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File: 9be0e72bf339d02⋯.png (139.65 KB, 328x238, 164:119, the fuck.png)

File: 0ce7e3175d7a856⋯.png (1015.9 KB, 749x4206, 749:4206, sweden.png)

f2a6b3  No.12613424

If you share the Morocco beheading video you get 4 years in prison in Sweden.

What did Sweden mean by this?

Video: https://theync.com/eulogy-to-the-beheaded-backpackers-in-morocco.htm

9d6076  No.12613434

File: e830ce5e9e146d6⋯.jpg (206.02 KB, 656x512, 41:32, A17D8666-90C2-407C-81C0-1D….jpg)

now is the time to share it as much as possible. They cannot arrest everyone.

49bc8d  No.12613486

How is this even enforceable? Find an alternate link or send the video directly with a misleading filename.

11baa8  No.12613498


>share with everyone

Kek imagine if this blows up, they will call us russian bots.

351d89  No.12613534


My comment on second pic that nobody should care about: See that red and blue text aliasing on the sides of the image? It's a common LCD text-sharpening feature. I'm getting tired of seeing it in screenshots, where it has no purpose.

d3d66a  No.12613547

Well, it would be funny to spread this throughout Sweden, since it's forbidden, yes, that would be amusing. But Europe is fucked, so curse them. Don't expect this to change anything. Everyone of value has already moved to the US.

f7ea59  No.12613554

Requesting webm

04a41a  No.12613567

File: 731ebc01d6e2bfe⋯.jpg (4.15 KB, 219x251, 219:251, 2ypm7v7.jpg)


Don't forget that the one beheaded in the video had her pants pulled down, so they had just finished raping her before sawing her head off.

The word moor she shouted out as they started cutting means mother apparently. Post the video here and spread it. Fuck the god damned jews and their shit. We can get this into the eyes of normalfags very easily, hiding the vid inside other videos so they start watching a video and then this is spliced in. Nobody forgets watching their first kill video, and watching a beautiful innocent women murdered in such a way can break even the most indoctrinated of bluepilled. The souds and squeels of such an death are heart wrenching even if you hate the animal being killed if you have any empathy at all.

And dont forget to point out the jews universally desire these types of filth inside your nations with your daughters and wives. Always point out to women that she was raped before her execution by mongrels because of diversity and its lie. To ignore or avoid the face of death in this is tandamount to being complicit in such deaths. Do not let the sheep avert their eyes.

Offensive operations anon. This is perfect for our goals. Post the fucking video.

3ca223  No.12613569

>Not only did the state broadcaster run an article claiming that the bestial murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco "had nothing to do with Islam"

Of course in the end the issue is broader, not just that cult, but about the fact that the murderers and their kind are SUBHUMAN BEASTS

fb62f9  No.12613571

Is there like a media blackout in Sweden right now?

d3d66a  No.12613572


>Don't forget that the one beheaded in the video had her pants pulled down, so they had just finished raping her before sawing her head off.

It's important to inform the public :^)

04a41a  No.12613576


use their avoidance of all facts and state that the jews desire these men in our nations with your family undefended and will clamor for your punishment if you defend them.

use this emotional video to cement our fucking world view in their minds. We are their only protectors, we are the only path to victory.

fb62f9  No.12613578


>Muh everything boils down to economics even though it's pure obfuscation

1c8448  No.12613587


Bump for potential

b341b4  No.12613592

Deep Ones spawned with her ancestors.

b341b4  No.12613596

Also, where's the webm?

ff78b9  No.12613598

File: c2e1e1e227d40a4⋯.mp4 (3.86 MB, 266x480, 133:240, Morocco - Danish Tourist B….mp4)

fcab0d  No.12613605


Have a bump anon

b341b4  No.12613606


I had my cherry popped on a serb getting his throat cut on stileproject.

ef78e0  No.12613608

It means that Sweden is like a new Soviet Union, and if you share the beheading video, you're engaging in samizdat, and you can be arrested for sharing such information that goes against our official sanctioned (((narrative))), goy.


ef78e0  No.12613611


First and best kike-free first post.

803238  No.12613616


this, fuck em

ef78e0  No.12613620


I shared the video to my sister using mixtape.moe WEBMs and MP4s should play with no problems on most whamen's iPhones.

04a41a  No.12613627

File: d3c9e2afe41fa1f⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 350x435, 70:87, 0d66e03e91e7d3f1b07f1981d0….jpg)


Sweden is immaterial itself to this issue. These are two pretty little white girls dying in an memorable way at the hands of the same mongrels the jews go out of their way importing. All men of worth will feel rage upon seeing this, period.

This is about stoking the fires of men of action. Not some nation state which doesn't exist. Stop thinking in terms of bullshit ideas of what some nation or over arching group of normalfaggots do. This is getting the blood burning inside men, it speaks inside as per nature, no propaganda can silence such power. This is power, just the description of the video is enough to enrage, the video can silence even the most staunch of normalfag resistance to our message.

46e334  No.12613628


>It means that Sweden is like a new Soviet Union

hell, the soviet union would atleats use this as a pretext to invade the shithole,like they did with the diplomats kidnappings in lebanon, sweden is straight up cuckland

b341b4  No.12613631

Attach the video to a qr code and spam the code on all kinds of places tell people it's free loot.

ef78e0  No.12613657


Of course, but I was merely showing how this parallels with how the (((Soviet Union))) would censor and persecute dissidents who published samizdat, this is really no different when looking at it all from that aspect. Also, JFL at the kikes thinking that they can stop things from spreading on the Internet.

"The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." — John Gilmore

0f4ed3  No.12613663


>Having a nigger president is OK

>Having 40 million niggers is OK

>Having 55 million spics is OK

>Having 30 million illegals is OK

>Being 56% white is OK

>Inventing feminism and SJW´s is OK

>40 million interracial marriages is OK

>putting niggers on your money is OK

>inventing affirmative action is OK

>imposing federal quotas for employment of non-whites is OK

>giving $3+ billion per year to Israel is OK

>banning the american flag from schools and other public places because it upsets illegal beaners is OK

>fighting wars to suit the Saudis and Israelis is OK

>losing wars repeatedly to Third World countries is OK

>having America ruled by liberals for 16 of the last 24 years is OK

>the fact that Hillary Clinton got a massive majority of votes is OK

>cops getting machine gunned in the streets by Black Lives Matter activists is OK

>losing control of entire cities to BLM rioters is OK

>making it a crime to misgender someone is OK

>making it legal to give other people AIDS is OK

>jailing someone for 15 years for putting bacon in a mosque is OK

>destroying historic monuments because they hurt niggers' feeling is OK

>America is based as fuck and totally not cucked

Let us all appreciate that while us Ahmeds in countries like Sweden, Italy, Germany, UK and France are all "cucked", done for and should "be nuked" and "genocided". At least we still have America, the great uncucked white haven of conservatism, strict immigration laws and common sense.

Yes, lets appreciate and ponder on that for a while.

ee7662  No.12613667

File: f41e15da7760784⋯.jpeg (27.61 KB, 302x491, 302:491, 751C91FF-969C-4CAA-81B1-3….jpeg)


Have you read ANY other threads on this board??? Nobody here is okay with that… if they were they would be called yids

df35e3  No.12613682



Spread this video through every route available to us. Make sure it is posted on as many Swedish sites as possible as well.

fb62f9  No.12613689


I am so angry I'm numb.

59aeaa  No.12613690

File: 259045db786f70d⋯.png (925.42 KB, 1062x1049, 1062:1049, a7009787fb89db10968445b0b9….png)



Is it still possible to buy a video projector in Sweden?

e65c52  No.12613692


Just fukking horrific to watch the vid. Even just the first part until they cut off the head. Had turned away at that point. The sound of her still breathing as the head is finally taken off is just the most disturbing ever. Share this video , post if allover. Girls need to understand Muslims are not going to be tamed so give up on it before they cut your head off.

04a41a  No.12613695


feed on it, and remember it every time anyone EVER says anything that toes the jewish line.



803238  No.12613700


I'm American and people just don't realize how bad it is here yet since they are secluded in their white neighborhoods. Although you would think people posting here wouldn't be so out of touch retarded

a5ed5d  No.12613701

File: eb12c3598640baa⋯.png (253.46 KB, 280x390, 28:39, eb12c3598640baa7b95bc2e552….png)

I'm sorry what was that Sweden? You want this video spread across the four corners of the earth as loudly and as aggressively possible? Is that what I heard you ask? Because I can definitely help you out with that. No trouble at all, niggers. I do it for free.

4207e6  No.12613703


bump for accuracy and clarity

aa8503  No.12613706


after having watched dozens of ISIS beheadings, the thing that bothers me the most is the way the victims feet and legs twitch after the subhuman savage Muzz is finished ineptly and slowly sawing the head from the torso. i have nightmares about twitching feet. i want every goddamn Muzz on the planet to die.

