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File: 62dd1ba648cf9da⋯.png (651.8 KB, 779x883, 779:883, yakub.png)

File: 21d2ba26ef68799⋯.png (88.18 KB, 1192x646, 596:323, kang_explains_dogs.png)

bc05e5  No.12621464

Some blacks believe that dogs came into existence because Whites mated with apes to try to "get their melanin back". Pic related.

This is by far the most absurd kang theory I have ever come across, but it isn't the first time I've heard that they have strange legends about Whites having mated with other animals. Apparently some believe that Whites are part wolf, and that that is why we treat dogs well.

Note how the first comment in the screenshot the kang is mystified as to why White people treat dogs well and consider animal suffering to be a bad thing.

Anyone have any stories about weird things blacks believe about Whites? I'm pretty sure that in Africa, most blacks believe that things like electricity are magic and that White perform secret rituals to keep the lights on.

bc05e5  No.12621475

File: 435205586c50d36⋯.png (110.88 KB, 1973x599, 1973:599, kang_explains_dogs.png)


That screenshot cut off the text somehow. Here's a better version with the full text.

a0bec4  No.12621489

Africa is a continent full of many countries and many different peoples.

f05731  No.12621490

File: 9f0756bc292e99f⋯.png (227.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, couldnt save this smile.png)

It's cute how they think they're people. They're like little birds staring at a computer screen, and they have their bird ideas, but they'll never really understand reality.

c12720  No.12621535

>cracka invented homophobia to keep queer poc down

>honkey invented faggotry to degenerate black family structure down

aea5b7  No.12621545

File: 69e5024d87af9a2⋯.png (56.08 KB, 636x486, 106:81, White supremacists make ni….png)

f4e662  No.12621561

File: 37ad321f28ecbd6⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 37ad321f28ecbd69bb487c44ec….jpg)


I'm pretty sure Tariq Nasheed is the nigger version of a shitposter. But Poe's Law is strong with that one so who the fuck even knows.

59c116  No.12621563

shit thread

4fa426  No.12621591


>Niggers are so fucking stupid and savage that they believe being kind to animals is a sign that you are half of that animal.

Niggers aren't human nor are they animal. They are something less, even minerals have more value.

45d0ad  No.12621670


All of whom are dark-skinned, low IQ, and simultaneously hate Whitey while also demanding the right to live in his countries.


9f63a1  No.12621676


How is this any different from conspiratorial thinking? Like nogs don't engage in speculation even if their musings don't well describe what more intelligent people take to be the available facts. This is a thinly veiled "lol niggers" thread. Get up to something useful, kid.

8c86e8  No.12621735

File: 8cbfb8f3c8fc4f0⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 364x470, 182:235, old-woman-pistol-on-white-….jpg)

niggers really are children

to humans, yakob's head up there would indicate a severe, probably terminal, illness.

to niggers, big haid mene him smart!

9e94cf  No.12621777

File: ba53c40d8df650f⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 384x512, 3:4, CnaQdwlWIAAX3_x.jpg)


Dat lil' nigga goan be one smaht muddafukka, you falla me?

2c973d  No.12621812

File: 6bf3d8273b14110⋯.jpg (143.68 KB, 696x1024, 87:128, 5c181ff055151d85977135507e….jpg)


Is it possible to acquire this power? Is it possible to make black men exclusively fuck trannies so they no longer will reproduce? I for one am willing to make the sacrifice, and fuck as many thicc mixed bitches as needed, as long as they hate basketball, do this because they want to spite niggers, and get their tubes tied. And also frequently dresses up as a maid. Taste vanilla, and you can't go back to a gorilla.

Do not forget my noble feat of guerilla race warfare.

661dfe  No.12621830

Does OP also care what a squirrel outside his window thinks? Fucking niggers lol.

9a3c40  No.12621838

File: 1d67b7c6c532738⋯.jpg (228.59 KB, 425x264, 425:264, checks.jpg)


Niggers are ewige children. It wasn't Egyptians, Europeans, or the Jews who taught them to love slavery and welfare, but their own dirty, nigger genes. They're a whipped and matriarchal tribe, and our forefathers condescended to raise them properly, because of the over-weened contempt for nature at the center of their Enlightenment and Modernist worldviews. Left in his land to his own wits and deeds, the nigger is a porch monkey at best, or an all-destroying plague bearer at worst.

c3bca6  No.12621844

Men do not care about the thought processes of monkeys, reddit.

de3ab1  No.12622179

0b598b  No.12622194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I doubt he believes a word of what he says, but his followers certainly do. He's pretty much the nigger version of Jared Taylor, his wife apparently has jew ancestry too.

