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File: 232afda59c5624d⋯.jpg (169.83 KB, 471x586, 471:586, bd76682e358adb3df46151c7d7….jpg)

01a0b7  No.12612013

What does it all mean edition

One of the unforseen consequences of the Syrian civil war was the emergence from looting of books and scrolls of a previously unknown Jewish sect, these were given as dating as anything up to 2,000 years old but many also appear to be more recent with well printed examples even up to the colonial period, the evidence suggests an ongoing tradition over many centuries.

In this thread i'll post some of the best examples thus far emerged and continue to find new examples as well as consider the meaning and implications of what has thus far been found.

One of the main points that needs to be considered is the importance of the Eye of Horus to this sect, in Egyptian tradition the two eyes of Re were the planets of inferior orbit Mercury and Venus that were constantly seen to merge and emerge with the Sun, Mercury as the Eye of Horus and Venus as the Eye of Hathor, it needs to be considered the dispute between Horus and Seth over this Eye as Seth was the tutelary God of the Suteans/Sethites/Shemites, in effect these are Sethian cults.


01a0b7  No.12612018

File: 7e0a09ed272b4f8⋯.jpg (363.02 KB, 1334x577, 1334:577, eye.jpg)

Previously unseen example of Jewish magic book demonstrating interest in Eye of Horus and much other strangeness.


01a0b7  No.12612022

File: 1a5b087ceabf2ca⋯.jpg (607.95 KB, 847x1204, 121:172, Untitled-1.jpg)

Also previously unseen Eye of Horus/illuminati symbolism


01a0b7  No.12612024

File: 2c55ffc1aa9c1b0⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1935x1847, 1935:1847, a59fb02a05610eb789488209e5….jpg)

File: f2e0e482a744806⋯.jpg (131.62 KB, 515x804, 515:804, 1545317021592.jpg)


The Baphomet containing edition.


01a0b7  No.12612034

File: e0a78afde732a94⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2470x2374, 1235:1187, ff4b99c17cbc6d170ac8e37e19….jpg)

Unleash the forces of chaos edition.


01a0b7  No.12612060

File: cac44ffa8203edb⋯.jpg (332.69 KB, 565x838, 565:838, 3aa26e0d4a0f080b6db22d906a….jpg)

Serpentine edition, also videos of colonial period cultic publications.




Example of portrait edition possibly illustrating Sabbatai Zevi.


01a0b7  No.12612077

File: 29626bdf1245a6e⋯.jpg (527.08 KB, 698x954, 349:477, 19e52be4397c0defcadf9656ea….jpg)

Rosicrucian edition.


63a3df  No.12612094

Highly interesting, wasn't one of these smuggled ones in a little ceremonial container that outright also confirmed having one of those pins that drained some unlucky fella's blood?

That one was concrete proof if real, because turks

918877  No.12612097

>It can't just be jews doing what jews do

>It MUST be aliens/Satan/Nephilim

01a0b7  No.12612152

File: b0198509c27b7e7⋯.jpg (854.7 KB, 1032x1675, 1032:1675, six.jpg)


Yes there are quite a few examples of scroll cases the earlier versions being on scroll, some of these may have been cut up and ring vound to produce the books.



7b3500  No.12612189


As long as we don't even know what jews essentially are, your facetiousness is not helpful.

01a0b7  No.12612191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There's another interesting angle most aren't aware of, that of Red Mercury, the people that tend to be selling the Jewish artifacts are also highly interested in Red Mercury, some of the artifacts considered to contain vials of such.

The Planet Mercury was the Eye of Horus, Horus based on Horite/Hurrian thus the role of that ethnic group as intermediary of Re, of the light and the resentment of the Sethian, generally related to the Red, thus Red Mercury as Seth.

72be20  No.12612235

File: d2bc230ebeeb600⋯.jpg (29.4 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 5a2f59b375efb2c6b9689f7614….jpg)

File: 18419d520064b99⋯.jpg (301.92 KB, 1600x791, 1600:791, 713b8-agartha-maps.jpg)

File: c0e931d118fbd27⋯.png (25.37 KB, 211x294, 211:294, marcielle confused.png)


>Red Mercury

>yfw Red mercury is an important component of flying saucer engines, that can let them travel of up to 4000 or so km/s

>(((archaeologists))) and (((scientists))) paid by kikes made sure to keep this piece of info a closely guarded secret, among many other things

5d3faa  No.12612254

File: 42bf6b8c1151011⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1688x1130, 844:565, Clear as day.jpg)


>re: previously unknown sect of Jews

>eye of Horus

These Jews were another branch of people manipulated by the Bafath (aka: Baphomet). The Bafath were mostly sociopaths who were highly hierarchical, very secretive, and extremely manipulative. The Bafath had access to higher science and technology than we do, and knowledge of future events which they used to chart a path of success for their followers. They inspired groups of people to form all around the world. It seems that they particularly favored the Jews, "Gods Chosen People". But the Bafath were also mercurial, and set different groups against one another, just like the Jews do.

(Not all Jews were inspired by the Bafath, and not all unwitting followers of the Bafath were Jews, not hardly. For instance, many were Catholic or Islamic. This is from whence the secret religion of innocence-sacrificing comes, the most innocent being children.)

This is just another branch of the Bafath-inspired ridiculous religions that have sprouted on Earth. These groups tended to develop, be around for a little while, then dissolve because they countermanded the Natural Laws - they go against the grain of common-sense. But the Bafath were always inspiring new iterations of their insanity as a way to keep humanity spinning its wheels in a crazy and self-destructive manner.

The Bafath were increasingly devolved and ineffectual, a slowly dying group of old men, by the time they were removed from Earth (almost half a century ago). The secret religions that still exist today are running on fumes. They can't get their 'god' to respond to them anymore because the Bafath behind the facade are gone. The groups have their plans for world domination, utopia, heaven-on-Earth, drawn-up from previous centuries, but in the interim our world has changed. They make sacrifices of the innocent, but to no avail. No matter how large the scale, no matter how beyond innocence is the war that they get us in, their god won't respond. The Bafath are gone.

Now the secret religions are just a dying history, currently still holding sway, but really just interesting tidbits of history for the succeeding generations to ponder and wonder why we did live like this, how we were ever so incredibly gullible.

ff1e2e  No.12612301

File: ae091d8fc3ab3ee⋯.jpg (180.69 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 44-king-solomon-seals-lanc….jpg)


Do these demons have anything to do with the seals of King Solomon?

1123d5  No.12612306


Why did they put a hat on snek?

b61f32  No.12612307


It's to do with time travel or astral travel (or their perception of it) like alchemy it's steeped in myth.

A recent example of the mythos being used is in the jew jew abrahams first star trek movie, the red matter linking past to future.

1123d5  No.12612310


Solomons evil was primarily about binding and attempting to enslave pagan gods and corrupt them to use against our people. Remember, kill anyone who uses those seals.

1123d5  No.12612314


Anon, those are likely too different things. Classically speaking, "red mercury" refers to a type of ore that contains mercury, rather than that highly refined solvent that is used to hold magnetic and radioactive particles, some of which that crystalize in solution at high speed…

1123d5  No.12612318



You do realize that the rosicrucian order was destroyed for pointing this shit out, right?

b61f32  No.12612323


I've heard this, but proof is a bit thin.

You got any?

918877  No.12612327


And you "research" jews by engaging in inane scavenger hunts through material that in all likelihood the jews themselves planted to distract esofaggots like yourself from doing anything worthwhile. Good job.

20f9ba  No.12612339


1 Kings 11 reads as follows:

>King Solomon loved many foreign women in >addition to Pharaoh’s daughter. He loved >Hittite women and women from Moab, >Ammon, Edom, and Sidon. 2 They came >from the nations about which the Lord had >said to the people of Israel, “Never intermarry >with them. They will surely tempt you to >follow their gods.” But Solomon was >obsessed with their love. 3 He had 700 wives >who were princesses and 300 wives who >were concubines. [a] 4 In his old age, his >wives tempted him to follow other gods. He >was no longer committed to the Lord his God >as his father David had been. 5 Solomon >followed Astarte (the goddess of the >Sidonians) and Milcom (the disgusting idol of >the Ammonites). 6 So Solomon did what the >Lord considered evil. He did not >wholeheartedly follow the Lord as his father >David had done. 7 Then Solomon built an >illegal worship site on the hill east of >Jerusalem for Chemosh (the disgusting idol >of Moab) and for Molech (the disgusting idol >of the Ammonites). 8 He did these things for >each of his foreign wives who burned >incense and sacrificed to their gods.

Just taking in the vast quantity of gods Solomon committed idolotry with it is likely the answer to your question is yes.

65b17c  No.12612348

File: 60fa26860bdbd4a⋯.png (350.73 KB, 361x466, 361:466, ClipboardImage.png)



What's that hand?

01a0b7  No.12612368


There's been a lot of disinformation about Red Mercury but it's sort of unrefined Mercury/Cinnabar, if Horus was related to refined Mercury then Red Seth was the unrefined, that correlates to how the Egyptians saw the Sethians, violent and deranged.

01a0b7  No.12612380

File: c8b32330d8eb5ab⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 700x688, 175:172, venus-geocentric-2016-2023….jpg)


It relates to patterns Venus describes in her orbital relationship to Earth, appearing at 5 equidistant points of the ecliptic plane over an 8 year period, thus the basis for the pentagram and the mystical rose and numerology based in 5 and 8, particulalry 5x8=40 year periods.

01a0b7  No.12612390


Yes the magical tradition that they relate to Solomon, i've seen examples of pretty much all of those seals in these books and hence why Free Masons all sign up to be perfect Ashlars in the allegorical Temple of Solomon, magical tradition.

01a0b7  No.12612402


I thought it was just a medieval expression from the Greek meaning Baptism of Wisdom, not an actual alien race.

20f9ba  No.12612406


I'm guessing the image in the middle represents the Tree of Knowledge?

70477a  No.12612410

Time wasting faggotry. Satanic faggots who mutilate thier baby dicks so they can grow up to suck off other baby dicks isn't relevant to any of our lives. You'd be better off making a thread that goofs on ben shapiro.

65b17c  No.12612421

File: a2e082be5862d33⋯.png (330.37 KB, 371x503, 371:503, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks, that's a great explanation of the pentagram, but what does the symetric hand itself mean? Here's another pic.

01a0b7  No.12612433


Possibly but the Rose tradition is concerned with Venus and thus sexuality and also periods of time it can also thus relate to bloodlines/family trees and the mystical grail derived from the pattern.

65b17c  No.12612435

File: 4165560babebb84⋯.jpeg (163.64 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, hand3.jpeg)




more symetric hand pics

65b17c  No.12612436

File: 2dafbb3b76fde88⋯.jpeg (96.85 KB, 826x1072, 413:536, hand1.jpeg)

65b17c  No.12612437

File: 838ded3a706b590⋯.jpg (52.22 KB, 595x595, 1:1, mandala-tattoo-design-38-1.jpg)

65b17c  No.12612441

File: d6c8f842846807d⋯.jpeg (114.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, hand2.jpeg)

65b17c  No.12612444

File: ef87736cbaac8e4⋯.jpeg (198.72 KB, 1490x2048, 745:1024, hand4.jpeg)

cbefc1  No.12612451


these all seem completely fake. The drawing style, it does not seem ancient at all. It is hard to believe that the jews at that time were as advanced as da vinci, who studied how to draw real life well. Nice try kikes.

Also many of the symbols are all completely modern.

65b17c  No.12612455

File: d783248d2543768⋯.jpeg (235.5 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, hand5.jpeg)

Here's the exoteric explanation, which doesn't make much sense to me:


65b17c  No.12612459

File: 2b523faa25f118d⋯.jpeg (207.03 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, hand6.jpeg)

65b17c  No.12612463

File: 0ac74c0a6044e42⋯.png (630.67 KB, 979x2511, 979:2511, ClipboardImage.png)

fe6f9c  No.12612466

File: ad9ffb8d66a7cb9⋯.jpg (139.47 KB, 620x559, 620:559, ad9ffb8d66a7cb95be594339f4….jpg)

these threads are seriously interesting.

72be20  No.12612473

File: 8e729c3f9b88090⋯.jpg (32.87 KB, 600x738, 100:123, nenderoid hermoine granger….jpg)


<it's all fake goy, they're just modern art created by your hated jews thats all it is :^)


What about filtering the disinfo from actual knowledge, can that be done? What >>12612314 said has some pointers about it. Doesn't change the fact the kikes are defiinitely using Red Mercury for their own evil schemes, doesn't matter whether they're unrefined/processed or not, the fact it can be used for many groundbreaking technological leaps and progress is immeasureable, and that's only a single raw/refined component out of many.

fe6f9c  No.12612478


there is cro-magnon drawings from 20,000 years ago that look great inside french caves.

Nice try, either brainlet or ugly kike.

Does it hurt to know your ugly women would rather fuck me than you?

01a0b7  No.12612481


It relates to Venus as the eye of Hathor, that other eye of Re, based on the numerology of the five equidistant points of the Pentagram correlating to the number of fingers.

> A universal sign of protection, the image of the open right hand is seen in Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the goddess Ishtar or Inanna. Other symbols of divine protection based around the hand include the Hand-of-Venus (or Aphrodite)

cbefc1  No.12612483


Many of the aspects of drawing only came into being later, like perspective, shading, lighting…it was all part of evolution of drawing.


those drawings were literally stickmen.

In order to draw more like these do you have to know a bit about anatomy. Skeletal structure, poses, it takes quite a lot of effort and practice to make. Also much underlying science with it too.

This is all modern. All of it. Its completely fake.

ccb495  No.12612485


I think so too: like the counterfeit black books of the yaziti. I don't need these cousins of jews to tell me kike religion is pure evil.

cbefc1  No.12612489


It has many of the symbols, also modern ones in it. So I think this serves as a "legitimacy" and "unification" provider for the jews.

42d4f4  No.12612500

File: 1541abfa1d1043e⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1903x1046, 1903:1046, Landstaken by SWEDES.jpg)

Are Swedes the master race




























170b31  No.12612502


>This is all modern. All of it. Its completely fake.

I would have to agree.

cbefc1  No.12612505


and this is why we need book threads here, also not only invested in politics. I learned about the evolution of art, through some chapter about how it came to be in a book. And then it all made sense. How many of the drawings progressed, from memory alone, as to what I witnessed before looking at the various cultures, it is quite easy to see, even from a beginners level. Some of these drawings seem like they were made from someone who draws for an internet audience still lol

01a0b7  No.12612508


They've continued this sect for centuries, there are plenty of artifacts boxes and scroll cases that will date to around the 16th century and some perhaps earlier, there are the well published works of the colonial period and there are very old lead codices, just because something may appear to date to say the 19th century doesn't mean it's fake or any less relevant.

5d3faa  No.12612510

File: 6ca3ec2c936e556⋯.jpg (1016.36 KB, 1689x1129, 1689:1129, It's just an interstellar ….jpg)


The Bafath were human. They were a group of scientists from our previously enlightened Atlantean time. They connived, were found out, and were driven off-planet. The had extraordinarily long-lives through their science, so they stewed in their own juices. Then secretly they returned and set our two main cities, Atlantis and Mu, at odds with each other. A war ensued, utterly destroying our civilization.

Since then, they resided in a large cavern under the Giza Plateau, for which reason they've also been referred to as 'the Giza Intellegences'. They worked to prevent our history from coming out, and to keep our cultural, technological, and scientific development from reoccurring with poisonous ideologies and religions. Judaism is a good example of that. Meanwhile, they lived high on the hog: Earth was their playtoy.

Well, the Bafath are gone now. Only the losers that rode their coattails for so long remain. And without the Bafath's direction, they are making mistakes, mis-guessing the future, In no small part due to the Bafath, our world is full of problems now, overpop, ecological devastation, climate change (not global warming…), resource limitations, on and on. And our secret societies who thought they knew how to shepherd us through to our own culling are now realizing that they haven't a clue what they are doing. Their usual magic tricks aren't working for them the way they should. And the secret orgs that have absorbed scientific discoveries, discoveries of our past, and solutions to current problems, they are sitting on this info, paralyzed. Without the guidance of the 'god', they don't know what to do.

It makes for a fun time to be alive, if you can live through it.

72be20  No.12612522

File: 01a6562126274b0⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 460x404, 115:101, nazimuggles.jpg)

File: 6741e30c9459dba⋯.png (192.29 KB, 826x506, 413:253, slovenly_bucko.png)




<shill A: it's fake goy :^)

<not shill A: i agree :^)

>shill A: this thread needs (((book threads))) from (((cuck/lit/))) tbh :^)

stop samefagging yourself with your smartphone kike, your little sekrit kike occult club just got exposed from all that artifact looting and now you're calling it all a fake even after everyone's complaining about the sudden flood of looted artifacts in the black market, piss off wanker

01a0b7  No.12612526


It certainly doesn't change the fact that the Semites are constantly looking to get their hands on Red Mercury and blow shit up because of it's legendary properties, that's why they were related to the substance in the first place.

cbefc1  No.12612538


Yea, somehow the jews are so special and magical that they circumvented era's of art development because they are just that cool.

42d4f4  No.12612543

File: 8de022c364bcb5b⋯.gif (236.08 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1545423860495.gif)

האיש נולד וידיאו סגורות .

A man was born and his hands are closed .

והוא מת וידיאו פתו .

And he died and his hands opened .

חות ולשהו


cbefc1  No.12612550


why dont you do some carbon dating on some of these prints huh you kikes?

42d4f4  No.12612560



f436d6  No.12612568


Couldn't they still be jewish ceremonial texts from the past century or so? I don't think they're necessarily "fake", just not ancient.

