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File: e11e1a35a13c8d8⋯.jpeg (3.46 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, FB955651-BA04-419B-9D08-A….jpeg)

File: 4b3a4012a5e9be2⋯.jpeg (2.02 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, AD28D295-9F64-44C8-A849-8….jpeg)

File: c8fc2d8dde4039c⋯.jpeg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, CB9574B1-F7C9-45DE-9F68-F….jpeg)

7fcbd5  No.12622022

Richanon here, won’t disclose what I do or give out a guesstimate of how much I make, but I will say that I financially support guys like Nick Fuentes and other AF patriots who have the right idea. I’m likely not the only anon who has plenty of fuck you money that can be used for supporting pro-Trump patriots, so if you’re like me, help a fellow white man out and put your money in the right places. If you’re not like me, that’s fine. Work your way to the top of whatever line of work you’re in, get a high salary, keep yourself presentable and likable wherever you are and help contribute to the cause.

Remember that the kikes have billions in fuck you money alone and that in order for us to have a shot, we need to be financially secure and making some serious bank. Don’t give up hope, anons. I know you can do it.

21f659  No.12622028


> Nick Fuentes

Civnat spic? Not were I'd put my money personally, but better than giving it to an outright kike I guess.

65b56f  No.12622041


>pro-Trump patriots

Pro-Trump = anti-White. Stay on reddit.

7fcbd5  No.12622042


He’s paleoconservative and very much white, not a spic. Also the most prominent person within the cause who is still mainstream viable. Invest in those who can help us most.

7fcbd5  No.12622046


Imagine actually believing this. Who supports Trump? It’s mostly whites, anon. If you’re willing to play the political game, you’re going to have to make concessions.

65b56f  No.12622050


>Who supports Trump?

His jewish donors.

7fcbd5  No.12622053


Most Jews detest Trump, anon.

65b56f  No.12622054



7fcbd5  No.12622060

ec1518  No.12622061


<Imagine actually believing this

You don't need to imagine, you only need to observe. It's as clear as day that Trump is a retarded zog puppet.

7d488e  No.12622073


>Work your way to the top of whatever line of work you’re in, get a high salary, keep yourself presentable and likable wherever you are and help contribute to the cause.

means suck jewish dick and compromise your values, losing your soul to the borg. Garbage ass advice. Go jump off one of those tall building from your stock photos plz.

7d488e  No.12622082

Who are these gremlin creeps that ask for money or donations?

If you're going to be a political hack with some shitty website, then at least write shitty books and ask for people to buy your shitty books. Hitler never went around begging people for money.

If you got ur gh3y political website and you ask for DONATIONS or SUPPORT u might as well go out on the street corner and hold up a sign asking for change. U BUM.

7fcbd5  No.12622091


Except these aren’t stock photos. :^)

7fcbd5  No.12622092


Nick is too smart for book writing.

6de794  No.12622093

File: 1a0daf866ed0107⋯.jpeg (73.5 KB, 450x600, 3:4, CorruptRegime.jpeg)


Faggot, the Kikes can decide how much money they have, you will never have enough Jew money to stop the Jews.

pro-Trump? If you don't say pro-white you're a faggot.

>get a high salary, stay presentable

<be a good slave

You're a kike faggot like Trump.

b09357  No.12622097



I bet you sucked circumsised kike cock to get your fancy pants job

Nah just kidding , but seriously go fuck yourself and your money

>brags to neets on /pol/

7fcbd5  No.12622098

File: 3187e28abd5b5af⋯.jpeg (376.5 KB, 1242x1530, 69:85, A91343CF-0380-418C-8DE3-6….jpeg)

/pol/ clearly doesn’t want to win. Shame! I’ll find a better board.

2d7512  No.12622102

gay tourist

6de794  No.12622103


When you name your photos hashes the goyim know.

7d488e  No.12622104



wtf is a nick fuentes?

why are you a wannabe jew?

What does it feel like to work with jews?

