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File: e0bf87c0dccfce7⋯.jpg (315.51 KB, 996x966, 166:161, e0bf87c0dccfce7795781e669e….jpg)

f4603a  No.12622089

Some scientific research about a phenomenon known as "Cute Aggression" just showed up on my radar. As I was reading into it, numerous light bulbs started flashing in my head. It explains so much about what we already know about the differences between the liberal and conservative brain. The Amygdala! It is also heavily involved in the reaction to cuteness and is involved in reward processing for behavioral responses. If you have an underdeveloped amygdala, you are more vulnerable to cuteness overload which activates an aggressive response wherein you want to attack, hurt or destroy the source of the cuteness.

I think Cute Aggression warrants some more investigation by interested parties here on /pol/ and elsewhere, I think it can directly compliment some of our strategies going forward. Cute Aggression turns out to be more prevalent in young girls and feminists. I bet you could predict which girls are more likely to become rabid feminists by analyzing their response to cuteness. Why do we get so much flak from leftists and even some people who claim to be right-wing (neocohens, cuckservatives) about using anime avatars and posting anime memes–it's because they have underdeveloped amygdala. Why are most Western cartoons and AAA games so ugly, with the exception of say French cartoons or stuff derived or influenced by Disney classics: because the Jewish producers and art directors tend to become aggressive with cute artwork, they really don't like it. Why do the corrupt leftist and globalist elite partake in child sex trafficking, rape and torture? Why has child vore emerged in Jewish occult practices? Why do Jews run the worst of the hentai and porn industries? Cute Aggression and the brain chemistry involved explains it all.

Even the fact that 4chan started as an anime image board ended up acting as a filter to select for those who tend not to be aggressive to cuteness–it selects for those with normal to well developed amygdala. It explains a large part of why /pol/ and the alternative right emerged from image board culture, the other part of course would be anonymity selecting for INTJ/INTP personality types who tend to score lower on narcissism. It explains why whenever we got floods of new posters from reddit or elsewhere, complaints about anime would always follow. It explains our relative power against leftists on image boards and why /leftypol/ can't seem to grow without bots, as less of them tend to like cute things and hence avoid anime.

Cuteness can be used as a wedge in our strategies. Aversion to anime is a litmus test for the underdeveloped amygdala and the liberal brain. We can use cuteness in our memes and campaigns to attract like minded people into our fold and keep out the unwanted. All of these things we've already been doing inadvertently, but now we have comprehensive theory as to why it works and what we can do to really hit the pressure points. Best of all we can call people out for not liking our anime smugs.

Here's some links to get you started, but by no means is it complete. There's a lot more material available if you search for it. If this gives you any interesting ideas, please share them.

When Too Cute Is Too Much, The Brain Can Get Aggressive


Dimorphous Expressions of Positive Emotion: Displays of Both Care and Aggression in Response to Cute Stimuli


The Affect of Cute Animals on the Human Phsyiology


c35187  No.12622117

File: cb0f9e59d65f40f⋯.jpg (83.92 KB, 468x351, 4:3, selber-machen-leserforum-a….jpg)

Thanks OP.

e17562  No.12622121

File: cb800dd00f039af⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Mega Smug 6 Smug Select.webm)

Japan can not have a standing army of men; so they made one of cartoon girls to conquer America.

6ae922  No.12622136

File: e778a40493389f5⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, ac9310b576.png)

The Goons fear the Anime is a well known slogan on here. Note how SomethingAwful was basically the original reddit where the dawn of internet SJWs and oppression olympics culture began?

088e7f  No.12622154


What kind of psychopath doesn't like cute things? Is this the source of all our problems?

f4603a  No.12622161

From the first link…

>People "just have this flash of thinking: 'I want to crush it' or 'I want to squeeze it until pops' or 'I want to punch it,' " says Katherine Stavropoulos, a psychologist in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Riverside.

>About half of all adults have those thoughts sometimes, says Stavropoulos, who published a study about the phenomenon in early December in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. But those people wouldn't really take a swipe at Bambi or Thumper, she says.

If around half of people are cute aggressive, it explains the left-right split, although the study was done in Commiefornia, so it's biased more to the left. They're probably less than half of the population, maybe closer to 30-40%, across the entirety of America, concentrated in the blue states and counties. It must also explain their aversion to nature and their inclination to live in cities?

dafb95  No.12622164

File: 40b26ac81063fcf⋯.png (387.18 KB, 600x632, 75:79, 1460214055205.png)


kek, this is perfect

cf555e  No.12622165


I can't get your third link to work though. The "See full transcript" button does nothing. I think archive fucked it up.

>People "just have this flash of thinking: 'I want to crush it' or 'I want to squeeze it until pops' or 'I want to punch it,'

>When I see something I think is so cute, I clench my hands into fists.

It's so strange reading about how fucked up other people are. This is like when I read about NPCs not having inner voices at all. The entire concept is just foreign to me. It's as foreign as if someone said they drank sand from a glass.

f4603a  No.12622166


Apparently half of the subjects in the study have an aggressive response to cute things. Unsettling, isn't it?

088e7f  No.12622167



It's insane, but it does explain why the more radical feminists hate anything and everything feminine/cute.

6ae922  No.12622169


>It must also explain their aversion to nature and their inclination to live in cities?

Come on anon, we both know the average weeb isn't some manly man lumberjack outdoors type.

4185a7  No.12622171


The left hates babies and gays hate girls. Just saying Thank God for White Babies would give them a heart attack.

f4603a  No.12622178


>I can't get your third link to work though.

Looks like it doesn't work through the archive site, uses HTML and javascript I think. It's just the slides from their presentation of the research paper. It directly references the "amygdala" which is why I included it.

f22761  No.12622197

File: d001450ebe78ee8⋯.png (869.78 KB, 673x3882, 673:3882, Liberals literally have br….png)

3638bc  No.12622213


I like anime well enough but it's been more of a jail than a liberation for most people.

The jew fears the samurai, they say.

But sitting at home and jerking off to anime is not being a samurai. A samurai goes outside and slashes faggots for his daimyou.

ef7973  No.12622222


Good read. Can’t wait for this to be weaponized.

f4603a  No.12622231


Everything is so lucid now. It all makes perfect sense.

07b3e7  No.12622235

Kill yourself nigger, not your blog.

69a3ea  No.12622246


>What kind of psychopath doesn't like cute things?

Jews. And their allies, the left-minded "people"

088e7f  No.12622253


Admittedly I don't think babies are that cute. I just can't look past the immense amounts of vomit and shit that babies are constantly producing. Children, anime girls, and fuzzy animals are all pretty cute though.

6a3718  No.12622260

File: e359c7ae6e7c56e⋯.png (492.73 KB, 799x600, 799:600, e359c7ae6e7c56e302ada530c8….png)


It's not that bad and it's a woman's job anyway, you gelded cuckling.

ef7973  No.12622261


Underdeveloped amygdala detected.

c4e44d  No.12622267

File: 592b804e1d76350⋯.png (219.38 KB, 408x469, 408:469, aY2VZB5.png)




088e7f  No.12622273


Well then I'll let the women handle it.

28ee90  No.12622288

File: 9eb7a892ec0c266⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 642x642, 1:1, cat pills.jpg)


Yup. There's a lot to unpack here. The juxtaposition of amygdala stimuli to hijack the brain, along with awareness of the hermetic principle of polarity, can push an anon a long way down the road to understanding our memetics and initiation practices.

So the positive evolutionary reaction to cuteness would essentially be linked to Eros, and is a diluted sexual desire. To oversimplify for the sake of brevity, you think girls are cute so that you wont kill them in a primal rage and will keep them alive long enough for them to grow up and bear your children. Cute aggression also serves an evolutionary purpose, but one essentially linked to Thanatos, and would be triggered by excessive interaction with the young of another genetic line, causing a snapping point where the animal slaughters all babies that are not its own, intending to prevent competition with its offspring or itself.

This is all spun on its head by the fact that the jews have been self-selecting for underdeveloped amygdalas for thousands of years to better perform the twisted duties of their Saturn cult, and would have experienced micro-evolution related to this, becoming even more soulless and craven.

Good op, OP

.>>12622222 (checking those sacred pentuple twos)

We are guardians of mystery, anon. Our weapons are everything that exists. :^)

ef7973  No.12622289


Oh shit nice.

301a46  No.12622295

File: 24c5731983dea62⋯.jpeg (19.75 KB, 288x288, 1:1, AnneFrank.jpeg)

File: a0f8421342c72c6⋯.png (128.7 KB, 504x360, 7:5, JIDF.png)

>>12622222 (observed)

Sardonic Jews are nothing new, they have already pulled this trick on our population, forcing r-selection to do so.


Be sure to keep it bitting, woggle-bug.

f4603a  No.12622298

File: b5c3764be90d9ef⋯.jpg (80.14 KB, 708x708, 1:1, 1543659980235.jpg)

d777c7  No.12622303

File: 7a391c1741e071d⋯.png (280.14 KB, 372x539, 372:539, 1511574837682.png)


>Not cutting down faggots in the name of your waifu's honor

0717f4  No.12622309

It is definitely because of the "underdeveloped amygdala" and not because people realize when you post a "smug anime girl" with your post or use one as an avatar that you're essentially masquerading as a female. That, of course, implies you're the worst kind of homosexual. Surely it isn't that people are made less happy by witnessing such faggotry, it's because their biology is bad and they're big libtards who exist only for you to trigger them with your hilarious smug anime girls.

f4603a  No.12622312

File: 338692122f2d64b⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 8fd10b526ea8cbbef3cdcd7263….gif)


Good points. Also checked.

4d5355  No.12622314

File: 7b2b940f545061f⋯.jpg (20.76 KB, 226x299, 226:299, Yukio Mishima.jpg)

Watching anime ≠ developed amygdala

OP is trying to justify his weirdly feminized hobby. The split between cuteness is between men and women. Not between left and right. Anime is escapism to the extent to where some weebs will watch it in subtitles

And any man that like anime should have their masculinity questioned.

<wow itsa goon from plebbit reeeee!

shower me in smug anime idc, faggot

4d5355  No.12622320


omg wtf u plebbit fuktard git off my anime boarduuuuuu!


4ebdf8  No.12622322

File: ab700ea0b5b1540⋯.jpg (40.48 KB, 239x283, 239:283, faggots.jpg)


>defends dubs


No smug anime for you, you're just a twitter nigger with shit taste.

4d5355  No.12622324


>oh boy posting dubs with a post counter in 2019 is something to rave about

eat a bullet.

4ebdf8  No.12622327


I was talking about english dubs in anime, cretin.

c02c3b  No.12622328

Stop reposting garbage from Hacker News you fucking nigger

4d5355  No.12622329


sorry your over developed amygdala along with your over developed breast are too much for me to handle soyboytoy.

f4603a  No.12622331


I would say there's a difference between having an aggressive response when looking at anime and recognizing anime as a degenerate, escapist hobby. You don't need to continue to watch anime regularly while using anime imagery as a weapon, or having anime desktop wallpaper, or posting anime images.

4d5355  No.12622338

File: 9ea5bc7df9e8157⋯.jpg (699.34 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 2342424266345.jpg)


Then why not just post cute dogs? You really think under the scientific analyses anime falls under cuteness? That's assuming a lot, buddy.

01e6bf  No.12622347


Of course you can use anime imagery as a weapon without being a fan of the medium. However, you're underestimating the sheer level of hatred that (((goons))) have towards anything related to anime.

f4603a  No.12622348

File: 007032171210fa0⋯.jpg (168.37 KB, 558x583, 558:583, 6ddc169de6f1f2b2150d54eec1….jpg)


Because anime is the perfect abstraction of cuteness.

3638bc  No.12622355


>Because anime is the perfect abstraction of cuteness.

I wish new artists in the west would draw western things, though.

And I don't mean cartoons.

People like Frank Frazetta have inspired the Japs.

Shouldn't just let that tradition die.

c0b707  No.12622357


It's genuinely hard to watch enough anime to qualify as an "escapist hobby" for an extended period of time. Keeping up with a few shows a season doesn't take much time out of a week.

ef7973  No.12622358


Checked. Thanks for posting.

2ab7c2  No.12622359


>to the extent to where some weebs will watch it in subtitles

Why is that escapism or bad? I haven't watched an anime in years, but I want to learn Japanese for business purposes and so if I ever watch anime, it's in subtitles to pick up the language.

4d5355  No.12622360


<Because anime is the perfect abstraction of cuteness.

>Babies aren't

nice one schlomo

c0b707  No.12622362


Babies are not an abstraction you blithering dipshit.

dafb95  No.12622363

File: 350c9925fd79c3b⋯.png (386.17 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 1459843902047.png)


>[small amygdala liberal screeching]

01e6bf  No.12622367


lel, what a mong.

4d5355  No.12622368


>Why is watching a fictional cartoon escapism

>Learning japanese for business purposes not chinese


ef7973  No.12622372


Babies aren’t an abstraction.

4d5355  No.12622374


>Keeping up with a few shows a season doesn't take much time out of a week.

You sound like a boomer that watches ice-road truckers

4d5355  No.12622382

File: 04ae84ca08ea026⋯.jpg (422.5 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 80f90868b7e82b9da498594010….jpg)


That's not the point. You cannot easily differentiate between people with small amygdala and people who understand anime is a time sink.

Cuteness stimulation is fulfilled by children. Anime is a synthetic replacement (and time waster)

Sexual stimulation is fulfilled by sex. Porn is a synthetic replacement (and time waster)

>Stop masturbating, get married

>Stop watching anime, have children

6ae922  No.12622387

>>12622355 (checked)

>Shouldn't just let that tradition die.

It was killed.

cf555e  No.12622396

File: e8e7c28f428aba2⋯.png (170.7 KB, 431x539, 431:539, 1518864512874-e.png)

So how long before liberals start censoring the word "amygdala" like they did "NPC"?

ee9318  No.12622400

File: 68639638596f5d2⋯.png (946.04 KB, 1400x5552, 175:694, china sucks.png)


>learning chinese

>wanting to get sent to china and deal with chinese for the rest of your life

4d5355  No.12622405


Okay, then learn spainish. Go to spain or any 3rd world shit-hole in the americas

64fc1b  No.12622428



Weaponization 1:

"Did you know that feeling aggressive when seeing cute things is one of the first signs of early-onset dementia/brain tumour/other scary degenerative disease?" Drop this into random comments all over blogs that permot commenting with unverified email and a name.

Weaponization 2:

"Did you know that feeling aggressive when seeing cute thing is a sign of deep-seated bigotry and rage to lash out at minorities?" bonus points for trigger white shitlib who does sometimes feel this way.

c8fcab  No.12622438

File: c1116318fba16e1⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 540x302, 270:151, cooking_with_gas.gif)


Now we're cooking with gas.

f66b85  No.12622439

File: 551bd8724b3304a⋯.jpg (274.66 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 1527687566075.jpg)


Speak for yourself, i can see trees every time i look out of the window.

8a5603  No.12622456

File: 267f22d9bde4165⋯.jpg (104.32 KB, 1024x424, 128:53, kugyuu-characters.jpg)

>Why are most Western cartoons ugly

Because they're drawn by nepotistic reprobates with no talent or passion seeking to emulate the MTV/Heavy Metal aesthetic with cartoony, anthropomorphic characters because they're physically incapable of drawing well - or they're trying to copy the style of, initially low budget, shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons.

The alternative is that they're intentionally drawn ugly or unusual to achieve a specific comedic or visual effect. That is to say it's a conscious choice of artistic style for the purposes of visual storytelling and tone-setting(and in certain instances cost cutting).

The reason nip-toons are "cute" is because their art styles are non-existent, they're almost all derivative down to a very specific formula which can be applied to 99% of all anime. That formula exists because it's meant to appeal to YOU, not children and not the general public. It's meant to appeal to unpopular, socially inept boys and men between their mid teens and late 20s.

The reason they go for "cute" is because it's the best way to appeal to the broadest demographic of lonely young men, more yet it's a way to have them throw money away because they want to posses a part of that cuteness.

It's an effective tool because the lonelier you are and the less affection you receive from the opposite sex the more responsive you are to these stimuli. It's why lonely, long-term single women have a tendency to adopt and pamper up to several pets at a time, purchase toys and plushies. It's a form of emotional fulfillment to fill a hole otherwise not filled by the affection of another human being.

Yes, this does include serial-hoores because, as any serial hoore will tell you, regular sex =/= love, especially when that's done with many, often not well known, people concurrently or in short order.

It's also why "friends with benefits" relationships rarely work out in the long run since one of the partners will invariably develop a strong emotional attachment to the other(sex is, never the less, intimacy).

So, next time you see a cute anime girl and your heart flutters, anon, it's because you feel unloved and your psyche is reaching out as a way to cope and compensate for that.

On the note of anime,it's why I don't like Goblin Slayer. It sells itself like this uber-dark, fucked up show but it's art-style really doesn't reflect this. It looks like every light-novel adaptation out there and the tone and color choice completely fucks with the content in a way that is not positively subversive(ie: contrasting the good you want preserved with the sheer evil you want to protect it from) but just jarring.

>when too cute is too much the brain can get aggressive

I don't know, I've never seen aggressive as in "I want to kill you and eat your eyeballs' I've always seen aggressive as in "I want to hug it and kiss it and posses it". Feminists seem more like the "I want to kill you and eat your eyeballs" types, to be frank.

720479  No.12622460

File: 10f293815fad8cf⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2580x2009, 2580:2009, Cute Aggression, Anime and….png)

2881fd  No.12622465

File: dccfeb22bf18637⋯.jpg (322.43 KB, 1360x1183, 1360:1183, dccfeb22bf186379bcd15fe863….jpg)

That would explain why I keep seeing those into the most degenerate fetishes always end up admitting they are center left to radical left.

9a79b4  No.12622469

File: 5394b42484e72c3⋯.png (521.22 KB, 400x566, 200:283, b2c6f35c3709e7f8cefb70275c….png)

What the??


720479  No.12622470

File: 71486f055774133⋯.webm (730.11 KB, 800x1040, 10:13, 14words.webm)

Right in the feels

4d5355  No.12622476

>>12622438 64fc1b

>>12622438 c8fcab

>>12622439 f66b85

>>12622456 8a5603

>>12622465 2881fd

>>12622469 9a79b4

>(1) post



>(2) post

wow op, there isn't any IP switching fuckery going on here.

sick thread d00d.

720479  No.12622485

File: 593a66936121552⋯.jpg (386.38 KB, 1359x960, 453:320, 1546100760997.jpg)

File: 22cb56a606d5720⋯.png (879.9 KB, 795x390, 53:26, 1544049277953.png)

File: 898553d6746aed6⋯.jpg (98.5 KB, 1080x898, 540:449, 1546100218720.jpg)


make that (3) my dude.

2881fd  No.12622489

File: 0a88019df62e216⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 347x419, 347:419, 0a88019df62e216a77e3d16c04….jpg)


Thread must be onto something to piss off Moshie here so badly.

4d5355  No.12622492


>keep watching anime, don't have children goy

that's right

5f5684  No.12622509

Who the actual fuck watches anime? Cartoons are supposed to be a) comedy, b) political satire, or c) both. They're not supposed to be dramas, romance novels, or anything like that because connecting with a cartoon character on some emotional level is retarded. Maybe you can have a cartoon that is an adventure story like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Lehningen and the Ants, or something like that. You know, a masculine work of fiction where there is a real plot and the characters have to travel somewhere to accomplish some task. 99% of anime is nothing like that. Most anime is like an episode of Melrose Place except it stars 12 year old girls. Anime is shows about nothing.

The only decent anime was Legends of the Galatic Heroes because it was Space Reich vs Space ZOG and the Space Reich won. And even then, half of the shit was about stupid social interactions and the political message was the same tired old "war never changes, everyone loses" which is what you'd expect from a country that got nuked twice. Fucking nips. Stop wasting time drawing gundams and go invent them IRL already.

9a79b4  No.12622515

File: b90d4e7c19cfa97⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 800x723, 800:723, 1545362875652.jpg)



>(You) 9a79b4

>doesn't get the subtle humor

Get the fuck out

c8fcab  No.12622524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


why so butthurt? is it because you've been found out?

8a5603  No.12622528


I'm not sure why you're involving me in that(numero quatro), I don't know how to switch IPs even if I wanted to engage in that sort of thing.

3234fc  No.12622532

We already knew this, OP. Why else would kikes hate anime?

64fc1b  No.12622534

File: 21778499cdb640e⋯.jpeg (5.29 KB, 318x159, 2:1, rachel.jpeg)


>Thread must be onto something to piss off Moshie here so badly.

Wanting to wound animals is a genuine sign of psychopathy.

This is like the test in Bladerunner to show who has a human soul and empathy.

720479  No.12622536


>keep watching anime, don't have children goy

It's impossible with the welfare state, high taxes and predatory divorce laws that benefit small amygdala beings at the expense of big amygdala humans. Besides only big amygdala chads are capable of successfully reproducing and raising kids properly. Small amygdala virgins would just abandon their kids and create more small amygdala children.

f93839  No.12622549


I agree, kids only become cute once they can walk.

3a39c8  No.12622551

File: 2a26e78109f7c4b⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1402028803177.jpg)


This is what happens when your society suppresses informal human interaction. It gets expressed through fiction, but in a twisted, indulgent, degenerative form.

This is informality in the imagination of someone who has never experienced real informality, only sterile interaction within an anthive society.

f93839  No.12622555

File: 9335c95b25ca572⋯.png (580.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Uiharu_Kazari.png)

Is it a scientific fact that Uiharu is the cutest anime girl ever created and I will fight anyone to the death that disagrees.

278607  No.12622569


I'm ok with anime, don't watch anime shows (did checked out a few), but I do like many anime memes.

