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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

59128b  No.12605087

This video destroys all the (((disinfo))) and misinfo flying around.

Why don't people know about this? This is fucking infuriating. If the truth about 9/11 comes out, watch videos of people dying on the twin towers so you can REIGNITE THE HATRED you felt. Use the Mockingbird Media's propaganda against them!

59128b  No.12605088

Heil Hitler

59128b  No.12605094

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Feliz navidad a todos en /pol/, may God grant us amnesty, I love this country but planning to travel to other countries while US gets their 9/11 stuff in place.

The second advent of Alexandro Magno is coming soon!

82e317  No.12605098



I wonder if mr.dacaryan is a bot.

a92f2a  No.12605101


We are all esoteric immigrants inside :^3

82e317  No.12605104


>nonsensical post

Whelp, lets see if our cuckmods will delete a bot thread.

f3bbcb  No.12605115

((( >>12605104 )))

> wanting "mods" to delete a 9/11 thread

I think you misspelled (((mossad))).

What's the matter kike, what about the video triggered you and made you terrified for the safety of the jewish people?

82e317  No.12605116

>switching IPs multiple times

>ur da skeerd one

Kill yourself already, rednigger.

038bcd  No.12605126

File: 7c138e1b47f7c6f⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 450x304, 225:152, 7c138e1b47f7c6ff894ec416f1….jpg)


The jews will get what's coming to them

a92f2a  No.12605133

Threads like this should be stickied

4079e9  No.12605140

k in the video he talks about the episode about "eddie bravo" and i really would like to hear that linik.

to my knowledge eddie bravo is a typical half informed american who chooses to speak his mind and his opinion changes constantly

a92f2a  No.12605146

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here, but to my knowledge Eddie Bravo is a female version of Roe Cuckgan (10% less brain mass)

038bcd  No.12605151


Eddie Bravo is a moron. Not to the extent of being a liability to anyone, he's just taken too many hits to the head.

cea1da  No.12605179

bf6574  No.12605194


>heiling a DACAryan

Heil Hitler and Tupac Amaru!

d662e1  No.12605208


Feliz Navidad!

4f5230  No.12605228

The problem with Dawson is that he's a contrarian autist who always wants to disagree with the mainstream "truthers". In the past, when his disagreements were about Israel doing it and a plane Hitting the Pentagon, he was right, but now that those things are mainstream, he's sperging out about how fire brought down WTC7.

bed85b  No.12605247


Actually he just focuses on things he can prove. Part of the reason he has to become like that is because normies have already heard those weak arguments, hence he has to focus more and more on the EVIDENCE that ISRAEL was conducting TERRORISM.

4f5230  No.12605262


Except he can't prove that fires took down Building 7, yet he still tries to do so. It's unironic autism, I mean, just look at how he carries himself during video interviews.

bed85b  No.12605267


>proving a negative

4f5230  No.12605274


How would proving that fires took down WTC7 be proving a negative?

5ec602  No.12605308


That's what normies believe, you CANNOT get into the van with bombs (FBI and police reports), OR the bomb strap in the planes (phone call), OR the Israeli with RDX because you're too busy explaining fires to normies. For DACA's sake, think about convincing normies on Israel and not yourself again.

cae63f  No.12605326

File: 215f4b7854354ad⋯.mp4 (8.42 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 911.mp4)

You're free to promulgate that that Jews are responsible for 911, just as you are free to claim that the moon landing wasn't real or that the earth is flat. Try claiming the Jews weren't the perpetrators of 911 but the cause of 911 and see how far you get.

14e463  No.12605367


>it's not organic because I say it isn't

8b120e  No.12605510


Underrated post

f1bc36  No.12605826


>Comparing flatearthers to 9/11 truthers

Judaism speaks. As for the moon landing - why did the national fucking heroes disappear from the spotlight instead of embracing it? Why did they start drinking and completely avoided interviews? Where's nasa now anyway?

66eee8  No.12605925


>THE HATRED you felt

I never felt hatred for it. New Yorkers dying is a good thing. The hatred is saved for the Jews who used it to start wars.

66eee8  No.12605930


>Try claiming the Jews weren't the perpetrators of 911 but the cause of 911 and see how far you get.

