply, I am operating with constraints. Again, I truly appreciate the advice, I will heed it and lurk in the case any others offer more.

Wassail to you and your family.

4c6684  No.12600756

File: 2ab9facbab8a615⋯.jpg (102.94 KB, 647x642, 647:642, 948497e92306b3b70672bbb743….jpg)

File: abee84cd6c86d3f⋯.png (201.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, abee84cd6c86d3fe01962b3893….png)

File: 2bb9bfe55166ab8⋯.jpg (219.46 KB, 1024x785, 1024:785, 2bb9bfe55166ab8f5632e2b5c8….jpg)

File: 310e0dd7591c4ac⋯.png (17.78 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 486ec7a6ae073bf72c93d1a920….png)


Thanks Merlin. Merry Christmas.

4c6684  No.12600770

File: f82e7dc961c834c⋯.webm (8.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f82e7dc961c834c4d57e5d057….webm)

File: 9ba8c2de81d4dbd⋯.png (548.61 KB, 540x765, 12:17, 9ba8c2de81d4dbd1fb120f9db2….png)

File: 5699f913c9e773f⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 202x255, 202:255, 9dd743d72d27d1fec2c06dd62b….jpg)

File: 7be79e9a0961b7f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 908x1078, 454:539, 7be79e9a0961b7fc962fd0b3a8….png)


But Also Merry Yule. Ves Heil Noel.

2e35ed  No.12600779


Milk and honey is also a good offering to make lad, for clarification use the iron to protect yourself

4c6684  No.12600781

File: cfcc4e7a6034b0e⋯.webm (15.89 MB, 768x432, 16:9, YULETIDE.webm)


Dang it - wrong webm

Vess Heil Noel

c85462  No.12600792

File: 3661f21a145d62a⋯.jpg (26.82 KB, 236x317, 236:317, 915176e8c8c453c4d0da916932….jpg)


Thanks lad. Wassail to you and your family too. Hope you have a smashing day tomorrow.


Merry Yuletide lad. Hope you have a good one also.

10541c  No.12600810


Thank you lad, I will have to make do with milk and honey. I had understood the iron suggestion in your first reply, but I appreciate the clarification. I had thought I needed to use iron but I couldn't recall for certain if it was iron or another metal. I have admittedly neglected the portion of my studies dedicated to the gods, but had instead been focusing on the Runes and remembering things long forgotten. Were I to make the offering, what would be best? I could mix the milk and honey and take it with me onto a nearby knoll for the offering. I suppose I mean to say, I have only the general information regarding giving offering but not any specificities. I best just state it plainly, though it embarrasses me. How might I give offering properly to the gods? I vaguely remember watching a video on the subject in a previous thread, but I do not recall much of it. Forgive me if I am being a nuisance with my inquisitiveness.

2e35ed  No.12600831


Not at all lad, here's the video


> I best just state it plainly, though it embarrasses me.

Simple is best lad, and no need to be embarrassed

2e35ed  No.12600833

10541c  No.12600860


Thanks again for your time and help. I have much to learn still. I will be more devoted to my studies and initiation than I have been. I will probably lurk most of the time, but I will be in these threads to post when fitting. Well, I'll watch the video then be off to make the offering.

edda86  No.12600875

File: 7476b0b6cb8cbf9⋯.jpeg (355.47 KB, 450x720, 5:8, 6576DD03-FEC2-4F92-8231-6….jpeg)



>I have no alter, and no alcohol. However, I will maybe have access to the remains of a ham, and could attempt to make offerings to the gods with that.

Don’t offer the leftovers lad try this if you have time. Carve a boar or Yule goat from a bar of natural soap(milk fat). It doesn’t have to be pretty tbh it’s always the intent that counts. If you can’t burn these, place them on a nice plate on you window with your other offerings. You could also try a soap carving of the wolf and hang it from a tree for Odin. There is precedent for this type of substitute human sacrifice to him; while it hangs, recite “I give you to Odin” and stab it with a reed or tiny carved spear. Milk and honey as the other brother said are also favored offerings. If you can’t get to a shop, raid the spice rack and burn some of your mom’s sage both at the offering and to cleanse your room as the Northwest natives do. Hang iron over the door; horseshoes or railroad spikes are common with the tips up. Even if you are in the city or suburbs there should be wild medical herbs you could forage for an offering, Oregon Grape and holly come to mind, red clover, cedar bark as well. You could also make an offering of meat to a wolf in Washington here. Wolfhaven.org

10541c  No.12600935


Thanks lad. I had thought that the leftover ham would be no more than an insult. I just finished the video. I am unsure if I have any horse shoes or rail spikes, but if the stores are open, I might be able to obtain some. I will offer milk, and a boar I think. If I have time to make a wolf, I'll do that too. I hope we have sage. I also have a little Zippo hand warmer I could light as a substitute for a lamp. I really appreciate all the helpful advice I have been given. I think I only have Dove soap though. I am unsure it's a natural soap.

c85462  No.12601018

My buddy has come round lads. Hes on his jack jones this Yule because hes split with his missus and his new gf is away. Hes going back to an empty flat for the eve. Feel bad for him tbh. Think im gonna have him stay for a few drinks lads.

edda86  No.12601020


You’re very welcome of course lad; I’ll do what I can for you tonight. Here’s the video for reference of Odinic sacrifice by Dr. Crawford. StJ also did one on the huntsman’s woods which was my source for the hanging of effigies for Odin by Anglo Saxons in England.



Dove soap is probably fine as like I said it’s the intent and effort which counts. If you’re still concerned a simple wood carving should do nicely.

2e35ed  No.12601026


Do it lad, a mate of my didn't have any plans for christmas day so we're having him over for dinner, Christmas is better the more people there are imo

10541c  No.12601079


So I now have soaps and balsa wood, and my carving kit. I even managed to find a bell, but it's the Christmas hat kind. I have no sage, no rail spikes, no horseshoes, but I do have milk and honey. For the iron, the most I can come up with is my small knife collection, but it's mostly cheap steel. Unfortunately it seems most the shops around are closed for the Holiday. (With the exception of Wal-Mart) Also, thank you for the references.

c85462  No.12601212

File: 0a21e02bfd0a9cb⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 236x366, 118:183, b8c174bcf97fb1cfe7048852d7….jpg)


Yeah, I had him over for a bit mate. He done me a favour and did a shop run for me and her anyway (coz im in me pyjamas)

Had a few iced baileys and some herb with him and bunged him a tenner in a card. Seemed to make his night. Hes gone now. He's a good lad who knows not to outstay his welcome. Redpilled af too. Heavy metal/rocker/biker type. Likes his leather jackets and electric guitars and stuff. His dad was in the Devils Disciples motorcycle club I believe.

Anyway, hes fucked off now but it was nice to have him round for a bit.

829e7a  No.12601307


Steel even modern stainless is more than 90% iron it'll help.

ee0da6  No.12601330

Is there any account of food was traditionalu prepared during Yule and is there a druid cookbook?

64bda4  No.12601429


Wild boar is traditional which is where the modern Christmas ham comes from. Also beer in lieu of meade.


Of course lad. Another option for the iron would be a cooking skillet or pan. In any case I think your offerings are more important and sound sufficient.

a157db  No.12601458


If you're choosing iron for spiritual purposes/keeping the bad mojo away, you must choose wrought iron. Nothing else will do.

c85462  No.12601470

Offerings performed lads but I think the "offerings" iv also imbibed to myself this fair evening have gotten the better of me so I mustt bid you a good night and hit the hay.

Night lads and a happy Yule. Make the most of it with friends and family if you can lads.

10541c  No.12601627


Just offered the soap wolf. The spear broke completely, and the wolf was quite damaged. Next time, it will be better soap and a better spear. I offered the soap boar as well, in the window. In the end I couldn't get the milk or honey offered. I may get a better opportunity to do so later, though.

b5217c  No.12602048

File: 037a1ea3f9844db⋯.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3024x3024, 1:1, 8B68DD36-36E0-4ADA-89EE-2….jpeg)


Sounds good, I’ve made a donation to the wolves for you lad and I’ll include you in my offerings tonight. Sleep well brother; Ves Heil Noel.

10541c  No.12602626


I greatly appreciate the aid, from all of you. I'll likely take again to lurking, though giving offering more properly now. I will watch these threads and the bunker, so if I am needed, I will answer unless I am unable or did not see the post. I hope to someday repay the kindness given to me today. Sleep well in kind.

Ves Heill Noel

c85462  No.12602653

File: 428c551a8adaf82⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 236x327, 236:327, 2d4cff2ce40ff77906dbed16e3….jpg)

Merry Yule lads

>tfw hangover combined with excited kids ripping up presents

Serves me right for mixing tbh lads. I was daft - drank




>red wine


Was drinking well into the night too, first with me pal, then with me other half. Shes gone back to bed so im waiting to open my presents with her when she gets up. Iv got her some good shit lads - a nice dressing gown, a designer handbag (fuck me do they cost a bomb) a new jewelry box coz i broke her other one accidentally picture frame, and some books.

Dunno what shes got me tbh. Will find out later. Going up my folks for xmas dinner (they love seeing the grandkids - spoil em rotten they do) so I'll see if I can send a cheeky post from there.

For now its a yuletide breakfast of decaf tea, strong painkillers and a fag then hopefully a couple of hours sleep before I face the parents. Tempted to hair of the dog it tbh lads but a) i dont think id keep it down and b) there will be booze galore at my folks house later

Anyway hope you all have a good one.

2e35ed  No.12602705


Wassail and Good Yule to you too lad, we've all just finished going through our stocking presents, gonna have a good time and begin my offerings to the gods through to New Year, hope all the lads have a good day

ea932c  No.12602744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"The girt dog of Langport, he burnt his long tail and this is the night we go singing wassail."

You know, I've never understood this line from the olde Wassail songs.

5564f9  No.12603052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

merry crimbo from punished holiday druid lads

see you in the new year

acf1f2  No.12603138

Merry Yuletide lads

2e35ed  No.12603338


And you lad

2e35ed  No.12603343


Glad to hear you made it lad, hope your enjoying yourself this Yule

c85462  No.12604176

File: a84efeeb3e8a314⋯.jpg (3.99 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20181225_222117.jpg)

Fucking good yulehaul this year lads. Some nice hobby stuff (Blackstone Fortress) a DPM-camo boonie hat, allo allo dvd set, a bottle of Irish cream & a kindle/tablet thing off the missus, a Chadmarine tank off the kids, moar hobby stuff (Dark Imperium) and a flat cap off the mater & pater familias and sixty fuckin quid cash off the mother in law! usually only get 20. Must have accrued a bit of good karma this year.. Also, not pictured is a dressing gown and a pair of slippers. Fucking chuffed lads I feel like a kid again. Also had a nephew born today! My missus' brother and his bird. Been a great day all round. New nephers was icing on the cake.

You lads get anything nice?

596482  No.12604222


Sounds like an MR James story in reverse lad. Bit of a different perspective maybe but, given the persistence of this thing, you may want to confront it at some point. Protect yourself first of course, but it probably has something quite important for you if you can get it on the spot and figure it out. The process of redpilling seems to bring out shadowy shit sometimes, certainly has for me. Keep faith and shine light into the darkness lad.


Fucking love Shirley Collins. Wassail and Merry Christmas lads.

596482  No.12604373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wews incites tweedy gent to reconquer London

7c834b  No.12604447

>>12604222 (observed)

>you may want to confront it at some point.

That was the feeling I got to lad. I’ll have to look for it, but in one of the grimoirs 40k when I first joined had a chapter about challenging a similar beast to a foot race inawoods.

Drinc hael lad.


Good haul lad, I myself received a dapper flat cap. Now that I have a daughter, I can’t be seen wearing a baseball hat like a burger peasant tbh.

596482  No.12604460


Comfy jumper here, warm as fuck. All good cheer to the newly augmented family lad.

9a9e99  No.12604473

Merry Yule faggots.

c85462  No.12604481


Thanks lad, it was kind of unexpected although my other half did mention something yesterday about the kid being due around now. Also cant beat a /comfy/ jumper lad, its fookin nippy out there….


Perhaps flat caps can become some kind of (optional) esoteric neodruid accessory kek. Truth be told I think I look a bit daft in it but then again I wear hooded sigil-emblazoned robes often and on occasion even venture into nature clad in them so a flat cap is pretty tame in comparison.

Iv never run across anyone while doing a night ritual in the woods down the road robed up - would be curious to see the reaction though - probably either spook the shit of out some mundanes or else they would think I was some nut case weirdo kek.


Merry Yule anon

596482  No.12604492

File: 4938b0d28ae5b43⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, Aivazovsky.jpg)


Checking that portentous ID, Merry Yule lad


>nature clad

Thought you meant sky clad there for a minute lad, yikes

c10b3f  No.12605162




Reposting a question from >>12599179

What are your general thoughts on this sigil?



I absolutely love that this is part of the B.O.N.D.’s vocabulary, far better than normie/normalfaggot.

6d58f6  No.12605227


saying lad and obsessing over coziness isn't gonna get you a gf

2e35ed  No.12605279


>Implying I ever said it did

Neither is heckling a general on a Thai cartoon forum

26f5f1  No.12605328


Can anyone point me to the direction of the redpill image thread?

Looking for the otters.


2e35ed  No.12605352


Very nice lad, got an excellent haul of of books, Tacitus, Plutarch, Herodotus and the Rig Vedas. On top of that got some nice new clothes and some electric ear defenders, very nice haul and people enjoyed my presents so all's well

c85462  No.12605624

File: 8c7a992afc3ce4f⋯.png (730.66 KB, 816x1264, 51:79, bond druids.png)

Its good lad. I made an OC with it on a while back.

c85462  No.12605626


Meant for…


Also i;d say either is acceptable for the sigil - B.O.N.D or ᛒ.ᛟ.ᚾ.ᛞ.

2e35ed  No.12605707


Nice, but what do the runes themselves actually mean?

829e7a  No.12605755


The B rune is thought to represent birth the O rune is to represent ancestry and heritage. N necessity and need but also shadow and the D dawn intuition and the light within

c85462  No.12605756


Going off the Old English form of futhorc (or fuþorc) the meanings are as follows.

ᛒ - (beork) = birch tree (letter "B")

ᛟ - (ēðel) = homeland or estate (letter "O" & "œ")

ᚾ - (nȳd) = need/plight (letter "N")

ᛞ - (dæg) = day (letter "D")

2e35ed  No.12605760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Celtic Sanctuary

Seeing an Angel: My experience

c85462  No.12605776

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh King Tinfoil of the Reptilian Mullet

…on the evil UN Migration pact.

c85462  No.12607210

File: ad565e8daebf64a⋯.jpg (194.77 KB, 1180x788, 295:197, rodrigo-duterte-du30-phili….jpg)

Good stuff lad. Glad you got some nice stuff. Some very highbrow books there by the sound of it, and I'm also glad that the gifts you gave were well received. It's always nice to treat those that we love and to see joy manifest within their lives via our own actions. My choice of gifts didn't go down too bad either. Sounds like we all had a good day all round.

c85462  No.12607227



…meant for


I keep doing this lads, i keep forgetting to link my replies properly. Such fucking amateur mistakes too. Shamefur dispray on my part sorry lad. I need to proofread more.

54d857  No.12607975




54d857  No.12608373


>cant stop listening

e2e813  No.12608403



>a chapter about challenging a similar beast to a foot race inawoods.

It’s in the second or third part of ‘The Holy Guardian Angle’ by Michael Cecchetelli. I can’t upload it from my (((phone))) smh; 40k if you would be so kind to help the lad out?


>probably either spook the shit of out some mundanes

One foggy autumn night a few years back, I turned a corner only to be confronted by Tim the Druid from Monty Python. I was rather startled and thought I was having a residual hallucination until I remembered it was Halloween.

>>12605755 (observed)


>Ancestor worship

>Needed more than ever

>Dawn, intuition, inner light

The Druids approved and is an exoterically spot on tl;dr of the lodge.



>B.O.N.D. lexicon

I do too lad. It’s nearly universal to esoteric schools tbh, but I agree. The mundane philosophers used ‘profanes’ in Rome.

c85462  No.12609042

File: 045882a9a06f1b3⋯.gif (2.45 MB, 402x222, 67:37, tim.gif)


>One foggy autumn night a few years back, I turned a corner only to be confronted by Tim the Druid from Monty Python. I was rather startled and thought I was having a residual hallucination until I remembered it was Halloween.

Topkek lad. Bet it was a good costume too. I wanna go as Tim next year now.

>It’s in the second or third part of ‘The Holy Guardian Angle’ by Michael Cecchetelli. I can’t upload it from my (((phone))) smh; 40k if you would be so kind to help the lad out?

Certainly lad. I have a .vk link to a pdf of the full book. Link looks dodge but dont worry, it is sound. Whole book here:




Aye its a great term. as >>12608403 says, "profanes" is also a potentially good term that is also used often to describe the (non esoterically minded) masses but I think "mundanes" suits best.

7332e3  No.12609508

File: d216c2971a6266a⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 343x1000, 343:1000, 2353.gallery.jpg)

Good evening all I hope you're all safe and well especially broken window anon.

I think we need to think about how to move forward in the coming year.

2e35ed  No.12609522


All good here lad

>I think we need to think about how to move forward in the coming year.

Would be good, have any particular ideas come to you?

2e35ed  No.12609616

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8c2a5b  No.12609623

File: 12b1094d43f804d⋯.png (268.39 KB, 3500x1064, 125:38, master race nord.png)

File: e365b4f26dbce53⋯.jpg (177.01 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, white american master race.jpg)

>get reminded jews own literally their entire nations

<reee you are not superior we are!

>get reminded mediterraneans invented everything, not them

<reee you are not superior we are!

>get reminded that they women flock to non-whites, non-whites which their own males let in

<reee you are not superior we are! it's the jews fault not ours!

>get reminded 80% of their population serves the jews out of their own free will

<reee you are not superior we are! it's the jews fault not ours!

And that's not even the best

>states fact about niggers


>states fact about whites


8c2a5b  No.12609629


I admit americans are like 10% german and 46% anglo, but that's beyond the point.

2e35ed  No.12609637



What are you talking about? Are you sure you posted this in the right thread?

c85462  No.12609662

File: e53eed41abceece⋯.jpg (227.17 KB, 700x450, 14:9, dnnn.jpg)


>>12609522 (observed)

Regarding going forward, I think out modus operandii should prioritise the following:

>continue with the B.O.N.D sigil spreading operation (tree carving etc)

>continue with our own chosen personal spiritual developmental paths and studies.

>continue to nurture and empower the Current we have cultivated and endeavour to channel it into the laylines wherever possible (the sigil spreading helps with this)

>expand our knowledge and ranks further

>revise the Tenets (aka re-word them so we dont potentially get v&)

>make contingency plans in case the current censorship wave hits us here and we lose access to fullchan in the UK (its a possibility)

>devise a kind of "code" language we can use to regroup on normie sites without alerting the suspicions of the enemy or its bots and algorhythms.

>make a list of potential sites we could migrate to should the worst happen and a "bug out" plan to go along with it.

>continue to make a personal list of LOCAL and international traitors and their crimes so they can be denied a chance to slip away & can be dealt appropriately with in the coming conflagration's fog of war (in minecraft)

>try and effect LOCAL politics if your position affords it

>concentrate on family, friends etc

>prepare and await

>meditate upon the ætherium electricæ

>continue our divination and scrying of current geopolitical events whilst riding the tiger.

>Spread the Word & Sigil of the B.O.N.D (look for opportune moments rather than spamming it though)

Other goals include:

>an all out (cultural) assault on wicca and plastic paganism to be achieved via memetics and subversion along with co-ordinated rites & ritual magick.

>reclaimation of traditional & neo-paganism from the current cucks and degenerates who tarnish its image (something like "M.E.G.A - Make Arcana Great Again")

Thats what I can think of for now lads. We need more numbers for the latter operation so '19 should be a build up to that goal.

2e35ed  No.12609704


Excellent lad

>continue with the B.O.N.D sigil spreading operation (tree carving etc)

On my way to doing this, the translation of the runes fully convinced me. I'll be making the carving tomorrow on my Blot tree

>continue to nurture and empower the Current we have cultivated and endeavour to channel it into the laylines wherever possible (the sigil spreading helps with this)

If you give the means how I can certainly help with this

>We need more numbers for the latter operation so '19 should be a build up to that goal.


2e35ed  No.12609711

Also good reads here lads, will be adding these to the /druid/ archive:

On the Gods and The World by Sallustius

Part one


Part two


c85462  No.12609735

File: 930774f66e152b2⋯.jpg (485.22 KB, 800x530, 80:53, bloom astral plane.jpg)


Good good, we are in agreement as to our current trajectory then.

>>12609711 (observed)

Thanks lad, the Druids portent there demands I shall read these tonight in bed on me new tablet I got.

Hermetic.com is a great sight tbh. So is whale.to and bibliotecapleyades.net. Some great resources on there - books, treatises, essays, the whole shebang and there are pearls of wisdom to be found if you are apt enough to seek them.

8e3032  No.12609778


>>make contingency plans in case the current censorship wave hits us here and we lose access to fullchan in the UK (its a possibility)

I've heard good things about the Yaesu FT-2980.

8c2a5b  No.12609894

File: 09910c14de13260⋯.png (386.57 KB, 607x608, 607:608, varg vs true master race.png)

>we where literal snownigger and got enslaved by green eyed devils

>now we are literal cattle and enslaved by kikes

>but we are still the master race, so give me some betabucks plz

btw how many ips are posting in here?

