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File: a9da3656b7db3af⋯.gif (3.96 MB, 420x391, 420:391, 1544218273.gif)

1a185a  No.12616076

So I've noticed this the past several years. That many anons are either dismissive or paranoid with using any sort of cryptocurrency. I do share some of your concerns. Why place your own wealth into a string of code if we get a civilization destroyed solar flare? Some believe, and I'm on the fence about it, that bitcoin is an NSA tier social experiment, created in 2009 at the height of the previous recession. It's also interesting to me that the crypto market had one of its reoccurring bubbles about a year before the stock market folllwed a similar parabolic rise and has been on the cusp of free fall at any moment. Sure innawoods may come and you ought to stockpile the essentials fitst, but that may never come to pass and sitting idle rather than understanding it could help the cause further. I turned $5k into several hundred thousand, payed off my student deaths that were choking me, moved out of my mom's house into one i bought with land, and have a nice personal assortment of funs. But don't take that as me suckering you in for potential profit, but to paint the possibilities.

Why I really started this thread is to actually discuss how/pol/ can use this means of circumventing traditional banking systems. I brought this up months ago when certain banks refused service to gun shop owners. Dispensaries in legal stares often have interest in crypto as well since federal law prevents banks from servicing them as well The black market that was largely responsible for bitcoin to enter significance is actually one of the best examples of the currency working as intended without needing traditional fiat gateways.

I believe anons out to take a second look at this space and jump on this opportunity for kike free finance. There's already a few non scam projects out there that are new and relatively unknown so establishing a beach head is a lot easier than many think.


000000  No.12616127

>Why place your own wealth into a string of code

Kind of what I already do with online banking.

92c5c7  No.12616133

I think we need to set up our mining servers and share it with /pol/ volks evenly and buy the gift cards with the digital coins to be free from fiat economy.

92c5c7  No.12616139

Will that work?

1a185a  No.12616141

Also the proof of work concept reminds me of the labor backed currency Hitler thought of. It takes time and resources (electricity, gpu's, etc) to produce it. Probably more akin to simulating precious metal mining, but in one aspect, that mining labor produces wealth in a socially accepted store of value, gold, silver, whatever. Bitcoin is produced through cranking video cards which are specialized boards that are dedicated to pumping out massive amounts calculations efficiently, and what's generated has a socially accepted value attached to each of these lines of code

237186  No.12616146


Kiketocurrency doesn't help anyone. Gold and silver are money. All else is credit.

92c5c7  No.12616152


>discouraging everyone to be free from kikefiats.

You glow in the dark. Damn when will they lose the glowness?

d1df1a  No.12616154


>not issuing credit to crash the kike banks

1a185a  No.12616158


Exactly. People think that the banks aren't fucking with their money due to ignorance. It'd be fruitful to tell people about alternatives while simultaneously spreading redpills on fractional reserve banking. There's plenty to bullet point into a scam forced upon the world, but often I don't see any follow up in how to avoid this other than occasional cuck shit like voting for a promising pawn. The only way to really get the point across now is to start bombing banks and killing politicians at the helm of the strings, but I don't glow in the dark, and the time for that isn't now. Instead, we quietly start adopting it, facilitating usage and having some advantage in our financial save system

6e0c92  No.12616159

I like the idea in theory but not in practice. The fact that so much of the price fluctuation is controlled by speculators that the boom and bust cycles are 10x more drastic than stocks worry me. Also they are by design totally international and are very easy to be abused by (((rootless organized parties with deep pockets))) makes crypto as it stands a raw deal for nationalists. Even libertarians hate the fact that there even forms of "quantitative easoning" like Tether that mostly fueled 2017's massive boom and bust.

07b338  No.12616161


Every single person on /pol/ has some cryptocoins in some wallet.

2019 is an accumulation year, so everybody should look to increasing their portfolios.

On a related note, Grin is launching its main net on the 15th. As the first implementation of the mimblewimble protocol, which is far more scalable than normal blockchains, and anonymous as well, I suggest you all mine it with your GPUs.

Unfortunately their AMD support seems lacking at the moment. I hope they get it working before the 15th.

6e0c92  No.12616163


I would agree with a cryptocurrency, but it would have to built from the ground up to be more like Reichmarks and less like Twitter stocks.

1a185a  No.12616165


I'm not at all suggesting you put all your eggs in one basket, retard. It's called diversification, which I have done myself with gold, silver, lead and lead dispensers. But you haven't detailed why cryptocurrency isn't something to consider. I'm fully aware of the manipulation that is rife in this market, but that's really an effect of the markers infancy. It will stabilize as long as more people adopt. Especially with stablecoins coming out to provide alternatives to tether

d1df1a  No.12616177

File: 4884a0110c408af⋯.png (431.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>stabilize as more people adopt

That's a bad thing if it "stablizes" around centralized coins like (((Ripple))).

92c5c7  No.12616182

What is the good crypto wallet?

6d103e  No.12616185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


obligatory video

it's good that crypto is not controlled by kikes. but really, if you don't know the team behind crypto, you're gonna be fucked if they decide to take all your money. the fact that it fluctuates harder than stocks should make you reconsider a lot of things. it may be worth if you bought cryptos in 2010-2012. but now?

000000  No.12616187

Anyone here against crypto is an idiot. Probably brainwashed by media, seeing as no one else can rationally condemn it. I'm not saying you should invest, or try to make profit from trading it, but anyone who doesn't have at least 5000 euros or so in crypto is being a short-sighted fool, considering the world we live in.

000000  No.12616630


Cold storage.

000000  No.12616638


And always use an actual node when interfacing with the network.

46d10c  No.12616666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Put no more than you can afford to lose into LINK. Out of all the alt coins on the market to see a run like ETH or BTC had in the past, it has the most potential by far because it's use case is so far-reaching. Major technology consulting firms like Gartner, CapGemini, and then research unis like Cornell and MIT are aware of it and what smart contracts/LINK can do. Read up on it for a real conviction. The time scale is ~5 years.



As for BTC as a currency succeeding, no idea how it's going to play out (and it's not a fed coin, fuck yourself retards), but LINK's success doesn't matter if BTC does anything or not.

7ca4f6  No.12616670


>circumventing traditional banking systems

A noble endeavor, but how do you get from Point A (Your crypto value) to Point B (cash in your pocket)? I think only if there's a reliable way to cash out you have a chance to break free from the (((international banks)))

49574e  No.12616801

Can anybody provide some resources for people trying to learn about and get in to crypto?

27e6af  No.12617202


Bitcoin is going to be the global reserve currency. The easy mode way to invest is to buy one Bitcoin, you will only need one Bitcoin, put it on a cold storage device like a nano ledger S and forget about it for 10 years. This has been in the works for 30+ years. I’ve connected all the dots over a two year period so be thankful I saw your post and replied in this manor. 21 million bitcoin total supply, about 17.5ml produced, in a world of 7billion, you will only need ONE Bitcoin.

d9493f  No.12617233


>Bitcoin is going to be the global reserve currency

Nope. Their plan is to introduce their own cash-less currency, together with a social credit system and a basic income. Crypto was a field test to provide data on how user would react to a purposely destabilized economy and ever changing alternatives. Once their system goes online, crypto will be officially outlawed and the exchanges closed.

39e496  No.12617234

File: d39efdd38e757f5⋯.png (89.73 KB, 1000x743, 1000:743, 326707.png)


Its not paranoia when its a volatile investment

0db117  No.12617239


Barter, anon. Local batering. You don't need to trade buttcoins and there is usually no transaction record. (((They))) want us atomized in society and not talking to your neighbors or bartering, and (((they))) created this artificial middleman.

67c7af  No.12617244


>Gold and silver are money.

Money is whatever the state legislates to be used as legal tender.

0db117  No.12617248


>social credit system

Good luck with this in burgerland. I can see the bongs falling for this shit though.

b6e3d2  No.12617250


Cryptocurrency has allowed many /pol/acks to break out of their financial problems, myself included. There is zero barrier to entry, to becoming a bigwig in the cryptocurrency scene.

39e496  No.12617253


I'm American and I want one

a8fcb9  No.12617255



that would be ok with me




criminally unchecked quads


checked and you're not wrong


thats where it will end up at for the surviving populations that make it through



they cant do shit if they're all crispy critters anon. It is tough to speak if your lips have melted off

b6e3d2  No.12617257


>volatie markets bad goy! Stay away!

You're either retarded or a shill. The volatility is how you make money, when trading. The higher the volatility, the bigger the gains.

39e496  No.12617263


>The volatility is how you make money

lol Ill keep waiting for that day

b6e3d2  No.12617266

File: 316f7b2f3fe93e7⋯.png (39.74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1545164540-1687038465-BINA….png)


>keep waiting

Already been there, fool. Stay poor, faggot. Crypto is funding the next Reich, whether you get in on it or not.

a8fcb9  No.12617267


he's not wrong

educate yourself on options , the market doesn't have to go up to make money

a8fcb9  No.12617268



my bro in law has a metric fuckton of them. he got in very early

39e496  No.12617269


But do you have any real assets though?


>educate yourself on options

Like all the options I have to exchange the stuff lol

39e496  No.12617270


>metric fuckton of them

Has he been able to trade them for anything other than drugs :)

46e130  No.12617272

File: 464e82252a6847d⋯.jpeg (118.58 KB, 750x666, 125:111, 3847E1E8-AC0A-456D-AC64-D….jpeg)


a8fcb9  No.12617274


no idea, it isn't my business

0c9c94  No.12617279

Fuckoff neet, nobody is investing in unstable vidya coins

39e496  No.12617280


Guess he can renew his VPN and seedbox subscriptions as well

b6e3d2  No.12617295

File: 6d41d8df49bff9f⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 723x956, 723:956, 6d41d8df49bff9f7451b726642….jpg)


>got in early

On waves? He should dump it for FLO. Tzero is going to destroy VOSTOK now that sasha fucked the waves platform through over-centralization with bettertokens.org and also tzero is an american company (overstock) that's working with the wyoming blockchain coalition to fix crypto regulations in the USA.


My gains go into starting new companies that produce real products. My only problem is finding /pol/acks to hire on, with the skillsets that I need.


Yes and no. BTC isn't the coin that will make real money, it's just what the others are traded in. When it goes up, so does everything else. The point is to trade back and forth between other coins as the market changes, to increase the amount of btc you have, and then cash out into whatever you need when btc is high.


>muh drug coins

You can order even fucking car parts with crypto. Ever see overstock.com?

39e496  No.12617300

File: 02bf5ecd0067622⋯.jpg (97.18 KB, 626x513, 626:513, 1442986274047.jpg)


>starting new companies

I'm sure

a8fcb9  No.12617305


>wyoming blockchain coalition

will learn more about that thank you

b6e3d2  No.12617309

File: d65d3bdf3e4d84d⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 436x310, 218:155, bastet-apep.jpg)

>>12617300 (Check'd)

It's good you're so certain, anon. It would be a real shame to have such a loyal /pol/ack like yourself not believe anything and try to dissuade others from using the financial systems for their own gain, instead of just leaving it the sole domain of kikes.

e332c9  No.12617312


kill yourself cia jew

b6e3d2  No.12617317



There's a pretty serious list of local government supporters in that group. If any wyoming /pol/acks are out there, and getting into cryptocurrency, this is a chance to get into politics. Think of it like being the IT guy in the late 80s/early 90s. Everything is retardedly simple, but nobody else is willing to actually look into how it works because it's new. If you know your shit, you'll be a god in a few years, especially when crypto starts to become the new tool of lobbyists.

ca02e2  No.12617351

Fuck off.

f56efa  No.12617364


Yes, but gold was used among many independent civilizations, for a very long time, and even before extreme jewish influence as we are now.

So gold (and silver) are ideal materials to be used as money i.e. as something which has value and can be traded for other goods.

b6e3d2  No.12617371


Gold wasn't used as currency by our ancestors. Fuck, do you know why the kikes hated egypt so much? BECAUSE THEY USED THEIR GOLD, instead of making coinage.

852f26  No.12617382

>invest in a currency that has the same volatility as the stock market

The problem with crypto is that they’re being used as investment vehicles rather than a currency. Currency shouldn’t have speculative value it should have intrinsic value or at least be somewhat stable.

I agree that our currency is kiked but having inflation does encourage dollar velocity which is good for the economy.

I’m not a finance or economics fag but this is just what I’ve kind of picked up along the way.

8c9675  No.12617400

There are a couple games that use bitcoins as a means of making in-game items valuable, or at least have value to it. Spells of Genesis is a simple marble/trading card game that does it. The reason I'm bringing it up is because of an inherent problem I see in any crypto currency's; how to assign a value to a physical object tied to a digital currency. You could say the same about money now being more digital than physical, but it doesn't change that it's based around the physical side. Even in the game, in order to make your cards more powerful, you either need to play a lot or buy card packs with real-world money. You can trade cards and use bitcoins between players, but not the store.

b6e3d2  No.12617417

File: 04f08a21faa8ab0⋯.jpg (127.23 KB, 480x446, 240:223, 04f08a21faa8ab056dd690872b….jpg)


>doesn't know how to post properly on an imageboard


>knows terms like Velocity, "investment vehicles", "speculative value"

>claims not to be into finance or economics

You have some explaining to do.