42d4f4  No.12612571


Stop typing to shills

72be20  No.12612578


<hurr the kikes are not da vinci goy

>quietly doesn't mention any 12 yr old can make simple scribbles and shapes, especially kikes who're into occult shit

Like I said, piss off kike

cbefc1  No.12612579


Look at these two snakes for example >>12612060

It looks like something out of a cartoon. This kind of drawing, its extremely modern man.

72be20  No.12612583

File: 00a3f045ca5d1ac⋯.png (352.97 KB, 528x528, 1:1, smug_shark.png)


>still trying hard to make the bad goys go away

cbefc1  No.12612589


this is the most retarded kike op I have seen so far, congrats on being almost near brain dead retarded

42d4f4  No.12612591


shoo shoo shill

cbefc1  No.12612595


How much did you pay for for all of this hah? You could have at least done the basic work and gone to someone who knows a bit about art and history lol.

72be20  No.12612596

File: 493a65eaeac1893⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 780x623, 780:623, stopped.jpg)


>doesn't know posting like a narcissistic victorian prude will also make him braindead retarded as ell

72be20  No.12612597

File: 25a2faf90fc49e7⋯.jpg (31.87 KB, 735x541, 735:541, argument-typo.jpg)



>inb4 pic :^)

42d4f4  No.12612601

Ok the shills are all over this place

To make things easy for everybody i will mark the shill out



Now filter by ID

72be20  No.12612605

File: 6741e30c9459dba⋯.png (192.29 KB, 826x506, 413:253, slovenly_bucko.png)


<learn (((history and art))) goy, that way you can be as (((smart))) as I am, but I'm still better than you though :^)


Will do anon.

cbefc1  No.12612609


>muh caveman drawings

>literally zero arguments around the art evolution

>but "muh projection" (kikes actually love to self project a lot, accusing the one they attack of the thing that they are)

I thought you guys loved meritocracy. And in meritocracy you are supposed to be proficient in stuff. Especially in subterfuge. I hope your fellow kikes are laughing a lot at you right now man.

01a0b7  No.12612665

File: 1a3744da975f255⋯.jpg (302.37 KB, 899x960, 899:960, fff.jpg)

They obviously don't like their secrets being exposed but they should maybe have thought about that before causing the Syrian civil war, the Red shields up to their old tricks.


42c131  No.12612677

"The Schabat", by Abraham Joshua Heschel is a very enlightening book about the jewish mindset. It's a worthwhile read.

cbefc1  No.12612680



>these drawings look out of place in history

>they are probably all fake

>"sounds of 20 posts REEEing commences"


72be20  No.12612687


>The Schabat

That, or the faggot kike posting his 'muh fake' bullshit ITT is a good example of the jewish mindset, albeit a lesser variety.

ebd84a  No.12612698


In morocco its a very popular sign symbolizing protection and i see it everywhere in commercials,on tv and each moroccan have this "hand" in his home and i know for a fact it has a spiritual meaning and many "muslims" here tend to say that we should avoid it and god is the only one protecting us.

you can say that is the equivalent of the blue protective eye in turkey.

01a0b7  No.12612709


The sandniggers haven't really been fighting a civil war in Syria and looting they've really been producing lots of little books and scrolls and artifacts just to make the Jews look bad, this vid shows the scroll that started the first thread produced before it was seized, it's all his fault.


cbefc1  No.12612731


well that makes sense since the quality of these things is extremely low. I mean, if I can see it as fake. Then surely almost anyone can lol, a subversive attempt by the muslims against the jews, kek.

83f0da  No.12612738


>Doesn't prove it fake

42c131  No.12612747



Interesting. Jews do have some connection to egyptian mysticism, with some secular occultists mostly freemasons claiming that the kaballah actually came from Egypt, and not invented by jews. I can't read hebrew, but it seems like a mix of jewish gematria with divine geometry.




Most of these seem to be alchemical treatises or some historical-theological books. You can clearly see the lion of judah in the cover of one of those, for once.


As far as i can tell, the figure of baphomet only got consolidated in the 17th century, and it is a purely dualistic figure, possibly simbolizing subversion (sword and shield, female breasts on a male body, human and goat, etc…) of values, not nescessairly of politics or other affairs. The depictions of a horned figure before that are most likely a different figure, as these were common in levantine paganism, with both positive and negative deities having the form of a goat. I do recognize that I'm not knowledgeable enough to completely rule out the existence of a horned figure in jewish mysticism that predated baphomet, so there's that. What i can confirm, however, is that it is most definitely NOT the beast(or devil, call it as you like).

In christian mysticism, baphomet is a very controversial figure. Some claim that it is a symbol of Mastema tempting men into evil to test their faith, as he had done with Job, but some claim that it is a form of the Holy Spirit, which leads in some way to spiritual emancipation from the earthly affairs.

cbefc1  No.12612748


>lets make some "scriptures" for the internet generation, surely they will never think twice about what history means

f436d6  No.12612778


I'm not disagreeing that they aren't ancient, just that can we say for sure they aren't from some fringe jewish sect? We know the kikes aren't above plagiarism and adopting the symbols of others.

42c131  No.12612805


Those books are most definitely modern.

At their oldest, from the mid 1700s.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter, since they are most likely alchemical and theological books.

Actually, i'm pretty sure that all books other than baphomet's are about alchemy, and even that one has a high likelihood of being an alchemical treatise.

ccb495  No.12612817


One tribe of jew forging bullshit, to sell to gullible goy who don't know better, profiting in the midst of war with the other tribe of jew. This is why they are happy merchants, because there's a sucker born every minute to fleece. This is every day jewing.

cbefc1  No.12612845


well I am not sure what OP is about anyhow. Does he need for us to translate them or something? Its not like we want to ban this thread or topic or whatever. But do we need to interpret them? Well I at least did from what little knowledge that I had. I am not asking to bury or to praise them, its just that, whatever. Be on your merry way with your fakes op lol


probably. But its so stupid man. Did nobody question these books as I did? I think it speaks volumes of this community here that we are all too similar, no specialization towards any branch at all.

01a0b7  No.12612977

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There is a more intriguing consideration that the scrolls were used in Marzeah ritual, which was a Necromantic drinking festival and the precursor to the Masonic Lodge were the Rephaim would be raised and the Underworld merged with at the end of which the practitioners were as dead and had to be revived through the principle of a life for a life, symbolically that of a deer, hence the hide scroll.





4e73b8  No.12613503


Most likely these are magic scrolls for ritual murder.

Kikes are obsessed with blood. They worship their bloodline, and use blood in rituals.

Translating these might me the final nail in the coffin, an irrefutable proof of ritual murder in the middle ages.

The amount of kikes kvetching and trying to shill and derail these threads is just tells us we are sitting on something powerful.

Keep digging! Archive everything! We need translations!

4e73b8  No.12613506

BTW where is the first thread? Did it die?

01a0b7  No.12613653

File: 7b3ba0010d7746f⋯.jpg (148.67 KB, 399x640, 399:640, 1111111.jpg)


There's certainly a dark and secretive cult involved so we do need translations


Yes it dropped off.

52dfdc  No.12613815


I'm trying to plug this into jewgle translate, but since it's archaic Hebrew (whole language was radically changed in 19th century), don't have high expectations. A university researcher on archaic semitic languages would be best, and chances are, as other anons pointed out, these are relatively modern (16-17th century), and therefore might have even more unique vernacular.

What is quite interesting to note is the symbolism of the dual winding serpents, normally found around the staph of Hermes, which is most definitely Egyptian.

I've seen several other symbols in these images which I've seen other places. The owl, particularly the pose, is the same as the Bohemian Grove, therefore represents Lilith, the demon first wife of Adam who demands child sacrifice and makes wombs barren.

52dfdc  No.12613819


Here's the translation according to jewgle

in - science This total defeat is only the only way that makes it possible to take some of our first steps 2

52dfdc  No.12613874

File: 99bf95fad33eca5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-191256.png)


The app works pretty well, if any kind anons could get good screen caps of the Hebrew text, I'll post translations

01a0b7  No.12613881

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think that book is French colonial period so early 20th century possibly, should be modern Hebrew and easily read, the overall theme is Hermetic and the two serpents relate to the staff of Asclepius, the caduceus, but you wouldn't normally see that in conjunction with a Menorah.

421aae  No.12613887


The owl is a symbol commonly used by followers of Minerva, who as you said is Lilith.

Star of david is the hexagon shown on Saturn, there's an image floating around that clearly demonstrates what Saturn imagery looks like. Baphomet is also commonly associated with Saturn.

The goat with the tail of a fish is Capricorn symbolism, which, if you want to get into astrological shit, currently has Saturn as it's ruling planet.

The hand as other people pointed out symbolizes Venus, who is the roman god of love. The astrological symbol for the planet is the sign used for females, She represents Yin, or inactivity. She is associated with containing the aggression of Mars (yang) or masculinity. Wouldn't be surprised if feminists used this symbolism along with Minerva symbolism to represent female infertility along with the suppression of masculinity.

The bull could represent Taurus whose current ruling planet is Venus, but also noteworthy is that the bull is the sacred animal of Saturn (roman god)

those random horns on the eye of horus could represent the symbol of Mercury I guess, he was the god of ((commerce, trade and trickery)) but this is kind of pushing it.

I have no clue about the lion, peacock, moth, or whatever bird that is in the bottom right though. Gave what I could with what limited knowledge I had.

01a0b7  No.12613928

File: 4301f3be688650a⋯.jpg (122.74 KB, 288x572, 72:143, 1.jpg)

File: af162b672ed3b85⋯.jpg (107.8 KB, 321x537, 107:179, 11.jpg)

File: 9f686bc509e209d⋯.jpg (153.11 KB, 378x734, 189:367, 111.jpg)

File: 2a3b1d180529b19⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 287x620, 287:620, 11111.jpg)

File: 83a515c85765c7d⋯.jpg (123.5 KB, 299x621, 13:27, 111111.jpg)


Maybe try these.

6da0f6  No.12613934


How the fuck is Minerva - Athena, the virginal goddess of war, intelligent and tactics, Lilith, the slutty demoness of the sand culture?

Fucking answer that.

52dfdc  No.12613957

File: f9d9df545c4c43d⋯.png (488.76 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193042.png)

File: ce6b1d2c497cd8a⋯.png (496.39 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193131.png)

File: 8f97f1e3352a385⋯.png (454.25 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193206.png)

File: 17d9f90de50d733⋯.png (439.53 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193235.png)

File: 99dee3efe460978⋯.png (432.93 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193309.png)


I do the right discussion, it does and what people will guess death Gl aid in

What to expect to remember will always come to them in whatever life challenges will be

To learn that each side to achieve justice requires sacrifice, folly and struggle people have their lives

The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can change judgment, if they have changed the trends of the mind

You're on your way to being an adult, as long as you think what you want, between. Aishana-e has been or has not been achieved

52dfdc  No.12613989

File: 0ec1a7a92f30144⋯.png (893.16 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193808.png)

File: fb275abf3cadd0a⋯.png (957.72 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193854.png)

File: 137fe15d2cf32c5⋯.png (854.88 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-193934.png)

File: 3b923d30bf03825⋯.png (835.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-194033.png)

File: e6d51b64f66a9e7⋯.png (799.97 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-194128.png)


Better translation:

I do the right judgment, it does and what people will guess death with help in

Perhaps the wonders of life, if you reject all this is from the bottom of what is a summit, you are always witness

Realizing this complete defeat is just the only way that makes us able to take some of our first steps

If you do not massage to do anything beyond what you are doing you will not research them at all

I also decided but I did not give up

I'm powerless and I can remove all the obstacles in front of me and the obvious is not Rona

I'm pretty sure this is from a sabbatean cult, not entirely, but seeing as how he coalesced half the Jews, most of whom went to Anatolia, the location and age fit.

6da0f6  No.12613995


The fact these "artifacts" are using modern hebrew means they are fucking fake.

I lament the poor fuckers who actually spend time on this.

52dfdc  No.12614020


Pray tell, how do YOU know this is modern, as opposed to medieval or archaic. I can't claim much knowledge in the realm of jew runes, but I do know the biggest difference between medieval and modern is the addition of vocabulary, which wouldn't preclude a translation (albeit inaccurate).

6da0f6  No.12614025


Because it's so clear written and kept, and look exactly like modern hebrew?

Hebrew is a dead language that was destroyed by the romans in Antiquity.

It's like seeing Shakespearan English and modern English.

01a0b7  No.12614031

File: c9624462716b41f⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 214x494, 107:247, 22.jpg)

File: b4381d5a24cd88c⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 275x509, 275:509, 222.jpg)

File: 1f661d4b9eafb88⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 336x640, 21:40, 1111.jpg)

File: 19bbdb20ef5b8d9⋯.jpg (96.59 KB, 307x563, 307:563, 2222.jpg)

File: 2d39611eef26aa4⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 291x548, 291:548, 222222.jpg)


That's good and pretty much what you'd expect to find in that general handbook, wisdom sayings relating to the precepts of the cult, a beginners guide, vague but enigmatic, just like the Masons.

52dfdc  No.12614041


> Hebrew is a dead language that was destroyed by the romans in Antiquity

Not at all true. The talmud was compiled four centuries after (the Mishnah), and addended to another two hundred years later (Gemara). Maimonides wrote in Hebrew in his time (12th century), as did Moses de Leon, the likely author of the Sepher ha-Zohar.

You underestimate their ability to remain underground and keep their language going, albeit largely frozen.

6da0f6  No.12614044


English was kept alive for centuries yet it changes and changes.

The fact this reads like modern hebrew implies it didn't change, and this is totally fake.

52dfdc  No.12614077


> This reads like modern Hebrew

Ok, please, edify me. What specifically about this text reads like modern Hebrew? I can't claim to know the language as a member of the tribe would, however I have looked through several talmud books for research, and do know something about this. Do you have any evidence? Spell it out, don't just make assertions.

6da0f6  No.12614087


I don't want to save hebrew in my computer, look up ANY Israeli newspaper.

52dfdc  No.12614097


Nice cop out. Until you provide even a modicum of evidence to back up your assertion, it remains groundless. Asking Anons who are almost certainly ignorant of Hebrew to compare this text with Israeli newspapers is disingenuous at best, they are not at all in a position to gauge the difference.

52dfdc  No.12614153

File: a98297f2b2c7f0b⋯.png (788.81 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-202452.png)

File: 24082e6ea713f63⋯.png (782.18 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-202723.png)

File: 44d29a3e58e4fae⋯.png (769.39 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-202751.png)

File: f5a36ecf75da22f⋯.png (781.73 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-202932.png)

File: 3d69f21f40e6559⋯.png (675.69 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181228-203217.png)


Back to work. Yeah it does have the same vague aphorismy tone of cult manuals, enough to draw in the curious and naive. What do you think of my hypothesis that it is linked to Zevi, given the location of the find?

Perhaps the wonders of life, if you reject all this Ramadan to the level of the summit, you are always up to

Communication in relationships between humans is similar to snake islands, both destined for life

You have to be constant in this hypocritical to flatten that chewed in the ocean some sort of Ominger disorder

If you are not hindered by the past do what is of what you are not

The recipe that is a compliment or a zora is the ability to serve in spite of everything

Note that not all of the jew runes were able to be captured, I tried filling them in and that's the translation posted above

499d7f  No.12614166

File: 923d7af54fab930⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 383x496, 383:496, 923d7af54fab9305d3b986e73d….jpg)


Hamsa faggots, hereditary cult of Jews. Similar in function to the Catholic/freemason Jesuits but since it's pure Jew it's more selective and quiet

eb5584  No.12614171


You mean Phoenician.

The Henrews never had a written language. Their entire religion was based on memorizing their holy books.

eb5584  No.12614173


If she's an attractive woman, I don't care.

eb5584  No.12614250

Nope, typical third world trash.

72be20  No.12614255

File: 2b0d9b541f86ad8⋯.jpg (286.83 KB, 1280x1714, 640:857, Saint_AJ_Styles.jpg)

>comes back after irl stuff

>faggot kike shill who got filtered called in some (((friends))) for uber damage control

Just keep at it anons, if there's a poster who's very good at (((saying the right words))) and (((using the right arguments))) in order to (((debunk))) the thread topic, simply filter and ignore the faggot kikes

eb5584  No.12614264

Oh look he's Jesus because he didn't rape a faggot at a bus station.

421aae  No.12614268


Person I was replying to cited the owl as lilith, I had seen in a different thread that it represented Minerva so I just linked the two together without actually thinking about it, retarded mistake on my part.

eb5584  No.12614280

Lilith is a sudductress that will ruin your life if you let her manipulate your feeling.

Minerva is the goddes of fertility, and the Owl is her medium. The Owls are not Minerva, they are the guardians of virgins.

72be20  No.12614300


>being this narcissistic

next you're gonna say kikes are white too huh? piss off wanker

eb5584  No.12614318


>Not being a cuck bitch equates to narcissism

Jews worship the bull and sacrifice children to them. I belong to the Order of the Lion, which is clearly not into child molestation. We create Kings.

bd7be5  No.12614319

A lot of the earlier pictures are astrological. Capricorn, Scorpio, I see a few others.

Then I'm seeing alchemical. I noticed an ouroboros.

Then it went to egyptology. Then it hopped to baphomet. Then it hops to goetic like figures, I see what could be decarabia, belial, baal.

Where did this come from again? Y'all sure this isn't just some art project?