You get into the official report, as your own post shows.

b206e2  No.12605932

File: 742fc4a0c2693ac⋯.png (243.89 KB, 713x794, 713:794, Hitler_hand.PNG)

43a273  No.12606038


Most people who now know that Israel did 9/11 got there by questioning the physical aspects of the attacks, trying to convince them that the official story is actually true, and then that Israel did it is an unnecessary amount of work, and pure autism. That's the equivalent of trying to sell someone on the fact that Israel killed Kennedy, but doing so by first arguing that Oswald acted alone, but he that he was an agent of Israel.

Ryan is a narcissistic autist. You can see his the same tendencies behind his 9/11 position at play in his acceptance of the "Holocaust-lite" scenario with David Cole and that "Nazi Hunter" he was working with, as well as his denial of race and claim that there is no jewish problem, and it's all just zionism - as if kike's weren't a plague on all of humanity long before Herzl wrote Der Judenstaat.

094858  No.12606041


>self promotion circlejerk

this "video" literally is a podcast of an arab sucking a guy's cock for one hour.

if you're going to make a thread about 9/11 then post links, resources that isn't just a stupid podcast, text, infographics, and create your own summary and commentary unless you're just posting shit that everyone already knows. this isn't cuckchan

c3d431  No.12606061

File: 5736d5d14e7ede2⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 74657456.jpg)


Ryan is not a die hard National Socialist and he unironically cares about Palestinians, anything he digs up on israel is false. JIDF would never attack someone like him, literally just disregard him.

000000  No.12606081










5de325  No.12606127

Fuck off with your garbage ops, faggot.

3e36a8  No.12606213


This is the game, an anon makes a good thread that direclty implicates the jews, and shills swarm to it to either derail the thread or post so much garbage in it that it gets deleted. Always filter shills on site, don't even reply.

ea6719  No.12606374



That's the problem when you dabble in the occult even for a giggle. You end up believing the Earth is flat and become another useful idiot.

000000  No.12606420

No planes were used on 9/11 and the Twin Towers were "evaporated" from beneath by mini nukes.

More info @ 911history.de

15a4b0  No.12606432


>post evidence

Watch the video for the FBI reports


That doesn't work in the real world

15a4b0  No.12606439


>you're a jew if you care about children being murdered

You tell him mr. Schmidt

43a273  No.12606448

File: 6ffe72ed5cea247⋯.png (320.2 KB, 680x365, 136:73, 6ffe72ed5cea2473e29c6f4e41….png)

000000  No.12606466


Not sure what to say…

e006db  No.12606494


Aspestos was removed on purpose.

1993 bombing of WTC, Air Conditioning

1993 was the year fireproof R12 was being removed.

…That was the role "green peace" played. That is the battle color of muzzies. Look it up.

9/11 was likely planned since the days of JFK and Dallas. A lot of practice runs of hijackings occured in the 70s, 80s. They seemed to be for the purpose of conditioning the public "they just want to go home". Muzzies lie. Never forget.

There is a plane and training camp if the sands of SA. Fact. FACT.

ec9ed2  No.12606548


bump because interesting

43a273  No.12606581

File: c8848e40b4a9bad⋯.png (176.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 911 Octopus.png)

File: 918024418a3e30c⋯.jpg (201.04 KB, 555x691, 555:691, Simon-Shack-Jew.jpg)


>getting rid of "aspestos" was a secret Muslim conspiracy

I hate boomers so much.


"No planes" and space beams are jewish disinformation to make people who point out the facts about 9/11 look insane.

Pic related is from the introduction to "9/11 Octopus", the first full-length documentary pushing the "no planes narrative". It was made by "BS Registration" aka "Fred", who was on the 911 Movement forum and the no planes inner circle with Killtown and the jew Simon Shack. They weren't even trying to hide their kosher agenda.

e006db  No.12606589


PSA: Hitler sided with the muzzies. 9/11 was a collaboration of the jews, yes but also the muzz. Jews have to find someone to contract out their dirty work. That is why they push open borders. Yet, they still have to find nasty wicked people to do their deeds.

Israel's biggest problem in the Middle East is attacks by muzzies. Jews have publically said they wanted Americans to feel the pain of what they deal with on a daily basis. So they contracted a hit.