Anime could not serve as a filter against shitlibs, and such. When posted in serious threads, whether or not it belong in the thread will come up and derail the thread. Even if you actually trigger someone with it, you'll just reply to mock him some more, than he rages more, and the original topic of the thread will not get talked about. Plus anime girls is not exacly safe for work, even if not lewd, you don't want people seeing you looking at thread with them in it. /pol/ nsfw nature should not be abused, and only be used for on topic nsfw material, and the freedom to write "politically incorrectly", you cannot spot a swear word, or someone writing nigger or kike from a meter away on a subway, school or at your office, but you sure as fuck can spot an anime girl, and that will be noted.

I'm not saying you should not use anime images, just don't overuse them, and for them to serve as a filter they would have to be posted way too frequently.

As for the part of cuteness brings out agression from shitlibs and kikes, that might worth being investigated some more, but I also think that is overstated. Could be more like that roasties get mad, because they could never live up to the qualities of a fictional young character, and they get jelous.

3234fc  No.12622583

File: 50ca1e09198cb3b⋯.jpg (222.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1544889544223.jpg)

Cute but dangerous anime girls are best

a87c6f  No.12622609

File: bc300adee5c10ff⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 320x320, 1:1, 1546058181100.gif)

File: 28b300b06c769d4⋯.jpg (20.9 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 2bcfb5e637f93c584f93df3d6b….jpg)





saging isnt a downvote, niggers

df583c  No.12622629


Interesting find and theories OP, thank you for sharing. I’d go even further and say that they hate not just cuteness but also beauty and perfection of form. I don’t have anything to back my theory except anecdotes which I’ll omit here for time but think of how a Greek statue makes you feel. You get a sense of satisfaction and awe looking on something so perfectly proportioned and aesthetically pleasing, I think that some insane SJW type seeing the same statue would get triggered, not in an overt obvious way but like a small, nagging way. Wish I had more to contribute to the conversation than just a bump.

36ca35  No.12622651


Maybe I have it because when I see a grown man post an asian masturbation medium cartoon I want to get violent.

813029  No.12622656

File: 77ee4ce6a370b44⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 640x962, 320:481, FS8Tiss.jpg)


I thought cute agression was just a need to squeesh really hard, not hurt.

For instance, when babushka pinches your cheeks is it cute agression? Is biting your gf cute agression?BDSM?

a87c6f  No.12622665

File: ac82f02c671c6b3⋯.png (404.69 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, JewsHateBeauty.png)

df583c  No.12622670


Wow, I guess my theory wasn’t as flimsy as I thought. Thank you Anon. Saved.

720479  No.12622678


>Is biting your gf cute agression?

From what I remember reading it is an instinct. You bite your woman so it leaves a mark on her so other men can see that she is property of another male. Woman themselves are submissive by nature (instinct) and don't mind the occasional biting and other painful stuff. They actually desire oppression by a strong man that takes ownership over her and provides for her. It is what it is. It is more of a dominance instinct then cute aggression.

fdaa78  No.12622679



that's exactly it, anon

I've being saying so for years: our enemy is psychopathy (this includes all jews)

3ee593  No.12622690

http://www anonymousconservative com/blog/touching-the-raw-amygdala-an-analysis-of-liberal-debate-tactics-preface/

https://www anonymousconservative com/blog/narcissism-and-the-fractured-amygdala/

interesting stuff op, made me think of these (mostly the first link)

014c16  No.12622694


This. Also let's examine how many of them are deviants.

36ca35  No.12622695


Even if its only you im glad to see another person who agrees that anime is escapism. Its a tool to help you ignore your own life.

fdaa78  No.12622710


>I've always seen aggressive as in "I want to hug it and kiss it and posses it".

is that "aggressive"?

7a013c  No.12622715


Yeah, I assume most of /pol/ has at one point or another been familiarized with AC's work. This new stuff about Cute Aggression is another aspect of it.

720479  No.12622745

File: d5414232b65f75e⋯.jpg (5.26 MB, 3118x4450, 1559:2225, 1UFCMrZfde3qY8qBbYQ_ivtAqQ….jpg)


>You know, a masculine work of fiction where there is a real plot and the characters have to travel somewhere to accomplish some task. 99% of anime is nothing like that.

Got you covered:

>Made in Abyss:


Don't be fooled, it is a Lovecraftian horror in disguise. Don't search for it on YouTube or you will get spoilers.

90fb64  No.12622747

File: 1964b846d7628f8⋯.webm (509.79 KB, 408x720, 17:30, 1964b846d7628f88a6eb7dcb8….webm)


What about animals, and those libs who love their kittens and puppies? Is there supposed to be a clear distinction between depictions of humans and non-humans here? Do they just ironically like them, or pretend to like them to improve their image?

8d7750  No.12622750


>If you have an underdeveloped amygdala, you are more vulnerable to cuteness overload which activates an aggressive response wherein you want to attack, hurt or destroy the source of the cuteness.

This explains why Niggers, and Arabs routinely hurt domesticated animals, and pets.

fa8f59  No.12622754

File: 1e522537c4e71ff⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 1e522537c4e71ff53d2cc4a43a….jpg)


Anon, why are you calling your children kids? Last I checked kids are baby goats, so if a jew reads someone calling their own children 'kids' the jew would let his (((imagination))) run wild off the many dark things it loves to do upon them. The same goes for mentally ill leftists.

768a7e  No.12622767

File: dddd9807b904776⋯.gif (57.45 KB, 160x120, 4:3, 10bux.gif)


To be fair, in the very beginning, there was a modicum of culture overlap between SA and ancient /b/ or so I've been told, it's not my 10bux, but yes, the speed at which that site metastasized into ultimate faggot was staggering, and they've been this way for longer than some of the people here have been online..

720479  No.12622768

File: e36f4ba16081eb4⋯.jpg (158.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, baby-goats-kids.jpg)


>kids are baby goats

Did not know that. Will remember.

526939  No.12622772

File: 0df7907cb74508f⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 0df7907cb74508f175adac1299….jpg)


I remember feeling like this when I was 6 years old watching a cartoon about a koala, it never happened to me again. Maybe these people are missing a developmental stage in their childhood?

dcd6cf  No.12622784


An off shoot of IOTBW

>"White Babies Are Cute"


4185a7  No.12622814

File: 0453d055a8e98c3⋯.jpg (60.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ICP snackbar.jpg)


They also say they're afraid of clowns.

526939  No.12622816

File: 22fb5b558e49529⋯.jpg (367.53 KB, 1706x2048, 853:1024, 5e7467465a02068c845de60d47….jpg)


I did a search on the net a few days ago about trying to find works of romance made for guys and Jewgle gave me romance for old women instead, strange considering some of the earliest romance were stories about knights aimed at mostly men. Hell, I'm saying "romance" and I bet half of you guys get the wrong idea so much you've been deprived. By definition, a romance involves a man and a woman, so normally there would be romance media aimed at both but no, only the desires of women are talked about (about getting stalked, manipulated, abused, raped and retrained by a billionaire), men are only left with their sexual urges and shown Jew-made porn instead. I cannot find any other example romance media aimed at men than anime, it is important to have some, it shows men what to strive for, how to act, what to reject, what to accept, including physicality but not just physicality. How can you setup fair foundations for your family without knowing about your own ability for romantic feelings as a man?

9d7be7  No.12622818

File: 674b1b59c67352c⋯.jpg (12.49 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Mary-Bale-leaves-Coventry-….jpg)

Anyone remember Mary Bale, ordinary middle-aged (unmarried, childless, face like back of a bus as you can see in pic) career-woman who looked furtively around her, twice, and then put a cat in a wheelie bin?

She seems to have had a classic case of random aggression to the cute little kitty and let's be honest what she did was going to have killed that animal except the owners happened to have CCTV.

It would have been wheeled to the lorry, the bin hooked into the lifting mechanism and tipped in by the machine amongst a lot of noise, and ground in, probably not immediatelly fatally, with the green waste in the bin. For no reason except her broken mind.

These random acts of cruelty are probably more common than we think.

Pop a cat in a bin after checking no-one's looking? Flick off this ventilator for the sick little boy? Fill the pretty young mum's IV with the wrong drugs?

"Quick check no-one's looking first, tee-hee!"

720479  No.12622860


Old James bond movies are male power fantasies with action and romance, if that is what you are looking for.

>I cannot find any other example romance media aimed at men than anime.

Most main characters are feminized males chased by females with masculine characteristics. Basically a beta male fantasy of being chased by women.

Some romance anime where the main character is not a beta male but an actual realistic male with ambitions are the following:


Steins Gate

Welcome To The NHK

Spice and Wolf

busou shoujo machiavellianism (less romantic but alpha)

491716  No.12622894

File: c756fc6d009b874⋯.jpg (116.43 KB, 850x638, 425:319, awoo.jpg)


Fund it.

Also post the cutest pic in your folder

32ca5a  No.12622902


Dubs are always shit regardless of media, you underman.

fa8f59  No.12622904



>not using the proper word Man/Men

>while using leftist dialectic

I think you should re-learn how to speak/post properly anon, (((they))) didn't just spout seemingly random gibberish for no reason. In fact, their excessive use of the generic word male instead of Man/Men was known back in the 90s, Semantical Warfare is simple to do yet a real pain in the ass to keep track of.

74853e  No.12622915


I think you're analyzing this, but I'm admittedly biased here. After reading the article, I can admit I'm clearly one of the "cute aggression" types. With that said though I'm an INTJ, I've been on image boards since 2006, and never disliked cute things or anime. I get the urge to squeeze cute things too, but it never feels to me like any aggressive emotions are present- more like I'm experiencing a "cute overload" as they put it. Do you mean to suggest that for some people this overload manifests as an actual sadistic aggression? I have a hard time comprehending how that would feel. If one feels the positive reaction from cuteness strong enough for the "cute aggression" response, wouldn't their original inclination toward a positive reaction to cuteness suggest they would… Fuck, nevermind. Writing this out just made me realize something. I need a new paragraph for this so inb4 reddit spacing fuck off.

You know that archytype that often shows up in anime and manga of a character, usually female, who seems to genuinely and intensely enjoy not just cuteness, but all candid expression of emotions, even when it crosses well into sadistic territory? The best example I can think of is Slan from Berserk. Remember how she practically had an orgasm from the eclipse? That's an example of the most extreme end of the spectrum of this type of reaction. It's likely what fuels that shit where insane women step on puppies and kittens. Yet again, anime demonstrates a redpilled awareness of a basic phenomena of human nature which we are mostly blind to in the west today. Fuck. The jew fears the samurai.

76244a  No.12622917

File: cf3d3cb48117875⋯.mp4 (9.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cf3d3cb48117875fdac9838336….mp4)

>cuteness is literally justice

Maybe this timeline is alright after all.

526939  No.12622923

File: cc3b785312750ac⋯.jpg (92.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Doki]_Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Ko….jpg)



That's right, I forgot about that one, but the romance is only a small part and while each movies focus on one girl, Bond still gives the spray and pray rabbit tactic feeling.

>Most main characters are feminized males chased by females with masculine characteristics. Basically a beta male fantasy of being chased by women.

First the girls are not masculine at all. Second, being chased by women is great, it means you did something right, also, the more women are after you, the more will come as well, this is why if you are kind to old ladies, younger girls will also find you more attractive. Basically, the girl you choose will be more attached to you if many girls were after you, she will consider you higher value, plus choosing a girl also means you will be more attached to her, because you choose her yourself.

76244a  No.12622928

File: 082ffff9ad07150⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.74 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1493518221533.jpg)


Redline's dub was on par with the original.



526939  No.12622935


Thanks, I always wondered why we didn't use "male/female" as much in colloquial conversation in French as much as in English, it wouldn't surprise me if it's the same kind of story as the misuse of the word "gender".

9d7be7  No.12622940


>Do you mean to suggest that for some people this overload manifests as an actual sadistic aggression? I have a hard time comprehending how that would feel.

I think it feels to them like this

>On the evening of 21 August, rather than just fondle the cat, she glanced around twice, opened the lid of a nearby green bin and put the cat inside before walking off briskly to her home three streets away.


>The cat was trapped for 15 hours until her owners, Stephanie Andrews-Mann, 24, and husband Darryl, 26, found her the following morning. When they played back footage from a CCTV camera installed to deter vandals outside their home, they discovered the evidence and posted a clip lasting one minute 27 seconds on the internet, appealing for people to help identify the woman.


>Confronted by the tabloid press, Bale at first claimed she "suddenly thought it would be funny" to put the cat in the bin. Later, requiring police protection after threats against her, she apologised and called her actions "completely out of character".

NPC did not know why it acted that way. Terrifying, imagine her as a materinity nurse looking after your newborn. But she looked carefully around before doing it, so she KNEW on some level it was wrong, she KNEW if anyone saw her there'd be consequences.

cbf888  No.12622968



76244a  No.12622969

File: ece82958f0477cb⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 491x750, 491:750, 1468280607033.gif)

File: ab06173016c2c8a⋯.webm (5.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, spooking.webm)


4chan was literally created by a Goon. moot was a SA regular who wanted some place to talk about anime, which was frowned upon by his contemporaries even then. So he taught himself to code and rewrote the entire Futaba software from scratch, unaware that it was open source, and then stole his mother's credit card to rent server space and buy a domain. And thus all of 4chan's original userbase was moot's personal friends and other Goons.

Western imageboards' entire heritage comes from SomethingAwful. We just went in really opposite directions over time, which is a transformation I've been thinking about a lot, lately.

00200f  No.12622977

File: 7a0f5e5797a73ae⋯.png (18.12 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1404250822001.png)


You have to be very dumb to not understand what consequences would that have for the cat in the long run.

I remember some story from my school.

There was some omega guy who was always bullied by almost everyone.

Some friday afternoon some guys locked him into some tiny little locker and left him there.

Who knows in what kind of condition he would have been if the groundskeeper didn't find him at the same day.

Imagine if you sit in such a thing for DAYS. This is basically torture, but they found it "funny" either without thinking about the fact that no one would find him over the weekend or in cold blood like true psychopaths.

He left the school afterwards of course.

720479  No.12623007


>First the girls are not masculine at all.

What I meant with that was that women are always portrayed as strong and independent. They are wizards, warriors, adventurers, etc. We all know that women are not like that and would panic at the first sight of trouble. I do however think that it has to do with our culture. Western culture is the only culture that worships and elevates women.

Writing this down made me think. Can it be that we men actually want woman to be just as smart and capable as men and we portray them as such in a fictional settings?

>Second, being chased by women is great, it means you did something right,

I agree, however, having the main protagonist, who is chased by a harem, be a beta man who is shy, emotional, etc., is damaging as it enforces the lies that the "good guys" are attractive. In reality it is the unshaven, rude, muscular, and dominant dickheads who get a women's pants wet.

74853e  No.12623016


Anonymity lead to honest and independent thinking; identity led to acceptance-seeking behavior and ultimately conformity to more mainstream views. That's what happened in a nutshell.

0c2907  No.12623023

File: e1448f3e16e3843⋯.gif (363.9 KB, 788x640, 197:160, e1448f3e16e3843d6307d4039e….gif)


mother of fucking god op, good big brain post and thanks for the insight

76244a  No.12623036


That's the gist, yeah. But I'm looking at our tendency to rip apart imperfect answers to problems (including people and candidates) as well as many long years of watching /v/ be incredibly bitter at anything that isn't improbably perfect in execution and concept, and I've started to wonder if we haven't crossed into outright Platonism. Holding the ideal forms in mind and criticizing anything that doesn't measure up, because how we as a gestalt consciousness (anonymous community) pursue truth is to lay into eachother with the most severely critical mindset until the only thing left surviving has to be the truth.

9d7be7  No.12623043


>Western culture is the only culture that worships and elevates women.

Ancient Rome embodied desirable virtues as women, because that made them idealised mates for a men to subconsciously prove himself to, and not all gay like worshipping every good thing as male heroic forms would have been.

Victoria, the Muses, etc.

Pajeets did it with Durga but women there are totally downtrodden 4real and also physically smaller and lower IQ and burned alive all the time for tawdry petty economic reasons.

It meant very little in terms of how men were expected to treat ordinary women in Rome, even less in India which is fully of warrior goddesses and powerful goddess figures like Saraswati goddess of the arts.

74853e  No.12623065


Ah, I've noticed that too. It's hard to tell these days what is intentional D&C and what is just misguided anons lashing out with good intentions. Honestly I think the only thing pol should focus on is usury. It's the root of our enemies' power and it just so happens to be the easiest, safest, least controversial topic to attack. We could even get commies to side with us on this one for fuck's sake, so why don't we ever meme this or do anything about it, ever? Oh right, because this week's outrage is some random nigger did some nigger things, or some politician said something we've totally never heard before. The unfortunate reality is that the average poster on here isn't as high IQ as they like to think they are.

8f2d76  No.12623090

File: 6daf8cce8828fef⋯.jpg (7.07 KB, 250x212, 125:106, 1531638501777s.jpg)

c51121  No.12623091


I havn't watched an anime in years. Smugs are great. No anime aggression here. It's not watching anime you illiterate fuck. It's cuteness aggression. Anime is just the filter.

9d7be7  No.12623097


>so why don't we ever meme this or do anything about it, ever?

Because math is hard and most people don't even know what the "rule of 72" is. Good graphics that illustrate it with blocks and graphs would fix this, or the old chessboard, "I put one grain of rice down, and then double the amount each square" but it needs to be graphic and relatable. Also this is a lab to find what works and what does not, like it or not we all have ideas but you can't force a meme. But get baking when you have a concept that does "show don't tell" on what usury is and how it works.

Polite sage for off-topic.

c51121  No.12623101

File: 9c96e149f28c66e⋯.png (219.15 KB, 370x480, 37:48, smug.png)

b764d4  No.12623102


>why don't we ever meme this or do anything about it, ever?

Paranoia, mostly. We're so kept in check by our own fear of Feds, CIAniggers, and other spooks that we end up assuming that anyone wanting to brainstorm plans is a bad faith actor trying to steer us into blowing up a federal building.

This wouldn't be as much of a problem if moderation didn't have its hands tied by Porch Monkey and any attempt to limit obvious shilling is killed in its cradle (like the Vol who got removed for trying to make Rule 5). So it muddies the waters and only radicalizes us further when presented with an idea.

fd1d21  No.12623106

You're a faggot. Quit assaulting people like a nigger.

76244a  No.12623113


Sounds like a pressure bomb, to me.

526939  No.12623117

File: 0961e60d03530fc⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 640x533, 640:533, 4eb31a0eb48befaf403c79e893….jpg)


>Writing this down made me think. Can it be that we men actually want woman to be just as smart and capable as men and we portray them as such in a fictional settings?

My hypothesis is based on the belief that men and women are similar and mirrored. Young girls like effeminate men that are soft, think One Direction guys, therefore I would think young guys like masculine "badass" women (see image 1, the sword princess from Danmachi who is the best of the top adventurer ever and is the girl the protagonist has the hots for). Basically because they are not mature yet they love traits in the opposite sex that they would want themselves instead of looking for traits they would want as the mother of their child for men and as the father of their child for women.

>In reality it is the unshaven, rude, muscular, and dominant dickheads who get a women's pants wet.

In my experience, women like nice guys, not pussy-guy-that-suddenly-has-a-dick, those disgusts them and they only keep them around for validation and also because women like having relationships whereas men like having sex. I had a girl start showing interest in me because I told her that being nice is nothing special, it's a baseline trait just like "never been in jail", it's just a start, not an accomplishment. She answered that "I must live around really nice people" hinting that she did not, she then sometimes made up ideas about me, explaining my own actions with "because you're nice". I think she started to try getting close to me because she probably had the illusion that I live around nice people and therefore, by being with me, she would get to have further relations with nice people (she's mistaken as I don't have any friends), and also that I would treat my girlfriend with romantic affection and it would feel nice as well. Evolutionarily, nice men make better fathers, so it may tickle some instinct.

296d53  No.12623130

File: 8511eedc138ecba⋯.jpeg (97.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 789675456876.jpeg)

So are my kitten memes redpilling normies?

296d53  No.12623139

File: c08164b9493444f⋯.jpeg (136.7 KB, 671x500, 671:500, 789678564.jpeg)


There's is no way someone is heartless enough to be immune to this propaganda.

76244a  No.12623141

296d53  No.12623142

File: e5c2b9443b7db04⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 279x180, 31:20, Nk1.jpg)

296d53  No.12623148

File: 7291aae8f03b488⋯.jpeg (136.81 KB, 671x500, 671:500, fixed87966t7778.jpeg)

9d7be7  No.12623152

File: 13849c8f0208e1d⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 697x547, 697:547, CuteBaby.jpg)


>An off shoot of IOTBW


>>"White Babies Are Cute"

1st try, it's not B&W though.


296d53  No.12623153

File: 6263859b01fddef⋯.jpeg (51.86 KB, 500x353, 500:353, 765447877.jpeg)

76244a  No.12623161

File: 0b908d9fdd5b8c1⋯.jpg (397.89 KB, 1751x2177, 1751:2177, 0b908d9fdd5b8c1f5f475a30a2….jpg)

2cecd9  No.12623185


Many years ago before the exodus, /a/ used to have waifu threads and these naturally became more like a prototype /sig/. Anons would post advice and support each other in their efforts to become better men for their waifus. It didn't matter that these girls didn't exists, they served as motivation. The mods eventually banned these threads.


Without anime, there would be no /pol/. Who do you think were the original posters of /n/? It was the disillusioned young men of the anime boards. Anime offered an escape from jew controlled media. It allowed a small group of shitposters to avoid normalfaggotry.

8f39de  No.12623192


My take on this is that people with damaged amygdala lefties percieve themselves as inferior, weak and tiny, so as a coping mechanism with their own inferiority, they deploy their efforts to appear "cute".

They try hard to make believe that they inspire confidence/openness/friendship, so they "welcome refugees" and they "accept difference" and they "multiculturalize" …

And something that looks cuter than themselves scares them, because it's a competitor for the attraction they want to obtain from others.

They destroy beautiful things because they're jealous and afraid

6fddad  No.12623197


Retarded post out of nowhere. Why are you here?

