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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b4dbb3  No.12611776

Malema: "The whites cannot leave South Africa"

White genocide when?

b4dbb3  No.12611785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listening to these subhumans makes my IQ drop to room temperature levels…

f4718d  No.12611790


That's the beauty of (((Marxism))).

b4dbb3  No.12611791

His "white friend Adriano" is probably a jew…

b4dbb3  No.12611816


his speech is at 4:37

he claims whites will poison the land if they're allowed to leave, which is total nigger thinking and always a good excuse why re-distribution fails

075c78  No.12611821

>you cant own land

>uh you cant leave either, we are too retarded. Please baby sit us.

its gonna be great when all these stupid niggers start starving to death.

fdaa7f  No.12611833


>he claims whites will poison the land if they're allowed to leave, which is total nigger thinking and always a good excuse why re-distribution fails

He's already setting up the political excuse for the future starvation.

52130b  No.12611834


>admitting on their own mistakes


a7c9b2  No.12611836

File: 3607eae1a6b0d19⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1475x3167, 1475:3167, boers2.png)

File: 038557e8362a4c1⋯.png (189.65 KB, 1482x2369, 1482:2369, boer_number.png)

File: 4eeaecca20c5db9⋯.png (473.26 KB, 1197x863, 1197:863, boer1.PNG)

File: 1bc4b06913438d8⋯.png (404.7 KB, 1560x1415, 312:283, boer3.png)

File: cbdfe1cd7fffc44⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1896x3504, 79:146, boer4.png)

c54438  No.12611837

>Inb4 kikes larping as niggers in this thread

a7c9b2  No.12611838

File: ae7ab95670119ef⋯.png (984.25 KB, 1480x4068, 370:1017, South Africa.png)

File: 36ef59bff28acd6⋯.png (185.8 KB, 1562x624, 781:312, The hunt.png)

File: f0b5f1bbc42ea4e⋯.png (388.56 KB, 1548x2458, 774:1229, War in South Africa.png)

a7c9b2  No.12611841

File: c16dd0bb6f42df1⋯.png (73.5 KB, 1562x590, 781:295, africa weather.png)

File: 91345774992e140⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1809x4531, 1809:4531, Africa.png)

File: d5cc6fe7f876875⋯.jpg (874.2 KB, 1557x1200, 519:400, africa2.jpg)

File: c98844b56b4476a⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1280x4079, 1280:4079, african para.jpg)

e05869  No.12611878

The siener advised that the boer defend themselves when the time came that the nogs would attempt to take all their shit

That the boer should hold out and that ultimately they would win

Shouldnt be too hard given that its the boers feeding the nogs and should the nogs become dependent on food imports, i doubt they can run their logistics well enough to prevent starvation

f4718d  No.12611885


This is just going to be a repeat of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, just slower, with more Whites, and possibly civil war.

f4718d  No.12611891


The problem comes in if (((the West))) tries to intervene and help the communist nigs, just like (((the West))) did during the Rhodesian bush wars, and pressuring old South Africa to end apartheid.

865cfe  No.12611903


btw, did trump already finish his investigations about south africa? :^)

for real, trump and putin will not save them. either they leave fast enough, or be prepared for civil war

214cb0  No.12611986


Yeah, the blacks' public position is that Whites have to just give everything they have to kangz and then die or kill themselves. They're guaranteeing that violence is the only future possibility. Stupid on their part. History shows that Whites are much better at war than Africans ever have been, even when outnumbered many times over.

2977e6  No.12611997


guaranteed that shit monkey is just parroting whatever he's been told by his kikenvermin handler.

The jews want some exquisite slaughter to occur, perhaps so they can seize beautiful blond haired children to slake their lust after their parents have been slaughtered by the bloodthirsty shitskins.

e919e5  No.12611998

File: 37350028e18d16f⋯.png (129.59 KB, 500x540, 25:27, sithole.png)

000000  No.12612032

Niggers are eternal children

I wonder how they were created, did a Aryan years back fuck an ape and create a human-ape hybrid now referred to as niggers?

91be07  No.12612082


>misread nigger's name as General Shithole

>can't unsee

afc7f9  No.12612133


thats exactly it. partly muh dick, and 100% jealousy of whites. even when they are openly doing genocide and seething with hatred for whites, they still want them to stay. wow its almost like nobody wants to be around niggers.

If whites could somehow make all the niggers want to go away, we would be celebrating. I cant imagine that intensity of joy and true happiness that would bring whites in the US if the black plauge suddenly were panicing to leave for Africa.

000000  No.12612176


His name is shithole, he just spelled it wrong.

19e1aa  No.12612179

File: d7da03b378b10ad⋯.jpg (103.18 KB, 500x532, 125:133, no_longer_certain.jpg)

Well let's see, when niggers chimped out they killed a million something tutsi, not bad. When whites chimped out we got the most destructive war in human history with a loss of life so massive it's hard to even contemplate. I wonder how this will turn out.

f2112a  No.12612226

File: ea8737de106ebe5⋯.mp4 (9.98 MB, 540x360, 3:2, rhodesia bush wars.mp4)

214cb0  No.12612252


>It's Whitey's fault when blacks commit crime

This kind of lack of self-awareness would have actually shocked me at one time. The total lack of responsibility or accountability is what guarantees that blacks will be exactly as they are now in a thousand years - assuming AIDS and famine don't do them in first.

426e4a  No.12612277


>I wonder how they were created, did a Aryan years back fuck an ape and create a human-ape hybrid now referred to as niggers?

jewish slave owners committing bestiality is what gave us the american nigger.

0ebece  No.12612285

b-b-b-but trump made a tweet!

d3be85  No.12612286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3be85  No.12612289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And my personal favorite.

263f1c  No.12612290

We should go tit-for-tat and start the purge

41b2d8  No.12612308


>White genocide when?

70 years ago and counting

2d1f48  No.12612317


I don't find this humorous. He knows that niggers are going to fail and starve. He is setting up the excuse to murder beforehand. He can say, when he re-distributes the land and niggers starve that Europeans poisoned the land.


Yeah…'European genocide' because you won't genocide anyone else like they deserve. This planet should have been our alone, but instead you all gave it away to niggers, shitskins and every manner of subhuman filth rather than begin the purge of our enemies.

596a15  No.12612332


Altruism is the greatist sin of our people. NEVER MAKE THE MISTAKE AGAIN!