5a3e04  No.12622345


>Sid posting

f58032  No.12622427


I cried a little when i read your post and saw the picture. I Haven't cried in years. That sile, man… the feels.

95287a  No.12622435

File: daf79ff3d64abcb⋯.jpg (342.93 KB, 805x439, 805:439, niggers, crica 1860s.jpg)


It goes a long way back too.

20e71d  No.12622541

File: d10d651b8b8e87a⋯.png (545.63 KB, 700x693, 100:99, they call me peanut arbuck….png)



000000  No.12622641

Nigger hate thread? But anyway I have seen several instances on social media of blacks holding up bottles of melatonin and claiming that it's melanin extracted from niggers so we can get pyramid power and become black. Not just one instance of this, several instances. That's good humor.

000000  No.12622654

It's just further proof niggers are subhumans when they hate man's best friend the doggo so much.

9e94cf  No.12622661


Niggers built papyrus gliders of huge proportions and launched them from the tops of pyramids and then soared into the jet stream with them that carried them naturally in their currents to The Aztec and Inca empires in the New World. When they got there they taught the indians to build their own pyramids and showed them powerful medicine. They showed them how to build their own gliders from papyrus harvested from Lake Titicaca and then launch them so they could all sail back and forth around the world long before the wicked wite men showed up to ruin it or steal it all from the wise kindly niggers.

9e94cf  No.12622664


Dogs naturally hate niggers because

1. They stink

2. They're murderous threats to master

3. They're black niggers.

cd1d2c  No.12622672

File: 2919634e1af2a0f⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 220x202, 110:101, 220px-terry_davis_2017.jpg)

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, .jpg)

File: 7709f1443a92aa3⋯.jpg (226.25 KB, 468x589, 468:589, 1505522439704.jpg)

File: a0dd74f7fa0daab⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 637x342, 637:342, a0dd74f7fa0daab22e32a0fc35….jpg)

File: 6374bc9df65134a⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


2019 is year of the TempleOS desktop

e07c5d  No.12622697


>niggers have an inability to understand that a dog is a boon to hunting and survival while they being hominids are just competition to our evolutionary niche as hominids

Polite sage. Love a good nigger hate thread but I think there are more productive threads going on right now.

737dbc  No.12622703


Loads of fucking 'monkeys' in the Caucasus mountains; those things are everywhere.

69f87f  No.12622897


how the fuck do you explain the outliers then? I can only guess that environmental pressures create spontaneous mutations that are so extreme its basically like a next evolutionary step, missing link type phenomenon. There is such an obvious disparity between the subhuman black majority, and the high IQ black that they are almost a seperate species, so rare are they.

000000  No.12622999


Never seen a black IQ outlier. I guess it does not exist.

000000  No.12623005


Blacks believe everything. They are like liddle children. Thats why jews love them as slave race mixed with ours. Dumb enough to get ruled by iron force. Not smart enough to comprehend.

Blacks could be OUR best allies, when we wake them up, who is really to blame.

Do not fight battles that can be avoided. Try to turn the weapons that are projected at us. That is the smart way.

544d77  No.12623050

Just go on black twitter or Instagram. Tons of hoteps who believe whites are genetically engineered cave monkeys.

000000  No.12623082

>>12621464 (pattern checked)

> Apparently some believe that Whites are part wolf

Post screencaps for great lulz.

We could have some fun with the niggers and the furries here.

Of course it would make much more sense to say the albinos mated with wolves, producing both dogs and Whites, but these are KANGZ we're talking about here. I don't think they understand biology… kek

544d77  No.12623124


Didn't he get BTFO by Jared Taylor in a debate?

262963  No.12623144

b639a7  No.12623154


> thought processes

there is none, they just sprout random nonsense

b639a7  No.12623162


Btw niggers seem to completely lack analytic abilities, just look at the endless videos of them charging police and get shot, they act surprised every time.