04a41a  No.12613711



>not all subhumans

Anon…. did you just get here?

4207e6  No.12613715


>every shitskin on planet earth to die


any negro, arab, semite, paki; they can all go.

803238  No.12613721


right there with you anon

ef78e0  No.12613727


Nobody here is saying that that's OK, except for the kikes that rule over us.

4d517e  No.12613731

File: 75f7ac80798cd0e⋯.png (623.03 KB, 890x890, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


(regarding your 2nd pic)

This cunt from SVT always virtue-signals against the USA.

She kneeled during the National Anthem at the Whitehouse.

She also covered the Parkland, FL shooting in a biased anti-gun manner.

ef78e0  No.12613741


I wouldn't expect anything less from an adherent of (((Judeo-liberalism))).

2b69e2  No.12613742

It won't be long. We are almost at their breaking point.

I could keep this up longer than you can afford to pay the goons.

ef78e0  No.12613744

>>12613700 (checked)

Normies definitely have absolutely no clue here.

e65c52  No.12613747


What will stay with me forever is the sound of the air and blood gurgling as they saw through the neck. Then , omj, when the head comes off almost like releasing a seal and the sound becomes more intense.

e65c52  No.12613753


They don't know and don't want to know. Give em their big screen TV's, video games, reality TV, selfies and they could care less about what is happening around them.

bdf986  No.12613762

File: c0f51f346ef6607⋯.mp4 (1.06 MB, 854x480, 427:240, c0f51f346ef66075e01a3c67a2….mp4)


Is there like a media blackout in Sweden right now?

Every Swede has all the information they need to be a virtuous citizen. The free press in a successful postnational democracy never hides anything from the citizens, and to suggest otherwise is a strong indication of potential radical rightwing domestic terrorism. Kindly inform on any fellow citizen who displays antisocial behavior or disregard for the principles of our humanitarian superpower.

b341b4  No.12613775


Maybe this is their desire and request for help because they can't come out and say it without falling afoul of their own fucking laws.

b341b4  No.12613777


Toll paid. She can still be useful.

550c32  No.12613785

File: 5b21625062b8b40⋯.jpg (80.15 KB, 620x849, 620:849, Ooops.jpg)


>two girls backpacking without any male relatives/boyfriends/husbands

>in Morocco

>Bonus: Swedish

They were there to get fucked by Ahmed. They sure got fucked by Ahmed, just not how they wanted it. Evolution is a beautiful thing. Toll paid in full.

Don't let that stop you from using it to redpill normalfags though.

ef78e0  No.12613786


They're truly wrapped up in the most well-constructed technological bubble that humanity has ever known.

d3d66a  No.12613822


Are you able to watch it through? I have to stop at the moment I realize he's sawing.

d3d66a  No.12613824



091360  No.12613831


ask her is she is planning a trip to morocco anytime soon? moar liek


d19eee  No.12613832

File: 18f0ad7239b0b6a⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 628x402, 314:201, topkek (2).gif)


that's not cream cheese coming out

cad360  No.12613838


As American yes this is all true, except Obama being elected was a organized election fraud and was called out by even the average neocon. However a lot of theses politics are regional because of separation of powers with federal , state and local. Just like how having a gun gets you prison time in NYC because of shitskin crime and Arizona you can just saunter around grocery shopping with a rifle. Something Europe doesn't have is the separation and if it did Europe would be fine because the average European seems to hate the non-white shitskin invasion compared to the average White American going through far more (((brainwashing))) from media thinking "beaners just want to work" because they have met two of them in their nice White neighborhood.

Which is why its so important White nationalist take back a US state, which is very do able by just white flight population flooding. Honestly the average White American doesn't live in the city they live in the suburbs which are just now starting to be invaded by shitskins when they build apartments and section 8 housing.

04a41a  No.12613841


You must watch it anon. If you turn away, you let weakness become your guide. You have to be strong for your volk, and be the shoulder to carry this coming burden. If you cannot watch an simple vid, how will you expect to ever do what needs to be done when the time comes. No matter what it is? Use the horror to feed your rage anon.

d19eee  No.12613850

File: 09980d7de28594b⋯.webm (447.11 KB, 640x356, 160:89, topkek spiderman.webm)


You didn't laugh when she was screaming "ow" as her spine was being severed?

d3ed4b  No.12613857


So is there actually a 29 minute video of it as some claim or is it just the usual shitposting and baiting?

16adae  No.12613861

File: dbc28832cc2f36f⋯.jpg (617.12 KB, 1100x739, 1100:739, Clown.jpg)


>censor everything inconvenient to narrative

>people remain ignorant about the dangers of 3rd world and continue heading over there like its another peaceful vacation resort

>extreme penalty for sharing something they don't want you to know happened


That country is run by lunatics.

0951fc  No.12613864

File: 481e3ff0faaeb0e⋯.mp4 (2.58 MB, 854x480, 427:240, morocco_-_norway.mp4)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


another version, this one with sound throughout

c01385  No.12613866


> The word moor she shouted out as they started cutting means mother apparently. Post the video here and spread it.

The NSA should hijack the broadcast signals of Swedish TV and play it on every channel in every household at dinnertime. Sweden voted for this. They deserve to know exactly what they are getting.

803238  No.12613869


>That country is run by lunatics.

mostly women isn't it? but I guess that's repetitive

ef78e0  No.12613873

>>12613866 (checked)

But the NSA are kikes and are not /ourguys/ by any stretch of the imagination. No doubt files are being prepared on us from them scanning this site for posts.

ef78e0  No.12613876


Yes, (((brainwashed))) whamen and kikes.

d3d66a  No.12613880


Oh, right. I'm supposed to say I jacked off to it. That's what you say on here when you can't bear to watch it.

427ef5  No.12613888


Should I bother? I've watched piles of ISIS shit even though I can actually feel it effecting me. Throat sawing is hard to get caloused to. How numb do I really need to be?

db8668  No.12613890


I have never watched this beyond the initial screams. It is too evil and disgusting. People who think they are mature enough to decide the fate of an entire nation because of their god damned feelings, religious beliefs, political ideologies, or any other opinion that they hold, but cannot see the causes and consequences of the policies that their movements or representatives or leaders would effect, or else do not care because their personal and specious causes matter more to them, and yet such policies would lead to the enablement of this sort of activity, so that it is not only enabled but effectively condoned because not effectively deterred or even prosecuted and punished: Those people do not deserve to make decisions in the state, as they are either incompetent, mentally defective, morally debased and corrupt, or even criminally motivated. They are also rightly suspect of being a vector of corruption and criminal influence in the state due to their utility as leverage for those types of malignancy. They should be treated accordingly, therefore, as being real and potentially severe harms to the state and the people, and not granted the rights of Citizen, for they are either incapable of fulfilling the obligations or even willfully negligent in so doing.

d19eee  No.12613893


Clearly you haven't been around long enough to become completely desensitized and immune to it. In the grand scheme of things it's just reality. Don't shield yourself from reality, embrace it and derive whatever wisdom you can from it.

427ef5  No.12613904


Vastly underrated if actually feasible

0f4ed3  No.12613908



Just posting the corrective copypasta when folks show up and do the whole "Fuck Europe, they deserve to die for being so cucked unlike us enlightened Americans".

Honestly, I don't hate Americans unless they start spouting this kind of crap. So when they post like mutts, I treat them like mutts. Simple.

d3d66a  No.12613909


Checked. Dunno. Original sources can be highly informative.


< don't shield yourself

< you're stronger than jesus crossed with nigger buddha

sure I am. Suuure, buddy, sure.

cc0bf2  No.12613910

Everyone in the cuntry should share the video

db8668  No.12613918


Well, then you are a sadistic faggot. Congratulations. I don't want your kind around either. Bullet to the head rather than saw it off?

d19eee  No.12613939

File: 538f267dd57de90⋯.webm (2.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, allahu akbar.webm)

d3d66a  No.12613945


Here's the slightly confusing thing:

Perhaps you are unable to watch such videos, but only pretend you can.

Similarly, anyone can say they fuck 10/10 biches by the dozen every night, you know.

d3d66a  No.12613947

Call me a skeptic, or whatever. I also don't believe what the news tells me. You, the news, whatever.

04b136  No.12613959


Your point being… look, I love the prose, but it's a little pithy.

d19eee  No.12613969


Well just between us, I watched it 3 times and literally laughed when she said "ow" like getting your neck severed is just an "ow" response. I just find that incredibly hilarious for some reason.

However, while the video doesn't phase me, it's like watching national geographic or some shit, the thought of having sex with a cock carousel riding whore I find truly disgusting, not joking either.

d3d66a  No.12613973


Oh. She said ow? I thought you were joking. :^|

d3d66a  No.12613976

Insensitive people have a tendency to believe they are the same as sensitive people, only that they decide to be better. Such a mind over matter position is bullshit.