Double dubs confirm, and this is why the ameri-nigger has such oddly shaped craniums.

e919e5  No.12612333

File: d6cf161c03176ca⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 400x527, 400:527, serbia.jpg)


Because America came along and bombed everyone who tried.

d34d9b  No.12612337

File: 606b39b85d0b199⋯.jpg (53.34 KB, 576x960, 3:5, nigger monkey gorilla boy.jpg)

File: f5b910832f6ff6d⋯.png (144.06 KB, 1026x1026, 1:1, niggers are not human they….png)


c54438  No.12612343



Correct word is "ape"

a02849  No.12612469


Yeah and orangeman and merkel give them billions in (((aid)))



bc3145  No.12612493

File: 2a72b306b9c0bd7⋯.webm (7.82 MB, 854x480, 427:240, wish we could turn back t….webm)

36bb52  No.12612524

File: 96be8893cd2d4b7⋯.jpg (15.8 KB, 326x326, 1:1, dasrite.jpg)


That's the beauty of niggers.

7ab7a8  No.12612661


>Stupid on their part. History shows that Whites are much better at war than Africans ever have been, even when outnumbered many times over.

Yes but what about their chink handlers with their own interest in the land's resources, or the rest of BRICS for that matter?

b786d1  No.12612668

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

596a15  No.12612678


How much money could actually be made, selling magic charms to niggers in africa? Can we re-appropriate the gibs this way?

214cb0  No.12612913



Can barely even keep their own country together. If they go to war it'll be with Venezuela's commie shitbag government, not ZA.


Russia's not going to send Spetznaz into rural farmland on the other side of the world to make a bunch of angry, stupid niggers happy.


Superpower any day now. I'll be more concerned about them when their people discover the value of toilets.


Hasn't won a war in 400 years, troops are ill-equipped and poorly trained, they don't even have a blue water navy, and, like Russia, they're not going to send troops into rural farmland on the other side of the world to make niggers happy. They're open and blunt about the fact that they see sub-Saharan Africans as something above monkeys and below people.

These countries will just make new mining deals with whatever future government(s) emerges from the rubble of South Africa. Whether it's retarded niggers, poo-in-loo expats, Britbongs or Boers giving them resources won't make a difference.

30a58b  No.12612995


>he claims whites will poison the land if they're allowed to leave

Its the only reasonable thing to do if youre forced to give up your homeland to an angry mob, id rather burn my house down than see it redistributed to a litter of niggers.

b753cb  No.12613042

So, slavery.

07505f  No.12613046


Nothing can stop the undercurrents guiding humanity. Not even Hitler and the energy of the Third Reich could. We've been on this trajectory for at least since the time of the written word doomed to ride this course to the bitter end. It's foolish for anyone to think a single individual or group can stop whats been in the works going on long before you were born.

We're so close to global chaos bursting from the seams that there's no point wasting energy trying to hold it back other than to increase its energy when it finally breaks loose. We're living in the century of absolute violence. Bring it on so future generations can be baptized in blood and give birth to something not even we can imagine.

c54438  No.12613060


>asses and elbows

000000  No.12613070

you know during the time of apartheid south africa was the only country able to deploy 1 million people to any country in africa within 24 hours, i do not know how eroded this capability is, but the logistical power of south africas army should not be underestimated.

dd37a6  No.12613073

File: 47baa18e85ad280⋯.mp4 (9.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wewuzrampagekangz.mp4)


we wuz checkin dubs n sheeeeittt

d4dd86  No.12613156

File: a55e8dec40e7622⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1249310794873.jpg)


>tfw a nigger says "think about this" before presenting what it believes to be a well thought out argument

4eb89a  No.12613167


Who are you supposed to be addressing about what? Who are you warning about a million sa army?

d3102c  No.12613217


That is going to be a vastly more difficult proposition this time around. We are watching. We are fighting. We are winning this war in their own controlled lands. The risk of SA becoming an cornerstone for 'us' to gain even more power and influence over normalfags is high should they take too many steps while we are here to watch.

The war has already started and they know it, those reading should know it. Currently it is still mostly simmering and non physical, an combative fight for normalfaggots minds. And they are very worried we are winning. They move against SA whites there is little cover they can use that we cannot undermine and use to crush what little influence they have left. Since they are filthy idiot jews that cannot help themselves, I am sure they will give it a try tho.

Be prepared to pounce when it happens. It can only strengthen our cause.

214cb0  No.12613266


Apartheid ended 25 years ago. The highly-skilled White men who were in the army at that time are in their mid-40s or 50s. The South African army of today consists of about 40,000 blacks, grossly underpaid and using whatever 1980s equipment the ANC inherited at the end of White rule. When the government collapses and the soldiers are no longer being paid, most of them will just abandon their posts with whatever guns and vehicles they can easily take with them. At best they'll form roving bandit gangs or rally around the Black Warlord of the Week.

000000  No.12613270


i am saying there is a lot to be gained in trying to get disaffected parts of the army to revolt and join the cause.

08d13d  No.12613275


Have fun getting niggers to not nigger at you. Army is niggers now.

cc496c  No.12613279

When is BASTE Trump going to act on this again?

ca5826  No.12613284


It's not the BRICs you have to worry about. It's the USA. If it looks like whites have a chance of winning in SA, ZOG will come down on the Boer with the righteous fury of an Old Testament god. If it takes nukes, they'll use nukes.

e43bbb  No.12613287


The countries that do not offer sancturary within 2019, but offer sancturary to disgusting mudslimes, those are the ones involved in white genocide and I would bet my life on it.

d8241e  No.12613499


then apply a kinetic solution to the handlers problem

they shouldn't be very hard to identify in the middle of niggers

I'm inclined to think that cheap drones could do wonders, equipped with chemically unstable packages

836aab  No.12613543


>putting autotune niggerbeats on Rhodesia footage

Whoever made this needs to have his fingers broken.

c8f147  No.12613560


>When whites chimped out we got the most destructive war in human history with a loss of life so massive it's hard to even contemplate.

Newsflash retard, WW2 was kikes paying mercenary anglos to devastate Europe. You didn't fight any noble war against the world: communists and anglos teamed up to murder you, who actually wanted peace.

c8f147  No.12613564



>20 years ago.

I swear to God that the last white american will still be sitting and waiting for the DOTR while they're down to 1% population. It never comes because they want someone else to start it.