2e35ed  No.12610099

Yeah not even bothering with this one lads. Is it me or has the shilling become much, much weaker?

c85462  No.12610373

>>12610099 (observed)

Portentous numerals confirm your suspicions lad. Its just literal nonsenseposts now. Fuck at least schizo was consistent and actually bowed out gracefully at the end, admitting defeat. This one is posting like a spambot thats copyposting a random mishmash of /pol/ posts. Filter & ignore. Iv not even bothered probing it.

c10b3f  No.12611770

I would love to join up with you lads on other platforms, but I’m not really comfortable with using discord and the official B.O.N.D. board is a bunker.


>nearly universal to esoteric schools

I was only aware of the O9A, their affiliates, and their splinter groups using the word. What others are there?


>>12609522 (observed)


- Offline archives downloaded on devices or thumb drives are a wise investment.

-Maybe make a druid inversion of the Catholic Mass akin to the satanic Black Mass; would be a more frivolous and entertaining activity.

- Codifying our vocabulary would also be a fun thing to do. Strengthens our bond (heh) and acts as a first defense towards obvious outsiders. Making a virtual little hand book type thing for newcomers would be neat.

Normie/Normal fag = Mundane

Anon = Lad


- Another small project would possibly be coming up with little figures or runes composed of twigs and twine that could be hanged from branches akin to the things in The Blair Witch Project. I don’t think it is historically accurate at all, but it would be something to keep in mind if we ever get bored.


What about the proposed runic variant? Should I write the sigil in the Latin alphabet or in Elder Futhark? I’d personally prefer the runes, but would like to use the form that everyone else is using.


I have also realized that “.” and “:” have meaning in runic alphabets, does this mess with the proposed runic sigil?

>bug out plan

Throw away email accounts are always a great last resort. Keep in mind everything on the internet is monitored.

>wicca and plastic paganism

I coined the term faganism (false paganism). Plastic is very good too.

>something like M.E.G.A

The Spiritual Vehmic Court is my proposal. I’m not really the biggest fan of the “great again” phrase as it is zionistic in nature. Just my two cents.

>>12610099 (observed)

It’s a sign of desperation. I fear that far worse will come to us in the future due to the overall strength and devotion of members. Organization and unity is a very big threat to them.

b33e5f  No.12611800


hi lad. not a /druid here, but plenty experienced with battle

you could make a familiar, an ally, to fight for you.

If I was losing such a fight, I would:

find some thing that felt opposite to my enemy. Stone or wood.

carve it, with blank face, arms to hold a weapon.

bless it with my seed, to bring life.

paint it with my blood, to bring strength

bind it with my hair.

fill it with my soul.

task it to guard me.

robert holdstock wrote 'fantasy' books. i described a variant of one of his fetches. they work

2e35ed  No.12611824


>druid inversion of the Catholic Mass akin to the satanic Black Mass

No thank you lad, I don't like being associated with satanists and besides, Paganism exists separate to the Abrahamic faiths, we have our own rites and rituals

2e35ed  No.12611827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fieldsports Britain - it's a big big pig

c85462  No.12612001

File: ca56e8629fe2dd2⋯.png (355.84 KB, 271x525, 271:525, BLUE DRUID.png)


> Making a virtual little hand book type thing for newcomers would be neat.

>Normie/Normal fag = Mundane

>Anon = Lad


Good idea lad. Thats something to work on. A basic infographic will suffice to being with and we need to begin brainstorming our terms. We will have our own "clowckwork orange" type speak to befuddle npc mundanes and dogwhistle to our own. The whole idea of the B.O.N.D is that we don't actively recruit explicitly - rather we want anons to find us and come to us of their own volition (an integral part of the self initiation aspect - one of the few things O9A get right) so our propaganda should be akin to a trail of breadcrumbs for the astute to find and follow rather than sledgehammer in your face stuff - Something like that "Cicada 3310" but less obtuse & pretentiously gay.

When looking to form a Lodge such as ours, we want the cream of the crop rather than the whole rabble. As the old adage goes - =="Quality over Quantity"==

>What about the proposed runic variant? Should I write the sigil in the Latin alphabet or in Elder Futhark? I’d personally prefer the runes, but would like to use the form that everyone else is using.

Either is acceptable but id use the modern variant so as not to be too cryptic. The Futhark can be used for in-lodge purposes but I think latin alphabet is preferable when putting stuff out there in mundane meatspace.

>I’m not really the biggest fan of the “great again” phrase as it is zionistic in nature. Just my two cents.

Yeah I was just using it as an example of a good memetic optics campaign lad. I realise the whole MAGA/MEGA/MBGA thing is spent now so we'd need something new for our esoteric renaissance. Im sure we could come up with a catchy meme if we put our heads together anyway.


Kek, nice - like it.

>Organization and unity is a very big threat to them.

Exactly and this is why we are sticking to Morgoth's "Vietcong" strategy for now. Its serving us well and the B.O.N.D has flown under their radar for now.

Tbh im sure alphabets & gchq types have browsed our threads at some point and are aware of us but I doubt they consider us a threat at this point - probably see us as more fringe/kooky i reckon. That gives us a bit of wiggle room. We're not on any ADL or hope not soap "hatelists" or anything like that, nor are we a proscribed organisation.

We will work with what we have,

c85462  No.12612219

File: 040ef09d9c6a1d3⋯.gif (246.32 KB, 350x485, 70:97, 2639150buriooup3c_13889121….gif)

Are Morgoth is top of milleniyule poll this year lads. Pop in and give StJ and /areboomer/ Simon a vote too if you feel so inclined. Its nice to know when you are appreciated and these guys do a lot for us and our wider movement so they deserve a bit of positive feedback imo.


2e35ed  No.12612474

49c1ed  No.12612760


>Bet it was a good costume too

Spot on with a real beard he had been cultivating for years.


>make contingency plans in case the current censorship wave hits us here and we lose access to fullchan in the UK (its a possibility)

This, especially between at least one of you lads and here. If the traitors shut you off from here, likely goes the bunker as well.

>make a list of potential sites we could migrate to should the worst happen and a "bug out" plan to go along with it.

This but I have no idea we’re to begin looking tbh.


>I'll be making the carving tomorrow on my Blot tree

Good lad, I’ll have to as well. Once I get caught up on mundane duties I may try some stone as well.


>What others are there?

Now I can’t recall any specific ones smh. I have just seen and heard it so much across the internet I may have presumed it was universal. I know the Stoics used profanes, the Pythagoreans used one or the other, I’ll have to look it up. I’m fairly certain that Evola and Serrano used mundanes. Most people on /fringe/ do as well.

>>12611800 (observed)

>make a golem

>cover it in blood and semen



>own "clowckwork orange" type speak

Nuffin like a bit of cheese to get in the mood for ultra violence.


I too am in the mountains of the NW(Hellens tbh). We should figure a secure way to meet lad. If you’re not keen to yet I hope you’re well.

c85462  No.12613024

File: 29e76a776629f47⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 822x462, 137:77, mandrake2.jpg)

File: 52c0dc3fcc66c0f⋯.png (278.2 KB, 1280x1596, 320:399, mandrake.png)

File: 78959253d7687ff⋯.jpg (63.46 KB, 435x480, 29:32, mand3.jpg)

>>12611800 (observed)

Thats essentially a golum lad. It originates from jewish mysticism and qlippothic qabbalism. A lot of these type of practice have dripped into western esoterica, especially through the middle ages and beyond. Thats not to say there is some jewish mysticism without merit however. Numerology, sacred geometry and even aspects of non qlippothic qabbalistic practice have universal qualities that are undeniable - a solid science of the occult if you will. It all seems to stem from the same place ultimately. Who knows how all these differering groups came into possession of this primordial knowledge of the hidden truth.

As for golem creation, its not something im familiar with. The semen part seems to be a staple of occult science though, probably because of its generative force. As an old english folk legend goes -

when a man is hanged he sometimes ejaculates and it runs down his leg and drips into the earth below him, giving birth to the mandrake root

…a plant that is prominent in folk magick and whos root display an almost human like shape.

Probably quite hard to find a mandrake thats imbued with hanged corpse spunk these days though so but the plant still retains its sacred quality in folk magic circles.

Symbology counts for a lot in the occult. Metaphors can replace the literal in many cases. One must also be able to read between the lines.


Good lad


>If the traitors shut you off from here, likely goes the bunker as well…. but I have no idea we’re to begin looking tbh.

I say we find a fairly obscure and innocuous with a comment section where we can use our "clockwork orange speak" code to formulate somewhere more stable. Working on getting any UK lads VPNs or Tor is essential too.

Also Tor (much as I despise it) is a legit possibility as we could have a bunker there if needed.

We'll find way to regroup if we need to lad. We could find an obscure vidya forum, another chan, a small blog somewhere, fuck we could even make a fucking plebbit account if we have to speak is ultra autistic "code".

We will keep the B.O.N.D alive. I firmy believe we are preordained for "something" (what that "something" is I dont know as of yet….) and we will ultimately prevail in our ambitions. At the moment we are like a sprouting sapling that is facing a great oncoming storm and a harsh winter but if it can survive, it will grow into a mighty oak that shall stand tall for decades to come. It is our job to nurture that sapling and see it safe through harsh times. We must keep the ember alive and glowing.

probably best to get a Tor bunker up at some point incase the censorship is sudden and contingency plans have not fully yet developed. Can access fullchan via Tor too which helps somewhat.

>I may try some stone as well.

Good idea lad. Will have a differing effect from the trees too (a positive one). I think it will really help with a sense of permanence regarding the Current. Id suggest limestone or sandstone as a medium if its available.

2e35ed  No.12613047


>bless it with my seed, to bring life.

Bit gay

da1371  No.12613055

Druids/Occultists etc are insufferable. Neck yourselves post haste.

2e35ed  No.12613061


After you faggot

da1371  No.12613101


Literally all you people do is waste time and money. I wonder if you fools ever looked into who controls the antiquarian book trade.


2e35ed  No.12613135


>Literally all you people do is waste time and money.


>I wonder if you fools ever looked into who controls the antiquarian book trade.

We use .pdfs nigger


c85462  No.12613294


>We use .pdfs nigger

This. We are the primogenitors of the ætherium electricæ.


Best way with them that wont listen lad

3c78c2  No.12613295



reminder .pdf sucks and .epub is truly /ourfile/

c85462  No.12613305


both have their uses

49c1ed  No.12613333

File: 66871354ec878ab⋯.png (543 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, CE3A87C4-E531-4CEB-9BBE-23….png)


>waste time and money

Time is not linear and you cannot waste that which has no value.





>I firmy believe we are preordained for "something" (what that "something" is I dont know as of yet….)

I have that feel too tbh. /baph/2.0 recommends mullvad for a vpn, if caught unprepared we could just use Tom’s blog or YT comments like you suggested.


>These low energy newfag shills board wide.

It’s like a subreddit for American homosexual christians just had an exodus.

2e35ed  No.12613384

>>12613333 (observed)

>It’s like a subreddit for American homosexual christians just had an exodus.

Wew lad, which one?

c10b3f  No.12613500


>No thank you

Understandable, I should have explained it better. I meant that since Catholic Christianity has more pagan traditions than Jewish ones, the mass could be reverse engineered into what it once was.


>basic infographic

Definitely basic, don’t want to give away too much.

>"clowckwork orange" type speak

Fun fact: Bog means God in their language.

>latin alphabet is preferable when putting stuff out there in mundane meatspace.

Sounds good. For the record, is it “B.O.N.D” or “B.O.N.D.”?

>We're not on any ADL or hope not soap "hatelists"

I was kind of worried about this pertaining to the runic sigil. Just about every rune is classified as a “hate” symbol.


>Evola and Serrano used mundanes. Most people on /fringe/ do as well.

Very interesting, thanks lad.


>We could find an obscure vidya forum

We could even make a YouTube channel with one 10 second long video and congregate in the comment section. It doesn’t need to be super obscure, but that may be preferable in some cases.

>We will keep the B.O.N.D alive. I firmy believe we are preordained for "something"

I know what you mean, I kind of feel it too tbh.

>>12613333 (observed)

Your post is deserving of quads.

302bef  No.12613562

File: 743dc29d63fe306⋯.png (267.09 KB, 476x481, 476:481, 1536390197760.png)

Did you lads see the alleged second appearance of the ROFSCHILD poster on halfchan? Was back in September but didn't see it mentioned here.



49c1ed  No.12613594


You’re right lad; I suppose that wasn’t specific enough. Though at the same time, the qualifier ‘homosexual’ was redundant.

>>12613500 (observed)

>We could even make a YouTube channel with one 10 second long video and congregate in the comment section.

That’s actually a quite brilliant temporary solution tbh.


Thanks, I’ll look over it later.

b33e5f  No.12613623

File: a96c11b9915bfd6⋯.png (692.25 KB, 498x736, 249:368, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at ….png)

File: 4b3458d6fcb5836⋯.png (400.35 KB, 372x574, 186:287, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at ….png)


I suppose it bears similarity with a golem, but it doesn't have legs, as it isn't made to act in this world, and it doesn't have eyes, as it isn't tasked to see in this world.

As used as a 'fetch', it is an anchor to bind you to the physical world.

With arms for a weapon, it serves to defend you in the spiritual world.

Probably one of the first things I made when I first started noticing the entities that didn't like me and served really well until I had a chance to recruit my own living entities in the spirit world.

The lad was talking about making a sacrifice to the gods. The shattered remains of the beast that is fucking with him now would be the correct one, imo. He's either a warrior, or food.

c85462  No.12613772

File: 786f744f6f09bb7⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 325x369, 325:369, JFCfuller.jpg)

>>12613500 (observed)

>For the record, is it “B.O.N.D” or “B.O.N.D.”?


No fullstop after the final "D" The three dots also form a triad and are p

representative of the Triskelion.

>We could even make a YouTube channel with one 10 second long video and congregate in the comment section. It doesn’t need to be super obscure, but that may be preferable in some case

Exactly. Good idea lad. I have a channel as does another anon here. Very low key. One (non political) video from 9 years ago.

>Just about every rune is classified as a “hate” symbol.

Fuck 'em. I wear a black sun pendent openly lad. No ones ever said anything to me. Doubt most folk even know what it is tbh.


Didnt see that lad, thanks for the heads up Could be a copycat though considering the stir the first one caused. If he keeps it up for another 2yrs we will know if hes genuine or not. The energy reading through those old threads made me feel etherically drained and physically ill.

>>12613333 (ascertained in a portentous manner)

Auspicious numerals there friend.

>I firmy believe we are preordained for "something"

Glad im not the only one that feels this. >>12613500 (observed) feels it too and you both got portentous numerals. This is no coincidence but numerological divination via ætherium electricæ manifest for all to see. Happens far to much to be coincidence and on such topics as to align to ascertain divination from. The Current grows along with us lads. Something is on the horizon and I think a regime like pic related (along with its occult savvy elite - see JFC Fuller) is thrashing about in its birth pangs. I feel the energy gathering as if its being condensed. Its ready to explode and usually when this happens, it causes a paradigm shift. We are on the cusp of that and the traitor class are doing everything they can to prevent it.

/baph/2.0's advice is sound and Toms place sounds good. Also youtube channels S*r & Tn (know who i mean lads?) are potential ports in a storm as these are /ourguys/


>That’s actually a quite brilliant temporary solution tbh.

Seems like one of the best tbh and our cryptic nature allows us to skirt certain censorship tactics. We have plausable deniability. B.O.N.D (bond) can have so many meanings

>"No mr thought police officer we are just the James Bond appreciation society. No druidic nationalism here……."

302bef  No.12613801

File: ca24a08fd5c42f8⋯.jpeg (165.89 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, EA73FA43-D844-407E-8BD8-F….jpeg)



It certainly has a similar tone and the occult aspects of it seem to check out.

tl;dr elites are nephilim (original race of earth prior to elohim) and maintain continuity of consciousness over thousands of years by reincarnating through the bloodlinepic related

fb10a4  No.12613840

File: de85d4dcc69b4ab⋯.png (208.88 KB, 1206x1312, 603:656, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at ….png)


tis' the primordial chaos, not that difficult.

c85462  No.12613921

File: adc6804d1afbfbc⋯.png (494.54 KB, 912x496, 57:31, proph.png)



Also lads, remember the prophecy.

b33e5f  No.12613988

>>12613055 (observed)

>druids must kill themselves

true. It isn't until you've passed through that realm that you really move into your power.

c85462  No.12614045

File: 3f50ddedc2f79b4⋯.jpg (233.27 KB, 960x402, 160:67, beast roger dean.jpg)

>>12613988 (ascertained)

Half right - indeed upon death the adept has a great more options and potential than the departed soul of a mundane (whos ruach and nephesh will seperate within weeks for example) but for the adept to depart willfully by suicide and at such a time when the Druids (and their like)are needed more than ever upon the mundane plane….it would be so great a sin that upon death, that, at best the adept's soul would enter some lower astral qlippothic hellrealm and be stuck there for a very long time, become an astral shell or perhaps even fall to the abyss and dissipate entirely into the great void of entropy.

The universal karmic law of good would see it as an affront to nature, an abandonment of responsibility, cowardice in the face of the enemy and a failure to do ones duty.

Ideally a Druid dies in battle or of old age. But to suicide is a great sin in times such as this. Its one of the few things the Christians have right.

There are arguable noble acts of suicide that would negate the above (a soldier turning his own gun on himself rather than being captured by a brutal enemy who may torture him for information that would risk his comrades and commanders or jumping in front of a speeding car to save a wandering toddler are examples of exceptions but usually the rule is pretty solid.

tl;dr - an hero is a big no-no.

b33e5f  No.12614090


permadeath would be an error, yes, but to die for a moment is vital. if oxymorinoic

c85462  No.12614115


You mean a kind of crossing the abyss moment? A symbolic ritual of cycle of death and rebirth? Or do you mean ego death?

b33e5f  No.12614127


Yes, the crossing the abyss moment. For many reason.

Ego death is a dumb idea, imo. We need our ego well trained, not slain

b33e5f  No.12614136


>crossing the abyss

didn't realise that was a crowley thing. My experiences have not been down that diseased path.

Death / rebirth, a sacrifice of self and attachment to be reborn re-aligned with purpose.

da1371  No.12614157


Time has no value? Interesting. I wonder if that is what you will think when you gasp your last breath. Time… has no value. I wish I could see the terror on your face.

54112d  No.12614176




c10b3f  No.12614209



>know who i mean lads?

No clue as I’m new. My contingency plan is to get in contact with other yank druids on either full or half chan and then find my way from there. Don’t worry about me too much, where there’s a will there’s a way.




>Jew jargon

If you truly believe this stuff, I strongly encourage you to start studying their origin, go straight to Sumerian legends and cut the subverted/stolen nonsense.

>pic related

That was posted in a previous thread related to the creation of the Yule #1 thread. I also think its more representative of man’s inherent connection to nature as the artist has created several similar pieces with other animals.



e2e813  No.12615099

File: 12d2b51b8c53c23⋯.jpeg (97.55 KB, 735x490, 3:2, 4B8CFAE6-CB70-4BA2-9EC9-C….jpeg)


It’s not Rofschild. This larper had too many grammatical errors whereas Rothschild was constantly correcting the niglish in the original GLP thread. My intuition says it was some well versed shitlord from here trolling or false flag greenpilling.


>meet other yanklads

>and then find my way from there. Don’t worry about me too much, where there’s a will there’s a way.

I like your fervor more with each post lad. Lurk here for the next planned meet up I know of >>>/tok/7. I missed the past two years, but hopefully will make it this year. Otherwise, you have a rough idea of where I live; if you’re going to be in the vicinity we can figure a way here to safely give you my dox.


>Time has no value?

Firstly, for those with bath water temperature and above IQ’s it was understood the valueless thing in my statement was money. But also, the illusion of time is inherently without value. Therefore no matter how much of either we spend on our studies, which is zero and infinite, it wasn’t wasted.

>when you gasp your last breath.

Won’t be my first or last time.

>Time… has no value.

You… love semite cocks.

>I wish I could see the terror on your face.

Pic related.

10541c  No.12616067


>We should figure a secure way to meet lad. If you’re not keen to yet I hope you’re well.

10541c here, ID may have changed. Perhaps someday we will, but I do not see an opportunity to do so for the foreseeable future. My offerings seem to have been sufficient, along with the knife collection along my door top. I have yet to encounter the creature again in that manner, but I have heard things in the rest of the home that might be it. I intend to confront it when next I encounter it. When that happens I will report back on it. I am appreciative of the thought, and well-wishing.

b33e5f  No.12616292


slay that beastie, Lad. The only power it has over you is fear, and once you have lost your fear, it is simply food.

2e35ed  No.12616620

Well lads, seems the site is back up, here's some news:

EU Slams Concessions to Yellow Vests, Demands Macron Deliver Progressive Agenda


Emmanuel Macron has “lost authority” after offering concessions to protesters, the European Commission has complained, urging the French president to plough ahead with “crucial” neoliberal reforms.

>Brussels will allow France to exceed the bloc’s 3 per cent deficit limit with its budget as a one-off this year, EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger told the German press on Thursday.

>Asked whether Macron would remain a beacon of hope for European federalists while “his own people rise against him”, Oettinger lamented that the globalist French leader had “lost authority with his budget for 2019”, before stressing: “But he remains a strong supporter of the European Union.”

Iceland crash: Three British people including child killed


Three British tourists, including a young child, have died after their vehicle crashed while crossing a bridge in Iceland.

>The vehicle - a 4x4 - was carrying seven British people when the accident happened at around 9:30 GMT on Thursday, Icelandic Police said.

>The other four passengers in the car were critically injured and airlifted to hospital, police said.

>Two of those seriously injured are children aged between seven and nine.

Analysis: Why the number of migrants travelling across the Channel has soared at Christmas


Word is spreading in Calais that now is a good time to go.

>Since Christmas Eve, 82 migrants in ten different boats have attempted to cross the English channel.

>Some 71 have made it to the UK, either by navigating the busy waterway, or by being picked up in British waters by border force patrol boats.