678554  No.12613999


>4 years in prison of showing a video of the religion of peace being peaceful

I didn't know Sweden was so islamaphobic.

c4babd  No.12614007


>'m getting tired of seeing it in screenshots, where it has no purpose.

Never noticed this before in screenies, thanks for pointing it out (cannot un-see now). Is it some Win 10 jewy thing?

885911  No.12614009



04b136  No.12614016


Wait, what!?!?! B-but my college Sociology professor said emerging cultures are compatible with Western civilization. They just need jobs and free gibs for their extended families.

3effa8  No.12614019

Please let's make it a thing to post this a ton of times on many platforms, and report it to the police. The more resources they need to place on untouchable hostings of the video, the less they have for thought crimes in Sweden.

c4babd  No.12614021

>I wish I could un-see it

>I've seen many horrible things, goyim, (((trust me I'm a reporter)))

<I've seen the daesh/ISIS clips and this is much worse

When people lie and hide from the iron truth of reality.. I've seen ISIS videos where they decapitate people with detcord, mass behead, children beheading/de-limbing and this faggot is scared of some brief beheading video. Sounds like they are fucking lying faggots who saw the sanitised kikestream media isis videos and are now shocked at the reality of what happens to you faggots when Islam comes knocking.

d3d66a  No.12614026


this. :^) we can do it legally from here ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

f95c35  No.12614036


This, I will post from a Swedish proxy as well

c4babd  No.12614047


>Are you able to watch it through? I have to stop at the moment I realize he's sawing.

Someone didn't lurk two years. Man up faggots, if you can't handle this shit you are not prepared for DOTR. Channel that anger and disgust into action and spread the video where possible to Swedes and eurofags.

>New Year cute puppies in 'x' country.mp4

<actually is beheading shit.mp4

c918fe  No.12614048

File: 8c087abf1398dc5⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 402x391, 402:391, arnold-ss.jpg)


I second the notion.

30a1a4  No.12614050

Probably late to the party, but what the hell were those women doing in Morocco? Surely even the dumbest airhead can tell that place is a third world dumpster

d2789c  No.12614075

File: d9508ce8620cb41⋯.jpeg (99.8 KB, 496x443, 496:443, 058AA94A-0D49-4DBF-9CD4-7….jpeg)


Czech’d the digits demand action!

We spam for the West!

0f4ed3  No.12614078


They believed the propaganda about shitskin countries being safe and foreign cultures being cool and exotic.

59aeaa  No.12614081

File: d0bd57168590107⋯.webm (1.11 MB, 395x477, 395:477, 1540238822816.webm)


>Is there like a media blackout in Sweden right now?

Not that I know of, why do you ask?

d3d66a  No.12614088


DOTR isn't about killing women, jamal.

59aeaa  No.12614091


>hiking in black lace panties

Fucked if I know why they was in Maracas


Sign me up as well

d19eee  No.12614096

File: f02475a2fc7f965⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 426x240, 71:40, sweden yes2.webm)


Reported for being misogynistic that women aren't strong, independent, and smart.

009cd1  No.12614103


Looking for rape.

d2789c  No.12614108

File: 2b7f1050bdf10b4⋯.jpeg (241.02 KB, 1100x1380, 55:69, 8CFB79AE-4AC4-4268-A903-F….jpeg)

c4babd  No.12614124


>leave the kikesses alone, goyim

351d89  No.12614125

File: 3e1c76b65966337⋯.png (48.63 KB, 2229x1218, 743:406, 2018-12-28-202308_2229x121….png)


Available for all OS at this point. It's just a stop-gap until everyone has extremely high resolution monitors and this becomes unnecessary.

16adae  No.12614130


>Anon speaks for those who are silenced by tyranny


58e316  No.12614132

fuck sandniggers

4207e6  No.12614143


>13 year old detected

she is saying a colloquial word for "mother".

little girl begging hopelessly for her mother while a shitskin cuts her head off.

it is heartbreaking, thousands of anons could have bought plane tickets and gone out there to hunt them down and end them.

instead there is only weakness and ridicule as our civilisation crumbles.

78d551  No.12614145


It'd be terrible if some anon posted that video in the Nord/pol/ thread.

1ac1fa  No.12614152


>little girl

I think you meant traitorous whore.

d19eee  No.12614158


Well even if that is the case, I don't speak whatever shit language she was gurgling, I think it's even funnier now that a strong, independent woman would cry for another strong, independent woman as if they would swoop in to save them.

a704d1  No.12614159

At this point if you are showing any kind of courtesy to a nigger, an arab or a kike, you are a traitor. You should always let them know what you think of them to the farthest extend you can possibly get away with in the situation.

c4babd  No.12614160


So it's just cleartype. Been using LCD since '00 and never noticed it that bad before in screenshots, pretty silly… OP must have a fucking rubbish screen, kek.

4207e6  No.12614161


you're supposed to be (((desensitised))), that's why they put out all the flashy, videogame-like videos from shitskins killing npcs in orange overalls for a decade or more.

slow motion, HD, super elaborate killing methods.

You'll just accept anything now, no shock, no outrage, just mild entertainment.

meanwhile, europe is eaten away from within.

0951fc  No.12614162


It'd be terrible if some anon didn't read the Nord/pol/ thread.


4207e6  No.12614165



unsurprising that you only speak hebrew

d19eee  No.12614179

File: 62d0293652f8f05⋯.jpg (187.41 KB, 1069x1462, 1069:1462, wtf2.jpg)


>u only speak hebrew

f7c964  No.12614216

Damn, we have to babysittie these snowflawkes!!

Fl00d the video in all norse social network.

83f081  No.12614258


Too late anon. I watched the life leave my grandmother in 2009, and that was the most frightening and transcendant moment in my life. I know what death means, even if I'm not some knuckle head space marine. I think the other guy is correct: we need to get over the shock of these bloody images. Not to immerse ourselves in filth, but to be ready, like this knife attack and beheading can instruct. We used to see this far more often, even in noble Europe, not too long ago after all. I'd say the desensitization comes from not facing death and murder, but to keep grazing like sheep to the slaughter house.

000000  No.12614261


>That country is run by lunatics.

Sweden is run by women. And it fucking shows.

ef78e0  No.12614265


Run by (((women))), women, and (((other such people))).

95f853  No.12614267


Most of you are just cunts not nationalists

b59086  No.12614271

File: 55bf5425a2a2545⋯.jpg (90.91 KB, 689x674, 689:674, 55bf5425a2a2545cf4867307a9….jpg)


>200 million white people in America

>minorities relegated to big city ghettos

Schlomo BTFO

000000  No.12614276



95f853  No.12614279


Also all burger posters are legit mutts not joking which is why they are sadistic pieces of shit.

a5ed5d  No.12614284

File: 38343e1207e8417⋯.jpeg (48.29 KB, 584x408, 73:51, 1472107098979-0.jpeg)


reporting for duty

16adae  No.12614287


Hahaha so true.

7a291d  No.12614317


It's run by jews. Just like America and the EU.

d3d66a  No.12614336


Sweden is filled with garbage, however. In America there are the last remaining humans.

000000  No.12614339


True. But the effect is compounded tenfold because women hold the majority of political positions in Sweden. Think of the split by sex over political issues at election time; then imagine that women got their way every time. That's Sweden.

7a291d  No.12614344


Many of those women are jews.

1011dc  No.12614345

File: 6847f4be06ac3b6⋯.jpg (142.46 KB, 1236x820, 309:205, Westerners.jpg)


Why'd they do that? Was she slutting herself? I mean, it's not that uncommon for first-worlders to act like degenerates elsewhere.

8f63e8  No.12614349


>All men of worth will feel rage upon seeing this

I predict that you'll be disappointed by how few men of worth there really are. Most men will feel rage towards you for "inciting racism."

5c289d  No.12614350


kys shitskin

64ea02  No.12614351


>how will ZOG enforce ZOG's decisions?

Come on Anon. There is no such thing as reasonable or fair under ZOG occupation. The (((State))) will find a way because the (((State's))) only concern is continuing its existence and furthering its agenda.

1011dc  No.12614355

File: 92163ab3af4df2e⋯.jpg (218.37 KB, 986x750, 493:375, u wot m8y.jpg)


This, imageboards in general. You go to fucking /k/ of all places, and they get real upset over pathetic shit like chinks boiling dogs alive. Fucking children.

d3d66a  No.12614357

Everyone knows that stupid whore wouldn't so much as talk to any of us. So it's not like anything of value was lost.

d3d66a  No.12614358


Step on my toe, I'll fucking kill you. Step on your own toe, like I care. This principle applies here, but you are too much of an idiot to see this.