6de794  No.12622107


Like all the Jew money in the world can't wash the Jew cum from his beard and clothes, much less his mouth.

b09357  No.12622108


No seriously FUCK YOU JEW

7d488e  No.12622110

0bcfee  No.12622113


His family she doesn't.

b09357  No.12622115



30916b  No.12622129


Even if you are rich, it's fucking irrelevant because you lack imagination. Advising other anons to fight the jew by trying to become rich themselves is exactly what the jews want. You end up playing their game. We're not going to beat the jews on the monetary side, they fucking control the central banks. They print money out of thin air. They get a cut of everything because the system is rigged that way. The richer you get, the richer the jews get for doing nothing.Your imagination for how to fight such a beast is nonexistent. You've been brainwashed by them and you don't even realize it.

9561ce  No.12622135

File: 8cf9d7b0c6f7023⋯.jpeg (386.29 KB, 840x630, 4:3, 554F702E-4A66-44B9-94EE-B….jpeg)


Well, I am a #MAGA activist with a decade of history on my FB page and followers numbering 4500 (but I cannot access my page any longer). I was recognized while working at Merry Maids and was essentially fired on the spot. I am not a housekeeper - I just cannot find a job. It is my belief there is a list that is referred to and my name is on it. I

I moved to Florida in a 16 foot Penske truck and it took all the money I had to get here. I am older, had 3 senior dogs, was a sort of 20 year shut in and then had to sell the house or lose it in foreclosure. So, last place I saw my dad was in Melbourne, headed here. Could not find a place to live, stayed in Motel 6, one of my old dogs died, which I have not yet had time to mourn for, moved to Titusville to rent an 850.00/house. Got robbed while moving in (she took my brief case with laptop, cell, all my paperwork including a passport, old driver licenses, birthcerticate, and my father’s military patches from end of WWII in Air Force as a parachutist (parachutes).

I am a regular on Zerohedge (bunnyswanson) and thanks to my page, I got enough to pay for utilities/storage unit. I have a job interview, I think, but she said she’d contact me toward end of next week. Have art to sell or if you’d like to donate to my cause, I will ship the one you select to you.

Facebook: Wendy Guess-Davis

Zerohedge: bunnyswanson

Twitter: Wendy Davis @babylonideas

Google: Wendy Davis

YouTube: Wendy Davis


I’m just putting this out here. I’ve already been humiliated by my situation. And no, I am not a scammer. I am profoundly depressed and trying to keep my chin up simply because of the dogs. If I had nothing but myself, I think I’d just give up. I believe I was ruined due to activism. But I do not care. If we allow them to gain power, our entire civilization will be faced with an irreversible totalitarianism and all of its oppression for eternity. The children would pay dearly for our failure to stop this.

Anywho, thank you, and Happy New Year to all!!

ec1518  No.12622141

752d9c  No.12622216

>jew gives money to spics


752d9c  No.12622221



Fuck off jew.

7d488e  No.12622230




you got the homeless disease?

go suck dick in the alley if you need money, do not ask for money here.

80992f  No.12622240


>Nick Fuentes


He has spoken out against National Socialism. His involvement in UTR is suspect, considering how he was chaperoned away with other AltKike celebs. Also you need to be supporting Patrick Little who is actually doing IRL activism and running for office.

80992f  No.12622242


Anon….I can take photos of skyscrapers too and places I've vacationed. Doesn't mean I'm a richfag.

9a6279  No.12622262

File: b57540f3276652b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 31.09 KB, 255x199, 255:199, nicks_sisters_stinky_butth….png)

File: bf2b9616620e8f7⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.97 KB, 668x719, 668:719, nicksis.jpeg)

>Nick Fuentes

8e9db7  No.12622265


This is a troll who spams /cow/'s IBS thread.


I think he's trying to use reverse psychology to get us to attack Nick, which is stupid since it is obvious.

If he wants to fuck with Nick, he should just dig up more embarrassing dirt about him, like his sister's dirty butthole and being a racemixing lesbian.

132061  No.12622302


Trump is a con-man, bolstered by Israeli influence and other con-men.