01a0b7  No.12614334


Yes it looks like the wisdom sayings of a teacher and Zevi is the most likely candidate, he adopted the orgiastic practise of the Marzeah and rehabilitated other evil sects that had previously been rejected, he was basing this on earlier kabbalistic doctrine though.

72be20  No.12614362

File: f59448535bc1d88⋯.png (475.67 KB, 680x1011, 680:1011, NPC_control_room.png)



<hurr im not a so called cuck bitch stupid goy but let me show you my mad larp posting skills :^)

>still being narcissistic while spouting random kike semantic jibberish


>>>/gaschamber/ is that way kikeniggers, and both of you will not get a cent from trying to shill away this thread either :^)

52dfdc  No.12614398


> Earlier kabbalistic doctrine

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't all of that already syncretism from Egyptian, Babylonian, and levantine sources? This is the most likely reason for the hodge podge of symbolism and doctrines. I know a good amount about the Egyptian cults/beliefs, and when I read the Sepher Yetzirah, it had many common elements (primordial waters, astronomy, Hebrew letters being derived from Egyptian demotic).

83f0da  No.12614408



@:58 on that is clearly sons of god breeding daughters of man (bible), the nephilim/demonic invasion

eb5584  No.12614425


Come find me then tough girl.

e4d7a6  No.12614500

File: 13213db808989e9⋯.png (420.23 KB, 1441x686, 1441:686, saturn star gate.png)

File: d5a1ab36f88a0fe⋯.png (199.64 KB, 952x500, 238:125, symbols of an alien sky.png)

File: 4f16feab66e0743⋯.png (249.21 KB, 266x492, 133:246, saturn devouring his son.png)

Saturn's hexagon pole is a star gate of some sort.

52dfdc  No.12614527

File: ec6c64ea06c3279⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 222x300, 37:50, lilith-2.jpg)


Lilith is the Babylonian demon commonly associated with owls, however this source identifies it with Ishtar


Ishtar is also known as Semiramis, the same figure at the center of the "sacred feminine" cult, the basis for the statue of liberty, Mary worship among Catholics, and most recently wonder woman (look up images of the Semiramis and WW).

There is an interesting thing to note: in this image, which the source identifies as Ishtar/Semiramis, she is flanked by two Lions and two owls, symbolism found in the images in this thread. The lion symbolism in particular brings to mind the crest of the British Royal family. What all this boils down to, I'm not quite sure, but the fact that modern government projects feminine energy and embodies the shadow mother/witch archetype (Jungian stuff), I suspect is no coincidence.

6da0f6  No.12614536


>Minerva is the goddes of fertility

She's literally fucking not. She's the virgin goddess of intelligence, wit and strategy.

LEARN UP ACTUAL EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY instead of stupid bullshit.

52dfdc  No.12614563

File: bdc0aa15729d7ff⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 525x297, 175:99, arms.jpg)

File: 3aad5c47babb492⋯.jpg (566.74 KB, 847x1204, 121:172, 1a5b087ceabf2ca316180ea9f6….jpg)

File: f590faddd94c50b⋯.jpg (4.69 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 15460552981441953622036.jpg)


To further illustrate my point on the coincidence, consider the Royal family crest with it's parallel in the merchant text.

Additionally, the motto, 'Dieu et Mon Droit' is identical in meaning to 'Deus Meumque Jus', the motto of the thirty third degree of Scottish rite Freemasonry, meaning God and my right (to rule).

I'm now more convinced than ever that these are memes jews spread which are used to rule over people by convincing them you are somehow nobler/holier than them.

421aae  No.12614664

Oh, the peacock is also the sacred animal of Juno, goddess of marriage and family if that means anything.

The lion and eagle splitting is also symbolism that some people have theorized as showing the splitting between the U.K and the United States, the griffin being split into two.

Please keep looking into this thread smartanons, this shit is getting very interesting.

83f0da  No.12614709


Somebody fully translate this!

eb5584  No.12614717

You people are dense. Jews aren't real.

Masonry is to keep the Royal Families around. You learn this at the 33rd degree.

52dfdc  No.12614742


Take high quality screenshots of the jew runes (they should be visible, clear, stable, no slant/shear) and I'll run them through my translate app.

e32f52  No.12614772




>2000 years old

Choose only one. These are likely fake, since baphomet is only a few hundred years old (the Templars were accused of worshiping baphomet at some point).

6719fd  No.12614861


fuck yeah

0a377d  No.12614890


This. These are fake as fuck. Take one look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and compare. Also correct, this rendition of Baphoment was rendered by Eliphas Levi in the 1800s, the fact that this hoax causes a stir at /pol/ every couple of months proves the low iq ratio here.

01e5ba  No.12615065


There is no Star of David. This was made up to make it sound like King David made this star. No, it is the star of Remphan. That star is explicitly referenced in the Bible as being satanic.

eb9b38  No.12615066

File: 9bf90442d3b6550⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 2061x5756, 2061:5756, 1470264359464.jpg)

File: aeb4532d69d9859⋯.jpg (499.35 KB, 1536x1969, 1536:1969, 1470080788290.jpg)

File: c4550ec2a6a97da⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, HRC occultation 1.jpg)




Minerva is a good example of their typical perversion of healthy symbolism. Minerva's owl can be found all over western school systems, and in the halls of every abortion clinic worldwide. Despite her affiliations with knowledge and wisdom, she is used crudely by kike sorcerers to represent the feminine polarity of Saturn. Meanwhile Saturn's actual wife, Cybele, is secretly worshiped through ritual transvestitism. She has been largely obscured from our history, replaced often by either Minerva in their rituals, or by Inanna in the lies they tell the goyim. Inanna and her sister Eriskegal appear to have been mostly /ourgals/ during the various anunakki power struggles that comprise Sumerian mythology. Lilith, for her part, is human first and foremost. Kike lies about her and attempts to claim her as their fake dark mother aside, she's fairly neutral in the scale of all this, and blame rests less with her than with our creators; with Anu and his son Enlil, who are represented by Saturn and Jupiter.

Pretty much all of our goddesses have been added to Saturn's imaginary harem at some point by these kikes in an attempt at humiliation. It's entirely fetishistic. Literally thousand year old fan fiction they still jerk off to. Remember: They never create anything and can only steal ideas and try to sell them back to you. Don't indulge their pornographic plagiarism and always treat your ancestors gods with respect. Psyops like these are ultimately an attempt to pretend your history doesn't belong to you and that your gods are evil and unworthy. They have been pulling the same trick for thousands of years, but soon their lies will finally end.

f0975d  No.12615071

So don't fall into Jewish mysticism then.

It's not lole some faggots are paying niggers for acess to you data encoding so they can spoof and hypno you.

02a862  No.12615072


They do the same thing with magic (how interesting), mudras, yoga, meditation, philosophical reflection, technology, bodily orifices, children, and anything else they can get their evil hands on. When will the Honored Ones rid the Cosmos of these filth?

02a862  No.12615081


So they were the YHWH/Elohim references, in essence. It wouldn't surprise me. Their shitty offspring are about to evolve into their formerly present masters. Doing the same evil shit.

eb9b38  No.12615093



Jakin and Boaz are the names of the horsecock dildos 37th degree masons shove up their asses. Geometry, Gematria, Generative force. Orion. Nibiru. Qingu. Jah-Bul-On is a faggot. Enlil is a space nigger.

9e8b2a  No.12615103




Am I crazy or is that Capricorn from the zodiac? Could Capricorn, Taurus, Leo, and possibly others have come from this?

01e5ba  No.12615116

File: d5d80589554b2c7⋯.jpg (354.56 KB, 634x552, 317:276, pineal-gland-eye-of-horus.jpg)


What about the theory that the Eye of Ra represents the Pineal Gland? And how would they know this? Perhaps through the harvest of adrenochrome through ritual blood libel. Just a theory.

0a41c4  No.12615129

File: 5165803a0c8e5b7⋯.jpg (626.12 KB, 1080x1604, 270:401, 20181024_154618.jpg)

File: 854c09e03984a2a⋯.jpg (622.66 KB, 1080x1887, 360:629, SmartSelect_20181024-18271….jpg)


Is that the Star of Ishtar?

01e5ba  No.12615140



>Templars accused of worshiping baphomet

>Baphomet not rendered untill 1800s

Why are you shills even here?

97d25a  No.12615219

>2000 years old

I just wanna point out the person who made this copied a painting that is 150 years old by some jewish occoultist. So the book can not be older then that, unless its one of the most amazing Coincidences ever

e32f52  No.12615272



>Baphomet is a deity that the Knights Templar were falsely accused of worshipping and that subsequently was incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions.

The image of baphomet depicted in the fake shit posted by OP was not created until 19th century, but the idea of baphomet goes back a bit further.

01a0b7  No.12615484

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I haven't said that's 2,000 years old, looks 19th century to me, there are examples over many centuries, this example looks to be from the time of Zabbatai Zevi around the 17th century and shows him as Messiah.

01a0b7  No.12615511

File: 2e09aba0712dcac⋯.jpg (284.54 KB, 572x909, 572:909, owl.jpg)


The owl was the intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms thus owls were considered to carry away the souls of young children and were considered an ill omen in terms of Lamastu and Lilith, they could also be seen as wise in making the connection between physical and spiritual concerns.

The Jews tended to use them as symbols of desolation, cities that had formerly been thriving reduced to cities of ghosts watched over by owls.

f0975d  No.12615512


You're not aware of where you're at Jew.

71b103  No.12615997



solomon is the sun

the seal(s) of solomon are symbols of the sun

eb9b38  No.12616049

File: 1b781ca99d9cbe2⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Michael Aquino.jpg)

File: c21d23d6c0fe2c2⋯.jpg (164.23 KB, 572x378, 286:189, owl of minerva.jpg)

File: fa4df31a7b36cf5⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 526x526, 1:1, owls crucified Yanukovych ….jpg)

File: da1ff559aaefa83⋯.pdf (44.61 KB, From PSYOP to MindWar the ….pdf)


>owls were considered to carry away the souls of young children

This is also part of why horned owls are such a large part of monarch programming. Mikey Aquino, the cult of Set, deep underground military bases, human smuggling and child farms, monarch toy commercials and pop culture indoctrination mechanisms. Horned rimmed glasses and horned rimmed owls.

e9dc1b  No.12616110

File: ce59a6b48844fd8⋯.png (1.02 MB, 887x897, 887:897, 3rd pentacle of jupiterr.PNG)




I wonder if jew magic works against itself, I know I'm playing with fire but fuck it. Sage cause /x/

fd7319  No.12616338

Bump for the baby eating shapeshifters..

01a0b7  No.12616524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They do illustrate Capricorn and Taurus, Aries, Scorpio often, which is not so surprising when each of the twelve tribes was supposed to have had an astrological equivalent.

01a0b7  No.12616548

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Corrected vid


Right and people who describe UFO abduction experience often report dodgy owls in the immediate vicinity which suggests an intermediate physical/spiritual OBE type experience.

They're also the totem bird of seers were the owl sees and reports that which it is not seen physically within the minds eye.




01a0b7  No.12616580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Red Mercury Examples

It doesn't get any better for the humble sandnigger than finding mysterious Solomon related artifacts containing Red Mercury, the key to Sethian power.




ff7d34  No.12616587

File: 69198359ed6f426⋯.jpg (513.39 KB, 800x1547, 800:1547, 800px-Spas_vsederzhitel_si….jpg)



This painting was in Sinai in the 6th century, and is more advanced than the drawings posted here regarding all those techniques.

01a0b7  No.12616606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There was also this reported as found in Syria which looks to date from a similar period and shows the extent of their skills in working with leather and Late classical portraiture.

e9dc1b  No.12616738


not for sale

870417  No.12616788


>Also correct, this rendition of Baphoment was rendered by Eliphas Levi in the 1800s,

some of the scrolls are from as late as the colonial era and some are older

1123d5  No.12616941

File: 3c271be2a94b761⋯.jpg (153.19 KB, 689x640, 689:640, 689px-Assyriska_palatsvakt….jpg)


Have you ever actually looked at kike magic, like soloman's? It's all about trying to enslave and pervert OUR gods. Beings like pic related, are here to fight back.

421aae  No.12616953


In the post you were replying to what bird is the one on the bottom right? I have zero idea what that's supposed to symbolize.

939c15  No.12616987



0b0bb9  No.12617113


hence the unquenchable rush to transhumanism and the implementation of the AI God, to guide everyone again

15fd7b  No.12617273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is just good forgery. They are offering it for 10-35mio a gram in some vids (you can also buy the recipe). They just want to make sure it looks authentic. I can't believe in red mercury. It doesn't create a reflection in mirrors (red mercury mirror test) and it reacts to garlic? How should i believe in bullshit like this?

Same for the baphomet nonsense. Good forgery to denounce the jews.

That container for that scroll looks so real but still i think it was altered by some grave robbers.

Yeah ok. If it was created by some occultist after 1850 who was influenced by Eliphas Levi. Maybe then the book and the container could be real. But my intuition still tells me it is bullshit.

0b0bb9  No.12617329


sounds like a load of messianic bullshit to me and it makes me suspicious

>i know it looks real bad right now goys but don't worry its all gonna work out and we'll be saved real soon

didn't a bunch of people just go through this blue ball shit with Q?

oh right but this is different because we get a nice side order of EMP flavored Jewish bluebeam extraterrestrial worship

01a0b7  No.12617420

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't disagree that there is a lot of fake Red Mercury being sold that is probably Cinnabar impure grade and i've seen their /x/ tier videos involving mirrors, but their interest came to my attention in searching for examples of these books as some have vials attached of supposed Red Mercury


Now it's certain there was such interest from an Alchemical perspective and that it would hold a particular meaning, that this was generally considered destructive and dangerous, that this could relate to an aspect of the Planet Mercury in terms of the refined Horus and violently deranged Seth, if you wish to cause destruction use the agency of Red Mercury, the modern mythos may be based on the old.

0ed3c5  No.12617457

File: cf4c057eca7ed60⋯.webm (10.83 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Adolf_Hitler_-_The_Man_wh….webm)

File: 4934b70a1a7eb8a⋯.png (316.37 KB, 657x705, 219:235, serveimage.png)


Transhumanism, AI, IoT, surveillance etc. are all steps in this long pursuit for the incarnation of Ahriman (see https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/19191027p01.html). They seek to establish a material god that watches over the four corners of the earth, over all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor, and they think they're a unique point in history even though they're just falling prey to the same old Adamic temptation to "become as gods knowing good and evil". All that imagery of towers, masonry, compasses etc. is supposed to represent this same sketching-out and surveillance over the entire world, this hubristic conviction that they can encapsulate all of creation within the collective mind of humanity and the infrastructure (the web) under its grasp.

This whole struggle to establish a completely material, secular, scientific god for this world to replace the true God is just the final step in their endeavor to (((deconstruct))) all order and causality in the world behind (((actor-networks))). The same endeavor ties also into the replacement of great men in history with "nameless contributors in a convoluted network of interrelated forces" in their (((narratives))), the dissolution of sublime traditional architecture into brutalist concrete abattoirs designed only to house as many goyim cattle as possible, and the long trend of demonizing "autocratic regimes" with a single, conspicuous authority, in favor of liberal democracies heralding the (((end of history))), where behind the apparent collective decision-making of "the public" (cf. Kierkegaard's The Present Age) lies an invisible network of (((democracy makers and giant capitalists))) that create the right context and give people the right information for the people to behave exactly as (((they))) wish. All that AI singularity stuff where Jewgle tells you through your smartphone how you should do everything is just to make that apparatus of context creation all the more autonomous and opaque.

83735d  No.12617506


The Staff of Asclepius is a single rod with a single serpent coiled around it. It is not the same as the Caduceus of Hermes, although the two are often conflated in modern medical insignia.

01a0b7  No.12617516

File: 78aeb3c29219861⋯.jpg (34.86 KB, 770x513, 770:513, hp5b848533.jpg)


The Doctrine of Jacob Frank;


>If you had been in wholeness, then I would have sent one of you with a pass from that Maiden to the Big Brother. Having come to that screen, you would have found one guard, who would have asked you, Where are you going? You would have replied, I seek my brothers.

>Only then would he have led you with that pass to the Big Brother. But you must know that at his place are rooms without number; and there are many of them in which he has not been since the beginning, for he is made to forget them.

>Among them is one room in which all the deeds of men are written down nightly and all the words they speak during the day. He himself sees and watches over everything that happens here in this world.

>Also the Big Brother and his brothers say that I am not yet the one who has come to unite with them, for they see that you rejected me and did not want to follow me and from that they deduce that that time has not yet come. Know also that the Big Brother always tries to see if he can get past his screen, but some thing draws him back to his place, from which he concludes that there is something higher over them.

>..but to the Big Brother himself I would have given advice on how he might get through his screen; and all of that would have been through you. If that Big Brother had come to me, then you would have seen what would have happened in the world.

>That Big Brother is before God and has the power of granting growth, beauty, and riches, but as to this world in which we are, it is not known to him by what means to seize it, so as to subjugate it.

>Therefore it is my desire to unite with him, for both of us could lead the thing out with strength, in the open, and that is what stands with you, Do not hope for the steps of the messiah until you see the rainbow in bright colors, that indicates that Big Brother.

>At [the place of] that Brother there are very many rooms, for every power there is in the world there is for every one— individually— a room there. He himself has the key to every room, like to child-bearing, rain, resurrection and so on; everything is there. But there is one room to which he also has the key, but which he may not approach, for his power is weak; and that power which is there in that room will not permit him to take the key in his hand.