000000  No.12614367


>Many of those women are jews

Some. But the key point I'm trying to illustrate here is that because women are more susceptible to the jewish narrative than men, and you have a majority of women making the decisions in Sweden, the effect of jewish ideology is compounded. That is why Sweden demonstrates the worst extremes of "YES!" tier behavior.

1011dc  No.12614370


dats right, muhfugga bix nood. bitch need sum nigga dik fuk, nomsayin? shieeeeet

1011dc  No.12614373

File: 50aff73406f8a3a⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, inderesdingbig.jpg)


What are you on about mate? Care to elaborate? I'm willing to listen.

95f853  No.12614380


Burgers are not human

1011dc  No.12614384

File: 71c351bca72fdfd⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x563, 480:563, smirking_indian.jpg)


Care to elaborate? I have a feeling you won't, though.

d3d66a  No.12614395


Some of use have an extended concept of self that goes beyond our mere primal existence. It happens to include dogs, because our people (we are the whites who domesticated them, contrary to what the kikes may tell you) are our brethren in animal form. Likewise, to see brutality against our people is a difficult thing to endure. These are our arms and our limbs. It's instinctive. In truth, that stupid thot was a traitor and worthless trash, but nonetheless we have a long genetic memory.

d3d66a  No.12614399


You clearly do not understand how breeding works. The various royal families domesticated the Viking. But by bringing together the bravest of the stocks we have born again anew the Viking spirit.

0951fc  No.12614402

File: 2602e987dd3d364⋯.jpeg (28.21 KB, 398x334, 199:167, 6b0.jpeg)







www.familjeliv.se/forum - meetingplace for parents / women

http://forum.vof.se/ - "science" forum

https://www.sweclockers.com/forum - popular tech forums

flashback.org - free-speech forum, kinda like imageboard culture

facebook / instagram / et al is were most swedes spend their time i suspect tough

7d4c7c  No.12614410


>i want every goddamn Muzz on the planet to die.

No, you fucking neocon, this has nothing to do with them being Muslim and everything to do with them being nonwhite. "Christian" hispanics do the same shit.

7a291d  No.12614413

File: cf4c057eca7ed60⋯.webm (10.83 MB, 426x240, 71:40, some speech.webm)


The same process is being done where ever Marxism and Bolshevism has taken root and jews control the perspective and narrative. It was worse for Sweden because Jews had an easier time targeting it, they were well invested there after the war, and wasted no time plotting to destroy my country.

A pity one of the women executed was a traitor, however this event can still make martyrs of them. Maybe. Until one of her traitor relatives demands justice for muslims who have been wronged by this event painting them in a bad light.

Only war can solve our problems. Total war.

7d4c7c  No.12614423




Great contributions to the thread, bro. Glad to have you here.

000000  No.12614437


the reason they are banning this video in sweden is because they worry that young urbanites might turn this kind of a behavior into a new fad.

000000  No.12614442


don't feed the robots.

72034a  No.12614443

File: d09fb367bc802ac⋯.png (815.67 KB, 1240x800, 31:20, FirstButThen.png)

000000  No.12614457


you do realize its the young dumb danish one on the video. the norwegian traitor who brainwashed her is the other one.

5a79c1  No.12614461


Stupid girl brainwashed into destroying herself.

Who the fuck goes to a shit skin nation?

Stupid bitch swallowed the multikulty kike bait.

7a291d  No.12614468


Thanks for the clarification.

947605  No.12614481


Women are as children. They need a firm hand to guide them, and if one does not reach out for her, she will seek one out, even if it belongs to a murderous savage.

3e7eaf  No.12614493


They are heavily brainwashed to believe everyone to be equal.

000000  No.12614518


they had both attended numerous brainwashing courses at a norwegian university.

6924e0  No.12614528

Horrible video, but more horrible to think almost everyone here is a pansy who can't finish the whole thing. How can you brag about being in the frontlines when you can't see what they want to do with you.

d3d66a  No.12614567


islam, though, must die. You're right it's not OK to kill the kids of muslims. If our constitution isn't amended to ban islam then we will be required to leave this present soil, for islam is the worm.

f27598  No.12614575


I'm American, I'll share it with whoever I want.

15fdd1  No.12614582

File: 5d2c292752bb2ab⋯.mp4 (1.81 MB, 400x226, 200:113, Adolf Hitler shooting star….mp4)


>with sound


Let's see them try to take down this link.

For those of you who know what IPFS is, you should help me seed this address:


If you don't, then you should really read through thread >>12020142

16adae  No.12614586


You see how they're censoring any negative news about their bulls so the Swede is completely oblivious to how dangerous it is to go there. From cradle to grave they're indoctrinated with muh equality so they believed its just like Sweden, except they have a different skin color.

20bec5  No.12614598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3d66a  No.12614623


Not 3d gun files. That's prohibited :^)

f27598  No.12614648


Those are Jews.

9e82a6  No.12614653


I guess the Swedish government wants some of those tolerant beheadings they are censoring. That can be arranged.

9e82a6  No.12614655


>don't do anything

Report this prick.

1e37ce  No.12614670


>oy vey!

>those evil goyim with their fully automatic military murder guns and armor piercing bump clips don't love the yellow jew!

f27598  No.12614671


I'm American, I already own a dozen rifles and pistols, and thousands of rounds of ammo.

and I'd print whatever I want on my 3d printer, if I owned one.

You'd be better off buying REAL metal components from your local hardware store.

9e82a6  No.12614690


You need to be desensitized to be an effective killer. You pussies disgust me.

ef78e0  No.12614701


I actually agree.


b55818  No.12614749


Believe me, I've been trying. I've joined my family during the yearly butchering of reindeer (sámi, so what?) to desensitize myself. But this shit still hits a deep part of my soul, because it's not just an animal, it's a fellow scandinavian.

I keep wondering "did I know this person? Have I met them when I travelled to Denmark?"

d3d66a  No.12614768


Yes, but you're not allowed to share the files online, by order of a judge in some forum that got shopped by the derp state.

You can, correct, 3d print at least <50 cal, well, if that were even possible. So you can 3d print whatever. But I don't need a lesson in these things, and the assumption that I'm in need of a lesson is odd. You were the one in ignorance, why assume I am the one in ignorance, you having been proved to be in ignorance?

f27598  No.12614792


That decision would never hold up if taken to the Supremes, which is where it will eventually go.

Our federal judges are infested with traitors at the moment, but many are slowly being replaced.

But in the end, it's the Supremes that will determine the first Amendment covers the transmission of information, which is exactly what those print files are.

To stop any information from flowing, you'd have to prove the information is classified under national security, and none of this is.

b341b4  No.12614798




I would skull fuck you for your impertinence.

273a89  No.12614799


Blow me weak sauce

b341b4  No.12614806


>t. yid

273a89  No.12614810


You should be licking my toes Jew.

b3d29d  No.12614817


Here is the key to being able to stomach this stuff. From the comfort of your own home, as you sit on your chair, you're in a vulnerable state, and you're more sympathetic to people in the same, vulnerable state as you. I am the same. When we watch the video, we relate to the girls getting their heads cut off and feel their pain, and I'll admit that I find it hard to watch also. But how do these sandniggers feel nothing? The retard answer might be, "because they're stupid sandniggers and it's genetic, duhhh" but that's very unlikely. It's true that it has to do with them being sandniggers, but it's more cultural. Have you ever seen an action movie as a kid? Think of a part where the good guy, morally righteous and all, finally corners the bad guy and slaughters the bad guy in some comical way. Why were you just "okay" with that? You might make the argument, "because it's fake" but there are plenty of movies where people die in realistic ways and their deaths are still intended to be satisfying. The point I'm trying to make is that it doesn't necessarily have anything to be with being "sensitized" or not, it's more about a perceived sense of self-righteousness. And if you're angry enough, then you can see yourself as righteous enough to do anything, really. Have you ever had a bout of road rage where it no longer matters who's right-of-way it is anymore since you were wronged by maybe one person five minutes ago? I don't believe it's that improbable to extend that logic all the way to killing. People in shithole countries like Morocco are wronged and shat on every day, and so they can shift the blame of their actions onto other people and justify themselves by just being angry or the usual "these girls were stupid so they deserve it."

As much as I hate to say it, I believe that the best way to desensitize yourself to something such as a war would be to just be really angry. Don't be a human being, be an animal. Just feel, don't think. You are justified in whatever you do because everyone is trying to fuck you over anyway. If you let your anger consume you then it's true that you'll become a nigger, but if you can control it and use it when you need it, then you can become a valuable person.

And of course, if you give up on anger completely, then you'll be a useless soy drinking deadbeat. At this point, I'd kind of rather be a nigger.

b341b4  No.12614847


I'll shove your fucking nose up your ass before the end, yid.

3fd6b9  No.12614850

File: 4ae8d1ad0bcc058⋯.mp4 (2.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1200rabbhis.mp4)


> Post the video here and spread it. Fuck the god damned jews and their shit.