6f936a  No.12613664

File: 95fcbaa9fcce378⋯.jpg (161.12 KB, 1492x495, 1492:495, dont fuck with white peopl….jpg)

File: ef8838286f2ac62⋯.jpg (131.97 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, saxon.jpg)

File: c9e2d9b4086e202⋯.gif (984.18 KB, 360x250, 36:25, When White People Chimp Ou….gif)


Obligatory, plus two others. Anyone have the one that goes with the first one?

ef2a76  No.12613743


>orderly columns and rows of well dressed goosestepping soldiers

>chimping out

What else would be a more appropriate term for it?

f4718d  No.12613757


At least Russia allowed for 15,000 White farmers to emigrate to there, though, I doubt that it was Putin's government itself, probably a Russian NGO that actually gives half a fuck. Trump, on the other hand just made one Tweet about it. And Peter Dutton in Australia tried, but got kiked over.

d3102c  No.12613774


Anon. A white mans emotions are just for letting him know there are things to be done.

Once you start doing, no need for emotions. They get in the way of doing what needs to happen efficiently. Let your mind clear the emotions drain and feel peace knowing you are doing as needed when you bring hell upon earth for your enemies to harvest. In the dark hours of the night years later, let the happy emotions of success and vindication placate you on the losses required while doing as is right.

>everyone please go watch, download and spread the swedish girls beheading video in the other thread.

>time to break the systems control over the normalfaggots mind, and watching an beautiful white girl whom clearly was just raped get her throat cut yelling out 'mom' is perfect for breaking that conditioning.

>we are there to be the strong horse for the sheep whom need a leader.

>be the leader anons.

ef2a76  No.12613789


While all that is true, it didn't exactly answer my question - what should the change to "chimping out" be for orderly rows of sharply dressed soldaten?

2fbcda  No.12613792

File: 6d21e65f6edea4e⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 426x640, 213:320, unnamed.jpg)

File: 672d7766e9a1ff3⋯.jpg (181.75 KB, 700x696, 175:174, Don_gorilla_sheek_louch.jpg)

File: 8ce96a3dd22beba⋯.gif (42.45 KB, 332x375, 332:375, bantu-1.gif)


proto niggers SAN fucked gorillas and created the gorilla-san hybrid popularly referred to as nigger, the fact stares us in the face.

If you then know about the bantu expansion, you realize niggers is something MODERN. A invasive hybrid species killing the planet.

430fbc  No.12613805

File: 74d6d75de03181e⋯.jpg (67.35 KB, 660x468, 55:39, koko_and_lips1.jpg)


Please stop insulting the poor gorillas by comparing them to niggers. Koko doesn't deserve that.

2fbcda  No.12613827

File: a41e7a1b881e442⋯.png (601.45 KB, 1129x730, 1129:730, InfectedMailer2.png)

File: af7c8cbad633d7b⋯.png (88.22 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1*bZqdgMHzqECGW6uztgEtFA.png)


well something went wrong and the hybrid creature became dysfunctional

seems to be a running theme with hybrids - africanized bees, africanzied americans - (even more foul original niggers), hapas

bff17a  No.12613852

Malema has no power though, he is a toy and experimental flagpole of Ramaphosa's. He is representative of what the average terr believes.

430fbc  No.12613855


I'd buy your story if you said Chimpanzees had mated/raped with the Khoi-Khoi, but not when you say something as noble and gentle as a Gorilla was the creature responsible for creating the Nigger.

2fbcda  No.12613882

File: 9e126b887fe251a⋯.webm (6.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, truly a maniac gorilla.webm)


I agree modern gorillas seem pretty timid

That might not been the case a few thousand years ago, they been shaped by hunting pressure so only the timid one survived.

c96b94  No.12613885


I feel bad for whites in SA, but I would pack my bags in a second, is it difficult for them to leave?

617df1  No.12613894


Naw, fuck them, they're weak cucks. If they actually had any balls they'd fight

c96b94  No.12613914


Outnumbered 10:1, fight for nigger land, only a couple generations on land. FFS I'm first gen American and I want to move back to Europe and leave California (North Mexico).

f4718d  No.12613920


Most can't leave because it's not affordable for them to do so. The South African Rand is not completely in the toilet, but things are so that even the affluent Whites in South Africa would have trouble leaving because of the currency exchange alone. As of right now, $1 USD = 14 ZAR

Though, this does help if you wish to donate to honest organizations to help White South Africans. Dollars and Euros go far there, and I had donated ~$ 200 USD to Gun Owners of South Africa, which probably helped them a lot since that's well over 2,000 Rand.

f4718d  No.12613926


>If they actually had any balls they'd fight

Many Afrikaners are. Some are leaving, but some are also going to stay and fight to the death for their land.

2fbcda  No.12613933

File: 1860329c6473e8a⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1179x1733, 1179:1733, Apes_and_monkeys_on_GEDMAT….png)

Some trickster ran ape DNA against a database and posted his findings

look and behold

thread was deleted quickly

d35b7e  No.12614065


That shit was fucking funny. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

97bc5e  No.12614156


I just want the stuff in that last image to kick off already. I want this conflict to rage and the media desperately trying to frame it in their favour and people really see them for what they are. I want the jewel in the crown of the African Union to come crashing down, showing once and for all that blacks cannot rule and absolutely everywhere they are in charge of, falls to shit. I want all these aid agencies attacked by blacks when they fly in to hand out their gibs and are shown the true nature of these savages. Then the aid dries up because they can't get volunteers anymore due to them being raped/tortured/killed etc.

b3a48e  No.12614182


I pray for this at night

1148b7  No.12614188


They know they're not as capable deep down, so they want to kill us out of resentment. Only some old wiser nogs in ex-colonial coastal African shitholes admit that they'd rather have Europeans running things because they actually ran things.

36bb52  No.12614193

File: 36100cbf51b91d1⋯.gif (818.8 KB, 350x230, 35:23, bees.gif)


This same bullshit shows up in every single thread.

"X is happening to white people in Y country"

>White people in Y country all all cucks, fuck them, they're doomed and it's their own fault.

You're either the perpetrator or the victim of a psy-op. I'd wager the later.

bd3cd1  No.12614205

What if AFRICOM sides with the commies and China side with the Afrikaaners?

d0ed25  No.12614396


Low X/A ratio for the European doesn’t mean more genetic distance from Africans or bonobos.


3a41ed  No.12614419


>t. bonobo

9145a2  No.12614427

Blow me

a28c62  No.12614445


It won't be great. Just because White South Africans were refused Asylum by European nations doesn’t mean Bantu’s won’t be air bussed to the West by the million the second there are too few farmers left unmurdered to provide them with food.

0aac37  No.12614475


>China doesn't have a blue water navy


c9cc81  No.12614606


I was told they're restricted from.moving their money out of the country.

ffe0fd  No.12614639


If they are going to lie about white people poisoning the land, why not salt it?

They want to kill all the whites and take their land either way.

9145a2  No.12614710

I am not queer quit sending me queer messages.