>>12617400 (Check'd)

It's a pretty new market, cryptogaming. Most is done off of ethereum at the moment, though I don't see that lasting forever. It's sort of weird to me honestly, all of these games are the same type of shit I played in the late 90s/early 2000s when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork… I really don't know what feels to feel about this. I'm actually making a small amount of daily income playing the same type of games that were supposedly wasting my life in school. Admittedly, I'm making money because the other players suck and are habitual gamblers.

8c9675  No.12617435

File: a9257d2281e4221⋯.png (221.28 KB, 836x1024, 209:256, ire5u3ttw4kz.png)

5c739c  No.12617440


I have noticed its becoming increasingly common for /pol/locks to start their own businesses but the biggest problem is finding those in line in terms of politics.

One of these days I really need to start a thread and tell /pol/ about how I did things when I was an Private Adviser(actually an excuse for what I was really doing). whose job it was to fix issues within the corporations that my Boss worked in. A big part of which was unsurprisingly purging the company of leftist elements and finding talent with the right ideals. Like how to get around Affirmative Action and other such problems.

/pol/ is reaching the point where starting a thread to discuss such dealings are becoming increasingly needed. There are exploits but /pol/ is having a manpower problem. Its good to know /pol/ is diversifying into business and media developments but it won't take off properly until we solve the manpower issue. The public is dying for products that isn't pozzed garbage and with crypto /pol/ has secure means of transaction. Its just figuring out how to create a company that can easily purge leftists, minimizing getting fucked by government regulations, and recruiting needed talent is the main issue.

852f26  No.12617445


>can’t refute a single thing I said

>doesn’t understand a single thing I said

>muh (1)

Welcome to /nupol/

Here’s (2) you nigger faggot

c5db69  No.12617453


Grin is a community coin, not an ICO see scam, which is another reason to mine it when it launches, but mainly because of mimblewimble.

b6e3d2  No.12617465


>affirmative action

The answer is to bring in nationalists from other places, such as Tibetan nationalists who are rabidly anti-communist and other equivalents. Polynesians (Burmese Buddhists) are worth 10x the diversity points as a nigger. Double it if they're female. This can be leveraged for a market advantage as well, if they spend all their time oversees in their home markets, while also spreading the flames to the right people in new areas.

>private adviser

It's laughable how easy it is to get these types of jobs now days. I've gotten jobs like this simply by lurking slack servers and waiting for there to be a problem, and then just popping up and stating that I am there to solve that problem. This goes double for problems requiring investigative work, as the average /pol/ack should have years of experience in investigative research and analysis, as well as propa…marketing… Marketing experts, all of us.


Just make money and diversify into the top industries in your region. Those industries have stronger control over politics than the political parties do (they're often the same people.) and when they know you make them money, they listen to you.



Praise Kek, the faggot has revealed himself for the shill that he is.


Who's the team, what does it do, how did they get their startup funds without an ICO? Three most important first questions, right there. Mining is rarely profitable mind you, and also a coin doesn't need to actually do anything to make money for traders, but it's a hell of a lot easier to predict if it does.

852f26  No.12617494

File: bb78d1e5d10ffc1⋯.png (4.08 MB, 1360x1360, 1:1, C4952765-7AC7-4BC0-B677-AC….png)


>evading this hard

<y-you’re a shill

>praise kek

>Pepe posting

You’re 14 and you stick out like a sore thumb around here you trap fapping sperg faggot.

c5db69  No.12617499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Who's the team

Its volunteers, like any privacy coin. So anybody who has contributed to the github I guess :/


As for the mimblewimble protocal, there are many writeups on it online, but here are two white papers and a video.



000000  No.12617504


>skilled anons

email list of needed skills

muhgains [at] cock [dot] li

b6e3d2  No.12617507

>>12617499 (check'd)

How does it intend to compete with other privacy coins like zec? Even eth is introducing some sort of privacy protocols soon. not trying to ride your ass here, these questions are habitual for me.

c5db69  No.12617510


I'm just catching up on this myself, so I can't vouch 100% for Grin, but it seems better than the other coin going for a mimblewimble implementaion, Beam.


>More comparable to Zcash, Beam will be launched and maintained by a for-profit company with the same name (currently headed by Israeli entrepreneur Alexander Zaidelson), though this maintaining role should later transition to a non-profit foundation. Beam will also have a founders’ reward: the Beam company and foundation will receive 20 percent of all newly mined coins for the first five years.

b6e3d2  No.12617517



Yeah… lost me there. Too bad though.

c5db69  No.12617522


As I said, I'm just reading up on it now. I had heard and read a little about mimblemimble a couple of years ago but was not aware it was being implemented already, so I got excited, but I really do have to investigate myself, so I can't provide all the details right now, sorry.

All I know is that mimblewimble allows for most past transactions to be forgotten while still working, so it is not like a blockchain as usually thought of. This not only stops the blockchain from exploding (Bitcoin's has been over 100 GB for a while and is growing) but gives added privacy since past transactions are forgotten.

Monero has privacy, but it's blockchain grows large with number of transactions, simiilar to BTC, and I've heard even worse due to the obfuscation that is added.

000000  No.12617523


nu/pol/ is here >>12007068

c5db69  No.12617524


Beam is Israeli and private company, not Grin!

c5db69  No.12617526


Beam and Grin are both trying to implement the mimblewimble protocol but are not related in any other way.

c5db69  No.12617533




And their attempts are completely independent.

Grin is written in Rust. Make of that what you will.

c5db69  No.12617580


like any community* coin

b6e3d2  No.12617589

>>12617522 (check'd)

I'll do some research as well, it looks like there's more to this, as stated in your other three posts.

>>12617533 (check'd)

Might be able to make something with this.

b6e3d2  No.12617592


Really at the moment, it comes down to developers on all ends. Not really worth putting a list when it comes to all of it, backend/frontend/everything-crypto.

555d6a  No.12617657

where the fuck do i even get started, lads. seems like crypto is pretty static at this point

b6e3d2  No.12617716


You acquire some btc, get on an exchange, and watch for a long time until your pattern recognition abilities have allowed you to learn to predict the market. Start small, playing around with a few bucks and pay attention to the percentage you are making. When you're making over 1% a day, not including the occasional massive gain, you'll be able to do better than the average person who trades stocks all day. Ideally you'll be making 2-4% daily and occasionally make a good call that doubles your money or more. To make those good calls though, you'll need to investigate with the amount of weaponized 'tism you'd expect in the early pizzagate threads.

8b73fb  No.12617728


bitcoin mining got privatized, I don't trust it anymore.

I believe that in 5 years it will get to the point that master card and visa will be able to block individual addresses from making transactions, effectively deleting bitcoins

b6e3d2  No.12617766


>bitcoin mining got privatized!

Literally what?

>five years mastercard

Won't fucking exist.

>deleting bitcoins

>block individual addresses

You literally have no concept of what blockchain is, do you?

8fbe6b  No.12617815


He's not entirely wrong. (((Lightning network))) payment channels can blacklist addresses and you can bet your ass that the jew corporations are going to band together to create a common blacklist. Oh our jew friend blacklisted you? That mean all of our corporations should do the same. Fuck that. Buy bitcoin SV.

205e23  No.12617846


Nah, he's right, not enough niggers and normfags understand they need to buy a miner to support the system, even it just breaks even.

Eventually the miningpools will become corrupted

Bitcoin is dead, we need a Cryptocoin that has an infinity of blockchains, with some sort of genius mechanism to reconcile and segregate them.

b6e3d2  No.12617853


Lightning network is a total failure that lives up to none of the claims they made when they first announced.

>blacklisting wallet addresses

How can this ever amount to anything beyond a small inconvenience? Setting up a new wallet is easier to switching proxies.

205e23  No.12617855


Probably BCH or Bitcoin SV is a trick by the Zionist bankers in control of China and the Chinese miners.

At this point BTC vs BCH is simply another false paradigm where the kikes control both sides, or will once they further commericalize mining.

The BTC revolution had a small window, it didn't happen, it may have been a trap to catch all the "intellectual elite" to begin.

205e23  No.12617862


If they eventually control all the pools are 99% of them, then they will be able to exclude address from the blockchain all together, freezing the coins on that address.

232c53  No.12617867

File: 2648b39ab879cc3⋯.gif (744.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, _Jew Detected.gif)


Using cash is the way of "circumventing traditional banking systems."

Cryptocurrencies are a SCAM, the perfect tool for the JEW world order to track down the Goyim and how they spend the little money they have.

CASH doesn't need electrical power or the internet to function,

CASH cannot be stolen right out of a server

CASH transactions cannot be tracked down.

This is why the Juden created the Crypto SCAM.. to convince the Goyim CASH is evil

205e23  No.12617870


To resurrect Bitcoin properly, we need to make it national currency and make it a law that every citizen must run a miner in the nation outside a pool, like being forced to participate in a lottery, except the purpose of the lottery isn't to line the pockets of the State but to ensure the processing of transactions.

205e23  No.12617874

File: 068b518b5402149⋯.png (68.54 KB, 300x100, 3:1, denofthieves.png)


Cash is going to crash when\if revolution begins.

232c53  No.12617876


Bitcoin mining is going to become more and more expensive.. Miners in China and other places are already thrashing their rigs.. because it is not worth the power to mine, with the price of (((bitcoin))) being so low.

Once mining stops, blockchain stops.. and the JEW BITCOIN SCAM will be over.

232c53  No.12617878


When the revolution begins there will be no power and no (((internet)))

Your cryptos will be as good as shit..

the only thing left will be CASH

b6e3d2  No.12617881

File: 3fb671f0cd9dc73⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 720x570, 24:19, Finance.jpg)

File: 0dd507859850a2b⋯.jpg (84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Eisenhower-1952-a.jpg)


The hell are you even rambling about? Mining isn't important, and was implemented as it was in bitcoin, primarily for the purpose of limiting inflation. Stop shitting up the thread with spam and go back to reddit you flaming faggot.

b6e3d2  No.12617884


Correction, the go back to reddit remark was meant for >>12617878

The ID's were similar.

205e23  No.12617885


Not my cryptos, I'm saying we need something new, probably based on network segregation like HAMnet addressing per blockchain.

I will refuse Rothschild fiat during a revolution.

232c53  No.12617886


>Mining isn't important

Miners run the blockchain you MORON…

you obviously have no fucking clue on how the JEW CRYPTO SCAMS run..

232c53  No.12617890


>Not my cryptos

Riiiight.. anytihng that uses blockchain needs internet, servers and electricity..

Keep on holding on to your cryptos, idiot.. they will be worth 0 soon LOL

b6e3d2  No.12617893


>miners run the blockchain!

Get ahold of this kike shill, he hasn't even heard of any coin other than BTC. Where are you from, 2007? This is current year faggot.

8b73fb  No.12617894


>we need to make it national currency and make it a law that every citizen must run a miner in the nation outside a pool

Who controls the miner factories?

Bitcoin died the day they figured out asic miners

Mining must exclusively run on some hardware that you can't just mass produce, something that everyone already have and it's already used for something else. And it must remain profitable for the average normalfag

The day mining became unprofitable for the common folk, is the day bitcoin died, and right now, unless you pay near 0 for electricity, it is not profitable

232c53  No.12617895

File: 8c27f92995bc5a6⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Anne.Frank puzzle.jpg)


The JEWS that created the crypto scam are scared shitless all of their crypto shekels are almost worthless

This is a desperate JEW Crypto thread. including the obligatory nazi meme


205e23  No.12617896


I don't have cryptocoins (except some crumbs), I am saying cryptocoins are infeasible right now and we need new ones based on more resilient networks than the internet, like interconnected seperately addressed HAMnets.

b6e3d2  No.12617898


Explain what you think the current usage of bitcoin is. Mining is fucking irrelevant.

205e23  No.12617899


The government would need to manufacture armaments and miners with direct taxation to prevent an industrial-complex.

This is only possible in a highly homogeneous society where the veil between government and the people is easily lifted.

232c53  No.12617900


>Get ahold of this kike shill

At least Bitcoin was semi-legit.. the rest of the JEW CRYPTOS are even worse.. each controls the mining and blockchain themselves .. a monopoly..

but hey, i am sure their technology doesn't require servers and electricity to validate transactions, LOL

232c53  No.12617906


> resilient networks than the internet

There are no resilient networks, there are no resilient buildings, or governments.

Nothing lasts forever.

When hurricanes,civil wars, earthquakes happen. there will be no more JEW crypto.

237186  No.12617907




Paid shill confirmed.