It is IMPERATIVE that jews are named alongside of it, because they push the tear jerk button of "we were refugees too and look at the past" etc, as the first defense of their imported rape apes.

The jew MUST be named, you get jailed in Sweder for showing a video, why the fuck would anyone there cuck for anything anymore, soon you will be jailed for not dying your hair black, or something.

Do not let them win.

02d700  No.12614951


Name them "israeli X".

Israeli Zuckerberg. Like that.

e8faf7  No.12614957



They were found dead in their tent. This video is not in a tent.

b341b4  No.12615045


Shouldn't it be pissraeli O? I mean why break tradition now?

b341b4  No.12615048


Well duh, once they were done dripping, they were put to use. Again.

3b78b5  No.12615101

File: 846d4b4d1e5bf45⋯.jpg (12.74 KB, 230x219, 230:219, you're being antisemitic.jpg)




620175  No.12615134


Tame. Those are just knife wounds I'm told.

b341b4  No.12615138


Oy, they agreed to take jewish refugees!

b341b4  No.12615142

File: 430b47b1d8774b6⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 700x525, 4:3, sleepy-hollow[1].jpg)

2b4bd1  No.12615149


That's a thumbnail, you ferral nigger.

6a452a  No.12615186


Not one Swedish bro replies, is 8 chan blocked there?

7cffb3  No.12615188


As I watch this video I do not feel anger. I have seen this same thing too many times. All I feel is a yearning to empower another Hitler.

0557a3  No.12615198


How swedes aren't blowing up their parliaments is beyond me.

0557a3  No.12615202


Fools that believe the propaganda that arabic countries are nice places.

Then this shit happens.

Your government lies to you about this shit. It's no coincidence that people get hurt from those lies.

0557a3  No.12615203



>implying sweden isn't being blackmailed into this

e2c422  No.12615207

File: e1e47554cf4a02f⋯.png (3.92 MB, 1584x964, 396:241, Crevanille.png)




>A gore video? Well I better watch it all and attempt to demean anyone who refuses to watch it as being a limp weakling! That way I'm the man.

<"Hey fagola! You can't stand people being tortured and brutalized? Lurk more, stop hiding under your mama's titty and man-up!"

But then:




I hope this is a learning experience for you idiots.


you stupid jackasses

For every gore video you watch you take in more trauma into your brain through your eyes than a hundred hours of talmudvision, and for every video you save and repost to show others you're doing more demoralization work than all the Israeli forces did when they pumped porn onto occupied tv sets.

This behavior is a hold over from the days /pol/ was population by /b/ cross-posters looking for edgy laughs. It does nothing but guarantee (YOU)'s at the cost of your own morality and sense. The more you

>KEK demoralize yourself and face to bloodshed amirite?

the more damage you do to yourself than any JIDF shill ever could.

e2c422  No.12615223

File: e004bf36cf6bb1c⋯.jpg (183.63 KB, 1116x1099, 1116:1099, Crevanille.jpg)

File: 3f48526bd7b7d94⋯.png (212.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, blood.png)


>inb4 gotta be ready for gore for when the Day of the Rope etc.

You really think watching LiveLeak backlogs is gonna prepare you for even a single sight of murder before your eyes? Reality isn't videogames stupid. Nothing you watch on a screen will ever prepare you for experiencing it in real life.

For life's sake, people were recording 9/11 and still record bloody and catastrophic events specifically as a defense mechanism. Seeing it through the screen of a camcorder or phone will always make the horror seem less real, if only by that much.

You was prep-work? Work out, grow mentally (philosophically, etc.), learn to debate properly, eat right and get a firearm license (and firearm obviously).

Watching and spreading gore is about as viable for "being ready" as preparing yourself for experiencing gunfire by playing Fortnite.

b341b4  No.12615230

File: 0e120ec369a67b5⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 807x472, 807:472, seen some things.jpg)



Boy, lurk more.

a409a0  No.12615233


Hitler witnessed tamer shit. How is it possible that over 95% of the white population can tolerate their own deaths? It becomes evident more and more every day. We are living in a death cult, and almost no one even realizes it. Most think it's a good thing.

b341b4  No.12615238

File: e1f21301238faf5⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 960x396, 80:33, the things we can show you.jpg)


Even white man is wise enough to fear his own wrath.

e2c422  No.12615242

File: 6c364e935c0104c⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 478x278, 239:139, senki.gif)


I'm all good with killing censorship and spreading info. I'm not good seeing my people cut themselves and pretend it's the right thing to do.



Be BETTER than that. I know countless anons spread gore and not as a statement against Swedistan either. I'm talking about all that and the pseudo-machismo of searing your conscious to another person's brutal murder.

Unless you're a Nigger, in which case it's to be expected

273a89  No.12615246

That wasn't Swedish, it was Guac.

I like Guac as food. Not as woman.

273a89  No.12615250

You'll address me as Master

e2c422  No.12615251

File: 09b2af84ec7ac27⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Demoralization_Yuri Bezme….webm)


>How is it possible that over 95% of the white population can tolerate their own deaths?

Because of en masse demoralization, only amplified by gore threads and faggots who want to be cool kidz by thinking feeling nothing, like chimped out psychopaths, is good.

e2c422  No.12615259


>As much as I hate to say it, I believe that the best way to desensitize yourself to something such as a war would be to just be really angry.

>Don't be a human being, be an animal. Just feel, don't think



273a89  No.12615262


No, that's the best way to be a nigger.

b341b4  No.12615295

File: a15ae83be8084af⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 700x403, 700:403, The Wanderer Is Coming.jpg)


Without getting into all the details leading her to her demise along with her virtue or lack thereof, her death will be remembered. Better to blanch now and get it out of the way rather than when the enemy attempts to do the same in front of you with your mother or sister.

d9176a  No.12615302

File: 8c1f2290eec1593⋯.png (6.31 MB, 2033x1355, 2033:1355, swedish-flag2033.png)


>now is the time to share it as much as possible.

Would Sweden put Swedes in jail for downloading this Swedish flag?

Swedes totally shouldn't downloaded this flag, rename the extension to .zip, and open the archive lel! ;^)

d71554  No.12615311


Muslims are savages that can rape and kill a woman simply because he saw a flash of their bare ankles. "Denegeracy" is a kike meme created to blame whites for the fruits of the jewish subversion industry.

ec4ff2  No.12615312

I hope they try to censor video evidence of murder lots, the eventual backlash to it will serve as a great example of why we should also not censor video evidence of rape, or video evidence of sexual molestation of minors. Video evidence of crime should never be censored or prosecuted, it should be shared by all so that there is transparency in criminal prosecution.

f863b9  No.12615333


>Would Sweden put Swedes in jail for downloading this Swedish flag.

Yes, because it's a sign of nationalism and nationalism is ebil.

0e6441  No.12615337


I guess people become immovable objects after they're killed. You're so retarded that I hope your head gets lopped off.

4ed665  No.12615359


She's not the girl who died, she's one of the reporters pushing the censorship.

0e6441  No.12615360


The sad fact is, that like the rest of us they're too invested in themselves and their entertainment, they wouldn't want to solve any cultural problem, they'd rather escape the country and continue living for only themselves. There's no feeling of togetherness anymore, but our lives are far too short to even consider living our lives simply for our individual selves and even if those people have families, they truly do not care about the future of their families they only care about them up to the point that they die, afterall, there's no god, only nothingness after death in the eyes of the commoners. That's why on average the religious often have tight families and communities with western religions having that become less so because the pull of the anti-religious media that would have you do everything to be an independent hedonist is growing every stronger in the west.

There needs to be a new glue for us otherwise we're all doomed, the old glue was unstuck from us and now it is being whittled away ever more. We are divided. Any chance of a new glue arising is too easily unstuck by the ones who the ones unstuck us in the first place and the paranoid of whom reinforce it.

d9176a  No.12615374


>Yes, because it's a sign of nationalism and nationalism is ebil.

Download it, rename the file extension to .ZIP, open the archive, then comment.

d9176a  No.12615377



every time. no exceptions

273a89  No.12615379

Berg is a common Germanic surname

4ed665  No.12615395

File: a2536bb4c1042ef⋯.png (581.97 KB, 1000x998, 500:499, c0f1ee6cfe192d94829a4f07cc….png)


If you think men are so weak that they can't stomach the sight of blood and carnage, you are part of the problem. You would probably break down into a sobbing fit if you ever had to do butchers work or deal with a real medical emergency, with that attitude. It is important to take a hard look at what happens in cases like these, and to understand that this is what we're accepting into our countries when we allow these people access to them.

It's important to watch women that, if we had control of our own systems of governance, would've been happily married and raising children rather than hiking alone in a country of violent savages, dying horrible deaths as they scream for a protection they never even understood they had in their homelands.