000000  No.12615598




This, it's an admission that blacks can't into mechanized agriculture. They will starve if the whites leave so the plan is to make them into serfs. Will the whites comply? South Africa has the backing of China, who I believe is responsible for a lot of the chaos there, as well as equipping farm attackers.

fee5ad  No.12615643


>have fun trying to get the blacks to rally around you

It's actually remarkably easy. All you have to do is show and prove that you're the strongest, and they will naturally follow. This is actually how 32Bn of the SADF was formed. However, because the whites are at a disadvantage in terms of everything and would be fighting as an insurgent group, it would be best if they stuck to their own before they acquired power.


all of that is right with the exception of China. China will undoubtedly send human waves to quell any resistance, which is why they have a military presence in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania. Russia on the other hand, has always had a rivalry with China, so they may send aid in the form of training, even though russian sf are garbage and mostly braindead Shame we don't have ex-SAS (from either Britain, Rhodesia, Australia or New Zealand) or SADF (Recces). I guess we'll have to find a way to salvage what we can.

382319  No.12615711


Don't you fucking get it? Showing that video won't do a damn thing.

Even ignoring the race aspect, it's common knowledge that 3rd world shitholes are 3rd world shitholes. No amount of kike propaganda can hide that reality, it's plain for anyone to see. These people are just straight up retarded.

Go ahead, post it to normiebook. You'll just get told "not all". Normalfags will continue to pretend that those are only the "bad areas" and that in reality, shitholes like Morocco are mostly wonderful places of sunshine and rainbow with niggers singing kumbaya all day.

As a result, there is no value gained in "converting" anyone from it. All that was gained was a couple of dumb bitches who would support mass immigrarion are dead.

775ad4  No.12615743

I don't think Jaykwon has thought this one through, if whites can't leave the only recourse is the death of every single nigger.

13d5d9  No.12615950

There will be no future for the niggers. They don't deserve to live and we must facillitate their destruction as soon as possible. We must kill every non-White in our lands.

7a691a  No.12616112


those 15k white farmers are the one with money, the rest won't be able to escape, and there are also many whites who are not farmers. of course, Putin was pressured to accept whites SA, he accepted but he disliked it so he only approved around 15k. the rest are doomed unless they choose to fight.

I hope there are some SA anons here to post if anything happens.

fe7c35  No.12616129


bantu are a virus that will destroy everything they touch

eradication is the only solution

de67a5  No.12619196

>hey guys fuck this population group

>leave? nuh uh

I don't get it.

This negro seems to be smart enough to know that if most of the whites leave the state will collapse, but can't figure out that threatening their lives will make them want to leave.

b48975  No.12619327


When taking an screenshot, make it less than 1000 pixels wide. Between 600 and 800 is ideal.

Wider ones are a PITA to read.

44aa91  No.12619697


Show them animals being tortured, it's the only thing those useless cunts care about besides themselves. Shit, even when PIRA bombed police, it wasn't the dead cops that got the public riled up, it was pictures of the dead horses. When in doubt, do as the MSM do

0a4461  No.12619971



You dont even have to read the comments and just look at the length, to see which country that faggot just wanted to shill reddit tier textbook disinfo for, which Trumpniggers, kikes, poos and gooks spam hand in hand everywhere every day.

fee5ad  No.12621595


What the hell are you talking about anon? Give us something substantial or you're being reported and banned.

214cb0  No.12621691


Sage negated.

53709f  No.12621770


checked. Niggers are kikespawn.

explains a great deal, and gives us a biological weaponry angle.


heartbreaking. How quickly it can all turn to nigger.


i've learnt. My heart is hardened. I care only for those like me.

939729  No.12622249


I don't like apes either, but animal cruelty isn't cool. Put down the ones opposing humans, like with all beasts.

1f3e8b  No.12622712

File: 184f4b07721ac51⋯.jpg (783.78 KB, 1079x1811, 1079:1811, Screenshot_2019-01-01-03-2….jpg)

File: 33233eeb9ae59d1⋯.jpg (7.98 KB, 400x292, 100:73, 33233eeb9ae59d18869ee1be04….jpg)





I see my old posts are still doing the rounds. Posted 80% of those screenshots.

My new handle is @mrkaap on Telegram messenger btw, if any of you want to make contact.

You have seen the escalating situation in South Africa and feel the call to help. You have military training, or maybe you don't. Though regardless you may want to go.

There is nothing to hide in feeling motivated to protect civilians from being killed and tortured within reason. At the core, you would simply need stamina and conviction but for it to be a successful endeavour a working knowledge of up-to-date military tactics and thinking is vital. Thinking and operating outside the box is imperative.

There is a civil war coming, which will present a whole new variety of challenges. It isn't here just yet, but soon will be. The UN will not step in reliably. Only reason there are still Tutsis in Rwanda is because a Tutsi army from Uganda ended the genocide. What people in SA need is humanitarian protection and evacuation. What people in South Africa need is protection against the likely genocide that is coming.This is an honourable pursuit.


And go where the migrants will just follow me because (((western leaders))) will let in more refugees? So my daughter can get raped/beheaded in 20 years? That would be the most selfish thing of me to do. It’ll make me no better than a boomer. Besides that, hardly a significant portion of 4.5 million white South Africans are going anywhere, bailing would mean abandoning them. I’m not a Syrian migrant or anyone’s political tool to “make their country whiter”. South Africa is my country and has always been. I’d rather die here taking as many niggers here with me than live with shame for the rest of my life and see my culture die. Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of the white man in Africa. We have been outnumbered 10 to 1 in literally every war we have ever fought. If a war breaks out in South Africa, I can assure you that no matter who wins in the end, it will be the greatest slaughter of niggers the world will ever see. Don’t worry I don’t have a death wish, I plan to win and keep Africa the front-line. I plan to protect my homeland rather than do what the kikes want and move out.

This might very well be the Afrikaner’s fiercest and final struggle and if Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies are true than I’ll gladly put my life on the line. And I encourage all saffers to do the same.


fee5ad  No.12623480


The UN will side with the kaffers. That should be obvious. You make a call but provide no substance with which to discuss. Why not discuss how to be useful in these emergencies?

314994  No.12623550

One push and the dominoes fall. I'm saddened that the fucks in France haven't hanged their cuck leader yet.

fb880a  No.12623558

fucking niggers know dam well what is going to happen in SA without whites they are going to starve to death ahahahaa!!

614d21  No.12623765


Childish and jealous mindset.