0c3567  No.12623453


I regret that our ancestors removed slavery

7b4f65  No.12623454


So funny when the actual legends say Cain was turned black as part of his curse for being the first murderer

422364  No.12623477


I regret that the jews brought over nigger slaves

69f87f  No.12623507


what about the colored gentleman on the supreme court?

c1a165  No.12623534


what the fuck

134b39  No.12623612

File: 248b583bd4aa1ea⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, dwightyork.jpg)

You really need to read up on Neuwabianism in order to understand the core of the matter.

Dwight York, the founder of Neuwabianism was a notorious child rapist and swindler…some consider him to be one of the most prolific child rapists of all time. He used this anti-white religion to fulfill all his desires. Everything that Janet Reno purported David Koresh to have done and was proven ultimately not to have done, Dwight York did and then some. The pyramid on his compound was evidence of the scale of his scheme. There ought to be a thread on this guy. You just don't know how bad Neuwabianism is, until you encounter a present-day Neuwabian, who swears by York's crazy teachings. They rarely share their beliefs with outsiders, but when they do, you understand the level of crazy. One I knew explained that whites are an assassin race, created by the immortal black's race, that whites, as expendable drones, have lifespans programmed to terminate at 65 years old while blacks have no definite life span. The story goes that the whites got out of control and overthrew their black masters.

What make York's convoluted disconnected set of teachings so dangerous, isn't so much the content, but the practice of them, and their popularity and prevalence in modern pop culture. Many high dollar rappers are disciples of the guy, to this day.

"When he [York] was finally indicted, state prosecutors literally had to cut back the number of counts listed — from well beyond a thousand to slightly more than 200 — because they feared a jury simply wouldn't believe the magnitude of York's evil.… [It] is believed to be the nation's largest child molestation prosecution ever directed at a single person, in terms of number of victims and number of alleged criminal acts." Bill Osinski's book Ungodly: A True Story of Unprecedented Evil (wiki Dwight York)

ffd34d  No.12623629


All niggers are pansexaul and this faggot is just projecting his faggotry.

9e94cf  No.12623639


I keep hearing that nigger football players fuck each other up the ass in the showers but don't think this makes them gay. They regard it as just "joking around" when there's no bitches around to fuck.

A white guy in the CFL told me this

A white nurse who was a nigger fucking pig told me this also right after she'd dumped her American nigger CFL player boyfriend that was fucking her.

364582  No.12623696

File: 618954e6f76cd96⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kekandasmile.jpg)


This originiated with NOI. It is muzzie subversion. Muzzies hate dogs. NOI is the biggest subversion outside of zionism. NOI started right after the Civil War.

NOI thinks that white people were bread by evil scientists. Hence the "white devil". That's where that comes from.

NOI is an evil and seditiotious organization, like zionism. They are like 2 vipers fighting for territory under a rock.

Make like St. Patrick and kick them out.

003f4a  No.12623776

I'm white and I hate mayonnaise

a17ec8  No.12623803


This. I've read some paper about how estrogen in blacks is higher on average than whites and that's why they behave like overpowered women.

a17ec8  No.12623807


You can't make some someone once they're out of the womb. They're faggots from the start.

a17ec8  No.12623811


*Can't make someone gay

cacdb0  No.12623850


Most "High IQ blacks" are, of course, acting, having their material fed to them by whitey, or both.

2cab64  No.12623877


I would pay to see him slap a nigress with that giant mutant hand

151875  No.12623885

File: c4bd0abb3321fff⋯.jpg (203.29 KB, 915x1144, 915:1144, >tfw he brought the averag….jpg)

251e51  No.12623887

File: 674a0c0b71c207c⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FarmEquipment.jpg)


yall crackas cant compete wit da Big Black Cranium

151875  No.12623902

File: b3082ac7eeda998⋯.png (219.7 KB, 657x471, 219:157, 64 Dededes.png)


Thank you, Mr. Sakurai

c76f22  No.12623914

The worst crime Jews committed was bringing niggers to the new world and enslaving them.

78c467  No.12624299


>What is affirmative action?

6e596e  No.12624372


There are whites that actually do treat their dogs better than people and its degenerate as fuck.