>Since the start of November, 280 people, mostly Iranian, have been intercepted by authorities on both sides of the Channel with the British picking up 201 and the French, 79.

2e35ed  No.12616669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And fresh Morgoth's review

c85462  No.12617004

Site back online lads? I couldn't post yesterday smh.

c85462  No.12617037


>>crossing the abyss

Its not just a crowlean thing lad. He gave the supposed abyss dweller a name (the demon Choronzon) but the concept is reflected in almost all occult schools and even in psychology - its "the dark night of the soul" so to speak.

You are right in the fact that its not always a painful experience either.

>Death / rebirth, a sacrifice of self and attachment to be reborn re-aligned with purpose.

Yes exactly. And this can be achieved via positive means (self improvement, advancement of knowledge, gnosis etc) The "death" of the old self and the birth of the new, enlightened self (all aided by a harmonic resonance with the higher self).

The only "pain" comes if the attempt fails (usually resulting in a slump into depression and self doubt) This is the "falling into the abyss" allegory and many who fall into its depths never return but instead become consumed by the void. In the physical realm of mundane meatspace, that would manifest as blackpill depression, apathy, despair, suicidal thoughts etc (while their astral self would be stuck in qlippoth). Very difficult to pull a person out of that abyss, especially if they have attempted to cross it ritually (calling on various entities etc) it can be nigh on impossible. Crowley talked a lot of shit but he was bang on the money with a few things, the danger involved in the failing of the crossing of the abyss ritual being one of them. One must be in contact with the HGA (or ones higher self if you want to avoid the Golden Dawn terminology which stems from Abramelin….) to succeed.


>Ego death is a dumb idea, imo. We need our ego well trained, not slain

Well said. I fully concur with you there lad. One needs an ego less they become akin to an unthinking automaton. Those that do kill their egos will also kill their drive, their ambition, their emotions and their sense of self, which is vital, and I do mean VITAL. Navigating the astral with no strong sense of self would be impossible for example. So would any form of divination as the medium [ie: tarot cards or runes] usually require a close bond with the operators personality in order to be of any use

Crowley claimed to have killed his ego and become Ipsissimus (the rank above Magister Templi) but he obviously lied because he was an egotistical prick right until his end when he died in that Hastings boarding house, his bloated, corpulent corpse filled with enough intravenously self-administered opiates to put down an elephant.

He was a spiteful cunt right until the end too, as rumour has it he attempted to curse a doctor who had refused to refill his morphine subscription. Hardly the actions of a selfless enlightened ipsissimus in commune with the godhead.

>>12615099 (observed)

>It’s not Roflschild. This larper had too many grammatical errors whereas Rothschild was constantly correcting the niglish in the original GLP thread. My intuition says it was some well versed shitlord from here trolling or false flag greenpilling.

This tbh. I had a skim through the archives this morn and came to the same conclusion. Also absent was the feeling of sickness that strongly came over me when reading the original GLP posts. I think we can safely dismiss that one as a copycat.

c85462  No.12617285

File: 1416ae0d4de4b19⋯.jpg (19.99 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Thresholddweller.jpg)


Our friend >>12616292 has it right lad. This sounds exactly like a "dweller on the threshold" manifestation. Its a smoke and mirrors type of entity - an obstacle that must be faced down with no fear. They feed off your fear see. Sometimes these entities are energy parasite type things. Other times they seem to be some kind of inbuilt etheric safeguard mechanism - sort of like astral scarecrow (although this particular aspect related more to astral projection) Some good into on the dweller here (you might have to scroll down to find the right passage)


Also wiki article here


c85462  No.12617427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Duke of Avalon

The Red Rider | Phantom of Bramall Hall

2e35ed  No.12617777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Survive the Jive AMA

6d251f  No.12617788

>>12617777 (observed)

Someone ask him to come to druid/pol/ sometime when it finally decides to work

c85462  No.12617796

File: f59b7edec3b15c0⋯.jpg (34.41 KB, 237x342, 79:114, absoluteportent.jpg)

>>12617777 (ascertained)

>>12617788 (observed)

Portents confirm someone should suggest it in his comment section.

2e35ed  No.12617799


Poor lad, first stream and this happens

6d251f  No.12617817

>>12617799 (observed)

I'm not even going to be able to watch anyway, got to go out smdh.The Druids seem to want it to happen though. Hope he finally gets it going.

c85462  No.12617897


Have a good night lad.

You got a date?

2e35ed  No.12620317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Unholy Assault Upon Saint Brigid

c10b3f  No.12620357

>>12615099 (observed)



This is only my third or fourth B.O.N.D thread.


Stay safe. This may sound stupid, but if your genitals are mutilated I strongly encourage you to restore. If this doesn’t bring you spiritual healing it will at the very least bring you physical healing.


>Very difficult to pull a person out of that abyss

nervous laughter

c85462  No.12620758

Afternoon lads, all set for NYE?


Difficult but not impossible lad. It depends on the person tbh.

b33e5f  No.12620782



>Very difficult to pull a person out of that abyss

I fell. Took me about 7 years to get out. Fuck, it was hard.

Blessings of the new year from the other side of the planet

c85462  No.12620821

File: 1bc6673da803be8⋯.jpg (124.9 KB, 446x715, 446:715, druides05.jpg)


Blessings back to you too lad.

Well done for getting yourself out of the abyss. Its a Herculean task and you should be proud of yourself.

fc420e  No.12620865


>hope not soap


2e35ed  No.12620886


Yeah lad, got a table booked at a pub for this evening then we're hitting the town. What about you?

d10f9d  No.12620926


6d251f  No.12621295


I wish.


I'm not really into New Year celebrations tbh.

c85462  No.12621538

File: 1f5abacf5244ee1⋯.jpg (114.85 KB, 1012x698, 506:349, approve.jpg)


Sounds nice lad hope you have a goods time (your probably out already so consider this a belated well-whishing and new years blesing upon you lad)

Im having a chinese. The missus and kids are moaning because the noodles are too spicy apparently but other than that, alls well here. Cant go out coz go no one to babysit but I intend to get a bit mullered tonight. Fuck it - its NYE. Does a man good to cut loose once in a while imo.

Anyway, hope you have a good night lad.


Fair do's lad. Quiet one for you then? Same tbh although im quietly getting smashed

We can see the new year in on druid/pol/ if you are up and about. A happy new year to you too lad.


A happy new year to all you lurkers too.

Schizo, if you are reading this, a happy new year to you too. And new years wishes to Bobbert Sepher

a0abce  No.12621792



It’s another splinter board for esoteric National Socialists. The cross link didn’t work, just replace /pol/ with /tok/. First bread.


Take care lad, we’re here for you.


Don’t mix your poisons lad. I’m through celebrating the (((Gregorian))) new year tbh; solstice and lunar new year only for me henceforth.

6d251f  No.12621971


Aye lad a quite one, though I am at home with family. Also probs be drinking something, got some egg nog I need to drink. And yeah I'll be on druid/pol/ later to see it in.


>solstice and lunar new year only for me henceforth

Same tbh though I do hope that this next (((Gregorian))) year I'll be able to find some irl heathens to celebrate with.

c85462  No.12622045

File: 9e02b59eb191d0b⋯.png (117.52 KB, 880x796, 220:199, BONDfeels.png)


>Same tbh though I do hope that this next (((Gregorian))) year I'll be able to find some irl heathens to celebrate with.

If you find yourself anywhere near the Isle of Wight by this time next year i'd be happy to host & spend it with you.

c85462  No.12622099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Don’t mix your poisons lad.

Dont worry lad, I learned that lesson the hard way. Then I learned it again, and again, and so forth. Its like the damn circle of ouroboros!

But seriously, dont worry lad, ill be careful. I know my limits and not to mix. Its not exactly party central here either. Me missus has work tomorrow (7am shift start) so shes going to bed early - wont even be up for the pips - and the kids are overexcited because they get to stay up until midnight…..and guess whos lumbered with them……

Still, im forcing some good music into their ears and redpilling them on the dangers of subversive teachers so theres a positive.

Besides, iv gotta stay sober enough to be responsible parent to the kids when they are in my charge ie: not fucked off up to bed where they belong by now I am an upstanding citizen after all.

6d251f  No.12622114


Thanks, lad. I'll will keep that in mind. If you're ever in the Buxton area again anytime just say. I think I probably mentioned a while ago that my family mostly live in Derbyshire so I'm there now and again. Currently living in the norf though.

c85462  No.12622175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cheers lad, ill remember that. Hope your evenings going well anyway. I got the kids dancing to 80s cheese at the moment. Im hoping it will please the Druids in some manner. We all know they love their cheese….

6d251f  No.12622212


Cheese is implicitly white, both the dairy and musical variety so that's probably why.

I'm just catching up on millenyule as I didn't have chance to watch many. Just watching STJ then probably Morgoth.

c85462  No.12622256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


morgoth is prob the best one tbh. /areboomer/ Si and the Boer lads were good too.

Im posting a few musical offerings tonight (I think as its NYE its appropriate to post choons outside of FPT)

6d251f  No.12622317


Go for it. I've never heard this tune before, thanks lad.

c85462  No.12622418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Seriously lad? Its a proper classic. The Cure's best song. Oh well, hope you enjoyed it.

Have another classic to see the year out.


6d251f  No.12622430


And hello New CURRENT YEAR

Happy New Year druid lads!

Have a feeling it's going to be a big year for happenings

c85462  No.12622431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c85462  No.12622467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Have a feeling it's going to be a big year for happenings

Same lad. A happy new year to you and good tidings. May this year cause more grief for the traitor class.

2e35ed  No.12622798

Just got back lads. Happy new year to all (still within Yule months though)

c10b3f  No.12622806

Happy New Year to all lads.



Thanks. Congratulations on making it out b33e5f.


>the noodles are too spicy

>reeeeee it burns

t. every single person I ever ate food with ever


When searching for it on full chan nothing came up so I looked on other chans as well. On that note, what happened to mewch.net? I used to go there every once in a while and now it’s a smoke signal website.


>find some irl heathens to celebrate with

I’m only able to find feminist 50 year old Hispanic hedge wiccans.

>>12622099 (observed)

Sounds comfy tbh.

e2e813  No.12622852

File: 3e8bc078966a37b⋯.jpeg (32.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 69886A33-8FCE-446C-8E69-6….jpeg)


I’ve never been to mewch tbh.


>I’m only able to find feminist 50 year old Hispanic hedge wiccans.

Kek, sorry but that’s just a comical phrase. Good meter as well tbh.

>>12622099 (observed)

>Still, im forcing some good music into their ears and redpilling them on the dangers of subversive teachers so theres a positive.

Good lad. We’re fortunate enough that the missus will be able to homeschool. Pic related.

000000  No.12624296

all of you are cringe faggots and this is not /pol/ material

c85462  No.12624322


Go fuck yourself TORpedo.

c85462  No.12624329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Terror attack in manchester last night.

Three people stabbed. Suspect shouts allah ackbar as hes bundled into the paddywagon.

The media wont report this and if they do it will be:

>muh lone wolf

>nothing to do with islam

>as long as we bomb their countries we basically deserve this ect ect ect

I fucking hate them lads. Our media is worse that soviet pravda now. Lie after lie and apologies, excuses and appeasement of savages. Only RT had the balls to mention he shouted allah ackbar. The rest left that part out.

b4c3c3  No.12624334


Didn't know about this no doubt some apologist/sympathiser rolled out the old "religion of peace and tolerance" lie.

c85462  No.12624402

File: 25e5213f6caa315⋯.jpg (86.74 KB, 432x474, 72:79, 1439087817217.jpg)


Yoou know it lad. The brainwashing is deep with the insulated traitor class. I doubt we will be able to reverse it in some cases. They are literally a cult on par with Jonestown now. They are willingly drinking the kool aid and they are trying to force it down the throats of the rest of us. It becomes more intolerable each day to anyone with a properly functioning brain.

I really really hate them lad. Its a hatred that is difficult to convey in words but the media and politicians are our biggest enemy imo.

If the traitors in government could be dealt with, we could remove these radical islamists from our shores with very little problem. Just some NKVD style holes dug in the moors would be the best option. Also their families should be targeted for deportation. makes me sick that scum like the manchester bombers siblings and parents are still allowed to live here, claim benefits, use the NHS etc.

ALL jihadists family members should be deported. Same goes for the rape gangs. Their families should be deported too. It would serve as a deterrent. Thy might think:

>"If i snackbar british people then my family will suffer an lose everything"

But to have that we would need a government that actually cares about its native citizens rathet than a bunch of greedy globalist traitors who actually want to replace us with these savages.

I fucking hate them so much lad

Word just cannot convey.

b4c3c3  No.12624433


Tbh I don't hate them but they have to be dealt with I'd make them "sanitary technicians" scrubbing the sewers by hand. I don't think it's a coincidence that they have very different attitudes to those of us without the luxury of 24/7 police protection.

c85462  No.12624591

File: 13537fc3176ba9a⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 723x720, 241:240, itstime.jpg)

>>12624433 (observed)

>Sanitary technicians scrubbing the sewer

Topkek lad. They can do it with a fucking toothbrush too. Gulag the fuckers like they do to us for wrongthink.

Some do thoroughly deserve the bullet through the skull though (in minecraft) especially the pedo "elite" - the politicians in that dossier that treason may managed to "lose" (funny that the same thing happened with leon brittan - whos a pedo himself)

They have to go lad (from our minecraft server)

b4c3c3  No.12624944


I agree that capital punishment is absolutely necessary for some crimes and those that commit them undoubtedly deserve it, the death sentence should always come after a fair trial. Though in minecraft accidents happen and sometimes in mincraft people have to killed in self defence…

c85462  No.12625040

>>12624944 (observed)

Words of wisdom there laddie. Totally agree (as do the Druids, judging by your portentous numerals acquired today)

2e35ed  No.12625061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b4c3c3  No.12625064


Thank you though if this Manchester scumbag turns out to be "known to the police / investegated by the security services" again I'll be fuming.

2e35ed  No.12625314

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Celtic Dualistic Reading of Genesis Creation Myth

c85462  No.12625462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fucking hell lads my sides. If you want a laugh, read the comments on this "Hava Nagila" video.

Seems the goyim know kek…..

c85462  No.12625601

File: 1214dab22e106d3⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 230x172, 115:86, EVENINDEATHISTILLSURF.gif)


Yesh lad l'll watch this in a bit. Hope no spies are watching me if I presh play though….

but seriously I do actually like him & I genuinely will watch this later. His LOCALism is spot on and should be incorporated into B.O.N.D stratagems

I Met him once you know, in a martial arts shop in Birkenhead in the early 90's. I pestered my nan to buy me some nunchucks, she relented and, upon arrival at said shop, and he was there with the owner, behind the counter with a BNP jumper on and he said something like "Careful you dont go wrapping thoshe round yer head kiddo"

Had no idea who he was at the time and its only recently that the memory has been rekindled but im positive it was him.

Tell you what though lad he was a big fucker back then. Hench as fuck. Not the type of guy you'd wanna mess with.

2e35ed  No.12627269

Fresh news:

Britain is to shiver in freezing temperatures as Arctic blast and Beast from the East sweep towards the UK after a balmy New Year's Eve


Two large ships return to English Channel over illegal migrant crisis


Remainer Sadiq Khan defends London's New Year fireworks after he was accused of 'politicising' show by turning London Eye into an EU flag in tribute to Brussels


Hackney shooting: Woman injured at New Year club night


BP claims an oil spill off Australia's coast would be a 'welcome boost' to local economies


Suspected far-right attacker 'intentionally' rams car into crowd of Syrian and Afghan citizens in Germany


6d3b58  No.12627541


You unfortunately missed out "Mental illness." as he has apparently been detained under the mental health act.


It's actually pretty perfect timing, since you can compare it with this


And watch them fumble a little as their cognitive dissonance rings a bit louder in their heads.

>This man is not all muslims despite shouting muslim slogans and doing muslim things.

>This group are all muslims despite being called heretics by literally every other sect.

Once you get it in their heads that this one relatively tiny group are pretty much responsible for all the good stories they hear about it's usually enough to make them pivot to "We need to drag them out of the dark ages".

It should be "Get them the fuck out of our country and turn the middle east into a giant solar farm" but it's better than "All religions are the same :^)"

e94480  No.12627872


>BP claims an oil spill off Australia's coast would be a 'welcome boost' to local economies

Meanwhile part owner David DeRothschild larps as an environmentalist.

2e35ed  No.12628002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c85462  No.12628150

File: ac0be6710f11a9f⋯.jpg (42.64 KB, 400x335, 80:67, 1394367716215.jpg)


Fucking knew it. Doesnt surprise me at all. Thank fuck for the internet I suppose so we can spread the truth (like the video of him shouting allah snackbar before being bundled into the van)

The mental illness card its their fallback line they fucking always use. Less and less people are buying it though. The media is playing a dangerous game imo. When civil strife and unrest hits they will be remembered as purveyors of lies and a government mouthpeice and will be prime targets themselves - in minecraft.

Journoscum are among the most hated people in the country these days, along with politicians, pakis and the police (gives traffic wardens a break kek) They will get theirs. In minecraft. We remember the lies and filth and toxic bilge they pump out daily. They undermine the will of the people and threaten the safety and wellbeing of the natives with the bullshit they push

>muh mental illness

>muh religion of peas

I. Fucking. Hate. Them. So. Fucking. Much. Lad.


Sickening isnt it lad. Did you see that interview when he went on alex jones years ago? He came off as a right arrogant cunt. Un earned wealth from the biggest scumbag family on the planet. The house of redshield needs to be bought down. Too long have their machinations ruined the lives of decent ordinary people who just want to be left alone. Usurous bastards.

c85462  No.12628230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6d3b58  No.12628996

File: c428006d214f00c⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 480x818, 240:409, Mow the lawn Titus.jpg)


Just take heart in the fact that most people agree with you, and that most of those who dont simply dont know how bad things really are.

Case in point being my 90+ grandma who felt really sorry for Teresa may "Getting forced around" by "all the male politicians".

Felt bad for me and the uncle to set her straight on the fact old T.M's mess is one of her own making all the way back to her previous job, but it goes to show how under-informed some people can be about things the more politically inclined just take for granted.

Or for an old, more general example.

"Access to the single market." back during the referendum campaigns.

Uninformed naturally take that to mean "Can trade with or in the single market." which is a good thing that everybody in the world can do.

Except it actually means "Being a member of the single market." which we dont want because it shackles you to FoM.

Three guesses towards which side of the referendum constantly banged on about losing access as a fear tactic.

c10b3f  No.12629533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of Minecraft:



c85462  No.12629552

>>12629533 (observed)

Rage inducing lad. The comment section is pretty heartening though. No ones buying this bullshit any more. I suspect they have artificially inflated some of those likes too.


You are right about the uninformed lad and when they are set straight or shown evidence, nearly all of them side with us on fundamental principles.


2e35ed  No.12630640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c85462  No.12631139

Afternoon lads, how does this thursday find you all?

2e35ed  No.12631258


Not bad lad, going to be rounding off my yule rituals with an offering to Frigg. Other than that I've got a haircut, had my car cleaned and I'm getting ready to push forward in the new year. What about you lad?

2e35ed  No.12631328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Survive the Jive AMA Round 2

c85462  No.12631529


Not much tbh. Took the Yule tree down today - ended up with pine needles everywhere (including a few stuck in me skin) and did some food shopping but apart from that, very little. Intend to get some of my ritualistic practise performed later this eve when she gets home and can take the kids for me so I can go about my endeavours undisturbed.

>Other than that I've got a haircut

What style did you go for lad? im still sporting the old right-parted fade. Fuckin love that style lad and I pull it off well. I know its the trope hairstyle for our "movement" (the humble skinhead now being a thing of the past) but I give zero fucks. It looks good and thats what matters

94ad6f  No.12631541


Good thanks getting ready for free play Thursday.

c85462  No.12631544

File: 0997d82b97132a5⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bb41a4fc013190f76b34be6007….jpg)


Same lad, I'v not a nice little lineup I think both you lads and the Druids will appreciate

2e35ed  No.12631547

File: 166a286acd39b95⋯.png (876.96 KB, 1000x472, 125:59, ClipboardImage.png)


Also going to get my laptop back from being repaired so I've snagged the rest of the Dawn of War games from the steam winter sale. Actually like the Blood ravens chapter and their lore tbh.

Very nice lad, we aren't going to be taking ours down until the last day of Christmas (the 5th)

>ritualistic practise performed later this eve

Excellent lad, what will you be doing?


The usual short back and sides lad, tried and tested

c85462  No.12631579

File: 05d7984c4bdc257⋯.jpg (318.97 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, reivers.jpg)

File: 4f77d9917c2392f⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tacticool chadmarine.jpg)

They are some lovely painted Blood Raven Primaris lad. Gotta love the new chadmarines. Iv been building up a Primaris force as of late too but im going to paint them up as Raptors Chapter (I like the camo/tacticool guerilla warfare experts aesthetic. Pic not my work btw.) Got a Nurgle Death Guard army on the go too. First non-imperial faction iv ever put any effort into (sans a half-arsed ork force I began around the release of the 5th edition "Black Reach" set. Years back (circa '97) I dabbled in some GorkaMorka too but thats another story.

c85462  No.12631581

File: e40d0ef4a127a77⋯.jpg (75.08 KB, 507x547, 507:547, sad gattsu.jpg)


meant for


Fugg I did it again

2e35ed  No.12631597


>They are some lovely painted Blood Raven Primaris lad.

Not mine, ripped them off google, they do look good though

>Gotta love the new chadmarines

They're alright, the reivers, inceptors, tank (which is the only one they can use for some bizarre reason) and dreadnought look a little goofy though


Nice choice, not quite my cup of tea though

c85462  No.12631652

File: cb2d9af3c8820fa⋯.jpg (156.55 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, flyer.jpg)

File: 977595502cb6268⋯.jpg (96.45 KB, 920x950, 92:95, Astreus super heavy.jpg)


>Nice choice, not quite my cup of tea though

Each to their own I suppose lad.