438f57  No.12623199


99% of anime is trash.

99% of books are also trash.

99% of games are trash.

99.99999% of live action films are trash.

Most everything is trash. If you say that anime is trash because 99% of it is trash, then the same applies to every other form of media, really, or you're living on leftist levels of double standard.

75eabd  No.12623200


Fantastic idea anon, I'd like to see the salt from this, which I'm sure there'd be plenty.


Nice work m8, once it gets polished it'll be a great meme idea

6ae922  No.12623207


I think that's a bot.

6fddad  No.12623217


Checked. You know it’s always 80:20 right?

76244a  No.12623220

File: 11902ce30213492⋯.png (113.73 KB, 612x409, 612:409, 11902ce30213492bf7acda53df….png)


Gonna tip my hand as being a neurotic mess myself a bit, but it may be important to understand some other types of people. I'm almost as far right as you can get (more of a proto-American than a NatSoc), but I have all that self-doubt and loathing too. Severe anxiety disorder, depression, etc. I understand that feels ain't realz, though, and my positions are all derived from historical understanding and a defensiveness over what is 'mine' (this country).

I fall all over myself for cute things. I have an absolutely overbearing parental instinct. I will smother small cute things in support and affection, and I have to seriously consider the possibility that I as a father might, without caution, enact the role of the Oedipal Mother. But I still have that small, tiny spark of wanting to destroy what is pure. It's not that I'm afraid of it or hurt by it; it's that I'm alienated by it and can never reach it as a byproduct of my abusive upbringing. The only way to relate more closely to it is to bring it in nearer proximity to my own life experiences, which were inherently destructive.

I actually understand the psychopaths posting in those forums about shooting up meth into 8 year olds and pozzing them. There's a reason the people posting that all have stories about being abused too. It's not malice. It's worldview-shattering abuse that results in insurmountable alienation and lonliness.

I want you to comprehend the full, sinister meaning of the phrase "misery loves company".

Pic the most lighthearted way I can express the concept in image.

2cecd9  No.12623236

File: 82ad9b2ef9aa043⋯.png (75.08 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, baagfg.png)


"White babies are cute" is too racially charged. Change it to a benign message that anyone of normal psychological functioning would agree with. Remember the success of IOKTBW was the violent leftist reaction to something normalfags assumed to be true. IOKTBW revealed the media and their handlers as hating white people to a wider audience. This can be used to show how much they hate and wish to harm children.

c72562  No.12623249

File: 382bc9b23392080⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 324x291, 108:97, 1434134097108.jpg)


>Cute overload makes you Aggressive

sounds like autism-lite to be honest, when an autistic gets overloaded stimuli it could cause a tantrum

eafda3  No.12623264

File: 4bb6673d8ec4234⋯.png (32.56 KB, 764x645, 764:645, 1523571955002.png)



0ac0b4  No.12623265

File: bc76fe0468b13bb⋯.jpg (348.34 KB, 548x1920, 137:480, Personnel1.jpg)

File: dce2803587dcd62⋯.jpg (214.52 KB, 717x1265, 717:1265, Personnel2.jpg)


As >>12623043 has said many times these fictional women are not just women but the embodiment of virtues that the hero (who may start as a beta) must gain to conquer the woman (becoming an alpha).

But I also think that many authors and readers are delusional and think that a real women can embody both masculine and feminine virtues. It doesn't occur to these pussy worshippers to have male friends (i.e. shit harem or porn stories where the only man of value is the protag).



Stories where the protagonist struggles in a journey from beta or worse to alpha are ok.


Combine this with the image of a white baby but without spelling "white baby". Just "baby."

9d7be7  No.12623279

File: d379e0325cc86da⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 1636x2190, 818:1095, cute-baby-2.jpg)



This looks white without saying it.

I like leaving "white" out the text, worried "God" opens a different can of worms that we want, may seem like it's about abortion?

5470bc  No.12623280


Wait fucking what?

I swear i have had this since my youngest days

c0b707  No.12623288

File: 945a5b178e4ad68⋯.jpg (152.5 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, Dm9lQxaUwAEx0XW.jpg)


>But I also think that many authors and readers are delusional and think that a real women can embody both masculine and feminine virtues.

Real women don't, but a fictional character can.

0ac0b4  No.12623293


Nice, and I agree with your logic. it is unfortunate that the clown world has gone so far to find the words "God" and "white" to be offensive.


But of course.

Expanding on that, I think many consumers know this at a rational level but at an emotional level they cling to this and others incorrect beliefs.

f93839  No.12623297

File: 8d85259543e57b5⋯.jpg (55.45 KB, 563x839, 563:839, Sister of battle 3.jpg)

File: 29b2392fc794920⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 564x751, 564:751, Sister of battle nun.jpg)

File: d08fc690760441a⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 564x646, 282:323, Sister of battle cool.jpg)

File: 5e3b8494f74f9ef⋯.jpg (47.39 KB, 564x832, 141:208, Sister of battle.jpg)


The only fictional group of women that I can think of that are extremely masculine and feminine at the same time are the sisters of battle.

9d7be7  No.12623305

File: 8f3aff85c778e1f⋯.png (160.75 KB, 1488x739, 1488:739, baby_outline.png)


>it is unfortunate that the clown world has gone so far to find the words "God" and "white" to be offensive.

No shit I looked at the picture I just uploaded in the knowledge it was political propaganda and it hit me in the feels.

What hellworld are we in that "Babies are cute" is like getting in the face of the beast and yelling at it?

Anyway baby outline attached.

I used this because it's cute but not "giving anything back" as eye-contact so it's like double-smug anime cute without the baggage of that.

4185a7  No.12623309


Thank God for White American Babies is probably the most triggering statement you could ever make to a pinko.

f93839  No.12623324

File: 7825509d22b895d⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 417x474, 139:158, 1428744201858.jpg)

File: 6a15fb13306f3ac⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1428111720985-3.jpg)

File: c318b5fe83cc562⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1429304545062-1.jpg)

File: 025303760c427a1⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1428111773435-3.jpg)


Didn't read and Hestia is by far the best Waifu don't ever post that soulless autist ever again you cunt.

Hestia is cute and loving and the best waifu ever.

c0b707  No.12623333


Watch Symphogear.

790bbf  No.12623341

File: 078cfcd87ef4712⋯.jpeg (18.83 KB, 256x197, 256:197, 4BFA4035-1B41-4CA2-9E93-D….jpeg)


I actually love PlanetES and I’m glad someone brought it up.

c14c92  No.12623426


I think you could throw in “bunny girl senpai” too

77ce89  No.12623455


I wonder what the racial split is?

b28c24  No.12623497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Even the fact that 4chan started as an anime image board ended up acting as a filter to select for those who tend not to be aggressive to cuteness–it selects for those with normal to well developed amygdala. It explains a large part of why /pol/ and the alternative right emerged from image board culture, the other part of course would be anonymity selecting for INTJ/INTP personality types who tend to score lower on narcissism. It explains why whenever we got floods of new posters from reddit or elsewhere, complaints about anime would always follow. It explains our relative power against leftists on image boards and why /leftypol/ can't seem to grow without bots, as less of them tend to like cute things and hence avoid anime.



Significantly below average narcissism

Perhaps we like cuteness because it is neotenous/synonymous with children and rightwingers love children. It's a known fact that narcissists hate children as Prof Sam Vaknin explains (embed). They're jealous of them and envy them and hate them for their ability to steal attention especially considering that they're just pudgy do-nothings. It infuriates them extremely. Leftists share a lot of traits with narcissism/cluster B disorders. In fact, you could make the case that leftism is in fact a kind of narcissism. Vaknin argues a similar thing about modern leftism.

c0b707  No.12623499


>/leftypol/ can't seem to grow without bots, as less of them tend to like cute things and hence avoid anime.

Also explains why it's full of trannies, as trannies are the only leftists who don't chimp out when they see anime.

b28c24  No.12623504


In fact, to take the thought further, we could the define the general rightwing as: group-focused survival and a love for family; and the left as: individual-focused survival and a love for one's self.

The more you think about it, the more indistinguishable leftism and narcissism become.

b4e7af  No.12623560


>welcome to the nhk

>not a beta male


f520e5  No.12623564



I don't recall that. He might have masturbated to lolicon at one point maybe? He is beta as fuck although the whole point of the story is he is a piece of human trash trying to get his life together.

000000  No.12623570

a girl i dated once said she will never have kids because she has erotic fantasies and lewd pleasures about breastfeeding. her nipples give her orgasms when played with or sucked.

normal instinct is called evil

inversion reality.

2a743a  No.12623578

File: c310a8e1263bdfb⋯.jpg (192.82 KB, 800x926, 400:463, Sister_of_Battle_Anna_Stei….jpg)


Sisters of Battle is the perfect anti-feminist, but actual feminist weapon. They are raised to adore and worship the Emperor, literally suck his imaginary cock every day. That is, the sisters worship patriarchy and in so doing they adopt the positive aspects of masculinity. Sisters of Battle should be memed to get feminists to worship men again, and at the same time become more feminine.

b845d8  No.12623588


> the left as: individual-focused survival and a love for one's self.

except they become communist bugmen

2881fd  No.12623594

File: 2571e10de4ab4a8⋯.webm (15.43 MB, 900x506, 450:253, 2571e10de4ab4a80e221a41fe….webm)



Checked, and yes, you should.

f66b85  No.12624171

File: 413e1b7859a650b⋯.png (253.49 KB, 600x632, 75:79, 1545946268657.png)


What did even mean by this?

5e16ec  No.12624201

Not an artform.

0ac0b4  No.12624202


He did masturbate to real life idols (he even name drops one that actually existed). This is one of the lowest points of his life. But is is as you said, it is a total omega human trash.

While the message of said works is important it should be taken cautiously because the extent of the despair shown in it can leave one in a black pill mood (99% suffering with 1% good ending).

6165d1  No.12624211

File: e100ce294934e42⋯.jpg (286.33 KB, 1197x1350, 133:150, imageboards.jpg)

File: fd1f9bfdecdba4f⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1588x2744, 397:686, animeisgay.jpg)


>Why do we get so much flak from leftists and even some people who claim to be right-wing (neocohens, cuckservatives) about using anime avatars and posting anime memes–it's because they have underdeveloped amygdala.

No, sweetie. It's because anime consumption by adult men is highly correlated with sodomy. Did you think the Japs would let Western Civilization off the hook so easily for those nukes we dropped? It's a gay bomb, baby. Sodomites always confuse disgust with hate.

09af7b  No.12624213



He's one of the few paranoid spergs around here who thinks the anime posters are all communist LGBT larpers mocking this entire board because he has never watched anime and doesn't understand how people who watch anime or are tangentially associated with weeb culture could possibly be right wing, natsoc or anything like the rest of /pol/ He's an old newfag who doesn't get where chan culture started, he's probably one of the same guys who always pops up when people talk about video games and says "Go outside video games are for children"

Essentially he thinks anime posters must all be the same guy because in his mind anime isn't for true aryans. You see this a lot actually and nobody around these parts ever fucking understands what he means when he spergs out like this because he's the only person who doesn't understand how weeb and vidya culture is so ingrained on imageboards even in places like /pol/.

To old poster who doesn't know where he is:

4chan started as an anime imageboard old man, then it had videogame related content because imageboards started out as a part of nerd culture, as it turns out nerds talked enough and realized they were having such similar experiences because of how programmed they were by western media influences which led them into antisocial behavior, the jap shit and video games until recently had no antisocial programming built into them they were just time wasters like movies or fiction novels. these guys got to talking with old coots like yourself and realized it was the fucking jews who had been targeting them to make them weak, soft, antisocial and damage their prospects in life by disguising their antisocial programming as morality by couching it in feel good bullshit inside of sitcoms and other western media. This is why incells, feminazis, SJWs, cuck and interracial porn and many far worse social aberrations exist because of kike programming and our freedom to talk about these things offered by a shitty anime and video game culture website is what brought us all to the realization that Jews were our enemies so in this fight against zionism and kykuldry you have a few people to thank starting at the founding fathers and their appreciation for freedom of speech leading to a dumb yid with no dad who didn't get the indoctrination untill it was too late, that's moot and finally the random chain of anons who started no-fap september and the guy who outed his girlfriend for being a hore and kicking off gamergate, without those key people and events we wouldn't have this image board to openly discuss how to fight the yids.

dafb95  No.12624221

File: a4e7db5fc065c5c⋯.png (75.01 KB, 198x198, 1:1, 1459910841710.png)


000000  No.12624224

>why do we get so much flak about pretending to be e-lgs and masturbating to drawn lgs like pedos while advocating having children

Weeaboos will hang on DOTR too.

09af7b  No.12624227


I can't tell if this is bait or if this guy is just crazy, I'm starting to notice a lot more crazies in our midst since seeing the shit those gullible shitsuckers on v/QRV are voting to the top, go to voat and check the subs /new the qoomer mean doesn't go far enough, they are being lied to by trolls who admit to it in the comments if you press them enough and yet you are the one who will get called shill for pointing out how Q is obviously full of shit considering how it about faced on mattis and sessions and hasn't gotten a single fucking prediction right in 2 years.

I'd be fine if people wanted to believe Q and were watching patiently but it's basically a cult now and it's clear these people aren't critical thinkers, they are the same stupid old fucks who bent over and let the kikes ruin our country because they just want to be told what to think and do by who they think are the right people, no critical thought among them.

09af7b  No.12624268


Nah, he's just an old retard who thinks anime posters are actually jews because he doesn't know where the fuck he is.


He never said that shit faggot, and the tard who replied to you has some semblance of a point even though he's trolling your dumb ass. kikes fucked the system on purpose, we aren't breeding ourselves out of this bag, we've got to physically remove juden and their pets.


The article is bunk written by a jewess because she wanted to explain something already explained, and probably helped her or some nigger finish their degree.

"Cute aggression", a stupid name for what it really is, is just what are known as "intrusive thoughts", OP and the thread participating niggers have missed that the phenomena leads to nothing, no action taken. These thoughts are how your brain manifests rules on a primal level intrusive thoughts make you cringe inside because you are imagining doing something that WILL have a negative consequence, especially if you are blamed, which is likely. there might be some worthwhile research in seeing if people who lack impulse control(niggers) act on these thoughts, some women might also.

Everybody has intrusive thoughts and it doesn't have to do with cuteness, cute things are often frail or fragile and that's why intrusive thoughts pop up, it's the subconscious mind reaching out the conscious mind reminding us of the consequences of actions or inaction. if you've ever seen a precious vase or heirloom sitting safely in a corner on a stand and then realized how easily it be shattered that's the same thing as walking through a park with your dog and seeing small children and then thinking of what would happen if your dog attacked them, you don't want to do those things it's your subconscious providing you a reality check and advising you caution because the reaction to that imagery or thought is to grab tighter hold of that leash, stay clear of that vase, remain hyper vigilant of how secure and balanced the baby you are holding is.

Cuteness isn't causing aggression at least not in people who have impulse control, precious, frail and fleeting things are reminding us to be cautious of the harm we could do. I wouldn't be surprised if our concepts of Irony and sarcasm are associated with the phenomena.


If I had a smug anime girl to post I would post it here just to piss you off faggot. If Winnie the Pooh is art then so is my neigbor totoro, if Alice in wonderland is art then so is such a broad swath of the manga, light novel and anime scene because the art style of Alice in wonderland and the book by carrol are of the highest inspiration for japanese fiction and anime art style, the character of alice was designed to be inhuman in ways to make her more appealing Japanese anime saw this and mimicked it and even improved upon Disney's formula, modern disney took it's design elements for it's 2d and 3d animation from japanese anime art inspired by the disney designs of alice.

Pull your head out of your ass homo. Probably trolling but damn you are putting in too much effort.

go to /b/ on halfchan.

3d3762  No.12624290

File: bd8e16d07f5e9dc⋯.jpg (14.45 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 0ecd1bb38102d90fec634d008c….jpg)


This explains everything. To be honest I had vaguely considered some of this before


The shills on this board as well


The kikes realized it a bit too late, but they are putting their skin in the game now. Buying out shows, funding productions. Did any of you anons see the interview with the Japanese anime director on animeright.news . He produced the anime about the female NEET who stayed home and played MMO's forgot the name of the show. He was a bit conspiratorial but he said a lot of things that made sense and he talked about this new financial push in the anime industry from what I remember. There was also the Girls und Panzer creator who got called a Japanese Nazi by Kotaku I think and I'm pretty sure he made some comment about the Jews and just brushed off Kotaku as retarded. So many great posts in this thread.


It's all beginning to make sense. I had seen this before a long time ago and forgotten about it.



09af7b  No.12624306

It's bunk.

It's a poorly done study without many controls designed to validate a Jewess and her shit opinions.

This Cute Aggression is just attempting to over explain "intrusive thoughts" these are your subconscious mind throwing up warning signs by way of a complete image of how fucked you'd be if you: dropped that baby, broke that precious family heirloom, tore your friends art to shreds, harmed a small infantile creature, swerved left into oncoming traffic, reached for that gun, jumped of that ledge, it's your instincts confronting you with how close you are to serious consequences the result is that you immediately are conscious of what you shouldn't be doing and that you shouldn't do that things so you hold that baby tighter, you keep away from that fragile heirloom, you try to act like you never thought about doing something that could ruin that friendship, you hold that wheel a little tighter and maybe turn off your depressing music, you stop looking at that cops gun and try get some distance between you without looking suspicious, you get away from that ledge.

The false link for cute and aggression comes from women specifically have an embracing reaction to infantile animals, it's so strong they could smother it and that smothering fear creates and intrusive thought related to suffocating or crushing a fragile thing like a puppy or kitten, I think this relates to crush fetishism but not in 1:1, it likely takes some other common event reliant on perversion of the concept of intrusive thoughts, it could be as simple as having poor impulse control or is complex as some specific fetish overlapping with a significant experience in which they did accidentally do the intrusive thought they were avoiding, or maybe something like having an extremely repetitious series of intrusive thoughts that you can't stop because of mental or neurological disorder like rampant paranoia causing you to become desensitized to the intrusive thought and resentful of it, I don't know but it's some fucked up shit.

The point is cute shit doesn't make you aggressive, being able to do something very bad too easily causes intrusive thoughts and most of those bad things we could too easily do involve cute and frail things, I'm betting excessively repetitious intrusive thoughts along with a personality flaw about self assurance and neurotypical identity can create a complex exaggerated by lack of sleep which results in postpartum depression.

3d3762  No.12624307



He didn't masturbate to CP. There was a part with the photo thing at school, if I remember right he wanted to show Misaki that he was beyond saving basically, so she would leave him alone? I wouldn't say he's human trash, becoming human trash definitely. That's the point of the show, how a good human can be corrupted by apathy into a shadow of his former self. He grew up with a strong sense of justice and honor but he lost all ambition in life because he was a loner/NEET and had so few friends which he lost when highschool ended. He redeems himself at the end by finally saving the girl and admitting that not only has he always cared about people, but that he wants to care about people, even if it means him getting hurt by other people. Sorry for the rant, it's just one of my favorite animus.

3d3762  No.12624317


I'm convinced it's boomer refugees from Stormfront from when the site was taken down who have almost no knowledge about chan culture, or anime, or Christianity either. I imagine they are all seething because mods don't ban everyone who disagrees with them, and no one knows their usernames, and they don't have posses they can sick on other people. They don't know how to meme, all they do is drop blackpills because that's all SF was and d&c by calling Christ a kike on a stick, and calling people who look anime pedophiles or children. Honestly I'm sure some of those people are shills, but I'm extremely convinced it's Stormfront Boomer and Gen X refugees who accomplished nothing but blackpilling eachother for decades.

9aa5c8  No.12624340


>it's your instincts confronting you with how close you are to serious consequences

The point is some people feel this more strongly than others and of that group some feel it strongly triggered by the cute, more than the "swerve into oncoming cars" urges, like the cat bin lady. She CHECKED no-one was watching her, she could have kicked the cat down the road yelling "fuck yeah" but she WANTED to get away with it. She was not self-destructive.

So they hate/fear the cute because it triggers discomforting internal sensations of loss of control, and also they favour ugliness and things that generate disgust, which don't trigger the same feeling of self-mistrust and consequential internal conflicts. This is why hambeasts, third world slums, and ugly men in lipstick appeal to them, nothing there triggers that "must stomp (oh noes what's wrong with me)" feeling. They are confronted with inability to trust themselves when faced with something cute, it's like malware for the leftist NPC.

Symmetry and classical forms based on the golden ratio seem to have the same effect, for which I offer modern art and architecture as proof the askew and the distorted are now promoted above the symmetrical and the perfected form. Compare Hitler's famous exhibition of jewish art, all unnatural, assymetrical, and grotesque, with the architecture and esthetics of the Third Reich.

c2a008  No.12624359



love it

2aaca1  No.12624361

File: 8e85b66a7943be9⋯.png (30.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 4122_thonk_or_miss.png)

Anon, what if… wanting to hurt cute things overextends to wanting to hurt them in the horrifying ways, including rape? Would you think that this connects atrophied amygdala to kiddy diddling? If someone has a degenerate sex drive with no brakes, and also desire to hurt all that is beautiful and wholesome, in my opinion, the dots connect right away.

or maybe I'm just trying to justify hanging every unsympathetic faggot around there, who knows

0ac0b4  No.12624396

File: 2bad7382a9f62c7⋯.png (46.82 KB, 1755x283, 1755:283, Abridged.png)


Nice abridgement.


Nice, I think that is one road that things can get horrible. The question now is if one needs to have an atrophied amygdala to be like that or if there are other conditions that can generate that (in the same vein that there is more than one way to die).

f7aa53  No.12624753

File: 0e9391fb16b1acf⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CB9120C6-4A41-4F41-AB64-70….png)


I recall reading about how circumcision also affects the amygdala, overstimulating it and making it larger if I recall correctly. Does a larger amygdala == better developed amygdala? Because that seems to imply that circumcision predisposes a person to be a right winger and an anime watcher.