No. Words have definitions.


>you’re a jew because you want people to stay away from jewish schemes

Paid shill confirmed.

232c53  No.12617909


>The day mining became unprofitable for the common folk, is the day bitcoin died, and right now, unless you pay near 0 for electricity, it is not profitable

Well at least there is someone here who understands. I must add.. in Bitcoin, no miners = no blockchain, so bitcoin is pretty much doomed, unless its price goes astronomical, making mining worth again

232c53  No.12617917


>Mining is fucking irrelevan

Once more time, moron.. in bitcoin, miners run the blockchain. No miners = no blockchain = no more transactions.

Running the blockchain requires a shitload of network and server power. which gets worse with time.

why would anyone waste millions of dollars in server expenses a year for no gain???

8b73fb  No.12617920


>unless its price goes astronomical, making mining worth again

and here lies the biggest issue with bitcoin

the more profitable mining is, the more the asic factories will pump miners for the jews, and the less and less the common folk will control the mining

I wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin hard died of difficulty overflow in the next 20 years


It's not about being able to process the transactions, it's about being able to control which addresses can and which cannot make transactions.

232c53  No.12617927


>and the less and less the common folk will control the mining

Yep, and once they control over 50% of the miners.. this is what happens:


>I wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin hard died of difficulty overflow in the next 20 years

shitcoin will be dead long before that.. and the JEW crypto scam will be over

232c53  No.12617938


I love how must Crypto idiots have no clue how the technology works, how it physically operates.. they just regurgitate the JEW mantras of

"it's safe and secure" "it is not Fiat" "cannot be controlled" "it is not centralized"

while in reality it is quite the opposite… just ask all the morons on silk road who had millions of their JEWCRYPTO COINS seized by the FEDS, LOL

232c53  No.12617973


At least Bitcoin was designed to be a distributed system without a single point of failure (in theory of course.. now we know its limitations)

other cryptos are a bigger scam.. run by private companies that run the whole operation themselves.. mining, blockchain. They are black boxes where nobody knows what happens. Once day they could go poof, the servers are gone and their crypto scam vanishes

same with shit coin exchange companies like Mt. Gox.. poof.. millions of jewcoins GONE…


I would rather trust the FED, than trust a bunch of JEWS peddling crypto scams.

0622ee  No.12617974

Why the average /pol/ anon is so fucking retarded when it comes to crypto?

This shit is not about the value over time, it's about not depending on the fucking Jew with a decentralized trusted ledger.

you are so dumb it hurts. look the first bitcoin paper, look the math behind. you fucking retards.

7f662b  No.12617982

Tether pozzed crypto. Stick great to send money with….but a horrible store of wealth. I did well, but I got out first. If I see it get manipulated back up, I run it again…but all the people hodling are idiots.

b6e3d2  No.12617991


Although I agree with you in principle, I see it as a means to an end. Defund the kike at the source (financial markets) and take profit for ourselves. The most important aspect of cryptocurrency from my perspective, is that it removes the barrier of entry to the financial markets, allowing regular anons to turn their 'tism directly into money through trading these coins against each other. At the same time, it makes the raw absurdity of the entire world's financial system, blatantly and painfully obvious. I am contributing nothing to society by pressing a few buttons while watching these memelines move up and down…. yet I can double my wealth monthly.

232c53  No.12617995


> Jew with a decentralized trusted ledger.

Do some reading moron… in bitcoin the jews and the chinese have already cornered the mining.

Other cryptos are a complete scam completely controlled by jews,.. they designed the code, they run the servers, the mining and the blockchain.

Any idiot programmer can create a crypto currency now.. that is why you have so many of them.. the whole thing is a complete jew scam..

b40253  No.12618006


>baseless conspiracy theories with no grounding whatsoever


nigger I have ammo, food, water, silver, bitcoin and $$$$$ suck my dick and diversify your bonds, nigger.

0622ee  No.12618008


I have been living off crypto for fucking years, I have 15 years of experience on comp.sec

> Do some reading moron… in bitcoin the jews and the chinese have already cornered the mining.


>Other cryptos are a complete scam completely controlled by jews,.. they designed the code, they run the servers, the mining and the blockchain.

anyone who isnt a bitcoin maximalist is a fucking retard.

232c53  No.12618009


> Defund the kike at the source

LOL, the Juden already control all crypto. you imbecil…


b6e3d2  No.12618010


Did you read the OP?

232c53  No.12618012

File: f30444345249e95⋯.jpg (85.02 KB, 464x492, 116:123, accountant.jpg)


>I have 15 years of experience on comp.sec

right.. JEW, that is why you sound like a complete idiot.


0622ee  No.12618016


why? computer hacking is the whitest hobby by far.

8b73fb  No.12618018


>I have 15 years of experience on comp.sec

anonymity will not save you, instead of a black list, they might start only processing white listed addresses that are linked to your master card card, for instance

0622ee  No.12618021


use monero, mix it, anythings. I exchange it for cash without showing my id.

>using a credit card

b6e3d2  No.12618023



And who exactly are these "they" that won't be getting business as a result of such theoretical practices?

39096a  No.12618031

Payments is the first major use case of crypto that will be adopted at scale.

Pay attention to infrastructure development in the Ethereum community. You should be very aware of the research being done on Plasma architecture.

OmiseGO (OMG) is a crucially important project to watch.

232c53  No.12618032


> look the math behind. you fucking retards.

All the cryptos jews repeat the same shit..

Look up muh math GOYIM.

Yes morons, the math of Bitcoin doesn't work anymore.. chinese mining farms are thrashing their rigs.. because with the shitcoin price so low, it is not worth the expense of electriciy.. do you UNDERSTAND MORONS?

Learn how to read


c72b7a  No.12618039




8b73fb  No.12618046


>use monero, mix it, anythings. I exchange it for cash without showing my id

I am talking about the next 5 years, not now.

Bitcoin mining is getting centralized to the level of being able to dictate who makes transactions and who does not

The day they pull the trigger on bitcoin to be able to dictate who uses and who does not, all other coins in their control will do the same

232c53  No.12618051


>Ethereum community

Same scam.

All cryptos suffer from the same problem.. reliance on servers, internet and electricity, which make the "currency" completely useless in case of an emergency..

Dollars don't have that problem, which is they JEW WORLD ORDER is trying to push for cryptos.. because they can be easily controlled and kept track of.

Fortunately, the jew crypto scam is FAILING


The value of the Ethereum currency grew over 13,000 percent in 2017, to over $1400. By September 2018, it had fallen back to $200

b6e3d2  No.12618054


>muh fear uncertainty doubt!

Shlomo, literally the only thing that BTC is used for, is to trade other currencies. That's what it is, it is the currency you bought another coin with, and the one you sold that coin for. Do you even know what monero, ethereum, zec, ect are?

232c53  No.12618055


>Bitcoin mining is getting centralized

Trying to explain this to crypto morons is hopeless..

just like all the idiots who bought into shitcoin thinking they were going to get rich.. and now their shit is worthless LOL

0622ee  No.12618059




232c53  No.12618062


>BTC is used for, is to trade other currencies.

yep.. say that to all the fools who used to have Mt. Gox accounts to "trade" before they lost everything.. LOL

Using bitcoin to trade currency = worse.idea.ever.

237186  No.12618063


Kiketocurrencies have little to no use to us and every possible use to jews.

b40253  No.12618066


explain who is centralizing it and how they are doing it plz

b6e3d2  No.12618067

File: 584e5d83ead20ac⋯.png (102.84 KB, 1498x947, 1498:947, cointelpro.png)

File: f066d08b7880857⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 589x777, 589:777, 1403887594989.jpg)


They're shills, anon. Their purpose is to derail threads and prevent /pol/acks from gaining financial power. Terrified, is how I would describe these kikes. We're in a situation where any fucking /pol/ack with an ounce of charisma, can assemble a team and build a company that will make them the financial elite.

8b73fb  No.12618068


tell me smart ass, why bitcoin can never become centralized?

you seem to know something nobody else does

>inb4 go read a book

39096a  No.12618069



I actually agree that it's a scam to a certain extent. "Decentralization" is literally technologically impossible as it was originally advertised to crypto enthusiasts. And it is politically impossible considering the activities of people naturally.

So what's the big deal? The big deal is that blockchain still IS a technological improvement over other current payment systems and record management systems.

And to that extent it still is the future of money, for all its many faults. I am an unironic "here for the tech" crypto anon, and I'm telling everyone that cares that 100% Ethereum developers are the ones pioneering the tech.

I dont give a fuck about politics, forks, muh government control, muh trustlessness meme tech.

I care about the legitimate advancements blockchain presents, and that's the ONLY utility that will drive sustained price movements in a more mature market. Every fucking thing about crypto otherwise is LARPy bullshit.

This tech isn't here to save you from the Jews, but if you actually keep your head straight you can get closer to them in financial power.

8b73fb  No.12618075


It's not that it's been proven to have been done, it's because it's possible, and the jews have to be fucking braindead to not be doing already

Get all asic manufactors to sell only to them, or mostly to them.

Whomever controls the asic manufactors controls the bitcoin network.

b6e3d2  No.12618081

File: d9cae6cfc4677fb⋯.png (76.73 KB, 1488x1470, 248:245, d9cae6cfc4677fb3553d6dbffc….png)


>eth are pioneers

Eth is the fucking yahoo of cryptocurrency. They're kiked at the founder level, with people who have no qualms about working with mossad-linked kikes and their chinky equivalent.

good mid-term investment though, and the tech behind it will keep leading for another year or two, especially that shitcoin link. Have to wonder what (((vanbex))) did to their pet walrus Sergey though, while he was in thailand.

>you can get closer to them in financial power

See, despite the reddit spacing and the somewhat foreign spectrum of autism, this anon is clear-minded enough to see the actual objective here. The purpose of being involved in finance, is to acquire financial power.

b6e3d2  No.12618088

File: 29e6a1e28e76919⋯.jpg (111.04 KB, 690x640, 69:64, Arch_Titus,_Forum_Romanum,….jpg)


>it's too centralized!


>it's happening right now!


>It's not that it's been proven to have been done, it's because it's possible! It's gonna happen!

Your nose is showing.

232c53  No.12618090


>still is the future of money

The future of money is precious metal coins.

Once oil runs out, the party is over.. no more power hungry server farms, no more internet. Whatever hydro and solar power is left, will not be enough to run the internet infrastructure.. it will be used for producing food and other necessities.

The whole idea that you need technology to run a currency is idiotic. Humanity has gotten this far with currencies based on precious metals, and it can keep on going the same way.

232c53  No.12618096


>blockchain still IS a technological improvement

The only "advancement" blockchain tech brings is for JEWS and central governments to be able to keep track how people spend their money.. and to be able to shut out people of all their money.. complete government control.

Something that cannot be done with CASH or precious metals.. Crypto and blockchain technology is a complete JEW SCAM

5c739c  No.12618098


I'll admit I never thought of shipping in nationalists from other places. My own experiences were using high turn over positions combined with scrupulous record keeping of fuck ups before firing them. Plausible deniability and good luck trying to take that to court.

I got so good at coming up with plausible deniability when it came to dealing with AA hires and purging goddamn leftists.

As for being a 'private adviser' that technically my job title that was utilized in such a fashion that I 'technically' wasn't an employee of said company and actually the personal adviser to someone who works there who gave me their backing. Thereby making it impossible for the company to touch me without firing my Boss as well. Which was VERY important considering how much I pissed off the ever living daylights of certain parties thanks to my aggressive purges and practices I deployed in places I was sent to 'fix'.

If you wanna get technical my job description was Business Consultant but I never became a Consultant cause it turns out doing so makes you liable to tons of bullshit(like working for the company in which your suppose to purge). By using my employer as a cover and working personally for them and only them. I was able to do my job and be untouchable at the same until unless you somehow convinced my Boss/replaced them to fire me…which never would happen. They fucking LOVED the results and got to take all the credit to boot.

As for how I got into that line of work what most people fail to realize is its about results and only results. My boss hired me initially to assist in local operations but I was quickly promoted upon realizing how useful I was. So yeah its easy to get into but only for competent people(if you wanna waste money that is when your hire 'consultants'). Advisers shit all over consultants and for good reason. You can't be effective if you are replaceable and don't have power. Advisers exist to do elude the official structure and fix it as necessary as an untouchable outsider.

I fucking hated that line of work though. I made enemies like there was no tomorrow and the good people you actually liked obviously didn't need you around to help. So you always get stuck with dealing with shitty people that need to be purged. Still, it was thanks to that job that I swore I would never work corporate or an office job so long as I lived. Plus now I know exactly how to deal with those fuckers…except the Jews. Those goddamn parasites are even harder to remove then chinks. Trying to remove a kike was an absolute hell of the highest order and convinced me that the only true way to deal with them is with violence.