They thought by taking land and jobs from whites directly they could be kangz but reality set in and society fell apart, they know they couldn't survive the coming years and seeing whites leaving for better countries seriously made them jealous so they rather force everyone to die together.

a59b41  No.12623855


this coming genocide will do us americans a great service. While they are white they are not our people. and their death will open the eyes of many americans on the horrors of the niggers and their jewish ideology. We need not try to stop this but force the world to watch.

05f0f7  No.12623899


the list:

1) bikes

2) white women

3) weaves

4) nikes

5) bike seats or any part of the bike not locked

05f0f7  No.12623903


well stop fucking generalizing and lets talk about SA.

SA is all fucking retard cucks. Its black land, give it to blacks.

Ive said this before but if the French or Germans decide to fucking kick the shit out of the muslims (the "blacks" as you would generalize it) and send them home , then good.

Same for South Africans. Let them have their land as we all should. Hopefully they just deport them.

This is the interesting part, it seams that the blacks realize that they cant really do anything if the whites leave.

Its kinda funny. This is why you dont travel to the "urban" areas. Its not really cool.

a59b41  No.12623994


SA isn't "the blacks" land. the vast majority of the blacks there came from the west coast of Africa after the white settlers. they are the dependents of the Zulu and have less claim to the land than the whites. the True natives of SA are a tiny minority and have been almost wiped out by the darker Africans from the west. I'm spacing on the actual names of the tribes but trust me. the niggers you see chimping out about "my stolen land" are the most recent invaders not the natives.

0591d7  No.12624011


>they are the dependents of the Zulu

No, the Zulu are native to the area that is now north-east SA.

You're thinking of the Bantu. The Bantu are the invaders. The Bantu arrived after the whites.

The people who are native to most of the area that is now SA are called the Koisan. They are hated by, persecuted by, and being exterminated by both the zulu and the bantu.

3d7b61  No.12624014

File: ab3f89ab68c375f⋯.gif (2.41 MB, 480x270, 16:9, bees.gif)


>its black land



you're a niggerjew faggot, aren't you?

admit what you are.

post hands.

3d7b61  No.12624017

File: 72dc852b9c7fac6⋯.gif (906.25 KB, 500x349, 500:349, 1532448251541.gif)


oh shit

c38fd1  No.12624085


You present them with civilization. They have enough i.q. points to grasp it on an imitative level. They listen to libtards telling them they are equal. Being low i.q. they ignore their own history of preferring to live in mud huts and kill lions with spears. This leads to frustration because civilization is hard. They want to be feral, twerking and fucking in the dirt, shitting in their neighbors wells for fun, occasionally eating their neighbors. Instead they are larping civilized behavior. Eventually they revolt in a savage manner, striking out against the civilization they are unable to reproduce themselves.

Rinse and repeat.

000000  No.12624129


> stop fucking generalizing

>SA is all fucking retard cucks.

Yeah no, go fuck yourself, literal kike.

3e54f9  No.12624233

339e8a  No.12624277

File: 1b14c8e210efab3⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 715x609, 715:609, CommieJewOrigins.jpg)


Commie countries routinely keep their populations imprisoned within the country, it has happened since the founding of Bolshevism.

That's why it was such a big deal when the Berlin wall was torn down.

Countries like the U.S., on the other hand, don't care if you leave, but have to build walls to keep from getting flooded with non-citizens from everywhere else.

If you're a commie, you're not very smart, and you're blind, to boot.

ecfe35  No.12624342

>they will not stop at Rhodesia

Read Siege

09d912  No.12624600


Although honest in spirit and stereotype - this quote is bullshit and gas yourself for spreading fake news to fellow anons…of course you're not anon - isn't that right, Moshe? Fucking archive link isnt even legit.

Go find some /zyklon/ kike

61ec34  No.12624623


Marx's paternal grandfather was an orthodox rabbi, not his father, who was a lutheran convert to practice as a lawyer.

8e6ad8  No.12624641


I saved the file as "shithole" because I thought the anon made a typo.

bc3595  No.12624692


its real Shoshoana

fd26c3  No.12624913

If whites leave then these nogs will have no one to blame for their subhuman inferiority.

688b38  No.12624958


>He suggested white people could not emigrate to Europe as they can not afford domestic staff abroad.

>“In 1994, people thought white people were going to leave South Africa. They are still here. Where will they go?” he said.

>“White people with money in South Africa are poor people in Europe. They are so used to being fed and looked after, they can’t clean after themselves.”

596a15  No.12624968


Why is this nigger not dead yet? Legitimately why? How hard is it to shoot one nigger with a rifle?

bc3595  No.12625052

File: 171dd6bbb8dcbf3⋯.png (250.08 KB, 500x924, 125:231, whites_did_this.png)

File: 01605ab6269bec2⋯.png (80.17 KB, 500x366, 250:183, oyveywetu.png)


an (((educated black man))) in Africa says of whites:

>They are so used to being fed and looked after, they can’t clean after themselves.

>so used to being fed

>used to being fed

>can't clean after themselves



were reaching levels of projection that shouldn't even exist

e919e5  No.12625360


It gets better

>"There won’t be violence. I think (white farmers) want to give up land as both black and white are talking to each other about how we can resolve the land issue."

362a69  No.12625364

File: a72a5dee79f1b9c⋯.png (6.43 KB, 390x470, 39:47, 1543815018248.png)


>And go where the migrants will just follow me because (((western leaders))) will let in more refugees?

Implying any western nation would allow in white refugees.

92e06c  No.12625515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92e06c  No.12625531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

365330  No.12625543


Well what are you going to do about it then? Bitch in this thread about it?

25004f  No.12625546

File: cae8f716572864f⋯.jpg (912.02 KB, 2322x3928, 1161:1964, yourkinghasarrived.jpg)

just have this guy fixit

2e9060  No.12625549

Shut up niggers.

Catholics are faggots

de67a5  No.12625644


Because it wont make a difference.

Ask Janus Waluz, him wasting a nigger communist didn't stop the cuckservative government from abdicating power in SA.


Yep, you should take your own advice and quit your bitching.

bc3595  No.12625699

File: 83861751267bc32⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1527399846957.gif)


Im left wondering; 'what can't gorillas do?'

aa0371  No.12625774

These two speak monkey English.

fee5ad  No.12626184


The Zulus are an Ngoni people and thusly, which are Bantu. The Bantu ultimately originate from west Africa.


no moron, see my previous post to >>12624011

08d13d  No.12626334

File: df0201920192c82⋯.png (17.79 KB, 849x773, 849:773, 192220b8a8ae604bfff9c17970….png)

File: 4c35620cc1ae62b⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 592x332, 148:83, 90075869.jpg)

File: c25fe17da624f9c⋯.jpg (24.89 KB, 486x331, 486:331, 98627062.jpg)

File: 6ecd1b86917f6a8⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 89618765.jpg)


This is what a literal nigger from reddit looks like.