>fur babies

>lol im a fur mom

this is a red flag that shes retarded, is probably on hardcore birth control and has dumped all of her feelings of raising a baby into a stupid animal. Nothing about this is normal, "dog people" happen when they give up on healthy relationships with their family/friends or not being willing or able to have children. And yes, that nigger also makes a very good point that too many whites value saving a dog over another white person. Go to any video on jewtube showing a dog being mildly abused and there are tens of thousands of comments probably mostly from whites seething with anger, the kind of anger they SHOULD have when a nigger hurts a white women. The thing white people did ages ago when they still had some racial pride. Video about a white girl falling out of the back of a truck and possibly being dead? LOL bitch deserved it! White woman being slapped by a nigger? LOL bitch deserved it! Right? Is this normal to you?

d3644c  No.12624427


>conflating crazed spinsters, coal burners and dog owners


93e358  No.12624435


>black people



a306c0  No.12624438


Ya fucked up. Dogs are man's best friend. Women don't enter into this. However your woman should have the European love for animals that makes us human.

5a7895  No.12624721

Who cares what niggers believe? They are literally retarded.

4e0d83  No.12627813


>trick hypersexual box noods to have sex with anything that moves

Something tells me some embarrassing pictures of Tariq are going to pop up on the internet in the near future

4e0d83  No.12627820


Lol Tariq, those aren't trannies, those are regular black women in all their Toxic Avenger Hair Chemical glory

bc05e5  No.12627882


What the actual fuck. This definitely needs a thread dedicated to it, how have I never heard of this giga-pedo nigger before?


Got any more info on this or links to Nation of Islam teaching that weird shit?

c0f579  No.12627921


Clarence Thomas is unironically the most right-wing surviving SCOTUS Justice, and before that he was second only to Antonin Scalia. If you believe America has any judicial salvation at all, then you have to throw your hat in with Thomas. That's non-negotiable.

6d8eda  No.12630871


daily remember, not all nogs are crazy

5b0d11  No.12630952


an inferior race looking for excuses to feel good about themselves.

242353  No.12631056

File: 5bfa9f52bdbfeba⋯.png (268.91 KB, 500x581, 500:581, BasedBlack.png)


>daily remember, not all nogs are crazy


da761c  No.12631119


In Africa the Blacks call White people "older brother". Except the Zulu.

Everyone hates the Zulu. Did you know who's doing the killing in South Africa? Zulu.

1e52ec  No.12631190

File: dd6af1bab8471b0⋯.png (502.92 KB, 620x797, 620:797, ClipboardImage.png)

File: af6fd3d4b1fed1f⋯.png (100.92 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5469f4216975f5⋯.png (508.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



The White American Dream is about getting rich.

Whites did not have to work for anything.



Blacks Constant Excuses why Blacks cannot achieve, even with all the AA organizations that assist.



859f2f  No.12631192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That falls into line with Nation of Islam theology, when the Albinoids were banished from Mecca to the caves of Europe for 2000 years. Nowadays NOI apparently teaches that various TV, anime, and video game characters are based off of real black aliens.

ff3796  No.12631195

>Weird things blacks believe about Whites

Black people believe white people are more likely to be child molestors and serial killers when the statistics show that a larger proportion of black people are in fact serial killers and child molestors. The actual difference is that when a white kid gets molested its plastered all over the news media. Nobody cares that some ugly niglet got diddled so the story doesnt spread.

7e1d7a  No.12631210

File: 6190b55668f8f82⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.91 KB, 640x480, 4:3, terry.jpg)


you weren't supposed to look inside that folder

It was for diana's eyes only

b84074  No.12631812


I have seen several instances on social media of blacks holding up bottles of melatonin and claiming that it's melanin extracted from niggers so we can get pyramid power and become black.

Post it, please. I need a good laugh.

cd7009  No.12641772


That nigger does have a point though, haven't you ever been to a Petco? Or they don't have those in Tel Aviv?

000000  No.12642083


Some anons were experimenting on that. Here's an archive for it https://archive.vn/Gn3C9 #11822804

They used raceplay, purification, beautification and other various degenerate porn fetishes to fuck with people on social media. One anon talked about post fag porn where a black male was raw dogged by white faggots.

000000  No.12642096



CTRL+F this post number (11827225) in the archive to find a central post for further research and info

000000  No.12642106




CTRL+F this post number (11851704) for the guide.

045891  No.12642108



045891  No.12642113


its real


838f63  No.12642150


that's normal. the only animals niggers managed to raise properly are fleas and headlice.

they don't see themselves as masters of the creation,despite them telling the contrary.

838f63  No.12642161


sauce pls.

957ad5  No.12642270

File: 9b2a5ea4da0ef6e⋯.webm (5.03 MB, 484x272, 121:68, 9b2a5ea4da0ef6e8fbf580e5f….webm)

bc1a54  No.12642277


Wtf? I love niggers now!