For too long have the righteous stood aside and closed their eyes because yes, it is PAINFUL to watch this kind of thing, and it should be. You shouldn't ever become the pathetic edgelords who think they're strong because they've killed their empathy and their souls, but neither should you turn away from it in fear or out of some misguided attempt to protect your mind from what is the hard, cold truth. Watch it, remember it, and understand it. And if possible, propagate it. If we could just broadcast this kind of thing into the public consciousness they would all side with us in a heartbeat.

There is a reason the (((Swedish media))) is trying to censor this, same as there's a reason home invasion videos and muggings and violent altercations are never talked about or shown in the (((US media))). Because they know that if they don't keep people blind, dumb, and deaf, they will wake up and fight back. If you think that the morality, mind, and spirit of yourself or your people are so weak and feeble that they would break upon seeing the truth, you are still falling for Jewish tricks. Only the weakest of men allow the truth to break them and their spirits, the rest will awaken, inflamed and full of fury, at what is happening. And it is for that reason we should endeavor to show this kind of thing to as many people as we can.

aa82e1  No.12615396


It was.

7ef473  No.12615435


bitchute took it down!


16b1d0  No.12615440


The video isn't to make people become a better fighter or whatever. It's to show the reality that the swedish government has and is trying very hard to hide. That's all. It's for swedes who are in the dark.

088dde  No.12615454



Never forget though; without the jew to facilitate them, the shitskins are helpless little children easily extirpated.

c34ac3  No.12615464


>They deserved it because they were sluts

Yeah if I found you I would literally beat your brains in cunt.

d9176a  No.12615473


>Bitchute took it down!

If only censorship was impossible

It is. See >>12615302

000000  No.12615481

>Thread talks of beheading video.

>Said webm is missing from OP.

>Thread discarded as datamining of potential nonjews.

9053f5  No.12615482

File: a3433c9a4fc07f0⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, polish.jpg)


>Everyone of value has already moved to POLAND


1d5ac0  No.12615483

File: bed7705c108ec46⋯.png (254.18 KB, 784x1091, 784:1091, hold up.PNG)


Hold up, I see huwite hands (pic related) at the end of the video. Not light glare either, as the hand in the back is the same color too. Iirc someone stated that the Mossad did this as a psyop. This is exactly their M.O., just like the dumpster full of severed female U.S. soldiers in Iraq in 2005-ish.

3cf1dc  No.12615486

File: 2d98b7e6058e0e3⋯.webm (6.96 MB, 264x480, 11:20, DACA.webm)


>The sound of her still breathing as the head is finally taken off is just the most disturbing ever

t. hasn't seen this webm

the only thing uniquely disturbing about the Morocco video is that the victim is a white woman. you don't see that every day, even if it happens every day

4ed665  No.12615487


Actually, anyone of value realized that constantly fleeing to different areas is what put us in this position to begin with and will fight tooth & nail to drive out the invaders and take back their homelands or die trying.

9053f5  No.12615489

File: 3e43dd07095d3d6⋯.jpg (200.6 KB, 550x671, 50:61, jews-name-changers.jpg)


Jews wouldn't change their name to try to pose as ethnic Germans would they? Cause that would just be wrong.

3cf1dc  No.12615495


the US is fucked more than anywhere else, retard. whites are a hated, politically powerless, and rapidly dwindling minority, and there is no national identity. even the European countries in the worst state are ~30% whiter than the US, and they actually have a national identity

Western Europe is all that matters

246ddc  No.12615631


>Western Europe is all that matters

So Eastern and Central Europe don't matter? Iceland? How about Australia and New Zealand? Canada?

6e06b3  No.12615632

File: bc31931ff2ab054⋯.png (3.89 MB, 2140x1739, 2140:1739, PM522 Washbear.png)


Britfag here, shoot me

d64a75  No.12615651


>Stupid bitch swallowed the multikulty kike bait.

no shit, women are retarded.

6e06b3  No.12615820


>This is exactly their M.O., just like the dumpster full of severed female U.S. soldiers in Iraq in 2005-ish

Got any more on that?

d04f49  No.12615887



not as much and they're not in trouble

>Central Europe don't matter? Iceland?

i.e. Western Europe

>How about Australia and New Zealand?

they matter but they're fucked like all colonies


even more fucked than USA which is more fucked than Brazil

74ff49  No.12616098


>we wuz vikangz n shiet mofuggaz

<y r peepl callin me mutt???

c075a4  No.12616169

File: 2afc54952aae49c⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1673x885, 1673:885, kircholmhussars.png)



f2a18a  No.12616201

As a non-Swede I could spam this all over Swedish websites with impunity couldn't I? I'm a burger, also.

c075a4  No.12616206


Yes, you could, and Swedistan wouldn't be able to do shit about it.

c075a4  No.12616210



Use a VPN/TOR just because, though.

f2a18a  No.12616222



Will do. I've spammed the shit out of the fuck Scotland police yidder account before with hate facts and hate speech, they had to impotently ban like 15 of my accounts before I got bored.

1d5ac0  No.12616434


I really wish I did. Jim Stone mentioned it years ago on his website.

I think he just surmised it, same as I did, after reading about our soldiers chasing down and beating the shit out of several Mossad agents who were sniping them with "Russian" sniper rifles. These agents were then promptly spirited away back to Israel within a matter of days, never to be heard from again; then the whole thing was promptly memory-holed. That was a clear and public demonstration of the same M.O.- atrocity propaganda. They just happened to get caught that time.

ec4ff2  No.12616442


>If you think men are so weak that they can't stomach the sight of blood and carnage, you are part of the problem. You would probably break down into a sobbing fit if you ever had to do butchers work or deal with a real medical emergency, with that attitude.

I didn't puke or anything watching the slow-sawing decapitation via machete of white women, but it did leave me feeling somber for the next half hour or so. I'm so fucking SAWFT.

67120a  No.12616450


>What did Sweden mean by this?

It got heavily shared on socmed and pravda panicked.

I'm going to add that pravda also claimed the decapitations were only "cuts on the neck" prior to the above.

This has been a really good redpill on the established media in Sweden tbh.

t. Svensk

3297d5  No.12616472

They mean if you try to Subvert the take over of your Swedish home land by Islamic terrorists for showing videos of Niggers nigging you get 4 years in prison

106b05  No.12616479


That means it's making an impact. Spread it far and wide. These kiked women learned far too late, but maybe we can save a few.

4dae38  No.12616613


Specks and planks, mr 56%

32fa9c  No.12616658

>posting about a dead country full of sub-human cucks on /pol/

No one cares anymore. Stop posting about these cuckold faggots. It's a waste of a thread. They're all the same fucking story over, and over, and over. No one cares.

32fa9c  No.12616663


According to your own idiocy though, you're a mutt as well. Euroniggers calling Americans mutts doesn't work, because your countries are all diversified shit-holes too. You're mutts. We have political freedoms though and you don't. You don't even want them. You begged for and defend authoritarianism, while we're against it. There's the difference.

f2a6b3  No.12616752


Based mishima.

413119  No.12616790


young girls have constant access to electronic screens, and these screens act as if an actual jew himself were able to stand in your house and speak to your daughter privately, corrupting her spirit and spreading lies through her mind. of course the messages of the jew is made palatable, but at the core it is the classic jewish message, and young girls are bombarded by it every single day.


good stuff. 2 girls 1 cup is still gross tho

59626d  No.12616802

censorship is impossible

See >>12615302 for an example of how to beat it.

7bc377  No.12616816

File: 6fe42fb3febe4be⋯.jpg (59.06 KB, 584x834, 292:417, fd2d72431fe0b6f7c816731971….jpg)


Cattle are lead into the slaughter house through spiralling halls, that way they do not see their kind being killed and panic. We need panic, lots of it. Not prozac and censorship. English papers didn't even tell their readers the women's necks were slashed, or that one was beheaded. You can be sure they will print the fake as all kikery crowds apologizing for the sake of tourism and the illusion of humanity.

9bebc4  No.12616824

Is possible to put the video in the main page of the swedish government website?

413119  No.12616825

File: b7e24a201741fc1⋯.jpg (3.99 MB, 1506x2109, 502:703, b7e24a201741fc12e89f4053ae….jpg)

File: 4ea166a855cb4dd⋯.jpg (168.64 KB, 960x583, 960:583, 4ea166a855cb4dde36abba02f1….jpg)

File: 0d372f4fe0a77f3⋯.jpg (231.41 KB, 1280x911, 1280:911, 0d372f4fe0a77f3794eb24387f….jpg)

File: 3c02109889eb41c⋯.jpg (194.02 KB, 2522x1819, 2522:1819, unexpected-s.jpg)


>it did leave me feeling somber

how is it supposed to make you feel? actually with proper perspective it shouldn't affect you in any of that type of way.

this is the nature of the muck that resides around the roots of humanity. these things have been happening for many hundreds of thousands of years, therefore you genetically don't need to be such a faggot about it. the germanic practice of drowning homosexuals in a bog is actually very civilized.

and of course when it is the blood of your own people it is another thing, but this moroccan video is just a primal representation of material reality and the pertinent truths of it that you already know to be true, but maybe previously they were not at the surface as much as is made to be by this video (what exactly is the reason why sweden doesn't want people watching it, and why do you not want people watching it?)

can you explain what the big deal is? i'm not buying the whole thing about every gore video being the equivalent of three circumcisions worth of trauma or whatever it is that's being argued. i'm not an reed seeg accelerationist or anything like that, but people need to have their blood and spirits churned regardless at this time don't they?