00882e  No.12626783


What a fuckin' gorilla.

00882e  No.12626813


Best part is "ya'll look like you're mixed between Whites and blacks" It was like he was setting up that punchline the whole time, rather than making an argument.

00882e  No.12626888


It's amazing how the institutions of authority in all White countries are strategically setting up Whites to be murdered, and on the way to that degraded, demoralized and disarmed. Amazing that they just happen to be interested in giving aid to everyone but their own people, and to allow all other people's into their lands to soak up resources and dilute them for their own people, and just happen to get involved in wars and proxy wars on behalf of anyone but their own people, and against anyone for any reason though it serve no interest of their own people, and all seem to have at their topmost positions of overt and covert power the Jew in astonishing disproportion to anything remotely reasonable, and seem to have a Jew/Israel-first policy above all other things, which seems readily geared toward all the aforementioned conditions really as something openly admitted and de rigueur. Just an amazing coincidence. And that these same Whites are burdened by religion that not only has nothing to do with blood and soil, but everything to do with abandoning such, and embracing detachment from common sense and native culture. Same in the Middle East on that score, and it just so happens that all these religions are "Abrahamic". I think that a world where such idiocy runs so rampant that all hinges on the willingness of masses of dupes who refuse to open their deaf ears and blind eyes which would be unhearing and sightless anyway. It enrages the Spirit.

4646dc  No.12627074


I was in thw blue thread and ill repeat myself. You lost when ypu allowed your govt to surrender, amd didnt immediately march on them and coup the shit out of them. You lost when you didnt hold on to your nukes and do everything you could to delay until you had ICBMs capable of hitting Israel and the USA. You failed when you refused to fight and give no fucks at all about international opinion.

You were of fighting age then, and had developed state of the art weaponry and factories pumping it out. You could have fought the niggers, and won. You and all of your cohorts had a shot and you blew it. Now you are in your forties, likely in your fifties, whites are militarily disarmed, and the moment you run out of ammo its over, you wont be making anymore.

Flee to the coast, to the cities, gathe up in force, leave no stragglers, and declare that you will be allowed to leave or you will fight.

Then start fighting. Cleanse your areas, city by city, suburb by suburb. Kill them all.

And maybe your name will live on. Because you wont. Not now.

4646dc  No.12627131


Yeah….Hutu made the Nazis look lazy and inefficient. And they did so with little more than machetes. They actually killed at a much higher rate than the Nazis ever did, even at the peak of the Holocaust.

And that was with having to actually work and figure out which of their fellow shitskins was the wrong kind.

bc3595  No.12627491

File: 4b590314bea18f3⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4b590314bea18f3f8f04bfe652….jpg)


Zulus are Bantu numbchucks

bc3595  No.12627500

File: d3bf3ba4a734497⋯.gif (534.89 KB, 250x188, 125:94, d3bf3ba4a7344971d01aaacb9e….gif)


>Yeah….Hutu made the Nazis look lazy and inefficient. And they did so with little more than machetes. They actually killed at a much higher rate than the Nazis ever did, even at the peak of the Holocaust.

gr8 b8 m8

5ad52c  No.12627559


Nazis were in power for 12 years, yeah the holocauste5r only got revved up in the last few but that's still a decade and a bits worth of time and they barely managed to get into double digits. Hutus scored 1 mil plus (ignore official estimates the methodology is fucking retarded with shit like "died of fever after being stabbed" not being counted) in 100 days, that's efficiency for you.

200bd6  No.12627575

I'm tired of listening to 80 IQ nignogs.

What is the TL;DR reason why white people cannot leave the country?

5ad52c  No.12627582


Capital restrictions, not allowed to move money.assets outside the country and if you are it's with some ridiculous 50%+ "tax".

If they leave they don't just lose everything, they have to take on debt too.

bc3595  No.12627612

File: e5b9338f8879cde⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 484x417, 484:417, 144053643677.jpg)


Are you saying niggers killing off some defenseless abbos is somehow comparable to Nazi Germany taking on the full might of post-industrial Europe? Are you a literal nigger or simply a kike?

200bd6  No.12627622


So nogs what gibs from the whitey.

How do nogs plan to re-inforce that in age of online banking, crypto and middlemen?

Black magic?

I'd happily set up middle men for white south Africans to move their assets and move to a safer country.

2e9060  No.12627628

I already moved up AA.

bc3595  No.12627632


>How do nogs plan to re-inforce that in age of online banking, crypto and middlemen?

they can't even fathom it. thats why they're double fucked.

with jews you lose

5ad52c  No.12627639


It's a matter of time divided by death toll you stupid chocolate American, ooga boogas managed to remove more kebabs per hour than a literal holoauster.

1 mil in 100 days with machetes is something really special.

2e9060  No.12627640

You're aware that this site is owned by The Order of the Dragon, which is basically a branch of antisemitic and Crusaders, right?

Walking around with a 7 pointed star makes you a clown here. This is 8 star territory. That means no Jews allowed.

8cce60  No.12627652


go away /x

2e9060  No.12627661

Not your board you 5

e445a9  No.12627669

File: 6111d7f0c2c150a⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 234x255, 78:85, 6111d7f0c2c150a06b0c61e029….jpg)


Fucking checked



>being this much of a yid nigger.

Don't they at least brief you before coming here? Don't they spend any of that stolen trillions on your edumacashun?


Besides the capital restrictions which are there exactly to prevent whites from leaving, you may have gotten used to thinking of immigration as countries wanting all kinds of people moving there and welcoming them with gibs. This is only true if you are sub 70 IQ. If you're white, you already need a job there before you can go.

In practice though, even if you get a job, what about the rest of your family? The oldfags won't get a job even if the rest all do. They also will dismiss your visa application if you have some kind of medical condition like heart problems.

Finally, we'll have to come to the only solution that's left.

cf3866  No.12627678


>but but muh 400 years of oppression anon!

>ignores the fact that whites have never once tried to genocide them, just kept them from trying to fuck our wimmins and from genociding us

Nothing more than bloodthirsty apes. The purges in neo-Europe 2060 will be much deserved. Fucking niggers.

8c6cfb  No.12627680


The holocaust never happened in the first place, you dumb kike. You have no point.

5ad52c  No.12627681


Well of course the holohoax never happened, but if it did (which it didn't) it'd be a lot less theoretically efficient than Tutsi Hutupocolypse: machete madness.