48e116  No.12624768


>In three studies that compared pedophilic CSOs with either healthy controls or other nonsexual offenders, only the reduction in gray matter (GM) in the right amygdala was replicated, whereas differences in the orbitofrontal and prefrontal cortex, striatum, hypothalamus, and the temporal and limbic cortex were inconsistent



438f57  No.12624770


Stormfront was full of christcucks, it's no surprise the christian shitposting kicked off shortly after stormfront shut down.

ba8722  No.12624778


>slipping in some posts that didnt have anime in them

allright this is some well thought out bait I will grant you your (((you)))

720479  No.12624824


Will watch it anon.

a6de92  No.12625121

File: 90a50f601b09cf4⋯.jpg (85.49 KB, 537x386, 537:386, IMG_20190101_203354.jpg)


6ae922  No.12625153


This is a cute-aggressive anti-white kike with underdeveloped amygdala and overdeveloped nose >>12625087

3138de  No.12625231

File: 3c3b11d235768e4⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 800x472, 100:59, 000000000 get dubs patrick….jpg)

File: 1de4ad775c7b5a0⋯.jpg (7 KB, 168x168, 1:1, 1de4ad775c7b5a0cf577a280b6….jpg)

File: 57bb13ac48762a3⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 340x346, 170:173, 57bb13ac48762a320521298c75….jpg)

File: bf0a8818db94eae⋯.png (340.56 KB, 500x400, 5:4, bf0a8818db94eae9e83c390601….png)

File: 10a2dbe9dfe7536⋯.gif (479.28 KB, 200x200, 1:1, e7c1ed12447bf4411609e2ef1c….gif)

840e6a  No.12625266

File: 4c97a2ca974dbab⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1130x1920, 113:192, Puppy with ball.png)

File: a5a259f90db588d⋯.jpg (212.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Pupzuki.jpg)


>Then why not just post cute dogs?

Does this count?

840e6a  No.12625278

File: 8244b766a8d441d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1201x7334, 1201:7334, Completely infectious dege….png)

File: 77bb88fcfaabe83⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1201x12085, 1201:12085, Faggot children are sexual….png)

File: 9ded1d58ccad993⋯.png (1.04 MB, 789x8343, 263:2781, Fags want dick, any dick, ….png)

File: 2c3e687856154b4⋯.png (768.97 KB, 787x5498, 787:5498, Like father like son.png)

File: 05e497ef23aaeb1⋯.png (713.53 KB, 1201x4097, 1201:4097, Sacrament of satan= meth.png)


>I actually understand the psychopaths posting in those forums about shooting up meth into 8 year olds and pozzing them. There's a reason the people posting that all have stories about being abused too. It's not malice. It's worldview-shattering abuse that results in insurmountable alienation and lonliness.


>I want you to comprehend the full, sinister meaning of the phrase "misery loves company".

Misery, does indeed want to reproduce, even if all it ceases is more misery.

877bfe  No.12625299


OwO verry~

bc13b3  No.12625305


This can be seen in animals too, tigers and lions do the same while copulating.

Human beings are not so different.

3138de  No.12625324

File: 5375c78db3f3c52⋯.png (247.68 KB, 696x605, 696:605, 5375c78db3f3c528b463400482….png)

3138de  No.12625334

File: 813697c6595fc88⋯.png (13.5 KB, 700x347, 700:347, Drawn Shrek.png)

This is the same reason why so many here get triggered by Shrek with a camera. To them, this image represents social isolation and rejection, which is what they fear most.

f8ac03  No.12625357


>this image represents social isolation and rejection



Do you know where the fuck you are? We seek isolation from (((society))). Voluntarily.

It means OP is a faggot. It's a bad meme.

fa8f59  No.12625370

File: 0bf27c682f12ff6⋯.png (487.18 KB, 944x720, 59:45, 0bf27c682f12ff6ebc2e004c9f….png)


<sweaty :^)

>amygdala-less bots suffer utter malfunction ITT

>now they call in the veteran shills for a 2nd round

All your efforts in trying to shit up /pol/ for good will be for nothing, everything goes to the >>>/bog/ along with whatever passes for dreams and hopes (((you))) niggers possess

fea437  No.12625382

File: d5c3dd8ee121b57⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, feminism thots amygdala.jpg)

File: 9f737e01dc1dfcb⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 300x168, 25:14, thots feminism cute.jpg)

File: dac28953272df34⋯.jpg (43.45 KB, 500x284, 125:71, feminism thots 2.jpg)


checking these hitler dubs for using cute pictures to tell feminists that they are objectively inferior/worthless and therefore should be abandoned by society. these two seem to be the key points. we need to make cute bombs that contain these two primary points.

check my OC. very simple but it's just a bit of brainstorming.

f077a2  No.12625392

File: 9d2a90aad509d3f⋯.png (192.19 KB, 481x442, 37:34, wtfamireading.png)

Whatever you think of anime. Fact is that anime and with it right wing thought has been invading the mainstream for a long while now. Chan culture has infected even normalfags and are being spread through social media like wildfire. In some cosmic twist of fate imageboards have been playing a huge part of this conflict we are in.

3138de  No.12625410

File: 74117592e6e3699⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 642x487, 642:487, shreksnapsneck.jpg)


Thank you for proving my point. Anyone who hates this meme has a chronic fear of isolation and an underdeveloped amygdala.

095c68  No.12625421

a desire to deform and destroy things that have pleasant aesthetics is both a leftist and a jewish trait

calarts style animation

tumblr aesthetic art

jewish reproductions of once beloved franchises

merging nigger sounds into beloved classic songs

us left coast company censorship campaigns against japanese media with pleasant anime aesthetics even in cases where no sexual content is actually present

the same companies will promote sexual content more extreme than the japanese media so long as it has the ugly tumblr aesthetic or looks like mass effect andromeda

ec1029  No.12625446

File: 132034d3f13f261⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 323x640, 323:640, Anime redpill.jpg)


> all thanks to eastern judaism

I think you mean Aryyyans.

8b8929  No.12625478

File: a1291ce74d85e96⋯.jpg (174.01 KB, 1038x505, 1038:505, brain-damaged.jpg)

Circumcision causes lasting irreparable damage to the amygdala:

"As a graduate student working in the Dept. of Epidemiology, I was approached by a group of nurses who were attempting to organize a protest against male infant circumcision in Kingston General Hospital. They said that their observations indicated that babies undergoing the procedure were subjected to significant and inhumane levels of pain that subsequently adversely affected their behaviors. They said that they needed some scientific support for their position. It was my idea to use fMRI and/or PET scanning to directly observe the effects of circumcision on the infant brain. …

"Analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma. The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes.

"A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery."

This is from circumcision.org and jews have been selecting for this for millennia, jew females mating with the jewiest males who outjew all the others. They foist it onto white American men because like the "go innawoods goyim, become the wandering tribe cast out from your own cities" meme they try to propagate here, they would love to see the noble white race in all its diverse glory become like them, it would rationalise their existence to think they once fell from such heights due to de poysecutions.

Our genes are resilient and our culture did not favour men most damaged by this (yet), the jew sacred texts were advocating sex with toddlers long ago and comparing it, weirdly, to poking a finger in an eye (another weird thing only a cute-aggressor would do).

fea437  No.12625563


this proves that either anime is an alien psyop or anime aesthetic is universal. or both i guess

e74d98  No.12625569


You may be on to something. Bolshevik leaning tend to have a hatred for children and babies. It was uncanny to me that someone who hate a child or a baby. Explains how niggers and commies were capable of such shocking atrocities.

e74d98  No.12625579


You may be an autistic faggot, but you're our autistic faggot, NotArt man.


Alarming coincidence either way. Circumcision among jews and arabs is quite high, and so is pedophilia and rape of the young.

What about South Korea, they have some of the highest rates of circumcision in the world.

8b8929  No.12625585


>What about South Korea, they have some of the highest rates of circumcision in the world.

Look into the way they treat animals, their dog-meat trade. Not all racial groups will exhibit the brain damage of massive genital torture soon after birth in the same way.

0b1fec  No.12625605

File: 23887b4e20b7ce8⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 1098x947, 1098:947, its magic.jpg)


>more kvetching about Anime

a4202d  No.12625618


>It's genuinely hard to watch enough anime to qualify as an "escapist hobby" for an extended period of time.

Yes, it's hard, but some of us can dedicate 20 hours a week to our culture.

Getting serious about anime requires about 20 hours of screen time per week. So if you have bad insomnia, you can easily work a 40-hour-per-week job, commute, and drown your sorrows in anime for 20 hours per week. It's not exactly pleasant. It's a form of escapism for people who can't get drugs.


>The reason nip-toons are "cute" is because their art styles are non-existent, they're almost all derivative down to a very specific formula which can be applied to 99% of all anime.

Anon, you ignorant slut. The recent wave of moe crap is NOT 99% of anime.


> Maybe you can have a cartoon that is an adventure story like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Lehningen and the Ants, or something like that. You know, a masculine work of fiction where there is a real plot and the characters have to travel somewhere to accomplish some task. 99% of anime is nothing like that

Incorrect. 99% of modern moe crap is not adventure, but moe crap is not a representative sample of anime.

0b1fec  No.12625624


I literally watch 1 hour of Chinese cartoons per week. Some times just 30 minutes if nothing good is in season.

f22761  No.12625631


furbabies might indicate a low-tier npc with some humanity, instead of high-tier npcs who are just psychopathic humanitarians

8ebe85  No.12625651

File: 99f9e64ba5ab155⋯.jpg (157.95 KB, 850x895, 170:179, 99f9e64ba5ab155f285d973c3e….jpg)

How does this image make you feel?

1a5532  No.12625652

File: ba6bebe4c556e23⋯.webm (11.87 MB, 800x450, 16:9, you're_under_arrest_cherr….webm)


its probably both.

Btw there is no genetic difference between north and south korea.

Is there a solution to all this? a final one perhaps?

fd1d21  No.12625664


Confused. Couldn't tell what was going on there due to shitty drawing and lack of definition in characters.

8ebe85  No.12625677


>Permanent damage to parts of brain associated with "reasoning, perception and emotions"


Snipdick D E T E C T E D

6b672c  No.12625686

File: 2347beaa349e8a5⋯.jpg (426.3 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, _BTF2nDMPf4.jpg)

This is amazing nya~! Thanks for posting this OPnyan. Start making all your posts with a cute AI generated anime image nya~!




8db1ad  No.12625689

Ever since watching the documentary "Why Beauty Matters" I have thought that the one of the main pillars in their warped jewish minds was to destroy anything beautiful. Never crossed my mind that I might have been more right than I knew.

6b672c  No.12625694

File: ca3f22c2f826779⋯.jpg (509.82 KB, 2560x1620, 128:81, 18Z9A6PnVLw.jpg)


Circumcision is the initiation into the sado-masachist cult nya~

666432  No.12625700

File: 89f38f6ed6c1e5c⋯.webm (7.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, trailer.webm)


>Most main characters are feminized males chased by females with masculine characteristics. Basically a beta male fantasy of being chased by women.

Indeed but those beta males also wield special powers and have a great destiny

fea437  No.12625701



we need to kill all circumcised whites, right my fellow goyim?

6b672c  No.12625705

File: 5f2692cbd8fa900⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1745, 512:349, YfduXUdmp1g.jpg)

Sup kike. I was a victim of your cult too. I know you can't admit it. It's too ingrained in your genetic psyche now nya~

6b672c  No.12625706

File: 6c0930d0d7f7e95⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 9EF0NPaoakg.jpg)

fd1d21  No.12625709


More likely the drawing is shit, and whomever the artist is needs to lay off the fucking pastels.

6066ed  No.12625712

To anybody reading this thread. This is evidence /pol/ is compromised. Stick to the plan and fuck this bullshit ass thread

3138de  No.12625713

File: 32e202cab62617d⋯.jpg (306.37 KB, 1052x1664, 263:416, ayy lmao pepe.jpg)

fd1d21  No.12625714

Hey dipshit. It's a holiday. We are allowed down time and friendly conversations

fea437  No.12625717


are you suggesting that we should not be skeptical of people who show aversion and aggression towards cute things? i guess that whole "know your enemy" is bs as well, yes?

3138de  No.12625722


Stop replying to obvious shitposters. People like you helped kill /pol/.

979299  No.12625724


You got any more pixels?

ea3ad0  No.12625726

File: 03ea1b94c06337e⋯.jpg (95.32 KB, 660x495, 4:3, 03ea1b94c06337e93a15129362….jpg)

File: e8e6c62eac89239⋯.jpg (378.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 5a00c03e15b83ee5c8cc841d8f….jpg)

File: 09bd076605dc848⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 720x763, 720:763, 09bd076605dc848c80f5d2bdda….jpg)

File: a3aba718af26830⋯.jpg (52.27 KB, 637x469, 91:67, 83a1d4f65b4719e1fdec62d47d….jpg)

File: e158bb8c11aaba6⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 228x251, 228:251, e158bb8c11aaba64d06df30ea6….jpg)

20955a  No.12625733

>all this shit

>just so you can claim people that see you exactly the same as they see furries and ponyfags because you do literally the same thing as them are actually underdeveloped amygdala degenerates

Not even furries go this far to claim persecution. This is fucking pathetic.

ea3ad0  No.12625734

File: 363ded9c67a05a6⋯.jpg (260.31 KB, 500x750, 2:3, enjoying the sun.jpg)

File: 7a0e299ce53f2d2⋯.jpg (42.18 KB, 450x677, 450:677, 7a0e299ce53f2d295227384886….jpg)

File: 876a16da0f9a71d⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 876a16da0f9a71d51889904321….jpg)

File: 73d614d9e54f1f6⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 73d614d9e54f1f612258846881….jpg)

File: 22d1a917fb202ed⋯.jpg (334.11 KB, 1080x1086, 180:181, happyfox.jpg)

fea437  No.12625741


sorry i'm rusty because i mostly stopped coming here.

also QQ more. this is exactly the specific thing that caused the original downfall of /pol/

ea3ad0  No.12625742

File: 434764736e17492⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, otten.jpg)

File: 5096b7092d9028e⋯.jpg (127.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, happydeer.jpg)

File: 6a70c0f152f3342⋯.png (1.15 MB, 900x900, 1:1, 6a70c0f152f334243bc9259309….png)

File: a0474293694c202⋯.jpeg (33.66 KB, 640x640, 1:1, happydoge.jpeg)

Don't mind me. Just posting cute shit.

3ad5a3  No.12625750

File: 0845364c5fd1d2a⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 395x313, 395:313, 1464155609281.gif)


You don't understand, anon. A strong, healthy hatred of children, animals, and anything beautiful is what truly separates white men from nonwhites and loser neckbeards. We must purge our board of anything cute and focus on Qlarp, calling people christcucks, and masturbating to Siege.


>when you're so mad about cute things existing you rant about furniggers and bronies

How do you become this miserable?

3138de  No.12625753


>this is exactly the specific thing that caused the original downfall of /pol/

Moot killed the original /pol/ and codemonkey killed this /pol/.

0d3354  No.12625756


>focus on Qlarp, calling people christcucks, and masturbating to Siege

>cant even keep his boogiemen straight

b14c9e  No.12625765

File: 0f273cc89b0fa20⋯.webm (3.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, marui_balance_ball.webm)


Good to see this in a study. This relation of cuteness and aggression is even used in some animes/manga already, see video.

Let me post, dang-it.

3ad5a3  No.12625768

File: 7ab356ce5397b44⋯.png (327.01 KB, 442x472, 221:236, 1445435719536-4.png)


>missing the point

666432  No.12625777

File: 83785708be7c0c7⋯.mp4 (5.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gamers rise up.mp4)


Important observations my good sir.

There should be a campaign to inform the masses.

5cf43e  No.12625783



This is a good piece on hatred of beauty.



979299  No.12625785


Anon most of any medium will be trash. Walk into a bookstore and checkout the young adult section, or read one of the endless supply of "Jack Reacher" novels for boomers.

Basically, most anime will be trash, like any other medium, as most people have poor taste. Despite this, each medium has unique characteristics, which will allow it to play host to a series of "great works" (eg The Odyssey).

It is the value of these great works which defines the cultural value of a medium in the long term. While the anime's you listed my contribute nothing of great value, films like ghosts in the shell which have genuine artistic value should be held up and admired.

3138de  No.12625811

File: 269db823ae85e20⋯.jpeg (63.44 KB, 511x305, 511:305, Screencapping your post.jpeg)

dafb95  No.12625825

File: 37edc4637b52524⋯.jpg (111.32 KB, 516x540, 43:45, 1462411648298.jpg)

8b8929  No.12625890

File: fee72a4cd52efb6⋯.jpg (243.92 KB, 2000x2588, 500:647, OK2beCUTE.jpg)


>Can’t wait for this to be weaponized.

660ab5  No.12625929

File: b57962020874ee0⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 746x420, 373:210, Animevolk.webm)

Threads like this are why I love /pol/ .

I'd also add that smug anime pics also require a certain level of abstraction and platonic idealism to be experienced in the proper context, something that animal-men usually lack. Their primitive brains see those pics not as cute idealized girls, but as alien life-forms which trigger a fight or flight reaction. Hence why they either avoid it or get really aggressive about it. Their neuro-physiological and psychological limitations prevent them from "parsing" those images properly.

8b8929  No.12625945

File: 7ce32a871fc07b9⋯.jpg (293.75 KB, 2300x2848, 575:712, OK2beCUTE1.jpg)



Non-retarded punctuation version.

1b834b  No.12625947

File: 02e751aab4f1cf2⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 172x158, 86:79, 52a1d198f89c099cc49565d262….jpg)


>We must purge our board of

> calling people christcucks

0b1fec  No.12625958

File: 0667c61f4baa185⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 500x886, 250:443, checked.jpg)





a515ec  No.12625993


Spread idea than trauma from Circumcision causes men to rape

get feminists to fight for penises


69246e  No.12625995


>goblin slayer

To be fair the guys adapting it did a really shit job. They skipped a lot of stuff from the book and focused a lot on giving the appearance of a harem. This is the same group that has messed up adaptations previously, such as Steins;Gate

0b1fec  No.12626011


Goblin slayer was pretty neat. It rustled many jimmies.

76244a  No.12626021


If you like anime that rustle Jimmies, check out Made in Abyss. The later-episode reaction video compilations on YouTube are just walls of grown men crying.

520dc7  No.12626027


SA, in its original form, wasn't that bad (I joined in 2003 when it still had forums dedicated to torrenting similar to pirate bay). But you're right that it didn't take very long for it to devolve into pure shit. It's really sad.

388061  No.12626028


>If you like this you're a fagoot

<we don't like it

>If you don't like this you're a faggot

>muh proofs

20955a  No.12626032


>urmad if u kno reality

464405  No.12626045

Someone give me a short-list of based anime.

b3446b  No.12626049


>None of these images have art in them,

Who cares as long as we can weaponize it?

388061  No.12626051


>anime consumption by adult men is highly correlated with sodomy.

Bullshit, "sweetie."

388061  No.12626055


>Everybody has intrusive though

No, anon, everyone doesn't. Keep taking your meds.

bcd943  No.12626057

File: 34c6cd60818b97e⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 425x481, 425:481, 16b.gif)


Fucking checked

>tfw I induced an amygdala highjack in a shitlib (((narcissist))) at my former workplace

>tfw reduced him to a sputtering, stuttering, incoherent, cuck rage

>tfw there were witnesses

Psychological warfare never felt so good.

76244a  No.12626058


What did you say to him?

fd1d21  No.12626065


Funny, I am still not into sodomy.

Would rather create the anime.

520dc7  No.12626066



0b1fec  No.12626104


Nice webm it made me laugh.

ce2f32  No.12626134


found the amygdalet

7853eb  No.12626160




>trans female


520dc7  No.12626164


It is clearly a dog-girl who is very happy to be receiving affection from her master. But I guess an emotionless kike would be unable to recognize this.

6b672c  No.12626167

File: e0c86da07d97f94⋯.jpg (389.01 KB, 2560x1754, 1280:877, pwmOAr3I0D0.jpg)



520dc7  No.12626177



>trans female

wtf are you going on about? Neither of those had transfags.

0003aa  No.12626191


I don't think it's that simple - part of that is probably tied into the male hunting instinct as well. I grew up with plenty of guys whose instinctive response to seeing a rabbit or deer in the wild was to mime shooting it. It's probably more a case of a repressed nurturing instinct, where a place like this people would probably more have a repressed warrior instinct. I would predict lefty women and righty men would have the highest incidence of cute agression.

5cf43e  No.12626203

File: d696fd456973efc⋯.webm (15.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mananacchio.webm)


The kikes want to make this illegal.

cf555e  No.12626226



Ever notice how niggers hate cats?

7853eb  No.12626231


what? first pic is from hentai series of futa (shemale) who grows dick to fuck other girls

second pic is Cagliostro from GBF, an alchemist who turned into loli and Tanya from youjo senki, a salarymen who died then reincarnated as loli Hitler

8c26fe  No.12626252

File: c188858adfb2a50⋯.jpg (805.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, anime trump meme.jpg)

a94706  No.12626254


I've spoken Spanish all my life, growing up in South Florida. You can poopoo it but it's been an enriching experience lel. You'd be surprised, or rather not, at how often Mexicans and Mesoamericans talk trash about whites behind their backs. Most the time I don't say anything, but if it's really mean stuff, I turn around and give them a look and if they continue I say 'no need to be rude' in Spanish and that usually shuts them up. Gringo speaking Spanish! That's like a goy speaking Hebrew, they don't expect it.


Paragraphs aren't reddit spacing.



reddit spacing

And it's very obnoxious not to mention an indication that the cat just dragged them in and we ask them kindly to lurk moar.


>I'm starting to notice a lot more crazies in our midst

Yea, no kidding. It doesn't even matter if you or I notice it, they dominate the threads and drag them down to sewer-tier making discussion nearly impossible. One anon noted that threads with a strong OP that points out potential shill topics from the get-go tend to avoid shills better.