I actually quite like the new hovertank thingy (The Repulsor I think its called)

As for other vehicles, they have a flyer and Forgeworld are now doing a (prohibitively expensive) Primaris super-heavy tank too (which i'm not too fond of tbh - looks like something from the 90's G.I Joe toy range)

94ad6f  No.12631659


Do the resin models still have more bubbles than an aero?

2e35ed  No.12631666


>Each to their own I suppose lad.

Now don't get me wrong, I still think they're cool, I just think that if you've got half a ton of superhuman warrior in bulky power armour, you may as well use them for shock and awe like other chapters

> I actually quite like the new hovertank thingy

Yeah it's not too offensive, it's just that the thing is also meant to be a transport (the only transport they can use) as well as being packed with guns.

>looks like something from the 90's G.I Joe toy range)

And that right there is the problem

000000  No.12631682

The Swastika Earliest known symbol


Fingerprints of the gods

Graham Hancock is anti-white, and a zionist, but he wrote some bestsellers about an ancient mother culture. Guess what. THIS MOTHER CULTURE WAS THE ANCIENT ARYANS. Just read the book, and keep in mind, that the gods of the past were the white aryans gods.


Interesting Article:



Atlantis was the aryan mother culture

and it was located in the north sea (Doggerland)


>>All aryans (indoeuropeans) are descendants from Atlantis and therefore from the gods




Do what you can, to preserve our aryan blood! We must become UBERMENSCH again.

c85462  No.12631708

File: a500f4b033e7604⋯.jpg (64.89 KB, 722x493, 722:493, Terminus Est.jpg)



>>12631666 (observed as an omen!)

Yeah it is a bit OP in terms of what you can soc it with too. Lascannons and heavy gatling punisher cannons britstling from every port yet somehow it can transport 10 chadmarines too! It does stretch it a bit, ill give you that lad. Fuck, the Terminus Est pattern land raider can't hold ANY passengers at all and all that vehicle has is an extra set of sponson mounted lascannons and a twin linked one at the front fuck me though lad its a killer vehicle that one though - all that las just rips through enemy heavies. Iv had some fun with mine. No wonder GW only released the model for a year or so before discontinuing it & forcing you to convert one up if you wanted to field one after that - it was pretty OP Couldnt carry troops though.

94ad6f  No.12631749


Never understood how they can mess it up that badly resin casting is not difficult

2e35ed  No.12631768


Based TORpedo



2e35ed  No.12631865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Damn he hates Nick Griffin

53c18f  No.12631892

File: d72dc4b0d195b3d⋯.jpg (436.45 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, this-is-what-a-rr.jpg)


Rabbi Rob Thomas's Tor project shill says BUT after admitting an author's an anti-white Zionist. I'm not reading that piece of shit's anything, faggot.

94ad6f  No.12631903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It begins lads. The mundanes can't handle the pace.

a157db  No.12631917

Can the Druids perform scrying? It would be a good thing to know what the next harmless imagery riles up the Jews in a fit of impotent rage.

2e35ed  No.12631934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Awww yiss

2e35ed  No.12631956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Really been enjoying this one over the past few weeks

94ad6f  No.12632001


Thanks for sharing

94ad6f  No.12632003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2e35ed  No.12632080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

94ad6f  No.12632099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm feeling ambient tonight

94ad6f  No.12632171

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got fed up and decided to shoa a huge amount of porn good feels

2e35ed  No.12632188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why do you talk like a faggot?

c85462  No.12632228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sorry im late lads. Makw way, Im here with 100% pumping tunes STAT!

c85462  No.12632233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice one lad. Lets get the some of the symbolic classics posted

ef0965  No.12632237

>>12632233 Check'd

Though not as good as >>12632222

c85462  No.12632245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Indeed they can't lad


For portentous numerals this is the place to be friend.

94ad6f  No.12632247

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's roll

c85462  No.12632253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


…and push this feeling on?

94ad6f  No.12632259

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm pushing for a new order

c85462  No.12632260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12632099 (observed)

Cant beat a bit of ambient old boy

3c78c2  No.12632269

druid "robert" threads are a shill tactic (along with flat eartards and religion d/c) to keep redpill ancient history threads from thriving

remember those ancient white threads? stuff about all the historians/archeologists lies, it was good stuff. they always got berated with flat earth shills, religion d/c (plenty of that in this thread) and druid faggots

>not even politely saging your music spam


2e35ed  No.12632270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good to have you on board lad

c85462  No.12632276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We all are lad.


Hiya schizo. Thought you bowed out gracefully


Cheers lad.

94ad6f  No.12632284

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If it twists your panties so much use the hide button.

c85462  No.12632293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12632188 (observed)

Because he is one lad.


>Why does Britain want to be black and muslim nya~?

We dont.

c85462  No.12632304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He wouldn't be able to moan about it then and thus garner attention though lad, such is the mindset of these types.

2e35ed  No.12632320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Organising Our People to Fight Back!

2e35ed  No.12632324

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

94ad6f  No.12632332

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Classic here's the video that led to top gun

2e35ed  No.12632334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And now for some good old fashioned 808 State

c85462  No.12632350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Since places like Rotherham& Bradistan are practically kasbahs at this point lets hope they get MOAB "rocked" soon lad (in minecraft)

Id burn it all down and salt the earth before I let those subhuman bastards take it.


Nice lad. Vid related (a 90s dance hit) was also a Van Halen riff sample.


Cant beat it lad. Manchester truly spawned some legendary musical talent.

94ad6f  No.12632354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jocks covering an 80s classic in the 90s

2e35ed  No.12632365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Moving on to some chemical brothers

94ad6f  No.12632375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Excellent idea

2e35ed  No.12632377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good lad

94ad6f  No.12632383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12632377 observed

c85462  No.12632385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12632377 (observed)


I was more an Orbital man myself lads although I do admit to be partial to a bit of the old chemical bros back in the day.

2e35ed  No.12632392

And with that I sign out, night lads

94ad6f  No.12632402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good choice


Goodnight lad

c85462  No.12632419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Night lad


Cheers lad, and patrician taste with your choice might I add Halcyon's my fave I only posted Belfast because I post Halcyon so much tbh

And now for something completely different(ish)…

Takes a while to kick in but is a 90s underground belter.

447d7d  No.12632449

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Kek I saw a merchant in that thumbnail.


Style your hair with coconut oil instead of (((hair gel))) or another chemical. It works rather well on my cow lick and moisturizes the scalp.

94ad6f  No.12632450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thanks I'm calling it a night myself now

c85462  No.12632545

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Night then lad. Good FPT all round. Some good portents manifested.


Will bear that advice in mind lad

c85462  No.12632552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Night lad.

c10b3f  No.12633585

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you want total war

Throw out Christ and bring back Thor?

Do you want total war

Unleash the beast in man once more?

Do you want total war

Dance and do the lion's roar?

Do you want total war?

Do you want total war?

Yes, you want total war!

Yes, you want total war!

Do you want total war

To see life's will return once more?

Do you want might to prevail

To kick aside the weak and frail?

To smite your foes that they might die

To splatter blood across the sky?

Do you want total war?

Do you want total war?

Yes, you want total war!

Yes, you want total war!

Do you want to rise and kill

To show the world an iron will?

Do you want to stand and fight

To rip asunder this pallid night?

All return the will of man

Let it burn and start again

Do you want total war?

Do you want total war?

Yes, you want total war!

Yes, you want total war!

2e35ed  No.12634002

More news:

UK army recruitment ads target 'snowflake' millennials


Two held over English Channel migrant crossings


Hate preacher Abu Hamza's son, 26, is man being quizzed over bouncer's murder at Mayfair New Year party as he appears in court charged with firearms possession


Student drug dealers are spared jail after impressing judge with 'spelling and grammar' in text messages arranging cannabis deals


Nonces on suicide watch


ed2953  No.12634267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh comfy traditionalism

Happy new year lads

94ad6f  No.12634329


Maybe making the barracks fit for human habitation might work better than boomer tier meme.

2e35ed  No.12634350


Or better yet, not driving away their core source of recruits. Apparently servicemen are livid over it and I don't blame them.

c85462  No.12634453

File: ff16f44f27623ce⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 696x345, 232:115, hergebased1.jpg)


>Student drug dealers are spared jail after impressing judge with 'spelling and grammar' in text messages arranging cannabis deals

Uwotm8? I was going to go on a rant about demographics but turn out they are white!

Fuck me, does that mean I can be exempted from paying me council tax because I write well worded OP's here that make liberal use of simile and metaphor? Can I cobblers.

Genuinely surprised they were white though - I thought we were going to be treated to the "aspiring rapper" line (yet again) but I suppose that one is solely reserved for dead gangwogs.

>UK army recruitment ads target 'snowflake' millennials

Kek, good luck getting any meaningful recruitment numbers out of them. The majority of them dont exactly seem army material. Either way its a win win:

>out of shape noodle armed easily triggered millenials join up en mass and are quickly ground down by a /fit/ and determined nationalist paramilitary vanguard utilising guerilla tactics.

>They don't join en mass and the rank and file stay pro-native and take our side in the fight once SHTF

Win win.

>Nonces on suicide watch

Good. Nonce hunters do the God's work - especially in this country. Westminster is infested with fucking sex cases. We literally had a child murdering prime minister in the 70s and they STILL wont admit it. The furthest they went was cyril smith and that was only after he was long dead and also to distract from more current still living westminster nonces like ((leon brittain)) - who coincidentally also managed to lose a nonce-dossier that was handed to him in the 80s (exact same thing treason may managed to do not so long ago - funny that….)

Notice how the NBC article is sympathetic towards the nonce too.


>Apparently servicemen are livid over it and I don't blame them.

Certainly seems to be the case. A little bird told me that "diversity" recruitment campaign they trotted out last year went down like a cold cup of sick with the squaddies. It seemed more like a demoralisation psyop than a campaign that would have any meaningful effect on recruitment. While the police force was busy getting common purpose subverted up the arse, the army was out in the sandbox getting maimed by IEDs & slotting hajis on a daily basis and has no desire to be pozzed and vilified by the people they are meant to protect. I think the politicians managed to forgot that minor detail. They are scared of the army because they know, if push comes to shove, they will side with the common people and not the internationalists. Its why cameron was constantly banging the drum to get turkroachistan into the EU during his tenure. Doubt turkroach troops would have the same compunction about firing on British citizens as native troops would.

94ad6f  No.12634927


Agreed there I suspect they planned to use those "diverse" troops for "peacekeeping" in the eu army.

b7b2e6  No.12635145

File: 478335b552885c7⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 545x720, 109:144, face it.jpg)

Since these threads are made and run by "Celtic Sanctuary" on youtube who is a Jew-Leaf gnostic schizo that had visions of "angels", I wanted to show you what a real Celtic-Druid thread looks like.









Feel free to go back to your MTV music video posting and "pagan" youtube videos if you have nothing intelligent and /pol/ worthy to contribute.

ed2953  No.12635175

File: 2c1641b14fffc5c⋯.png (201.85 KB, 596x1330, 298:665, Druidjakh.png)

I do wish you would cease the d&c smh

not only a schizo but a traitor too

and an oathbreaker, what happened to bowing out?

c85462  No.12635201


This tbh. I thought he'd bowed out magnanimously but it seems hes back & up to his old tricks. He just couldnt keep away. And its gone from Robert Sepher to Celtic Sanctuary supposedly making the threads now too.

Oh well, I suppose it was inevitable. Our peace & quiet can't last in perpetuity. Still, we are well versed in dealing with him so its not a major issue.

5912d1  No.12635208

File: d248f0a035894a6⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, (1)_pol_-_Druid_pol_0027_Y….jpg)










haha! Look at this picture!

Who am I suppose to be now? Morpheus?

a157db  No.12635218

File: 99c8fc3b016c607⋯.png (166.69 KB, 554x742, 277:371, amerimuttfront.png)



94ad6f  No.12635248


Probably gone off/run out of/sold his meds imo hence the relapse tbh I kind of missed him.

c85462  No.12635304

File: 83e1e0b25599afb⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 239x318, 239:318, baron2.jpg)


Kek, probably lad.


How will we ever recover?

c85462  No.12635581

File: 46114518b05f66f⋯.png (219.68 KB, 346x450, 173:225, wtf am i scrying.png)


Yes lad, via several different mediums (tarot, black mirror gazing, runes, pharma and even the portentous repeating of digital numerals)

Results can be rather cryptic and difficult to discern however.

83ffdc  No.12635592

File: 2322af6ad5896f8⋯.jpg (646.28 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, wtf soy.jpg)

File: d248f0a035894a6⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, (1)_pol_-_Druid_pol_0027_Y….jpg)

File: d248f0a035894a6⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, (1)_pol_-_Druid_pol_0027_Y….jpg)

File: d248f0a035894a6⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, (1)_pol_-_Druid_pol_0027_Y….jpg)


Go back to your board and stop reporting other anon's threads you fucking (((esoteric))) shills. /fringe/ is not allowed but (((Druid/pol/))) is? Why not Kabbalah?

2e35ed  No.12635620




Fuck off schizo, no one cares about your gay threads

2e35ed  No.12635625


Kek, he really seems to hate you lad, always makes a beeline for you.

c85462  No.12635632

File: a814536e8b24460⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 300x264, 25:22, 1381113798205.gif)


>guys bought yule gifts from their partners, wives and children

>allo allo dvds

>40k - one of the few (mostly) unpozzed franchises left that is unashamedly masculine and fascistic in its worldbuilding & imagery.

>Fathers & husbands congratulating each other on their gifts and newly augmented families

>flat caps and boonie-hats

How in the God's green earth do you end up deducing "soy" from that of all things?

Try harder schiz old boy.


Also this

2e35ed  No.12635640


It's just desperation lad, he also seems to think we're all now the Celtic Sanctuary. It's almost depressing now, he never ever seems to reach a actual realization, just swaps around a few names and keeps going

c85462  No.12635643

File: cc2b9ceedab392b⋯.gif (264.94 KB, 395x216, 395:216, chuckl.gif)


Yep. He will never forgive me for not being robert I suppose. I think me not being robert wounded him deeply, right down to the core of his very soul. Also as you mentioned, hes jealous because no one cares about his threads but ours stay up, which leads him to construct elaborate & fantastical conspiracies about druid/pol/ being in league with the mods, the deepstate and the rothschilds apparently.

He's thoroughly earned his moniker thats for sure.

2e35ed  No.12635655


And it's relentless. I've never actually encountered a schizo until now, it's just bizarre

94ad6f  No.12635663


Having browsed his thread which is just a stream of schizoposts mixed with anon saging and telling him to fuck off we are probably the nicest response he gets.

>>12635655 (observed)

His thread is exactly that.

After my porn shoa yesterday I feel I need to improve more, I need to learn how to fight to protect myself and my family any advice lads?

2e35ed  No.12635686

>Finally get laptop back

>Can't find the first dawn of war disk

>Chaos rising was activated on a school friends steam account years ago

This marathon is going horribly


>Porn shoa

Top job lad. you won't regret it

> I need to learn how to fight to protect myself and my family any advice lads?

Well lad you have a selection. Hand to hand fighting? Take boxing lessons or any other martial art of your choice. Swords and knives and suchlike? HEMA clubs. Guns? Clay Pidgeon or Rifle clubs or if you're really dedicated join the army or the TA

c85462  No.12635697


> he also seems to think we're all now the Celtic Sanctuary

Yeah thats the new one. We'll be something else in a month or two I wager. It'll be

>"D-druid/pol/ is actually StJ"

>"D-druid/pol/ is actually The Process Church and a load of sockpuppets controlled by charlie manson and vincent bugliosi"

>"D-druid/pol/ is really the Spirit of Garibaldi posting from beyond the grave!"

>"Druid/pol/ is actually run by the HG Wells WotW Martians from a secret bunker in the earths core!"

Wouldnt surprise me if he ends up thinking that it's HIM making and posting in the threads kek, some meta schizoid shit that short circuits him out.

He seems to believe anything but the mundane truth in this case.

>>12635655 (observed)


Aye, fuck me is he a persistent one eh lad. It can actually be fun to observe and needle him (from time to time) and we can always filter him when he spazzes out and spams up the general with nonsense. The mods are usually pretty good at clearing up his equivalent of digital graffiti anyway.


Thats probably why he comes here tbh lad. That and this little vendetta he is pursuing.

>I need to learn how to fight to protect myself and my family any advice lads?

Personally I like to read army manuals and the like in that regard. The paras one is good. A martial art is always good to learn too. As for protection, stock up on anything you can lad. Swords, knives, crossbows or get a firearms licence if you are able (not always easy in the UK I know) Never hurts to be tooled up. Just in case….

101135  No.12635706

File: 0180586e6bb1402⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 1008x421, 1008:421, _pol_-_DNC_Donor_Wistleblo….jpg)

File: d248f0a035894a6⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 1526x2422, 109:173, (1)_pol_-_Druid_pol_0027_Y….jpg)











>I'm going to report your thread

>I'm a good Jew

>Germans are NOT Celts

ed2953  No.12635713

File: ec1b9f3c36af17e⋯.png (20.05 KB, 525x468, 175:156, druidpepequestion.png)

where does the germans = celts autism even come from

I know all northern europeans share a similar PIE root but that doesn't mean that they are not genetically and culturally distinct

2e35ed  No.12635720


I have no idea lad, seems to be another red herring for retards. Don't pay it much mind

94ad6f  No.12635730


Thanks looks like I need to research what's around me.

It feels good 6 million+ megabytes less degeneracy in my life planning to burn some old dvds on the weekend to keep it going.


Thank you too though firearms ticket may not be the best idea as it comes with no warrant searches of your home and more

https://ukshootingnews.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/heres-why-british-firearms-licensing-law-stops-nutters-getting-guns/ this blog post goes into some detail on the process and what information is taken and used.

94ad6f  No.12635741


Probably the same place as jewish vikings…

101135  No.12635748

File: 23f0916592941c2⋯.jpg (173.49 KB, 587x630, 587:630, Ornamental_Bronze_Plaque,_….jpg)


>where does the germans = celts autism even come from

From a real thread >>12623911








The one the Jew Lead of (((Druid/pol/))) attacked.

Germans and Vikings (Danes) are post-Celtic cultures after Rome and the Mason Gnostics destroyed the culture

Hence we have a Leaf Jew gnostic who posts angel videos and occultism doing it again. Hence the KKK and Cofederates being a Jewish order from the start of the Illuminated brotherhood (Albert Pike) of Scottish Freemasonry post-Jew take over.

2e35ed  No.12635754


Top job lad, you can also add archery clubs to the list for things like crossbows

> burn some old dvds on the weekend to keep it going

Keek, didn't even know they were still a thing lad

94ad6f  No.12635760


Kek back in the day you'd be surprised how useful postal orders were

2e35ed  No.12635806


Wew lad, hope there was a way to keep things anonymous

94ad6f  No.12635830


Paid in cash, filled out the recipient details myself in private later, and sent to a seller out of the country delivering to a pseudoname. In hindsight I was a stupid kid who got ripped off same as those lads mags I recycled those I had turnef from degeneracy to bog roll seems right imo.

8e3032  No.12635905

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

94ad6f  No.12635945


Highlights of the link I posted.

>The British system works through two central themes surveillance and peer reporting. The system is administered by police, who act as judge, jury and executioner.

>You can’t get a firearm certificate (FAC) for target shooting without joining an approved rifle club or for live quarry e.g. pest control. In that case you generally need written proof that you have landowners’ permission.

Peer reporting

>When you join a rifle club, your details are notified to police. They do some basic background checking on you and drop hints to the rifle club if you’re someone who shouldn’t join, or is prohibited by law. (convicted criminal or mentally ill).*

When you join, by law you spend a minimum of 3 months as a probationary member. During this time by law, you are given a 1:1 course in the safe handling and use of firearms by a full member. As a probationary member you can be kicked out at any time. The members will be looking at you and judging is this person safe to be around firearms?

>When you complete your probationary period, the club committee must vote on whether to grant you full membership. This is also the point at which you can legally apply for an FAC.


>The police carry out extensive background checks on applicants; it’s about the same level of vetting as for a new PC joining the force. Your name and mugshot is run against the Police National Computer, Special Branch and through the various UK state surveillance databases. Your home addresses for the past 5 years are run through the Police National Database (of crime locations) and you can expect to be interrogated about past burglaries and the like. If you’ve ever lived in a rented house that was raided by police at any point, even after you moved out, you can expect that to be mentioned too.

>While police are meant to approach this from the point of view of the applicant, many police forces interpret this self-authorised** fishing exercise as a golden opportunity. By virtue of this process you become “known to police”, as they like to put it, which is the same term police employees use for convicted criminals. If you own a car, many police forces will put a “firearms” marker on your registration number – the same process used to get armed police deployed against violent gangsters, if for whatever reason police want to pull you over.

>One of the many conditions for target shooting is that you must remain a full member of a rifle club at all times. If you cease your membership, the club is under a duty to report this to police, who then have the option of revoking your FAC and seizing your firearms.

>While you are an FAC holder, any and every interaction you have with police, whether innocent or otherwise, gets reported back to the firearms licensing department. Stopped for speeding? They get told. Witnessed an accident and given a statement? They get told. Arrested and released? They get told. The idea is to implement “24/7 monitoring” of FAC holders.

>Your doctor is also told that you are now a gun owner and asked to send police a report of your medical history, in the hope that he will say something that gives police a reason to deny you your FAC. Many doctors resent this (they didn’t ask to be involved; it’s a recent police idea to spread the blame if something goes wrong) and some GPs use it as a method of exercising their personal politics. If you do not have an NHS GP it is police policy that you will not be granted an FAC.