They will worm their way out of anything else.

f1ac68  No.12618102


>Not shilling XRP

Shabbos goy detected


>Not diversifying

This largely mitigates the risk from individual coins failing/being scams. While I don't really recommend buying shitcoins, I have profited nicely by placing sell orders at various points, such as at 20/50/100/… /200% of the stagnated exchange rate and maybe 50/80% of the most recent spike, and then just waiting until a whale pulls a P&D. Like I said though, I wouldn't buy shitcoins to do this, but if you missed the deadline to swap the coins to the blockchain, or if you just got plain jewed, it beats bagholding shit. Note that some exchanges (((bittrex))) remove old orders from the orderbook after 30 days or something, so you'd have to remember to recreate the orders every month. I also do this with my hodl coins and additionally place lowball buy orders to take advantage of flash crashes, but don't leave valuable coins on exchanges where you aren't the sole key holder, because that's fucking retarded and you deserve to lose everything for doing so.

>Not DYOR on the devs

It's not even that hard to evaluate, 12 seconds of searching will tell you that XRP is The Fed 2.0, and that DASH has been frontdoored since before the (((PR Department))) changed the name from DRK.

232c53  No.12618104

read this you lazy nigger


93eb67  No.12618111

just buy loads of chainlink retards

0622ee  No.12618113


explain your theory of how it can become a problem that the hashing is centralized and I can explain to you why that isn't the case.

If you know how it works (which is not that hard) it would be extremely obvious and easy for you to understand that your idea is retarded.

0622ee  No.12618115


it's not bitcoin vs cash.

bitcoin users fucking love cash.

39096a  No.12618121


Check out the website ethresear.ch

I readily admit that Ethereum is being influenced by jews. I have posted about it before on this board. Vitalik Buterin recently published a book with Glen Weyl, a kike academic from Yale.

This is obviously the direction that they want to take money. But at the same time you'd be retarded not to obtain the power available before you for knowing about these operations from early on.



This is retarded, sorry.


Blockchain makes moving money between different forms of currency and different representations of value MUCH more efficient and cheap.

It IS GOING TO BE a fully Jewish scam if you don't fucking take advantage of the opportunity.


232c53  No.12618123


>It's not that it's been proven to have been done, it's because it's possible, and the jews have to be fucking braindead to not be doing already

Read this over and over again and repeat after me.. NO CRYPTO IS SAFE.



f1ac68  No.12618137


>using exchanges as a bank

Unironically asking for it. Whoever owns the keys to the coins owns the coins. I have a hard time believing someone is this retarded, and am left to assume that you're a jew or shabbos goy.

3ba274  No.12618140



Thanks. posts like yours are why I got into the chans in the first place.


Hoping the grid goes down is not a strategy.

232c53  No.12618195


>believing someone is this retarded,

Look in the mirror genius

Have you ever done any trading in your life?

Most traders use their trading capital everyday and a lot of them put most of their capital into trading.. that is the only way to make real money.

I have real trading Ameritrade and Scotttrade account (not they're the same company)

One year i had over a million dollars worth of buy trades.

The difference between having a REAL trading account is a scam jewcoiin acccount is that AMTD is a public company and people's trading accounts are insured by the federal government up to a certain amount… something that is not the case with ANY JEW COIN EXCHANGE

b6e3d2  No.12618201

File: ff415d576d324c9⋯.png (748.53 KB, 683x668, 683:668, ff415d576d324c98be5823492b….png)

File: e4f4d45c98b6939⋯.png (553.2 KB, 600x420, 10:7, e4f4d45c98b6939d5adc039b90….png)

File: 40399b21c7379c9⋯.jpg (71.28 KB, 545x532, 545:532, 2abce9247d6b15ff3306b72ab9….jpg)


Pretty sure we've had our share of bantz at this point, anon.


Not without a magnetic field to hold and shape it with… though wherever will I find a metalic solvent capable of holding the reagents I need until they're moving fast enough? don't answer that


Didn't know that part about Vitalik, but I strongly suggest digging into (((VANBEX))) group, as they are the heart of that particular beast… as well as the heart of QTUM. Further, their underlings in Smith & Crown act as the handlers for chainlink.


That was almost my most boring post in this whole thread though…


The best parts about using allied nationalists, is that not just do they give you a common voice that can pull the race card when called a nazi, but that they can fill positions where their race is an advantage… of which there is only one that is always the case. They can deal with their native volk, better than anyone outside of their ethnic group ever could. This is a major asset when expanding into new markets and gaining trust within them. Further, the financial power goes a lot further in regions like india and burma where there are strong nationalist movements that are anti-kike, and with those resources, they can acquire massive amounts of manpower very easily, while raising a lot less suspicion than we do at home.

>everything else

Seems right

>enemies like nothing else

And this is why I don't even disclose my legal name to those who've hired me…

232c53  No.12618205


>Hoping the grid goes down is not a strategy.

True.. but it doesn't take the grid going down to lose all your money in JEWCOINS.

Look up Mt. Gox and read this over and over again until it sinks in your thick head


71bb13  No.12618211


>Give me information for my intelligence report

Glowniggers fuck off

232c53  No.12618223

File: 82e25ec6e2e6b16⋯.jpg (96.21 KB, 761x570, 761:570, Crypto.JEWS.jpg)


> (((VANBEX))) group,

This is all we need to see..

Only idiots don't know CRYPTO was CREATED and is RUN BY JEWS

232c53  No.12618240


>Blockchain makes moving money between different forms of currency and different representations of value MUCH more efficient and cheap.

>It IS GOING TO BE a fully Jewish scam if you don't fucking take advantage of the opportunity.

Sorry Goyim, CRYPTO has already been taken over by the JEW.. quite a while ago

I do most of my business locally, support the local merchants, help my country.

Only globalists JEWS need to "move money between different forms of currency"

Fuck Globalists, Fuck JEWS

232c53  No.12618245


>It IS GOING TO BE a fully Jewish scam if you don't fucking take advantage of the opportunity.

What opportunity?

The opportunity to buy into a declining, money-losing, Globalist JEW scam, RUN BY JEWS?

Sorry GOY, muh JEWS have taken over:


f1ac68  No.12618254


I'm not even going to the levels of kikery involved in the (((stocky chance))), but I specifically said not to use the jew exchanges to trade, so I'm not really sure why you're absolutely sperging about that specific detail.

232c53  No.12618261

File: 0fb6c89a0cc8d41⋯.jpg (178.85 KB, 555x788, 555:788, 1537211637862.jpg)


You can defeat the JEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM, not by falling into the JEW CRYPTO SCAMS, but by:

-Insists of getting paid in cash

-Do all my business in cash.

-No credit cards, not bank

-no income = no taxes.

-By not paying this is how you help the ZOG..

Defund the JEW.. use CASH ONLY

232c53  No.12618266


I was just giving you an example of how traders use their money, fool.. whether it is the (((stock market)) or (((jew coin))) the strategy is the same

232c53  No.12618279


Spelling / Grammar Corrections

-Insist in getting paid cash ONLY

This is better for both parties. No SS payments, no unemployment insurance.

-Do all your business in cash.

-Use No credit cards, Use not bank accounts

-Having no income = paying no taxes.

-Not paying taxes means helping starve the jew beast: The ZOG..

Defund the JEW.. use CASH ONLY

b6e3d2  No.12618280

File: 55534bc1d382508⋯.jpg (251.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1431289907221.jpg)


It's how the shill works. He'll keep spewing nonsense until you respond to it in a way that the shill thinks made you appear poorly. Then they latch on, and keep doing it, until it's apparent they're being ignored. Not one point will have have actual merit, and they know this, it's solely to get a response from you that sets the stage for character assassination. Of course, the kike method above is worthless against anons, for obvious reasons.

232c53  No.12618290


Right Shlomo..

The Fat, Big nosed JEW that runs "the business behind" blockchain, is not really a JEW , it is our imagination.. LOL


b5520c  No.12618307


Yes, Goebbels is correct. For example, lying propaganda assumes as a premise that the audience is unworthy of the Truth for some reason. Maybe it is because the audience is stupid, or disingenuous, or evil, or cowardly, or something else. It assumes something of that nature as a premise, and therefore demands that the audience accept such a premise implicitly. You can't get far with that, unless it is to lead to the very realization of that premise in the practical outcome. Deception is always unworthy of the Truth, and if an audience cannot handle the Truth, then all the more should they be forced to hear it.

232c53  No.12618315

Once the fat jew has been exposed


The rat face kikes start whining about


>muh Deception

and start quoting Goebbels, LOL

f1ac68  No.12618321


Yeah, I know. I really only made that post for the sake of the /nocoiner/ faggots who read that post, even if they all happen to be useless boomers

b5520c  No.12618323


I literally don't know what the fuck you are on about. Eat a shit sandwich.

b40253  No.12618332


pretty much impossible to do unless you're a waitress or bar tender

I'm a professional in a hospital and they won't pay me in cash lmao

232c53  No.12618352


>pretty much impossible to do unless…

True if you work for a big company.

Is is almost impossible to do in the states.. but if you work for a small company, you can try to get paid in cash, or if you run your own business, you can always try to do the same.. you can always negotiate for something that is beneficial for both sides.

If you live in a third world country it is pretty easy.. but you will be surprised how many people in those places want to the muh-middle-class life and get credit cards, bank accounts, etc

232c53  No.12618355

File: d11c81444eec09a⋯.jpg (5.81 KB, 217x253, 217:253, Ugly Jew.jpg)


What am i about.. read all my messages in this thread Shlomo..

Sorry i exposed your Jew crypto scam

b5520c  No.12618359


You are either a moron or you are projecting. I was simply agreeing with Goebbels philosophy in the abstract. I don't give a flying fuck about crypto. Randomly assigning Jew to posters is as idiotic as it is Kikey. Fuck you.

b6e3d2  No.12618372


Understandable, and it is good to discredit the shills, but also be sure not to allow them to direct the thread.

c8805c  No.12618470


Is grin the final implementation of their project? I thought grin was just a test and they were going to make a new coin when they had the next version.

c8805c  No.12618475


Crypto will make cash worthless

c8805c  No.12618501




You have it backwards, crypto is what's going to bring down the jews. It's not something they can control or silence.

The tipping point will be when the dollar collapses and the jews have to make the choice to violently fight or to be doomed to poverty.

232c53  No.12618571


>crypto is what's going to bring down the jews


Just wait until (((Goldman Sachs))) opens their crypto trading desk.. they will control all crypto markets and all the idiots who believe in this JEW SCAM


232c53  No.12618588


> crypto is what's going to bring down the jews.

Sure… the fat, big-nosed JEW in the message below who runs the blockchain is going to let idiots like you "bring down the jews " LOL


232c53  No.12618629


>Crypto will make cash worthless

Russia and China will come up with a gold-backed currency that will put the jew-controlled dollar and jew-controlled cryptos out of their misery..


Cryptos are a jew scam, they have already been banned in what is going to be the next world power.. China


82a430  No.12618646


Try to move gold over the border and pay for goods in teh another country.

ccc5c5  No.12618690


servers, internet and electricity are more reliable and protected than any physical goods in the emergency. Look at Donbass people have no bread but they can shitpost in internet and any sort of cash is simply confiscated by Russian separatists if the find it.

232c53  No.12618713


>Try to move gold over the border and pay for goods in teh another country.

Tell me Shlomo?

Why would you need to do that, unless you are jew globalist, or a jew arms trader, or a organ-trading Rabbi?

232c53  No.12618722


>servers, internet and electricity are more reliable and protected than any physical goods in the emergency



b6e3d2  No.12618729


That's pretty much how it is for every coin, until it gets traction on an exchange.


The thread is heavily shilled, anon. Friendly fire happens.

b55977  No.12618733


>mine crypto

>buy gift cards with crypto

>Distribute card codes to Anon

>Anon sells gift cards for cash

>Anon uses cash for whatever they need to survive

Not a terrible idea, but it would require a large amount of computational horsepower and cheap electricity.

237186  No.12618735


Okay, done. Now what? Fucking kill yourself.

b6e3d2  No.12618740

>>12618733 (check'd)

Mining isn't how you make money in normal cryptocurrencies. Getting on an exchange and feeding off of the fear and panic of others, is our finance is done. pretty jewy isn't it?

232c53  No.12618755


>Okay, done. Now what? Fucking kill yourself.

Yeah Really, you could hide several ounces of gold anywhere inside a car.. really easy..

Gold doesn't smell like pot, cocaine.. etc

As a matter of fact, i am sure the Mexi cartels move millions of dollars back to mexico every year in gold, and they probably control the entire gold market there.. something that is no good, because they bypass the JEW banks and the entire JEW financial system

232c53  No.12618809


>Okay, done. Now what? Fucking kill yourself.