This is either wishful thinking on your part, or quality bait. Infant circumcision—and Jewish circumcision is on the eight day, which is the start of the so called first puberty on account of the hormonal shifts beginning then—desensitizes one to emotional bonds. One of the most common side effects is an inability to nurse properly and irritability around parents, even after the wound heals. It would certainly explain the high rates of interfamilial aggression found in Semitic cultures. Probably the only noticeable change in adults is that American teens have notorious difficulty bonding with each other compared to European teens and so the shallowness of American friendships may have a root in circumcision practices of the 20th century. See here for the science: >>12625478


South Koreans do it later, same with Turks and SE Asian Islanders, so the effect is likely different. It's a fad anyways, and as it goes down in the US, it'd go down in places like Korea.

a94706  No.12626257

File: 9fbfaf24f80f187⋯.jpg (962.39 KB, 760x1111, 760:1111, 143543449632.jpg)

Oops, forgot to pay the cute tax.

d82ece  No.12626269


Once kikes start to subvert anime I wonder if the nips will realize it. Can you imagine a nip revolution over anime being subverted, all of them reeing in unison about how Hitler was right.

76244a  No.12626270

File: de3566995ebd5a9⋯.jpg (526.88 KB, 1200x767, 1200:767, 1312939256034.jpg)

File: dad4d20fa41eaec⋯.png (1.66 MB, 967x1365, 967:1365, 1312940713213.png)

File: cdf8811d3269c8e⋯.jpg (181.84 KB, 850x1097, 850:1097, 1313032651671.jpg)

File: 47a9fcde0522f58⋯.jpg (210.16 KB, 850x730, 85:73, 1313035412484.jpg)

File: 8bb4ace8e9e2c3f⋯.jpg (107.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, af380b6caff9666da2c842e28c….jpg)


Better hurry. They're on their way to collect.

36c1ca  No.12626287

File: 2a3a391f45c8067⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.61 KB, 210x230, 21:23, poster,210x230,f8f8f8-pad,….jpg)


>>12626066 (checked)

Ok, so a bit of explanation of who this guy was, let's call him Amir. This guy was the literal physical embodiment of the NPC meme that /pol/ discovered a few months back, but I wasn't aware of it at the time (I first met him 2 years ago). Whenever he had a conversation with you,you it would be a combination of showing you with compliments / praise for your intellect, and then like some kind of autistic computer, extracting any information out of you that he could use to fuck you later. He would purposely push people's boundaries to see if he could get away with it (a hand on your shoulder or on your back). When I called him out on his shit, it was as though he never experienced a backlash for any of his fucked up behavior thoughout his 40+ years of life. After that incident, I endured 2+ years of passive-aggressive shitbaggery that was all plausably deniable, and since I couldn't drag his ass outside to the parking lot and grind his face against the asphalt like a cheese grater, I got woke on Evo-psych, narcissism, and JQ. A even trade tbh. Here's our final conversation:

>No one is around to hear our convo

>Amir walks up to where I'm sitting

>"Well that was quite something wasn't it? Anyway, I wish you the best, no hard feelings right?"

>He expects me to shake his hand

>Tfw with jews you lose

>I just look at him deadpan and silent

>He says "O-ohhhhh…..You don't shake hands…."

>I respond deadpan with no emotion "Amir is big on emotion, but low on substance"

The look on his face looked like he had just seen a ghost

>I've been found out.png

I waited about 5 seconds to see if he would try to kick my ass, he just stood there petrified. I walked away from him and down the hallway, then I heard him sputter behind me saying:

>"A-a-a-assholes come and go y-y-ya know!!! That's j-j-j-just your opinion!!!"

>Tfw ZFG

I walk into the breakroom to grab a cup of water and I notice my other coworkers just chilling at one of the tables. Suddenly, Amir bursts into the breakroom and shouts the Same. Exact. Phrase. because apparently I wasn't paying attention and how dare I ignore his holy presence kek. My coworkers were confused as fuck so I come over and nonchalantly tell them "I have no idea what that was about." They started asking if he was always like that and shit and how autistic that outburst was. It was a good day, I'm glad you're all my bros.

520dc7  No.12626292


Reincarnation as a girl? Magic futa? While questionable, neither are comparable to real life transfags. They are both biologically female, are they not? Faggots like you don't even understand what we hate about real transfags.

3138de  No.12626306

File: bcb350c2dcee7f3⋯.gif (578.32 KB, 900x651, 300:217, Snapdab.gif)



Brainlets detected.

19edcb  No.12626329


Anime is a disease, if you can't become a man after you've turned 18 by stop watching children shows and playing with video games and toys then you should be classified as mentally retarded and put in a mental institution, animation is for children.

40b09a  No.12626341


Did the Jews cut your dick or is your brain just underdeveloped?

04fc24  No.12626370

File: 7a5dd4fd139b25d⋯.jpg (69.27 KB, 680x545, 136:109, drive.jpg)

I like cute things bug smug anime girls rustle my jimmies.

Is there something wrong with me Dr. Anon ?

P.S. Psychiatry is Jewish.

fd1d21  No.12626377


>thinks I am going to get emotionally attached to a drawing. What's a dog girl?

0b1fec  No.12626378


Ghostler is that you fam?

fd1d21  No.12626383


>If you're not exactly how I tell you to be, you're not a man.

Wasn't aware we were slaves here.

76244a  No.12626393


Christ. I didn't think it would be that easy.

7853eb  No.12626399

File: e440d91f90e5b7a⋯.jpg (589.64 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Bowsette pepe.jpg)


while they are not comparable. some people use them to push lgbt fags. I just hate it when they use it to push their agenda. I hate lgbt fags as much as I want to kill them if permissible.

cff903  No.12626429


Stormfag Boomer detected. Get with the times or die with useless neurosesis.

19edcb  No.12626438


You are a slave to the jew, and your brain is stuck in childish videos, you mongrel

fd1d21  No.12626446


>Mad your hot sister wanted to raise my kid.

87037d  No.12626471


my moe waifu doing this moe look every time I come home

Every fucking day. Every single fucking day when i come home this little waifu just sits there and gives me this kawaii look on her face

8f1828  No.12626476


You get the gas.

582a6e  No.12626500

File: 5cd965d9d7c98eb⋯.jpg (51.07 KB, 550x550, 1:1, pp,550x550.jpg)


That's the thing though Anon, if you're​ 100% sure what you're dealing with is a narcissist, then you had damn we'll be 120% prepared for the consequences of triggering their narcissistic wound. The reason why I waited 5 seconds before leaving while staring him down was that he needed to know that not only was I not afraid of him or his potential reaction, I was going to fuck him up if he so much as laid a finger on me. In a way, I was lucky to be dealing with one of the more scheming / Machiavellian narcs, who are less prone to immediate outbursts of violence upon wounding, although they happen in private. A narc, with much less impulse control might very well have tried to throw a hook right then and there, or come back the next day to shoot up the place because of the exposure of their facade. You really never know with those types. Still good for keks tho.

3ad5a3  No.12626511

File: 0ba659dfd5f44fe⋯.jpg (799.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1447777552063-3.jpg)


>wanting to crush cute things is a masculine warrior instinct when I have it

>please believe me

fd1d21  No.12626518


A narcotics officer?

Wtf is a narc?

541bc7  No.12626519


Hold about as much water as the "fags are the most masculine because they like gruff dudes instead of soft cute girls" argument.

fd1d21  No.12626522


Would rather capture le bunnies and breed them. Le based non-nigger warrior instincts.

541bc7  No.12626526


>underdeveloped amygdala

>no inner monologue

>racial masochism


There must be a connection.

06f5e1  No.12626529


Thanks anon

b50d9c  No.12626542



8f1828  No.12626552

File: b6a9e3b69594bd2⋯.jpg (289.12 KB, 974x1020, 487:510, attacking_cats.jpg)


You'd be wrong.

09af7b  No.12626554


/christian/ was the number 3 board on 8chan for like 2 years, retard. There has always been a huge christian presence on 8chan and among the 8/pol/ community. The stormfag asshatru connection makes a lot more sense now considering I never bothered with them because their site owners were obviously yids.

541bc7  No.12626562


Cant wait for

<buzzfeed and huffpo: top 10 reasons why having an overdeveloped amygdala is a bad thing.

09af7b  No.12626571


I think you are making connections that aren't really there anon. Modern art had to do with novelty and then the politics of excessive inclusion to sate jewish power fantasies and then it was about the money, other elements like absurdism were probably involved but once it became clear that the goy were upset by the destruction of western art that jewish art academia caused along with Hitler's rise to power modern art was encompassed in their pursuit of revenge for being named and targeted.

But what you are talking about has no real link to cute aggression or intrusive thoughts.

8f1828  No.12626655


>/christian/ was the number 3 board on 8chan for like 2 years, retard

Gaslighting, that's provably false.

76244a  No.12626664


Then prove it, because I remember it too.

67acbd  No.12626714

fuck off idiot. Modern anime moe = shit. Doesn't mean I hate cute things like children and doggos.

4dba6d  No.12626720


It's you who need to prove it actually.

48e116  No.12626730

File: c966165690d9de4⋯.jpeg (58.04 KB, 600x851, 600:851, _.jpeg)



>According to the study, this prediction usually filters out self-made sounds so we don't hear them externally, but rather internally. The corollary discharge therefore prevents the sensory confusion that would otherwise arise.

> Scott theorized that copies of our internal voices produced by the predictive brain signal can be created even when there is no external sound. In effect, our inner voices are the result of our brain internally predicting our own voice's sound.

>If his theory was true, Scott knew that when external sensory information matched the internal copy our brains produced, that external information would be edited out. The results of his experiment confirmed his hypothesis.

>When participants said certain syllables just in their heads - such as "al" or "ar" sounds - that matched an external sound, the impact of that external sound was greatly minimized. However, when the internal syllable did not match the external sound, their own perception of both sounds did not diminish.

tl;dr, feedback from the predictive portion of our brains are used to set off the counter noise filter. It's why you don't hear your heart unless you listen, and why you can play songs that you've heard in your head (or speak to yourself).

Considering that schizophrenia auditory hallucinations are a product of hyper-connectivity from the frontal lobe. I'd assume that hypo-connectivity or low metabolic rates would be observered in the frontal lobe of your average NPC.


But, most of what I'm finding when it comes to low connectivity between the amygdala and the frontal lobe are things like ADHD, alzheimers, depression, down syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

541bc7  No.12626731


10/10 commie leftists would agree with you.

69246e  No.12626779


Goblin Slayer was good, just not a good adaptation, so I can't blame someone for faulting it. But placing the blame the way that anon did was incorrect.


I started this recently as the cute artwork made me dismiss it as another moeblob comedy. I picked it up due to a few recommendations and it's definitely one of the better shows out there.

efd692  No.12626822

File: 63a0b4d27ff8e65⋯.png (256.57 KB, 376x532, 94:133, akari-san.png)


bumping a great thread


commence Operation: Amygdala Hijack

bff6e5  No.12626882


don't post fake memes

b57b11  No.12626988


>why do we get so much flak about using anime avatars

because it makes anyone using it looking like a man-child and a giant faggot.

(but lefties won't mention the last part because *tolerance*).

it's exactly like vidya, it's a dreadfull habit and no grown ass man in his right mind would recognize to engage in this.

do you think a cunt frig her twat to this desTINY types?


in fact it turns pussy dry.

so, good job, you lack self-awareness or, even worse, purposefully peddle garbage in the hope of seeing it take here, and considering how hard you tried to hit every single targets, it's almost pandering at this point.


the funny part is that "check your privilege" started as a joke.

it's like SJWs have been trained all wrong on purpose… as a joke.

8f1828  No.12627064

File: 74e98f7154d1816⋯.png (16.24 KB, 1282x451, 1282:451, christian_users_over_time.png)

File: 615eafb0174969b⋯.png (13.74 KB, 1289x455, 1289:455, christian_rank_over_time.png)




The pictures related were compiled from data found at http://archive.fo/http://8ch.net/, and for each month, I used the snapshot closest to the middle of the month (see also https://pastebin.com/sm35zait for the tabular data).

Sadly data is missing for quite a few months in 2017.

So /christian/ never had anywhere near the number of users necessary to make it top 3, and didn't consistently get to top 10 before 2017.

Sage for off-topic.

718d09  No.12627344

So you mean to tell me that its actually redpilled to jack off to wholesome non rapey 2D porn?

718d09  No.12627358

I didnt read theough all the thread, but what causes underdeveloped amygdalas and how much of it is used by kikes? Does flouride do that? Circumcission at infant age (which is known to traumatize the child and change the brain), what about being exposed constantly to sexual content? Different xeno oestrogens and what else was there in our food and drink.

718d09  No.12627383

File: 905af462828b077⋯.jpeg (55.42 KB, 612x455, 612:455, 7DA9E663-3A0B-48EA-9DD4-1….jpeg)


imagine having such a shitty amygdala like this guy

769e8b  No.12627392


>time series displayed as bar charts

GTFO pleb

f82b9d  No.12627468



>being this narcissistic

Anons can add cynical narcissism on the list of mental illness against everything that is cute and wholesome

8ebe85  No.12627516

File: a8ed0e646311781⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1570x6466, 785:3233, 6632fcd3fd90bae67f8a30ac85….jpg)

File: ece82958f0477cb⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 491x750, 491:750, headpat_line_drawing_anime.gif)

Cute is one of the things that brings about oxytocin, and of course, as a response, it has been routed out from the west.

f82b9d  No.12627526


<A strong, healthy hatred of children, animals, and anything beautiful is what truly separates white men from nonwhites and loser neckbeards

<loser neckbeards

Can't help but throw in bullshit in your part truth full lies pilpul bullshit post huh,you fucking kike?

><A strong, healthy hatred of children, animals, and anything beautiful is what truly separates white men from nonwhites and narcissistic kikes

There ftfy, now piss off wanker

4617ec  No.12627532


>Cute Aggression

I first though it meant characters that act in a cute but aggressive manner, especially since the following word is "anime". So I think the term is not very good, but the concept is intriguing.

I've always liked cute things, be they animals, fictional animals like pikachu or cute girls. I've wondered about the concept of cuteness. Like beauty, it is partially subjective, but there is an objective element to it as well. It's not a co-incidence or a social construct that most people think puppies and kittens are cuter than snakes or bugs. I suppose cuteness includes the element of innocence, which would explain why the liberals abhor it. It triggers your nurturing or protective instinct, and liberals don't want to nurture anything, except things that bring more destruction and degradation.

0a3906  No.12627534


I was thinking a bit, in bloodborn there is that enemy called amygdala. Turns out it appears only in the game after gathering enough insight and before is invisible and when seen is this huge disgusting creature lurkig in different places.

Now you gain insight by seeing sick shit happening in the game or eating stuff like umbilical cords, basically eating part of a newborn similar to the stuff of the elite eating pineal glands of abused children to gain their abilities(like children seeing the other world in example the mondter under the bed or in the closet, enhancing that by abusing the child and inducing a dissociative state or near death experience severing your perception from this body further and then ingesting the pineal gland, the part that supposedly lets you see that to intake that skill as well as eating a lions balls is believed to give potency).

So the more sick stuff you see and do will make you to see more, but all thats good and cute will be seen as something disgusted and to be killed (the amygdala monster) making you unable to see any good in the world and making yourself bad in the process as there is nothing good either way.

Am i on to somethingn?

4779b8  No.12627545


>So I think the term is not very good, but the concept is intriguing.

"Aggressive response to cuteness"?

ee90f3  No.12627548


Maybe it could go some way toward explaining some of the dynamics involved in wanting to hurt innocent little children.

ee90f3  No.12627553


If in order to gain insight one must do sick and evil things, especially to innocent children, especially in order to cause them as much suffering as possible because that directly correlates to a proportionate potency in the their freshly obtained pineal/adrenal glands and blood etc, then that person is already fucked up beyond any and all repair and their insight is worthless except for evil purposes anyway. If that could possibly make sense, it could make sense only in an evil world, where "anything goes" and so that world be even worse than a world where that isn't normal but a lot of evil people happen to exist. I think it should be evident that we live in an evil world where there also is a lot of very well-adapted evil beings who are at the apex. So the real solution is that the world should be annihilated.

ee90f3  No.12627556


I like this cuteness here because she seems strong on the inside, perceptive of evil, capable of surviving the evil and destroying it. One wishes she didn't have to reach this point but this world is a battlefield. Sure beats a green-haired sex-baffle.

54ccae  No.12627563

I think there IS such a thing as excessive anime on an imageboard especially when it pertains to politics. I don't have a problem with it, I just don't get it because I'm newfag newfag cancer supermetastasis.

f82b9d  No.12627573


>t. antifa


ee90f3  No.12627583

File: 5b15a788e497943⋯.png (21.38 KB, 288x288, 1:1, More Human than Human.png)


I sometimes get one of these in on accident or in a sort of moment of dexterity, but I hadn't considered it in this format before. It makes sense. The larger the organ for processing, the more tolerance it will have for a given load of process, and so the amygdalae, as with the cortices, have a capacity to process their loads according to their size and complexity. So, one can have not only a repressive capability from the frontal cortex, but a certain "emotion capacitance", so that the emotion does not overtax the higher centers for attention. I believe that this would apply accordingly to all emotions and it would be seen as effective when a native capacity is developed by appropriate rituals of child rearing, cultural development or in other words:

>"We began to recognize in them a strange obsession. After all, they are emotionally inexperienced, with only a few years in which to store up the experiences which you and I take for granted. If we gift them with a past, we create a cushion or a pillow for their emotions, and consequently, we can control them better."

0ac495  No.12627595

File: bf197b1170c13dd⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 598x720, 299:360, Yuck.jpg)


WTF is this ultra-garbage?

0a3906  No.12627605


Read the bible friend. Thats exactly what it is, the world is satans domain, for now, ruled by cronus, time which is decay and death. But this world will be destroyed by fire and a new one will be made, and death will be no more.

The first will be the last and the last will be the first. You just have to decide wether you take comfort and delight in this life or in the next one. Do the right and have it hard, or do the wrong and easy way. Matter vs spirit, thats all what it comes down to

ee90f3  No.12627606



>You can watch this only if you are sexually turned on and get a hard on and want to fuck it

>But it's okay if you just want to smash it, because then you are a real man

<There is no understanding of any other mode of experience than they project, so there can't be, you should fall into their presumptive categories now goys


ee90f3  No.12627609


>implying you're my benefactor with good advice

>implying that I've not read the bible, and understand what it is far better than he possibly can

>implying it isn't a heap of crap barely worth using for fire kindle

fea437  No.12627618

File: b0889abf119fb60⋯.png (2.73 MB, 478x5318, 239:2659, ss homosexuality germany n….png)

File: a71a02660547977⋯.png (2.8 MB, 486x5166, 27:287, ss homosexuality germany n….png)


devils advocate: it's not 100% black and white - pic related. but i guess then you could get into the semantics and connotation of the word masculine

5f3170  No.12627621


>How does this image make you feel?


4779b8  No.12627627


yes, sideboob and monstergirls are very wholesome

fd1d21  No.12627630

Stop trying to prevent my leveling up AA.

5f3170  No.12627637


>Indeed but those beta males also wield special powers and have a great destiny

It's escapism no matter how you slice it. Ideally, male characters would be more masculine. I'm pretty sure jap writers are under pressure not to write more masculine characters, as there are so few examples.

e9add1  No.12627638

File: 1f4235bd1fbda38⋯.png (307.21 KB, 538x540, 269:270, concern.png)


>all those shitty TV (((adverts))) and cartoons from the early 2000s telling white european children with deadbeat career parents that cute things are for gay losers

The existence of the anti-moe ironic weeb (((fandom))) in its current form makes a lot of sense now.

ee90f3  No.12627641


In essence, as with all art, this is a portrayal of sublimated expressions of a well-developed and articulated amygdalic process. When given a set of forms that can contain and express its vicissitudes, it is portrayed in the artform as something that not only gives outer shape to the inner process, not only enables the opportunity to give both objective life to a subjective content as well as to offer a degree of sublime catharsis (as well as an act of devotion to the values and ideas expressed, a virtuous expression in itself), but it ALSO offers the spectator and witness an opportunity to realize their own latent potential to develop in similar or alternative ways to something that transcends the individual even while representing the pinnacle of individuation, and which offers something essentially and forever private to be amenable to the private process of another. It is an act of generosity, and this is the deeper sources of "the cute". Any who would despise such is by definition evil and cannot be allowed to "Coexist" with those who can, for that would be ipso facto a crime (and more than a crime).

Witness a world where what is considered cute is being a disgusting bearded nasty tranny faggot monster that is covered in the blood of an innocent child that it probably tortured to death while raping.

You either understand this distinction and what it implies or you do not. I don't care about your bible, your koran, your talmud, or your other article of mentally manipulated delusion. Reality comes in forms that are immediately evident and available to the authority of the senses and other faculties of Man, and religion-jargoned, ham-handed condescension posed as spiritual advice from bell-curve victims can be safely discarded as incapable of serving the ontological aesthetics of the Greater Cosmos, of mature philosophical and aesthetic reflection, the assessment and combating of evil, or even of having the amygdalic capability to simply enjoy moments of one's own life.