838f63  No.12642483


no, it's not muzzie subversion. you know that while clearly being shitskins, people who actually matter in islam would be considered white, hence evil, by NOI standards.

it's nigger fairytales. another form of cargo cults. a way to justify their lack of history, heroes and accomplishments.

9a3c40  No.12642493

File: 0a1b9d28c4ef674⋯.jpg (127.63 KB, 768x1008, 16:21, 0a1b9d28c4ef674d9faaeb8760….jpg)


Do you need to ask? He's a nigger.

112c4c  No.12642507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12643543


I hope he's in peace now.

c4185a  No.12652555

File: 6ab2ab77242d1ba⋯.png (270.98 KB, 643x974, 643:974, naacp-earthquake_sign_raci….png)

Earthquake warning signs are racist.


aeef2a  No.12652582

File: 8fc2231ade892b5⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 392x300, 98:75, 25193944569.jpg)


>Cain, you tink I no see you, you bush-nigger eh?

af0b7c  No.12652604

File: 6372b4304b0f71a⋯.jpeg (96.5 KB, 576x562, 288:281, AE5E8BB8-C29A-4E64-A928-4….jpeg)


>polite sage

God damn I love this board

8ed3f9  No.12652605

What the fuck does this jidf slide thread have to do with anything? There are still people actively plotting to turn humans into slaves. There are still literal slaves. The average pol user has no say in anything in the world. Even if it's just a few million who want us all dead, they still work daily to prepare for the day when they can eliminate every single one of us. Part of their work includes brainwashing billions of humans to die for federal reserve notes, and at the right price they would give up free thought forever and then kill every single one of us. Nice important thread though you useless parasite.

8ed3f9  No.12652608


As far as pr goes, the anti zog enslavement movement is a few tiers below Hitler. You are losing the war. Let's discuss some weird trivia though hehe I'm a pussy fuck hehe you can not, you can not, you CAN NOT give an alternative thought in public without getting swarmed by literal zombies, but let's discuss useless shit!

fff026  No.12652609

File: cafa3ed8f0dca18⋯.gif (863.91 KB, 160x270, 16:27, laughingmotherofdragons.gif)


Holy shit that's hilarious.

c24121  No.12652632

File: dd11ed24cee891e⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1548x2592, 43:72, bible on niggers.png)

File: 3c5bc20d37524f3⋯.jpg (173.09 KB, 640x482, 320:241, a nigger mind.jpg)

File: 67774ffe74c5f8d⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1152x1008, 8:7, monkeys are smarter then n….png)


Why waste time with retarded nigger ideas this the same subhuman people who believed in a hood leprechaun ==The same niggers that never invented anything== and only concept of progress for a cave monkey is stealing from someone better then you , the same niggers that didn't use the wheel until Europeans made them use it in the 18th century, niggers still eat each other. Niggers are also very gullible and you can get them to believe anything because they don't have thoughts of their own.

The reason why niggers look like monkeys is because they are a subhuman species that mother nature has been trying to kill off after it was proven murder and rape is a retard tier evolutionary strategy, with aids being their prize and Whites just need to stop feeding them. Subhumans negroes are destined to die off in the next few hundred years if you read about the rapid biological mutation thats happened with aids and several other diseases that niggers are the most susceptible too, niggers have already spread drug resistant aids for instance more then they could possibly reproduce and more then any Western countries could handle combined. We are going to be seeing a biological pandemic from mother nature going full force against niggers for the next few centuries that the only thing humans can do to stop it is segregate them away because its already started in Africa.

Any of Earth's intelligent species would be better suited to live in human society then a nigger would and when niggers die off it could be explored.

50e2bc  No.12652641


>high IQ black

>so rare

Rarer than a unicorn, you glorious winged faggot.

b517f1  No.12652660


>that expression

conan with a pistol in south africa

c24121  No.12652661


Honestly it seems non-white women expect to be degraded by White people because they know they are superior but never are oppressed so they start to crave it after being told Whites could oppress them when ever they want for so long. Non-white women lust like no other for White men that they have White only breeding donor clinics.

Look up the forums for White raceplay

Its all non-white women posting with pictures and a sign looking for White men compared to non-white ones just filled with trannies and faggots that larp as women.

a83462  No.12652687


Trips say the freemasons will be complaining next.