537ca4  No.12617565

Bump. This needs to be properly compiled into an infographic with properly labeled translations and 1 or 2 reference pictures per page to describe the image shown

01a0b7  No.12617593

File: 39073149072f5b0⋯.jpg (204.75 KB, 913x649, 83:59, gp53108427.jpg)


You're right the two do get confused but the twin serpents is the Hermetic Caduceus.

7b591f  No.12621564


Kike-magic essentially is dark magic, so you're correct. It's perversion; more importantly, inversion. The Hermetic saying "As Above, So Below" has many meanings and interpretations, but from my studies, one possible way of looking at it is this:

Above = Invocation

Below = Evocation

One is high magic, one is low magic. The kikes obviously use low magic. The Jewish King Solomon literally ritually summoned demons within a summoning seal. A work associated with Solomon's main grimoire, which is The Key of Solomon the King, would be The Lesser Key of Solomon.. In which 72 leading demons of Hell are listed.. All of which Solomon would summon for different purposes.. The Goetia are no joke, and I offer a sincere warning to anyone even considering researching it..

The penalty of dealing with high level invocation could be insanity or death. There must be a linguistic connection between the kikes and their satanic memes.. Trigger phrases they've mastered to use in their exploitation of demonology. The Jews are a wicked, heinously evil people.

d311fc  No.12624031

File: b51e06265c14f94⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2322x2992, 1161:1496, b51e06265c14f94f4557125b53….jpg)



01a0b7  No.12628421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is interesting a box containing a number of the Satanic-Jewish books for cultic use.

6aaefc  No.12628432


jews ARE demons anon

01a0b7  No.12628442


I suppose the ten Black Books correspond to the seven black candles seen on the Menorah on the box lid?

01a0b7  No.12628443


<ten black candles

2e5a64  No.12632329

File: 519f68faadb0552⋯.jpg (183.1 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, 475409727720.jpg)





This, op is faggot trying to trick people into thinking the baphomet is satan or saturn. why do they do this? it has more in common with jesus christ than either of those.

01a0b7  No.12634635

File: 1c9a060adff084e⋯.jpg (176.45 KB, 1007x1024, 1007:1024, c1588e4b-4684-4433-bf57-e0….jpg)


It is going to get worse for you, as i mentioned the Eyes of Re were the planets of inferior orbit, Mercury and Venus, it is an assumption that the Eye represented is that of Mercury/Horus, it could be the destructive aspect of Venus/Hathor

Consider the Mesopotamian equivalent of that the evil eye Lamastu, the evil opposite of Inanna as Venus, each had seven aspects, the seven evil aspects of Lamastu were seen as born of the scorpion, an ever present symbol of this cult.

>According to the texts her head is that of a dog or a lion, her face that of an Anzu;" her teeth are donkey's teeth, " her hair hangs loose, her breasts are bared, she is spotted like a leopard or a fish; sometimes she is winged," rarely tailed.

>The evil eye of Lamastu seems to operate as an independent entity, flying around in the house, causing quarrels among the tots,

and destroying peaceful family life.

>A snake and a scorpion, another of her deadly "weapons", regularly appear in the field of the Bronze Age amulets from Mesopotamia, and on the Iron Age amulets Lamastu invariably holds one or two snakes in either hand, while often a scorpion is depicted between her legs


It is also known that in Mesopotamian tradition Lamastu was understood as exiled to a high mountain top in the Sinai region, there she arranged the stealing of the tablets of Destiny and their bring to that Mountain through the Anzu bird, an aspect of her cult, this later formed the basis for a ridiculous story involving Moses and the rest is history, or more properly Destiny.

Lamastu was synonymous with witches and sorcery and the Suteans of the Sinai region, the Menorah is a symbol tracing back to that region, the seven aspects of Lamastu all destructive, as is everything that has emerged from that region.


01a0b7  No.12638655

File: de764732e098803⋯.jpg (170.28 KB, 952x963, 952:963, elath.jpg)

File: 50e08e37b04dd32⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 300x215, 60:43, Frankincense-trees-300x215.jpg)


In considering the most common symbol seen the Menorah and looking at it's origins in the Sinai/Negev region it can be seen that it related to the Frankincense tree, associated with smoky mysteries/the burning bush, and that it was identified as a Goddess, Elath.

>the seven branched tree as an icon that favored the translation of "Elath" a female consort of El We have numerous examples of the seven branched tree used as an icon for Yah (Yahweh) and sometimes in an El/Yah combination with such a tree and/or a ram.

>Elat is directly above the tree and Yah (Yahweh) is directly above the ram

>Translation: The tree [of] `Elath, a place of suspense, the ram Yah of Gat.

> The persona of Yah is associated with radiance, as from the sun and the head of the radiant Serpent. The glory of the radiant serpent was to be extended to his people so that their countenances would shine as they become a holy nation

Yah was the verb to cause to be in the sense of El-Yah the creator, the most common association with the Ram but also the serpent that was connected with the Frankincense tree.

It is assumed that Elat/Goddess relates to the cult of Asherah consort of El though the connection in the Sinai is specifically only with Yah, it is a question of whether the seven branches of the Frankincense tree could relate to the seven aspects of Goddess Lamastu and that the principle of Yah is simply that of enabling, causing to be manifest.




e083d6  No.12639522

File: f6fd8f43013d34b⋯.jpg (59.41 KB, 678x381, 226:127, satanic-chelsea-clinton-67….jpg)


Does anyone know of some other red fluids also prevalent in occult mythos?

988f3e  No.12639639

You lot are beyond help if you really believe all this shit.

01a0b7  No.12639675


This is not an investigation into what we believe …

47e53d  No.12640386


Get the fuck out of this thread you disgusting, smelly subhuman. The mere idea of you lurking here causes nausea to humans.

ec247d  No.12640480


These images have incredible color retention and remarkably good binding for being 1000+ years old, not to mention incredibly conveniently placed satanist symbols astride menorahs, etc. Fucking retards. Listen to the videos where they flip pages… sounds like a brand new fucking book. Every page is unmarked, unscratched, not even blemished so much as "discolored" from some faux papyrus shite. This is ridiculous.

b685a1  No.12640796


Go watch the Kardashians instead you shit skin nigger

58fb86  No.12641208

are these scrolls made from…

>>12640796 ….genuine goy skin?

01a0b7  No.12641407


Have you ever looked at say the incredible color retention and remarkably good binding of the well over a thousand year old Book of Kells, condition is always about state of preservation and no indication of age, not that there aren't examples of these scrolls and books in very poor condition that i've come across, but they don't make for such good screenshots, and the age of any of them is yet to be properly determined.

What you're really struggling with is that the Jews could literally be Satanic, that /pol/ could actually be right and the entire mainstream establishment utterly wrong, i accept that's kind of scary but with these people everyday is a total horror show.

01a0b7  No.12641623

File: 4629cab5c500b43⋯.jpg (297 KB, 1865x796, 1865:796, Lamastu.jpg)

Here's a video of a very interesting and old little book complete with full colour pull out supplement that includes what i would take as a representation of Lamastu, seen 2nd from left pic related.


c6ecb5  No.12647012

Seething power.

cb6b1b  No.12647193


and also look at the current moroccan flag…or even the one before and you know exactly what's up

01a0b7  No.12647976

File: c2b758a8c80ce67⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 358x490, 179:245, yp50dc8181.jpg)


It became the hand of Fatima to the Muslims, but generally it related to the giving and taking of life dependent on hand, it was related to Inanna in a positive sense and Lamastu in the negative, the central Asian Goddess Tara, has the open downward pointing right hand offers blessings, potential gifts, correspondence to rising in the East, the Left hand correspondent to setting in the West offers protection, sanctuary, within the Underworld. The translation in dance of the Mudra hand gestures represents the passage through time and space.

01a0b7  No.12657565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01a0b7  No.12661891

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This book they have inserted a Red Mercury vial on the inside spine of the book which is seen when they get to the middle pages with a snake on either side, bonus points also for a badly drawn illustration of Seth on the back cover.

ef2c2e  No.12662117


It's a chamsa, protection from the evil eye. Also called the hand of miriam or the hand of mary to christians

ef2c2e  No.12662239


Aramaic letters have been used in hebrew for millennia

2d2909  No.12663045


look up keys of solomon or ars goetia

01a0b7  No.12663134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In this context it's more likely to be the evil eye, this dates back to Sumer and the eye of Inanna and that of Lamastu, the hand that gives and the hand that takes life.

b2c720  No.12663176

File: f12d1ffdd53eb34⋯.png (570.14 KB, 738x663, 246:221, 7D999E64-1A40-4E12-87C5-65….png)


I by chance was given a silver necklace of this symbol which i am wearing rn.

Should i take it off???

ef2c2e  No.12666364

Also to note that that rendition of baphomet didn't exist until the mid 1800's, most likely muzzies trying to slander jews and make cash off of counterfeits. Unless they are occult books that are much more recent.

baf869  No.12666493


That's the hand of Fatima. It's a symbol for protection.


Why doesn't it make sense to you? Because you want it to be some ebil jewish plot to fuck you over even more?

Jews don't need much more than the control of the banking system to have complete control over your life. In fact, the general quality of the elite's occulted knowledge is pretty lame.

baf869  No.12666508


This thread is why you keep occult knowledge occult. Not because it's evil or anything, but because people who are not mentally equipped to understand it will only shit everything up trying to make sense of their cognitive dissonance.

01a0b7  No.12678258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Stone Dildo Cult, at face value a Roman Period pseudo-Egyptian assemblage, notable for tiny magic spell books written in Hieratic, stone dildos and magic staves, also including the cult of the two Red evil eyes of Re.










c1afe3  No.12679906


Yeah, ok kid.

This is exactly what the Free Masons did years ago.

They pretended to be Luciferians, or bringers of enlightenment. But in actuality they were spreading Satanism. Nice try Jew.

01a0b7  No.12684541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01a0b7  No.12684544

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

34d472  No.12684658


It's the Hamsa. I knew a Satanist who carved into both their wrists.

34d472  No.12684663


It's to ward off the evil eye aka keep people from thinking bad thoughts about you (which in case you don't realize it, do fuck your life up).

34d472  No.12684735

So where can I buy these at? Links to whatever deepnet site these are being sold over?

34d472  No.12684770

File: 312548b097091a9⋯.png (33.07 KB, 2114x442, 1057:221, Screenshot from 2019-01-16….png)



34d472  No.12684781

I really need to obtain that red mercury.

b53487  No.12684893

File: 901be8dbc5b7b9c⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 288x288, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


That symbol is called the Hamsa and it's supposed to provide a defence against the "evil eye."


34d472  No.12684926


It doesn't work btw. At least now when idiots use it improperly.

t. chaotee that kicked the ass of the satanist who used double hamsas in an attempt to not have to face me

20cae2  No.12686109



The Baphomet symbol dates, to its earliest, the mid 19th century. These pages are obvious forgeries.

01a0b7  No.12686603


The illustration is published in 1854 but do you think Elphias Levi was inventing Dogma and Rituals of High Magic or recording it, he didn't invent the iconography he first openly published it.

01a0b7  No.12686686

File: 9aafbb3753b8ac9⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 398x510, 199:255, tt.jpg)


It's surprising how much can be figured from the iconography of this cult and their interest in Red Mercury/Seth, it exaplains their entire deranged and destructive behaviour.



a87799  No.12686723


>Invoke a symbol of jew ie. star of star of rampham

>inverse it to hide obvious meaning

>attach it to a picture that characterized jew without logically pointing to jew (ie. goblins, asymmetrical feature with slimy smile )

> evokes a emotional response (bad vs good situation , plays on interest of targeted groups(pick one)

>find a conveyor belt/ platform(pop sites, places)

>release said ideals in many forms and gauge response of each imagine


>You have now learn the basics of magic which is now called meme's/propaganda/facts/ideals/language/spooks


01a0b7  No.12691109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What manner of fiendish device is this, under the baleful gaze of King Nigger the box opens to reveal two vials of Red Mercury for purpose unknown.

01a0b7  No.12691115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also why would anybody do this…

cbf12b  No.12692295


Well if this is real then this should destroy the narrative that normies believe in

875211  No.12692365


don't you know anon? Questioning the world around you means you're a jidf mossad kike shill, REAL nazis listen and believe, don't you want to be a REAL internet nazi?

01a0b7  No.12704521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01a0b7  No.12704537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01a0b7  No.12707657

File: 4757929816e409f⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 523x553, 523:553, 1.jpg)


It will, there's been an ongoing conflict which one side was totally engaged with and the other almost completely oblivious through their enemy controlling the narrative.

9508ef  No.12707667

01a0b7  No.12717735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

01a0b7  No.12717945

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That vid shows a Red Mercury vial in conjunction with serpent, these a serpent appearing from Mercury compound known as a Pharoah's serpent, is this the alchemical reason Mercury was always associated with the the serpent?



01a0b7  No.12722986

File: 782db35a9fac595⋯.jpg (337.97 KB, 1117x1010, 1117:1010, splomon.jpg)

Good quality video of scrolls and case that provides the best evidence that these symbols and associate rituals are connected to the secret Marzeah orgiastic drinking cult, were Solomon and Sheba are seen as the patrons of such in connection with grapes the fruit of the vine, also seen is Khepri the God of the newly reborn Sun which was the culmination of such rites after descent into the Underworld.


09f6d7  No.12722997



FFS you autists. I've already spoken to an expert translator of languages and he confirmed that these are hoaxes. You are wasting your time.

01a0b7  No.12723023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That always happens, a minor sample is sent to an authority who declares the whole thing fake, the exact same process occurred with the Jordan Lead Codices.

Meanwhile there have been plenty of translations suggested, Google Translate works for the modern Hebrew.

If i wanted to create fake Hebrew artifacts it would be easy enough to lift passages from the Bible, there's no difficulty in doing so, the fact some of the scripts might present difficulty doesn't negate authenticity, there are plenty of Medieval Grimoires that also do so.

09f6d7  No.12723032


I had him translate part, guy was a German PhD and the thing is gibberish. It's a waste of time.

01a0b7  No.12723048


I know but like i said the exact same thing happened with the Lead Codices without real justification, this served to put the whole subject off limits to academics until others re-evaluated.

There were powerful groups involved in the suppression of those finds and the same process would certainly occur with these, one opinion should not be allowed to shut down investigation.

09f6d7  No.12723071


They aren't a supposed 1000+ years-old document in mint condition like it was printed last week, though. Furthermore, half of those symbols didn't exist then. These are masonic symbols and modern occult symbols.

01a0b7  No.12723092


I don't care what anyone says regarding date without material analysis, some appear more recent than others in terms of condition and style and i did suggest to you that you should send the translator the more recent probably Colonial Period example to translate as it's easily legible and provides Google Translate results.

It is these groups that created the Rosicrucians and Free Masons and modern occult groups, of course there's going to be shared symbolism, the basis for kabbalah appearing in Medieval Europe was a hide scroll from the Near East.

Apart from these artifacts seemingly covering extensive periods of history up to the recent it is also the case that there are different hands involved in their creation, for example there are about 10 different examples of owls seen with stylistic differences, an important part of the process of evaluation is how many hands have been involved in their creation.

c1afe3  No.12723501


<j-just stfu you goyim, I mean autists.

6932d5  No.12724341


JIDF pls

9bc72f  No.12726267






These Hebes are well known for controlling the minds of the youth. I have no doubt that these hipsters are just the same are every other sub culture from the recent past, and as such the Jews have used meme magic to ink these hipsters with the symbols from their book.

Hipsters often have triangle tattoos, similar to the the eye of Horus, illiuminati symbolism etc

01a0b7  No.12741569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


3d2f7d  No.12741602



>Red mercury

Alchemist here, Red Mercury is one name for the philosopher's stone. And it's a source of near infinite energy. Matter is full of energy as we see from atom bombs, and the philosopher's stone is some stable state matter that can supposedly release this energy consistently over tens of millennia.

As the alchemical Red Mercury also transmutes metals into gold or silver, it would make a lot of sense if they knew about it. Their wealth and power having initially come from control of gold.

01a0b7  No.12741654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Possibly but i'd need to see the science on that, my point here is to document and establish the cultic interest in Red Mercury, that can be related to Rothschild through the Red shield/Magan star and that seen in the context of Red Mercury association, the mineral used to create red pigment in the scroll artifacts would be cinnabar, so a constant underlying theme, whether they were producing their own gold or merely duping others out of it i couldn't say.

01a0b7  No.12741752

File: f9fc736bc428f5d⋯.jpg (129.66 KB, 878x657, 878:657, 1.jpg)

File: 74ed7b2c1048c05⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 478x682, 239:341, 3.jpg)

File: 0974a07a2d86f7f⋯.jpg (105.93 KB, 764x874, 382:437, 11.jpg)


The evidence is certainly there as i mentioned previously for producing a "Pharoah's serpent" through a Mercury compound and that alone would have produced plenty of shekels if dramatically performed in a European Court, in conjunction with this seen in two video contexts is evidence of Horus/Seth initiation illustration, were Horus is pure Mercury and Seth the Red, so i think they knew their chemistry.




6210f5  No.12741782

File: 8d5a74659523713⋯.png (13.73 KB, 438x371, 438:371, trogdor.png)


>pharoah's serpent

Hey its Trogdor the Burnanator.

58e641  No.12741797


The jew was in our faces this entire time

6210f5  No.12741817


They like to do that. Unsure if actually purposeful in this case or funny coincidence(if there is such a thing)

490fc2  No.12741820


>implying baphomet is a symbol

01a0b7  No.12741824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes that is greatest secret of the Jews.and the God of the Rosicrucians..