Book religion people should just put on the dunce hat and go away.

ad7e6f  No.12627654

File: 3724bded1711cf2⋯.jpg (378.61 KB, 1989x1353, 663:451, 372.jpg)


>We made the very first anime now. You love anime so you'll watch it right?

ee90f3  No.12627673


I can't get halfway through Himmler's speech without being struck by his intelligence and also the sense of feeling in the man. I feel robbed by troglodytes for never having been readily exposed to his writing before this point. What a brilliant and incisive look into what is at stake in the issue of both the private life and the life of the people (vis-a-vis the state) and also that of the issue of sexuality and of homosexuality in particular. It is not only fair to phenomenon in how it really plays out in the real world, but marks a consideration of aspects really completely ignored in the public mind because its discourse on this issue completely ignores the patent fact that the supply demand issue of the homosexual libidinal economy, especially in respect to the typical motives and causes of people becoming homosexual in the first place, indicates that there will be a stark severity of demand and sharp darth of supply, so there will be both an alienation to relevant norms when "romantic opportunities" present, and a rather human tendency to operate under strongly selfish bias when opportunities to obtain what is rare are presented (i.e. hiring like an ancient Chinese eunuch Mandarin, especially during times of prominent matriarchal influence, has brought down for sure a couple of their empires).

ee90f3  No.12627698


Amygdalically Challenged NPCs

0a3906  No.12627708

File: b6cb637730c9a3b⋯.jpeg (51.4 KB, 384x372, 32:31, 03D14CE5-6729-4F72-B4A8-3….jpeg)


That actually has potential.

ee90f3  No.12627725


You know, there is scientific evidence recently discovered that lends credence to the idea that different people (races?) have different anatomy down to the subtlest levels, and that different somatotypes do of course was already suggested by W. Sheldon in his several works on the subject of psychological types. But it is also interesting just what mechanisms are involved. For example, there is some indication that the vagus nerve is involved in the calming response which often happens after a startling or unsettling event or experience. And no doubt there may be differences in how that nerve is structured depending on the aforementioned "constitutional" factors. But it is also the case that conditioning applies to the point that if one suffers too much trauma or the wrong kind of trauma, especially in vulnerable circumstances, especially in youth, then that nerve can be compromised in a way so that one cannot escape a lower threshold of sympathetic (fight/flight) and may be at a higher propensity to sustain a longer duration of apathy though benign stimuli may be present. Just think of all the abuse directed at children at that light, and it becomes ever clearer what distinguishes evil from good in worldly terms is an innate propensity to sacrifice the bonds of affection for the sake of compensating for the individual's lack of inner resources for the enjoyment of peace and the courage and fortitude needed for war.

Of course, it is not a typical and disorganized evil being combated in this world. They are numerous, well organized, and they have a large supply of technology/wealth/genetics which they have usurped so as to better and better systematize their evil endeavors (assembly line torture of children for what they get from it, for example).

That those who could have done anything to combat this have, expect in places like this, failed, causes in me a rage that I cannot express in this body.

04fc24  No.12627726

File: 4e5a26fc4d194b1⋯.png (433.08 KB, 600x562, 300:281, 0ce.png)


>Save terrabytes of cartoon girls on your computer or you'll develop neuroses.

The anime posting was great when it was fun, playful and entertaining. It was all a joke, but it wasn't, and that's what made it fun.

t. boomer reminiscing about the before-cancer times

5f3170  No.12627757

File: 24b1e6162498faa⋯.png (668.47 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, born to die world is a sat….png)


>when it was fun, playful and entertaining

It still is, grandpa.

1e0702  No.12627801

File: 9f95171782ce223⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 6aa9eca47d6d61a585415d431c….jpg)

This does make sense. A lot of people go into a fit of rage when they see cute anime. Obviously something in their heads is not working right.

5f3170  No.12627805


I love posts like these, anon. We need more discussion and understanding of the issues that plague this world.

54ccae  No.12627808


I love how he annihilated the homo church so thoroughly

1e0702  No.12627826


>Cartoons are supposed to be a) comedy, b) political satire, or c) both.

Good thing anime isn't cartoons then.

>Maybe you can have a cartoon that is an adventure story like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Lehningen and the Ants, or something like that. You know, a masculine work of fiction where there is a real plot and the characters have to travel somewhere to accomplish some task. 99% of anime is nothing like that.

Plot-driven anime shows were a normal thing decades before Americans got excited about the concept due to shows like Game of Thrones. Anime has always been less episodic and more focused than American TV.

>The only decent anime was

This is always a dead giveaway that the speaker has seen almost no anime.


"Moe crap" doesn't mean anything. You aren't talking about anything. You may as well type with your elbows.

027ef3  No.12627830

Anime is gay.

fab7c7  No.12627859


Why are you posting pictures of homosexuals?

0a3906  No.12627978


This >>12507082 and this >>12507075 go into that, also >>12506188 on some symbolical meaning of childsacrifices

And this is all i have in MKUltra and similar stuff


Which that fits right into. Its basically some low budget mkultra to turn kids into psychopaths by traumatizing them just like its done with circumcision which was shown to change the brainstructure

c72562  No.12628001

File: 6166933b0a7a760⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 550x825, 2:3, leopardmotherandbaby.jpg)

File: 41eb1e7d8b0b827⋯.jpg (416.01 KB, 2146x1838, 1073:919, jUyq4.jpg)

File: 45af5f41cdcddcf⋯.jpg (70 KB, 605x785, 121:157, baby owl.jpg)

File: 89637c41b871640⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 605x620, 121:124, baby giraffe.jpg)

File: 4091c3affdde016⋯.jpg (108.36 KB, 999x911, 999:911, large.jpg)








Thanks anons here some cute animals in my collection

c72562  No.12628009

File: 62a19a39ecb8866⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 960x542, 480:271, Horace-the-monkey-Land-of-….jpg)

File: 25c42de7ba10a33⋯.jpg (120.07 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, Monkey And Kitten.jpg)

File: 60725dab49a26b8⋯.jpg (455.37 KB, 3228x2160, 269:180, SX3Vp.jpg)

File: 2c1d0a236b9189f⋯.jpg (152.66 KB, 1200x1396, 300:349, DEWGYlH.jpg)

File: ee2bd89ce9cc3c5⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 479x480, 479:480, -a-baby-hedgehog.jpg)

459a72  No.12628015


I feel no need to corrupt or destroy cute things, but I do feel disgust at how heavily cuteness and comfort is pushed in media and entertainment, as if it's an attempt to infantalise the adult population. Forcing arrested development on the masses so that they can never form a coherent resistance of any kind

1e0702  No.12628018


Japan has been resisting jews far more effectively than the West.

5f3170  No.12628025

File: 98710057c089aa8⋯.png (180.44 KB, 482x296, 241:148, ClipboardImage.png)


That was a pretty interesting read. This part caught my eye especially.

527bdc  No.12628030

File: 30787ed9e2c06aa⋯.png (88.41 KB, 604x516, 151:129, 1546324818266.png)



1fe8df  No.12628040

File: 9acb55b9e49148c⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 255x304, 255:304, happyy.jpg)


>The same imagery tool Colonel Connell used

This is referring to the Under Orders Under Fire bit with Mike Wallace right? That certainly was a shining example of how to deal with narcissistic types by outgrouping and fucking humiliating them.

Anyone who hasn't seen it should watch and learn from it.

Link, it got scrubbed from kiketube surprise surprise, http://www.learner.org/vod/vod_window.html?pid=197

Starts at about 35 minutes, Connell gives his words at 42:30. Yet at 37:50, you can see the look of pure disgust on his face. And at the end of his bit, he gives Wallace the fucking stink eye like none other, causing physical pain for Wallace that shows through by his wince. The best example of amygdala overload there is.

God I fucking love it.

0369a8  No.12628046

File: ab64d795c1859ed⋯.png (617.75 KB, 503x628, 503:628, losing it.png)


>homosexuality is a defensive measure

I think it's reached a terminal state of retardation

459a72  No.12628053


I didn't mean anime per se, but shit like Bored Panda that has half-hour long compilation videos of cute kittens+puppies, with millions of views each

fcff7b  No.12628065


Good post, OP. However I will say this will likely be used as an excuse to try and insult those calling out goons smugposting or whenever the turkroach shows his head.

279a99  No.12628134


Babies aren't cute.

Disgusting, drooling fudge creatures.

4779b8  No.12628173


their behavior is occasionally cute

994b2f  No.12628177

File: 3634ba5cefb62f0⋯.png (284.13 KB, 960x639, 320:213, Infantile Communication Me….png)

Interesting. If this is true, it would explain the oft times absolutely ravening emotional fits people have over smug anime girls. It always struck me as odd how furious some posters would be over such things, if you don't like anime it's easy to simple ignore those pictures, or at least I would've thought it was, but I suppose if this theory is correct they can't just ignore it because it's triggering a response they don't have full control over. Leading to the spewing of their inane buzzwords (pic related) in a seething tantrum to condemn all cute anime girls and anyone who might enjoy them.

8ebe85  No.12628313

File: f3df2c27ba98437⋯.webm (2.33 MB, 800x650, 16:13, Cute_printing_sounds.webm)

File: adc782320315f0f⋯.gif (668.4 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 9575a98edc761460e4db929af3….gif)

File: 33bf717cf67d7d7⋯.jpg (130.76 KB, 900x772, 225:193, Thats really lewd _f50807f….jpg)

File: 9939e6215e2da63⋯.gif (2 MB, 436x245, 436:245, 9d0099bb819c449fcb8763d6aa….gif)

File: 21799d02ed70bef⋯.png (167.53 KB, 500x827, 500:827, ash-ashcammm-guys-literall….png)

why is it that when Jews try to make stuff that's cute it always comes out fugly and gay?

Look at barney the purple dinosaur, or anything else made to (((entertain))) children in the west.

It's like they made the exact perfect shit to cause you to reject cuteness altogether out of disgust when you get older.

54ccae  No.12628348


Smugs always did rustle my jimmies, there's little more belittling than a fictional 2d woman looking at you like you have a doctor's certificate of delayed reasoning. Those grins are the stuff my nightmares are made of. Do you have any idea how bad it feels to live your entire life KNOWING you are an idiot?

5f3170  No.12628374

File: 40be391da377727⋯.png (243.21 KB, 1757x626, 1757:626, why smug anime girls work.png)



(is this last post bait?)

aeb3ce  No.12628380

>INTJ/INTP briggs myers schlock

Stopped reading right there. Juden poison regurgitated for goybook qtards to feel better about themselves.

aeb3ce  No.12628381

File: 91698a245cec6f3⋯.png (28.17 KB, 480x239, 480:239, 1.png)

File: e18cf3f5bd6e1d2⋯.png (54.71 KB, 521x308, 521:308, 2.png)


so angry that I forgot my pictures

5aca48  No.12628751


>To be fair, you have to have a very high iq to understand smug anime girls

88393f  No.12629832

File: 196e6340b4dfc8a⋯.jpg (97.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CA1zdHF.jpg)

File: 6226fa72fc1e187⋯.png (261.06 KB, 500x375, 4:3, community_image_1416756090.png)

File: af00d9dfc1357e7⋯.jpg (89.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Is this why I can't enjoy Asanagi…?

To be honest, this trend seems to be rather common among Japanese Artists. It ruins my day.

4372c8  No.12629845

File: eaa2599b2be8607⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.01 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, img007.jpg)

File: 023405470973819⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 641.03 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, img024.jpg)


>doesnt like japanese shadman

88393f  No.12629857


Naw, especially Victim Girls.

The newest one makes them retarded and then they die, and they snort their soul energy and kill what's left. Yuck.

616339  No.12629863


why is a giant penis biting that woman's arm?

88393f  No.12629865


Satelight is the best studio.

You'll have to watch Symphogear to find out.

7de528  No.12629934


>Posting (((porn)))

Where do you think you are?

72f1ad  No.12630178

well, this explains yukkuri

a87c6f  No.12630317


Like when the jew fuck doctor and my lemming parents cut my dingy wingy skin off the day I was born.

43069d  No.12630374

File: 26f096c6a7fb7ca⋯.jpg (443.17 KB, 940x480, 47:24, LANES_VETS_Garstang_Pets_3….jpg)


Amygdalin is the cure for cancer. ..That's why I clicked on this thread. Seperate controversial topic, but I'm a sucker for etymology.

Speaking of looking too deep into things I was not disappointing by this post OP. It's very interesting. Now I have to look up Amydala and how it may be related.

Speaking of parallels, here are some parallels I came up with for /pol and alt right.

1) Alt+Right … is computer keyboard thing. Not iphone thing. Important to note.

2) Yes its an image board. The left litterally can't meme, in terms of makign and editing images. Selfies are the only image editing they have outside of typing and virtue signaling.

3) The NPC litterally gets its commands from its FB or other newsfeeds.

4) MANGA = MAGA …POTUS must have had an act of genious to have planned that, courting the chan culture.

…On the cuteness radar. I agree with that as well in terms filtering and mutual sensibilties. It's what makes the merchant meme hilarious. There's not a meanness to it. Chan is like Supertroopers and the left is like "ramrod".

In a simliar way, dogs can be terrible and mean, but when they are cared for even the American pitbull can be the cutest family dog. So there is a family or familiar culture to chan. Its an interesting unting feature, perhaps of any family as well.

It should be noted, that Huffpo etc heavily rely on dodo funny animal videos. They do have that culture. It's a way to understand them, and maybe even convert them.

Back to Amydalin. Cute animals do help patients heal. Amydalin is a famous alternative treatment for cancer found in vitamins. Its an interesting correlation.

Also, with images, people "connect the dots". Text, not so much.

43069d  No.12630389

File: bb1361f13494ea2⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 614x412, 307:206, jimmy-kimmel-abc[1].jpg)

..example of the left amygdala sensibilities. Can you guess by image attached, why they might say the right lacks amygdala? Interesting topic, OP.

000000  No.12630434


top-props/10 OP. this triggers all the femshit infiltrators of /pol/. the rabid anti-fanaticism of the nu-pols over animu has been one of my favorite pleasures tbh.

000000  No.12630479


Thank God for White Babies

44eda2  No.12630483


Pretty much described jews at this point. With their hate for western art.

000000  No.12630535


Mishima was a big fan of anime and manga, pleb.

000000  No.12630720


le cute

000000  No.12630735


these all elicit the cute response in me. am i messed up anon?

272c8b  No.12630806

File: 574812ee8cd63ce⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 465x361, 465:361, Mike_Pence_knows_what_to_d….jpg)


>posts Jew porn and degeneracy

into the oven, Moishe

50e141  No.12630828


I just generally think anime is spergy. Seems like a lot of people try to rationalize it by saying cucks don't like it when people have anime avatars but it's actually just because people with anime avatars are generally saying things they don't like and it's become sort of an identity.

Don't have anything against anime personally. Was recommended LoTGH on here and I loved it, but grown men going *uwu* and having little anime girls as their profile picture is kinda gay.

50e141  No.12630831


Oh yeah, anime being super aesthetically pleasing is kind of a reach. It's definitely a cool/unique style but isn't some sort of achievement. There are lots of colors to draw in kids and stuff.

4779b8  No.12630852

41c6c9  No.12630854

File: 4dbe602bb29022d⋯.png (934.22 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 4dbe602bb29022d7d42c97677d….png)


The argument being made is about the aggressive and hatred-fuelled lashing out at cute things we've regularly seen from bitter feminists and so on. We're talking about those who look at pic related and react with murderous bile and spite, not those that think 'meh, not my thing really'.

a57325  No.12630885

>hate anime in general

>watch Jojo

>finish four seasons in a week

Just psychoanalyze my shit up fams

53a962  No.12631040

File: 701c8ea4290ebad⋯.jpg (160.75 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, popuko face.jpg)


So you're someone who is into manbuns, male figure lines and half naked men just like those wrestling figure collections you used to have since grade school, because that's what you're seemingly implying even if it's not on purpose.

You say you hate anime 'in general', but you watch Jojo, which is technically a 'Japanese Cartoon' aka Japanese Animation, or 'Anime', and the fact you watch it all within a week.

Wouldn't that make you a closet casual who used to watch WWE?

582a6e  No.12631041

File: 6cef4ebe2bfafbb⋯.png (1.02 MB, 728x696, 91:87, 6ce.png)


JoJo is God-tier so don't worry about it. Also, read Berserk or watch the original 1997 anime adaptation.

75ec8b  No.12631066


>animation is for children.

And that's where you're blatantly wrong.

Go watch Akira.

75352d  No.12631179

File: 967662b11cf2b05⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 700x585, 140:117, aA3gE2p_700b.jpg)

This is interesting. See i only get mad at weeab shit because of the Saturation of it. I used to Like Anime style and still do, but when everyone online becomes a festering Waifu loli Jack off Brainless Maniac for "Muh Kawaii" Shit get's pretty fucking Unbearable fast.

My True Irritation I think comes from the Oversexualization of this current "cuteness" Due to the mass kike degeneration of human society. But in fucking turn the degeneracy literally wants to extinguish Testosterone grounded controversial expression.

Humans have Natural verve reactions to the weirdness and disagreement other humans output. and Kike Town actually wants to extinguish that controversial discouraging energy so they can grey and blur the line of righteous standing so everyone just becomes borg demoralized mutant incapable to decipher what systematic regression compromises their existential liberty or not.

But im not allowed to say Faggot? Everyone's allowed to Dress up and pretend to be Pixar Animals and Fuck eachother, People can chop their fucking dick off with cosmic wigs and vibrate their asses to Cell shaded exaggerated school girls, and Dance and chant to deranged low IQ Media. But i'm not allowed to call you a Retard? Advocate my own race, Rationalize Separationist ideals, or nationalize my own domestic space. Get the fuck off my planet

75352d  No.12631182

But No really if you're an Autist Weeab Faggot go literally fucking Hang yourself

b28621  No.12631184

File: 17dcb258414d5ec⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 17dcb258414d5eca351773f3a3….jpg)


There is some interesting psychology to disect here. I have a theory that this is what causes fantasies of bdsm and general sadism in people. Sadists come to mind first when discussing aggression in cuteness. It always becomes sexually expressed because puberty causes them to develop sexual feelings for those who express cuteness. Psychopathy could be caused by a more extreme underdevelopment which leads to torturing and killing animals as well as even more extreme narcissism. They seem to line up similarly.

as for where the people who pair with them and enjoy being on the tortured end of the stick come from, I have no idea

193c38  No.12631185

Jap toon fags must die. That is all, over and out.

53a962  No.12631206

File: 0d60050cb5d638f⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 379x544, 379:544, smug_oakley.JPG)


<i cant say anything to make you goys mad, so ill just do an idgaf post so you have no arguments against me :^)

<that'll show those pesky bug eyed toon lovers :^)

07178c  No.12631451


Mudslimes like to rape kids and children

efd692  No.12633403

File: ffec305bd18e0d2⋯.png (222.71 KB, 584x561, 584:561, fiat justitia 2 circle.png)



>origin of Sadism

>We must all face the highly unpleasant fact that homosexuality is usually associated (either as cause or effect—it would be hard to say which) with sadism, and that sadism in turn, when it does not find an outlet in acts of brutal violence, inspires the passion for “equality” and “social justice” that masquerades as “idealism” and is accepted as such by unsuspecting persons who do not see that the only purpose of the “idealists” is to incite the violence and brutality that will give them a vicarious delight even if they have no opportunity to participate in it personally.


not long; do read: He connects leftism and "actvism" with frustrated sadism.


Bumping with cute anime for your arsenal. Don't rate/bully and derail plz.


>Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

>Mitsuboshi Colors

>Tonari no Totoro

50e141  No.12634161


Not what I was going for, I was saying it's a cart before the horse situation. People with anime avatars triggered the cucks so much that now anime avatars are just a warning indicator to those cucks.

It's not because of anime, it's the other way around.

50e141  No.12634164


>Incorrect, nigger. By your logic, Heavy Metal 2000 is a kid's show as well since it's animation. In fact, a lot of the more recent capeshit animated movies have adult content in them, but by your nigger-tier thinking, anything that's not live-action is for the kiddies.

You're a retard if you think "moe" bullshit is in any way for men as opposed to man children..

efd692  No.12634709

File: ec328afeaca9738⋯.jpeg (55.83 KB, 509x562, 509:562, non non biyori copy.jpeg)


>In order to express innocence, purity, and femininity, there's no personification more appropriate than a little girl, is there? We're relaxed by the symbol of the little girl. And when they're 2D characters, they have no chance of dealing any blows to our fragile emotional state. On top of that, the motif becomes that of the weakest character possible in social, physical, and emotional senses—the little girl. Because of that double safety lock, we are protected from being hurt, and we can escape the fear of being rejected. That is to say, this is the true meaning of moe: ideal, young, innocent femininity. Do you understand? You do understand, don't you?"

What's wrong with that?

1944af  No.12634714

File: 865be1262bda219⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 495x640, 99:128, atrazine on hay.jpg)

1e0702  No.12635059


"Moe" anime is usually aimed at men. Manchildren do not exist and are just a bogeyman invented to discredit anime by people who hate it but cannot argue against it.

72a97a  No.12635183

File: cdd6f9b6f535388⋯.webm (67.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, nyahahahha.webm)

3a2413  No.12635847

File: ec37d6652874c5e⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 568x479, 568:479, 1428520766642-0.jpg)


>treating every picture posted as poster's avatar

imagine being this retarded

06b2eb  No.12639567

File: 7b76e06eaa52790⋯.png (100.37 KB, 374x535, 374:535, 01b0c9bcee8a0ddd02de1a62c7….png)


>Talks about manliness

>While posting a half-naked muscled man

06b2eb  No.12639601

File: bc7af3188ff9b22⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 440x285, 88:57, 23252.gif)

File: 6051537b864f4c0⋯.png (638.51 KB, 700x950, 14:19, 1496492046064.png)

File: 8d9e3c6e1caa464⋯.webm (1.6 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 1497236231843.webm)



>Break your shit

>Don't actually care about or respect you

>Will attack you if it doesn't want you touch it

>Brings dead animals into your home as a way of saying it thinks you're too incompetent to hunt and keep yourself fed

>Will leave you on its own whim and only come back when it feels like it

>Leave furballs all over the place

>Thinks it owns the place, despite you feeding it and giving it shelter

>Rips your furniture apart

>Doesn't hesitate to eat your corpse if you die right next to it

>Has vermin in its shit that will infect your brain when you clean up its litterbox

>Coward, opportunistic hunter

Get this shit out of here, you pathetic excuse for a man. A cat is the cuck's owner.

e6c447  No.12639636


Good thread but a little kampfy.

e6c447  No.12639652



We've known that since at least 2016.