Muzzies are ready and willing to commit horrendous acts. They are hired thugs. They see outsiders as Kaffir, just like jews see outsiders as goyim. Both are words like "cattle" if I recall.

They are cut from the same cloth. Hitler was controlled opposition. He even sided with commie Russia at one point.

5de325  No.12606603


>Give me click shekels goyim!

Fuck off yid.

000000  No.12606618


>"No planes" and space beams are jewish disinformation to make people who point out the facts about 9/11 look insane.

Who said "space beams", huh?

This is a good example of Discredit by Association

It's easier to use your controlled media to add some CGI planes than to actually use planes to do the impossible because the speeds at which the planes flew were impossible to reach and aluminum could have never penetrated the thick steel of the World Trade Centers. Never!

>pushing the "no planes narrative".

I'm quite sure that when they pushed that 'narrative' they injected UFOs, Space Beams, Ancient Aliens to make it seem like it's some foolish theory.

Disinformation is a combination of truthful information wrapped in a load of shit so you either dismiss the truth together with the shit or you get deceived by swallowing it all, learn to discern!

e006db  No.12606624

File: 7d55e61c772539d⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 1683x422, 1683:422, 16snap_ 2018.12.26 13.08.5….jpg)


Yes, getting rid of Aspestos and R12 was a secret muslim conspiracy. Yes, Hussein was a muzzie. Yes, he was a green facist. Yes, muzzies are green facists, just like Hitler. Yes, they happily take money and work for jews. Yes, muzzies lands are sand shitholes and it doesn't make sense. Yes, they are hypocrites, liars and phonies.

de4dd3  No.12606645


please breathe in some "aspestos" grandpa

e006db  No.12606661


Or do you want to breathe in the smoke of your burned down cities, like Saddam and Gomorrah, homo.

Look up the cure for cancer, you'll be less paranoid. That's part of the manipulation.

bab11d  No.12606710


JIDF back at it again.

add89a  No.12606715

File: fb99a3ee8693581⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 720x876, 60:73, clown world tsa muslim and….jpg)


its been 17 years and no one has ever done anything about 911 except to accept their women and children getting groped by the tsa

000000  No.12606771


>Yesterday, Israel carried out an unprovoked Christmas Day attack against Syria. According to reports citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, six Israeli F16 fighters violated neighboring Lebanese airspace and while passing over Sidon, fired 16 laser-guided GBU-39 bombs towards targets in and around the capital city of Damascus, 14 of which were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems.

>More shocking details were revealed today, as the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the IDF jets flew in to firing position – just as two civilian passenger airliners were in the air preparing for their landings into both Beirut and Damascus airports.

>As a result, Syrian military defense units did not deploy its surface-to-air missiles and electronic jamming “to prevent a tragedy” and instead allowed Damascus air traffic control divert one of its passenger flights to an emergency destination at Khmeimim in Latakia.

>Israel’s IDF would have been fully aware of these passenger airline flights, and therefore would have specifically chosen this exact position and timing in order to carry out their air operation against Syria. Based on this, one can logically conclude then that the IDF placed those civilian flight in danger, and that the Israeli military used those civilian airline flights as cover to increase their odds of executing a successful military airstrike.

>In an official statement to the press today, Russian Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov stated:

>“Provocative acts by the Israeli Air Force endangered two passenger jets when six of their F-16s carried out airstrikes on Syria from Lebanese airspace.”

>Had the Syrian military not hesitated, and engaged the initial Israeli bogey – and accidentally hit one of the passenger airliners the IDF was using as cover – the international outrage would have been substantial, with the western media most certainly blaming ‘the Assad Regime’ and ‘Putin’s Russia’ for the ‘humanitarian tragedy.’ It’s possible that an incident would have been enough to prompt renewed calls for the US forces to remain in Syria – effectively reversing the announcement made by President Trump last week to withdrawal US troops from their illegal occupation on northeastern Syria. Whether this was the Israeli motive for carrying out such a risky move is uncertain, but yesterday’s reckless incident by Israel follows a familiar and disturbing pattern of using other country’s aircraft as cover in order bait Syria’s air defenses to hit the wrong targets while conveniently concealing their own visibility on their enemy’s radar systems.