5e42f9  No.12652718


I didn't believe it, but it's legit.


27d699  No.12652758


The dog part is correct. I love my doggo more than I love most humans.

7c1d83  No.12652856

File: 15fdb350058e0b4⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 243x310, 243:310, 360_no_scope.gif)


yea and blacks believe that they can cure there AIDS by fucking virgins.

niggers are retarded.

7c1d83  No.12652858


he also got blown the fuck out by tommy sotomayor.

aa1a20  No.12652863


>by fucking virgins.

by fucking babies you mean….what are you some nigger apologist?

ba523c  No.12652880

File: a5067d383fd079c⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 236x236, 1:1, f90ce21396c824aadff04e19f5….jpg)

899768  No.12653549



I can't find it but there's a black power we wuz kangz forum that has a whole thread talking about that hypothesis. They say we smell like dogs and dogs obviously smell like dogs, they say we reproduced with wolves and that's why dogs bark at black people.

ff9550  No.12653580


One would hope those babies are virgins. Unfortunately that's probably not the case for long.

cfeba7  No.12653767


Every fucking thread on every chan has you people saying the thread shouldn’t exist. Go bump ones you like and fuck off instead of wasting your time posting.

b4d38a  No.12653775

File: 38985f8169d3d57⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 861x989, 861:989, 1543099441477.jpg)

3c1a2e  No.12653785

I don't think it's unreasonable to value animal life and wellbeing over that of humans, considering humans as a species are generally worthless, deceitful and destructive. By comparison, most non-human vertebrates are at least capable of reciprocating human (read: white) compassion.

d9d275  No.12653955

All white folks are well off. All of them. Even though American niggers are the richest niggers in the world (thanks to just happening to live off the richest country in the world that produced its wealth thanks to decades of white labor) and have more wealth and opportunities than someone in say Eastern Europe or hell, poor white Appalachian coal miners in America itself. It's no wonder the few niggers with brains in Africa itself are highly resentful of basketball Americans, being all like "you have all this shit around you yet you complain instead of using it".

cd4384  No.12654091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I lived with niggers for some time. They think that white people are aliens that come from Mars. They think this because we have the RH "god gene" or some retard shit. These particular niggers do psychedelics and watch alot of that spirit science shit, so they are particularly "get woke go broke" kinda niggers

their tiny brains and their tiny ideas arent really worth a whole thread, but there you go. .

000000  No.12654645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0ae3c5  No.12655319

>whites mated with apes

Ya they're called mulattoes and quadroons, which is what most of these people are anyways.

Interesting that they think we're part wolf though. I think there is a great affinity between whites, especially nordic whites and the wolf. Dogs have been our best friends since before written history, and greatly enhance our ability to hunt. In a way, we brought dogs into the 'human pack', something we never did with nogs.

2d1285  No.12655436


I've heard some batshit insane stuff before but goddamn. Hebrews are acended masters and humans are mentally female originally until martians came who were mentally male because they used only logic but were greedy and fought senseless wars that destroyed mars. Just fuck, 13 minutes in and I'm tapping out.

a921f1  No.12655471


Blackness is the direct cause of all technology.

57f35e  No.12655479


It's true. Whites are too merciful.

5a7895  No.12655511

Crazy shit ITT

5a7895  No.12655672


No. The worst crime was leaving niggers here after slavery.


That probably wasn't Whites. That would be kikes. They have a history of sexually molesting slaves and still do it in occult groups.


Checked. Meanwhile, no one gives a shit when Whites get fucked. Stay classy, oven-dodgers.


lol newfag

c3f38e  No.12657846


If there is one thing niggers are deeply afraid of it is forests, and the animals that dwell there are part of that. Wolves also instinctively hate niggers due to their sulfur sweat, and niggers fear wolves because they have no shared empathy, and the wolf has no respect for niggers.

Also craziest thing I ever heard a nigger say was that whites came from interbreeding with wolves because both like rare meat and anal sex. No joke.

9bcf8e  No.12657876


this is amazing, this is what he tells himself as he takes it in the ass from his boyfriend

18bb09  No.12657889


>There are whites that actually do treat their dogs better than people and its degenerate as fuck.