20955a  No.12639671

>act literally the same as furries and horsefucker

>be treated the same


The absolute STATE of weebs lmao

39ac56  No.12639776


the goblins represent niggers right?

006ce1  No.12639799


>second pic

>"cat lady with a Y chromosome"

I wonder how many "people" were triggered by this. "WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BEING A MAN REEEE"

And top fucken kek at "gentler kind of masculinity" lmao. That's called "faggotry" not "gentle masculinity" for fucks sake. Are bulldykes displaying "a rougher, more scissor-ey kind of femininity" now, too?

006ce1  No.12639824


Who's talking about watching anime, tard? If you're just going to respond without reading even the first post of the thread then drop some gay-ass pic and disappear, you really should go back.

>m-muh obsessive hate for anime is manly

Where do you think you are?

b748ac  No.12639825


>Trollshielding for bigger faggots.

Im sorry nigger but your kind belongs on Netflix.

006ce1  No.12639832


Anime and Western cartoon characters ARE cute "under scientific analyses" you fucking potato. This shit was unironically developed by governments for propaganda purposes like 100 years ago and has been refined since to be as cute as possible according to people's responses to different ratios in the body/face down to tiny changes in tone and inflection of the voice. OP is absolutely right, smug anime girls are unironically well-refined super weapons for psychological war on roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the global population.

9d8f21  No.12639852


Cats can be incredibly helpful and loving companions but only if you train them, and especially if you live on a farm. Hardly anyone trains cats anymore, and so 98% of the cats that you meet are shit. An untrained cat is far worse than an untrained dog.

328c4a  No.12639908

File: f0d6a3211cb3f3a⋯.png (264.02 KB, 741x513, 13:9, 72ZMYROU.png)

boasting in eric thred

ed096a  No.12640030


I'm not saying it's a warrior instinct. I'm saying it's a suppressed caregiving instinct and that I mostly saw rural boys display it growing up.

f64a92  No.12640085


Smug futas just shitposting anon, don't take it too literally.

e6c447  No.12640087

File: 5c5a0647f920835⋯.png (225.38 KB, 1093x481, 1093:481, IMPERIAL JAPAN'S ULTIMATE ….png)


None disagreed.

e6c447  No.12640099

File: dca08cdb7b297a9⋯.jpg (102.76 KB, 318x238, 159:119, not sending their best.jpg)


>reaction pics are avatarfagging

Imagine being paid to lurk imageboards 24/7 and still being that clueless about their social mechanics.

c51cbf  No.12640106

I thought that modern science was jewish bullshit, this is rather outlandish and ridiculous but if it helps further your agenda, then you are all suddenly okay with it.

>topkek as they say

e6c447  No.12640108


Are you being sarcastic? Cause that's Calart, not animu.

e6c447  No.12640140

File: 44ea9fb8675fcf6⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 640x301, 640:301, argos-and-odysseus1.jpg)

File: 03431182b48289e⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 480x480, 1:1, together.jpg)


Empathy and loyalty towards lesser organisms and his instinct to protect the helpless was always one of the White Man's greatest virtues. Don't let the kike exploiting pathological empathy alienate you from your ancestors' kindness, mercy and chivalry. Even if at some time we'll inevitably have to dehumanize ourselves and face to bloodshed, don't be afraid of it, for almost all of our foes are ugly, disfigured and gerotic.

dcf116  No.12640145


>leftism and "actvism" with frustrated sadism

>government rapes you

>leftists recommend brand of lube for next time

e6c447  No.12640164

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>imagine being this black

e8d494  No.12640166

File: 0b571288e0dd018⋯.jpeg (89.38 KB, 800x584, 100:73, 0b571288e0dd018448bcaea46….jpeg)


This simple realization is so powerful if forces the cianigger to out group itself.

Mfw our enemy are such capeshit tier villains that they are literally repulsed by beauty. Recoiling like fucking vampires from anything sacred or pure. Empathy and compromise are impossible when your interlocutor is an anthropomorphic cockroach that longs to live in filth.

These goblinos were never human.

c51cbf  No.12640183

File: c5199a905e1329e⋯.gif (208.1 KB, 880x660, 4:3, cute anime girl.gif)


I'm not even American, I can hardly be a CIA agent. but I would love to get those CIAbucks.

Here0s a cute anime girl


e6c447  No.12640199


>why is it that when Jews try to make stuff that's cute it always comes out fugly and gay?

Combination of shitty spatial intelligence and spiteful envy for both cute things and those who can depict them.

I remember when I was a kid I thought Ann Frank's photo was of an uglyish old lady.

e8d494  No.12640210

File: 935c020aab85b67⋯.png (11.26 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, e16a71accd0c1b8294bd41fece….png)


Oh nooooo this glowbohomos pilpul is too strong. I can feel our consensus cracking. His elite marketing skills are hitting all of our most vulnerable fracture points. I pray he never realizes that some of us like cats more than dogs.

e6c447  No.12640212


You could have at least picked one of the thousands of Japanese artists that draw hentai instead of a cheap imitation of the style, but I suppose that, like the word "God", manga-aesthetics are an anathema to (((your circles))).

c51cbf  No.12640219


If you reverse searc h that pic you can tell its done by a Japanese artist. Halfwit.

e6c447  No.12640220


giggled audibly with the snek

e6c447  No.12640231


I did. Nothing about the author. Care to enlighten us?

e6c447  No.12640233



I was merely post-ironically shitposting

c51cbf  No.12640247


Something about the doujin circle nighthawk, probably CG from some VN.

Stop posting retard, you are taking this retarded thread way too seriously.

>Care to enlighten us?

lmaoing at your life, do you think you are like Sherlock Holmes or something

e8d494  No.12640251

File: 58c11da0fe16795⋯.jpeg (57.77 KB, 360x270, 4:3, Shan_hai_jing_Zhuyin.jpeg)


Gee anon, I understand that that sort of thing is prohibited in some small corners of the world. I sure hope no one reports you. Once that sort of thing is on an hdd it never really comes off.

Don't just give up.

e6c447  No.12640258

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>wholesome and comfy moeshit suggestions thread

[ctrl+F] NonNonBiyori: results

[ctrl+F] Non Non Biyori: 1 filename, no sauce

For shame, anons…

e6c447  No.12640264


>Something about the doujin circle nighthawk


Japs can't even pronounce that.

>lmaoing at your life, do you think you are like Sherlock Holmes or something

>spent 5 secs to confirm a claim

>lol get a life

Keep merely pretending.

c51cbf  No.12640273


Japs can't pronounce lots of shit and they still give their games and movies english names like Guilty Gear or Dragon Quest.

39ebb7  No.12640465

File: e07f47a2c58a3ca⋯.png (39.79 KB, 1323x175, 189:25, anime avatars.png)

File: 0c3630c5c252650⋯.png (157.51 KB, 1283x282, 1283:282, anime fans.png)

You like cute girls doing cute things because you have low-T

Take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue

3ad5a3  No.12640556

File: cd3455183271a30⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1447799720721-0.jpg)


>stop posting anime goyim

>it triggers my-it means you're low-T

If we're "low-T" and we still own you niggers on such a regular basis, you must be no-T.

a1a5d4  No.12640657

File: 793313a7bf3afe7⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, IMG_20180318_235013_635.jpg)



Don't think so, buddy.

48e116  No.12640676

File: 9f786f4a6c2942e⋯.jpeg (13.69 KB, 474x436, 237:218, _.jpeg)


Low T just causes you to be depressed and not spit out the baby juice. Easily remedied with ginseng extract.

< her der clean your dick

T levels and the desire to be around cute things have no correlation. You can be a high or low T person and still think that your kid is cute.

But, you've probably been circumcised and cannot understand this.

0dc642  No.12640716


What in the fuck are those hideous tattoos and that low test manchild tank top?? Go back to misc forum you low t faggot

e6c447  No.12640793

File: 2730ba2713b5628⋯.png (788.57 KB, 1887x2545, 1887:2545, how to identify anons that….png)

File: 645bf8df29139a0⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 854x480, 427:240, tits or gtfo srilanka.webm)


You know the drill.

e6c447  No.12640795


>What in the fuck are those hideous tattoos

Lurk moar, newdyke.


▲ ▲

a1a5d4  No.12640805


Post your body then. Even just your arms would be fine.

If you don't, flinging adhom like "low t" around is pretty embarrassing.

c51cbf  No.12640811

File: bc8c26c7430343d⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 585x300, 39:20, 400.jpg)

e6c447  No.12640818


>first screencap a logically inconsistent clusterfuck of words and feminine appeal to ridicule with a few fancy campus-tier terms thrown in in a vane attempt to sound verbose and not like a mumbling retard

>second pic uncited claim that anime is an addiction and an immediate attempt to compare it to heroin instead of milder forms of addiction, like porn, pot, internet, or talmudvision, that would sound less far fetched since the author is most likely a degenerate that almost certainly engages in most forms of addiction minus the most immediately life-threatening ones

Obvious she-goon is obvious. Genuinely surprised you managed to shoop the (You)s out of the pics.

a1a5d4  No.12640820


Being cringey was intolerable when I was chubby, I basically got into lifting and eating clean because I wanted to be more open about my interests instead of hiding them away all the time and seeming fake.

I'm glad I earned your snap, based shrekposter.

e6c447  No.12640822

File: 5d76b3202dddbb1⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 680x383, 680:383, benis.jpg)


>reddit memes

e6c447  No.12640826


Second for tits.

6163a4  No.12640850

File: f0a16eb188a171c⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, manime.jpg)

File: faeff329292937f⋯.jpg (107.64 KB, 1965x1107, 655:369, 5987044-1408130290-e6d18.jpg)

File: ee6d24496459e13⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 17469.jpg)

File: ad5c625e27dd242⋯.jpg (284.78 KB, 500x361, 500:361, gurran-lagann.jpg)

File: 391449269fe6e05⋯.jpg (102.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>hurrr all anime is moe shit

>what are genres

Your newfag is showing

c0b707  No.12640926

File: 0e013361733d1b3⋯.jpg (219.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0e013361733d1b3f065900aeee….jpg)


"moe shit" is good, actually

c848b2  No.12640954

File: db0253d06cde896⋯.png (214.81 KB, 398x370, 199:185, SmugLevels.png)

File: e25fadf1d0e4ff4⋯.png (474.95 KB, 964x978, 482:489, post_apocalypse_loli_dubs.png)

File: c692d621c56e919⋯.gif (2.7 MB, 480x357, 160:119, digits_goebbels.gif)


Checked and keked

20d3c6  No.12640968

File: a88dfbc6f395ca2⋯.mp4 (10.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Watch_Symphogear.mp4)


It is an anime that looks like empty hype on the surface(and is really good at hype and action choreography) but is actually filled to the brim with lore building and detailed references to alchemical tradition and mythology.

In short go Watch Symphogear you fuckwad

6163a4  No.12640978


Depends. If we're talking about a cash grab (idols) which is like most of what moe is nowadays then no. There is some good moeshit out there (Rewrite VN, Clannad) but they're hard to come by.

c0b707  No.12640997


>Depends. If we're talking about a cash grab (idols) which is like most of what moe is nowadays then no.

There's some good idol anime out there, go watch AKB0048.

>There is some good moeshit out there (Rewrite VN, Clannad) but they're hard to come by.

Kirara adaptations are consistently good and there's one almost every season.

526939  No.12641014

File: 68d9e1add4b0fef⋯.jpg (172.22 KB, 850x1224, 25:36, Dt0yZ_ZUcAE-oTm.jpg large.jpg)


Strike Witches is top tier level cute anyway, you can't get higher levels of cute than the Sanya episodes in both S1 and S2. I thought they were 10 years ahead in terms of skill and knowledge in that department but it seems more like 30 now that it's been 12 years.

c848b2  No.12641022

File: 27b616eec6408a8⋯.png (304.24 KB, 678x678, 1:1, AGoodLife.png)

File: 2e2f5ac721d4803⋯.png (85.8 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, Christ-chan.png)


>Shit taste

>Yukio Mishima

I would say otherwise. He has somewhat of a point he just phrased it like a holier-than-thou loser. Just because one person has less of an interest in a certain media than someone else doesn't say much. However to the extent that OP has spoken of there is something pathetic and pitiable honestly. Sage for pointless post

20d3c6  No.12641081

File: aab6e6921a56955⋯.png (265.93 KB, 1804x381, 1804:381, Screenshot.png)

File: 843fce6539dfb42⋯.jpg (262.65 KB, 1859x898, 1859:898, on waifus.jpg)

68f2c0  No.12641119

Autists are born with extra neurons in the amygdala. Autists are also drawn to internet culture and anime.

c0b707  No.12641147


That second image is not actually describing a waifu in the conventional sense of the term, though it's an understandable obfuscation to make for the sake of broader legibility.


What else correlates with autism? (with the word "autism" we are both obfuscating here, as it's applied to a lot of people who we aren't interested in for this discussion and we intend something narrower, but an imageboard user will understand what we are talking about)

e6c447  No.12641151

File: 41c74c33a38fac8⋯.jpg (272.3 KB, 800x575, 32:23, VW2u13x.jpg)

File: 49caae90df79986⋯.jpg (262.82 KB, 869x1254, 79:114, u001.jpg)

File: 261ffd04a372bff⋯.jpg (105.49 KB, 800x572, 200:143, 29ef06bb372138bc5eb3ac779b….jpg)


>second cap

Read Hatsukoi Zombie, a bit stretched out and cliched but makes a very direct case on the Pygmalion's allegory.

48e116  No.12641278

File: d5276c1c922d0a4⋯.gif (35.91 KB, 220x225, 44:45, _.gif)

File: fcca6d9db2460f2⋯.png (85.91 KB, 537x846, 179:282, __.png)



No, the amygdala is perfectly normal in a high functioning autist. So please, shut the fuck up when you haven't done a basic search first.

a1a5d4  No.12641295


That's interesting actually. I would have thought there would definitely be an issue with the amygdala with legitimate autists, considering a lack of empathy and difficulty properly expressing emotion are two common symptoms of autism.

48e116  No.12641323


All of that which you're talking about is a result of the cerebellum reduction.


48e116  No.12641347


Actually, autists get a double whammy with reduction in the Cingulate Gyrus. https://www.thoughtco.com/cingulate-gyrus-and-the-limbic-system-4078935

2c9f9f  No.12641406


>Used to have intrusive thoughts like this all the time as a child with regards to cute animals

>imagining it actually happening made me really fucking sad, and permanently killed the intrusive thoughts

>Now treasure every cute animal I meet

I must’ve developed the shit out of that thing during puberty

49c679  No.12641505


At this point, almost everything gets associated with autism since the disorder can be used so by pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to children.

0f17ca  No.12641542

File: 39674dac295238e⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 184x184, 1:1, db6c3ad3c9eec23257a91b94e0….jpg)



01dd1c  No.12641762

File: 3023ed1590f7dca⋯.jpg (144.04 KB, 760x700, 38:35, 2BE6E856-C700-42C8-85C0-86….JPG)

<if I avatarfag as a preteen anime girl it just means I have a developed amygdala and decalcified pineal gland n activated almonds n shiet

<roleplaying as a girl doesn't make me a mentally ill autogynephile tranny guise, honest!!!

1e0702  No.12641948

File: 4d8d9302ab52fd5⋯.png (166.72 KB, 348x312, 29:26, usagi.png)


>if I use the false dichotomy fallacy and for some reason start talking about pre-teen anime girls despite almost all of them being older than that, I win the argument

70b8f6  No.12642305


I don't know what you think you've proven here, but Jung was known as an antisemite. The fact that his grandfather was a Hebraist - which specifically means a non-Jew that studies Hebrew. - does not contradict that. Many Hebraists were in fact antisemitic and were motivated by a desire to interpret ancient texts without having to rely on Jews.

e6c447  No.12643906


> this image represents social isolation and rejection

More like funnyjunk and reddit and yes, cancer is to be feared. The macro's text "cringe compilation" specifically refers to FJ's compilation posts, so kindly kill yourself.

e6c447  No.12643933

File: 08cbe71f65af282⋯.jpg (104 KB, 900x601, 900:601, nu male lingo.jpg)



Capped for reference.

c848b2  No.12644240


> I cannot find any other example romance media aimed at men than anime

Is it something worth being worried about that I think Goblin Slayer does this for me? His relationship with Sword Maiden specifically. I just want to be a hero to my wifu

20d3c6  No.12644312

File: 292cea6050a1f41⋯.png (31.78 KB, 560x407, 560:407, The elements are uncertain….png)


There isn't really a relationship between GS and SM though.She is just using him as the load-bearing column of her fragmented psyche and calling it love.

Though to be fair that might be the best one can get from someone as traumatized as her.

76602c  No.12644335


>tfw the bladerunners would come for me because they they think I'm a replicant instead of an autist

026b87  No.12644828

File: d2d1307cc844322⋯.png (301.03 KB, 472x605, 472:605, 1504443467271.png)

File: 32f99ef8961e2a8⋯.jpg (205.42 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 1505738308315.jpg)

File: 87db53b3ac744d7⋯.jpg (51.62 KB, 1000x559, 1000:559, say aaaaa.jpg)


Yare Yare daze

c848b2  No.12644864

File: 6d5f02efbedf98d⋯.png (576.34 KB, 810x793, 810:793, PepeChan.png)


Well fuck me then, what does that say about my broken ass to construe that as something endearing? Sage for blog-post

d2bec2  No.12653231

File: 6aade7ad6a2c8b2⋯.png (226.09 KB, 740x552, 185:138, james mason.png)


>and masturbating to Siege.

101df1  No.12653414


>"just have this flash of thinking: 'I want to crush it' or 'I want to squeeze it until pops' or 'I want to punch it,' "

This sounds so alien to me, I've never experienced anything like it. What kind of a deranged and emotionally crippled piece of shit do you have to be to have those impulses? When I see something cute and fluffy I want to cuddle and protect it. This might really do explain leftists, they certainly have that same kind of disdain for anything that is pure, elegant, heroic or extraordinary. Basically, they hate everything good and virtuous.

The only odd thing about me, which I would be interested to hear if other have the same feelings, is that I do not find most babies cute. I don't have aggressive thoughts towards them but I am mildly disgusted by them, because of how they look and because they drool everywhere and shit and piss themselves. I just want nothing to do with those little creatures. I find them utterly repulsive.

3ad5a3  No.12653863


>What kind of a deranged and emotionally crippled piece of shit do you have to be to have those impulses?

Why don't you ask the people in this thread who have it? They claim it's some kind of manly hunter/warrior instinct, nevermind that a hunter hunts and a warrior fights to feed and protect his cute wife and children.

d2f1b6  No.12658235


Holy fuck, this makes so much sense!!

I am always been cute and liked qts and cute things but feminists have tried to destroy me. This post is highly based and redpilled!!

995c09  No.12658249


>not really. It's more of a cry for attention.

e887e4  No.12658322

Why is this shitty thread still up? It's literally weebs inventing fake mental disorders to call people that understand weebs are EXACTLY the same faggots shoving their fetishes and likes down everyone's throats when nobody cares.

a87c6f  No.12658338


You will never be white.

efd692  No.12667017

File: e14bd6a8b03d263⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 498x280, 249:140, Rin-chan.gif)

83887f  No.12667203


Most anime girls are older than pre-teen.

Yet when I talk to anime twitter nerds, they all choose the pre-teen girls as avatars.

Really activates the amygdala.

f2af02  No.12667239

File: f7d9eea377bf2d9⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 640x360, 16:9, omieshitto.jpg)

every single time

058f6e  No.12667266

explain how I can adore cute animals and children yet not give a fuck about your cartoons drawn by japanese neckbeards.

baed3b  No.12667361


Checking these sick-ass quints. This info should be applied to fuck up the enemy 100%.

922d57  No.12667422


gee, anon; why don't you look into when and why the term, kid, started to come into use in the English language to refer to human children?

it was probably started by a kike

922d57  No.12667431


this makes me think

ever hear a woman say "you're so cute I could just eat you up!"?

baed3b  No.12667450


Any man worth a fuck has been chased by women. The real men have to keep the whores away with a stick.


ZOG has left NPC zombies in its wake.


This site used to be chock full of quality OPs. Hopefully that comes back.


It's all been a plot by kikes. Kikes hate women, so of course they portray them as "equal." Then, when it turns out that they aren't men (a real shocker), it simply *must* be because of "sexism." It's all bullshit and it's all 100% a kike scam and nothing else.

They hate women because they hate femininity. They have destroyed female value, in reality.

922d57  No.12667525


babies are the definition of cute


…wait, then why do some people, men included, think that babies aren't cute?

919e00  No.12668446


It's funny because "amygdalon" is greek for almond.

919e00  No.12668449


This. One of my earliest redpills is how high-school bullies became some of the most vocal left-lining moralizers after school years.

83a288  No.12668545

File: f487c0a43d1bdac⋯.jpg (819.64 KB, 1852x1920, 463:480, 1437918177713-0.jpg)

File: 0c21f348504b915⋯.jpg (90.24 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1458960792050.jpg)

File: e1dcc095fde004c⋯.jpg (68 KB, 602x960, 301:480, 1439257756755-1.jpg)


>Aversion to anime is a litmus test for the underdeveloped amygdala

For this to be a valid test it would have to be the only cause, which I think is the overly simplistic framework your post is attempting to construct. It seeks to setup a framework in which any anon who doesn't care for Japanese culture can be criticized and dismissed immediately without any further engagement, as a substitute for argument or facts. This is the exact same thing imkikey attempted to setup in his pro-trump reign of terror, where any anon critical of trump for any reason was berated and dismissed; alienated regardless of the validity of the points made. It thus becomes a place where "discussion" consisted of just posting trumps, with the implied effect that this would trigger the poster as a substitute for argument. It's just the latest in a string of forms of "u mad brah" without which there would be no groping to justify Japanese culture spam. Also, from a board culture standpoint justifying smugposting will end in lower quality posts and memes, because it's really about replacing creative memes with smugpost spam (or previously trump spam). Smugposting is still avatarfagging that serves the same function as rachposting. "Please ignore the points in the discussion and observe how I'm emotionally reacting to your points." with the implied question being, "does this trigger you?"