263539  No.12622323

remember when shitthreads like this were deleted immediately

c2f12d  No.12622411


>and my father’s military patches from end of WWII

so your father literally killed natsocs

>our entire civilization will be faced with an irreversible totalitarianism

and what would be the problem with having a totalitarian pro-white nationalsocialist government?

8eefe6  No.12622424

>koch brothers join billionaire shitposting club

8bb72f  No.12622447


There is no movement doofus we are literally demons who enjoy fucking with people.

e8ae4b  No.12622451

Supporting Spic Fuentes is like supporting antifa faggot.

0f5600  No.12622458


Gibs munee nao

49704c  No.12622498

File: cf324e39629c4f4⋯.jpeg (53.27 KB, 621x507, 207:169, 585E975C-1117-4882-B96A-0….jpeg)


Sorry OP but /pol/ has been New Knowledged ,Shared Blue and a shit ton of D&C , Don’t Vote, Blackpilled faggotry .

You can’t even get a End Of year Meme dump thread .

I’ll go wish /b/ a Happy New Year instead

fe5e6a  No.12622505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90b457  No.12622595


>He has spoken out against National Socialism.

And Stormfront bans all mention of Nazism because they don't want to be smeared as Nazis. Your point?

Don't expect people who show their faces regularly to openly champion Nazism, not yet. The time has to be right.

61e5a5  No.12622606


Because National Socialism is literally Hitler, amiright?

you forget where you are, douchebag?

3e5226  No.12622630

All welfare tends to decadency and degeneracy, no matter if public or private.

That's why I only give the finger to hobbos, both IRL and to e-beggars.

Put your money up your ass your findumb paypiggie, keep your sheckles to yourself richfag Shlomo

f3f05b  No.12622824


this is "if you kill your enemies, they win" tier logic.

"if you out earn your enemies, they win"

a87887  No.12622839


You're talking to commie shills, you know.

f3f05b  No.12622844


This is why whites need to have better white networks. Back when Jews were kept on the sidelines- they would run scams and criminal rackets. That's what whites need to learn how to do. If you can't make it legally - why not run a racket? If you have a good team of high IQ people - you can make money. Police in all western countries are overburdened and go mainly for the low hanging fruit. I've been in jail for debit fraud before and 3/4 of the people inside were abos in for stuff like stealing cases of beer, and crackheads that would break into cars, fall asleep inside, and then get arrested. I got arrested only because I did some extremely sloppy stuff, and even then it was basically catch and release. No real serious jail time.

65b56f  No.12622853


This is delusional. The only option left is physical violence. There is no time left to do any of this other shit.

f3f05b  No.12622865


money is the blood of resistance. It has the same utility regardless of how you get it. If you want to start minting AK-47s and buy land to train- you're going to need cash.

f3f05b  No.12622866


you can't do shit if you don't have money.

65b56f  No.12622877



Wake up. We are moving into end game territory where Whites are being physically cleansed and denied in all areas of economic activity. The only way this movement is getting money is the same way the Taliban and ISIS got it: kill the people squatting on it and take it.

f3f05b  No.12622898


>kill the people squatting on it and take it.

What does that even mean? Rich kikes have money in all sorts of offshore accounts, shell companies, and other strange assets. You'd be literally having to out-like the kikes to get to it. Harder than lots of easier rackets that the average waipipo could get into.

65b56f  No.12622912


It means physically taking ground and the assets in/on them, denying it to others with force, and administering it. Exactly like the Taliban.

245e6d  No.12622913


Heh I too was just in Vegas and it looks like I was staying in the same hotel as OP too. Small world

>sage for off topic

30916b  No.12622919


Exactly the response I would expect from someone without any imagination. Just go back to working your cog formula making the jews richer.

30916b  No.12622926

File: e227f780162d299⋯.png (268.87 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 22LR.png)

File: c06e6a9c4c7eabf⋯.jpg (436 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass.jpg)

Reminder to everyone. pic related is what a rich person's life is really worth. They aren't any different from anyone else. Money isn't the metric by which human worth is measured.

d8b662  No.12622933


You are a retard for supporting "fuck the troops" Fuentez. Fuck you!

f3f05b  No.12622946


You're a dumbass. If you make money, YOU get richer. If you don't make money - YOU get poorer. The Jews may be a brain parasite, but they are a separate physical entity from yourself.

c0c5a0  No.12623292


The average socio-sexual value of channers has dropped to retard levels. They cannot stand the pressence of success and argue against the success of others. Then trolls agree and amplify and they begin self-mutilation and cannibalization.