Believe what you want, but know this: the maltipoo that is currently lying by my foot has never hurt my feelings, made me wish I was dead, or betrayed me on any level. He loves me like no one else, and he's the only one who will listen to me or do what I tell him to do. He's never been accused me of faking my chronic depression, he's never disappointed me, and he's never withheld affection from me as a punishment. Humans are shit. Dogs are love.

9bcf8e  No.12657895


he was mostly talking about women replacing their real kids with dogs, dogs are great companions

2363d2  No.12669173


Yo this guy is at ADX Florence. Literally only political prisoners and the baddest of the bad wind up at this blacksite.

cacdb0  No.12669202


This would make a fucking hilarious redpilled superhero comic. Especially if you could disguise your / it's powerlevel and sell it to niggers. Put that welfare money back in your own pocket.

d03c46  No.12669269


Rest in peace Terry.

82c659  No.12669573


Holy shit that's funny.

6b6d68  No.12669581

Niggers hate dogs and snakes at least as much as they love chicken

965029  No.12669583

File: a7dfdd6435ca460⋯.jpg (539.31 KB, 2008x1082, 1004:541, dr_doom.jpg)

8b8b6a  No.12669584


They are part right. Some (((hwites))) will be after their blackness so they can blend in and control them from within. But actual whites dont care.

6b6d68  No.12669617

File: 835e1cb6cba946f⋯.png (167.49 KB, 330x291, 110:97, 835e1cb6cba946f97bf25908ea….png)



We could not handle the african sun that's why we showed up on a few dozen boats and took over their entire continent for hundreds of years

82c659  No.12669620




This is really interesting, thanks anon.

000000  No.12669727


6fc59d  No.12669772

File: a53a552ad03baa7⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 500x333, 500:333, a53.jpg)



4896f9  No.12669792


>when we wake them up, who is really to blame.

Delusional. You clearly don't understand just what savages they are.

000000  No.12669851


NP. I run a successful subversion sub on Reddit now. Tons of black chicks into this cuckquean shit and race apology crap where they feel like the black race is a blight and they're only good for YT's dick. Fuck ton of none white girls into harem play too where they exist only for some white guy's dick. It's fucking disturbing but shows how degenerate shit can fuck with people and control them. I find the S&M play aspect kind of hysterical where a bunch of minority chicks have some sick fantasy of washing and caring for a supposed white mistress to ensure she gets knocked up by a their master's white dick.

385408  No.12670182


What's it called?

e2c24b  No.12670299

Why do black conspiracy theorists worship melanin so much? It is literally just a pigment that mitigates sunburns.

How can they believe the mysticism they've created surrounding a chemical that they didn't even discover?

ce8942  No.12670377

i want to talk to one of these retards and be asked why do you treat animals well to which I'll reply, why do we treat you well

2763e2  No.12670395

I think you guys should start a new thread called weird shit kikes believe about goyim.

For example jews believe goyim are animals not humans created by god to serve them.

Discuss and contribute.

048680  No.12670424

all this black supremacist shit is kike subversion that's using the negro's insecurities and resentment against whites.

628f44  No.12670442


>Why do black conspiracy theorists worship melanin so much? It is literally just a pigment that mitigates sunburns

>expecting idiots to understand biology

c700ff  No.12670566


unironicaly this.

fags are everywhere.

000000  No.12672104


>What's it's name

Anon are you a shill or fucking retarded? This is how people get doxed or get their fun killed.

aebae8  No.12673467


Right, I forgot this place is (((supervised))).

82c659  No.12678350


It's interesting that so much of this can be used to even greater effect against others. I firmly believe it's difficult to sort out our pattern recognition abilities between real and digital. Must be even tougher with room temperature IQ/poor reasoning abilities.

Honestly, they're already pretty submissive and sad creatures when not in groups.

I'm thinking about putting a new spin on this by putting natsoc/paleocon men as an ideal while transferring the same limp-wristed faggotry of the left on all leftist groups.

000000  No.12678410


yeah, we da jooz nao

73e908  No.12678445


the real question is where are the afro-centric imageboards and forums

i wanna have some fun tbh

i remember one way back in the ebola-chan days and it was lulzy, but i think its gone now

73e908  No.12678462


>This originiated with NOI

this has some truth i believe

even back in malcom X/black panther days, the black movements were much more coherant. but they had competition from these nation of islam fuckers.

so while malcom x was debating GLR, and finding they had more in common than not at least politically, malcom and his boys got fucking shot along with GLR, and eventually the NoI took over in their place

really makes ya think if this was by design, or if the US leaders at the time decided that NoI was a lesser of two evils/easier to control.

im almost certain that if malcom X hadnt been killed, things would be very different than they are now in the states

a65692  No.12678586


This is a treasure, no single video has made me so happy in the last week.