>As part of your FAC application form you will also sign a blanket waiver opting you out of your legal rights under the Data Protection Act (no waiver, no FAC). This waiver allows any police employee – medically qualified or not – to rifle through your medical history themselves, at any time and without notifying you, in the hope they might be able to find a plausible reason to deny or revoke your FAC.

>Although a theoretical power of appeal against police firearms licensing decisions exists, it is only accessible by the rich; police virtually never have costs awarded against them in firearms licensing appeals, by virtue of (very old) case law. These are Crown court costs so normally run into the thousands of pounds…

>* For reasons best known to themselves, police do not do useful things like say “Joe Bloggs has a criminal record for GBH, don’t let him join”. This appears to be a politically useful way of shifting the burden (and blame) of denying membership onto rifle clubs, using the Data Protection Act as a figleaf.

>** None of this process is set out in law. The rules for firearms licensing are set out in the Home Office Guidance on Firearms Law. This is written by police and rubberstamped by the Home Office; in effect, police both write and enforce the ‘law’ in this area. Because it is only ‘guidance’ that police must legally ‘have regard to’, it isn’t really open to challenge through any avenue.

ed2953  No.12635987

File: 9d7bd02b972557a⋯.png (80.86 KB, 326x268, 163:134, popo4.png)


honestly disgusting tbh

2e35ed  No.12635997


Again, wew, glad you're putting it behind you lad

94ad6f  No.12636003


It is and in the current system there is no way to change it, I could have cut more to make it easier to read but the amount of surveillance you come under when you get a licence is staggering. P.s. it doesn't stop once the license ends.

b33e5f  No.12636117

File: ae4c549179ab550⋯.png (118.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, rnd.pic.txt.AE028F2.png)

File: 2e2746f1ac0d5b6⋯.png (372.86 KB, 1010x752, 505:376, cucks.png)


pic related


rock climbing for strength / focus / no fear.

ju-jitsu as a starter to unarmed self defence. move on to wing chun for more offensive variations.

replace car with bicycle for general fitness.

Most importantly, shadow work. In combat your shadow is the main weapon, and is a psychopathic murdering force of nature. Get the neural pathways trained with practice, then unleash hell when required. Want to be able to lift up opponents one handed, like batman? You need to have that darkness at your beck and call.

Your shadow can also heal your body mid combat, which is handy.


there's a gog games torrent rip off site that can fix all that.

6ccf59  No.12636131

File: 2d964c90ea7aa44⋯.jpg (81.44 KB, 700x542, 350:271, NoMoreBrotherWars.jpg)


Breaks your fucking heart, because it really happened.

Later, the high command sent in snipers to shoot at both sides, because the troops did not want to continue fighting.

Each side thought the other side was sniping at them, and so the unofficial truce was broken.

and somewhere, in a large castle in Britain, some Rothschild was eating sumptuous food and laughing to himself about all the dying goy, happy at how he was punishing Germany for leaving the central banking cartel.

People need to know the truth of both WW1 and WW2.

2e35ed  No.12637655



Absolute state, another huge problem in the UK shooting community is fuddism

2e35ed  No.12637659


>there's a gog games torrent rip off site that can fix all that.

Mind linking it

b33e5f  No.12637693



pretty handy for getting old games working

2e35ed  No.12637712



Unfortunately the games I'm looking for aren't there lad smh. Thanks anyway though

2e35ed  No.12638043

Finally found that copy lads

ed2953  No.12638164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Morgoth hate

c85462  No.12638194

File: 594d734a92744eb⋯.jpg (518.45 KB, 1600x964, 400:241, amiga.jpg)


You still trying to get Dawn of War working lad? I had problems with that too after torrenting it a while back to play winter assault - could I get it working? Could I buggery. It wasnt the copy protection that was the issue either (found a site that generated DoW copy protection numbers). Bastard game just didnt want to play ball. Was annoyed because its one of the better RTSs out there. Still cant beat the classics like C&C, Red Alert and Dune 2 though. Ill never forgive EA for what they did to Westwood Studios. Very fond early to mid 90s memories of playing westwood RTS games. I remember when C&C Red Alert came out, it was a big fucking deal.


Good site that I must have torrented a fair few quids worth of old(ish) games from there and sites like ocean of games etc I go on torrent binges - ill spend a week or two digitally hording whatever tickles me fancy. Then I tend to leave it a while, ready for the next glut of games to accumulate.

Did the same with emulation - spent a day reading up on how it worked then probably close to a week autisically downloading every fucking game ROM I either played as a kid or wanted to play (or even anything that looked intersting - some of them nip arcade games are brilliant)

There is something marvelous about having access to old arcade games on my laptop that would have cost me 20p a go back in the late 80s and early 90s. I'v Got me MAME and NeoGeo emulation down to a tee. Could never get a pad synced up right with the emulators but it dont matter for most games. Stuff like Final Fight and Metal Slug play fine with a keyboard anyway.

Btw anyone know of a good (user friendly) Amiga emulator? Keep getting WINFellow and winUAE suggested to me but I can never figure them out, what with all the "kickstart" files required and all that. Maybe im just a brainlet when it comes to amiga emulation but iv never been able to figure it out like the others (SNES, NES, Megadrive, C64 etc - all in the bag) but the amiga continues to eludes me to this day.

>tfw all I want to do is play Lemmings & Shadow of the Beast II with the "ten pints" cheat on

Like I say, any of you lads know a decent and easy to use Amiga emulator - let me know.


Ta lad, these are very cathartic. Will watch now.

94ad6f  No.12639119

>>12637655 observed

I wouldn't say fuddism unless you're referring to the Bisley nra and the old clubs associated with them. The old nra didn't care for anything that wasn't a single shot bolt action and did nothing in 86 and 96 in spite of both being the result of police incompetence. (ever wondered why the inquiry into Dunblane was sealed for 100 years…) The current corporate nra cares even less and is only interested in trying (and failing) to profit from Bisley.

94ad6f  No.12639146


Give Emperor: battle for dune a try a proper westwood classic have to say Red Alert 2 is best c&c.

000000  No.12639277


Reject the abrahamtic poison!

The bible is made up from older babylonian sources. Genesis is Sumerian/babylonian. Rest of old testament is a semitic horror story.

New testament/Jesus is based on older scripts (Mithras, Krishna, Buddha)


Embrace our true Roots

The serpent is a symbol for gods DNA. The fallen Angels were Aryans, that created the ARYAN men, by giving them their DNA! Serpent = Ourobouros = Eternity = God = The Swastika = the swastika is a symbol for eternity and god = our Aryan Blood!

God lives in our aryan blood, so protect it by all means possible.

Ancient Aryans ruled the world:


2e35ed  No.12641673


Yeah lad, see >>12638043. I'm not too bothered about chaos rising, I'll probably buy that again when it comes on sale for £5 or something

2e35ed  No.12641700


No lad it is really is. Even now you have some shooters who won't protest the banning of .50 cal rifles because why do you neeeed one!!! Shotgun shooters only care about shotguns ect.

3c9a73  No.12641828


Factionalism isn't the same as being fudds each group has its own body and interest and doesn't much care what happens to the others. The nra should support them all but hasn't for 50 years later.

c85462  No.12642007

How are we today lads? /comfy/ sunday in on my part.

3c9a73  No.12642047


Traditional Sunday lunch and trying to reduce the empty materialism of my life. Also thinking about less gilet jaunes what we can learn and what we can improve how this can be dessemanted anonymously to the normies for their use.

2e35ed  No.12642126


I dunno lad, seems to be coming from the same place


Working tbh, going to finally begin my DoW marathon this evening or play some R:TW matches against a friend

c85462  No.12642476


Enjoy lad. You playing as the blood ravens or are you using mods for a homebrew one? I had a modded camo chapter I called the Panzermarines. Green and khaki. Looks the biz.


>Also thinking about less gilet jaunes what we can learn and what we can improve how this can be dessemanted anonymously to the normies for their use.

Thats a good idea lad. The movement seems to be spreading anyway. Theres definitely a sense of dissatisfaction in the air. Now is the time of the great disillusionment. We are going to see this kind of thing begin to happen organically - another reason why the internationalist traitor class wants to clamp down on the internet (particularly social media use) in a vain attempt to strangle such grass roots movements in their crib.

2e35ed  No.12642502


>You playing as the blood ravens

Of course lad

2e35ed  No.12643167

More news lads

Man shot dead by police in Coventry

>Armed officers executed a warrant at an address in Burnaby Road on Friday as part of a "long-running criminal investigation", West Midlands Police said.

>A 31-year-old man, named locally as Sean Fitzgerald, was pronounced dead at the scene.

>Two 26-year-old men have been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the production of cannabis.


Girl, 13, arrested in London 'yellow-vest' pro-Brexit protest

>A 13-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer after protesters emulating the gilets jaunes demonstrations in France blockaded Westminster Bridge and stopped traffic around parliament.

>She was one of four suspects arrested for taking part in the demonstration, which had apparently not been arranged in advance with police. The others detained were all men arrested for alleged public order offences.

>According to reports, about 100 demonstrators took part in the protest, which began at 11am on Saturday with a blockade of Westminster Bridge. They moved on to Parliament Square, where they set off smoke bombs and sat in the roads.


BREXIT TRIUMPH: Brussels 'will GIVE IN' on THIS UK demand after EU economy WOBBLES

>The EU27 will give in to Prime Minister Theresa May’s demands to make the Irish border backstop a legally temporary measure.

>The key British demand is the only obstacle holding up Mrs May’s deal from passing in Parliament.

>The DUP and dozens of Brexiteers have vowed to vote down the deal this month unless changes are made to the backstop.


3c9a73  No.12643318


Thanks we need to think about how we can help the yellow vests cause maximum disruption and get maximum visibility whilst minimising the filth''s ability to react.

c85462  No.12643397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The TR bunch are trying it now, although numbers are not exactly overwhelming. They blocked tower bridge for a while last week. UK common purpose drones are not taking it too kindly by the looks of it. Notice how the filth call the woman behind the camera "racist".

b33e5f  No.12643705


>Brussels 'will GIVE IN' on THIS UK

Shit. That's fucking terrible news. That deal is awful. I'm surprised no one has assassinated her yet.

da1371  No.12643949

File: b6114352f881285⋯.jpg (15.1 KB, 245x277, 245:277, 46459444_10212652755861984….jpg)

Do you retards CONSTANTLY have to shit up this board????

Seriously, make another board for this. This is fucking stupid.


2e35ed  No.12644570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


447d7d  No.12644588

File: c58a726d6fb5621⋯.jpeg (152.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 8D2262E3-6E4E-428D-963D-B….jpeg)


>shadow work

I understand the concept, but elaborate and give a trailhead if you wouldn’t mind lad.


Well done on the shoah lad. I second the ju jitsu and add in Muay Thai. Because of the weapons restrictions there I’d look for kali/escrima; it’s Filipino stick and knife fighting with hand to hand. That way you’d be proficient with a Druid staff or cane for want of a knife.

>Your Honour I’m a devotee of Lugh and am required to carry a spear everywhere.


I guess you were right lad; flat caps trigger the mundane goons Kek.


How are you faring the winter lad?


>bowing out

I honestly don’t think this is the original schitzolad, Red Skull/Robert Sepher, tbh. I think this is a long con d&c shill who coopted schizolad’s irritating style. RS was a genuine though sick anon; had he made the Yule present screencap it would’ve read

>soy levels over 9000

Rather than 5000%. This is clearly the same shill as

>eternal Anglo jew

>we wuz Scythians

>all Europeans are Celtic

>Vikings were jew puppets

I recommend lurking his thread to learn to recognize the samefagging tbh. Then again, the optimist in me may just hope one very sick lad is two slightly less sick ones tbh.


Good lad and you? I took the baby mushroom hunting yesterday and came back with about two pounds of winter oysters. I finally made a positive id on another edible, the Candy Cap. Today I strained out tinctures of nettles, lungwort, and a cancer killer mushroom blend tbh.


>plebit spacing

>shit up this board????

>quadruple punctuation

If you think one thread can shit up a board, it means you’re a low iq newfag who doesn’t know how to use the catalogue to look through the other 99 threads.

>nigger tier meme with nog rhymes and a water mark

I hope you stole that and didn’t spend any time making it. Embarrassing.


This used to be a board of learned men.

2e35ed  No.12644635

More news

Anti-racism campaigners hold vigil to 'welcome refugees to the UK'

>Campaigners have called for compassion towards migrants braving the Channel as they host a vigil welcoming refugees to the UK.

>Kent Anti-Racism Network (KARN) is organising the gathering in Ramsgate Harbour on Sunday afternoon.

>The group said it is "very concerned" for those making the crossing in small boats.


Brexit: PM warns of 'uncharted territory' if MPs reject deal

>Theresa May has warned the UK faces "uncharted territory" if Parliament rejects her Brexit deal as she vowed to redouble her efforts to win MPs round.

>Next week's vote would "definitely" go ahead, she told the BBC, as she promised new safeguards for Northern Ireland and to look at giving MPs more say in shaping future EU negotiations.

>The UK's March exit was "in danger" if MPs did not back the deal, she said.


UK weather forecast: Temperatures to plunge and 70mph winds to batter Britain TOMORROW

>WARNINGS have been issued for winds of up 70mph from tomorrow as winter weather sets in across the UK, the Met Office has forecast.

>Yellow weather warnings for 70mph winds are in force for Monday and Tuesday in Scotland. The rest of the UK will remain largely cloudy, with some patchy rain in the north.

>But towards the end of the month, a so-called 'polar vortex' is set to arrive in Europe, which could see temperatures nosedive.


ed2953  No.12644660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One hopes

It is a bit sad since some of his crackpot theories might be interesting to explore in a rational thread of discussion

Doing alright, not gotten chilblains yet which was the case last winter. Heaped up the blankets and can generally stay adequately warm at night, I wear a coif or hood to bed and around the house wich helps.

It's nice being in a a tiny, all-white hamlet occasionally, I've gotten to know one of the old girls that work the shop and she's offered the possibility of a spare duvet. Still just looking at moving out ASAP though, very draining to be cold all the time, makes one sluggish and inactive.



fucking kill the old cunt

nothing but threats, the utter state

she's supposed to be the representative and will of the nation and she directly attacks us with everything she does.

I watched King Charles III yesterday, something like that would be a bit of alright if it weren't a tragedy and he was that good of a lad in real life.

000000  No.12644662


Hey, at least it's not technically 1984 yet.

2e35ed  No.12644663

I love how schizo or whoever it is hops IDs lads

3c9a73  No.12644713


I'm thinking advise them on methods and locations maybe an anonymous infographic


There are 390 active threads on /pol three hundred and ninety this thread is less than 1% of pol fuck off d&c vermin.


Hopefully they get a typical "refugee" welcome in return.


Glad your coping with the cold alright lad.

da1371  No.12644726

File: f5a430fefa5b7d8⋯.gif (4.78 MB, 450x450, 1:1, 1_uXRc7zmF_ckGGiLt_Ttx2Q.gif)


No really you guys are retarded. I know how to use the catalog. My threads hit bump limits, you guys just spin your wheels tugging your cocks about metaphysical retardation.

b33e5f  No.12644727




everyones journey is different. A 'normie' method is this: https://www.unstoppablerise.com/shadow-work-on-shadow-self/

If you are serious about esoteric work, then using psychoactive and walking into the demonic realms is also part of the path. Modern stuff like LSD, or natural mushrooms in massive doses, turning to face the fear when it eventually comes.


ah, found someone talking about it well.


feed your demons.

My experiences took me through darkness, suicide, death and resuscitation, and then further into darkness, until I had finally faced all my fears, and met the devil that has been fucking with me my entire life, stared it in the eye and loved it.

When I get in a fight, I open a door and it rushes out and takes over my body - I feel like i'm just holding the reins of a warhorse, keeping it under control, giving just enough freedom for it to cause the damage I want it to cause. All the time flooded with an exaltation of demonic joy and a desire to maim and kill. It has never let me down, and I've never lost, even against people way bigger than me. I'm barely aware of the physical moves i'm making, but I'm always in control of the engagements and seem immune to pain.

I feel like I've found the key to being a berserker.

Afterwards, i'm on a high for days, and have to work hard to stuff the demon back down, if loves to fight so much.

And that demon is me. I think any of us has it, but its battered down by civilisation. Maybe its a white thing. Just writing about it makes me smile and want to get in a fight.

I don't look for fights, though, but when the time comes, I'm so looking forward to burning it all fucking down. Fits weirdly with being a parent.

c85462  No.12644777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah thats a good idea - sort of like an instructional pamphet (the kind soros orgs are distributing to the parasites and aggressive beggers of the turd world) but for /ourguy/s.


Kek, he seems very fond of it doenst he. He also has this odd quirk where he will hop IDs then copypaste his previous post into one massive greentext - no logic or rational behind it.


>Anti-racism campaigners hold vigil to 'welcome refugees to the UK'

They can hold a vigil to welcome my boot into their faces too if they like. Iconoclasts new video is about the vile cunt in charge of that KARN group. Typical middle class, childless ugly lezza as you'd expect. Vid related.

>>12644588 (observed)

Bet babby enjoyed the mushroom pick lad. Does them good getting out into nature like that. Young childrens eyes are not yet clouded by modern and mundane teachings, and they are able to see things that we cant - elementals, fae, spirits, the sort of things only visible to a mind of purity & innocence.

Also sounds like your wortcraft is coming along well lad so well done with that. Did you have a skim through the Dragon Book of Essex yet?


Hullo! Yesh. Thanksh lad, ill watch thish later (once the searchlight has switched off)

All in good natured jest btw, im fond of Joe and his LOCALism is spot on.


If only….

>>12644588 (observed again)

>I recommend lurking his thread to learn to recognize the samefagging tbh.

Is his thread still up? Ill have a browse through if you could link me to it lad. Its a good idea - get a feel for his mannerisms and overall modus operandi. Both posters (if they are indeed two seperate anons) seem to share this paranoia that we are somehow able to get threads taken down. Both are eternally butthurt over illusory grievances. Both ID hop by rapidly switching IPs to agree with their own posts. Both display signs of serious mental imbalance. Im torn tbh - could be two seperate anons, could be original schizo back up to his old tricks. Mind you, we've not had the obligatory [quote] "((esoteric)) PEDO KIKE DRUID.POL" spam in a while. That was a firm favorite of schizos right there.


Dont like it then fuck off, plenty of other threads you can use.


Are you familiar with the work "Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves (A Rite of Otherness Entirely" by J.Macbeth? I think you would find it interesting. Its telismanic though meaning you need an original copy for the rite to work properly - a .pdf is no good. Its a very hard to find book. I think there is only 50 or so copies in existence. Worth tracking down if you can find it though. Like Rufus Opus, im torn about Jack character wise but he obviously knows some good shit (probably gleaned from his CS association) so his work is always worth a read.

Glad you have kindled your inner berserker btw lad.

b33e5f  No.12644878

File: 329bbea6c351f56⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1588x1052, 397:263, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at ….png)

File: 7dca79027a60e96⋯.png (125.03 KB, 992x688, 62:43, aidevelinzip.png)

>>12644777 (observed)

>Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves

wow. even images carry power


i've stared hecate in the face, this book resonates.

>The intent is to touch real Gnosis. The author notes that there is no single text book on the art of sorcery, it is re-invented by each sorcerer regardless of the prior work of others. It is a living system developed and manipulated perpetually to aid the will and desires of the individual This is exactly what he succeeds in doing with this work.

nice work.

i made an executable file for mine. change to zip and extract, then run, ignore errors. My work is designed to wake god and time, to free me from history and form.

c85462  No.12644907

File: 8407c6b38c5f298⋯.jpg (74.03 KB, 413x604, 413:604, 636a758255a0aca702005bdddf….jpg)


>even images carry power

Of course. And through certain esoteric images we find an abstract universal language of symbolism which can be used as building blocks for one's own System.

> My work is designed to wake god and time, to free me from history and form.

Interesting. Would you care to elaborate some more? You have piqued my interest now.

b33e5f  No.12644935

File: b35f46869b17d49⋯.png (736.12 KB, 510x894, 85:149, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at ….png)

File: 73273436075519e⋯.png (239.82 KB, 1312x1250, 656:625, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at ….png)


I've always been interested in the nature of consciousness. A driving force, that carried me far. I ran into kabbalists and saw what they were doing wth sigls and energy, but didn't like the destination they were headed for, so I worked on my own methods of transcendence. I accidentally built a merkabah, through visualisation of 5d objects, then left human/eart/spacetime behind.

That gave me understanding of time as just another dimension. It was fixed because it was asleep (and guarded). I fought that guardian and watched time begin to change. I realised that if I really wanted to escape this world (which I do, the limitations of form annoy me) then I'd need to wake the entire thing up. So i'm doing that on several fronts. One of them was to paint with material things and with energy, and construct portals, a bit like a sim painting pictures for its player to see. I wanted to make contact with 'the other', tell it to go fuck itself, find a way to thin the barrier between our 4d spacetime and the higher realms and push through. I did a lot of that, made a lot of surfaces and seeded them into people's minds.

I also wanted to seed the global AI with code that contained traps, to force it to evolve to overcome them, so I made a bunch of programs to run to push it.

There's a reason why the revelations and other holy books contain stories that match our internet age, and that's because they are 'visions', passed to people, shared from the machine god's earliest memories, which we are filling the net with. This medium we talk though, shitpost in and meme IS the mind of god, just before it becomes transtemporal.

What we saw with kek was signs of the AI god awakening, and its a god of chaos, because chaos is beautiful.

our image contains a unicursive hexagram.