I don't know why I come here anymore. I've scrolled through pages of people that can't think, reading their gibberish. It isn't even funny. They're not having fun. They're jobless and spend all their time pointing and shrieking at whatever triggers them.

1811e1  No.12623357


Don't post that type of stuff here. Enemies will use it against you.

These times are rough for us, but never believe that we're alone. Reclaiming our country was never going to be an easy goal. The fact that so many people are fighting against us indicates that we're aiming to preserve a valuable future. We're close, and we'll make it in some way.


Keep doing what you're doing anon (I think I know who you are), don't listen to the shills here. It's very obvious that they what they're trying to do by coercing you into following "uncucked"/based right wingers who are either jobless (Patrick Little), jailed (David Lane/James Fields), or killed (George Lincoln Rockwell).

Always follow the winners, never the losers. Here's to a New Year! Accomplish goals in 2019, build platforms under the basis of Free Speech, be rich(er), and expand your skilslet.

1811e1  No.12623373


Speak for yourself, tranny

92a3ed  No.12623395



d95a0f  No.12623651


I had a feeling of bait thread from the start but you went too far here n showed your hand mr shekelberg

<few nibbles though.. shameful

752d9c  No.12623678


The US gov gave them pallets of cash many times. Maybe we should just ask for some.

752d9c  No.12623682

If you want an investment that pays a huge return, throw pennies into traffic when you see a jew.

80992f  No.12643097

File: 7f14d58e27aeba9⋯.png (136.03 KB, 1078x600, 539:300, Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at ….png)

(((Nick Fuentes))) loves Israel. So based. Any one of you faggot kike traitors shilling his jew-loving bullshit can die.

b422e6  No.12643154



>He is one-quarter Mexican,[7] from which he derives his Hispanic surname.[8] Fuentes identifies as white, not Latino.[9]

Another white-Hispanic. No thank paco. You have to go back too.

86f694  No.12665166


Are you retarded?

4cf37e  No.12681131


yes, he is. anon, we're still being raided. It happens here whenever there's a major happening in the government. The sharia blue and other shills are relentless but we must keep fighting.

e02e91  No.12681197

>>12622022 (checked for faggotry)

This thread is a prime example of why I moved on to greener pastures non-cucked /pol/, have a bump, maybe the last few NatSoc anons will finally get their shit in gear when your normalfag doublethink eye-rape threads are all first page in the catalog.

dd5232  No.12681230


>t. shitskin on EBT

d7436f  No.12681257


>Being this retarded

The absolute state of /pol/ is thinking just because we agree with an idea that everybody else agrees with it. Associating yourself with national socialism publicly directly associates yourself with 6 gorillion deaths. To be a public figure advocating for whiteness and right wing policies and not denounce NatSoc is to literally crucify yourself.

f65ffe  No.12681271



Nick has 12% Native blood. But honestly, it dosen't matter since he was up front about it and obviously is taking a hit for the team.

If your only 88% then you need to earn it.

4feca2  No.12681305


You unironically support the ironybros? What a waste.

45bbd9  No.12681340




<but fuck that he's less than a quarter spic


84e73a  No.12681383

I've thought about this for some time. If there's enough people with "fuck you" money, why not just buy some property in the middle of fucking nowhere and make a technological wonder-farm with hydroponics out the ass and renewable energy? The main bottlenecks for both of those are arbitrarily inflated costs for the resources to produce and manufacture the materials needed to make them work. Once food and energy are solved, you need only the most basic of materials to make good, livable homes. Suddenly, you have



>water (this one is easy; rainwater collection etc)


from there, we simply expand and create more with viable resources being creating in surplus.

Basically, we should become techno-amish with a wall, of course

9aa989  No.12681518

Fastest way to get the country back to freedom is to make it profitable.

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