This guy constantly gets things so wrong that I can't help but smile from ear to ear about it because he is training other niggers to think this way, and that will hopefully preclude them from getting anywhere in life.

Sage because screw threads about niggers, we don't need it mucking up our jew studies.

If anything we need a thread about getting niggers to hate kikes, you fucking faggots.

73e908  No.12678610


>If anything we need a thread about getting niggers to hate kikes, you fucking faggots.

i would imagine farrakhan is extremely relevant to this thread. its just no one brought him up yet

a65692  No.12678620


Excellent point. We must use the baste melanoid.

73e908  No.12678639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its more common than you think

look to black communities that are in close proximity to jewish neighborhoods. a great example is brooklyn.

bedstuy, crown heights, flatbush etc…

584298  No.12678651

File: 783838ed5143335⋯.jpg (277.88 KB, 2048x811, 2048:811, Shouldice-hospital-1 - Cop….jpg)

its a most unusual day

584298  No.12678653

File: 6900a34cef6401f⋯.jpg (277.87 KB, 2048x811, 2048:811, Shouldice-hospital-1.jpg)

b56347  No.12678722



This has been proven untrue.

Homosexual molestation of the young is a key component in the higher percentage of homosexuality found among victims.

This is why faggots routinely target the prepubescent, it creates more of themselves.

b56347  No.12678728


>There are whites that actually do treat their dogs better than people and its degenerate as fuck.

Better than what people?

My dogs ARE better than some people, take libtards, for instance…

b56347  No.12678739


You might ad that Clarence Thomas did not utilize "affirmative" action, he didn't need it, he had perfect grades.

THIS is one of the outliers anons were speaking about, itt.

b56347  No.12678756


>Nobody cares that some ugly niglet got diddled so the story doesnt spread.


If a niglet was molested, it's almost always by another nog, so the under-report it as they do ALL nog crime.

Can you imagine if they reported crime equitably? All you'd be hearing about are blacks committing crimes.

So they report every newsworthy crime committed by whites, while redacting a lot of the newsworthy crime committed by blacks, to tone it down, some.

b56347  No.12678783

File: 5badeed879138c6⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 474x316, 3:2, SpearHunting.jpg)


Thing about this scene is, they call the faggots "hillbillies," but what they're really killing are faggots.

That's how they could do the scene and get away with it, by presenting the faggots as hillbillies, which libtarded vermin hate.

If they had just made them faggots, they would have caught unholy hell from a dozen different pro-faggot groups,

1d74ab  No.12678798



My boiiii.

3e2bb8  No.12681724


>Oh man, this sun sure is bright! What can we do? I know, we can migrate a thouand miles away, to a mountain range, because the sun cannot shine on a mountain!

06b262  No.12681746


This. Justice Thomas is proof that good men can be cut from any cloth, and if we're smart we shouldn't close our minds. We also have to remind ourselves that 90% of everything is shit, though, and reserve our good faith and judgement for the few who deserve it - of any sort. This is usually the part where some 17 year old NEET says something along the lines of…

>even if a guy is addicted to crack, rapes babies, and eats people he is HUWHITE and based xD

>ANYONE WHO WONT SAY KILL KIKES IN PUBLIC IS A SHILL btw dont vote guys accelerationism is good

>repubkikes 0 democlaps 1!!

245f88  No.12682390

File: b1d5aa63d5b0176⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.11 KB, 950x1299, 950:1299, PooperTheApe.jpg)

> Whites mated with apes to try to "get their melanin back"

Is this a viable alternative to spending time in the sun? Is pounding the brown enough? I can get behind that.

f587ce  No.12682706

File: 750048c43024016⋯.png (93.2 KB, 1088x407, 1088:407, blacks.png)

theyre just stupid.

watch a compilation of those africanagineers that try to build those utterly retarded flying machines. then realize its their news channels typically covering it, and taking it seriously

4505c8  No.12685668


4505c8  No.12685720


>Make like St. Patrick and kick them out.


57cab1  No.12689202


A friend of mine had some interactions with a member of this cult and told me all about it one day. Pedophilia, pedophilia everywhere.

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