Barely any video because it was all pre mobiles everywhere but just imagine it: checkpoints everywhere with neighbors hacking away at each other.

bc3595  No.12627686

File: e2fb719678386b3⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 383x204, 383:204, e2fb719678386b35d0ab70b5b3….gif)

File: 03298d61b7bac7e⋯.jpg (51.11 KB, 335x641, 335:641, Blood-river.jpg)


you dumb niggerkike, the Khoi-San were a small group of bushmen with absolutely no army, Bantus used their shitty spears to genocide them (they never had 'machetes'), which is like saying you're good at boxing because you went and punched an ants nest. the fuck is wrong with you, conflating like a typical kike? youre certainly a 'special kid' no doubt about that.

5ad52c  No.12627691


They were ordering machetes by the boxcar load for months beforehand to prep for it you stupid field nigger pass geography class too because Rwanda is in central africa not the south moron.

f64b03  No.12627694


For those who can't stand to listen to it, this is high quality dialogue:

>you dont watch comedy what do you do i dont do anything except books school when i used to drink i go to clubs but as i got older i like to siting around the house or other houses i am watching movies now because my wife made me my wife came into my life full time when my boy was almost eight

f64b03  No.12627699



Faggot it takes five seconds


000000  No.12627738




000000  No.12627741

Learn from Weapon SS


b8861f  No.12627772

File: 5bf7bca1d7622e3⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 323x500, 323:500, bitter harvest.jpg)


I have the same problem and it's been making pic related a lot more fun to read.


64e923  No.12627806

/marx/ seems to love malema, who could have predicted that?


200bd6  No.12627884


My prediction:

They arrest, execute every white person they can hands on and go fool ooga booga gibsmedat

200bd6  No.12627885



>Doesn't know how to crosspost

Go back to reddit

bd95e5  No.12627898

>monkeys are raiding the board again.

bc3595  No.12627955


oh you mean the Rwandan genocide

so what point are you making moshe?

bc3595  No.12627956


nice prediction kikestradamus.

just worry about getting literally shoad soon faggot.

bd95e5  No.12627962

You mean like some adult male wearing fucking pajamas to work, trying to tell me what to do?

200bd6  No.12627976


>Knowing how niggers act makes you a kike.

Did you ever look at history of Rhodesia? The rabid niggers started pillaging and burning everything down, raping and killing. Leaving the gifts and architecture built by evil white men go to shit.

Nigs will start full nogging in South Africa in exact same manner. History tends to repeat itself.

The worst part US and EU will give zero fucks about South African whites.

bc3595  No.12628029


Do you know why the Rwandan genocide happened? That was an orchestrated black-on-black tribal genocide designed as a coup that failed when another rebel army moved in and saved the day, such a case is common in Africa. The point being they are unable to manage their various tribes let alone organize a homogenous coup, unless said coup is a euphemism for a (((Chinese))) buy-in, in which case the Chinks better bring a lot of guns or vials of ebola.

d46fcc  No.12628218


There’s a lot of money to be made selling occult items, but I would advise against going into the business with malicious intent. Better to market to white moms on Facebook, with the intent on subtly introducing them to New Age justifications for our political platform. It’s easy to Segway from astrology to the age of Aquarius to esoteric Hitlerism.

5ad52c  No.12628238


You don't need a holocauster to remove kebab, just basic shit like knives and sufficient motivation.

Namely: the idiots/shills claiming "genocide can't be real! they only have spears n'shit!" are fucking retarded/liars because as previously demonstrated in Rwanda all it takes are some angry oogas to booga shit up.

bc3595  No.12628257


you're not even making sense moshe.

what literal point are you making?

bc3595  No.12628266


can I infer that the argument you're making is something along the lines of niggers can kill each other en-masse along tribal lines therefore they could put aside their tribal differences and orchestrate a wildly successful coup to overthrow the chinks and jews running African countries with knives and some networking skills?

200bd6  No.12628799


You forgot about white Rhodesians, you know the people that feed these brainless niggers.

906101  No.12628876

>he claims whites will poison the land if they're allowed to leave

they'll poison the land anyway

bd95e5  No.12628882

Yeah, watch me.

bc3595  No.12629360


no point in poisoning the land, it would simply fall into disuse and become wilderness

4a674b  No.12629400


Truly. Niggers are the poison, they grow nothing but ebola.

7c1df0  No.12630419


This is from 2016 you bloody doos. You guys are as bad as 4chan.

bc3595  No.12631678


>This is from 2016 you bloody doos.

no it isn't you kike poes

de67a5  No.12631929

File: 18a121d3bd0bbbb⋯.jpg (57.16 KB, 600x318, 100:53, Vanguard of the fighting m….jpg)

File: 28338cc3a182264⋯.pdf (13.62 MB, White tribe of africa.pdf)


Not a TLDR, but i'm a bit bored

There are nearly 4 and a half million whites in SA.

The majority of the white population (60-70%) are Afrikaners. Afrikaners are different from other new world european descended groups; they have achieved ethnogenesis.

They are euromutts, akin to American whites, but have developed their own unique language, their own culture, and their own way of life, found nowhere else on earth.

They have a european-esque ethnic consciousness.

The thought of "afrikanerdom" dying looms in their collective minds constantly, and as such are not emigrating in any large amounts.

the whites that have been emigrating are the anglos, who are nowhere as bonded to the land as the boers

No other countries are willing to take these people in in large numbers, not even their genetic homelands of France, Netherlands and germany.

In the view of those governments, they are contaminated with "racism".

The Russian government has offered to bring 10,000 of them in (primarily into the Caucasus), possibly to use as a demographic counterweight to the muslims and to use their farming expertise.

Australia and argentina have offered to allow a few thousand each into their countries.


Also this.

And if you think about it, what is the purpose of running?

Western Europe and North America today are just South Africa in 1900.

Unless a explicit racial state gets set up somewhere that allows them to emigrate there, running is futile.


Tbh, that book kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

>Communist Italian partisans were based, I fought alongside them killing nazis

>Rhodesian blacks were BASED, it was only communism making them act that way

>evolution, not revolution (aka blacks will be in charge no matter what)

>He legitimately trusted Henry Kissinger

There was also the fact that Rhodesia under his leadership denied entry to "racist" foreign volunteers and actively deported any that were overheard voicing racist opinions (all the while needing soldiers desperately)

TLDR- He was a man with a lot of guts, defying world opinion for so long the way he did, but he was far too soft and naïve.

He honestly thought that blacks could run a first world society successfully as long as they were not communists.