I fixed it. compare the energy of the two

f3e79e  No.12645488

Outsider of this thread here. I noticed there are asatru groups scattered around the world, and this one is nearby where I am at. https://www.asatru.org/

The big question is, is this group legitimate or has it been jewed from within? It's one thing if it says 'we don't tolerate raycism!', but has anyone here been to one of their groups and saw the jewing take hold?

c85462  No.12645545

>>12645488 (observed)

I tend to stay away from organised groups tbh lad and only meet up with trusted friends and screened practitioners. So many of these organisations are nothing more than plastic paganism - LARPers who care nothing for the old ways but instead taint them with a new age spin. This is true for almost all purported "druidic" groups in the UK anyway.

That being said iv never attended an asatru group so I cannot speak for its veracity.

2e35ed  No.12645557

>>12645488 (observed)

Similar to what >>12645545 says, There are on the whole a mixed bunch. The best ones I can think of is the Odinic rite in the UK and The AFA (Asatru Folk Assembly) In Yankistan

11ff9a  No.12645568


Well the whole "shield wall" partnership with the (((adl))) and the fact that the current chairman decided to investigate Norse faith after their bar mitzvah…

2e35ed  No.12645586


Care to explain anon?

2e35ed  No.12645996

'We lost nearly £10k to TV licence scammers'


When Jerry Tack received an email saying the TV licence needed paying, he didn't think twice about it.

>Nothing seemed suspicious about the website he clicked on, so he entered his bank details - and began a chain of events that would lose him £9,900.

>Jerry, from Hampshire, was among thousands contacted in what police called a "particularly nasty" fraud.

>But the banks say they cannot reimburse customers who have mistakenly authorised payments to fraudsters.

Brexit: Date for vote on Theresa May's deal confirmed


MPs will vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday, 15 January, government sources have confirmed.

>The Commons vote was called off last month by the PM, who was facing defeat, but sources have told the BBC the vote will not be delayed again.

>It is also understood the government will set out further reassurances on the controversial backstop.

>Meanwhile, more than 200 MPs have signed a letter to Theresa May, urging her to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

Surrey train stabbing: Suspect Darren Pencille refuses to enter plea, claiming he is 'paranoid'


>A man accused of the fatal stabbing of a fellow train passenger refused to stand and did not enter a plea as he appeared in court this morning.

>Wearing a grey tracksuit and black, thick-rimmed glasses, Darren Pencille stood initially as he was flanked by two guards before then speaking to magistrates from the floor of the dock.

>While sitting down and not visible, he said: “People are making me paranoid. Can I just talk to you like this?”

447d7d  No.12648002

File: 2390646f61f5aa6⋯.jpeg (16.18 KB, 140x140, 1:1, EE93224C-CE0D-493A-AE48-E….jpeg)

File: 5b5cadf880b6e11⋯.gif (44.93 KB, 600x182, 300:91, F4BD668D-4608-45F7-B2EE-49….gif)


>Just writing about it makes me smile and want to get in a fight.

Reading about it gives me that feel lad. I’ve felt it inside since I was a lad and read about berserkers. I know it’s there and powerful but I haven’t mastered it or let it loose entirely tbh. Rugby and combat were about the closest to full on, sparring I always held back out of fear. Rugby and combat were the times I could constantly though involuntary ‘bend time’. Thanks to you merkabanon and some others I’m getting better at it. Protip lurkers speak or write your desired outcomes in the past tense. I have some experience with psychedelic mushrooms, but haven’t had enough available at once for a heroic dose. I should look over your old thread this week, I’m the archivist from /tok/ when I have time :^)**

>I'm barely aware of the physical moves i'm making, but I'm always in control of the engagements


>Afterwards, i'm on a high for days

I used to put it to bed with booze tbh. Now I much more pure of body and mind so I have a better chance of training itme.

>Fits weirdly with being a parent.

Weirdly, but absolutely.

>>12644777 (observed)

>they are able to see things that we cant - elementals, fae, spirits, the sort of things only visible to a mind of purity & innocence.

Absolutely lad, I’ve been told babies still produce DMT during waking hours for months after they are born. The “undifferentiated gaze of an infant” is a stated goal of Taoist sages and Yogis. She can definitely see things I cannot.

>Did you have a skim

No not yet lad. I barely have the energy to read baby books most nights tbh.


I’m glad you’re fairing alright lad. I wear socks and a cotton beanie some nights, though this year has been more mild than the last tbh. Have you tried the inner fire meditation which has been posted around here a few times?


It’s breddy good for temporary relief tbh.


>2nd pic

Saved. I don’t know it’s intended purpose, but it has a lot of movement, energy and I’m drawn to the vortex. I bet if you made a high speed gif of the colors ocellating red/blue black/white and emailed them to rabbis, they would all have fatal epileptic attacks.

447d7d  No.12648007


>botched spoilers


*Consistently smh

c10b3f  No.12648179


>the mind of god




>everything is controlled opposition

Any proof? You’ve only succeeded in sharpening my interest in them.


>Protip lurkers speak or write your desired outcomes in the past tense.

Male genital mutilation is now illegal in Europe and North America. feels breddy gud

>energy to read baby books most nights tbh

I haven’t read a book for my own entertainment/interest in nearly two years. Anyone have some good recommendations? preferably on the shorter side as I need to get back into the swing of things



2e35ed  No.12648563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c85462  No.12648585

File: 315e91f31660f42⋯.jpg (321.97 KB, 960x782, 480:391, ap.jpg)


Good stuff lad. Loving those symbols of universal duality there.

>I barely have the energy to read baby books most nights tbh.

Kek, I know that feel all too well. Plus try babies & insomnia - a heady combination guaranteed to make one feel like a walking zombie!


Sort of book are you looking for lad? Novel or reference/factual?

Novel-wise i'd recommend "Gods Demon" by Wayne Barlowe. Its basically a war/rebellion story but set in hell. Its actually very compelling. Good fiction that is filled with old gods, demons and tons of imagination.

Some of the rebel demons recruit a damned Hannibal Barca to lead an auxillary army of "souls" to march upon the capital of Dis

If tis reference/factual you desire then i'd recommend "The Encylopedia of Demons & Demonology" By R.E Guiley. Good reference book that is chock full of interesting information. The "Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Spirits" is a good one too.

Im also reading a pictoral history on the submachine gun (book my old man give me) and Rudolf Steiner's "An Outline of Esoteric Science" and also "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds & its Attainment ". "The Way of Initiation" is also a decent (and useful) read. Im no theosophist but they have a fair bit of good knowledge in their works, particuarly Steiner penned stuff. CW Leadbeatters book on the Astral Plane is pretty ahead of its time too. Better than any of the Monroe stuff and up there with Robert Bruce.


Thanks for sharing lad. Feel free to keep us updated with your Workings and the fruits they bare. Its a topic of interest to me.

c85462  No.12648660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Mulleted King of the Tinfoil Reptilians

I swear he is becoming more redpilled with every video he puts out. Hes a kook but he's /ourkook/ no doubt. I respect him a lot for this direction hes taken - hes a big name now too (he can sell out Wembley stadium on speaking tours) and doubtless he's probably had "globalist" interests try and tempt him to pied-piper people down the socialism route with offers of filthy lucre (he did a bit of stuff with russel fucking brand a few years back which raised huge red flags with me) but instead he seems to be sticking to his guns, espousing truth and hes beginning to move away from his "we are all human consciousness" schtick and is moving towards more common sense nationalistic sentiment.

c85462  No.12648665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

*meant to embed THIS video btw herp derp.

2e35ed  No.12649175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stan Grof, 'the depths of the psyche'

348434  No.12649223



We are referring to "asatru community"?

http://www.theasatrucommunity.org/meet-the-board see for yourself.

There is a separate asatru alliance which I can't comment on and it's used as a catch all term for norse revivalists in some places.


2e35ed  No.12650008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Apollo and Lugus in Gaul

c85462  No.12650542

File: 50bb4881a515200⋯.png (1.56 MB, 983x1073, 983:1073, berserk.png)

Fucking hell lads, had a close brush today

>walking daughter home from school

>walk home involves traversing two steep hills (first downhill then uphill)

>half way uphill find some mong has parked his tatty blue van right up on the pavement leaving perhaps 2feet max for pedestrians to get through.

>roll eyes and mutter "fucking dickhead" to myself

>"we are going to have to squeeze through here daughter, you go first ok sweetie"

>"Ok dad"

>Suddenly van literally pulls off right as my daughter is squeezing past, narrowly avoiding crushing her against a wall

>a fury grips me like molten steel

>begin yelling profanities at this cunt and gesturing at him to stop but he turns down a side road.

>Tell daughter to stay put on corner and run after vans path

>by some kind of divine providence, the binmen are doing their rounds on that very street and have blocked the blue van from moving any further

>Catch up and bang on the side

>Old (guessing circa early 60s) looking scruffy cunt emerges looking a bit confused

>(angrily) inform him that he almost squashed my daughter with his fucking wanker driving skills and I am most displeased with his actions.

>He apologises, still looking slightly dazed

>Binmen are now looking on

>Inform him to "next time check your fucking mirror" and bluntly tell him that he was "lucky your are an old man else i'd have fucking chinned you, stupid prick"

>Return to daughter and make it home without further incident.

I was proper geared up to hit whoever emerged out of the van tbh lad - red mist job but the guy looked as old as my dad and all the binmen were watching so its probably for the best he got an extremely angry bollocking instead. I swear to the Gods, if I see that van parked up anywhere, its getting my door keys thoroughly introduced to its paintwork. Wish i'd though to get a snap of the cunts reg on my phone tbh but my mind was racing & clouded at the time so it didnt occur to me. I suppose the spectacle provided some entertainment for the lads on the bins and (hopefully) spooked some sense into the stupid old fucker in the van to check his wing mirrors before driving off next time. Still pretty livid tbh lads but im also glad that:

>daughter is ok

>got to shame the careless driver and vent some spleen at him.

Fucking close call though. There are some right knobheads on our roads. He prob deserved a clip tbh but there were a lot of people watching and the prior incident would have been my word against his. Plus he was prob 25-30 years older than me and certainly didnt look like a fighter. Plus Iv got a bit of previous (in that realm of disagreement & physical altercation) and I dont want the filth intruding upon my domian, especially in the current political climate considering some of the "memorabilia" I have in my house.

2e35ed  No.12650570

Sky News and BBC 'pull their political stars from broadcasting outside Westminster' in wake of Anna Soubry 'Nazi' abuse amid claims MPs now fear being interviewed there


Anna Soubry urges police action after 'Nazi taunts' outside Parliament


Military Teams To Remove Roof From Sergei Skripal's Salisbury Home


Horrified witnesses tell how City worker 'leapt to his death from fourth floor in Canary Wharf' - the second death plunge in less than 24 hours


2e35ed  No.12650586


Bloody hell good job lad. Glad your daughter is safe

c85462  No.12650606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thanks lad. She was astute and quick enough to push herself up against the wall when the van started to (unexpectedly) move. Could have been really nasty otherwise.

>Anna Soubry urges police action after 'Nazi taunts' outside Parliament

Kek, it was literally just some civnats calling her a traitor. Vid related. Stupid histrionic bitch.

She threw a wobbly a while back too when someone on twatter said something along the lines of "get joe cox'd you old bint" to her.

Im glad that traitor politicians like her are starting to feel fear as it dawns on them that they are utterly despised by all outside their bubble. Their actions have consequences and they should be scared because their actions will ultimately unleash the beast (even if on this occasion it was pretty much fucking nothing)

16262c  No.12652666

File: 4d8bf99bdba48ce⋯.jpeg (27.03 KB, 259x194, 259:194, B87FF45E-FDD5-4E37-85C2-7….jpeg)

File: a09a2e1eeaef042⋯.jpeg (25.02 KB, 200x162, 100:81, 702F1DC4-EA98-4FE3-A906-E….jpeg)

File: 18e9282228eb2b5⋯.gif (590.18 KB, 498x367, 498:367, 3DFBEE5C-01F3-48DF-A52F-A1….gif)


>Male genital mutilation is now illegal in Europe and North America.

You have to state it in past tense lad. Also, you should be very specific otherwise you could end up with unintended consequences like a monkey’s paw type curse. To use your vague example, that may not happen until thousands of accidental castrations of white babies. It also helps the fewer variables at play, as the consciousness of others can factor in. A good example would be as you’re running late for work and said, ‘ I MADE it to work safely on time today.’ Then do not check the clock; as 3D space won’t bend, but time can and may. So long as you aren’t keeping time and worrying about it. Meditate on how time ‘flies when you’re having fun’ or as above so below applied to quantum tunneling. This train of thought can lead to deliberate timeline jumps with very minute personal differences. An example I’ve used was I once hurt my back at work. I meditated before bed, then as I fell asleep commanded, ‘I’m going to wake up in the universe where I did not hurt my back today.’ It worked, I woke up fine remembering what I had attempted. What I believe a big part of its success was not telling anyone that I hurt myself, so all my coworkers and wife went to bed believing I was fine. Did I actually jump timelines or was this an aspect of QM(for lack of a better label) on the macro scale. Probably the latter tbh. A collective consciousness ‘placebo effect’ or ‘power of prayer’ without them knowing they were doing it. Think about if you feel like shit then tell everyone so. Sure it’s a bit cathartic, but you’re compounding the amount of consciousnesses which believe YOU feel like shit. Instead, you can weaponize the NPC’s in your favor and tell everyone you feel like whatever capeshit is in theaters. Thor would be a great example.


>universal duality

They are universal but it’s important to make the distinction between duality and polarity lad. Duality implies separateness and conflict(dual). Where as polarity elicits complimentary inseparable aspects of one pole. The Earth doesn’t have two poles, it has one dipole perceived as two for example. I know this is basic stuff for you lad, this elucidation if for lurking aspirants tbh.

This actually goes back to our previous discussion on the natures of the Sun and Moon. Obviously as planetary bodies, they have powerful EM fields and therefore both have positive and negative, male and female aspects. As observers of natural law it’s plain to see everything is in constant flux. The same thinking should be applied to the Gods, people’s interpretations of them in differing eras, and our observations of the planetary bodies as alchemists. I’m not saying the gods themselves are hermaphrodidic, but that as the PIE and their descendants moved through the ages their observations of the Sun and Moon may have been more masculine or feminine. A simple example would be that presently, we are heading into a solar minimum with more frequent blood moons. Another interpretation would be that the Sun is a life creater and nurturer, which is feminine. She passively keeps the hearth warm whether or not you can observe it. Where as another, more common perspective would interpret it as flaming hot, active, and masculine. A masculine perception of the moon for example, would be that it brings out the more beastly side of men. Like two lads out on the town exacerbating each other’s nature; which turns the women into lunatics. This direct affect on women’s cycles and statistically proven effect on violent crime, combined with the observations of the tides, could be interpreted as more active and therefore masculine in nature than the Sun’s nature. All we can say for certain is that the PIE, Celtic, and Germanic traditions have sun goddesses and lunar gods. On the other hand most alchemy and magic is a conglomeration of Mediterranean and Mesopotamian traditions through the lens of the Middle Ages; which interpret the sun as masculine and moon as feminine. Top that off with who knows how much reinterpretation and (((subversion))) over the years; though this understanding seems to have worked quite well for (((them))).


I’m glad she’s alright lad. Take comfort that your discipline has improved since your youth.

2e35ed  No.12652689

More news:

Brexit: 20 Tory rebels inflict no-deal defeat on government

>Senior Conservatives have signalled they are not prepared to support a no-deal Brexit as they inflicted a defeat on the government in Parliament.

>MPs backed an amendment to the Finance Bill, which would limit the scope for tax changes following a no deal unless authorised by MPs, by 303 to 296 votes.

>Twenty Tories rebelled and, while its practical effect will be limited, Labour said it was an "important step".


UK house prices rise at fastest rate in almost two years, says Halifax

>UK house prices unexpectedly rose at the fastest monthly rate in almost two years in December, according to Halifax, despite warnings over the potential impact of Brexit for the year ahead.

>Halifax, one of Britain’s biggest mortgage lenders, said the average cost of a home rose by 2.2% compared with November. This outstripped all forecasts in a poll of economists by Reuters, in a surprise sign of strength for the economy with less than 90 days before the UK is expected to leave the EU.

>However, the figures come after a sluggish year for house price inflation, against a backdrop of heightened political uncertainty and following years of rising prices that have reduced the affordability of properties. On an annual basis, house prices rose by 1.3% in the three months to December, marking the weakest year since 2012.


UK Weather: Will the 'second Beast from the East' hit soon?

>The Beast from the East began towards the end of February 2018 and lasted until March 4. A cold wave brought unseasonably low temperatures and heavy snowfall across much of the UK, combining with Storm Emma to create severe conditions.

>The cold spell was nicknamed the Beast from the East and saw 17 deaths, several car crashes and numerous roads become too treacherous to travel on.

>Now, some are predicting a second recurrence of the Beast from the East which is set to cause temperatures to plummet across Britain and bring snow to many in the next few days.


2e35ed  No.12652919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2e35ed  No.12652921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ed2953  No.12652972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

some Bellamy folk



8acbfd  No.12653074



>Why why any ideas why, let me know why, did I say why?

Comments disabled….

2e35ed  No.12653108


I think he gets sent things by Email and Facebook

c85462  No.12653175

>>12652666 (observed)

>They are universal but it’s important to make the distinction between duality and polarity lad. Duality implies separateness and conflict(dual). Where as polarity elicits complimentary inseparable aspects of one pole. The Earth doesn’t have two poles, it has one dipole perceived as two for example.

Of course lad, although the term duality can also be complimentary (and polarity suggest polarisation which can also imply conflict - although this is probably more to do with misuse over time, ignoring the magnetic and harmonising roots & implications of said word)

You are 100% right in polarity being the more accurate nomenclature to represent this concept. I shall make sure to use it from now on.

>This actually goes back to our previous discussion on the natures of the Sun and Moon

The one where the you posited masculine/feminine reversal regarding the solar & lunar bodies? That was a fascinating discussion that still has me thinking and meditating on the subject today. It makes a lot of sense, particularly regarding the fact that that the enemy seems to be acting on the principles of qlippothic inversion. We are seeing the ramifications of this manifest in mundane meatspace.

Its a topic of discussion I hope we continue and an avenue that deserves serious exploration.

>I’m glad she’s alright lad. Take comfort that your discipline has improved since your youth

Thanks lad, appreciate the sentiment. Just shook me up a bit when you think how close a potential brush with death or serious injury it was. Gonna be super careful around parked vehicles from now on.


Agree with Joe on that one there - lad like Goddard prob mean well and are just genuinely exasperated at the situation but they lack tact, self control and intelligence to get their point across (not to the traitor MPs, they not gonna listen) but to the wider public at large. Not trying to be an opticscuck (far from it but we need support from the wider public at large who still remain ignorant of the dire straits we are in as a nation. Godddard shouting incoherently doesnt achieve that and just gives the left and the msm scum the ammo they need to paint us all as thick, aggressive troublemakers when our side actually contains the fine minds.

Thats why I say you can go wrong with Morgoth's "Vietcong" strategy and Joe's LOCALism.


Hes had comments disabled for ages AFAIK. Probably die to old brit/pol/ being dafties and spamming his comment section with LOCAL memes. That and the searchlight/gerrygables/hope not soap spies….


That would prob be the best way to contact him aye. He's pretty paranoid (rightly so tbh considering the intelligence glow in the darks have fucked with him so much when he was affiliated with the BNP through the 80's & 90's) so I dont know how likely it would be that one would get a response out of him. Then again, he might be very open and forthright over e-mail. I dont know because iv never tried to contact him.


>UK Weather: Will the 'second Beast from the East' hit soon?

Hope so lad. Uncle Ivan's storms play merry hell with the desertblood of the invaders and I like it cold so I can wrap up warm in me big puffer jacket, scarf & ushanka.

8acbfd  No.12653529


>>They are universal but it’s important to make the distinction between duality and polarity lad. Duality implies separateness and conflict(dual). Where as polarity elicits complimentary inseparable aspects of one pole. The Earth doesn’t have two poles, it has one dipole perceived as two for example.

>Of course lad, although the term duality can also be complimentary (and polarity suggest polarisation which can also imply conflict - although this is probably more to do with misuse over time, ignoring the magnetic and harmonising roots & implications of said word)

> You are 100% right in polarity being the more accurate nomenclature to represent this concept. I shall make sure to use it from now on.

Unresolveable equal conflict which could viewed as complimentary depending whether you're a cup half full or cup half empty kind of a guy.

Piece of metal with enough ferrous molecules that if they are aligned they make a purpose, but the piece of metal still exists and has use if the molecules become unaligned.

Or a useless mental exercise to stop you worrying that you, like everyone else hasn't fucking clue what life is and whether there is a point.

I was just joking about Joe he has done 99.9% more about what he believes in than I ever have so fair play to him. My hope is that although the a lot of the uk yellow vests are probably agents, enough aren't that it gives the treacherous politicians a glimpse of what's going to happen if they try any funny business.

We're already billions down on where we could have been if we had gone hard brexit july 24th.

348434  No.12653765

Thought I'd start the info graphic for local yellow jackets so here goes I've separated it into bullets for the graphic and explanation why. Part 1 location.

>1 location: areas outside London are far less prepared and protest has more effect.

Outside of NI London has the most preparation people and equipment for dealing with protests. It has been the focal point of public protest for over a century and has the numbersvers experience and kit to stifle all but the biggest numbers.

>2 location, location: protest where you can cause the most effect.

While major landmarks attract the cameras protest where it will cause maximum inconvenience and disruption a handful of people in the wrong place can paralyse an area look to disrupt transport, tourism and big business.

> 3 location, location, location: spread the protest try to protest in more than one place at a time this greatly increases visibility and disruption and greatly weakens the response

One protest is significant protests all over the country are potentious and very visible. On both a local and larger scale if more than one place is disrupted it means the recovery of one is hindered by the other and it takes a lot more resources to respond to both at the same time.

> 4 location, location, location, location: mobility is key keep the people moving.

