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File: 2d95751aa57f981⋯.png (319.32 KB, 584x429, 584:429, 1545938816595.png)

File: 524485a59bdf734⋯.png (367.17 KB, 922x622, 461:311, 1.png)

File: 1b6d438c2caab43⋯.png (441.21 KB, 1010x622, 505:311, 2.png)

3187ed  No.12609962

"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." – (((Saul Alinsky)))

Go to Twitter . com and search Filter:Verified "Goyim"

You will find thousands of derogatory tweets directed at "the goyim" from our friendly verified Jewish friends.

Regular Joes don't know that Jews use Goyim to talk mad shit about them. Let's red pill the Goyim, Goys!

Previous thread: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/197874775

21b307  No.12609979


>expecting (((twitter))) to censor their own

Sage for the waste of a thread.

87c2f8  No.12610047


no gonna happen but if you want to waste a few hours trying then be my guest.

87c2f8  No.12610055



this kikess writes for forbes

352d0b  No.12610082

The first one is a retarded nog rapper (who thought Apedre's sarcastic articles about Gavin McCuck were sincere) quoting an "anti-Semite".

54b204  No.12610265

Using their own tactics against them is our best hope, mostly because we are far better at their own games than they are and it's in a format undeniable to the NPC SJW corporations. Imagine if normies found out that judaism is the biggest supremacist and racist organization there has ever been. The ideology that those outside of your group are "subhuman" IS LITERALLY NAZISM!!! You get the point here. What's the best angle here to let this be known the the corporate high-ups? We simply cannot allow hate speech such as "goyim" to exist in our world! There is no room for this hatred.

32cfae  No.12610286

The shut-it-down merchants got on this topic early.

There is no reason not to do this, anyone claiming otherwise needs to show screen captures of what happened when they tried.

Discouragement is the aim. Don't fall for it.

Also keep responses to reports and compare next to coverage of other 'hate speech.'

88bd50  No.12610295


So how do you oppose the Jew there, sensei?

It's win-win: Twitter bans, Jew salt flows; Twitter doesn't ban, evidence of this makes its way into the public consciousness, Jew salt flows.

a783a7  No.12610312


I prefer #2 to be honest, how does we make that be?

88bd50  No.12610321


Public comments with evidence under censorship/hate-speech-related news. No shortage of opportunities these days.

dc1202  No.12610335

We need a way to spread (((their))) awareness

b7d52b  No.12610383


>Thinking this is about convincing the twitter administration and not the userbase

Name a reason we shouldn't push this.

15d854  No.12610408


Great idea, have a bump

eafc9b  No.12610525


> >expecting (((twitter))) to censor their own

Ha. Think a few steps ahead.

1. Get a blog.

2. Pick a subject: goyim posts, Sarah Jeong tier anti-white hateposts, whatever violates their stated rules. For fun, make it something that'll split the factions of the left against each other like Blacks vs. Jews.

3. Search for matching posts and make a list. Use a spreadsheet.

4. Archive. Screenshot. Report. Wait for a response.

5. Screenshot the response.

6. Use your blog to bitch about the hypocrisy.

f7c418  No.12610542


>The ideology that those outside of your group are "subhuman" IS LITERALLY NAZISM!!!

Nazis never believed that. That's the Jewish lie of accusing your enemies of being what you are, or doing what you're actually doing.

Nazis believed in one volk making a nation, and that volk should should support their own. But they never said other races (besides Jews) were subhuman. And the only reason they hated Jews was for the actions Jews took against Germany, and the corruption they bring to every nation.

f7c418  No.12610549


By the way, purpose of this thread is a good idea, we should all help.

4ad41d  No.12610567

Absolute lurker…. This shit is the line man. If people don't go full 14/88 we are all going to die very soon. Whites hate each other and everyone is banding together to kill us while we bicker. Wow man. Show this to any civnat trumpcuck

fc9315  No.12610643


>Discouragement is the aim. Don't fall for it.

We're in the middle of a major disruption and demoralization shilling campaign. They're last gasp I feel.

a19003  No.12610760

File: ce649bdd10465d1⋯.png (369.48 KB, 500x485, 100:97, Woke Yid.png)

a19003  No.12610765

File: 7930881c3306e72⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 1021x547, 1021:547, Raugh Out Roud.jpg)

When they cannot differentiate between real and fake, all jews will be tossed in the oven. Poison their well.

793988  No.12610774


Go back to reddit, yidnigger.

The point is to bring awareness

c3d9bf  No.12610989

"Gradually, I began to hate them"

46d6b9  No.12611043


"Rules for thee, but not for (((mee)))"

1a8483  No.12611258

File: ea6ae3d15abc02e⋯.jpg (592.25 KB, 1068x1349, 1068:1349, Screenshot_20181227-235845.jpg)

2a626e  No.12612107


The point isn't the truth–it's manipulation for our own ends. Of course anti-whites aren't redpilled on National Socialism. Hopefully your post is b8. There's a serious lack of reading comprehension around here. Do you think normalfaggots would need any redpills if they knew the tenets of NS factually?

d6b6aa  No.12612606


>Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules

They also ban users for "misgendering" other users…

>change profile to outlandish preferred pronouns

>(bonus for aposematic profile pic)

>bait faggots into referring to you incorrectly

>report transphobic bigots

680440  No.12613278


Rules only exist if you are White.

000000  No.12613389

FYI, don't call yourself goy(im) unless you're imitating a Jew. Speaking of imitating a Jew I think that can be an effective method, just be overly racist against non-Jews and be overly proud of the achievements of "your" kindred.


It seems so, here in Europe laws only seem to fully apply to the native people.

000000  No.12615701


This, OP wants anons to expose themselves to Twitter's handler squad. OP is a Twitter employee most likely.

d739cd  No.12616730


Approach should be to broaden use of 'goyim' - Anglicize the plural to 'goyims' …

talk about Goyish % of media ownership versus % of population.

Reach out to blacks and latinos as fellow goyims.

Double standards that favor non-whites are not going anywhere anytime soon.

So highlight the double standards via satire.

Narcing on speech is a Joo Moove.

000000  No.12621388


ee7b1a  No.12621528


>Sage for the waste of a thread.

You forgot to mention where our time should be schlomo

845add  No.12621628

File: 940ffcddbf2af57⋯.jpg (284.44 KB, 794x762, 397:381, originalimage.jpg)


431e4f  No.12621658

Isn't there already a thread on this? Further, you may as well go full cuckservative and cry "dems are the real racists!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111one". Twatter is NOT going to be censoring the left just because you point it out, you dumb nigger.

82b726  No.12643563


>Joo Moove


79b1e9  No.12658764


be advised, gad saad's tweet was most him trying to show a sense of humour. If you take that seriously, then you'll make yourself look foolish and he and others will just say it's a prank bro. I think it's more damaging if we just show the double standards and continue to expose their hypocrisy.


It's better for us if they remain unbanned, as it would support our narrative, which is what we need most right now.

6dc630  No.12662128

File: d616946e318ad11⋯.png (649.93 KB, 1226x599, 1226:599, #GoyimGate 3.png)

dc8d6b  No.12662150

>Deal with the platform, make a deal with Brock, or get out.

Don't like it, then don't deal with the site. Get off your ass and build your own.

a51e7b  No.12685667

File: 0c01df5d4b81273⋯.png (189.05 KB, 992x528, 62:33, 4rtyui.png)


For you shomlo you look drained.

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