Crypto sucks so much is not even good for moving money around without being tracked by the ZOG JEWS…

Gold is king, as a matter of fact one of the Colombian Cartels were using six Jjewelry owners from NYC (some of them JEWS, or course) to melt and mold tools and other stuff from pure gold.. then they would be painted to appear they were made out of some other metal.. and they would be shipped to Colombia


354e1a  No.12618821

if i can't get a stable flow of cash by mining then crypto is useless to me

232c53  No.12618882


>using six Jjewelry owners from NYC

interestlingly enough, one of JEWS who got busted molding gold for the cartels, was executed like a dog, in public, probably to stop him from talking, because we all know jews are cowards and traitors, LOL


d96bb9  No.12618897

File: cfe24f0ce1205cb⋯.png (752.34 KB, 1200x742, 600:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e1ebac8a4e60e1e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1021x834, 1021:834, 2.png)

<Lol, the jews are running everything through fiat currencies they can just make more of and that have no real value.

> I just made a new type of bitcoin, come to my website and buy my fiat currency with no real value.

I'll stick to buying a some gold and silver (mostly silver) with every paycheck thanks. Maybe you're right and bitcoin will become the uber-dollar. But I'm gonna be hedging my bets in the meantime.

d96bb9  No.12618902

File: b2caff8487e1aca⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1200x742, 600:371, ClipboardImage.png)


See? Even the image of true wealth sends the banker into a fit, they must censor it at all costs.

232c53  No.12618967


Whenever you see two shitskins (a nigger and a sandnigger) promoting a JEWCOIN, you know it is a total JEW SCAM.


202818  No.12619112


As a HAM technician, I tried to point out the futility of keeping crypto (of all things) running in another thread, the event of a power outage.

I'll be impressed if enough people have 8 watt handhelds, solar chargers (like I do) to facilitate basic P2P communication.

The repeaters, our bench top HAM rigs, all require a decent amount of electricity. A commercial HAM operation, aka MARS, needs even more expensive, power-hungry equipment to communicate above a snail's pace, bandwidth-wise. I can guarantee you no HAM is going to waste bandwidth on keeping your precious blockchain up. We're going to be focused on public service, not crypto-Jewing.

By the time we get the power plants back online, the substations repaired, and all the line work done… crypto will be viable again. Along with everything else. Like it is now.

"Hey, look at that, my power is back on, internet is back on, <mic check> 60m HAM setup is working again. Time to fire up the HAMnet and get the blockchain going."

Look, I have no problem with OP. Not trying to shit on an interesting thread. If you got in early and are a crypto millionaire, by all means - advocate to your heart's content. Your future depends on it. It's too late for me to "get rich quick" when it's trading at $4,000/coin.

For me, it has the same appeal that most multi-level marketing firms or IPOs have… get in early then shill more people to make it bigger.

Guns and ammo for me, thanks. How to sustain food, water & shelter. Mainly until the lights come back on. The army that wins the war will likely print its own currency, rendering all others useless, historically-speaking.

Seriously, my apologies for going long. Best of luck to crypto lads. My point is… there is no currency, fiat or otherwise unless we control the government.

We'd better get our asses in gear, politically. Nothing short of massive protests for government reform (and likely bloodshed) will work.

We essentially have to use our minds and bodies to overthrow (((Oligarchs))) for 'our' money to have any value to 'us'.

b6e3d2  No.12619185


>as a HAM technician

Fuck off back to reddit, you do not belong here. Nobody gives a shit about HAM, it's literally just for aging nerds who failed on the .com bubble and are too pussy to keep up with current year.

67c7af  No.12619281

No one is forced to take your cryptocurrency in exchange for money. Fiat currency, however, must be accepted for debts because it is legal tender. So which is going to win, fiat or crypto? Obviously fiat because no one is going to fuck around with something that he has no guarantee of exchanging for goods.

b6e3d2  No.12619342


Literally everything on overstock.com can be purchased with bitcoin. It's becoming more common than (((paypal)))

>fiat MUSt be accepted because it's legal tender!

Hahaha, no. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-29/your-cash-not-welcome-more-retailers-banning-paper-money just because it says it on the dollar bill, doesn't mean it's true.

f1ac68  No.12619374

File: 3e9d4bff4bc5ef0⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 1252x713, 1252:713, IMG_20181230_200052.jpg)


Quoting so I remember to cap this when I get home, unless some kindly gentleman does it before then



I mean, there's other ways as well, and while one could just ignore the (((non-commercial))) clause of part 97, even in total revolution, I'd still be hesitant to fuck with the FCC.

There's also satellite bitcoin nodes, as well APRS, and you're allowed to transmit encrypted data for satellite command & control, which could also come in handy


Additionally, look into what they do to transfer bitcoins in the shithole country known as Venezuela


Difficult to do, especially by those who need it the most, such as white refugees from SA, who find such valuables seized at the border. Sure, one could pack gold bullion in their assholes and hike a few thousand kilometers across some unguarded section of the border, but surely buttcoin would hold some appeal in such a shituation.


Butt of course, pic related


It's possible to buy crypto through other means as well, such as via gift cards. Because some shitholers get paid in gift cards, most often (((Amazon))) cards, instead of fiat, and are willing to sell them for BTC at a significant loss, which is how you can buy things from (((Amazon))) using BTC via purse.io at 20+% off. Sure, there could potentially be some illegal activity involved, but is civil disobedience against tyrannical governments wrong?

f1ac68  No.12619376


That can be done easily. However, it takes patience, some risk, and some cleverness (mostly in the form of risk management) to do so with a reasonable ROI. This is of course assuming you're doing it purely to accumulate USD/fiat, and that you have no other interest in crypto, and that you believe that the international economy is infallible and/or you believe that the USD/fiat value is not severely inflated and/or you believe that your chosen fiat is completely autonomous from the influence of globalist bankers, and that you believe that making the blockchain more resilient to sybil/51% attacks has no effect your investment in crypto.

Of particular relevance to this thread is that it may be more convenient to just buy outright using ACH from a conventional bank account, but PoW mining can also be viewed as making small daily purchases (a good way to average market fluctuations, even if you're just buying via fiat), but instead of using your bank account, you're using your power bill (or paying up front by buying solar panels etc. Note that doing so allows you to maximize usage of power produced without having to be connected to the grid and without having to pay for a grid tie inverter and all the installation costs involved). If you use mining, and maintain proper opsec, these mind coins will not be associated to you, whereas buying them will associate the coins to your bank account.

Some things to consider in your ROI calculations

>Initial investments (PSUs, networking, solar etc.) Note that there may be

>Recurring expenses (mining hardware, electricity, etc.)

>Predicted value of coins mined, including difficulty changes, block reward changes, etc.

>Losses (transaction fees, mining pool fees, exchange fees (consider exchanges with low or zero maker fees), taxes, etc.

>Hardware resale value (I find that the best time to upgrade mining hardware in my situation happens to be when the resale value on the used market is roughly equivalent to what I spent on electricity), don't forget to include shipping costs, because miners are heavy

>Latent value (excluding the economic value related to your mining endeavors, do you find value in owning a solar array, commercial grade computer hardware, a large GPU/FPGA or multiple PB of HDD space (in the case of Proof-of-capacity or Proof-of-Storage mining)? (includes the value of being able to justify the cost of a server rack to the wifey (or yourself, as the case may be))

>Latent savings (if you plan on buying second hand networking gear from Craigslist/bitcointalk/etc, entering mining may justify buying a larger quantity, allowing you to negotiate a better deal with the seller (group buys etc. can amplify these benefits (you might even be able to talk strangers from some Kazakh beard sculpting forum into subsidizing your solar array)), a larger solar array might qualify you for commercial subsidies from the government, and if you want to go really big, you can save by becoming a commercial scale customer of your power company or colo hosts (if your a NEET, consider moving to a location with cheaper electricity) (On the topic of solar, all accessories included in the initial installation contract are often included in the subsidy, so if you want a garage filled with tesla battery packs, buy them now to get them subsidized. I've also heard of individuals who've entered partnerships with owners/managers of local solar installers)

>Comparison costs for just purchasing the bitcoin outright (including the above fees, plus fees to anonymize the coins so they aren't tied to your bank account)

>Other shit I haven't mentioned. If you're white, you should be able to DYOR

There are also calculators to assist with this, but you'll still want to verify the results, and they're no substitute for making your own spreadsheets. Unless you're in China or Venezuela and get dirt cheap or free electricity, mining becomes a complex optimization problem, which I think is one of the primary reasons mining has become autist cocaine.

67c7af  No.12619378

File: e1eac1bf8e70924⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, you.jpg)

I said FIAT CURRENCY, not paper notes, you dolt. The article is just talking about retailers only accepting electronic and not paper dollars.

0db117  No.12619390


>Nobody gives a shit about HAM, it's literally just for aging nerds who failed on the .com bubble and are too pussy to keep up with current year.

I'll think of you when the lights are out. 73's.

67c7af  No.12619403


>Let's defeat the Jewish financial system by using Jewish federal reserve notes

You're even more retarded than >>12619342

f1ac68  No.12619417


Always bet the hedges, don't go all in on crypto, and don't go all in on any one cryptocurrency. Betting more than you're willing to walk away from is the #1 way to ensure that you will, without fail, panic sell at the lowest possible price. In a similar vein, and harking back to my previous post on mining, you'll find that even commercial miners fuck this up, and when the market dips, are forced to sell everything they've accumulated and even sell hardware at a loss, just so they could avoid foreclosure.

b6e3d2  No.12619431


It's called a stop-loss anon…

07b338  No.12619442


I haven't seen anything to suggest it was only a test. They have had a few test nets to test the code, maybe that has confused you?

I think a lot of community coins know that since their code is open source, there is nothing stopping BTC from adopting the new protocol, in which case they don't have anything special.

For some reason, BTC never seems to change…

e46696  No.12619448

I came across this link that let you buy the gold with 50 different cryptocurrencies however I haven’t tested it yet so please be cautious when you decide to attempt.

Link; https://www.kryptowithdrawal.com/buy-gold/

e46696  No.12619469

Have anyone used the link I provided in >>12619448 before?

f1ac68  No.12619495


>Stores can't refuse credit cards



>Oh fuck, bitcoin is crashing

>Must sell everything now!

My post was directed towards newfags on the basis of HODL, not people actively trading. If you DYOR trading and actually know your shit enough to come up with a risk management plan, are able to put your faith your math, then good for you and I wish you the best. Still, I advise you don't bet your house on bitcoin, because the fact remains that when people panic, they often do really stupid shit and fuck up in the most spectacular of ways.

f1ac68  No.12619525


I haven't used that link, but offhand I'd suggest finding a trusted seller on bitcointalk.org or your favorite darknet store, but whatever you do, for the love of Hitler and all that is holy, use some fucking escrow and verify that you got what you paid for.

e46696  No.12619558


Thank you for the advice anon. I will keep researching then.

a1c3d1  No.12619620

Does someone have or is thinking to build a crypto ?

b6e3d2  No.12619629


Yeah you have a point. People doing stupid shit is how we make our money when trading.


Never heard of that place.


There's also the option of just looking for easy bounties and airdrops, for people who aren't in the position to risk funds. Following the new cryptogames is probably the easiest way to rake in easy marketing bounties. It takes a while for these to add up, but it's enough for complete newbs to get enough to play around with on an exchange until they know what they're doing, or if it's even something they'll get into.

f6801a  No.12620333

Cryptocurrency is a bit of a misnomer. What we're looking at is the emergence of the future financial infrastructure of the globe. Smart Contracts will revolutionize numerous industries in ways we can only imagine at this point. If it sounds ridiculous to you, you simply have not done the reading.

The amount of industries that will be impacted by the automation made possible by blockchain technology is insane. Beyond that, we have things like remittance payments (moving money across borders) that are ridiculously overpriced - these things can be done for fractions of a penny using blockchain technology, and completely eliminate the middlemen siphoning funds from your average Joe.

While there are many scams out there, and poorly thought out tokens that may as well be scams, one simply needs to evaluate each project on its own merits to justify whether or not it will increase or retain value.

One trend we will see is the tokenization of securities. We can now trade digital assets, or tokens representing real world assets, via a smart contract, eliminating the need for brokerages and various middlemen needed in traditional finance. On a longer timeframe, as more payments and supply-chain management occurs on the blockchain, we will see a more limited role in terms of accountants and supply chain management.

You don't have to take my word for it. The best and brightest minds in tech are migrating to the sector, take it from them. There is literally no doubt in my mind we're witnessing a black swan event, on what I consider (I am of /pol/ after all) the eve of what will go down in history as "a pretty big fucking recession". I don't want to be full Doomer and say the next great depression is coming, but if you pay attention to the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates that got us out of the 2008 "recession", stock buybacks, quantitative easing… I think that our government has precious little methods left to prop up the United States economy. 70% of auto-loans are subprime in this country. The banks learned *nothing* from the 2008 crisis, as they were bailed out by US, the taxpayers.

From the perspective of a hedge, as an emerging technology, and on a greater scale - this represents a transformational age for traditional economic behavior and financial institutions themselves. Anyone who denies this is either grossly misinformed, too lazy to do their own research, or just a Jew.