Would William Pierce have endorsed anime? No, for a lot of reasons but one of them isn't because of their alleged "cuteness" (a subjective aesthetic judgment). For someone to be "aggressive toward cuteness" one would need to agree that these cartoons are in fact "cute." The type of art I like is heroic and romantic, generally realism, because these forms of art inspire me to do better and greater things

Also, that isn't all the amygdala does. The amygdala is involved in threat detection, and this scales based on its activity. A damaged amygdala would, for example, prevent you from seeing that smugpost spam is a threat as I've described.



>anime keeps out leftists

So does white culture, which they hate more than anything to the point that they deny its very existence.

>kikes are pieces of shit because they hate cuteness

No, kikes like to defile anything wonderful and they get off on destruction because it makes them feel powerful.


Anon gets it.

>shower me in smug anime idc, faggot

exactly, this does nothing and is not "power" nor can it be weaponized.

c8fbed  No.12668561

The premise of this thread is super flawed. You aren't going to do shit my posting more smug anime girls. That doesn't do anything.

Cute aggression has more to do with jealousy and mate gathering for women.

And in men it's more of a dominance, and culling of weakness thing. People only tolerate cute if it's their own genes, and only for so long.

000000  No.12668575


Psychology anon here. I'm late to the party but I'll try to be brief.

Those studies contain 'truths' but lack a coherent model to sort their findings into. "Cute aggression" is a bad word for it. I'll try to explain.

Scenario A, in which a person is aroused by stimuli, for example something beautiful, good experiences, visually appealing and are 'overwhelmed' by it, the natural response is emotional relief, which in humans is almost always connected to a physical insensive activity like violence or sport.

Scenario B, in which a person is aroused by these 'cute stimuli' is when a person translates something 'cute' into the attribute of inferiority, trying to eliminate it depending on your mindset. A popular example is spontanous infanticide among humans and animals (e.g. Gorillas just ripping apart their own offspring out of nowhere). This is triggered by the instinct to hunt. And spotting something vulnerable (which 'cute things' are almost always) triggers this response. Another example is parents abusing their own children.

So whether "cuteness" triggers a joy-overload with the need of physical relief or a violent hunter-prey response depends on various factors. In fact, too many depending on the subject and the situation itself. One major factor is whether the "cutness-subject" is perceived as a member of your own group or belief system (race, culture, family). Another is the mental state of the person responding to this stimuli. People who, for example, are within a state of mind of survival where priority of self-preservation is ruling all behavior, will perceive "cuteness" as inferior, irrelevant and possibly a target. An example of this is being economically poor (see typically fat failed females hating beautiful women), additionaly being in lower ranks of society.

I studied this topic quite a lot back then. Hope it helped.

de7925  No.12668696

File: 2c947e174995e10⋯.png (484.88 KB, 900x938, 450:469, 2c947e174995e10f6980fce8b1….png)





I imagine there's a few standards of cute things for people who like cute things, people on the right who focus more on ideals and autism (limiting the interests of the online audience severely of course) like anime, and people on the right who focus more on what's before them and what they can immediately control focus on kids, family and conservative presenting women. With some of these being interchangeable of course.

What the focus here is that they love death more than life and we love life more than death. Which I think is the foundation for cute vs ugly.


It fucking does, this connection is causing things to fall into place in my mind quite well.


I am also pretty sure you are correct to a point, however you are being too aggressive to make a good argument you need to be more graceful anon, otherwise you will be changing no one's mind. Aside from this there is an irl application for this that we should all consider. These people react very negatively to beauty and cuteness in real life as well. Their ideology destroys the beauty of young women and they will mercilessly attack the beautiful and cute amongst themselves.


Dogs are separate enough from humans that the left can appreciate their cuteness more than human cuteness. However there are still extreme cases amongst them who can't even stand the cuteness of baby or cute animals.


This also seems like an overly hostile point to make, why can't you calmly and kindly correct someone. Babies are a perfect concrete manifestation of cuteness (as long as they're not hideous race mixed mutts) I think it would be fair to say anime is a fantastic abstraction of cuteness.


This is a very good point but is diverting from the issue at hand.


>why are most western cartoons ugly

they love self destruction and death more than life and cuteness.


thank you very much anon


imagine who might react to this with violence or revulsion.


no one is saying this here, why are you deliberately misinterpreting someone's point in an argument?


this is a perversion

3e38a2  No.12674630

File: cb06b8804ec783a⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 697x547, 697:547, 1546315655.jpg)


The nose and smile bothered me, so I tried fixing it.

3e38a2  No.12674925

File: 36eb1fc19880683⋯.png (162.42 KB, 1488x739, 1488:739, 1546319062.png)

File: 377d70efbcee9ee⋯.jpg (147.31 KB, 1636x2190, 818:1095, 1546318166.jpg)



Should've waited until I finished the thread, sorry.

bc3f5f  No.12681478

File: e98b94cf0eb9759⋯.png (159.75 KB, 1530x652, 765:326, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)

Things will only be fixed after the collapse and tribal armed conflict.

That's what it will take to learn these lessons, it seems.

It's not just bad ideologies, it's decadance and material comforts and easy degeneracy.

Feminist-infected wamen and s.o.i.goys do indeed have underdeveloped amydalas.

The only way to fix this is for everyone to have to fight for his/her life/survival at some point in life in some form or another. Also end babby genital mutilation 100%.

e75e44  No.12682528

File: 737be4bf188fa89⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 480x358, 240:179, delet.jpg)


My first thought - the dude must be going crazy with all these cunts at home.

b411d7  No.12682543

File: a771651b991069d⋯.jpg (278.31 KB, 1177x693, 107:63, white yes.jpg)


step up the game

660ab5  No.12682663


That guy looks like a Turk or a Mexican lel

410d79  No.12682807

Another dumbass hugbox echo chamber thread about how enjoying little girls is perfectly fine and natural. Retardinios never seem to understand that you're building an evermore elaborate house of delusions that servers no purpose. You just need to step away from the monitor and your confirmation bias to see exactly where the hell you are. Anime produces skinny-fat pimple-faced retards that run around like ninjas at convention centers, meanwhile Warhammer 40k makes men like the Golden One. Just neck yourselves already. All you do is post on an image board all day anyways.

680714  No.12683706




>No Kannagi

>No Waratte! Sotomura-san

39de98  No.12683750


>haha you're not white because you don't invent mental illnesses to call everyone that doesn't like you forcing your fetishes down their throat

Take your meds, alt-furfag.

39de98  No.12683756

File: a44cfbcfe3e86f2⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 564x634, 282:317, Exclamation.jpg)


>muh warhammer

Is for cocksucking faggots.

680714  No.12683769



>That recent doujin I read from Abo Manten

Still sends shivers down my spine.


39de98  No.12683799





fa2538  No.12683809

File: 820ab88a6586159⋯.jpeg (44.35 KB, 550x336, 275:168, 820.jpeg)


>when your charisma level is so god damn high you can convince 24 women to join your strange reclusive cult to give birth to almost 150 kids

680714  No.12684031


Actually, this one is some sick shit that you should probably avoid at all costs; never recommended it.

1e0702  No.12684130


Your post is very angry. There's your explanation.


They're better than porn because they're compartmentalized away from real life.

b7cdaa  No.12692282


This probably also explains why leftists love getting abortions so much. They envision a an innocent child in their lives and feel the need to destroy it due to their underdeveloped brains.

ba0140  No.12692360


> having the same opinions of retarded q boomerfaggots.

No fuck you redditor, go back to your censored cuckshed.

ba0140  No.12692362


Qtard detected. how do you feel getting your opinions changed by old shits that ruined your country.

919e00  No.12695668


>Anime produces skinny-fat pimple-faced retards that run around like ninjas at convention centers, >meanwhile Warhammer 40k makes men

Chuckled IRL from your lack of self-awareness.

8992cd  No.12695734


660ab5  No.12695761

File: 278fb91b133a4e4⋯.jpg (120.49 KB, 915x700, 183:140, sob.jpg)


Where is your god now?

2881fd  No.12695774


Tet-tet-teh Nande desu ka

cfab7e  No.12696523

File: 74259317ee89a9b⋯.png (91.88 KB, 1902x952, 951:476, 1494038380081.png)


>even if it costs me my life

>i feel the warmth of your hand in mine

Hibiki is a treasure.

5aca48  No.12696917



>accusing others of being boomers

>too stupid to reply to two posts in one

Stupid dumb weeb scum

4596b4  No.12697112

File: c85f7968b8fa3fa⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 314x518, 157:259, hurt.jpg)


>that smooth detailed hand drawn animation.

dear god, why can't we have that back?

5aca48  No.12697137


Shut it goy, you take your low frame by the numbers cuckime and you like it. What else will you do, watch something western? Unironically a worse option.

59fede  No.12697188


1. You're disregarding the fact that anime has been inherent in chan culture since the inception of 2channel.

2. Claiming that reaction images are avatarfagging with the implication that it was brought in by kampfy is, again, disregarding where you are, and also attempting to rewrite the history of smugposting. It also makes it apparent that you have no intention of integrating into the site and becoming apart of the very community you're currently criticizing.

These two things, alone, tell me many things about you. It tells me that you either have not been here very long, or that you're paid to come here and attempt to uproot what has, as I stated, existed as apart of chan board culture since the beginning. Frankly, I'm leaning towards it being a little of both. But what makes me lean towards the latter idea is because of your not-so-hidden efforts to whine about the turkroach. You faggots can't even go one thread without bringing up fucking Trump and Kampfy. Not one.

I won't disagree on the aesthetic beauty of European artwork. And it's also cool if anime isn't your thing. But you using Japanese culture in an example as though it's the only culture supported around here, and then suggesting that we disregard anime and just stick with only white culture, is also an underhanded effort to undermine the board. Learn where the fuck you are, stop whining about the roach as if he's still here, and fucking lurk. And no, /pol/ will not stop smugposting. If you're too much of a faggot that you can't pay attention to an anon's post because he has an anime picture as a reaction, then the problem is not the poster… it's you. Because there are many posters in this thread who have responded intelligently, and have anime in their posts. But you wouldn't know that because a subversive fucking kike, and are threatened by a bunch of cute characters because of the apparent power they hold.

f234d3  No.12697237


This. /Pol/ came from 4chan for a reason, it was just a couple of antisocial faggots who were wondering about the predicament they were in. Just look at pepe, an antisocial, unproductive member of society. Physically ugly, and bitterly smug.

Anime is the idealized world that people escape too. Pepe is the frog mascot used to let everyone else know just how fucking ugly the real world is. I'm on a phone but later I'll write up a more in-depth post about this

02b99b  No.12697248

File: e9fd4055193b3a8⋯.jpg (440.9 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Saban_and_Friend.jpg)


Pic related is Haim Saban. Kike billionaire and Democrat super-donor. He was responsible for the Power Rangers and every shit-tier fake anime you've ever avoided. Kek killed him to preserve anime, but the damage has been done.

1e0702  No.12697259


Anime never stopped being hand-drawn.

da30a5  No.12697281


I mean this has sometimes happened withe but I still have issues with parents divorce. Isn't that a 60-40 split nowadays, especially in commieland where I am?

564ef2  No.12697318


85cc26  No.12697489

File: d883e33c1de3b00⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 337x562, 337:562, d883e33c1de3b00ee31635d9fc….jpg)


>men like the golden one

A pro-israel, pro-jewish narcissist?

bc0f5a  No.12697600

File: 0c7f37ce2c8b3b6⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 976x2044, 244:511, judgedeath.jpg)

660ab5  No.12697794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1e0702  No.12697807


Symphogear isn't a mecha show.

7b0d8a  No.12698027


All lefties extreme or not are in my eyes just that.

7b0d8a  No.12698037


>epic gaymer tattoos

Hang yourself.

1d38c4  No.12698039


So the mudslimes always had the right idea of executing homosexuals.

08cd64  No.12698048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Most main characters are feminized males chased by females with masculine characteristics.

2b4a22  No.12698418


fur babies are used as a surrogate for children.

they are used as an outlet for otherwise unrealized nurturing instincts in females.

sort of like how wifus are a surrogate for the nurturing instinct in men

0f2dfb  No.12698477


Liking girls does not make you a tranny. Even wanting to be a girl does not make you a tranny. Deciding that you are a girl and enforcing that delusion on others makes you a tranny.

Also, autogynephilia is a term coined by a degenerate sex-obsessed faggot (but I repeat myself), don't use it.

840e6a  No.12698596

File: 7a7bb690dad4fee⋯.mp4 (2.9 MB, 720x720, 1:1, demonic elephant seal.mp4)


>elephant seal;

20955a  No.12698597

File: 022c6b13ed2f850⋯.png (855.59 KB, 1200x1193, 1200:1193, 7_396ba0_6900063.png)

>help me I'm being fursecuted you all have mental diseases

840e6a  No.12698611


>as for where the people who pair with them and enjoy being on the tortured end of the stick come from, I have no idea

From what I see in myself, a complete lack of human touch that is confined in a pressurised space taht is deep longing, and the brain wants touch so bad, the desire festers to the point that pain is the only thing that will completely cure it, due to release of endorphins. Its a pressure that manifests in primal sex desires and animalistic roleplay. I've know quite a few dog-fags that have been bitten on the shoulder during sex so hard it drew blood out and they felt cared for, loved, desired, WANTED. They at that moment wouldn't have minded being killed for food because finally the emotional agony had stopped, they could rest now.

Is this related to the death drive? So many fags want people to kill them, to wound them, to own them and then do this to them, to go to bed bloody all over from cuts and bites and lashes with semen running down their legs, only to get up in the morning, dragged to a bathtub and used as a living urinal with a funnell in their mouth. Is this being a captured warrior instinct leaking out of urban captivity?

a1a5d4  No.12698927


Your insecurity is showing.

48e116  No.12699388

File: a5c4c2cc9b2f110⋯.jpeg (157.79 KB, 857x932, 857:932, __.jpeg)


> Consistent with hypotheses, sadists showed increased activity in the left amygdala in response to pain relative to no-pain pictures, whereas non-sadists did not. Sadists rated pain pictures higher on pain severity than non-sadists, and showed a positive association between pain ratings and activity in the left anterior insula that was not present in non-sadists. Sadists also showed increased activity in the right temporo-parietal junction when viewing both pain and no-pain pictures relative to non-sadists. Sadists, but not non-sadists, showed greater connectivity between the left amygdala and right anterior insula when viewing pain pictures.

Left amygdala is active much in sadists then non-sadits. This would coincide with OP

> The Amygdala! It is also heavily involved in the reaction to cuteness and is involved in reward processing for behavioral responses. If you have an underdeveloped amygdala, you are more vulnerable to cuteness overload which activates an aggressive response wherein you want to attack, hurt or destroy the source of the cuteness.

Key word OVERLOAD. Both sadists and cute aggression show signs of amygdala overload.

More from the study.

> Sexual sadists also rated pain pictures higher on pain severity than non-sadists. This result is consistent with sadists’ heightened sensitivity to others’ pain.

35a3bb  No.12699542

File: 962c085497740b8⋯.jpg (199.46 KB, 700x1039, 700:1039, Awoo-This.jpg)

File: c7cd27d370b6b37⋯.jpg (112.77 KB, 700x802, 350:401, 1547924465165353159.jpg)

File: 60492988c2494d9⋯.jpg (170.07 KB, 1200x1660, 60:83, Rf2.jpg)

File: d952fe6741c708d⋯.jpg (140.76 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Fox rectify.jpg)

I say we start taking over loli's then.

Cute, adorable and softens it down to make it more palatable to kids.

And then watch the lefto-naz-gul reeeeeee in horror as it hurts itself trying to hit the children.

d3ffe7  No.12699624


>over 500 replies

>hardly 5 talk about the "scientific" part

tldr underage and neckbeard MAGA niggers discover hormones and want to insert their pedo weebshit under the guise of a pseuoscientifical circlejerk superficially referencing some borderline scientific psychology studies they do not remotely understand.

Theres a board for that and its called /leftypol/

4ab15b  No.12699625

File: 1d4b02e1c544d62⋯.jpg (456.46 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __archangel_gabriel_archan….jpg)



They're called children, Human Children, not baby goats.

Whenever anyone calls their child a (((kid))) the jew laughs as he imagines and fetishizes them being put on a sacrificial altar or a bloodletting stake on their degenerate blood drinking ritual murders, or biting their little weiners off like fucking animals all the while savoring the blood dripping out of their mouths as they (((feel))) the trauma of suffering the child experienced from the inhuman, demonic ritual right before stabbing that child straight into his/her heart to offer them to their false artificial 'god' they've created from centuries of spiritual and occultic hardwork, efforts, and the sacrificial murder of innocent men, women and especially children whose numbers are beyond counting, their vile inhuman acts they have done since perhaps on the earliest days of modern man 200,000 years ago. . And the jews live by nourishing themselves with this spiritually corrupt way of the enrichment of body and mind.

Remember that, anons.

4ab15b  No.12699662

File: b5dc624d09588f5⋯.jpg (118.46 KB, 750x862, 375:431, 71681535_p12.jpg)



>muh 2d pedo


>muh (((scientific))) part

<Theres a board for that and its called /leftypol/

And that's where you belong, go and stay there you clearly don't belong here the moment you post goon words on fucking /pol/ of all places. Stupid nigger.

4617ec  No.12699666


I like it.

e68448  No.12699795



Oh fug. I remember being like 6 and having thoughts like that from seeing ducklings in a puzzle book I had. I don't really remember when those thoughts stopped occurring but they're long gone now.

It must be a development thing and the people that exhibit these behaviors into adulthood have the development (of whatever specific part(s) of the brain) of a 6 year old.

48e116  No.12699912

File: e156b70c69da60d⋯.jpg (364.24 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ___.jpg)

File: c1742eedd2bad46⋯.png (68.92 KB, 1965x3558, 655:1186, journal.pone.0046970.t002.png)


Probably somewhere around 9-11 years old.


> The peak ages of amygdalar and hippocampal volumes came at the timing of preadolescence (9–11 years old). The female amygdala reached its peak age about one year and a half earlier than the male amygdala did. In addition, its rate of growth change decreased earlier in the females. Furthermore, both females and males displayed rightward laterality in the hippocampus, but only the males in the amygdala. The robust growth of the amygdala and hippocampus during infancy highlight the importance of this period for neural and functional development. The sex differences and laterality during development of these two regions suggest that sex-related factors such as sex hormones and functional laterality might affect brain development.


Discovered hormones some time ago, right now my objective is to learn to fuck over psychology with neuro science. For example: You cannot be autistic and dyslexic at the same time. The key component that describes the brain of both is the density and length of neurons in the cortex. High density = lower length = fast reflexes and input. Low density = longer length = connects further into different regions of the brain. Autists are HIGH density, Dyslexics are LOW density. But, often psychologists fuck this up.

acc11f  No.12717265


>The mods eventually banned these threads.

And now they're popular as ever on 8/a/.

4ec388  No.12717462

File: b168cde19055abe⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 779x584, 779:584, reina.jpg)


<hurr /ayy/ is best yaaaas :^)

>t.cuckfaggot from /a/

typical whipped dog reply, 8/a/ is a wannabe cuck/a/, a festering shithole frequented by sjweebs and managed by bots, the so called (((meidos))), who ban anything (((unrelated to anime))) which meant the BO and jans can ban just about anyone (((they deem))) as unrelated to anime, including any anime they don't like. 8/a/ is also (((neutral))) on jewcob, ircfags, and the cartel groups

31ab69  No.12717930

File: 79ac23fe4bc2b4d⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Tenchi-Universe-Tenchi-Muy….jpg)


>Tenchi Muyo

Now we're talking

66265e  No.12717949


Fuckineh. /animu/ is where it's at.

cc45c4  No.12726874


song name feed me

092af5  No.12726948

File: 73fdee1c360c8f8⋯.jpg (207.73 KB, 400x547, 400:547, red eyes.jpg)

File: 87f2f39466c40c8⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 422x600, 211:300, Shiota Sensei.jpg)

File: fff26abcdbac501⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 220x312, 55:78, Amaama to Inazuma.jpg)

The reason I hate moe shit is not your lamely baked excuse of pseudo science, it's crap because

>no plot

>just cute girls doing cute things 24/7

>some is boring ecchi shit

>most men who consume it are soyboys and NEETs who get offended at milque toast crap like Goblin Slayer, Berserk, SNK's politics and so forth

>it inhibits the growth of more projects like Kemonozume, FLAG, VOTOMs, Mushishi, Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain, Ergo Proxy, NHK, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Xaamd the list goes on and on

>poorly animated filled with tweening and rotoscoping, very rarely do you see actually good animation

>it promotes complacency and is effectively an opiate, it doesn't engage with the viewer to entice or provoke him into action or exposure to new ideologies

That's not to say I hate all SOL anime, I loved Touch!, Kimi ni Todoke, ORE NO MONOGATARI!, Maison Ikkoku, so on and so forth. But these are SOL with actual character growth, conflict, and ideas to express. It's not mediocrely trying to visually titillate the viewer with over marketed, over saturated cute crap.

092af5  No.12727122

File: 097ed3ac6b5fe88⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 750x726, 125:121, have you seen him now you ….jpg)


This, wtf mang, I mean it's impressive and nice, but what an anomaly

4b93e5  No.12748094


4bcbff  No.12748118

File: 1dc50276623612c⋯.png (352.29 KB, 1804x2048, 451:512, truckernanachi.png)



You like animu but don't like cute stuff huh?, sounds to me you have a smaller amygdala however not enough to become a mentally ill faggot. You could simply avoid moe animu without the need to talk shit about