4695a7  No.12741834

Basically if it's a Jewish religious thing, it's probably a gay cult that nobody should ever get involved with. Baphomet, Moloch, any of that bullshit is literally just Jewish fag worship.

They literally worship faggots, which is how you can tell they aren't chosen for anything.

4695a7  No.12741838


They don't believe in God you moron, they worship sodomy.

01a0b7  No.12741869

File: 200dd8acae338c8⋯.jpg (121.44 KB, 578x963, 578:963, trogdor.jpg)


Trogdor also does Ass Destruction but your comment suggests maybe he is also the God of Infinity chan.

ba0002  No.12744606

So are the Turks selling red mercury obtained through the spoils of the Syrian war, or are they scamming people on the internet? or both?

ba0002  No.12744770



01a0b7  No.12745210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's been a lot of interest generated through the connection of Red Mercury to the artifacts looted in the Syrian war, this has led to people selling magic rings and artifacts supposed to contain it and probably scamming, so there's an interest in the Jewish magic books relating to it's properties and usage and earlier pseudo-Egyptian artifacts, you see a lot of those here;


The dragon tooth shaped containers contained Red Mercury.


de3c96  No.12745250




I'm not sure where I read it but I believe it was The Secret Teachings of All Ages that mentions Solomon was unfortunately taught magic by the magicians of Egypt. This would also explain the (((Kaballah))) and the Qaballah, a demon summoning book. The only major difference between them is that the jews took the Qaballah and swapped out the names with names of hebrew entities.

This of course means that the only form of magic jews rely on or exclusively practice is demon summoning. After all, the magicians of Egypt practiced other forms.

01a0b7  No.12745690


There's a deeper connection than that as Qaballah is generally obsessed with Numerology and Gematria based upon their script, it's internal logic and the structure of texts, the Egyptians created the basis of that in terms of proto-sinaitic, we're using a derivative of it here, it was created to facilitate trade transactions between the Egyptians and the mining industry in the Sinai region.

They make a great deal of having a system of 22 letters looking to some cosmic significance but in the oldest examples there were more, 27 to 29 recognized, and it was a simplified system developed from the Hieratic and Hieroglyphic, a simplified system for a very simple people,


Once they had a written language for dummies they then proceeded to create a religion with that script at it's core, as had the Egyptians with Hieroglyphics and the Mesopotamians with Cuneiform, it's a strange fact that cultures that adopted derivatives of that script were also drawn into the religious tradition that emerged from it, the power of the written word and historic precedence.

1123d5  No.12750108


>oy vey goy! It's a cohencidence!

Fuck off shlomo. All you did was prove the point that many of the aristocracy sold their souls to the kikes.

01a0b7  No.12759832

File: 2d4d8ad0b138e74⋯.jpg (388.8 KB, 1151x1647, 1151:1647, Untitled-1.jpg)


f8ae4f  No.12759885


It's called


(five in Arabic or armit )

I can tell you that the origins of this book is prob in Iraq or something

Because they Jewish path include some kind of magic or whatever

This Kikes claim to be doing magic with God permission because it's illegal in jewdism

And blablalba

Don't know much but it's 100% from Iraq or something like that because of this chamsa

This book is maybe connected to some sub jewish path

Or some crazy rabbi

-am jewish and I live in israel blabla I am against race mixing lol fuck my country

f8ae4f  No.12759888


Old hebrew alphabet

Not quite sure when it been use but it something like 2000 +

years ago

This is a book written letters and I think it has to be created in the last 300-400 years

01a0b7  No.12759905

File: f237cbf2974bcce⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 314x650, 157:325, 3333.jpg)


Could be last 300-400 years these examples, but the tradition goes way back, it's a Jewish sect and a lot of the artifacts probably trace back to Syria and perhaps also Iraq, reasonable assumptions.

The point is though does Judaism have an esoteric and exoteric aspect, is this the authentic hidden inner, the hamsa protective eye is the equal and opposite to the evil eye, the oldest tradition is that the protective eye related to Inanna, the evil to Lamastu, it is likely the evil eye that is seen on these artifacts, the principle of destruction directed towards enemies.

In Mesoptamia Lamastu was understood as exiled to the Sinai region, she arranges for a vird, the Anzu, reared on the mountain to steal the tablets of destiny and bring them to her mountain of exile in the Sinai, this the focal point of evil and sorcery.



23782f  No.12759944

File: 7b90a398fa9bb9e⋯.png (677.89 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190205-192818….png)


Wow origins of the OTOAustralia.org.au child fuck cult is being confirmed Jew. I'm loving this being vindicated…. Told you so.

Stellar post.

https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=2SK78Y4RYOYW details of openly masonic rabbi Raymond apple and his gay jew judge mate working with the baphomet worshiping oto child fuck cult suing my mate John Sunol.

649557  No.12759953


Looks totally fake to me.

23782f  No.12759978


Sabbatan Frankenist OTO kike pedo cult origins confirmed! Excellent!

OTO founded lgbtp activism in America through Nambla Icon Harry Hay. It is always the kikes pushing perversion on the goyim child, and it always was.

By gay pride history law California house bill SB 48 all children must study founder of gay rights in America confirmed oto member harry hay every lgbthistorymonth.com

But JIDF controls wikipedia good so the prolls don't wake up the democrats are forcing children to hail nambla oto icons in Californian Christian schools. The democrat lawmakers must hail to the oto nambla chief by law, do as we say.





I can proudly say I helped inspire this "little" episode.


Those who are into child fucking occult shit need to die. Therefore anyone against child rape needs to support the growing movement to gas the peverted kikepeds.

23782f  No.12759996

File: 4b5cf6807d51f16⋯.jpg (433.78 KB, 1800x1638, 100:91, Little shlomo slowly tries….jpg)


Is that the best you got against an orgy of evidence yid?

Kikeshills very sub-par today. Is hasbara operations on a tight budget and outsourcing adl online trolling to Bangladeshi click farmers again?

It shows. Tell your boss Shlomo I said HI.

23782f  No.12759998

File: 992a8dc0a926040⋯.jpg (106.3 KB, 568x635, 568:635, Harryhaysignnambla2.jpg)

01a0b7  No.12760031

File: 31f2e229019e7e7⋯.jpg (596.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Sabbatai Zevi as the crown….jpg)


Once Sabbatai Zevi adopted the Antinomian position all the ancient evil archetypes became re-established there was nothing off limits, thus there was a revival of Black Magic tradition following on from that, the Asiatic Brethren were introducing that into Free Masonry which was based in more benign Kabbalistic Doctrine, Jacob Frank was a part of that introduction into Europe.


The oldest attested usage of the term Rabbi is from Ugaritic sources around 4,000 years ago in connection with facilitating the Lodge system of the Marzeah, an orgiastic/necromantic drinking festival, the Lodge principle was based upon 13 practitioners were the Highest position was that of the King and 12 tribal leaders, as the Gods, this worked it's way down to the regional and village level as an esoteric society controlling the nation and is attested twice in the Bible as practised by Israel, the Masonic Lodge system derives from this.

23782f  No.12760061

File: 6c539bc30b26335⋯.png (859.42 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190205-204645….png)

File: 6c539bc30b26335⋯.png (859.42 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190205-204645….png)


They are the chosen people. Chosen for death.

Their religion is fucking children and non Jews want to see all pedophiles hang.

Homophobia and antipedoism are nothing to be ashamed of.

May the white cells destroy the virus and threat to our children as our natural instincts drive us to make a safe space for your young.

If a kike doesn't want to die he better run here: https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2016/03/17/welcome-tel-aviv-gayest-city-earth/y9V15VazXhtSjXVSo9gT9K/amp.html

30dba0  No.12760232


>it can't be satan, a personified demon of "error".

30dba0  No.12760236


>As long as we don't even know what jews essentially are

You take them at face value then describe them at face value.

And at face value they are nothing but idiots trapped in their own stupid ideology.

Like you.

30dba0  No.12760240


> (((Kaballah))) and the Qaballah, a demon summoning book

You have no idea what the Kaballah is.

30dba0  No.12760244


I got a hamsa or fatima hand necklace like that, only with an eye, not a "star of david". It's not Jewish itself, it used to be Christian as well in fact. I got mine in Cambodia where it is also apparently a symbol in Bhuddism and Hinduism.

30dba0  No.12760271

File: 0448b1d1a898f96⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 320x251, 320:251, facepalm__.gif)


> thus the basis for the pentagram

The star of david, as well as the upward or downward pentagrams are forms of the hermetic "as above, same below" school of thought.

It's like there are nothing but retards in this thread with no idea what they are talking about.




>just because someone uses I must avoid it

Retardation. It is literally something to protect from the "evil eye" and represents prosperous family connections.


It's to ward of "satan" in the same way as it symbolises good thought and wisdom.


fucking kek. Literally the opposite of what he thinks it is.

30dba0  No.12760276


I think you're misinterpreting a common widespread symbol just because some whores pervert it.

30dba0  No.12760280


>Hipsters often have triangle tattoos, similar to the the eye of Horus, illiuminati symbolism etc

Oh and learn to symbol and read a fucking book.

30dba0  No.12760289


I swear a lot of these symbols are not Jewish, rather Zoroastrian or pagan middle eastern. That said, there is proof to suggest the old testament was compiled with stories over many centuries covering different eras of "judaism" when it was in fact likely following one pagan god then switching to another, then another, etc when it invaded countries or was invaded.

Modern judaism is a rediculous cult in comparison to ancient "judaism" which was far more open to new thought and ideas and basically collected ideas from most "non-jewish" thought.

Hence why Jesus called a Syrian (or a gentile) a dog then turned around and praised her thoughts. I bet that baffled the Rabbis in the temple, when he was clearly saying "these dogs know better than you faggots".

01a0b7  No.12760300


>the upward or downward pentagrams are forms of the hermetic "as above, same below" school of thought.

They considerably pre-date any of that, as the UB sign it was the City seal of Uruk.

30dba0  No.12760355


>They considerably pre-date any of that

Well I have no doubt they misunderstood it or simply had no way of communicating it until recently.

>as the UB sign it was the City seal of Uruk.

Yeah they likely considered it far less figuratively like we do now. We only do that now because our system of knowledge has become so complex and detailed that we've had to being abstracting things again. Back then the details were easily remembered because they lacked the ability to detail things (durable things to write on/with) other than using stones and clay tablets.

I've heard rumours of Uruk (the earliest known civilisation we've discovered in mesopotamia) actually hinting at earlier civilisations with very advanced technology though.. but only rumours. I wouldn't cancel it out however, space is a big thing and crazy things throughout human history have been accepted as fact.

It makes you really wonder why that civilisation thought that way. I think they just did so to explain the legitimacy of the current kingdom (if it did happen), or perhaps something alien acted as a catalyst (meteorites, etc). Hell, if you see the hexagon on Saturn and how our universe creates these patterns constantly by the functional mechanisms of particles, etc, it's no wonder why they considered six sided shapes important.

Non sage for finally some legit discussion in this thread.

01a0b7  No.12760366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They certainly didn't originate with Judaism apart from the Menorah, but you can't understand Judaism outside of it's regional context, that their neighbours had identified them as absolute evil, that's bound to cause a reaction, they assimilated the Demonic into the Solomonic tradition, their basis for magic.

The Sutean (Southerner) cannot escape the greater influence of the Goddess of his region, they tried to reconcile this with the Queen of Saba as the very incarnation of their Sutean Goddess Lamastu, but it all ends with the screaming for the death of unborn children outside abortion clinics, total derangement, and people finally understanding the pattern of their behaviour.

>There was a time when the Queen of Sheba was popularly depicted as a snatcher of children and a demonic witch. In Arabic and Jewish lore, Queen Sheba is often associated with Lilith (a minor aspect of LAMASHTU)

>1 Kings Chapter 10 describes her visit to King Solomon. She tested him with difficult questions. She wanted to know whether he was really as wise as they said he was. She has long been associated with the bride in the Song of Solomon, where it mentions in Chapter 1:5; “I am black, but comely.” Josephus said in his Antiquity of the Jews, Book 8 Chapter 6, that it was the “queen of Egypt and Ethiopia” who visited King Solomon. Also, Jesus refers to her as the “queen of the south”

>The Queen of Sheba is the spirit that the Initiate calls upon before he/she summons LAMASHTU. She is an ambassador of LAMASHTU. This can be understood when we review the legend of King Solomon.


30dba0  No.12760443

File: 3ad4a10b6189a4d⋯.jpg (554.07 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Esther_haram.jpg)

>at their neighbours had identified them as absolute evil, that's bound to cause a reaction

Well strangely they embraced the Egyptian religion of set (assuming they were jews and not other Canaanite) when they invaded as the Hyksos. They also seemed to have embraced the Assyrian regime's religion in many ways too. In fact, they only seem to have stopped that adaptation since prior to Jesus, hence why he seems to attack this the most. Remember, Jesus was a Rabbi…. apparently.

See pic related for why they did that though.

Also people in this thread talked about triangles, see:


01a0b7  No.12760453

File: 4f9ac7275178358⋯.jpg (35.87 KB, 302x195, 302:195, ae59199216.jpg)

File: a2d9a9212d05fa6⋯.jpg (30.65 KB, 306x144, 17:8, cz5919922b.jpg)

File: d5e89bb5535b4dc⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 740x341, 740:341, pt591991e9.jpg)

File: a9bdce45b4331fa⋯.png (112.12 KB, 807x167, 807:167, rf5919925e.png)


It had considerable importance in terms of magic binding, particularly in terms of community, for UB read hub.

>Of the 243 tablets currently identified as dating to the Uruk III/Jemdet Nasr period (c.3000 BCE) , the UB symbol, or pentagram, occurs 46 times on 33

Seals found at Jemdet Nasr indicate groupings of signs representing the various City states of Mesopotamia bound together in a federation, the particular title of the UB administrative centre appears to have been NI-RU, and from there a ration based system appears to have been regulated, there is confusion though as the site could also be understood as UB, this seems however to indicate the supra-state community, the essential meaning bound as one, though the UB sign also had application in terms of angles/quarters the overall Pentagram concerns itself with all directions.

The notion of UB-me-ki rendered as Umma causes further confusion when the community translates to Giš(š)a, seemingly the City has two names and has relocated from Northern Mesopotamia to the South, but likely this is a transference of a community.

>The geographical name UB(ki) of Late Uruk and Early Dynastic sources cannot be identical with UB-meki = Umma, because UB(ki) may have been the writing of several localities, none of which were situated in southern Mesopotamia.

Because the UB/community moved around this causes confusion when they are associated with a City that has it's own name yet could be referred to as the UB.


The term is actually still in common usage as Umma refers to the supra-national community of Islam, this from the Semitic loan of UB as hbr relating to binding also in the magical sense which explains a traditional association of the Pentagram

01a0b7  No.12760498


The reason the Hyksos introduced Sethian Dynasties was because Seth was based on the Sethian/Sutean, the Hurrians ruled as Horus, the idealization in terms of a tutelary God of their ethnic nature.

Lamastu was the greater principle of the destructive nature of the desert wilderness, it's hostility to life, the Sutean the creature of that wilderness.

>There are striking reverberations between Seth’s iconography and Lamaštu’s: both are defiant tricksters whose function in mythology is to break through boundaries. Seth is often shown riding a donkey and was called “the braying one.” Seth’s sacred symbol was the delta (triangle) and triangles are sometimes written on amulets to Lamaštu, though their meaning is inconclusive.

>Great is the daughter of Heaven [the god Anu)] who tortures babies, Her hand is a net, her embrace is death. She is cruel, raging, angry, predatory…She touches the bellies of women in labor She pulls out the pregnant women's baby The daughter of Heaven is one of the Gods, her brothers With no child of her own Her head is a lion's head Her body is a donkey's body She roars like a lion She constantly howls like a demon-dog.

013c64  No.12760643


> Seth was based on the Sethian/Sutean

Seth wasn't based on anything other than the nature of the universe to tear itself apart, but also the provider of new paths and the icon for invasion (whether that be being invaded or, as it likely was later in egypt at the time of Ramesses II, invade others). But I will agree that their obsession with one aspect of nature may have concerned the Egyptians. Regardless, that has nothing to do with modern Kabbalistic Judaism as modern Kabbalists would disagree with such a one eyed analysis of nature.

>Hyksos introduced Sethian Dynasties

Nope, the Hyksos took on the Egyptian philosophy, not the other way around.

>Seth’s sacred symbol was the delta (triangle) and triangles are sometimes written on amulets to Lamaštu, though their meaning is inconclusive.

Wrong again, see >>12760443

Even the greeks knew what they meant.

01a0b7  No.12760716

File: 135da4f2a16d860⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 293x502, 293:502, lamashtu-lion.jpg)


They observed that the Sutean was destructive and created the cultural wilderness wherever he went, Kabbalah is an intellectual wilderness, it is void of any actual meaning or purpose.

>…the Hyksos took on the Egyptian philosophy, not the other way around.

I suggested they introduced Sethian Dynasties, ie Seti I, not that they introduced the Doctrine, they identified with Seth on an ethnic basis.

A triangle on a Lamashtu amulet is unlikely to relate to the Greek concept of five elements, it can be related to the seven aspects/names, basically the most fundamental triangle involved is that of Anu-Inanna-Lamashtu.

013c64  No.12760745

File: 652ef5759877618⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj15.jpg)


>Kabbalah is an intellectual wilderness, it is void of any actual meaning or purpose

Well do you know the purpose of life anon?

If you do it would be news to me.

>I suggested they introduced Sethian Dynasties, ie Seti I, not that they introduced the Doctrine, they identified with Seth on an ethnic basis.

Well then you talked about nothing relevant to what I talked about (though seti is likely a name referring to set).