59626d  No.12616834


Of course.

You could have every Swedish government account retweeting it if you wanted.

How? See >>12615302

8e59c6  No.12616837


You know that Eastern EVROPA exists and is 9000% better right?

4d7e31  No.12616839


the whore deserved it, inshallah

20bcec  No.12616849


White Americans don't have anything against white Europeans, I can tell you that. It's D&C.

4d7e31  No.12616853


iirc he owed money to the cartel

413119  No.12616854


if her punishment were to be decided by a jury of whites then the means of justice would be much different than what actually took place. if you think otherwise you are subhuman, if you would personally enact this punishment on her for falling for jewish tricks by jews who you allow into society among your own women then you are subhuman, and so on. nice try tho


whoops, missed that part. i guess you're actually a brown person then. but once again; subhuman.

your blood doesn't have enough of a connection to divinity to warrant significant knowledge of god. but i guess it's enough for your zerg rush semitic bhakti yoga so whatever

6cae3d  No.12616859


Even -I- know that the law of the land is the only law. When in Rome, do as the Romans.


413119  No.12616868


>missing the point this much

it's almost like you're doing it on purpose, but that would require a lot of creativity to deliberately fabricate that

>if you jump into a lion dont expect feminism to help you caps lock

oh shit nigger, big brain alert

6cae3d  No.12616879


>i'll attack your caps, because you're fucking right.

Exactly bro. Dumb bitches that commit suicide are their own responsibility. Don't weep for their Darwin Award accomplishments.

7c1f8f  No.12616882

File: 2af77d9e163026d⋯.mp4 (5.88 MB, 352x640, 11:20, Brazil Riot - Labotomy and….mp4)


I understand most of the mexican gore vids are about drugdealers who capture their rivals and try to make examples on them.

Before this they just piled their heads with signs that they are hardcore so not to be messed with.

Before the spanish colonization they were even worse (read about aztec sacrifices) so nobody can blame this to capitalism.

Brazil had it even worse with their mixing of horny portuguese and africans, creating a nation of violent uneducated mutts that make mexicans look like the pinacle of civilization. Search for "Brazil Riots" in LiveLeak if you have a good stomach: drugdealers in prison took over, had fights against other cartels inside and went full delicia.

20bcec  No.12616893

File: 184e6dd4efa8436⋯.jpg (89.76 KB, 567x736, 567:736, mfw.jpg)


The most disturbing video I've ever seen is a cartel video of some girl who, still alive, had her face skinned off. She's sitting up completely rigid, still breathing, and gripping a wooden post next to her, face looking like pic related. All of the replies were something to the tune of may God have mercy on her soul.

I'm sure one of you knows the video I'm talking about and can post it to traumatize everyone else in this thread.

413119  No.12616897


i attacked your caps because you're a faggot, not because i disagreed with your assertion that stupid causes lead to stupid effects. you have to project your own low iq to think that anybody would actually argue against such a fundamental idea, hence me sarcastically implying that you had a big brain.

of course if a stupid brainwashed woman mistakenly goes to rapemurder land she will likely get rapedmurdered. reaffirming that basic truth does nothing. so now this conversation is actually not about anything anymore

>women are their own responsibility

not in a healthy society, friend :^) seriously though i wouldn't even care if a jew, unbeknownst to me, convinced my daughter to run away from home and go try to have sex with subhumans only to get killed by them. it would be her fault lol not my problem

7c1f8f  No.12616901

File: 92f5d9390e74d0e⋯.mp4 (5.18 MB, 264x480, 11:20, Brazil Soccer.mp4)


I'll look for it.

To me the more disturbing is the 4yo Indian girl who got her head trapped in an elevator. Pretty unfortunate.

6cae3d  No.12616907


>women are their own responsibility

You said:

>if her punishment were to be decided by a jury of whites then…

What does the western law say?

Start to fix things there, first.

000000  No.12616910


The twitching is just a reflexive action of the autonomic nervous system as is the breathing after beheading. There is no more subjective experience or pain at that point. You lose consciousness within seconds of a major artery being severed.

Their edgy videos are for effect, but people get immunized against it quickly. We are hard wired for violence. Once open season on these faggots really begins, you'll see what creative ways karma comes back at them, and their won't be a cushy Guantanamo to protect them anymore.

Soon lads

244388  No.12616911


The "religion of peace"

88944f  No.12616912


Oh boy i can't wait to stream this on some public beamer in Sweden.

88944f  No.12616916


Is that Funky Town?

7c1f8f  No.12616917

File: 519a34b83268f0e⋯.mp4 (1.97 MB, 264x480, 11:20, Gabriela Arcadigni attacke….mp4)


>The most disturbing video I've ever seen is a cartel video of some girl who, still alive, had her face skinned off. She's sitting up completely rigid, still breathing, and gripping a wooden post next to her, face looking like pic related. All of the replies were something to the tune of may God have mercy on her soul.

Is it this one?

48yo argentinian, attacked while she was sleeping by her own pitbull. Can't find other news on her after 2015, her name is Gabriela Arcadigni.

88944f  No.12616921


The only thing these videos do is make you upset and mentally scarred. You think you're desensitizing yourself, as if you're getting immune to it, but it only comes back to bite you in the ass. It's best shown to NPC's and liberal faggots to cure them of their Leftism and break their conditioning.

7bc377  No.12616922


nigger dogs get the gas too

20bcec  No.12616923


I remember the video being better quality and showing her face/eyeballs more clearly, but this one's very similar.

>while she was sleeping

She must sleep like a fucking rock

413119  No.12616924


so this isn't a cartel thing then? just a standard case of pit bull smooches? booped snoot, etc.


i still dont get how these can cause any type of mental scarring. and how does it come back to bite me later? i'm not even upset. do you need me to post the gorilla and the flying lawn mower?


good idea

i'll definitely consider that

and start there

before i do anything else

413119  No.12616930

File: 87d0a9da8b7c881⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 735x300, 49:20, exfoliation-the-skincare-s….jpg)


>She must sleep like a fucking rock

she probably just over exfoliated too much. you know how wamen can be obsessive about their looks

a526c0  No.12616936


This is probably a jew trying to stir the anger between various groups. Rightful or not.

88944f  No.12616946


It happens when you hit a certain age, you can get all sorts of shit like depression, insomnia, concentration problems, anxiety and panic attacks. It hits you out of nowhere and you probably won't even know where the fuck it came from when it does hit you. I know i sure didn't, i felt great before i went to shit. Started working out just to feel better.

88944f  No.12616963


The ones that post that are kikes you moron. No one here feels happy for what's happening to the countries you listed and no one here wants to see those people go. I'm actually quite happy that France is kicking shit off right now and Italy is taking a stand against rapefugees and UN human traffickers.

7c1f8f  No.12616969


>so this isn't a cartel thing then?

I don't think so. Those people around the victim are clearly trying to help her, cartels are not known for leaving survivors (a sign of weakness).

88944f  No.12616979


>cartels are not known for leaving survivors (a sign of weakness)

I thought you were always supposed to leave one alive to tell the tale.

24cfa5  No.12617128


>Just feel, don't think.

Today's MSNBC message of the today is brought to you by the number חף, and the letter Nigger

e93965  No.12617143

File: 37418f254b83455⋯.png (5.14 MB, 2220x2955, 148:197, 1526577998422.png)

File: e8ccd81eb152a58⋯.jpg (84 KB, 640x567, 640:567, e8ccd81eb152a58cd94a4273a3….jpg)


You're right. It's time to stop focusing on nationalism and fully focus on racialism. Our people are our nation, not the borders or land we stand on. The volk is blood, and the blood must boil.

5ee148  No.12617251


There is a sorry amount of newfags from various places, they're weak and sensitive from being raised by single mothers and feminized schoolsystems and a lack of Rambo movies I think.