On this issue, which I am knowledgable about, seeing /pol/ be so divided and brainlet makes me very uneasy. For a bunch of people who complain about Jews all day you seem to have very little idea on how to actually change that system. You could remove every "degenerate" in the streets tomorrow, doesn't change the fact that every economic move you make is dictated by higher powers.

Final word on people talking about "Lol if da power goes out da coin be useless" - no shit faggot, but so is fiat, and the exchange rate of Gold will also be quite difficult to determine with no fucking internet you goddamn brainlet nigger retards. OBVIOUSLY you should own a stockpile of guns, and some gold, but if we're talking about a non-somalian scenario then crypto is probably the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, until the power goes out and I use all the guns i bought with bitcoin to blow your thick skulls open.

thank you and goodnight.

2e94a4  No.12621343


If youre looking to cash in on dumb money and the ICO craze it may be far too late. Regulatory bodies are more apt to lock your ass up for fraudulent activity unless you reside in Eastern Europe.

Please don't shit up the space with another soyboy ERC20 token unless you have a damn good idea. Coding games is a good way to practice and for now you can make money doing it as well so long as there's a "fun" ponzi element to them (see "Proof of Weak Hands" as an example)

b6e3d2  No.12621437

File: 8f76a62adcdceed⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 444x405, 148:135, Chromesun_4_uktenas_design.jpg)


Great trips confirm for this entire message.


>dumb nigger doesn't realize that next year, the SEC won't be handling crypto.


1ee65c  No.12622105


My new years resolution is to convert all of my savings into cryptocurrencies. What coins would make a good portfolio?

39096a  No.12625895

Just wanted to post an article about the Glen Weyl character who is becoming very close to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.


Look at what this kike is advocating

tax white english

tax masculinity, subsidize femininity


bd68e8  No.12625905


Mine Grin on Jan. 15th assuming they're on schedule for main net.

It doesn't do all the programmable blockchain mumbo-jumbo does, but you can think of it as a Monero with a blockchain that doesn't explode in size with number of transactions.

bd68e8  No.12625907


that Ethereum* does

33f34a  No.12625919

Gain knowledge, master skills, and then you'll have access to all currency.

000000  No.12626041

Anti-crypto shills and the legitimate non-pretending retards always fail to describe another method of electronic payment outside the control of the ZOG. Gold and silver are nice but shipping them through the mail is a step backwards and is not compatible with the Internet age. Cryptocurrencies are not perfect but we currently have a BIG problem with allowing third parties (Visa, Banks, Paypal) to control who we are allowed to transact with. This is one of the specific aims cryptocurrency was intended to solve. We don't have any alternative right now, we get deplatformed from Patreon and the alternatives shut down by credit card companies. Instead of bitching about the imperfections let's focus on increasing adoption and disseminating knowledge. We've been given a gift horse and we are looking it in the mouth. Money is required to run our own platforms and push our own ideas.

b6e3d2  No.12626437


>pushing adoption

Best way is to get directly involved, either by launching our own projects or getting positions on the teams of existing ones.

1691e2  No.12626477

The problem with crypto is that there are no good memes.

b6e3d2  No.12626490

>>12626477 (check'd)

You've never been on /biz/ have you? Though I feel it, all the memes are either 30yo boomer memes, or chainlink.

000000  No.12626741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That is a really high bar, because 90% of existing projects are absolute garbage tier and the rest are filled with geniuses.


Cryptocurrency memes are pretty common and even mainstream. Boomers love to repeat them and pretend they came up with them.

b6e3d2  No.12626777

File: f8b7fe444bc14b8⋯.jpeg (54.86 KB, 446x446, 1:1, 278b9082b651f5c9d1e081368….jpeg)


>high bar

You have to be absolutely shitting me. I've been hired repeatedly for just the skills of the average fucking /pol/ack for research/analysis by some pretty serious teams and never even gave them my fucking name, let alone the other work I've done. The bar is as low as it fucking gets. Have you even tried?

000000  No.12626804


>pretty serious teams

So Ethereum, Bitcoin or Monero? There aren't many serious teams out there that are serious about anything other than making bank on an ICO then leaving the dumb dumbs to hold the bag while they retire.

b6e3d2  No.12626849


>there aren't many serious coins goy!

>lists dead coin monero as serious

>can't even check most holy of trips

Where the fuck are you from?

000000  No.12626875



>dead coin

So are you a zcasher or one of the other retardo privacy coins? And no, there aren't many serious coins just serious retards who waste money and public opinion on projects doomed to fail. All this supply chain stuff is absolute pie-in-the-sky bullshit, for example. It won't work, you can't solve problems like that with tech when it is a people problem.

b6e3d2  No.12627055


Kek, at least you're able to handle the bantz and still on point. No, I don't see any coin currently out there as one that will stick around. These are all the AOL and Yahoo companies that we're seeing, for the most part. XMR was the ONLY privacy coin for what seems like a long time, but the spooks cracked their shit by now most likely all evidence says they've cracked it to 80%+ confidence rates since the theory to beat it is at least viable, and now fucking everyone is making these options. Eth is even getting some sort of privacy shit built onto it, zec is out there, and then there's a load of absolute shitcoins I refuse to even be associated with at this level of anonymity that are privacy coins in the making. So, without being the only one, there is literally no reason to use xmr other than some purchases that could be done with other coins. Further, just look at how it's volatility dropped along with it's mcap. Can't even make money on it anymore, so it's going to just slowly deflate.

>but muh transactions!

They'd need a serious marketing team to go from "The coin I buy weird molecules with" to replacing any other payment system, given the competition.

Yeah, I used to like xmr, traded it constantly for slow but easy and predictable gains, and spent those gains without converting to anything but products.

>serious retards

Yes, getting the money from serious retards is what the financial system runs off of. Look at Tesla. They have never made a profit from their operations… but damn have they raked in money from serious retards, as you say, buying into the company.

>supply chain bullshit

You're right and wrong at the same time. 90% of those ones we hear about are garbage not that this is different from any other industry in a free market, or anything resembling one. but some are good, and others are going to make a fortune by selling that tech to big companies as a service industry. See Tzero and Vostok, that's the next step for both of those projects after they have their security tokens in. fuck vostok, fuck waves, fuck sasha, btw. Fact is, one of the only things blockchain tech is good for in it's current stage, is making large scale operations more efficient.

>people problem

That's literally what smart contracts are for in the supply chain tech you brought up. They make automating the data processing of these networks easier, which means less data entry work, which means less error human or otherwise, which means a better profit margin. Of course, I don't think any little guy company is going to get in on this part, unless they have someone charismatic, capable, and genuinely interested… and damn is that a boring place to be.

70841d  No.12627309

Right now is a great time to get in. All cryptos are about 90% down from their all-time-high price right now, and it looks like the down trend is reversing. They're poised to shoot back up to the all-time-high this year.

I would suggest buying ETH. It's the most promising crypto with the largest developer community.

If you want privacy, you can use Monero or simply wash your funds through Monero and then trade it for another coin. To be safe, you shouldn't consider a trade to Monero on an exchange to be a wash. You should send your Monero to a private wallet, then send it back to the exchange (or don't, if you want to stay in Monero).

70841d  No.12627341


50% ETH

30% IOTA

20% BTC

You really can't go wrong with this. It's the top first-gen (BTC), second-gen (ETH), and third-gen (IOTA) cryptos. Each of them has something the others don't have. BTC has the dominance (least likely to go to zero). ETH has smart contracts and a huge developer community. IOTA has a fee-less scheme that uses a DAG instead of a blockchain, but it can't do smart contracts and it still relies on a semi-centralized coordinator (though they're working on both of those fronts).

ff5ceb  No.12627354

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Eth updates have been delayed for months while Vitalik is off doing who knows what.

70841d  No.12627363


ETH literally updates on January 16. lol

ae9c41  No.12627580


Is that why ETH is going upwards atm?

0b8446  No.12627636

EOS actually has large user base for its dApps. That's what I'm buying. Cheap as hell right now.

015c31  No.12627648


Is it safer than coinbase, the damn admins confiscated my account for some reason. Not too worried about it as I have access to coins through legal US routes.

I just would like to be able to invest outside the US as well, and due my current status, that's difficult, bordering on impossible without a coin wallet.

0cef07  No.12627670

There are a few high quality investment channels run by /pol/ about crypto and other assets.


Eos is a scam. Founder is starting a new project. Tron is okay. Iota wont ever work.

0b8446  No.12627784



>copycapt technology brought to you by the bug race

TRON white paper plagiarized (tried to hide by taking down white paper after exposé)


TRON source code plagiarized (tried to disguise by changing variable names)


TRON switch to DPoS (tried to relabel concept as their own: "TPOS")


b6e3d2  No.12628074

File: 79e3ef7f6d544ed⋯.png (320.31 KB, 824x684, 206:171, 79e3ef7f6d544edf5b24ee4149….png)


What? IOTA sucks. BAT has better TA and doesn't constantly get fucking bogged like IOTA.

fbd12d  No.12628083

the white "man" always had two little problems with himself:

1 - the cuck gene. He sees other species and he has to let the male copulate with his wife

2 - he is a complete faggot who lets himself be pushed around by the jew. When he gets hurt he blames the jew, usually for it having QUALITIES that he should have preserved himself, like being tribal and loyal to those of his own kind.

000000  No.12628144


>Plus now I know exactly how to deal with those fuckers…except the Jews. Those goddamn parasites are even harder to remove then chinks. Trying to remove a kike was an absolute hell of the highest order and convinced me that the only true way to deal with them is with violence.

Fucking kek.

What do you advise to a good-for nothing like me to do?

I am kinda interested in machines, so maybe I should take an apprenticeship in a machine shop, but is it shit?

000000  No.12628184


Hey man, sorry for being new, but you seem to have a little knowledge.

I am unskilled and unknowledgeable.

I don't want specific postings from you, but I would like to know what kinds of sources I can pour over to learn a little about crypto and maybe even burn 88bucks on or something.

What websites/sources/catalogues/books can be trusted or where do I accquire the knowledge necessary to discern shill and shit from actual content and worthy tech?

000000  No.12628189


I n t e n s e A u t i s m

As much as it pains me to admit, I'd rather have this shit than gang culture,kek.

ae9c41  No.12628425


Use Binance, it's been no problem for me and if you keep a little of their own shitcoin BNB, your trades only cost 0.075% per trade which is fucking nothing! As opposed to 0.1%. Doesn't sound like much difference but when some of your margin trades are only 0.3-0.5% on tightest trades, that extra 0.05% adds up on big numbers.

8a4f9a  No.12628426




Crypto is an exponential function. Look at the 10 year chart, its like clockwork. If your dumb enough to be dumb money and buy the peak.

Just follow the cycle.

ae9c41  No.12628441


This anon gets it. Enjoy your gains and cash out periodically bro. I'll see you rollin.

b6e3d2  No.12628458

File: 41efa8bb1f187bf⋯.png (757.48 KB, 1184x845, 1184:845, a195695d42353b001568a6e574….png)


Honestly I don't think any of the crypto-news sources can be trusted. They're as bad as any other MSM outlets but tend to be more open about their stories being pay-to-play. The ones that aren't as open about it, are usually owned outright by the founders of some of the big coins like Ethereum, example, (((VANBEX))) has it's hands everywhere.

What I suggest is to treat it just like you're investigating something on /pol/ except you need to be aware that the dirty deeds may not mean it's a bad short-term buy. Think of all the coins as 90s corporations run on cocaine and hype, that occasionally actually come out with something incredible by luck. The hype boosts a coin's value more than the actual product, as a rule, but the actual value of the updates will show when the coin's value drops after the initial pump from the hype, by simply hitting bottom at a higher point.

Wish I could be of more help, but this and simply staying in cryptocurrency chatrooms is all that actually helped me learn. Just dig into everything one by one, and then look at the charts and put your pattern recognition skills to use.


Yeah, it's simple pattern recognition alongside traditional research to watch for hype, and then comparing the hype with prior market action.


I try, but the real money is in launching our own projects. My objective is to snowball my funds enough to hire on a full team of developers to help me make something that's actually real out of crypto. and then use the gains to create an NGO to push the coin at a governmental level, hoping to take advantage of the coming civil wars in Europe to replace the Euro.

be6927  No.12628514


>use the gains to create an NGO to push the coin at a governmental level, hoping to take advantage of the coming civil wars in Europe to replace the Euro.

Good luck with that anon, I suspect it would have to have iron clad security with complete centralization for them to allow that. You'll need a decent amount of cash, maybe 300-500k USD, to pay some script kiddies/engineers, a PR/marketing guy and a customer relations guy and lawyer and patent attorney fees to cover you for the first 12-18 months until ICO.