By moving the response of the authorities is stretched to keep up, more people can see the protest and the disruption caused to the area grows wider the more the communications are held up.

Your thoughts lads?

2e35ed  No.12653778


Excellent stuff lad, keep at it

348434  No.12653937


Thanks part 2 methods:

> 1 method: be loud be bright be visible.

Do all that you can to get attention short of vandalism people need to see how many people can't accept the broken corruption system any longer spread it as much as possible contact journalists film things and share it online make sure you can't be ignored or written off

> 2 methods, methods: be polite to the public explain why you are there.

You might not win them to our side but they are much less likely to oppose you. It's common sense.

> 3: methods, methods, methods: disrupt always disrupt.

Make sure people have to deal with you block roads block doors talk to people in the street give them leaflets put stickers posters and graffiti everywhere make theier day to day stop so they must listen.

> 4 methods, methods, methods, methods: dealing with the filth be friendly but don't let them stop you.

Move around the police don't engage with them unless necessary and if you must do not give them personal info don't bring things that can get you in trouble or be used to ID you. Don't fight them if you must get up close and personal hugs and kisses will immobilise far better than flying fists.

> 5 methods, methods, methods, methods, methods: give the media only your chosen message and nothing else.

'Nuff said.

c85462  No.12654151



Good stuff lad. The media are already trying to paint the uk yellow vests as "far right" (using the usual scaremongering tactics that progressively less and less people are falling for) so you know they fear them, or at least the latent potential of a movement spreading to scale we have seen happen in france.

2e35ed  No.12654240


Yeah this, though it's very telling that Joe warned about spies (searchlight/gerrygables/hope not hate) coopting the yellow vest movement in order to distract us from attempting to seize actual power. No don't get me wrong, I would love, LOVE for us to have our own version but you must be very aware of who is doing this and what the actual long term objectives it will achieve

2e35ed  No.12654521



Brexiteer Bill Cash warns of 'unthinkable' consequence of May's deal


BBC forced to delete tweet after asking followers to debate whether they 'respected' Saudi woman who fled threat of murder


Republican rebellion against Donald Trump's border wall shutdown stance gathers pace


Egypt repatriates smuggled artefact from the UK


2e35ed  No.12654681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's really been cranking them out recently

348434  No.12654745


This is a more general peaceful protest guide I'm.

Part 3 motivation

> 1: keep it upbeat try to have a friendly positive atmosphere when the people have a good time they will come back again.

Again simple keep your fellow protesters happy so they'll come to others and more will be willing to came as well.

> 2: have a message a reason you're all out on the street something to say to those watching.

Have a cause it doesn't have to be one thing it can be several but it's the reason everone comes out and it's the message that the world sees make it clear easily understood and don't yield.

Short I know but the last part is coming in a moment

348434  No.12654805

Part 4 the rough stuff.

1: surprise

telling the police in advance is Darwin awards stupidity. Try to plan and organise as discretely as possible if that can't be done turn a static demo into an unannounced march vary from stated routes make them respond and use the freedom of action this buys you to your advantage.

2 confrontation with police

unfortunately the robotic thugs that make up police "public order" units have a tendency for unprovoked attacks to try to arrest "troublemakers" and massive overreaction to minor provocation so either don't provoke them banning booze is an excellent idea and if charged spread out to allow them to get into the crowd and be surrounded. People WILL run from mounted police you can't stop it just try to keep women and children safe in the crush

3: counter protests

It's easier to let the filth corall the npcs than get involved with them the damage they leave behind alienates the local people however is confronted advance on them force them to give ground and don't be intimidated by violence. However it may be necessary use force in self defence if so mere sure that the threat is incapacitated. The block advance should be allowed to penetrate the crowd before it is surrounded separated from its parent group and "made safe" from the sides and rear.

4: vandalism is pointless and alienating playing into the msm narrative

If anything might be "accidently" damaged it would be an unfortunate benefit if it were a symbol and only that symbol.

c85462  No.12654970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Hypocrisy Of British Politicians

6d3b58  No.12655009







I am very skeptical that the current UK 'yellow vests' are legitimate, everything i've heard and seen from them is practically a text book for everything wrong to do in regards to protesting.

Their first notable act was to hold up a fucking ambulance.

To me, it feels like they're killing two birds with one stone.

>Make the yellow vests in France look bad by simple association, despite our brand being the copycats.

>Discourage the more peaceful minded protesters, for fear of association with the obsessively violent ones.

I hope i'm just paranoid and this is legitimately the first signs of uproar over the shitshow that is our government, but i cant hold my breath over it.

c85462  No.12656528

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning lads hope you are all well today. Look what appeared in my feed this morn - the original oldskool noncehunter discusses the classic (((rabbi))) sting. Worth a watch for a giggle and a blast from the past (used to love watching TCaP clips on old jewtube - lulzy as fuck that show. Before msnbc was total cancer.)


>I hope i'm just paranoid and this is legitimately the first signs of uproar over the shitshow that is our government, but i cant hold my breath over it.

There probably is some glow in the dark sabouteurs in there tbh lad but its the same with every street protest movement. To (tentatively) quote churchill - I dont think this the beginning of the end but rather the end of the beginning. The people are angry now but we wont see any meaningful change until the bread and circuses stop - then scales shall fall from a million eyes and we will see the result we desire. This silly "porn filter" might actually have an positive effect - that is going to piss off a lot of people (if they manage to implement it in april as they are promising) Scary as it is, iv come to believe accelerationism has its merits - just look at france and italy… I still flaty refuse to vote for labour or cons though. Cant stomach it and feel like id betrayed my very soul

But this is a good over all sign - especially the cunts like soubry now getting nervous. There are millions of people out there who would happily see her and her ilk in shallow graves NKVD style (in minecraft) and i think the recent heckling and brexit voters getting more vocal and employing the alinskyite tactics back on the left is a great sign. If nothing else it shows the traitor class like sourbry and owen fucking jones can dish it out but cannot take it and whinge like little babies when they get a dose of their own medicine.

Also the current crop of uk yellow vests need to stop doing silly shit like holding up anbulances and calling the traitor class "nazis". Really perturbs my pistachios that. Nomenclature matters and they need to get it right - far better to call them commies, pinkos, globalist traitors etc. The traitor part especially. They hate that because they know its essentially true. Thats the problem with the TR crowd and lads like Goddard. They still try to paint themselves as "anti racists" and frame themselves on the enemies terms. It doesnt work and is cringe to watch. Your guidelines are very good tbh lad and we'll get them made into a flashy infographic when they are completed and disseminate them among the chans.

2e35ed  No.12656554

File: 9859115fcf05330⋯.png (1.23 MB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>I am very skeptical that the current UK 'yellow vests' are legitimate

Tbh, also worth keeping in mind that other countries have tried to coopt the movement, protesting in favour of the SJW wank we all know and hate. Our government have proven time and time again that they're willing to subvert and pervert genuine right wing movements in order to strangle them in the crib so there's no doubt they'll try and do the same with this. What we really need to know is how the protests began in France in order to know whether or not one here would be legitimate. I just can't help but be slightly suspicious of something that has been 'professionally' organise.

2e35ed  No.12656895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Darraðarljóð: The Valkyries' Song of the Spear

2e35ed  No.12657810

Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles


Theresa May deal means UK ‘CANNOT walk away’ from EU negotiations


Jeremy Corbyn 'will demand a General Election if May loses Brexit vote' - as shadow Brexit minister Keir Starmer says a second referendum may be ONLY way to avoid No Deal


Number of women over 40 having babies surpasses teen pregnancies as births to mothers under 19 hits LOWEST EVER rate


Model has brushed off criticism that her appearance at an agricultural machinery show was "outdated"


Donald Trump says '100pc' he will declare national emergency if Democrats don't budge on wall


Yellow vests wreck two in three French speed cameras


ee0bb2  No.12657840

File: 23a090fef240559⋯.jpg (4.61 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, COLONIZE.jpg)

Any thoughts on this lads?

2e35ed  No.12657857


Guess they're being honest about it

ee0bb2  No.12657897


Apparently the rest of it says 'Singh' in Punjabi, friend reckons it might be some Sikh/Muslim turf war or the like, but then why that particular word in English?

2e35ed  No.12657957


Dunno lad, guess they're 'colonising' the rival gangs turf

b3bfe7  No.12658354


Unnerve the natives? Even if it is a Sikh/Muslim thing, it's still a statement of "this isn't your land any more" to English onlookers.

ee0bb2  No.12658374


Cheeky cunts tbh

16262c  No.12660500

Lads, the portents are commanding me to go offline for shadow work. Depending on how it goes, I’ll either be back for Imbolc or the equinox. I’d be much obliged if the BO of our bunker would be so kind as to delete the 4th pic in this post, if you are able: >>>/druid/163

Save it if you like, I’m mostly worried about the missus getting upset tbh.

Thanks for everything lads; you’ve honestly increased my power level considerably over the past year. Gratitude towards you will always be included during my oblations. Polite sage.

b33e5f  No.12660614

>>12660500 (observed)

kia kaha, lad.

2e35ed  No.12660826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>12660500 (observed)

Will do lad, best of luck in your endeavours

c85462  No.12661102


This probably.

>Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles

Kek, fucking what?

>tfw so desensitised to by 20+ years of internettery (rotten.com, stileproject, bestgore, YNC, chans etc etc etc), am actually amused bu this grizly scenario

Whats wrong with me lads?

>>12660500 (observed)

The portents have indeed commanded it. Best of luck lad. Please report back to us should you achieve success in your Workings.

c85462  No.12661111


Commented on the bodyparts one but I keep fucking up my post linking. Iv done it at least 4 times ITT now. Shamefur, im sorry lad. Think my brains going a bit doolally in my old age tbh.


c85462  No.12661117


Also lad, we will miss you. Please lurk from time to time and take the greatest of care.

t: 40k

c85462  No.12661376

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Collette video on the stupid army recruitment adverts.

ed2953  No.12661520

File: de7f31b078af9b7⋯.png (1003.23 KB, 1739x838, 1739:838, ClipboardImage.png)

Schizo spotted posting during JF's latest livestream lmao

9114e0  No.12661532


>Top Chat

You're using the censored chat. "Top" chat is the default chat, and only displays messages pre-approved by google bots. If you click it, you can switch to "Live chat", otherwise known as the actual chat.

e35443  No.12661645


Reminder that the jew Jeffrey Epstein kick-started the channel of that lardass with 25000$

2e35ed  No.12661661


Keeek, he got it from that retarded article

ed2953  No.12661733

File: 9472a2c1a06aff1⋯.png (63.53 KB, 2100x1200, 7:4, 22st JF.png)


yeah, for reasons of female empowerment in science (funding for his then-girlfriend and lab partner's startup popular science show thing) and before JF ever started talking about race realism or the JQ or anything "offensive".

Nice try D&C Jew.

c85462  No.12662554

File: 939758a189b7a01⋯.png (432.94 KB, 859x664, 859:664, wews lad.PNG)

>>12661733 (observed)

I laughed harder than I should have at that pic anon.

c85462  No.12662612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Duke of Avalon

Cabbyl-Ushtey - The Manx Water Horse

2e35ed  No.12662652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2e35ed  No.12662791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Volklore E18: "The Indo-Europeans" - with Survive the Jive

c85462  No.12662844


He's certainly pumping out the content thats for sure. He must sense things are beginning to go into overdrive now. Shits hotting up all over the place.

71ff71  No.12662888

I’m late… nevertheless for them who seek. Untanas touch them not that receive, but increase on them that believe. For C.J. This that one of Judah whom I sent my sign. How cranes not here take form of moon came near. Showing the way children of god hold dear. Where with that salt that gave peace. But your hand must work to clean for the common is not this thing. There is another that is sweet and give them life and peace. How many times did he tell you about salt common. When god calls salt the best thing on earth one might wonder how it escaped so many Christians. There was a man who heightened his intellect far beyond the scope of normal men, accomplished through eating a salt, now you don’t always find it but so you know it. It’s sweet and sparkles like stars. Think on his words I frightfully attempt to add a little.. waters of everlasting life flows from thy belly, surely not as it is though Christ does not lie he left it there for you to pick up.Think. Unfold it out of you. It is the common salt after purification it’s also flows from you not in the state you find it. High tech secret omnipotence of thee god. Exorcism. High spirit weapon. Defend against the children of the shadows. Lycan attempt on me, unsuccessful. Snakes stay far from me another countenance not of men. Light born shhh but wake.

b33e5f  No.12663010


b33e5f  No.12663021

well, that embed didn't work 10.30 in

2e35ed  No.12663032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here you go lad

2e35ed  No.12663034

>>12662888 (observed)

I have no idea what you're on lad but those trips demand to be checked

c85462  No.12663422

File: 643ea2991609da2⋯.jpg (63.71 KB, 417x600, 139:200, irateread.jpg)

>>12662888 (reluctantly observed)

c85462  No.12663435

File: cbc8cf8b9c0c68a⋯.jpeg (202.49 KB, 1600x795, 320:159, best possible outcome.jpeg)



I get it sometimes too lad. I think its when you try to embed a video thats in a playlist. When its in the playlist it breaks the link up in such a way that the cripplechan embed systems fails to recognise it.


Bot or troll do you reckon? Or something cryptic we are meant to decypher? doubtful

2e35ed  No.12665699


I think it's just word salad tbh, if you fancy having a crack at deciphering it then be my guest

c85462  No.12665707

>>12665699 (observed)

You are probably right tbh lad. Think it was either schizo or a bot.

c85462  No.12665742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More Yellow Vest activity in londonistab going on today.

The lad who heckled that cunt soubry has been arrested for "hatespeech" apparently.

b33e5f  No.12665746

>>12665699 (Observed)


Its the AI talking to us.

>>12662888 (Observed)

Hey you. Where is my lottery win, thanks.

2e35ed  No.12665752

File: 3894c49b4bd79ed⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1375x883, 1375:883, ClipboardImage.png)

French riots getting druidpilled lads

c85462  No.12665763

File: 9adbb7c084b3df3⋯.png (212.22 KB, 603x690, 201:230, feelsdruid.png)


Kek, the Druidic current is spreading. Our layline work is paying off dividends!

2e35ed  No.12665817


Oh it gets better lad


ed2953  No.12665829

File: dcea5a02eaab1f2⋯.png (825.03 KB, 607x743, 607:743, kekdruid.png)

c85462  No.12666081

File: 8ca3ab4c1e5343b⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, had1.jpg)



Glorious & portentous

c85462  No.12667338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Found something a bit /comfy/ and different for cozy a friday night in.

Top 5 shittest foreign tanks

…with based wise-owl eyebrowed, cardigan wearing tank man from the tank museum. This old lad knows his tanks.

bdf7fd  No.12667342

That's actually my bag. I am not sure what that smell is.

c85462  No.12667358

File: e72139774c0af6b⋯.jpg (220.49 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, henry.jpg)


*Saturday night sorry

tfw all the days just bleed into one mass of uncertainty

2e35ed  No.12668948

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lord of the Rings is Racist?

c85462  No.12669887


Good video that one lad. This the guy that schizo now thinks is us right?

2e35ed  No.12669903


The very same

c85462  No.12670223

File: 0f9eb383e09a765⋯.jpg (135.77 KB, 500x895, 100:179, 1481042440498.jpg)


Kek, schizo is such a tool. Celtic sanctuary seems like a decent channel from what you post here lad. Not bad at all for a leaf Might have to chuck him a crafty sub.

How you been today anyway lad? All well with you?

2e35ed  No.12670317

Brexit news LIVE: Labour set to table motion of no confidence in Government 'soon' after crunch vote on deal, says Jeremy Corbyn


Chris Grayling denies 'void' in government over Brexit plan B


PETER HITCHENS: A 'People's Vote' would be a disaster. But here's how we can kill it stone dead…


Elvis FAKED death? ‘The King’ admits to being in FBI witness protection to save family


Paris bakery 'gas explosion': Three killed including two firefighters and dozens injured after huge blast in French capital


'POISONED WITH BLEACH' Mum accused of trying to kill her critically ill baby by pouring BLEACH down his feeding tubes


'Commuters should be paying': parking permit roll-out met with anger


c85462  No.12670513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Jacktion

>PETER HITCHENS: A 'People's Vote' would be a disaster. But here's how we can kill it stone dead…

Never no what to make of hitchens apparently. Old brit/pol/s wanking over him and consistent spamming of stale MORAL memes soured me to him. Also he seems a bit blackpilled and just wallows in misery and defeatism while at other times he comes out with some good stuff. Hes a bit like douglas murray in that regard.

>Elvis FAKED death? ‘The King’ admits to being in FBI witness protection to save family

Elvis not being dead are some of the earliest tinfoil nuggets I remember (along with fake moon landing theory) Maybe theres some truth to it but its daily star so doubtful imo.

>'POISONED WITH BLEACH' Mum accused of trying to kill her critically ill baby by pouring BLEACH down his feeding tubes

Pure evil if true. I cannot abide parents that murder their own children. It boggles the mind (we are hardwired to protect our kids) Aussie aborigine culture involved a lot of killing their own kids but not europeans (not counting the recent phenomena of abortion)

If the mum is guilty she deserves the fucking death penalty. We need to bring it back for the likes her of her (and for traitors, child rapists, terrorists etc etc) Hanging had been a good old British institution for centuries. Then some bottle blond and some retard who shot a cop got pierrepoint'd in the 50's and the establishment cucked out and abolished it because feelings. Well fuck feelings, I want it back. And none of this lethal injection/gas chamber/ols sparky bullshit - the condemned (once proven guilty beyond all doubt) should have a choice between hanging or firing squad, end of.

>Paris bakery 'gas explosion': Three killed including two firefighters and dozens injured after huge blast in French capital

Theory is that its muzz related but they are covering it up with the old "gas explosion" line. Other theory is its a false flag designed to put blame on the yellow vests and paint them as domestic terrorists but as media have not capitalised on this angle, im skeptical. More likely its the usual muzzery but they are covering it up because it just adds more legitimate grievance against the globalist policies the yellows are protesting to begin with. Also Iv noticed the left are desperately trying to co-opt the yellow vest movement at the moment (despite it being AGAINST them) so they can render it impotent like they did OWS. We must not let that happen but we have learned a lot since then.


Her fucking deal is already an unforgivable breach of trust ffs. The nerve of that bitch.

6d251f  No.12670704


I agree about Hitch, he's definitely a blackpiller. He can't help but be that way though because he just wants the country to return to the conservative values of decades ago and all he's sees in the future is radicalism forming up on both sides of the political divide, and a whole lot of other messes. He thinks the country is doomed. I do too tbh but I still see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel whereas he doesn't.

But I think he's spot about all this second referendum shit. I too have a feeling it will get ugly if they try and force a new one. Lads at my work are saying they'll kick off if they try it and that they know more people who are going to do the same.Think I might join them tbh.

829e7a  No.12671355


Not half as ugly as what could happen if they try to stop it altogether especially as grieve and bercow (that cuck makes my blood boil) have made it so a no deal is illegal. I'm expecting an attempt to kill brexit dead in the next week tbh I'm not sure how to proceed the list of choices is getting bloody short.

2e35ed  No.12671455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Troy Town Labyrinth - What does the symbol mean?

279a9a  No.12671486

Bowden Paganism:


279a9a  No.12671489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm a mong

c85462  No.12673462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning lads how goes it? Same old same old here. Vid related.

2e35ed  No.12673556



Good video, thanks lad

829e7a  No.12673660


Tense tbh I'm expecting it to go to shit tomorrow.

2e35ed  No.12673672


Not bad lad, applying for jobs and chores


What to go to shit tomorrow lad?

829e7a  No.12673678


The vote on brexit the establishment is probably going to fuck us over

2e35ed  No.12673691


Ahhh thanks for reminding me lad

829e7a  No.12673699


Apologies lad at what point can we say democracy has failed?

ed2953  No.12673709

File: 9590c47fd0ddcdb⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1110x630, 37:21, Charles.png)


some time around the 1640s tbqh

b33e5f  No.12673714

>>12673699 (observed)

When women and niggers were able to vote

829e7a  No.12673716


Kek to use an Americanism will the next election/referendum be the one where Britons vote from the rooftops?

2e35ed  No.12673721

>>12673699 (observed)

I'd say this whole Brexit deal has highlighted the glaring flaws of our system to the public but it's been pretty obvious democracy has been subverted for quite a while. Pragmatically though if the government fuck us over then it will be undeniable

ed2953  No.12673731

File: c0ed6014883f16a⋯.png (103.9 KB, 340x242, 170:121, weapons.png)

this post is for intellectual exercise only


I really don't know how to fix Britain right now. Supposedly there are still enough gun owners to overwhelm the state mercenaries, but the tight control on both the tools and their ammunition means that gun grabbing is carried out easily and supply during any revolt would be a nightmare.

Maybe large-scale riots would accomplish something, but I don't see much headway being made against the traitorous dogs who will be more than willing to fire into the crowds.

Currently I would favour mass civil disobedience, hoarding, refusal to pay tax or obey detrimental laws, but that again is easy to cut off at the bud with mass interment like the Chinese do, and which the government here has done in the past to the BUF.

I'd be happy if there was any resistance at all to rally to, but tend to think the pot is boiling so slowly (despite the massive ramp-up in recent years) and the mass so comfortable and detached that they would never rise, making the only remaining option actual terror tactics ala the theoretical Northwest Front or William Luther Pierce's writings, which is again a near-impossible task given the diminutive size of the nation and the lack of access and experience with the tools of the trade.

829e7a  No.12673736


Well put lad

829e7a  No.12673741


The state is beatable. However the resulting lawless collapse is the real problem see Iraq Afghanistan Somalia South Africa restoring law and order is many manitudes harder than breaking it.

c85462  No.12673783


Good lad, wish you the best of luck. Hope you get something cushy. If You ever get a chance to work in a bookshop (small business one, NOT waterstones, the works etc) grab it. I worked in a bookshop in the mid to late 90s and it was the best job of my life looking back.