He was basically a racist cuckservative.

a6d28e  No.12631971

Africa would be the richest paradise on Earth if it weren't for negroids.

7d02b9  No.12633541


6a0626  No.12633750

Remember keeping pet nogs for labor has a consequence

78a3d3  No.12633781

File: d688193f758b3cc⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 500x412, 125:103, trut2-510x420.jpg)



d820fd  No.12634178

How much would it cost to evacuate a Boer family of 4-5 to America? Seriously asking. I can't save them all, but I could sponsor a family.

d820fd  No.12634181




What if I was willing to sponsor a family out of SA?

bc3595  No.12634314



its NOT OKAY for whites to help their brothers in SA, because da jews say it be racis.

btw, as more a foot note than an addendum; BIX NOOD MUH FUGIN 6 GRILLIOM GIBS MEDAT

fee5ad  No.12635289



They're not leaving, they're fighting. No more running.

bbb2e0  No.12635329

(((Whitey))) cockroaches should go home to UK and Netherlands. Black Africa must prosper!

b37427  No.12635437


Wheres all your based niggers now. Rallying behind him. If a single nigger was based that guy wouldnt be breathing.

bc3595  No.12636882

File: 17b4414eb84065a⋯.png (1004.75 KB, 1184x836, 296:209, kosher_fish.png)


>Black Africa must prosper!

you've had so much time tens of thousands of years, black jew, why haven't you made it happen yet, are you sure you're not just a bit (((parasitical)))? AIDS sucking vampireniggerkike

000000  No.12637049


> "…The South African Police Commissioner General Kehla Sithole says he blames people for coming to South Africa."

heh, surprisingly, abc acknowledged 'people' were to blame. must've been a Freudian slip.

4fb694  No.12637218


>Black Africa must prosper!

You live in an all year round hot climate with the best soil surrounded by an ocean and still cant feed yourselves. Gas is the only solution.

354864  No.12637348

File: 01c5f51afd4c32f⋯.jpg (322.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cultural Marxism.jpg)

>so called "anti-Zionist" commies will mourn for the lives of Palestininians killed by Pissraeli yids

>yet none of them will ever bat an eye on the lives of dead White South Africans killed by nigger South Africans

>mfw I'm actually expecting commies and other leftards and their shitskin counterparts to have any consistency on their anti-White beliefs

If they really want to admit that they want all Whites extinct, by this logic everything else invented by Whites should be destroyed, too. But they don't think that, they want Whites dead and yet at the same time they don't, so they won't stop giving them advanced technology. The literal embodiment of a 20/30 year old with a toddler mentality and an angsty teenager mentality at the same time.

354864  No.12637378

File: ee2426f207aa75d⋯.png (638.29 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Mugabe's stupidity.png)


Mugabe learned the hard way, my dear anon. It just shows how utterly worthless they are without anyone else's help.



de67a5  No.12642288


Anyone who takes him (or his replacement) up on this offer is a complete idiot.

Haiti did the same thing.

>expel whites

>oh fugg we cant feed ourselves

>invite whites back 1804

>black mobs start genociding whites

>head nigger in charge says "I can't go against the will of the people ;^)"

>last white man on island killed in mid 1805, white women and girls forcibly married to blacks

4dcaa8  No.12642456

>mfw this becomes the most popular battle anthem of the coming war


4dcaa8  No.12642468

File: 0cd65989f1fadff⋯.png (116.28 KB, 897x696, 299:232, we wuz.PNG)

Don't take a wrong turn and end up in Botswana.

4ca4de  No.12654571


a7ec8b  No.12657784

bump for kaapanon

563185  No.12657917

File: 58dc57bed9fe4a5⋯.jpg (323 KB, 1024x728, 128:91, d30041127a254b8995fae5da67….jpg)


Well, if you compare between SA and Rhodesia simply ventillating a prominent nigger's empty head in public tends to delay (((communist))) reforms.

he's still alive and in South African jail.

7d02b9  No.12676895


0ebece  No.12676905

Dont worry guys, trump made a tweet and that's enough

76f9b7  No.12700886


24ccf2  No.12700966


>AFRICOM sides with communist niggers

>Chicoms side with Boers.

This is not so unreasonable or unlikely as it may sound.

Remember that in the preamble to WWI the Germans and many patriots in the USA and Quebecers were pro Boer while the British and Anglo Canadians were anti Boer.

A similar situation could happen today easily.

dee74f  No.12701021


Russian SF are miles above any non-western nation, including China, the training they do is alot more vatnik cowboy tier - they moved away from silly soviet shit like theatrical shovel throwing to this


a10a91  No.12701458


Right. Such mentality doesn't have much agency in the real world, so who's behind it giving it its power? Even Jews are quite in-your-face; part of their power has come from someone else in the form of indifference. The British elite are a prime suspect there. Pretty relevant to the Boer.

adc936  No.12701485


Why aren’t you fighting ?

a10a91  No.12701497


Okay, then where do we go to give them money?

82c5c2  No.12701501


>RWDS's take retribution on Black's for atrocities against their brothers in S. Africa

128857  No.12702209


me and malema have a lot in common, apparently.

e919e5  No.12702325

So when is it going hot?

d6b937  No.12702369

What do you think will happen if white people just say "fuck it" and leave the continent entirely along with all their foreign aid? Do the chinamen kill all the blacks and take over? Do they fall for the memes and racemix into one niggerbug species? Do they try to have their own form of apartheid that actually lasts long enough to extract the resources?

0dc821  No.12702411


one single nigga can

literallly end all life in

the universe wtf are u

even talking about?

not to brag at all but

source has a higher

death number than any being

that has ever existed and that was

caused from attempted suicidal

self infliction alone.

protip hes Melanin. not cumskin

0dc821  No.12702430

File: ac7a5a86cf4ea81⋯.jpg (224.03 KB, 750x749, 750:749, 1540256043218.jpg)


Well for starters..






48e97d  No.12702541


yeah, that was easy when the whole world gangbangs you and makes massive smear campaigns.

white south africans do have their faults, though.

from what i understand apartheid was a system to send niggers away. but i guess they just couldn't resist the cheap labour, couldn't they?

greed and lazyness. bad combo.

48e97d  No.12702575


yeah, it's almost as if the holocaust was nowhere near as it was portrayed. thankfully we have movies to remind us of the six gorillions.

62215b  No.12702684



No matter what goes into your heads, it always comes out as a lot of bluster and noise. Me so big. Ooga booga ooga.

You couldn't even come up with your own insult. You made "shitskin" into ridiculous nonsense.

You're still alive because people feel sad about killing retards.

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