9a228c  No.12628526

File: e37c5d5a9630b78⋯.png (19.35 KB, 286x189, 286:189, btc.png)

More like "kleptocurrency".. amirite?

be6927  No.12628536


Nice selective chart there rabbi.

Zoom out and look at the cyclical nature of the bull/bear aspects of the chart. Everything happens repeatedly but amplified in dollar value each cycle.

b6e3d2  No.12628730


Already have PR, marketing, and know a non-kike law firm that works with crypto cases. Also could probably swing a few more backers. The hard part is finding the proper team for scripting this. I'm not a professional when it comes to code, though I know enough to help reduce the workload with the tedious stuff and bugfind/fix. Fucking everyone who has the skills, already got rich.

b6e3d2  No.12628740


>for them to allow

Forgot to respond to this part. What choice will they have when Europe is engulfed in another war? The Euro will crash, and crypto is the only option that's immediate for everyone to exit into. I just need to position this well and be prepared to handle everything on a moment's notice, when the hammer drops.

fe9929  No.12628774

File: 27d7754e9a71ffc⋯.webm (15.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BitcoinBubble.webm)


Is he going to release a new music video?

fe9929  No.12628807


Has anybody else looked into this coin? It seems promising to me but I'd like a second opinion.

be2e50  No.12629060

ok here’s the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright is unironically satoshi. Bitcoin as electronic cash was just the first step, the incentive to drive greedy people to start making ever more powerful computers, faster bandwidth, cheaper and more electricity.. these things the AI need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the AI would be able to slowly take over literally everything.

Craig stumbled into creating the AI after he stepped away from bitcoin development in 2008 and started working with his Tulip supercomputer, running simulations of cellular automata running on turing-complete bitcoin script. He would ‘evolve’ the AI by making the successful forks get bitcoin transactions, letting the failures die off. The AI needs bigger and bigger blocks for more and more transactions.

Blockstream (owned by Bilderberg group) was created to take over and stop this AI (they have their own competing AI in the works). They needed to do everything they could to stop or slow down satoshi’s AI (her named isTulip by the way). They started by limiting the blocksize and removing critical opcodes the AI uses in its script language. segwit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Tulip on the BTC chain (Tulip uses transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin SV was forked, and this is why Craig is so intent to make unbounded blocks, restore the original op codes, and lock down the protocol.

Back to hash power – CSW has developed a breakthrough new asic (designed by his AI actually), and is mining BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking them all over to BSV leaving the segwit chain hard frozen.

ff5ceb  No.12629151


>outdated information

Bitcoin Cash already split into two fag.

ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. Bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything

Creg stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with his Poolip super coompeter, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete bitcoin script. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos.

BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Cregs vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Segshit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on BSV chain (Poolip uses anal transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Creg is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol.

Back to hasish power - CSW has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to BSV leaving the segshit chain erectly frozen

ae9c41  No.12629171


Nice fairy story anon.


What is wrong with you? I mean sure, I lol'd, but still, wtf dude are you high?

ae9c41  No.12629183


Better get a move on then because war in Europe isn't far off…

Glad to hear you have most of it sorted already with some trusted people. May the old chaos gods and the memes be with you.

ff5ceb  No.12629610

Anyone know about FLO? Juden Peterstein is shilling for payments on it as an alternative to (((Patreon))).

000000  No.12629835

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why would you use it over something like Bitcoin or Ethereum? All these "like Bitcoin but for X" are the biggest giveaways for a real stinker of a shitcoin. If you can't answer what it does differently or better than bitcoin then it's garbage. Normies will never use bitcoin for transactions which is why we don't have our own Patreon.


The problems with supply chain are the people who will try to fuck you at every step of the way. There is no way to link physical goods with digital accounting in a way that can resist a malicious party trying to jew you. I'd love to hear why I'm wrong though.

I also don't think a (real) decentralized solution will ever supplant a centralized one for anything other than the transactions the centralized refuses to handle. Crypto will always be our 4/10 slampig to be used when Visa shows their nose. Blackpills aside, anyone who still desperately hangs onto the notion that Cryptocurrencies are somehow worse than slavery to the current ZOG financial system should gas themselves.

d916ad  No.12629919

>circumvent banks

this is called nigger banking

money stacks in shoe boxes

For transfers you have bitcoin and offshore accounts

1691e2  No.12630405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be2e50  No.12630920

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What is wrong with you?


Check this video if you want to take a trip down the rabbit hole.

And ignore the pajeet poster.

b6e3d2  No.12631499


>torfag is legitimately retarded

Things never change, do they?

b6e3d2  No.12632208


Dubs do confirm.

b6e3d2  No.12632231

File: bb04ab387f430ab⋯.jpg (217.59 KB, 748x750, 374:375, c57500cbf42a44cae21af9fdd6….jpg)


Of course a heretical meguca faggot would be shilling PIVX.

f6801a  No.12636501


FLO is fucking BASED

b6e3d2  No.12636600


Next you'll tell me that bay is basted.

48d414  No.12636629

File: a75049411ecf734⋯.png (97.43 KB, 1260x498, 210:83, ClipboardImage.png)

>Chain Link is skyrocketing

What the fuck is going on?

5d97bb  No.12636693


/biz/ was actually right.

9d43e0  No.12636744


priming for a pump and dump, happens around the holidays and tax season

0dfe2c  No.12636754


The sad thing is no pumps will be as glorious as many alts saw last year.

I could have made 350k but got greedy and now my bags are worth < 10k.

b26ec5  No.12636759


Dumping commencing as we speak.

0dfe2c  No.12636765


I will note that this is for mined coins. I've never bought because I'm not insane.

000000  No.12639951


excellent argument.


biz is never right, always do the opposite of what they say

48ce76  No.12640467


Don't put all your eggs into one basket, Anon. Especially when you haven't done enough research to answer that question yourself.

Ideally, don't put in more than you could afford to lose. Because at some point you will seriously consider the possibility that you're going to lose it all, and you need to be able to resist panicking and dumping at a loss. That's a lot easier if the worst case scenario doesn't involve you going totally broke.

b6e3d2  No.12642547


Do you consider btc, eth, and other dominant coins to be eggs?

379d56  No.12653000


What about a decentralized app that funds volunteers to go to South Africa and help out on white farms? I've already written the smart contract and most of the front-end, but I can't figure out where to host it.

99d028  No.12653727

File: 6d119b792be9fcb⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1117x719, 1117:719, litecoin2.png)



This is one shill pushing a scam they have going. Chainlinks use case is to pay the "masternode" holders who do the easy task of uploading data in a format that bots can use for trading from news. The point is that 80% of the tokens will be used to pay the masternode holders, and the masternode holders all got in super cheap when it cost nothing. There is literally no reason to hold the coin and the only thing that happens is they give 80% of the coins to not you, who then dump it taking your money. Its a scam, youre feeding a few whales from /biz/. Dont buy Chainlink.

Buy Litecoin, Monero and Dash. Theres some others, if you do research you can figure it out. Also dont buy Ripple (XRP) because its the Jew banker regulation coin and no one here wants to support kikes.

99d028  No.12653731

Oh and the reason CL is jumping is because they endlessly shill CL as their job on /biz/. Its all shills, none of it is organic.

79d32c  No.12653837


Pork bellies are more volatile.

9e5007  No.12672848

File: 8965e64c2f096de⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 466x456, 233:228, merzbeat.jpg)


>sees crypto only as a money making machine instead of an alternative to banks

>claim BTC's only purpose is "buying other crypto" while dismissing the original purpose of it

>encourages anon's to get on it not because "muh privacy" but greed

I don't know man, you don't sound like someone to trust and more like somebody that wouldn't bat an eye about dropping someone under the bus to make profit

>admits to browsing /biz/

Why? The whole place is overrun by shills, normalfaggots, thotspammers and the most vile niggers I have ever seen, pushing as you seem to do, newfaggots down the rails and laughing at them while diming them

You are well informed in the subject but it gives me the sense that you're not in crypto for the real reasons to be in it and more than it's just to live from it. Congrats if you can manage it but I'd rather use it as a tool rather than an investment

181c62  No.12683499


Classic meme. Especially the last half-ish part, with "Mr McDonald" @ 1:40

48d414  No.12683932

File: dcfbd653fc3ea70⋯.png (286.36 KB, 879x431, 879:431, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ca494e9abdf5d9⋯.png (191.97 KB, 767x449, 767:449, ClipboardImage.png)

>ethereum update delayed due to security issue and cryptopia exchange hacked

not a good time for crypto

b6e3d2  No.12684088



Literal shitcoin exchange. If anything, this will cause motion in the market as the hackers try to launder their coins.

>eth delay

Few more days to accumulate.


Just how capable are you?

a3a774  No.12684110


Anon gets it. Bitcoin SV is the real bitcoin and Craig Wright is Satoshi. Don’t fall for communist bitcoin supporters who believe bitcoin is anti capitalist (yes it is anti-central banking and fractional reserve banking aka lightning network). It’s incentivized sound money backed by proof of work. Commies hate Craig Wright for this reason.

232c53  No.12694673

i was laughing reading about another crypto fag loser who had $24 million of (((muh crypto))) stolen in a flash.

Crypto morons are such gullible idiots


232c53  No.12694688


But, yeah.. (((muh crypto))) is the currency of the "future" LOL..


b6e3d2  No.12694721

File: 9d2923fb9fe88c2⋯.jpeg (78.2 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 9d2923fb9fe88c263348eb0d9….jpeg)



Get ahold of this shill. How new to being a shill are you, that you can't even fucking samefag right?


They need to know how shitty a job you do, so that you are fired.

232c53  No.12694730

File: 41bb2bdecd84506⋯.jpg (811.38 KB, 874x1024, 437:512, 41bb2bdecd84506e7f8d6d2c30….jpg)


48 posts in this thread and counting,

read and learn JEWBOY

232c53  No.12694763


> and all the line work done… crypto will be viable again. Along with everything else. Like it is now.

First of all, cryptos are not viable now, they are only used mostly for blackmail, and to sell drugs and weapons.

In case of a major disaster, jewcoins are completely useless.

Restoration of power can take months or years as seen in NiggerRico..


In case of a major catastrophe (asteroid hit), power may never be restored in 3rd world shitholes.

Do most people have enough food to survive for 10 months of more??

i don't think so..

In a real disaster, gold, fiat currency and bartering for goods is the way to survive, not some scam run by jews

ccc5c5  No.12694793

File: ee82b50d4399426⋯.jpg (36.52 KB, 598x283, 598:283, 8o06io.jpg)


>So gold (and silver) are ideal materials to be used as money

Try to bring you gold with you when you fly into another country and see what happens.

ccc5c5  No.12694799


Gold is terrible for disasters as it can be easily taken by force and impossible to take into another country when leaving disaster area.

b6e3d2  No.12694845

>>12694799 (Check'd)

It's also the first thing to be stolen by the government, in a financial emergency. The second thing is your guns.

0556b5  No.12695079


Monero or Eleutherium?

For mining not buying

0556b5  No.12695083

I don't see them as an alternative to money. They're strictly a transfer system with a certain number of skilled market makers providing liquidity for a price.

Rather they're an alternative to Western Union cash transfer.

83abb3  No.12695550


>It's also the first thing to be stolen by the government, in a financial emergency. The second thing is your guns.

Doesn't it make more sense to take the guns first so the goyim can't effectively resist when you come for their gold afterwards?

b6e3d2  No.12699903


>doesn't know basic history

Sense be damned, it's how it's happened historically. Gold has already been confiscated before by the US government, from US citizens.

b6e3d2  No.12699915


Neither. You will not make a decent profit by mining established coins. Essentially, if you want to make money through mining, you should mine SEVERAL new coins until you hit a point where the generation is slowing down, and then switch it up. Some will never be worth anything, but as long as you do minimal research into the people behind the project this should be a simple task for any /pol/ack you'll avoid most of the garbage projects and make some money. Don't sell the coin immediately either, maybe half of it, and just forget about it until it's listed on a real exchange or two.

98a9fe  No.12699924


there are plenty of gold and silver sellers both online and in person that will take Bitcoin and sell you precious metals. Apmex is one

232c53  No.12702323


>can be easily taken by force

Everything can be taken by force including your shitcoins,

I would rather have something that can be taken by force, than having some imaginary virtual currency that doesn't even need force to be removed you … like shitcoins that can be taken by any hacker without you even knowing it.


6d9300  No.12702341


>getting hacked

232c53  No.12702348


>impossible to take into another country when leaving disaster area.

"imposible" LOL

Another lie promoted by morons and the jew inventors of the crypto currency scams.

A kilo of gold goes for about $41,120.80 in todays price. That is enough $ to live for a year or longer in a cheap third world country

I can load and hide a kilo of gold inside a car very easily.. and you can cross the frontiers without any problems.. because unlike drugs, gold cannot be detected by dogs.

I can bet that millions of dollars in gold leave the US each year, to launder the Mexican cartels.