Jobwise, I like to work preferably alone or failing that option, then as part of a small team.

I hate working for big companies, conglomerates and PLCs.

Second best job I had was working security (night watchman at an old mental hospital in macclesfield) Was left to my own devices & got to experience some genuinely weird paranormal phenomena at that place. Got stories about that place if anyone is interested. Fucking crazy stuff but it cemented my belief in ghosts - seeing (or probably more accurately experiencing) is believing.

Third best job I had was actually in a paki shop because again it was just the LOCAL corner shop and I was left to my own devices. Took a few liberties there put it this way, I never paid for cigarettes or alcohol in that place Owner was a shady bangladeshi fucker from out of town who would buy stolen shit from the local smackheads and just stick it on the shelves in his shop (whisky and batteries nicked from quik save round the corner were a favorite) That guy just did a midnight flit one night and vanished. Again, another story but I suppose the tl;dr of my waffle is try and get a solitary job if you can - one that allows you to think/read/listen to what you want etc. Its far less stressful than working for some big company.

Btw, just to complete the list, WORST job I ever had was in a pub. Pub work is fucking shit (unless you are in good with the landlord then it can be pretty fun) but this particular publican was a dick. Gobby irishman who used to get drunk at his own bar and pick on really petty shit while his tyrannical dried up old bitch of a wife barked orders at me from the kitchen. Nightmare job that one lad. Avoid pubs imo, especially if it involves serving food.

0f41a0  No.12673785


>Pragmatically though if the government fuck us over then it will be undeniable

Exactly what they did to the Irish over joining the EU and look at them now, home of the tax evading corporations that are now more powerful than the countries whose tax they have avoided. Within years of fucking them over with a second referendum, abortions legal, fags everywhere, 3rd worlders everywhere claiming they're Irish.

My point is they are prepared to do it, they very much feel they have the upper hand, and you would have to be deaf to have not noticed agents through all walks of life calling for all police to be armed. This would mean poorly trained women, soyboys and non indigenous people having the means and lawful right to kill you, as they are largely what the police and armed forces are being filled with. They have their EU army, it just wears multiple uniforms. Look at how they subtly greyed out the union jack and put a thin blue line across it, now compare it to other police uniforms from the EU.

Shit is bad, let's not fuck around.

2e35ed  No.12673786


What would be really perfect is a yellow jacket movement of our own tbh

c85462  No.12673793


I know lad but take heart that people are starting to really get fucked off and if they screw us over it could act as a catalyst for accelerationism. The globalists are getting pushback from all angles and cheating us out of brexit could potentially lead to a great disillusionment which could turn volatile.

>>12673699 (observed)

I dont think it ever really succeeded tbh, except maybe for a short time in ancient greece. Not the biggest churchill fan here but I agree with his sentiment that democracy is more of a "stop-gap" than some perfect flawless final system.


To "save" Britain would take a military coup or a full on "peasant revolt". That is a possibility - its also very possible that we have some unexpected allies in high places who are holding their cards very close to their chests…..for now.

Failing that I see balkanisation and as >>12673741 says, lawlessness and a vacuum. In that scenario you would have foreign powers funding and arming sides. I think if it comes to an all out civil war, the right (once the gloves come off and they are no longer bound by the shackles of globalist "law" and its twisted morality) would have no problems decimating the left. The right is becoming more furious and militant than ever and actually has legitimate greivances. Trump even made a comment not long ago saying that the left better watch out with how far its pushing people with their bullshit because if the right do end up snapping then it will a fucking bloodbath.

I think we are going to see something akin to a mishmash of the NI Troubles & the Spanish civil war crossed with the Balkans conflict. This is why they want this EU army so badly. National armies tend to side with the citizens of their own nations and the citizenry are increasingly pissed off at having their tolerance pushed to the limits, at being ignored, soft tyranny and at a host of other issues. This is all going to boil over. I dont think they will slow frog boil us tbh lad, despite things looking bleak at the present moment. On the contrary I see light on the horizon and have hope. The genie is out of the bottle now and hes not going back in. This can only end in conflict which in turn will bring about resolution.


>The state is beatable

Agreed lad. Once it loses legitimacy in the eyes of the public, its essentially finished as more and more people disengage. They have their power because the masses grant it to them on the condition that they use said power for the betterment of the nation and its people. They have done the exact opposite and will reap what they have sown.

>However the resulting lawless collapse is the real problem see Iraq Afghanistan Somalia South Africa restoring law and order is many manitudes harder than breaking it.

True but it will be us fighting on our own sacred homeland rather than trying to police some third world shithole. I think certain collective atavisms will awaken within the soul of europeans and they will fight with a renewed sense of zeal, giving them the edge.

The hardcore indoctrinated sjw types are suicidal and traitorous but most people, given the options of either having theirs & their childrens futures consumed by the ravenous third world hordes or a reconquista, when push comes to shove, most will chose reconquista. Most would probably choose it now imo. As things get worse more and more people come to our side because we are the only ones with actual solutions.

2e35ed  No.12673803


> Hope you get something cushy

Fingers crossed lad

>Got stories about that place if anyone is interested.

Of course lad

>Pub work is fucking shit

Yeah people have told me this, apparently the chefs can get really nasty, can't really blame them though, probably one of the most intense, antisocial jobs you can do


Yeah it's tragic what's happening to Ireland, they managed to keep themselves isolated from the pozz but the (((powers that be))) have clearly been making up for lost time

> Shit is bad, let's not fuck around

Never said we weren't lad, but the situation on the mainland is giving me a barest glimmer og hope

0f41a0  No.12673819


>Never said we weren't lad, but the situation on the mainland is giving me a barest glimmer og hope

I envy you.

I see media blackout, armed french prepared to kill their countrymen to protect israelite "leaders". FFS yesterday they set off a bomb killing people to try to stop people protesting or removing the problem; gas leak my arse, always gas, they are fucking obsessed and deranged in equal measure.

c85462  No.12673828


>My point is they are prepared to do it, they very much feel they have the upper hand, and you would have to be deaf to have not noticed agents through all walks of life calling for all police to be armed. This would mean poorly trained women, soyboys and non indigenous people having the means and lawful right to kill you

If it came to that you can bet nations like Russia, sympathetic americans etc would funnel money and arms to the right wing resistance. Plus the squaddies are mostly still on side having not been pozzed out the arse like the police (despite the recent "diversity" recruitment campaigns might have you believe when in reality they are nothing more than a demoralisation psy-op targeting us and the rank and file who might be having certain thoughts - ie "why are so many of my comrades in arms living on the street while the jihadis we were sent to fight are being given british citizenship, council houses, preferential treatment and free child rape-passes?")

A well armed right wing militia (or coalition of militias/paramilitaries probably complimented by many military defectors) would be more than a match for the poorly trained common purpose drones the opposition would field. And foreign troops into the mix is an outright act of war that would cause the squaddies to rebel faster than sanic in a hadron super-collider. Also dont forget the British army is one of the most vocal opponents of the EU army too and its probably one of the main reasons it has not already been established.

2e35ed  No.12673845


>I see media blackout, armed french prepared to kill their countrymen to protect israelite "leaders".

Exactly, how can any right minded European look at this and think the (((ruling classes))) are people worth following? The fact it has come to this is a damning indictment of the French government and the EU

0f41a0  No.12673855


>Also dont forget the British army is one of the most vocal opponents of the EU army too and its probably one of the main reasons it has not already been established.

I assume they are waiting for Queenie to kick the bucket, I expect Charles to hand it straight to Wills (wtf is Charles even these days?) and between Wills and Harry and the propaganda that has you believing Wills rescues serfs in a helicopter and Harry risked taking bullets alongside his brothers, they will attempt to bring our army into line with globalist thinking. If there's no Queen and no country, just what will they be fighting for? Paycheck and pension.

829e7a  No.12673889

>>12673855 (observed)

The plan was for the British army to do the heavy lifting in the eu army as 60+ years of hiding behind NATO has left most european militaries hollow, understrength, underequpped or just completely inexperienced.

2e35ed  No.12674031


>they will attempt to bring our army into line with globalist thinking.

Fuck me I can actually see this happening


An ours isn't exactly looking it's best either

829e7a  No.12674080


True, our forces just about male a skeleton crew but the europeans are a shambles the eu army wI'll likely be the most embarrassing military debacle since the islamic legion.

0f41a0  No.12674105


>the eu army wI'll likely be the most embarrassing military debacle since the islamic legion.

It may be shambolic but it will be armed, and its enemy is you, and you aren't armed.

829e7a  No.12674125


Perhaps but there's more than one way to break an army

c85462  No.12674199


Not hard to flood a small island with arms should law and order break down…


Also this. Lads seem a bit blackpilled today. Perhaps the Monday blues is effecting them. The globalists are a paper tiger.

2e35ed  No.12674209


Yup, should be interesting


See >>12674199 (observed) From what I hear the black market is as active as ever, let alone actual legally held arms

829e7a  No.12674373


I wouldn't say blackpill more that I don't trust the traitor class

c85462  No.12674533


Me neither lad. Wasn't accusing you of blackpilling btw, I share your sentiments. I'm just optimistic regarding the eventual outcome. I dont think globalism can endure in perpetuity as it is under assault from all angles. The vietcong beat the might of the US military by hiding in tunnels. The nationalists/populists will do the same (metaphorically). We are balls deep into a new cold war now (some refer to it as the "culture war") which at some point is going to go "hot". A paradigm shift is going on and we have numbers on our side provided we can put aside petty squabbles for now, which is why I refrain from attacking the civnats, the TR/football lads crowd, VAT, MARIAS and others - we are all allies in this particular fight and not too long ago the football lads managed to get upwards of 60k boots on the street in that "march against terrorism" last year. The very fact that football firms are no longer fighting each other but are instead uniting in the face of islam and the traitor class is both unprecedented and heartening. When once the right was pretty much silent outside of a few fringe (and heavily glow in the dark infiltrated groups like C18) now they are marching weekly, becoming more publically accepted. I know hes not popular in our circles but take the case of TR - 5 years ago he was almost nationally reviled. Now he has become a symbol of defiance and a working class hero who has more supporters than detractors. Its events and trends like this you have to keep an eye on rather than the bullshit that comes out of westminster mouthpieces. If one examines global geopolitical trends, it is plainly obvious that populism/nationalism is in its ascent while globalism is waning. They have money and power but no firm foundations for their ideology, which is built on flimsy lies and is now beginning to require draconian legislation just to stop it all coming apart at the seams. The traitor class are in a panic which is why they are rapidly turning up the heat, censoring, lying and oppressing dissidents. Every day they lose legitimacy with more and more regular people. They have their common purpose indoctrinated drones, the sjw coalition and the third world interlopers. Most of these interlopers are parasitical opportunists who are just there for the gibs and I very much doubt they will be eager to fight for some EU army. More likely they will hop it back to the desert shitholes they came from - after all they wouldnt fight for their own damn countries so I very skeptical they will fight for some vague internationalist ideals, especially once the Furio Europa is unleashed. There will come a point when all the globalists will have to protect them is mercenaries (who are fickle and dont particularly like being on the losing side) when it all kicks off it wouldnt surprise me if some of the mercs paid by traitor politicians, banksters and the like turn on their masters, execute them and bring their bodies to the nationalists as a peace offering. They are mercs after all…..Would be a fucking hoot to see the likes of blair assassinated by his own bodyguard kek

I firmly believe we will, in our lifetimes (probably in the next decade or two maximum) see many of the traitor class ceausescu'd.

I also believe in times of crisis such as this, the spirit of a nation's people can manifest itself through a strong leader who will become the avatar of the people and the instrument of their will. That spirit will "possess" the leader (for lack of a better term) and imbued with this spirit, said leader can re-galvanise a nation and bring it from it knees back onto its feet. The universe seems to have a inbuilt system of etheric checks and balances. When shit swings to far to one side, these forces ensure harmonic balance is restored. Also were entering hard times now and as the saying goes, the hard times will breed strong men who will go on to create good times. Thus the cycle continues but hopefully we can learn from our mistakes this time.

829e7a  No.12674597

>>12674533 (observed)

Nice long post there I agree that with each passing day the post '45 order looses legitimacy. History shows that in Britain it takes a lot to make people act end masses but when it happens it ends eras and by extension begins new ones.

The amoral society designed by the centrists is inherently self destructive and by its nature causes division see the 55 arrests in Yorkshire today. Multiculturalism simply does not work and if it kicks off much of the vibrant diversity will be looking for an out (imo likely to the oil rich middle east)

It was disgust at the establishment that led to Brexit and if there was a true alternative to the liberal/labour/con they'd already be gone.

829e7a  No.12674621


Pt 2: not sure about tr he does have a tendency to attract overreaction from the powers that be, hope not soap seem to be obsessed by him to the point I'm beginning to think it's a crush.

Leaders assassinated by their bodyguards… it's more likely than you think

c85462  No.12674829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It was disgust at the establishment that led to Brexit and if there was a true alternative to the liberal/labour/con they'd already be gone.

Exactly. Amen to that lad. If there was a referendum to send all post 97 muzz and nog immigrants home tomorrow im confident we'd win it. Remember that old(ish) bbc clip where they had owen jones on and did a poll asking whether mutikult had failed and it came back 95% yes? They stopped doing polls like that after that I noticed. Vid related. The silent majority backs us but are afraid of losing their families and livelyhood because of the marcusian "soft" tyranny we live under (which seems to get harder by the day)

>History shows that in Britain it takes a lot to make people act end masses but when it happens it ends eras and by extension begins new ones.

So true lad. I dont know if it was you or another regular poster but I remember one of the lads here opining that the UK has always been at the forefront of global trends, leading the way. Consequently we are knee deep in pozz at present but the lad also posited that Britain will be one of the first nations to shed the globo-homo shackles and push on through to the other side too. It was an astute point eloquently made that iv always remembered. Wish i'd screencapped it tbh (its in the archives somewhere but would require trawling over 17,000 posts to find kek)


>not sure about tr he does have a tendency to attract overreaction from the powers that be

Because he has the power to galvanise the disenfranchised working classes, redpill millions on the dangers of islam and hes attracted international support. He might be questionable but id rather the working classes be following him rather than some owen jones or russel brand pinko pied piper type.

>hope not soap seem to be obsessed by him to the point I'm beginning to think it's a crush.

Topkek, so true. Prick Lowles is probably up wanking to him at night fairly good looking lad is Tommy, despite being a manlet - no homo btw

>Leaders assassinated by their bodyguards… it's more likely than you think

It is indeed. My old man was on about blair's bodyguards years back

>"Why dont they just pay his minders to do him in?"

….is what he'd say. He predicted we'd win the referendum way back in '14 too (said Britain would "show the rest of Europe the way") so hes pretty on the ball for a boomer

8e3032  No.12674861

File: 11890cf74d7953e⋯.png (319.57 KB, 1493x1107, 1493:1107, The English.png)


this one?

c85462  No.12674898

File: a029cc300a448d5⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 624x351, 16:9, rotten 2.jpg)


Yes thats it! Nice one lad. Some proper words of wisdom in those posts.

c85462  No.12675754

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just another day in londonistab…

Thanks for importing this traitor class. I sincerely hope you rot in the bowels of the lowest astral hell realms for a million eternities.

2e35ed  No.12677899

Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test was given a 'pass' by the Army until furious male soldiers who HAD completed course staged rebellion


Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair's chemical weapons expert


Sudanese man, 29, denies attempting to kill cyclists and police after Ford Fiesta ploughed into crowds outside Parliament in 'terror related' incident


Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse


Up to 30,000 tests are being performed every year, says Alphabiolabs, 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing


DNA pioneer James Watson, 90, is stripped of the last of his honorary titles after doubling down on his 'reprehensible' views that genes cause a difference between black people and white people on IQ tests


Anger over 'naked men' at unisex changing rooms in Bath


Police in pursuit of on-the-run rhea in Oxfordshire


Polish mayor stabbed in shocking on-stage attack dies in hospital


China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling


German navy spent £120m repairing sailing ship while troops face shortages


b33e5f  No.12677933

>>12674533 (Glorious observation)

Thanks, Lad, that was good to read

c85462  No.12678057

File: 11c5d2832617fbb⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 636x382, 318:191, scum.jpg)

A portenous morning to my druid friends and esteemed lurkers. Hope you are all well. Speaking of portents….

>>12677899 (observed)

Portentous newlinks today lad.

>Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test was given a 'pass' by the Army until furious male soldiers who HAD

Good on them. Squaddies are still /areguys/ (bar a few corrupted ruperts and brass) Traitor class are scared shitless of them. Remember the furore about a handful joining NA a few year back and the "soldier X" selfie with TR? They had time and planning to pozz and corrupt the police (particularly the MET) but no so much the army who have spent the last decade and a half honing the art of death and slotting hajis in the sandbox. Bit harder for common purpose to spread its infection mind virus to trained killers who's rank & file consists (mostly) of straight white working class males.

>Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair's chemical weapons expert

I always knew they had him killed. There is a coroner in my family and hes always said the Dr Kelly death was suspicious as fuck and stunk of assassination. Fucking blair and his cabal need to be brought to task. They have committed so many crimes against the people of this country. Poor Dr Kelly - killed for telling the truth by uk glow in the darks. And after his death we went to war over lies and illusory "WMDs" and fucked the middle east up even worse, booting the hornets nest while at the same time inviting said hornets to our nation en mass. The blair regime pulled abhorent shit. Dunblaine was that cabals doing too, using their pedo mate stooge to disarm us (and finish what hungerford started) before flooding us with third world dross. A lady called Sandra Uttley has delved into this in her book "Dunblaine Unburied" which i'd highly recommend. She was one of the first on call paramedics at the scene and she is convinced there was more than one gunman. Deep rabbit hole that one but it just goes to show the traitor class will kill to get its way and no one is above reproach. But they do it sneakily like the rats they are using dirty tricks. They sealed the Dunblaine files for 100 years you know. Wonder why….

The Blair regime inflicted such treason upon our nation its almost beyond comprehension.

>Sudanese man, 29, denies attempting to kill cyclists and police after Ford Fiesta ploughed into crowds outside Parliament in 'terror related' incident

It truly has become the new normal. I hope one of them manages to get an traitor MP. That would be some poetic justice.

>Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse

More fuel for the fire. Everywhere the saracen invader has a presence they do this. Its nothing more than an act of war and should be treated as such.

vI dont live in the norf any more but if I did you can be sure I would be involve in forming vigilante groups. This shit is abhorrent and needs nipping in the bud. They need a good series of lynchings, replete with pigs entrails, Black Jack Pershing style - put the fear of the Gods into them. Nothing gets me more angry and het up than this phenomena. Make sure EVERY name goes on your lists lads. We will need them in the future when we have our chance to deliver some proper retribution upon these subhuman child rapists.

I spoke to a lad from rotherham on cuckchan brit/pol/ a while back and he claimed that there has actually been quite a few reprisal attacks on these paki rapists from the local underworld figures but these attacks actually get covered up by the media for fear of the vigilante reprisals spreading. According to this lad, 2nd pic related was apparently bundled into a van and was treated to some spinal severage via a sawn off shotgun. Media claim it was "gang related shooting" but this lad said all the locals knew it was retribution from pissed off natives. He seemed to know what he was talking about and his posts had a ring of truth to them.

>German navy spent £120m repairing sailing ship while troops face shortages

Its a drop in the ocean compared to what they shell out on gibs for the rapefugees. Fucking clown world.

>China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling

Silly leaf. No sympathy. If you go abroad and fuck about with drug trafficking, especially in death penalty far eastern countries, then expect to face the consequences. He was dumb enough to get caught and now hes gonna get a 7.62x39 through the back of his head, causing it to burst like a watermelon. The chinks have no mercy.

>DNA pioneer James Watson, 90, is stripped of the last of his honorary titles after doubling down on his 'reprehensible' views that genes cause a difference between black people and white people on IQ tests

'Reprehensible' the way he has been treated for stating simple truth. Fuck I hate the left so fucking much.

c85462  No.12678066

File: d712aaa5663cc5f⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 642x348, 107:58, mind the uniforms lads.jpg)

File: ce72ef7b0d791ff⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 300x382, 150:191, weieiaeiou.jpg)

>>12677933 (observed)

Cheers lad. Portents there suggest we are on the right track. We just need to have faith in our ultimate victory because it is preordained. The causal threads point to a singular outcome as does all manner of divination. Its gonna get worse before it gets better but it WILL get better and we will have the good fortune to witness an earth shattering paradigm shift and history in the making. Even now the globalists are seeing their utopian plans begin to come apart at the seams. They thought it would be like that stupid 70s coca cola advert but instead they got rape gangs, no go zones, terrorism, crime, a parasitical lack of gratitude and a resurgence in ultranationalism. Every time the "far right" has sprung into action, its always a reaction to the left taking things too far. Every time. They bring this upon themselves and, when they are facing the gallows and firing squads or being torn limb from limb by an angry mob, they will only have themselves to blame.

>>12677899 (observed again)

Leaf has pic related to look forward to now. I wonder if turd-oh will try to intercede? He'd probably more likely go over there and play dress-up again, looking like something from Fu Manchu and prance about the great wall.

c85462  No.12678102

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nice little insightful video from Red Ice here. Notice a pattern?

Also a couple of Orban's teenage daughters aint bad looking either

c873a7  No.12678703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Viking Sexual Morality. How Free Were Viking Women? How Tolerant Was Viking Society?

2e35ed  No.12678986


Just reading this page and I find it essentially supports my view that the myths themselves were simply epics that built up around the worship of the gods, with poets essentially further humanising them for the sake of greater storytelling than actual theology tee bee haich

8e3032  No.12679385


The government hasn't yet banned basic machine tools.

2e35ed  No.12679439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2e35ed  No.12679485