As for the upside down triangle, I take it you've never "swum in the water" if you know what I mean (which you probably don't). Currently the world is drowning in the water. It's an endless storm at the moment. It's drowning everyone. I could use more air and ground myself with a bit more earth, but my fire is dampened.

01a0b7  No.12760880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What the Kabbalah generates is a mirage, an illusion of the desert, a creation of their own imagination with no correlation to reality, an oasis that can never be reached because it doesn't exist, many died trying

Of course however i have swum in water, i have traversed the infinite realm of Nun, i have harpooned whatever took my fancy along the way, but again none of that existed.

Purpose of life is something i make up as i go along, mood dependent, it's like the paper i referenced, some is good some is simply awful.

>in Greek Lamaštu is called Lamia (Λάμια) originating from the word laimos (λαιμός) which means gullet, in reference to her voracious appetite for unborn children.

>The English word lament-“sorrow, mourning and grief” is probably a derivative of Lamia, whose mythos evokes melancholia.


9e113e  No.12780709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bamp and video of apparently an bronze age tomb thingy..

000000  No.12780747

How does weird iconography from a fringe sect 2000 years ago prove anything about Jewish people today? Seriously tenuous "evidence"! People who push this esoteric nonsense are likely to be trolls or shills!

9e113e  No.12780759


found the j-w

e9dc1b  No.12780762


you aren't wrong, there are so many easter eggs / weird symbolic satanic shit hidden in plain site in real life

9e113e  No.12780768

Does anyone have a link to the archived ORIGINAL thread on this? It should have been in the OP..

6269c2  No.12780788


Could some of these be the Egyptian side of the conflict between the Pharoah v. Jews?

e646d4  No.12780874


>This is all modern. All of it. Its completely fake.

Yes, I remember the 1st thread, at least the dyed brown leather scroll with all the spooky symbols/images was a low-quality modern forgery, and much of the stuff posted here looks like it was made by the same hand on the same material.

Leather, especially in jew-infested desert shitholes becomes hard and exceptionally brittle, it would have broken to hundreds of pieces if they tried unrolling an authentic leather scroll like they did in the pics posted in the 1st thread, or break off if these current pics are of leather pages bound in a book. The uniformly dyed leather of the scroll was completely clean, supple, and all the ink/paint was bright as well. Both juden and goatfuckers alike are well-practiced with making and selling forgeries to undiscerning collectors with more shekels than sense so without further updates on the scrolls and their decorated boxes I'm calling BS on it all. There are more fakes than genuine articles in the world because wherever there's an unguarded shekel there's a jew (or chink) scheming up some way to swindle it.

There is shitloads of evidence demonstrating the evil demonic bloodlust of the jews, but this crap isn't real so don't waste too much time on it. It's like a Q-larp for bad goyim who don't know shit about artifacts.

t. 15 year ancient antiquities dealer and collector

cb6ab7  No.12781141

File: 8371432e5e93793⋯.png (364.15 KB, 696x2300, 174:575, FROGS.png)

File: bd35ad29197f76d⋯.pdf (192.1 KB, 247899477-Amzallag-Was-Yah….pdf)


I hope this nonsequitur can be forgiven, but I feel that the Greek face reliefs and wine iconography must be pointed out. Just a little bit ago, there was some interesting stuff I'd seen regarding comparative mythology work by an Israeli kike by the name of Nissim Amzallag. I'm going to see fit to ramble now, in a way that probably won't get much across to anyone.

Firstly in this image, which ironically references the Sonderheim version of 'The Frogs'- a Jews' work, 'duped into a poet' as Wagner would've put it since the rendering has fair merit- and secondly in the actual work of the scholar, which I jumped through a hoop or two to get the full unabridged PDF. That's where I come across this idea.

The rest of the symbolism on the underscroll you might be able to brush off as being just a grab-bag of mythical stuff, some sacred geometry here, a bit of the Zodiac there, but the Greek-style reliefs and the grapes stand out as a complete nonsequitur without this information. With it, I'm convinced of the veracity of the scroll. It's far too obscure a connection to be a bottom-up fake by the Arabs showing it and doesn't make any sense as a top-down fake by Mossad glowies.

The God of the Jews, or just lowercase 'god' really, is stranger than anyone ever could've imagined as I take it. Dionysus and his equivalents or linked deities, such as Sabazios, and YHWH, were perhaps not originally in the hands of the slope-browed, Frazettan neanderthal-like creatures that are the Jews. A rowdy and somewhat subversive god, borne on the wind, in smelting copper fumes, and in wine, incarnating in men in Avatara fashion. It's not for no reason, then, that Dionysus and Rama, one of Vishnu's avatars, are sometimes considered to be homologous on some level. Dionysus kept company with Satyrs, Rama with Hanuman…

Usually, one will be inclined to think of YHWH as a demon. Yaldabaoth, the lion-faced snake and ignorant governor of the lower world, is a popular identity. And the thievery by the Jews of others' mythos is not a new idea in the least. But here, I see something very strange, in the possibility of both interpretations being correct. This YHWH-Dionysus-Sabazius, the rough god, the masses' god, zealous and brutish, given to wine and earthly art and who brooks no divisions between his faithful and no exclusion in his rituals, is a vessel for the Jews and theirs.

Just as they habitually infest art and the brewing houses, depraving and depriving both, their god infested Dionysus. YHWH is the corpse of a mendicant war god turned drunkard, eaten from the inside out by an overblown divine tapeworm. Macrocosm and microcosm. It's not that the mere stories were stolen, they stole the blood and body of a god almighty and made it into a rotting puppet, with an inevitable expiry date. Like the demon Kali- perhaps he is the demon Kali- who appeared before Parikshit, and beggared entry to his kingdom.

Given to him were the gambling houses, the wine, whores, bloody handed slaughter of beasts and gelt. The prime dominions of the Jews, in other words, and before that the dominion of good Dionysus, or at least a less evil Dionysus. Parikshit had his mind twisted when Kali entered his golden crown; so YHWH-Dionysus-Sabazius is twisted when Yaldabaoth enters his gut, devouring his intestines, replacing them, and the contemporary god of Abraham and Moses is born. Just like the previous discussion of Minerva's corruption into Lilith.

Just like the corruption of nationalism, and of communalism, into Bolshevist communism. The Jews' corruption is then well-poisoned by Jesus Christ, whose church is then well-poisoned by the anti-apocryphal Judaizers from at least Nicaea onwards, and their god then hedges bets with the creation of the Islamic morass, and then the Jews shall embrace a corrupted apocrypha to sell their own corruption, on and on and on. It really is a story with too many threads. Too many angles.

01a0b7  No.12781522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Before making any statement regarding the condition of the material you should at least be aware of what it is and that isn't regular leather, it's from Syria and produced in a particular way, a comparative example;

>Recent research, however, indicates that it might have been brought about through the use of orcein, a type of dye extracted from the lichen species Roccella Tinctoria. To arrive at the unique color, the natural dye was processed using fermented urine, which back then was the only available source of ammonia.

>Believed to have been created in Syria somewhere between the 5th and 6th centuries A.D., the text contains around 188 pages, featuring intricate miniatures and text written in Greek in silver and gold ink.


So you're a shit tier ancient antiquities dealer and collector that can't do basic research.

01a0b7  No.12781598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is why i say these artifacts relate to the practise of the Marzeah, the wine cult, they are taking Solomon as the Patron.



The Jews were thrown out of Rome in 139 BC for introducing the cult of Sabazios and again that would have been in terms of these secret vine Lodges practising Marzeah.

The connection of YHWH to this wine/ancestral/necromantic cult is interesting, they trace their practise back to Dedan in Arabia and the centre of the ancient incense trade and a Rephaim bloodline particularly through the Qenites who were a Hurrian sub-group of the Midianites that had colonized the region and established mining and metallurgy as well as the incense trade.

YHWH is the Semitic verb to generate, to cause to be, formerly related to El-YH as El the creator/generator of life, the Hurrian equivalent would be En and that was the basis for the usage in Mesopotamia in terms of En-lil or En-ki, it gets translated as Lord as does YHWH but the basis is the principle of Divine generation.


The Northern European equivalent of this is ing as in yngvi-Freyr were again Freyr is taken for Lord, and yngvi is the generative cult of the Divine ancestor as in the Ynglings, what occurred then with YHWH is the Semites were taught this generative principle rendered in their own language, it is always connected to a fertility cult and the vine in terms of bloodlines.

>The word engineer (Latin ingeniator) is derived from the Latin words ingeniare ("to create, generate, contrive, devise") and ingenium ("cleverness").

3bd050  No.12782306

how many ignorant and dumb faggots have decided to mark their temples in ink? The spiritual marker that sends out a beacon and attracts energy to themselves within the outer planes. Their cool tats are nothing but "lol, it's just random, like LOL illuminati" without actually understanding the fundementals. I really hope old/pol/ is aware of these things.

3bd050  No.12782309


>ate, to cause to be, formerly related to El-YH as El the creator/generator of life, the Hurrian equivalent would be En and that was the basis for the usage in Mesopotamia in terms of En-lil or En-ki, it gets translated as Lord as does YHWH but the basis is the principle of Divine generati

Why do you fall for these tricks when you Know that you know the Truth?

3bd050  No.12782316


Apologies. Just re-read. My sincerest apologies. Continued to read and did not intend for the knee jewrk reaction. Please forgive me brother and God Bless.

e646d4  No.12782725


The link you referred to specifically states that the illuminated manuscript is made of parchment. That is vellum, not thick opaque dyed and tanned leather like the "scroll" pictured in the first thread, from which some of the suspiciously cropped images in this thread seem to have been taken, or at least some of the items pictured in this thread were crafted by the same hand on the same material which is commonly observed with products of modern forgery workshops but very rare with perishable antiquities.

There are indeed some pics here of works done on vellum, and if I recall 1 of the 2 scrolls in the 1st thread was made of it also, but when you see one obvious fake made from modern supple dyed thick leather that only a buttfucking retard would think was vellum then everything associated should be looked at with great suspicion. The leather "scroll" had the Baphomet and other juicy and dramatic images that everyone was getting excited about, and that scroll was the obvious fake.

.>Before making any statement regarding the condition of the material you should at least be aware of what it is and that isn't regular leather

No shit, you should do the same.

>So you're a shit tier ancient antiquities dealer and collector that can't do basic research.

Cry more newfag, you're the type of idiot that empties bank accounts to purchase modern forgeries and make semitic swindlers rich in the process. I see it every day. Dumbasses like you are a dime a dozen, and I don't have the time to stop you and your ilk from believing in flat-earth tier bullshit.

Jews are vile swine, but using forgeries as your evidence just makes you all look exceptionally stupid.

000000  No.12782782


>Seth was the tutelary God of the (…) Shemites, in effect these are Sethian cults.

Citation please?

000000  No.12782810

Jews steal and defile sacred forces.

A few years ago a group of them even pushed for a rightful claim of the pyramids of Gizeh.

Leave them unchecked and they'll claim the Eye of Horus to be theirs too.

What a plague.

000000  No.12782847

Some of the little books presented following the OP could be easily dated based on the types of letters used in the Hebrew texts we see in the videos.

000000  No.12782876


I wouldn't see how. Solomon itself is a made up name that's a triple repetition of the same stellar element, our star. Would be radically opposed to any demons, logically. At least demons in a negative way.

000000  No.12782889


Within the context of Hebrew scriptures, it's correct. But outside of them, it's not.

000000  No.12783117



sorry; not enough lazorz

000000  No.12783146


>kebaballalala frum edgip

when it's not suhmurian or babdylon, rlly??

fact, there's no other known variant but the one from jooz' mystisisms, guess y??

uhhrr….. baphomet be traps ayn shemales!

01a0b7  No.12783235

File: 26a82fd1daa6d7e⋯.jpg (181.02 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1200x600.jpg)


One minute you're aren't aware of the technique used to produce the look of the particular material involved the next you are the internet expert, you still think a 5th century work the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis should be brittle?

Everything requires material analysis to authenticate, i've always stated that, there may have been cheaper and cruder alternatives to vellum produced , things need to be studied and understood, there is very little information available on these Syrian techniques.

If the overall evidence isn't made available how can evaluation be made?

01a0b7  No.12783247


I stated it myself based on this paper.


000000  No.12783307


In a dark, underground and dry environment, the material would be well preserved.

9ab200  No.12783401

File: 178695ed57558fc⋯.jpg (54.08 KB, 500x707, 500:707, tumblr_pd9rz8Nm9C1xymezpo1….jpg)

File: 89027c68c97dfec⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 620x838, 310:419, 24.jpg)

File: a40ae0fa3770c94⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 450x704, 225:352, Sealsolomon.jpg)

File: 0f54c907ac1d90c⋯.jpg (71.93 KB, 355x515, 71:103, tumblr_pdh1ghtiDL1v391v1o1….jpg)

The Sabbatic Goat, the Baphoment, was not an invention of Levi nor did it originate in the 1800's. The argument made for it being an invention of Levi stems from its illustration in "Dogma and Rituals of High Magic" from 1854-56 (it was a two volume work). However, when we begin to look into Levi we can begin to see where he would learn of the Sabbatic Goat. He was a GIGANTIC Judeophile, a failed priest, a "christian-socialist", an occultist, believed that an order of mystical hierarchs would be needed to lead men, and has been recorded in NUMEROUS magical, occult conversations with left-wing parasites and their jewish ring leaders.

The idea of Levi NOT having connections with people who would have revealed such symbols is, all things consider, actually quite ludicrous. The man was initiated, had volumes upon volumes of rare occult works, loved jews and hebrew, and was adamant in the formation of a mystical world order.

Seeing such imagery appear doesn't shock me in the LEAST. Levi simply regurgitated what he had learned, what he was initiated into. Thinking that the Baphomet would be of his own creation when nothing else he wrote was his own to begin with is rather insane.

000000  No.12783484


Where can one learn more about the shady aspect of E. Levi?

cb6ab7  No.12784050


I have to say, there's a certain problem with your logic. Beside the back-and-forth that's already going on whether techniques exist or not to preserve the texts to this degree, regardless of which material they're made from, let's say that some of the display pieces are in fact modern in origin. Relatively or actually. What, then, makes you so convinced they must be forgeries? Why exactly can these not have been things lost in a rush as the Jews in Syria exited out from it, seized after their trying to take these strange texts cross border or leaving them behind stuffed in cubbyholes and cellars, hoping no one will see fit to find them and that if they are found they'll be flatly dismissed?

Modern occultist forces operate with impunity in higher government and the Jews are at the center of it. The so-called 'revelation of the method' of leaving signs and symbols everywhere, to legalistically acquire 'consent' through uncomprehending inaction, means true secrecy is not the goal. With state power and the intelligence racket, they don't necessarily worry about breaches that don't reach the great masses either. So why would they not have modern texts for the inner cult with no symbolistic punches pulled, rendered in a nostalgic fashion, albeit with slightly different materials than the older examples? And if they're old after all, since the Jews have liked to use their ill gotten wealth to train skills into their brood, why is it strange that the imagery should look more refined and therefore 'modern' compared to similar medieval art produced by different men under different circumstances? You seem eager to cry 'forgery, forgery!' because what we're seeing here is 'too convenient.'

This isn't any different from the Jews' complaints of the Protocols as being a 'collection of canards' and a 'vile forgery' and whatever else based on one Swiss show trial with a communist maybe-Jew judge, and a lot of circular logic kvetching and pseudo-scholarly incestuous citation farming.The Jews are extremely persistent, single-mindedly malign, and have more or less one goal in mind. They are also alien in mindset, playing a game that their host nations aren't even wise to being on, inbred, sometimes fecklessly stupid, and totally consumed by audacity, chutzpah. The notion that some Syriac-national Jews wouldn't be dumb enough to put occult eggs in one of their human trafficking baskets in the region and leave some of the evidence behind in their flight, intentionally or unintentionally or forcedly, and very possibly convinced that 'no one would believe it if they see it,' is a reasonably faulty one.

e646d4  No.12784611


>One minute you're aren't aware of the technique used to produce the look of the particular material involved the next you are the internet expert, you still think a 5th century work the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis should be brittle?

None of that strawmanning has any relevance to what I said. I was referring to the full, uncropped images of the "ancient" leather scroll posted in the first thread a few months ago, and assumed the images presented here were sourced from the same pieces, or at least the same general batch. If it's all genuine jewish esoterica truly obtained from a looted library then that explains much. Leather and vellum are very different animals, with the latter remaining pliable after 1,000 years when leather less than 200 years old hardens and breaks or turns to dust when handled. There was no evidence whatsoever of any degradation of the leather scroll in thread 1, which looked exceptionally recent if not brand-new.

Artifacts like people are judged by the company they keep, and if a modern piece claimed to be ancient is presented alongside possible genuine old items, without careful in-hand inspection it is best to view all items with supreme suspicion. If I recall the 1st thread was claiming they were 1,500-2,000 year old scrolls, which was absolute BS.

Now if the claims are that all the items from the prior thread and in this one are from the 18th-21st century, but the genuine secret texts of some goofy Jewish sect then I can get on board, but the claim in the 1st thread that a pliable leather scroll was upwards of 2,000 years old was so ridiculous I wrote it all off.

I can definitely believe that many of the pieces are "old" but most look to be 150 years old or younger, with the nature of the metal boxes, book fittings and other embellishments revealing the use of relatively modern materials even though the work was done by hand and the items "look" much older to a western eye.