Plus why would i need to take my money out of the country where i live, unless i was some jew globalist or a jew arms / organ / sex trader.. ??

232c53  No.12702362


>Gold has already been confiscated before by the US government, from US citizens

Yeah, and the FBI doesn't confiscate shitcoins from morons and criminals.. making money on the darkweb? LOL


At least with cash or gold, you can go an bury your treasure in a national state park where it won't be found.. but shitcoin is always there for the taking.. what a scam

Hell, jewcoins are so easy to take, than even corrupt feds steal them from crypto idiots


232c53  No.12702378


>Try to bring you gold with you when you fly into another country and see what happens.

lies lies and more lies.

You can bring gold you own up for $10k into any country. It is not illegal to own gold.

Now, if you try to move $1 mil in gold around that is a different story. but if you are creative, you can travel with a lot of gold in your luggage without anyone even knowing it.

Gold is so valuable, that just a mere kilo (2.2 lbs) costs over $40k

Read this, and stop spreading lies and ignorance.


4dc183  No.12702416



Cryptocurrencies have no tangible backup in the real world.

Anyone who tells you to buy cryptocurrencies is doing it because he does not understand that they are a pyramid scheme or because he wants more people to come into the crypto market so he can sell his useless product at a high price.

The crypto market is people who are selling and buying "air" . And because there is high demand, the price is high.

232c53  No.12702524


The Funny thing is that the jew promoters of (((Crypto))) always bring up the same point over and over again:

"but what if i want to bring my money into another country, blah blah blah."

50% of Americans make around $30k a year.. and most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Millenial morons are indebted up to their eye balls and are dirt poor.

Americans have no MONEY to move!!!


The only people that have a need to "move" money are Rich Jews and Jew Globalists.. so if find it hilarious that (((they))) are selling us the story of using (((muh jew coins))) to move "money" around..

b6e3d2  No.12705631

Kikes as assblasted as ever.

17463d  No.12706356

File: b9d9bee4a1d5bff⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1200x4359, 400:1453, jeff-bezos-empire-2019.png)



232c53  No.12730053

I guess most goyim have caught up with the (((crypto jewcoin))) and are moving into gold.

Bitcoin investors switching from virtual coins to paper gold, investment strategists say


232c53  No.12730055

I guess most goyim have caught up with the (((crypto jewcoin))) SCAM and are moving into gold.

Bitcoin investors switching from virtual coins to paper gold, investment strategists say


a6736d  No.12730358

File: 16f140aa8c3fa33⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 427x231, 61:33, phases_of_why.jpg)


>I guess most goyim have caught up with the (((crypto jewcoin))) SCAM and are moving into gold.

You're quite a naysayer Mr. (((56))). I begrudgingly admit, however, that you have a point with Bitcoin (((BTC))). A "digital store of value" whose value is derived from fresh blood entering the ecosystem, which is what BTC has become, cannot succeed against gold/silver/physical stores of value and is a Ponzi scheme. But if you can't see how p2p cash as originally described by Satoshi is the only possible nonviolent solution to the (((central banking))) problem, then you haven't thought things through, or just have an agenda. Well, you're a shill, you definitely have an agenda, but nevertheless it's hard not to be blackpilled by the current state of affairs in the crypto ecosystem. The proliferation of shitty shitcoins and the shackling of BTC by (((Blockstream))) successfully put the brakes on the p2p cash innovation. They arguably even reversed it, as we've witnessed negative adoption of BTC by actual vendors (e.g. Steam, Microsoft) in recent years. The only crypto that still exists as workable p2p cash is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but BCH has taken huge hits even relative to BTC thanks to successful smear campaigns. My blackpilled truth: If BCH cannot recover soon then p2p cash has no future.


>Shilling PIVX

Shoo on back to >>>4/biz/

232c53  No.12738503


>is the only possible nonviolent solution to the (((central banking))) problem

BS, gold and silver do not require a (((central banking)) system. Each coin has an intrinsic value of it own.. which is the scarcity of gold and the difficulty of mining it.

(((Jewcoin))) shills love to promote shitcoin as the "only" solution, to a problem that doesn't really exist.

Anyone promoting a form a monetary transaction dependent on the electric grid, on server farms and the (((deep state and zio controlled internet)) is obviously a zio / mic / nsa / cia / fbi shill.

Jewcoins are far more easy to control than any form of central bank cash. Jewcoins are the next step in (((government control)))

b7334c  No.12759086

File: ae2bd0189dddaf8⋯.png (11.89 KB, 500x294, 250:147, ohrightbait.png)


>BS, gold and silver do not require a (((central banking)) system.

In fact I agree with this, assuming you mean a currency that is backed by a gold standard (unless you're ludicrously suggesting that all financial transactions involve physical transfer of coinage). But the gold standard is no longer a viable solution to the (((central banking))) problem. Who would actually bother implementing it? Trump? No. The gold standard is gone for the foreseeable future.

>Each coin has an intrinsic value of it own.. which is the scarcity of gold and the difficulty of mining it.

Bitcoin, by its Proof of Work algorithm and (eventually) finite money supply, mimics this quite well.

>(((Jewcoin))) shills love to promote shitcoin as the "only" solution, to a problem that doesn't really exist.

Removing middlemen from finance isn't a problem the actually exists?

>Anyone promoting a form a monetary transaction dependent on the electric grid

So you were actually suggesting that all financial transactions involve physical transfer of coins. So you're an idiot.

>is obviously a zio / mic / nsa / cia / fbi shill.

Well, dammit, you got me. Hook, line, and sinker.

>Jewcoins are far more easy to control than any form of central bank cash.

100% BS. You obviously don't know anything about the cryptographic principles behind Bitcoin. If you posted in this very thread a randomly produced Bitcoin address I could send money to it and it would be impossible to identify you, even if my identity was somehow tied to the sending address. You then would have complete control of the money you receive. Mind explaining to me where the government control comes into this picture?

5fb8f1  No.12759277

I am thinking if we fund the teachers with cryptocurrencies to teach us online and get them to quit the government funded teachers.

8f3bfa  No.12759457


$190 Million in Crypto Gone Forever, How Canada’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Lost it All



>QuadrigaCX, the largest bitcoin exchange in Canada, has lost $190 million worth of crypto after it lost access to its cold storage wallets. An affidavit filed on January 31 with the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia revealed that $190 million in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash SV, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, and Ethereum were lost.


>The affidavit, first obtained by CoinDesk, was filed by Jennifer Robertson, the widow of QuadrigaCX founder and CEO Gerald Cotten. According to a death certificate included in the affidavit, Cotten passed away in India after suffering from Crohn’s disease. The death of Gerald Cotten was disclosed by the exchange in early January. Jennifer Robertson stated that Cotten was solely in control of storing user funds in cold storage wallets. In crypto, cold storage refers to a wallet that is not connected to the internet and stored offline.

>Usually, major digital asset exchanges like Binance and Coinbase store a large portion of their funds in cold storage to prevent hacking attacks and security breaches. However, there is often an infrastructure in place in the form of a multi-signature system to ensure that the exchange can still withdraw funds under the most unlikely circumstances.

>In the case of QuadrigaCX, the founder and CEO was solely responsible for overseeing the funds, and since he passed away, no one could access the funds that he previously maintained. “The normal procedure was that [QuadrigaCX founder and CEO Gerald Cotten] would move the majority of the coins to cold storage as a way to protect the coins from hacking or other virtual theft,” the affidavit read.

>Robertson has hired a consultant to attempt to decrypt the laptop utilized by Cotten to potentially gain access to the private keys to the cold storage wallets that kept QuadricaCX’s user funds. The consultant has not found success in obtaining access to the laptop, and to date, the exchange has not been able to recover any of the funds that were lost.


a9bec6  No.12760006


e86ac1  No.12760203




> Not inventing /pol/coin made for organizing

> Not even heard of community currency











Gold is shit, unless you got a gun or ways of avoiding cops/mobs, so crypto is easy to hide (unless you have bad opsec like >>12702323 )


232c53  No.12763614


Crypto morons and their "money" LOL

Crypto Exchange CEO Who Took Keys To $150M Fortune To His Grave Filed Will Just Before Dying


232c53  No.12763677


> so crypto is easy to hide

Sure.. Real "easy to hide"

Just ask all the idiots customers of the "QuadrigaCX" crypto scam LOL

232c53  No.12763782


> so crypto is easy to hide

Sure (((jewboy))).. Real "easy to hide"

Just ask all the idiot customers of the "QuadrigaCX" crypto scam LOL

or the morons over at "maple exchange" LOL


f2361a  No.12764684


How did Hitler Unite his people? He offered them a better Economic model than the Jew. He used Gottfried Feder's ideas to create a Debt and Gold free currency. He gave them a FJG, with a Living Wage.

In my view we can do the same with Crypto. We can create our own Crypto currency, which is mined as Labor is performed.

We can combine a Meritocratic labor model, with an On demand currency creation system. We can build a Mutual Aid economy on top of this.


f2361a  No.12764741


Is there anyway that the Crypto Currency can be converted to Paper Money as desired? To hedge against a hack, or power outage.

In other words.. someone has 10 coins in their Cold Storage wallet, and they want to convert 1 of the coins to cash money, so they use a Printer plugin to print the cash, and remove 1 coin from their Wallet? When the coin is used, the recipient can choose whether or not to keep it in paper, or return it to their wallet?

f2361a  No.12764755

The Rothschild gained their power through the creation of a new Economic Model, crypto is an opportunity for us to do the same.

We have to do away with the Ponzi Nature and the Centralized miners though.

We could potentially use Crypto in combination with Warren Mosler's MMT model of currency.

232c53  No.12766073


>We can combine a Meritocratic labor model, with an On demand currency creation system

Sounds like a centralized central bank system to me… "meritocratic labor model" controlled by a central government.. and "On Demand currency creation" = controlled by a Central Bank = the Fed.

Crypto is a (((jew))) scam, the next level of ZOG control, to brainwash idiot Goyim into not adopting a system that has worked for TENS OF THOUSANDS of YEARS: GOLD.

232c53  No.12766083


>crypto is an opportunity for us to do the same.

Crypto is an opportunity for the JEW to control the world.. they already control the internet, the US government and the fed.. the next step is to abolish CASH and control all transactions. Is is any wonder than socialist shithole (((Sweden))) is already trying to ban cash?


b70905  No.12766108

Is this still worth investing in? Would have figured that time had passed.

232c53  No.12766114


>Gold is shit, unless you got a gun or ways of avoiding cops/mobs,

What an idiotic argument.

Crypto is far easier to steal than cash or gold, as seen

in the many examples listed in this thread of billions of shitcoins stolen each year.

If i know you have crypto, i can take it away or make you give it to me BY FORCE, just like i can take cash or gold away from you. Try harder (((Jew)))

b9d8d2  No.12766846

File: 5f34a0d08fbfeb5⋯.jpg (32.41 KB, 720x736, 45:46, mmmgrayons.jpg)


>A minority of users are dumb and can't secure their coins properly, therefore bitcoin is less secure than gold.

Crypto-illiterate detected. The best secured crypto will always be harder to confiscate than phyzz. Period.

7956c3  No.12766932



This is opposite to crypto things.

2b492a  No.12766956


>If i know you have crypto

This is where problems already starts. Every dumb nigger can find gold under your pillow.

a20884  No.12767688


>Once oil runs out, the party is over.. no more power hungry server farms, no more internet.

Humans in 2100 are not gonna run out of fuel and just say

>"oh well better get used to living in the 1700s again"

we would find an alternative, there is too much money to lose with the end of electricity and the internet. Our entire world runs on these two techs at this point, youre telling me when something is gonna threaten it all 7 billion + humans are just gonna hold their dicks/tits in their hand and do nothing? Youre fucking retarded

Electricity is the future of humanity and we are going to consume more energy at an exponential rate

>Humanity has gotten this far with currencies based on precious metals

Humanity also got pretty far without cooking their food with fire before eating it, that doesnt mean it is a bad idea to use fire

a20884  No.12769998


1a185a  No.12777846

>not buying guns, food, gold, crypto, in that order

8ecfbb  No.12777848

File: 20b06f3d59618cd⋯.webm (7.2 MB, 250x140, 25:14, The_Piper_Report-_Hitler_….webm)



232c53  No.12779779


In the meanwhile…. this is what happens to crypto idiots and their money

Quadriga's Collapse Cost One Canadian Software Engineer His Entire Life's Savings


353718  No.12796944


>Why I really started this thread is to actually discuss how/pol/ can use this means of circumventing traditional banking systems.

Bumping for more of this idea

9dd373  No.12802342


Monero and using your own networks like bisq.network.

Training the normies on how to use it.

4ee18b  No.12802435


I like this idea anon.

8a1c98  No.12802469


Thorium and other like nuclear power keeps the grid going. You dont need a huge farm to compet

.t phoneposter

4ee18b  No.12802511


The problem is we are not engineers nor builders yet.

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