6b55c9  No.12617277


>see what they want to do with you

Never saw any shit like that before. Watched it once and the only thing that disturbed me was the defenselessness and the painfully slow death of that woman. For some odd reason, I watched it again then sorrow for the women and anger for the subhumans and race traitors. I get pol's sentiment but I don't care how deluded they were, I still feel a loyalty to the white race. I understand that this will mean nothing in the upcoming race war for those still on the fence (or enemies) but you have to understand that even the smartest whites can be deluded into racial egalitarianism. Even I once accepted some stupid liberal principles (thankfully never dated or sexed a non-white) but I woke up. I get not feeling sorry for explicit race traitors, but naive women getting the life sawed out of them. Even hating them for their stupidity? Nope. Just heartless.

Also, that video is great propaganda potential.

6c9847  No.12617288



5f5514  No.12617314


Agreed. If they puss out on this then there truly is absolutely no hope for Sweden and it is lost perma.

ab0554  No.12617370


He's right, worst thing I ever saw was a guy die Infront of me of a heart attack and I've seen loads of gore vids.

a93b68  No.12617493


these videos come from the most distant and desolate parts of Brazil. There is no humanity today in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

t. Brazilian Southeast.

3d9e89  No.12617541


Expose yourself to reality. Watching this is a low level test.

269576  No.12617640

Just post it in other peoples thread on 4kids without making your own

7c1f8f  No.12617839

File: cc8d629a8f6d7b3⋯.jpg (162.78 KB, 608x331, 608:331, 10c.jpg)


>I thought you were always supposed to leave one alive to tell the tale.

Since these sick fucks learned to read and write that's no longer required. They just leave messages along the heads (I think I can read in spanish "This is what's going to happen… to those who continue to support…faggots…shit…"). In the vids you can usually hear similar messages. In short, this is ISIS-tier propaganda and police can't do a thing because they either don't have the resources or have been bought.

7c1f8f  No.12617848

File: 7e0e232f882d5e6⋯.png (86.28 KB, 300x290, 30:29, Brazil-Murder-rate-map-300….png)


I get your point, that popuation is not homogenous, but when people talk about Brazil they are usually talking about the middle coast.

9490f7  No.12617933


Would you ask Alexander the Great, after a brutal loss, to not go out and examine the mayhem. Would you say, “No, Alexander, if you see their bodies, you’ll become disheartened, and won’t fight as well?” Then what would be the effect? Blindly, Alexander would not change his strategies, and thus his soldiers would keep getting butchered for reasons unbeknownst to him.

I think the ideal transcendent being, the God so to speak, embraces all of reality, and doesn’t blind himself to portions of it. Plus, it’s not demoralizing! What would be demoralizing is a great and unexpected loss, where our strength turns out to be nonexistent. The loss of these women is expected and able to be predicted by a sheep herd (it’s not a shocking surprise).

I think we should load every Swedish inbox with clips of this video… as another user suggested, people should connect a “libtard refugees welcome” (for conservatives), and a “exaggerating Nazi conspiracy rant” (so the effeminate liberals drool, and take that bait) video right before the beginning of this one, so they take the bait.

4ab6c6  No.12618267


How fucked up am I if the only offensive thing in this clip is the dangling wristband?

4ab6c6  No.12618278


Pieces more likely.

09fc7f  No.12618331

All semites and all semitic ideals must be totally annihilated.

5ee148  No.12618397

File: caef8a0d88a6087⋯.jpg (456.61 KB, 1815x1201, 1815:1201, bleed.jpg)



You're here to become stronger. Avoiding the truth of the depths of human depravity is a surefire way to keep yourself ignorant, this is how the dumb bitches in OPs post got into the mess that they did. Now go be a good newfag and lurk more.

5ee148  No.12618460


It was rather annoying, but that's what you get when subhumans come into contact with high tech.

8f8de3  No.12618493


Shut the fuck up you fat lowlife, these girls were victims of cultural marxism above all, looking at life through instagram filters and kike media made them think that they could go on these world trips without consequence and everything would be sunsets and fireworks just like their media told them.

Unfortunately the worst case scenario happened and the very media which lead them to this situation is now trying to cover it up.

bf901d  No.12618521

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This. Libertines void of any trace of morality are more beneficial than puritans shuddering away from reality. Human and especially subhuman nature isn't pretty and you can't keep ostriching forever.

8f8de3  No.12618568


Both hands are definitely white and this is being blamed on ISIS which is mossads personal scapegoat, so there you go.

000000  No.12618959


yeah that sniper team was taking out soldiers as they were praying.

bf901d  No.12618963



c43666  No.12619405


See >>12614582 for a better example.

c43666  No.12619543



we saturn now

24cfa5  No.12619977

File: 1cc163757f21d3c⋯.png (182.27 KB, 930x628, 465:314, sweden yes1.png)


Yeah, but it's far too easy for MSNBC to apply their cajun-flavored cheetoman filter and pass them off as negroidian. Much more difficult to hide is the fact that instead of posing with the heads, they clearly and deliberately avoided revealing their identities. Now I could understand that some octaroon from a formerly civilized nation having the foresight to be concerned about such matters, but a native Moroccan? Not a fucking chance; no way, not ever.


Can someone from the Memetic Warfare Department subtitle this in then? I think it would be most effective to have it in swedistanic above English sub-subtitles in parentheses, ie:

>Bork bork!


95bc01  No.12624318


Flashback(dot)org(biggest forum in sweden)

Swedish newssites comment fields

Spam the video on big swedish twitter posts

Familjeliv(dot)se(alot of parents on this site so the potential is big here)

5b187c  No.12624330


>Can someone from the Memetic Warfare Department

So you can continue to ignore our work we've already put in this thread? No.

Censorship is impossible. The answer lies in this thread.

951045  No.12624333


No one deserves that. You are not white.

db59c1  No.12624339


>You begged for and defend authoritarianism, while we're against it.

>t. american militarily and corperately occupying europe

the only americans that dnc between usa bros and euro dudes are kikes and irishmen

951045  No.12624354


Based and redpilled, it's the same as porn in a way. It's a demoralization thing, we already know how these people are and some of them are pure fucking subhumans. I do think this video is good for normies to see, it's the only way they'll fucking wake up hopefully



You notice it's kikes like this saying to watch it? Kikes who call our women bitches, saying they deserved it. Subhuman "whites" who have no empathy or human emotions. These are usually shills, shitskins, or Stormfront blackpilled boomers who have never cared about anyone, or accomplished anything except turning this board into a d&c paganlarp, woman-hating shithole of inaction. Whenever we organize an OP or a meme these shitheads come in and try to blackpill, and derail. Assuming you actually are on our side, I hope your type would get cleansed first. I genuinely mean that, the reason White identity has become so anathema is because of subhuman fucks like you and others in this thread who just want to watch the world burn. You're like those faggot Aryan Nations, and other Satanists who barely give a shit about what's right or what's the truth, you just want to watch the world burn and you want to make everyone suffer as much as you. Fuck you faggots, you're the SA, a bunch of useful thugs who need to be cleansed.

e4c792  No.12624356


is he going to be ok


You faggots have ruined me.

8f8de3  No.12624377


This, these guys are fit into those fat neo nazi edgelord stereotypes perfectly and get our cause absolutely fucking nowhere. I was arguing with one of these clowns on another thread where he would completely reject subtle or ironic memes on Israel because they weren't as harsh and in your face as a picture of a venomous rat in a kipa. These people are the equivalent of a fat disabled trans thing hissing about white males, counterproductive to the cause and useful only to a kike.

3f924c  No.12627458

File: 2b790c65e100a81⋯.png (664.11 KB, 678x680, 339:340, ClipboardImage.png)

One of them conveniently left their ID behind.

ISIS/Mossad having fun blaming Moroccans or just standard sand-niggotry?

7332ab  No.12629696

File: 20369fef2a498ff⋯.png (349.56 KB, 772x548, 193:137, ClipboardImage.png)

Not too suprising

0ed37c  No.12629828


Fuck off faggot. You keep trying to push your "stormfront boomer" meme in alot of threads recently and saying everyone who doesn't stick up for people who willingly give themselves Darwin Awards women-haters. The people you're referring to didn't even call the woman a bitch. Her social media posts show her as part of the problem, this is just desserts, plain and simple.

000000  No.12629843

>4 years

kek in sweden actual real live rapists only get less like only a few months lmao

da14c9  No.12650269


Good post.


Great post.

0e5fa2  No.12650283


You will not get 4 years in prison because that law is about protection of victims. Victims who live.

3a78fc  No.12650312

File: 6e05a96645113e1⋯.jpg (214.5 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, uncleted.jpg)



Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives. They SAY they hate the West because it is warlike, imperialistic, sexist, ethnocentric and so forth, but where these same faults appear in socialist countries or in primitive cultures, the leftist finds excuses for them, or at best he GRUDGINGLY admits that they exist; whereas he ENTHUSIASTICALLY points out (and often greatly exaggerates) these faults where they appear in Western civilization. Thus it is clear that these faults are not the leftist’s real motive for hating America and the West. He hates America and the West because they are strong and successful.

b2caa6  No.12650718



poo detected.

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