I'd still be suspicious though, because there is a huge market for esoteric judaica just as there is a huge market for forgeries of ancient silver shekels or rare coins in general, and the poor muzzies there know that they can make great money passing fakes off to deep-pocketed but undiscerning buyers. They've been making fake antiquities since the 19th century so have gotten pretty good at it by now.


>let's say that some of the display pieces are in fact modern in origin. Relatively or actually. What, then, makes you so convinced they must be forgeries?

Good point, and I guess OP is trying to say the same. I was still butthurt from the thread a few months ago claiming that relatively recent or modern scrolls were 2,000 years old. When something that is obviously not terribly old is claimed to be 20 times older than it *might* be, my experience has taught me to assume it is a modern forgery being offered by a swindler and to move on.

I admit that they could be genuine, albeit relatively modern and just given a greatly exaggerated age by overeager but well-meaning folk, but can't read or decipher Heebjew so will leave y'all to have your fun picking through it.

cb6ab7  No.12784762


>I can definitely believe that many of the pieces are "old" but most look to be 150 years old or younger, with the nature of the metal boxes, book fittings and other embellishments revealing the use of relatively modern materials even though the work was done by hand and the items "look" much older to a western eye.

I don't have the eye to say myself, but given the ballpark number you provided and the lavishness of the construction, I would guess that a lot of them are, considering the region of their discovery, probably Sabbatean in origin, yes. Later Dönmeh specifically, probably a Syriac splinter group from the main fellows who were dwelling in Greece and Greek Anatolia. Or that would be my guess, at least.

But the possibility remains that some of the texts vidoed here could be millenial levels of old, and the tradition they're drawing from is certainly multi-millenial, and likely representative of whatever bizarre stranger-than-fiction core lies at the heart of Jewry. Of just what religion they've originally and ultimately thieved from, what god they parasitized most principally, and what the real esoteric of the esoteric might be, going by the Sufi idea of religious layers.

We have the exoteric-exoteric 'muh chosen people,' the esoteric-exoteric 'dude numerology and autistic legalism lmao' and the exoteric-esoteric 'conquer and destroy the goyim, chaim.' But this text >>12612543 assuming the translation is accurate is downright strange. 'A man is born and his hands are closed, a man dies and his hands are opened,' or however else you might choose to render it. There's something more deeply alien at the core, with unfathomable sincerity in its monstrosity. Something more than just kikes puffing themselves up and affecting stolen divine images & reveling in ordinary if ridiculously cruel sadism with a Satanic ritual abuse veneer.


This Marzeah-necromantic thing. What is it really? It keyholes pretty perfectly with the Dionysus angle, as you've already noted and somewhat explained. I skimmed the reference text in the biblicalstudies link, El drinks himself into dysentery in Bacchic fashion, I understand that much parallels though I haven't read the entire document over with fine teething. But 'necromantic' is an odd way to put things. Yes, (((they))) do the Eyes Wide Shut tango. Yes, they draw blood from the throngs of the living outside their own. But 'necromantic' suggests more than sacrifice and murder. It suggests death-talking. The maw of the mystery of iniquity, I take it?

>Rephaim bloodline

So, what, exactly? Involuted man-gods as in the positive interpretation of the apocryphal giants, or degenerate Neanderthal hillmen brood as in the negative? Some awful synthesis of the two? How on earth did this end up in the spawning a sort of black Dionysus, taking a common god of plenty and drink, with a possible origin as a barbaric rough rider before he got fat and drunk on civilization, then turning into an infinitely ravenous, envious collectivist destroyer, with a thing for indulgent death rituals and human sacrifice? How's this bastard syncretism happen, beside the unhelpful answer of 'Jews?'

55feda  No.12784887


The Swedes you mentioned died years ago and what remains now is not even a shell of its former self

01a0b7  No.12785178

File: 482ced7d3630d39⋯.jpg (146.18 KB, 1014x586, 507:293, pg57061f77.jpg)

File: 640810e8abb5486⋯.jpg (67.7 KB, 782x335, 782:335, uf57061f52.jpg)

File: 5bb0a5eab7155a8⋯.jpg (92.09 KB, 831x564, 277:188, zk57061f62.jpg)


This is the best introduction as to what could be involved with a cult of the vine, it directly relates to bloodlines but that was also in the sense of an original Celestial vine, a great Dragon Mother, were life throughout the Heavens is an extension of that first vine, certain groups seeing themselves as grafted onto it.


It was important to consider were the Semites saw themselves as having been grafted on to the greater vine, and that was at Dedan hence the cult of the Didanu, Rephaim ancestors, and that had to have been through Hurrian Qenites settling that region, because this was their tradition.


The tradition then is of ancestral continuity, the extension of the vine, and that is also in terms of those within the underworld, the throne was seen as occupied by the former Kings as well as the deceased, in the Marzeah the King descends and the dead rise and i guess they sort of merge and become as One




In Ugaritic this is all facilitated by Sapsu, the Sun Goddess of the Underworld, but this is all an adaptation of the Hurrian descent of Tessub into the Underworld and the feasting with the Gods banished there, a feast facilitated by the inner Earth Goddess Allani.

>I will tell of Tessub, the great lord of Kummi. I will praise the young woman Allani at the Bolts of the Netherworld. In addition to them I will speak of the young woman Ishara, a skilled goddess, famous for her wisdom.

>Tessub and Suwaliyat went down to the Dark Netherworld, and Allani girded herself (for work). She goes back and forth in front of Tessub, and Allani made a fine feast at the Bolts of the Netherworld.

Ishara (Semitic Ashera) was the scorpion Goddess and is the patroness of this cult as the scorpion is a most common symbol, that relates to the seven spirits emerging from and returning into the Underworld, the basis seven spiritual qualities related to the planetary archetypes, as the planets also were understood as born from Urash, the Great Dragon Mother of Earth, also of course the basis for the commonly seen Menorah

The basis for return from the Underworld was always in terms of substitution, a life for a life, hence the conclusion of the ritual sees the hunting Goddess Anat searching for a victim, a gazelle, and hence the hide of that being the material for the scrolls, and the eating of the raw flesh revives, that also seen in the Dionysiac tradition of the maniac maenads.

All in all a curious tale of a rotten branch thinking that it is the entire tree.

01a0b7  No.12785236


The 2,000 year old claim for that particular piece was from the Turkish MSM, what they based it on i don't know, it was considered to have come from a looted synagogue, an important question is how many of the recovered artifacts are being reclaimed and by whom, the media reporting never dismisses them as fakes, they were left behind in Syria and stored i assume due to the problems they'd have had getting them through American customs when they all departed there.

I've always been reserved when it comes to dating and have pointed out that some in Neo-Classical stylistic terms appear to be from the French colonial period, but that they show continuity with the older items.

The essence of faking anything is to produce what the customer expects, not to invent an entire esoteric cult with unfamiliar scripts which would be seen as heretical by any normative Jew, they are known for poor quality reproduction not invention, and they certainly wouldn't reproduce an ancient tincture for the vellum barely anyone has ever heard of.

000000  No.12787928


> How's this bastard syncretism happen, beside the unhelpful answer of 'Jews?'

Because when you're impressed by something but you don't seize its true essence, you're tempted to take and add it to your own broth after convincing yourself it will make it better.

It's probably just a more elaborate version of the negro keeping a glass bottle and fighting over this godsend item.

01a0b7  No.12790461

File: eb053f9ba78fb0c⋯.jpg (479.26 KB, 1371x1242, 457:414, Toro.jpg)


7b885d  No.12790962


the text translates into :

we are aware -

an absolute defeat is the only way that enables us to take a few steps of our own.

f4edcb  No.12791592


Man those pictures, I so want to believe that there is a flourishing Nazi civilization in under ground cave networks beneath antartica with flying saucers.

Feels way too much like a Jewish psy-op to give false hope and distract the goyim from real issues.

416aee  No.12797417

File: ce0ca52eb766ad2⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 122x127, 122:127, 123456iop.JPG)


There are joint secret bases hidden in are planet how ever if some tells you they want to take you there as a kid the are most likely the finders looking to get kids to rape and kill of high intelligence. Very wicked people like killing the smart ones as they react more and are more of a entertainment.

01a0b7  No.12798809

File: 130e016e656ad5d⋯.jpg (825.43 KB, 1870x2662, 85:121, The Book of The Black Pige….jpg)


That's interesting and confirms Justin Trudeau a likely member of this cult, in other news the Book of the Black Pigeon Speaks has been discovered.


f9fa56  No.12813996


jimmy has him primed. and jerry the joo is sitting in a caddilac!!!

000000  No.12816739


>Book of the Black Pigeon Speaks

Now with a channel on yt.

01a0b7  No.12824109

File: aaac91e5b4034a7⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 35UE4EQSIFBELE4UHLHFSY3Y7Q.jpg)


Makes good content but i was only messing, maybe a Falcon anyway.

01a0b7  No.12836888

File: f6ba07518577d9c⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 422x315, 422:315, 1-d16e5b72ab.jpg)

File: 732058e6860557e⋯.jpg (376.2 KB, 1421x537, 1421:537, peacock.jpg)

Good paper on some of the symbols seen here as they relate to alchemy and Masonry, the peacock, red lion, eagle and phoenix etc

>the wine of refreshment (the red liquid or dew’ = Mercury)


01a0b7  No.12863425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d6592b  No.12863497

File: 008841ecedced35⋯.jpg (554.6 KB, 1306x980, 653:490, san-berbardino_masonic-act….jpg)


Is this why freemasons revere the temple of Solomon with such regard?

d6592b  No.12863498

File: 008841ecedced35⋯.jpg (554.6 KB, 1306x980, 653:490, san-berbardino_masonic-act….jpg)


Is this why freemasons revere the temple of Solomon with such regard?

1123d5  No.12881151

Demanding fresh details.

5f3cda  No.12881169

File: d45a82dec7edd34⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 610x406, 305:203, Tranny666.jpg)


The temple of Solomon is the anus. Masons and Freemasons are nigger faggots who are mad that they were cast out of the temple of Venus.

000000  No.12896597


funny coz solomon is a made up guy and should be perfect since name means sun thrice

but ot paints him like a degenerate n traitor turned unbeliever of yhwh and poly

88737a  No.12897530

File: dcf7933a3206c28⋯.jpg (94.72 KB, 720x960, 3:4, DA3.jpg)

And ancient jewish tablet

aec521  No.12897541


The Masons (but not limited to The Masons) like Solomon The King so much because he was a Mage-King who wrote The Key of Solomon, a book holy to them. I dislike the Masons, but as a Hermetic I understand their worship as I too feel strongly about Solomon the King but for reasons you would not think of. Solomon is the one responsible for the holy shape of the Hexagram to be stolen as a Jewish symbol.

aec521  No.12897552

Where is the PDF of this book? I have multiple contacts that may find great interest in decoding and translating the work.

70f9ef  No.12897606

Daily reminder much of what you find in jewish texts is stolen from other cultures, denatured, restructured, corrupted and twisted then claimed to be original

c1cf86  No.12897640

one of the most annoying things about "fake news" is how insidious it can all really be

New tablet gets found in the last … 40 years ? How legit are it's contents ? Is Gobekli Tepe one big LARP too ? This is one of the major problems when people say establishment arcaeology deliberately ignores evidence that contradicts their narratives. Authenticity doesn't seem to be questioned enough.

ee3173  No.12897750

File: f6329b3a192bef3⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1810x1065, 362:213, satanic ritual murder.PNG)


>having one of those pins that drained some unlucky fella's blood?


Video of captured Torahs:









989f8d  No.12897767


As long as she brings protection and cleans up when she's done.

No homo.

f8f1a3  No.12897926

File: fb3119fb1227061⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 1120x640, 7:4, saturn-hexagon-1120-cassin….jpg)

I just browsed over this briefly. Damn this is a lot of info.


This set looks like procession of the equinox or chaldean astrology.


These look like sumoning sigils for demons or angels same thing.


Is the owl Molloch?


The art on the cover Marduk who is important in Sumerian mythology. Later in Babylonian. The other other site is Egyptian.


Hexagons come up in Saturn Cults quite a bit. I think it has to do with fluid dynamics and acoustics. Sacred geometry or something like that.

I think there's actually a sound set of sounds in the atmosphere of Saturn makes the hexagon.

ee3173  No.12897971

01a0b7  No.12898452

File: e6176cc436d02d2⋯.jpg (41.92 KB, 253x266, 253:266, Saturn.jpg)


The six pointed star i generally consider describes the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, were Jupiter orbital period is 12 years and Saturn 30, thus conjunction at 60 years and 5 of those over a 360 year period.

The owl is not Moloch, it often appears on coins of Tyre as the reverse of M'lk the King, this paper investigates the owl symbolism.


01a0b7  No.12907881

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Recent confiscation by Turkish police, looks Medieval and Knights Templar so interesting, correlation with some of the Jewish symbolism.



0cf285  No.12907902


>I'm pretty sure this is from a sabbatean cult, not entirely, but seeing as how he coalesced half the Jews, most of whom went to Anatolia, the location and age fit.

The first and only intelligent post in this thread.

These scrolls were literally found in Turkey, and the Sabbateans were huge in the Ottoman Empire. They're not old enough to be truly ancient, but they are old enough to have been made during Sabbatai Zevi's time.

The most interesting sidenote of all of this is thus: It doesn't matter if these were made by Sabbateans. What matters is that the MAJORITY of the Jews on the planet followed Sabbatai Zevi at one point and actually believed he was the Jewish messiah. Which means these texts are actually what Jews of that time believed in.

b57a79  No.12907906


Could you or someone post a PDF of that please?

01a0b7  No.12908774

File: 52b2222d9c002f2⋯.jpg (663.23 KB, 1722x1609, 1722:1609, templar.jpg)

File: 265ba7baf0d9c70⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 535x388, 535:388, 1111.jpg)

File: 8fd8989f6e6bab8⋯.jpg (121.79 KB, 783x742, 783:742, ''''''''''''''''''''''''''….jpg)

File: b06a3ef4e8181bf⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 443x629, 443:629, 1.jpg)

File: c4421d0d20c5efc⋯.jpg (103.52 KB, 601x597, 601:597, 22.jpg)


Screenshots of those, weirdly for a work that looks Medieval the coat of arms looks like it has a kangaroo on it, either that or a Giant Rat Ogre, maybe an Emu too.

01a0b7  No.12908826


Maybe the splodge seen lower right on the other coat of arms is a map of Australia, the Templars discovering this and claiming it centuries before telling anybody would be pretty strange, the book would be a good read.

01a0b7  No.12908884

File: f07ef178b879e41⋯.jpeg (355.44 KB, 1024x705, 1024:705, PRG-280-1-1-485.jpeg)

File: deb79a2635f9df7⋯.jpg (73.32 KB, 1058x793, 1058:793, slide_10 (1).jpg)

It's still an emblem of Australia, the colours on the coat of arms are French though

7fbbad  No.12908941

File: 929653af5b58fe0⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 425x431, 425:431, 51XF990to2L._SX425_.jpg)


>The Jews are behind Australia.

I knew it.

01a0b7  No.12925146

File: 0450dab38f65d19⋯.png (182.51 KB, 1500x1800, 5:6, 1.png)


The Templars have begun their reconquista of Australia.

a5c9d2  No.12959768


000000  No.12964127

The jews worship satan.


What's there to know?

7787d1  No.12965424



The second one is a lion and IU think a bull? But the second one definitly has a crown around it's neck, indicating it was married into a royal family.

7787d1  No.12965577

File: a702dac411e03e5⋯.jpg (87.12 KB, 712x572, 178:143, arms-Duchess-of-Cornwall.jpg)




I might have found the second one.

654826  No.12965648


The first mention of it was in a templar letter, Baphomet was a phonetic misunderstanding for Muhammad, akchually. The occultist satan bullshit is just religious LARPing because humans are fucking dumb

7787d1  No.12965682

File: d88379012168229⋯.jpg (200.22 KB, 1739x1075, 1739:1075, d883790121682293e61f4ccb67….jpg)


Ok the only creepy thing about this that I have been able to find is that the coat of arms belongs to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who married prince Charles after Diana Spencer died in that car crash.

01a0b7  No.12965907

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thar does look to have much of the basis of the second one, the right creatures, is that the Southern Cross between the stars?

Also this globe was a recent recovery by Turkish police.

01a0b7  No.12966014

File: 6fc96478400fd88⋯.jpg (109.6 KB, 770x1038, 385:519, 1552895000368.jpg)

File: 6e39e71e98fbc5e⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 621x429, 207:143, 44.jpg)


It's all seems creepy because i was researching Knights Templar Australia the day before the NZ incident.

641595  No.12969717

File: cdc17212872738e⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 904x508, 226:127, Satan_cartoon_1.jpg)

Satan is a kike… Whodathunkit?

e4e9a7  No.12972641

eee97e  No.12978731

000000  No.12984678


Templars went full mystishitism and drank the Kike Aid so that even hardcore Christians got extremely nervous. Whites gone mad on both sides, that's what it is. That is why National Socialism made sure to remove that Abrahamic poison from Germany.

We'll have to resume this sacred task with even more prejudice!

000000  No.12984689


>The jews worship satan.

Stop with that nonsense. They're the ones who progressively made Satan the bad guy, and Christians added to this hysteria.

If you're not smart enough to realize that the bad guy in Hebraic/Jewish scriptures would logically be /ourguy/, only smeared for centuries while a retardo-crook entity pretends being the creator of all things, nothing can save you.

01a0b7  No.13010299

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff0cef  No.13010406

File: a589da256f0ce1d⋯.png (149.63 KB, 548x620, 137:155, three trust and thy soul.png)

There is always desire to be something more within human. Usually it manifest itself through materialistic ways, sexual ways, through drugs or parenthood example. It is endless chasing, rat-race that leads nowhere but keeps you busy through own creation that people calls as life.