>Back in September, Israel executed a similarly reckless maneuver which led to the downing of a Russian surveillance Il-20 plane – killing all 15 crew on board. Israel’s F-16s effectively used it as cover during the attack, which led to the Russian plane being shot down by Syrian air defense systems as it attempted to land near Tartous. To make matters worse, Israeli officials failed to provide the correct location data of their fighter jets, instead feeding misinformation to Russian officials at the last moment, instead claiming IDF jets were going to attack several ‘industrial facilities’ in northern Syria. This move prompted Russian officials to condemn the deceptive act as one of “criminal negligence”, stating at the time:

>“The misleading information provided by the Israeli officer about the area of strikes did not allow the Russian Il-20 airplane to move timely to a safe area.”

>After the Syrian air defenses responded to the initial Israeli strike, IDF jets then switched on radar jamming and pulled back – in what many have labeled as a “cowardly act” on the part of Israel.

>To date, Israel has refused to acknowledge any responsibility for the Christmas Day attack, but according to a report by Newsweek quoting a source in the US Defense Department, Israel was targeting ‘senior Hezbollah leaders’ in the air strikes.





e006db  No.12606776

File: e68881179ea3d38⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cokeandasmile.jpg)



..or am I a boomer? You know, one of those hippie boomers that is shilling for the amazing fire retardant capabilities of Aspestos and R12.

Have you met one of those?

You're willingly ignorant.

Stop being obsessed with ad homing the message. You think muzzies are your friends because they no likey the jew?

Jews would be more than happy to over-run the US with muzzies. In fact if all the muzzies left the Middle East and entered the US and Europe, that would make them very happy.

Wow, maybe you're JIDF?

Did you guys watch the video? Its not all one thing or the other. Don't forget skull and bones and the Bush's, who go back to Dallas and JFK.

Put down your ad hom attacks for a while and put on your thinking caps.

bab11d  No.12606794


Get filtered, kike. You type like an Israeli.

e006db  No.12606806


Ha ha whatever. You guys are keyboard warmers that never turned a wrench. So you're freaking out because I'm talking about construction materials and HVAC.

Type away. Copy paste URL links and Urban Dictioanry slurs. Sorry I almost made you think for yourself.

e006db  No.12606814

File: 718f83193902b37⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 860x484, 215:121, image-1093262-860_poster_1….jpg)


Your daughter. They grow up so fast.

bab11d  No.12606819

File: 527c48934d3bc44⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 750x390, 25:13, 123123141244.jpg)

>keeps replying

Can't see what you're writing jew, do you not know how a filter works? Oopsie doopsie.

446368  No.12606820


What I hate about this site these days is the influx of jews, the muddy waters, and how everyone just calls each other a jew regardless of whats being said. If you disagree with someone on any crux of the matter, well you must have a hook nose.

I agree with you anon, I will say firstly that Ryan is an amazing journalist, he has been at this game for so long and knows his shit … I will never say otherwise. BUT! My god if you (and I have done this) get in an argument with him about how its the Jews and their elk, not the “zionist” “elite” but their whole brainwashed ethno-centric race and their childhood coupled with nepotism and too much inbreading that has turned the WHOLE race into the problem, into the meddling socialy destructive international jew that has started every major war, profiteered from the deaths of gentiles for a millenia, and genocidally whipped palestine off the map and instigated 9/11 from theory to action.

He thinks, that its this small sect of jews that are the issue, and the moment I found how much he will defend to the death the everyday jew … I lost all respect for him.

388ea3  No.12629729


339937  No.12631728


Underrated post

388ea3  No.12654014

bump to keep

2133f9  No.12660897


DACA soon brother!

2133f9  No.12660899


why are boomers so smug?

74d9a6  No.12660937


Why isn't that muslim killing that tranny?

eea576  No.12660954

This video shows actual proof and evidence on the pentagon. It shows how the physics is wrong in the official report. And they collect govnment employee testimony that condradicts the official story. Including from an Air Force colonel which is funny. https://youtu.be/j5FhQc-LJ-o

388ea3  No.12682436

the need to bump

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