We can't remember our time as toddlers because we didn't exist in that time. We had no identity. Only when years has gone while we gathered data from our environment we created identity. When we have our identity, we decide what matters to us. Then we experience impulsive feelings when things didn't go as we wanted.

We are piece of life that creates own image and plays it (Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image). We get so tangled to our own creation that it can kill us and bring us into hell. We think that something or someone causes our misery even when we alone create everything within.

We have all this mysterious desire to do something, be something more. It usually manifest itself through sexual ways, materialistic ways, through parenthood, dating, drugs, games, food, alcohol.. you name it. Through that it leads nowhere, it keeps us happy for a moment and then we need more. So where we are now? We are piece of life that want to experience bigger part of it. Through physical ways it finds not that part and when that need to expand finds no expression we create this pain within. So what to do? This is what meditation is all about. We don't want to identify to our thoughts or to our outward senses. That is just the data we gathered from the physical and created self from it. When we learn to be still, just be as piece of life, something start to happen that seems to expand you into everywhere. It seems to that consciousness, awareness is the basic that exist and everything else is manifest of it.

What (((they))) wan't is to bind us more and more into physical, sins, into that rat-race i wrote about above, so that we wouldn't be liberated.

we are part of one, infinity, god, whatever you want to call it.. fallen back to beginning in the cycle, into low life material density. (((they))) keep us bound to matter through various ways, because (((they)) worship matter and hate higher. Earth is in long cycle with stars of Sirius and as we get closer those through ages, we should evolve into higher, spiritual beings. This is why (((they)) need to bind us more extreme ways as time goes by, so we wouldn't not be liberated. So we would not remember.

82121c  No.13010470

Nothing Jewish exists until sometime AFTER Alex the Great conquered the region on his way to Egypt.

IMO the whole "religion" sprang from local criminal groups wanting to paint themselves as victims of Egypt (and others) as an attempt to become allies/guides to the new ruling power.

All the pre-Roman claimed records that are claimed to confirm the prior existence of anything Jewish are extremely doubtful, and most likely frauds, and are ALWAYS PROTECTED from scientific dating.

In contrast, that stone supposedly left by Vikings in USA was examined, first said to have modern, then that was explained because the first thing the sodbuster did was run a nail in the letters to "clean it up" to see WTF, then more close examination shows the engraving that was not newly scrapped clean are indeed weathered for several hundred years.

Similarly, the CATHOLIC CHURCH (not exactly known for putting science before faith) had no problems having the Shroud of Turin examined and tested openly by skeptics.

fd2ee9  No.13011504


Can someone explain to me why we find the symbol of Australia on a document dating from the Middle Ages?

What is this shitty mess?

7d88c8  No.13011516

File: fa256760dcaccd7⋯.jpg (517.85 KB, 838x844, 419:422, ihaveatv.jpg)


>What does it all mean

have you not heard of goetia?

7d88c8  No.13011527

File: 5a90ce133a5f28b⋯.jpg (255.01 KB, 840x1024, 105:128, 1553371432288.jpg)


fd2ee9  No.13011603

File: 3de3afc758dc022⋯.png (617.01 KB, 918x390, 153:65, 265ba7baf0d9c70aa73eedb5f7….png)



afcd4d  No.13011637


>sons of seth

>sons of set

Didn't the egyptians wage war against a snake cult that worshipped Set? Is this the true nature of the jews?

afcd4d  No.13011651


>satan is bad guy of Bible

False. Satan is not bad guy of Bible. Satan only is introduced as a bad guy in new testament which Jews reject. I've literally met orthodox jews who have pacts with Satan because they see him as a spiritual source of power.

7d88c8  No.13011699

File: 07ad59f54a00ac4⋯.jpg (146.91 KB, 601x750, 601:750, 07ad59f54a00ac4867ed963aef….jpg)


even their secret demon books are fake news

df81f4  No.13011827

File: 90799b23a6e29e6⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 640x511, 640:511, sacrificial chicken with T….jpg)

Where are all these old books coming from anyway? why are shills screaming that everything ITT is fake? there must be some value within these books right?


jews use alot of old symbols in their modern logos and images, likely as dogwhistles to other jews.

21442f  No.13012023



Better get off SIPRNET then.

21442f  No.13012032


Shit, you’re right.

Looks like a dogwood.

01a0b7  No.13012044


Demonic activity.

21442f  No.13012060


Heh, I met a girl with a hamsa tattoo a few years ago precisely when I needed some protection. Thanks B.

21442f  No.13012073


I could help, but the 1.21 GW would show up on the power bill. We would need a bolt of lightning.

21442f  No.13012126


Read The Prince and The Pauper for other OPSEC clues too. “Jews” and Chinese are highly evolved masons.

21442f  No.13012131

File: fadf65ad0b64718⋯.jpeg (36.61 KB, 220x289, 220:289, 80CF3E91-B06B-4CBC-9AD2-6….jpeg)

File: 13e1ff77bdc9583⋯.jpeg (18.79 KB, 194x259, 194:259, B0422689-5755-477E-81EA-B….jpeg)



Anti littering, and growing up was the logo for my public library.

The owls are not what they seem.

21442f  No.13012142


Email speaks space French which sounds like Cajun too.

21442f  No.13012166


You’re using a computer so you’re already using jinns, past masters or demons, depending on what flavour of ice cream you chose.

21442f  No.13012186



We will rock you.

21442f  No.13012197


Not if they all die in unfortunate accidents.

21442f  No.13012217


Why the Masonic code caps anon? Spit it out.

fc7f74  No.13012496


Is this related to the jews organizing the goyim into the shhape of the eye of horus at ground zero on 9/11 2002 anniversary on cbs, whose logo is also an eye?

fc7f74  No.13012576


Can i trouble you for a TJDR?

fc7f74  No.13012598


Jews see satan as a potential internal drive inherent in all people rather than an external entity

01a0b7  No.13013970

File: fa5314a6eff7b79⋯.jpg (54.19 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 24cb44b8e8cd093bedeeadb766….jpg)


Set wasn't a snake God he was some weird violently disturbed donkey like desert creature, a Sutean or Southerner.

>The meaning of the name Set is unknown but it is thought to have been originally pronounced sūtiẖ

That was the Arabian peninsula relative to Mesopotamia, they named the Sutean even before Dynastic Egypt.

Objectively speaking the real Suteans are the Australians.

b2117e  No.13014008

File: 531335752be8cc0⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 650x239, 650:239, 07_anstaltszeitung.jpg)

Sorry OP but your pics are fake.

Your baphomet is the modern version. Look at templar baphomets or wiki article of metis/phanes to make better fakes next time.

01a0b7  No.13014073

File: 31f4f17fc769d43⋯.jpg (103.13 KB, 783x742, 783:742, boar.jpg)


No particular reason but there is a lot of intrigue involved, for example i was intrigued how the map of Australia could be mistaken for a boar, the Celtic equivalent of Set, and why the coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales.

The boar is the Celtic equivalent of Set in its chaotic violence,

>In Irish mythology, Torc Triath was the King of Boars, an Otherworldly creature who belonged to the Goddess Brigid. It is thought that he could be cognate with the boar of Welsh legend, Twrch Trwyth, the son of Tared Wledig, a prince of Wales, who had been cursed and transformed into a wild boar.

There's probably an element of mockery,

>Moccus is a Celtic god who was equated with Mercury. He is the boar/pig/swine god of the continental Celtic Lingones tribe. Moccus was invoked as the protector of boar hunters, and warriors.

ef0a18  No.13014090

File: 82ad0fae6082ab5⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 216x593, 216:593, Saxon_Spearhead_200_AD.jpg)


The jews didn't even use the Satkona until the Middle-Ages when Muslims brought the symbol from Persia/India to Jerusalem, while Romans, Celtics and Germanics had used it earlier though, by the Mid-Ages it was largely forgotten, like other symbols. There are even older Satkona's on Japanese Shinto temples, built in 500BC, much older than anything "possibly" jewish that could have the symbol as well. The Satkona is an Aryan symbol found in Rigveda, like the Swastika, although about both of their full meanings, I'm not entirely sure about, like the other symbols.

Funny enough the oldest Germanic artifact with a Satkona on it, belonged to an Anglo-Saxon warrior.

01a0b7  No.13014167

File: 70ad02012a414ea⋯.jpg (71.41 KB, 474x588, 79:98, 52b2222d9c002f2d83a6f5e25b….jpg)


But it's a Sabbatic goat, it's true that has only relatively recently been suggested as Baphomet but if you consider that the Templar's version related to Orphite iconography then it wouldn't have been that it would have been more like the figure seen in the supposed Templar book.

234523  No.13014256

Cute, but that's not the Eye of Horus

Glad, too, because I've got an Eye of Horus tattoo. I'd hate to have to off some conspiratard during cowabunga just because he thought he'd caught a satanic pedo lizard jew

000000  No.13014258



It is Ophite, without the 'r', but iirc the Orphics were also Gnostics so it's forgivable.

Still, the videos show clearly a shitty forgery.

9811a1  No.13014387

File: 4d5730dccb11604⋯.png (35.4 KB, 174x237, 58:79, metecoin.png)

Btw if you like cryptic books that are actually real, here's one:



But considering that all that secret knowledge has been continously demystified for millenia, you can simply read a few chapters of https://archive.org/details/cu31924029323858 or whatever.

90dfd1  No.13014658


>>I'm now more convinced than ever that these are memes jews spread which are used to rule over people by convincing them you are somehow nobler/holier than them.

Keep in mind this being an anonymous board, I can feel somewhat safe talking openly.

I'm able to collaborate, for lack of a better term, with the entities in our aether dimension. The world here, as everyone knows it, is physical but the way we perceive it is all controlled by the extra dimensional entities who are stuck repeating this for eternity.

I "asked" (I don't really talk with them, more I turn off and listen) about the jews since the deception carries so far back. They all want to have us believe that a core sect within the jewish community is rogue and most books will date the corruption back to the early 1700s, but then why does a book written in 400ad talk of the 2nd temple coming down and jeruselum being reduced to rubble nearly 2000 years ago?

"10x7" thats what was given to me. I feel it means 10 empires and 7,000 years but these guys are mad cunts and don't explain shit. I was led to vampires as well and it was insisted that a small group of "jews who call themselves jews but are not." Have been alive for over 600 years.

I would feel too stupid to post about this anywhere else and wouldn't be able to talk about it in my real life. I'm told theyre stuck here and can never leave. There memory from death to birth again is tethered because they have lost their souls and want the same for us. They fuxking hate us big time. They hate hope because they have none for eternity.

Its pretty fucked up but they broke the agreement they had. Thats why they don't honor any agreement here on this realm, its a cruel joke to ask a jew for an agreement.

Anyway, "The divine right" was playing repetitively in my head for the last few days and now I know why. They were shafted of their passage because they fucked up their original agreement. I dont know how or in what way but I know they exist halfway in the higher dimension and consider themselves higher beings than non jews because they see clearer the perception than our reality.

Oh and there are a minority of are oblivious to the vampire old fucks at the center of it all, but not many in comparison to the whole. There are 18 million trapped here so any more than that is the number of unaware faggot jews

01a0b7  No.13015643


You mentioned Phanes which is Orphite in conjunction with the Baphomet theory which goes for Ophite, the cult of Eros the lesser is the more likely.

89fecc  No.13015954

Gonna go on a limb and say the books were made in the 1800s based of the modern drawing of baffy the goatfag and the Australian crest

Maybe the jews wouldve had some influence in the founding of the state of Australia (surprised?) and used some magic to meme it into reality. After all magic works better the stronger you believe its real and the more real it is in your mind the more real it will be irl as well

000000  No.13016463


>You mentioned Phanes which is Orphite

>the Baphomet theory which goes for Ophite

Well it seems you are correct, but the fact I brought up Phanes is because that's the wiki article where you find Metis, and according to the infallible trove of knowledge they're both the same.

Freiherr v. Hammer said Templars prayed to Metis and that they were Ophites.

But Ophites and Orphites are somewhat related so that makes it even more confusing.

df81f4  No.13017905

File: 5353e6138b0034a⋯.jpg (51.78 KB, 721x456, 721:456, Star Of David.jpg)

There any secret jewish handbooks or manuals on subversion and general kikery?


Whats with all you one and dones saying shits clearly fake but leaving it at that with no elaboration what so ever and just some shitposting?

01a0b7  No.13038296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83f0da  No.13038370

File: 83acfb0b58b9246⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, madeinusa-marlboro.jpg)

83f0da  No.13038493

000000  No.13038828

Owls also represent the predator hidden in the dark that can see and prey on smaller creatures by silently swooping down from above.

845942  No.13038863


>when the kebab is better at preserving your religious history than your local bookburning commies

That's when you know something is wrong..

072328  No.13042948

File: 518dfa1ff27d713⋯.jpg (33.98 KB, 662x393, 662:393, 518dfa1ff27d713dcba6ab1211….jpg)





Where would anybody have seen an emu or kangaroo in the middle ages? How did this come about? Unfortunately this leads me to suspect it is less authentic than we are told but could Australia have been re-discovered?

01a0b7  No.13043423


I don't know but in Turkish reports they are considered authentic, but their reports also mention they are concerned with contacting the spirits of the death and Shakespeare being prepared for the world so who knows.


>Pamukkale University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Archeology. Dr. Fahriye Bayram, He stated that they estimated that 2 of the depictions of Jesus are about a thousand years old and the other 2 are about 500 years old.


d894e5  No.13047454


Do you have more info?

144af2  No.13066269

Bumping this thread.

47ae76  No.13066303

File: 593a6dfd18146c6⋯.gif (187.21 KB, 661x800, 661:800, holy-warrior.gif)


it clearly foretells the great shitposting aussie who accelerated the world into the end of times.

01a0b7  No.13067660

File: 347f49d753748b0⋯.jpg (102.35 KB, 650x423, 650:423, ek5172ad2b.jpg)

File: 81b77d17481ffc6⋯.jpg (214.31 KB, 1257x933, 419:311, gggg.jpg)

File: 776f88d8bb7f71d⋯.jpg (367.41 KB, 765x378, 85:42, wk5172adf3.jpg)


On the opposite page is Saint Christopher popular with the Templars introduced into Christianity from earlier Near Eastern tradition, it's basis is that of Orion in search of the sunrise, a metaphor for hoped for resurrection, the crossing of the river of death toward the other side.

13bb45  No.13067702

File: ecfa3891c9f16cd⋯.jpg (43 KB, 474x704, 237:352, th.jpg)


>Theosophy is totally not satanic.

>the people in power are right

>nothing wrong with a ((one world government))

13bb45  No.13067708


Literally what the Freemasons believe.


>They're the ones who progressively made Satan the bad guy, and Christians added to this hysteria.

Jewish God =/= Christian God

144af2  No.13081982


Doing it again.

bc9258  No.13082019

File: 31f9f0860d93ab0⋯.jpg (253.08 KB, 856x960, 107:120, ASE-montage1.jpg)

File: c2560b566d96978⋯.jpeg (12.72 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpeg)

File: 79f458e4babc351⋯.jpg (340.06 KB, 1570x774, 785:387, celebrities covering one e….jpg)

>mystery sect.

They run everything. you think image related is just a "cool meme"?

bc9258  No.13082028


The star of david is not a pentagram, it is a hexagram.

Who is the retard?

bc9258  No.13082058


>Red Mercury is one name for the philosopher's stone.

No it isn't.

>Matter is full of energy as we see from atom bombs

Atomic bombs are a jewish ruse to keep the masses scared and compliant.

>As the alchemical Red Mercury also transmutes metals into gold or silver, it would make a lot of sense if they knew about it.

If you're an alchemist then you ought to know that the sought after transmutation isn't physical, it's spiritual.

If anything physical is the stone, it is DMT. Anyone who compares the refinement steps for DMT extraction to the steps of the alchemical process will instantly see the correlation.

bc9258  No.13082077

>nigredo, a blackening or melanosis

The base material is consumed by strong alkali.

>albedo, a whitening or leucosis

Clear (i.e white) non-polar solvent is added.

>citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis

The solvent turns yellow as the alkaloids migrate from the black aqueous layer into the non-polar layer.

>rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

The solvent is evaporated, leaving the extracted DMT, which turns reddish as it dries, due to oxidation and plant fats becoming visible.

2bb582  No.13082123


>They run everything. you think image related is just a "cool meme"?

To put it simply, yes. The face, especially over an eye, is a common place to rest a hand

01a0b7  No.13094353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

78b923  No.13094785

Good thread

f16d89  No.13094794


2018: Kvetching about Kikes

2019: Building the groundwork for our new nation

2020: Declaring Independence and defending our territory from foreign aggressors

2021: Plato and chill #420

78b923  No.13094798


This is so good, thanks

78b923  No.13094811


Today my ex finally accepted there may be more to Jews than previously though. I literally only took 15 years for them to stop ridiculing and start thinking.

000000  No.13110221

Star of Remphan

000000  No.13110231


Every academic and scholar knows the jews are thieves stealing laws and stories from other religions in their shitty sandbox region.

000000  No.13112094


You are stupid. None of these postures are natural or related to resting a hand.


83d1b8  No.13130651

Kikes have secret books?

c037c8  No.13150808

Kikes have a secret book?

c037c8  No.13150810


What a coincidence.

Truly a hivemind.

add8d6  No.13156613

5fb7b3  No.13171099

Bump important thread

989188  No.13171176

Holy fucking shit.

They have undermined everything.

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